How tall is Brad Pitt ?

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Brad Pitt height: 5ft 11in (180 cm)

American actor best known for movies such as Se7en, Fight Club, Snatch, Oceans Thirteen, Troy and World War Z. A newspaper article on heights (washington post) quoted as saying people had seen Pitt put down 5ft 10 on an audition form for his height. Well, before he was A-list, aged 24 he wrote his own height as 5ft 11 in a teen magazine profile. At times he can appear taller, but with impeccable posture and at times, in the last few years, cuban type heels, that is a given. Even his good friend George Clooney was wise to his footwear, saying once in USA Today that "He's tall. He's like 6-1. It's irritating."

Brad with Angelina Jolie, Jonah Hill and Claudia Schiffer
Photo by PR Photos
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Mat 5'10 says on 27/Mar/15
''Even his good friend George Clooney was wise to his footwear, saying once in USA Today:) "He's tall. He's like 6-1. It's irritating".''

What does that quote mean Rob? I don't understand. Did Clooney said that Pitt is 6'1? Or did he say he's 6'1 in shoes? You have to be more clear in your descriptions
[Editor Rob: I'm saying I think Clooney knows that Pitt at times has worn thick heels...I don't believe Clooney actually think's Pitt's 6ft 1, I think he's half-joking...]
The Master says on 27/Mar/15
Look at him with Fassbender or Bloom, solid 5'11".
jtm says on 26/Mar/15
under 5'10 without his lifts.
jtm says on 26/Mar/15
under 5'10 without his lifts.
Arch Stanton says on 25/Mar/15
And of course those of us who thinks he's 5'10.5-5'11 like myself.
Arch Stanton says on 25/Mar/15
I saw a picture of him and Jolie about a week ago and she was in flats and he was in canvas like shoes which really wouldn't have given him much height and he really looked a legit 5'11 with her. Funny how we get two kinds of posters on this page, those claiming he's 5'9 and others saying he's 6 ft!
Chuckie Cheese 2 says on 23/Mar/15
This guy has always been a bit tricky to pin down. He's 5 ft 11, 155 to 165 pounds, wears a size 9 shoe and is a slender to medium frame. He's another example of how a legit 5'11 slim guy can pull off 6 feet or 6 ft 1, and having a relatively smaller shoe size per stature gives the John Wayne like illusion of being taller than actuality (Wayne was 6'4" and wore an 11). Overall, Fantastic and classy actor with perfect proportions.
JH says on 23/Mar/15
Very strong 5'11
Dmeyer says on 23/Mar/15
I agree with hounsou looks 5'9.75 on a good day but the angle isnt great
Joe257 says on 22/Mar/15
Looks a weak 6'0" to me, like the top of Pitt's head might just barely make it to the mark! What do you think Rob, impossible!? What about 5'11.5"!? 5'11.5" seems more likely than 5'11" flat if you ask me....
[Editor Rob: from all I've seen I wouldn't go with 5ft 11.5, I believe the 5ft 11 is still a good shout...and a thicker shoe/boot at times aided with good posture can push him closer to appearing 5ft 11.5 or even 6ft in some cases.]
scythe says on 21/Mar/15
Strikes me more like a 5'10.5 kinda guy
snatch says on 20/Mar/15
thank you pauly e

he looks 4 inches shorter then someone who is 6 foot 1

no one here can say he does not look a good 4 inches
shorter then djimon

and djimon is not even standing up straight as you can see
his head and body is tilted

while pitt has a military posture

5 foot 10 max and thats a stretch

considering bono is no more then 5 foot 6
you telling me thats how a 5 foot then guy
looks next to a 5 foot 6 man ?

my honest opinion is he is 5 foot 9 and half at the end of
the day
dmeyer says on 20/Mar/15
I think 179-180 is possible not 181 or 178
Heylo says on 19/Mar/15
He doesn't necessarily have to be exactly 5'10, he could be somewhere in between which makes it confusing for us cause he can then look everything from 5'9.5 to 6ft depending on footwear, angles och posture.

I don't think it's stupid to say that he could be 178.7 or something like that depending on time of the day. But it's ridiculous analysing these small millimeters, I think around 5'11 is good enough to describe Brad Pitt. At the end of the day, we will never know his exact height.
dmeyer says on 19/Mar/15
From my 5'11.5 perspective 5'8-5'10 is i wouldnt see this as tall or short but under 5'8 or over 5'10 i will start sAying short or a lidl above average , once a guy is 5'10.5 it is not far from my heght and 5'7.5 is 4in shorter so short ,
Alex says on 18/Mar/15
Typical 5'10 bro trying to claim 5'11 if he is really 5'11 he wouldn't need lifts
pauly e says on 18/Mar/15
snatch, I think this is the picture you are referring to? Click Here

if so, i have to agree with you that Pitt does not look 5'11 at all considering Hounsou is 6'1.5" (listed here). Housou looks a good 3.5-4" taller than Pitt to me. His eyes are not quite at the top of Pitts skull which would equate to 4.5". We can't see footwear here, but Pitt does look to struggle with 5'10 in this photo.
b-mint1994 says on 18/Mar/15
snatch just won't quit eh? Brad at worst is a strong 5'10" IMO.
joe 193cm night says on 18/Mar/15
truth2 says on 17/Mar/15
@Jacob ummm she is in heels....
snatch says on 17/Mar/15
djimon towered him

5 foot 9 max

djimon is badly 6 foot 2

pitt was short by 4 inches or more

someone please put a picture of the two and compare heights

i have mentioned it on this site a dozen times
but it seems like it goes one ear and out the other
for you people who are so interested in his height

well i gave you a example over a dozen times and no one
even wanted to dispute their opinions


compeare pitts and djimon honuso height
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 16/Mar/15
He is a solid 5ft11. Everyone here just wants him to be shorter.
Same type of nonsense seen on the Cruise page...
Jacob says on 15/Mar/15
Found an interesting picture from Meet Joe Black. Here's Brad with 5'5" listed Claire Forlani (on this website), she seems to be tip-toeing. As you might try out yourself, tip-toeing gives you at maximum 3 inches, putting her at around 5'8" standing upright like that (ofcourse, gaining 3 inches is a lot, maybe 2 inches is more realistic). Because he's on a movie set, I trust Brad not to wear his usual lifts. He looks around 2 inches taller than her, especially if you take into account how the photo is tilted.

Click Here

So yeah, again, I don't see a full 5'11" for Brad. Even though this is a highly speculative reasoning, a true 5'11" guy would look taller besides a 5'5" girl who's tip-toeing.
b-mint1994 says on 13/Mar/15
@around water John Wayne was nearly 6'4" and he apparently wore lifts. Some people aren't satisfied I guess.
hijoputa says on 13/Mar/15
In 12 Monkeys Pitt was wearing shoes and was shorter than Bruce Willis in slippers.
Now, Bruce has never been a full 6 footer. Make a guess about Brad!
Matt says on 13/Mar/15
I wonder how much brad pitt weight. im guessing 160. All hollywood actors are slim build. He has the same build as David Beckham,They are all 160ish pounds...
Dmeyer says on 12/Mar/15
Head to feet hère angle favors pitt a bit with 5'11 roth
Dmeyer says on 12/Mar/15
Eli roth is 5'11 Guy pitt wearing similar shoes , since at some point of the séries of pics you can see the shoes is low cut with no ROom for lifts pitt looks about 5'11 Click Here
Joe says on 12/Mar/15
Looked more than 2 inches shorter than David Schwimmer in Friends.
lztfgp says on 12/Mar/15
in what photos does Brad Pitt look 5'9?
lztfgp says on 12/Mar/15
how awkward it must be if you're a 6 foot tall guy and you see a guy like Cruise or Pitt wearing lifts opposite you.
around water says on 12/Mar/15
why is a 5'11 male wearing lifts? It makes no sense
6ftMagician says on 12/Mar/15
Great height-illusioning-physique in fight club - made him look a solid 5'11''.

Think peak he was 180cm. Now very close to that, probably less than 1cm loss today, guy clearly works out and is posture-conscious.
Dmeyer says on 11/Mar/15
Pizzaman says on 10/Mar/15
Rob, how you can explain he looks 1 inch smaller (even nearly 2 inch) than Bernthal during the entire end of the video Dmeyer posted? Thats some good angles and a long time frame. He even barely looks taller than Logan Lerman. Only possibility is that he didnt wear any lifts then and this is his real height?
[Editor Rob: I watched it all and thought they are very close.]
I agree at the end he looks 1-1.5in shorter but facing him in the béguining he looks easily as tall
truth2 says on 11/Mar/15
He is counscious that he is not solid above average (6ft0+), so he packs 2 inch lifts, still around 5ft10 at worst, possibly a weak 5ft11.
ZTL says on 11/Mar/15
He is 5'11" at least. Please stop with this 5'10" crap, people.
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 10/Mar/15
The fact that a guy as height conscious as Pitt looks close with Bernthal is evidence that he's slightly under 5'11. Pitt always stands really well, and probably wears subtle lifts in his shoes. We know he likes the cuban heel.
Pizzaman says on 10/Mar/15
Rob, how you can explain he looks 1 inch smaller (even nearly 2 inch) than Bernthal during the entire end of the video Dmeyer posted? Thats some good angles and a long time frame. He even barely looks taller than Logan Lerman. Only possibility is that he didnt wear any lifts then and this is his real height?
[Editor Rob: I watched it all and thought they are very close.]
The Master says on 10/Mar/15
@Lift: Brad has at least 2 inches on you barefoot, for real.
Christian says on 10/Mar/15
Seeing Bernthal with Rob you will see that he is 5'11'" and Brad and Bernthal is very close in height. But I agree that Brad looked 1 inch shorter in one of the videos Dmeyer posted. It is interesting cause some sources have Bernthal as 5.10.5
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 10/Mar/15
Pitt's height varies around Bernthal.

I think Pitt is more 5'10 then 5'11.

He packs wedge and forces his posture to appear taller.
Dmeyer says on 9/Mar/15
With bernthal can look 5'10.5-11.25
[Editor Rob: from looking at the video I think they are very close, I believe they'd measure within a small fraction of each other.]
Lift says on 9/Mar/15
I am myself 176 and wear boots with 2inch lift almost always and its not even hard to walk. So I am with shoes around 183. With athletic built it looka quite natural. I think Pitt is quite the same, for real
James says on 9/Mar/15
5'10.75 today
hijoputa says on 9/Mar/15
I fully agree with MarkusTheSwede, Pitt is 176 max and ALWAYS wears lifts.
Dmeyer says on 9/Mar/15
Arch Stanton says on 8/Mar/15
Didn't look that low in the film, no, but I recall he was wearing cowboy boots, been a while since I saw it. Click Here that was taken the year it came out, can't see footwear though. 5'9 is bunk I'm sure! There's a case for 5'10 though. , in that pic he has normal 1 in shoes and yet looks just 1in , 5'11
rageagainstthemachine says on 9/Mar/15
This guy is a shape shifter. Most of the time he looks 5'11", others he can look 6 foot and sometimes he can look as short as 5'9". 5'11" or close to it seems to be the best bet though.
Arch Stanton says on 8/Mar/15
Didn't look that low in the film, no, but I recall he was wearing cowboy boots, been a while since I saw it. Click Here that was taken the year it came out, can't see footwear though. 5'9 is bunk I'm sure! There's a case for 5'10 though.
Dmeyer says on 7/Mar/15
Click Here , in this one about 5'11.25
Dmeyer says on 7/Mar/15
Click Here , pitt looks 5'10 near berthal
Dmeyer says on 7/Mar/15
Through out the whole vidéo pitt looks 1in smaller than 5'11 jon the angle is décent Click Here , this is a pic from the video
Almost 5 10 says on 7/Mar/15
Arch Stanton: Did Pitt only look 5' 9" range in Thelma & Louise, next to Geena Davis? She's 6' 0" apparently, so he should only have looked 1 inch shorter if he is 5' 11".
Andrea says on 6/Mar/15
Well, Arch, i saw you posting photos of people, alone and without anybody else, and saying "here he looks over 6' for sure" (not talking about Brad but in general)... How can you guess people's heights, without comparing height with someone (or something) else? Proportions are relative, what matters is the lenght from the ground to the top of the head...
Dmeyer says on 6/Mar/15
Click Here , some pics can be decieving on on side Clooney is about 5'10.5 pitt looks 6'0.75-1in , on the other side cheadle is barely 4-5cm shorter wish make pitt look 5'9.25 and pitt has 1cm more shoes than both , to judge you need to see an entire séries of pics
Gabe says on 5/Mar/15
Guys... anything lower than 180cm for Brad Pitt is RIDICULOUS

175~178cm actors are adam sandler, orlando bloom, richard madden... all of them considerably shorter than brad
:) says on 5/Mar/15
Looks a solid 5'11
Arch Stanton says on 5/Mar/15
Like I'll say "Jimmy Stewart has the proportions of a lanky 6'3" guy". By that I mean typical lanky leg and relatively small upper body you characterise with it.
Arch Stanton says on 5/Mar/15
Thanks Heylo, yes there's so many arrogant types on here who think they're certain somebody is exactly the height they think they are as if they've formerly measured them. A clear agenda on here, most are trying to downgrade Pitt out of jealousy/insecurity. I really don't, I have no inclination to downgrade or upgrade people like that, I try to just say how they look to me. I watch a lot of films, and height perception can sometimes differ from film to film, and height doesn't always add up or make sense. Pitt's height really has looked all over the place throughout his career, he's not easy to gauge at all. He's one of the few actors I'm still not really sure about. Generally though I'd say more chance of nearer 5'11 than 5'9"!

Yes Andrea, I think it must be something wrong in the language barrier than you're taking "proportions" too literally as not meaning height. I tend to say "by his proportions" when I have a fixed idea in my height of the typical build and torso length/leg length of a guy of a given height. I'll often say "Look at his proportions, though, he looks nearer 6'4" than 6'2" " And I mean height, his build and body length, overall look..
184.3cm says on 5/Mar/15
No less than 179cm and no more than 180cm. 5'10.5-5'11 is his range im sure. Smaller than Willis (Many years ago) but a smidge taller than Clooney, dont kid yourself 5'9 range is garbage.
Christian says on 5/Mar/15
Talk to my collegue today again about when he worked with Brad on Kalifornia. He remembered him as 180 cm plus with normal sneakers on. He lifted up his hand and showed me how much taller Brad was than my 5'10'' collegue and it was a bit more than 1 inch. Of course this is a long time ago but he told me that Brad is not under 180 cm what he could tell.
dmeyer says on 4/Mar/15
When wearing cuban that give 1-1.5cm more than other actors. He lookss 182 si has to be near 180cm
Heylo says on 4/Mar/15
I like the way you argue Arch Stanton, not like some here who magically seem to have a clear picture of "the truth" of his height, it's more about trying to see the whole picture and being fairly objective. I agree with everything you write. I also see him fluctuate between about 5'10-6ft depending on movie. I don't think he could ever be smaller than 177.5 and even that is pushing it a bit, not taller than 181.

People are in general kind of bad at judging height irl in my opinion. I'm 5'10 myself but people really think I'm closer to 6ft sometimes. I've read a lot of articles and interviews about Brad (not only for researching about his height but because I'm a fan of his!) and there are claims from people that he would be "surprisingly tall" at about 6ft. Morgan Freeman said the same thing about him.
Then you have some saying that he was "surprisingly short" so you don't really know what to believe, nothing is for sure at this time.
Andrea says on 4/Mar/15
Arch, do you know that height is that thing that you measure from the ground from the top of your head? It seems a lot of your "guesses" are based only on proportions! I think Brad must be pretty close to this listing and he actually can pull off looking taller than 5'11 many times... I doubt he's grown in his 20s from 5'9 to 5'11!
Almost 5 10 says on 4/Mar/15
He looked about 2 inches taller than William Hague, who isn't below 177 cm. He does indeed give off a 182 cm impression, more often than 5' 10" range.
Almost 5 10 says on 4/Mar/15
Rob, is 5' 10" possible? Or "no chance"?
[Editor Rob: I personally can't see him measuring that low.]
Almost 5 10 says on 4/Mar/15
I think he's gotta be close to 5' 11". He generally looks it. But it just goes to show how peoples heights can appear to vary, doesn't it. I mean, if you go on Beckham's page there are some photos that make him appear shorter. I even questioned his height recently. Yet, he's about as genuine a 5' 11" guy as you can get!
Almost 5 10 says on 4/Mar/15
Thanks for that Arch, very descriptive!
Hypado says on 3/Mar/15
With a perfect posture,

Brad Pitt looks 181 cm , 5ft 11.5in
maganeo2 says on 3/Mar/15
that is so ridiculous. Lying about 1 inch. I'll give you an inch but lying 2-3 inches about your height is pathological. Whether Cruise or Pitt.
Arch Stanton says on 3/Mar/15
On the trailer check out his frame sitting down at 1:35, see what I mean, his build there looks more like 5'9" and he was at least mid 20s when they shot that film!
pauly e says on 2/Mar/15
i think (generally speaking) most people round their height up. alot of guys give their height with shoes on, and the ones who know what it is barefoot will usually round up still (ie 5'9.5 becomes 5'10, which i don't think is a big deal really). since he wrote his height as 5'11, i would say the chances of him actually being that height are very slim.

he does look close to Ricky Schroeder in those clips Arch Stanton posted....
CDS says on 2/Mar/15
I don't think BP ever looked anything less than 5'10" on screen.

"A newspaper article on heights (washington post) quoted as saying people had seen Pitt put down 5ft 10 on an audition form for his height."

This above just about says it all. I took an acting class in college where the professor had us all set up our resumes. My proff took time to explain to us about the height we put down, saying it was very important to be extremely accurate since directors are sizing you up with others when deciding who to cast. He said that he was once thrown off stage for putting 6'2" on his resume, when he was actually only 6'1" (my proff actually looked close to 6'2" to me).

Later on, of course, once fame is achieved, you can claim what you like. But that early 5'10" claim tells you everything. Then a little later on, Pitt claimed 5'11" after he started drawing some teeny bopper fame, and it went from there... He now looks 6'1" on screen.
high and low says on 2/Mar/15
5'9 barefoot + 1 inch heel + half inch lift (or vice versa) = 5'10 and a half..........Conclusion he looks 5'11 to you.

Also don't compare his height with other celebs because they aren't reliable.
Arch Stanton says on 2/Mar/15
Thewlis's agency list him at 6'2 though, which would make Pitt about 5'10, Thewlis looks too darn lanky to only be 6'2", worst I think you could really argue is 6'2.5.
Arch Stanton says on 2/Mar/15
Here's the trailer for Across the Tracks here Check out 0:31 and 1:14 for instance. Click Here Running at 1:14 he looks 5'9 range. But although he looks about the same height at 0:31 as 5'9 range Rick Schroeder if you watch the film I think Pitt had an easy inch on him. See 3:49 Click Here I think stood straight he's easily look an inch taller than Schroder so had to have been near 5'11. His proportions for sure though seem markedly smaller, but he might have been if Schroeder is really 5'9.5". I think I also once read that on set of Thelma and Louise somebody described Pitt as 5 ft 9 and tried to make him look taller with Geena Davis. I wouldn't always believe what you read in magazines though. In recent years if anything he looks more 182 at times! And I'm not sure he is wearing these big lifts which some people claim he is. Admittedly Pitt was one of the few guys before the internet days I really had little idea his actual height. Difficult to really get an accurate listing for. At times he could seem anything from 5'9-6'1! I do think 5'9 is BS for him though, he was about 4 inches shorter than David Thewlis in Seven Years in Tibet and he'd hardly wear lifts to climb mountains now would he. Thewlis looks a proper 6'3" guy to me.
Arch Stanton says on 2/Mar/15
There's also a film I saw in a Malaysian hotel room Dark Side of the Sun in about 1998 I think called Dark Side of the Sun. It was released in 1997 but was actually shot in 1987 or 1988 I think. He was looking sub 5'11 in that one too, quite an atmospheric and poignant film that one.
Arch Stanton says on 2/Mar/15
Almost 5 10 says on 28/Feb/15
Hey Arch! Did Pitt really only look 5' 9" range in the early '90s? Who did he appear that next to? I'm not that familiar with his early films. He was 26/27 back then but looked a bit younger.

Well, he looked very young for a guy supposed to be in late 20s ad small frame and look which I suppose could make him seem just 5'9 range at the time. Watch Thelma and Louise and Across the Tracks especially. Difficult to see even near 5'11 in those. He did have about an inch on Rick Schroeder though who Rob has at 5'9.5 I think. He was certainly looking nothing over 5'10 with Duchovny in Kalifornia. He suddenly started looking a lot more striking, taller and older around 1993 or 1994 I think. I suspect that some of his early 90s films were actually shot in the late 80s, accounting for why he looked so young, but even in 1989 he'd have been 25 or 26 and only looked 17 or 18!
Dan says on 1/Mar/15
They wear lifts because when you're as easily accessible and as easily recognizable to the public as they are, you wanna have some stature. You need to have some stature. You need to be the same height or taller to average people. You don't need to be tall to tall people because the tall are gifted but you can't be shorter than the average. It just adds to the mystique. We can't understand because we can't understand that mindset. I'd probably do it too. If you're way too short you might as well accept it but when you're in that sweet spot of being not too short but not too taller than average, you add a couple of inches to be above average
Dan says on 1/Mar/15
What's funny is that every time I read comments about Brad's walk everyone always says what a great, cool, sexy, badass walk he has.. You choose the adverb. Everyone always commenting on his walk. And he likes to wear boots a lot, so considering that boots give you a better heel to toe walk and flat sneakers give people a poor regular stumbly walk, can it be he wears his guidi boots martin margiela boots wesco boots and cole haan boots so he can just look cooler and walk cooler?? For the past couple of years like three or more all he wears are guidi Italian boots in different styles like the back zip front zip and short laceups. Right now he's wearing the guidi back zip with the added vibram 1136 sole. Those boots give about 2.5" max and that's considering he can pack something into such a tight fitting and snug horse leather boot
Almost 5 10 says on 28/Feb/15
Hey Arch! Did Pitt really only look 5' 9" range in the early '90s? Who did he appear that next to? I'm not that familiar with his early films. He was 26/27 back then but looked a bit younger.
b-mint1994 says on 27/Feb/15
I saw that Brad is in his 50's now. Is it possible he could've lost some height Rob?
Y says on 27/Feb/15
why do these A-list stars wear lifts? Cruise, Downey Jr, Damon Penn and Pitt are all reported as wearing lifts. Even if they are an inch or 2 shorter or as Pitt himself (dead on average). Makes no sense.
Arch Stanton says on 27/Feb/15
You guys are so slow, of course it is a tongue in cheek comment, it's Clooney. Rob even makes it clear with "even his good friend George Clooney was wise to his footwear".
Arch Stanton says on 27/Feb/15
Hypado says on 24/Feb/15
Brad Pitt for me

In the 90s

5ft 11.25in , 181 cm

Now, in 2015

5ft 10.75 , 180 cm

LOL, if anything you could argue 5'9" range in early 90s and today 181cm. The man looks noticeably TALLER than he did in the early 90s, not shorter!
Dmeyer says on 26/Feb/15
Rob do you think pitt could béat jon berthal by a 0.25in if in equal footwear , ????
[Editor Rob: too tough to say just how much between them, I think they'd certainly be within about a 0.25 of each other though, from all I saw they do look quite near.]
CDS says on 26/Feb/15
@Justanotherguy; I never actually considered Clooney's claim to be an inside joke until I read someone on here's comments- then it made sense with George being a known practical joker. One thing that did make me wonder- okay, all of us are well aware that Pitt wears big wouldn't it make sense that his co-stars/friends have caught on too-?? Just like the pic of him with his buddy Dermot Mulroney & then-wife Catherine Keener out in public together; he looks barely taller than Mulroney. Then switch to another photo where he totally dwarfs him! You'd think Dermot is wondering WTF???- but, he probably is onto his friend- like Clooney is- hence the "he's like 6'1"- it's irritating" comment. Clooney of course has no height issue like Pitt obviously does since he is probably a hair taller than his friend, and he knows it... And I'm not bashing Brad Pitt- he's a good actor and humanitarian- he just has this insecurity in this particular physical thing about himself. Not a short guy- like I said before, and most in this thread continue to say- 5'10"-5'11"- just sub-par of that golden 6 foot+ height that is so-cherished in that superficial Hollywood culture, which of course is reflective of the rest of society...
hi says on 26/Feb/15
Yeah I believe Pitt is 5'11. But why also is a 5'11 man reported to be wearing lifts on multiple occasions?
hi says on 26/Feb/15
Great point. Because no way that anyone would believe Pitt was 6'1
cole says on 25/Feb/15
Most good evidence points to him being near enough 5'11. He can look over that mark when in questionable footwear, and equal to a legit 5'11 guy Rob has met in person, Jon Bernthal, when wearing regular dress shoes. This has been pointed out countless times, but every single day this page gets filled up with the same old crappy posts about him being 5'9 or under 5'10.

What certain people don't seem to get, is that his footwear never gives him 3 inches of height, and sadly that is what they are basing their guesses on - Pitt always wearing women's heels basically. Is that the logic even when you can see that he's wearing regular footwear? Wish Rob would do something to stop the same people from making the same ****ty comments over and over again. But I guess that's what happens when Pitt's name is on the popular pages - people with no perception of height or interest in making an educated guess, comes here every day to just write whatever. Same goes for Bieber and all the other teenage idols. I guess you can't ban people for writing their opinion, but when it's the same post over and over again, you just can't take it seriously, last but not least it ruins the page for the people who actually wants to discuss good evidence with reason.
Justanotherguy says on 25/Feb/15
Has anyone ever considered that George Clooney's claim on Brad Pitt was purposefully exaggerated? Almost like a inside joke that he knows Pitt wears lifts. Thats just how I always perceived it.
pauly e says on 25/Feb/15
I feel like everyone here sees what they want to see. the guys who want to see him at 5'9 always argue lifts. they guys who want to see him at 5'11 always argue that he is at a footwear disadvantage (as if that has ever happened since 1994)....I still think most eveidence points to him being 5'10.25 - 5'10.75.
Hypado says on 24/Feb/15
Brad Pitt for me

In the 90s

5ft 11.25in , 181 cm

Now, in 2015

5ft 10.75 , 180 cm
dmeyer says on 24/Feb/15
With bacon and clooney he has 1cm mess shoes yet look ezsily as tall as 5'10 and 10.5 bacon and cloiney
hi says on 23/Feb/15
DiCaprio is only 5'11. Maybe 5'11 and a half.
snatch says on 22/Feb/15
djimon honuso towered him
5 foot 10 max and thats out of bed

in blood diamond leonardo was 1 inch shorter then djimon
and pitt is 4 to 5 inches shorter

so i know now that leo is is about 2 to 3 inches taller then pitt
Pierre says on 22/Feb/15
Hello.look at picture number 2 with Angelina Jolie(comment of 21/feb/2015 of Heylo):on this site Angelina is 5"6.5(169cms).With their postures and their shoes,Brad seem shorter than 5'10" no?(they seem nice people).
Heylo says on 21/Feb/15
And for those who doesn't buy the argument of his relatively short legs, here's some proof:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

However, this is quite common among Caucasian males. David Beckham & Jared Leto for example also has these slightly slightly shorter legs. Some studies mean that this trait with a big torso is found most attractive by women even though our beauty culture has favoured long legs over the years.

I think this build is an advantage in Hollywood if you want to wear lifts without looking suspicious.

It must be noted too that the legs aren't that short so that people actually think about it if you're not analysing like a nerd (like I sarcastically do), it's so easy to just tuck your shirt in your pants to look more proportional in clothes and to fool everyone else.
21 says on 20/Feb/15
Pitt is no shorter than 5'10 but no taller than 5'11.

It's just incredible that he wears 2-3 inch lifts like Cruise who is 5'7.

See women believe these guys are all 6'1 and 6'2, but no way.
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 20/Feb/15
Pitt is 5'10 and change.

Packs wedge and forces his posture to look 6'

He didn't look 5'11 in those barefoot photos with Paltrow. Actually he barely looked taller than her.
CDS says on 20/Feb/15
Concerning that photo with Pitt, Bacon and Clooney; kinda goes along with what I suspected. Yes, Pitt is not always wearing lifts, and he may not be in that pic. I suspect that Bacon's 5'10" height is in shoes (maybe 5'9 1/2" barefoot- so 5'10 1/2" in shoes- something like that), but more importantly, I will bet you that Clooney is actually a hair taller than Pitt, going against what we've been led to believe, like in the "Ocean's 11" series. This is not the first pic I've seen Clooney looking taller.
182 at lunchtime says on 20/Feb/15
@Rend I agree with your point about the short legs and that it is why lifts work for Brad.
I'm the same, except I'm about about an inch taller at 5'11.5. My torso is that of a 6'2 guy, and legs of a 5'9 guy! When I wear 1.8 boots, not only does it make me look legit 6'0.25-6'0.5 person, but my physique actually looks more balanced too.

Only problem is I can't wear big boots all the time, due to comfort. Also, if ppl see the big soles, it would seem weird on a normal day. Though if they don't see my soles, they would assume that is my real height (a weak 6'1). Btw, when I wore these shoes on a night out, I alway got noticeably more looks and female attention (1 inch extra plus a balancing of the physique to boot). Sometimes I wear small lift that gives me about 1/3 of inch extra. May sound crazy for someone of my height, but as I say it also balances my physique rather than unbalancing it.
pauly e says on 20/Feb/15
he looks 5'10ish in that picture 184.3 posted next to Kevin Bacon and George Clooney.

I seem to remember him also looking 5'10 in Kalifornia compared to David Duchovney who I believe is 6'0.
Dan says on 19/Feb/15
Brad pitt never wears inconspicuous weird shoes. He is always wearing designer boots and vans sneakers. I have always identified the boots he wears
Andrea says on 19/Feb/15
How can he look so tall in the photoshoot with Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana? If Orlando is really 179-180, he can look 6'1 range there!
CDS says on 19/Feb/15
Looking through this thread, on the set of "Kalifornia" in 1992 would've been prior to the lift-wearing. I'll bet the colleague in question is 5'10" in shoes (maybe 5'10 1/2"). Come to think of it, HAD Pitt been wearing lifts, the colleague probably would've reported him at like 3 inches taller-?? LOL In that movie BTW, his height is listed at 5'11", and his legs look particularly stubby, suggesting he's not wearing lifts. Also, he looks about the same height (or close to it) as 5'9" Michelle Forbes, in multiple shots. There is one shot even that his co-star Juliette Lewis (in heels) looks almost as tall as him. I wouldn't put her at any more than 5'6" flat.
184.3cm says on 19/Feb/15
Proof that they are close Click Here
Brad isnt always in lifts.
Click Here
snatch says on 19/Feb/15
Djimon honuso towered him

5 foot 10 max

5 foot 9 and half most def

5 10 out of bed
87 says on 18/Feb/15
what do you mean "unprofessional" ways? A film will not flop because the leading actor is 3 inches shorter than his reported height.
hm says on 18/Feb/15
One can lie about their height by 1 inch maybe 2. But lying about your height 3-4 inches is quite Insecure
Christian says on 18/Feb/15
My collegue met him in June 1992 during the shooting of Kalifornia. Brad had normal sneakers on at that occasion.
Heylo says on 18/Feb/15
That photo from troy was from a photoshoot, the photo lens make it look like Brad have pretty long legs but this is not the case. His legs are on the shorter side but his legs are thin too. He has the perfect build for lifts like someone here stated.

There are several photos where you can see how his legs are "kind of" on the short side. His proportions look perfect with a small lift in his shoes. But I still think he is around 178-180.
Dan says on 17/Feb/15
His legs are short from knee to ankle but they are long from groin to knee. Also, his calves are well formed and not skinny so they will give off the impression of being shorter. He is definitely no shorter than 5-10 and the least he can be is a very strong 5-9.5
CDS says on 17/Feb/15
I think averagejoe makes an excellent point about short guys claiming 5'10", and hence American culture has lost sight of what a real 5'10" guy looks like. Plus the fact that legit 5'10" guys generally claim 6'. There was a Premiere or MovieLine magazine issue that came out in the '90s going over pretty much what this site covers- what all the big stars claim they are verses a "best guess" (had Pitt at 5'10" BTW). The article pointed out that 5'10" was the popular height for actors who were probably 5'8" at best, and knew they'd be laughed at in public if they claimed 6 feet.
CDS says on 17/Feb/15
@Christian: Pitt could easily have had lifts on EVERY time your editor co-worker met him. I talked to someone who claimed to be 6'1" in bare feet, and met him in person. He said Pitt was taller than he was; claimed he had "ugly black shoes on". These are exactly the kind of inconspicuous-looking especially-made shoes lift-wearers use, and c'mon- does ANY-one really think Pitt is over 6'1" bare feet?? But with his shoes, he pulls it off. Like someone said in this thread, he's the "master". LOL
Rend says on 17/Feb/15
Pitt started using lifts after 1996 and his first movie with lifts was sleepers.
In Sleepers, he probably used 7cm (2.75 inch) lifted formal shoes and with that 1930's suit he was a real 185 - 188 giant with WIDE SHOULDERS!
He has upper body of a 184-185 guy and lifts are suitable and believable for him.
I must repeat that he doesn't use lifts in "Unprofessional" ways like Cruise and Downey jr.
Christian says on 17/Feb/15
Where I work now at a production company one of the editors have met Brad several times. The editor is 5'10 and said Brad was a little taller than him. He would put Brad at 5'11-5'11.5.
Arch Stanton says on 17/Feb/15
adl says on 15/Feb/15
Brad Pitt can not be shorter than 5'10 but no taller than 5'11.

He's average height but he is TALL to women. But of course many would assume him to be 6'1 so they'd be disapointed. Just like Tom Cruise is short to men but still slightly tall to the average woman.

Actually my sister thought Pitt was shortish...
b-mint1994 says on 16/Feb/15
I think at worst he's 5'10".
haHUH says on 16/Feb/15
So does Pitt wear 2-3 inch lifts like Tom Cruise? Pitt is probably 5'10 1/2 though.

Clooney claimed Pitt was 6'1
Rend says on 16/Feb/15
He is not under 178-179 Firmly.
But in Formal celebrations and premieres, he use 5 to 7 cm Elevator shoes that improves his height to 183-186.
He looks different time to time. He is well-knowed how to hide his lifts.
with lifts, He is like a 182 cm guy in normal shoes.
He don't use lifts "unprofessional" like Robert Downey jr.
Good passage ha? what is your idea Rob?
Jeff says on 16/Feb/15
If Pitt and Dicaprio were to meet today, Pitt would look like the taller guy. The shortest he looks nowadays is 181cm. The tallest he's looked was around the release of Troy where he looked like a solid 184cm next to 179 Orlando Bloom and 191 Eric Bana. He seems to have become a height-aware guy during the last 15 years
averagejoe says on 16/Feb/15
i'm not sure where the short legs thing comes from...
Click Here
lifts or not those thighs look perfectly normal for a 5'10-11 range guy.

I also agree with adl's point about women's perception of height. At over 5'11 (with shoes/lifts, whatever you use to get there) most women will think you're 6ft by default.

Honestly I think the problem comes from the vast majority of short guys claiming 5'10. It's like every guy I meet who's 5'6-5'9 claims 5'10. That makes 5'10 seem not so tall... like the 2 inches between 5'10 and 6ft is more like a foot! those 2 inches are still 2 inches!

Someone like Brad Pitt is at the very least waking up close to 5'11. Hence the claim. I really doubt that he's been concealing 1.5-2 inches of height for his entire acting career.
CDS says on 16/Feb/15
Okay, LOTS of discussion about Pitt's height, and here is my overall theory. He is about 5'11"-ish in standard inch-think soled shoes, but is obviously a regular lift wearer, which bumps him up into the 6 foot-plus range a lot of the time. That German motorcycle license application which had an electronic device measure him around 5'9" is like when you get measured barefoot free-standing, as opposed to up against a wall. That would mean his (probably end of the day) height is probably 5'9 1/2"-ish barefoot- 5'10 1/2"-ish in shoes (round up to 5'11"). This makes perfect sense why he put 5'11" on that teen magazine profile early in his career since it's common to state your height in shoes and round up. At the same time, this makes sense why he looked not as tall earlier in his career, then had a height boost circa-late '90s when he either began his lift-wearing or increased/improved them-?? I've seen him looking as short as barely taller than 5'8" Christophe Waltz (his co-star in "Inglorious ****s") to looking same height as Clint Eastwood, who has probably lost some height, but is fair to say is probably still at least a tad over 6 feet-?? Pitt has that build with the long upper torso and short legs, and the lifts give him the appearance of having being more proportioned- THAT's why they work so well for him.
Joe says on 16/Feb/15
A lot of 5'11 range guys can pull off 6'1" very easily. It's easy to add 2 virtual inches of height by simply maintaining a good posture, wearing a nice pair of shoes and keeping a nice haircut. I've seen that and experienced it. Majority of the people in this world don't have a good idea about someone's height. When I was in high school, I used to claim 5'10 and people even believed it without even giving a second thought. I remember measuring myself in those days, I'd straight facing the wall, with a ruler and a pencil, measuring down from the floor to pencil mark it'd barely nudging into the 68 inch range.

I'm a hair above 6 feet now and I easily get away with 6'1", some even say I'm a bit taller than that.
adl says on 15/Feb/15
Brad Pitt can not be shorter than 5'10 but no taller than 5'11.

He's average height but he is TALL to women. But of course many would assume him to be 6'1 so they'd be disapointed. Just like Tom Cruise is short to men but still slightly tall to the average woman.
stubby fucker says on 15/Feb/15
65Height183 says on 24/Dec/14
If Brad Pitt is 5'9'', I feel sorry Jonah Hill in the picture above Lol

When lifted on his gargantuous fat wallet, Jonah Hill can easily eat pie and drink beer off all of our heads. Dont feel sorry for him one bit, would gladly trade my 177+change cm for his "5ft and a squashed forrest strawberry", as long as it came in set with his big fat bank account. Horrible actor though.
Almost 5 10 says on 15/Feb/15
He looks 5' 11" to me. I'd be surprised if he measured above it though.
averagejoe says on 15/Feb/15
if he wakes up at 5'11... then he probably measured very close to 5'11 and of course rounded up (in my experience nobody that tall gives a half inch answer as their height... they just round up.). If he wears any pair of shoes... it gets him over 5'11, which isn't much of a difference from 6ft. If he wears dress shoes he's very very close to 6ft, that's why he looks so tall. He is. If he wears lifts to special occasions etc then he can look over 6ft.

I think people just don't like the idea that brad pitt is good looking and quite tall. Pitt has never looked average in height.
Arch Stanton says on 15/Feb/15
come home says on 10/Feb/15
was there ever a film where Pitt was not wearing lifts? He definitely was wearing them for TROY.

I've never seen an 5'11 guy wear lifts so it's really interesting.

Do you think he'd have worn lifts shooting the mountain scenes in Seven Years in Tibet shot in Argentina? Could you imagine climbing a rock face or treading through snow and being height conscious? Obviously he hasn't worn lifts in every film as he looked shorter in the early 90s!
[Editor Rob: with greater fame comes greater lifts...but maybe not really in Brad's case. That applies mainly to Downey Jr. Pitt might be more subtle if he wears them.]
2toes says on 15/Feb/15
Brad Pitt was 5'9"... When he was 15 years old.
[Editor Rob: and when 85 he'll be praying to be 5ft 9.]
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 14/Feb/15
@huh Yes, there are photos of the two together, but some don't show footwear.
Jeff says on 14/Feb/15
Rob, look at his shoes there. Do they look like elevators to you? Click Here
[Editor Rob: they just look like nike air soles on a model from the 80's, I don't know if he has lifts in them or not though.]
:) says on 13/Feb/15
How tall would some one be if they came upto Pitts nose?
huh says on 12/Feb/15
are there photos of Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt together? any that reveal their lifts?
Dmeyer says on 12/Feb/15
Rob évén taugh i think brad dosnt wear lifts i think in Movie he might wear 1inchers wich Still gives only 0.6-0.7in extra i tried Them also he might wear those in 3cm footwear , anyway he manages to look about 6ft so must be 5'11
[Editor Rob: also in some movies he might just be standing very well compared to other actors. He ups his posture to the limit, and maybe with camera angles can fool people into thinking he is taller.]
MarcusTheSwede says on 12/Feb/15
He is 176 all pictures over the years and he always always wear either inner sole height increasing sole or and shoes that are build up heel I wont repeat all pictures of Brad wearing it all because it has been posted here for years Already. No more proof is needed just look at him in any picture either Vibram soles or shoes covered by boot cut jeans to hide the elevation and for god sake just compare him to Clooney and Matt Damon. Brad is 176-177 without shoes the rest is elevators thick shoes High heels and Hollywood magic. And ive been around here longer Then most of you that claim he is taller but really he isnt. Thanks for great website. Downgrade.
snatch says on 10/Feb/15
djimon honuso is 4 to 5 inches taller than him
and Djimon is 6 foot 2

i can't see 5 11 or 5 10

hes 5 9
come home says on 10/Feb/15
was there ever a film where Pitt was not wearing lifts? He definitely was wearing them for TROY.

I've never seen an 5'11 guy wear lifts so it's really interesting.
89 says on 10/Feb/15
I agree. It's hard to be a leading man in romance dramas or action roles if you're under 5'6 and over 6'3. If you're 6'5 you are too TALL. You dwarf everyone else. You never ever see Tom Cruise in a film with Liam Neeson. It just wouldn't happen especially when Neeson was an unknown in the 80's and early 90's when Cruise was a superstar.
Jeff says on 10/Feb/15
Rob, I doubt a wee half incher could make him look that big next to 5'11 Eli Roth. Click Here Even off-screen, I see more than 2 inches more than 5'9 Hoffman. Click Here Do you agree that he manages to look 182 more than 5'11 flat these days?
184.3cm says on 10/Feb/15
Pitt - 5'10.5-5'10.75
Clooney- 5'10.5
Damon- 5'9.75-5'10
alex says on 10/Feb/15
If Chadle is Cheadle I think he is a little shorter than 5'8, I think he is around 172 cm.
Damon is around 177, Clooney 179, Pitt 180/181.
Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 10/Feb/15
I would say that tall for Hollywood is past 5'11", with it being difficult to obtain roles in films if you are past 185 CM (with you being really limited to where the role would have to be based off of the height if you are past 196 CM), with short being under 5'7" (and you would have issues obtaining roles if you are under 160 issues, with it being almost impossible if you are under 150 CM).

@Sigmon If I were to guess:

George Clooney-5'10.5"
Matt Damon-5'9.75"
Don Cheadle-5'7.5" (he's in between 5'7" and 5'8" in person)
Brad Pitt-5'11"
Dmeyer says on 9/Feb/15
Close in height
Heylo says on 9/Feb/15
Brad Pitt & James Franco at Sundance:

Click Here
Click Here

James Franco looks 5'9 if Brad really is 5'11. Brad looks even more than 2 inches taller in those photos.
Jeff says on 9/Feb/15
Rob, do you think he wore lifts in Inglorious Basters and Moneyball? He looked huge in those...
[Editor Rob: it's possible slipping a wee half incher just to push him comfortably looking over 5ft 11.]
sigmon says on 9/Feb/15
so what's the height on Chadle, Damon, Clooney and Pitt? For me they are 5'8, 5'9, 5'10 and 5'11. But usually Damon or Pitt are wearing lifts so hard to know
sigmon says on 9/Feb/15
all actors lie about their height for 1 reason or another. 6'2 Hugh Jackman felt he might have been too tall for Hollywood when he started off.

Pitt is no taller than 5'11, but no shorter than 5'10
Judd says on 9/Feb/15
In 90's he did look 4" shorter than Morgan Freeman, who i guess was in the 6'2.5" at Times!
5'10.5" is reliable!
alex says on 8/Feb/15
Watch the movie "Kalifornia" shot in 1993. He is just barely shorter than strong six footer Duchovny.
Click Here
Sam says on 8/Feb/15
Do you think any legit 5'11 man would put down 5'10 like Pitt did unless they honestly didn't know or hadn't measured their height before? More chance he'd put down 6ft than 5'10 if he was really 5'11. I know we can only take someone else's word for it but still fishy. How old was Pitt when he had his audition anyway?
Look says on 8/Feb/15
He's 179cm aka 5'10 and a half.

I honestly couldn't understand if he was 181cm why he would wear lifts.
Heylo says on 7/Feb/15

So Brad Pitt is 176cm but can easily look 6ft on most occasions without any super exaggerating footwear?

That's not logical.
HonkyDory says on 7/Feb/15
MarcusTheSwede says on 6/Feb/15
Bra Pitt is not 180cm please downgrade this.

That´s nonsense, B. Pitt is about 1.80m! There is no reason to downgrade him like this.
Btw there are no sources where it´s seriously mentioned.
MarcusTheSwede says on 6/Feb/15
Bra Pitt is not 180cm please downgrade this. He always always Wests thick boots with Vibram soles that are over 3.8 cm High he is st best at best 176cm without giant boots and elevator shoes and soles.
alex says on 4/Feb/15
Here in Italy 180 cm is the starting point to say a man is tall. A 180 cm. guy is a little taller than average but he doesn't look tall. I think pitt is around that height, maybe 181, he is clearly not short, not even average..he is moderately tall.
Sam says on 4/Feb/15
Its possible he's 179cm but I wouldn't go any higher than that, more like 178cm - 179cm. Closer to 5'10 than 5'11. I'm just saying because proportions don't tell everything but they do matter. If you take two individual photos of a 6'4 man and a 5'4 man, you would be able to tell which one is which just by looking at their body proportions alone. Obviously just an inch is less extreme in Pitt's case, but you get the idea.
snatch says on 4/Feb/15
clooney said that about him being 6 foot 1 because clooney knows he's
taller than pitt and is just trying to make pitt seem taller in the meia

they are good friends why wouldn't a friend try to make another seem
the standard of hollywood

either then that the whole clooney saying he is 6 foot 1 is a satire and we know
george loves satires
Pierre says on 3/Feb/15
5'10 is a joke if Brad Pitt has no lift...
snatch says on 3/Feb/15
is not a weak 5 11

if he was a weak 5 11 then he would be noticeably taller than he was in that pic

he is a weak 5 10

and we don't even know if claudia is a full 5 11 if she is not a full 5 11 then that means
pitt is even shorter

if claudia is a 5 foot 10 gal and pitt was only a 1 to 2 inches taller then her
with shoes on while she was barefoot then pitt is no more then 5 foot 9 and half
2toes says on 2/Feb/15
The guy is a weak 5'11" MINIMUM. 5'10" is a joke.
Dmeyer says on 2/Feb/15
Click Here , better posture and angle pitt looks 1-2cm because of 2cm more shoes both 5'11
Dmeyer says on 2/Feb/15
Sorry for the tatum pic
Dmeyer says on 2/Feb/15
If you look well at all pics with schiffer not the one were her posture is bad or legs tilted wich make brad look 2in taller, when in equal posture pitt is about 0.5-0.75in taller if they are both 5'11 she is. 5'11.25ish shoes on and he is 5'11.75-6ft shoes wish make sens with a 1in shoes , i Will send a pic
Heylo says on 1/Feb/15
Dmeyer, That is Channing Tatum, not Brad haha!
Dmeyer says on 31/Jan/15
Click Here , in this pics Brad has a 0.7in more shoes he had a 1.75 in tan boots looks 5'11.25 with bad posture , so easy 5'11.75 minus the feetwere somewere 5'11
Jeff says on 31/Jan/15
@Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2. He looks 182 there next to 187 Carrey. His posture isn't even that great. We don't know about the footwear though. Anyhow, it excludes anything under 5'11 for Pitt.
Misha says on 31/Jan/15
Comparing the Pitt photos with Jonah Hill and Claudia Schiffer does not tell us
how tall Brad Pitt is, but it proves that he wears lifts, assuming that Schiffer
is really near 5'11" and Hill is somewhere around 5'6". It proves it because if
Schiffer replaced Pitt in the center photo, she would have to be four, even five inches taller than Hill by the very definition of their respective heights. But this is exactly the difference we see between Hill and Pitt. Yet in her shot with Pitt he is two inches taller than her (the black hair net he's
wearing somewhat obscures the top of his head because the background is the
same color). He could of course be wearing lifts in both photos, but he is at
least an inch-and-a-half taller than Schiffer in their photo. So either Schiffer
is really only 5'8.5" or Pitt artfully adjusts his height to fit the setting he knows he'll be in.

In closing, the only way to nail down Brad Pitt's height is to catch him at a
pool party with no shoes on. Likely he's had someone craft him an artificial set of bare feet made out of latex that slip over his real ones and give him an extra inch.
184.3cm says on 30/Jan/15

A large range of shoes i agree but in the summer im even barefoot on the promenade as i go from the restaurant > beach > sea. I just cant imagine living like that as you must live with alot of stress, not to mention 24/7 wondering about your height next to others.
Special occasions i do get it (Wedding, Meeting, Premier of a movie) but dragging it into your personal everyday life just sounds like an obsession and an unhealthy one at that. Stress is never good.
Brad is certainly this listing at some point of the day but i think maybe early morning and then he falls down to 5'10.5-.75 in the late afternoon/evening.
high and low says on 29/Jan/15
Pitt wearing heels/lifts and a big wooly hat (adds height for those tricky premiers) next to 5'10 (real height) Claudia Schiffer who's in a pair of leather soled flats.

PITT is 5'9 it's so obvious but people choose to believe what they want.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 29/Jan/15
Just to show the photo with him by Jim Carrey again:

Click Here

Jim Carrey (who wouldn't wear lifts as he doesn't care about his height much)-6'1.25"-6'1.5"
Brad Pitt-5'11" (but no more.
ARGH says on 29/Jan/15
5'11 guys wearing lifts, next thing you know 6'2 guys will be wearing 2 inch lifts
pauly e says on 28/Jan/15
you can't underestimate posture making one look taller as well. Pitt always stands straight up. that can add the illusion of being taller when standing next to someone with relaxed posture.
Shawn says on 27/Jan/15
184.3cm, in regards to your question about what these guys do in the summer, have a look at the Don's Elevator website. They offer lifts for almost any type of shoe now, not just dress shoes. Loafers, slip ons, running shoes, etc. And that's for us everyday folk. A multi-millionaire movie star like Pitt could get any sort of shoe custom-tailored no doubt. Flip flops might be a little difficult, but anything else is fair game.
Dmeyer says on 27/Jan/15
With notmal lifts you can manage to look 3-4cm than you are so Many agree he can look 6ft so 5'10.5 minimum the kind he wears give only 1-2cm boost no more
HI says on 26/Jan/15
Well it's not as if Pitt stars in many films opposite 6'2 guys. Most films he stars are opposite guys his own height. So why wear 2-3 inch lifts to feel that much taller?
184.3cm says on 26/Jan/15
I get that he might wear lifts if starring opposite a taller guy, looks better on camera. However seems he got the taste for it and carried it over to his personal life. Ive always wondered what these guys do in the summer? Its 40 degrees mostly here (104 for the americans here) and i usally have flip flops on all the time. I have him still 5'10.5-5'10.75. Probably 5'11.25 out of bed.
TJE says on 25/Jan/15
He looks 5'11 in the first two pics, but the pic with Claudia is worrying.
ARGH says on 25/Jan/15
You make a great point. Just bizarre. Brad probably wears 2 inch lifts. But just lunacy. I can understand a 5'7 guy like Cruise or Hoffman who is 5'5 but 5'11 and wearing lifts, when does the insanity end?
Dmeyer says on 25/Jan/15
I could see brad at 60s being 5'10.25-10.5 and wearing lifts to pull off near 6'0
Heylo says on 25/Jan/15
@ARGH. Cause 5'11 isn't enough in shallow Hollywood, 6ft & over has been deemed the perfect ideal height since the 50s (when the average height was lower than today). Talk about the pressure it puts in young males all around the western world since we are so influenced by Hollywood & american culture overall.
Pierre says on 24/Jan/15
for me he's a ~183-184 cms guy with lifts and ~177.5cms barefoot.He seem a nice guy.
Dmeyer says on 24/Jan/15
Brad dosnt wear lifts if he does it is simply thick boots 1.4-1.7in type or maybe 0.5in lift in a dress shoes if so , maybe that is the answer whi would a 5'11 wear lifts , he dosnt , i am 5'11.5ish if o was an actor playing oposite 6'2-3in Guy Like affleck freeman i Will wear lifts
ARGH says on 24/Jan/15
Dude is 5'11

but the question is why is a 5'11 man wearing lifts?
Pierre says on 23/Jan/15
Hello,read my comment of the january 21,2015.There's a picture in Rob's site
( Claudia schiffer's height)with Luke Perry(comment/12jan/2013).Claudia schiffer 1.80?i doubt.
pauly e says on 22/Jan/15
you are right Jed.

from my experience, most guys who claim 6'1 are 5'11-ish...and i'm not even talking 5'11.75, more like a flat 5'11, 5'11.25.

i think what happens is alot of guys go with their "shoes on height" and then round up. so you get a guy who is 5'11.25, then with shoes on is 6'0.5 and then just rounds up to 6'1.
Arch Stanton says on 22/Jan/15
I think he;s the type who will often wear lifts to events like that with a one inch lift, something which people won't notice but which will boost him up to 6ft. You wouldn't catch him wearing munsters.
Arch Stanton says on 22/Jan/15
Rob do you think he's wearing lifts here? You can see a suspicious outline of like a wedge above the normal sole of the shoe Click Here
[Editor Rob: I don't know, there is room in these shoes for a lift.]
Jed says on 21/Jan/15
The whole 6'1 thing is down to journalists reaching for a go to height for moderately tall. He's probably 5'11 and can maybe look 6' in certain footwear, which is definitely taller than the public perception of what 5'11 looks like. I'm a little over 6'1 and am taller than the vast majority of people, with a fairly large difference on a lot of them, although seeing guys a couple of inches taller isn't unusual. 6'4+ though seems very rare.

I've yet to meet a guy who claims to be 6'2 or under who's as tall as me. Most guys claiming 6'3 are about my height. I Think people are genuinely clueless.
Pierre says on 21/Jan/15
i think there are lifts in his boots in Claudia's pic because laces angle is very steep.Claudia's height is often listed at 1.80 m but on rob's site at Claudia Schiffer's height,there is a picture with Luke Perry(~1.78m?)and Claudia is shorter than Luke(~3/4 cms?).
pauly e says on 21/Jan/15
I agree Pierre.

I think he would measure a little shorter than claudia schiffer if they both stood up straight and were barefoot. i think 179.5 as dmeyer mentioned below might be a good guess for his afternoon height (assuming there are no lifts in his boots in that pic).
Pierre says on 21/Jan/15
on rob's picture number three with Claudia schiffer i think he has advantageous shoes(look at laces angle in addition to heels)and Claudia's posture is not good (hyper relax).He looks sympathic guy
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 21/Jan/15
He's two inches shorter than Jim Carrey.
Panda says on 20/Jan/15
Hmm looking at pictures with him I would say that Pitt certainly looks 5'11". Look 5'11" with Jonah Hill and that Schiffer chick, assuming that he doesn't have lifts in his shoes (doesn't look like he does but idk for sure). Another piece of evidence is in Fight Cub when he and 6'0" Edward Norton meet for the second time and are standing outside the bar. Pitt is wearing boots and Norton dress shoes and Pitt looks an inch taller. However Norton had bad posture (about an inch slouch) so he looked 6'0" mening Pitt was 6'1" in his boots. However since they were boots that means that you can subtract 1.5-2 inches (knowing Pitt's tendency to stealthily make himself appear 1-2 inches taller his boots probably gave 2 inches, if not a bit more) so that means, IMO, Brad Pitt is certainly 5'11" (180 cm.). I would consider 5'10.5" to be his absolute worst but I'll agree with Rob on the 5'11" verdict.
meee says on 20/Jan/15
Click Here

what do you say?GC and MD both bare foot, BP wearing shoes
Dmeyer says on 20/Jan/15
179 180 and 181 are arguable , 179 Will mean he wears 1cm lifts often , 181 is unlikely since he didnt look 11cm taller than 170 cm waltz or 6cm on paltrow and he can look just 182cm in 4cm footwear Like 184cm , so 179.5-80.5 is on the money , he might get to 179 soon but on the stadio he should be in between 179.5 180.5
Jeff says on 19/Jan/15
Rob, what do you think is the general perception of Pitt's height? I thought he was around 185 before picking an interest in height. I was actually quite shocked when I saw he was "only" 5'11 on that site!
[Editor Rob: I don't think it helped that 8-12 years ago online and in some publications he was getting called 6ft and 6ft 1.]
Jeff says on 19/Jan/15
@jamie179cm. He is not in lifts on the Schiffer picture. If they would both be barefoot they would be really close in height. Forget the lifts thing. He can maybe put 1-1,5cm in those boots, not more. Check RDJ for real elevators. In movies, however, I can believe he's used a more outrageous kind of footwear in the last few years. He looks 7ft2 in Inglorious Basterds and Moneyball. He might have used some proper elevators in those.
jamie179cm says on 19/Jan/15
@Heylo i give up with this page we not going to know pitts true height because his a lift wear and unless we can measure him barefoot or met him in barefeet we will never know
Heylo says on 19/Jan/15
@jamie179cm, stop implying such nonsense. What you look in height based on proportions or body frame have not very much to do with how tall they really are. It's just an illusion, that's why Models in general have to have medium to long legs because it's not only about being tall, it's about looking tall on photos.
Heylo says on 19/Jan/15
Why are you @Snatch saying that he has a small head? Are you serious? He has a big cranium, his whole facial structure is wide & quite "ideal" for being photogenic.Everything you write is pure bs, you are just basing your comment of comparisons of you & Brad. What you don't understand is that everything is very individual, big head, small head, short legs, long legs, it doesn't say **** about his height.

The reason why he might look taller than he is could be because he always had a natural skinny figure with a pencil neck (he said pencil neck of himself in the 90s in an interview lol).

But I start to seriously doubt that he's 177cm like I thought before, I think he must be at least 179cm. Honestly, he couldn't hide that he was 5'10 at all sorts of occasions. He towers over Edward Norton in lifts on recent photos. He is not 6ft in lifts, he is closer to 6'1. Believe it or not but Brad is not under 5'10½. He can't get to almost 6'1 in lifts without looking stupid.

178.5 is the lowest I can go for Brad.
Rob V says on 19/Jan/15
@ sh "Be proud of being average". So you're not planning a career in Hollywood then :) Sorry mate but worship of the average is the opposite of what the whole modern media age is about. Be average, don't stand out and just get on with keeping your head down is NOT the 21st century way.
jamie179cm says on 19/Jan/15
@jeff yes but Wouldn't surprise if had hidden insole and look at him next to claudia if shes a legit 5ft11 he defo isn't 5ft11 can't hes in lifts Would be shorter than her
Emil 183 cm says on 18/Jan/15
Barefoot he looks 179-180 next to Edward Norton
Jeff says on 18/Jan/15
@Dmeyer. Maybe not 5ft11.5 but I don't think 181 is impossible. He looked it with solid 5'11 Jon Bernthal with normal footwear
david says on 18/Jan/15
5ft10 barefoot, plus lifs and heels almost 6ft.
Jeff says on 18/Jan/15
@jamie179cm. Depp at 5ft7.5, Bloom at 175, Pitt at 177. You're part of the serial-downloaders, bro. Rob himself said Pitt's shoes weren't suspicious on the Troy premiere picture. Yet he still manages to look a good 6ft in that one...
sh says on 18/Jan/15
still makes no sense
even if he is 5'10. why wear lifts? it's not as if he is surrounded by 6'4 guys. be proud of being average
jamie179cm says on 18/Jan/15
why do people find it hard to understand that hes a lift wear which hes under 5ft11
Dmeyer says on 18/Jan/15
In Cubans he looks a 5 ft 11.5 Guy so 5'11.5 is unlikely
jamie179cm says on 18/Jan/15
@blink lol he didn't even claim that height why do people believe what celebrity say they are humans just like us who are capable of lying
jamie179cm says on 18/Jan/15
@jeff why do you think bloom is 179cm? his body frame and built is small for a 179cm guy not just that imo he just doesn't look as tall as a 179cm guy would
jamie179cm says on 18/Jan/15
@jeff lol you compare to other celebrity who ain't there true height depp could be as low as 5ft7.5 the answer i give you before its what i believe to be true that bloom isn't 179cm but i give you answer that i think you would want if bloom is a legit 179cm and if pitt legit 180cm the only answer i can give you is lifts
2toes says on 18/Jan/15
Cruise is a weak 5'8" and this guy is a weak 5'11", we have seen both of them for years in this site and I think there is not much discussion about it.
Blink says on 17/Jan/15
I do agree Pitt sometimes wears lifts* but I think 5'11.5 fits him better..
Jeff says on 17/Jan/15
@jamie179cm. That's non-sense. Bloom looks a good 1,5 inch taller than 5'9 Johnny Depp most of the time. Plus, I've seen his sculpture at Tussaud's, 179 seems to be spot on. Which leads to my question again: How can a 5'11 guy look 2 inches taller than a 179 guy?
jamie179cm says on 17/Jan/15
@snfnf i don't think hes 5ft11 but good question a 5ft11 guy doesn't need lifts sure it isn't tall but it isn't short although a 5ft11 guy can feel short sometimes but 6ft4 guy wearing lifts is ridiculous
SNFNF says on 17/Jan/15
Cruise is 5'7. Brad Pitt is 5'11

Both wear 2 inch lifts. Cruise is mocked for it. Pitt is strange as to why a 5'11 man would wear lifts. Though apparently 6'4 John Wayne also wore lifts
jamie179cm says on 17/Jan/15
@jeff imo Orlando isn't taller than 175cm look at his body frame you can defo tell his not legit 179cm im a legit 179cm i can tell you that i definitely have biger built than he does and yes pitt is probably is 182cm in lifts but barefeet he isn't than 177cm
Sandr0111 says on 16/Jan/15
what about those shoes? they don´t look like usual shoes to me, more like cowboy boots. How much height do you think they add?

Click Here
Jeff says on 16/Jan/15
Rob, Pitt looks more like 181-182 to me these days. He constantly manages to look taller than 5'11 men. Look at him with Jon Bernthal, for example. Also, how can he look 4-5cm taller than 179 Orlando Bloom without any suspicious shoes? Maybe he was just rounding up when he did the 5'11claim.
jamie179cm says on 16/Jan/15
@snatch thats true in barefeet he would be shorter than her so im sure pitt isn't taler than 177cm and plus i don't think he has a big body frame he just give a illusions that he has one. i just people think want there stars to be as tall as possible for reason rather than find out there true height plus people who say hes 5ft10 5ft11 Can't seem to answers my question about why he was barely taller than gwyneth lol
Pizzaman says on 15/Jan/15
Rob, how about 179? It is a good compromis between how tall he looked in his younger days and between his larger appearance nowadays. With 179 he can definitely look 182 with only 3 cm lifts. Would you agree on rather 179 than 181 at least? If he was 181 he would often reach 187 in lifts and that is never the case.
Jeff says on 15/Jan/15
Rob, do you agree that Pitt never looks 5'11 flat these days, more like 6ft? Does he look like a height-aware kind of guy to you?
[Editor Rob: lI don't think he generally looks 6ft, but usually in 5ft 11 and with some good posture at times can appear more.

I think he appears quite height aware, you're rarely going to catch him slouching at photocalls.]
snatch says on 15/Jan/15
a strong 5 foot 9ner

wakes up at 5 10 and shrinks down thats why he comes off
as short

the pic with claudia is the smoking gun we know her model height
the most that women can be is 5 11 and he's badly 1.5 inches taller
than her in shoes that has lifts in them
jamie179cm says on 14/Jan/15
@Parker Jimmy fallon is a lift wear so 5ft10 isn't impossible to be honest 5ft9 wouldn't shock me
HUH says on 14/Jan/15
why would CLOONEY refer to him as 6'1? when he knows Pitt is no taller than 5'11? did he and Pitt and Damon reveal their lifts to 1 another?
jamie179cm says on 14/Jan/15
@Clay maybe in some countrys 5ft9 is tall but not in us or uk i just can't buy 5ft11 pitt he is a lift wear and never looks 6ft1 in lifts heck i don't even think he looks 6ft in lifts most of the time a legit 5ft11 guy could pull off a 6ft1 or even 6ft2 in lifts and imo pitt never looks it, imo pitt does look 180cm or 182cm in lifts so 175cm barefoot isn't impossible near 177cm barefoot
Matt says on 13/Jan/15
@Dan Exactly. Brad pitt is never under 5'10.

He probally wake up at 5'11 then loose 1 inch at the end of the day hes 5'10.

He look too tall to be a 5'9 guy.

Hes too tall too like a 5'9 Guy.

Hes very lean proabably around 155 pounds i dont know his exact weight but someone whos light will always look taller than someone whos is heavy, hes and ectomorph too.
Dmeyer says on 13/Jan/15
Click Here , this are about 3.5-3.8cm slightly under 4cm plus the fact that the shoe front is slim so it gives léss than if it was a cat boot with a 0.6in front so those should give barely over 3cm 3.1-3.4cm so not évén 1cm more than a regular shoe , and yet he usualy looks 5'11.25-11.75 range Guy in those
Dan says on 13/Jan/15
Rob, can you tell us from your estimate, how much height increase someone can gain from having 3" total from their footwear and lifts? If a guy 5-10 has a 1.5" insert and a 1.25" heel, do you know what his total height will be? Also accounting for walking strides and relaxed posture. Can a 5-9" easily pull off six feet with 3" footwear help without looking very oddly unbalanced like Downey jr.??
[Editor Rob: he might get about 2.5 inches at most, maybe 2.3 range (which is quite a big amount). Trying to walk in bigger lifts becomes harder. With anything though, if you practice and use them you would become better and find the right stride pattern so it won't look too bad.]
Dan says on 13/Jan/15 Anyone really think this guy can be in the 5-8 5-9 range??? Look at his stride when he walks.
snatch says on 12/Jan/15
at matt

solid 5 11? LOLLLL

^ you must have not seen the photo on top of him and claudia lol
Clay says on 12/Jan/15
Matt says on 12/Jan/15
Jimmy fallon is 5ft 11.5in... lol at brad being 5.9 Hes never that height.

That guy is a solid 5feet11. did you ever see a 5.9 guy, its pretty short, Pitt doesnt have the build of a 5feet9 guy.

Some people here think 5'9 is tall for a grown man, and Im not even joking..
Matt says on 12/Jan/15
Jimmy fallon is 5ft 11.5in... lol at brad being 5.9 Hes never that height.

That guy is a solid 5feet11. did you ever see a 5.9 guy, its pretty short, Pitt doesnt have the build of a 5feet9 guy.
Height183 says on 12/Jan/15
Jimmy Fallon 5'10?? Lmao..
Parker says on 11/Jan/15
Meezemaker says on 11/Jan/15
if Jimmy Fallon is 5.10,

He's not. He's 5'11.5. At least that's what is listed on here.
Meezemaker says on 11/Jan/15
if Jimmy Fallon is 5.10, if you make a stop at 2mn42s on

Thus, Brad P is half inch shorter at least, nearly 1.76-1.77 or 5.9.5

What else to say since both are wearing flat shoes....The suspens 's over.
Brad is not 5.11.
snatch says on 10/Jan/15
I've seen to much evidence suggesting that this guy is
anything over 177cm at the end of the day

maybe 177cm is a stretch

he has a small head and short legs

i have a small head and short legs and i am 172 cm at the end of the day

someone with that body structure can not be only 2 inches shorter then 6 feet

my best guess is he is 5 10 in the morning and shrinks to 5 foot 9 and 75 at
the end of the day

wears lifts with hair and posture can look 5 11 he's never looked
6 foot to me even in lifts

if someone has short legs thats a deal breaker on being tall
usually tall people have long legs with average torso

even someone super tall would probably have similar torso
with a short person sitting down

and pitt has a small that usual head

matt damons head is bigger than pitts
clooneys heads bigger then pitts

having a small head takes at least a inch off or more

so him being only 2 inches off 6 feet is un realistic
he more like 3 inches off six feet

hes a small man

imagine him without shoes on the photos above
he would look even smaller
Dan says on 10/Jan/15
Pitt has managed looking 6ft for the last 10 years... Rob, how tall do you think the general public thinks he is? I personally thought he was in the 6'1 range before picking an interest in height. I'm sure a lot of people do too
Bert183 says on 10/Jan/15
B. Pitt is min. 5ft11 - no reason to allege that he´s underlying.
Matt says on 9/Jan/15
Theres no way this guy is under 5'10 My guess hes probally 5'11 Waking up.
Tim 181 says on 9/Jan/15
Matt says on 5/Jan/15
Click Here Look at 2:45 Minute Brad pitt With Jimmy Fallon

They are like the same height but Jimmy fallon look just a hair taller.
We don't see his feet at 2:45, maybe a bit heel raise there to be thy same height as a not very tall Fallon.
Dmeyer says on 8/Jan/15
hE Appeals to be shooter then he really isw because it doesn't affected by gravitea he played angry cop with Freeman in number 7 but was almost same height when they shaved their chest in the toilet scene. He also toweled over spacey in the desert scene and not just wen kpax was on his knees so there is the proof for all those who think he's not all that he can sport beard and even with glasses he still looks tall
pauly e says on 8/Jan/15
I don't see how he can be 5'9, lifts or not. I think he's definitely 5'10.5 - 5'11 midday.
Matt says on 7/Jan/15
@Eddy Thats because Pitt is wearing dress shoes(1inch heel) Probally lift inside, we cant see their footwear.
Eddy says on 6/Jan/15
@truth2: That´s a common fallacy! I know that Til Schweiger is exactly 1.78m!
pauly e says on 6/Jan/15
looking at their eye levels at 2:45, i'd say fallon looks .5-1 inch taller than Pitt. so fallon is 5'11.5, so that puts pitt at 5'10.5 - 5'11 which i think most of us agree he is anyway right?
Matt says on 5/Jan/15
Click Here Look at 2:45 Minute Brad pitt With Jimmy Fallon

They are like the same height but Jimmy fallon look just a hair taller.
Sandro111 says on 5/Jan/15
There is a reason why you won´t ever see Sly, Pitt and Cruise together in the same premiere in public or in any same pic. They would expose themselves as lift wearers (not that they haven´t already).

At least I have seen Sly on a beach bareefeet 20 years ago and he was shorter than his current wife. Cruise´s height changes a lot but even he was standing bareefeet next to Katie Holmes and was shorter of course. With Pitt it´s a different story, you wouldn´t see that guy ever barefeet or in sandals in public, no way. Clooney is taller than Pitt when they wear the same shoes. The most ridiculous pic I have ever seen was Brad Pitt being almost as tall as Clint Eastwood who is a legit 6´4 guy, even though he might have lost a couple of inches. You can´t be almost as tall as Clint Eastwood when there are pics showing Pitt in shoes being barely taller than barefooted Matt Damon and Clooney. Not possible.
truth2 says on 5/Jan/15
@Eddy Til Schweiger is 5ft9.5 max and ze Pittmeister looks an inch taller than him. 5ft10.5, confirmed as always.
Eddy says on 4/Jan/15
B. Pitt is more in the 5'11 - 5'11.5 range. Look at this foto with Til Schweiger who´s a legit and serious

Click Here
Dmeyer says on 3/Jan/15
I do not agree there is a scène were geena is barefeet and he enters the ROom with his 1.7in boots he looks a haïr taller so near 6'0.5-1in shoes on also at the première he looks exactly. 5'11 near 6ft Davis, pitt has normal 1inchers low cut and looks 5'11 near macdonalS whom i met and was 6'3 10 yrs back
1.89m says on 3/Jan/15
snatch says on 30/Dec/14
1.89m says on 29/Dec/14
Lol hes 5-11",deal with with. 5-9" Gwyneth

^ lol is that the best pic you can post up ?

I've seen plenty of photos where he's only 1 inch taller
some photos there about the same height

that picture you posted up is from the oscars he was wearing lifts
( there not even standing side by side ) sorry don't see 5 11

claudia is around 5 11 and he's clearly shorter without shoes

hes a strong 5 foot 9 and with lifts he's a strong 5 11
thats why he only claimed 5 11 that the tallest
he could be !

Wrong, Hes 5-11" deal with it.
London Boy says on 2/Jan/15
I think 5' 11" is a good estimate. He does look taller than he did in the early '90s though and can look 6' 0" at times...
shell says on 1/Jan/15
You can debate his height with current pictures all you want and you will never know his true height. Everyone in Hollywood wears creative footwear. Someone please find a barefoot picture of him or even in flip flops sowe can judge his height. I have looked and can't find any. Except for the nude pictures of him and Paltrow, where they look very close in height, there are none. He is very careful never to be seen barefoot even on the beach he wears boots or sneakers. There are so many inconsistencies in his height in different pictures so I would estimate his height by his early, obscure work, where he looks to be about 5 ft 9 maybe 5 ft 10 next to other actors, especially geena Davis.

As for comparing him to many of his friends I was in Las Vegas when they were filming oceans 11 and they are all much shorter than they look on the screen. Between my friends and I we saw almost all of them during our week there.
Dmeyer says on 1/Jan/15
5.9 ft is 179.8cm about 180cm but 5'9" is 175.26cm
jamie179cm says on 31/Dec/14
@Height183 i know you already know my height i still thought i should mention it
jamie179cm says on 31/Dec/14
@Joe im not sure what you mean but i am a legit 179cm guy be measure by a doctor in barefeet
jamie179cm says on 31/Dec/14
@Height183 im179cm and i think i have a bigger body frame
Amaze says on 31/Dec/14
@moti are you drunk mate? 5'9" is 175cm. 5'10" is 178cm 5'11" is 180, 6'0" is 183. get it now? lol

hes defo 179+
snatch says on 30/Dec/14
1.89m says on 29/Dec/14
Lol hes 5-11",deal with with. 5-9" Gwyneth

^ lol is that the best pic you can post up ?

I've seen plenty of photos where he's only 1 inch taller
some photos there about the same height

that picture you posted up is from the oscars he was wearing lifts
( there not even standing side by side ) sorry don't see 5 11

claudia is around 5 11 and he's clearly shorter without shoes

hes a strong 5 foot 9 and with lifts he's a strong 5 11
thats why he only claimed 5 11 that the tallest
he could be !
Height183 says on 30/Dec/14
@jamie179cm: I still think he is no lower than 5'10.5'', Lifts or not, He has the body frame of a near 6ft guy. About 5'11'' is okay for him. I agree with Robs listing.
moti says on 30/Dec/14
180 cm is 5'9"
Joe says on 30/Dec/14
@jamie179: If you were 178, you would say 176, right?? I understand why you come to this website.
jamie179cm says on 29/Dec/14
@Height183 the guy wears lifts @Heylo i agree 177cm is the height i think he is
184.3cm says on 29/Dec/14
He is in the strong 5'10 range snatch noway is he 5'9! Matt Damn is in the solid 5'9 range and he is always taller as is Clooney.
Pitt 5'10.5 - 5'10.75
Clooney- 5'10 - 5'10.25 (Although posture is dreadful so maybe more )
1.89m says on 29/Dec/14
Lol hes 5-11",deal with with. 5-9" Gwyneth. Click Here
snatch says on 27/Dec/14
chris martin towers gwen

so by logic chris martin would tower brad also

and considering chris martin is 6 foot 1

tell me would someone 5 11 be towered by someone 6 foot 1 ?

i don't mean anything when i say you are insulting my intelligence but
gwen and pitt are 1 inch apart

and gwen is 5 inches shorter then Chris
so that means pitt would be 4 inches off chris
so that means pitt is 5 foot 9

4 - 6 foot 1 = 5 foot 9

if you can debunk what i see with those examples ^
then please do
Parker says on 27/Dec/14
snatch says on 26/Dec/14
so saying pitt is close to 5 11 is pretty much insulting my intelligence

Yep, but saying he's 5'9 is insulting everyone else's intelligence. We'll have to agree to disagree. Happy New Year.
snatch says on 26/Dec/14
well pitt is taller than gwen by 1 inch

and gwens husband is taller then her by 4 to 5 inches

so that means gwens husband would be about 4 inches taller then pitt

gwens husband is 6 foot 1

that would mean pitt is 5 foot 9

so saying pitt is close to 5 11 is pretty much insulting my intelligence
Parker says on 26/Dec/14
snatch says on 24/Dec/14
so anyone who says pitt is 178 cm at the end of the day
is clearly insulting my intelligence

Well that's both the Editor and me and numerous other posters insulting your intelligence.Apologies.
Height183 says on 26/Dec/14
''playing horsie with angelina jolie on his back'' LOL

I think the same too Rob. He would for sure measure 5'11'' in the afternoon. He's just not short as some people think. It amazes me.
Thanasis says on 25/Dec/14
Rob, if someone told you to bet a thousand dollars to either Brad being 5"10 3/4 or a full 5'11" where would you bet? If you lose you don't lose your money but if you win you double it!
[Editor Rob: I would bet that on my stadiometer at lunchtime he would be nearer 5ft 11 than 10.75.

But if he arrived after being out and about all day and after playing horsie with angelina jolie on his back, then I wouldn't be sure on the 5ft 11 bet, it would be a 50/50, he could measure under it.]
Laf says on 25/Dec/14
Snatch: It's nonsense to assume Clooney being taller than Pitt.
Heylo says on 25/Dec/14
Stupid to think that Brad is 5'9. Is it so hard to understand that you can't look "normal" in super massive lifts. Brad Pitt is around 6ft in lifts.

Honestly, he can't be under 5'10 and if he is, it has to be by some mm that isn't noticeable (177.5 or something..). You can degrade his height by 1.5-2 inches when he has his lifts on and if we are going to judge his height based on all the famous gala premiere photos etc he will be a legit 6ft or slightly under at 182. 182 - 4-5cm = 177-178cm. Probably around 177-178 cm barefoot.

But this has been pointed out several times.
snatch says on 25/Dec/14
gwens paltrows husband chris martin towers gwen by a lot

so however much chris is taller then gwen would be same for pitt

since pitt and gwen are identical in height

pitts average get over it
snatch says on 24/Dec/14
without the shoes and hat he would be a good inch off claudia

now lets take in consideration that claudia might not even be
a full 5 11

if she is 5 foot 10 barefoot lets say ( not a fact though)
then pitt would be 5 foot 9

claudia has longer legs with a bigger head
she's taller then him and she's supposedly 5 foot 11

so anyone who says pitt is 178 cm at the end of the day
is clearly insulting my intelligence
lelman says on 24/Dec/14
@Boxofficeflop It's not enough to be slightly above average height, we 5'11ers need to ascend to the next level...

I wouldn't wear lifts because I'd be worried my friends would notice the sudden height increase. I'm partial to a good boot, though
Eddy says on 24/Dec/14
B. Pitt looks more 5`11.5 to me!
Sandro111 says on 24/Dec/14
C´mon Claudia Schiffer is clearly taller than Pitt barefeet! She is pregnant, slouching a lot and wears flat shoes, while Pitt is forcing himself as usual to stand as tall as he can by wearing shoes which make him taller and wearing a hat that gives him a visual benefit of being taller.
Height183 says on 24/Dec/14
If Brad Pitt is 5'9'', I feel sorry Jonah Hill in the picture above Lol
snatch says on 23/Dec/14
either the people here are trolls or they are insulting my intelligence

he is not 2 inches off 6 feet

hes about 3 to 3 and half inches off 6 feet

5 foot 10 is a joke for him

he's your average 5 foot 9 guy

small head
short legs
^ that alone takes a inch or two off your height

and he has a average torso nothing special

with a ( over exaggerated posture that he flaunts) especially in fight club

5 foot 10 is a joke clooneys 5 foot 10

pitt is the same height as matt damon maybe a a cm taller
BOXOFFICEFLOP says on 23/Dec/14
why does a guy who is 179 or 180 feel the need for lifts? I'm 179. Should I purchase 6 cm lifts?
184.3cm says on 23/Dec/14
Well id say 5'10.5 (179) for Pitt at least, Cruise at 5'7.5 (171cm), Damon 5'9.75 (177),Clooney 5'10 (178) max, Affleck 6'2 (188) and Cheadle 5'8.
Dmeyer says on 23/Dec/14
If you look well at all pics with schiffer he looks 0.5-0.75in taller no more when they are in equal posture she is somewere 5'11-11.3 with the flats she has so pitt about 6ft shoes his shoes seems to give no more than 1in so 5'11
BOXOFFICEFLOP says on 22/Dec/14
Pitt is either 5'10 or 5'11. He can't be 5'9. Cruise is also 5'7. Damon is 5'9. Clooney is 5'10. Affleck is 6'2. Cheadle is 5'8
Height183 says on 22/Dec/14
Come on guys. 5'9'' range? Seriously?? Please tell me you're joking. The guys is clearly taller than average height. Looks about 5'11'' to me.
High and Low says on 22/Dec/14
Pitt wearing heels/lifts and a big wooly hat (adds height for those tricky premiers) next to 5'10 (real height) Claudia Schiffer who's in a pair of leather soled flats.

PITT is 5'9 it's so obvious but people choose to believe what they want.
MarcusTheSwede says on 21/Dec/14
Jamie179: Agree With you 179cm without his massive shoes
Dmeyer says on 20/Dec/14
Looks over 2 inches taller than Casey Affleck. Click Here

Do his shoes look suspicious here to you? I'm bad at assessing lifts. I'd say he's probably got a bit of an advantage and is a solid 2 inches taller than Casey.

5'10.5, bare minimum.
[Editor Rob: hard to tell, sometimes he did wear those 1.5 inch cuban dress shoes for a little boost.

With the amount of time and effort these guys spend on working out, you can bet some of them have been trying grow taller routines aswell over the years...

Pitt to me seems a guy who might have tried something, at least to maximise his posture at times... With casey hère he has the Cubans so has a solid 1.5cm more shoes plus exelant posture
Height183 says on 20/Dec/14
@jamie179cm: 5'9.5''? That seems a bit too low Lol. He looks above average height to me and I bet to a LOT of people.
Sandro111 says on 20/Dec/14
Brad is like 5´10 barefeet, I can´t see him being a legit 5´11 guy otherwise he would claim to be 6ft in shoes.

Anyway I measured myself by using one of Rob´s methods. I couldn´t believe the range between morning and evening height, there was like a 2cm -2,5cm difference. Where does the difference disappear in the evening? LOL I was like 175,5 cm in the evening (barefeet) and 177,5 cm in the morning (barefeet) and almost 179,5 cm in shoes.
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 20/Dec/14
He looks close to 6' most of the time, but I think Pitt is quite a height conscious guy and has impeccable posture/footwear.

In strong shoes and good posture he's only got a 1.5ish inches on Claudia Schaffer in slippers. I think someone posted that she has claimed 179cm.

Pitt also look barely taller than Gwenyth paltrow in their barefoot nude pics.

I think he might be closer to 5'10 and just disguises is well.
jamie179cm says on 19/Dec/14
@Height182 he use quite big lifts i i doubt hes even 178cm if he was 179cm or 180cm he would be 6ft2 in lifts which hes not i don't think hes over 177cm
Height182 says on 19/Dec/14
I think about 5'10.5'' - 5'11'' is fair for Brad Pitt. He's not short as some people think.
lelman says on 16/Dec/14
Looks over 2 inches taller than Casey Affleck. Click Here

Do his shoes look suspicious here to you? I'm bad at assessing lifts. I'd say he's probably got a bit of an advantage and is a solid 2 inches taller than Casey.

5'10.5, bare minimum.
[Editor Rob: hard to tell, sometimes he did wear those 1.5 inch cuban dress shoes for a little boost.

With the amount of time and effort these guys spend on working out, you can bet some of them have been trying grow taller routines aswell over the years...

Pitt to me seems a guy who might have tried something, at least to maximise his posture at times...
J.Lee says on 16/Dec/14
Rob, looks taller than Claudia Schiffer
Dmeyer says on 13/Dec/14
Pitt Gets 0.6-0.7in from the shoes and fallon get same range in between 0.5-1in
pauly e says on 11/Dec/14
Dmeyer says on 11/Dec/14
The Exorcist says on 10/Dec/14
Brad Pitt with (5'11.5" listed) Jimmy Fallon in this video.
Click Here

They're facing each other @ 2:17 in the video
Standing back-to-back @ 2:40 in the video

Brad has footwear advantage...but how much I can't tell.
Brad dosnt have footwear advantage

um yes he does. i have shoes similar to both of those. Pitts give 0.4 inches more than Fallons. Fallons give almost no boost over barefoot height. Pitt's give like 0.6" over barefoot height.
Dmeyer says on 11/Dec/14
The Exorcist says on 10/Dec/14
Brad Pitt with (5'11.5" listed) Jimmy Fallon in this video.
Click Here

They're facing each other @ 2:17 in the video
Standing back-to-back @ 2:40 in the video

Brad has footwear advantage...but how much I can't tell.
Brad dosnt have footwear advantage

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