How tall is Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt's Height

5ft 11in (180 cm)

American actor best known for movies such as Se7en, Fight Club, Snatch, Oceans Films, Troy, Inglorious Bastards, Interview With The Vampire and World War Z. A newspaper article on heights (washington post) quoted as saying people had seen Pitt put down 5ft 10 on an audition form for his height. Well, before he was A-list, aged 24 he wrote his own height as 5ft 11 in a teen magazine profile. At times he can appear taller, but with impeccable posture and at times, in the last few years, cuban type heels, that is a given. Even his good friend George Clooney was wise to his footwear, saying once in USA Today that "He's tall. He's like 6-1. It's irritating."

How tall is Brad Pitt
Brad with Angelina Jolie, Jonah Hill and Claudia Schiffer
Photo by PR Photos

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Greg said on 23/Aug/16
I feel like based on Pitt's proportions he can't be lower then 5'11 morning and 5'10.5 at night, prob 5'10.75 during the noon
Dmeyer said on 22/Aug/16
To me when Claudia around 180,5-1cm balarina on Pitt looks 2cm taller when in equal posture so Pitt is 6 ft in those boots who dont look under 1in or over
The Kaiser said on 22/Aug/16
Rob how come Claudia Schiffer's 181 cm and Brad still looks taller!!
Dmeyer said on 21/Aug/16
I use to think Norton was 5 ft 11-11,5 but 5 ft 11,75-6ft seems closer
Sam said on 21/Aug/16
Can't get my head round when usually height-honest people are immediatley given the downgrader label. Save those for the 5'9 guesses for Pitt not 5'10. 5'11 is his maximum but there's a strong chance he measures a good fraction or two below as well.
hijopotamus said on 21/Aug/16
Rob, Claudia is 5'10" and Pitt is not 3 cm taller thsn her plus then you add he had shoe and posture advantage. Just do the math...or do you have a dog in this fight? Brads payroll? Dude...
Simon said on 21/Aug/16
Dan. Yeah, I see whatW you mean. I did find one picture, though, where the legit height difference between them is shown.

Click Here

I don't think Brad really qualifies in the "tall guy"-range, i.e. 181-182 (Right where Norton and DiCaprio belong). The actor whose height reminds me the most of Pitt's legit height would probably be Andrew Garfield at 179. Jake Gyllenhaal, I think is at least 1 cm taller than Pitt.
CS said on 20/Aug/16
@Simon Dmeyer thinks there's a good chance Norton is under 6 ft.
MJKoP said on 20/Aug/16
People love to downgrade Pitt out of jealousy. It seems unfair to them that with his looks, fame, wealth, and success that he's also comfortably above average height.
Dan said on 19/Aug/16
Simon. Norton looks to be 5-11 or maybe a week 6-0. Brad Pitt is looks to be 5-10. When Brad wore his biker boots which have about 1.25" heels he'll get to 5-11 easily, possibly a bit more. Add a 1.25" or 1.5" insert and he's a six footer. Add his great posture from having a really strong and lean core and that's how he looks taller than Norton. That's not considering any tricky standing tricks Brad could be doing like the standing on his toes kind of thing. But 100% Brad is shorter than Norton. Brad is also shorter than Dicaprio too.
Simon said on 18/Aug/16
Here's what bothers me. Brad is usually listed in the 5'10-5'11 range while people pretty much agree that Edward Norton is a legit six footer. Yet they both seem be around the same height in virtually every picture they're in together, and in some pictures Brad is even taller. Does he really wear heels that gets him into the 6'-6'1 zone that often?
T said on 18/Aug/16
If he himself put down 5"10 then he's proably mm's under 5"11 but who honestly cares about mm's he's 5"11
J.Lee said on 17/Aug/16
Rob is Claudia Schiffer taller than Brad? How much taller is Brad in the photo above?
Editor Rob: he might looks a good 3cm or so taller, but he does have more shoe and possibly she is dropping half inch in posture.
mike said on 15/Aug/16
he looks 5'11 in almost everything. people like to over scrutinize everything.
truth said on 15/Aug/16
Maybe he lost a quarter of an inch yeah so a weak 180 cm or 179.5 cm in his 20s-40s and 179 cm flat or 5'10.5 now. Just like Clooney was 5'10.5 or 179 cm peak and 5'10.25 or 178 cm now. They both look upper average to me (average is 176-178 cm or 5'9.5-5'10 in the western world, go check Wikipedia).
shiva 181 cms said on 14/Aug/16
Brad pitt's height is (5'11 in his peak and 5'10.75 today-
Greg said on 11/Aug/16
@Sam idk he looks like he can pull of a legit 5'11 to me, Probably morning 5'11 so a weak 5'11 and then he probably drops a fraction. But we will never know his exact height because he's known to wear lifts as well lol.
Sam said on 9/Aug/16
You could argue 5'10 as much as you can 5'11 being as he's most likely in that range, the latter is probably more true judging by his build and the fact he struggles pulling off a legit 5'11. Generally he looks more upper average than above average so 5'10 is hardly an outlandish estimation but I wouldn't say he's under that either.
Greg said on 4/Aug/16
@The Man Dang 6'5 claim at 6'2? Most height aware people would be able to tell they are lying. I mean I think I've only met one actual 6'5 kid back in highschool and I could tell he was legit because he towered over everybody
Dan said on 3/Aug/16
Can someone explain to me how to upload pics here ?
Editor Rob: can you use to upload photos or to shorten a link to an image.
hijopotamus said on 3/Aug/16
Funny how even upgraders admit Pitt is not 5'11"

Editor Rob: at worst I think he would be a fraction low as 5ft 10 I just can't see it.
truth said on 3/Aug/16
@175 cm The absolute lowest you can argue for him is 178 cm flat. Do you need to bring any solid average guy to your below average height?
heightchecker34 said on 29/Jul/16
Well, I'm 5'9, and always wished I was a bit taller. In my dreams 6'1-6'2 would be perfect, but if I'm being reasonable, I would settle for 5'11. It's a underrated height with everyone talking about being 5'10, 6'0-6'2. 6'4. 5'11 is definitely on the upper side of average and you will never appear short in public unless you are surrounded with 6'5 + people. What I'm getting at is Brad Pitt is 5'11 for sure and will never get mistaken for a small man. End of story.
The Man said on 28/Jul/16
Greg said on 27/Jul/16

I know right, I don't get why tall guys feel the need to exaggerate their heights. There's one 6'2" guy I know that claims to be 6'5". I know a true 6'5" guy when I see one.
truth said on 28/Jul/16
Wakes up at a weak 5'11.5 (5'11.25-5'11.5) and goes to bed at 5'10.5-5'10.75.
Greg said on 27/Jul/16
@guk I know exactly what you mean, lots of guys a little under 6'0 want to try to pull off claiming 6'0 when in reality they are an inch or two below. It must have been someone quite short right? Because I feel like someone over 6'0 would be able to kind of tell what 6'0 looks like which would actually be around 6'1 in shoes. But yeah I even know people who are like 6'2" that try to claim 6'4" which is ridiclous because they are tall enough idk why try to say that they are even taller.
Jackson said on 26/Jul/16
I am 5'10.5-5'11 for most of the day and get guessed at 6 foot and 5'11 mostly and 5'10 being less frequent
Which makes me think Brad is about the same exact height. In some settings I feel I can look 5'9 ish which is why some people guess him at that
Dan said on 25/Jul/16
Tom, in films he does wear elevator shoes. Yea in the big short they intentionally made Pitt tower Finn and the other guy. It's for character purposes. They just want Pitt's characters to be tall. They did it in meet joe black, basterds, Moneyball, and the big short. Those are a few films where they intentionally made him look like 3-4 inches taller than he is.
tom said on 23/Jul/16
Watching the Big Short, it's crazy how tall they make him look, he towers over Finn Wittrock, who in real life is 2 inches shorter than him.
James said on 23/Jul/16
Brad Pitt is even taller than Jonah Hill. It's irritating.
guk said on 22/Jul/16
@Greg Yeah 6ft 1 was the highest! Many people lie about their height leading to a lot of people not knowing what 6ft looks like. Only last week someone guessed me as 6ft and was shocked when I said 5ft 10.5. I guess most people aren't that honest or take shoe height.
D said on 22/Jul/16
1.79 is accurate. Not an millimetre more
Greg said on 21/Jul/16
@GUK I think he could actually be an out of bed 5'11" and he might hold that for a little bit until the noon then dip a little below and be 5'10.5 by night time. I myself am 5'11 in the morning and dip down to 5'10 and a half at night, but I just claim 5'11 as I am over that height in shoes and a fraction below it no body could really tell. And wow really you've been guessed as high as 6'1"? That's insane, i am usually guessed at around 5'11" but the highest I've gotten was 6. and Yeah I agree with you if you are under 5'10 you wouldn't be able to look average tall.
Peter 179cm said on 21/Jul/16
@ GUK So true,although i disagree on the short part,but it depends on proportions.
truth said on 21/Jul/16
5'10 in his case applies to the 5'10 range or between 177.5 cm to 180.5 cm. He looks my height or slightly taller (I am 5'10.25). 5'10.5-5'10.75.
truth said on 21/Jul/16
@GUK Agree, I also see him around that range.
GUK said on 20/Jul/16
If I had to bet Brad's height it would be on 179 5ft 10.5. I am that height and have been guessed as anything from 5ft 9 to 6ft 1. At 179 you can look average or tall, sometimes even short. You can't pull off 6ft impressions if under 5ft 10.
Dmeyer said on 20/Jul/16
Even thaugh i think Pitt is 5 ft 10,75-11 h can look 5 ft 10 near Paltrow And Tarantino but can also look 5 ft 11 with them or near 6 ft when in shoes advantage
hijopotamus said on 20/Jul/16
Rob, time to update Brads height. A slim 180 guy with elevators wouldnt look short beside Quentin Tarantino.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jul/16
James, I doubt he's lost anything. In-shape guys can last into their 60's without losing anything noticeable sometimes can even hit 70 with minimal loss. Pitt looks no different today than he did 20 years ago. He always appeared 5ft11 range guy.

Rob, could you bump up his credits?

I'd add 12 Monkeys, A River Runs Through It, Inglorious Bastards, Ocean's movies (instead of Ocean's 13), Interview With The Vampire
Abc said on 20/Jul/16
Of course Pitt can look shorter next to a genuine 511. A genuine 5`11 guy stands 6 - 6.025 in shoes, Pitt can look 1 inch shorter when not wearing his special elevators.
Compare the pictures of him next to Bernthal where he wears normal dress shoes "only" with shoe inserts
Kevin K. said on 20/Jul/16
I once read that Brad Pitt, before he got famous, listed himself as 5'10" on a call sheet. If that's true, then he's no more than 5'10" and possibly up to an inch shorter than that. (I think he's 5'9.5".) He looks taller than he is because he's so slim.
Peter 179cm said on 19/Jul/16
Ok Pitt is really 180 with shoes on...Does that satisfy you,downgraders? Lol...
Dan said on 18/Jul/16
Tulip, I very much doubt that Pitt was 1.5" shorter than 5-11 at a film premiere. Doubt that. And no, you can't have custom chuck Taylor's with 3-4 inch hidden insert and have them look like regular chuck Taylor's. Sorry. Chucks are soft canvas shoes. You can't throw four inch lifts inside them.
Tulip said on 16/Jul/16
Been next to him with my then boyfriend at a premiere. My ex was 5.11, Pitt seemed to be at least 1,5 inches shorter.
Dmeyer said on 16/Jul/16
In the shots where jolie has heels that should give near 5 in even if she is 5 ft 6 that Will make her 5 ft 11 he looks easy 1in over her so about 6 ft shoes on and Pitt has low cut 1inchers
hijopotamus said on 15/Jul/16
Also you can find shoes that boost you up 7 cm.
Obviously these celebs wear custom ones. They can wear custom chucks and people would think theyr wearing regular all stars chucks.
Dmeyer said on 15/Jul/16
Hijopotamus so you get 5cm from boots plus insole you will only apear near 185cm no more since typical 185cm Guy will be 187,5ish shoes on , Brad oftenly apears 181,5-2cm Guy so even if h gets 2-3cm boost over normal shoes like you do with your boots h has to be 179cm aleast , if h was 176-177cm like some claim h would look 5 ft 10 wearing cuban heel And 5 ft 10,75-11 wearing an elevator , h looks bigger than that
tk said on 15/Jul/16

Have you noticed her shoes in that photo? She might be getting nearly 5 inches from them. The platform in the front of the shoe looks easily 3+ inches, not to mention the huge heel.

Pitt is not 5'9''. Maybe he is not a full 5'11'' either but nothing under 5'10.5'', at least imo. He has short legs, longer torso and impeccable posture. This means that, even with a relatively normal pair of shoes, he can easily look around 6'0''. With a small lift or a cuban heel boot (he obviously uses both), he often looks closer to 6'1''.
James B said on 14/Jul/16
Goldberg is 6ft2
Dmeyer said on 14/Jul/16
We all know about Pitt shoes in spy game those could give near 2in , but h usualy dosnt wear those
hijopotamus said on 13/Jul/16
joe, Dmeyer, im 182 and i reach 187 with army boots and vibram insoles. No weird walking at all.
So yes, its possible.
pauly e said on 13/Jul/16
those heels she's wearing are intense. there looks to be a 3" portion under the toe of the shoe, so they are giving her that much over a normal heel.

MJKoP said on 12/Jul/16
The guys(and gals?) arguing 5'9" tops for Pitt are going to cream themselves when they see this picture. One of the very few times he's looked significantly shorter than his true height of 5'11". I could easily see this image turning into the "naked Paltrow candids" of 2016.

Click Here

Editor Rob: to be fair, he is mid stride, she is in full stride on a road with a bigger than average heel.
Dan said on 13/Jul/16
MJKop. Dude those are like 6 inch heels she's wearing. That's the night I saw them. I was there in the theater when they walked in. That was the afi festival opening night where they premiered BY the sea.
hijopotamus said on 13/Jul/16
Dan, 6'1"? LOL
do you know Redford height??
so he was 6 feet?
sorry but looooool
Joe said on 13/Jul/16
@hijopotamus: you're wrong in saying that Dmeyer doesn't know much about height related stuff. He's been around in this website for at least 10 years.
James B said on 12/Jul/16
He's 52 now so in the next few years will probably be heading towards 5'10 1/2.

I must say so far brad has held his peak height well and I can't see him losing much into old age.
Dan said on 12/Jul/16
Hijopotamus, I do agree with you that the spy game boots are huge, but they're not elevator shoes. Google vintage Frye Campus boots. That particular boot is called campus boots. They had those huge chunky leather stacked heel. People wore that stuff in the 70's - 80's. Other than those boots and the thick boots he wore in killing them softly, he typically wears normal shoes. Inglorious basterds he wore huge elevator shoes. He was like 6-1 in that movie.
MJKoP said on 12/Jul/16
The guys(and gals?) arguing 5'9" tops for Pitt are going to cream themselves when they see this picture. One of the very few times he's looked significantly shorter than his true height of 5'11". I could easily see this image turning into the "naked Paltrow candids" of 2016.

Click Here
Editor Rob: to be fair, he is mid stride, she is in full stride on a road with a bigger than average heel.
Johan said on 12/Jul/16
Goldberg is listed here at 6ft 2.5 , I always thought his 6ft 3 claim was a decent one though as he could look taller at times than 6ft 2 guys. He is very similar to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, another guy billed around 6ft 5 but in reality 6ft 2.5 - 6ft 3.
Heylo said on 11/Jul/16
That's right Dan, the god of proportions doesn't know heights. That's why it's mostly a waste of time looking at a certain body-part. We all look different.
hijopotamus said on 11/Jul/16
Dmeyer, you obviously dont know much about elevators, customs etc and btw, Pitt wears massive heel shoes. Have you seen that 90s movie with Redford? watch his heels and see how tall he was beside Robert.
Dan said on 11/Jul/16
If you guys wanna see how the whole short leg thing cancels itself out, go and google images of Bill Goldberg and look how short his leg is from knee to ankle. That guy is a 6-4 or 6-5 monster and when you look at his leg from knee to ankle it looks really short. Almost abnormally short. Same for his arm measured from elbow to wrist. Same as Brad Pitt. Both of them have long torsos with long arms from shoulder to elbow and hip to knee, but short from elbow to wrist and knee to ankle. Some people's bodies are just different. Built different. Like I've always said, that's why Pitt is able to use lifts and boots with skinny jeans on and he doesn't look abnormal. Point is, just because he appears to have short stubby calves, doesn't mean he's a short guy
jasperwazup said on 10/Jul/16
its time to downgrade the height to 5'9.5''
Peter 179cm said on 10/Jul/16
@hijopotamus only thing is if you look closely Brad looks near 4-5cm taller than Claudia,but if she matched his posture,lets say Brad would be around 2-3 cm taller so basically you'd have a 181-182cm looking Brad Pitt.He can't be shorter than 177-178 range (5'10) even if he's wearing serious lifts like 7cm or so...But he's not a legit 180 guy,either.
Dmeyer said on 10/Jul/16
To make it simple for a personne to apear 1cm taller than he is its simple good posture or simply wearing shoes in the 1,2-1,4in or wearing 0,5in lift , to look 2cm taller than wath you are you need somthing like cowboy heels 4-4,5cm range , or 1-1,25in lift wich is already more noticable , but to look 4-5cm taller than wath you are like going from 177 to 182 like some claim here , you need realy big shoes and Pitt clearly never wear those
Peter 179cm said on 9/Jul/16
@ Allen Who's Chan??
Dan said on 9/Jul/16
If you guys want to see the two vans I own and boots I own the Brad owned let me know
Johno said on 9/Jul/16
I don't know about the other celebrities but Pitt being taller than Beckham is a joke to me.
hijopotamus said on 9/Jul/16
Peter179, fully agree. AND it was just some useful data that Claudia wears flats and Brad lifts. The size of the lift is obviously unknown. But that only proves Brad is under !79 BECAUSE if you are 181 you will never claim 179, right? always take the short one.
hijopotamus said on 9/Jul/16
Peter179, fully agree. AND it was just some useful data that Claudia wears flats and Brad lifts. The size of the lift is obviously unknown. But that only proves Brad is under !79 BECAUSE if you are 181 you will never claim 179, right? always take the short one.
truth said on 9/Jul/16
I would say 178 cm minimum and 180.5 cm maximum. Most likely bang on 179.5 cm.
hijopotamus said on 9/Jul/16
Secret, LOL
Good try.
Brad would never ever wear sandals or flip flops unless they have a 2 inch sole.
Peter 179cm said on 8/Jul/16
@Heylo Bingo!
@hijopotamus Claudia also claimed 181 which is probably exaggerated a little. And that pics part can also be accounted for most celebrities height-comparisons in here-they are all pure assumptions and speculations,as you'd never know their exact footwear,posture,if ground level is flat etc...We're not truth seekers in here(im speaking for myself atleast),we're just estimating/guessing heights based on what we see...Correct me if i'm wrong.
Dmeyer said on 8/Jul/16
177 is impossible as he looks 181-2cm when in thick wish means h measures near 184cm shoes on , to get 7cm from shoe the heel/lifts in to be about 4in , And since Brad wear shoes with no more than 1,2-1,5in outside heels he will need 2,5in lifts , so the smallest arguable for Pitt is 5 ft 10,25 but even that is unlikely as he can pull off 5 ft 11 with normal looking shoes And h can seem near 5ft 11 even when h wears Vans type so even if h has full 1in lifts inside wish give about 0,6in h will get just 1,2in from those , you could alwais argue 178,5-181cm for him but 179,5-180,5 is most likely
Secret said on 7/Jul/16
I met him once he was wearing flip flops. I'm exactly 5"8.75 , he was around 2 inches taller (not strong 2 inches)
Allen said on 7/Jul/16
Just the same way Chan appears to be 6'3. 5'8 Pitt appears to be 5'10-5'11
Heylo said on 6/Jul/16
I respect your opinion guys but I really can't see him under minimum 177cm. Below that mark and he couldn't look as tall he looks next to other guys in the same height range. He is always, without no exception taller than 5'9 guys, always taller than 5'10 guys and have often been a smidge taller than 5'11 guys. If he's not wearing lifts, we would assume him being 180-181cm barefoot, if he's wearing lifts we could assume him being anywhere between 177 and 180 like Peter was saying. The second option is the most likely one because we know that he uses lifts but we also know that the other guys in the 5'8-5'9 category who uses lifts never looks as tall as Pitt.
hijopotamus said on 6/Jul/16
Peter, doing maths based on hypothesis is a waste of time. Put Brad barefoot besides someone barefoot too and on same ground level. The pics with Beckham were same ground level? same shoes?
Claudia Schiffer claimed 179 cm herself and Pitt is not taller. She wore flats and Pitt wore lifts. Look at the front of his feet...well, he wears lifts 24`7
Peter 179cm said on 5/Jul/16
How can a 5'9 Pitt appear taller than 5'10-5'11 listed people on this site(Claudia Schiffer,David Beckham,George Clooney etc) like almost in every picture?The answer is very simple:he's taller than 5'9,and it's not really common for men,be it famous men to wear 3-4 inch lifts to appear much taller to the public eye...I mean come on there's a pic or 2 where he clearly looks atleast 2 inches taller than 5'11ish Beckham,the guy has looked around 6ft more often than not,so these 5'8 and 5'9 estimates are clearly off.Pitt is 177cm or about 5'10 minimum,and he's likely a little taller than that really.
hijopotamus said on 5/Jul/16
Dan, spot on.
hijopotamus said on 4/Jul/16
Abc, look at those shoes...and lifts inside no doubt.
Rob, this software measures anything with perspective depth angles etc from any photo. All distances.
Alex said on 4/Jul/16
I'm pretty sure he wore lifts in some movies. For him, I would say he could be 177-179 cm.
Dan said on 4/Jul/16
All BS aside fellas, I think he's a weak 5-10. That's what he looks like most, and that's would give him such a big edge with big footwear but I do believe that he can be a bit shorter. But the absolute shortest Brad Pitt could ever be is a strong 5-9. Anything under that is a joke. A 5-9 guy can still use a 1.25 insert in a pair of vans and still hit 5-10.5 or 1.25" insert in a pair of boots and jump to 5-11.5. No way ever Brad Pitt is in the 5-8 range.
truth said on 3/Jul/16
@Abc Looks still at least 178 cm with the 187 cm guy and could be 179-180 cm with better posture I'm 100% sure.
hijopotamus said on 1/Jul/16
Rob, isnt there a software used by arquitects to measure stuff in photos? Some soccer journalists use it to check offside in the game.
Editor Rob: I've never read about any software like that, although I'm sure there might be something that if you give the height of one object, it may analyse other objects...but dealing with perspective might be hard.
Johan said on 1/Jul/16
I think Jon would edge him, he stands much looser than Pitt and still looks above average on screen. While Brad always has perfect posture. I don't think more than 1/2 inch though.
Abc said on 1/Jul/16
@dmeyer (aka Pitt`s PR-unit)
I dont think so ...

Click Here
Mat said on 30/Jun/16
Editor Rob: I think they are very close, I would like to see them barefeet together.

didn't know you had a fetish rob, that's cool bro!
Editor Rob: hey, barefeet, but fully clothed ;)
Heylo said on 30/Jun/16
Josh, to be honest, those photos at the airport sucks. You can play with those distorting angles in many photos, it's simply an illusion. Just like the Ocean's 12 on set photo where Brad looks 5'7-5'8 next to George Clooney. The same illusionary effect here. Brad can absolutely be shorter than he is listed at but those photos are horrible to use as evidence. The barefoot photo with Paltrow and the award photos next to Jon Bernthal proves that Brad could likely be under 5'11.

Look at Jude Law, no one (or very few) people thought he was the average 5'10 that he is. Because of Jude's genuine claim in an interview, Rob put him down a full inch. The same could actually go for Brad. He looks similar to Jude in films next to other people to me. Brad could just like Jude have a discrete 0.75-1 inch lift and large heels and look noticeably taller.
Brad looks strong 6ft at his tallest and that's when he's using chunky boots and possibly lifts. Brad could very well be 5'10 IMO. If he's the weak 5'10(177) or the strong 5'10(178, border on 179) guy is the question for me at this point.
300xb said on 30/Jun/16
good photos mat , this shows that brad pitt is under 5'11 even with his lifters! i reviewed many of his photos mat. and in every single of them his footwear, shoes, boots etc are thick because of the lifters inside. same as these photos that you shared. in pictures that he does not have lifters (and those are very rare and his is around his girlfriends or he is alone) he looks like a small guy but because he has very well built body on the upper side he can only look taller.
5'9-175 said on 30/Jun/16
from the pictures of aniston and pitt though pitt still has his shoes on (maybe slight lifts inside) he looks 5'9 tops. I'm 5'9 and I look taller near 5'4 people (if aniston is really 5'4) so I say a weak 5'9 or 5'8-75, 5'8-5 or even a strong 5'8
Mat said on 29/Jun/16
Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here

Rob, the not so solid 5'11 Jon Bernthal edges Brad almost everywhere. Looks like Pitt forgot his lifts. whad ya think?
Editor Rob: I think they are very close, I would like to see them barefeet together.
Johno said on 29/Jun/16
Those airport pics, you could estimate the height difference between Renner and Pitt by using experience and perspective when judging heights between two people in everyday life. I would say Renner and Pitt look within 1-inch of that airport shot.

I doubt either party is wearing lifts, it is not exactly a Red carpet event.
Allen said on 29/Jun/16
It's time to upgrade Chan's height to 6'3 if Keanu is 6'1 LOL
This is exactly how Brad Pitt makes himself taller. Just like Chan.

Click Here

Click Here
Josh said on 29/Jun/16
How dare you call me that?? I wonder why Dan's comments are not banned because he keeps insulting everyone here. You are so agitated about Pitt's height kid! Have you ever delivered your ideas without insulting people? You sound more like a shoe seller here than a guy who wants to prove that Pitt is 5'10. You have no right to tell anyone to stay on this page or not. Your existence just proves that Brad is under 5'10. Renner never wears Lifts! Never has! And Brad Pitt is just short in those pictures as well as many other pictures that his TRUE height has been revealed.
Dmeyer said on 29/Jun/16
Pitt does look near 182ish with 187cm Guy And chan And Reeves his shoes give no more than 0,5in over the others
Dan said on 29/Jun/16
Josh are you serious? I think you better grow up or get out of this room if you think those are good photos to compare height. First, renner is 1000% a lift wearer. And second, common man, look at the angle of those pics, look at the differences in distance from the camera of Pitt and Renner.
Abc said on 29/Jun/16
Pitt only seems taller than Reeves because the guy is slouching, or never was 185.
Compare Pitt next to Alexander Wurz who is a legit 187 (height of athletes are more reliable). Pitt is noticably shorter, even in his big heeled Guidi Boots.
You do the math, he can not be taller than Reeves when he stands in good posture being a legit 185
300xb said on 29/Jun/16
brad pitt cannot wear his thickets lifters in the airport or maybe he has to hide them inside his socks.. so he looks same height as Renner without lifts. maybe 5'8 or 5'9 or something between that range?
Josh said on 29/Jun/16
Dear Dan, when we provide pictures that downgrade Pitt those are bad examples but when you provide examples they are flawless huh? You better grow up
Dan said on 28/Jun/16
Click Here
Johno said on 27/Jun/16
To be fair, even Jackie Chan and Dempsey looked taller than Keanu in that picture. Not the best of comparisons.
Dmeyer said on 27/Jun/16
Near Keanu statham And chan h can look 5 ft 11,25-11,5 his shoes give max 1,4in the Guy is 5 ft 10,75 at worst
hijopotamus said on 27/Jun/16
Dan, just make comments about Brad barefoot pics. Its easier and more reliable.
Dan said on 27/Jun/16
Lmao! @ josh. Worst photo example ever!
James said on 27/Jun/16
@Dan Keanu Reeves 6 ft? That's ridicoulous and simply false.

Come on he is not old to say he has lost an inch. When he was young, he always looked 185 cm or even 185.5 cm. Now he seems to have the same or virtually the same height.

He still looks 185 cm next to Benzema.

Click Here
Dan said on 27/Jun/16
Um, hello? When have i ever said Brad Pitt doesn't wear lifts to look as tall as 6 footers?
Allen said on 27/Jun/16

Haha! All of Brad's boots wrinkle! And they won't wrinkle! They do when your foot has been raised inside of the shoe! It is evident that the feet are lifted up! And he is shorter by approximately 2 cm or nearly an inch. That is when he uses his biggest boots and lifts when he knows that there are going to be taller guys around who slouch and have a poor posture!
Josh said on 27/Jun/16
With 5'7.5 Jeremy Renner
He can't be taller than 5'8.5-5'9

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
mrtguy said on 26/Jun/16
Brad Pitt to me doesn't look like a true 5'11'' guy barefoot
Dan said on 25/Jun/16
Keanu reeves is listed at 6-1. I'm sure he's lost an inch due to his bit bones and non muscular body so let's put him at 6-0. Regardless of what Allen is saying, look at all the pics of Pitt and Keanu and you'll see Pitt is taller with his boots and posture. Even if Pitt has 2" boots and a 1" insert, it's impossible or him to stand taller than Keanu if he were 5-8 or 5-9. Impossible. You CANNOT fit a lift bigger than 1.25" inside those guidi boots. They won't zip up. Also, if he were magically able to fit 2" inside the boots, it would be impossible for him to stand and walk for so long, and climbing up stairs without looking like a fool and possibly falling over. Guidi boots aren't elevator shoes. They're normal biker boots with lug soles.
Dan said on 25/Jun/16
Allen, stop lying. Pitt was taller than Keanu there. Whether it be from posture or footwear, Pitt was taller. And no, those shoes don't give you 2", and no, if you google guidi 788v, which you probably didn't, because you just want to give your opinion without evidence, you would've seen that those guidi boots wrinkle because of the leather and because of the zipper at the back.
Allen said on 25/Jun/16

The way his boots are wrinkled it means that definitely there are lifts inside. And those lifts are VERY thick.
richie said on 24/Jun/16
Pitt is a strong 5'11" and would probably stand close to 6' with shoes
hijopotamus said on 24/Jun/16
those shoes are close to 2 inches heel!
...and we dont know if lift or vibram sole inside.
What makes me laugh is why people insist comparing in such a difficult situation?? now its about aerial shots, looooool
Guys, just study pics with Paltrow or Aniston.
The guy is under 5'10" no doubt.
Tom Cruise can reach close to 5'10" and hes barely 5'7"
This is Hollywood, guys, all fake.
Dan said on 23/Jun/16
Those boots are guidi 788v model. Most possibly has an insert inside. Yea they're big, that's how he gets close to those six foot guys. 1.5-1.75 lift from the double soles.
Dmeyer said on 23/Jun/16
Those boots shouldnt give over 3,3-3,4cm 1,3-1,35in maybe 1,4-1,5in if thick insole
Allen said on 23/Jun/16
He was shorter than Keanu in the picture!
Allen said on 22/Jun/16

Those are real big boots for a guy 5'11 lol

I agree Heylo, He is an extremely good looking guy for his age, always was! Brad Pitt is always Brad Pitt! No matter how tall!
Dan said on 22/Jun/16
At the Le Mans racing event, pit was taller than Keanu reeves and Patrick demsey. Granted, he was wearing a guidi boot called 788v which have a double sole and heel which give about 1.5- 1.75" of advantage and maybe adding a 1-1.25" lift inside. Still couldn't explain how a guy 5-8 can look 6-0. He can't be any shorter than 5-10
Allen said on 22/Jun/16

Lol at his shoes look totally normal! LOL!!!

There's actually a difference between how tall people really are and how tall they look!
Parker said on 22/Jun/16
Johno said on 21/Jun/16
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

I say the difference between Pitt and Beckham is around 1.5-inches, Beckham being the taller one.

I would say Beckham is taller than the person he's next to in the pics. I can't tell from those pics whether that's Brad Pitt.
Heylo said on 21/Jun/16
Some new photos:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

I don't know much about racing so I obviously don't these lads names.
Brad is looking really good for his age.
Dan said on 21/Jun/16
Lol the aerial shot isn't Brad Pitt. It's Jason Statham. Get your facts straight boys.
Dmeyer said on 21/Jun/16
Pitt oftenly looks 5ft 11,5 if h was 5ft 10 h Will need 2,5in shoes to reach 6ft 0,5in and look 5ft 11,5 to people to get 2,5in you need to have a heels and lifts of total 3,25-3,5in to get real 2,5 in and Pitt never has that big of shoe
Leteromo said on 21/Jun/16
near aniston he even looks 5'7!! its good to know how fooling those shoes and lifts are, I always had him at 5'11,6'0 but to look that small near a tiny woman!!!! george clooney is certainly taller than him if brad doesnt wear his magical lift shoes
Joey said on 21/Jun/16
Dan the point is a real 5'8 person can reach 5'11 with 3 inch lifts. If you can't reach it that way you are DEFINITELY shorter , same thing is for Brad pitt. that really makes sense why he always and everywhere uses those big shoes and lifts.
Dan said on 21/Jun/16
Joey, if I throw in a 1" lift inside my boots that have about an inch to 1.25" heel, how exactly am I going to reach 5-11 if I'm 5-8. Do the math buddy. Yes, I'm 5-8
Parker said on 21/Jun/16
Allen said on 21/Jun/16
that is 4 inches not 5 inches! Do the math

Hague 5'11 in his footwear is what I said and Pitt looks 2 inches taller (6'1)

Pitt at 5'8 would need 5 inches to get to 6'1. Hows your maths?
Johno said on 21/Jun/16
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

I say the difference between Pitt and Beckham is around 1.5-inches, Beckham being the taller one.
Johno said on 21/Jun/16
From the aerial shots of Brad Pitt and David Beckham, Beckham looked to be the taller one when they were standing together.
Allen said on 21/Jun/16

that is 4 inches not 5 inches! Do the math
Dmeyer said on 21/Jun/16
When the angle is dcent Pitt can look just 1in over Hague while Pitt has 1-1,3cm more shoes , Pitt usualy look anywere 179,5-180,5 ,
Dmeyer said on 21/Jun/16
My bad h is only 52 so 1-2mm is likely
Dmeyer said on 21/Jun/16
0,5cm loss 0,2in is likely by now the Guy is mid 50s , many by this age drop 1-1,2cm , but h is fit , i doubt h lost less than 3-5mm , anyway it isnt noticable
Dmeyer said on 20/Jun/16
With whurz h looks 180-1cm his shoes look totaly normal
Allen said on 20/Jun/16

We have discussed the Pitt-Hague case. So read older comments and donnot bring up older issues again
Allen said on 20/Jun/16
Dan you need to study more about Hollywood to find out hopefully what kind of a lie you are living in. Many have been wearing these stuff you just have to get out of your small world and let your brain understand new things. Some actors are confident about their height and they don't wear lifts. They are real 5'10-5'11-6'0 actors like Dicaprio, Bale, russell Crowe and many more. Let me teach you something. They make money using Pitt so they make him look taller than he is. And people like you turn on the TV and believe everything they feed you. That picture I posted proves his real height. For those looking for the reality. Others like you wanna live in a lie. So have fun.
Johan said on 20/Jun/16
To be honest it looks like Pitt is raising his eyelevel there and he has a 0.5 inch footwear advantage if normal shoes ofc. To me he looks 1.5 inches taller so if Hague is a legit 5'10" then Pitt being 5'11" isnt that crazy.

Still see him as being 5'10.5"-5'11", dont think he is over.
truth said on 20/Jun/16
@ Parker I doubt even that though mate - regarding Pitt's above average genetics, military posture and healthy lifestyle I strongly doubt he would see anything under 5'10 in his lifetime with shrinkage. He looks just like a guy that age has barely any effect on him!
B said on 19/Jun/16
Rob, how tall do you think Pitt hits before bed?
Editor Rob: there is a chance he is a fraction under 5ft 11, but how much? I wouldn't say half inch, but a small fraction may be possible at night.
Joey said on 19/Jun/16
Dan I'm afraid you are shorter than 5'8. You can't fool yourself. If you were 5'8 you could reach 5'11 with your boots and lifts inside. You are definitely shorter. Sorry
Parker said on 19/Jun/16
William Hague claims 5'11, but next to John Kerry and Tony Blair 'looks' 5'10 to me, but lets give him 5'11 in his footwear
Click Here

Pitt looking 2 inches taller, so a 5'8 Pitt would need to be gettin 5 inches from his footwear - laughing gas mate.

Believe and write what you want, we all have an opinion, but it will be 20 years before Rob lowers Pitt's height at the top of the page to below 5'10.
Allen said on 19/Jun/16
Dan I saw his picture with Keanu Reeves, Pitt is an inch shorter still!! You really don't have to lie! Really! No wonder how you see him at 5'10
Aaron Zamora said on 19/Jun/16
What do you think of the picture of Quentin next to Brad?
Editor Rob: generally I'd say there was a good 2 inches, but some photos he could look nearer 3 inches shorter, others less than 2.
300xb said on 19/Jun/16
c-mo the angle of the camera is rather low angled so this helps the two to look taller and he is closer to camera as you said so he still can look taller.. i dont suppose camera angle is bad here but it is still difficult to guess their heights like you people with certainty do.
Josh said on 19/Jun/16
nice photo Allen! time to downgrade brad pitt's height !!
Joey said on 19/Jun/16
Wow finally a picture that brad doesn't wear lifts ,, he looks short in normal shoes. I say he is lucky if he is 5'8 because jennifer aniston is
very small herself
Dan said on 19/Jun/16
You're insinuating that just because Brad Pitt is the most handsome male movie star, that the entire universe of Hollywood has been a prevy to a complete lie that barefoot, he is actually 3 inches shorter than his accepted height. In your world, every single actor wears 3 inch lifts all the time. Brad Pitt and Matt Damon jumped off a yacht together in 2004, and it was perfectly clear that Brad was about two inches taller than Damon. So you're saying Damon is 5-6? Statham is also 5-6?
TJE said on 19/Jun/16
Let's be real Allen, Brad has not grown a single mm since he came out of the womb.

Dan said on 19/Jun/16
Get this through you head. Brad Pitt does have stubby thick calves. But his hip to knee ratio is very long. There are all kinds of body types. His knee to ankle ratio isn't long. He has thick inner calves, but his hip to knee ( quads and hamstrings are rather long and slender. He is in no way considered a tall man, but he is not short. Brad Pitt is not short!!! He is an average height for a white Midwesterner. 5-10 and with his great core muscles and slim physique, he gives off the impression of a taller guy because a strong core, lean lower back and incredibly strong abs makes him stand straight like a board. It's not that he's forcing it, it's that that is how his body is. Anyone who's seen fight club would know that.
Dan said on 19/Jun/16
Allen, you're just a super troll. You know nothing about fashion, know nothing about the close or shoes Pitt wears and here you are estimating Pitt to be 5-8. Pitt is currently wearing boots by guidi which have a lug sole that gives approximately 1.5 - 1.75 of lift. Yesterday he was standing next to Keanu reeves and edged them both out by about an inch. Given that Keanu has horrible posture because he's a tall guy and the bones take a beating after a while when you age if you don't have adequate muscle. Even if Pitt was wearing an inch lift inside his boots, how in the hell do you explain him being as tall or an inch taller than Keanu, even with Pitt's perfect posture if he were 5-8? He was wearing slip tapered jeans which would've perfect given him away if he was wearing an extra 4 inches of secret insert lift. You're a troll who knows nothing. Pitt would've been exposed for being a 4 inch lift wearer years ago. He would've never worn moccasins like he has. 5-8? You're ridiculous. Pitt is a white man from the mid west. Those guys are average 5-10. Average. I'm a 5-8 Latino who owns several of the same shoes and boots Pitt has owned. I own the Cole haan g series boots he had in 2007. I own the same exact vans wool alomar he wore in 2011. I own the same palladium baggy boots he wore in 2014. I own the same exact merrell spirit moc he wore in 2006. Even when I've thrown lifts inside my boots, I've still never ever hit 5-11 or 6-0. When I've gone to events and thrown lifts in my Cole haan boots, I become taller yes. Taller for a Latino. Not as tall as a white man movie star. Pitt is definitely 5-10 or maybe a half inch shorter. Nothing less. You're probably one of those people who thinks everything is a conspiracy. It's not. Not always. You live in a world where you believe Brad Pitt is 5-8 and has every shoe he has ever worn custom made to make him look 6-0. So basically you're saying that when Brad Pitt was in inglorious basterds and was about 3 inches taller than everyone in the movie, he was wearing 6 inch elevator shoes. Sure buddy. Keep dreaming.
Allen said on 18/Jun/16

He's 5'8 without the lifts Mr. Parker. There's actually a difference when celebrities are barefoot or they are wearing thick lifts. When they wear lifts they become taller. And Pitt is not barefoot next to Jonah Hill who we don't know exactly how tall he is. In those pictures and many other pictures that you see, he's wearing those special shoes.
jasperwazup said on 18/Jun/16
Jonah Hill is 5'5'' barefoot.Pitt's small forehead tilted up gives a false height estimate. He's 4.5'' on hill so 5'9.5''-5'10'' with normal dress shoes. 5'9'' at end of day barefoot I'm afraid.
Allen said on 18/Jun/16

Calm down. You need not analyze the character of commentors here. We don't do that anymore.
The angle of this picture is excellent! If it shortens Pitt which is your illusion it also shortens Jen. So the angle affects both. There's another photo of the same event but Jen is resting her head on Pitt's shoulder, so she seems shorter and this one is a better picture. Also Pitt has shoe advantage in this picture. This proves Pitt to be 5'8 tops. Without his big shoes and lifts he is 5'8. And this is the solid proof for this claim.
guk said on 18/Jun/16
There are quite a few pictures of him with 185cm Alexander Wurz. In the pictures he looks no worse than 180cm. In many of them he's wearing flat racing shoes (unless he had special ones made)
c-mo said on 18/Jun/16
Allen said on 15/Jun/16
Again this is how I prove Pitt to be 5'8 tops.

Click Here


this pic doesnt prove anything . far distance , both are walking (if you want to compare heights both should be standing erected) , the ankle (it is taken from the side and not horizontal) , pitt is walking in front of aniston and therefore is closer to the camera etc etc

5'8 is a joke for pitt . guys like you seem very complexed to me and you seem as if you try to make men like pitt shorter with all force just to be happier about yourself but as I said 5'8 is ridiculous . give it up people ....anything less than 177-178cm is complete nonsense . 180-181cm he is
Allen said on 18/Jun/16

LOL! Yeah! Then Jen Aniston is 5'8! LOL
Parker said on 18/Jun/16
You only have to look at Pitt standing next to 5'6 Jonah Hill at the top of the page to see how ludicrous a 5'8 estimate is for Pitt

Unfortunately this thread is getting rather silly.
jasperwazup said on 17/Jun/16
Arsenio hall interviewed Anna Nicole back in 92' and asked what her type of guy was. She answered comboys and mentioned particularly Brad Pitt. To which Arsenio replyed after comparing his abnormally long hands to annas pretty long ones, so you like such a wee

this indicates Arsenio whose 5'10.5'' at least barefoot either ran into little brad in the early
90's before he dated aniston. Which means since arsenio is not a massive guy himself pitt is 5'9.25''-5'9.5'' at best.
Allen said on 17/Jun/16
Yeah Johno, that makes Pitt to be 5'8 tops.
hijopotamus said on 17/Jun/16
Rob, Claudia Schiffer site has a pic of herself in heels not taller than Luke Perry who is 5'9....
Can anyone explain this??
So that adds some more light to the Brad case, I guess...
Editor Rob: there's also photos like This showing her taller in similar heels.
Allen said on 17/Jun/16

Don't know if Downey Jr gets picked on because he's a new Tom Cruise for the people.
But Pitt looks nothing more than 5'8 in that photo near Aniston. Take a good look at the picture.
gian92 said on 17/Jun/16
Brad Pitt 5'8 ?? Are you serious?? In that case Downey jr is 5'2 ?? Camon guys
Alxr37 said on 16/Jun/16
He looks 5'10 in that picture
Johno said on 16/Jun/16
Well from that angle Allen, Pitt looks to have 3.5-4 inches on Aniston.
hijopotamus said on 16/Jun/16
Pppfffff, seriously, anyone can still claim 5'10 for Pitt after watching that pic with Aniston??
Allen said on 15/Jun/16
Again this is how I prove Pitt to be 5'8 tops.

Click Here
Allen said on 15/Jun/16
Yes if you compare people with different sizes it is obvious that taller ones have longer legs. At 6'3.5 I have always perceived 5'11 guys as short even though they really are not. It's the matter of sizes but still I have seen many people my height with longer torso, still they have long legs.
hijopotamus said on 15/Jun/16
the Slave, true...he SEEMS to be 5'10 ish.
...BUT barefoot he doesnt SEEM to be that height, right?

People, once again, what is more reliable?
a- barefoot pics beside another barefoot person
b- pics wearing shoes we dont know exact heel and dont know the size of the heel beside someone weraring different shoes and who knows what inside of them?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Jun/16
I see a strong 6ft/weak 6ft1 on the far right
Dan said on 14/Jun/16
I can't believe you Allen lol
Heylo said on 14/Jun/16
Brad is on the "shorter legs, longer torso" side(even though IMO it's nothing extreme). That's usually seen as the more "masculine" anyway even though some studies suggests that slightly longer legs in both genders seems to be the easiest on the eyes, thus more attractive. But a man with a long torso and wide shoulders will often look more dominant and masculine than a man with a short upper body. Brad in boots, small lifts and a tucked in shirt (first photo here on the page) is a perfect look for him because it makes his body look very proportional. Brad does seem to know this, he is rarely seen with long shirts, it makes his legs look short. Many people have this body type but if you look around your local mall you will notice that most people don't really know about their body types, they wear whatever they like (which is fine, I'm not judging) but this can look disproportionate and are automatically making you less attractive.

And Allen. I'm sorry for being disrespectful sometimes when I'm writing something(like in my last post). We're just looking at things from different perspectives. Most people here don't think that he looks 5'8 with Paltrow, that's just the way it is. If you think he is 5'8, it's fine. This is really trivial stuff that we are discussing, I feel like I'm overreacting like hell calling you stupid and ****, it's not like we're discussing politics.
Heylo said on 14/Jun/16
Legs can only be long if the torso is short and vice versa. But this depends on how you choose to perceive it, you analyses this differently, there's no reason to call me a troll you stupid turd. A 6'5 guy will most likely have longer legs than someone who is 5'11 but the 6'5 guy can still still have shorter legs in that his legs are much shorter than his upperbody. I'm not comparing people side to side obviously, I'm comparing the persons body-parts in relation to one another. This is usually the correct way to determine if you have long legs or not, not comparing to other people which you seem to think is rational. Just shows how stupid you are.
Allen said on 13/Jun/16

Then you don't know exactly who Brad Pitt is! You have any idea how much this company gives to Pitt for wearing them?! And you think they won't make a costume for him! I can't believe you people!!!
Pierre said on 13/Jun/16
Curious shoes in picture next to Quentin Tarentino.QuentinTarentino has horizontal shoes and Brad has vertical shoes just after the toes
Original said on 11/Jun/16
I'm 5'9 and he looks taller than me in proportion... he is IMO about 5'9.5-75, perhaps 5'10 out of bed, and of course lifts... 1.5/2 inches, gives the 5'11.5/6' impression.
truth said on 11/Jun/16
Quentin at 185-186 cm and Brad at 178-179cm would be pretty sensible. He can look anywhere from 2 to 3 inches shorter than him though.
Dan said on 10/Jun/16
Allen, what are you talking about they'r not ordinary vans? Lol you think vans makes special sneakers for Brad Pitt? He's wearing the old surf vans called Half Crepe, he's wearing the sk8 hi vans, he's wearing vans cojo, he's wearing vans alomar, he's wearing vans raglan, he's wearing vans half cab... You think vans has customizEd all these different models for him? Common man...

Click Here

Here he is in 2009 wearing vans half crepe mid top slip on's. He doesn't look 5-8 here. I know his fashion really well, and I am pretty positive he wears some kind of custom lifts that go inside his socks. Which is why he didn't take his socks off when he jumped off that yacht with Matt Damon. Also explains why he doesn't lose too much height when he's taken his boots off at the airport.
CS said on 10/Jun/16
an anonymous peach said on 9/Jun/16
Looking about 3 inches shorter than 6'1" Quentin Tarantino in this pic

Click Here


That's more like 2 inches from what I can see. Also Quentin Tarantino is a little bit closer to the camera giving Brad's height there more validity (because he's a smidge farther away but still manages to pull off 5'11 range). The guy really can't be under 5'10.5. Any other photos that people pull up to prove he's shorter are just bad photos to judge. For every photo where it's somehow debatable that Brad is under 5'10.5, there are AT LEAST two other photos out there that prove he's at least 5'10.5 That is a cold hard fact.
Allen said on 10/Jun/16

6'5 with SHORT LEGS?!!!!!!
Now I know that you are a troll!
Why would I waste my time convincing you!
Go back to school and ask your teachers to teach you where human's growth plates are located at. You will hopefully learn that which parts of human body are most effected by growth hormones in their puberty. Get some education before making such a troll of yourself!
the Slav said on 10/Jun/16
Pitt seems like a dude who holds around 5'10.75 or slightly above at night time. Listing is fine
hijopotamus said on 10/Jun/16
why some people keep complicating things comparing people they dont really know their real height besides dont know how the SIZE of the lift they wear??? Guys, just take the Paltrow and Aniston Pics which are the only ones reliable and discuss them!
Allen said on 9/Jun/16
Click Here

If you still think he's 5'10 then you're gonna have to meet more human beings. Or try upgrading Aniston to 5'7.
Allen said on 9/Jun/16

He has never looked 5'11 in vans. The explanation is that they are no ordinary vans that everyday people wear.
an anonymous peach said on 9/Jun/16
Looking about 3 inches shorter than 6'1" Quentin Tarantino in this pic

Click Here
Johan said on 9/Jun/16
Heylo said on 5/Jun/16
This is an interesting photo: Click Here
5'10 Kevin Bacon and 5'11 George Clooney. Brad doesn't have big shoes at all, not even heels, of course he could have a small lift inside his sneakers but not anything big (waiting for Allen to claim that he has huge stilts in his sneakers lol).
Brad Pitt is perhaps somewhat closer to the camera which gives him a very slight edge. Kevin Bacon does have shoe advantage but still look about 1-2cm shorter.

I'm not sure of Clooney and his footwear but they could give more than Pitt's. Anyway, they're basically the same height here. He looks very strong 5'10-weak 5'11ish.

Yeah I used those before from that event to prove that Clooney isn't under 5'10" on his page.

There are some other pics from that same event where Pitt and Clooney are eye to eye. Its what made me think Brad is 5ft 10.5. I don't think he has dodgy footwear at all there. Other red carpet pics show him comfortably an inch taller than George.
Pierre said on 9/Jun/16
around 5"9' in the picture next to Jennifer Aniston and this time you can see the difference of the ankle's height,and you can see that even in very classic basket shoes it's possible to have a good lift.
Dan said on 8/Jun/16
You're still failing to prove how a 5-8 guy can look 5-11 in vans sneakers or look 6-0 in regular motorcycle boots. Explain that please? He's wearing 2.5 inch lifts inside his shoes? How could he pull the boots up? How could he zip them? How could he walk? Please explain.
Heylo said on 8/Jun/16
Allen, You're deluded. A man can be 6'5 and still have short legs. If you deny this fact, then all of your arguments can be tossed in the trash.
Johan said on 8/Jun/16

It looks like they are out having a drink celebrating the release of the movie. Cruise and Pitt aren't alone. Banderas is listed in the 5'8" range here and so is Slater. Cruise looks to edge them out which is impossible without lifts. So yes Tom is in big footwear with a lift. Not surprising as it is common knowledge that he did wear them for that movie to get close to Pitt in height.

Now granted Brad maybe was wearing boots etc, however the other pic shows that he is taller recently in comparison to Cruise. Im convinced that Brad does use lifts on occassion which is why Cruise ( wedged to the max) is even smaller. Cruise aside though you have to admit that Pitt is inches taller than Banderas.
truth said on 7/Jun/16
Yes she is only 5'7" - Just LOL.

Click Here
kevin said on 6/Jun/16
saw interview with a vampire again and its funny cause there was a scene in the beginning where cruise and pitt walk side by side and r the same height xD pity it wasn a full body shot but i would love to see toms shoes in that scene, or maybe they dug a trench
Allen said on 6/Jun/16

he doesn't look smaller. Brad is closer to the camera. They are the same height.
Allen said on 6/Jun/16

I didn't take those photos to choose angles I like. Haha. There are other photos in that same event and Pitt is the same height as his co-stars.

You speak about Pitt like he's any other ordinary guy out there buying his shoes from the store next door. You've been denying human anatomy logics throughout commenting about Pitt to be the height you like him to be. Let me educate you a little. When someone has short legs it means that the person is short. A person's tall or short stature is determined by the length of their legs. And whenever he wears sneakers and vans they are not any ordinary shoes that you or other commentors here purchase.
Allen said on 6/Jun/16

I knew this was what you were going to come up with. These are not behind the scene pictures that you say Cruise is wearing lifts and Brad is not. You were not inside their shoes at the time to know wether they have used lifts or not. Lifts were used back in John Wayne's time and even in older times. And Brad's lifts grew year by year.
Johno said on 6/Jun/16
With Paltrow and Jen; i must admit Pitt does look comfortably sub-5'10 and looks about a weak-5'9 but i did always stress, "5'10 max," so there was always some healthy doubt there.

Perhaps a weak-5'10 might do?
Dan said on 6/Jun/16
If Paltrow were 5-7, how do you explain her being so close to Ben affleck when they were together? Even if she wore 3" heels, every single time they were together, it still wouldn't explain their height difference. She's 5-9.
Dan said on 6/Jun/16
Please don't bring RDJ into this. The guy wears 3-4 inch elevator shoes everywhere he goes. Like real elevator shoes, not lifts. He is the definition of " funny shoes ". Pitt wears designer boots and shoes and vans sneakers. I worked as background the house of lies one day and saw Cheadle walk past me several times. In normal 1" heeled dress shoes, he's about 5-8.5 or 5-9. Small body. Small guy, but with dress shoes he was still about 5-9. Doesn't change the fact that he still looked small. Pitt on the other hand can be walking around in shorts and vans chukka slip on surf shoes and still look about 5-11. Case closed. Oh and yea, no Paltrow has been downgraded 2" from her listed height. Let's just downgrade all celebrities
Johan said on 6/Jun/16
Thing is with those old shots. Pitt wasn't using lifts back then as you see with a more uptodate shot where he is more than 2 inches taller than Cruise.

On the other hand cruise was using lifts certainly when filming Interview with the Vampire and he does look almost 5'9" there. He is around the same height as Banderas and Slater who are solid 5'8" guys.

If you take Antonio there in the second pic he does look a good 2 inches smaller than Pitt so he isn't under 5'10".
Mat said on 5/Jun/16
Rob, look a this, here Claudia stands better, yet she still has poor stance, she probably doesn't want to be seen as taller than the others. Click Here

I feel like she would be only 1-2 cm under Brad Pitt if she stood properly. and he probably has over an inch of footwear advantage on her.
Editor Rob: she might have 1cm less posture and a good half inch less footwear, although some of these thin looking shoes women wear I've noticed some have a 1/4 inch insole so aren't quite as thin as they appear.
Dan said on 5/Jun/16
Google brad pitt christian slater and you'll find a ton of images showing Pitt is like two to three inches taller than slater more than you'll see they're close in height
Dan said on 5/Jun/16
Allen, those pictures only prove that slater banderas and cruise all use lifts and that Pitt was standing on unleveled ground. There are other pics from that premiere and pics from the true romance premiere this show Pitt has like three inches on slater. If you think that picture accurately depicts Pitt's height comparison to these other guys than I'm sorry to tell you, you're the one who's been duped.
Allen said on 5/Jun/16

You can't instruct me how to deliver my oppinions. If you take a look at my first comments you will notice that I never called anyone anything but I was insulted by the ones who were of the "Brad is 5'10 club"! And they don't seem to me anything but Bradders. If I were them I was gonna spend this much of effort proving Brad's career to be glorious not his height. And I believe Pitt's career is amazing. Anyway I never meant to actually insult people and I don't assume calling people Bradder is an insult! If you don't like it I won't call you that but also people have to learn some manners.
The thing is that Paltrow is not 5'9. Yes she has a horrible posture but still isn't 5'9. She's more like 5'7-5'7.5. And there is only one way for us to believe that Brad is 180-178 cm and that is to ignore Paltrow-Pitt photo. Brad seemed to grow taller in his career but it was not his height but his image that grew over time. The height difference between Pitt and Don Cheadle is the same length as between Robert Downey Jr and Cheadle. And the funny thing's that Robert Downey Jr. is taller than Orlando Bloom the same way Pitt towered Bloom. And they both use lifts.
Heylo said on 5/Jun/16
This is an interesting photo: Click Here
5'10 Kevin Bacon and 5'11 George Clooney. Brad doesn't have big shoes at all, not even heels, of course he could have a small lift inside his sneakers but not anything big (waiting for Allen to claim that he has huge stilts in his sneakers lol).
Brad Pitt is perhaps somewhat closer to the camera which gives him a very slight edge. Kevin Bacon does have shoe advantage but still look about 1-2cm shorter.

I'm not sure of Clooney and his footwear but they could give more than Pitt's. Anyway, they're basically the same height here. He looks very strong 5'10-weak 5'11ish.
Heylo said on 5/Jun/16
Allen, you choose favourable angles for you own advantages. Anyone can do that.
Dan said on 4/Jun/16
Allen you're really going overboard here and you sound ridiculous. As I recall, you were the one who originally started poking at people calling them Bradders and saying we're all Pitt lovers because we think he's 5-10. You also said we're all being fooled by the media and celebs insinuating we're naive fools or something. Keep your opinions to yourself. State your case, give your evidence and move on. No need to insult or belittle anyone with a difference in opinion. It's absurd to name call or assume things about people because they disagree with you. I too believe it is possible for Pitt to be a short as 5-9.5 but I believe he's more 5-10. When I say there's no way on earth he could ever be 5-8 or 5-8.5, it's my opinion. I'm not being fooled by anyone. If you can provide any evidence that Pitt is 5-8 or even 5-8.5 than do it. I doubt you can. I seriously believe Paltrow 5-9, not 5-8. She just horrible posture. I saw aniston in person at the Egyptian theater and she wasn't very short for a women. She was petite and not tall, but she wasn't tiny. Angelina I believe is about 5-6. No shorter.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Jun/16
Rob, is 5ft10 flat possible or is that too low?
Editor Rob: I've just not seen evidence for that height, most of it for me points higher.
hijopotamus said on 4/Jun/16
Heylo, face the facts, dude!
Allen said on 4/Jun/16
Click Here

Click Here

Well these pictures are downgrading Pitt once again. Proving he's nowhere around 5'10!
Allen said on 4/Jun/16

Exactly. She has a bad posture and she's slouching just like Aniston. But Pitt is very cautious about his posture.
Pierre said on 3/Jun/16
You lose easily 1 inch in jennifer posture,she has her head a little inclined too because all his body is relaxed.Brad has just his head a little relaxed.Jennifer has the most disadvantageous posture imo(and i don't speak about the height of their ankles).
Pierre said on 3/Jun/16
You can lift your whole body with your other leg if you 're not in relax posture.But she has a hyper relax posture(and his second knee is not right).
Allen said on 3/Jun/16
Heylo dear, then bending the head downwards decreases Pitt's height an inch? And Paltrows bended knee does not affect her height huh? Oh look at our Logical and Rational chap of the group!
Allen said on 3/Jun/16
Is this 175 cm guy threatening me? Or it is just his bad English? Well give me your email and I will give you my full name and address. I'm waiting. Most of you are tough while typing and when it comes to the real world I know what kind of cry babies you are.
He once in a while reports everything to the editor of this website Rob like he's calling his mom for help and still thinks that these cries will make Pitt 5'10.
Heylo said on 3/Jun/16
Hijop: I mean standing straight, I know technically that the actual spine is not straight. Bending a knee doesn't alter your actual height at that moment because you can LIFT YOUR WHOLE BODY WITH YOUR OTHER LEG. I hope you understand what I mean mr.
Heylo said on 3/Jun/16
You're right, I'm Brad Pitt and I'm 5'8 inches tall but wears stilts that makes me look 6ft. I use the stilts in all of my shoes, so far no one but a guy named Allen noticed it, I feel so ashamed.
Pierre said on 3/Jun/16
Tom is probably never 5"8.5' barefoot because he would look around 5"10' or 5"11' in elevator shoes,i never have seen Tom as tall as 5"10' or 5"11' in good shoes.He's around 5"7' barefoot imo ,just under(168/169)and around 5"9' with good shoes.Nice man(Brad Pitt too)
Johan said on 3/Jun/16
Those are interesting pics with cruise. In one he is 2.5 inches taller when he is older and most likely in bigger shoes. In the other he is only 2 inches taller.

Now taking Tom he can look 5'9" to me at times because of lifts but even his ex wife- 5'10.5" Kidman thought Tom was 2 inches smaller.

So if we go with Tom pulling off 5'8.5" to people then Pitt is a solid 2 inches taller. Which again brings us back to somewhere 5'10.5"-5'11".
Allen said on 3/Jun/16

Heylo I think it's useless for us to continue this way. You can ask a sane doctor about why they urge people not to bend their knees. Because their posture and spine will be damaged. So it is affecting Paltrow's posture and her height in that photo. And Tom Cruise has never been 5'8. Who said so? And those years Cruise was not wearing lifts. I think we would better stick to those photos wherein Pitt is not wearing lifts. Anyway you said his height is around 5'10 and that is a little bit of exaggeration to me.
Allen said on 3/Jun/16

I wouldn't be shocked if Heylo is Brad Pitt himself commenting here trying to prove his desperate case! So...
Sam said on 3/Jun/16
5'11 is definatley top end of the range for, much like 5'10 is probably the low end.
hijopotamus said on 3/Jun/16
Heylo, bending a knee does not effect your overall height if your spine is straight??? whaaat??
BTW, maybe Tom is not 5'8" and he really is 5'6ish and maybe Norton is just 5'11"...a real one!
Saqib said on 2/Jun/16
Can you imagine how brad would react if he read this page? :)
Heylo said on 2/Jun/16
I don't love Brad Pitt mr Allen, I don't know the guy, I'm just being rational. If all you said about Brad was true, then Tom Cruise would reach the same height as Brad and look the same height.
Brad is tilting his head on the photos with Paltrow. And Paltrow's knee bending doesn't effect her overall heigth because her other leg and her spine is completely straight. See? I'm using some simple logic, try to pose in the same way and you will see that you're height is not affected more than a small shade at best.
If Brad constantly had lifts which gave him 4 inches, then he wouldn't be able to run properly. He has indeed used lifts in his movies, but it's mostly small lifts to make him look like a 6ft person. He had somewhat chunkier footwear than Norton (but still far from anything extreme) in Fight Club and managed to look about his height. Brad has on premieres with obvious lifts looked taller than 6ft Norton, that's impressive and totally unrealistic if he really were 5'8 barefoot.
You keep talking about his legs, like they could magically determine his height. Ever heard about the extreme differences in proportions we human can have in relation to one another?
Sit next to a person at your height and you will see differences in leg proportions. Leg proportions can rarely give off exact numbers like you're trying to imply.
Brad looked noticeably taller than Tom Cruise in Interview with a vampire, they can't get in 10cm in those shoes that they have lol, probably a smaller one though. Your logic doesn't make sense because if they both used 10cm lifts, then they would have been at the same height, wouldn't they?

But Yeah Allen I agree with you, Brad and Tom Cruise are both 5'8..:

Click Here
Click Here

Brad can absolutely be shorter than 5'11 but you're exaggerating.
hijopotamus said on 2/Jun/16
Those pics with Paltrow and Aniston leave no doubt.
Brad is shorter than what we most thought. I gave him the 5'9" mark not too long ago and some of you guys said I was trolling.
Allen said on 1/Jun/16
@175 cm

And you really need to learn a little bit of English before you type anything. You'd better avoid commenting to be truthful.
Allen said on 1/Jun/16

The problem is that the majority or we'd better say flock of sheeps are the ones thinking that they are right and all they say is brainy. Well the same case is happening here. You see a picture as bright as day light and you can't even change your mind downgrading the bloke for 1 cm. A picture that if I had shown to a person who was not as bias as most commentors of Pitt's page they were going to admit the truth. I never disrespected anybody here. None until you did. I agree with you that it is a losing battle. Because if the majority were wise enough they were not going to believe Pitt's height being 5'11. Fighting ignorance is the hardest task.
Allen said on 1/Jun/16
@175 cm

I am the one wasting my time making some people of the lowest intelligent on the internet face the reality. You Mr. 175 cm know nothing. You know nothing of Hollywood tricks. You know nothing of the media. You know nothing of the celebrities faking everything. You're one of those ignorants who will settle their case by taunting others.
Pierre said on 1/Jun/16
my analysis picture Brad /Jennifer:Jennifer is listed 5"4.75'( in this site some people are writing they have seen Jennifer and they give her 5"3' ).Let's suppose she's 5"4.75'.Brad's head is a little inclined.Jennifer has a more relaxed posture(knees...), her head seem a little inclined.Let's suppose they lose the same height.Now look at the height of their ankles:with this shoes i see around +4cm benefit for Brad.Let's suppose 3 cm.So Brad without his benefit:Jennifer's eye is face to face with Brad's chin(excuse my english i'm french).So the difference is around 11cm .If Jennifer is 5"4.75'(164) Brad is around 5"9'(175)imo.
Allen said on 1/Jun/16
Is that how you guys passed in school? That ain't no 5 inches. At least you have more sense than the previous posters not mentioning 6 inches. Anyway that's 4 inches while the guy is wearing sneakers. Look at Pitt's legs. They are somehow the same length as Aniston's. That means he can never be 5'10. That's the stature of a 5'8 guy.
No one here mentioned anything other than Pitt's height, so if you find some websites in which Pitt is hated that doesn't mean that the same thing is happening here. Stop accusing people like a 4 year old.
Dan said on 31/May/16
Allen is just another troll. Saying Pitt wears bigger lifts than Cruise is just absurd when you can actually see Tom Cruise has legit elevator shoes on. The guy went from being and inch and a half shorter than Katie Holmes in heels to an inch taller than her in heels. When has Pitt ever done that with his ladies. There is no way in hell that you'll ever convince a majority of people that Pitt is 5-9 or under. It's a losing battle, so just give up right now or beat yourself up forever. You say you feel sorry for us, but you're th pitiful one going crazy on her saying Pitt is a liar and that the he and the media have fooled us. Get over it. Pitt will always be considered a guy 5-10 or above. You keep saying he's wearing monster lifts, but you fail to accept the fact that you cannot fit " monster lifts " into all shoes like his guidi boots and his vans sneakers. They just won't fit and you don't wanna accept that. So if he is wearing a 1.5" lift inside his vans sneakers, that still wouldn't explain why he still appears a legit 5-11 person with the body structure of an average or taller than average guy. He has never ever appeared short. Never.
Saqib said on 31/May/16
No rob i was talking about the audition listing.
If pitt put himself at 5'10 on an audition what makes you think hes 5'11?
Editor Rob: I don't know how reliable the info on the audition thing was...but the 5ft 11 was in one of those teen mags where they ask the actor to fill in details, and it was clear Pitt gave 5ft 11 in his early 20's.
CS said on 31/May/16
@Saqib lol
Johan said on 31/May/16 is that proof guys that he is under 5'10" ? Aniston is under his eyelevel so there is at least 5 inches between them. The lowest you could argue is 177cm if you count her hair. I think 179cm is again a good shout.
Saqib said on 31/May/16
Yeah femalefirst site speaking of which, i dont get why they hate pitt and angelina so much. I mean they have a whole separate section on that forums to discuss pitt and angelina in a negative manner.
Allen said on 30/May/16
So as it appears there's another site that has found out the truth about his height. Thank you for informing guys. Yeah a 5'10 guy could never be mocked for his height unless he's being shorter because he's lying about his height.
Allen said on 30/May/16
Heylo does downgrading an actor's height mean that you hate him? You are the one who's been deluded by the media to believe that Pitt is 5'10. And it is sad and pitiful. I feel sorry for you guys. And no I'm not from any site that you're accusing me to be! You guys look like the one's being paid to spread out lies about a short actor's height. Why no one has these discussions about actors who don't wear lifts? The answer is as short as Pitt's height.
Allen said on 30/May/16

1. Tom Cruise reaches 5'10 and even an inch more with his shoes so it is easy for a guy to reach 6'0 when he is 5'8.
2. In the picture you posted Brad Pitt has ground advantage. In another photo he is the same exact height as her. Considering Pitt is bulkier than her so he may look taller to you by 1 cm. But still that is not that observant.
3. Let me inform you that many short people also do that. There are 10 cm lifts out there. Can you calculate how much taller a 5'8 guy could be? regardless of the outer heels. You who claim to have a lot of knowledge about lifts and all the other Cruise haters out there with this logic of yours must believe Tom Cruise to be 5'8.5-5'9. But you guys keep hating on Tom Cruise and whenever someone downgrades a short actor like Pitt you are there backing the actor hours and hours typing foolishness.
4. Keep being afraid of Pitt-Aniston photo that it has revealed Pitt's real height. Pitt has never looked even close to 5'10 without his lifts.
5. All you have is love for Pitt. You neither have logic nor intellect. Love ain't gonna make people taller Heylo. Did you know that? If you love him so much cut off your bones and denote some to Pitt. So he can be a little taller.
Elias said on 30/May/16
very very close to 6ft Edward Norton and 6ft 0.25 Ryan Gosling, He must be in the 182 - 183 cm range.
Saqib said on 30/May/16
One question.

If brad pitt was previously listed as 5'10. Why do you think hes 5'11,rob?
Editor Rob: well he wasn't listed that low here, he was listed at 6ft near the start and has held 5ft 11 for many years now.
Saqib said on 30/May/16

I really cant focus on either one's height in that pic. XD
Allen said on 30/May/16
Consider that Brad is using lifts in that photo but Affleck is tall enough that he doesn't need them.
Allen said on 30/May/16

Let me tell you how he looks taller than 5'8-5'9 guys. There's something that makes him taller than them. You know what that is? LIFTS. And not any ordinary lift. Lifts that look like boxes. Even Tom Cruise doesn't have such lifts! Poor Tom got all the scandal attached to himseld though he was honest about his height for a long time. You think Brad stands without his lifts and massive shoes beside 5'9-5'10 guys? That is why he can't be anywhere near 5'10. If Brad Pitt is 178 cm then Aniston has to be downgraded to 150-155 cm. Pitt is ridiculously short beside her. That's why he ain't anything taller than 5'8.
MJKoP said on 29/May/16
Allen: Yeah, just ignore him standing next to 5'11.25" Claudia Schiffer above...I bet he's wearing stilts underneath those pants. Or they used a computer to make him look taller and in the original pic he only came up to her chin. AND Jonah Hill is in the 5'3" range....right?
Heylo said on 28/May/16
Dan, Yes, I also think that Allen is from the Female First site. These people are driven by hate and hate overshadow all rationality.
Heylo said on 28/May/16
You also forget Allen that our bodies looks very different in proportions. There are a lot of people who has shorter legs at a height where the average leg length is longer. Your arguments has no intellectual depth at all, you're deluded.
Heylo said on 28/May/16
How can you be so irrational Allen, if he was 5'8 he wouldn't reach 6ft + so easily. The photo with Aniston is not proving anything because Brad is leaning in on her, not even having a completely straight head.
It's about logic, pure logic. You can't go from 5'8 to 6ft+ in shoes and look natural.

Here is Brad Pitt leaning down to kiss Paltrow, they're both naked and standing on flat ground.
Click Here
It's so obvious that Brad was about an inch taller than Paltrow.
If Brad here was standing straight he would look around 5'10. Look at the photo, analyse it objectively and use your imagination. Brad is at least 177cm. You're way of speaking about Brad's elevator shoes shows that you're a hater wanting him to be shorter than he is. Brad is of average or upper average height for his generation.

Name one celebrity that is 5'8 but claimed 6ft? Name one who could even pull it off?
How do you Allen, explain that Brad can shoot up like magic to 6ft from 5'8 while Cruise can't be taller than 5'10 in his super special made shoes?
You can't explain that with logic and therefor, our rational conclusion is that he can't be that short. You have no knowledge about lifts, if Brad could make him look 6ft at 5'8 so easily, then many short people would spend money to do that.
MarcusTheSwede said on 28/May/16
Thanks so much for that picture Johan. This proofs Brad isnt 180cm he is just couple of centimeters taller Then Aniston. Finally good picture. He usually Wears thick sole shoes and its just so obvious seeing him next to Christian Bale and lots of taller guys that he Then Towers with his shoes lifts insoles he Wears them. This is a a very good picture. No more Then 175cm for Brad def needs downgrade.

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