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28 July
gog on Ja Rule
as a 5'6er, the typical lie is saying that im 5'8, most people don't care/notice and believe me. but 5'9, is kind of a long shot. long shot indeed...
27 July
Insey on Justin Bieber
I met Ryan Sheckler a few years ago who is around two inches taller than JB. Doctors measured me on the scale as 5'8" in the am and Ryan's head came up to the middle of my forehead and I have a huge Somali forehead so there's probably a two inch difference between us, and I met him in the late afternoon. So my guess for JB is 5'6" on a good day. I highly doubt he grew in the past few years too.
Insey on Iskra Lawrence
@jajamen her waist is probably 26-27 inches but looks 23-24 inches because of her large lower body
Odinson on Gareth David Lloyd
Very solid built dude, Does he look solid to you celebheights? Also not sure if ive been answered but where would a 5'2 person come up on him?
Editor Rob: if you are on a phone, click the image and mugshot lines appear...5ft 2 might be just above his chin.
Hjkbsv on Stormzy
What are you guys on Antony Joshua is 6'6" and he's marginally shorter. Definite 6'5" in the morning.
Canson on Martin Lawrence
The one time I will agree with James. He's 5'7. Look at him in pics with Tommy Ford who has always looked legit 6'4. And in pics with the women in Martin Tichina Arnold and tisha Campbell he wasn't much taller than them
Canson on Will Smith
He looks prob 5" taller than Martin Lawrence on average. At most 6".
Luis on Football Soccer
I read an article about Valbuena, saying that he was bullied by two of his teammates in the dressing room, due to his height. That website stated that he stands at just 152cm, which is hard to believe. I think that was a typo, and they meant he is 162cm actually. This might be closest to the truth. Also on goal.com he listed as 163cm. No way is he 165cm as Kante.
Leonardo on Ian Whyte
7'0 3/4 in the afternoon, the giant king of Celebheights until nowadays.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Joe Manganiello
I'd say hes more likely to measure closer 6ft5 than 6ft4
Canson on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
@Candyman: you're right about Suggs. I've met him and he only in person looked around an inch (give or take) shorter than me. I'd put him in the 6'3-6'3.5 range.
french guy on General Height

i have looked the studies, go at figure 4, according to this height ranking beligum are the second tallest, the french are taller than swedish and
Belgium are actuallt even not in the top 10, it's not because they are neighbors of the netherlands that they have to be tall.
THE REAL ANNONYMOUS on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Junior31...Harold is a troll from Getbig! The more you feed him the more he trolls
I'm on the same page as you regarding Arnold's height 6'1-6'1.5
James B on Jack Swagger
Baron Corbin 6'6 (198cm)

Jack Swagger 6'4.75 (195cm)
Canson on Kobe Bryant
Now James love it how you conveniently left out the remainder of the quote where i said around 6'4.5 like Barkley for the "194" that you are so obsessed with. Since you have such senility and selective memory why don't you scroll all the way down to June 27th and find it. To my knowledge (oh and I am an avg 6'4.5 guy) that is 194.3 cm. that's over a flat 194 but under 195 right? So what is your argument here? Who are you trying to convince?
F.N on Iskra Lawrence
Can you add Stephanie Mcmahon height?And is it possible that she could be 1.72 cm, lets say 5-6 hours after waking up and if she is rested and well hydrated ?
TJE on Richard Madden
If he's downgraded at some point, a lot of other actors will need to be downgraded as well, especially Kit Harington and Alfie Allen since he's clearly more than 2 inches taller than them.
Canson on Rob Paul
@Tunman: 6'1 or 2 in the US looks tall even from a perspective of someone 6'4 and change. 6'2 is deemed by many the perfect height. I'd say if you aren't an pro athlete the 6'2-6'4 range is the catch all for many. You're still tall but aren't too tall to where it is a real inconvenience or where you look too awkward. And 6'1 isn't a small height at all and is "well" above average if proper measurement at lowest. The avg height seems inflated in my opinion most likely because they use IDs to gauge it and we know people lie on them. I'd say 5'8 or so is prob more like it. But not 5'10 like some say. I know a guy who isn't over maybe 6'2 or 6'2.5, an acquaintance that claims, well claimed 6'4 for a long time until once we were at a party and like 6 ppl called him and he finally said in shoes or that was what he was listed in baseball or something. Lol, then got mad with a couple of us because we didn't go along with it. I mean you've seen my post about my friend who is 5'11.5ish and I easily thought he was over 6' esp with his footwear choices. I think because so many ppl that were around us at the time were also 5'10 claiming 6'.
me on Big Show
How did Gene gain an inch on this page from when he is on the Andre page?
Equin0x on Brock Lesnar
Lesnar is one of them that's not height conscious due to his massive structure, he never seem to stand as tall as he could but he could really be about 190cm, I can't see the likes of Roman Reigns or Triple H being in the upper 6'2 range and Lesnar is actually taller than them!!?!
Jordan87 on Jon Jones
He Is no taller then His 6'3 Measured Brother in Any Pics. He isnt 6'4.
James on Football Soccer
Click Here
Judging by this picture, Paul Pogba seems to be close to 6'5" range, he's taller than Giroud and I don't think he's tiptoeing.
Eve on Mary Kate Olsen
Here Click Here MK and Ashley are dwarfed by their sister Elizabeth who is listed here as 5'4.5", but appears at least 6 inches taller than the twins... while 5'9" Cat Deeley and Heidi Klum look gigantic next to them. They must be under 4'11".
Jackob on Cara Delevingne
5'6 max
Jackob on Finn Balor
Here is an interesting photo from the closing if Raw this week? What do you say Rob? If Finn stood straight he would appear more weak 5'10 in my opinion.
Click Here
Crane on Richard Madden
Rob Paul height is 174 cm.
Crane on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
@The Man I was measured at 6'4.15 (193.4) on stadiometer after woke up for 6 hours. ^_^
gian92 on Vin Diesel
Rob please see this photo :

Click Here

With this boots he is near 6'0.5 but he is max 5'10 barefeet
period on David Wenham
5'10 flat
511.5 footwear
6'1 with hat
period on Seth Rollins
6'1.5 in my opinion
period on Finn Balor
on this weeks raw he looked atleast 5'10, especially in front of reigns. we wiill know better as weeks carry on and we sew finn in front of seth.
Anon on Drake Bell
@ Marshmallow it's because he never stands up straight
JW on John Schneider
I shook his hand a few years ago, and I am 6'3.25"
I stood right in front of him for awhile talking to him at a trade show
John is about .75" shorter than me so I'd put him at 6'2.5" tops
James B on Kevin Nash
Johan 6'8 is start of giant
Dom on William Fichtner
more than an inch between fichtner and miller on PB. He's more like 180.
mike on Jesse Eisenberg
Looking at your picture, he looks nothing more than 170cm flat.
mike on Fat Joe
Either Ronaldo is 6'3 or Fat Joe is about 178cm, no way this guy is 6ft, look at this photo next to SOLID 6'1 Ronaldo Click Here
Peter 179cm on Brent Spiner
Typical 5'9-5'9.5 man claiming 5'11...My guess is not over 176cm for him.
Phil on Brock Lesnar
@ crane
well said. brock is 6 foot 3 in the wwe universe,but 6 foot 2 or 6 foot 1 in real life.
Flyin on David Gyasi
Been watching containment, only on telly. Seems taller than 1 inch shorter than me.
James on Lionel Messi
@Johno Cristiano, Bale, Zidane, Henry, Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ibrahimovic seem to disagree with you :)
Shredder on Jared Leto
G is on a higher ground or bigger footwear , no way is Jared 5'7.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Bill Pullman
Could look a weak 6ft2 in Malice and Lost Highway...
Hannibal on Anthony Hopkins
Agio said on 24/Feb/14
I think he is about 171 cm or 173 174 but this is also short height 173 174 look same as 171 cm

Really? If you look closer you can see that 173 cm guy is taller than 171 cm. I'm 171 cm and my friend 173 cm he's got long legs but short torso, so almost opposite than I have, he also has "tall" shoulders and he's pretty slim which makes him look taller. if we are standing next to each other he definitely looks taller even from 30 meters. Still he's barely an inch taller than me and looks taller also from my perspective.

It also depends on what kind of bodytypes we have. Hopkins has always looked shorter than he is. Like 5'7 MAX (173cm)
James on Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano next to 189 cm listed (185-186 cm real height) Álvaro Morata:
Click Here

In the pic Cristiano really looks taller than Morata, 186 cm at least.

By the way, Morata is taller than 185 cm listed Fernando Torres:
Click Here
Shredder on Norman Reedus
I'd rule out 178 cm , that is 5'10 , 5'10.25 , He was max a little under 5'10.
littlesue on Richard Madden
Looks more 5ft 8.5 compared to you Rob
littlesue on Richard Beckinsale
His older daughter Samantha Beckinsale who was in London's burning is the complete female double of him!! she was quite a tall girl too.
littlesue on Louise Minchin
She mentioned her height again yesterday morning and said she always thought she was 5ft 8 but she was measured again and found she was a bit under it
Editor Rob: glad you caught and mentioned it!
Johno on Richard Madden
Alternatively, he could average exactly at Rob's height.
dustin on Hulk Hogan
Hogan looked as tall, or even a bit taller than Earthquake John Tenta who was measured as a sumo wrestler at 6'5.75". I think the 6'6" listing is spot on.
172.4cm guy on Josh Hutcherson
@Peter175. Good point about how "abnromal" Liam's height would be relative to Josh's from what is considered "average" height. The average height of a Hollywood movie actor is probably one inch above the actual world's average height, so in relation to the Hollywood average Josh is farther from that average, while in relation to the world's average height, Josh is farther from that average.
dewie on Kevin Nash
Nash 6ft9.25 taker 6ft8.25 kane 6ft8 sid 6ft7
Logic on Andre The Giant
dicksock said on 24/Jul/16

I noticed you have ignored the fact that Todd claimed Khali was the tallest of the three. Although Khali is listed as 7'1" on this site, he is the exact same height as Shaq, who is listed as 7' on this site. So according to Todd, Andre was noticeably shorter than a 7'-7'1" man. Once again, this shows that Andre was 6'11"-7'. Funny how that works isn't it?

Terry Todd did not say that Khali was the tallest of the three. JT was the one that said that in his question to Todd. Todd did not even mention Khali's name in his response to JT. But what Todd did say in his response to JT was, "As for Andre’s height, he was a good 7′ early in his career, and maybe a bit more, but age, a terrible back, and gravity brought him “down” a peg or two."

So, Todd said that he thought that Andre was about 7' or so early in his career. As for me, I personally feel that Andre's peak height was between 6'11"-7'. And more precisely I would say that he looked a tad over 6' 11" in the late 1970' early 1980's. But since I have not seen enough photos of Andre in his early 20's standing beside other tall people I cannot say for sure if he ever reached the 7' mark. But I feel that he did reach the 6'11" mark and he may have possibly been 7' out of bed in his early 20's.

Here is Terry Todd's response to JT question.


Terry Todd said on July 12, 2010:


I just became aware of your post and thought I’d respond. I agree that the Big Show of ten years ago would be very close to Mark in shoulder breadth. I saw him many times during that period and he was truly broad–and also very strong in his shoulders even though he didn’t push it in the gym even then. Regarding his hand size relative to Andre’s, having been around both quite often I have to disagree as I believe Andre’s hands were significantly wider than Big Show’s–just as
Andre’s feet were much larger in both length and width than Show’s.

I agree with your general points about Howard, although he’s so much wider than almost all of the other NBA big men that his measurement would be interesting to see–although not up in the Henry, Williams, and Show category. As for Andre’s height, he was a good 7′ early in his career, and maybe a bit more, but age, a terrible back, and gravity brought him “down” a peg or two. I saw him on several occasions when he weighed over 500 pounds, but I also saw him in Georgia shortly after he cam down from Canada and I suspect he was within 15 pounds of 400, one way or the other. This was about 40 years ago; I went backstage to meet him, interview him, and take a few photos with him. I still recall how “inhuman” he looked and how amazingly agile he was. For example, at one point in the match he ran across the ring, jumped over the top rope, caught the top rope in one hand for control as he went over, and landed on the floor just outside the ring.
dewie on The Undertaker
Nash 209cm taker 205cm kane 203cm
kalu on Aishwarya Rai
Click Here deepika totally towers over srk
Junior31 on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jordan87 said on 26/Jul/16

I have been saying he was around the 6 foot mark ( Prime)for awhile now and yes that Video would seem to support my Theory further. People also act like 6 foot isnt tall enough. Agree, Most modern Males I see in the 20-30 age group are in the 5'11-6'0 range but 30 years ago a legit 6 foot was tall and would stand out. Especially One with Arnol'ds build.

If we look Back at the Kristanna Loken Pics, he was 1.5 inches taller than her and clearny had 1" Shoe advantage so in reality he was around 1/2" taller then her when he was 56 years old making him 5'11ish. ( She is 5'10.5 Tops on this site pictured with Rob). I could see him loosing 3 inches by 56, hell not even now.

He was 5'11ish at age 56 and 6'0-6'0.5 Tops in his youth.

Wait what. Most modern males between 20-30 5'11 and 6'0? In what country. That average height is 2 inches or more shorter then that for the world. We are talking 30-40 years ago. Not an evolutionary century. A 6ft male stands out quite often because it's not average. I disagree with that. As for his height I can buy 6'0.5. I'm of the belief he was 6'1.
James on Colin Ferguson
Id give him 5"10 - 179 in shoes which might give him half an inch . 5"10 flat barefoot
Editor Rob: I don't think he is that short.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius on General Height
Rob now that your nearly 40 does 20 seem a long time ago too for you when you were 30 did 20 like only yesterday for you and 50 isn't too far away for you since your pushing 40.
truth on General Height
@Joe I agree, young Spaniards are proven to be around 5'9 at most and 5'8.5 for the overall Spanish population. So 5'7-5'11 there is average range and 5'11.5 or more is tall, 5'6.5 or less is short.
175 cm on Taylor Swift
Now her 5ft 9.25in (176 cm) and I'm happy :-))
At least Harry no longer shorter...
Anthony on Taylor Swift
Rob, I really think she's anywhere between a solid 5'9-5'9.25 at the end of the day. Hard to see her anywhere under 5'9 but what do you think her peak/morning height is, Rob??
175 cm on Leonardo DiCaprio
Good job! :)
kalu on Aishwarya Rai
Click Here deepika totally towers over srk
Johan on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Kyuss123 said on 25/Jul/16
Click Here Pause the video on 0.33. Mrs Ball is 5.6-5" tall. Now if you see arnie being 6-2" you are on acid,lots of it. Btw footwear is both flats so its even in that dept. Arnie was never 6-2". Imo here is he just over 6-0.

I don't see 6ft 2 there but if she is really 5ft 6.5 then a good 6ft 1 in his prime is definetly arguable. He has around 7 inches on her at 0.32. Draw the lines, her head is under his nose.

He is fully stretched out though while she isn't at full posture so 6ft 1 flat is still my guess.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Hugh Jackman
Looked nothing under 6ft2 10-15 years ago and more often could appear 189cm zone
175 cm on David Beckham
Click Here
Ronaldo's drops height due to posture and also shoe disadvantage. Becks most probably in cubans - as always - and Cristiano in soccer boats (on grass you no what that means...). So CR7 is at least 2.5" taller.

Out there are a lot better pics than this one!!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Ryan Reynolds
I wonder how he'd look next to guys like Josh Hartnett, Tom Welling and Idris Elba…
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on James Gandolfini
I think 6ft2 peak for Adler is fair if he was still about 6ft1 when on The Sopranos. Looked bang on the same as Gandolfini
Andrew M on Katey Sagal
In an "8 Simple Rules" episode Kaley Cuoco doesn't want her mom (Katey) to know who she's phoning, and warns them "If a tall woman answers, hang up!"
Later the phone rings, Katey answers it, and after a short pause says "I don't know...5' 8" ?"
Lynn on Richard Madden
You are on a box Rob, ain't you?
Editor Rob: I'd look a lot taller if I did!
heightchecker34 on Finn Balor
@darius i hate when people use the word "towering" without knowing what it means. Towering means there is a huge difference in size and/or height. 6 inches or more is about the start of when someone might tower another. I'm 5'9, and I would say I don't feel towered until a person around the 6'3 mark is standing next to me. I am also of average size. John Cena should not tower Finn Balor because there is a 3-3.5 inch difference.... noticeable, but not a giant difference.
Johnny on Rob Paul
@Rob if 181 cm is my lowest measurement after a very hard day when my back took a lot of stress....which listing would I get on your site if i was a celebrity?
Editor Rob: really depends on how you look with others or if I met in person, you might look taller/shorter! But most likely 5ft 11.5
truth on General Height
@175 cm 5'9-5'10? That low ? I know Germans are not 6'0+ as many here say who are uneducated by height or are simply trolling but based on me already visiting Baden - Würtenberg and knowing Germans from Bavaria, North - Rhine Westphalia and around Berlin I would guess the heights of the German population as followed:

Bavaria (the shortest): 177 cm-178 cm (young people 178-179 cm) ~ similar but slightly taller than Hungary at 176-177cm
Baden Würtenberg: 178-179 cm (young people 179-180 cm) ~ similar but slightly taller than the Swiss at 178-179cm
Brandeburg (Berlin area): 179-180 cm (young people 180-181 cm) ~ similar but slightly taller than Poles at 178.5-179.5cm
Schleswig - Holstein: 179.5-180.5 cm (young people 180-181 cm) ~ the same as Danes at 180-181 cm
North Rhine - Westphalia 180-181 cm (young people 181 - 182 cm) ~ similar but slightly shorter than the Dutch at 183-184cm

You definitely live in the tallest region in Germany that's for sure.
184guy on Shaquille O'Neal
Do me a favor.Wrote everything that you want to sent to me in just one post to not trash the page with our discussions
About the 194 . When you say someone is 194-195 you are saying that he can be any height from 194 to 195 so .You are saying that he could be 194 yes,that he could be 195 yes,that he could be 194.5, 194.1 194.7 whatever.The point is.He never looks as short as 194 and you are still saying that he could be 194.The min that you could claim is 195 and you still go towards 194 like I explain before.You have even admit that he looks taller than Charles Barkley who you also claim the 6'4.575

After being about 18 months on the site,I can safely say that i Trained my view and conceptions about height . I know how tall is 195 , I know the difference between 193 and 195 and I know how both are such a perfect height for every male.I do not want any other discussion with you about those guys.I believe is very irritating and disturbing for both sides.
The last Ad is : Observe the proofs.There is a lot of them.There is more chances of Kobe being 6'5 (as he looked with Manning) than just the 6'4 5/8 The evidences exist,you just can't ignore them
jeremy on Dan Carter
6 ft 3.75 for sonny bill probably about the same as jason momoa or joel mchale
straightahead on Vince McMahon
@RealTd said on 27/May/16
Vince was 183cm back in the day, 6'1 in shoes. Today 5'11, 6 ft in shies, period.

I wouldnt even go that far, he looked more like 5'11 1/2 peak since he Bret Hart always edged him out, and he have had no reason to lost any height (only besides age) today he's still close to 5'11
Roman Reigns on Dean Ambrose
6'1", 215 pounds
Alex on Channing Tatum
Yh never bought the 6'1" he's been given in the past. Looked a couple of inches shorter than Robert Hoffman and Vinnie Jones in She's the man (both listed as 6'2") and about 6 inches taller than 5'5-5'6 Dave Franco!
The Man on General Height
Click Here Rob how tall do you think this girl is next to this guy? He claims 6'4", and he's wearing relatively thick boots, so my guess in 4'11" for the girl. I found it on a Reddit site Btw
Click Here
Greg on Brad Pitt
@guk I know exactly what you mean, lots of guys a little under 6'0 want to try to pull off claiming 6'0 when in reality they are an inch or two below. It must have been someone quite short right? Because I feel like someone over 6'0 would be able to kind of tell what 6'0 looks like which would actually be around 6'1 in shoes. But yeah I even know people who are like 6'2" that try to claim 6'4" which is ridiclous because they are tall enough idk why try to say that they are even taller.
Alex on Justin Bieber
5'9" I'd say, taller than David Arquette yet shorter than Orlando Bloom (both guys he's tussled with)
Johnson on General Height
@johnson just my correction: my 6 marks are 180, 178, 175. And 168, 165 and 163!!!
Alex on Alan Rickman
I second what the first guy said, I always misquoted it as "6'4" tight t-shirt wearing boyfriend" as that would make more sense to make it seem like he'd dwarf him. Doesn't make sense that he'd say 6' if he's already taller than that. Looked shorter than Ralph Fiennes in some scenes in Hp. Could've been 5'10" at shortest but shorter than yet the closest thing to 6'. Maybe 5'11.75". Either way RIP to a fantastic actor!
Alex on Alan Rickman
I second what the first guy said, I was misquoted it as "6'4" tight t-shirt wearing boyfriend" as that would make more sense to make it seem like he'd dwarf him. Doesn't make sense that he'd say 6' if he's already taller than that. Looked shorter than Ralph Fiennes in some scenes in Hp. Could've been 5'10" at shortest but also the shortest yet closest thing to 6'. Maybe 5'11.75". Either way RIP to a fantastic actor!
Johnson on Neymar
@blink thanks it is at 13 minutes. Funny because Mascherano and Neymar are exactly the same in my opinion
RP on Stone Cold Steve Austin
IMO...he got measured & weighed with shows on & fully clothed. So, if that's the case ? 6'1-1/2" & 272 lbs would make him barefoot 6'0-3/8" to 6'0-1/2" & stripped down to his underwear (true bodyweight) 265-267 lbs.
Max184cm on Youtubers
Hey Rob, do you think you might give Andrew Hales a page?
Guts on Richard Madden
175cm Max maybe even 174.5cm

Never thought he was a shortish guy on Game Of Thrones always bought his 1.8m listed height. Just goes to show the difference of heights on and off screen
Devin Jenta on Ronda Rousey
Anyone is

Joanna Jedrzejczyk

5'5" or 5'6"
NX on General Height
Rob where would a 6'5 guys eye level be?

Would it be around 5'11 because i saw a 6'5 guy today and he was a full head taller than me and im around 5'10ish in the evening.
Editor Rob: if you have a 6 inch eyelevel at 6ft 5 you will have an enormous head or a massive imbalance between eye-top of head vs eye-chin.

More likely 6ft range than 5ft 11.
lesanderv on Channing Tatum
Totally agree with Dmeyer
Arch Stanton on Johnny Weissmuller
Certainly did look it. Yes, unlike today's roid munching gym rats, he looked naturally athletic and healthy, when the emphasis was on aesthetics and not bulk. Did he bulk up a bit for Tarzan though, I wouldn't have guessed him under 200 pounds in the 30s Tarzan films.
jonsnow on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
compared to some of the other people listed here he looks like a weak 6'2''. pretty crazy he has claimed 6'5''
jonsnow on Conan O'Brien
don't know about the difference in footwear but nate diaz is legit 6ft imo Click Here
Jed on Eric Cantona
Check the picture of him with Andy Murray (on Murray's instagram), Murray looks at least an inch taller.
grizz on Mike Colter
Looking forward seeing him in Luke Cage. Dude's huge. He sale he put on 30lbs for Jessica Jones show. How much does he weigh now -220-230 lbs?
175 cm on Football Soccer
Manuel Neuer
6ft 3.75in (192 cm)
1,92M billed at Schalke (2011)
We need him, we want him :-!
Editor Rob: I think almost 6ft 4 could be a good figure really.
Rahul on Amitabh Bachchan
Hello Wasay, Abhishek is around 187.5 cms. He could be half an inch below Akram.
Jackson Martinez on Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
Hi, in which Video is that?
Rob, isn't a downgrade needed after your helplines?
Editor Rob: I was trying to show that Nairn is taller in person than Hafthor.

The lines are a guide, but in many cases I feel are pretty accurate, in other cases though a celebrity can look shorter/taller than they suggest.
I do think he is over 6ft 7, but maybe not a full 6ft 8.
The Man on Richard Madden
Weak 5'9"
MaryAnne on Height Request
Wednesday Request*

I request Emily DiDonato, an american model.She is listed 5'10 by her agency but when I did research about her height in some forums her height is said to be around 5'9-5'10.
with Gigi 5'9.5,Christy and Adriana both 5'10 and Jourdan 6'0.
Click Here

with Erin 5'10.5
Click Here

with Nina 5'9
Click Here
@HeightcrazyRed6ft on Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Rob, he stands a bit weird in this pic, bent knees? upperbody. did he look taller in person?
Editor Rob: in this shoot he was going forward onto his toes and raising up a bit his heel, although it didn't really change much, I think he is over six foot nearer dibiase 6ft 1, it's funny these 4 guys: Brutus, DiBiase, Road Warrior and Duggan all not much different in person.
height man on Lionel Messi
Pelé was 5'8 this is no near short, Johno
height man on Kit Harington
he is so much shorter than 5'9 richard madden
5'6 is way more apropriate
Parker on Alan Ladd
His own son put him at 5'6 or 5'7.

Click Here

My guess 166/167. We'll never know. Maybe Alan didn't know for sure himself.
Allie on Adriana Lima
if Camila Alves (Matthew McCon's wife) really is 5'9 like fashion sites use to say, that must mean Adriana Lima's 6'0- 6'1!
Shredder on Jesse Eisenberg
If he isn't loosing much posture than 5'7 at most
Shredder on Zach Galligan
I see it in a sneaker , I don't don't why he looked 5'9.5 max to me ? I guess we can underestimate people .
gregorio on Janice Dickinson
met her in nyc 5-8 tall with shoes trust me
RAJ on Jay Cutler
He does not look that much smaller than the rock at 5.20mins in this video...
Click Here
26 July
Aaron Zamora on Allison Janney
She came out with Conan today and she was wearing about 4 inch heels and Conan beat her by a lot. Janney is about 5'11 now it's time for a downgrade.
max on Football Soccer
Speaking about Valbuena, I found this picture of him next to a corner flag, in which he appears to be the same height as it.
Click Here
Now, I don't know if corner flags are all placed at same height everywhere, but here's a picture of Lionel Messi standing next to a corner flag.
Click Here
We can clearly notice Messi is taller than the corner flag. Comparing the pictures, there seems to be a 2.5 inch difference. This is just my opinion and my perspective, I don't know what you guys think. If Messi is 169cm (5 foot 6.5"), then Valbuena is 163-164cm (5 foot 4 or 5 foot 4.5")

Sorry, this is just my opinion guys :)
Original on Cristiano Ronaldo
He can be 6'1, either 6'0.5 or 6'1.
TJE on Richard Madden
Well, if he looked similar to Gemma-who's like 174.2- with a cm less footwear then that puts him at 5'9 flat; maybe a little more than if this was done at night.

With this and him with other celebs, I'd say 9.25 is a good estimate for Richard. Although Rob has observed that he's tucked somewhere between 175-176; he can pass for 177 in some pics with celebs.

Also seems to be a pleasant fellow but look more average in person; a short beard wouldn't hurt him.
Joe on Harry Styles
A legit 5'9 guy.
Leonardo on Dave Batista
Rob. When was that photo of Big Mamun with Batista?
Editor Rob: 2 years ago I think
Leonardo on Jessica Alba
Very sexy and beautiful women, 5'5.75 or maybe 5'6 flat, but 5'6.25 is near to impossible.
Lou on Maria Sharapova
Andy Murray is 6'3'' and 3 inches taller than Sharapova
Dave178 on Height Request
Could you please add director Werner Herzog? I think he looks in the 5'11" to 6'0" range standing next to Nicolas Cage.
Orlando on Saddam Hussein
Concerning population height one should consider the mode (value that appears most often in a set of data) instead of mean or average.
The Exorcist on Conor McGregor
Is 5'9" possible, Rob?

Here he is with 6'1" Cristiano Ronaldo. And Conor is barefoot.

Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: it is arguable there.
Dave on Timothy Dalton
He isn't shorter than Brosnon. If Timothy is 6'1" then Brosnon is 6'0" Timothy was always taller.
Erik on Tony Revolori
I can't believe this guy is playing Flash Thompson...
alley on Taylor Dye
Mick on Gisele Bundchen
Do you think 5'9.75 is possible?
J.Lee on Taylor Swift
Rob how about 5 ft 9.25 for both Taylor Swift and Katie Holmes? I think Holmes grew after pregnancy. You mentioned that some girls did. And she looks at least as tall as Taylor.
mrtguy on Iskra Lawrence
She's very pretty and I'm going with a solid 5'8'' for her
mrtguy on Big Show
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 24/Jul/16
If it were Andre, JT would´ve been the very very first to point to this Click Here

It is very true does JT have something against Andre??
Original on Cristiano Ronaldo
Video: 3:00 / 3:07
5' inch difference. Really is probably about 4' inch. difference between McGregor and Ronaldo. McGregor is between 5'8 and 5'9. Probably Ronaldo is about 6'0.5" or 184cm, 186/7 with shoes.
Canson on Dwyane Wade
with Udonis Haslem who is 6'7.75 in shoes

Click Here
Attitude on Triple H
Triple H's Logger/Biker Boots (you can clearly tell there's a slope on his footwear):

Click Here

His in-ring boots from around the same time frame ('01/'02):

Click Here

Kane's boot lifts for comparison:

Click Here
Attitude on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Also, came across this (The Rock 1998/1999 and Shaq):

Click Here
Dmeyer on Michael Rapaport
Pitt has more shoes than rapaport and yet looks à solid 11-12cm smaller rapaport looks 6'4 in pics with pitt
Attitude on Shawn Michaels
Sorry for the double post, but since you've seen my comparisons, you can tell from this photo that HBK's boots had an extensive heel, not as much as Kane's I reckon, butlarger than guys like the Rock or Triple H

HBK's boot [2.5 inches at least] (I think he dropped the lifted boots in '06 or '07 as photos afterwards his boots look more normal, but alas here he is still wearing height enhancing boots):

Click Here

Kane (2.5-3 inches):

Click Here

Triple H (1.5-2 inch increase):

Click Here

The Undertaker (normal):

Click Here

The Rock (1.5 inch perhaps?):

Click Here

Bret Hart (flattest boot I've seen, which makes the HBK-Bret comparisons null and void since it isn't fair that HBK's got advantage):

Click Here
Attitude on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
The Rock's boots during the attitude era (photo is circa 1998/1999):

Click Here

I reckon it gives a bit of a boost compared to regular street shoes (in order to look larger than life in the fan's POV). Steve Austin tended to wear flatter boots than Rocky.

You can see Austin's style of boot here:

Click Here

and Helmsley's boots from that same era as well:

Click Here

You can also see Kane's boots (largest in-ring boots I know of at the moment):

Click Here
Max184cm on Yousef Erakat
Looks 5' 9" - 5' 9.5" more than 5' 9.5" - 5' 10".
Attitude on Kane
Kane's boots during the attitude era:

Click Here

Probably gives 3 inches at the highest point of the heel but gives more or less 2.5 inches.
Attitude on Shawn Michaels
I dunno. Benoit is described by Kurt Angle as 5'8" (Which I believe to be the most accurate; he just has too short proportions to be taller) and Shawn Michaels was only 2 inches taller (Remember, HBK's boots have an extremely thick heel, but I think Benoit's does too).

Click Here

You can also find pictures of Brian Pillman (5'10") on WWE's site where there are full body shots with him and a clear boot lift.

Click Here

And here:

Click Here

You can see Triple H wore similar style boots (looks like a logger boot/motorcycle boot with logger style out sole) that have a major heel (lift inside?):

Click Here

and him wrestling during the same era (2001/2002):

Click Here

Here's Kane's boots for comparison:

Click Here

I am absolutely sure that wrestlers are self conscious about their height.
Pitts on Richard Madden
You two look bang-on the same height in that picture. I literally see no difference at all in that picture. Now, if you are to take into account your 1 cm shoe advantage, then he is exactly 1 cm taller than you. 174-175 cm would be his height. I don't see 176 cm for him.
Cooper on Raymond Teller
Rob, he seems to be a strong 5'8" (~5'8.25") like you. But, you have to take into account his age of 68. Just recently he was seen with Jesse Eisenberg (whose 5'7.25") and Teller was approximately a full inch taller than him (making him 5'8.25" or so). However, like I said before, this is him at the age of 68. I have no idea what the average height loss of a 68 year old male is; you probably know better. With that being said, what would you guess his 'prime height' to be if his current height is 5'8.25"?
Editor Rob: he might have only lost a fraction, I will still go with his own 5ft 8 claim though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Rocky Carroll
Looks 5ft10ish...huge forehead
172.4cm guy on Clara Paget
No way is Clara 5'8". She looks about 171-172cm in Black Sails, and she's wearing boots! If anything somewhere around 167cm might be more realistic, especially since there is clear height difference between her and Cara, a 170cm woman, in @CD's pic.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on James Read
Looked similar in height to Brosnan, maybe a hair taller. But Pierce was most likely 6ft1½ range...so 6ft2 is still ok for this guy
J on Kate Upton
I saw Kate Upton walking in NYC, literally was two feet from her. She's easily 6'. Not exaggerating at all. I'd say she's probably closer to 6'1". She was freakishly tall, wearing only sneakers.
ShortRussianDude on Louise Minchin
is 5'8 really only tallish for a woman? or legit tall?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Sigourney Weaver
181cm peak
Kim on Sneaker Heights
Hey rov how mich do u think the Jordan futures give you for heel height
Flyin on Gary Sinise
Had me fooled for years. Thought 5'9 flat
Suhel Ahmed on Seth Rollins
I'm 15 n I'm 5'10. I'm looking for taller then lesnar ( 6'3)
Arch Stanton on Louise Minchin
Rob, you might want to add a caption like (second from left) for those not as familiar with the name!
175 cm on Robyn Lawley
To discuss whether a girl/woman is attractive or not is a far more subjective than guessing heights...
SAK on Louise Minchin
How tall is the male bbc news presenter in the photo above?
Editor Rob: well I think Minchin is probably 172ish, near enough to 5ft 8, the guy Charlie could be somewhere in 5ft 8-9 range himself
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Sam Smith
Good call
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Michael Trucco
Today I would definitely say more 6ft1 range

But, Rob why not 6ft2 peak?
Editor Rob: I think almost 6ft 2 zone might be what he is at least on Galactica I thought after watching a few episodes again.
Canson on Dwyane Wade

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Pierce Brosnan
Rob, who do you think would measure taller in their prime Brosnan or Pullman?
Editor Rob: hard to call that one, either really could edge out the other.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Bill Pullman
Rob, how likely is under 6ft1 today?
Editor Rob: he can look a weak 6ft 1 at times.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Triple H
Peak: 188-189cm
Today: 187-188cm
Canson on Dwyane Wade

Click Here
Canson on Dwyane Wade
@GP: what you said is correct. And Shane just said the same that you lose it in the first hour in his post. Nobody is arguing with you. However your comment that he "measured it" Is an assumption. They listed that for him as they have listed it for everyone else. Some are legitimately listed with their barefoot heights others are not. I know a scout who has told me that what Shane mentioned below does in fact happen (shoe measurement moved over to barefoot). So when Shane and I mention that it's more that Wade doesn't look that height and never has.

I am also going off two other people who are here on this site who've met him. One said himself he's under 6'3 (this guy is 6'5), and others who have seen him all over the net and said he's under 6'3 possibly. I mean Lebron and Haslem have all said he's at most 6'3 and Spoelstra said "he's 6'4" on a good day. That's not a connotation used for someone 6'3.75. It's someone smaller usually nowhere near 6'4".
jwych on Taylor Swift
Taylor has to be shorter than 5'9 because in a picture with Maggie Gyllenhaal she is appears shorter:
Click Here

Maggie is listed as 5'9 on this site
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Wood Harris
Elba - 190cm
Reddick - 189cm
Doman - 189cm
Harris - 188cm
Jordan87 on Arnold Schwarzenegger

I have been saying he was around the 6 foot mark ( Prime)for awhile now and yes that Video would seem to support my Theory further. People also act like 6 foot isnt tall enough. Agree, Most modern Males I see in the 20-30 age group are in the 5'11-6'0 range but 30 years ago a legit 6 foot was tall and would stand out. Especially One with Arnol'ds build.

If we look Back at the Kristanna Loken Pics, he was 1.5 inches taller than her and clearny had 1" Shoe advantage so in reality he was around 1/2" taller then her when he was 56 years old making him 5'11ish. ( She is 5'10.5 Tops on this site pictured with Rob). I could see him loosing 3 inches by 56, hell not even now.

He was 5'11ish at age 56 and 6'0-6'0.5 Tops in his youth.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Dominic West
He definitely wasn't under 6ft2. He was already in his late 50's when The Wire started so he may even have lost a fraction by then. He didn't start acting until later so there's nothing of him in his 20's-30's
truth on Christian Bale
I think he is more 5'11.75 or 5'11.5 minimum rather than a full 6'0 but a flat 5'11 is definitely too low for him and only insecure people would say he is that height.
Nobody on Jack Swagger
Legit 6'6 Baron Corbin had an inch on Swagger during their match on Main Event
175 cm on Cristiano Ronaldo
McGregor's closer to the cam. But if Conor's "only" a solid 5'8" Ronaldo has to be under 6'1"!
175 cm on Conor McGregor
5ft 9 next to CR7 . Check Insta
Linke on Finn Balor
Looked weak 5'10 next to Reigns. 176-177 cms maybe.
Candyman on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Actors lie in movies. Its kinda their thing.
Andrea on Richard Madden
Yeah, it is quite "clear" he isn't over 174 in the picture... Maybe the fact he's got a small(er) head fooled you into believing he's slightly taller when he really isn't (or at least it looks like that)! That or a couple of cms went lost, again...
Editor Rob: it is always possible I thought he was a fraction taller, but overall he can look a decent 5ft 9 with other people.
Andrea on RJ Mitte
Well, if you are 169-170 in the picture, RJ looks more around 176 in the picture!
It is believable that standing straight he'd measure somewhere near 180, though! I don't know about 181, maybe 5'11 flat would be a slightly better listing...
One thing is sure, he's not a 6'1 or even 6'!!!
Editor Rob: you can see in premiere photos his height varies a lot, as it can in person.
@HeightcrazyRed6ft on Richard Madden
Looks same height as Rob in this picture looking at the top of their heads.
Shoulderheight is also equal.
Judging by this pic and adding the footweardisadvantage he´s 174-174,5cm 5´8.5"-5´8.75".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Liam Neeson
Conan O'Brien - 193cm
Liam Neeson - 194cm
kalu on Aishwarya Rai
Click Here deepika towers over srk
Josh on Dan Carter
The greatest fly half ever to pick up a ruby ball, would have guessed about 5 10, thanks Rob.
Aaron Zamora on Bryan Cranston
I think that he deserves a peak height now.
Dost on Aishwarya Rai
Watch this video, especially from around 57:50...Diana Penty, in about 3" heels, towering over Kapil Sharma. She looks about 3" taller than him. I've seen Shilpa Shetty, Sushmita Sen, Deepika Padukone with similar heels next Kapil and they are only about 1" taller. So Diana is around 2" taller than Sushmita/Deepika/Shilpa, making her close to 5'10".

Also, in this same clip, with 3" heels she looks just as tall as the 6'1" Abhay Deol...so again that makes her out to around 5'10"..very tall indeed!

Click Here
Josh on General Height
Imperial College London published results of a 100 year study into human height this week in the elife journal, ( Click Here ).The research team, which included almost 800 scientists and was in collaboration with the World Health Organization, used data from a wide range of sources, including military conscription data, health and nutrition population surveys, and epidemiological studies. They used these to generate height information for 18-year-olds in 1914 (who were born in 1896) through to 18-year-olds in 2014 (who were born in 1996).
Loads of interesting stuff in there but officially as of 2014 "Dutch men are the tallest on the planet, with an average height of 182.5cm (5ft 11.85). Latvian women are the tallest on the planet, with an average height of 170cm " , "The top four tallest countries for men are the Netherlands, Belgium, Estonia and Latvia. The top four tallest countries for women are Latvia, the Netherlands, Estonia and the Czech Republic"

Uk men are 31st in the world (average height 5ft 9) and those from the USA are 37th! Interesting stuff
Dr 188 on Brett Dalton
I have met him ,Unfortunately no pic , but he is definitely 188 cm
Antje on Taylor Swift
Her legs aren't long, she doesn't look very tall in proportions (though sometimes she manages to hide this with short dresses and high heels). If you see her in a bikini you'll notice her legs are short. but i guess 175-176 is where she stands. 5'9.25 might be more accurate.
Dr 188 on Donald Trump
Love this guy from the depth of my heart,but I at 188 feet tall,he seems to be atleast shorter than me.6 feet 1 is best for him
EveryoneCallsMeAMidget on Donald Trump
Click Here

Rob how tall do you think his 10 year old son is?
Editor Rob: 5ft 6?
xrid2 on Taylor Swift
Rob, so she is 176,05 cm's ?
nyc on Jesse Eisenberg
From the picture it looks like you're clearly leaning Rob. Leaning in, with less footwear, and the difference is still at least an inch. If you are truly 5'8", I would have guessed he's under 5'7".
Johnson on Bill Gates
@Rob nowadays Bill Gates is not over 174 cm. There are some pictures with Barcelona footballers Arda Turan (176 cm) and Aleix Vidal (178 cm)
kalu on Aishwarya Rai
Click Here deepika towers over srk
Buzzo on Sylvester Stallone
Rocky is shorter than me, at 5'8"?
What a shrimp! Of course, I wouldn't call him that in person.
Orlando on Tom Cruise
Check this photo of Tom Cruise next to Al Pacino Click Here
Editor Rob: also got Kidman in there, Pacino looks taller than 5ft 6 I'd think there...whether he wears lifts I don't know.
heightchecker34 on Daniel Craig
@ganggreen- why wouldn't 5'10.25 men wear lifts? I do not know Daniel Craig habits, but you are acting like its an above average height.. its average that's it... many men would wear lifts. I'm 5'9-5'9.25, and like @truth said below me 5'9-5'10 is average height, sometimes you feel tall and sometimes short. It just depends on your insecurities, or some people merely like to wear lifts for fashion purposes. Nothing wrong either way... and yet some don't even care. Everyone is different.
heightchecker34 on Fashion Model Heights
Rob, if you can add famous male models such as Jon Kortajarena, Noah Mills, Sean O'Pry, Tyson Ballou, Oriol Elcacho, Andres Velencoso Segura, it would mean the world to me! I have them listed at 6'1.5, 6'1.5, 6'0, 6'1, 6'1, and 6.3'5 respectively. Thank you!
Andrea on Dominic Purcell
Rob, i know you will say it's not an ideal photo but still... Look at Dominic with Josh Holloway: Click Here
Josh has footwear advantage, ok, but i bet that even barefoot he'd be easily taller than Dom!
Editor Rob: Dom might be giving up some footwear disadvantage, possibly a cm or so. Near the 187 / 185 guys beside him I think he holds up close to 6ft 1
LI on Cristiano Ronaldo
I think this is wrong, have you seen the new picture of him with conor mcgregor who is listed 5'8?
Check those pictures up where hes standing next to him in an octagon (cage). Conor mcgregor is also not wearing shoes while cristiano is wearing white airmax shoes which are like 1-1.5" inch thick or 3 cm. At the same the tip of conors head is just below cristianos eyebrows. I think cristiano is 182cm.
Dan on Robyn Lawley
Arch Stanton, you do realise that all men don't have the same taste in women do you? I don't find her attractive at all, like I said her body looks out of proportions to me. Accept the fact that your taste in women are not shared by every single other man on the planet. Her body is huge and her head looks tiny, bwark.
Spook on Harry Styles
5'8.75 and goes over 5'9 with boots. T Swift is about 5'8.5 but with heels is about the same.
heightchecker34 on Mesut Ozil
@spainmen191cm - nice! Yes, I'm glad he started to add a few models, although more males would be greatly appreciated! My favorite is David Gandy whom Rob added at 6'2, which shocked me because i always believed the 6'3 claim, but he is right. I wish he would add Jon Kortajarena, Sean O'Pry, Tyson Ballou etc.. if you have time i would love to go over what you think those models and others height wise look... my guess is J.K- 6.1'5, S O'Pry- 6'0, T. B- 6'1. what do you think?
Candyman on Brett Dalton
Earl said on 19/Jul/16
If you remove his hairline, i would say he is 6'0"

lazare on Robyn Lawley
Near Carson Daly they have the same height but I can't say if she has heels or not
Hound on Aishwarya Rai
While promoting happy bhaag jayegi in "The Kapil Sharma show" diana was as tall as abhay deol in heels(not so high). You all must watch
NX on Chip
I always thought he was taller than this
Max184cm on Yousef Erakat
Looks 5' 9" - 5' 9.5" more than 5' 9.5" - 5' 10".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on David Hasselhoff
Could look near 6ft6 on Knight Rider in those boots
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Clint Eastwood
Rob, how likely is 6ft3 flat peak?
Editor Rob: not sure I'd try to argue that low.
Chris Hastie on Tom Daley
He looks about my height I'm 178cn
Johan on Kevin Nash
6'9" is only 2 inches taller than 6'7" guys who are just extremely tall so I wouldn't call it a giant.

Over 6'10" makes the 6'7" guy feel short so that imo is a giant. Nash is in the top end of heights below the giant range.
Ice on Pablo Schreiber
@ Andrea youre obviously exclusive downgrader , there is no way this guy is below 6'5.
Alex 164cm 5'4 feet on Tom Felton
Rob, please answer this for me. If Grant Gustin is 5'11.5 and Grant's like more than 3 inches taller than Tom Felton. It was in a game with the cast of the Flash. Can you check it out and see if shoe and stuff like that made a difference?
Zoom Omega Distortion on Brandon Routh
6'2.75" :)
MaryAnne on Height Request
Tuesday Request*
I request Sean O'pry an American male supermodel. He is listed 6'1 from his agency. He is said to be around 6'0-5'11.

with Balmain Team.Between Marlon Teixeira who is lited 1.88 and Baptiste Giabiconi who is listed 6'0
Click Here
with Taylor Swift who is 1.77, in heels in the clip
Click Here
with Gisele in her massive heels
Click Here
Odinson on Michael Shanks
Lol don't mean to sound strange but this guy is handsome, I love his style of clothing. Good old 2000s I was just a baby.
Odinson on Ben Browder
How tall did he look to you? He looks 5'11...
EzioAuditore711 on Wretch 32
guessed*! Damn auto-correct!
Disco1964 on Lee Majors
About the height of Lee Majors I saw a picture taken during "the Big Valley" with Peter Breck (6'2") and Richard Long (6'0"), hard to believe Lee was just below 6'0". I thing he was, at this moment (his peak) 6'0" too.
Now, he 's probably between 5'10" and 5'11".
See on this picture, see the difference of the size or height of boots of Peter Breck and Lee Majors...

Click Here

What's your opinion ?
Editor Rob: today he probably is 5ft 10 and change, I suppose peak it could be argued he was a strong 5ft 11 range, although he only claimed the 5ft 11 himself.
Andrea on Richard Madden
So, again, some height got lost in the photo?
Editor Rob: it is either that or I guessed him a cm too high...
Verona Rios on Johnny Depp
His driver's license states 5'10 and we know he's not really that tall. Provided that, d's licenses are not a trustful source.
Verona Rios on James Dean
His driver's license says 5'6, so I think it's a great official argument to downgrade him.
Verona Rios on Whitney Houston
Whatever height she was she looked indeed somewhere between 5'7 to 5'9---nothing more nothing less!
grizz on General Height
According to eLife study from 2014, the tallest nation in the world are the Dutch (182.5 cm) while the tallest women come from Latvia (170 cm). Bosniaks and Croats stand at almost 181 cm on average.

There you have it, for you with horrible perception on height, 6'2 is UNIVERSALLY tall height everywhere. 6'1 is considered tall in almost every part of the world except for top 5 tallest nations (where it's considered above average at least!) and 6 feet is average only in the tallest nation and above average in remaining European countries (and tall everywhere outside Europe).
Ricky on Tom Cruise
Rob,anychance he is 5ft7.5in?
Editor Rob: it is a figure a good chunk of people probably would argue barefoot he could be.
175 cm on Robyn Lawley
Her shoe size is tiny for her height, 9.5AUS is equal to 40.5EUR or ~26cm <3!!
In a club I'd most probably dance to her HAHA disregarding voice & height. I hope she's in HighHeels...
175 cm on Cristiano Ronaldo
@Johno I would think a new Nike Vapour gives almost 2cm. But we don't actually know how old they were, so likely 5/8ths close enough to .5"
The Man on Richard Beckinsale
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Jul/16

That's incorrect. If he was wearing 2 inch heels, then he would look 6'0.5" or 6'1", not 6'2", since regular shoes have about an inch of heel height.
175 cm on Rob Paul
From my experience there's no effect, definitly.
The Man on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Crane said on 24/Jul/16

I'm assuming you're 6'3" - 6'4" right?
The Man on Benedict Cumberbatch
Looks rather 5'11" than 5'11.5", even with the shoe advantage. The most I'll give him is 5'11 1/4".
Dosti on Aishwarya Rai
We might be needing more proof for diana penty
This proof is not evident
Hopefully she gets more movie
Random on Joan Severance
Good looking. nice willowy figure. height seems probable
Random on Monika Schnarre
Looks really tall 6-6'1 and really good looking
175 cm on Robyn Lawley
I'd like to see a vid of Rob giving her an extremely accurate Inseam measurement. It's an idea for his YouTube? Probs he'd use a bit thicker book than normal...
Editor Rob: I'd be up for it.
Random on Robyn Lawley
Tall and hot ..... 6'2" - wow!
175 cm on Richard Madden
What's his head size? In the pic you are virtually the same but with shoe and angle disadvantage he could be 5ft 9.25, right?
Editor Rob: his head is probably no more than 9 inch...although in person certainly not small head.
Lmeister on Mesut Ozil
Maybe the Mesut Özil 177cm listing is a bit too low. Since Douglas Costa is 170cm -> Mario Götze is 171-173cm and Özil is clearly taller than Götze. Özil looks 3-4cm shorter than 182cm Podolski. I think we need a pic of Özil and Joshua Kimmich 176cm.

Short Munchen guys
- Joshua Kimmich 176cm (listed 176cm)
- Götze 173cm (listed 176cm, but shorter than Kimmich) -> Borussi Dortmund
- Lahm 170-1cm (listed 170cm)
- Ribery 170cm (listed 170cm)
- Douglas Costa 170cm (listed 170-2cm)
- Juan Bernat 168.5cm (listed 170-2cm)
Jackson on Brad Pitt
I am 5'10.5-5'11 for most of the day and get guessed at 6 foot and 5'11 mostly and 5'10 being less frequent
Which makes me think Brad is about the same exact height. In some settings I feel I can look 5'9 ish which is why some people guess him at that
Jackson on Justin Bieber
@a Jake Miller is more 5'7.5 ish and has a big shoe advantage on Justin and just a tad bit taller
Johan on General Height
175 cm said on 23/Jul/16
I'm 100% German (proud;)) and can assure you the average (18-40y/o evening/night) is no more than 5ft 10 - at least in NRW. If I wouldn't exclude the group of refugees (~5ft 7) and the other nations it is closer to 5ft 9.
Most values you can find are self-reported or late morning measurements. 5ft 11 range is more than inflated.

If we consider all groups of ages I feel well above average...

Finally, someone honest who comes to squash another myth. I used to go to Germany on vacation alot and I would have thought the same that 178 cm was about average.
I always felt tall there not so much as in France but still compared to the Netherlands it was clear you guys are shorter.

Still see many posts here claiming that men are more than 182 cm on average here, its not true im above average and 'only' 185 cm.

A reason also that we Dutch have grown so fast is also growth hormones. Im really against this stuff but its everywhere and even accepted by doctors in the country. Its in our food, milk ( so yes cheese Sammy)and other produce.
bojack on Karlie Kloss
I forgot to add the video, here it is Click Here
bojack on Karlie Kloss
Rob, here's a video of Karlie and Sean o' pry dancing at some martial arts studio. Because they're wearing gi's, it's logical to assume that they are barefoot, and since they're at a martial arts studio, you can assume that the ground is flat. So what would you put O'pry at? 6'0.25?
hmm on Kendrick Lamar
why is this man keep getting shorter?
AJ on Taron Egerton
He looks somewhere btw 5'8" and 5'9" next to hugh jackman, I'll be generous and say 5'9" max.
Andrew on Rainn Wilson
why would he say fortunately? it's not like 6'2 is THAT tall
bojack on Sebastian Stan
His head looks kinda long. At what height do you think his eye level is at? 5'6.5 or something?
Editor Rob: this guy actually is hard to pin down, he can look anywhere in 5ft 11 up to almost 6ft, actually 181 I think is what I keep thinking is an overall fit, so his eyes might be 168-9 zone.
Clive on Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
Why in your video do you say he is 6'7-6'7.5?
Editor Rob: it's what he can look.
25 July
Jordan87 on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Carl is 2" taller nowadays in most pictures. Richie not sure where you are getting they are the same height . Post it please.

Imo Carl is 6 foot nowadays ( look at his photo on this site) and Arnold is 5'10.5. 6 foot for Arnold's peak height .
Tyler Schwartz on Hannah Davis
I think there was a margin of error here. According to the search engine, she is the same height as me (5'10).
62B on Hacksaw Jim Duggan
I stood behind Duggan at the Alexandria Louisiana airport in 1988. I was 6'3" and felt Duggan and I were the same height. He may have had a footwear advantage, but I don't know that for fact. Peak 6'2 1/2" to 6'3" Is my guess. Today I do not know. I saw DiBiase at the YMCA a year or so later. I felt he edged me out a tad at the time. Both are around 60 Today and most likely have lost more height than I have due to their age and decades of wrestling. I have already lost about 1/2". He must have been keeping kfab when talking about Andre being 7'3", because he also said Andre was a little shorter than Khali. Also, Andre knocked me on my butt when I bumped into him in 1988. My first impression of him when I stood up and he stood up straight was that he was maybe a tick over 7', but later I saw a 7'2" guy and figured Andre was really about 6'11".
Mike on Gary Oldman
Rob, can you add the Harry Potter series, The Dark Knight Trilogy, True Romance, Air Force One, The Contender and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes? I think he might've been 5ft 9 peak, and around 5ft 8.5 today.
xaoxio on Benedict Cumberbatch
with 5'9'' Chris Hardwick Click Here Time to downgrade Benedict Cumberbatch, Rob?
Editor Rob: he's got probably nearly half inch less sneaker than the type of footwear chris is wearing.
Guyster on Shaquille O'Neal
I"m not sure where the ammended height from 7"1 down to 7"0 even comes from, but IMO I do believe that Shaq is much closer to 7"1 than just a flat 7 footer he is 215cm at worst.
Canson on Ryan McPartlin
@Rampage: agree with you on him too. He looks exactly where I would with a 5'8 person. I'd say his low is in the 194 range

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