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3 September
Danimal on James Dean
John said on 8/Jan/15
Under 5 5 very short
5 5 - 5 6 short
5 7 - 5 8 below average
5 9 - 5 10 Average
5 11 - Above average
6 0 - 6 4 Tall
6 5 and above very tall

You're basing those heights on CURRENT DAY standards. You do realize that he was a star 60 YEARS AGO, right? Average height for a man was NOT 5'9"-5'10" in the early/mid 50's.
2 September
ok on Ja Rule
maybe standing on a 3ft stool he is 5 9.
[Editor Rob: this thread demands the Return of...

Big G, who defies the Rule!]
Insomniac on General Height
@184.3cm (Night)
I agree, 5'11" isn't short it's above average here in America, I'm always shocked seeing
5'8" and 5'9" guys claiming it.
Ferris on Ioan Gruffudd
Jimmy Kimmel is probably a lift wearer or something?

but Ioan is nothing like Jake Gyllenhaal or Jim Beaver! he never claims that he's 6ft tall he said "Almost 6 foot" which is honest claim. he can look a solid 2 inches under 6'2" guys like Clive Owen and Julian McMahon. 5'11.25-11.75" is his range, Nothing more or less!
Height165 on Justin Bieber
He wore shoes with heels at the VMA carpet
Nickname on James Pax
Is it just me or does he have an incredibly long neck?
Helena Ziona on Mariel Hemingway
She has a very nice and well-balanced body proportion.
blue on Arden Cho
Thank you for having add arden! :)
Agree with the height.
Its hard to believe that her and holland are 30yrs old, they seem so young!
[Editor Rob: if she's under her claim, it probably isn't a whole amount...nowdays there are many actors who can maintain a youthful look well into their 30's. I think a lot - especially females - realise how important eating well, keeping fit and grooming is in their line of work.]
James B on Randy Orton
Sheamus I'd say is 6'2.75
SportsHeight on General Height
Rob, I saw you mention below that a man at 186 cm is taller than 99.8 percent of women. I was wondering where you get your height percentile data, why you trust that source in particular, and if you could post a link to it?
[Editor Rob: it probably should read 99.9 as I think 99.8 is around the 6ft mark, but the idea is that a man of 186 should rarely see many women taller.]
John on Tom Sizemore
Rob, was he about the height in person as Mike Tyson?
[Editor Rob: roughly, both looked over an inch shorter than Malcolm the photographer (who is right between 5ft 11 and 6ft).]
Jed on Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise must be the only major actor who's actually taller than the majority of people think he is. The way his heights spoken about you'd think he's a verifiable midget, but he's a similar height to plenty of actors who never get comments about it.
Brad on Sylvester Stallone
Monster customs for Sly with Antonio & Statham....the guy will not stop Munstering. 5' 8" flat.
James B on Clint Eastwood
Rory said on 2/Sep/15
Some people just dnt get that men lose height when they get older.

Brad on Justin Bieber
Some people don't realize he wears expensive custom wedged up footwear because he hates being short.
Allen on Brad Pitt
Heylo, Thank you for adding the photo here
Considering the fact that you are insisting on Brad's head being tilted or bowed or anything like that Platrow is tilting her head as well. The only thing that makes you think that Brad is taller is because he has a masculine body and his shoulders are bigger. And if he really is taller he is so not noticeably taller!! Paltrow is so skinny and is also slouching if you notice! So the only reason that makes you think he is taller is that he has a masculine body while she is slouching and also tilting her head same as brad as you mentioned.
Steve on Elvis Presley
Elvis with Dean Martin. Click Here

Elvis is not taller. We can't see their shoes. Dean could be on a box. Or wearing lifts. Elvis could have been on a box or wearing lifts. Both men wore lifts. Neither was 6'.

Bottom line here is Elvis is not taller.
D on Ja Rule
Ja Rule is 5'9 check out his mugshot. That should deaden all this 5'6 bull**** talk.
Moke on Nicholas Hoult
@ my mum once was 5'5 and my dad 5'11.5. I'm 6'2 and my brothers both measure 6'3. My girlfriend for example only measures 5'6.5 with a dad of 6'4.5 and a mum being 5'5. I think one's parents heights are always an indication but never tell the whole truth.
daquf on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Those who claims a peak height at 6'2 for Rock needs also to be aware of the outcome: a 6'1 Vader, a 6'2 Bossman, a 6'3 tops papa shango
Deano on Michael Rapaport
Looks 6'3"-6'4" range on Prison Beeak. Looks around an inch shorter than 6'5" Cress Williams.
Moke on Jack Coleman
Wow I'm impressed. He seems to have lost nothing at now 57 years of age. Just a hair shorter than Zachary Levi. Legit 6'2.5. Click Here
daquf on Hulk Hogan
Danimal said on 1/Sep/15
Hogan in the late 80's next to THEN 6'3" Donald Trump:

What a load of BS!... if Trump was 6'3, then Bulldog was 6'1 Click Here but according to Danimal, Bulldog is only 5'9 so that makes Trump about 5'11 or so? so make up your mind! beside, theres other pics where the difference in height between Hogan and Bulldog is even smaller but this was the one i find, maybe Vegas can provide other pics?
jervis on Clint Eastwood
Yes Skarsgard and Goldblum do look taller on screen than Clint did.Clint was more like Donald Sutherlands height when young.If you look at the body snachers movie you can see that Goldblum has a least 1inch in height over Sutherland.IMO he would have the same over a young Clint.If Clint was any less than 6ft3 peak it would mean a lot of downgrades from Lee Marvin to George kennedy Greg Walcoot,Rock Hudson,and many more,all downgradeing by around 1.5inches.I can belive that there was a little bit of exaggerating of peoples heights in the old days,but now it is more difficult to get away with it.
Dost on Aishwarya Rai
In the upcoming movie Housefull 3, Nargis Fakhri will appear alongside Lisa Haydon. Both are in the 5'8 to 5'9 range. Jacqueline Fernandez is also there, but I think she is about 5'7 max.
Height183 on Football Soccer
Rob, what's your opinion on John Terrys height? Is 6'2'' okay?
[Editor Rob: I feel that is too high for him, I would have went with 187.]
James B on Triple H
Suprised tripl h looks near 6'3 compared to billy gunn in the video.

Remember gunn has hair advantage too
[Editor Rob: I think Gunn looked a couple of inches taller there, I am not sure I saw a 6ft 3 HHH!]
Andrea on Lance Reddick
Balrog, Rob actually put him at 6'2 flat for a period of time! He must be dropping a fraction, maybe he was measured at 6'2 and something and he just went with 6'2! Maybe he doesn't care that much about height! Imagine him meeting The Rock and telling him "I'm 6'2, how tall are you?" Do you think The Rock would dare to say 6'5, standing in front of him and considering Lance would probably edge him out? It would be a funny scene, even funnier than Rob meeting big G! :)
[Editor Rob: to be fair to big G, it was no laughing matter for him. He had a face that wouldn't look amiss on a kid who just found out there's no Santa Claus.]
M.Mack on Dick Van Dyke
He's a similar height to Ben Stiller in Night of the Museum 3, then again he is 89.
MOF on Ian McKellen
Walked right past him a year ago, came so close I almost bumped into him. I'm exactly 5'11" and he appeared to equal to my height. He may have been wearing boots or big shoes, couldn't tell.
Icehole on Seth Rollins
Anyone notice how jacked up Jon Stewart's boots must have been? He is only 5'6" but appeared much taller of course. As a guy on the independent scene, I'm 5'7" and 183 lbs. in shoes and near 5'10" in my boots (Kane like heel) and internal lifts. I'm billed at 5'10", 203. It just adds to the mystique and larger than life appearance. Smoke and mirrors.
Judd ISR on User Heights
No Arch, i think he looks taller than a flat 6'2".
Van Der Sar is also closer to the camera and he does look 8 cms taller than the guy.
Look at VDS with an honest 6'2" guy, Ruud Van Nistelrooy: Click Here
the difference is a bit more than the difference between this guy and the keeper...
I doubt that guy is under 190 cms, unless he has thicker shoes on...
Chris on CM Punk
Height 1.80 Solid
HeightcrazyRed6ft on Ted DiBiase
Peak 6´2"-6´2.5" can´t see full 6´3"

Today about 6´1" looks right
James B on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
What do u think of 6'2.5 peak rob?
[Editor Rob: it seems impossible to me that he'd be only 189cm peak!]
unsub 5'10" on Nathan Fillion
Nathan has 13 cm on Rob, Rob's height is 1.73'5-1.74cm, so 6'1.5" is spot on.
johnio on Chris Evans
@ tom wow youre insane... hahahahaahahahahahaa there is no visible difference between 5'11.5 and 6 feet to be honest-- youre arguing about .05 CM HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
Vegas on Hulk Hogan
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Sep/15
Can still appear 6ft3-4 today standing tall. Definitely not under 191cm. I also think he was 6ft6 legit in the 80's and probably hit the 6ft7 mark out of bed. Easily 6ft8+ in wrestling gear.

he was never 6'8+ in gear. hogan in 1989 was shorter in gear than tiny lister (who was wearing roughly 1.5 inch boots)

Seiji Sakaguchi was listed 195cm when competing in judo in the 1960s/70s, that would put him standing close to 6'6 in wrestling boots, sakaguchi standing with hogan (1982) at the start of this video Click Here
RP on Hulk Hogan
Trump is still 6'2" in his late 60' he most likely was every bit of 6'3" in his prime. I think Trump was right about 41-42 years old in these 1988 pics?
RP on Ted DiBiase
Great illustration, Rob...after knowing you were also losing an bit in posture...then yeah...Ted is a max 6'1" now. And his heavy fat neck will pull him down to 6'0.75"
[Editor Rob: while of course none of us can say for sure, I think 6ft 2 is too high for him...]
RP on Ted DiBiase
Height 183...young Steve Austin was a strong 6'1"...Ted is every bit 6'2.5" to 6'2.75" there IMO
Appe 6ft 0.5 on Cristiano Ronaldo
Click Here here is with tiago mendes, now listed 184cm on Atletico Madrid official site
Matthew190 on Justin Bieber
How tall is Scooter? Click Here
If he really is the 5'11" he claims than I say Justin looks a proper 5'7" there. If he's really more in the 5'10" range, I think it's pretty good evidence against 5'7"+ for Justin. As it's one of the more recent barefoot shots of him.
Appe 6ft 0.5 on Football Soccer
I' ve just visited the Atletico Madrid official site ( players page ) and I am positive impressed to see many players stats like heights and weights are changed from the past. They probably re-measured them like every club could do every year and they upload new stats.
Fernando Torres for example is now listed 185cm x 79kg (before listed 186cm x 81kg), but also other players as Saul Niguez, Thiago Mendes and Godin are changed; probably is the sign we are right when we discuss about Torres height who we judge between 184 and 185cm (probably 185cm listing comes from a morning measurement): no chance he' s under 184 anyway.
Anton on Guy Pearce
He claims to be 5' 10" so why do you list him at 5' 10.25"?

To me he looks an honest 5' 10".
[Editor Rob: he gave 178cm in the Aussie article many years ago, and generally looks that range, a strong 5ft 10.]
Anton on Robert Pattinson
He always looked 5' 11.75" (182 cm) to me.
hijopotamus on Gwyneth Paltrow
Nearly 5 10, have you stood beside her or beside Brad when they are not wearing heels or tricky shoes with lifys?
Height183 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
I like how some people on here think Miz is only 5'11''ish and yet Rock is 6'3''

Click Here

Makes absolutely no sense, as there is only around 1.5 inches between the two.

If Miz is only 5'11'' then where does that put The Rock? LOL

6'0.5'' - 6'1'' for Miz and 6'2.5'' for The Rock is fine.

You can also see Alex Riley being the same height as The Rock in the background and there's not even a chance that he is near 6'3''
Height183 on CM Punk
Cm Punk is even raising his head here, and Rock is just standing relaxed

Click Here

I am telling you, Punk is nothing more than a flat 5'11'' guy at most.
Height183 on John Cena
Cody was the EXACT same height as Stephen Amell face to face at Summerslam 2015.

There's not a chance he is low as 5'11''
yeah right on Justin Bieber
He isnt' a smidge over 5'7, but keep trying. I still can't wait to see you claiming that JB looks 5'8. Plus, if you understand why people think he may be 5'9, you should have no problem with understanding why people think that Harry Styles is 5'11+.
Height183 on Ted DiBiase
I don't think he was 6'3'' at all either. That's a huge stretch.

He doesn't even look quite 6'2'' here with Austin from back in the day.

Click Here
gary neale on Robert Wadlow
hi, theres a model of Robert wadlow in the uk, does anyone know where exactly?
theres pics of people stood next to the statue, near what looks like a shop entrance, when you google him. would like to take my kids for a look.
Sean on Bill Murray
With 6'5.25" Howard Stern. Stern seems to make everyone look lower than their stated heights.
Click Here
MaryAnne on Height Request
Neuer please :))
M on Paris Hilton
@Ria NO WAY that Paris is 6' - because she is 1.68m or 5'6" and this is very generous.
M on Nicky Hilton
@Ria no way that Paris Hilton is the same height like Ireland Baldwin 6' , Paris is the most 5'6" even this is too generous for her..Nicki is little taller 1" then she.
Duhon on Taylor Swift
I would not be shocked if Scott Eastwod is wearing lifts in the music video. There is a line in the song about her love being tall, and while Scott isn't short he doesn't have the height his father had despite looking very similar otherwise.
M on Taylor Swift
Yes she is definetly 1.75m or 5'9" tall. @Ria Paris Hilton is no more then 1.67m and is much shorter then Taylor.
MD on Ioan Gruffudd
With 5'11.25" Jimmy Kimmel:

Click Here
Rory on Clint Eastwood
Some people just dnt get that men lose height when they get older.
Alex 6'0 on Randy Orton
Sheamus and Orton look more than an inch apart from their listings on here. Sheamus maybe more 6'2.5? Roman is also no more than 6'2.5 either
Alex 6'0 on John Cena
James B, yea I remember Ali said Cena looked 5'11.5-6'0 range. I forgot how the pic of those 2 together looked
Alex 6'0 on John Cena
After a long day on feet and lifting weights its possible he could dip a hair below 6'0 maybe but even so absolute low heights I never go by. When I was 23 I remember doctor measuring me at 5'11.75 at 630 pm after a day I was up for 12 hrs already out and about going to school etc. That's the only time I remember ever getting below 6'0 measurement since Ive been 18-19
Alex 6'0 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
A 6'3.25 peak Rock would have put Austin at a strong 6'1 range which I don't think Austin ever was. Rock looked 6'2.5 with Orton in 2004 and this was when Rock was only 32 years old so no height lost at all at that time. Something like 6'2.5 peak and today 6'2.25 for Rock could be right
6'2 on Brendan Gleeson
A legit 6'2" guy possibly 1.89m
Chase Witherspoon on Jonah Lomu
Not as inflated as pro-wrestling particularly at its zenith in the 80's, but I've met a number of Aust pro rugby players and they do appear to be listed more at boot height than bare foot imo.
Arch Stanton on Telly Savalas
Sam says on 21/Aug/14
The Vin Diesel of his day, bald action star of medium height who convinces everyone he's a towering six foot plus by his appearance on screen.

Yes, they're quite alike facially too, in fact I could believe Diesel was Savalas's son to a black mother!
Arch Stanton on Frank Stallone
It's what I call Savalas/Martin Syndrome Jim.
dwafea on Behati Prinsloo
i've never seen her much taller than adriana lima.
Official VS website Click Here
VIEW management Click Here
she's listed at 5'10" in both sites and I think it's more accurate than the 5'10" listing
mordor on Cristiano Ronaldo
188,5cm** for Mandzukic i meant.
the shredder on Ted DiBiase
Glover looks less than him.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM on General Height
My height chart for Canada (so few are discussing the average male height for this country):

<5'3"=A midget there (from what I've noticed at least). You will shorter than nearly everybody around, and characterized for it daily.
5'3"-5'4"=Extremely short. You will be described as short pretty regularly.
5'5"-5'6"=Very short. You probably won't be the shortest person around, and anybody who thinks that they haven't seen somebody who is this height here is kidding themselves.
5'7"=Short, but you will begin to blend in. You will find people who are this height on a daily basis.
5'7.5"-5'8.25"= Below average. You will be taller than a good chunk of the men in Canada, and you will blend right into the average crowd there. However, you will likely more who are taller than you are.
5'8.5"-5'9"=Low average. This is the start of the average range. You might be barely shorter than the average when you're this height, but it's not enough to make a significant difference.
5'9.25"-5'9.5"=Medium average. You will fit right in at this height with no issues. The amount of shorter people will be roughly the same as there will be taller people.
5'9.75"-5'10.25"=Higher average. You might be barely taller than the average person that you meet when you're in this range, but it won't be enough to make a difference. You will blend right into the crowd still.
5'10.5"-5'11"=Above average. You will occasionally be referred to as being tall (especially at 5'11"), and the average person that you meet will be shorter than you. However, people won't make that big of a deal about your height as people will likey see somebody who is this tall on a daily basis there.
5'11.25"-6'0"=Weak tall. This might secretly be the same case for the US (serious). You will be comfortably taller than the vast majority of the men, but not to where you will never see a taller man. People will still see somebody who is this height on a daily basis. If you're very muscular, then people will refer to you as being large.
6'0.25"-6'1"=Solid tall. You will be consistently referred to as being tall, and people won't see somebody who is this height daily. You will always stand out in the crowd.
6'1.25"-6'2"=Strong tall. You will be taller than about 98% of the men around you. You will consistently be asked how tall you are there, and if you play sports.
6'2.25"-6'4"=Very tall. You might go weeks/months without seeing somebody taller than this.
6'4.25"-6'6"=Extremely tall. You will rarely see somebody who is this height.
6'6.25"+=A giant there.
6'9"+=Extreme giant.
Cj on Linda Evangelista
She looks taller than 5'9. Maybe she's 5'10. She needs upgrade
Travis on Reeve Carney
How can he be 6foot even because of his head
mrtguy on Andre The Giant
@JT does this guy look taller than Andre and Show? Click Here
Stampy on Louis Tomlinson
People on this site need to understand that if you're photographed walking ahead of someone, even if just slightly, the person ahead looks much taller than they really are. Typical example is Hannah's picture of Harry and Louis. Harry is 5 ft 11 but often wears boots so that he tops 6 foot. Nobody wears lifts except for Peter Andre. Liam is 5ft 10, Zayn 5ft 9 and Niall and Louis 5 ft 8.
1 September
F on Emily Ratajkowski
I watched the VMAs and Emily presented an award with 5'5 Rita Ora. She looked at least one inch shorter than Rita and they both seem to be wearing similar footwear. Google them and you will see that in every single image, Rita is taller than Emily. Emily appears to be 5'4" or even shorter...
Grupe on Christian Cooke
Definitely a strong 5'8 as he can often look taller
pj on Kristin Davis
i recall seeing her always being listed as 5'5 or 5'6. she didnt seem very short next to cynthia nixon or kim catrell, so I figured she was around that listed height. She comes off looking a tad bit above average on screen. Either that or it is the actors she's on with. Anyways, i usually trust the listings here.
samuel pinkerton on Joel Kinnaman
Philadelphia metro listed him as 6'1. Looks like a strong 6'2 to me :)
rylaman on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Rock looked a hair shorter than 6'2 Maryland pro day measured Shawne Merriman recently. Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Enrique Iglesias
Rob, could you add Julio Iglesias?

I can buy 6ft1 peak and today about 6ft. No recent pictures of father and son to make a comparison though. But I reckon Enrique would have close to 2in on him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg is 6ft3½-4 range, IMO and I also think The Game is 6ft3-3½.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Pushing 6ft2½(189cm) out of bed in his prime.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Sonny Landham
Rob, was he taller than Arnold?
[Editor Rob: I think a peak Sonny was taller.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Hulk Hogan
Can still appear 6ft3-4 today standing tall. Definitely not under 191cm. I also think he was 6ft6 legit in the 80's and probably hit the 6ft7 mark out of bed. Easily 6ft8+ in wrestling gear. Say what you want about the guy but he was an impressive physical specimen. Very agile for size and him lifting Andre The Giant was very real!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Dylan Neal
Taller than Joshua Jackson.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Samy Naceri
"Peak height was 5ft 11½in (182cm)"

Looks about 5ft11 today.
Andrea on Sergio Leone
Yeah, Arch, the photo is not great but it's hard to believe he'd be 8 inches taller there, let alone even more! But, to be fair, your photo is even worse! I mean, Clint is much closer to the camera, he's even tilting his head up a bit, so he's got some advantage there for sure! As Rob says, there are very few pictures of Sergio and Clint together, so it's hard to say...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jerry Seinfeld
Still looks 5ft11 today. He's in good shape for 60.

His show Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is phenomenal
amaral on Elvis Presley
gx79 where is pic of Elvis and Martin ?
i cant see it
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Height Request
Rob, could you add actor Lawrence Tierney?

Known to younger audiences for Reservoir Dogs. He's listed 6ft1 in most places but I think in his later years had lost height. If you look at his early work (Born To Kill) he appeared at least that if not closer to 6ft2 though.
Jak on Chris Vance
Also had a role in Dexter
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Michael Madsen
6ft2-2½ in Reservoir Dogs. Tallest guy there followed closely by Tarantino...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Historical Heights
Washington has been described from 6ft to 6ft3
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jim Parsons
He looks 186cm w/h Bomer
Armandy 6'1.5 on Robert Englund
Peak 176 gamma @ eclipse
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Errol Flynn
"Errol Flynn's height is 6ft 1½in (187cm)"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Paul Dano
Day Lewis edged him in There Will Be Blood.

Could be a weaker 6ft1
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Tom Wilkinson
Maybe 6ft0½ today Rob?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Patrick McGoohan
@Shadow2: He edged out a young Sean Connery in a movie called Hell Drivers (1957). I don't understand the downgrade at all. He looked every bit of 6ft2 and then some in his prime.
Hector on Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
Solid 5'9 I would say.
Hector on Sarah Wayne Callies
She looked like she was the same height as Robert Knepper in Prison Break, so I would say she's 5'8.5 with normal shoes on, like him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on James Hetfield
Rob, a fraction of over this for Hetfield?
[Editor Rob: 186cm is probably a reasonable mark as he can fall into the strong 6ft 1 zone.]
Hector on Robert Knepper
5'8.5'' with shoes on, he probably lists himself as 5'9'' though, as most people add an inch or two to their height. He wouldn't have lost more than a negligible amount to his height from age, maybe half a centimeter, so it's safe to say he's always been 5'8.
Armandy 6'1.5 on Morgan Freeman
Peak 188 and half or 6'2.25
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Stone Cold Steve Austin
Rob, he had neck surgery some years back.

If he's still 6ft1 today is it possible that he was taller at one point?
[Editor Rob: he could have shipped a fraction, he can still pull off looking near it.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Bret Hart
Austin is no less than 6ft1
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Kevin Nash
205-206cm today
207-208cm peak
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Ted DiBiase
Rob, could 6ft1 on the nose be closer?

I can also believe this.
[Editor Rob: I think he might measure near to it. I cannot believe he would measure near 6ft 2 though...

Incidentally here is The Rock and Ted in 2013...I would say the Rock has worse posture yet is still taller.
Steve on Elvis Presley
Elvis being measured for weight and height while wearing his army boots.

Click Here

Elvis with 5'11" Lee Majors.

Click Here
NahBro on Taylor Swift
So you're still debating her height. You should let it rest and wait until Rob or someone else dependable get the valid proof. Just by looking at various videos or photos you will never guess her exact height, in some she looks very tall and then again some she looks shorter. My guess is, 176-178cm range. Just let it go.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Chris Vance
Yeah, looked about this beside Wentworth Miller...
MelvinJones on Andre The Giant
I think Andre's heaviest weight was 640 in 1985. Hogan is full of it. Andre weighed around 525 at WMIII.
GP on Blake Lively
Rob, are you sure about her height? I saw her the other day and she had on 6cm boots on and she looked close to 6feet in those. I can't see her at 174, I think she is more in the 176-177cm range.
[Editor Rob: I would be surprised if she was in that 5ft 9.5 range.]
Ali on Danny Glover
He looks 6'0.5! Yet his peak height was 6'3. Seriously Rob. I'll give him 6 ft 1.5 peak.Ted Diabase looks and inch taller, yet you have him at 185cm.
dmeyer on Tom Hanks
Today 5'11.5 is a good call
Appe 6ft 0.5 on Cristiano Ronaldo
@mordor do you think gareth bale is 185 next to ronaldo?
Arch Stanton on James Brolin
I'll have to watch Skyjacked and Capricorn One to see how he fared with Heston and Elliott Gould. That would be good for comparison.
Arch Stanton on James Brolin
Rob see also 1 hr 32 to the end of that film. Bisset's in heels and he still looks a good 8 inches taller at the end I think.
James B on Big Show
JT also sid was more 6'6 than 6'7 peak just look at him with lex Luger
James B on Big Show
JT I think maybe a peak sid could have defeated big show today though?
Jim Hopper on Cristiano Ronaldo
He looked same as Nadal together. 6-0"
PierA on Emma Watson
Don't know if it's any great indication of her exact height, but I saw her in person at Taylor Swift's Hyde Park show in London earlier this summer and she was about 100 feet away. She was absolutely tiny! Much smaller than I expected. She was wearing flat shoes and all of her companions towered over her. I also saw Gwyneth Paltrow and the rest of Taylor's squad (Gigi, Kendall, Cara, Karlie and Martha) and they looked as tall and long-limbed as I expected them to be.
Steve on Elvis Presley
I will never agree that Elvis was 6' or especially 6'1". So live with it.

As for Dean Martin being obviosly shorter, show me those photos. And please be full shots showing their shoes. Otherwise, forget it.

I have posted a video showing Milton Berle wearing regular shoes where he is no shorter than Elvis. And I posted several photos showing Berle was no more than 5'10&1/2". Half an inch is really impossible to see. So Elvis was no more than 5'11". He even listed his height early on at 5'11".
Ali on Rory McCann
Definitely a big big guy!

197cm is too much for him I think. He looks to be max 194cm. 6'4.5 I think that is.
blue on Will Smith
@Rob, what do you think the weight of his daughter willow (1m52) is on this photo?
Click Here
Thank you
[Editor Rob: 90 pounds maybe]
sasser221 on Taylor Swift
Pause it at 2:49,its the perfect camera angle and it tells you a lot about how tall she is.
Tunman on Harry Houdini
In fact,Sam Chaplin was short but not too short.You can see sometimes guys that were shorter than him and a fair number close to his height.Average must have been 170-1 back then.
Houdini seemed indeed low average but could easily appear as short also.
Still he was an extraordinary magician,no one would pay much attention to his height.Talent can really erase things that could seem negative otherwise.
Arch Stanton on User Heights
spainmen191cm said on 29/Aug/15
Rob, how tall do you think is the guy that appears in the photo with Van Der Sar?
Click Here

About 6 ft 2, maybe a tad more.
MaryAnne on Height Request

Can you finally add American R&B/pop singer Miguel (Pimentel). He was on the MTV Video Music Awards last night. I'd add him at nothing over 5'6.5" and personally think he's a flat 5'6" at the most. Even with his penchant for heeled boots he looks short. He looked at least a good inch shorter than Big Sean.

I agree. Worldwide known celebrity.
[Editor Rob: 5ft 6 range seems more likely than his own claim...]
Arch Stanton on James Brolin
Rob see 25 to 28 minutes him walking about from Cape Town Affair in 1967. Click Here To me he could pass for weak 6'4. Clearly easily 6'3, you might be undercutting him a bit, I guess 6'3 is still a big height though.
james on Chris Penn
I say he was a legit 5'11 with shoes on
Heylo on Brad Pitt
Allen, I know what picture you mean. I google searched it right now just in case I was wrong but the photo was just as I remember it. Pitt doesn't look exactly the same height. He actually does tilt his head slightly while smiling. You can see that Brad is taller than Gwyneth, that's for sure. And because it's noticeable, it has to be minimum 2cm taller. To me, he looks at least 5'10.

Here is the photo: Click Here

This is so weird, we're all looking at the same photos but by reading the comments in here it doesn't look like we do.
If Brad looked the same height as Gwyneth, then I would happily say so cause I wouldn't like Brad less if he happened to be shorter than we thought.

Look at that photo and imagine Brad lifting his head up, how much taller do you think he would look? He would definitely look noticeably taller, that's for sure. If you guys can't see that... then I don't know what to say..
Kourosh on Rob Paul
thank you for your reply rob.
So basically i have low eye level. i measured i have 11.55 to 11.6 cm eye level is that within average range?
[Editor Rob: if it's 11.6cm then it's within the typical range. Once you hit 12cm it becomes more into the long/low range, if under 11cm like 10.5-11 range then it's more a higher eyelevel (an advantage in perceived height by others).]
The Last Son on Henry Cavill

How can he be 6'0 when the pictures show that he's taller than every 6'0 actor who stood next to him?
james on Samuel L Jackson
He was a strong 6'2 during the 90's and early 2000's now he has lost in inch ..I say 6'1 today
Celebheights 6'1.75"/187 CM on Jamie Foxx
Snoop Dogg: 6'3.5" (he can look over 6'4", but he looks south of it by 6'4.75" Big Ben, Ryan Reynolds, Drew Bree's, John Cena, Justin Timberlake, Tom Brady and Richard Sherman)
Jamie Foxx: 5'9.5"
Judd ISR on Skeet Ulrich
rob he could be 5'11.5"? Look at him with d'Onofrio and McConaughey: Click Here
[Editor Rob: under 6ft is arguable at times.]
blue on Rob Paul
@Harry Erison
Your height shouldn't disturb you, of course you're very tall but it's absolutely not a bad thing.
Your height is good:)
Daniel on Karlie Kloss
So Toni Garrn was 178cm at 14 and 185cm at 18? I don't know a girl could have a growth spurt as late as age 15/16
MrFish on Rob Paul
Rob, how much height loss for a 58-year-old man? Also, how much will that persons height differ from morning to evening?
[Editor Rob: it still should be roughly 0.7 inches, you would expect the height loss to only be a small fraction for a man, in many cases not that noticeable unless you are measuring the man at 20 then at 58.]
Nearly 5 10 on Usain Bolt
5' 7.5" for Mo Farah, I'd say looks spot on.
Nearly 5 10 on Height Request
Surely Mo Farah deserves a page by now, Rob! He gets listed anything from 5' 5" to 5' 9"! There's no way he's as short as 5' 5" though! He has managed to look 5' 9" at times - he looked it with Gary Lineker (but it was at BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2012) and he may well have been wearing lifts that night. Mo generally looks a similar height to Tom Cruise to me. I think 5' 7.5" would be spot on. He looked it with Ewan McGregor and David Cameron. 5' 9" is too high.

I wonder what his claim is?
mrtguy on General Height
Rob, are calf raises effective to get bigger calves and does it make you get taller?
Rifle on General Height
Yeah the guy is about 210 cm.
Judd ISR on Height Request
Rob could you add Valentino Rossi and Ayrton Senna heights, please?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Bradley Cooper
185cm is still debatable.
Judd ISR on Reeve Carney
Nah 184,3 at night, a flat 182 cms does look a tad shorter than this guy!
Of course Rob hasn't a perfect posture, but my cousin is 182 cms, so definitely a 5'11.75" guy, and now I can recognize a natural 182 cms guy and IMO this guy is a bit taller! This listing is perfect!
Judd ISR on Harrison Ford
Starting from the point that I believe that Ford was at peak 6'0.5" instead an almost 6'1", of course in the Raiders he did look very slim and also at the beginning of his career...I think his weight, figure with high shoulder and small head and long legs contributed to make him seems taller...
Judd ISR on Jim Morrison
Well, this is the perfect listing for the lizard king!
I think 5'11" was a morning height but not a evening one...
With his slim figure and cowboys boots he gave the impression to be taller, but I think he was a strong 5'10" no more...
Rob, Manzarek with similar shoes did look 1.25-1.5" taller than Jim. With Morrison at 5'10.25" there's any chance he was more 5'11.5"-6' than 6'0-0.5"???
[Editor Rob: yes you could argue more 182 range]
MaryAnne on Claudia Schiffer
How tall is her sister?
Click Here
Arch Stanton on Height Request
[Editor Rob: he falls into the massive zone of people who are well known in media, but I don't know if people search much for their height.

True, but who exactly is going to be looking for Roger Ebert's height either!
[Editor Rob: people do search for him, but like Kermode, it's a lower level. Incidentally he did joke he was 6ft 4 in heels to someone who thought he was 6ft 4.]
Chaz on Andre The Giant
Any one that is 208cm with a 3'' affo can look 7'+.unless you know what you are looking at,

And you can forget anything Hogan said,like he's 24'' arms fantasy land, like Tom Billington said about him,Full of C++p and could not punch he's way out of a wet paper bag in real life,
MarcoH on Tom Jones
Well, Stlweir...

No... Not 5'8. He never was. He has the built of a 6footer, but was always a Little too short for his width. 5'10 in his prime, always wore high heels.. 5'10 when I met him in 2004 (I'm 5'10 and he was the same them).
Now at 75 he is like 5'9.25 - 5'9.5 = 176-177cm.

When he did "Mars Attacks" in the 90s he was 5'10 or 5'9.5.

5'8 might be your impression, but he def wasn't.
Arch Stanton on James Brolin
In Amityville he could look a strong 6 ft 3 type of guy but long hair with quite a lot of bounce in it could make him look almost 6 ft 4.
Arch Stanton on James Brolin
Rob can you add a photo and films Capricorn One, Gable and Lombard, The Cape Town Affair, Catch Me If You Can, The Reagans, The Car, Skyjacked and Von Ryan's Express and TV series Marcus Welby, M.D., Hotel and Pensacola: Wings of Gold?
[Editor Rob: I'd forgotten he was in those TV shows.]
Rifle on Height Request
Can you add bollywood actress Ali Bhatt?
How tall do you think she is?
[Editor Rob: not really looked at her that much, she is under average, how much though...]
James B on Randy Orton
Roman reigns is a weak 6'2.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Michael Bay
He can look about 6ft1-6ft2
Jake on Lars Ulrich
Rob, how tall would you say Dave Mustaine is today? Here he is with lars, kerry king, and scott Ian

Click Here

Dave has lost height due to neck surgery. He may of been "6'0" back in the day but not anymore. What is your opinion Rob??
Ray on Orlando Bloom
Met him. 5 10 1/2 is pretty accurate. Not as tall as 5' 11"
Very tall and skinny..small frame for his height.
Liam on Per Mertesacker
As slow as he is tall.
Appe 6ft 0.5 on Rob Paul
@Rory I ve just read you are 184,5 cm x 76 kg. We are very similar as I am 184cm x 77kg. Do you practice any sport?
Arch Stanton on Prince William
Prince Philip looks very good for his age really.
div on Caprice Bourret
Rob I think caprice needs to be downgraded to 5'7.
I have seen a picture of her with 5'9 noello reno. Caprice has about a 2 inch heel advantage and she
is still shorter than reno. Also there is a video of her online
at the brit awards 2000 standing beside 5'7 Davina Mccall
and she is barely taller. Davina is 5'6.5 at best . So caprice can't be any more than 5'7.
[Editor Rob: it's this PHoto here I take it. I wouldn't say her heel was hugely greater, how much advantage could be close to 2cm...

incidentally I checked what Noelle claimed herself and she said "I'm exactly 5' 8 1/2", so it makes sense caprice being nearer 5ft 7 than 8.]
Arch Stanton on Paddy McGuinness
I think in most comparisons his wife looks around 177cm, like Charlize Theron sort of height.
Arch Stanton on Paddy McGuinness
Actually in many photo comparisons his wife can look a decent 5 ft 10. Obviously not 6ft but who are these people kidding saying she's short??
ManKo on Hugh Jackman
He didnt do that much of heavy lifting, and he is young. If guys like the rock dont have a peak hight (he lift way heavier than Hugh) or guys like Bill Kazmaier (world strongest man, now in his 60s, he doenst have a peak heigh either), Hugh shouldnt have one either.
Arch Stanton on Paddy McGuinness
Rob how tall do you reckon his wife is Click Here I think she can look a strong 5 ft 9 but on the web in the tabloids I often see "she's too short to be a catwalk model" , "I've seen her and she's really short", "She's a midget in reality". Are they just catty comments or what? Because to me she looks tall range not even close to average height.
[Editor Rob: since her agency called her six foot, I think 5ft 9 could be a bit low, unless they are in the habit of adding 3 inches!]
yankee mike on Jonathan Ross
i think back in his prime Mr. Ross really did reach the 6' 1½" mark even a full 187 cm..He's a genuinly tall man.
Johnny Drama on Brandon Routh
Click Here Here is Brandon with Zakary , Routh looks taller then Levi
184.3cm (Night) on General Height

I think its more the case average is around 180cm but the statistics say 182-183cm which is most likely because of the extremely tall guys yes. We have a problem though because everyone under 180cm claims it, which is why people dont think its that tall.

I have lost count number of men between 175-178cm who claim 180cm.
Anonasensei on Art Garfunkel
Sorry to say, but 5-9 is off for Art.

Art was a tad taller than John Lennon who is 5-10 and was wearing 2" hippy heels here at a Grammy's way back:
Click Here

That would put Art probably around 5-11 minimum, perhaps 6-0. I agree with most of Rob's estimates, but not this one.
joe @@ on Josh Hartnett
Rob, it looks like the dax shepard and Liev Schreiber
joe @@ on Misha Collins
Rob, seems a perfect 5'11 with you or below ben above the mark I would say solid 5'11, you guys had such footwear?
[Editor Rob: I was in I think adidas and him just a normal inch shoe, so basically very similar.]
joe @@ on Brandon Routh
6'4 is impossible dear
joe @@ on Randy Orton
the listing of 6'3 to sheamus seems too much for him not to look
joe @@ on Per Mertesacker
between 6'6.25 and 6'6.5
joe @@ on Per Mertesacker
6ft 6.25in (199 cm)
Alex 6'0 on Hulk Hogan
Hogan had a good inch on Lesnar back in 2002 I remember as well. Weird its similar height difference now between the them as it was in 2002
Anonasensei on Andre The Giant

I agree, Hogan probably was more trying to blow up his own legacy in being "the first one" to slam The Giant and ripping his biceps in the process.

That said, I do believe he was over 7 feet at some point in his prime, probably around 7-2, 7-3-ish when he was 21, 22. But I believe for most of his WWF days, was more 6-11, maybe even 6-10 towards the end when he could barely walk with all the back pain and surgeries.

I read that when filming Princess Bride he wasn't even able to lift 100 lb Robin Wright because his back was in so much pain. He kind of had a sad lonely life despite all the fame and fortune.
Lee on Jessica Lange
She's shorter than sarah Paulsen I'd say 5 foot 5
MD on Omarion

Can you take another look at this one? I'm not convinced he's even this tall.

With 5'7" Justin Bieber last summer:

Click Here


Click Here

Seems to me were Bieber to straighten up and they stood side by side it's possible that is more than just two inches.
kid smalls on P Diddy
half inch shorter than Tyrese who is a weak 5'9".Puffy is 5'8.5 barefoot. With lifts 5'10"
5'5 on Bryan Cranston
shorter than Jay Leno when he was on 2 years ago. 5'10" in shoes.
movieguy on Rock Hudson
Reading bio of Hudson at moment, Hudson is described as 6'4'' on a couple of occasions. Apparently for one of his early parts he dropped in weight from 203 lbs to 191 after training. Surely he could not have been 6'6'' to weigh only 191lbs.
5'5"barefoot on Anthony Mackie
Funny there is group photo picture and Tim Burton clearly looks 5 inches taller than Mackie who wears lifts. Mackie has a long torso and short legs. His forehead gives him an extra inch of height. Mackie is 5'10" in lifts. Tim burton is listed at 5'11" on imdb and here he's 6 foot.
BorkLaser on Seth Rollins
Yeah in dress shoes the height gap between him and Triple H increases. Just goes to show you how much of a boost Seth's boots give him
appe 6ft0.5 on Football Soccer
@Rory you re right! do you think that, next to Suarez, Fernando Torres could look 185cm tall? I don' t know exactly how tall is Diego Godin but Yesterday I saw Siviglia-Atletico match and he was about an inch taller than Torres when they took the squad photo before the match.
AymenBns on David Beckham
hi rob what do u think of brooklyn's height when he will reach 21 yo
[Editor Rob: if his Dad had growth 17-19 (I'm not sure if he did) then there may be a chance for Brooklyn to gain closer to his Dad's height.]
Robbin on Emily VanCamp
She look everywhere 5'9 to me. I'm surprise shes listed 5'8 range all sites. I believe shes 174cm
Robbin on Lance Guest
Look like a solid 185cm guy
Robbin on Freddie Prinze Jr
184cm very accurate. He was almost 4inch shorter than 6'4 Matthew Lillard
Robbin on Kellan Lutz
I think hes more likely to be 5'11.75 , solid 182cm though
MaryAnne on Lillian Gish
saw a film of her today and i was stunned by her beauty
AJ on Ryan Hurst
You should also add remember the titans to the list.
[Editor Rob:yes, also I think he seems like he'd be calling height in boots. ]
Danimal on Hulk Hogan
Hogan in the late 80's next to THEN 6'3" Donald Trump:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Danimal on Hulk Hogan
Hogan TODAY next to 6'5" Peyton Manning: Click Here
Danimal on Hulk Hogan
Compare Hogan's legs in jeans from 35 years ago in this pic: Click Here compared to the above pic Rob uploaded on this page.
height24 on The Weeknd
he is around 5'7 max
Here is a picture of him with tyga

Click Here
Danimal on Ted DiBiase
He's clearly lose height. Was bare minimum 6'3" at his peak. You can see it in his posture. I'm sure if he stood straight he'd be close to 6'2" today.
31 August
EzioAuditore711 on Lenny Jacobson
Has he really shrunk an inch at 41?
Yo on Lionel Messi
He looks shorter than Carli Lloyd
Allie on Taylor Swift
175. Go to 2:43. 180cm Scott Eastwood is at least two inches taller than Taylor Swift and they're are wearing the exact same boots. No camera angles and no high heels for Taylor. Scott's even leaning a bit while Taylor's standing straight.

Click Here
Click Here
mrtguy on General Height
Rifle said on 29/Aug/15
How tall do you think this guy is? Considering it is a standard 6'8"|203 cm door.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: he could appear nearly 7ft, like 6ft 11, unless the door was 6ft 6 and then maybe not that big.] I seen that pic on Reddit, apparently the user claims his height of 7 ft 2 inch.. Tall. If his door is custom 7 ft tall than he looks as tall as he claimed, otherwise if it's a standard door he looks nearly 7 ft at best.
Steve on Pedro Pascal
Hey rob pedro stars in a new show called narcos. I wanted to know your thoughts on wagners height and the other main cast characters on the show? I forgot the other guys name. But there is three lead characters, pedro, Wagner, and other dude??
[Editor Rob: not yet seen that show so can't really say much eyt.]
Insomniac on General Height
There's something off about this, there's no way people are that tall and no one but you has taking notice.
The average in America is about 5'9"-5'10"(flat) for men, if the Average height of men who live in the Valley is 6'1" it would have been brought to the attention of America a long time ago.
Either you're not as tall as you think you are or you're exaggerating the heights of these men and women.
BT on Kevin Spacey
I'm not sure he's lost more than 0.5in, and he has looked alarmingly near 5'9 for a number of years now, even appearing a little under that with a loose stance at times. 5'9.5 peak and 5'9 today is my guess, optionally 5'9.75 peak and 5'9.25 today.
BT on Bill Murray
@Editor Rob: Is the plan to give him 6'1.25 peak and 6'0.75 current when he looks to be dipping under 6'1 a bit? Surely he could have dropped at least a fraction by 64.
[Editor Rob: not impossible he could end up with that mark.]
BT on Height Request
@Editor Rob: Could you add Patrick J Adams from Suits? Or at least give your estimate on how tall he might be.
BT on Height Request
@TJE: Standing tall, Guy can look about 5'11.
BT on Ed O'Neill
Hypado says on 26/Feb/15
Ed O'Neill

Peak - 6ft 1.25in
Now - 6ft 0.5in


I completely agree with that.
AC on Jai Courtney
Why did he look taller than Adewale at Comic Con?

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
LoganNoll1996 on Peter Mayhew
Looks like a giant next to Harrison Ford in that picture. I just find it funny.
Papa Oz on Robert Redford
I have stood next to both Redford and Newman. Neither is above 5' 4" tall.
johnio on User Heights
@Rob-- I measured like 10'.5 out of bed- pretty ordinary lazy-ish day with plenty of sitting and some walking here and there- I got around 5'11.65- 5'11.7,
can I pass as a 6 footer?
[Editor Rob: you would probably pass as a six footer to most people if you had decent posture, or didn't wear thin shoes/footwar.]
Svx on Height Request
Could you add heights of the Sprouse twins, former disney child actors. Cole Sprouse is listed as 182 cm, and Dylan Sprouse is listed as 180 cm on Imdb.
They were on a tour in Japan with actor Shin Koyamada who is listed as 175 cm, but I am not sure if that's correct. Here are links for referencing:
Click Here
Footwear in video
Click Here
Shin Koyamada and Tom Cruise
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Shin Koyamada's footwear at event
Click Here
Shin with disney actors, including Roshon Fegan who is listed as 173 cm.
Click Here
Click Here
Shin Koyamada and Sprouse twins with the same footwear
Click Here
another photo
Click Here
sorry for a lot of links, I just wanted to provide material for easier clarification
VC on James Arness
Shadow2, in your opinion, who was taller, Jim or Alan Napier? These two giants were in "The Thing".
Alex on Sneakers
How much do regular timberlands give?
heelshealheight on Sam Shephard
Irrespective of height assessments, it is so sad this once great actor and highly talented intellectual thespian has plunged to such debasement. Lost for words..
heelshealheight on Christopher Walken
I stand corrected here; always thought he was super tall (about 6'5"). Superb actor and fantastic person. In the Dead Zone he was beyond comparison.
Jacek on Rob Paul
Hey Rob, any chance of a stretching vid showing what specific stretches you've been using?
[Editor Rob: I still intend to do a video showing the basics.]
heelshealheight on Christopher Lee
Definitely a 6'6" man in his youth. A timeless man and great actor, nonetheless. A true talent indicative of his stature and vice versa.
Frank on Hulk Hogan
All fighters wrestling lie so much about the height, very funny.
When Hogan was "6´8" in theory, André was 7´4"
If André was never really more 7´barefoof SURE, it is very sure that Hogan never was more 6´5" barefoot, perhaps 6´4.5".
Perhaps it does not look very tall for some people, but somebody around 6´5" with good boots is 6´7", really giant hehe.
Now probably around 6´3" or few more.
Andrea on Ioan Gruffudd
Another Jake Gyllenhaal (or Jim Beaver)? Listed at a certain height, then coming out with a very precise mark and upgraded to that height... It seems any celebrity could get an upgrade if they came out with a precise mark (of course without exagerating)! I hope Sly is not reading this or he wil come out soon with something like "I was 5'9.25, but i must have shrunk because i recently got measured at only 5'8.75", just to get that 1/4 inch more from Big Rob!
greg on Jack Nicholson
Don't think he was much above about 5'8" when younger, which was probably still in the average height range for someone of his generation. Same heights as Hopper.
Judd ISR on User Heights
Spain, van der sar is definitely a flat 6'6" guy so the guy with him must be taller than 6'2"...
I think he could be between 6'3" and 6'4" it depends by floor, shoes and posture!
From the picture IMO, with same shoes and floor regular he could be 191-192 cms but not a full 193 cms
RP on Ted DiBiase
Peak Ted : 6'3" or 6'2.75"
Current: 6'2"
I'm still saying if he stood straight up with Rob & unhunch his'd definetly see 6'2"
[Editor Rob: if I stood up straight too, he'd still be 4 inches taller...but then you think I'm standing straight here, which says a lot :) Ted is standing no worse than is me standing well vs how I'm standing with Ted Click Here...about 4cm poorer than how I could stand.

which makes sense when you see of course Ted beside that
Near 6ft Crew and see the same guy beside Alberto Del Rio and Sam Jones to give a sense of actual 6ft 2 guys...
Ria on Taylor Swift
If Taylor Swift is 5'10" then Paris Hilton is 5'11" or 6'0" in her bare feet.
Diane on Donald Trump
He dropped in on helicopter and my daughter photographed him--he is short and chunky--if 6' he's wearing special shoes!!!!!
6'2 on Andre The Giant
He was 218cm in France that is his legit height
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Ricco Ross
Looks 6ft1 range w/h the hunch.

6ft2 is fine though. Looked tall in Aliens
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Tuc Watkins
@Arch: no need to chyme in on Rob's behalf. I already apologised. You're not his assistant.
JordanG on Greg Kinnear
Seems to be a gap in the comments, maybe this can help.

Click Here
Sam on John Cena
Cody Rhodes. oops sorry I meant "Stardust" strikes me as just a 5ft11 guy. Bob Holly appeared taller who Rob only has listed at 5ft11.5 but does appear taller.
Lee on A. J. Buckley
Looked barely taller than Kevin Connolly in Entourage thinking 5'6.5" to 5'7"
Sam on Ted DiBiase
I knew he lost some height because I thought he looked an easy 6ft3 in his prime, now with Rob just 6ft1. Besides that he hasn't aged too much.
Michael on Liv Tyler
5'7 barefoot
5'11 with heels
Dmeyer on Doug Savant
This listing mâkes more sens he looks more often 5'11 than 5'10 so 5'10.5 is good
jan on Taylor Swift
Watch her new music video with Scott Eastwood
Click Here and pause at 2:43
172.4cm guy on George Blagden
We need to keep an eye on this one...I just saw Vikings Season 1, and my guess was that he was between 5-7 to 5-8. His claim of 5-9 seems unlikely, and the picture looks like he's in the 5-8 zone. Hopefully you stand next to him Rob to confirm.
Anonymous1 on James Garner
...I did meet Coburn, back in '83, and we stood, facing eachother, about 2 feet apart (I was a starstruck kid). I was 5.11 and 3/4ths. He edged me out a hair, but barely. He was maybe..."maybe" an inch taller....and that's being generous.
Michael on Neve Campbell
5'4.5 seems fair
Charlie on Michael Douglas
Everyone shrinks as they age. especially when you reach 69 years of age.I am 5'10 inches my dad and I used to be same height when I was a teenager. im 48 and he looks about 5'8" now. Michael Douglas I believe wasn't very tall in the first place. for example Romancing The Stone 1984 he sure didn't appear 5'10" as stated in IMDB. No I wuld say more like 5'9" or 5'8". Now he's probably 5'6" and like most celebrities he probably wears lifts. If you see a photo of Kathleen Turner and him side by side you will see he doesn't look any more than a few inches and she is 5'3" according to a recent statement.
Celebheights 6'1.75"/187 CM on General Height
6'1" average for the Los Angeles area?
spainmen191cm on Football Soccer
Rob, do you know how tall is Van Der Sar?
[Editor Rob: he can look near 6ft 6]
Bruno on Gregory Peck
John Russell height on some sites is 6'4'' which I think is more accurate.
mr.rashid on Rebecca Ferguson
@Editor Rob, are you sure she is 5'7"? I just watched Rogue Nation and Cruise clearly edged her out (unless he was wearing lift), I'd say she's 5'6" Max, what do you say Rob?
[Editor Rob: 5ft 5.5 is probably the most she could look given footwear.]

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.