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21 October
Sam on Stephen Colbert
This works for Colbert, nearly 4 inches over Jon Stewart and nearly 6 inches under Bill O'Reilly.
Connor183 on Rob Paul
@Ud191cm as Rob and myself said before at 18 or over men have very likely finished growing so yeah you've probably finished growing now but some dont finish until they reach 21 so its possible you might get to 192cm but the chances of that happening at your age is very low, really i think you should be happy with your height, 6ft 3.25 is quite good.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Bret Hart
He was probably 238lbs in the 80s-90s.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Sonny Landham
189-190cm peak
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Callum Blue
185-186cm in The Tudors w/h Cavill
Dmeyer on User Heights
@ judd , i slight ground davantage and slightly better posture
184.3cm on Rob Paul
Yeah i agree with Rob there. I have noticed that i hit 184.3 / 4 mostly during my working week which consists of alot of heavy lifting. In the weekends though i can sometimes get pretty close to 185cm at night.
184.3cm on Harry Styles
Looks 5'10 next to a 5'11 self- claimed Beckham ?? Theres a photo there where they shake hands Lelman and Beckham is looking down at him so an easy 2 inches difference. Posting those photos just proves once more that Rob's listing is correct. I agree with you about Taylor Swift, she doesnt look any taller than 5'8.5 Blake Lively.
Peyman on General Height
Akash says on 16/Oct/14
How good are my measurements?

maybe a little thin for your height, but some people prefer to be thin.
here is mine
height :179
weight : 80kg
biceps :35cm
chest : bang on 40in
waist :34in

I had the best feeling when I was in the 73 - 77 kg range
my waist was 32in at that weight
Peyman on General Height
there is only an inch difference between us, so we are pretty much the same. I think 4cm is the where the difference starts to become noticeable
height difference feeling between two individuals (IMO):
0-1.5in : slightly taller
1.5-3in : taller
3-5 in : absolutely taller
5in+ : towering

for girls I believe it's really easier to find someone at under 5ft than over 5ft 10in, my sister at 161cm feels nothing less than average. but I've also seen girls taller than me but this not common.
for young boys 175 as I said, maybe 174 even.
Mid190s on Ming Yao
I just want to add that I really feel for Shaq in that ego destroying photo with Yao. I'm 6'5 and I hardly ever get towered like that. EVER,

Imagine what it's like for....SHAQ to get towered! a giant amongst giants in the NBA, to suddenly look and feellike the short guy. Mind Blowing.
John B on Bono
Watched the Graham Norton show here in the U.K this past week and U2 where all on the show and also was Robert Downey jr Mr Iron Man who is listed as 5'8 and Bono looked a good 2 inches shorter when they shook hands but Bono was wearing some chunky shoes which 100% was given him 2 inches in height or a little more i wouldn't be surprised barefoot Bono is 5'4 or just under ???......-
J.Lee on Gates McFadden
You guys that say she's taller, look at the eye level. It's clear she has extra hair and is tilting head upwards
lelman on Dynamo
Damn I've seen him listed elsewhere as up to 5'10". I'm sure he aint gonna be happy you've blown the lid off that one, Rob. haha
GUY on Arnold Schwarzenegger
BigViking says on 17/Oct/14
It´s most unfortunate that Guy and Lucio attack all new posters coming to this Arnold site and calling them names...These two fools are literally running rampage around here...If this nonsense continues I will stop posting here!
So you got refuted, and instead of giving a debate, you pout boo-hoo.
Steve on Andre The Giant
There is no guarantee Andre lost a lot of height, if any at all. Just because someone is heavy and has acromegaly doesn't mean they MUST have lost height as a result. There is HUGE difference between height loss and bad posture. Andres posture changed a lot from his younger days to his older days. I believe he didn't lose more than 1 inch in height and possibly even less.

He appeared shorter because he put on more weight and his posture was very poor in his older days. That makes him appear shorter, but it doesn't mean he WAS shorter. There is a big difference between appearing shorter and being genuinely shorter, people here cannot seem to understand the difference.

I think if Andre was to straighten out and stand at his tallest in his older days, he wouldn't be that far off his peak height when he was younger.
GUY on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Vibram says on 18/Oct/14
Guy, Serge Nubret was 180cm. Not 6ft (183cm).
Whatever dude, Arnold still looks around 6'1" there anyway. Serge is actually 5'11.5"- 6' for the record. Usually 182 cm.
Amaze on Dynamo
My friend is on this website and is a dynamo fan. He thinks you look like him, but what do you think?

Id say 5'6 is accurate yeah 168cm, looks short on tv but not that short, I was this height last prom, sucked haha.
[Editor Rob: lol a niece said that to me aswell!]
Amaze on General Height
@Lisa you are not a freak of nature. Tall women are hot, sure short women are gorgeous but tall women are just sexy, they just give off a different vibe that's all. Some men would be scared of dating a taller girl but I sure wouldn't.. But yeah you ain't a freak of nature. Tall girls are good too
fabrizio on Mel Gibson
mel gibson is 175/176
Judd on Bruce Spence
6'6" fits him...
julifan on Julianne Hough
I think feelme is correct.....look at julianne hough and anna kendrick together. I checked the heels from the website where they sell the shoes and the heel height is exactly the same in both juliannes and kendricks shoes, expect anna kendricks platform is 1cm higher.

So if Anna Kendrick is 155cm then at max i would say Julianne Hough is 157-158cm. However, im finding it hard to believe that anna kendrick is exaclty 155cm, since she her self states in her twitter that shes five feet tall.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Rob - whats your thought? Do you still fully believe shes exactly 160cm or could it be possible shes 157-158cm tall?
filmfan on Christopher Lee
Taller than 6'4'' Vincent Price in 80s horror spoof House of Long Shadows. On youtube 80s interview with Wogan, Lee towers the host who was about 6ft I think. I think 6'5'' is accurate. Perhaps he has lost a little height with age but his posture always looked impeccable. Surprised at Rob's estimate of 6'2'' but he was already very elderly by that time.
Pretty boy on Rob Paul
1/4"-1/2" below average for my age then, not bad. I guess it can be considered "Weak average".

What I would really like to know is what the median would be. While the mean (average) is useful in a way, it doesn't really tell me how I stack up against most men as they include very short and very tall people.
Height182 on Justin Bieber
No way Big G would edge out the Biebz today. I think it's the other way round. Big B would edge out Big G. Yeah he is about the same height as Mayweather, 5'7'' and nothing more.
timbreezy on Big Sean
Nowhere near 5'9. More like 5'5/5'6. Nice try though "Big" Sean.
62B on Andre The Giant
we know Nash was at least 6'9'' because we have seen he's police mugshot of 6'10'' in shoes, and I think that was taken in the evening.

And 62B you need to understand a 11.5'' long face is massive. that is 30% bigger than the avarage 9'' face,same with he's hands they are 20% longer than the avarage 8.25'' hands and that is without the thick hydro blote from the HGH and HGF1, if you grow 20% from 6' you would be over 7'2'' that is what we are talking about,all this crap of 13'' wrist bones and 13'' face and size 26 feet and 550lbs is doing him not justice because the real size of him 6'10'' size 19feet 11.5''+ face 9'5''+ hands and 450lbs is totaly massive,we dont need fantasy land measurments,we can see how big he was a total Giant all over.

That's still all just guessing numbers by you. 1/2" on one measurement and everything changes.
Dejavu on Dax Shepard
I think he is 6'2-6'3 range. I think he is a weak 6'3.
Bradi on Justin Bieber
Bieber is actually shorter than Mayweather is those vids, I don't know what you guys are seeing.
Chris on General Height
Hi Rob, just wanted to pick your brains. I have an exceptionally tall son who just turned 13 last week. He is already 6ft 2in and towers over all his classmates. I'm 5'10" and my wife is 5'7" so we're not exactly giants and our doctor has not really given him a firm indication of what he might end up other than there's nothing to worry about. What are your thoughts?
[Editor Rob: he may have got lucky with the combination of genes that determine height, so he has more of the tall genes from both, or the random factor gave him that. He might end early, but could also gain more and end up 6ft 5.]
Height182 on Sylvester Stallone
Here we have another friend of ours, Mr Robert Downey Jr, who is also trying to Master the art of Height. Click Here

Here in this picture, you see that he has rolled his trousers up. The point of this is to show all of us that he doesn't wear any lifts and he isn't hiding anything.

If you zoom in, you can see his ankle is supposed to go all the way down inside of that shoe. Instead, his ankle area is weirdly sticking out. Maybe he has shoved bricks inside his shoe? who knows.. All I know is he is no Sly!

Mr Downey maybe no Sly, but still as a 5'8'' man he can also grow to around 6'0''! Here he is with 6'0.5'' listed John Cena Click Here Click Here Click Here

Downey has also won my respect!
Chuckie Cheese 2 on Jimmy Kimmel
Strong 5 ft 11.

He loos like he lost 25 pounds from his 205 lbs peak. Looks 170 or so nowdays.
Andrea on Rob Paul
You probably are talking about that guy from GOT, arent you? He's what? 6'8 up close? I was showing Big Alex his pics with two real giants the other day and asked him how tall you think he is and he answered 5'10... Hell, they made him look average, thats crazy! (The pics have been posted somewhere in this site)
[Editor Rob: yes with the 2 other giants, you can see him Here. The giant on the left is 220cm (7ft 2.5), here is his twitter ]
Voiceless Dental Fricative on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnie looks about 5'4 in the PR photo for this page. He has the short guy build.
CaptainSpaulding on Kevin Nash
Thank you JT lol... NFL and College Football are usually spot on, when they lift their athletes' heights. Nash has 2.5-3 inches on that 6'6" football player there. 6'8.5" for Nash, minimum. Even if he was only that in more modern times, I think Nash was at least an inch taller than that in his prime.

He's likely lost some height. Prob at least an inch, happens to a lot of tall athletes as they get older............
Kendalljennergreatestfan on Ariel Winter
@The Fan totally agree.Obviously the downplay ariel height because she is the baby sister in MF.
CaptainSpaulding on Tyler Mane
Didn't mean to double post the same sort of thing lol... Anyways, I read Ali Baba's post where he says he measured himself at 6'5.5" at night. But he also says in the same exact post, that he'd been doing eleven hours of hard physical labor work... Wearing "heavy gear", like a back pack or something.

Ali Baba said in that same post, that all that physical hard work could have contributed to his nighttime height being 6'5.5". And not an even 6'6" like it usually is. He probably meant he had trouble standing straight when measuring himself or something.

My barefoot mid day height is 5'8". (I measure slightly under 5'8.5" in the morning, and slightly over 5'7.5" at night. (A difference of around 3/4 an inch). Thus, again my mid day barefoot height is 5'8".

But I've taken up weight lifting/body building recently. A couple nights ago, on a night after I had lifted weights, I measured my nighttime height. It was like 5'7" and a quarter of an inch, maybe 5'7" and a third of an inch.

BUT: My morning barefoot height is still always like 5'8.35" or 5'8.4". And I def DON'T lose at least a full inch of height throughout the day. Only like 3/4 an inch...

Lifting weights very obviously made me have trouble standing straight when measuring myself at night.
Crypto139 on Rob Paul
Hey Rob, can a person that has a 2 inch difference in height between another person have the exactly same shoulder height? Or even a slightly higher one for the guy 2 inches shorter?

Let's say a 178 cm tall guy has a very slightly higher shoulder level than a 183 cm tall guy.

Is that possible?
[Editor Rob: it is possible it could look close, if the taller person had a more curved might look standing with the smaller guy that their shoulders were close, also the taller guy might have a longer neck/head so that's something to consider.]
Andy on John F Kennedy
That Navy photo looks like he was around six feet in shoes.
20 October
Deliberate on Ron Perlman
End of season 5 ep 6, it shows him look through a peep hole on a door frame and he has to get on his toes to look through it. Then it shows Jemma walk in and she's clearly taller than him (probably in heals). After that I started paying attention and I'm gonna guess 5'9 or so. Plus he slouches like crazy in the later seasons so he looks super short in some shots.
Celebheights 188 CM on General Height
Do most people claim their height in shoes? I claim the height that I was measured in barefoot (6'1.5"-6'1.75"/187 CM) and would get away with claiming 6'3" if we're supposed to claim it in shoes.
Jo on Adam Levine
He's no taller than 5'6"... I met him years ago and spoke with him and he's definitely my height (5'6") maybe shorter. He was really small.
Mid190s on Ming Yao
I saw Yao play up close from the 3rd row and it felt like I was witnessing something supernatural. He made 6'10 NBA guys look like children. If he is only 7'3 then no one in the league is really 7 foot. Yao had a clean 4" advantage on Shaq.
Danimal on Robert Plant
Here's Zep being inducted into the R&R Hall of fame in 1995. See how Robert has several inches on Jimmy here (good view at 6:40). Today, Jimmy is taller than Robert and guess who's old? It's quite shocking how much Rober has shrunk. Here's the video:
Mid190s on Rob Paul

Oh I Still want to be the tallest person everywhere I go. This has not changed.

I just find that 5'9 individuals are a lot more laid back on the subject of height than the rest of us.
wishbone on Joyce DeWitt
I guess Joyce's 5'3" height is correct.Loved petite Joyce in a cute Leggs Sheer From Tummy To Toes Pantyhose ad in which she wore jeans with the pantyhose! Nice and comfortable and she was cute in the ad!
Lisa on General Height
@Alexander: Are there a lot of women's basketball teams in Moscow? ;)

@Little Sue: American women must be a tad taller than British women, on average. 5'1 women (20yo) could be classified as "very short" here. They're at the 9th percentile!

@Tom: That was one of the most realistic, sensible posts I've read.
Mmaeric on Randy Orton
I saw him person and thought he looked 6'5 so anyone saying 6'2 is full of it
RobV on General Height
@ Greenbolt, Sorry but I do not recognise your summary of what I have said as a real reflection of my view. Once again, and very simply, the reality about height is almost all to do with personal preference, and some might think that 5'11" is the start of tall, others might say 6'3". It is almost irrelevant really other than being a personal opinion, as there are more cultures in the world that just the US/UK/Europe. Idonesia has a population close to the USA and over there, 5'9" is probably seen as the start of tall.

You suggest that I need to 'defend' my use of elevators as a tall guy. I think in general, lifestyle choices like this do not have to be defended - we are all different and rather than a narrow kneejerk reaction of attacking people for their diverse views and lives, it is better to try and understand why that choice has been made. Diversity is good, not bad.
Pedro on Bella Thorne
Altough on instagram she comented about the "CSI" driver license and said that she is "pretty sure" about being 5'8": Click Here
[Editor Rob: pretty sure sometimes isn't enough, the last person who was pretty sure they were nearly 5ft 8 got a rude awakening in a downtown NY hotel ;)]
cole on Marton Csokas
@Editor Rob: I can only comment on how he looks with Denzel, because I can't remember seeing Marton in anything other than 'The Equalizer' - but I can't see how he'd measure 6'1 when Denzel's even got a footwear disadvantage in these shots. Granted he is standing a bit closer to the camera in the first one, Csokas a little closer in the second:

Click Here
Click Here

Unless Denzel is still 183-184 cm I can't see the full 6'1 for Csokas, they looked very close in the film also.
Tim on Alan Alda
I came here to comment the same as Mastro did. Wayne rogers on the show MASH looked at least 3 inches taller than Alda, so I assumed he was at least 6'4 or Alda was 6'1 peak
SantaMonican on Christian Bale
I saw him in a restaurant in Santa Monica a few years ago with his family. He was very wiry in build (not stocky at all), and although I was sitting down, he did not strike me as particularly tall--5'11" max. Ordinary looking guy in person, but he sure photographs great--saw trailer for Exodus last night. My guess is he's 5'10-1/2" to 5'11" max.
Pedro on Bella Thorne
She was listed 5'7" on "CSI": Click Here
tom on Aaron Paul
I think around 5'8" is bang on. He looks below average, but not really short. Lowest I could see is 5'7.5"
Greenbolt on User Heights
DMeyer, if that guy is 5'6.3'', then I'd say you're coming out to about 6'0.75'' once you take into account your slight camera advantage. Are you sure he's that tall? Based on his proportions he looks more a weak 5'5'' than a strong 5'6''. There's no question that you're the 5'11.5'' you claim, and I bet you could pass for 6'1'' any day of the week.

Anyway, on the topic of what classifies as 'towering', here's an expanded list of how I generally categorize the difference in height between two people of the same sex:

0.25''-0.75'': negligible difference

0.75''-1.5'': slight difference

1.5''-2.5'': weak solid difference

2.5''-3.5'': solid difference

3.5''-4.5'': strong solid difference

4.5''-5.5'': weak towering difference

5.5''-6.5'': solid towering difference

6.5''-7.5'': strong towering difference

7.5''-8.5'': weak extreme difference

8.5''-9.5'': solid extreme difference

9.5''-10.5'': strong extreme difference

10.5''+: either once person starts looking like a midget, or the other starts looking like a giant
Dmeyer on User Heights
I think once 3in shorter you are not towered but you feel smaller i have that with 6'2.5 friend
tasz on Dean Ambrose
a lot of talk is being bought up about his physique. dean was once decently built back in his indies days
Click Here

that was him back in 2006 or 2007, over the years his body had changed due to injuries and he lost mass as a result. since getting signed up to wwe he has shaped up similar to this only he is clearly more shredded than before. descent physique, looks around 220 lbs and looks a little shy of 6'1, just slorches a lot.
Late 187cm on Football Soccer
@ Pat

You'll have to provide a little bit more evidence to convince me. Khedira looks about 6'1 to me.
Height182 on Dan Osborne
Yeah Arch, looks a little over 6'3''. Still very tall.
Andrea on Misha Collins
You really think he's shorter than Jim then? I mean, i think near 5'11 is fine for Misha, not impossible he measures a bit under it, but he looks around 180 next to Jared and a couple of cms under Jensen, sometimes more but Jensen wears big shoes a lot!
[Editor Rob: they both can look similar]
ses on Dermot O'Leary
If O'Leary is 5ft9, then it's because he has the booster shoes on. He used to look about 5ft6 when he was on the Big Brother extra programmes a few years ago. Now that he is on stage with a suit on all the time, they obviously felt he needed to look a bit taller.
dicksock on Andre The Giant
Chaz says on 17/Oct/14
we know Nash was at least 6'9'' because we have seen he's police mugshot of 6'10'' in shoes, and I think that was taken in the evening.

And 62B you need to understand a 11.5'' long face is massive. that is 30% bigger than the avarage 9'' face,same with he's hands they are 20% longer than the avarage 8.25'' hands


I'm pretty sure the average hand length is 7.5" for men.
miko on Randy Orton
I've met a lot of those guys Rikashiku, and your pretty close with them.

Orton is a rock solid 6'4 when he stands tall. Sheamus is 6'3 range, but with his thicker footwear and tall hair can look a weak 6'4. Sheamus would be taller than Batista in a staredown I'd say, and as we've seen before he's a bit shorter than Orton.

Cesaro I cant quite pinpoint, he seems 6'3.5/6'4 range to me, around an inch shorter than weak 6'5 Jack Swagger. And Barrett is a hair over 6'5 IMO, not quite 6'6 as he's a couple of inches shorter than Kane.
Sam on Joey Ramone
Here's Joey with Jim Jarmusch and Johnny Depp, slouching as usual but looking around 6'5.5" IMO.
Click Here
truth on General Height
where I a from for young males 18-25:

160cm or less midget
162cm extremely short
165cm extremely short
167cm very short
170cm very short
173cm short
175cm short
177cm below average
180cm average
183cm above average
185cm tall
188cm tall
190cm very tall
193cm very tall
195cm extremely tall
198cm extremely tall
200cm or more giant
Tommo on Rob Paul
Who else did you get at comic con Rob? I notice the mountain from GOT was there (I guess the giant guy you referenced), Pippin from Lord of the Rings, Carrie Fisher, Jerome Flynn (also from GOT, bronn).
[Editor Rob: yes the Mountain, who I nearly knocked out for looking at jenny the wrong way...j/k, it's one guy I don't think you'd mess with ;) And jerome pretty much around what I would have thought he was and a couple of wrestlers always worth getting.]
JT on Andre The Giant
1981 Click Here Click Here Looks a little less than the usual 5 inch difference (Andre’s head is tilted back, raising his eye level) Hogan has the footwear advantage but nothing excessive about his boots. Click Here No excuses for Andre's posture, which is impeccable.

Nash measured up pretty well with Kareem, especially compared to how guys like ~ 6’7.5” Magic Johnson did Click Here Click Here From that low an angle any movement of the head forwards or backwards can make a big difference. This is 6’10.5” (Joakim Noah) with Kareem, who’s probably down to around 7’1” now Click Here When WWF ran a clip from that awards show, I remember Vince (who attended the show) referring to Nash standing next to "7'4" Kareem” since he obviously felt there was a four inch difference. It looks a little more than that assuming comparable footwear.
Connor183 on User Heights
@Dmeyer your friend looks the same height as someone i know whos 168.5cm too, measured by me, how much height do your shoes give you? in the pic with the shoes you look 6ft-6ft 0.5 range.
Federico on Jared Leto
@Max, he was wearing slippers. I could send you my pict with him
Andrea on Clive Owen
Don't need what? So if a guy says he has bad posture and doesn't look a certain height, he instantly got the benefit of doubt? Don't say that or you probably will see Sly slouching heavily in all photos from now on, just to get the full 5'9 listing back :)
But, no, seriously, Eric certainly doesn't look over 186 with Tom and the same Eric can look an inch taller than Clive, maybe with bad posture yeah... I mean, 186 for Clive is possible, it isn't ruled out but 6'2, IMO, is... But then again it's full of guys who are just 6'1 or a bit over and listed at 6'2 on here, so it's kinda fair in a sense, if you wanna keep that way. That's why i can't see Lance at only 6'2, maybe because i'm used to not 6'2 guys on here...
[Editor Rob: I'm just saying I don't need to mention the posture, because Clive himself noted it himself, that he doesn't stand that well.]
Connor183 on Rob Paul
@Amaze i used to weigh 212lbs at 6ft aswell, i was considered a big guy at that weight, im still considered quite big now, even at 180lbs people still said i was a big lad, but im not fat though right?, but now at 196lbs i really do need to lose some weight though but the problem is its chocolate and other junk food thats in my way its hard to resist unhealthy tasty food im too tempted.
Connor183 on Rob Paul
@Amaze good luck with your comp science course at uni, im glad your'e going to do what you want im happy for you mate!.

@Arch Stanton im virtually 20 and im getting a little beard, its grown again but it's not a full grown beard yet just a few spiky hairs on my cheeks, chin and im growing a tiny moustache too, im going to let my beard grow and see how it looks in a few months or so.
Dural on Football Soccer
Joey Barton is definetly no taller than 5'9". Podolski is only barely an inch taller than 174cm Michael Schumacher, yet he's listed 182cm.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Another example: Ribery is listed 170cm and Shaqiri 169cm. The difference is more like 2 inches in reality.

Click Here
sabot on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Stallone did it again! Click Here
184.3cm on Vin Diesel
I do Vin Munster boots
184.3cm on General Height
Today a guy had me in tears ..of laughter. At work they were asking people their height as we just got a medical few weeks ago and the guy next to me claimed 180 cm measured. He then got up to leave and i swear i was looking at the top of his head so he was 175cm tops. Anyway i lost it and started laughing like a loon as i just couldn't believe someone bordering on short was claiming to be a strong average height. Most people were pretty honest though and strangely enough the women lied more than the men did ! Especially when the discussion turned towards weight.
Andrea on Stephen Amell
Rob met both David Ramsey and Colin Salmon... With David being 6'2 max and Colin just a good 6'4 range guy, i think 6'0.5 for Stephen is very possible! He really might be just a 6'0.5 guy who can pull off looking 6'1 with his perfect posture!
[Editor Rob: unfortunately for me, I think he's at an event which clashes with my usual event. A decent 184 who stands normally very close to measured could pull off 6ft 1.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Carl Froch
The 6ft1 he's usually listed at is probably his morning height
Conor 185 on Rob Paul
Yes man exactly I'm like a 1.77-8 in USA or England I guess or 1.77 in Italy I'm average.
Check in the Internet the average height in the Netherlands......xO.
Well the third from all 20?? This is so awsome..! Gatekeepers usually
Well maybe ur the third in ur team cuz ur in Italy aren't people short ther? Well if u were in my country I would say u would be like number 12-13 tall from all the 20 /:.
Ur lucky to be tall in ur country it's nice. When in our from Netherlands like traveling and all that.. Like whn I was at Vegas befor few weeks I felt realy tall like 80% taller from the people around me. And they looked at me like " he's a tall guy " ( well I'm skinny person so maybe it's give me look of a 1.88cm guy) 68kg(:.
Vegas on Kevin Nash
sid, kane has slightly more height on orton in that video/screenshot than orton in turn has on rollins
Sam on Kristian Nairn
Yeah, I imagine his weight would catch up with him at his height easily, I wouldm't blame him for sitting.
Sam on Conan O'Brien
6'3" is too low for Conan...

I watched the video with Levi and while he is wearing relatively low sneakers compared to Conan's dress shoes, I think Conan might be getting a half inch more, so he's still a little taller. You could make an argument that Conan can look around a quarter to a half inch under 6'4" but a flat 6'3" doesn't fit.
Mike on Rob Paul
hey rob, i m 18 years old i m 183 cm and my father's height is 191 & mother's 158 and my elder brother's 186 cm
is there any chance i can grow tall now
i have also started doing pull ups and hanging excercise
anonymous on Andre The Giant
I don't usually post on this page but I couldn't help but wonder on the accuracy of JT's post on October 6th ! Judging from that Video still JT posted it appears that there is NOWAY on earth that This Gentle man by the name of Chet is only 3 inches shorter than ANDRE ! It appears from that image you posted JT , chet is between 6 to 8 inches shorter than ANDRE and NOWAY is ANDRE 6' 9" if Chet is really 6' 6" ! Here are the reasons why and what is clearly visible in that image :---- 1) ANDRE is FAR back and Chet is way ahead giving him the Camera distance advantage for one and even there he still looks much more than only three inches shorter given the fact that we can't see the top of ANDRE'S head !
2) ANDRE has his MASSIVE head lowered and he is leaning in that photo and DOESN'T have the posture of BIG SHOW ! We all know what that means here and how much height ANDRE would gain if stood up straight and his 14 inches head raised !
3) Chet also has the footwear advantage as ANDRE is in his Ultra thin wrestling boots and Chet is most likely in dress shoes giving him at least an inch or more advantage over ANDRE !
4) But what completely destroys Chet's credibility is this other thing which is VERY VERY VISIBLE in that image and I wonder is it just me who noticed it ! Please take a good LOOK AT ANDRE'S shoulder level !!! It's more than 6 inches higher than Chet's and it goes past Chet's eye level ! Would this difference in shoulder level be THAT much if the height difference is only 3 inches ??? The difference looks more like the difference a 7' 2" tall man would have on someone who was 6' 6" ! THERE IS NOWAY that ANDRE is only 6' 9" based on that image ??? Here is that image and please use an open mind people !
Here is the shoulder level's of ROB & ALEX who are 4 inches in height difference ! you can clearly see it doesn't even compare to the difference ANDRE has over CHET ! Click Here Click Here
andre on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
The rock is 6ft1.5 next too 6ft4 charles barkley
184.3cm on Kevin Nash
Look at that right photo now ask yourself is that a 6'6 man next to a 5'8 man?
Even low balling hes still a big 6'7 guy and more likely 6'8 range.
184.3cm on Jim Beaver
To be fair Andrea, Jim does look taller than the SaveUS guy from user heights who i thought was about 5'10. I think 180-181 is fair for him maybe he has less footwear than Jensen?To be honest i dont see much between the two of them on the show. However if jim is 181cm then Jensen is for sure 183cm and no less. And as for Jared im sure hes more than just a 6'4 flat guy. I still think hes 6'4.5 look how he measured up next to Tom Welling and Jason Momoa.
Jakob on Football Soccer
Not seeing 5'9" for Ozil. I doubt he's over 5'10" but in every picture I've seen of him from many different angles he looks taller than 5'9" to me.
Jakob on Liam Neeson
I don't know, he can still look 6'4" in his recent films. He has pretty loose posture too. Of course at 62 he could have dropped a cm or two due to wear and tear, but I wonder if at his peak he was more 194cm; he often looked much taller than other tall actors. In Battleship, I never really saw any scenes where he was near Alexander Skarsgard, so I don't know how they would shape up, but Skarsgard always looks taller than he is for some reason to me.
AlexMahone on Rob Paul
Height181 says on 15/Oct/14
I weigh 212lbs at the moment. I need to hit the gym again soon Lol.

I'm 231lbs (105kg) for 6'3.25 (191cm). I have average bones (not big, not muscular body) and that's why I did body building in many years (12 I think but I don't count exactly...:)). Unfortunately the last 3 years I did nothing because of my work...and yeah time try to do something....
Greenbolt on General Height
@dayle 185cm-184.5: The eye level of a weak 6'1''er will generally be in the 5'8''-5'8.25'' range.

@Berdych: I don't think guys over 6 foot have any advantage over 6 footers when it comes to women, and might in fact be at a disadvantage, especially at 6'3''+.
AlexMahone on Height Request
Rob is there any chance you could add Mastroianni then,
he's not just an obscure Italian actor check out 1962 oscars on wi-ki Click Here Could he be amongst finer performances all at once? Look at all those names he's surrounded by!! I think 176cm might be a good shout for him. Perhaps Andrea could find a quote in an Italian newspaper or something?
[Editor Rob: there is one mention in a book about him as being a bit under 5ft 11, I don't know...5ft 10 could be possible?]

If Richard Burton was 177cm than Mastroianni is almost the same but in this picrure his eye level is lower than Burton's.

Click Here

This is only one picture but I give him 176-177cm.
Sam on Slim Pickens
Anyone know how tall Harvey Korman was? Even when straightened up Pickens still looked at least an inch shorter and there often seemed to be two inches between them at times in Blazing Saddles.
Sam on Kodi Smit McPhee
I think he does look this range with a fairly tall line-up: Jake Paltrow (claimed elsewhere as 6'1" & looks around that with his sister), 6'2.75" Nicholas Hoult and 6'3.5" Michael Shannon.
Click Here
Tor on Cristiano Ronaldo
No guys, Cr7 isn't the same as pepe, he is a bit shorter;
however, all full figure's field pics put him about 183184 cm, max 185, so why try to overrate his height? 66'1 is a very good height! In the 8090 percentile's range: tall, clearly over average height, but not very very tall or a giant
Michael on Brock Lesnar
Click Here
Lesnar is only 1,87 max.(6-1,5) or Cena is 1,85/86 m min.(6-1) if Lesnar
is 1,88 (6-2).
Arch Stanton on Jim Beaver
Andrea says on 20/Oct/14 Anybody could see where he stays at the moment (one of the bad sides of Twitter eheh), fake his location and try to write a message under his name!

You'd have to be a pretty sad git to stalk Jim and impersonate him here and make up a fake measured height. A pretty tall order Andrea, I think it's more likely to be genuine than not.
[Editor Rob: I have no problem believing that is Jim.]
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Watching Il Bell Antonio now. You know, don't think he's far off nearly 5 ft 11 actually now I really look at it. He's noticeably taller than Cardinale even in moderate heels. Perhaps 5'10.5" would be a better shout. See him here with 5'6.5 Anita Ekberg in flip flops Click Here He's looking Clooney sort of height isn't he? I'm not sure if he was a lift wearer though, you could imagine a guy like that wearing expensive customs.
Dmeyer on Arnold Schwarzenegger
I wish i drop nothing by 60 , but with my weight problème
[Editor Rob: well worst case is you drop 2 inches by 70, just try to not let bad posture habits take over when you get to your 40's]
Adolf on Robert Downey Jr
His dad is 6'3
Arthur on Sylvester Stallone
Thoese who are saying Sly was 5ft10 or Sly is 5ft7 are ridicilous!
Guy is between 5ft8 to 5ft9! An intelligent healty person can guess this!
Ella on General Height
Am a 5'11.75 tall girl almost 6ft, and am just 16, but in ma family we stop growing at 16.. But seeing all this I now know that being tall is cool nowadays, esp for women, very rare.. Am very happy..
Arthur on Sylvester Stallone
Sly never been over 5ft9.25 in his peak! He was 5ft8.75 in his prime.
Vegas on Hulk Hogan
here is a shot from earlier this year. hogan worked for dusty rhodes back in the late 70s in florida so there should be some shots of those two together back then Click Here
truth on General Height
@Cole my mom is 165cm my dad 180cm and I am 178cm.
Dost on Aishwarya Rai
Nona is correct, Sushmita is not 5'10, she is closer to 5'8. Katrina is about 0.5" taller than Sush in Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya.

Deepika is 5'8.5 and Kriti is closer to 5'10!
Vibram on General Height
5ft11 (180cm) is not tall for young white British men. It is bang on average I'd say, possibly slightly over 5ft11 for the young white british youth (18-24) in further education.

All races and ages (18-70) average 5ft10 (177,3cm) in Great Britain. THIS is a FACT and is documented by British health and NHS. THis includes aged men up to 70 who would of lost 3cm since age 40. That is the normal height loss between ages 40 to 70 for a normal human male; 1cm a decade roughly. Already, we can see, if there was no height loss that average of 177.3cm would be higher. Now, deduct Indian and Bangledeshi British males, other 'smaller' ethnics and the average for a non-aged white man in Britain is obviously going to be a ballpark 180cm (+/- 1cm either way MAX).

A weak to mid 5ft9 (175 > 176cm) white british guy will feel as though 65%.... sometimes 70% of young white men are taller than him. This is how I feel at 176cm, yet people cannot accept my experience and run me off as a troll or deeply insecure nutjob and sufferer of "BDD" etc. I tell the TRUTH people; you need to be 178 to 180cm to feel normal as a White British Male (WBM) under age 50.
andre on Chris Jericho
Rob in a video chris jericho claims at age 18 he was 5ft8 , do you think he is your height or about 5ft9?
[Editor Rob: he can pass for taller than 5ft 8]
Dylan on Rob Paul
Maria Alessandra says on 17/Oct/14
hi rob. I am a 16 girl tall 175 cm tall (measured by the doctor at 7 pm). I came from Italy and in my country I am considered tall. If I go to Sweden, Denmark or Netherlands there how I can look next to the local average women? Thank you
[Editor Rob: it's a lot easier for me to reply to the one user name ;)]

Hi rob just in case where you think that maria is me 'cause she talks about women in netherlends as me.
I'm a man!! 20years.oh and just a question, my comment is not here it is normal?
[Editor Rob: as I say, it is easier if you just stick with one name when commenting!]
Vegas on Kevin Nash
tony t. says on 17/Oct/14
I think Nash looks 6'8 if you compare the photos here to the one Rob took with Tyler Mane.

comparison of the two shots, nash is coming out slightly taller despite mane having a footwear advantage Click Here

mane and nash looked very close in height in 1993 as well
andre on Andre The Giant
Andre at wrestlemania 3 was no more then 6ft8 and hogan was 6ft3.8
Ella on Brad Pitt
@Fillipo thanks for that sayin, you took the words outta my mouth.. I mean does height really matter? Its aboit what you use it to achieve, I'm 5'11.5 tall as a girl, and believe me I plan on using it to make waves, really "no one can really judge an inch in normal life"
Ella on Zayn Malik
I honestly think Ayn is 5'8, I mean look at this pics up there, he looks short, I support that he is "short,with a slim frame" but I think Niall is the shortest , and liam is the tallest, I heard Liam is over 6ft now, do you think the dude is still growing or what? And he looks really tall!!!.. While Harry just deceives err1 dat he is 5'11, when he actually wears lift, with his long hair and skinny frame. To me the shortest is Nial(5'7) and the tallest Liam (6ft and still counting?) ?? Who agrees?? :)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Heath Ledger
I don't rule out a strong 6ft1 for Ledger after watching A Knight's Tale
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Timothy Hutton
Solid 6ft guy in Ordinary People and there's a good chance he was still growing at that stage. He can still look it on Leverage but his posture is not very good nowadays. If Don Sutherland was 6ft4 or close, Hutton could pass for 6ft1
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Russell Wong
Yeah, he could look really 184-185cm range in Romeo Must Die and New Jack City.
Pedro on Height Request
Usama Bin Laden. According to FBI he was between 6'4" to 6'6": Click Here
So how tall was he?
pjk on Alexander Armstrong
Alexander looks about 5'10" - 5'11". Richard Osman looks very tall. He looks easily 6'7" next to Alexander.
Arch Stanton on Height Request
@Rob, mmm maybe 177cm, not so sure about a full 5ft 10. Perhaps nearly 5'11 was a footwear measurement? I'll watch Il bell'Antonio and see him next to Cardinale. He might be a bit taller than I thought. I strongly doubt nearly 5 ft 11 barefoot though.
[Editor Rob: I'll put him at 5ft 9.5 just now, but please have a look and let us know what you think after seeing it.]
Amaze on Rob Paul
@Julian sorry but if this was Netherlands Lor something you would be correct. But 6 ft is still tallish in those countries but in UK us, sorry he is tall. He is low tall, starting tall. Still tall and looks it. 183cm is tall for men still here. 5'9 is the overall average. So yeah 6' is still tall

Yeah rob that's nice hehe nice degree, I'll hope to have that by 21/22
Brad on Sylvester Stallone
Yes Jesse, he's had old school NY short bodyguards forever. He destroys them in his customs. Packed solid wedge with Hulk, big time Herman Munster footwear. G isn't dot dot dot, he's 42 years old and 225 pounds and 5' 6.5" in photos.
miko on Kane
Kane is still 6'7 or a hair over when he stands properly. In poor posture of course he'll look shorter, just like Taker.
Height182 on Rob Paul
@Amaze: I may be considered ''overweight'' at my height, but I am not fat at all. I do have a bit of muscle. I want to stay in the 200lbs range anyway, I wouldn't want to come down.
Alex 6'0 on Seth Rollins
6'1 205lbs lean with muscle is a big guy. He's just not big compared to the huge guys in WWE but overall guy is pretty built. He looks about my size though I feel I may edge him out slightly. He's def bigger than average guy in gym and bigger than guys in the gym you'd consider built as well
Alex 6'0 on Dean Ambrose
Ambrose and Rollins are pretty built guys. I'm 6'0 and 208-210lbs currently and I'm a big guy. Of course nowhere the size of guys like Lesnar, Batista, HHH but those guys are "huge" not big that's the difference. 6'0-6'1 205-210lbs of mostly muscle is a pretty big guy. Rollins and Ambrose may not look big near the HUGE guys in WWE but overall still big guys. Surely bigger than average guys who are built in the gym. I walk around the gym and I'm bigger than the guys in the gym who are considered built.
lelman on Justin Bieber
I would guess Lil Twist is 5'2" based on that photo. He's listed at 171cm elsewhere! Christ.

You can see Bieber relishing the moment where he got to slouch down for someone.
cole on Brad Pitt
@snatch (I take it that's what you meant when you wrote "snath" as your nickname): Seriously, what on earth are you on about? You don't even understand your own arguments. You go ahead and believe he's a 176-177 cm guy wearing 3-4in footwear everywhere he goes, and keep neglecting the very fact that proportions don't matter - it's the difference between the top of two people's heads you should be focusing on. And if you believe Pitt is wearing lifts all the time, at least take the time to look at some pics and consider how much of an advantage he would ACTUALLY have.
BustinJieber on Justin Bieber
If Russell Wilson is 5'11 then JB must be like 5'6

Click Here
Average height of a male human head is 9.4 inches, Justin is only up to his nose/lower lip (4.7 inches), therefore Justin Bieber is around 5 inches shorter than the 5'11 Russell Wilson, making him around 5'6.25
Alex 6'0 on User Heights
Height182, ok so your evening is still 5'11.25 but midday you're 5'11.5 and you're just going with midday?
Sam on Height Request
McNairy would be a solid addition, I think 5'8"-5'8.5".
[Editor Rob: yeah I should add him, 5ft 8.5 might be possible]
Sam on Height Request
I think a bit more conservative listing like 5'10.25" for Colbert, he looks right around a 5'10" guy next to someone tall like "Papa Bear" O'Reilly.
Alex 6'0 on User Heights
Rob, yea usually 5 inches taller than someone you can usually see right over their head but a guy with a lower eye level/longer forehead its a bit difference.
[Editor Rob: sometimes a guy just tilting their head up or down can kind of make them look less or more towering aswell.]
Sam on Height Request
Mastroianni looks a weak 5'10", more somewhere around 176-177 cm I'd think. A bit under 5'11" could be a shoed height.
lelman on Jim Beaver

MishaC_183: I am a legit 6 footer, I think Jensen has me by an inch or two.
indianguy on General Height
My height is 185 cm,my dad is around 170 cm and mom 155 cm. Which makes me tall as per indian standards and also in my family. ButI would like to point out that my uncle and grandfather were pretty tall, like 180 cm.
So I would like to mention here that height is male dominant gene,if your dad is tall, there is 75 % chance you will be tall if you are a male and 25% PROBABILITY if your a female.also sports do help.I used to play cricket and basketball daily during my teenage.
lelman on Harry Styles
@Height182 Click Here

He looks 5'10" next to Beckham, heck he even looks near 5'11" in some of them. Click Here He's clearly dropping a good bit of height here, I think if he stood up straight he'd be hitting around or over 5'10". Beckham looks barely an inch taller than him, those of you claiming he looks 2-3 inches taller are crazy.

Now I haven't seen any pictures of his footwear here, so I'm gonna assume that they are generous and giving him a bit of a boost. He still looks to be at least 5'9.25".

I think Taylor Swift is probably just shy 5'9", and this guy is just shy 5'10". You can call me a fangirl if you like, even though I'm a guy and don't care for him at all, but he just doesn't look under 5'9" to me.
mordor on Cristiano Ronaldo
Most sites list Pepe at 187cm.Think that real's official page and even w i k i list him at 188cm.So if you consider these facts ronaldo is a legit 186,5cm guy.
again saying his morning height around 187-187,5cm
Celebheights 188 CM on Sylvester Stallone
@Arthur Glenn looked taller than that by Seann Willian Scott, however
BustinJieber on Justin Bieber
With 5'7 Ryan Sheckler (while wearing Bieber boots)

Click Here
Judd on User Heights
dmeyer how is the ground in the picture you've just posted?
because if your friend is 5'6.5 then you looks 6'1.5-2" next to him...
Chris on Hulk Hogan
Look at Hogan next to Shaq in the 1990s. And look at Lebron next to Shaq in the last few years. The height difference is basically the same for both. Hogan was obviously over 6'6 even in the 1990s
Chris on Hulk Hogan
I know people never believe celebrity heights, but I think it's quite likely Hogan was 6'7 in the 1970s, 6'6 in the 1980s and 1990s. 6'3 in the 2000s, and back to about 6'5 now.
Chris on Hulk Hogan
And remember, Hogan was even bigger in the 1970s. I saw a video of him with Richard Belzar, who is 6'1. Hogan makes him look tiny. Hogan had at least 6 inches on him
Markus from Italy on John Schneider
Well, that's exactely the height range difference between me and a friend of mine who's 190. When I'm next to him, feel like dwarf. Interesting as height difference, with camera angle, can make you look taller or shorter according to the case even though there's not so much difference in height. a 190 man can easily tower over a 174 to 185 height man if camera angle is advantaging him or her.
Chris on Hulk Hogan
With spine surgery, they usually remove sections of your back to ease pressure. But it sometimes makes it worse, so corrective surgery is reinserting material to replace the removed section of spine. So it's quite a legitimate story
the shredder on Rob Paul
Rob , did you meet Ralph Macchio?
[Editor Rob: yeah he was cool]
Chris on Hulk Hogan
As for Hogan, anyone who has had major back surgery will tell you, you do lose height every time you have it. And he's had lots! It's quite probable he lost significant height. And it's also likely he regained from from corrective surgery.
Chris on Hulk Hogan
Hogan was obviously huge in his younger days. Look at him with Andre the Giant - Andre was only 3 inches taller! Hogan had the same height difference with Andre, that Big John Studd had with him. And Studd was a legit 6'7.

Hogan at his peak was at least 6'6. I think he was probably taller
Markus from Italy on Michael C Hall
A few years ago Jennifer Carpenter was listed everywhere not under 177, but you can clearly see that she's shorter on Showtime's Dexter. Michael seems 176/177 while Desmond looks taller especially next do David Zayas who's 183/184. I can buy 177 for Michael and at least 180 for Desmond. Jennifer instead is probabily 175 top (you can see it especially when she's next to "Masuka" who's not over 164/165 and there's a big difference between the two).

Anyhow, I'm still watching Dexter, it is a wonderful show, probabily one of the best ever made. I wish it would continue with a Spin Off.
[Editor Rob: yeah Dexter is one show even in a 'poorer' season still is well made.]
Chris on Charles Barkley
I saw a picture of Barkley with Chris Nivoselivic from Nirvana. Who is a legit 6'7. This site has him as 6'7. Barkley was very close in height to him. Charles is at least 6'6. He's probably closer to 6'7
Chris on Charles Barkley
Greg - and I don't believe for a minute police mugshots make you look taller! The entire point of a police musghot is to give the police an accurate height measurement for court cases!
[Editor Rob: for an accurate mugshot you really need the camera at the same height the person is. Clearly with Barkley it is nowhere near that height, so it's an innacurate mugshot.

In the same way the ones I took here: Click Here. Although the last one would certainly be heartily approved if it was Sly in my place ;)]
Chris on Charles Barkley
Greg - I'm not just basing it on his mug shots. That's part of it. The other part of it is, Barkley is quite a bit taller than guys like Jordan, Kobe, etc etc!
Chris on Michael Jordan
Charles Barkley was well over 6'7 in his police mugshots. He's almost 6'8 in them. Shoes add about an inch. So Barkley is probably close to 6'7 flat footed. Barkley is about half an inch taller than Jordan in photos. An inch at the very most. It's pretty obvious Jordan is close to 6'6 if not over it
[Editor Rob: Barkley looks as if he's looking down a bit at the camera, so it's a given that his mugshot is adding height.]
Chris on Michael Jordan
Kobe Bryant is 6'5. That was his pre draft measurement without shoes. Jordan is taller than Kobe. Quite clearly.

If Jordan isn't 6'6, he's very close to it. They would have just rounded his height up, for the official stats
Chris on Michael Jordan
ab - 6.475 is actually 6.5. You round up height. So Kobe is 6'5
Dural on Cristiano Ronaldo
He must be standing on his toes behind the wall

Click Here

just like here

Click Here
Chris on Michael Jordan
Short guys love to claim there's some sort of conspiracy against them. They bring everyone down an inch then say "well he's the same as him!"
Michelle on Kylie Jenner
Kylie tweeted a fan on October 8, 2014 saying she's 5'6.
Chris on LeBron James
Lebron James was measured 6 ft 7.25, barefoot, when he was 18 years of age, for the draft. That's official. It's pretty likely that was not even his max height at 18 years of age - people measure different heights at different times of the day.

Many men don't even stop growing until they're 20 or 21. I think it's pretty likely he's at least 6'8
Arch Stanton on Calum Best
greg says on 25/Oct/12
Difficult to believe this is George Best's kid; George was on the shorter end of average height for his era (~5'8"?), and pics of Calum around town show him looking a lot taller than everyone around him. At least 6'1".

Why is it? His mother is an American model probably at least 5 ft 9 and although he has his mother's colouring you can see George is his dad, especially when he has a beard, there's a quite a resemblance there, even if Calum looks a lot more "streetwise" than him.
Judd on Rob Paul
rob, this morning i met a close friend of me who ìs studying medicine.
i ask him about height and he told me a thing which i didn't know: the human being has three kinds of height, a "natural" height, a "real" height and a "potential" height.
[ names have been translated into English so I do not know if they are exactly equivalent ]
the natural height is the height which we have for the most of the day, so the height that you measure on the site here, and it's influenced by the ecosystem (gravity) and it's around 0,5-1" above the real height.
the real height is the height that you call "morning height" so the height not influenced by the ecosystem/gravity...if you go on space then you'll be at your morning height and not evening...
the potential height is the maximum height that a human being could reach at best life condition. just a little percentage of people can reach them because it's influenced by lots of factors (food quality, sports activities, environment...) and it's very hard to know it.
the core of the topic is that if you want to predict the future height of a man you should need to see the potential height, but since it's almost impossible to know that, the real height. did you know that?
[Editor Rob: it's still just a classification. I like to just say we a range, or a high and low, a morning and evening. Sometimes we don't quite achieve our maximum morning and sometimes we don't quite hit our lowest evening.]
onlytrue on Justin Bieber
In that boxing video floyd is at least 1-2 inches taller as shown by his and justins shoulder levels throughout. I'll stick by the height i've always said justin is barefoot and that's 5'5.75
Arch Stanton on Louis C.K.
@Anon Does he?? In Blue Jasmine I thought he looked 5'10 tops.
Arch Stanton on Stellan Skarsgard
Yeah he looked a proper 6'3" guy in Good Will Hunting.
Smartman on Sylvester Stallone
Here the true height of celeb's:

Tom cruise: 172 cm
Sylvester stalone: 1.77 cm
Arnold scharwzenegger: 187 cm
Tobey maquire: 172 cm
Antonio banderas: 1.74 cm
Johnny Depp: 1.76 or 1.74 cm
George Clooney: 1.76 cm
Al Pacino: 1.66 or 1.65 cm
Justin bieber: 1.72 cm

This is 100% the true height of celeb's
Amaze on General Height
@Berdych 6 ft is tall enough for most women, and women mostly prefer 6'-6'2 guys. maybe 6'2 will. but height matters, BUT NOT that much

a 6'0 guy good looking guy vs a 6'2 average looker
6'0 wins.
Judd on Pierce Brosnan
S. Connery: 6'0.5-0.75" (6'2" peak)
G.Lazenby: 6'0-0.25" (6'1.5-1.75" peak)
R. Moore: 6'0" (6'1-1.5" peak)
T. Dalton: 6'1.5" (6'1.75-2")
P. Brosnan: 6'1" (6'1.25")
D. Craig: 5'9.75-10"
Ud191cm on Rob Paul
Rob, if you say, generally people don't grow after 18, so what would you say about my chart?
20th birthday later-191-192 in the night, currently I'm 6'3.3 in the night, so is it possible that before 21 I make it to weak 6'4 at least?
Since my growth has been constant all my life...
Lisa on General Height
Cole's post brings up some questions. Do taller fathers tend to have taller daughters while shorter mothers tend to have shorter sons? Do shorter fathers tend to have shorter daughters while taller mothers tend to have taller sons? I've seen examples of this but it may just be confirmation bias.

@nona: Did you say that you were a girl?

@Sammy: I'm not happy with your measurements because I'm bigger than you in almost every way. Thanks for making me feel like a freak of nature. :( j/k
Height182 on Rob Paul
@Alex 6'0: I am 182cm Midday, and can hold it throughout most of the day if I am not very active.
Height182 on Randy Orton
@Aza: Your listings are very accurate. Ignore the people who are saying they are not. They are probably huge fanboys or just believe in billed heights.
Height182 on Harry Styles
@lelman: If Harry was 5'10'' then David Beckham would have to be 6'1''! that is a complete Joke!! I am guessing you are a fangirl? Harry is 5'8'' - 5'9'' Max. David Beckham is barely 5'11'' himself.
Height182 on Triple H
@Aza: Just ignore Clay. Let him say what he wants. I agree with you that Triple H is around 6'1'' in the evening, could even be slightly lower!
Soldier 6ft 0.25 (183.5cm) on Kendall Jenner
here is kendall with almost 6ft 2 karlie kloss people stop saying that kendall is shorter than 5ft 10 because she is not

Click Here
Andrea on Michael Trucco
Rob, did you see him in person? Is he really a big 6'2.5 guy? I actually only looked a few things of him in the past and thought he wasnt this tall...
[Editor Rob: yeah he ain't that tall up close...but it is quite possible because of his car accident (he had several fractured vertebrae) he had lost a fraction, I don't know, but it is a possibility.]
Andrea on Rob Paul
Hey Big Rob, did you have fun at the London Comic Con? Met many people? Did you meet Colin Salmon? He's a big 6'4 in person too?
[Editor Rob: I didn't think he was worth adding to the site...

nah, of course I got him! He was a bit over the place in the photoshoot but tried to get as best a shot I could, I think it was a good enough event with a few taller guys which is always useful for the site, especially one giant guy who I know has been requested before.

I would say Colin up close is a decent 6ft 4, he never really looked anything less than that in what he's been in...and a thoroughly nice chap aswell.]
Andrea on Jim Beaver
First) Even SaveUs seemed genuine but he wasnt 6' for sure, but he believed to be a solid 183 and so could Jim! I repeat, ok, maybe he's 181 range, but Jared can't be only 6'4 and that's quite an objective thing! And what about Jensen? He's only a cm taller and he thinks he's two good inches taller? I mean, in that case, he should review his idea of "two inches"... Second) are you really sure he's the real jim? Anybody could see where he stays at the moment (one of the bad sides of Twitter eheh), fake his location and try to write a message under his name! Third) Jim, if that's really you, as i said, write something on your twitter, so nobody will doubt about you ;)
feelme on Julianne Hough
i think she might be around 157-158cm range. She looked very short next to the very short ryan seacrest.
Danimal on Kevin Nash
Tim 181 says on 17/Oct/14
He himself says he has lost 1.75" from 6'11.25 to 6'9.5, so maybe he was about 6'9.5 peak and now is 6'8

I believe he could have lost 1.75" (same for Big Show). As for him having been 6'11.25", highly unlikely. If he was, then then the Big Show was 7'2" in the WCW, seeing he had about 3" on Nash back then and the Big Show was at least 7'0.5" at his peak. Nash may have been close to 6'10" peak and around 6'8" today.
Dmeyer on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Rob 2cm loss by 60 and 3cm by 70 is typical ? You say some people drop only 0.5-1cm by 60
[Editor Rob: 1cm by 60 is quite typical, but a good chunk can make it to then without losing more than a few mm, while others lose 2cm. It really is harder to predict, and sometimes depends on lifestyle and physicality.]
dmwalker on Paul Walker
184.9 on a bad day, do you mean to pause at 0:35, where Paul looks taller than Rock (with Rock wearing his typical tall heel boots? Not sure what your point is ????
dmwalker on Paul Walker
184.9 on a bad day, do you mean to pause at 0:35, where Paul looks taller than Rock (which Rock wearing his typical tall heel boots? Not sure what your point is ????
SID on Kane
Vegas do you see 3 inches in that photo
ReturnofG on Robert Maillet
I'd give him a good 6'10 myself, def. taller than Nash.
max on Justin Bieber
Did anyone see that boxing video with him and mayweather recently? He's and inch shorter! 169-170cm
19 October
Pat on Football Soccer
Sami Khedira is 189cm
Click Here
Greg on Dalip Singh
Looks 217cm
Rhonda on Dermot O'Leary
Pharrell Williams isn't 5ft9
Rhonda on Adam Levine
Looks exactly 5ft11 next to Dermot on the X-factor. If Dermot is 5ft7.
MIB on Tommy Lee Jones
He did look shorter In MIB3
Jakob on David Morrissey
6'2"/188cm. He can look 6'2 1/2" /189cm at times too, but I think 6'3" is pushing it a little.
chrisssss on Jared Leto
Davie havock and chester bennington are both 5'10 and were taller than leto by an inch
marco on Jared Leto
There two interviews with leto on ellen, one before the oscars, and one after he won, now this is proof he wears lifts, the interview before the oscars, he wore open boots with 2inch lifts and he was a good bit taller than ellen, however the second interview after the oscars, he wore normal loafers and he was SIGNIFICANTLY shorter, he was slightly taller than ellen(2inches max) leto is 5'9 at best
max on Jared Leto
@federico he wears lifts bro, im 5'10 (177) and when i saw them in florida 3 months ago with LP and AFI he was 2-3cm shorter than me! He definitley wears, his height always varies, chester benington(178cm) was taller than him as well
Danimal on Kane Hodder
Finally found the video of A Current Affair where they do a profile on Kane Hodder!!! At 3:15 they say he is 6'3" and 215 pounds. Remember, this was 25 years ago (1989). He DID get heavier in the next few years, but I do believe that 25 years ago, he WAS close to 6'3". Here's the video:
5ft10guy on Leonardo DiCaprio
How tall is his model girlfriend she looks taller then him
teej on Josh Holloway
I used to watch lost when i was young when it came out in 2004. As a kid I always thought he was tall. Being 187cm i dont know why but I can imagine him being taller than me. Maybe because he has a slim physique it makes him appear taller. But he does look like a strong 6'1. I think he may be 187cm like he's listed on other sites
5ft10guy on Brad Pitt
5ft9-5ft10 I saw him riding a motorcycle in tmz I think and his arms and legs didnt look long .I think hes just 5ft9.5 with lifts 5ft11 to 6ft
HYpado on Carol Alt
Carol looks very tall in Beyond Justice with Rutger Hauer.
5ft10guy on Christian Bale
I Like this guy's role as batman but I have to agree with grizz when I look at him I dont thiink tall and in batman he looked luke a 5ft11 guy Morgan and even the actor who played alfred we're a bit taller
jono indo on Rob Paul
rob,im an asian guy 23 years old
im about 174-175cm..
can i grow taller???
[Editor Rob: it is extremely rare to get any growth in 21-25 range]
Celebheights 188 CM on Ashton Kutcher
Unless Justin Timberlake is wearing lifts, there's no way that Kutcher is this tall:

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Tia Carrere
Looks around 171-172cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Kris Marshall
Rob, is a fraction over 6ft2 possible?
[Editor Rob: an honest 6ft 2, at times he could in the past appear a bit over.]
jono indo on Football Soccer
mesut ozil is not 5'8..mesut at least about 178-180..
Click Here
Click Here
5ft10guy on General Height
Today I was shopping and this is how it went : me looking for cereal one 5ft6 woman(hello 5ft6 woman.Me looking for turkey two 5ft8 woman me:"haha but im still taller."While looking for juice one average height woman with a her much taller friend her height 5ft10.My reaction:C'mon why couldnt I be taller then all the females for one day..As I proceeded to check out I spotted a couple a 5ft9 man and the wrestler looking wife.She was huge! 6ft5 I would put her.As I paid for the items ,one of the worst moments are when you're walking behind someone substantially taller and their is no way to get pass them since the walk way is too narrow.So I had to walk behind this lady with heavy bags forcing my posture to lower while making me look like a midget.My 6ft friend looked at the lady in shock kinda made ma laugh too.
Adam C. on Pete Steele
I was fortunate enough to have met Pete, John, Josh and Kenny while attending a performance and staying at a Hard Rock in the early hours of the morning in the bar lounge. Awesome people. I was treated like a friend rather than just another mere fan. All of the guys are above average height with Pete being the tallest and overall largest. I am 6'1" barefoot and 235lbs. There are not many occasions where I have to literally look up to someone in order to make eye contact while speaking with them but that was one of them. My grandfather stands 6'10" and Pete in comparison with him and myself stood at least 6'8" as stated in the comment below Peter has claimed to stand at 6'8". However no matter what the truth maybe Pete was a giant at heart and amongst musicians ...
Bud on Rob Paul
With Cliff Click Here
Paul on Giant Haystacks
Haystacks lined up with other wrestlers including 197cm John Quinn. Really only 2in taller than that Rob ?
[Editor Rob: he can appear about 3 inches taller]
Bud on Rob Paul
Rob how tall looks Guliano Gemma with 5'9.5 Alan Dalon Click Here Click Here Click Here
5'9 Kirk Douglass Click Here
6'3.25 Jack Palance Click Here
6'1.5 Anthony Quinn Click Here

And 6'2 Lee Van Cliff Click Here Click Here
[Editor Rob: not sure on that guy]
Paul on The Undertaker
Shawn Michaels once said in a shoot interview around 1994 that Kevin Nash was 6'10 1/2.
Gx79 on Cristiano Ronaldo
He looks 6 foot2 he towers over 5 foot 10 girldfriend
Ghali on Caroline Wozniacki
I think she needs an upgrade, look with Ana Ivanovic (184cm) Click Here I think she is a solid 179 cm.
Truee on Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester is 176 CM !!!!!!!!!!!
Danimal on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Alex 6'0 says on 15/Oct/14
Ive been on this site since September 2005 and this was the first page I had come onto.

I've been here since December 2004 and I remember Hogan and Andre were the first 2 wrestler pages on this site. Back then it was Jason, Viper, JT and I.
Danimal on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Alex 6'0 says on 15/Oct/14
Ive been on this site since September 2005 and this was the first page I had come onto.

I've been here since December 2004 and I remember Hogan and Andre were the first 2 wrestler pages on this site.
Celebheights 188 CM on Ashton Kutcher
By Bradley Cooper:

Click Here (there are other photos there with the two as well as Kutcher might be slouching there a tad)

For Ashton Kutcher to be a full 6'2", Bradley Cooper would need to at least be 6'1" after seeing the photos.
cole on John Malkovich
When standing tall I'm sure he'd measure about 5'11: Click Here
It's when standing more loosely he can give a shorter impression: Click Here
Tim on Matthew Rhys
Was also watching The Americans and there is no way he's 5'11/5'10.5. He looks pretty short there, max 5'9.
MarcusTheSwede on Zac Efron
He is Five Seven nothing else more then that.
Halb on Andre The Giant
There was a good picture of André on fb recently, an old one, with Stu Hart and someone else. Posted by Stu's granddaughter.
richkid123 on Jacqueline Mckenzie
looks 5'6"
Amaze on Rob Paul
So you did comp science rob? I just applied for that for uni using UCAS haha. Hope to do a masters in that aswell looks onterestimg. Did you enjoy it? Greatly looking forward to it.
[Editor Rob: yes, I didn't faff about...I worked at it, improved myself, played a lot of pool, and graduated with a nice degree ;)]
Josh on Amanda Crew
she look´s 5´7 5´7.5 the most
Mark on Sid Eudy
Both 6'6 1/2 for me. If there is a difference it's negligible.
Mark on The Undertaker
Miiiiiighty not more than 2" on Jake Roberts I'm afraid.
Heylo on General Height
While some people here say 5'11 isn't tall in western countries, i would say (as a Swede) that 5'11 could often be perceived as quite (almost) tall. Most tall actors are really 5'11-6ft but looks 6'1-6'2 on screen.

I am living in Sweden and my height is fairly short for a young swedish male (177cm) but I still doesn't feel very short. I feel that i'm a bit under average just as my height is. My point is that most people lie about their height, add one inch or rounding up half an inch regardless of their actual height. Most people around my height (5'9-5'10) loves to claim 5'11. Therefor, when a real 5'11 guy comes in the picture, he will look quite tall. But where i live, in general, 5'11 is very average yes.

My opinion on what is short and not, I'm basing it on where I live of course (Sweden).

5'6 = Very short
5'7 = Short
5'8 = Quite short
5'9 = Quite decent*
5'10 = Decent
5'11 = Average*
6ft = Upper average/a bit tallish*
6'1 = Tall
6'2 = Definitely tall

* = Can be seen as tall/short by many.
diavolo on Ziggy Marley
Bob Marley was usually put at 5'7", but I saw him described as short as 5'4".
ashley on Justin Bieber
Click Here
same height as floyd mayweather
cole on General Height
My dad's and mom's peak height was 178 and 168 cm respectively - my potential was calculated at 179,6 cm by the "2 years old method" (height at age 2, times 2 - I was 89,8 cm) and by the "parents height method" (can't remember the exact formula) - it turned out to be almost 100% accurate in my case. Some are more fortunate and some are rather unfortunate: I have a 194 cm friend with a 186 cm father and 172 cm mother, a 178 cm friend with a 193 cm father and a 162 cm mother, and a 168 cm friend with a 182 cm father and a 165 cm mother. I think for guys it's most common to get within 2-3 cm above or below the father's height. Do you know any statistics on this Rob?
Heylo on Johnny Depp
According to several teen magazines back in the 80s he was either 5'10 or 5'11. Every actor gets told to round up their height or add 1-2 inches. He must be around 5'9, 174-176cm. Never looks short.
Kourosh177cm on Vin Diesel
I used to believe he is just a 5'11 guy but look at this picture:

Click Here

here is with 5'10 wrestler Kurt angle and he has 2 inches on him.

i dont know about footwear though.
Judd on Forest Whitaker
solid 6'2" when he was young, but today 6'1.5-1.75" is better...he need a downgrade
digling on Chris Cornell
Cornell is 189-190 . in this video we clearly see him next to Chester Bennington who is 178 by his side , with his head being in the same height as the apex of Cornells nose.
TJE on Colin Farrell
Nearer 5'10 than 5'9
linke on Amitabh Bachchan
Abhisekh is Strong 6'1, weak 6'2 at best. He's shorter than 6'2 sonu sood.
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
For all you guys who are 20 odd and worrying that you can't grow a decent beard. I shaved mine off entirely over the summer, clean shaving twice a day. I've now grown it back and it's better than ever, virtually no bare areas now even at the sides. And I'm 31. So there you go, the beard is still getting better!!
tbonez. BLS on Andrew Bryniarski
all of 6'5"
David on Richard Harris
Richard Harris was six foot.
Michael on The Undertaker
Now (barefoot, fully streched) 2,01 m (6-7).
Peak 2,03 m (6-8).
62B on Miranda Cosgrove
luger was 6'2" tops. I am 6'3", was taller.
SAK on Rob Paul
Emmett says : What do people consider towering? I've noticed that even on this site people seem to have a very different definition of how much taller than some one you need to be before you tower them. I think towering starts at about 5 inches, when the taller person can look clear over the shorter person's head.
Many do differ on this. Towering means different things to different people. I personally see towering as being atleast 5" taller. But also 4" can look a towering difference if the taller guy is also big in size and shorter guy is narrow and slender.

Towering is also different when comparing opposite sex. If the girl is 2-3" taller then a guy she looks towering in comparison, as we expect a guy to be taller, therefore the difference appears exaggerated.
SAK on Dermot O'Leary
He gets towered by X Factor Contestant Chloe Jasmine who is a model and probably wearing heels. He is a classic short man; not abnormally short but shorter then most men he stands next to.
Marideth on Christina Aguilera
She's can't be 5'2. She's got to be 5'1 MAX. I saw her picture with 5'4 Britney Spears and Britney towered over her. So can you please downgrade her to 5'0.5?
Dxcnfesd on Shawn Michaels
He's 5' 10".
Judd on Steve Davis
In the picture above he does look 6'0-0.25" but with bad posture.
His shoulder's height is higher than a six footer's one, so 6'1.5" is reliable.
Judd on Denzel Washington
6'0-0.25" as peak height is fair and 5'11.75" today is right...good listing!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Bill Paxton
6ft1-6ft2 in Twister, Arch?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Bill Pullman
186-187cm fits

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes by the actors themselves in interviews, resumes or articles.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.