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22 October
mordor on Cristiano Ronaldo
Well ramos with rich hair next to to bald pepe may trick you a bit.
Anyway Click Here check that video guys at 3.03-3.12 minute CR7 next to to 188cm listed elmander and 189cm alves.
Arch Stanton on Sean Connery
Sure Ytr and Donald Sutherland was 6'5" and Clint Eastwood 6'5.5".
Arch Stanton on Michael Douglas
He looked 5 ft 10 in Wall Street but he might have had on footwear advantage to make his character seem more imposing.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Vince Vaughn
197-198cm in Swingers but 194cm tops in Wedding Crashers and The Internship.
Since he can look both north and south of 6ft5 mark, we should leave him at that. Worst case scenario, 195cm. I still don't think he'd be shorter than Robbins
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Dean Ambrose
"Dean Ambrose's height is 6ft 1in (185cm)"

He looks more 6ft1-6ft2 than 6ft-6ft1...
Pedro on Liana Liberato
Here she is next to Jennifer Garner: Click Here
Appe4 on Rob Paul
Rob, I was 182 at 18 and I m 184 today at 22. Do you consider "normal" to gain 2cm after 18?
Sam on Peter O'Toole
Beaky nose is the only thing I'd disagree with.
Appe4 on Harrison Ford
Rob, I was 182 at 18 and 184 today at 22. Do you consider "normal" to grow up 2cm after 18?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jeff Bridges
Could be heading toward 6ft0½(184cm) now.
Sam on Stephen Colbert
Haha, a very relevant link.
Click Here
Sam on Boris Karloff
Thanks! Great picture BTW and great actor.
Sam on Bela Lugosi
Thanks! He really could look 6'1" at peak such as in movies like The Black Cat and Dracula...he lost height and curved his spine arguably even earlier than Boris would be hard-pressed to say that Lugosi seems taller than Karloff for sure in The Body Snatcher.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Garrett Hedlund
Hedlund was 2cm taller than Bridges in Tron. 187cm is closer
FlameBoy on Rob Paul
how tall do you think dappy from n dubz is ? his listed as 5 ft 2 & 5 ft 3 on most Sites accurate or to low ?
[Editor Rob: I doubt he's quite 5ft 2 low, although 5ft 4 might be possible.]
Kourosh on CM Punk
micl in that pic alberto is slouching alot which losing nearly to 1.5 inch. If he could stood erect and tall like cm punk ,i can see a strong 3 inch difference between them.
Vegas on Charles Barkley
Greenbolt says on 21/Oct/14
I'd say Jordan, Kobe, and Barkley are all somewhere in the 6'4.25''-6'4.75'' range.

barkley was roughly 1.5-2 inches taller than conan o brien this year on his show. conan for his part was about 2 inches (with half an inch footwear advantage) taller than zach levi and levi looks about 190cm with rob...
Connor183 on Rob Paul
@Andrea thats your opinion and i respect that but there are some people out there who do think 6ft is a special height, im 6ft myself and no i dont think it is that good at all, its nothing to write about in the diary but its a fairly good height though, to me 6ft 1.25-6ft 2 is the real golden/perfect range for men but your'e free to disagree if you want afterall its all opinion based theres no right or wrong.

@Amaze Nah ive been to college now ive left so i will be getting a job in the future id love to work in a garden centre or something but we'll see what happens, and mmm you have good taste in food! its starting to make me feel like having some chicken and chips, KFC is my favourite! also the ice cream they have is beaut oh the temptation my mouth is watering now lol, but i would like to lose some weight maybe cut down to 179-180lbs again but like you said the temptation for wanting to eat junk food is too great!. anyway what would you like to do after uni? for me a good job a nice house and a fit girlfriend would be a dream!

@177cmGuy there all good films but Schindlers list is sad though i watched it in history class in school on WW2 in my class i almost teared up it was a very sad film, out of those my four favourites have to be Terminator 1-3, Jurassic park, Pulp fiction and the original Star wars films there classics but my favourite genre is horror, horror survival, im into films like Dawn of the Dead, 28 days later, 28 weeks later The Hills have Eyes and the Resident Evil films etc, yeah im a big Horror fan especially zombies and that.
[Editor Rob: oh you're a horror man, well do check out my latest short clip]
mila on Karlie Kloss
Karlie is 6.0 or 183 cm. NOT 6.2!!!
with Lily Aldridge
Click Here
Click Here
truth on General Height
@Amaze I live in Slovenia, most central EU countries like Austria, Croatia and Germany are also as tall. For overral population, it is a bit lower, probably 178ish.
Ud191cm on Rob Paul
Yeah you're probably right but I have an obsessive compulsive disorder, I only prefer even numbers...
Bud on Rob Paul
Ok Rob, but Gemma could look 187cm? he was 3cm shorter than Spencer Click Here Click Here
[Editor Rob: close to 6ft 1 might be possible.]
Caesar on General Height
Nope not even close mate I'm swedish as well and 180 cm is nothing more than average -if even that.
The vast majority of young men are in the 175-190 CM range and anything less than 180 will look more or less short while anything above 185 will look increasingly tall. I would hesitate to call anyone under 188 truly "tall" and only once you never shrink below 190 have you sealed the deal.
I agree that it is fairly common to see 5'10 guys walking around but it's much more likely to come across a 6' foot man or so although many foreign students in my town are shorter than that.
tom on Football Soccer
Somebody mentioned Brendan Rodgers, here he is with Joe Allen - looks to be about 5'6" Click Here
Jack on Antonio Banderas
Looks shorter than 5"8,5 Click Here
mike on Kelsey Grammer
I meant to say he can still look near 6ft 1 today.
mike on Bill Murray
6ft 1.25-1.5in peak
6ft 0.75in today
mike on Roger Cross
Night: 6ft 1in (185.5 cm)
Morning: 6ft 1.75-6ft 2in (187.5-187.96 cm)
Or he could've measured 6ft 2 in footwear.
Arch Stanton on Roger Moore
Rob can you add a photo of him raising his eyebrow or something LOL. The Roger brow! Also his roles in films like Escape to Athena, The Last Time I Saw Paris, The Man Who Haunted Himself and The Sea Wolves might be worth mentioning.
[Editor Rob: couldn't see one I could use]
mike on Sean Connery
I doubt he measures over 6ft 1. 185 is his max today.
mike on Liam Neeson
Peak: 6ft 4-4.25in 193-194
Today: 6ft 3.25-3.5in 191-192
mike on Katie Cassidy
Looked 5 inches shorter than Stephen Amell full 5ft 7 doesn't seem impossible or maybe 5ft 6.75?
mike on Manu Bennett
Solid 178 looks about right 2.5-3 inches shorter than Stephen Amell. He reminds me of Liam Neeson in Batman Begins.
mike on Jason Isaacs
Closer to 5ft 11 than 10
mike on Paul Blackthorne
He looks huge on Arrow! He's easily the tallest one in the show i'd give him 192.
mike on Hugh Jackman
You really need to downgrade him to at least 6ft 1.75 Rob.
Arch Stanton on Michael Clarke Duncan
Haha they made him look like 7 ft 9 in The Green Mile.
mike on Jim Beaver
Rob, How can you have Jim taller than Misha?! Upgrade Misha to 182 then. Beaver is no way over 5ft 11 (although he did look a bit taller than Bryan Cranston on Breaking Bad who you have at 5ft 10.5 so i guess 5ft 11 but i doubt he's over it).
And yeah Jensen Ackles can sometimes look barely taller than Beaver, but other times he can look 1 inch taller let alone big 2 inches taller!
mike on Alberto Del Rio
6ft 1.5 not impossible Rob? Doesn't looks over 6ft 2 to me...
[Editor Rob: 187 isn't impossible. I am certain his footwear wasn't less than mine, but it may have been a little more, if I can find a picture of it I would know for any case I give him 188 because he is near enough to it.]
177cmGuy on Rob Paul
Just naming a few of my favourite films. Terminator 1 and 2, Schindlers list, Jurassic park, Pulp fiction, Lord of the rings triology, The Matrix, Star wars (1977-1983), Inception, The usual suspects, Silence of the lambs and Goodfellas.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on David Warner
Rob, maybe 6ft1 flat today?

Looking at Tron, he has Bridges by at least 1in
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Alec Baldwin
Seriously, this guy looks 5ft10 range w/h his daughter.
Arch Stanton on Ming Yao
Duhon says on 10/Oct/14
Here next to Shaq I would say Yao Ming is a STRONG 7'6" Click Here

Actually he looks nearer 7 ft 8 in that comparison...
the shredder on Emilio Estevez
Just watched The Breakfast Club , He looks nothing but 5'5 to 5'6 going by what the other Actors are listed at.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Clancy Brown
Rob, what happened to 192cm peak?
[Editor Rob: he came out with the 6ft 3, so I'm going with his claim. ]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on David Boreanaz
I'd really go with the 184-185cm for Denisof...
David on Emma Watson
Emma Watson is too gorgeous.Definetley one of the most gorgeous women on our planet.I always thought she was 5ft 6 mind.She did say she is about 5ft 5 and i totally agree with her.Emma always rocks!She is the very best really really really superhot!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
No way is she under 5ft8
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Natasha Henstridge
Seeing that picture on the home page, I could have sworn for a split second that you'd met Kirsten Dunst!
Judd on Oded Fehr
a friend of mine has met him...he said 6'1-1.5", so he really could belong to 6'1" club
Kourosh on General Height
176-177cm weak average
179=180 solid average
181-183 above average or weak tall.
thats how i see

I'm close to 178 cm with shoes on and most of the people edge me out or slightly taller.
Michelle on Kylie Jenner
I meant October 9 when she tweeted that.
Appe4 on Cristiano Ronaldo
@mordor pepe never looks a 188 guy, here with 183 sergio ramos (same ground and footwear). Click Here He is a legit 186 as ronaldo, but not more.
Height182 on Brock Lesnar
@Michael: There is no point Michael. Even if Lesnar measured at 6'1.5'' on the Stadiometer and there was a clear picture of it, The guys on here will still say he is 6'2''! LOL
Louis on Randy Orton
At times he can look 6'6 even but I'd say barefoot 6'4
GUY on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Can Kevin Sorbo's opinion above really be taken seriously? He claims Arnold says he's 6'3". Really!? Has Arnie ever claimed to be over 6'2", and that's a round up? So if Sorbo is obviously exaggerating on the one hand, is it also likely he's exaggerating on the other saying he's only 5'11". Even today I see no evidence he's that height. A lot of people here just say it over and over with no substance. It eventually somehow becomes "fact" despite it being based solely on hearsay and repetition.

George W Bush was measured 5'11 1/2" while in office, and yet Arnold always looked noticeably taller in the 2000's.

At least an inch taller in 2007
Click Here
Click Here

Next to his 6'4" -6'5" Commando stunt double Peter Kent circa 84-85
Click Here
Click Here
And Peter with Rob in person
Click Here
Arnold looking only a couple of inches under 6'4" peak Clint Eastwood in around 1993. Eastwood might have been 1/2 - 1 inch under peak here
Click Here

Another with 6'2" James Cameron
Click Here
With 5'8" Paul Verhoeven. Paul's not standing perfectly straight, but regardless Arnie looks at least 6'1".
Click Here
Arnold coming up at the bottom of 7'1" Wilt Chamberlains chin
Click Here
Now this might suggest 10 inches difference or perhaps close to 11 if Wilt had a larger head than average because of his size. Arnold raising his head to look up in the first photo doesn't raise his height. The front of the cranium is the lowest compared to the back. Arnold looks at least around 6'2" there (not to say he was that height), and certainly a solid 6 footer would never look that tall next to someone 7'1".

So these are photos that just appear for the taking. It's apparent the "short" Arnold 6' and under trolls need to wade through and ignore all of these photos with the hope of finding some wonky angled underhanded anomaly that just feels so good. So good.
Raduuu on Alberto Del Rio
Now you can estimate others WWE wrestlers height! ;)
miko on Alberto Del Rio
Always said he wasn't 6'3 as some said. He's 6'2 nothing more.
Robert Issa Johnson on Kate Micucci
5'2" seems right, or close. Micucci consistently looks about 3/4 of a head shorter than 5'9" Riki Lindhome.
SaSHa on Miley Cyrus
She looks tall
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
photo with fans:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
5ft 8in or 172cm for Miley is quite right.
nona on Aishwarya Rai
I think Kriti Sanon & Diana Penty are the only 2 girls who are closer to 5'10". infact these 2 I guess have just raised the bar fro heighs of bollywood ladies which for long had stagnated between 5'8" & 5'9". Offcourse we had rare cases like Pooja Batra & Yukta Mookhey who were pushing 6 ft but that is the reason their careers hit a road block. Hope Bollywood accepts these 5'10" girls and pairs them with the taller men.
nona on General Height
@Ella: Guess you should just say you are 6 ft tall. This is much easier than 5'11.75". Tall women have always been cool and will continue to be so. Moreso if you are tall & well built it is really kool but tall & skinny aint cool at all
SaSHa on Miley Cyrus
I think she's 5.8
Click Here
Click Here
nona on General Height
@Lisa: Why in the world do you think you are a freak of nature. Tall, well built women like you are plentiful and I am sure many men like me prefer your type. Everyone has their place in the sun
Dmeyer on Brad Pitt
Click Here , brad is doing ok facing a 182cm solid Guy also back to back he looks barely shorter type brad pitt jimmy fallon on the net if he is not 180cm he has got to be 179.5cm
Giuseppe on CM Punk
Rob managed to get a photo with Alberto del Rio (188cm). Compare Cm Punk with Del Rio. Do you think there are only 5 cm of difference?
Concerned 181 cm on Stephen Colbert
Rob, you better hope he doesn't see this. He'll tear into you like he did with Larry Page ("yes, that was a physical threat").
Andrea on Rob Paul
Yeah, Alex! 6'0 is on the tall side but more above average... I'd say between 6'1 and 6'2 is when a guy starts to be real tall and 6'4 start of very tall, sometimes even 6'3. As i said, it depends on situations! This Connor guy acts as if 6' is some kind of rare or special height but it is not! I see 6' guys everyday, that's a very common height!
Jack on Steve Jobs
Steve being around 6ft 1in sounds around right.
Theres a picture of him and john mayer (a legit 6ft 3in) and he looks maybe around 2 inches shorter.
FanRocky on Sylvester Stallone
oke he looks maybe shorter dan him real height, but i´m sure he is about 1.77cm
i have watch all him movie´s example rocky and he looks more than 1.75cm maybe him bodyframe make him shorter example tom cruise low shoulders and long neck. Sylvester stallone have that same bodyframe. so he is absoluty about 1.77cm
21 October
Ian C on Brian Blessed
Surprisingly short. He reminds me of Bud Spencer, who has the same powerful body, but is much taller. It's as if Blessed is Spencer's mini-me.
Greenbolt on Charles Barkley
@Chris: For every picture of Barkley looking taller than Jordan you can find one of Jordan looking taller than Barkley:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

They're pretty much exactly the same height. I'd say Jordan, Kobe, and Barkley are all somewhere in the 6'4.25''-6'4.75'' range.
cobra on Brad Pitt
Click Here

Pitt face to face with Fallon at 2:18, and then BACK TO BACK with Fallon at 2:41.

If you pause at EXACTLY 2:26 you get a close up of Pitt's shoe, he has a definite advantage there, and still comes off as a bit shorter.
TheMan on Lauren Cohan
2 of them are so good :)
Junior31 on Alberto Del Rio
What was the footwear brother? He looks 6'3 here to me
Oanh on Andre The Giant
And 62B you need to understand a 11.5'' long face is massive. that is 30% bigger than the avarage 9'' face,same with he's hands they are 20% longer than the avarage 8.25'' hands

The average hands are not 8.25"....more closer to 7-7.5".
Junior31 on Sylvester Stallone
Downey jr and sly are brothers in Napoleon complex

Both roughly same height and both rock 2 to 4 inch elevator shoes/lifts religiously.

Arguing .25 inches here and there is ridiculous. As said in the past the guy barefoot is between 5'8 and 5'9 period and of story. I happen to think today closer to 5'8

It must be embarrassing to be around the same ppl on the regular as sly is and vary in height so severely. You'd think he'd find a happy median In a week you might see three different heights Absurd is what it is
BorkLaser on Hulk Hogan
Looked significantly taller than 6'0.5" Cena on last night's Raw Backstage Pass: Click Here he seemed to be around 3 inches or so taller and he wasn't even standing straight. IMO his poor posture gives a 6'3" impression but standing fully straight I can totally see him at 6'4" or more.
Hat on Asa Butterfield
Asa... he's tall surely but it's not obvious in the screen.
BorkLaser on Alberto Del Rio
Sweet! Thanks a lot for this; he looks every bit of 6'2" indeed. Did you get photos with other celebs from the event?
Capt. Nobody on Andre The Giant
I've been watching some Sky Scrapers era WCW on WWE network and during that time Spivey wore thick heels, probably close to around Big Show level. They helped boost him up to Sid and Takers height. I don't think he wore them when he became Waylon Mercy.
dicksock on Andre The Giant
Steve says on 21/Oct/14
There is no guarantee Andre lost a lot of height, if any at all. Just because someone is heavy and has acromegaly doesn't mean they MUST have lost height as a result. There is HUGE difference between height loss and bad posture. Andres posture changed a lot from his younger days to his older days. I believe he didn't lose more than 1 inch in height and possibly even less.

He appeared shorter because he put on more weight and his posture was very poor in his older days. That makes him appear shorter, but it doesn't mean he WAS shorter. There is a big difference between appearing shorter and being genuinely shorter, people here cannot seem to understand the difference.


I agree with this. Another factor that added to the illusion of height loss was his haircut. He looked taller with that big afro he had. I don't think he was ever above the 6'11"-7' range. By the late 80s/early 90s, he was still around 6'11". His major knee surgery at the very end of his life may have dropped him to 6'10" or even less though. But, to say Andre lost any significant height by 1986 is wrong.
BobbyShmurda on Ice Cube
5'8 69 inches tall
Ted on Eric Stoltz
@wda - Marc Maron is now listed as being 5'8 1/2" elsewhere. Which does seem right.

Stolz seems a bit taller than that.
Alex 6'0 on Stone Cold Steve Austin
Austin could have been 6'2 in boots if he was 6'0.5 peak. Even if he wasn't 6'2 in boots he was very close so passed for 6'2 range but I agree no more than 6'0 today.
Lisa on General Height
@Amaze: I wasn't being serious when I said that, which was I included a winky and a jk (just kidding). That was nice of you to say, though.

@Ella: Good for you, but where do you live that it's considered "cool" for women to be tall?

@184.3 cm: I'm not surprised that more girls fudged their height. I once measured a 4'11 girl that claimed to be in the 5'3-5'4 range!
Concerned 181 cm on Kevin Hart
5'5.5? Damn! He has to be the worst height liar on this site.
KROC on Conan O'Brien
I don't recall him looking 6'4 next to Chris Rock when he made a guest appearance on his show back in the late 90s. Looked more like a strong 6'3.
KROC on Randy Orton
Anyone saying 6'5 is full of horsecrap. 193 MAX. More then likely he's 6'3 flat.
KROC on Tyler Mane
Well when he took that photo with Mane he was a solid 6'6. Taking into account footwear in those photos that would make Mane 6'7 flat maybe. In the photo above with Rob he looks a strong 6'7 to me.
KROC on Ming Yao
@Mid190s Now imagine standing next to him. I met him at a bookstore in Houston last year. At 6'5 I think I came up to his shoulder? I don't remember. He's tall alright. Like circus clown on stilts tall. Personally I think he's 7'4 and some change.
Brah on Ming Yao
A rare one, Yao is the shorter one! With 7'9" Sun Ming Ming:

Click Here
Clay on Seth Rollins
Alex 6'0 says on 20/Oct/14
6'1 205lbs lean with muscle is a big guy. He's just not big compared to the huge guys in WWE but overall guy is pretty built. He looks about my size though I feel I may edge him out slightly. He's def bigger than average guy in gym and bigger than guys in the gym you'd consider built as well

One of my old high school buddies who was a gym rat was right around the 6'1.5'' lean 205 mark, it is a big looking size in person no doubt about it, but put them in a WWE ring with some of those freaks of nature and it can look small on TV.
word1234 on Logan Lerman
Click Here looks 5'6.75 next to 5'11 bernthal. After seeing the fury premiere Pena is probably more 5'6.25-5'6.5 than a full 5'7
176,2Tunman on Robert Downey Jr
Who would be taller Cruise or Downey?(barefeet of course,lol) could both be a weak 5'8 by the way.
Ali Baba on Tyler Mane
No, I did not have a problem standing straight. The disks in my back were just that compressed from wearing a ballistic vest and heavy belt with a bunch of stuff on it. Now the belt itself shouldn't have affected that since it sits down on the hips, but the vest would contribute to it.
5'11" barefoot on Kevin Sorbo
6'3" I not very tall. Unless your like 5'8" and under. I play basketball and hate playing against small people. Tall guys love playing smaller opponents until they play against me. I make guys 6'5" and taller look very bad playing ball. I'm assuming most people on here are small and must think that 6'3' is tall. How funny!
176,2Tunman on Kurt Cobain
Their daughter is by no means 5'9,she's no more than 5'4 and that's already optimistic.
hector 6'1 on Football Soccer
You can see clearly..
Click Here

Modric 172cm
Khedira 189cm
coentrao 179cm
ozil 179cm
ronaldo 186cm..
176,2Tunman on Arnold Schwarzenegger
He didn't look more than 5"taller than french president Hollande when he recently visited Paris so a strong 5'11 at least possibly near 6' maybe 5'11.5 would be perfect.
interesting,a french guy commented on TV "I thought he was taller",clearly Arnie is far less impressive than 40 years ago.
John on General Height
You are the same height as my girlfriend. I think it is great. Tall but not too tall. Just perfect.
You have been complaining bitterly about your height since I started posting here, when I was about your height, and I felt tall among any adults.
I think you are by no means short. My brother is three inches shorter than you and my father is four inches shorter than you, and nobody is worried about that.
I remember one photo you posted where you looked quite good.
I don't doubt about your feelings; I just think you hare not right about your height, which is perfectly normal, that's all.
If you tell us you would like to be taller that's OK. If you tell us that you feel desperate because 'sometimes 70% of young white men are taller' is simply absurd.
I don't believve anyone likes you or dislikes you for your height. Height is just a matter of fact, like the colour of your eyes or hair, the place where you were born, or any other factor you cannot change.
Moreover if you were either a giant or a dwarf that could be interfering with your everyday life. But you are a perfectly normal man, not even a short man.
Chris on Scoot McNairy
He's handsome so you'd expect him to be taller
[Editor Rob: I get that from old ladies all the time...]
Phantom on Stephen Colbert
Damn elbow from the sky from Rob.

I also think he's 5'10" at the most, he looked about two inches shorter than Wayne Brady when he was on Whose Line and Brady's listed as 182cm.
Phantom on Alberto Del Rio
Almost as over billed as Ambrose lol.
176,2Tunman on Justin Bieber
actually the average height for a head is exactly 23,2 or 9.15" so 9.4 is slightly over average though very common.
And yeah Bieber is probably a strong 5'6 somewhere between 168 and 169 is perfect.
gangsta on Drake
This guy is near 6 foot tall, this is perfect listing for him.
micl on CM Punk
Alberto Del Rio was just added on this site listed as 6'2" is Punk and Del Rio face to face

Click Here
Phil on Ann Margret
So I guess 5'8" for Bobby Rydell was right after all...
april on Renee Zellweger
Hello Rob, why did u list her as 5'4 if even she said herself that she's 5'3? anways, she looks completely unrecognizable as of late. btw, really love ur site!
[Editor Rob: I don't know how reliable the quote was, I suppose you are relying on whoever heard it remembering it was five three and not 5ft 4 or even 5.]
Dmeyer on User Heights
To me once you are 6'1-1.25in shoes on you are tall when i use to wear nike shoes that braught me to 6'0 7/8 or cowboy boots or bikers that gave 1.75in i was 6'1.25 withem i fêlt tall , i usualy wear 0.75-1in shoes so am 6'0.25-0.5in its not tall just above average
mr.rashid on Dynamo
nice one Rob, seemed below average most of the times.
Robster on Boris Karloff
As a lifelong fan, for info: Lugosi & Karloff in an early 1930's dinner event picture social attire on the side-street see's Lugosi only marginally taller. The 6ft 1" & 6ft quoted heights were from studio publicity and 'nicely' agreeable figures. The 1931 Boots' extra sole added only about 3 to 4". That's why he's taller than Colin Clive but not leading man John Boles. The Bride & Son Boots were redesigned and it's not sure how much, if any?, extra height they added. Famously the Mirror scene with Rathbone in Son see's height about even, a poorly shot scene that could easily have been cured with a small platform. Apparently Ian Lad used one a lot in Shane (the Western). Boris's back troubles were incidently from labouring work with cement bags. I gather Boris himself said once on interview 5' 10" to 11". But he seemed to shrink alot with a stoop as he aged, stand in a mirror try the same stance with chin down and you look about 4" shorter. The average height for a British man in 1900 was only around 5'5". So karloff was tall but not exceptonally so. James Whale's comment of K's physique was weaker than ideal' said it all. Boris was small for the part but the costume made up the difference, which was Whale's view and proved right. Chaney and Strange were taller but anything much more than 4" lifts begins to look pantomineish. Any movement dangerous to the ankles. Lugosi got the worst deal, being cast in Meets the Wolfman beside a Bulky Chaney and strapping Patric Knowles. He was clearly even in costume around only evens in heigh and 'smaller' than both, but guess he got away with it. Tall stuntman Ed Parker doubled for action shots but was, discretely, also the first face shot of an ice clad Monster. You can clearly see it's not Lugosi. Still from all of those actors, one of cinema's best loved Monsters, but a human one too - that was the magic ingredient above all. Not bettered in the 83 years since either!
tinyelephant2010 on Ariana Grande
i thought she said she was 5'2 :]
Phil on James Cagney
I could believe Cagney wears lifts, just look at how he compares with 5'8" listed Humphrey Bogart (who himself wears pretty hefty footwear too): Click Here Cagney was 5'5", but with the right footwear, he could have been 5'8".
Lebensdorf on Ashton Kutcher
Not quite 6'2.5, more like a strong 6'2. Big shoulders, big body, makes him look quite tall.
MST on Tom Cruise
@Realisme - I read that the Germans and Dutch are quite tall. I am afraid that I would feel very small, since I'm only 5'3"!
MST on Pitbull
@SilentD -- Any man with lots of money can get all the ladies he wants, even if he's 4'10"!
Arch Stanton on Alberto Del Rio
Rob has he lost weight here or something? I g imaged him and he does look 240 pounds in some of the wrestling pics but he looks quite a lot lighter here, thinner in the face than he has looked too.
Arch Stanton on Alberto Del Rio
Haha if any guy could pull off a Seagal ponytail it would be this guy. He has the perfect face for the Seagal look hehe. Looks more like an MMA fighter than a wrestler but if he's genuinely 17 stone odd he must be carrying an absolute ton of muscle. You wouldn't want to mess with him.
Just because on Andre The Giant
This pic fits in with this sites listing
Click Here
Hypado on Alberto Del Rio
188cm for Alberto, perfect listing.
Good source of info on Tom Cruise
I heard a while back that he is 5 foot 2 sounds really hard to believe but if u think about how many people question his height then it is believable
Dmeyer on User Heights
My shoe give 1.1in almost 3cm in that pic his give nearer 0.8in/2cm so i have 0.3in more shoes that mâkes him 5'6 plus posture it make him look 5'5
Dmeyer on User Heights
The Guy was 5'7 peak he is 53 now he usualy looks just shy of. 5'7 near measured friends of mine and looks easily as tall as 5'6.25 friend but his posture mâkes him look 5'5-5.5in at times
Markus from Italy on Tom Cruise
Tom's 171 in my opinion...just like me. Excellent actor anyhow!
Judd on Will Smith
6'2" in the morning after a long sleep, 6'1.25" in the late afternoon and at night
Sam on Robert Montgomery
There's a couple pics here with his friend Clark Gable and Gable edges him out. If Gable was 6'0.5" as listed instead of 6'1", than Montgomery was no more than 6'0", although the listing may be accurate if Gable was actually 6'1".
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Richard Armitage
Rob, is it possible for him o be somewhere between his two claims?
[Editor Rob: quite possible, sometimes a person could measure and then at times say one mark and other times go with the other, say he was 6ft 2 3/8ths or something.]
Sam on John Ford
Back to height, here's Ford with an all-star line-up of Thomas Mitchell, 6'0.5" listed Robert Montgomery, 6'0.5" listed Clark Gable (looking taller than Montgomery I'd note) and 6'3.75" listed John Wayne...he's slouching more so (and is older) than the other guys, but this goes to show anything more than six foot is too much for Ford IMO.
Mitchell, who I think did not exceed 5'10", actually looks taller than Ford but, in addition to Ford's slouch, is closer to the camera.
Click Here
kaplaaa on Football Soccer
@dural looks even more than 2 inches when taking into account Shaqiri's hair. The dude must be a weak 5"5, unless Ribery is pushing higher than 5"7.

@late For me Khedira looks closer to 6"2
kaplaaa on Alberto Del Rio
Solid 6"2, could be 189
Sam on Alberto Del Rio
I guess you could Hollywood heights are often boosted by 2 inches but wrestling heights are often boosted by 3 inches!
Sam on Marcello Mastroianni
He actually does look in the 5'10" range next to Burton and Ekberg in the photos AlexMahone and Arch posted on the request page...I thought he could look a 5'9" ranger before.
Height182 on Harry Styles
@lelman: Sometimes pictures come out bad. Harry looks in the 5'8'' - 5'9'' range most of the time. With Beckham, there was a good picture showing that he is near 3 inches shorter. There were also plenty more. He looks around the same height as his band who are all around 5'6'' - 5'8''. The highest I would give him is 5'9'', chances are that he is even shorter.
Sam on Scoot McNairy
Yeah, thanks! A good listing...that's pretty much what he looked with the rest of the cast of Argo and 12 Years a Slave IMO. I would say he regularly looks closer to 5'8" more so than he seems near 5'9", could be 5'8.25".

One of our best up-and-coming character actors, although he was good as the co-lead (w/ his beautiful off-screen wife) in Monsters.
Height182 on User Heights
@Alex 6'0: That's right Alex, that's fair isn't it?
french 182-182.5 cm on General Height
vibram, could you post a photo of you, i would like to see how ugly you are...
Zoro on General Height
Average for 16+ in England is 175.3 cm.

Average for 16-24 and 25-34 are respectively 177cm and 177.8cm
I can say it's almost the same for CENTER-NORTH and NORTH Italy.

A 176cm man is overall solid average, but if he focuses only on white young males, then he's just weak average cause is shorter than 6/10 of youngsters he meets, but not short 'cause majority of youngsters can't tower him since they are just slightly taller.

A 178-180cm guy looks always solid, sometimes (25-30%) even tallish, if he has a normal level of self-confidence.

In fact there can be a difference between the height you look and what you experience, that's why some 5'9ers feel short.
Sean73 on John Hurt
Spot on rob!Great actor,and by the way probly the best picture i've seen of you.You look really good and happy.
Emil 183 cm on Alexander Siddig
How tall did he look in person? Looks 5'11 minimum
[Editor Rob: not as tall as a six footer, I seen him last year aswell and thought he could be 181 or 2 range.]
Chris on Justin Bieber
If he'd be 5 inches taller, he would be the biggest alpha male. Such a hunk
Arch Stanton on Jimmy Kimmel
Well, if he's a strong 5 ft 11 Chris Hemsworth's an easy 6 ft 4.
T.1000 on General Height
nice to read such post as yours for a change. ;)
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
Andrea says on 21/Oct/14
You probably are talking about that guy from GOT, arent you? He's what? 6'8 up close? I was showing Big Alex his pics with two real giants the other day and asked him how tall you think he is and he answered 5'10... Hell, they made him look average, thats crazy! (The pics have been posted somewhere in this site)
[Editor Rob: yes with the 2 other giants, you can see him Here. The giant on the left is 220cm (7ft 2.5), here is his twitter ]

7'2.5?? Absolutely crazy!!! So what that stocky looking guy in the middle has to be like 6'7 or 6'8" then!! Shows you that even a guy that size can look stocky!!
Halb on Andre The Giant
I agree, Steve.
184.3cm on General Height

HEIGHT - 184 cm
WEIGHT - 92 kg
Bicep - 17 (43cm)
chest - 44 (112cm)
waist 34 (87cm)
shoe size - euro 46- uk 11- us 12
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
Mid190s says on 20/Oct/14

Oh I Still want to be the tallest person everywhere I go. This has not changed.

I just find that 5'9 individuals are a lot more laid back on the subject of height than the rest of us.

Really? I've noticed the opposite at times, I can think of a few guys actually in the 5'6-5'9 range who have said they feel short around me and I've noticed the body language of even 5'9 or 5'10 guys at times times around tall women in heels. I'd say the average 5'9" guy is more likely to be less laid back about height than somebody of at least my height but it is true that a lot of average height guys couldn't give a rat's ass about how tall they are. A 6'5 range with good proportions should feel very laid back about height, but I can see a lanky guy that height feeling a bit awkward and less proud than somebody who might be well built.
cole on Steven Strait
He's at least an inch shorter than Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who's own 6'1.5 listing can look questinable. Often the difference looks closer to 1.5in.
184.3cm on Clive Owen
187 cm could be argued but i wouldnt go as far as 185cm...the guy has awful posture most of the time and never looks less than a 6'1 guy.
wolverine on General Height
Why do people constantly call 5'8-5'9 men short when there are plenty of statistics that still call it average?

A strong 5'8 or 5'9 isn't even short if the new average is 5'10. It's below average by a bit, but a far cry from a "short man". Depending on footwear, people wouldn't even notice or mention your height.

so silly to group 5'8 or 5'9 with guys in the 5'4-5'6 range. I mean that's a whole different world.
Emmett on Nicholas Rowe
I see '6ft' listings all the time that really just mean 'over 6ft'.
Pedro on Bella Thorne
@Rob No idea what you are referring to, but I guess you are right about Bella. Here she is next to Liana Liberato: Click Here
[Editor Rob: it is a joke about G(lenn).]
dayle 185cm-184.5 on Zooey Deschanel
Don't look 5ft5 in yes man next to jim carrey
Brad on Justin Bieber
Put G and Biebs 8 hours lying down then measure, the G would have the Biebs beat. Right G? "Yea, let us proove it."
dayle 185cm-184.5 on Zooey Deschanel
Don't look 5ft5 in yes man next to jim carrey
Judd on User Heights
Ok, you looked like about 7-8" taller than him...
Dmeyer at your lowest you're 5'11 4/10 with militare posture?
Giulio on Katee Sackhoff
5'5 1/2
lelman on Harry Styles
@184.3cm Click Here What about this one where Harry looks taller than Beckham? I mean, it's obviously a skewed picture and Harry isn't actually that tall, but it's easy for a photo to make it look like he is, just like it's easy for a photo to make Beckham look 2-3 inches taller than him.

In the majority of the photos he looks about 5'10". In fact, the only one he looks 5'9ish is the one you referenced. I'm not saying Rob's listing is wrong, as it would be pretty easy for a legit 5'9" to look 5'10" with a footwear advantage.
truth on Justin Bieber
@lelman lol yeah he is insecure that is why short + insecure guys always get picked on.
truth on General Height
@Peyman you are right yes, for Iraq/Iran young males average is 174cm tops.
Arch Stanton on Sylvester Stallone
Smartman says on 20/Oct/14
Here the true height of celeb's:

Tom cruise: 172 cm
Sylvester stalone: 1.77 cm
Arnold scharwzenegger: 187 cm
Tobey maquire: 172 cm
Antonio banderas: 1.74 cm
Johnny Depp: 1.76 or 1.74 cm
George Clooney: 1.76 cm
Al Pacino: 1.66 or 1.65 cm
Justin bieber: 1.72 cm

This is 100% the true height of celeb's

LMAO, I guarantee you if measured barefoot Clooney would have more like 10cm bare minimum on Bieber!!!
Andrea on Jim Beaver
Arch, i've learnt not to trust anyone on the net, especially on a site like this which is full of trolls (apart from a small group of posters)! I have no problem into believing thats the real Jim but the fact he claims that Jensen is "a good couple inches" taller is not a good thing for his credibility. And, hey, Arch, just type Jim Beaver and Jared Padalecki on goog and tell me there are only 12 cms! Nope, noway! Rob himself said Jim is a weak 5'11 in person... I can buy 5'11.25 if Jared is near 6'5, in that case, yeah, it is possible!
romanspqr on Joe Manganiello
I noticed this guy wears a lot of thick boots. No doubt this guy is really tall but he may also be wearing shoes that give him a Lil more boost. Classic case of "we're never happy." Even the 6'5 guy wants to be 7ft. Lol. From the pic he looks 6'3. But you were there so I can trust 6'5.
[Editor Rob: he has a brother a few inches taller, so although not apparent, maybe actually he doesn't like looking up at his brother!]
Lucio on Arnold Schwarzenegger
sabot says on 20/Oct/14
Stallone did it again! Click Here

Ahahahah.. Stallone is ridicolous in tiptoeing, look like he's strutting ! ROTFL
Uh-Oh on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Nice one sabot. We can plainly see that Sly has the upper body of a 6 (182cm) foot man, but the legs of a 5'5" man (165cm).
truth on General Height
@Vibram No one claimed that 5ft11 is tall. It is upper average or strong above average untill 6ft0 which is low tall. 178-179cm is average for young men EU, no more no less or 177-180cm for most countries. Start of short would be 174cm and start of tall 183cm. Young brits are the same as young Irish/French/Swiss/Belgian/Poles/Greeks, about 178-179cm on average.
Pinky on Cristiano Ronaldo
Dural, those were great photos
dec@p on Aishwarya Rai
@nona very tall actresses like isha koppikar and kangana ranaut look short in front of sushmita
Ray on Dynamo
Yeah I think this listing is understated. Here he is to the left of 5'8" listed Gaby Roslin (who's in heels): Click Here There's also another picture with him next to Matt Lucas and he appears to be slightly taller (though it was on some field so who knows how the ground was like). At least 5'7" for this guy is more reasonable.
Late 187cm on General Height
@ Vibram

I think you are misinformed. Do you have a source for your claims? Also, that is the first time I've heard height loss beginning at 40 years old.
Kourosh on General Height
everyone lies about their height.
i know a woman who claims to be 5'8 , I'm strong 5'9 barefoot 176-177. When i stood next to her i had good view at top of her head which makes to be around 5'6 or weak 5'7 (170cm). I still edged her out with her 2-3 inches heel. I know a guy who is a hair over 5'7 claims to be 5'10 and a 5'6 guy claims to be 5'7, and 6'1 guy claims to be 6'2 and so.
As you can see everyone lies about their height.

they cant fool me because I'm myself a height conscious and i pretty much know my height when i compare my height with others i can estimate theirs. I wake up 177.5 or 177.8 with 8 hours of sleep and go to bed 176cm. I used to claim 5'10 but now if everyone ask me i would say i'm just a 5'9 guy
Nathan on Robert Wadlow
Tallest man in modern history at least. There definitely could have been taller people in the past whose heights were not recorded. If you believe in David and Goliath, Goliath was presumably about 9 feet tall.
Amaze on General Height
Truth where you from? ? 5'7" very short??? Huh?? 5'9 short.. where is this? The hell. You have a 5'11 dad and 5'5 mum.. hmm id expect you to be 6'1ish

@184 guy lol thats jokes. 175 is not bordering on short though

@ella good a girl is proud of her height
ur not just a tall girl ur a very tall girl.. equivalent to a guy of 6'4.75-6'5. Embrace it :)

@greenbolt good new strong poster. Nice contributions you make good points.

@indian guy im indian like you to and you are 185cm 6'1" thats very tall for an indian Xd but ill call you solid tall cause imo 6'3" is very tall but yeah. You have short mother 5'1" and father 5'7" then again your father is not short for india at all hes above average. You ended up at a very good height for a indian guy 6'1 just perfect imo. You know abishek bachchan? You are his height xD yeah your uncle and grandfather were pretty tall for 180 5'11". My brother is 184 and im 173 and it sucks
Pedro on Kodi Smit McPhee
@Sam Yes, but that picture was from January. I think that Kodi grew a little more since then. At the "Young Ones"-premiere on October he looked slightly taller than Jake Paltrow.
Arch Stanton on Peter Sellers
@Sam Yeah in a lot of films he really doesn't give an over 5'8" impression, especially in Shot in the Dark next to George Sanders. The thing is there's a scene in The Millionairess in which he looks about 2-2.5 inches taller in shoes than Sophia Loren barefoot. Loren looked a strong 5'7 barefoot next to Brando in the mediocre Countess from Hong Kong so I think actually 5'8.5" might be accurate. Also he looked a bit more than 5'8" flat to Shirley MacLaine in Being There, although the next year when he shot Fu Manchu he was looking really frail and more 5'7" range before his death.
Amaze on Rob Paul
@Mike you are already tall enough or classified as tall. 183cm is fine. Yo could get to 184 or 5 max maybee. You have a brother whos 6'1" so yeah but your dads very tall 6'3". You are at a good heigh ideal height you shouldnt complain.. my dad 180cm brother 184cm im 173 at 17 years 5 months.. i should be complaining.

@Height182 hmm i guess but your bmi is 29 which is near the obese
you should really try to get to 200 max, a little off 200 isnt bad if you like being heavy or bulky.

@Connor183 yeah comp science hehe, cant wait uni haha. Gonna finish year 13 then next sept ill be in uni. Thanks though. Btw do u have plans to go uni? What job you getting etc

Yeah id say 212lbs at 6 or 183 is quite big, its bmi is 28.7 heavier side of overweight near obese but at 196 now i would just say you are overweight not fat, but 180 would be good for you imo. I understand you on the junk food mate the temptation is too great, i eat too much chicken and chips and terrys orange chocolate and jaffa cakes and hersheys cookie and creme, ive packed on weight and im going to cut down to 120lbs currently 130 with a slight belly which is gross.. im going back to 120lb
Chris on General Height
In what kind of work place are height and weight measurements so publicly questioned?
Arch Stanton on Sophia Loren
Only Sofia Vergara has a great personality and doesn't take herself too seriously, Loren on the other hand.. Still I think Lollobrigida gives off an even bigger stink in terms of the diva and was disliked by most of her costars and directors.
Ambrose4life guy on Dean Ambrose
Yep just seen Dean and John face to face on raw last night and they both look pretty the same to me when it come to the height depsrtment. Both guys look like 6 footers to me!
Judd on Rob Paul
rob it happened that you have changed actors&actress heights in many websites like the movie db or others?
i saw recently that the heights of many actors are changed so, if you didn't it, someone in this site have done it, because the listings are the's just curiosity
[Editor Rob: I've no idea, all I am wanting is to try to get what we think is decent guesses for actors...hopefully if there are other wild estimates out there, then it's better if they are near what most people are guessing (well the average guess if you understand).]
Arch Stanton on Claudia Cardinale
Yeah Loren was in so many mediocre films Sam it's scary!! The last 5 Loren films I've seen were very average...
GI Jose on General Height
The measured average for the UK is 175.3 cm ( Click Here page 20). The absolute highest average was 177.8 cm which is 5'10" on the nose. You didn't provide any source, and I have found no such study to provide the measurements you provided.
Arch Stanton on Marcello Mastroianni
I was thinking Cardinale was 5'7 not 5'6. She had on moderate heels, perhaps 2.5 inch and Marcello looked 2.5-3 inches taller still. So say she was 5'8.5 in them he was managing to look 5'11-5'11.5 range in footwear but he had on those Cuban type heeled shoes I think which he often wore which likely give more than an inch. Not sure on lifts but it's possible he had a minor lift inside the shoes, no way of knowing really. So barefoot somewhere in 5'9.5-5'10 range.
Alex 6'0 on Rob Paul
Height182, ok so when you say 182cm are you more 5'11.5 or more 5'11.75 midday? Either way it seems that 5'11.25 is an absolute low and your low typically isn't below 5'11.5
Arthur on Sneakers
Rob I heard you heard some rumours that G using some elevator shoes in the streets
of New York!How true are these?I really wonder!
[Editor Rob: a stronG possibility I'd Guess.]
KROC on Michael Jordan
@Chris Dude just stop the madness. Kobe was never measured at the pre draft camp because he chose to "skip" it. His wife was the one who measured him at 195cm. In person he looks 194cm-195cm. In pictures Kobe Bryant, Charles Barkley both appear to be the EXACT same height as Jordan. All 3 of these guys also have a very similar body type i.e. average legssuper long torso. If MJ is 6'6 then that would make Dennis Rodman over 6'7 and Scottie Pippen over 6'9! Jordan is 194-195, end of story. Quit upgrading people man.
mordor on Cristiano Ronaldo
I try to state his real height and not trying to overrate his height.And i do not take into consideration if he has a good or not good height at 185cm so this would stop me to estimate him as a bit taller from that.Thats another discussion topic if he has a good or not good height and has nothing to do to his height estimation.Lets not blend things together.
Dmeyer on Brad Pitt
Jon bernthal looked a bit smaller than pitt in première now in Paris he looked a bit taller than pitt , jon had 0.2in léss shoes but better posture and closer to camera
Mark on The Undertaker
It's a funny site this as people simply won't admit what's glaringly obvious. If Undertaker said he's 6'6,people would dispute this.
Arch Stanton on Patricia Neal
Rob can you update with a photo and American actress, best remembered for roles in films such as The Day the Earth Stood Still, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Hud, A Face in the Crowd, In Harm's Way, Operation Pacific, The Breaking Point, The Subject Was Roses and Cookie's Fortune. Don't forget In Harm's Way which she won a BAFTA for...

I didn't realise she was this tall either. Watching A Face in the Crowd now...
Pedro on Height Request
Seems like Bin Laden was 6'4": Click Here
Len on Riki Lindhome
ps- I dunno know Rob... check out some pics of her at the Hell Baby premiere... she seems the same height as 5'9" Leslie Bibb.

There's also some interesting side-by-side shots of her with 5'10.5" Rob Corddry at various events. She really does seem to be 5'9".
[Editor Rob: I had another good look and yeah I think I see that it is possible for her!]
Arch Stanton on Charlie Sheen
Rob can you add a photo and films like Young Guns, Scary Movie 3, The Arrival, Money Talks and Terminal Velocity? Looked shorter than Michael Douglas in Wall Street walked about like a 5'8 guy at times but I think 5'9 is OK.
Arch Stanton on Michael Douglas
He looked taller than Charlie Sheen in Wall Street didn't he?
[Editor Rob: he could look a decent 5ft 9 plus guy at times in the 80's. Now, look at him with matt damon, he's heading the same route as his Father and shedding height fast.]
Dmeyer on User Heights
Judd actualy the floor was very similar
Sam on Marcello Mastroianni
Yeah, this works I think. Next to Monica Vitti in heels, I think he looked a tad shorter than Alain Delon did compared to her but not a whole lot.
Sam on Stephen Colbert
This works for Colbert, nearly 4 inches over Jon Stewart and nearly 6 inches under Bill O'Reilly.
Arch Stanton on Denzel Washington
Rob can you add a photo and films like Malcolm X, American Gangster, Cry Freedom, Glory, The Hurricane and Flight?

Looked 6'1" in Training Day.
[Editor Rob: today actually I think Denzel can still pull off near enough 6ft.]
AlexMahone on Marcello Mastroianni
Great addition Rob! :) If I said before seems to me that his height equivalent with Richard Burton's height.
Arch Stanton on Height Request
@Sam Generally that's what I thought yeah, but it baffles me how he was still inches taller than Cardinale in heels. I suspect he wore customs, he'd definitely be the type to wear expensive ones which look more discreet.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Richard Harris
Watching Gulliver's Travel and Harris looks about 500ft2¾!
Connor183 on Rob Paul
@Ud191cm as Rob and myself said before at 18 or over men have very likely finished growing so yeah you've probably finished growing now but some dont finish until they reach 21 so its possible you might get to 192cm but the chances of that happening at your age is very low, really i think you should be happy with your height, 6ft 3.25 is quite good.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Michael Clarke Duncan
Rob, is the full 6ft4½ possible?
[Editor Rob: he could maybe have passed for it]
Arch Stanton on Marcello Mastroianni
Rob do you think he might have worn lifts at times? His footwear generally did look like he was height conscious. Check out his shoes here for instance Click Here
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't put it past him...if someone like Ian Richardson would wear lifts, who knows who may have!]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Bret Hart
He was probably 238lbs in the 80s-90s.
Arch Stanton on Marcello Mastroianni
Thanks Rob!! Can you add La Notte, The Pizza Triangle and Ginger and Fred? I thought this height looked spot in La Dolce Vita, 8 1/2, La Notte and Divorce Italian Style but in looking in Il bell'Antonio he did look 5'10 range next to Claudia Cardinale in that film. I do wonder if he wore lifts at times though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Sonny Landham
189-190cm peak
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Callum Blue
185-186cm in The Tudors w/h Cavill
Dmeyer on User Heights
@ judd , i slight ground davantage and slightly better posture
184.3cm on Rob Paul
Yeah i agree with Rob there. I have noticed that i hit 184.3 / 4 mostly during my working week which consists of alot of heavy lifting. In the weekends though i can sometimes get pretty close to 185cm at night.
184.3cm on Harry Styles
Looks 5'10 next to a 5'11 self- claimed Beckham ?? Theres a photo there where they shake hands Lelman and Beckham is looking down at him so an easy 2 inches difference. Posting those photos just proves once more that Rob's listing is correct. I agree with you about Taylor Swift, she doesnt look any taller than 5'8.5 Blake Lively.
Syaa on General Height
6'1" normal look vs 6'4" sexy look
Youre choice?
Appe4 on Rob Paul
Hey rob, what do you think about the super male model Adam Senn height? He is listed on different sites 187/185/183. Personally I think he is 185 but I want to know your opinion, thank you.
[Editor Rob: I had a look but really couldn't see enough yet to say]
Peyman on General Height
Akash says on 16/Oct/14
How good are my measurements?

maybe a little thin for your height, but some people prefer to be thin.
here is mine
height :179
weight : 80kg
biceps :35cm
chest : bang on 40in
waist :34in

I had the best feeling when I was in the 73 - 77 kg range
my waist was 32in at that weight
Peyman on General Height
there is only an inch difference between us, so we are pretty much the same. I think 4cm is the where the difference starts to become noticeable
height difference feeling between two individuals (IMO):
0-1.5in : slightly taller
1.5-3in : taller
3-5 in : absolutely taller
5in+ : towering

for girls I believe it's really easier to find someone at under 5ft than over 5ft 10in, my sister at 161cm feels nothing less than average. but I've also seen girls taller than me but this not common.
for young boys 175 as I said, maybe 174 even.
Mid190s on Ming Yao
I just want to add that I really feel for Shaq in that ego destroying photo with Yao. I'm 6'5 and I hardly ever get towered like that. EVER,

Imagine what it's like for....SHAQ to get towered! a giant amongst giants in the NBA, to suddenly look and feellike the short guy. Mind Blowing.
John B on Bono
Watched the Graham Norton show here in the U.K this past week and U2 where all on the show and also was Robert Downey jr Mr Iron Man who is listed as 5'8 and Bono looked a good 2 inches shorter when they shook hands but Bono was wearing some chunky shoes which 100% was given him 2 inches in height or a little more i wouldn't be surprised barefoot Bono is 5'4 or just under ???......-
nona on General Height
@Lisa: I mentioned in my post that I am a 36 yr old guy who is 5'10" & 160 lbs. Since you are a fitness expert do you think it would be ok if I added another 10 lbs onto my frame?
Arch Stanton on Natalie Wood
Rob can you add Splendor in the Grass, Miracle on 34th Street, The Searchers, Love with the Proper Stranger, Gypsy, Brainstorm, and Marjorie Morningstar.
Mediaman on Boy George
I knew him on a daily basis for a while on Taboo. Lovely human being and big heart. He's around 5ft 9ins. Sorry but it's true. However truly beautiful person inside and out. A kind and fierce spirit.:) PS: His mgr Tony is 5ft 5ins but larger than life personality
J.Lee on Gates McFadden
You guys that say she's taller, look at the eye level. It's clear she has extra hair and is tilting head upwards
C-MO on General Height
short in real life : under 5'8

short on : under 6'0

tall height in real life : 6'1 and over ..even 6'0 sometimes

tall height on 6'3 and over

ideal/most balanced height in real life : 5'11 - 6'1 with 5'10 being good , 6'2 being great , 5'9 being decent/quite good , 6'3 being good , 5'8 being okay , 6'4 being good if you have the built

ideal/most balanced height on : 6'2 - 6'4 , 6'1 being good , 6'5-6'6 being great , 6'0 being okay , 6'7 being a little too tall but still good , under 6'0 = subhuman midget

lelman on Dynamo
Damn I've seen him listed elsewhere as up to 5'10". I'm sure he aint gonna be happy you've blown the lid off that one, Rob. haha
Brad on Brad Pitt
Dude is getting older. He was probably taller.5-11 6ft.
GUY on Arnold Schwarzenegger
BigViking says on 17/Oct/14
It´s most unfortunate that Guy and Lucio attack all new posters coming to this Arnold site and calling them names...These two fools are literally running rampage around here...If this nonsense continues I will stop posting here!
So you got refuted, and instead of giving a debate, you pout boo-hoo.
Steve on Andre The Giant
There is no guarantee Andre lost a lot of height, if any at all. Just because someone is heavy and has acromegaly doesn't mean they MUST have lost height as a result. There is HUGE difference between height loss and bad posture. Andres posture changed a lot from his younger days to his older days. I believe he didn't lose more than 1 inch in height and possibly even less.

He appeared shorter because he put on more weight and his posture was very poor in his older days. That makes him appear shorter, but it doesn't mean he WAS shorter. There is a big difference between appearing shorter and being genuinely shorter, people here cannot seem to understand the difference.

I think if Andre was to straighten out and stand at his tallest in his older days, he wouldn't be that far off his peak height when he was younger.
GUY on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Vibram says on 18/Oct/14
Guy, Serge Nubret was 180cm. Not 6ft (183cm).
Whatever dude, Arnold still looks around 6'1" there anyway. Serge is actually 5'11.5"- 6' for the record. Usually 182 cm.
Amaze on Dynamo
My friend is on this website and is a dynamo fan. He thinks you look like him, but what do you think?

Id say 5'6 is accurate yeah 168cm, looks short on tv but not that short, I was this height last prom, sucked haha.
[Editor Rob: lol a niece said that to me aswell!]
Amaze on General Height
@Lisa you are not a freak of nature. Tall women are hot, sure short women are gorgeous but tall women are just sexy, they just give off a different vibe that's all. Some men would be scared of dating a taller girl but I sure wouldn't.. But yeah you ain't a freak of nature. Tall girls are good too
fabrizio on Mel Gibson
mel gibson is 175/176
inbt4 on Dean Ambrose
He edged cena by half inch last raw
Judd on Bruce Spence
6'6" fits him...
julifan on Julianne Hough
I think feelme is correct.....look at julianne hough and anna kendrick together. I checked the heels from the website where they sell the shoes and the heel height is exactly the same in both juliannes and kendricks shoes, expect anna kendricks platform is 1cm higher.

So if Anna Kendrick is 155cm then at max i would say Julianne Hough is 157-158cm. However, im finding it hard to believe that anna kendrick is exaclty 155cm, since she her self states in her twitter that shes five feet tall.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Rob - whats your thought? Do you still fully believe shes exactly 160cm or could it be possible shes 157-158cm tall?
filmfan on Christopher Lee
Taller than 6'4'' Vincent Price in 80s horror spoof House of Long Shadows. On youtube 80s interview with Wogan, Lee towers the host who was about 6ft I think. I think 6'5'' is accurate. Perhaps he has lost a little height with age but his posture always looked impeccable. Surprised at Rob's estimate of 6'2'' but he was already very elderly by that time.
Pretty boy on Rob Paul
1/4"-1/2" below average for my age then, not bad. I guess it can be considered "Weak average".

What I would really like to know is what the median would be. While the mean (average) is useful in a way, it doesn't really tell me how I stack up against most men as they include very short and very tall people.
Height182 on Justin Bieber
No way Big G would edge out the Biebz today. I think it's the other way round. Big B would edge out Big G. Yeah he is about the same height as Mayweather, 5'7'' and nothing more.
timbreezy on Big Sean
Nowhere near 5'9. More like 5'5/5'6. Nice try though "Big" Sean.
62B on Andre The Giant
we know Nash was at least 6'9'' because we have seen he's police mugshot of 6'10'' in shoes, and I think that was taken in the evening.

And 62B you need to understand a 11.5'' long face is massive. that is 30% bigger than the avarage 9'' face,same with he's hands they are 20% longer than the avarage 8.25'' hands and that is without the thick hydro blote from the HGH and HGF1, if you grow 20% from 6' you would be over 7'2'' that is what we are talking about,all this crap of 13'' wrist bones and 13'' face and size 26 feet and 550lbs is doing him not justice because the real size of him 6'10'' size 19feet 11.5''+ face 9'5''+ hands and 450lbs is totaly massive,we dont need fantasy land measurments,we can see how big he was a total Giant all over.

That's still all just guessing numbers by you. 1/2" on one measurement and everything changes.
Dejavu on Dax Shepard
I think he is 6'2-6'3 range. I think he is a weak 6'3.
Bradi on Justin Bieber
Bieber is actually shorter than Mayweather is those vids, I don't know what you guys are seeing.
Chris on General Height
Hi Rob, just wanted to pick your brains. I have an exceptionally tall son who just turned 13 last week. He is already 6ft 2in and towers over all his classmates. I'm 5'10" and my wife is 5'7" so we're not exactly giants and our doctor has not really given him a firm indication of what he might end up other than there's nothing to worry about. What are your thoughts?
[Editor Rob: he may have got lucky with the combination of genes that determine height, so he has more of the tall genes from both, or the random factor gave him that. He might end early, but could also gain more and end up 6ft 5.]
josh b on Judge Reinhold
Rob, he claims to be 6'2 in an article on yahoo today :)
Height182 on Sylvester Stallone
Here we have another friend of ours, Mr Robert Downey Jr, who is also trying to Master the art of Height. Click Here

Here in this picture, you see that he has rolled his trousers up. The point of this is to show all of us that he doesn't wear any lifts and he isn't hiding anything.

If you zoom in, you can see his ankle is supposed to go all the way down inside of that shoe. Instead, his ankle area is weirdly sticking out. Maybe he has shoved bricks inside his shoe? who knows.. All I know is he is no Sly!

Mr Downey maybe no Sly, but still as a 5'8'' man he can also grow to around 6'0''! Here he is with 6'0.5'' listed John Cena Click Here Click Here Click Here

Downey has also won my respect!
Chuckie Cheese 2 on Jimmy Kimmel
Strong 5 ft 11.

He loos like he lost 25 pounds from his 205 lbs peak. Looks 170 or so nowdays.
Andrea on Rob Paul
You probably are talking about that guy from GOT, arent you? He's what? 6'8 up close? I was showing Big Alex his pics with two real giants the other day and asked him how tall you think he is and he answered 5'10... Hell, they made him look average, thats crazy! (The pics have been posted somewhere in this site)
[Editor Rob: yes with the 2 other giants, you can see him Here. The giant on the left is 220cm (7ft 2.5), here is his twitter ]
Voiceless Dental Fricative on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnie looks about 5'4 in the PR photo for this page. He has the short guy build.
CaptainSpaulding on Kevin Nash
Thank you JT lol... NFL and College Football are usually spot on, when they lift their athletes' heights. Nash has 2.5-3 inches on that 6'6" football player there. 6'8.5" for Nash, minimum. Even if he was only that in more modern times, I think Nash was at least an inch taller than that in his prime.

He's likely lost some height. Prob at least an inch, happens to a lot of tall athletes as they get older............
Kendalljennergreatestfan on Ariel Winter
@The Fan totally agree.Obviously the downplay ariel height because she is the baby sister in MF.
CaptainSpaulding on Tyler Mane
Didn't mean to double post the same sort of thing lol... Anyways, I read Ali Baba's post where he says he measured himself at 6'5.5" at night. But he also says in the same exact post, that he'd been doing eleven hours of hard physical labor work... Wearing "heavy gear", like a back pack or something.

Ali Baba said in that same post, that all that physical hard work could have contributed to his nighttime height being 6'5.5". And not an even 6'6" like it usually is. He probably meant he had trouble standing straight when measuring himself or something.

My barefoot mid day height is 5'8". (I measure slightly under 5'8.5" in the morning, and slightly over 5'7.5" at night. (A difference of around 3/4 an inch). Thus, again my mid day barefoot height is 5'8".

But I've taken up weight lifting/body building recently. A couple nights ago, on a night after I had lifted weights, I measured my nighttime height. It was like 5'7" and a quarter of an inch, maybe 5'7" and a third of an inch.

BUT: My morning barefoot height is still always like 5'8.35" or 5'8.4". And I def DON'T lose at least a full inch of height throughout the day. Only like 3/4 an inch...

Lifting weights very obviously made me have trouble standing straight when measuring myself at night.

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes by the actors themselves in interviews, resumes or articles.

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