How tall is Tom Cruise ?

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Tom Cruise height: 5ft 7.75in (172 cm)

American actor best known for starring in films like Top Gun, Rain Man, Mission Impossible, Jerry Maguire and Minority Report. The Biggest star in Hollywood has attracted a myriad of articles that seem to target his 'apparent' lack of height, even going so far as to claim Tom is seeking advice over a potential quarter inch loss in stature. Tom's height is regularly listed as being 5ft 7, although back in the 1980's he was actually being commonly referred to as an average average 5ft 8 or 9, and in 1988 Tom himself was quoted saying: "I have always been pretty much the same weight, 147 pounds - at 5 feet 9 inches." His ex-wife, Nicole Kidman, once remarked "Now I can wear heels again", saying that she was a couple of inches taller than him and producer Don Simpsons was quoted saying that "I'll never put Tom Cruise down. He's already kinda short."

Scottish comedian Billy Connolly piped in on the topic, laughing at the notion Tom was some sort of pint-sized midget, exclaiming that "Tom was at least 5ft 10...[he's a] Smashing guy. Everybody thinks he's a small guy. He's not. I think they would like him to be wee. I think they're jealous b**tards."

Richard Harris seemingly thought the opposite, saying: "Tom Cruise is a midget and he has eight bodyguards, all 6ft 10in, which makes him even more diminutive. It's an absolute joke. Actors are unimportant." There is never-ending speculation as to whether he wears lifts or elevated boots, even some magazines falsely crediting an innocuous pair of Air Force One sneakers as some form of thick wedged elevator sneaker.

Tom with 5ft 8-9 Actresses Rosamund Pike, Katie Holmes and Cameron Diaz
Photos by PR Photos
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Fan says on 30/Sep/14
This man is 1.72 meters.
JimmyDizzleDean says on 29/Sep/14
My buddy works on film sets and has met Cruiser a few times. They are both 5'7" flat. So not too far off.
John says on 29/Sep/14
I would say worldwide 5ft 6in and under is the start of short for a man.
5ft 7in and 5ft 8in are below average but aren't in the really short range, anything under 5ft 5in would be in that category.
Nazo says on 29/Sep/14
@MrTrueMan tom is clearly 5ft 7,75 inches
Dmeyer says on 28/Sep/14
Évén taugh he look 5'9 or a slidge more in person at Times 5'7.5 is very possible
184.3cm says on 28/Sep/14
Always thought 170 -171 cm. He always looks short and his lifts dont help. Just draws attention to his short amrms and torso.
MrTrueMan says on 28/Sep/14
Oke guys No lies anymore ! Here is the real height of tom cruise and katie holmes on barefoot.

Click Here

So Tom cruise is 1.72m and Katie holmes is 1.73 about 1.74.

No more lies no more nonsense guys !
Andrea says on 28/Sep/14
In fact, 2.5 inches lifts would make him near 5'10 and look like a solid 5'9 person... It's not that difficult to understand. Anywhere between 5'7 and 5'7.75 is possible!
SAMMY DERRICK says on 27/Sep/14
I was talking to a friend years ago,and we reached the subject of height.He told me that TOM CRUISE IS 5'7!!!AND I WAS IN SHOCK!!!AND I ASKED,"5'7 OR 5'11?
AND IT'S 5'7.Tom is a good looking and talented actors who has dated tall sexy women so stop feeling insecure about your height.
Truehuman says on 27/Sep/14
1.72 1.72 1.72 1.72 2.72
jamie179cm says on 26/Sep/14
Andrea tom wouldn't just wear 1.5 lifts he would wear 2.0 or 2.5 lifts maybe even more at times
jamie179cm says on 26/Sep/14
Nicolas and Azad why can't he look 5ft10 in lifts not to mention he doesn't have a body frame of a 5ft7.75
Azad says on 25/Sep/14
Rob say Tom is 5ft. 7.75 in, but nobody believe him?

Oke he is absoluty 1.72
lol93 says on 25/Sep/14
There is no way a guy like Tom Cruise would go to an event without wearing some sort of lift ,I've changed my mind and I think he is around 5'6-5'6.5
Andrea says on 25/Sep/14
Dont you think guys like Robert DJ or Vin Diesel have worn those shoes sometimes? I mean, i dont know how they'd appear or how they would walk in, so i ask you that. Only thing i know is these guys have worn some ridicolous footwear in the past and they probably wouldn't give a f€$k if they were too obvious!
[Editor Rob: they might have gone into 2.5-3 range, but near 3.8 inches is a massive boot, they might walk a bit more funny in them. Downey Jr has worn the biggest footwear, he's probably touched 3-3.5 range at times.]
Nicolas says on 24/Sep/14
In my eyes he is 5ft 7.75 inch and not under.....
Andrea says on 23/Sep/14
A person, to appear 5'9, has to be around 5'10 shoes (in this case lifts) on! Dmeyer said he looked a solid 5'9 guy, so he's gotta be at least 5'7.5 barefoot, 5'7 flat maybe is too low as 5'8 is too high... So, he must be somewhere between 5'7 and 5'8. 5'7.75 is the most he could be...
[Editor Rob: one thing is, these actors aren't wearing the really huge elevators, they are too obvious. Although imagine they did, you can see in my latest video Beside Jenny that the Dons Elevator Shoes easily match a platform heeled girl...]
jamie179cm says on 23/Sep/14
Andrea exactly a legit 5ft7.75 guy can pull of looking 5ft10 in lifts i think tom true height is around 169cm 170cm
Connor183 says on 23/Sep/14
If hes 5ft 9 in lifts then hes no more than 5ft 7 barefeet, like jamie said he would have to be 5ft 10 in the lifts to be a true 5ft 7.75 guy which he is clearly not he needs a downgrade Rob i think deep down you know he isnt almost your height.
Me says on 22/Sep/14
He looks 5'10 most of the time
Andrea says on 22/Sep/14
Well, a reliable visitor like Dmeyer said he looked like a 5'9-5'9.25 in person, of course with lifts on... Which means he's gotta be near 5'10 in lifts, so lets say he had 2.5 inches lifts on, that makes him near 5'7.5-5'7.75, as listed. Anywhere between 5'7 and 7.75 is possible, IMO... 5'7.5 might be bang on! Still a short guy...
jamie179cm says on 21/Sep/14
Connor183 glad you agree with me(: Italio if he is 5ft7.75 why can't he pull of a 5ft10 look? hes no more than 5ft7
Italio says on 21/Sep/14
It's very simple: Tom cruise is 5ft 7,75 inches
Celebheights 188 CM says on 21/Sep/14
He looked 2.5" inches taller than Dustin Hoffman, so:

Tom Cruise: 5'8"
Dustin Hoffman: 5'5.5"

He never appears short to be honest and isn't much shorter than Beckham or Will Smith.
Parker says on 19/Sep/14
Just watched 'Edge of Tomorrow'

Bill Paxton 5'11
Tom Cruise 5'8
Emily Blunt 5'7
Connor183 says on 18/Sep/14
Im starting to agree with jamie, yeah Katie is probably closer to 5ft 8-8.5 range.
jamie179cm says on 17/Sep/14
arch stanton because Katie not 5ft9 she 5ft8 imo she is a inche taller than tom. so tom is 5ft7 same as Diaz tom and Diaz are both 170cm imo besides if tom was 172cm why can't he pull off a 5ft10? look in lifts a legit 172cm guy can pull off 5ft10 look in lifts
jamie179cm says on 17/Sep/14
arch stanton because Katie not 5ft9 she 5ft8 imo she is a inche taller than tom. so tom is 5ft7 same as Diaz tom and Diaz are both 170cm imo besides if tom was 172cm why can't he pull off a 5ft10 look in lifts a legit 172cm guy can pull off 5ft10 look in lifts
jamie179cm says on 17/Sep/14
arch stanton because Katie not 5ft9 she 5ft8 imo she is a inche taller than tom. so tom is 5ft7 same as Diaz tom and Diaz are both 170cm imo besides if tom was 172cm why can't he pull off a 5ft10 look in lifts a legit 172cm guy can pull off 5ft10 look in lifts
Brad says on 16/Sep/14
Parker's barefoot shot is the best and has always been when posted.
Arch Stanton says on 16/Sep/14
@Connor, yeah but if she is near 5 ft 9 how could he be 5 ft 7 flat when he's not even an inch shorter than her in sandals with height advantage? Parker's photo pretty much shows he not under 5'7.5".
Will says on 15/Sep/14
5'7 1/2" is a good estimate for Tom. He is still short compared to the average American male, which is 5'9".
The Male+2" Scheme says on 15/Sep/14
The majority of guys claim to be two inches taller than they really are. It's damn near standard
truth178cm says on 15/Sep/14
@5ft7 bro that makes perfect logical sense LOL he is the same height as you just deal with it. Maybe 0.5 taller but nothing more.
5ft7 bro says on 14/Sep/14
I think hes really 5'9 because hes a cool guybro and he deserves that
Dan says on 14/Sep/14
Rob, do you think at his peak he could have reached 175 cm out of bed?
michaeljrocks says on 14/Sep/14
I agree with REALIST that there is no correlation with height in regards to being an action star. If feet & inches equalled box office success then Steven Seagal & Dolph Lundgren would be bigger action stars than Tom Cruise, Mark Wahlberg, Jet Li & Bruce Lee.
Michael says on 14/Sep/14
Tom is 5ft 7 so? Everybody happy ? Tom maried 10 times and is very rich. Respect for him and don't hate him peoples:)
Connor183 says on 13/Sep/14
I dont know Arch ive not looked at her much in a long time but i can believe shes in the 5ft 8.5-5ft 9 range she looks tall to me.
Arch Stanton says on 13/Sep/14
Agreed Parker and I didn't realise she had something on her feet which adds a bit, Connor, do you still see 5'7" max barefoot next to Katie?
Arch Stanton says on 13/Sep/14
Radcliffe would be lucky to see 5'5 in the morning Connor!
The Shedder says on 13/Sep/14
Rob , what does Tom look with Curtis Armstrong?
[Editor Rob: over 5ft 7]
Realist says on 12/Sep/14
@PLB My foot that action heroes have to be tall. Its been proven since 1940s from Humphrey Bogart, James Dean, James Cagney, Mark Wahlberg, McAvoy, Cruise, Renner, Marlon Brando (he was'nt actually short infact upper average in the 50s). More In for u bro, Dustin Hoffman, Pacino want more if not enough ? Oh bonus Ruffalo, Eisenberg. Joaquin Phoenix (again though a lower average guy not a short guy). I do agree below 5'8 is a shortish height but does not prove a persons capabilities. Wait 2 more guys : Salman Khan and Sharukh Khan the greats from the motherland. Salman would crush anyone here within in 10 minutes.
PLB says on 11/Sep/14
Cruise is plenty tall enough for almost any job - except basketball player and movie hero. If he weren't playing action heroes in films it wouldn't come up.
Mia says on 11/Sep/14
Diaz is at least 5'8", same for Katie Holmes. Cruise is a legit 5'7" at most.
Connor183 says on 11/Sep/14
Rob Daniel Radcliffe is pretty short is he like in the 5ft 5-5ft 6 range?
Aaaron says on 10/Sep/14
@backfiring i 'm sure jay morgan is 1.71 but he have bighead if he was 1.72 about 1.73 than he had a long neck. But tom cruise is real 1.72 about 1.73 he have a long neck
italianoGuy says on 10/Sep/14
Rob, i say al the time a year ago and this year! tom cruise is 1.72 about 1.73 cm but nobody believeme :) he look maybe 1.71 about 1.72 but he is 1.72 about 1.73 he have a LOW SHOULDERS AND LONG NECK !
backfiring says on 10/Sep/14
Took a while, Rob, but I did this for you and all the people out there! I am certain Tom Cruise is 172 centimetres, maybe 173 at tallest. Check this out! Hope you like it! Click Here
[Editor Rob: good stuff big Jay, almost 5ft 8, just like Gl..I mean Tom :)]
Parker says on 10/Sep/14
Arch Stanton says on 9/Sep/14
Well, I'm trying to prove a point Andrea, Cruise is only an inch shorter than Katie barefoot...

Not even an inch IMO...
Click Here
Arch Stanton says on 9/Sep/14
Well, I'm trying to prove a point Andrea, Cruise is only an inch shorter than Katie barefoot...
Connor183 says on 9/Sep/14
Arch in that pic Katie looks like a giantess compared to Daniel, she makes him look like a kid, he is short.
Andrea says on 8/Sep/14
Hell, Arch. You could have chosen another pic of Daniel and Katie together... He looks like a child there. Of course, she's gaining a lot of height from that angle. I took a look at better pics and she can look near 6 inches taller than him at that event. Anything between 5'8 and 5'9 i think is fair for her. Too bad there aren't much pictures of Tom and her barefoot on a flat ground...
Try says on 8/Sep/14
172.5 cm 100%
Dog says on 8/Sep/14
He's 5' 8". Can often look taller though.
Arch Stanton says on 8/Sep/14
@Connor. Barefoot next to Katie Holmes who looks like Click Here
next to Daniel Radcliffe he was barely an inch shorter. Now there's a case for her being 5'8.5" as she's said 5 ft 9 and 5 ft 8 but I'd be very surprised if he measured as low as G on a stadio or even near it..
truth178cm says on 7/Sep/14
170-172cm is what he is, classic 5ft7 guy.
Parker says on 6/Sep/14
Here's a pic of Diaz and Cruise from Top Gear
Click Here

Another one with Diaz in flats with ground advantage.
Click Here
With similar footwear
Click Here

Agree with Arch - similar height
jamie179cm says on 6/Sep/14
Brad i think diaz is around 5ft7
Connor183 says on 6/Sep/14
Arch you are fooled by his footwear he is not almost 5ft 8 barefeet i cant see him being over 5ft 7 he's barely taller than G!, Diaz is taller than Cruise she looks closer to the 5ft 7.75-5ft 8 range than Cruise does, he is not a 5ft 7.75 guy, no where near it, i bet on a thousand pounds if in a pic Cruise would be an inch shorter than Rob.
177cmGuy says on 5/Sep/14
I can't see cruise any shorter than 170cm.
Arch Stanton says on 5/Sep/14
@Brad, Diaz is definitely shorter than Kelly Slater who is somewhere between 5 ft 8 and 9. Diaz can look a little under 5 ft 8 at times, I think actually she'd measure very similar to Cruise.
Brad says on 5/Sep/14
Diaz is 5' 8" at the least.
SaveUsY2J says on 4/Sep/14
But she looks almost identical to 5'8.5 listed Rosamund Pike in similar-sized heels next to Tom in the photos at the top of the page. And it can't be because Pike is also overlisted; she never looks shorter than 5'8.
jamie179cm says on 4/Sep/14
saveusy2j ok 5ft6 maybe a bit too far for diaz but 5ft7 is reasonable she doesn't look 5ft8 to me
SaveUsY2J says on 2/Sep/14
Lol Cameron Diaz 5'6. This downgrading endemic is getting pathetic.
Brad says on 2/Sep/14
Cruise is a weak 5' 8" at best. Diaz is the same as Pike & Holmes above.
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 1/Sep/14
His height does vary in appearance. But I think the Pena pics make it HIGHLY unlikely he's under 5'7. He's probably around the listing here. Just south of 5'8.
jamie179cm says on 31/Aug/14
Brad i think Diaz is between 5ft6 and 5ft7 aswell as cruise
Brad says on 31/Aug/14
Diaz & Tom take off their footwear you'd see about the same height.
jamie179cm says on 31/Aug/14
lol93 i agree with tom bing 168cm or 170cm but i think diaz could be 5ft7
lol93 says on 31/Aug/14
Just look the picture above cameron diaz is 5'8 and she is wearing heels,tom cruise is wearing boot lifts,look at their height difference and tell me that tom is more than 5'7 ,he is somewhere from 168 to 170
jamie179cm says on 31/Aug/14
connor183 i agree 5ft6 is just short and 5ft4 is very short lol you type in jamieorr4 its ok your used to that name
Connor183 says on 31/Aug/14
oops sorry jamie i forgot you changed your username to jamie179cm, my bad.
Connor183 says on 31/Aug/14
@jamieorr4 well 5ft 6 is quite short but not that short like 6ft is quite tall but not that tall, very short is defo 5ft 2-5ft 4.
jamie179cm says on 30/Aug/14
connor183 a true small height is about 5ft6 imo
jamie179cm says on 30/Aug/14
connor183 your right rob looks like a legit 5ft8 guy but not cruise
jamie179cm says on 30/Aug/14
i think the most realistic height for cruise are 169cm or 170cm but still 168cm is still possible though
Brad says on 29/Aug/14
SS is for 65+, retired. SS is a mad guy in lifts. Cruise had a 5' 6.5" G owned easy. Bieber in Bieber Boots would own him. Miley Cyrus in heels.
Connor183 says on 29/Aug/14
@aaron1981 nah 173cm aint small, its almost average height but not small it really isnt far from average only like 2.5cm off, 5ft 8-5ft 8 1/8 is borderline average, true small is 5ft 2-5ft 4 for men, but 5ft 8 for women is defo tall though.
Normal Norman says on 29/Aug/14
5' 7.5". No less than that anyway.
aaron1981 says on 29/Aug/14
@connor183 1.73 is a small height is not much. 1.76 is the average height and is normal.
Connor183 says on 29/Aug/14
@jamieorr4 you know what you could be right mate a weak 5ft 7 for Cruise is quite possible but he does look near enough 5ft 7, i dont get why guys on here think he's just below average height, Rob is a perfect example of a weak average height man at 173cm, Cruise is no where near it he looks short or shortish, he's no where near almost 5ft 8, G and Cruise have something in common.
Erica says on 29/Aug/14
I look all him pictures. He is 5ft 7.75 inches that is the true.
Kyle says on 28/Aug/14
My dad met him back in the 90's in Miami he said he was really short in person and my dad is 5'10-5'11
Brad says on 28/Aug/14
I see, a height impaired actor who loves boxing had enough of his grapher New York non shamrock shakes. I knew his handle it went under and never returned, lot of negatives. You'd have to ask Todd Where Man? or Meal Fatsby about changed...they know all the G's in NYC hustlin' fer graphs in New York. Cruise looks 5' 10" in lifts.
Connor183 says on 28/Aug/14
Rob what is SS?
[Editor Rob: like our Benefits Agency]
jamieorr4 says on 28/Aug/14
Robbin there is no way his 5ft11 i don't think he could even be over 5ft9 in lifts which is why he probably claim 5ft9, your right about one thing though a legit 172cm guy would be 5ft11 in lifts which is why i don't think cruise is172cm i think he is between 168cm 170cm
Connor183 says on 28/Aug/14
5ft 11 in lifts? no way, probably 5ft 9 range or nearly 5ft 10, i really doubt Cruise would be 5ft 11 in lifts, Rob the elevator shoes you wore took you up to the 5ft 10-10.75 range right? i remember from a youtube video when you measured 180.1cm in the shoes i think, so they give like 2-2.75 inches max?
Nikoo says on 28/Aug/14
172 is good man ;)
Anon says on 28/Aug/14
Yes, I am also puzzled about SS...
On Cruise, I think he is 5'8" barefoot.
[Editor Rob: at the time Glenn may have got into a spot of bother if the Ebay incident wasn't squashed. So it was dropped, and that's about it. The SS is the body who he may have got into bother with.

I'm sure he's on the level and all that nowadays. A changed man perhaps?]
Robbin says on 28/Aug/14
Tom Cruise could have been 5'11 in elevator lifts. 172cm was pretty accurate listing by rob
Brad says on 27/Aug/14
SS? Got me on that, Suicide Solution? Social Security? I think he now wholesales to Where Man? and Meal Fatsby and other NYC autograph legends...easy cash in envelopes....too much fake stuff out there to compete with on eBay...that's why I like cons, sure you pay but it is signed in front of you.
[Editor Rob: One of those SS's might be right!
Brad says on 27/Aug/14
As listed. I always found it interesting G never told his eBay handle to buy his stuff. I'd market Portmans and a words of wisdom booklet like "Who have you met, yer postman?".
[Editor Rob: ah, I remember a bit about Ebay.

This was actually the point in 2007 (2 years before his demise) that I knew the real G, as he emailed me (unfortunately all gone now) some damning stuff that could have seen him getting a visit from THE SS.

And I ain't talking about Germans!]
truth says on 27/Aug/14
I personally think Cruise might be 5ft7.5
truth says on 27/Aug/14
@Sean And what makes you think Rob is any better in guessing height than you or me? He manages the site very well, but at the end of the day no one can really know 100% unless we measure these celebs.
jamieorr4 says on 25/Aug/14
parker i Don't think comparing to other celebrity is accurate especially when wearing shoes
jamieorr4 says on 25/Aug/14
connor183 yes i think rob has some bad listing and some good listing
Arch Stanton says on 24/Aug/14
Here's 5 ft 7 flat Cruise with Dustin Hoffman Click Here Lifts responsible for making him look that tall? They'd have to be pretty huge.
Arch Stanton says on 24/Aug/14
Sure, he's 5 ft 7 flat Cruise with 5'6.5" Stanley Kubrick Click Here
Parker says on 24/Aug/14
Katie Holmes is listed 5'9 on this site, if she's not she will be in this small heel. A barefoot Cruise looks at MAX an inch shorter.

Click Here
Height143 says on 23/Aug/14
If he was almost 5'8 people wouldn't always be making short jokes the guy is probably 5'7 barefoot 5'7.5 at the most
Parker says on 23/Aug/14

Katie Holmes standing between 6'1 (in shoes) Christan Bale and 6'2.5(in shoes) Morgan Freeman. 5'9 for Katie Holmes looks pretty close.
Click Here
Sean says on 22/Aug/14
@truth, the difference there is that Stallone's claim wasn't determined from studying evidence, or from measuring himself (evidently).
Connor183 says on 22/Aug/14
jamieorr4 yeah Cruise has to be 172-173cm IN SHOES like trainers or nike air boots (if he wears nike airs), no way he's over 5ft 7 barefeet no way, again like with bieber im not jealous of Cruise or bieber im just being accurate on cruises height, like rob im being honest and accurate on celebs and actors/actresses heights but i just have to disagree with rob on this one, see Cruise with no footwear and that is not what an almost 5ft 8 guy looks like, he looks a good 5ft 7 he aint over it nor under and i swear G and Cruise are working together as some kind of business partners or height crime gangsters in claiming height in footwear or measuring morning height in shoes! there is something fishy about the pic of Cruise and G, i mean it's pretty obvious Cruise is clearly lying about his height himself saying 5ft 9 as his height that is very suspicious and thats what G did rounding his height up to 1.5-2 inches, he's gotta be just like G 5ft 7.75 or 5ft 9 is BS, Rob just cant see the truth (sigh) wheres the height police when you need them? l:[
jamieorr4 says on 21/Aug/14
Arch Stanton don't get me wrong rob is differently the most accurate guy on listing height on the internet but i don't think rob is all right i agree Connor183 i can't see him over 5ft7 ever and i can't see him under 5ft6 all though he did look 5ft5 maybe even 5ft4 in the barefoot scene in risky business imo he did look short in top gun mission impossible 1 and cocktail but in risky business he look as short as 5ft5 for some reason
jamieorr4 says on 21/Aug/14
Arch Stanton Katie Holmes might not be 5ft9 though
truth says on 21/Aug/14
By that logic Arch Stallones precie claim of 5ft10.75 would be true :)))
Connor183 says on 21/Aug/14
Sorry Arch but he looks no more than 5ft 7 flat in my eyes.
Arch Stanton says on 20/Aug/14
@Connor. Why though do you think Rob has Cruise at a very precise 5'7.75 though? I'd say it comes from having studied Cruise's height a LOT in photos and films and concluding just under 5 ft 8 looks right. Honestly I've done a lot of comparisons and comparing him in films etc and I have him at 5'7.5"-5'7.5" range. 171-72cm I think is in the ball park. 170 is possible of course but less likely than 171 or 172 I think. Remember there are pictures of him barefoot and he's not really more than an inch shorter than Katie Holmes who is most likely a smidge under 5 ft 9.
Connor183 says on 20/Aug/14
Rob do you think Cruise could be another height crime partner in Gs height crime mafia? maybe Seagal and bieber are members too?
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't class him like G...Tom is in the business of entertaining and he does that very well with his films. He puts up with a lot of remarks upon his height and doesn't say much about it really. G doesn't really let an opportunity to say 'I'm 5ft 8' go by. He actively avoids mentioning celebheights because he wants people to believe his claim...even though he knows he's not 5ft 8. It is deceiving - would you buy an autograph from him? If he is willing to blatantly lie about height, what else will he be willing to do...
Connor183 says on 20/Aug/14
@Arch Stanton im not disagreeing with you arch apart from Tom not being just 172cm in sneakers, if over that then maybe 173 could be possible, i really think he's no more than 5ft 7 flat barefeet, if more than 172cm in sneakers then perhaps he's adding some kind of lifts or insoles in the footwear to add more height for him, maybe Cruise is secretly another height crime partner in Gs height crime mafia! but 5ft 9 in boots is plausible.
backfiring says on 20/Aug/14
Hey, Rob! Sorry for the late delay on the site! I drew a line between me and Tom's head and I am 172.1 centimetres tall! I think we are exact in my opinion. So Tom Cruise is definitely over 5'7! Click Here
[Editor Rob: it depends on how the chinese came up with their statue measurement - I know some tussaud's have measured some celebrities but a good chunk of them they have to use the same kind of guesswork we on celebheights are using.]
Arch Stanton says on 20/Aug/14
@ Connor. We can't see what is in his shoes, and he does tend to wear those Chelsea boots a lot like in the Diaz picture which do look as if they might have a lift inside by the raised backs but that is the style of the boot of course. But he does manage to look 5'9" range wearing them. I seriously doubt he'd measure below 5 ft 9 in those boots. Only 172cm in sneakers? No way. Watch Rain Man. That's not a 5'6 or 5'7" flat man next to Dustin Hoffman.
Will says on 19/Aug/14
Tom Cruise is 5'7 1/2"-5'8" rather than 5'7". Enough said by me. Tom is still below average height nevertheless.
John says on 19/Aug/14
I'm 5ft 7in and in the 140-145 lbs range.
I don't feel that short.
The average is 5'9" and in the 175 lbs range.
To says on 18/Aug/14
He's not taller than 5'7.5 barefoot and that's a fact
Angelboy says on 18/Aug/14
5ft 7.75 inche
the shredder says on 18/Aug/14
Rob , how much would you say is between G and him in that pic?
[Editor Rob: as I said years ago, we never can be sure about things like ground, but knowing tom's hairline is at least 1.5-1.6 inches then he can appear nearly 1.5 inches taller, but there always too many unknowns with G.

But didn't G say Cruise didn't have lifts, and we must remember G's best quote: "I can spot Shoe Lifts.even if they're inside the Shoe"

Take those words of wisdom in for a minute.]
As says on 17/Aug/14
How come everyone is downgraded but tom cruise is upgraded he is no more than 5'7 barefoot
Connor183 says on 17/Aug/14
@Arch Stanton i know we cant see the footwear or tiptoeing for that matter, im just assuming they are both on flat feet and same level ground, but in normal shoes i doubt Tom would be 5ft 9, in elevators or lifts maybe but i think he would be more likely 172-173cm in trainers or some kind of boots, i cant see him being over 5ft 7 without shoes, i bet on $1000 when he's barefeet he will measure just 5ft 7.
jamieorr4 says on 17/Aug/14
Ed91 exactly they lie about there height i wish people would understand that
Parker says on 17/Aug/14
Ed91 says on 17/Aug/14
I don't understand how he can be 172cm and listed everywhere at 5'7

5 years ago Rod Stewart was listed everywhere at 5'5 - How can that be.? I'll tell you why Ed, this is a unique site. Sites see a listing elsewhere and just copies it.

Go look at Justin Biebers height on Google and that famous movie database. Why is he listed 5'9 everywhere and only 5'6 here?
Arch Stanton says on 17/Aug/14
Nah Connor, you're underestimating him. He'd measure more than 172cm in shoes. I got a good look at him next to Jeremy Clarkson and Jonathan Ross and estimated he was pulling off 5'9" in footwear in comparison. He can pull off 5 ft 10 in lifts but I've never seen him look over it.
the shredder says on 17/Aug/14
Not being Bias , but I bet anything G is tip toeing or on higher ground. Tom Crushes 5'7 guys like Pena who rob says is taller than G , yet G looks barely shorter.
[Editor Rob: G would never tip toe! That is slanderous :)

Never in a million years, well apart from that one time I caught him trying it with me!

He kept going up on his toes spoiling the photo, I had to nail his bloody feet to the carpet to stop him!
Ed91 says on 17/Aug/14
I don't understand how he can be 172cm and listed everywhere at 5'7 ?
That usually the opposite actors are listed taller than their real height ?
Dan 176cm says on 16/Aug/14
I think Cruise may end up about a flat 5'7 (170 cm) one day, but I think his highest has pretty much been a weak 5'8. So more 5'8ish I guess? Most people here seem to be giving that number.

The guy can look 5'10.5 in lifts.
Parker says on 16/Aug/14
Andrea says on 16/Aug/14
Remember he did look shorter than Lewis Hamilton, who is a measured 171 guy...

How can you judge that from Red carpet pics on uneven ground?
Arch Stanton says on 16/Aug/14
Connor, c'mon, you're going to base your estimate on a photo with G!! Never trust a photo where you can't see footwear or ground level!
Arch Stanton says on 16/Aug/14
"i think Rob is being very generous because of the fact that a lot of people are making fun of his height,"

Uh, no, Rob isn't a charity. Clearly he genuinely thinks he looks 172cm and I think it's perfectly fair. If you see him in Rain Man for instance, I wouldn't bet on a flat 5 ft 7 next to Dustin Hoffman.
[Editor Rob: if you ever see Cruise height change it will be because a measurement has been found for him...or in 20 years time he loses height]
Connor183 says on 16/Aug/14
No need to bite my head off Andrea im not judging him or anything its just my opinion but i doubt they would be on their tiptoes yes even G wouldn't be lol, i think Cruise is 5ft 7 flat but it doesn't mean he is, i could be wrong, im not judging him, i agree with you though Cruise must be 172cm (in shoes) and G must be 5ft 7 or over in shoes too.
Andrea says on 16/Aug/14
Connor, it's better you to stick to your "6' argumentations"... How can you judge Cruise from G's pics? I mean, i don't even try to do it because you can't see footwear, floor, maybe tip toes!!!
Anyway, admitting he's not wearing lifts, just looking at the pics above, he looks no more than 5'7.5 to me! So 5'7 is possible, i wouldn't go under it, though! Remember he did look shorter than Lewis Hamilton, who is a measured 171 guy...
Connor183 says on 16/Aug/14
Cruise i think does look a tad taller than G so Cruise has to be just 5ft 7.
italianoGuy says on 16/Aug/14
Tom cruise is 5ft 7.75 inche (1.72m about 1.73m ) i have the same height 1.72,5 m

Look my picture:

Click Here
Ex-Masshole says on 15/Aug/14
5-7 did an audition scene with him and was in movie Taps. Was very nice and we hit it off because I wrestled as well although at a much higher level than he. His mum was a bit of a smotherer.
Connor183 says on 15/Aug/14
Rob do you have a pic of Cruise and G?, send me a link if you have a pic im betting on my money that Cruise is not 5ft 7.75 barefeet.
[Editor Rob: ah, the old G photo, bear in mind nothing was certain (floor or G/Tom footwear, tip toes)...Click Here ]
L says on 15/Aug/14
The guy is not over 5'7.5
MrFish says on 15/Aug/14
I've asked G, he's said that Cruise seems about an inch taller than him, which would fit this listing.
Connor183 says on 15/Aug/14
Tom is not almost 5ft 8, in shoes maybe but barefeet i bet he is just 5ft 7, he doesn't look like a weak 5ft 8 guy no way, to me he looks a good 5ft 7, i think Rob is being very generous because of the fact that a lot of people are making fun of his height, i think if him and Glenn ever met they would look close in height as Glenn is 5ft 6.75 (NOT 5ft 8) Tom 5ft 7 it would be very close, G would be a fraction shorter.
[Editor Rob: big G met Cruise]
Somebody says on 14/Aug/14
Ok, now it is official ... Dmeyer is a PR guy from brad pitt.
It is ridiciulous to say tom cruise is in major lifts while you call shoes that are worn by brad pitt which give an easy extra inch more than cruise's shoes in that pic as "normal cubans" ... you really must be kidding
the shredder says on 14/Aug/14
Basing height on body frames are pointless.
Dmeyer says on 13/Aug/14
Parker they arent huge but are defenetly costum made 1in iutside Heel 1-1.5 in inside they must give 1.75-2in near 1in over Stiller
truth says on 13/Aug/14
I think 5ft7.5 or 171-172cm is spot on.
jamieorr4 says on 13/Aug/14
zeus and Spirit Level look at his bodyframe thats not how a legit 5ft8 built looks like look at rob bodyframe its what a legit 5ft8 guy looks like i think tom is between 5ft6 5ft7
Height Lawyer says on 13/Aug/14
"the shredder"; I told you to get a brain from the wizard of oz, and when you do, you will realise that Tom Cruise is 5'6.5- 5'7" maximum.
jamieorr4 says on 13/Aug/14
Parker i couldn't see properly i see now they are not
the shredder says on 13/Aug/14
5'5 is trolling , btw Rob is a better judge than you guys , he knows under 5'7 is Bull.
Spirit Level says on 12/Aug/14
5' 7.5" is my estimate. He looks this with regular footwear. But with height enhancing footwear, he looks 5' 9" to me.
Spirit Level says on 12/Aug/14
Anyone who thinks that Cruise is only 5' 7" flat or shorter, look at Michael Owen's page - who is also listed at 172 cm. Look at how short Owen looks next to (5' 9") Wayne Rooney.

Owen is 5' 7" maximum in my opinion, not 172 cm. My point being, that Cruise never looks that short! Tom Cruise is not as low as 5' 7" flat.
zeus says on 12/Aug/14
171-172, maybe a weak 5'8, he has a very good posture
Parker says on 12/Aug/14
jamieorr4 says on 11/Aug/14
Parker these lifts look huge

Really? You think these shoes look huge?
Click Here

ok, each to their own.
anon says on 11/Aug/14
Tom is 5 foot 5 at the most. He wears shoe lifts and he's still short.
How says on 11/Aug/14
This listing is ridiculous he's no more than 5'7
jamieorr4 says on 11/Aug/14
Parker these lifts look huge
Parker says on 11/Aug/14 says on 11/Aug/14
i totally agree with you jeremy. he is this height in lifts

Wrong - Standing at least 5'9 here next to 5'6 Ben Stiller.
Click Here
Amaze says on 11/Aug/14
Rob i reckon you'd edge tom out by an inch
Me too. I reckon he is 170 barefoot and 172 in shoes. 1cm taller than bieber says on 11/Aug/14
i totally agree with you jeremy. he is this height in lifts
Jack J says on 10/Aug/14
'the shredder'; please get a brain from the wizard of oz. Tom Cruise wears something called 'LIFTS'. Cruise is 5'6.5"- 5'7" max, and when he wears lifts he still looks no where near 5'10".
jamieorr4 says on 10/Aug/14
jeremy i have aways said about his body frame is definitely to small to be over 5ft7 imo but he probably is in the 5ft6 range and also rob has a bigger body frame imo
mr 5'7 says on 10/Aug/14
Below average height above average acting skills, people are to obsessed with height.
Albert Einstein was only 5'9. I am 5'7 Happy with my height, who cares height is just another way to judge people now. Singling people out height,color looks things that are out of most people control are used against them. No advanced life form will probably never deal with us till the world can work together as one world seem like no one cares who gets singled out as long as there in the majority its ok
mr 5'7 says on 10/Aug/14
Below average height above average acting skills, people are to obsessed with height.
Albert Einstein was only 5'9. I am 5'7 Happy with my height, who cares height is just another way to judge people now. Singling people out height,color looks things that are out of most people control are used against them. No advanced life form will probably never deal with us till the world can work together as one world seem like no one
Nance says on 10/Aug/14
If those 3 actresses are each 5ft 8-9 in. and each are wearing 3-4 inch heels, then Tom must be at least 5'9"
jamieorr4 says on 9/Aug/14
john just my opinion i live in uk anyway
Lillo thomas says on 9/Aug/14
Meh . 6'1 -6'2 is the start of legit tall range in the USA.
John says on 9/Aug/14
Only around 15% of American men are 6ft and over.
6ft is the start of tall.
68% are between 5ft 7in and 5ft 11in.
George says on 8/Aug/14
5'7 and 1/4 doubt he's taller than that
jamieorr4 says on 8/Aug/14
John imo 6ft1 is the start of tall
John says on 8/Aug/14
Under 5'5" - very short
5'5" - short
5'6" - short
5'7" - below average
5'8" - Lower end of average
5'9" - Average
5'10" - Average
5'11" - Upper end of average
6'0" - Tall
6'1" - Tall
6'2" - Tall
6'3" - Lower end of very tall
6'4" - Very Tall
6'5" - Very Tall
6'6" - Very Tall
6'7" - Lower end of Gigantism
Parker says on 8/Aug/14
Jake says on 1/Aug/14 he also looked 5'7 in rain man before he started wearing lifts

If he looked 5'7 in Rain man, that would put Hoffman at 5'3.
Click Here
I says on 7/Aug/14
5'7 most I can see him at is 5'7.5
the shredder says on 6/Aug/14
Rob's listing is perfect , he is not a flat 5'7 in my opinion.
aldo 93 says on 6/Aug/14
ad say he is a week 5 ft 6
lol93 says on 6/Aug/14
See how tall justin bieber appears with his small lifts and you will get your answer how tall Tom is,I remember posting barefoot pictures with him and Kate having significant difference ,Tom 168-169 for tom with his big lifts
jamieorr4 says on 6/Aug/14
stan yes i agree with you but its robs own it and its just his opinion
stan says on 6/Aug/14
Rob i think this listing is a bit generous, barefoot i'd put him at 5ft7 for the most.
the shredder says on 5/Aug/14
Maybe in Top Gun it was a camera but I don't think it would add inches , Pena is 5'7 .
jamieorr4 says on 3/Aug/14
the shredder with Anthony Edward it probably was a camera trick and Pena is probably not a legit 57 guy and was tom in lifts with Pena?
tuite says on 3/Aug/14
can you guys explain that, Tom with nicole year probably 2000-2001 she´s without heels he is on elevators i asumme that, they look like identical and even tom look taller by 1 or 2 cent, and nicole´s height here is about 5´11, how the hell a guy under 5´7 or 5´7 could be 5´11 even in lifts, my opinion is she probably is not a 5´11 girl more a 5´10 and he probably is 5´8
Connor 183cm says on 3/Aug/14
Rob it would be great for Tom and Glenn to have a pic together for height comparison.
the shredder says on 3/Aug/14
for the people that think under 5'7 , how do you explain him pulling off 5'8 , 9 " barefoot " with Anthony Edwards , 2 inches over 5'7 Pena ?
Jim says on 2/Aug/14
No way this guy is almost 5'8
Dmeyer says on 2/Aug/14
In lifts cruise looks no more than a 5'8.75-9.25 cruise is 5' 7.5-7.75 not 5'8 or 5'7
Parker says on 30/Jul/14
jamieorr4 says on 30/Jul/14
Parker do you actually know about body frame and lets be honest famous people do lie about there height

Like you, I'm not an expert on body frame,but I can see Cruise is more than an inch taller than Stiller, and Stiller is listed 5'6.5 on this site.

Click Here

Click Here
jamieorr4 says on 30/Jul/14
Parker do you actually know about body frame and lets be honest famous people do lie about there height
Heylo says on 30/Jul/14
He looked 5'10 next to 5'9 Philip Hoffman in Magnolia.. Which is weird. And Tom Cruise feet/shoes didn't look weird at all...
Parker says on 29/Jul/14
If Cruise is a flat 5'7 Robs going to have to change a lot of heights on here
Stiller,Pena,MJF will all need to be dropped and inch or two.
jamieorr4 says on 29/Jul/14
robert exactly they wouldn't this is why i think he is between 56 or 57, 57.75 is below average but not short
jamieorr4 says on 29/Jul/14
Connor 183cm i think even 56 is possible
robert says on 28/Jul/14
if hes 5ft7.75 at his lowest i have no idea why people refur to him as a typical short man when they think of someone short hes bottom average
Connor 183cm says on 28/Jul/14
Jack J says on 28/Jul/14
'shredder'; go back to the planet of the apes!!!!
Tom is 5'6.5"- 5'7" max and all te photos of him prove this fact, backed up with all the scientific evidence gathered.

You and me share the same opinion, Cruise has got to be 5ft 7 flat or near it, no way he's almost 5ft 8.
jamieorr4 says on 28/Jul/14
Jack J i would say because of built he looks between 56 or 57
Jack J says on 28/Jul/14
'shredder'; go back to the planet of the apes!!!!
Tom is 5'6.5"- 5'7" max and all te photos of him prove this fact, backed up with all the scientific evidence gathered.
Connor 183cm says on 27/Jul/14
Rob i dont see Cruise being over 5ft 7, in shoes maybe, but barefeet? nah, he just looks 5ft 7 flat to me, i bet if Cruise and G met in person G would be close in height apart from he would be a fraction shorter but it depends what footwear G will wear, he'd probably put on lifts to take him up to 5ft 9-10!...again.
jamieorr4 says on 27/Jul/14
Giulio your right tom is actually a very lucky man just think how many people would love to rich and famous and the news said that 80% of kids want to be famous im 179cm its not tall but still taller than tom but i wish i was rich and famous
jtm says on 27/Jul/14
i think maguire and cruise are both under 5'7. i remember even G claimed 5'6 flat for maguire and i wouldn't be surprise if he was.
Giulio says on 27/Jul/14
i don t get what s the big deal with his height, i mean 5'7 isn t even that short, and he has looks, money, fame, movies, poor man s obsessed with height now because of retarded ppl making fun of him
Connor 183cm says on 26/Jul/14
I doubt Cruise is over 5ft 7, to me he just looks like a flat 5ft 7 guy could even be similar height to G, Maguire is either 171-172cm range.
James B says on 26/Jul/14
Rob I wouldn't say cruise has a lot more muscle than you. I mean at 160 lbs he's only 5 pounds heavier than you.
[Editor Rob: I'm holding 154-5 last month just with more leg muscle, but upper body I don't really do much on, Cruise has kept himself in very good shape as he entered 50's.]
Amaze says on 26/Jul/14
In your opinion rob who would edge out who ? Tobey maguire or tom cruise ? Or they the exact same ..
I'm not buying anything other 172. Hes a near 5'8 guy thats a strong 5'7. 5'8 outta bed foshure.
[Editor Rob: it's tough to say, I don't know if I'd place a bet on it, might be too close. ]
John says on 25/Jul/14
Rob, what percentage of men are in the 1.70m - 1.80m range?
[Editor Rob: would need to sit down and have a good look at that]

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes by the actors themselves in interviews, resumes or articles.

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