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Average Guess (454 Votes)
6ft 2.07in (188.1cm)
Canson said on 1/Aug/21
@Tall Sam: I’d put Affleck a fraction taller. Affleck could even have a greater advantage than Rob gives him here
Tall Sam said on 30/Jul/21
Reynolds and Ben Affleck appear to be very similar height I think, with a couple exceptions they both can look a somewhat strong 6’2”.
177cm said on 20/Jul/21
Solid 6’2” no more or less
Zdan said on 19/Jul/21
He’s probably 6’2 in the morning. I would put him at 6’1.5
RJT said on 9/Jul/21
Weak 6'2, 187.5cm or so
David Tang said on 3/Jul/21
rob would that picture make fillion max 6'1.25?
Editor Rob
I think he can look 186 range there
James B 171.5cm said on 27/Jun/21
Looks like he is pushing 6’3 next to Nathan Fillon
viper said on 22/Jun/21
He's under 6-2
David Tang said on 21/Jun/21
tall guy. I hope to be as tall as him. 6'2 or a bit over is believable.
QM6'1.5"QM said on 21/Jun/21
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jun/21

By the way, we all knows that posture/ hair /shoes does matters.
So we both very close to similar measuring.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jun/21
QM6'1.5"QM, to be honest you'd look indistinguishable next to him unless you got properly measured back to back
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jun/21
definitely could argue a bit over 6ft2 with Nathan
Chris Junior Hernandez said on 18/Jun/21
Incognito324 ,

Lol he obviously slouch. In Kelly and Michael show when Ryan walk out close to Michael there isn't over 1.5" max between them. Click Here 0:20-0:22 3-4cm between them not more.

Public Enemy,

There is no much footwear issues. Reynolds isn't lift wearer like Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp.
QM6'1.5"QM said on 17/Jun/21
187.4 cms/extremely low at his worst after sports.

I can say he's def taller than me, always looks tall!

Ryan Reynolds is ~188 cm!
Slim 6'1.5 said on 1/Jun/21
Imho he always looks kinda tall
I’d say 6’2.25 is likelier than 6’1.75
Puneet said on 7/May/21
Click Here hey rob how tall both are standing in this pic
Editor Rob
Steve can look nearly 5ft 11 there...could top of Martin's head be a bit closer than Ryan's forehead though
Eusebiu - 6'1" (185 cm) said on 29/Apr/21
It seems to me that he is taller then 187 cm listed guys, such as Hugh Jackman and Mark Strong - but I wouldn't go as high as 189 cm for him.

I believe that his listing is spot on, just like the Average Guess - 6'2" (188 cm).
Public Enemy said on 22/Apr/21
Look at Strahan’s footwear with Reynolds lol.
Click Here
Incognito324 said on 16/Apr/21
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 12/Apr/21
Michael Strahan struggle to look over 3cm taller than him. How is 6'1-6'2 works?

clearer difference Click Here
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 12/Apr/21
Michael Strahan struggle to look over 3cm taller than him. How is 6'1-6'2 works?
Incognito324 said on 30/Mar/21
Public Enemy said on 28/Mar/21
Reynolds has Fillon by an inch at least.If Reynolds is 6’1 then Fillon is 6’0. Editor Rob lists Fillon at 6’1.5. Would bet money that if standing tall for a measurement Reynolds would edge Affleck for real.

I mean looking at his proportions. Untypical for guessed 6'2" guy
Tall In The Saddle said on 30/Mar/21
Ryan looked pretty close in height compared to 65 yo Craig T Nelson in THE PROPOSAL. I think Nelson, as he was commonly listed, looked an easy 6'3 1/2" at peak (not sure why his listing here shaves him down to 6'3 1/4"). I don't think Nelson has lost much if at all in his later years. IMO, just on the Nelson comparison, that would make Reynolds a solid 6'2" at the very least.
Public Enemy said on 28/Mar/21
Reynolds has Fillon by an inch at least.If Reynolds is 6’1 then Fillon is 6’0. Editor Rob lists Fillon at 6’1.5. Would bet money that if standing tall for a measurement Reynolds would edge Affleck for real.
Incognito324 said on 26/Mar/21
For me looked 6'1"
viper said on 25/Mar/21
I think Pratt and Reynolds are exactly the same.

Both 6-1.5
Vincent Caleb said on 25/Mar/21
Sometimes I think he’s a very strong 6’2”, sometimes I think he is 6’1.5-6’1.75”. Seems to vary a lot. I will stick with 6’2” for now. Affleck’s height is easier to gauge.
Slim 6'1.5 said on 24/Mar/21
I think he’ll edge Chris pratt
Public Enemy said on 18/Mar/21
Pic of Reynolds standing straight next to missus. 189cm. 2cm taller than me.
Click Here
Public Enemy said on 18/Mar/21
This guy is over 6’2. Not a lot maybe but he is over the mark.
Jonus said on 17/Mar/21
He's looked 188 and 187 to me. Never got a 189 impression from him tbh. 6'2 flat is a good listing for him - can see him dropping to 187.5 range at a low, maybe slightly under 187.5 at an EXTREME low.


And of course a great height.
Slim 6'1.5 said on 17/Mar/21
Sorry berta but 188cm is the best case scenario 187 at worst
viper said on 16/Mar/21
This guy is under 6-2
Vincent Caleb said on 14/Mar/21
I don’t know if Ryan deserves an upgrade although he can pull it off at times. He also has looked a weak 6’2” at times though.
berta said on 13/Mar/21
it will be interesting when ryand will get that small upgrade to 6´2 1/4 that he always looks
Matt6'4.5 said on 12/Mar/21
How much would you put between Reynolds and 2021 Dwayne Johnson?
Vincent Caleb said on 12/Mar/21
Not really many good photos of Mark Strong and Reynolds, so I’ll just use the first one I saw:
Click Here

Might be a better representation of the difference between the two.
Nicole Feusi said on 11/Mar/21
Don`t think so in his case, Viper. Look at this link: Click Here
His build makes him look taller than he is in reality otherwise Mark Strong is over 6ft 2in, and that is not realistic.
viper said on 6/Mar/21
I will say he looks nothing under 6-2 in Adventureland
Nicole Feusi said on 27/Feb/21
I was at the movie premiere green lantern june 2011. Mark Strong (6ft 1in on this site) was taller, cleary than Ryan Reynolds, about 1.5 inch. I made photos back then, but i don`t find them.
Ryan is probably barfoot not more than 6ft 0.5in, but Mark Strong is 6ft 2in.
Mark is one of my favourite actors, and also Ryan. Here is another photo of them together from another date. Mark is here nearer the camera, but i saw them and the difference was 1.5 inch.
Click Here
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 27/Feb/21
@berta it’s possible he was just saying 6’ at that age because he hadn’t measured himself after finishing growing and was merely going with “over 6 foot” for simplicity. I’ve described myself as over 6 foot too
Editor Rob
maybe he hadn't got his resume height updated and the height is more from 16-17 range.
Willis Christian Macaraig said on 26/Feb/21
Here are my guesses for Liev Schreiber, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.
Liev Schreiber-189 cm(6'2 1/2")
Ryan Reynolds-188 cm(6'2")
Hugh Jackman-187 cm(6'1 1/2")
berta said on 25/Feb/21
thid guy clearly like to underestimate his own height. there was no chanse he was 6 feet when he was 20. just look at the episode he was on x-files. he looked clearly 6´2 as usuall but closer to 189. the dude is not under 188,5
Nicole Feusi said on 25/Feb/21
I`m always around taller men and women, my husband is around 6ft 2in, my brother is 6ft 2.5, his friend Stephen is 6ft3.5in, Lisa my husbands twin sister is 6ft 1.5in, and a very good friend of mine Martin is 5ft 8in, he is the exception. My husband and his twin sister Lisa looks always taller they both have long legs and long arms and are very slim, housbad about 160 pounds and Lisa 156 pounds, everybody thinks they are about 6ft 3in height and more. My brother and his friend are more the broud shoulders men, also Stephen, all over 220 pounds.
viper said on 23/Feb/21
I can believe he was 6-0 and grew a bit to 6-1.5
Canson said on 22/Feb/21
@Rampage: I bet both would to tell you the truth
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Feb/21
Favre possibly, Crews not as certain
Vincent Caleb said on 12/Feb/21
@Editor Rob:
Do you believe Crews and Favre would edge Reynolds out on a stadiometer? I’m not quite convinced.
Editor Rob
Arguably none of them really fall much under 6ft 2 at worse, based on how tall they look with others too.
Vincent Caleb said on 11/Feb/21
I could believe Rob’s listing.
berta said on 8/Feb/21
rob maybe list him at his original 189 listing he had many years ago. 6´2 1/4 always slouching and still looks atleast 6´2
tajaun gibbison said on 1/Feb/21
I'd say anywhere from 187.5-188 cm. Likely falls slightly under 6'2, hence the 6'1-6'2 claim and with a morning height between 6'2.5" and 6'2.75", the 6'3 claim comes to life.
Genau said on 1/Feb/21
188-188.5 cm
slim 6'1 said on 30/Jan/21
I’ve got him in the 188cm range
QM6'1QM said on 26/Jan/21
187.5-188 cms!!!
Adam 1.88m said on 21/Jan/21
I’m 190cm out of bed and by the evening somewhere around 188.2cm - 188.5cm (assuming I’m standing up all day). I have a stadiometer so I know that’s pretty accurate. I never drop below 188cm so I consider myself to be a strong 6’2”, and I always claim 6’2” when someone asks how tall I am, no more, no less. I would think Reynolds is pretty much the same height as me, give or take 0.5cm perhaps. These are very fine margins and it’s difficult to say for sure his exact height to the millimetre. There’s a number of different variables which can change day by day; his footwear, camera angles in photos, how long he’s been out of bed, hairstyle, posture etc. The same goes for anyone he’s with. He could have been up for 12 hours, just finished a workout and then he’s in a picture with someone who’s just gotten out of bed who has a 1cm footwear advantage, better posture and big hair. That could give a false representation of his height and would make them seem at least 1.5 inches taller than normal. That’s quite an extreme example and wouldn’t be very likely but this is why it’s very difficult to predict his exact height. Saying he’s 6’2” is perfectly acceptable. Unless he gets properly measured, we’ll never know for sure.
Vincent Caleb said on 20/Jan/21
What about 6’1.75” for Reynolds? That seems like a good compromise for the times he struggles with 6’2”. Much more likely than 6’1.25”.
ChaosControl 6'2 1/2 said on 18/Jan/21
187.5 extreme low I guess
slim 6'1 said on 15/Jan/21
I can understand why Reynolds gets 187 guesses but I’ve got him at a solid 188cm
slim 6'1 said on 15/Jan/21
6’2” is nothing stand out of the crowd
RJT said on 12/Jan/21
He's max 6'2. Like I said, doesn't give off 6'2 and changes or near 6'3 impression like Routh or Welling.

6'1 7/8 or 6'1 15/16 if we want to go technical, 6'2 claim is fine.
Rising174cm said on 10/Jan/21
Unless you're comparing Ryan's tall hairstyle to Terry's bald head then Terry edges Ryan in this full pic: Click Here It comes out small when you link it, but you can see a bigger version on Google. Both are leaning in to the photo a bit and both Terry and Ryan tend to slouch in general.

And the pic I posted with Favre was easily the best one. In the other pic, Ryan's head is closer to the camera giving him a clear advantage while they're side by side in the pic I posted.

And I pretty much agree with your estimate. Ryan generally looks too tall to be under 187 range and can easily look 188 at times, but two 6'2" measured athletes looking slightly taller and Ryan's 6'1"-6'2" claim make me guess somewhere in the 187 range. Of course, it's possible I'm wrong.
slim 6'1 said on 9/Jan/21
Agree Vincent Caleb, 186 and 189 should be ruled out as impossible ✅
Vincent Caleb said on 9/Jan/21
While Favre looks the taller in that one picture, there was another picture of Reynolds and Favre where they looks much closer in height, and still Ryan wasn’t standing too well. I still have yet to see a picture where Crews edged Reynolds without a posture or camera advantage. He is a bit of a sloucher, but when standing tall i think near 6’2” is okay. As seen next to Samuel L Jackson, he is not under 187cm, with 188 cm being very possible.
slim 6'1 said on 8/Jan/21
There’s about 4.5-5cm between the two Ryan’s
Canson said on 8/Jan/21
@Slim: if it’s 183.5 maybe.
slim 6'1 said on 7/Jan/21
People argue wether 5’11”, 6’ or 6’1” is tall. I personally think it’s either 6’ or 6’1”
slim 6'1 said on 7/Jan/21
Canson a 183-183.5cm guy could clear 6’1” territory straight out of bed
Canson said on 6/Jan/21
@Rising: yea considering all of that, I would give Reynolds 6’1.75 best case. I don’t see 6’1 but I can’t see him being as tall as Ben Affleck either. Affleck I have a nothing under 6’2 seeing him with Caron Butler. Not sure about the 1/4” over but maybe he could see it. Rob could be right for his lunchtime and maybe he dips to 6’2 1/8
Canson said on 6/Jan/21
@Rising: yea considering all of that, I would give Reynolds 6’1.75 best case. I don’t see 6’1 but I can’t see him being as tall as Ben Affleck either
Canson said on 6/Jan/21
I would say legit Tall starts at 183 (meaning someone who is around 185 out of bed). That’s a proper 6’0”. 6’0.75 out of bed
Public Enemy said on 5/Jan/21
Agree with Slim on the start of tall being 184 cm.
Rising174cm said on 5/Jan/21
Favre was obviously taller than Reynolds even accounting for Favre having a footwear advantage: Click Here And Crews did edge Reynolds despite leaning in unless you're comparing Ryan's tall hairstyle to Terry's bald head: Click Here There's a full version of that photo, but it comes out small when I link it. It's also certainly possible Terry had lost a fraction from his peak 6'2" measurement by age 50.

Being edged by legit measured 6'2" athletes should not be surprising for a man who claimed 6'1"-6'2".
Vincent Caleb said on 4/Jan/21
Terry Crews did not edge Reynolds. I’m not sure Favre did either. Posture and camera angles play a big factor. Tyson fury looks easily shorter than Magic, but if measured there would likely not be a big difference. Matthew Fox seems like a guy who wakes at around 6’2.25-.5” whilst Reynolds could be 6’2.75” out of bed.
RJT said on 4/Jan/21
6'2.7" out of bed (189.7cm)
6'1 7/8" before bed (187.8cm)
slim 6'1 said on 4/Jan/21
Im somewhere between 186.5-187 at my evening low I rarely feel too tall only sometimes around short people other than that but from experience at least solid to strong 6’ is the start of tall
slim 6'1 said on 4/Jan/21
Reynolds would be similar to me but I’d give him the edge
winkler91 said on 2/Jan/21
I am sure he is 1/4 inch smaller than I am.
I dobt believe anything more than 188 as the afternoon height. 189 only after 1 hour. Out of bed 6'2.75 my guess
Canson said on 2/Jan/21
@Slim: I think a fair range may be 186-188. A bit wide but he could look 6’2 at times and 6’1.5 others. My guess is he’s a bit under 6’2 as he looked shorter than Favre or Crews. Maybe weak 6’2 category or if you’re 6’1.5 he would be around your height
slim 6'1 said on 1/Jan/21
He’ll definitely edge out Chris Pratt 👍
viper said on 1/Jan/21
He's 6-1.25-6-1.5

IMO Matthew Fox would edge him out
Slim 6'1" said on 31/Dec/20
Def not in 189 territory
Slim 6'1" said on 31/Dec/20
Between that 187.5-188.5cm
Slim 6'1" said on 31/Dec/20
RJT said on 6/Dec/20
His slim figure may fool people into thinking he's taller but that is just how a genuine 6'2 guy looks like.

Doesn't give off 6'2 and changes or near 6'3 impression like Routh/Welling do.

This guy has the best post
Slim 6'1" said on 31/Dec/20
Weak 6’3” is pushing it as welling and routh would edge him out but flat 6’2” is a good listing for Reynolds 👌
Vincent Caleb said on 30/Dec/20
6’1.75” more likely than 6’1.5”. I could still buy 6’2”. 186 is lowballing.
Rising174cm said on 29/Dec/20
Shorter than measured 6'2" athletes Terry Crews and Brett Favre, claimed 6'1"-6'2" and he looks below 6'2" in the 2 photos above. In other words, he's not quite a full 6'2".
Beaau said on 22/Dec/20
What stretching do you do mate, it might help my 80 year old back
Also he gets 6'2
Jammes said on 21/Dec/20
Anybody know how Tall Deadpool Creator Rob Liefied is? Hes taken picks with Reynolds and Jackman and looks super short
Rob with Reynolds
Click Here
Rob with Jackman
Click Here
I wanna guess 5'6 or 5'7

Rob with the rest of the image comic founders
Click Here
We only see Rob, Todd Mcfarlene, Erik Larsen and Marc Silvestri
Larsen might be a 6 footer and Silvestri is likely above 6 foot and Todd is praobbly 5'9
Click Here
Here is Todd with Jamie Foxx who is 5'9 they look the same height
Click Here
Not sure about Jim Valentino,Jim Lee and Whlice Portcio. Tho Lee always looked short imo
Editor Rob
Liefeld is pretty close to my height in person. Taller than 5ft 7 I'd have said.
Slim 6'1" said on 21/Dec/20
Brandon routh would easily edge this guy out
ChaosControl 6'2.5 said on 19/Dec/20
187.5-188.5 range. Listed fine I think
Vincent Caleb said on 19/Dec/20
@Slim 6’1”:
188 or 6’2” exactly could be on the money. I think Reynolds is 6’2” afternoon, and if he falls under it, then it is not by much at all. I’m not ruling out 6’1.75” or 6’2.25”, but I struggle to see him as a strong 6’2”.
Slim 6'1" said on 19/Dec/20
186 is lowballing Reynolds but then again 189 is way too high
Public Enemy said on 19/Dec/20
Reynolds with 6’2 1/4 listed Kinnanan.
Click Here
Standing tall Reynolds is over 6’2.
Canson said on 18/Dec/20
@Viper: he may wake to 6’2.25 but I doubt he ends the day at. He likely would fall around 6’1.5”-.75 range
viper said on 17/Dec/20
IMO he's 6-1 range saying he's 6-1-6-2
winkler91 said on 17/Dec/20
188cm is a good list I think.
My guess for his range is: 189,7 (out of bed) - 187,5 (lowest before bed) is my guess for Ryan.
I think Affleck is the little taller guy.
Slim 6'1" said on 16/Dec/20
I guess 188-188.5 at his low
Vincent Caleb said on 15/Dec/20
Not too sure about 6’1.5” either. I still think he pulls off 6’2” a lot of the time. I would need to see better pictures to say he looks shorter than Crews and Favre. Viper is right that he got listed as 6’1” in the past, but I don’t see how that has much more meaning than the Rock being listed 6’5”. Sure it is more rare to be under listed, but I think we should take listings outside of celebheights with a grain of salt. This really is the only trusted height website.
Aj06 said on 14/Dec/20
in the movies next to jason bateman he looked to me a low 6'2 im going to give him a solid 6'2 but no higher.
Canson said on 13/Dec/20
@Vincent: if he does it’s 6’1.5 as a possibility but no lower. I’d consider 6’1.75 over 6’1.25
RJT said on 13/Dec/20
@Public Enemy

I understand that, it happened to me too. Before I was height aware I always said I'm 188cm when asked and people didn't believe it and always told me I must be well over 190cm. And then I went to measure my height and found out I'm 189.5-190cm barefoot. I guess once you're over 6'2 and changes and with good proportion, people will guess you to be taller.
Vincent Caleb said on 12/Dec/20
I think if Reynolds falls under 6’2” it’s not by much. 186 is too low IMO. Obviously not 189, although he can look it on rare occasions.
OriginalAnon said on 12/Dec/20
He might be 187cm, but I always thought he was an honest 188cm. 186.5cm seems a bit too low.
Canson said on 12/Dec/20
@Viper: and he can look shorter than Crews and Favre. But I’ve never seen 6’1 listings. He can look 6’2 at times. I think 186-187 range is the lowest I’d argue and 187-187.5 is possible
Public Enemy said on 12/Dec/20
That’s an astute observation. I am 187cm low and get guessed at 6’2.5 -6’3 as I have a similar wiry build like Reynolds. Most people I assume visualize a person’s proportions and height with trainers/ shoes etc and do not automatically recalibrate for their actual barefoot height... that’s what we do here on Celebheights. I still believe barefoot he’s over 6’2 standing tall for a measurement.
viper said on 10/Dec/20
6-1.5 max. He admits it

Listed everywhere at 6-1 until he got real famous
Public Enemy said on 9/Dec/20
For a measurement standing tall 189 cm is possible. He always slouches . He would edge Affleck for real.

Also @ Junior saw him and guessed him 6’2.5 min and his brother met him and guessed the same.
berta said on 9/Dec/20
always look 188-189. i think almost 189
Slim 6'1" said on 9/Dec/20
189 is way too high but 188 is possible
Vincent Caleb said on 8/Dec/20
Still don’t think there is enough to say Crews and Favre edged him. 6’2” flat fits him.
RJT said on 6/Dec/20
His slim figure may fool people into thinking he's taller but that is just how a genuine 6'2 guy looks like.

Doesn't give off 6'2 and changes or near 6'3 impression like Routh/Welling do.
cagethecuestick said on 3/Dec/20
I am 6'1 7/8 in the morning with shoes on and by the end of the day 6'1 and a half with shoes on sometimes go to 6'1 but I been stretching and stuff and it makes me keep my morning high almost all day it's possible to be almost 6'2 at night if I do a good stretch, I met him recently and I was the same height I am now and be was not even a half inch taller then me so this can't be correct, theirs no way he is 6'2 barefoot, he's maybe 6'2 1/4 when I met him with shoes on which would mean he's a little over 6'1 barefoot
Canson said on 3/Dec/20
@Editor Rob: he likely falls under. He’s shorter than Crews and Favre and looks at most 2” taller than Denzel. Could be 6’1.75
Aswin kini said on 29/Nov/20
Hi Rob, while I would credit you for getting most of the Celebrity heights more or less accurate, this one seems slightly off. Ryan Reynolds is definitely a shade more than 6 foot 2 and also Hugh Jackman was a strong 6 foot 2 - he was easily 4 inches over a strong 5 foot 10 Nicole Kidman a few years back and I am afraid Ryan edged him by maybe a centimeter in the 2009 film Wolverine. Now, I understand that many people here post pics of Ryan Reynolds, but I am afraid I have to go with the majority of the pics that show Ryan with celebrities who are 6 foot and above. I am keeping Hugh Jackman as the benchmark and I feel that a peak Hugh Jackman was definitely 6 foot 2 and a peak Ryan Reynolds was a shade above the 6 foot 2 mark.
simon L said on 28/Nov/20
If he's 6'2, how low do you think he dips on an average night? 6'1 7/8?
Editor Rob
maybe if he falls under 6ft 2 it's barely anything
Vincent Caleb said on 23/Nov/20
Reynolds could be the same as Affleck. If I had to bet my life on it, I would pick Affleck, but by just a hair.
Slim 6'1@ said on 22/Nov/20
188cm, 6’1.5” is lowballing him
Canson said on 21/Nov/20
@Public Enemy: with the angle and him being closer he looks around 6’2”. His hair being accounted for, that’s about a 2” difference. Maybe an argument could be 6’2.25 if MCD was appropriately listed but then when you see him with Denzel or Terry Crews or Favre he looks his claim 6’1-6’2 range.
Public Enemy said on 19/Nov/20
With 6’4 Michael Duncan Clarke
Click Here
Looks over 6’21/2 to 6’3 range there.
FriedChicken said on 15/Nov/20
He also got edged out by Terry Crews. Favre also looked taller but Ryan wasn't standing his best but wouldn't look any taller standing up straight. Also he doesn't look strong 6'2" with Denzel Washington and Kitsch.
Public Enemy said on 15/Nov/20
Respect your opinion but cannot see 2 inches difference. It really does look less than that ( could be wrong ). Reynolds looks a strong 6’2 there.
Canson said on 13/Nov/20
Fast forward to about :35-:45 seconds
Canson said on 13/Nov/20
Strahan has more than 3cm on Reynolds. That’s at minimum a 2” difference. Really it looks a bit over 2. I agree with Fried Chicken. Strahan would likely be a solid 6’4” afternoon height and Reynolds a weak 6’2”
FriedChicken said on 11/Nov/20
He does look taller than usual there but Strahan i believe is just a flat 193 cm guy afternoon as opposed to 193.7. His measurments were earlier in the day.
Public Enemy said on 9/Nov/20
Here’s the video with Strahan. Reynolds looks only 3 cm smaller than Strahan. Reynolds looks over 6’2 there with Strahan.
Click Here
Slim 6'1@ said on 8/Nov/20
188cm range, I’m betting Reynolds would edge Affleck & Jackman in a stadiometer contest
Public Enemy said on 8/Nov/20
With 193:7 cm Strahan. Reynolds looks 189cm.
Click Here
Callum Parry said on 8/Nov/20
Rob, looking at the video and photos of Reynolds what would you believe to be the difference in height between them?
Editor Rob
it's hard to really tell if there was much between them.

What is sure is that for a combine Crews came in bang on 6ft 2...and I would be surprised if Reynolds came in any less than
Vincent Caleb said on 6/Nov/20
@Canson: I think Reynolds would be 6’ 1 7/8” before I would think over 6-2 though.
Canson said on 6/Nov/20
@Vincent Caleb:

Yea depending on how much footwear or camera angle either would have. Too bad in this pic, the footwear is unknown. I know some guys here have said Reynolds was over 6’2” but maybe it’s footwear store the time.

With Denzel I also would say he’s got 2” on him. Denzel is listed 5’11.75 today. I’m curious as I’ve seen pics with Dean Cain in Out of time and the difference could go either way. At times Denzel at times Cain. Rob met Cain and pegged him as 5’11.5 in person.

Here he is with 6’2” Terry Crews but it’s hard to tell who’s taller. I may say Crews but I could be wrong.

Click Here

Then Favre

Click Here

But the Favre pic is similar to Dwight Howard and Hakeem Olajuwon who everyone says is much taller when Olajuwon was 6’9-6’10” himself and Howard around 6’9” or maybe max what Rob lists him. The angle makes Olajuwon look taller than he really is. Mario Elie described him as closer to 6’9”
Canson said on 6/Nov/20
@Vincent Caleb:

Yea depending on how much footwear or camera angle either would have. Too bad in this pic, the footwear is unknown. I know some guys here have said Reynolds was over 6’2” but maybe it’s footwear store the time.

Here he is with 6’2” Terry Crews but it’s hard to tell who’s taller. I may say Crews but I could be wrong.

Click Here

Then Favre

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But the Favre pic is similar to Dwight Howard and Hakeem Olajuwon who everyone says is much taller when Olajuwon was 6’9-6’10” himself and Howard around 6’9” or maybe max what Rob lists him. The angle makes Olajuwon look taller than he really is. Mario Elie described him as closer to 6’9”
Vincent Caleb said on 5/Nov/20
@Canson: I think Reynolds is a flat 6’2”. No more, no less. With Favre I am not sure he was standing too well, and I am not sure he gets edged out there. With Sam l Jackson he looks an easy 6’2”.
FriedChicken said on 5/Nov/20
I don't think he's over 6'2" though. Like Canson said, probably weak 6'2".
Slim 6'1@ said on 5/Nov/20
188cm zone, I’ll bet he’s taller than Affleck
FriedChicken said on 4/Nov/20
I looked at the pics with Favre and he doesn't look like he's standing his tallest.
Canson said on 4/Nov/20
@Public Enemy: that would mean Favre is 6’3”. He’s only 6’2” himself. Reynolds also claimed 6’1/6’2
Public Enemy said on 3/Nov/20
He’s 6’2.5 for a height measurement legit. Can look shorter as he slouches a lot. I mean in my post showing Reynolds with Fillon , Reynolds posture is poor and he is still noticeably taller despite Fillon having a significant footwear advantage lol.

Editor Rob has Fillon at 6’1.5 having met him.
Slim 6'1@ said on 3/Nov/20
Legit 6’2”
Slim 6'1" said on 2/Nov/20
188cm range
TheBat said on 2/Nov/20
6'2.5" for Reynolds is out of the question. If anything, he's more 6'1.75"-6'2".
Public Enemy said on 1/Nov/20
Not O’Connell but 6’1 1/2 listed Nathan Fillon. Also note that Fillon has considerable footwear advantage.

He does look 6’2.5 in those pics.
Public Enemy said on 31/Oct/20
Better comparison with 6’2 listed O’Connell
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Public Enemy said on 31/Oct/20
He’s taller than 6’2 or Jerry O”Connell needs a downgrade
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FriedChicken said on 30/Oct/20
I mean, some people go very long periods of time without being measured. I know some people who claimed to be an inch shorter than they were and didn't know they were taller and surprised to figure it out.
Vincent Caleb said on 29/Oct/20
I think this listing is ok, the 6-2.5 guesses at too high, but so is the 6-1.5. I don’t think he got edged by terry crews, nor Brett Favre by more than 1/8. The terry crews pic he has a camera disadvantage and the Brett Favre pic his posture isn’t that great.
Canson said on 29/Oct/20
@J2Frenzy: but I can’t see Reynolds measuring as tall as you. I see Affleck as your height
Vincent Caleb said on 29/Oct/20
I thought he would be similar with Affleck.
J2Frenzy said on 27/Oct/20
Canson I’m 6’2.25 in the afternoon. I’m only 6’2 after like 9pm
recapa said on 26/Oct/20
nah slim,its vice versa in every availlable pic.Anyway rob, how tall do you guess his father was at peak Click Here he seems to even edge his son at old age (i thought 6ft3.5 peak).and how tall do you think his brother jeff is Click Here he seems like he can be 6ft7 at least
Editor Rob
in 6ft 3 range for his father is possible
Canson said on 26/Oct/20
J2Frenzy said on 25/Oct/20
@Canson some people that height downgrade themselves. I know I say 6’2 when my lowest is 188

But 6’2 is 188cm. As for downgrading himself, if he measures 6’1 to 6’2 and claims it he isn’t doing that. If he’s over 6’2 at his afternoon height doing it then it’s downgrading himself
Slim 6'1" said on 25/Oct/20
Reynolds would easily edge out Affleck
Slim 6'1" said on 25/Oct/20
188.5 like will poulter
Slim 6'1" said on 25/Oct/20
188cm range proper 6’2” that slouches
J2Frenzy said on 25/Oct/20
@Canson some people that height downgrade themselves. I know I say 6’2 when my lowest is 188
recapa said on 24/Oct/20
i feel like ben affleck would edge out ryan a bit .i see 6ft2 as a perfect listing to him
Mimi said on 23/Oct/20
Happy 44th birthday to this funny and gorgeous dude Ry Ry! 🎉🎂🎉🎂
Editor Rob
That's one thing Ryan and myself have in common now, both the same age, but still 6 inches apart.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Oct/20
🎂🎁🎈🎊 Happy Birthday Ryan! 🎊🎈🎁🎂

A Very Happy Birthday to Ryan Reynolds, who turns all the fours, 4️⃣4️⃣, today. Have a great time, Ryan!

6ft2 😆🍻

Canson said on 22/Oct/20
6'2 3/5ths 189.5 said on 22/Oct/20
If he said he was 6'1-2, then he's probably a little less than 6'2. He looks 6'2 to me, very lean guy too which helps. But no one that height downgrades themselves. I'll have to guess 6'1.75

Nice! someone with common sense
6'2 3/5ths 189.5 said on 22/Oct/20
If he said he was 6'1-2, then he's probably a little less than 6'2. He looks 6'2 to me, very lean guy too which helps. But no one that height downgrades themselves. I'll have to guess 6'1.75
Vsquad said on 21/Oct/20
I find it interesting how so many journalists and other celebrities are in awe over Ryan's height. I mean of course he's a tall guy, but no more than the average Hugh Jackman's, Chris Hemsworth's, Chris Pratt's, John Krasinski's, etc that are also in Hollywood.
Canson said on 10/Oct/20
@Slim: I would give him the weak 6’2” and Affleck the more solid 6’2”. Id even buy Affleck being over the mark like Rob lists him before I bought Reynolds being a full 6’2”
Slim 6'1" said on 10/Oct/20
Solid 6’2” unlike Ben Affleck
Slim 6'1" said on 5/Oct/20
He’s in that 188cm range
Slim 6'1" said on 5/Oct/20
Let’s establish that he’s nearer 6’2” than 6’3”
Callum Parry said on 3/Oct/20
Rob have you ever noticed in the picture with Terry crews his stance is quite forward and if he was stood the same as Terry he might be exactly the same or slightly edge out Terry?
Editor Rob
It might be possible Ryan is dropping an inch or so. If you check This Video you can see Ryan and then Terry with same interviewer...not much in it from what I can tell.
Slim 6'1" said on 2/Oct/20
189 too high but 188.5 could be a goer, same deal as will poultry, not sure who’d be taller by the mm
Slim 6'1" said on 2/Oct/20
6’2 and 3/8ths
Public Enemy said on 30/Sep/20
A very young Ryan Reynolds edging out Jerry O’Connell who is listed 6’2.
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I do think for a measurement standing tall he would be 189cm.
Canson said on 29/Sep/20
@Slim: I would’ve guessed 6’1.75” before 6’2.25”. He’s shorter than Brett Favre who is a solid 6’2”. His claim 6’1/6’2 looks accurate. I have Affleck as being taller than him
6'3 Julian said on 27/Sep/20
To me he is the picture of 6’2 200lbs
slim 6'1 said on 26/Sep/20
like will poulter nothing under 6'2 and could definatly be 6'2.25"
slim 6'1 said on 26/Sep/20
needs proof to convince rob that hes 188.5
Slim 6'1" said on 24/Sep/20
I agree with berta, 189 maybe too high but 188.5 could be a better listing, still a tall man nonetheless
Slim 6'1" said on 24/Sep/20
Sense of humour matches deadpool
Slim 6'1" said on 24/Sep/20
Edges Jason Bateman & jake gylynhaal by a couple of inches. He’s nothing under 6’2” & is likely 6’2.25”
Slim 6'1" said on 24/Sep/20
6’2.25” would be perfect, he’d definitely edge Jackman and Affleck
Slim 6'1" said on 24/Sep/20
189 may be a stretch but 188.5 could be spot on, as if Eric bana would edge him anyhow
berta said on 20/Sep/20
the guy is clearly 1/4 over the listed height. he pull of 189 all the time.
Slim 6'1" said on 20/Sep/20
He also did edge Hugh Jackman who is suspect is 187.5cm max
Slim 6'1" said on 20/Sep/20
A quarter inch upgrade could be a goer, he did edge Jason Bateman by a fair bit
Tall Sam said on 31/Aug/20
I think with good posture, shoes and head shape, Reynolds could give a lot of people a taller impression. Interestingly, sometimes people seem to guess anywhere between 6'1" and nearly 6'3" for him. The shortest I can recall him looking is looking the same height or even a smidgen shorter than 6'1.5" Mark Strong but I think Ryan may have had some subtle disadvantages in posture or camera angles at the time.
Matt6'5 said on 31/Aug/20
Rob, I recall that when he started becoming famous (was on sitcom in the late 90's here in the US), he was listed at 6'3. I think he's bulked up a bit since then. Do you think people would questioned him if he still claimed that?
Editor Rob
I think if he stood well in person and said 6ft 3, a lot of folk wouldn't bat an eyelid.
Slim 6'1" said on 29/Aug/20
Nearer 6’2 than 6’3”
Public Enemy said on 20/Aug/20
With 5”11 listed a Peter Sarsgaard
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Canson said on 18/Aug/20
@Slim and Public Enemy: I agree with Rampage. Affleck if anything would have the better chance of not only being 6’2 but being a tiny hair over. Reynolds has stated before that he’s slightly under and he looked it with Brett Favre and with Denzel Washington. Affleck looked 6’2” with Caron Butler With Butler having about 1/4” footwear advantage

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Sinclair said on 15/Aug/20
I consider Ryan Reynolds to be a strong 6’2”. 6’2.25” is my guess. In The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Reynolds was approximately one inch taller than both Samuel L. Jackson and Richard E. Grant. I suspect Jackson and Grant used to be solid 6’2” actors.
Hulk.23 said on 15/Aug/20
I think Affleck will hedge Reynolds is measured by 0,5cm. I think Affleck might fall in the 188,0-188,5cm range while Reynolds in the 187,5-188,0cm range. I think his perfect listing will be 6’1 and 7/8 while for Affleck 6’2 and 1/8
Slim 6'1" said on 14/Aug/20
Agree with public enemy, disagree with rampage clover. A lot of 6’1.5” celebs r overlisted at 6’2”
viper said on 11/Aug/20
Yes, 6-2 Affleck would edge out 6-1.5 max Reynolds
Public Enemy said on 11/Aug/20
I think Reynolds would edge Affleck actually
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Aug/20
I don’t think he’d edge Affleck
Slim 6'1" said on 9/Aug/20
188.5 better he'll edge ben affleck, hugh jackman, but he'll get edged by chris hemsworth
Alex1.1 said on 8/Aug/20
I'd say spot on 6.2ft
Slim 6'1" said on 8/Aug/20
give a quarter inch
Slim 6'1" said on 8/Aug/20
189.5 is too high

188-189 solid tall
Canson said on 8/Aug/20
@Slim: he’s only about 2” taller than Denzel and is shorter than 6’2” Brett Favre. That doesn’t add up. His claim of a weak 6’2” does. Maybe 6’1.75. I used to say 6’2” but certainly not 6’2.5
Jack Badrick said on 5/Aug/20
The photo with Keanu and Ryan makes Keanu look like he is 5'11.
Slim 6'1" said on 5/Aug/20
TheBat said on 5/Aug/20
Ryan has never seen a 6'2.5" measurement in the afternoon. He's possibly slightly below 6'2".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jul/20
No, I think Ryan would have an edge on Matthew.
berta said on 16/Jul/20
i i the only one that think he looks over 6´3 beside kevin durand? in some photos only 2 inches shorter in others it looks like 3-3,5 inches
Public Enemy said on 14/Jul/20
With 182.2 cm listed Denzel Washington looks near 6’3 range with less footwear
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Dream said on 10/Jul/20

I see what you mean. I can see how Reynolds looks over 6'2", at times.
viper said on 10/Jul/20
6-1.5 Matthew Fox physically looks taller than Reynolds imo
Dream said on 9/Jul/20
Also, Kevin Durand has converse sneakers while Ryan has big dress shoes.

Click Here

In earlier pictures, Kevin towered Ryan.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 9/Jul/20
@Dream The picture Ryan wear converse chucks which is 0.5" standing a little further behind Brett and slouch a little, Brett Favre wear a boots kind of footwear maybe not less than 1.25", there is another angle of picture i posted before looks like Ryan is easily taller with less footwear but Ryan head was closer to camera it's hard to pinned on their height comparison. The easy way to figure Ryan's real height is the comparison in 2012 Safe House with 5'11 3/4 Denzal Washington and current 6'1 Samuel l.Jackson, Ryan look 3" on Denzel which making him 6'2 3/4 and look 6'3 with Samuel also a peak 6'3 1/2 Craig T Nelson look at most 3/4 inch taller than Ryan in The Proposal. When i met Ryan Reynolds at the toronto airport a few years back which is over 10 feet away he look between 6'2-6'3 in person, too bad i wasn't able to walk close to him for a better estimatation so what i could say best estimate is 6'2 1/2 same height as Brandon Routh and Tom Welling in person.
Public Enemy said on 8/Jul/20
With Jeff Bridges in 2013. Today Editor Rob lists Bridges at 184.2cm
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Reynolds should be upgraded as in more pics than not he looks 6’2.5
Public Enemy said on 2/Jul/20
With Jason Bateman
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Dream said on 26/Jun/20
6'2.5" should make him taller than Brett Favre, even with a footwear disadvantage, but he isn't.

Also, Brett Favre looked a little shorter than Tim Tebow, here. -- Click Here

and Here's Justin Hartley with Tim Tebow -- Click Here
Public Enemy said on 21/Jun/20
Ben Mendelsohn is listed at 179.1 cm celebheights and not 1781 cm.
viper said on 21/Jun/20
He did admit to it on Letterman.

He's not 6-2. He's 6-1 range.

He was listed everywhere at 6-1 until he got real famous
JakestJake said on 21/Jun/20
6’1”, but the poofed-up hair makes him look 6’2”.
Public Enemy said on 20/Jun/20
Don’t think he admitted his height to Letterman. Similarly he didn’t admit he was 6’3 to the Irish Sun. I do think he is over 6’2.
Public Enemy said on 20/Jun/20
@Editor Rob
That looks 4 good inches between Reynolds and Mendelsohn even though Mendelsohn has clear footwear advantage and is standing nearer to the camera. Mendelsohn is listed 1791 cm here.
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Public Enemy said on 20/Jun/20
With 1.8 m listed Ben Mendelsohn
Click Here
Looks 6’2.5
Canson said on 19/Jun/20
viper said on 18/Jun/20
Dream, Ryan admits to 6-1.5

@V: I don’t think he admitted to it but instead said 6’1/6’2 to Letterman. One could presume that he means 6’1.5 but that could mean 6’1.75 or 6’1.25 being someone measuring 6’1.5 or 6’1 5/8 earlier in the day would claim 6’1/6’2 as well
viper said on 18/Jun/20
Dream, Ryan admits to 6-1.5
viper said on 18/Jun/20
I still don't know how Terry Crews looks shorter than 6-1.25 David Garrard

Click Here
Canson said on 18/Jun/20
@Public Enemy and Rob: Durand May be overlisted. I think the 6’5.5” before was better
Public Enemy said on 17/Jun/20
@Editor Rob
What do think the height difference looks like between Reynolds and Jake here?
Click Here
Editor Rob
In that still he could make Jake look 179cm.
viper said on 16/Jun/20
He was listed at 6-1 everywhere until he got real famous
Public Enemy said on 16/Jun/20
Click Here
Durand looks about 6’5.5 tops next to Reynolds
Public Enemy said on 16/Jun/20
How tall does Reynolds look with Durand!
Click Here
Editor Rob
He can look in 6ft 3 range there
Public Enemy said on 16/Jun/20
In the full length pic with Crews it look like Reynolds is giving some height away with his stance which is very relaxed as compared to Crews who is standing well.

I cannot see footwear clearly in the full pic but that are close in height fist sure.
Public Enemy said on 16/Jun/20
Interesting comparison with Favre. Favre seems to have a 1.5-2cm footwear advantage on Reynolds whose in Converse and Reynolds posture is noticeably more loose as compared to Favre in that pic.

Whilst he may not look 6’2.5 in the pic with Favre there are pics in my opinion where he does look that range.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Jun/20
Fabre makes Reynolds look 6ft1 in that photo!
viper said on 16/Jun/20
6-1.5 at most
Canson said on 15/Jun/20
@Dream: but being shorter than Favre (who measured 6’2 flat) and Crews shows that he’s likely a weak 6’2” range like he says he is
Dream said on 14/Jun/20
He even looks shorter than listed 6'2.25" Terry Crews.

Click Here

I can see a case for 6'2 1/8", but not 6'2.5"
Dream said on 14/Jun/20
@Public Enemy

And here's Brett Favre with Ryan Reynolds. -- Click Here

And Brett was measured 6'2 1/8". Ryan is certainly not 189 cm. Maybe 6'2 1/8", since Favre had a footwear advantage, but definitely not 6'2.5" as you thought.
Realityking said on 14/Jun/20
Ryan Reynolds is around 6.1 inch, same goes with Ben Affleck, Both are around 1.5 inches taller than Bradley Cooper who is 5.11 and a half. You can google their pics with copper.
Dream said on 11/Jun/20
@Public Enemy

Leary has a footwear advantage over Tom Welling and Tom Welling is further away from the camera.

Tom is easily what Rob lists him, in person. However, Charles Martinet looked to have an edge on Tom, in person.

If Ryan Reynolds is 6’2.5”, 6’2 1/8” measured Brett Favre would be 6’2 5/8”. However Brett Favre is measured 6’2 1/8” and with footwear advantage, he looked Visibly taller than Ryan Reynolds.

I don’t rule out 6’2 1/8”, but 189 cm is a bit too much.
cmillz said on 8/Jun/20
I’m not really understanding why a legit 6’2 guy would claim 6’1-6’2, though. He’d have no reason to downgrade his height, which is why I lean towards 6’1.5 as being his real height.
Canson said on 20/May/20
@Height Realist: I would put Affleck as being slightly taller. It’s very little between the two however. Affleck looks At least 6’2” next to Caron Butler who looks Near the height he was measured when drafted in person (very worst hes 6’5” flat). 6’1.75 May be too low for Affleck but that may be adequate for Reynolds given he’s claimed 6’1/6’2 before. While he can look The full 6’2 or over on occasion, he can look 6’1.5-6’2 range on occasion too
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/May/20
I think Affleck would still edge out Reynolds
HeightRealist said on 16/May/20
Hi Rob. Ryan is one of the few guys that is a legit 6'2. He might actually be slightly taller. 188-189cm.

I know Chris Hemsworth is listed an inch taller, but I doubt Chris is any taller than Ryan. Maybe minimally. 6'2 for Ryan and 6'2.25 for Chris.

Also Rob, Ryan is taller than Ben Affleck. Ben Affleck is 6'1.75
Mark Allan said on 8/May/20
Rob, Possibly a slight upgrade for Ryan seeing him with Kevin Durand do you think there’s any chance he could be 6’2.5 or 189cm? It looks to me as if he can pull that off
Public Enemy said on 7/May/20
Nice pics but if you look at the top of their heads both Tom and Ryan look very similar as compared to Leary. It looks pretty close to me.iI do think Reynolds deserves a slight upgrade as Welling is 6’2.5.
Nik Ashton said on 5/May/20
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover - That’s very interesting!

I’m chuffed to give him his 1616th comment!

Look at this:

Click Here
Nik Ashton said on 5/May/20
It’s interesting that he was listed as 6’1”!
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 27/Apr/20
@Walle Lee Kwang Soo is 6'4 not 6'3. Click Here Read the link as actress Lee Sung Kyung mention his real height.
Tall Sam said on 8/Apr/20
I would say that Reynolds is one of the more convincing no more, no less than 6'2" guys.
Walle said on 5/Apr/20
You can clearly see that he's a bit shorter than 1m91 Lee Kwang Soo in Running Man (Korean show). 1m88 is a perfect number.
Canson said on 3/Apr/20
@Dream: I struggle to see above 6’2” flat. Brett Favre actually looks taller so really could be what he claims to be weak 6’2 range
Dream said on 2/Apr/20
With Denis Leary, Ryan looks visibly shorter than Tom Welling.

Tom Welling with Denis Leary — Click Here

Ryan Reynolds with Denis Leary — Click Here

I also have met Tom Welling too and he’s easily what Rob lists him, in person.

No chance of weak 6’3” for Ryan. More of 6’2 1/8”.
6footTom said on 26/Mar/20
Can look very tall in some of his films like Definitely Maybe. I think this listing is fine.
cmillz said on 24/Mar/20
Maybe he’s 6’1.5”
Canson said on 21/Mar/20
@Viper: 6’2” is possible but 6’1.75 maybe
viper said on 20/Mar/20
He also claimed 6-1-6-2, and was listed at 6-1 for years.

He's 6-1 range
OriginalAnon said on 15/Mar/20
6'2'' flat. A good example of a solid 6'2'' guy. I find it a bit absurd that he recently claimed 6'3'', after claiming 6'2'' for years. He is clearly not 6'3'' so I don't know who he is trying to fool.
berta said on 10/Mar/20
i Think a small uppgrade would make this more believeable.188,5-189 is what he often looks. and at his worst moments 188 flat

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