How tall is Alan Ritchson ?

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Alan Ritchson's height is 6ft 2in (188 cm)

American Actor and Singer best known for tv show Blue Mountain State and for his portrayal of Aquaman in the tv series Smallville. On his website he was asked, 'how tall are you', to which he replied: "I am 6'2". This photo is from a Rogue Events convention in May 2007, he had a slight edge in footwear over me.

5ft 8 Rob with Alan
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6ftMagician says on 23/Apr/15
They should make a really good Aquaman movie and cast him - if he made his chest /back bigger, he'd be the spitting image of the comics. Unreal. Oh yeah, he is defo more or less holding 188. No question.
Andrea says on 23/Apr/15
Only in some scenes with Erica Durance and he's in slippers with Tom in his first episode... In the others he's wearing shoes which are not much thinner than Tom's ones! Still he looks clearly shorter than him, i think it would be no less than an inch if measured barefoot... 0.75 is really the minimum difference i can buy! You yourself said that he's no different than the weak 6'2 plumber!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 23/Apr/15
He looks taller than Hartley
Andrea says on 22/Apr/15
Rob, could he be more 187? He doesn't look a big 6'2 on Smallville next to people like Tom Welling or Erica Durance...
[Editor Rob: isn't he barefoot at times, I think he looked 6ft 2 from what I recall. In person I think he is right about 6ft 2.]
6 says on 16/Mar/15
I give him a flat 6'2. Probably 6'3 almost 6'4 in boots
tyler says on 18/Feb/15
On a good day he is a solid 6'3. especially when he stands next to Darin who is 5'10. And because he is so big and muscular I give him 205-215
joe 192 says on 12/Jan/15
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 27/Dec/14
More of a strong 6ft2 than a weak one
KROC says on 13/Oct/14
Weak 6'2. Justin Hartley is the full 6'2 though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 12/Oct/14
Out of bed height could be 6ft3
Dane says on 21/Jun/14
I think Darin Brooks is the listed 1.78 cm.
A 5'10'er can look 5'9 and 5'11 in different angles and so. So i think a legit 5'10 is a fair shout for him.
cole says on 18/Jun/14
6'1.75 I'd say is better, certainly nothing over 6'2.
afg2nvy says on 6/Jun/14
Rob, how tall would someone with a 175cm eye level be???
[Editor Rob: probably close to being 187cm]
Tommo says on 1/Jun/14
Do you think then there's a chance he might not measure 6'2 at his low, end of the day Rob? I have to say by the pic I thought he was bang on.
[Editor Rob: I think he's probably still around 6ft 2 mark by teatime, if he dipped under it wouldn't be much. Could wake up close to 6ft 3 mark.]
Andrea says on 26/May/14
Rob, if he's not much different than the 6'1.5 guy, why listing him at 6'2? I do believe that's a fair listing, i mean he's gotta be quite close to the mark but would you be surprised if he turned out to be 187 at his lowest?
[Editor Rob: the 6ft 1.5 guy can look 6ft 2, especially if he turned up to do a job at 9-10am]
person says on 24/Apr/14
He only looks around 6'0-6'1 to mate is 6'2 and he looks taller than Alan.
sss says on 1/Apr/14

The thing is that Brooks looks 5'11 range with Ritchson but more like 5'9 range with 5'7 Sam Jones III
sss says on 28/Mar/14
Rob, what do you think about his co-star from BMS, Darin Brooks ? 5'11 range probably ?
[Editor Rob: yeah he can look about that mark]
SAMMY DERRICK says on 19/Mar/14
Robbin says on 27/Feb/14
I had met Alan Ritchson in Detroit 3years back. I'm 6'2.5 and he had an inch below i am and i had similar footwear as Alan when i met him. Look near to 6'1.5 and maybe 6'2 morning.
176,2Tunman says on 22/Feb/14
Rob,how tall is Jenny's head if 5.9in leads slightly under her nose,I'm guessing something like 8.3.Please give me an idea of what is considered small,average,and big head for a woman at Jenny's height, this would be useful.
[Editor Rob: it is not much more than 8 inches last I checked, which isn't really small, it is within 8-8.5 average range. A women with a 9.5 inch head would have a very long can get 7.5-8 inch range which are smaller end of the scale.]
berta says on 21/Feb/14
He looks 188-190 in this photo. Mybe slightly over 6 foot two? weak 189?
[Editor Rob: in person he's really no different than < ahref="">the 6ft 1.5 guy...also This is also 5.9 inches!]
Arch Stanton says on 15/Feb/14
I felt like doing a Rampage for a day that's why. He's 189!!!! :-] I'm not going to argue over 0.25 of an inch...
avi says on 14/Feb/14
@Arch Stanton
Where do you come to the 6'2.25-.5 conclusion?? Mugshots are bad indicators . Plus he could be in boots. I've seen many 5'10 guys look over 6'0 in them . Check out mark David Chapman.
Also I think 5.8 inch difference in the pic with Rob considering his footwear advantage.
Arch Stanton says on 1/Feb/14
I'd go with 6'2.25, although Welling at a supposed 6'2.75" might contradict it.
Arch Stanton says on 1/Feb/14
Rob don't you think 6'2.25-6'2.5 might be more likely from that mug shot? I'd probably list him at 189 personally.
[Editor Rob: 188 is fine for him.]
Arch Stanton says on 1/Feb/14
Here's a mug shot. Click Here Looks about 6'3.25 in footwear. 6'2.25" I think would be spot on.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 16/Jan/14
189cm isn't impossible but that would probably put Justin Hartley at 6ft2.75 and Tom Welling at a strong 6ft3
Lenad is sexy says on 28/Dec/13
genuinely looks his claim. I could also buy 189cm
Banner says on 28/Nov/13
I had already said that usually people over estimate taller people heights. It happen always with me, I'm given always one inch more than my real height, sometimes two. Once even three from a collegue who is much shorter than me. That is normal. We can make good guess only if we stand in front of a person near our own height, otherwise our perspective is not a good point of reference.

In this picture, Alan Ritchson eyeline seems 2 cm over Rob's headtop, this would mean 173+2=175cm. If Alan's eyeline-headtop distance is same as the average (11 cm), it would make him 175+11=186cm. Rob says Alan has a slight edge in footwear, let's cut 1 cm then, so my guess after this picture is 185cm (ą1cm) for Alan Ritchson. And it appears to be quite consistent with my estimation of Justin Hartley's height.
Gabriele says on 27/Nov/13
no. he said 6'2" in an interview so i tought he would've said the same if i asked... anyway he's about 187 (186-188 range). 185 or 189 are out of discussion, i think it's a fact. even thought rob says justin is 189 i think that if someone says 6'2" he means 6'2" or less. why downgrading his height in public? and he doesn't look that tall... he's more of a 6'1.5" in my opinion which is tall actually!! :D i'm 6'1.25" and people always tell me that i'm tall and sometimes very tall. it's like anything under 6'2" it's considered to be bad or not enough but it's not. if you're not a full 6'2" (and this guys are not in my opinion) you're not. even if you could pass for that... and it's not the end of the world, really!:D
Banner says on 26/Nov/13
Gabriele did you ask him his heigth by chance?
Gabriele says on 19/Nov/13
he looks like 6'1" and i don't think he weights more than 195. justin weights 187 (i asked him on twitter a couple of weeks ago)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 26/Oct/13
He's 189-90cm in the above pic. But he's got an advantage.
Sam says on 18/Oct/13
He does look like he could be a tad over 6'2" to me.
Rusty says on 12/Oct/13
Strong 6'2" for certain. He has to weigh 210 with muscle. He is what you would call a big 6'2"
Rusty says on 17/Sep/13
Easily looks 6'2.5" here but if he has an extra quarter inch footwear or so, a 6'2.25" listing would be good. I doubt this guy can dip under 6'2"
Rusty says on 9/Sep/13
Looks as tall as many of the guys rob gives 6'3" to on here
Cent says on 4/Sep/13
Rob, how tall do you think Darin Brooks is? He played Alex Moran in Blue Mountain State.
Lo sgozzatore says on 7/Aug/13
Thats why you realize that a Will Smith cant be 6'1.5! You think a will smith could be as tall as the plumber? I doubt it
Lo sgozzatore says on 6/Aug/13
Rob, did Alan look taller than the 187 challenger guy? You said that guy can easily pass for 6'2. You'd be surprised if Ritchson actually measured about the same at his lowest?
[Editor Rob:

Ritchson looks 6ft 2 in person aswell, I don't know if he dips below, but there's always a surprise, I didn't think the challenger would have been nearer 6ft 1.5 than 2.

the challenger can certainly look a solid 6ft 2 in person, I believe if he shrinks 1 inch then that's why I remember him more as a 6ft 2 guy than 1.5 range, because I saw him a lot in the morning/early afternoon rather than his 6pm height, which turned out to be a solid 6ft 1.5.]
Balrog says on 13/Jul/13
210 both Hartley and Ritchson? Thanks for answering.
Balrog says on 10/Jul/13
Rob what about weight of Ritchson and Hartley? I agree Justin is just a hair taller and Ritchson seems a legit 6'2''. Welling an inch taller because he's a legit 6'3''
[Editor Rob: 210 range possibly]
emily says on 9/Jul/13
That is look a big gap,taller man looks handsome,I want to grow taller,but I am 25,maybe this is impossible for me...ooooo
Emily says on 9/Jul/13
How long is his head, Rob? The same range as yours? Around 9,5 range? He doesn't look straight ahead in the picture though unlike you.
[Editor Rob: in almost 10 inch range I'd think]
Lo sgozzatore says on 9/Jul/13
Rampage, one thing is sure. Both look at least an inch shorter than Tom Welling... They made Jensen look a weak 6ft because he really is?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 7/Jul/13
Rob, you've met Ritchson and Hartley. Who struck you as taller?
[Editor Rob: they were very similar, big 6ft 2 guys, I could see Justin as a fraction more, but they may well be so close there's mm's in it.

They certainly made Jensen look a weak 6ft on stage that weekend.]
Gabriele says on 27/Jun/13
i look about the same height as alan next to my mom (5ft 8) and i'm 186. maybe he's got 0.25 inches on me but rob says he had an edge in footwear. i think that all the smallville "tall cast" is 0.5 inches less than what is said here.

alan ritchson: 186
justin hartley: 187-188
tom welling: 188-189
Lo sgozzatore says on 20/Jun/13
I've seen the first episode of Alan Ritchson in Smallville and he does look 1.5-2 inches shorter than Welling, but i repeat, Welling does have like 0.5 inches of advantage over him so he's like only 1-1.5 inches taller than Ritchson. Noway is this guy over 6'2...
Brandon says on 19/Jun/13
Actually they are pretty close in height.
Look it up.
Lo sgozzatore says on 18/Jun/13
If he's 6'2.5, then Welling is pretty damn close to 6'4. Dont think so
Brandon says on 17/Jun/13
I think 6'2.5 is better.
Elijah says on 4/May/13
Great teeth. Good listing.
Sean J says on 25/Mar/13
Saw this guy several times when they shot scenes for Blue mountain State at McGill University. I'm 189cm and he always seemed to have at least a good half inch on me. And I was wearing steel toed big boots every time, too.
Aragorn 5\'11 says on 16/Jan/13
Legit 6'2. Welling had about an inch on him in Smallville.
Stephen says on 8/Jan/13
187 tall dude
Nate says on 18/Dec/12
Rob, is it his frame or is he really that muscular?? arms look big...
[Editor Rob: he is a pretty muscular guy]
Yaspaa says on 13/Nov/12
With the edge in footwear 6'2 seems right. Not taller than Welling.
richkid123 says on 11/Nov/12
6'2" for sure
Dynamo says on 7/Nov/12
Same height as Tom welling and if anything taller by about half an inch
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 29/Oct/12
I think 188cm is fine..he LOOKS over 6ft2 with Rob.
Doesn't mean he is though.

Shaun that's not true...infact you tend to take this a lot more seriously than most. Chill out!
Shaun says on 24/Oct/12
He does look like he could be 189cm in this case though.
Shaun says on 24/Oct/12
Rampage why do you always upgrade anybody 187-88 range to 189cm? And then anybody over 6 ft 3 you downgrade to 189 too! This guy strangely resembles my uncle facially, imagine this guy aged 80 with a bald head and glasses!
The Exorcist says on 24/Oct/12
6'2" and very, VERY white teeth. lol
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 16/Sep/12
I don't upgrade everyone. There are plenty of celebs who I think should be downgraded. This guy looks between 6ft2-6ft3 with Rob but I suppose the shoes may have a part to play in that. I think 189cm is a possibility but he could very well just be 188cm
zero says on 11/Sep/12
6'1.75'' on the dot, looks a genuine 6'2'' but has a slight footwear advantage. Welling is a solid inch taller than him. Rampage, why you upgrade everyone? He's not as tall as a guy like Brandon Routh is.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 7/Sep/12
"Alan Ritchson's height is 6 ft 2.5 in (189cm)"
J.C.P. says on 6/Sep/12
to all of you.. what part of Alan`s nose does Robīs head reach?
ray 6\' 158 lbs says on 7/Aug/12
i think he is a weak 6'2"
zalo says on 5/Aug/12
Forehead has nothing to do with height. Over-all height is what matters at the end.
avi says on 1/Aug/12
i think if rob didnt stand so close to him he would be 6'1.5...Seems 6'2
phl says on 11/Feb/12
he couldnt be 6'4. maybe 6'2.5

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