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26 January
Judd on Football Soccer
Appe4 says on 20/Jan/15
@judd thank you for giving me your opinion ( I quite agree with you! ) so for you are there 2cm between fernando and ronaldo?

IMO Cristiano Ronaldo is 6'0.75", but i can't see him under that height!
Torres is 0,25-0,5" shorter. Ronaldo has been always a bit shorter than Kak, who's IMO an honest 6'1.25" guy, so 184,5-185 cms is right.
Torres is between 183,5-184 cms.

@everybody: how tall is in your opinion Gabriel Omar Batistuta? 6'0.5" is fair for him? someone ever met him? XD
Kourosh on General Height
im 5'9.5 (176.4 cm) , the tallest height i was guessed was 5'10.5 (178-179 cm) and shortest 5'7.25 (171 cm).

so i dont know how come people around my height usually get past by 6'0 claims!!!

i dont have guts to claim even 5'11 which is only an inch higher than my actual height.I think its because of im afraid of to get called on it. Not only that , since i know i dont have body of a legit 5'11 guy so i dont lie. i might be just 3 cm shorter 5'11 but still 3 cm makes noticeable difference. So i dont know where people have the courage to inflate their height up to 2 inches. i usually say my real height, but in front of ladies i lie and claim 5'10 just to impress them :).

anyways, I am just ok with my height neither happy nor upset. Among the youngsters i feel like im inch shorter than average considering average height (18-25) in my country is 5'8.5 to 5'9, im yet to see so many 5'10 to 5'11 guys in streets. but in compare to elderly people ,im appeared from average to solid average. So generally i classify myself in just okayish zone. i wish i was 6'0 tall :( so i wouldnt be so insecure about my height.
RentGirl on Kristen Stewart
She's on Kelly and Michael right now and looks almost the same height as Kelly(5'2 1/2). Maybe 5'3-ish? Both wearing similar heels.
TJE on Will Poulter
Don't think he made it to 6'2. Previous listing was better, maybe 6'1.5.
TJE on William Russell
Why not have a peak and current listing him?
[Editor Rob: he's I guess more retired so better just leaving his 60's height.]
Logic on Hulk Hogan
The Big Show and Ed Jones were also in a photo together but unfortunately the photo is not useful for height comparison.

Click Here

That photo does make me wonder if there is a photo of the Big Show standing directly beside of Ed Jones.
GI Jose on General Height
@Bryan (Queenslander)
It's just a personal preference of mine. I feel that when, at some point I am not the full height that I claim, I am lying. I've gone by night height since I was 16 just because of the reason stated before. You could also read the very first sentence of my previous post in which I say this: "I've actually been starting to just say a tad under 6'0" lately". I don't mind if other people are rounding up their height from the half inch mark up, but that's just not something I do.
Appe4 on Rob Paul
@rob I was measured with a stadiometre 182 when I was 18yo and 8 months, now 23 yo I am 185 in the morning and 183,5 before bed. Did I grow more than average after 18 yo?
Appe4 on Cristiano Ronaldo
@6ftMagician I personally disagree with you when you say he could be also a 183-184 cm guy. I think the lowest possible we could speak about is 184,7/185 before bed. Anyway I think he would measure between 185 and 186 during 80% of the day. To me a honest 185 footballer and maybe even 186... 187 is a joke
James Crowley Maximus Meridius on Ralph Macchio
@Brad i don't think he looks 33 he looks about 38 too 40 at the most 10 years ago he looked about 28 too 30 i don't think he looks 28 too 30 anymore when he was 42 he looked 28 too 30 but not anymore he doesn't look late 20s too early 30s more like late 30s too early 40s.
James Crowley Maximus Meridius on General Height
Rob is it possible for males at 16 too lose height like go from 5ft 6in barefoot 5ft 7in with shoes on too 5ft 5in barefoot 5ft 6in with shoes on.
[Editor Rob: from morning to night, but I don't know anybody who would lose height without major injury at a young age.]
Shamrock on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
yup, Rock was taller than Reigns at the end of the Rumble. looking forward to seeing how people try and argue rock is only 6'2 now.
184.3cm on Hulk Hogan
If Ed Jones is 6'8 then Hogan isnt under 6'3 today. Could even be a solid 191cm 6'3.25. 2-2.5 inches lost since his peak.
joe 192cm on Zlatan Ibrahimovich
6ftMagician,when cr7 came to Manchester United only had 18 years of age are finished grow up to 21 years to your guess of ibra is very high surpassed alexander it was measured 194cm and football is measured barefoot
184.3cm on Harry Styles
Except he is not, he is 5'9.25-5'9.5 tops. Beckham is 5'11 and is taller so how can he be 6'0 ?? And how is 5'11 average and then one inch taller is tall?? If 5'11 is average then 6'1-6'2 is tall not 6 foot.
dayle182cm :( on User Heights
Connor your 6ft iver one really dude
not again on Harry Styles
I see blind and deluded fangirls... 5'9 max, the guy is average.
HULK on Snoop Dogg
looks 1 inch taller than footballer rio ferdinand(6'3)
So 6'4/6'4.5
Frankie68 on Sylvester Stallone dont take an expert to know hes no more than 5'7....
cole on Ricardo Chavira
@Editor Rob: With Mehcad Brooks (listed 6'3 here): Click Here
RoelC on Andre The Giant
Chaz says on 25/Jan/15
I am not Sure dicksock what year it is,maybe someone else knows,I would say 1968 or 1969 looks like when he was geting billed 140kg and 208-210cms

That picture is from mid-1969, when Andre was touring the UK. He was billed at 6'10"-6'11" at the time, so he wasn't taller than that.
Brian Glover was billed as 'the man from Paris' for odd reason. He had a heavy Yorkshire accent. Can't tell if he was 5'10" in his prime, but in 1991 (age 57) he was several inches shorter than Rik Mayall in the tv-show Bottom.
jjj on Football Soccer

Costa was listed at 186cm for valladolid and vallecano and until his breakout year. So i think that's his height
Tuga on The Undertaker
HeightcrazyRed6ft says on 23/Jan/15
Click Here
JTs pic tells a lot...

Agree, these tell ;D
Click Here
Click Here
Joel12 on Rob Paul
rob do you think i will grow taller?
here is my stats:
at 12-13 i was 5'3(1.60m)
at 13-14 i was 5'5-5'6(about 1.67m)
at 14-15 i was 5'8-5'9(about 1.74m)
at 15-16 i was 5'10-5'11(about 1.79m)
at 16-17 i was 6'0(1.83)
at 17-18 i was 6'0-6'1(1.84/5)
at 18 i was 1.85-1.86 at the end of the day and right now after a couple of months i grew a little bit and im 1.87cm at the end of the day, midday im 1.875-1.88
so do you think i can grew taller another inch or two based on that growth stats?
[Editor Rob: you might be finished now, but you still gained within the last year so your plates aren't totally closed. You could potentially still gain at 19.]
unsure on General Height
Which height do you all claim? Morning, afternoon or evening?

I'm 189.5cm in the morning and 187.5cm in the morning. Which height should I claim? 188cm or 6'2? Seeing as I fall below 6'2 at night should I claim 6'1.5? I'm really not sure.
truth2 on General Height

Scandinavia? Average to slightly below
Eastern Europe? Around average (above/below depending on country)
Balkans? Below average ( a few cm)
Southern Europe? Above average ( a few cm)
Germany? Around average, slightly shorter for young men Netherlands? Below average but not by much (less than 5cm) Belgium? Bang on average France? Above average only just.

For Europe 177cm is average height (overral), 179cm for young. 175-183cm you blend right in.
184.3cm on Brad Pitt
I get that he might wear lifts if starring opposite a taller guy, looks better on camera. However seems he got the taste for it and carried it over to his personal life. Ive always wondered what these guys do in the summer? Its 40 degrees mostly here (104 for the americans here) and i usally have flip flops on all the time. I have him still 5'10.5-5'10.75. Probably 5'11.25 out of bed.
184.3cm on General Height

I can only speak for The Netherlands (Holland) as well i live here. The average height is round 5'6 for a woman here and 5'11 for a man. So you might feel a smidge under average here especially if you have a group of young guys were 182-193 is pretty common.

As for conducting a height challenge in public i read an article not long ago in Men's Health where they did just that. They went down to a shopping centre and challenged men to be measured on a stadiometer, the results were even more shocking than i expected. Some men lied by an inch or slightly more but you had a few guys who were lying up to 3 inches !
phal on Tom Cruise
Hahaaha, 3'0 :P
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
Connor did easily look 6 ft in his doorway, in fact where is head was on the door on my door it's nearer 6'1".
Lisa on General Height
@6ft Magician: Yes, you're spot on with your observation. People, especially short girls, usually overestimate heights. I've been guessed as tall as 6'2! I bet you've been guessed as tall as 6'4 or 6'5, as ridiculous as that sounds. I once measured young women as a part of my job at a clinic. Most of them were surprised to learn how short they were. It wasn't uncommon for 5'0 girls to claim "about 5'4". My theory is that many girls aren't measured and they use their friends as references. If their 5'2 friend claims 5'4, and they're the same height, they'll also claim 5'4. They'll also, sadly (jk), think that 5'8 guys are 5'10, perpetuating the myth that 5'8 guys are short, forcing genuine 5'8 guys to add one or two inches to their claimed heights because the short girls think 5'6-5'7 guys are really 5'8-5'9. It's one big "add a few inches" cycle.
Donp on Justin Bieber
He is more 5ft 7,75 inc
Oh_YEA on Vitali Klitschko
Wlad admitted he was 6'5 in a link posted below. On the Adam Carolla show he admitted Vitali was one inch taller then he was, which makes Vitali 6'6.
Connor6ft on Rob Paul
@6ftMagician well under a stadiometer at 1pm I got measured at 183.5cm-6ft 0.25 and at home I was 183cm 6ft 0 1/8 at nearly 3pm.
Oz0 on General Height
How tall do you think the Janoskians are
MD on Amir Khan

Yeah, someone is not listed correctly, and it has to be Amir, quite frankly. Here they both are in a more recent shot from Amir's instagram:

Click Here

Zayn is not underlisted by an inch. Even with the bad angle. It's clear to me that Amir is 5'8" flat, which is something I've been subtlely advocating. Look at the pictures I posted of him with Nick Cannon and 5'9"ish Mario Lopez, where he looks at least an inch shorter than Mario.
MD on Football Soccer
Here is van Persia some years back with a 6'4.75" Usain Bolt, and a 5'11"ish Ryan Giggs:

Click Here

Van Persie seems to be one of those rare cases that since he has been underlisted from time-to-time, people think he's significantly taller than the underlisting. But, I don't think the underlisting is as ridiculously off as some of the overclaims by athletes. I think he's much closer to the 183 cm listing the the 186 cm to 188 cm listings I often see.
Connor6ft on User Heights
@Alex 6'0 I was up for 4-5 hours I think, what do you think should I go with 182.88 or 183cm?.

@Amaze thanks
MD on Freddie Highmore
Max Theriot, despite however he may look on the show, is not actually taller than Freddie:

Click Here

Click Here

I'd say they are nearly the exact same height, and if anything, Freddie is very marginally taller.
MD on Jake Gyllenhaal
With 5'9" Jason Biggs:

Click Here
MD on Jimmy Kimmel

I'm having doubts about this listing, now. Here is Jimmy with a pretty confirmed 5'10" with Seth Macfarlane (to his immediate right):

Click Here

Click Here

I'm going to be very generous - particularly given that Jimmy even has a footwear advantage in these shots - and say that maybe 5'11" seems a more appropriate listing. Even if by some off chance we have Macfarlane off by a full inch, it'd be really hard to argue anything above 5'11" for Jimmy. Thoughts?
MD on James Purefoy
This is really just about right.

Here he is with 6'0.5" Damian Lewis:

Click Here

With 5'11.75" Ty Burrell:

Click Here

He's about 6'0", and definitely not any more than that.
MD on Jared Leto
Tunman, I think the fact is that if he's really that weight, there is no way he's 5'11" given how thin that would look. I'm 5'11" and 143 lbs, myself, and as thin as Leto is, there is no way he's as tall as 5'11" if he's 148 lbs. If that's his actual weight, as Shawn said, it'd be very hard for him to be above what he's currently listed.
JB on Jonah Hill
He's definitely on the higher end of short. 5'6" seems right. I don't see him as low as 5'5" like others are saying on here.
Judd on User Heights
Alex 6'0 says on 25/Jan/15
Connor6ft, so yea 6'0.25 at 1pm. How long were you up for? 6'0.25 at midday puts you at 6'0 at worst by evening-night. Midday to evening its very minimal height loss.

Judd, yea size 14 shoes. In some boots I'm a 13 with different brands. Both feet I believe are exactly 12 inches long

so your feet are giant! i am 187 cms tall and my longer feet (the right one) is around 27,5-28 cms long. the other is quite smaller, likely 1 cm!
My size is about 11-11.5, it depends!
Judd on Rob Paul
182cm says on 25/Jan/15
@editor rob do you think I should claim
morning 184-184.5cm
after 2 hours 183.5cm
midday 182.5-183cm
night 182-182.5cm.
I also measured in two centimeter shoes and got 185cm so 6ft1 around midday
I think just saying around 6ft will make it easier

strong 5'11.75" or between 5'11.75" and 6'0". I think the most of people will claim 60, though.
If i were in you i will claim indifferently 5'11.75" or 6'0" and 182 cms and 183 cms, it depend by my mood!

IMO a lgit 182 cms guy is someone who wakes up at 184 cms and close the day at 182 cms (so in the 181,8-182,2 cms zone), while a lgit 183 cms guy is someone who wakes up at 185 cms and close the day at 183 cms (182,8-183,2 zone)'re between those zones!
phal on Rob Paul
Rob, when you measure your height by the autopsy method, does it matter if the item you place ontop of your head and what you push your feet against, both are straight as well as you also laying down flat, straightly aligned?
[Editor Rob: a dvd boxset or something would be fine, a cornflake box aswell, anything of size is ok, but I was pushing my heels against the skirting board, you could do it against a door.]
Paul on Kevin Nash
You have no perception in terms of height at all...6'7!
shivam on Robert Downey Jr
I think he is 5"6 inches taller
marc on Katie Holmes
On Dawsons creek she was about an in shorter than James Van Der Beek when wearing heels and he is appearently 6feet
Steve on George Segal
Segal eye-to-eye with 6' Lionel Stander

Click Here

And Stander taller than 5'11" Robert Wagner

Click Here
the shredder on Michael Keaton
He does look between 5 '8 and 5'9 , peak 5'9.5.
james on Tom Cruise
This has to be the only height you've got wrong rob, he's not over 5'7, he might even be shorter
Rusty on Jason Statham
5'7" to 5'8" at best. Check out the movie "Collateral" when Jason hands off a package to Tom Cruise they look pretty close in height or just under Tom's height. Its been said that Tom is approximately 5'7". Seeing is believing.
miko on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
The Rock had at least an inch on Reigns last night.
Chris on Tom Odell
I thought he was around 6ft, like me. His head looks big though
Chris on Vance Joy
His head isn't a bit big, it's completely proportionate to his frame, as well as his lips. Don't know what he's smoking
Chris on Eliza Doolittle
She has ridiculously long legs though
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" on User Heights
Connor, you appear to be about 6'0" in both photos, maybe even 6'0.25".
TJE on Kate French
I'm in a similar situation to her, well kinda. My biological father's 6'1 and my mother's 5'4. I have two sisters; the older one is 5'7.75-8 and my twin is 5'8.75-9. I'm 5'10-10.25.
TJE on Historical Heights
I would've thought that Old Georgie would be 6'0.5-6'1, but now that I see the paintings of him, he can appear 6'0, sometimes he even can look closer to 5'11 in some.

Anyway, I heard that the average height during the 11th century was actually 5'8, well, in Europe at least. It progressively dropped to 5'5 in the 17th and 18th centuries. Just wanted to bring that up.
25 January
TJE on Brad Pitt
He looks 5'11 in the first two pics, but the pic with Claudia is worrying.
noor on Triple H
187-88 cm's
Rhonda on Rob Corddry
He looks 5ft10 max, my bet is 5ft9.5 he looks small the majority of the time. Yeah he did look short in hot tub time machine, no much taller than Clark Duke who I think is 5ft7
TJE on General Height
Would anyone in the US/UK agree that 5'10.25-10.5 for males looks more average than upper average now?
TJE on Rob Paul
Well, it's something to look into, Rob, if it ever sparks enough interest of course. I just did an experiment myself. So, 11 hours out of bed and only wearing socks, I do the aersol can thing with my legs at full hyperextension, about 2 inches per leg and 4 inches between my feet, and I do it again with my legs straight. The hyperextended measurement was approx 177.5 and, the regular measurement was 177.9. So it was about 3.5-4 mm difference. I gotta note that it was harder to stand straight when my legs were in full hyperextension.

I did it a few more times to the best of my ability and the difference stays the same.
[Editor Rob: ah, for some reason I thought you meant tensing, but hyperextending them? Well since it is like a very slight bend it could mean a few mm difference...I don't think it makes sense to measure without straight legs though ;)]
Jay Jay on Justin Bieber
Damn I seen him here in Vegas, he wuz 5 feet 6 tops and in them custom made high tops with power lifts in them.
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m on Richard Roundtree
Looked very tall earlier in his career, from Shaft to Maniac Cop.
BorkLaser on Daniel Bryan
With 6'1" (listed here) Stephen Amell: Click Here
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m on Bruce Campbell
He looked strikingly tall in the film 'MANIAC COP'. I think he could've been very near 6ft 1in peak.
Mathew on Tom Cruise
2toes says on 23/Jan/15
"Same height as the G?" He was always taller than G in his pics by an inch.


Hold up, let's keep in mind that Cruise had ramrod posture with G. The difference may have looked like an inch... But you could definitely argue they might measure closer than that based on their 2 photos together.
[Editor Rob: I immortalised G's Tom pic in a short video with the Height Guru here]
HI on Tom Cruise
there is a photo of Cruise in the 80's with Emilio Estevez and Rob Lowe? anyone know how tall those guys are
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m on Dean Jagger
Looked pretty tall in the great western film 'Rawhide'.
Isa on Brock Lesnar
I used to always take the BMI (body max index) seriously. I went to the BMI calculator and checked the results while I put different values. They were very different most of the time. For example I did Brock Lesnar's, I put all the information about him (like height, weight, age etc.) in Metric/imperial. I put his height at 6 feet 2 inches, weight at say his billed one 285 lbs = 36.6 Which is obese if you agree with bmi, I'll give the following for a male at a height of 6'2 - Underweight = <18.5 (which is 144 lbs and under)
Normal weight = 18.524.9 (which is 144 lbs to 194 lbs)
Overweight = 2529.9 (which is 195-233 lbs)
Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater (which is 234 lbs+)
But Brock Lesnar has a lot of muscle which is obviously healthy and not fat at all. He is big not fat. If you take it seriously then everyone is overweight and obese then lol.
Isa on Brock Lesnar
I used to always take the BMI (body max index) seriously. I went to the BMI calculator and checked the results while I put different values. They were very different most of the time. For example I did Brock Lesnar's, I put all the information about him (like height, weight, age etc.) in Metric/imperial. I put his height at 6 feet 2 inches, weight at say his billed one 285 lbs = 36.6 Which is obese if you agree with bmi, I'll give the following for a male at a height of 6'2 - Underweight = <18.5 (which is 144 lbs and under)
Normal weight = 18.524.9 (which is 144 lbs to 194 lbs)
Overweight = 2529.9 (which is 195-233 lbs)
Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater (which is 234 lbs+)
But Brock Lesnar has a lot of muscle which is obviously healthy and not fat at all. He is big not fat. If you take it seriously then everyone is overweight and obese then lol.
Danimal on Andre The Giant
Iconjj says on 23/Jan/15
HeightcrazyRed6ft says on 22/Jan/15
Maybe I remember wrong but what I saw from WWE(F) during early nineties Hulk was billed 68" 303" until he left after WM 8.

After his Return at WM 9 WWF billed him 67" 275lbs and he didnt lose weight for Movie roles in first place, it was because of the steroid scandal...
I've never heard of Hulk being billed anything less than 6'8 during his 84 to 93 run.... His weight was always 302, 303, or the WM III 292. if you have proof of otherwise, i'll gladly stand corrected....

You are correct in that he was never billed at less than 6'8" during his WWF run, BUT, he was billed at different weights throughout the 80's. He was billed between 320 and 340 pounds in the late 70's and very early 80's (his first run with the WWF). In 1986, I saw several 307 and 310 pounds billings for Hogan. In 1987, they billed him in his 290's and even as low as 287 at a later date. By the early 90's he was forced by Vince McMahon to get off roids and go clean because of the trials and he went down to 230 pounds, yet was still billed at either 302 or 303 pounds. At that time, I saw him in a magazine (not WWF) where he was listed at 6'6" and 260 or 265 pounds (promoting either Suburban Commando or Mr. Nanny). WCW began billing him as 6'7" and 260 something pounds when he came on board and eventually 275 pounds.
TJE on Dave Grohl
I saw him play last June but I was too far away to . He has a big presence onstage; I thought he was 190-191. But now, I don't think he's 183. Looks more 181-182.
Bryan (Queenslander) on General Height
@GI Jose

You're probably 183cm at lunchtime why must you measure at your lowest? In real life people will give you crazed stares if you called someone out for claiming 5'10 if they happened to be 178cm barefoot at lunchtime with relaxed posture.

If this was you, you would say "I will shrink down to 5'9.75 therefore i have to claim 5'9!".
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" on Chris Evans
By Dirk Nowitzki who is listed as 6'11" on Draftexpress:

Click Here

Click Here
MrTBlack on Height Challenge
Hey Rob, was the hair over 6'5" challenger from America? I ask because he's wearing a Miami Dolphins Jersey.
[Editor Rob: he lives round the corner from me, just a scottish guy.]
Teej on Kunal Nayyar
'chris' i think 'realist' was indicating 'most people' as other memebers of cast. johnny galeki and simon helberg certainly wear lifts. the difference between johnny galeki and kaley cuoco in the 1st season to this current season is tremendous she was comfartably taller at first, now he's just taller or same height. kunal is 5'7, galeki is 5'4.5 and simon helburg is 5'4. galeki and helburg are exactly the same height galeki is barely talle, but hes uncomfartable and concerned about his height, whereas kunal embraces it
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" on Justin Timberlake
Jamie, how do you explain Diaz being clearly shorter than Timberlake with 2-3 inch heels on in this photo (despite the fact that she's slouching in a way that would subtract .5" from her height)?

Click Here
177cmGuy on Steven Spielberg
I think Mr Speilberg was a weak 5'8 at his peak height. Today at age 69 he's probably 169-170cm somewhere in the weak 5'7 range. One of the greatest film makers I have seen. Jaws, Jurassic park and saving private Ryan are films you can watch over again no matter how old the get.
Alex2 on Kane
Alex 6'0 says on 20/Jan/15
Kane needs a peak height and today height I think now.

This, Rob there is more than enough evidence to warrant this and I would still bet all my money he isn't under 6'8 today.
Lisa on General Height
@gj: Wikipedia has a good article on human height. It lists the average heights of a lot of different countries. All/most of your questions should be answered there.
Teej on Dev Patel
Very tall for an indian guy, im half indian and im 187cm, i would say he's 187cm maybe 188cm in morning
RentGirl on Height Request
What about Kathryn Newton from 'Paranormal Activity 4' and 'Supernatural' she's listed as 5'4.
[Editor Rob: I'll add her firstly at her claim which is an inch higher.]
6ftMagician on Wilt Chamberlain
It would be funny if the people measuring him just kinda looked up and said 'oh his head looks in line with 216 on the tape, we'll go with that' it could be a skewed angle, thus a inproper measurement. Just something to consider
Yo on Zendaya
Y'all crazy if you don't think she's 5'10
6ftMagician on Rob Paul

Please don't take this the wrong way but are you 5'11''? - I don't think you looked 6ft in that doorway shot a while back.

I only ask because my own measurements vary considerably - I don't know if its the ground or the cereal box I use. Either way I'd love to be measured with a stadiometer. Till then, I know I am a solid 6fter for the majority of the day (183.5cm range), and pushing a flat 6ft at night or after hours walking.
masterofheight on Kendall Jenner
Hey guys if Rob is 5ft 11, Scott is shorter and kendall is 5 ft 10 then how can this photo be explianed Click Here Scott looks quite a bit taller than kendall hear, baring in mind that he is standing much straighter so the difference probably isnt as much as it looks but still. I personally would say that Scott is taller than Rob in most episodes/ pictures ive seen... but only fractionally i would say Rob is 178-9 and scott 180-181/2... especially if Kendall is a legit 5 ft 10, which i think if not is very close.
height190 on Kendall Jenner
i made a mistake, the girl i thought was Kravitz, is Chanel Iman.. who is listed on google as 178cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Michael Jordan
6ft6 out of bed, Rob?
[Editor Rob: 6ft 5.75 maybe, but 6ft 6 could be as equally possible.]
Judd on Michael Ironside
Rob is possible 5'9-9.25" today? Is what he does look with you!
[Editor Rob: he is around 176 range I think today.]
height190 on Kendall Jenner
Click Here Rob, could you also take a look at this photo of kendall next to three other models, one being jourdann dunn, who you listed at 6 ft, i know in this image footware isnt visable.... the thing that confuses me about this picture is zoe kravitz who i believe is 157cm.. surely someone of 5ft 10 should look a lot taller than that, unless she was in flats, which could be possible...
[Editor Rob: she can look a bit under 5ft 10 with some models, but then other times really can look in 5ft 10 range.]
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" on Rob Paul
I love Grand Theft Auto V as well, Amaze. It's ironic that you included '6'0"' in that post since that's what Frank's height is supposed to be.
cole on Jon Hamm
Click Here He actually looks the same height as his wax figure.
Halb on Andre The Giant
There were 6'7" billings for Hogan before WM9. Even before they brought in Sid Justice who they billed at 6'9 and had clear height on Hogan in mid '91.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Charles Dance
"Charles Dance's height is 6ft 2in (189cm)"

More than 2in on Benedict Cumberbatch in The Intimidation Game (I'm open to the possibility of Cumberbatch being a weak 6ft).

Possibly a strong 6ft3 peak. He was very tall in The Last Action Hero (about 2in on Schwarzenegger) and Alien 3 (4in on Sigourney Weaver)
cole on Doug Savant
@Dmeyer: Highly doubt he's 6ft, but the listed difference between Savant and James Denton makes absolutely no sense to me.
184.9 on a bad day on Football Soccer
Rob, how tall is Van Persie? to me he is atleast 186
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Gerard Butler
6ft1-2 range is perfect. He might even be 187cm.
Similar to Brosnan in Butterfly On A Wheel and also Mark Strong in RocknRolla
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on David Tennant
Rob between Karl Urban and Tennant, who left you with a taller impression?
[Editor Rob: Tennant I think had a taller impression.]
JT on Hulk Hogan
Click Here Wouldn't rule out 6'8" for a 2015 Ed Jones although he didn't quite look it in the pic I posted with ~ 6'7" George Gervin. ~6'8" Kevin Love seemed taller next to Hogan as well.
George F on John Cena
Rob what range do you think WWE wrestler Ryback is?
[Editor Rob: somewhere in 6ft 1 range is quite possible.]
HeightcrazyRed6ft on Ralf Moeller
lud says on 24/Jan/15
I saw him and Dolph Lundgren in Universal Solder set,I'm about 6'5'' and he was 1in taller than me and Dolph was 0.5 in shorther than me.Also Tiny Lister Jr. was exactly same height as Moeller.

Moleer 198
Lister Jr. 198
Lundgren 194

Trust me.

Why should we trust you more than Moeller himself who claimed 1,97m when younger and 1,96m today/recent years.
Tiny Lister claimed 65" while wrestling Hogan in 1989 so he isnt 66" too.

In Universal Soldier its more like

Mller 197
Lister Jr. 196
Lundgren 193
ARGH on Brad Pitt
You make a great point. Just bizarre. Brad probably wears 2 inch lifts. But just lunacy. I can understand a 5'7 guy like Cruise or Hoffman who is 5'5 but 5'11 and wearing lifts, when does the insanity end?
gj on Johnny Depp
Clearly on 21 Jump Street you can tell he's average. Not tall, not short.
linke on Ranbir Kapoor
yup 181 is better fit.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Paul Sorvino
A comparison with James Gandolfini would have been cool.
Similar weight for sure but easily 1-2in difference in height.
d on James Hetfield
i think James is 187, Kirk 173, Rob 172, ulrich maybe 170 he has bad posture :D
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Pierce Brosnan
Ah we'll he's only in that for literally a few minutes and there's not much to go by there in terms of height comparison. Remember Me and November Man are worth watching.. He's still looks tall in them.
b-mint on Kobe Bryant
Have you thought of doing hockey player heights Rob?
[Editor Rob: not really considered them, basketball is probably one of the most interested sports in which height gets discussed a lot.]
Alex 6'0 on Kane Hodder
Rob, when was this pic taken? 6'2.5 peak is very possible. 6'2.5 in pretty big boots he'll def looks 6'4-6'5 range in Friday the 13th movies. This picture he looks no more than 6'1.
Alex 6'0 on Robert Englund
Rob, when was this pic taken? Looks 5'8.5 range if up straight in left pic. Peak looked near 5'10
[Editor Rob: I think 2006 and 08/09, but I seen him up close twice in last few years and think he still looks around 5ft 8.5]
Thomas on General Height
Hey Rob, I measure somewhere between 6'2" and 6'1.5" in the morning and after a day of vigorous exercise and 5 hours of basketball, I shrink to my lowest 6'1" at the end of the day. I'm not entirely sure what my true height is. Sometimes I'm 6'1.2". Only after standing up all day long do I shrink to 6'1".
the shredder on Norman Reedus
Strong 5 '9 guy
Pete on Alex Turner
How can Alex be 5'9" when Noel Gallagher is listed 5'8"?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: noel does have a bit of camera advantage there.]
Dmeyer on Brad Pitt
I could see brad at 60s being 5'10.25-10.5 and wearing lifts to pull off near 6'0
Amaze on User Heights
@Connor6ft you look tall mate. Defo 6 footer. You are a tall guy. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. You are quite big guy.
Travis on Aluna Francis
She def 5'11tho
qwerty on Jeremy Clarkson
I sure he said in an episode with some blonde actress he's 6'4, because they were talking about what kind of man she would go out with, she said she wanted someone 6"6 and he said 6'4 close enough. I remember because my dad is 6'4...
Sasuke on Alex Turner
Rob, please have a loot at this picture with 5'11 Miles Kane
Click Here
He does not look more than 5'7.5" tops.
182cm on Rob Paul
@editor rob do you think I should claim
morning 184-184.5cm
after 2 hours 183.5cm
midday 182.5-183cm
night 182-182.5cm.
I also measured in two centimeter shoes and got 185cm so 6ft1 around midday
I think just saying around 6ft will make it easier
Arch Stanton on Tallulah Bankhead
Thanks, her voice though was 7 ft 2 and a half :-)
littlesue on Noel Edmonds
Lol Dribble, always have a laugh at Noel's shoes, they make his feet look massive!
littlesue on Rachel Stevens
Agree with Rob, saw on the Strictly tour last week and about an inch and half smaller than Caroline Flack
James B on Roger Moore
Rob me and my dad watched man with the golden gun earlier and my dads reckons roger moore looked around 4 inches shorter than Christopher lee in that movie.

I personally think 6'1 1/2 always looked a stretch for Moore and i think 6'1 flat is much more easier to picture.
[Editor Rob: if Moore shrunk 1 inch nearly then you could say he was a 6ft 1-1.25 guy by afternoon, I think he is probably telling the truth about the straight out of bed, being near 6ft 2.]
sabot on Kit Harington
He looked rather short in Pompeii. Flat 5'7 guy IMHO. He is shorter then Aaron Paul: Click Here
Alex 6'0 on John Cena
Height183, they don't get tested regularly. I'm 100% sure Cena is on steroids. Of course not going to admit it since he has kids looking up to him. Maybe at times he's on lower doses than other times but he's def on it.
As far as Angle and Cena height difference. It does look 2-2.5 depending on certain pics.
Alex 6'0 on User Heights
Jake, 5'11 5/8 is a weak 6'0 guy. Most would go with 6'0 but you could say just under 6'0 if you wanted.
Alex 6'0 on User Heights
Connor6ft, so yea 6'0.25 at 1pm. How long were you up for? 6'0.25 at midday puts you at 6'0 at worst by evening-night. Midday to evening its very minimal height loss.

Judd, yea size 14 shoes. In some boots I'm a 13 with different brands. Both feet I believe are exactly 12 inches long
Amaze on General Height
@Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" you are correct . people are wrong if they think 5'11 or 6'1 starts tall. Its neither. Factually and u are right also is that the height 183cm or 6'0 begins tall. 5'11.25-75 or 181/2 is talllish . 6'1 cannot start tall well especially in UK, its 3-4 inches above average. 185-7cm or 6'1-6'1.7.5 is more solid tall range.
6ftMagician on James Corden
Here is my anecdotal evidence - at work he came in and my manager sold him an expensive handbag - he stood a foot away from me and I didn't say anything to him, as it would be unprofessional (despite being excited that J Corden was right in front of me!).

My eyes were comfortably over his head - in all honesty, I love his work, but he struck me as a 5'6.5'' guy - perhaps it was Big G in disguise?!
Joe on Rockmond Dunbar
Slightly taller than Theo Rossi on SOA 177cm sounds right.
Ericlegrand on Afrojack
Calvin Harris is very close to 6'6 not just 6'5 flat. I'd say 6'5'75 for Harris and Afrojack 6'7.
Chaz on Andre The Giant
I am not Sure dicksock what year it is,maybe someone else knows,I would say 1968 or 1969 looks like when he was geting billed 140kg and 208-210cms
Hartman on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2": once again the photos are meaningless without shots of footwear. I you take shots from the knees up of Stallone with others, you get a false comparison. Same with Schwarzenegger, the lift king.
6ftMagician on Chris Evans
I thought Evans was listed at 5'11'' somewhere on google before.

Either way he never looks 6ft. A strong 181 guy.
6ftMagician on General Height
Does anyone agree how shocking the general public's perception of height is. I really want to go out and ask the general public how tall they think I am, then reveal it to them - bet their guesses will inflate my height. And I would also like to ask them how tall they (think they) are - then ask if they would accept being measured - I think the results would be amazing, even if some would not accept being measured, I think more would accept. I hypothesis most would overestimate. I would tell them its a bit of fun beforehand and for research purposes.

Only issue is I don't have a stadiometer. If Rob is ever down in London let me know and we could do it in any of my local highstreets.

And I could double check my height - some days I measure differently - and I suspect the floors in my house are not level. Either way I am 184.x in the morning and usually bang on 183cm or a few mm under at night.
@rockitbaby on Leonardo DiCaprio
Yeah, his shoes heels are higher but if they stand next to each other it seems they will be the same height. Next to Brad Pitt, who's around 1,82m, Jon looks slightly shorter, around 1,80m.

Click Here
Shamrock on Height Request
Noel Fielding, Rob?

listed as 5'11 typically, sounds about right
Daniel 6'1.5 on Zlatan Ibrahimovich
Ibrahimovic looks 195cm
6ftMagician on Gareth Bale
Shorter than a measured 6'1'' Ronaldo. Don't understand where these 6'1'' claims are coming from?

If Ronaldo is 185 (at best), then Bale is a flat 183/6ft.
Hartman on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Never confused "official height" ("officially measured by whom, another bodybuilder who got paid by the same boss, the guy who ran the federation?)with 'billed height.' Example: Andre the Giant was billed, at one point, at seven feet five. Was that his 'official height' because a lackey in the wrestling industry claimed to measure him at that. What malarkey. Peak height for Arnold: five foot eleven. Real height today: five foot ten. Sorry fanboys.
Austin on Triple H
@Alex 6'0 How much do you think Triple H weighs today? In an article for Muscle & Fitness HHH admitted he was about 20 lbs lighter at WM30 than what he was at WM29.
Connor6ft on User Heights
@Alex 6'0 here's my video of my height
62B on Andre The Giant
Chaz says on 24/Jan/15
not seen this befor Andre with 5'10'' Brian Glover no way was he 7' then Click Here
Horrible picture for comparison. It is taken at a weird angle that for sure favors the other guy, plus Dicksock is right Andre, is not standing straight. Do you even know for sure that this Brian Glover's height is 5'10"? For sure Andre does not look anywhere near his billed height of 7'4". Not sure how old he is in that picture, but I'd say he looks anywhere from the 6'10" to 7", but it is a bad picture for trying to determine height.
1.89m on Arnold Schwarzenegger
@Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" Arnie is closer to the camera!! Think Perspective please.
Tam on Harry Styles
I don't believe he is 5'11. He's definetly six foot bc taylor swift is exactly 5'11 and when he stands next to her, he's one inch taller. Besides that, 5'11 is average and 6 foot is tall. So Harry looks tall then i would go for 6'0
issa on Salman Khan
When r u going to downgrade Salman Rob?He is shorter than SRK who also needs a downgrade.
Kourosh on Height Challenge
rob today i went to a doctor for my annual medical checkup. When it came down to fill up my personal information which was including both height and weight, he did not measure, he simply asked me how tall iam and i gave him 177 cm claim.

My morning height is anywhere from 177.5 cm to 178 cm (depend on hours of sleep) so im a flat 5'10 fresh out of bed.And my absolute night height is bang on 176.1 cm or 176.05. Did i cheat by giving him 177 cm claim?
[Editor Rob: it's not a cheat because you are around that range for a portion of the day. That's the problem with height - it's not set in stone and we all have a morning to evening range, which for some might be only 0.5inches, while for others a full inch.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Charles Dance
If Cumberbatch is 6ft, this guy is still a strong 6ft2
chief on W. C. Fields
i view groucho marx and w c fields at a dinner party. I believe fields being about an inch taller than groucho, I think fields stood over 5 feet 8 and not 5 feet seven.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Leonardo DiCaprio
205lbs on the
Big G on Brock Lesnar
@James B let's see what kind condition you're in he's a professional athlete and you're not. You're overweight yourself
Krause on General Height
@ RobV care to show us what type of shoes you are wearing in order to make yourself 6'6 ish? I myself being a strong 189 weak 190 can't imagine wearing something bigger than 4-5 cm because it both feels and looks weird
dicksock on Hulk Hogan
Here's an actual pic with Jones and Hogan:
Click Here

There is definitely at least 5" between. Hogan looks just as big as Jones and look at the size of Hogan's hands. Again, I'm not convinced that Jones wasn't 6'9" in his prime. I would guess Jones is still a solid 6'8" and Hogan is right at 6'3". So much for all these marines and army guys on here who swear Hogan is still 6'4.5"/6'5". Like I figured, they were either lying or just didn't know what they were talking about. This picture should put an end to any idea that Hogan is still 6'4". He is officially around 6'3".
kreyzig 6ft 3 on General Height
186 cms is what I believe to be the start of 'legit' tall..a 183 cms guy is not much taller than 179-181cms guy.179-181 are in turn not much taller than 175 cms..but it also depends on the place that you are going to.Some Asian countries have more malnutrition and poverty issues as a result of which average height is a lot lower than expected.Common examples are India,china,and middle eastern states
Dmeyer on Tom Hardy
I have looked at hundreds if pics with pine he looks 8cm shorter so 184cm and 175-6cm is right now if 175cm flat for hardy pine could be in between 183-184cm of course pine can look 4in taller if Hardy is slouching but when both in equal posture pine dosnt vn look as much as 9cm taller more Like 8cm
mrtguy on Big Show
I'd like to see this guy who looks very similar to Big Show in terms of height and weight stack up against him.
Click Here
Here are the other two pictures I posted on Big Show's thread
Click Here
Click Here

JT, If it is possible do you mind comparing the size of Big Show to the self proclaimed 7'1'' 435 guy. I'd love to see a comparison between the two.
bernie on Sylvester Stallone
Pic from Jesse Stone: In this period Arnie was 6'1" with (normal) shoes on. He has about 2.5 inches on Sly, and Sly's cowboy boots give him at least 2.5 inches. Not an extreme difficult calculation..there's definately no more left than 5'7.75" barefeet for Mr. Stallone here..! Far away from 5'9" or even 5'10" (barefeet of course)
Kourosh on General Height
I'm 5'9.5 and i rate my height 4 out of 10. it sucks to be shorter than good amount of people you walk by in streets, malls , universities and airports.
michal on Rob Paul
hey Rob,
I'm 19 years old and 177.5cm, am i tall or short, what percentile (approx.) i am? what's an average height in EU for young males? Can i grow? Dad is 173, mom 162?
Judd on Claudia Schiffer
5'10.5"! She did look 1" under Elle MacPherson!
Derpiv on Anton Yelchin
same height as Brnice Marlohe who's listed at 5'7"
Connor6ft on Rob Paul
@Amaze is 5ft 10 tall for an old man like for a 80 to 90 year old man or is it still average? what do you think Rob?
[Editor Rob: the average today at that age could be about 5ft 7 at most so I'd view it as tall in that age category.]
Connor6ft on User Heights
@Submarine (6'0'') @Alex 6'0 @dayle182cm thanks for looking at the pics guys.
6ftMagician on Randy Orton
Randy looks a solid 191cm. Cena is pretty close in the stare downs - like 2.5/3 inches close.
6ftMagician on Zlatan Ibrahimovich

ESPN is pretty reliable, they list Ronaldo at 6'0'' as opposed to 6'1'' - I suspect this to be true - Ronaldo's hair was not deducted in his laser measurement as far as we know.

I think Ibra is 192.5cm and Ronaldo is 183-184 (as listed when he arrived at Manchester United).
Jonno on Height Request
Would you be able to add Lemmy from Motorhead? He looks in the 5'10"-5'11" range standing next to 6'0" Dave Grohl. Maybe 5'10.5"?
6ftMagician on Arnold Schwarzenegger
@Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2"

It is very easy to get swept away in the emotion of the moment, but alas, we must remain logical:

Myth: Arnold was never ''officially'' measured at 6'1.5''. That was and still is a claimed measurement by someone - pics or it didn't happen.

K thanks bye.
6ftMagician on Arnold Schwarzenegger
@Rampage (and everyone on this forum this may be of service to you)

The analogy I was trying to draw with cycling was that even in sports where you would not expect to see PED use, such as enduracne cycling, you still see it. What makes anyone think athletes wouldn't use PEDS in sports where PEDS would be an obvious advantage (I've cited 6/7 fastest men in 100m history caught using PEDS). PED use is de-facto allowed in competitive or 'pro' bodbuilding and untested in 'natural'/ametuer competitions.

It is well known in the fitness industry that Simeon Panda has taken PEDS - he cannot admit it because he would lose his income (supplement sponsorship). It is not possible to reach that size naturally unless you are already muscular to begin with and have the perfect variables like I mentioned before (diet, training fequency, sleep/recovery, no injuries, no personal issues, no illness etc).

I agree you can build a fantastic physique, something like Cristiano Ronaldo's would be acheivable realistically - here's a guy who genuinely started out as a 145lb 6fter - over the span of a decade has made himself 40lbs heavier while staying at the same level of bodyfat.

Simeon, Plitt (RIP), Rob Riches (tested positive), Zyzz (RIP - tested positive, admitted to PED use) etc, all these fitness models are known in the industry to be on PEDS, but they immorally keep this a secret so they can sell workout programs and supplements to desperate teens the world over.

The fitness industry disgusts me, it teaches teenage boys/ young men (among other demographics) that they can look like their favourite athletes naturally, through buying their protein powders and expensive gym memberships. Fortunately there is much work being done to educate the population about what is realistically acheivable:

One such example is a youtube channel called FitnessFAQS - who teaches everyone that you can achieve your fitness goals with home workouts (slowly increasing difficulty), natural/organic food, recovery and most importantly, TIME.
TDBC on Kevin Nash
I would still think that he is 6'10...until I saw him in may 2013.
He didn't look over 6'6 - 6'7.
I was little in shock when I saw him.Being 6'6 myself (198cm) I always thought Nash would dwarf me, but he was for about 1 inch taller max.
But he made me feel small. He's very massive guy.

Conclusion: Nash is 6'6.5 - 6'7 now, and his peak height was around 6'7.5 probably.
666 on Hozier
6 foot 5 of awesomeness.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Merdius on General Height
Rob is it possible too grow taller again when your not growing anymore skintight flash managed too grow again hs growth plates were long closed i believe it's possible after all too grow taller again if growth plates are closed.
[Editor Rob: do you believe Skintight? All his measurement videos apart from 2 at the gym are of a closeup of a stadiometer. It's very easy to film a full body measurement, so you have to ask why he's not bothered doing that in his own home...

I believe any sort of gain he achieved was from being inactive and not having correct posture and months of stretching helped align his back.]
Judd on Rob Paul
[Editor Rob: a good day could be waking up later than usual, or a day without much stress and also well hydrated.

A bad day measurement could be little sleep, dehydrated or not long after a physical workout.]

You think that on a bad day, at 6-8 pm if you will measure by yourself just after have drunk an half lt of water you may reach the same size as on a good day?
[Editor Rob: I think it might take a while for discs to reabsorb some of the lost liquid from being a bit dehydrated.]
AlexMahone on Anthony Edwards
Something wrong here. In Hawks (1988) he played together with Timothy Dalton. If (Click Here) Edwards is only 188 than Dalton cannot be the same because in the whole movie Edwards is slightly taller.
Connor6ft on General Height
@Amaze yeah I know what you mean I feel like that with my height sometimes.
CD on Dave Franco
almost 5ft 6 is a good listing
CD on Levar Burton
Rob would you say he looked similar height to G with his shoe disadvantage?
[Editor Rob: I think he could look close to 5ft 6.5 when I seen him and then the next day he had a 1-inch shoe on so more similar footwear and he looked near 5ft 7.]
tom on Jimmy Carr
(Click Here) Here's the video @lelman is talking about. Skip to 4:10 and you can see the shoes he's wearing, then he goes right over to stand next to Sean Lock then Jimmy Carr right after. Jimmy's definitely got an inch on him even in the shoes, and Sean Lock about 3? It's a bit awkward, you can tell Jon's a bit self conscious about it.
[Editor Rob: jimmy looks a good couple of inches taller there.]
linke on Corey Feldman
Rob in terms of height exaggeration, does this guy top the list on this site? He looks 5'5 tops.

Other I can think of are jerry ferrara, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Salman khan who add 3 inches .
[Editor Rob: yeah about 3 inch exaggeration is on the upper end of crazy claims.]
linke on Burn Gorman
His imdb resume has him at 5'10 surprisingly.
linke on Adam Sandler
174-175 max with dale steyn.
Arch Stanton on Amanda Barrie
You know what, I always knew there was something familiar about her in Corrie but I never connected the dots to Carry On. Of course!!! LOL.
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
Junior31 says on 23/Jan/15
Rob would yuu agree that most of your commenters and contributors either have a Napoleon or an alpha male complex? Lol not a bad thing but I'm noticing more and more comments about vanity and personal explanations Fun to read though
[Editor Rob: I think there is quite a variety of people who come in all sorts of heights, but all possess an interest in height to some degree. They also might have feelings of inadequacy about themselves which manifests itself through comparing their height to others, particularly celebrities.

There are definitely some classic Napoleon/alpha mate obsessed cases on here "I'm 6'5 and feel short" sort of thing but for me, and I think a few others here, it's more than just about height. Like Little Sue and Sam I find it a great site for general discussion about celebs and films. I'd rate looks over height any day! Some of the celebs are luckier than most in that some of them are not only particularly tall but have the looks and a number of other qualities which make them stand out from the general public I think. And that's in all honesty largely why a lot of them have reached the top, aside from hard work, good luck and a good agent of course. Guessing their heights is fun I think, but if you're so upset and jealous of them that you start trolling the site with 2 inch + downgrades for everybody then obviously you have serious issues...
littlesue on Amanda Barrie
Yes, always read 5ft 4 for her, not a patch on Liz's Cleo, lol
littlesue on Tallulah Bankhead
At a stretch, maybe just under 5ft 2. Had a saucy life!! supposedly smoked 150 fags a day!!
5'11" barefoot on Mark Wahlberg
with those shorts arms and legs, never 5'10"
willb on Danny DeVito
Danny DeVito is listed all over the web as being 5' tall, but in reality he's more like 4.7 or 4.8. There are numerous photographs with him with his wife Rhea Perlman (5' tall) where she's towering over him wearing flats.
5'11' Barefoot on Samuel L Jackson
never 6'3" even with shoes.
Kourosh on Brock Lesnar
yeah good photos with seth
but i still have brock at 6'2 flat. nothing less than that.
ArjunaKorale on Ralph Fiennes
Rob, you got it wrong with this one, Fiennes always looks around 5 ft 10 (178 cm or even 177 cm) in publicity shots & tv interviews. I wouldn't go on the films as camera angles are used a lot more to distort real height.
ArjunaKorale on Floyd Mayweather Jr
@Mitch: I don't believe Pac is 169 cm - 166 cm (5 ft 5.5 inches tall) is more close to the truth!
Ice on Tom Hopper
ROB your head is super big
Ice on Tom Hopper
Really small head for a 6'5 frame .. His head is smaller than Robs !!
MD on Height Request
Rob, how tall is British male model Oliver Chesire, really? Here he is with 6'2"(ish) David Gandy:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

I've seen Chesire listed as low as 5'9" and as high as 6'0". The latter height is what his modeling agency lists him, but that can not be anywhere close to possible, can it?
[Editor Rob: anywhere in 5ft 11-6ft range looks ok for him, 5ft 9 might have been from when he started, I think if he was about 15 when getting into the modelling game that could be the source of that.]
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" on General Height
I still stand by what I say (despite what others say), 6'0" is the start of tall and the 80th percentile, with 181-182 CM being tallish. 187 CM is the start of strong tall as well.
Heylo on Brad Pitt
@ARGH. Cause 5'11 isn't enough in shallow Hollywood, 6ft & over has been deemed the perfect ideal height since the 50s (when the average height was lower than today). Talk about the pressure it puts in young males all around the western world since we are so influenced by Hollywood & american culture overall.
newguy on General Height
@RobV do you always wear lifts or is it just on special occasions? I feel like people would notice If I was wearing it.I'm 16 5'11 3/4 at my lowest should I be thinking about lifts at my age,I just want to be 6'1-6'2 this sucks
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" on General Height
I think that people lie about their heights due to the fact that there are a bunch of people who will make seeming short appear as a humiliating thing that they can't get past. Along with that, since others lie about their heights, other people will inflate their height to seem really tall just so they don't get antagonized over it. I've noticed this more onh that,line (not on here) where it seems at least 3/4 of the people claim to be past 6'0", with at least 1/5 claiming to be past 6'5", and then 1% claiming to be past 7'0" (which is bizarre, and there's no way that this is even close to the real scenario).

I admire it when a short person owns up to their height and has confidence over their height, and would even assist them with building it up if they feel that it's necessary. I was like this at one point, but I will admit that I had to figure out how perspective works in order to accept my height (realizing how tall I am). It did help to realize that people who are short aren't inferior or superior to those who are of average height, or those who are tall.
MD on Cung Le
@Gaz, interesting. I guess he doesn't bulk up between fights nearly as much as I thought
Jim on Vance Joy
He's at least 6'4, likely closer to 6'5 but a guy who downplays his height, as many 6'5 guys do.

Every picture I've seen of him he towers the people he's with. 6'4 at the very least.
Ivan on Bella Thorne
@Jay you cannot say that these photos arent that accurate since it is not a side view shot or what.
Ivan on Bella Thorne
5'7" is accurate
Editor Rob on Mae West
These are the kind of shoes she was wearing:
Click Here
MrTBlack on Michael Jordan
To be fair, he doesn't ever look 6'4.5". But you guys should realize how massive 6'5" is. Also factor in that alot of shoes give people 1-1.5" gain so if you see a 6'5" man, he'd be 6'6.5" in shoes and would have to duck through doors since most door frames are 6'8".
Triplescrew on Allison Janney
Might even be 184cm or perhaps even 6'1" in the morning. Looked very close to 6'3" Jimmy Smits while wearing smallish heels (most likely) in The West Wing.

I think she might edge Alan Alda (6'1") by a bit in that show as well.
dicksock on Hulk Hogan
I'm not much of a sports fan, but all I see for Jones are listings of 6'9" and 6'10". Is it not probable he was his listed 6'9"? He sure looked it.
dicksock on Andre The Giant
Chaz says on 24/Jan/15
not seen this befor Andre with 5'10'' Brian Glover no way was he 7' then Click Here


What year is that? Had he stopped growing by that point? His posture is complete garbage. If he stood to his full height, he would have around 12/13" on Glover and Glover had about .5" of footwear advantage. Honestly, Andre looks around 6'11" there. If he stood straight, the top of his head would reach the very top of the photo or very close to it. Like Adrian Street said, he was 6'11" at his tallest before he left for America. I don't think he ever exceeded 6'11.5".
24 January
grimmm on Scott Adkins
I think thats about right..... BOIKA BOIKA BOIKA!!
Steve on Omar Sharif
Rod Steiger was no more than 5'9". He was about an inch taller than 5'8" Humphrey Bogart in The Harder They Fall.

I believe Shariff was 5'10" peak.
The Exorcist on Leonardo DiCaprio
Photos with 5'11" Jon Bernthal from "The Wolf of Wall Street".

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Jon looks a little taller, but he has the bigger footwear advantage. Leo's shoes are hardly giving him anything at all.
Click Here

They'd probably be about the same height barefoot. Five-foot-eleven.
Noor on General Height
Barefoot height for men in cm: very short 160-65
short 165-70
below average/not bad height 170-74
average male height 174-80
tall/perfect delicious range 180-88
very tall/solid 188-92
huge 192+
Marlo on Fabolous
Fab is 6'1. I've seen him in person many times out in Brooklyn
Junior31 on Justin Bieber
Thanks guys I believe other then the popularity of bieber his height debate is pretty easy lol sly is another one. His height is absurdly clear. Arnie on the other hand. Uy Vey and I'm not even Jewish
Me on Paula Patton
Wow...She went from 5'4'' to almost 5'8''..?? That is a huge upgrade
Height183 on John Cena
Rob has met Bobby Lashley and has him at 6'1''. I know Lashely is a tad in front of the camera here, but he has a good 2cms on Cena here, even if the angle was fair. You can't also forget Cena has hair advantage over Lashely, and without a doubt... footwear advantage over him too.

Click Here
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m on Leonardo DiCaprio
I think 5ft 11.5in is right!
vfpswiftie on Taylor Swift
To prove that Taylor is at least 5ft9, search for a photo with Reese Witherspoon.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" on Arnold Schwarzenegger
He's not that much shorter than Ashton Kutcher (in 2011):

Click Here

Click Here

If Arnold were wearing lifts here, then he would appear the same as Ashton Kutcher. I see 2-2.5" inches between them, so one of them. While Arnold is just slightly closer to the camera, the angle is in Ashton's favor.

Peak-6'1.5" (he was officially measured as this, so he's my height)
Holgersson on Rachel Stevens
She said in her latest interview:
What would you like to change about your appearance?
Id add an inch or so Im just under 5ft. But as you get older you say, this is me.(Source: Irish Examiner, 24.01.2015)
[Editor Rob: I wonder if that quote was really "I'm just under 5ft 1" as I don't think she looks that short with the others in the band.]
Mosh on Justin Bieber
He's 5 foot 6 and a half like that Glenn Cunningham guy.
[Editor Rob: funnily, an old quote from G
"next to true 5-6 people in my life,im still 5-8 next to them even late at night lately.i know im 5-8 for a lot of reasons"
RoelC on Andre The Giant
Some pics of a young Andre that haven't been posted here before.
Click Here
Click Here (Group shot in Japan with Karl Gotch & Billy Robinson)
Click Here (From Grand Prix wrestling, Andre vs. Don Leo Jonathan). Great shot of the two provided by the Andre the Giant History facebook page which is maintained by Chris.

All pics were probably taken somewhere in 1970-1972.
Lisa on General Height
@Crash: Look at it this way. Compare the weakest men to the strongest men. Now, do the same thing for women. Now, compare the average man to the average woman. The last group has the narrowest strength gap. BTW, there are more strong women than you may realize.
Kitty5379 on Lauren Conrad
How tall is Lo Bosworth!
Amaze on Russell Brand
@Leonardo are you joking? he's not average size wtf
average is 175cm-178cm
tall begins at 183cm or 6'0+

he's 187cm or 6'1.5, hes solid tall.
in netherlands his height is just tall. nothing more. short side lmao you been on that dank havent ya son
Amaze on Theo James
yeah he looks tall
defo tall
Height183 on Sneakers
Rob, are 2 - 3 inch elevator shoes uncomfortable to walk in? I don't plan on ever wearing any, but I was just wondering.
[Editor Rob: many many women totter about in 3-4 inch heels, which are less comfortable than a good pair of elevator shoes.

2-2.5 inch range I think are fine, you would get used to them, even RobV wears big elevators a lot and doesn't seem to bother him too much.]
Adamz on Norman Reedus
Wish he didnt wear that hat wanna know where his head is. Plus da SHOES.
Danimal on Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan was somewhere between 6'4.5" and 6'5" in his prime. 6'6" in shoes. Barkley was 6'5.5" barefoot.
Danimal on Triple H
Height183 says on 23/Jan/15
@Danimal: Pmsl... ''Internet Talk''.. My father was there, and two of my friends were there when I done it. I'm not trying to boast, but I'm a very strong lad. Always have been. I don't need to prove anything to a little man like you. You can believe whatever makes you happy.
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't call Danimal little, he's over 5ft 9 and 200lbs!]

Thanks Rob.
lud on Ralf Moeller
I saw him and Dolph Lundgren in Universal Solder set,I'm about 6'5'' and he was 1in taller than me and Dolph was 0.5 in shorther than me.Also Tiny Lister Jr. was exactly same height as Moeller.

Moleer 198
Lister Jr. 198
Lundgren 194

Trust me.
lud on Ralf Moeller
I saw him and Dolph Lundgren in Universal Solder set,I'm about 6'5'' and he was 1in taller than me and Dolph was 0.5 in shorther than me.Also Tiny Lister Jr. was exactly same height as Moeller.

Moleer 198
Lister Jr. 198
Lundgren 194

Trust me.
joe 192cm on Richard Armitage
Tunman on Jared Leto
@Shawn at 5'9.5 I never exceeded 143-4 Lbs and never went under 127.I can imagine many guys being as thin as that but that's quite rare I admit.
Actually many sportsmen especially long distance runners and some cyclists could that thin,but yeah,it's pretty thin on an average person with normal activity.
Submarine (6'0'') on User Heights
@Connor6ft: You look like a pretty big guy, I'd guess you at 6'1'' or so based on the pics if I didn't know any better.
Submarine (6'0'') on General Height
@shortguy777: If you rest or sit down for a period of time between the two measurements then it is very possible to measure taller at night.
FlameBoy on Travis Barker
Click Here

if travis is 5 ft 9.5 what would be your guess for Hopsin looking at the pic Rob ?
[Editor Rob: tough to say on that, they could be quite close in height.]
Pierre on Brad Pitt
for me he's a ~183-184 cms guy with lifts and ~177.5cms barefoot.He seem a nice guy.
A6'1Guy on James Hetfield
@xass Looks to be closer to the camera, makes him look taller, not mention all round bigger than the other guy, his hand looks to be reaching into the foreground, so...
Pierre on Eric Roberts
Hello,if Rob's and Eric's Shoes are similar,i think their heights are similar(eyes of Rob are shorter(1cm?)but pic forehead's rob is probably at similar height with eric.This two guys seem nice(excuse my english i'm french and speak english like an spanish cow probably)
name on Thomas Ian Nicholas
he is about 5'7''-5'8''.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Richard Dormer
Looks 5ft9 even w/h Rob slouched
sss on Chris Evans
if cavill is a strong 6 ft, evans is a strong 5'11 at best
Dmeyer on Sacha Baron Cohen
I vn think 6'3.5 is possible
Dmeyer on Jason Isaacs
0.5-0.6in shorter is very possible he was almost my height in person while i have a bit more shoes so no lss than 5'11
Arthur on Sylvester Stallone
Frankie@ I told you millions of times 4inch shoes wont give you 4inch in reality.
They give 2.5-2.6 inch at most.I reccomend you to do a little search on this site.
Check out the elevator shoes and shoe lifts articles.You got a lot to learn If you want to be a height expert like Rob Paul.
gj on General Height
Average height by region?

Eastern Europe?
Southern Europe?
Germany? Netherlands? Belgium? France?

Is 179cm a pretty average height. That's my height and curious how I would be if visiting Europe

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.