How tall is Morena Baccarin

Morena Baccarin's Height

5ft 7in (170.2 cm)

Brazilian born American Actress best known to TV audiences for roles in Homeland (as Jessica), Firefly (as Inara), Stargate SG1 (as Adria), V (as Anna) and Gotham. In film she has starred in Deadpool and Serenity. In 'Way off Broadway' she is asked how tall she is, to which she gives her height as "5 foot 8".
Basketball would be a far more exciting sport if there were a height limitation. - Morena Baccarin Feb 1, 2012
In this Starfury Conventions photo (by Daniel) Morena looked to be wearing 1/4 inch style flats, which were about 0.6-0.7 inch less than my sneakers.

How tall is Morena Baccarin
5ft 8 Rob, 5ft 8 Jenny and Rob

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Average Guess (25 Votes)
5ft 6.19in (168.1cm)
Original said on 23/Sep/17
She looks 5'7 with Jenny and 5'5.5" with you. I think she is a solid 5'6.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 29/Jun/17
Editor Rob: she certainly looks quite alluring in person, although not as tall as some might believe.


Rob, I don't think his question had anything to do with her height. He was just asking how beautiful she was.
Editor Rob: Christian, if you pay attention, I am turning the comment back to height at the end 👍
Morris said on 10/Jun/17
how beautiful is she Rob? :D
Editor Rob: she certainly looks quite alluring in person, although not as tall as some might believe.
Scarlett Rose said on 21/May/17
Message to Editor Rob: There is more than an inch difference between you and Morena. The height attributed to each celebrity at the top of the page is reportedly the celeb's height "without shoes". Some people are being dishonest about their true (natural) height.
Editor Rob: Scarlett, she had definitely a thin shoe on that day so at a noticeable disadvantage...
Mike said on 20/Feb/17
5ft 6.5 is closer to the truth, and I'm being generous...
Marquis said on 7/Jan/17
5'6", and hot as heck. Loved her in Deadpool, has the best smile of any actress working today.
Strange said on 30/Nov/16
Looks 5'7 and change next to Jenny, but 5'5" next to you. Care to explain? Something with footwear or angles or something??
Editor Rob: I knew her footwear was quite flat as I mentioned (about 0.6-0.7 less than mine), but wasn't sure the other day exactly what she had, but she did look taller the other day.
Bobby said on 18/Nov/16
5'6 I'd say, you have at least two inches on her Rob, maybe even 2.5-3 inches. If she were 5'7, her head would peak out near your forehead. It's possible she's 5'5 at worst.
SS said on 30/Oct/16
I'd say 5ft 6.5
Concerned 182 cm said on 23/Jul/16
Her being 5'7 holds up much better when she's standing next to Jenny.
irshgrl500 said on 13/Jul/16
Rob, if you are 5'8", Morena is 5'6", at most even with the footwear, the two of you are wearing she's still a full 2 inches shorter than you. How can you honestly say she's 5'7"?
Editor Rob: I wouldn't rule out the idea of 5ft 6.5 for her, but even in Deadpool she held up not too badly beside Reynolds.
Mat said on 4/Jun/16
that jenny woman is a weak 5'8 and she looks about 1 inch taller than morena. on the other hand she looks exactly 3 inches shorter than you, I can't see anything above 5'6 for her.
Editor Rob: jenny was still a decent 5ft 8 then, compared to last couple of years where she's lost a fraction and is more a weak 5ft 8.
Mat said on 25/Mar/16
She looks 3 inches shorter than you Rob... Say you got almost an inch more footwear than her and it's a 2 inch difference. 5'6 is the most she can be, how do you explain that?
NBAer said on 8/Mar/16
She didn't look that much shorter than Reynolds in Deadpool,i thought she was like 5'9-5'10 lol before coming here,but she probably wore major heels next to Ryan.She looks maybe 166 next to Rob with much less footwear,don't be fooled by her hair,so i think she's somewhere between 167-168cm barefoot honestly...She's obviously nowhere near 173...! Just going to show you that women can lie as much as men do about their height,if not more.But she's good looking though,no doubt about that!!...
heelshealheight said on 9/Dec/15
I would agree that 5'7' is generous. I would also estimate a few inches less.
172.4cm guy said on 14/Oct/15
Absolutly stunning woman. But in regards to her height, I don't know Rob...I think 170cm is generous. The photo gives evidence of a height difference much larger than just 3cm, even when taking your shoe advantage into account. I think she is 168-169cm more likely. Further evidence of the this claim can be seen in Gotham, when she is noticeably taller than Ben McKenzie, who looks around 171-172cm. True, he wears thick sole shoes in the shoe, and she's often in a modest heel, but I think somewhere around 5'6.75" is more likely.
Maverick said on 5/Sep/15
Hey Rob, who do you think is taller, Morena Baccarin or Christina Hendricks? You have both of them listed at 5'7, does any of the two actresses seem taller to you than the other? As a fan of Firefly, I am really curious.
[Editor Rob: do a back-to-back with these girls and put a ruler on their heads and it might be almost level...but, I feel maybe Christina might win it by a whisker.]
Jdawg said on 3/Aug/15
I'd put her at a 5'7.5 max. She's incredibly attractive.
Sammy Derrick said on 11/Feb/15
5'7 impression...
And who cares 5'6...5'8...long hair...short hair...I don't care.She is gorgeous
TJE said on 21/Jul/14
Standing 166 cm with Rob.
Rob takes arm off and she looks 167.
She straightens her posture up and she's 168.
She's at footwear disadvantage, add another 1.7 cm and she's 169.7.
Rob's exactly 173, about 3 mm above a flat 5'8; add 3 mm and she's exactly 170.
Arch Stanton said on 13/May/14
Me too Sam, she's much more gorgeous with long hair. Very short hair doesn't do much for most women and I think long hair looks better on most, although Charlize Theron is the exception IMO.
Sam said on 1/Apr/14
She does give a strong 5'7" impression in this photo and on screen. She's obviously gorgeous but (as usual) I prefer her looks with longer hair.
Nadia said on 18/Jan/14
5'6" flat
Natasha1 said on 5/Jan/14
Bakura said on 27/Nov/13
It's weird, Rob's making her look 5'5" even though she only has a 3/4 inch footwear deficit, yet she looks about 5'7" with Jenny.
Matt 184.7-186.7cm said on 26/Oct/13
5ft 7 or a touch under
J.Lee said on 28/Aug/13
Rob is she leaning down in the pic next to you? You look about 3 inches taller. At least 2.5 inches. The most she could be would be 5 ft 6 1/2 if she's wearing flats
[Editor Rob: I'm sure she dropped more height than I remembered, because she looked taller than the photo]
Shelly said on 28/Aug/13
5' 5"-5' 6". There's no way she's anything past 5' 6", especially in the right photo.
Kourosh 177-178cm said on 4/Aug/13
5i see 1.5 inches difference with jeny and with rob up to 3 inches. How on earth this lady can be 5'7?
Jack said on 3/Jun/13
I always thought she was at least 5'7"...she has a fit athletic body and very long legs
Mathew said on 23/May/13
Rudi Bukit says on 16/Apr/13
She looks 4 inches shorter than Rob in this pic. Absolutely 4 inches! So if Rob is 5'8 (but Rob worn more 0.6 inch higher sneaker than her flats) so I think she is definitely no more than 5'5 (165 CM)!!!


No, that's not what 4" looks like. Granted she looks well under 5'7" even considering footware, but she's not 4" shorter in the pic either. With Jenny looks notably taller than with Rob.
Rudi Bukit said on 16/Apr/13
She looks 4 inches shorter than Rob in this pic. Absolutely 4 inches! So if Rob is 5'8 (but Rob worn more 0.6 inch higher sneaker than her flats) so I think she is definitely no more than 5'5 (165 CM)!!!
Byron T. said on 19/Jan/13
This beautiful woman is no more than 5'6.''
greg said on 17/Jan/13
What others have said; she looks a good two inches (if not more) shorter than you Rob, so she can't be anything taller than about 5'6" max, probably closer to 5'5" (and she's a cutie).
Candyman said on 10/Dec/12
Maybe 5'6.5
Silent d said on 5/Oct/12
I think 169cm is right on.
Maximus said on 26/Sep/12
She is not 5'7"....she looks at best 5'6"....Rob has at least a 3" advantage in the second picture.....
Johnnyfive said on 18/Sep/12
I see 5'6 for this gorgeous woman. Maybe 5'6.5
beqa said on 18/Aug/12
5'6 is best for her
c-mo said on 18/Aug/12
man she is gorgeoussssss!!!!

she gives me a 168-169cm impression
Danimal said on 28/Jul/12
Isn't 5'8" Jenny really 5'9"?
[Editor Rob: not when she dips a few mm below five eight on the stadiometer. ]
theblacklab said on 9/Jun/12
Her tossled hair gives her a lot of height, 5'6" I think.
Adamz said on 9/Dec/11
Lol rob she is like 3 inches shorter than you. how is she 5'7" ?
[Editor Rob: she had thinner footwear and I think at last moment did drop some more height.

although saying that, I saw her at another event a few years back in heels and she didn't look any taller than me, but it wasn't long enough.]
Brazilian Fellow said on 6/Jun/11
Good height, beautiful body, awesome face...but ultra-ugly short tomboyish hair.
thorterr said on 18/May/11
are you telling me aaron that you wouldnt go with morena because shes too short for you? or you wouldnt go with angelia jolie or halle berry? think its time to get ur black and decker out
Aaron said on 4/Apr/11
I care both that she's gorgeous (although I got her confused with Leonor Varela at first) and that she's tall. Still too short for me though. I'm 6'5" so a proportional woman would have to be at least 5'10" :P.
thorterr said on 5/Mar/11
you should care observant this is a height site not a model site lol
Observant said on 28/Feb/11
I think shes shorter than 5'7 but who cares shes gorgeous
Marissia said on 5/Jan/11
Her neck looks freakishly long, not that there's anything wrong with that.
da_truth said on 4/Jan/11
short hair, long hair...she's stunning
5'5.5" - 5'6" nothing more
krazy krippled! said on 2/Jan/11
she looks 5'8 next to Jenny
BackStageJim said on 27/Sep/07
I'd say 5'7 in flat shoes. Met her at Chicago airport.
Sandro said on 25/Jul/07
Met her at a fan expo in Toronto and I can confirm this height. She is definitely taller than me and I stand 170 cm.

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