How tall is Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt's Height

5ft 11in (180 cm)

American actor best known for movies such as Se7en, Fight Club, Snatch, Oceans Films, Troy, Inglorious Bastards, Interview With The Vampire and World War Z. A newspaper article on heights (washington post) quoted as saying people had seen Pitt put down 5ft 10 on an audition form for his height. Well, before he was A-list, aged 24 he wrote his own height as 5ft 11 in a teen magazine profile. At times he can appear taller, but with impeccable posture and at times, in the last few years, cuban type heels, that is a given. Even his good friend George Clooney was wise to his footwear, saying once in USA Today that "He's tall. He's like 6-1. It's irritating."

How tall is Brad Pitt
Brad with Angelina Jolie, Jonah Hill and Claudia Schiffer
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5ft 10.6in (179.3cm)
RisingForce said on 30/Apr/17
I pretty much agree with the probability you give, HonestSlovene. Since I've posted the "short Pitt" lately to show he's not 181 cm, now I'll post tall Pitt to show he's not 177 cm or less. Pitt in boots doesn't even look 1.5" shorter than 6'2" Eric Bana in sneakers: Click Here I don't know how much Bana's sneakers add, but even if they're less than 1", he'd still be 190 cm in them making Pitt look 6'1.5" in boots, though he probably looks a bit taller due to being closer to the camera and seems to be standing as he would for a measurement, which might give him another small advantage over Bana. Here's a side view of Pitt's boots: Click Here Those are thick boots with a big heel so they'd likely add around 1.5" give or take without a lift. Pitt's jeans cover the front so we can't tell too much as far as lifts and those boots could easily accommodate a decent lift, which it's likely he has, but for Pitt to be less than 5'10", we're talking about him getting a 3"+ boost based on that pics and I think it's safe to say Pitt is not getting more than 3" from his boots there. Granted, Pitt seems aware of photo tricks as he seems to conveniently place himself closer to the camera a lot, but that's just one example of Pitt looking too tall to be anything less than a solid 5'10".
Parker said on 30/Apr/17

180 - 40%
179- 40%
178- 20%
177 - 0%
176 - 0%
175 - 0%

Only IMO of course
Peter175 said on 29/Apr/17
He can look 5'10.5, but imo he's looked regular 5'11 more than anything.

Rarely looks taller than 180, so I'm sure pit is somewhere between 5'10.5-11.
HonestSlovene said on 28/Apr/17
Chances: 181 cm or more 0%, 180 cm 30%, 179 cm 60%, 178 cm 10%, 177 cm or less 0%
Original said on 28/Apr/17

180 - 0%
179- 4%
178- 25%
177 - 60%
176 - 10%
175 - 1%

There is 85% of chance that Pitt is 177 or 178 IMO.
Original said on 28/Apr/17

180 - 0%
179- 4%
178- 25%
177 - 60%
176 - 10%
175 - 1%

There is 85% of chance that Pitt is 177 or 178 IMO.
Johnny said on 27/Apr/17
Johno said on 27/Apr/17
Poor Orlando, he seems to be the only one out of the trio who does not appear to be wearing lifts or thick shoes. Pitt and Bana like their thick shoes.

Sorry Johno, Bloom is not poor he is a millionaire actor who has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. He is a very famous celebrity who is comfortable with his height.
Johno said on 27/Apr/17
Poor Orlando, he seems to be the only one out of the trio who does not appear to be wearing lifts or thick shoes. Pitt and Bana like their thick shoes.
Hijopotamus said on 25/Apr/17
Bana looks 4 inches taller than Brad. Even his head and small frame makes Pitt look like a small guy beside 6'2" Eric.
Bloom is nowhere near 179
RichardSpain said on 25/Apr/17
Classic guy 180cm, not more, not less. With his elevator boots, maybe 184cm

He doesn't need wear elevator boots because has good looks and height. He is a bit taller than George Clooney, but in my opinion they have almost same height.

George 179cm
Brad Pitt 180cm
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 24/Apr/17
Pitt is a more subtle lift-wearer than Cruise, Stallone, and Burt Reynolds, but it's noticeable once you closely examine his feet and how he stands.
Pierre said on 23/Apr/17
Picture Brad/Jennifer at the beach=
when you look at their ankles with the zoom you can see Brad has easily one inch advantage of shoes than Jennifer imo.
Shredder said on 22/Apr/17
I bet a lot of measurements are dodgy. I measured a guy barefoot and read 5'8 flat , but remeasured him recently and got 5'7 1/8 after being up late one night. . I bet 5'7.25 is what he averages to.
RisingForce said on 22/Apr/17
As long as we're talking about Pitt's footwear, let's at least see a photo of it: Click Here His pants cover some of it. Bloom has flatter shoes and he's at least standing better here. Pitt looks about an inch taller and I don't think he has lifts, just a Cuban heel that gives him maybe a 1 cm advantage over Bloom's thinner shoes + better posture. Bana still had 3 inches on Pitt. Of course a smaller lift is always possible, but then you could say that about anyone. If you look at the red carpet later that day, I think their footwear was more equal and Bloom stood better making them look similar, but I'd say Pitt is a half inch taller. Original, I can't say too much about Aniston's height, but Rob seems to believe her claim and the average guess isn't far from it. 5'4.75" looks possible seeing her with 5'8" Marky Mark, though her frame looks 5'4" to me. They're both dropping height, though Aniston stands a bit closer. I don't see Pitt at a solid 5'11" there, but I'm not sure of flat 5'10" either. I'm pretty sure Pitt prefers an extra heel to look 6 feet. It's not so uncommon.
Pierre said on 22/Apr/17
(and i think 6"0.5' is a little generous for Karl Urban barefoot)
Pierre said on 22/Apr/17
Eric Bana is "listed" ~6"2' which is maybe not his real height barefoot.You can compare him with Karl Urban(who is in a picture with Rob)in lots of pictures(look at the shoes,he seem have sometimes good shoes)
Joe said on 21/Apr/17
Referring to Johnny's picture with Pitt and Bana: Click Here

Look at how Pitt's waist and Bana's are at almost the same height, yet Bana is clearly much taller and larger framed. Also note how high Brad Pitt's ankles are based on the way his pants are sitting.

Despite these tricks that Brad is employing, Bana is still comfortably taller, even while slouching. I can't imagine how anyone can seriously argue that if you measured Pitt and Bana at the same time barefoot that you'd find only a three inch difference between the two.
Original said on 21/Apr/17
@RisingForce In this candid shot with 5'4.75" Aniston, Pitt looks more 5'10.5" to me.

Is Aniston really 5'4.75"? Pitt looks somewhere between 5' and 6' inches taller. But I would say that she is more 5'4 flat and Pitt about 5'9.5 to 5'10 there.


In this pic w/ Bana (6'2.25") and Bloom (imo about 5'10) he looks 5'11.5 but w/ lifts (clearly). w/o lifts Bloom and Pitt are prob. about the same height.

IMO, He is a average guy trying really hard to look solid 5'11 or even 6' but he is clearly not one of them, w/ lucky he is solid 5'10. Imo he is even little under than 5'10, more about 5'9.5" to 5'9.75" (177cm - 177,5cm). But I dont think he is only 175 (not at all), a lot of photos prove that too. 177 for Pitt is today one good estimation. 178 is arguable as well, more than that is a Fanboy's thing that ignores a lot of evidence.
the Slav said on 21/Apr/17
Johnny said on 20/Apr/17
No 5ft 10 guy can pull of looking 1.5 inches taller than a guy who was measured 179.5 cm (Orlando Bloom). He also looks taller than 181 cm Claudia Schiffer. The people calling Pitt 5ft 10 are either trolling or being delusional. Click Here

Notice high abnormally high Pitt's hip height is compared to Bloom's.. Major lift alert - flat footed they are arguably the same height lol
Whaaat said on 20/Apr/17
Johny or you are just stupid? In the pic that u posted ... Can you see pits footwear? No! Its also obvious that he wears lifts there. His position is so not nayural . like standing on a box or something. Use your brain
Pierre said on 20/Apr/17
Who has measured Orlando Bloom please i have not read this ?
RisingForce said on 20/Apr/17
HonestSlovene, I agree 178 is possible for Pitt for his low night height. I don't think he can drop below it, though and I agree 180 is the most he'd legitimately measure afternoon, but I think he'd likely hit 181 cm morning. Johnny, Bloom's measurement was dodgy. Otherwise, Rob, would list him 5'10.75", which would make DiCaprio pushing 6 feet, Bana closet to 6'3" than 6'2" and Johnny Depp closet to 5'10" than 5'9". Similarly, Jean-Claude Van Damme was "measured" on video at 177 cm, but was more 5'8.75" than 5'9.75", Luke Perry was "measured" 5'10" and Gordan Ramsey was "measured" 6'2.5". I don't think Pitt is a flat 5'10" either, but he wasn't looking over 6 feet at that photocall if you compare him to Bana, more 5'11". And Bloom is slouching badly and I think more a solid 5'10" than 5'11".
Johnny said on 20/Apr/17
No 5ft 10 guy can pull of looking 1.5 inches taller than a guy who was measured 179.5 cm (Orlando Bloom). He also looks taller than 181 cm Claudia Schiffer. The people calling Pitt 5ft 10 are either trolling or being delusional. Click Here
Original said on 19/Apr/17
Paltrow is 5'8 or 5'8.5 and Pitt is ~1.5" taller than Paltrow. result 5'9.5-5'10.
HonestSlovene said on 19/Apr/17
Like I said time and time again, anything 178 cm to 180 cm is a debatable range for BP. And yes RisingForce, 178 cm is still possible for him, though it's the lowest he could possibly be, and 180 cm is the highest possible height.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 19/Apr/17
Nick, Brad Pitt has his right leg f1-2 feet in front of his left leg (with it being bent), and he's still taller than her then.
RisingForce said on 19/Apr/17
In this candid shot with 5'4.75" Aniston, Pitt looks more 5'10.5" to me than 5'11" considering he has a bit more footwear: Click Here Looking at the Cannes Troy photocall again, Pitt's footwear likely wasn't that big since Rob downgraded Bana to a flat 6'2" making Pitt look more a weak 5'11" or 5'10.75" as there's at least 3 inches: Click Here Of course, that also puts Bloom at more 178 than 179, which makes sense with Johnny Depp, who may not even reach 5'9". That would also mean Pitt was more 179 on the red carpet later that day since the difference between Pitt and Bloom was much smaller, maybe only 1 cm: Click Here
RisingForce said on 18/Apr/17
I doubt Paltrow is only 5'8", more 5'9", but the photo is tilted in Pitt's favor and she only has roughly 0.6" smeakers, while his boots are comfortably over an inch assuming no lifts and she slouches as usual while he's higher on the sidewalk. Pitt is probably at least1.5" taller than her, but a don't know about a full 2".
Nick said on 18/Apr/17
What do you think of this picture of him with 5'8 Gwyneth Paltrow?

Click Here
RisingForce said on 17/Apr/17
Trying too hard? I'm simply contributing. If I was trying to upgrade Pitt, I wouldn't even post that evidence. I give a range with cm because there's always a margin of error. I posted all the short appearances of Pitt to counter those saying Pitt is 181. 180 is certainly his max. 178 is too low, though and 177 impossible. I know he could look around that at timed early, but we've seen a lot of Pitt since and his extra heel and posture with perhaps the occasional lift can't account for THAT much. I mean he's 179-180 barefoot and with footwear and posture can look more like a 182-183 man or pass for a strong 5'11", weak 6 foot guy. I could agree on 5'10.5" midday, but no lower.
Hijopotamus said on 17/Apr/17
RisingForce, dude, you are trying too hard.
Upgraders add cms as if a cm was a mm!
You may as well rate Pitt as a 182 and with his hair he can reach the 6 feet mark.
Pitt is 5'10" max and with a regular shoe 5'11" and with insoles or lifts or his special red carpet shoes he becomes a 6 footer with impecable posture and the ectomoroh body that gives the illusion of even taller.
But when we rate heights we mean barefoot, right?
Original said on 15/Apr/17
@RisingForce said on 14/Apr/17

In these pics, 5'9.5". He's 177 guy.
RisingForce said on 15/Apr/17
I doubt he drops as low as a flat 5'10" and I'd bet he wakes up taller than a flat 5'11", likely more like 181 cm. 5'9" range is nonsense, but the shorter 5'10" range appearances do add up, with this being another with 182-183 cm Norton: Click Here Clearly shorter despite more footwear, better posture and a hat. It's hard to reconcile that appearance with how Pitt looked next to Norton at the Spike Awards, if he doesn't wear lifts. Outside of boots, I do think he'll put an insert in some of sneakers like here: Click Here It's basically impossible to notice, but helps him maintain his height without the Cuban heels. In this case, I'm really not sure. Is his foot hanging out here a bit much? Click Here Or is that normal for that style?
Christian-196.9cm(6ft5.5)Noon said on 15/Apr/17
He hasn't lost a noticeable amount of height yet, maybe 1/8" but no more.
Original said on 14/Apr/17
5'10" is the most OK height for Pitt. He is not 5'11 neither 5'9. 5'10. 177 or 178 for me. There is so much evidence that he is under 180.
HonestSlovene said on 14/Apr/17
@Wrs567 Well yes sure he has lost something, but he isn't 65 + y.o. so it is probably minimal (quarter to half an inch). I would put him around 5'10.75" in his prime and 5'10.5" now.
RisingForce said on 14/Apr/17
I doubt he's lost anything with his impeccable posture and if anything, he looked shorter when he was younger. Although I will say, he looked among the shortest I've ever seen him at the Inglourious Basterds Berlin photocall: Click Here Honestly, he doesn't even look near 5'11" next to Tarantino or 5'7" Christoph Waltz and 5'5.5" Diane Kruger in heels: Click Here I wouldn't go less than 5'10.5" barefoot, but he really doesn't look any more than 5'11" in shoes at that event to me. I can overlook some of the wild height variation next to Tarantino because Tarantino has the weirdest posture ever. One minute Tarantino has 4" on Kurt Russell, the next minute they look nearly the same size!
Wrs567 said on 13/Apr/17
He could be 5'10.5'' - 5'10.75'' today, it's not impossible

I still think he can look barely 5'11'' today though

You got to remember, Brad is 53 years old. Maybe he's lost some height.

Big chance considering his age.
HonestSlovene said on 13/Apr/17
@Joe He is 5'10.5" more or less or a weak 5'11". Looked as much 5'10" as 5'11". Looks upper average for a US male (5'9"-5'9.5" average).
RisingForce said on 12/Apr/17
My links didn't work so here's Spy Game: Click Here and another I found suspect: Click Here And then you have those shorter appearances like the Burn After Reading photocall where he was shorter than Clooney in a series of photos: Click Here Click Here Clooney seemed to have a bit thicker shoe that time, but not lifts. Pitt wasn't only shorter than usual with Clooney either, but with Tilda Swinton as well: Click Here Swinton is given 5'10.5" peak here and 5'10" current. I don't know if she was one or the other in 2008, but we could probably safely put her between. Those heels are over 3 inches so she would still be at least 186 cm, maybe 6'1.5", but Pitt doesn't look 6 feet in shoes compared to her. Now that very same night he's comfortably taller than Clooney on the red carpet: Click Here Pitt and Clooney seem to have similar external heels, but Clooney's foot does seem flatter in his shoe and it can look like Pitt is walking with pretty big heels when his pant leg covers the shoe: Click Here There are also photos sitting inside the theater, which probably could have settled for sure whether Pitt had lifts or not that night, but they're a bit dark and far away. My guess is he does have perhaps near a 1" lift in those shoes. As for Pitt with Penn, looking at them at the Tree of Life premiere, Pitt certainly doesn't look the 182 cm he often does on red carpets, but I do see him at a weak 5'11", say 5'10.75" for instance, if Penn is 5'8".
Joe said on 12/Apr/17
This has to be one of the most ridiculous listing on here. There's not a chance that Brad Pitt is 5'11'' barefoot at any point other than the second he rolls out of bed (and even then a full 5'11'' is doubtful). He always wears shoes that have big heels and likely include lifts. His proportions are way off when you compare him to people who are naturally the height he pretends to be (he looks like he's on stilts). What's more, Brad almost always has perfect posture, while most people don't.
RisingForce said on 11/Apr/17
It's true that unlike Downey, Cruise, Stallone, Reynolds etc., it's never been proven Pitt wears lifts, but his footwear is certainly larger than most other men. I strongly suspect lifts in Spy Game at least: The angle of his foot and his lower legs are a bit suspect here as well: This looks like a substantial boost covered by long pants: Click Here It's possible his foot sits a bit higher here as well: Click Here This is one time Pitt doesn't have a boot or Cuban heel, but the shoes do have a bulkier front and higher back, particularly when compared to others like Clooney and Damon side by side that night: Click Here I'd say inconclusive until you get a good shot of Pitt sitting down wear similar footwear so you can better see things like angle position. It is clear that at least with the dress boots during red carpet appearances at least, if he does often supplement the 1.5" Cuban heel with an inside lift then it's 1" max or less otherwise there'd be more of a bulge. You could look at all the anecdotal evidence combined such as Pit preferring bigger heel styles and almost always a boot (much easier to conceal lifts) and while good posture in itself shouldn't be suspicious, Pitt's perfect posture makes him a better candidate as well as "growing" in his 30s, often looking noticeably taller than he claimed to be and bigger height fluctuations than usual. He also does give that illusion at times that he's wearing bigger (external) heels than he actually does. There has been at least 1 time I thought he might have had a decent size lift in a sneaker as well.
Pierre said on 11/Apr/17
Matt Damon next to listed 5"8' James corden= Click Here
Now Brad next to Matt and Georges Clooney (Brad is closer to the camera,Matt's head is tilting a little,Georges is slouching )= Click Here
Leo2001 said on 10/Apr/17
Brad and Sean Penn(listes 5ft 8 here)
Click Here
Click Here
Looks 5ft 10-5 range
CS said on 9/Apr/17
With Fallon he looks 5'11.
TimeDoctor said on 9/Apr/17
I'd say of all the heights, 5ft 11 is the most controversial, because it's the threshold for upper average or the lowest end of tall. I think Pitt is dead on 5ft 11, which explains the variance depending on time of day and footwear. I'm 182cm barefoot (strictly measured around early afternoon time), but saying your 5ft 11.5 sounds sort of lame… “wannabe” 6ft. To shorter folk I look 6ft, whereas taller folk might even say I look 5ft 10 just to fuel their own sense of superiority. Pitt, Beckham and all the 5ft 11 crew will always be endlessly debated!
Idk said on 8/Apr/17
no way is pitt shorter than clooney. pitt right around 5'11" and clooney is barely over 5'10"
G 5'11 said on 8/Apr/17
@Wrll, what do you mean " most of us can't measure our heights?" It's really not that hard to measure your height and you can tell when someone's lying by a lot. Honestly, most people just naturally exaggerate their heights on a daily basis. It's sad but for them it's an ego boost. A legit 5'11 will look a bit tall but obviously would not be tall enough to be considered actually tall like 6'1 or 6'2 even. Everytime I'm in these comments there's always a poop storm about brad Pitts height.
trumpslave said on 8/Apr/17
@Wrll you don't even look brad's shoes how do you know he was wearing lifts?? Look at the pics with 6ft edward norton and you will agree that brad's peak height was 181 cm
Dmeyer said on 8/Apr/17
With Fallon hé has 0,6in Vans similar to what Fallon has
jamie179cm said on 8/Apr/17
@Canson thanks mate
Wrll said on 8/Apr/17
Brad is 1.81 barefoot in your dreams! This guy almost all of the time wear lifts around 2 cm. Now count and the 2 cm heel of his shoes and there u have +4 cm. Is he 1.85 even with shoes? No! The pic with gosling proved it. 1.79 + 4 = 1.83?? Still no! 1.78+4=1.82?? Yea, maybe. Final height is 1.78 barefoot. At the best 1.79 out of bed.
Thomas Jane is 1.79 go check his pics barefoot on Google pics. Does he look shorter than Pitt??
You guys need to stop playing with heights. Most of u probably can't measure yourselves correctly and for that reason you think you are 2 3 cm taller... 1.80 is a great height... I mean the real 1.80 not the lifts and heels made one.
Canson said on 8/Apr/17
@Jamie179: well said. I can't stand when people correlate downgrading someone's height as a personal attack on that celeb or person. It's a characteristic about them that's it. People who feel that way are usually insecure about their own height
berta said on 8/Apr/17
we dont know if he really wear lifts in the shoes. he was 1,5 cm shorter than ryan gosling who is 183-183,5 but had 1 cm better posture i guess that would make him about 180,5-181. If he have 1,5 cm in his shoes all the time then he could be shorter but then again in that barefoot photo with damon and clooney he was easy 1 cm taller than clooney who is at worst 178. i think bbra could be strong 5`11 guy. the shoe lift guesses are only guesse no proff for it
Hijopotamus said on 8/Apr/17
Pitt 177
Paltrow 176
Clooney 179
andy said on 8/Apr/17
Clooney: 178cm (never gave me a 5'11 impression)
Pitt: 181cm
DiCaprio: 182cm (late bloomer by the way, he looked 178cm or so in his early films and Titanic, even though he was 21/22 at the tome of filming)
Original said on 7/Apr/17
Clooney 177 or 178, Pitt 177 or 178, Di Caprio 180 or 181.
HonestSlovene said on 7/Apr/17
@trumpslave Clooney: 178 cm (179 cm peak), Pitt 179 cm (179.5 cm peak), Di Caprio 181 cm
jamie179cm said on 7/Apr/17
@trumpslave thats your opinion and its Speculation i hope your not trolling
jamie179cm said on 7/Apr/17
@Mister lennon fair enough its all Speculation but pitt does have heels on his shoes
GnR said on 7/Apr/17
Pitt (5'9 compared to Gwyneth -5'11 for fans/hollywood business) can reach everyone in height!
Read this:
"Welcome to Tallmenshoes, North America's largest store for men's height increasing elevator shoes. With over 15 years of experience on the web and in direct manufacturing, we are dedicated to provide you the best quality footwear at great price. Our shoes will invisibly add 2-5 inches in height without losing any comfort."
trumpslave said on 7/Apr/17
True heights:
Clooney: 179.5 or 180 cm just like this page listing.
Pitt: 181 cm
DiCaprio: 182 cm
Another type of listing is totally false
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 6/Apr/17
He's a legit 5'11". He looks a bit more than three inches taller than a Tom Cruise who is near 5'8", and wasn't too much shorter than a 6'2" Eric Bana (who I've met in person).
RisingForce said on 6/Apr/17
Arch, yeah, he gives that small framed average height impression, same with Cutting Class when he looked about 5'10" and did age rapidly. Went from looking and sounding like a teen to an adult overnight. Even in Thelma & Louise, he already didn't have the voice of a teenager he had a year earlier in Across the Tracks. Similar to how he looked much younger than he was for years, into his early 40s such as Troy, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but suddenly looked Middle Aged overnight around the time of Moneyball. Maybe the difference is slightly more in some parts, but in general, I think 1" max, such as when they're face to face in my first timestamp and outside their home in my 2nd timestamp. Either way, I see him 5'10.5" max in that film, which is how tall I think he is, but really no shorter. I could also buy him at 5'10.75" barefoot. Clooney was always 5'10.5" max himself and no taller than Pitt.
Arch Stanton said on 6/Apr/17
Yeah it's something I observed too Rising, if you see Pitt in Dark Side of the Sun, Across the Tracks, any of those late 80s-early 90s films at the start of his career he seemed small, in fact could give a 5 ft 9 impression at times. At the age of 26 or so he was still looking and sounding like an 18 year old. He really seemed to grow and age 10 years and man up by the time of Kalifornia/Interview with the Vampire. If you see him with Rick Schroeder, yeah he had a good inch on him if you really look at it, to me it looked a little over an inch. 5'10.5-5'11 range has always been possible for Pitt, but he was never 5 ft 9 or whatever even if he could sometimes give that illusion.
mister_lennon said on 6/Apr/17
Agree with oanh about the proportions issue.
jaime,pitt is taller than 5'9. He is minimum a strong 5'10. An could look 5'11 with good posture. He looks it in the most of the pictures.
the lifts thing is only a guess. We dont know if he wears lifts or not.
and i still think that pitt is taller than clooney. Not by much, but taller.
Revisionist said on 6/Apr/17
I don't see any evidence that Pitt's lifts are anything more than your standard 2-3cm type. To pull off looking a strong 5'11 like he usually does at events, he'd have to be no less than a solid 5'10 barefoot, which is what he claimed way back before he was big and height obsessed.

Please look at that Fallon dance off parody video that I posted below. Brad is roughly 1/2" shorter than Fallon but with about 1.5-2cm heel advantage. He isn't wearing lifts for that shoot!

5'10.5" is a fair estimate, a hair shorter than Clooney, and well above average, especially for his generation.
jamie179cm said on 5/Apr/17
@Oanh sorry i was talking to Mister Lennon
jamie179cm said on 5/Apr/17
@Oanh i don't hate Brad pitt in fact i like him, but the guy wears lifts and the barefoot pictures next to Paltrow make me think 5ft9 isn't impossible, besides 5ft9 isn't short so please don't jump to conclusions, and anyway even if he was like 5ft6 it doesn't alter the fact that he's rich and famous so haters are just wasting there time
RisingForce said on 5/Apr/17
I'm not seeing the 6 foot or 6'1" guy in the above pictures that Willes is. If Jolie is about 5'9" in heels then Pitt looks 182-183 cm in footwear since he looks near 3" taller, which would make him a 180 cm barefoot guy, except he looks to have his dress boots with heels close to 1.5" himself, so that would make him more 179 cm barefoot. If Jonah Hill is 5'7" in shoes then Pitt looks 6 foot in shoes since he looks 5" taller, which would make him 5'11" barefoot, but again, Pitt has dress boots. I can't see the heels as well and we don't know if he has anything inside them, which is easy to do in a boot. As for Schiffer, she barely has footwear, but enough to at least take her from 181 cm to 182 cm range so Pitt does look at least 6'1" in footwear there, but he has a different kind of boot, his hat makes it difficult to tell the exact difference and look at how Schiffer's legs are bent. She bends her knees in virtually every pic with him, but the difference doesn't look nearly as big here and she's still probably not standing straight: Click Here
Oanh said on 5/Apr/17
mister_lennon said on 24/Mar/17
5'9 is a joke for him. Its only for haters. Brad in minimum a strong 5'10 guy. He has the proportions of a 5'10 guy and he is a 5'10 guy.

While I agree with you that Brad is taller than 5'9", I don't understand what you mean by "He has the proportions of a 5'10" guy"
I mean similar built 5'9" and 5'10" guys will have nearly the same proportions. It's not like 1" will make a 5'10" guy seem so much different.
I'm 5'9 1/4" and when I'm next to a 5'10" guy our proportions are nearly indistinguishable.
RisingForce said on 4/Apr/17
Pitt really didn't look much taller than Rick Schroder in Across the Tracks, perhaps an inch. Here's the film with a couple of timestamps: Click Here (@ 17:12-17:22 and 55:40-1:03:57) They have more scenes together throughout the film, but you get the idea. Schroder is listed 5'9.5" here. I'm not sure if he's taller than a flat 5'9", but if he is, I'd bet g wasn't in that film. But either way, Pitt looks 5'10.5" max in this film as well. Basically looks like a slim average height guy, just like the rest of his late 80s/early 90s movies. Pitt was at least 26 so he couldn't have grown though it strangely seems he has at times. I don't think he's any shorter than 5'10.5", but I doubt he's more than 1/4" above it either. Remember, he was only officially listed 5'11", even as he started to get good roles and a '95 or '96 article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution mentioned Pitt was 5'10" in his bare feet. It's likely that's rounding down and ge's between the figures, but he doesn't look above 179 cm in his early roles.
RichardSpain said on 4/Apr/17
He wears elevator shoes or good boots. 180 or 181 cm is his real height. No less
Willes188 said on 3/Apr/17
Just look at the pictures above for example, he looks 6ft 1 in all of them, or at least 6ft range!
Original said on 3/Apr/17
@Revisionist IMO 177-178 is better estimate for Pitt than 180-181. That he uses lifts, we all know. But one thing we agree is that he is taller than 173/175 like many people think here, had even a guy here who said that Justin Bieber (prob. about 171) was taller than Brad Pitt.

For this myth just search "Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins during Filming 'Meet Joe Black' at 55th Street & 5th Avenue in New York City, NY, United States."

Anthony back to those days was at least solid 5'8 if not little more like 5'8.5". None 5'8 or even flat 5'9 guy could look like Brad Pitt in this scene, doesn't matter how big your lifts are.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Apr/17
@Willes188: He's an enigma. He can go from looking barely 5ft10 to a strong 6ft!

I think around the 5ft11 mark is fair. Right in the middle...
Pierre said on 2/Apr/17
With listed 6"1' Quentin Tarantino= Click Here
Click Here
shiva 181 cms said on 2/Apr/17
@ willes Brad Pitt ever wasn't a full 5'11 he's always been 179-180cms guy the average guess is exactly matched with his real height ,I highly doubt he was 5'11.25
Dmeyer said on 1/Apr/17
With lerman and bernthal he can sometimes look 179cm but 180 IS fair
Willes188 said on 1/Apr/17
Brad Pitt has always been 180-181cm in his adult life. There's so much proof to prove it. If anything he should be upgraded to 5'11.25
Revisionist said on 1/Apr/17
@ Original, when has Damon ever worn lifts outside of movies? There's no way that he's as low as 175. Also, Pitt must have some magical shoes to be only 177.

@ RNP4, there's no chance that Pitt is anywhere near 175. Regardless, there are plenty of top male icons who are in the 5'9 range, and none of them resorts to lifts like Brad does: Tom Hardy, JGL, Statham, Kurt Russell, Tupac, Sir Patrick Stewart, Casey Affleck, Ed Harris, Anthony Hopkins, Keaton, Steve Carell, Oscar De La Hoya, and the late and great Paul Newman. Most of these men are considered sex symbols.

I'm very biased, but for me 5'9 range is a good range for both men and women ;)
Original said on 1/Apr/17
@PIERRE Now I can see it. He is 0.75-1' taller than James Corden. Then the 2 pic with Clooney and Pitt is all about lifts, he is not that tall. They are a pic with Damon and Clooney w/o shoes, and Clooney is about 0.75-1' taller than Damon. Damon is a 5'9 guy, no more, than you can see it with Corden - 5'8.
RisingForce said on 31/Mar/17
Pitt can surprisingly look 5'10" range in a lot of comparisons at at least 2 of the events for Fury. With Logan Lerman, listed here at 5'7.5": Click Here Click Here Pitt looks 3" taller, maybe a hair less first pic and a hair more second, but has thicker boots in the 2nd pic. And visibly shorter than Jon Bernthal who is 5'11" max himself in all of the pics and videos from this event: Click Here Click Here I try to limit pics to full body shots insofar as its possible, but I'm surprised to see a 5'10.5" Pitt again as Pitt usually only looks that height early his career and has usually looked at least an inch taller at 182 cm or even 6 feet for years now.
c-mo said on 30/Mar/17
evening heights :

Damon : 177cm

Pitt : 179 or 180cm . my guess would be something like 179.5

Clooney : 179cm but today probably more lik 178cm

period ....

anything that is much different from these values is just wishful thinking or trolling
Original said on 29/Mar/17
Bro I can not see images in tinypic, but imo.

Corden: 173
Damon: 175/175,5
Pitt: 177
Clooney: 177

Pitt frequently uses lifts and then looks about 180, sometimes even huge lifts and then he looks about 183, but he is about 177 imo, at max 178.

Damon sometimes uses lifts as well, but not as Pitt, most of time normal shoes.

This is not very far from it.
Pierre said on 29/Mar/17
Listed 5"8' James Corden and Matt Damon= Click Here (the angle of the camera advantage maybe a little Matt no?=look at the truck and the gates behind them)
Now Matt Damon and Brad Pitt= Click Here (Brad is closer to the camera so maybe a little advantage no?)
Pierre said on 29/Mar/17
Listed 5"8' James Corden and Matt Damon= Click Here
Now Matt Damon and Brad Pitt= Click Here
RNP4 said on 28/Mar/17
I'm 5'10 on shoes, 5'9 barefoot. People always see me on shoes. Like everyone. So I prefer to say I'm 5'10...But I'm only 5'9. I really hope Pitt could be 5'9 barefoot. Pitt is an icon, and I'm not feel short anymore, if I'm "tall" like an icon. But Pitt or not, 5'9 is a short height. However Pitt barefoot is a strong 5'10. I can't reach 6'1 in elevator-mode if I'm 5'9 barefoot!!
MJKoP said on 28/Mar/17
Hijopotamus said on 27/Mar/17
MJKoP, that was uncalled insisting on the issue. That's making it bigger, dude.
Think wisely next time.
It was a referred link that has nothing to do with me.
I cannot delete my post.

I bet you desperately wish that you could, though. You made yourself look very silly and unintelligent, and I merely called you out on it...and now you're just embarrassed, so you're attempting to turn me into the clown. Nice try. Actually, pretty pathetic try. Very transparent.
Original said on 27/Mar/17
Damon 5'8.75"/5'9
Pitt Clooney 5'9.75
Hijopotamus said on 27/Mar/17
MJKoP, that was uncalled insisting on the issue. That's making it bigger, dude.
Think wisely next time.
It was a referred link that has nothing to do with me.
I cannot delete my post.
MJKoP said on 26/Mar/17
Hijopotamus said on 25/Mar/17
Rob and everyone here, sorry for my last post. Never considered it as what it is, an invasion of privacy. My apologies to everyone and to Brad and Gwyneth.

I appreciate the apology...but you never considered publicly posting fully nude pictures taken without the subjects' consent or knowledge to be an invasion of privacy?!?!?! Please try to think a little harder next time! :)
RisingForce said on 25/Mar/17
Bobby, he can LOOK nearly 2" taller there, but I meant considering posture and footwear. He has thick boots and she has thinner sneakers while he stands straight but she's slouching. Barefoot with equal posture, I think he's 5'10.5" with a chance of 5'10.75" so I do think he's at least 1.5" taller as Paltrow is 5'9" max, but he has the advantage in the photos I posted, including being close to the camera on the second.
Pierre said on 25/Mar/17
James Corden is looking like a strong 5"7' next to a listed 5"6' guy like Matthew Horne.Gwyneth Paltrow is looking the same height as James Corden;even if Brad is 2 inches taller than Gwyneth=strong 5"7'+ 2 inches=strong 5"9'.Some people are saying Brad has just a little advantage of shoes=say me why is he looking shorter or same height as Georges Clooney in some pictures (and in this pictures he look around the same height as Matt Damon),and in others pictures he look around 2 inches taller than Georges and Matt ?(This is not very important just funny to discuss about celebrities heights and try to guess their real height)
Willes188 said on 25/Mar/17
Brad Pitt's Height 5'11.25-5'11.5 (181.5cm)
Hijopotamus said on 25/Mar/17
Rob and everyone here, sorry for my last post. Never considered it as what it is, an invasion of privacy. My apologies to everyone and to Brad and Gwyneth.
MJKoP said on 25/Mar/17
Hey,'re allowing Hijopotamus' link from the 22nd!?!? Whatever happened to keeping this site PG-13? :P
Editor Rob: I'll remove that link, thanks for reminding me, the problem with the never-ending Pitt debate is the photos of them as nature intended don't reveal height, as much they reveal invasion of privacy!
Hijopotamus said on 24/Mar/17
HonestSlovene, so J Corden is 5'9??
HonestSlovene said on 24/Mar/17
@Original Like I told 9743287614978 times again, Paltrow is at least a legit 5'9" (near 5'10" morning), despite some people wanting to downgrade her, Rob is right as usual on this matter. So by your logic, Pitt must be around 5'10.5"/179 cm, which is what I actually think is legit.
mister_lennon said on 24/Mar/17
5'9 is a joke for him. Its only for haters. Brad in minimum a strong 5'10 guy. He has the proportions of a 5'10 guy and he is a 5'10 guy.
Neilsberg said on 23/Mar/17
Hello Rob!
On the pictures we see brad pitt who is the same height as Edward Nortont(6ft), and he is much bigger than Orlando Bloom(5ft 10.5in)

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Rob, do not you think brad pitt is obviously bigger than 5ft 11in?
Editor Rob: he certainly has a much more superior posture than a guy like Bloom who if he drops 2cm suddenly makes Pitt seem 6ft!
Bobby said on 23/Mar/17
@RisingForce, I don't know how you're not seeing a full 2 inch difference there, I'm seeing it. Paltrow's head peaks at Pitt's forehead, and her eye level is an inch below his. That's a two inch difference, and at worst, it can be argued there is only 1.8 inches of difference but in actuality, who would care, much less notice such a detail? Remember too, camera angles can influence someone's height, either negatively or positively. Let's say we have a picture of someone who is 5'10 and someone who is 6ft. Based on camera angles, if they favor the 5'10 man, he will seem to be the same height, or taller. If it favors the 6ft man, he will seem to be taller than the actual 2 inch difference.
Bobby said on 23/Mar/17
I feel he would edge out Daniel Craig, who is 5'10. So it is believable to say that he is 5'11, and since Rob hasn't downgraded him, he's obviously extremely close to 5'11 in person. At worst, he is 5'10.75, at best, he is 5'11. I feel he would would be 5'11.25-5'11.5 in the morning, which places his lower between, as I said, 5'10.75, or 5'11. Either way, we can reasonably say he is 5'11 regardless. No need to be jealous of the man's height and claiming he is shorter than what he actually is.
Willes188 said on 23/Mar/17
Rob, please add The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button in the description, i know its a long title but it definitely deserves to be mentioned. Maybe take out World War Z and add it instead ?

It's probably one of his most well known (and greatest) along with Se7en, Fight Club and the Oceans trilogy
Heylo said on 23/Mar/17
Hijo, try to look at both their feet. Their feet are on the same level of ground. You are fooled by the little downward stripe slope thing between them two, which exists around most pools by the way. It's not a step. None of them are standing on the slope, otherwise, the one standing on the slope would look shorter. Brad is taller than Gwyneth, that is obvious, but by how much? Well,to me it doesn't seem like more than about one inch to me. But it's very hard to say exactly because Brad is not standing perfectly straight when he's kissing her. He turned his head. I reckon that he would be about 5'10 standing straight next to her.

Here are two photos of Brad and Edward Norton between sets on Fight Club:
Click Here (already posted on here several times)
Click Here (new photo)

These both photos are supposed to depict a 5'11 man together with a man at 6ft. Does it look like it? To me it doesn't. Brad doesn't look like a full 5'11. He is either a strong 5'10 or very weak 5'11.
So the guess on here at about 179cm isn't bad at all. In the actual movie, Brad looks taller but between set photos are more reliable of course and on that particular day, Brad didn't seem to have on his lifts so he looked like the weak 5'11/strong 5'10 that he probably is in real life.
Original said on 22/Mar/17
I think he is 1'.25/5" taller than Paltrow and she is somewhere between 5'8 and 5'8.5. So he is between 5'9.25" to 5'10, so 5'9.5/75" makes a total sense for me.
mister_lennon said on 22/Mar/17
5'9 for him is way toooo low. He is minimum a strong 5'10 guy. Minimum.
178-179. Clears 180 out of bed.
Original said on 21/Mar/17
@berta said on 26/Feb/17

Fallon is 5'10/5'10.25 (he is just a fraction taller than Gisele Bündchen 5'9.75")

Pitt looks 5'9.5/75" in that video in fact.
Original said on 21/Mar/17
I think he is more 5'9.5" than a legit 5'10.
Whaaat said on 21/Mar/17
1.78. Probably, brad is max but possible 1.79 just out of bed. Clooney is the same.

Damon not shorter than 1.76 on a bad day. 1.77, 1.78. 9 with random shoes.

Brad with lifts is probably about 182-3. His awesome proportions makes him look taller. He is very slim and elegant. But lifts gives him the extra I guess.

No matter their heights, damon brad and clooney are charming and beautiful. Dont try to hate them just because u are taller than them. Women prefer a man 1.75 with beautiful face and mannish body than a ugly stick.
HonestSlovene said on 21/Mar/17
Proportionally he looks 5'10"-5'11" to me.
S.J.H said on 21/Mar/17
@vin98 said on 20/Mar/17

He is 5'10 honestly.
Revisionist said on 20/Mar/17
Pierre, when someone is just a couple of CM taller than someone else, the difference won't be significant, except from certain angles.

However, put Pitt next to Corden, and the difference will be very noticeable.

Bieber next to Corden, not huge difference. Corden next to Paltrow, not huge difference. Paltrow next to Pitt, not huge difference.

However, put Bieber next to Pitt, and we'll laugh at Bieber's 5'10 claim!
Liam said on 20/Mar/17
Rob what is the tallest Brad Pitt can look in Cuban heel type boots or Elevator shoes?
Editor Rob: in some photos, when wearing his Cubans, he could seem a six footer.
vin98 said on 20/Mar/17
@ Pierre

Brad is clearly wearing massive lifts in that pic. You can tell because in that pic his legs looks long when in reality they're proportionally short.
vin98 said on 20/Mar/17
He has the proportions of a 5'10 guy
Pierre said on 20/Mar/17
And Gwyneth Paltrow is the same height as James Corden and i doubt James Corden is 5"9'or 5"8' barefoot in the day(see my recent comments and pictures)
RisingForce said on 19/Mar/17
He seemed the same slightly above average 5'10" range guy in Across the Tracks with Rick Schroder too, same thing in Cutting Class. I don't think he's list 1 cm yet though. If anything, he looks to have grown after age 27! ;) I can't see Brad a full 2" taller than Gwyneth barefoot since her posture often wasn't good and she wore sneakers a lot with him, while he wore boots: Click Here and she didn't have heels here: Click Here
Revisionist said on 19/Mar/17
Pitt is clearly taller than Paltrow in those nude pictures. The difference isn't huge but should be comfortably a bit over an inch. I strongly doubt that he was ever below a strong 5'10, and he's not lost any noticeable height today, though it's difficult to ascertain since his footwear is so suspicious.
Original said on 18/Mar/17

Brad Pitt is about 5'9.5"/5'10 there and in fact peak he was 5'9.5"/5'10, the rest is all about lifts, but he is taller than Gwyneth best angles and he is 1.5" taller than Paltrow in many other pics (and w/o lifts).

5'9.75" (1.77m) peak / 5'9.25" now (1.76m)
RisingForce said on 18/Mar/17
He looked taller than Paltrow in that pic to me, about 1", but both were slouching a bit so hard to tell exactly.
Hijopotamus said on 18/Mar/17
RisingForce, isnt that weird? In the 90s Brad was shorter! He was same height as Gwyneth Paltrow both barefoot, of course. Hey but this is Hollywood. Its all about looking right.
Pierre said on 18/Mar/17
Brad is taller than Georges... Click Here
RisingForce said on 17/Mar/17
With his cowboy boots and hat, he should have easily appeared a solid 6 footer in Thelma and Louise, especially at only 155 pounds or so, but didn't look that tall to me: Click Here (First 12 seconds you see he's shorter than 6' Geena Davis who wore flats. And not the best, but with 5'7" range Harvey Keitel: Click Here
Johnson said on 17/Mar/17
Brad Pitt is 181 possibly 182 cm tall
RisingForce said on 16/Mar/17
He looks taller than Bernthal at that one event, but he looked a bit shorter at a couple of others. Brad's footwear usually doesn't look that suspicious aside from something like Spy Game, but it's actually more suspicious that he often looks noticeably taller than the 5'11" he admitted he was. He also has some sort of boot 90% of the time, which is easier to hide a 1" lift in without being noticeable. Bernthal was taller in just about every side by side pic at this Paris premiere, here's video: Click Here Bernthal shows up around 1:27 and doesn't look to have a footwear advantage. I still say 179 cm, but a better chance of being close to 180 cm like 5'10.75" than just 178 cm.
Purple said on 14/Mar/17
I know the bootmaker he uses for his dress shoes and at the absolute maximum they can make you 2cm tallers. They have loads of celebrity customers and usually max out the possible heel height for them before it gets problematic or uncomfortable.
Gail said on 13/Mar/17
What difference does it make how tall Brad Pitt is?
6'1.5 said on 11/Mar/17
I agree with @Cletus Rob, he looks more like 5'10.75" most of the time really
crazypeoplethesedays... said on 9/Mar/17
dont know but if u take a look at how tall 1.80 on the measuring tape all actors here 1.75-80 are more like 1.76,7. Rob is too generous
Cletus said on 9/Mar/17
5ft10.75... i like that for him considering all the photos and possibilities
S.J.H said on 9/Mar/17
Click Here i supposed pitt footwear look max 3.5cm boost not a lift type of shoes. Proportionally 5 foot 10
indiandude said on 9/Mar/17
I love this guy but he is most prolly 5'9-5'10 barefoot. Tall face+wide shoulders+thin bones=looking taller. What a hunk though. Big fan of prime pitt and cruise's aesthetics.
Arch Stanton said on 8/Mar/17
Definitely had facial work done recently. In Allied he's looking quite a bit like David Duchovny nowadays!
S.J.H said on 7/Mar/17
Clooney is never same height as pitt. There is always 1.2" between them when pitt had his elevator shoes even pitt forget his lift there is 1/4 taller than clooney
Hijopotamus said on 6/Mar/17
Pierre, I'm with you. Why pics were Pitt is his shortest don't count?? Why 180 is 5'11" for Pitt and for McConaughey is 5'10.75"????
Pierre said on 5/Mar/17
In the first picture he's about the same height as Matt Damon and a little shorter than Georges Clooney who is in relaxed posture(and Brad is closer to the camera),in the second picture he's at least as tall as Georges Clooney in good posture and easily taller than Matt Damon.
Click Here
Click Here
HonestSlovene said on 5/Mar/17
@RisingForce You read my mind man, I also think Pitt is about 179-180 cm and Norton 182 cm.
Mark said on 5/Mar/17
Why is he taller than Leonardo when standing beside him
Nope said on 4/Mar/17
Hijopotamus - TBH I misread your post and misinterpreted your context. I wish there was an edit feature, but I guess proofreading is really all the editing I needed. My apologies.
RisingForce said on 4/Mar/17
While I'm skeptical of any knowledge of a measurement, I do happen to believe 5'10.5" is spot on, but nothing less. As for Norton, he could also be 5'11.5" and his posture isn't good so he can often look shorter than he is. I'm sure Norton is taller: Click Here but Brad can't be far from 5'11" himself so with his extra shoes and perfect posture, he can look taller than a man around 6' with loose posture.
Blob said on 4/Mar/17
Does having a cyst on the top of your head count as height?
Editor Rob: yes.

As does getting whacked by a mallet...might be only temporary, but you can revel in being a cm taller for a week.
Blob said on 4/Mar/17
A friend asked someone who knew Brad and he was measured at exactly 1.791 m. Rob what is this number when converted? 5'9?
Editor Rob: it would be 5ft 10.5...
Hijopotamus said on 3/Mar/17
Nope, nope and no contradiction.
Nope said on 2/Mar/17
Hijopotamus are you a Pitt shill? You contradicted yourself; You got two unreliable answers from people, one saying he's short and the other a woman, who probably can't tell the diff between 1 inch and 3 inches. Lots of guys on here over-estimate their own heights, claiming to be 6' and saying legit 5' 9" people are as tall as they were, so they 'must' be 6'.

Brad Pitt is an inch taller than Leto, and is known to wear lifts. If Jared Leto is 5' 9", then Brad Pitt is at best 5' 10". And that's dependent on whether or not he was wearing lifts in that movie.

Click Here - That is not a 2" difference; At best Brad is 5' 10".
Click Here - Same posture, Pitt is clearly 1" shorter than supposed 5' 10" - 5' 11" Bruce Willis.

Pit is max 5' 10".
Pierre said on 2/Mar/17
Click Here
Johno said on 1/Mar/17
If anyone were to freeze that scene with Paltrow and Corden, you can see Corden has the edge. You would also expect him to have the edge because he only appeared a smidge shorter than Matt Damon.
Whaaat said on 1/Mar/17
Is there a possibility that brad is only 1.78, Rob?
Editor Rob: I've never seen enough to say he was only 5ft 10 flat...I think there's more than enough out there to say he clears 5ft 10, but is he a real 5ft 11?

Posture/big shoes certainly can turn a weak 5ft 11 guy into looking a decent 5ft 11er.
Hijopotamus said on 1/Mar/17
Guys, photos or movies of top celebrities arent a reliable source. Has anyone met Pitt in person?
A member of my family is a commercial pilot and met him in the 90s in a flight to Spain. I asked him and what Brad was like and his answer is always "short, bad acne, skinny, grung type guy that smells like a heavy smoker". My sister (his wife) on the other hand always comments "he is so jealous". By the way, this guy is 181.
Nope said on 1/Mar/17
Way too tall for Pitt. In Fight Club he was barely an inch taller than Jared Leto. Brad is at best 5' 10".

Click Here
Pierre said on 28/Feb/17
look at "Jack Black and James Corden at glamour awards"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Feb/17
Not under 5ft11 20 years ago and I wouldn't rule out 181cm. Today still looks around 180cm but in feet that actually equates to just under 5ft11...
Revisionist said on 27/Feb/17
berta, even if you see only 1cm difference, he has at least half an inch heel advantage. Fallon's shoes have virtually no sole, and Pitt's are very generous. I think that a decent 179 cm for Brad is the most that I would go.

287 votes = 179.5 cm.
Guest66 said on 27/Feb/17
Rob, for sure you have seen Fight Club, how did Pitt manage to look constantly taller than 6'0 listed Norton ? Just because of footwear ? His boots did not look that big and Norton wasn't barefoot either.
Pierre said on 27/Feb/17
James Corden and Mathew Horne who is listed 5"6' in this site= Click Here Click Here
RisingForce said on 27/Feb/17
What's surprising about the pics with Bernthal is Pitt has boots and doesn't look that tall next to Shia Labeouf who is only 5'8.5", imo. Tyrese could look taller in comparison. He looked 5'10.5" with Rick Schroder in Across the Tracks and looked shorter in cowboy boots than 6' Geena Davis did in flats. He'd probably look about 5'10.5" if he stood straight in the barefoot pic with Paltrow. Remember Burt Reynolds rule: "No actor is five eleven!"
mister_lennon said on 27/Feb/17
Brad is 178-179 minimun. 177 is ridiculoud for him.
King of the hill 91 said on 26/Feb/17
181 .5 cm peak rob at some point rob could he be peak a weake 182cm at some point peak rob
Hijopotamus said on 26/Feb/17
Corden 175 max
Paltrow 177 max
Pitt 177
Photos of people standing close and barefoot is more reliable than pics of Celebrities at events with their tallest looking clothes and best lifts. Also most photos are photoshoped. Even movies like Eyes Wide Shut they made Tom Cruise look his tallest.
berta said on 26/Feb/17
in that dance scen with jimmy fallon he looked maybe 1 cm shorter. and jimmy is listed 182. i think brad is not shorter than the listed height and can sometimes look up to 182,5 but with something in his shoes. i think he in reality is 180,5-181. not as short as everyone wants him to be. regular guy
Pierre said on 25/Feb/17
Some pictures James Corden/Usain Bolt= Click Here
Click Here
Johnson said on 25/Feb/17
I think Corden is 175 cm. No, Paltrow is not taller than Corden. 0.5 cm taller maximum for her.
Heylo said on 25/Feb/17
If Paltrow isn't 5'9 but 5'8, then Brad is definitely not 5'11 .
Pierre said on 25/Feb/17
By the video and by considering their shoes i wouldn't bet 1 dollar that Gwyneth is taller 1 or 2 cm than James Corden
Original said on 24/Feb/17
He is 5'10 more or less. (so 5'9.5" to 5'10.5" is OK) and lifts.. lifts... lifts.
S.J.H said on 24/Feb/17

Corden shoe don't look under 2cm and maybe few mm more than 2cm and Paltrow shoe is near 3cm just close enough so precisely just say Paltrow had 1/4 more footwear and max she look 2cm taller than Corden so minus off the 1/4 then Corden is 5'7.5 like i say he is under 5'8 for sure.
Revisionist said on 23/Feb/17
Did anyone miss this dance off skit with Jimmy Fallon from a few years ago? Click Here

Brad looks to be about half an inch shorter, which would confirm that he's a flat 5'11. However, at the 2:26 mark, we can see that Pitt's thick soles give him upwards of 2cm over Fallon's very flat sneakers (2:10-2:12 mark).

Yes, I know that these close ups of their shoes are stunt doubles, but they're wearing identical shoes to their doppelgangers.

Some evidence that Brad is much closer to 5'10 flat than 5'11. I strongly believe that he's edged out by Clooney --which explains why Brad goes to such lengths to appear taller.
Pierre said on 23/Feb/17
@Neilberg= Jon Bernthal= 5"11' is maybe his height with shoes.He's in pictures with Rob at an event,and look 5"11' next to Rob ,but some celebrities have sometimes advantageous shoes(especially in events) very sophisticated which look classic shoes and which imo nobody can detect or with very difficulty. And some celebrities know how to take a pose to look taller in a picture.Ryan Gosling is listed 6"0.25'but 6"0.25'is maybe his height in shoes.Example=Jeremy Renner is listed 5"10' in some sites and he's probably this height in shoes(picture with Rob)
John Connor said on 22/Feb/17
Rob any chance of 181cm?
Editor Rob: I'd say he can still pull that mark off, but overall I feel the 5ft 11 is still fair. People seem to have given him between 5ft 10.5-11.
Sonnecker said on 22/Feb/17
Mmmmmmmhhhhh, Brad is not 182 (claimed sometimes) or 183cm/6 feet, but I wouldn't exclude a 181 cm possibility...
Hijopotamus said on 22/Feb/17
S.J.H, Pitt is same height as Paltrow, whatever Height Paltrow is. On the other hand, Gwyneth may be 1-2 cm taller than Corden.
joe### said on 21/Feb/17
you is right clooney does not seem smaller
Neilsberg said on 21/Feb/17
Hello Rob!
Is it possible that Brad Pitt is 6 ft?

Click Here Brad pitt and Ryan Gosling 6ft 0.25in/ 1.84cm
Click Here Brad pitt and Ryan Gosling
Click Here Brad pitt with impeccable posture and Jon Bernthal 5ft 11in
Click Here Brad pitt and Ryan Gosling

How do you explain that Brad Pitt is 5ft 11in while he is always taller than George clooney(5ft 11in) on the pictures and he is also taller than Jon Bernthal(5ft 11in) in the photo and the same size as Ryan Gosling(6ft 0.25in)?
Editor Rob: with good posture any 5ft 11 guy has a potential to seem taller, but at times Pitt can pull of looking 5ft 11.5-6ft in some photos...I think a small insert is something I wouldn't rule out for someone like Brad.
Pierre said on 21/Feb/17
Gwyneth Paltrow /James Corden=imo James has flat sneakers Gwyneth has running sneakers=Gwyneth has probably a advantage of shoes no?= Click Here
Click Here
CS said on 20/Feb/17
Perhaps he's 5'10.5 - 5'10.75 now and was 5'10.75 - 5'11 peak. Don't know if he's lost any height though, if he has it isn't that much though.
S.J.H said on 20/Feb/17

Theres alot of movement of James Corden with Gwyneth Paltrow dance lesson clip. I don't buy James Corden being 5'8 he certainly look 5'7.5-5'7.75 max and Gwyneth Paltrow is a real 5'8 claim 5'9

Click Here
Pierre said on 20/Feb/17
@ Hijopotamus=I don't understand when you say"he's standing on a tiny step"(i'm french)
Simon said on 20/Feb/17
Wouldn't it be better if the pictures of him on this page were without heels? He's 6'1-ish in every photo...
Hijopotamus said on 20/Feb/17
Pierre, watch the pic of Paltrow and Pitt naked kissing.
NOW, watch Brad's feet. YES, he is standing on a tiny step! They are same height barefoot. And Paltrow is same height as James Corden.
This is messed up, Rob.
Downgrade Brad or upgrade 5'8" Corden.
Scott said on 20/Feb/17
Strong 5' 11". Maybe 5' 11.5"
David Iga said on 20/Feb/17
I meet him once,when he filmed for ocean twelve in Rome.I am 180cm,he was a little bit shorter(I think around 176-178cm).
David Iga said on 20/Feb/17
I meet him once,when he filmed for ocean twelve in Rome.I am 180cm,he was a little bit shorter(I think around 176-178cm).
Neilsberg said on 19/Feb/17
Hello Rob!
Brad Pitt appears always bigger than 5ft 11in. Is it possible that brad Pitt measures 6ft?
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Why Brad Pitt is indicated 5ft 11in while he appears always bigger than George Clooney(5ft 11in), and it seems to be the same size as Ryan Gosling(6ft 0.25in) and is bigger than jon bernthal(5ft 11in) in the photo?
c-mo said on 19/Feb/17
Shredder said on 19/Feb/17
I met Bernthal too , He isn't over 5 ft 11. Weird guy also


nobody said that he is "over" 5'11 . I said 5'11 (or 180cm) and pitt looks very similar . pitt is around 5'11 . end of story
mister_lennon said on 19/Feb/17
Sorry, but in the most pics, pitt is taller than clooney.
Shredder said on 19/Feb/17
I met Bernthal too , He isn't over 5 ft 11. Weird guy also
Editor Rob: Shredder, I'm sure we've all got people who look at us and think 'That guys weird' 😸

One man's eccentricity is another man's normality.
Pierre said on 19/Feb/17
the specificity of very good(and probably very expensive) elevator shoes is that is very difficult to detect the gain of this shoes imo.
Brad barefoot can be a little taller than Gwyneth Paltrow barefoot.Gwyneth Paltrow is looking the same height as James Corden who is listed 5"8'.If she's really 5"8'...Brad is not 5"11' imo
c-mo said on 18/Feb/17
Rob has met Jon Bernthal . Jon Bernthal is 180cm . look at these pics :

Click Here

Click Here

Brad Pitt and Jon Bernthal look very similar heightwise . take the differences of posture into account too (brad pitt stands a bit crouched) . Pitt is around 179-180cm evening height clearly . there is no doubt I mean look at the pics how much evidence do you need more to know that he cant be anything below/above 178cm/181cm at his low and is likely 179-180cm ?

the shoes he wears in the pics also look regular/normal dress shoes . brad pitt height = 5'10.75
Blob said on 18/Feb/17
If Brad is 180 cm that would make him 5"9. Check the google conversion. Can some one explain this to me. 180 cm equals 5"9 feet not 5"11. Rob do you have any answers for this? Thank you.
Editor Rob: the constant is 1 inch = 2.54cm.

Some search engines might give the user:

180cm = 5.90551 foot

Which is correct, but confusion comes from mistaking .90551 as being equivalent to 9 inches, when it's not...there are 12 inches in a foot.

So to find the inches just multiply 0.90551 * 12, which is just under 11 inches.
Dmeyer said on 18/Feb/17
When Pitt Clooney have similar posture and footwear wich IS rare the look about equal , it even happend that Pitt has 1cm more shoes and looks about 1,5-2cm taller so they are very close , of course if Pitt has 0,6in more shoes better posture and angle hé CAN give an impression of being 2in taller
Revisionist said on 17/Feb/17
Mrheightcaring80, I think that it's fair for you to claim a strong 175cm but nowhere near 177. I'm pretty much in the same boat as you, but I wake up at around 176.5 and drop to 175, maybe a few mm below on really tough days.

After reading through this entire thread and looking at countless pictures, I agree with most here who say that Brad's at beast a weak 179cm. He wakes up at 180, making him about the same height as Vin Diesel and just as crazily obsessed with being over 6 feet when they're actually above average height already!
Pierre said on 17/Feb/17
@ SJH =lol Brad always easily taller ?Have you see the recent comments with pictures in this page?Another picture Brad closer to the camera in good posture,Georges in relaxed posture Click Here lol
RisingForce said on 16/Feb/17
We don't know for sure that he actually wrote down 5'10". We do know he wrote down 5'11", which itself makes me think he's slightly under that since he lied and said he was 2 years younger than he really was on that form so I'd think he'd have claimed 6 feet. 5'10.5"-5'10.75" also looks believable based on his early roles. With a little extra heels and perfect posture, he's been able to look a consistent 5'11.5" or 6 feet.
S.J.H said on 16/Feb/17
Lol Pierre thinks that Pitt is lower than George Clooney. Brad Pitt could easily be taller when put them both barefoot for sure.

Pitt 178cm
Clooney 177cm
Damon 175cm
G 5'11 said on 16/Feb/17
@Gaba that's a lot of height loss you suffer, I'm a little over 5'11" first thing in the morning, highest I've measured was 5'11.25, and go down to 5'10.5-75 by night time. So compared to me you lose way more
Gaba said on 14/Feb/17
I'm 5'11 in the morning but can be between 5'10.25 and 5'9.75 in the evening depending on the physical activity during the day. I think Brad's situation is the same.
Free said on 14/Feb/17
He's 5-10 Max. He wrote it down.
CS said on 14/Feb/17
I think his proportions do make him give off a shorter look at times, I definitely do see that. But 5'9 for him is absolutely absurd lol. He's at least 179 cm.
HonestSlovene said on 13/Feb/17
@Sam I have the same line of thinking. Of course he is at least 5'10" but putting his height 5'10" firstly and then 5'11" later on in his carrer it means that he is probably safely in the 5'10" zone or a few fractions over it and just rounded up a bit to 5'11" due to being famous in Hollywood. He is about 5'10.5" most likely, maybe a weak 5'11" or just over the mark first thing in the morning.
Alex Marlin said on 13/Feb/17
mister_lennon said on 12/Feb/17
Brad is an strong 5'10 guy. Almost 5'11. 178-179. Clooney is a little bit shorter.
Dmeyer said on 11/Feb/17
It could happen easily to overmeasure by 1cm on a stadio thats not fix professionaly and plus the fact of measure early in the day thats à near 2cm mistake , but most poeple dont measure only one Time in theyr life
Pierre said on 11/Feb/17
Georges Clooney 5"10'
Brad 5"9.25'
Sam said on 10/Feb/17
If 5'11 was his real height he'd be 5'11.75 in the morning. I think he's a guy that can look 5'10 range because of his proportions (short legs) which is why I thought he could be my height. On second thoughts he might measure closer to 5'11. But if he is closer to 5'10, he was very honest about his height the first time it was mentioned. I personally haven't met anyone ever that downgraded their legit height by a full inch, and this is Brad Pitt we're talking about.
6'1-6'1.5 Guy said on 10/Feb/17
I think most will agree with me, Brad looks like a strong 5'10.5.
Dan said on 9/Feb/17
Del mar, Pitt is shorter than Fincher. It's only when Pitt wears boots that he's close to Finch.
Dmeyer said on 8/Feb/17
Stadiometer arnt so précise at hospital on France I was measured 182,7cm After à 30mn nap while at home I would have béen 181,7-182cm
Dmeyer said on 7/Feb/17
Bruce was 181 pushing 182 cm Peak , by early 50s he was still 181cm so Clooney was not less than 179cm Peak
S.J.H said on 6/Feb/17
I'm a Pitt fans for awhile and i admit but i never wonder he is over 5'10.5 and more i suspect he is just 5'10 but most fan came in this site they just find excuses to ugrade their favourite all time actors i find it so delusion and i would even say Pitt will drop into 5'9.75 by few more years instate of upgrade him saying he look over 5'11. Ben affleck page here had a pack of fans try to find ways giving false thoughts say he had very poor posture , bad posture , alot slouch going and bad slouch all this kind of untrue tales just to put him up at 6'2.25-6'3 serious terms of fake and hopeless. LOL..
Guest66 said on 6/Feb/17
Dan, you have attitude problems, nobody called you "slow". I wasn't even talking about Pitts height, all I told you was that 5'10.25 person in the morning ( which you called Pitt's height ) will drop to 5'9 range by the day.
Pierre said on 6/Feb/17
@SJH=I think this picture is better=Brad in good posture,Georges in a little relaxed posture=Brad isn't taller= Click Here
Peter 179cm said on 5/Feb/17
@ Dan Irrelevant to Pitt's height, but losing 0.75 inches through the day is fairly common.It's also very normal unless you sleep all day long or live in space lol... Some people lose 1 inch or more as well-i know i do sometimes.
Hijopotamus said on 5/Feb/17
Flippo, Paltrow is 5'8" ish
S.J.H said on 5/Feb/17

Something call camera angle. Thats an awful comparison lol. To be honest brad pitt has to be taller by a fraction at lowest that is why pitt listed higher than geroge clooney. Editor Rob aware about the different style of lifts on pitt's feet most of time if not he would have put down pitt's height below clooney. Matt damon probably about 5'9 or fraction lower since he gets 5'10 for a long period before downgrade and clooney look 5'9-5/6th to 7/8th so 5'10 fits pitt alot

Click Here Bruce willis is no way 180cm but may not be under 179cm and look about 2cm taller than Clooney

Click Here Look a weak 5'10 guy at most 177+cm so 5'9.75 only look his 5'11.5 claim with dress shoes cum a hair

Click Here 177ish frame and i can easily tell because my dad was 5'10.5

Click Here assume if is 2" lift's then pitt looks 6'0 with it and 6'1 a hair

Click Here let alone hair and heels just hardly see him as 5'9 proportion not 5'11 that high but look like an exact 5'10 guy
Del Mar said on 5/Feb/17
Rob what's your take on David Fincher and would you make a page on him? A lot of sources lists him 184, but in every pic with Brad they look the same height
Pierre said on 4/Feb/17
@SJH=And Brad is taller than Georges when he has very nice shoes,if not= Click Here
Pierre said on 4/Feb/17
@SJH=Imo not lol for Cameron Diaz in 5"7' range(and maybe shorter)=She's looking lots of time easily shorter than Gwyneth Paltrow who is the same height as listed 5"8' James Corden...
Dan said on 4/Feb/17
Guest66, not sure if you're trolling here or being seemingly idiotic on purpose while maintaining the semblances of a sound mind inferring others are "slow" witted? [insert double facepalm & 1-inch punch hehe]
Jokes aside, if you read my previous posts, you'd know my contention is that there's no way Brad would lose .75 inch from waking up. I firmly believe he's 5'10" on the dot mid-day height and barefoot. I've never seen him out of bed in the morning. Pretty sure you haven't either. So based on that height, you can add as much as your heart desires to get his morning height. Cheers and please try to keep it clean :-) Dan out
Filippo said on 3/Feb/17
Don't know if this one has been posted yet, but.
Brad + Gwyneth, both with good posture.
So, let's assume they had the same footwear. Brad Pitt is maximum a bare inch taller than Paltrow. Maximum.
So 5'9 Paltrow, 5'10 Pitt.
Definitely NOT 180.
jamie179cm said on 3/Feb/17
@S.J.H lol have you seen the pictures with Gwyneth?
Guest66 said on 3/Feb/17
Dan, Facepalm. Read my comment once again, but slowly.
jamie179cm said on 2/Feb/17
sorry i mean barefoot pictures with Gwyneth
jamie179cm said on 2/Feb/17
@Dan to be fair any of these Celebs could be lying about there height, and 5ft9 is possible he wears lifts and not to mention the barefoot with Gwyneth
Hijopotamus said on 2/Feb/17
Dan, no logic there at all. George can be 5'10 and Pitt 5'9" and be taller than George. How? Lifts, shoes, etc my friend. That is why I INSIST so much in the pics barefoot.
S.J.H said on 2/Feb/17
If pitt is not even 5'10.5 like i think then i'll insist he is at least 5'10 and so george clooney is 5'9.75, matt damon 5'8.75 and gwyneth Paltrow is ta least 5'8.25 and her bff cameron diaz would be 5'7. LOL
vin said on 2/Feb/17
Strong 5'10. Nothing more, nothing less.
Dan said on 2/Feb/17
Guess66, ???

You're not making any sense whatsoever... sorry friend, nice gamble but no dice.

If you have Pitt as a 5'9.25 then how tall is Damon? How tall is Clooney? Just try using logic and resist the urge to let jealousy - not referring to any particular down-grader here - cloud your judgment.
Pierre said on 2/Feb/17
By considering all the pictures of this event(brad and Georges) and the angles of the cameras, i would say Brad is looking a little shorter than Georges,even when Georges is in relaxed posture he look a little taller imo(picture number five of the comment Yang 27/Jan/2017)
S.J.H said on 1/Feb/17

No obligation but from your point of view and perspective you think brad pitt is only 5'8-5'9 and that would put clooney in 5'7-5'8 danger zone. I would rather believe on 5'10 min that might be his real height. I have thought of 176cm many years back but from what i look at him with some kind of visible lifts which is not that big in heels while he can look near 6'1 with it and that is obvious he can't be much under 5'10 But if you are pointing fanboys you might need to visit Steven Yuen page here see how Shredder trying to please rob to put him up 5'8.25 which lauren cohan may not even hit over 5'6 and always look just around an inch shorter than Steven Yuen but Shredder still insist he even look 5'8.5 max lol

Click Here Pitt looks about 5'10 proportion here with fans

Click Here might be lifts but i wouldn't go over 6cm for the maximun boosted heels and he look about 184cm with it
Guest66 said on 1/Feb/17
Dan, so perfect 5'10 is someone who is only 5'10.25 in the morning ? You consider daily shrinkage do you ? 5'10.25 in the morning means 5'9.5 by the day.
HonestSlovene said on 1/Feb/17
@Dan Agreed.
HonestSlovene said on 1/Feb/17
@Hijopotamus Ok I forgot you are challenged in all ways possible, so there is no need to explain things to you. You sure seem to sound positive, btw.
Dan said on 1/Feb/17
Yang, those pics were you stated Pitt seems short, take a closer look. Next to Paltrow, he is bending his head. As for the Clooney pic, look at letters on the panel. Camera was tilted. Pic is clearly taller.
No one is saying Pitt is 6-1. He's a puuuurfeckt 5-10. I would say 5-10.25 in the morning. Thanks to his perfect posture and proportions, he can look of course look much taller specially when cast next to actors like Jonah Hill. Wouldn't be surprised if many of his male co-stars and leading ladies are casted thanks to their "shortish" height and not just their acting chops.
Sam, your assessment on Norton/Leo is correct.
Hijopotamus said on 1/Feb/17
Pierre, according to some guys in here, Corden is 5'11"
Anyone remember those pics or Eric Bana and Brad 3 inches difference? Oh it was a 2 inch difference sime other day Pitt wore better shoes.
Paltrow looks same height as Corden and Pitt.
I know, this is "impossible", because Brad is handsome TALL etc you know, real serious arguments
Pierre said on 1/Feb/17
Is James Corden really 5"8'?
Pierre said on 31/Jan/17
but Gwyneth is the same height as listed 5"8' James Corden
Sam said on 31/Jan/17
Yeah somehow I can't picture Dicaprio only being just 1/4" taller than Pitt. I think its more likely 3/4" or possibly even an inch but obviously because Pitt has excellent posture and is a known liftwearer and Dicaprio isn't it might seem like they are near identical in height and at times Pitt seemingly even taller seeing as there are accounts of him looking 6'1 to people... Not sure about Ed Norton but he strikes me as someone who would be close in height to Dicaprio or just a shade taller.
Hijopotamus said on 31/Jan/17
HonestSlovene, dude, you don't need to clarify anything. You are not the law. What is perfectly clear is that you need glasses. Brad is not even 1cm taller than Paltrow in those pics. So one inch difference is possible? lol ok so he is 5'10" so he can possibly be 5'11"?? So according to that he can also be 5'9"? Or it just works upgrading?
Im 182cm at 10 pm. So using your method I coundround it up to 6 feet and may as well 6'1"
I wonder how dealing business with such a positive guy like you would be?
HonestSlovene said on 31/Jan/17
@yang How many many times do I need to clarify to you and others, he looks about 1 in taller. So yes while 5'10" is entirely possible so is 5'11". I'd wager 5'10.5" is on the money (5'10.75" peak).
Nova176 said on 30/Jan/17
Rob, why does Tom Cruise get always accused of Lifts when a guy like Brad pitt, a man of obviously above average height wears lifts pretty much 24/7. Tom cruise from my knowledge only wore lifts a few times and not at all in the last 8 years. He's the biggest lift wearer in Hollywood. RDJ may wear bigger lifts but Brad Pitt wears them more which is why he almost always looks 184.

I can't see how a 180cm guy can be so insecure about their height
Editor Rob: RDJ is the most obvious wearer or enhanced footwear.

Pitt did go through a period of seemingly wearing cuban heeled dress shoes, to give himself a little boost, but with boots, they don't seem that bulging - up to 0.5-0.75, a shoe lift won't make the foot (at the front) bulge that much, but when it gets to an inch lift, it might be more obvious.
Johnson said on 30/Jan/17
@yang You should see the clip of James Corden and Paltrow in sneakers, they are the same height
Hijopotamus said on 30/Jan/17
Yang, the funny thing is that there is evidence Gwyneth can be shorter than that. Videos and pics.
Just check her in this site.
In any case, some fanboys will continue saying that in those pics with Paltrow he is 2 inches taller lol
Incredible they rather guess Pitt's height when he is wearing who knows what kind of shoes. People just want to complicate things it's nonsense.
S.J.H said on 30/Jan/17
@yang said on 30/Jan/17

LOL. Look on the top of their ear and overall. Pitt look solid 1.5" 4cm taller than 175cm Paltrow. Pitt is always 179cm. Pitt does wear lifts often but i would say is small lifts 1.75-2.25" compare to what fits beneath tom cruise feet was often 2.25-3". The only time brad pitt is 5'11 could only be 8-9am in the morning and 5'8 is extreme impossible
yang said on 30/Jan/17

There are pictures of him with 5"9 Paltrow where he looks barefoot shorter than her.

Click Here
delancey said on 29/Jan/17
Wears lifts (like pretty much every A-Lister) but I still think this listing is correct. Maybe slips into the high 5'10s at night, which might explain him wanting to wear lifts at Red Carpet events etc.
HonestSlovene said on 29/Jan/17
@yang he looks about 6'1" in the first pictures and 5'10"-5'11" in the second ones, so yes sometimes he wears lifts to premieres. 5'8"? Just LOL.
fabrizio said on 29/Jan/17
brad pitt 180cm george clooney 179 cm matt damon 177 leonardo di caprio 182cm
Tarik said on 29/Jan/17
Judging on photos I've seen I would give Pitt 177cm and Damon 175cm.
Hijopotamus said on 29/Jan/17
St. Clair, Schiffer claimed 5'10" herself on german tv as I said and not 6 feet as you say. Mrheightcaring80 confirms it.
Yang, when you see someone look 5'9" and somewhere else he stands 6'1" you may as well take the 5'9". Everyone can look taller with lifts, boots, heels etc but you cannot trick being short.
yang said on 27/Jan/17
Rob, do you think that brad pitt could be a lift wearer?

There are pictures of him with confirmed 6'1 quentin tarantino, 5'9 paltrow and 5'10 clooney where he looks a solid 6'2 and there other pictures where he looks at most 5'8 with this same people.

Tall brad pitt
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

short brad pitt
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

His height fluctuate so much in photos, very hard to find his real height.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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