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7 December
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Stone Cold Steve Austin
He's taller than Cena and Miz
scarpa on Toby Kebbell
legit 6ft1
anonymous on Youtubers
Morgz quotes "I am 6ft 1"
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) on Wiz Khalifa
"Wiz Khalifa's Height is 6ft 3in (190.5 cm)"
jervis on Dolph Lundgren
He claimed 6ft5.5 on the Joan Rivers show,but if he was as low as 6ft3, as some people are claiming here, thats 2.5 inches extra plus an avrage 1 inch for heel height making 6ft6.5?
Mr. Mike on Skylar Diggins
Are you saying Skylar Diggins Notre Dame bio with her height is inaccurate?
Editor Rob: yes, she says she's 5ft 8 barefoot, also 5ft 9 in sneakers. I'm sure many college listings of players are in sneakers.
Matt on Steve Jones
He doesn't look and millimeter than 1,92 mts.
Jeff on Tye Sheridan
Excellent listing rob! Looks about 171cm in scouts guide!
Sandy Cowell on Stephen King
Further to my little Stephen King sound-off of the other day, I would like to add that I really appreciate the era he's from and how it is reflected in his films, from a musical point of few and otherwise!
I have just finished the film 'Riding the Bullet' and it is awash with lovely songs from the hippie era of the late 60's! The film itself is one that just has to be seen at least twice, so if you'll excuse me...
Mr. Mike on Skylar Diggins
Why don't you say Skylar Diggins is 5'9 instead? Every site say she is 5'9 plus she was measured at that height. Change it immediately.
Editor Rob: Mike, are you serious?

Did you read her quotes, she says 5ft 8 barefoot, also 5ft 8 (and 5ft 9) in kobe's.

Every other site should read these quotes and change their 5f 9 immediately ;)
James on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Sergio Olivia was 5'7.5" at his peak.
Sandy Cowell on Andy Kaufman
So this is the guy REM sang so tunefully about! How very interesting!
David on Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan was billed at 303 lbs because Rocky was billed at 202 lbs and because they wanted to make the difference between him and monster heels seem bigger than it really was.
Here's Hogan billed at 6'8"+ 341 lbs.
Hogan isn't even at his peak size here.
Hogan on Johnny Carson and other peak weight appearances could easily been billed at 375 lbs+.
Click Here
Hogan was WELL over 300 lbs at real peak weight.
He could have been anywhere between 325 and 350 lbs, but I don't know the exact figure.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Sterling Hayden
Still looked around this in The Godfather. Virtually a foot taller than Pacino
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Will Tudor
Rob, he looks taller with you than Tom Wlaschiha...
Editor Rob: Rampage, both are quite similar in person.
Dejavu on Matt Damon
Still think he is more
Sandy Cowell on Barbara Hershey
The other day, I was looking through a few Stephen King offerings when I saw one with Barbara Hershey in it. I thought, "Well, I'm having that for starters! WHAT a recommendation!"
Stephen King material acted out by one of the most fantastic actresses ever! If she's in a film, I'll buy it!
This film is called 'Riding the Bullet' (I think!) and is now on its way to my house!
I never really gave her height much thought. She is a normal
womanly height, I would have guaged and does 5ft4 qualify? Of course it does!
Guanzo on Dave Batista
Google still says 6'6'' lol
cgf on Youtubers
In this video (Click Here) we can see "elrubius", who has claimed 190cm or 6' 3" several times, with 6' 1.75" Chris Pratt and 5' 7.5" Jennifer Lawrence (on 4-5 inch heels). We can also see Mangel, whom I have seen listed at 5' 11". Elrubius and Mangel have both very bad postures, and Pratt has also some shoe advantage (maybe a quarter or half an inch), at least towards "elrubius".

I've seen "elrubius" in several videos with other people, and he has never looked a full 6' 3". There is a video in which we can see him holding the camera next to Pewdiepie, like the one with Fousey, and he doesn't look like what a true 6' 3" would look next to someone in the 5' 9" range (who looks even less, I'd say).

With all that, he still looks taller than Lawrence on huge heels, that might make her stand at 5' 11" or 6', but doesn't look close to 6' 2" Pratt. I'd say he is 6' 1". He is noted for giving a very tall impression in real life, but maybe his lanky physique and small head add to that effect. I'd say Mangel is 5' 10", but I'm not sure.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) on Robert Wadlow
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Dec/16
If he had gotten measured earlier in the day he could have hit 9ft


No doubt, especially given his extremely lenghty spine, which probably lost 2+ inches throughout the course of a day.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) on Randy Orton
MDV said on 4/Dec/16
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25)
Harper has been billed 6 ft 7in in nxt and when he comes in Raw and Smackdown he has been billed 6 ft 5 which is very modest. He really looks like 6 ft 5 even on a bad day.
Same as Sheamus, previous listed at 6 ft 6 and then 6ft 4 ( ridiculous exaggeration ).
Big Cass (6 ft 8.5) passes from 6 ft 10 to 7 ft. I really don't know who decide the billings, perhaps a really drunk Vince Mcmahon. lol


Wrestlers being billed ridiculously high isn't a new thing. It's been going on since pro wrestling first existed. The worst height listings ever though, are 7ft7 Giant Gonzalez being billed as 8ft, 7ft0 Andre the Giant being billed as 7ft5, and 6ft7 Kane being billed as 7ft0.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) on Brock Lesnar
Viktor said on 3/Dec/16
Listen to Paul Heyman. Brock is over 6'2. I admit he's not a pure 6'3 but he's pretty close anyway.
Randy is 6'3,5 barefoot and 6'5 in lifts.
I'd say Brock is 6'2,5 and Randy is 6'3,5.
Randy does always have lifts so he looks like a 6'5 which he's billed at. That's why he had 2 inches on Brock at SummerSlam. At most he's got 1 inch on Lesnar barefoot.

Brock = 190cm ( 6'2,5 )
Randy = 193cm ( 6'3,5 ) > 196cm ( 6'5 ) = lifts

But Brock did wear lifts back in early 2000.


No, Brock did not wear lifts. If he did, he would have towered over Cena, which in reality he didn't. He only looked 1-1.5" taller than him.
D Morse on Arnold Schwarzenegger
I was wearing shoes myself, Doc, let's not forget that! The ones I had on that day have a 1.25 heel. Didn't notice Arnold's footwear (I was too close and wouldn't have thought of it anyway) but I'd have guessed he was at least my height overall.
heightcritique on Kate Beckinsale
A 5'7" well-proportioned and sculptured body! An eye candy to see all around!
Peter175 on Dean Norris
Yeah after watching through breaking bad again, he looks a full inch shorter than Aaron Paul and about 4 inches shorter than crayston.

I think 5ft7 is the maximum he could be

Click Here

Flick through the first 2 rows. He can't possibly be above 170. I think he could even be 169
Chad on Tom Cruise
Tom's one of the biggest lift wearers in Hollywood history. He can look as short as 5 foot 7 without his lifts or as tall as 5 foot 10 depending on what size lifts or giant heels he's wearing on a particular day.
6 December
dosti on Aishwarya Rai
impressive dosti,where did you find such good comparison video
BorkLaser on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Ooh snap I just saw the height update! Cheers for this, Rob! Looks good
Dan on Justin Bieber
His shoes on Ellen looked 1.5 inches. Ellen is losing height in that pic
Sandy Cowell on Linda Henry
No, sorry Nik! It was Jane Grant had that fling with!
MaskDeMasque on Daniel Craig
Surely you can knock off that quarter inch. He doesn't look as tall as legit solid 5'10 people like Seth macfarlane. Hes gotta be taller than 5'9 flat though. 5'9.5 min, 5'10 max. I reckon he'd be eye to eye with someone like Colin Farrell. 5'9.75 would be my best guess.
Freak on Brock Lesnar
First of all can anybody provide a link at what height Lesnar was measured at?? For me he always looks 6.25 recently he edged out the likes of 6.2 Goldberg & Triple H as Rob has listed them..So any info on his measurement would be appreciative...
SC on Youtubers
Is LAWHF 6'0.5 then 6'1.5 with shoes so he rounded it to 6'2? In his videos theres alot of guys taller than him
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jim Caviezel
Rob, what Andrea was doing there was actually mocking me in the way I give A, B, C, D questions...I feel bad that he actually made you answer that...
Editor Rob: yes Rampage, he was indeed.
Maztt on Owen Wilson
It says he is 5 foot nine in the movie I spy
189Night on Anthony Edwards
This ones weird from what i remember he was 2+Inches shorter than Clancy brown in Pet Cemetery 2, this would either mean that Anthony is sub 6'2 or Clancy Brown was a 6'3.5 (192cm) in his peak, what do you think Rob?
Anon on Dean Ambrose
Slouches and is very chill with his posture...6 feet 1 for sure!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Mel Gibson
Not really, not quite a 5ft10 guy at peak by damn near it and now 5ft9 flat and heavier
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Harrison Ford
He genuinely looked 6ft1 in the 70's
dicksock on The Undertaker
For Undertaker's sake, I hope Billy Gunn was standing on his tip toes:
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Thierry Henry
Rob, I think he's at least a strong 6ft1 guy and could probably pass for 6ft2. He edged out Ronaldo...could we get him on here?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Alistair Appleton
185-186cm range is more feasible than 184-185cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Paul Walker
He could look a very solid 6ft2 in the first 2 instalments of F&F, sometimes 189cm. Then in the last one he'd filled out a bit (muscle not fat) and had shorter hair, looked more 186-187cm range. I did believe 6ft3 and honestly he wasn't too far off that really. Would have been near it out of bed (189-190cm probably) and easily in shoes. Don't understand where 6ft4 came from...obviously not him but maybe some obsessed female fans?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on John Lithgow
He's not looking quite 6ft4 these days but I think it's more unlikely that he'd measure below 6ft3. If you look closely it's clear that he's still got Molina (a maintained 6ft2) by a solid 1in.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Wiz Khalifa
Rob, is it possible that he thought he was 6ft4 but then got measured closer to 6ft2?

I'd go with 189-190cm at worst. 188cm is a bit low. Was shocked when I saw that
Editor Rob: from looking at him again, he really can look more than the 6ft 2 claim on average, I think he is somewhere between the 2 claims.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Snoop Dogg
192-193cm zone is my guess.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Donald Trump
He wasn't far off 6ft3 in the 80's and possibly could have hit it straight out of bed on a good day.
notCC on Justin Bieber
U guys realize, Neymar is the only guy that probably has the most accurate listed height. He is an athlete. So if bieber is taller than the most accurate person 5'8, then bieber is over 5'8.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Matthew Perry
6ft1 I dunno about. Although he was skinny so maybe he could give that illusion, just like Schwimmer looking 6ft2. I think a slight upgrade is arguable. Looks closer to 6ft than 5ft11 and Schwimmer may be just under 6ft1 at worst
Andrew on Anthony Joshua
Rob, how tall would you say both look here respectively? Taking into account leg posture?
Click Here
Editor Rob: with Joshua he could look 6ft I think
jack on Clark Gable
tall, dark and strikingly handsome who was his own man
CS on Ewan McGregor
Listing seems right. Never really appeared short to me.
Andrea on Stephen Amell
Rob, you keep saying that he must be somewhere between 6'0.5 and 6'1 and I kinda agree with you but do you really think the full 6'1 is possible? I personally would be surprised if he managed to measure near enough that mark by the end of the day (not that he's much under, though)... You yourself said he's quite close to the 183.8 guy and very likely a bit shorter than 6'1 measured Big Al... He does look right around 184 with you, too! I said from the beginning that he's probably a 184-185 guy (6'0.5-6'0.75), who can pull off looking a decent 6'1 with his perfect posture! And I think you yourself think there's much more chance he's 6'0.5 than 6'1 but you still give him 6'1 just because he wouldn't be that much far off that mark (he's certainly much more honest than guys like Travis or Jensen, who also claim 6'1)!
And no, he's not dropping any height in this picture (certainly no more than Rob)...
I do agree that he's at worse 6'0.5 (or 6' 3/8, if we want to be pedantic :P) but, from what I've seen and from this picture, I think there's much more chance he's closer to 6'0.5 than 6'1!
Editor Rob: Andrea, I would certainly not rule out giving him 6ft 0.75.
josef on Matthew Lewis
5ft 11.25 for sure.
Tunman on Fidel Castro
Funny how all infamous people got their height boosted.Did Castro need a 6'4 description?Well he was probably around 6'1.
The same goes for Che Guevara who got 5'11.5".In a TV program they showed his detention report by Mexican police and it read Estatura:172cm.Seems low for some reason but clearly no way was he near 6'.I recall somewhere on the net someone who said the americans described him as 174 which could be very fair with a Castro at 6'1.
BTW Kadhafi was listed 6' probably no more than 5'10 peak
Mao Zedong 5'11 no more than 5'8-8.5" peak
Stalin 174 probably 5'7 peak
And recently Kim Jong Un 5'9 when 5'7.5 is the max arguable.Seems like these guys created a sort of 1984 climate so that people not only agree with an eventual height claim but see it materialize right before their eyes.
Rojina on Liz May Brice
She comes across as MUCH taller
Rojina on Debra Stephenson
I guessed exactly that
Jordan87 on Ben Affleck

If you read my post I had Affleck at 6'1.75", if you would like to argue over the 1/4" with me since your saying he is 6'2"

You think in that picture Brady has Ben by Only 2"? And you're using the word Delusional? You silly goose, you.
Anon on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Peak 6'1.5''. Seemed to lose height in his early 40's.
Flyin on George Foreman
Clearly shorter than this now, 186cm.
straightahead on Hulk Hogan
dicksock said on 5/Dec/16
Once again, you are clueless. Bill Fralic was known more massive than Hogan as his biggest?! What a joke. You are just making a complete assumption about what Hogan would have been billed at. I live in the real world. I've been friends/acquaintances with dozens of big tall guys. I myself am a big heavy muscular guy. I know what I'm talking about when I tell you Hogan was at least 290 lbs at his heaviest and probably was over 300 lbs at certain points. Just look at him on Johnny Carson. He was easily around 6'5" 300 lbs. He was huge. By the way Hogan was billed at nearly 340 lbs in 1980 at Shea Stadium against Andre.
You are the one who is clueless and living in a fantasyworld. Funny how you even could bring up such nonsense that Hogan was billed 340 lbs in 1980 and using that in some desperate attempt of excuse, when in fact Hogan did became fatter in late 80's but still billed much less - around 297-303. And atleast i did a fair comparison with someone of similar size i.e Fralic, you on the other hand is comparing Hogan to Johhny Carson (LOL!) and posted some random pictures with no size references at all.
straightahead on Hulk Hogan
62B said on 6/Dec/16
Yeah, no he didn't.

Yes he did Click Here
knight on Sinbad
He looks 3 inches shorter than 6'2 measured Terrance Garvin. Click Here

Maybe the 5'10-6'0 sightings arnt crazy after all.
Heem on Milo Ventimiglia
5ft 8½ is short IMO.
Heem on Milo Ventimiglia
5ft 8½ is short IMO.
Bruno on John Wayne
Mark(5'9.25 said on 27/Nov/16
Rob, he looks pretty tall, but it is mentioned that Wayne would hate small people. I probably wouldn't want to meet him.

Who posts this rubbish.
Dmax on Justin Bieber
Bieber is actually pulling off looking near or at 5'8 nowadays he looked like he grew a little again for real
Jordan on Joe Rogan
Yea 5'6.25-6.5 range is laughable. He's likely bang on 5'7. Maybe even a little above at 171 cm.
James on Warren Oates
He was exactly 5'11". I'm surprised he was only 53 when he died from emphysema.
James on Errol Flynn
"Dive Bomber" was a bad propaganda film, but it proves Flynn was never 6'2".
theonewiththecontacts on Mads Mikkelsen
Walked past him and his son in a shopping centre in Denmark recently - this was from around a 10 feet distance, but Mads and I seemed quite close in height, but he was probably a bit shorter than me.. This was around lunchtime, which would put me at approximately 6' 0.75 - my estimate on his height was 182-183 cm range, this seems like a good listing!
5'8m on Ed Harris
Why does he look so ridiculously tall in Westworld? Seriously I could've sworn he is at least 6'2.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Barack Obama
He hasn't really lost anything, unlike Clinton who I think lost some height by the time he got out of the White House
Nik on Sophie Simmons
I would say 6'6" for Nick Simmons.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Chris Lemmon
Another example of how height isn't always gene-related.
Nik on Sophie Simmons

I think it is quite a bit of a stretch. He could be 6'5" or 6'6".
Canson on Conan O'Brien
Skarsgard would edge Conan out. That's not even a question. Conan with hair and shoes is 6'5". hes 6'3-6'3.5 barefoot.Just like Charles Barkley now having claimed 6'4 6'4.5 6'4-6'5 and "I am 6'4 but I'm not". But nobody says anything about conan doing it because he's "making himself taller" not "the perception that he's downgrading himself to sell a book". 6'3 range is how he looks with guys like Tom Selleck. Come on! Nobody could sit here hand over heart and say he looks only 1/4" shorter than Selleck does. Most people are in denial but it looks like close to and inch if you look at their eye levels aren't that close and the fact Conan has more hair. We wouldn't even be able to see 1/4" difference if that were all it were. Get real. And no Selleck is not "6'4 and change" because that is always the next go to when someone's favorite celeb is not as tall as they claim or as they want them to be. He said he's 6'4"
day day on Big John Studd
Studd always looked tall a belivable 6'9 but when you see him next to guys between 6'4 to 6'6 you know hes around 6'7 give or take i think it was lou albano that said andre was 5" taller
Sepanta on Dean Ambrose
He might be 6'1 or 6'2 not taller but wwe billed him as 6'4.
Arch Stanton on Errol Flynn
Yup, anybody who still thinks Flynn was 6'2 see Dive Bomber, Fred MacMurray had about 4-5 cm on Flynn, 186 is really the most he could have been seeing them together, 185 still possible.
Editor Rob: I can't remember seeing Dive bomber, but it sounds interesting if Fred looked 2 inches taller!
Canson on Shaquille O'Neal
Agree with James. I'd say he's 6'11.5-7' zone (a weak 7') who would easily be 7' range for most of the morning
Canson on Michael Irvin
He's closer to 6'2" in person. At least it's how he looked. Remember when someone self proclaims a height it could be possibly first thing in the morning. But looking at him 6'2" is near or at his lowest.
Canson on Dennis Rodman
As listed, and maybe even 199flat at his lowest. Was never even as tall as Scottie Pippen was.
Arch Stanton on Fidel Castro
In the photos, no it doesnt look three, but actually if you see them in the video clips when Castor is standing better he looks near 6 ft 2.
Arch Stanton on Sam Coleman
Need your eyes tested Jim..
Ryan11 on Hulk Hogan
Everyone by now should realize that this straightahead person is just out to get a rile out if you. The posts this individual makes are ludicrous and rediculous to say the least lol. Hogan has been billed anywhere between 6'6" once or twice to 6'9". He was always listed at 6'8" and just over 300lbs by the WWF. As for how someone says they would never lost them lighter, ah yes they would and do if they wanted the monsters Hogan wrestled to seek that much bigger than him and make the odds overwhelming. Hogan fluctuated between 310-330 lbs throughout his career depending on his schedule and when he was using roids more or less depending on injuries. I've said it before, I met him when young and again at 61and he was well over 300lbs easily then, today he is at least in the 290lb range. He is also still around 6'4" and was for sure over 6'6" before loosing height from injuries and surgery. Now do what I do and ignore Straightaheads comment that follows this lol
KipJaymesYes on Robin Shou
@Axal559 6ft for Linden Ashby? Doubt he was ever 6ft. 5'11 I can see but I guess he can appear to be 6ft. Robin Shou is 5'11 3/4 but is closer to 6ft. Linden is 5'11 1/2 but not near 6ft like Robin. I'm curious to see the photos of him looking taller than Robin. Can you upload them plz?
Boss on Andre The Giant
Big Show is a lift wearer in ring and has huge soled boots. Ron Reese says Big Show wore lifts in boots when asked who was taller back in WCW.
Click Here
KipJaymesYes on Robin Shou
@Axal559 6ft for Linden Ashby? Doubt he was ever 6ft. 5'11 I can see but I guess he can appear to be 6ft. Robin Shou is 5'11 but is closer to 6ft. Linden is 5'11 1/2 but not near 6ft like Robin. I'm curious to see the photos of him looking taller than Robin. Can you upload them plz?
KipJaymesYes on Stacy Haiduk
I agree with Matt, tall & hot. But I think she needs an upgrade to 5'9". I saw her in the 1997 TV movie The Beneficiary and man was she sexy. Linden Ashby costarred in it and he is definitely 5'11 & 1/2". He looked only 2 inches taller than Stacy. I know she works out and in the movie you can tell she does so it kind of takes away from her appearance of being 5'9". Linden Ashby, who was 37 in 1997, was a big guy back then. Not a lot of people may believe it but he was pretty big and buff during the 90s to the mid 2000s. But I doubt he's 6ft. Oh well, at least he got to make out with a 29 year old Stacy Haiduk in the film.
Doc 182cm on Arnold Schwarzenegger
I examined the photos of him when he was recently in London Rob and I think he is 178.5cm 5ft 10 1/4 in without shoes; just look at the heel rim of his footwear there is at least 3cm on outside and perhaps 1cm on the inside giving him a perceived height of 182.4cm with shoes just a shade under 6ft 183cm like D Morse who recently saw him in London noted.
Shredder on Cary Elwes
He looks 5'10.5 max and has not even 1/2 less shoes , 5'11 max
Shredder on Dominic Monaghan
I give him 5'7 but no taller
MC on Mariah Carey
Mariah has never been taller than Whitney. Whitney before her death I would say she was a solid 5ft8. Talking about heels actually the shorter the heel the more height it gives in relation to heel height. So when Mariah and Whitney performed on Oprah, Mariah was wearing 4inch style heels that may give 3 inches of actual height and Whitney was wearing 3inch style heels that may give like 2.2-2.5 inches. So that little footwear difference plus Whitney is really taller than Mariah, Mariah would definitely look shorter or same height at most. I do believe she's a solid 5ft7, it's just that she wears sky high heels that makes her seem like she 5f8 or 5ft9
James B on Tobin Bell
Rob 5'11 peak?
Editor Rob: on a good day James, maybe he wasn't far off it...and has got a more compressed spine and curvature by age 70.
Daniel on Youtubers
I'm pretty sure the top 10 tallest YouTubers are number 1 7 foot vlogs height: 7'0.25 he showed proof and measured in video he looked just a hair over 7 feet mark barefoot. Number 2: Rhett McLaughlin height: 6 foot 7. No 3. Chadwithaj many not familiar with but looks a fair 6'7/ 6'6.75 range and claimed he was 6 foot seven and stood a fair 6 cm over 6 ft 5 Wolfieraps. No.4 Wolfieraps 6 ft 5 on the dot as claimed looked about 10 cm under 6 ft 9 Canada door frame with hat. No. 5 Tara's kulakov/ Crazyrussian hacker height: 6'4.75 claimed 6 foot seven but looked slightly shorter as compared to furiouspete who claimed 6ft 2 but looks closer to 6'0.75 range Tara's looked only about 4 in over Petes height. No.6 Faze Nikan height: 6 ft 4 claimed in a video as also looked about 10 in over 66/67 inch fridge. No. 7 Dan Howell claimed 6 foot 2 but as stood a fair 6'2.75/ 6ft 3 at peak height. No.8 Calfreezy claimed 6ft 3 but as looked about 6'2.5 as stood about 1.5 inch over 6 ft 1 soccer player cristiano Ronaldo in an instagram photo. No.9 Ricegum claimed 6 ft 2 looks around 6'1.5 range in videos. No. 10 Morgz 15 yr old you tuber claimed 6ft 1 in a video and looked like a very accurate claim. Again this may. Not be 100% accurate but thanks again this is my breakdown on the top 10 tallest YouTubers.
jervis on Tim Robbins
Had a clear 3inches on Morgan Freeman.If he was under 6ft5 at his peak, Freeman was not 6ft2.
anon on Seth Rogen
5'11 is about right maybe 5'10.75 he looked taller than 5'10 Anthony Mackie in The Night before and around 2 Inches on Joseph Gordon Levitt who is 5'9- 179-180 is likely, 5'10.5-75 range minimum
beerbash on Bill Goldberg
Person 1: What? Goldberg was not 6'2.25" he was just over 6'0"
Person 2: Wow, you said he was just over 6'0". he was almost 6'3" do you even watch his matches?
beerbash: I think if we average the 6'0.5" guessers and the 6'3" guessers on Goldberg's height, we come to a median of 6'2". He was clearly 6'2"- 6'2.25" barefoot. He is 6'1.75" now.
Sandy Cowell on Nigel Farage
@ Phil - Thank you very much!
(I am far from sensible! Maybe a job in politics would suit me!)
matt1998 on Harry Styles
@totah09 Nadine most likely isn't really 1.77cm. And Harry as always been linked with women who are known to be short (ie: Sara Sampaio etc.) or rumored to be shorter than what they claime (Taylor Swift (claims to be 5ft11 bu is most likely between the 5ft8.5-5ft9 range); Kendall Jenner (again, claims to be 5ft10/11 but only ever towers her very short sisters and seem to be only taller than average. She is often towered over by real models even Harry had a good inch on her, if not two. She is most likely in the same range as Taylor.) etc.) As proven by many pictures on this site, Harry is most likely of average height 5ft9.5 at most!
craig on Marco Rubio
obviously getting a lot of help from his cuban heels, frame is way too small for a 5'9 guy. 5'7ish seems a lot more accurate.
Giorgi on Matthew Lillard
"I'm taller than 95 per cent of the friggin' world".

Let's consider that 50% of world population are women. And women over 192 cm are so rare, they won't alter the picture. Among European and American men I think only about 3% would be over that mark. Also, let's add 0.5% for the rest of the world (which I believe is even exaggerated). Having given it a benefit of the doubt, I would say roughly 4% of all men around the world are taller than 192 cm. But that is only half of the whole population so we're left with 2%.
King of the hill 91 on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Its hard to tell 188cm to 185cm peak maybe 183 cm know
185cmAriel on Evander Holyfield
i think he is the same height as me now
Giorgi on Akira Kurosawa
Must be like 6'6" in Japan.
Giorgi on Jean Louis Trintignant
He mostly looks shorter. Handsome man but shortish ;)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Robert Wadlow
If he had gotten measured earlier in the day he could have hit 9ft
berta on William Fichtner
184 was to mutch when he was listed at that 183 sounded good to me. 182, i dont know maybe now he looks that height but i think he could have been 183 in perfect storm he actually looked 184 i dont think he is that height but o think 182 could be to small. 6 feet peak and just under now
King of the hill 91 on Mickey Rourke
181 .5 no more could be less peak
Arch Stanton on Fred MacMurray
Definitely looked around 6 ft 3 with Errol Flynn, a clear 2 inches between them.
day day on The Undertaker
If dan spivey was 6'6 you'd have to put taker at close to 6'8 peak even 6'4 charles wright on his tip toes bringing him up at least another 2" is still about 2" shorter in the summerslam 92 pic
Arch Stanton on Errol Flynn
Well we can definitely rule out strong 6 ft 1 and 6'2 range. In Dive Bomber Fred Macmurray had an easy 2 inches on Flynn. 187 looked too high with Fred.
day day on The Undertaker
If dan spivey was 6'6 you'd have to put taker at close to 6'8 peak even 6'4 charles wright on his tip toes bringing him up at least another 2" is still about 2" shorter in the summerslam 92 pic
Paleman on Stacy Keach
Looked 182cm in American History X.
day day on Hulk Hogan
Hogan was heavier than fralic by a good bit at his prime id say fralic was 6'5 260 hogan 6'5.5" 295lbs studd 6'7 320lbs
Randomdude on Brock Lesnar
also go watch the staredown again between Brock and Cain there is about 1.5 inch difference and Cain is about 6'0.5 making Lesnar 6'2 so that sounds right.
Randomdude on Brock Lesnar
if he was 6'3 he would not have been officially measured at 6'2 2/8s

plus a legit 6'3 Wiz Khalifa would not tower over a 6'3 guy yet Wiz looks atleast 2 inches taller in the picture also he looks at most 1.5 inches taller than 6'0.5 Cena and an inch taller than 6'1 Bob Holly

he was measured at 6'2 2/8's therefore he is that height - fact
anon on David Haye
Rob, You estimate Chisora in the 6ft1.25 area, Have you seen much of his opponent Dillian Whyte?

Whyte did look a few inches shorter than Joshua, would you put Whyte has taller than David Haye and Tony Bellew for example
anon on Ronnie O'Sullivan
Remember Ronnie saying on the Clare Balding show that he is 6ft, no chance of that around 5'10 is correct, He is a good couple of Inches shorter than Mark selby in the final just the other day and Selby looks a legit 6'0.

Yh, Walden is likely between 6' 3 and 6'4 he always slouches a bit when he shakes hands very tall guy, the 183cm listing is rubbish Have seen Hendry is listed as 186cm and Trump 174cm so its obvious they are not accurate at all.

Hendry cant be 6'1 he only looks a bit taller than Ronnie from what I can recall
Editor Rob: anon, I've seen Hendry and he is indeed a weak 5ft 11 range at best I think.
Jeff on Rob Paul
Hi Rob does shrinkage vary with people? My son who is 17 going on 18 in Jan is a supposed 5'9. He's 176cm in the morning and he only drops to around 174.6cm late at night. During the day he had maintained above 5'9 at 175.5cm till around 4pm but then dropped to 175.2-3 which is a dead 5'9 at 5. Is he technically 5'9 if he drops a wee bit below 5'9 at night?
Editor Rob: Jeff, that is a very typical shrinkage range.

1cm is on the low end, 3cm on the extreme end for 5ft 8-10 average men.

Anybody who is average and says they shrink 4cm is basically auditioning for the part of Pinocchio.
Rory on Cristiano Ronaldo
@James why do you keep using that useless photo though ? Bale is basically crouched down there in that shot and so naturally looks about 2 or more inches shorter. We all know the real difference between Bale and Ronaldo is 1-2 cms. Ronaldo definitely isn't 184 though, he'd measure 185-6 range evening.
Heylo on Ewan McGregor
He is the same height as me. To me he never had a short build by himself, looked very average but could look short in movies due to much taller co stars.
I'm from Sweden and must say with honesty that 177cm(4-5cm from average) in Sweden is on the border of too short, but it could have been worse of course, I'm not gonna whine :)
James on Gianluigi Buffon
Do one of Petr Cech, one of the best goalkeeper of all time!!!
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) on Donald Trump
Anonymous_1 said on 5/Dec/16
Peak: 6' 3" (190)

Today: 6' 1" (185)


Trump was nowhere near 6ft3 in his younger days, rather more like 6ft1.75-6ft2
MJKoP on Daniel Radcliffe
Even with PLATFORM shoes, Harry Potter still couldn't hit 5'9.75. :D
Gaza2121 on Charlie Puth
TJE, nah. I think there's 5 inches between them. 5'9.5" range is fair.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) on Snoop Dogg
on (190 cm) said on 3/Dec/16
He's not as tall as Tom Brady Click Here

Brady is a strong 6'4", and a solid half inch taller than Snoop. In this photo, it can even look closer to a full inch.


They look the same height. Brady just appears taller because he's wearing a hat. But the only problem we have is that we can't see their footwear.
James on Taylor Swift
@Anon Are you a troll? She is 3-4 cm shorter than 1.77-1.78 Harry Styles
Aleks on Alex Turner
Okay why when i type his name it shows me that his height is 5'11 ........ that is just i understand 1 inch or 2inches but 3 inches over your own height that is just funny ...or not idk i am 5'10.5 i guess some people look tall and other not idk i look avarege but i am not .... i am a bitt overweight maybe that's the case .... but i really thought he was 5'11
Shuvayu on Kane
@Zed would still say 3.5 inches between taker show and around 4.5-5 with khali, lets have a f2f pic with show and nash instead of kane and nash
Danimal on Vin Diesel
berta said on 11/Oct/16
i think guys that need to be lowered on this site is vin diesel 1-2 cm, paul walker 1 cm, harrison ford 1 cm

There are many:

Will Smith - He's max 6'0.5"-6'1"
Arnold Schwarzenegger - He's max 5'10.5" today
Sylvester Stallone - He's max 5'7.5" today
Tom Cruise - He's max 5'6 3/4"
Robert Deniro - He's max 5'6.5"-5'7" today
Big Show - He's under 6'10" today
Harrison Ford - He's max 5'10" today
Clint Eastwood - He's max 5'11" today
anon on Tyson Fury
The 6'9 is probably in sneakers or he was measured early morning in shoes no idea, Most boxers get listed 1-2 Inches taller than they are, I think Fury is around 6'7.5 somewhere in the 6' 7 range, Think He would be taller than A guy like Deontay wilder tbh.
Danimal on Vin Diesel
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Dec/16
Out of bed: 184-185cm
Before bed: 182-183cm

He's nowhere near 6'1" out of bed and 6'0" before bed. He wears huge lifts and still is shorter than 6'2" Rock today. Why is it that you still continue to add 1-2" over everyone else's estimates?
josh jeffords on Steven Williams
listing is right for his prime he had a bit on prime Don Dragon Wilson.
Guy must be living right doesnt look like he lost much height.
josh jeffords on Brian Thompson
Man this guy looked huge in the 90s was usually ripped and big cinder block head born bad guy.
He looked 6 3 at least towering little Van damme, also massive with stallon but not as much.
Oh yeah and his recurring tv monster roles always tall and big guy.
5 11 is impossible unless vd is 5 6 compare him to the massive ralf moelher he is close 6 3 prime.
As per the photo he is clearly not that anymore also lost posture and muscles still has the evil look.
josh jeffords on Robert Patrick
Another classic always wondered about his height he can look tallish or above average.
Love how he can be a crazy villain to a funny FBI guy and the mediocre abduction movie was a bit of a stretch but he pulled it off.
Just watched Rogue Squad..Force bet most people dont know what that is.. anyway he is close to rooker who I think was a peak 5 9.
He was the taller but not too many with them to compare but both wore tactical boots most of the movie.
With loose posture id say he looks 5 10 .5 maybe even under but standing straight 5 11.
josh jeffords on Robert Knepper
Very underrated creepy guy can be good or bad his height is pretty clear he is 5 9 onscreen and in shoes.
So barefoot Id say exactly as listed he would edge me out a bit in height man is he skinny. I bet I got 50lbs on him.
He isnt under the listing unless he is an expert at platforms and I've never seen him in them.
josh jeffords on Taron Egerton
Huh wasnt he listed at 5 8 flat?
Ive only seen him in one movie kingsman and in big heels he was under 5 9.
Did they make him look smaller, I dont think so.
He looked even 5 7 next to Firth and Thewlis different movies.
Also looked at least an inch under hardy in stills have yet to see KRAY/KRAY.
RP on Joe Montana
Joe was 6'1.5" peak ...he's 6'0.5" now.
Alex on Luke Hemsworth
Damn, it must suck having your 2 younger brothers tower you.
Peter175 on Bruno Mars
He's 5ft4 minimum.

You guys have no idea how a sub5ft4 guy would look on stage next to other men
Peter175 on Becky G
Balvin is shorter than a guy like Daddy Yankee (170-172 range)

He's seriously no taller than a weak 5 7
digling on Jason Statham
I used to think he was 5'9, but looking at some pics again I can tell he is 5' 8.25. In the morning. I guess he goes to bed at 5' 8.
62B on Hulk Hogan
straightahead said on 5/Dec/16
Legit 6'5 280 lbs Bill Fralic is a good comparison, and he looked both taller and more massive next to John Studd than what Hogan ever did.

Yeah, no he didn't.
5 December
Celebheights 6'1.5 on Kobe Bryant
Peyton Manning was measured at 6'5 1/4" though, and he's closer to the camera than Kobe Bryant is as well.
Peter175 on Joseph Stalin
5ft6 maximum. Looks 165-7 range
Sandy Cowell on Linda Henry
@ Nik - Hello again! Yes, there used to be an Omnibus of EastEnders on Sundays but now it has changed to a channel called 'W', which I find really annoying!
I have so many DVD's to catch up on though before I get more channels! I have some fantastic films to see and I think films in general take presidency over the soaps, though I do like to keep up with them. I hear they're going to kill off Ronnie and Roxy over Christmas, the stinkers! Some Christmas treat that will be!
As for the actor who plays Grant - Ross Kemp - he does come over as well above average height, I agree! I used to know a dead ringer for him though and he really WAS 6ft!
So as not to leave out Linda Henry, didn't she have a fling with Grant?
TJE on Charlie Puth
With Wiz Khalifa's recent downgrade, this is way too generous. There's way more than 5 inches between them. Back to 5'9 he goes (and that's being generous).
Josh Jeffords on Bruce Campbell
Tall guy way above burn guy and most of cast.
I'd bet 6 1 peak listed current he's older than he looks.
Gah?! on Richard Harris
Looked about an inch at most taller than Harrison Ford standing eye to eye, or possibly slightly less.
Josh Jeffords on Ernie Hudson
Needs a peak upgrade he could pass for 6 1 on into 90s had nearly 4 on Dylan walsh.
A s bad as new ghost buster was his cameo was funny still closer to 6 onscreen.
Lance on Tom Selleck
I was in the gym at Valley College where he played Volleyball before going to USC. His height there was listed at 6'7". Keep in mind that sports teams sometimes are generous with their stats. I played football at 5'10" and 165 but when I saw the football program, I was listed at 6'0" and 175.
oscar 5' 9 on Rob Paul
hi Rob! when you measure your height do you stand in a comfortable position or do you stretch your spine until it hurts ?
Editor Rob: for measuring stand tall, so that you can hold the pose comfortably.
Joe on Dennis Rodman
6 foot 7 barefoot
Greg on Brad Pitt
@DJT what do you mean it's sad? 5'11 is only a .5 inch round up from 5'10.5 most guys I know around that height in the noon would probs go with 5'11. and I think he's a bit more then 5'10.5 in the mornings.
jade on John Lennon
john lennon,s height is 5ff 10 167
Mozart on Michael Jordan
He is 6"5.5 without footwear. Don't know why posters are understating his height. Look at this pic with Jordan towering next to Federer.
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Bruce Kulick
Another extremely lanky 6ft2 musician who can pass for 6ft3-4
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Sam Heughan
He doesn't look tall until you see him others on Outlander. 6ft2 is fair
Editor Rob: in a few scenes with Graham McTavish he didn't really look much taller, I though McTavish still looked nearly 6ft 2 in that show.
Jim K on Sam Coleman
Wow Rob, you guys almost look related! He doesn't look anywhere near 6' in this picture. I'd say 5'10.5" tops.
Goose on Matthew Perry
Either he shrunk or listing needs an upgrade. Seen in person in. 2000 and was 6'1'ish. No way he was 5'11 then..
Jim K on Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
Looks a flat 6'8". Amazed at how Rob's head is larger than Bjorn's so this kind of throws off the readings, but he does look at least 6' 7.75" at lowest
J-Dog on J. Cole
-The inches of dense vertical hair I believe can add slightly to illusion of J-Cole being much taller than Jay-Z, but in all pictures he does look at to edge out Jay-z easily.

-This is a bit more diff 188-191cm ~[My estimated range]


J-Cole with 6'6" = 6'6.5" Carmelo Anthony - Click Here

J-cole with 6'1.5" Jay-Z & Kanye - Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Marilyn Manson
More 186-187cm, IMO
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Sophie Simmons
6ft8 looks like a stretch for Nick. Could buy 6ft7 though
James on Martin Landau
He was never any more than 6'1" at his peak. He was great in "Delta Fever" with Leif Garrett.
same on Justin Bieber
nowadays i wouldn't be surprised if he was 5'8
Celebheights 6'1.5 on Henry Cavill
To guess the eye level/facial lengths:

Henry Cavill 9.8" inches (not 10")/5" inches
Ben Affleck: 10"-10.1" inches/5" inches
Will Smith: 9 1/4" inches/4 1/4" inches
Anonymous_1 on Donald Trump
Peak: 6' 3" (190)

Today: 6' 1" (185)
Randy on Leonardo DiCaprio
Gaza you are completely right
Nik on Rob Paul
@James B

I would confidently say that the end of the short range for a man is below the 5'9" level. Is a 5'8.5" man short? Not on my nelly. Is a 5'8" man short? I think that is debatable so that for me is probably near the cut off. If anything under 5'9" is short then on the same note 5'10" is clearly tall but how many people claim that nowadays ? Just for a thought experiment I put a mark on a bit of paper at the 5'7" level on a wall and imagined a man with the top of his head at this level, I thought to myself yeah he would appear short to me if I had to describe him as short, medium, or tall but I wouldn't think anything of a man being this height otherwise because it is still common (although a little bit short). Once I imagined a man upwards of an inch taller of this level all thoughts of shortness left my head entirely. I wouldnt even describe him as short under any circumstances. For me the cut off is a height in the 5'7.75" - 5'8.25" range.
5ft10guy on Wiz Khalifa
I think this is too low 6ft3 lowest- 6ft3.5 high
edk on Justin Bieber
Click Here

Bieber visiting Ellen Degeneres. Scroll down the article to see him standing next to her
travis on Michael Irvin
so that means he 6'2 in a half
Guest66 on James Franco
He seems to be 1inch shorter than Rogen, whatever Rogen's height is, Franco is 1inch shorter.
Steve on Stephen Amell
5ft8 Rob comes up to Amell's eyebrows... so anyone claiming 5ft11 for Amell is saying that there's only 3inches between his eyebrows and the top of his head?? lol.
6ft0.5 absolute minimum but 6ft1 sounds right.
rockitbaby on Sophie Turner
Rob, you should raise Jonas height a bit or lower hers because she's wearing high heels and she's slightly taller than him.

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Mac MacDonald
Rob, he looks well over 6ft!
Editor Rob: I'm significantly further away, he's half a foot closer to the camera.
Ibracadabra on Bill Skarsgard
Rob, for me he looks taller than Chris Hemsworth by near an inch, what do you think ?
Sandy Cowell on Vanessa Mae
That's the very most I would have given her!
Vegas on Hulk Hogan
Hogan was billed 295lb in that first photo dicksock posted Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Joe Don Baker
Was taller than Brosnan so you could argue a fraction over this...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Alan Ritchson
@S.J.H: I don't know how you gauge 6ft1 based off that one photo...I doubt he's that low. Looks a solid 6ft2 most of the time and some times a bit over even
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Terrence Howard
Solid 6fter...edged out Fallon
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Zachary Levi
He's a guy who drops to 6ft3 flat at his lowest.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on George Michael
I was surprised that he was shorter than 6ft...his stage presence made him look huge at times, particular in the Faith days. Have had the pleasure of seeing him live in 1988
TheManWithNoName on Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Click Here

He's incredibly skinny these days. He lost about 40lbs apparently for when he did the TV Mini series, "Texas Rising." I wouldn't put him over 6'1". His lanky appearance coupled with his costume on WD, and the heights of his costars (most are around 5'10" and below) make him seem taller.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Matt Damon
177-178cm is spot on for Damon
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
Try Super Garlic supplements from Lindens on ebay. Two of those will kill the cold within a few hours. Whenever I feel a cold coming I take a strong dosage of those and it kills it!!

Just want a page of existing categories created to date. More categories is good but I just want to be able to access all of the current ones on one page :-)
Editor Rob: over time there may be a fair amount, so I will do an a-z click here
Cc on Justin Bieber
At least 5'8 barefoot. Probably 5'9.
D on Rachel Nichols
176 cm max
D on Rachel Nichols
176 cm max
Jordan87 on Jake Gyllenhaal
Curry has him by around 3.5". Curry 6'2, Gyllenhaal 5'10.5 by that Logic.

Jackman would be 3" taller than Jake if he wasn't leaning in. Jake 5'10.5, would more or Less make Ledger 6'0.5. Although Jake looks taller in some photos with Heath than Others.
James on Shaquille O'Neal
I think Shaq can range from 6'11-7'(bare feet height). I'm gonna go with 6'11.5. He wears huge shoes that bring him to 7'1
dicksock on Hulk Hogan
straightahead said on 5/Dec/16
dicksock, you're the one not knowing what you are talking about. If Hogan was "well over 300 lbs" irl then he would had been billed 350+ to say atleast, more likely 400+. Thats math for kids... Legit 6'5 280 lbs Bill Fralic is a good comparison, and he looked both taller and more massive next to John Studd than what Hogan ever did.

So can we end this crap now?


Once again, you are clueless. Bill Fralic was known more massive than Hogan as his biggest?! What a joke. You are just making a complete assumption about what Hogan would have been billed at. I live in the real world. I've been friends/acquaintances with dozens of big tall guys. I myself am a big heavy muscular guy. I know what I'm talking about when I tell you Hogan was at least 290 lbs at his heaviest and probably was over 300 lbs at certain points. Just look at him on Johnny Carson. He was easily around 6'5" 300 lbs. He was huge. By the way Hogan was billed at nearly 340 lbs in 1980 at Shea Stadium against Andre.
ZED on Kane
@Shuvayu, yes 4 inches between Taker and Show. When Kane and Show went toe to toe at King of the Ring '99, there was about 2.5 inches between them. Kane in his lifts was 1.5 inches taller than Taker as clearly shown in the picture that Heightcrazyred6ft posted.

I always wondered how Kane and Kevin Nash would fair in a height staredown. Anyone have any good pictures from them 2?
ahoj on Carol Alt
If she would say 5'0" would that be also true following the same logic?
Anyways here is she standing next to 6'4 Bud Spencer Click Here
It again looks like at least 6'0 if not more.
Michael MO on General Height
@vg I would not say 5'10,5 is average for a man
172.4cm guy on Andrew Scott
I just saw Spectre over the weekend, and I immediately thought...that actor (Andrew Scott) is my height! Lo' and behold Rob has a pic with him, and he measures up just as closely as I would probably stand next to Rob. He looks like a weak 5'8" guy, probably 172cm, but 5-8 looks ok.
Andrea on Height Challenge
I understand but even in his case the top of his head is the top of his head...
I can certainly see how the average joe might guess him taller than he is (maybe because they look more at eyelevels, shoulders,etc... rather than "the highest part of his body") but you are Rob Paul!!! What's the most you would have guessed him at? 6'2? Or even 6'2.5?
I can also see how he can give a 6'2 impression at first sight in the picture with you but the truth is that he was just around 6'1.5 at the moment of the photo... Can you really imagine guys like Will Smith, Jim Carrey or Hugh Jackman being as tall as him? I personally can't...
Editor Rob: first time he visited my flat he looked over 6ft 2, it was 9am, but I was up at 6, hence why I have different memories of him seeming taller, I think I caught him at times when he was within 1 hour of wakening up...
M on Sophie Porley
No way she is 1.75m.Even 1.68m is questionable for her.
M on Audrina Patridge
She does look like 1.70m.
M on Vanessa Paradis
She is very tiny, but beatifull.Has something special in her face.
Leonardo 1.73m on Rob Paul
I can't make the bust a gut technique. Why?
I measure my height with this technique and my height still same.
Editor Rob: Leonardo, it might just be that you have good posture already and can comfortably manage your maximum stance without straining as much as I am doing for 'bust a gut'.
M on Brittney Palmer
She is 5'2" at most.
M on Minka Kelly
Very beatiful women no matter of height.
M on Elaine Paige
Second @M please do not use ny nick any longer.
Leonardo 1.73m on Harry Styles
Directioners in the votes and comments
dewie on Kane
Taker is 4.5 shorter than khali taker was max 6ft8.5 2.04m in that stardawn
Hafeez on Tim McInnerny
So rob this is how leonardo dicaprio would look like next to you 🤔
dewie on The Undertaker
Taker whas 6ft8 2.03m today 6ft6.75 2.00m taker looked 2.00m on smackdown 900 eposode
Redwing on Pua Magasiva
Should email me bro, hoshibraydon@outlook.co.nz.
Dennis5ft9 on Vin Diesel
Such a blatant 5ft10 guy. I'm not one of these people who claim a ridiculously low height for the sake of it, but from photos of him that I've seen it's obvious that he's 5t10ish and wears thick thick boots to make him look about 184cm.
HeightGuy on Rob Paul
How tall would you guess the guy on the right if the guy on the left is 175 cm? Click Here
Editor Rob: HeightGuy, it's tricky to say because the guy on the right might be gaining a few cm's from the angle/position of the photo, so although he can look near 185, he might be several cm's less than that.
miko on Sam Coleman
Looks to me like Rob is trying to steal a CM by adding a small tuft in his hair! ;)
Editor Rob: I think I'd need it pushed another cm higher to match Sam's!
Ice on General Height
Rob , is a 21 cm head Small for a 195 cm guy ?
Editor Rob: Ice, it is on the smaller side for a 6ft 5 man. You'd normally expect 24cm as more typical and 25cm quite common too. 26cm is big though, 21-22 small.

But small isn't necessarily a bad thing, it can for many people fool others into believing the person is taller.
Jordan87 on Billy Dee Williams
5'9.5 to 5'9.75 Today, but at his age in 2013 (75) the average fella losses around 1"-1.25" so this man could have very well been 5'11" in his youth.
hijopotamus on Brad Pitt
bl, looool
Jordan87 on James Gandolfini
Height sometimes gives you a little edge in some cases since a person may have to look up at you, but with James I thinks it's more his body thickness. I mean people sometimes say he was "Just Fat" or "obese" which was true in the later Seasons but Gando has naturally a large boned frame and very wide shoulders. Despite how much weight you gain, your shoulders and your shoulders more or less. The man had a head and shoulders like a Silverback gorilla. Not a fella you would want to tangle with, I don't care have "fat" or out of shape he may have appeared. I have seen guys like him win street/bar fights against people by literally pinning them into a close quarter area with their weight and hammering them with strikes. Plus not everyone is a MMA expert with techniques to get away from a big Guy like James. ( Despite how good they think they can fight).

I still think he was around 5'11.5-6'0, but whether he was 5'11 or 6'1, he still provided an intimidating figure as Tony Soprano, and cannot be duplicated.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jimmy Stewart
Stewart & Cooper: 191-192cm
Peck & Heston: 189-190cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Flo Rida
6ft1 is too low but I could see an argument for a shade under 6ft2…
Mr. R on Jared Harris
Oh also, you should note that he is the son of Richard Harris, who is listed at 6-1.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Victor Garber
Weak 6ft1 peak
Mr. R on Michael Crichton
Mr. R - I think the book that I read was "The Height of Your Life" by Ralph Keyes that came out in 1980. I'm sure that you can get it on Amazon for real cheap.
Mr. R on George Clooney
Thanks Shredder for at least respecting my view. The first time I saw George, he was maybe 5-10.5. But he had on shoes with big rubber souls. After that, I was on stage with him and stood next to him. He wears motorcycle boots A LOT. I stand by my 5-9.5.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Craig T Nelson
He may not be quite this today. Definitely at peak though.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) on Joe Rogan
5'6 said on 28/Oct/16
Joe rogan is absolutly not 5'6" wtf hahh, that's just foolish, I hope he is joking! , and 5'6.33...wtf guys. I know/bet he is at 171-172.5 cm. He says he is 5'8", and I don't think we know his height better Than himself lol. I don't think Joe would measure himself wrong because Joe is a very educated and honest dude. / 5'6 14 year old boy.


You're a very naive and gullible person to say that. Just because a person claims a certain height, it doesn't necessarily mean he is that height. And educated doesn't equal honest. Some of the most educated, wealthy people in this world are corrupt, scheming liars (the same people who control the government, politics, and entertainment)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Stephen Amell
He's dropping a small fraction of height in this photo so 6ft1 is still reasonable.
e on Bob Sapp
Overeem is 6'3.5 or less, probably less.
Stipe is a legit 6'4
JDS is 6'3, shorter than Overeem.
Cain is 6'1 and a strong one at that, maybe taller (DONT USE THE RONALDO PIC, RONALDO IS WEARING CLEATS AND EVERY TIME HE TAKES PICTURES, HE STANDS ON HIS TOES). Shown by all his pics with 5'10 DC, shown in his pics with Rogan who is 5'7. I know Rogan aint that tall because Ive seen the dude, the rest you can judge from the right pics.
Arlovski is 6'4
Jone Jones is definitely taller than 6'4.
Browne is definitely 6'6 or a bit more.
and Bob Sapp is 6'4 as he himself admitted.
Brock, from all the pictures, is really 6'3 or a shade under, which you cant tell.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) on Kjell Nilsson
Rob, if Kjell is no longer active, you might as well edit the description to "Swedish former weight-lifter and former actor,"
Editor Rob: yes Christian, it makes more sense.
Nik on General Height

Don't worry about your height. I take it you are American, well I think you are about average for an American or a British man.
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
How long do we have to wait Rob before you index the categories on here? Would make it so much better if you could start listing the tags you currently have..
Editor Rob: Arch, when I have time and I get round to adding more categories. November was a busy month doing craft fairs and I'm floored with cold just now.
Arch Stanton on Fidel Castro
Rob, any chance of adding Malcolm X? He was taller than Muhammed Ali, but not by much, might have been 191 range, but doubt taller.
Editor Rob: I don't know what exact figure he claimed, I did briefly read 6ft 3, 3.5 and 4 mentions in books.
Aza on Alistair Appleton
He looks 6 ft to me....he comes across as nice but a bit posh too.
Nik on General Height
I think sometimes when you see people in the street or in a shopping mall it is difficult to tell exactly how tall they are. I think some people suffer a little bit from tallism and can overestimate how tall people are in certain circumstances but if you are around the same person regularly you can get more of a general feel how tall that person is. Yes most people who think they see a certain amount of people over a certain height may actually see slightly less than what they think, but yes some areas do have a lot of tall people but some areas are full of smaller people as well.


I am sure there are many parts of America where there are a lot of smaller men and women as well of all ages. I am also sure that throughout your country most elderly American men will actually be smaller than you are. I honestly think that people also overestimate people's heights sometimes because they think that their experiences are the same everywhere and I don't think that's true.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) on Wiz Khalifa
"Wiz Khalifa's Height is 6ft 3in (190.5 cm)"

The former 6ft3.5 listing was too high, but on the other hand, the current 6ft2.5 seems too low Rob.
Aza on Erin Cahill
The 'helmet' design is hot blooded don't you think Rob ? I absolutely love it! Good listing.
Editor Rob: I think I'd class Erin as hotter than her helmet.
Rojina on Charlotte Bellamy
Aza on Floriana Lima
Sorry @Borats Chicken meant to say ' she looks like a beautiful Indian woman'.
Arch Stanton on Cesar Romero
Peak a 191 6'3 is fair, in fact in some scenes resembled Vincent Price from a distance.
Arch Stanton on John Payne
Cesar Romero did look an easy inch taller in The Great American Broadcast though, so again can't really argue over 6 ft 2.
Anon on Gisele Bundchen
5'10 is what I always though Gisele was. A spot on listing
Arch Stanton on John Payne
He didn't look under 6 ft 2 generally. In The Great American Broadcast he stood out as particularly tall, could certainly look 189 at times but had on a fair shoe I think.
Anon on Taylor Marie Hill
I always though she was 5'11. She looks so tall, but if she herself says 5'9.5, then I guess that must be it.
185cmAriel on Ryan McPartlin
Never really thought that 6'4 is that tall
Anon on Elsa Hosk
Julia, I think Candice is 5'9, and Elsa is 5'10. 5'8 listing for Elsa seems ridiculous
Anon on Alessandra Ambrosio
LOL @ax saying Elsa Hosk is 5'6. What even? She looks like a solid 5'10 to me. This listing for Ale seems accurate though
straightahead on Hulk Hogan
dicksock, you're the one not knowing what you are talking about. If Hogan was "well over 300 lbs" irl then he would had been billed 350+ to say atleast, more likely 400+. Thats math for kids... Legit 6'5 280 lbs Bill Fralic is a good comparison, and he looked both taller and more massive next to John Studd than what Hogan ever did.

So can we end this crap now?
Anon on Miranda Kerr
I'm sorry but some of you have no idea what you're talking about. She seems like a solid 5'9 to me, just like Candice and Rosie HW. Claiming she's shorter than 5'8 is LAUGHABLE.

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