How tall is Brad Pitt ?

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Brad Pitt height: 5ft 11in (180 cm)

American actor best known for movies such as Se7en, Fight Club, Snatch, Oceans Thirteen, Troy and World War Z. A newspaper article on heights (washington post) quoted as saying people had seen Pitt put down 5ft 10 on an audition form for his height. Well, before he was A-list, aged 24 he wrote his own height as 5ft 11 in a teen magazine profile. At times he can appear taller, but with impeccable posture and at times, in the last few years, cuban type heels, that is a given. Even his good friend George Clooney was wise to his footwear, saying once in USA Today:) "He's tall. He's like 6-1. It's irritating".

Brad with Angelina Jolie, Jonah Hill and Claudia Schiffer
Photo by PR Photos
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rmv says on 20/Nov/14
180 seems accurate
snatch says on 20/Nov/14
if he wears lifts and there are no exclusive photos or evidence
of him online that are reliable sources that can help us figure out his
height then i don't no what to say

out of all the pictures ive seen of him i can't really
guess his height

but i no he's between 9 foot or 5 foot 10

5 11 seems to tall for him because 511 is going
towards the 6 foot realm

he is he not 1 inch off 6 feet

he seems a couple of inches off 6 feet
Noira says on 19/Nov/14
I agree...this guy is never over 180 cm..just look at his body in thelma and loise..he just doesnt have this conformation...just by guessing and the gwyneth paltrow pics, i'd say 177-179 cm max.
kevin says on 18/Nov/14
to me he looks a tiny bit shorter then berthal when in equal footwear so shavin off 0.25in could be more accurate
Joe says on 18/Nov/14
I think Pitt is most likely 5-11, his Ocean's co-star George Clooney claims to be the same height but just about every photo of the two actors, Pitt seems to be much taller than Clooney, and there was a photo of the two standing next to each other barefoot on a boat.
At worst he could be 5'10.5" but I think he looks to be a legitimate 5-11.
MaskDeMasque says on 18/Nov/14
I'd bet good money that he wouldn't measure more than 179cm in the evening.
Brad says on 17/Nov/14
Ramping it up with Claudia in flats.
Dejavu says on 17/Nov/14
I think Pitt can look anywhere from 5'10 to 6'1.
Heylo says on 15/Nov/14
Dan, I see but those photos is from later years + it only shows half his calves, obviously some muscle he have been building in later years. His calves have the ectomorph shape. Difference is that he now have bigger muscles. You have to look at the knees & down. Look at his legs in Fight Club or back in the early 90s from photoshoots. His feet & calves are very skinny & bony. Typical ectomorph. Gets very aesthetic looking when working out.

Photo from last year in shorts sitting down. He has the bony looking knees just like an ectomorph. It's difficult to make it look big around the knees when you're naturally thin.
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But Dan, I respect your opinion, he could be a mix like you said, absolutely.
1.89m says on 15/Nov/14
5-11 is a pretty good est.
John says on 14/Nov/14
truth says on 14/Nov/14
I think he is mesomorph just like myself.
Dan says on 13/Nov/14
5-10 flat.
Dmeyer says on 13/Nov/14
Then 5'11 it is thanks rob
pauly e says on 13/Nov/14
I'd buy 5'10.75 as an afternoon height for Pitt.
Dan says on 12/Nov/14
Brad pitt is not full ectomorph. He is not stick thin with long limbs. He isn't a hard gainer and no he doesn't have a hard time putting muscle on his legs. For the time he spent training for troy and the fact he never out on any fat he absolutely put on muscle on his legs. Regardless, my point was saying he doesn't have really short legs. If you look at his proportions you'll see his biceps are long but his forearms are shorter and his hip to knee is long but his knee to ankle is shorter.
Dan says on 12/Nov/14
Click Here

Click Here

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That's what I'm talking about Heylo. The guy has thick calves for someone who doesn't spend hisife in the gym. Pitt is between a ectomorph and mesomorph. He's not a hard gainer and has significant muscle.
Dmeyer says on 12/Nov/14
Rob 7pm measurement after a 1hour walk pitt Will be more 5'11 or 10.75
[Editor Rob: the lowest I'd try to argue would be 10.75, you might catch him a little bit under 5ft 11 after a days filming.

He's made it to 50 without really losing a mm I'd say. At times even I wonder if he has tried some grow taller stretches to help his posture and be able to stand 'relaxed' but his relaxed is very close to his measured height.]
Heylo says on 12/Nov/14
Dan, are you serious? It gotta be a joke lol. Pitt's calves is not "bulky" in any way. He is naturally slim & thin, a typical ectomorph. He has those kind of legs who is very hard to build up, without training they will look like chicken legs. His legs in Troy (his greatest shape of his life) is very mediocre in relation to his upper body. They had to alter his legs on the computer to make it look bigger. His legs is very visible in some scenes in Fight Club, ultimate proof of his very thin calves & thighs.

Another thing about the ectomorph body type is that the body fat is naturally very low. Only now in his 50s, Brad Pitt seems to be getting "fatter" in both face & body which is a result of the aging process and what it does to the metabolism.

It's also a damn fact that he always use lifts, in even sneakers. With that said, he could still be close to 5'11.
Dmeyer says on 11/Nov/14
5´10.75 could be perfect since that explain whi he looks over 5'11 with thick shoes and whi he can look 5'10 at times
pauly e says on 11/Nov/14
Rob, are these heights you list their low (ie, late evening height) or more of a midday height? I think i read somewhere that you said your height after awake for 5 hours would be your height.
[Editor Rob: typically afternoon or evening, since there's only a small difference between them.

I'm basing my own encounters off my height, 5ft 8 and a small fraction.]
Michael Schembri says on 10/Nov/14
Hello I worked on the catering set in Brad latest movie production 'By the Sea' (2015 release). They film here in Malta back in August. Despite security tight, I walked straight past Brad while he talking to somebody stand out the catering mobile unit. It was 8am and he was in flip flop type show. He was honest in the 5'9 1/2 range. Am 5'11 myself and he was easy an 1 inch shorter. Have a good day.
[Editor Rob: ok Vibram, no need to make up fake encounters ;)]
Vibram says on 10/Nov/14
He is exactly 5'9.75 to 5'10. It is the most hardest height to pin down. Guys of 5'10 can look tall or sometimes slightly short. A fat 5'10 guy with baggy combats and a beer gut and narrow sloping shoulders will look more short.. around 5'8 than his average.

It really is a grey height and you need a slim frame, nice fitting clothes, narrow waist and good proportions to stand out as giving the impression of slightly above average / 6ft. Brad does this well, and knows his Tailoring.
Can't Stop Addicted says on 10/Nov/14
I think 5' 10.75" would be more accurate. I don't think he'd measure 5' 10" or below.

Would you consider a .75" listing, like you've done for Tom Cruise?
Dan says on 10/Nov/14
I meant to say hip to knee measurement is slim and long. I swear this **** changes my words sometimes. Hip to mens?? What's that even mean? Also I do agree with A6-1guy and it ain't an opinion. It's a fact brad has bulky muscular calves.
Heylo says on 9/Nov/14
A6'1Guy, I think everyone believes that he is somewhere between 5'9-5'11.

I personally would say that he is somewhere around 5'9.75 - 5'10.75, I don't believe that he is a full 5'11, I just don't.
A6'1Guy says on 8/Nov/14
My nickname is in relation to my height, not Brad's, I personally think he is between 5'9 and 5'11.
A6'1Guy says on 8/Nov/14
I can say for one thing, I myself have a similar body type, but I am taller. My legs might look shortish and my upper body looks lean(I even measured them both, roughly 1 inch give or take difference), but they are not short they are just thick and muscular which gives the impression of short legs, same goes for Brad. You can all now stop this short leg nonsense... Dan I agree.
Dan says on 8/Nov/14
5.8 are you kidding me??
Dan says on 7/Nov/14
He doesn't have short legs. His knee to ankle length is on the shorter stockier side but his hip to mens length is quite slim and long
bharat says on 7/Nov/14
If you see carefully, in pictures with leather shoes he looks at least 2 to 3 inch taller and very close to 6 feet. On the other hand,if you look at pictures of him in sneakers or sports shoes,he looks very ordinary and average height. Its quite obvious he is max 5.8 to 5.1O
Heylo says on 6/Nov/14
One Seventy-Sex, not saying that you are wrong but if he really was that close or almost a full 5'11, wouldn't he look much taller with lifts & a pretty big heel? Or is it the proportions that fool us to think he is shorter?(although i think he has very good proportions but some think his legs are very short).
new guy says on 5/Nov/14
Rob how tall do you think pitt looks in the picture with jonah hill.he looks 5'11 flat is he wearing lifts in those pics?
[Editor Rob: no less than about 5ft 11]
One Seventy-Six says on 5/Nov/14
I think he would probably measure 5' 10.75", by the evening. He can look below 5' 11" at times. But can also look 6' 0".
pauly e says on 5/Nov/14
I keep coming back to that picture of Claudia Schiffer who is 5'11. she has the flattest shoes on possible, so she is probaby not much over 5'11 there. Pitt looks about 5'11.75 in that pic (including footwear). let's say those shoes give him a inch, then he is 5'10.75. they look like they give a bit more than that putting him around 5'10.5. assuming he is not packing of course.
Dan says on 4/Nov/14
Mr. Look at the top of his shoes, brad doesn't wear elevator shoes. He wear inserts in regular designer boots. What we mean to say is that he can't pitt 2-3" lifts inside his shoes. The steep angle you're talking about is the inserts plus the fact that pitt has pig type toes with a extreme arch. Small feet with a major arch. Look at all his barefoot pics
Vibram says on 4/Nov/14
He probably starts the day a legit 178cm but falls to 177 and then 176.5cm or so. Basically a weak 5ft10 but rounds up to 5ft11 on his resume. There is no way he's sarging around at 5ft11. A true 180cm guy would not be an obsessive lift wearer like pitt. A true 5ft11 / 180cm guy would be slightly over 6ft in normal dress shoes. Pitt doesn't look this unless he packs his lifts.
Dural says on 4/Nov/14
Shia is most likely not a legit 5'9", Pitt is closer to the camera and you can bet he wears lifts in Fury like in every other motion picture since the late 90s.

Here's a better pic of Pitt and Shia
Click Here
Look at the tops of his shoes, not the heels!!! says on 4/Nov/14
The key to spotting sizeable lifts is to look at the shoe top angle NOT at the heel...

Have a look at the angle of Pitt's shoe tops (laces) in pretty much every picture of him - theres ALWAYS a very steep upward angle to his shoe tops. This is because his feet are pushed forward and upward in a 'tip toe' shape inside his shoes.

You can clearly see it in each of the 3 pictures at the top of this page - in all of them the tops of his shoes don't go back in flat line toward his leg, they go upward in a steep angle.

No-one has feet that shape!

Brad Pitt is around 5'9.5 and wears 3 inch lifts most of the time - an inch at the heel and 2 inside the shoe.
Look at the tops of his shoes, not the heels!!! says on 4/Nov/14
To all those saying that he couldn't gain more than 2 inches via lifts, have a look at this site...

Click Here

4 or 5 inch increase. And then have a look at the angle of Pitt's shoe tops (laces) in pretty much every picture of him - theres ALWAYS a very steep upward angle to his shoe tops. This is because his feet are pushed forward and upward in a 'tip toe' shape inside his shoes.

You can even see it in each of the 3 pictures at the top of this page - in all of them the tops of his shoes don't go back in flat line toward his leg, they go upward in a steep angle.

No-one has feet that shape!

Brad Pitt is around 5'9.5 and wears 3 inch lifts most of the time - an inch at the heel and 2 inside the shoe.
George F says on 4/Nov/14
Rob is it possible for Brad to measure 179.5cm in the night after a long day?
[Editor Rob: not impossible, there's always a chance or surprise if you measure someone.]
lelman says on 4/Nov/14
@Celebheighs 188cm, Yeah he's clearly over 5'11" there. He's got a bit of a footwear advantage but looks about 6'0" next to Shia.

Looks more legit 5'11" the more I see him. I think people are far too quick to assume he's wearing lifts in photos - I mean he clearly does wear them at times, but not as often as people like to claim.
truth says on 3/Nov/14
@Arch Not just short men lol tall women like Jen also write the same stuff: 5ft9-10 lmao. He is at least around an inch taller than me, I am 177-178cm. 179-180cm for him.
Heylo says on 3/Nov/14
Legit 5'9 Shia Labeouf looks several inches shorter than Pitt. If Pitt was 177cm like both I & many others here are saying than he wouldn't look that tall. He doesn't use the biggest lifts either. Makes me want to change opinion about his height. I still don't think he is a full 5'11 guy. If he was, he would be listed at 6ft everywhere & he would look nearly 6'2 with lifts.
Dural says on 3/Nov/14
What about this photo?

Click Here

it appears as if Pitt is standing on higher ground.

Click Here
Dmeyer says on 3/Nov/14
Pitt apears a 5'11.5 men when in his 4cm type heels who could give just 3.5cm because of slim front/pivoting , not his entire foot is on the 4cm Heel , he must be 6'0.25-6'0.5in shoes on évén considering posture , if he is 179.5-180cm Like me and rob think it make sens since a 180 Guy Will look 181-182cm in those shoes , if he is 5'9.75 Like Many claims hère he Will need to have 1.5in lifts that actualy give just 1-1.1in plus the 1.5-1.6in heels , so 2.75in plus 5'9.75 to be 6'0.5in and looking a 182cm men , of course he can look 5'10 with paltrow and Tarantino , but evry one can apear shorter at Times , but he can also look 5'11 with paltrow/Tarantino at Times ,
Dicky curtis says on 2/Nov/14
Makes sense dmeyer.. I even think it could be 3 cm difference. but very hard to tell off course. I can buy pitt at 5.11. after all 5.11 is not so tall. but not short either.
Arch Leach says on 1/Nov/14
LMAO at the short guys who try to convince everyone Pitt is part of their club. You may not realize it but it's not by insisting that Pitt is short that it will make it so. The funny thing is that he is not just a pretty face, he is also a kind man who donates to charity and gives a lot of his time for other people's well-being. That alone would make him the bigger man. But what can we do, haters are gonna hate.
Celebheights 188 CM says on 1/Nov/14
By 5'9.25" Shia Labeouf:

Click Here

He destroys him. The footwear is visible as well.
Tim says on 31/Oct/14
Hhmmm, I was thinking there is only one photo where he stands almost exactly same height as Paltrow, but if there are couple of them with different angles, and they are still almost same height, it makes me really think that Pitt is not taller than 177
Dmeyer says on 31/Oct/14
Click Here , looking well at this too there is about 2cm between Them making pitt about 5'11 and Norton about 6ft
Dmeyer says on 31/Oct/14
Click Here , if you look well at the pic and consider head top posture and pitt having 0.5in more shoes it mâkes pitt. 5'10.75-11 and Norton 5'11.75-6ft
B-ran says on 30/Oct/14
I think Pitt is a fantastic actor. I've always been a big fan. He appears 5'10 to me.
Heylo says on 30/Oct/14
Rob, honestly, tell me what you think about this photo Click Here

To me it definitely proves that he's not 5'11 but 5'10 right in front a 5'9 Gwyneth.
[Editor Rob: I think it's hard to use it as proof, there's too many issues like height lost with stance, high angle...unfortunately there's no side by side of them.]
Vibram says on 30/Oct/14
Both Clooney and Pitt are 5'10 guys. Damon 5'9
Arch Stanton says on 29/Oct/14
George F says on 26/Oct/14
Rob you consider Brad Pitt a good actor or he is in the spotlight just for his good looks?
[Editor Rob: I think he is a decent actor. I find most of the stuff he's in enjoyable. Of course it helps he hit a 9 in the genetic looks department!]

Click Here

Pitt's mother looks a lot like my mother's aunt. I don't see him as having these super genetics, he just got extremely lucky with a combination of the best traits from both parents. I've seen fantastic looking parents produce children far uglier than Pitt. Jane Seymour's son for instance Click Here ! You'd think Jude Law would be "genetically blessed" too, Click Here That's his dad!! My dad is a lot better looking than him with a full head of hair! I don't look as good as either of them! It's a lottery really isn't it.
Dmeyer says on 28/Oct/14
I think Clooney was about 179-179.5cm but claim 5'11.5 pitt with cubains and good posture looks 1in taller do so if Clooney think 5'11.5 for himself that means 6'0.5 got pitt wish is enaugh to say 6'1
OMG says on 27/Oct/14
5'11. But I don't get why a 5'11 guy wears 2 inch lifts. Or why George Clooney said he was 6'1
cole says on 27/Oct/14
@Jen: You know, he's standing right next to 6'1 Tarantino in that shot, and looks 2in shorter in flat footwear. Schweiger is too far away from Brad in that pic to compare them.
Silent D says on 26/Oct/14
177cm. He doesn't look like a 180cm guy considering he is a constant lift wearer.
Jen says on 26/Oct/14
Compared to Til Schweiger,who is listed as 178cm, Bred in flats, which is still 1cm thicker then flats on Schweiger, looks maximum 1cm taller.
Just accept the fact, that Bred can be shorter then 180cm. Yeah,in the morning he does reach 180 or even 180.3(exactly 5ft 11in which he claims), but during the day he shrunks to 178.5-179.
I think in the midday Bred is 179.2cm(or even 179.3 but not more!) tall, which is closer to 179 for shure. Cmon, just set his height to 179cm already.
Click Here
someguy says on 26/Oct/14
in the snatch movie,with statham,he looks 5'10 is the right height for he
Heylo says on 26/Oct/14
Justanotherguy, That's what i have in mind all the time, that's why he can't be 5'9, like you said, it would be too obvious. I think his absolute shortest could be 177cm, probably some fractions over that.

I Found this photo, Brad & Gwyneth barefeet kissing, ultimate proof of Brad being taller than Gwyneth , you have to zoom in because the photo is very small: Click Here

Please don't shout "BRAD IS SHORTER THAN GWYNETH ON THAT PHOTO!" cause you have to analyze it first. Brad is tilting his head down to the right to kiss Gwyneth, it surely looks like his head would be almost a full inch above Gwyneth if he had his head straight.

I think this proves it, that he is obviously taller than 5'9, might be fractions under 5'10 though. 177cm is my bet, he is constantly having 2-3cm lifts inside his shoes with one inch heel which makes him 182-183 in shoes on public events. On special occasions, he have a slightly larger heeled boot which makes him almost 184cm, therefor his tall stature sometimes.
Will says on 26/Oct/14
I have heard rumors from the internet stating that Pitt is 5'9 1/2". But it probably isn't true IMO.
Eddy says on 26/Oct/14
B. Pitt is definitely something between 5´11 and 5´11.5.
Mayfairman says on 26/Oct/14
WHAT?!!!! Brad Pitt has always been five foot ten tall, ever since he started in the industry, he may have shrunk a bit in height but I doubt he has gone an inch.
Jesse Stone says on 26/Oct/14
Barefoot again, but now there is someone to compare him with: Click Here
George F says on 26/Oct/14
Rob you consider Brad Pitt a good actor or he is in the spotlight just for his good looks?
[Editor Rob: I think he is a decent actor. I find most of the stuff he's in enjoyable. Of course it helps he hit a 9 in the genetic looks department!]
Justanotherguy says on 25/Oct/14
I don't think people understand the kind of shoes that Brad Pitt would need to look 6 feet tall if he was in the 5'9 range.

Click Here

You can get away with 2 inches with right shoes but anything over and it can be obvious. Most would agree here that Brad Pitt can look 6 feet tall in photos. We all can agree that he wears lifts often.

But anything under 5'10 is just not realistic. It would just be too obvious.
Heylo says on 25/Oct/14
Smokingnun, His head is a little bit tilted & the whole body isn't straight forward. Not that his head probably hits 176 at that moment but could there be a possibility of him being 177cm you think? Cause that would be more logical in my opinion.
smokingnun says on 24/Oct/14
There was a post by Dan with an image of pitt standing next to high school lockers and he was barefeet. It was for a ABC pilot back in 1989. I searched online for sizes of thsese high school lockers, and they come in three sizes (height) 48.5", 60" and 72". So I calculated pitt's height to the relative lockers nearby and can conclusively and confidently say he is between 5'9" and 5'9.5" see my link for my analysis.

Click Here

you can now close all arguments about pitt's height and everyone can agree he is around 5'9". case closed!
pauly e says on 23/Oct/14
Dmeyer says on 23/Oct/14
Wath are you Talking about pitt shoes are skate type the Heel starts well way below wath it looks it give 0.6in range

I wouldn't argue with that, but Fallon's give next to nothing. in the shot where you see the shoes you can tell Fallon's shoes have virtually no sole....I have a pair like them and they give almost no boost at all. so i stand by my statement that Pitt has the footwear advantage and is closer to 179 than 180 cm.
Heylo says on 23/Oct/14
Looks like Pitt might have a very small advantage with his shoes (an advantage not very noticeable). Fallon is probably like 2cm taller in this particular video. But i think the difference would be slightly bigger if they were barefeet, like 3-4cm. Just a theory. I could be wrong! But if that's the case, then Brad is once again put at 178cm/5'10.
lelman says on 23/Oct/14
Pitt looks a weak 5ft 11 with Fallon, which is exactly what he is. In his prime I'm sure he was a fraction taller, but I doubt he has lost much height considering his excellent posture and active lifestlye.
Dmeyer says on 23/Oct/14
Click Here , pitt shoes with fallon 0.6in type also his foot pose is very normal , brad is secure about his height if he faced fallon Like that he could have worn nike shox plus 0.5in and he would have looked 1in taller than fallon
Dmeyer says on 23/Oct/14
Wath are you Talking about pitt shoes are skate type the Heel starts well way below wath it looks it give 0.6in range
ed says on 23/Oct/14
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

pitt is in the 178-179 range without his footwear
Jon says on 23/Oct/14
Brad Pitt is definitely my favorite actor. In my opinion one of the greatest living actors along with Samuel Jackson and Gary Oldman. What would you say his head size is Rob?
[Editor Rob: possibly a little over average, but not really much.]
truth says on 22/Oct/14
@Brad he is only 50 lol, at that age you probably only start shrinking.
pauly e says on 22/Oct/14
those shoes fallon has on do not add much. i have a pair similar to them. Fallon looks about a half inch taller to me, but Pitt's shoes are bigger. assuming Pitt is not packing, Pitt is probably an inch less than Fallon. What is Fallon: 5'11.5?
Dmeyer says on 22/Oct/14
Pitt has no advantage over fallon if anything d'allonger could have a few MM more shoes , brad foot pose is normal , brad at 50 with normal shoes can look a 5'11 Guy looks similar to arnold who has more shoes , arnie is defenetly not 6ft and brad is defenetly close to 5'11
Dmeyer says on 22/Oct/14
Click Here , brad is doing ok facing a 182cm solid Guy also back to back he looks barely shorter type brad pitt jimmy fallon on the net if he is not 180cm he has got to be 179.5cm
cobra says on 21/Oct/14
Click Here

Pitt face to face with Fallon at 2:18, and then BACK TO BACK with Fallon at 2:41.

If you pause at EXACTLY 2:26 you get a close up of Pitt's shoe, he has a definite advantage there, and still comes off as a bit shorter.
Dmeyer says on 21/Oct/14
Jon bernthal looked a bit smaller than pitt in première now in Paris he looked a bit taller than pitt , jon had 0.2in léss shoes but better posture and closer to camera
Brad says on 21/Oct/14
Dude is getting older. He was probably taller.5-11 6ft.
Heylo says on 20/Oct/14
Snatch... Your statements about proportions is way wrong. You can have short legs & be tall, that is seen everyday. Now go & never come back unless you have something interesting to point out about Brad's height.
Ella says on 20/Oct/14
@Fillipo thanks for that sayin, you took the words outta my mouth.. I mean does height really matter? Its aboit what you use it to achieve, I'm 5'11.5 tall as a girl, and believe me I plan on using it to make waves, really "no one can really judge an inch in normal life"
cole says on 20/Oct/14
@snatch (I take it that's what you meant when you wrote "snath" as your nickname): Seriously, what on earth are you on about? You don't even understand your own arguments. You go ahead and believe he's a 176-177 cm guy wearing 3-4in footwear everywhere he goes, and keep neglecting the very fact that proportions don't matter - it's the difference between the top of two people's heads you should be focusing on. And if you believe Pitt is wearing lifts all the time, at least take the time to look at some pics and consider how much of an advantage he would ACTUALLY have.
5ft10guy says on 19/Oct/14
5ft9-5ft10 I saw him riding a motorcycle in tmz I think and his arms and legs didnt look long .I think hes just 5ft9.5 with lifts 5ft11 to 6ft
Yep says on 19/Oct/14
1 thing to add 1 inch to your height but to add 2-3 inches is just crazy.
Yep says on 19/Oct/14
So he wrote 5'10 when he was auditioning? Then he's 5'10 but since he became an A-lister he was 5'11-6'1.
Filippo says on 18/Oct/14
I think heylo put it perfectly. Not a full 180, but not under 178. Solid tallish average guy. Ok, he is not a giant, so what? He has goddamn face, hair, body proportions and..height too. Tall average means he is perfect for the vast majority of female population out there. Who needs to reach 6' when you have his blessings? mind that virtually no one could really judge an inch in normal life..
Master Jedi says on 18/Oct/14
At the Fury Premiere with 5'7.5 listed Logan Lerman, 5'7 Michael Pena, 5'11 Jon Bernthal, and 5'9 listed Shia Labeouf

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Joe says on 18/Oct/14
I bet you he's no taller than 5'11". He's not even 5'11" out of bed.
Chris says on 17/Oct/14
It doesn't matter how tall he is because he's such a good actor jelly manlet brahs
Dan says on 17/Oct/14
As you can see, the guys proportions are so perfect he even has thick muscular calves and small feet. You know how hard it is to have muscular thick calves on a very lean frame? Perfect athletic body.
Dan says on 17/Oct/14
Click Here This is a pic of brad from 1989. So hard to gauge this guy because of his shoulders and his physique. It's funny. It looks like he can be both above average and average. Still can't imagine him being shorter than 5-10 or a hair under.
snath says on 17/Oct/14

so your saying if someone is 5 foot 10 with a 14 inch head
then we still shouldn't use proportions?

that is ludacris

he has short legs and a normal torso

just because pitt flaunts his average torso
and walks around like he's the man
does not mean he has a super mans torso

so please stop using his torso as if it is out the
ordinary its not its average

usually 99% of the time if someone has short legs
then they are short

your legs are the big factor in which if you are tall or not
NOT your torso your legs are the biggest muscle

seeing his barefoot photos and clearly seeing me and him have
about the same length legs and just about the same torso i just can't
see him reach 178 maybe in the morning but definitely not
during the day

ok legs say pitt at wearing 1.5 heels with 1.5 lifts now add 7 cm
to 176 you get= 184.12

now eric bana at 6 foot 2 with 1 inch shoes would be 6 foot 3 would be 190.5

explains why pitt was 5 to 7 CM'S shorter then bans

its all in the math
truth says on 17/Oct/14
@cole well to me he looks like a strong 5ft10 mostly disregarding proportions.
ajcf1995 says on 17/Oct/14
Click Here
Heylo says on 17/Oct/14
Cole, that's right but some people here think proportions are evidence of someones height, that is pure bull****.
Celebheights 188 CM says on 16/Oct/14
6'3" Will Ferrell isn't that much taller than him:

Click Here

183 CM doesn't seem impossible.
cole says on 16/Oct/14
Stop using his goddamn proportions as an excuse. I'm 5'11, my legs are the same length as a bunch of 5'8-9 friends, my torso the same length as a 6'1.5 friend - I've got longer arms than him too. Proportions don't matter.
C-MO says on 15/Oct/14
180cm morning 178cm night would be my guess for him 179cm as midday height

he looks that height proportion wise to me ...just gives that vibe

same height as mike tyson
Heylo says on 15/Oct/14
Here are newly photos for those who think Brad have "average" or long legs. He doesn't have extremely short legs by any means but some fracture under average is possible. That's why he looks so perfectly proportioned in heeled shoes with small lifts.

Click Here
Click Here

Keep in mind when looking at the photos that his legs probably look shorter than what they are with those saggy pants too. However, if you would judge his height on those photos you would probably say that he doesn't look tall at all, that's the illusion of short legs. Having the shirt stuck into your pants & heeled shoes with this bodytype gives off the best look where the upperbody & the legs looks quite balanced. And he looks fractions over 6ft on big events.

He is around 5'10, anything else under 177 is madness.
Heylo says on 15/Oct/14
Snatch, you are so full of ****. You are saying that "he can't be taller than me(5'8) with that kind of bone structure". You can be 7 inches tall and have legs of a 6'4 guy, proportions is very individual. Ever heard of Michael Phelps? Swimmers for example have to have long upper bodies to be successful.

Brad have the same body proportions & structure as i do too. Just as you Snatch, guess what, i am 5'10 (or at least almost, 177cm). I know a guy who's 6'3 and he have the same body structure as i do.

Brad is a typical Ectomorph, long relatively small neck, naturally thin forearms & calves. That + the proportions, rather short legs & a long torso(not necessarily part of the ectomorph though) . Perfect body for looking good with lifts. Perfect body from a beauty aspect when it comes to fitness.

The only reason Clooney might look taller than Pitt just by looking at them is Clooneys legs. Long legs gives off that tall look. But long legs are at the same giving off a very "weak" upperbody look. Then there are some people, very few that have almost perfect balanced proportions.

I don't agree with you Snatch about Brad Pitt's head either. It's definitely not small, it's not huge either but it's definitely not small. His jaw is about the same size as his head(which shows how wide jaw he has=testosterone), look at when he had a buzzcut. When you have hair the actual hairline makes the head look smaller cause we are often judging headsize by how big the forehead LOOKS.
Silent_D says on 15/Oct/14
177cm. He looked quite taller than shia labeouf in fury and the other costars. He is wearing huge army boots too.
Dan says on 14/Oct/14
Sam put it right on the money
truth says on 14/Oct/14
@Sam fully agree with you, he looks around 178-179cm mostly.
Dmeyer says on 14/Oct/14
I agree if he was 5'9-10 he would need huge shoes to look 6ft
Tim says on 13/Oct/14
5-10.25 to 5-11
Sam says on 13/Oct/14
Don't think he's the full 5'11 myself, but I don't think he's under 5'10 either, more a fraction over if anything. Solid 5'10 no doubt. 178cm - 179cm. Looks the same as me proportionally. Legit 5'11 guys like Timberlake or Beckham just give a taller impression and don't look that far away from the tallish range, whereas Pitt looks a bit shy of that in normal footwear. However I have no problem with people saying he's 5'11, just think its a little too kind for him but still in that 5'10 - 5'11 area he has to be in.
cole says on 13/Oct/14
@Snatch: A lot of people think he's near 5'11, and rightly so - he'd have had to wear much bigger footwear than he does to pull off looking as tall as he can look, had he been just 5'9-10.
Nate 177 says on 13/Oct/14
Brad Pitt is 5' 11".
Dmeyer says on 12/Oct/14
Me and rob think pitt is 5'10.75-11
Parker says on 12/Oct/14
snatch says on 10/Oct/14
blink no one here thinks pitt is 5 11

I think he's 5'11. 5'10.5 minimum.
Arch Stanton says on 12/Oct/14
jamie179cm says on 11/Oct/14
Arch Stanton 1 5ft11 isn't tall 2 im 5ft10.5 and i think i have a bigger body frame

I know it's not, upper average more like, but you can tell a lot of visitors here want him to be short or average and seem angry with 5'11 for him!
jamie179cm says on 12/Oct/14
ok i could wrong about pitts body frame and body structures but look at him next Claudia Schiffer who i think could be as low as 178cm shes in flats and hes in lifts without the lifts i think she would be a bit taller than him and anyway why would a legit 5ft11 wear lifts all the time? also a 5ft11 guy in lifts would be around 6ft1 6ft2 which i doubt pitt is in his lifts
184.3cm says on 12/Oct/14
Not Shorter than 179cm. Hits 185 in his elevators, 183 in boots, 182 in sneakers. Never looks shorter.
jamie179cm says on 12/Oct/14
@cole ok man that your opinion
cole says on 11/Oct/14
@jamie179cm: Look man... He's taller than you - at worst the same height, just accept it already.
jamie179cm says on 11/Oct/14
Arch Stanton 1 5ft11 isn't tall 2 im 5ft10.5 and i think i have a bigger body frame than he does 3 that picture with Paltrow he wasn't much taller than her and i think she 5ft8 4 a 5ft9 guy can wear 2.5 to to get up to 182cm 5 i doubt hes 6ft1 in lifts
cole says on 11/Oct/14
That should do it haha. A fine reminder at the top now for you guys wishing to argue 5'9-10 ;)
Arch Stanton says on 11/Oct/14
Jay 184cm says on 9/Oct/14
Scroll down to the famous photo of 5'9" Paltrow with Pitt barefoot:
Click Here
Then tell me again that he is 5'11".....

It's one picture. And what about the many many comparison with Paltrow where he looks 5'10.5-5'11?
Arch Stanton says on 11/Oct/14
Nice photos for comparison, LOL he always wears black and grey.
snath says on 10/Oct/14
willam hague posture is terrible

plus lifts make someone with good posture appear even taller

he has never hit 6 foot 1 in lifts eric bana proved that
snath says on 10/Oct/14
willam hague posture is terrible

plus lifts make someone with good posture appear even taller

he has never hit 6 foot 1 in lifts eric bana proved that
blink says on 10/Oct/14
Right snatch, you actually believe Rob is wrong and Pitt actually lies about his height. He might be a lift wearer at times but there's no way he would ever measure below 5'10.75.
Arch Stanton says on 10/Oct/14
snatch says on 10/Oct/14
blink no one here thinks pitt is 5 11

let alone it being a fact lol

I do. I think he'd measure near it, at least earlier in the day.
jed says on 10/Oct/14
There's a picture of him next to 5'10 William Hague where he looks 6'1. I mean lifts or no lifts getting from 5'10-6'1 is some accomplishment.
cole says on 10/Oct/14
@Editor Rob: Maybe it's time to do something about these people who come to Brad's page every single day with mockery, offensive comments and a fresh load of 5'9-crap?
pauly e says on 10/Oct/14
Jay 184cm says on 9/Oct/14
Scroll down to the famous photo of 5'9" Paltrow with Pitt barefoot:
Click Here
Then tell me again that he is 5'11".....

yeah, he does not look 2" taller than here there....and that's assuming she really is 5'9. she may be a bit less.
Arch Stanton says on 10/Oct/14
Rob can you add a photo or two like Cruise? @Blink Because to some (short or barely average) people commenting here 5 ft 11 is tall and they don't want the man to look as good as he is and be tall. They want to think he's average height as some consolation :-) In the early 90s they have a point, he did seem smaller, but since about 1995 I don't know how anybody could really think he's under 5 ft 10. He mostly looks 182 than 178 or lower. On occasions he can look 5'10 ish though,
snatch says on 10/Oct/14
blink no one here thinks pitt is 5 11

let alone it being a fact lol
kyuss says on 9/Oct/14
5-11" for sure
Jay 184cm says on 9/Oct/14
Scroll down to the famous photo of 5'9" Paltrow with Pitt barefoot:
Click Here
Then tell me again that he is 5'11".....
snatch says on 9/Oct/14
lmao at blink

how do you know for a fact that pitt is 5 11 have you measured him?

no one is upset in fact if anyone is upset is his fans that he
lied about his height

so before you write non sense try to find a reason why
we should not downgrade him

show us some pictures or references that prove your opinion no sorry i mean
your fact

because i have listed 100 posibilites that even 5 foot 10 is a stretch for him
and i can say a lot of people here have agreed that he has never passed
178 cm after the morning

heres a fact blink

the man has been in lifts since the 80s till this day

if you have been in lifts since the 80s you should
grab a box of tissues because thats sad
truth178cm says on 9/Oct/14
Because blink he is good looking succesfull male with a decent height and that upsets the majority who do not share his experience.
blink says on 8/Oct/14
Why are people so upset with the fact Pitt is 5'11? I see lots of people trying to downgrade him for no reason lol.
snatch says on 7/Oct/14
haha! some of you people trying to get brad above 180! how stupid and ridiculous. its so simple. you can say he has really really short legs, they are not average legs that you would find on most men. the rest of his height is his average torso . he is not a very normal height guy. he can't even pass for a 180 guy let alone 6

chris you need to see a doctor 95% of the people here say that 5 foot 10 is a stretch for him

actually chris should no pitts exact height he is brad pitts slave lmao
Chris says on 7/Oct/14
Haha! Some of you people trying to get Brad under 180! How stupid and ridiculous. It is so simple. You can't say he has short legs. They are standard, average legs that you would find on most men, even men who are below world average. The rest of his height is his above average torso length. He is a very normal 180 guy and to look at he could easily pass for 6 foot.
snath says on 5/Oct/14
he is not 2 inches off six feet
hes more like 3 and half inches off

say what you say he's short he has short legs

if someone has short legs its Impossible for them to b 2 inches 6 feet
i don't no how you do no know that

short legs = not a 6 footer
short legs = short
short legs = impossible for being anything close to 6 feet
short legs = average height
short legs = using lifts
short legs = not tall
short legs = no way even close to 178
short legs= small body structure
short legs = always look short

long torso = average
long torso= doesn't really have anything to do with height
long torso= even a short person could have a long torso
long torso= is not the reason why people are tall
long torso = really doesn't mean your tall

the people commenting are funny you show them a picture thats solid evidence
then they will say the camera angle was off ( what certification do you have in photography
to make such a assumption)

if you show pitt under a height chart that shows he's 5 foo t9
people here will say that the height chart was off by a inch or two

i have met pitt and i have met jauqin phoenix

jauqin phoenix saids he's only 5 foot 8

and when i met pitt he was the same exact height as jauqin same
body structures

pitt looked 1.5 to 2 inches taller then me max and he was in
heeled shoes at hollywood

he was short in person so don't tell me he's 5 foot 10
i have a 5 foot 10 friend and he was taller then pitt
Vibram says on 5/Oct/14
snath, I'd give Pitt the benefit of the doubt he's probably a weak 5ft10 out of bed.
Magnet99 says on 5/Oct/14
B. Pitt is min. 180 cm tall - claims under 179 cm is absolute nonsense!
snath says on 4/Oct/14

best photos i have ever seen proof he's shorter then clooney

and when lifted is taller
TJE says on 4/Oct/14
*I've seen
truth178cm says on 4/Oct/14
I think he is being pretty honest with 5ft11, he is only rounding a few fractions up, less than an inch. Pitt is 6ft0.5-6ft1 in lifts, not 5ft11, and he owns Clooney in that regard, that pic that Vibram posted is a perfect example of a bad camera angle, just like the one where Pitt is a few meters closer to the camera and he looks a lot shorter than Clooney. In 90% of pics he looks 1-2cm taller than him, mostly he is not lifted unless at carpet events.
snath says on 4/Oct/14
5 foot 10 is ok tall

its only 2 inches off 6 feet

i just can't see him bang on 178
i can't see him only 2 inches off 6 feet

i can see him 3 inches off 6 feet
or even 2 and half inches off 6 feet

but a solid 2 inches seems highly unlikely

he does have good proportions but thats it
he doesn't have long legs

usually torsos have really nothing to do with height
legs are what make people tall
if someone has long legs they are always tall

if someone has a long torso it doesn't mean there tall

pitt has short legs if someone has short legs theres no chance
they are only 2 inches off 6 feet
Justanotherguy says on 4/Oct/14
Oh great, sluthate A.K.A. PUA Hate. A depressing forum of lonely guys who sit around all day and post how unfair the world is to them. And coming from Vibram. Classic.

All those pictures that show Brad Pitt as "short" are completely unfavorable and taken at angles to intentionally make him look shorter than his co-stars.

There is one in particular that show Christolph Waltz who is 5'7 look close to his height.. Yeah right.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 3/Oct/14
Pitt has never really lied about his height, in fairness to him. He could easily have claimed 6ft or even taken the biscuit and claimed 6ft1.

His claim is feasible enough.
TJE says on 3/Oct/14
Lol at all these people claiming Brad slips chunky insoles into his shoes. With some of the pics I 've being posted here, the only possible way for him to do that is have the bottom half of his feet amputated, but he wouldn't be walking if he did. The closest Brad gets to lifts is a 3-4 cm thick shoe with a 1-1.5 cm insole slipped in.

With that said, he can look anywhere from 178 to 182. I think 179-180 range is fair.
Heylo says on 3/Oct/14
I'm pretty sure by now that he is 177cm. Take or give a few mm. But he is actually about the exact same height as me then.. lol But i feel his little concern about his height, i mean, you're one inch from a perfectly "accepted" height by both women & men even though you are about 2-3 inches from the "ideal".
jamie179cm says on 3/Oct/14
truth178cm look celebrity lie about there heights i would say paltrow is 5ft8 and brad is between 175cm 177cm im sorry but his body frame doesn't give me a impression of 5ft10 guy
Vibram says on 2/Oct/14
lol. Click Here
truth178cm says on 2/Oct/14
Looks taller than 5ft9-5ft9.5 Schroeder by an inch. Looks at least around 5ft11 with 5ft9 Paltrow. Stop downgrading him lol.
cobra says on 2/Oct/14
What about this picture with Julia Roberts?

Click Here
Jay 184cm says on 1/Oct/14
Pitt and Paltrow - almost identical height in most of these photos, except the ones where he's wearing boots: Click Here
He looks 176-177cm here, natural height.
Jay 184cm says on 1/Oct/14
Once you've seen Pitt in Across The Tracks it's hard to see him past 177cm. He looks no taller than 177cm-listed Rick Schroeder in that film: Click Here
He didn't grow after that film - he was already 27! He's 5'9.5" or at the very most 5'10".
snatch says on 1/Oct/14
Lawrence Gilliard Jr's

^ pitt is the same exact height as him
snatch says on 1/Oct/14
i know he's taller then me but not by much

if i were to compare my bone structure with clooenys i would say
clooney has a bigger bone structure

but if i were to compare pitt and me i would say we are close ( I'm not saying I'm
attractive or whatever im saying very similar bone structure)

i would say he's 5 10 only in the morning
in the day and night he's about at 5 foot 9 and 5 or 75

if he was walking 5 foot 10 at night with 1.5 heels and 1.5 lifts then he would be
6 foot 1 flat in shoes with lifts

but he struggles to hit 6 foot 1 all the time which is why
i don't see him at 5 foot 10

he seems to hit 5 11 on the dot

but he struggles to hit 6 foot in lifts

which is why people here argue that he is in the 5 foot 9 range

a 5 foot 10 guy with proper shoes would hit 6 feet without struggle

i have never seen him hit 6 feet without struggle he always looks like
he's walking on heels

look at the jacka** cameo he did when he was being kidnapped
look at how he walks with the shoes he's got it looks like
he's wearing heels walking down the street
truth178cm says on 1/Oct/14
Anywhere from 177-178cm to 180-181cm is fine. Can look from strong average to slightly above average. Never ever short or below average.
Dan says on 30/Sep/14
In Thelma and Louise germs Davis michael madsen and the guy who played Davis' husband are all tall. Reason he looked shorter in those days is because he didn't have the star power to have people cast shorter then him. In interview with a vamp he easily looks 5-10 considering cruise was lifted. In fight club he looks easily 5-11 with the big shoes he wears the hodgman Lakestream fishing boots. In meet joe black he was really really lifted and often looked 6-1 in the film. His star had risen and he had to be tall in the film. That's probably when he started really lifting. In seven he did appear 5-11.
Dan says on 30/Sep/14
First, I do agree clooney is either as tall or a less the an inch taller then pitt. Second, I don't know what you mean about a stocky 5-10 guy looking 5-8. That statement is only regarding peoples perception of what 5-8 or 5-10 looks like. And since everyone is bad at telling height, that argument is not valid. Anyone who has a good eye for height would never confuse 5-8 with 5-10. Never. It's two inches of difference which maker he difference between short then average and average. Also, brad has a small head yes, the dome of his skull is small and round, but his face is not small at all. He has a tall face. From his hair line to his chin is long. Trust me, I've owned many sunglasses that he has and even the biggest sunglasses don't look huge on him. Just look at him in fight club. Clooney appears to have bigger bones cause he is way slimmer and bonier then pitt. Pitt has a lot of muscle. Even on his calves which are hard to gain muscle on. Look up the brad of sunglasses pitt wears and you'll see he doesn't have a short face. He has a narrow head but his face and neck are wide. Snatch you may have the same bone structure but on a smaller body. You probably mean you have similar proportions, which has more to do with muscle and length of limbs and torso. I really can't see pitt shorter then 5-10. And in hollywood that's not tall. Only to short guys
snatch says on 30/Sep/14
my friend who was exactly 5 foot 10 he was skinny to he looked
like a giant next to me and he was only 5 foot 10

sometimes even if someone is a inch or two taller there porportions
is what matters

someone can be taller and still not dwarf in a way someone can with
better porportions
snatch says on 30/Sep/14
i mean when i think of clooney
for some reason i thinks he's
taller then pitt

clooney looks like he has a bigger bone structure
than pitt

even clooney stated as a joke that he's 6 foot 1

in my opinion clooney is taller than him

some pics I've seen he's either shorter then clooney
or taller

i can say he's 5 foot 10 in the morning
but during the day he has to be 5 foot 9 and half
just can't see him standing 178 at the end of the day

he has short legs thats a clear indication he's nothing over
the average height
Arch Stanton says on 30/Sep/14
I remember before the Internet days I was always puzzled at how tall Pitt was, he was one of the few actors I really found difficult to accurately guess. I thought 5'9" in Across the Tracks, 5'9.5 in Kalifornia, 5'10 in Interview with the Vampire, 5'10.5 in Seven, 5'11 in Meet Joe Black and the Devil's Own, 6 ft in Fight Club etc. Basically anything between 5'9 and 6'1". I remember he did say he wanted to be 2 inches taller though in a 1995 magazine, and I used to watch Interview with the Vampire a fair bit and always thought he looked 5 ft 10 range in it,
cole says on 30/Sep/14
@snatch: I'm sure you can mistake a 2 inch difference when seeing people on their own, in a picture for example, but it really doesn't matter, as anyone should be able to tell if there are something in the vicinity of 2 inches between the TOP of two peoples heads when stacked up against eachother. What's between head and feet doesn't really matter as long as the measurement from top to bottom is what it is. You can't just take something like head/leg-length and say people can't be this or that height, it doesn't work like that. I have the legs of a 173-175 cm (5'8-9) guy, the torso of a 183-185 cm (6'0-1) guy and a fairly average head (24 cm - 9.5in), but at the end of the day there's still 180 cm (5'10.75 - 5'11) from the soles of my feet to the highest point of my head.
184.3cm says on 30/Sep/14
@jamie179cm wills has never be over 180cm in his life

He didnt look average height at all next to guys like Samuel L Jackson, Alan Rickman , Jeremy Irons..the list goes on and they are all tall guys. His peak height listing here of 182cm seems legit to me.Tallish guy at his peak and now average height.
snatch says on 29/Sep/14
same exact height as Lawrence Gilliard Jr's
my honest opinion
snatch says on 29/Sep/14
2 inches does not dwarf someone like 6 inches

i have had friend who are 5 foot 10 and i thought they were 6 feet
they looked 6 feet

but i have friends who are 5 10 and were stocky and i thought
that they were 5 foot 8

my point you can mistake a 2 inch difference

but a 4 or 6 you can't

what if someone is 5 11 and has a 1inch bigger head that someone who is 5 foot 9?

pitt has a small head i don't see him scraping more than 5 foot 10 in the morning

hes 176.5 max during the day

i have the same bone structure as him i have a small head with a long neck
short legs with long torso and I'm only 173 i don't no how he can be 178
someone with my proportions can't be that tall thats all I'm saying
jamie179cm says on 29/Sep/14
@184.3cm wills has never be over 180cm in his life
184.3cm says on 28/Sep/14
179cm is what Brad would measure i think. Remember he was shorter than Willis years ago by an inch or so .
Dan says on 27/Sep/14
Zac efron, Matt Damon and Johnny depp all claim 5-10 and they are all obviously not 5-10. I didn't say 2 " is a big difference and that he would be way taller, but a legit barefoot 5-10 guy is noticeably taller then a 5-8 guy. Even if the 5-8 guy is wearing boots and lifts, he's still gonna look shorter. I got 5-11 friends and 6-1 friends and when I wore boots with inserts inside I didn't look short next to them but they were still taller then me and they were in sneakers. I was probably scraping 5-10
cole says on 27/Sep/14
@snatch: Do you think it's ok for a 5'11 guy to claim 6'1 then?...
2 inches is absolutely something to argue about, it is a very noticable and big difference.
snatch says on 27/Sep/14

i didn't know 2 inches is that big of a difference

4 inches yes 6 inches hess

but a measly 2 inches is really nothing to argue about

he's easily 5 10
then I'm easily 5 foot 8

and god knows if he even is 5 foot 10 lol
Dan says on 25/Sep/14
Brad is definitely about 5-10. Solid 5-10 guy with good proportions. Snatch, you continue to say stuff like pitt doesn't look that much taller then you or he looks close to your height, trust me. I'm 5-8.5 and I am no where near pitt's height. Sure if you saw him in person, he'd be significantly taller. I stood two feet away from Andrew Dominick the director of Jesse James and killing them softly. He was a sold 5-11. Brad never appears much shorter than him. And I'm telling you guys, brad pitt does not walk around with 3" lifts in his vans sneakers. Impossible. He is about 5-10 and probably uses about 1.25 " lift inside vans sneakers which in total probably give a solid 1.5" of actual noticeable height increase. That doesn't explain how he still looks 5-11 when he's walking around and not just standing on big lifts. He is easily 5-10. If he is shorter, it's only by tiny increments unnoticeable to the naked eye
cole says on 25/Sep/14
@Editor Rob: Yeah you're right. But Bernthal would probably have the edge on him barefoot. 5'10.75 a good shout for a listing?
mike says on 25/Sep/14
Jon Bernthal: 5ft 11in 180 cm
Brad Pitt: 5ft 11.25in 181 cm
cole says on 24/Sep/14
@Editor Rob: In these "Pitt posing for pics with Bernthal" times, it should be a good opportunity to have another look at Pitt. Now, at first when I saw this pic in low res, I didn't think there was anything too suspicious about Pitt's footwear, but when the higher res ones came out it seems as though Pitt (Lerman aswell) does have a little more footwear-help than Jon does: Click Here Jon's not standing his tallest either, so whatever edge Pitt has on him in this shot maybe wouldn't be as big if Jon stood taller. What do you think?
[Editor Rob: if Pitt has lifts they will be a subtle kind, just a 0.5-0.75 incher to make himself look a comfortable 5ft 11 range...I don't think there's much between jon and brad, I know he's got a slight lean but then sometimes you don't lose much from a slight lean, a fraction or so.]
snatch says on 23/Sep/14
if he was 5 foot 11 barefoot then in 2 inch shoes he would be
6 foot 1
and in lifts he would be 6 foot 2

sorry but i have never seen him hit 6 foot 2
or 6 foot 1 for that matter

hes aways scraping 6 feet with lifts which leads me to
believe he's a strong 5 foot 9 or a weak 5 foot 10

in other words he's not past 177

he looks max 4 cm taller then me and I'm 173

i no for sure he's not 178 he just doesn't have the
skeletons of a guy who's only 2 inches off 6 feet

he has the body structure of someone who's like 3 inches
off 6 feet
pauly e says on 22/Sep/14
Jay 184cm says on 21/Sep/14
It's been said before but if he is a legit 5'11" or even 5'10.5", why is his height never listed as 6'0"? A 5'11" guy in Hollywood would 95% of the time claim 6'0" I believe. Likely a 5'10.5" guy might try his luck at it too. Many do. You have to ask yourself that.

^this. Most guys I see claim "6'0" are 5'10.25 - 5'10.75. Most guys I see claim "6'1" are 5'11.25 - 5'11.75. Pitt's claim of 5'11 leads me to think he is 5'10 at best.
Andrea says on 22/Sep/14
That's not the way you should think, Jay. So, anybody who does not get listed at 6' can't be near 5'11? I do remember Jon Bertnhal was listed at 5'10 on the net but he's actually near 5'11. So what? He can't be more than 5'9 for the same rule? Let alone the listings on the net and just try to guess his height on your own. I've not seen much of him but, in the few things i've seen, he looks near enough 5'11 and could easily pull off looking taller than 5'11 flat, even if i guess footwear and good posture play a role in that!
jamie179cm says on 22/Sep/14
jay 184cm good point 5ft10 guy would claim 6ft pitt probably is 177cm 175cm Wouldn't shock me and most celebrity lie about there height
Jay 184cm says on 21/Sep/14
It's been said before but if he is a legit 5'11" or even 5'10.5", why is his height never listed as 6'0"? A 5'11" guy in Hollywood would 95% of the time claim 6'0" I believe. Likely a 5'10.5" guy might try his luck at it too. Many do. You have to ask yourself that.
sum says on 21/Sep/14
Dmeyer says on 20/Sep/14
He consistently beats 5'10.5 Guys and 5'11 Guys when in none monster looking footwear Like eli roth Clooney trophée grâce , berthal fassbender malkovich , the Guy has to be at worst 179.5cm if not 180cm
Heylo says on 20/Sep/14
Why would a director lie about his height? LOL make no sense.

Brad looks to be taller than the claimed 5'11 guy next to him in that Fury photoshoot but Brad does that often nowadays, always look half an inch taller than 5'11 guys. 177.5 + 2 inches = 182.5. That's the height i think Brad Pitt reaches at best. He always has the best posture too so he might appear taller than co stars because of that.

Snatch, your low IQ comment made no sense. No one of us here know how tall Brad really is at the exact number, don't act smart lol.
Jay 184cm says on 19/Sep/14
@lelman It's an interesting pic but I think the answer is that none of their listed heights are accurate except maybe the far-right guy. Pitt looks a solid 5'11 or just under 6'0 in body frame in this picture - same height as Beckham in appearance, but I suspect he is stealing an inch somewhere there. The guy on the left looks like a 6'1 dude claiming to be taller.
lelman says on 19/Sep/14
@Jay 184cm Dermot could have been wearing lifts at that event, you don't know. You can't take a single event as evidence because all it takes is one person wearing lifts to completely skew the perspective. In general Pitt looks on par with 6ft + guys, even with lifts thats gonna be hard to do for a man under 5ft 11. I'd buy slightly under 5ft 11 for him, at the very least.
Jay 184cm says on 18/Sep/14
I don't get how people can claim Pitt is 5'11 or 6'0 after Dural's pictures a little lower down. He looks the exact same height as 5'9" Dermot Mulroney in the 90's, Norton towers over Mulroney and Bowie, and then in the 00's Pitt is suddenly the same height as Norton or even slightly taller?! Seriously, work it out - he's found a whole 3 whole inches from somewhere...
Blink says on 18/Sep/14
I saw an interview with her on Jonathan Ross and he said something like "not a lot of people have to bend down to give me a kiss, how tall are you without the heel?" and claudia said 181 and then added 5'11
lelman says on 18/Sep/14
Click Here

From left to right (these are their listed heights)
David Ayer - 6ft 2.5in
Logan Lerman - 5ft 9in
Brad Pitt - 5ft 11in
John Berthnal - 5ft 11in

Right off the bat it is obvious that Logan is not 5ft 9, look at his shoes and compare him to Berthnal - looks more like a 5ft 7 guy. Berthnal and Ayer look to be dropping a bit of height, Pitt is standing straight. He looks about 6ft 1in here to me, max, if all the other heights are to be believed.

How much height do you think his boots are giving him? More than 2 inches? I don't think it would be possible for him to look this tall if he was under 5ft 10.
Tim says on 17/Sep/14
@ snatch, he is at least 2 inches taller than you, calm down.
jamie179cm says on 17/Sep/14
snatch i agree i can't see him over 177cm
Fred says on 17/Sep/14
snatch says on 16/Sep/14 claudia was 1 inch shorter then him when she was basically barefoot
while he was in heeled shoes

Snatch, how do you know how tall Claudia Schiffer is? I´m from Berlin and I saw her two times in real - she's about 1.82 cm - and not 1.80 cm as so many Click Here say!

I´m sorry, but I see Pitt more at 5 foot 11 or 6 ft.
snatch says on 16/Sep/14
if he's not 5 11 then for sure he's not 5 foot 10

claudia was 1 inch shorter then him when she was basically barefoot
while he was in heeled shoes

5 foot 9 and half max
he hits 5 foot 10 in the morning
and shrinks down

its obvious who ever says he's 5 foot 10 clearly has
a low IQ
Tim says on 14/Sep/14
@ Jed, I think they are very close, difference can be like 1 cm
Jed says on 13/Sep/14
If he is 5'10 then Fassbender is under 5'10, which he isn't. He's 5'11 flat.
pauly e says on 12/Sep/14
I'm starting to think that even if we had a picture of Pitt standing in front of a height chart scraping 5'10 barefoot, we would have someone on here arguing about the camera angle or whatever and trying to still back up him being 5'11, which he clearly is not...
Dural says on 12/Sep/14
It doesn't work that way Vegas. Pitt is closer to the camera in the original photo anyway and has footwear advantage. Norton is clearly taller, there's no doubt about it.

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