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14 August
Jay on Bailee Madison
Definitely taller than 5'5
Aza on Logan Paul
He looks a strapping 6'1.5 inches!
blazer on Steven Yeun
Looks like Steven is squeezing Rob's neck here in the photo, as to say I better not be given an under 5'8 estimate haha.
Slim183 on King Felipe VI
6'5.25 sounds nice.
Canson on Larry Bird
@Junior: he may have lost height and they said George grew to 6'8.5 or .75 and was near 6'10 in shoes. I take that with a grain of salt but Bird not edging him much today could be either of them. It wouldn't surprise me if Bird were 6'8.75 at his lowest in his peak because after all that still is gonna look 6'9" to most people. I say that based on how he looks with Magic.
Sidd on Kane
Kane and Sheamus.. Kane looks 5 inches taller IMO Click Here Click Here
Canson on Hulk Hogan
@Christian: yea agreed he's not even between 6'6-6'7 in sneakers may be close to 6'6" in a good pair or right at that mark in Jordan's or boots
Slim183 on Michael Fassbender
Lmao guys, the guy knows how to act! But he isn't above 5'11, as he looked really similar to brad pitt. I'm still sticking to my 5'10.5 guesstimate.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Kelsey Grammer
187-188cm out of bed peak
Slim183 on Tom Hanks
willes, are there any Film clips on youtube with good ground or events/appearances where hanks looked a weak 6'?

nick cage is known to be a boot wearer, half of his voters think he missed out on the mighty 6' mark and he wears boots to compensate, I find that not true as he matched Travolta on "face off"(sad, but good film), so I do think cage is 6'0-6'0.25, not sure about the footwear worn in that film though.
Ray on Charles Dance
He was definitely over 6'3" in his prime, and I'd say he can still pull off at least 6'2" today.
Jonathan on Wallace Langham
Looks at most 3 cm taller than you. 176 cm max
Chad on Kane
Sidd, I agree, I think Kane might even be taller if he wasn't slouching BY .25-.5 inches, you can cearly see Kane is trying to sell Gallows' height in the ring but it was almost like when The Undertaker and Underfaker stood toe-to-toe. You could see that Mark Calaway had 2 inches on Brian Lee and it just didn't work. I think Kane was definitely a 6'8 peak. No way he was anything under that. Kevin Nash might have had him by 1.25 inches in their match back with Isaac Yankem vs Diesel
Travis on Rob Schneider
Lord almighty. Somehow Schneider's height is now listed at 5'9" by google. And I thought 5'7" was insane.
Editor Rob: Tom Cruise is laughing at that, along with Rob himself 😂

telling people Tom Cruise is 5ft 7 and Rob Schneider 5ft 9 😀 ...actually they don't give a damn about it anyway!
Spencer on Michael Keaton
Spencer on Edward Norton
Looks exactly 6 maybe a touch over
abar on Josh Hutcherson
looks 5´8 considering 5´8 is extremly short
Supermanfan380 on Sid Eudy
I recall an interview with Kevin Nash, I'm sure many here are familiar with, where Nash mentioned when he first realized Wrestling was a work. He said it was when he saw Hulk Hogan in person walk right past him at an event, in 1989 or 1990, and that at that time hogan was only 6'4". Nash's words. Now obviously that was afternoon etc... ok Sid was a couple inches over hogan. 6'5.5" - 6'6" afternoon conservatively. About the same as contributor AliBaba. That is congruent with other of the conservative height estimates, almost as tall as UT.

By the way, Sid has a bigger frame than UT, height isn't everything. If you notice in stare downs Sid's shoulder height is taller. His skull is simply slightly wider and shorter than Undetaker's. UT may have a longer neck as well. The reality is a real 6'6" is a man tower.
abar on Justin Bieber
i have to say u are a real retard because im 5´9 at night and when i wear airmax im still only 5-10-5-11 so that remvoes your points but i still say justin bieber is 5-6
Junior on Godfrey Gao
I saw a post Godfrey doesn't look under 6'4.5" with 6'5 Ray Allen. Maybe min 6'4.25"?
tree on Height Request
How come this site has Big John Studd, Giant Haystacks but doesen't have Giant Gonzales the talles wrestler of the world?
Editor Rob: I remember someone not long ago asked again for him and this was just before I was preparing for a trip, but I will give him a page now!
Seysey on Bella Hadid
Her mother is 5'7 and whenever they're together Bella and her look the same height
Junior on Wayne Rooney
I always see Rooney as a weak 5'9 soccer player. 5'8.5-5'8.75" not higher.
Junior on Gerard Pique
Look right with 6'4.75" Draymond Green and possible 6'3.5" Rio Ferdinand.
Fred84 on Dennis Hopper
Editor Rob: thanks for the answer and sorry for my post - I see you recognized that but I am sorry - I posted the photo at the wrong page - it should be posted to the page where was "Michael Madsen" and not "Dennis Hopper" (I had these two at the same time opened, that is the reason why I posted it to wrong page) :D
Nik on Sonya Balmores
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

Firstly I would like to say I am very sorry to hear that you did not get good news when you went to the doctors on Wednesday. I hope that the possible less evasive treatment reaps good rewards for you, and maybe it could be combined with some other treatment, however you would need to look into this and ask for the opinion of a professional of course. What about the heat patches? You once said that they were very good at relieving pain, no they are not a cure but they are one of the things that could be used to complement the less evasive treatment. If you explore every possibility available you may still be pleasantly surprised at how well you can combat your back pains.
I am glad that you want to keep strong by having good nutrition, even if the less evasive treatment does not provide a permanent cure who knows what revolutionary treatment there will be in years to come.
Top class nutrition on a daily basis really is a great thing, anyone can aspire to this and it's so important to have the mindset of doing this. I know you think this too!
I appreciate the kind things you have said to me regarding my EB, I also appreciate what your brother has said about me being brave and I would like you to tell him! I also think that you are very brave living with your back pains plus I would also like to say that your attitude is spot on in that you are still very positive about life. That really is the way to be, this hasn't always come easy for me but I feel that I am in that position now and will make sure that I remain so permanently.
I am glad that your brother is safety conscious, it really is best for people to be like that, however I hope the route to being like that wasn't through the route of sustaining an injury when he was younger, my brother Steve broke his leg a few times during his childhood, thankfully that is not something I have ever experienced. Pain is an awful thing to experience so it is worth it when a person is very careful about everything that he/she does.
I have something interesting to tell you and Rob again, just go onto David Berry's page!

Cheers Sandy!
Andrea on Michael Rosenbaum
He does look comfortably over 5'10 with Rob, at least 179-80 range. That being said, I doubt he would ever measure under 180! Rob, do you agree that he'd be AT LEAST a couple of cms taller than Big Josh?
I'm sure there are some scenes on Smallville where he can look at least 4 inches shorter than Tom (when Tom is in bigger shoes) but, when they are in similar shoes, it looks less. 3.5 inches between them is quite possible.
I think he's got a bigger chance of measuring over 5'11 than a guy like DiCaprio...
Editor Rob: I think from seeing him again up close he looked a very big 5ft 11 guy, so I feel 181 is a good enough guess, I'd be shocked if he measured under 5ft 11!
Junior on Timothy Olyphant
He look 6'0 with 6'4 Conan O'brien. Timothy Olyphant need an upgrade here.
Junior on Dennis Rodman
Watching him play in the Bulls during hey days my guess Rodman was a solid 6'6.5" a good listing here.
Junior on Kobe Bryant
Under 6'5.25 was a joke. 6'4 James Harden look 6'3.5 and 6'7.5" Magic Johnson look just 6'7 with Kobe.
Reece on Tyson Fury
I did see it. I was just pointing out what I think he could be. And that When Fury is taller people mostly look excuses and say the Camara was closer. But when he is shorter with Fury poor posture when he is shorter like the Handball Goal with Fury not standing properly people say that he is shorter and 6-7 or Under.
Junior on Alexander Skarsgard
He can be 6'4.5" look at him with Stephen Moyer.
Rising - 174 cm on George Clooney
I can't see much chance of anything over 5'10.5", especially now. In addition to that full pic, there's a series of pics with Willis that day and Willis is taller in all of them. 177 cm peak is too low, but I do believe he could look it with bad posture. I see a better chance of Pitt being near 180 cm than George.
Wtf on Burt Reynolds
Junior on Jared Padalecki
6'4.85 out of bed and 6'4 before bed
Junior on William Mapother
He look 6'0.25" here. Maybe he measure at his tallest at 6'1 but drop at lowest 6'0.5" range
Junior on Gareth David Lloyd
Close enough at 5'11
Junior on Burn Gorman
Legit 5'8.75" not a full 5'9, mr rob head was little behind him. Can't see his footwear so picture just tell that he look little weak 5'9
Slim 182 cm on Brad Pitt
@Rising - 174 cm, he will just deny it.
teez on Manu Bennett
well duh he is 5'10
James on Scott Stapp
I've met Mark Tremonti and I'd say he is 6'3. I'm 5'11 and my brother is 6'1. We met Mark together and got a pic. He towers over me and he had 2 inches on my brother. I was shocked to see how thin Mark was in person. He looks muscular usually but he was rail thin in person.
Junior on Ryan Reynolds
6'2.75" same as Tom Welling. Bigger head makes him look shorter
berta on Darius Campbell
i think he can be a 194 cm guy
Lyle on Stone Cold Steve Austin
Not 6'1, there was a woman on his broken skull ranch who was listed 6'1 and Steve was a tad smaller.
MJKoP on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Kiko said on 12/Aug/17
MJKoP you should also go to sleep. Nothin more to say just another sheep of this society

LOL, I'll just let your words speak for themselves, while you binge watch Alex Jones marathons.
movieguy on Roger Moore
The 6'1.5'' quote is made when he stands next to Michael Parkinson who is given as 5'10'' on this site. The funny thing is if you take a look at it they look more or less the same height. Pierce Brosnan looks clearly taller than Parkinson at the same event. To contradict this there is the clip where Moore presents at the Oscars with 6'2'' Michael Caine and 6'2'' Sean Connery. Moore is perhaps slightly shorter but only just, does look 6'1'' in this clip. Maybe Moore had lost height by the time of the later clip. I do think Moore was a genuine 6ft plus in his prime but did lose an inch or two with age.
Canson on Charles Barkley
@Rising: yep! 6'4" for Mitch worst case 6'3.75. Mullin looks maybe half inch or 2cm taller than sprewell and him both. I think spree is a legit 6'4. Mullin looks shorter than Miller. Miller once said he's around 6'5-6'6" so my guess prob closer to 6'6 like 197cm imho. He looks to have Mullin and Chuck and MJ by 1-1.5" and rose looks maybe half inch or so taller. It's hard to gauge Rose. He may be a stronger 6'6 (1/8-1/4) which he should've been rounded to 6'6.5 since they didn't do 1/4 back then). Plus he was listed 6'8" in college and pros. But according to people who've met him they say he's 6'6" in person legitimately
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on John Cusack
IMDB now have him at 187cm
Nik on David Berry
@ Sandy Cowell @ Rob

What I wanted to tell you both is that my Dad used to be a Policeman!

David Berry looks a convincing 6'0", it's great to give him his first comment!
Wolf on General Height
Click Here Rob, how tall is the fella on the right next to G-Eazy? Click Here Here's him and Tyga.

He's listed at 6'2" on IMDb, but he looks nowhere near that tall.
Editor Rob: he said 1.85m for his height 8 months ago.
Canson on Conan O'Brien
@Rising174: Yup!!! all the time!!! Especially if I wear Jordan's or Timbs. I lately have said 6'4" if I'm in flip flops or casual shoes but when in a higher shoe I'd say 6'4/6'5 but actually 6'4 1/2 more frequently than either really. I get some who insist because they are XYZ (haven't lately tho I will say) maybe 6 months back say he's 6'5" and I'm prob inch taller then than him. He was claiming his shoes very clearly (which he admitted) as I had him in casual shoes by half inch or so and he only had my 6'3 friend by half standing next to him. He was max 6'3.25-.5 and 6'4 1/2 in shoes which he rounded up. I will say he didn't inflate me but he did say well if you wore this shoe you'd be this or why don't you claim this and tried to explain why he should be allowed to claim shoes. I finally just walked away from him as I was tired of hearing it
Barry Fl on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Kiko said on 12/Aug/17
MJKoP you should also go to sleep. Nothin more to say just another sheep of this society

Leave it out Kiko, this is a discussion site, not a playground. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on the subject here (Arnold's height), and people's opinions don't have to be the same as yours. That's life. Let's not resort to juvenile insults when people think differently to you.
Barry Fl on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jim Hopper said on 13/Aug/17
Lou F was 6-3". Arnie was a shade over 6-0". Now 5-10 to a max 5-11". In his boots like in Terminator etc he was a 6-2" guy,in boots remember.

Trouble is Jim, his bodybuilding stats and early measurements - and the oft-quoted Vince Basille measurement - were not taken in his Terminator boots.
Juggernaut on Triple H
Triple H is still 6'2' IMO..And near 6'3' in his prime..No way was the Rock an inch taller than Triple H back then,Possibly like 0.25 taller at most..
Andrea on Lauren Cohan
Rob, how much height do her boots give? Maybe over 2 and near 2.5 inches?
Editor Rob: those boots would give her close to 2.5 inches, the ones she wore on paul wesley page were at least 2 inches more.
Andrea on Kristen Renton
She looks somewhere between 5'9 and 5'10, maybe 176-77 range. Minus 2.5 inches for footwear advantage, somewhere in 5'7 range certainly seems more believable than 5'8!
Editor Rob: that day she looked close to 5ft 10 I thought standing there...
Nevermind on Gal Gadot
There's a video of her hugging and then standing near Ryan Seacrest on Kathy and Ryan. She is *barely* taller than he is, They are both wearing flats and he slouches. His height is listed as 5'8" and you know they exaggerate height on men in the business. I think the modelling agency listed her height in 1 inch soles. You know for sure that 5'10" is bunk if the modelling agency officially lists 5'9.5 because they would never list a height shorter than reality. A model always wants to be as tall as possible.
Andrea on Idris Elba
Canson, yeah, it is arguable 6'2.5 is not his "lowest" but I think he might have genuinely got that mark at one point, barefoot. He certainly is not like a Will Smith who claims the same mark but clearly looks nowhere near that. Idris certainly looks much more honest: Click Here Maybe you can make an argument for 6'2.25 but 6'2.5 would be a perfect listing, IMO! I mean, he claims it and he can certainly pull off looking that tall.
As for Boris, do you really think I'd base my estimate on someone who said they met him and he looked a certain height? Do you really think people always tell the truth on this site about how tall they are or about celebrities they have met? LOL! Welcome to celebheights! 90%+ of the posts on here are pure garbage. Maybe sometimes it is true, maybe sometimes some visitors really did meet a celebrity and maybe they genuinely thought they looked a certain height but I will NEVER base my estimate on that! Unless we're talking about Rob or a few other guys I trust on here. If Boris is only 6'3 tops, as you say, many celebrities need a big downgrade (and many already do, if Boris is only about 6'4)! This is not Boris' page but I'll post a few photos, since you brought him up:
- with a listed 6'1.5 Boris Becker: Click Here Click Here
- with 6'0.5 Steve Harvey and 6' Tyson Beckford: Click Here
- with a listed 6'5.5 Kevin Durand: Click Here You could say he's standing closer to the camera and he's got some advantage there but there are many other pictures of them and Boris can look barely shorter than him, at times. And, oh, the guy on the right is listed at 6'1 on here.
- with a listed 6'6 Rick Fox: Click Here
- with a listed 6' James Van Der Beek: Click Here
- with a listed 6' Kim Coates: Click Here
For these celebrities, I just reported the height they're listed at (I'm sure there might be someone who is a bit overlisted in that list) but he certainly doesn't look under 6'4, to me. If anything, you can make an argument for a fraction over. 6'3 is a big joke for Boris!
TheReel on Rio Ferdinand
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Aug/17
Proportionally he looks like a 6ft3-4 guy

no. He has the proportions of a 6'2-6'3 guy which is what he is,
Tall In The Saddle on Robert Wadlow
In terms of both his incredible height and the incredible human being that he was, I have been absolutely fascinated by this man ever since I first read of him in the Guinness Book of World Records and then in a book titled Very Special People (highly recommended) bought for me so long ago by my very special Mum.
I have never refuted Robert's last recorded height of 8'11.1" nor am I refuting it now. I'll admit, if there was actual evidence to prove Wadlow's height to be a bit less than an exact 8'11.1", emotionally, it might be a bit difficult to accept - it's the iconic benchmark, a seemingly mythical yet somehow real human height, set in stone and there are photos to prove that no man has even come close to Robert's height - even the formidable 8'3" Sultan Kosen pales in comparison standing by the life size figure of Wadlow. Happily, I can say that in all objectivity, I don't actually have to refute Robert's height - it's for real.
However, perhaps qualification of when Robert's final height of 8'11.1" was exactly determined is required.
By most accounts, the last measurement of Robert's height while he was still alive was made on 27 June 1940 and sadly, Robert passed away just 18 days later on 15 July 1940. The natural assumption is that this last measurement yielded a height of 8'11.1" and most modern day articles suggest this to be the case.
However, several contemporary articles printed upon Robert's death stated that Robert's height recorded as at 27 June 1940 was in fact 8'10.3". Based on upon this, this is the final height these articles afforded Robert in their obits - but, bare in mind, the articles were printed exactly upon Robert's death on 15 July 1940, likely prior to any possible post mortem recording and publishing of Robert's absolute final height.
There are several other obit. articles that "only" afforded Robert a height of 8'9.5" upon his death - but those articles were clearly referencing a height afforded to Robert back in Feb 1940 (about 5 months prior to Robert's death) by the shoe company he promoted - and it's likely the shoe company was drawing on a medically verified height as at that time.
So, as I interpret it, Robert's final living recorded height measurement was 8'10.3 as at 27 June 1940, an increase of .8" from Robert's last recorded measurement of 8'9.5" some 4 months prior back in Feb 1940 (upon turning age 22). If one wanted to "average" it, one might guess that Robert would see about 2.4" increase in height over the course of his 23rd year. Generally speaking, the rate of Wadlow's growth had slowed a bit in later years but there was still no accounting for exactly how much Robert could grow in any given year and when his growth was greatest at any period during any given year.
If Robert's final height of 8'11.1" was in fact recorded upon his death on 15 July 1940, that would mean an apparent height gain of .8" from the measurement of 8'10.3" made just some 2 1/2 weeks prior (on 27 June 1940). The most recent trend for Robert's growth prior to that (from Feb to Jun 1940) reflected the same amount of growth of .8" over 4 months. Could Robert have achieved the same amount of growth of .8" in just the last 2 1/2 weeks of his life? It's possible, because Wadlow did experience literal spurts at different times.
My ultimate conclusion may be that Robert's last living recorded height was in fact 8'10.3" as at 27 June 1940 and his post mortem height as at or near enough to 15 July 1940 was again, a properly medically verified 8'11.1". Robert may well have gained an extra .8" in height in those final weeks ("impossible" is hardly a word that can be applied to one Robert Pershing Wadlow). Otherwise, Robert's final apparent height gain to reach 8'11.1" was possible a combination of both actual further growth and Robert's final measurement being under conditions which allowed for the absolute maximum measurement of Robert's height (sadly achieved post mortem).
To be clear, I don't doubt at all that Wadlow was ultimately medically verified to be a true 8'11.1" in height, and could've been measured in ideal living circumstances to be that height - but I would be interested to read contemporary documentation confirming exactly when the measurement was medically verified.
Jordan87 on Henry Cavill

Based on more Recent Pics of him, 5'11 is a bit too low. Don't let his stocky Appearance fool you. He is comfortably above average height.
189Night on RiceGum
Good add, Yea this is about right, was hard for me to believe his 6'2 claim let alone 6'3
la on Usain Bolt
Rahul on Amitabh Bachchan
Amitabh never looked full 6' 2" at any point of time. He was never over 6 ' 1.5". 187 cms at the most
James on Adolf Hitler
Mussolini was 5'6.5" so Hitler was easily 5'10".
Sandy Cowell on Susan May Pratt
I'm familiar with the name as there was a Susan Pratt in my class at school - and she was tall, a good hard worker, but most important of all, my friend!
When I first saw that there was an actress with that name as well, I was not likely to forget that in a hurry! Like my Susan, she is tall as well, and I really like how open and forthright she is when describing how it's better to be smaller as an actress and taller as a model (does she model?) and then follows that with that she is either 5ft7 or 5ft8, as if it is then up to you to draw your own conclusion!
Nice one! I'll give Susan 5ft7.5 then, halfway house!
tornado on Dave Batista
i would say he is about 6 foot 4
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Gerard Pique
Rob, do you really think that he got measured at 194cm?
Editor Rob: busting a gut, the measurement in the 194-5 zone is believable, especially if he's only been up for 2 hours.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Rio Ferdinand
A tad over this, Rob?
Editor Rob: at times he can seem 6ft 3 and a little fraction.
Tallish89 on Justin Bieber

I hope rob takes a look at those photos. It probably doesn't add 3inches though, maybe 2 at most.

He just stopped wearing 4 and 5 inches heels and stuck too lower lifts. If he was anywhere near 5'8 he won't look so short next to Cody Simpson (5'11)
Tallish89 on Justin Timberlake
Justin with JLo (5'4.5) for those who claims he started wearing lifts after 02' that's just a lot of nonsense. Guy looks same only difference is his big curly hair

2000 with Jlo Click Here

2002 on trl with Jlo Click Here

2017 at charity event Click Here

Looking at him more now I realised he has looked constantly 6 feet his entire adult life.
Slim 182 cm on Redfoo
Edwin on General Height
Where would a 5'11.5" woman come up to on a 6'4" man. If they both stand face to face, barefoot on level floor.
Bobby on General Height
@Arch Stanton, well, for simplicity sakes, if you give your height in centimetrs, you won't says 185.5cm, you'll say 185cm and they'll understand you're saying you are 6'1. You also won't say 177.8cm, you'll say 178cm because that's easier to say. It's mostly for convenience than anything else. You don't have to be laser accurate.
Slim 182 cm on Logan Paul
Spot on.
Sam on Charlie Day
He's clearly under 5ft 5in mark ... come on Rob!
Sandy Cowell on Suzy Kendall
@ Arch Stanton - You are too right there!
Good humour and personality are infinitely more important to womenfolk than anything to do with what a guy looks like!
John183cm on Jake Paul
Guys check this out this has to be discussed.

Click Here (Anthony and Chance)

Why does Chance look huge? Is he wearing lifts? He looks like 6ft 1.5in in that pic(WITH SHOES). Could be the angle but he looks taller than 6 IMO.

More like a weak 6ft 1in
Arch Stanton on Errol Flynn
Definitely wasn't even close to 6'2, Patric Knowles has an easy inch on Flynn Click Here and was listed at 6'2. Now I think Knowles was more a stronger 6'2 but still shows Flynn was nearer 6'1.
Arch Stanton on Height Request
I was right, check out Patric with Errol Flynn Click Here I think 189 range would be spot on, he looked roughly the same height as Sidney Poitier. again pretty much shows that Flynn was never a real 6'2!
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Is it still worth requesting here, or are you planning on ending Celebheights? Patric Knowles worth adding? He had nearly 3 inches on Clark Gable and was listed at 6 ft 2. Even if Gable lost height Knowles looked at least 6'2, in fact at first I mistook him for Vincent Price. A strong 6'2 not impossible as he looked about the same height as Sidney Poitier.
Editor Rob: There are lots of names on here I do add, but some of them I need to think about.

It could be that barely anybody actually searches on google for their height, so the interest in their height is negligible, or that I simply haven't yet seen enough of the person.

As I mentioned previously, if somebody gives a height or there is some interesting quote about it, I find it useful.

Knowles at 6ft 2 and change is believable, he was taller than Errol Flynn I believe. I seen him described as 6ft 3 and 1/2!
Arch Stanton on Clark Gable
In Band of Angels Patric Knowles had nearly 3 inches on Gable as was listed at 6 ft 2. I think Gable was down to 5'11 range by his last years.
Warren on Zendaya
A little surprised she's almost the same height as me, I thought she's 5'10"
Arch Stanton on Michael Caine
A full 6'2 seems a tad high, I would go with 187 range myself.
the Slav on General Height
@don't know what to claim (5'11)

6'6? Alright lol
Appe 183.3cm on Football Soccer
@Luca you're welcome bro!
I suppose Alessio Romagnoli is in the 187-188cm range for sure. On Patrik Shick I am not so sure but on the pitch he can look easily 189-190cm.
I am wondering how tall is Federico Bernardeschi (he s listed 183cm but doesn't look that tall)
Slim 182 cm on Nicolas Cage
Strong 6', because this guy matched up to Travolta in "face off", either this or flat 6' for Travolta.
Anon on Emilia Clarke
I'd say she could be 5'1, thats close enough to 5 ft nothing so she could say that
Anon2 on Dave Batista
He is struggling to look 6'2'' today with Shane, who at most is 6'1''. Click Here that's some height loss, going from a peak 6'3''
Canson on Scottie Pippen
@Height: this is not the greatest pic neither is the other but it doesn't have Pippen being taller than Lebron. They look like they could be the same or similar. I've heard people say Lebron is 6'7" in person as well but when I compare to Carmelo I think he comes up a bit short at his lowest as Melo looked in the range of what he measured when I met him. The other pic with them that I see Lebron looks taller but because he is favored in the angle (at least I am willing to admit that and won't try to pass the picture being biased). But my point that I make is that I've seen pippen next to enough people to know he is not as tall as you list him when you're saying he's 6'7.5. Rob even has Lebron listed higher as is Magic so he must have made the assumption himself. My personal opinion is that Scottie and Lebron are roughly equal 200ish and Magic may be 201. But You haven't provided any proof either that magic and Scottie are the same height or that Scottie is taller than Lebron. You simply pull random cm out of nowhere and assess them to people.

Click Here
Slim 182 cm on Danny Trejo
jervis on Clint Eastwood
George Kennedy always looked a honest 6ft4 Guy to me,but with Clint at 6ft2 it would make Kennedy in the 6ft2.5 or Max 6ft2.75 range.Also all of thy Beatles apart from Ringo were average height 5ft9 to 5ft10,there ate pics of them with Ali and Ali looks am easy 6ft2 next to them,infraction they look short next to him.I agree Clint was not 6ft4 peak as he stated himself on many occasions, but he was not 6ft2 either,he was 6ft3.Also there if a pic from the mid eighties of Clint standing next to 6ft3.5 Chevy Chase and he looks very similar in height so 6ft3 looks about right to me.
Anon2 on Chris Evans
6ft for sure, taller than strong 5'11'' Sebastian stan and taller than 5'11.5'' jimmy fallon Click Here Click Here
Canson on General Height
@lynxy: for me personally (I'm a strong 6'4), I would say ideal for a tall man is maybe 6'3 or a solid 6'4 (maybe someone who dips to around 6'3 3/4-6'4 at night). That's just enough to keep you under 6'5" in most shoes. Not that 6'5 is terrible height (I wake up a small hair over 6'5) but I'd say anything above like 6'6 or above is where's the problems become enhanced especially if the person isn't a pro athlete or some type of rich celeb where they could afford life at that height or need the height for some reason
Slim 182 cm on Lane Garrison
errybodyshutup, I feel more 172 is tbh.
Canson on Conan O'Brien
@Rising174: what you mentioned about Dolph could be true that he didn't drop below 6'4" in the 80s Or 90s. However I still think that many celebs are overlisted here on the site
Anon2 on Hulk Hogan
Hulk had a good inch on Brock Lesnar back in 2014, and hulk was standing with bad posture too. he was still 6'3'' back then. the question is has he lost any height since? i still think he should measure 6'3'' today.
Anon2 on Brock Lesnar
lol at almost 6'3'' for Lesnar, come on now..... even the rock isn't 6'3'', and he is taller than Lesnar. I would love to see Lesnar stand next to a true sports measured athlete who is 6'3'' and watch him get owned height wise. the man is a flat 6'2'' at most. maybe even 6'1.5'' today like some people on here are saying. 6'3'' is his fake billed height. heck dean ambrose is still billed at 6'4'' lol.
Slim 182 cm on Mark Gatiss
Wow, just proves how tall 6'1" really is, he towers rob for sure. I think his listing is around where he measures up at.
Slim 182 cm on David Tennant
Try 6'1 out of bed. Guys he doesn't look a real 6'1 like Costner.
Canson on Steven Seagal
Peak 6'4" no higher.
Canson on Jimmy Kimmel
Lol he hates when someone decides how tall he is? He seems like the type who would assess someone else a height in correlation with his own lie he's telling esp since he's 2" or more off
Dj on Fearne Cotton
I reckon shes more 5ft 7 looks as tall as holly willoughby and compared to some other people she does look quite tall
Canson on Jimmy Kimmel
It doesn't surprise me that he does lie on his own height. he measured Anthony Davis on his show in shoes and not properly as his hair gave him a boost.

@Bugsy: 5'11 isn't really average Height that's above. It looks only average when a real 5'8" or 5'9" guy claims it
777 on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Terminator 3. Kristanna Loken height - 5'11 plus high heels. Arnold Schwarzenegger height - 6'1.
Canson on Stephen Merchant
@Avi and Christian: agreed! Think that height of 6'6 or 6'7 are too tall in those regards. Doorways health etc. however I don't think 6'5" is all that bad at least like Christian said less issues with doors. Now Avi made good points for health but no guarantee that's the case necessarily for all types of cancer
Canson on Hulk Hogan
@David Banner: Doc was actually 6'5.5 barefoot peak. But yea he is definitely taller than Jordan and Barkley both of whom are weak 6'5" (6'4.5) and 6'4 5/8
adam on Mark Wahlberg
Around 171 cm flat.
adam on James Marsden
he's 176 cm
Jaragon2k on Logan Paul
@deathstroke I don't see him being more than 6'2, he looks at most considering footwear .5 inches taller than Logan
Tom on Michael Landon
For what it's worth, Landon was the same height as Dean Martin. Watch the episodes of Martin's variety show he appears with Dean. He mostly wore cowboy boots. But Dean wore lifts. And when Landon was on The Tonight Show with JohnnyCarson wearing a tux and regular shoes, he and Johnny were the same height. I'd say Landon was a solid 5'10''.
HonestSlovene on Logan Paul
@Koala Mostly because a lot of people tend to add about 1-3 inches to their height.
chaerlz on RiceGum
Keep the Youtube star heights coming! How tall do you think Faze Banks and Nikan are?
Editor Rob: faze is being consistant claiming 6ft 5...he certainly looks quite a tall guy.
dicksock on Hulk Hogan
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 13/Aug/17

Barkley at 6'6"-6'7"? LOL


Back up your LOLing with facts... I'm begging you. Let me follow your train of thought.
Johnson on Mesut Ozil
Taller than people expect. Tallish
Shredder on Robert Downey Jr
He looks pretty close to Andrew but not a full 5 '8 ... based on this he needs a slight down grade , he is more 5'7.5.

Click Here
Shredder on Aaron Paul
in the sec shot he looks just shy of 5'8
Shredder on Giancarlo Esposito
In the photo I see 5'7.25 , 5'7.5 is the most but 5'7.25 seems better.
Editor Rob: if I had 1/8th listing, 5ft 7 3/8ths might be the best compromise really!
Slim 182 cm on Javier Bardem
5'10 is absolutely ridiculous, this guy clearly is 5'11.25-5'11.5 and he wore boots in "no country for old men", to pass of as a 6' or 6'1 guy.......
Fisticuffs on Steven Yeun
I think some people aren't taking into account where the back of Yuen's head is 😂 and therefore overestimating the height difference. It's probably somewhere mid way through his hair. I can see maybe 0.5 inch difference here and if he had a fraction more footwear then he may be 171 range. 171-72 is what he might measure. 172 cm is fair
Slim 182 cm on Cody Simpson
I agree, he wore boots to pass of as 6'0.5 guy.
Christian-6'5 3/8 on Keiynan Lonsdale
5'9.75", guys his height claiming 6'0" devalues how a true 6'0" really is.
Christian-6'5 3/8 on Diplo
5'10", I think his original listing was more appropriate, Rob.
Slim 182 cm on Robert Downey Jr
Rising, are you sure the ground was good in "less than zero"?.

His listing is not bad, I'd leave it the way it is.
Christian-6'5 3/8 on Wentworth Miller
Luca on General Height
Rob,what is your max out of bed height? (In cms and mms)
Editor Rob: using the wall measurement, I did this year once get close to 175.0, but normally around 174.8 is a common first thing measurement the other few times I tested it.
Christian-6'5 3/8 on Kurt Angle
Peak 177-178
Currently 175 or a hair under
Christian-6'5 3/8 on Brock Lesnar

The problem is that Heyman isn't 5'10", as he didn't look taller than Kurt Angle who's 5'9" at best today.
Christian-6'5 3/8" on Jensen Ackles
@Slim 182 cm

First you said Ackles is a full 6'0" and only 5'11 7/8" because of dehydration, then you say he's only 5'11.5"? I'm confused.
As for your username, changing it isn't hard at all. You just have to clear your cache, whether you're on a computer, phone, or tablet.
Ice on Kane Hodder
lol a 6'1 dude claiming 6'4 how sad .
sheik on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Im 6'3 and I never get guessed at 6'4-5. Guess I dont have the proportions
Matt179 on General Height
@Slim 182 cm Who cares really lol? Im 179cm exactly at 4pm on a stadiometer. Do you really think people can tell 0.25 inch of height? LOL

I probably wake up at 5foot10.75,5foot10.85.

I once measure myself at 11pm before going to sleep and i was 5foot10 flat on the dot.

All i know is in the past people ask my height and i said 5foot11. No one ever question this. Anyway with the shoes i wear these days i reach 5foot11.85. So its still above average.

People are delusional here, That lynxy saying 6'3 taller than average but not too tall. LOL AT 6foot3 barefoot your a giant!Its tall like hell. Probably some 16 years old teen, there seem to be alot on this website.
Mincer on Hannah Stocking
Pardon my french dat ass tho
13 August
Shredder on Edward James Olmos
H looks way shorter than Lopez for some reason , also I thought he looked shorter than Yeun in person. He seemed about 5'7 with bad posture , so I thought maybe a weak 5 '8 standing correct.
Canson on Rio Ferdinand
He claimed 6'3". Maybe he's 6'3.25ish 6'4 out of bed
Canson on Michael Jordan
Agree with Slim182 wholeheartedly. Jordan is 6'4.5ish.!wherher under a tad (6'4.4) or over it he's a weak 6'5!or strong 6'4
Canson on General Height
@DoubleG: varies depending on footwear. But claiming a shoe height is kinda pointless. If you claim your actual height people will deduce that your an amount taller in shoes. Everyone is. And Shoes aren't part of your body
Canson on Bill Walton
Maybe he's 6'11 and change but doubt over 7'0"
Canson on Larry Bird
@Height: I concur with everything Rob said as you lose a full or just about a full cm in the first hour you are awake. I do myself as I measure 195.8 out of bed and 194.9 after an hour. I usually get to 193.9 at my lowest (6'4.33) which is 3/4" from my highest (I see 6'4.25 if I go to the gym and have gotten as low as under 6'4 1/8 before) which is exactly what Rob typically says as well as everyone else here who measures themselves that most lose 3/4" or five or take 1/8 maybe. If you look at the General section you will see that everyone else is mostly consistent with this. And the longer the spine the more loss
Canson on General Height
@Ben: I think average height here is misunderstood. Meaning what you average on a daily basis. You will lose 1/2" in no less than maybe 3 or so hours (I see some here where it's 2 and for me maybe 2-2.5). So I'd say If your low is 5'10 1/8 you are not 5'10.5 truthfully. But If 5'10.25 is your nighttime low that's probably fair enough. But it's your height I guess you can claim how you desire.

@Slim182: well he has said before he is 5'10.75 out of bed and 5'10 at night. I am 6+" taller and don't lose an inch normally so find it hard to believe when you have guys my height 6'4" and even guys like Ali Baba and SJH 6'6 and 6'7 along with Christian at 6'5" that don't lose a full inch that Matt does. I believe 5'10.75 out of bed and to say you think he inaccurately measured at 5'10.75 that's just giving him benefit of the doubt in essence. If he dips to 5'10 at night flat that's what he is. Sure you can say a claim of maybe 5'10.25 like you say but saying 5'10.5 when you are that height less than an hour or a full hour out of bed is a bit high imho. That's almost inflating a bit honestly esp if 5'10" flat is a normal low because you can dip below that in a day when you've been on your feet longer as an absolute low.
Kourosh on General Height
Rob, last night i decided to measured myself after very long time at late night. And, i measured myself at 176.4 cm which i used to be dead on 176.00 or 176.1 cm.

Is this fluctuation going up and down in our heights normal?
Editor Rob: 3mm or so isn't much, but sometimes it can be better overall hydration or the discs just weren't under quite as much strain as normal.

I can find personally 1-2mm variation at night.
Canson on Hulk Hogan
@Vegas: 6'4 5/8 is what I'll give him and I guess that's what it means that we will have to downgrade. Most celebs here need that as is. I surely don't believe in upgrading him just to say the other celebs stand at the height they claim or are listed. That's no better imho
ConorFan on Conor McGregor
Also Rob you need to create more pages for MMA Fighters. Here are some name's i would be interested in discussing. Tyron Woodley, Robbie lawler, Rory Macdonald, Nate Diaz, Max holloway, Jose Aldo, Nick Diaz, Cody Garbrandt, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Tony Ferguson, Rafeal Dos Anjos.
Canson on Scottie Pippen
@Height: well I never said Lebron was taller than Pippen but in the two pics I see he is not shorter than him which is what you are saying. As for Magic I don't have anything conclusive as far as pics to see he is taller but neither do you to see Pippen is the same height. But going off listings he likely isn't as tall as him if Magic is listed 6'9" and in game and in pics at least imho Pippen isn't as tall. He doesn't appear as tall with Jordan as Magic does. Pippin looks 2-2.5" over Jordan Magic 2.5-3"
Canson on Conan O'Brien
@Christian: I'd bet my life savings that he will tell you that Liam downplays his height. That is a typical of Willes to do that. He said Kobe Barkley Stern and Neeson all do according to him. I think his post below shows that he is biased and wants Conan to be the height he claims
John183cm on Christian Bale
Tho he looks shorter than 6ft 0.25 (183.5cm) Ryan Gosling. That is Odd!

Click Here even if Bale stood straight Ryan will look taller than him
Click Here

Bradley Cooper might need a downgrade.
John183cm on Garrett Hedlund
Needs an upgrade to 187-188

He legit looks empowering but he is skinny that might be the case of his tallness.
hi on RiceGum
i honestly thought he was around 6'1 1/2 - 6'2.
John183cm on Christian Bale
Hi Sandy and The Man

your name sounds like Sandy Cohen from The O.C, cool name btw

I think the same way you guys think and I think you could be right about him being a bit taller than this listing cause check this out

Click Here (with 6ft 0.5in (184.2cm) Bradley Cooper)
Click Here (if Bale was straight they would've stood the same IMO)

Bale is between 183 or a legit 184 but I have no clue, we might need to add @Big Rob to the convo, what do you guys think?

I'm giving him 6ft 0.25in
John Davis on Sophie Turner
@Tallish89 she's wearing heels you
John Davis on Isaac Hempstead Wright
@Micheal how is 6ft and 6ft 1 average height?
Truth on Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway, while not a memorable or notable actress in my view, is a legit over 5'7 and closer to 5'8.
Danimal on Marc Maron
Jani said on 12/Aug/17

Here Marc looks a bit shorter than Henry Rollins who is 175cm but it could be the angle and also it looks like Rollins is standing more upright than Maron. Click Here

Henry has also stated he's 5'10" (178), as well as 5'9" (175), so he's somewhere in between the 2 heights today at 56 years old and looked it next to Joe Rogan recently. Henry is THE MOST honest and humble guy around. Again, worst case scenario, Marc Maron is a flat 5'9", but he can be as high as 5'9.5".
TJE on RiceGum
What? He's not even 6'0.
Danimal on Marc Maron
Never mind, I see you changed his height! Thanks Rob! Cheers!
Danimal on Claudia Christian
She looks just like the late WWF wrestler, Chyna and about the same height as her too.
Danimal on Maryse Ouellet
I believe her 5'8" claim.
Danimal on Zachary Levi
Definitely over a flat 6'3" if he's claiming both 6'3" and 6'4".
Danimal on Scott Bakula
The man is 62 years old. He was easily a full 6'2" back in the 80's and 90's.
ConorFan on Conor McGregor
@TonyX Conor never lost to Eddie Alvarez, he beat the crap out of him lol. I honetly believe conor has a 72inch reach but 73inchs is a possibility.
Danimal on Louis Lombardi
How is he 5'8" when you're leaning in and you're still clearly taller than him?
Editor Rob: he is a quite bulky guy, it is possible he measures close to 5ft 8, maybe just under it.
Rachel on Hannah Stocking
I believe her higher height. I think a lot of tall women lie or try to downplay their height because a lot of men dont like tallness in women
ConorFan on Conor McGregor
@TonyX Conor isn't 'short', personally i think anywhere from 5'8.5/ 5'10 is average height, 5'11 would be considered tall. Chan Sung Jung is not 5'9, him and 5'7.7 172cm Dustin Poirier looked about the same ( their face-offs link: Click Here ) keep in mind Conor is taller than Dustin ( bare foot face-off link: Click Here )
Mimi on Gal Gadot
Mark(5'9.5") I was not responsible for the photo.😊 It was a mere request and Rob is too kind and obliged.
Editor Rob: it was an out-dated photo before, but at the time was probably the best available from the site I use to get most photos.
Rising - 174 cm on Elvis Presley
@Mike 2: Thanks for the link. It's a valid reference, but Elvis just doesn't look as tall as a full 6 feet without shoes to me, unless, he got measured in the morning. But you mention discrepancies with the costume designer who said Elvis was 5'11.5", but they both measured Elvis with a 42" chest. A difference between a shoe size of 9 and 10 isn't enormous, especially since shoes fitting differently depending on the style can account for at least half a size itself. I believe a UK 9 is also roughly the equivalent of a US 10. We have a number of conflicting heights and measurements reported between 5'11", 5'11.5", 6'0" and 6'0.5". There's no way to know who did the most accurate measurement, or how long Elvis was had been awake at the time of each measurement. So it really comes down to which you think looks the most likely. Often, I think the more precise figure is the most convincing since so many people round. I can believe he was around 6'0" out of bed and would measure between 5'11"-5'11.5" later in the day, which would be normal height loss throughout a day.
Mimi on Rory McCann
@Canson yeah I thought so too. He is a strong 6ft5 maybe close to 6ft6 but not 6ft7.
Rising - 174 cm on Rock Hudson
I agree with about a 1.5" difference, but Wayne's cowboy boots gave him at least a fraction advantage. But the height difference also could have been closer to 3 cm or about 1.25" as well. I mostly judge the ending scene when they drink with Rojas(Tony Aguilar) as they were on more solid ground. Hudson had to have been 1.5" minimum taller barefoot by that point. I thought Wayne looked tall barefoot in The Shootist as well, but I think Ron Howard was 5'8"-5'8.5" rather than a full 5'9". But I thought Wayne looked a bit shorter than Jimmy Stewart in that film and Stewart was only a year younger than Wayne.
Kaycee on Lele Pons
i'm actually guessing 5'7.5, she looks tall compared to others and her friend Inanna who's 5'5
James B on The Undertaker
Vegas no offense but 6'7 is more than just 'very tall' it's like going into giant territory. Ok maybe in the Netherlands or Denmark it's just considered very tall but I'd say in the U.S. or UK its at the very upper end of the very tall range.

Your concept of height is slightly of if you ask me.
slowhaven on Tom Holland
Pause this at 3:56 which shows tom about an inch shorter than Ellen which puts him at around 5ft6 ish, what do you think? Click Here
Sam on RiceGum
He must just feel like giving himself a couple inches because I just don't get how someone walks around 6'1, thinking they're 6'3. 6'3 guys are taller than like 98% of people (in most countries), 6'1 guys are obviously not.
Jamie on Youtubers
My guess:

Ricegum: 6' 1.25"
Jake Paul: 5' 10.75"
Logan: 6' 1.25" - 6' 1.5"
Pewdiepie: 5' 9"
Leafyishere: 5' 8" range
Keemstar: 5' 9" range
Fouseytube: 5' 9.75"
Idubbbz: 6' 0" range
Andrew Hales: Somewhere in the 6' 0" - 6' 1" range (My best guess: 6' 0.5" - 6' 0.75")
Vitaly: 5' 10.5"
Willes188 on Brad Pitt
I am tired of these 5'10 claims, just admit that the guy is 5'11. I can see 5'11.25 over 5'10.75 but in the middle as Rampage said is perfect.
Willes188 on Leonardo DiCaprio
Slim he is obviously taller than 6'2 range, the 6'4 as listed wouldn't shock me. This just proves that DiCaprio could have been better with the previous 5'11.5 listing.
Willes188 on Conan O'Brien
I would like to clarify my previous statement.

1. Christian i don't think you and Canson (to name a few) are amateur in the bigger perspective, but it is a little questionable to always throw claims out of the window without being willing to back it up with evidence, that's my point.

2. I have nothing against Neeson, he is very gracious and good at what he does.
Sarah on Camila Mendes
She is 5'3 😂
Willes188 on Conan O'Brien
I have not seen any "evidence" to suggest that since you amateurs always fail to give any sources to your claims. And Neeson 6'4 flat, give me a break... It is common knowledge around Hollywood that he is playing the safe card to get acting jobs. Directors find it problematic to higher guys taller than 6'4 for most roles, 6'4 is ok but on the edge. Neeson was easily 194-194.5cm in his prime up until recently.
Jerry on Tom Holland
He's 5 8 Robert Downey wears heels and height enlifters in his shoes and Tom is not towered over completely by zendaya when she wears heels so yah he might be pushing for 5 9
G 5'11 on General Height
@8Teen you're basically a legit 5'11, no one is going to spot a 1/4th of an inch at your low.. You probably edge out half the guys who claim 5'11. Yeah like Rob said you can say either 5'11, but if I was you I would go with 5'11, especially since you wake up 5'11.5". Rounding down almost an entire inch is ridiculous lol, why would you do that?
@HonestSlovene Well 182 cm is 5'11.5" which would be 1 cm away from 6'0". 181cm is 5'11.25" a weak 6 footer wakes up comfortably over the mark and probably ends the day 5'11.5-75".
Jerry on Tom Holland
He's 5 8 Robert Downey wears heels and height enlifters in his shoes and Tom is not towered over completely by zendaya when she wears heels so yah he might be pushing for 5 9
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Hugh Laurie
He really did pass for 6ft3 in the 80's-90's.
RP on Hulk Hogan
Barkley & Jordan both at peak were 6'5" barefoot to 6'5.25"...both 6'6" in sneakers to 6'6.25"...IMO! Barkley might be the hardest guy ever to nail down. The dude can literally look anywhere from 6'4.75" to 6'6.25"!!! But, did he have a bad measurement @ 6'4.75" for the 1992 Olympics? Probably? However... His "mean" ...."average" barefoot measuents throughout his life from ages 22-42 would be 6'5.25" is my best guess. And I'd put money on 6'5.25" !!
Edwin on General Height
@Sally - I'm 193.1cm barefoot at 8-9pm. I claim 193cm/6'4". I hate my height, I find it annoying. People think I'm taller than what I claim. Most people I see are shorter than me. And I never see a woman taller than me, I tower over women a lot. I'm 215-220 lbs with very low body fat, I'm big boned. I have big hands and feet. How much do you weigh, and do u think I'm a bad height. I have one Non-Identical brother, I don't have any sibling except him. We're both identical height. My father is 191-192cm and my mother is 168. Am I too tall compared to my mother
Editor Rob: hold on, a few days ago you posted "I'm 6'1" and felt taller than most people"

So you grew 3 inches, congrats...except it was your nose that grew 😆🤥
Andrea on Ryan Hurst
He does look comfortably taller than Petrie, there. Maybe right around an inch taller. If Alistair is really 191, 194 doesn't seem unreasonable... He can definitely pull off looking over 6'4 in premiere pictures but the "problem" with him is that he often wears big shoes. Even there with that 191 guy it looks like he's wearing his usual big boots. I don't know exactly how much they give but I reckon no less than 1.5 inches? 6'3 flat is too low but I wouldn't have guessed him over 6'4 in the few episodes I've seen of SOA. His claim, if he REALLY measured that mark at one point, must come from a measurement in shoes. The argument, maybe, is how much those "shoes" give. There's a very good chance he measured 6'5.5 in those big boots, IMO, making him no more than about 6'4 barefoot.
Editor Rob: I suppose if the boot was near 1.4-1.5, then a solid 6ft 4 is what he could be barefoot.
Original on Brock Lesnar
He looks more 6'3" than 6'2" to me.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Logan Paul
186cm lowest
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Alexander Godunov
Rob, you should check these out. Tinyurl isn't working right now for me so you'll have to copy and paste to see them. But these are from pre and post Die Hard days.

Described 6ft2 in 1979 by Washington Post

Click Here

Described 6ft2 in 1983 by CS Monitor

Click Here

Described 6ft3 in 1991 by LA Times

Click Here

But I could buy 6ft1 for him and he wore lifts in movies to look more imposing. I seem to remember him being listed 6ft4 or more at one point which I never believed. He looked big but not Dolph Lundgren size! When I saw the 6ft2-3 listings including the precise 6ft2½ on IMDB I genuinely would not have doubted that for a second. It sounded legit, like someone who knew him personally corrected it
Editor Rob: Rampage, if you can watch the money pit, he is inside the house talking to Tom Hanks, I think it is hard to believe he is taller than Tom!
Tyrese Gibson on Jason Statham
Mincer on Seal

6'3.5 is tall man
Sandy Cowell on Kelly Brook
@ Gladstone Screwer - 😂 👌
Joji on Jake Paul
Chance is 6'2 he is the tallest of team 10. I know that because i add him in snapchat before he was famous, jake put his snapchat like 2 years ago and in one of his snaps he said it
With That being said i think
jake is 1.78 - 1.79
Anthony 1.80 - 1.81
Logan 6'2
Tristan and kade 6'0
Byron T. on Ray Park
@ Rob: Action poses make the best photo ops! It's always a fun experience meeting celebrities at conventions and matching them against your height listings on the website! I definitely approve your 5'9 listing for Darth Maul!
Mincer on Alexander Godunov
How tall do you think Andreas Wisniewski who played his brother in Die Hard and appeared The living Daylights was? He looked really tall and is listed on imdb as 6'4.5 which to my admittedly novice skills looks believable.

Click Here

I know its not a very good shot but he does seem to have some height on Willis
Editor Rob: listed on his agency as being 192cm.
John183cm on Jake Paul
@PPPeter your friend is 6ft

Click Here

Chance appears taller cause he is skinnier than your friend, your friend is ripped, huge and appears shorter but they are most likely around the same height.
Edwin on General Height
@Sally - I'm 193.1cm barefoot at 8-9pm. I claim 193cm/6'4". I hate my height, I find it annoying. People think I'm taller than what I claim. Most people I see are shorter than me. And I never see a woman taller than me, I tower over women a lot. I'm 215-220 lbs with very low body fat, I'm big boned. I have big hands and feet. How much do you weigh, and do u think I'm a bad height. I have one Non-Identical brother, I don't have any sibling except him. We're both identical height. My father is 191-192cm and my mother is 168. Am I too tall compared to my mother
John183cm on Jake Paul
@Big Rob,

Rob look at this new video that Logan uploaded. I don't see 3 inches. Jake is wearing Yeezys like always and Logan is wearing an air max type of sneakers. I think Jake is 5ft 11(MIN) to 5ft 11.5(MAX) or Logan is 6ft 1in

Click Here (Start at 8:04)

Edit: Really curious about this one Rob please check it out if you could.
TakeALookAtThatJiggleDude on RiceGum
7 inches, lol more like 7cm
Edwin on General Height
@Sally - I'm 193.1cm barefoot at 8-9pm. I claim 193cm/6'4". I hate my height, I find it annoying. People think I'm taller than what I claim. Most people I see are shorter than me. And I never see a woman taller than me, I tower over women a lot. I'm 215-220 lbs with very low body fat, I'm big boned. I have big hands and feet. How much do you weigh
Ray on Hannah Stocking
5'8.5 listing is very generous
Sandy Cowell on Sandra Bullock
@ Nik - Hi! I am about to recommend a film to you called 'The Vanishing'!
Apart from being one of the best and most tense films I have seen to date, you will be able to see how small Sandra looks next to the brilliant Jeff Bridges, who has to be 6ft1.5 - 6ft2, and also you can compare her to Keifer Sutherland, who plays her boyfriend. He is a guy of average height and having Sandra as his girlfriend looks perfectly acceptable when you think about the male/female height gaps that are normally required by the makers of these Hollywood films.

Cheers Nik! I hope you enjoyed your weekend and that you have a great week to follow! 😁
dsds on Justin Bieber

2012 - 5'6"
2013 - 5'6"
2014 (late) -5'6.5"
2015 (early) - 5'7"
2016 - 5'7.25"
2016 (late) - 5'7.5"

bieber fever sure I got the heater
Kaycee on Lauren Jauregui
Yeah but Camila's heels are at least an inch taller than Lauren's
Joe joe on Michael Owen
Shearer looks a good 2 inches shorter the 1'80 listed Jermain Jenas on MOTD tonight
Tunman on Joseph Stalin
My knowledge in psychology is quite limited but I think both could be described as psychopaths though everyone in his own way.
Hitler imo follows more the path of a serial killer if you think that the latter has generally obsessions (prost***,virginity,hair,rings or else...)I mean his evolution is quite minimal except for violence,it could correspond enough with Hitler obsessions with jews and pure aryan race,etc and note that both are absolutely unable to fix any limit until getting caught/defeated.Of course there are differences but generally most neighbours of a serial killer can live in relative peace since most aren't his target(but of course they don't know it)
Stalin could be described more as a narcissic pervert in the sense that he's somebody who wants to control everything and takes pleasure to torment others who are really seen as objects on which he could unleash the pain at will and they are of course expandable as you said.
It's true that Stalin was personally more involved in the crimes in SU than Hitler did in Germany (where his crimes are minimal in comparison).But well Stalin's closest circle was literally obliged to commit the crimes,it was a condition for guys like Beria and others to be as bloodthirsty as possible because at the moment they stop nourishing Stalin's paranoia,they become themselves suspects in his eyes.
Also I wouldn't classify Saddam Hussein as having perpetrated real atrocities(the scale is just uncomparable with others mentioned)don't think it's because I'm arab but non interventionism you spoke about in your former comment would have been ideal there.I don't exonerate him from some misdeeds and even crimes but his worst acts are few punitive expeditions which cost hardly some hundreds of lives.I was never a fan of the guy but honestly when seeing the chaos since more than a decade and the number of massacres not to speak of Al Qaeda and more recently ISIS horrors.Many people I know aren't nationalist arabs by any means agree that the guy had the objective to create a strong state,to erase religious,tribal differences which he didn't achieve alas.On a funny note,here is an example which makes me dislike dictators as they steal personal freedom and want to make people similar:did you know that Saddam imposed on fat people to lose weight?I'm myself quite thin but would despise any person deciding on another one to change his/her body.
The more I look to churchill the more I'm convinced he's not much taller than Stalin.It's true his posture isn't great but his hunch isn't that terrible the moreI see.I doubt it took much height maybe 0.5".Also he was able to have better posture at times so he would more likely give a near 5'6 impression.Remember that he lived for another 20 years after 1945,his health wasn't the best but neither the worst.Stalin could have been slightly over 5'5 in 1945 in comparison to him.
dsds on Christian Antidormi
i never knew 5'7 could look this shart
James B on Alexander Godunov
Rob 6'0.5 possible?
Editor Rob: I wouldn't have said he was taller than Tom Hanks...
Sandy Cowell on Helen Flanagan
@ Gladstone Screwer:
Yes, I've never had any doubt at all that you have a healthy fondness for landing on Helen Flanagan whenever you visit this website! I'm sure she'd be extremely flattered.*

* My autocorrect just tried to change that to flattened!

Oh, 'the Doors'! I've never heard that joke yet which is surprising as I am a great fan of theirs!
I assume that it is a joke, and not an incident that actually took place! If I chose to go into my local record store, which is much more expensive* than HMV or Virgin, and they didn't know who 'the Doors' were, I'd probably decide to use their door to leave their store, after saying a derisory word or two, not unlike during my last visit when they told me the price of an Alice Cooper CD, which I later bought online for a third of the cost!

* Oh no! My autocorrect had changed that to 'experienced'!
I'm not kidding you! It nearly got away with it as well as I only saw the error at the last minute when I was doing my read-through!
If my autocorrect was a real person, say a schoolboy, he'd be on detention every evening for having such a dirty mind! That is one thing he definitely did NOT get from me....

The only thing anyone is getting from me tonight is a nice, shiny 5ft3 badge, and that prize goes to Helen!
Tom on Kristofer Hivju
Hey rob do you think hivju wears lifts on game of thrones or no?
Editor Rob: he might wear a thicker boot to add to his character's size.
Leah on General Height
@Sally. Most women where I live wear open-toed sandals, heels and they also wear flip flops. They have painted toes and fingers. Many women wear skirts and dresses, and wear makeup and jewelry. Do women where u live do that. Many women are shorter than me, some are my height & taller
lak on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Danimal said on 12/Aug/17
5'11" barefoot Dennis Wolf standing next to Arnold who is in dress shoes. CLEARLY Dennis would be taller than Arnold if Arnold were barefoot like him and this is from 2014! Arnold comes in at 4:10:
arnold looked much taller than dennis i think more than 1 inch even if he was barefeet he will be taller
Triplescrew on General Height

Thanks for the reply. I have to ask though: if people think you are ultra-tall, how could 6' be the average height for men where you are? At best you'd look shorter than the average male in your area, and certainly nothing out of the ordinary. A women around 6'3" in an area with 6' average men may turn heads, but not 5'11.5".

I mean, if the average for men is 6' then that probably means you and others in your area see 6'4" + men walking around all the time? In such a context I would never see 5'11.5" as ultra tall...just "not short" or "medium tall."

Another possibility is that you're closer to 6'1" and are judging 5'10" guys to be 5'11.5"...can't know unless you posted a YouTube with a stadiometer though.
Bobby on General Height
@18teen, You're a strong 5'10 and weak 5'11. My morning height is 5'10.5 and my night height is usually 5'9.75 but the other night I checked my eye level before bed on account of having no cans or items to measure my height and it was consistent with the eye level I would have midday, 166.5, if slight tilt, 166cm at worst but my eye level was bang on 5'5.5 barefoot, so I was 5'10 and this was well past 1AM. I wasn't lying down all day either, I'd been out for swimming and walks, even went to Corinth for a couple of hours. In the morning, my eye level is 167.5-.75. I say 167.5cm as worst case scenario if slight up tilt but it changes to 168.5-75cm with my flip flops on. Those add a centimetre, not two like I thought before. So I'm 179.1cm in the morning and surpassingly 5'10 flat at night. I've got an average eye level by the way, I checked it at 5'5.5 midday a couple months ago and measured myself bang on 5'10 immediately after. I would claim 5'11 if I were you, heck most guys claim 6ft with your stats and mine. Though mine claim 5'11, that's what I put for my Passport anyway, and considering I'm 5'11.5 in the morning with them on, not a big lie. More of a roundup actually. Half inch, who cares, right?
James B on Gil Birmingham
Rob on the subject of Gil inflating his stature i have a friend who has claimed 5'10 and also 5'9-5'10 and it's funny because he's actually slightly shorter than me and I am only 5'7.25.

I know a lot of people claim there size in shoes but do you think some people who inflate there stature by a good 3 inches generally just assume stature because they 'feel' like there a certain height?

I rememeber rob you did say that some people have a major issue with the subject if they inflate there height by 2 inches or over.
JINNY90 on Christine Bleakley
Rob you have met her in person. And you reckon she is a solid 5ft 8ins?. Do you think she is taller than you?.
Editor Rob: yes, and would have thought 5ft 8 barefoot was believable, but there's always room for above/below in a guess!
Guanzo on Shaquille O'Neal
Big Z looked 2'' taller than Pau Gasol
Leah on General Height
@Sally. Most women where I live wear open-toed sandals, heels and they also wear flip flops. They have painted toes and fingers. Many women wear skirts and dresses, and wear makeup and jewelry. Do women where u live do that. Many women are shorter than me, some are my height & taller
Rising - 174 cm on Sharon Stone
Of course, I wouldn't have minded finding out if she was 5'8.5" or 5'9" out of bed.

James said on 9/Jan/17
Douglas was probably wearing lifts.

Actually, while you say this way too often, it's correct in this case: Click Here Without those boots, Douglas was barely taller than her at the Cannes premiere that year.
@HeightcrazyRed6ft on Big Show
Mike said on 10/Aug/17
big show and nash
Click Here


Nice but we can´t see floor and footwear.... Nash could be on his tiptoes ... we have no clue
Jim Hopper on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Lou F was 6-3". Arnie was a shade over 6-0". Now 5-10 to a max 5-11". In his boots like in Terminator etc he was a 6-2" guy,in boots remember.
Rising - 174 cm on Tom Cruise
Well, if it's any consolation, I'm sure Sly appreciated you giving him your 3 mm for his peak height. Tom must like the extra mm as well, but he still won't tell you how tall he is if you ask!
Kylan on Loren Gray
It doesn't add up though. Here is Mark next to
Liam. Mark is just a little bit shorter. (Don't know footwear) but here he is next to Cameron Dallas who is listed as 5'9 and King Bach listed 5'8.

Mark with Cameron Dallas and King Bach:
Click Here

With Liam Payne: Click Here
Bobby on General Height
@Lynxy, my height is 178cm, or 5'10. I would ideally like to be 2-3 inches taller, so like a solid 183 to 185cm. I want to be taller than I am now but not so much taller that it'll be difficult to gain muscle and fill out my physique. The best bodybuilding heights are 5'10-6'1, anything taller and it gets more difficult to gain muscle mass. I wanna go from above average height to solid tall too.
@HeightcrazyRed6ft on Charles Barkley
Rob, do you think he lost height and what´s the tallest you would argue for his peakheight?
Editor Rob: I think some people could argue a 1/4 inch over 6ft 5, I am not sure he's really lost anything noticeable.
Scump on RiceGum
He once said he was 6ft1 in a vlog Seems about right
Double G on General Height
@HonestSlovene agreed!
Double G on General Height
@lynxy It depends...I think females are all fine If they are over 5' and shorter than 6'.

For males, the thing changes a bit: Short males are under 5'7, while tall guys are over 6' / 6'1. I think my ideal height for males is neither short not tall. I think 5'9.5 to 5'11.5 is tallish for males (not tall, but tallish), although my ideal height for males is between 5'10.5 and 6'1.5 (at least for me, personally - I know there are males that consider 5'11, 6' and 6'1 to be short for males when it's certainly not, and of course, anything over 6'2 / 6'3 is definitely tall and far-above average height, but its not my ideal height, which still is above-average btw).
Colberto on Lance Reddick
Based on pictures he doesn't look anything more than 6'2". His long arms, legs and slim build helps but he's only 6'2". I think Idris Elba would be noticeably taller by about half an inch. I could see him stretching to 2 1/4" with stiff posture. He comfortably looks 6'2".
Colberto on Russell Brand
Hey rob, do you think he is in the same boat as me. Say he was measured inaccurately at 6'1" exactly or 1 1/4" but the headpiece just squashed his head too much. Probably same case as me when the headpiece squashed my head and I was told 6'1" exactly and another place 1 1/2". I get 1 1/2" as a common measurement at home. He has excellent posture and does indeed give the impression of being closer to 6'2" in boots. I think he was just measured inaccurately.
Editor Rob: some people when measured may have the measurer just say the closet figure, even if the person was just over it they might call out 6ft 1.

Anybody getting measured, always check yourself what the stadiometer says - do not rely on the practitioner exclusively and if you don't feel the object touching your skull, ask to push it down...

but, some people with plastic stadiometers bash the object down and bend the bit that measures slightly, so you could have a vigorous measurer who knocks a 1/4 inch off your height...I'd knock them out if they done that to me 👊😡
Rising - 174 cm on Dwyane Wade
I still saw a bigger difference between Jordan and Wade. I wouldn't guess Jordan under 6'4.75" personally, but Pat Riley did say he measured 6'4.5" when he entered the league. I don't know if Riley was remembering precisely or if this was just something he heard years ago, but that figure has been mentioned for him. I would think Wade is taller than Westbrook and closer to Harden's height, but I'll have to look up good photos of Wade and each. I can buy 6'4.75" as a low for Kobe(I have no idea how much his typical low would differ from his absolute low), but I think he could measure 6'5" around noon. Wade and Butler honestly look about their measurements together in these pics: Click Here Click Here I'll keep looking at Wade with other players. I've heard the short rumors and agree he looks short with Kobe, but I'm not convinced he's that far from his measurement yet. If Shaq is 7'0.25", he made Wade look a weak 6'3" at best, though. Even with Shaq in street clothes not wearing basketball sneakers. I think Ray Allen can look pretty close to 6'5", though. He towered Denzel in He Got Game. I think we both agreed on Denzel at a solid 6'.
RK on Aishwarya Rai
@Pady Do not be delusional, Aish was clearly 1 or 2 inches taller than Kajal Agrawal/
Deathstroke on RiceGum
I wonder how tall his buds Faze Banks, KSI, Alissa Violet and Sommer Ray are
Nik on Logan Paul
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

He's a spitting image of him, isn't he? There's a little bit of difference In height between them but their faces are very similar.

I didn't address with you like I normally do with the symbol and your full name so it was easy to miss that I was speaking to you in the comment.

Cheers mate!
Warren on Justin Bieber
Rising - 174 cm on Kobe Bryant
@Canson: Kobe skipped the pre-draft camp, iirc, so it's likely they didn't bother with a precise measurement. Also, if Kobe did know exactly, it wouldn't make too much sense Vanessa would bother measuring him. That may be why Kobe told the kid he was 6'4". He may have just known he was nowhere near 6'7" and been exaggerating to make it sound like he was letting the kid on more of a secret. I tend to accept pre-draft measurements until they're proven questionable. If someone just looks nowhere near it then I'll say it was probably in the morning, a shoe measurement that got listed barefoot, included hair or some other error. I had always figured Wade was 6'3.75" and still think it's possible, but I was surprised when I started hearing jokes about Wade's height during the big 3 era. Francis always reminded me of Westbrook, or at least Westbrook is the type of player I thought Francis should have been, but it doesn't mean they're the same height of course. I think Carter looks to edge Kobe, though. Seeing Carter and Kobe with T-Mac, it's obvious he's nowhere near 6'9" or 6'10". Even Kobe called T-Mac 6'9", but that'd mean he was about 4 inches taller than Kobe. When they posed back to back, there was maybe 1.5" or something like that. Maybe T-Mac is 6'7" and slouches, but his wingspan makes people exaggerate his height, much like Durant as he's really only a 6'8" in shoes type guy, similar to Lebron.
Deathstroke on RiceGum
So if he adds 2 inches on his height, he probably adds 2 inches on the other thing he said to be 7 inches in that quote :D But yeah he looks 6-6'1" to me
Rising - 174 cm on Charles Barkley
@Canson: I agree with a good chunk of your post, including Mullin and Barkley at the same height as any difference is simply too small to call in a photo. A poster posted an on court photo where Barkley looked taller, but in the side by side photos I posted with Pippen and Ewing, they looked identical and I think those were better for height comparisons than the on court photo. Where I differ is I see Mullin just slightly shorter than Miller, who I see at 6'6" or very close to it and Mullin looked barely shorter than 6'6" Jalen Rose at Jalen's academy 5 years ago. As for Barkley and Kenny, I simply wasn't trying to guess posture because I don't know how much difference it was making. I was only saying where Kenny reached on Barkley as they were standing. Of course, for all we know, one or the other could have 1/4" or so thicker shoes, but while I usually see Barkley at least 4" taller than Kenny, I'll reserve judgement until I see the video you're referring to. You might be right about Mullin and Sprewell, I don't remember the difference. How tall you think Mitch Richmond was? I always assumed about 6'4".
Rising - 174 cm on Conan O'Brien
@Canson: I see what you mean. Nobody will question your height then and I bet you probably have people insisting you're 6'5" or 6'6"!
Sandy Cowell on Suzy Kendall
Suzy is here at the request of Arch Stanton!
I must say, Suzy is an actress who I would have thought might have a page already because she is famous enough as one of those gorgeous 70's actresses!
I wonder, what is she doing now?
I will go along with 5ft4.
The shredder on Steven Yeun
Rob , 1.3 is 3/8 over 1 inch right? If he had that much footwear than he can't be 5'8.
Editor Rob: 3/8ths is like .375, a bit more than 1/3rd.

I wouldn't have said those boots were over 1.3....
Rising - 174 cm on Thomas Gibson
Oddly, he looked as tall as Forest Whitaker in that backdoor pilot to Whitaker's short-lived Criminal Minds spinoff. He is a bit taller than Matthew Gray Gubler as well, so 186-187 cm looks possible, but then he looks a weak 6'1" with Kuerten in the photo Rob posted below and he often struggled with 6'1" next to Joe Mantegna. He's tricky. Maybe 186 cm?
Niyaz on Big Show
I am 6'8 and I have seen khali..he's at least ५ -5 inches taller than me (barefoot)..so if both khali and big show are wearing sAme lifts even big show will be 6'11 or something..but I don't know whether they are wearing the same lifts
Rising - 174 cm on Mel Gibson
@Slim: I agree. I was possibly reading too much into Hopkins edging him in the one face to face, so 5'9" on the nose or 175.3 is likely, though Kurt was taller in all scenes with Mel. Rob use to have Hopkins 174, so I'm not sure about 176 for him. Either way, I'd bet a large sum of money both were always closer to 5'9" than 5'10".

I was able to confirm footwear(both in black cowboy boots) so here's a series of pics of Sly and Mel in '93: Click Here

I don't think there's much difference except for when Sly has the camera advantage and their cowboy boots could cancel each other out.
john snow on Sophie Turner
i think she is 5"11' 180cm at least
JT on Hulk Hogan
Dicksock, it’s possible Gene lost a little height by the mid 1990s (in his early 50s) but at around 5’8” I doubt too much. Gene’s wearing black dress loafers with Hogan in 1983 and with Barkley in 1995. He had a decent size heel in that one 1980 promo with Andre (but still less than ½ the size of Andre’s heel) but wore smaller heels in the other AWA promos when he and Andre compared shoe sizes.

Here’s Hogan (age 42) in cowboy boots from 1995 standing in the same spot in the ring that Barkley did earlier that evening and again looks shorter even if he fully stretched out. Click Here Big Show and Sting were at that same WCW event too Click Here Click Here (high camera angle favors Sting and he’s still around 3 inches shorter).
Sandy Cowell on Hannah Stocking
Whether 5ft9 or 5ft10, Hannah has got an excellent figure and it would almost be a crime if she didn't show it off! From what I can see, she is totally natural, not that I'm against those who act on the decision that nature needs a little help, if it is going to give their self-esteem a boost!
However, it is nice to see girls who are happy with themselves. Hannah's hair strikes me as natural home - grown hair, she has a curvy bum and a small, pert little bust! So many lasses would want a bust to match with their bum size, but the fact is that Mother Nature arranges many women to be pear-shaped, and it has even been found to be a very healthy body shape!
I am giving this attractive brunette 5ft9.5! 👩
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Arch Stanton said on 11/Aug/17
Rob, Charlie Parker at 6 ft OK?
Editor Rob: Unfortunately very few people ever search for his height.

You'd not think Miles Davis or Louis Armstrong would get people searching either!
Editor Rob: Both are lower levels on the site, in terms of views, but not bottom rung.

Sometimes if I can find a mention about their height or what they claim, it makes it a better page. If I came across Parker saying his height, it would be a much more interesting addition.

I'm always adding little quotes I find to existing pages too.
john on Height Request
Eric Andre, listed at 6', seems pretty accurate
Adamz on Tom Cruise
Editor Rob: yes, the upper range of average in America...which some might argue continues into 5ft 11, before transitioning into tall at maybe 5ft 11.5-6ft zone

Rob, here you talk about the "upper range of average"

Can you please shed light on what the inverse would be? I.e. "lower range of average"

Where does this start for white men in USA?
Editor Rob: I think under 5ft 8 towards 5ft 7-7.5 is the lower end and probably upper end of short in the UK.

It's strange because I think people think more of a guy at 5ft 7 being short than a guy at 5ft 11 being tall...

Sandy Cowell on Loren Gray
@ Nik - Yes, social media again!
I've just been watching a programme which consists of video clips from social media - of cats! You've probably seen that sort of thing yourself; clips of cats, dogs or humans doing daft things! I prefer the animal ones by far because they are all natural and unrehearsed.
Oh, and Scottish comic Susan was on it, talking about her catS - it was nice to find out that she has a bundle herself, but she didn't say how many!
Social media is a whole new world now and anyone can star in it, and that includes our pets!
Young stars like Loren will all want to look their best, and I did notice that she must practice her 'selfies'! The way they look will means so much to them, but it shouldn't matter a jot whether they are small or tall. That picture of Loren, though undoubtedly a very pretty one, completely obliterates any chance of her claim of 5ft9 - just look at what some other visitors have thought, and I am even thinking that 5ft8 is too tall myself now!
I might come back and vote again in a few weeks if I find any evidence in picture form or otherwise to back up that she's shorter.
But she'll still be every bit as beautiful! 👸
James B on James Nesbitt
Maybe he had bad posture when I met him because he did seem more 5'10 than 11 to me

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