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30 October
Chris on Robin Lord Taylor
He's weirdly hot.
Andrea on Ryan McPartlin
Rob, could you do a photo comparison with the plumber?
[Editor Rob: here Click Here...slightly different focal lengths in these photos, which can enhance head sizes slightly.

I'd say he wasn't over 6ft 4 with plumber comparison. ]
Arch Stanton on Samuel L Jackson
Looks 6'3.5" in Jackie Brown!
Lillo Thomas on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
The rock is 6'2.5 at best. Lol at him claiming 6'5. He is part of the Will smith height liars club.
Amaze on Rob Paul
@Bud 6'11 is a giant. Very rare. Ive seen a 6'8-9 before but that was max. Id even call that height weak giant.
Amaze on General Height
@celebheights 188cm i agree. 6'1 is clearly strong and 187 bordering strong. 181 182 are tallish.
Arch Stanton on Robert Montgomery
I think 6 ft flat in The Divorcee Sam.
Arch Stanton on Height Request
The Divorcee was a pretty mainstream film but a lot of Morris's films were B movies. He doesn't look even near 5 ft 9 next to Norma Shearer!!
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Chester Morris worth adding Sam?
Arch Stanton on Sean Penn
He looked a weak 5'9 in Milk.
Arch Stanton on Norma Shearer
Looks 5'2 ish in The Divorcee too.
micky on Kurt Angle
plz stop being crazy . more height mean more chances of cancer !!!
we humans need evolutionary time to being a 6'3" without much chances of cancer .
Best height for man is 5'10" or 5'11" At this height you have an equilibrium with power and quickness . Above 6'2" Foot most will face problems after 60 year due to backache .
George on Jessie J
Just met her at work she was shooting a music video. I was one foot away from her. I am 173.8 in the morning and shrink to 172.3 at night. I was in 1 inch shoes and had shrunk to my low by that point. She was bare foot. I was taller than her by at least an inch accounting footwear. It's not impossible she was 173 but I doubt it. Looked more 172cm and that might be generous. Hope that clearsound it up.
Judd on Maria Sharapova
6'0" for maria is ridiculous...she's glaringly taller! 6'1.5-1.75" is a good choice for her.
RobV on General Height
@Marie on the yougov poll of 'ideal height'. The tables themselves are interesting but the summary by yougov is very misleading. Not sure why but it is full of double negatives and tortuous explanation which avoids actually giving proper detail of the findings. Look at the questions and % figures and then compare this detail to the summary and you will see that the two don't really match easily. For example the summary fails to identify that over half who express an opinion say 'the ideal height for a man is 6' to 6'3"' Which is what we would have expected. But they then tortuously use another stat to suggest that 6' is too tall, which is not in fact what anyone has really said in the polling.

The poll also tends to demonstrate again that people are not consistent in their views about height - surely this has to be partly due to the fact that they do not actually KNOW what height others are so are judging something they are not in a position to judge. If you say 6'4" is too tall, but do not actually know how to judge a person who is that height, then presumably the basis of your judgement cannot be sound. The only way to do this scientifically is to measure a whole load of people accurately, have them stood around in various situations and for people to then judge "he's too tall, she's too short" etc.

Then you would find some really odd things happen - eg that a guy who is really well built and 6'4" would be judged "not too tall/ideal" but a guy who is 6'3" and dead skinny being judged 'way too tall'.
182cm on General Height
Once your between 5ft10-6ft2 other things such as appearance, build, charisma etc. Ive witnesses this myself as I got a girl taller than me by 0.5cm or maybe we were the same height and she usually dates guys over 6ft3
182cm on General Height
Take into account most of the dream guys seem to be 5ft10-6ft
Clooney, but now hes married
And most girls think this guys are like 6ft. Girls dont know height as they are like 5ft4 average , so its hard to tell how tall someone really is when there like 6 or so inches shorter
182cm on General Height
@connor and @amaze
I see what your saying, I also want to be 6ft2-6ft3

To girls 5ft4-5ft6, (which is where most girls ar) they would think a true 5ft11 is perfect.5ft7-5ft9 think 6ft-6ft2 is perfect for a guy. All girls will tell you they prefer 4-6inches taller.
On best height, guys think bigger will always be better but think of this girls around 5inches shorter than guus thats why most girls will say best height for a guy is at least 5ft10-6ft1 mainly because average girls 5ft 2-5ft 6 are the most. But 5ft7-5ft10 girls say 6ft1-6ft3 is perfect for a guy.

Most guys are 5ft10 so they think 6ft2 is perfect which is 4 inches taller. This is similar to girls saying best height for a guy is 4-6 inches taller.
So in short in a girls eyes best height for a guy by majority is 5ft11-6ft1, maybe 5ft10-6ft1
But a guy will say around 6ft1-6ft3
Andrea on Seth MacFarlane
Rob, in "A Million ways to die in the West" he did look noticeably taller than Charlize Theron and i don't think he had much different shoes than her, at best 0.5 inches i think... He also looked taller than Neil Patrick Harris! I thought he was easily 5'11-6' range there! Do you really think he's only 5'10?
[Editor Rob: he could be a fraction over 5ft 10 flat, but I wouldn't guess him 179 or 180.]
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Rob can you add Prince Harry, it strikes me as odd that you haven't listed him on here yet!! He actually looks a full 6'2" here with Joss Stone in boots Click Here I think 6'1.75 might be a good shout.
GI Jose on General Height
@Celebheights 188CM
I would definitely agree with your statement. Based on percentiles, 180.9 cm is the 75th, and 170.9 cm is the 25th (based on the US averages without rested height correction). That's where I would say a height would start to be either tall or short. I would say 85th would be where you would be strong tall, and 95th would be very tall. That would make strong tall 183.6 cm and very tall 188.2 cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Denzel Washington
Solid 6ft0½ peak with a chance of 6ft0¾. I only noticed now that Ethan Hawke is listed at 5ft11. If that's the case, Denzel easily looked 6ft1 range in Training Day if not a tad more!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Tom Hanks
He looked 6ft1-6ft2 in Road To Perdition w/h lifts.
b on Rider Strong
he's shorter than ben savage by 2 inches or so, so I think he's only 5-5 5-6 at best
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Forest Whitaker
Can look 6ft1½ a lot now in movies like The Butler and I wonder how he'll stack up next to Liam Neeson in Taken 3.
mordor on Cristiano Ronaldo
I dont think so CR7's shoes have 1cm advantage to those of Dudek'.They have about the same footwear advantage.Maybe there is difference in millimeters(unnoticeable).And why should not Dudek be 188cm?He looks like a tall guy.Anyway their diffrence is max 1,5cm.So i really tend to believe that Madrid's listing about 3 years ago at 186,5cm is really accurate.However he is nowadays listed at Madrid's site at 185cm.Also he is listed 185cm in fifa world cup 2014 site.Need to mention again that all those sites that refer to his body measurements and other info for him analytically including his official one list him as 186cm guy.If you want my opinion after all those pics that we all have uploaded as well as recent charlez's interesting comment i am very sure he is:
Morning height:187.2cm
Midday-Afternoon height:186,5cm
Night height:185,8cm(almost 186cm)
So his height is (7 hours after sleep,best time to be measured) obviously 186,5cm.It's perfect for him cause he is just under 6-2 but also above 6-1 range.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Liam Neeson
At least 192-193cm range today.
AlexMahone on Colin Ferguson
Stop downgrading!!! Yeah...Ron listin is spot on. 180cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Michael Caine
The 6ft1¾ could be a better fit but I wouldn't go lower than 6ft1½ though. He's still 6ft1 today and agree he's hasn't lost as much height as Connery through the years.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Sean Connery

Michael Caine - 6ft1¾(187cm)
Sean Connery - 6ft2¼(189cm)
Morgan Freeman - 6ft2¾(190cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Harrison Ford
Looks 180-181cm today.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Matt Smith
Rob, what's he like in person?
[Editor Rob: he was quite pleasant and seemed to interact well with fans.]
Andrea on Liam Hemsworth
Easy 6'3, i could even buy a fraction over it... In Paranoia he did look very tall, he also had a scene with Josh Holloway and he was about 2 inches taller, so 6'3-6'3.25 makes sense!
Bud on Rob Paul
ok Rob so u have to be atleast 7'1 to never meet somebody taller if u travel a lot and go to big cities.
[Editor Rob: I'm thinking the amount of travel just in the UK I've done and the infrequency of seeing 7 footers...they are pretty rare.]
The Master on Gene Hackman
The guy in the pic below was John Frankenheimer, on the set of French Connection II. He was 6'3".
Chris Lynn on Chris Evans
Chris Evans is 6 ft tall and my height is 5'10" and i am white smart man with grayish eyes. Chris Evans workout absolutely incredible as he work hard with his physique and posture. True Fan!! Regards Click Here
Moke on Alberto Del Rio
184.3cm on Bruce Boxleitner
Love that in both photos he has Tron related t-shirts on :) Maybe he lost a cm 189cm peak? if Bridges was really 187 peak.
Andrea on User Heights
Rob, is it only 0.4 after 3-4 hours? I do lose about 0.75 inches from morning to night, today i've measured myself after 2.5 hours and i already lost about 1.3 cms and i will lose only other 6-7 mms till my normal low...
[Editor Rob: if you go by 0.7 inch then around 0.4 after 3 hours and 0.6 by 5-6 hours would be pretty typical.]
visitor on Matthew McConaughey
So him at a premiere yesterday and is definitely not 5'11. 5'8 max!
Dmeyer on Leonardo DiCaprio
This Guy can look 180 181 and 182
Dmeyer on Arnold Schwarzenegger
In some pics he can look near 6ft thaugh je never looks 9cm on 174cm who at Times has normal shoes
Sam on Bernard Bresslaw
I have no idea but it's definitely in the thousands. On a site that shall not be named, I have rated well more than 3,000 films but I know that's only a portion. I don't watch movies as frequently anymore as I did in my 20s and earlier 30s (darn kids!), in which I'd average 1-3 per day I'd reckon!
Dmeyer on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnie dosnt look more than 2cm shorter so 181.5-2cm
Sam on Height Request
Yeah, Liv Ullman held her own, in terms of acting, star-power and height with the older Ingrid Bergman as her mother in Autumn Sonota!
184.3cm on Garrett Hedlund
Looked very similar to Bridges in Tron Legacy. Only scene i noticed him taller was when Jeff was barefoot when they first meet. Listing seems good to me.
Arch Stanton on Kerry Washington
Rob can you add The Last King of Scotland and as Shonda Rhimes in the ABC series Scandal, as well? She's smoking hot.
184.3cm on Jeff Bridges
His posture is getting worse with age but this listing still seems reasonable. He was Barefoot in Tron legacy and not much shorter than his 'son' who gets listed 6'2 everywhere.
rockitbaby on Leonardo DiCaprio
For me, Leo is 1,80m, 1,81m tops! Unless Jean Dujardin is like 1,83m and Bradley Cooper is 1,88m or something close to that.
Arch Stanton on General Height
Dario says on 28/Oct/14
Hi i'm 6' 2 and i'm 135 pounds yet, i don't look really thin.

I say utter BS, sorry. I'm 185 pounds at 6'1" range and I'd call myself slim at present. I'd be skinny at anything under 170, under 150 let alone under 140 I'd be concentration camp skeleton material. I don't know how any guy over 6 ft could weigh 9 stone odd and not even look really thin LOL.
Max on Cristiano Ronaldo
@Appe while were on this topic how tall do think adnan januzaj is? I see the internet now has him 182 o.O i think he's 180cm maximum, what do think?
Arch Stanton on Gillian Anderson
So hot in Last King of Scotland...
Alex on Harry Styles
I think Taylor Swift is a bonafide 177 or something and I think Harry is about her height. I doubt he was wearing lifts when with her.

However, whenever he can, he'll opt for lifts – his legs are always looking a little uncomfortable, his jeans fitting weirdly, and there's a general sense of disproportionality to his legs. As someone else said, it'll be interesting when he starts balding and has to shave – his hair gives him an inch. He's also really thin and benefits from being in, probably, one of the shortest pop bands around.

My final guess is about 178 centimetres, taller than the other fellas in One Direction. I wouldn't be surprised if he was 173 or something, I honestly feel he's at 175, but 178 seems a fair conclusion.
cd on Rob Paul
Rob, I was wondering, since you finished growth at 14, were you one of the taller kids at that age? I bet it felt weird when you ended up a bit under average when everyone else finished growing. Also, did you get a full beard (or at least have to shave regular) and all that before most others? I'm pretty sure that would be associated with maturing early. I'm late myself and at 18 I don't even have what typical 16-year-old's have in terms of facial hair.
[Editor Rob: only for a short period, right around before 14 and just after, but then a lot of people grew in the 14-17 range.]
Heylo on Brad Pitt
Rob, honestly, tell me what you think about this photo Click Here

To me it definitely proves that he's not 5'11 but 5'10 right in front a 5'9 Gwyneth.
[Editor Rob: I think it's hard to use it as proof, there's too many issues like height lost with stance, high angle...unfortunately there's no side by side of them.]
nona on Aishwarya Rai
@Steve: Bipasha & Shilpa Shetty who are both 5'7" cannot be considered tall when we have a whole lot of girls int the 5'9" range now. Tabu as I mentioned earlier was one of the first tall and well built girls to enter the industry way back in 1995. At 5'9" & close to 80 kgs she was not only taller but was huge compared to heros like Rishi Kapoor and the Khans. Even now Tabu is right up there as far as height is concerned but at age 42 she cannot be compete with the 20 sometning girls dominating the industry
nona on Aishwarya Rai
@Dost: Thanks for yoru pics of Huma & Anushka cos I was sure Anushka was atleast 2" taller than Huma.
At a little over 5'9" Kriti will face the same problems the 5'10" Anushka Shetty has faced down South. Atleast Kriti is very thin at about 60 kgs but Anushka Shetty weighs close to 75 kgs and she is not only taller but even heavier than some of the shorter heroes down south. Despite all this Anushka Shetty has done remarkable well for herself.
Arch Stanton on Melvyn Douglas
Ah yes Mr. Blanding Builds His Dream House that's right, sorry duh!!
Celebheights 188 CM on General Height
Is it safe to claim 6'2" if it's possible that I can wake up at that height on a good day (I'm currently unsure if I would). Based off of my old flawed height scale, my out of bed height varied from at least 1/8 of an inch after obtaining a night of long sleep. I was measured at 6'1.5" with socks (so I figure more like 6'1.48"-6'1.49") 3-4 hours out of bed on average day, so I'm figure that it puts me up to 6'1.85" with it going up to 6'1.92" minimum when I factor in that it wasn't a perfect day. When I factor in slouching/bending down before the measurement, that puts me up to 6'2" at least. Would 186-187 CM be more accurate, or would 188 CM be spot on? My measurement range seems to be from at least .9" (maybe even a bit more).
Arch Stanton on Melvyn Douglas
Ah I'm getting it mixed up with Gunga Din!! Another "exotic" film from 1939. I could have sworn he and Cary Grant were in something together though.
Andrea on Rob Paul
No, Connor, i'd say legit tall starts at 183.2-183.3, 182.9-183 is more tallish i'd say...
Bryan (Queenslander) on Rob Paul
@Editor Rob, imagine if Glenn got a hold of this custom stadiometre...he'll be hitting 5'9 ;)
[Editor Rob: don't laugh, but for last 5 years I've heard G has been doing a grow taller program and now stands a whisker shy of 5ft 9!]
Bran on Harry Styles
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Think we can rule out anywhere around 5'11, or even 5ft10-11,..... i think 2 inches below 5'11 looks fair, and does he atually wear lifts ?
Judd on Andee Frizzell
In the picture above she does look a strong 5'11" but she had bad posture.
6'0" is really possible
Judd on Will Smith
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 28/Oct/14
186cm at the end of the day is possible, but not less.

I agree
Judd on User Heights
Alex 6', I agree but I said before sometimes I recorded a strange thing: I reach my lowest height at 7-8pm, after a long day of study, but at 10-11pm, so a couple of hours later I am a bit taller, sometimes also 0,2-3" and it's strange because between 8 and 11 I didn't stay relaxed on the sofa or something like that but I went out with car or stayed on my feet...
Maybe the cause is when I study I keep a very bad posture so my discs are more compressed than a normal pose...this is just my opinion.
Brian on Ryan Reynolds
The link doesn't work, here's that image again Click Here
Bran on General Height
@French GUY No thats me, i am around that range yes but i'd made a few mis-calculations in measurments so had unintentionally exagerated the speed of my increase in height. The problem with measuring against a wall, you can get into habits where your pushing your hand up to far, if going back to back with it, or just getting un-accurate measurenments, however ive now took up different methods such as the aerosol, in which can give me more realible, practical results. @Pete pro Nice to see you back man, you hit the 50 mark yet,.. i think you mentioned a while back you were late 40's yeah haha ?,.. and no signs of height loss yet then ?
Celebheights 188 CM on Ben Affleck
Hugh Jackman is more 6'1.75" than he is 6'2" in my opinion. He's about the same height as Adrian Peterson (who was measured at 6'1.5" 1-2 hours out of bed, so he's approximately 6'1.75" out of bed) and three inches shorter than 6'4.75" Eli Manning. He likely wakes up at 6'2" on the dot (but no more). Ben Affleck has close to an inch on him.
Celebheights 188 CM on Ben Affleck
I actually would've bought 6'4" beforehand, but I think that's too high now. 6'2.25"-6'2.75" is spot on. He's a tall guy, but he's not a giant. He's about 4 CM taller than Henry CavillHe probably wakes up at 190-191 CM on a perfect day.
alex on Noah Wyle
He is slightly shorter t'han 6'2 Edwards and la dalle,i think 184 cm is accurate.
Lisa on General Height
@PetePro: Perhaps the unrealistic portrayals of feminine beauty explains the difference. There's an unrealistic assumption that all of the most attractive women are taller than average and this idea is underscored in the women in modeling and beauty pageants. Shorter women can rightly complain that they aren't represented in these careers or events that give a subconscious notion that height increases attractiveness. Most women are shorter than 5'6 but most beauty pageant contestants and mainstream models are taller than that. This probably also explains why many genuinely 5'4 women refer to themselves as short. I won't go into the many women who honestly think they're taller than they really are. :)
Danimal on Chris Jericho
You have him WAY WAY WAY overbilled Rob. Here he is with 5'6" Lars Ulrich (both in street clothes): Click Here
Gonzalo on Melvyn Douglas
I didn´t see Cary Grant in Ninotchka. They worked together in Mr. Blandings builds his dream house. Douglas was a bit taller than Grant. And Douglas was very close in height to Gregory Peck in The Great Sinner. 1`87 for Douglas seems accurate.
Danimal on Robert Plant
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 27/Oct/14
186-187cm peak is possible. He had the build of a guy well over 6ft. There's still a possibility that he might clear 5ft11 by a bit if he stood straight.

He's not over 5'10" today. He is shorter than Jimmy Page and 5'11.5" Jimmy Fallon has noticeable height on him. He is severely curved today. His chin rests on his chest. His peak, he was easily 6'1".
Danimal on Robert Plant
Robert and Jimmy (2012) and Jimmy and 5'7" Kirk Hammett (same night):

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
176,2Tunman on Rob Paul
Kim Jong Un at 5'8-9 is really surprising.I mean he often towers the guys around him.with South Koreans being near 5'8 in average I'm assuming North Koreans will be rather 2" shorter due to the life standards,so he's tall but nothing exceptional.
Anyways camera is certainly always at his advantage and no one will ever dare to discuss his claim even if he said 7'5.
Vibram on Michael Biehn
Easily weak 6ft back in good ol' 1984 when he made Terminator. Probaby 165lbs tops in that.
Vibram on Jeremy Irons
He's now about 6ft1.5 compared to 6ft3 Prince William. Slightly over 6ft2 peak is very probable (say 189cm). Click Here
Vibram on David Cameron
He is a big man. Big head. 6ft1 / 215lbs.
Vibram on Brad Pitt
Both Clooney and Pitt are 5'10 guys. Damon 5'9
Adolf on Craig Ferguson
Taller than 6'1 Tarantino. So I guess 6'1.5 at least.
Vibram on Derek Jacobi
I doubt he's lost 4cm.
Ivan Xavier on Hayden Panettiere
No that is why she is taller than vanessa because her position is at the elevated part of the beach
Hypado on Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Looks 176/177cm, no more, no less
Josh on Brian Krause
5'9.5 is right.
Bryan (Queenslander) on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
When the rock and triple h traded words between each other recently on SmackDown!...he made the game look 6'1
Bryan (Queenslander) on Alberto Del Rio
@Junior31 What about Batista ?? He used to be once billed at 6'6 even though he's only 6'2.75/6'3..
Josh on Cristiano Ronaldo
When he first arrived to Manchester United he was 6'0.5 (184cm) before he got famous.
Josh on Gareth Bale
Real 6'0 guy btw casillas is 5´10.5 (179cm)
manletsgonmanlet on Channing Tatum
Gives off a 6'2" impression. Can't seem him waking up any lower than 6'1" even
Josh on Zac Efron
I put my money on 171cm
29 October
Sunny on Aishwarya Rai
@dost- I think Nargis is around an inch taller than Deepika. Saw a couple of videos of them together at some events and Nargis seems a bit taller in them. Even the pics you posted suggests that Nargis is slightly taller.

@Steve- That's a brilliant post on which unfortunately no one bothered to comment about. From the pics, I draw the following conclusion:

Tabu- slightly above 5'8, maybe 5'8.5
Shilpa- slightly below 5'8, maybe around 5'7.5
Bipasha- 5'7 at best.
Josh on Chris Evans
A bit under 6´0 more like 5'11.25 (181cm).
HEY! on Madison Pettis
NEver thought, she was that short, always thought 5'4
Rey on Paul Rudd
First saw him in the Halloween:The Curse of Michael Myers. He appears about 5' 7" give or take a 1/2 inch. Could be a weak 5'8" with the hair. A slight frame to his build.
Lisa on General Height
@Ashley: I'm with you on most of that. However, I have seen tall girls tease tiny girls but more of in an "aah, you're so cute!" way rather than bullying behavior./@All: You'll find that "older girls" are less concerned with superficial features like tall height and excessive muscularity. It seems as though guys are more concerned with those traits as some sort of competition with each other. Girls do the same when they dress to impress other girls more than guys. It's only natural to value physical attractiveness but it goes too far when more important characteristics are downplayed.
diamonddave7 on Bob Sapp
Rob is,spot on....I work in TSA and he came through my checkpoint today 10/29/14......He is still a beast at over 320 lbs,but had at least 4" of clearance under our 6'8.5" walk thru metal shoes,he , is,6' 4.5 or,4.75".......celebheight was accurate on this person.....
Lucio on Arnold Schwarzenegger
GUY says on 29/Oct/14
rockfellas says on 26/Oct/14
I would advice all the people here who are trying to bring the truth on arnold's page. You've already lost! because rob will never change arnold's overestimated heights (peak and current). even if many many evidences have been posted here... etc, etc, etc..

Guy, Rockefellas (ex Alan Brisco and great Metric's buddy), is another troll who suffers from serious mental illness, and considerable existential problems that led him to live badly knowing Arnie is taller than he thinks; this is very hard to digest for him.
That's why he brings only the bad angle, absurd and ludicrous photos found on the web. To make up for his inferiority complex.

In fact, you have to know that he has escaped from the same mentally ill institute from which Metric is escaped. Not for nothing they were hospitalized in the same psychiatric ward to treat a particularly strong form of Napoleon complex. lol.

I'm not even to answer him because it is a waste of time.

Anyway great pics of Moeller and Arnie! They show how a bad angle can significantly distort a photo.
Sandpaper on Big Show
I saw Big Show in person in 2013 after a Raw event in Miami,FL. He was wearing sneakers (no lifts). I am 5'11.5", and I would say that Big Show was at least 6'11." According to his college basketball stats, Paul Wight was 7'1" as a young athlete. Given the skeletal problems that most very tall people experience, it's possible that he could have shrunk an inch or two by his early 40s. 6'11" to 7 feet is a good "guestimate" of his current height.
kreyzig 6ft 3 on General Height
I can see here that some 180-183cms guyz here getting insecure when they see people taller than them.First of all if you are over 6ft..its really good..I have my 6ft 5 friends who wear kind of boots that at least give 1 to 1.5in.They want to show themselves even more taller in the crowd.
Lucio on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Dmeyer, it is obvious that in that video Bronstein seems, and i emphasize "seems" taller than Arnold, just because he is much closer to the camera, and the camera angle itself, it definitely helps him to looks taller.
In reality Bronstein is about 2-2.5 cm shorter than Arnie.

The Guy explanation is very clear on this.

Plus, the article itself confirms that Arnie is about 2 cm taller than Bronstein, so what are we talking about?
hyh on Justin Bieber
Fangirls. When it comes to the height, girls, gals and women want their men or their male idols to be taller and taller, at least to an extent. Having said that, I'd love to see bieber without his enchanced footwear standing next to his fangirls from the Netherlands, Sweden or any other country which is well known from having tall population. It would be hilarious.
RP on Hulk Hogan
Stan Hansen was no shorter than 6'2"... Remember... Lots of wrestlers did tricks with they're footwear.
jamie179cm on General Height
question guys do you think 173cm could be the start of short for young man? because i remember being 175cm and to be honest i felt shortish i think even at 177cm you can feel shortish sometimes
Prince on Matt Damon
Matt Damon at best is 5'9 1/2 barefoot. He's probably 5'9 1/4" for first few hours of the day and drops to 5'9" barefoot after standing for 5 or 6 hours.
Prince on Scott Weiland
Scott Weiland is 5'9" barefoot. Chester Bennington of Linkin Park is 5'10" There's a pic of the two together and Chester had most likely an inch on Scott.
Amaze on Ainsley Harriott
Logic on Kevin Nash
Jackie Knife says on 28/Oct/14
found this photo recently. seems to be around 2011-2013. angle is not really good but still. does anyone knows these basketball players and their heights?


Click Here

Terry Crosby (the black guy) was listed by the NBA at 6'4". Nash and Crosby played college ball together. Nash also played college ball with David Cockrill (the guy wearing the brown coat).

Nash looks to have a good 4" on the 6'4" NBA listed Crosby.
jamie179cm on General Height
ok im not a 100% sure how common 5ft11 really is but im 100% its not tall
FlameBoy on Zayn Malik
@Ella lol no way is liam 6 ft not even close he may be the tallest in the group but he would still only be 175 - 176cm Kinda Range from what i have seen of him
jessman on Muhammad Ali
Gold medal was won in 1960 when he was 18 years of age. May have grown a little afterwards.
jessman on Football Soccer
Maybe an inch too high for each of Fellaini, De Gea, Ferdinand, Vidic, and Jznuzaj?
jamie179cm on General Height
i honestly don't know what people are talking about 5ft11 is a common height and if anything its probably more common than 5ft8 nowdays imo this is how i see it 5ft3 rare 5ft4 very uncommon but not rare 5ft5-5ft6 uncommon but still you were see man in this range sometimes 5ft7-5ft8 quite common 5ft9-6ft most common 6ft1-6ft2 quite common 6ft3-6ft4 uncommon but still you were see man in this range sometimes 6ft5 very uncommon but not rare 6ft6 rare just my opinion
Amaze on General Height
@Connor183 trust me your height is in the range of attracting women too. I think you kind of underrate 6'0 a little. I think 6'0-2.5 is the overall range, but golden is 6'0-1.5. Perfect IMO in your opinion would be 6'1.25 -2 I can understand that but with women sometime 6'2 is too tall , 6'0 is ideal for most women trust me. Like my 6'0 friend will be fine with 5'2-4 girls but my 6'2 friend probably not so much
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Stone Cold Steve Austin

Yeah those boots. In those days, the billed heights weren't quite as ridiculous as they are now. Any of those guys who were 1-2in below a billed height would in the flesh appear at least their billed heights. Nowadays what they're doing is incomprehensible. You'll get 5ft11 guys being put at 6ft4!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Steve Jobs
Yeah Rob, did he actually claim 6ft?
[Editor Rob: the data is from a Questionnaire for Sensitive Positions. It's his own data...he's typed it on the Questionnaire, questions about who he is, where he's lived, what position he has etc...]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Charlie Hunnam
Rob, you could add Green Street to that list.

185cm is hardly a joke. I'm sure out of bed/early morning he'd be around that mark. In Season 1 of SOA he could look 6ft1 range.
derrick on Mick Foley
@luther noelle is 5'10 or 5'10.5, here she is with 6'4 randy orton

Click Here

and here is another pic of her with 5'11.75 listed cm punk and she looks just an inch shorter than him. she even said in the comments for that pic she was in flats.
Click Here

noelle looks taller when in heels and sneakers. 5'10.5max flat
Alex 6'0 on Brock Lesnar
Ive never seen any combine height listing for Brock yet. The 6'2 listing can mean anywhere from 6'1.5 to 6'2.25. Usually NFL players are rounded up but ive seen some rounded down to but with 5'10 Kurt Angle he looks between 6'1.5 and 6'2. One of the pics I posted it looks 4 inches but the other 2 it looks more 3.5 range. 6'1.75 may be spot on for Brock IMO
Dingus on Michael Imperioli
Gaz on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Click Here with 6'2'' Glover Teixeira. Glover usually looks 6'2'' range with other fighters.
wishbone on Reese Witherspoon
I'm comfortable with looking at Reese Witherspoon as being small. 5'1" would be perfect as her height. Nice Oscar winning performance in Walk The Line. Needs to calm her thick Louisiana accent,though,but like all petite women,she's pretty. Sang nice,too,in Walk The Line. Had the DVD for a while,but I gave it up because I only moderately liked Johnny Cash.
wishbone on Winona Ryder
While only a modest fan of 5'3" Winona,she's sweet and pretty,like petite women usually are. Winona does look smaller tan other 5'3" women,but she's calm and comfortable at just 105 pounds. Loved her best in Beetlejuice,one of my 4'10" friend Joanie's favorite movies. (Like me,Joanie generally loves small women,but as Katnip always said,"That sounds logical," since Joanie's only 4'10". Surprisingly,Joanie loves many other small women I love!)
Michael on David Hasselhoff
Geez, he's a LOT taller than I'd have thought. I thought he was a like 180-185 guy, but then I usually don't really look at that.
Dmeyer on Jon Bernthal
Sam says on 2/Sep/14
Haha, I wonder if old Brad has something in his boot! Pitt looks nearly 2 inches taller than Bernthal
Click Here
If you look well Like rob Will there is just 0.5in déférence considering eye Level and posture while pitt could have a haïr more shoes
Dmeyer on Chiwetel Ejiofor
Click Here , 5' 10 seems right not under 5'9.75 and 10 is likely , évén when he looks smaller than fassbender it isnt by much
Burp on General Height
@French Guy.

A last thing, I would like to read a paper on french guy height percentiles.
Never found it, only outdated documents.
I think that it is related to my lack of command of francaise, it is not true that you can surf the whole web by using english only, and quite frankly, it's a relief ;)

My theory is that the closer you travel towards the north in France, the taller the people is.
Being basque I've been several times to Iparralde (Department 64) and never found them significant taller than the basques from the other side of the frontier. Never went to Marsella nor the East, so I lack enough data to validate my theory.

Thanks mate, hope to hear from you again.
Burp on General Height
@French Guy.

Regarding that 'low' figure for swedish average height as 180,4cm.
Maybe it is not that way off, you can find same value at this paper dated 2007 by a Bo Werner:
Click Here
cole on Leonardo DiCaprio
@Jared: The ground is wonky and uneven to begin with and he's standing on a higher point than the others.
cole on Rob Paul
@George F: Yup! But that's because absolutely all other sites who lists a celebrity's height don't do any research, don't go to conventions to meet them and doesn't possess a shred of height perception to begin with. They just put down what's already out there (like blindly believing a claim or making a wildly uneducated guess). Whenever I see these insane listings around, I'm imagining this being the reasoning (read in "gullible blonde girl voice"): "Leonardo DiCaprio looks so tall and handsome in the movies! I know he claims 6ft, but because he's such a handsome guy, a great actor and such a generous and sweet soul - he's probably being modest, so he's really 6'2. He also totally looks the same height as Qutentin Tarantino in this (awfully distorted) picture I found!"... Buffoons!!!!
[Editor Rob: I think about 20 sites on height have popped up over last 10 years.

Hopefully people continue visiting this one, I try to inject my own sense into the site as the Editor and interacting with the visitors - , getting photos and making the odd video or 2. ]
Burp on General Height
Hi French Guy.

I drove from Basque Country to Paris, so I was able to take a peek at a couple of places, and I've to tell that Parisians are for sure taller than most western french guys. In Paris, I run Into various women taller than I, needles to say , that also happened outside Paris, but just once.
I spent like 10 days at Paris and most of the days at least I run into one of such a tall ladies.
Regarding the men, I went to bars and restaurants crowded with young people, maybe thirty something, but closer to 30 than to 40 for sure.
In such places most of men were taller than I, yes they were some smaller, but not much.

Well, that's my experience, I never felt solid average there, just a smidgeon over the average, that's all.
The Horse of FUNK on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
He's a 6'2" - 6'2.5" man who suffers from the Will Smith syndrome. As in he virtually never stands erect, he's always leaning in, slouching, or standing with his feet apart. He's blatantly and obviously taller than 185cm Karl Urban. That puts him in the the 6'2" - 6'2.5" neighborhood.
GI Jose on General Height
I have been noticing posts on here saying that average for either US or UK is 5'10" or above. However, that cannot be true because the absolute tallest average for any age group in the US is listed at 5'9.7" and 5'10" for the UK. Now the reason that these may be off is the fact that it is customary for patients to be rested before medical appointments meaning the measurements would be .5" off on average. This would make the tallest average for either the UK or US 5'9.5". According to the overall averages for the US and UK, the averages for the two countries would be 5'8.5" for the UK and 5'8.8" for the US. Even if every person was active right before their measurements, the highest average for the US or UK is 5'10" which makes up 13.3% of the UK male population. With this said, there is no such case in which average height in the US or UK is an overall of 5'10".

Here are the studies I used for my post: Click Here
Click Here
Junior31 on Arnold Schwarzenegger
GUY says on 29/Oct/14
Luther says on 28/Oct/14
There are two people we are discussing here: Arnold and "Arnold." Arnold is the flesh and blood human who barely got through filming Predator from dysentery. He's the guy who can't ride a motorcycle without crashing it or ski a slope without breaking a femur. He's more fragile than a China cup. He's five foot ten or so. Always has been. "Arnold" however, is a movie star. An Action Hero. He plays pretend for a living. He's six foot two (as long as he wears motorcycle engineer boots/cowboy boots/lifts/elevators). He walks through walls. He 'eats Green Berets for breakfast.' So, are we measuring the man or the myth? Because they are not the same thing.
You're stoned aren't you.

Andrea on Ben Affleck
Arch is a genuine poster, unlike you, Rampage. Yeah, he posts a lot on here but always good posts... You do upgrade everyone, that's a fact! You must have some height complexes :)
the shredder on Norman Reedus
I met him , not a thing over a flat 5 10.
Gaz on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
I am aware of that Clay but unfortunately that is the only picture of him i can find with Beckham and in my opinion is not as bad as some pictures i see posted on this site and he has a habit of leaning in pictures like a lot of celebrities on here but even with the leaning and posture it's not that difficult to see that his claims are b.s. And yeah i'm sure regular users on this site know that he is not the height he claims to be :) but i know there's still a lot of people who believe in these fake WWE billed heights lol which is who my post is more directed at.
chris on Rob Paul
Oh, Rob,I also wanted to ask how the leicester height measure works that you have
[Editor Rob: not quite sure what you mean? It has 4 bars that easily slot together then you put that into the base and attach the little platter/measuring part.]
miko on Kevin Nash
If Nash is much under 6'9 then given the recent segment on RAW, it would be very bad news for Lesnar, Hogan, Hall, Flair etc....
big sack on Doug Hutchison
I wouldn't even say he is a good actor but something is wrong with him. What kind of dude would be into a child. But he does look pretty short.

5.5 seems right for him.
Hypado on Brad Dourif
Brad Dourif, 175cm, great actor.
176,2Tunman on Justin Bieber
one of my friends despite raising his eyelevel to look at me claimed 175 when he wasn't anything more than 169,even more hilarious is that on an occasion he did look a solid 3cm shorter than a guy to whom I would have given 172 at most (172 was his claim but 170-1 are not excluded).
so why Bieber wouldn't lie? most people either don't care or are lying themselves.
Actually this could explain why so many people believe 5'9 is short when it's only lower average,if you consider that many guys like Bieber who are indeed short also claim 5'9 many will end up thinking that 5'9 is way under average.
miko on Big Show
JT do you think Silva was taller than Khali?

I think both are around 7'1, but I have no idea who would be taller.

Did Silva and Big Show ever share a ring?
Connor183 on User Heights
@Andrea Dmeyer said he's 181.5-181.6cm in midday and 181.2cm at his low so hes not quite 182cm but he's not far off it though, i think saying almost 182cm as his height sounds about right.
Tommo on Angus MacInnes
Looks 5'11 range from the photo.
Height182 on Brock Lesnar
Rob, Are miko and Clay the same person?
[Editor Rob: from different continents.]
JT on Hulk Hogan
The Hogan/Hansen picture straightened out.
Click Here

The Japanese guy with Hogan and Hansen is Takahashi, a referee who’s 5’5” range.
Click Here
Click Here

Here’s what 5’5” listed Earl Boykins looks like with 6’6” listed Carlos Delfino Click Here A 6’6” guy should have about a full head size on a 5’8” guy.
SAMMY DERRICK on Daniel Bryan
I'm 5'8(173cm)and 150 lbs on a heavy day...
So a 5'7-5'8 guy who has a full beard and average can get a beautiful lady like a 5'5 brunette...Brie Bella.I'm not saying that he is a bad looking guy cause he has a boyish face with blue eyes..
Arch Stanton on Jamie Foxx
Looks 5'8 in Ray.
Cathy on Robert Downey Jr
I saw RDJ in person, filming "Judge" at the Dedham(Mass.)courthouse last year. And he did look under 5'9. We still liked him though. They all seem to make themselves taller, it must effect the jobs they get.
blue on Hayden Panettiere
Hey Rob have the date of the quote "106lbs" she said that in 2007 too?
Sam on Mariska Hargitay
She's a good-looking older woman, that picture is uh...distracting.
Sam on Height Request
I'd say at the top now of the folks I'd like added:
1. Lon Chaney (Sr.)
2. Jean-Paul Belmondo
3. Walter Brennan
4. Jacques Tati
5. Martin Balsam
Judd on Maryse Ouellet
How tall she could be with heels on? Between 5'11" and 6'?
[Editor Rob: the kind of heels she had on that weekend would give a good 4 inches, even a tad more is possible so might measure near 6ft in them.]
Judd on Jennifer Connelly
I think she's a legit 5'7". She does look as tall as elizabeth mcgovern who i'll bet is a tiny taller than a flat 5'8"...for sure she doesn't reach 5'8" but maybe 5'7 yeah...
Very attractive woman!
Judd on User Heights
Andrea says on 28/Oct/14
Dmeyer, you are a legit 5'11.5, IMO... Come on, at worst (and i mean absolute worst) you're just under it... If your normal low is 181.5-181.6, you are 5'11.5! If someone drops only about 1/8 inch under a mark at his worst, it's nothing! In cms, you can say 182 for sure, 181 is undercutting your height a bit, since you're always over 181!

Blessed words, again!
Celebheights 188 CM on General Height
187 CM is the 92nd-93rd percentile for men, with 186 being the 90th percentile. So I wouldn't regard them as being tallish. I'd say that 187 CM is bordering strong tall, with 186 being clearly a solid tall.
Greenbolt on General Height
To me, these are the commonness equivalents for adult American males:

5'8'' is as common as 5'9''.
5'7'' is as common as 5'10''.
5'6'' is as common as 5'11''.
5'5'' is as common as 6'0''.
5'4'' is as common as 6'1''.
5'3'' is as common as 6'2''.
5'2'' is as common as 6'3''.
5'1'' is as common as 6'4''.
5'0'' is as common as 6'5''.
The Master on Richard Harris
Shorter than Peter O' Toole but taller than Ford in Patriot Games. As listed.
NCL on Big Show
JT says on 29/Oct/14
Click Here ~ 7’9” Sun Ming Ming and ~6’11.5” at the time Wilt.

Icehole73 says on 27/Oct/14
….. I would have loved to see Andre get ticked off but then realize his opponent was just as massive, he never experienced that.

Click Here All just estimates of course.

Dude, that's an awesome picture! I don't fully agree with it but it's very well done.
Sam on Dan Yeager
Here is Dan with the original Leatherface, Gunnar Hansen, it might be the angle that causes Yeager not to look as tall you'd think with Hansen, who I'm sure has lost some height with age considering his weight.
Click Here
Junior31 on Arnold Schwarzenegger
rockfellas says on 26/Oct/14
I would advice all the people here who are trying to bring the truth on arnold's page. You've already lost! because rob will never change arnold's overestimated heights (peak and current). even if many many evidences have been posted here.

An example about wrestler alberto del rio:"Jose Alberto Rodriguez is a Mexican professional wrestler who was once a WWE Champion. His wrestling billed height was an optimistic 6ft 5 and 239 pounds." Correctly, rob listed him with a more realistic 6'2"(188cm).

This is the sad reality for many celebs. Overestimated heights by 2-3 inches

arnold with del rio:Click Here
Del rio far right is close to the camera of course. On arnold's left there is sheamus who is in the 6'3"range. Far left there is joe manganiello, who is in the 6'5"range(195cm).

Arnold with his daughter christina:Click Here

towered by a man who looks similar to ralf mueller. The man's size is similar to joe manganiello's size:Click Here
link to the article:Click Here

Conclusion: arnold peak was in the 6ft range.6ft range means that he could be minimum 5'11.5"(182cm) and max 6'0.5"(184cm). Peak max height acceptable and realistic 6'0.5"(184cm). Barefoot of course. At the same time, it means that anything over 6'0.5" is simply out of real, pure fantasy. Current height, 5'10"range.
Rob I hope one day you'll admit that you're not telling the truth on arnold. interesting to know why.

Oh boy he's back and at it again

In your pic w mangiello and seamus and del Rio I notice you left out he other guy in the pic dolph Ziegler who is listed as 6'0 witch means he's more then likely a strong 5'10 or weak 5'11. Mind you he's in wrestling shoes wich make him even taller but let's pretend he isn't. Arnold has an inch on him and you. Decide not p to bring this up for a reason or even mention his existence in the pic . If your going to use a picture as a gauge as well has the heights make sure to include everyone in the picture not just the ones to create your absurd argument
Fern194cm-192cm on Kevin Nash
Okay Ali Baba... So how tall would you estimate Kevin Nash is at night in socks?
1.89m on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Cena 6ft. Arnie 6ft?? Unlikely. Click Here
Razor on Aishwarya Rai
Tabu in heels, Shilpa in flats.
Arch Stanton on Angelina Jolie
Chuckie Cheese 2 says on 28/Oct/14
Angelina at her prime, age 26 was 5 ft 7 and about 130 pounds in Tomb Raider, and her measurements were 36C - 26" or 27" waist - 36" Hips --these circumferential measurements agree volumetrically with 130-135 lbs. Some listings have her at 5 ft 8, but I think her peak was maybe a strong 5 ft 7, because all the early listings from the 90's have her at 5'7".

You do realise that she's still not even 40 LOL? I hardly think she's lost height.
MrTBlack on James Taylor

A news article did mention him that I found 6'3" 155lbs but could have been 6'3.5" or 6'3.25" and just rounded down. The general rule in society is if your a height plus a quarter or half inch, you round down not up.
Paul on Giant Haystacks
An internet page has him at 1.96m. I have heard Kent Walton mention both 6'5 and 6'5.5. GH looked around 9cm taller in 1980's bouts.
C-MO on General Height
Darren510 says on 28/Oct/14
In regards to combat sports and building muscle I don't think a 6ft guy would have any advantage whatsoever over a 6'1 guy. Type of build would be more of a factor than anything at 2 very close heights. Also short women say 5'2ish will be towered by both 6'0 and 6'1, but yes 6'0 will look a wee bit better beside her

I know it for a fact

have trained with different people for years

it makes a small difference but it does make one ...6'0 is the point where the factors such as reach , power , speed , food/protein intake needs etc. all make the best compromise with each other

you dont have to believe me of course :)

oh and btw. 5'11 is the most underrated height here is an awesome height and also extremely good for fighting and building a nice physique easily
Jesse Stone on Sylvester Stallone
Big Sly manages to look tall next to his daughters:Click Here

...but for some reason he doesn't look that tall any longer when he appears on his yacht barefoot...Click Here Click Here
Arch Stanton on Emilia Fox
Something very attractive about her, blond hair and chocolate brown eyes are a stunning combo. I thought she looked taller next to Adrien Brody in The Pianist.
Arch Stanton on Jennifer Lawrence
Chris says on 18/Oct/14
After her nude pictures have been leaked, her height has increased to 5ft 9

You do realise she's female ;-) A refreshing change from commenting on Bieber and Hemsworth anyway!!
Arch Stanton on Adrien Brody
Could pass for 6'1 in The Pianist but he's skinny with angular features.
Arch Stanton on Rod Steiger
A full 5 ft 10 does look questionable next to Joan Collins in Seven Thieves. I think when stood straight it was near 3 inches on her in heels but it could frequently look more like 2 inches. Joan had to have been pushing near 5 ft 8 in heels if he was 5'11 in shoes.
Arch Stanton on Bernard Bresslaw
I wonder how many films we've seen between you Sam, myself and Rob!!!
[Editor Rob: I think I just average 1 a day, but I really do watch anything and everything...

maybe apart from romance stuff, you know the kind of Channel 5 afternoon things, I'll pass on that genre...]
Dmeyer on User Heights
Concerned 181 cm , wath is your morning and evening height ,
Arch Stanton on Daniel Cudmore
Any chance of adding Dennis Rodman BTW? 6'6" flat seems a good shout.
GI Jose on General Height
At 5'11" and 150 lbs, I get comments about me being skinny all the time. It hasn't been as frequent as it used to be about a year ago because I put on about 20 lbs since then, but I still get the comments. I don't really think being thin is anything to worry about unless you are unnaturally skinny.
Arch Stanton on Daniel Cudmore
Rob, how tall do you reckon he'd measure barefoot immediately out of bed after a long rest?
[Editor Rob: he might reach 6ft 8-8.25]
MarkyMark on Adam Brody
You should watch "Damsels in distress". He's 3-4 cm max taller than Greta Gerwig who is 173 cm when both of them are in flat shoes. He's at max 177 cm. Wouldn't be surprised if he's 175 cm.
Sam on Christian Bale
I just don't buy 5'10"-5'11" range for Bale, the lowest I'd go is 5'11.5". I'd think 5'11.75"-6'0" is what he usually looks. I'd he can look pretty close in height to 5'11" range guys like Christopher Nolan, Matthew McConaughey and Joel Edgerton but I think at times he also can seem around a cm taller.
Andrea on Zachary Levi
Rob, what's the average height in this show? Hell, you got Zach, Adam Baldwin, Ryan Mcpartlin, Brandon Routh, Tony Todd and a lot of guest stars are very tall too! Imagine a Tom Cruise as a guest star, you think he would have accepted a role in it? Also the women are tall too, Yvonne, Sarah Lancaster, Mini Anden, Rebecca Romjin,... I mean, the average height man must feel pretty short in a show like that!
[Editor Rob: yeah those 3 were in the show a lot so maybe it felt quite tall if you were someone like Vik Sahay, and then with guys like Routh for a while, even Timothy Dalton half a season there were at times a big male cast.]
Sam on Ralph Meeker
Perhaps be could have been 6'0.5" but I can't see a flat six feet, he looked maybe just to edge out Jack Elam.

Rob, could you update the top: "US Actor best remembered for his roles in The Naked Spur, Big House, U.S.A., Kiss Me Deadly, Paths of Glory, The Dirty Dozen, The Detective, The Anderson Tapes and the TV show Not for Hire".
Arthur on Sylvester Stallone
Click Here
Rob can this head size give person extra height?
[Editor Rob: well that guy was a good example of having a very big acromegalic head, but a lot of it is kind of eyebrows down I think he had an eye-chin that was very long like near 7 inches or something, but eye-top of head wasn't that big.]
Sam on Willie Nelson
He looked pretty much a head shorter than Johnny Cash if Cash stood up straight and, despite his claim, is edged out by Bob Dylan (although not hugely). This listing is a good fit.
Sam on Jon Voight
Rob, could you add these to his credits?: Catch-22, Coming Home, The Champ, Runaway Train, Heat, Mission: Impossible and Anaconda.
[Editor Rob: I also found he did claim 6ft 3 as his height.]
Arch Stanton on Rod Steiger
Mmm, Joan Collins is about 2 inches shorter in heels in Seven Thieves.
Bud on Rob Paul
Rob 6'11 is tall enough to never see somebody taller than you in your whole life?
[Editor Rob: you might go through life never seeing someone up close taller, but it depends on if you are quite reclusive, staying in your own town and not travelling much. A very tall man like that might encounter taller people a bit more if he is out and about in bigger cities or interationally travelling a lot.]
Sam on Mark Strong
It's hard to comprehend what's going with Strong's height, he looked similar or even edged out Ryan Reynolds in pictures but that one with Baron Cohen he looks around 3 inches shorter...however, at times Cohen really seems more like a weak 6'4" or at least 6'3.5".
miko on Alberto Del Rio
I've stood briefly next to Del Rio in November last year and he's a 6'2 dude but nothing more. Nice guy to boot.
Sam on Norman Reedus
I don't buy the sunglasses due to head injury because he is often photographed with obviously flash photography at Walking Dead events with his co-stars...I agree it's kinda rude but I'm sure he doesn't wear them to purposely be rude to fans.
Amaze on General Height
@FiveNine I understand everything. I see
Oanh on Richard Speight Jr
Could he be 5'7 1/4"?
[Editor Rob: I don't think he's that low.]
Adolf on Charles Dance
He looks mad on that picture;)
Adolf on Craig Ferguson
I think he is over 185. I watched the show yesterday.
Dost on Aishwarya Rai
@Steve, good find! Here's a better picture: Click Here

I have seen others too and Shilpa is in flats and Tabu is in about 1-2" heels. Even if they were barefoot, I agree Tabu is taller, but only by about 1/2"
chris on Rob Paul
Hey rob, my stadiometer seems like its a little bent fowards, is there any way that i could test it to see if its 100 % accurate?
[Editor Rob: you sure the floor is level, if it's slightly off then the device might seem like it's got a slight lean to it.]
lee on Patricia Heaton
How Tall is Monica Horan who played Amy On Everybody Loved Raymond, 5'5- 5'6 range she was several Inches taller than Heaton.

Rob, Have you ever watched Raymond, do you have an estimate for her
ray on Kevin James
How Tall is his brother Gary Valentine( Danny) on King of queens he might be close to 5ft7 at a guess there is no way he is 5'8.

Rob, Have you ever watched King of queens, if so what woukd you guess him?
[Editor Rob: not more than the odd episode over the years]
Arthur on Sylvester Stallone
How can sly be 5ft9 nowadays! Look him with eric roberts who is listed 1.74 here.
He looks shorter than eric roberts!Click Here
I give SLY weak 5ft8.5 and strong 5ft8 nowadays.5FT10 AND 5FT7 ARE GARBAGE!
ray on Matthew Davis
If he was even 5'11.5 legit he could claim 6'0 but 6'2 is way too much did he measure in 2 Inch boots?
ray on Professor Green
How Tall is rapper Dream McLean Looks few Inches taller than Green in new music video together, If Green is 6'3, MCClean could be 6'5
ray on Tulisa Contostavlos
How Tall is Dappy- 5 ft 4?
[Editor Rob: somewhere around this does seem possible.]
ray on Roger Federer
185-186cm around that range, Looks 6ft1 guy
ray on Anna Gunn
she is for sure a inch shorter than Cranston, They had him 5'11 on Breaking bad and I think he is 5'10.5 for sure, She only looks taller than him when in high heels- This listing for Her is about right- 177cm
Gabi on Gabriella Wilde
I wish I had her legs!!! I have very short legs and I hate it:((
Arch Stanton on Brad Pitt
George F says on 26/Oct/14
Rob you consider Brad Pitt a good actor or he is in the spotlight just for his good looks?
[Editor Rob: I think he is a decent actor. I find most of the stuff he's in enjoyable. Of course it helps he hit a 9 in the genetic looks department!]

Click Here

Pitt's mother looks a lot like my mother's aunt. I don't see him as having these super genetics, he just got extremely lucky with a combination of the best traits from both parents. I've seen fantastic looking parents produce children far uglier than Pitt. Jane Seymour's son for instance Click Here ! You'd think Jude Law would be "genetically blessed" too, Click Here That's his dad!! My dad is a lot better looking than him with a full head of hair! I don't look as good as either of them! It's a lottery really isn't it.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on William Baldwin
Well, he ain't 6ft5...
sojune095 on Noel Gallagher
does anyone have ever meet noel at once time? stand in front of him? i'm, in south korea 173cm is average height of 20 ages, i didnt know he shotter than me, i'm 176cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Ian McKellen
182cm peak, Rob?
Chaz on Andre The Giant
Just because says on 28/Oct/14
Click Here Heres an interesting pic from the early 80s with andre towering over blackjack lanza.

Lanza would need to be 6'6'' in that photo for Andre to be,7' and that's if they are in the same footware,he come's up to he's nose,and Hogan would need to be 6'8''
Lorne on Misha Collins
Misha is a bit taller than Beaver, he's a guy who doesn't dip under the 180cm mark, even at night.

5'11 is fine for him. The question is whether Beaver had lost height in his 50's.
Arch Stanton on Max Von Sydow
Haha, Sam I just requested Ullman and Harriet!! Great minds think alike. Sydow actually looks near 6'6 in Through a Glass Darkly.
Arch Stanton on Height Request
I'd say actors who were in foreign Academy Award winners who were in multiple acclaimed films are worth adding.
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Rob, if I have one criticism of this site it's that it's too anglo-centric (as to be expected) but still... I'm not sure how Liv Ullman is missing!! She's to Swedish and world cinema as Bette Davis is to Golden Hollywood!! Can you add her? Harriet Andersson would also be worth adding from Bergman masterpieces like Smiles of a Summer Night, Through a Glass Darkly, Cries and Whispers and Fanny and Alexander. Watching Through a Glass now and she looks 5'4" ish.
Alex 6'0 on Kurt Angle
Clay, haha yea. When I first posted the pic with Angle people were saying he looked no more than 5'9 and yea he looks 5'9 in the pic with his lean but up straight 5'10 or at worst 5'9.75 but no lower
Alex 6'0 on User Heights
Judd, yea and usually midday to evening height is very much the same. Prob 1/8 inch difference and by midday that's the height you are most of the day anyway. I believe in going by the height you are more during the day which is between 12-1pm and evening
Sam on Height Request
Another suggestion (well, again): Walter Brennan. He is tied with Day-Lewis, Nicholson & Streep in second place for the most acting Oscars of anybody to Kate Hepburn...he was pretty much the uber-character actor, he was probably one of the few character actors to be a housename in his heyday and later became known as the archetype of the old coot guy.
Anyway, here's some photos...
w/ Gary Cooper:
Click Here
Click Here
w/ John Wayne:
Click Here
Click Here
w/ Jimmy Stewart:
Click Here
w/ Spencer Tracy:
Click Here
w/ Humphrey Bogart:
Click Here
w/ Dean Martin:
Click Here
w/ Robert Ryan:
Click Here
w/ Henry Fonda:
Click Here
I believe in past discussions, Arch Stanton has opined that Brennan was around 5'11.5", at times he can seem anywhere from 5'10.5"-6'0" & is generally listed online at 5'11". Please have a look and consider adding, Rob.
[Editor Rob: in his 40's he was playing an old man really when I think about it, could be a case of bad posture at times making him seem shorter, but I think he could have passed for 6ft]
mr.rashid on Rob Paul
@Editor Rob, what type of shoes u like the most to wear generally? For me it has to be skate shoes bcus they're too bulky (like boots) or not too light (like slip ons)
[Editor Rob: it varies, but since I do a fair amount of walking I usually wear sneakers of varying types. At the moment I have 4 sneakers I'm wearing in rotation, a converse, a merrell suede, a nike running sneaker and a skate shoe (nike 6.0) which was very comfy but wore out too fast]
dayle 185cm-184.5 on General Height
Hey guys if 180cm comes to top of a guys eyes how tall would they be?
Sam on Melvyn Douglas
Arch, did you know he was Illeana Douglas's grandfather? Like that other famous Douglas family in Hollywood, they were actually Russian Jewish and Douglas is just a pseudonym. The only true Douglas in Hollywood is, wait for it...Michael Keaton.
Sam on Melvyn Douglas
I don't remember Cary Grant being in Ninothcka (although I just read he was the first choice for the part) but they were in Mr. Blanding Builds His Dream House together and, it's true, Douglas had an edge on Grant. Click Here
Sam on Height Request
Hmm, Atkins looked at least 5'11" I'd guess next to Jamie Lee Curtis in The Fog, had her by inches, I don't know that Gibson actually looked taller in comparison but I just recently rewatched his part in Lethal Weapon and Glover definitely has a comfortable 4 inch advantage over Atkins.
Felix on Robert Downey Jr
Hey Rob, can you explain why his dad is 6`3 and he is just 5´8? Isn´t that a littlebit too drastic?
[Editor Rob: although tall, I don't think his Dad looks quite that tall. His mother is quite short, so maybe would have been lucky to have got all tall genes, the mix of genes meant he ended up just under average.]
The Master on John Mills
I remember him claiming 5'9" in a newspaper interview.
Vegas on Giant Haystacks
Paul says on 19/Oct/14
Haystacks lined up with other wrestlers including 197cm John Quinn

quinn described as 6'4 in this piece Click Here
AlexMahone on Height Request
Famous french/italian actors who I like and who deserve a page on the site I think. :)

Jean-Louis Trintignant (172cm) --> He's well known from the Claude Lelouch movie "Un homme et une femme" (1966)

Yves Montand (6'2 - 188cm) --> With Anthony Perkins: Click Here He's well-known from movies like "Good bye again“ („Aimez-vous Brahms“ with Perkins and Ingrid Bergman), "Le salaire de la peur" (1953), "Let's Make Love" (with Marilyn Monroe), "La guerre est finie" (1965), "Z" (this was a great Costa-Gavras film), "Le cercle rouge" (1970 - the great french gangster dram with Alain Delon) and many-many great movies...

Gian Maria Volonté - italian actor 6' 1½" (1,87 m). Known from the movie "Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto" (1970) and the Sergio Leone western "Per qualche dollaro in più" (1965) with Clint Eastwood.
2toes on Tom Cruise
Rob, I'm exactly 5'7 with five sixths (172.28 centimeters) barefoot, after six hours of being awake.

Do you think Tom Cruise is shorter than me, taller than me, or the same height?
[Editor Rob: Tom might edge you by a credit card, if you stood barefoot after about 6 hours and with flat hair I doubt people would really at a glance tell you apart. In fact if your head was smaller than average you might fool a few into thinking you could be slightly taller...]
Height182 on Alberto Del Rio
Rob, I don't think it was even that. He's always been quite miserable. He got released from WWE for attacking a fellow employee.
[Editor Rob: I know, he actually had an ok amount paying for a photo, but every time I seen him at his desk he was usually on his computer with headphones in...]
2toes on Kurt Angle
Alex 6'0 says on 14/Oct/14
Angle likely closer to 5'9 today at about 46 years old now.

Alex, Kurt Angle is STILL 45, he will be 46 by december 9!

And he's too young to lose an inch. He's still 5'10.
Arch Stanton on Joan Collins
Rob can you add some more films like The Virgin Queen, The Opposite Sex, The Bravados, Seven Thieves, Road to Hong Kong, Tales from the Crypt and Empire of the Ants?
The Master on Height Request
Atkins is listed at 6'1. I thought he looked 5'10 max in Lethal Weapon.
Connor183 on Rob Paul
182cm is kind of tall maybe weak tall its at the high end of tallish, but really legit tall/start of tall is 182.9-183cm and solid tall 184.5-185cm.
Height182 on Zayn Malik
Lol, You couldn't make it up!
Arch Stanton on Jerry Lewis
Rob can you add a photo and American comedic actor, director and singer, best known for films like Artists and Models, The Ladies Man, The King of Comedy, The Nutty Professor, The Bellboy, Living It Up, The Family Jewels, The Sad Sack, and Three on a Couch.
hs2014 on Bob Monkhouse
On a repeat of Celebrity Squares from the mid 90's on Challenge, Bob just claimed to be 5'9.5". He might have been acknowledging some height loss or perhaps he was embellishing slightly in his autobiography.
Appe4 on Cristiano Ronaldo
@mordor with dudek looks 186. 1cm difference + 1 cm his shoes has on dudek ones. ( but we don t know if dudek is really 188). @charlez did you saw him on a flat ground? You are 182 and did you feel "small" next to him that time?
ray on Miranda Hart
How Tall is Lee Mack, His cv have him 185cm?
ray on Rob Paul
Hi Rob, Do you watch any darts wondering how tall would you guess Michael Van Gerwen he looks like 5'11.5 to me maybe like solid 5'11 range also what would you guess for Phil Taylor, I am curious they said 5ft7 on his official website when asked, I have seen him listed at 5'8 which seems too much for him
[Editor Rob: I don't watch it much at all these days, for a period I had an interest but the 5ft 7 for taylor is quite possible especially if on his own site it was mentioned.]
ray on Neil Robertson
Rob, Have you met any other snooker players in general, Judd Trump is an interesting one- He does not look as tall as Robertson so I would guess him 5'11- 6'0 range maybe- I would say he is 180 at least and 183 max I am not really sure on Judd though?
[Editor Rob: just the ones on this site, but couldn't get a photo with stephen hendry/jimmy white as back then the convention organisers hadn't quite thought that a few photosession areas would help. They got there eventually but quite a few names I could never get a good photo with.]
Realist on Logan Lerman
Pena is like really overweight so he looks shorter. I personally think he should be listed as 5'6.5 but i have been proved wrong before by others. Logan is 5'7-5'7.25 and Shia is 5'8.5, everyone needs a downgrade.
Realist on Hailee Steinfeld
Tall girl 5'7. Same height as Mark Ruffalo. Maybe 171.
George F on Rob Paul
Other sites about height are ridiculous. Imagine a site lists Dwayne Johnson at 6ft 5 and CM Punk at 6ft 2! I am sticking to Rob's site for now and possibly for a long time. I don't see a more reliable site around.
Realist on Richard Madden
Who says Prince Charming needs to be 6'3. Times are changing, Cinderella (Lilly James) is 5'7. And this guy is only about 2.25-2.5 inches taller than her. In 1800s when the tale was written, i think a 5'6-7 guy could have easily passed as Prince Charming and Cinderella would have been 5'1-2. As for Richard 5'9.5 currently seems fine, but i would not rule out 5'9.25 though.
Gonzalo on John Wayne
I disagree. In most films the difference between Bond and Wayne was more than two inhes
GUY on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Luther says on 28/Oct/14
There are two people we are discussing here: Arnold and "Arnold." Arnold is the flesh and blood human who barely got through filming Predator from dysentery. He's the guy who can't ride a motorcycle without crashing it or ski a slope without breaking a femur. He's more fragile than a China cup. He's five foot ten or so. Always has been. "Arnold" however, is a movie star. An Action Hero. He plays pretend for a living. He's six foot two (as long as he wears motorcycle engineer boots/cowboy boots/lifts/elevators). He walks through walls. He 'eats Green Berets for breakfast.' So, are we measuring the man or the myth? Because they are not the same thing.
You're stoned aren't you.
Ally on Ed Sheeran
He is 171-172 cm..Wayne Rooney looks 4-5 cm taller than him
Realist on Billy Crudup
Rob people are right, i don't know in reality but in Blood Ties he looks very small, he is more like 5'7.25. He is about the same as his former partner Mary Louise Parker, not much taller than Claire Danes either. 171 (5'7.25). But he does beat up Clive Owen.

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