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27 May
truth on Marco Rubio
And Bernie Sander was 5ft11/180cm peak, 5ft9.5/177cm now.
truth on Hillary Rodham Clinton
Bernie Sanders does seem to be at least 5ft10 today, near or at 5ft11 in his youth.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Fernando Torres
Looks like 6ft2 in that picture
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Richard Belzer
Looked every bit of 6ft1 peak
truth on Marco Rubio
He looks completely average for an American, 5ft9/175cm is spot on.
berta on Daniel Majstorovic
a guy i now who is 185 have meet Daniel and had a photo with him. It looked to be 4 cm betwwen them so i guess this i good listing. Not shorter. but not taller than at most 190
Jacko on Kevin Nash
I too think Nash was definately 6-10 at his peak, as Aswin said he had at least 2 inches over Callaway,
Jacko on Kane
Big Show peak 7ft now 6-11
Nash 6 -10 now 6-8.5
kane 6-8 now 6-7
MD on David Beckham
For his generation (and he's not that old) he'd have been a bit above average, unless the UK was shorter than I thought it was.
MD on Craig David

This is a solid listing. I don't think he's shorter than this. That said, I think this also finally calls into question your listing for Marvin Humes. A full 5'11" might be too much for him.
nick92 on Leslie Jones
hey rob, I don't believe shes this height. she looks more 5ft10.5 range from these photos with 5ft11.5 drake

Click Here

and now here is a pic showing footwear they had

Click Here
Robbo on User Heights
Out of bed 6ft 0in night is 5ft 11.5in im 16 and smoke a few times a week would the cigs have an impact on my height? I wanna reach 6ft 2 how tall would i be when im older?
MD on John Stamos
Visibly shorter than 5'11"(ish) Jimmy Kimmel:

Click Here
Johno on Brad Pitt
There is anything upto 5-inches difference between Brad and Aniston; could be as low as 4.5-inches.
MD on Jaden Smith
Yeah, where is anyone getting 6'3" for Trey from? He's clearly inches shorter than his dad, too.
el on Ariana Grande
she's a cutie
french guy m on General Height
C-mo, here are the main advantages of being tall
:you get not girls
You get more respect
You are stronger
You are superior
You have better wages

There are no advantages being average
George(198 at night) on Austin Mahone
Click Here look at P Diddy footwear.
Rory on Cristiano Ronaldo
This pics always been a good illustration of 6'1 for Ronaldo. In between 6ft Lampard and 6'1.5 John Terry.

Click Here
Kourosh on General Height
well from what i felt and saw, i will put Dan at around 5'10 and cormier 5'9 and change.

If i can put it this way is that Daniel was no taller than me, if anything he was about 0.5 shorter to be exact. For Dan, me and him were exact height or at most he was a hair taller.

Dan's Height : Morning 178.8 cm and night 177 cm

Fedor was taller than me about inch or so but no more than that. I will put Fedor 180 cm or 181 cm max.

He is a guy wakes 181 cm and go to bed at around 179 cm

well this is base on my observation dont take it official .


anything else mate.
Arch Stanton on Margaret Leighton
Leaning here and not far off his height (in heels of course this time) Click Here He'd have been over 6'1 in dress shoes..
Arch Stanton on Margaret Leighton
With Laurence Harvey Click Here , obviously in flats. You have to be careful though with scenes where tall women are in closeups with men though as they resort to all sorts of tricks!
french guy m on General Height

You are delusional, there is no way short men are stronger than tall men
When I will be 190 cm , I will test my new power on short dudes , and we will see if what you re saying is true
plus on Cristiano Ronaldo
@James look at the video of 23rd May some messages below. He is similar to Bale
french guy m on General Height
The best height for man is 190 cm and I will reach that height soon ;)
Arch Stanton on Margaret Leighton
Cheers Rob, you might want to remove "From" before 7 Women though. This looked spot on with Anne Bancroft. Didn't look 5'10.5, but certainly very tall range for her generation.
Editor Rob: she could be equivalent to around 5ft 11 range today.
hijopotamus on Jennifer Aniston
If Jennifer is 5'5 then Brad Pitt is 5'9...
Phenom! on Rey Mysterio
Well, Kalisto is definitely taller than Rey, because Rey does Irish whip off of only bottom two ropes, while Kalisto does it with all three. Rey is no more than 5'2."
Allen on Brad Pitt

Yeah you see the power of love. They close their eyes on every solid proof that there is out there. First they wanted to boost Pitt's height near 5'8 Paltrow and all of a sudden Pitt appeared 5'10 in their imaginations. Now they are seeing a 6 inches difference between him and the faker Aniston who I don't know how dared to claim 5'4. But still that isn't going to make him 178 cm. His legs are TOO short that even his troso is not going to make him 178 cm.
Allen on Brad Pitt

Then Ben Affleck could claim to be 6'11 if that is how you count height difference! In that picture he is no taller than a good 10 cm. Have you ever seen a 5'8 and a 5'4 person near each other? That is exactly how they look near each other. You guys really see that difference 6 inches?????? That is trolling! To see the difference 6 inches! You are Brad lovers and you will claim 178 cm even if the guy himslef claims to be 5'8. He must be thankful for having you Bradders. This picture proves him to be 5'8 tops.
c-mo on Chad L. Coleman
whenever I saw this guy on screen I thought to myself that he must have the perfect height because his height always looked very good to me especially compared with the other men around him. I think his borad build also has an influence on it . I thought he is 180cm but yeah close enough

this guy is along with scott adkins and many others is a proof that 5'10 is a good and aesthetic height
truth on General Height
@CS Again, nobody is denying that any height 6ft0+ is on the taller side on the west and solid tall in most countries. However, given the fact that a good chunk of EU countries do infact measure 5ft11-6ft0 for young people, tall would start at least an inch more than usual so at least 6ft1+. The majority still measure around 5ft10/178cm, so 6ft0/183cm to 6ft3/191cm is solid tall range, 6ft/191cm or more is very tall.
Aswin Kini MK on Kevin Nash
@Rob: Might need a small note stating that he was 6 foot 10 in his peak, I have seen him during his days at WCW. Even in photos which show him and Paul Wight (Big Show, who is measured as being 7 foot), he never looked less than 2 inches shorter than Paul, and this was with Paul at 26 years of age.

Kevin is a big man and he hasn't had much activity in the ring. In fact, he has wrestled lesser than Hogan, who was the most notorious for missing many matches. Kevin towered minimum 2 inches over 6 foot 8 Mark Calaway (Undertaker) and also looked a genuine 7 footer in boots (which give you 2 inches or more height). Maybe, you should make a note that there is a strong possibility that he was 6 foot 10 or a shade more during his peak.
Mario on Elsa Hosk
Elsa Hosk is taller than Marloes Horst (she is 5'9").
Rick on General Height
Dont call me a troll. I'm just as average as anyone else on this site. @Canson..i would have seen the rapist if he could guarantee more height for me. lol Truth is i wake at 5'7 so i'm not sure what that makes me? I claim 5'10 but i agree its wishful thinking. I think i need help. screw it it's just pathethic. what should i do? I feel if i'm under 5'10 then i'm not a man.
Aswin Kini MK on Brandon Routh
@Rob: Since you are the expert, I will agree. However, before I end our argument a small fact. I measured myself in the morning and night for three consecutive days and got a minimum of 171+cms in the morning and 168.5+cms in the night. My brother, Navin, is similar to Brandon in height, only difference being he is dark in complexion and is also around 6 foot, 2.5 inches (Measured during afternoon).

I noticed that you mentioned Brandon's hair is atleast 1-1.5 inches. Well, here is a small point, my brother also has a similar hairstyle, if not more fluffier. When I measured him, I placed the scale firmly on his head and was shocked to notice that the fluffier hairstyle was not only because of the healthy amount of hair he had, but rather he had a concave head (meaning his head was odd-shaped )and it made his hairstyle appear fluffier
We had a challenge on him being "6 foot 2". Well guess what, he failed the challenge, he was not 6 foot 2, he was almost 0.5 inches taller :|

I will try to get you a pic of me and my brother in the same pose for you to get a bigger idea. And FYI, I am 170.5 mid-day, and my brother is around the 188-190 range, he could be 192 by early morning
Editor Rob: I said not less than 'half an inch', as in 0.5 inch range :)

We are all guessing on here, and you find guesses for any celebrity will vary over a range. If you estimate him near 6ft 3 no problem (in some movies/shows he has looked it), but in person my feeling was somewhere between the 2 and 3 range...but I don't dismiss the chance of somebody being above/below a guess.
Celebheights 6'1.5 on General Height
Saqib, a lot of the celebrities whose height that I'm interested in I've met in person. A few that I'd like to figure out that I haven't met in person:

1. Ryan Reynolds-He has to be at least 189-190 CM. He towers over Seth Rogen. He's one of the few celebrities who downplays their height.
2. Henry Cavill-I've met Ben Affleck who is around 6'2 1/4", so he's the closest reference that I have. I'd guess 6'0 1/2"-6'0 3/4".
3. Ashton Kutcher-6'2"-6'2 1/4" is my guess (with his small head making him appear much taller). I don't buy that he's near 6'3".
4. Ryan Lochte-6'0 1/4"-6'0 1/2". Donovann McNabb who is 6'2 1/4" destroyed his 6'2" claim.

Most of the celebrities that I pay attention height wise are 6'0"+ as I'm 187 CM.
kalu on Salman Khan
sallu 5'6" anu 5'10.5"
Jazz on Danielle Panabaker
Thanks, Rob. Even in heels she doesn't look that much taller than Carlos
paulkersey32 on Amy Schumer
Exactly my thought. Only looks tall because of heels.
175 cm on General Height
At least 1" after 5-6h if not even more... I lose 7/8th from straight out of bed (7h sleep) until night (average day, no extremes).
Mike Bacon on Robert Plant
If you watch the video of The Ocean from MSG back in 1973, right at the end where they walk off stage Plant towers over the rest of the band by 3-4 inches yet they are all wearing platforms. He's definitely lost a lot of height
musket on Jared Leto
He is 173cm.
ilovetallwomen on Sarah Lancaster
She's the same height as Yvonne Strahovski. Both hot tall women
Ice on General Height
@ Crane 193.4 out of bed is a good height , and , make no mistakes , it IS tall . I understand your wish of 6'6 , maybe youll make it , depends how old you are .
Wise One on Tom Cruise
What difference does his actual height make?. Your not picking him for your basketball team!
Tom on Tyrone Power
Studying his films Inbelieve he was in the 5-10 to 5-10.5 range. He hardly ever wore lifts. So with shoes he could have been half an inch under six feet.
abc on Kriti Sanon
She was 2inches taller than 5'9anushka sharma then how can she be 5'8 serious mistake by putting her5'8
Ryan Allen on Jamie Bell
Far too short to be bond !
Capt. Nobody on Andre The Giant
straightahead said on 26/May/16
@Capt. Nobody said on 17/May/16
Neither are basketball players, so what? Doesn't bother me in the least but what does bother me is someone shaping up their own numbers and reducing everything else around with a few exceptions in order to meet some preconceived criteria.

Andre has 7'4" listings. So...

What you are saying is OMG was somewhere in the 6'2" range. Interesting statement. He may have been for all I know, I never measured the guy, but if he starts ticking down, fine, so does everyone else. Not just Andre.

Dont you dare put this on me, i only told you what the pictures showed. You on the other hand has a alot of explanation to do if you believe OMG was as tall as 6'6. So where do YOU put him, Tenta, and Ottman?


Put this one you? You were the first person that I have ever seen put OMG in that range. You said it. How could someone NOT put it on you? Like I said, if the Gang wore lifts than maybe he was 6'2", I don't know. If he wore those same lifts next to Tenta, Show, and Andre in the end it really doesn't matter I guess. All things are equal in the comparison then.

I don't like to make many generalized numerical height estimates because I just don't know, and each situation in a given photo or video is different. My time on this board has mostly been about pointing out flaws in scale comparison, which is the only thing that can be proven to any real extent half the time.

Around these parts it seems to be consensus that Tenta's listing in Japan at around 6'6" or a little less seems about right. I'm fine with that at this point. The match with Tenta and OMG had Gang at least at the same height and IMO a little bit taller. Remember though, this is about PEAK standing height. I'm sure OMG and Tenta's standing height given normal posture is probably less considering it is with pretty much every human being. OMG, much like Andre, seemed to always wrestle in crouched state so that's another issue.

Personally, I think while in their regular gear Tenta is a bit shorter than the Gang, and Gang is a bit shorter than Studd, but they are all around the same basic area for the most part. From watching Giant Haystacks in WCW I think he's also around the same area as those guys. I think Ottman is one step below all of those guys by maybe as much as couple of inches.
26 May
Max on Hrithik Roshan
@Jkjk I completely agree with you. I'm also 5'10", and in India I feel tall, and among foreigners I feel average. Don't really know what the Thunder guy is on about. He either converted wrong from cm to inches or he's actually 5'3". Don't give me that BS about 6'3" being "very short". Even in the Netherlands its still above average. There are many NBA basketball players shorter than 6'3". Where are all the Indian basketball players Thunder? Where are the pics of all these supposedly "tall" Indians?
amaterasu on Jude Law
Always looked 5'10" to me, it is funny how some celebs were overlisted before they claimed their actual height. Rob is a generous guy.
daaave on Tom Cruise
closest i've ever seen tom's footwear to looking normal and he's a half an inch taller than 5'6" ben stiller. 5'6.5". google it.
JD1997 on Rob Paul
Hello there rob, I'm 18, 19 in 2 months my morning height is 186.0.5cm and my lowest 184.3cm is it possible I could grow more? And what height could I claim.
Editor Rob: on average the growth from 18-21 is not that much, but a percentage will still gain something noticeable.
James B on David Beckham
For his generation Beckham is tall
Lord Beerus on Tom Brady
Who is taller Rob? This guy or Alex skarsgard?
Editor Rob: depending on Brady's time of measurement, he may well fall to 6ft 4-4.25 zone later in the day, so they could be within a similar range if measured.
daaave on Tom Cruise
Verg humorous to me that people don't pay attention to his footwear. Even when he wears sneakers, his feet are popping out. I'll admit Tom and I are the same. I'm 5'6 1/4" and I round up to 5'7. I've worn shoes like Tom and could claim 5'9-10. He's no taller than 5'6 1/2". Anything else is shoes.
Greg on General Height
I really just read that somebody here said that 193.4 cm isn't tall enough? like that's almost 6'4" I'd love to be around that height, I am barely 180cmish and feel quite short sometimes, when around certain people not compared to the average..
CS on General Height
The people not realizing how tall a true 6'1 is thing is so true. I'm 5'11 range (right around 181 cm) and whenever I notice my eyes are roughly in line with the end of someone's nose meaning they're about 6'1, I always stand back and think "damn, that person is tall." And not just kinda tall. Solid, legit tall. I think it kind of applies to true 6'0 guys too but 6'1 has an even stronger presence, obviously.
Johno on Jonathan Ross
Rory, do you mind showing me where he looks taller than Froch?
Height on Larry Bird
Canson, it is always nice to discuss these heights with you.

And of course we don't have to agree on everything, that's the fun part to me at least which is to find out the closest estimate!
jasperwazup on Andy Whitfield
Excellent actor is an understatement. He seemed larger than life in Spartacus. he did share a bit of a resemblance to the actor who played in Man on a Ledge the action/thriller. anyone know his weight looked 15 stone.
jasperwazup on Twiggy
her model agency used to list her at a petite 5'4'' tall
Phil on Jaden Smith
Dolby101 that is not true. Trey Smith is 5 foot 10.
Phil on Will Smith
Btw Trey Smith is shorter than Will, because Treys mother is petite.
Phil on Will Smith
"Tell da troof"(nigerian accent) mr. will smith. You are not 6 foot 2. You are 6 foot 1.
Mat on Matthew McConaughey
Rob will you give him a weak 5'11 listing for starters? You used to have him at that
Editor Rob: I don't know, at times he looks it, other times when he stands well he pulls off looking 5ft 11...
Tina on Jennifer Lopez
Click Here

With 5'8 maria manounous, jlo is 5'6
James B on Sean Connery
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/May/16
@James B: BMI is a rubbish measure

Of course that's why the NHS still use it
James B on Kevin Costner
I watched the bodyguard last night and he certainly didn't tower over a lot of men in that film.
James B on Ric Flair
LOL rampage because he clearly has 5 inches on flair
Andrea on Jared Padalecki
Rob, take a look a this picture: Click Here
Editor Rob: it would have been great if they were all lined up like a mugshot there.
Tunman on Rob Paul
Rob,what was the biggest height difference you found for a same person after judging him/her from 2 or more different positions?Some persons I must say look really different if they're only 2 feet away or further than standing closer,sometimes up to 2" difference but more commonly 1".Others look roughly similar.Anyways do you think it's a good method to compare the height of the person you're guessing to someone standing next to him(with confirmed height).To be clearer,I know someone who looked a weak 5'8 when standing few inches away,but when he's in the neighbouring shop it's quite impossible to see a difference close to 2".The only way it appeared was when the guy stood with another one,a confirmed 179 and the difference looked nearly 3".Strangely he seemed to be shrinking all of a sudden when the other guy comes.
Editor Rob: in photos sometimes I've seen height switch around a couple of inches a fair number of times because the position/angle changed a bit.

I would say I avoid trying to judge if someone is walking by because there can be a chance they look shorter than when standing normally, but then there are some people who I've seen seem to bump up and down on tip toes and they look taller walking than when standing, but much rarer.

I'm always trying to see how an actor looks with other people, especially anybody whose height I am much surer of, but I'm still trying to get an idea of what range they look through experience...by that, how do they look compared to the people whose heights over years I measured, sometimes that can help.
Mark on Lenny Kravitz
Saw him at Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills a few years ago.. 5 foot 7 tops.. Also highly intoxicated. Lol
anon on Justin Bieber
justin is definitely not 5'7". he is taller than that. in a picture with stephen baldwin a few months ago, he was taller than him. stephen baldwin is around 5'9". you guys try too hard when saying he wears lifts. lol. its called growing.
Tunman on Ryan McPartlin
11"is too much,probably 10 which is over average even for a 6'4range guy
realheight on Zac Efron
solid 172cm.
c-mo on General Height
James B said on 26/May/16

Live quite near London actually


that explains it somewhat ...many indians , pakistanis and whatever else are living there and also other people from less developed countries . so yeah you probably tower over some south asians and southeast asians etc...thats it (except the rare caucasian guy here and there who is 5'4 or something)
hijopotamus on Brad Pitt
Allen, thank you! I fully agree.
That pic with Aniston is ANOTHER evidence.
Blake on Rob Paul
If you dont sleep more than 4 hours and didnt keep hydrated and had a heavy bag for 8 hours would u say I did dip below my normal low or am i just in the 171.5-2 range?
Editor Rob: depends on the level of dehydration...if you start heading towards dangerous levels your body uses up water content from soft tissues, hence your discs might lose a tiny bit more and thus you hit absolute low ranges.

But I wouldn't worry too much about absolute low's, because we experience them only occasionally...
truth on Heath Ledger
Either 6ft1/185cm or 6ft0.5/184cm, he has always looked those heights.
Ice on General Height
@ c - mo , youre beeing absoluteley pathetic . Your a short dude who cant handle the fact that beeing tall is a known advantage in fighting , even in lower weightclasses where the height becomes relative . Dont you realize that your "short invincible" fighters have lost as well , and , if you look at their records ; did worse then all the fighters I listed (except Fedor) ? Yea Daniel and Ghokan might not have been stopped , but they LOST , Thats the point Im making . And the only guy who could give Jones a close fight was Gus , who (oh what a suprise) is 6'4 - 6'5 range . Youre just a short guy lying to himself that tall guys are inferior , when its actually turned around . The fighting game has changed , height is becoming more and more important ; even more than it was before . But its hard to argue with a delusional short dude with an inferiority complex .
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Kobe Bryant
He looks huge in that photo. Don't underestimate 195cm as a towering height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Roger Moore
I have Moore at 186-187cm and Connery at 188-189cm in their primes...
Mat on Benedict Cumberbatch
Rob, he looks 5'11 in the height chart you added, plus he has thicker shoes. Do you think he could be 5'11 or below?
Editor Rob: while I wouldn't rule that out completely, I feel he overall has looked a bit more than 5ft 11.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Vince McMahon
Danimal, how tall was Billy Graham in his youth?

Please don't say he was actually 6ft4...
realheight on Johnny Depp
5'9" peak.
5'8"-5'8.5" now.
James on Christian Bale
Christian Bale is 5 ft 11.25 in (181 cm), he is even shorter than 50 cent:
Click Here

And 50 cent was probably measured in shoes. When we compare 50 cent with legit 6 ft guys like Chris Brown the difference is pretty appreciable:
Click Here
Click Here

50 cent: 5 ft 11.5 in (182 cm)
Christian Bale: 5 ft 11.25 in (181 cm)
Dmeyer on Kevin Costner
In person was already 50s And hé looked 185-6cm Guy so 6ft 1 1/8 or 1,25 peak wouldnt shock me , hé is defenetly à guy who didnt dip under 185,3-185,5cm peak , 6ft 1 dinner type of guy
James on Christian Bale
175 cm then we are already three
Andrea on Vittorio Gassman
Good find, Judd! This confirms what his son said, 187...
I do agree with you, there's not much difference between him and his son, even when he was in his late 70s! His son is really a tricky guy, sometimes he doesn't even look 6'3 other times he can look a bit over it! I mean look at him with this actor, who claimed to be 183: Click Here
truth on Brad Pitt
@Allen Looks to be a near 6 inch difference as Johan has pointed out she is below his eyelevel. Does not look under 5ft10.5 (179cm) there if Aniston is 5ft4.75 (164.5cm). Even Aniston at 5ft3.75 (162cm), which is impossible, would make Brad around 5ft9.75 (177cm). I thinkl he must be between 178-180cm, most pictures point that out. Anythign 177cm or less is just bitter trolling.
spainmen191cm on Rob Paul
Rob, in spain average four young male people (18-34) is 175.3cm (5ft9), at what height would you say that the very tall range starts?
Editor Rob: once into 190 zone, that becomes more of a standout.
Jordan87 on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Click Here

Above pic proves he is tall. Loken is 5'10 ( Check this Site) no less, and Arnold is 1/2" taller than her in her HEELS. Yes he has Cowboy boots but If you cant tell that she has the CLEAR Heel Advantage from this Pic, then I dont know what to say. He would have her by Two Inches clear in they had equal Footing. He was a good 6 feet tall and this was around 2003 when he was early 50's. Maybe he was around 1/2" taller in his prime.

Click Here

Above, Again. Arnie in Dress Shoes, Loken in heels, they are more or Less the same height. How could Arnold Be 5'10 and Loken be 5'10 if he is her height when she is wearing heels? In Some of the Pics from the event he is actually 1/2" taller than her. Line him up with her Picture on this site where she is a MIN of 2" taller then Rob and you get a 6 foot Arnold. Not a 6'2 Arnold, or a 5'10 Arnold.
MaryAnne on Height Request
1-Anna Ewers
2-Taylor Hill
3-Romee Strijd
4-Izabel Goulart
5-Isabeli Fontana
6-Hana Soukupova
7-Martha Hunt
8-Jasmine Tookes
9-Amber Rose
10-Josephine Skriver

1-Sean O'pry
2-Jon Kortajarena
3-Dylan Sprouse
4-Vanilla Ice
5-River Viiperi

...and please some respect.... its just a site and i wish celebs that im interested in and you wish celebs you are interested in... i dont
care your wishes and i have never made a comment about your wishes please dont make it about mine... cuz you can't... i say it again its just a site.
Blake on Rob Paul
Rob I went to sleep for 3 hours and checked my height and it was 173.3. When I have checked my height after wearing my heavy bag at school doing pe I get not even 172cm? On weekends when im not doing much but just walking around im 5 foot 8? What height should i claim
Editor Rob: you seem to be an almost 5ft 8, but if you said 172cm to people that is reasonable.
Johno on Tom Hardy
@Justanotherguy, wow ----- is that mugshot for real? He is probably barefoot in that shot but the picture appears to be dead on and Hardy looks under 5'8 there; like between 5'7-5'8. I had him at 5'8-ish but then again he looked 1-1.25-inches shorter than Mario Lopez who is around ~5'9 but yet again ---- bl**dy heck.
Leo on Liam Payne
He is between 5'8.5-5'8.75, 174cm for Payne
186cm on General Height
Rob would you say my height is comfortable tall in most european countries.
Editor Rob: yes, I think in the vast majority you will feel tall, only maybe a few might you feel not much above average.
the Slav on General Height
I'd take these height statistics with a gran of salt.
I was measured 189 cm with shoes on at my local public service center even though I'm just 183 cm barefoot.
Even that 183.9 cm average height at the Bosnian University seems unlikely
Andrea on Samuel L Jackson
Yeah, that's a shocking photo, Arch! I doubt you can argue he looks even a mm over 6' there... But again Alexander is another guy who makes everybody look shorter than their listing!
5'6 Aravind on Richard Belzer
Peak height for 72nd birthday:5'11.5
Normal height:5'11
Dan on Brad Pitt
Allen is probably one of those haters from the female first site. That picture with Anniston proves the guy is 5-10. That's six inches between them, not four. Allen calls us Bradders, but he's obviously a Pitt hater. It doesn't matter what he and the other three guys on here say. Pitt is 5-10. No doubt about it. I've seen both Aniston and Pitt in person and Pitt definitely doesn't have a small frame. And Aniston is definitely 5-4 or a little over. I was inside the Egyptian theater when she did a q&a for her film Cake moderated by Jason Bateman.
Andrea on Rob Paul
Rob, are you going to the London MCM this weekend? I've read that there are big names like Jesse Eisenberg...
Editor Rob: I am not a big of mcm now, they are so packed and busy (130,000+ this weekend) that it becomes less enjoyable, but since I go to these for celebheights, I hopefully will make it through the weekend with a few photos (or at least up close encounters) to show for it...
Chris on Kevin Nash
Me with Kevin in 2009....similar footwear...very nice guy, I stood and talked to him for a bit that day. My best guess when he stood up straight was right in that 6'9-6'10" range...very tall guy

Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.5 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
To the people who are saying that the Rock was shorter than Hulk Hogan, scroll down and look at the photo that was posted. The Rock is at least the same height as Hulk Hogan (if not taller). He was easily 6'3 1/4"-6'3 1/2" in his peak.
Jordan87 on Carl Weathers
Looks exactly 6 feet tall as per his second picture with Rob.

Average man his age may loose a good inch. He was a solid 6'1 in his prime. Never over 6'2 which is his claimed height. Likely something like 6'1.25 in his prime.
Chris on Keith David
Met him in 2012....he was probably a short 6'0"

Click Here
175 cm on Stephen Curry
I'd say they are virtualy the same.
Andrea on Sterling K Brown
Rob, how much height is he dropping here??? I'm not sure he looks over 179-180 but maybe he's dropping a couple cms???
Just saw him in American Crime Story and he can look 5'11 range there but i'm not sure he looks that much over...
I do remember he had a small part in Supernatural and Jared could look near 5 inches taller! Do you think 5'11 flat is possible or you're sure he'd measure over???
Editor Rob: from what I recall I felt I was looking at his mouth, but I did think he had an above average sized head.
175 cm on User Heights
Chris on Chris Sarandon
Myself with Chris in 2012 (6'0 1/2"....seems spot on)

Click Here
Editor Rob: he could look a good inch shorter there.
plus on Football Soccer
I meant Malouda 176 cm
Andrea on Keith David
You mean you don't know if he IS that short because he certainly can look no more than that (look at the photos)...
Anyway, i'm not gonna continue the debate because there's probably no way you can change your idea!
Let's wait he comes out on Twitter with "I am 6' in the morning" :)
Editor Rob: I will try to meet him myself, but I would be surprised if he was much under 6ft.
Andrea on Jon Bernthal
Nice to hear that! You should really meet and take a photo with Jared because it would be interesting to see him with you and see if he looks as short as other "6'4" guys do with you...
As for Jon, I doubt he would be any shorter than Leonardo Di Caprio but again there's a very good chance that Leo is not over 5'11!
Andrea on Tori Black
With the second girl you mean? I doubt she looks 4 inches taller than Asa in that clip... As i said, it's hard to guess how tall these "celebrities" really are, unless you meet them (like Alex did with Jenna)... What shocks me is that this girl claims 5'10 but she doesn't even look near 5'8 in these clips, i honestly thought she was pretty tall from her "proportions" but she does a lot shorter than her claim!
Editor Rob: I meant with Asa, at times she looked 3 inch, but when standing taller more 4 inch.
CS on Jake Gyllenhaal
If he's really in the 180.5 - 181 cm range at night then he's pretty much identical to me. It's always kind of interesting to see photos of celebs very close in height to me (or at least in my height range) so I can sort of see how I might appear to other people.

Also, on a side note I've seen some of his films recently and he's a very good actor. Really enjoyed the movies I've seen him in.
Saqib on Chuck Norris
Doesn't look much taller than bruce lee

Click Here
french guy on General Height
what is the true average height in Norway: 179.7-180 cm (conscripts measured) or 181 cm ( growth chart)
175 cm on Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Never trust a German but using 'Tor Project' for a site like CelebHeights is a bit too much.
Saqib on Chuck Norris
I dont know why veryone treats him like a god like hes badass or something. This guy is not even a full 5'10. If hes really dangerous i dare him to come to my home and smash my head against the keyboard
Mat on Leonardo DiCaprio
Rob, how much are you convinced that Leo could be a flat 5'11? I don't think you really are
Editor Rob: I think while a chance, there is a greater chance of 11.25.
straightahead on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
@Danimal (176-178cm) said on 23/May/16
Shorter than a shrunken 6'3" Hulk Hogan in 2002. He was never 6'3" (even at his peak). 6'2" and change. How much change? Not sure.

Theres no evidence of height loss for Hogan as for 2002, so he could still be his peak of 6'4 and he also had footwear advantage against the Rock.
straightahead on Andre The Giant
@Capt. Nobody said on 17/May/16
Neither are basketball players, so what? Doesn't bother me in the least but what does bother me is someone shaping up their own numbers and reducing everything else around with a few exceptions in order to meet some preconceived criteria.

Andre has 7'4" listings. So...

What you are saying is OMG was somewhere in the 6'2" range. Interesting statement. He may have been for all I know, I never measured the guy, but if he starts ticking down, fine, so does everyone else. Not just Andre.

Dont you dare put this on me, i only told you what the pictures showed. You on the other hand has a alot of explanation to do if you believe OMG was as tall as 6'6. So where do YOU put him, Tenta, and Ottman?
littlesue on Lynn Bari
My son thought he was looking at a pic of me as a young girl when he saw this on the screen, it does look like a younger me, thought I would be standing on a very large box to reach 5ft 6!!
Johan on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Click Here

Found this one, D'lo is raising his eye level. Dwayne is behind and still looks an inch taller. So yeah not under 6'3" peak.

I think Ron was billed at 6'2" it seems he wasn't that far off with his actual height.
Sam on Height Request
Onto Kate McKinnon
w/ Jeremy Renner: Click Here
w/ Kristen Wiig: Click Here
w/ Melissa McCarthy: Click Here
Click Here
w/ Chris Hemsworth: Click Here
w/ Matthew McConaughey: Click Here
w/ Amy Schumer: Click Here
w/ Tina Fey & Amy Poehler: Click Here
w/ Gwen Stefani & Peter Dinklage: Click Here
w/ Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Click Here
She is usually listed online as 5'4", which is arguable. I see her as a weak 5'4" at best, quite possibly 5'3.5"-5'4" range.
James B on General Height
Arch Stanton said on 26/May/16
It's still hard to believe that almost 6 ft 1 could be an AVERAGE height, when the average man in the UK is four inches shorter., even among younger generation.

Yeah people don't realise how tall a true 6'1 is since 182cm guys claim it
Johan on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Ron was easily taller than Cena imo. He looked very similar to D'lo Brown in the Nation of Dom days and Rob met the guy and gave him 6'2" so Ron must have been around the same. I see more 1.5 inches between them so it does confirm a 6'3" Dwayne when younger. Plenty of vids on the tube where you can compare and yes he had sandals so no huge footwear there.

Then again D'Lo seems to slouch and so could appear a 6'1" guy so maybe Ron really is 6'1" range but anyway Dwayne had minimum 1.5 in on him so anything less than 6'2.5" for his peak is nonsense. Nowadays yes I think he is but guys saying 6'1" need to stop, its madness.
James B on General Height
mo said on 26/May/16
James B said on 25/May/16
C-mo I am not trolling


then you must be living in Indonesia , Cambodia or somewhere where people are very short on average . in the western world there is 0% chance of you towering over men at 171-172cm except very very rarely

Live quite near London actually
Sam on Height Request
I requested them a while ago but I'd think you want to add current SNL cast members and soon Ghostbusters Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones.
Jones says a few times that she is six feet tall: Click Here
&: Click Here
She often wears heels or wedges and has spikey hair and so can appear even taller, can look near 6'3" with these.
Jones w/ Kristen Wiig & Melissa McCarthy: Click Here
w/ Amy Schumer: Click Here
w/ Cameron Diaz (actually she has inferior-heighted footwear for once against Diaz): Click Here
w/ Drake: Click Here
w/ Dwayne Johnson: Click Here
w/ Chris Rock: Click Here
Click Here
w/ Chris Hemsworth: Click Here
w/ Adam Driver: Click Here
w/ Terry Crews: Click Here
Editor Rob: I thought at one time I added Jones, but will get her a page now.
Sam on Height Request
Rob, would you take a look at Moreau? Just seems like a name that should be on here.
Sam on Orson Welles
IDK, I wouldn't totally rule out that he wore lifts at times but I've read a number of books on Welles and his films and have only heard about lift-wearing during Kane on here from commentors. Welles was in a number of films with Joe Cotten and I don't buy he was wearing lifts in everything they did together, I don't see more than an inch between, usually 0.5-1 inches difference seems apparent. I think he generally looks around six feet flat next to Charlton Heston in Touch of Evil but he maybe doesn't stand his best at that point with his recently added bulk (aided by additional padding). Basically, I think 6'0.25"-6'0.5" is a fairer conservation peak listing for Welles.
andre on Dave Batista
Rob why back in the evolution batista was same height as randy orton and in the last time orton towered over him , did batista lose height ?
Editor Rob: could it have been camera angles or maybe thicker boots by Dave?
I wouldn't rule out a chance of some loss, albeit fraction size.
Josh on Chris Evans
There is a behind the scenes of the Winter Soldier with some B Roll on youtube. Mackie is a lot shorter than you would think. He barely looks 5'10 next to Chris. Just look at this photo. Way more than 2 inches between him and Mackie. He's a solid 6'0. Click Here
Andrea on Tori Black
I doubt she looks more than 3 good inches taller there... Sometimes even less, but she probably is dropping some height... 5'8 seems virtually impossible in that clip!
Another clip:Click Here
This girl says she's 4'11 and still doesn't look that much shorter than Tori (you can see their footwear difference in a brief moment...)!
It's funny because Tori herself says she's 5'10 to her and she meets a lot of guys shorter than her (or something like that)... She does claim 5'10 a lot, how can she claim that height when she doesn't even look 5'8 with these stars? :O
Editor Rob: I thought she could look in the 4 inch range taller, at times I don't think she was standing as well.
BorkLaser on Sheamus
tony, Cesaro said in an interview with AskMen (and also on Twitter) that he's 6'4", and I think it's plausible.
Josh on Matt Damon
Since Heath Ledger has been downgraded to 6ft 0.5in, shouldn't Matt Damon also be downgraded to 5ft 9.5in?
BorkLaser on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Aswin, do you mean Ron Simmons? Because if that's the case then I met him myself and can confirm he's 6'0.5"-6'1"
Boss on Andre The Giant
@ JT what have you disproven here. Look at the top of the page it says Andre the Giant's height is 7ft 0in 213cm and with proof was raised to this number despite your constant Andre bashing.
CS on Brad Pitt
Peter175 said on 26/May/16
How is Brad Pitt making himself look 6'3" next to 5'11 beckham? Either he's standing on some incline or he borrowed some a pair Tom Cruise's most indecreet red carpet shoes

Click Here


It's probably an incline. I've seen people of similar heights with similar footwear stand next to one another in a photo and one appears a good amount taller than the other person because of the ground sloping. There might be other factors to consider (not footwear) that could affect appearance of height in photos but uneven ground is definitely a big but often underlooked factor.
CS on General Height
@Johan @Saqib I agree with all of your choices.
Allen on Brad Pitt
If Aniston is 170!!!! then Pitt is 180. This actually has to concern those who claimed that they believe that Pitt is 180 on this Planet Earth. Yeah! Truly. And guess what! If Aniston is 160 then Pitt is 170!!! Oh my! Brad forgot his magic elevator shoes here? Poor Brad! I still give Aniston a little boost and put her at 162 cm. Still leaving Brad in cold for being barely 172 cm with his shoes on. This is the end Bradders. Your favorite actor is a shorty.
John Cena on Bob Hoskins
Fake: 170
Real: 162
Allen on Brad Pitt
Considering that Brad has footwear advantage.
Allen on Brad Pitt
Considering that Brad has footwear advantage.
Allen on Brad Pitt

Thank you for posting the photo here Johan.
Yeah but that is a 10 cm difference as it is obvious. Still Aniston needs to be 5'6 to make Brad 5'10.
Taller on Ann Margret
I can't remember the movie but she took her heels off and she is tiny. I say closer to 5'2".
Arch Stanton on Jack Lemmon
Got a good look at him barefoot with Anne Bancroft in a heel in the Prisoner of Second Avenue and he looked a bit taller so with her he really looked no less than 5'9.
John Cena on Eminem
grizz on Chris Evans
Taking into consideration that Pratt really isn't a legit 6'2 guy (more like 6'1.5), I think that Evans surely looks 6ft next to him.
Dude doesn't have a perfect posture so that's why people constantly tag him in the 5'11 team.
andre on Zac Efron
5ft8 with shoes on 5ft7 barefoot
John Cena on Nick Jonas
John Cena on Nick Jonas
Cdub on Corey Feldman
Back in 2003 I went to a Halloween party at writer/director Shane Black's house and Corey showed up. I'm a legit 5'6" myself and Corey was at least an inch shorter than me.
Arch Stanton on Kevin Nash
Rob, I'm a bit puzzled by your comment " James B said on 25/Feb/16
How much under 6'9 rob at a guess?
Editor Rob: half to 3/4 inch."

If he's 6'8.25-6'8.5 by your estimation now, why is he at 6'9?
Editor Rob: I've not dismissed the 8.5
Andrea on Keith David
I'm not trying to argue he's 6' flat today, i'm arguing he's under it! :)
Look at the same Joel with this guy, Malcolm Smith, who is basically a decent 6' (he was measured at 6'0.2): Click Here
There's certainly a noticeable difference between him and Keith, next to Joel! A 6'0.5 guy certainly wouldn't look that much shorter next to Joel, who can certainly look not much over 6'3 a lot of times...
Editor Rob: I could see him about 6ft, that is arguable, 5ft 11.5 I don't know if he really looks that short.
Greg on Milton Berle
Odd, he looked taller than 5'10 to me - would have thought closer to 6' but what do I know...
truth on General Height
@grizz Would you say the average for young people is shorter or taller there?
Shi on Mark Zuckerberg
Rob how tall do you think sheril sandberg is? She's listed at 5'8 everywhere but even with a small heel she's still shorter than Zuckerberg. Something is not right here can you find out?
Editor Rob: having a brief look, I'd say 5ft 8 was at least an inch and likely more higher than her barefoot height.
James on Fernando Torres
Strong 184 cm guy. In the picture he looks even taller!
Andrea on Dennis Quaid
I saw that picture too and even considering he has less footwear i can't see him any less than 4 good cms shorter than Jim! It's funny because you never look that "short" mext to people you meet and list at 5'10, though... Maybe 5'11.5 at peak isn't impossible but there's noway he was only an inch shorter than Jim, put it that way...
c-mo on General Height
Kourosh said on 25/May/16
yes that came out surprising for me when i see them in real life not on TV. I was looking to Daniel eyes when he was talking to other people, Dan Henderson was about my height maybe a hair difference. Consider that i am 5'10 with shoes on and just over 5'9 barefoot evening (176cm)

Daniel 176-177 cm
Dan 177-178 Cm

I thought i would be towered by Bisping from watching him on TV, but back in Australia when i met him last year , i did not feel short at all standing next to him . :)

Bisping was 5'11.5 to 6'0 Max no more


thanks for your answer . we are of similar height I am 178.4cm or so out of bed and 176cm at night

a few more questions to you : how close were Dainel Cormier / Dan Henderson / Fedor when you saw them ? were they close to you where you could compare their heights with yours ? and what shoes did they wear and what shoes did you wear ? and regarding Dan Henderson what height would you give him out of bed and what height at night ? please take time and answer detailed I am a big fan of Henderson :)
andre on Triple H
triple h is the same height as my friend who his 6ft1 when we see him in portugal wwe tour
James on Will Smith
Will Smith could be 6 ft 5 in (196 cm)
Click Here
Judd on Nicky Hilton
I think she is a bit taller than her sister...5'7.5" would be better! same size as Jennifer Lawrence!
Judd on David Beckham
James B said on 19/May/16
Rob do you think there's a chance in his 20s Beckham was no less than 5'11.25?
Editor Rob: I'm not sure if a guy like Beckham will have lost any height, unless through cartilage wear?

James B, i do not think Becks might have lost something (i think he's still at peak) but there's a small fraction his peak was 5'11.25" instead 5'11"...
I think 180-181 cms is likelier than 179-180 cms...however 5'11" is still the best guess for him!
Aaron Zamora on Scott Eastwood
Is there any chance of you meeting him and getting a picture with him?
Editor Rob: unlikely unfortunately.
Judd on Fernando Torres
This guy is a perfect example of a 6'0.5"/184 cms guy! I think when he has been listed at 185 cms the reason was that he probably was measured early in the morning (almost 2 hours he wokes up) so he was 184,5 cms and doctor round up to 185 cms (i knew usually medical check up are made in the first part of the morning, not in the evening) and the cause because he was listed 186 cms was probably because he was measured with shoes on, which gave 2 solid cms...
Anything under 184 cms for him...he was visibly taller than Steve Gerrard who's in the 5'11.75"-6' range!
S.J.H on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Under 6'3 barefoot for sure. Charles barkley and alonzo mourning prove it clearly rock is under 190cm
vnmc on Katrina Kaif
there are a lot of actors and actresses more gorgeous than any of them. I see a lot of discussion on looks here which seems unnecessary but still IMO there are women like jacqueline fernandez, lisa haydon, malaika khan arora, kriti sanon etc who are actually more beautiful objectively than any of the famous actresses listed here but just not famous enough. In actors, when I asked a few girls in the west to rate the indian actors unbiased since they had never seen them before, believe it or not, they thought hrithik roshan and ranbir kapoor arent handsome at all. Sidharth Malhotra and Aditya Roy Kapoor have maximum credibility in physical appeal on an international basis. Overall looks is subjective and i dont see why people need to discuss that here, this site is purely about their heights
Judd on Football Soccer
[Editor Rob: I doubt he ever looked as low as 174, maybe near 5ft 10.]

I am not sure he was a solid 5'10": look at him with Franz Beckebauer:

Click Here (took in 1974, Johan was 27)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here (took recently)

Beckenbauer has been ever listed 5'11.25" and i think he was a decent 181 cms (maybe today he has lost a couple of cms) and he looked both in 70's and recently 1,5-2" taller than Johan.
Here Johan with Marco van Basten who is listed 6'2" but i think he might be a tad under 188 cms and more 6'1.5" (look at him with an honest 6'2" Ruud van Nistelrooy Click Here):

Click Here (took in 1994, Johan was 47)
Click Here (took recently)
Click Here (took in 1980's)

You think it's possible Johan Cruyff was at peak a flat 5'9.5" guy and in the last years very close to 5'9" and Marco Van Basten 6'1.5-1.75" (honest 187 cms guy) at peak and 6'1-1.5" today?
Editor Rob: he could look a couple of inches shy of franz beckenbauer so 5ft 9.5 isn't impossible, I believe he had a couple of inches on pele in their prime so I'd safely rule out 5ft 8-9 and 5ft 10+
Jacky Huynh on Chad L. Coleman
Looks 179-180 to me.
bob on Harry Styles
he looks 5'9 with Mick Jagger Click Here
andre on Chris Jericho
what are the possibilities he is your height rob ?
Editor Rob: not sure he really looks as short as myself.
truth on General Height
@ Arch Stanton According to reliable sources is it not 5ft10/178cm average for young people in the UK and 5ft9.5/177cm overall? That means you would have to be at least 6ft0/183cm to feel tall there, and in the Netherlands at least 6ft3/190cm.
thetruth on Adam Levine
Rob : I think you should reconsider adam levine listed at 5'11 and jimmi fallon at 5'11'5 . when you look at theese Click Here Click Here Click Here
clearly adam is the taller man.
Aswin Kini MK on Brandon Routh
@Rob: I was going through your videos, Rob, You have listed yourself as 173 cms minimum and 175.2 in the morning. Now, considering that you fully know your height, I am sure you will agree with me that there is no way that you are less than 18 cm shorter than Brandon Routh in this photo. I can easily place a half a foot scale on your head in the photo and yet it will land up well than an inch short.

I think Brandon might need an upgrade by 0.5 inch. I know you feel he doesn't look tall, but I saw Superman Returns yesterday and i was able to see him tower half a foot for Kevin Spacey in every frame. I do agree that IMDB (That exaggerates heights) shows him at 6 2.5, but please do remember that Actors do understate heights in Hollywood as they cant get roles if they are over 6 foot 2. Even Hugh Jackman stated this in one of his interviews. In all pics, Brandon Routh looks a strong 1 inch taller than every other 6 foot 2 footer, you can refer to his pic with Dwayne Johnson (Who is now 6 foot 2 or 2.25) and compare Dwayne with 6 foot 3 Chris Helms.

Hope you get the picture. From the pic shown here, I see a strong 190cm tall guy.
Editor Rob:
I didn't think his hairstyle was any less than half inch. My impression I get is above 6ft 2 flat and under 6ft 3 full.
Of course that doesn't mean I'm right or wrong, it's just my estimate based on seeing him a few times now.
James on Cillian Murphy
He's not 5'8". 5'7" max but probably 5'6". I find it amusing that he auditioned for Batman, given his short stature.
MDV on Francisco Lachowski
@Editor Rob by looking at the pic of marchisio and Mariano Di Vaio...if you consider Marchisio as a real 179 guy.... how tall do you guess Mariano? for me 6 ft 1 listed is fantasy. 178 cm no more
buffwan on John Stamos
I met him at an auto show while "Full House" was at its peak. Im 6'2 in sneakers and I literally towered over him. He had to be 5'9 at best. That didnt really shock me, what did was how scrawny he was..but pretty lol!
Andrea on Jon Bernthal
I doubt he has shrunk... :)
A fraction under 5'11 i guess has always been a possibility for him... Do you think it is 50 and 50 he might be 5'10.75 or 5'11? So maybe if you met Jensen again (maybe not in boots but normal shoes), he could definitely convince you to give him 5'11.75?
Editor Rob:
Maybe I will consider within next couple of years to try to get them both since they seem to never end supernatural, so will probably do another event before moving on.

It's a toss up for Jon, I'd say 5ft 10.75-11 is a likely range.

Lmeister on Jean Claude Van Damme
Maybe this is his peak morning height. Rob could you take a second look of him with Manchester City players, please? He does look more than 2 inches shorter than Kevin De Bruyne (5ft11~180-181cm).
Editor Rob: losing half inch by his age might actually be possible, considering the amount of films he's done and the work involved...
Appe 6ft 0.5 on Fernando Torres
He's maybe the tallest looking 184cm guy on this site thanks to:
-slim frame
-good proportions
-small head

Easily he can look 186cm in many photos where he stands alone.
Appe 6ft 0.5 on Fernando Torres
@Andy 185cm
Personally I wouldn't bet Torres is taller than Bale.
Aswin Kini MK on Vitali Klitschko
@Canson: Yup mate, we can all agree on Vitali being 6 foot 7 or a tab bit more or less. However, I would slightly disagree with your statement on Lennox's height. Lennox, at no point in his career, looked less than 6 foot 4.5 -5. He towered 4inches over 6 foot 1 Holyfield, 3.5 to 4 inches over 6 foot1ish Tommy Morrison, was 2 inches taller than 6 foot 3 Bothas and only 2 inches shorter than 6 foot 7 Vitali and Michael Grant.

If he was really 6 foot 4 (As he was listed in the Olympics), I am sure Rob would have to downgrade almost every other opponent by 1 inches, that would make Vitali only 6 foot 6 (Mind you Vitali has been measured with legitimate 6 foot 9+ NBA players and has never looked more than 2 inches shorter).

I would go with Rob's measurement of 6 foot 4.75 for Lennox, he looked the most strongest candidate for a solid 6 foot 5. Wladmir, on the other hand, is an enigma, he states 6 foot 5 as his height but towers every other 6 foot 5 boxer on the planet :( Dude really needs to stop understating his height.

Here is a pic of Wladmir with the now-5foot 9.5 Arnold. (Look at this and tell me if you see 6 foot 5 or 6 foot 6).
Click Here
Appe 6ft 0.5 on Fernando Torres
Safe listing Rob, I bet he s around 184cm evening time.
Appe 6ft 0.5 on Fernando Torres
Safe listing Rob, I bet he s around 184cm evening time.
Chaz on Andre The Giant
Boss said on 25/May/16
The real picture of Andre holding a beer can. Jt's version where he trying to make Andre's hands look as small as possible is a joke. Big Show is holding the can differently and using his thumb which is not nearly as impressive as Andre holding the beer can.

Boss stop living in a dream would,Andre's hands were very thick and wide but to say they were 27cm is out of the question,that is only 1.5cm shorter than Sultan Kosen's hands,go look at he's hands ? they are much longer,they would be way over the lengh of that Magazine for a start,

And even if Andre's face was 13'' that would make him only 6'11'', that would make no differance to all the 6'5'' guys over he's eyes because has we have seen the extra lengh on a acromegalics face is in the jaw,Andre's face from the top of the head to just over the tip of he's nose is only 6''.he's forhead is short if anything,

For a 7'+ Andre you need a 6'8'' Hogan a 6'9'' Studd and a 6'10'' Baba and Maine and a 6'11''+ Nash Andre'
s hands were about 9.75'', face about 11.75'', and boots about a US size 18.

But one thing we can say is Andre's ring size was huge much bigger than most giants I have seen.
Johno on Gwyneth Paltrow
I always had her around 5'8 but admit that with James she looks around 5'7.5.

I am not one of those individuals that believes Paltrow is taller than Pitt; i believe is upto an inch taller however, judging by how short she looks here; it does not look good for Pitt's height.
Johno on Gwyneth Paltrow
I always had her around 5'8 but admit that with James she looks around 5'7.5.

I am not one of those individuals that believes Paltrow is taller than Pitt; i believe is upto an inch taller however, judging by how short she looks here; it does not look good for Pitt's height.
James B on Billy Gunn
Rob so you think Vegas seeing drew at 6'4 (out of ring gear) in person holds no truth to it? remember Vegas at 181cm is closer to McIntyres height than you are so he might be able to more accurately judge his height.
Editor Rob: I wouldn't rule it out entirely, because a tall 6ft 4 in thicker footwear might pull off 6ft 5 in person.
Rory on Jonathan Ross
No taller than Froch ? You should have gone to spec savers.
Mat on Ross Lynch
Rob, how do we search for a quote in twitter? I remember you had a video about that but I can't find it now
Editor Rob:


searchterm from:AccountName

James on Cristiano Ronaldo
@plus I didn't want to sound rude or dogmatic. Of course, you can argue Benzema is 183 cm or even 183.5 cm. But legit 184 cm? I doubt it.
Gonzalo on Fernando Torres
He looks a tad shorter than Cristiano Ronaldo in pics. 1`84 seems spot on. It is true he can look taller than that sometimes, around 1,86
James on Cristiano Ronaldo
@plus Stop saying Benzema is 184 cm because it is ridiculous. He is around 183 cm, as demonstrated when he is compared with Bale and Ramos. He is not a legit 184 cm guy.
Jim on Bill Clinton
He's not 6'2.5!!" I have a picture with him, pre-Obama, and he's probably a touch over 6'1" in .5 inch dress shoes. I was wearing my favorite shoes which add .75 to my height of 6'4.25." Clinton was taking pictures with tons of people and he even said, "come over here and smile, big fella" to me. Some of his Secret Service men made me look like short.
Johan on General Height
Saqib said on 25/May/16
So guys, which celebrity are you most interested in to find out their real height?

We all try to make our best guesses here but that does not confirm anything. The only way to know their real height is to measure them personally.

I am most interested to know real heights of
1) Brad Pitt
2) Leonardo dicaprio
3) Johnny Depp

First I will give my guesses on those celebs.

1. Pitt - 5'10.5" - 5'10.75" Thats my range for him.
2. Di Caprio - 5'11"-5'11.25" He edges Pitt.
3. Depp - 5'8.75"-5'9" Pretty sure on this one.

My Picks are Arnie, Stallone and Vin Diesel. The first two I am interested in their PEAK and PRESENT height. Drives me mad haha. Vin Diesel is another who is all over the place.

My guesses; 1. Arnie - 6'1" peak, 5'11" current.
2. Sly - 5'9" peak, 5'8" current.
3. Vin Diesel 5'11" - 5'11.25".
hacker9001 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Rock vs Cena face to face:
Click Here
i see 2.5-3 inches taller here
grizz on General Height
@truth, I cannot tell for certain that this Dutch data is "measured", but the one from Bosnia&Herzegovina is. However, it does not represent the whole nation since it's just a measurement taken in university of Banja Luka, so take it with a grain of salt. For all the people claiming that "college costs so only wealthier, hence taller people go there"-stop with that nonsense argument, colleges are state-funded there, you only have to preserve a solid GPA.

@Saqib, thanks for the site, but it's just a fancier representation of height taken from CDC/National Centre for Health Statistics (USA) data. It's only helpful for American folks or guys who coincidentally live in a country with the same average height as in USA.
For instance, if you take average height for youngsters in Banja Luka (183,9 cm) and apply it into US equation, that would mean that only @ 197 cm you'd be statistically tall there (that's 95th percentile-when only 5 out of 100 guys are taller than you), while @191 cm you'd be in the 80th percentile. Basically, if you wanna feel comfortably above average there (70th percentile), you'd have to be at least 188 cm.
Johan on Chad L. Coleman
Mat said on 24/May/16
I just want to point out that:

Chad was listed 5'11 last year, but it turned out he is a strong 5'10 guy.
Jude Law was listed 5'11 for a very long time, until we found out his 5'10 claim.
Guy Pearce was listed 5'11 until he claimed 178 cm.
Patrick Swayze used to be listed 5'11, he ended up listed 5'10.25

It seems that strong 5'10 guys get a lot of the benefit of the doubt and are listed 5'11. So my suspicions on Mcconaughey and Fassbender being in the strong 5'10 range are growing. I believe Brad Pitt could also be between 5'10-5'11. We'll see in the future.

I have been arguing for years that McConaughey is only 5'10.5", Letterman pegged him at 5'10" as well. His 5'11 3/4" measurement is probably after running in the morning with a training shoe on which is usually over 1 inch.

Fassbender looked shorter than Mr R listed at 5'11.5" on user heights. He also looked shorter than a 5'11" chef on his facebook page. I guessed him 5'10.5"-5'10.75" back then. Im sure they are similar in height.

Pitt also looks that range indeed .
Canson on Larry Bird
Height: also when I said 6'7 for Magic (and my apology for not clarifying) i meant he was closer to 6'7 which is how they described him being closer to 6'7 than 6'9 just as they said Barkley closer to 6'4 5/8 than 6'6. But to your credit Jud Heathcote vouched he's def a strong 6'7 so again I agree.
Jim on John Cleese
I've seen John Cleese many times. We both used to attend an annual Philosophy conference. I first met him when I was 20 and he was about 58-59. Back then, he could have said he was 6'6" and no one would have questioned him. I'm 6'4.25" and he was a full inch taller. He once said, "you're a tall chap" to me. Very special man.
Johan on Brad Pitt
Click Here

He really doesn't look full 5'11" here with Aniston. More 5'10.5" really like i originally thought. She has flip flops and he has thin soled sneakers. A rare pic indeed.

She claims to be 5'4" 3/4 herself.

Thats not 6 + inches is it? I would have said in the 5.25-5.5 inch area. Far more 6 anyway.
Canson on Larry Bird
Height: I agree with you 100%!!! 6'9.5 is possible for him more specifically 6'9.25. Magic also 6'7.25 (Riley called him 6'7 once). You have great insights as always. What I was saying is Bird isn't 6'10 or 6'11 as people like Chris are now saying. Hes doing so to justify why Magic is 6'9. I think it's fair to say I have agreed on all of your assessments as spot on!!! Only exception Barkley which is easily debatable!
jervis on Clint Eastwood
Peak height 6ft3 to 6ft4.6ft4 morning height, by night closer to 6ft3.
c-mo on General Height
James B said on 25/May/16
C-mo I am not trolling


then you must be living in Indonesia , Cambodia or somewhere where people are very short on average . in the western world there is 0% chance of you towering over men at 171-172cm except very very rarely
grizz on General Height
@175 cm, read Slenderman's post carefully - he lost 2 cms in like 5-6 hours. I don't know how much did you expect from him to lose in that period.
Arch Stanton on Telly Savalas
Wore lifts a lot, in The Slender Thread pulled off a strong 6' range with Sidney Poitier.
grizz on Jimmy Fallon
Barefoot Karlie Kloss next to Jimmy Fallon with shoes on Click Here
Arch Stanton on Height Request
I did a pause in one scene with Bancroft and I think 5'9.5 is probably the most arguable height for Leighton, more likely than 5'10.5 anyway, but you might want to check her out in other clips. 5 ft 10 peak is possible. She's been a in a lot, some of which I've seen but can't remember how she fared, I'd not have been focusing on here anyway!
plus on Football Soccer
Some interesting heights in my opinion

Mikel Arteta 177
Cesc Fabregas 179
Raul 179
David Villa 174
Puyol 178
Nasri 176
Malouda 177
Clichy 177
Sagna 178
Ribery 171
Cabaye 174.5
Debuchy 177
Rosicky 179
Cafu 177
Bebeto 175
Seedorf 177
Del Piero 174
Pirlo 177
Pablo Zabaleta 176
Kun Agüero 173
Ever Banega 174
Deulofeu 175.5
Willian 175
Monreal 179.5
Azpilicueta 178
Flamini 178
Bellerín 178
Juan Mata 171
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Rob Margaret Leighton had a strong 3 inches I think on Anne Bancroft in 7 Women. She didn't look 5'10.5 but I think something in 5'9.5-5'10 range might be right, Redgrave sort of height might be possible. Very tall and aristorcratic looking. Near 5 ft 10.
Editor Rob: I think the 5ft 9.5 figure might be believable for her.
truth on General Height

The Dutch population is the tallest in the world and has been
well studied. Before 1955, population height in The Netherlands
was estimated on the basis of data for conscripts, i.e., men, and
nonrandom samples from the population. Between 1955 and
1997, there were four large cross-sectional nationwide growth
studies. These studies showed that young Dutch adults are among
the tallest people in the world, with women MEASURING almost
171cm on average and men 184cm on average in 1997 (4).
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Veyr familiar face, Margaret Leighton. From 7 Women, Under Capricorn, The Tempest, The Constant Husband, The Elusive Pimpernel, Zee and Co., The Sound and the Fury, The Passionate Stranger and Calling Bulldog Drummond and TV series Dr. Kildare and The Upper Crusts.
Appe 6ft 0.5 on Cristiano Ronaldo
I also think 183cm is not a dwarf height, and not because I m around this height ;-).
Personally I think @175 cm heights guesses are too low: certainly I can't assume Benzema is 180cm after a match or Torres 182cm after a match.
The lowest I can accept for them are respectively 182cm and 183cm.
Cristiano at 183cm is impossible even after a match. I ve always heard from people who are 181-182-183cm range and who met Cristiano that he "towered" them.
dj on Kriti Sanon
She is 5.9 taller than actress not models....
Crane on Brock Lesnar
You never know, a 285 lbs mountain of a weak 6'2 like Lesnar could pass for being a 6'3.
Andrea on Keith David
6'0.5 is a huge benefit of doubt... I doubt he looks any less than 4 inches shorter than Joel (and Joel is 6'3.5 AT BEST)...
But whatever... This is not gonna be another Bob Gunton guy ;)
I just wanted to point out that he does look noticeably shorter than his listing...
Editor Rob: In Keith's case looking at his upper body he looks shorter now than in the past, whether he is a flat 6ft today I don't know....
french guy m on General Height
No, dutch children were not followed from birth, they just took small sample for each year
But I still believe the average height is 183 cm
Andrea on Dennis Quaid
Weak 6'???? Come on, even a blind man would see more than just 1.5 inches there... He does look minimum 2 good inches shorter there...
Editor Rob: Here with less footwear and possibly a cm less posture I wouldn't have thought he was less than a weak 6ft, 5ft 11.5 range is certainly arguable for him.

In American Dreamz with Hugh Grant I'm not sure he was the same height, he looked taller than Hugh who typically looks 5ft 11.
Crane on General Height
Today is really unexpected! I measured and got 193.4 on the stadio after woke up for 6 hour but still... I'm not happy with my height. What I truly want is to acheive 6'6 + status.
Rory on Cristiano Ronaldo
Rob, how many cms difference would you say there is between Ronaldo and Benzema ?

Click Here
Editor Rob: in that photo not much, but overall ronaldo can look more than 1cm taller
Allie on James Franco
I met Franco years ago and I remember he was surprisingly a lot shorter than I expected. I'm 5'5", he wasn't much taller than me. It was so much of a shock that his height was the first thing my friend and I commented on after Franco left. 5'11" in his dreams, but it's hard to say how tall. His whole frame was smaller I would have thought too.
Allen on Brad Pitt
@175 cm

It's no exaggeration when he is standing that short next to a 5'3 woman even he is in sneakers. Why you guys have so big of a perception about Pitt that you can't accept his shortness?
Crane on Jason Momoa
@Rob Who will edge who if they stand side by side, Mamoa or Pace ?
Editor Rob: there is a good chance they are quite similar.
Allie on Amber Heard
I found a picture of Dakota Fanning without heels next to Jesse Eisenberg and a pic of Amber without heels next to Eisenberg. Fanning seemed to have more ground on Eisenberg than Amber. Fanning is 5'6".

Amber's body structure and proportions imo, look more like 5'5". And, tall women 5'7" + are generally not as keen to wear super high heels all of the time like Amber does.
Arch Stanton on General Height
It's still hard to believe that almost 6 ft 1 could be an AVERAGE height, when the average man in the UK is four inches shorter., even among younger generation.
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Yes I'm sure I've requested Jeanne Moreau before, it might have been when I saw La Notte too, can't remember.
Judd on Harrison Ford
James is precisley what i always thought: in my opinion Ford was at peak a decent 6'0.5" guy like Bradley Cooper, Henry Cavill and Channing Tatum, and today at 74 is 5'11"...in my opinion he lost 1,5" which is a big chunk. In 1989, when the last crusade was filmed, he was 6'-6'0.25" I believe.
Arch Stanton on Lynn Bari
Yes, I've often thought the 5 ft 8 women of that generation were like 5'10-5'11 today, a 5 ft 9 like Ingrid Bergman would be like a 6 ft woman today I think. In India a 5 ft 6 woman is still considered tall of course. There's women that height like Denis Van outen and Angelie Jolie who can pull off tall range anyway, but I think 170 and over is really proper tall range for a woman, 5 ft 6 range is sort of like 5 ft 11 range for a guy isn't it, upper average-tallish rather than tall.
MD on Sugar Ray Leonard
With 5'8" Usher Raymond:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

He's either lost height or he was never a full 5'9" to begin with.
moe on Christopher McDonald
He's 6'2
moe on Derek Theler
Wow, my comment really got messed up. I don't know if it was a glitch, or editing. Anyway, I've posted enough information about Theler's height. People with sense, will see the photos I have of him looking taller than a 6'5 actor, and towering over two 6'2 actors. Or just watch Shark Killer where he dwarfs Arnold Vosloo. I'm out.
Phil on Craig David
Rob, looking at the Craig pictures with Olly Murs, would you contemplate a downgrade to 5 foot 10 (178 cm)? Can you fill me in ?
Editor Rob: he can look that range yes.
berta on John Cena
ok thanks for the answer. I cant really se mutch more than ane and a half inch between him and the rock. 2 inches at the very most
slick on Muhammad Ali
Ali was half a hair's breadth under 6'3" at his peak. It wouldn't be incorrect to call him 6'3"
Justanotherguy on Tom Hardy
Check this out: Click Here

Just thought it was a good picture to share.
Dmax on Kit Harington
Was glimpsing on couple pics of him he looks so short even when standing by himself. He needs a downgrade to like 5'5 or something.
165 guy on Jamie Foxx
5'9" in shoes for sure....but below average height barefoot. weird huh? Yeah everyone loses an inch barefoot...just watch in living color he's barely taller than Tommy Davidson whatever his height is...in Booty call he wears boots with lifts in them.
datguy on Andrew Lincoln
dang what a shame. how much would you say he weighs? he looks around 160 lbs to me
Canson on Howard Stern
Willes189: there is no question for Howard. Which is why people were so quick to upgrade him. He's a legit proper 6'5 which is not appreciated because so many 6'3 and 6'4 guys claim it these days in there shoes the latter in the morning
Canson on Tim Robbins
I think when we take Moe's advice (he goes off what someone else said they were at 6'5 and inflates the other person to accommodate) then Robbins is 6'6". In the real world however he was as stated a peak 6'4.5. May still be that height but doubt he's under 6'4 flat at his age. Howard Stern is clearly taller than him and Howard is a legit classic 6'5. He isn't any taller than that
Canson on Anthony Joshua
@Mathew: Wlad's closer to the camera and favored. There the same or minimal diff for Wlad both somewhere in 6'5 ranfe
James on Justin Bieber
Imo I wouldn't say as low as 5'5", but 168cm the lowest possible and 172cm the highest
jenja on General Height
All you guys saying 6'5 is average in the Netherlands, you probably went out on a day when all the tall dudes were out lol
Canson on Ming Yao
Lol. So People are now calling Bradley 7'7 or 7'7.5 just to make Yao 7'6? That is ridiculous. Bradley was measured 7'6.25 and 7'5.5 supposedly. So No way he's 7'7+.maybe the 7'5.5 was weak as I believe he's 7'6. But Im with KROC on this one. He met him Yao in person and stood next to him and classified him as 7'4 range. If anything, Yao is the full 7'5 as listed, Bradley the full 7'6 as listed. But This "inflating" of someone just to accommodate another person is a crock and don't get why people do it so often in real life and here
Canson on Kareem Abdul Jabbar
No arguments here. His listing is very accurate for his prime. No questioning he's a legit 7'2 absolutely no less than 7'1 7/8 he claimed he measured
Canson on Magic Johnson
He's a bit high on here. 201 as measured at the Olympics. 6'7.25 is more realistic. But I guess close enough and better than 6-9 he's listed in the pros

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

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