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In the golden days of Hollywood all sorts of tricks were used to help make shorter stars appear taller on screen. From tailoring camera angles to reduce height differences to having a taller co-star walk in a purpose built ditch, one of the most common techniques was simply to don a pair of elevator shoes, designed to boost one's height without it being that obvious. Appearing taller is a confidence booster. Unfortunately, in today's society, stature plays more of a role than we might think.

Many online companies offer to sell you Elevator shoes, some even claiming in their review to make the wearer up to 5 inches taller. In reality you should expect to gain between 2 and 3 inches over your barefoot height by wearing them. This might mean you will appear 1.5-2 inches taller to people, compared to when you are just wearing regular sneakers or shoes. It's a decent boost, and if you are concerned about your height, buying elevator shoes is one option to consider.

The photo below illustrates the differing quality available online.


The shoes on the left are typical examples of those costing up to $100, available from several stores. They claim to make you 3.5 inches taller. They don't.

The shoes on the right cost in the $200 range and claim to make you 2.6 inches taller. They don't quite, but are near 2.3 inches.

If you're thinking about buying elevator shoes, go for a quality name. As you can see from the photos, the shoes on the right (from the company DON'S) are the only elevator shoes I would personally recommend buying. Their genuine quality shines through: the real leather used, the construction of the sole, the improvement to your posture and the overall fit. They are hand made and not churned out cheaply.

The synthetic pair simply pales into comparison.

This video shows me Measuring Elevator Shoes, using a pair of Don's as an example. If I was to wear those shoes out and about, I would appear close to being a 5ft 10 man to people when I'm 5ft 8 barefoot.

This photo says it all: 5ft 8 Rob and 5ft 8 Jenny...except when I'm wearing a pair of Don's Elevator's!

Click Here for larger size

If you want to 'Walk tall' like Rob Paul then I recommend you check out Don's Elevator Shoes and use the discount code 'TheAllies1944' at checkout for an Exclusive 10% discount, courtesy of Celebheights.com

If the kind of lift shown above isn't enough for you, then also consider that there are larger versions of these elevator boots available, ones that can give nearer to 4 inches in height. You can see me testing one of these Big Dons (giving about 3.8 inches) out in the photo below...5ft 8 Jenny (in a sneaker) beside Big Rob:

For a video illustrating these Elevators beside Jenny in Platform heels Click Here
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minuteman92 says on 31/Mar/15
The confidence boost that I experienced from these shoes is unreal. As pathetic as it sounds, these have changed my self-esteem completely. If you feel like youre "too short," give Dons shoes a try.
Matt says on 23/Mar/15
Actually been too tall would have disadventage. I think the perfect male height is 6.1, You just look too lanky if your above 6foot1. Looks can be achieve with a Healthy weight(Not being overweight) And dressing sharp.Im 179cm and i do wear lifts(1.25 inch lift) Inside dress shoes(1.25 heel). Those elevators shoes look ridiculous.They look chunky. I get too 6 foot with those shoes.I really like that height.
Sean5 says on 14/Mar/15
Ok thanks for your advice, really I would like to appear at least 1.1" over supposedly barefoot. I think in order to get that I'd need 2.1-2.2" in total? Would the 2.75 style give around that? I appreciate your help
[Editor Rob: yes that shoe should give you about this 2.1-2.2 range, and it is a nice one too.]
Sean5 says on 8/Mar/15
Thanks, what do you think the 4 inch style on this shoe would give? Click Here
[Editor Rob: I think in 3-3.2 inch range of actual height. It is a nice shoe, personally if I was buying that boot I'd go with 2.5 or 75 style as it will have a nicer shape than 4-inch...and I think you will find it more comfortable to wear more often than the 4-inch models.]
AWARE says on 7/Mar/15
Rob, im planning to buy elevator shoes but im confused. I wear 8/8.5's on shoes like nike, vans or anything else but when i try on dress shoes i'm lost on what my size is. I wanna know what my size is like in Don's, what do you think my size will be?
[Editor Rob: you are best emailing the dons your foot length exactly, then they might be better suited to tell you which shoe size to go for.]
Sean5 says on 6/Mar/15
Do you think shoes like these from dons Click Here the 3.1" type would give 2.6-2.75? or would I have to get a 4" type?
[Editor Rob: might give you around 2.5 inch]
RobV says on 5/Mar/15
@ Roshe You are asking about adding 7cm in lifts (just under 3"). As a long term lift and elevator wearer myself, I can tell you that you can only get 3" of lifts into boots. Editor Rob is quite right that you really must buy these boots at least one size bigger (if you buy them your actual size you just will not get 7cm into them and be able to fit your foot into them (it depends upon the fitting, but that is what I have found).

One of the problems with people trying to jam lifts into same-size boots is that the upper then really presses into the top of your foot which is v uncomfortable. I myself often buy boots TWO sizes larger. Don't be too hung up on sizing - the great thing about using lifts against elevators is that you can have almost any size (fashionable/maintream/whatever) and add height. I have used elevators more recently because of the styles that are around, but I still like having lifts to put into the latest trainers etc.

You cannot fit 3" of lifts into any flat/work style shoe, so don't try - your feet will fall off.

In boots, the lifts should not show - just make sure the boots are big enough so you do not get that look where you cannot do laces up or where there is too much pressure.
Roshe says on 1/Mar/15
Hey Rob, I'm going to get a 7cm lifts. What type of shoes should I use? Do you think people will notice that I'm wearing lifts? Thank you.
[Editor Rob: get a boot 1 size bigger than normal and then put lifts in them. If your trousers or jeans are long enough to cover a lot of the boot many would never realise you had lifts.]
Nick74 says on 24/Feb/15
Hi Rob, Great site as ever. Would you think these boots give near 1.5 inches? Click Here
[Editor Rob: I think they should give you that no bother]
Lebensdorf says on 23/Feb/15
Rob, if you and Jenny had kids, they'd be tall, I bet. I notice that parents who are the same height, even if the guy is on the short side, usually end up with tall offspring. The height of the woman is more important than the height of the man, it seems, so if the woman is tall, like Jenny, the children are tall, more often than not. You guys would have nice looking kids.
[Editor Rob: since Jenny has 6 years on me, I think that ship has sailed by us.]
BL says on 21/Feb/15
Hey Rob! I'm exactly 5'6 1/2, and I was wondering, if i buy a Dons casual shoe(Ralph Lauren Tribute to be exact) with a heel choice of 1.5", will i achieve a standing height of 5'8" while wearing them? Thanks!
[Editor Rob: the 1.5 inch style should give you pretty near it, maybe like 1.3-1.4 inches of actual height, the 2 inch might give you 1.7-1.8 inches. I'd buy the bigger version and then you will comfortably measure a little bit over the 5ft 8 mark. ]
Sean5 says on 16/Feb/15
On this years valentines night at my local night club I was on the dance floor and got approached by a very attractive girl with her group of friends behind her, she explained they were playing some party game and on the card the dare was to kiss the tallest man in the room/dance floor and it happened to be me. Lucky thing was There were 3 people who I could see that were a bit shorter and also I was lucky for wearing good shoe lifts. Was a valentines to remember! I stood 6'3.25 in lifts + high tops would that mean I'd appear the same height as most 6'2 men would in casual footwear?
Sean5 says on 15/Feb/15
Are the huge pair of dons you're wearing on the bottom picture the D'etna 5 inch type?
[Editor Rob: yeah I think that is the type.]
Winteriscoming says on 13/Feb/15
Rob, if I wear 2 inches shoes regularly, will my height decrease?
[Editor Rob: no, it shouldn't - if you wore big heels a fair amount then possibly over many years it might contribute to some changes.]
TMS says on 13/Feb/15
See the thing about elevator shoes is that even if they dont make you very much taller, they give you the appearance of being much taller. For example, I'm about 5'10.5 (180 cm) and own a pair of elevator shoes that are "3 inches" but really give me about 2 inches. So, when I wear them I am close to 6'1. However, everyone asks me if I am 6'2 or even 6'3. They're quite sneaky!
ravi says on 12/Feb/15
ROB,wanted your opinion on these shoes how high do you think these shoes are?? (these are of a celebrity with avarage height) Click Here compared to these (are of an average college student Click Here another one for comparison Click Here .....thanks in advance
[Editor Rob: the sneakers might give about 0.7inch, the boots maybe a little over 1 inch]
RobV says on 5/Feb/15
@Mathew and Lebensdorf. You ask about adding extra height and do women find it attractive when you are taller. As I have learned when wearing lifts and elevators, adding extra height does make a difference to perceptions and attractiveness. But you have to do it in a way that is not detectable. It is fairly straightforward and undetectable adding a couple of inches (and that extra height is really noticeable). More and you have to take care of what you wear etc. I add 5" and as I know how to do it, it works big time.
Mathew says on 5/Feb/15
Lebensdorf says on 3/Feb/15
Do you guys think women find looks or height more attractive? I think ugly men who are tall are actually more attractive to women than otherwise decent looking men who are short or average, or an average looking short man who suddenly become very "handsome" if they were very tall. Look at Hayden Panettiere's boyfriend, or husband now, or whatever. Do you think she would be with him if he were like 5'11 or something? Doubtful. Also, I think if Haley Joel Osment were about 6'5 he would be considered a hunk.


Well certainly it varies and it depends on the degree of each. In general, tall has been shown in experiments to be one of the attractive thing a man can be. The majority of women probably find 5'7.5" Tom Cruise more attractive than 6'9.25" NBA star Anthony Davis. Would an average looking 30 year old 5'10" man be more attractive to a larger portion of women if he woke up tomorrow and was 6'2"? It sure would. But would it make him more attractive than an extra handsome 5'10" man? Nah, probably not.
Lebensdorf says on 3/Feb/15
Do you guys think women find looks or height more attractive? I think ugly men who are tall are actually more attractive to women than otherwise decent looking men who are short or average, or an average looking short man who suddenly become very "handsome" if they were very tall. Look at Hayden Panettiere's boyfriend, or husband now, or whatever. Do you think she would be with him if he were like 5'11 or something? Doubtful. Also, I think if Haley Joel Osment were about 6'5 he would be considered a hunk.
RobV says on 2/Feb/15
@Sean5 on how to pay for Dons. You can also do a transfer from your bank, easy if you have online banking.
Sean5 says on 30/Jan/15
How did you buy your pair of dons? I live in North Wales and it seems they only take US Dollars?
[Editor Rob: if you pay through paypal (using your cc) then it will be fine and just convert the $ to £ at checkout.]
RobV says on 29/Jan/15
@Shawn Well this is the funny thing - the 4"/5" boots are quite the opposite of difficult to walk in. As well as the Don's, I also just got some 5" GuidoMaggi boots (my highest) and it took me four or five wears to get it totally 100% right but now I walk and feel completely natural. Even then when I was starting to wear them it was just the kinda natural effect you get with any new footwear.

What is interesting is that they are also my most comfortable boots (both pairs). This may be because of course the elevators are designed as such and I am not necessarily adding more lifts (I do add a tad more in certain circumstances when I want to be taller if there's another real tall guy around!). Last night I wore the 5" GMs travelling (on a flight, off, home etc) and had no probs at all.

I think you have to get used to walking higher (like women get used to wearing heels, it's v similar as a concept). But 'difficult to walk in' is not something I have an issue with.

btw I just checked the RDJ shots and footwear again and he doesn't wear stuff as high as that - what is annoying with him is that he wears stuff in a way which screams elevator/added height, but he is in a position to buy and wear stuff which would just be so so much more discreet at that height. He doesn't need for it to look so obvious (a bit like Stallone I guess). But some guys get stuck on their own style and will not move - also with elevators you 100% HAVE to wear them with the right things. There really is no point in wearing a clumpy great pair of elevator trainers or boots with smart trousers crumpled over the upper of the boots. It would be fine if that were a current style or look but it is just not - it shouts that you have added height as it is not a current style idea.

Interestingly if they looked at what was stylish and adapted it, they would never be rumbled. It is an odd thing right now that in UK and Europe, skinny jeans are really v popular. They would normally be the last thing you would wear elevator boots with, but the current LOOK (or one of the current looks) is for clumpy boots with them. I actually wear my Don's in particular with stretch skinnies and it just looks like the look that loads of other guys have. If that style were NOT popular and I carried on doing it, it would call attention and then someone might think the boots look odd. A lot is about how you wear them. With my 5" GMs I wears less skintight jeans but with a good line and NOT crumpled over the boot.
Lebensdorf says on 29/Jan/15
I think most women would consider a man under 6 feet to be short, or at least "on the short side." I know that sounds harsh but I think this is the reality. That doesn't mean that this is unattractive, just not as impressive, that's all. But it's no big deal. The fact of the matter is, 5'11 is just not as "tall" as it used to be. 6 feet may sound prestigious but it is not impressive anymore. I think 6'3-6'4 is respectably tall, and anything above that is legit tall. But the 6 foot range, that's pretty common, you wouldn't stand out. I think 6'4 is a perfect height for a man, in my opinion. It's not "too tall" at all, not by a long shot, not today.
Arch Stanton says on 28/Jan/15
Rob you might want to add the caption to the above photo "See, I ate all of my green and did some stretches every day for a week and I magically grew a few inches! :-) Can you believe the cheek of using that photo to promote "natural" honest height gain. It really is ludicrous!!
[Editor Rob: I have no problem if somebody was doing a video and talking about elevator shoes and saying look at this photo, you can get 2 inches out of them...but it's just misrepresenting and adding to the false idea that these products give you 3 inches in 90 days or whatever outlandish claim it is! Don't get me started on the Indian Height Guru though! His claims and video proof would have G buying a ticket to Delhi if he watched these cm's of gains in days!]
Shawn says on 27/Jan/15
Rob, I can almost guarantee the height increase you're getting wearing the Big Don's is what Robert Downey Jr. is getting from his footwear. Those shoes must be very difficult to walk in.
RobV says on 27/Jan/15
Over on the general height section, someone who is 16 asked me about wearing elevators/lifts. I didn't start till I was 19/20 and I think it all really depends upon lifestyle. If you really want to make yourself taller, then at that age there are so many factors. I would start a bit lower with just an inch of lift put in as a shoelift and not as an elevator boot (undetectable and it is also the kind of addition you get just from certain types of boots) and see how it fits your lifestyle. If it works out OK then you can go higher. I thought it worth posting here.

The guy in question who asked is just under 6' and wants to get to 6'2". That's really quite easy in the medium term, and because he is already tall, it is easier to do undetectably.
Jeff says on 26/Jan/15
Rob, can you go back to your morning height if you finish you working-out session by a few stretching exercises?
[Editor Rob: nah, you need a few hours of rest so your discs can properly rehydrate.]
ARod says on 19/Jan/15
I bought two gorgeous shoes from Don's Footwear, the OX-51 and the

MST Quiri2. My first order was the MST Quiri2. Due to my lack of attention to detail I ordered the wrong material or "finish." I thought the glossy was their "Patent Black" and found myself having to get a hold of Don and asking for an exchange. As a customer one is a bit skeptic of the quality of service a person may get working with someone so far away. I mean what can you do when the shoes come from overseas. Don truly left me amazed with the consistent communication via-email. Yes the shoes took a bit longer then what I wanted but they were worth the wait. Three words... Quality, Quality, Quality.

While waiting for my exchange Don made me feel confident enough to place another order. I then ordered the OX-51 (gorgeous brown). They arrived first because Don had to go back to the "drawing board" for the black pair. When I saw the OX-51 I couldn't be any happier. Again, quality. I understand they take a while, listen that kind of sucks! As for me... I have a list going. I know what shoes I want next.

Listen if your impatient you can buy a pair that may look good, and yes they will get to you a lot sooner. If you can be patient you can get a pair of shoes you will love, and when people look at them they know by the material that you paid a pretty penny for them. They are worth the wait.
Jeff says on 19/Jan/15
Rob, when they say that working out makes you shrink a little bit (a few mm), do they talk about long term or are they just referring the fact of losing your morning height more quickly?
[Editor Rob: it's more the strain/stress on your spine making you shrink quicker to your lowest height. Also if you become dehydrated during the workout it may also push you further down to an absolute low which is a few mm under your normal low.]
Rob V says on 19/Jan/15
btw on those contacts with a good bootmaker who might be able to do custom-made elevators, you can contact me on robfranklin980 @ yahoo.co.uk I have had two recommended already but more will be welcome.
RobV says on 15/Jan/15
Does anyone know a good bootmaker (UK/US/Europe) that does custom-made elevators? From your own designs/favourite boots? I'm thinking modern stuff as well as traditional.
Crypto139 says on 3/Jan/15
@vfpswiftie Look American? Are you going by his features or his clothing on that picture on this page. I guess the clothing could make him seem like a southern american country guy with those jeans and the big boots I guess. Not sure how he sounds German though. Then again the German I meet spoke with an American accent but his mom is American and he lived in the USA for about 2 years or so. Also Rob is the average there in Scotland just a flat 5 feet 9 or is it nearer 5 feet 10? 5 feet 9 on the dot would seem slightly low I guess. I think the average in the United States is 5ft 9.5 for men of all ages and races.
[Editor Rob: In Scotland and England it is right around the 5ft 9 mark overall, the youth 18-30 range have near 5ft 10 average though.]
vfpswiftie says on 3/Jan/15
Eob, I have a question and its a little personal one, if you are 5ft8 which is an inch under the average American male height, are you American or German because you sound like German but looks like American?
[Editor Rob: I am from Scotland, the average here is still 5ft 9 aswell.]
RobV says on 26/Dec/14
@G These are the first GuidoMaggi (GM) boots I have bought and they are excellent. From the bottom of the heel to the top of the lift is 5" which means that you gain about 4" in height - you always lose some with angle etc (i have never quite understood this but the Editor here - also called Rob - has done stuff about this on a youtube clip I think). This of course means that you are 3" taller than you appear in the same kind of boots without lifts. So as I am just a bit over 6'2" barefoot, I am 2m-ish wearing them (between 6'6" and 6'7").

The Don's I bought last year (d'Etnas) were 4" to which I added a 1" lift. For some reason I did not receive the 5" ones I wanted. They have exactly the same effect as the GMs and are good boots, in spite of the missing inch!

I mentioned here recently that I was going to buy the 5.5" d'Etnas but decided against, as a contact on here who went for some did not get the full extra. He measured the 'bottom of heel to top of lift' and it was just over 4", quite a lot less than the 5.5". This would have led to a lower height increase of course. I already have a Don's 4" pair (to which I add a 1" lift) and these have exactly the same height effect as the GMs. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has managed to get the 5'5" Don's d'Etna.

The GM model was the Shanghai and it is incredibly comfortable (as indeed are the Don's d'Etnas). There are no issues with comfort as they are built specifically with the intention of providing that kind of lift. If anything they are both the most comfortable boots I have ever worn.

It is of course easy for me to say 'go for the max' because I now do and have got there over the years having worn lifts which, on reflection, were kinda incremental - I got to my height over a period of time. Similarly, always remember that a 5" elevator gives you about 3"+ on top of what you would be wearing similar boots but without elevators. Once you buy something smaller, you will always then want to buy the taller. So I would just do it.

If you need any more info feel free to contact me on robfranklin980 @ yahoo.co.uk. I have met a lot of people on here who have wanted advice on elevators/lifts etc.
snatch says on 25/Dec/14
i wore lifts 1 time in my life and it looked hilarious

it looked so funny that i would make homophobic remarks about
my self to

it looked funny

my only point is Come As You Are
G says on 24/Dec/14
@RobV Do you find the 5" GMs you bought give you the full 5" this time or less? How about the Dons? Exactly which model GM 5" boots did you go for and how are they to walk in? I bought some cheap 5" shoes last year off the net but they only give 3" and a bit awkward. Would you still reccomend going for 5" or maybe slightly less for comfort?
RobV says on 24/Dec/14
@ snatch The problem with saying people look 'hilarious' wearing elevators is, of course that you have never seen anyone doing so. If you had ever seen someone using lifts, you would know that your comment is simply weird.

The key to all things is, particularly in the season of supposed goodwill, is tolerance of others' choices and not to make up false justifications for attacking those choices. Making lame homophobic remarks about dropping soap in prison is a particularly stupid and crass remark to make.
Ba says on 24/Dec/14
I ordered a pair of Dons shoes and of course was scared being they were 235 dollars and across the sea but they came back so well made and looking great. As with any new leather boots I had to break them in which only took a few wears and I could not be happy

thanks Don you will hear from me again
snatch says on 23/Dec/14
i find it funny I'm 5 foot 8 and never had the thought of wearing lifts

shame on the men who are over 6 feet and wearing lifts
there are men out there that would love to be 6 feet flat

and yet there are 6 foot 2 men wearing 3 inch shoes

id rather walk around barefoot around 6 foot men wearing lifts
that wear lifts and join the circus

haha and the way you walk when you wear lifts is hilarious it looks
like you dropped the soap to many times in prison enjoy you new look
Lebensdorf says on 22/Dec/14
Thanks, RobV, I am going to try the D'Etna from Don's.
RobV says on 17/Dec/14
@Lebensdorf I have now bought two pairs of 5” elevators, one from Don's and one just received from GuidoMaggi. And both, funny enough, are THE most comfortable things I have ever worn. And this is really because they are designed to cushion and to create boots which allow for the added height. Whenever I have tried to add, say, anything above 3” in boots which are NOT elevators, I can only do that if the boots are 2 sizes bigger than what I usually wear. That's fine and it works but is not as good as elevators if you can get a style you really like. I am not sure I have ever managed to really add 5” comfortably or easily in any non-elevator boots without compromising the style (and causing discomfort). And it looks fine, but for comfort, these 2 pairs I have recently bought are in a different league.

It appears that the real reason that 5” is the highest they really go is that at just below that level, slightly over 4”, any further added height has to be achieved by a thicker sole. This actually looks really cool on sturdy boots, but is no good for shoes, unless a style were to develop fashion-wise that allowed for that. But it means a full cushion designed to allow you to walk at that height. I have walked for miles in my Dons and will put the GuidoMaggis (GMs) through the same.

But no, no trouble at all walking - the real key to elevators that high is to make sure they they LOOK right with what you are wearing. It has to be pants and a style that goes with boots, the boots should not fit too tight as they can look clumpy (always buy at least a size larger than you would normally buy, trust me that is a real must). But interestingly with both the Dons and the GMs, I can wear skinny jeans which you cannot with a lot of elevator styles - they look too obvious.
RobV says on 15/Dec/14
OK you might remember I had recently said I had taken the plunge after receiving a special offer from the ultra expensive elevator makers GuidoMaggi (GM). Well they arrived real quick, a 5" elevator in a very trendy and current style. They are just fab, f*$@#*g wonderful. I am just so pleased I did. The styling and workmanship is superb, and what is best is that no-one would think they are elevators. I have actually worn them with very tight skinny jeans and they look totally right (in fairness my Don's d'Etnas are the same, but most other styles it is just not possible to do this). I am really bothered about even the slightest possibility of not looking right in such circumstances and usually elevators have to be slightly concealed. But when I saw the v professional promos on their site, they clearly showed guys walking around wearing them like that and they looked good/undetectable. Now I thought, cynical me, "yeah these ones in the promos are probably very low elevators which you CAN wear with skinnies and slim cut." But no, the 5" ones are just amazing and look exactly like the ones in the clips when you wear them out. Emanuele (at GM) 'great stuff, mate. Now we would love you bring the prices right down:) But understand why they are so expensive. You pay for quality.'
[Editor Rob: they are very expensive, but then, sometimes you are better paying 3 or 400 dollars for something you are going to look good in and they won't fall apart...many of the cheaper manufacturers who churn out low end elevators should be avoided.]
Guns says on 15/Dec/14
Rob: basically I just measured it again on Google with the inches you said 2.5 and it says I would be 5ft 7 1/2. Also don't you think the sambos could give a 2.8 inch? 2.5 from the advertisement of 3.1 is a lot thanks rob.
[Editor Rob: the ones that are advertised as 3.1 I believe would give somewhere in the 2.5-2.6 range, I explained it a little in a video on the 'heel height' page on this site, why we don't really get as much as heels/elevator shoes are advertised.]
Lebensdorf says on 14/Dec/14
RobV, do you ever find that you have trouble walking with the 5 inch lift?
Guns says on 8/Dec/14
Rob I am 5'5 if I get dons sambo shows (3.1inch) will I be close to 5'6
[Editor Rob: since they might give about 2.5 inches you are going to appear like say a 5ft 6.5 man or even close to 5ft 7 depending on what other people are wearing...many men will have 0.5-1.25 inch footwear while yours are 2.5 inches. So you are gaining probably 1.5-1.75 inches more than them with the dons.]
RobV says on 27/Nov/14
@ TGWM And best of all, mate, no-one will notice either, so it matters even less what they think. What you say sums it up - if you wear what looks fitting for where you are (office, club, bar, wherever), then no-one will notice. WHere problems begin is when people (once again, Downey Jnr, Stallone et al) where these clunking great things with suit trousers flapping up over a great wedge (for heaven's sake) at black tie/red carpet events. Then it's "all eyes on the footwear...what is that all about?"

The irony being that they COULD wear these boots at such an event if the trousers were made to look right with them. No doubt they do not earn very much so cannot afford a decent pair of $200 pants with $20 of altering. It's probably time this site had a whip round (ie a collection of cash for them, in case anyone misinterprets that phrase).

And Steve, never yet saw the Barbazza by Don. It looks good on the site, specially in Black.
Steve says on 26/Nov/14
don's shoes are the best quality shoes I have seen in years. I just purchased a pair of black Barbazza Boots and they are beautiful and comfortable. Thanks To Don's Elevator Shoes. Steve, Columnus. ohio
mikey says on 26/Nov/14
Hi rob I was looking at dons mid sole technology they advertise ones at 3.1 inch lift do you think you would get that full lift because of the mid sole tech. many thanks
[Editor Rob: you still won't quite get that if they are measuring at the very back...more like 2.7-8 range]
Lebensdorf says on 25/Nov/14
When I was in high school, I was 5'11 in my senior year. I was about 5'10 in 9th grade, about 5'10.75 in 11th grade, and a full 5'11 by the time I graduated, when I was 18. Lots of guys in my class towered over me. I didn't feel tall at tall. I think my generation (I'm 27) is pretty tall, and the kids who are in high school now, some of them are giants. I live in the US. I'm from the NYC area. It's different depending on your location. I remember, there were even some girls around my height, and I often felt kind of short. When I came back and visited a few years later, at age 21, I was 6'1. My old teachers said, "Hey, you got tall!" I think this illustrates the difference between those under six feet and those over. It was a growth spurt of only two inches but somehow it made all the difference in the world to these people. 5'11 is really not tall in today's world. Pretty soon 6 feet will be the average height in the US for men, in about 20 years.
TGWN says on 22/Nov/14
As I mentioned in my first post, I have played around with height increasing footwear for years. I work in an office environment and manage a group of about 25 engineers and as far as they are concerned, I am about 6' 3 1/2" (and on some days a bit more or less). We have become a 'close-knit' group over the years and despite this, I am VERY confident none of them are even aware of my real height and they simply see me as a 'taller than average person'. We not only work together in the office, but head out to social events together as well. I live in Canada where 'Stats Canada' (official government statistical branch) pegs the average Canadian male over 20 years of age at 5'8.6" (which seems shorter than what I typically observe, but Canada does have a higher Asian population that maybe brings the overall average down. If this is the statistic, then I guess I sometimes 'tower' as the term is used over the average by about 6" assuming the average person is also wearing shoes that boost them by an inch. My barefoot height is 6' 1/2". The gist of all this is: no one notices this type of height gain. Depending on the type of footwear I wear day to day, my total height varies by a good 1.5"; AND despite this routine 'change', no-one notices, comments or likely cares either. I will be wearing my 'formal d'Etnas' (see earlier post on this) with internal lift to the office without any qualms or worries. These I hope will get me to + 6' 4" and do I worry what people are going to think? No, and I don't really care either. I would have a go at wearing the 5.5" d'Etnas to work as well but the appearance of the boot itself won't fit in with the office. I will be wearing these 'ultra-tall d'Etnas every where else though and without any concern. I agree totally with all of RobV's comments and he has actually spurred me on to trying insert lifts again in addition. If you are going to fret and worry about what other people will think, then you might as well wear plain grey suits and blend into the crowd as best you can.
RobV says on 20/Nov/14
Ever since I posted my e-mail address in this section following my posts about my own experiences, I have heard from loads of tall guys who either want to be taller, or who already use lifts/elevators to make themselves taller, including TGWN who mentions it below. It reinforces what I have said before that already tall guys are often more aware of the advantages of the extra inches - maybe because they know that they can achieve them. Good luck with the 5.5" d'Etnas mate.
TGWN says on 15/Nov/14
Based on some commentary here on this site and a lengthy email conversation with RobV (thanks RobV), I have gone ahead and ordered a pair of ultra tall d'Etnas (5.5") from Don's. Also, Don's has a coupon offer there at the moment, so I also ordered a second pair of d'Etnas in a slightly more formal look (look at his website and pan through the photos of the D'etna. What I call the formal boot is shown in black, has a thinner sole, and is captioned "toe cap seam removed and panel edges rounded". Maximum height on this is 4"). I have also ordered in one size larger which will allow me to play with some internal lift as well. My maximum height right now is 6' 4 3/4" (just measured). Hopefully the ultra d'Etnas with me adding some internal lift will get me to 6' - 5.5" (or dare I say 6' -6"). The formal d'Etna? Well, I will have no problem wearing that in my office working environment. In the office, I currently am at 6' - 3.5"; I am hoping these get me to over 6'- 4", again with some help with added internal lift. Looking forward to receiving the d'Etnas and my first trip to the coffee shop in the ultra tall!
RobV says on 14/Nov/14
@Ytb Welcome to the club, mate. I am just a tad over 6'2" (almost 190cm) and I wear elevators and lifts to get to 6'5"/6'6"+. Just ordered my first 5" GuidoMaggis and about to go back in and try to get those 5.5"/6" Don's d'Etna boots if they are now ready for production.
Ytb says on 13/Nov/14
I'm about 6 foot 1 and I war lifts to get to 6 foot 3-4
RobV says on 13/Nov/14
Re Guido Maggi. Well I took the plunge. I didn't mean to (cost!). But taking advantage of a 24 hour Veterans Day offer from the firm that landed in my inbox, I paid today for a pair of 5" elevator Guido Maggi boots. I actually spoke to the guy who runs the company and he is amazingly helpful, interested in everything, committed to his business and really understands the need for elevators to be fashionable.

I will keep you informed on the outcome - my size is bigger than their usual largest (US 14, EU 47, UK 13.5) so they have to be specially made. No extra charge just a little extra time needed. Can't wait.
Lebensdorf says on 12/Nov/14
RobV, yes, the visible heel is part of the advertised increase, which is why I always subtract an inch when considering the lift, since everyone is already wearing about an inch as it is. What I really hate is the clomp clomp sound that the shoes make when you walk, unless you walk slowly. I don't know if you experience this. Is it hard to walk with a 5 inch lift?
RobV says on 11/Nov/14
@ Lebensdorf. The important point is that the inch or so in heel is factored into the advertised elevator lift. This is not a criticism of those who make them but it does tend to make me always err on the side of going for taller (along with quality).

Some might be inclined to look at stats and say "why bother?" but it really DOES make a difference.

But as Editor Rob once said (I think in a video), more height is gained from heels than from elevators per inch so it is always worth thinking of a not-too-high heel when such boots are in fashion (along with a damned great elevator/lift inside as well of course!)
Lebensdorf says on 9/Nov/14
TGWN, I think, as a general rule, you have to subtract 1.5 inches from the advertised increase. I have two pairs of elevators which are advertised to make the wearer 4 inches taller, but only make me 2.5 inches taller than my barefoot height. Then subtract an additional inch, because most men around you would not be barefoot. Most guys would be wearing about an inch of heel. So, practically speaking, when out and about, an advertised increase of 4 inches makes one appear only 1.5 inches taller. "5.5 inches" would make you 3 inches taller.
RobV says on 7/Nov/14
@TGWN. You are really exactly like me in being well above average in height but 'just want to be taller' by using elevators. And you ask me how the 5.5/6" d'Etnas of Don's worked out. I did buy some but alas there were a few technical issues and they were not the 5.5"/6" ones that I ended up getting. Don very kindly and quickly reimbursed me with no probs and I am going to order from him again now that the problem is resolved! I do however already have the 4" d'Etnas to which I add a 1" lift.

For what it is worth, I am 6'2" barefoot and when I wear the d'Etnas with the 4" elevator + 1"added lift (total 5"), I get to just under 6'6".

But (and this applies to all elevators), remember one thing. I have a pair of boots exactly like that with no elevator, and if I were to wear these without any lifts inside (no way!), my height goes to over 6'3" anyway (with the 1"+ heel you get on most workboot styles). So the true extra gain is really less than 3". That is no criticism, just a point I make about ALL elevators from my experience.

So here for ease is my little table of how I measure:

Barefoot 6'2"
Wearing a workboot with no lift/elevator 6'3.25"
Wearing a 4" elevator workboot 6'4.75 (just under 6'5")
Wearing a 4" elevator + 1" lift 6'5.5ish
Assumed height with 5.5"/6" elevator 6'6 - 6'6.5

The key to really going for 'added height' is really the difference between you wearing normal footwear and wearing your elevators - and you can see that for example if you wear something that is advertised as 5", the actual difference in my case from wearing normal footwear to wearing my elevators is only a good 2" or 2.5". When talking about elevators, people tend to compare measuring from barefoot to their 'new' height in the elevators. This of course is not entirely rational in terms of considering the impact of your added height generally, if that is what you are looking for - after all, you always wear footwear, and even those with whom you do not wear it (around the home etc) factor in that when you put a pair of boots on you are a bit taller (people do not even think about it).

So if you are talking about wanting to be thought of as 2" or 3" taller, then rationally you have to think in terms of that added height being from what you are in your normal footwear to what you are in the elevators. And that means the higher elevators.

Of course, most people do not wear workboot styles every day (and these are a higher start point of course than most work shoes etc). But trainers have the same effect, so do Timberlands and so do a lot of current styles.

You are quite right in not trying to put too much additional shoe lift into footwear that is your normal size. I myself have tended to use lifts wit bigger size boots because in the past elevators were pretty dreadful 'old mannish' stuff. With what I do I always have to be current. That is changing, which is good.

And I too wear some heels as well and it is an old saying in the elevator world (!) - you really do get way more height extra per inch from heels than you do from elevators. So a bit of a heel on a boot is no bad thing (and for me with a stack of added lift inside).

And yeah, mate, 4" added height is my thing as well. Perfect. And the styles are getting more varied. Still also toying with buying those GuidoMaggi boots but they are just so expensive. Getting closer to it though!

When I get my 5.5"/6" d'Etnas I will let you know on here how it has worked and what addition I get. How they fit/look etc.

I would be interested in knowing which hiknig boot style you bought. You can post it here, or to me at robfranklin980 @ yahoo.co.uk
RobV says on 7/Nov/14
@ babis1860 You mention wanting to guarantee getting an extra 2.5" height from elevators and that you're buying from Don's. Depending upon what style you want, I suggest buying the 4", for one reason - you get an inch+ anyway from any boots you are wearing (so, if you like, all boots are elevators to some degree!). I have bought from Don's. I wanted the 5" ones to take me from 6'2" to 6'6" (assuming a 4") and ended up with 4" ones + an inch lift: without the added lift, when I tried them, the 4" ones added just over 2.5" of height - which would take you from your 5'9.25" to 6'. Let me know hows it goes.
RobV says on 7/Nov/14
@ Lee on the idea of lifts making your arms look short! This is honestly one of those areas that is just not even worth bothering thinking about. A guy I know who is actually my height when I am wearing my elevators (he doesn't know I do, of course) has arms that are way SHORTER than mine. So that is the opposite of what you are referring to - there is no way I could suggest or think 'you must be wearing elevators' simply because of that. The variations in all these little areas of body proportion are so great in terms of % etc because of genetics that the last thing anyone thinks is that it might be to do with wearing lifts etc.

There is no way that, even if you magically acquired 6" in extra height with the same arms, that that would even be thought of by anyone (except yourself!).
Lee says on 5/Nov/14
@RobV, do you have any issue with your arms looking short when wearing such big lifts (3-4 inches), or is your wingspan long enough to compensate for the extra height? I'm 5'8", and my wingspan is only 2 inches longer than my height. I'm thinking about getting 3 inch lifts but I don't know if they would make my arms look weirdly out of proportion.
TGWN says on 3/Nov/14
Came across this website a while ago and find it very interesting. I have played around with height increasing footwear for years and all the issues discussed hear ring so true. I am at exactly 6'-1/2" and for some reason 'just want to be taller'. I wear quite a variety of footwear including square toed harness boots with a 2.75" exposed chunky heel to 'true' elevator shoes with the hidden heel. The highest pair I have gets me to a solid 6' - 4 1/2" and I frankly I love it. The extra 4" come in a hiking boot style with an advertised 5.5" lift which provides me with a true full 4" gain. I don't use lift inserts as I have never had much comfort with them, but maybe I should try again, but my current footwear is all 'true to my size' so I doubt I could comfortably do it without buying more (oversize) footwear.

I have read a lot here about "Don's", but it sounds they suffer from the same issue of 'real height add is much less than advertised". I would like to hear from RobV in regard to the real height add on the 5.5/6" d'Etnas.
babis1860 says on 3/Nov/14
Hey Rob , thank you very much for this site you're doing a great job. I'm planning to buy a pair of Don's in the future and I need to ask you a question about the lifts inside them. I'm 5'9.25 and I want to make myself appear around 5'11.5 - 6'0 so the logical step would to be to buy shoes with 2.5 inch lifts but is it going to give me 2.5 inches worth of height total or 2.5 inches plus the heel? Forgive my ignorance but I'm not familiar with this... Thanks a lot!
[Editor Rob: if you want to get 2.5 inches you would need to buy the ones advertised like 3 inches, that can get you about 2.3ish of actual height, if you got 3.5 or 4, then you would definitely get in the 2.5-3 inch of 'actual height'.]
NNA says on 26/Oct/14
Hi Rob. can you tell me what type of shoe are you wearing the in the last picture. I mean i can't find them on the website
[Editor Rob: sorry I don't know if it is on the site, it was a custom boot Dons sent me.]
Arthur says on 21/Oct/14
TRY dons. guido maggi are very expensive!
BenR says on 17/Oct/14
I have some air max that gives me about 3cm nearly on my height. I thought adding normal 1 inch lifts (these are solid ones not squishy) under the insole would make me an inch taller than that or at least 5cm (2cm extra). The thing is that in my airmax, in total they only give me just around 4.5cm extra height. Is this normal? If they were in converse etc I suppose they would give me a larger lift?

By the way, I bought Seca 213 staiometer and it only professes an accuracy of +-5mm...I also noticed it would be a 2-3 mm short due to innacurracies I measured on it where the bits fit together. It is portable though so I suppose it's easy enough to add a few millimeters to the measurement.
RobV says on 14/Oct/14
Well, Lebensdorf, if you've got the cash, try the GuidoMaggi and tell me what they are like :) I like the Don's pair I have got (high lift d'Etnas), but I too would like to have a shot at a pair of the GuidoMaggis when I think I can spare the cash. I think I would get the 5" Shanghai or Innsbruck style from their range. But there's loads more I would go for in the 4" and less.

But like I say, Don's are v good in that boot range, the d'Etnas, the army type ones etc. GET BOTH!
Lebensdorf says on 13/Oct/14
What do you think, guys, Guido Maggi or Don's? Which should I try?
RobV says on 9/Oct/14
@ Fog, as Editor Rob says, that totally gives you a good way of testing out making yourself taller without committing to buying elevators. That kind of happened to me for years naturally. I have been using lifts (boots are best, as you say) for 15 years, since I was late teens. In those days there were only elevators in the most crap styles and small sizes. So you had no choice. But it is still the best way of seeing how it feels.
184.3cm says on 9/Oct/14
Elevators are big business in Holland. So many guys want to be tall because its expected i think. Bulgarria shoes is a shop that i have noticed it spreading allover. I dont think they would sell the same quality as those hand made shoes from Dons as they are probably cheaply produced. For instance i have a friend who i was sure would measure round 178cm but he came over to my place for a visit with his family and in my house you take your shoes off at the door. When he came into our living room i couldnt believe it he was lucky if he hit 173cm barefoot.
Fog says on 6/Oct/14
I'm a solid 5'11 which is a decent height, but sometimes i like to feel taller. Instead of buying elevators i bought a pair of landrover boots than give 1.6 inches over barefoot height and then added a cork shoe insert that gave 2.5cm (1 inch). I walk around outside to what a 6'05 man would and feel quite tall. I don't wear them all the time, but the inserts in the boots are quite comfy if put in properly. Would recommend for a boot only though.
[Editor Rob: it's certainly a cheaper option than a 200 bux pair of elevator shoes, I'd always recommend someone who is thinking of elevators to maybe buy a cheap pair of lifts to test them out, then move onto a well made elevator shoe with inbuilt sturdy lift.]
RobV says on 3/Oct/14
@ Anon on pain. This really should not be happening if you have inserted lifts right and are wearing the right footwear and right size for the lifts. As I asked before, how tight are the shoes on top? And how do they feel in other parts of the foot? Do the lifts feel like they make the shoes too tight? 4" of lift for me is only possible in very oversized and big boots. So what type of footwear are we talking about here? You cannot get 4" of lift in any normal type of shoe. It seems to me, without knowing this, that your problem is simply one of pain brought on by very ill fitting shoes which itself is brought on by wearing just too much lift. Think about it - shoes and boots are designed to be worn for the size you have bought. If you are trying to go big, you have to wear bigger shoes. If you are trying to stick that amount of lift in anything else, then you are probably trying to put too much in. I did this when I started using lifts (home made) and had a few problems at first.

There is only so much you can put into shoes, and even half an inch too much can go from ease to pain.
Anon says on 30/Sep/14
I am not sure if you guys remember me, but I made a posting here regarding the pain I am experiencing wearing 4'' shoe lifts. Today my knees are killing me the pain came out of no where the past week. What can I do to ice my knees down?
[Editor Rob: I would take a break from them! And not do too much walking to let your knees recover a bit. Maybe you wore them too long and it's strained your joint?]
Lebensdorf says on 29/Sep/14
Rob Paul: mild-mannered celebrity autograph collector by day; Big Rob, man about town, by night.
RobV says on 19/Sep/14
@ Lebensdorf. Your situation is very similar to mine - tall and adding to get to very tall. Not sure if you have ever tried more than the inch or two you mention, taking you to 6'3", but I can tell you it is quite tempting to go for more at that level (and on the basis of the points you make) - if you do, try it out at night/at a club/bar type situation first.

@ Attitude, it is amazing yes, that people just do not notice. If you show a picture and say "these are elevators", then people will say "yes I can tell," even if they are not! Nothing ever needs to look like the Stallone/Downey Jnr munsters. It's really how you go about things. Big boots are big, and as I have said here before (with some shots to show what I mean), ALL boots like that can look like they have lifts, as they are chunky-heeled and big. For me they are the best and it's always great when they are fashionable or fit where/how you work. But if you try to wear them in some semi-formal situation like the Stallones do, then it potentially looks rather obvious.
Attitude says on 18/Sep/14
I agree RobV. I wore this huge ass boots in the warehouse I worked at. Most of the guys there were legit 6 feet or above. So I kinda matched that with the boot and lift. I had the same experience where people were saying I was pretty tall without realizing to factor in footwear Haha.

It's interesting how I was chosen to do certain duties over others because I work out and looked taller than some other candidates. In this case height got me noticed by the boss and had me do extra work for more cash over the other new people since I was a bit taller than them.
huh? says on 18/Sep/14

The global height is not near 5'9.5
Lebensdorf says on 16/Sep/14
RobV, You're right about looks from guys. I can tell when a man is a little envious of my height, especially when he's with his gf. But the girls don't always care that much, it's true. Although I honestly think height is the most attractive quality for most women. I see these guys who are just dogs and they have beautiful girlfriends because they're like 8 feet tall and strong looking. At a club, a guy can wear a paper bag over his face and pick up a good looking girl if he's upwards of 6'5. On the other hand, there are some short guys who own their shortness and have the confidence, and I truly respect them.
RobV says on 16/Sep/14
@ Attitude. Yes it's weird how guys just do not really seem to factor into account the difference that varying shoes/boots can make, even with no lift. And getting from 5'9.5" to just under 6'2" with the right footwear and lifts is exactly what you say - a nice harmless power trip.

I've told my story before as to how I started wearing stuff to make me seem taller, but there's an additional point that ties in with what you have said - I used to help a mate run a club where these three guys used to come in, all around 6'6" ish and well built. One of them was Pete Steele, the musician, and I noticed he wore these great big badass engineer style boots which totally gave him at least 2"+ in spite of being so tall. Both of the others wore cuban heel/cowboy boots as well. And their height just totally dominated. They were clearly not about to be wearing flat shoes to minimise their height, any of them. So at 6'2" I got just wearing big boots like that (Docs/Rangers etc), progressed (fast!) to lifts and like you I managed to get that extra 4"+ and really love it once I was their height.

Strangely, now I do my own nights, one of those 3 guys who is still occasionally on the scene came in some months ago and almost the first thing he did when he saw me was check out how tall I was and said 'F*&#, you're tall'. Maybe a childish little thing on my part, but it was quite a buzz having one of these 3 who I had kinda idolised in my late teens saying something like that. Silly really, but a buzz nonetheless.
Attitude says on 15/Sep/14
I'm 5'9.5" maybe just a tad over, and it's true RobV; if I wear just flat converse shoes out and about downtown, I feel like how a below average guy (a 5'8" guy) would in regular runners/trainers/boots. Even just wearing runners with a typical inch and a bit heel, it really changes the feeling. In one of my trainers, I'm just a hair under 5'11. In boots with an insole or lift, depending on the boot, I can get up to 6'0" to close to 6'2" (such as using a construction worker's boot with a full lift inside).

While I wish I was a 5'11" guy, it's not hard to pass for 5'11"-6'0" in public.

I have a few friends who are identical to my height, slightly above, and slightly below (go figure, I'm 5'9.5", the global average). When I wear converse type shoes with no heel/lift at all, and they are all wearing runners with an inch heel, boy does that make a difference. My friend who is the same height looks huge if he wears his air max shoes while I wear converse and vice versa. Like, it's really weird to look up to somebody who is normally eye level just because of a slight shoe difference. (Most of this happens in the gym where none of us are wearing boots, lifts, or higher heeled shoes like a Cuban heel; so me or him wearing trainers or flat converse shoes are typical and alternate frequently).

But I like to wear cowboys in public normally or big ass boots (maybe with a lift too ;) ). Going from 50% taller than everybody to 80 or 90% is a nice harmless power trip. Haha.
RobV says on 14/Sep/14
@ Lebensdorf With regard to the confusion about exactly how much extra height you gain, I think you also have to remember it's quite difficult to exactly measure your own height and I am sure you do not go to your doc and say "measure me with and without my elevators on", adopting a similar posture!

I myself have a pair advertised as 5" (and like you I measure the lift on the boot and yep it appears to be 5") and I DO fill a 2m door frame (I'm 6'2"), so the loss of a couple of inches in actual gain does not always seem to apply. But I have noticed that wearing the boots and filling the frame really depends upon posture. Hitting a height level barefoot seems less unrelaible or varied. I cannot really explain why. And I have another similar pair of 4" elevators and yes, like you, I really do only gain, say, two-and-a-half inches. It is slightly misleading really, I guess, but of course the additional complication is the additional height from barefoot you get just by wearing shoes, up to well over an inch, maybe 1.5". So it's like there are three concepts here. The reality is surely that they do add height, and quite a bit in certain circumstances.

It might appear funny to you that guys our height do this, but working in the business I work in, I have seen all sorts of this kind of thing. Being fairly expert in it, I have for sure seen other well known tall/tallish guys who are clearly trying to get a bit more height, through slight heels and bigger boots which might even have a little lift. And just look at very tall guys listed on here (think 6'3"/6'4" Jason Momoa for example, talking about being 6'5" 'and still growing'!! A claim, made by a guy over 30 -!- designed to allow him to claim 6'6" at some point soon if he can get away with it). They all seem to add 2" to their claimed height until the height gets to 6'6", which just appears to be a sort of ideal for guys who are already really tall.

I have said this before - guys who are most impressed by my height, 6'6"ish with my biggest boots - are almost always guys who are already in the top percentiles of height, 6'2+. The comments/looks are always favourable, and it's clear that most of them think I have some sort of an advantage. We are talking straight guys here btw. Interestingly, I am not sure that, by and large, women are as impressed and awed by such heights, and neither do gay men appear to be so taken with it (sure, it's not a minus, but it is always tall straight guys who are always 'wow', like you have the latest flash car).
Lebensdorf says on 13/Sep/14
RobV, I'm 6'1 barefoot, and I can pass for 6'3 with the elevators on. I guess it's an image enhancement of sorts, but it's not major. It's weird, when I measure the lift itself, it does appear to be four inches, but the practical height yielded is quite a bit less. I think the people making the shoes should disclose this. What a funny world it is when guys in our height range wear elevator shoes.
RobV says on 10/Sep/14
@ Lebensdorf. Although I agree with you that the lift in elevators is usually less than advertised, 2.5" in your case it is still quite substantial. From memory, a 'real lift' from, say 5'9'5" to 6' takes you from being taller than about half the population to taller than 80%, depending of course where you are based.

At that level, some guys who just add an inch are amazed at first how much taller they feel. Which, given the height distribution stats, is logical because even at that low level of lift you become taller than a large % of other guys if you are average height. It really depends upon what you define as 'dramatic'. I would say going from 5'8.25" to a tad over 6' in the big boots is dramatic. I am 6'2" and wear similar ones and get to just and just 2m (a bit under 6'6").
lelman says on 9/Sep/14
Heh, legit 6'0" Rob. Do you think RDJ wears shoes similar to the ones demonstrated in that bottom pic? It actually looks quite natural until you see the boots.
[Editor Rob: his don't look quite as thick but I believe RDJ can get near 3 inches of actual height in some of the shoes he wears, and about 2.5 inches in some of the sneaker elevators he wears.]
Lebensdorf says on 9/Sep/14
I have a pair of elevator shoes. They are supposed to have an increase of 4 inches, but the lift amounts only to 2.5 inches (above my height barefoot). If we assume that the average heel is 1 inch, these shoes make me only 1.5 inches taller than I would be normally. Elevator shoes never really make you that much taller. A short guy might end up looking respectably average (by society's standards), an average guy will look tallish, but not really tall, and a tall guy will just look like a taller guy. Honestly, the difference will never be dramatic. Rob, what is the advertised lift in your Big Rob boots? They seem to make you a solid 6 feet.
[Editor Rob: they can put me at 6ft 1/8th when I measured about 5ft 8.25, just under 4 inches, I think they are advertised at 5 inches or 5.5 maybe.]
RobV says on 4/Sep/14
@ AlyD You could never in a 100 years tell these are elevators from the photographs. How much of an elevator is in these?
AlyD says on 4/Sep/14
A picture of a pair of Don's shoes being worn Click Here
RobV says on 2/Sep/14
Just a comment on a post elsewhere, where a guy says he finds it really uncomfortable to wear elevators or lifts for more than a certain amount of time (not very long!). If this is the case, then you really are doing something wrong. I wear both/either pretty much every waking hour and I have absolutely no discomfort at all, can walk easily and properly.

But you DO have to make sure that what you are doing with elevators fits the feet and (with lifts) properly fits the footwear. Lifts that are too small (I mean not wide enough, allowing space to either side) skew your posture and comfort (you tend to shift to one side or another and walk oddly), lifts that are too BIG for the particular footwear, are painful and uncomfortable. They create pressure points on top, rubbing and all the issues you get with tight footwear. Remember that when you are a size 10 and buy a size 10, it is designed to fit your foot, not to allow for something else as well like a wedge of extra other than maybe a thin insole.

I have discovered the answer to this is to buy most footwear a size or two larger than my normal size, specially if I am using lifts.

Elevators should not be uncomfortable at all as long as you get the right size, and my own view on these is that you should go for quality and get a size larger than you normally buy as well.

It is trial and error, but at the end of the day quite easy. But each different pair of shoes or boots will respond differently to lifts so it's a case of having a range of lifts and sometimes customising them yourself.
delvin says on 21/Aug/14
do elevators shoe hurt for flat feet people
RobV says on 20/Aug/14
@Finlander The great thing about the d'Etna, which I have, is that it is in a style that is generally fashionable with stuff like skinny jeans. Your shape is similar to mine, though I may now be a bit more built, but I am a bit taller 6'2" and these work well, and really no need for a leather jacket (though, yep that looks good).

Tastes vary, but based on what you told me, just look at these.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Big boots, skinnies, not a leather jacket in sight. I have the highest lift ones and they are the only boots with serious lifts/ elevators I can comfortably wear exposed with skinnies tucked in/rolled over to show the boot, without fear that someone might realise. Reason for this is that ALL big boots look chunky in the heel area anyway. Look at the Justin Theroux shot and you'll see what I mean. All these could so easily be elevators and look similar in effect to even my highest lift d'Etnas. Sometimes fashion or trends work in your favour for adding height, and this one for big boots (all types not just Docs) is very good.

The Gran Sasso might work the same (I've looked at it and it seems good as well). Get them a size bigger than you are, just in case you wanna experiment with a half inch/inch more lift. Even if you don't, somehow it is still better to get the larger size. There are also some really cool ones on the guidomaggi.com site but they are incredibly expensive. I only recently saw these and I would say they are as a collection the elevators with the best eye to fashion on the market. I will def buy some at some point (gulp). But these particular ones of Dons are good as well.

I do suggest you get shiny and not matt, and then wear them in a bit. Let me know how you get on. By all means get in touch with me robfranklin980 @ yahoo.co.uk and I will give you more advice if you want. Or on here of course.
RobV says on 19/Aug/14
Custom elevators - does anyone know where to get really good and fashionable custom elevators made? Like a younger designer who really understands the concept and can make for that market? I have found, until relatively recently, that most firms that do custom boots and shoes generally are rather old fashioned, and certainly not for a younger market in styling.
Levi says on 14/Aug/14
Just ordered a pair of dons.
I'm around 178cm. A little less in the evening and a little more in the morning. 177cm is average where I live, but I just want a little boost to appear a little bigger.

That and having some high quality shoes being made the way you want them is always a good thing. Especially with the reasonable prices at dons. The height increase doesn't hurt either
Finlander says on 14/Aug/14
@RobV. I have a problem, It's kinda simple, I have no idea which one to order d'Etna or Gran Sasso boots (w 3.1"/8cm lifts). Also the second part of my troubles. How can I make those boots look good? I'm 18, 6ft, 82kg(200lbs is 90kg) and kinda weird mixture build guy. I mean I have long legs and wide shoulders, weird right? I wear a lot of slim fit jeans with my high top nikes and buttoned shirts. In Autumn I also wear black or brown leather jackets(slim fit also). I think with my leather jacket I have no problems wearing boots. But I don't really know how to make those boots look good with like buttoned shirts or something else. The easy solution is to wear my lift filled nikes but I want to wear my boots too. As you are a guy who knows fashion, I was kinda hoping that you would have tips how to make those boots look good without me wearing leather jackets all the time.
RobV says on 11/Aug/14
@ Liking Lifts. For myself I always buy, if I can, a size-and-a-half-up, but this is partly because I like to wear stuff that I can add a little further lifts to if poss. But if you are wearing elevators, the key is comfort and I now never feel any problem at all with them - I used to have more issues with lifts than with elevators, as with lifts you are adding something to footwear which is not expecting both a foot and an extra wedge! It took me a while to get the real hang of them, and even now I am amazed at how different lifts work in different boots/shoes, and it really IS trial and error to get it both to the max and feeling comfortable.

The plus with lifts of course is that you can have almost any type of shoe, specially if you are younger and into fashion. Elevators are getting better, way better than 10 years ago, but still have to catch up quite a lot. I really will try those very trendy looking ones that I posted about but they are just so expensive.

I suspect you have worn the 5.5" ones too often to exchange them for the next size up!
LikingLifts says on 7/Aug/14
My feet are getting more used to the 5.5" lifts but it seems I just need to buy a larger size like you mentioned. It just feels like they're squishing my feet horribly if I wear them more than a couple hours. I'll keep looking around for the next size up or maybe even 1.5 size up
RobV says on 25/Jul/14
Has anyone ever bought Guido Maggi elevators? I've only just picked up on them. They look incredible but also incredibly expensive (like 500 euros+ which is 400 sterling/700 US dollars). The interesting point in their promotion is that, a bit like my Don's d'Etnas, they are current and fashionable - and the styling appears to break that usual 'elevator rules' that you should never expose the heel for fear of detection. They demonstrate something I have said before - that when big boots are fashionable (which they are a lot of the time and in lots of ways), then practically ALL big boots look like that could (just could) be elevators because of their chunky styling and heavy duty heels etc. It therefore means you can wear them with a bit more confidence of non detection. If they all look chunky then your elevators are 'no different' to others in similar styles (only you know they are). Of course, you look at the clips and know that you are looking at elevators because it is flagged up for you. The danger is that you then think you can 'tell'. But a lot of these look great. Check them out on youtube. I would love to know if anyone has bought anything from these guys and how it looks, specially in the boots and at the fashion end.
[Editor Rob: they are even more expensive than Dons, but then high fashion shoes from some Italian brands are in that range aswell.]
RobV says on 23/Jul/14
@likinglifts I think whether you go for lifts or elevators or a combination, you are always best getting stuff in a size or two larger to allow you to experiment and add. Whatever you do, the boots will fit fine if you make allowance. They will certainly not end up being too big. Otherwise, you will curse. I did that recently when I saw a fab pair of (non elevator) boots, and made the mistake of assuming that that style in a particular size would allow me to add 3" of lift. It was similar to another pair but better, same brand though. The upper was just tighter and therefore I could only get less than 2" in. They didn't have a size larger than that anyway, but had they had a pair, I would for sure have got more in.

I will post once I have received my new 5.5"/6" d'Etnas. They will give me about 4" I think.
RobV says on 22/Jul/14
Something just posted on 'General Height' might be of interest here. Someone understandably asked how I can get from 6'2" even to 6'5" just using lifts. Well you can but it is very difficult. I tend to use the words lifts and elevators rather interchangeably and I often say 'using lifts/elevators'. By and large for achieving that kind of height lift, I use elevators AND lifts. Currently I wear my 5" d'Etnas (by Dons) a lot, in a size or so larger than my own with added 1" lifts. And it takes me to probably 6'6" ish (with allowance for the boot and angle). I've actually now ordered the ones of his still not advertised but which I discovered on a youtube video (the extra inch to 5.5"/6", they look cool in the video and I prefer the sole, much more trendy).

Lifts alone are way more tricky. It can be done - but almost solely with big boots like Docs and Rangers in sizes much bigger than your own size (I have several and manage to get the 3" out of them OK - they were the first ones I ever did, when I was in my late teens 15 years ago and I very accurately measured my height in them as having got the extra 3" I wanted). But no way in your kind of day to day office type shoes, and even in the boots brands I mention, there are some styles you can achieve it in, some you cannot.
Likinglifts says on 20/Jul/14
I think youre right about getting a size or two bigger with higher lifts. My 2" inserts that give me an actual 1.5" height increase fit nicely inside my normal size work boots. The 5.5" lift boots I bought which give me 3.5" of actual lift over wearing my work boots without lifts are very snug on my feet since I ordered them in my normal size. I assumed since they were made with the lifts inside they would take that sort of stuff into account, but I assumed wrong. It seems the stated height increase for any shoe is versus your barefoot height.
Ive wanted to order a pair of dons for year. I think the time to order them is coming up quickly. Especially now that they're offering styles of boots that basically never go out of fashion and in 6" lift.
RobV says on 18/Jul/14
@ Finlander Yes it is funny that 2" taller seems to be quite a common aspiration. Interestingly, when one of the posters on here did a survey on "how tall ru, how tall would u like to be", that was what from memory seemed to come out more than anything. Even guys around my height and slightly taller would like to be 2" taller. That may be almost a sort of 'realistic' aspiration in a way - you can just about get 2" more by careful use of footwear etc and it is just and just easily attainable through that, but it is not a kind of situation where you feel like an almost different person.

But trust me once you are around that height you will probably want an extra inch, because if you are a tad under 6' now, you will already be 6'1" in boots. Go for what you feel comfortable with, but bearing in mind the loss of extra lift you do get by angle etc, my instinct is you'd be better with the 3.1". It's a small difference I know to the 2.75" but an elevator of 3.1" on your 'almost 6 foot' will 100% certainly keep you under 6'3" and within the height parameters you describe. And I bet you will want to go a bit higher in future.
Finlander says on 17/Jul/14
Thanks 'bout the info. I'm getting more and more certain about buying the gran sassos(2.75" or 3.1").

About my height, I was measured recently and I was 182.5cm(a fraction below 6') barefeet. And about how tall I want to appear. I want to be like 6'3 or a notch more in boots so people would assume that I was a legit 6'2" guy. Kinda funny isn't it, I mean like I want to be 6'2" and you're 6'2" and want to be more than 6'4". Also I know like a ton of guys who would like to be 6'.
RobV says on 17/Jul/14
@ Finlander, on Don's sizes. I have just checked and I thought he did in fact do bigger sizes. It slightly confusingly says you can get a maximum EU 46 in the gran Sasso for example (max size) but also says that 13.5 is the max UK size available (now that is 48.5 in Europe). I have had them made to the bigger UK size through Dons, and am expecting in the mail soon a pair of 13.5 UK size d'Etnas in the highest lift. Good luck, and do think about the 3.1" or even the 4" Gran Sasso. Both will keep you under 6'3" in real terms imho (ie as a 6'3" guy in boots)!
RobV says on 17/Jul/14
@ Liking Lifts. I am really surprised you have had so much problem with the higher lifts, but it may just be that the boots/shoes are not of the right kinda quality (and, possibly, shoes size) you need at that height. My 4" d'Etnas + 1" lift inserted are the most comfortable boots I own, which is why I have gone for the 5.5"/6" version that he has just developed (but not put on his site yet, for some reason).

You also mentioned that you put lifts in at first and that people asked what was wrong, and you thought you might look like you were limping. I have to say that this can happen if you do not get the balance right, or if you are trying to put too much in too small a space (sometimes it is deceptive when you first add the lift - 'hurray I can get all that in"). I cured this completely by always buying boots and shoes a size (or 2) bigger) when adding lifts. The problem is that there is always a limit as to what you can add by way of lifts. So you have to get it exactly right - comfort and max height. The temptation to add more than comfort allows appears to be greater when the shoes are your normal size. When the shoes are bigger, you get a little more in and are happy with the result so you tend to stick at that. I had superb motorbike boots in my late teens but could never get the lifts right - the boots ended up too tight or not enough lift and I felt a bit like you do. And then I bought another pair two sizes bigger and never looked back.
Finlander says on 16/Jul/14
@LikingLifts Thanks, I'm probably gonna go with the gran sasso(2,75") boots. About lifts, I have a pair of homemade lifts(1"-1,50" range) in my Nike airforce ones. They give me just enough that I look like a legit 6'1" guy but, they are somewhat uncomfortable and took time to get used to. Then why the boots, you may ask? Well I just want a really good pair of boots(and to look like 6'1"-6'2") and also I'm aiming for the greater comfortably. Oh... and Rob? Any idea why you can't order(from DON's) larger shoes than EU size 46. I am just wondering cause in Finland sizes like 47 to 49 are big but not that rare(I mean like if you are buying new sneakers you would find size 48 shoe pretty easily). And my size is 44, so no problem with that just wondering. :)
[Editor Rob: maybe Don's haven't got the shoe lasts for such big sizes, so you would need to try to contact them and see if they make bigger sizes to a special order?]
RobV says on 16/Jul/14
@ Finlander. I have ordered from Dons and they were delivered no problem to the UK. I am not exactly sure where they are based but it's not the Uk so mail seems to get through no problem.

You are similar to me in some ways - you are tall (6') and want to be taller but no more than 6'3". I am 6'2" and want to be taller, but max 6'6" (so just up a notch!). You are concerned that you don't want to appear too tall if you buy the Gran Sasso boots in 2.75" elevator. You most certainly will not and might wish you had at least gone for the next size up, the 3.1". The reason? You have to bear in mind one thing. If you wear any boots at all already, say like these ones or like Timberlands, but with no lift, you will already be adding an inch or maybe even a tiny bit more. So as Editor Rob often points out, an elevator that says 2.75" will NOT give 2.75" on TOP of what you normally are in boots. PLus there is a kind of slight lessening in what you gain from the 2.75" because of the angle of the foot etc. You will certainly not exceed your desired height with the 2.75" elevator - and never mind the 3.1", you might even wish you had gone for the 4"! It depends upon whether you are saying "I am 6' barefoot, 6'1 to 6'1.5 in my boots, and only want an extra inch and a half in boots to get to 6'3". Or whether you want to be like a 6'3" guy in boots, which inevitably takes you a tad taller.

And 2.75" in these boots is no way too tall. I like the look of those ones actually. I have just ordered a 2nd pair of Don's d'Etnas in his new 5.5"/6" elevator. And although I am 6'2" they will probably only just get me to the 6'6" mark because of the limitations I have mentioned.

I have had a lot of experience with elevators and lifts and I realise that even an extra half inch makes you yourself feel way taller than you are. It takes quite a lot of elevator or lift in the right kind of boot to actually genuinely get an additional 2"+ extra height on top of the height you are in your usual footwear. Feel free to take advantage of my experience and ask any questions.
LikingLifts says on 16/Jul/14
@ RobV, thanks for the info, let me know how you like the boots when you get em. In your shoes I would feel the same, it seems no matter how much taller I can make myself I would still rather be even taller. With a 6" lift that would make me over 6'2" at any point of the day, & I would still likely be shorter than a few people during the day. Disappointing being short to start with :/

My very first lift was the insert into my normal work boots. 2". They were actually quite awkward at first, but the boots I put them in already made me 1.5" taller, so it was adding 2" on top of that. For about a month people kept asking me "what's wrong" and they would say it looked as if I was limping.

With that said I would say anything under 3" is a good starter lift size. I'm so used to my boots with inserts that I can run/train in them as if they were regular shoes. My 5.5" lift boots are another story. I wore them all day today at work. They destroyed my feet. I took them off for my breaks and lunch, my feet still hurt 4 hours later without any shoe on my feet.

It is awesome to be viewed as "tall" but I'm not sure it's worth this much pain. I have heard many good things about Dons shoes and that they're more comfortable than run of the mill elevator shoes, so they might be even easier to adapt to, but I have no experience with Dons yet.
Finlander says on 14/Jul/14
Hi, I'm thinking of buying the Gran Sasso boots(w. 2.75 increase probably) from Don's and I was thinking, has anyone from like really far(I'm from Finland, myself) ordered shoes from Don's?

Also I'm about 182cm-183cm(6ft) and would like to look more than 185.5cm(6'1") but I don't want to look over 191cm(6'3"). So if you have experience about this, could you tell me how it all played out. Oh... And I'm a first time elevator shoe buyer, so please tell me if 2.75 is too much to begin with.
RobV says on 14/Jul/14
@ LikingLifts. Don's d'Etna 5.5"/6" boots ordered, apparently completed and on their way to me. I can't wait to get hold of them and will let you know how they stack up :) For the record I currently have a pair of the d'Etnas with the 4" elevator and an additional 1 inch of lift and they are incredibly comfortable. I saw the 5.5"/6" ones by chance in the video (still not on the Don's site yet - they really should put them on there) - I went for these higher ones because the existing ones look good, because I wanted them higher and because the sole that has to be used on the 5.5"/6" is in fact much more fashionable. In these new higher ones I have gone for the glossy version. If you are at all bothered by detection, shiny/glossy is better - you can start to worry (slightly unnecessarily imho) that the matt ones look like orthopaedic boots! Trust me they don't.

And in fact, I wear these matt ones fully exposed with skinny jeans, which some might think breaks all the rules - these 'rules' are that with elevators and lifts, specially above a certain height, you should usually wear as much cover as poss through bootcut jeans to disguise the possibility that the lift is visible at the heel (that clumpy look). And I usually do that with other footwear I have lifts or elevators in, specially during the day. But not with these, and I have 100% confidence in them. If you look at most big boots (currently trendy again) like Docs and rangers etc, they actually ALL look like they might have elevators in them!

And yes mate, you really get used to them - I am already 6'2" tall and I love being around 6'5"/6'6" by using good lifts and elevators. And it is just so weird that people never really notice that you are actually taller - don't forget, of course, that you can't really just measure from barefoot. People see you mostly in shoes. Most shoes with nothing in at all give you an inch or so already, so really for added height purposes you have to take your normal shoes/boots and then see where you get from them. On that basis, I expect my 5.5"/6" to give me about 4.5" advantage, maybe a bit more if lucky, on top of my usual height in average boots. Bloody good. Good luck and if ever you need any advice or tips I'm robfranklin980 @ yahoo.co.uk. I've really made elevators and lifts work for me using logic and sense, and I know loadsa guys who would like to try but don't quite get into it because they fear detection etc.
LikingLifts says on 13/Jul/14
First I must say thanks for this article and keeping up on new developments. It have me the courage to try lifts for the first time, and now I've been wearing lifts for years!

Anyone tried out the 6" version of Dons new boots? I've been thinking about it.

I've worn inserts in my boots for a few years now. I'm 5'8.25 to 5'8.5 depending on what part of the day I measure. The inserts claim 1.5-2" taller depending if you use the booster or not. I use them inside of typical store bought work boots like caterpillar, survivors etc. which give me about 1.5" taller than barefoot height by themself. this combo makes me 5'11.25-5"11.5" again depending on what point in the day I measure. Not bad for only $11.99! They were quite awkward at first, but now I don't notice them at all, & can even run in them just fine.

Most recently I bought a set of 5.5" elevator shoes that are in the $150 price range. These make me a full 5" taller than my barefoot height @ over 6'1"! These shoes apply more pressure onto your feet and are not very comfortable to wear at first. After a few days of wearing them they are reasonably comfortable and I could easily wear them all day. Anytime I wear them around people that know me I get asked "have you lost weight?" I weigh about 165lbs so I'm not exactly overweight to begin with.

From my experience with elevators(which is only what you see above) they make me .5" less than advertised taller. When I measure the inserts inside of my boots it measures right at 3.5" from the ground to the top of the insert, & they make me 3" taller. Same with the new boots. They measure 5.5" from the ground to the top of the lift, & make me 5" taller. This does require extremely good posture to attain these gains, but once you're used to it it feels normal.
RobV says on 21/Jun/14
I just made a point elsewhere that is worth making here on this section related to elevators. It's about fitting your own style to what you wear and how fashion trends and how you dress can be used to your advantage (or play against you).

I have actually managed to wear my Don's 5" d'Etnas bought last year undetectable with skinny jeans tucked in, which I know I know kinda goes against what indeed I have always believed myself about the need to wear such heights with bootcut jeans covering much of the boot.

A lot is about looking at what current styles/trends are and what suits your image - just look at sites like TopMan and their models are often wearing skinnies with big Doc-type boots, tucked in or rolled up exposing the boot. If someone said to you "they are elevators the guys are wearing", you would say "Oh yes, I can tell". But they are not. All big chunky boots like that can look like they are built up (even when I didn't wear elevators in them years ago, my mum called them my Herman Munster boots). So it's also about tailoring the lift to your own style - sometimes you are lucky and a style which suits big elevators comes in. Sometimes you are not. The more off centre to your own image you are, the more it can look like Vin Diesel, Robert Downey Jr et al and their big cheap boots worn with suits at red carpet events - yuk and obvious. It then seems at the very least that you are wearing something that does not really suit or is not fashionable in order to give you more height.
RobV says on 19/Jun/14
@ Editor Rob on the Don's boots. I meant the new 5.5"/6" ones that he has done on a youtube video, not the 5" ones you have. He doesn't have them yet on his site, but he posted a video of them them a few months ago, basically saying 'at last, after many requests'. I can post a link if you want. I happened across it by total chance. If these ones are an additional half inch to inch on top of the 5" version you have, then that would take the gain to 4.5" to 5" in comparison with the average sneaker/shoe. I actually prefer the look of the sole on these new ones, more fashionably chunky, which possibly accounts for a little of the additional height!
[Editor Rob: the 5.5 probably will give 4.3 inches, it might change a little if you have a longer foot, but still getting nearly 4.5 inches is a remarkable amount as you can then genuinely look 3.5 inches taller than what you used to look if you wore 1 inch shoes]
RobV says on 17/Jun/14
Just to let you know I have ordered the new-ish highest elevators from Don's (the 5.5"/6" d'Etnas on the facebook video). I like the style as they are quite fashionable to wear with current jeans styles. I will let you know - they will probably give me up to 4.5"/5" which is a tad more than I tend to go for and will take me to 2m (over 6'6").
[Editor Rob: the exact measurement from the BIG ROB versions that Dons sent me (it is the 5-incher model) is just in the 3.8 inch zone, so you are basically gaining 3 inches in height on average, compared to the typical sneaker or basic shoe.]
Height master says on 2/Jun/14
Rob, do you think shoe lifts could possibly cause your spine to decompress more than usual? I wear lifts because I want to hit the 5'10 mark. I'm 5'8.5 for my day low, and wear one inch shoe lifts. I noticed that I measure at least an quarter of an inch taller when I don't wear them. So technically my low would be 5'8.75.
[Editor Rob: maybe the lifts mean your back is under more pressure so you are reaching your low faster than not wearing lifts?]
J.Lee says on 19/May/14
Rob these are 2.4 inches? how much taller are u in them than jenny? How high are her shoes in the pic?
[Editor Rob: those are the elevators I measured on the dons youtube video, about 2.3 inch range, her sneakers are like 0.4 inches, there was around 2 inches really in the photo...although in photos sometimes 2 inches can look anywhere from 1 inch up to 3 inches! ]
RobV says on 14/May/14
@ Heylo on wearing a bit of a lift to get you to 5'11". You'll find that adding an inch is very easy and you will for sure notice the height increase but it will not cause you any concern at all and will be undetectable really. The thing is, though, that once you have added an inch, you will probably want to add another a few months/weeks down the line to get yourself to 6'! That's the funny thing about wearing lifts/elevators - the extra height is very welcome and you do kinda end up going higher.
RobV says on 12/May/14
@ Saint 6-1 As I am another Rob, not the Editor!, who bought a pair of the Don's 5" d'etna elevators last year, you might poss have been asking me! And yes I wear those all the time. Apart from anything else, they are in a style which is quite trendy right now with straight/skinnies and they are very comfortable. Of all the stuff I wear - lifts/elevators/combo - they are actually the easiest to wear for daily activities and in spite of being big workboot style, they do not look like elevators, just big boots. I just hope they stay fashionable. As I'm 6'2", they're the only footwear I have that easily takes me to 6'6".

But with this type of boot you MUST keep them well polished, even if only at the heel, or at some point a kind of ridge could appear where the elevator section meets the rest of the upper.

I am tempted to try his military style ones as well in a similar height, and on reflection would have preferred to order the shiny black leather rather than the matt style finish for the d'etna. But i can wear them day and night for ages and no probs.
Heylo says on 12/May/14
You say you are 5'8 but in a video where you show some Don boots you are 174.3cm?
[Editor Rob: that would be earlier in the day, but the stadiometer adds 1/8th inch, I drop to 5ft 8.25 usually on stadiometer so I am 5ft 8 1/8th.]
Heylo says on 12/May/14
Hey Rob. I'm 5'10 and live in Sweden. As you may know swedes are tall and the average are at 181.5.. However, I've been thinking about buying some 1inch insoles to put in some of my shoes but I feel awkward at the same time. When did you start to use lifts? Seem like 2 inches and above is usual in here to use but I think that's too much, i would feel a bit pathetic with it. Which is the most usual kind of lift that you are using?

And 1 inch for me would make a pretty big difference since i get over the 5'11 mark.
(S)aint 6-1 says on 11/May/14
Hey Rob, do you ever wear your Dons during daily activities?
[Editor Rob: personally I don't wear elevators or lifts at all apart from anything to do with the site or a height test.]
John says on 3/May/14
Actually the pain went away
RobV says on 2/May/14
@ John on elevators poss causing pain in knee. Funny how it comes back to you. When I started using lifts, no way would I buy elevators. They were all in small sizes, off the peg ones were crap, handmade were old fashioned (happily it has now changed). And I wanted to use my own trendy styles of footwear in my late teens and early 20s anyway. And I started using kinda home made/put together lifts to get as high as I could. I'm tall already, 6'2" but wanted to be around 6'5"/6'6". And I noticed that when I went really high, the balance could easily go (not crazy but just a tiny bit). And that was enough to give me a bit aggro too. The lifts you show in your shot are quite a few stacked on each other and up to a point that works but it is not really quite like a woman wearing heels and I suspect that you may have the problem that I had - that there is a slight imbalance from one foot to another, even if you think that what you have there is exactly the same. Also the pressure on the top of your foot if it presses into the upper causes mild ache in some parts.

A few tips - Measure the lift stack from both boots (is it exactly the same?). Put pressure on both of them (does one compress more than the other even slightly?). Are these the only boots you go so high in? They look fine and are the sort of boots that I would wear in some situations but I also wonder how you get so high in them without real pressure on the top of the foot. Get some more lifts and do some replacements. Don't chuck old ones away, keep them, but things do wear: maybe try for a few weeks with all new ones and knock an inch out if necessary. Just try different things for comfort. And make sure you wear a good variety of footwear - it really doesn't matter if some are a little lower that the 4". Heights vary anyway with boots etc. Hope this helps. Have been doing it v successfully for 15 years now!
John says on 28/Apr/14
@RobV Yes I wear the 4'' lifts in my boots. Here is the picture of them Click Here I've been expeirencing knee and ankle pain only on the right leg for some reason my left leg is fine.
RobV says on 26/Apr/14
@John you say you have been wearing 11cm lifts for 3 years. That's well over 4", and as a long term lift wearer myself, I would say that is quite a lot for lifts (as opposed to elevators where you can get some that are fine for the feet at tat height and more). You don't mention whether you have pain in one or more knees. This is important because at that height with lifts, you really really have to make sure that they fit the boots/shoes. Lifts at that height can become unbalanced by wear etc. And getting that sort of lift into even most boots is not tat easy unless you are buying sizes a good bit bigger than your feet. I have had so much experience at this that what you say intrigues me.

A lot of potential problems come from trying to fit too much into a space which is just not there, and you then get pressure on different parts of your foot. I would be interested to actually know how you are fitting 4"+ into your boots/shoes and what sort of footwear you are doing this with.
BOBO says on 26/Apr/14
I purchased a pair of dress boots from Don's Footwear (aka Donnelly) and received them as promised in a few weeks. The shoes are of very high quality leather and the styles are both conservative and contemporary. These are by far the best dress shoes I have purchased online. Allen who makes the custom shoes was very responsive to my emails and a real pleasure to work with. I emailed Allen to order another pair and asked if he can make them with a few changes in the style and he yes of course. This is the type of high quality service you get for very affordable custom dress and casual shoes. Also, the boots are the most comfortable I've ever had. I will always purchase my dress and casual shoes from Don's Footwear. Thanks Alen for a great job and great custom service.
John says on 25/Apr/14
hello Rob i have been wearing 11'cm lifts in my boots for 3 years, I've been lately experiencing knee pain at the end of the day. What does this sign mean?
[Editor Rob: maybe too much stress on knee joints...wise to take a break now and then]
RobV says on 17/Apr/14
@ dan on which firm celebs use for elevators. I wonder if anyone has noticed something. Some of the celebs who are commented on most for possible elevator use (Robert Downey Jnr, Stallone, Diesel) wear truly truly terrible boots. Great big clumpy things with outfits for which they are not suited - ie with suits at red carpet events etc. Others though clearly have it sussed and I suspect that most aim to add about 2 inches just to gain that vital bit of extra (like Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt etc who I think go for more made to measure) - these ones you just don't quite know whether they do lift, but kinda suspect it.

Truth is, as an elevator wearer myself, I know that there is a kind of limit for different situations, and you have to get the style of the shoe/boot right with what you wear, specially in a full-on red carpet situation. You rarely see what celebs are wearing on their feet anyway unless they are at showpiece events/awards and are shot full length, and you can never tell from movies because of the way things are filmed.

Most stars really hate being photographed full length with others and in the club nights that I run, on the odd occasion we have someone well known come in, it is always interesting that they really do not want to be photographed with guys who are taller and are very very tricky about anything like that. If you don't aim to prevent it, then they will never come again and you will find that you don't get others come either.
dan says on 17/Apr/14
Hey rob i have a question. what company do celebrities actually use? yes dons shoes are expensive but they are worth it. im just curious to know what company do celebrities or people with more money use?
[Editor Rob: they might get a custom shoemaker to create special shoes, but I'm sure a few might have used Don's, not that I am privy to any sort of info. I would be surprised if some celebs hadn't bought them!]
RobV says on 16/Apr/14
@ John and using 11cm (4") shoelifts. Adding my thoughts as a lift/elevator wearing of almost 15 years. Firstly, as Rob says, lifts of that height have to be able to fit the boot in question and there are not many styles that easily fit 4 inches. I would ALWAYS have preferred lifts to elevators simply because the idea of adding 3-4inches in any style of shoe of my choice is preferable to making do with what is, after all, a limited range of elevators (at least they are way way better than when I started). But I learned pretty quickly that there were not many styles I could easily add even 3" to.

One problem I had was that the top of my foot would press too tight into the upper of the shoe. Get them and try them in any boot and you'll see what I mean. But the funny thing is this doesn't apply all the time - I've bought boots which I likes but thought would be a problem (and they were fine) and the other way round - bought ones that I thought would easily fit and it was 'wow no way'. A thought - one thing you can do is buy your footwear a size or so larger and you will be able to fit more in there. But if you are not used to wearing lifts then it really is trial and error. Don't rush things. When you are really trying something out totally new it is often best to do it at night or in situations you can control - there is sometimes an incredibly fine line as to what is great (and looks it and feels it) and what is a fail. I can fit 3" lifts into one pair of big boots that I love, walk all night and day in them, but no way on earth even a cm more.
John says on 14/Apr/14
Hey Rob what do you think of these? Click Here I was thinking of buying the 11cm shoelifts would those be hard to walk in? I would be wearing them in my boots I am 5'2 so If i were to wear them i would 5'7 or so
[Editor Rob: they are ok as a cheaper option to buying elevator shoes. It would be a good way to test whether you can walk ok in them. The 5-layer looks quite thick, you are going to need a boot really to fit them in, and probably a boot that is a size bigger than normal, as it is going to push your foot quite high. I think you'd be best starting with smaller lift and building it up. Get used to 2-layers for a while and then try 3 or 4. It might turn out to be too awkward starting with a big lift.]
j says on 13/Apr/14
hi, the shoes you were wearing here, were they these? Click Here which height increase are yours? there's 2.5, 2.75, 3.1 and 4
[Editor Rob: the ones I got were the first incarnation I believe, they give near 2.3 (advertised I think as 2.75). It is a nice shoe, of course you might need trousers/jeans that are an inch or so longer so they cover the shoe and it doesn't look like half-masts.]
RobV says on 13/Apr/14
@ John - Rob is quite right about gradually getting used to higher elevators, and even with the 5"+ elevators you will get about 4" (still v impressive). That is what I did when I started. It kinda just happened incrementally. You have to make sure that you, er, don't run before you can walk so to speak and get comfortable with what you are doing. I bought a pair of the highest Don's recently but he has put on his facebook page some slightly even higher ones which I think could actually give you 5". Look at what I said on 29th March about these. They are very convincing, and just look like current trend chunky Doc/Gettagrip styles which are back in to some degree. But most elevator styles max out really at about 3" before looking a bit weird. If you want more inches occasionally, then the 5"+ ones are great to wear from time to time. If you want the extra extra height all the time in other shoes, you can buy those lower lift elevators in a size or so bigger and add a bit more height with lifts. Every half inch counts but learn when/how not to push it! It really also depends upon what you are wearing with them. Trainers are cool for adding inches easily - just buy way larger and add lifts.
j says on 13/Apr/14
hi rob, i just bought 2.75 inch don's elevator shoes because i was disappointed with the calden shoes i purchased (2.6 inches - about $80 for the shoes). can i expect more height from the don's pair than the calden pair?
[Editor Rob: the 2.75 might give you a bit less than actual 2.75, like 2.3-2.4]
John says on 12/Apr/14
Alright Thanks Rob. I've been using shoe lifts for quite awhile, I feel like I want to upgrade to more inches I heard about elevator shoes and how they can give you 5'' of height. But what I wanted to ask some questions before i buy them. Are they hard to walk in? Do they hurt your feet if you wear them to long?
[Editor Rob: they are shoes which you should gradually wear so that you get used to them. You try wearing them 3-4 hours the first few times and they'll probably hurt your shins/feet a bit, but if you build up slowly and wear them shorter times then it might be easier. realistically you get between 2-3 inches out of most of the elevator shoes, getting 4 inches requires a very big boot and a lot more practice to walk about in than the 2-2.5 inch styles.]
RobV says on 5/Apr/14
...and John if you want to add a bit of extra lift, buy them a size or so larger and use the gel lifts. I have done that in some Timberlands in the past.
John says on 4/Apr/14
Hello Rob I was going to ask you I am planning on buying some Timberlands How much inches do they add exactly?
[Editor Rob: some give about 1.3-1.4 range, there is one model which gives 1.6 (tackhead) which is a little thicker than the standard timberland style of boot]
RobV says on 29/Mar/14
@ A.K. You say you are planning to buy some Don's. I have bought one pair so far and they are very good. Expensive but worthwhile imho. As I am more used to wearing elevators all the time, I went for the highest (the 5 inch d'Etnas) and they look cool. They give me about 4 inches (I am 6'2" already, yeah yeah I know, seems mad!). Those also happen to be in a style which is quite fashionable right now. A word of suggestion if you ever go for high-lift black boot elevators. Buy the shinier finish ones, not the matt ones, because the matt finish is often used on surgical boots! The matt ones are fine but it is just my observation for those who want to be totally sure that nothing is detectable. My ones are completely undetectable and v v comfortable.
A.K. says on 23/Mar/14
rob, i am planning to buy one of these Don elevator shoes, i just wanted to ask if they are comfortable enough to wear to Office everyday ? I would be buying the ones with a 2.5' heel.
[Editor Rob: I think that's about the limit because it will take getting used to, if you bought them I'd test them for longer periods in the house or just out and about, it is a big change to suddenly have your ankles higher up.]
RobV says on 16/Mar/14
@ french guy. I have worn elevators for 15 years, since I was late teens and have never had any issue at all other than when I have wanted to push things too far in a particular style - in one pair of non-elevator boots I tried to put too much in by way of shoelift and so my feet were sore. But elevators themselves are fine, as are lifts if there is enough room. I weigh 220lb and am 6'2" without elevators so if anyone would suffer knee problems wearing elevators/lifts 24/7 it would be someone like me, and I have no issues there at all.
french guy( 184-182 cm) says on 11/Mar/14
rob do they hurt? I read a lot that they are painful, even if it mainly depends on the quality of the shoes.I also read that they should not be worn for more than 3 hours because it could damage your knees and make you shorter?
[Editor Rob: look at the percentage of women who wear heels much more of an angle than elevator shoes. If you wear very high elevators then it may increase chance of problems with shins, ankles, knees...lower elevator not so much.]
RobV says on 2/Mar/14
Something like those Jadon style Docs look way cooler to add height than the stuff Robert Downey Jnr or Vin Diesel wear. I have never grasped how, with all their access to styling and cash they can't get something simple like that right.
Rhonda says on 25/Feb/14
I've bought some New Rock boots give nearly 3 inches about 5-6cm. Lots of people wear them who are into rock music and the Jadon style Dr Martins(Jesy from Little Mix wears them) are larger than the normal Dr Martins if you want to gain some more height.
RobV says on 23/Jan/14
@ c-mo175cm-night. Miaow
spillywilly says on 23/Jan/14
I would like to know if anybody can make one shoe 3inches(Left) taller then the right shoe?
c-mo175cm-night says on 22/Jan/14
men who are 5'8 or taller barefoot and use elevator shoes are pussies
RobV says on 22/Jan/14
If you want my guess, Editor Rob, as to where the elevator market will go, it is towards far more mainstream products in which lifts are barely referred to. That's because height does appear to be a little bit more of an aspiration nowadays (let's face it, like so many things which were once barely thought of to do with appearance). If I were to sum up the attitude of many guys today it is that opening paragraph in your entry on actor Bradley Cooper. A taller than average guy who is around 6', talking about himself being "6'2"" and all the while expressing the thought that when he was a teenager he'd hoped/thought he'd be 6'5" when he fully grew. That kind of thinking is quite common and I think that those who make footwear will grasp it. A lot of trainers are already v chunky and add well over an inch. It's not much of a step to see that moving on a notch. I would suspect that the biggest wearers of elevators are possibly people In groups which are shorter comparable to those around them, wherever in the world they are. But as the styles become more varied and fashionable, so more younger guys of all sorts of heights will go for them, simply for aesthetics, in the way that heels become fashionable every now and then. That will also end up making them less of an issue or a kind of joke and they will not be marketed as 'elevators'.
[Editor Rob: the last 2-3 years I notice with women's footwear, really big heels are much more popular, ones with 2-3 inch platforms at the front.

Another trend I've noticed with women last few years is the introduction of these wedged sneakers, specifically
Click Here and the boots look v little different to the ones I bought and others like it, the nature of that back shot is such that you could even think they too had lifts as the look is quite clumpy. So if it's an actual look or style that is around you can really get away with it. But being safe and wearing them with normal jeans? No worries.

One other little thing - different insoles work in different ways in different boots. Sometimes for comfort you really are best with the longer foamy ones which go into the full length of the shoe (heel part higher obviously, the rest thin, cut to shape if necessary), others are best with the gel lifts which fit into the heel area and nowhere else. You actually don't know until you try them out.
Y.D says on 20/Jan/14
you know these dons shoes, which add 4 inches inside? would it be possible to add one of those 1-2 inch insoles inside aswell? so you could then be 6-7 inches taller inside? and cover it with long jeans if that were possible that would be totally awesome! rob or rob v?
[Editor Rob: getting 4-inches is a helluva lot to begin with, but I don't think you could put anymore in the boots unless they were a bigger size than you normally wear, even then it might just be an extra little cm]
RobV says on 19/Jan/14
@teej about elevators being obvious. The most obvious thing about the boots worn for example by Stallone/Diesel etc is that they are great big clumpy-soled boots which do not go with the clothes you see them in (suits of all things! Aaargh) - specially at awards and red carpet events where you see the whole length of the person captured by the photographer. They look heroically appalling, and the joke is that some of these may not even have lifts or elevators - they might be just normal boots worn to make them look a little taller because those boots DO add an inch+.

But you are wrong about the others having to look obvious, and elevators generally if worn properly and with care taken for aesthetics can be undetectable. Very well made elevators do not make you walk funny, but of course you have to do stuff by stages and degrees. I would always suggest that someone starts with up to 2" and then sees if any more fits their lifestyle.

No-one is aware, for example, of my own new high ones from Dons, but I am already tall (which kinda helps oddly) and I do understand what to wear them with and what not to - if I wore them with a suit I think people would indeed do a doubletake specifically at the boots because they are just so out of place and actually look strange the way all such boots (elevators or not) ride up over a suit leg. But as Editor Rob says, in bootcut jeans making sure you have the right length - no-one would ever know.
teej says on 17/Jan/14
5'5 inches?! Jesus christ! I know what to buy my 5'6 friend for christmas next year! I have to say, wouldn't shoes that large be obvious from the way you walk that your wearing heels? Rob and Rob V? Like you see girls, walk in 4 inch heels, from behind a counter and you can tell they are wearing heels, because of their body movement, also actors like sylvestor stalone, tom cruise, and vin diesel, when they walk in an unusual walking movement
[Editor Rob: those dons boots - if you wear boot cut jeans (you'll need to buy a pair several inches normal than normal) should cover them so nobody can really tell.]
Zach says on 13/Jan/14
Rob, which shoes(smart/casual) would you say give the most height, but aren't specially made elevator shoes?
RobV says on 22/Dec/13
@ Kelvin and Editor Rob on the Don's 5'/5.5" inch lifts (he has three or four different styles of boot that come in that kinda size lift). These were ones I recently bought and yes, they add 4 inches. For me, getting to 6'6", they are ideal and I can wear them with most stuff as the particular style of his I bought is quite fashionable right now with skinny jeans and you cannot tell there is elevation when the boot is exposed even though they have a pretty big amount there.

I would say though you have to keep them in good condition/polished etc at the heel (even thought the fashion is for them to be quite scruffy!), because if the heel were to get too soft and beaten in, the lift might create a kinda ridge where it ends (where the boot meets your own heel). If that DID happen eventually, it's OK if you are wearing them under jeans but if the boot is in any way exposed (with the trend to tuck very skinny jeans into the boot) then it has to be perfect and no area where it might appear obvious to a sharp eyed person. I would just add that I have had Doc Martens that I have added 4" to in the past and even when they have gotten old and battered like that, no-one has ever noticed or said anything. They all tend to look quite clumpy anyway, which is the current style.
RobV says on 21/Dec/13
@ Grottesca you say it is "sad" wearing elevators and that people will at some point realise "your true height". Sorry to disappoint you, but they don't tend to unless you tell them. As it is, boots and shoes vary and give you anything from almost nothing to an inch and a half in extra height anyway. People aren't going around with tape measures working out that you have an inch advantage on themn because of your Timberlands. Most people just don't care and cannot work out the height of others unless there is a reason - they band people together in "he's taller than me, much taller, about my height, shorter etc". I will grant that if you are very short and wear very big elevators there is way more chance, but in that case it is about degree and care. For me I am tall anyway, have worn them all the time and no-one is aware.
kelvin says on 14/Dec/13
hello, I wonder how many actual inches of the shoe don's 5-inch provides? he will give at least 4 inches? thank you
[Editor Rob: I think he has a 5.5 inch model, now that boot should give you 4 inches of height]
Brad says on 10/Dec/13
On the picture above:When you wear these shoes you are 2.4 inches taller than when you are barefoot, or do you have to add the sole to the 2.4 inches as well which is usually about an inch?
[Editor Rob: the shoes have the lift already built into them - they are stuck inside them.]
Emily says on 6/Dec/13
@Powerhouse Sounds like you're jealous of your dad
RobV says on 1/Dec/13
@Grottesca. It's a mistake to dismiss elevators so easily. Apart from anything else, unless you are trying to achieve too much in the wrong type of footwear, it really is not obvious, you can wear them a lot and people are often uncertain about others' heights anyway. Indeed some boots and trainers give a lot of lift anyway and unless you are trying for massive gains, using elevators is not much more than wearing a thicker soled pair of sneakers. I have worn them for 15 years, or boots with lifts in, and no-one has ever noticed.
Grottesca says on 19/Nov/13
This is sad...No matter how tall you are, you should be secure enough with yourself to not feel the need to wear elevator shoes. You can't wear them 24/7...sooner or later people are going to realize your true height.
Matt 185cm says on 29/Sep/13
@RobV do what makes you happy:) thats what I always say and dont worry about negative opinions.
mr.rashid says on 24/Sep/13
@rob, how much height in cm in normal converse/vans shoes?
[Editor Rob: about 1.5-1.6cm, but after a while they can lose a little and be 1.4cm. I had a pair that was brand new 0.6 inch, but after about six months I checked and they were 0.5 inch]
RobV says on 21/Sep/13
What Editor Rob says about people not being able to tell, by and large, is true and is borne out by my own experience. I wear very high elevators (3"+) even though I am 6'2" and provided I wear the right jeans/pants it is simply not possible to detect anything. Every pair is different and you just have to make sure you look in the mirror carefully. I have never been detected by anyone in 15 years doing it.
Dmeyer says on 8/Sep/13
Rob the dons You have CAN pass for normal thick shoes like 1.3-1.4 type
[Editor Rob: if you wear boot cut jeans/trousers that cover a lot of the shoe, then someone looking down at them won't really be able to tell much...]
Powerhouse says on 18/Aug/13
I'm 5'8 and i would never wear elevator shoes. My dad is 5'7 and puts a 2 inch insert in his boot that already gives him height so he is like 5'10 1/2 and wears them everywhere. In my opinion its phony and pathetic and it makes me want to punch him in the face.
Zach says on 15/Aug/13
Rob, any chance you will purchase a pair of Hogan's aka Stallone 'munsters' to do a review on them?
[Editor Rob: I have to watch spending]
RobV says on 11/Aug/13
@ Hemlock Exactly so, when I tell people on here that at 6'2" I add inches by lifts and/or elevators some think that's crazy. But it's good to hear your story which is similar and it really does make a difference doesn't it? At that level of lift that you do by insoles, I am sure you have realised that no-one ever thinks you have added to your height and never notices - all they see is that you are tall, and the height you would like to be. It's funny but if they felt they could guarantee they would not be detected, I think lots more tall guys would add a bit to their height. Maybe the odd inch or so. But they just don't know how easy it is provided you make sure you get it right in each different pair. There's only one person I have actually met who I have talked about this to and that was by a funny chance: quite a few years ago a pretty well-known young guy, taller than my 6'5" when I am wearing lifts, used to come into the old Intrepid Fox in Wardour St, Soho where I worked a bit and we got on well, and I complimented him a lot on his incredible height and always said how fab he looked and how much I'd just love to be his height. One day we were going onto a late party in a neighbouring bar and when we were there and in private he actually asked me if I had ever thought of wearing lifts etc if I wanted to get taller up to his height and was saying what a good idea it was if I did it and telling me what was available! I didn't tell him about mine but I showed real interest and asked where I could get them as I might try (!)and he then took me upstairs to the manager's room and showed me in strict confidence - he had specially made really cool and fashionable boots with elevators and additional lifts. That's when I also realised that what I myself did was so very unlikely to be detected as it had just never in all the times we had met occurred even vaguely that he did that as well - and I as a 6'2" guy was doing it myself! And so of course that's when I told him about mine and he too was totally shocked. We've stayed in touch ever since and it's useful because you get to learn techniques when you talk with others (about certain types of boot, how much height you can get etc, where to get really good fashionable stuff that's not clumpy etc) but it's not something I would talk about to anyone I know unless we were both doing it. And I don't need to - I want others to think I am really tall!
Hemlock says on 7/Aug/13
Rob V I am 6ft but I wear insoles as I have always wanted to be 6ft 2. I know it sounds pretty stupid to a lot of people, but I know where you are coming from.
maria w. says on 29/Jul/13
I want to ask , the shoes cost + $35 fr delivery is $323 , after ordering does it have any other hidden charges whch are nt included in $323
I have to order thm dats y want to knw abt d cmplete charges
[Editor Rob: your country may charge customs tax fee on the shoes, I don't know how much]
Don says on 27/Jul/13
ive seen some elevator shoes which are 5.5 inches, im 6ft1 and a half 187cm so if i wore these id be 6'7! basketball players height, jesus! but to be honest they look stupid and i dont think people would get away with it. maybe 2-3 inch ones would do the job but people with 4 inch plus ones would look like their wearing stilts.
RobV says on 22/Jul/13
@ Cruise Missile. What you say in both your posts about insole lifts and getting the hang of it is exactly right. You've also grasped that even family do not really notice. A lot of people who agonise over doing it imagine that everyone will be aware. They just are not. I do exactly the same as you, putting gel insole lifts in my sneakers, and I get a three inch lift which for me is just perfect. And you are right about elevators - you have to get the right sort of styles, specially if you are young. And yes it is v true that with a little practice walking around you get the hang of it v quickly and forget that you have them. In fact I would now feel wrong without them.
Bob Lun says on 17/Jul/13
Why do you care so much about height? I'm just wondering.
[Editor Rob: because it is an interesting enough topic and I am able to earn a living from it. I'd rather do a site I have some interest in and incorporate some fun (like conventions) into the work than working for someone else...]
Cruise Missile says on 10/Jul/13
In addition, for those of those afraid your family might notice the height difference, posture can go a long way. My parents are both 1.7 m (5'7") and I slouch around them slightly when wearing my high tops with insole lifts. With both of them pushing 60 they probably feel as though they are getting shorter with age rather than me getting taller going into my mid-20s. I put 2 cm (0.75") gel insole lifts in my running shoes and low top sneakers and couldn't imagine much higher feeling comfortable without ankle support, for those interested in trying out insole lifts. I have a thick pair of Nike low tops I can fit a 3.25 cm heel support into, but they are an exception rather than the rule.

Insole lifts and elevator shoes are a much cheaper and more practical alternative to leg lengthening surgery. You *can* seemingly "grow" after puberty, just take it with a grain of salt and expect an increase of no more than 5 or 6 cm (2 to 2.5 inches) over your barefoot height with insoles or discreet styled elevators. You'll be surprised how much of a difference it can make if you feel just barely below average height like I did.
Cruise Missile says on 10/Jul/13
I'm an honest 1.75 cm (a touch under 5'9") and have been wearing insole lifts for about 6 months now since the age of 23. I put them in my Nike or DC high tops and wear jeans on a regular basis. I went from feeling slightly short to feeling solidly average. Lifts work best for those like myself slightly below average height, like 1.69 m to 1.76 m (5'7" to 5'9") as long as you don't go too high like Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr. can with their 4" lifts while looking like their legs are on stilts. The only time I could consider buying true "elevator" shoes is for formalwear. Daniel Craig and Joseph-Gordon Levitt look great in suits when wearing formal lifts without an issue. Get some high top sneakers or laced boots from reputable brands and try insole lifts. Ankle support is essential for insole lifts over 3 or 4 cm. Nobody thinks I'm wearing ugly purpose-built elevator shoes when they see the Nike swoosh or DC logo. With a little practice walking around, you'll get the hang of it. You DON'T need to buy special elevator shoes to feel lifted. Indeed, the strange styles some of them run in might just give them away.
RobV says on 29/Jun/13
Hi there and I just want to add to what Blue Knight said back in March in favour of elevators. Do not give up on elevators. Yes you do have to make a few minor adjustments to your thinking and posture, particularly if you are going for a lot of extra height, but from my experience it is worth it. I am probably unusual here in that I am already tall - 6'2" - and have always wanted to be as tall as poss. So I wear elevators that make me get to around 6'5". Quality of the shoe is important, as is making sure that you have different styles that fit the different clothes you wear, and don't forget that every normal shoe/trainer/boot gives its wearer some extra height. So really don't be too self conscious or afraid that someone might notice in certain situations. And just cos you have 3 inch gain in one pair of shoes, that doesn't mean to say you have to have the same in all - those riskier and more detectable shoes, like trainers worn where you see the top of the shoe, can have smaller lifts. People are not going to suddenly think you have gotten smaller - but of course you notice it yourself. I myself am sad that flares only came back into fashion for a few years in the UK and then went out again a few years back! When I wore these real long they easily covered a pair of boots that gave me an undetectable 4 inch lift. But just because I have dropped back an inch or so doesn't mean to say that everyone notices! And just asking, is there anyone else out there who is tall like me but likes to gain an even more unfair advantage?! I'd be interested in knowing.
michael j rox says on 18/Jun/13
I'm always reading how elevator shoes are suposed to make you feel more confident. I have owned several pairs of elevators over the years but they seem to have the reverese effect on me. While the slight height increrase is nice, (at best you maybe get a 1.5 inch extra lift on top of what you would get wearing a normal dress shoe)the tilt in the heel makes you contantly aware that you are tip toeing around the room. If I go to a crowded club where I will drink & dance, I feel way less steady on my feet than in regular shoes, quite often just walking I feel i could almost roll my ankel.Also i feel that if some drunks decided to beat me up I wouldnt be able to run away or stand and fight for that matter as they would find it far easier to knock me down in my elevators. Also running across roads to avaoid traffic or walking up or down steep hills can be harder. On top of that I always worry that a friend will notice my shoes if I take them off or by the fact that if they run somewhere I wont be able to keep up ( Like a girl in high heels). I have recently ordered some dons mid sole tech elevators as they are suposed to feel like wearing normal shoes. I hope this is the case because mostly the hassel & discomphort of getting around in elevator shoes makes the extra 1.5 in height seem pointless.
shortdildowearer says on 18/Jun/13
you people don't know what it's like to be four foot ten. and by the way, i'm female and have no desire to be anyone's little pocket bitch. the only way these shoes would work for me is if they made me six inches taller. and i'm no stupid-ass girly twit so I have no desire to wear retarded looking stilettos.
TheVerve180cm says on 4/Jun/13
I think that if at least 170cm or more you dont need them ;)
Sidewinder says on 3/Jun/13
I have a pair of Mint Don's elevator shoes for sale for 150$. The Model is Lucca size 42, with nearly 3" height increase. You can see the model here: Click Here
Pictures can be sent on request: sidewinder (at) gmail dot com
SirE says on 28/May/13
As a guy that's shorter than 5'3" .. and I'm in a weird business where there are rarely short men..I need shoes like this. My question is, how comfortable are some of Don's Shoes? And Will people even notice? I myself wear slim jeans and hate bootcut, but I'm currently in the process to lose a lot of weight. So I guess my main question is how comfortable are they? And do you think Dr. Scholls insoles might help with the pain?
[Editor Rob: it depends if you are wearing them to work every day. It would take a while to get used to the higher angle of your feet. It won't be as comfortable as normal shoes, but they have decent insoles.

If you were planning to wear elevators a lot, make sure you take exact measurements that are shown on dons site and wear them gradually, like an hour a day, then build up so your body adapts easier.]
SAK says on 24/May/13
If a shoe company advertises a elevator shoe to give 6 or 6.5cm, in reality will that mean they actually give 4-5cm of added height to barefoot height. I am trying to look for shoes that give 4-5cm of added height no more.
Elfoersaan says on 17/May/13
Elevator shoes are a piece of ****. I received mine of tallmenshoes.com a couple of days ago. I decided to order real cheap ones, because I would wear them very rarely and it was just out of curiousity. So that's why I decided to order extra height increasing shoes that would add 4 inches to my height. I measured myself several times before and after wearing the shoes, it seems the shoes don't even add a full 6 cm. So the products from tallmenshoes.com that claim to make you 4 inches taller, make you in fact only 2.36 inches taller. So I don't recommend them for people who are not short at all. But then again, it was just for fun.
fairweather says on 11/May/13
---I think, height aside, the shoes make you look more "proportioned"...If you look at Rob's "before" pic, his legs look a bit shorter than his torso would warrant---in the "after" pic, his legs look the perfect length for his body.....As for friends wondering why you appear "taller," most dress shoes add at least an inch---what's another inch? I think if people visually see a small heel (as Rob's shoes have), they automatically assume any extra height is caused by wearing dress shoes (like wearing cowboy boots)...If a guy wants to be a couple inches taller, so what? I don't understand what the big deal is...we women wear 4 inch heels all the time---2 1/2 inches is tame in comparison....Good for you!! (They look great, too)....
[Editor Rob: if you have shorter legs compared to your body, then as you say, adding an extra inch and a bit can make you more proportioned and with wider pants/trouser hems the shoe would be covered even more so nobody would be able to really spot elevators unless they really paid attention closely.]
truth177cm says on 2/May/13
So they can give you whole 3 inches. That is like skipping a whole height range.
Kevin buckles says on 29/Apr/13
Im sorry but these just look silly,the proportions look all wrong and it makes your feet look to big for your height.i dont advise these enless your really worried.guys enless your like 4'11 or 5'2 then i wouldnt worry.there are plenty of people below your height or same as.
hurricane brat says on 12/Apr/13
Rob, i gotta say..it cracked me up to see that for the 'after' photo you also went and put on a blazer and proper trousers.
[Editor Rob: yeah, it's a bit of a joke on the type of adverts you get]
Anon says on 5/Apr/13
Rob, if you walk daily with some elevator shoes (let's say 1-2"), will this wreck your posture on the long-term? Or will it get painful? Can't really walk with elevator shoes and then with flat soles the next day..
[Editor Rob: some women over time do get damage from wearing heels, but the heels can be a bigger angle than elevators.

If you stick to about 1 inch (or 2-inch type elevator) and use a good pair, then it should be ok, but if you started to notice pain or anything after a while it's best to either reduce the size of the lift a bit.]
Mosho says on 1/Apr/13
Let's make this short and sweet- I have been all over the Internet and had shoes shipped from everywhere around the world in search of elevator shoes. It was always the same deal- too cheap looking, too painful, too "not stylish", and too noticeable! Then I found Don's Footwear. Allan is a shoe god. He is a true craftsman who knows how to make a shoe stylish, comfortable, smooth to walk in, and completely natural looking! This man is the best, and buying your elevator shoes from anywhere else is only doing yourself a disservice. Yes he takes some time, but the wait is worth it for the amazing final product. Couldn't be happier with my Fossato boots, worth every penny and all the time Allan put into them. These are the best! Do yourself a favor, get some Don's.
Benjamin says on 1/Apr/13
Had a bad experience with Dons. Ordered shoes in October '13, promised them by Christmas. But they forgot about my order and when I reached out to them in February, they said all of my emails were going to their spam folder and weren't apologetic. So even though I paid $300, they really didn't show much remorse in forgetting to get me my shoes. In their haste, they made me some pretty bad shoes. Here are some pictures of the problems I had. Click Here Click Here

When I asked for a refund he (at this point I was talking to Don himself)said that I was trying to "take the piss". I actually wasn't. I basically wasted a few hundred dollars on shoes that I can't wear. Therefore I would steer clear. The leather work is great, but the other details are bad. I had to take all three pairs of shoes to a local cobbler to try to get them fixed (wrong size lift, uneven heels, scuffed sides, different height heels.
saaudi says on 19/Mar/13
i am going to buy elevators shoes but i want to know what sizes does it comes in and i also wanted to know how much time it will take to grow 7 inches
Eric says on 16/Mar/13
I have bought a pair of Don's shoes in the model 'Todi', which offers a 3 inch lift. Personally, I cannot fault the quality of the product. It is quite impeccably made. However, I must add that without pants long enough to cover the sides and back of the boot, the shoe itself does not looks completely natural. Perhaps this is the side effect of wearing a boot with too large a lift (3 inches) or perhaps the Todi was one of the older models that weren't so well designed. For anyone who's had a positive experience with Don's shoes, what models do you own and how invisible is the effect of the lift?
P.s All things aside, I still enjoy wearing my pair.
[Editor Rob: yeah, you really need to buy a pair of trousers 2 inches longer than your normal length, and also try not to wear slim fit or trousers with a small hem width, as they won't cover the shoe/boot well enough to hide it's size.

Having boot cut jeans are probably a good idea for elevator shoes/boots to hide their appearance. ]
Blue Knight says on 15/Mar/13
I have read some of the comments here and for those of you who have become disillusioned with elevator shoes..dont be, if you are serious about being successful at your career you obviously need to work hard and be good at what you do but we all know sometimes u need to add a few more weapons to your artillery...agreeing to spend that extra hour at a work function....taking on the majority of work hoping your boss recognizes you for it..etc..they sometimes work out but are not consistently in the face of the people who decide your future paychecks..Extra height does that, I am talking from experience but make an effort to do the research online.

So now that I have assured you that these shoes are worth it, please get the right shoes and the right relationship with your shoe designer - the right shoes because you need something that looks normal and does not raise questions, looks great and that feels comfortable. The second, relationship with shoe designer, may not seem obvious but it really does help if you find something isnt working for you on the shoe or if you need something custom made urgently for you, if youre comitting to wearing these then you need to make sure youhave adaptability on your side...one more thing, dont expect to pay for a BMW and get a Ferrari...it never happens, pay more now but gain long term, we all know that is the case for everything else so dont expect it to be any different with elevator shoes.... I hope my review here helps you to solve the above issues:

Don's Shoes....I could stop but after my long introduction, I owe it to you to explain further. I came across Don's almost two years ago and wasnt sure how things would turn out so I bought some other elevator shoes that were much cheaper at the same time...The difference was obvious, I didnt focusnon the quality of the leather or craftsmanship I just wanted a shoe that added height unnoticed..the cheap shoes were too obvious and raised some eyebrows but then when I put on my Dons I never had an issue, you obviously have to pick the right design for the clothes you wear but that you can discuss with Allan, owner and shoemaker...thats right your taken care of by the owner so its obvious that the service I have received has been excellent but Allan is also a reallly great at building a relationship with his clients and this really puts you at ease to ask him questions and get the right shoe. I have truly been gratefulmto him for his support and efforts. A few months ago I ordered my fourth pair of Dons but these had to be custom designed for a particular event that would need me to have a shoe that was not on dons website...my greatest fear was going to come true...There would be serious questions raised about why I was wearing formal boots to a on formal event...in my panic I called Allan immediately not realizing that it was probably 1 am in his time zone and told him my situation, instead of telling "I will email you when I get into the office cos its 1 am here.." he startted brainstorming with me for about 40mins, we exchanged designs and within 3 days we knew what we needed, he worked through the weekend and got the shoe to me well before I required..here is an extract of the email I sent thanking him..".I received the second shoe [in the same month] you sent (the black one), I know I probably bore you with these comments but the craftsmanship is AMAZING. Your shoes are really an expression of the Da Vinci in you, the shoes not only look elegant but also include a technology that changes lives." Basically, thank you for helping me with both shoes, I really do appreciate it." here is the link to Dons Shoes Click Here
Richard says on 13/Mar/13
I recently purchased 3 pairs of Don's new Midsole tech shoes, they are a lot more comfortable than the old standard elevators from everywhere else, pretty much like normal shoes. So I ordered a few more pairs, including customised designs not from his site, Allan worked on those designs with me.

But people need to be aware that Don's shoes take some time to make, about a month.

Just wondering, Rob, are you able to do a review on a pair of midsole tech, it's a game changer in elevator shoes, and your words have a lot of weight in here.
[Editor Rob: I've not seen a pair up close, but altering the insole a little so the angle isn't too harsh is beneficial I believe. ]
julius says on 6/Mar/13
I own several pairs of Don's and they are QUALITY shoes. I just replaced the heels and rubber outsole of an older pair and they're like new again. They're made in Thailand apparently and take forever to get to the US, but worth the wait and the premium price.
71 inches says on 3/Mar/13
those woodland mountain shoes , rob, do they give 2 inches , i wear them and dont really feel it or is it the case that 2 inch diff is not that much as one thinks it 2 be?
[Editor Rob: doubt they give a full 2 inches, maybe 1.5 inch]
krx says on 3/Mar/13
at the moment i am wearing Nike Air Max, which give me a boost about one inch ( if you measure at the end of the shoes it is about 3.5-4cm but if u measure barefoot and then in shoes, it is about 2.5cms) are this shoes as comfortable as the nike air max ? i already wore some sole lifts, and i did not feel realy comfortable with them...
Mikhael says on 16/Feb/13
I had a very bad experience for buying shoes online.

I ordered the "giraffe shoes" and I had to pay $ 100 fees and taxes customs.

A tip: when you buy, look at the country of purchase ...

I may be ordered to "Don's elevator shoes" but they are the orders sent from thailand?

I live in the germany; is that you paid taxes Rob? From where are the commands sent from the site "Don's elevator shoes?"

I hope they are sent from the UK, because allan live in scotland, no?

Thank you for your reply.
[Editor Rob: they are made overseas so not within the EU.

unfortunately as you know, if the full value is declared then you are very likely going to get hit by customs charges. I don't know what Allan writes on the packages, you are best emailing him, I'm assuming it's the exact value you pay so if they go awol he can claim the correct amount back.]
Shocked101 says on 8/Feb/13
Ok. I have been wearing them for a while now. 5 years. Most of these elevator shoes are too obvious and the style and quality are bad. Others, charge you an extortionate amount of money (200 bucks) and provide an average product. Making money out of our physical defects (sorry to be harsh but it is true). Anyway here is the best tip you will get all day. Go sales shopping. Buy a really nice pair of leather Chelsea or other such boots for about 50-60 bucks (Buy 1 size up) Something you like the look of. I now have about 5 pairs of really nice elegent ankle boots. They come with a 1 inch heal mostly standard. then go on eBay and order the 5cm sole lifts. 7 bucks. Slip them in and away you go. High street shoes and 3 inches taller off the ground (2 inches taller then you would ordinarily be) and no one will no. All you guys that think ordering the 4 inch taller shoes is a good idea, don't wast your money. You ever seen a lady walk in high heels? That's how you will look. Like rob said, you can only get a maximum 1.5 to 2 inches taller . Anything on top of that and walking gets hampered. Even with the 2 inch lifts it talks a while to get used to it. Took me 6 months to feel normal and still to this day, running in them is awkward and my ankle turns over a fair few times a week whilst walking. But don't worry you learn to style that out after a while. Rob... Great site... Keep it up.
michael says on 28/Jan/13
Rob, ok about the risk of some foot problems,it sounds logical!But is it possible or risky to lose real height from wearing elevators shoes a long time?Thank you again for your reply!
[Editor Rob: I don't think you'd lose height, I wouldn't worry about that.]
Bran says on 27/Jan/13
@SolidSnake It took awhile for my shoes to arrive but Allan kept in touch with me and let me know what was going on. With Dons mst shoes its hard to notice that there is a lift. My dress shoes have an inch lift inside and you cant tell at all.
michael says on 26/Jan/13
Hi Rob!I wear elevators shoes about 3 years ,every day.Is it possible to have future problems in feet cause of the elevators shoes or is it possible to lose barefoot height in the future because of the shoes? Thank you very much!I am waiting for your reply!
[Editor Rob: it is an unnatural angle, like women who wear heels a lot, long term it may raise risk of some foot problems developing.]
SolidSnake says on 26/Jan/13
If you start wearing elevator shoes one day, will many of your friends be suspicious that you're suddenly 2 inches taller?
[Editor Rob: if you suddenly wore big 2.5 inch shoes yeah, some would notice.]
frop says on 24/Jan/13
Thank you for reply, Rob

I ordered "DONS SHOES" I hope it will be fast.

To answer the question below, I think that beyond 2.5 inches, people look at your shoes with emphasis ...

It isn't naturel, look at that Click Here
[Editor Rob: if you wear long trousers/pants that cover most of the shoe/boot, it becomes harder for others to notice - when you look at shoes from up above, the heel (and overall size) won't look as big compared to if you are looking from the ground or side-on]
SolidSnake says on 23/Jan/13
Click Here

Rob this shoe 'terni' from Dons come in 2.5'', 2.75'', 3.1'', 4''. I was wondering what the actual difference in the shoes are (what is put in to add height) and the real height given. 4'' really gives under 3''?
[Editor Rob: I've not measured any for a while, so Dons could have made the insole a little bit higher so the 2.5 might give very close...or it could still give 2.3, which is close enough, 2.75 might give 2.5, but as I say I haven't measured any. ]
Height obsession says on 23/Jan/13
Rob are there really elevators that make you 5.5 inches taller?!
[Editor Rob: not that I've seen...in some movies in Humphrey Bogart days, to get 5-inches they would literally make shoes with 4-inch blocks of wood on them!]
bran says on 22/Jan/13
I bought some dons shoes a few months ago and I love them. Amazing quality and no one can ever tell they have a lift in them. One complaint though, I asked for 2.75" increase and he accidently sent me the shoe with 2" increase. I know when I order again he will give me a better deal because of this mistake.
frop says on 20/Jan/13
Hello Rob, I bought 4 months ago shoes on bugarrishoes.

They claimed 6 cm, they are only 4 cm maximum and after 1 month, they lose 0.5cm (I weigh only 66 kg!).

I want to know if the shoes "DONS" really increase of 7 cm (2.75 inches)?

Because in reality, I do with shoes that actually increases 1.5 cm becaufe at my university (France), people often wear shoes 1.5cm to 2 cm. (3.5-1.5 = 2 cm)

Especially the shoes "DONS" seem better made and more expensive ..
[Editor Rob: The 2.75 might give 2.3-2.4 range, but it's still a good boost. Expensive though...but then, they do look better than other companies elevators.]
Aragorn 5\'11 says on 16/Jan/13
Rob, do you know of a dress shoe that give you a real 3 inches?
[Editor Rob: some large cowboy boots can give 2 inches, but getting 3 in a dress shoe, you're gonna need a big lift to get anywhere near it.]
SolidSnake says on 16/Jan/13
Can you spot elevator shoes by people lacking the proportions of their new height?
[Editor Rob: maybe if they are wearing really big shoes, the kind that give 2.5 inches you could see their knee-foot ratio appear longer than normal]
Olek says on 16/Jan/13
Hey Rob, I saw some shoes on Don's that say they give you a 2" increase. Is that true? Or is it more closer to 1.5". It might sound weird but I am not looking for too much of a height increase and I feel 1.5" to 1.75 feels perfect for me.
[Editor Rob: the bit that says 'increase' and has 2.5, 2.75 etc? It says 2 inches in some cases? That's the total height it's supposed to give, it might give like 1.8-1.9 though, which is like putting in a 1-inch lift into a 1-inch shoe]
SolidSnake says on 11/Jan/13
How can elevator shoes be spotted. This guy who walked past me today was about an inch taller than me but it just looked weird. They had a small head, their legs didn't even seem long either. In my head I was just thinking theres something not quite right lol
[Editor Rob: sometimes the back of a shoe will be curved a bit and the front section look thicker at the laces.]
John (Tottenham) says on 31/Dec/11
I can't wear elevator shoes. I have tried. I can't seem to walk in them at all ( I have tried cheap chinese ones and Don's, they're all the same). I can't walk. Luckily I am 185 cm so it doesn't matter, but I have always wanted to be legimitely "Tall".
maaz says on 30/Dec/11
hey king rob . a question the don elevators website says that some of the shoes can make you 4 inch taller .. is that true ? i thought i would take an opinion before buying it

[Editor Rob: they may be measured at the very back as 4-inches, but you might get 3 actual inches. I've not measured those ones, so can't confirm exactly their height as opposed to the advertised height.]
Alex says on 28/Dec/11
Hey Rob, I'm considering buying my first pair. Should I get a 2.75 inch increase or 3.3 inch increase? Would the 3.3 inch increase be noticeable and uncomfortable, considering I've never worn elevator shoes before?

[Editor Rob: 2.75 is already a big shoe. When you see true elevator shoes, if they aren't concealed inside a boot, then the style is very obvious. Of course when your trousers cover a lot of the shoe it becomes less obvious. I wouldn't bother with bigger amount unless it's within a boot.]
Raph says on 20/Dec/11
I'm actually 5'8" tall but when I started using the the height increasing shoes, it gave me a lift in my confident level.. At 5'10" tall, people look at me differently and it seems that I get more respect with my friend. With time these height increasing shoes get comfortable but you need to buy boots to support your ankle and avoid some drastic physical activity. You can twist your ankle but with good boots may not happen. Also, it's good to buy an extra size in your shoes so you are a 9 size shoes, buy 10 size shoes to get more comfortable.. Overall I like it and I feel good wearing it.. You'll see the difference...
Raph says on 20/Dec/11
I'm actually 5'8" tall but when I started using the the height increasing shoes, it gave me a lift in my confident level.. At 5'10" tall, people look at me differently and it seems that I get more respect with my friend. With time these height increasing shoes get comfortable but you need to buy boots to support your ankle and avoid some drastic physical activity. You can twist your ankle but with good boots may not happen. Also, it's good to buy an extra size in your shoes so you are a 9 size shoes, buy 10 size shoes to get more comfortable.. Overall I like it and I feel good wearing it.. You'll see the difference...
WhyTallerGuysUseElevation? says on 6/Dec/11
I'm at an honest 1.81m. As a teenager I worked as a model (they cast me as 1.82, but I think I was never 1.82) and I had some girls my size around me. It felt SO disempowering - like, whatever, as if I wasn't a man, but a child. Therefore, I used silicone heels sold "to diminish impact in sports" (lifts) that got me about one or two inches taller. Man, did I feel almost back to normal. Then later I went to live in Belgium. If you're not ultratall, DON'T EVER GO THERE. On a second thought, DON'T EVER GO THERE any way. The average girls were about my height and looked stretched - without a womanly shape. And the younger sis of a friend of mine was super cute and f*cking hot with huge breasts (rare there) and was desperate to get it on w me... and was TALLER than me. So I wouldn't be too cocky around them, her and her mother (who was also very much into me AND taller than me) joked with me I was short. F*CK THAT!!! I won't ever take that attempt at humiliation as a joke, that c*nt. When I went to live in northen Italy, I remember I was at a supermarket and I felt SO good and powerful and didn't know why... I was back to being tall again, as people are about average/lower avarage height in there... AHHHH.... OH F*CK, DOES THAT FEEL GOOD. I totally back any short man who wants to get taller. It's not about height, it's about DIGNITY, for goodnessakes. Us, average-to-tall guys, do it because of Power - or in situations where our dignities are at risk, like in my story.
Dmeyer says on 29/Nov/11
Men under 6'2 Will wear lifts
dmeyer says on 13/Nov/11
i looked around the streets and i see in france average footwear are 0.7 in many guys wear sneakers in the 0.5-0.7 in type also in france many dress shoes give 0.8-0.9 in , i use to live in l.a over there average footwear was more 1.1-1.2 , in france when someone is wearing a 1.2-1.3 in type it is a big shoes , in us a big shoe will be considered a cowboy heel of biker boots or thick timberland , if someone in france wears a 2.3 in elevator he will get a good amount over the 0.7 in footwear
jim says on 11/Nov/11
elevator shoes are a great boost especially for blokes who need that little extra confidence boost.....I have used them and SERIOUSLY they make a difference especially as regards your confidence with women....what ever women may say....they always notice height....urrrrgh...but we are meant to ignore if they have a backside the size of a juggernaut he he......I'm short 5ft 7" but I can get a decent 5ft 10" with elevator shoes and by god it makes all the difference lads....I would say to any bloke considering it....go for it....look at ALL the boosts women use to get men yet would think it odd that a short bloke may like to enhance his chances by employing a bit of subterfuge...??? You're knackered though if you have to take your shoes off anywhere so some creative thinking is called for...any suggestions??? Wonder what Tom Cruise does???
an0n says on 7/Nov/11
The discount code "TheAllies1944" doesn't seem to work. At checkout the discount is listed as $0 and the total does not change. (Not that 10% is much.)
shoesone says on 31/Oct/11
Lifts Question says on 3/Sep/11 Thanks for all of the helpful info. I have been wearing a pair of boots that give me 3" of lift for awhile. They're just a plain boot I bought from walmart with a 2" lift insole inside of them. I have been wearing them for nearly a year and they're as comfortable if not more comfortable than most other shoes I own. I was just curious if any of you guys have tried out the don's 5" lift shoes? I'm really considering buying a pair, but if they aren't actually going to give me anything close to a 5" lift I'll just keep getting my boots from walmart and using the insoles and save the $250+ Thanks
paula marozzi says on 18/Oct/11
i had hip operation that left my right leg 2inchs shorter---i need a pair of shoes elavated only on the right side --can you make a pair of shoes???
Marcos says on 16/Oct/11
I just wanted to share my experience with Don's Shoes. I did quite a bit of research prior to ordering a pair of Don's because not only did I want the best deal, but in my profession I also need to look elegant and put together. Once I made up my mind I emailed Allan (the owner/shoemaker) my foot measurements to have it made custom and told him he would receive my order through his website shortly. From the moment I sent that email to the moment I received the shoes at my home in NY state, it had been about a month. Though Allan told me it would take 10 to 15 days, throughout the whole process I kept on emailing him and he usually always responded within 24 hours which was awesome. Then he finally emailed me telling me the shoes had shipped, and I got them a few days later. Once I got them and opened the box I was blown away by the quality of the shoes, I had mentioned it to my room mates that I had ordered a pair of custom made european shoes so I showed them and they were also blown away by the quality. Now whenever I wear anything other than the Don's they are like "wow those shoes look so crappy now in comparison to your new shoes." Comfort wise, they were a bit stiff to begin with but once you break them in, they are literally as comfortable as any regular shoe. As to my specific characteristics, I'm 5'5" and in pretty good physical shape, I ordered the Catanzaros black and glossy with a 3.1" lift, and the difference is incredible, it literally puts me at an almost regular height when it comes to my coworkers and friends, my shortness no longer becomes obvious and therefore you become more confident and almost forget that your short. I love it and as Allan knows I've already ordered more, a pair of dark brown Savonas, I cannot wait. I hope he's around for a long time because for the price and style, I will be buying from him for years to come. Also, the new website he just put up looks awesome. I'll let you guys know how everything turns out with my new order, but so far like always, communication has been amazing.
Anonymous says on 15/Oct/11
finally, could you tell me... Don's footwear is a reliable site??? If i order a pair of shoes, will this come to me???

[Editor Rob: as of 13th Novemeber, Dons is up and running again, I would recommend them as they make good quality shoes, none of this cheap junk.]
m says on 11/Oct/11
rob....are there shoes that can make you 5 inches taller?

[Editor Rob: goth boots can give 3-3.5 inches, maybe extreme goth boots with 3 inch platforms can give in 4-4.5 range, but they look pretty ugly :)]
mary-o says on 9/Oct/11
hahahaha silvio berlusconi 167??? maybe in his dreams!
Marcos says on 30/Sep/11
I just wanted to jump on and mention my experience with Don's Shoes. I placed an order with him on July 2011, and by the time I received the shoes at my house about a month went by. Sure at first I thought 10 to 15 days, but throughout the process I stayed in touch with Allan and he gave me status updates on the shoes. When I received the shoes I was amazed at the quality, the leather, the stiching, everything was perfect, and the fit was just like I hoped custom to my specific measurements. For the first couple of weeks I had to break them in since the leather was still a bit stiff, but now they are as comfortable as any shoe. I'm 5'5" and I asked for a 3.1 increase on my catanzaros, and I'm more than pleased with the result. I just put in an order for a pair of Savonas in dark brown, it would be awesome to get them in fifteen days but I could wait the month for shoes of this quality no doubt. Lastly for all of you who are skeptical about dropping the cash for one of these shoes, I took my catanzaros the day I got them to a local shoe maker/shoe repairer who was as old as my grandfather and has been doing this forever, he told me that a shoe of that quality would not be found in Buffalo NY for under $300, and when I told them they were custom made he said there's no way, I wouldn't be able to get custom made shoes like those for under $500. The catanzaros are $210 with shipping included. I cannot wait to get my brand new savonas.
A says on 29/Sep/11
probably 3.2 inches.
AK says on 26/Sep/11
If the product claims 4.25 inches taller, this means you can expect like 2.25 inches as the reality. This is my experience because contrary to a female's heel which is outer heel, iner heel is not hard and it is soft. Therefor you will not get 4.25 inches as stated. And there is not 0.25 inches. It should be like 4 and 1/4 inches as the measurement. Thanks.
A says on 22/Sep/11
Hi, Anthony. You are correct. Contrary to outside heels, inner heels (elevator shoes) do not bring high as indicated. For example, if you purchase elevator shoes with 5 inches taller, this means you can expect that you will gain only 3 inches in reality. I know that you will purchase elevator shoes with 5 inches taller because you want to be 5 inches taller, but you will be disappointed once you wear those. Those bring only 3 inches. So, when you purchase elevator shoes, you can expect 2 inches - from the product indicates. If you do not believe this, please just experience it. You will find the reality.
jeremy says on 20/Sep/11
hey rob are those shoes comfortable?

[Editor Rob: the ones Dons made are better than the cheap synthetic leather ones.

But any shoe at an angle is going to hurt after a while, I think you'd need to get used to the different height they give. Women are used to the change from flats to a heel, but not many men are!]
Jimmy says on 20/Sep/11
@ Tall tales, your a idiot and no one cares about your dumb woman opinion. Go make some spagetti or something, you dont belong on a computer.
Anonymous says on 18/Sep/11
When I got divorced (I'm 44)I knew I would be going out again. I bought a pair just for the fun of being taller when shooting pool or what not. So I ordered Tennis shoes that were 2.8 inches. Most shoes already give you about and inch so really it's just about 2 extra inches. I'm 5'8. ACTUALLY I'm 5'7 and a half, but who's going to go around saying "I'm five seven...and a half! So I say I'm about 5'8. With the shoes I'm like 5'10 The first time I wore them out was quite a sensation.I wore pants because I thought maybe people could tell, though they look totally like regular tennis shoes. I have to say though people didn't react to me much different. I started wearing them around family and friends and found myself hunching over a bit because I was afraid they could tell. None of them did though. what you have to be careful of is doing any physical activity because you can twist your ankle much like a girl can when wearing high heels. I do notice women being a bit more receptive to the extra height. I think just two inches would have been adequate though instead of 2.8. I have enjoyed mine.
Australia says on 12/Sep/11
Having just ordered from Don's shoes and living in Australia I just wanted to say that Allan has been absolutely fantastic- He sent me a photo of the shoes being made and several days later DHL sent me a tracking number. He also emailed personally to check I had received them. I have bought shoes before from other companies but the service from Dons has not only been far quicker but far more personal and friendly. I wouldnt have minded if it took 4 weeks for handmade shoes- but its taken all of 11 days from when I placed the order to when they arrived in Australia. To anyone considering Dons, dont be put off by the few negative comments below. I highly recommend them and Allan seems like a good bloke!
Alex says on 7/Sep/11 says on 7/Sep/11
Hi Rob, if an elevator shoe claims to make you 5.2 inches taller (in a boot style) approximately how much height can i expect to gain? Maybe 4 inches? Thanks and Regards.
Lifts Question says on 3/Sep/11
Thanks for all of the helpful info. I have been wearing a pair of boots that give me 3" of lift for awhile. They're just a plain boot I bought from walmart with a 2" lift insole inside of them. I have been wearing them for nearly a year and they're as comfortable if not more comfortable than most other shoes I own. I was just curious if any of you guys have tried out the don's 5" lift shoes? I'm really considering buying a pair, but if they aren't actually going to give me anything close to a 5" lift I'll just keep getting my boots from walmart and using the insoles and save the $250+ Thanks
Anthony says on 28/Aug/11
Hey Rob, if an elevator shoe claims to make you 4.25 inches taller (in a dress style shoe) approximately how much height can I expect to gain? I'm guessing around 2.5 - 2.75 inches, but I wanted to hear your thoughts. Thanks.

[Editor Rob: maybe 3 inches]
Allan Donnelly says on 24/Aug/11
Hi Rob. I know some people start to get restless during the wait for their shoes but everyone always receives them in the end, The reason it takes time is because I make the shoes to order, The process can take up to 10 days, but the good news is that I'm now using DHL and so the shipping is a lot quicker, II feel Im making a good product and I'm proud of the shoes, I will try to make them quick and build stock, I enjoy making the shoes to order, Many other shoemakers and high-end Suit tailors ask up to 6 weeks to produce. Im an honest man, and there is not a better feeling when I dispatch the shoes.
Allan Donnelly says on 24/Aug/11
Ive also just completed Dino Shoes. Im sorry about the delay
Allan Donnelly says on 24/Aug/11
What else can I do? 16 Delivered - Signed for by : A CHIKA T112 MIAMI - TAMIAMI, FL - USA 11:51 15 With delivery courier MIAMI - TAMIAMI, FL - USA 08:41 14 Arrived at Delivery Facility in MIAMI - TAMIAMI - USA MIAMI - TAMIAMI, FL - USA 08:33
Anonymous says on 24/Aug/11
Hi I'm Allan. The owner of Dons and the shoemaker. I would like to mention that Ken, Who is attacking me left Right and Center Was sent his pair of Shoes With DHL tracking, Ive sent him the details and checked the tracking myself to see that they arrived at his workplace. Im working with DHL to try to get to the bottom of it, and will try my best to fix it.
Maximus Meridius says on 18/Aug/11
@Doug your exactly the same height as me are you still growing how old are you.
Mark says on 17/Aug/11
Sadly, I have to corroborate what Ken says- however good the shoes from Dons may be, his business practices are really poor. I ordered a pair on 5/20, last time I had an email response from Allan at Don's was mIf-July, promising he'd get back to me. I called my credit card company after almost three months from ordering. I was foolish to be so patient; I hope I get my money back....
Matt says on 30/Jul/11
@arie, being 6'1 would be great (ideal seems to be 6'2). you wouldn't be a freak at 6'1 at all, that's completely ridiculous.
Maximus Meridius says on 29/Jul/11
@short stack i telled matt about you your 5ft 5in i have 2 inches on you i'm 5ft 7in you said you would love to be 5ft 9in if that's the same i would love to be 5ft 11in wanting to be 4 inches taller is too much if want to be taller 2 inches is the most you will get 5ft 7in at the most i wish i was 2 inches taller i would be being 5ft 9in i'm sure you would love to be 5ft 7in 5ft 11in is too much for men i'm 4 inches away from like your 4 inches away from 5ft 9in 5ft 9in is too much for you the most we can expect like all men 5ft 9in and under is 2 inches which is from doing lots of stretches for a very long time i would love to 6ft but i changed my mind i'm 5 inches away from that so now i'm saying i would love to be 5ft 9in i'm going stick with that because that's the most i can expect to grow from stretching short stack don't say you would love to be 5ft 10in your 5 inches away from that say you would love to be 5ft 7in because that's the most you can expect to grow from stretching short stack i'm 27 how old are you.
Thomas 6ft0.5in 184cm says on 29/Jul/11
Everyone in my family are average height people, around 5΄4" - 5΄5" for the women, and 5΄9" - 5΄10" for men, exept for my uncle, who is 6΄1". My father is 5΄10", and my Mother is 5΄6", so my height-potential was about 5΄10.5" - 5΄11", but I was lucky enough to grow from 5΄10.25" to 6΄0.5" after I turned 19. Eventhough I was a late bloomer, and barely scraped 5΄9" at age 16, which isn΄t all that short, I was labled as "short" by most of my freinds. Many of them hit puberty much erlier than me, and throughout my teens I was pretty much 2" + shorter than most of my guy-freinds. 6΄0.5" is a brilliant height, not too tall, and not too short, but I like to give myself a couple of extra inches when I go out. I usually wear 2.5" elevated shoes, and it feels even better to look 6΄3", which is pretty tall. Elevated shoes are awesome! Everyone should wear them!
dmeyer says on 27/Jul/11
i have nike tlite home they give 1.05 1.1 in plus 1.7 1.8 in lifts they give 2.4 in i mesure 188cm in them
Dino says on 23/Jul/11
I totally agree with Ken. They too charged my debit card but then never sent the shoes. I emailed the owner and he ignored me, until finally after several inquiries said he'll send them right away. He didn't. Don's might have good shoes, but good luck getting them to send you any. Their customer service is awful, and now I have the impossible task of trying to get a refund from that a**hole (good luck with a debit card, but at the time I didn't have a credit card and had no choice). Bugarri's, you're about to get yourself a new customer. Don's sucks, DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM.
Phil says on 21/Jul/11
I agree with SolidSnake. They cripple your feet really bad.
dmeyer says on 18/Jul/11
high cut sneakers with a 1 in lifts is great you can get 1.8-2in up to 2 in its comfies over that you need elevators or 1.4 timbs with 1 in lifts you coud get 2.2 in , nike air force with 1.25 in lifts you could get 2.1 in 1.5-2.2 in is easy to get over that it gets complicated
Emman says on 11/Jul/11
I am 5.4ft ,i need to look 5.6ft...What type of shoes i have to wear? Cost ?
Leo says on 29/Jun/11
I have worn elevator shoes for years. At first they were so painful, but a conquered them and now I walk even better, its really helped my posture. I am a legit 6'0 foot. But I love to tower over everyone with lifts. I am a pro bodybuilder and 280 pounds so the extra height does wonders for my look. I wear 3.5" lifts, but am now thinking of getting me some 5" lifts. I have truly mastered the art of wearing elevated shoes. It took me about a year. But now they are so comfortable. Theres a certain way you have to walk. Theres vids on youtube. I look forward to standing to 6'5 with my five inch lifts. And btw NOBODY has ever noticed that I wear lifts. I lived at home with them for years and nobody noticed. Not my parents or brothers or sisters. So I recommend any guy that wants to be taller to get some lifts. I love my shoes....6'5 here I come!! -LEO
Maximus Meridius says on 26/Jun/11
Hey Rob how many pairs of shoes do you have.

[Editor Rob: at the moment I have about 3 boots, 3 shoes and 15 pairs of sneakers. This will get me through the next 20 years ;)]
Ken says on 12/Jun/11
Do not buy shoes from Don's - total rip off. I placed an order and my credit card was billed but the shoes were never sent - Allan/owner is a liar and claimed they were on the way, I would get them soon, total BS - now he will not repond to my inquires. Save yourself the time, money and aggrravation - STAY AWAY - TOTAL SCAM

[Editor Rob: if you never receive goods from any company, then go through your cc company to make a refund claim.]
onion says on 10/Jun/11
im going to go and buy me some of those bad boys, an extra 2 1/2 inches thats what im talking about .........
Johan says on 10/Jun/11
I am about 5ft 6 3/4 inch throughout the day.... Does anyone know of a shoe (preferably a cowboy boot styled shoe) that can increase my height to 5ft 10in? are there any custom shoe makers who could create a 3.5 inch increasing cowboy boot? Thanks
Drinky McDrinkalot says on 3/Jun/11
Would anyone be interested in a pair of (slightly) used elevator shoes? I have two pair which I've worn maybe three times each - one from Don's and one from Bugarri. I've decided they're not for me and would rather wear regular shoes.
Anon says on 3/Jun/11
Ed says on 27/Mar/11 I'm 6'3" and thinking of getting some... Everyone in my family is 6' 4" and up, however, so my situation is a bit different Yeah sure.
sean89 says on 2/Jun/11
hey rob do elevator shoes have slight tilt foot forward like womens high heel i had a pair a while ago and made my shins ache slightly. when walking up hills.

[Editor Rob: yes a bit of tilt, I can believe if you wear them a long enough time you will get some shin aches]
Shaun says on 31/May/11
Click Here you should buy a pair of these 7 inch heeled goth boots. I want to see just how much height gain you could get from these which would make even Downey's or Bono's look modest...
Shaun says on 31/May/11
I'm convinced that no celebrity gets over 2.5 inches from footwear unless they are disco platforms like Downey Junior. I doubt lifts would give any more height than say standard Caterpillar boots or Cuban heels. If the front part of the shoe is low than however raised the back is surely its not possible to gain more than this. If however the foot is level on a platform like platform shoes and the front part of the shoe is high like the goths like Marilyn Manson wear then massive height gains are possible. A strong 6'1"guy like myself could probably pull off looking close to 6'6" in those goth boots, I'm pretty sure Marilyn looks 6'5" in them.. Personally I think they are extremely ugly looking things and don't know how anybody normal could wear them. Rob I think you should try buying a pair of Manson goth boots and seeing if you can break 6'. Up for it?

[Editor Rob: if I could figure it as part of a business expense maybe I would! I know a guy who walks about in these goth boots he always looked like a 5ft 10 to me but in normal sneakers he was about my height.]
Rachel says on 22/May/11
I am a 5'7" girl and have been dating my 5'5" guy for over 3 years. I find him perfectly attractive, and would never think of leaving him becasue he is shorter than me, but it would be nice to be able to have him at eye level when we kiss or take pictures together. I felt kind of bad when I asked him about his opinion on useing lifts or elevator shoes to add 2", but he was fine with it! There are some cool styles out there, and I'm so excited I wont be a giant next to him in our wedding photos! :)
advice.. says on 7/May/11
dont wear anything that makes u over 1.5 inches tallers, you're entering ridiculous town population you and some other creeps, youll get found out.
rafa says on 15/Apr/11
Sarkozy, Medvedev, Putin, Hu JIntao these guys very PROBABLY wear lifts
Mr Yeah says on 10/Apr/11
Hey how long does it usually take to ship the shoes (Germany), I ordered on the first of April. ? But there was nothing happening, also not on the information ordering page ? Please tell me any experience you made, thank you in advance.....

[Editor Rob: I would expect if there is a backlog of orders for it to take a few weeks.]
SolidSnake says on 9/Apr/11
Hush puppies are basically elevator shoes- they have about 1.5 inch heel and a huge insole. At least 2.5 inch total gain.
G says on 3/Apr/11
As a tall Latin male at a real 6'2" I do see the advantages of being tall. I see that I am treated better in business and generally in public. I am a big guy too (around 225lbs) and I can tell that people are intimidated when they see me coming towards them. So I'm left alone so to speak. Sometimes it's an issue when I want to meet people. I don't want to be taller either. It's sad that society judges so much on height whether taller or shorter. I say if you need an extra few inches to make you happy go for it. Just remember you don't have to always "measure" yourself against others.
Ed says on 27/Mar/11
I'm 6'3" and thinking of getting some... Everyone in my family is 6' 4" and up, however, so my situation is a bit different
Ted Palen says on 23/Mar/11
Being above average height to begin with(6'3"), so I've never thought of lifts. I do however own a pair of Tony Lamma cowboy boots that give me a solid 2.5" or so, and I do admit it is fun to walk around at close to 6'6", plus lifter shoes usually look kinda goofy. Where as my boots are strictly utilitarian and not ornate or flashy, so simply pull my pant legs over the tops of the boots and they more like beatle boots and dont make you walk goofy.
Geoffrey says on 12/Mar/11
To Michael: A woman judges the height of a man not against herself, but relative to other men. It is for this reason you typically hear shorter women teasing men below average height. Women know they are the shorter sex. When a woman who is say 5'0 sees a man who is say 5'5, she is not thinking, "He is taller than me, so let's go", she is thinking, "Wow, he is short!" since most men are 5'9-5'11. Many women (regardless of their height) tune out shorter guys and these elevator shoes can really make that much of a difference when approaching women in the real world if you are below average. If you look at that above picture of Rob, you can easily see why a woman like that MAY totally tune him out in a nightclub setting. See how he can look down at her after he puts them on? That eye (her) to lip (him) advantage would help him score.
Veer says on 10/Mar/11
My height is 5'3" .bt i wnt 2 make my height 5'8".plz tell the shoes cost in indian curency .elevator modal xn 66024
Editor Rob says on 9/Mar/11
The picture is showing the height those dons give over barefoot, that's the purpose. My posture is no different, if it was then I should appear an inch shorter than Jenny in the first photo rather than the difference being the same as her sneakers. If you want to see a photo that is biased (the joke is about the exaggeration of Elevators), then do view this: - Click Here - I am wearing converse in the first and 2.3 inch junk elevators. Now I am dropping 3-4cm of posture on purpose to make the 'Stallone Effect' even more dramatic... maybe you can see why I'm wearing a suit with longer trousers when wearing an elevator for a photo...look at the the trousers on that Stallone Effect, they are like half masts.
someone says on 6/Mar/11
I'm 5ft 9 in the morning and 5ft 8.5 in the evening and I wear Nike Airforce 1's with a 0.6 inch lift inside, when I wear them I stand at 5 ft 10.5 / 5ft 11. and when I take my shoes off it isn't noticeable at all. for people of average height that want a little undetectable boost I would recommend getting a half inch lift.
Alex says on 3/Mar/11
@ Rob. The picture is biased, because normal shoes add height to you, and in the first picture your not wearing any footwear, so it's just your bare height against another person whose wearing footwear. Can you take this picture again, with normal footwear against Don's Elevator Shoes? Also, wear the same clothes and stand in the same stature/pose, because the stature and suit in the second picture creates automatic appeal, making your shoulders look bigger - adding an extra illusion of height and power
SolidSnake says on 2/Mar/11
Even George Bell who is 7 foot 8 wears size 19 shoes
SolidSnake says on 27/Feb/11
I saw a pair of size 18 elevator ish shoes in a shop today. In a years the same shoes will probably be there lol. The Big Show and Great Khali wear this size and they are 7'0 and 7'1 respectively
dmeyer says on 26/Feb/11
rob if you wear shoes that give 2.5 in you will go to 5 ft 10 5/8 you will look like a 5 ft 9.75 men wearing normal shoes with small lifts you will be 5 ft 9.5 and monsters 5 ft 10.25 range
dmeyer says on 26/Feb/11
rob elevor shoes thats are advetized 5.5 in how mush do they truly give
SolidSnake says on 26/Feb/11
If you are 5 ft 9 or more you really don't need elevator shoes. They cripple your feet really bad. If you wear them everyday you probably won't even be able to walk when you get old
anonymous says on 24/Feb/11
Rob, you're right about needing to get a higher midpoint in the shoe to get 3 inches if the shoe measurement is 3 inches. Strange but true. I bought some elevating shoes and they do indeed measure 2.5" increase with the heel and inner mold insert. However, my true height increase is only around 2". Still, I am happy with the 2" increase. From your YouTube video it appears you are slightly taller than 5'8.5 and not .25.
Editor Rob says on 22/Feb/11
To Frankenstein, no way do they give 3 inches. I actually went up to my loft and found the shoes and redid the measurement! Click Here you look at the video and see the end of my thumb, that gives an idea of how high the lift has to be just to get 2 and 1/3rd inches. You also see the size of the heel compared to a heel which is like 0.8 inches, it looks really big up close!
L says on 18/Feb/11
I'm 5'8.5" and just bought a pair of Don's. This is my first time in elevators and lifts. It must feel great to stand at 5'11"!
sean89 says on 16/Feb/11
if your 6 ft go to large supermarket or whereever count how many men are shorter and how many you pass are taller the majority would be shorter by about 2-3 inches 3-4 inches since the average range for men hieght is 5'8 to 6'2.
peejay says on 14/Feb/11
Elevator shoes are definitely NOT indetectable. First, they make you walk funny, second your trouser bottoms 'snag' on the heightened part of your shoe, thirdly your knee appears to bend in the wrong place. Any increase of more than 1" looks wierd. And think what that unnatural posture is doing to your foot-joints, knees, spine, and just about everything else!
Sean says on 6/Feb/11
I've seen similar things before. Shoe lifts are definately the only option for people who need that extra height and they have stopped growing. I guess these inserts for shoes are the ones such as the ones at Click Here
Michael says on 3/Feb/11
personally I don't understand short guy's obsession with their height... I know I'm making a generalization but most short guy's I've met seem to like taller women... and some, the taller the better... like one guy about 5'7 I know would be chasing a girl that was 6'2". Obviously that is extreme, but basically the thing is that there are plenty of cute or beautiful short girls out there... so if someone is say 5'4, there are many 5'0 or 5'1 girls... so I just don't understand the shorter guys that write comments like they wear lifts to get girls. On the flip side, I do know that the shorter the girl is, the more she appreciates a tall guy - it has something to do with them feeling more safe and secure, but the important thing with most women is just that a guy is taller than them. So my advice is to forget about trying to catch women taller or as tall as you and find women shorter than you, unless you are 5'0 or shorter, there are plenty out there... my 2 cents
Frankstein says on 30/Jan/11
rob, in "how to measure a celeb height" you said that from eyelevel to top forehead it is about 4 inches, in these pics jenny is the same height as you before and at you eyelevel after. Those shoes give you at least 3 inches, at least... Jenny is a little bit over your eyelevel, being completely honest, but she is wearing shoes too and she is a quarter of an inch taller than you, so it comes that you are like 3 inches taller than her and not 4 in the second pic..
NeverSettleWithAverage says on 20/Jan/11
I may be 5'11" but I have a long neck, or low shoulder placement if that fits better. Wearing some insole boosting helps to offset the appearance of my longer neck by increasing my height from below the shoulders. If I actually was taller some more length would go to my neck. I use 1/2 inch insoles which may not seem like much but people noticed I got taller with them on but there is no obvious giveaway that it's insoles as my ankle placement is still fine in my shoes. But I do feel like I shrink too much when I take the shoes off which does suck. To one of the comments below, Brad Pitt is 5'11" so he might be wearing a very subtle small insole, Vin Diesel is 5'11" but I don't think he elevates himself because notice how he is eye level with people on his movies like Pitch Black.
Get Real says on 16/Jan/11
I really could care less about what people think with regards to me wearing Elevators. I'm 5'6 and with shoes like these can pull off a strong 5'8-5'9. These taller people who are saying "Be comfortable in your own skin", "Obsessing over height shows insecurity", "She's going to be disappointed when they come off". Go screw yourselves. Height doesn't mean jack to you because you are all average-tall. Us short guys know what time it is, and women GENERALLY don't like smaller guys. We can wait around and watch you have all of the fun, or jump in the ring too. Those two extra inches brings you eye level to all of the shorter women wearing heels and will allow you open your mouth or face immediate rejection because women subconsciously tune shorter men out. I proudly wear these and am honest and upfront about them with the women I date. This is survival of fittest and we have to do what we have to do. Sorry if it offends you all but who gives a damn!
steve says on 16/Jan/11
I'm like 5'11 and bought some elevator shoes that bring me to 6'1 and they're still very comfortable.. I actually feel better walking with them than walking with feet straight flat. I don't give a phuck if somebody thinks I'm a loser for using them. I do it for me, not for you. I'm gonna buy some shoes with 5,2 inch elevators next. o yeah and I might reach 6' naturally if I get lucky. Come at me, brahs.
Marc Shapiro says on 7/Jan/11
Maxaz, why are women allowed to wear lifts, but men no? A bit of a double standard? I also think that in "the sack" its not such a dissapointment at all. Also, you act as if height horizontally is very proportional to height vertical. The correlation is low. And I am wearing shoes. I talked to the owner at Richlee Shoes and he told me that his customers have expressed gratitude. None felt like they were lying. Their site is here: Click Here
JD says on 5/Jan/11
Actors like myself require lifts in a industry that Feeds on a strict syrupy diet of superficial vanity. I would be totally ok with being 5'7" but if you're not 5'10" or taller you get passed over for jobs. It sucks but that's Hollywood for you.
ReelGuy says on 1/Jan/11
Maxaz... women put on makeup, fix up their hair, wear high heels, rely on pushup bras, and you can't stand the thought of a man wearing an elevator shoe? With all due respect, you need a reality check. Allow me to enlighten you. You obviously have a preference for taller men, you're pretty tall for a woman. However, I seriously doubt you can spot the difference between 1.2 inches (a regular shoe heel) and a 3 inch shoe. I will admit, that the ridiculous 5 inch elevator shoes I've seen are painfully obvious. Every time you've slept with a guy, did you have him stand up to juxtapose your height with his? Didn't think so... Let me tell you, I'm 5'9, wear elevator shoes when I go out, and I've been with girls MUCH taller than me, and plenty of girls much shorter than me. Every time I've taken them to bed, the girl has NEVER been "disappointed" with my height, or my performance ;). It all balances out. You wear shoes out, we wear shoes out. Gain a couple inches here, gain a couple inches there... it really doesn't matter.
anonymous says on 22/Dec/10
I'm gonna let you in on a little secret; everyone every day is looking for an edge, whether it be the illusion of wealth, looks, intelligence, etc. Get over it.
Adawg says on 15/Dec/10
cmon people havent you seen surragtes or movies like it? this is just the beginning lol. people are not satisfied with their legit height so they resort to desperation, i can understand maybe if ur like 5'4 or like 5'6, but otherwise cmon shoe lifts are weakkkkkkkkkkkk...
Alex says on 30/Nov/10 says on 30/Nov/10
Rob, how many inches do you really get with a pair of elevators shoes that are advertised 4.8 Inches? Thanks and Regards.
maxaz says on 13/Nov/10
Hey, these shoes are a lie. What are you gonna do next, invest in a medieval rack?? Height is just as felt horizontally (if you get my drift), so once the lifts come off, it's just disappointing for us tall girls (me 5'10) who think we're getting 6'1 and we end up with 5'9 in the sack. I would say shoe lifts for men are the exact same thing as stuffing your bra, padding your butt or wearing serious body slimmers. Then the guy is just like... Hmmm... when he sees you naked. Just another disappointment about something that should be pretty straight-forward.
octopus paul says on 9/Nov/10
these shoes looks good.. it can add to one's height and so appearance.. but you can't wear it always.. good things come with some drawbacks.. if a person doesn't care he should go for this.. just good for short men..
star says on 23/Oct/10
hey! I'm 5'1 ! haha.. but I'm a female..... so bad ay?:( lol.... but just like to say I know how short guys feel! when I wear high heels I feel tall but I'm still short!hahaha so really I think it a mental thing. It's important to feel good about yourself. Don't let others tell you how u should look. Who caressss bout others~pls~.... these girls I know wear heaps of make up and have gorgeous bf's.. haa! ther all ugly wihout make up, yes:)) but they don't care! so what? ... go get 'em!!! be taller by whatever inches! you all tall people will never understant:((( it's like this with us; omg if only I was just 1 inch taller! to all you tall ones its like; whatever! 1 inch is nothing who cares!......... appreciate what u have b4 u lose it! haaaha! lol
Shaun says on 21/Oct/10
Brad Pitt is at least 5'10" and wears lifts. Telly Savalas, Burt Reynolds, Vin Diesel, all lift wears and 5'11" range. Are you suggesting they all have serious issues and are extremely ugly? Each has a height complex for sure but I guess it is a confidence booster for them looking 6' or 6'1".
Andrew says on 20/Oct/10
What about guys who intend to be entirely up front? Psychologically, height tends to seem to be rewarded with greater responsibility. I am not going to lie about the fact that I will wear these shoes. I've actually talked to several women about it and they seemed to think the idea of a guy who wore them but was honest about them was actually a pretty good idea.
Heights says on 5/Oct/10
In the photo of Rob with Socks, Rob looks 0.5 inch shorter than Jenny. In the photo with shoes on, Rob looks 2.5 inches taller than Jenny. Rob is 5' 8", Jenny is 5' 8" Jenny with Sneakers is 5' 8.5" (Sneakers are 0.5 inch heels even though they may be advertised as 0.7 inch brand new, the heels compress with usage and a used pair of sneakers have heels of just 0.5 inch) Rob with Elevators is 5' 11" (The elevators are probably 3 inch heels)
dmeyer says on 3/Oct/10
hey rob , shoes that are advertized at 5.5 in how mush do they give 3 to 3.25 ? maybe
Rocky89 says on 20/Sep/10
I REALLY want to buy these shoes, woman don't really want men who are smaller. These shoes could do the trick for men, and boast their conference.
I wear elevator shoes says on 17/Sep/10
First off let me address "Anonymous" being ok with my height doesnt mean I dont wish to be a little taller it just means I really dont give it much thought..ever. Questions about Airport Security well Ive flown a couple of times since Ive started wearin them and had zero problems problems with security. In light of the stupid ass shoe bomber I can see your point though
Editor Rob says on 14/Sep/10
meoww - Jenny in her sneakers that moment is between 5ft 8.6-8.7 range. When I put on the elevators I measured 5ft 10.75, so the difference is only like 2.1-2.2 at most!
Mike says on 8/Sep/10
Tall Tales, you're a woman. Unless you don't wear make up, don't even try to talk about us guys hiding something by wearing lifts. Guys have been putting up with all the make up nonsense for too long. Some of the most hideous women can look good with the right makeup.
Greg says on 7/Sep/10
angryshortguy I have much respect for you man. All these people who are 5'10 and taller have some serious issues if they're considering wearing lifts. They're probably extremely ugly lol.
meoww says on 30/Aug/10
wait, rob are you saying there is only a 2 inch difference between you and jenny in the photo on the right..? it looks closer to 3.5 inches to me
Brace says on 22/Aug/10
Can any elevator shoe wearers report on dealing with security at airports?
Brace says on 17/Aug/10
Question: What experience have any of you elevator wearers had with airline security. I'm about to travel and don't want any hassles. Thanks.
Anonymous says on 16/Aug/10
You know what..some (shorter)guys here said that they are happy with their height and blah blah..the truth is you guys want to be taller...at least 6'..just admit it and stop being in denial. It's like women with small boobs saying they are happy with their small boobs but in reality wanted bigger boobs. It's a fact. It's just that men and women want different thing.
I wear elevator shoes says on 13/Aug/10
Im 5.8 and 45 years old Ive heard about elevator shoes a long time ago but I really dont have a short guy complex and never gave them a serious thought. I also have flat feet, my feet have no arch what so ever. About two years ago I had a conversation with a guy who was about 6.3 and his flat feet were about as bad as mine. He knew what i meant when I said it fells like the meat on the front section of my foot is pulling apart when on long walks. He then shared a secret with me. He was wearing elevator shoes which transfer more of you body weight to your heels. This works! yeah it felt funny the first couple of days but I love them. No one has ever noticed Im a little taller, I even tell some people and they dont believe untill I take off my shoes. All you people claiming its obvious reall dont know what your talking about. I find the opposite is true often having to take off my shoes and show them when they dont believe me.
Jimmy says on 2/Aug/10
As far as staying unnoticable when wearing elevator shoes, I wouldn't buy anything that gives you over 2 inches. An increase of 1.5 inches is better than 2 inches. Normal shoes already give about 1 inch (more or less depending on the shoe). Plenty sneakers give more than 1 inch. So if you wear elevator shoes that give 1.5 inches height increase, the difference with a normale shoe is only 1/2 inch. Nobody will really notice 1/2 inch height difference. I think it's when going over 2 inches where it starts to become noticable. Also, the less increase, the more comfort for your legs when you walk. So my advice would be to keep the maximum at 2 inches. It's not a big difference but it's better than nothing right?
Anonymous says on 28/Jul/10
Standard deviation is 2.8 inches for height. The average being 5'9.5. This means that for every 5'3 male out there, there is one 6'4 male out there. The reason why you see more 6'4 people? Because they buy elevator shoes(or shoes in general that give them more lift)/ don't go out as much. TBH, It is OBVIOUS when someone is wearing elevator shoes. It just doesn't look right.
ano says on 24/Jul/10
Guys, women can definitely tell and it can get really embarrassing at work if people find and the info spreads. Don't waste you time and money!! Just embrace your height!
Editor Rob says on 23/Jul/10
sean, that photo is only about a 2.1-2.2 inch difference, no more.
Anonymous says on 15/Jul/10
If at 5'10 man feels short there must be something wrong with him. Average height for man in many countries is about 5'9 or so, and there is many tribes around the world where lives very short people, so worldwide average height can be only 5'7 to 5'8. It's just here in "wellbeing" countries where we are taller and make this height -thing so stupid important.
pete says on 13/Jul/10
thats so laughable :D how can wear a man shoes which lifts him up from 179 cm to 190 cm ??? I mean that must look like so bad cause they are fault Body proportions etc. sorry for my bad school english
Jimmy says on 11/Jul/10
@ Tall Tales. Do you really think that men who wear these shoes are trying to deceive people? They want to feel better about themselfs. And a woman dumping a man because he wears elevator shoes is a sad woman and has a bad attitude about life. If you're a woman, I'm sure you wear make-up. So aren't you trying to deceive men into believing that you're more beautiful than you really are? If you would ever get intimate with a man and he sees you without make-up, then what? Should the man then dump you!? How shallow is that? I would be more keen to believe that someone with this doesn't deserve the best life has to offer than a man who wears elevator shoes.
AngryShortGuy says on 9/Jul/10
You're all complaining that you feel short at 5"10 and above? I'm 5"4 and I'm a fully grown man. I made sure I was tested multiple times for any sign of a growth hormone deficiency or any growth related problems whatsoever, and I have none. None of my family are little people either. I was born prematurely so I guess that makes me the shortest one. But how rude of me to interrupt the 6ft+ people, I know they're seriously insecure about their height, the poor short-asses. Excuse me whilst I continue my pointless search to find a decent woman shorter than myself! Jesus christ...
sean89 says on 8/Jul/10
rob looks about 3 inches taller with the shoes good huh jennys head comes just above robs eyebrows so hes looks 3 inches taller.
Kyle says on 4/Jul/10
Honestly, guys wearing these shoes are no different than girls wearing makeup. What are you hiding?
PatB says on 12/Jun/10
"I cant' believe that people who are 6ft+ are even considering elevator shoes!" Why not? Being taller makes you feel better. I was recently cast as Bartolo in a production of The Marriage of Figaro. The Figaro was 6'5". I'm 6'4". I was uncomfortable sort of like the High Heels incident between Hines and Corelli at La Scala. I guess I won't be getting a pair of these. They only come in sizes up to 13. I wear size 15.
PatB says on 12/Jun/10
"I cant' believe that people who are 6ft+ are even considering elevator shoes!" Why not? Being taller makes you feel better. I was recently cast as Bartolo in a production of The Marriage of Figaro. The Figaro was 6'5". I'm 6'4". I was uncomfortable sort of like the High Heels incident between Hines and Corelli at La Scala. I guess I won't be getting a pair of these. They only come in sizes up to 13. I wear size 15.
FORLAN says on 10/Jun/10
this site caused me to buy elevator shoes... my height is 190 cm and the site shows as 190cm not tall and i will use extra givers that will show me as 190cm barefoot + 1.5cm shoes + 5cm lifts = 196.5cm... Iam n depression now!
Tall Tales says on 7/Jun/10
Guys, its really sad that the only people you are deluding is yourself. If you get as far getting intimate with a partner, the shoes, along with the rest of your kit comes off, ain't no way you can disguise the fact that you are short. Take if from me there's nothing more unattractive and embarassing than a man who is uncomfortable in his own skin and who lies about his height. Quickest way to get dumped is to deny what you really are. And sorry but its a matter of basic biology. Some women genuinely prefer tall muscular men who can protect them and give them strong off-spring. Although this may be a genetic imperative, for the majority it's not an issue. For me personally there is nothing more unnattractive than a man who lacks confidence and honesty and has done little to cultivate a personality and mature approach to life. Such obsessiveness about height is one big massive turn-off and if you can't think of anything other than your height perhaps you don't deserve to have the best that life has to offer.
Anonymous says on 19/May10 says on 19/May/10
I have a pair Calden lace boots providing 5,2 inches taller.But i have to take about 2cm off because i,m 179.6 cm barefoot and in that case i should be about 193cm with them on and i,m not.I,m just 190.8cm, rounded up 191cm. But it is pretty good anyway.
italiandude says on 19/May/10
i think the moderator of this site should delete comments that are trying to advertise sites that sell these shoes.c'mon,this is a place where people come for help not to be fooled
Don\'t be silly... says on 13/May/10
This guy in the office started wearing them and I did not even notice he had grown taller - I just noticed immediately that his shoes looked very weird. The minute I saw the shoes I knew what they were. Guys, don't be silly! It's better to be short than to be short and ridiculous :) I'd never wear those ghastly shoes and I am 5'3.
Mark says on 5/May/10
@Gazinder I know how you feel. I go to school where over 50% of students come from families making $300,000 per year or more. At 5'10" I feel very short.
sean225 says on 4/May/10
yeh i dont like elevator shoes whats point 3 inches taller and take ur shoes off u drop 3 inches shorter hey dude u shrunk hahaa well since im 6 ft i have no need i just wear regular trainers and i gt measured again to my suprise i am 6 ft i must grown but dont buy them unless ur 5 ft 3 or shorter and its not even real hieght
Martello says on 4/May/10
To reply to the anonymous post. The reason that men over 5'9 are using elevator shoes is to feel superior. 5'9 is the average height for a man and a man whom is 6'0 or 6'1 feels more confident. Men just want to appear taller
Anonymous says on 2/May/10
If you want to make a stronger presentation when meeting new people the extra couple inches do seem to make a difference. Look at the pictures above; I'm convinced; just don't get busted. Could be embarrassing.LOL
sean225 says on 25/Apr/10
the shoes i have are calden thre are comfy shoes and feel normal and give around 2.8 inch 7 cm over my barefoot hieght so i can to rougly 6 ft 2 in them and not loose comfort and 181 cm tall without shoes
sean225 says on 25/Apr/10
i have pair calden elevator shoes im 180.5 cm barefoot and 187 cm 6 ft 1.5 in them quite comfortable and dont hurt your feet if u use seperate insole its not as comfortable nd feet ache
Anonymous says on 23/Apr/10
Sarozi and Putin are both only about 5'5,5" (166 cm). I don't understand why over 5'9" men are using lifts! I'm 5'7,75 at the best and using 1,6 inch heels most of the time which makes only about 1 cm more to normal 1 inch shoes.
Neon10 says on 22/Apr/10
There's this girl from work, she claims to be around 6', but she's really 5'9.5-5'10 at most. This is because they are now making good thick-soled shoes with hidden lifts, including the standard type ones for both girls and guys. Believe me, where I work, they're selling em like crazy. I've also seen alot of people wearing them. That may have been the reason why others think the younger generation is getting taller, but they're actually downsizing due to poor nutrition. Some maybe getting taller, but many are not. I've also been hearing other people say that taller girls will downgrade their heights so they won't feel bad, but they can also exaggerate their heights. It's possible that many girls claiming to be like 6 feet and over aren't really that tall. People can get away with looking taller due to high shoes and splitting hair.
Me says on 17/Apr/10
@ Arie That's very interesting Arie, because I am in California and am a flat 5'11" in normal shoes and I fell short compared to other men. I am slightly below 5'10" barefoot, which is interesting because my shoes are not over 1" thick. They must improve my posture. Anyways, ever since I started looking at reflections when I passed people by, I noticed that people who I thought are my height are actually taller. I was pretty bummed out.
Editor Rob says on 13/Apr/10
J.J. - on the left Jenny has on like 0.4 inch sneakers, like old vans or something. So the actual difference on the right is only 2.1-2.2 inches, the shoes themselves give 2.5 inches. McFan - those shoes are ok to walk about in, but you probably would need a few days to get used to it and to have some trousers (pants) long enough aswell. But you definitely feel that your stance is 'firmer' than a pair of sneakers.
Big Bob says on 6/Apr/10
i have ones similar to this gives me about 2 and 1/4 inches and im 6 feet tall as it is and there kinda comfortable
Michael says on 30/Mar/10
@ someone 5'7 is better than 5'4. Just saying
Ziggy\'s back says on 7/Mar/10
I'm back from nearly a 3 year absence from this site. If any of you were around back then, I was very involved in having several custom boots made for me starting back in 2005. Since then, I have amassed about 20 pair, ranging from regular leather to alligator and ostrich skins. I wear about a size 9, but these are all customized to fit much larger inserts than anything you'd find commercially available. Since they were all prototype that I never wore because they were design studies, I am willing to off these at giveaway prices. I am currently trying to sell them on craigslist. If anyone is interested, please email me at finavest@aol.com.
johnno says on 5/Mar/10
I cant' believe that people who are 6ft+ are even considering elevator shoes! Clearly their problems are not with height! I'm considering buying my first pair, and at 20 years old and 5'2", I think I have a valid excuse!
LTU says on 2/Mar/10
The best way is to accept your height. And do not try to cheat. Height is never a problem. Vladimir Putin 171, Dimitri Medvedev - 166cm, Nicola Sarkozi- 169cm, Silvio Berlusconi - 167cm, Joseph Stalin - 165cm, Napoleon Bonaparte - 171cm, Iseec Newton - 168cm. Most of world leaders weren't tall. Changing shoes won't hide the fact that you are looser.
Anonymous says on 2/Mar/10
I bought shoes from internet company. They claimed lifts being 2'3 inches but they were about 1'6 inches.
S4L3 says on 23/Feb/10
t says on 14/May/08 gazinder: why do you care if girls are taller than you? any woman over about 5'9" looks terrible anyway... if you are 5'11 there is no way you are shorter than average lol. Maybe gazinder was just exaggerating. I agree that women over 5 feet 9 do look terrible, mannish and have almost deformed body structures. Some will pretend to be taller and tell their heights with heels or cause of the way they're built. There's this girl from work, she claims to be 5'9.5, but she's really about 5'6.5-5'7, it's cause she's bulky, it can make you appear taller than you are. I don't think a female body was built to be higher than 177cm maximum. Rob, you should do an article about body types, of how it can make you give off the deception of being taller or shorter than you are. I'm very petite, but built like a tall person, cause I'm stocky, but have short legs.
Eternael says on 15/Feb/10
You look way better in a costume!
The Riviera Kid says on 15/Feb/10
I love this site lol. As a recent convert to height obsession (after a 5'5" girlfriend said "you're quite short really aren't you?", it's an eye opener seeing which actors are indeed tall, which are average and faking it, and which have a careful PR agenda involving never being seen around tall people. I'd never even heard of lifts or elevator shoes before stumbling across this site (interesting work Rob), but oddly enough I'm now semi considering buying a pair for nights out on the town. I mean, I'm not small at a hair under 5'10", but I really have noticed recently how average height girls in mad high heels are almost at eye level with me. If they can wear high heels for a night out, why the hell can't us boys? I think a 2.5" increase would be the most I'd consider, that's not too much above the 1.0-1.5" heels on my trainers and boots, anything bigger than that and I'd probably feel a bit self conscieous. Women want equality - so do us lads. The Kid. ;-)
Anonymous says on 8/Feb/10
Being somewhat short at about 5'6'' to 5'7'', I can't say that I'm super proud of that, but I have definitely learned to accept. The whole thing about tall people having this significant advantage is like the whole thing about needing a foot long penis. Being tall is more of a bonus, though not something that you could count on. If a girl tells you that her "man" needs to be at least 6'4'' and have a 10-inch penis, you could tell her good luck because she'll definitely need it. And like someone already said here, there's a heck of a lot more to a person than height. Appearance? Intelligence or Wisdom? Oh and how about the most important part, IMHO, personality? Oh well, it IS true that there will always be people who care so much about height.
Anonymous says on 8/Feb/10
I bought shoes from Bugarri. Thay claimed 2,5 inch (6 cm) heels in their website, but they were only 1,6 inches (4 cm). Despite that I can reach to 5'9" - 5'9,25" with those shoes and that's enough for me, and they are good shoes.
Shaun says on 6/Feb/10
It really is amazing what these shoes can accomplish. Rob literally looklike he has grown 3 inches taller on the right and with the jacket also creates a much taller illusion. His torso literally looks longer on the right and he looks like a 5'11" guy!! It is not that obvious in the footwear too. Now when people claim that Matt Damon and Brad Pitt are near 6' that can only be in such shoes and in "effect".
Pete says on 5/Feb/10
I'm about 5'4", I usually wear boots with a lift inside for around 1.5" to 2" more. This is for maybe 8 months now. No one has ever commented on my shoes to me - I suppose it's possible that some have noticed but been too polite. Regardless, people don't continually keep tabs on other people's height - they size you up, then go along with that estimate. You have little to fear from wearing lifts or elevator shoes, unless they're truly outrageous.
mcfan says on 29/Jan/10
Rob, do these elevator shoes make it difficult to walk? I notice Cruise has an odd gait, but it might be his natural walk or due to his special shoes.
Taz says on 27/Jan/10
@Ritchie Oh, and you can't just base the estimate from ya' kid's age solely. It depends on the pubertal progress, nutrition and environmental factors. If a kid started puberty at 8, he'd be relatively tall when reaching the age of 12/13, but his epiphyseal plates would soon close and cut off his vertical growth. If you are 5'11 and his Mum is 5'8, his estimated height is 6'0. He has a 68% chance of being within 2 inches of this height, and a 95% of being within 4 (healthy growth, not due to pituitary disorders etc). Of course, he could reach a great height such as 6'6, or even stay at 5'8. If he's later than his peers, I would definitely say he'll be over 6'1 (due to a higher base height before pubertal growth spurt).
Taz says on 27/Jan/10
@Ritchie Ritchie, there's no way your height would have changed from 5'8.5 to 5'11, if you performed the comparison fairly. It clearly wasn't a fair test. You shrink during the day, especially if you have more weight on you. Stretches would have temporarily given you half an inch, straight out of bed. So, if you measured yourself just before bed when you were overweight, then it makes sense that after stretches, straight from a long period of horizontal rest, you'd be 1-2 inches taller. Some people shrink a lot (like myself, I shrink 1-1.25). Once the epiphyseal plates have closed, the only way to permanently increase your height is limb lengthening, or by stretching your trunk to the extent of breaking your spine, then inserting metal rods to keep the height. If you try to do this to your torso, you'll snap your spinal cord.
Alex says on 26/Jan/10
Elevator Shoes a gift from heaven
Bugarri says on 26/Jan/10
I ordered shoes from Bugarri. In their webpages my elevators were listed in 6 cm heels, but the truth was they were only about 4 to 4,5 cm thick. They claim up to 10 cm lifts in some shoes but I don't believe that, maybe 7-8 cm MAX.
michael says on 24/Jan/10
hi rob..i have bought 4 times elevators from a company in the past and i am satisfied..but i saw dons and i like some models..i have some questions and i hope to help me..i read that don's company is in scotland and i live in a country of western europe..but ups shiping i read is about 100$ ..is too much..and i want to tell me if is safety E.M.S ?? with this the parcel arrive in my house or i must go take it from somewhere(airport?)..last but not least..don's says that make some models 4 inches..these models will give me 4 inches or lower? and is with 4 inches comfortable? please answer to me..thanks..and i am sorry for my english..
anonymous from Nov. 4 says on 23/Jan/10
After reading all the many posts on this site, I have come away with a few observations. First, obviously height does matter. I'm about as tall as Rob and looking at the comparisons of different people next to him, I must really look short next to a lot of people, although I don't feel short. Also, I notice where the bottom of the chins are in the pictures. Even when two people are the same height, the person with the shorter head always looks taller. People usually will look at your face when meeting you and compare those features with others around them. I don't think most people are looking at the tops of heads or the footwear either. I think the average person is making a snap analysis when meeting you; if you have shoes with 2 or 3 inch elevation that make you appear taller to them, that's all they are going to remember, the height and not the shoes. As I have posted before at this site, the only real concern, if it does concern you, would be getting busted. Airport (shoes off), new girlfriend who suddenly notices you're 3 inches shorter, gatherings at friends house (new carpeting), locker room, poolside, meeting a new business client at their home and taking the shoes off (ouch), you get the idea.
Dave says on 20/Jan/10
I just bought a new motorcycle and my feet are about 3" shy of touching the ground in a safe way. Ya think Elivators will help?
Anonymous says on 13/Jan/10
like the photo of u and Jen Rob. One day when I get my height measured on a stadiometer I'll be glad to post a nick to post uner lol! Cute couple u guys make and love the sight bro...I ever become famous I better be real, ur the man when it comes to "tellin the tale of the tape." take care Rob
J.J. says on 13/Jan/10
rob' is that 2.5" difference. It looks like nearer 3" to me
Locket says on 9/Jan/10
As many people seem to have commented, the shoes give too much of a noticeable increase. I wouldn't want to be 2.5" taller in shoes than my barefoot height, it would be far too obvious. Ideally I would be looking for shoes with a slightly more subtle increase - I am about 5"8 (side point - Rob if you read this, what height would you say I can legitimately call myself - fully extended I am exactly 173cm (5"8.1) in the morning and between 171.5 - 172cm (5"7.5 - 5"7.5) in the evening) and would like to be around 5"9 - 5"9.5 maximum in dress shoes - just a slight countermeasure to the 1 - 2 inch heels girls wear on nights out. Do you have any suggestions for any nice-looking dress shoes that offer this height increase (and if it's not too much trouble, at a low price!) - the site you recommend looks very good Rob, but very expensive!
Editor Rob says on 3/Jan/10
Austrian - lifts are not as comfortable as a shoe designed with the lift as part of it. But as a cheap option they would suffice. anonymous - I'm in socks and jenny's got converse in the left shot, and same shoes on the right!
J Dog says on 30/Dec/09
The only use I have for elevators, is as a back up. Like a few have mentioned, some women are tall. I'm 5'11 in shoes, and if i date a 5'7 or 5'8 girl,and she decided to wear 3 inch heels when we go out, it kind of evens up the height, if I wear an extra inch or two myself, as this puts me at 6ft... do i worry about losing the extra height? no, as when she takes off her bigass heels, the she'll be much smaller anyway. I suppose they aren't bad to add an inch and a bit to your height, it's pretty easy to get away with that, if anyway calls you on it when your without them, just make up your hair is flatter, or your slouching etc etc... but i couldnt go above 2inches with shoes, unless i really needed them, job interview etc and i was a shorter guy. I just couldnt imagine my girl kissing me outside, then when we're inside her saying "why have you shrunk two inches???" I think there are more subtle ways to add inches, i.e. my shorter friend used to have a hairstyle similar to JD in scrubs, and would wear chunky slippers a lot in the house, his gf was 5'8, he was 5'6, but doing this levelled the playing field. But if they work for you, and you pull them off, then keep on trucking brutha, as with any clothing, it will work for some, and not for others... my advice, stay within around 2inches in situations that could prove intimate.
someone says on 27/Dec/09
At 5'4", a two or three inch increase would still make me short. I dont see the point in buying elevator shoes. Also, I never found them in any stores at all, only online.
Anonymous says on 21/Dec/09
jenny looks a bit taller than rob
austrianguy says on 13/Dec/09
Hey Rob, did you try lifts too? What would you say is the better choice overall, lifts or elevator shoes?
shortboy says on 11/Dec/09
rob looks solid 5'11 on right pic
Anonymous says on 5/Dec/09 says on 5/Dec/09
I only have a question,what is the tallest a 5,10 - 5,10.5 guy could be in elevator shoes?
Anonymous says on 25/Nov/09
Shaq would be 7'3.5" in them, and Big Show, 7'2". His originally billed WWE height. I think Big Show wore lifts in 1999 when he was billed 7-2
Aleks says on 21/Nov/09
The difference in the picture is amazing. I didn't know elevator shoes could make you appear THAT MUCH taller. Is it me or most small guys wear those?
Matthiew_- says on 19/Nov/09
Lol I'm 5'11 ( 180cm ) yet I'm very broad and muscular with short legs and long torso ... One of my friendds is 181 cm and people comment at him being tall while the same people usually comment at me being small ... So frustrating ! When people are telling my height most girls think of me as as low as 5'9 low yet they are surprised when I stand striaght next to them ( I have bad posture due to years of boxing my shoulders are going forward ) But I guess you cannot beat the people's misperception :( Maybe I will try a pair of Don's sometimes , to make my self longer legs and a strong 6footer so people will stop commenting about my shortness , f--- 180cm isn't short !!!! Problem is 2.5 inches seems to be a bit too much to go away with it without being busted ! :p
Wish I was a little bit taller.. says on 15/Nov/09
It is fun being taller...I happened to get a pair of shoes that were too big and needed insoles to get them to fit, the insoles lifted me up and the rest is history. I am married not looking for women, I am taller than my wife, above average height, I just think it is a cool feeling to be a little taller that's all. I wouldn't spend big bucks for it though..
Editor Rob says on 15/Nov/09
They are a gift.
Lmeister says on 13/Nov/09
Rob, did you really buy elevator shoes?
aramx says on 5/Nov/09
I am guessing Stadnik wears boots that raise his height by as much as 2 inches from barefoot. Those shoes look like real monsters in terms of height boosting!
Brian says on 5/Nov/09
Personally, I think that lifts are only really helpful if you're in high school or college and are getting measured for a sport. Other than that, if I see someone with really thick footwear on, I don't say, "Oh, look at that tall guy". I say, "Oh, look at that self-conscious wanna-be tall guy". That's just me. "Invisible" lifts crammed inside your shoes are probably pretty uncomfortable anyway. Maybe elevator shoes are at least helpful with convincing yourself that you're taller than you actually are, but I like to think of myself in barefoot height. If anyone on this page decides that really need lifts, I would agree with 5\'8 beast that Nike Air Force Ones are probably your best bet. Any type of basketball sneakers, really. If you where something like that, instead of admitting that you're just trying to look taller, you can just say, "These shoes are for athletic purposes", "They are really comfortable on my feet", or "I love the style". Just never get caught without an excuse for wearing shoes that add over an inch, if you really need them.
Anonymous says on 4/Nov/09
That's quite a difference in the picture; I was in the clothing business awhile back and would suggest a long and wide enough pant bottom to accommodate the height increase. I'm 5ft.8.25 also; I think friends and family would notice I grew overnight with these shoes. Right now I wear Kenneth Cole Reaction with the thick soles which are good for 1.5 inch increase. The thing I'm having trouble taking in is the cost of the Don's; they aren't cheap. I may consider them in the future. One last thing which has to be considered is if you ever need to take them off such as someones home or even at the airport. Kind of funny, but I was thinking if the pants are long enough one might be able to stand on their toes without anyone noticing.
Naz says on 3/Nov/09
Being a woman and only 4'9 is really really frustrating, a day dont go by where i dont think about my height, but luckily i have come across heel lifts and now i can wear flats with these in, the only down fall is, when i wear heels i dont look any taller and i feel silly, i am sure people around me are thinking it is strange i look the same in flats and heels!!!! lol
The Dutchguy says on 3/Nov/09
The father of a mate of mine always used to be 6'4.5'', but he is in his mid 60's now so he has lost some centimetres, but he still looks about my height, 6'4,or even taller, in dress shoes, but one day when we were standing next to eachother, both in nothing but socks, i was about 1.5,2 inches taller then him..i personally find wearing dress shoes ''cheating'' though ;)
5\'8 beast says on 2/Nov/09
"NIKE AIR FORCE ONE'S" are good for a extra inch or two... and still look ultra stylish. AND NON SUSPICIOUS. :p
Mike says on 2/Nov/09
I'm just over 5'7" and wifey is lovely 5'4"....She adores high heels as much i as i adore her wearing them and her wardrobe is full of Dior and Gianmarco Lorenzi shoes. Her smallest heel is 10cm (4") and highest 14cm (5.5")....I found Don's Range (Tallshoes4men.com) which were hand-made-to-measure with a 2-3" raise. Cutting to the essentials - the only person i want to look good for is my wife so i am very happy to maintain a few inches above her. She's happy, I'm confident and it's a win win situation. Not sure about the cheap Chinese crap that I have seen around which have the quality and style of a plastic bin liner stuffed with paper Mache, but i can recommend Dons and their shoes are of a high-end high street quality with the benefit of being made to order and customised - think something like Hugo Boss bespoke. As with most things, you get what you pay for and if you are looking to maintain a few inches above your lady, then these are a blessing in disguise.
Math says on 23/Oct/09
I will always wear my 3 inch lift from now on,never will i go a day in my lift without them.
Anonymous says on 16/Oct/09
I believe there is a way to get taller; I think I read somewhere and I'm not making this up, your thigh bones are both broken and stretched a bit and pins and a brace are worn for an extended period of time. The idea is that the space between the break grows new bone and thus the increase in height. I think there is a limit to how far you could go with this.
Anonymous says on 10/Oct/09
I'm considering lifts for the future. I'm 5'8" on the dot. I don't really care about height that much, I just think that they would be nice to have for clubbing or going out on weekends. Height is obviously an advantage in meeting women and if you can attain an advantage by simply purchasing a pair of shoes, why not?
Guy says on 7/Oct/09
I don't understand people who wear these, do you refuse to go swimming? Conning people is pretty lame, but if you're going to do it at least pick something that people won't notice after knowing you for an hour.
LT says on 4/Oct/09
im about 5'11" throughout the day (almost 6' in the morning) but i do find my height commented on occasionally, it may have somthing to do with the fact i wear work boots (havent worn sneakers in 5 years) or if im going to the city (i live in the country) i wear my cowboy boots with homemade cork lifts in them, in which case im about 6'2.5", i do this to look more intimidating and hopefully wont get attacked, my brother on the other hand is 6'6" and has weighed over 320 lbs (hes down to 285 now though), i made him a pair of lifts as well that he wore in his work boots from time to time which brought him up to over 6'9", we searched high and low but couldent find lifts any bigger than size 12 (he wears size 15-16 boots, 16-18 sneakers) i guess people with feet that big dont really need lifts, but he loves drawing attention to his size and scaring people.
Mike says on 1/Oct/09
Rob, what are your own personal views on wearing elevator shoes or height increasing insoles? Would you, or have you ever, worn them?
l0ck n l0ad says on 17/Sep/09
Just a quick question, are shoes or sneakers like Timberland & Nike (just generalising) that give 1.5" over barefoot are considered elevator shoes or just normal shoes with relatively high heel? I need new shoes and I'd like to buy ones that give decent height but nothing over the top, and I think 1.5" would be perfect for me.
billybob says on 15/Sep/09
I have lifts in my shoes. It's my dirty little secret heheh. I'm not really sure what % of males wear concealed lifts though... i imagine it's higher than i would expect. Anyways, i am naturally very tall; about 6'5" in the morning and a little under 6'5" in the evening. I guess in my shoes i'm about 6'7"... it seems that i'm nearing the tops of doorways. I always wish I could have been a little taller naturally... which may sound selfish to some that are short and really do need lifts. I am half dutch... my father's side is very tall; almost every male over 6'1" and going up to 6'11". If I decide to have a kid I would definitely prefer to have it with a tall women, like 5'11" or more. I would like to give the natural advantage that being very tall can provide in everyday life.
Will says on 7/Sep/09
I'm 5'9.5, I have been looking for some comfortable elevator shoes that only give me a .5-1 inch lift, however I am having trouble finding them. I know lifts are a good alternative, but most of the shoes that I have are casual dress shoes that are low cut and barely have enough room for my ankles as is. I want to be able to take off my shoes without anyone noticing I am gaining a inch from a insole. Most elevator shoes come with at least a 2 inch lift, and I think if I took my shoes off people would notice.
Leo says on 3/Sep/09
And having even a 1" Lift added into your shoe can be annoying...You have to make sure your pants legs are long...I mean it does look alittle odd/funny when you're foot/heel is slightly higher up out of your shoe when your pant leg is pulled up...running is alittle more difficult and maybe dangerous even . Proper Dress shoes with lifts would feel more comfortable....but i hate wearing dress shoes. Also i hit 5'9 at night, so i lose half an inch compare to my height in the morning. Anyways I just wish i were an Inch taller ;p My height is obviously one of the insicurites of mine...If ONLY there was a way to get taller ;p Everything is a scam out there...and seriously who's crazy enough to get the Bone braking knee surgery unless you're a midget?
Leo says on 2/Sep/09
I stand bare foot at 5'9.5 in the morning, and i still feel sorta short...It really' does depend on what shape you're in though. If you're Lean and fit, and even have broad shoulders it gives you the apperance/feeling of looking taller. I know this for a fact, because its how i feel and even look when i get like that... I still wear a lift in my shoes. So with a total I get 1.75 inches...My shoes are normally 0.75 for a lift(they're Adidas Euro shoes) and i stick an Inch in them hehe. I dont know how people could ever go over 2" ;p...Especially when you take your shoes off at somebodies house...People would be like wtf happened to u?lol
Tony says on 1/Sep/09
I'm considering these type of shoes. I'm 5'9, and looking for a 2-3 inch lift. Why? Well, I'm happilly married...so, no not looking for a women. I have a good job...not needed there. Self-Esteem? All good. I say why not men!!!! It's fun thing to do... Hey, for those of you that think we are kinding ourselves, our lying...bs I say. I'm not altering by body with Botox or Plastic Surgery...I anticipate wearing them infrequently...weddings, dances, formal get togethers...and if people ask...well, I'm simply wearing shoes with a higher heel...big deal. You know...my dad is 5'4 and my mom is 5'0...I really got lucky at 5'9, and I appreciate that...but I can always remember my dad wearing "platform" shoes...why not.... he was the average than...I'm the average today, and just want to be above average from time-to-time...I want to see the clouds :)
Aleks says on 1/Sep/09
I really don't see the point in wearing elevator shoes. It doesn't make you taller, it only makes you APPEAR taller. I can hardly understand how it can make you feel better. I'm short myself, but I don't think I'd ever want to wear those.
Anonymous says on 25/Aug/09
I think people need to relax a little. There are gorgeous women out there who are smart and succesful who have married to men who are not tall at all. Take my boss. She's maybe 5'4? 5'3? her surgeon husband is 5'5. She's absolutely beautiful. I mean she's much older than me (39, I'm 23) but still, drop dead beautiful. Take Malin Akerman, her husband in all the pics is shorter than her. doesnt matter her height...he's SHORTER THAN HER. Tom cruise- again, married to tall women I myself have dated taller women. Not because I wanted to but because women are mostly taller than me. I stand 5'5. I wear boots regularly that give me a 5'6 look. I have dated a lot of women who are either my height with shoes-5'6 or taller in the 5'7 range. I have no problem attracting women. The only girls who would really avoid me because of height are those women who are absolutely insecure about their own lives. I can assure you that after years of talking to such girls I know they are insecuer about themselves and want to be with the stereotypical male. The tall, white, blue eyed type guys. If you go into shallower professions, it will become an issue-models, college sorirty girls etc. But the reality is, there is a beautiful girl out there for every type of guy. Whether your short, or dumb, or poor...theres a girl who's going to be attracted to your positive qualities. What are mine even thoug I'm only 5'5? Well, I know I'm very attractive, very intelligent, and very succesful. Any one of those is enough to pick up an attractive girl. Don't worry about your looks or your heigt...its one of the most irrelevant aspects of our lives. If anything shallow is really important its how good you are in bed. Even that is not a top 5 issue for most women.
mee says on 18/Aug/09
I agree with themaster, woman cant judge height well. I am 182 cm tall, and my friend who is 165 cm tall said that I am not that much taller than she, she thought that I am 170 cm tall :S :S :S
Anonymous says on 17/Aug/09
I'm 5'8.25 evening height. I dont think elevator shoes and height increasing insoles should be worn on a regular basis, but wearing them from time to time for things like dates, job interviews, going out clubbing etc is fine and gives you that extra bit confidence. I wear regular shoes which add 1" to my height, aswell as insoles which are just under 1.5". So I usually stand at just over 5'10.5. Wearing lifts is also very good for building up your calf muscles!

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