How tall is Tom Cruise ?

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Tom Cruise height: 5ft 7.75in (172 cm)

American actor best known for starring in films like Top Gun, Rain Man, Mission Impossible, Jerry Maguire and Minority Report. The Biggest star in Hollywood has attracted a myriad of articles which target his 'apparent' lack of height, even going so far as to claim Tom is seeking advice over a quarter inch loss that is making him look shorter. Tom's height is regularly listed as being 5ft 7, although back in the 1980's he was actually being described as an average 5ft 8/9 and in 1988 he said himself: "I have always been pretty much the same weight, 147 pounds - at 5 feet 9 inches". His ex-wife, Nicole Kidman, once remarked "Now I can wear heels again', saying that she was a couple of inches taller than him.

Scottish comedian Billy Connolly piped in on the topic, laughing at the notion Tom was some sort of short midget, exclaiming that "Tom was at least 5ft 10...[he's a] Smashing guy. Everybody thinks he's a small guy. He's not. I think they would like him to be wee. I think they're jealous b**tards."

Richard Harris seemingly thought the opposite, saying: "Tom Cruise is a midget and he has eight bodyguards, all 6ft 10in, which makes him even more diminutive. It's an absolute joke. Actors are unimportant.". There is never-ending speculation as to whether he wears lifts or elevated boots, even some magazines falsely crediting an innocuous pair of Air Force One sneakers as some form of thick wedged elevator sneaker.

Tom with 5ft 8-9 Actresses Rosamund Pike, Katie Holmes and Cameron Diaz
Photos by PR Photos
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RisingForce says on 10/Jul/14
Good pictures with Stiller, Parker. I definitely don't see Cruise getting more than 2" from those, even with a lift. Easily taller than Stiller as always. Stiller is what a solid 5'6" or 5'6" range looks like. Wouldn't surprise me if Cruise is 5'8" flat.
jamieorr4 says on 9/Jul/14
RisingForce to be honest i was only listening to what Laura said
Robby D says on 9/Jul/14
The shoes he wears are always elevated so I see nothing to prove he is over 5'7". I thought he looked 5'6" in the Outsiders. I don't trust those photos taken with the 5'8" and 5'9" female celebrities wearing 4 inch heels either. I believe they were staged to make him look taller than he is. Cruise is no different to Bieber with his attempts to increase his height, however, whereas Beiber receives a lot of flak from posters on here about it, for some reason the majority of posters on this site support Cruise being taller. He obviously has more fans!
RisingForce says on 9/Jul/14
I don't remember Cruise looking OVER 5'9", shredder, but I do think Cruise can look as tall as 5'9" in elevator boots and often between 5'8.5"-5'9" so I have no problem believing Cruise can measure around 5'10" in his biggest shoes making under 5'7.5" unlikely and under 5'7" virtually impossible, imo. jamieorr, he never looks 5'6" and if Cruise does get a 2.5" boost, your math still doesn't add up as shredder pointed out.
Dan says on 9/Jul/14
Rob, I have a question. My mates and I were discussing height today at work. We are all roughly the same height and were curious as to who was the tallest, so we quickly measured ourselves.

Friend A is the same height as me: 175cm. Friend B is slightly taller at 177cm. However, our shoulders sit higher than his, so technically, we are "taller" as our bodies and legs are longer, yet he edges us out by almost an inch because his head is longer than ours.

Strange question I know, but is there a term for such a thing?
[Editor Rob: don't know a term for low shoulders! Ultimately it's the top of the head, but you do have proportions that can fool other people, like head size, eye levels and shoulders.]
Parker says on 9/Jul/14
Here's another height scale. Cruise 5'7, Stiller 5'8.
Click Here

It's got Josh Hutcheson same height as Tom. Yeah right.
Parker says on 9/Jul/14
Correct shreds. Ben Stiller is minimum 5'6, 5'7 in his shoes. Cruise is standing close to 5'10 in this picture. 2.5 inch lifts =5'7.5.
Click Here

And do Tom's shoes look like 2.5 inches?
Click Here

The media 'Tiny Tom', Tom is short, is absolute guff. I even saw a sliding height scale in Hollywood in a newspaper recently with Tom at 5'6 and Stiller at 5'8. Utter nonsense.
the shredder says on 8/Jul/14
5'6 plus 2.5 would have him measure 5'8.5 but look 5'7.5 max . Tom pulls off looking 5'9 or more . Fail.
jamieorr4 says on 6/Jul/14
RisingForce i reckon he is 56 flat and probably does wear 2.5 lifts
RisingForce says on 5/Jul/14
Yeah, Rob, I don't think he's getting 3"+ or anything. More likely 2.25"-2.5" range over barefoot, imo, but it's just obvious to me he's got something in those boots. Probably wouldn't be as obvious except for the fit and length of his jeans, but he is definitely pulling off 5'8.5" minimum.
the shredder says on 4/Jul/14
A lot of other Actors shorter than him. I can make a huge list. I am 5'6 , Cruise would own me.
Mathew says on 1/Jul/14
JD81 says on 30/Jun/14


I have no clue if you're actually a celebrity who is on this site (anyone can claim to be anyone on the internet) but I'd find it interesting if many celebrities know that there are message boards dedicated to figuring out how tall they are. And if so, I'm surprised none have took it upon themselves to try to prove their height. Out of all the names on the site I would think at least a few might do that.
RisingForce says on 1/Jul/14
Rob, can you see why I'm pretty convinced of Cruise wearing lifts/elevator boots at the events I linked with Depp and Bruckheimer then Cameron Diaz?
[Editor Rob: with the black boots they could accomodate an inch of lift and put him into 174cm range.

even in recent films, like jack reacher he holds his height easily against someone like rosamund pike who you would think was barely even 5ft 8 beside tom at times.]
JD81 says on 30/Jun/14
Why is it that people get so dang upset at each other for posting their opinions here? No one here knows what it is like to live with celebrity in their life. You all judge us for our height and not for who we really are. You base who we are on our height? Most of us that are not "average height" do what we have to do to not be ridiculed for something we could not control. It's hard enough having to defend our character, who we really are. Yes we wear lifts if we need to. However I assure you most, if not all of us actors/performers do not want to wear them all the time, because quite frankly, they are not always comfortable to wear on a daily basis, all day long. However we do it all for you. So why would you, the people we are here to entertain, rather berate us for our stature rather than see us for who we really are? Just people like you with the same feelings as you. Can we help it, that the expectations for us to be "larger than life" do not "measure up" to your standards? You call us dwarves, shorties, etc..when you don't ever even find out what a lot of our heights really are. Rob gives you his best guess on me, but I have never met Rob and yet he is 2 inches off his guess at my height. To wrap it up(I hear the music starting up) I would just like to say that's it's all good that you all have a forum to discuss celebrity height, but have fun with it and don't take it so seriously. I don't see the sense in arguing and putting us down and each other down in the process of trying to discover our true heights. Please remember that once you discover how tall we truly are, try discovering who we truly are as people who just happen to be called celebrities. A title that is not as fun as people may think. Happy Monday!
jamieorr4 says on 30/Jun/14
yes i agree Laura i think 56 is right he does wear lifts after all
Laura says on 30/Jun/14
A woman I know worked on the set of the Mission Impossible films in Australia and said to me that Cruise was no taller than her height- 5"6 flat.
Hypado says on 28/Jun/14
Tom Cruise 171/172cm
Bill Paxton 181/182cm

Click Here
dmwalker says on 25/Jun/14
He's knee-high to a grasshopper. 5'6" is about right
Brad says on 25/Jun/14
His lifts are stealth...really Area 51 manufactured. He's not a guy you'd call short if you meet him.
Parker says on 24/Jun/14
The Daily Star have now decided he is 5ft 5! Click Here

Yep - The Sun an inch taller at 5' brainwashing
Click Here
Editor Rob says on 24/Jun/14
A few years ago on here I joked that the press would try to get him down to an absurd level, well I'm glad to report The Daily Star have now decided he is 5ft 5! Click Here
the shredder says on 23/Jun/14
Rising , what do you give Martin Lawrence?
Parker says on 23/Jun/14
Not great pics but a couple of full body shots Cruise and Beckham.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
RisingForce says on 22/Jun/14
Parker, honestly, if Beckham is 5'11" then Cruise is only looking about 5'7.5" there even before considering posture, but considering Beckham's lean, Tom is only coming across as 5'7" max there. With that said, I'd like to see full body shots or video of those 2 before determining the height difference. That is an example of Cruise looking about 5'7", as he also did with Bruce Willis, Lea Thompson(unless Lea is 5'3.5" which would have Cruise looking 5'7.5" max in comparison) and Tom definitely looked below 5'8" in one of his early movies Losin' It considering how close in height he looked to Shelly Long who wore flats.

With that said, I really doubt Tom is just 5'7". The most I can say is that I'll call 5'7" possible for Tom in the same way that I think 5'10" is possible for Brad Pitt, and by that I mean, that's the lowest I think anyone can even make an argument for, but I'm pretty sold on 5'7.5" to 5'8" range for Cruise. Sometimes I see things that make me think he's more 5'8" and at other times more 5'7.5" flat, but given how he's measured up to people of similar height, the fact that he can pass for 5'8.5" pretty easily and looks like he'd reach 5'10" in his bigger footwear suggests he's not less than 5'7.5", imo. Plus, Tom really doesn't give the impression of someone that short to me. More shortish or low end of average then a legitimately short guy like Ben Stiller, Henry Winkler, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman ect.
RisingForce says on 22/Jun/14
I have to disagree, Rob, I think Cruise has been a pretty obvious lifts/elevator boots a lot of the time, such as these examples.

Click Here Click Here First, check out both the angle of his foot and his knee height compared to Depp who is wearing cowboy boots that should give him about 1.75", yet Cruise definitely seems to have a footwear advantage over him. Tom's tight jeans emphasize how high his knees are and his jeans should be longer, plus, the boots are giving the illusion he's tip-toeing, which you can really see in the first pic. Finally, look how tall Cruise was looking that day in this video. Click Here Bruckheimer should be about 5'8" in shoes and you can see that Cruise looked about 2 inches taller when he stands straight around 1:10, and Martin Lawrence who is listed at 5'7" here strangely looks shorter than Bruckheimer and more than 2 inches shorter than Cruise. Depp should be 5'10.5"-5'11" in cowboy boots and he's not much taller than Tom, certainly no more than an inch and possibly less so all things considered, Tom looked to be standing about 5'10" in those boots, and without lifts, those boots wouldn't give more than 1.5".

Click Here Click Here There are many giveaways here again. One being that his jeans should be longer and the other being that his tight jeans again highlight how high his knees are, they're not much lower than Cameron's and she's in big heels. Plus, if you look at the boot, it has a pretty big heel and a fairly thick front, and considering Cameron should be standing around 5'11" in those heels, Tom looks to be about 5'10" in those boots and those boots wouldn't give 2 inches without lifts.

Cruise has obviously done a better job being subtle than Downey, and I do think he's appeared liftless such as The Tropic Thunder premiere, and I suspect the media exaggerates how much he's bothered by his height, but I do think he's worn some pretty significant elevator boots and lifts pretty frequently and those are two examples where I'm 95% sure, and I'd say he's getting more than a 2" boost from his lifts/elevator boots at both those events.
James B says on 20/Jun/14
Looks 4 inches between cruise and beckham
jamieorr4 says on 19/Jun/14
rob is tom 59 in lifts?
[Editor Rob: I've looked at his footwear a lot, and any lifts he may wear I believe are quite subtle...he's certainly now Downey Junior, but remember a wee half inch lift, good posture and a big smile go a long way to helping him look taller than he might measure.

He will do a good job if he gets to age 60 without losing a 1/4 inch or so]
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 17/Jun/14
Parker I generally agree with your assessment of Cruise's height, but I actually think the Beckham pic works against the 5'8 claim. Imo thats one of the picture where he looks more 5'7. Based on the perspective of the camera and Becks' leaning I think there looks to be a 4 inch difference between the two.

Cruise can look 5'8 he can look 5'7 as well too.
the shredder says on 17/Jun/14
He is taller than Robin in that old pic. Aghree Short actors are great and can be heros . Tom is on the short side but not that short , me giving him over 5'7 is not a bias , this guy would own me in height .
Chris says on 15/Jun/14
Parker, the reason Tom is so much taller than Stiller in those photos is obvious. Magic shoes. He's clearly wearing his mega 3 inchers. I'd love to see those too bare footed. It would be a vastly different story.
Parker says on 15/Jun/14
Rob has recently dropped Beckham 0.5inch to 5'11 matching his claim in a recent autobiography.

This pic looks spot on for Cruise as listed.

Click Here
mande2013 says on 15/Jun/14
As a continuation of my growth therapy, it's also quite possible, however, that certain commercial interests would prevent it from being unveiled if it did exist (i.e. psychiatrists would lose a lot of business).
[Editor Rob: that's the thing...certain discoveries might not suit the interests of certain powerful people or governments.

there is something I read about catch up growth, where some people in 16-18 managed to grow larger amounts than their growth trend might have suggested, like the body managed to reach it's final height, just not in the way expected - whether it was good nutrition or better environment to get the hormones to do it I'm not sure]
mande2013 says on 15/Jun/14
I'm sure there are therapeutic processes the body can undergo to increase its height even if they haven't yet been discovered by the medical community. Granted, someone who's 5'4 may never reach six foot, but if someone falls somewhat short of their corrected mid-parental height, there must be a way to recover it, even if scientists have yet to pinpoint how to manipulate the human body, whether it be some form of growth therapy or what have you. Just like it's taken years to find cures for certain diseases, I'm sure there are ways to increase height, they just need to be scientifically discovered. What do all you posters think? Rob?
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 14/Jun/14
Actually, Elle Fanning has footwear advantage in the photo.

Tom Cruise: 5'9.5"
Elle Fanning: 5'9" (not 5'8")
Dmeyer says on 14/Jun/14
Cruise defenetly has a small lifts as he is just 3cm than Stiller yet he looks 6cm taller looking at shoes he couldnt get more than 2cm advantage plus posture 3+2+ 1cm posture he looks 6cm taller
Realist says on 14/Jun/14
Guys type Robin Williams and Tom Cruise, a Japanese site comes up, looking at it i feel Tom's about 171-171.5. So a strong 5'7, 5'7.5. But not 5'8. 1/4 of an inch is not too much but still its good enough here. Another thing is Robin Williams was never under 5'7 until recently. He looks at least 5'7.25. Rob u have him a cm high. Why dont we just appreciate shorter people can be awesome hero's too. I love this guy and Robin Williams.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 14/Jun/14
By 6'1.5" Will Smith:

Click Here

Tom Cruise is slouching there as his legs look bent. He's 4 inches shorter.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 14/Jun/14
Elle Fanning might even be a full 5'9" (she appeared real tall for a women without the heels in public and was one inch taller than a waiter that claimed 5'8" when I asked). This would put Tom Cruise at 5'9" as well assuming that it's even footwear (which I think it is).
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 14/Jun/14
By 5'8" Elle Fanning (I've met her in New York City in a restaurant with her sister Dakota Fanning, and before everybody claims that she's not 5'8", she looked every inch of it as she easily had four inches on Dakota)

Click Here

Elle Fanning wears heels, so Tom Cruise is taller than her anything with even footwear.
RisingForce says on 13/Jun/14
Good pictures, Parker. Forget under 5'7", from that series of pictures, it'd be much easier to picture a legit 5'8" than just 5'7". In fact, Cruise can look taller than just 5'8" in some of those pictures, though in general, I find it unlikely that Cruise is over 5'8".
Parker says on 11/Jun/14
Ben Stiller is 5'6. I really don't understand how anyone can think Cruise is shorter than 5'7
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Cruise is 2 inches taller than Stiller. Everyone starts with an inch, so these shoes would have to give Cruise 3 inches to get 2 inches on Stiller
Click Here

And please, none of this Stiller is under 5'6 crap to match Tom at 5'7
Click Here
Arturo says on 11/Jun/14
You know what's funny to me? I went to my g.p and got my height checked he told me I was 171 then I went to the hospital and they said i was 173 the I went to a nurse and she was I 169 so what the ****? I went from 5,7 to 5,8 yo 5,6??? Anyway tom looks 5,6 IMO and so does Aaron Paul
Jake says on 11/Jun/14
It's sad isn't it Mr. R how superficial our culture is sometimes. A woman can lose weight but its impossible for a man to gain height. It's a struggle for guys sometimes.
KJK says on 11/Jun/14
the shredder says on 7/Jun/14
A legit 5'9 is too big for Tom but 5'8.5 is possible

There is no way Hamilton could be 5'8.5. Shredder, You live in troublesome denial if you think Cruise is even 5'8. Have you forgotten the Hamilton-Cruise pics? Watch this pic for example: Click Here

Now, do you still think Cruise is at least 5'8? Hamilton has been measured at 1.71 m, or a little bit above 5'7. Cruise is around his height and therefore can't be over 5'7.5. We also have to remember that Cruise is a famous lift-wearer while Hamilton isn't. In reality Cruise is somewhere around 5'6.5 - 5'7, just like old Glenn (Btw. Glenn and Cruise were around the same height in on pic).
Mr. R says on 10/Jun/14
Jake, Also the fact that he is a "man's man". A real man must be 6 feet in our culture, and as a movie star, he does not measure up. Besides, he is rich, looks great, marries beautiful women, and has everything else the "perfect man" should have...except height.
steven says on 10/Jun/14
Rob, if Emily Blunt is really 170, as listed here, then what do you think Tom has got in his shoes?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: doesn't look thick shoes but with blunt he can look a decent 5ft 8 range guy...of course she could be 169cm]
Brad says on 10/Jun/14
As listed 1 foot away 20 years ago, stop posting on his height. This one is rock solid.
Jake says on 9/Jun/14
Rob, do you think the fact that he's a very popular actor he gets a lot of jokes for his supposed very short stature? Do you think jealousy stems from this?
[Editor Rob: well, I don't think they want to attack Scientology too much (understandable), and since he is below average, his height maybe seems to be the easiest method to joke about, or draw attention too...
jtm says on 8/Jun/14
he was 3 inches shorter than kevin bacon and the shredder thinks bacon is 5'9.
RisingForce says on 8/Jun/14
Parker, I don't disagree with your point, but Cruise looks to be in significant lifts there if you look at his knee height which looks similar to Diaz in heels, the angle of his foot and lower legs. The media is making several problems, though. One, they repeat 5'7" as if it's Cruise's "official height" and he therefor can't be any taller, despite the fact that Cruise claimed 5'9". Then they assume Diaz is 5'9" while she's listed here at 5'8", which is probably more accurate, and they're thinking her heels give 4-5 inches when they probably give closer to 3 inches. Diaz is slouching and bending her knees so she isn't getting the full height boost from her heels, but even though Tom's posture is better, he's not standing at his full height and leaning in for the poses a bit. Anyway, Diaz only looks an inch taller in the first picture and even less in the last, no more than a fraction or a hair taller in that one, so for arguments sake, I'd say she was probably standing about 1.5" taller in their footwear which would put Tom at about 5'9.5" in his boots, maybe a bit over. He's probably getting at least 2" over barefoot height, but 2.5" absolute max, imo. Despite their knee height, if you look at their feet, it doesn't seem plausible that he's getting as much of a boost from his shoes as she is. If the first picture was indicative of the height difference then Cruise could even measure 5'10" in those boots, though I think she's still losing a bit more posture in that picture. Probably a 5'7.5" in boots and lifts. I do see things that make me think he's a legit 5'8" at times, but I'm pretty certain he has lifts there and doesn't quite look as tall as I'd expect a 5'8" guy to in boots and lifts. In general, it's funny how much more reasonable the media was when it came to his height in the 80's and 90's. Tom's lack of height and the size of his lifts are really exaggerated. I doubt Robert Downey Jr. is any taller and his lifts are far more obvious.
RisingForce says on 7/Jun/14
Nah, 5'8.5" is too much as well, imo. There are dead giveaways that Tom wears lifts such as some of the pictures I posted a while back including with Depp and Bruckheimer. He can easily look 5'8.5" and I think 5'9" with lifts and posture, but he'd look taller with his shoes and posture if he was 5'8.5". I doubt he drops to a flat 5'7", but I'd believe that before I'd believe he's 5'8.5" at any time other than the morning, though I think 5'7.5"-5'8" range is the most likely, but a legit 5'8" would be the most I can see.
jamieorr4 says on 7/Jun/14
the shredder lol 5'8.5 is possible sorry but imo anything over 57.5 is a joke sorry no offence im not being mean just my opinion
Parker says on 7/Jun/14
@Realist - Click on the thumb nail pics from a TV show that Cruise and Pena were on several years ago.(especially pic 2) Even if your 5'6.5 is correct for Pena, Cruise looks an easy 5'8 next to him.
Click Here

Truth is the media have propogated a myth that Cruise is 5'3, then when they actually see him many can't believe it.
Click Here
the shredder says on 7/Jun/14
A legit 5'9 is too big for Tom but 5'8.5 is possible
Realist says on 6/Jun/14
If Michael Pena's photos with Danny Trejo are not edited then Pena is 5'7.75 at least. But i dont think thats true. In the photoshoot Trejo has been made to look smaller. Pena ain't more than 5'6.5. Tom Cruise is a definite 171. I have made up my mind about the two conclusions.
Nance says on 5/Jun/14
The women in these pictures are wearing heels, which gives them 3-5 inches extra height. This would make them 5'11" to 6'. So it looks like if they wore flats they would be shorter than Tom, which would make him closer to 5' 9" which he claims.
Bishop says on 5/Jun/14
5'7.25" or 5'7.5" IMO. I don't think he's as high as 5'7.75".
jamieorr4 says on 5/Jun/14
after seeing edge of tomorrow i think 56 or 57 is possible
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 2/Jun/14
The Pena pictures are by far the best evidence we have of Tom Cruise's height.

The dude is at LEAST 5'7 flat. Probably closer to 5'8. Not taller than that though.
Mathew says on 2/Jun/14
the shredder says on 2/Jun/14
I bet G was tip toeing or had ground level with tom.


It's hard to say but there Tom was barely edging out G despite his ramrod posture.
the shredder says on 2/Jun/14
I bet G was tip toeing or had ground level with tom.
MJKoP says on 1/Jun/14
PENA actually said he was 5'9" on twitter. I don't think he'd exaggerate by two or more inches. Less than 5'7" for Pena the stuff of fantasy-land. Cruise on the other hand is no doubt taller than Pena. So even in the worst case scenario, I don't think Cruise is under 5'8"
Chaos says on 1/Jun/14
Has Tom been downgraded in height recently on this site? Trying to remember if he was 5'8" last time I checked?
[Editor Rob: he's been stuck on 172 for a good few years]
John says on 1/Jun/14
Most men in the world are between 1.70m and 1.80m - 5ft 7in to 5ft 11in.
Tom Cruise is in the normal range.
What do you think Rob?
[Editor Rob: it is just outwith the average range in UK/US, not by much though.]
whatifu2 says on 31/May/14
I watched Tom Cruise on the Graham Norton show and its obvious that he wears built up shoes as he doesn't stand or move naturally, I love Tom Cruise he's one of Hollywoods greatest actors I just wish he would accept that he's never going to be tall and really who cares, I'm only 5'5 but I've never let it worry me to the extent I used heel's peopley just have to accept you how you are and if they don't like well that's their problem so come on Tom be yourself and be proud of who you are.....
josh b says on 31/May/14
Rob, what with many physical roles over the years and him being over 50 now, what's the likelihood he may have lost a fraction?
[Editor Rob: well, he has a chance of a small fraction, but I think Tom is a guy who has done enough exercise and stretching to prevent loss - remember guys like Tom/Stallone, they won't be wanting to lose height, I can see Tom possibly having inversion boots!]
the shredder says on 30/May/14
Oh cut the Bull , Pena is 168 to match Tom at 5 '7 flat.
[Editor Rob: bad news for G, that turns him to a 167centiman]
JB says on 30/May/14
I agree 5'8.5" guy. 5'7" flat and under is when men become noticeably short. Tom looks in that range. Although I don't agree with the Manlet thing. I hate that word. Short men are short men not "manlets". There's nothing wrong with being short.
Parker says on 30/May/14
Realist says on 29/May/14
@Parker: Have u seen Michael Pena with 5'3.5 Rachel McAdams looks around 2 inches taller max.

I agree it does look about 2 inches different in this pic
Click Here
But when you compare their footwear, I would say a 4 inch difference is closer
Click Here

Besides, Rob has stood next to Danny Trjo and estimates him at just under 5'6
Click Here

Look at Trejo with Pena
Click Here
sabot says on 30/May/14
5'8 straight out of the bed. 5'7.5 evening height.
5'8.5'' guy says on 30/May/14
hes a flat 5'7 1.70 m. around 5'7 is when guys start getting the "manlet" look...he definitely has it.
Realist says on 29/May/14
@Parker: Have u seen Michael Pena with 5'3.5 Rachel McAdams looks around 2 inches taller max. Cruise is about 170-171 today, so 172 peak at most. Pena 168.
the shredder says on 29/May/14
Rob met Michael Pena and says he is a good 5 '7 .
Mr. Dingus says on 29/May/14
There are much shorter actors. i don't get the obsession with Tom. He's probably 5'07.50"
jlspencer says on 28/May/14
I saw him a year or so ago in elevator wearing black shoes "boots". I'm 5'7" barefoot, and he was eye to eye with me...his posture is perfect... I was truly shocked at his size
Dmeyer says on 28/May/14
Wouldnt go lower than 171.5cm/5'7.5
Parker says on 28/May/14
Michael Pena looks a flat 5'7 guy to me.Google Pena and Cruise. Tom always looks taller.
Mathew says on 26/May/14
Alex 6'0 says on 17/May/14
Rob, you have him at a weak 5'8 but you think its possible he may measure more 5'7.25-5'7.5. I personally think he's more in that range.


I would definitely agree with Alex on this one.
Arch Stanton says on 26/May/14
You could argue 171 as you say Alex but I really can't see him lower. He really looks this compared to most. I've seen him barefoot in a few films and I don't think he looks as low as 5'7" flat or under.
JB says on 24/May/14
@Realist, I believe it. He might wake up at 172cm but he definitely goes to bed no more than 170 or 171. For the sake of argument, if 172cm was his going to bed height that would mean his wake up height would be something like 174cm(almost 5'9") And we can all agree that that's impossible right?
Heylo says on 23/May/14
Realist, shrinking 2-3cm from morning to night is not very usual. I think the average shrinking is at 1-1.5cm. Also depends on what kind of activities you do that day. After a weightlifting pass, i get from 178 to 176..But 3cm is not very usual.

And Tom has surely not been shrinking since his peak in his 30s, the shrinking usually begin somewhere between 60-70, that's where you can shrink as much as 1.5 inch, but if you are healthy and are working out you could loose less or nothing at all.
the shredder says on 23/May/14
172 or 3 down to 169 is G stuff
Realist says on 21/May/14
Here's my opinion may not be right though, 2014 (age 52 ) Morning gets up: 172-73 cm, afternoon peak time: 171.75(scrapping 172), 5,6pm: 171.00 (5'7.25), Night: Parties around 5'7 (170), Sleeps b/w 11 to 1 (my guess): 169-170. His lowest today at age 52 is probably 169. In his younger days add about a centimer and half for all the timings. Except youngsters lose only about 1-2 cm at night older people lose about 3-4 cm maybe 5 cm. So i think 171 is a good call i.e. 5'7.25 171 not 5'7.5 (171.3 or soish).
Almost 5 10 says on 20/May/14
5' 7.5" is my estimate. He looks above 170 cm
Alex 6'0 says on 17/May/14
Rob, you have him at a weak 5'8 but you think its possible he may measure more 5'7.25-5'7.5. I personally think he's more in that range.
JB says on 16/May/14
Sorry but I honestly don't buy that he's almost 5'8". @Jack, I'm around the same height, just a tad taller, I'm 5'8.5". Not saying I disagree with you because that's your experience/opinion. But from my experience I def don't feel dwarfed by 5'5" women in heels, nor by 6 footers. 6'2"+ is when I start to feel dwarfed.
Tom looks 5'7" flat.
Realist says on 16/May/14
@Jack I fluctuate from 172-174.8 throughout the day. I dont feel dwarfed by 6 footers. The manlet feeling comes from 6'2 and above guys. Thats when height envy begins for me. I feel normal with guys till 6'1.
Sean says on 15/May/14
I wonder where the "Tom Cruise is so short" thing came from. I mean 5'8 certainly isn't tall, but it's definitely not a dwarf, he's the same height or taller than a lot of other male celebs.
Jack says on 13/May/14
Tom is the same height as me, just a hair under 5'8". It's an awkward height, slightly below average, and getting dwarfed by 6 footers or 5ft5+ women wearing heels is a common occurrence. Lots of male fashion is directed at the 6ft+ crowd and some clothes look downright strange on a shorter guy. Being 6 foot tall has it's advantages but I personally don't mind being around eye level with many women. The key is being confident, which Tom has in ample quantities.
Will says on 12/May/14
Yeah, Tom is 5'8". But still he is below average height, since the average here in America for men is 5'9". 5'6" and under for Tom is just absurd.
jamieorr4 says on 10/May/14
Realist i think for young man 5ft7 is considered short but 5ft7 isn't like wow that person is tiny
jamieorr4 says on 10/May/14
Realist i think for young man 5ft7 is considered short
jamieorr4 says on 10/May/14
realist really im 5ft11 in morning and 5ft10.5 most of day there are times were i felt short be still i say im average
Realist says on 10/May/14
Once a guy crosses the 5'7 mark he does'nt need to worry at all because he is approaching average. Though in the short average range. You can do wonders at this or any height thats what this guy has done. He had realized that everyone cannot be born prince charming. Tall dark and handsome so he developed an awesome personlity. Cheers TOM. Not everyone can be a Hugh Jackman. But everyone can be great.
jamieorr4 says on 9/May/14
i think tom built is too big to be 5ft4 5ft5 i do still 5ft6 is his low he could be legit, 5ft4 5ft5 guys have very small body frame and i wouldn't say tom has a very small body just a small body frame
jamieorr4 says on 9/May/14
the shredder you seem very sure even though he wears lifts
Chris says on 8/May/14
His soul is tall. That is the only thing that matters
John says on 8/May/14
If he is 1.72m, around 5ft 8in, he is not short. I don't believe he is though. 1.70m max, 5ft 7in, not really short but in the short range. He could be 1.69m- 5ft 6 1/2in.
I think he's around 1.69m-1.70m. I don't believe he's 5ft 8in.
5ft 7in or 5ft 6 1/2 in.
He looks around 11-12 stone, 154 lbs-168 lbs. Maybe size 8-9 US shoe size. 32" waist.
DMEYER says on 8/May/14
if sly is wearing 1 in shoes and is 5 ft 9.5-9.75 shoes on looking 5 ft 9 with great posture , and cruise wearing his classic 2.25 in elevator and is 5 ft 10 he will look a fraction taller than sly
the shredder says on 7/May/14
Closer to 5'8 than 5'7 , anything out side of this is a joke.
Creek says on 7/May/14
He is 5ft 8 inch and that is short. If he have high shoes than he is normal 5ft 10 or 5ft 9
Grottesca says on 4/May/14
Nah...Doesn't matter at all. At least, it shouldn't.

All that it means is that the top of your head is a little closer to the ground :P

No big whoop.
Greg says on 30/Apr/14
Sheks - A person's height doesn't really matter at all unless they really want it to.
sheks says on 29/Apr/14
i think height doesn't matter for talented person like tom!
Concerned says on 28/Apr/14
@Emmet: his shortness is so well known because he goes to such lengths to try to hide it, saying he's (arguably) two inches taller than he really is, and wearing elevator shoes.
Emmett says on 27/Apr/14
Funny how his shortness is kind of legendary at this point, and he's barely even a short height. Its probably because he's such a charismatic and talented actor, and people associate those characteristics with height. When people saw he wasn't a tall guy it didn't compute and they downgraded him to a much smaller size (I hear 5'4 and 5'5 to describe him all the time).
jamieorr4 says on 26/Apr/14
parker you got me there lol stiller could be wearing lifts michael could be 5ft3 stiller could be 5ft5
Realist says on 26/Apr/14
Rising Force and jamieorr4 i think u guys are correct. but stiller is not as low as 5'4, i think he is 5'6 flat, the nice thing about the guy is he never wears lifts. I have never seen him with that contraption. Tom on the other hand has worn lifts throughout his career. I certainly agree with Rob that his height is underestimated buy 172 is a little high. I think he'd be head to head with Ryan Seacrest so 171 cm is closer.
Parker says on 26/Apr/14
@jamieorr4 Stiller at 5'4? Fair enough

What's your guess for Michael J Fox stood next to Stiller here?
Click Here
jamieorr4 says on 26/Apr/14
Parker i think Cameron Diaz 5ft7 max her built frame don't look 5ft8 imo and i think Stiller is around 5ft4 or 5ft5
RisingForce says on 25/Apr/14
Agreed, shredder, though I don't think finding Cruise in 2"+ elevators is difficult at all. I'd bet he's getting more than 2" over barefoot height with Depp and Bruckheimer, just compare to Depp who is in cowboy boots and Cruise still seems to be getting an advantage. Though I doubt Cruise gets 3" over barefoot height from his elevator boots. Good picture, Damon, and the external heels are similar, though I'd bet Cruise has lifts in his boots there, just look at the height of his knees, which are a bit higher than Cameron's, and the angle of his foot as opposed to hers. With that said, he still looks a bit taller than her there with a probable footwear advantage, so they're probably similar range barefoot. Again, difficult to see him less than strong 5'7" range there.
Parker says on 25/Apr/14
@jamieorr4. Cameron Diaz, taller than 5'6-5'7 Ben Stiller who has both footwear and posture advantage
Click Here

Diaz is 5'8

And here is 5'6 Stiller with 5'6 Cruise
Click Here
Heylo says on 25/Apr/14
Damon. He could be using an 0.5inch lift in those shoes without any notice but i still agree with you partly.
jamieorr4 says on 25/Apr/14
Damon I don't think Cameron Diaz is 5ft8 I think she more like 5ft6 or 5ft7
the shredder says on 25/Apr/14
What do some of you not get. Adding 3 inches is only going to make a person " Appear " 2 inches taller. If you say he looks 5 '9 that means he needs to measure 5 '10 in his 3 inch lifts , to be 5 '6 he needs to have 4 inch of lifts to appear 5 '9. So If you think he looks 5 '9 and think he has 3 " lifts that still puts him at 5 '7. BTW , please show him in 3 " lifts or even 2 .
Damon says on 25/Apr/14
@RisingForce You make a great point. He's been such a media magnet due to his movie success that people tend to shrink him as much as possible. He isn't that short at all.
Click Here
Here's a pic from the set of the movie Knight and Day, with 5'8 Cameron Diaz footwear visible, even surface. Their footwear looks VERY similar to me. @Jamieorr, I really can't see him wearing 3 inch lifts in this one. They both look like they have 1.25-1.75 inches footwear here But, I definitely can't see him under listed height. Also 6'1 listed Paul Dano in the background
jamieorr4 says on 24/Apr/14
risingforce the reason why i think 5ft6 is possible is because he can wear 3 inche lifts to get to 5ft9
Parker says on 24/Apr/14
Another one with Lea Thompson from All the Right Moves.
Click Here

Not a good pic, but he certainly doesn't look over 5'8 or under 5'6.
RisingForce says on 24/Apr/14
jamieorr4, a lot of celebrities get short comments even if they're completely average, look at Robert Redford who is or was around 5'10" and whose height the press made a huge fuss about in the 70's. 5'7.5" isn't that short, but it is a bit short, and for a guy who was the biggest movie star in the world for years, had a huge female fanbase and starred in a lot of action movies, I'm not at all surprised people commented on his lack of height a lot. Though I am surprised to the extent they exaggerate his lack of height, and that I regularly see him listed in articles as the same height as people he's clearly quite a bit taller than like Al Pacino. Forget 5'6", I seriously doubt he's under 5'7".

Good picture, Damon, since you can clearly see he's not wearing lifts, and he does look completely average there, but Nicole is clearly dropping quite a bit of height. Just look at her hips, bent knees and crossed legs. With that said, it's difficult to see him at just a flat 5'7" there.
Damon says on 23/Apr/14
Click Here Here's a throwback pic from the 90's with ex wife Nicole Kidman (listed at 5'10.5 on here). Angle is a bit wonky, but his footwear doesn't give him the slightest boost and I fail to seem him under 5'8 here. I still think he may be a legit 5'8
the shredder says on 22/Apr/14
He is over just a flat 5'7.
jamieorr4 says on 22/Apr/14
risingforce i agree with you im going by his built which does seem 5ft7.5 but still its weird that he gets short comments 5ft7.5 isn't that short imo i doubt cruise is under 5ft6
RisingForce says on 22/Apr/14
As for estimates around 5'5", well, those simply shouldn't be taken seriously, and I'll tell you some reasons you hear ridiculous estimates like this. One is that some people are simply lousy judges of height, and this is often true of women, who either forget to factor in that they're wearing heels, or in some cases, seem to think any guy who isn't significantly taller is no taller than them. I remember a 5'6.5" girl who asked me to stand up and compare height after she didn't buy my height claim(and admittedly I did stretch the truth with my initial claim), and when we compared, I wasn't a lot taller than her, but I was obviously at least an inch taller than her, yet she insisted she was taller than me. Another factor is that people see someone like Cruise who has starred in loads of action movies, in which he usually looks a solid average height, and he's also been a sex symbol for years with women, and people are surprised to see him fairly short, or at best, on the low side of average and then exaggerate his lack of height. Plus, people will sometimes make the mistake of judging from a distance, which is extremely inaccurate, and if they saw him outside, the pavement isn't likely to be level and that could also lead to an inaccurate estimate. People can be even more ridiculous with estimates than that, for example, on the Telly Savalas page, I posted an article which quoted a 5'5" woman claiming Telly had to "look up" at her, which is so ridiculous since Telly was at least 5'10", and could look taller, and for reference, Rob has Telly listed at 5'10.5" here.

I don't think Cruise is quite as tall as Rob, but he's tall enough to pass for a dead on average 5'9" guy with elevator boots and posture. So really 5'7.5" or 5'7.75" as he's listed here seems like a really good guess, imo.

By the way, here's video of Crusie with Bruckheimer and Depp. Click Here Watch at about 0:52, and it confirms that Cruise was barely standing any shorter than Depp, I think even less than an inch even considering posture, so unless Bruckheimer and Depp are shorter than listed, you have Cruise reaching about 5'10" in elevator boots, which would make him the equivalent of a 5'9" guy in normal shoes.
RisingForce says on 22/Apr/14
jamieorr4, I think the problem is assuming his elevators add 3 inches. Read Rob's article on elevators, really big elevators add 2.3"-2.4" over barefoot height and anything over that is rare. I wear dress boots with even 2" cuban heels and then a solid 1" lift inside, and I'm about 5'8" flat midday, maybe a small fraction over, yet I measured 5'10.75" in them, maybe 1 mm under, so not quite the 3 inch boost of the heels and lifts.

Tom's elevators have become more obvious in recent years as you can see in the pictures I posted below of Cruise with Jerry Bruckheimer and Johnny Depp where Tom's elevators look about as obvious as Sly Stallone's and probably give a similar gain as you can see since Tom's jeans are tight and not too long sort of exposing this and you can see his knees are noticeably higher than Depp's and the angle of his foot is pretty extreme, almost like he's tip-toeing. But Bruckheimer is listed at 5'7.25" here so he should be about 5'8.25" in those dress shoes, and Cruise looks at least an inch and a half taller, while Depp is listed at 5'9" here and is wearing cowboy boots with a good heel that should add 1.6" minimum, and probably a good 1.7" assuming he doesn't also have lifts, so he's likely standing about 5'10.75" in those boots, which looks close since he also looks at least 2 inches taller than Bruckheimer. Cruise is barely shorter than Depp, I'm not seeing more than half an inch difference or so, though Cruise is getting a bit of an advantage from better posture, but I'd still say Depp was standing at an inch taller at the absolute most. This also adds up with how both Cruise and Depp measure up to Bruckheimer. So based on this, Cruise was standing at about 5'10" in his elevator boots, and if they add 2.4"-2.5" which is likely, then that adds up with Cruise at about 5'7.5" barefoot. If those elevators add more like 2.7", which I'd say is unlikely, Cruise would still at least be a solid 5'7" guy.
jamieorr4 says on 20/Apr/14
RisingForce i think his bult can look 5'7.5 at times but if he was 5'7.5 could he reach 5ft10.5 in lifts? and how come some of the people who have met him say hes 5ft5
RisingForce says on 19/Apr/14
Nah, I'd still say he looks 5'7.5" max with Lea even if she is 5'3.5" since I'm not seeing more than 4 inches between them. Doesn't mean Cruise is looking his exact height in a couple of photos, but he doesn't look 5'8" there. Either way, this listing is pretty good. It's pretty clear to me he's 5'7" absolute minimum, and likely 5'8" max so somewhere in that range and a better chance of a full 5'8" than a flat 5'7", imo.
jamieorr4 says on 19/Apr/14
172,5 guy people are entitled to there opinion
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 19/Apr/14
Now he's dating Laura Prepon. What is with him and tall girls?
172,5 guy says on 17/Apr/14
Go to hell jealous peoples!! tom cruise is 172 cm or 172,5 cm
the shredder says on 17/Apr/14
Lea at 5'3.5 makes Tom as listed easily.
John says on 16/Apr/14
I just finished 'Risky Business'' Cruise had an inch over
Rebecca ( which she is 5'6) That makes him a good 5'7
172,5 guy says on 16/Apr/14
Some peoples have a normal neck and some peoples have a long neck.
172,5 guy says on 16/Apr/14
if i lift myne shoulders up than i look 173 about 174
But i'm 172 about 173


Click Here
172,5 guy says on 16/Apr/14
Hey look myne photo i'm 172,5 cm same height as tom cruise i have also long neck and i'm 85 KG. Tom is skinny :) peoples say i'm 171 about 172 cm but that is not true. If i look myne stadiometer i'm 172,5 cm. So tom is more than 172 cm.
Raiser says on 16/Apr/14
He look maybe short on pictures but if you look him in real life on barefoot he is not short but he look clean 5ft 7,75 so don't believe the pictures :)
Aaron says on 16/Apr/14
TBBT@ he have a long neck and the shoulders is low and he is skinny so he look 5ft 7,5 about 5ft 7,75 but if he eats more fat than he can absolutuly look taller clean 5ft 7,75. And serious he is a little more than 5ft 7,75 i'm sure guys but if you look good him bodystyle he look 5ft 7,5 about 5ft 7,75 but he is more believeme, if he was a guy with short neck than he was about 5ft 7,75 but he have long neck so he is more than 5ft 7,75 inc.
jamieorr4 says on 15/Apr/14
RisingForce i see what you mean my sister in law boy friend matt is 5ft7.5 and i think at timies tom has the same bulit as matt and matt doesn't wear lifts so i dont really know
RisingForce says on 15/Apr/14
Good finds, Parker, and I agree, he really doesn't look over 5'7" even accounting for the disadvantage.

jamieorr4, I don't think Tom is a full 5'8". I think he's about 5'7.5". I just don't think 5'8" is impossible either, and I wouldn't be too surprised if he measured that tall.
TBBT says on 15/Apr/14
Aaron, you're right. I do think Tom is about 172cm (at his peak at least) but he does have a weird body type. His upper body is shaped in a way that makes him look shorter than he actually is. I'm a clean 172cm myself, but I have long legs and long arms, which makes me look taller than I acutally am.
Aaron says on 15/Apr/14
If he go to fitness he can look about 5ft 10 5ft 11 but he have a ugly bodystyle and is skinny. I'm also 5ft 7,75 clean (172,5 cm) and i look 5ft 7,75 and nobody say i'm 5ft 7, i go to fitness and i have a very good bodystyle.
Acunfirarda says on 15/Apr/14
believeme or not he is 5ft 7,75 about 5ft 8 but he look 171 172. Hey rob believe you that tom cruise is more than 172 cm ?
Heylo says on 15/Apr/14
I think this listing is spot on. Even though he could be 1cm shorter.
jamieorr4 says on 15/Apr/14
RisingForce imo he doesn't have bulit like a guy 5ft8 if he was 5ft8 which is kinda of short anyways he probably claim 5ft10 or 5ft11
Mrboomerang says on 14/Apr/14
if tom cruise is 5ft 8 that is also short... but johnny depp height is normal about 176 CM
Parker says on 14/Apr/14
Another one of Tom and 5'3 Lea Thompson with what appears very similar footwear.
Click Here
Parker says on 14/Apr/14
@Rising - This is the shortest I've ever seen Tom looking next to 5'3 Lea Thompson.
Click Here

He may well be dropping posture, but in that pic he looks like he's struggling at 5'7. What do you think?

Lea has one inch footwear advantage on Rob here, but Rob still looks a solid 4 inches taller.
Click Here
[Editor Rob: unless leah is 5ft 3.5, I looked at her with some other friends and she can appear that mark aswell.]
Expert says on 14/Apr/14
I look him pictures now, but he look not 1,70 but 1,72 cm..
Bulgaar says on 13/Apr/14
Okay tom cruise have high shoes or lifts that is the truth, but he is not short he is 1.72 man that is good man
Padre says on 13/Apr/14
Tom Cruis is very short about 1,67 cm and he have a bignose
RisingForce says on 13/Apr/14
He often looks like a strong 5'8", weak 5'9" range guy or 5'8.5" with his lifts and posture. 5'7" is possible, but I can't guess that low myself since he's rarely actually looked as short as a flat 5'7". He could look close to Johnny Depp's height who was wearing a good-sized heel that was probably 1.7" or so, though Cruise still seemed to have a footwear advantage. Click Here And posture advantage in photos such as this one. Click Here He's passing for about 5'8.5" with Bruckheimer, though, but that's an example of how bad tight jeans look with lifts and elevator boots. I'm not sure why he continues to do this, but here are a couple of other examples. Click Here Click Here If he wore longer, looser jeans, it'd be far less noticeable. I do think he's gone liftless at times, though such as the Tropic Thunder premiere where he really didn't look that short, and maybe the photo with Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx, though Tom was looking closer to 5'7" than 5'8" in the latter, imo since Foxx was slouching noticeably and still taller while Tom was pretty much holding himself up as tall as possible and Bruce was borderline towering over him. Anyway 5'7.5" is my guess. I'm skeptical over both a flat 5'7" and a full 5'8", but I'd consider 5'8" a more reasonable guess until we actually see more good examples of Tom looking a flat 5'7".
Henk says on 12/Apr/14
He have a very beautfull and rich womens katie holmes 176 cm nicole kidman 179 cm so Tommy boy is Not short. Everyone is jealous of tommy
Henk says on 12/Apr/14
If have a very beautfull and rich womens katie holmes 176 cm nicole kidman 179 cm so Tommy boy is Not short. Everyone is jealous of tommy
Aaron says on 12/Apr/14
Rob@ take tom cruise to you house and show him height with you stadiometer and record it with you videocamera and show us i'm sure he is more than 1,72 cm :)))))
Gilipollas says on 12/Apr/14
Henk, Tobey is minuscule and very popular. His skinny build makes.him look even smaller. Tom is an icon, a superstar. It's no secret he wears elevators, lifts etc so what? He tries too hard but nobody is perfect.
jamieorr4 says on 12/Apr/14
people look at his built thats not a built of 5ft8 guy and he wear lifts it doesn't matter i think 5ft8 is kinda of short anyway
jamieorr4 says on 12/Apr/14
Parker don't they have hidden in insole in his shoes
Henk says on 11/Apr/14
Tobey maquire have the same height as Tom cruise but nobody say tobey is short.. Tom is popular !!
Aaron says on 11/Apr/14
He is 172,5 cm 100% rob locked this topic
[Editor Rob: Tom's topic can never be locked...even a measurement would still be contested and discussed :)

Imagine this page in 30 years time...

"No way Tom is over 5ft 5, and he has only lost half inch...peak height 5ft 5.5!"]
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 11/Apr/14
Tom Hardy claims 5-9 and says that Tom Cruise is not shorter than him.

A 1 inch difference is hard to perceive. Once you get 2 and more inches the difference is quite perceivable.

I think Cruise could be close to 5'8.
jamieorr4 says on 11/Apr/14
the shredder don't you think his built is small for to be 5ft7.75 beside some people who have met him says 5ft5 i know i doesn't think he was that short his built seems between 5ft6 and 5ft7 imo
the shredder says on 11/Apr/14
Tom might get 2 inches over barefoot , and he pulls off 5'8.5 minimum , no way is he just 5'7 , at worst 5'7.75
Parker says on 10/Apr/14
3 inch lifts - Here's what they look like.

Click Here

No way does Tom wear footwear like this. RDJ yes, not Cruise.
jamieorr4 says on 10/Apr/14
TO i agree if he was 5ft8 he would be 5ft11 in lifts and he isn't hes 5ft7 max besides hes built doesn't look 5ft8 for example robs built seems 5ft8 to me
James B says on 10/Apr/14
TO says on 10/Apr/14
Dude is 5'7. If he was 5'8 he wouldn't be trashed so much about his height. If he was 5'6 he would look insanely small out of lifts. He's 5'7. Short but only super short in our eyes due to his Immense Super-Stage image that he and his PR team projects. If he didn't wear 3 inch lifts and avoid question of his height, it wouldn't be a talking point.

Arnie was a big guy when he was he was younger like 6'1.5 and these days 5'11-6'0 and he is trashed for his height quite a lot........
TO says on 10/Apr/14
Dude is 5'7. If he was 5'8 he wouldn't be trashed so much about his height. If he was 5'6 he would look insanely small out of lifts. He's 5'7. Short but only super short in our eyes due to his Immense Super-Stage image that he and his PR team projects. If he didn't wear 3 inch lifts and avoid question of his height, it wouldn't be a talking point.
Anon says on 8/Apr/14
Watching Mission Impossible religiously as a kid, I never thought of Tom Cruise as being short, he always looked like the typical 5'10" guy. 5'7"? this is surprising.

Yes in Risky Business, when dancing in y-fronts, his legs look long.
Brother says on 6/Apr/14
In my eyes is:

176 cm a normal height so middle height and 171 about 174 a short height but not very short.
Anon says on 6/Apr/14
Always looked 5'8" to me. On the show, he looked a bit taller than Graham Norton.
Jason says on 6/Apr/14
Mr Tom is 1.72 cm maybe more a couple millimeters this is the truth.. And under 1,70 is a very short height
chrisssss says on 5/Apr/14
Rob...170cm not 172....that is just too much
Freddy says on 5/Apr/14
Iam too short 1.73 cm but im happy in myne heart
Will says on 5/Apr/14
5'8" is appropriate for Tom. He is still rather relatively short compared to the other taller celebrities. He is for sure more than 5'6"-5'7".
Joe says on 5/Apr/14
You can't really compare his height to the stars in the photos as they are all in heels and no ones knows for sure how big the heels are or if he is indeed wearing lifts.
Nethan says on 5/Apr/14

174 about 175 cm does not exist i'm sure 100%

I have see only:

176/177 l
Mikey says on 5/Apr/14
Yes he is 5ft 7,75 inch but that is also a short height he have problems with him shoulders!! Low low
the shredder says on 5/Apr/14
He looks over 5'7. I barely see pics where he does look 5'7.
James B says on 4/Apr/14
Looks like a 5'7 guy to me. The 5'5 estimates are absurd.
cole says on 4/Apr/14
@Nethan: Ah, so because you haven't seen it yourself, it means 174-175 cm guys does not exist at all?
247 says on 3/Apr/14
Personally he's a really good actor. But his choice in roles have dropped ever since his divorce with Kidman and relationship with Holmes. Ruined his image. His best movies were Born On the 4th of July, Collaterral, Taps... He's no Sean Penn, but he's 1 of the better actors born in the 60's. Just he chose "movie star" over "artistic work"
247 says on 3/Apr/14
He's 5'7 aka 170cm. He wears like 3 inch lifts in his movies. And apparently wants people to think he's 5'9 but if you watch his older films (before he became a movie star) you can see that he's short. He's not "embarassingly funny short" but since he's been in many action films and is a Big Star, it's easy to critique him on his height and for it to strike a nerve.
Mike says on 3/Apr/14
I think that Tom is 5'7" at the lowest, but he is not 5'8 1/2" IMO.
Kendall says on 3/Apr/14
Cuba Gooding Jr is 5'8 and appears taller than Cruise in most images by 2-3 inches, difficult to get a read on Mr. Cruise as he wears height advantageous footwear
Nethan says on 3/Apr/14

Yes 174 175 does not exist. I have see much peoples on stadiometer 171 172 173 but never 174 175. And i work as bodybuilder
cole says on 2/Apr/14
"174/175: Does not exist". What?
KJK says on 2/Apr/14
Cruise is shorter than F1-star Lewis Hamilton who is 5 ft 7.25 in.
John says on 2/Apr/14
I don't really get the obsession with his height, but I must admit that 172 seems generous, I would have thought 170 was more like his barefoot height, although I've never seen him in person.
Nethan says on 2/Apr/14
171/172: Average? (No) Clean 171 cm
172/173: Average? (No) Clean 172 cm
173/174: Average? (No) Clean 173 cm
174/175: Does not exist
175/176: average? (Yes)
176/177: Average? (Yes)

Example1: if you are 172,5 cm 172/173 than is this clean 172 cm and not 173 cm

Example2: if you are 173,5 cm 173/174 than is this clean 173 cm and not 174 cm

Example3: if you are 176,5 cm 176/177 than is 176 cm and not 177 cm

So in my eyes 175 and 174 does not exist
Heloween says on 1/Apr/14
5ft7,75 or more
James B says on 1/Apr/14
Cruise is so 'near' average height for his generation that I would not call him short.
jamieorr4 says on 1/Apr/14
sorry rob but i don't buy anything over 5ft7 i think hes between 5ft6 and 5ft7 and i even heard people who have met him say hes 5ft5 imo hes boby frame looks too small for him to be 5ft8 imo
lexi says on 31/Mar/14
Tom Cruise cannot be taller than 5'6"(ergo his enormously inflated ego). He IS a midget and the biggest actor anywhere is Johnny Depp. Cruise is always Cruise. He's an awful actor.
Will says on 30/Mar/14
Tom may be viewed as short in most people's minds but him at 5'7 3/4" isn't that short at all. He is basically just two inches shorter than the average joe.
Han says on 30/Mar/14
With 169cm listed Tony Scott
Click Here
Definitely not taller than 172 there.
Arch Stanton says on 30/Mar/14
Wendell says on 24/Mar/14
5ft7 thereabouts or under. He's a big star so this makes up for it. NOT your ideal leading man in movies physically speaking. Paul Newman is the same way too.

And who is an ideal leading man? Ryan Gosling, Joseph Gordon Levitt? Hardly. Was Kirk Douglas or Steve McQueen ever your typical Rock Hudson tall dark and handsome type either?? It's subjective. Height means little as a leading man in Hollywood so long as you're not super short. It is having an attractive look and charisma above all. Billy Crystal is even shorter than Cruise and had a good career. I'd say Cruise facially is actually close to the stereotypical leading man in terms of looks, if he was 6'-6'2" then he might be closer, but he was quite geeky looking in the 80s, not today though.
Jason says on 29/Mar/14
I'm 1.76 cm and i feel me not long. So what is the problem? 1.71 is short 1.72 cm is short 1.73 cm is short 1.74 cm is short. 1.71 about 1.74 is nothing man is very short ! 1.78 about 1.90 is a good height ;)
Taner says on 29/Mar/14
171 about 174 cm have the same legs height. Only the chest is different so.

171/172: jeans 32 L
172/173: jeans 32 L
173/174: jeans 32 L
175/176: jeans 34 L ( the legs is longer )
MyneBrother says on 29/Mar/14
2/3 2/3 2/3 he is 172/173 i'm sure. I have the same height myne stadiometer say 172,7 cm in the morning and night 172,4 cm but i look sometimes short on street about 170 cm it's myne neck that make me 2 about 3 cm higher.
Carol says on 28/Mar/14
Yes he is 5ft 7.75 in but he seems short.. About 5ft 7 in
Alfonzo says on 27/Mar/14
Hey humans hey peoples wake up.. Tom cruise is 172 about 173 he have a LONG NECK and 171 about 172 have a normal neck, i make today a video of myne height i have the se height as tom cruise
Filippo (ITA) says on 27/Mar/14
Oh my.. That 5'9 claiming seems out of the world to me!
Was it right, he would appear 5'11-6' with his typical boots on..
5'7 is quite fair for him. Pretty short, but not really a midget.

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