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Chuck D (5ft 8.5in)
Heavy D (6ft 2.5in)
Maryam D'Abo (5ft 6.5in) R
Olivia D'Abo (5ft 4.5in) R
Nicholas D'Agosto (6ft 1.5in)
D'Angelo (5ft 6in)
Beverly D'Angelo (5ft 2in)
Josie D'Arby (5ft 9in)
James D'Arcy (6ft 3in)
Donna D'Errico (5ft 5in)
Vincent D'Onofrio (6ft 3.5in)
Brooke D'Orsay (5ft 5in)
Da Brat (5ft 5in)
Rebecca Da Costa (5ft 11in)
Nicole Da Silva (5ft 7in)
Mark Dacascos (5ft 9in)
YaYa DaCosta (5ft 7.5in)
Alexandra Daddario (5ft 6.75in)
Cameron Daddo (6ft 2in)
Willem Dafoe (5ft 7in)
Rana Daggubati (6ft 2.5in)
Arlene Dahl (5ft 7in)
Sophie Dahl (5ft 11in)
Dan Dailey (6ft 3in)
Elizabeth Daily (5ft 0in)
Ian Anthony Dale (5ft 10.75in)
James Badge Dale (5ft 10.5in)
Jim Dale (5ft 9in)
Tom Daley (5ft 9in)
Josh Dallas (6ft 0in)
Matt Dallas (5ft 11.5in)
Brett Dalton (6ft 2in)
Timothy Dalton (6ft 1.75in)
Roger Daltrey (5ft 5.5in)
Carson Daly (6ft 1in)
Tess Daly (5ft 8.5in)
Tim Daly (6ft 0in)
Tyne Daly (5ft 6in)
Katharina Damm (5ft 6.25in)
Matt Damon (5ft 10in)
Stuart Damon (6ft 2.5in)
Noah Danby (6ft 3in)
Charles Dance (6ft 3in) R
Hugh Dancy (5ft 9.5in)
Jill Dando (5ft 8in)
Dorothy Dandridge (5ft 5in)
Eric Dane (6ft 1in)
Claire Danes (5ft 5in)
Rodney Dangerfield (5ft 10in)
Brittany Daniel (5ft 7in)
Anthony Daniels (5ft 8in)
Bebe Daniels (5ft 2in)
Ben Daniels (6ft 0in)
Gary Daniels (5ft 10in)
Jeff Daniels (6ft 3in)
Paul Daniels (5ft 5in)
Phil Daniels (5ft 7.5in) R
Stormy Daniels (5ft 6in)
William Daniels (5ft 7in)
Blythe Danner (5ft 7in)
Sybil Danning (5ft 7in) R
Paul Dano (6ft 1in)
Jane Danson (5ft 3in)
Ted Danson (6ft 2.5in)
Tony Danza (5ft 9in)
Glenn Danzig (5ft 4in)
Patrika Darbo (5ft 2in)
Bobby Darin (5ft 8in)
Linda Darnell (5ft 4.5in)
Lisa Darr (5ft 8in)
James Darren (5ft 9in)
Paul Darrow (5ft 10in) R
Agam Darshi (5ft 5in) R
Arthur Darvill (5ft 11in) R
Damon Dash (5ft 10in)
Stacey Dash (5ft 4in)
Alexa Davalos (5ft 6.75in)
Jack Davenport (6ft 1in)
Madison Davenport (5ft 2in)
Robert Davi (6ft 1.75in) R
Craig David (5ft 10.5in)
Karen Shenaz David (5ft 1.5in)
Keith David (6ft 2in)
Larry David (5ft 11in)
Amy Davidson (5ft 0in)
Doug Davidson (6ft 0in)
Embeth Davidtz (5ft 8in)
Alan Davies (5ft 11in)
Greg Davies (6ft 8in)
Jeremy Davies (5ft 8.5in)
Karl Davies (5ft 9in)
Kimberley Davies (5ft 7in)
Ray Davies (5ft 11.75in)
Russell T Davies (6ft 6in)
Windsor Davies (5ft 9in)
Bette Davis (5ft 2.5in)
Brad Davis (5ft 7in)
Brianne Davis (5ft 7.25in)
Don S Davis (5ft 9.25in)
Essie Davis (5ft 6in)
Geena Davis (6ft 0in)
Hope Davis (5ft 7in)
Jeff Davis (6ft 4in)
Jim Davis (6ft 2.5in)
Jonathan Davis (6ft 1.5in)
Josie Davis (5ft 8in)
Julienne Davis (5ft 7in)
Kristin Davis (5ft 4in)
Lucy Davis (5ft 2in)
Mackenzie Davis (5ft 10in)
Matthew Davis (6ft 0in) R
Paige Davis (5ft 7in)
Philip Davis (5ft 5in) R
Steve Davis (6ft 1.5in) R
Viola Davis (5ft 6in)
Warwick Davis (3ft 6in) R J
William B Davis (6ft 2.5in) R J
Sammy Davis Jr (5ft 3.5in)
Bruce Davison (6ft 0in)
Peter Davison (6ft 0.25in) R J
Ken Davitian (5ft 3in)
Pam Dawber (5ft 6.5in)
Les Dawson (5ft 4in)
Matt Dawson (5ft 10.5in) R
Rosario Dawson (5ft 7in)
Roxann Dawson (5ft 5in)
Charlie Day (5ft 5.5in)
Doris Day (5ft 6.5in)
Felicia Day (5ft 4.5in) R
Laraine Day (5ft 5in)
Rosie Day (5ft 2in)
Daniel Day Lewis (6ft 1.25in)
Joaquim De Almeida (5ft 7.5in)
India De Beaufort (5ft 3in)
Nicole De Boer (5ft 4.5in) R
Chris De Burgh (5ft 6in)
Iain De Caestecker (5ft 8in)
Yvonne De Carlo (5ft 4in)
Cecile De France (5ft 8in)
Jessica De Gouw (5ft 8in)
Wanda De Jesus (5ft 3in)
Alana De La Garza (5ft 8in)
Oscar De La Hoya (5ft 9in)
Ana De La Reguera (5ft 3in)
Frances De la Tour (5ft 8in)
John De Lancie (6ft 3in) R
Drea De Matteo (5ft 6in)
Rebecca De Mornay (5ft 5in)
Darcy De Moss (5ft 2in)
Robert De Niro (5ft 9in)
Ramon De Ocampo (5ft 10in)
Cote De Pablo (5ft 6.5in)
Kassie De Paiva (5ft 9in)
Emilie De Ravin (5ft 0.5in)
Portia De Rossi (5ft 6in)
Francis De Wolff (6ft 2.5in)
Adam Deacon (5ft 4.5in)
Howard Dean (5ft 8.75in)
James Dean (5ft 7in)
Loren Dean (5ft 11in)
Conor Deasy (6ft 2.5in)
Angus Deayton (5ft 10in)
James DeBello (5ft 10.5in)
Alexandria DeBerry (5ft 5.5in)
Elizabeth Debicki (6ft 1.5in)
Brooklyn Decker (5ft 9in)
Carol Decker (5ft 4in)
Jack Dee (5ft 6.5in)
Sandra Dee (5ft 4in)
Cat Deeley (5ft 9in)
Sibylla Deen (5ft 5in)
Mos Def (5ft 9in)
Diana DeGarmo (5ft 3in)
Ellen DeGeneres (5ft 7in)
Dane DeHaan (5ft 8.5in)
Tim Dekay (6ft 2in)
Thomas Dekker (5ft 9.75in) R J
Kate Del Castillo (5ft 4in)
Lana Del Rey (5ft 6in)
Alberto Del Rio (6ft 2in) R
Dolores Del Rio (5ft 4in)
Benicio Del Toro (6ft 2in)
Kim Delaney (5ft 7in)
Padraic Delaney (5ft 10.5in)
Rob Delaney (6ft 3in)
Dana Delany (5ft 5in)
Cara Delevingne (5ft 7in)
Nikki DeLoach (5ft 5in)
Alain Delon (5ft 9.75in)
Tom DeLonge (6ft 3in)
Julie Delpy (5ft 6.75in)
Dom DeLuise (5ft 9.5in)
Peter DeLuise (6ft 1in)
Kat DeLuna (5ft 3in)
Chris DeMetral (5ft 7in)
Patrick Dempsey (5ft 9in)
Joe Dempsie (5ft 7.5in) R
Jeffrey DeMunn (5ft 8in) R
Judi Dench (5ft 1.75in)
Catherine Deneuve (5ft 6in)
Alexis Denisof (6ft 0.5in) R
David Denman (6ft 4in)
Brian Dennehy (6ft 3in)
Kat Dennings (5ft 2.5in)
Stefan Dennis (5ft 8.5in)
Reginald Denny (5ft 11in)
Catherine Dent (5ft 7.5in)
James Denton (6ft 0.25in)
John Denver (5ft 9.5in)
Gerard Depardieu (5ft 10.75in)
Johnny Depp (5ft 9in)
Bo Derek (5ft 3.75in)
Katie Derham (5ft 6.5in)
Bruce Dern (6ft 0.75in)
Laura Dern (5ft 10in)
Jason DeRulo (5ft 10in)
Tina Desai (5ft 5in)
Emily Deschanel (5ft 8in)
Zooey Deschanel (5ft 5in)
Amanda Detmer (5ft 4in)
Frankie Dettori (5ft 3in)
Zoey Deutch (5ft 3.25in)
Dev (5ft 5in)
William Devane (5ft 10in)
Kaitlyn Dever (5ft 2in)
Seamus Dever (5ft 8.5in)
Adam DeVine (5ft 7.5in)
Danny DeVito (4ft 10in)
Jenna Dewan Tatum (5ft 2in)
Joyce DeWitt (5ft 3.5in)
Noureen DeWulf (5ft 3in)
Susan Dey (5ft 7in)
Tasie Dhanraj (5ft 2in)
Dharmendra (5ft 10in)
Anne Diamond (5ft 4in)
Dustin Diamond (5ft 11.5in)
Neil Diamond (6ft 0in)
Reed Diamond (6ft 0.25in) R
Princess Diana (5ft 10in)
Alyssa Diaz (5ft 6in)
Cameron Diaz (5ft 8in)
Melonie Diaz (5ft 2in)
Ted DiBiase (6ft 3in)
Leonardo DiCaprio (5ft 11.5in)
Andrew Dice Clay (5ft 11in)
Andy Dick (5ft 10.25in)
Kim Dickens (5ft 6.5in)
Kate Dickie (5ft 6.5in) R
Angie Dickinson (5ft 5in)
Bruce Dickinson (5ft 6in)
Janice Dickinson (5ft 9.5in)
Sandra Dickinson (5ft 3in)
P Diddy (5ft 10in)
Dido (5ft 6in)
Vin Diesel (5ft 11.75in)
Marlene Dietrich (5ft 5in)
Eileen Dietz (5ft 1in)
Ani DiFranco (5ft 2in)
Skylar Diggins (5ft 8in)
Taye Diggs (5ft 8in)
Garret Dillahunt (6ft 1.25in)
Stephen Dillane (6ft 0in)
Bob Dillner (6ft 6in)
Hugh Dillon (5ft 9.5in)
Kevin Dillon (5ft 9in)
Matt Dillon (5ft 10.75in)
Alex Dimitriades (5ft 10.25in)
Charlie Dimmock (5ft 6in)
Peter Dinklage (4ft 5in) R
Traci Dinwiddie (5ft 6in) R J
Ronnie James Dio (5ft 3in)
Celine Dion (5ft 7in)
Kim Director (5ft 6.5in)
Walt Disney (5ft 10in)
Beth Ditto (5ft 2in)
Andrew Divoff (6ft 1in) R
Alesha Dixon (5ft 7.5in)
Donna Dixon (5ft 9in)
Lucy Dixon (5ft 6in)
Willie Dixon (6ft 2in)
Novak Djokovic (6ft 1.75in)
DMX (5ft 11in)
Nina Dobrev (5ft 5in)
Carrie Dobro (5ft 4in)
Fefe Dobson (5ft 1.5in)
Tommy Docherty (5ft 7in) R
Michelle Dockery (5ft 8in)
Heather Doerksen (5ft 9.5in)
Snoop Dogg (6ft 4in)
Pete Doherty (6ft 2in)
Shannen Doherty (5ft 2in) R J
Jason Dohring (5ft 11.5in) R
Lexa Doig (5ft 5in) R
Ami Dolenz (5ft 3in)
Micky Dolenz (5ft 10in)
Fats Domino (5ft 4in)
Ron Donachie (5ft 10in) R
James Donald (5ft 11in)
Robert Donat (6ft 0in)
Colin Donnell (5ft 10.25in)
Declan Donnelly (5ft 5.5in)
Jack Donnelly (5ft 9in) R
Amanda Donohoe (5ft 7.5in)
Elisa Donovan (5ft 6in)
Jeffrey Donovan (6ft 0in)
Tate Donovan (6ft 0in)
Alison Doody (5ft 8.5in)
James Doohan (5ft 8.5in)
Taylor Dooley (5ft 5in)
Eliza Doolittle (5ft 5in)
Val Doonican (5ft 8in)
Matt Doran (5ft 10.5in) R
Stephen Dorff (5ft 7.25in)
Tupele Dorgu (5ft 9in)
Natalie Dormer (5ft 6in)
Richard Dormer (5ft 9.5in) R
Michael Dorn (6ft 2.75in) R J
Jamie Dornan (5ft 10.75in)
Diana Dors (5ft 5.5in)
Kaitlin Doubleday (5ft 5.75in)
Portia Doubleday (5ft 5in)
Kenny Doughty (5ft 11in)
Aaron Douglas (5ft 10.75in) R J
Illeana Douglas (5ft 7.5in)
Kirk Douglas (5ft 9in)
Melvyn Douglas (6ft 1.5in)
Michael Douglas (5ft 9.5in)
Sarah Douglas (5ft 9.5in) R
Gary Dourdan (6ft 1.5in)
Brad Dourif (5ft 9in) R
Alexandra Dowling (5ft 5in)
Lesley Anne Down (5ft 5in)
Robin Atkin Downes (6ft 2in)
Brian Downey (5ft 11in)
Roma Downey (5ft 4in)
Robert Downey Jr (5ft 8in)
Amy Downham (5ft 8in)
Drake (5ft 11.75in)
Joyful Drake (5ft 4in)
Larry Drake (6ft 3in)
Courtnee Draper (5ft 7in)
Polly Draper (5ft 8.5in)
Dr Dre (6ft 0.25in)
Fran Drescher (5ft 4.5in)
Marie Dressler (5ft 7in)
Ben Drew (5ft 8in)
Sarah Drew (5ft 4.5in)
James Dreyfus (5ft 8in)
Natalie Dreyfuss (5ft 2in)
Richard Dreyfuss (5ft 5in)
Adam Driver (6ft 2in)
Minnie Driver (5ft 10in)
Lauren Drummond (5ft 5in)
Fred Dryer (6ft 6in)
Elize Du Toit (5ft 10in)
Farzana Dua Elahe (5ft 4in)
Ellen Dubin (5ft 10.5in)
David Duchovny (6ft 0.25in)
Rick Ducommun (6ft 2in)
Anne Dudek (5ft 10in)
Anne Marie Duff (5ft 6.5in)
Blythe Duff (5ft 5.5in)
Haylie Duff (5ft 2.5in)
Hilary Duff (5ft 1in)
Aimee Duffy (5ft 2.25in)
Patrick Duffy (6ft 2in)
Josh Duhamel (6ft 3.5in)
Jean Dujardin (5ft 11in)
Olympia Dukakis (5ft 3in)
Augie Duke (5ft 2in)
Bill Duke (6ft 4.5in)
Clark Duke (5ft 6in)
Patty Duke (5ft 0in)
Keir Dullea (6ft 0in)
Amy Dumas (5ft 5in) R
Sarah Dumont (5ft 10in)
Dennis Dun (5ft 4in)
Faye Dunaway (5ft 7in)
Rockmond Dunbar (5ft 9.5in)
Michael Clarke Duncan (6ft 4.25in)
Peter Duncan (5ft 6.75in) R
Whitney Duncan (5ft 6in)
Merrin Dungey (5ft 8in)
Lena Dunham (5ft 3in)
Stephen Dunham (6ft 4in)
Caggie Dunlop (5ft 6in)
Jourdan Dunn (6ft 0in)
Sarah Jayne Dunn (5ft 7in)
Teala Dunn (5ft 2in)
Teddy Dunn (5ft 11in)
Griffin Dunne (5ft 7in)
Irene Dunne (5ft 5in)
Robin Dunne (5ft 9.75in) R
Kirsten Dunst (5ft 5.5in)
Tiffany Dupont (5ft 6in)
Jermaine Dupri (5ft 3.5in)
Roy Dupuis (5ft 11in)
Erica Durance (5ft 7in) R
Kevin Durand (6ft 5.5in)
Kevin Durant (6ft 9.25in)
Deanna Durbin (5ft 3.5in)
Charles Durning (5ft 7in)
Fred Durst (5ft 7.5in)
Eliza Dushku (5ft 4in) R
Lara Dutta (5ft 7in)
Lara Dutta (5ft 7in)
Charles Dutton (5ft 9in)
James Duval (5ft 8in)
Clea DuVall (5ft 5in)
Robert Duvall (5ft 9.5in)
Shelley Duvall (5ft 8in)
Hope Dworaczyk (5ft 10in)
Karyn Dwyer (5ft 2in)
Danny Dyer (5ft 11.5in) R
Bob Dylan (5ft 6.5in)
Jakob Dylan (5ft 9.5in)
Louise Dylan (5ft 6in)
Ms Dynamite (5ft 6in)
Dynamo (5ft 6.5in)
Alexis Dziena (4ft 11in)
George Dzundza (5ft 9.5in)

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

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