How tall is Tom Cruise ?

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Tom Cruise height: 5ft 7.75in (172 cm)

American actor best known for starring in films like Top Gun, Rain Man, Mission Impossible, Jerry Maguire and Minority Report. The Biggest star in Hollywood has attracted a myriad of articles that seem to target his 'apparent' lack of height, even going so far as to claim Tom is seeking advice over a potential quarter inch loss in stature. Tom's height is regularly listed as being 5ft 7, although back in the 1980's he was actually being commonly referred to as an average average 5ft 8 or 9, and in 1988 Tom himself was quoted saying: "I have always been pretty much the same weight, 147 pounds - at 5 feet 9 inches." His ex-wife, Nicole Kidman, once remarked "Now I can wear heels again", saying that she was a couple of inches taller than him and producer Don Simpsons was quoted saying that "I'll never put Tom Cruise down. He's already kinda short."

Scottish comedian Billy Connolly piped in on the topic, laughing at the notion Tom was some sort of pint-sized midget, exclaiming that "Tom was at least 5ft 10...[he's a] Smashing guy. Everybody thinks he's a small guy. He's not. I think they would like him to be wee. I think they're jealous b**tards."

Richard Harris seemingly thought the opposite, saying: "Tom Cruise is a midget and he has eight bodyguards, all 6ft 10in, which makes him even more diminutive. It's an absolute joke. Actors are unimportant." There is never-ending speculation as to whether he wears lifts or elevated boots, even some magazines falsely crediting an innocuous pair of Air Force One sneakers as some form of thick wedged elevator sneaker.

Tom Cruise is short
Tom with Rosamund Pike, Katie Holmes and Cameron Diaz
Photos by PR Photos
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Lisa said on 31/Aug/15
Rob u cant give him more cm cuz google has him on 5'7 Accurate
TrackerX said on 30/Aug/15
A minimum of 1,70 m and a maximum of 1,72 m.
Jim Hopper said on 30/Aug/15
5-7 max in socks imo. His shoes are always a 2" + add on.
anonymous said on 30/Aug/15
Hi Rob i have something that is bugging me from long time i would really like to know so please answer me what weight is tom cruise at mission impossible ghost protocol ? because he seems very buff .
Click Here
In internet it is written that he is 170 lbs. Is this weight acurate for ghost protocol ?Please answer thank you
[Editor Rob: somewhere in that range is believable as he had a fair bit of muscle for that role.]
Arch Stanton said on 28/Aug/15
[Editor Rob: I don't hear much bad from fans who meet Cruise or actors who have worked with him!]

I think Billy Connolly's perception of Cruise says it all. Now Connolly may have been fooled by Tom's lifts into thinking he was around 5 ft 10 but I think he's the sort of guy who would sniff out an insufferable t**t and be more than happy to say what he really thought of him. That somebody like him who was around him every day on day could say he was a "smashing guy" I think is proof enough. And yes, actresses also rave about working with him, I've heard some gushing remarks from people like Emily Blunt, Cameron Diaz and Rosalind Pike who loved every minute of it.
Heylo said on 27/Aug/15
Tom is getting all the negative **** from people who think he's choice of "religion" is weird. I mean, who the hell cares? Let him believe in his stuff.
And from all the interviews I've seen with Tom (I've seen quite a lot) he seems to be a pretty intelligent, caring and humble individual who wants to help people.
People who hate him are just hating because they can, because it's acceptable, just like it's acceptable hating on Justin Bieber.
[Editor Rob: when it comes to height, we should all try as best we can to be impartial and not be influenced by our feelings towards actors or famous people.
Jeff said on 24/Aug/15
mande2013, I see at least 9cm between Estevez and Cruise on that picture so that still gives Cruise the 172 listing
Arch Stanton said on 23/Aug/15
mande2013 said on 21/Aug/15 "It's the fact that Tom acts like some spoiled brat who feels he's been dealt a bad hand, "

Really?? His scientology rants aside I think he generally comes across as a good natured guy in interviews and I don't get that vibe from him at all, I'm sure he's acutely aware of how lucky he is. Christian Bale and Nicholas Cage you'd have a point saying they seem spoiled.
[Editor Rob: I don't hear much bad from fans who meet Cruise or actors who have worked with him!]
Parker said on 23/Aug/15
With 5'4.5" Emilio Estevez in 1983:
Click Here

This one shows the footwear they were wearing that day.
Click Here
Parker said on 23/Aug/15
Here's another 5'5 with Rebecca De Mornay
Click Here

And another with 5'8 Sean Penn
Click Here
dmeyer said on 22/Aug/15
He seemed anywere 5'9.75-10.25 in shoes on his shoes dont give 3in so close to 5'8 for the guy
mande2013 said on 22/Aug/15
An inch between Tom and Pacino: Click Here

A 164cm Estevez makes a 170/171cm Tom: Click Here
Jeff said on 21/Aug/15
Rob, I think it's a well-known fact that Cruise isn't a guy who sleeps a lot. Do you think he'd look a full 5'8 if he was sleeping let's say 8-9 hours a night?
[Editor Rob: I think you are talking only a few mm's difference between 6 and 8 hours sleep, I doubt it will change his appearance much. He keeps himself physically in good shape and seems to still have good posture.]
Ricky muliawan hansyar's height is 5ft 7.5in (171 cm) said on 21/Aug/15
Rob,how tall tom cruise in endless love movie (1981),5ft7.5in or done 5ft7.75in?
mande2013 said on 21/Aug/15
I don't think people who meet him in person are pissed off to discover he's taller than expected. Rather, they're pissed off that despite his 'weak average' stature he's become the poster child for 'short male celebrity', which is unfair to 5'4-5'7 flat range guys.

It's the fact that Tom acts like some spoiled brat who feels he's been dealt a bad hand, while the likes of Radcliffe, Pacino, MJ Fox, Estevez, Hoffman, Jon Stewart, and Messi, and hell, even Jose Altuve and Sachin Tendulkar have all manned up, despite being shorter than Tom. It's more an attitude of shut up you spoiled brat, you're not that short. You don't need special treatment if you're only 3-4 cms shorter than average. So yes, people are pissed to discover he's not as short as they thought, but they're pissed because they're wondering why a weqk 5'8 guy rather than a 5'5 guy has become the poster child for the short male celebrity.
Danimal said on 20/Aug/15
Short guy (between 5'6" and 5'7"). Some pics of him in the 80's PRE-lifts:

With 5'5" Rebecca De Mornay in 1985:

Click Here

Click Here

With 5'4.5" Emilio Estevez (according to Rob) in 1983:

Click Here

With 5'8" Sean Penn in 1981:

Click Here

Again, I am not biased, nor do I have an agenda. I think he's an amazing actor, but he's somewhere between 5'6" and 5'7" BAREFOOT.
170.7cm said on 20/Aug/15
175 to Tom Cruise , he is brilliant !
170.7cm said on 20/Aug/15
175 to Tom cruise , he is brilliant !
184.3cm (Night) said on 19/Aug/15

Thanks for confirming what i thought. I always guessed he would hit 5'10 in his footwear. He always gives the impression of a 5'9 guy ( like he claims) which is easy for him to pull with lifts. A 5'7 flat guy would never manage that without very suspicous footwear.
the shredder said on 19/Aug/15
A 5'9 looking Cruise is not shocking in person plus boot , I'd be shocked If he looked 5'7 or under face to face.
dmeyer said on 17/Aug/15
I met cruise about 5 times he alwais looked 5'8.75-9.25 range but each time had high cut boots with a normal heel , minus the lifts he has to be near enaugh i measured a friend 5'8.75 plus nike show was 5'10 1/8 cruise was very simillar boots on also another 5'7. Friend who was There and was 5'7.5 shoes on he had a thin shoe cruise was notocably taller he was shocked ,
Truth said on 17/Aug/15
That's not true TalkingHeads, the new generation is taller due to all the hormones in meat, dairy, etc... Traces of anabolic growth hormones have even been found in poultry and tap water. Agree with you, long term, this can't be good but one ailment they won't have is being short.
177cmGuy said on 16/Aug/15
A flat 5'7 is too low but I think 5'7.5 is arguable
TalkingHeads said on 15/Aug/15
The average is lower now seeing how many short guys are in college. And especially with americans awful diets. I can buy 5'8,5 for the average, down from 5'9.
Tunman said on 15/Aug/15
are people really believing he's only 5'3?That's maybe exagerated.
It's true that many think he's short.Ironically like in Sly's case lifts made people think they are short,shorter than they really are.
That's the problem with people who are insecure about height.They unvoluntarily bring interest about how tall they are and most people think "he's wearing lifts,he tries to hide the fact he's a midget"and that sort of things.
Countless people in other sites argue whether Sarkozy is 150 or 155 when he's roughly 3 cm shorter than Hollande
Gregory Barbosa said on 15/Aug/15
Ok now I'm seriously confused. If you pause at 00:01:35 at the beginning of Collateral, the scene when he and Statham bump and exchange suitcases, there's a clear close-up on their shoes. What's super weird is that Statham's shoes have heels that are twice the heights of Tom's.
Yet they both appear the same height. Can't wrap my brain around this one. Statham is listed as 5'9" so why would he wear elevators in a scene with Cruise? Either Jason is super short (Jet Li territory) or Cruise needs to be upgraded to 5'10". Unless the director (upon Cruise's request) shot the shoe scene (which lasts no more than a fraction of a second) specially to confuse the height watch brigade... and have them change shoes for the headshot?
Gotta say, that would be weird though.
So which is it, upgrade for Cruise or Downgrade for Statham???
Rend said on 14/Aug/15
Rob, is wearing 3 inch lifted shoes possible for cruise case?
[Editor Rob: I don't think I've seen any obvious 2-inch lifts inside a 1-1.5 inch boot, but he could fit a 1-inch lift and most people wouldn't really notice anything different.]
the shredder said on 14/Aug/15
Agree , average still is 5,9 , 5,10
jim said on 13/Aug/15
There is a scene in War of the world's in his house when he runs up the stairs and to the back glass door and you can see his elevators shoes come off.
I mean he was essentially on stilts, walking on top of the shoes. It was then I said this guy must be tiny to have to walk on top of his shoes next to a kid. way is he 5.7. Great actor though, that just pops off the screen and brings movies to life
Shawn said on 12/Aug/15
James, the average height hasn't increased 2 inches in the past 30 years. Maybe 1 at the very most. Yes, even amongst the "younger" generation, I still see a lot of short guys.
James B said on 11/Aug/15
I think amongst the young crowd in the US given the average is 5'10-5'10.5 he is considered to be short. In the 80s though he would be more like lower end of average.

So overall cruise is quite short for a man but not very short.

Cruise is slightly taller than me (I am 170-171cm).
John said on 10/Aug/15
5 ft 6in and below is short
5 ft 7in is below average
5 ft 8in is low average
5 ft 9 in is average
5 ft 10 in is average
5 ft 11 in is above average
6 ft 0 in and above is tall
6 ft 4 in and above is very tall
Jack said on 10/Aug/15
5'7 barefoot
5'8 in shoes
5'9 in shoe lifts
5'10 in 3 inch elevator shoes
5'11 in 4 inch elevator boots
Emil 182-183 cm said on 9/Aug/15
@Gregory Barbosa
Painful truth about those rings is that they are not making your neck longer they're pushing down your shoulders
[Editor Rob: don't tell Tom Cruise that!]
Gregory Barbosa said on 7/Aug/15
haha Would make a funny postcard! A few more rings to tighten the noose and he'll be getting higher into the hypoxia zone, puffing nimbus with Tom Green Click Here
The Toms are great :-)
Dom said on 7/Aug/15
Always looks at least 5'8
Duhon said on 5/Aug/15
90% of the public's perception is how tall they WANT him to be not how tall he actually appears. He appears around 5'8" really but many in the public for some reason want to believe he is 5'3".
Gregory Barbosa said on 4/Aug/15
Look at Tom's neck. It's very long relative to his body. I suspect he had it elongated. Also he's got short arms and a large waist. Like Damon, he's a mesomorph. If Jonah Hill worked out, he could be the next Tom Cruise.
[Editor Rob: Gregory, don't go giving Tom ideas...he may well End up like this!]
Parker said on 4/Aug/15
philip44 says on 2/Aug/15
lol this site is the only site that gives tom cruise a boost to his height, he is listed at 5 ft 7 on google and everything lol

lol - Every other site bar this one has Kevin Hart listed at the same height as Jerry Ferrara. Google and everything.
Go and look at pics of them together and tell me which site you believe.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Aug/15
He looks like he's pushing 5ft8
Ellen said on 3/Aug/15
Hi Rob, i just want to be sure. Is 172cm his height in the morning or evening? How low do you think he can drop after a full day of standing and walking?
[Editor Rob: Ellen, I believe Tom drops under 5ft 8 a fraction by afternoon, and wakes up comfortably over 5ft 8 in the morning.]
Sam said on 3/Aug/15
Tom has always been downgraded for his height, ever since people began saying he had 'little man syndrome' (which to some extent may or may not be true, but doesn't diminish his real height). 171cm-172cm is probably his range. Below average definitely, short arguable. Either way I think he's past caring what the media thinks, you sort of have to be to be a celebrity because they will say anything about you to attract public attention.
philip44 said on 2/Aug/15
lol this site is the only site that gives tom cruise a boost to his height, he is listed at 5 ft 7 on google and everything lol
[Editor Rob: it's not a boost unless Tom was measured 5ft 7 flat.]
Dmeyer said on 2/Aug/15
Cruise could defenetly get 2.25in from those and measure 5'10 looking 176cm with exelent posture Click Here
Chase Witherspoon said on 2/Aug/15
That's a serious arch he's taming, so I suspect some form of heel elevation skulduggery to achieve a 5'9" claim? That would translate to a barefoot nadir of 170/5'7" surely...
Johnny said on 1/Aug/15
Cruise really is 5'6-5'7 range. Certaintly no taller than a flat 5'7.
Tan said on 1/Aug/15
The difference w/ Tom Cruise is the he has "a little man syndrome!"
Ed Kline said on 31/Jul/15
I just watched All The Right Moves again (on Netflix if anyone want to confirm), and in the bedroom scene where they are both barefoot, Leah Thompson is about 3.5 inches shorter than Tom Cruise, maybe 4 inches at most ( if I am being generous) , and maybe less than 3 at least. Pretty damning for Cruise's barefoot height. Even if she is 5'3.5 I don't see how Cruise could be anything over 5'7.5 and could easily see him being a bit less than that.
The Dutch Guy said on 30/Jul/15
5'7'' out of bed
5'6.5'' is his most common height (he is so tiny!)
Arch Stanton said on 30/Jul/15
I'd guess more in 155-60 pound range today, he's carrying more muscle than he used to.
Parker said on 30/Jul/15
Thing is with Cruise, with his posture and foowear he can really look the 5'9 he claims until you see him next to a legit 5'11.

He can't be more than 5'8.

Click Here
Jeff said on 29/Jul/15
Rob, what's the deal with those 2015 elevators? Cruise doesn't usually wear that outrageous footwear. The only time I recall him wearing elevators was for the Knight and Day premiere in Japan a few years back... I mean, if he's always wanted to walk tall, why wait now?
[Editor Rob: I think he is just wanting to look taller, maybe he has fallen into the trap of reading some articles and heard more talk about his height?

It would not surprise me if many people in media are annoyed when they meet Tom he isn't some 5ft 6-7 range guy...and now with elevators he can comfortably look between 5ft 8 and 9 to people.

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Jul/15
He can pull off the full 5ft8
Duhon said on 29/Jul/15
According to most internet listings these two men are supposed to be the same height Click Here 5'7"
[Editor Rob: yeah and according to these billion dollar companies, they tell visitors that this girl is 169cm and tom a mere 170cm: Yer Having a Laugh!...there are no lifts in those shoes...

But Tom is fighting back in 2015 with his new elevators. He's had it up to his neck with insults, digs and is now Walking taller...
Shawn said on 28/Jul/15
"gizmoqueen says on 28/Jul/15
It's a given. Guys always add 2 inches when asked 'how tall are you'. Ask any guy"

The editor of this website doesn't ;)
Ron said on 28/Jul/15

What do you think his weight is around? Im guessing maybe 140/145 max 150 lbs. he looks like he hasnt gained anything and always has stayed the same aside for movie roles. What do you think?
[Editor Rob: I doubt he's anywhere as low as that in last 20 years, he looks more than that.]
KJK said on 28/Jul/15
the shredder says on 22/Jul/15
He looks over 5'7 . The shortest he ever looked was 5'7.5 with Lea Thompso

I can see that you still ignore the Hamilton/Cruise Pictures. Lewis Hamilton is 171 cm and when Tom stood next to him on two occasions he wasn't the taller man. Search Lewis Hamilton Tom Cruise on google.. And since Tom is a famous lifts-wearer he might be even shorter than 171 cm. He is probably 5'7' max.
dmeyer said on 28/Jul/15
I have experience those can give 1.7-2.1in no more or less
Harold said on 28/Jul/15
"Yes, they look like elevator shoes. I think he wore them at another event, the one where Arnie was in shock as Tom was only a few inches smaller."
Well, Rob, maybe it wasn't shock on Arnie's face but envy. Cruise is worth a great deal more money and owns his own production company. Cruise has had a 35 year career and is arguably as big box office as he's ever been. Schwarzenegger goes directly to video. Arnie has a good five inches on Tom. But Tom has a good 500 million on Arnie. Who's laughing all the way to the bank?
Jimbo said on 28/Jul/15
Look at jimmy fallon lip sync with Tom, look at his shoes as he walks up on stage.
Jeff said on 28/Jul/15
Rob, are you saying that he's getting around one inch on other people with those shoes? How come he still looks a little shorter than Simon Pegg in those pics?
[Editor Rob: yes he'll get about an inch more. I think in some pics Pegg had a decent boot himself, but then at recent event Tom's All Smiles as in his 2015 elevator shoes and Pegg in converse style, he's looking not too bad against Simon...]
gizmoqueen said on 28/Jul/15
It's a given. Guys always add 2 inches when asked 'how tall are you'. Ask any guy
lily said on 26/Jul/15
171cm morning
170cm afternoon
169cm evening
2toes said on 26/Jul/15
Excellent posture and lifts can make him appear a solid 5'9" on some events
Dmeyer said on 25/Jul/15
Those Will give no more than 2in , counting pivoting and room for lifts
jaymorgan007 said on 25/Jul/15
@ Jeff and @ rob

He is definitely wearing lifts at the premiere of Rogue Nation. Mind you, and I'm sure Rob would agree, they're not massive lifts. They looked about 4-5 centimeter ones. Would you agree, Rob?

By the way, I still believe tom is taller than 5'7, but not taller than 5'8, barefoot.
[Editor Rob: they aren't giving him the kind of height that Downey gets at times (nearly 3 inches), but they are big enough to be obvious elevator shoes.]
Shawn said on 25/Jul/15
Those are definitely elevators. The giveaway is always when the back end of the pant-leg can't seem to cover the ankle of the shoe.

Still though, those are by no means monsters. Rob, if I had to guess, I'd say in total he's getting 2.5 inches out of those (heels + insole). So really only 1.25 inches more than you'd get from a standard dress shoe... fair guess?
[Editor Rob: I doubt more than 2.2 from them, that is a very hefty amount really when you see how big the insole has to be. Getting 2.5 I'd be surprised.]
Jeff said on 25/Jul/15
Rob, how much do those shoes give him over a normal pair?
[Editor Rob: I would say they give 2.1-2.2 maybe...I can't see them being more than that range.]
Jeff said on 24/Jul/15
Rob, is he wearing lifts there? Click Here
[Editor Rob: here's a lighter, bigger Shot of them.

Yes, they look like elevator shoes. I think he wore them at another event, the one where Arnie was in shock as Tom was only a few inches smaller...
Socalg said on 23/Jul/15
My dad always used to tell me doesn't make a difference how tall you are or how tall the girl is because it always even out in bed . Y'all seem to forget Susan Anton dating Dudley Moore now there was a height difference . As for myself I'm only 5'5"I dated a girl 6'1" I have to tell you she was the best lay of my life . And dad was right it all evens out in bed . Best of luck
andre said on 23/Jul/15
is possible tom about 5ft6.5 barefoot ?

he uses huge hells
the shredder said on 22/Jul/15
He looks over 5'7 . The shortest he ever looked was 5'7.5 with Lea Thompson
john said on 20/Jul/15
5'7 seems right for him...he wears those fancy shoes and boots sometimes...both give him almost 2 inches so he is almost 5'9 in them..but 5'7 would be right for him
mande2014 said on 16/Jul/15
Daniel Radcliffe, Woody Allen, Dustin Hoffman, and Al Pacino all have typical well-proportioned 'short dude' builds. Tom Cruise just doesn't look like that. He really doesn't.
mande2014 said on 16/Jul/15

Tom has the frame and build of a weak average guy. He just doesn't have the run-of-the-mill 'short dude' build of a guy who's over 5'4 but under 5'7.
jamie179cm said on 15/Jul/15
@will how is it obvious when the guy wears liftes?
mande2013 said on 15/Jul/15
I'm pretty sure he stands 5'7, no more no less. He's three inches taller than 5'4 Curtis Armstrong in Risky Business.
truth said on 14/Jul/15
@Will because he is short. The tallest shot height is 5ft9 and the shortest tall height is 6ft0 :).
Will said on 13/Jul/15
It is very obvious that Cruise is 5'7"-5'8". Anything 5'6" and under is garbage. He is below average, so not a tall person. Most people view him in the short category.
184.3cm (Night) said on 13/Jul/15
171cm 5'7.5" nowadays he lost a quarter inch :)
jamie179cm said on 11/Jul/15
tom a tricky one but i doubt he's over 170cm in barefeet anyway
2toes said on 10/Jul/15
He is exactly 172.38097654767894 centimeters tall - late afternoon height
Ricky muliawan hansyar: 5ft 7.5in (171cm) said on 8/Jul/15
Rob,might be possible he is 5ft7.5 now?he is 53 years old
[Editor Rob: he is in very good shape for his age. He might have lost a few mm though, at early 50's, a small few mm loss is common, but most people aren't going to notice it unless they measured every year and tracked their height that way.

There was an article last year I think in Star which mentioned about Tom's worries about losing a 1/4 of an inch...]
David 185 - 186 cm said on 7/Jul/15
Maybe 5 ft 7 in
jump said on 5/Jul/15
One that hurts him is his smaller body frame so it makes him look even shorter. Also limb lengthing surgery screws up your legs for life. Not worth it.
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't say it screws up. It might depend on the doctor doing the surgery and the care given during the rehabilitation.
A good percentage will be back to good health after a year, but of course another percentage might end up with problems, complications and never quite get back to how their legs were before surgery.]
jump said on 5/Jul/15
One that hurts him is his smaller body frame so it makes him look even shorter. Also limb lengthing surgery screws up your legs for life. Not worth it.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 2/Jul/15
an anonymous peach says on 11/Jun/15
Why hasn't Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr or Sylvester Stallone resorted to limb-lengthening surgery yet?

Lol there's absolutely no reason to do that...
Julian said on 2/Jul/15
Well, maybe 171cm. MAX in his youth, but I realy doubt it. I honestly think he is no taller than 170. Witch is not so bad as some may think, realy.
sabot said on 2/Jul/15
Matthew says on 24/Jun/15
The ground is sloped heavily in Tom's favor in the first 3 pics.


Indeed. PLUS they are not wearing the same typ of sneakers. Toms shoe sole is clearly thicker than Katies. The height listing ist fair, he must be arround that height.
Teyman said on 2/Jul/15
Its normal that tom cruise have a insoles in shoes. Everybody do this me too, i 'am about 1.76. But i think tom cruise 1.72
Jay said on 1/Jul/15

I think it's becoming more difficult. Certainly it would be a almost impossible today to market 5'4ish actors like Michael j. Fox and Emilio Estevez in the roles they played in major movies back in the 80s. But I think it's still possible for guys who are at least 5'7-5'8 as long as they have a decent build/frame which makes a big difference. Tom's shorter than all the women in those photos but he's still noticibly more substantial/manly and can easily look like he's 5'11 on screen with lifts and camera tricks. Someone like Kit Harington really feels the effects of being only 5'7 because he has such a slight build and narrow shoulders.
starLord said on 30/Jun/15
CRUISE cant be 5'6. Hes short but not that short. He's 5'7. He is only mocked because he always wears 2/3 inch lifts.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Jun/15
5ft6 for Cruise is pathetic. He definitely clears 5ft7.
djjrr said on 28/Jun/15
When did Cruise start wearing lifts in his films? Do you think he would be seen different if say he was 5'10 instead of 5'7 or would he still wear lifts? Brad Pitt is 5'10/11
Ricky muliawan hansyar: 5ft 7.5in (171cm) said on 28/Jun/15
Rob,are you agree if I say tom cruise regulary around 171.5cm in the evening?I need your comment?
[Editor Rob: I think it is far more believable than 170cm evening for me.]
Arch Stanton said on 27/Jun/15
@Djjrr Yes, plenty wore lifts in that period, Bing Crosby, Peter Lorre, Humphrey Bogart, Dean Martin, Dana Andrews to name a few.
andre said on 27/Jun/15
tom is 5ft7 barefoot
djjrr said on 26/Jun/15
Which came first? The fact that people mocked Cruise for being short or Cruise himself began wearing 2-3inch lifts? 5'7 is short but its not super short. When did he begin wearing lifts in films? In Top Gun he did not have lifts. Maybe it was Rain Man.

Were there big movie stars in the 30s or 40s or 50s that also wore lifts?
MJKoP said on 26/Jun/15
If the pics posted by DCarp don't provide a compelling enough case for Rob to upgrade Tom to a minimum of 5'8", then I don't think anything will.
hijopotamus said on 25/Jun/15
Just watched Rain Man. 5'6 for Tom.
With his tricky shoes he reaches the 5'9" mark.
Matthew said on 24/Jun/15
DCarp says on 18/Jun/15
He seems to be a strong 5'8. Considering that Katie Holmes is a solid 5'9.
It's highly doubtful for him to stuff a 2-inches sole inside the running shoes.


The ground is sloped heavily in Tom's favor in the first 3 pics.
lelman said on 23/Jun/15
Was watching Mission Impossible a couple days ago with a few friends, and they were all joking about Tom was probably stood on a box the whole film, or everyone was walking in trenches beside him. Quite interesting as I'd never really heard anyone say anything like it in real life.

I said he's not even that short and they were all adamant he is 5'6" tops, if not even shorter. I wonder where this whole thing came from. You think it's kind of like Chinese whispers, one person once said "Tom is kinda short for an actor, he wears lifts" and it became "Tom is a midget, he wears 5 inch elevator boots just to reach 5 foot".
Jay said on 20/Jun/15
Plus that pic with Katie wearing flats and Tom with boots.
Jay said on 20/Jun/15
Katie is 5'9 so it's more than an inch.
Parker said on 20/Jun/15
DCarp says on 18/Jun/15
He seems to be a strong 5'8. Considering that Katie Holmes is a solid 5'9.
It's highly doubtful for him to stuff a 2-inches sole inside the running shoes.

Yeh, the Katie Holmes pictures have been flogged to death, there are numerous pics out there to show there was little difference between their heights. An inch tops in Katie's favour.

Click Here
DCarp said on 18/Jun/15
He seems to be a strong 5'8. Considering that Katie Holmes is a solid 5'9.
It's highly doubtful for him to stuff a 2-inches sole inside the running shoes.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
ManKo said on 14/Jun/15
an anonymous peach
Probably becouse there is always an small risk, plus its imposible to do that surgery without others noticing it, which could be very bad for their careers (everyone will talk about it, while elevator shoes are more Discreet ).

Besides, if you do that surgery you will spend a long time on a wheelchair, and during that time you cant work either.
an anonymous peach said on 11/Jun/15
Why hasn't Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr or Sylvester Stallone resorted to limb-lengthening surgery yet?
jackie said on 8/Jun/15
his height listed here isn't terribly bad. i mean, he's a super major movie star! i wouldn't care, if i were tom cruise. he makes short look cool. look at ben stiller.
jackie said on 8/Jun/15
his height listed here isn't terribly bad. i mean, he's a super major movie star! i wouldn't care, if i were tom cruise. he makes short look cool. look at ben affleck.
mande2013 said on 8/Jun/15
I wouldn't say Tom always looks average in films though. In Jerry Maguire and Top Gun he seems week average, like 5'8-ish.
mande2013 said on 8/Jun/15
Shawn: That list is incomplete without Alan Ladd and Gene Kelly. ;-)
dh said on 8/Jun/15
who wears the highest lifts in Hollywood? Downey Jr or Cruise? They both wear 3 inch lifts right?
dh said on 8/Jun/15
Gosling and Tatum are only 6'0, 6'1. Slightly tall but not Tall like say the classic films stars like John Wayne or Clark Gable or Rock Hudson and many more. Those guys were 6'2 and taller.
hijopotamus said on 8/Jun/15
AJAY, height doesn't matter to you but it surely does to Tom!
an anonymous peach said on 8/Jun/15
@AJAY, sorry, but 172cm is not the "perfect height" for a man - it's below average but not terribly short.

With that being said, I would love to hear a claim from Cruise nowadays, he might actually be honest or try to gamble a 5ft 8 or 9 claim again.
Alex said on 7/Jun/15
Lots of actors are under 6ft
184.3cm (Night) said on 7/Jun/15
Its funny because most people who meet him away from Hollywood think he is 5'10. So even if you factor in people overestimating by an inch he still looks 5'9 to people. With lifts he can pull off maybe 1.5 inches taller as he doesnt wear Diesel boots or Downey Jr elevators.
So smallest he could be is 5'7.5" in my mind.
AJAY said on 6/Jun/15
Tom has a perfect height and height is d'snt matter because tom is a stunning actor nd do a great job in movies nd a great actor for me and I m the huge fan of tom cruise and I wish ever I could meet him.
Shawn said on 3/Jun/15
Very true Arch Stanton. But on the same token, you also had James Dean, Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney, Laurence Olivier, Kirk Douglas, and Steve McQueen, all of whom were well under 6ft. It was a pretty even mix of 6ft+ and sub-6 footers, something you just don't see nowadays.
Tunman said on 2/Jun/15
@The master and Celebheights
5'11 is maybe underrated but still I wouldn't call it tall for US.Rather upper average.I think once you hit 6'you have much stronger chances to be called tall.
In my country however,where average for youngsters is only 5'8 there is a general consensus that 180 is tall.5'10 is seen as upper average/tallish although some persons basically the short ones may also describe it as tall
Well,it's true although now Hollywood is more open to genres that allow such heights to be successful,I mean in action films most of these guys (Radcliffe,Hutcherson...)are unlikely to play the role of hero,I don't know but I think it's due to a common belief among people than height=strength and security (hence most of action actors are average to tall, generally between 5'9-6'2).
However if you watch some "teenage series"you will see there are many short actors and also with weak frail bodies.
Shawn said on 2/Jun/15
AdeyP, you're entitled to your opinion. Maybe I should've been more clear... when I said making it in Hollywood, I was talking more in the sense of leading man-status (like Cruise). All those names you listed, (Tom Hardy possibly being an exception), are usually assigned quirky, side-kick type roles... character actors if you will. Meanwhile all the leading man roles are going to guys like Channing Tatum, Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, etc.

Again, you can point to sub 6-footers like Downey, Wahlberg, Gibson, etc., but none of those guys are what I'd classify as new actors. They all started their careers well before the "digital age."
Arch Stanton said on 1/Jun/15
Shawn says on 30/May/15
Rob, do you think it's harder for a guy Tom's height to be successful in Hollywood now than it was back in the 1980s (when Cruse began his career)?

With a few rare exceptions (Zac Efron being a notable example), it seems all the younger guys making it big in Hollywood these days are 6ft+, whereas back then young actors in the 5'7"-5'9" range were a lot more common.

In the 80s, yes the typical "hearthrob" type in film for whatever reason was average or even shortish, but Hollywood has always been favorable to taller guys, in fact if you look at many of the big stars of the Golden Era, think Gregory Peck, Jimmy Stewart, Rock Hudson, John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Burt Lancaster, Cary Grant, Waler Pidgeon, Clark Gable, Errol Flynn etc, they were all over 6 ft.
The Master said on 1/Jun/15
@Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM
If this is guy is short, then 5'11.25" is tall. Who else agrees? I think that the 5'11" range is seriously underrated anyhow.

I agree with your every word.
Shawn said on 1/Jun/15
"[Editor Rob: I think there are more obstacles, I'd say it is tougher to reach that kind of level today.

Other guys like Whalberg or Downey, maybe they aren't quite as big a star, but still right up there.]"

Fair enough. And no doubt Downey and Wahlberg are stars in their own right, but even both of them got their start in the "pre-internet" era. I think the internet has honestly started making it harder. People now had an outlet, and very large one, to be more critical of celebrities' appearances. .. Case in point, ;)
AdeyP said on 1/Jun/15
Rob, do you think it's harder for a guy Tom's height to be successful in Hollywood now than it was back in the 1980s (when Cruse began his career)?

With a few rare exceptions (Zac Efron being a notable example), it seems all the younger guys making it big in Hollywood these days are 6ft+, whereas back then young actors in the 5'7"-5'9" range were a lot more common.
Ask Dave Franco, Jonah Hill, Tom Hardy, Danielle Radcliffe, Josh Hutcherson, Michael Cera, Jesse Eisenberg. I think your above statement is flippant and inaccurate. Much like 5-10 years ago when people say all soccer players are 6 foot plus. They'd forgotten about Messi, Iniesta, Fabregas, Neymar, Sanchez, Cazorla, Silva, Lahm, Tevez, Aguero, Wilshere, Jordia Alba, Mascherano etc.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 1/Jun/15
If this is guy is short, then 5'11.25" is tall. Who else agrees? I think that the 5'11" range is seriously underrated anyhow.
The Master said on 31/May/15
He's 5'8.5", I'm sure of it. Just look at him with Richard Hammond.
Shawn said on 30/May/15
Rob, do you think it's harder for a guy Tom's height to be successful in Hollywood now than it was back in the 1980s (when Cruse began his career)?

With a few rare exceptions (Zac Efron being a notable example), it seems all the younger guys making it big in Hollywood these days are 6ft+, whereas back then young actors in the 5'7"-5'9" range were a lot more common.
[Editor Rob: I think there are more obstacles, I'd say it is tougher to reach that kind of level today.

Other guys like Whalberg or Downey, maybe they aren't quite as big a star, but still right up there.
Irregular Contributor said on 26/May/15
People really downgrade Tom Cruise it seems. Not on this site, but in general. I've talked to people who thought Tom Cruise was 5'5" or 5'6". Also I one time told a woman that I wasn't to pleased with my height (I'm 5'5") and she said "cheer up, Tom Cruise is your height, and lots of pretty ladies like him."

Anyways, I always have seen Tom Cruise as only slightly below average, never short. I could see him being close to 5'8" out of bed.
John95 said on 26/May/15
I still think 5'6.5 evening height.
Erica said on 24/May/15
He's not short for the average American male. He's short for a Hollywood leading man. An article from Listverse says "most actors are way shorter than you’d think. Tom Cruise at 170 centimeters (5’7″) is average": Click Here
184.3cm (Night) said on 23/May/15
See above Billy Connolly a 6 ft man thought he was 5'10. I would be surprised if he was 5'7 flat.
djjrr said on 21/May/15
So do no other actors or regular people not react when they meet him with or without lifts? He's 5'7 but looks 5'10 in films. I would Mr. CRUISEA, no need for lifts around me man.
zyzz said on 19/May/15
5'7 barefoot i think. cool guy though. super humble and surprisingly genuine.
Key said on 18/May/15
I'm going with 5'7 (170 cm). He's no taller than that.
Tom Cruise is the king of shoe lifts. lol
Sean said on 17/May/15
Hijopatomus, there's no more reason to be sure that Tom has the footwear advantage than there is to believe that Robin had and advantage, since you can't see the waste down, let alone their feet.
hijopotamus said on 17/May/15
Any pic with Tom in it means "footwear advantage of any kind"
Saying the contrary is like saying pro bodybuilders are not using gear.
[Editor Rob: can you change your name please or I'll keep changing it to hijopotamus]
the shredder said on 16/May/15
Tom is taller than him .
Parker said on 16/May/15
hijopotamus says on 16/May/15
Tom, Williams was 5'7" and I'm SURE Tom was wearing footwear advantage

hijopotamus said on 16/May/15
Tom, Williams was 5'7" and I'm SURE Tom was wearing footwear advantage. Now Parker will claim the angle wasn't good enough (when Cruise looks small) and claim an angle where he looks taller. Oh.wait, there is no angle in that pic with Robin LOL
tom said on 14/May/15
tom cruise robin williams same height Click Here
Parker said on 14/May/15
hijoputa says on 13/May/15
Parker, don't you know there are different types of elevators? Those must be the biggest possible.
Check a different shoe and if Nicole was wesring high heels she would be towering Pitt..
Click Here

Yeh, but try the pic from a different angle

Click Here
Dmeyer said on 13/May/15
Good post Parker
Parker said on 13/May/15
hijoputa says on 12/May/15
5'9" wearing elevators. Don't you guys remember when Nicole (5'10") was wearing flats and Cruise his elevators and still 2-3 inches shorter??

We don't remember no.
Click Here
the shredder said on 12/May/15
People keep saying he looked short in The Outsiders , He did not , He was taller than C.thomas Howell who was taller than Ralph Macchio and towered Emilio . He was barely shorter than Rob Low , the only 2 that made him look short were Matt Dillion and Patrick Swayze .
Powerhouse said on 11/May/15
The thing with Tom Cruise is if you watch some of his older films like The Outsiders and Risky Business you can tell he is a short guy. In my opinion he looked 5'7 range and he still can look 5'7 like in the pictures above. Its funny because his leg length seems to change. For example in the pictures above Tom looks like a 5'6.5 - 5'7 guy and you can see he has short arms and legs. But other times you see him in suspect footwear where his legs look much longer and he pulls off looking 5'9. Its pretty clear he wears elevators often.
the shredder said on 9/May/15
He did not have cowboy boots , his hair was not as much as it looks , and Newman was 5'10 peak.
GP said on 8/May/15
I remember that he was couple inches shorter than Paul Newman in Color of Money. And you have to take into account that Cruise was wearing cowboy boots, had hair advantage, Newman was 60 with not so good posture and possibly lost little height then. In my view Cruise is nothing more than 170 and when you are worth as much as he is, you can manage to reach 5'10" in shoes.
Dmeyer said on 7/May/15
Crise sometimes wears 1.2-1.5in shoes with a 1in lifts They Will give 2-2.25in and hé général can looks a 174-176cm with those on strong 171 to 172cm not 173cm i agrée with alex
Sammy Derrick said on 6/May/15
Tom Cruise,I heard this guy was 5'7 and I was shocked.
I thought that I had heard 5'11.
Well he's a modern day Napoleon.5'7 alpha male...
mande2013 said on 5/May/15
Does anyone else find it funny that with all this talk about taller man being happier and making more money and what not that showbiz is one of the least heightist industries there is.
Alex said on 3/May/15
5'7-5'7.5 I'm convinced he's not 5'8
CD said on 3/May/15
Rob do you see Cruise as a guy who drops 3/8s below 5ft 8 (like G did 5ft 7) or do you think he'd come in just a tiny bit shy of the mark? I guess that is a hard question for you to answer though because it is likely Tom has lost a few mm!
[Editor Rob: I think he would at his low measure under 5ft 8, it's always a question of how much...some think barely anything, others see him right down to 5ft 7 flat. I think the 1/4 inch under is a reasonable guess for his low.]
Joe257 said on 2/May/15
Rob, your comment was ambiguous! So you're saying Cruise looks 5'9" - 5'9.5" in ELEVATOR shoes!? Jeez, I would've thought he'd look 5'9" wearing NORMAL shoes, since he is practically 5'8" barefoot. With his nice elevator shoes Tom Cruise looks about 5'10" to me (standing next to other Celebrities)!
[Editor Rob: I'm saying relative to somebody in 0.75-1 inch type shoes, Cruise can pull off looking like a 5ft 9 range person to them...of course he might measure 5ft 10-10.25.]
mande2013 said on 2/May/15
I'd say 171/172 cm range is distinctively below average without being 'short'. 166-170cm is the 'normal short' range for males with 165 cm and below being very short.
Joe257 said on 1/May/15
Rob, how tall do you think Tom Cruise is while wearing his thick elevator shoes!? Like, maybe about 5'10"!?
[Editor Rob:
To look 5ft 10 to people he really needs to get 3 inches of height from a boot. I think at times he might have got 2-2.5 range from elevators, but still I haven't seen him in huge 3-3.5 inch style boots.

When you try to get nearly 4 inches of height in a boot you need to shorten the boots length because the angle of the foot is like a tip-toe. You go from having a size 9 foot to a size 6.5-7 foot. It looks obvious in photos...I've never seen Cruise with shortened boots, so I doubt he's ever worn elevators anywhere near 4 inches.]
Joe said on 29/Apr/15
Hey Rob, considering the fact that Tom is nearly as tall as you, would you consider 172 cm to be a "short" height? He's in good shape and proportioned well, so often in pictures by himself he gives a taller impression.
[Editor Rob: it is just a solid inch under average.
If it falls into a short category then are we going to say 1 inch above average is tall?

Height comes in ranges, I'd say 5ft 8 was low end of average, but it would still be viewed as short by a good chunk of people.]
Parker said on 27/Apr/15
5'9 Sugar Ray Leonard with 5'7 Stallone
Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 24/Apr/15
He appeared to be a full 5'8" by Dustin Hoffman.
jj said on 24/Apr/15
I ran into him in elevator @ tiffany & Co in NY 15 years ago...
I'm a solid 5'7"... I was wearing regular shoes.. I remember thinking his boot like shoes were "heavy" but don't know.. we were eye to eye. Actually a pretty thin person as well I was was surprised....he also had great hair.. :)
Height183 said on 23/Apr/15
@Parker: Fair enough, at least you are not guessing him at anything crazy like 5'8''+. But for me, I think he would measure something like 5'6.75'' on the Stadiometer.
Parker said on 23/Apr/15
Beckham and Cruise
Click Here
Beckham and Owen
Click Here
Val said on 22/Apr/15
Click Here -take away Toms poofy hair and you've got a strong 1 inch difference ( forehead and eye level also show 1 inch,maybe 1.25 at most). Pegg is 5'8.75, so Tom at 5'7'75 is the most he is,and if he was wearing small lifts,then a flat 5'7 is possible too.
:D said on 22/Apr/15
Imagine Sly on the other side ^^ epic
Parker said on 22/Apr/15
Height183 says on 21/Apr/15
Anything above 5'7'' for Owen is a joke

Well, we'll have to agree to disagree. I think a flat 5'7 is too low for Owen. He's noticeably taller than Paul Scholes on BT Sport, and he is not a full 3 inches shorter than Shearer
Click Here

The editor has him at the same height as Cruise. I'll go for 5'7.5
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 22/Apr/15
I used to think Cruise was 5'7, but the Pena pics changed my mind.

This is the thing:
1. We have Rob pics with Danny Trejo, so we can know Trejo's range of about 5'5.75 with near certainty..
2. We have Pena with Trejo, and in them Pena definitely looks taller. He's looks close to the 5'7 mark
3. We have Pena with Cruise and Cruise looks solidly taller... As in, tall enough that there's no way Cruise can be only 5'7 flat.

It's still possible he was lifting next to Pena.
MJKoP said on 21/Apr/15
Click Here

Cruise is nothing under 5'8".
:D said on 21/Apr/15
Tom and Arnold scroll down Click Here
[Editor Rob: to save you scrolling Click Here ;)]
Height183 said on 21/Apr/15
''such as this one''

Parker the picture you posted has an awful tilt favouring Owen. Just look at the building and trees in the background. I don't know if you realise that or not. My picture actually shows their real difference. This has nothing to do with grass. Owen isn't standing on top of a mud castle that is growing out of the grass in the picture which I posted. I hope I have helped you understand this better. Owen looks like 5'6'' guy 50% of the time to most people. Anything above 5'7'' for Owen is a joke.
Adamz said on 21/Apr/15
Probably not below 171.5cm
Parker said on 20/Apr/15
Height183 says on 19/Apr/15
@Beckham: Just about 5'7'' for Owen is fair. he is a good 2 inches shorter than Wayne Rooney who is nothing more than 5'9'

Agreed he does look 2 inches shorter in that pic, but I'm always wary of pics taken on grass - such as this one

Click Here
Parker said on 20/Apr/15
2toes says on 19/Apr/15
You must need new glasses if you think that's a 3-inch difference!

Owens eyebrows line up with Beckham's mouth so ok, 3.5 inches. So that
puts Owen at least 5'7.5 if Beckham is a flat 5'11. What's your estimate.?
184.3cm said on 20/Apr/15
Height183 says on 19/Apr/15
@Beckham: Just about 5'7'' for Owen is fair. he is a good 2 inches shorter than Wayne Rooney who is nothing more than 5'9''

Also 4 inches under a 5'11 Alex Ferguson so i would say closer to 5'7.
2toes said on 19/Apr/15
Beckham says on 17/Apr/15
Height183 says on 17/Apr/15
Michael Owen at 5'8'' is crazy! LOL

Lampard claims 6',Beckham claims 5'11 - Here's Owen looking 3 inches shorter than Beckham. How tall do you think Owen is? 5'6??
Click Here

You must need new glasses if you think that's a 3-inch difference!
Height183 said on 19/Apr/15
@Beckham: Just about 5'7'' for Owen is fair. he is a good 2 inches shorter than Wayne Rooney who is nothing more than 5'9''

Click Here
Parker said on 18/Apr/15
Sorry 'Beckham' was me. Wish I had his bank balance lol
184.3cm said on 18/Apr/15
Owen is 5'7 at best.
Parker said on 18/Apr/15
Height183 says on 17/Apr/15
Michael Owen at 5'8'' is crazy! LOL

Why is it crazy? Rob has Gary Barlow at 5'7.5
Click Here
Beckham said on 17/Apr/15
Height183 says on 17/Apr/15
Michael Owen at 5'8'' is crazy! LOL

Lampard claims 6',Beckham claims 5'11 - Here's Owen looking 3 inches shorter than Beckham. How tall do you think Owen is? 5'6??
Click Here
Height183 said on 17/Apr/15
Michael Owen at 5'8'' is crazy! LOL
2toes said on 16/Apr/15
Parker says on 14/Apr/15
Michael Owen claims 5'8

If Michael Owen is 5'8", G is a quarter-of-an-inch near his dreamed height.
lelman said on 16/Apr/15
He's a weak 5ft 8 at best, there is just no way this guy is taller than that. Yeah he can look it at times, but we all know why that is.

Rob's listing is good, the full 5ft 8 is a bit generous. It's not impossible but that is really the VERY tallest he could be. I think 5ft 7.5 is perfect for him, he strikes me as more as a 5ft 7 guy than a 5ft 8 one. But that's just me.

@hm Maybe not that extreme, though he's definitely wearing elevator shoes of some kind. He looks nearly as tall as Jude Law on occasion.
Parker said on 15/Apr/15
Springwheat says on 14/Apr/15
He was definitely wearing lifts when he 'guest starred' on Top Gear with Cameron Diaz; she was in flats and taller than him.

Flats? that what they call shoes with 4 inch heels?
Click Here

or did you mean outside the studio where she definately was wearing flats......if you think she was taller than Cruise here, fair enough.
Click Here
hm said on 14/Apr/15
doesnt robert downey jr wear 3-4inch lifts now?
Parker said on 14/Apr/15
MJKoP says on 12/Apr/15
Not max 5'8". Min 5'8".

Solid 3 inches between Beckham and Cruise.
Click Here

Michael Owen claims 5'8
Click Here
Click Here

Cruise looks close to 5'8, but not above IMO.
Springwheat said on 14/Apr/15
He was definitely wearing lifts when he 'guest starred' on Top Gear with Cameron Diaz; she was in flats and taller than him.
Dmeyer said on 12/Apr/15
With. ´beckham. He can look 170-1cm
MJKoP said on 12/Apr/15
Not max 5'8". Min 5'8".
mande2013 said on 9/Apr/15
Parker: It's hard to tell with those two photos, due to the angle in one and the fact that Beckham is leaning in and isn't right next to Cruise in the other, but I think it's safe to say that if one person's eyes are level with another's lips that indicates roughly a 2.5 inch difference in height, and if your eyes come up to the bottom of someone's chin that indicates about four inches.
Parker said on 8/Apr/15
VDF - I don't disagree which is why I was making the point max 5'8. The pic was taken outdoors so I guess Becks may have had ground advantage.

All the pics I've seen with Beckham there looks a 3-4 inch difference. 3 here
Click Here

4 here, but Beckham had a thick GAP style boot on.
Click Here
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 7/Apr/15

I think Cruise is closer to 5'8 than 5'7, but I've always seen that picture as confounding evidence. Not accounting for the lean Beckham looks a strong 3" above Cruise. When you factor in how much people can lose from lean I'd say Cruise looks closer to 5'7 there.
Parker said on 5/Apr/15
This is one of the definitive pics of Cruise for me. Beckham claims 5'11, and he looks it. Cruise is a solid 3 inches shorter in this pic (Beckham is leaning in)

I can't comment on Cruise's footwear, but he cannot be over 5'8 IMO.

Click Here
Bionic117 said on 4/Apr/15
A friend of mine met him at the red carpet for "Jack Reacher", I have a copy of the photo (but won't post that as I have not asked permission) and she is a very strong 5ft 9"/ 177 nearly as tall as me as a 178cm man. The photo is from the waist up so you can't see either's footware but she is in small heels and Tom just edges her looking about 5ft10".... so discounting his shoes and the likelihood that he is a lifter.... he can't be far off 5ft 8" barefoot. As an educated guess, I'd say he is about 174cm-173 first thing in the morning (barefoot), I think this is a good listing for Mr Cruise. If he really is a year 170cm as stated on IMDB he must be waring some very big elevator shoes, like 3-5" to have looked so tall with a such a genuinely tall lady. Mr Cruise- 173cm?
I'm a BIG fan off this site, Keep up the good work Rob! :-)
TJ said on 3/Apr/15
PLB, the 'Tiny Tom' idea is clearly rather silly. Danny DeVito is 'tiny'. Cruise is an inch or two below average.
Brad said on 3/Apr/15
At 20 million per picture, he could wear sandals and not care. As listed in '15.
Harold said on 2/Apr/15
But let's say Cruise, for the sake of hypothetical argument, underwent leg lengthening surgery, he would also have to undergo arm lengthening surgery or else he would have what would amount to alligator arms. Better to keep standing on a box and keep cashing those checks as the highest paid actor in the world. He's overcome his 'shortcomings.'
PLB said on 1/Apr/15
Isn't it odd that there is no standard surgical procedure to make men (and women) taller? Women can get their breasts augmented and no one thinks any the worse of them for it. Why not height augmentation?

I'm not a surgeon but it doesn't seem that hard to me. Bone must be typed like other tissues. Couldn't you just get say two inches of human skin bone and strip all the organic matter from it. Then splice it into Tiny Tom's legs. There might be some kind of titanium support structure that could be removed when the natural bone grew over the donor bone skeleton.

Cruise has at least $20 million dollars. Doesn't he? Price should not be a sticking point. If he wore long pants for a year that hid the scars - it should be possible to fit this kind of operation in with his movie career.

What am I missing?
[Editor Rob: there is limb lengthening surgery available. You'd need 6-9 months out of the limelight to go through it and get to a basic walking stage again...and then many more months getting back to physically good condition. Also the risks and complications are far much more to consider than your tummy tuck, nosejob, hair transplant or facelift style procedures that a good chunk of actors have done. ]
mande2013 said on 1/Apr/15
But the clincher is how Cruise compares to people who are 6 foot or above, because a flat 170 cm guy will still be "dwarfed" by someone who is at least a legit 6 foot or taller.
spainmen191cm said on 1/Apr/15
Rob, is 5ft4 possible for Pablo Motos?
[Editor Rob: could be a bit under 5ft 5]
mande2013 said on 1/Apr/15
Perhaps it's his proportions coupled with his stature that draw attention. He may be a 5'7 guy, but he has weak average proportions, which is why he so easily pulls off looking 5'8-5'9 on screen. McAvoy on the other hand clearly has the proportions of a 169-170 cm guy.
Mc51295 said on 31/Mar/15
5'7. Not a dwarf. Not a giant. Along the lines of James McAvoy, Oscar Isaac, Kiefer Sutherland, and Christoph Waltz. These guys are not midgets. Hell, they're barely small.
funny stuff said on 31/Mar/15
I'm 5'7", nothing to brag about I know but it's legitimate. I used to play basketball with Jerry Levine who was in Born on the 4th of July with Tom Cruise. Jerry Levine was at either eye level with me or shorter. I know because we'd guard each other. There's a scene in Born where they're walking down the town's street and Levine is clearly a couple inches taller than Cruise. Guessing he's 5'5-5'6 and that doesn't count all the speculation one's heard over the years.
h said on 31/Mar/15
well how tall is Arnold? Could he have just been 6 feet when he came to Hollywood and wore lifts or had camera angles to make him appear even taller? Isn't Stallone really 5'8 but wore 4 inch lifts for 30 years?
184.3cm said on 31/Mar/15
Not under 5'7.5" anyway. Boggles the mind that people still think he is 5'6-5'7 range.
Parker said on 30/Mar/15
Motos looked very similar to Daniel Radcliffe - clip on U tube
Click Here

More confirmation Cruise closer to 5'8 than 5'7 IMO.
2toes said on 30/Mar/15
Cruise dwarfing Pablo Motos:

Click Here

172.5 cms range, practicaly 5'8"
[Editor Rob: I doubt the guy is over 5ft 5, Cruise can make him appear barely even 5ft 5, more 5ft 4 range!]
James B said on 30/Mar/15
On the subject of actors getting picked on for there height i find the weirdest one is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was a legit tall man in his prime yet a lot of people call BS on him ever being near 6'2.

I suppose him standing next to 6'5.5 Rolf Moller and 6'4.75-6'5 Joe Mangelio does not help his cause but the guy is no fresh spring chicken.

Hard to believe a prime Arnie would only be 3.5-4 inches shorter than Joe Mangelio.
Duhon said on 30/Mar/15
Does anyone think that if Tom didn't have his preference for relatively tall women, that all the talk about his supposed diminutive stature would have never come about? Just based on how he appears in his movies he never actually comes off as short but just average.
JB said on 29/Mar/15
I agree with Parker. Probably lots of 5 foot 9 or self-measured "5 foot 10" guys who's egos were crushed when they met Tom and realized he's relatively the same size as them. Don't get me wrong, I still think Tom is in the 5'7" height range, but he's not the midget people make him out to be.
GP said on 29/Mar/15
Parker, Tom is a big star, you get lot of media attention. So they gonna start nitpicking to find something negative to write about him. In his case, it's his height and his religion. You can't talk about his religion, but when he claims he is average height and in reality he is below average and regularly wears lifts in his shoes, now you gave the media something to write about you. I don't think media brainwashes people, people chose to believe what they want. Some people wanna see Tom as a midget, so they can feel less insecure about their own insecurities. I don't even know why people read those gossip magazines, everything pretty much is made up. In my opinion people wanna be told what to believe rather than using their own mind and try to see the truth.
LO said on 29/Mar/15
i doubt many would make fun of him if he wasn't always wearing lifts. AS someone mentioned 5'7 isn't really short. It's just 2-3 inches short of average. everyone knows someone who is 5'7. It'd be 1 thing if Cruise was 5'4. Heck even Michael J Fox is 5'4 and people got over that but they continue to pick on Cruise who is 3 inches taller.
Panda said on 29/Mar/15
Parker, they couldn't even get Cameron Diaz's real height correct. Cameron Diaz is 5'8" so of course Tom Cruise isn't going to be much shorter than her, he's not under 5'7" for sure so naturally they will be about the same height. The media can be really stupid at times. Picking on a guy simply because he is 2-3 inches below average (even then the media wants him to be SHORTER) when he has other qualities that deserve getting crap.
Parker said on 29/Mar/15
GP says on 27/Mar/15
Arch, the reason they view him like that in Hollywood is because when he says he is 5'9" and when you meet him and he looks 2 inches shorter than that.

Actually its the opposite - the media have brainwashed people so much that even members of the media question how he can look so tall when they meet him
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

The truth is, this guy can pull off looking 5'9 at times.
Click Here
JB said on 29/Mar/15
It's not abnormal for a 5'7" guy to claim 5'9". It happens all the time in real life and nobody bats an eye. Unfortunately Tom's famous so people called him out on it. It's because he's famous that he gets so much grief. And also a 5'7" guy in real life would barely be considered short and definitely not a midget.
LJR said on 28/Mar/15
I think he gets height grief because he comes across on screen shorter than he is. I mean in some MI4 shots he looked tiny, and I loved the film and him in it. he just does, and he looks even smaller in the MI5 Trailer, which I'd guess is the case since he's for sure as tall as Renner. So that makes Renner a very tall looking 5'7 and Cruise a very stocky/ short looking 5'7
the shredder said on 27/Mar/15
Tom would clear 5'7 if measured .
GP said on 27/Mar/15
Arch, the reason they view him like that in Hollywood is because when he says he is 5'9" and when you meet him and he looks 2 inches shorter than that, people don't take you seriously and start making fun of you. They do the same to Stallone, Van Damme, etc... We even did the same to Glenn on here when he was claiming 5'8" but wasn't even reaching 5'7".
Chuckie Cheese 2 said on 26/Mar/15
Yeah, 5'7" to 5'8" somewhere in that range. All the early listings in the 80's -90's say he claimed 5 ft 9. Subtracting a fat inch, 5 ft 8 tops.

5'7 to 6 ft is the industry standard for regular sizes on men's Tuxedos. Tom is just the lower end of medium height. The average serviceman in the U.S. army from 1862 to 1942 was approx. 5 ft 8 -- and they were not dwarves.
Shawn said on 26/Mar/15
Arch Stanton, Cruise used to have the "hunk/heartthrob" status in the late 80s and throught pretty much all of the 90s as well.

I think it's only been in the past decade or so when the Scientology stuff came about (combined with his other antics) that people to start picking on him. So they attack his height, even though he's not that short.
Arch Stanton said on 25/Mar/15
The funny thing is that I've read articles referring to Tom as a midget or "diminuative actor" and the same newspapers refer to guys who are actually only a bit taller (like Statham) as a "big hunk". And they really create an impression on the minds of the public. A guy like Cruise is taken for a dwarf, but nobody batters an eyelid over genuinely really short guys like Radcliffe and Scott Caan!
Height183 said on 25/Mar/15
LMAO @ Danimal Digest
lily said on 24/Mar/15
hahaha woau congs Tom.I just like u but I never like to hear that u divorced with Kate
I love her I love or couple
ur height is gud but keep growin lol
James B said on 24/Mar/15
Rob my dad told me last weekend how a newspaper has exposed tom cruises true height to be 5ft6 or something like that?

I am guessing the newspaper he may have referred to was 'the sun' or the 'the sunday mirror'. there the name of my local newspapers in england.
[Editor Rob: yes I know the newspaper, it's the 'Danimal Digest'.

No seriously, I've not seen this article...if anybody read it let us know, I like reading these articles to see the angle that journalists take.]
Jackie Jacks said on 22/Mar/15
Who cares! A lot of jealous ugly men!!!
Tom is a real movie star. I've heard that Alan Ladd was said to walk on wooden planks next to his starring woman. He was a treat to watch like Tom is.
Alex said on 22/Mar/15
Maybe he could be 5'7.25-5'7.5 he looks short at times but then he also looks 5'8 at times. I'm going to say 5'7.5 tops
Will said on 22/Mar/15
Tom Cruise is 5'7 3/4". Not too tall. But he is of slightly under average height. Because the average height of an American male is 5'9".
MJKoP said on 22/Mar/15
This should put to rest any doubts that Tom Cruise is at least 5'8"(but it likely won't). Here he is pictured with his number one impersonator Evan Ferrante, who describes himself as 5'5"(1.65 M).

Click Here
[Editor Rob: if they had same shoes and he was 5ft 5 Tom can pull off 5ft 9 there. Maybe the other guy isn't quite 5ft 5...]
Wow said on 20/Mar/15
This is one for the ages, so hard to pinpoint, he is so aware of his height you can never know with him unless he's barefoot. I think 171.25 tops...
MA said on 19/Mar/15
5'7 in real life is not short. Just below average. I had a 5'5 friend say tom cruise was 5'2 lol. He said it to feel better about himself. Only women and insecure men worry about height.
Panda said on 18/Mar/15
I generally agree with your heights Rob but I differ on Tom Cruise's height. I think Tom Cruise is closer to 5'7" than he is to 5'8". I think that Tom Cruise is 5'7", maybe 5'7.25" but not more than 5'7.5" (5'7.5" is being a bit generous). My guess is only 0.25 inch to 0.75 inch lower than yours Rob so it is not way off but still I think he's 5'7" (170 cm). He may be "short" in my opinion but I definitely would not consider him to be a "midget". Not that it matters because he is an example (along with others) that you don't have to be tall to make it big in life. It's not like people didn't already know that but the point is I think Tom Cruise is 5'7", maybe a fraction over.
Alex said on 18/Mar/15
Nah cruise is a good 5'8 I use to think he was 5'7 but after seeing rain man again he looks 5'8-5'9
Brad said on 17/Mar/15
Cruise would top G-ster by 1.5" if both barefoot '15.
Mathew said on 16/Mar/15
Alex says on 13/Mar/15
Cruise could be 5'9 look a picture with G


You cannot be serious. Cruise was like 1/2" taller than G tops. And he was stretching himself with ramrod posture. To be fair, it's just one photo. They're both lift wearers, who knows what the ground was like, etc. I would put him in the 170 - 172 cm range based on what I've seen.
Sam said on 16/Mar/15
Below average height is discredited more than above average is given credit for I guess. People have never made a big deal about any 5ft11.5 man being "super tall" yet Tom Cruise at the other end of the spectrum has been made out to be some kind of "dwarf". Its just the media exaggerating.
Dmeyer said on 16/Mar/15
When pitt and cruise are in equal footwear they are 3in apart 5'7.75 and 5'10.75
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Mar/15
Rob, do you think Cruise could have been 5ft8 peak?

He is 52
[Editor Rob: if he's lost anything I think it is a tiny amount.]
JB said on 16/Mar/15
@184.3 I suppose so. I always considered 6 feet the beginning of tall but 5'11.5" is close enough to 6 feet.
Ron said on 15/Mar/15
He looks like an average guy on screen, let's be fair in any film you're going to get tall actors, short actors and those in between, and it depends on how one carries themselves whether they appear "short" or "tall". For example when you get Manu Bennet standing next to Liam McIntyre, Bennett is 4 inches shorter but the way he carries himself can either make him out to be tall end of average or make McIntyre look awkward and lanky. Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christiensen is another good example.
What I'm saying is whilst I think Tom may be as low as 5'7 (in itself a totally respectable height) he never shows that height, he never tells himself "I'm a small guy" and comes across like that in films, Edge of Tomorrow, War of the Worlds, Night and Day, he always looks a comfortable average, and other actors look either short or lanky in comparison to him, if you get my drift. He totally doesn't deserve his "short" stigma. A friend of mine a couple of weeks back was talking about his movies to me, she herself is about 5'1, and she was aghast at the idea he is actual 7-8 range and stuck to the idea that he was barely taller than herself. The ridiculousness of the media, eh?
184.3cm said on 14/Mar/15
So with an average of 5'9.5 in the US, Tom lets say is 5'7.5 which people say here is short that means 5'11.5 starts tall then?
Alex said on 13/Mar/15
Cruise could be 5'9 look a picture with G
Dmeyer said on 7/Mar/15
Because of shoes he can look 172 173 174 and 175-6cm at Times , so 5'7.5-7.75 is fair
CDS said on 6/Mar/15
I was watching "Edge of Tomorrow" recently, and co-star 5'11" Bill Paxton totally dwarfed him. It occurred to me that with those lifts he wears, a 5'7" guy wouldn't look too far off a 5'11" or near-6' guy-?? Hmmm... but 5'4"-?? LOL I wouldn't give him anything less than 5'6"..
[Editor Rob: Paxton isn't as short as 5ft 11.]
chrisi said on 6/Mar/15
i think he only can be in the range between 167cm-170cm. It's too crazy calling a 172cm or 173cm man a midget or even being the most known short actor with that height. so i say a weak 170cm at most!
Nick Cassidy 185.3 CM said on 6/Mar/15
170 CM
5'7.75 is even generous
JPDB said on 6/Mar/15
he's probably only 5'4" & wears elevator shoes.
Mathew said on 2/Mar/15
Parker says on 27/Feb/15
hi says on 26/Feb/15
he's 5'7. He dates much taller women and then he wears 3 inch lifts. weird

Strange, I've seen 100's of pics of Cruise,but I've never seen him in 3 inch lifts,unlike RDJ
Click Here


Those look like they could be close to 4" to be honest.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Mar/15
5'6.5 is short but "Unbelievably short" would be more sub 5 ft 5 or 4, sorry Pesci :-).
Parker said on 27/Feb/15
hi says on 26/Feb/15
he's 5'7. He dates much taller women and then he wears 3 inch lifts. weird

Strange, I've seen 100's of pics of Cruise,but I've never seen him in 3 inch lifts,unlike RDJ
Click Here
Sean5 said on 26/Feb/15
Hi Rob what height difference between the two appears to be in the middle pic with Rosamund Pike?
[Editor Rob: somewhere close to 3 inches is possible, maybe tad under. With Katie it looks quite near 3 aswell, although Katie's heels are less than Rosamund's. Tom's boots not much more than his shoes on the Katie shot.]
hi said on 26/Feb/15
he's 5'7. He dates much taller women and then he wears 3 inch lifts. weird
Shawn said on 26/Feb/15
"nev says on 25/Feb/15
This guy is unbelievably short. 5' 6.5" max."

Get a grip. He's between 5'7"-5'8", and that's not "unbelievably short", there's many men within this height range.

Click Here

Go to the link I've posted above... That's unbelievably short.
CD said on 25/Feb/15
Most people lose more than 1/4-1/2 inch between out of bed and night JB. More like 3/4 of an inch.
JB said on 25/Feb/15
At his tallest he might reach 5'7.75" out of bed. By the end of the day he's 5'7.25"-5'7.5"
nev said on 25/Feb/15
This guy is unbelievably short. 5' 6.5" max.
Do bee da boo said on 24/Feb/15
look at the photograph with katie holmes, he stretches hymself as much as he can, yet he looks like a child next to her. Tom should just embrace his shortness
Sam said on 23/Feb/15
I don't get the whole obsession of Cruise only dating taller women. If anything wouldn't that make him less insecure? Most guys would probably find it too off-putting dating a woman taller than them, yet doesn't bother Cruise but he's still the one getting the flack for it and then people assume he must have a napoleon complex. Sounds like the media is more insecure than Tom, otherwise they wouldn't keep bashing him.
miko said on 23/Feb/15
He could be anywhere from 5'7.5 to 5'8.25 depending on the time of the day.

He looks close to 5'8 most of the time. In his biggest lifts he's looked a solid 5'9.5/weak 5'10.
Arch Stanton said on 23/Feb/15
ask 2 says on 21/Feb/15
how different would his career have been if he was 177cm instead of 170cm?

Wouldn't have made any difference. Looks, ability and work ethic mean more than height overall in Hollywood, even if they are to some extent heightist and prefer taller actors. I think Cruise likes to wear shoes which give him decent boost to look nearer average but I also don't think he has this massive complex. There's some stars in the Golden Hollywood era who'd refuse to work with women over a given height and would wear lifts in every film and demand that they were made to look taller on screen. Cruise isn't like that, could certainly not marry a near 5'11 woman if you were a short guy with a complex!
184.3cm said on 23/Feb/15
The reason i think he got so much grief about his height is because he married tall women. He is just under average height but next to women who hit 6'1-6'2 in heels he is diminutive. Rod Stewart had the same problem and he is a solid average height.
[Editor Rob: I think some of it is jealousy, some of it possibly tied to his attachment to his religion but that other factor - his partner's heights - has to play a big role aswell as it becomes an easy angle to use in articles as it is quite visual and rarer to marry taller women.
Kourosh said on 23/Feb/15
@bobby Joe i no they are not all the times. they are many cases of nurses at clinic measured people by 1 to 2 inches below their actual heights.

My brother is legit 5'11 and he is 5'11.5 fresh out of bed and nurse measured him just under 5'10 which is absurd. I'm 5'9.5 which is under 5'10 and my brother is clearly taller than me.

i measured him with aerosol method ( i put spray on top of his head) then i left mark right under spray and i measured him at 180.3 bang on 5'11 on evening. I remember when i was talking to one of doctors at clinic that said their height measuring instruments are not so trustworthy when i was taking my annual medical checkup.

Tom cruise is no less than 5'7 and no more than 5'8 i believe 5'7.5 is spot on. He is not short guy but weak or below average.
Anon said on 23/Feb/15
@Jeff: M:I2 was in 2000. Cruise is 5'8 or 5'8.5", I reckon.
uhoh said on 22/Feb/15
Ask 2: You question about what if tom was 177cm. The truth is that Tom usually has 9 cm lifts on. If he were 177cm he would appear 2-3cm shorter than he currently is in movies.
random said on 22/Feb/15
he is 5'10", billy connolly said that when he met him, someone made up the lie that he is 5'7" to slander him
Jeff said on 22/Feb/15
@Pete. I don't think Cruise is as height-aware as people want him to be. I've seen tons of pictures of him on set. Never wears lift. And a guy with a height complex wouldn't get married with a 5'11 and 5'9 woman. In addition to that, his female co-stars are almost constantly taller than average. The last average woman he co-starred with was 5'4 Thandie Newton in M:I2 in 2002...
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" said on 21/Feb/15
Sometimes they can measure you there.
ask 2 said on 21/Feb/15
how different would his career have been if he was 177cm instead of 170cm?
pete said on 21/Feb/15
I think the current listing is right on. He's just knocking on the door of 5'8. What's interesting is that he's pretty close in height to guys like joaquin phoenix or mark wahlberg but he get's a ton of grief about his height in the media and phoenix and wahlberg are able to pass themselves off as more or less average height guys. The difference seems to be the fact that cruise kind of fits into the napoleon complex stereotype (only dating women taller than him, acting crazy or like an egomaniac at times).
Bobby joe said on 21/Feb/15
Lorne, doctor instruments are extremely accurate, so I'm thinking your scale and whatever you used to measure your height are most likely off
Bishop said on 21/Feb/15
Lorne is correct. A hospital once put me down at 5'11" when I'm a legit 6'1". They don't really measure you at times. Cruise looks 171-172 cm to me.
high and low said on 21/Feb/15
Taking the law of averages into account, to be shorter than all three women regardless of heels (because tom's wearing secret heels) means he is shorter than average. My 5'7 friend wears flat shoes and he never looks this small.

Barefoot tom is no more than 5'6 and a half (being generous) in my opinion, and although being a shorter guy it has not effected his career at all.
Lorne??? said on 20/Feb/15
For the record, he's still 171.5-172 evening...
Lorne??? said on 20/Feb/15
You can't trust medical records! I recently went to the hospital, they put my height at 5'6 and my weight at 58kg, when I'm actually 5ft8 and weigh 55kg soaking wet!
(And no, I'm not G'ing it up! They didn't measure or weigh me, although they did ask my weight and still wrote it wrong.)
My point is, sometimes they just guess. Other times they just ask you. So you can't assume a medical record, even if proven legit is 100% accurate, whether it said he was 5ft6 or his own claimed 5ft9...
joaquin said on 20/Feb/15
169cm through the day, to be honest 170 cm flat out of bed. mission impossible 2 was the best part than all the others.
joaquin said on 20/Feb/15
169cm through the day, to be honest 170 cm flat out of bed. mission impossible 2 was the best part than all the others.
Julian said on 20/Feb/15
C'moooon, he's NO MORE than 5'7!!!!!
Zach Parker 6'0.5 said on 20/Feb/15
170 CM
TR39 said on 19/Feb/15
He's 5'7.25"
b-mint1994 said on 18/Feb/15
Man this guy gets a lot of hate for his height. 5'7" ain't even that short.
Turkishboy said on 18/Feb/15
1.72,5 cm
Chris said on 18/Feb/15
I think he cant be under 5ft8 because thats a beta height and scientology doesnt allow anything but alpha males in their ranks and thats why tom cruise is 5ft9
haHUH said on 16/Feb/15
Cruise actually lied about his height by 2-3 inches. Hilarious.

5'7 but stands 5'10 in shoes and claims a 5'9 height. Even when you have 500 million dollars, the dude is so insecure about being 3 inches shorter than usual. why doesn't he just date short women/
Parker said on 16/Feb/15 says on 16/Feb/15
those are 10 cm elevator boots he is wearing with Fallon tho..well known fact

10cms? haha - I needed cheering up. Awful day at work, best laugh I've had today.
CDS said on 16/Feb/15
Personally, I think Cruise looks taller than 5'6" myself- onscreen easily in the 5'10" range, just asking if it's possible? Like if maybe he's 5'6 1/2" barefoot end of the day height- 5'7 1/2" in shoes- round up to 5'8"-?? I know in the early '90s, 5'9" was his official height for awhile- maybe with the hair?? He's obviously doing some lifting along the way. And if you look at him in his early films- especially "The Outsiders", he just looks so little... said on 16/Feb/15
those are 10 cm elevator boots he is wearing with Fallon tho..well known fact
CD said on 16/Feb/15
Cruise did have G by about an inch. Of course you could, by a stretch of the imagination say they were the same height, but I can believe Tom looks almost 5ft 8 with G.
Parker said on 16/Feb/15
Don't know how Tom does it, but he can pull off looking 5'9 at times. Here he is looking an inch shorter than Jimmy Fallon
Click Here

Got to say when I hear/see these 5'6 range comments for Cruise I have to laugh.
haHUH said on 15/Feb/15
that would be funny if brad pitt was really 5'9
adl said on 15/Feb/15
surely CRUISE has had a medical in the past 30 years of superstar fame
Brad said on 15/Feb/15
An as listed Cruise owned a 5' 6.5" G. Oprah helped out Bieber by being in total flats, heels with Cruise.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 14/Feb/15
If there are actual medical records, then those are what to trust since he would have had to have been measured.
adl said on 13/Feb/15
how tall does Cruise say he himself is? I could swear i seen reports of him claiming to be 5'9? But what I wonder is when did he start wearing lifts to appear taller? was it in Top Gun or Rain Man? For sure he had them in the 90's
the shredder said on 13/Feb/15
I started " The Danimal Digest " Joke. LOL We like you though Danimal.
orangeman said on 7/Feb/15
how tall is Jake Gyllenhaal? He met Cruise at the premiere of Prince of Persia and was quite a few inches taller. And this is with Cruise in obvious lifts.
Parker said on 4/Feb/15
Joe says on 3/Feb/15
He is only 5'7", makes Jeremy Renner who is 5'8 look tall.

Enlighten me Joe - How is Cruise making Renner look tall?

Click Here
Shawn said on 4/Feb/15
Joe, your comment makes no sense. You're saying a 5'7" man makes a 5'8" man look tall by comparison? Do you realize how minimal a 1 inch difference in height looks between two people when standing side by side?
Joe said on 3/Feb/15
Tom Cruise boasted about being 5'9", LOL. Still has a huge bank account. He is only 5'7", makes Jeremy Renner who is 5'8 look tall.
Sam said on 3/Feb/15
around 171cm, maybe 172cm at a push but wouldn't say any taller.
Dmeyer said on 2/Feb/15
Click Here , rob can you pût this photo up instead , in the one you pût up he seems 6cm shorter wish is not the case évén considering feetwear
mike said on 2/Feb/15
Rob, have you seen him on operah?(aka when he said I LOVE....) Yea that time? He was only an inch taller than operah, he is just 5'7
[Editor Rob: didn't she have heels on? ]
the shredder said on 31/Jan/15
Rob , possible Lea Thompson lost some herself ?
[Editor Rob: my pic is from 2008, nearly 7 years ago so she was what, about 46...not impossible to lose a fraction by mid 40's of course!]
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" said on 29/Jan/15
That's true, but he is 52 now (turning 53 in July).
CD said on 29/Jan/15
Rob how surprised would you be if Tom measured 5ft 7.5 barefoot? I'd say that is just as likely as measuring 5ft 8 at peak if he lost 1/4 inch.
[Editor Rob: I would be more surprised if he measured 5ft 7 flat. Going back to early roles, barefoot with lea thompson I think he could look anywhere from 5ft 7 up to 8. Also I finally got confirmation about Whether Tom wears lifts]
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 28/Jan/15
Peak: 5'8"
Today: 5'7.75"

Is there any chance that you will upgrade his peak height, and then put this height for how tall he is today?
[Editor Rob: has Tom lost a 1/4 inch?

I don't know, he has been quite an active and physical actor in many films, but I think he has looked the same...although you could say trying to tell 1/4 inch differences is very hard!]
The Exorcist said on 28/Jan/15

That is a 2" difference in your first photo. It's pretty clear that Tom's face is raised a little, but Look at the difference between their noses, look at the difference between their eyes. Only about an inch. The distance between their foreheads isn't a much as it appears...that's Kevin's spiky hairdo. Your second photo isn't good for judging height because nobody is standing straight.
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 28/Jan/15
Parker says on 27/Jan/15
Josh says on 27/Jan/15
Here he is with felix Baumgartner who is listed at 5'6 (168 cm)

I've only seen Baumgartner listed at 5'7.

Click Here
Parker said on 28/Jan/15
Danimal says on 28/Jan/15
Rob, Kevin Bacon (who you have listed at 5'10") had way more than 2" on Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men
That's minimum 3" (look at the top of their heads).

Have a look at where the eye level of the shorter person lines up when there is a 3 inch difference - the mouth of the taller person.
Click Here

Cruise eyes are above the top of Bacon's nose - 2 inches, not 3 IMO.
2toes said on 28/Jan/15
Danimal, in that pic with Bacon he looks a full 5'8" XD
[Editor Rob: there was a short clip on Youtoob with them together.]
high and low said on 28/Jan/15
Barefoot I believe cruise is 5'6 and a hair, he's definitely a smaller guy but this is nothing new and hasn't stopped his career.
2toes said on 28/Jan/15
Maybe he would be a full 5'8" with a bigger head.
Danimal said on 28/Jan/15
Rob, Kevin Bacon (who you have listed at 5'10") had way more than 2" on Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men.

Click Here

That's minimum 3" (look at the top of their heads). Cruise is under 5'7" as I've been saying for years.

And another pic of 5'10" Kevin Bacon and Cruise.

Click Here
Sean5 said on 27/Jan/15
Going have to agree with 3 foot, finally in 2015 he's been exposed although G still thinks he's 5'9 close enough
Ian C said on 27/Jan/15
Not only does he go out in public with tall women, he lets them wear heels. You've got to admire that kind of humility in a movie leading man. The only case I can think of to top it is Sean Connery going around in public without a hairpiece while he was still playing James Bond.
HI said on 27/Jan/15
anyone how tall Cruise was in the photo with emilio estevez and Rob Lowe?

I mean he couldn't have been wearing 2-3 inch lifts from the start of his career right?
Parker said on 27/Jan/15
Baumgartner with 5'8 Jackie Chan
Click Here

Still think he's 5'6 Josh?
Parker said on 27/Jan/15
Baumgartner looks similar height to Hasslehoff's gf in heels. 5'7 would be a head shorter than Hasslehoff........doesn't look a 5'6 guy.
Click Here
Josh said on 27/Jan/15
Ok youre right, i only saw the one pic i've posted. Baumgartner is for sure nothing more than 168 cm, somebody say he might be even shorter but on his official Site he is listed 168 cm and i think that is true
Kourosh said on 27/Jan/15
tom cruise is 3.0 tall
[Editor Rob: for 30 seconds he was 3 feet tall on here! Fact!]
2toes said on 27/Jan/15
Josh he looks only a small fraction under 5'8" in the pic you posted if Baumgartner is 168 cms.
Parker said on 27/Jan/15
Josh says on 27/Jan/15
Here he is with felix Baumgartner who is listed at 5'6 (168 cm)

I've only seen Baumgartner listed at 5'7.

And here's a better pic with equivalent footwear
Click Here

Click Here

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.