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5 May
EzioAuditore711 on The Undertaker
I'd say Big Cass is 6'7" barefoot. How tall is Enzo?
jerald Weing on Kanye West
He's about a 5'6"-5'7" guy.
Leo on Toni Garrn
Toni is very very similar to Jourdan Dunn. Both 5'11.75. With heels are over 6'4!!!
Matt on Joe Mantegna
I thought he seemed taller than Tom Hanks in The Money Pit
179cm on General Height
c-mo said on 3/May/16
180 - 185cm for men
167 - 172cm for women

Why so tall for women? I thought not being tall enough was generally an issue for guys, not girls. 167 - 172 is quite a bit above average for women.

180-185 for men I more or less agree with though. At almost 180 cm I'd say I'm tall enough really.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) on Tyson Fury
I'd say a solid 201 cm guy, I'd give him 6'7.25" if I were Rob.
6'5" barefoot... on Michael McKean
haaaha funny...in the movie airheads 1999 he was clearly taller than adam sandler, joe montagna, and closer to Brendan Frasiers hieghts whatever that is....peak...anyway who cares he made more money and is famous compared to these losers claiming he was 5'9" peak height....what a joke people uneducated people are...
Vegas on Kevin Nash
Morgan and Nash were around same height, they had a number of staredowns in tna and i saw both in person in same ring and on ramp at a show in early 2008

If Nash was easily 2 inches taller than morgan then big show should have been easily 4 inches taller than Morgan as show had 2 inches on Nash..yet big show didn't have 4+ inches on Morgan in 2003-05

Both Nash and Morgan were also listed same height by the ncaa during their basketball careers (not that that says alot)
Capt. Nobody on Andre The Giant
Boss said on 3/May/16
Here is Maurice Tillet's head mold being measured at 13" right in front of your eyes so no need to guess.
Click Here

His head was also measured at 13" at Harvard.
Click Here

Andre's head in comparison would be a little larger.
Click Here
Click Here

Hogan's head was 10.5" which puts Andre at 13.05".
Click Here

Here from 3 comparisons from 3 different people none of which are done by myself. Andre's head comes out 13" range every time.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Big Show as stated here by many has a 12" head. Andre's head was longer and larger both visibly and as Terry Todd stated in a direct question about who had the bigger head. Todd also stated Andre was taller and had bigger hands and feet than Big show and that he spent time with both men. No less than a 13" head for Andre.


I don't care what side anyone in this debate is on, you have to give credit where credit is due for this kind of work. The Tillet part of the debate is just as impressive now as it was when Boss brought it up before. Good job dude!
4 May
Capt. Nobody on Andre The Giant
straightahead said on 2/May/16
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 15/Apr/16
Ottman wasn´t under 6´4", he still looked around that height next to visitor Robbie.
Ottman as Typhoon was around 1.5" shorter than 6´5.75" Earthquake John Tenta and as Tugboat about an inch shorter than Hogan and around 3" shorter than peak Undertakerhttp ://tinyurl.com/h48fn7j , so a solid 6´4"-6´4.25" may be the truth.

OMG/Akeem looked about 6´5.5"-6´6", near 6´6"-6´6.5" Big John Studds height.

But the strange thing is, Ottman was taller than OMG/Akeem (in their prime and still taller today) and Studd didnt look taller than 6'5 next to Fralic...


Who was taller, Ottman or Tenta in your opinion?

Because Tenta was, and OMG looked to be a little taller than Tenta. What you're saying goes against all the established principles involved. Despite what one photo tells you. As for OMG today, I just saw an interview from just recently and it looks like he's got quite a bit of a hunch in the back these days so I have no doubts it's hard for him to stand up straight so he might be shorter than Ottman depending on the circumstances.

Click Here
alex on Dolph Lundgren
Dolph was a strong 6'4 in the 80ies. Nowdays around 6'3. Correct listing
Capt. Nobody on Andre The Giant
Chaz said on 1/May/16
Halb said on 29/Apr/16
The new BMW Mini is bigger than the old British Leyland Mini.

I tryed to post about that but it never got posted,the new BMW one is 2.5'' taller so Boss has 100% shown Andre was about 2-2.5'' too short.if that guy is only 7' tall.


In what way? The vehicle frame itself, or overall height from the ground? The one Dirk is standing next to has a much lower suspension and more wheel/less tire.

Anyway, as is the case with anyone that stood with Shaq or Wilt, as is the case with Show and Andre, the point of comparison is all there if you want to see it.

Click Here

Now, we can't see the feet but it looks about like what Show did facing off with Shaq and we've seen Dirk and Show in that shot, and they look about the same height in it and they measure up to Shaq about the same, it all seems to fit about right. Wilt was a bit taller than Shaq in dress shoes, while Shaq was in sneakers, and Andre in cowboy boots was a bit taller than Wilt with similar posture so....
jajamen on Melania Trump
for a moment i thought she was trumps sister. height and looks..
CaptainCrunch on Trevor Noah
Here he is with Bill Burr who's listed on here as 5'9.75"

Click Here

Do you think a slight downgrade would be a more apt fit, Rob?
Editor Rob: 5ft 11 on the nose may well the best fit for him.
Junior31 on Justin Bieber
CC said on 3/May/16
Rob if you dont upgrade JB, im going to host a rival site that posts his true height. I'm serious, what more do you want?? He is obviously taller than 5'9 with vans, so AT LEAST put him as 5'8. I get it, many people dont like him and want to make him feel small, but you should do him justice and say it as it is. 5'8 MINIMUM!!!!
Editor Rob: for any listing, if my guess/opinion changes, I will update to what I think might be a better estimate.

I have the name for you. Ridiculousheight.com

Here's an idea. Instead of randomly throwing out heights. Let's look at heights of him with people that are close to there actual heights. He's shorter then everyone who is 5'8 and .75-.5 shorter then the 5'7.5 Floyd mayweather. He isn't remotely 5'8. Barefoot he struggles with 5'7.

My stomach is hurting from laughing so hard. 5'8. 5'9. 5,10!!!! 5'11!!!! Please make it stop.
Harold on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Some guy, if Arnold had ever, ever been in the six foot one or six foot two range, peak, he and his publicists would have said he was six foot three or four. It's the nature of the beast. He works in the exaggeration industry. Not the honesty industry. Elastic arms or not. The Fanboys will not relent. Their insults they can't repent. They rewrite history to honor mythography. Poor, dear lambs, in their Conan caps and Commando jammies. Sing it now, Fanboys, back to the 1980's: "It's just an illusion!!"
Tom on Clark Gable
Tom, Gable didn't wear lifts in his later films. Watch them. In the western The Tall Men he wore cowboy boots that looked normal to me. I believe he was 6' even in his prime and was 5-11 by the time of his death.
RoelC on Andre The Giant
Boss said on 3/May/16
Here is Maurice Tillet's head mold being measured at 13" right in front of your eyes so no need to guess.
Click Here
His head was also measured at 13" at Harvard.

No it wasn't! His head was only partly measured and the medical articles stated the length of his head from the root of his nose to the bottom of his chin measured 179 millimeters, which is a little over 7 inches. Click Here
They never gave a measurement of the total length of his head. You're just making that up!

The length from the root of his nose to the bottom of his chin covered roughly 60% of his total head length, so that would result into a total head length in the region of 11.5 to 12 inches.

The 1940 Harvard measurements prove that the head mold of Tillet's head isn't accurate, as according to the mold the length from the root of his nose to the bottom of his chin is slightly over 8 inches.

Here's a picture of how that measurement took place, so no need to guess how the measurement took place either.
Click Here
Guest on Justin Bieber
You're delusional if you think Justin is over 5'9. Rob's listing is perfectly fine
J.Lee on Elle Macpherson
John how do you know
mande2013 on Tom Cruise
But a 1m68 TC would make Emilio Estevez sub-5'4, which is absurd. Just look at those 'Outsiders' pictures and compare their bodies. Cruise is clearly more than 2 inches taller than Emilio. I'm still in the 1m70 camp for Cruise myself.
dee on John Boyega
I reckon john is probably shorter than he said to be
He just banned me from his instagram when i said he looks short in a particular pic. Lol. He seems insecure and sensitive about his height. shoe lifts anyone?
mande2013 on Tom Cruise
@LI Jeremy Renner's not 5'10.
dee on Daisy Ridley
Loads of people comparing her to john and oscar. did anyone consider both men wearing concealed shoe lifts? I mean it is actually quite common in hollywood. so until rob is able to stand beside her or either man in photo session it is gonna be hard to gauge her real height.
mande2013 on Jake Lloyd
@flagsy: It depends. My parents are weak average for their respective genders, and I only wound up a 5'5/5'6 range male. My mother's like 2 inches shorter than me, and my father's like Rob's height, although he's in his sixties now, and his posture has worsened a bit in recent years, so I occasionally get the impression he's much closer to my height than he actually is. However, my paternal grandfather was allegedly never taller than 5'4, so the 'short' genes are obviously there, even if they didn't necessarily show up in either of my parents.
Rockistheman on John Cena
Looked 2 inches shorter than The Rock who is around 6'2.5 as always... No idea why he downgrades his height... He has excellent posture and has stood up well against everyone even up to 2-3 inches taller than him.. The only time he ever looked short was when Randy Orton stood straight at the unification championship conference nearly 3 years ago...
TJE on Height Request
Ayee Amaze! Long time no see! How's the height treating ya? haha
Leo on Kate Upton
5'9.5-5'9.75. She hates her boobs .-.
Darcy on Desmond Harrington
On imdb his height is listed as 6ft (183)
Rob, what do you think about this?
Editor Rob: I'm not sure he looked that tall on Dexter.
Dosti on Aishwarya Rai
Click Here
Check at 3.10 Katrina looking marginally taller
And check at 3.29 they are sleeping together, Katrina again looking marginally taller
Leo on Allen Iverson
So, Allen is 5'11 and not less. Good job Rob.
french guy on Rob Paul
rob if a nurse measures you at 173.5, will she round up or down?
Editor Rob: give her a smile and you'll be listed 174cm, give her a stony face and you'll be down as 173 or 171 (an honest mistake)...
Leo on Khloe Kardashian
Close to Kendall, 5'8.25-5'8.5
GiroJim on Melania Trump
Is it just me or when you look at her face you can actually see Donald Trump! It is creepy weird. Fantastic figure though.
6'2 on Andre The Giant
theres not definitive proof he wasnt 7'4 i say let the legend live on his posture alone lost him several inches of height even in the 70s he never stood up to his maxium height
C on Donald Trump
The old "[CELEBRITY] isn't [HEIGHT] anymore" argument. How typical!
Editor Rob: if we gave Trump 6ft 3 what do we give Mark Sanchez...who was measured a solid 6ft 2.

I doubt trump is actually taller than a guy like that.

grizz on Taylor Swift
@Allie, well played.
Sixseven on John Wayne
Gary Cooper 189,John Wayne 187,all books says it.
Warren on Taylor Swift
Hey guys, do you think Which is Taylor's heights 174cm or 175cm or 177cm??
I do believe 174cm for Taylor.
meezemaker on Alain Delon
delon is a bit taller tha belmondo. 177 cm is correct for delon, no more. Bermondo about 174. both great actor. was not so small 60 years ago.
littlesue on Melania Trump
Wonder what she see's in the 'millionaire Donald Trump'
Martin Parsons on David Jason
Bare in mind Lyndhurst was only 19 in the first series, so he may still have been growing, also baring in mind that am average door way is 6'6"/6'7" I'd say it goes like this:
Lyndhurst 6'1"
Chalis 6'2"
Lloyd Pack 6'2"
Broadbent 6'2"
Jason 5'6"
So there are a lot of tall actors in OFAH, I'm 6'2" myself and it's not often I look up to anyone!
Madison on Justin Bieber
Hey @CC not everyone on here hates Justin. They are just giving evidence of his real height. He looked tall in that video because it showed he wore thick dress shoes and most of the video showed his waist and up. After reading some of the comments I would have to agree that he looks tall only because of footwear
Dost on Aishwarya Rai
Reha Sukheja is indeed 6'1" and the tallest, but I wouldn't call her an 'actress'...has she even appeared in any movies???

Yukta probably second at around 5'11 - 6'0 and then we got the likes of Pooja Batra, Shonal Rawat, Karminder Kaur, etc. at 5'10/5'11-ish
Sean on Matt Morgan
I agree with 184.3 (Night), I think Matt wakes up barefoot out of bed at 6'9.5", rounds up with shoe measurement around 6'11" in the morning then drops to 6'8" range at night. Hence that is why he looks 6'8 ish with the staredowns with Hogan, Gunn because by then it is evening time.
Sean on Big Show
Agreed Big Cass is no more than 6'8". I think Matt Morgan would edge out Cass but no more than .5 inch.
Sean on Kevin Nash
I don't believe Nash looks taller than Morgan by 2 inches. The video in question was circa 2008, and if you look closely during the duration of the video it is hard to tell if they stand on the same level throughout. peak Nash was taller - 6'9.25", than Morgan - 6'8.5". But it is hard to gauge from this video the difference in height, since Nash probably lost some height as compared to his peak.
Dmeyer on Lou Ferrigno
Rob is 185,5cm solid 6ft 1 dinner time for Arnold peak possible waking at 6ft 2 , 6ft 1,5 10am 6ft 1,25 noon And 6ft 1 after weight lifting or by tea time a 189/186,5cm b 188,5/186cm c 188/185,5cm , à guy like arnie over 6ft And weight training defenetly droped 2,5cm during the day
Editor Rob: 186cm teatime is very possible for him in the 70's.
Fern194cm-192cm on Melania Trump
Solid listing rob. I think she is a solid 5,10, no less. How tall is IVanka? I think Ivanka could be about 5,11 then cause she seems to have an inch on Melania. What do you think for Eric and his wife also?
Arch Stanton on Neil Robertson
I've seen Mark Williams in person, about 10 ft away. Tall guy I think in 6 ft 2 range, I doubt 6 ft 3.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Stone Cold Steve Austin
Rob, that quote hasn't appeared.

Click Here - stacking up very well beside Goldberg and The Rock. Around 6ft1-2 in this picture.
Click Here - Again, looking very close to Goldberg.

Austin does not look under 6ft1 and I think he may very well have gotten measured at 6ft1½ at 10-11am. Perhaps he was that for real in his 20's-30's and was 6ft2 in the morning? With that neck injury...a bit of height loss is believable.
Editor Rob: I typed it out the other day, must have got distracted and forgot to hit enter, but it's added at the top now...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Ray Romano
Rob, I think he's claimed 6ft1½ and 6ft2.

When did he claim 6ft1?
Editor Rob: it was on Letterman he said it.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jim Carrey
Looked 187-188cm range in the 90's.
movieguy on Wayne Rooney
Pretty robust for a football player which maybe makes him appear shorter than he is. I'd sat 5'9'' or so.
Ben on Tom Holland
He said he was 5'8, sounds accurate to me.
I think he s closing in on RDJ if you compare them in Civil War. :)
Sam on Youtubers
Markiplier looks 5'7-5'8 proportionally, it seems 5'10 is the acceptable height to claim for below average folk. Never does he look that tall though, even counting shoes + hair. His voice alone you would probably think belongs to a taller fellow. One of the more entertaining lets players though imo, more so than Pewdiepie. I wonder how tall jacksepticeye is then since he claimed 5'10 but looked shorter than Mark. I guessed 5'8 at first, but he looked at least an inch or so shorter than Mark.
Aza on Katia Winter
Good listing and very pretty for sure.
James on Michael Douglas
5'9" is more accurate for his peak height. I hope the rumours about his cancer returning aren't true.
Aza on Gareth David Lloyd
He looks as tall with Rob as does John Barrowman.
Aza on Jensen Ackles
He is 6'0 in the morning fully erect.
James on Cary Grant
Grant was 34 when he became a major star.
James on Clark Gable
"Large man" just meant he was well built.
bodwaya on Chyna
this video shows kurt has 1 inch on her she must shrunk 5 foot 9
straightahead on Hulk Hogan
@Jim Hopper said on 2/May/16 Mr T 5-10" Max. Hogan 6.5" peak

You really see a difference of 7 inches there?! omg i didnt know Hogan had a 14 inches long head...
indy on John Barrowman
I do not agree with the below comment. Met him and he is definitely close to 6ft.
indy on Grace Park
Recently saw her. I'd say 5"8.5
TJE on Melania Trump
She does stand loosely but even then Trump would have her (in heels) by about an inch. 5'9-5'9.5.
Alex on Justin Bieber
Nonsense! He is 5'7 not 5'9 or 5'10 5'7 !
Alex on Michael C Hall
This guy looks 5'9
Alex on Ryan Hansen
No shorter than 5'11.75
Alex on Nikki Glaser
James on Gareth Bale
I initally thought Bale and Ramos were of the same height, but this pic changed my mind:
Click Here

IMO: Bale 184 cm, Ramos 183 cm.
truth on Jerry Ferrara
lol yeah he has JB height syndrome.
Civman on Melania Trump
Rob Gisselle was also listed 5'10.5 by her modelling agency yet you gave her a 5'10 listing. I'm just saying that if she looks 5'10 to you give her that. I m also going to say that besides Trump she should be at least the same as him when wearing heels yet she is not.
Editor Rob: 5ft 10 is probably closer in reality yeah.
Devin on Robert De Niro
No way was his peak height 5'8". DeNiro looked a good 5'10"-5'11' in Taxi Driver.
Johnny on Brad Pitt
@Rob can you please post the photo of the magazine profile which had 5ft 11 in listing of Pitt.
Editor Rob: unfortunately don't have it, was talked about on here 10 years ago and there was a link to a scan of it at the time.
Aswin Kini MK on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Dear Rob, in my previous post, I have clearly shown a picture of Hollywood Actor, Arnold Vosloo (Who acted in The Mummy and Mummy Returns, listed as 6 foot 2 in your site) and Dwayne Johnson standing together. Even if we downgrade Arnold Vosloo to 0.5 inch, we can clearly see that Dwayne is easily 1 inch or more taller than Arnold. (You can also see the footwear of both actors to check if there is any heel advantage, there is none.)

I am clearly tired of seeing many posters here claiming that Dwayne was never even 6 foot 3 in his peak. I am not sure how they claim that he was never 6 foot 3 even during his peak and constantly keep downgrading him. I wish that you could let them know that Dwayne was a strong 6 foot 3 in his prime (I am saying this with confidence because he was easily towering actors who were a strong 6 foot 2 such as Hugh Jackman, Samuel Jackson, Arnold Vosloo, and wrestlers such as Triple H and Brock Lesnar). Perhaps, he is 6 foot 2 today, but I wouldn't downgrade him below it.
Editor Rob: if he's lost anything I'd say about half inch is the most.
John on Kelly Rohrbach
what a stunner, 1.75 seems bang on
Jackman on Stephen Amell
Odd comment, being 6'1 would more likely be the equivalent of 5'11 in the real world. I'm surprised this myth about Hollywood actors being short is a thing.
er4smiths on Andre The Giant
@Smarty - one of the smartest comments ever made on this forum.
Wind on Katy Perry
Really?? She never looked tall to me. I honestly would have said she's 5'3"-5'4''
Sam on Gig Young
He could be a guy who was a touch under the 6'1" mark.
w/ David Niven (Young may be dropping more height there): Click Here
w/ Gregory Peck: Click Here
w/ Clark Gable: Click Here
w/ Charles Bronson & Elvis Presley: Click Here
w/ Anthony Francoisa: Click Here
looking quite tall with The Duke I must admit:
Click Here
Aaron Zamora on Matthew Moy
He seems a lot smaller in the show "broke girls" I thought that he was 4'10-4'11.
Aaron Zamora on Melania Trump
It seems like more than a 2 inch difference between her and Donald. 5'9 at best or at least somewhere in that range.
Johan on General Height
James B said on 30/Apr/16
With my aunt being 5'11 and my uncle 5'7 you would expect the son to be 6ft and the daughter 5'6.

But obviously with genetics there is no set rule since my dad at his peak was nearly 5'10 and my mom being 5'2 my brother grew to roughly 5'11.25. Likewise one of my friends is 6ft 1/2 his dad was 5'7 and his mom I would guess at 5'2.

Thats because your genes aren't just inherited from your parents. Like some forms of illness or disfigurement this sometimes skips a generation. I guess good nutrition and health can help maximise your potential but its not going to really change whether you are average or very tall.

It used to bother me when i was very young that I was only about 6'1" compared to my relatives until I got older and realised that I enjoy all the benefits with no drawbacks. I have never experienced height issues with women or in work/leisure time while avoiding back pain and bumping my head :)

From my own observations over the years I have noticed that if your under 5'7" you will get comments, sometimes nasty ones and if your over 6'5" then you will get the too tall comments. However the flip side with being that tall is you also have women in particular who really like it. So its good and bad unlike the short guy.

Nowadays that doesn't seem to have changed for the taller guy but the short guy has risen to 5'9". I have seen guys blown off for being too short at 5'9".

Is this because women are getting taller? There is no doubt they are as I see many younger ones between 18-25 who are 5'7-5'8" in the city .
Johan on Dolph Lundgren
Its true he can look 6'2" range alot in pics. I was looking at the expendables 3 pics and next to Grammer who is around 6'0 nowadays he was 2-2.5 inches taller. As usual though he was n't fully straight. The question is how much can he gain by fully stretching out? Some guys drop an inch easy standing like he does.

He has certainly lost a good chunk of height I just don't understand why as he has kept himself pretty healthy and fit.
Johan on Irina Shayk
5 ft 8 for her would be very bad news for Bradley Cooper. He didn't have 4 inches on her when they were barefoot was somewhere in the 3.25-3.5 in range. So that makes Cooper 5'11.5".
Johan on Tom Cruise
Just under 5 ft 8. Most likely 5'9" was a shoe claim but with lifts he really can pass for it. Through the years I have heard various people saying 5ft 10 even ,before the press started hating on him.

The lowest I can go for Tom is 5'7.5" Anything under 5'7" though is hilarious.
Johan on Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
He looks 6'7.5" with the lines. Im sure a guy that size does indeed wake at 6'9".

Next to 6'1" range guys shown by Rob on this page he is minimum 6'7.5" and closer to this listing.
Johan on Donald Trump
C said on 20/Apr/16
Johan, why would a 6'2'' guy claim to be 6'4''? Most 6 footers are usually satisfied enough with their height to not embellish it.

Here is The Rock looking at least 6'4'' with the 6'2'' Samuel L. Jackson!

Click Here

Oh, you want to see the footwear? Here you go!

Click Here

I rest my case.

Samuel isn't 6'2" not anymore. Lets also use pictures of other celebs instead of the one's that Rob has met and pegged within a 1/2 inch.

Fact : The Rock claimed 6'4" but decided that wasn't enough and started claiming 6'5".

Fact: He isn't taller than Brandon Routh.

Fact; Shorter than the Hoff while wearing SHOES. Not level ground haha.

Fact: Same height as David haye who Rob met and pegged at 6'2".

He is no more than 6'2.5" 189 cm as of 2016. Maybe in his youth he was 6'3".

The rest is nonsense.

Trump looks to me to be about 6'1" nowadays and a 6'2" guy at peak.
Brad on Justin Bieber
Decent height? 5" short of 6 feet? He hates it, he's in Bieber Boots and customs.
Mat on Youtubers
Rob, do you think Fousey Tube is lying about the 5'11 claim?
Editor Rob: yes, if he had a page of his own he might be listed shorter.
Mat on Ciaran McMenamin
Rob do you think the 5'10.25 mark is more appropriate? In the picture you linked with the tape measure he comes at exactly 5'10.3 ...
Editor Rob: on primeval he looked similar to what I thought in person, somewhere between 5ft 10 and 11. He's
Chaz on Andre The Giant
Boss said on 2/May/16
Andre is taller than Dirk in that comparison.

in what comparison? it's you that has made the mistake, thinking the Mini's are the same height,not only is Andre in thinker heel shoes and standing more upright, the the Car Dirk is by is 2.5'' taller so ether this comparison is right and Dirk is 2-2.5'' taller or all your comparisons are useless which one is it Boss?
Alex on Elizabeth Olsen
Click Here Next to Chris Evans in Ellen's show. She is definitely 5ft 4.5in
Korean on General Height
for a male: 188-189cm
for a female: 173-174cm
dewie on Big Show
Big show 7ft0.5 kane 6ft8.75 taker 6ft8 sid 6ft7
191-193 on Liev Schreiber
I beg to differ Liev. You're maybe a little bit taller, but not bigger than Hugh Jackman. At least when we're comparing upper body "jackedness". Wolverine's traps alone tell who did those heavy deadlifts at the gym :-)
Jacko on Kane
Kane and Undertaker are similar in height,Nash has stood face to face with the undertaker and is clearly at least
2 inches taller, no way is Kane taller than Nash,
Ice on General Height
@ Rick , no offence , but you are the most deluded person on this site , height-wise . 5'8 does not tower over a lot of people , its a height that gets towered over big time . And youre not the only one who wears shoes when hes outside , lol .
Ice on General Height
@Rick wow , claiming 5'10 when youre 5'7 ? That really is a low blow . Youre inflating youre height by 8 cm . If anyone is stupid enough to believe you , hell believe that 6'0 " is short as hell , because a legitimateley very short man whos actually 5'7 "is 5'10" "
Arch Stanton on Denise Welch
Gives a bigger impression, I'd thought of her as 5 ft 7 or 8 for some reason. Looks like she could be nightmare to live with haha.
Editor Rob: you know I never even realised she once was with Tim healy...but maybe her personality can give a bigger impression at times.
Sam on Paul Rudd
Based on having seen him in person, I think 5'8.5"-5'8.75" would be his accurate listing. He's still taller than several other male Avengers co-stars, like Ruffalo, Downey Jr. & a smidge over Renner.
Canson on Derek Theler
@Robv: in reference to your post a while back, count me as one of the "taller" guys who likes and is content with his height. No desire to pad the numbers as it does absolutely nothing for me and don't see what it does for anyone to "want" and "claim" or overstate a height other than what they really are
Sam on Christopher Guest
Surprised by the lack of comments, this guy's a comedy legend. "These ones go to eleven."
Sam on Vince Vaughn
Yeah between those two shots Donne looks closer to 6'4" than 6'5", still puts her in tall drink of water category.
Sam on Christian Bale
I don't think a 3-4 cm loss is exceptional and Bale tends to put his body through strain in his method acting. Is it Rob?
Editor Rob: he certainly has probably had a few injuries to his body and putting it through extreme weight loss would have been interesting to see whether he measured lower during the filming of The machinist.
Sam on Terry O'Quinn
Thanks for updating a peak height, that's the lowest I think you could argue for him at peak.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Bill Goldberg
I reckon this guy edges out Triple H and Lesnar by a fraction or so. The Rock I'm not sure about though. He could still be about 6ft3
Sam on Wood Harris
He could look close to Idris Elba but there's enough shots where Elba looks to edge him out, if not by a full inch so it lines up to the listing. Also, I thought he looked a fraction under Bobby Cannavale in Ant-Man but it was hard to tell in those brief shots.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Bill Goldberg
Cesaro only 192cm? Damn I would have thought 6ft4 range at least
jervis on Clint Eastwood
I have no problem with Borsari images on my PC,it's a Pitt because there at some good pictures of Clint and other Celebs on it,Clint with Rock Hudson,Hudson clearly taller.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Triple H
6ft4 range in boots
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on James Gandolfini
I think Marchand looked 5ft8ish by The Sopranos. But she was very tall in Lou Grant so 5ft10 peak is fair
jervis on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Burt Reynolds wore shoe lifts all his career,but he never tried to hide it,if he did maybe we would be trying to argue that he was 6ft1 peak,and that he has lost 4inches.As for Arnold I don't think he was lower than 6ft peak.It's hard to be certain of any of these celebrities actual heights unless you measure them personally.So I always think maybe knock an inch or so off their listed heights if your not fully convinced they are the height they say they are.
nick92 on Skepta
hey rob thanks for upgrading, but I honestly still think hes 6ft1 heres a pic with him and p didy whos listed 5ft10. its not the best angle and if diddy wasn't slouching I still see 3inches difference there

Click Here
Lugo on Jeremy Clarkson
If we use Usain Bolt as a Marker then he is definately He is between 6ft 3- 6ft 4 . Bolt is a legit 6ft 5 , hes about 1-1.5 inch taller than Clarkson and about 2 inches taller Prince William who i believe is a flat 6ft 3 . Big guys tho.
Johno on Bobby Lashley
I must say though, Rob does size up well with a big lad like Lashley. I am quite surprised.
jervis on Harrison Ford
If you google Steven Seagal Harrison ford images,6ft4 Seagal has about 5 inches on Ford,intact Seagal has to look down on Ford he is so much taller.Somebody needs a downgrade or upgrade,IMO Seagal always looked taller than 6ft4 more 6ft5 peak.
Tom on Gary Cooper
Wayne was 6'3" and Scott was shorter.
Kyle on Elizabeth Olsen
Here she is barefoot next to Ellen and Chris Evans. Thoughts?

Click Here
Lugo on Mark Zuckerberg
I always thought 'The Zuck' was a tall dude, he carries the look of a classic tall guy. Small head , Broad long neck, stocky Upperbody and he wears well fitting T shirts. That convinced me he's about 6ft - 6ft 2 . Then i saw footage of him Next to Obama, and i was shocked lol! I was like is Obama really that tall, then i found out he's 6ft1 and Zuck was a towering 5 ft 7 lol. Good thing he'll ever need Hieght in his life anyway.
Judd on Heath Ledger
Why this downgrade?
I doubt he was under 6'0.75" actually...
truth on General Height
@It is called The Dinaric Alps and I would discard this study as it has several falsehoods (not enough people were measured, it is a geographic term and not a country). Still plenty of young people from countries in this area were measured and the results were roughly a 1-2 inches lower average than the reported 185cm (Bosnia: 183.8cm, Montenegro:183.7cm, Serbia:181.9cm, Croatia: 180.7cm and Slovenia:180.3cm). Give also a note that those figures are also roughly noon height so you should substract roughly 1cm of height for night time measurements. That means that the real average height for the Dinaric Alps is 5ft10.5-6ft0 night time MAX or about 5ft11-6ft0.5.
John on Doutzen Kroes
She is clearly a solid 5-9. This is why so many people dumb because in the recent Met event, She is 2-3 inches taller than Alessandra and Cindy Crawford. I have been saying for years that Alessandra and Crawford are 5-7 and I have been called stupid. Unless you change Doutzen to 5-11 or 6 feet, you need to change Alessandra and Crawford to 5-7
Wipeout on General Height
I laugh every time I read someone writing that 5'9 is still average. This isn't the 1950's anymore folks. Average male height with the younger generation is over 6 ft today and overall for men in the modern first world is 5'10.5. Sorry guys. You are all short! Me too now... 176 cm and shorter than 75% of guys my age or younger (down to 18). I feel ya! The world is growing taller as rapidly as it is growing dumber.
truth on General Height
@JamesB I have been guessed anything from 175cm to 183cm
truth on Liam Gallagher
He is 43 and last time I checked you only loose 1cm each decade after 40, I doubt he lost anything IMO.
179cm on General Height
Click Here

No I think he was only 16.5
S.J.H on Steven Spielberg
It's kinda weir that 5'8 Jerry Bruckheimer get dowgrade at 5'7.25 but atually taller than spielberg by 0.75 several years back
C on Donald Trump
Trump is taller than 6'2'' Vince McMahon:

Click Here

And Jeb Bush is 6'4''. He has said so himself:

Click Here

And Jeb's 6'4'' height been reported such in at least three news articles:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

When Trump isn't slouching over a podium, he is very close to Jeb Bush in height:

Click Here

Give Trump his 6'3'' listing, already!
Dave260 on Brock Lesnar
lesnar had about 1cm on 185cm Carwin
dj on Kriti Sanon
kriti sanon height 5'9 and reha sukheja height 6'1 ...its mean reha sukheja is much taller than kriti sanon.
nyc on The Undertaker
Seeing him on Fallon I was surprised at the lack of height difference. Fallon is just under 6 feet by his own words. Undertaker looked only 4 to 5 inches taller or so. I would give him at most 6 inches with bad posture, (half a head taller). Click Here end of video.
S.J.H on Vincent D'Onofrio
Onofrio look 3-3.5cm taller than dax shepard who claim 6'3-6'4 yet rob listed him 6'2.75 and shepard look at least 0.4-0.5' shorter than 6'2.5 will arnett. What a mess up going on. I doubt onofrio is still 6'3.5 and dax is 6'2 but lie being taller
MD on Jamie Dornan
@Crane, he is Irish.
Dosti on Aishwarya Rai
Dj yes you are right, did u see a video between reha and srk?
MD on James Bay
Maybe nearly 6'0"? With 5'11"(ish) Jimmy Kimmel:

Click Here

His scarecrow build and his clothing can certainly exaggerate his height.
MD on Jimmy Jean Louis
Again, 5'10"ish, with 5'9.75" Amaury Nolasco:

Click Here

He could look nearly 6'0" where he 5'11" at the end of the day, and he just doesn't look it.
CS on Brad Pitt
180 cm give or take a few millimeters
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Donald Trump
He looks 6ft1 range today
MD on Conor McGregor
If he'd edge out Khan, then why is Khan's 173 rounded up, here? It's weird to say it's not impossible, which implieds that McGregor is AT LEAST as tall as Khan, but have Khan the higher listed of the two. Perhaps the quarter-inch, at least, needs to be shaved off of Khan? Either that, or you have to upgrade McGregor a full half inch for the comment to make sense.
Editor Rob: I was going to give McGregor a strong 5ft 8.
Nam Nam on Tom Cruise
I think he is exactly 168cm.
MD on Matt Le Blanc
First off, given the angle, I'm not sure you can say he's taller in that shot. And, of course, he has a significant footwear advantage. Let's not be ridiculous and offer photos without any context commentary.
nn on Aishwarya Rai
Plzz Post tall pics of salman with anuhska in sultan .....
MD on Rob Thomas

Old page, I know, but here is Rob with Nick Jonas:

Click Here

Nick has on rather flat footwear, too, so it's not like some footwear advantage can explain this:

Click Here

This guy needs a significant downgrade, most likely.
EzioAuditore711 on Stephen Curry
So 6'3.5" for Trey Kerby? I knew he wasn't 6'5"! That means Leigh isn't 6ft, either.
Jedi Master 6'0 on Jake Gyllenhaal
Click Here

jajamen on Justin Trudeau
Rob, maybe 6'1.75 is best for him?
rut on John Amos
Are you guys blind? Some people just like downgrading for the heck of it. This is a 2.5 inch difference. 5'10.75 or even 5'10.62 is correct for this guy if Rob is near 173 cm at his low. Rob's eyes are near John's upper lip, below the end of his nose, hence 2.5.
Nick on Zayn Malik
A legit 5'7. It's obvious that he wears lifts, especially when he's with Gigi
Pizzle on Meek Mill
Meek Is 6'3
Celebheights 6'1.75 on Tom Hardy
He also looks to be over 5'9" by 186-187 CM Gerard Butler.
Celebheights 6'1.75 on Tom Hardy
By Channing Tatum who is 184-185 CM (not 5'11" range like most people on here seem to think):

Click Here

He's at least 5'9".
Z on User Heights
I wake up at 184.2cm and end the day at 182.6. What should I classify myself as
Editor Rob: you are a six footer really...but if in cm, just go with 183
RXH on Stephen Curry
I think he's a legit 6'2. He always looks tall when he's not around basketball players...
3 May
figo on Aishwarya Rai
What about sania sheikh
CC on Justin Bieber
Look how tall he looks in this video Click Here

Honestly, he even looks like 5'10-5'11 in some of those angles. So why is it so unbelievable to claim 5'8?
Smoosh on John Cena
Tony t, Jericho is just a bit over 5'9, met him twice. ive met styles multiple times and hes between 5'7 and 5'7 1/2
Mark on Henry Cavill
Rob, I know I've been asking too much, but do you think Cavill can appear just 6'1" in the morning or could he look a fraction over 6'1" in the morning?
Editor Rob: really depends how much he shrinks, some guys like him could ship a full inch easily, others might be only 0.7 inch...
Cacau on Jennifer Garner
I think she's shorter than this. She with Mark Rufallo with 5 cm heels

Click Here

Click Here
plus on General Height
@James yes, Felipe VI height is very uncommon in Spain. He has a basketball height and Royal family the same. Juan Carlos the king was always noticeable for being quite tall at 6'1. I don't believe very much in regional differences, it is rather people from cities and richest status are taller than the people from rural areas. In any case, it could be that there are more 6'3 people in the north comparing to south but percentil is always very minimum. I don't know much about how Portugal ranks but the surveys say they are slightly below Spain.
JT on Andre The Giant
Chaz said on 29/Apr/16
......6'5''Chris Taylor in the same heel boots come over he's eyes.so Andre was 2-2.5'' too short to be 7' let alone 7'3''

Not sure if Chris Taylor was a legit 6’5”. That was his listed height in college wrestling. He certainly looked over 400 lbs. though.

Here’s Taylor and Alexander Medved who has 6’2.5” and 6’3” listings. Click Here

Here’s Taylor with Ken Patera Click Here who’s a good 2 inches shorter than 6’2” Tony Atlas Click Here As I recall, Patera looked roughly Bobby Heenan’s height and maybe a little taller.
Tunman on Rob Paul
Most of guys are 6'3-5 where you live?that's pushing things a little I think.6'3 could be common in some countries like netherlands or Denmark or Croatia but 6'5 is really rare even there.Remember there is roughly 500,000 people worldwide reaching this mark or over.I studied in a university not so far from the Old Town in Tunis and I always saw a large number of tourists there,I mean crowds of tourists,mainly between 2008 and 2010.Again 6'5 is really something rare,when I was seeing a guy that tall he generally towered everyone around him.6'1-3 are quite common among swedes, danes dutch and so is the 5'7-10 range.That you see a decent number of very big guys that tall is a given,especially among youngsters,but your eyes seem to neglect the majority who is way under this mark.BTW where are you from?
keith on Gina Lollobrigida
I remember when Gina Lollobrigida appeared on Joan Rivers' late-night talk show Joan was shocked at how tiny Gina was. I think Gina looked the same height as Joan who's listed on this sight as 5'1. It's doubtful Joan would have called tiny to a woman taller than herself.
Johno on Rafael Nadal
Shorter than Federer and Ronaldo, can't see him any more than a 6'0 flat, probably could dip below it to.
A on Aishwarya Rai
Reha sukheja is probably tallest actress worked in India till date... She is very good in acting also she is 6.1 I guess
Johno on Andy Murray
Pretty honest guy.
Johno on Mark Gatiss
The super-imposed height helps, judging by that, the top of his hair just about hits the 6'1 mark, then take away the shoe advantage. Definently a weak 6'1, maybe more a 6'0.5 at his lowest.
Peter175 on Willa Holland
@5'13.5 actually a 5'5.5 woman wouldn't even be equal to a 5'11.5 man , more like just 5'10" or 5'10.5.
Women are 4-5 inches shorter than men on average
Victor Polk on Tom Holland
Yet, Paul Rudd was suppose to be 5'10, not 5'9.
Civman on Melania Trump
Rob are you sure she is that tall?
Editor Rob: it seems to be her modelling height, although she can look typically around 5ft 10.
Allie on Taylor Swift
Grizz, because she wears short skirts and I wear t shirts and she's cheer captain while I'm on the bleachers.
Shawn on Bailee Madison
Would 5'5.5 be good for her rob?
Editor Rob: still not as sure she's in that range
Allie on Ben Affleck
Because Danny, Ben says 6'3.5 and most people don't like saying half inches. Famke for example is described as 6 ft yet she says 5'11.5.
Shawn on Rowan Blanchard
Easily 5'5" Rob, have you seen the heels the give Sabrina in GMW?
ff on Matthew Moy
Dosti on Kriti Sanon
Great video ds, even varun is using a platform to look taller than kriti
Dosti on Aishwarya Rai
Click Here
Check this video even varun uses platform to look taller than kriti
Andrea on Samuel L Jackson
He certainly looks nowhere near 6'2 next to Alexander: Click Here
Leo on Michael Jordan
Click Here
Michael Jordan:
Height: 6-4.88 (1992 U.S. Olympics at age 29)

What do you think Big Rob?
Editor Rob: still not sure on the authenticity of these olympic stats, whether actual measurements were taken or not.
Jonty on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Lou was a strong 6' 3'' in his prime, I have no idea what is he today but definitely not anywhere 6' 3''. Arnold was definitely 3.5''-4'' shorter than him barefoot on the stage in Mr. Olympia. This puts an upper limit of 5' 11.5'' to 6' 0'' on Arnold's max. height in his prime. That is why I said 5' 11'' in his prime because it may stretch up to 5' 11.75''. Guys accept it he never looked a giant on the screen anyway.
Amaze on Height Request
Rob could you add madhuri dixit please
She is 163cm or 5 ft 4
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Arnold Schwarzenegger
This guy was around 187cm evening at peak (or 186.5cm at worst). Cleared 6ft1 with ease. This "let's downgrade Arnold because we're insecure" needs to stop...
Leo on Gigi Hadid
Very similar to Kendall. I put my money in 175cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Christopher Lambert
He really did pull off 179/180cm range in Highlander, I thought. No less than 178cm peak.

Rob, what was this guy like in person?
Editor Rob: didn't see him much, but he seemed to be friendly.
ohmike on Andre The Giant
Click Here
he is taller than the door frame ,
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Clark Gable
Well, 6ft-6ft1 was the 30-40's equivalent of what 6ft2 is today
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Vince McMahon
Rob, could 6ft flat be closer today?
Editor Rob: today it is probably more realistic yes.
Dmeyer on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
In person was noticably taller than à guy who was near 6ft 1-1,25 so aleast near 6ft 3 in person
Gendry on Zac Efron
What is his morning height if on the website his height is listed as 173cm?
Editor Rob: I'd typically say nearly 2cm, but if the person was over 6ft, there is a greater chance they might lose nearer an inch, or in very tall cases over an inch.
Leo on Kendall Jenner
Kendall is 5'9(175cm). Beautiful girl !
Joshua on Donald Trump
Trump does not look taller than 6'0.

Already proven next to measured athletes.
179cm on General Height
James B said on 1/May/16
Oh guys you will never believe this

I was at a friends wedding party (we were all drunk) and some guy described me as "6ft3"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In my entire life so far that has got to the tallest I have been guessed at. So my height range has been guessed at 5'8 up to 6'3.

Basically you can't be taller than you are. If people are guessing you as being much taller then they are probably largely embellishing their height themselves. Either that or they aren't very good at gauging height. Perhaps both of those apply.
Andrea on Luca Argentero
I don't think there's much difference in footwear between them... In any case you can see their footwear in photos!
James looks barely above Luca's eyebrows, i doubt he looks any less than 3 inches shorter!
Same thing with Javier, he looks at least 1.25 inches taller, actually easily 4 cms taller in some photos!
Also, look at him with Matthew: Click Here
Editor Rob: 6ft 0.25 is certainly a very arguable figure for him.
Joshua on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
A 192cm guy would have almost 2 inches on a peak 188cm Rock.
Fred on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Recently watched all terminator movies

Height probably 1984 6'1 2015 5'11½
john on Seth MacFarlane
Looked about 5'11 next to snoop
CC on Justin Bieber
Rob if you dont upgrade JB, im going to host a rival site that posts his true height. I'm serious, what more do you want?? He is obviously taller than 5'9 with vans, so AT LEAST put him as 5'8. I get it, many people dont like him and want to make him feel small, but you should do him justice and say it as it is. 5'8 MINIMUM!!!!
Editor Rob: for any listing, if my guess/opinion changes, I will update to what I think might be a better estimate.
@HeightcrazyRed6ft on Andre The Giant
straightahead said on 2/May/16

But the strange thing is, Ottman was taller than OMG/Akeem (in their prime and still taller today) and Studd didnt look taller than 6'5 next to Fralic...

It´s one strange pic with Ottmann and OMG with a bad camrea angle to judge height - I wouldn´t take that serious regarding height estimation.
Studd clearly looked 3cm taller than Fralic, so the lowest I can give Studd is a supersolid 6´6".
Yo on Marco Rubio
@AroundParade Many people who don't pay to attention to numbers in height would normally think 5'9 is short. Where I come from people probably consider 5'11-6' average
truth on Justin Bieber
Looks 169cm-170cm with 172-173cm Kanye West and 170-171cm with 182-183cm Malone (the tallest he has looked in normal shoes IMO). Could argue about 170cm.
Jim Hopper on Sylvester Stallone
5-8 peak. Now,no one knows with his enhanced footwear collection.
john on Elle Macpherson
Elle is in flats in the picture below
truth on Liam Gallagher
He looks about a strong 5ft9/weak 5ft10 despite wearing flip flops. 177cm most likely.
Slimeball on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Johan:Good contribution to the board with your post. You are absolutley right, lou was 6.4 (193-194 cm( and arnold 6.1(185-186 cm, just as guiness listed him) , in shoes they were 6.5 and 6.2 and roudned up an inch. There is no more discussing about peak height, case closed.
Today lou i about 190-191 and arnold 182 cm.
c-mo on General Height
Chevy said on 1/May/16
Hi what is the perfect height range for men and women barefoot?


180 - 185cm for men

167 - 172cm for women
Canary on General Height
Truth mentioned that boys get their "height genes" from their mothers and that girls get their "height genes" from their fathers. I once thought this too, but it turned out that it wasn't always true. If it was true, we would see more instances where grown sisters would be taller than their grown brothers.
Appe 6ft 0.5 on Football Soccer
@175 cm He's simply my fav player! :-)
Really interested to know his exact height
miko on Arnold Schwarzenegger
6'1 prime. 5'11 today.
Boss on Andre The Giant
Here is Maurice Tillet's head mold being measured at 13" right in front of your eyes so no need to guess.
Click Here

His head was also measured at 13" at Harvard.
Click Here

Andre's head in comparison would be a little larger.
Click Here
Click Here

Hogan's head was 10.5" which puts Andre at 13.05".
Click Here

Here from 3 comparisons from 3 different people none of which are done by myself. Andre's head comes out 13" range every time.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Big Show as stated here by many has a 12" head. Andre's head was longer and larger both visibly and as Terry Todd stated in a direct question about who had the bigger head. Todd also stated Andre was taller and had bigger hands and feet than Big show and that he spent time with both men. No less than a 13" head for Andre.
Canson on General Height
@Rick: Hypothetical question!!! so what do you do when a legit 5'10 tells you they are 5'10? Do you slowly back away from your "insecure" bs claim that you have been saying for years? Or do you try to bull**** and induce them to lie about their height? Either way you want it, Nothing you said makes a bit of damn sense. So because everyone else lies, you do it lol??? So if everyone else tied themselves to railroad tracks and waited for a moving train, would you do the same?? It just means you are insecure if you have to say something that is not true and try to bull**** people into believing you are something you aren't.
Canson on Kobe Bryant
@J: why Kobe would downgrade himself is a mystery? Btw Conan ain't 6'4 he's 6'3. I agree O'Reilly may be 6'4 tho
TJE on Melania Trump
Knock an inch off and I'll buy it.
Paleman on Art Garfunkel
Interesting, he is listed on Google and at least used to be listed on IMDB at 6' feet tall. Really surprised to see this estimate...
David on Robert Downey Jr
171 cm
David on Paul Rudd
174 cm.
Mat on Rupert Graves
Rob, is 178-79 range possible for him?
Editor Rob: 179cm certainly is, 178 I don't think he's that short
David on General Height
If you are 5'9 and up, you are fine, of course the good height is 5'11 and up.
samuel on Drake
Nothing less than 6'. His stance and posture in most pics make him look shorter. And he is quite muscular
David on David Beckham
180 CM
Arch Stanton on Meat Loaf
Thanks for the post Rampage I'm listening to some Meatloaf now, used to be really into him in the early 90s. Terrific music. Listening to I'd Do Anything For Love now!
David on Football Soccer
Arturo Vidal looks 5'10.
Arch Stanton on Meat Loaf
Rob can you add a photo? One displaying his "bitch tits" perhaps... Or not ;-) I would make a joke about bedroom dressers but that might be a bit cruel..
Cameron on Trey Songz
Trey Songz is around 5'9" - 5'9.5" he looks very average compared to six foot guys. I think he pays google and various sites to list him taller. There is no way he is 6'2" as google lists him. Why is Trey Songz listed at 5'10.75" if Rich Homie Quan is listed at 5'9" and in the picture they are the same exact height?

Click Here
AJSherick on AJ Styles
Whether he's 5'8 or 5'9 there's no way that Karl Anderson is anything like 6'. Seeing him on Raw Anderson only looks an inch taller than AJ.
juwes on General Height
@ bolero, you can add Rick in that list as well. Most likely at the number 1 spot.
James B on Daniel Cudmore
He would be the first 6'6.75 on this site
James B on Tim Robbins
Arch seriously 6'5.5 peak? There was a photo of Robbins with James Cromwell not that long ago where he looked shorter for sure.
James B on Vince Vaughn
I must she is very good looking for such a tall woman
James B on Will Ferrell
I think 190cm peak is more accurate than 191cm.

For some reason I find a legit 6'3 hard to picture for will
James B on General Height
on the topic of height and sport.

My former friends dad was a well known basketball player in Argentina (where he was originally from) and was listed on one site at 6'5 (194cm) which is ridiculous because in person he looked 6'1 range.

Back in 2000 I saw him play at basketball match near London (he plays for the BBL) and I remember he looked on the short side compared to some players on his team which is not suprising if your 6'1 in the basketball world. He also played a basketball match at the Wembley arena back in 1987.

Interesting as well because according to google average height of a basketball player is '6ft' which I am not convinced is true?
Ll on Ben Affleck
Danny, Click Here

Look at that picture and compare him with the 6'1.5 Will smith.
Ll on Tom Cruise
He is 100% using lifts at times. If you look at the pictures on his imdb page you can see hes about 5'9 with his lifts if you compare him with the height of people he was standing directly next to. In some pictures he looks about 5'10. Where he looks 5'10 Example: Click Here (Standing next to 5'10 guy)
Example where he looks 5'9: Click Here (Standing next to another 5'10 guy).

HOWEVER... If you look at his oldest photos you will notice that he is actually not wearing lifts in those. Examples: Click Here (5'11 Brad Pitt, compare difference yourself...)
Click Here (Shorter than 5'7 Frank Sinatra...)

Conclusion: 5'6 real height
c-mo on David Beckham
Shawn mendes said on 3/May/16
I think he is like 5ft and 9 in


LOL ...just LOL
c-mo on Jennifer Coolidge
wow I am surprised . I would have thought she is 170cm or so
c-mo on Matthew Moy
do you think his 5'1 claim was in shoes ? why didnt you list him as 5'1 Rob ?

either way he is extremely short for a man obviously . he turned it in his favour in life but then again the roles he is playing are just downgrading asian males by portraying a short weak nerdy stereotype
Editor Rob: I'm not sure he's a barefoot 5ft 1, to me he looks about 5ft range barefoot.
Johan on Arnold Schwarzenegger
I agree with you John. I personally think that Lou was a weak 6'4" at his peak and Arnold about 6'1" on the nose. There is too much evidence from barefoot pics to suggest that he was even a 6'0" guy.

Arnold can look anything between 6'1"-6"1.5" at peak but i think he had cowboyboots on at times which is why some believe him to be even taller.

5'11" peak is nonsense, the man still looks a good 5'11" when straight and he has clearly shrunk. Lou only looked a 6'2" and change guy next to visitor Ali Baba ( 6'6") so just over an inch loss for him which is pretty normal.
c-mo on Mike Tyson
Sonny Black said on 2/May/16
Tyson looks to be not standing as tall as Rob, he looks like he's 5'10.5 - 5'10.75, which is what he was measured at for one of his earliest pro fights.


agree Tyson is rather 179cm especially since Rob is a very strong 5'8 (I actually consider rob to be 5'8.5 because he is 5'9 out of bed and 5'8.25 or so at night)

but are you sure Tyson was measured ? when was it and was he measured with shoes ? thanks
Rick on Wayne Rooney
Always thought he was 5'6. Thats the thing with guys 5'10 and under, they all seem shorter than they actually are.
Aza on Gail Kim
Great performer!.......surprised about her height... Good listing.
Pb on Aishwarya Rai
Kriti shoulder level to reha sukheja.. Lot of girls are taller now
Celebheights 6'1.75 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
He's easily 4 CM taller than Will Smith who is exactly 187 CM in person, and this is in a recent photo:

Click Here

He could still be 6'3".
CS on Leonardo DiCaprio
@c-mo when you state your estimates for people, are you thinking of their average height? Like the average of their night height and morning height.
CS on Leonardo DiCaprio
Rob has said Leo's range is roughly 5'11" - 5'11.5" so there's no doubt in my mind he's somewhere in that zone. Of course he can sometimes appear shorter like dipping down below 5'11" and other times appearing taller like approaching 6'0" but everyone appears taller or shorter than they actually are at times. That's just how it is.
CS on General Height
@175 cm we seem to have an incredibly similar (almost the same) ideal male height range. Nice :) Something about the 180s is nice. The numbers right outside can be good (179 cm and 190 cm) but the farther you stray from the 180s range (on either side) the less and less ideal it becomes.
Grant on Jared Padalecki
Do you think skäsgard would edge him?
BH on Jean Claude Van Damme
Looks 5-6 inches smaller than 1.83 -6ft diaz brothers so 5'9 is a no, hes definitely 5'6-5'8 tops also looks about 12 stone in build he doesn't look any smaller built than 1990s
Jacky Huynh on Kristin Cavallari
Looks 5ft 5in to me!
Jacky Huynh on Hayden Panettiere
In these pics she looks 10-11cm shorter than Rob. She's got 6cm footwear advantage so around 16-17cm shorter than Rob with the same footwear.

I'd say she's between 156-157cm.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.