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24 August
Shredder on Andrew Lincoln
No way over 160 lbs , Rob is 160 ish and Andrew looks way leaner ( Rob isn't even overweight btw.) and there is only 2 inches between them max.
Editor Rob: I'm about 158-160 zone here.

I watched Lincoln and Reedus at one point during this event and really they were close but generally Lincoln is a guy with a more looser posture at times. He's a fella that many would guess 5ft 9.5 until he stands taller...
Shredder on Andrew Lincoln
More proof that Steven Yeun isn't under 5'8". Yeun is 5'8 , 5'8.5.
Shredder on Andrew Lincoln
he isn't a mm under 5'9.5 and 5'10 looks fair.
Puma on Andrew Lincoln
Lincoln is 176-177 max imo.
I can't not see 2 inch differance.
He is 176 cm low height.
23 August
Height catcher on Andrew Lincoln
What kind of footwear he is wearing on that pic rob? He looks 5'9.5 in that pic, what are the chances that he is 5'9 flat rob?
James G on Jennifer Rubin
She was a full 5'9 in nightmare on elm Street 3 .looked tall
Anonymous on Rick Ducommun
Listed at 6'5" on the web. Google... really?
BorkLaser on Andrew Lincoln
Hey Rob is this the 1000th picture you've taken for this site? If so, then congrats on the milestone!
Editor Rob: yes the 1000th picture!
This was at a Walker Stalker event.
I mentioned a few months ago about how hard it was to buy this ticket (they literally sold out within 2 seconds of going live), and people were willing to pay £500 to buy one of them from you.
Powerhouse on Andrew Lincoln
I'd say 5'9.75, he is pushing 160lbs. He is a lean and thin guy.
NX on Rebecca Adlington
To me she looks 5'6. No more no less.
Johno on Derek Jacobi
0.75-inches shorter than Rob.
stev on Rebecca Adlington
Couldn't help but notice Rob whenever you list a Welsh celebrity you call them 'welsh'. Whenever you list an English celebrity you call them 'British'. How about a bit of consistency for our British heritage ;).
Editor Rob: the description probably varies a fair bit over the years, even Scottish I've sometimes called British!
Willes189 on Sebastian Bach
Sebastian gives 6'3 ish guys like myself a good image. One Direction and Justin Bieber (to name a few) would never handle to be this height, they would be awkward and clumsy looking to say the least. And i don't think that they would have there current fame to be honest.

I'm straight, but there's something about a young Bach that makes me think twice Click Here
travis on Daniela Nieves
she a beautiful woman
mande2013 on Bruno Mars
Looks 5'4-5'5 range next to Marc Anthony.
Amelie on John Newman
I thought prince Harry was tall, but then I saw him been towered by John! It's insane how tall he is.
Danimal on Andre The Giant
JT, you and I go way back on this site (almost to the beginning). I remember many years ago you were actually opened to the idea of Andre having once stood as high as 6'11". Do you still think that he might have stood as high as 6'11", or are you steadfast in your conviction that he never stood above 6'10" at any point in his lengthy career?
Danimal on Justin Bieber
Rob, as with guys like Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Arnold S, Sly Stallone and several others, you're over inflating this boys height. He's nowhere near this height barefoot.
traviz on Andrew Lincoln
yup rob he definitely 5'10
traviz on Rebecca Adlington
now that tall for a woman
Rory on Chris Hoy
I think roughy 6'1 is fair for Chris. He looked about 2 inches shorter than 6'3 range Bradley Wiggins.
Kyle on Will Smith
Dude don't you see that cavill is straight and will smith isn't? Are you blind?
Arch Stanton on Chris Hoy
He does look a decent 6'1 with Andy Murray, surprising. With some others he looked nearer 184. Perhaps a 185 6'1 is OK. He's a decent build, can look around 15 stone, 93 kg is 205 I think, but that might have been his cycling weight and normally heavier. It's really quite a big weight for a cyclist, most of them are only 10 or 11 stone range!
littlesue on Steve Redgrave
His wife must be getting on for 6ft then!
daniel92 on Vin Diesel
next to the rock (Dwayne Johnson) who is 6'5 i'd give vin diesel 6'0 barefoot, 6'3 in his special boots
hmm on John Lennon
Look at the height of Chuck Berry's shoulders next to John's, even, in those photos where Berry is hunching down to the mic you can tell standing straight he'd have more than 2 inches on him. Looking at the photos where they're both standing straight I'd say Chuck Berry has 3 inches height on him; looks 5'9.5~. Still, considering he claimed 5'11" in the 60s and was always wearing those huge cuban heeled shelby boots shouldn't be surprising.
123 on Allen Iverson
Iversion is 5'9 look at him with mj
123 on Michael Jordan
MJ is six foot three which is still VERY tall, I don't think he has lost any 6'3-6'3.25 then and the same now
Lucho on Zlatan Ibrahimovic
No way in the world he is less than 1.95 cm Look at the picture face to face with Japp Stam who himself looked 190 with Barthez. Sorry for my english
what on Gwendoline Christie
this woman is huge
Omar on Conor McGregor
Nate Diaz must be 6'0.50"
Chaz on Steve Redgrave
I think he is or was taller than this,I was watching him on Family Fortunes He was taller than Vernon Kay by a good bit and he's 15 year old Son is already 6'5''. he's wife is very tall to I think he is 6'5''
MDH on Charles Bronson
In the 1958 western "Showdown at Boot Hill," the character played by Bronson has a height complex due to his supposed shortness. I don't know what significance this has with respect to Bronson's true height, but I never thought of him as being especially short, so it was surprising to me that the film made it such an important part of his character.
Editor Rob: Bronson, from what I've read did seem to have a short temper.

Once a director had set up a shot with I think Donald Sutherland and another big guy Clint Walker or someone and put Bronson right between them...he wasn't happy!
Pierre on Gigi Edgley
She's about 5"4.25'/5"4.5' imo=even with his relaxed posture Rob is taller than her about 1 inch;with the same posture as Gigi Rob would be about 1.25/1.5 inch taller than her imo.So with the same shoes as Rob she's about 5"4.25'/5"4.5' imo.
Chaz on Jessica Ennis
she is gorgeous,how she can Put a 4kg Shot well over 14m at her weight and height is super human.
Lorne??? on Jeremy Renner
Editor Rob: here it was £65 which equates to about $85 with current exchange rates. That is 1 person only in photo.

Wow you've bagged some good ones! But you guys overseas seem to get better deals, I remember Cumberbatch was surprisingly low.

I remember you once mentioned Misha Collins being " a WTF", presumably outrageous.

I would really have stuck to the former 5ft8.25 listing though, legit 173cm, just like you.

Come on Rob, taking everything into account, no way he measures 174cm afternoon...
Editor Rob: sometimes it is easier to see someone who is 1/2 or 3/4 taller than just a smaller fraction as slight posture changes can make the difference greater or less and you feel you are very similar.
S.J.H on Dan Stevens
He mean he was almost 6'0 in footwear when passes age of 11 and probably he stop growing at 12 at 6'0 in the morning but thats weir to be this tall and stop growing this tender age if not he would be at least 6'5 or 6'6 and stop growing at 15 or 16. But he only look between 5'11.5 to 5'11.75 at most through out the day
miko on Andrew Lincoln
I think it's fair to say 5'10 is the max he could be given the photo.
Damien on Dirk Bogarde
He was probably a weak 5'9"/1.75m, maybe a quarter inch taller just out of bed, since we all shrink 3/4 of an inch daily the 1.74m was probably later in the day. It would explain the 5'10" from his military ID card, probably an in-shoes height: Click Here.
Lorne??? on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Come on, Rampage, you telling me Billy Gunn Was freakin 6ft5? I'm not tryin to downgrade him, even if I think 189.5-190cm range is quite likely, but my point is, 190.5 is reasonable enough.
But not anything over that, not after being up several hours, certainly.
JT on Andre The Giant
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 21/Aug/16
….JT just proved that Andre was in normal dressshoe-like heel so don´t claim he was in his 2"+ monster-cowboyboots. So no full 3" for Kiel.

Wrong again They are larger than the boots Big Show wore in WCW (the ones you have pegged at 1.75” to 2”). Click Here but not as large as some he wore later on. Or was Andre really 6’4”ish??

dicksock said on 21/Aug/16
I will once again post the picture of Andre with 6'5"-6'6" David Von Erich:
Click Here

Andre’s on his toes and leaning towards the camera. Von Erich was pretty tall but if that pic accurately represents their respective heights, he’s shorter than both 6’5” Blackjack Mulligan and Hulk Hogan.
Andrea on Andrew Lincoln
Wtf? Does every guy from TWD have to wear a cap for photoshoots?
Hard to say where the top of his head is in this photo, so i'll trust your 5'10 estimate... I guess that 177 range is not 100% ruled out, though!
M on Martha Vickers
She was really very very beautifull woman, no matter of the height.
M on Lana Turner
She is really very beautufull woman.On many of her pictures she really does look like a model.
James B on Tom Daley
I thought 5ft6
Height Columbo on Andrew Lincoln
Congratulations on finally getting the photo with Mr. Lincoln! 5'10" is fair.
value on Angel Coulby
spot on same height as me, not quite 5'4"
Ice on Usain Bolt
hes a legit 195 cm guy . He is a elite level athlete so I highly doubt that he shrank from skuliosis at his young age .
Arch Stanton on Steve Redgrave
Rob what would you guess for Pinsent? I don't think he looks 6'6, more a 196cm I think. You could argue 6'5-6'5.25 range I think.
Editor Rob: I think he's over 6ft 5, probably in the nearly 6ft 6 zone.
Arch Stanton on Steve Redgrave
Actually if him and Flintoff were leven there they might look very close!
Arch Stanton on Steve Redgrave
With legit 6'4 Flintoff looks taller Click Here though has camera advantage there and we can't see footwear.
Arch Stanton on Steve Redgrave
Cheers Rob, seems right. Doesn't look a full 6'5 but 6'4 and change, though at times loose posture can look barely 6'4. Cracknwell is more high 6'3 range though I think.
Editor Rob: I think he could look 6ft 4.5 range most of the time, sometimes a bit less, maybe even a bit more. I don't know if Pinsent is 6ft 6, he can look 1-1.5 inches taller at times compared to Redgrave though!
Spencer on Tupac Shakur
5'10 ish
Shredder on Andrew Lincoln
A legit 5'10.
grizz on Zendaya
@Thorpe, even without heels, she would still have at least an inch over the current Spider-Man. What were they thinking?
John on Michael Phelps
I know, if Ledecky's 6'0 like she is listed, then that would put Phelps at 6'5, which is way off. We all know that he is 6'2.5", so I would estimate her at 177cm, maybe 178cm at the most.
John on Rebecca Adlington
How was Rebecca successful at swimming when she's fat? (Don't take it as a rude way)
John on Dua Lipa
Why is she listed as 5'10 everywhere despite her 5'8 claim?
Editor Rob: other sites copy existing listings most of the time.
Dee on Wiz Khalifa
I still think Wiz is 6'3.5/6'4. Keep in mind the reason he may appear shorter is because he always wears low soled shoes like vans and converse. So of course he's gonna look shorter than Snoop because snoop is always wearing thick shoes like AF1s and Superstars. Plus I saw a video of Wiz And Young Thug together (who's listed 6'3 here) and wiz looked a good inch taller.
John on Matt Goss
I bet my bottom dollar that Matt would refuse to claim his "six-two" height if he was being interviewed by Ryan Reynolds or John Cusack.
John on Travis Van Winkle
If you want to inflate your height Travis, at least just say 6'0 and not "solid" 6'0, cause you're not...
I believe it's just a pathetic attempt to convince people even more that he's a real 6'0. Or maybe Travis was measured shortly after out of bed and was measured exactly at 6'0 (hence his "solid" 6'0 claim), since most people lose about 0.75" from morning to evening, and he's probably not aware of the fact that people lose height. But there's no excuse for him to claim 6'1"
TD on Andy Murray
187.5cms, that must be close to his rock bottom low, maybe he measured at that in the afternoon after a very hard work out session, surely he can't drop as low as 187cms...

Hey Rob, if Andy Murray's 6ft 2 188cm, then what height is his brother Jamie Murray?
Freddie C on Jack Nicholson
When I was younger I use to work in the racetrack Hollywood Park as a Busboy. One day they had me working in a private area and all of a sudden I hear this voice it was Jack Nicholson. The first thing that caught my attention was how short he was, about 5.8 tops. I myself am 5.10 so I quickly gather in my brain that he was about 5.8. The thing is that for some reason I always thought he would be about 6.1
John on Mike Bushell
He could have claimed the full 5'6 and no one would have probably noticed. Nice to see a relatively short man being completely honest about his height. I know many guys around his height claim 5'7. Some even 5'8!
Fog5'11 on Arnold Schwarzenegger
I think an inch was added on by arnie in that last sentence. Really it should be : 'Arnold has also recently said that he was "6ft and 3/4" but now has shrunk to 6ft 0, as measured by his daughter and in 2013 mentioned he was down to a worrying 5ft 11.5 inch'. :P

Joking aside though i thought he looked a solid 6'1 at peak - probably would measure 1.86 range in the evening.
MDV on Steve Redgrave
How tall is the woman in the pic? 5 ft 11in-6 ft ?
Editor Rob: could be somewhere close to that.
John on Martha Vickers
I notice that actors/actresses in the past usually didn't inflate their heights, not even by half an inch. If this was nowadays, Martha would have been described as 5'4 or 5'5
John on Holly Taylor
The only time she'll ever be 5'2" is with high heels.
james on Christian Slater
The eyebrows eclipse the height.
Borats Chicken on Height Request
Click Here

Rob, looking at peter schmeichel with eric cantona would he be 6'2.5? he keeps his posture straight.
Editor Rob: well an argument for Cantona is he could be 6ft 1-1.5 range, I know this is grass Here, there is always a chance 189 range.
Christian-196cm (6ft5.25) on LeBron James
Canson said on 21/Aug/16
@Christian: not sure on Cam. He at least to me, looks a legit 6'5 guy. Especially when I see him next to Tom Brady and some of the other taller QBs. He called Lebron 6'7 but it could be rounding up since he calls himself 6'5 and was measured at that. But you may be right. In my honest opinion Lebron looks a weak 6'7. The pic with Cam is inconclusive. Could be 2 full inches or a weak 2 but with him next to a guy like Boozer or Love he looks shorter and he doesn't look more than maybe 1/2" taller (at most) than Carmelo Anthony does. Melo when I met him had me by 1.5-2" so he for sure isn't under 6'6 flat and likely is the full 6'6.25"


You're spot on with Carmello Click Here Here he was measured 6ft6.25 barefoot and 6ft7.5 with shoes (which I'm assuming took place in the PM) As for Cam, he may or may not be a legit 6ft5 (I'm still not sure) but it's safe to say he's not anything above that, because his Combine result said "6050", which means 6'5" on the dot. Click Here Whether he was measured earlier in the day or late afternoon, IDK
Johan on General Height
Rusty said on 21/Aug/16

@Johan I'm 181cm in the evening. How would that height be perceived in the Netherlands? I imagine it would be similar to a 175-176cm guy in the states, but I'd just like your opinion. Thanks.

The average has been reported as being 182 cm but from what I see on a daily basis I always guessed 181 cm. You might think , thats a small difference but at 185 cm myself I noticed 4 cm a lot more than 2-3 cm. I believe those measurements were taken earlier in the day as the reported average of 182.6 cm for 30-40 yr olds seems a bit high to me.

So back to your question Rusty - I believe you would be an average guy here especially since your 181 cm at your low. Some women would even refer to you as tall, I have seen it happen.with other 5'11" range guys.
Thunder 192 on Hrithik Roshan
if a guy like 6ft3 is feeling short what would a guy below 6ft feels these days quite india had changed a bit
Johan on General Height
Canary said on 20/Aug/16
@Johan: Oh, I agree with you! I doubt that women will ever be taller than or equal to men. Of course, I'm referring to perfectly matched individuals. Many Dutch women tower many Indonesian men.
I'm somewhat surprised to hear that ordinary Dutch girls are between 5'6 and 5'8, but I absolutely believe you. I also notice that girls are taller than records claim. I also observe height differences between girls in varied places around here, even if they share the same ethnic background. Do you see the same kind of thing in the Netherlands?

Yes it can be a mixed bag really. The average is officially 5'6.5" - 169 cm and usually it is indeed mostly women between 5'5 - 5'8" that I see walking around but you also still have a fair amount of women who are 5'2"-5'4" just not so many. In fact there are just as many 5'9-5'11" girls here as the 5'2-5"4" ones. Obviously the area's that draw younger people and those under the age of 50 have a much higher average I would say.

Maybe in College's and at nightclubs you could say the average is closer to 5'7.5".
jon on Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Pogba is 191cm, He said that himself in an Interview, 6'3.25 looks accurate for Pogba
balu on Hrithik Roshan
First of all @max average indian male height is not 5ft8 its 5ft5 only in most parts for men as wikipedia says but south indian mens are little taller like 6ft other all places 5ft5 only maximum i have seen in india fully
Christian-196cm (6ft5.25) on LeBron James
Canson said on 21/Aug/16
@Christian: not sure on Cam. He at least to me, looks a legit 6'5 guy. Especially when I see him next to Tom Brady and some of the other taller QBs. He called Lebron 6'7 but it could be rounding up since he calls himself 6'5 and was measured at that. But you may be right. In my honest opinion Lebron looks a weak 6'7. The pic with Cam is inconclusive. Could be 2 full inches or a weak 2 but with him next to a guy like Boozer or Love he looks shorter and he doesn't look more than maybe 1/2" taller (at most) than Carmelo Anthony does. Melo when I met him had me by 1.5-2" so he for sure isn't under 6'6 flat and likely is the full 6'6.25"


You're spot on with Carmello Click Here Here he was measured 6ft6.25 barefoot and 6ft7.5 with shoes (which I'm assuming took place in the PM) As for Cam, he may or may not be a legit 6ft5 (I'm still not sure) but it's safe to say he's not anything above that, because his Combine result said "6050", which means 6'5" on the dot. Click Here Whether he was measured earlier in the day or late afternoon, IDK
jon on Paul Pogba
Great listing, this looks accurate Rob did say in that pic he looked 3cm shorter than the 194cm Zlatan Ibrahimovic, so 6'3.25 fits, Looks a solid 6'3 and I thought like most 191-192 range and Pogba himself stated he is 191cm so seems fine.

Most the time The foreign players give their height in the metric system it always seems more accurate to me, For example a guy who is 6'3.5 would likely state their height as 6'4 anyway in most cases but in metric would likely say 192cm.

I believe metric is better, But being from uk myself feet and inches is used same as us.
Rory on Roger Moore
Rob, do you think ultimately 6'1.25 would be close for Moore ? He looks shorter than guys 6'1.5-2 guys like James Garner and Caine, plus has claimed 6'1.5,6'1 and 6'2 in the morning all of which hints at 6'1.25-5. In the last Bond too with Christopher Walken he only just edged him, okay he was late fifties then and may have lost half an inch but that still puts him more in the strong 6'1 range peak.
Editor Rob: maybe the 1.5 would be a more 11am type measurement and he goes to 186 range later after lunch, assuming the truth is he could hit 6ft 2 first thing.
Peter Oliver on John Inverdale
Sounds a whopper that 5'8" tops
Quan on Diamond Dallas Page
Canson said on 21/Aug/16
Looks about as tall as Michael phelps with Rob honestly. Looks 6'2.5
He can't be only 6'2.5". If you click on the photo, you'll see the height chart. He looks every bit of 6'3" and he's even dropping height a little by tilting his head down. In my opinion DDP looks weak 6'4" range here.
mrtguy on Big Show
sid said on 19/Aug/16
mrtguy, Cass is taller then Kane, cass is around 6'9 kane 6'7'5 to 6'8

Maybe be not much Cass was listed 6'8'' in basketball
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Liev Schreiber
Rob, what are the chances of him being 189cm?
Editor Rob: it's very possible. Last film I seen him in was Spotlight, the only real time he was standing with others, I did think he could still look over 6ft 2, maybe not a 6ft 3 though.
Shuvayu on Kane
Nash at most was 5 cm max taller than taker
Quan on Billy Murray
Was his peak height the same height as you Rob?
Editor Rob: if he lost a good inch then yeah I think it might have been. I severely doubt he lost 2 and a bit inches by age 70.
Mitch on General Height
Hi Rob, I'm 182.4 outta bed and 180.5 at my lowest. Is it reasonable for me to claim 5'11.5?
Also, I just turned 18 an pretty sure that I'm still growing. Here is my height chart:
15 - 176/174
16 - 179/177
17 - 181/179
18 - 182.4/180.5
As you can see, I never had a big growth spurt in my late teens, but instead of that slowly grow for about 2 cm per year on average. So, what's my chances on hitting a strong 6 foot, like 185/183? Cause I really believe that I have very good chances.
Btw my dad is 6'1 and mom is 5'6
Arch Stanton on Alexander Skarsgard
There are guys shorter than him who claim 6 ft 5, so he's very honest to only claim 193-4cm. I think this is the lowest he could possibly be, but he shows up most of the Hollywood celebs who claim tall with this listing. He could easily get away with claiming 6'5 to people.Didn't Ben Affleck claim 6'4 once and the Rock 6'5? Would be funny to see him with them!
Regularo on General Height
Wow Rob, you are good! You guessed 6'3.5-6'3.75 - I had a doctors appointment yesterday evening and I was measured 6'3.63" to be precise :D
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Dolph Lundgren
He did look 194/195cm in the 80's
Rory on Cristiano Ronaldo
@James I don't think some of those pics with Bale and Ronaldo are actually representative of the difference between them. In one or two of them Ronaldo looks 1.5 inches taller, but I've seen them together countless times for Real Madrid andthere's not a huge difference between them, more like half an inch. Ronaldo for me is legit 6'1 guy whose athletic build and good posture means he can pull off 6'1.25 with ease. Bale I think is 6'0.25 or 6'0.5.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Tony Hawk
He's been described 6ft2 to 6ft5. I think at least 6ft3
Willes189 on Richard Armitage
I don't think he has the proper facial structures to play Bond, but that's just me. I honestly can't think of any known actor that would be fit to play Bond this year. Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan would be Impossible to top, they were simply top notch
Andrea on Paul Pogba
In the video with Ibra, i see more than just 3 cms... Not sure he looks 3 inches shorter, though! Maybe he got measured 191 earlier in the day and he's more 190 flat at his low?
Rob, do you think he might measure 189 after a football match?
Editor Rob: I'm not sure he'd dip quite that low, although you could argue 189.5-190 after a football match. Everybody on a pitch though would be at their real lowest after a match, well most, the keepers might not hit their lowest.
Nikkname on Waka Flocka
yo rob , you think gucci mane is actually 6'2 ? btw who would stand taller ? snoop dogg ,the game, or flocka ?
Editor Rob: Flocka seems to give off a decent 6ft 4 look, snoop dogg can do that too, he has a high eyelevel at times and a slim look that helps his appearance.

The game has claimed 6ft 4-6, couldn't believe he came up with a 6ft 6 claim though!
Johno on Noel Clarke
He is about an 1/3 of an inch shorter than you Rob.
me on Rick Malambri
I'm 6'2" and I don't get the lavatory comment
TJ on Hillary Rodham Clinton
Grow up Chris.
MaryAnne on Brooke Shields
Could you add Paulina Porizkova ?
MaryAnne on Cindy Crawford
Shorter than 5'9 nowadays.
MaryAnne on Height Request
Top Ten Wishlist*
1-Sean O'pry
2-Taylor Hill
3-Dylan Sprouse
4-Izabel Goulart
5-Isabeli Fontana
6-Lucky Blue Smith
7-Martha Hunt
8-Romee Strijd
9-Jasmine Tookes
10-Caroline Trentini
James on River Phoenix
5'10 for River is laughable. He was 5'7 or 5'8 at most.
Cool dude on Zayn Malik
I have found a picture of zayn with the magician dynamo who is roughly 5'6-5'7.5 and zayn looks 2 inches taller , the only downside is that we can't see foot wear Click Here
movieguy on James Garner
Garner looked pretty small in Space Cowboys compared to his co-stars, even a rapidly shrinking Eastwood. Seemed most beat up of the bunch, think there are stories of injuries from filming Rockford Files where he did many of his own stunts. I don't buy his 6'3'' claim even when young although never having met the guy who knows. He was a big fellow though over 6ft. Loved his easy going style in the Rockford Files one of the best detective series ever.
mike on Titus Welliver
He looked 3 inches bellow Gabriel Macht in suits, looked nothing over 177cm
John S. on Lucas Black
Lucas is not 5'10" or 5'4", he is a strong 5'8"-5'8.5" MAX, Sung Kang is 5'11"
Elle on Olivia Holt
Rob it's time for an upgrade. Here she is next to 5'3 Ryan Newman. Olivia is a solid 5'2. Click Here
Pita ji on Vince McMahon
He is no more than 5'10" today clearly shorter than Cena and shane mcmahon. Who both are legit 6 feet
Celebheights 6'1.5 on Jaden Smith
I grew 4-5 CM after 21, so it's definitely possible for him to grow at 18+.
Celebheights 6'1.5 on Nicolas Cage
This listing is perfect as he's one of the true six footers in Hollywood. He looks it by Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey and Nicole Kidman.
Tom on William Holden
Bogart was 5-7. In Sabrina he didn't appear to be wearing his usual lifts. So adding four inches we get 5-11.
Tom on John Wayne
It's foolish to even imagine him wearing lifts. Watch They Where Expendable. Wayne towers over 6' Robert Montgomery.
d,ml on Daniel Radcliffe
how low will rob go on daniel radcliffe? that is the question.
Editor Rob: if he reaches 80 he'll be 5ft 3
SHORTY on Georgia Henshaw
So a fart equates to a quarter of an inch? Haha. I like how you got that estimate from her quote Rob.
Editor Rob: it's a best guess!
Height catcher on Colin Farrell
LookS 5'9 next to clooney in a pic I saw, rob how can I post the link of the pic? Thanks
22 August
Julie on Olivia Newton John
Jpdb - Sorry, but you're wrong. I've met Olivia on several occasions and stood next to Her when she wore flat tennis shoes (after she played a charity tennis match). She is 5'6" (without heels). She is the same height as me, maybe even 1/2" taller. How tall are you? She has a petite frame but she is definitely 5'6". I'll post my pic with her to prove it :)
Clarence Parents on Eminem
There's no way he's 5' 8". He only comes up to 5' 10" Anthony Mackie's eyebrows - 170-171 cm at most.
Editor Rob: I have seen enough to think he is under 5ft 8, but how much is debatable, he can look anywhere in 171-2 zone.
jives on Marina Diamandis
Why do people always need to challenge the heights listed on this site...she's 5'4
Editor Rob: they are free to add an opinion...if it is crazy though it might not go down too well.
Celebheights 6'1.5 on Henry Cavill
Will Smith has an angle advantage in that shot.
Tyler on Roger Moore
Moore was around 6'1 but is now about 5'10. I think he was too old to play Bond, after all there are no secret agents on active service at nearly 60.
NX on James Woods
In the movie straw dogs he looks no more than 5'9
James on Simone Biles
They would make a great couple. Their kids would have a good height, a bit above average but not too tall.
MrFish on Rob Paul
Rob, what height do you recommend I put on my driver's license if I'm a solid barefoot 5ft 8.5in? 5ft 9in?
Editor Rob: 5ft 9 seems fine if you are 5ft 8.5 at worst, I don't know if they allow half inches on driving licenses.

In the UK they don't even have heights - on passports they did away with heights as well several decades ago.
guk on Colin Cunningham
I don't think he's 5ft 10 he wears big heels and is closer to Will Patton. On one of the falling skies publicity shots he's stood on a crate and then looks no bigger than Noah Wyle. 5ft 9-5ft 9.5 max
justbringit on Finn Balor
tbh i think that he is a little taller than 5'9 or at least he looks taller the guy has good posture that's for sure
Canson on General Height
@Ice: 6'4 1/2 not impressive? I get guessed at 6'5 or 6'6 regularly and am 194 flat at my lowest. Not sure where you live if the population is just as tall as you claim or if you weren't measured properly. I've never been told I'm not that tall it's usually that I look taller than I am. If you were in the states it'd be a completely different perspective. Add to it longer limbs. I have a 6'3.5 coworker who for the longest time claimed 6'4/6'5 until I told him how tall I was and told him to stop trying to inflate people to make himself taller and offered to go to the nurse. All of a sudden he became "about 6'3.5". He can look closer to 6'3 at times truthfully. People go all out until you put them on the spot
Sam on Jon Stewart
Probably irrelevant to Jon's height, but Xavior Woods looked no taller than him at SummerSlam. Maybe even 5'6. His billed 5'11 height is as bad as Mysterio's 5'6, if not worse if Jon is only 5'6 flat which is implied in his claim.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Samuel L Jackson
189cm peak is more than fair.
James on Kevin Durant
Canson said on 7/Jul/16
6'9.5" 207 cm

I agree with this comment.
Canson on Jon Jones
@Animus: Barkley is more like 6'4.5 according to most people) and Prob no more than 6'4.75 (he was measured 6'4 5/8 at the 92 Olympics). Jones looks 6'3 flat maybe 191 imho next to his brothers as well
lisa on Melissa Joan Hart
robotix: I think a full 5'2 can earn the nickname "halfpint" that seems short enough
Canson on Paul Pogba
a friend of mine 190.5cm (6'3 flat) at his low met Harden and said he's his height at most maybe a cm taller. Harden has Pogba by maybe 1/2" too if he stood straight so Pogba is at least 190 flat which would make him 192 out of bed more than likely and he is close enough to 6'3
Canson on Zlatan Ibrahimovic
@James: Pogba does look "about" 6'3 with James Harden. I can't tell the diff because Harden is closer to the camera but appears 1cm (shoulders) maybe 1/2" taller maybe depending. From someone who met Harden he's supposedly in the 191-192 arena which'd put Pogba 190-191 essentially at his lowest and prob a full 6'3 at worst 6'2.8 which if that's his low makes him a legit 6'3 essentially
Canson on Jared Padalecki
@Willes189: padelecki and Momoa may have both measured it just at different times. I believe Jared to be 193 at his lowest (at worst maybe he's 6'3 7/8 on occasion at night) only because that is typical for a 6'4 guy to fall (Rampage is an example of a legit 6'4 and he can fall to it). Momoa may only be 192cm at his lowest. Like 6'3 5/8-3/4.
travis on Rick Malambri
yup def legit 6'2 here
Sam on Lance Storm
Rob why would Lance Storm have a current billed height of 5'11 if he was really near 6'0? 5'10 makes more sense considering he looked the same height as Kurt Angle.
Editor Rob: he actually came out with another quote, 5ft 11.5, which for a peak could have been nearer the truth.
Canson on Cristiano Ronaldo
@Mordor or James: not sure but What was Lustig's measurement in CM? I thought he was listed 6'3 but He's listed 6'2 by Wikipedia and other places. Now he could be a case of a 190cm rounded down since Pique was measured 192 and listed 6'3 in some places too. To me Lustig looks near the 6'3 mark but problem is that I'm comparing heights of other players and not sure when they were measured. i generally base my estimates more around the lowest or maybe 1/8" from the lowest for the day which is why for a guy like Ibra (to me that is his lowest as he looks close in height to me) and would have an easier time giving him that height over Pique who looks 192. Could even be 6'3.5.
Canson on Charles Barkley
@Rob: not so sure that's his lowest. Many ppl who have played with him call him 6'4. Doubt he's that low but there's a chance he falls to the lower 194 range
Gaz on Conor McGregor
@Jack95 He claims 5'9 so that's only an inch where talking about here and he was listed 5'8 before he came to the UFC so why would 5'8 be out of the realms of possibility? a lot of fighters are over listed by an inch or so. Click Here Conor with 5'7 listed John Howard
Sam on Dolph Ziggler
Didn't look 5'11 with Ambrose.
Fe on Georgia Henshaw
lmao that quote was so funny!
Jed on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Rob, Troy Garity - listed on here a 6'1.5 is clearly within half an inch of the Rock give or take, and if anything he looks taller.

In the latest episode of Ballers, around 5 mins in, there's a zoomed out, head on shot of them walking towards the camera next to each other either. The Rock has a footwear advantage, and it actually looks like he's on a slight slope above Troy; even then they look very similar. There's another shot of them side by side (can't see the ground) in which Troy looks taller.

One thing can be said with 100% certainty however, there's not a chance the Rock is more than 0.5" taller than him.
Canary on General Height
Is there a link between height and intelligence? Many studies claim that tall people have higher IQs while short people have lower IQs.
Lauren on Jack White
He's 6'2", pretty tall.
@J.B. Alison Mosshart is 5'9"
Lauren on Jack White
He's 6'2", pretty tall.
@J.B. Alison Mosshart is 5'9"
joe### on Cristiano Ronaldo
lustig not look 192 but something around 190 ou191 Jonas olsson time he looks short
Dmeyer on Brad Pitt
To me when Claudia around 180,5-1cm balarina on Pitt looks 2cm taller when in equal posture so Pitt is 6 ft in those boots who dont look under 1in or over
Shield on General Height
New York is Lilliput compared to Dubrovnik because you can see thousands of men shorter than 170 cm every day, while you could spend a year in Dubrovnik and see a thousand of them at most during the whole stay. People can meet considerably more short men and women in New York than in Dubrovnik, therefore New York is short and Dubrovnik is tall. There, your own logic used against you in two measly sentences. Ten large drops of water in a desert do not form an oasis. I understand you 'aryan warriors' can't be bothered to learn proper English, but at least try to use common sense.
Jon on Quincy Taylor
Was 6ft 4" when I stood next to him, same height as what I was at the time at Olympia VIP meet and greet years ago, 2007 I think.
He was also wearing flat shoes. Jay Cutler in boots struggled to hit 5'9".

There's a video where he gets measured on a stadiometer in one of his interviews at 6'4" because apparently he was called same height as Tony Freeman (6'2")
lancelot on Paul Pogba
1.89-1.90 i think
bruh on Tom Hiddleston
He and chris hemsworth are pretty similar. Actually they look the same height lol. I don't see how he's any less than 6'2'' tbh

Click Here

notice they're both wearing the same amount of footwear. I'd say hemsworth is 6'2.5'' and tom is 6'2'' even
The Kaiser on Brad Pitt
Rob how come Claudia Schiffer's 181 cm and Brad still looks taller!!
Arch stanton on Tim Robbins
His hairstyle could influence his height I think. In Jacob's Ladder and Mystic River with a longer flatter style he looks shorter than he did in films where his hair was high like Bob Roberts and the Player.
Arch stanton on William Forsythe
Rob can you add a photo? I'deally with Seagal cutting off his head and pissing down his throat ;-)
Editor Rob: I will, I met the gentleman, he is closer to 5ft 9 range today
Arch stanton on Danny Aiello
Rampage I don't know how he could have ever been even close to 6'3 LOL. Tim Robbins in his socks was nearly three inches taller than him in SHOES in Jacob's ladder! If he was really near 6'3 he's have been barely shorter in shoes!
Arch stanton on Danny Aiello
Definitely nothing over 6'2, 2.5 - three inches shorter in shoes than Tim Robbins in his socks in Jacob's Ladder, there's a possibility of 6'1.5 peak.
Jack on Jake Gyllenhaal
180cm, no more.
Mark on Conor McGregor
If you watch the video, you can see Ronaldo is between 4 and 5 inches taller. The picture doesn't do the difference justice.
NCL on Kane
Man180 said on 22/Aug/16
Rob , Back in 99/00 Kane was easily stepping over the top rope, These days it can look a struggle for him as the top rope is near his upper abdominal area. What height does a wrestler have to be to able to get over comfortably and where should the top rope be in comparison to them?

I've noticed that the ropes up until about 2000 or so were lower and looser. I think the rings were different back then. Guys as "short" as 6'4" would step over the top rope (i.e. Kama, billed 6'6" probably somewhere between 6'4"-6'5" IMO) and lots of guys 6'5" and over (IMO JBL, Barry Windham).

Mick Foley wrote in his book that new rings were made to help protect the wrestlers around 2000. Since then, I've noticed the ropes are taller and more stiff. I think that's why it's such a struggle for Kane to step over the top rope now.

It seems that more of the younger guys are getting back into this trend, despite the high/stiff ropes. Guys like Braun Stroman, Big Cass, and ocassionally even Doc Gallows.
Boss on Andre The Giant
Andre barefoot with Bret Hart and Kevin Nash both in shoes.
Click Here

Here Red eliminates the footwear advantage for Nash.
Click Here
Sam on Greg Grunberg
He looks 6'0.5 next to Rob and Jenny.
CS on Sneaker Heights
Rob, if the average guy is walking around with almost 1 inch footwear and I typically wear 0.5 - 0.6 inch footwear, how does that affect how I am perceived? Do I appear shorter than I actually am as a result of wearing thin footwear?
Editor Rob: the average might be a little shy of 1 inch, but if you walk around with 1/2 inch shoes/sneakers you pretty much are at a 1cm visual disadvantage on average.

The guy walking about in cat/timberland type boots is at a 1/2 inch positive visual advantage over his real height.
RichardHY on Jon Bernthal
If you are 5'8 then he is barely 5'9.5, 5'9.75 tops. His hat helps him appear taller. Definitely he's nowhere around 5'11!
Editor Rob: he is a lot closer to 5ft 11 than 10 up close I thought.
James on Henry Cavill
@Mark In the pic you posted Cavill is nearer the camera. He is 2 cm shorter than Smith.
Click Here
S.J.H on Ming Yao
Yao himself claimed to a tv host that he was only 7'3 and 3/4 barefoot but felt strange why NBA given his height as 7'6 and he never figured out why
Mr. R on Jay Mohr
Jay is 5-6. I saw him in the grocery store. He almost caught me trying to measure him, but as usual..I was smarter. LOL
S.J.H on Dwyane Wade
Wade is 6'3.25 and the time he could be 6'3.75 only in the morning measured with thick socks. Fact some people did not find out that kobe edge out wade by 1.5" not 1'0
S.J.H on Kobe Bryant
When i think of over 90% of 6'5 actors were weak 6'5 down to 6'4 in person then i think kobe bryant is easily 6'5 in a mid day and that 6'4-3/4 could be measure at night.
Lynx on Harry Styles
@Addison No way he's 1,78 lol, you're not gonna pass from 5'9-10 range to 6ft range just with better posture (wearing his lifts).
Also, he is not close to 5'11 and 6ft people, (like on his pictures with Beckham, he's way shorter on ALL the pictures).

Click Here
Ed Sheeran for example is 5'7.75 and they look on a similar height range. I'm 1,79 and i look wayyyy taller than 5'8 people even with bad posture than he looks compared to Sheeran on that picture.
S.J.H on Conan O'Brien
Grace to the fact he was closer to 6'3.75 peak and rounding up say 6'4 and 6'3.25 nowadays
joe### on Randy Orton
jeff hardy looks 6´0(183 cm) and Orton 6´4 or 6´4.25
S.J.H on LeBron James
King James is holding 6'6.75 through out the day. 6'6.25 just a morning draft measurement
Chaz on Andre The Giant
Boss said on the 22/Aug/ 16 ,well here is Haystacks the same guy,

Yes the only problem you have is Andre is nera the camara and the guy is younger,In the Haystacks photo the guy is older and in front, so you need to add 1" to a old Haystacks because it was taken in the 1990s.

and yes Daddy,Nagasaki,St Clair,Regal,Wanz,Steel were all about the same height in the 6'1-2'' range Click Here and as you can see he comes Under about 0.75" under Daddys nose,from the tip of my nose to the top of my head is 6'' and Kendo and Daddy were the same height,and I have never said Haystacks was 6'9'' I said to me he looked 6'7-8'' and you better hope he was was at least 6'7'' or your hope of a 7'1'' Andre is right out of the water.because your line makes Haystacks 2" shorter than Hogan.lol so if you also think Haystacks was 6'4'' no one is going to take anything you say serious.
S.J.H on Joe Anderson
He look a good 181 plus guy so coud be 5'11.5 like sharlto copley and jimmi simpson
S.J.H on Leonardo DiCaprio
Good job to big rob. Leo is never 5'11.5 or 6'0 range. Truth he is 5'11 and 5'11.25 still acceptable. Like i say before christopher nolan was not even shorter than leo. People who watch Titanic will believe me he statued at 180ish
S.J.H on Joe Manganiello
He needs a downgrade at 6'4.5 or 6'4.75 , same like vince vaughn , tom hopper , john corbett. They were all weak 6'5
Pita ji on Randy Orton
He was 2 inches taller than lesnar in summerslam 2016.
Logic on Andre The Giant
Here is a photo of Danny Miller standing with Andre. Andre appears to have a good 11" on Miller and possibly more.

Click Here

Danny Miller standing with Jerry Brisco.

Click Here

Miller was in his 80's in that photo with Brisco and he looks to have an easy 3.5"-4" on Brisco.

And now here is a photo of Danny Miller standing with Muhammad Ali and Rocky Marciano

Click Here

To me, Danny looks like he would be at least 6' tall in that photo with Ali.
S.J.H on Rick Malambri
He look 190ish in converse chucks with some scene in Step up. At least 6'2.25 easily and doesn't look flat 6'2 with the 6'3 chadd smith
S.J.H on Ashton Kutcher
Truth is dax shepard is only 6'2-6'2.25 not 6'2.75 and kutcher is more 6'2.25-6'2.5
Dee on Waka Flocka
If waka is 6'4, how tall is Gucci Mane? He always looks about 2 inches taller than him.
S.J.H on Barry Sloane
Once again i"ll say barry is 190cm and at worst 189 - 189.5cm and gabriel mann is a strong 6'1 and argueble at 6'1.25 too
S.J.H on T.J. Miller
Funny there is someone did not really check out footwear and posture just go by saying tj miller is taller than ryan reynolds. Lol. But Miller can be 6'2 only if tom cavanagh is 6'0.75 and ryan reynolds not under 6'2.75
joe### on Boris Kodjoe
over 6'2.75
He looked similar to tyler perry 6'4 fla
joe### on Paul Pogba
Pogba 6´3.25
Buffon 6´3
llorente 6´4
Chiellini 6´1.5
bonucci 6´2.25
barzagli 6´1.25
Ali Baba on The Undertaker
Typhoon said on 18/Aug/16
He looks bad and unhealthy in this pics with Alibaba,

There were rumors at the time that he might have been battling cancer. But his health seems to fluctuate depending on if he's doing matches or not.
Alucard on Wladimir Klitschko
Wladimir is a legit 6'5, he says so, pictures and him standing with other boxers confirmed this, i see no reson to doubt it... Fury is not 6'9, lol, he's about the same height as Vitali, in the 6'6 range, maybe 6'7, not more...
Champ on Ranbir Kapoor
Ranbir is not a cm above 178 and my evidence is the picture of messi and ranbir post training and there is no chance messi was wearing lifts he was training.Also messi is 5 foot 7 max people so no hard feeling just check my link and then give your opinions .Rob I feel mate he deserves a downgrade Click Here
Mr. R on Tony Bennett
This guy just turned 90 on Friday. I saw him three years ago at The Hollywood Bowl and he was fantastic. He may have lost height - but he hasn't lost talent.
Alucard on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Like i said, check out Terminator Genisys... The scene where Reese, Arnold and Connor are walking to and into the bunker with all the weaponry around... Courtney is what? A legit 6' footer probably, 180cm or over it, he's barefeet, Arnold with boots, and Arnold is still fairly shorter than him... Arnold today is no more than 5'10 at best, i'm probably generous, and i don't believe he lost 3 or 4 inches of height since his younger days, that's absurd... Arnold was around 5'11 in his prime...
Champ on Amitabh Bachchan
Im just going to say first I respect your opinion Rob . I feel Amitabh is exactly 6 foot my evidence is Leanardo Di Caprio is 5 ft 11.25 as you stated and amitabh looks the same height in my link.Please check this link Rob . Click Here
joe### on Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Jonas Olsson 6'4.5 (194 cm)
Andreas Granqvist 6'3.5 (192 cm)
Ibra 6'4.5 (194 cm)
Isaksson 6'6 (198 cm)
Lustig 6'2.75-6'3 190 ou 191 zone
Toivonen 6'2.5-75 189 e 190
Elmander 6'2 (188 cm)
joe### on Paul Pogba
Jonas Olsson 6'4.5 (194 cm)
Andreas Granqvist 6'3.5 (192 cm)
Ibra 6'4.5 (194 cm)
Isaksson 6'6 (198 cm)
Lustig 6'2.75-6'3 190 ou 191 zone
Toivonen 6'2.5-75 189 e 190
Elmander 6'2 (188 cm)
Champ on Abhishek Bachchan
He is 6 foot exact look at him next to John Terry who is a legit at 6 foot 1 and these footballers are measured.Rob you need to downgrade him to 6 foot look at this pic and the hairline and you will understand what im saying . Click Here
Editor Rob: not sure what his posture is like in those poses, but he certainly can look under 6ft 2, an argument that he is 6ft 1-1.5 makes a lot of sense.

I know someone mentioned Sood at 6ft 2, that guy actually claims to be 6ft 3.5, I don't know how tall Sood really is though.
HonestSlovene on Jeremy Renner
Looks 5'9 with 5'8.5 Del piero. If anything, 174 cm is just as possible as 175 cm.
mordor on Cristiano Ronaldo
Lustig 190-191 cm he is not 192 cm for sure.Cristiano is 2.5 cm taller than Bale.I believe Bale 184 cm CR7 186,5 cm.
Can u comment Lustig with cr7 i posted a vid too.Here is not ibra's topic.
HonestSlovene on Justin Bieber
@Brad LOL exactly, I always burst out laughing reading some of the delusional posts on this site. A few examples: 5'9 for Cruise, 6'0 for Brad Pitt, 5'11 for Stallone and of course 5'9 for Bieber. They are the same, if not worse as downgraders like Johno or Viper. I don't know how possibly Rob could put up with some of those posters on this site. Bieber can't possibly be anything over a strong 5'7 imo.
Dinzy on Charlie Puth
Click Here 1:23 and 3:04, I was like whoa charlie puth must be taller than i thought (knowing khalifa was a legit 6'3). I was expecting a 6' for puth. Lifts I assume. Being 5'9 I just don't feel like I'd hold up that well in shots next to someone that all.
Lucio on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Danimal said on 22/Aug/16
Andy said on 21/Aug/16
If you look at all the old photos of him standing next to Reg Park, you'll see that (with Park at 6ft 1''), that he was 6ft 0.5'' at best.

Click Here
Click Here

Btw, like Arnold himself, Reg lost A LOT of height through the years: Click Here

Danimal, in the first photo you've posted, Reg is leaning on one leg, so he is not at its tallest.
Anyway I think that Arnold was exactly the same height of Reg Park at peak, that is 6'1" (several photos prove it).
Maybe Arnold was an half a centimeter taller, but we are there.
Click Here

As regards his hip replacement surgery is not officially documented, and even if it were, it would be only his right leg (look at his pictures of 2008 in Cancun, Mexico.
Btw, even to me he gives the impression even his legs are slightly shorter. Say due of what, I don't know.
Mark on Bruce Boxleitner
I would consider 188 or 189 cm a peak. He edged out bridges and stood well with Garrett Hedlund (A solid 187 cm - 188 cm person who actually edged out Hugh Jackman with barely thicker footwear).
Mark on Henry Cavill
To put an end to the Will Smith having two inches over Cavill statement, Cavill and Will Smith are both standing much better than at the BvS premiere. This was at the Suicide Squad Premiere. (Their footwear doesn't look suspicious by any means.)

Click Here
Mark on Henry Cavill
@James, Here he edges out Kevin Costner or looks the same height in these pictures (granted in the second picture, Costner has his legs spread and Cavill is only slightly bending his kneels alittle bit.):

Click Here Click Here

Here, Cavill edges out Kellan Lutz in these three pictures (Actually I looked at the footwear again in the third picture zoomed in; Cavill isn't wearing straight up lifts as anyone claims it. if you look at it on the right side of Cavill's footwear in the THIRD picture, he doesn't appear to have a 1/2 heel more than Kellan's footwear):

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Cavill even looks the same with 6'1" Stephen Amell:

Click Here

Finally, Cavill here doesn't look anything under 6'1" and looks virtually 6'2" (Possibly 6'1.25" or 6'1.4") with 6'3.5" Michael Shannon:

Click Here

While he may or may not be 185 cm the whole day, Cavill is one of the few 184 cm actors who easily clears 185 cm in the morning unlike most pretend 6'0"-6'1" actors.
Man180 on Kane
Rob , Back in 99/00 Kane was easily stepping over the top rope, These days it can look a struggle for him as the top rope is near his upper abdominal area. What height does a wrestler have to be to able to get over comfortably and where should the top rope be in comparison to them?
Jordan87 on Dolph Lundgren

Those pictures are deceiving , Dolph is in front of Brandon. Better to find them standing next to each other with the ground visible and both actually standing next to each other.

He isnt over 6'1.5 today guys. He must have have broken his body down to shrink 2.5" if he was 6'4.
Man180 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
i think 187cm barefoot isn't impossible today
MD on Nick Jonas
What in the world are we supposed to be able to gather from that photo?
MD on Mike Bushell
Actually, I was just thinking he'd look so much better if he lost some weight. The weight makes him look shorter, not taller.
Height on User Heights
Rob, my morning height is around 173.2 cm. When I remain at home all day , my height at night becomes 171.8-172, but after a tiring day of travelling, my height at night becomes around 171.2-171.4. What do you think my real height is?
Editor Rob: I think if you went with 172cm, nobody would really see you as not roughly that height. At your real low you are a small fraction shy of it, but then at 11am you would be above 172.
MD on Ezra Miller
@Selina, "huge" is not a word you could use to describe him in any regard.
MD on Mo Farah

Since Johno brought it up, I went and took a look:

Click Here

Click Here
HonestSlovene on Tom Cruise
@MJKoP People who think Cruise is 5'6.5 or less are just as deluded as people who think he is anything over the current listed height of 5'7.75 and 5'8+. He always looked 5'7-5'8 range, end of story and might be a few fractions less than this listing, but not under 170 cm.
Boss on Andre The Giant
Chaz said on 16/Aug/16
Straightahead,don't talk rubish 6'4'' lol Click Here John Quinn is over 6'4'' here and Haystacks is 3-4'' taller.and Pat Roach was just as tall as Lewis and
Haystacks had 3-4'' on him. and if you go find the 1977 Fight between Nagasaki and Haystacks befor he got too fat you will see he looks 6-7" taller he looks like a baby next to him.

Chaz said on 2/Oct/14
Click Here

This is Haystacks at he's peak height about 1977ish he's about 6.5-7'' taller than Daddy,who was about the same height as Nagasaki,Tony St Clair,Dave Taylor,Seve Regal, Oto Wanz,and Ray Steele.

All who you have at 6'2" and your saying 7" taller than 6'2".

Like you trying to say Giant Haystacks is 6'9". Well here is Andre and Haystacks with the same guy.
Click Here

Andre and Khali with similar posture and camera angles next to Bill Anderson. Anderson would have footwear advantage here.
Click Here
Man180 on Vince McMahon
This is accurate for vince, Shane looks to stand around 185/6cm in shoes, id go for 183 barefoot for shane
littlesue on Jade Jones
The boxer in the pic is Nicola Adams who is 5ft 2.
melisentia on Rita Ora
Looking at this picture, how does anyone come to the conclusion she has short legs? It looks pretty long to me.
dcnj on Katrina Kaif
links to sources where he claimed he is 6'4''? what a bunch of nonsense
Click Here

the leftmost guy in below pic is a legit 6'1'' guy
Click Here

the second to rightmost guy was 6' in his youth and is like 5'11.5 now and sid is marginally shorter and wearing bigger shoes lmfaoo
Click Here
Click Here

he is 5'11 at the most lol, 6'1'' with shoes and in this video alia bhatt says he is 6'1'' (which is 5'10-5'11 in bollywood basically :-D)
go at about 0:40
Click Here

and girl to his right is 166 cm as she said (so make is 163 or 164 at the most) and maroon shirt guy at left is 6'2'' and second last dark guy is 5'8-5'9'' range
Click Here
melisentia on Rita Ora
Looking at this picture, how does anyone come to the conclusion she has short legs? It looks pretty long to me.
Sam on Mike Bushell
He always claims to be 5 ft 5.
Roger on Rory Bremner
He does look consistently taller than Hugh Dennis in Mock The Week who is often listed at 6'2 or higher.

I'd say Bremner was closer to 6'3 than 6'1.
Borats Chicken on Football Soccer
Rob, is it possible that joe hart could be more of 6'3?
Editor Rob: with big Ice Cube he can look 6ft 3 zone
HonestSlovene on General Height
@host So is yours tbh.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius on General Height
Rob how can you tell if someone is 4 inches taller than you I'm guessing your looking at the bottom of their nose.
Editor Rob: you'd be looking an inch below their mouth, or bottom of their mouth if they had a large eye-skull measurement like 5 inches.
Anonymous on Alberto Sordi
Verdone Click Here
Verdone and Sordi: Click Here
Arch Stanton on Teri Hatcher
She can give a taller impression at times! Always amazes how tall 5'5.5-5'6 women can look at times with very slim build and heels.
Arch Stanton on Pierce Brosnan
In the 80s, yes he loooked a bit of a cheeseball and goofy as you say, He definitely looked his best in the 90s, especially Mrs Doubtfire/Goldeneye era when his hair was a bit longer. Though also looked very good in World is Not Enough with the shorter but higher hair look.
Elle on Ariana Grande
She's 5'2. She's the same height as Jennette McCurdy. This calls for an upgrade Rob. They're both wearing flats in this photo. Click Here
Arch Stanton on Pierce Brosnan
Willes189 said on 21/Aug/16
He doesn't look more then 184-185cm today IMO, 186cm at peak is enought for Brosnan. But i would like a page for his son, that would be a good one to have, 6'6 is a little to high i think, but he could be near it 6'5.5-6'5.75, he gives me a solid 197cm impression
Editor Rob: last film I seen him in was No Escape, and it's true...he really wasn't that much taller than Wilson.

Why is he still at 186 cm then? You've downgraded a lot of other actors his age! Check him out with Roger Federer!! Click Here
Editor Rob: a fraction under 6ft 1 today is maybe closer to the truth.
Cool dude on Justin Bieber
LOOL ! Those pictures with floyd are not 3 or 4 years ago they are from the pacquiao press conference which was in 2015 , bieber is only 170-172 cm tall in shoes like air force one's he can reach 173-175 cm since they give you 2-3 cm increase in height and in vans he is probably 173.5 cm tall and with elevator sneakers he is 176.5 - 177 cm tall
Brad on Sylvester Stallone
He is 5' 10" in Rocky movies but with custom built up footwear cept when he gets caught in Chuck Taylors or training film.
Brad on Justin Bieber
Bieberworld in spin control. He's as listed in posture. "Like almost 6' and 180 pounds" is the biggest joke besides Mark Wahlberg talking about his height.
Elle on Nina Nesbitt
She used to be a model. So she must be at least 5'7.
Johno on Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
Rich Piana, would be lucky to be a strong 5'10. He is a 5'10 at best. Wears some massive boots.
Christian-196cm(6ft5.25in) on Rila Fukushima
163cm for Rila. She looks 5cm shorter than Rob in her heeled boots.
Elle on Helena Bonham Carter
Woah! I never knew she was so tiny. She's got such massive stage presence that I didn't even notice.
grizz on Waka Flocka
There's NO WAY he weighs 260 lbs! A friend of mine is a longtime amateur boxer 6'2 and 260 lbs and he's wider than a closet. He's 220 at best
abu on Hrithik Roshan
many misunderstandings regarding height are still in film industry because of internet because all the peoples who are 5ft7 they are listed as 5ft11 for eg take tiger shroff we all know that he is 5ft7 but internet is listing him as 5ft11 if he is 5ft11 then 5ft11 becomes so short which is not truth i too was shocked after knowing he is 5ft11 becoz he clearly look like 5ft7 only
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Edmund Hillary
He may very well of been on the stronger side of 6ft2.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Georgia Henshaw
Interesting quote…
berta on Adam Copeland
Rob are the chances of him being measured to 188 bigger than 190?
Editor Rob: I'd place a bet on nearer 188 than 190 if an afternoon measurement.
berta on Lou Ferrigno
peak seither a Little shorter than 6'4 ore littel taller. now he look like a very stropng 6'2 guy. like 189 could if he measured still stretch up to Close 6'3
Chaz on Andre The Giant
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 21/Aug/16 JT just proved that Andre was in normal dressshoe-like heel so don´t claim he was in his 2"+ monster-cowboyboots. So no full 3" for Kiel.

Kiels feet are about shoulderwide and his legs look like knock knees so he would´nt gain anything noticeable putting them closer.

Rob did a test on height with different stances so nothing to argue about this.

Wrong on both things,he's heels are bigger,and stand back to a wall get someone to hold a book on your head on the wall,now stand with your feet about 12" apart now move them more apart about 20" now do you see? shorter. any more exuses? he's 3-3.5 shorter barefoot.
Jared on Dean Ambrose
Korean said on 21/Aug/16
How come his billed weight is 6'4...?
Because WWE and pro wrestling in general tend to exaggerate wrestlers heights so they can seem bigger. This is one of the ways how these promotions make so much money. It sounds way more impressive to bill Dean as 6'4 instead of 6'1.
datguy on Sneaker Heights
Hey rob how much do these new vans models give? Click Here
Editor Rob: haven't seen that model, I would expect though the insole to be about 1/3rd lower than the white outsole high point, so probably over half inch, but just under 3/4 inch.
Dmax on Usain Bolt
@Guanzo No cause then tracks would be like basketball dominated by tall men which you are not seeing so that is an answer to itself.
Editor Rob on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Saw the director David Ayer claim on twitter "Arnold is 6'2. Joe is 6'7"
MB on Rob Paul
Hi Rob,

When measuring leg lenght (inseam) should I measure pushing the crotch or just barely touching the skin? because I get different measurements 84cm and 86cm when I push up what's my real inseam?

Editor Rob: it should be in the 'neck' of the crotch, the high point....it can be tricky to measure at times and I can understand some variation with measuring because some people might not put the tape quite as high, while some might bend/push the tape too much!
Shredder on Jack Nicholson
rob , how tall do you think he was around 2002? Adam Sandler had about 1.5 on him.
Editor Rob: around the time of Departed which was a few years after anger management he still looked taller I think than 5ft 8, maybe 5ft 8.5
david belieber on Justin Bieber
I'm a big Justin fan(and I'm a boy btw) because I like how he changed during the last year and with the release of Purpose album I believe he changed his music style to another level. A lot of people here are obviously biased, but I'm not. Justin is nowhere near 5'9" and I have no problem with his height. I don't care, nobody should care. He's talented and that's what it matters. Besides, I find it cool that he's around my height (I'm 5'7-5'8 range)
freak on Brock Lesnar
Lesnar was an inch taller than Shane o mac who is the same height as Batista,so Lesnar should be 6.25 or 6.3.thin soles looked the same as Orton in height maybe an inch short at most..
Aaron Zamora on Youtubers
Thank you so much @189 Night yes, i noticed that the majority of them are above to tall range.

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