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24 May
World Citizen on Aaron Douglas
Looks no more than 5 ft 10 flat.
World Citizen on David Gyasi
Looks 5 ft 9.25
Sarah87 on Eddie Vedder
Eddie is below 5ft7. I've seen him numerous times at concerts. His voice is phenomenal. I'm a solid 5ft10 and I noticed a significant height difference when I got an autograph from him. Always found him lion-like beautiful even though my friends unanimously preferred Chris Cornell and Kurt Cobain. Cornell's voice was fascinating and listening to both of them-Cornell and Vedder-sing together was a massive treat. What a pity there was never a chance to get Mark Lanegan into that team. Anyway, since this is a height-guessing site, I'll just say what I think their heights appear to be. Here goes: Vedder-5ft6.5, Cobain-5f7.5, Cornell-6ft2.5, Lanegan-6ft2.
World Citizen on Martin Garrix
In the country where he lives the average height there is almost 6 ft 1
World Citizen on Kyle Gallner
I'm glad, because on this site I can find much celebs who are the same height as me. But unfortunately in the country where I live it's a little bit difficult.
World Citizen on Billy Gunn
6 ft 3
World Citizen on Diamond Dallas Page
You listing him as 6 ft 4 but looking on the height chart he looks under that mark, how is it possible?
World Citizen on Diamond Dallas Page
You listing him as 6 ft 4 but looking on the height chart he looks under that mark, how is it possible?
World Citizen on Noah Taylor
Listing looks accurate. Good estimate Rob. I hope the next time you will measure the celebs with the stadiometer :P
World Citizen on Jonathan Frakes
He looks no taller than 6'1"
World Citizen on Milo Ventimiglia
Looks more 5 ft 8.25
James B on Jason Statham
Probably wouldn't be worth giving him a peak height of a legit 5'9
World Citizen on Travis Van Winkle
I think he looks 5 ft 10.5 here
James B on David Beckham
I'd say in the UK 5'7 is start of short and 5'8 a very weak average. 5'11 is what I'd call a very weak tall/strong average.
World Citizen on Bill Oddie
He looks more 5 ft 2 here. And how tall is the other guy beside you who claims 5 ft 8.5 ?
Editor Rob: it's possible 20 years earlier he could have been near 5ft 8.5, but that day he was under 5ft 8.

btw, you only need to hit submit once for a comment, I noticed you hit the button a number of times.
World Citizen on Peter Davison
He looks rather 5 ft 10 than 11
Willes188 on Viggo Mortensen
He can look 5'11.5 on screen, but 5'10.5-5'11 is the truth
Moreno on Wladimir Klitschko
I think that Rob's listing is correct.
184guy on Anthony Joshua
@Rob , now That you down grade Joshua , you Could put Clive Russell down aswell . Will be very odd having both man with the same listing when Joshua looks 2 inches taller in the photoshoot. Obviously knowing That Clive Could have been around 6'6 at peak
Editor Rob: Clive isn't much smaller in person!
Willes188 on Christopher Lee
6'4 flat is a joke for a young Christopher Lee. He was near 195cm.
Matthew Robinson on Tyson Fury
I wouldn't be surprised if he could hit 6'8.5" out of bed. I say the current average user guess if 6'7 5/8" is probably about right on the money for what he'd measure 5 to 6 hours later.
Snart on Jackie Chan
I think 1.73 is the exact height of jackie. His body looks like the body of someone with 1.68 - 1.70; But he has a huge head, and that gives him a few inches more.

ps: Sorry for the lousy English. It is not my first language.
luntis on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Today he is around 5'10'5 / 5'10'75 morning 5'11 if u dont believe me take a look or ask people, A lot of people who met him claim he is 5'10, others has claim he is with luck 5'11 today
luntis on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Danimal you are wrong Arnold and Carl Weathers were around same height in Predator. Even being Arnold the main character and the "famous guy" always directors etc, were interested to make him taller with angles scens, also I've heard he has were lifts some time. His athletic posture makes him a 6'1 guy, but he was 6'05" at most 6'075 in his best prime. Nothing more!
SS on Talulah Riley
She looks shorter next to Dominic Cooper
Willes188 on Hugh Jackman
200 for 188 is pretty high, I'm 150 at 6'2
anon on Johanna Konta
Yh 178 maybe 179 I think she can look 5'10- 5'10.5 range the 5'11 listing must be in trainers cheers for adding Johanna on here Rob
Houss on Roger Moore
He was shorter than Arnold swharzenegger
Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
@ Nik - Then she's a dirty dawg!
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ΉπŸ˜ΉπŸ˜Ή Keep away! 🐩
Sandy Cowell on Atticus Shaffer
I've never come across a single Atticus in my entire life, other than the one played by Gregory Peck in 'To Kill A Mockingbird'!
I was this Atticus's height when I was about 12 I think! 4ft7 it is!
jervis on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Maybe he was wearing lifts at the time, because he also looked only slightly shorter than Clint Eastwood in the early 90s when Clint was still around 6ft2.5.
jjj on General Height

"@jjj, If you wake up at 5'9.7 then your low can be just a little over 5'8. It's normal to feel like a 5'8 person because you are 5'8 range."

- This is the thing. My lowest height is around 5f 9.1 at night which is close to 5ft 8 obviously. I'm talking about my general all day height, which always averages at 5ft 9.5, which is what i claim. As i said, i don't consider the top of my head, which is why i feel a lot smaller than i am.
Sandy Cowell on Roger Moore
Another of our golden greats gone, but never to be forgotten. He was a true English gent and a credit to the acting industry. Can't believe it... 😭

RIP Roger xxx
Sandy Cowell on Matt Lucas
I don't think I have ever seen an actor take the pπŸ’§ss out of himself as much as I am currently witnessing in the film I am watching at the moment! ('Small Apartments') He walks about barely clothed, letting it all hang out, stretch marks included! He is hilarious, and a couple of inches taller than Amanda Plummer, who I believe to be 5ft4!
Matt can have 5ft6 - of big, blubbery babyishness! πŸ‘πŸšΌ
Sandy Cowell on Jack O'Connell
My boyfriend Jim can't get enough of this actor! He turned me on to the film 'Starred Up', and I was impressed enough to buy a copy! Oh, and he is in the films '71', Harry Brown (fantastic!), and plays a more innocent than usual character in the film 'The Liability', where he gets bossed about by an irate and angry Tim Roth, contract killer extraordinnaire!
I will say that Jack doesn't come over as a small guy at all! He's very well made, and must work at it!
I shall go along with the 5ft7.5, though I would have believed an inch more out of him!
Sandy Cowell on Talulah Riley
I saw her in the film 'The Liability' yesterday! At 5ft8, she was a serious contender for being the tallest member of the cast, or at least level- pegging! The cast included Tim Roth, Peter Mullen and Jack O'Connell.
She was a brunette in the film - and one step ahead of the menfolk! 5ft8 is the least I would have said for her - certainly no less. I didn't know she was a model as well, but with that figure and height, it's hardly surprising!
Heatseeker800 on Tom Cruise
So how tall is Tom Cruise, bigjay007?
Johnny on Roger Moore
Rest in peace Sir Roger. One of the best actors of all time.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) on Chris Paul
Borats Chicken said on 27/Apr/17
Rob, whats an average height in the nba that you must be or should
Editor Rob: obviously the taller you are the more beneficial some aspects of the game can be, but there are still some good players under six foot...

I'm not sure what an optimal height is though.


The optimal range is 6'3"-6'7" I feel. At that height range you're not too tall to be a Guard, neither are you too short to be a Foward. But the best height to be an overall skilled player might be 6'5" (I might sound biased because I'm around that height myself, but I'm actually not)
Doubtful on Adolf Hitler
This photo shows Hitler with 4th grade classmates. He is one of the tallest. (Okay, he might have stood on a chair.)
Click Here

Hitler in WW1. Again one of the tallest.
Click Here

Himmler was 5'9" (Click Here), one inch shorter than Hitler.
Bazza on David Beckham
@James B - good point. I have a good friend who is genuine strong 6'5 and even though i'm 6'2 myself,and we have a fair few of us circa 6 feet plus in our group, he has always been the one to stand out and always gets the fixed looks and comments on his height. people 6'3 and 6'4 are certainly stand out tall too in most situations but not like a genuine 6'5 plus guy imo.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Dennis Quaid
Rob, did he start off here at 6ft1?
Editor Rob: I don't know exactly, but he was on 6ft for a very long time.
Ian from Auckland on Josh Homme
I walked past him at an Airport a couple of years ago - He appeared around his stated height (perhaps a little shorter, certainly not less than 6'3 1/2"). He's not a skinny guy so doesn't give off that tall-thin vibe.
Bazza on Brock Lesnar
189 - out of bed 187 - before bed. The listing is fair.
Ian from Auckland on Sean Bean
When he was filming the Lord of the Rings in Auckland (about 17 years ago now) he was a regular at my gym (mainly stationary bike for him if I remember). I'm around 177.5cm and he did appear to have a very small height advantage on me - he was at least 178cm, maybe a little more (he was very lean which made him appear more 'linear').
Bazza on Danny Dyer
@samuelcharwick - you have got me thinking now! i will check it out when i get the chance, i really don't think Maslan is as tall as Blackwood but there should be some screen time between them where we can see. I still think Dyer and Blackwood are about the same too, 6'0 bracket, but it is debatable..
Bazza on Roger Moore
Best Bond for me, and the one i enjoyed watching growing up.amazing to think he was already 45 when he took on the role and 58 by the time of his last Bond film!
Nik on Mikey North
Thanks for giving Mikey North a page Rob!

I have never been totally sure of his height and have always estimated him to be between 5'6.75" and 5'7.75"! I suppose if I had to have a guess I would say Rob is pretty accurate in having him down as 5'7.25". I have seen quotes of 5'8" on the internet but they must be slightly too high! It's great to hear of a celebrity who is exactly the same height as I am!
Bazza on Joss Whedon
looks the spit of Steve McFadden (phil mitchell)
Sandy Cowell on Tim Roth
I have seen a couple of Tim's films recently, so his height is fresh in my mind!
In the first film, Tim is a nice character, having just served time for his bully of a brother! The film is called 'No Way Home' and Tim is seen chatting with schoolkids, as he is an innocent soul, and he is much the same height as one really young girl! I would have thought Tim to be 5ft6 from that scene alone.
Then yesterday, I saw a film called 'The Liability', and this time, Tim plays a real b'stard! He is a contract killer and he takes along a naΓ―ve 19-year-old Jack O'Connell, as arranged by the evil boyfriend of his Mum! Neither of them are at all tall, but then they do shoot to kill, which is a lot more effective when you're undersized than physically fighting the people on your list!
Jack stole the show for me with his ever-optimistic smile and attitude! Tim's character takes what seems like eons to produce a smile, and the first what seems to be charitable act he does is to share his lunch with Jack - rotten, stale sandwiches which he spits out! Now that was funny!
Of course, we can't forget to mention his three Tarantino films! My favourite is 'Reservoir Dogs', wherein he plays the wounded 'soldier', and as the tale unwinds you find out that there is no honour when it comes to this thief! He is an undercover cop and a bit of a prick to be quite honest! You see him talking to himself in the mirror about how cool he is! In that scene, he looks no more than 5ft6.
Harvey Keitel is a noticeable chunch taller than Tim, but then Tim has been shot in the stomach, so he is hardly standing very upright! It wouldn't be fair to judge his height from that rather elongated scene, so it's over to 'Funny Games'!
This film, menacing that it is, sees Tim playing a nice family man and husband to 5ft4.5 Naomi Watts. Yes, he is a bit taller than her, but there's quite a difference between him and 5ft11 (I think!) intruder and torturer Michael Pitt. I think I will settle for 5ft6.5 for Tim Roth today!
He's a smashing actor with an educated English accent, which I couldn't help noticing when he did a documentary....on films!
Csimpson 6ft on User Heights
@Andrea if you say so
Yh on Kim Jong Un
Carefully Rob! The supreme leader is a solid 6'4". According to recent polls conducted by the man himself, 99,9% of the North Korean people can vouch for that.
Editor Rob: every night I pick up the phone and a high pitched crackly voice on the other line says 'Apologise immediately and swiftly change supreme leader height or we will declare war on celebheights.com'
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Ted Cassidy
6ft7-8 is too low...
Yh on Jesse Eisenberg
He has more sneaker than you and still looks almost a full 2 inches shorter.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Richard Kiel
I think he was around 7ft2-7ft3...more that than 7ft1-7ft2
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Ulrich Thomsen
Sting I can definitely see....not sure about Charles Dance though. Eyes are slightly beadier...but he really looks like he could be Julian Glovers son...that or Jack Colemans brother
Yh on Cody Christian
I'd say 170 cm flat
Christiane F on David Bowie
He was 5'8". He looked taller because he was skinny.
Nik on Wentworth Miller
@ Rob

Where abouts was the photo taken?

Editor Rob: in the tropical confines of the Telford International Centre 😎
Bowie123 on Taylor Swift
It's really weird for woman to be towering herself so much, it's more often for men to do so.We saw in the most pictures that it's impossible her to be 5'11 she claims, even 5'10 is to much, I would say 5'9.5 in the morning(maybe) and about 5'9 even 5'8.5 late evening,it's still quite a lot for a woman so I don't know why it's not enough for her.TBH its just laughable when someone says is about 2 inch taller than in real, that just makes him/her pathetic, I can understand 1-2cm but 5cm?I'm myself 181 so I honestly confess I sometimes say I'm 6'0 but I wouldn't ever say I'm 185-186!!I don't have so much in shoes so I'm realist to know how much is possible.
Bard on Kevin Durant
He could be 6'11 in shoes.
angular on Zara Larsson
I have a friend who's worked with her before, don't know why this cropped up but she's 162cm.
Marine on Kendall Jenner
She is no taller than 5.9 175cm, I sow her and I have to say, I was surprised as she shorter than I imagined. I'am over 176 -177cm she was shorter then me. 5.8 -172 is too low for her but 5.8'9 - 5.9 right.
Nik on Wentworth Miller
@ Rob

What date was that photo taken?
Editor Rob: 20th May 2017
Nik on Melissa Rauch
I would say she is nearer 4'10". There are still a lot of people about who are this height or who are smaller.

Andrea - I like your emojis!
Nik on David Beckham
I think that 5'11" is more tall than 5'8" is short with average height being 5'9" flat!
oke on Michael Jordan
imo he is physically more similar to lebron than Kobe except maybe in length one of the most legitimate 6"6 maybe adding an inch while being bald
Nik on Sean Harris
@ Sandy Cowell

Yes I should have done! I wasn't smart enough!

Shredder on Tom Cruise
Rob , is 1/4 height loss possible now?
Editor Rob: some guys by his age will have lost a little fraction. They might not realise it. For Tom, he's fit and healthy, a slight loss is possible.
Ly on Wladimir Klitschko
Rob somebody's listing has to change.
There's no way there's 0.75 inch between him and AJ.
Editor Rob: I think giving Joshua 6ft 5.75 is probably more realistic, I mean he did loo 6ft 6 but then did have at least .3 more sneaker.
Sepanta on Emme Aronson
She's absolutely 5'11 but it doesn't seem to me probably because she has a big body. Rob, how do you think about her current height? Do you think she's still 5'11"?
Editor Rob: she still looks relatively healthy, I don't think much under 5ft 11 today, small fraction lost
Tobias on Arnold Schwarzenegger
If he's 5' 11.5", Tom must be bigger than everyone suspects, because they're both notorious lift wearers and Tom is only a couple inches shorter

Click Here
World Citizen on Frankie Adams
She is pretty tall for a woman, and beautiful.
World Citizen on Michael Pena
Hey Rob, I have an uncle who claims he is 6 ft but when I measured him we learned that he was only 5 ft 10.25

And I think that Michael Pena is aroud 5 ft 7, 8.
MrTBlack on Colin Salmon
Yeah I can see the 6'4.25" listing since he dwarfed 6'1" Pierce in "The World is not enough".
World Citizen on Michael Pena
Hey Rob, I have an uncle who claims he is 6 ft but when I measured him we learned that he was only 5 ft 10.25

And I think that Michael Pena is aroud 5 ft 7, 8.
Phantasm Tall Man on Roger Moore
Rest in peace, always the coolest bond!
Tom on Ziyi Zhang

I find that data hard to believe. I'm only 6ft tall and I went to Beijing last summer, and walking around there almost made me feel like a giant at times, even among younger folks my age. I'd be really shocked if the average for younger generations really was 174cm.
Reece on David Haye
Stephen. Bellew could be 190/191cm he looked it in creed. Haye is 186/187 imo. Wlad has always been 6-6
Theo on Kiefer Sutherland
Watching Designated Survivor and I am wondering if hey intentionally cast all tall people to make him look small and weak early on and if they will progressively cast shorter people as his "stature" as a character grows. It the only explanation I can think of. Everyone towers over him, even minor characters that could easily be cast with just about anyone. They seem to make little effort to use camera angles o mask this either. If tou watch movies with short stars like Tom Cruise, there always shorter people around him, even if he is just walking through a crowd. Must be intentional. Great show BTW!
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) on David Beckham
One problem I have with people discussing height, is the words "tall" and "short" are used too loosely. Some of you will call 5'11" tall, yet call 5'8" short.
Matthew Robinson on Tyson Fury
After 12 rounds in the ring - 6'7.25". If you caught him at a Sunday Brunch he'd probably be close to the 6'8" mark.
MJKoP on Lena Headey
You forgot that crucial 0.5", Rob! ;)
Editor Rob: out of bed she can certainly have it πŸ‘

I do think she is more 5ft 5 flat during daytime though...
Danimal on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Editor Rob: funny thing is Arnie once edged out a guy like Carl Weathers.

Now he's nearly 2 inches shorter than Carl...

He also edged out Evander Holyfield in the 1990's and is now at least 2" shorter than him.
23 May
Danimal on Arnold Schwarzenegger
So Rob, you never answered my question. What will it take for you to lower his height to 5'11"? You can't have him the same height as Jimmy Fallon when he was clearly shorter than him by a noticeable amount.
Editor Rob: maybe this year
Danimal on Brock Lesnar
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 23/May/17
Lesnar was recently described as 6'3 1/2" Click Here I find it kind of odd because this is the first time that I've seen a WWE wrestler being billed at a half inch.

Met the guy in Vegas in 2008. My 6'3" friend was noticeably taller than him. He's under 6'2".
mrtguy on Wentworth Miller
Rob it must have been a very tiring day for the both of you?
Editor Rob: it was only 10.30am that photo was taken, but any event knackers you especially since I am now entrusted with lugging around a massive suitcase and backpack filled to the brim with cards and other bits and bobs.

But it's how I can afford to continue doing a few events a year, going as a trader...not only does it allow Jenny to go and enjoy it (we also do a fair few smaller local events through the year), it helps towards overall costs of attending πŸ‘
shiva 181 cms on Roger Moore
I just commented yesterday about sir Roger's height

came to know he passed away at 89, one of the best James bond ever , also a good person
Glad he made it to 89. Rip sir Roger Moore
Bard on Alessandra Mastronardi
Lol, because 2.5 inches (6 cm) totally isn't noticeable.
Hannah White on Alessia Cara
5ft 6in (175cm)
BillisaLefty on James Hetfield
I think he's a strong 6'1'', even today.
BillisaLefty on Taylor Swift
No way she's 181. I think a maximum of 178 is in order. I would guess she's 176-177 in the morning and 174-175 in the evening. No doubt pretty tall. But she often wears heels, something tall women rarely do. So I would guess she wishes she was 5'11'' and wears heels often to disguise her true height.
BillisaLefty on Kelis
I think she is inclined to exaggerate. I'd say maybe 5'8.5''.
BillisaLefty on Justin Bieber
Well, the police report would have been with shoes, so that makes him 5'8'' max. In 2011 when he said he was 5'7 or 8'', he was 17. He didn't grow 3 inches since then for sure. One inch max.
BillisaLefty on Brad Pitt
I'd guess 181 in the morning and 179 by evening. Maybe 178 in the evening. That would make him about 5'10 3/4'' most of the day.
BillisaLefty on Tom Cruise
In Top Gun, where he was his tallest, he looks about 6 inches shorter than his buddy, who is 6'2''. Also, he looked to be the same height as Mcgillan who is listed as 5'10''. I wouldn't be surprised if she's actually 5'9'' and was told to bend her knees a little bit. So, 5'8'' in his younger days makes sense. Also, the story where he was a bit taller than the 5'7 3/4'' person up above gives credence to this theory. I'd guess he is 5'7'' and either 1/2 or a 1/4.
bigjay007 on Tom Cruise
The day has finally come Rob. I'm 171-172 cm as you know and here is Tom Cruise in the flesh. We are both so similar in height it aint funny! Tom had on 3 cm lifts that day. The heels were massive. Click Here
Editor Rob: yes Jay it is great you finally managed to shake Tom's hand...at least you can rule out the idea Tom is 5ft 5-6, maybe that myth can be dispelled into the dustbin, somewhere in 5ft 7 range.
Guanzo on Vin Diesel
I think many people are over exaggerating the thickness of Diesel's boots/lifts.

Here we go;

Vin Diesel with women heel shoes = 7 feet tall
Guanzo on David Hasselhoff
Same height with rock 6'2''
Sonia on Justin Bieber
He needs skate shoes, those Bieber Boots must kill his feet. Accept it, you are short.
Celebheights 6'1.5 on Justin Long
I've recently encountered him twice on two very different days, and I got different impressions both times. The first time he seemed no more than 5'8 1/2"/174 CM, but it was on a really bad day for him (where he didn't obtain much sleep at all). On the next day he seemed to be 177-178 CM, but he had 2 CM more footwear than I did. His footwear added a good 1 1/4"-1 1/2" inches, while mine adds a good 1/2" of an inch (they are Loafers). I still would say that his listing is spot on, with there being a chance that he's a solid 176 CM. He's definitely not 173 CM or lower. He would definitely at least have nearly an inch on Rob.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Eddie Redmayne
Arch, maybe his dads on the shorter side?

But yeah he probably should have been a few inches taller
Tim on Harrison Ford
He looked about 6 ft 1 in A new hope next to 5 ft 7 hamill, 6 ft 0.75 seems right
6'1-6'1.5 Guy on Ryan Reynolds
Perhaps, it is the highest 6'2 which only is. 6'2.25 will be the most honest and believable assessment.
Tomy181 on Arnold Schwarzenegger
You can see pictures with James Cameron who's height was 187 cm he is 1, 1'5 inch taller. So Arnold maybe in a good day hit 184'5 cm
6'1-6'1.5 Guy on Brandon Routh
6'2.75 (100%)!
179cm on General Height

I can't really gauge. I can only say that I was 171-172cm at 15 and ended up 179cm and that was a standard height gain after that age. Going from 169 to 180cm is definitely possible but it would be a tad unusual.
Scott on Fess Parker
He almost never stood straight, but when he did he was a solid three inches taller than Buddy Ebsen in the Davy Crockett movies. He didn't look a full two inches taller than Jeff York, however, in Davy Crockett and the River Pirates.
Shredder on Wentworth Miller
This guy has one thing that Trump doesn't ... He can plan a Prison Break lol.
Bobby183.5cm on David Beckham
I always consider myself tall, but not TALL kinda tall. If you know what I mean. At worst, i can feel above average or tallish depends on the place i'm at. Here in Malaysia, 5'11 is the start of tall.
asbalance on General Height
Android 17 said on 12/May/17
I am 20 years old, a college student and 6'2". From what I've observed, my generation averages a strong 5'9"(5'9"1/2). Most of my male friends are in the 5'8"-5'10" range as well as most of the males I come across on the daily. I would say on campus every 3-4 out 10 guys are 5'11" & taller.

It depend on where you are from and what age you are. I live in East part of U.S., which is usually taller than West part. The American freshmen at my college are generally taller than older ones. Each year is different. The tallest male student is 215 cm and the shortest one is under 5'. There a huge diversity of height.
Borats Chicken on Frankie Adams
@nik not tall as my granduncle (mums dad brother) whos somewhere between 6'4 to 6'5
asbalance on General Height
@?lvaro if 1 of 100 boys are over 200+, that is very high percentage. If this is common for Spanish new generation, it means there are many Spanish youths reaches 200 cm.

And you mentioned " The average here is from 170 to 178", the height gap is too big. 170 is very short compare to 178.
Peter175 on Bruno Mars
He's a solid 5'4. I think he clears it imo but not by much
AlexItaly on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Willy4400, 6'2 guys can have all kind of proportions. They can be with low, medium or high baricentre, long hips or short hips in relation with the body. For example Ibrahimovic is 195 cm tall but still has a long torso and short legs and arms in comparison to his height and torso. Arnold was a classic between 6'1 and 6'2 guy. The only thing to discuss is if he was 186 or 187
Andrea on User Heights
Yeah Connor, I can definitely see how confident you are... πŸ˜‚
Why getting so mad when someone doesn't agree with you?
They should get banned for what? For offering their opinion? πŸ˜„
No offence, Connor, but if there's someone who needs to grow up here... Well, it is not Arthur or Michael.
Lee168cm on NeYo
Five eight is not a dwarf realist. Not sure how big rob would feel you calling him a dwarf
Editor Rob:
One of the purposes of this site is to show celebrities come in all heights...ultimately I think we all should try to respect people no matter their height.
Sandy Cowell on John Ashton
@ Nik - I'll come back to this when I have digested what you've said!

Colonel Sanders on Atticus Shaffer
He has Osteogenesis imperfecta that's why he is so small, his parents are pretty damn tall (i think his mom is 5'8" and his dad is like 6'3"
Colonel Sanders on Atticus Shaffer
Thanks love the picture btw but tbh he looks taller but i guess teens/adults who are THAT small always look taller since adults always look taller than kids even when they are the same height
Editor Rob: I did see This photo, you could argue he isn't less than the mom blogger (who may not be standing at her best) who claims 4ft 9 but with Neil/Patricia neither look close to 5ft.
Sandy Cowell on Sean Harris
@ Nik - It's easily done! You could have blamed it on your autocorrect! πŸ˜‹
Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
@ Nik - Hi! What a shocker of a day it's been what with the dreadful news of the Manchester bombing. Evil isn't a strong enough word to describe the minds and intentions of the cowardly beasts who do things like that. I respected Donald Trump and Teresa May for speaking out.
Now onto the main letter. I was sorry to hear that your Mum is in pain with her lower back and legs. Back pain so often spreads to the legs. Did the doctor give her a thorough examination before prescribing her painkillers? There's not much they can do other than prescrible strong painkillers for the immediate relief of the agony she's experiencing. I take them myself, but just recently I've discovered a comforting pill-free alternative in the form of heat patches! I do recommend them for her; they are highly pleasant and long-lasting. Then, of course, you get the rub-in ibuprofen and heat creams. They do help, honest! My brother bought me some patches for my birthday, but I didn't try them out for weeks! If I'd had the remotest idea that they're such a help, I would have pounced on them on my birthday! Still, better late than never! I don't know if doctors prescribe them. I've bought mine from Amazon, and it works out cheaper the larger the quantity you buy. I am sure that your Mum can get some rub-in cream for the painful areas. I get that from the doctor myself, as pill taking all the time isn't such a good idea, but what can you do? I hope your Mum is feeling much better now and that this pain goes away as quickly as it came. I'm glad that it didn't mess up her birthday.
You mentioned the Norfolk Broads in your most recent comment! Now that is a place that I have actually been to! It was only for a day trip, (we were on holiday in Felixstowe, Suffolk, and had a few coach excursions! One was to the Broads and I remember thinking they were incredibly scenic, and that was when I was 15, so if I went there now, I know I'd appreciate the scenery infinitely more!
Mikey North has his own page as of today! What's next, I wonder - Jeremy Kyle? Even Arch Stanton, who can't stand the guy's voice, rates the idea! One thing I've noticed with him (Kyle, not Arch!) is that whenever really tall people walk onto his stage, he says something and oftentimes asks them their height! The last one was 6ft5, so what does that make him? I reckon he is at the most 5ft10, but he could be up to a couple of inches less!
How about this for another coincidence? I was writing a comment on Emily Deschanel just the other day, expressing my surprise that she starred in the film 'Boogeyman'! You see, I have bought a copy but it's ended up 'living' at my boyfriend's place, so I couldn't stick it on to check out her height. Then this evening I was surprised and amused that it was showing on the 'Horror' channel! I did take in her average (ish!) height, but I was at least as interested to find out whether her eyes are as vividly blue as her sister, Zooey's. It turns out that they are almost as blue!
So I see that Jasmin the poodle has been enjoying your home comforts a couple of times of late! Your mentioning that you ideally needed gas masks at the ready to tolerate the stench of her farts, brought back some funny memories about how my Mum would react when an animal broke wind! She would go berserk and tell the animal off! It's not as though a cat or a dog is going to understand, is it? She told her Mum's dog, Putsy, off for letting off, and she would wimper and do it all the more! If one of our cats farted, she would open the back door and the offender would get a boot up its ar**! That and a telling off! We kids would be laughing our heads off!
I haven't got round to seeing the Matt Lucas film yet, but next time I fancy something funny, I'll put it on and watch the big, blubbery baby boy!
I have two cats right under my nose washing each other - very loudly indeed! The white one, Erramius, is the loudest licker you could imagine and it can go on for almost an hour! It's awful! She is washing Cordercelia, one of my five tabby-and-whites! Oh good - the din has stopped! So must this comment before I lose it again like I did the last time! That was Whitey's fault, if you remember!
I will be watching the Cup Final and so will my bloke! He is an avid Arsenal fan!
I will now pop downstairs to make some tea and return anon to read your new John Ashton comment; I haven't forgotten!
It's lovely to have this website back again! Yes, I was getting worried myself; I was hoping that Rob and Jenny had gone to a convention or something similar!
Have a great week, though when this goes up, it will be nearly the weekend - and Cup Final Saturday!
Bye for now, Nik! Please send my best to your Mum!
πŸ™‹ Byeee!
Canary on General Height
@Adam: It's just biology and culture, so it's normal. I also can say that most males don't prefer female significant others who dwarf them. It doesn't make anybody shallow to act upon nature. However, it's immoral to cast aspersions on individuals due to their heights.

@sarina: I don't know if you're tall or short. I don't know your age. You could be a tall child. You could be a short adult.
Adam on Louis Theroux
In all his documentaries, literally no one seems to be taller than him. Seems maybe even more like 6'2.5 to 6'3.
c-mo on General Height
Bobby said on 22/May/17
@c-mo, I have an extreme low of 176.7cm, which I rarely go down to anyway, and I stay comfortably at a 177cm range at my low, actually, 177.2cm. I've never felt short in my life, I felt short at 5'7 but never at 5'10 which I measure in the afternoon.


nice to hear

I am about 175.5cm at my extreme low which I also just measured some minutes ago at 23:45 or so . didnt sleep much the night and woke up at around 8:00 and on my feet since then, walked to the gym too which is quite a way and trained there hard , walked back home , dehydrated

my usual low is around 175.7-8cm on a busy day . 176cm on a more relaxed day when I am mostly at home (can also be slightly over like 176.2)
G 5'11 on General Height
@Houss actually not everyone here is a bodybuilder, I think just you and me and maybe few others. I know some just engage in exercise or carry heavy objects but I wouldn't catorgize them as actually bodybuilder unless they frequent the gym and live the life style. You probably have the biggest arms. Mine are almost 16 inches flexed. Idk if you're actually natural, you say you are but I feel you could have cycled on pro hormones few times.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Dominic Purcell
Miller being 184cm I can believe since Rob has met him but that doesn't justify Dominic getting a downgrade. I think he edged out Wentworth mostly and is 185cm range
RisingForce on Eddie Murphy
Eddie definitely wasn't over 5'9.5" and probably not taller than 176 cm either. Legit 6'0" Nick Nolte made Eddie look 175 cm in 48 Hrs.. Here, he's even making Eddie look more 5'8"! Click Here More recently, he can look about the same as Jamie Foxx, who admitted he was only 5'9", as well as a 5'8" guy like Antonio Banderas when he wore his heels and at times, Eddie didn't even look that much taller than a short guy like Mike Myers. Rob's listing is perfect, imo, but it's not impossible Murphy is/was only a flat 5'9" either, but I wouldn't go any lower. Murphy did oddly look as tall as 5'10" Mike Tyson, but it's not unlikely Eddie has tried bigger shoes, perhaps even lifts since he seems pretty height conscious.
EdD2_171.4cm on Jonathan Rhys Meyers
It's so hard to find an accurate picture of this guy standing without lifts or high-heeled shoes. I re-watched a few of the Tudor episodes, and he is always wearing boots and shoes that give him a 2-3 inch boost. Given that he is still 2 inches shorter than Henry Cavill when they are in the same scene, and that Henry's shoes are assumed to be normal, I think Jonathan is a 173-174cm guy. Based on my intuition, he is probably 5'8.25", possibly 5'8.5" a few years ago.
samuelcharwick on Danny Dyer
@bazza dyer looked slightly taller then blackwood or maslen who were both the same height. I am gusessing they are both around 5'11 no way Scot is 5'10.
sumdude on Henry Cavill
This is a prime example of a very solid 184cm "at night"-man. Stands his own with Will Smith and Ben Affleck and the likes. Very good posture.
Arthur on User Heights
Yeah, Andrea rarely mentions his height but did claim 6'1 in the past. Doesn't matter whether he is 6'1 or 5'1 or anything else. Only user heights matter, and they should be listed properly.

Bobby you said you measured 5'9.5 which is 176.53c cm. 176.7 cm is 5'9.57. If you had really measured 176.7 you wouldn't have said just 5'9.5. You are a guy obsessed with fractions who claims 5'9.76 as his low. There's now way you'd "downgrade" yourself to "just" 5'9.5 when you measured 5'9.57πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Under extreme conditions people lose at least an inch from their morning, I bet you drop down to 5'9.25 buddy.
sumdude on Dominic Purcell
Routh(solid 189cm) easily hovers 5+cm over both him and Wentworth in pictures. I personally think 183-183.5 is spot on for purcell. When looking at a legit 184cm guy like Henry Cavill I start having doubts about Purcell's 184cm "at night"-height. Might be very bad posture, I dunno.
Ben on Rob Paul
I will try the eyelevel thing tomorrow :)
By the way, Rob, any movies that you are planning to see that's coming out this year?
And now...I will get my 9 hours sleep before school tomorrow, good night! :)
Editor Rob: will be interesting to see how Dunkirk, The Dark Tower, Spiderman, The Mummy, Justice League, Wonder Woman turn out...plus at end of the year Star Wars of course.
Dan on Bill Goldberg
Goldberg is 186, no way the same height as Lesnar, he looked smaller in all postures.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Pierce Brosnan
I think the 6ft1Β½ is a better choice for Brosnan and I'd keep Moore at that aswell. That's not because of his death but because I think in The Saint days and the early Bond years he was that mark for sure. He was cast opposite some very tall actor so it didn't do his height justice, made him look average
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Roger Moore
I do think that Moore was taller than most people give him credit for and I'm not saying that because he's now passed (still hasn't sunk in with me yet). He shared the screen with some big men like Yaphett Kotto, Christopher Lee, Curt Jurgens and Jeffrey Holder. Richard Kiel wasn't a great person to compare height against because he'd make anyone look average or short. But when you see him next to guys a bit closer to his range like Julian Glover (6ft2), Michael Lonsdale (6ft1) or Christopher Walken (6ft0Β½) the listed height isn't unreasonable.
Tunman on Wentworth Miller
Rob,if he's 6'0.5 does this mean that if both of you stood perfectly, you would be exactly at his eyelevel assuming you have a slight shoe disadvantage like 1/8"?his eyelevel won't be more than 4.5"imo.btw you definitely don't look short with tall guys on pics.
Editor Rob: my eyes would be under his mouth at least 1 inch for sure if he looked directly ahead rather than tilting eyes down (thus making head-eye nearer 5.5 inches).
World Citizen on John Leguizamo
Hey Rob, can you add Vincent Laresca?

I really wonder how tall he is?
World Citizen on James Remar
He looks no more than 5 ft 8.25 here
Guanzo on Andre The Giant
World Citizen on Eminem
Can you also add Benzino?
World Citizen on Ja Rule
I wonder why he thinks he is rather 5'9 than 5'6? Did he measured himself at home?
World Citizen on Rey Mysterio
He looks more closer to 5 ft 1 than 5 ft 2.
Csimpson 6ft on Mikey North
Im not sure about 5ft 7.25 but he could be 5ft 7.5
Rhem on Johanna Konta
Nice add! Will you consider make a page for Simona Halep?
Editor Rob: yes it is possible to consider her.
World Citizen on Christopher Ryan
He played together with Rowan Atkinson in "back to school mr.bean" I never thought he was this short, he gave a taller impression.
Nik on Roger Moore
@ Arch Stanton

I agree with everything you said, R.I.P Sir Roger Moore.
Nik on Donald Trump
@ Sandy Cowell

My thoughts and prayers are with all the people who lost their lives In Manchester, Donald Trump has shown the calibre of man that he really is after those tragic events.
James B on David Beckham
Nik said on 23/May/17
@ James B


And? What's your point?
Rhonda on Olivia Munn
under 5ft 4 obviously by her own statements.
MJKoP on Atticus Shaffer
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 23/May/17
I don't know if he has dwarfism or not. He doesn't have the body proportions typical of a dwarf, but he's 4'7". He might be in a similar situation as Danny Devito.

Well, Gary Coleman was the exact same listed height, but wasn't technically a dwarf. Coleman had a kidney deficiency which severely stunted his growth, so maybe Shaffer has a related condition.
Randomdude on Brock Lesnar
so am I going to take Paul Heymans word that he is 6'3 and a half(who is a good friend and promoter to Brock) or the official NFL combines record and K1's record that he is 6'2. I think I'm going with the NFL and K1 lol
F97 on Rob Paul
Rob can two People be the same height if one has a Biger upperbody/torso than the other?
Editor Rob: yes of course, one could have a torso 2 inches longer than the other!
andre on Justin Bieber
remove justin big hair that give him 2 3 cm and he might be just 172cm in the morning with shoes
Bee123 on Alfonso Ribeiro
Maybe he meant 5'7 with shoes
NFL nerd on Vin Diesel
I think he's 5'11 flat. He doesn't look a full 6'1 with sneakers, timberlands, dress shoes etc. He needs his custom boots to look the full 6'1.
andre on Angelina Jolie
i think she is 165cm barefoot at night
HonestSlovene on General Height
@Ivaro Sounds pretty much reasonable for Spain, statistics say that the average for the younger crowd is 5'9.5" or 176 cm range but 5'9" or 175 cm overall. You seem much more reasonable that the other insecure Spaniard that attack me before with no apparent reason other than the frustration that he isn't Euro enough (just lol).
sfs325 on Damian Lewis
Rob, Thoughts on this? Ben Cohen is listed at 6'2 most places?

Click Here
Editor Rob: tricky to tell if Ben is standing worse than Damian...but he is 6ft 2 in person, though claimed 6ft 3 in fact!
Bobby on Rob Paul
Hi Rob, does your eye level change by much throughout the day when you go from morning to evening height?
Editor Rob: of course, by however much you have shrank from your morning height!
Bobby on User Heights
Michael, yes, my eye level is 5'6, and no, I have an average 4.5 eye level. My eye level is a smudge under 5'6 in the evening however, but just a smudge. It's also really not absolute because I asked Rob what a 5'6 eye level would be in terms of height, and he said he expected me to be over 5'10 but not quite 5'10.5, but more like 5'10.25 which is in line with my morning height, which is 5'10.3. Obviously my eye level will change throughout the day but it's pretty much at 5'6 most of the day. Not lying mate, I've checked my eye level numerous times. Besides, you are one to talk, being listed at 6'2 when you have an ultimate low of 6'1.5. Why press issue with my height claim? It's not like I'm trying to claim 5'10.5, even though I could do so in the morning and get away with it.
Peter175 on Alessandra Mastronardi
weak 5'3 girl in my opinion. Not as low as a strong 5'2 but I don't think she's anywhere near 166cm. She'd have no problem modeling in Italy if she were really near 5'6
CD on Mikey North
Another interesting find: Mikey's agency is listing him as 5ft 10! Click Here
Editor Rob: I'll mention that, as it's frankly outrageous :)
Sandy Cowell on Ronnie Corbett
I thought Ronnie was famously 5ft1! Remember those litter adverts? If you're not old enough to, I'll describe away as best I can!
Ronnie was on many a billboard with a pee'd off look on his face with the motto 'Litter isn't much fun when you're only 5ft1!'
Ronnie was a famous supporter of one of the charities I used to do home visits for. (I'm still a member and supporter now!)
He had his picture in one of the recent newsletters.
I agree with Lawrence that he was an excellent entertainer! My teenage years were thoroughly enhanced on the humour front every Saturday, when the family would gather round the TV to watch 'The Two Ronnies'!
I will give little Ronnie 5ft0.25!
RIP Ronnie.
Hypado on Wentworth Miller
Wentworth Miller's Height
6ft 0.5in (184 cm)

I love this actor. Looks about this height next to Grant Gustin in The Flash.
CD on Mikey North
From what I've seen he can look as low as 5ft 7 or up to nearly 5ft 8, this listing is decent after seeing him with Carl Froch but I wouldn't go any lower.
Pitch_Fork on Callie Hernandez
Sammy Derrick on Robert Knepper
Click Here
It's funny they made him look 5'10 in Prison Break,I guess when your playing a criminal you have to appear imposing.
RisingForce on Al Pacino
Yeah, Al had decent Cuban heels in that film, but never really seems the official height of 5'7" despite usually having some pretty good footwear in films. I doubt he lost anything worth speaking of by Scarface as he was 42 when filming started and had just turned 43 less than 2 weeks before filming wrapped. A 1993 article appearing in many papers such as Daily Press wasn't buying 5'7":

"He is slight and shorter than the propaganda about him being 5 feet 7 inches tall; you wouldn't, however, want to refer to him as Small Al."

A 1981 article on Christine Lahti(Pacino's leading lady in And Justice For All) actually said Pacino was shorter than Richard Dreyfuss! I understand 5'6" for him, but I've always thought he fell short of the mark. Both Pacino and Hoffman seemed to do better than average with height loss.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) on Steven Yeun
Shredder said on 26/Apr/17
Rob , is it possible that he is a 5'7 lift wearer?
Editor Rob: I think he once wore normal shoes and no socks, you could see his ankles...and he still seemed to manage looking 5ft 8, so I would think it might be unlikely.


Rob, have you ever personally met a celeb whom you suspected to wear lifts?
Editor Rob: small lifts are extremely hard to tell...half inch is really undetectable, but when it gets to 1 inch, the lace area can be a giveaway...

of course a guy like James Kyson Lee is in standard elevator boots...on stage his ankle was 2 inches higher than it would be in a normal shoe, also I tried to find a photo (but couldn't) of TJThynes footwear, as he had a bulging shoe, I'd suspect an inch lift.

Some actors have worn cowboy heels, but they are external and visible boosts...

if you are concerned about image, like your height, you may well turn up at a photoshoot with fans wearing some lifts, but the percentage who do I'd say was very small...
Masquerade on Keiynan Lonsdale
he look taller on the flash
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) on Wentworth Miller
6'0.25-6'0.5" like Donald Trump today.
RisingForce on Ewan McGregor
176 cm is very possible, but I don't see any taller than that. Certainly if Grant Heslov is 175 then Ewan seems the same, but also I see Colin Farrell as 176.5 cm and I think he seems taller than Ewan even without his boots and big heels.
Nik on David Beckham
@ James B

Tallish89 on Nick Robinson
He looks it! To be honest he appears a bit taller at times
Sandy Cowell on Mikey North
Ha ha! Excellent addition, Rob!
When Mikey started in 'Coronation Street', he was a bit wet behind the ears! Now, he has truly grown up into quite a hero! If that's what the army did for him, this would count as a great example of turning a boy into a man!
I thought he was actually 5ft7, but he can have that extra quarter of an inch for punching that predator geezer 😝 who is using young Bethany - grrr!
Now I can't do a write-up on someone whose character's name is 'Windass', without having a giggle at his expense! I wonder what was going through his head when he was told what his acting name would be? I reckon he must have quite a good sense of humour to have accepted it! If I knew someone called that, I would pronounce it to full comical effect: wind-arse! I wouldn't be able to resist it!
πŸ˜–πŸ˜ŸπŸ’¨πŸ˜” 😑😬😠 πŸ’­ = "Oi! Leave it out man! There's a toilet out there for that sort of thing!" 🚽 😷
Tallish89 on Britt Robertson
Solid 5'3
Click Here
Jim on Ben Affleck
Looked only one inch shorter than 6'4 Jason momoa so he's got to be 6'2.5 or 6'3
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) on Seth Rollins

Wyatt's a bit more than flat 6'1" I think. He looked pretty close in height to Reigns, although he wears thick snakeskin boots.
Sammy Derrick on Wentworth Miller
If I had guess based on this picture,I'd say 6'0(183)solid.
Iffy on Chandler Riggs
@Rob i got to meet him in london the last WSC. I think he could be in the 5'7" range.Furthermore, if you check the TWD 7x01 Making Of vid you can see in the last minute the cast photo and he was aside Steven and the difference was not huge at all, counting that Chandler was crouched and Yeun was trying to stand at his best. Check and tell what do you think
Editor Rob: I would certainly be more surprised at 5ft 7 than between 5ft 5 and 6.
dewie on Kane
Takers bio said he is 6ft8 barefoot chad so kane 6ft8.5 nash 6ft9 big show 6ft11 more accurate peak heights what do you think chad
Average height and slim on Reggie Lee
Looks 10 cm (4 inches) shorter than 180 cm 5"11 Stacy Keach in prison break, 173 claim is a Bit too much

Click Here
Sammy Derrick on Brock Lesnar
@Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 23/May/17
Lesnar was recently described as 6'3 1/2" Click Here I find it kind of odd because this is the first time that I've seen a WWE wrestler being billed at a half inch.
Editor Rob: ah, the old fractional 'fooled ya' trick, where a celebrity gives a very specific height, which surely must be accurate - if it's that specific, they must be telling the truth!

btw, I am actually 5ft 8 and 7/8ths 😈 🀞
Come on guys it's Paul Heyman,he was a wrestling promoter(they embellish information).
RisingForce on Emile Hirsch
I've never once heard of someone taking their shoes off for a mugshot. Cops really don't care about the difference a shoe would make. They apparently mask how short he is pretty well because it's looking like he has to be under 5'5"! I gotta look at some of his shoes.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) on Charles Barkley
RisingForce said on 17/May/17
I mean come on, look at Barkley with 5'11.5" Jimmy Fallon! Here's a still: Click Here And here's video: Click Here That's an easy 6+ inches. Jimmy looks tiny next to Barkley. The idea that's only 5 inches is incredible, Fallon would come up to Barkley's eyes if that were true, yet even when Barkley is slouching and hunching, he can look clear over Jimmy's hair. A near enough 5'11" Hugh Grant looks noticeably smaller even. Here are more stills: Click Here Click Here Click Here That's not how a solid 6'4" guy looks next to 180-182 cm men. For a comparison, look at Jensen Ackles, who is probably slightly taller than Fallon, even without his boots, he's much closer to Jared Padalecki's height(widely agreed to be a solid 6'4") than Fallon is to Barkley. It's not even close. There's no way Hulk Hogan was ever taller than Barkley, much less over an inch. I have both at 6'5.5", but I see a much better chance of Barkley peaking at 6'6" than Hulk.


Fallon's actually more 5'11" flat. So Barkley being 6 inches taller makes him 6'5", not 6'5.5" Plus he had a slight footwear advantage over Fallon, so 6'4.75" makes sense.
dewie on The Undertaker
Taker out of bed 6ft8.5 late afternoon 6ft7.5 today getting older 6ft6.75 standing straigt
Scarlett Rose on Marilyn Monroe
Here's a picture of Marilyn Monroe being introduced to Queen Elizabeth II. There doesn't look much of a height difference between them...
Click Here

Marilyn curtsies to the Queen. You can just catch a glimpse of Marilyn's platform shoes!
Click Here
tcm on Aishwarya Rai
Irrfan Khan with Kriti Sanon in flats: Click Here

Irrfan with Deepika Padukone: Click Here Click Here

Kriti Sanon with Shoojit Sircar: Click Here

Sircar with Deepika: Click Here Click Here Click Here

Sircar with Nargis Fakhri: Click Here
Average height and slim on Stephen Amell
184 cm, probably same height as Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller
Editor Rob: Amell in person I would have said edged both those guys out!
Michael R on User Heights
Bobby there is no way your eye level is 5'6. Either you have an extremely high eye level or you are lying. In fact if you made a video showing your eye level and it was evening and it was 5'6 I would have no issue with your 5'10 status. Because that's the eye level of most 5'10.5 men.
Fred84 on Robert Loggia
When I read about his height, I was very surprised ... I can not believe, he is 175 cm only ... I took a picture from movie "Piedone d'Egitto" with Bud Spencer (his height was from 190 to 196 cm) ... Rob, what do you think? Is it possible, this is difference about 15-18 cm?
Click Here
Editor Rob: there may have not been much more than about 5 inches between them, but is Bud still 6ft 3ish there? Maybe he's not quite that tall.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) on Michael Jordan

I still won't put Jordan at over 195, much less 196 or 197. 6'4.5"-6'4.75" is very possible.
RisingForce on Kirk Douglas
LOL, not only did I see Kirk described as 6 feet tall in a 1966 article a while back, but a Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph article dated June 12th, 1971 wrote about Kirk

"Douglas stands six feet tall, weighs 175 pounds, has green eyes and brown hair"

At least Kirk has limited himself to claiming 5'11" the times he's claimed a height himself, but funny enough, I saw his son Michael getting the 6 foot description the same year and then a decade later!
DruceLee on Rob Paul
Hi Rob, you love taller women since your's tall as you :P
Editor Rob: I love women of all height...although, I have found it is a bonus being around same height as a partner...
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) on Brock Lesnar
Editor Rob: ah, the old fractional 'fooled ya' trick, where a celebrity gives a very specific height, which surely must be accurate - if it's that specific, they must be telling the truth!

btw, I am actually 5ft 8 and 7/8ths 😈


At least you're actually 5ft8 7/8" at your absolute highest, so it's not a bad or wrong claim. Lesnar however is probably like 6'3" max out of bed. I believe once you claim a height that is any more than your absolute highest, it's considered inflating/exaggerating.
Bobby on User Heights
Arthur, I am not 5'9.5, my ultimate low is 176.7cm as I said, which means from my normal low, I can go down additionally, by 5mm, or half a centimetre. Everyone's height loss is different, no need to bash and not call me 5'10 when I can and do measure that consistently in the day and over it in the morning. A quarter inch roundup from a general low isn't a crime, though neither is a roundup from an extreme low either, half an inch is invisible. You don't tower over somebody if you're 1cm taller than them. You tower over somebody if you're 6 inches taller than them. I'm not gonna get listed at an extreme low, Rob lists people at afternoon, my afternoon height is typically 177.4cm.
World Citizen on Amanda Tapping
Listing is accurate. She looks not shorter than the listing.
World Citizen on Amanda Tapping
Listing is accurate. She looks not shorter than the listing.
Nik on General Height

Well I don't think it is naturally how women are built be. Well anyone who does that is shallow and maybe consigned to missing out on the most wonderful person ever.
World Citizen on Sonny Landham
He looks 5 ft 11.75 here
World Citizen on Sonny Landham
He looks 5 ft 11.75 here
oliver on Michelle Obama
Rob,one question, please.
How tall do you think Obama's daughters are?(just a general idea)
Editor Rob: over 5ft 11 for one, the other I'm not sure.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) on Josh Hutcherson
Needs a downgrade to 5'4.5" or at least 5'4.75". He's barely taller than Radcliffe, who is 163-164cm.
Stephen on David Haye
If Bellew is 6ft2.5, Haye is 6ft1.5 tops. Can't believe how much he has exaggerated. His height never measured up to when face to face with Wladimir or Audley Harrison.
World Citizen on Carl Weathers
Listing seems accurate.
World Citizen on Hugh Quarshie
He looks 5 ft 8.25 or 8.5 here.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) on Liam Hemsworth
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Apr/17
I think Liam is 192cm for sure if Rob is insistent on keeping Chris at the 191cm mark


6'3" is 190.5cm, not 191. Liam's 1cm taller than Chris, so that would put Liam at 191.5, which is 6'3 3/8". But I personally think he's 190.5-191, since Chris looks 189.5-190
World Citizen on Jake Lloyd
I think he looks more 5 ft 5.75 here, because the top of his head is almost coming to your hairlevel.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) on Chris Hemsworth
C-D my opinion, weak 6'3". Liam might be A-B
World Citizen on Fran Kranz
He looks 5 ft 9.5 here.
World Citizen on Sam Coleman
He really doesn't look 5 ft 11.5 here, more like 5 ft 9.75 max..
King of the hill 91 on Chris Hemsworth
A view of mine c d rampage
Willes188 on Roger Moore
Rest In Peace sir Roger Moore.
RisingForce on Tom Cruise
5'7.5" was always best, imo since it just makes the most sense to give him the same as Spielberg and Lewis Hamilton. Aside from recent action films, particularly with tall leading ladies like Cameron Diaz, Cruise wore big lifts much of his marriage with Nicole Kidman. This seated shot is a good example: Click Here Tom was even wearing cowboy boots until 1995, which has never really been his style, but it's pretty obvious to me he wanted to look taller more when he was with Nicole than say after the divorce through Lions for Lambs when he didn't seem to mind walking around without lifts, even appearing on red carpets.

Cruise, like Stallone have often bought regular store bought shoes, usually chunkier ones and then put lifts in themselves. Of course, they have their custom elevators as well, but you can recognize some of their shoes: Click Here

A 5'7.5" guy with good posture can pass for 5'8", especially with a boot, but if you add a lift or an elevator shoe and 174-175 cm won't be too difficult. It makes sense if you look at Crusie with Jerry Bruckheimer who is given 171 cm here. Cruise looks to have pretty good lifts in his boots, probably getting 2.3" over barefoot, but doesn't look more than 3 cm taller than Bruckheimer, sometimes less. It's not difficult to see them about the same with equal shoes, but 1/4" taller would be fair, just like it's difficult to see Cruise taller than Lewis Hamilton and Spielberg, though the same height could be likely. I don't imagine Cruise more than a half inch taller than James McAvoy
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) on Idris Elba
If he really was 6'2.75", he wouldn't have claimed 6'2". So he may be closer to 6'2" than 6'3", somewhere around 6'2 3/8" or 6'2.5" probably.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) on Colin Salmon
Editor Rob: If you were 6ft 4.25, you'd probably just say 6ft 4...I feel Salmon is one of those guys.


Not all 6'4.25" guys claim 6'4". I've met a lot of guys around that height claim 6'5", some even 6'6".
Editor Rob: well I'm referring to the more honest, rather than those who do round up 3/4 or more ;)
Shredder on Jared Leto
Actually he looks no taller than Ralph , ...

Click Here:
Editor Rob: I would have said Ralph seemed a bit shorter in that photo. Macchio was thinning a few years ago, although in the last few years has a much more thicker hairdo, which has kept him looking quite young!

I'd have guessed an inch worth of hair before you hit his skull, it's much easier to see when he had thinner hair: Click Here
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) on User Heights
Blake said on 23/May/17
Yh, I sometimes wonder because I just realise when I sit next to people on trains my knee is often higher than theirs but when I stand up they are often taller. One guy had his knee at the same level


You just might have long shinbones relative to your height. I have long shins as well. In fact, I know a 6'9" guy and we have the same knee height when we sit beside each other despite him being way taller than me.
RisingForce on Vin Diesel
Yeah, heightcrazy, he's definitely wearing lifts there looking at the angle and his stance. He just about looks eye to eye with her. It's certainly possible he is a 181 cm guy who drops to 180 cm evening. Maybe Vin follows the site and knows you'll bust him if he wears Dons, Rob. Then again, he's already been busted! He often stands and walks like a 2003-2008 Stallone, but his legs look odder. It will be interesting if we find celebs wearing Dons.
berta on William Fichtner
Rob i think we really need to take a real look at this guy again.Now that we know the other guiys from prsion break are 184 guys and could be weak 184 guys then i really dont think this guy can be taller than 181. I thought 183 before but that is impossible. He was 2,5 cm shorter than wenthworth. Maybe take if atleast 1/4 from this listing is closer to the truth
berta on Andy Murray
his 187,5 cm claim is strange he looks more in the range of 188-188,5 but its only 1 cm difference really he could be his claim why lie that you are shorter.but i wouldnt guess shorter than 188 really
Scarlett Rose on Madonna
@ Sandy Cowell. I think "In Bed With Madonna" should be renamed "In Bed With Me Dinner" πŸ˜‰πŸ˜
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) on Joss Whedon
Unrelated topic to height, but I don't get why some people wear suits with runners. I can understand wearing casual sneakers (like Jordans) with them, but runners?
Csimpson 6ft on User Heights
Yeah same Bobby ive had enough of Arthur and that other idiot Micheal R, Rob really should ban them.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Roger Moore
Another giant of cinema gone...

Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) on Atticus Shaffer
I don't know if he has dwarfism or not. He doesn't have the body proportions typical of a dwarf, but he's 4'7". He might be in a similar situation as Danny Devito.
James on Cristiano Ronaldo
@Johnson There is no way Pepe is taller than Cristiano, they are exactly the same height: 1.86.

With relaxed posture they look the same:
Click Here

With forced posture, Cristiano looks taller.
Click Here
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) on Jason Statham
He usually doesn't even look 175. He might need a further downgrade.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) on Vin Diesel
ma said on 19/May/17
Vin D barefoot - 180 cm
Vin D flat shoes - 182 cm
Vin D elevator shoes - 187 cm
Vin D flat shoes + lifts - 186 cm
Vin D elevator shoes + lifts - 191 cm


No way Vin's 191cm even in his biggest footwear. At that point he would pull off looking over 6'2" next to people, which he never does.
Johnson on Stacey Scowley
difficult angle, Rob looks shorter than Jenny
Editor Rob:
It's certainly useful at times to have had Jenny in some double shots to show how I may not be standing as well as you think. It's easy for me to lose height quickly, and it be hard to tell.

That photo I'm dropping at least 3cm worth...
Scarlett Rose on Roger Moore
Currently watching reruns of "The Persuaders!" on True Entertainment at 9.00pm. The brilliant theme tune is by the equally brilliant John Barry. RIP Sir Roger Moore. 😞
Tallish89 on Zac Efron

Have you seen his (Jonas) beach photos with Sophie Turner who lowest height probably 175cm?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

This is why I think he's 171-173cm the 173 with hair though...

As for Zac Efron I agree that 5'7.75 is possible considering how close he looks next to Jonas.
Scarlett Rose on Ulrika Jonsson
Definitely above average height, which is 5 feet, 5 inches for Swedish women. πŸ˜ƒ
Nik on Rob Paul
@ Sandy Cowell

We had Jasmin staying with us yesterday and she was just as bad as she was on Friday!

miko on Chandler Riggs
It's not impossible he could end up being one of them late lanky bloomers, but I think in this case we'll maybe see him get to 5'6/5'6.5 range.
shiva 181 cms on Colin Salmon
@rob he claimed 6'4 why not leave him at that, a true 6'4 guy could be overestimated
Editor Rob: If you were 6ft 4.25, you'd probably just say 6ft 4...I feel Salmon is one of those guys.
Blake on User Heights
Yh, I sometimes wonder because I just realise when I sit next to people on trains my knee is often higher than theirs but when I stand up they are often taller. One guy had his knee at the same level as mine and he must have been 5 ft 11-6 foot
Csimpson 6ft on User Heights
Arthur for god sake just drop it already and move on leave Bobby alone and why have you brought me into it? grow up kid and change the record, im not 5'11.75 if i am 6'0.5 out of bed, 6'0 flat during the day and 5'11 7/8 at night, no matter how many times you argue with me it doesnt change the fact that im a legit 6fter, fine you think im not a 6fter i get it already thats your opinion but stop frigging going on! i still dont get why you even mentioned me because ive not even been commenting on here much let alone about my height.

But yeah let it go please its got really boring now and again leave Bobby alone hes done nothing to you.
CD on Rob Paul
@Rob This video might be a good reference at least for Mikey's height where he stands next to Carl Froch who you met and he looks shorter than you do next to him, I think a bit under 5ft 8 is probable. Click Here

@Nik Yeah I guessed Ryan might be sub 5ft 9 but maybe not 5ft 8 flat, he was edged out by Shayne Ward (an honest 5ft 9) in corrie and Bruno Langley who is also supposed to be 5ft 9. He did wear thick boots on the show as well!
Editor Rob: in that show his eyes are near the end of Carl's chin, I think a solid 5ft 7 is possible, 5ft 8 seems hard to believe for him, maybe 5ft 7.25 I could give him...
Nik on Dolph Lundgren
@ Sandy Cowell

How tall do you think Dolph is then Sandy? I get the impression he could certainly be an inch less than what he is down as!

Also you are absolutely right in saying that Matt Lucas sometimes looks like a big blubbery baby!

It will be interesting to see what you make of Matt Lucas' height, I get the impression he is slightly under 5'6"''!

Arch Stanton on Eddie Redmayne
Considering the height of his mother whose thin bone structure he seems to have inherited Click Here he could potentially have been way taller than this.
His mother doesn't look far off 5 ft 10 there, I've seen guys with mothers that height 6 ft 5 or 6.
Mario on Roger Moore
Rip, 6 ft 1.5.
Shredder on Wentworth Miller
6'0.25 for him and 6'0.5 for Dom makes the most scene.
Bobby on User Heights
By the way Andrea, I'm not insecure and neither is Connor, but when people criticize us for claiming a height we feel is reasonable, that can piss off anybody. So I am quite pissed off with all this scrutinizing going on towards my height.
Sully on Tom Hardy
Hi Big Rob , I am 175 cm at about 7pm in the evening, my morning height is about 177 cm flat. If I had to take a picture with Tom do you think we would be exactly the same height in similar footware?
Editor Rob: you might be, I think Tom is one of the more reasonable actor's making a claim of 5ft 9.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) on Brock Lesnar
Lesnar was recently described as 6'3 1/2" Click Here I find it kind of odd because this is the first time that I've seen a WWE wrestler being billed at a half inch.
Editor Rob: ah, the old fractional 'fooled ya' trick, where a celebrity gives a very specific height, which surely must be accurate - if it's that specific, they must be telling the truth!

btw, I am actually 5ft 8 and 7/8ths 😈 🀞
sully on Rob Paul
Hi Big Rob, if someone lays down for about 30- 40 minutes and then measures evening height , is it considered cheating?
Editor Rob: it could be considered height pranking. 40 minutes can get you 6mm! πŸ˜’ 90 minutes could get you 1-1.3cm...

I wouldn't count is a a typical evening height what you are suggesting, it's more a mid-day height or even 11am height really.
Nik on Rob Paul
@ Blake

You would be k*a**e*ed!


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