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4 March
Hypado on Josh Radnor
Josh Radnor's height is 5ft 11.25in (181 cm)

Perfect listing.
Judd on Bradley Cooper
penguinboy25 says on 3/Mar/15
This is generous. EVERY TIME I see this guy he is wearing clunky heeled shoes that look like much bigger than average dress shoe heels. I am telling you right now if we measured this guy barefoot during the day he'd be 183.

Brad Cooper is an example of a real 6'0.5" can see him with a lot of tall actors (Ben Affelck, Hugh Jackman, Dax Shepard...) and nobody towered on him...
In a lot of pictures he wore similar shoes of those tall actors and he always looked a 6'0.5 or even 6'0.75 guy...Actually i don't think he wears secretly lifts inside his shoes...
Judd on Ben Affleck
he's taller than Will Smith and Hugh Jackman, but not than Ashton Kutcher...
I am sure that (with same conditions) Kutcher will be a little taller than Affleck, that because Ben is 6'2" while Kutcher 6'2.5" or even 6'2.75"
k mart on Vincent D'Onofrio
Vincent @ 6'4'' I'll buy it. seems like an honest guy. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt (Y)
Jake on Brian Krause
in charmed he looked like 6'1
jduece505 on LeBron James
I believe 6'6+ barefoot and I'm thinking 6'7.25-6'7.5 in shoes. I just cannot see him being any taller especially if Durant isn't but 6'9. And Durant is only 6'9 not taller (most believe he is but he isn't) as you can see it with people like dirk who is 6'10-6'11 barefoot who are taller and howard who is a self proclaimed 6'9 barefoot (may even be a hair less as he is shorter than Hakeem Olajuwon who is 6'9-6'10 himself barefoot). Also look at durant next to someone like Gasol. He is clearly shorter. The only ones that come into question are serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins who are listed 6'10 but are clearly 6'8ish.
anon on Tim Vine
He For sure does look 6ft2 to me, He looked it on Not Going Oot- He always looked 2 Inches or more taller than Lee Mack lets say even in Mack was 5'11.5 Vine would be at least 6'1.5, I dont see 6'1 for him you could argue a weak 6'2.

Did you see Vine on the Darts comic relief last night looked taller there, I could see him as a 6'2 guy- whether he is 187 or 188 for example who knows.

The First time I watched Not Going out I guessed him 6'2.5, But I thought Mack was close to 6'1 and his Cv lists him 185cm that must be in shoes though
Chris on Rob Paul
From my crotch level to the floor it's 34 inches measured with a straight measuring stick. Is that average or long for 182 cm?
[Editor Rob: very long]
Neculaie on Rob Paul
rob,is 1.75 short for a heavyweight boxer?
[Editor Rob: absolutely.]
Arch Stanton on John Cena
Also a bit like Lance Armstrong!
Arch Stanton on John Cena
Cena looks a bit like the British rugby player Jonny Wilkinson Alex facially, not as built though!
Arch Stanton on John Cena
IMO neither Beckham and Cena is an ideal, Beckham has arms like twiglets and Cena looks like a roid muncher, too bulky for me to be ideal. They both look good in their own way though. I still think the ideal is the athletic beefy type like Dolph Lundgren in the mid 80s, a perfect balance between athletic and size.
Almost 5 10 on Brad Pitt
He looked about 2 inches taller than William Hague, who isn't below 177 cm. He does indeed give off a 182 cm impression, more often than 5' 10" range.
Height183 on Justin Bieber
@FlameBoy: Yes, 5'6.5 - 5'7''ish. Eminem wears thick soled Nike Airmax sneakers almost all the time, so he can give off a near 5'8'' illusion. Do not be fooled by this.
Arch Stanton on John Cena
James B says on 2/Mar/15
Sure people would rather have david beckham build than cenas.

Beckham at 5'11 and 160 pounds is virtually bang in the middle of the healthy weight range for his height

On those height weight charts James but it's ridiculous!! Beckham's a very slim guy, not even average build/bodyfat for 5 ft 11.
Almost 5 10 on Brad Pitt
Rob, is 5' 10" possible? Or "no chance"?
[Editor Rob: I personally can't see him measuring that low.]
Almost 5 10 on Brad Pitt
I think he's gotta be close to 5' 11". He generally looks it. But it just goes to show how peoples heights can appear to vary, doesn't it. I mean, if you go on Beckham's page there are some photos that make him appear shorter. I even questioned his height recently. Yet, he's about as genuine a 5' 11" guy as you can get!
Almost 5 10 on Brad Pitt
Thanks for that Arch, very descriptive!
anon on Chris O'Dowd
I would have guessed him strong 6'3 range like 6'3-6'3.5- 191-192cm
grizz on General Height
briad says on 3/Mar/15
Is it possible for a 6ft man to be intimidating given his build. Or would a 6'2 guy, even if he is lanky, be seen as more scary and powerful automatically
Yes, it's possible in this scenario. If a 6ft 220 lbs pro-fighter stands next to a regular-looking 6'2 180 lbs guy, many would be more intimidated by the first one.
However, a 6ft guy, no matter how intimidating-looking, would pose no threat to lanky +6'5 guys -he can literally see your balding head when standing straight.
EaglesLegendz on David Haye
Haye is 6'1. Certaintly looks it with 6'5 Vladimir
James on Kane
Slim says on 3/Mar/15
Kevin Nash on raw reunion didn't look as tall as Kane... And that was the most recent

Seriously? Kane to me does not look much over 6'5 these days
EaglesLegendz on Jessica Alba
5'6 looks exactly right.
EaglesLegendz on Jennifer Lopez
She doesnt look taller than 5'3
EaglesLegendz on Mike Tyson
No taller than 5'9. 5'10 Randall Cobb clearly has an inch on him. Click Here
[Editor Rob: Cobb's measured height is 5ft 10.25. Mike appears maybe in the 5ft 9.5 zone there...but like what I said about my photo, height can get added and taken away depending on the camera.]
Art on Rob Lowe
Rob is't that quote a little ridiculous? Why would someone being 5'11 3/4 downgrade himself to 5'11"? That's just absurd. And he's making this whole speech about being 6 feet when he's not even close to that. This guy has large height issues...
[Editor Rob: maybe he is half-joking, but then maybe not! I always believe you should be as accurate as you can with height, up to a point. I know we talk about fractions, but in general most people will round.

It's easier if you use the metric system, then at worst if you round to the closest cm you will only be rounding 5mm...]
EaglesLegendz on Randy Orton
Hes not quite 6'4 but close. 6'3.5 is closer to the truth.
Height183 on Sneakers
Rob, how tall would I stand in a 2.5 inch elevator shoe? And would they be comfortable to walk in a whole day? What do you think?
HeightcrazyRed6ft on Hulk Hogan
Frank says on 3/Mar/15
!!! Again Yes these guys do wear Lifts...

Why don“t you provide evidence, show us Bulldogs supposed lifts, especially next to 6ft Bret,
funny thing is Bulldogs butt is still lower than Bret“s and Bulldogs legs still look shorter.

How can he be in lifts then? No chance, accept you“re wrong on this one.
the shredder on Emilio Estevez
Agree Danimal.
the shredder on Robert Downey Jr
5'7.5 the very shortest
Gonzalo on Leslie Howard
Didn“t look over 1`78 to me.

Still wonder how Vivien Leigh was so crazy about him in Gone with the wind. Specially since she had Clark Gable. Well, I guess she just got the craving. NAughty girl.
Gonzalo on Robert Hays
The unforgettable Ted Stryker. He looked like a six footer in Airplane
Gonzalo on Clint Eastwood
Eastwood and Kennedy were the same height in Eiger sanction. There is no doubt Kennedy was 1`93.
MaryAnne on Daryl Hannah
Brooke always wants to be look taller.Even though she is above average height, I think she has a obssesion with her height.That's why she claims 6ft.
182 at lunchtime on General Height
@Berdych There is probably an advantage of 6'2 over 6'0, assuming other things equal. But at that height, it is really quite minimal. Those other things would have greater impact.
jervis on Clint Eastwood
Kennedy was 50 and Clint 45 at the time of eiger sanction,I dont think Kennedy would have lost any height at 50.To me in that film I did not see any hight difference between them.I dont belive Kennedy was 6ft4 he was more 6ft3 like Clint did not look much taller than Dan Blocker in Bonanza did not tower him Like Clint Walker did.Blocker looked about 6ft2 max next to Walker but very similer to Kennedy.
Silent_D on Kate Upton
178cm. No way she is 34C. At least 34DD.
Silent_D on Amber Heard
She is a stunner but not that tall. 5 foot 6.
MD on Boris Kodjoe

183cm William Levy? I've seen enough of Levy to know that he might not even be a full 5'11", let alone 6-feet.
Cheryl on Megan Fox
Whew good thing I'm taller than her. I thought she is tall because she looks tall at tmnt movie.She is short actually.And I'm 5"9.I am taller than her when compared.But still I wish to be like her because she has a sexy hot body.She also has a petite body.She looks midget compared to my big sister,she is 191 cm tall.
appe6ft 0.5 on Football Soccer
@judd Van Der Sar is IMO in the 197/198 range
anon on Andy Murray
Looks 6'2.5- 189cm- I agree with Mike based on evidence with other guys of known heights- He can look close to 6'3
Silent_D on Iggy Azalea
anon on Frank Skinner
Sean Lock was on the darts comic relief thing with Ted Hankey played against Daryl Fitton and Tim Vine, Hankey might be 5ft11 or tad more, Fitton In 6ft range maybe, Vine 6ft2, Lock could be 6ft or just shy of it
Silent_D on Will Smith
Emil 183 cm on General Height
@Almost 5'9
I grew 4 cm after 17 so it is possible.
However, it will probably not be a large amount.
Silent_D on Ben Affleck
A little shorter than tyler perry. Much taller than rosamund pike. In argo he was a few inches taller than bryan cranston. I think he is taller than will smith, hugh jackman and ashton kutcher. 189cm.
The Exorcist on Nicolas Cage
A couple of pictures of Nicolas in front of height charts.
Click Here
Click Here

The top of his hair looks to be at 6'1" in the first photo, and he looks to be at the 6'0" mark in the second pic but his posture looks relaxed...looks as though he could stand a bit taller if he stood straighter. Most probably wearing shoes in both pictures.

My guess for Nicolas is 5'11.75"/weak 6'0"
Judd on Clint Eastwood
Arch, i actually have several doubts that a person can lose 1/19th (about 6%) of his/her height...I can buy 5-6 or even 7 cms is particulary situations, but 10 cms are too much...

I think Eastwood had (when was young) a very slim figure which make him seems taller and he has always claimed 6'4".
About Sutherland i think he might have been 6'2.75-3" max at peak, while today he's in the 6'1-1.5" range...
Look at him next to Tommy Lee Jones in 2000. I guess TLJ was at times 6-0.25" and for sure Sutherland and even Eastwood didn't look 6'2-3" next to him, but more 6'1"+.

IMO Eastwood was 6'3" (his perfect listing) or being very generous 6'3.25"...6'4" was probably a morning measurement or the lenght with a normal dress shoes on...
Joe on Jay Z
I think he definitely deserves a downgrade. 186 cm is safe enough for him. He is a lift wearer.
Silent_D on Hugh Jackman
Solid 6 foot 2 nut he didn't look much taller than 182cm neil patrick harris and beckham.
Silent_D on Taylor Kitsch
Solid 5 foot 10.
Silent_D on Taylor Momsen
She seems taller to me. Pretty close to blake lively. Her skinny build makes her look taller too. I think 170cm.
Silent_D on Ed Westwick
Mishka doll penn is slightly taller than him. 174cm.
Silent_D on Chace Crawford
176cm. Constant lift wearer.
[Editor Rob: look at him beside Big Joe, his boots aren't bulging at the start of laces like it might with a noticeable lift in them.]
Connor6ft on Rob Paul
Good morning Rob, you ok? just wondering is a 30 inseam short for a six footer?
[Editor Rob: yes it's a bit shorter than average.]
Silent_D on Blake Lively
I'm watching gossip girl now and she looks tall next to the cast. No way she is as low as 5 foot 7 but i'm not sure about 5 foot 10. She was close to tyra banks who is 179cm i think. I can only judge her height from her real life and not her screen life. Ryan reynolds is over ten cm taller than her. Penn badgely is about an inch taller. I think 174cm is about right.
Arch Stanton on Height Request
I've heard of Isabeli Fontana Mary, one of the most beautiful I've ever seen!
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Genevičve Bujold and Diane Cilento Rob?
berta on Sean Connery
very sttrong 6Ø2 a waek 189
Randy on Ringo Starr
Some new data has come to light. The Beatles trouser measurements from 'Help' from D. Millings who were the fabs tailor. In inces: John W32 L30 3/4, Paul W31 1/2 L31, George W31 L30 and Ringo, W29 1/2 L29. So probably pretty small guys...
collector on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Never a centimeter over 6' 3", 6'2.5 barefoot.
TJE on Justin Bieber
Definitely a late bloomer. His voice is deeper now than last year even. I'd say he's in the 5'6.5-5'7 range. Baggy clothes and loose posture can make him look really short. Maybe he's 5'6.75?
Ally on Vanessa Anne Hudgens
Click Here

Austin is 6'0" so 5'0-5'1 seems fair for Vanessa
3 March
Dong on Jason Biggs
he looks 5'9"
SonnyboySlim on Don Adams
Adams did a lot of Canadian television later in his career and I never got the impression he was ever more than 5'8". I would have thought a hair over 5'7" but by then he was pushing 70.
SonnyboySlim on Chris Jericho
Jericho may have been 5'10" in his prime but no more. He was a theatre student while training for the ring and I met him a few times. I'm 5'11" at the peak of my day and even into the evening, I noted he was always a little shorter. Heckuva a personality though.
Mathew on Hozier
I had no idea he was that tall but before, but looking at photos and videos of him he really does look around 6'5".
SonnyboySlim on Aidan Quinn
They filmed Legends of the Fall in Winnipeg when I was a gaffer's assistant and I had the chance to hang around the set. Quinn was a little over 6'1" in boots (probably a little under 6' barefoot) but Pitt is really hard to gauge. He looked 6-ish in boots but I doubt he's 5'11". He stands straight though and was rail thin then so he looked taller.
SonnyboySlim on James Garner
Definitely 6'1.5" in his prime, likely 6'2" but by the time he was in 8 Simple Rules and The Notebook, closer to 5'11". Great actor though - a real screen presence.
FlameBoy on Justin Bieber
height183 so you have eminem at 5 ft 6.5?
TJE on Rob Paul
Oh yeah that reminds me.

Rob, is it fine if I start calling myself 5'10.25? I started working out my back and upper body and my measurements are like 0.5 cm higher than before. My regular high is 180.1 and regular low is 178.1 and, on a good day, takes me about 5 hours to dip below 179. I can still be more 178 on some days though.
[Editor Rob: you could always educate someone when giving your height, well if you were in American - you could say 178cm and when most go 'huh', say just over 5ft 10.
Josh on Ryan Reynolds
He's a legit 6'2. He's not lower than this listing. He's one of those dudes who knows he's tall but is modest about it.
Mathew on Sylvester Stallone
joe joe says on 3/Mar/15
scroll to the 5th pic down and look at the heel on those babies stallone is wearing Click Here


Those look like they'd give at least a solid 2", if not a shade over that. Assuming they don't have an internal lift, which they still could.
Mathew on Till Lindemann
So says on 5/Feb/15
So, any news about this page? from where that passport comes from?


Yeah I still wonder if it was real.
Jam on Wladimir Klitschko
What would you say his height out of bed is,Rob?
[Editor Rob: he is likely a good 6ft 6 or even a touch more when he gets up to make Hayden's breakfast.]
Jake S on Sneakers
Hi Rob was wondering if cat boots give 1.5 inches all the time? even when worn for a few weeks as I want a good 1.5 inch boost all the time if I can :p im sure I saw your video on them once? thanks Jake.
[Editor Rob: I didn't break those boots in or wear them yet so don't know if they will lose 1-3mm from insole compression.]
penguinboy25 on Bradley Cooper
This is generous. EVERY TIME I see this guy he is wearing clunky heeled shoes that look like much bigger than average dress shoe heels. I am telling you right now if we measured this guy barefoot during the day he'd be 183.
Sonia on Justin Bieber
He'll still use the Bieber Booster with 5' 9"ers and taller in photo shoots, however; in private photo sessions.
Sean73 on Sylvester Stallone
In Copland Stallone is about a half in taller than Deniro.Also in the movie,Ray Liotta and Stallone are in flip flops in 2 scenes.Sly is 3' maybe 3.5' inches shorter.I think you have his height spot on.
Hypado on Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez height: 5ft 4.75in (164 cm)

This. Maybe 163 cm
val on Sneakers
Hey Rob, how much do you think these give? Click Here
Alex 6'0 on John Cena
Id rather look like Cena over Beckham personally. Beckham is in great shape but id rather have a Cena build
slothee on Kevin Smith
Now way he anywhere near that tall. He was at least 3.5 inches shorter than Jason Mewes, probably more like 4". He's 5'7"-7.5". 5'10" let alone 5'9" is a joke.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" on Ryan Reynolds
How tall is Ben Mendelsohn? Ryan Reynolds has him by a solid 3 inches on him here:

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Hugh Jackman
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 3/Mar/15
I agree with the downgrade. However, I would also upgrade Dev Patel to a full 6'2". He's clearly not shorter than Jeff Daniels here:

That I can agree on
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Denzel Washington
In 1993
Denzel Washington - 6ft0¾(185cm)
Tom Hanks - 6ft0¼(184cm)

They were both in their late 30's at that point and looked above average to weak tall
PLB on Al Pacino
I remember when I saw 'The Devil's Advocate'. I wondered at the logic of the devil - who could appear as any person - choosing to appear as such a shorty. Wouldn't he want to be tall and handsome/

In any case Pacino seems to me to be no more than 5'2" or so. I just was looking at pictures of Pacino with Sidney Lumet. Lumet is clearly taller but he is listed at 5'5".
JB on Michael Cera
I agree he needs an upgrade to 5'9"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Michael Dorn
Yeah a weak 6ft3 is spot on. Frakes was always a bit taller
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Pierce Brosnan
Arch, that is exactly how Rob appears beside a 6ft1-2 guy. Also those are very low-cut sneakers he's wearing, the type someone like Hugh Jackman would wear at a premiere and looks shorter.

Click Here

Fallon's in 2in lifts and Brosnan still edges him...he's not under 6ft1
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Robert Patrick
"Peak height was 5ft 11¾in (182cm)"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Sean Connery
187cm is too low for his peak. He was still looking 188-189cm in his 50's and 60's. Watch The Untouchables, Last Crusade and The Rock.
James B on John Cena
I used to lift heavy weights and built too much muscle and got up to 174 pounds at 5'7 and i was also carrying a bit of fat on me. Doc told me it would be more beneficial for my health to lose weight and get to the healthy weight range. Now weighing 147 pounds i feel much healthier being well within the healthy weight range for my size.
James B on John Cena
According to the bmi calculator on this siteClick Here at 185cm you are 12 pounds overweight for your height.

The start of overweight (bmi over 25) for a 185cm man is 190 pounds.
the shredder on Andrew Lincoln
Steven Yeun looks 5 '9 in person , even Mamun saw it.
dmeyer on Sylvester Stallone
Rob today more chance strong 173 or solid 174cm
[Editor Rob: I think he'd probably still measure near enough 174, much nearer that than 173.]
Surfer on Kit Harington
168cm is my guess
Surfer on Simon Baker
I think 5'9.5 would be more apropriate, Rob
I'd still go with a little fraction above 5'9, like a hair under 176cm
[Editor Rob: the 9.5 mark is probably a reasonable amount to give him.]
182 at lunchtime on General Height
@YETI I would guess you are closer to 7ft than 6ft for a start! I'll go for 6'8".
Slim on Kane
Kevin Nash on raw reunion didn't look as tall as Kane... And that was the most recent
Steve on Tobey Maguire
Why are all the heights in google so inaccurate...
joe 193cm night on Kristian Nairn
6“9 (206 cm)
Lorne on Dakota Johnson
Lol Rob, 100%. I might be willing to sit through the twilight movies(though to me they are an insult to the vampire genre, which I actually love). But 50 shades of gray? No way in hell!

On a side note, I missed her on SNL. I wasn't interested, but did want a height impression as she can come across more 5'7 than 5'8, but clearly a tall woman either way.
[Editor Rob: to be fair I have sat through many films that are worse than Twilight, sometimes if a movie isn't that entertaining then I might look at the actor's heights more or see any sort of techniques used.

Funny thing the other week is that we were watching something and even Jenny commented on some heights or noticed them.]
briad on General Height
Is it possible for a 6ft man to be intimidating given his build. Or would a 6'2 guy, even if he is lanky, be seen as more scary and powerful automatically
jessman on Football Soccer
@Appe 6'0.5
Torres looks a flat 6'0 to me. Gets listed at 6'1 but that listing seems slightly to high for me.
Lorne on Chi McBride
@John: Lee Pace almost always wore Converse on Daisies, while Chi wore standard dress shoes.

Converse give 0.6in range, meaning he had t least a cm less footwear(remember, large show sizes typically give a tad more height, so I'm confident Chi's shows gave a full inch.$

Yet despite a consistent footwear disadvantage, Pace looked a solid 6ft3, making him closer to 6ft4 barefoot.

Think about it this way: If Mcbride was 6ft5.5 in footwear, that makes Pace 194 range in converse, 6ft4.25-6ft4.5, so the current 6ft3.75 is spot on, and honestly, 192,5-193 range evening would Suprrise me, he could look within an inch of Mcrbide at times.
Voiceless Dental Fricative on Floyd Mayweather Jr
With 6' Nicholas Cage and 5'5 Elijah Wood.

Click Here
Hypado on Brad Pitt
With a perfect posture,

Brad Pitt looks 181 cm , 5ft 11.5in
Arch Stanton on Walter Matthau
Yes, he does look 6'2.5 In the Taking of Pelham, markedly taller than most of the other actors. His proportions remind me of Charlton Heston's in Pelham actually, I watched a Heston film recently and then Pelham so 6'2.5 for both does make sense!
Brenda on Scarlett Johansson
She's a midget.But at least she has a very sexy body.I am way taller than her.My height is 182cm.I am a girl and 15 years old.I guest she is short,midget and sexy.Even when she is short she still has a good talent.Sorry scarlet for my tallness.
high and low on Hugh Jackman
Click Here

No more than 5'10.5 next to dev patel who I believe is six foot barefoot, but looks taller because he's skinny.
Junior31 on Sylvester Stallone
joe joe says on 3/Mar/15
scroll to the 5th pic down and look at the heel on those babies stallone is wearing Click Here


I would like to add to munsters, nyc sandals and whoppers

I anoint you with



sly stilettos

Carry on
Arch Stanton on Walter Matthau
Rob can you add a photo> Was about to request most of those films but see Sam beat me to it. What a classic The Taking of Pelham One Two Three is!
P'lette on Rachel Bilson
I'm from LA and I've seen here around LA; She is 5'0 - so pretty and tiny! She is so adorable on Heart of Dixie!
James Edward Crowley on General Height
Rob is it possible for men too grow taller at 25 and after 25 like grow 2
[Editor Rob: if they suffer from a medical condition - pituatiry related. There are some people who do indeed still gain height because their plates haven't fully closed (but it's rare), a kind of delayed closure due to Estrogen related medical problems.]
bernie on Sylvester Stallone
@ joe joe - Yes, not really the smallest ones he packed out here...guess he has not missed the chance to get some help from inside too....
Wish I could put on these ones too once to get a taste from the air there up above....
HeightcrazyRed6ft on Kevin Nash
Slim says on 2/Mar/15
What matches are you seeing with Kane and big daddy v that Kane looks shorter?

Never said hes shorter than Mabel but clearly shorter than Nash at least 1" rather 1.5"

Click Here
Click Here
5'10 on General Height
I agree with @Karl, I'm 5'10 1/2 and I don't feel average at all, I'm 179.5cm (at night)181cm in the morning and I feel taller than like 75-80% of men
Ria on Jonathan Rhys Meyers
He is 5'10" in his bare feet. I met him.
Ria on Rupert Grint
Ed Sheeran is 5'9" or 175 cm in his bare feet.
Sammy Derrick on Rey Mysterio
Rey Mysterio is only 5'3 but has a NET WORTH OF 8.5 MILLION DOLLARS!!!
maganeo2 on Brad Pitt
that is so ridiculous. Lying about 1 inch. I'll give you an inch but lying 2-3 inches about your height is pathological. Whether Cruise or Pitt.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jimmy Carr
I knew he wasn't 6ft!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Tim Vine
Rob, are you sure he's this tall?
[Editor Rob: I said to anon that generally I never thought of him as this tall either, but against some other people he can - if standing tall - appear near it. My first thought was he's about 6ft 1...]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Prince Harry
187cm does look closer, IMO. If Charles is still 5ft10, he can even look 188cm at times.
HeightcrazyRed6ft on Hulk Hogan
dicksock says on 2/Mar/15

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Actually this gripping celebheight game is pretty relaxing, even if I don“t sound like it ;)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Liam Hemsworth
I imagine him measuring in the same range as Jimmy Smits, Billy Campell and Kevin Sorbo. Legit 191cm guy at night
John B on Hulk Hogan
Looking back when Bret Hart faced Davey Boy Smith for the I.C title at Wembley Bulldog looked only an inch shorter then Bret, and Bret is down as 6 foot on this site, so Davey was looking a good 5'11....
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Andrew Robinson
Rob is 179cm peak possible?
[Editor Rob: not impossible.]
Ria on Taylor Momsen
@keny How can Taylor Momsen have size 8 feet? If Taylor Momsen has size 8 feet then Paris Hilton has size 9 feet. In fact Paris Hilton's feet look no bigger than Taylor Momsen's feet. In fact Taylor Momsen's feet look no smaller than Paris Hilton's feet. Click Here Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on John Bradley
Rob, could you hit 5ft9 out of bed on your best day?
[Editor Rob: on the stadiometer yes, but only because it adds that 1/8th inch. Against a wall I haven't ever measured 5ft 9.]
josey wales on The Undertaker
@heightcrazyred6ft we badicly agree on taker/sid and mebe kanes height and just come from different angles. Mebe taker had a slight foitwear advantage he kinda looked same to sid as always. The guys are yrue big men but offcourse not there ridiculous billed heights.
Ria on Taylor Momsen
@keny If Taylor Momsen's feet are size 8 then Paris Hilton's feet are size 9. Paris Hilton's feet are less than 2 sizes bigger than Taylor Momsen's feet. Taylor Momsen's feet are less than 2 sizes smaller than Paris Hilton's feet. Click Here
Brad on Justin Bieber
He'll claim 5 feet 10 within a year.
ZTL on Clint Eastwood
I thought Eastwood and Sunderland looked the same height in Kelly's Heroes. Eastwood did not look taller to me. I would give Sutherland 6'3" peak.
CDS on Ian Ziering
I must admit, this height listing is a bit of an eye-opener, since I had always pinned him at like 6'2"-6'3", especially from TV's "90210". My sister was a fan of this show (not me ;) ), and in the show's hay day she guestimated cast heights of the three male leads at - Luke Perry- 6', Jason Priestley- 5'9" and Ian at the 6'2"-3" I just mentioned, but in actuality here would be my guestimates:

Ian- 5'10.75"
Luke Perry- 5'9"
Jason Priestley- 5'5.5"
Brian Austin Green- 5'11" (the reported tallest cast member upon reaching his full height, so for that reason, plus some other in-person sightings accounted here, I put Ian just under)
MaryAnne on Height Request
oluchi onweagba!
John on Rob Paul
Rob,do you also add foot's height while measuring inseam lenght?
[Editor Rob: inseam from inside your crotch till it hits the floor.]
guest on Lauryn Hill
5'2 Flat
CDS on Jerry Seinfeld
There was an episode of "Seinfeld" where a model claiming she is 5'10" looks about 3" shorter than Jerry, so I thought he was like 6'1"! LOL I quickly realized that wasn't the case in the movie theater episode when Kramer describes him as 5-foot-11; which is much more plausible. I'll give him 5'10.5-5'11". He looked about the same as 5'10"-11" Bryan Cranston (AKA "Tim Whatley") , maybe even a tad taller. Looked about 3-4" shorter than 6'2.5" Michael Richards (AKA "Kramer"). FTR- my "Seinfeld" cast guestimates:

Jerry- 5'10.75"
George (Jason Alexander)- 5'4.5"
Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfuss)- 5'3"
Kramer (Michael Richards)- 6'2.5"
Newman (Wayne Knight)- 5'6.5"
Tim Whatley (Bryan Cranston)- 5'10.5"
Morty Seinfeld-Jerry's dad (Barney Martin)- 5'9.5"
Mr. Kruger-George's boss, last season (Daniel von Bargen)- 6'0"
Various cameos, including voice of George Steinbrenner (Larry David, co-creator)- 5'11.5"
TJE on Wladimir Klitschko
He makes Amir look like a 16 year old in that pic.

Anyway, he's definitely in the 6'5-6'5.5 range.
TJE on Orlando Bloom
Orlando clearly does not stand his tallest. A guy his general size can drop 4-5 cm without looking like they're dropping anything at all. I'd say he looks 174-175 a lot of the time, but would probably measure more 178-179 if he stood up straight.
James B on Jason Statham
Arch Stanton says on 20/Feb/15
As soon as Beckham opens his mouth James yeah LOL, the image is destroyed. People are surprised, in photos he tends to frown a lot and look quite threatening!

Who frowns in photos?
TJE on George Clooney
Although he looks 178 a lot, I can believe him waking up at 181 and going to bed at 179.
Judd on Gwendoline Christie
honest 6'3" girl
guest on Kanye West
he probably wears lifts,
Judd on Football Soccer
Appe 6' 0.5", i don't know very well Shevchenko but i think (from what i have seen recently) that he didn't appear 6'0" or even 5'11.5"...he might be more 5'11". Look at him with Mourinho (5'8.5"), Nesta (6'1.75"), Maldini (6'1.5")...:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

I think 6'0" maybe was a measurement made with shoes on...

everybody has any idea about Luiz Nazario de Lima Ronaldo's height?
vk on Aishwarya Rai
see how short rani is looking in front of this giant woman after 15min in this video..funny thing is their size difference. Rani is barely touching her shoulder and looks like a kid in front of her..that woman can easily lift her like a kid..
183.5cm on General Height
Though id say if your good looking like 7/10 amd above, body like c.ronaldo e.t.c you'll be seen as a god. ,Seriously. if you have theese and your between 6ft2-6ft4 then, but getting nice proportions is hard when you are taller. Notice runway models are between 5ft11-6ft2 but underwear models are right around 5ft10-6ft. Once your talle than 6ft2 you almost need to tick all the boxes otherwise you be like the usuall lanky, or fat guys who are that usally that tall
Arch Stanton on Jack Lemmon
Rob why don't you link pages to the page equivalents on the weight website? Or don't you still own it? Wouldn't it be best to just merge all the weight once and put listings on here?
[Editor Rob: those pages are just legacy pages, I haven't touched them for a few years but didn't remove them because they have a trickle of traffic. It really is hard enough trying to guess heights, but weight is a lot more variable and harder to say.]
Arch Stanton on Jack Lemmon
You actually have him at 162lbs on the weight site which makes more sense I guess!
183cm on General Height
5ft4-5ft7 to 6ft is a 5-8inch difference which many would say is ideal. id say 5ft9 and above then 6ft2guys have an advantage. What men and women consider tall is different. Men see ideal male height as 6ft1-6ft2 women see it as 5ft11-6ft and they happen to be 2inches apart which is why you'll hear girls overestimate your height alot. If your a genuine 178-179cm guy I guarante girls 5ft7 and below will think your 6ft. Which is why most girls out a 5ft10 minimum but in reality its a 5ft8minimum
josh777 on The Undertaker
i think taker is about 6'6 now days
you can see this in pic that he and A-train ( lord tensai )
is in the same height as a-train and that was 12 years ago
Jonathan on Brandon Routh
Routh is bigger than 6'2.5" more like 6'4", he seems a bit bigger than his Chuck co-star Zachary Levi who is 6'3". My most educated guess would be 6'3.5".
Click Here
blue on Rob Paul
i'm 1m64 (1m65.5 out of bed)
In few month i'll have to stay lie in my bed for one month.
How tall do you think i'll be when i'll get up? 1m67?
[Editor Rob: oh, sounds like an operation and recovery, hope that goes well if so. It will be interesting to test yourself after a few weeks of being on your back for most of the day.

I hope you are able to report back because I am still not sure just how much effect something like that would have on you, whether it would add just a couple extra mm or even give you a noticeable change in morning height!]
josh777 on The Undertaker
i think taker is about 6'6 now days
you can see this in pic that he and A-train ( lord tensai )
is in the same height as a-train and that was 12 years ago
Judd on Kevin Costner
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 2/Mar/15
Costner definitely looked nearer in height to Connery than Ford...but remember Ford is more than 10 years older than Costner and by the late 80's he may have already lost a bit. Ford looked near 2in shorter than Connery while Costner was for the most part less than 1in shorter, sometimes about the same.

Actually i think in the last crusade, Ford didn't look 2 full inches shorter than Connery...From what i remember he looked likelier 1-1,5" shorter, but no more...however as i said on Connery's page, i guess in 1989 Connery was a little under 6'2" 6'1.5" (is what he did look next to Kevin Kline in 1988).
Perhaps Connery was 6'1.5" in 1989 and Ford close to 6'.
Ud-6'3.25 on Rob Paul
Hey Rob,
how tall does abhishek bachchan look next to magic johnson who is 6'7.5
Click Here

and next to shaq Click Here
Nenninn on Bear Grylls
Hey, is that really Bear Grylls commenting xD. awesome
CDS on Sylvester Stallone
"joe joe says on 3/Mar/15
scroll to the 5th pic down and look at the heel on those babies stallone is wearing Click Here"

WOW RDJ eat your heart out! LOL
Caraboo on Bruno Mars
pretty sure he's 5foot4
Andrea on Height Request
Rob, what about Valentino Rossi? He's one of the most famous motorcycle racers and "with nine Grand Prix World Championships to his name", quoting Wikipedia... I'm not 100% sure, but i remember he said to be 180 cm tall in an interview... On the net, he gets listed anywhere between 178 and 182. Maybe between 5'10 and 5'11? You should add him!
Judd on Elle Macpherson
Tunman says on 8/Feb/15
Probably that she had less shoes Andrea.If she was in heels that would make her 5'10 or under.But we can't rule out 180-81 possibly.

did you ever listened any girl that got married with ballerinas on, in the christian ritual? If that guy is actually 6'2" then she can't be over 5'11".
Harold on Arnold Schwarzenegger
If personal and professional disgrace took its toll on the body, Schwarzenegger would be three feet tall by now. And Bill Clinton would be two foot six.
Just on Prince Harry
I thought he's taller than 186 cm. Not really tall.
Frank on Hulk Hogan
6FT.05 Alex 5ft 8 Mamum & Me 5ft 11.5 Click Here
Just on Blake Lively
If you compare the pics of Blake with Karlie Kloss and the pics of Taylor Swift with Karlie Kloss, you can see the heightdifference between Blake and Kloss and the heightdifference between Taylor and Kloss are pretty much the same. So Blake is Taylor's height.
Arch Stanton on Robert Mitchum
Mitchum was a notorious womanizer, had affairs with many of his co stars including Ava Gardner, lucky git!
If he was just 6 ft flat JTM then so was Cary Grant, and suddenly all those actors and actresses he was in films need downgrades by a good inch. A 6 ft Mitchum and 6 ft Grant would mean a 6 ft Ray Massey and Fairbanks jr under that 6' mark.
Just5ft7 on Taylor Swift
Taylor's claims of her height do suggest that she really wants to be (at least) as tall as models.

@Height183 I totally agree with you. I think that's because they're all Taylor Swift's fans. Even with hard evidence there's always an excuse like: it's the camera angle. She stands loose... But so does Karlie.

@Greg, Here are more pictures of Taylor with Karlie. Even with (at least) 3 inches high heels, Taylor is still 3 inches shorter than Karlie in flats. Click Here

I think Taylor truly believed that she's 5'10. But since she's hanging out with a true sixfooter (Karlie), Taylor realised that she isn't as tall as she thought to be. That's why she's now not wearing cowboyboots anymore. Instead, she's now always wearing sky high platform heels, so she wouldn't get dwarfed by tall girls like Karlie or Ireland. Click Here

@miko There's no way that Taylor can reach 6'2 in high heels if she even can't reach 6'1. Taylor is only Karlie's height, as Taylor is in high heels with platform and Karlie bending her knees and head.

Instead of downgrading Taylor's height to 5'8"5, it's been decided to upgrade Karlie's height. It's not a realistic upgrading, since Karlie is very close in height with Ireland Baldwin and Toni Garrn (both 6') and there is for sure no 4 cm heightdifference between Karlie and Toni. Click Here
Arch Stanton on Brad Pitt
On the trailer check out his frame sitting down at 1:35, see what I mean, his build there looks more like 5'9" and he was at least mid 20s when they shot that film!
Frank on Hulk Hogan
Years back Me & Glen were debating Leonardo Decaprio's Height I seen him and looked about 5ft 11 close to my height and Glenn who met a lot of stars said he was 6ft 1 Then Glen seen Leonardo another time apparently without lifts and said I was right !!! Again Yes these guys do wear Lifts I met Vince and he was wearing loafers but they do make shoe lifts for them also and they make lifts in sneakers also Stallone is the Master @ that hes 5ft 7 and can look 5ft 11 @ times
Arch Stanton on Terry Thomas
Yeah, I think 6' flat is fine.
Judd on Football Soccer
Yeah I agree, Van der Sar had 4" on Ruud Van Nistelrooy (6'2"), towered over a lot of players, had more than 2" on Buffon, significantly taller than Barthez...
IMO he's a genuine 6'6" guy...I never seen him listed at 6'5", however...
I remember than during Euro 2000, while Netherlands played against Italy, he was a bit taller than the Italian goalkeeper, Toldo, who is listed 6'5" by 1"...
Judd on Ben Affleck
Joe, IMO:

Ben Affleck: 6'2" (one of the honest 6'2" guy)
Hugh Jackman: 6'1.5-1.75"
Christian Bale: 5'11.5-11.75"
Height183 on Seth Rollins
You guys are acting like I said he was 5'11'' or something. 6'1'' is a fair enough guess, I'm not denying that.
anon on Amir Khan
Eubank Jr is listed as 5'10- 178cm also, He looks a bit taller than his dad if anything, not sure if his height as been updated, He could be 5'10.5 though, Either way looks at least copuople inches on a 5'8.5 listed Khan, shows how much of a joke of it that Khan is listed as 178cm on is website
Judd on Hugh Jackman
Rob, i agree that he's 6'1.5" today but he's 47 years old! He's not even in his 50's!
How can we talk about "peak height"?
Any chance he was never taller than 6'1.75"?
anon on Victor Williams
He has a big build, Fat? when your 6ft6 hardly shows anyway, He is at worst a solid 6'5 watching him on King of queens
anon on Miranda Hart
Looked a bit taller than Mack on Not Going out, I think Mack is about 6'0 possibly weak 6'0 he looks 2 maybe bit more inches shorter than 6'2 Tim Vine, Agree with Jake about Lee Mack around weak 6'0 mark,
anon on Lennox Lewis
Did you see Lennox Lewis and Andy Murray award thing back ages ago I was wondering how much taller do you think Lennox looked, He is listed a weak 6'5 here AND murray at 6'2 do you think there was a full 3 Inch difference, cant see footwear Lennox probably has dress shoes and Murray probably trainers
ZTL on Clint Eastwood
Arch, I don't believe six feet is a downgrade for Soul. He clearly did not look any taller in all his movies.
Andrea on Hugh Jackman
Rob, you think he already lost height in 2006? He didn't look over 6'1.5 next to Brandon Routh... Now he looks not much over 6'1 flat! 187 on a good day is possible, though, certainly not what you'd call a big 6'2 guy!
[Editor Rob: harder to say, but you couldn't rule out a tad shy of 6ft 2 10 years ago.]
CDS on Matthew Perry
"dom says on 27/Feb/15
if Schwimmer is 185, Perry is 182. There is an inch max at most between them."

I remembered there being more than an inch between Schwimmer and Perry on TV's "Friends", however, if I'm mistaken, then I honestly think Schwimmer is the one who needs downgraded...
anon on Andy Murray
I think Murray is one of the hardest guys on here to peg from what he looks- He to me can look anything from 6'2 to a weak 6'3, A few instances he always looks taller to guys who listed similar to height to him, He looked a tad taller than 6'3 listed Boxer David Haye who is at 6'2 on here, no way was he shorter anyway, Lookedat least 0.5 taller than Will Ferrell he did have more footwear, disount that how could he be shorter than Ferrell?, Did you see the comic relief skit he did with Outnumbered cast looked easily 1-2 Inches taller than Hugh Dennis who himself looked taller than Lee Mack on Not Going out, we have Lee Mack on here now at 6'0 so Dennis must be above 6'0 based on that.

The safest bet for me is 6'2- 6'2.5 still but he can look close to 6'3 with others, He is a strange one to peg like I say, I know He was listed on here before as 6'2.5.
sabot on Manu Bennett
Great post Aned. Don't forget that Manu had spikey hair in that season. I see atleast 2 cm difference between Manu and Andy. Both barefoot highres pic:

Click Here

So if Andy was really 5'10, Manu is indeed strong 5'9/176cm.
With puffy hair and the right shoes he can appear 5'10.
CD on Rob Paul
Rob based on what you said in response to me on the User Heights page (about absolute low height), don't you think it's hard to say what is someone's extreme lowest? After hitting your absolute low if you don't rest you could theoretically lose more and more mm's, which is really more linked to permanent height loss, where do you draw the line? Hope this question makes sense.
[Editor Rob: I think if you do 2 hours of sport from 5-8pm range after a normal day and measure right after you will be at extreme low.]
CDS on Justin Timberlake
"@CDS: He didn't tower Woody at all - he looked about 2 inches taller when they were discussing who of Obama and Shaun White to go with for the cover, but was wearing dress shoes, Woody was wearing converse style."

I remembered -at least on the basketball court- there being about a 3-4" height difference between Justin and Woody-?? Maybe not towering, but certainly did look fishy since Woody usually holds his own with 6-footers on screen-?? LOL
CDS on Kevin Costner
I noticed too in "The Untouchables" that Connery seemed to be sorta hunched over for a lot of the movie. Certainly both actors dwarfed the other two "Untouchables", Charlie Martin Smith & Andy Garcia. LOL
anon on Rafael Nadal
Probably is the 6'1- 185cm in trainers, More like 6'0.25, I think The Lowerst he could measure barefoot is between 6'0- 6'0.5 range, 184cm is fair, Federer between 185 and 186, Novak an easy 187 looks taller than Federer for sure.
MikeV10 on The Undertaker
Maybe thats why they bill him at 6'10,5
6'7,5 barefoot peak hight + 1 inch footwear = 6'8,5 + 2 inch overbilling they usually do = 6'10,5
Today I think he is about 200cm or close to 6'7
anon on Harry Styles
Than the girl is not 5'10.5 then that would make Harry a 6'0 not chance, He could be a weak 5'10 at best, Anyone who thinks he is 180cm or above is deluded imo, Rob is fair here for 176cm His skinny build, hair etc can all add the illusion that he is taller than he is
anon on Height Request
Rob, Have you seen any of that Bbc comic relief darts, Richard Osman was on it last night he said he is 6ft7 and he looks at least that, guy is huge, He is listed 201cm
[Editor Rob: yes he has said that a few times and looks that height.]
Height183 on John Cena
No way. I would have Cenas build over Beckhams any time. Beckham looks borderline scrawny.
anon on Lee Mack
Yh I saw that Looked same height as Darts player Martin Adams maybe, Adams must be similar maybe 6ft both Mack and Adams have big hair tho too, Martin Offiah is bald, Anastasia is listed 5'8 I think she could be close to that.

Richard Osman was on it last night, He even said his height 6ft7 the guy is huge, He was playing alongside Deta Hedman who looks a bit over 6ft herself she is a very tall women
anon on Rob Paul
Have you seen anything of Young british actor Tom Rosenthal he is listed 5ft11 on his Cv could be right for him
[Editor Rob: not that familiar with him yet]
184.3cm on John Cena
@James B

No i really wouldn't, i think Beckham is skinny, he has little muscle and no definition at all. You have to see things differently when you are comparing guys who do body sculpture (bodybuilding) and those who don't. I know more than a dozen guys who look physically similar to Beckham, long distance runners, cyclists, kendo practioners and this is just from my workplace alone. Now guys who lift heavy and carry alot of upper body mass? There is maybe 7 out of 86 and thats including me. Most do it for the look, i never wanted to look like everyone else and its also very satisfying to see results..which we dont always get in other areas of our lives. Btw James i had my BMI checked and im still in the healthy range at 205 pounds 185 cm, that's what was on paper.
cole on Justin Timberlake
@CDS: He didn't tower Woody at all - he looked about 2 inches taller when they were discussing who of Obama and Shaun White to go with for the cover, but was wearing dress shoes, Woody was wearing converse style.
jtm on Cate Blanchett
she wasn't more than 1.5 taller than emmy rossum and she even looked 5'7 in paradise road. 5'8 is the most i would give her and that is more proof kate winslet isn't 5'6 and rosamund pike is not even 5'8.
184.3cm on General Height

If you had said 5'9-5'10 we would have something to discuss but over a legit 6' ? There is no advantage unless maybe with a very tall girl who is looking for a 6'3 + guy. You have to remember the average 5'4 or 5'5 woman thinks that 5'9 is 5'10 and that 5'11 is 6'1 because after 6 inches they cant tell how tall you are.
AlexMahone on Terry Thomas
In one of the legendary TV-series of the '70s "The Persuaders" played Terry a role (in episode The Man in the Middle). Here is with Sir Roger. The picture isn't ideal for comparison (Moore is closer to the camera and Terry is slouching a little bit) but if Moore was 187cm in his prime than Terry was 183.

Click Here
John on Gwendoline Christie
@ Rob

Oh, I'm sure she's a strong 6ft 3ins here, I just meant that out of bed 6'4 1/2" is a lot more than I would have thought somebody could drop, unless there were extremely tall, as in 7'0" or so. 4 cm is a lot to gain/lose, maybe she's just rounding up a little.....we've all done it! : )
[Editor Rob: 1.5 isn't impossible. It's a huge amount to lose, but some people have said on here they have lost over an inch, but it's not as common as those who lose around 0.75ish.]
jtm on Harry Dean Stanton
probably 5'6 now.
James Edward Crowley on John Cena
@James B John Cena should have David Beckham build he would have too weigh
164 pounds at least imagine if David Beckham John Cenas build he would have
too weigh at least 238 pounds too have John Cenas build.
jtm on Roseanne
why do you upgrade everyone except will smith and kevin bacon? she is closer to the camera, carvey is hunch over, and the hair is making her taller. 5'5 is a joke.
joe joe on Height Request
Rob! Any chance your going to add Mark Ronson?
jtm on Robert Mitchum
if he claimed 6'0 then that's what he was.
MaryAnne on Gigi Hadid
Nice body, but there are more stunning models than her.
MaryAnne on Brooke Shields
Poor Brooke. She got downgraded but still tall woman!
S on Taylor Swift
I don't think she has grown one inch, she is 25, isn't it?
joe 193cm night on Height Challenge
got it
joe 193cm night on Robert Pattinson
surely your agency the measured 186 cm in the morning I think
joe joe on Lee Mack
Littlesue I think Martin Offiah at 6'1 has always been a bit of a stretch. I meat him back in the mid 2000s and he gave away about an inch to me. and I am 6.075 1m85 so I would put martin at 6ft. He is an idol of mine btw
Berdych on General Height
Assuming equal looks, personality, build and wealth, at what height will a guy start to have an advantage over a 6foot guy when it comes to attracting average height girls between 5foot4 to 5foot7 girls based on height?
James on Clint Eastwood
I thought originally clint looked 6'3 flat next to george kennedy in eiger sanction and that was with hair advantage but then Kennedy could have been 194cm peak. That said Kennedy was no fresh spring chicken when that film was made so he could have lost a small amount from his peak.
joe joe on Luke Pasqualino
I've met him and he is not 6FT I would put him more in the 5'11 range I was about 2 inches taller than him. Im 185. 6ft guys always feel clsoe to my height but he was way shorter than I in similar footware
joe joe on Sylvester Stallone
scroll to the 5th pic down and look at the heel on those babies stallone is wearing Click Here
Arch Stanton on Richard Roundtree
Can you really see 6'3 Rampage? I can't see anything over 6'2", in fact in Earthquake he look's more 6'1 with some of the women in it!
Arch Stanton on Richard Roundtree
Mmm he really didn't look over 6 ft 1 in Earthquake though...
Arch Stanton on Charlton Heston
Does anybody know if he had a medical problem with sweating or something LOL. In most films I see him in his face is always sweating and he always looks boiling hot!!
Arch Stanton on Paul Bettany
Oh yes of course, can you also mention the Iron Man films...
Arch Stanton on Paul Bettany
See I can't see him as pushing 6'5 in shoes. He's noticeably tall but 6 ft 4 and a half in sneakers? Can't see it.
Arch Stanton on Paul Bettany
Rob can you add a photo and films like Master and Commander, A Knights Tale, The Tourist, Legion, Priest, Transcendence and The Avengers films.

There's plenty of 6'3 guys who can look a legit 6'4 but he's honestly not one of them. I can't see him above a flat 6'3" myself. I certainly find it very hard to believe he's taller than a guy like Sacha Baron Cohen.
cole on Robson Green
@Editor Rob: Didn't know you'd met him! If you think he's near enough 5'9, that's fair. He does at times look a little more than 10 cm shorter than 185 cm James Norton on Grantchester, but then Robson has a tendency to slouch on that show.
the shredder on Mel Gibson
He was not barefoot but his shoes had no lifts in them .
the shredder on Sylvester Stallone
Frankie , he pulls 5'11 at times , look at him with Denzel and Hulk Hogan from a 2004 , 5'11 look means he would measure 6 ft in footwear to look that , he is not getting 5 inches in footwear. 5 '7 is insane.
Tania on Laura Robson
@anon - Pic of Heather and Laura together: Click Here
I swear as recently as last month every website listed Heather as 5'6". The upgrade must be her in tennis shoes.
Same goes for Laura - Adidas shoes often give a lift of upto 1.5 inches (or atleast the Barricades I own do) so she's probably 5'11 in them.
[Editor Rob: Heather is probably somewhere in 5ft 5-6 range, than a ludicrous 5ft 7, would not surprise me if she is 5ft 5 flat.]
jervis on Clint Eastwood
3 on Holbrook max.In a movie dont know the name but Holbrook was a bit shorter than a very young Alac Baldwin who was know more than 6ft.
Tania on Laura Robson
@anon: Heather Watson was listed at 5'6" during Wimbledon last year, and I think even her Wikipedia says that.
Tania on Nicki Minaj
The picture you've chosen is scary as hell.
Anyway, she's only 5'2"? I thought she'd be taller tbh, like 5'5" ish.
MD on Jon Hamm
I am fully ready to believe his weight claim. He is not as slim as he looks in suits; he carries quite a bit of bulk around his middle.
Tania on Justin Bieber
5'7" now? So he'll claim 5'10" everywhere else.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on John C McGinley
Near 6ft2 in Point Break, Platoon and Wall Street.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Alec Baldwin
In the 80's when he was starting out he could look near 6ft...
Working Girl, Beetlejuice and Married To The Mob
GUY on Arnold Schwarzenegger
I'd say there is only an inch difference between Arnold and Patrick
Click Here
They're eye levels are very close in a good comparison shot standing side by side, in pretty much the same position and posture through and through. So if Patrick is 6' 1/2" as is his current listing, then Arnold is easily 5'11 1/2" as Rob has listed. There's no reason to think he's shorter than that today. There's also no reason to have suspicions that he wasn't 6'1 1/2" in his prime due to his substantial height loss. There's more than ample evidence where he looked every bit that height when he was younger.

An average person will lose almost a half inch each decade after 40. So it would be normal of a man Arnold's age near 70 to lose close to an inch and a half. I suspect while in office he really let himself go, as he looked taller and healthier before than after. He looked terrible while in office
Click Here
You can imagine sitting behind a desk all day plus all the stress of running California would take it's toll, and it's clear he "let himself go". He also had a lot of personal stress in his life with his illegitimate lovechild and eventual collapse of his marriage. All of these factors likely would have contributed to a higher cortisol level which could have had a long term affect on his bone density and overall physical health. Having heart surgery and recovering from it wouldn't have helped either. I think he kept that a secret too actually.
MD on Simon Cowell
With 5'9"(ish) Harry Styles:

Click Here

I'd safely say we can assume that they both having something in their footwear (or if, not, they are both in heeled shoes), so I'm not sure anyone is getting a significant advantage in this one. There is no way Simon is only half-an-inch shorter. This is about as close to a direct, lined-up side-to-side shot are you're going to get.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Louis Calhern
He could look either 6ft1 or 6ft2, really
James on Triple H
anon says on 24/Feb/15
Stephanie must wear like 4 Inch heels most the time when on Raw etc, look decent size id guess her probably 5'7.5- 5'8.

Triple H is at worst possibly 187cm

Brock Lesner pulled of looking near 6'3 in his running shoes next to triple h recently but then maybe h had poor posture?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Edward Norton
He can look 184cm at times
IronFist on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Good point about the footwear. You can never read too far into close cropped pictures like that.

I disagree on the idea that Arnold is dwarfed there. He looks at most 2.5-3 inches shorter.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Hugh Jackman
That's not entirely true
MD on Colton Haynes
He was trying to get into modeling. If you're going to lie in that industry, you'd lie big. Claiming to have been 5'9" would have been worthless.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Dave Batista
Normal wrestling boots give 4-5cm, James B
181 on Adam Levine
i'm 5'11 and i've seen him in the store, i was surprising of him being so shorter than me, i think he's even 5'5, because usually even 5'7 guys don't seem so short to me, anyway girls love him
Marion on Seth Rollins
He is 6'1, why is it always the same users trying to get every wrestler or actors height downgraded. Do you have height issues or something.
James on Kane
kevin nash is 6'8 today and kane does not look as tall as him
Darren510 on General Height
If a girl is 5'10-6'0 then a guy who is 6'2 will usually have an advantage. In any other case not really. 6'0 is already tall enough for most girls.
Junior31 on The Undertaker
Was at raw tonight in jersey 5th row. First of all Kane is massive and looked in unbelievable shape best I've seen in a while. Him and big show 10 feet from me. Big show looked to have 4 inches most on him and closer to 3. Also in the opening science with Rollins and reigns face to face. It would appear they were very similar in height but truth is reigns was slouching a bit. Also his boots aren't straight up boots more athletically made. Rollins looked 6'1 and when reigns stood up straight 6'2 to 6'2.5.

After being so close to the action these are my revised heights for the wrestlers I was 15ft from

Reigns low to mid 6'2
Rollins 6'1 and btw that dude has amazing posture
Kane 6'7
Big show 6'10.5. He's not at his peal anymore
Bray Wyatt 6'2
Ambrose. Tough one has terrible posture and is always bent but at least 6'1
Luke Harper. Easily 6'5
Cena 6'0.5
Ziegler 5'10 and prob a tad more
Tripple H 6'1.75
Daniel Bryan 5'8
Bad news Barrett 6'5.5

Some observations...
Kane was impressively massive the biggest I've seen didn't look a lock under 6'7
Harper was every bit his billed
Big show looked worn but leaner then he was a few years back
Rollins is definitely his billed height and because of his posture appeared taller
Cena is a beast

Hope this helps
Poppy on Barbara Palvin
Niall Horan is 1.71m tall and in this photo he is obviously taller than her! Click Here

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