How tall is Brad Pitt ?

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Brad Pitt height: 5ft 11in (180 cm)

American actor best known for movies such as Se7en, Fight Club, Snatch, Oceans Thirteen, Troy and World War Z. A newspaper article on heights (washington post) quoted as saying people had seen Pitt put down 5ft 10 on an audition form for his height. Well, before he was A-list, aged 24 he wrote his own height as 5ft 11 in a teen magazine profile. Granted he can look 182cm, but then he has impeccable posture and at times, most recently in the last few years, he also appears to wear impeccably sized footwear that give him a little boost over fellow actors. Even Clooney was wise to his footwear: (from USAToday) "He's tall. He's like 6-1. It's irritating". In slippers with Damon, Clooney in socks and here

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Heylo says on 16/Apr/14
181.5 cm is average height in Sweden according to studies for men(wikipedia hasn't updated, 179cm i listed there), i live in Sweden and is 5'10. I feel very short at times here. Most people seems to be taller than 6ft (newer generations). The older generations from 35 years and up seems to be closer to my height 5'10-5'11.
Pizzaman says on 15/Apr/14
Heylo, your estimates for Swedish men and women are a way too high. We don't even reach those heights in the Netherlands (182 and 169 here). You might want to drop an inch or two. As for Brad, again I say too 177-178.
pauly e says on 15/Apr/14
RisingForce says on 15/Apr/14
Filippo, who says he needs lifts to claim 5'11"? The 5'11" claim was from 1987, and I doubt he wore lifts back then. I believe he was listed at 5'11" until at least the mid 90's, but a number of interviewers actually remarked that Pitt was tall and described him as 6 feet. It's obviously not true, but he does in fact look 6 feet a lot. I wouldn't say he looks too short in lifts to be 5'11", in fact, I think the problem is people buying into some of the myths with lifts, and assuming Brad is in lifts 24/7, when we have no idea how often he wears lifts. In reality, Pitt's shoes, even if they are lifts, probably give closer to 2 inches than 3 inches. For a 5'10.5"/5'10.75" guy with good posture, it makes sense that he'd often look 6 feet with posture. A guy under 5'10" isn't going to look as consistently tall as Pitt does, and if you wear huge elevators 2.5"+ and up, it's going to be very noticeable. Check out Rob's article on the subject.

bingo! completely agree. weak 5'11 guys will often get described as 6'0 to the untrained eye. especially if they are slim.
RisingForce says on 15/Apr/14
Filippo, who says he needs lifts to claim 5'11"? The 5'11" claim was from 1987, and I doubt he wore lifts back then. I believe he was listed at 5'11" until at least the mid 90's, but a number of interviewers actually remarked that Pitt was tall and described him as 6 feet. It's obviously not true, but he does in fact look 6 feet a lot. I wouldn't say he looks too short in lifts to be 5'11", in fact, I think the problem is people buying into some of the myths with lifts, and assuming Brad is in lifts 24/7, when we have no idea how often he wears lifts. In reality, Pitt's shoes, even if they are lifts, probably give closer to 2 inches than 3 inches. For a 5'10.5"/5'10.75" guy with good posture, it makes sense that he'd often look 6 feet with posture. A guy under 5'10" isn't going to look as consistently tall as Pitt does, and if you wear huge elevators 2.5"+ and up, it's going to be very noticeable. Check out Rob's article on the subject.
Gilipollas says on 15/Apr/14
MarcusTheSwede, I'm sorry if you felt bad snd bullied. Dude, don't take it that serious! I bet you are not a marine or never been in the army or even a football team. And all that huge post because I said Enrique Iglesias was shorter and that he cannot sing and lipsynches? Ok...sorry dude, you are very sensitive.
Anyway, Rob, time to downgrade Pitt at least 2cm.
Gilipollas says on 15/Apr/14
MarcusTheSwede, I'm sorry if you felt bad snd bullied. Dude, don't take it that serious! I bet you are not a marine or never been in the army or even a football team. And all that huge post because I said Enrique Iglesias was shorter and that he cannot sing and lipsynches? Ok...sorry dude, you are very sensitive.
Anyway, Rob, time to downgrade Pitt at least 2cm.
Heylo says on 15/Apr/14
I Think we all agree on the fact that Brad is NOT 5'11 barefoot, that is almost impossible since he would look way taller with lifts on etc. 5'10.. a very good chance but he does look like a mix between 5'10 and 5'9 sometimes, in my opinion more closer to 5'10. 177cm is very likely.

I agree with Filippo too, i am 1.77-78 cm (don't know exactly) and people guess my height at 181cm, most people can't really estimate height just by looking at a person. There was a swedish woman (i'm from Sweden and everyone who lives or have been in Sweden knows that most men seem to be around 6ft, the women 5'7-5'8..) that said on her blog that she saw Brad Pitt near a fast food place in the US. , she took some pictures, this was back in 2009 when Brad had that long grey beard going on. However, this girl said Brad looked surprisingly short. In Sweden you are seen as "short" if you are under 5'11 but maybe this girl just thought Brad was 6'1 or something i don't know..
Filippo says on 15/Apr/14
@risingforce: a solid 5'10.5 guy ( 179 cm) does not need lifts to claim 5'11 his height. I' m exactly 179 and pretty everyone I meet do believe I'm taller than 180. And I always wear normal shoes + don't have a great posture. People couldn't really judge 1cm! Brad once was listed anywhere at 6' which is ridiculous as you can see from pics with geena Davis.
The pic with gwyneth shows him in his prime being close to 5'10. Let's call it quit. 178 give or take 1 cm..
jamieorr4 says on 14/Apr/14
Joe your a smart guy i think if pitt was a genuine 5ft11 he would claim 6ft1 since he claims 5ft11 i think hes 5ft9 max im a genuine weak 5ft11 guy i think i have a bigger bulit than he does
jamieorr4 says on 14/Apr/14
Joe your a smart guy i think if pitt was a genuine 5ft11 he would claim 6ft1 since he claims 5ft11 i think hes 5ft9 max im a genuine weak 5ft11 guy i think i have a bigger bulit than he does
jamieorr4 says on 14/Apr/14
Joe your a smart guy i think if pitt was a genuine 5ft11 he would claim 6ft1 since he claims 5ft11 i think hes 5ft9 max im a genuine weak 5ft11 guy i think i have a bigger bulit than he does
RisingForce says on 14/Apr/14
It's difficult to say what the difference between Pitt and Aniston is there since they're walking. Joe, Pitt claimed 5'11" in the 80's before he was famous, and long before he appeared to wear lifts, the most recent claim we have from Pitt is from 1987, who knows what he's claimed as his height since then? I'm not sure he wears huge lifts all the time either, I'm not even sure he ever wears what you'd call huge lifts, except possibly the Spy Game heels. But I'll admit that I'm a bit skeptical about a legit 5'11" guy not rounding up to 6 feet even back before he was famous since Pitt went as far as to lie and claim he was born in 1965 as opposed to 1963 in the same profile he wrote 5'11" in. That, along with the fact that he looked more strong 5'10" range than legit 5'11" in his early movies makes me think he's probably a bit under like 5'10.5"-5'10.75" and the shoes and posture make him look 6 feet. Not a huge difference in anyway, but I am skeptical that a legit 5'11" guy who feels the need to shave 2 years off his age at only 23-24 wouldn't claim 6 feet even at that time.
Joe says on 13/Apr/14
I just can't see a man who wears huge shoe lifts all the time being completely honest about his barefoot height. If Pitt claims he's 5'11'' barefoot, then I can't believe he's actually that tall.
Dural says on 13/Apr/14
I doubt that's a 6-7inch difference between Pitt and Aniston.

Click Here
RisingForce says on 13/Apr/14
I do think Pitt has worn lifts pretty frequently over the years, though I also think this is exaggerated compared to some celebrities. Among the reasons I think he's worn lifts are the facts that he's looked around 182-184 cm at a lot of events compared to his previously stated height of 5'11", and while his shoes themselves typically have heels a bit over average and aren't ridiculous, his lower legs sometimes look funny and his foot can appear to be at an angle that suggests a bigger heel. Plus, Dural has posted some photos that show Pitt's legs look pretty short for his height, which isn't usually the case in movies and at events. Here's an example where he looks to be in lifts, imo. Click Here The heels themselves usually aren't that big, though Spy Game was an exception. Click Here Click Here

I do think he could be 5'11" and I don't believe he's just 5'10" flat, much less shorter which seems ridiculous to me, but something like 5'10.5"/5'10.75" seems likely. I just checked clips from "Across The Tracks" and he looks slightly taller than Ricky Schroder who is listed 5'9.5" here, but no more than an inch taller. He must have worn lifts in "Meet Joe Black" because he looks like a 6 footer even if Hopkins was only 5'8". Another thing that's pretty suspicious is how much Pitt's height varied next to Tarantino and Clooney. With Clooney, he can often look an inch to an inch and a half taller, but at other times, there's very little difference and sometimes looks like Clooney would be about the same height if he stood straighter. As for Clooney and Arnold in the late 90's, well there was definitely more than a 2 inch difference, but not as much as a 4 inch difference either. Clooney was about 3 inches shorter, and he's probably 5'10"-5'10.5" range.
MarcusTheSwede says on 12/Apr/14
Gilipollas: one really likes a bully like you. Here we discuss height and if somebody dont think like you or disagree with youre opinion about an artist or what it may be. That does not give you the right to attack or post bad things about them. If you cant understand that. I strongly suggest you search for a site that is full of hate.That you seem to be. Everybody here like to discuss celebs height not caring about if they are good artist or not. Thats youre personal opinion so keep that for yourself. And stick to the topic. Ive been round here for a long while and seen people come and go and sure hope you become one of the later ones. Also this is a great site dedicated to discussion of celeb height so keep to the topic and dont discuss if a artist is good or bad in youre opinion that is not intresting at all. We discuss height. I dont expect a hater as you are to understand the above but in all fairness. This is a better site without haters like you Gilipollas. No one like bullys and here we discuss height not youre absolute opinion regarding an artist or a height. This is a democracy and not an anarchy. Respect and fairness. You should try it or leave. Cause no one likes a bully Gilipollas. No one. I think you must be very unhappy also thats why I forgive you. But stop bullying people here. No one likes a bully. Im not going to read nothing back from you cause youre not worth my time. Now everybody can be happy and keep on discussing height without a bully. I hope you understand Gilipollas if you think deep. No one wants a bully here. Thanks for great site Rob. And keep the good work up. Brad Pitt although needs a downgrade. Everybody for years has discussed his height here and I think most people see him under the 180cm. Next to Colin Farrell Matt Damon George Clooney Gena Davis..well..he is clearly not 180cm if he with cowboy boots is not taller then Gena...and with shoes not taller then Damon.
Its time to take a pin down on Brad. Thanks for great site
jamieorr4 says on 12/Apr/14
Heylo i don't know i wouldn.t go over 177cm for pitt
jamieorr4 says on 12/Apr/14
Heylo i don't know i wouldn.t go over 177cm for pitt
jamieorr4 says on 12/Apr/14
Heylo i don't know i wouldn.t go over 177cm for pitt
MarcusTheSwede says on 12/Apr/14
Heylo: Finally somebody understand. Brad Pitt has a five nine body also but is at best 178cm without shoes. Time for downgrade.
MarcusTheSwede says on 12/Apr/14
Gilipollas: Why dont you grown up and stop talking so much. Here we talk height nothing else. I see you always get all upset as soon as somebody think diffrent then you. I have been here long before you. So just take a chill pill little dude and rest assure all other people here are here to discuss in a civili manner. And be sure that we are here to discuss. There are no absolute truth about a celeb height thats why we DISCUSS that means that we you understand?Good. In that case shut up and discuss height and nothing else.
Probably you wont understand but all here understand that people like you are hopeless. Thanks Rob for a great site and thanks everybody that understand not to take this guy serious.
Heylo says on 12/Apr/14
jamieorr4, A 5'9 body often looks like Eddie Murphy or Colin Farrell. Look at their bodies, that's a true 5'9 body (give or take 1cm). Pitt has imo a typical 177-178cm body. Matt Damon also has this typical 5'9 build.
jamieorr4 says on 12/Apr/14
TO i agree 5ft11 may not be talll but still no need for lifts it average height
jamieorr4 says on 11/Apr/14
viennese imo hes built doesn't even look 5ft10 never mind 5ft11 hes built looks 5ft9 imo
viennese says on 11/Apr/14
5'9 is ridiculous. he looks like a weak 5'11, considering the pictures with benedict cumberbatch where he looks close to 6'1 (of course in his elevator shoes)
TO says on 11/Apr/14
All actors lie about their heights. It doesn't even make sense considering most are handsome or rich. But if you're 5'11, why wear lifts? I can understand if you're 5'4, but people will still know you're short regardless. It's like a 6'2 man saying he's 6'3 for no reason other than he wanting to be the tallest. Very caveman like mentality going on in Hollywood.
lelman says on 10/Apr/14
Do you think 5'11 is the absolute highest he can be? From everything I've seen, he seems more like a strong 5'10 kinda guy. Of course, the difference between 5'10.5 and 5'11 is pretty minuscule, so I guess we'll never know unless one of us meets him barefoot.

Like you say, he can look 183ish, but those instances are rare, to me he more often than not looks about 179cm.
jamieorr4 says on 10/Apr/14
Shell you have a point whats the point of comparing to oher actors when they wear lifts?
Gilipollas says on 10/Apr/14
MarcusTheSwede, Good to hear you want "world peace" after you unsulting me and my country in the Enrique Iglesias forum. Thank you Rob for deleting his post. This kid seems to have changed!
MarcusTheSwede says on 10/Apr/14
Listen. Look at this picture Brad Pitt next to Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer is listed 164cm or 164.5 whatever 164 range.
Click Here

Brad is Wearing real shoes with probably a little bit heel.
Jennifer wearing sandals.
This picture clearly showe. Brad Pitt is not a fully 180cm.
At best 178 without shoes. And thats generous. Would be good to hear from somebody that acutually stood next to him or have a better picture. But he is not 180cm. Time to downgrade.
MarcusTheSwede says on 10/Apr/14
Shell: Agree. Pitt always wear sneakers even at the beach. Geena David towered him and in mind his age when doing that movie and the following where he clearly did not grow that much taller everything points Pitt is from 5 nine to 178cm but not more. ALSO. Agree with Prime Reason. We dont have the exact answer for a celebs real height but this is a forum that we discuss so PLEASE dont take everything so god damned serious. We discuss here no need to get all angry and ****. We discuss here and its not for an absolute truth. We provide best information we can and base the fact we all have on that and discuss it all. If somebody actual stood next to him face to face or beside him would be nice with newly taken pictures.
Shell says on 9/Apr/14
Everyone keeps comparing pictures of Pitt next to other actors but since so many actors wear creative footwear and lie about their height we don't know the true height of the other people standing next to him. There are a lot of pictures of Pitt obviously wearing lifts, so you need to look at barefoot pictures of him and good luck finding any of those. The man wears sneakers or shoes even on the beach. The only ones around are the nude pictures of him and Paltrow where they appear to be very close in height. If you watch his really early movies you can see that he looks a lot shorter than he does now. In Thelma and Louise geena Davis towers over him and she is barefoot and he is wearing pretty big cowboy boots. I think he looks to be between 5' 9" and 5'10" but more like 5' 9".
jamieorr4 says on 9/Apr/14
Gilipollas i wouldn't considered a 5ft9 guy short i considered 5ft7 short for a guy 5ft8 is below average but not short
Prime Reason says on 9/Apr/14
@ Dural, that is a horrible shot, no way there was 4 inches between them back then
Click Here

@ Gilipollas, none of us know the true height of any celebrities so that is a rather strange question to ask. This is all guesswork and just a bit of fun.

If I had a dollar everytime I have seen someone on here claim so and so is such a height in person I would very rich. For all this 'lift evidence' don't you find it strange the editor doesn't seem to agree with you? Personally I agree with Rob 179-180cm for Pitt.

Anyways I am out, its clear both yourself and Dural have strong opinions that I and Rob disagree with and it would be a waste of time to futher the discussion. Good day gentlemen.
Heylo says on 9/Apr/14
I have never said that he didn't use lifts, that is obvious just by looking at his knees on awards when he walks (awfully long limbs..) but i still think he is 177cm. I have watched Kalifornia but that was a long time ago, that girl Michelle is 176cm. But what kind of shoes does Brad and Michelle wear in the movie? Have to look at that and then come back. I could be wrong too.

But i never thought of those beach photos where he use slippers and obviously some kind of lift inside it.. pretty pathetic actually. But he still doesn't look 5'9ish in his build, he looks about one inch or some mm less from 5'10. Just what i think at the moment.
Filippo says on 9/Apr/14
@parker where do you see 2 inches (5 cm) between pitt in slippers and clooney in socks in that pic?! Barely a couple of centimeters.. They are arguably the same height, barefoot.
I think it's pretty useless to keep estimating VIPs heights based on photos with shoes on. Especially pitt's.
I do believe he is not 5'9. But there's no way he could be 5'-11 with Paltrow. Agree with heylo's guess. 5'10.
Gilipollas says on 9/Apr/14
Prime reason, do you really know Clooneys height? Really? Yes, I met both Arnold last year and Pitt in the 90s. I'm 182.5 and I HAD THE IMPRESSION Arnold was a hair taller than me and cannot say if he was wearing lifts or bigger soles than mine.There werw hundreds of people around him. I couldn't even see his legs. As for Pitt, he was clearly shorter and very skinny. I have a friend that met Pitt in a flight (my friend was the pilot) and he is 180 and said "Pitt is short". He also met Kevin Costner and said "big tall guy". I always thought Costner was average 5'10" ish. So what height do you think Pitt is after watching all the lift evidence?
Dural says on 9/Apr/14

I know, Pitt was perfectly honest when he claimed 5'11".

@Prime Reason

Gilipollas is right, Arnold stands 6ft at most today, but in the mid 90s about 2 inches taller. I posted a pic of Pitt in slippers with lifts on the beach, so you can guess he has lifts in his slippers with Clooney, too.
Barefoot Pitt and Clooney are about the same height. The difference between Clooney and Arnold was about 4 inches in the 90s.

Click Here

Clooney is roughly the same height as 5'9" Grant Heslov.

Click Here
Click Here
Prime Reason says on 8/Apr/14
Gilipollas thinks Arnold today stands 6ft and Pitt just 5ft 9 hmmmm..

Clooney only looked about 2 inches shorter than Arnold in the mid 1990s and we can see above that Pitt in slippers has barefoot Clooney by similar amount
Gilipollas says on 8/Apr/14
Dural, these guys will never admit the reality. Brad is 5'11" and never wears lifts lol.
Dural says on 8/Apr/14
Brad has most likely lifts in his slippers, he wears the same on the beach.

Click Here

Inglorious ****s monster lifts, you can't deny it (zoom in).

Click Here

Everyone was wearing sandals in Troy except Pitt.

Click Here
Click Here

Lifts in Burn after Reading

Click Here
Click Here

Ocean's Eleven set (you can see the outline of his lifts)

Click Here

He's the same height as 5'9" Michelle Forbes in Kalifornia. Watch the movie.

Click Here
Dural says on 8/Apr/14

You can even see the outline of his lifts in 2 of the pics.
Parker says on 8/Apr/14
@Filippo (ITA) No I don't think Paltrow is 5'10, although she does look a couple of inches taller than Cameron Diaz listed 5'8 here (I personally thnk Diaz is shorter than Cruise)
Click Here

As for Pitt - Have a look at Clooney with 6'05 listed Ryan Gosling.
Click Here

Clooney looks 5'10-5'11 to me

And Clooney with Pitt from the top of the page
Click Here

ok Brad is in slippers and Clooney in socks,but there looks a good 2 inch difference in that pic. You could argue 5'10.5 for Pitt, but 5'9 is laughing gas.
Dmeyer says on 7/Apr/14
Dural in all your pics h has n lifts just thick shoes 3-4cm type
MarcusTheSwede says on 7/Apr/14
Brad Pitt at most. At most 178cm. Next to Gwynteth Paltrow it shows clearly he is not 180cm. This listing needs a downgrade. Also next to both George Clooney and Matt Damon omboard a ship promoting Oceans 11 they all have shoes but with same sole. That picture has circled long time here at Celebheight and everyone like myself and many others have seen it. Brad Pitt is a known liftwearer and he is at best 178cm without shoes. NOT more. Time for downgrade.
Filippo (ITA) says on 7/Apr/14
Parker, you can stick with your own idea. I have no intention in forcing you to change it. I would only be curious to hear your opinion about the pics with brad and gwyneth together.. They seem to be the only true evidence we have. Do you believe Paltrow is 5'10?!
Heylo says on 7/Apr/14
Gillipollas, Brad is not the same height as Paltrow, that's slanderish. He is at the lowest 2cm taller but they are not the same height. If they were Gwyneth would look much taller on the events where she wear heels, he is probably a full inch taller but we can never know for sure exactly how much taller.
Heylo says on 7/Apr/14
Filippo, Both Gwyneth and Brad stands on some kind of step so they are even. After a closer look at other photos and his build i would say 177-178cm once again. A 5'9 guy (175cm) usually doesn't have that kind of body, he looks very 5'10ish.
Y says on 7/Apr/14
But you're not surrounded by 6'2, 6'3 guys in Hollywood? Name 10 A-list actors who are 6'2. I bet it's hard to think of 5. If Pitt was 5'11 (and sure looks like it) he shouldn't be intimidated by guys 3/4 inches taller than him. But perhaps he is 5'10. He can't be 5'9.
Giulio says on 7/Apr/14
Heylo says on 4/Apr/14
Giulio, that photo is the worst photo if you want to prove that he's "short". They are not even standing next to each other if you analyze the photo. He is standing several feet from Clooney and doesn't even look 5'9, he looks 5'7 on that photo. It's an illusion.


how is it an illusion ? the angle is good, they are both standing on 1 leg, and pitt looks closer to the camera anyway, there are around 3 inches of difference between them in the picture, but considering the difference in their shoes, if clooney is 5'11 pitt is around 5'9, anyway he is 5'10 maxxxxxx considering the photos with gwyneth so 5'9 is not "a joke" as some have said, does anyone have another picture of brad barefoot or with thin shoes ? because you can't use photos of him in lifts/elevator shoes as proof of his height, why does he look 5'9 without them ?
Dural says on 7/Apr/14
He doesn't wear lifts? Are you serious dmeyer?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
DMEYER says on 6/Apr/14
brad dosnt wear lifts just thick shoes , whi would a 5 ft 11 guy wear lifts , he dosnt , being 5 ft 11.5 i would wear lifts if i was a star in holywood and surounded by 6 ft 2-3in guys
[Editor Rob: to answer arnie question - solid 5ft 11.5 is a real possibility, as he can look a bit shy of 6ft for last year.]
Parker says on 6/Apr/14
Lol - reach 6'2 if he was 5'11?

You think he walks round in 3 inch lifts like these give you?
Click Here

The listing at the top of the page is accurate.
Gilipollas says on 6/Apr/14
Parker, 5'11 is a laughable joke. With the help we all have evidence,Pitt would.reach the 6'2" mark if he was 5'11" barefoot. And he is just 6'. Watch "Thelma & Louise" and come back or watch "Spy game" with Robert Redford. Check the massive heel Pitt wears and check
check Redford height. Pitt is same height as Gywneth Paltrow, barefoot...
Filippo (ITA) says on 6/Apr/14
@heylo the second pic you posted is very interesting, plus your analysis looks perfect to me. But you haven't noticed the small step under brad's feet. Can you say that step can give him 2cm? Honestly, brad and gwyneth look very close in height..
jamieorr4 says on 6/Apr/14
i feel that celebrities lie about there height a reason why i think 5ft9
jamieorr4 says on 6/Apr/14
i feel that celebrities lie about a reason why i think 5ft9
Parker says on 6/Apr/14
5'9 is as laughable as 6'1. He's 5'10-5'11. Closer to 5'11 IMO.
chrisssss says on 6/Apr/14
A 5'11 guy who wears lifts...yup
Andrea2 says on 5/Apr/14
I see Brad Pitt as perfectly average in height. 5f10.5.
Alucard says on 5/Apr/14
So Parker you think that Pitt is at least 6'-6'1, or closer to it than closer to 5'9-5'10?
Parker says on 5/Apr/14
Brad Pitt at 5'9 is a big laughable joke.
176,2Tunman says on 4/Apr/14
I think Dmeyer summerized perfectly the situation.We should admit that Pitt is 5'10.5-11,no more,no less.I would still think 5'10.75" is bang on and Bloom is rather a flat 5'10 than 5'10.5,the waxwork measurement is more and more questionable isn't it?The difference with Depp was small,no more than 1"in my opinion.
Tape Measure says on 4/Apr/14
Rob, in all seriousness there isn't a full 2 inches between Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow. It could even be just 1 inch. 5' 10" really wouldn't surprise me. Although 179 cm seems a more accurate fit all round, when you compare him to a wider range of people.
jamieorr4 says on 4/Apr/14
Take A Moment To Think don't you think his body frame looks too small for him to be 5ft10 I think hes no more than 5ft9
Take A Moment To Think says on 4/Apr/14
How could Bloom be 5'7 or anything shorter than 5'10? Come on, now think. It would have been written that he was that short or that he wore Huge Heels to play Legolas.
Jamieorr4 says on 4/Apr/14
sorry i mean i think my body frame is bigger his and what i mean is that i have longer legs and arms body than he does
Alucard says on 4/Apr/14
Heylo, nice analysis with Paltrow-Pitt pics... I will say again that Gwyneth is max 5'8, she's very tall but not 5'9 tall, agree to disagree... Pitt is a notorious massive lift wearer, that's why he looks much taller than Bloom, very simple... Depp i would say he's a strong 5'7... About Pitt, you say 5'10, i say 5'9, for sure nowhere near 5'11, and 6' or 6'1 is a big laughable joke...
Jamieorr4 says on 4/Apr/14
5ft10 for Orlando bloom is a joke i wouldn't be surprise if he was 5ft7 im 5ft10.5 and i think a much bigger body frame than his does
Heylo says on 4/Apr/14
By the way, i have to ask. How can Orlando Bloom (5'10) be so much shorter than Pitt in every photo? I mean, it's not like they are even close. Orlando must be shorter OR Pitt uses some serious lifts while Orlando's not but it's not very likely. Depp uses boots and looks very close to Orlando. And Depp i think is 5'8. Very strange...
Heylo says on 4/Apr/14
Giulio, that photo is the worst photo if you want to prove that he's "short". They are not even standing next to each other if you analyze the photo. He is standing several feet from Clooney and doesn't even look 5'9, he looks 5'7 on that photo. It's an illusion.
Heylo says on 4/Apr/14
Okay, let's look at when Brad was with Gwyneth nude. First of all, Gwyneth is 5'9 which is proved on her page, at least i am one of the people that believes she is 5'9 like she is listed on this site.

Click Here Brad Pitt's body frame nude (towel is over his jewels so don't worry about him being fully naked)
I am 177 cm myself (8mm from a full 5'10) and when i look at this picture i almost see my own body frame and proportions. Proportions is not always to trust but he honestly looks like a typical 5'10 guy.

Then another photo of him and Gwyneth by the pool(not the photo that already has been linked somewhere here, can't find that one)
Click Here

In that picture they are kissing each other and looks very similar in height but Pitt's head is tilted. If he didn't tilt he would be 2-3 cm taller than Gwyneth. Some people here are going to say "BUT THEY LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME" but you have to consider the actual pose with his head and how he probably would look like if he stood normally.

But at the same time i have to confess that these nude photos with Gwyneth proves that he's definitely not 5'11, he could even be some millimeters from 5'10.
Dmeyer says on 4/Apr/14
Pitt wears shoes anywere 0.6-1.6 in no lifts most oftenly 1.2-1.5in , perfect posture and 0.5in extra shoe makes him apear 6ft he is at worst 5 ft 10.5-10.75
247 says on 3/Apr/14
So when you're in Hollywood and say you're 5'10 and a struggling actor and suddenly you're in a big box office franchise or in a epic romance film, it's not unusual if you suddenly are "6'0". am i right?
247 says on 3/Apr/14
Bloom claimed he was 6 feet when Lord of the Rings came out. He's 5'10. Can't be any shorter.
jamieorr4 says on 3/Apr/14
I think 5ft10 for Orlando Bloom is joke look how small Orlando body frame is called crazy but his body frame looks 5ft7
Giulio says on 3/Apr/14

Click Here
Prime Reason says on 3/Apr/14
@ dural, the top of Pitts head is right in the middle of banas forehead so about 2 inches difference, maybe 2.5 inches difference max
Dural says on 3/Apr/14
Parker says on 2/Apr/14
jamieorr4 says on 2/Apr/14
parker you don't know what footwear they are wearing Hollywood knows how to make people look taller

Look at the pic. He's standing next to 5'10 listed Orlando Bloom who is standing at his tallest. Pitt is not standing straight. Is anybody seriously suggesting Pitt is 5'9"? I'll say it again - utter nonsense

Click Here


Pitt looks barely taller than 5'10"-5'10.5" Sean Bean, 3 inches taller than 5'8" Wolfgang Peterson and Bloom might be only 5'9", overall Pitt appears 5'11" range which is no problem with lifts/elevators.
Gilipollas says on 3/Apr/14
Parker, so you think a pic where Bloom is not standing straight and where Pitt wears tricky shoes is a reliable source? Seriously?? Why don't you make any comments about the pics where Pitt is standing with Paltrow both barefoot? You guys keep talking about pics where Brad is wearing SHOES and that is not serious.
Parker says on 2/Apr/14
jamieorr4 says on 2/Apr/14
parker you don't know what footwear they are wearing Hollywood knows how to make people look taller

Look at the pic. He's standing next to 5'10 listed Orlando Bloom who is standing at his tallest. Pitt is not standing straight. Is anybody seriously suggesting Pitt is 5'9"? I'll say it again - utter nonsense

Click Here
Jamieorr4 says on 2/Apr/14
the other reason why i don't think hes 5ft10 or 5ft11 is his body frame im 5ft10.5 and i think my body frame is bigger than his and what about the picture with gwyneth? and why would 5ft11 guy wear lifts? its a average height
247 says on 2/Apr/14
When TROY debuted, Eric Bana was listed as no shorter than 6'3 and no taller than 6'4. For Pitt to look tall he'd have to have 3 inch heels at the most, so he has to be no shorter than 5'10 and no taller than 5'11. I'd guess 5'10. Because no 5'11 man should feel the need to wear lifts especially in Hollywood as people are shorter than usual.
DMEYER says on 2/Apr/14
after years on this site i have learned a lot from rob , and for example in the pics were pitt is wearing a grey suits with bana and bloom if you look at all pics you will see that in some pics pitt looks 5 cm over bloom and about 6 cm under bana , so if bana is 188-189cm and bloom 178-179cm that makes pitt about 183-183.5cm , but if you look at all pics you will see that pitt has a 1.3in type so bana too has a 1.3 in type and bloom has a smaller shoes nearer 0.8in , making him look 0.5in under his height compare to the others , also in some shots of same event bloom looks barely smaller than pitt like 0.5-0.75in wish confirms respective height of 5 ft 10.5 and 5 ft 11 , also pitt at this event can look 3 in smaller than bana making him 5 ft 11-11.25 so 5 ft 11 is still fair of course he can give a weak 6 ft 1 impression in perfect posture and angle favoring , all evidence lead to 5 ft 10.5-11
Heylo says on 2/Apr/14
Dura, not a good picture since he is leaning a bit forward. The angle makes Pitt looks 5'8 lol

Gilipollas, in my opinion he looks 6'1 when he looks his tallest, from 5'10 to 6'1 is very very likely with lifts.
Dural says on 2/Apr/14
Pitt is standing how tall in that pic with Bana?

Click Here
Alucard says on 2/Apr/14
Parker what about the old picture with Gwyneth Paltrow? Pitt can increase and decrease his height at will? And LOL at Eric Bana 6'3, 6'1 max for him, period...
jamieorr4 says on 2/Apr/14
parker you don't know what footwear they are wearing Hollywood knows how to make people look taller
247 says on 1/Apr/14
Tom Cruise reportedly wore lifts in scenes with Pitt back during that vampire film. I figured it was because Pitt was 5'11 and Cruise was 5'7, but could it be that Pitt was wearing lifts as well? And why would George Clooney believe Pitt was 6'1. Surely that was a joke. He had to have seen him without shoes on and realize the height difference shrank. Hollywood man, whats wrong with these guys
247 says on 1/Apr/14
Face it. Pitt is either 5'10 1/2 or he's 5'11. He can look sorta Tall with lifts, but other than that he looks average. But he's not 5'9. In fact I always thought he was over 6 feet until I saw him in Se7en and saw he was a few inches shorter than 6'2 Morgan Freeman. But why does a 5'11 man feel the need to wear lifts? Boggles the mind.
Joe says on 1/Apr/14

Pitt is obviously wearing huge lifts in that picture. Just look at how high his waist is compared to Bana's. His torso looks unnaturally short and compact and disproportional to his artificially boosted legs. It looks as if someone stuck the body of a 5'9'' guy onto the legs of a 6'5'' basketball player.

Pitt is likely closer to 5'10'' than 5'11''. I'm still not sure if he's closer to 5'9'' than 5'10''.
french guy( 184-182 cm) says on 1/Apr/14
179 cm is spot on for brad pitt.He may have been measured in the morning which explains his claims, but in the evening is probably around 179 cm.Strong average for a white us male.
Parker says on 1/Apr/14
Eric Bana is 6'3 in any kind of footwear

Click Here

So Pitt is standing ~ 6'1 in the pic. Pitt 5'9? Utter nonsense.
Alucard says on 1/Apr/14
Both Gilipollas and Jamieorr4 are right... Paltrow is 5'8 max, we can generously give 1 inch to Pitt, 5'9 for him, absolutely not more... It's not like he's a midget of course, 5'9 is a perfectly decent height barefoot, but he's clearly not the 6'-5'11 guy Hollyweird want us to believe, not even 5'10...
jamieorr4 says on 1/Apr/14
gilipollas i honestly think gwyneth is between 5ft7 and 5ft8
Gilipollas says on 1/Apr/14
Heylo, if Pitt was close to 5'11" he would stand 6'2" easily when wearing lifts. There is too much evidence he wears them and 100% of the time at premiers, photocalls, awards ceremonies
ceremonies. In any case photos or movies where he is wearing footwear are not a reliable source. The only one we have is the ones naked with Gwyneth. Now, what height is she? IMHO she is just half an inch shorter than Pitt, well that's being generous because I honestly think they are the same height, 5'9".
jamieorr4 says on 1/Apr/14
my question is why would a 5ft11 guy wear lifts and they do look huge sometimes aswell 5ft11 may not be tall but still why wear them? it is average height for a man
Heylo says on 1/Apr/14
Vibram, that is not only 1cm difference, that is one inch (almost 3cm). One inch can be hard to spot because of angles and posture. My friend who is 5'11 (i am 5'10) looks the same height as me when we are out walking because i have a better posture, when he stand straight you can see that he is one inch taller.

As i have said before, i think 177-178 (or possibly close to 179cm) is a good listing for his height. That is also explaining why he has been saying 5'11 all the time cause i mean, who want to say 5'10 and a half when you can round it up and say 5'11.
Heylo says on 1/Apr/14
And i would as a 5'11 guy still use boots or some shoe with heels cause
1. It's a nice looking shoe (in my opinion)
2. I actually get to look tall since 5'11 is the height where i can look both medium and tall depending on different things..
3. Why not use shoes that boost your height?

The only guys TODAY not needing to wear lifts or thick heel shoes is the 6ft guys. Where i live, 5'11 isn't even medium, it's 2.5 cm from medium here in Sweden..
Heylo says on 1/Apr/14
If Brad was 5'9 like some here thinks it would have been seen in either proportions or he would have been using superlifts during the ocean movies.. lol. He is probably not the tall man Hollywood wants us to believe but please, he can't be under 5'10.

And yes, you actually CAN compare to other actors within the 5'9-5'10 height and he is always taller. Like Brad Pitt of everyone would have the fantastic lift shoes in every appearance and also be at the same height as celebs within the 5'10-5'11 guys. He is 177 at lowest, 179 at his highest. If he was a true 5'11 he would probably look taller but he is very identical to a 178cm man.
Dmeyer says on 1/Apr/14
If you look well at all scenes he can look about as,tall as willis in 12 mon.... Also at the premiere he looked no more than 1in shorter than geena davis , brad had normal shoes , he can also look just 9cm under 189cm peak freeman ,
Will says on 31/Mar/14
I have seen people post that Brad Pitt is 5'9". But in reality he is still 5ft 10 IMO.
Alucard says on 31/Mar/14
Jamieorr4 is right, Jolie is 5'4 at best and Paltrow is max 5'8... Brad Pitt, 5'9 barefoot, no more, we have the proof guys, stop with 5'11 or 5'10...
jamieorr4 says on 31/Mar/14
kyuss theres no way jolie is 5ft6 jack black was taller than her and she was in heels and jack seem to be in flats she no more than 5ft4
jamieorr4 says on 31/Mar/14
filippoita i don't think is gwyneth is 5ft9 she doesn't look it to me katie holmes imo has longer legs so katie looks taller imo then agin do we know if even katie is 5ft9? i think gwyneth is between 5ft7 and 5ft8
Vibram says on 31/Mar/14
Pitt only looks the same height (maybe 1cm taller) than 177cm listed Chiwetel Ejiofor... taken in 2014 (far left), and you wouldn't bet against Pitt for choosing his best shoes that day. Click Here
Alex 6ft 0 says on 31/Mar/14
No way is Pitt only 5'9. I do believe 5'11 is prob about right. 5'10.5-5'11 range Id say he's in
Alucard says on 31/Mar/14
Lol at Angelina Jolie 5'6, are you guys serious? Jolie is 5'4, she's a very petite woman, in the range of Natalie Portman... In that picture you can't see how long are those heels, and also Pitt could probably wear internal lifts in his shoes, and i don't see more than 2 inches max between them... The picture with 5'8 max Paltrow tells the truth, both barefoot, Pitt is 5'9 without shoes and magic shoes, stop with nonsensical 5'11...
Gilipollas says on 31/Mar/14
In that pic with Gwyneth (the only reliable source) he is between half and inch and one inch taller than her.So what height is Paltrow?
Brad A. says on 31/Mar/14
The more I've looked into it, the more I can truly say that Brad Pitt may very well be 5'9 like some people say. BIG lift wearer
Yikes says on 30/Mar/14
If Brad Pitt was 5'9, everyone would know. They would laugh about that as much as they critique Cruise being 5'7. Pitt is probably 5'11, just too vain.
Filippo (ITA) says on 30/Mar/14
@kyuss i do believe the pic with gwyneth Paltrow is a lot more significant than the one with high heeled- Jolie you have posted. They are both barefoot and both young. And it shows pretty clearly brad is an inch taller than gwyneth. No way he could be a 5'11, unless you rate Paltrow at 5'10. Which I think it would be a joke..
Btw, according to google, 5'11 is his official height, and we all know Hollywood stars are used to lie a bit..
On the other side, I think he couldn't be as "short" as 5'9. Paltrow is listed here at 5'9, and brad had an inch on her.
Joe says on 29/Mar/14
I find it hard to believe that the official reported height for someone like Brad Pitt is his actual barefoot height, especially when he know he tends to wear high-heeled shoes with additional heel inserts.
kyuss says on 29/Mar/14
A minimum 5.6" approx jolie with approx 3" heels === 5-9". Brad has 2" on her minimum. Brad is 5-11" fact. Click Here
OKAY says on 29/Mar/14
No way Brad Pitt is 5'9. You can lie about 2 inches, but he's been described as like 6 feet or 6'1 at times (early in his career right). You can't lie about 4 inches without being laughed at. The man is probably 5'10 1/2. But still you don't need heels when you're nearly 5'11.
Bobby.G says on 29/Mar/14
@Alucard - Completely agree with you. He's capable of reaching 6 ft. in fancy shoes/cowboy boots but that's it. In 12 Monkeys he's wearing a pretty big heel and he's still shorter than 5'11.5 Bruce Willis.
jamieorr4 says on 29/Mar/14
Alucard i 100% agree a 5ft11 guy wouldn't wear lifts, my height is 5ft10.5 and i don't feel the need to wear lifts. 5ft11 may not be tall but still there's no need for lifts and be honest people does he look 6ft1 or 6ft2 in lifts? and hes not much taller Gwyneth Paltrow who i believe is 5ft7 or 5ft8 btw there were both in bare feet
Alucard says on 28/Mar/14
He wear lifts because he's not 5'11 or 5'10! And to be honest, it doesn't matter the height, 90% of famous people use lifts, it's always better to look taller for different reasons... Hollyweird marketed Brad Pitt as the perfect beautiful man, so obviously he needed to look tall... I repeat, the picture with 5'8 max Gwyneth Paltrow where they are both barefoot, shows that Pitt is max 1 inch taller than her... What does that make him? Yes, 5'9... Still people are arguing about 6', 5'11 or 5'10 for him, lol...
Joseph says on 28/Mar/14
Sam says on 25/Mar/14
Gillipollas, didn't you recently argue that he is is much shorter than Bruce Willis in 12 Monkeys. That doesn't seem to be the case and I doubt he was wearing Cuban heels as a character in a mental asylum.

If he wears lifts to the beach, of course he does.
Maio says on 28/Mar/14
50% of chances: 5 ft 10.5 in/179 cm
30% of chances: 5 ft 10.75/180 cm
20% of chances: 5 ft 11 in/180 cm
hmm says on 27/Mar/14
Brad Pitt can't be shorter than 5'10 and no taller than 5'11. But if he's say 5'10 1/2 why would he wear heels? That's average height. I can understand 5'7 Tom Cruise wearing 3 inch lifts, but why does a 5'10/5'11 guy need to wear it?
Alucard says on 27/Mar/14
Gwyneth Paltrow is 5'8 at best, and that is pretty tall for a woman, especially in Hollyweird, 5'10 or even 5'9 is a bad joke for her... The picture with her tells the truth about Brad Pitt, who is a notorious massive lift wearer, and barefoot he looks what, about one inch taller than her? Bingo, 5'9 without magic tricks... Stop believing in reported heights or comparing actors in movies or pictures, Hollyweird is the land of fakes and lies...
Filippo (ITA) says on 27/Mar/14
@jamieorr4 Honestly, in this pic he looks an inch taller than gwyneth..
Giving her 5'9 listing, a good 5'10 seems legit for Brad, imho.
No taller, though.
Btw he is no short by any standard, He still is in the tallish side of average
Gilipollas says on 27/Mar/14
Idelb, not even 5'10"! Watch "Thelma & Louise" and check Pitt's cowboy boots and still shorter than Geena Davis on flats. Very suspicious the amount of posts claimming 5'10"~5'11" for Pitt, hmmm....
jamieorr4 says on 27/Mar/14
what does anyone think about the picture with gwyneth paltrow brad only look half a inche taller?
SAK says on 27/Mar/14
He is between 179-180cm, not quite 5f11. The 5f9 guesses do not hold true.
idelb says on 27/Mar/14
On 12 Monkeys Willis stands barefeet next to Pitt who obviously wears heels and Willis (511 or weak 6 footer) still appears atleast 1-1,5 inches taller. Brad Pitt has never been 511 in his entire life.
ajcf1995 says on 26/Mar/14
Heylo says on 26/Mar/14
He is between 5'10 and 5'11, that's the only logical statement. No more, no less.

Agreed. I think that range would be bang on, and the absolute least I could EVER see for him is 177 cm at his lowest.
Heylo says on 26/Mar/14
He is between 5'10 and 5'11, that's the only logical statement. No more, no less.
Andrea B says on 25/Mar/14
I would say that Brad Pitt is a weak 5ft 11 and a strong 5ft 10. I have been going through recent pictures of his where he has a new haircut (fade haircut with slicked back hair) and found pictures of Brad Pitt next to Chiwetel Ejiofor at the Producers Guild awards, with Chiwetel Ejiofor himself being listed as 5ft 10, while I have heard from friends who have seen him in real life that 5ft 10 is pushing it (more like an inch shorter). In the following picture thread of Brad Pitt in a forum for mens hairstyles Click Here Brad Pitt is side by side with Chiwetel Ejiofor and Brad Pitt looks, at a maximum, one inch longer than Chiwetel Ejiofor. The thread in that hairstyles forum has a lot of pictures of Brad Pitt and Chiwetel Ejiofor side by side, and you can see that they both are on par in terms of height. However, Brad Pitt has a slicked back hairstyle with some upward volume on his hair that could be easily adding half an inch to his projected height.

Adding to the above, am I the only one seeing Brad Pitt with his new haircut and hairstyle looking taller than with other hairstyles of his in the past? I have actually noticed that I gauge Brad Pitt as shorter when he has longer hair and as taller when he has hairstyles with very short taper cut sides (of the head). Very short hair on the sides of his head seems to emphasize his elongated rectangular face shape, which I feel makes him look taller. On the other hand, a long hair Brad Pitt looks shorter as the long hair covers part of his face and gives him a more square-like face shape which, seeing pictures of him with both hair types, has always made me perceive Brad Pitt as shorter with long hair (and by long hair, I am talking of the shoulder length hairstyle Brad Pitt has had in the past, not the bowl haircuts and David Beckham inspired hairstyles he once had lol).

Brad Pitt is not the only male celebrity I have noticed to look subjectively shorter or taller depending on his hairstyle and hair length, but I feel with him the case has always been more dramatic. Overall, and as I mentioned initially, solid 5'10 to weak 5'11, not anymore taller (and that's with shoes and maybe lifts as the rumor goes).
Sam says on 25/Mar/14
Gillipollas, didn't you recently argue that he is is much shorter than Bruce Willis in 12 Monkeys. That doesn't seem to be the case and I doubt he was wearing Cuban heels as a character in a mental asylum.
jamieorr4 says on 25/Mar/14
gilipollas good point my true height is 5ft10.5 but i like to around it to 5ft11, 5ft11 not tall but why would a 5ft11 guy need to wear lifts? i think he is 5ft9
Cloe says on 25/Mar/14
Brad Pitt is an average looking 5'10 - 5'11 is about right like Clooney but Clooney has a handsomer face. I don't see anything special about Brad. You can see many average looking guys like Brad in the mall.
Gilipollas says on 25/Mar/14
Sam, don't you know Pitt wears lifts ALL THE TIME, even in the beach?? A 5'11 guy would never do that. I'm 6' and I tried Cuban Heels Boots with an extra regular sole inside and reached the 6'3" mark. Now, does Pitt reach the 6'2 mark? Really?
pauly e says on 25/Mar/14
i've always thought he looks taller than 5'9 as well in movies. I think he looks average. My guess for him has always been a strong 5'10, like 5'10.25 - 5'10.75. he looks a little over 5'10 in the nude pics w/Gwyn. most of the time he looks near 5'11 i think.
jamieorr4 says on 25/Mar/14
Heylo how do you know they are all 5ft9? i have heard people who have met jamie fox say hes 5ft7 but then again who knows if thats true im confused about brad height he has look 5ft9 in flat shoes but has also look 5ft10.5 in flat shoes aswell imo
Filippo (ITA) says on 24/Mar/14
Hi everybody. I'm Italian and I'm 5'10, maybe 179 cm midday. (a semi-midget...)
That pic with Paltrow is, in my opinion, by far the best proof we have about Pitt's height.
Brad looks 1 inch taller than Gwyneth, there. A couple of centimeters, 3 maximum.
The point is, how tall is Paltrow? 175? So, Brad has to be approximately my height, at 178-179. Under 180.
Sam says on 24/Mar/14
From recollection, I thought he seemed a little shorter than both Bruce Willis and Edward Norton but he looks pretty close to both guys in photos.
Click Here
Click Here
cole says on 24/Mar/14
@Editor Rob: What is the lowest end of your guess for Pitt, and is 5ft 11in the highest?
[Editor Rob: I couldn't go any lower than 179 range, I can still believe he is near enough the 5ft 11 mark.]
Heylo says on 23/Mar/14
Brad doesn't look 5'9 in 12 Monkeys, he never really stands straight either, he is moving strangely during the whole movies since he is playing a psycho.

In Legends Of The Fall he looks 179cm next to the actors who i listed something between 5'11 and 6ft. Everyone in that movie are using shoes with a pretty thick sole like they often did back in the days (sort of a cowboy boot).

He looks 5'10 in Thelma & Louise, not 5'9 but hey, you can believe whatever you want but it's not logical that he's something with 5'9, the lowest i could go for him is 177cm. Look at all the legit 5'9 people, Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy.. They all look shorter than Pitt.
Heylo says on 23/Mar/14
Seriously can't believe you guys think he is closer to 5'9. He is 6'1 in lifts Click Here
That's for sure.
JA says on 22/Mar/14
Does every A-lister lie about their height? If you're 6'1, why say you're 6'2 or 6'3? You're already tall. I get that most people lie about your height, but why do that when you're like a Multi-millionaire.
Gilipollas says on 21/Mar/14
Arch Stanyon, you mean Pitt grew as a tree?
Dural says on 21/Mar/14
Arch Stanton says on 20/Mar/14
Looks 5 ft 11 in The Tree of Life. And no lifts.


X-ray vision?
idelb says on 21/Mar/14
A guy who always manages to appear different in his height has to wear lifts. Brad Pitt is the only guy on earth who never looks the same height twice on different occasions
[Editor Rob: if an agency wants to keep on side with certain actors they won't distribute as many photos that make them look short! The more that enhance a height, the better the perks might be ;)]
Arch Stanton says on 20/Mar/14
Looks 5 ft 11 in The Tree of Life. And no lifts.
dan says on 19/Mar/14
To those of you saying pitt has ridiculous military posture.. Pitt doesn't have military posture. He stands and walks the way he does because he has a ridiculously strong core, as seen in fight club when he's walking and standing. His torso is stiff and straight as a board because his abs and lower back are pure muscle. He has a rare athletic physique. He is a super slim guy but mostly all muscle. I do know that he wears lifts, but I don't believe he forces his posture.
dmeyer says on 19/Mar/14
Willis is 5 ft 10.75-11 today and wears thin dress shoes a lot so 5 ft 11.5-11.75 shoes brad has better posture and so in reality max 1-2cm taller minus the probably 1-1.5cm more shoes the are probably both near 5 ft 11 flat today
Gilipollas says on 18/Mar/14
To those who claim Pitt as a 5'10 ish guy,go watch "Thelma & Louise" beside Geena Davis (5'11") or "Twelve Monkeys" beside Willis. Has Pitt grown up over the years? 5'9 ish for Pitt!
Pizzaman says on 18/Mar/14
Heylo, your analysis are just plain horrible.

Willis is 5'11" these days.
He looks 5'10" next to Kruger, not 5'11".
Fassbender and Waltz do not wear lifts, there has never been any sign of that.

And no, he never looked 6'1" in those screens.
jamieorr4 says on 18/Mar/14
cole thank you much that photo has change my mind he was wearing flat shoes i used to think he was 5ft9 but now i think 5ft10.5 imo he look 5ft10.5 in that photo
jamieorr4 says on 18/Mar/14
Heylo i have heard people who have met Bruce Willis and they say hes 5ft8 but not sure if its true or not but you still have a good point brad does look tallish in that picture rob how much do think hes lifts give him?
Kurtz Pull says on 18/Mar/14
I'm guessing he's 176.5cm. His costars and extras are always short. Ed Norton is 3 inches taller than him in reality.
Dural says on 18/Mar/14

If Pitt didn't benefit from any kind of lift in Cannes, then I wonder why he suddendly looks almost 4 inches taller than Waltz compared to the 2inches (maybe 2.5") in Berlin.

Willis is 5'11" as proven by Mamun and his 6'1.5"? friend years ago + the angle in your pic is horrible. I could use the same argument and post pictures with horrible angles where Willis looks taller...

Click Here
Click Here

Instead I recommend the movie "12 Monkeys" where Pitt (despite 2inch heels) looks an inch shorter than Willis in slippers.
the shredder says on 17/Mar/14
I think Christoph Waltz wears elevator shoes , at times with others he looks well over 170 cm.
Emil says on 17/Mar/14
No doubt that Pitt is a lift wearer but its absurd to claim anything under 5'10 for him!
James B says on 17/Mar/14
I doubt pitt would measure over 179cm before bed
Heylo says on 17/Mar/14
I Can't see why many of you doesn't think he looks over 6ft in lifts? Of course he does, he is 6'1 in lifts. Here with almost 6ft Bruce Willis Click Here

Brad is taller than Bruce and Bruce is exactly 182cm according to this site. (1cm from 6ft) and Brad looks 1-1.5 inches taller and have in mind that Bruce probably never wear lifts , just regular dressing shoes with one inch boost. That would make Brad almost 6'2 in lifts. That also adds to the argument saying he is very close to 5'11, probably 179. At 179cm you can look both 5'10 and 5'11 depending on a lot of things.
Heylo says on 17/Mar/14
@Dural, i actually don't think Pitt use any lifts at that particular event. Looks like he skipped any dressing shoe too which would give him only one inch. (i seriously don't think he have lifts on those "flat" shoes, that would be seen if he had). Waltz and the other guys (what i can see) have shoes with heels, Waltz are using dressing shoes and maybe lifts since he is pretty short (5'7) and can reach 5'9, Pitt looks 5'11 next to Waltz and Pitt are using regular shoes that probably gives him one inch.

If Kruger is 5'5 as you are saying (i think you're right) she becomes 5'8-5'9. In this event if you look at a better picture since Brad is walking on your photos Click Here you can see that he looks 5'11 next to Kruger. And once again, Brad is not using lifts here and not even heels. When he does though, he becomes 6'1 and this photo proves that too: Click Here Michael Fassbender also have lifts in his shoes, the most actors around 5'10-5'11 have even though it's a average/upper average height.
Pizzaman says on 17/Mar/14
Vegas, in those shoes he could still easily put in an inch lift and I guess that is excactly what he did. He looks around 5'11" there. But at the oscars he wants to a be a bit taller and then uses the real heels, probably using a solid 2" lift, so a total of 3" shoes.

Heylo, Diane Kruger is definitely not 5'7", probably not even 5'5".
Dural says on 17/Mar/14

He is not at least 4 inches taller than Waltz in Cannes. The camera angle is at a very high level @ 2min 50sec. 5 inches from his shoes, what are you talking about? I said Pitt is 5'9.5", he only needs 1.5inch lifts to appear like a weak 5'11" next to Waltz, not to forget his ridiculous military posture.

4inch differece max

Click Here

forcing posture, while everyone else isn't

Click Here
Gilipollas says on 17/Mar/14
Vegas, you are so right! in that video Pitt is barefoot...dude, you are contradicting yourself.
cole says on 17/Mar/14
@Gilipollas: Well, now you know what shoes he was wearing: Click Here
There's no way he could fit a 3-4in lift in a vans-type of footwear like that wouldn't you agree? Now please stop blurting out your conspiracies, it's getting a bit annoying now. He's somewhere between 5'10.5 and 5'11, get over it.
James Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 17/Mar/14
Rob is Brad Pitt really 5ft 11in he could be 5ft 11.5in he could be under 5ft 11in like a weak 5ft 11in rather then 5ft 11.5in time for downgrade by a fraction there is a change he could 5ft 10in 5ft 10.5in range is there a chance you will downgrade by half an inch or a inch.
Dural says on 17/Mar/14

I've seen Kruger in 2007, she's about 5'5". In 3-4inch heels she's an inch maybe an inch and a half shorter than Pitt.

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Pitt is standing in front of the Quentin writing on the wall. Here's Daniel Bruhl (light blue shirt, claims to be 176cm, Rob list him 5'9.5" (177cm) for whatever reason) standing almost in the same position. I've also seen Til Schweiger (on the far left) in the late 2000 and he's about 5'9", too.

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compared to your pic

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Vegas says on 17/Mar/14
Dural says on 16/Mar/14

and a 5'11" barefoot guy would never look as short as Pitt next to 5'7" Christoph Waltz.

so you think pitt goes around wearing 3 inch lifts to some events and no lifts to others? we know for a fact pitt had at least 4 inches on waltz on video @ 2min 50sec Click Here if he is getting 3 inches into those shoes then why even bother wearing heeled boots which he also does or maybe you think he is getting 5 inches from those boots?? Click Here

Gilipollas, all our criteria is based on people standing barefoot, those photos are only irrelevant because they don't suit your point of view...

the barefoot height of the editor on this site we know 100% and we have a photo of pitt and rob next to the same man so no they are far from irrelevant.
jamieorr4 says on 17/Mar/14
Heylo you have a point because 5ft11 isn't tall maybe abit above average but not tall
Gilipollas says on 17/Mar/14
Heylo, we don't know what shoes or lifts Pitt is wearing in that pic with Tarantino. So ...once again irrelevant argument.
Pizzaman says on 17/Mar/14
Heylo, you have a point with those photos with Fincher, although the guy has no page on this site so he might be shorter like every guy out there, probably 6 feet, that what he looks to me at least. Anyways, Pitt seems to be able to edge him out with lifts, so 184 in lifts? And bout those pics with Waltz, at that event he looked excactly in the middle between Tarantino and Waltz, so about a (weak) 5'10". Add the lifts and you're indeed at 184 again.
littlesue says on 17/Mar/14
Gilipollas says on 15/Mar/14
littlesue, so according to you Pitt is 6'2" in his lifts? Pitt is 6' max which means 5'9 barefoot.

No I'm saying the lifts would have to be over 4 inches to get 3 inches of genuine height out of them, women can just wear high heels, find it impossible to see a descreet man's shoe with 4 inch lifts in them???
jamieorr4 says on 16/Mar/14
Gilipollas how tall did brad pitt look to you?
Arch Stanton says on 16/Mar/14
Agreed Sue, 3 inches is ridiculous!! Downey would struggle to get that even from his monsters! You could argue 5'10 range but 5'9" range or under is extreme.
Heylo says on 16/Mar/14
Found another photo from the same event, he looks significantly taller than Diane Kruger who is wearing heels that probably give her at least 2.5-3 inches (5'10) and she is 5'7 barefoot. Brad looks 5'11-6ft next to Diane Click Here

Isn't the best photos, but i am aware of that Brad on some photos looks kind of close to Waltz so i don't fully disagree with you guys but he looks at least 5'10 at those photos, not 5'9 in my opinion.
Heylo says on 16/Mar/14
I'm giving you guys another photo from the same event with 6'1 Tarantino. Brad looks like he didn't use lifts on this event since he didn't look as tall he does when he have his dress shoes(he had normal shoes on this event) and suit on and Pitt looks 2 inches shorter than Tarantino. He looks like a 5'11 guy would look like next to a 6'1 guy.

Here's the photo: Click Here

I wanna know what Dural says about this, let me hear your argument.
Heylo says on 16/Mar/14
Dural. You are wrong, that photo has a certain angle. Look at this from the exact same event: Click Here

He looks at least 3 inches taller so your argument failed. He just doesn't fit in there around 5'8-5'9, he would with lifts look stupid. He is not only 6 ft with lifts, he is 6'1 (could be a half inch more at some events). Look at my post down here on the page where i link photos of him with David Fincher, without lifts = Legit 5'10-5'11 next to Fincher ( Slightly over 6ft), with lifts he looks the same height as Fincher or even taller in some photos (could be the angle) and that's why he could be almost, ALMOST 6'2 in lifts. While Fincher used a solid 1 inch shoe since he doesn't have any issues with his height.

Answer to the ones who wonder why a 5'10-5'11 guy would want lifts, why not? Why not look over 6 if you can with lifts. People who have seen Brad walking with normal shoes down the street with his kids have been describing his as average tall while people interviewing him during big events called him "surprisingly tall, he must be over 6ft".. So i think i'm something closer to the truth than the 5'9 sayers.
Dural says on 16/Mar/14
Vegas says on 16/Mar/14
well robs at least 5'9 in shoes i would suspect, being 5'8.25 barefoot Click Here

a 5'9 barefoot guy would never in a million years look as tall next to ellen and jonah hill in half inch vans as pitt did.


and a 5'11" barefoot guy would never look as short as Pitt next to 5'7" Christoph Waltz.

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Rob is 5'8" legit as far as I know.
Pitt 5'9.5" + 3inch elevators = 6'0.5" and he's as tall as 5'11.5" - 6' Benedict Cumberbatch.
the shredder says on 9/Mar/14
Rob , how tall did he appear to you? I think 6'0 seems right , he is not standing fully.
[Editor Rob: 182 or 3, it's either of those or somewhere between :)]
Gilipollas says on 16/Mar/14
Vegas, my criteria is based on people standing barefoot. Those pics are irrelevant. I met Pitt in the 90s and I cn tell he is not 5'11". I also met Sly and he looked taller than Pitt back then. Don't ask me how.
jamieorr4 says on 16/Mar/14
Gilipollas 100% i agrre you
Vegas says on 16/Mar/14
Gilipollas says on 15/Mar/14
littlesue, so according to you Pitt is 6'2" in his lifts? Pitt is 6' max which means 5'9 barefoot.

well robs at least 5'9 in shoes i would suspect, being 5'8.25 barefoot Click Here

a 5'9 barefoot guy would never in a million years look as tall next to ellen and jonah hill in half inch vans as pitt did.
jamieorr4 says on 15/Mar/14
Heylo i forgive you if you disagree with someone just tell them your opinion and if you think a comment is stupid just a ignore i
Gilipollas says on 15/Mar/14
littlesue, so according to you Pitt is 6'2" in his lifts? Pitt is 6' max which means 5'9 barefoot.
jamieorr4 says on 15/Mar/14
sam 5ft11 is not tallish
littlesue says on 15/Mar/14
5ft 11 idea height for bloke!!, I doubt he would get 3 inches from lifts, I have to wear shoes over 4 inches high to get an extra 3 inches in height
Sam says on 15/Mar/14
I don't think Pitt looks tallish like a legit 5'11 possibly can on few occasions, I just think he looks strong average normally, so 178cm - 179cm I think he could fall between that range night time. There's no argument against that he's short though because he's not, but I just don't think he's quite 5'11.
jamieorr4 says on 15/Mar/14
people why would a 5ft11 guy wear lifts? i know 5ft11 isn't tall but still no need also would he be around 6ft2 in ilifts?
Heylo says on 15/Mar/14
If we were discussing in real life i would have said the same but just to give you the chance to prove your point. Link the site/the pictures of "the truth" and i will shut up if i'm wrong or i will see the real truth, in other words, why he LOOKS short on the pictures. I'm waiting for the link.

I should not insult anyone but stupid comments makes me wanna say "idiot", i guess it's a growing up process, sorry for that.
cole says on 14/Mar/14
OK. Normally I try not to get too annoyed with other's opinions (as I'm sure there are plenty of people annoyed by mine), but... You (you know who you are) think Brad Pitt is 5'9? Really?!

Now that that's out of the way; I think 5'11 is perfectly arguable for Pitt, but like with many others, the listed height in this case is the highest I'd personally argue, and as a guy who mostly tend to go with the lowest/middle ground of a guess - not the height I would list (I'd go with 5'10.5 - 5'10.75).

To make it perfectly clear: in Brad's case, I think Rob himself can see 5'10.5 - 5'11 zone - he goes with a 5'11 listing becuase he tends to go with the tallest he can see for a celeb - that's his choice, and he probably has his reasons. Whenever I comment that I think a person is "0.25 - 0.5in shorter than listed" (by the way, what Rob lists does not represent the absolute truth! It is however a fairly reliable guide!), it doesn't necessarily mean I disagree with the listing altogether, I just think it's the highest you could argue. It is not "downgrading" to disagree with the listed height within a 0.25 - 0.5in margin, it's not even disagreeing in some cases - it's claiming the lowest end of a guess that even the editor himself can agree with in most cases (if that made any sense). A fundementally different take on how to judge a celeb's height, is what it is.

Mostly there's no right or wrong in guessing height (unless you're one of those people who really believe Pitt is a 5'9 flat guy - then you're just plain wrong!). When the editor himself has met a celebrity and given his estimate based on that, I more or less trust his judgement completely, although at times I must say he could spare the occasional 0.25in ;)

Rant hopefully over.
jamieorr4 says on 14/Mar/14
Heylo i see now that you where asking if im stupid but you still shouldn't have ask that and besides im not sure if i agree with the Brad Pitt is short - FACT article
Gilipollas says on 14/Mar/14
dan, how come FM is 100% correct when he said 5'10.5" and you say 5'10"? both are.wrong. Pitt is 5'9.5" max.
jamieorr4 says on 14/Mar/14
heylo You're !! i just thought people would be interested to see that article i have no problem with people disagree with me but i do have a problem with people insulting me and You're the stupid one because you don't know me so you can't judge btw you insult people because You're too much of a coward to do it in real life you can disagree without insulting you know duh
dan says on 13/Mar/14
FM is 100% correct. Look at Downey Jr.'s shoes. Also, why is it that almost every actor who is lifting, specifically downey jr. and zac efron, look absurd with their shoes on. Even though Pitt is lifting, he doesnt look weird. He HAS! to be at least 5-10
Heylo says on 13/Mar/14
jamieorr4, Are you stupid for real? I can type in any celebrity and "short" to find people post pictures on them looking short. There is a site (don't remember the name) where girls are posting pictures to prove Brad is short, the thing is, the people including you posting these pictures are so stupid. He looks 5'4 in a photo where he stands behind George Clooney (2-3 meters behind = big difference) and it gives the illusion of a dwarf Brad Pitt. Every photo of him looking short is either pictures of him having his pants so far down his legs looks like penises or him on filmsets standing a few meters from some guy and with the angle it can give an illusion of a short man etc.

I'm so glad i'm not that stupid, thank god.
Tape Measure says on 12/Mar/14
An inch difference between him and Matt Damon. Both are possibly wearing footwear with a slight boost, seeing as it's a black tie event:
Click Here

5' 10.5"
Gilipollas says on 12/Mar/14
FM, you mean G.Paltrow is 5'10"?
jamieorr4 says on 12/Mar/14
i have be on Brad Pitt is short - FACT i think people will be interest to check it out just type in Brad Pitt is short - FACT
FM says on 12/Mar/14
There are a lot of people in Hollywood that I do believe are as tall as their listed height - even the height listed on this website. For instance, I don't believe Johnny Depp hits 5'9". I don't believe Jude Law hits 5'11". I don't believe Mel Gibson is 5'9.5".

However, I do believe Brad Pitt is at least 5'10.5". We clearly proved that he is (in footwear) as tall or taller than Cumberbatch. Cumberbatch is AT LEAST 5'11" - no arguing that, look at the pic of him and Rob. If Pitt were 5'9", he'd need lifts that would give him at least 4 inches.

Look at the other 5'9" guys - Look at Casey Affleck, Jared Leto, Joseph Gordon Levitt - if Pitt has these special shoes, built into every pair of shoes he has, why don't they? Most likely all wear lifts - why are Pitt's lifts superior?

I'm not saying he doesn't wear lifts - for him to look like he edges out a 6' Cumberbatch, he has to be at least 5'10.5".

Robert Downey Jr. has to wear shoes like these to gain 4+ inches. Click Here
thedude says on 11/Mar/14
Rob, i know this page is overflowed... but i really would like you to watch the film "the counsellor" Pitt has a death scene at the end. and during it you can really see his heels/dress shoes....i literally couldnt make out any sock and just all shoe. it honestly seemed like his feet must be at least 2 or three inches off the ground ... not kidding lol
jamieorr4 says on 11/Mar/14
FM the main reason why i think hes 5ft9 is because 1 the picture with Gwyneth paltrow hes not much taller than her i think shes around 5ft7 or 5ft8 2 hes frame im 5ft11 i personally think he has a smaller frame than i do 3 a true 5ft11 guy would be around 6ft2 in lifts and he does not look that tall these are my main reasons and i wouldn't be surpise if there where all under 5ft9 that includes brad i could wrong be about the frame thing
jamieorr4 says on 11/Mar/14
if brad is 5ft11 why does he feel need to wear lifts and he does wear them? and im sure if he was 5ft11 he would 6ft2 in lifts i don't know why but his body frame tell me hes 5ft9 but if hes 5ft11 with these huge lifts he can't be more than 5ft7
jamieorr4 says on 11/Mar/14
Heylo your right 5ft11 is not tall its average maybe tall in places like spain or japan but in uk and us its a medium height im 5ft11 im from uk there are even times were i feel short

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