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29 May
joe 193cm night on Cristiano Ronaldo
Rob, here's a video measured in metric tape with the footwear narrated said was measured 185cm tall but he was footwearClick Here
joe 193cm night on Alexander Skarsgard
yes ibra is no more than alexander is the same height, but another issue of ibra be 192cm out of ibra question was measured 194cm in barcelona, barcelona is a club that rarely has billed player
Kiat on Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon

Click Here
JOCK on Hulk Hogan
Hogan today is without doubt only in the 6-3 to 6-4 range, but at his peak 6-6
is more than likely, tears ago he stood face to face with 6-7 john tenta, no more than a whisker between them,
slavory on Rob Paul
Hey Rob , this is a stupid question but seriously tho.. can masturbating really helps a male person to grow taller?
[Editor Rob: I've never did any experiments on that subject. I don't know if anybody has studied any links to do with growth in that way?]
Anonymous1 on Clint Eastwood
...ok, back to square one. If Faldo is, indeed, 6'3 (and I'm only going by what previous posts said), no way is Eastwood anything but around 6 even. Nothing wrong with 6 even, or any height for that matter. But, if Eastwood was 6'4 peak (I think 6'3.5, myself), it's got to be a very strange feeling to be taller than even 6'2 and 6'3 guys, and then 4 inches less than you were.
Wilson on Bella Thorne
She was just on with Zendaya on KC Undercover. It seems like they were both in tennis shoes but regardless, Bella was a couple of inches shorter than Zendaya was. I would say she's in the 5'7" but she has some very long legs that could throw us off.
Regardless, she has a perfect figure, her long red hair fits her perfectly to her skin tone and I can look at those legs all day long!
Prayi on Rob Paul
So Rob why don't you change your height to 5'9 on this site since u claim u did grow..
[Editor Rob: I'm talking about Morning height in the video. And yes, it is greater now than it was a decade ago.

In fact I dug out a quote from 2007 I made on here:
"For instance, I did get a maximum out of bed measurement in the morning one time at 5ft 8.65, but consistently it is more 5ft 8.6, maybe that time I had longer sleep or better position."

That's me typing on here in 2007, those were against the wall measurements.

But the last few years my morning height is a little greater, it can be 5ft 8.8-8.9 against a wall (on the stadiometer it can appear more because there is an extra 1/8th inch error with the stadiometer).

My evening height still falls to a little over 5ft 8. It's my morning height that I believe has maximised - how? I think through better disc health, the discs are able to rehydrate overnight to their true maximum, but in the past they never reached their maximum.]
Andrea on Gian Maria Volonte
Rob, i've rewatched some scenes of that movie and he really doesn't strike me as a tall guy... Unless, most of of the people were pretty tall, of course! A 6' range italian actor would have looked quite tall, especially in the 70s... Just basing on that movie, i would have never given him more than 5'10 range!
Kourosh on Owen Wilson
owen's eyes come under his nose which is 2 inches difference. his 6'1 claim is pretty acceptable.

i know him for about 2 years now and he is 6'1 or solid 6'0 (184 cm) at worst. I'm 5'9.5 and i measured myself plenty of times and my eyes are between his lips and nose, thats close to 3 inches difference between us. Owen stacked up to him almost same as me maybe an inch taller. As you can see in the pic he is dropping more height than owen.

so owen being 5'10.5 or 5'11 is good listing.
Btw my mate name is Mickey Mclean and he is from Edinburgh Scotland :)
Amaze on General Height
@Crane are you crazy why would you wanna grow anymore if anything half a cm would be good getting you to get 6'4 but you're height is good ATM you don't need to grow anymore anything you could lose some

Height should only matter to taller girls but peesonality hunour looks etc matter way more
UhOh on General Height
Once marijuana is fully legal in the starts people in the Netherlands will begin to shrink from insignificance. (just kidding)
UhOh on Drake
At one time, Drake was listed as 6'4" on IMBD.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Bill Gates
His father whose like 90 almost towers over him!
Greg on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
There are a couple of pics on the net next to the late Paul Walker who's around 6'2" and Johnson is a little taller. He was notably an inch or two shorter than Conan O'Brien. Would guess he's between 6'2" and 6'3", definitely not the 6'5" listed on the Internet movie DB
joe 193cm night on Sid Eudy
this listing to Sid does not fit mainly in hulk hogan listing at 6'6, Sid was always higher
spainmen191cm on Rafael Nadal
Rob, how tall do you think is Pau Gasol? He claimed to be 215cm tall in an interview
Click Here
Click Here
J.Lee on Erik King
Is that the wife?
[Editor Rob: don't know really, another actress?]
Silent_D on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Silent_D on Alexandra Daddario
I think she is very under rated. She is so beautiful and a talented actress too. It is good that she is getting more roles now. 170cm. She looks pretty tall.
ferris on Robin Shou
@Editor Rob, hes clearly taller than Cary Tagawa (also listed 5'11),
Upgrade to 182?
[Editor Rob: he wasn't that much taller than james remar, 5ft 11.5 I'm not sure about really...even the model in the sequel irina pantaeva could look taller with not a big heel or anything..]
Oanh on Wallace Langham
dan says on 26/Apr/15
Either your posture is weak in this pic or he is by far taller than 177cm.

He is not "by far taller than 177cm"...that's his height or slightly over it...say 177.5cm.
joe 193cm night on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Bakley had more shoes, the rock still takes 190cm weak fell to 189cm talves at worst it is 6'2.5 (189 cm), still think 6'2.75 (190 cm) good for him or 6'2.5 (189 cm)
Rory on Rob Paul
Rob, i did an early morning paperound throughout my teens, i probably didn't get as much sleep as i could have, probably on average i got about 6 hrs a night.Im now 6'0.5 and my Dad was 5'11.5 peak, my mum a strong 5'5..based on that info would you say it didn't rly affect my growth ?
[Editor Rob: I don't think it did, you seem to have reached within kind of range you'd expect.]
Rory on Football Soccer
Luke Shaw 5'10 ? Very harsh, id say hes a solid 6'0..i think it was England v Scotland and in the national anthem he was stood next to milner and possolibly sterling or delph and towered them.
Editor Rob on Justin Bieber
Here's a south korean actor who had lifts in his socks! Click Here Imagine a guy like Bieber/Cruise/Sly getting their shoes taken off on a show and being found with lifts, maybe they'd just have a laugh at it like the guys in the video.
Z186 on Roger Moore
Met him at one of his talk shows recently, at 86, he was 5'10 - 5'11 range... peak was definitely 1.87m during the morning/day I think.
Sam on Vincent D'Onofrio
I wonder if he's lost a little with age and weight, there's a few scenes where he stands next to Bob Gunton in Daredevil and surprisingly looks barely taller, at most a weak inch and look close to the same height in some shots, Gunton is considerably older!
Z186 on Sean Connery
Looks like he's quite a lot shorter these days....
With to 5'9 Johnny depp...
Although admittedly he is 85...
I met 86 Moore recently at one of his talk shows, he can only be 5'10/5'11 now, a quality chap.

Click Here
Sam on Jason Robards
Man, that Long Day's Journey film was very effecting to me, all the actors were at the top of the game and Lumet did powerful but subtle work on that, rather underrated if you ask me.
[Editor Rob: forgetting about his films for a moment, this guy was an assistant 'Grow Taller Stretcher' ;)
Sam on Kirk Douglas
Yeah, not surprised that he claimed 5'11"! Kirk seems to have been one of the more height conscious of the golden age stars, certainly there's a lot of evidence of him wearing lifts and, from the 50s through the 70s, shots of his with advantageous angles in his films. I could almost believe Douglas was never more than 5'8" because of these distortions!
Sam on Tom Hardy
Rob, could you also add Bronson, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Locke to his credits?
[Editor Rob: I think over time this guy's description of movies will change a bit.]
Sam on Gian Maria Volonte
Always wondered how tall this actor was...was pretty sure more than six feet tall but not as tall as Clint or Lee Van Cleef so this works I suppose.
Sam on Josh Gad
Yeah, he's actually pretty even with Crystal in photos. Crystal I believe was 5'6" and change at peak, more likely around 5'6" today. Also Gad was a fairly consistent 4 inches over Kevin Hart as well.
Amanda on Behati Prinsloo
She's listed 5'10 on the VS website: Click Here
Andrea on Rob Paul
Rob, do you have a copy of that "fake" head you made in the "How to guess height" video? Also, do you think is it possible to print a celebrity's head, in natural size, to see how they'd look if they really were as tall as listed, if you know what i mean?
[Editor Rob: yes you can download Lil G and if anybody was going to print it, make sure you add the image onto an A4 sized image in your paint program or word program.]
ferris on Robin Shou
Thanx 4 adding a page 4 him, but r u sure on this one?
He did look a good 4 inches on chris farley and looked 1 inch on cary tagawa (who is also listed 5'11). I wouldve pegged him at weak 6ft than 5'11 flat,
maybe an upgrade to 182 might b better?
jervis on Clint Eastwood
Yes with Faldo he looks old and tin around 6ft even. on Harry Styles
he is so obviously wearing huge inner lifts that it makes me cry..i mean you can literally see the lines of the lifts on several pictures and that he is standing on tiptoes
mr.rashid on Robin Shou
@Editor Rob, Ah, it's just like yesterday watching him in Mortal Kombat in the 90's along with some of his own Hong Kong films as well. Btw you sure he's just 5'11 Rob? He seemed as high as 5'11.5 at times especially being quite tall for an oriental person?
[Editor Rob: was he 1.5 inches taller than chris lambert, I'm not sure!]
MarinaInLA on Randy Orton
Sorry, Can't see anything over a terribly proportionate 6'2, without Gear.
truth on General Height
Young Chinese are the taller the second tallest mongoloids (asians) with 172cm, tallest are Koreans with 173cm, third the Japanese with 170cm. The rest are all sub 170cm. What is funny is that I am a 178cm white guy and I never feel short, despite young white guys averaging 180cm here in Slovenia so just lower average range. Chinese women are just clueless when it comes to height I guess, a 180cm tall man looks like a father next to small 155cm young looking asian woman. Most women just want a guy a few inches taller than them though here, 170cm looks tall enough next to women under 160cm. My minimum requirement for a female is 162/163cm up to 180cm, I want my sons not to be midgets and at least over 175cm.
Lorne??? on Kobe Bryant
Click Here

This may have been mentioned, but it's hard to see just 195 with legit 193cm Conan O' Brian
Kourosh on Colm Meaney
omg hes got a massive head
Lorne??? on Jesse L Martin
6ft1.5 was closer. Identical to Jeremy Sisto, if not a tiny bit taller.

Taller than 185cm Dennis Farina() and, by later seasons, a good inch over Briscoe(Jerry Orbauch, who in fairness had terrible posture.

FTR, he was listed 6ft1 years ago, I then (at least helped) bring an upgrade to 6ft1.5, but a few years ago he went down to 186, after pictures of him and Vince D'onorfio were posted.
katie666 on Charli XCX
hmm always thought she was taller
Shuvayu on Kane
Check Body Building forums on strength of wrestlers... kane's listed no less than 6'8" anywhere.... & dude's ****ing strong
Arch Stanton on Barbara Harris
If you see the Gorgon I think she could pull off looking near 5 ft 10 in heels next to Cushing. 5'6.5 is possible and they rounded down on the card, usually though they'd round up. 5 ft 6 is probably the safer bet.
[Editor Rob: maybe I'll give her strong 5ft 6.]
Arch Stanton on Barbara Harris
@Rob, my initial thought was nearer 5 ft 6 from other films, which is why the 5 ft 8 listing initially seemed a "tall" order, but I guess her hair does add more than I thought. Still I didn't see as much as a 3 inch diff myself in The Gorgon between them. Can you add her? 5 ft 6 is probably accurate seems as it was on the card too!
M on Khloe Kardashian
I meet Khloe on the street and she is my height 5'7" (1.70m)
the shredder on Marlon Brando
So Rob , you think He was 230 in Superman? He was listed 170 for a screen test in 1947 , in Street Car and Waterfront looks more 180 based on that .
[Editor Rob: not sure if quite that much, but maybe a bit less around that time and apocalypse. I suppose compared to his latter days when he was over 300 pounds, he looked relatively trim!]
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM on Youtubers
You should add Phil Lester. He's listed as 6'2" (which seems accurate). I think that he's slightly taller than Dan Howell. Phil almost never stands up straight, while Dan almost always has great posture.
[Editor Rob: from looking at them together he looks shorter than Dan and from just checking he claimed in 2010 on his twitter to be 6ft.]
Rusty 190cm on Gian Maria Volonte
Clint Eastwood looked 2-3 inches taller than this guy at the very most.
Key on Ben Kingsley
I saw him in Schindlers List, and he looked no taller than 5'5 next to 6'4 Liam Neeson
Key on Justin Bieber
The reason why the police listed him as 5'9 was because they just went with what was on his license. You can put any height or weight on you license and they don't care. (As long as you don't go to crazy)
swapnil on Aishwarya Rai
Alia bhatt is 5'6.5" without heels.
Srk is 5'10" without shoes.
akshay 6'1" without shoes
John 6'2"
Tiger 6'
Ranbir kapoor 6'2"
Arjun rampal 6'2.5"
Arjun kapoor 6'2"
Sonu sood 6'3.5"
delvin on Bella Thorne
Who lies more about their height? Big g or Bella thorne
[Editor Rob: I wonder if any of these celebrities ever would do a vidoe measurement...I suppose we would love to see it, then there wouldn't be any arguments!

At least you'd you might still say 'she has socks with lifts', it wasn't touching her hair...the stadiometer is rigged, she's just woken up and it's nearly her morning height :)

I think Bella is rounding up a fair bit, maybe she does it a bit more than big G, BUT big G recently came out with his outrageous statement that luckily people see him as 5ft 9 or 10.

Unbelievable, I put that to Jenny live, after I made a video she said she thought he was the same height as her sister who is a weak 5ft 6! ]
sam on Rob Paul
Rob, i have 18, im5'8, my eyelevel is 12.5. What do you think?
[Editor Rob: almost 5 inches is more than average, but didn't you say around 13 before? I know it can be hard to get really accurate measurement for eyes, but near 5 is a big eyelevel for 5ft 8...most people on average would think you were nearer 5ft 7.5 because average for men is really 4.5-4.6 range.]
hunty on Height Request
I have to second the person requesting Freja Beha's height.
28 May
Key on Rob Paul
I hate to ask so many questions, but your just so good at this! Another question I have is why do you think actors feel the need to lie about their height, and why does it always seem to be in a pattern of 2 inches. (For example, Mark Hamill/Bieber are both 5'7 but claim 5'9 and Wahlberg is 5'8 but claims 5'10)
[Editor Rob: a major part of Actors is their look, how they are perceived and viewed by their fans.

Of course an actor wants to be seen in the best possible light, as much as possible. Looking good, saying the right things, appearing in the right places. Saying you are 6ft sounds better to people than 'I'm 5ft 10.5', so it's natural many over the years have lied a bit. But also for casting purposes, sometimes adding an inch or two could open up more potential roles?]
Emil 182 cm on George Clooney
Lol he's barely shorter than Pitt if anything at all. Pitt wears thicker footwear thats how he looks taller. Just take a look at pictures with Clooney and Damon. Clooney is clearly taller
Ari on Justin Bieber
I'm sorry, but JB looks like a very small dude.
He cannot be taller than 5f5...maybe 5f6. I know his listing of 5f7 isn't tall for a guy, but JB is seriously a small and short person. Not 5f7.
Ari on Jessica Alba
Alba is not short like JLO and Emma Watson. Watson and JLo claim to be 5f5-5f6 (or so) and there is a very big difference in the frames of these three ladies. Alba looks genuinely to be at least 5f5.5-5f6. it's the structure of her frame and limb lengths that support that height.
Alba doesn't look "tall" but she has the presence that supports not being higher end of average not "short". Alba in heels looks tall (not like a shrimp on stilts).
I believe 5f6 and 125 lbs.
james b on Rob Paul
mid 190s well maybe he isn't it?
Charon120 on Justin Bieber
Rob, how tall do you think Jojo Wright might be?
[Editor Rob: he's been persistant with his almost 5ft 7 claim and that looked possible when they had the tape measure near him. But he may be a 5ft 6 range guy barefoot.]
SID on Kane
kane_5388 thats a bad picture
Jay ZZ on Bradley Cooper
i think he is a solid 6ft 1´´ .....out of bed, at least.
120 on Demi Lovato
@Sel Ugh, i'm sorry that comment alone just almost gave me an aneurysm because of pure stupidity and exaggeration. smh
Perception on General Height
In America, girls have even higher standards at least based on what they say on online forums. They all seem to want 183 cm minimum. 185 cm is probably the most preferred in America. It's a good thing if indeed 180 cm (5'11") is the minimum standard to attract a Chinese girl. You're lucky they're not making the cutoff point 185-188 cm.
Bishop on Calvin Harris
When has she claimed 6ft? She only claimed 5'11" but that's ridiculous. I do agree that she wears those ginormous heels WAY more often than someone her height should. I think she wants to be taller. She's proof that tall women do lie about their height, to all the people that still think that they never do.
Tom on General Height

You can not make ordinary people or girls to think about the standard of height by database. Yes, the average of Chinese new generation is only 172, but girls do not care about that so-called statistics, they just think that above 180cm is criteria of boyfriend or husband. Generally, if you visit Chinese campus, you may observe that tall Chinese(180+) can hook up girls so easily, and it is difficult that short Chinese guys can find a girlfriend, unless you have a rich father.

I have to say that database is not the same as daily life. Most people in the world do not care about so-called statistics of average height.

I completely agree with your point that an overwhelming majority do not take into account or even care for the statistics but these can not be ignored as they are ultimately the soul principle on defining what is or isn't tall in a certain country. My problem is that hardly anyone can guess height very well, particularly women, who are known to be terrible at judging height. Most girls are going to be disappointed as not many (10% or less) will meet this criteria. When speaking about criteria you make it sound as if you are under 180cm say goodbye to ever getting a girlfriend? Is height the most important factor for girls in China when 'seeking out' a potential mate? In the country where i am from (UK) as long as your not several inches below average height it is not the biggest factor.
Bishop on Taylor Swift
Her being 5'7" would make a lot of celebrities in need for a serious downgrade. People who have actually met her have acknowledged her height and stated that she was tall. I'm going to take what they say over someone who claims to have met her here. As Rob said, these celebrity sightings claims are to be taken with a large pinch of salt, so I won't believe you until you post a photo. Sorry, but 5'7" and even 5'8" are completely out of the question, no matter how much I hate her. I've already posted enough evidence to obliterate those claims. Oh, and in that video, Swift was in ballerina flats and Efron was in very thick shoes (and God knows what he has in them).

Selena didn't claim a height, I think. If she did, then Rob should have added it to her page.
an anonymous peach on Rob Paul
Hey Rob, back when I was 16 I was a construction apprentice, after a hard day of work, I measured my absolute lowest height at roughly 5'7.75" Since then, i quit construction (not because it lowered my height, simply because it wasn't the career for me) and have never measured that low since. Now I'm 19 and my highest is pretty much the same, 5'9" in the morning or very close to it, but I have realised that I have never measured lower than 5'8" anymore. So have I actually grew a fraction, or is it simply because I just don't work in construction anymore and not putting as much strain on my spine?
[Editor Rob: it may be the physical labour really put you a quarter inch lower than normal, and now you don't do it, your back isn't under that daily stress.]
bobbyh3342 on Greg Grunberg
rob you should just give him the 6 1 ,lol 6.o75 I love this site we are all certifiably crazy!
Emil 182 cm on General Height
Measured 182.6 the other night at 2 am. However, I can drop to 182.2 if I have had a very active day.
I guess I am what you consider a weak 6 ft
[Editor Rob: yes I'd put you into that category.]
cole on John Lithgow
@Editor Rob: Looks nearer 6'3 with Molina.
Sam on Skylar Astin
He went to my high school. He wasn't that tall of a guy so i believe 5'8.5/5'9 is good listing for him. Very humble dude
Charlie on Alexander Skarsgard
No your full of **** Richard Barkley, Zlatan is NOT taller than Alexander, Zlatan is only 192.
Sam on Benji Madden
5'5 seems fair for him.This guy gives short guys hope. He's currently dating cameron diaz. He's way shorter than her even wearing thick heeled boots. pics below:

Click Here
Click Here
cole on Christopher Nolan
@Dmeyer: Yeah, but I think that's down to distorted shots more than anything else. I wouldn't guess he was anything over 5'11.25, not after seeing him with Cavill anyway. If anything those shots makes me believe 5'11 flat is nearer for him.
Judd on Jordin Sparks
5'9" at least. I wouldn't be surprised if she is actually 5'9.75-10"...she always seemed tall to me!
towanda on Rachel McAdams
she seems shorter than listing. here this photo she's with emma stone
Click Here
Dmeyer on Samuel L Jackson
188 peak 186-7cm now
Oanh on Zachary Levi
Definitely not 6'4"...6'3" max...can look 6'2.5"
Dmeyer on Nicolas Cage
Can look a solid 0.5in taller than 5'11.5 caruso in kiss of death
Ned on Ric Flair
Met him today, he visited sheffield, england he's about 5'9.5 max, but i think his peak height would have been 5'11.5/6
josey wales on The Undertaker
Vader never was near 6'4" . 6'2" peak at best.
Judd on Teri Polo
If Blythe Danner is 5'7" she can't be taller than 5'5.5"...
Lillo Thomas on Rob Paul
A legit 6'6 is very tall. And impressive tall. 6'6 guys get stares from people all the time. Great height for basketball but too tall in real life.
light on Eamonn Walker
he s max 180 cm I aree with Greg
eed on Chris Rock
Definitely 5'10".
Teodem on Tupac Shakur
5'9 is right for pac
only looked 5'10-11 on boots
Judd on Colm Meaney
I don't know if his shoes are a little thicker than yours but I think in the picture he does look a little taller than a flat 5'11"...maybe 5'11.25"?
Jim on General Height
Hey Rob what does a 3 and 4 inch height difference look like?
[Editor Rob: this is a 3 inch exact difference with a Girl and me.]
hey rob on Denis Lawson
what the hell is the difference between 168 and 169 exactly? because I am seeing 168
Hypado on Colm Meaney
Colm Meaney height: 5ft 11in (180 cm)

And looks 5ft 11.5in in the peak.
hey rob on Josh Gad
my gad he's short
Andrea on Gian Maria Volonte
Rob, was he really this tall? I saw "Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion" and i thought he was in the average zone in that film... I remember i saw some 187 listings and thought "noway"! Also, if you consider the film was back in the 70s, when the average was probably lower than today... I guess a 184 actor would look tall, especially 40 years ago.
[Editor Rob: I think he looked over 3 inches shorter than clint, but more than 4 I don't know.

Maybe he could fall into the 182-3 range though, ]
joe 193cm night on Jon Jones
if he is 6'4, Alexander alexander gustafsson is a legitimate 6'5
Gregory on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Barkley has 3 inches on him. He's a little bit taller than George Ezra and John Cena, Barack Obama and other guys who are 6'1. Honesty I would say 6'2 at best.
Kayla on Bruce Jenner
He was still taller than 5'9" Diane Sawyer when she was wearing heels.
Jack on Bella Thorne
rob, does her leaning side post makes her looks taller. Bcause it causes an effect with the camera that makes you bigger when you re standing near it
[Editor Rob: with katie? I don't think there is any advantage either person has, both look roughly same from camera.]
Kayla on Kendall Jenner
She's taller than 6'2" Bruce when wearing Litas (which give around 4-4.5 inches), and she's not even standing up straight. Click Here
Click Here
Verba on Jon Jones
@Crane How can Silva be taller than 'the Chris' if he edged him out by ~.25" during the faceoff's.
Flat ground, barefoot and realitvely good posture (seems like fighter heights are the easiest to guess)

Anderson Silva= 186-187cm

Chris Weidman= 187.5-188.5cm

Click Here

Click Here
If few a names incase you decide to add more MMA fighters (which would be neat :))

Cain Velasquez

Fabricio Werdum

Fedor Eemelianenko

Alexander Gusstaffson

George Saint Pierre

Anderson Silva

Mirko Cro Cop

Lyoto Machida

Antonio Bigfoot Silva

Nick Diaz

Bas Rutten
Rae on Kendall Jenner
Hate to be one of "those people", but I was at the Billboard awards a couple weeks back and the Jenner sisters arrived behind me. She is freaking tall, my average sized self felt like an ant. In heels she looked at least 6'-6'1"... I think 5'10" is a pretty good listing.
Adam St on Brad Pitt
in the films looks 181 cm
Arch Stanton on Gian Maria Volonte
Click Here Full length photo in Investigation here.
just because on Tony Tucker
Tucker and tyson Click Here

Tucker and leon spinks Click Here
Arch Stanton on Gian Maria Volonte
Click Here With French actor Jean Louis Trintignant who is supposed to be Tom Cruise height. Nearer 6 ft than 6 ft 2.
linke on Courtney Eaton
Could be 5'9.5-75
mId on Jon Jones
Click Here Click Here
Weidman is a smidge taller than A Silva and has Always been listed 6'2. He might not be quite 6'2 but I think he could be pretty Close to it. And he is a Little taller than Anderson as you can see in the pics I provided.
Arch Stanton on Gian Maria Volonte
Thanks Rob, did you check out some clips of him? Can you squeeze in Face to Face, Christ Stopped at Eboli and Open Doors? I don't think he looked a legit 187 or 6'2". He's at 6'2" on imdb I think. He looked this sort of height in Investigation, almost 6 ft 2 in dress shoes, probably the more accurate, not a chance of him being 6 ft 3 in shoes
[Editor Rob: just in the eastwood westerns.]
Judd on Jared Padalecki
6'4" flat it's his height.
I think in an hypotetical challenge between him and Jeff Goldblum, Jeff at peak would have been a little taller!
TJE on Josh Gad
I remember him looking a couple cm taller than Billy Crystal on The Comedians, but he can look a fraction shorter too.
TJE on Youtubers
Hmmm, I think Rob said that FouseyTube was closer to 5'10 and that Nash Grier cleared the 5'11 mark.

I'm not too sure on Tay Zonday, but 5'8 seems like a bit low

With 6'3 Daniel Tosh:

Click Here

I have no problems seeing The Fine Bros in the 5'7 range, though CaptainSparkles has a chance of being slightly under.

And PewDiePie, ummm, Click Here and pause around 5 seconds. Toby Turner is listed 179 on Google and IMDB.
vegita on Rob Paul
Rob. I am sleeping 1:00 AM and waking up 9 AM everyday will it affect my growth? I am 17 btw.. I play sports too..
[Editor Rob: 8 hours is fine, it's when you are only in bed for 5-6 hours, that's when your body might not be getting enough time to repair and also to grow.]
james b on Rob Paul
Also rob maybe he could be nearer 197cm? his doctor might have just counted 197cm as 6'6?
[Editor Rob: some Doctor's will just round up and not mention it.]
Dan on Sophie Turner
here is a picture of Sophie with a fan. Click Here

the girl on the right is 5'2 or 5'3 wearing shoes with 3 inches of heels. Sophie is wearing flats of around 0.5-1.0 inch heel. Sophie is 1 inch taller than this girl. this puts Sophie somewhere around 5'7.

just look at the picture people, just look at sophie's body sturcture, does she look like a 5'9? Nope! something more like 5'7/7.5. keep in mind that she is a woman, women have slender and curvaceous bodies making them look taller.

here is another picture of sophie with the same fan, from the same day. Click Here
Della on Jo Joyner
Think her forehead gives her a few inches
5'9.5'' on Kristofer Hivju
IDK why everyone thinks people are really tall nowadays, im supposed to be exactly average but I feel tall most of the time so I feel average height is still about 5'9''

And as for Hivju 6' easily, no way would a 5'11.5'' consistently look 6' with his loose posture
c on James Hetfield
in my opinion James Hetfield is about 186, 187 cm , anyway even he is 185 he is tall
T.N.T. on David Cameron
Hi Rob, reading about Cameron today I spotted this photo of him with Mark Rutte who is listed as circa 1,84-1,85m. That said, there's no way Cameron is 1,84-1,85m as Rutte towers over him. Another inflated height.. (just google 'Rutte and Cameron' for the images and the height difference is indisputable).
Matthew on Michael Phelps

Those photos don't really prove he's 6'2.5" tops to me. His posture looks pretty poor next to Thomas, generally Phelps has a slouch. He was quite towered over by Kobe Bryant, yes, and he obviously isn't a 6'4"-er. However he looked no shorter than Tony Hawk here Click Here who is 6'3". He also looks more 6'3" than 6'2" range next to Ray Lewis Click Here and although the clip isn't on youtube he looked about the same height on Conan O'Brien on his show. I think he can look 6'2.5" too but he can look 6'3" more often than he looks 6'2" imo, I'd give him 190 - 191 personally. Maybe 190 to be safe.
. on Alanna Masterson
No shorter than 5'6
joe 193cm night on Bill Skarsgard
Famke Janssen seems strong and 182cm to 183 cm looks she is already 50 years old still seems to have mantindo height do not believe that bill is 6'3.25 closer to 6'3
joe 193cm night on Joe Manganiello
alexander 6'4.5 (194cm)
Joe Manganiello 6'4.75 (195cm)
Michael Strahan 6'4.5 (194cm) I still think alexander is little higher
Cool Cat on David Beckham
David Beckham is easily about 5'11". Look at the pic of him next to Jermain Defoe, who is 5'7". Playing football in heel lifts would be like racing a 3 legged horse in the Grand National. Click Here
Cool Cat on Brad Pitt
Lots of wishful thinking here, 5'8" is a LOL statement! Brad is minimum 5'10".
Smith on Melissa Benoist
In the new supergirl series, episode one, one character says her height is 5.9 but I highly doubt that...
183cm on Rob Paul
@editor rob
I tested the accuracy of my tailor tape measure and it was off by 1/16 of an inch for every 10 inches. I have a samsung fridge which has the dimensions listed so I measured on it and it was off almost exactly of by that much. Do you think samsung would lie about their fridge dimensions like that becaus its listed to the mm or did the person who made the tape measure get it wrong abit and thought it was insignificant.
[Editor Rob: I'd always use a metal retractable tape measure. Cost 1-2 dollars, even the cheap ones are very accurate!]
ManKo on Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
This guys trains for strongman events, he squats regularly 700 pounds, deadlift 800 pounds or more, is always lifting heavy stuff, I guess his spine compression is bigger than the average guy.
T.N.T. on Calvin Harris
Right. Calvin's height confirms Taylor's own height claims as ridiculous. If she were circa 6feet tall flat and 6 foot 4 in heels (she's actually claimed this..)then Calvin wouldn't be towering over her to such an extent. Anyway, Taylor has already been refuted by Karlie Kloss who is a legit 6 foot 2. Both Calvin and Karlie tower over Taylor even when she's wearing those enormous monster platform heels. Taylor appears to have height issues and I wonder whether she even goes to the bathroom in her own home without wearing those grotesque shoes which make her walk like Frankenstein. My sympathies to those women who actually pay their hard earned cash on those bricks.
Judd on Tom Skerritt
I am not sure he's an honest 5'10" today.
I think he would be between 5'9.25-9.75", considering also rob shoes advantage.
No way he was taller than 5'11" at peak!
Sam on Justin Timberlake
Classic 5ft11. Very much like Beckham. Don't know how he can claim almost 6ft2, he perhaps looks 6 foot but any legit 5ft11 can give a tallish impression at times like Timberlake, other times he looks too close to average to be considered tall.
Kourosh on Youtubers
rob, andrew hales the owner of LAHWF claimed to be 6'2. But i doubt if he is anything over 6'0. Please look him up

and please add vitally as well. i think he is 5'10 max.
LisaLisa on Kendall Jenner
Guys, you need to know that celebrities always lie on their height, so it's really hard to compare Kendall to them, if we're not even sure abt their real height. I don't even think Cara D is near 1.70, maybe a 1m67-68 ?
Just on Calvin Harris
@ Bishop I know that she'll probably gain 4"5 or 5" in 6" platform heels. I agree she's 5'9 flat or even 5'8"5.
Of course the 5'7 or 5'11 claims for Taylor are ridiculous since she's clearly taller than Jennifer Lawrence and for sure shorter than Uma Thurman or Famke Janssen. I somehow really can't see Taylor exact the same height as Charlize Theron (Rob's listed then both at 1.77 m). Theron has a tall apparence, Taylor gives more a "tallish" impression. But there are also people who think Taylor is exact Calvin's height...
Natasha on Zendaya
ax@ that's mean she's over 5.8?
ikib on Bella Thorne
Rob, I think if that's her difference between either the 5'2 1/2 or 5'3" then there's no way that she's 5'8" even though she claims that. 5'6" is a spot on or 5'7" on a good day.
ikib on Bella Thorne
@Yo yeah yeah. She is a pretty lady though so it is kind off too much for her to fight about her height.
MD on Drake

He should have never been raised back up. Not a great picture, but here he is with a measured 5'11.25" (most likely a morning measurement) Odell Beckham, Jr. who plays in the NFL:

Click Here

I'm telling you, if he's anything above 5'11", it's a quarter-inch and that's it. He's not nearly 6'0" and the other evidence (particularly the photo of him with 6'1" Carson Daly where he's even likely in boots) shows that.
Steven on Barbara Palvin
No more than 169!
Crane on General Height
I wonder.. Is it possible for me to reach 6'6 ? I'm 192.56 cm. 19 years old. So Mr.Rob ?
[Editor Rob: I'd say it was unlikely, if you did reach it you'd have done very well at 19-20 to gain near 2 inches. ]
C on Sarah Jessica Parker
SJP is very short looking - my guess is 5'0". Here she is with a 4 year old for reference:
Click Here
teapot on Nicholas Lyndhurst
I have seen Nicholas Lyndhurst on several occassion (usually trying to disguise himself) and i would say he looks no taller than 6'00".
Natasha on Irina Shayk
173-174 for irina
Natasha on Alessandra Ambrosio
so, if adriana is 178 then alessandra is 174
Coolgirl781 on Sophie Turner
I think Sophie is around 5'7 or a weak 5'8. She is always wearing heels at events so she appears to be very tall. 4 inches is the least that brands make for heels with 5 inches being the norm. She's a teenage girl, probably obsessed with heels, just like me

She appears to be 1-1.5 inches taller than actors like Alfie Allen or Adian Gillen but she wears heels. In an interview she said that she always wears heels with costumes. She said
"... I kept tripping in that dress. I can't even tell you how many times I tripped up the stairs. It was so embarrassing. I wear heels with all my costumes as well, and this dress was super long, super heavy. I kept falling".

Here is the page Click Here
MD on Height Request
Not a famous, name, really, and you'd only know him if you watched a narrow segment of American television, but how close to his 5'9" listing do you guys think Robert Ri'chard is? He's been an active actor since starting in 1993 as a child. I'd always thought he grew to be 6'0" because he seems to have good proportions, but have just begun to notice how relatively small he looks.
[Editor Rob: I think he's near enough 5ft 9 from a glance at him]
MD on Eminem
Yeah, he's not as short as Wayne, though, 5'8" is probably too much. He only looks 5'8" in shoes, as he is still clearly below average even in shoes. If he was 5'8", barefoot, he'd manage to look average height in shoes.
IronFist on Richard Simmons
Video of Richard crying in an elevator as Howard Stern tries to console him: Click Here

Richard appears to be at least a foot shorter than Stern, who claims 6'5 but has always seemed a bit taller. So I'm gonna say Richard is about 5'4.5 at most. Actually, he seems more than a foot shorter than Howard but Howard is nearer the camera so it's hard to tell.
MD on Jamie Foxx
After seeing him next to the likes of Ryan Seacrest and Nick Jonas at the iHeartRadio Music Awards a few months back, while he could very well be a real 5'9", he is not a single cenimeter more.
JJF on Jeff Bridges
Peak 186cm. As seen next to Arnie (peak 184cm) in the 70's.
Case closed.
Dan on Sophie Turner
Okay 3 things:
1. Girls start puberty before boys and finish earlier as well. Most girls are done growing in height by the age of 16-17, so its very unlikely that Sophie has grown any taller than she was in 2013. maybe a few millimeters, but that is negligible.

2. Jourdan Dunn is around 5'10 and not 6'.

3. If you observe the picture carefully, Sophie it at least 3 inches shorter than Jourdan, and Jourdan isn't ever standing completely straight like Sophie.
movieguy on Clint Eastwood
Nick Faldo recently caddied for Eastwood in a charity tournament. Faldo has always been given as 6'3'' and genuinely looks it. He looks taller than Eastwood by a couple of inches when they stand together.
fel on LeBron James
6feet and 7.25 inches is enough hieght for my idol lebron james..
MrTBlack on Louis C.K.
He's a solid 5'11" and in his skit he says he weighs "240lbs". He more overweight than Homer Simpson who's 6'0" and 239lbs!
MrTBlack on Dr Dre
@Dr Eze

I'm surprised he got away with 6'1". I think 6'0" is it and maybe 6'0.5" if lucky.
Arch Stanton on Sean Connery
I don't think Rampage is as arrogant as some people on here actually about height. He definitely does have a thing about 6 ft 2-3, especially 189-190cm for whatever reason though. Sometimes he's right, other times it seems odd upgrading a 6'1-6'2 chap to near 6'3. Unlike several others here at least he's rarely rude to people or rants angrily to Rob about inflated listings.
Steve on George Segal
Another photo of Segal with Denzel

Click Here

I believe Segal's peak was just under 6'.
sam on Football Soccer
Per mertesacker strong 199 cm
Yo on Ben Savage
If Ben is 5'8.5... How tall do you think the girl next to him is Rob? Click Here
[Editor Rob: somewhere around 5ft 4, this is recentish right? I checked and saw she is claiming 5ft 5, she might grow into that range still, at the moment I'm not sure she is 5ft 5 yet.]
Chinese2015 on General Height
Tom says on 26/May/15
@Chinese2015 There is a saying in my country -- China: For new generation, Any man is below 180cm is "grade 2 disability.

Considering the average height for a Chinese man is 5'7 i do find you statement hard to believe. The new generation is most likely to average 5'8 tops. Being 5'11 (180cm)that would be roughly 90th percentile (with average at 5'11) meaning only 10% of Chinese people are above 180cm. Being 5'11 in China (4 inches above average) is the equivalent to being 6'2 in say the Uk Or US. Considering the average Chinese girl is 5'2.5 i think they need to get down off their high, sorry low horses. I am 5'11 in the uk and the majority of the time i get described as tall even though im only slightly taller than average.


You can not make ordinary people or girls to think about the standard of height by database. Yes, the average of Chinese new generation is only 172, but girls do not care about that so-called statistics, they just think that above 180cm is criteria of boyfriend or husband. Generally, if you visit Chinese campus, you may observe that tall Chinese(180+) can hook up girls so easily, and it is difficult that short Chinese guys can find a girlfriend, unless you have a rich father.

I have to say that database is not the same as daily life. Most people in the world do not care about so-called statistics of average height.
Steve on John Wayne
Dan, John Wayne was never 6' in college. If you're hinting he was just 6' then I have to laugh at the silliness of it.
Steve on Pedro Armendariz
Was only slightly shorter than Sean Connery in From Russia With Love.
hey on Leven Rambin
But according to Google she's like 5'4" it's the first thing that appears
27 May
Oh_YEA on Tony Tucker
in his prime legit 6'5
Allie on Taylor Swift
I'd guess 5'10 in the morning probably, and then like 175-177 at night. Nothing below that. Though I think Harry should be at least 177 and Taylor should be 176 given there pictures.

And G, are you sure your friend is a legit 5'7? People lie or round their height all the time. If this true, then that's very odd that Selena would be rounding down an inch or two even though she's only in the 5'5 range. Would expect maybe a 5'11ish girl to do that, but at her average height? Eh.
Daniel on General Height
Im slightly under 188cm in the morning, 186cm through out the day,and 185cm at night. I feel pretty tall. i mean I do see guys that are taller than me sometimes,but for the most part,i'd say I tower over 95% of the people that I see. I wear shoes like Vans which give no height near all the time,and still feel comfortably tall. And if I wear running or my Timberland boots, I feel really tall. Most people actually guess me at 6'3-6'4. I can get away with claiming the 190-193 cm range easily. I have friends who are near the 6'4 range who believed that I was 6'3. But I'm actually 6'1. Most people are shocked when they find out that Im only 6'1. But I'm 17,so I hope I actually can reach the legit 6'3-6'4 range.
Arnoldo on Hafthor Julius Bjornsson

He never said he is 6'9

watch minute 2:33 Click Here
You can hear it from his own mouth. "I am 6'8" he said.

During the tournament they still mentioned him 6'9.

In the photo comparison with Rob he looks 6'7.5 but he could lose that half or quarter inch easily on that one pic by bending a very very little bit.
It is hard to guess somebodys height on a pic with comparing to another one who is a foot shorter... and don't forget - we are talking about 0.5 or 0.25 inches.
In the other photo with Robs Con friend he seems a bit over 203cms.
Even on the photo with Triple H he seems 6'8 by calculating only 6'1.5 to Triple H.

So I dont think he is lying.
I would bet he is a full 6'8 and even more than 6'9 out of bed.

Rob is there a chance to upgrade him to 6'8 because on that photo with your friend he really seems to be a full 6'8 or do you doubt it?

You are the one who could see him from a near distance. I never had that chance.
Would you say 6'8 is impossible?
Amaze on Daniel Radcliffe
I know so many boys that grew a lot after 18
One boy was 5'1/5'2
Now at 18 hes 5'8
Another was 5'8 now 6'0
Another was 5'10 now 6'1
Another was 6'1 now 6'4.5
FlameBoy on Vladimir Putin
5 ft 3 is Absurd he is 5 ft 6 - 5ft 7 anything below or above that i think is Highly Unlikely.

also question rob looking at pictures with medvedev putin looks around the same height in almost all of them so i am taking the 5 ft 4 listing is not accurate ? more around 5 ft 6 for medvedev maybe ?
[Editor Rob: you only have to look at putin with guys like obama/cameron. I think some media would like him to be 5ft 5-6 range. I'm sure medvedev is a bit taller than guys like berlusconi and sarkozy]
Mark on Daniel Craig
I doubt Cavill will take the role, he already has the Marquee role of Superman, I think he wants to expand his acting career, doing another Marquee role would lend him to being typecasted, the most likely actor to follow Craig is Idris Elba.
The producers want to take Bond in a new direction which they will with Elba as Bond.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Eddie Marsan
Also in Hancock. Got dwarfed by Will Smith
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jerry Orbach
He was also in Dirty Dancing. Can't recall scenes w/h Swayze though.
mr.rashid on Youtubers
@Editor Rob, if your adding youtubers, so if I get at least 100k subscribers, would you be willing to add me lol? Btw I do have a channel but I doubt I'll have subs in a year or so.
[Editor Rob: people with millions mainly, some with several hundred thousand possibly.]
Katie on Lily Collins
Met Lily and Jamie Campbell Bower today and I was shocked at how petite she actually is! 5'3 at most. He towers over her, its so cute!
Mike T on Arliss Howard
Jeff Goldblum (6'4") was a whole head taller than him in Jurassic Park. 5'7" max
jj84 on LeBron James
i think lebron is a legit 6 foot 7 or 201-202 cm ! no more !
i have been next to a lot of professional players who are listed 6 ft 6 and i am 6 ft 4 and we are almost the same ! basketball players reals heights are almost 1 inch more than in real life
truth on Chloe Moretz
Literally looked 5'4.5" next to Denzel in Equalizer when in the scene: they were walking up the street late at night across the bridge. She was in Nike kicks and he was in regular black shoes.

Click Here
Tunman on Gwendoline Christie
@Emil 182
yeah,and in fact even 500,000-700,000 women over 6' in US is too much,it's more likely 500,000 women worldwide over 6' still I can believe there is nearly 200,000 women in US over 6'as the life standards in US are quite high overall
Mid190s on Rob Paul
@james b

Are you sure they were 6'6?

I pretty much know for certain when I'm in the pressense of someone 6'6+ Because it's basically anyone taller than myself. It is very rare air. legit 6'6 is gargantuan.
Lorne??? on Scott Bakula
Danny Pino was clearly taller than him in SCU, though Bakula's posture wasn't perfect. Also, when in Equal footwear, Pino is certainly taller than Ice T.

My point being that Danny Pino is clearly over 5'11; He's not a full 6 feet, mind you, but maybe 182.

Bakula has clearly lost height, today(from what I've seen) he likely isn't much over 5'11. I don't think he was ever a big 6 footer, but 5'11.5-75 is certainly believable.
ferris on Height Request
Rob, my last comment? Robin Shou?
[Editor Rob: he is worth a page on here yes.]
Strongduty24 on Height Request
William Lucking's Height: Is he still 6'5 of his is height different
travis on Sabrina Carpenter
5 even
anon on Rob Paul
@Rob, any guess on this girl's height?

Click Here
Click Here
[Editor Rob: a bit above average, but more bikini shots would be needed!

Smoosh on John Cena
And also Finn Baylor is 5'10 not 5'11, have trained with him in the past
Smoosh on John Cena
John is closer to 5'11.75 than he is to 6'1
Drew on Shia LaBeouf
@tony t. He looks like he has bulked a good 10-15 pounds compared to the Transformers days.
JK1964 on Charles Bronson
Looks about 5"8 -5"9 max am watching hard times right now and he's clearly at least 5 inches shorter then Coburn
spainmen191cm on Melanie Griffith
Rob, how tall do you think is jesse johnson?(the guy in the photo)
Click Here
Christian on Ringo Starr
-Rob. Before you said that you thought Ringo was 5'6'' maximum in the 60:s but now you have him at 5'7'' peak. What made you change your mind?
[Editor Rob: from looking at more footage I think there was a chance he was near 5ft 7 and shrunk by now.]
vaiski on Rob Paul
I've claimed 181cm before, is that too bold? Also, my wingspan is about 190 cm. Do you think that's more than avarage for people my height?
grizz on Calvin Harris
@Bishop, I wouldn't go that far as describing Taylor being 5'9. I totally forgot about "heels not givin' that much height" thing. So, with these monstrous 6˝ heels she probably gets 4.5-4.75˝. In your photo she's 4 in shorter than 6'5.5˝ Calvin (I know it's slightly less, but Calvin isn't carrying perfect posture so I upped it up), who, with dress shoes, is 6'6.5˝. So, she's 6'2.5˝ with heels or 5'9.75˝-5'10˝ barefoot. Roughly 5'10.
Wow, I have no life.
MaryAnne on Height Request
Erin O'connor 6'1 from an interview
Well, I'm not really in a position to be biased, being over six foot myself. One of my first boyfriends was the same height as me and by the end of the relationship, I had outgrown him, which I thought was very funny.
[Editor Rob: this was the model who measured Gordon Ramsay, she was measured just under 6ft 1...but I don't know what they're footwear was or if they even took their footwear off or not...]
HeightcrazyRed6ft on The Undertaker
joey says on 27/May/15
... To me Sid is his 6'8" he ever announes that often by himself...

Click Here
Nuff said
MaryAnne on Height Request
Alek Wek: from her autobiography 5'11
"I got my long body from my father—I'm nearly six feet tall—and my mother gave me her smile. My inky skin came from both of them."
Yo on Bella Thorne
Her and 5'2 1/2 Katie Stevens. Click Here
[Editor Rob: Katie has said 5ft 3 a few times, in a couple other photos there's a bigger difference nearer 4 inches but maybe bella has better posture.]
vaiski on Rob Paul
Hi Rob! My morning height is 181,3cm and my evening low is 179,5cm. Is it reasonable to claim 180cm or 5'11''?
[Editor Rob: yes, perfectly reasonable to go with 180cm.]
MaryAnne on Height Request
Elsa Hosk:
From 2005-Height: 5'9" / 176cm (MIKAs says 5'8 1/2)
174 is true for her
Didko on Jesse L Martin
spot on
Didko on Jesse L Martin
spot on
Jay on Beth Behrs
Ellen only looked an inch taller than Beth, while they were both wearing sneakers on her show today.
Josh b on Youtubers
excellent page rob :)
I know jesse from pvp and vlogs said 5'11
Matthew santoro said 5'6 but he's shorter
Ans Stuart ashen, or Ashens as 5'11 in a sporting event which he likey put there himself
Judd on Elvis Presley
[Editor Rob: I've went with the optimistic listing. ]

I have already realized them :)
Judd on Rob Paul
[Editor Rob: that's what each page is for :) Every page has the comment section, although I think at times people have used different pages, but it's ok the way it is I feel.]

Yeah I know I asked because as you said a lot of people do the same comments in many pages. :)
Arch Stanton on Barbara Harris
Hahah Click Here See 56:52. Her profile card says 5 ft 6! Was she that low? Possible, but it makes Cushing's 5'11.5 look questionable if that is the case!
TNTinFL on Mark Ruffalo
Wow. He is a lot shorter than I thought.
I assumed he was in the 5'9" range. Guess he must wear lift or they use good camera angles on him.
Arch Stanton on Barbara Harris
She has a bit of hair advantage though, but I still think if he was about 6'0.5 in shoes she's be hitting 5 ft 10 in the heels, so something in 5 ft 7 range seems a good shout actually.
Arch Stanton on Barbara Harris
Click Here

See she could look 1.5-2 inches off Cushing's height in heels!!
[Editor Rob: she's got a lot of hair, he looks 3 inches taller, I could buy 5ft 6 range for her more than 5ft 8.]
Arch Stanton on Barbara Harris
Actually in looking again Barbara Shelley managed to pull off looking 5 ft 10 range in heels with Peter Cushing. Only about 2 inches between them. He'd have been around 6.0,5 in dress shoes so she was pulling off looking about 5'10.5 in heels. She might have been near 5 ft 8 actually! I didn't see her footwear but something like 5'7 range is quite possible.
Danimal on Andre The Giant
johnminton says on 25/May/15
andre 6'9.5 ha ha er4smiths so he was .5" shorter than nash and 3" shorter than paul white ha he was bigger than both and wilt was 7'1 abdre was only1" shorter just after surgery he was 7.5" taller than hogan peak 7ft plus no doubt

It's almost impossible to understand what you typed. It hurt my eyes to try and make sense of it.
Snoopdupe on CM Punk
Thank you for the picture Rob. It helps put an end to any of this under 5ft 11 nonsense. I haven't measure up to the guy but i have seen him in real life and it is very obvious that he sits within 5'11 to 6ft tall range. I would give him 5'11.5 personally.

And what a cool pic, and he isn't even standing bolt upright and height conscious as some seem to claim.
Danimal on Arnold Schwarzenegger
jus says on 23/May/15
I met him a few weeks husband is 6 Ft 1.5 .He was a couple of inches taller than Arnie.

He would have been the same height as your husband in his prime.
hijopotamus on Orlando Bloom
Orlando stands over 5'10" ish but looks shorter that Brad Pitt (a tad bit over 5'9" ) because of his small frame and terrible posture.
Ricky on Jerry Ferrara
I thought he was a 5'6" or 5'7". Shocked me that he's that short. I knew he was short, but not that short.
Arch Stanton on Barbara Harris
Imdb has Barbara Shelley at a whopping 5 ft 8!!
Arch Stanton on Barbara Harris
Rob there's another Barbara missing, Barbara Shelley. you should have seen her in a fair few Hammer Horror films. Saw The Gorgon earlier. I could have sworn that you added her on your own accord. She had a few notable roles.
josey wales on The Undertaker
@heihtcrazyred, i really wasnt aware of a visitor or potser called doink .. acyually it was my reference to the doink the clown wrestler of the 90'ies..bit tongue in cheek.. will keep in mind next time.
joe 193cm night on Jason Momoa
I still think a weak 6'4
Yo on Bella Thorne
It makes it obvious she's lying.
Andrea on Height Request
Rob, i remember you said you met him or something... How tall do you think Christian Jessen is? He said to be 6'2 on his twitter! I've seen him on tv sometimes in Embarassing Bodies. Also, have you got an idea on the other two doctors of the show? Pixie McKenna and Dawn Harper? Maybe you met them too?
[Editor Rob: he was filming a segment at the monorail at birmingham airport, even Jenny recognised him and she is usually unobservant. I really didn't think he was more than 6ft 1...I've no idea on the others, I didn't really watch more than a few episodes. I think it put me off my dinner :)]
joe 193cm night on Youtubers
Rob, you had already spoken to them online, I'm sure
katrina on Petra Kvitova
she is 6'0 to 6'0.5 but not quite 6'1 but is still very tall
j on Bruce Willis
he had to be 6 feet at his peak but said he was 6'1.
joe 193cm night on Youtubers
Rob, good idea
joe 193cm night on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
6'4 out of the question, never looked this time
Jay on Bailee Madison
I actually agree with Yo, that she looks more than an inch taller there.
Jay on Sabrina Carpenter
Rowan looks atleast 3 inches taller and she can still grow.
joe 193cm night on Eric Balfour
totigno on General Height
Alex says on 26/May/15
5'9 is a little short I'm 5'8.5 without shoes and I feel pretty short
i don't
Crane on Jon Jones
Judged by his pic with LESNAR. Jones is a solid 6'4 no more no less.. Silva looks 6'1.25 toe to toe face to face with a 6'1 Chris Weidman in the 2013 weigh-in UFC video.
joe 193cm night on Bill Goldberg
Sting peak 6'2.75 (190 cm)
joe 193cm night on Mike The Miz Mizanin
damien sandow 6´3.25(191) 2 cm higher than the sheamus
Arch Stanton on Tom Hardy
Rob can you add Mad Max: Fury Road?
G on Kane Hodder
I watched Jason X, it seemed to me 6'2.5 or 6'2.75.
Arch Stanton on Brad Pitt
@Anon peach

If you read it I didn't say that! I was responding to the person who said that and I said "Do you realise how big 3-4 inch elevators would actually look? 10cm from shoes is crazy. I've yet to see Pitt in footwear which would give him over 2 inches. LOL the chances of 5 ft 8 and a half!! " !!
Jay on Miley Cyrus
She is not shorter than 5'5.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM on Youtubers
Dan Howell appears to be no more than 185-186 CM.
mId on Jon Jones
UFC just like boxing usually adds an inch or two to their fighters.
Cain has been listed both 6'2 and 6'1.. I give him 6' tops.. I think he's a little under that actually. Here he is with 6'1 Ronaldo. Click Here I saw the video these pictures came from and it's possible even that Ronaldo is barefooted since he came from the field and was wearing his soccershoes in his hands when he first greeted Cain. Here is Ronaldo with 6'3-4 Werdum Click Here And lastly Cain with Jones Click Here
Arch Stanton on General Height
Cudmore I guess looks good at 6 ft 7, a rare case, but he's too tall for comfort in my opinion.
Arch Stanton on Dharmendra
Bo says on 26/May/15
Sunny Deol is barely taller than salman Khan. He's somewhere in the 5'8" range. Somewhere between 5'8"-5'8.5"

Don't forget that Khan often wears lifts/clumpy shoes to look taller. I wouldn't be surprised if Sunny was actually a legit 5 ft 9 but Khan managed to pull off looking taller. Salman is the Indian Stallone.
joe 193cm night on Football Soccer
David Luis looks 188 cm - 189 cmClick Here
James B on Rob Paul
Rob today in my towns high street I walked past someone I vaguely know who in the past has claimed "6'6" for his height. when I walked past him he struck me as looking big and tall but not jaw droppingly biig. could he be lying about being 6'6 or do I have a unrealistic view of how tall 6'6 really is?

His claim could be genuine since he mentioned before that his doc said he should gets down to 15 stone for his height.
[Editor Rob: sometimes a 6ft 6 guy could slouch a bit and become nearer 6ft 4...a 6ft 6 guy with good posture and who doesn't slouch really stands out I feel in a crowd.]
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Let's wait and see if imdb downgrades Barbara Harris now ;-) 5 ft 7 is utter madness for her!
anon on Chris Evans
used to have this guy pegged as a strong 6. these days i'm not so sure. 182 cm for Chris methinks
Arch Stanton on Barbara Harris
Cheers Rob, much appreciated. Really like watching her. Yup I'd thought about 5 ft 5. 5 ft 7 for her is utter madness! There's a scene in Thousand Clowns walking with 5'9.5 Jason Robards and he's like near 3 inches taller and she's in heels!
[Editor Rob: yeah it's a bizarre guess as even with bruce dern she looks quite short.]
Key on Rob Paul
Hey Rob, what is your opinion of rounding up when you are at a half?
[Editor Rob: I think if you are giving a height to the closest half inch it is good, but how many people say 'and a half' really? Nowhere near as many who simply round to nearest whole inch.

In a way, the Metric system caters for those half inches easier, but I can't ever seeing Americans starting to give their height in centimetres more than feet/inches in my lifetime.]
182 cm evening height on General Height
A word on the effect of dairy/milk?

Various studies show that big milk drinkers grow more than those who don't drink milk, sometimes significantly so.

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