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3 August
Height183 on Mike The Miz Mizanin
I just can't see Miz under 6'0.5''. To my eyes he was taller than both Austin and Cena. Guess we have to agree to disagree and leave it at that.
Oanh on Andre The Giant
Halb says on 1/Aug/15
There is no reason to think that André had lost any height by Wrestlemania 3. To suggest 2-3 inches is extravagant.

Oh, he did lose height. It's a well known fact. The amount of height he lost is not exactly known, but has usually been stated around 2". He had the surgery in '86...before WM3.
Emil 182-183 cm on General Height
I wouldn't rank 1.72 m as a 1/10 lol. I think it's just as good as 1.90
Imo, best height range would be 180-185 cm.
hijopotamus on Brad Pitt
Cobra, Beckham taller than Clooney and Clooney in some pics taller than Pitt.
What we know for sure is that David coukdnt care less about height as he used to walk in sandals and his 1st interview after signing for Real Madrid he was in his room with some journalists and he was barefeet. Google David Beckham barefeet and see what I mean. Now find pics of Pitt with no shoes or without tricky shoes or lifts. Pitt can be 177 and with 3 inch help can surpass Beckhams 180 as we can see in these pics.
Marshall on Michael Jackson
Michael's height sure is confusing, he can look anywhere from 5'8.5" to 5'11"
Height183 on Justin Bieber
Rob, if he didn't smoke, do you think he could've been a bit more taller?
[Editor Rob: I think he's had access to a great diet and seemed to be quite fit as a teen, so maybe any effect of smoking was negligible.]
Height183 on Randy Orton
James, you sure you've measured correctly? Lol.. You're not adding 1 or 2cms on are you? :)
jilu on Caprice Bourret
jilu on Blake Lively
She is definitely below 5'8. She was shorter than
liz hurley in most scenes in gossip girl.
She is about 5'7.5.
Sam on John Cena
Around 183cm-184cm at his low, and 185cm out of bed for Cena.

@175guy, its definitely a noticeable difference, but I wouldn't say its huge by any stretch. 5ft9 most times looks very average, and 6ft looks tall(ish). If you see Rob with 5ft11 men that's what the difference looks like.
Chase Witherspoon on Michael Caine
In one of his autos he mentions being "around six-foot" about the time he enlisted, sort of implies to me an inch or so either way, but not 6'2".... 186cm would be my shout..
Andrea on Hulk Hogan
With Michael Rosenbaum: Click Here
Rob, do you think Hulk is dropping a couple inches in that picture?
[Editor Rob: I'm sure he's dropping more than michael, how much can be hard to tell with Hulk.
I think some people can forget Hulk is a guy who has had multiple back/disc surgeries, hip replacement, knee replacement and other surgeries. I wonder if Hulk lives till late 70's what height he'll be then...he might stabilise a bit over next few years as he wrestles less.]
chish p on Randy Orton
when u look at randy standing with other wrestlers u can see that he is taller than most of them.for me he is 6.5ft tall he is even taller than the rock
Andrea on Jocko Sims
It's hard to say where the top of his head is, with the hat, but i'd say he looks 5'10 range with Rob... 182 is certainly crazy, though! Rob, any idea on Travis Van Winkle? He's listed at 6' on the net... He probably isn't much under that mark, but i remember in Friday 13th Jared Padalecki was noticeably taller than him, more than just 4 inches! Maybe he's more 5'11-5'11.5?
[Editor Rob: he is a bit taller than jocko, I think closer to 5ft 11 range than 6ft

for nba Without a hat he'd look like that.]
Sam on Andy Kaufman
Not the best picture but he sure looks like twice Danny De Vito's height LOL.
Click Here
Sam on Mercedes Mason
"Mercedes Mason" sounds like a female trucker's name LOL, not a name you'd expect for a hottie or a Swede.
jervis on James Garner
Lost a lot of height in later life,but looked 6ft2ish with Tom Selleck.About 5ft11 in space cpwboys with 6ft2ish Clint eastwood.
Sam on Don Stroud
This actor is like the ultimate "that guy" from 70s films...not a super-familar name but a very familar face. I actually wasn't aware he was quite this tall but didn't really pay attention, from stills this could fit him though.
Chase Witherspoon on GW Bailey
He looked 5'6" on MASH...
Chase Witherspoon on Merle Oberon
We were claiming her as one of our progeny for many years - Ms Oberon maintained she'd been born in Tasmania throughout her public life.... Richard Harris was enamoured by her also... short in stature, big in talent, 5'1.5"
Sam on Elisha Cook Jr
Good find...I couldn't find any links to books that cited Cook's height.

I read a quote from somebody (John Huston?) that surprisingly for a little guy who was always victimized on screen, he was a tough, reclusive and rugged guy who would go between his films to a cabin in the mountains and live off of what he caught (especially trout).
Andrea on Santiago Cabrera
He looks more 5'11 flat in Heroes, 180-181 is probably what he'd measure... I doubt he'd be over 181 at his low! Rob, maybe a 5'11.25 listing would be better for this guy? Did he really look taller than a Michael Rosenbaum in person?
[Editor Rob: 181-2 zone I think for santiago is feasible.]
Vegas on Triple H
Height183 says on 31/Jul/15
He could slightly edge out Brock back in the day, even with footwear disadvantage.

i was at that show and hhh wasn't taller, there is the full video and timeslot is 1 minute 27 seconds to 1 minute 30 Click Here

nobody who posts regularly on here regarding wrestlers heights should post screenshots where one guy has a "high camera angle advantage" especially given the amount of time JT and I have gone over it. just go back and look at your second link and compare top rope height nearest camera with top rope furthest away..anyone closer to the camera just by a foot will of course "appear" shorter than in reality
Andrea on Christopher Eccleston
He looks more 181-182 in Heroes next to Jack Coleman and Milo Ventimiglia... Jack looks at least 3 inches taller than this guy!
Vegas on Mike The Miz Mizanin
Height183 says on 30/Jul/15
You were saying Mr Vegas?

photo #1 is all tilted to one side and needs to be rotated about 5 degrees, the other two shots are completely useless. i am not going to use this as evidence because dolph and flair have slight camera angle advantage but i bet if shoe was on other foot.. Click Here

you are going to have to try alot harder to convince me that miz is taller than austin and cena when i met and talked with all 3 in person. miz is right around same height in person out of gear as guys like morrison, christian etc and just a little taller than ziggler, kofi and certainly isn't 6'1 or wakes up at 6'1.5
Rory on Gareth Bale
Id say Benzema is a strong 6 foot..Ronaldo has him by about 2 cms...ive noticed with benzema often in pics his posture isn't great and he can look 182 cm in those instances but standing tall hes 183-184..he used to be listed 184.1 on the Madrid website and that seems likely for his late morning/early afternoon things certain though the 187 listing is garbage.
diggy on Willard Parker
He was the most handsome of all
Arch Stanton on Colin Salmon
Click Here

Looks 6'5.5 there with Prince Charles and leaning!
Chase Witherspoon on Sigourney Weaver
Ms Weaver seems like my older sister who'd refer to herself as 5'12" before she'd ever confess to being 6'0".... Nevertheless Ms Weaver always appears quite genuine maybe legitimately rounding down from 181cm perhaps..
sam on Brad Pitt
I meet brad Pitt 8 month ago in one of restaurants of Los Angeles, and I'm 180 cm, he taller than me, I'm sure brad Pitt certainly 183 cm, he is 6 ft
Arch Stanton on Colin Salmon
Yes he looks about 6'3 here but if you really see him in films he can look near 6 ft 5 and easily 6'4.
Amaze on General Height
@six feet you maybe bumped into a group of very tall fellas, that happens here sometimes, groups of 6'3-5 men etc. Average there is 5'9 so at 6'0 you are still tall.

@182cm evening height

Nope I don't feel insecure at all, I know some guys around 5'7/8 who are very insecure about a girl being taller or same size, I don't feel insecure at all. There are tall girls on this planet so its ok, I wouldn't even mind dating a taller girl, although I prefer shorter ones
Arch Stanton on Ronald Reagan
He did look this in a lot of roles though, but I guess you could argue te same for Cary Grant.
Chase Witherspoon on Alan Bates
In The Caretaker (1963), Shaw looked to have 1-2" on Bates; I thought he was more 5'9 region, maybe 176cm..
Alex 6'0 on Brock Lesnar
I can see Brock at 6'2 but no more. Can certainly sometimes look more 6'1.5 range today too but telling that 1/2 inch is hard.
hector on Cara Delevingne
164 cm,just like Selena Gomez
Alex 6'0 on Stone Cold Steve Austin
Vegas, Austin at 6'0.5 I an see during his peak days. Today he's not more than 6'0
Alex 6'0 on Triple H
Back in 2002 HHH and Brock looked the same I thought but in those pics HHH could be barely taller
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Most comparisons of Cracknell with Ben Fogle he's also looking 6'3 range I think
Click Here Click Here Possibly in 6'3.25-5 range.
About 5 10 on Jon Bon Jovi
Jon Bon Jovi can look anything from 5' 8" to 5' 11"! I think 5' 9" is accurate though, as he looks this when wearing normal shoes. But his height is all over the place, very hard to pin down! Is he a lift-wearer, Rob?
Height183 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
''the top of hogans head isn't the top of the top of the do-rag''

Yes it is! Hogan is bald. Who are you trying to kid??? Rock is clearly 2 cms shorter when both had equal posture, in the picture I posted

As for Big Dave, The pics with Mamun are tricky with that angle. Rob has taken many of those in that style and They don't produce real height differences.

Now here is Big Dave with Big Randy, about 2 inches there.

Click Here

The Rock and Orton pictures should've just closed the case on this one. Orton is CLEARLY 2 inches taller than The Rock.

A barefoot 6'3'' Rock today is just pure madness! No way he is tall as that next to Orton, Hogan, Routh and Cena! Just NO WAY!.... He is 6'2.5'' at best and even that is pushing it.
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Click Here I think you can safely assume Pinsent is a legit 6'5. Redgrave is a bit shorter but I don't think Cracknell really looks his claimed 6'4, more 6'3" range IMO.
Jdawg on Morena Baccarin
I'd put her at a 5'7.5 max. She's incredibly attractive.
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Redgrave looks the tallest in that photo for some reason but the general difference is more as in Click Here I think. I think Pinsent is a legit 196, Redgrave in high 6'4 range and Cracknell in high 6'3 range
something like 6'5, 6'4.5 and 6'3.5 I reckon.
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Rob I think the three great Olympic rowers Steve Redgrave, Matthew Pinsent and James Cracknell deserve pages in their own right. Click Here Redgrave and Pinsent are around 6'5 I think but Cracknell I think more 6'3 range, I don't think he looks a legit 6'4 as he claims. With Ben Fogle he can look near it though.
katrina on Victoria Azarenka
her wta players profile says 182cm 5'11.75 do you think that is accuarte rob, when she won the australian open in january 2012it lists her as 6'0 she is over this listing
Mike2 on Elvis Presley
Hi Amaral
I did respond earlier but it doesn't seem to have got through to Rob. For your information Ed Parker was very well known in the martial arts world and was responsible for Bruce Lee's introduction to Anerica at Ed's 1964 Karate tournament in California. Ed has always been listed as a 6ft male in the Karate world, a height which I 100% agree with. The photo I have attached showing Ed and Bruce Lee is only a waist up shot but does give an indication that Ed Parker was quite a big man. I have also posted another barefooted photo of Ed and Elvis and you can see that they are of similar height with Elvis having a slightly lower and wider stance. Regards Mikd 2
Arch Stanton on David Beckham
Brooklyn really is becoming super annoying. Click Here Signed a modelling contract (at 5 ft 7 range) and set to become a big Hollywood movie star now. Groans. He's an ordinary looking lad, with ordinary talents I'm sure. He'd not stand a chance as either a model or an actor if he wasn't Beckham's son!
I wonder where the family hype is going to end. Just how many kids of Hollywood stars or celebrities are given "modelling" contracts now, it's absurd.
6'1 Joe on Brad Pitt
@Marcus: Man take it easy. This is just a height related celebrity page, nothing else. You're going a little overboard with your facts. Also, I agree with the fact that Pitt's height varies a lot with pictures, but I still don't think he's as low as 5'9". He's 5'10.25" minimum. In fight club, he looks 5'10.5 with Jared Leto in most scenes, but a strong 5'11 with Ed Norton in different scenes. It's all in the camera, the camera angles. Many people have little to no idea what wonders a camera's lens can do.
sixthreeoutofbed on Jon Jones
here with charles barkley:

Click Here

no way 6'4 huh?

strong 6'3 imo. 6'4 ou of bed
MD on Jake Gyllenhaal
At least take off this ridiculous half-inc, now.
cobra on Brad Pitt
Interesting pics with Beckham and Pitt considering Beckham is clearly taller than Clooney:

Click Here
Click Here
Kourosh on Kurt Angle
i dont know but i gotta feeling that me,Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho would be eye to eye if not they might be taller by slight difference.I dont know maybe im wrong.

I am 176.4 cm ( 5'9 1/2 ) in evening.

i wish i could meet them in person like Alex.
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
@JamesB The point is though, what does it really matter? Who needs to be the tallest guy in a club? Does it bring them more girls? Probably not. You seem to equate height with superiority, a 6'5 guy might be taller than 6'12 or 6'2 but it doesn't make them "better".
french guy on General Height
So based on that system:
172 cm and below=1/10
174 cm=2/10
176 cm=3/10
178 cm=4/10
180 cm=5/10
182 cm=6/10
184 cm=7/10
188 cm=9/10
190-195 cm=10/10
french guy on General Height
I have had a better idea for rating height:it's percentile which determine height rate.
183 cm is in the 65 th percentile so it's
6.5/10 heiggt
175 cm is in the 25 th percentile so it s a 2.5/10 height.
But, since only one Guy is in the 100 th percentle which is way top tall, we have to set à limit :any height between the 90 and the 97 th percentile is 10/10
PLB is mental on Kiefer Sutherland
PLB wow you need to see a shrink, who cares rob has his height perfect on here. KS is an average height guy with shoes on. Period.
M on Natalia Vodianova
No way she is 1.74m , this is far too exaggetaed, like for many models..It is shame how they can lie so many centimeters for height,
SC on Jaime Ray Newman
No Aaron, she was taller then you, don't be jealous.
Superman on Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
I thought his name was spelled Halfthor, and then I couldn't imagine how tall a Wholethor would be.
Triplescrew on David Tennant
I'm bored so here are some Matt Smith/David Tennant height comparison photos.

Click Here

Here's one where both are with Jenna Coleman...

Click Here

Clearly, Matt appears taller than other folks measured at 5'11" next to Jenna and David looks over 6'0".

Click Here

Click Here

Rob, ever ask yourself if people would think of Matt as being taller if his first companion wasn't so tall? Back when I was a Who Noob I thought Matt was around 5'8" because I assumed Amelia Pond was around 5'6"...
Frankie68 on Sylvester Stallone
Why do alot of people here mention sharon stone !!! I mean i understand why for comparison of height reasons towards sly !!! But say stone isnt really a true 5'8 like everybody claims ,,, shes always looked 5'6 /5'7 to me !!! Wouldnt that be a problem for sly !!!!
Mouse22 on Taylor Swift
I'm surprised how this thread has developed, but I had a good laugh. For somebody like me who's been playing and teaching guitar for a living it's an amazing revelation to discover (see below) Taylor Swift can't play because she uses a capo. OMG, that means I can't either! The most amazing thing is, however, that I seem to be using a capo and bar chords at the same time - I must have got it all wrong! It's funny how people want Taylor to be smaller all the time while she looks like a giraffe everywhere you see her. 5'10" or 5'9.5"? - Why not somewhere in between? It's like asking if Katy Perry is 170 or 169 cm, I bet she simply doesn't know, and if Taylor is a tiny fraction taller or shorter she won't have any idea if you ask her either. And it depends if she just got out of bed or is going to bed after a long day - yes, that can make more than half an inch of a difference! In any case, she's tall lady, and, no, nobody's actually going to downgrade her to even 5'8".
Rusty 190cm on Sam J Jones

Agreed, he looks no more than 6'2.5" in the more recent pic.
kel on Charli XCX
2 August
Holly on Jack Wagner
I just saw him on Ray Donovan. He looked pretty small compared to Liev Schreiber. If Liev's height is correct here, then I'd say he's more like 5'8 - 5'9" tops.
Balrog on Matt Schulze
Taller than Vin Diesel by a solid inch at least.
Balrog on Christian Bale
Don't think he's 6 feet tall all day long, but I wouldn't put him under a strong 5'11" range. Minimum 181cm but he's likely 182cm, weak 6footer
Key on Jose Pablo Cantillo
Oh, Rob, that makes sense. I think that might explain why they switched Michael Raymond-James height from 5'9 to 5'8
Balrog on Katrina Law
Looks 5'6" flat.
Dan on Brad Pitt
Brad is definitely a 5-10 guy. Put him in a helpful 2" shoe and he's a six footer. Simple as that. Johnny depp is in the 5-8 range, cruise about 5-7. Damon 5-9. Clooney 5-10.5 Reason Brad looks bigger than Beckam? Beckam may have had small shoes while spit had big shoes. That's all it takes.
Height183 on John Cena
@175guy: I wouldn't call it towering or anything, but yes.. there is a good noticeable difference..

Click Here

That's a 3 inch difference there, between a 5'9'' guy and a 6'0'' guy.
Key on Sugar Ray Leonard
Definitely 5'8" Maybe 5'8.5"
Height183 on Brock Lesnar
''His posture is poor''

And the sky isn't blue..

all jokes aside, could be anything from 187 - 188cm. I'm sticking with 187cm for now.
PnutGTA on Brock Lesnar
I think he's 6'5 because if Brock lesnar was to Stan next to Seth Rollin he would be way taller and Seth Rollin is 6'1 think about it
PnutGTA on Brock Lesnar
I think he's 6'5 because if Brock lesnar was to Stan next to Seth Rollin he would be way taller and Seth Rollin is 6'1 think about it
Key on Billy Murray
On Google it says he's 5'10"!!! What!?
Dmeyer on Terry Crews
He does look 189cm but then dolph was no less than 6'3.25/191cm by ex2
WAF on Tyler Mane
For attracting the opposite sex as a male in the Western world, I find that the ideal height range is roughly 5'11"-6'3". I don't think it's a coincidence that almost all male models fall in this range. Now, why this is the case is much harder to explain.

One factor is obviously that there are not that many guys who are >6'3" and there not that many girls who are >5'11". That is to say, guys who are somewhat above average will do the best, because there are many of them (so that other factors can play a role) and they stand out a little, depending on where you are (you don't stand out unless you are nearly 6'2", at the very least 6'1", where I live). Also, girls typically want their love interest to be taller than them, and since only few girls are taller than 5'11", it seems reasonable to start the ideal height range for attracting the opposite sex as a male around that height combined with the fact that the height range of male models start at 5'11".

With that being said, I find that height usually only plays a small role in attracting the opposite sex, unless you deviate a lot from the average. But I see shorter with nothing status-related going for them doing really well with the ladies as well - you just have to make fun of yourself and seem cool about it. Don't wear lifts - it will make you seem weak!
varun18 on John Cena
@175guy A lot of difference I think. 3 inches means a lot.
TJE on Dwayne Johnson The Rock

If you really wanna get your point across, you're gonna have to use better pics than that. The pics with Brandon Routh were better for comparison.
TJE on Daniel Craig

On your first response: True technically, I just like to give Rob's listings the benefit of the doubt so I can avoid a bunch of paradoxes. Each to their own, though. Hopefully, in the future, you'll find more pics of Daniel looking 5'8 with other celebs.

Have a good day. ;)
WAF on Andy Kaufman
This is a good listing - solid six feet, but probably not taller than that.

He always looked very similar to the wrestler Jerry Lawler, who is listed as 6'0". Now, I don't know if Lawler is the first wrestler in history to be listed accurately, or whether he was really shorter, but since he looked virtually identital to Kaufman most of the time, and I don't see Kaufman below 6'0", I think his listing is on point. I know my reasoning seems circular, but my confidence in my a priori estimate of Kaufman as six feet is so strong that I think it's valid. I have also seen a picture with Kaufman and Jeff Connoway, where Kaufman looks about an inch shorter.

Click Here

He looks slightly shorter than Lawler on this picture, but it shows he was probably not 6'0.5" or something like that.
WAF on Ben Affleck
His wife Jennifer Garner thinks Affleck is as tall as Tom Brady, even though Brady is two inches taller!

Watch from 2:30

Click Here

She is conflating size with height. Ben Affleck can look big ( Click Here ) and is obviously taller than average. Relative to his height, Ben Affleck is probably bigger than Tom Brady relative to his height (6'4.25", 225 lbs), at least as of late, but Brady is noticeably taller.

Girls or just shorter people in general, tend to be horrible at estimating heights in my experience. There are obviously exceptions, but I think it's generally accurate. Taller people are not exempt from this, however, as a friend of mine claimed to be 6'4", despite being about 6'2.5" (which he later admitted, indicating that he just didn't know his height). It's not necessarily that people are lying, sometimes they just don't know, but usually they know and they tweak the truth, I think. I have a cousin who claims 6'5", though he looks slightly taller - a bit like Howard Stern and Klitschko. Why bother being completely accurate when you are so far above average, anyways?
62B on Hulk Hogan
daquf says on 2/Aug/15
62B, you met dibiase doesnt change the fact that he was a couple of inches shorter than 6'3 Ottman, and Hogan had tops 1 inch on Ottman


The fact is I saw him face to face, we were both wearing similar shoes, I was 6'3" and Ted was no shorter than me, and in my opinion slightly taller. Your "facts" are really just your opinion, not facts.
Dmw on Andre The Giant
So having a disease that makes your chest limbs and head grow, having a back surgery because of this disease, gaining up to 525lbs(Andre put on the lbs from 84 to 87) and just aging in general is not enough to make Andre lose height? Google the footage of Andre congratulating Hogan in 84 after he wins the title against the Iron Sheik, then watch the WM3 match and tell me Andre does not look bigger and healthier in 84 opposed to 87.
WAF on Brad Pitt

"Rob, would this listing be the same had he claimed 6ft on that teen magazine? Maybe 181cm?"

That's a good point. If he claimed to be 6'0", I'm quite certain that he would be listed around 5'11.5". He gives off the impression of being as tall as Leonardo DiCaprio and Jake Gyllenhaal. It just goes to show you how difficult it is to adjudicate in cases with such small differences.

If I had to give one non-fractional height to all of them, it would be 5'11". I think Brad Pitt can seem the tallest, because he got relatively wide shoulders combined with a lean physique. Leo and Jake are not as athletically built, with the exception of Gyllenhaal in "Southpaw" - he is apparently capable of achieving an athletic physique, but he usually looks like this:

Click Here

That is, very skinny and not stoutly or athletically built at all.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Bobby Fischer
I think 185cm is too low for his playing days.
More 186-187cm range. Not sure about 188cm though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Gene Hackman
@Arch: weak 6ft2 range for Hackman puts Beatty at 6ft1
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Frank Stallone
The stupidity of that claim.
Sam on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Posted a pic with NBA player Chris Birdman Anderson on Instagram.. Birdman is listed 6'10.
philip44 on Tom Cruise
lol this site is the only site that gives tom cruise a boost to his height, he is listed at 5 ft 7 on google and everything lol
[Editor Rob: it's not a boost unless Tom was measured 5ft 7 flat.]
Alex 6'0 on Big Show
From 2000 with Big Show looking in solid shape. Still huge but not as fat as he has been over the last how many years. I remember in 2000 Big Show on a radio show saying he was really 420lbs and not 500
Alex 6'0 on Big Show
In 2006 was his biggest he ever was. 525lbs legit I read. He was billed less than he actually was. Then he came back in early 2008 around 100lbs less. Over the last 4-5 years looks same weight range but back in 1999-2000 was his best look I say.
Getapic1 on Anton Lesser
Looks average.
Dmeyer on Tom Cruise
Cruise could defenetly get 2.25in from those and measure 5'10 looking 176cm with exelent posture Click Here
Will1987 on Zac Efron
He's 5'8" folks. End of debate.
Josh1 on Zac Efron
He looks 5-8 with his shoes on, so 5-7 barefoot. 5'9 Jared Leto has easily 2 inches on him, hes also a bit shorter than 5'8 Taylor Swift.He doesn´t look much taller than Dave Franco.
Josh1 on Dolph Lundgren
Wow in that supanova pic He looks 6'2
Josh1 on Taylor Swift
@YO All I see in the video is 6'1 (185cm) Karlie Kloss Towering over Taylor so I agree with Superman.
Jay on Carlson Young
Wow didn't realize she was this small.
Josh1 on Taylor Swift
Hahahaha goog one @Alex 6'0
Yo on Taylor Swift
She is taller than 5'8" nico sereba with power posture and less footwear... Click Here
Jay on Shantel VanSanten
Beautiful. Didn't realize she was this tall.
Yo on Taylor Swift
I think it makes her look more 5'9 or 5'10. She's not getting totally towered over.
Andrea on Ali Larter
Rob, are you really convinced she's a 5'7?
She does look more 5'6 range with the "Heroes" cast... I don't think she's only 5'4-5'5 as some people tried to say in this page, but 5'6 is much more realistic, IMO!
Look at her with Hayden, she can look only 5 inches taller in some photos!
Also, with the other woman you've met, Tawny Cypress, she really doesn't look taller than her, in similar heels! In conclusion, 5'6 is probably the most you should give her...
[Editor Rob: 5ft 6.5 is probably a reasonable shout.]
6ftMagician on Arnold Schwarzenegger
I remember when I first stumbled on this page, I was struck with disbelief that a cultural hero might not be larger than life...

Fast forward to now and Rob I don't know about Arnie anymore. At times he is just holding onto 6ft, but lately he is appearing more and more as a 181cm Guy.

I'd still give him the benefit of the doubt and just say perhaps he has a sore back or some disc problems on some days.

Reasonable, if ever so slightly on the generous side listing.
6ftMagician on John Cena

A legit 6ft-er would always appear comfortably taller than a legit 5'9'' guy. Having said that, 175 is not what I would personally consider short. For instance, to me 5'8'' Conor McGregor has the proportions that would make anyone appear a few inches taller in photos/real life and excellent posture to boot.
Sammyp on Brock Lesnar
I'd give him 6'3" he looks tall but because he's so massive and wide he appears shorter we should petition to have him measured to stop this
Alex 6'0 on Randy Orton
Lilli, some people don't understand weight and how different frames are meant to be a certain weight or not. I'm well over the max 184lbs for 6'0 on the chart and I'm pretty healthy. I look great most say. I'm pretty built and muscular though so its not like I'm my weight range with a lot of fat.
Alex 6'0 on Randy Orton
I'm 6'0 and currently 205lbs. I'm actually down from 210-213 this past winter. I usually lean out at least a little in the summer. Typically nowadays I hover in the 205-215lb range. Most heaviest was 217 but I was retaining more water from that winter bulk lol
Ender of debates on Brock Lesnar
Rob won't change his height cause he thinks Brock Lesnar will find him and F5 him.
Getapic1 on Lil Jon
So he is both 168 and 169 huh? The only celeb with consistently existing 2 pages.
Alex 6'0 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Click Here

Entire segment Orton looks between 1 and 2 inches taller than Rock. Again putting Orton at 6'4 which we all agree on and Rock at 6'2.5
Alex 6'0 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
A 6'3 Hogan in 2002 makes Rock 6'2 then. Hogan could have been in between 6'3 and 6'4 back then which would put Rock at 6'2.5. Today he certainly isn't over 6'3. Rock has never seen 6'3 other than in the morning or out of bed
Alex 6'0 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Height183, yea Rock never looked over 6'2.5 with those guys. Batista tops 6'3 but 6'2.5 peak is more accurate. Today 6'2. 10 years ago he was a bit taller than HHH who was no more than 6'2 flat. I personally think if Rock shrunk it was maybe 1/2 inch. You have guys on here saying he was 6'3-6'3.5 peak and now 6'2. No way has Rock lost 1-1.5 inches at 43 come on LOL
Alex 6'0 on John Cena
Height183, yea that's the thing. In general for anyone if you're active during the day you'll hit your low faster. I'm on my feet with an active job so i'll hit my low faster on work days plus the gym. On non work and gym days I'll hit my low later. All these wrestlers when we see them they're surely prob at their low anyway.
182 cm evening height on General Height
@Amaze Out of interest, do you feel anything when a girl is taller than you?

One of my friends is 5 ft 7 (educated guess) and admitted to me that he used to feel insecure about it around taller girls but then he bulked up and the insecurities went away.
Ali on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold was never tall. Even when wearing lifts he isn't 6'1. Arnold was about 5'11 at best.
Go back and look at the picture of Arnold with Roland Dantes. ''Come with me, if you want to live''. Arnold is bigger than life.
Anton on Robert Downey Jr
He wears huge lifts all the time, in movies, on the red carpet, in the streets. In my opinion he is max 5'7 (170 cm). Maby time for a downgrade Rob?
G on Ed Sheeran
Ed did not say 5'8 but around that. He is 5'9. With 5'8 Rupert Grint. Click Here With 5'9.25 - 5'9.5 Harry Styles.Click Here Proof that Harry Styles is 5'9.25 or 5'9.5. Click Here
R2D2 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Randy Orton is really 6'3". Maybe 6'3.25" on the dot.
R2D2 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Look at the video with 6'6" Scott Van Pelt. Thats not a 6'2" guy anymore, not by a long shot.

Rock is 186cm AT BEST today.
burby on Sylvester Stallone
I told ya he'd implode. Is Cruise taller than Sly 2015?
zedrein on Randy Couture
"Height183", are you out of your mind!? Randy on a VERY BAD day is still a very strong 5' 11"
Stev on Sneakers
Thanks as always Rob. I cam across these Prada shoes, rather nice looking. What do you think the might give? Click Here
[Editor Rob: those again are very big shoe heels for a man, probably very near 1.5 as well!]
joe on Henry Cavill
185 cm solid
joe on Henry Cavill
185 cm solid
kevin on Brad Pitt
jesus christ those pics with beckham are killing me. he looks easy 2 inches taller altho the angle might be bad for judging height. i really wanna see his shoes haha both barefoot shoultd really close... i would even say beckham would edge pitt
jessman on Football Soccer
Yes I noticed this. Outside of van der SAR, stakelenberg, and von hooijdonk, there are few others I can recall who were quite tall. Strange considering the Dutch average. At the last world cup the team seemed comparatively short.
movieguy on Don Stroud
I agree with comment from Arch Stanton, this guy genuinely looked 6'2''. I'm about to start off about Eastwood's height again but probably better leave it for his own page.
Boo on Gerard Butler
Redux: I bought a s=6'2" mannequin...Ehy? I bid on and won his polo dhirt from rhe wardrobe dept. for the costu dressed the dummy. and everything fit perfectly; is the same height as the dummy@
cat :-) on Debby Ryan
i do not think she is 5/6 becuse my dad is the same hiegt and he is more shorter
cat :-) on Debby Ryan
i do not think she is 5/6 becuse my dad is the same hiegt and he is more shorter
Aza on Roddy Piper
Roddy Piper RIP.
NBAer on Jocko Sims
Rob,does he have more footwear or is he closer to the camera??Because he honestly looks 182 above,certainly taller than other 179 listed celebrities here...Some 183 listed celebrities look BARELY taller than him in comparison,i think he needs an upgrade to 181.
mac on Rob Paul
Rob, on EXACT how many inches is your hairline to chin
Andrea on Steve Coulter
Sam, i stopped watching TWD at the beginning of the third season, i think, but i wouldn't say the cast was short, but more average! Not every show is like Chuck where most of the guys are over 6'2! :)
NBAer on Jonathon Young
Seems abit blond and atleast 4 inches shorter than Tesla(he was thought to be anywhere 6'2-6'6 back in the day)to actually incarnate him lol.Definitely looks 5'10-5'10.5 with Rob.
Modeus on Rey Mysterio
I see a weak 5 ft 2
blue on Rob Paul
The tallest man that i've ever seen was about 6ft8.
Its funny, almost all the very tall men that i've seen was black and very muscled, the last one was about 6ft5 for at least 95kg; The Rock covered with chocolate;)
6ftMagician on Chris Jericho
''A guy who is 5'9 or 5'10 wasn't supposed to be a star''... Jim Ross' own words on Jericho in his podcast:

Proof here:

Click Here

Listen from minute 44 onwards.
oRIGINAL on Taylor Swift
5'9 case.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Richard Roxburgh
178cm is about right. Looked shorter than Dougray Scott in MI:2
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Don Stroud
@Arch: that's a bit strong
Lillo thomas on Rob Paul
Amaze I will not drink coca cola again. I'm 4 month Coca Cola free. I will not go back to 240 pounds. I want to lose more weight and be between 208-210 pounds. To much sugar consumption is the path to overweight. Also you should try to quit junk food. It's really bad for your health. The problem with Coca cola is that it can be REALLY addictive. You should be careful with sodas. Height183 I would not like to be 3 inches shorter. I like my height very much but 6'3 and 6'4 are the perfect tall heights and anything over 6'6 is too tall. 6'2 is okay but I would prefer to be around 6'3 or 6'4. In general my height is good. Some people hate being 6'5 but I like it. The positive outweigh the negatives.
James B on The Undertaker
Looked closer to 6'7 flat peak compared to sid and kevin nash
jtm on Warren Beatty
he was shorter than gene hackman. 6'1 was most likely his peak height.
Jboliver on Petra Kvitova
big fan of women's too. I got to see petra at wimbledon this year Without doubt she is tall, for most part thin and very handsome. Easy 6ft at least, at least as tall my husband is now who is alittle over 6ft.
Khan on Mike Tyson
I'm boxer but not professional, i'met mike in gy. he is taller than you claimb .im 5:11 but iron mike is little bit taller than me
jtm on Laura Linney
she was shorter than emma thompson
Celebheights 6'1.75"/187 CM on Ashton Kutcher
Seann William Scott was a legit 181-182 CM guy in person, and Ashton had him by like 5-6 CM.
jtm on Michael Jackson
he wan't even 5'9. look at the pictures with eddie murphy.
jtm on Ben Stiller
look at him with dustin hoffman. this listing is still generous.
french guy on General Height

5'11.5 is just average for a w

hite young man , you re not tall, just average
jtm on Katharine Hepburn
solid 5'6 in her younger days.
jtm on Paul Rudd
he is probably not even a full 5'8 and that's a big problem for tobey maguire since rudd was clearly taller.
Tallest on Philip Winchester
More of a 6 flat I reckon.
Kenzy on Rob Paul
Rob would like to say a big well done, since creating this site in 2004 and how gradually its grown, its not easy creating sites in-fact I found it very hard before as I hated doing web-design if wasn't for me, but well done Rob!
[Editor Rob: I appreciate every visitor...

I wish I had more time (I am having to cut back spare time I spend on the web so I have more time for this site)...I spend a fair amount of time helping out parents as they get old.]
Jason on Heath Ledger
Heath never was a solid 6' 1 guy
He looked only an inch taller than Andrew Garfield in Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. He was a solid 6' 0 guy
182-183cm range on the spot
Height183 on Zac Efron
Well you shouldn't be surprised really Rob, because here he is looking the same height as Joe Jonas, Who I personally think is in the 5'6'' range.

Click Here

I think Zac left his lifts at home that day.
Height183 on Shia LaBeouf
Spot on 5'9''
177cmGuy on George Lucas
5'5.75 could be his height today and peak height could have been 5'6.5
Rojina on Bruno Mars
I guessed he d be 5"8
Memphis Lady on Elvis Presley
Growing up in a town that's very much in the shadow of Elvis and also my own mom a big fan of his too you could say that we were gate fans at Graceland and growing up in the 70's I got to see Elvis on horseback, car, golf cart and on foot at the gates of Graceland up until the day the day he died. Without doubt Elvis was tall, for most part thin and very handsome. Easy 6ft at least, at least as tall my husband is now who is alittle over 6ft. TCB fellas
Superman on Taylor Swift
@Yo, I think that video actually supports 5'8" claims.............
Andrea on Steve Coulter
When I read he took part to Banshee i thought "who the hell is this guy"... Then i googled his name and realized why i didn't recognize him! With all that beard, it could have been anybody XD
I actually never paid attention to this guy's height in Banshee but he does look near 6' with you!
[Editor Rob: he pops up in a few films and shows here and there.]
sasser221 on Football Soccer
Rob,slightly offtopic,but which soccer team do you support?Because in your videos you wear an inter milan shirt.
[Editor Rob: I'm a football fan in general, but my team is Celtic...]
Arch Stanton on Don Stroud
Looked it, although Eastwood did look almost 6'5 with him in Coogan's because of cowboy boots. He
looked such a loser with crap hair in the 60s LOL, and he was typecast for a while playing bums. He was also in Madigan which Sam mentioned recently, again as a loser type.
Amaze on General Height
@John yeah 5'7 is only slighy tall for a girl like 6'0 for a guy. 5'7 is a good height for a girl though.
Amaze on Rob Paul
@Lillo Thomas wow so you were very big at 18 then! I thought you'd be something like 170/180lbs at 18 for 6'5, but you got your weight early, good. Yeah you grew 1 inch after then you stopped growing. You drank alot of coca cola age 32 wow and put your weight up, I didn't know it did that I've been drinking it everyday, I guess that's why I went up to 130lbs. Call me crazy but I think I'm going to have coca cola occasionally (will you ever drink it again?) I also have too much McDonald's, or junk food etc. Women in 5'7-10 range are cool, they are tall girls. I can understand you not like super tall giant women. You're a big guy like Joe Manganiello
Chase Witherspoon on Robert Redford
Always seemed to me like an average punter, 175-176 region with footwear to fit the occasion...
Raduuuuu on Sylvester Stallone
LoooooL the Lewis Hamilton's photo says it all...i saw it on his facebook page...i wanted to share it...but thankfully someone else posted if Hamilton is legit 171 cm Sly looks 170 funny..i rememember Hogan mentioned Sly in a interview being 5 ft 6...168 peak 172-3 for Sly
Royce on Michael Jackson
I'm a lifelong fan of MJ but I'm going to post the following pics just to show how he could have easily been under 5'9. I've been to this site frequently in the past so I understand some people won't even look at these and just continue to say "he was 5'10". One thing that posters below have been saying is how tall he looked. Long arms, long torso, huge hands and a perfectly proportioned (although incredibly skinny) body gave him that imposing figure when standing by himself.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Pay attention to the last two. It's generally accepted Eddie Murphy is around 5'9, MJ is in heavy boots with nearly 3 inches of extra height. He's eye level with Murphy, maybe a smudge taller than him. Murphy is obviously in regular dress shoes.

Click Here
Click Here

C'mon people!
Dmeyer on Sylvester Stallone
Click Here , interesting pic sly has maybe 0.25in posture extra arnie is about 5'11.5 with those solid 3cm shoes he is about 184.5cm just about 6ft 0.75 yet sly look in the strong 4cm smaller maybe 4.5cm if looking at head top and considering arnie has low eye level so sly is about 5'10.5-10.75 with those shoes on wich looks similar to dons that will give 2in range so close to 5'8.75 witout as this was a few yrs back it matches the 5'8.5 listing , he has max 0.8-0.9in more shoes than arnie so about 2.75 smaller
Chase Witherspoon on Bruce Campbell
I've read his auto "If Chins Could Kill" (not sure if he used a ghostwriter but a very funny read) and I think he said 6'1" though I don't recall w/out footwear; reckon a bet on 185cm peak would fetch juicy odds...
6ftMagician on Gareth Bale
Bale is taller than Arbeloa. Arbeloa himself is a legit 6ft. Bale is 184-186 range, just under Ronaldo's 185-187 range.
Parker on Elisha Cook Jr
Enlisted in U.S. Army on 15 August 1942. Height and weight at enlistment given as 5' 5" and 123 lb.

Here he is with a barefoot Alan Ladd
Click Here
richie on Roddy Piper
Roddy Pipers peak height was a good 6'1", definitely over 6', he had a good two inches on John Carpenter who was 5'11"
Arch Stanton on Stanley Kubrick
My bad it's Françoise Fabian. In the tub here ;-) Click Here
Chase Witherspoon on Timothy Dalton
I always assumed Mr Dalton appeared the tallest Bond owing to his epic bouffant (that would make Brosnan blush and be Connery's envy). If his hair is wind-blown or quaffed, then I'm seeing a legitimate 6'2"/188cm 007.. under-rated too, imo
DBBT on Maisie Williams
5 feet seems spot on, nice proportions make her look her age! Great actress as well.
Chase Witherspoon on Terence Stamp
I really do like Terence Stamp, especially in "The Collector" but I never considered him to be a "tall" actor, he always seemed to be more moderate proportions, 5'10" region (178 perhaps) imo. He does wear a decent pair of lifts in "Superman" which are visible during his battle with Reeve and he doesn't seem altogether much taller than Sarah Douglas despite her heels...
Arch Stanton on Stanley Kubrick
@Sam Have you seen My Night at Maud's? I swear Marie-Christine Barrault in it is one of the sexiest women I've ever seen. Click Here
Chase Witherspoon on Jack O'Halloran
I've read he was 6'5" which seemed more accurate than the boxing claims of 6'6". He has prominent roles in Superman I & II, Hero and the Terror and The Baltimore Bullet and in all of them, he looks in the 6'4"-6'5" range against his 5'9-10" co-stars like Terence Stamp and Chuck Norris. I'd reckon he was in the vicinity of 194cm peak...
Chase Witherspoon on Chris Isaak
Reckon Mr Isaak is a v.solid 6'1" 185-186cm region..
ArjunaKorale on Linda Fiorentino
I always found this woman to be v watchable. Her desirablitiy always comes across to me, even when she is playing mildly nerdy roles (such as the scientist in 'Unforgettable' with Liotta - another of my favourites). After seeing her in films such as 'The Last Temptation' & 'Jade', I'd place her amongst the Sexiest Screen Sirens of all time. Height wise, she probably is around 5 ft 6 or 5 ft 7. But, Rob, please could we have a pic of her?
Emil 182-183 cm on Ryan Hansen
I drop below 6'0 at my lowest but Hansen doesn't even look that tall.
The Last Son on Henry Cavill
He's most definitely not 6'0". There are several pictures of him next to 6'0" actors and he's taller than all of them.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
movieguy on Wladimir Klitschko
Fury looks about 2 inches taller than Wlad. Either Fury is not 6'9'' or Wlad is 6'7'' which I doubt as he is shorter than Deontay Wilder. Wlad has a heck of a physique though much more built than Fury.
daquf on Vince McMahon
So you counting his 2 inch of hair in that pic with Brock? Vince was shorter than 6ft Bret Hart even 20 years ago, and today hes 5'10-5'11. 1 inch height loss tops, since he never was a full 6'0
Chase Witherspoon on Bill Bixby
Dillman looks to be 5'11" when you look at him next to his late wife Suzy Parker, who's height is reasonably well documented at 177cm. That's reinforced for me in "Gold" standing opp Roger Moore (ass. Mr Moore is 6'1") and earlier in "Court Martial" standing beside 6'3-4" Peter Graves. I think he edges Bill Bixby in "The Snare", I'd peg Mr Bixby at 176-177/5'9-5'10 region... just imo
Chilean on Ethan Hawke
Rob how tall is Ellar coltrane?? , and could you add boyhood to the list of ethan's movies too .
Chase Witherspoon on Jean Paul Belmondo
I remember Le Professionnel well and he seemed a compact average 5'9" in that role, he was probably c.50 yrs... 176cm sounds like a more realistic peak imo...
Chase Witherspoon on Jesse Bradford
He looks about 2" taller than Kirsten Dunst in "Bring it On" when they're brushing their teeth... maybe 5'7"?
Chase Witherspoon on Scott Baio
5'10" for Scott Baio surprises me, he always looked 5'9" in "Happy Days"... I could possibly see 176cm peak height in the morning, but anything more seems inflated...
Chase Witherspoon on Christopher Plummer
There's a scene in "Battle of Britain" (1969) where he and Robert Shaw (same age) are discussing clearing the field, standing SxS they appear to be identical in height, so I'm supposing 178-79cm would be reliable...
Carlos on Lucy Lawless
176.5 or .5
Arch Stanton on Elisha Cook Jr
Seems OK yup, always a chance of just under though. I don't think he looked as low as 5 ft 4 flat though. 164-5cm range.
Carlos on Craig Parker
5'9.25 (176cm)
Arch Stanton on Ronald Reagan
You could still argue 6 ft 1 at times though, with John Payne Click Here who was definitely a solid 6 ft 2 guy (with Van Cleef Click Here)
Arch Stanton on John Payne
You could argue 6'2.5 but if you see him with Reagan Click Here he looks 6'2 flat there.
In fairness I think 185 peak for Reagan is OK.
Arch Stanton on John Payne
Click Here A bit taller than Lee Van Cleef.
daquf on Hulk Hogan
62B, you met dibiase doesnt change the fact that he was a couple of inches shorter than 6'3 Ottman, and Hogan had tops 1 inch on Ottman
Arch Stanton on John Payne
Thanks, seems the best shout, solid 6'2". I've seen 6 ft 3 for him, but I think just over 6 ft 2 more likely.
Carlos on Rob Paul
Rob, What is flat? I speak spanish
[Editor Rob: not over a certain amount. Like a flat 5ft 10, they are just about on that 5ft 10 mark.]
Mike on Roddy Piper
Peak: 184-185 cm
Mike on Edward Norton
6ft max.
Chase Witherspoon on Tony Abbott
A colleague had a photo taken with him at night and thought he looked 5'11" (wearing RMs which have a 3.2 cm heel - I wear these too)... so 5'10" flat seems likely.
Chase Witherspoon on Burt Ward
This one surprised me, I was expecting 5'6" or thereabouts, but then I suppose next to West, Napier, Romero he'd appear shorter and perhaps 5'7" flat could be reliable...
Chase Witherspoon on David Prowse
I can believe 6'5" barefoot peak (195cm) but anything more seems ambitious, or perhaps a rounded-up shoe height to achieve the 6'6" status..
Chase Witherspoon on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Recall watching him compete/train with his 5'10-11" barefoot contemporaries Weider, Waller, Panther et al c.'74 and he looked 2-3" taller than those peers... 184-185cm was my est., I always thought the 6'2" claim was just part of the brand...
Sam on Richard Roxburgh
I thought he could be a tad under six feet, don't really recall, thought from scant memory could be an inch or so taller than Ewan McGregor...quite over the top as I recall in both Moulin Rouge and the really bad Van Hesling, at least he stands out.
Sam on Jocko Sims
Looks 5'10" max in the photo IMO. I wonder if that's a given name?!
Sam on John Payne
This could have been the case...Payne was listed at 6'3"...may be not, but he could look 190 cm at times.
Chase Witherspoon on Tom Cruise
That's a serious arch he's taming, so I suspect some form of heel elevation skulduggery to achieve a 5'9" claim? That would translate to a barefoot nadir of 170/5'7" surely...
Sam on Elisha Cook Jr
Looks to be re-creating his famed Shane scene in the photo there from 4 years prior.

Yeah, pretty accurate, one of the few actors who made Bogart look tallish in comparison or Alan Ladd didn't have pop on lifts to stand next to. Just saw in Blacula, of all things, he was always a unique presence.
Sam on Steve Coulter
Looked quite tall on The Walking Dead, whenever a tallish actor pops up there it's a reminder how the main cast is generally rather short.
1 August
Chase Witherspoon on Robert Shaw
This is a photo I've seen before from a slightly different angle in a book and reminded me of the lifts he was wearing in "A Man For All Seasons"..
Click Here
They look like 3" lifts (or thereabouts) and if Paul Scofield was approx. 6'1" and appears to be wearing loafers, then I'd be guessing Mr Shaw stands in the 5'10-11" range barefoot.. maybe 179cm in the metric system?
Chase Witherspoon on Christine Carere
Ms Carere def looked a wee lass in "A Certain Smile" against Brazzi and Dillman who I est 5'11". I've a photo of her standing alongside contract players at Fox c.1958 and she is diminutive in comparison with her peers - France Nuyen, Lee Remick among them, Dana Wynter (5'6-7" range) seems to have almost a head on her, which I guess places Ms Carere around 5'0"-5'2" region...
Mshaqs on Amir Khan
I think his height is anywhere between 5ft8.5 and 5ft9, but no lower than that.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM on Henry Cavill
By 6'1 1/2" listed Elizabeth Debicki:

Click Here
Click Here
CiCi on Jackson Rathbone
I am 5'6" and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with me, he was the same height. I was flat-footed and he had his standard cowboy boots with 3" heels and probably he has lifts in those. He is positively tiny. My hand wrapped around his bicep completely.
Celebheights 6'1.75"/187 CM on Ashton Kutcher
Seann William Scott was a legit 181-182 CM guy in person, and Ashton had him by like 5-6 CM.
ei on Fabolous
I'm somewhere between 6'0 & 6'1, I saw Fabolous walk right past me after a performance. He's no taller than 5'9, I'd say more like 5'7 or 5'8. Unless he shrunk just before I saw him.
elizabethh on Bella Thorne
she looks 5'8
celestine17 on Bella Thorne
Hey Rob! Can you find how tall madison beer is?
Genie on Taylor Swift
Tbh I think Taylor is definitely 5'9 at the very least? I'm 5'7 myself and have a friend who is about 5'9, tall and thin built who looks close to Taylor's own build and when we ran into Taylor once they looked to be about the same height. I saw her from a distance, and I was in a low heel and Taylor definitely seemed taller than me. 5'7 is way too short for people to remark her as 'really tall'. 5'8 seems a little on the short side and not quite right either. I would peg Taylor at 5'9 to a low 5'10. 5'11 is a bit of a stretch but plausible nonetheless when you compare her with many models; its common industry practice to scale down their heights to match industry standards towards 5'10. Karlie is a giant at 6'1, but Behati might be slightly more. Candice is a small 5'10 by industry standards, probably an actual high 5'10 or 5'11. And Taylor is the same height in the same heels here:
J.Lee on Tyra Banks
Rob, could you see Tyra being 5 ft 10.25? I don't see how she's an inch shorter than Rebecca. Also, Allie says 5 ft 10.5 max
al on Kal Penn
@5'10" guy: You're telling me 5'10" is the average in India? Give me a break.....
Luwang on Justin Bieber
This boy will be about 5'6 ok with dat
Drob92 on Jim Caviezel
Hey rob if caviezel is 6'1 quaid must be downgraded. You have quaid at 6'0 peak but at their peaks Jim looks to have about 1.5-2 inches on quaid. Quaid is probably more 5'11.75 peak maybe and 5'11.25 currently
Ali on Henry Cavill
181 cm at best
Mees on Justin Timberlake
Looked exactly the same height as 179 Andrew Garfield in this picture and you can't really say that Andrew has a camera advantage

Click Here
mees on Andrew Garfield
I thought he would be 6'1 at least after seeing the amazing spiderman, but this listing seems accurate
Mees on Taron Egerton
Looked just a little bit under 177 in The Kingsman, he was a notable inches shorter than Colin Firth who seems to be 184/185 nowadays.
T.N.T. on Zoe Saldana
Rob, you for real? You've got Alice Eve shorter than Zoe Saldana.. Anyway, both women are short and all this 5foot7 stuff is in the least asinine. If Zoe and Alice are as 'tall' (what a travesty of the term 'tall') as stated here, then for logic's sake place the real and truly tall women as 8feet tall. It's ludicrous that Karen Gillian is only 5foot10 and Saldana is circa 5foot7.. At least inflate Karen's height as well because she is light years taller than all these inflated heights for mere hobbits. Here is the point where the real tall women fall down laughing (yes, here you can state them as short as these Saldana folk; when they bend they may be as short as Saldana and all these people who claim such ridiculous heights). It's high time our intelligence is no longer undermined.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on James Taylor
Damn...I never realized he was this tall
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Howard Stern
Weird angle w/h Conan but Stern definitely has at least 1in.
Conan could be struggling with 6ft4 today though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Michael Caine
A lot of the younger actors are totally infatuated with themselves and think they're god's gift. It's so clear to me that some of them are in it for the money and the fame. Others...they're anger with the media intruding their privacy is understandable. From the moment they step out the door of their homes to the moment they step back in, they get swept up by an ocean of cameras. It gets nauseating after awhile and some just snap. Alec Baldwin is a prime example.
[Editor Rob: when you go to a shopping mall and people from say a Utility or Credit card company tries to stop and get you to sign up for something...for a well-known actor, in public that's what it probably feels like a lot of the time. You can develop a thick skin and really ignore most of it, but many do react, naturally of course...

Unfortunately that is part of the package of becoming quite famous. If it's not the paparazzi, it's the professional autograph hounds and in the last decade the rise of 'selfie hounds'.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on James Garner
@Arch: During The Rockford Files he could look more in that range for sure.
Near 3in shorter than a young Tom Selleck. He began to lose height quickly.
Johnny on Dave Batista
6-2 Max years back with 6-4.5 David Noel. Now could be shorter.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Luther Vandross
@MrTBlack: I'm aware of that. They tend to round up or down. He was described both 6ft2 and 6ft3. Personally, I think he could appear either of those on occasion. But I reckon he was closer to the former. Large-framed guys like Vandross can look taller than they really are.

"Luther Vandross height: 6ft 2¼in (189cm)"
Johnny on Tom Cruise
Cruise really is 5'6-5'7 range. Certaintly no taller than a flat 5'7.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Judge Reinhold
Easily 3in on Tim Allen in The Santa Clause movies.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Patrick McGoohan
This is way too low.
six feet on General Height
i was in Ukraine for a trip in summer the fellas there was legit 6'3 i kinda feel short i'm legit six foot.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Dolph Lundgren
This picture is painful to look at
MarcusTheSwede on Brad Pitt
Hijopotamus. Couldnt agree more, people dont f get that pictures without showing the shoes isnt worth **** for all we Know he could be standing on a f box god dammig some people dont think just post plain stupid **** without any relevance in evidence or any kind of way.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Joe Mantegna
Rob, in Godfather III.

Exactly 2in taller than Andy Garcia

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.