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6ft 2.07in (188.1cm)
Clay said on 19/Jun/09
People go looks at pics of Jackman next to Bale and Ronaldo, he is 6'1.5 max. I'd put Reynolds at a legit 6'2 but no more. He didn't look 6'3 at all next to Jimmy Fallon.
Ace said on 14/Jun/09
Hugh 190cm, Ryan Reynolds usually edges out Jackman in all the premire photos of Wolverine. I would go with 6`2-6`2.25 for Jackman, and 6`2.25-6`2.75 for Reynolds.
keegan said on 14/Jun/09
i see reynolds as a 189-190cm guy when fully straightened , definately a strong 6'2 , perhaps posture sometimes makes him seem in the 6'1 range ?
Hugh 190cm said on 12/Jun/09
Jack says on 11/Jun/09
Hugh Jackman 6'2
Ryan Reynolds 6'3
Liev 6'4?

I wouldn't as high as 6ft4 for Liev Schrieber. The guy was barely taller than Jackman. He's 190cm max. Jackman looks to be between 6ft2 and 6ft3 so 6ft2.5 for him is bang on. Reynolds and Jackman look more or less the same height but Jackman could have a slight edge.

This is how I see it

Ryan Reynolds 6ft2.25
Hugh Jackman 6ft2.5
Liev Schreiber 6ft2.75 or 6ft3 MAX. No taller.
Jack said on 11/Jun/09
Hugh Jackman 6'2
Ryan Reynolds 6'3
Liev 6'4?
Hugh 190cm said on 11/Jun/09
6ft0.5 max is just sad for Jackman . The man is no less than 6ft2.
Hugh said on 11/Jun/09
Anonymous says on 20/May/09
Both Reynolds and Jackman are 6'1 barefoot.

Go back through the comments on this page. Every site had Reynolds at 6'1 when he started off. Hollywood eventually added an inch. If its not too much hassle, you can even use the photo Mamum provided. I see 5 inches max.
Also check out Jackmans premi
john said on 3/Jun/09
looks 6ft 3 in that pic
Dsmooth said on 2/Jun/09
Definately 6'2 min.

A heeled Sandra bullock and a very straightened Reynolds

Click Here
Ace said on 1/Jun/09
He looks around 2 inches taller than rob pattinson at the MTV movie awards: Click Here
Tom said on 1/Jun/09
I think he's pretty tall but in many of the photos people post he seems to have a habit of leaning, slouching, and bending his leags to minimize it. MAny tall guys do that, some are self conscious about towering over other people especially other men. I won't guess a number i'm not good at that but look at his posture time and aginn here. I think he 's taller than any of the people he's compared to on this blog but minimizes it by leaning forward, or bending his legs.
anon said on 22/May/09
Click Here

check out this pic, its weird angle, but also quite intersting. liev seems the tallest for once, and im not sure but ryan does'nt look that short in comaprison to hugh, considering hes in the background.

but also theres this other rele wierd thing, in the evevator scene in wolverine, jackman is standing benhind reynolds, but he seems like equal to or even taller him??
Anonymous said on 20/May/09
Both Reynolds and Jackman are 6'1 barefoot.

Go back through the comments on this page. Every site had Reynolds at 6'1 when he started off. Hollywood eventually added an inch. If its not too much hassle, you can even use the photo Mamum provided. I see 5 inches max.
Also check out Jackmans premi
Hugh 190cm said on 20/May/09
Jackman looks a hair taller than both Reynolds and Schreiber.

Schreiber looks all of 6ft3. Reynolds at 6ft2 is legit and possibly a shade over. Jackman looks between 6ft2 and 6ft3 for definate.
calvinator said on 18/May/09
6 foot, maybe 6'1. he has that slender brad pitt look making him look taller then he actually is!
Clay said on 18/May/09
Kali from me, that must be because of camera angles or footwear. Trust me Jackman is at least 6'1. A 6 flat for him is ludicrous.
Ace said on 18/May/09
I would say that this is basic range for the x-men cast:
Hugh Jackman: 6`1.75-6`2.25
Ryan Reynolds: 6`2-6`2.75
Liev Schreiber: 6`2.75-6`3

There were scenes in Origins where the difference between Schreiber and Reynolds was borderline non-existent. Although I am inclined to believe that Schreiber is a solid 6`3, and that Reynolds is closer to 6`2.5
kali from me said on 17/May/09
Go check xmen premiere on youtube ryan is clearly 2 inches taller than hugh jackman id say ryan is 6'2 and hugh jackman bang on 6 feet
MD said on 13/May/09
Liev is not 6'3", then, right?
Dsmooth said on 12/May/09
Another picture of the cast from wolverine. Ryan in NOT shorter than Liev or Hugh. Take a look.

Click Here
MAMUN said on 7/May/09
Guess what my friends the studios are going to do a sequel on Wolverine and
they have announced a movie on Dead Pool staring Ryan !


linebacker40 said on 5/May/09
In x-men, I'd say Ryan was in the 188-189cm. About 1 inch shorter than Liev and a half or less than Hugh.
JJ said on 3/May/09
They are both probably a little over 6'3.
Dsmooth said on 2/May/09
Here is Ryan with Hugh, make your own conclusion:

Click Here

Click Here
yoyo said on 17/Apr/09
buy him 6ft2.5 from van wilder. still 6ft2.5 in real. 6ft1 for him no way.
Jake said on 12/Apr/09
There is no way he can be 6'1". He is at least 6'2" and more than likely 6'2.5".
fats and fru frus said on 10/Apr/09
189 ? only lets say at least 196 for him !
Lenad said on 24/Mar/09
anonymous said on 10/Mar/09
He looks at least a half inch taller (if not more) than Nathan Fillion: Click Here
Ace said on 10/Mar/09
He holds his own pretty well against 6`3 liev schreiber: Click Here
In the new wolverine film, we get to see how he matches up against 6`2ish hugh jackman and 6`3 liev schreiber. That will be pretty interesting.
Lenad said on 7/Mar/09
I can buy a solid 187cm at the lowest
Anonymous said on 27/Feb/09
6'1 barefoot, 6'2 in shoes
joe said on 27/Feb/09
i agree with yoyo. he looks like a 189cm kind of guy!
Anonymous3 said on 26/Feb/09
He's TALL. He is TOWERING Supermamun. 6'2 and change in this photo.
Rick said on 26/Feb/09
Definitely a sloucher

I would say closer to 6'3
Lenad said on 26/Feb/09
He was not shorter than Nathan Fillion on the sitcom they did together. If anything Reynolds was a little taller. That person who said he is 6'1.5 max is a joker. More like 6'1.5 minimum!
yoyo said on 21/Feb/09
Ryan is atually 189cm.. Judge by pics above he turn his head and slouch abit next to mamun.
john said on 18/Feb/09
remember reynolds has a big, elongated head, if he had a normal sized head, he'd be about prob 6'0 1/2, or 6'1 haha but otherwise this guy is like my favorite actor, love his witty humor.
JTRoN said on 10/Feb/09
the more pictures I see of Ryan the more I'm starting to believe he is probably a tad over the 6'2 mark, a solid 6'2 none the less. I have posted this before but I had the opportunity to meet Ryan at a club in Vancouver and he was a solid 6'2 when I saw him in what appeared to be regular dress shoes.
Anonymous said on 10/Feb/09
No way man, this guy looks a legit 6'2".
Anonymous said on 2/Feb/09
Ryan has camera angle in his total favor. He always looked 6'1" to me in every movie.
Dsmooth said on 2/Feb/09

Its obvious he is taller than Gosling. Here is another pic:

Click Here

This guy looks a legit 6'2 to me.
Anonymous said on 1/Feb/09
Common's height is one of the most inflated in the history. Look at him next to 5'11.5 Chris Brown, he looks clearly shorter. And the angle isn't anyhow in Common's favor. Gosling at times could look shorter than 6'1" and in the pic you posted is badly slouching.
Dsmooth said on 30/Jan/09
Click Here

Better Photo of Ryan and Hayden, in the first one the angle was in her favor. Even if he didn't have the heels its still substantial. I'd say at least 6'2.

with 6'1 Ryan Gosling:
Click Here

with 6'0 Common (angle slightly in Common's favor):

Click Here

I just don't agree with the 6'1 claims. Looks a legit 6'2+
Anonymous said on 30/Jan/09
Yeah Donatello, in fact he was listed at 6'1" earlier in his career
Donatello said on 30/Jan/09
My cousin is a Cnadian police officer and he use to go to school with Ryan Reynolds back in about 1999-2000. They were actually friends for a period of time back in 2000 and I remember meeting him before he was that famous. Hes a really funny guy and my cousin is 6ft and Ryan was about an inch taller then him no more, they were very close in height. Although my cousin could be close to 6'1" but definately no more then 6' and 3/4 of an inch. I was only 8 at the time, so it wasn't something I really looked at that much. My cousin use to laugh at Ryan and his hollywood dreams, look at him now.
Anonymous said on 29/Jan/09
no way he is more than 6'1.25. Absolutely.
Anonymous said on 28/Jan/09
6'3" for him is a joke. Next to Zach Braff he has an inch, max 1 inch and a half more. No way he looks a full 6'2"
Ben said on 28/Jan/09
Next to Zach Braff(around 6') or Nathan Fillion (6'1+ a half)easly 6feet and 2 inches, can be even taller, i can buy 6 2.5 or even 6'3 for this guy.
Anonymous said on 28/Jan/09
Click Here this is a almost full 6'2" as Rob confirmed he barely scrapes 6'2" with his hair. And certainly Reynolds doesn't look even closer to this kind of bigness. And he was always listed as a 6'1" till a couple of years ago (and no celebrity gets listed smaller than real height). More, next to legit 6'0" guys he always looks just slightly taller (think of Zach Braff, that looks to me like a legit 6'0" but there's plenty of people on this website thinking he could be 5'11").
Lenad said on 26/Jan/09
I can buy a strong 187cm at the lowest. He looks too tall for 6'1.
Anonymous said on 10/Jan/09
seeing him next to Braff he looks 6'1"
sprint84 said on 10/Jan/09
After seeing him next to Zach Braff, I think 6'1.5" or a weak 6'2". He's tall, but he's not the towering type of tall you see from guys 6'3" and over.
Anonymous said on 8/Jan/09
If he's 6'3" Zach Braff is 6'2" and that's an absolutely silly thing
anonymous said on 5/Jan/09
In all his movies, he looks 6 foot 1 or taller. I will say he's 6 foot 2 no taller.
Linebacker40 said on 5/Jan/09
He's a hard one to call, since he's built athletically. Anywhere from 6'1"-6'3" is a good estimate. I think he's a solid 6'2" flat.
fern said on 4/Jan/09
looksa 6,2.5
Anonymous said on 20/Dec/08
then watch him next legit 6'0 Zach Braff. His just a bit taller, 6'1 or so should be his real height.
sprint84 said on 19/Dec/08
It's hard to tell. The pics of him next to shorter people like Mamun or Willem Dafoe don't prove much other than that he's probably between 6'1" and 6'3". I'd be curious to see him next to some legit 6'2"+ guys like say, Josh Hartnett or Ben Affleck.
Anonymous said on 14/Dec/08
looks just slightly taller than flat 6'0 zach braff in scrubs. 6'1.
masto said on 10/Dec/08
hes def 6'2
sam said on 9/Dec/08
mamun is standing like he's got a silver spoon up his ass
Lenad said on 9/Dec/08
Looks to be 187cm at the very least
Spence said on 6/Dec/08
his taller than that H-x3 guy.. His 6ft2 no doubt lesser..
john said on 28/Nov/08
6'1.5 or 6'2 thats ryan no doubt
Derek said on 5/Nov/08
Anonymous says on 5/Nov/08
"shorter than hhh by an inch Click Here"

Ryan is clearly leaning. They're the same height if he stands straight.
Anonymous said on 5/Nov/08
shorter than hhh by an inch Click Here
Derek said on 5/Nov/08
Ryan and Triple H are around the same height. The question is, whether that height is 6'1", 6'1.25", 6'1.5", 6'1.75", or 6'2".
Emily said on 4/Nov/08
Measure your own head. Most people's heads are way larger than six inches from top to bottom. It is so plausible that Ryan Reynolds is six foot two or higher.
Hmmm said on 4/Nov/08
Mamuns head is around ryans eyes. your telling me that the distance between his eyes and the top of his head is 6 inchs. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!!

Editor Rob
it's the best photo we've got to show at the moment. Maybe if posed better and Ryan wasn't in mid shake hand move you might see a bigger difference...
Mari said on 19/Oct/08
I've been following Ryan since his days in "Two Guys and a Girl", loved him there! He seems 6'2" to me, and he often says he is that height. I doubt he is lying. He may look taller because he is a big guy with big body.
Anonymous said on 7/Oct/08
Wow are you kidding me bigkid this guy next to mamum looks like 6'3" or a bit more.
bigkid said on 1/Oct/08
6'1" period. He is stocky to a certain extent.
Viper said on 30/Sep/08
Thing is I doubt he grew an inch since the late 90s when he was listed everywhere at 6-1.
OutBenchThis said on 29/Sep/08
How did Glenn continue to argue he was atleast 6'3" and implied that he was likely taller than 6'3"? He did this with alot of 6'1.5" to 6'2.5" celebs.. At Glenn's height, telling the difference between a thin 6'1" guy and a 6'2"-6'3" would be pretty bloody difficult..FWIW, Reynolds looks a solid 6'2"..If he was 6'3" I doubt he'd get cast in as many roles without the film-maker alluding to or making reference to his tall height..i.e. Reynolds would be the token 'tall' guy.
Marty said on 26/Sep/08
On this picture he's not standing perfectly straight and the top of Mamun's head comes right at Ryan's eye levels. So on this picture with a relaxed posture he's a strong 6'1 ( at least ) with his head tilted down a bit.
So he's at least 6 ft 2in and I'd say 6 ft 2.5in in the morning.
Captain Spaulding said on 26/Sep/08
You could have had an inch on him just d, usually when you see someone an inch or 2 shorter then you theyll look at least the same height as you.
Just_D said on 26/Sep/08
I'm 6'2.5 and when i saw him we were eye to eye
Anonymous said on 26/Sep/08
His barefoot height is 6'1 and in shoes 6'2 (probably gave his 6'2 height in shoes)
Anonymous said on 26/Sep/08
Looks a solid 6'1, may be a tad over.
Derek said on 25/Sep/08
A certain individual said Ryan was 6'3" lol.
Anonymous3 said on 25/Sep/08
6'2, 188cm, closer to 189cm TALL IMO and it is also very obvious in the photo.
strong 6'2 id say
Lenad said on 25/Sep/08
Looks 6'2 there.
M.o.r.g said on 15/Sep/08
He was shorter than triple he in blade.
Anonymous said on 7/Sep/08
Better chance hes 6-2 than say, Paul Walker I guess.
6ft stephen said on 28/Aug/08
possible 189cm
Jake said on 25/Aug/08
I say he is south of 6'2. I saw him many times on the Conan O'Brien show and he is as tall as Conan, while Conan is listed as 6'3. Anyways, Ryan is one hell of an actor. By far my favorite.
Alex said on 18/Aug/08
I wouldn't say he's over 6'2 but sure looks a solid 6'1 at the very least.
Viper said on 11/Aug/08
He was listed at 6-1 when he was on the 2 guys and a girl show.
yoney said on 11/Aug/08
Ryan is a tall guy. Especially on "Two Guys and a Girl", accepting Richard Ruccolo is 178 cm, he is more than 6 ft 2, in my opinion.
Daii said on 3/Aug/08
Yeah, hes a big guy, in the amityville horror hes definitely 6'1 at least, probably 6'2
nate said on 26/Apr/08
lol Zack, that's jason lee!
rome said on 21/Apr/08
this guy is no more then 187m
Zack said on 31/Mar/08
I saw an episode of his TV show 'My Name is Earl'...when asked what his height was, he responded "6 feet 1...and a half". He wears boots often which make him appear 6'2" or so.

Editor Rob
this is the 3rd time you've submitted this comment...maybe you'd have got the hint that it's wrong after I deleted it the first two times?
anonymous said on 25/Mar/08
He wears big boots and sneakers people. I believe he's 6'2 in his bare feet. Giuseppe Andrews has poor posture, I believe there around the same height, or Andrews might be a little taller. He's known to wear flat shoes, have you seen his latest movie Look? His heels weren't a half inch heel, they were smaller than a half inch.
Anonymous king said on 20/Mar/08
the more i see ryan i realise hes as tall as tom welling and ashton kutcher ..
this guy is possible 189cm..
Alex said on 18/Mar/08
I was also watching Buying The Cow with Reynolds a few days ago and he did look 6'1-6'1 1/2. Its gotta be his frame that makes him appear 6'2 or more.
Alex said on 17/Mar/08
He does look 6'1 there with Hayden who only 5'0-5'0.5. He can look as tall as 6'2 but I never see him looking as tall as 6'3 though.
Viper said on 16/Mar/08
I was just watching "Waiting" and Reynolds looked 6-1 at most next to 5-9 Justin Long.
Anonymous king said on 12/Mar/08
without see this bad posture picture above, ryan does look a good 6ft2barefoot beside her 160ish girlfriend scarlett johansson.. 188cm for ryan for sure!
Leung said on 28/Feb/08
I have noticed that in most of Mamun
Mamun said on 27/Feb/08
Barefoot my friend !


Leung said on 26/Feb/08
Mamun, are you 5
mikey said on 25/Feb/08
im glad im 6'2.5, motivates me to get body that look's somwhat like his.
Erica said on 23/Feb/08
I was a senior in high school workings as a hostess at the Bennigans restaurant over here in Kenner, Louisiana which is wear his movie, Waiting was filmed (They changed the restaurant name to Shanaganz in the film) and I got to meet him, Dane Cook, and Justin Long and even got to hang out and goof around with them on one of the shooting days because they used a lot of us that worked there in the back ground in stuff like that. Im only 4'10" (so of course he towers over me) but I can promise you he is no shorter than 6' 3" he is very tall and as others have already said he towers over everyone else, but still in all he is the sweetest guy as were Dane Cook and Justin Long.
glenn said on 18/Feb/08
one foot,3 feet.right up next to him all night.i know nothing about the i didnt know how tall he was.funny,meg ryan was there too.does anyone catch the trivia to that?
Viper said on 18/Feb/08
Thats pretty surprising then, Glenn. How far away were you when you saw him.
glenn said on 17/Feb/08
it wasnt an impression.he was 6-3 or over.
anonymous said on 17/Feb/08
what do you mean by his "real height" viper. he is not 6`1.
Viper said on 17/Feb/08
Im not too surprised that he can give off a 6-3 impression. He has the body frame to look a couple of inches taller than his real height. He looks 6-1 here with Willem Dafoe and Hayden Panettiere. Click Here I just cannot see this guy above 6-1 though.
glenn said on 17/Feb/08
saw him that night least 6-3.
mikeg said on 16/Feb/08
saw him at waverly inn. Im 5'11 he was at least 6'3 . nice guy
Anonymous said on 29/Jan/08
he looked more than 2.5 inches taller than ray liotta (5'11.5), he looks like 6'2 and a quarter
stefan (6'0) said on 29/Jan/08
he's definitely over 6'2, because Nathan Fillion is in that range, and he looks taller than him. Better still, he towers over 6'2 Giuseppe Andrews ('Germ'-Two Guys and a Girl). So I'd say he's 6'3 (191cm) or even 6'4 (193cm).
anonymous said on 1/Jan/08
viper, as much as i respect you, what on earth makes you think that he is only 6`1. I have never seen him (on a film) look less than 6`2.
venus said on 24/Dec/07
Yeah, he's right. He's 6'2, that sums it up.
Mamun said on 23/Dec/07
I am wishing all the dear members here a MARRY CHRISTMASS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR .


OutBenchThis said on 22/Dec/07
Del Mar, yes its funny how that can happen.
Viper said on 21/Dec/07
You're off an inch there, Kevin.
Vegas said on 21/Dec/07
reynolds looks shorter on video and in all pictures with triple h, if reynolds is 6'2 then trips is at least 6'2.5"
Kevin Durant said on 21/Dec/07
Ryan Reynolds is 6'2"
Triple H is 6'2"
The Rock is 6'3"

Make sense to me :)
Alex said on 21/Dec/07
The angle is favoring Mamun a bit and Ryan still has 5 inches on him. I'd say Reynolds is 6'1 1/2 pushing 6'2. HHH is the same thing.
Viper said on 20/Dec/07
I also remember seeing video of Ryan and the Rock on TMZ. Rock had an inch on him it looked like.
Viper said on 20/Dec/07
I think both are exactly 6-1 1/4. And Ed, Im willing to bet hes taller than Paul Walker.
Derek said on 20/Dec/07
If Ryan is 6'1", doesn't that put Triple H at the same height, or marginally taller?
RobertJ said on 19/Dec/07
6'2'' flat, maybe a shade under but close enough. He can't be shorter if Nathan Fillion is legit 6'1.5''.
AAAA said on 19/Dec/07
Rob has got a point. He looked taller than Nathan Fillion who i looking 6'1.5 in his pic with rob, and reynolds is taller
Anonymous said on 19/Dec/07
Guys, not only was he originally listed as 6'1, but this picture clearly shows it. Whats with the people claiming 6'2?
Ed said on 19/Dec/07
He looks to be around the same height as Paul Walker, between 6ft1.5-6ft2. Not to mention the guy likes to ride motorcycles, and is frequently wearing big harley style boots. He's probably near or over 6ft3 depending on his footwear.
Mamun said on 18/Dec/07
He looked like he could be 6'1" barefoot but he is still impresive .

Alex said on 18/Dec/07
He could be like 6'1.75 out of bed and 6'1 by evening making him a strong 6'1.
Del Mar said on 18/Dec/07
thanks mamum! outbench I've seen similar occasions. I'm 183 and my roommate last year was 182. Still I looked way taller than him, like 5 cm difference or something and everyone agreed on this, till we both measured up and the truth came up with the 1 cm difference. It's also strange because he's very lean (which usually makes people look taller) and I'm not very lean myself and still looked taller. Height is a mystery. Reynolds have this proportions making him look pretty tall with a long face and lean buildt but still broadshouldered.
Anonymous said on 18/Dec/07
You guys dont see 6'2? I think he's a strong 6'2 could even be 6'2.5....
Derek said on 18/Dec/07
He's certainly not under 6'1". Even Viper would agree with that.
Viper said on 18/Dec/07
Hes pushing 6-2 in the morning maybe. Probably 6-1 1/2 out of bed.
Alex said on 18/Dec/07
He's pushing 6'2.
Jason said on 18/Dec/07
Ditto! You said bloke ... lol
Viper said on 18/Dec/07
You guys need to look at all of the posts dating back to April 2005, and that Ive been right all along on this bloke :)
OutBenchThis said on 18/Dec/07
Viper, Reynolds could be 6'1"..I have a friend of mine who can look my height (6'3") but he is 187cm (6'1.5"). He has that large head thing going on like Reynolds which makes him look nearly 2 inches taller than he actually is. It wasn't until my friend and I were standing opposite a mirrored-window that I noticed I was taller..strange.
Dave said on 18/Dec/07
he looks easy 6'1 here.... not too sure about full 6'2 though, although he always looks tall. He still could be 6'2
Height Tracker said on 17/Dec/07
Mamun how tall did he look to you?
Danius said on 17/Dec/07
looks solid 6'1
Viper said on 17/Dec/07
Reynolds is a 6-1 guy who can probably look as tall as 6-3 to some people. This guy use to be listed at 6-1 before he got really famous. I seriously doubt hes 6-0. If he was 6-0 I think he would have been listed at that before he really broke through. Reynolds looks taller to me than even Paul Walker, for example, who use to be listed at 6-0.
brother_h said on 17/Dec/07
omg i always thought he was 6'0, mostly because he didnt seem that much taller than blade and was alot smaller than HHH. well he doesnt look 6'2 in this pic. closer to 6'1 maybe.
Mamun said on 17/Dec/07
The date of this picture was march of 2006
OutBenchThis said on 16/Dec/07
I still think he's close to if not 6'2"..if Mamun has similar footwear to Ryan then I'd say Reynolds is 6'1" but if Mamun has the footwear advantage, I'd say Reynolds is still 6'2". I'm surprised either way, I originally thought he was one of those 190-191cm guys who would say 6'2".
l0ck n l0ad said on 16/Dec/07
I remember when I first watched 'Two guys a girl and a pizza place' I initially thought that Ryan Reynolds was 6'3.5" ~ 6'4" and Nathan Fillion was 6'3". I know these are far fetched heights... but he did look very that in that show and I was clueless about the true celeb heights back then.
Anonymous said on 16/Dec/07
I have always said he was a 6'1. It was pretty obvious when comparing him to other celebs. And this picture proves it.
He is exactly 6'1.
Del Mar said on 16/Dec/07
when was this mamun? His arms looks thinner than I've seen him at lately.(blade trinity, amityville horror, etc)
AAAA said on 16/Dec/07
Strong 6'1- flat 6'2 max. Funny, I would have sworn he was taller. He usually looks at least 6'2 to me
supes78 said on 16/Dec/07
Mamum has much better posture than Ryan, though. Straightened out, he would be 6'2".
Viper said on 16/Dec/07
Yep, hes 6-1.
Anonymous said on 16/Dec/07
you dont even look 5'8
Lmeister said on 3/Dec/07
He is a tall bloke. Definitely not shorter than 6ft1. I think he really is the height he claims.
Anonymous said on 1/Dec/07
I dont understand the argument here.

He didnt at any point look taller than 6'2 Triple H. In the movie or the Premier.
He initially told everyone he was 6'1
Comparing him with other celebs, he looks 6'1.

So why exactly is he being put down as 6'2? He is an obvious 6'1, like he originally told us.
Viper said on 30/Nov/07
Hes not 6-0 Chris. Hes 6-1 at least.
AAAA said on 30/Nov/07
they might have jacked up snipe a bit to make him bigger. I think the actual character of blade was a bigger, but I don't remember for sure
blink 198 said on 30/Nov/07
how come he walking with 5ft8wesley snipes in the blade3 looks no much taller than him?? i always thought this guy is about 180..
CHRIS - DENVER said on 28/Nov/07
I meet Ryan outside of a restaurant off of La cienega in west hollywood a few years ago... He's 6'1 with shoes on. I'm very particular with height, and I was pretty surprised to find he was my height, he's not 6'2.
Anonymous said on 16/Nov/07
To prove the 6'1 claim you can compare him to any other actors. Here is one with 5'7.75 Jeremy Piven. Click Here
Ryan is slouching, but there is no way that he is more than 5 inches taller.
Anonymous said on 16/Nov/07
I am pretty much 100% sure that Reynolds is 6'1. At the premi
Hmm said on 27/Sep/07
Click Here
Click Here
Josh Hartnett and Ryan Reynolds, who is taller?
Da Man said on 17/Sep/07
I'd wager Reynolds is marginally taller (.25" - .5") than Triple H in that photo once posture is accounted for. Reynolds handicapped himself big time in that photo with his posture.
Viper said on 7/Sep/07
Both are around 6-1 in reality.
vegas said on 5/Sep/07
he sure didn't look an inch taller than Triple H at the premiere ;)
Click Here

Reynolds is leaning here but there is no way he is gonna gain the extra 2.5"+ needed to be "at least 1 inch taller" Click Here
starfish said on 5/Sep/07
in blade trintity he had aleast 1 inch on triple h and hhh is 6'2 1/2 soo ryan has gotta be 6'3 1/2
Bad Radio said on 2/Sep/07
i'd say 6'2.5...he does tend to slouch considerably.
Editor Rob said on 5/Aug/07
I don't think reynolds has great posture. If he stands tall he'd pass for 6ft 3 to many people, although of course he isn't. In the film with David Suchet - great actor - he literally destroys him with a full head of height advantge.
Viper said on 4/Aug/07
The absolute most I could give him is 187cm.
Anonymous said on 3/Aug/07
I met him in person he appeared to be exactly 188 cm, really has to be 187-189 any other talk is just ridiculous
giantmidget said on 28/Jul/07
He's a strong 6'2". I'd even believe 6'2.5".
Alex said on 14/Jul/07
He never looks over 6'2.
titch said on 20/Jun/07
on two guys and a girl, reynolds was always a little bit taller than nathan filion, who i have heard is 6'1. i say he is easy the 6'2.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 15/Jun/07
I think he's 6'3 i just watched waiting and he towered everyone and even the actor who played his boss who is listed at 6'2 or 6'2.5 ryan still appeared taller than him.
Ayla said on 2/Jun/07
My sister and I met him a few weeks ago, and I am 6' and my sister is 6'2, he is about half an inch taller than my sister.
RobertJ said on 19/May/07
He looks exactly 6'2''.
Anonymous said on 6/May/07
Ryan and Gosling at the awards

Click Here
hugh said on 3/May/07
he is not 6'4 but he is 6'2.
Viper said on 30/Apr/07
I disagree. More 6-1
Leung said on 29/Apr/07
The dude is tall. Definitely at least 6’2”
isabella said on 28/Apr/07
I'm really tempted to say he's closer to 6'4...and no its not because he's a leading man and everyone wants them to be taller (as is argued so often on here), but on the mtv movie awards or teen choice awards or something, he and someone else presented surf boards to Ryan Gosling and Rachel Mcadams, and he was he looked huge even next to Gosling who is what - 6'1?
Thomas said on 13/Apr/07
Once again, I'm here to dish out the straight skinny. I've posted a number of times before, and since I've been Obsessed With Height for yeeeeaaaars (cause my Pop is 6'6 1/2"), I've become VERY good at judging people's heights. I've worked at a 5 star hotel right outside of Beverly Hills for the past 2+ years. I've seen and talked with just about any celebrity you can think of. Ryan showed up to meet a certain blonde actress, whose name I shan't say here, a few weeks ago. He rode up on his pretty sweet Ducati sporting a beard. I was blown away when I realized how tall he was. I never noticed his height in the few movies I've seen of his. He was wearing some boots that looked like Dock Martin's, so I took that into account, while I was wearing New Balance's. I'm pretty confident when I say that he's in the 6'1 1/2" to 6'3" range. I'd be shocked if he were any more or any less. Take care.
Anonymous said on 8/Apr/07
In everything I've seen him in he always looks at least 6'2.
Dan said on 26/Mar/07
Comparing his height to the people in Scrubs, I think he closer to the 6'1 mark.

I wouldnt take the word of Blade Trinity. A lot of manipulation took place, to make Snipers look taller, and to make Reynolds and Triple H look like giants of same height.
Anonymous said on 3/Mar/07
ithink he is 191cm
Jimbo said on 6/Feb/07
I had to shoot an interview with him today, and the dude is tall. Im 6'2, and he was easily my height.
Anthony said on 16/Jan/07
In photos next to Ray Liotta in "Smokin' Aces", Ryan does look about 3 inches taller than the 5'11.5 Liotta, I'd say he's definitely 6'2 ot a little over.
J said on 15/Jan/07
I met this guy at a night club in Vancouver called Republik and I got a pic with him on my cell phone but it didnt turn out too good cause it was too dark and my cellphone camera is pretty crap. However, I stood right beside the guy, Im 6'0, and he had 2 inches on me for sure, he was wearing casual dress shoes. Hes probably a little more in the morning or during the day, but he was a legit 6'2 when I met him at night. Awsome guy too, real friendly.
Austrian said on 10/Jan/07
188 cm minimum, could as well be 190 though
Alex said on 10/Dec/06
I think he's 6'2. Him and HHH were just a fraction of an inch apart like 1/2 inch.
Jason said on 18/Nov/06
When you're a real 6'2'' you dwarf a lot of people. He looks a hair under that mark actually.
Anonymous said on 16/Nov/06
He didn't look 6'2 in that episode of scrubs, closer to 6'1(186-187cm).
Viper652 said on 16/Nov/06
I think his slender fram is throwing you guys off.
Viper652 said on 16/Nov/06
I really think Conan is 6-2 1/2 Max now though. I cant see Reynolds anything above 6-1.25
Korben said on 16/Nov/06
Ive always seen Ashton kutcher, josh hartnett, and Ryan reynolds as the same height. They all do similar films, and are between 6'2 and 6'3. I cant see Ryan being under 6'2.5 though. he just always seems so big.
James said on 30/Oct/06
Ryan dwarfs too many people to be just 6'2", and he didn't look a full 2 inches shorter than Conan. I think that because his body is so well proportioned he can look shorter standing on his own. The guy has to be around 6'2.5".
Jason said on 17/Oct/06
Exactly. Though I'm starting to think he's very close to the 6'2'' mark. I changed my mind after watching The Amityville Horror again a couple of nights ago.
Viper652 said on 17/Oct/06
The problem is you are comparing him to a chick where we have no idea If her height is totally legit or not.
RobertJ said on 16/Oct/06
Here's Ryan next to Elizabeth banks, she's listed as 5'5''so 6'2'' to 6'3'' sounds right.

Click Here

Jason said on 16/Oct/06
I think just under the 6'2'' mark for Ryan. Maybe 6'1 3/4''? He looks about the same height as Triple H in those 2 pics, Viper - taking into account Trips is slightly closer to the camera. I'm thinking Triple H is actually right about 6'1 3/4'', too.
venus said on 10/Oct/06
Ryan has big hair, he has a big head too. I give him 6'2.5, because his legs are not on the long side, but they are not short either.
Viper652 said on 1/Oct/06
Well Tom, he looks it in the picture I just linked next to a 6-1-6-1 1/2 wrestler. And he was listed at 6-1 just a few years ago.
Tom said on 1/Oct/06
The guy's at least 6'2", maybe even 6'2.5". He sure looked less than 2 inches shorter than Conan. All this 6'1" talk is just rubbish.
Viper652 said on 29/Sep/06
There is no way in hell hes anything over 6-1 really. He looks the same height or marginally shorter than 186-187 Triple H. Click Here
TNTinCA said on 29/Sep/06
I would put him closer to 6'3". Maybe 6'2.5". Seems like a pretty tall fellow to me.
dmeyer said on 26/Sep/06
he could be 6'2.25
Viper652 said on 26/Sep/06
Look no taller than 186-187 to me.
bikagyura said on 26/Sep/06
6' 2"... pfff... he's no less than 189cm, that's for sure
ER. said on 26/Sep/06
If so this guy is the tallest 6-1 dude I've ever seen.
Viper652 said on 25/Sep/06
6-2 is in shoes height.
JonnyC said on 24/Sep/06
In an episode of 2 guys and a girl the ginger girl says he is 6'2", and he also says he is 6'2". I would think if anything he will exaggerate his height, so I doubt he is quite 6'2.5"
Viper652 said on 12/Sep/06
He doesnt look 6-2 1/2 at all. 6-1-6-1 1/2 tops.
Anonymous said on 11/Sep/06
He's definitely 6' 2.5" at least. He towers over everyone in most of his movies in "Buying The Cow" he is a little tasller than Jerry O'Connel and Jerry is supposed to be like 6'2" as well so 6' 2.5" is a definite estimate
Viper652 said on 30/Jun/06
Its possible. The thing is he looks no taller then 6-1 1/2 most of the time to me.
Johnny said on 30/Jun/06
In 1998 he's 6-1 feet, check this:
Click Here

Is possibily growh at 21-22 years?
Jason said on 4/Mar/06
Not really, Hogan is 6'3'' at the very best today, quite possibly under that mark even.
Vincent said on 3/Mar/06
He downgraded the 6 foot 1 height for sure. Just got off the maxim website and on the homepage, right now, there is a picture of Reynolds standing next to Hulk Hogan on the grass in the playboy mansion. They are exactly the same height. Reynolds is in flip flops and Hulk is barefoot.

Editor Rob
he's consistantly said 6ft 2, but I've always thought the 189cm was closer to the truth...
Vincent said on 3/Mar/06
I disagree with most of you. I've seen Van Wilder, Amityville horror and just saw "Waiting" tonight. He's at least 6 ft 2.5 inches. He towers over everybody, in every scene, in every movie!
Mr_Tea said on 4/Feb/06
Ive always picked him to be about 6foot3 in the movies. So 6foot2.5 without shoes seems acurate.
bigb said on 3/Jan/06
you dont tower over people being 6'2" or 6'1". he's got to be at least 6'3" and above. he's probably claiming to be 6'2" since he doesnt want people to think he's a giant. i should know since im 6'4" and i always tell people am 6'3".
gyllenhaalic823 said on 31/Dec/05
When I saw "Just Friends" You could tell that Ryan was really tall! I don't think he's 6'4" though, 6'2.5" seems accurate.

Editor Rob
the Triple H 'bad guy' lifts theory sounds plausible still..
Jason said on 4/Dec/05
But then again, you think Pierce Brosnan is 6'2''...
Brett said on 4/Dec/05
He does look pretty tall, I do doubt hes less then 6'2" but the same guys are at it again trying to make the man shorter then he is, its really quite sad, you do it to everyone
Jason said on 30/Nov/05
Well, he didn't look more than the 6'1 1/2'' range next to Melissa George in The Amityville Horror...
Brandon said on 30/Nov/05
Viper and Joe, you are both incorrect. I'm telling you, I saw the movie Just Friends, and Anna Farris is 5'5". If Reynold's height is 6'1", then his eyes would just barely be over the top of Farris's head. However, he was an entire head above her in EVERY scene. 6'2.5" - 6.3". Period.
Jason said on 30/Nov/05
You seem a little naive to me, Joe. Agree, Viper ... he's about 6'1 1/2''.
Viper652 said on 30/Nov/05
Im just pointing out that Ryan was listed at 6-1 earlier in his career, and his height went up a few years ago to 6-3. Also Ive read encounters of the dude that say he is in the 6-1 range. Nothing crazy about it at all.
Joe said on 29/Nov/05
haven't been here very long but i have noticed that Viper652 is a little crazy! he thinks everyone is shorter than they are and always seems to sure. HEY VIPER, if you want, you can say that "Ryan is 3'1, and no more".

Mr. R - Van Wilder is an awesome movie, you must be too old to enjoy it.
Brandon said on 27/Nov/05
Alright, do this: Go to, and watch the trailer that automatically begins playing in the bottom right corner. Right after it starts, there is a scene where Reynolds is standing next to Anna Farris on the doorstep (you can pause it)- he seems to be slouching slightly, and is slightly over a head above her. If the average height of a head is about 9" - 10", and Farris is approx. 5'5", then this would put Reynolds at 6'2.5" -6.3"
Brandon said on 27/Nov/05
I saw the movie "Just Friends" last night, and Ryan does appear to be fairly tall. Amy Smart is listed on this site as 5'5.5", and Reynolds appeared to always be a whole head taller than Amy. This would put Reynold's around 6'3". I'm not sure if they purposely hired extras that are short or what, but every bar or building that Reynolds walked into in the movie, he towered over everyone. This guy is pretty tall.
CoolJ said on 23/Nov/05
This guy is pretty tall Viper. Going to have to disagree with you on this one.
Viper652 said on 23/Nov/05
No way. Ryan is a solid 6-1, and no more.
asap said on 23/Nov/05
and on the movie "WAITING" he's up there with chi mcbridewho is for sure "6,5"...look it up if you dont beleive me
asap said on 23/Nov/05
at least "6,4" the guy is huge i am "6,2' for sure and he towers me by atleast 2 inches trust me he's being downgraded
Blah said on 12/Nov/05
looks bigger than 6'2 id say 6'3, but he probably is 6'2 who cares
Viper652 said on 27/Sep/05
This sighting on this blog says hes 6-1.

I was walking down Union Square West yesterday (9/14/05) when I saw Van Wilder himself, Ryan Reynolds. Mmm - well done, Alanis. The guy’s pretty tall - probably 6’1”ish - and dressed in a black button-down, jeans and enough facial scruff to make him East Village-appropriate.
Celebheights Editor said on 21/Aug/05
From, "One of the first things that strikes you after interviewing celebrities is that everyone is way shorter than you expect them to be. That doesn't hold true with Ryan Reynolds. Tall, fit, and easy on the eyes"
CelebHeights Editor said on 9/Aug/05
He replied to fan questions once and said "I'm 6' 2" with a 5' 10" face."
Viper652 said on 6/Jun/05
This guy is Probably 6-1 in his barefeet.
Jason said on 5/Jun/05
I agree he seems 6'2'' at least but I'm thinking he might only be 6'1 1/2''. There's guys on the Conan O'Brien page saying Conan is only 6'3'', and someone pointed out that David Hasselhoff & Tom Selleck (who both claim to be 6'4'') stood back to back with Conan and were both taller than him. With that in mind, maybe the 6'1'' listings for Ryan came about from rounding to 6'1'' from 6'1 1/2''. That would put him at close enough to 6'2'' and 6'2 1/2'' in shoes (close enough to 6'3'') which makes the other listings figure.
Smoke said on 29/Apr/05
He's been listed as tall as 6'3" pretty frequently, indeed he is very possibly this tall. Hopefully I'll get a chance to meet him someday given he's my compatriot and really find out for myself how tall he is exactly. Again, if Craig Ferguson is 6'2" then Ryan is definately atleast 6'3". But I heard him say himself, "6 foot 2", he also referred to himself as tall on Fergie's show. Definately 6'2"-6'3" at the very least, he's also thin and trim, which could make him seem slightly taller as well.
cantstop25 said on 29/Apr/05
he was on conan and he looked to be only an inch shorter, and he does not seem like the kind of guy who would wear lifts in his shoes.

so Im gonna have to say that he is atleast 6'2.5". If Conan is 6'5" then he could possibly be close to 6'4"!
Mr. R said on 24/Apr/05
When he was doing that pathetic tv shoe two men, a girl, and a pizza place, he was listed at 6-3. When Blade came out, he was listed at 6-2. It seems odd that he would downgrade just as he hits it big. My guess is he is over 6-2, but not quite 6-3, and that he was downgraded to 6-2 to make Wesley appear larger than he is. Also, in the horrible film Van Wilder, he is clearly about 2 inches taller than Tim Matheson, who plays his dad, who is listed at 6-2, which at this point is an exaggeration.
Smoke said on 23/Apr/05
Man, those are some high quality lifts that Wesley is wearing! Really, Reynolds describes himself as "6 foot 2", next to Alanis Morrisette he really does look it, I caught him on Craig Ferguson and he was noticeably taller than Fergie (whom I'm convinced is shorter than 6'2"). If he says 6'2", I think he's being honest and is really closer to 188 cm.
Smoke said on 9/Apr/05
On Inside Entertainment Ryan said, "It's fun to be a 6'2", white, Yoko Ono."

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