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1 September
Voiceless Dental Fricative on David Wenham
This is the tallest looking 5'10 guy on your site Rob. Before looking at the listing I thought he was a 6 footer. Even with the footwear advantage he looks tall.
Chris on General Height
Is a hand length of 18 cm long for a height of around 6ft?
Bud on Sigourney Weaver
In Alien 4 she was at least an inch shorter than 6ft Ron Perlman,she wasn't taller than 5'11.
cobra on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Couple of pics with stallone, travolta, willis in 2006:

Click Here
Click Here
Conor 185 on User Heights
So what is ur height during the day from 7am to night?
Lebensdorf on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Around 6'2 in his prime, now about 5'10. In The Terminator, he looked about as tall as 6'4 Rick Rossovich in their fight scene. Similarly, standing next to Lou Ferrigno in various pictures, the two looked almost the same height, even when barefoot. He has deteriorated quite a bit. I suspect bodybuilders shrink more than normal people do as they age. I don't think he's more than 5'10 now, 5'11 maximum.
Height181 on Brock Lesnar
''I think he's 188-189 CM..''

I don't agree with you at all, but good for you.
Dan 176cm on Rob Paul
Rob, do you think if you really tried, you could measure yourself below 5'8 after a long day/ heavy stresses? I never heard you say you ever dropped under it
[Editor Rob: if I had a sore back and couldn't stand as tall for a measurement then I may dip a fraction under. For a proper measurement I can still hold 5ft 8 at worst.]
Emil 182.5 cm on Football Soccer
Van Persie aint 6'2.
He's 1.85 tops and might just be 1.83
Greg on Jack Lord
"a young christopher walken looks taller than him"

I'm not seeing Walken as taller than Lord in the walking scene, would have said he was a tad shorter if anything. And holy cow, a young Walken looks like the spitting image of his impersonator Jay Mohr :)
Greg on Abe Vigoda
I think Abe would have been around 6' ish at young, peak height. There's an interesting set of production stills where he's standing next to Gene Hackman in the Copola movie "The Conversation" and looks maybe 2" shorter Click Here
PRMcD on Elizabeth Olsen
She's seems to be around 5'4-5'5. She is just slightly taller than Dakota Fanning who is listed at 5'4. If she were 5'7 she would be towering over Miss Fanning.
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Darren510 on Arnold Schwarzenegger
He was actually 6'1-6'2 range at his peak. He really was one big muscular intimidating guy in the 80's. Now he lost his perfect body and looks burned out. He really dosent look intimidating at all anymore especially in the expendables 3....Anyway strong 5'11 today, maybe 6ft even.
JB on Kevin Spacey
5'9" makes more sense. On House of Cards most people are taller than him yet he still maintains an average look.
IR on The Undertaker
6' 7" ( 201 cm ) today
6' 8" ( 203 cm ) peak
Darren7ft on General Height
You are right Rob I am not 7ft. If I could be I sure would though. I'm 5'10 but usually appear anywhere from 5'11-6'1 depending on my footwear on any given day.
[Editor Rob: if people stick to their own height, it's a lot easier for everyone.]
someone on Jennifer Lawrence
Chuckie Cheese 2 says on 27/Jun/14
Yeah she can look 5'9", especially with heels, but 5'7.5 or 5'8" seems realistic. Supposedly her measurements are 35-26-36, that would indicate a body weight of some 130 pounds, so perfect figure yet tall and lean

She does not look particularly lean to me tbh...i would assume her weight to be 140+ lbs at least. Also I do not buy the 26 inch waist measurement.
People lie about their height all the time, and they are even more likely to lie about their weight.
TJE on Kendall Jenner
Look at the top of this very page.
Junior31 on Sylvester Stallone
Jesse Stone says on 31/Aug/14
Look at this. Pretty obvious...

Click Here

Unbelievable. Why would a person worth 9 FIGURES wear a disaster of a shoe like that? Why because it makes him taller. For him to wear something so ugly to be taller says a lot about his height as well as his height complex. Looks similar to the horrendous shoes he wore in muscle beach back in the day with Colombo and Arnold.

When he's with guys within 2 inches of his real height he will wear a slight lift. When he's with tall guys the sky is the limit no pun intended.

In 1975 he woke up at 5'9 and went to bed 5'8 and change
In 2014 he wakes up 5'8 and change and dips to a hair under

He wears lifts because a 5'8 action star in hollywood just won't cut it

I think if rob and sky stood face to face barefoot today upon waking rob is a hair taller.
31 August
kmart on John Goodman
Same Deal With Me. I Had An Appointment. But They Measured Me 2 inches shorter than i am. they measured me at 6'3'' instead of 6'5''. Alot OF Times the height scale actually starts like 2-3 inches off the ground so you'll be measured like 2-3 inches shorter. i know i'm 6'5'' cause i stood next to a friend of mine whose 6'3'' and there was a noticeable difference
JT on Andre The Giant
For what it's worth Click Here

That’s right, erroneous, the first thing anyone notices is how much larger Andre’s noggin was compared to Big Show’s Click Here
Andre’s head does not look all that much larger than Nash’s, especially once the ‘fro is trimmed back Click Here

Andre needed around a 14 inch long head to come out to 7 feet, which ain’t happening. His head was very long from the eyes down but only average length from the eyes up.
Sam on General Height
Hi, I just turned 15. I'm 183 cm tall or 6 foot 3. Am I tall for my age?
newguy on Rob Paul
Click Here

rob my mom and sis are in this pic my mom has an inch advantage do you think they will be identical in height without the advantage
[Editor Rob: they could be very close in height]
newguy on User Heights
Click Here

me and the same sis but this time i have a 1.25 inch advantage
newguy on User Heights
Click Here

my moms was 5,4.5 and in 1 inch shoes and i also had a 1 inch shoes how tall do you think i look.she reached a little above my lips
newguy on User Heights
Click Here

in this pic she's standing on a stair as you can see were both shoeless she was 5'9.5 in this pic half an inch taller than in the other tall do you guys think i look 5,11 or 5,10.5
newguy on User Heights
Click Here

rob in this pic my sis is standing in a box making her 5,9 in height.i had no shoes . the first line is the top of the head my 2nd line is the hairline.her 2md line is eyes.the 3rd line for me is my eyes and last line is the end of our i look 5'10.5 she reached a little under my hairline
[Editor Rob: in that pic you can definitely look in that range]
sid on Kane
Arjun Kane slouches, thats why he appears shorter. Kane never stands up straight anymore like he used to
rockitbaby on Leonardo DiCaprio
Jean Dujardin claims he's 1,81m and Leo is exactly his height...
Concerned 181 cm on General Height
Emil and Jamie growing 1-1.5 inches after 18 makes me think I still have some hope of hitting the all-important, life-consuming, absolutely necessary, you'll-never-have-a-life-at-all-without-it, six foot mark. My doctor estimated my full adult height at 6'1, but here I am, a few months away from my 18th birthday, still barely over 5'11. I guess we'll see if that estimate was realistic in my next check-up.
Alex 6'0 on CM Punk
He'd measure 5'11 before 6'0 but yea 5'11.5 is fair for him but I have him at 5'11.25
pro rasslin on Shawn Michaels
watching old promo's of HBK's. he was about an inch taller than JR, and 2-3 inches shorter than sgt slaughter in his heel turn promo post-summerslam '97, and he was wearing shorts and FLAT boat shoes. face-to-face with steve austin backstage he was pretty damn close to his height.
it'd give him 6' on the dot before he had the major back surgery.
Hypado on David Wenham
Yes, David is 178/179cm
BorkLaser on Dave Batista
With Chris Jericho. Click Here
Alex 6'0 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
I could see Rock losing a fraction of height since his younger days but he's only 42 so minimal height would be lost. 6'2.5 peak and today 6'2 flat seems possible
Alex 6'0 on David Ramsey
Rob, you don't see possibly 6'1.5 without the footwear advantage? Looks more of a weak 6'2 guy
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't put a bet on 6ft 1.5, but near enough to 6ft 2 I think is a fair guess.]
Mid190s on Rob Paul
@Alex 6'0

Yes if the sun is up, I probAbly average a Quarter over 6'5, an 8th at the least.
181.4 on James Hetfield
After all those surgeries Dave looks 179-180
184.9 on a bad day on John C Reilly
He looks pretty similar with Chris Pratt.
stev on Sneakers
How much do you think these classic Timberland boat shoes give Rob? They look pretty thick. Thanks Click Here
[Editor Rob: look near 1.3in range ]
Jake on Ashton Kutcher
Ashton is strong 6'3. Agree with most of the people here exp @lelman. Ashton is 6'3.25. He is as tall as Tom Selleck, who's 6'4.
176,2Tunman on Maria Sharapova
5'3 at almost 14.I was near 5'4 at that age and everyone was surprised I ended at my current height all expected me to end smaller.Her growth was just spectacular.
Rob stopped growing at 14,he would have ended 6'7 with Sharapova's growth.funny thing is that at 14 with Rob and Maria height respectively,99,9999%of the time the guy ends taller.
Dmeyer on User Heights
If Someone realy is 183.4-183.7cm at low then its worth saying 6'0.25 once you are 183.2-183.3cm just say 6ft
176,2Tunman on Rob Paul
Rob,did you notice this thing before?
Allegedly 55 000 persons are treated for being too short (Under 150cm)in U.S
55 000! in U.S could be considered as dwarfs and that's only the treated people,the actual number is certainly larger.
My question is why the dwarfs number is much Superior to giants?I highly doubt there is more than 10 000 persons at 6'10+ in U.S
Dmeyer on Sylvester Stallone
I have watched sly shoes over the years , he some times wears regular 1inchers other Times regular thick shoes 1.2-1.4in type , some Times cowboy type 1.5-1.8in , some times élévators in the 2.25in type and on rare ocassions shoes that could give 2.5-2.75 in or close to 3in , so he Gets a boost Anywere 0.5in to near 2in and can look Anywere 5'9.5-5'11 so 5'7-8in is not possible 5'8.5-9in is possible
malcom on Michael Phelps
With 6'3 (191) David walters:
Click Here
looks 189
EzioAuditore711 on Jim Parsons
That's because all the other cast members are basically midgets.
kyuss on David Wenham
5-10" min
mikael on Chris Benoit
5'9 flat
5'10 in boots maybe
Height181 on Justin Bieber
He is taller than a flat 5'6''. Even 5'6'' is too short today. I remember Rob saying he has the body frame of a 5'8'' person. He looks taller than a flat 5'6'' man. He is 5'6.5'' - 5'7''.

@jamie179cm: Stop trying to downgrade him, to make yourself feel better. It's making you look like you are super jealous. I'm not saying you are, but it's making you look like it.
avi on Maria Sharapova
shes shorter than Federer . this is crap . she should be listed at 6'0-6'0.5 area.
George on Andrew Garfield
Andrew looks about 4.5-5 inches shorter than Michael Shannon (6'3.5).
Click Here
Paul on Leonardo DiCaprio
@cole : 5ft 11.5in = 181.61 cm not 182 ;)
Andrea on Sasha Grey
She does look 5'6, well done Rob!
Andrea on Rob Paul
Rob, i've seen you added some "adult entertainment" actresses, like Sasha Grey or Lisa Ann. You should add more, even if in their films it's hard to have a good idea about it xD
[Editor Rob: hey, it gives me an excuse if Jenny catches me....'an accident dear, just clicked the wrong link there'.

Nah, my Computer is in my main room and so quite visible...]
Clay on Brock Lesnar
Height181 says on 31/Aug/14
I don't believe in those NFL listings. I can only believe what I see with my own eyes. From what I've seen Lesnar is no more than 187cm. If you guys think he is 6'2'' thats fine. I'm not arguing over a cm. As long as we are guessing around the same area, I'm cool.

I think he's 188-189 CM..
Andrea on Tom Welling
Well, you can see the same guy with:
- James Franco : Click Here
- Benicio Del Toro (back in 2010): Click Here
- Eva Riccobono (an italian model listed on her agency at 179): Click Here
He still does look much shorter than Tom, though...
Sean73 on Chris Pratt
Pratt would be an awesome new Indiana Jones.Solid 74" inches for him.
Connor183 on Rob Paul
Not all men suit having beards, like Steven Seagal for example he just looks awful with a beard it does not look good on him at all, i have a stubble on my chin right now and i feel it looks nice on me but if i had a full grown beard it would just look weird on me, guys like Ewan Mcgregor and Chuck Norris defo look good with beards, especially Chuck Norris because he looks badass with it.
Dural on Brad Pitt
That's just stupid Parker, there's a difference between wearing high heels or lifts inside your shoes. You can get 3-4 inches taller with less ridiculous looking shoes than Downey's.

Downey doesn't hide his height insecurity, he even admits wearing lifts. Pitt would never admit wearing lifts. He doesn't look 6' with Bernthal btw., more like the same height which is most likely 5'10.5-5'11". An 176cm tall man (which I believe he is) can easily get to 179-180cm with lifts.
184.9 on a bad day on Stephen Amell
Rob, do you think have a chance a little less 6 ft 1? of course no less than 6 ft 0.75 but he have flawless posture.
[Editor Rob: remember a lot of time a standing height could be like half inch less than a military/measured height.

I know a few actors who have done this, just before photo taken, breathe in and stand tall for a measurement pose.

Amell looks a guy who is holding near his best posture a good chunk of the time, which is no bad thing of course. It instills an aura of confidence.

But yeah, always a chance he is a little shy of 6ft 1.]
Celebheights188cm on Robert Pattinson
Out of bed: 6'1.25"/186 CM
Late morning: 6'0.75"
Afternoon: 6'0.5"
Evening 6'0.25"
When going to sleep 6'0"
Celebheights188cm on Jim Carrey
187 CM is more believable than 188 CM in my opinion. Morgan Freeman has him beat.
The Horse of FUNK on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Considering I've been a lurker/poster on this site since about 2004-2005, I know some of these alternating names on here are Viper because Viper would constantly repeat phrases like "measured athletes" and jeer people with "LOL Rock fanboys". Why not just post with your usual monicker?

This fellow is completely off his rocker now. He's now claiming 5'11" max for Will Smith over on the internet movie forums. I'm telling you guys, just wait for it, eventually he'll be saying The Rock is 6'0" max lol.
c on Football Soccer
@ 192 beast

Have you seen him up close? i believe he is know where near that height anyway
beingright on Justin Bieber
No doubt that he is at least 5.6, but he is also nothing more than a 5.7
Seeing him lately with Selena Gomez it is save to say that he is not much taller than her. No more than 2 inches.
jamie179cm on Will Smith
5ft11 is BS he looks like 6ft1 guy to me i can't see him under that he looks tall
jamie179cm on Tom Cruise
Brad i think Diaz is between 5ft6 and 5ft7 aswell as cruise
Jeff on General Height
I had my height measured by the BOOTS UK height/weight machine this year. With tape measure I am 6ft on the dot.

With the Boots height machine I got 5'11.6 (no shoes) after a half marathon in the middle of the day - is it ok for me to just round up and say 6ft when people ask my height?!
James B on Kane
He didn't look 6'8.5 compared to 6'4.5 Test in the attitude era
Arch Stanton on Gordon Ramsay
Ross Burden, always reminded me of Steven Seagal LOL!
James B on Triple H
Actually he edges out seth rollins

Seth rollins hairstyle can make him look taller so I guess 6'0-6'1 range isn't impossible? Granted he does give a 6'1.5 impression on TV.
jamie179cm on Chris Rock
sorry rob but this listing is bad after seeing at next to stiller i think hes around 5ft7 or 5ft8
Arch Stanton on Gordon Ramsay
That's an interesting comparison though. In looking Novelli does actually look tall range but he's shorter than quite a few in comparisons, I think he might be near 6 ft but I doubt 6 ft 2. He does look near it in that photo if you're sure the other guy is a solid 6'1!
jamie179cm on Chris Rock
looks about 5ft9 to me
Arch Stanton on Gordon Ramsay
[Editor Rob: I bumped into another chef last month, nick nairn who actually looked in the 6ft 1-1.5 range.]

Rob, do you think that at Jean Christophe Novelli could be near 6 ft 2? Click Here That surprised me I thought he was fairly average.
[Editor Rob: can look near enough that, or at least similar to nairn]
Brad on Tom Cruise
Diaz & Tom take off their footwear you'd see about the same height.
john on Ben Affleck
rob maybe 6 foot 2.25 for affleck same as eric bana
littlesue on Stewart Granger
I'd say 6ft 3 a bit more than 'solid tall' Arch, especially in the 40's and 50's where 5ft 8 was around average height for a bloke, its more than half a foot taller!!
Brad on Justin Bieber
5-6 is all you get.
Bug on Miley Cyrus
She looked a little short to me and person when I went to her bangerz concert in Philly and I'm 5'6 . She looked shorter than I expected.
Dmeyer on Tom Hanks
I met him several Times 10 yrs back any thing under 5'11.5 is impossible and 5'11.75-6ft is likelier 10 yrs back
Anon on David Hewlett
Great pic with Jenny. Looks 5'9.
tall person on Kane
If you watch videos from his Fake Diesel days, you could get a great idea of his peak height, which spanned as much as a full inch over Undertakers. Peak for Taker 6'7", and peak for Kane/Fake Diesel 6'7"-6'7.5".
Amaze on Rob Paul
@arch Stanton my Asian friends who are muslim have good beards. I know a Sikh guy who is 17 and 5'8"(been this height for years now) he's got a very very long beard. hes had a big beard ever since 13/14. when he was 12 he had a big big moustache. my other friends can grow big beards too - I can't but im not really bothered aha.prefer clean shaven

@connor183 yeah same haha, prefer clean shaven. stubbles alright, although I prefer the baby look xD
A person on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Yeah, lets raise money so Rob can get the cheapest ticket at that event, if 150 people give 1 dollar he should be able to get a picture with Arnold.
[Editor Rob: he's only doing something like 80 photos at that event and only guarantee to get one is to fork out 1500 quid :)]
Amaze on General Height
@malik yeah i'd say you are tall for a 14 year old.

yeah 5'8 or 173cm. hmm you were 173 and got to 176? that's a strong solid 5'9". tbh I wouldn't even mind that I just wanna be taller. that's a legit alright height I wouldn't complain at. that's average too. I will make sure to know and track my real height always. I won't get lost in my hopes of becoming taller and I will let nature do its thing yeah. thanks a lot man
James B on Clint Eastwood
We don't know McGills official height cause he is not listed on this site. 6'3.5 consistent in the 80s? Remember 6'4 Liam Neeson had 1 inch or so on him in dead pool and in heartbreak ridge he stood with military posture where I think McGill had more relaxed posture.
EzioAuditore711 on Jim Parsons
And what about me? To me, he's definitely not tall.
James B on Clint Eastwood
Arch Stanton says on 31/Aug/14
James have you seen Heartbreak Ridge? You can't say he looked skinny in that film, he looked tough as hell in it and looked like he'd be working out with the marines for a year!

Slightly disagree Arch when he had on his officer uniform in that film he look slim/skinny. When he wore his tank top though he looked ripped and muscular. Personally i think in films like deapool, pink caddlilic and any which you can he looked really bulky and tough. In good the bad and ugly he looked well built also.

In heartbreak ridge his characters personality was as tough as hell that's for sure.
berta on Clint Eastwood
he could still look 6 fot 1 if he standing tall. peak a little over 6 foot 3
tall person on Kane
Looks 6'6" or 6'6.5" now. Maybe from 1997-2002 he was 6'8", but either his boots lost lifts or he just aged and lost some of his height.
James B on Big Show
Reigns looks 6'1.75 compared to big show and mark henry. Henry judging from that pic looks 6'3.
SaveUsY2J on Chris Jericho
Alex, yeah I was hoping he'd stand for photos at that event, but HBK, Bret and Jim Ross had all done similar events with the same company in the past (which I couldn't afford at the time) and they sat down for their post-show photoshoots so I never had high hopes. To my understanding I could have gotten a standing photo with him as well if I'd been able to attend the pre-show meet and greet but that was only included in the VIP pass which you had to pay an additional £55 for (I think that's the equivalent of about 90 US dollars)

It's a shame there aren't many good clips/photos from the Attitude Era of HHH, Rock, Austin, etc. with Al Snow, since he's the one wrestler besides Jericho and Lita I've met (Dolph Ziggler was doing a signing at one point in my hometown late last year but I couldn't make it as I had uni that day) , and the only one who stood long enough for me to accurately judge the height of. I'm around 6'0, a similar range to yourself, I thought he he looked an inch or so shorter than myself, so likely 5'11, maybe 5'11.5 at the absolute max (never did buy his 6'1" billing) Here's the photo, but I don't think it's of much value for height comparison as we're both leaning and he's a fair bit closer to the camera:

Click Here
James B on Randy Orton
Even with thick footwear Orton never looks like he could be near 6'5. 6'3 is the vibe he gives me.
James B on Brock Lesnar
Triple H looked 186cm IF Brock Lesner really is 6'1.75.

I agree about NFL listings since Roman Reigns does not look his 6'2.5 listing,
James B on John Cena
He has good posture
Alex 6'0 on Kane
Id give Kane 6'7 over the last several years. Closer to 6'8 peak possible.
Alex 6'0 on The Undertaker
Could UT be 6'6 today? Its not impossible. I think we need to figure out his peak first. No less than a solid 6'7 peak and 6'7.5 is likely. Not sure about 6'8 peak. Today 6'6 1/2 may be right
Daddy on The Undertaker
James B says on 25/Aug/14

When Kane is wearing dress shoes he looks shorter compared to when he is in ring gear.

I realize that Coorperate Kane looked to be (keyword: LOOKED) barley taller than Ramdy Orton at times, but the Undertaker looked 4" taller than Brock Lesnar (6'2") at Wrestlemania 30. Now I'm not saying I believe Undertaker is "just" 6'6"- I peg him at 6'6.75", or should I say 6'6.5" - 6'7". But are we really saying that a man billed at 7' tall who steps over the top rope with ease is less than 6'6"? I know I know I know I know I know, you're thinking about Kane's huge boots, which is exactly what I want. When Undertaker and Kane worked together one night of Raw is War, Undertaker stepped over the top rope, probably because Kane did and he could too. 'Taker seemed to be doing more shenanagins to facilitate easy stepping than Kane, dispite wearing boots that looked to be similar in size. And if either do, 'Taker looks to have longer legs.

I think if everyone throws out their previous idea of Undertaker and his brother's heights, and looks at the head levels and boots sizes, more would agree with me that back during the Attitude Era, Kane was 6'7.75" - 6'8.25" while The Deadman was 6'7.5"- 6'8". But today, they're more like 6'7.25"- 6'7.75" and 6'6.5"- 6'7", for the big red monster and the now white goateed deadman.
Fair enough?
Light on Arnold Schwarzenegger
6'2" no shorter
Light on Ted Levine
5'10" not 5'11" hes 5'10"
Caesar on General Height
That doesn't matter. As long as their height doesn't decrease the mean average increases.
Think about it: If 1000 kids have an average of 180 cm some of them will be below the norm and some of them above but even if say 100 kids are late bloomers and grow from 170 to 175 the average will increase because the total height that used to be a total of 180 000 cm is now 180 500 cm. Divide that by a thousand and you get 180.5 cm instead of the original 180 cm.
Alex 6'0 on John Cena
I'm a solid 6'0 and most guess me at 6'1 and sometimes 6'2. Shows how some guys give taller impressions. And by just looking at someone not easy to tell whether they are 6'0 or 6'1. Cena claim 6'0 so at best he would be 6'0.5 and rounding down
jamie179cm on Cameron Diaz
she is between 5ft6 5ft7 look at her body frame and a 5ft8 woman can appear tall shes doesn't look tall to me
jamie179cm on Tom Cruise
lol93 i agree with tom bing 168cm or 170cm but i think diaz could be 5ft7
jamie179cm on Justin Bieber
lol sorry guys i didn't mean to put my name on my comment
Red183 on Hulk Hogan
Click Here

In Footwear I would say Joey 6´5.75", Hogan 6´4.5", Arnie 6´0"

Joey had max 0.75" from his shoes
Hogan at least 1.34"
Arnie about 1.25"

So doing the math:

Joey 6´5"
Hogan max 6´3.15"
Arnie 5´10.75"

If Joey is under 6´5" like some claim - BAD BAD news for Arnie and Hulk.

Hulk at 6´3" and Arnie 6´0" doesn´t make any sense seeing them together.
If Hulk was in lifts why is Joey in flat footwear still 1"+ taller.
Andrea on Tom Welling
I told you i meant the guy at 1:50 and not the tall one... I thought this guy was easily 5 inches shorter to be fair, but yeah a clip like that is not the ideal... You think he might be 5'10-5'10.5?
[Editor Rob: 5ft 10 flat is a possibility yes]
Kourosh177cm on David Wenham
Looks 5'11 easily
cole on Neil Patrick Harris
@Editor Rob: Ok. So in your opinion, 5'11-11.25 is too low a guess?
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't go that low for a guess]
The Horse of FUNK on David Wenham
Just curious, Rob, but how on Earth do you gauge these footwear advantages? Are you some kind Rain Man with a mental encyclopedia of every footwear known to man?
Realist on Amitabh Bachchan
I know one thing for sure, Bollywood and some of the south indian cinema especially Telegu are far more obsesed with tall heroes than people with average height. All the new guys who are coming are about 6'0-6'1 minumum. Thats like 7-8 inches above national average. In hollywood you are able to find many more guys in the 171-175 range.
SaveUsY2J on David Wenham
Difficult to call because of the hat.
Andrea on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
I agree that a full 6'3 at his lowest is quite improbable but saying he's barely 6'1 is madness! I dont buy anything less than 6'2 for him and i still think he's over 6'2! 6'2.5 would be perfect, IMO!
cole on David Wenham
Looks about 5'11 with loose posture and a 0.4-5in footwear advantage - could well be 5'10.5.
Arch Stanyon on John Lithgow
At least, made Denzel Washington look 5'11 in The Pelican Brief.
Arch Stanyon on Denzel Washington
Rob have you seen The Pelican Brief? He looked 5 ft 11 next to peak 6'4 John Lithgow. Lithgow looked massive next to him. I'm trying to figure how Lithgow could have only been 9 cm taller!
[Editor Rob: seen but barely remembered.]
Scott on General Height
Is a 25cm head length consider long
[Editor Rob: it should be in the 95th+ percentile range.]
Crash on Billy Murray
I agree James but Eastenders was 8 years ago now, 7 years ago when this photo was taken. Now in his early 70s he will probably be losing height rather quickly.

5'9" 3/4 is clearly impossible even at peak. I think he was very close to his peak in his Eastenders days. As you say James he looked 5'8" back then and Rob estimates him at 5'8.25" peak, so clearly little height loss if any by Eastenders. But he thought the 3/4 of an inch would make it sound more credible than just outright saying 5'10" lol.
Andrea on Sylvester Stallone
Lol, Dmeyer. 6'0.25? I mean, that pic is even worse than G's ones: no visible ground, footwear,etc... As far as i know, Sly could be standing on something or in heels. And The Rock, well, he's not 6'3...
Andrea on Justin Bieber
Tunman, i actually "discovered" his name right on this site. Never heard of him before... I saw maybe a couple of interviews with him and i agree when you say "jealous of what?". Maybe his money? I mean, he's short, "not the smartest guy on the planet", not handsome (even if i am a guy who likes women, i think i can recognize if a man (is he a man? xD) is good-looking or not),... Maybe is he a good singer? I dont know because i probably never heard any songs of his... I know there are a lot of people who "hate" him, which btw is something i dont understand because how can you hate someone you dont know or interact with? I simply don't care about him... And yeah, i saw a few photos and he can look between 5'6 and 7. Short guy...
Andrea on Arnold Schwarzenegger
All that money for a photo? Thats crazy, maybe i'd "pay" Rob if Arnie agreed for an accurate measurement under the stadio but only for a photo that is pure madness! I'm sure Rob would give him "the benefit of doubt" and say "he could stretch taller for a measurement" so it'd be pretty useless!!!
[Editor Rob: well you get your own table magician it that price, I'd bloody well expect it to be Paul Daniels assisted by David Copperfield]
Trevor on Arnold Schwarzenegger
The fact of the matter is we just don't know. Anyone on the internet with an opinion can say that 'posts prove beyond question' a person was a certain height, but the fact is we just don't know. Though it certainly says something about the character of the subject in question that if you asked him about his height, you would not get a straight answer. The fact is, in the Show Business industry, as Rob knows, people lie about their heights. They get paid to be larger than life. They don't want to disappoint you. Still there are tall people who are actually tall (Michael Jordan) and less-than-tall people who pretend they are tall (Arnold). Far too many people who have run into Arnie in person have commented that he is south of six foot. No one ever says, "Wow, Michael Jordan is so much shorter than I thought." That's because one is tall and the other is not. In some parts of the world, you get put in prison for pretending to be something you are not. In Hollywood, they pay you money and put your 'star' on the "Walk of Fame." Fanboys lament: Arnie was never six feet two or one in this lifetime. But for forty years, he had you believing he was. That is his gift. Which does't make him much of a governor or a husband, but it does make him an actor (at last).
184.9 on a bad day on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Men, Paul Walker was 6ft 1.5 or 6ft 2 and The Rock was 3-4 cm taller.
Amaze on General Height
@aaron183cm both of you did well I guess. had a short mum and you ended up lower range tall/and she highest average.

@truth yeah 6'3 range is defo lower very tall range
ThisKid96 on Miles Teller
I met him in real life, I'm 6'1 and he was about as tall as me.
littlesue on Melanie Brown
She looks 5f4 at most next to Cheryl Cole on the new X Factor shows
De on Rob Paul
Rob,can you predict their height diffrence please
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
[Editor Rob: from that I'd say they appear quite close in height, you could probably say bearded guy has a bit more, but I'm not sure!]
Andrea on Lee Pace
Rob, did you put him back to 6'3.75 after seeing that comment? xD
Anyway, yeah, he does look very tall, so near 6'4 is possible for sure...
Look at him with 186-187 Graham McTavish:
Click Here
He can look a couple inches taller than him!
[Editor Rob: I think it is probably the fairest, from looking him with karen gillan who is just about 5ft 10 on the nose, he can look nearer the 4 than the 3 mark.]
Dmeyer on Brad Pitt
Pitt is at worst 179.5cm at low at night and likely. 180cm
Emil 182.5 cm on David Tennant
6'0.5 seems more likely
Arch Stanton on Burt Young
To be honest, even the 70s I couldn't see 5'7.5, I guessed more 5'6 range but he was portly and I've not compared him really.
lol93 on Tom Cruise
Just look the picture above cameron diaz is 5'8 and she is wearing heels,tom cruise is wearing boot lifts,look at their height difference and tell me that tom is more than 5'7 ,he is somewhere from 168 to 170
Arch Stanton on Burt Young
Rob can you update with American actor best known for playing Paulie Pennino in the Rocky films. He also appeared in films such as Once Upon a Time in America, Mickey Blue Eyes, The Killer Elite, Convoy and Amityville II: The Possession.

Sorry to keep saying "Rob" all the time LOL but if I don't say it I figured you're less likely to see it. I'm happy to use a different word we can agree specifically for flagging the update requests. How about "Chuck Norris" or something?
[Editor Rob: no, I do read it and yes it helps me from having to type out all the names at times. I am slowly going through each page, in fact I got lost at one point and am starting from beginning, just tidying bits up, correcting any obvious mistakes etc.]
Ally on Cristiano Ronaldo
Same with Daniel Sturridge, but he is listed taller. Before moving to Liverpool he was 6'2. Now he is 6ft, but I think he is really 5'10 (179cm maximum)
Click Here

Here he looks only 8-9 cm taller than 170 cm Raheem Sterling and about 6-7 cm shorter than Jordan Henderson(he is 6'1)
Emil 182.5 cm on General Height
French guy,
I'm starting to wonder if your eyes are at the same level as your chin since you believe 183 cm is below average lmfao
Andrea on Tom Welling
Sorry Rob, but if this is just a couple inches difference, i think i'll give up guessing heights because Tom does look a lot taller to me:
Click Here
[Editor Rob: I was talking about the other guy, the black fella....ah, this guy, well he could appear between 4 and 5 inches smaller in that part of the clip.]
littlesue on Christie Brinkley
I would have said by 70 not 60. I haven't lost any yet and I'm 54
littlesue on Anne Bancroft
She had her heels on though so would look taller than Hoffman.
lol93 on Colton Haynes
With Ryan Seacrest Click Here Click Here this was back in 2011
michel on Robert Duvall
robert duvall looked in the god****er 174 next to 175 caan
michel on Kiefer Sutherland
174 is right. big boss
Arch Stanton on Stewart Granger
Mmm, Click Here Granger does actually look max 6'1" there. I've seen a lot of his late 40s and 50s films but not seen that many early/later ones. I'll have to see some of the ones you mentioned Shadow. He sure had me fooled for a long time, I guess because he was often next to short co stars and with his long legs and slender build. He's definitely no shorter than Victor Mature though, although 6'1.5" for Mature might be more accurate.
michel on Julia Roberts
5'8 true and out of bed 174.
Anon on Steve Coogan
Come on, he is at least 5'9.75". He looks almost the same as Larry David in the clip below.
michel on Charlie Sheen
he's a real funny guy he knows to enjoy his life. 5'9 guy.
Dmeyer on User Heights
Rob i have Been obese most my Life at the âge of 16-17 i drop 90 pounds and grew a lot Like 5-6in and then Been obese again at 20 between 20-22 i was 220-240 Like in the Stiller pic then 275-295 at 23-24 , then 300 at 25 , then 265-275 and 27-28 at 29 was 293 and did a healthy diet and was 227-232 29-31 now my weight went up i am 260-265 , i am thinking about doing a bypass surgery or a sleeve , my brother in law did it and went from 260 to 150 , but he lost a lot of muscle , rob wath do you think is better for height loss with âge staying overweight as i am or doing surgery , answer if you can
[Editor Rob: you are not hugely overweight. Sure, you would benefit with being 50 pounds lighter.

I would always try to naturally lose the weight, rather than get surgery. I know...easier said than done, because tasty foods can be very hard to resist!

You are better off doing basic exercise/stretching (not like 30 minutes a day but like 5 minutes) so your back muscles keep decent shape. I think you have another 20 years before worrying about height loss, so I'd say keep trying to reduce the food intake.]
KROC on Randy Orton
I agree with lethalleke, I'm not seeing 6'4. I could buy 6'3-6'3.5 though.
Arch Stanton on Stewart Granger
LOL, Granger was nothing but a "solid tall" guy. Just look at the guy's legs. That was a legit tall guy. If Granger was 6'1" John Wayne needs a downgrade to 6'2.5-6'3, John Mills a downgrade to 5 ft 5 and James Mason a downgrade to 5'9" range!
176 cm on General Height
Amaze, you are 5'8 right?

I was the same height at 17 and you can probably expect a good 1-2 CM at least by 19. It happened for me and I didn't really try or do anything different.

Just make sure to always know and keep track of your real height. Do not get lost in your hopes of becoming taller and just let nature do its thing, okay?
KROC on Daniel Cudmore
He would most definitely edge out Dennis Rodman. Rodman didn't look anything over 6'6 in person. Cudmore really is close to 6'7.
Arch Stanton on Kris Kristofferson
Although of course Pacino, De Niro, Nicholson, Eastwood etc too were more prominent as actors than Kristofferson in the 70s, but you know what I mean he had that "look" of 70s films down to a tee.
Alex 6'0 on User Heights
Connor183, yea that seems right. Me and you are damn near the same. If anything maybe 1/8 difference. I'll try the block of wood measurement too. Either way a solid 6'0 but you claim in metric so you can just tell people you're in between 183 and 184cm
Arch Stanton on Clint Eastwood
Eastwood looked about an inch taller than Everett McGill in Heartbreak who is supposed to be 6'2.5" so 6'3.5 for mid 80s is consistent with Pale Rider and Dead Pool...
Arch Stanton on Kris Kristofferson
Although he wasn't in a huge number of movies in the 70s, with the exception of maybe Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty I see him as the "face of 70s cinema". His beard and look I think was symbolic for the period and move away from the conventional movie star look. Very talented actor. He could look 6 ft in the 70s but he wore cowboy boots a lot. He looked near 5 ft 11 next to Seagal in Fire didn't he?
Arch Stanton on Kris Kristofferson
Rob can you add a bearded 70s photo and update with American singer and actor, best known for songs like "Me and Bobby McGee", "For the Good Times" and "Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down", and for roles in films such as the Blade series, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, Convoy, A Star is Born, Fire Down Below, Heaven's Gate and Rollover.
devil on Jennifer Carpenter
jennifer looks more like chelsea field from the last boyscout cause they both got the same looks from eyebrowns. 174 max 175 for jen.
grizz on General Height
@calvin, perfect height is the 186-188 cm range IMO, while I find 183-185 and 189-191 cm tolerable.
devil on Bruce Willis
in die hard 1 bruce looks like a midget against those terrorrists. bruce is tall man 180 is correct but he isn't like james bond type. a 5'9 guy like mel gibson that is also tall but not like brucie.
fred on Jennifer Carpenter
she is a tough woman with a strong personality in dexter episodes,we all know that 174 cm is her real height but in the film exorcism she looked smaller for a minute i thought she was 165 but when i saw the making of exorcism . i found out that she is much taller in real life. her face and eyebrowns and hairstyle looks very adult.i am in love... .
Arch Stanton on Ali MacGraw
Rob can you add a photo and add Peckinpah's Convoy, Love Story, and Dynasty?
Arch Stanton on Anne Bancroft
5'9.5 Inger Swenson could look 4 inches taller actually in some scenes in The Miracle Worker but I think she just about scraped about 5'6" in comparison.
jamie179cm on Justin Bieber
Ben atleast 5ft7? more like atleast 5ft6
Arch Stanton on Anne Bancroft
Doubt it 176, Shirley Maclaine had an easy inch on her Turning Point, and Maclaine could also look 5'6 range herself with Audrey Hepburn in The Children's Hour.
Arch Stanton on Michael Moriarty
Do you have a photo from the mid 80s too?
[Editor Rob: unfortunately not.]
Arch Stanton on Michael Moriarty
Rob can you add Q, A Return to Salem's Lot, The Hanoi Hilton, and James Dean? Not sure if Courage Under Fire is worth mentioning too, although it wasn't a lead role. 191 is fine I think. An ageing Eastwood edged him out in Pale Rider. 192 is possible but never 6'4".
pailrider on Elton John
I would say early days he was around 5'4", no shoes. Cosmetic limb lengthening possible, if he's 5'8" today imo...
Height181 on John Cena
It's interesting how Cena claims 6'0'', but he genuinely looks like a solid 6'1'' guy all the time. If I didn't know what he claimed, I would easily have guessed him at 6'1'' and nothing less.
Arch Stanton on Chris Hemsworth
Maybe more 215-220 at peak bulk for Thor, I'm sure not he quite looks 225.
Arch Stanton on Chris Hemsworth
Yeah Chuckie he's not under 200 lbs today that's for sure!! He used to be skinny and I believe the 38 measurement was probably in his early Hollywood days before he bulked up. 34 waist though and 38 chest is quite odd for him. I'd say nearer a 46 chest nowadays and 220-225 lbs.
Jesse Stone on Sylvester Stallone
Look at this. Pretty obvious...

Click Here
jimbo on Justin Bieber
jamie179cm - It was irony you dumb irrelevant moron
fred on Milla Jovovich
she's 174cm and not 173. i know it for sure look at her hands and forehead and face, she is taller than 173. to be precisly 174. and yes people size does matter!
josh b on Rob Paul
@Rob that'l be good :) I know Wenham's posture was all over the shop. Would it be better for me to put a link on each page or just leave that one on this page?
[Editor Rob: add a link onto wenham page itself and others if you want. He stood actually better than I thought with me anyway.

The reason also I asked David Hewlett for back to back a few years ago was that guy's posture was haywire and felt it was best to get him at his tallest...but a 'salute pose' for a guy like that would work aswell.]
jamie179cm on Tom Cruise
connor183 i agree 5ft6 is just short and 5ft4 is very short lol you type in jamieorr4 its ok your used to that name
Andrea on User Heights
Lol, "almost 6'0.25"!!! This is getting crazy...
jamie179cm on Brad Pitt
this is how i see it gwyneth 173cm brad 175cm or 177cm
Height181 on Rob Paul
Rob do you think I can ever grow a beard? I am 20 now, and I feel like giving up hope Lol. All I can grow is some light upper lip hair and that is all. My Dad can grow a great thick full beard. Is it just not in my genetics?
[Editor Rob: it might take a few years. I think I waited till mid 20's to try to get more of a beard going, although I stuck with a goatee beard for a long while, till late 20's then felt I could get a better beard - although still not greatly dense or anything, enough to look ok!]
Connor183 on Rob Paul
@Arch Stanton im not growing a beard when im older, it wont suit me but a stubble looks nice on me though.
jamie179cm on Justin Bieber
Height181cm i ment you can't read people minds
Dmeyer on User Heights
Also alex , there are good quality Walls were i never measure as low as 181.2cm
jamie179cm on Justin Bieber
jamie179cm ok not sure about people who say hes 5ft5 but the people like me who say hes 5ft6 are not jealous at all so if your not going shut about jealousy once and all please atleast stop saying to us who say hes 5ft6 its a reasonable guess and even rob doubts hes a 5ft7 guy besides 5ft7 is still short for a guy so if people are jealous why would they say his shorter?
Height181 on Brock Lesnar
I don't believe in those NFL listings. I can only believe what I see with my own eyes. From what I've seen Lesnar is no more than 187cm. If you guys think he is 6'2'' thats fine. I'm not arguing over a cm. As long as we are guessing around the same area, I'm cool.
Connor183 on Tom Cruise
oops sorry jamie i forgot you changed your username to jamie179cm, my bad.
Connor183 on Tom Cruise
@jamieorr4 well 5ft 6 is quite short but not that short like 6ft is quite tall but not that tall, very short is defo 5ft 2-5ft 4.
jamie179cm on Rob Paul
Amaze i think i measured myself at 181cm before not sure how though but i think im 180cm in morning
Kourosh177cm on General Height
truth178cm says on 30/Aug/14
Koroush I am 177.5-178cm at my lowest and 180cm flat out of bed

basically you are 0.75 inches taller than me. I'm 178cm out of bed and my lowest is 176.4 which makes me strong 5'9 and weak 5'10er.
josh b on Rob Paul
@176,2 Tunman
Nairnshire sat on a stool unfortunately.
Rob, which David, Hewlett or Wenham?
[Editor Rob: wenham, hey I'll put mine up today to show the difference.]
Arch Stanton on Clint Eastwood
James have you seen Heartbreak Ridge? You can't say he looked skinny in that film, he looked tough as hell in it and looked like he'd be working out with the marines for a year!
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
@Connor. I'm 31 and my beard is still evolving! Gradually when I clean shave and grow it back even the areas that had small patches before are becoming more dense. It looks really good now with a 10 day growth. Some Asian guys might be able to grow a great beard by 18 or whatever but it'll definitely be years before you can grow a decent beard I think.
Arch Stanton on Steven Seagal
Hehe, Rob I chopped the hair off yesterday. Without anything in it on the sides it was starting to look like a Dutch basketball player and I don't think the ponytail would be a good look! It is surprising though how after growing your hair for a long time how different your face and hair look when you get it cut, better I think.
[Editor Rob: Seagal will be disappointed.]
MarcusTheSwede on Enrique Iglesias
LISTEN. Pictures where not whole body shows are WORTHLESS.
Full body pictures with shoes are the only one that tells the truth.
Enrique is always always wear thick vibram soles that give him atleast 5cm and that incount not the build up inside.
Pictures without whole body and shoe isnt worth anything so dont post them doesnt matter who he stands beside if not the whole body and shoes can be seen
Connor183 on User Heights
@Alex 6'0 i measured myself last night at 10:45pm and i used a thick block of wood to measure myself with, i was exactly 6ft on the nose so thats like 6mm under the 6ft 0.25 mark so maybe almost 6ft 0.25 is closer to the truth for me?
john b on Ultimate Warrior
100% he was a 6'1 guy in the 80's plus 90's - Just before his death as we know got to spend some time back with the WWE. He lost height and looked around 5'11 tops. He was 54, he lost a lot of size and looked to have some physical issues and lost a good 2 inches off his height......:(
truth178cm on General Height
@caesar Not everyone, who grows late, happens to turn taller than average, therefore the average does NOT increase.
truth178cm on General Height
@caesar Not everyone, who grows late, happens to turn taller, therefore the average does NOT increase.
Tony B on Stone Cold Steve Austin
I met Stone Cold in Vegas 2 years ago. Iam 6.1 & Austin clearly had an inch over me.
Trip Menzell on Jin
I've seen him before. 5'5" or 5'5.5" would be a better ballpark.
62B on Andre The Giant
I'm not sure why so many people here don't want to give Andre his 7' peak height. He was a huge man! I eyed him up when I bounced off of him at the Milwaukee airport. I did not think he would have fit through the door of a "puddle jumper", and if he did, he would take up both seats uncomfortably. I give him 7' prime all day long. No taller in my opinion, but no shorter either.
Dom on Amy Dumas
For example, here she looks about 1 to 1,5 inch shorer than 5'8" Stephanie Mcmahon and a good 4 inches taller than 5'3" (listed here) Trish Stratus

Click Here
Greg on Michael Moriarty
Has him listed on IMDB as 6'4" and the first bio, which sounds like it written by a publicist (not unusual on IMDB) specifically mentions his towering 6'4" height. Possible he could have been 6'4" when younger?
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m on Rob Paul
Hey Rob, can you please add pages for the following three celebrities:

If not all, at least one? Thanks, and can I get a reply either way on your thoughts on the heights of that aforementioned trio. Cheers!
30 August
Mango on Cara Delevingne
Those legs.
sidd on Shahrukh Khan
I think shahrukh khans height is 5.7
charlie on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
LOL Rock fanboys cant come to grips that there are a million pics of him now looking barely 6'1 in 2014. Wasnt that way 10 years ago when he was a legit 6'2.
JT on Big Show
Click Here Click Here
Big Show’s torso is unusually long relative to the length of his legs, so his bending at the waist lowers the top of his head more than it would for a guy the same height with longer legs. Click Here Not saying he’d still measure a full 7’0” today but this is probably why he can give the impression of standing around 6’10” or so. Plus his eyes are set around an inch lower on his head than it is on the head of a normal sized person.
Tarik on Johnny Depp
Well, I'm 174cm and I certainly don't look as tall as he does in movies and pictures even with added footwear.
Theo on David Ramsey
He looks like 6'2.5 to me. Considering that Stephen Amell is most likely a legit 6'1, I think that Ramsey has about an inch and a half on Amell.
cole on Neil Patrick Harris
@Editor Rob: In your opinion, what is the most realistic range for NPH:
5ft 11in - 5ft 11.5in, 5ft 11.25in - 5ft 11.75in or 5ft 11.5in - 6ft 0in?
[Editor Rob: 11.5-11.75 probably, but then he could be 6ft for a chunk of the morning. ]
cole on Tyler Labine
@Editor Rob: I should rephrase that "could he be 182 cm range" bit, that was too vague, my bad. I DON'T think he's 182 cm "range", aka 182,0-182,9 cm or 5'11.75 - 6'0 if you like (on certin areas the "ft&in to cm" stuff can be somewhat confusing to me, as I'm a metric-guy by nature). What I meant was that he could be near enough 182 cm - like 181,5-7, so 5ft 11.5in I guess is within the realms of possibility. He does look to have roughly a 1-2 cm edge on Tudyk quite often, and I don't think he looks much more than 2 cm shorter than Jason Sudeikis in the barefoot/shirtless scene in 'A Good Old Fashioned Orgy'.
Moerliz on Christoph Waltz
@Billy I'm aware the US hosts ethnic minorities of shorter growth but believe it or not the same goes for every wealthy European nation and Germany is the wealthiest so you would have to consider that with every country or with none.
mande2013 on Dustin Hoffman
Pacino, Hoffman, and Nicholson make up the New Hollywood 'holy trinity', with De Niro not too far behind I suppose.
Alex 6'0 on Chris Jericho
SaveusY2J, that's a good picture even though its not standing. Sometimes Jericho and Benoit looked about the same and sometimes Jericho a bit taller. Both were shorter than Kurt Angle though who was no more than 5'10
cole on Beau Bridges
@Editor Rob: The man is 72 years old, surely he's dropped a little since the 70-90's?
[Editor Rob: he could be a cm less now, surprisingly he looks like he's not lost that much really, just having a glance just now.]
ab on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
if rock is 6'3.5, then why does he barely look taller then 6'1 paul walker?
Khalid on Ralph Macchio
To be honest I met him today and he did actually look around 5'8
[Editor Rob: seems a guy who can look anywhere 5ft 8 up to 9 at times]
Alex 6'0 on User Heights
Dmeyer, you're more of a solid 5'11.5 guy I say. 5'11 3/8 is your absolute low
Kostas on Daniel Cudmore
Lol!!! They look very close. Hard to tell who would measure taller.
Alex 6'0 on Rob Paul
Mid 190s, you measure 6'5 1/4 midday-evening right?
aaronious on Andre The Giant
iconjj, these proportion photos you did are very good, they really zero in on Andre vs big show, even though this is old decrepad at the end of his life Andre:

Click Here

what is very telling from these photos is 1) big show has very good posture, zero abnormal spinal curvature happening. 2) Andre is in the late stages of his disease, and he has severe longitudinal scoliosis. he is probblay around 6'11" here, assuming a 7 foot big show. a peak 1975+ Andre would almost certainly be the same height as big show here.

what is also telling here is that Andre's head is significantly taller than Big Show's, which JT has been in denial about for a long time, but these photos prove it quite substantially
Alex 6'0 on Rob Paul
Kroc, I agree. Even 6'8 is more just extreme tall not a giant. I think 6'10-6'11 and more is when you are a legit giant. Even at 6'0 I have a hard time estimating someone's height when they get over 6'6 so its harder to tell a difference between even an inch or two when someone gets that tall.
Alex 6'0 on David Ramsey
6'1.5 prob without the footwear advantage
Dmeyer on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Whi dont we all pay a lidl to rob so he go see arnold , wath a shame for sly
tom on David Mitchell
Nice, figured he'd be about that. Same height as me! Love Mitchell and Webb, very funny guys, funny that they are so close to each other in height.
Andrea on Mekenna Melvin
To be fair, i'd be surprised if she was a 5' flat... How the hell can she look almost as tall as Joshua Gomez in Chuck, even in those scenes where you can see their feet? She also doesn't look so much shorter than Yvonne Stravhoski! I think she could be more 5'1-5'2 than just 5', she could be "talking in general" when she says "more like five feet"!
Andrea on Jensen Ackles
He certainly is not a big 6' guy! I mean, he looks a weak 6' there, with Tom Welling, with Jared Padalecki,... Rob, a 5'11.75 is "too much"? I think it's quite clear he's not a guy like Big Alex!
jontchef on Steve Coogan
5'6 tops met him a few times
6'1" Julian on Joey Ramone
Wasn't Joey so tall and skinny because he had Marfan Syndrome?
Amaze on Justin Bieber
No doubt hes 5'7 in shoes but bare feet 169 or 6'.5 bang on. Prob 5'6 flat before bed
Alex 6'0 on Billy Gunn
If Gunn is 6'4 that makes Ziggler 5'11.5 range
176,2Tunman on Anne Bancroft
Looked tall in The Graduate next to Hoffman but maybe Dustin was made shorter on purpose? I could have sworn there was a good inch between them.5'6 and maybe a fraction more?
176,2Tunman on Justin Bieber
To use the jealousy as an argument is crazy.He's just 5'6-7 no more no less.
BTW why guys should be jealous of a kid like Bieber?I admit that Pitt,clooney dicaprio could be jealoused but Bieber is just that kind who gets more attention than deserved.Drugs reckless driving and alcohol have destroyed the image of many succesful actors/singers,bieber is lucky to still get attention
I must be the only guy on this site who never,really never heard any of his songs (and not thinking to do so).
James B on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Off topic

Go to 15:13

Do u guys agree that john laurinitis looks 6'2.75 compared to brock lesner? Lesner might have slight footware advantage though?
truth178cm on General Height
@Ron 6ft3.5 is upper tall/lower very tall.
Maximus on Tim Robbins
He is one of those actors that is obviously tall. I do believe that he states his height a little shorter to avoid being type cast. I believe he is at least 6'5" minimum without shoes.....he is obviously taller than Morgan Freeman in ShawShank and not many actors can to that to Freeman.
avi on David Cameron
looking over pictures of him and of my own he has the same build and proportions as i do. anywhere from 6'0-6'0.5 he could be.
176,2 Tunman on Rob Paul
@Josh B
Am I wrong or your last pic was with Nairn?for some reason he looks 5'8.5 here lol.
Connor183 on Rob Paul
Rob i measured myself on a normal day today at quarter to 11pm and i was exactly 6ft on the nose, 182.88cm, (i was doing a check up since its only 3 months till my birthday) so im not even 6ft 0.25? Rob am i more 6ft flat or 6ft 1/8 183.0cm? on normal days i dont dip below 6ft at night.
[Editor Rob: it depends on what you want to go with - your absolute low, then say 6ft. Your general mid-day to afternoon then say 'a bit over 6ft'.]
avi on Jeremy Clarkson
6'4 tops
Concerned 181 cm on Afrojack
This guy is so bad about lying about his height. He's even claimed 305 cm before!
mo on Ice Cube
I say 5' 8"
TJE on Santiago Cabrera
Not under 181. At least 8 cm on Rob.
Josh B on Rob Paul
Rob, do you like my photos? Not a bad haul for just one day. I agree with what you said about the event on another page. It was too busy, already looking forward to Cardiff in November. Was fun meeting guests though :)
[Editor Rob: yes it is cool, I think now I actually remember seeing you at a distance...

it's a shame kristian these days wants to sit down. You got your photo with David by the photographer I am not a fan of, I got mine taken by the girl photographer who has visited this site, so there is a big swing in difference!]
Louis on Kane
Kane is about 6'7.25 nowadays peak 6'8.5
Louis on Kane
Kane is about 6'7.25 nowadays peak 6'8.5
Alex 6'0 on Joe Manganiello
Assuming Joe's head is 9.5 inches Rob looks an inch above it in the top pic. That'll be 8.5 inches so it puts Joe between 6'4.5-6'4.75. Overall a weak 6'5
richkid123 on Bradley James
looks like Brad Pitt
176,2 Tunman on Rob Paul
Rob,if I measure myself with a 7.25" aerosol do you think there is a risk that I undermeasure myself?My toes were like 0.5" off the wall.
[Editor Rob: 7 inch is close, it's the minimum I'd use - preferably 9-10 inch as that leaves less room for chance of undermeasurement. With 7-inch you can't have your nose 2-3 inches away from the wall, it needs to be pretty close just to make sure your highpoint is being touched.]
Aaron183cm on General Height

One sister. She's pretty much average height at 5'4 3/4"

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