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Fabolous (5ft 11in)
Peter Facinelli (5ft 10.25in) R J
Damien Fahey (6ft 1.5in)
Jeff Fahey (6ft 0in)
Matthew Fahey (5ft 10in)
Siobhan Fahey (5ft 4in)
Sam Faiers (5ft 5in)
Richard Fairbank (5ft 7in)
Douglas Fairbanks (5ft 7in)
Douglas Fairbanks Jr (6ft 0.5in)
Morgan Fairchild (5ft 4in)
Michelle Fairley (5ft 5in)
Michael Fairman (5ft 10in) R
Donald Faison (5ft 11in)
Adam Faith (5ft 5in)
Paloma Faith (5ft 3in)
Marianne Faithful (5ft 4in)
Nargis Fakhri (5ft 9in)
Lola Falana (5ft 5in)
Edie Falco (5ft 5in)
Jenni Falconer (5ft 8in)
Peter Falk (5ft 6in)
Jimmy Fallon (5ft 11.5in)
BingBing Fan (5ft 6in)
Dakota Fanning (5ft 4in)
Elle Fanning (5ft 7.75in)
Debrah Farentino (5ft 7in)
Dennis Farina (6ft 1in)
Anna Faris (5ft 4in)
Sean Faris (5ft 10in)
Chris Farley (5ft 8in)
Jenni JWoww Farley (5ft 7in)
Taissa Farmiga (5ft 4.5in)
Vera Farmiga (5ft 6in)
Richard Farnsworth (6ft 0in)
Diane Farr (5ft 6in)
Colin Farrell (5ft 10in)
Glenda Farrell (5ft 3in)
Mike Farrell (6ft 3in)
Terry Farrell (5ft 11.75in) R J
Mia Farrow (5ft 4in)
Jonathan Farwell (6ft 2in)
Michael Fassbender (5ft 11in)
Alexia Fast (5ft 6.5in)
Farah Fath (5ft 3in)
Joey Fatone (5ft 11.25in)
Ali Faulkner (5ft 5in)
David Faustino (5ft 2.5in)
Jon Favreau (6ft 0.5in)
Farrah Fawcett (5ft 6in)
Alice Faye (5ft 2in)
Katie Featherston (5ft 6in)
Roger Federer (6ft 1in)
Brendan Fehr (6ft 0in)
Oded Fehr (6ft 1in)
Corey Feldman (5ft 5in) R
Marty Feldman (5ft 7in)
Tamara Feldman (5ft 6in)
Yan Feldman (5ft 11.5in)
Barbara Feldon (5ft 9in)
Tovah Feldshuh (5ft 3in)
Alexandra Felstead (5ft 7in)
Lindsay Felton (5ft 4in)
Tom Felton (5ft 8.5in) R J
Sherilyn Fenn (5ft 3in)
Colm Feore (5ft 11.5in)
Pamelyn Ferdin (5ft 2in)
Peter Ferdinando (5ft 10.5in) R
Rebecca Ferdinando (5ft 8in)
Colin Ferguson (5ft 11in) R
Craig Ferguson (6ft 1.5in)
Jay R. Ferguson (5ft 11in)
Mark Ferguson (6ft 3.5in)
Rebecca Ferguson (5ft 7in)
Sarah Ferguson (5ft 7.5in)
Sheila Ferguson (5ft 8in)
Stacy Ferguson (5ft 2.5in)
Jodelle Ferland (5ft 0.5in) R J
Vanessa Ferlito (5ft 6in)
Jerry Ferrara (5ft 4.5in)
Louis Ferreira (5ft 8in)
Sky Ferreira (5ft 6in)
Conchata Ferrell (5ft 3in)
Will Ferrell (6ft 3in)
Jose Ferrer (5ft 10in)
Mel Ferrer (6ft 3in)
Miguel Ferrer (6ft 0in)
America Ferrera (5ft 0in)
Veronica Ferres (5ft 10in)
Lou Ferrigno (6ft 4in) R J
Pam Ferris (5ft 7in)
Samantha Ferris (5ft 5in) R
Bryan Ferry (6ft 1in)
Mark Feuerstein (5ft 7in)
Tina Fey (5ft 4.5in)
William Fichtner (5ft 11.75in)
Sally Field (5ft 2in)
Janet Fielding (5ft 2in)
W. C. Fields (5ft 7in)
Joseph Fiennes (5ft 11.5in)
Ralph Fiennes (5ft 11in)
Harvey Fierstein (6ft 1in)
Nathan Fillion (6ft 1.5in) R J
Travis Fimmel (5ft 11.75in)
Jennie Finch (6ft 0in)
Peter Finch (5ft 9in)
Katie Findlay (5ft 9in)
Sticky Fingaz (5ft 9.5in)
Neil Fingleton (7ft 7.5in)
Katie Finneran (5ft 7in)
Albert Finney (5ft 10in)
Jennifer Finnigan (5ft 7in)
Melanie Fiona (5ft 4in)
Linda Fiorentino (5ft 7in)
Colin Firth (6ft 1.5in)
Peter Firth (5ft 8.75in) R
Bobby Fischer (6ft 1in)
Jenna Fischer (5ft 4.75in)
Fish (6ft 5in)
Rhiannon Fish (5ft 2.5in)
Laurence Fishburne (6ft 0in)
Danielle Fishel (5ft 1.25in)
Carrie Fisher (5ft 1in)
Eddie Fisher (5ft 4in)
Frances Fisher (5ft 3.5in)
Isla Fisher (5ft 2in)
Noel Fisher (5ft 7in)
Chrissie Fit (5ft 0in)
Barry Fitzgerald (5ft 3in)
Caitlin Fitzgerald (5ft 10in)
Tara Fitzgerald (5ft 5in)
Lil Fizz (5ft 7.25in)
Caroline Flack (5ft 2in)
Roberta Flack (5ft 3.75in)
Ric Flair (5ft 11in)
Helen Flanagan (5ft 3in)
Tommy Flanagan (6ft 1in)
Sean Patrick Flanery (5ft 11in) R
Joe Flanigan (5ft 11.5in) R J
Flava Flav (5ft 6in)
James Fleet (6ft 1in)
Rhonda Fleming (5ft 6in)
Jason Flemyng (6ft 0in)
Dexter Fletcher (5ft 6in)
Louise Fletcher (5ft 10in) R
Tom Fletcher (5ft 11in)
Jill Flint (5ft 7in)
Keith Flint (5ft 7in)
Lil Flip (6ft 1in)
Flo Rida (6ft 2in)
Calista Flockhart (5ft 5.5in)
Brandon Flowers (5ft 9in)
Darlanne Fluegel (5ft 7.5in)
Errol Flynn (6ft 1in)
Jerome Flynn (5ft 11.25in) R
Neil Flynn (6ft 5in)
Una Foden (5ft 6in)
Ben Fogle (6ft 0in)
Dan Fogler (5ft 5in)
Mick Foley (6ft 2in) R
Scott Foley (6ft 1in)
Caleb Followill (5ft 10in)
Bridget Fonda (5ft 6in)
Henry Fonda (6ft 1.25in)
Jane Fonda (5ft 7in)
Olga Fonda (5ft 6.5in)
Peter Fonda (6ft 2.5in)
Phil Fondacaro (3ft 6in)
Lyndsy Fonseca (5ft 4in)
Joan Fontaine (5ft 3.5in)
Georgia May Foote (5ft 1.5in)
Michelle Forbes (5ft 9in) R J
Carole Ann Ford (5ft 1in)
Faith Ford (5ft 7in)
Glenn Ford (5ft 11in)
Harrison Ford (6ft 0.75in)
John Ford (6ft 0in)
Kate Ford (5ft 6in)
Luke Ford (6ft 2.5in)
Willa Ford (5ft 6in)
Ken Foree (6ft 5in)
Amanda Foreman (5ft 5in)
George Foreman (6ft 3in)
Claire Forlani (5ft 5in)
Steve Forrest (6ft 3in)
Robert Forster (5ft 9.5in)
Bruce Forsyth (5ft 11in)
John Forsythe (5ft 11in)
William Forsythe (5ft 10.5in)
Will Forte (5ft 9in)
Ben Foster (5ft 8.75in)
Jodie Foster (5ft 2.5in)
Kat Foster (5ft 6.5in)
Meg Foster (5ft 6.5in) R
Sara Foster (5ft 9in)
Sutton Foster (5ft 9in)
Edward Fox (5ft 8in)
Emilia Fox (5ft 5in)
James Fox (6ft 1in)
Jessica Fox (5ft 0in)
Jorja Fox (5ft 8.5in)
Kerry Fox (5ft 7in)
Laurence Fox (6ft 3in)
Matthew Fox (6ft 1.5in)
Megan Fox (5ft 4in)
Michael J Fox (5ft 4in)
Rick Fox (6ft 6in)
Samantha Fox (5ft 1in)
Vivica A Fox (5ft 7in) R
Foxes (5ft 4in)
Robert Foxworth (5ft 10in)
Jamie Foxx (5ft 9in)
Claire Foy (5ft 4in)
James Frain (6ft 0in)
Jonathan Frakes (6ft 3in) R
Carl Frampton (5ft 4.5in) R
Dia Frampton (5ft 8in)
Mia Rose Frampton (5ft 0in)
Anthony Franciosa (6ft 1in)
Aluna Francis (5ft 10in)
Anne Francis (5ft 8in)
Connie Francis (5ft 1in)
Rainbow Francks (5ft 10in)
Dave Franco (5ft 5.75in)
James Franco (5ft 10.5in)
Deborah Francois (5ft 5.5in)
Jason David Frank (5ft 10in) R
Bethenny Frankel (5ft 5in)
Al Franken (5ft 6in)
Aretha Franklin (5ft 5in)
Bonnie Franklin (5ft 3in)
Carl Franklin (5ft 10.5in)
David Franklin (5ft 9in) R
Richard Franklin (6ft 0in) R
Frankmusik (5ft 8in)
Jazmine Franks (5ft 1in)
Adrienne Frantz (5ft 4in)
Dennis Franz (5ft 9.5in)
Brendan Fraser (6ft 3in)
Laura Fraser (5ft 1in)
Liz Fraser (5ft 5.5in)
Cassidy Freeman (5ft 9in)
K Todd Freeman (5ft 8.5in) R
Martin Freeman (5ft 6.5in)
Morgan Freeman (6ft 2.25in)
Paul Freeman (5ft 8.5in) R J
Yvette Freeman (5ft 7in)
Dawn French (5ft 0in)
Kate French (5ft 4.5in)
Michael French (6ft 1in)
Matt Frewer (6ft 3in) R
Bonita Friedericy (5ft 2.5in) R J
Maria Friedman (5ft 2.5in)
Anna Friel (5ft 3in)
Rupert Friend (6ft 1in)
Andee Frizzell (6ft 0in) R
Gert Frobe (6ft 1in)
Carl Froch (6ft 0in) R
Joanne Froggatt (5ft 2in)
David Frost (5ft 11.5in)
Jenny Frost (5ft 7in)
Jo Frost (5ft 3in)
Lindsay Frost (5ft 10in)
Nick Frost (5ft 7in)
Sadie Frost (5ft 4in)
Mariella Frostrup (5ft 4in)
Lucy Fry (5ft 8in)
Stephen Fry (6ft 4.5in)
Soleil Moon Frye (5ft 1in)
Dana Fuchs (6ft 0in)
Daisy Fuentes (5ft 8.5in)
Patrick Fugit (6ft 0in)
Isabelle Fuhrman (5ft 3in)
Rila Fukushima (5ft 5in) R
Amanda Fuller (5ft 4.5in)
Kurt Fuller (6ft 3in) R J
Melissa Fumero (5ft 5.5in)
Mira Furlan (5ft 6in) R J
Edward Furlong (5ft 5.5in) R J
Stephen Furst (5ft 9.5in) R
Nelly Furtado (5ft 2in)
Dan Futterman (5ft 8.5in)

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.