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27 August
littlesue on Ireland Baldwin
Yes I agree, its more fashionable now to be tall, back in the 40's and 50's tall actress's tended to knock an inch or two off now they embrace it, which they should, no height should be seen as negative!! make the most of whether short or tall
littlesue on Stewart Granger
Its his pics with his wife Jean Simmons that makes me think he was only around 6ft 1, we established she was about 5ft 3 so no more than 5ft 5 in her high heels, you should read his autobiog, its a good laugh, funny man!
Lebensdorf on Timothy Dalton
Solid 6'2. Maybe he shrunk a little in older age, but he was never less than that at his peak. If you watch the episode of Conan from around 2000, Dalton is almost the same height as O'Brien. Bond tailors confirm his height. He was the tallest actor to play the role to date. Please upgrade.
James on Sylvester Stallone
173-175cm now 175cm peak
Visitor on Justin Bieber
Lol a 5'6 he's a solid 5'7 barefoot
Visitor on Christian Bale
Gonzalo on Stewart Granger
Thanks for adding Granger, Editor Rob. I also believe Granger was 1`88.
Granger had a bunch of good films. I like him. Moonfleet is an excellent film
Kostas on Hulk Hogan
He looked like a shrimp next to Joe Manganiello, having footwear advantage. I think that he must be closer to 6'2" these days.
jackson on Jennifer Lopez
anyone seen that poster of her next to 5'10 iggy azaela? they look...almost the same height?? obviously jlo is no where near 5'10....
cobra on Vin Diesel
GREAT pic of vin and dwayne johnson:

Click Here
cobra on Arnold Schwarzenegger
With Michael Jordan:

Click Here

Clint Eastwood:

Click Here
Brad on Kelly Ripa
Never seen 5' 2" in her life.
Jay on Kendall Jenner
I don't see the evidence of Kendall being smaller then 5'10.
Danimal on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Ozark says on 25/Aug/14
Orton isnt 6'4. Hes 6'3-6'3.5

That's not a fact, but your opinion and I agree with it.
Danimal on Charles Barkley
Jake says on 18/Jul/14
The full 6'6 for Charles Barkley is possible. Does tower over on The Rock. Next to Conan aswell he's over 2 inches taller than him.

Conan is at least 6'4", so how is a full 6'6" not possible for Barkley if you say he's over 2" taller than Conan?
Junior31 on Arnold Schwarzenegger
The guy is a shell of what he was. From 1970 to now We are talking about him being nearly unrecognizable. His face, his body, his height,never his demeanor He looks like ****.
26 August
rockitbaby on Leonardo DiCaprio
It's complicated because we always base on other people's height. If their heights are not correct, then Leo is taller or shorter. It also depends on the angle, the shoes they're wearing, etc. Leo is taller than Cate in this picture but maybe she isn't 5'8 but shorter than that. Or he's as tall as Jean Dujardin and Jean is not 6'0 but 5'11. Anyway...I've read Jean saying that he's always been 1,81m.
new guy on Corey Feldman
Ok rob I was looking at alot of fan photos you did and you were taller than so many guys and a good amount who were your height so 5'8 wouldn't be too bad.Do you feel average I couldnt tell you how many 5'7-6'0 guys I see a day
[Editor Rob: acting is a bit height biased though. In general 5ft 8 does feel a bit under the average mark in the UK.

Being taller is an advantage in the acting game, although there is still an element of too tall, which can hinder roles.]
Jack on Candice Accola
she has a huge forehead
Zach on Gabriel Macht
He does wear some decent sized heels in Suits...
Bruce on Tupac Shakur
He's 5'8

With 5'7 Tim Roth
Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
z on Luke Hemmings
Click Here you "6'1-6'4" people are too wrong lol.
with 5'11.5 Jimmy Kimmel, ashton looks 5'10.5, and is taller than all of one d --> leads 1d to be all below 5'10
luke is 5'11.5-6 ft, dead on. (so is calum and michael)
richkid123 on Stewart Granger
i always thought he was 6'3". could he be 6'2"-6'2.5"
Dan 176cm on Rob Paul
I don't know why you would want to be so tall lol.

Yeah being shorter than average isn't the greatest thing either but I'd find it more annoying to be so tall and not be a pro athlete of some sort. I guess you could use it to your advantage though (movie roles as the big intimidating guy or working security) but I like blending in sometimes. It would be hard to get used to!
Kostas on Clive Russell
He looks the same height in the second photo. But he clearly drops height. You should have asked him to stand with better posture(like Ken Kirzinger). Did he also look 6'6" the second time you met him?
[Editor Rob: I didn't push the boat out with him as I have seen him several times and he didn't want to stand at his tallest...although it's useful seeing him at this height and more clearly losing a couple of inches.

a guy like Kirzinger, I feel he was more confident in his height, although the photographer (who at the time wasn't aware of the site, but she is now!) actually caused the first shot with Ken to be a screw up, but I managed to get a second take with Kirzinger!]
Sean on Justin Timberlake
Doesn't practically everyone think he's 5'11" - 5'11.5"? (I'm a different Sean)
Alex 6'0 on John Cena
Cena could be one of those guys 6'0.5 who claim 6'0 flat but most guys 6'0.5 will go with 6'1. 6'0 flat is still possible but he could possibly be 6'0.25-6'0.5 and just rounding down.
Alex 6'0 on John Cena
Rob, I'm assuming Height 181 got banned from the site? wasn't a bad poster but he did seem to think he was always right. Never had a problem with him really
[Editor Rob: I have a problem with people who come up with false statements, not about guessing etc, but maybe about the site.]
Lisa on Ireland Baldwin
Pardon me for inserting myself into the conversation. 5'2 is a short height for American and British women (18-60) . It's at the 18th percentile for 20 year olds. It really wouldn't stand out in most crowds, though.

I agree with Arch's comment that tall female celebrities tend to embrace their heigh. I might add that short female celebrities often claim that they're a couple inches taller than they really are.
Alex 6'0 on The Undertaker
How much can Kane's wrestling boots give than dress shoes? A smaller fraction unless he has big boots
Alex 6'0 on Big Show
James B, yea he does look a bit shorter than 2006. He looked his tallest in WCW and early 2000s in WWE. Mid 2000s looked a bit less and today even a bit more less. Is a possible 7'0 peak and today 6'10-6'10.5? I don't think he'd measure 6'10 but anything is possible
Alex 6'0 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
James, A train I thought was maybe at least 6'6. He was def taller than Test
Alex 6'0 on Rob Paul
Id never wanna be 7'0 unless it was just ONE day to see how it feels. Honestly I'm pretty content at 6'0. 6'1-6'2 would be fine too but no taller than 6'2 for me
Alex 6'0 on Rob Paul
Amaze, I hit 6'0 when I was about 18 and at that time I was 170-175lbs and this is back then when I very rarely weighed myself. At 16 I was 5'11 155-160lbs and I looked thin but not really skinny. I was always a thin kid not a very skinny kid. I'll find pics of me 16-18 range and post them
Jason on Leonardo DiCaprio
Finally, I would inquire all of you to look at the pics of Leo and Tobey on the great gatsby set. They are both wearing similar footwear. Maguire in nike shoes, while Leo in converse. But, even so, there looks to be a 7cm difference between them. This is with Leo standing closer to the camera. So, I do think that he is truly a 179 guy.
James B on Rob Paul
You would die much younger at 7ft. Heck even at 6'5 you may not live as long.
EzioAuditore711 on Howard Stern
How tall is Gary Dell'Abate? I don't buy 5'9''.
spainmen on Football Soccer
@Editor Rob,
yes he had claimed 191cm
Oanh on Mike Tyson
Oanh on Jimmy Kimmel
LOL @ his 6'1" claim. He looks a full 2" shorter than a solid 6'0 Drake. No more than 5'10.5" for Jimmy.
Clay on Billy Gunn
Ziggler is indeed about 5'11''.
snatch on Brad Pitt
laughing at me for saying my jordans give 2 inches?

im 5 foot 8 barefoot when i wear my jordans
im 5 foot 10

i measured it a hundred times it clearly gives 2 inches
or really really close to that

if i wear 1 inch lifts with those shoes i will be 5 foot 11

i will measure it again but the shoes don't look like they give
that much in height but they do
burby on Sylvester Stallone
Red carpet bricks with Arnold.
french guy on Rob Paul

How tall are young caucasian in uk according to you, it seems you disagree with official datas, i would to know your thoughts :)
french guy on General Height
so the norwegian boys is only 181 cm (180 cm at night) and only 25% is 185 cm or taller?
It seems pretty low, scandinavian tourists whom i see in paris are tall.
jamieorr4 on General Height
Amaze sorry i really Don't remember when i start puberty
Nick on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Andrew says on 25/Aug/14
As to the photo of Arnold and Elliot Gould (who actually is tall), the photo shows nothing below the waist and doesn't show footwear. Don't be fooled by Hollywood. They manipulate to keep you buying that popcorn.


You are kidding right? You are expecting me to disregard the mountains of 100% conclusive videos, pictures evidence and testminoials of the people who saw him every day barefoot in the 70s? The desperation and denial is completely laughable. That picture shows them standing side-by-side. I posted it because it was the closest they were standing next to each other. The whole movie, Arnold was walking with Elliot Gould and Arnold was barefoot in many scenes as well.

Arnold barefoot next to 6'1" Jeff Bridges with canvas shoes (giving him 0.75 - 1 inch boost) was still almost the same height.

This is the most damning 100% evidence that Arnold was over 6'1". Arnold is BAREFOOT next to strong 6'1" Jeff Bridges with shoes with 0.75" boost.

Arnold is still almost the same height as Jeff Bridges. This is 100% conclusive evidence.

Standing at a distance full body shot. Arnold BAREFOOT next to 6'1" Bridges

Click Here

Same shot, they start walking towards the camera and in a continous shot next to camera. Arnold BAREFOOT still looks the same height as 6'1" Jeff Bridges with shoes on

Click Here

Jeff Bridges - 6'1" (+ 0.75 from shoes)
Arnold Schwarzenegger barefoot - 6'1.5" - 6'1.75"
Phantom on Cuba Gooding Jr
I think 5'9" is nearer.
Clay on Triple H
Yeah, shrinking at 37 is pretty funny. Im thinking it's more like Brock strong 6'2 HHH weak 6'2 Alex - I always thought they were virtually the same height and Rocky wasn't much taller, maybe a couple hairs.
[Editor Rob: at 37? Not necessarily, this one guy from New Y...]
Clay on Vin Diesel
Dmeyer says on 26/Aug/14
Nice cobra , tyrese is aleast 179cm plus 2cm shoes 181cm diesel is aleast 185cm with the 3cm air Max on 5'11.75 listing mkes sens to me he is at worst 5'11.25-11.5 Like me

there's going to be a lot of clowns claiming Tyrese is 5'8-5'9 max. Wait for it...
Clay on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
jigsaw says on 25/Aug/14
Dont tell me Clay believes that Barkley mugshot. WOW

I didnt think you were that gullible.

Unless im missing something?? Yeah, why wouldn't I believe that. He clearly looks about 6'7'' in basketball shoes as well always did.
Red183 on Ralf Moeller
James B says on 26/Jul/14
Arnie looks under 6ft in the PR photo.

Agreed but not just under like 511.5". He looks 510"ish there as he did next to 65" Manganiello Click Here

Rob said Manganiello could be under 65" at his low - even worse for Arnie.

Im afraid listing Arnie at a more realistic 510.75"-511.25" could do damage to the site... terminated
Not Tall on George Clooney
He's 5' 10.5".
Arch Stanton on Justin Bieber
I doubt Scooter is as low as 5 ft 9 but he can look 5'10 ish.
Arch Stanton on Stewart Granger
He didn't quite look as tall as I'd thought actually in North to Alaska. In quite a few films he's given a near 6'3" impression but did look 188-9 in North. But was Wayne wearing lifts? Why would Capucine say he was if he wasn't??
Jake S on Rob Paul
Hey Rob im currently about a rice grain off being dead on 5'10'' so I just say 5'10'' I was wondering is there any possible chance I can still grow taller as I have just turned 18 in july and what are the best pair of shoes to increase height that are not elevator shoes id be really thankful for your opinion.
[Editor Rob: I think it's fine to say 5ft 10. If you go with a cuban/cowboy boot, that could get you in the 1.5-2 inch range, but the heel is a bit more noticeably thicker than a normal shoe. You could use nike shox/max styles which can give in 1.3-4 range (quite thick) for a fraction more than average sneakers might give.

At 18, there is a chance. If I were you I'd still follow the good rules to maximise - eat well, sleep well and do some basic stretching/exercise.]
winston on Mark McGrath
no way this guy is 5'7, he's got to be at least 5'11-6'0, no more no less
Not Tall on Justin Bieber
5' 6.5" is correct.
Editor Rob on Kristian Nairn
Actually his posture last few shows is up and down, he goes from looking more 6ft 6 up to 6ft 9. Nash and Tyler Mane can give a bigger impression as they have better posture and can hold the 6ft 8 range easier than this guy.

As a side note, even with only 25 people at last event wanting a photo (about 5 minutes really) he still asked to sit on a stool for the shots.
Amaze on Rob Paul
@Crash I think my feet have grown recently.

a few months ago I tried my brothers nike air maxes, size 9. was a bit big and couldn't walk around properly.

just put them in, they seemed fine and I could walk around properly. what the ?
my genetics go up to 9, everyone whos a male in my family are uk size 9(us size 10) so yeah I guess im done now at uk size 9. higher average for feet.
Not Tall on Jude Law
He's 5' 10.5".
Saeed on Bruce Lee
Bruce lee doesn't look short at all in fact I think he has a decent height
Arch Stanton on Stewart Granger
Sue, he looked 2 inches taller on screen than somebody like Cary Grant! Got a good look at him next to Wayne in North to Alaska and although Capucine said Wayne was wearing lifts Wayne looks about 1.5 inches taller, sometimes it can look 2. I think 6'2.5" might be spot on, what do you think Rob? Click Here click direct download brown link and see 7 minutes and 1 hr29 for instance. Capucine said Wayne was wearing lifts and a toupee on set. But lifts or not he can look 189 in comparison.
Pedro on Height Request
Kiernan Shipka from "Mad Men". Here is an excellent picture of her next to Anne Heche: Click Here
soby on Gil Birmingham
rob, how many cm think he loses at his 60 years ? please answermy in cm,im not from uk/america.
[Editor Rob: I doubt he's lost much at all.]
Amaze on General Height
jamieorr4 oh I see. that's given me hope for 5'10.5 then. are you a late bloomer or normal bloomer. when did you hit/start puberty. I think I started in year 7. if I hit your height I would love it
Amaze on Rob Paul
vince you impostor!!! well your not vince

@mid190s im sorry but 7'0 is insane. wanting to be 7'0 is one of the stupidest things ive heard. 5'8 is much better than 7'0, and 5'8 isn't ideal at all.
if you wanna be tall, 6'0-6'2 is enough. if you wanna be very tall or in NBA even then 6'3- 6'5. i'll give you 6'6 even that's too tall, but 7'0! I think you need to think about disadvantages mate, because at that height and anything close to it its all negatives. there are no POSITIVES. how old are you? 7'0 is far from IDEAL. you need to wisen up pal.
Dmeyer on Leonardo DiCaprio
I agree leo with hill , cooper , macguire can look a 180.5cm/5'11 Guy no more
Dmeyer on Vin Diesel
Nice cobra , tyrese is aleast 179cm plus 2cm shoes 181cm diesel is aleast 185cm with the 3cm air Max on 5'11.75 listing mkes sens to me he is at worst 5'11.25-11.5 Like me
James B on Roman Reigns
Last night on raw didn't look over 6'2
Pinky on Miranda Kerr
photo with fans:
Click Here
I know the angle, the blonde girl is closer to the camera, etc. but she is wearing 2in boots and she doesn't look tall.

In the photo with Cara Delevingne you can't see the shoe, plus Miranda is able to stand on tiptoe while wearing high heels. Of course not all the time, so the same people next to her sometimes look taller or shorter.
Click Here
mrbobh5344 on John Wayne
Wayne made early 40's films with Dennis O'Keefe (Fighting Seabees) and John Carroll (Flying Tigers). Both of these men were listed as 6'3". Wayne stands nose to nose with them in most scenes.. never taller.
James B on Dalip Singh
Clay do you agree Scott hall looked 6'4 next to hogan?
Dmeyer on User Heights
Today measured 11 hours out of Bd 181.55cm on a active day standing a lot but no weight lifting
Jamal on Cristiano Ronaldo

Yeah, I think it's hard to make comparisons from an eagle's eye perspective, so I am not going to do that.
Turkey on Michael Cera
I think he is 175-176 cm. No taller, no shorter.
Arch Stanton on Fredric March
Peck had him by 4 or 5 inches I thought.
The Horse of FUNK on Al Leong
I'm seeing 5'5.75" here, but it's understandable due to his age. Most likely a solid 5'6" for most of his career.

Al Leong, so that's his name. One of those guys who was everywhere in every action movie of the 80s and 90s, but you never knew their name lol.
The Horse of FUNK on Gwendoline Christie
" Sam says on 28/Jul/14
Here with the other ladies of GOT and maybe 7 inches or so taller than Sophie Turner...I've got say, for my personal taste, she looks pretty attractive as her hair grows out, certainly much more so than the show would lead to believe.
Click Here "

Her character in GoT is supposed to be rather unattractive in traditional terms. In the books, she's described as even less unattractive than in the show. Hence her sarcastic natured nickname, Brienne the Beauty. But yeah, the actress is actually quite pretty in real life. Just shows the makeup crew does a good job.
Conor 185 on User Heights
I think that I can compare my body shape to chris martin from ColdPlay the band, ( maybe were exactly the same height) chris befor 10 -9 years.
littlesue on Stewart Granger
I never thought he looked this tall, more 6ft 1 at the most
littlesue on Mae West
She did look a bit vicious!! not that good looking either or a decent actress, the 'vulgar' acting gave her the career not any particular talent
The Horse of FUNK on Matt Damon
I get the feeling his recent claim of 5'10.5" is probably a morning measurement, hence why he's only now starting to claim it. I've always pegged him to be a weak 5'10", like 5'9.5" - 5'9.75", and that would corroborate with my guesstimate.

He's just got a very, very stocky build; very wide bone structure. And it's true, when people get wider or fatter, the shorter it makes them look.
Arch Stanton on Stewart Granger
He was in North to Alaska with John Wayne Click Here Wayne looks about 4cm taller there but we can't see footwear or ground and the angle isn't great. I'll watch the film I think and see how he compares. Generally I thought he looks nearer 6 ft 3 that 2 but I might be wrong.
Arch Stanton on Stewart Granger
OK this is taken from lower so he looks taller but look at his legs and frame Click Here He can look in very tall range at times.
Arch Stanton on Stewart Granger
Yeah can you add Caesar and Cleopatra and Salome.
Anon on Charles Barkley
Jake says on 12/Mar/14
Ya I agree I would give Barkley 6'5-'6'5.5 range. Look at him next to Usain Bolt who's not shorter than 6'5. He's noticeably taller, and also much taller than The Rock.

The thing is... he kinda is! Bolt was listed 6'4 before he become this superman he is, same with Blanka Vlasic... she did grow from 6'2 to 6'4 (yes she was listed 6'2 like 11 years ago) and Asafa Powell, he grew from 6'2 to 6'3...
Arch Stanton on Stewart Granger
Click Here With 6'2" Victor Mature. Definitely too lanky in frame IMO to only be a flat 6'2". I honestly think he looked 190cm.
Arch Stanton on Stewart Granger
Thanks Rob, much appreciated. Can you also add Caesar and Cleopatra? I really think though a flat 6 ft 2 is too low. John Wayne was also called 6 ft 2 at one point! I've seen probably 10 films of his and have got a good look at him and he consistently looked in the 6'2.5-6'3" range. You could argue 6'2.5" but I think a flat 6'2 is too low. In Waterloo Road he looked near a full head taller than John Mills.
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
OK, 170 pounds for 6ft is on the slim/thin side. Skinny would be 160 pounds or under. Agree?
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
I did wonder if it was Mid 190s actually. That's a pity, I'd liked to have spoken to the real Vince. When he said he was Vince Van Nes I though he might genuinely be him. Can you delete my posts to him Rob?
dicksock on Andre The Giant
Frank says on 26/Aug/14
Dicksock, I never said I had that Picture a guy shows it too me


I never alluded to you having it or said you had it. I simply claimed that you had claimed that the picture exists. If it were in a magazine, one would assume it would have been posted by now considering the endless amount of rare Andre footage that has been posted over the years. Is it not possible that you are misremembering that photo for one that has already been posted?
jamieorr4 on General Height
Amaze i might have be 5ft8 at 17
James B on Kevin Nash
Jeffery says on 25/Aug/14
No way is he 6'9" or even 6'8"

He's at least 6'8 today
Connor183 on Rob Paul
Rob so is this "Vince" guy not the real Vince from the documentary? so it was a lie all along?
[Editor Rob: yes, always be wary online of extravagant claims.]
Andrea on Rob Paul
Lol, Epic Fail!
When he started posting on here, I actually wanted to say that anybody can take photos on the net and saying he is this guy or that guy but i didn't want to appear too rude with a "new user", so i just let it go...
Heylo on Johnny Depp
Talrik, you can't estimate someones height based on movies. Yes, he do look 5'10 in movies. That's because he is probably about 5'10 with shoes on. He also has the kind of "small ankles, small forearms" genes, that always makes you look taller than you are. Easily looks ripped when training, hard to add fat to his body. It's typical Depp, except that his metabolism probably have changed a lot now when he is 50.

I personally believe he is 174cm.
Gucci on Rob Paul
Rob,do you think that its possible to grow anymore after 19?Do you know about any cases like that?And does anyone here experianced a grow after 19?
Heylo on Brad Pitt
Okay so why didn't he add more to his height that he did in his claim? Brad Pitt was (according to himself) very uncomfortable when he first started out with movies and he didn't know much about the industry, he just loved movies, that's all he knew. He claimed 5'11 BEFORE he was an A-list. He obviously added 0.75-1 inch to his height, maybe even less, he was maybe just rounding up like most people do.

Do you guys really think he would claim 5'11 today? I have seen in interviews after that in the information box at the right that he is 6ft. He obviously got the tip when he became big in Hollywood that he must add 2 inches to his height. If someone asked him today on a show or big interview of some kind, he would claim 6ft, that's for sure.

That's my theory that i think is way more logical than your claims on him being 5'9 without proper evidence.
SaveUsY2J on Katharine Isabelle
Rob, did the cameraman's position favour you at all? Katherine does look 5'5 next to Jenny in this photo, but she looks considerably shorter when compared to you.
[Editor Rob: I think he's right in the middle there, probably just fraction better posture.]
Heylo on Brad Pitt
Snatch, i don't agree with you. Of course you can be seen as short at 5'10, you can be seen as short as 6ft too, all depends on what people you hang around with but we talk IN GENERAL in a specific country. 5'10 isn't considered short anywhere really besides in some countries in Scandinavia and Holland, even in those countries 5'10 is an okay looking height.

I know, i live in Sweden where the average height is between 5'11 & 6ft and i am as 5'10 not even considered short. It's on the PAPER though that 5'10 could be seen as short here in Sweden but people would never guess my height at 5'10 because people can't estimate heights for ****, they always overestimate.

Brad have a good height at 5'10, but in Hollywood where it's superficial as hell it is an advantage to be over 2 inches from Average height and he's obviously not. When i was in New York man, i was often even feeling tall at supermarkets, i never feel tall in Sweden.

You should know that a height on paper isn't the same as in reality, most people lie about their heights, add one or two inches. Brad is at his smallest 177 but even that height is debatable, i think it's more logical that he is about 178.5 or something but that's my thought about it and i could be wrong because people tend to look taller than they are. But if people really are gonna put Brad at 5'9, we can downgrade every celebrity with two inches so it makes more sense.

You guys saying he is 176 or a full 5'9 when he is clearly at least one inch taller than Statham, Stallone & Wesley Snipes.
Conor 185 on User Heights
Yea! I tald u ppl guess me alot as 6.2" or 6.1 and half, anyway higher then my regular height 1.85.
And the funniest thing is when someone next to me saying that:" I'm 1.84 somthing like that" so I'm saying no way I'm almost at ur height, so he claim" maybe we are the same..." , then both of us going to a mirror standing next to each other and I'm win in about 2-3 cm..-.-, and then he says" so ur somthing like inch taller then me"!! I'm like... Dam whatever I can't explain that spine issue to everyone....-_____-
lethalleke on Randy Orton
I see this site has not corrected his height to 6'3 then. Like I said before have met him, back then I was 6'6 and he was about 3-4 inches shorter then me which would make him 6'2-6'3 at best so put his correct height up. And not his billied height.
Pedro on Elizabeth Olsen
In this article they say that 5'6": Click Here
Kourosh177cm on Katia Winter
shes pretty. rob you luckyy lad :)
Realist on Eric Bana
Yeah better call. Looks about 13 cms on Mathieu Kossovitz in Munich. Hulk actors heights: Ruffalo 5'7.25
Bana 6'1.75
Norton 5'11.25
Realist on Eddie Redmayne
5'11.25 atleast he is a good over an inch over Garfield who is 177 or so this guy is probably 5'11.5 he made Logan Lerman look like a little man.
miko on Hulk Hogan
Hogan looked to have over 5 inches on HBK last night backstage.
. on Luke Hemmings
Ashton has described himself as 6ft and Luke is a good three inches taller than Ash. Don't let photos deceive you, since Ashton usually wears boots with a little height to them and Luke wears flat converse or vans. In my opinion Luke is a good 6'2 or 6'3.
Carl on Sven Ole Thorsen
The problem with comparing celebrities (Arnold) to celebrities (Sven) is that celebrities, as we must have figured out by now exaggerate their heights. In other words, if you are using the supposed height of one to 'prove' the supposed height of the other, it's a false comparison because the first guy isn't what he says he is any more than the second. In other words, Sven could pass for six three in his day. Six five? Please. Arnold, six even, in his day. Maybe. And a sub-six footer today.
Realist on Zac Efron
Here another pic i don't know edited or not with Logan Lerman, if not edited Zac is max 171 maybe less. But i have a feeling this pic is edited.
Click Here
Frank on Andre The Giant
Dicksock, I never said I had that Picture a guy shows it too me !!! Yes Wilt was clearly Taller about 2 inches !!!! I have no reason to lie I have meet a lot of Wrestlers & Posted pictures Its was Andre Wilt & Arnold it street clothes what caught my eye was that Wilt was taller Not a lot taller but clearly the taller man
VInce on Rob Paul
@Connor183 Indeed I am 7'0'' afternoon I absolutely won't go under the 7ft range. I also want to point out that a lot of you would be shocked to hear this, Currently my brothers are 6'10'' and 6'9.75'' and my sister is 6'6''. Height comes from tall genes. Thanks @Arch Stanton very much for your lovely comment.
[Editor Rob: ok this is BS :)

You used another name asking whether 'vince' is taller than Ian Whyte, which made me have a look at your posts. You said you're in Fairfield, yet every one of your posts over a few months are from Toronto...

so you are from Toronto, like wrestling...and used a few names in the past...another in the long line of BS merchants.

I know a few names on this site who come from Toronto. The grammar might be a giveaway...
James B on Big Show
Alex 6'0 says on 25/Aug/14
Joe isn't quite a full 6'5. More weaker 6'5 at 6'4.5-6'4.75. That looks over 5 inches between them. Big Show would be looking 6'10-6'10.5 with Joe. We don't even know how much Big Show's boots are compared to Joe's footwear. Likely just a a small fraction more. Boots give what 1.5 inches and he's prob in sneakers that give 1-1.3 range so its pretty minimal footwear advantage and has a slight camera advantage but not standing very straight.

Clearly big show is shorter than he was in2006
spainmen on Football Soccer
Hey Rob,what would be your guess for Pogba he is clearly taller than his 186 cm listing,what do you think?
[Editor Rob: we talked a couple months back about Pogba, yes he does look taller and I'm sure someone said he came out with a 190cm claim if I recall, which is nearer what he looks.]
Realist on Rob Paul
Rob who is G ? There is a lot of talk about the guy.
[Editor Rob: from 2005-2009 G was a major contributor to the site. He wanted to be 5ft 8 and claimed it, but eventually got measured under 5ft 7. Today, he roams the web, telling everybody who listens that he is still 5ft 8 and like a few others I won't mention, specifically goes out of their way to not mention the site as as he doesn't want anybody to find out what his real height is.]
Hh on General Height
I went to the doctor in june and i was 5'9(176 cm) then i measured myself at home in august and i was 5'10(178cm.4).I don't knnow how i suddenly grew 2 cm in 2 months.Btw i pressed a roomspray on my head while facing towards the wall.
Is this method of measuring accurate?
And do you think i still have some growing left and will i be at least 5'11-6'0 tall?My elder brother,19 is 182 cm tall.So do i still have some hope?
super marko on Caroline Dhavernas
Hannibal ladies are quite small.Caroline Dhavernas is 5'1'' and so is Lara Jean Chorostecki.Kacey Rohl is 5'2''.
super marko on Lara Jean Chorostecki
Hannibal ladies are quite small.Caroline Dhavernas is 5'1'' and so is Lara Jean Chorostecki.Kacey Rohl is 5'2''.
Gucci on Rob Paul
Rob,if i work on a computer all day at home and measure my height before bed,is that going to be a legit claim?
[Editor Rob: you are going to be quite close to your low. Maybe not absolute low (like you would if you worked a physical job like a builder jobsworth or shelf stacker).]
miko on Hulk Hogan
6'1 Lesnar would throw off every height in the WWE, UFC and other stuff...
truth on General Height
@Riidd it is possible, but the odds are more against then for you at this point. At most a few mm or 1-2cm max at this point where on average young men stop at 19.
184.9 on a bad day on Brad Pitt
The picture on description with Matt and Clooney shows 5 ft 9 is impossible for Brad. 5ft10.5 minimum.
James B on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Alex 6'0 says on 25/Aug/14
Id give Swagger and Barrett 6'5 but could be a bit less. Full 6'5 is very tall. My friend I had posted a picture with from years ago measures near 6'5 and that's pretty tall

I think A Train/tensia is a full 6'5 whereas as Barrett and swagger are just under that mark. Brodus clay as well i think was 6'4.5.
Jason on Leonardo DiCaprio
I agree with Cole. But he can look even only 11cms taller than Jonah. He does generall tower him, but Leo also has better posture, weighs less, uses more lifts, and all around has a head that gravitates everything. Also, with all pics of Jami Foxx and him, Foxx for some reason bends down like he deadlifted 150 kilos. So, Leo is only like 179.
Dmeyer on Sylvester Stallone
Click Here 2in under arnie plus 0.5in more shoes plus 0.5in better posture 3in sly 5'8.5 arnie 5'11.5
nah on Brad Pitt
lmao@ the guy who said that jordan's add 2 inches xD
Amaze on Rob Paul
Arch i wouldnt mind a 7 fter as a friend but its the 7ft height is freakishly tall, in crowds general public standing out ducking its not good. Cars would be uncomfortable too. 6'5 is very tall enough and towering another 7 inches is way too frightening. Obviously u cant do a surgery on ur femurs to decrease ur height. But 7ft must be awkward with like most girls too etc, id like vince seems like a nice guy but his height is way too tall if u know what i mean, im not being rude well not trying to be no offense but things arent designed for 7fters, imagine being at the near top of a cieling, getting stares everytime, etc. But its good he went for NBA.
Dmeyer on Sylvester Stallone
@ med in that shot arnie has a Brown shoes with a solid 1.3in Heel sly has a boot 1.7-1.8in type so barely 1-1.5cm more shoes in some shots he looks 2in shorter plus posture and 0.5in footwear that mean nearer 3in
RobV on Rob Paul
I often post here about being 6'2" and wearing lifts/elevators to get to 6'5"/6'6". Mid190s mentions that he would like to be as tall as Vince who is in the 7' region. Although I am obviously a bit like Mid190s in being tall but liking being taller, I still think I would only want to be in that area of height if I were incredibly well built (narrow waist, really big chest/arms).

I think it really is all about proportion once you get above a certain height. It can look astounding if it is right, but I am not sure I have ever seen someone that kinda height and really built.
Just on Cara Delevingne
@lil I wear 5 cm heels and those heels of Zoe aren't 5 cm, they're at least 10 cm (4 inches). And the heightdifference between Cara and Zoe is also 4 inches. Click Here
Cara is short for a model but (considering the footwear and slouching) her height is at least 5'7. If she wasn't at least 5'7, she wouldn't look that tall next to 5'8 Rihanna. Click Here
Lonestar on Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx 5'9.5
Lonestar on Jamie Foxx
My bad for typo error. Channing Tatum was 6'0.25-6'0.5 and Jamie look to be solid 5'7.5 next to him
John on Height Request
Rob,could you please add Akshay Kumar and Imran Khan?
Sonam Kapoor(5'9) once said that she can wear high heels with Akshay so he is probably 2+ inches taller than her.Deepika Padukone(5'8.5) also called Akshay tall on the episode oye.
Some sites say that he is 6'1 but 6'1 is just too tall for him,some say 6'0 and some 5'11.5'11 seems to be accurate.
Imran is listed as 5'9(176cm) on most sites but he was good 1.5-2inches taller than all of his heroines(Deepika-5'8.5,Anushka-5'9,Katrina-5'8.5,Sonam-5'9.So i would put him at 5'10-5'11.
Connor183 on General Height
Ok Rob if he does come to my house i will do just that.
Connor183 on Rob Paul
Vince are you just 213cm flat at night? if you wake at 7ft 1.5 you could be 7ft 0.25-5 range in midday so you seem like more of a strong 7 footer rather than just 7ft and 213cm at night you are still a solid 7ft since you dont dip under it, that defo puts you in strong 7ft catergory.
Amaze on General Height
@Connor183 lol yeah dw mate im fine, little keyboard warriors roaming around here aha.

@Ridd well yes, some users have, some have just grown 1cm and some havent at all

Jamie you were 5'7 at 16 right(same as me at 16)
What were you at 17?
18 you were 5'9..
19 5'10.5!
Imagine if i got this hehehe
Amaze on Rob Paul
@Alex 6'0 whats your lowest 6'0 weight? Were you ever 140,50 etc

Or as soon as u were 6'0 u were already 170

I think because you are hench now you will say it looks skinny compared to now buts generally slim
Micky on Matt Damon
Click Here

Recently claimed 5'10.5, maybe 5'9.5 flat and around the 5'10.5 range footwear
5'9.5 flat and just rounds it to 5'10
5'10.5 in footwear
cole on Leonardo DiCaprio
Damn it link, work!!! Kind of makes my whole rant fall apart when the link isn't working... I'll try again: Click Here
Kourosh177cm on Height Challenge
thank you rob for replying. i go with commode measurement hope that is not cheating. Is it okay i go with average of my height in morning and evening-night? i wake 177.8 cm and evening height 176cm. average of two is 177.2cm, i it ok i claim 177cm ? or im lying and exaggerating my height?
[Editor Rob: saying 177 is fine. When you think about the average joe, the guy or girl who never visits a site like this, they may have only been measured a few times. They are very likely to go with the height they are measured at, whether it was 9am or 4pm... ]
wishbone on Pat Benatar
Patty Benatar sure is a beautiful singer! Just 5',Patty just makes you feel good hearing her! But Patty once calmly told Glamour magazine (June,1982,in a sweet story dealing with short celebrities like Patty,Cathy Rigby,Patty Duke,and other small celebrities,she always felt vulnerable performing because dresses overpowered her very small body frame. So she explained how she developed a character who always wore high waistband,wide flare leg pants to keep from being smothered when she sang on stage. It worked! Although Patty now sometimes wears dresses performing,you'll generally see her in slacks or pants suits performing because she likes wearing comfortable clothes what don't smother her performing.
Alex 6'0 on Rob Paul
I was once 6'0 170lbs and most called me pretty thin. I felt ok, thin but not skinny. Looking at the pics of me then compared to me now yea I looked skinny! LOL
nona on Aishwarya Rai
@figo: here are my guesses on the weights of some of the ladies of bollywood
Shilpa Shetty - 65 kgs
Tabu - 75 kgs
Raveena Tandon - 68 kgs
Sonali Bendre - 60 kgs
Nargis Fakhri - 60 kgs
Katrina Kaif - 72 kgs
Anushka Shetty - 53 kgs
Bipasha Basu - 67 kgs
Sushmita Sen - 65 kgs
Sonam Kapoor - 73 kgs
Diana Penty - 55 kgs
Sonakshi Sinha - 73 kgs
Huma Quereshi - 75 kgs
Yukta Mookhey - 85 kgs, easily the biggest of them all.

I am also throwing in the weights of some of the taller South Indian actresses:
Anushka Shetty - 5'10" & 78 kgs
Namita - 5'8" & 80 kgs
Ileana D' cruz - 5'4" & 56 kgs
Kajal Agarwal - 5'4" & 60 kgs
Tamanna Bhatia - 5'6" & 60 kgs
Alex 6'0 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
I see Viper is getting on here with multiple names day by day!
Alex 6'0 on User Heights
Dmeyer, you are a solid 5'11.5. That 5'11 3/8 is your absolute low. Really after being awake 5-6 hours you'll be pretty close to your low anyway on regular days. If I wake up at 6 then I'm def. my low 3-4pm. On active longer day I can hit my low even earlier

Spainmen, I get up anywhere from 6-8am so by 1-3pm is afternoon and that'll be my low or damn near it. I haven't done measurmenents throughout the day.
Gonzalo on Fredric March
Gregory Peck was not 13 cms taller than March in The man in the gray flannel suit. The difference was more 8-9 cms. So, there are several options: Peck was not 1`91; March was taller than 1`78; March was wearing lifts.
March was taller than Dana Andrews in The best years of our lives. I doubt Andrews was shorter than 1`78. He was taller than Robert De Niro in The last tycoon and he was well into his sixties
jamieorr4 on Rob Paul
Amaze yes 6ft is the 2nd best height
Kourosh177cm on Height Challenge
Dear rob i got a problem. i measured myself in 5:30 pm evening. I did it twice and i got 2 different result. Once against the wall and i was 176.3cm. And second time i did against my clothing commode something like this Click Here and i was 177cm on dot. my clothing commode i measured and it was 184cm. im confused rob which one is more accurate? Plus, is the evening height is our real height or morning height? i would appreciate if you reply me back.
[Editor Rob: the difference isn't huge, it could be just because the wall/floor is slightly different (small angle) compared to the commode. If I got 7mm difference I'd think one of them was off though, trying to find which one is harder.

We can't really call a real height morning/evening, because we have a height range. Out of bed is a real measurement, and an afternoon one is a real and so is an evening. On average though, people aren't getting measured out of bed, the huge majority will be already up several hours by the time of a measurement.]
Arch Stanton on Luke Arnold
Not familiar with him but he does look about 5 ft 9 proportionally.
Arch Stanton on Elizabeth Taylor
Yeah Sue, she always looked 5 ft 4-5 to me too.
jamieorr4 on Brad Pitt
blink how ridiculous 5ft9 the guy wears lifts and celebrity lie about their heights
Arch Stanton on Mae West
Thanks for adding her anyway Rob! Can you add a photo and also mention My Little Chickadee and Myra Breckinridge? Well she was nowhere near 5 ft 4!! She looked a nasty piece of work mind and seemed rather vulgar, I wouldn't have wanted to have got into an argument with her!!
Arch Stanton on Ireland Baldwin
I've noticed though Sue that quite a lot of celeb tall women seem proud of it rather than diminishing it and you'll often see women over 5 ft 10 wearing heels too!
Arch Stanton on Ireland Baldwin
I think of 5 ft 3 more as lower average for a woman but yeah 5'2.5" might just be the bottom of average range. I think of it as short but you might be right as you do see a lot of women that sort of height. Yeah most tall women I know would prefer to be shorter. Unless you're like supermodel stunning like Heidi Klum or Natasha Henstridge and have the "leggy blonde" thing going on, then generally you'll probably be less attractive to men if you have that lanky or masculine look some 5'9-6' women have. The Gwyneth Paltrow lanky type build for women isn't what most men would consider a desirable body as compared to 5 ft 5-6 with curves. That said I know a few women in the 5 ft 9-11 range who I consider attractive. My cousin's wife is 5 ft 9 and Paltrow type of build but I consider her a good looking woman. It depends, but I can see why women over 5 ft 9 might not feel like an ideal around men.
Crash on Rob Paul
So you could say it would vary between 2-3 guys a 6'0" is the same or shorter than among under 35s depending on the situation, more 3/10 if he is not so "lucky" (is this really the right word lol), and more 2/10 is he is "lucky" that day.
Connor183 on Rob Paul
Vince so you are just 213.0cm at your'e low ?
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
Even a proper 6 ft 5 or 6 as a relaxed barefoot measurement after a long day is pretty towering IMO, but to be 6 inches on top of that at lowest is quite extraordinary!!
Crash on Rob Paul
If you go by the *overall* average in the UK and the US as well then it's about 85th, so 1.5/10 that height or taller lol. That would be where Rob got his answer from. So he's not incorrect; he's just looking at the bigger picture than particular age groups.
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Rob any chance of adding Stewart Granger? I think he looked 190cm as listed. I'd give him a 6'2.75 measurement. He consistently looked around 6 ft 3.
[Editor Rob: I know the early publicity height for him is 6ft 2, I don't know about 6ft 3, I think I'd have to go with the info he was giving out.]
Crash on Rob Paul
Oops, that should read "under 35s". Each age group after 35 seems to be slightly shorter than the last one in the UK, so it would be even taller for them.
Crash on Rob Paul
Bran, it's really right between 2 and 3 out of 10 for the under 45s who are 6'0" OR taller lol, so 2.5 people maybe (haha).

If 5'10" is the average, you would have about 25% between 5'10" and 5'8" and the same for those between 5'10" and 6'0". Then those who are 5'8" or under, or 6'0" or taller, would comprise the remaining 25 percent on each "side".
Kourosh177cm on Shawn Michaels
yesss true height of hbk. he was nothing more than a typical 5'10 guy. he always wears boots to be taller.
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
@Amaze It might seem freakishly tall to most of us, but the family came across as very down to earth in the documentary and really decent people who just simply happened to be extremely tall. They didn't appear freakish in the slightest, although they ate stacks LOL. I can imagine in person Vince would look a giant and loom over everybody but still a normal guy in terms of personality.
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
@Vince can you tell us more about the heights of your parents' siblings and relations? I know your dad is a massive 6 ft 10 but if your mother is 5 ft 11 that's like the equivalent for 6'4"-6'5" for a guy so I'd guess she probably has a dad or brothers or whatever who are near that. How tall did your brothers and sister grow to after? I think your second brother was 6 ft 8 at 14 or something.
JB on Paul Rudd
Ya he's shorter than Judd Apatow for sure. 5'7".
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
@Alex I don't know if the Van Nes documentary is on the web but I highly recommend it. His family are the tallest in the UK. Vince was 16 at the time and was 6'10 range!! His 14 year old brother was 6 ft 8!! His dad is 6 ft 10 and his mother 5 ft 11 and she probably has a few 6'4 guys + on her side too. With his genes he could have been even taller actually.
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
@Alex I don't know if the Van Nes documentary is on the web but I highly recommend it. His family are the tallest in the UK. Vince was 16 at the time and was 6'10 range!! His 14 year old brother was 6 ft 8!! His dad is 6 ft 10 and his mother 5 ft 11 and she probably has a few 6'4 guys on her side too. With his genes he could have been even taller actually.
MarcusTheSwede on Brad Pitt
snatch: Agree. He wears lifts huge lifts and always has. When he was together with Gwyneth Paltrow..that showed clearly as day.
Brad Pitt is not taller then 176 at best without his shoes AND Lifts. And thats generous in mind the soles here wears are atleast 4-5cm high.
Bud on Rob Paul
Rob how tall is somebody if a 5'8 guy reachis beetwen the buttom of his nose and upper lips.The tall guy had a long head.
[Editor Rob: if he has a long head then likely in 6ft 3, possibly up to 3.5 range.]
Crash on Rob Paul
OK Arch, that's very true but since there are also many (more) guys who have an average amount of msucle, you can't just say that 12 stone is skinny. For the more muscular guys, it likely is, but probably not the ones with a more "average" level of muscle mass.

It's just like height. Of course there are plenty of tall guys but there are many more "average" ones.
cobra on Vin Diesel
Another good picture of Vin and Tyrese: Click Here
Connor183 on General Height
Well it's good for me that the Bo-Gee-man doesn't live in the UK! my 14 year old bro is still growing! and he desperatley wants to be 6ft! but anyway im sure the little girl is safe with you Rob, if he does come to the UK Rob what can i do to protect my bro from the Bo-Gee-man?
[Editor Rob: have a screenshot of celebheights on his door, that'll scare him off.]
Connor183 on General Height
Amaze says on 25/Aug/14
@Connor183 trust me mate, I agree. people like that should not come on this website. thanks for sticking up for me though, you said nice things and you were on point. GOONGI is the one crying now. haha :)

Well thats what friends are for right?, im glad you feel i helped you, are you alright after what happened with that GOONGI guy? (what a stupid name) i feel sorry for you mate.
Riidd on General Height
Hey everyone, just asking that is it really possible to grow about 1-1.5 inches after 18? or at least minimum of an inch?
RogerH on Michael C Hall
No way he's 180... Not even sure he's 178. 176/177 would be more accurate.
Crash on Ewan McGregor
Rob, how big is Mo Farrah's head in your opinion? It looks tiny in MD's picture.
[Editor Rob: it looks under average, I'd probably guess it just around 8.75inch, not more than that.]
viennese on Sneakers
how about these, rob? probably a solid inch?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: yes they should give a decent inch (insole might not give much but hard to tell). Some insoles are like paper thin, others can still be 3mm once the weight of your body is on them]
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m on James Coburn
He was a lanky 6-foot-2 guy. As I think I've said priorly, he could appear 189.
Laura on Paula Abdul
I actually think she is no taller than 4"10. Looking at her she doesn't seem to have the proportions of someone who is 5"0, even 4"11 is pushing it imo. She is probably 5"2 in 5" heels in my opinion.
mordor on Cristiano Ronaldo
I dont think so its from bad angle.You can clearly see whats his height there.I think 187 is his max height whereas night height is 185,5.You didnt compare him to lustig though.Wait u to do so.
Michael Klein on David Lee Roth
The Greg Stafford of which you speak sang for VH in the 70s before moving to NC to go to UNC. The band, from Chapel Hill, was the Pressure Boys.
littlesue on Ireland Baldwin
So if 5ft 6.5 is 'upper average' would 5ft 2.5 be lower average then?. Arch all my taller friends over 5ft 8 want to be 5ft 5. They say it might be ok for celebs but for everyday women they feel 'too tall' and hate wearing heels.
littlesue on Mae West
Lucky to reach 5ft, she used to stand on a box for pictures and have an extra long dress on to cover it!
littlesue on Mary Crosby
She is Bing Crosby's daughter, she was super skinny when in Dallas so can see why she was described as willowy. I think she had a slight 'hare lip' or something similar
JT on Charles Barkley
Click Here Roughly a 1.5" difference and not as good posture as James Harden, who measured 6'4" without shoes.
25 August
Sarah on Anderson Cooper
Saw him with Kelly Ripa a few times. Appears to be 5'9." or 5'10".
cole on Leonardo DiCaprio
I'm not usually a big fan of these rants that go on forever, and I tend to divert from doing them, but I want to ask a few questions, and speak my mind a bit.
It might be a little unnecessary, because I might already know the various answers, but here it goes...

@rockitbaby: You're right in that Leo mostly looks 12 cm taller than Jonah - who's listed, and looks 168 cm. Personally I think one of the ways that people are trying to rationalise Leo being a 182 cm guy, is by upgrading guys like Jonah to 170 cm. In my opinion - he's not. As far as I can tell he looks about 168 cm with every single person I've seen him with in decent shots. With Seth Rogen and Michael Fassbender for example, they look about the same height as Leo compared to Jonah. Seth's not 182 cm, Michael's not 182 cm - that's clear when stacking them up against many other celebs. On Blanchett I've said this before: her claim is "about 5'8" - isn't it more likely that she's 173 cm or under, rather than over? I haven't seen too much of her to be sure, but I feel like that's the consensus when someone is using the word "about" when referring to their height.

To everyone (please give your two cents on this picture as well @editor rob): I've posted it before, but it's definitely worth posting again, as most people sadly just kind of neglected it the first time: Click Here Frankly I'm a little stunned that it hasn't been mentioned at all - as I think it's one of the few good shots to argue Leo's height relative to others' - and one where I think it's hard to argue much over 180 cm, due to the reasons I am about to mention.

This is what I'm thinking. Feel free to explain why you agree/disagree, by posting better evidence, for example.
Going by the picture with Foxx, Waltz and Jackson alone, if Leo's in fact a legit 181-182 cm guy - it would mean both Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz are claiming 1-2 cm under their real height. Is it just me or is it more likely that Leonardo DiCaprio - a beloved Hollywood-star of many, many years is the one upgrading himself/being upgraded, rather than two (compared to Leo) relatively new Hollywood-faces downgrading themselves? Then there's a 187 cm (ish) - loosly standing Samuel L. Jackson, in less footwear - still looking about 5 cm taller than Leo. I understand that this is just one picture, and that there might be higher res pics from this event, from better angles - but this is the best I have to go on at the moment.

I feel like I'm being quite reasonable here - but then some might say I'm just deluded and insecure.
Let the record show: I'm not. I honestly believe 5'11 is an all around better shout than 5'11.5. I don't care more about what height Leo is listed at than anyone else, to me it just feels as though it's one of the more stand-out listings that examplifies a 0.5in generosity, when compared to others.

I guess my main questions are: how do you decide which people to give the benefit of the doubt, if you're guessing them between two marks, like say 5'11 and 5'11.5. Why go with the highest arguable height? Especially when personally you claim your lowest measured height. If we're talking about a morning measurement, then sure, I can see Leo measuring 5'11.5 or thereabouts, but it's not something he looks consistantly when actual pictures are being taken at events, premieres etc. Tell me if I'm wrong here, but aren't those events/premieres usually taking place in the evening?
Also I get that it's not possible to be 100% accurate, and say "he/she looks this and that much shorter/taller than him/her", when the people in question are wearing different footwear, having a different stance, different hair styles as well as the camera-angle could be questionable - but what makes you decide to go with 182 cm for DiCaprio and 170 cm for Christoph Waltz (for example) - when in nearly every picture, you couldn't really argue there being more than 10 cm between them?
Sarah on Kelly Ripa
Good listing. She's a strong 5'2", maybe 5'2.5" in the morning.
Yo on Adam Brody
He's 5'll'' with shoes 6 flat

With 6'1'' chris noth (wearing a 2 inch snow booth when this pic was taken)
Click Here
Twilight on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
I think Merriman is really 6'1.5 for most of the day. He looks 6'1 half the time and pro day measurements are usually a little taller than combine measurements. Also looked shorter than 6'2 Marcus Allen.

Still would be a bit taller than Rock though.
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m on Russell Brand
He looked at least 6ft 2in in 'Get Him to the Greek' but I'm sure footwear helped.
Clay on Hulk Hogan
Danimal says on 25/Aug/14
Clay says on 19/Aug/14
6'2 3/8 looks to be exact for Lesnar.

I respect your opinion, but I have met the man and my 6'3" friend had more than .5" on him. I can assure you of that.

That IS more than .5'' ;);

In all seriousness - you know I respect you on here as well, but theres just something that doesnt add up with your sighting. It's not like your buddy and Lesnar went back to back, or like Brock cared to stand up properly. I can't accept a 6'1 Lesnar which results in a 5'9ish Couture and a 5'8ish James Toney (both physcially impossible), and a 6'2-6'2.5 max Allistair Overeem.
hiy on Height Request
Ryan Sheckler, famous skateboarder/reality star. People claims his height to be from 5'4" to 5'9". What do you think?
hiy on Lucy Hale
she looked really tiny at the vmas... probably 4'11 to 5'1.
snatch on Brad Pitt
the funny thing is he has been in lifts for like 25 years

in the pringles commercial he is wearing the same exact shoes
that he was wearing in the movie across the tracks

also in the pringles commercial the other 2 actors were
barefoot while pitt was in lifts

you can look for ur self on youtube the other actors
for that commercial were barefoot while pitt was
wearing lifts

you can tell by looking at his feet in that commercial that he was packing
atleast 1.5 lifts with a 1 inch heel

same shoes he wore for across the tracks and he was only 1 inch taller
than Rick S while rick was in normal 1 inch shoes

its all there you guys

^ pause at 5 or 6 seconds look at his feet position look at his socks
trying to hide his ancles look how unnatural his knees look
and notice how he is the only one wearing shoes
TJE on Paul McCartney
Not seeing this 5'10.5 peak, looked too average sized. Still, he's pretty similar to John Lennon. Maybe 5'10.25 peak, 5'9.25 now.
JER on Humphrey Bogart
The photo that Parker refers to on this page is clearly the definitive answer for me. Take a look, Bacall was a tall 5'8" model before her movie career, so judging from the photo, Bogie must have been around 5'9" tall in bare feet.
Kostas on Jensen Ackles
How tall do you think Alan Ritchson is Rob? He only looks 1' taller than Jensen here.
Click Here
[Editor Rob: at that event Ritchson was a good couple of inches taller...he is further away and leaning more loosely there. Here on stage you can see what it looked like in person.]
Figo on Aishwarya Rai
Shikha swaroop is almost six feet tall
Amaze on Rob Paul
Yes crash i agree with everything you say

...170/77/12.1 stone is defo not skinny for a 6'0 male. Slim but not skinny.
Andrew on Arnold Schwarzenegger
As to the photo of Arnold and Elliot Gould (who actually is tall), the photo shows nothing below the waist and doesn't show footwear. Don't be fooled by Hollywood. They manipulate to keep you buying that popcorn.
Jeffery on Kevin Nash
No way is he 6'9" or even 6'8"
Kostas on Lou Ferrigno
Maybe Rob is right about Lars's photo. But Rob look at this one Click Here
This guy is supposed to be 0.5' shorter than Lou but he looks a bit taller.
Jack Coleman: 6'2.5" - 6'3"
Lou : 6'2" - 6'2.5".
He looks shorter than that next to Ali but he has worse posture.
[Editor Rob: Lou is deceptive in that he can walk about smaller...I can believe some will see him 6ft 2, but ask him to stand at his tallest and he may still measure near enough 6ft 3.]
Alex 6'0 on Sneakers
Rob, what do typical sandals give in height?
[Editor Rob: some can give just 0.5 inches, but a good chunk of them might be in 0.6-0.8 range, it can be hard to say without seeing them.]
Kostas on Eric Balfour
How tall is the other guy Rob? He gives a 6'1" impression(standing better)
[Editor Rob: balfour looked near an inch taller than Lucas Bryant, and Balfour standing with 'The Edge' that day, the Edge looked near 6ft 3 with both of them.]
Dan on Brad Pitt
This argument is hopeless. The guy can easily hit 6-0 when in boots without looking freaky but you guys claim he's only 5-9. And who said that they go from 5-8 to 5-10 in Jordan's, check yourself. That's very difficult to add a full 2" in height with sneakers on. I mean a full 2" that makes a 5-8 guy look 100% 5-10 without looking weird that's very unlikely. So what if pitt doesn't have long proportions. Some people with model type bodies have even proportions. They hit 5-10 or 5-11 without having long limbs. And you guys asking why he would only claim 5-11?? Maybe he didn't want to lie a lot. Maybe he wanted to lie a little. Maybe he couldn't live with himself if he added two inches. Regardless. Someone 5-9.5 or 5-9.75 flat barefoot isn't really short and has no need to lie about being two inches taller
spainmen on User Heights
@Alex 60
How many hours after being awake would be in the afternoon-evening range?
soby on Rob Paul
My grandfather who is 67 years old now and he has 1.65 told me that in his youth was 1.71-1.72.rob possible? me personaly i don t think, i wait your opinion.
[Editor Rob: it's a lot to lose by that age, if it is true then he's done a lot worse than average.]
Alex 6'0 on Big Show
Joe isn't quite a full 6'5. More weaker 6'5 at 6'4.5-6'4.75. That looks over 5 inches between them. Big Show would be looking 6'10-6'10.5 with Joe. We don't even know how much Big Show's boots are compared to Joe's footwear. Likely just a a small fraction more. Boots give what 1.5 inches and he's prob in sneakers that give 1-1.3 range so its pretty minimal footwear advantage and has a slight camera advantage but not standing very straight.
Alex 6'0 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Id give Swagger and Barrett 6'5 but could be a bit less. Full 6'5 is very tall. My friend I had posted a picture with from years ago measures near 6'5 and that's pretty tall
Dost on Aishwarya Rai
Shilpa: 5'8
Tabu: 5'8 and a tiny bit
Nargis: just shy of 5'9
Katrina: 5'8.5
Anushka: just shy of 5'8.5
Bipasha: 5'7
Sushmita: 5'8 and a tiny bit
Deepika: 5'8.5
Sonam: 5'8.5

I'll throw in Diana Penty in there at about 5'9.5
blink on Brad Pitt
People here saying brad is 5'9 is just ridiculous in my opinion. 5'10 is the lowest I'd go for him, still think he's a solid 5'11
Alex 6'0 on Rob Paul
Crash, yea on average the lighter guy will be in better shape since we aren't taking into consideration muscles etc. Even 14 stone is 196lbs that's not even that much for even an average 6'0 guy but it is in the overweight area for that height. Before I started working out I was right at 200lbs. I wasn't fat but wasn't in good shape, had some excess body fat mainly in my stomach area.
Alex 6'0 on Rob Paul
Wow Vince is 7'0! Id feel like a short guy next to him. That's a legit foot taller than me.
Amaze on Rob Paul
@Arch Stanton 170 for a 6'7.5 is defo skinny! 6'7.5 you should be atleast 200 pounds. however 6'7.5 is mega extreme tall(very very tall) when 6'0 guys are just lower range tall so 170 would look fine on them e.g slim.

7 ft is insane freakishly tall.

@jamieorr4 I think 6 ft is runner up for ideal height. 6'1 seems best to me though. yup we can agree
Jason on Leonardo DiCaprio
I agree completely. Didnt want to say it out right. But yeah he is like 175, at most I would say 178-9. This is because with Toni he really does seem his height. He really looks quite a bit shorter. So, I would think that with the elevators he is 182. But, other than that, he is a classic 179 guy. Toni proves this.
Danimal on Arnold Schwarzenegger
THIS was Arnold next to a LEGIT 6'5" Sven Thorsen in his prime (1st pic is BAREFOOT I might add):

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Crash on Rob Paul
James, an inactive older guy should actually need to weigh less because they are losing muscle every year through the aging process, if they don't exercise. The only reason they are gaining weight though (which might lead you to thinking they need to weight more) is because metabolism slows as the muscle mass decreases.

This decreased muscle mass and the closely related slowed metabolism then leads to weight gain, and they gain on average twice the weight of fat compared to the lost muscle every year (say half a pound of muscle lost, 1 pound of fat gained), so if they keep doing what they did when they were younger without doing anything to maintain the muscle mass (exercise), they will just gain weight and become more unhealthy each year. So it's not as though the extra weight is actually "necessary" for their body just because they are older; it's just related to the lower muscle mass that happens if you are inactive.

But this shouldn't be too much an issue for a 50 year old who exercises; their muscle mass shouldn't be all that much lower than when they were say 25 or 30, so ideal weight should be similar. After 60 the ideal weight would likely become *lower* though, as that is about the point when muscle starts decreasing at a faster rate.

Less muscle=lower "required" weight.
Danimal on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Red183 says on 24/Aug/14
Click Here

THIS is not a 6ft man next to 65" flat !

Some say Joey is under 65" but thats impossible.

Arnie is not even 511" there - he comes out at 510.5"-510.75"

Which is consistent with the pic I provided of him with George St-Pierre (barely taller than him). Arnold looks to have dipped below 5'11" today, which would also for his appearance on Jimmy Fallon as of late.
Ian on Elle Fanning
She's a beautiful tall blonde blue eyed princess :) She should date/marry a tall blonde hair blue eyed boy, have to keep those genetics pure.
Mid190s on Rob Paul
6'5-6'6 is like the middle ground between Ordinary Tall(6'0) and Gigantic Tall (7,0) You kind of catch a glimpse of what it's like to be in both worlds. And as a totally neutral observer Id love to be Vince's height! 7'0 is just too awesome!!!
Bran on Rob Paul
Im going to tell you your wrong on Connors question Rob 83 % under 6ft?, never in a billion years is 6ft generally that tall in reality, a 6footer will see a good 3 in 10- taller out an about. Rob, under 45 are 5'10 on average, 33% of people are not between 5ft10 and 6ft, im challenging the height master here haha, dont embarrass me please Rob haha !?
[Editor Rob: The average in the UK/US is still 5ft 9-9.5 range. 83 is conservative, it is likely several points higher in reality.]
jigsaw on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Dont tell me Clay believes that Barkley mugshot. WOW

I didnt think you were that gullible.
Ozark on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Orton isnt 6'4. Hes 6'3-6'3.5
Chris on Gwendoline Christie
She's taller than every woman combined
Pookie on John Wayne
The Duke's family confirm his height at 6' 4". Rock Hudson was 6' 5". Watch the
The Undeafeted. They are both in it. Compare!
EzioAuditore711 on Jim Parsons
I'm right, ''SaveUsY2J'' is wrong. Rob, downgrade Jim Parsons to 6'0.25''.
grizz on User Heights
@Conor 185, yeah, many people claim their morning height, mostly because they aren't aware of height fluctuations during the day/evening. It's not like teachers are talking about that in biology classes or P.E. They just take their high school measurement (usually taken in the morning) and never look back.

It is easier for a thin guy to claim morning height (or even higher than that). I was very surprised when my dad though that I was 186-187 cm tall, even though he's 6'1 (ergo, taller than me)! I guess it's because I'm fairly thin for my build (180 lbs).
I can't imagine how much taller I'd seem to others if I had your weight lol.
Late 187cm on Football Soccer
@ Football Football

That's not the best picture but Varane is clearly taller there. How can they both be 191cm?
VInce on Rob Paul
@Connor183, @Arch Stanton When I usually wake up out of bed I reach 216.5 cm (7'1.5'') and afternoon I go about down to 213 cm (7'0'') so yeah I lose more cm than an average person which is normal. I've did go to Celebheights time after time, right now all I'm focusing on is Mining engineering and enjoying basketball that's pretty much it, not to mention I currently live in Fairfield Connecticut as of now.
Umar184 on Football Soccer
@FACE I'm 183-184 cm and i saw emre can in Frankfurt last month
He was Little Bit taller than me
Arch Stanton on James Callis
G wishes he looked like this!!
Arch Stanton on Corey Stoll
[Editor Rob: Statham topped some recent poll 'UK's Manliest Man' and he's receded a fair bit. It is good to see more naturally balding actors.]

At least they don't have hair extensions to get thick quiffs with high volume to have hair like Beckham and Harry Styles which I recently read are the in thing at the moment for guys!!
Bubba on Rob Paul
Rob, I Know this may sound stupid but do you think Vince has an inch on Ian Whyte becuase he is definatley one big boy.
[Editor Rob: I doubt he'd be taller]
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
Crash, the thing is you talk about men with muscle as not being normal. A lot of men naturally have decent muscle. Obviously if you work out regularly with heavy weights you're going to get heavier and bulky but there's plenty of average regular guys who have some muscle and don't work out.
Arch Stanton on Mae West
When did you add Mae? I requested this ages ago and didn't see it show up!! 5 ft range seems right, although could look taller in heels.
[Editor Rob: it's been here for a while, I don't even remember when!]
Tommy on Michael Gambon
His peak height might have been about 5ft 10 but as I met him 2 years ago, he was no more than 5ft 8.5/9. Im about 6ft 2 with a forhead of 4.25 inches and he was at least 1.5 inches under my eyebrows
Tommy on Michael Gambon
His peak height might have been about 5ft 10 but as I met him 2 years ago, he was no more than 5ft 8.5/9. Im about 6ft 2 with a forhead of 4.25 inches and he was at least 1.5 inches under my eyebrows
Arch Stanton on Adolf Hitler
Although 5 ft 8 for his generation would have been easily average.
Arch Stanton on Adolf Hitler
Got a good look at him in Triumph of the Will. Yeah I think he looked about 5 ft 8. Didn't look clear short like 5 ft 6 or 5 ft 7 but looked lower average. He had one of the harshest voices I've ever heard, reminded me of a vicious Rottweiler or something. A perfect reflection of his personality and ideology!
John86 on Akon
Akon is a strange one. Always struck me as a 5'8 guy, maybe even 5'7. Not sure what it is but he has 'short man' proportions. A mystery. But yes, he clearly is at least 5'10, but nevertheless it boggles my mind!
Dmeyer on Gregory Itzin
Rob this Guy is about 176 cm today his body does look Like he ged to me he was easy 1-1.5cm more when younger 5'9.75-10 peak
[Editor Rob: 8 years ago I thought about 176cm but did notice he did the raised eyes thing in person like some of his mannerisms in characters he plays. Could he have shrunk 1cm from 30's, it is a possibility of course. Some guys by 60 will lose a bit, others won' age 70 generally you would expect 2cm on average.]
Brad on Justin Bieber
Scooter has never seen 5' 11" in his life.
Amaze on General Height
@Connor183 trust me mate, I agree. people like that should not come on this website. thanks for sticking up for me though, you said nice things and you were on point. GOONGI is the one crying now. haha :)

you will get away with it with girls for sure
b.lara on Miranda Kerr
Click Here

If you click there, she is at an event with a guy named Brian Lara. He is listed at 5'8 but at most 5'7. She is in heels. You all can google the event, she's in the link with him , she's only taller than him with platform heels on... so I'd say 5'7 1/2 at best. I'm amazed that these models still lie about there height when it's realatively easy to find out the truth
jamieorr4 on General Height
Amaze yes ignore GOONG his immature
colt on Mark Wahlberg
Im five eleven and I tower over mark. I have a picture of us together and it was around 2003. I doubt he's grown much height wise. I would give him five eight with the right shoes.
Oanh on Alex Meraz
If he is 5'11", it is with his shoes on...5'10" barefoot.
Dmeyer on User Heights
Most people wake up 6-8am , is 4 pm height a fair claim if yes then i am solid 5'11.5

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