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23 November
mrtguy on Andre The Giant
Gretz said on 21/Nov/15
Jt thanks for posting the pic with don johnathan it proves Andre was 7'0" his head is down in that pic.and at the least j.l.d was 6'5'..So andre had to be 7'0"+in that pic!:

André was closer to 7'0'' throughout his early career than 6'10''.
Sam on Miles Davis
I'm not sure I'd say as high as 5'7" but 5'4" is considerably off mark I'd say.
The Exorcist on Peter Crouch
With Declan Donnelly.

Click Here
joe joe on Colin Jackson
@MD I think you will find the average Height of most 110m hurdlers nowadays is around 1m88. True Colin and Allen Johnson aren't that tall But under 6'1 in high hurdles and you start needing to make adjustments. I have heard Colin mention that his height put him at a slight disadvantage
Kim on Justin Bieber
The guy wore 2 inch lifts and claimed 5'9 during his Believe tour and just last year. He's clearly not that tall if he's wearing flat footwear now and there's proof of him not growing much since 2012.
MA on Matt Damon
My girlfriend is 6'0 and I'm 5'8.5 and I look no where as short as Matt compared to Ledger.
ken-6-4 on Andre The Giant
Ben, He was a shell of himself in 91
I saw him close up ringside early to mid 80's in the meadowlands and he was huge! Not 7'4" but close to 7' and his legs were like nothing i had ever seen.

The Ben said on 21/Nov/15
After watching him for years I'd say there's a slim chance he was 7ft. Probably slightly under. He was at my first WWF show in 91 and I was a bit disappointed in his size. I was a fair way from him though. Prob around 6'9,
Amaze on General Height
@Chris I agree with you mate, I think 186/7 is perfect male height
A man on Peter Crouch
I'd buy 6,8" for Crouchy. Yes he's very skinny which enhances the perception of height, but the way he towers over Rio and David James suggests 6,8".

Also there's a picture knocking about of him next to Nikola Zigic who is always referred to as 6,8" and there is no difference.
Morningheight 5'11.5 on Adriana Lima
5'10 seems a safe bet
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM on Rob Paul
Connor, you have the voice of a typical tall man. At 187-188 CM, my voice is extremely deep as well (it's even deeper than Darth Vader's).
Thomas6ft1 on General Height
Thanks for cheering me up and making all the other 6'1ers feel happy.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) on Height Request
I really believe Steve Harvey is over due. Listed at 6'2" around the web but really looks in my opinion more like a solid 6 feet! With Sam Jackson here Click Here
pablo77bar(184cm) on Andre The Giant
Rob,how much taller do you think that Andre is here with 6ft 3 Rick Rude ?
Click Here
Lucho on Ronda Rousey
Holly Holm's height is 172 cm
Dan on Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt's posture will always be impeccable because if know anything about him, you'll know the guy has an extremely strong core. His lower back and abdominal muscles are made of iron.
joe joe on Robert Pattinson
As I have said before. He is not a 184 IMO. I'm 185 and have always had an inch or so on him when I've met him. I would peg him at 181/182 at best guys who are 184 usually feel the same height as me but he was noticebly shorter. Here he is with 1m78 listed Guy Pearce on the far left of the shot
Click Here
again with 1m78 guy pearce in similar foot ware but Pattinson has the better posture
Click Here
I can't see 6 cm difference here

in this next photo Pearce has the better posture and Pattinson has a relaxed posture
Click Here

As I've said I've met him and he didn't look a full 6ft to me. I would peg him at 5'11.5 in these pics I can not really see 6cm between him and pearce.
Dan on Brad Pitt
So Brad just showed up to the premiere of the big short and was photographed next to Gosling. He looks about the same height but also looks about an inch shorter in a few pics. The guy obviously really knows how to look 5-11
anon183cm on General Height
@french guy

Yeah I agree it is a big loss; perhaps I am not 184.5cm out of bed. I am probably more like 184.2-3, I'll check tomorrow. I didn't measure out of bed height using stadiometer. It can be quite hard to pin down my exact height, I've tried a few stadiometers most measure me at around 182cm evening, others say I am 183cm. And electronic one said I was 181cm! At home using aerosol can method against a wall, I measure 182.5 minimum and 184.5 maximum, so that's really what I went with until recently I started seeing 182cm on stadiometers. As acceptable as my height is, I do wish I was more like 187cm out of bed / 185cm evening. Really think that is the perfect height.
6'2.5 on General Height
Here's an example. You can go to any gaussian distribution calculator (or create one on excel). I used 70.25 avg, with a 2.6 standard deviation. Here is a tall sample of 10 heights


Here is a short sample of 10 heights


Both are randomly generated heights derived from the same exact average. These both are taken from the same 'population'. So it should be expected that some days you feel taller than others. There are even taller samples of 10 I've seen with 3 or 4 76-77 inch guys in a group of 10, but generally you should feel tall at 6'1 as a whole.
DFens on The Undertaker
I'm very confused, Undertaker, which is shorter than Kane, looked the same height or taller than Strowman on Survivor Series.
EzioAuditore711 on Tyson Fury
6'7" is closer to the the truth.
Hugzz on J.J. Abrams
Recent images with Mark ruffalo. I'd put Abrams at 5ft 6.5 ?
Morningheight 5'11.5 on Erin Heatherton
At least 5'10
Frankie68 on Sylvester Stallone
Anyone see sly on good morning america where 5'10 robin roberts towered over sly !!!!
James B on Tyson Fury
6ft8? He's a giant
J on John Mayer
Next to David Letterman the two looked the same height when standing next to each other. You can see that at the end of his "American Pie" cover peformance from a few months ago.
Height173 on Justin Bieber
You know what @andy176cm you are right. I made a mistake before about Big Sean's footwear. From another photo I first saw, it looked like he was wearing regular high tops at a different angle. Seeing this photo now, it looks like he only gained 3 inches max of his 5'7.5 (looks 5'10.5) height with these big boots Click Here

But lets not forget that Justin was also wearing shoes that gain 1 inch to his height. Take a look at Justin's shoes here Click Here

Big Sean looks 3 inches taller than Justin Click Here and is slouching in this photo and both are wearing hats and still looks 3 inches taller Click Here

If Big Sean was barefoot he would look 3 inches shorter in those photos (would be the same height as Justin while Justin still wears his 1 inch shoes). Justin would be 1 inch shorter than 5'7.5, so that makes his least 5'6.5 and 5'7 max. @Rob
rog on Rob Paul
Hey Rob, when placing a flat object on top of your head, does it have to be straight? If it slants downwards, will you undermeasure yourself
Editor Rob: yes you may undermeasure a little. Always try to have it as flat as possible. The closer you are to the wall, the less error you might have.
Capt. Nobody on Andre The Giant
Chaz said on 21/Nov/15
Click Here sorry I forget to post the next part,

now look at the same 2 guys next to 6'8'' Thor look at the slim guy now in the gery tshirt? he looks bigger and 2 taller WHY? because he's turning more side on and the camara like in the Wilt Andre photos is diaganal to him now,if you was standing right next to the guy in the jacket and looked across you would see the other guy would look a body closer to the camara,and there would be over 9 foot from one side to the other,the camara only as to be 24'' over one side or the of the people or turning side on to gain 1-2'' in height in the photo,


If this is the shot you brought up earlier, then yes, it's exactly as I suspected. There is clear and obvious distortion happening in this shot. Just look at the respective eye level from left to right with the person in the left of the shot and then on the right.

Click Here

The shot is bending inward, which is NOT happening on the Andre/Wilt shot because it was taken from farther back and from higher up than this one. There is indeed a bit of "fisheye" going on with this particular shot. Any eye level irregularities in the Andre/Wilt shot are occurring because they are facing more towards the center, the people in this shot aren't as nearly to the side as Andre/Wilt. Plus, this shot being taken at a lower level will create more separation between the objects above the midpoint or focal point and those at or below it.

Also, the other shot taken with the shorter fellow clearly illustrates the distortion differences, and that shot is much more like the Andre/Wilt shots for the reasons I just stated above.
gian92 on Mark Gatiss
in this photo i see a 6'2 !
gian92 on Ryan Gosling
he is no more than 6 feet , if Duchovny claims 6 feet , it's impossible that Gosling is over 6 feet .
Capt. Nobody on Andre The Giant
Chaz said on 20/Nov/15

are you living on another planet? Andre's left side is hittiing the camara first,Arnold is in front of WIlt and Andre is in front of Arnold,so he's nera the camara,I know Andre was nowere nere Haystacks body size but he's body is bigger than Wilt's so hitting the camara befor all of them he's gaining at least 1'' that is without the Cowboy boots and he still looks shorter,Andre was never anywere nere Kiel's Height,any fool can see that,at least 3-3'5'' shorter.


Andre's side is hitting the camera first? OK, if that's making a huge difference than compare the parts of their body away from the camera as I did already and tell me what you get. Wilts front foot is IN FRONT of Andre's. Andre's front shoulder is only more in front because his body is much wider than Wilts, but as I exposed earlier, it's has no effect on their perceived height because the camera is farther away.
Jim Hopper on Sylvester Stallone
Looks 4 inches shorter min than Weathers {6-0} in that pic 5-8 sly. No more
CharlyB on Olivia Williams
jenny looks taller than onlivia and you, are you losing height rob?
Editor Rob: my height can go up and down depending on how an actor might be standing, although in this case jenny's hair is got a bit of can see us together that day
Jim Hopper on Tyson Fury
I met him in Oldham a few times,nice bloke too. Im 6-3. 6-8" is my guess as him looked 2 inches over the door when he walked out.
176.2 cm (5ft 9.37in) on Tyson Fury
If we take into account the pic of 199.5cms Helenius and Wladimir even a flat 6' 5" is possible for Klitschko (as he himself admits).. so I can hardly agry with anything over 6' 7" for this guy.
But no matter how tall he really is he'll punish
Klitschko ;)
risky6 on Hulk Hogan
Also @erik or er4smiths or any of the other troll user names you go under please stop. Your ignorance is becoming intolerable. Why do you always want to preach nonsense that only YOU see. Hulk is still 6'4" Today if he cares to stand up straight (no bent knees) or a hunched over posture and just standing around is between 6'3.25 to 6'3.5" with relaxed normal (his normal) given the damage done to his body posture. I have read and seen 100's of 1000's ridiculous statements you have written on this page and tons of others it's a pattern for you and maybe in your own mind normal. You need a reality check.
Rojina on Natalie Anderson
She must at LEAST be 5"6
heelshealheight on Lake Bell
Just google photos of Lake Bell with Simon Pegg and you can easily confirm that she's below 5'7". Films aren't reliable because of camera angles and everyone is made to look taller, slimmer and younger. The best way to find out is to see these folks next to truly tall people at social events where you can easily see their footwear. That said, there are loads of photos where she's standing right beside Pegg, and even in heels and her hair in a high bun, she's still noticeably shorter than Pegg (Rob's got him here as 5'9"). As for being a volleyball player, there are loads of women her age (she's near 40) who are shorter than 5'7" and play volleyball. We see taller women nowadays because the younger generations are getting taller and taller.
Rory on General Height
@ Thomas 6 ft 1...when you consider though that you're only an inch shorter than what most including me would consider the perfect male height, a legit 6' cant have too many complaints.
176.2 cm (5ft 9.37in) on Tyson Fury
In the pic with Wladimir he looks 6' 8" (if Klitschko is 196cms) though Fury is nearer to the camera. I think 203cms is to generous.
As Wladimir says 6' 7.5" fits it much better.
Click Here

Rob, what's your opinion?
In the final press conference Fury does not even appear 6' 7" !!
TJE on Mark Gatiss
I remember seeing him on last season of Game of Thrones walking with Roger Ashton Griffiths. I estimated Griffiths to be 5'8.5; comparing him with Charles Dance.

Long story short, Mark looked 4.5 inches taller than Griffiths.
6'2.5 on General Height

I'm about 95%ile ( hair over 6 3 am 6'2.4 at midnight ) and some days I feel enormous, others just tall. Some days 6'3 is about the tallest I'll see, other days there are a lot (relative) of 6'3 to 6'4 with a couple even taller sprinkled in. But this is all statistical variance with height following a gaussian distribution, but I don't ever not feel tall.

As far as women being taller,iv seen one girl on a Bball team around 6'6 (she clearly had a pituitary thing going on) and I'll see a girl in the 6 3 - 6 4 range about once a year. I'll see a woman 6 '2 to 6'2.5 every few months.
TJE on Andrew Garfield
179 is the most he can be, really.
John on Grant Gustin
Hey rob, he claims 6'1-6'2 here. Click Here
Editor Rob: ok thanks I'll add the quote to the top.
littlesue on Daniel Craig
Teenagers face????? he gorgeous but he looks closer to 50 than a teenager. lol
Mat 5'10.25 on Jason Sudeikis
Click Here

Rob, I see a clear 2 inch difference between Bateman and Suidekis. Either Give Suidekis 6'1 or at least 6'0.5, or downgrade Bateman to 5'10 -5'10.5
Mat 5'10.25 on Kevin Spacey
Admin," A well known New York autograph dealer once said Spacey told him he was "Five Foot Ten.""

So, you are taking into account Glenn's claim?
Editor Rob: it's just a quote.
Sammy Derrick on Tom Welling
I was a MASSIVE fan of SMALLVILLE, and Tom Welling(Clark Kent) was never towered by ANYBODY.His fellow co-stars said that he always had a big guy vibe...I think he should be up-graded to 6'3(191cm!!!)I have proof why...
WWE Superstar KANE(Aldar)-6'7 towered him..(but not as much as one would a except)
Click Here -In this image Kane appears massive... Click Here - In this behind the scenes image Tom Welling is like Randy Orton(6'4) when standing next to Kane.
Compared to Alan Ritchson (6'2) Click Here They appear almost similar in height, but Tom edges Alan out and he is slouching... Click Here In this image however Tom is clearly bigger and taller..
Compared to Justin Hartley(6'2) Click Here If you look closely his shoulder level it is higher than Justin's...

The only time he was towered in an awkward way was in Cheaper By The Dozen Click Here by Jared Paladecki(6'4), but in an intreview, Tom said that the producers wanted a guy who would tower Tom and still have a teenager's look...
Tom should be a solid 6'3 guy...most people say it,he looks it and he isn't that insecure guy to lie about his height..
What do you think Rob?
Editor Rob: his almost 6ft 3 claim seems like that of a guy who was measured at that.
grizz on General Height
@Chris, I don't think this guy (6'3) Click Here this one (6'4) Click Here ,or even this one (6'5) Click Here look "goofy".
Generally, you're right, but sometimes tall guys don't turn out goofy. Good nutrition and workout regime + good genes and you have a chance to turn just fine.
Mat 5'10.25 on Owen Wilson
Rob, do you believe there's a chance owen himself commented on his page? he is from texas after all
Editor Rob: I'm sure some celebrities have posted a rare comment now and again.
blue on Rob Paul
I try to find what is the height of noemie Lenoir (actress); on google its 1m76/ 77/ or 78....
I found these photos with the actors who plays with her in rush hour 3 :Jackie chan (1m74)
Click Here
and max von sydow (1m91)
Click Here
Could i have your opinion please?
Thank you.
Chaz on Andre The Giant
retz said on 21/Nov/15
Jt thanks for posting the pic with don johnathan it proves Andre was 7'0" his head is down in that pic.and at the least j.l.d was 6'5'..So andre had to be 7'0"+in that pic!:

So when they are upright in the other photos and Don Leo is over Andre's eyes,what is happening there? ho! I know 7'' of Andre;s 11.75'' face is forhead lol.
pauly e on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
I saw a photo on Rock's instagram today where he is standing next to 5'11 measured Greg Jennings. Rock looks max three inches taller. We can't see footwear, but i am growing very suspicious of him being a legit 6'3.
Riley on Clint Eastwood
As I said previous, I did see an old Clint movie and the evidence is there to see, i always thought he was an at least 6ft 3 guy but if anyone gets to see the movie I mentioned make your own mind up. Never did see clints shoes in any of his movies apart from cowboy boots.
Ali Baba on The Undertaker
Ken, I'm normally just an 1/8th of an inch under 6'6" at the end of the day. The 6'5.5" days were probably just bad days. There's no lying and I've offered to meet anyone who happens to come down this way to verify it. The 6'7" tall basketball player is a professional basketball player. I've met several and not one was what they claimed. Usually off by about 2 inches. The worst one was off by 3" (claimed 6'7"), but he was part of a "show" basketball team out of Harlem.
Oanh on Andre The Giant
Lucio Cliver said on 18/Nov/15
Interesting find, 'On a Clear Day, You Can See Forever', Andre would look normal or short alongside those giants. That balding guy on the far right looks like Robert Big Buck Maffei, who was a legit 7' 500 lbs the other on the left is enormous as well,

He was usually listed at 7' 400lbs...but in many photos he seems under 7'...about 6'11" is what I'm seeing.
Sam on Rob Paul
I grew about an inch after my 16th birthday.
Nigel on Arnold Schwarzenegger
HA, yes, I thought "moron" was a bit harsh. :-) Anyway, in the tv movie with Lucile Ball, Arnold might be slouching a little because he's flexing his pecs and lats a bit, but he doesn't exactly tower over her, and she's wearing very flat heels.
bobby3342 on George Hertzberg
you buy gwen christes 6'4.5 waking claim but don't think this guy can wake at 6'6? lol
Editor Rob: because he is likely 6ft 4.5 range
Erik on Hulk Hogan
@risky6 - you got me there. So in a way you're exactly right.
I'm solely basing my opinion off lots of pics with other people and obviously what people I've talked to said that have met him. I really hope to meet him sooner than later so I can finally observe for myself. It is odd to me how one mans height can have such a divide over. If I'm wrong I'll definitely eat crow and apologize personally
Big C on User Heights
No Thomas that's wrong 6ft is a good height, I know because im that height and there are usually more men who are shorter than me than taller, im 83% taller than most guys and that makes me feel quite tall but not very tall or giant like, 6ft is just a plain tall height, but at the low end like you said, granted at 6ft you are going to find some men who are taller than you but not much though, you really are going to find more shorter men than taller, ask rob if you don't believe me and just because you'll find some guys that are taller than you doesn't mean your height isn't good that's just BS, people like you do post a lot of nonsense.
Big C on Rob Paul
176.2 cm (5ft 9.37in) said on 22/Nov/15
Connor you're a funny guy.. though your voice is faked..

No it IS real, i went to the hospital about it and the doctors did a test on it and they told my mum that "he has got a naturally deep voice" so no its real, just because a man or a woman's voice is extremely deep doesn't mean it's fake, there are some men/women's voices that can be extremely deep like mine and are real, mine is deep probably because my dad's dad had a very deep voice aswell so I must have got it from him.

@Sam thanks lol, yeah
Big C on General Height
I wonder what would be considered as a strong 6fter at night? Someone who doesn't drop under 182.9 at night? Or is it more like when you are 183-184cm?
Big C on General Height
@James B maybe the girls were even much taller than him?

@grizz I'd go out with a girl in 170.5-175.5cm range, maybe even 5ft 10 or 11 I love tall girls from 170-180cm range, tall girls are so hot, I really wouldn't mind a girl being an inch shorter than me or even half an inch shorter, maybe even the same height as me!

@Anon183cm if 182cm flat (in the evening) then you are more of a weak 6ft, legit 5ft 11.75, if 182.5-182.6cm at low like I get then you are near enough to say you are 6 foot, so yeah your'e a legit 6fter if you measure that at your worst but 182.0-182.3cm at night is almost 6ft.
Big C on Rob Paul
jano said on 22/Nov/15
Rob, can you please ban Connor? He's getting really annoying and repetitive. Can you not see?

Er excuse me Jano I was not the one who was being annoying, i really do not want to discuss this again but you know who started all this! In fact you are beginning to annoy me, im not even talking about my height now, or being repetitive, what are you on about? Read my other comments why the only reason I was talking about my height, im not explaining myself again, either we draw a line under this or im going to have to take a break from this page! Btw dont accuse me of being repetitive when I haven't even said anything!
Jay on Justin Bieber
He looks 5'8 or 5'9. Nothing more and nothing less. Some of you people are comical, 5'6, really? No.
Sam on Jason Statham
I think anywhere in the 5'8.5-5'9 range is quite arguable for him. He's a guy that can appear taller but never looked more than 5'10 in movies to me.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM on Seth Rogen
By Eric Bana who was either the same height as me in person, or just barely taller than I am (6'1 3/4"-6'2" is the range of debate for him in my opinion, with a fraction over 6'2" being unlikely but possible):

Click Here

He looks to be over 5'11" there, and isn't even standing up straight. 5'11 1/4" might be a better shout.
Dan on Johnny Depp
Honestly looks closer to 5'8.5
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius on General Height
Rob i know i have asked this question before but do you know people who are late bloomers like people who started puberty at 16 and 17 even 18 and 19 late bloomers tend too grow taller in their early 20s like 21 and even 24 even mid 20s 25 and 26 is it possible for anybody too be 6ft 5in at 21 and grow too 6ft 6.5in 6ft 7in at 24.
Editor Rob: I'm sure there will be some cases of growth in 21-24 like that, but it will be quite rare. For every guy who has that, you have many thousands who are well finished by 21.
Sam on BD Wong
Yeah, weird shot near Modine, I think he should have a noticeable few inches on Richard Belzer who is no more than 6'1" (I've seen him walking around Philadelphia before).
Here's Wong w/ Irrfan Khan: Click Here
w/ Christopher Meloni & David Zayas: Click Here
w/ John Leguizamo: Click Here
w/ Mariska Hargitay: Click Here
w/ SVU cast: Click Here
Sometimes he can seem taller but certainly in the last shot doesn't look over listing.
Sam on Winona Ryder
She's the only celeb I fell for that had short hair, even Keira Knightley didn't do that for me. Sure women like a man with some height, but I can't think of any like-minded guy that is going to care unless maybe he runs a modelling agency. Other than that I don't think any woman that is height concerned should have much to worry about, at least as far as a mans opinion goes.
Judd on James Woods
Spencer, i do not agree with you actually.
I've recently watched contact, and in that movie Woods portrayed an important role.
In 1997 Woods was 50 so I think he was still at his peak, or if he has lost something I think it would have been a very small fraction at contact he was as tall as Matthew mcconaughey and Tom skerrit.
Rob met the last one and listed him as a 5'10" in 2012 and a 5'11" peak guy...
5'11.5" or even more are actually extremely optimistic measurements for James woods...
5'11" at peak is realist I'd say!
Arch Stanton on Tyrone Power
A photo with Romero and Payne there Click Here Odd, no way was Payne near 6 ft 3, see him with Reagan!
Arch Stanton on Tyrone Power
@ Steve, yes towards the end of the film Martin and Sinatra walk into a room and they're briefly stood near Romero. He looked easily 6'3 with them.
Arch Stanton on Tyrone Power
Tyrone's slippers are a bit thicker than O'Hara's though.
Arch Stanton on Tyrone Power
@Rob/Steve Click Here click download link in brown and look at 1 hr 51, 40 secs. Maureen O'Hara and Tyrone in slippers, a great comparison. He can look 4 inches taller there. And she was at 5 ft 8 until recently. Doesn't look under 5 ft 11 there. For some reason I always think of him as 5 ft 10.

Re: Cesar Romero. Worrying thing is that I saw Springtime in the Rockies the other day and Romero actually looked about the same height as John Payne. Which is odd because Payne was a good inch shorter than Randolph Scott.
Editor Rob: Tyrone could vary at times, but with footwear like that he could look 5ft 11
Dmeyer on Xander Berkeley
rob he wasnt taller than me or famke in person that was 9yrs back
Dmeyer on Joel Edgerton
179cm dinner time wakes at 5'11.25
dmeyer on Tom Cruise
Lowest peak 171-171.5 cm 5'7.25-7.5 and likely 172cm today 171.5cm he has to drop 3-4m by 54
Sebs on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Peak seemed 6 ft about 5'10.5-11 now
Sam on User Heights
Rob can animals like cats and dogs lose height with age?
Editor Rob: I'm sure some animals can lose length, although I daren't mention this to Sookie.
Mat 5'10.25 on Rob Paul
Rob, what's an average eyelevel for a man? 4.75 inches? And that's counted from the top of the head to the eyes? I am 178-79, and my eyelevel is at 167-168. Is that a high eyelevel? I don't think though I have a big eyelevel. If anything just by looking at myself I would have thought I have a lower eyelevel...
Editor Rob: the average is a bit less than that, more 4.5-6 range. If you have an eyelevel about 4.25 inches that is high, 5 inches and it is low.

You can get outliers, if you measured a few thousand you'd find some people with 4 inch and 5.2 inch as kind of extremes
Willes190 on David Beckham
5'11.25, he's a nice guy :)
Willes190 on Josh Duhamel
I think Fergie is to short for him
Willes190 on Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa is the only person i've seen who can pull off 6'4. I just watched the Baywatch movie from 2003, and he looked verry good in it
risky6 on Hulk Hogan
@erik you have never met him so your opinion isn't worth two cents! I have and the only people who say ignorant things are the one's who have never stood face to face with Hulk Hogan.
zyzzbraah on Rick Cosnett
I believe he is 5ft9!
zyzzbraah on Kevin Spacey
man he looks short af in house of cards

is 5'8 absurd for him?
zyzzbraah on Simon Baker
Do you think he can be 5'9, Rob?
I'd put him between 175-177cm
Editor Rob: you could argue anywhere in 5ft 9 range for him.
adeyp on Tobey Maguire
It depends on a number of factors, whether 172/173 is a 'good' height or not. If a guy's ultra good-looking like James Dean, then strong 5'7 going onto 5'8 is fine, but I can understand how 183 would be ideal for someone with only average looks. In short, physical attractiveness is not based on height alone, although it is a factor. A 5'6.5 guy with 9+ facial looks and an otherwise fit body is in a better position dating wise than a 5'9/5'10 guy whose looks and overall physical attractiveness are a 5 or a 6 at best
I'd agree that height could be more of an issue if someone wasn't good looking, good body, strong personality, successful etc. but someone of the same height who has these attributes, his height wouldn't be a big consideration. I think overtime anyway most people would see past the initial physical attributes when choosing a spouse, and would look for loyalty, reliability, sense of humour etc.
rog on Rob Paul
Hey Rob, when you mean top of the head, does that mean the crown or that location where that swirl in the hair/cowlick is located? That is the highest?
Editor Rob: the very highest point, if you flattened any hair.

the hairline is different, as you could be 1-2 inches more before the very top of your head.
Chase Witherspoon on Jeremy Bulloch
I've regularly seen references to 6ft as being 1.8m, so you if measured around 179cm, one might say 6ft, I believe it's a symptom of converting metric into imperial ... I don't say that's necessarily the case in Mr Bulloch's instance, but it's plausible...
Kenny on General Height
Hey whatsup guys. I'm Malaysian and 167cm. Can I reach or rush to 175cm when adult or stop growing season time..? Sry for broken English wish you guys get it..
jervis on Clint Eastwood
Riley I saw that movie could not make any height comparisons between Clint and Arnes.But I can make a height comparison between Arnes and John Wayne in big Jim Mclane Arnes has about 3inches on Wayne.I also can make a comparsion between Wayne and George Kennedy,both men were more or less the same height 6ft4.Clint and kennedy looked very similar in height,maybe Kennedy had the edge.Minimum height for Clint 6ft3.5 IMO.
Big C on Rob Paul
Hey Rob this guy on here is 5ft 8ish near ish to your height Click Here his low height is 172.3cm is that enough to be a legit 5ft 8 or is he a weak 5ft 8? That's 5mm under 5ft 8 at worst right? I'd say he is only just 5ft 8.
Editor Rob: unfortunately I don't really have time to watch much youtube videos on random people's heights. I need to use time wisely and continually updating, researching heights always takes priority.
Key on Adrien Brody
In American Heist with Hayden Christiansen he looked 5'10 - 5'11 NO JOKE XD
appe 6ft0.5 on Rob Paul
@boy16 You' ll easily become 186-187cm. I was 180cm when 16 yo, now I am 184cm.
bernie on Sylvester Stallone
I've watched some pics of the creed premiere.. man, in some shots Sly appears way shorter than Carl (ca. 6'0.75"), there's a huge gap between them both, i'd say this must be around 5 inches...
(And then there is still the question how much he gains from his shoes..?? I don't claim he's in huge lifts, but + 2 inches wouldn't surprise me...)
So whose Belief still is that Sly is or was close to 5'10", watch these pics, even 5'9" is too generous. Cannot be more than 5'7.5" - 5'7.75" these days..and was no more than 5'8" peak
That's how i see it
Joe on Brad Pitt
I find it very hard to believe there are only 2 inches between a barefoot Brad Pitt and a barefoot Barack Obama.
nona on Sharron Davies
She is 53 years old and has maintained herself really well. She has the broad shoulders and the sleek body of a competitive swimmer. She is listed at 5'11" & 67 kgs (148 lbs) but guess she is atleast 78 kgs gauging from the pic and also since muscle weigh smore. Overall a tall and well built lady
Yo on Bailee Madison
The best pic with Bailee & Hailee side by side posture wise Click Here
Yo on Bailee Madison
Never mind that. Hailee switched shoes. But w/ 5'5 1/2 Selena Click Here
AJ Morales on Adele
Wow. I never thought she was that tall. I always pictured her being more like 5 ft 6.
rikashiku on Kane
I don't think either Kane or Taker are anywhere near 6'6". 6'7"-6'8" looks much more believable. There's a video and picture of Taker with 6'8" Wes Sim, though I think Sims was barefoot, Taker still looked very tall next to him.

Big Show next to Rowan seemed to have the same height difference as he had with josh bredl who's about 6'7"-6'8".
Jason on Steve Tyler
I met them both in Vegas back in August & got a picture with them, I am 5'9. Steven was about an inch taller than me, & Joe was about an inch shorter. I didn't look to see what kind of shoes they were wearing. I'd say 5'10 for ST & 5'8 for JP would be pretty close. I have the pics posted on my Instagram if anybody would like to see them & some other cool pics from their concerts & some others. @JasonGresham8 . I've met Joey, Brad & Tom 3 times each. Joey 5'5. Brad 5'7, Tom 6-6'1. Met Slash backstage @ Aerosmith 2014, he's 5'10 w/o Hat, 6'4 with lol. Bret Michaels 5'9. Myles Kennedy 6'. Todd Kerns was really tall. 6'3-6'4.
22 November
Yo on Bailee Madison
With Hailee Steinfeld: Click Here

Footwear for Hailee Click Here
Footwear for Bailee: Click Here
Elduderino on Benedict Cumberbatch
Yeah I doubt this guy goes around telling people he's 5'11 and 3/4
dennard on Joe Montana
Russell Wilson was actually measured at 5'11 3/8 at his pro day. That might be a typo though.

Carson Palmer was measured at 6'4 3/8 at the senior bowl. Hes not 6'5.

I saw a 6'1 1/8 measurement for Arron Rodgers somewhere. He doesnt look taller than 6'1
div on Davina McCall
Rob here is a video of Caprice with Davina . They are both wearing similar heels and Caprice is taller than Davina by at least an inch . Caprice is a solid 5'7 so Davina is 5'6 at most . I think she needs to be downgraded . Wind forward to 11.29 in the video to see.

Click Here
Editor Rob: I would doubt there is more than half inch or so between them, certainly davina can fall into weak 5ft 7 range.
Canson on Howard Stern
He is 6'5 range which means he shouldn't claim 6'6. Granted he doesn't want to be taller but he also doesn't have a reason to lie either, just to be charitable to other "liars"!! I am so happy that this site does exist because Rob gives it straight as to how height should be measured!!!!!! Very straightforward and there is no fudging.

I don't get some of the comments that people make when they say that he is "closer" to 6'6 even if he were actually 6'5.5. there is "no law" that says he "has to" round up from where he is as long as he is in the 6'5 range which matters more.
Kim on Justin Bieber
5'7 max. Gains a bit of height with his hair combed back and look closely at his shoes because it still looks like he's wearing lifts Click Here
Click Here

1/2 inch lifts exist.
mrtguy on Robert Wadlow
Rob, what would you say the difference between being a 7 footer and 8 footer?
Editor Rob: hitting your head on a helluva lot more doors!
Yo on Bailee Madison
Towering over Sabrina Carpenter at the AMA's
Click Here
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) on Vince Vaughn
James B said on 26/Oct/15
Rob he is same height Strahan so maybe give him current height 6'4.5 and peak 6'5.

Vaughn does not look in great shape or health so he could lost half an inch by now since he is 45


He never was the full 6'5". The only question is if he's now creeping down towards 6'4". Strahan's probably got him by a hair in the photo Moke posted, but it's really close. Vaughn certainly isn't taller. And then look here: he's got maybe what, 2" on Brett Favre? Click Here You could make a case for 2.25", but it's clear as day it ain't 3".
TJE on Taylor Swift
Rob, what would you say is likelier: Taylor at 5'9.25 or Iggy Azalea at 5'9.75?
Editor Rob: maybe both have a possibility...with any guess, there is always a margin of error. In some cases you might say you have a greater confidence, with others maybe the confidence means the margin of error is bigger. I would be surprised if the current listings were more than a fraction off.
Aaron zamora on Austin Mahone
How tall do you think his girlfriend Becky G is, Rob? They have her as 4'11 on google but she seems shorter to me.
Editor Rob: Becky has said 4ft 11 before
Big T on Jonah Lomu
It seems like the old photo showing Jonah taller than Joeli didn't work...but I found a good one here

Click Here

This is a very good photo as they are lined up side by side for an official team photo, and Jonah is much taller than Joeli! Looks like over 2 inches. And yet, we have the recent photo where they are the same height.

It's revealing that Jonah appears to be standing next to the locks (tallest guys in the team) in the team photo. There are several team photos I have seen where he does look around 6'5" and the only guys taller than him are the locks. He is a real enigma.

If you google "Api Naevo height" you find listings of 6'5", 6'6" and 6'7". The 6'7" listing is from the official Rugby World Cup site.

Click Here

That team photo then appears to be pretty good evidence for a 6'3" Vidiri, 6'5" Lomu and 6'7" Naevo, which makes sense if Tana Umaga is 6'1.5" (which always seemed pretty accurate to me). It also matches with the previously posted photo of Jonah not being that much shorter than 6'7" Chris Jack.

...however, if you believe that Naevo is 6'5" as per Wikipedia, it puts Lomu back down at 6'3" and you have to downgrade everyone else.

Perhaps there are still more questions than answers, but I think I'm starting to lean towards the theory that Jonah was taller than listed here. I think the best evidence is looking at him next to the likes of Manu Vatuvei, Rob, Joeli Vidiri and The Game, where he looks about 6'2.5", and then looking at the old team photo of him next to Vidiri where he looks a good 2 inches taller than he did 20 years later.

Also, just in general the fact that he usually lined up next to the locks in team photos and was the 3rd or 4th tallest guy in the squad suggests 6'4"-6'5" range. That's a height where (at least in the 90s) you tended to be definitely shorter than the locks but taller than everyone else. Typically blindside flankers and number 8s might be 6'3"-6'4" but Jonah seemed to edge them out.

I believe he may have been as tall as a strong 6'4" prime and shrunk to 6'2.5".
Chris on Thomas Ian Nicholas
Rob, this should be your easiest 2 inch downgrade in history or ever in the future.
Box on Justin Bieber
I think he's 5'6. James Corden looked a bit taller than him. Its like comparing Dave Franco to Zac Efron. Similar, but overall the difference shows for both these cases; is that there's a 2 inch gap between both parties I've stated
Box on Ellen DeGeneres
I'd agree with this listing because James Cordon looked about 2 inches taller than ellen and he's 5'8. I'd go as far to say that shes actually 165cm.
Mike R on Chad L. Coleman
I ran into him while on vacation in New Orleans and I was shocked that I towered over him. I stand at 6'2" and he's probably 5'9"-5'10", but he's a stocky guy nonetheless.
James B on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Does look near 6'5 here in wrestling boots compared to Shane
Click Here
Atsu on Height Request
Can you add Henry Zebrowski an Actor and I want know how tall Youtubers KSI and ComedyShortsGamer. Henry doesn't seem look in 5 feet range. KSI listed as 5'11 before and a six months ago KSI was listed as 6'0 and few years back KSI was listed as 185 cm. I saw a video of KSI and KSI looked a solid 5'9. CSG looks be in 5'8-5'7 range.
Editor Rob: well henry I think could be 5ft 2-3 range
Allie on Jordin Sparks
At least now Google says 5'10. Don't know where those 6'0 claims come from even though she herself only says she 5'10..
pablo77bar(184cm) on General Height
@Anon183cm said on 21/Nov/15
I will only call myself if i was in the max 0,5cm below
You should say,about 6ft,almost 6ft
EzioAuditore711 on Michael Stuhlbarg
He looked much taller than this on Boardwalk Empire.
MrTBlack on Chris Hemsworth
@Rampage Clover

I'd say even if he and his brother are 6'2.75", it seems redundant to debate since that's just about 6'3".
James B on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Rob go to 4:43 Click Here

Do u agree Albert does not look over 6'5 range there compared to 6'4 billy gunn?
Editor Rob: it's such a short comparison, but he does look 6ft 5 from that, although it's not enough to say with certainty as Gunn was moving a bit more
Chris on General Height
I don't know why but I am obsessed with height and how it influences social dynamics. As such, I've spent a lot of time debating what the "ideal" or "perfect" height for a man is. Of course, there are several metrics you can use and each will give you a different answer. Here are the different metrics I have considered and their corresponding ideal heights:

-For dominating other men: 6'2+
-For modeling: 6'0-6'2
-For dating: 5'11-6'2
-For sports: 6'0+
-For business world/career: 5'11-6'2
-For military special forces: 5'10 (ideal for the Navy SEAL program due to better strength, stamina, agility, and compactness)
-For bodybuilding: 5'8-5'10

In addition to considering all of these metrics, I have also spent several hours looking at pictures of men who were different heights and how they looked as a single entity and how they looked in relation to the general population. I have found that, generally speaking, guys with heights starting at 6'2+ you start to see lankiness/gangliness and you also start to see symptoms of acromegaly. As a single entity, they are tall but they look "goofy". Also, at around 6'2+ they start standing out a little too much in relation to everyone around them and many of them look a little uncomfortable/insecure with this. Conversely, guys below 6'0 are usually very well proportioned. They look very functional and they bodies are developed in a very balanced fashion. It is a bit difficult to illustrate this point so hopefully you know what I mean. However, guys below 6'0 have the problem where they seem to blend into the general population too easily and it produces an effect where they are viewed as insignificant since they are just like everyone else. This isn't a "bad" thing but as an outsider looking in, they just don't look special height-wise.

Overall, all things considered, the "ideal" male height comes down to anywhere within the 6'0-6'2 range. In this range, you are perfect for pretty much everything. You stand out from the crowd enough to make an impression and your body likely hasn't suffered from too much growth hormone to make you have the "goofy" effect. Women like you, other men respect you, and the way the world is built takes into consideration men of your size. 6'2+ is where clothes don't fit, chairs are too small, hit your head on doorways, etc.

Within the 6'0-6'2 range, I'd give the perfect height to 6'1.

This is because:
1. You are right in the middle of the range.
2. After reviewing pictures of models of different heights, the ones that are billed at 6'2 just "look" the best...great stature and great proportions.

Second place is 6'2. Third place is 6'0. However, the difference between the importance of heights in the 6'0-6'2 range is negligible. Anywhere in this range and you are golden.
Tarinator on Daniel Cudmore
6'6.5" (199 cm) tall? Interesting...... Well I did say that would be the bare minimum. But depending on the time, he should like 2 m tall.
grizz on Fashion Model Heights
So,is this the right site to ask for Sean O'Pry's height? His 6'1 claim bugged me ever since the Blank Space music video
Bieber on Justin Bieber
With Selena Gomez recently out in Beverly Hills, he looks 5.7
Selena in heels, about an inch taller
Sammy Derrick on Robert Downey Jr
Click Here In this police record it says;5'9
pablo77bar(184cm) on Peter Mayhew
Rob,what this guy done with you in the past ? Was abouta a tall girl ?
Editor Rob: there was a handful of us. He did stand up for a tall girl but then said 'nah' when I asked if he'd stand for the rest and pointed out there was barely anybody in the queue. Funny thing was the photograph didn't come out right that day so I got another shot the next day and it was only me and him when he came over and he could have just stood there for 10 seconds, but wanted a seat again...
just a guy on Andrew Scott
5'7'' is spot on. 5'7.5'' max.
sar on Jennifer Lopez
she is at least 164cm LOL at the people saying she's only like 5'2
Luke on Sneaker Heights
How does the nike airmax ltd compare to the airmax 90? Would you say the airmax ltd yields more height or vice versa?
Editor Rob: they are close, but I think 90's are a tad less than the ltd
jbheight on Justin Bieber
He looked shorter than 5'8 James Corden and 2 inches and a bit shorter than 5'10 Kevin Harvick but had thicker shoes than him
Steve on Vanessa Williams
My wife got her order graph when she was doing kiss of the spider woman on Broadway years ago . My wife is five 3 1/2 and wears flats because she has a disability she was still taller than Vanessa who was wearing a slight heel on cowboy boots I bet she's only 5'2"
TJE on Justin Bieber
If Justin is well under 5'7 with Big Sean, then Scooter's 4'11 tops.

Click Here
Dmeyer on User Heights
yeah he might be 190.3-190.4cm
Sammy Derrick on Stone Cold Steve Austin
Click Here
In this mugshot,192cm!!!(6'3.5)
N on Jason Statham
I would say 5'9. There are a few pics of him barefoot or wearing just flip flops next to his VS model wife who is 5'9, they look identical. There's a barefoot pic of Jason next to Saffron Burrows (6'0) and she does look to be about 2-3 inches taller than Jason.
pablo77bar(184cm) on Gerald Slink Johnson
Steven Ogg is suposed to be 6ft 3
N on Zac Efron
There's a recent full size photo of him barefoot standing next to Chloe Grace Moretz, who is 5'4. Zac Efron looks just barely taller. I would say 5'8 max is the most likely real height, no way 5'10 that's impossible.
Lmeister on Jean Claude Van Damme
Sergio Aguero is 172cm. I'd give the same to JCVD. Time to downgrade Sly, Statham, Snipes, Banderas...
Cliff on Fashion Model Heights
Agree with you Rob on Sara Sampaio. Perhaps she should be listed on here (eventually) as either a strong 5ft6 or a weak 5ft6.5. I doubt she's over this. She is pretty much the same size as Kate Moss.She kind of reminds me somewhat of Angelina Jolie, in that she appears tall when photographed alone. The only way you tell that she's average female height is when she stands next to other models.
Sam on Rob Paul
Connor I think with your voice 6 foot is the very least we should give you :) Nothing wrong with your voice, people usually associate deeper sounding voices with a taller stature.
french guy (182.5 to 187 cm) on General Height
i should be taller than you hehe, and you 're right, those 2 inches make a difference mouahaha :p

you are 184.5 cm when you wake up and you're 182 cm at night?
That's a big loss man, i'am 184.5 cm in the morning too, but i never fall below 182.5 cm.
If i were you i would claim 182 cm, but most guys would claim 183 cm or 6'0", so i guess that claiming 183 cm is ok, 1 cm is barely noticeable.
I was measured at 184 cm in high school , just one hour after waking up, i have been claiming 184 cm for 1 year while i'am 182.5-183 cm most of the time, no one noticed it.
Sam on Celia Sawyer
Maybe not that tall if she's only comparing herself to the males, but yes 5'10 is indeed tall for a woman.
Lee on Height Request
You should add gabourey sidibe from precious, tower heist and american horror story season 3 and 4 she looks 5'5" to meal few inches shorter than Paula Patton in precious
Andrea on Kiefer Sutherland
Well, in that pic he must be losing 5 inches? He doesn't look much over 5'9! Can you find pictures of Donald looking more than 5 inches taller than Kiefer or he was already not over 6'1-6'1.5 when Kiefer was born?
Editor Rob: I haven't looked deeply, the last thing I rewatched with Sutherland was the 1978 Invasion and seeing him with Goldblum and Nimoy, you could argue he wasn't over 6ft 3.
S.J.H on Benedict Cumberbatch
Hes a short looking 6feet. Never look like one 6 footer out here. I bet his hair give illusion been taller than 511.5 here if he face up. But no. I know this trick. He probably just 511.25 barefoot
S.J.H on Fran Kranz
More i see Fran 5'10 was realistic ;)
S.J.H on Harry J. Lennix
He look 190ish not big as he claim to be 6'4
Sam on Crispin Glover
I always thought this guy was 5'11, or at least looked it in BTTF.
Aaron183cm on General Height

I have those experiences. Sometimes I feel dead average at 6'0", but there are also plenty of times that I feel tall. I think there are just times where there happen to be a disproportionate percentage of tall people congregated in one area. We can also become fixated on those that are taller and not notice the short people.

I believe percentiles can also be misleading. 90th percentile sounds tall and IS tall, but you're never going to feel like the tallest guy because being shorter than 10 percent is still a lot of people. If you walk past 1000 men everyday that is 100 men that will be taller than you. It would become easy to become fixated on those 100 and forget the 900 that are shorter. Even a 6'3" guy at 97th percentile could get fixated on the 30 out of 1000 men that are taller than him.
grizz on General Height
@Anon183,your claim is fine.
abbey on Niall Horan
original height,harry 5" 10.5,liam5" 10,louis5" 8,nial5" 7.5,zyan5" 7
grizz on General Height
KEREM,you are 190 cm. Your out of bed height is only short-term and till evening you drop 1.5-2.5 cm. 190 seems fair to claim.
S.J.H on Holt McCallany
6'1 yes but 220pounds i don't think so. He must have lost about 10-15pounds
RentGirl on Height Request
Sofia Carson from Disney's Descendants- 5'4, 5'5 maybe?
Thomas6ft1 on General Height
Rob how often do you see women who are very tall? I'm talking like 6'2" and over. I'm a legit 6'1" and I've encountered a small handful of women who were taller than me. I check their footwear and its either flip flops or sneakers. No heels. Its quite the experience for me personally because it makes me realize that on a scale from 1-10 my height would be classified as 2 and I wish I was taller. Its crazy that Amazon women are real.
Editor Rob: this year I've noticed a fair number of tall women when out and about, 6ft 2 is still quite rare, but then in bigger cities like London I've seen women in that range a number of times.
S.J.H on Sebastian Stan
@Sara said on 18/Jun/15

Steven strait is probably a good 6'0 not even 6'1 or 6'2 as listed else where. Sebastian stan is always listed at 510.75 to 5'11 other site untill rob upgrade him here at 5'11.25
Thomas6ft1 on General Height
@Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM
Yes I have seen women taller than me, but its only a very small amount. I'm a legit 6'1" and I've seen women who were wearing flat thongs/flip flops while I wore 1 inch running sneakers who easily towered over me or had a few good inches on me. I've seen about 2 giant couples in my life where the girlfriend and the guy was taller than me. Its really interesting to see that as that makes me feel insignificant, but also gives me a good general view on my own height and makes me wish I was taller.
mande2013 on Miles Davis
I knew Miles wasn't tall, but he assumed he was a wee bit higher than this, like 1m69-1m70.
Frankie68 on Sylvester Stallone
Anybody see the "creed" premiere pics ...i always said sly is no taller than 5'7 the pics of carl weathers u can clearly tell carl is a much bigger man than stallone ...much bigger ,, in body & height ...carl also is much bigger than michael b jordan whos height claim is 5'11 ...which i dont agree with either !!!
Erik on Hulk Hogan
@risky6 - don't start again dude. You're obviously in need of glasses and don't take into consideration that Ben is leaning and Hogan's head is closer to the camera. I just looked at another pic of a guy that just met Hulk at the gym and he said he's around 6'1.5" and Hulk was a bit taller. I'll even be generous and say Hulk might be 6'2.5" straight up. He is NOT I repeat NOT 6'3" let alone 6'4"
Greg on Brian Murphy
He was brilliant on Mrs Merton and Malcolm, singing The Drugs don't work to the bedridden Mr Merton!
Raduuuu on Sylvester Stallone
Rob see this photo... Click Here Sly and Carl weathers...
Editor Rob: at that event sly's shoes are pretty normal, I think he still holds easily in the 5ft 8 range
Andrea on Rob Paul
Rob obsessed? He is INTERESTED in height, which is a lot different than obsessed! Everybody on here is interested in height, after all the site itself talks about height! Doing videos about measuring height doesn't make you obsessed! You still don't get it! It's the attitude that makes you obsessed! If you think that people who disagree with you are just trolling, why do you ask people if you're a legit 6'? You want to be assured because you're complexed about your height! Serisously, if you really are 182.5-182.6 at your low, you are near enough to be called 6', that's it! You are a six footer, accept it once for all!
176.2 cm (5ft 9.37in) on General Height
Doctor's office isn't particularly trustworthy!
I got there 178.2cms afternoon height +6mms.
176.2 cm (5ft 9.37in) on General Height
If you can not find a peraon helping you I would press a book (or sth. equal) under a door frame and put me under it.
And I would make sure that the ground is absolutly flat (perhaps with a spirit level).
Because your arms are raised you probably get a small error.
ditya on David Guetta
yo rob can you identify martin garrix's?
176.2 cm (5ft 9.37in) on Rob Paul
Connor you're a funny guy.. though your voice is faked..
Mat 5'10.25 on Alex Turner
Admin, how tall do you think Miles Kane is? He gets listed at 5'11
Editor Rob: not looked at him yet
O on Tyler The Creator
Rocky is listed 5'10.5 on Gòogle
blue on Rob Paul
If julian mcmahon is 1m88 how tall do you think balthazar is ?
Click Here
He's at least 110kg, no?

Do jenny likes charmed too?
Editor Rob: I did see Michael Bailey at one event, I'd say he was maybe over 100kg, but 110 I'm not sure. He didn't look a big 6ft 4 guy though, maybe a bit under that mark.

Yes, Jenny loved shows like buffy/angel/charmed/supernatural/alias
S.J.H on Stephen Merchant
I don't he was 6'7 not even 6'6.75 , because i check out the lip sync clip that merchant with 5'9 joseph gordon levitt at best he look 6'6.5 there and even a flat 6'6
andy176cm on Justin Bieber
@Marc look at from 6:16 to 6:18 sec you can see they are the same height
Big C on Rob Paul
Rob how tall did you think Yoda looked? (STAR WARS) google says his height is 2'2.
Editor Rob: Yoda was 2 foot and a 1/4 inch at his peak and prior to becoming a Jedi worked as a cobbler, making shoe lifts for Darth Vader.
blue on Rob Paul
@Big C
For be honest.. me too i like girls with big boobs...
honestly how to resist to this? Click Here ;))
Muscled girls are soo hot;)
And no, your voice is not scary, ok maybe a little bit surprising but not scary, you just have a very masculine voice, that's cool:)
Btw what college means in English? high school or university?

Use dumbbells (3kg for each hand) make shrink?
I'm gonna make cardio kick boxing with them (30/50minutes)

I watched your video "obsessed with height" really funny!:))
Editor Rob: dumbells like that won't effect your spine.

Doing some weights is useful, but we shouldn't overdo and try to lift to heavy a weight, because it could lead to some disc problems.
Rory on Clint Eastwood
I don't know where people get these wild and ill informed guesses like "189cm peak" they clearly haven't looked into it, and perhaps have never even seen an old Clint movie. Its impossible to watch a 1960s/70s Clint movie and think he was below 6'3..6'3.75 is bang on.
ditya on Johnny Depp
Click Here

Time for a downgrade to this beautiful man Rob.
Sorry johnny.
S.J.H on Bill Gates
177cm seem right. My dad was 5'10.75 in his 20s he met bill gates told me gates was not 5'10 as his listed hes like a full inch under him. He could be even 5'9.25 at lowest
jano on Rob Paul
Rob, can you please ban Connor? He's getting really annoying and repetitive. Can you not see?
Editor Rob: I think if people leave Connor and his don't bring his height up, then it will be fine...I would hope we can draw a line under it, right around the six foot mark would be fine.
jano on Rob Paul
Connor, stop being so obsessed with yourself, seriously dude. Get a grip.
GH on Rob Paul
Hey Rob, i saw that some scientific studies have found that the fast makes produce 2000% Growth Hormon if we fast more than 24h but less than 40h ( then our muscles decrease ). It is a boost like sport or sleep. Do you think fast can help me to grow taller (i'm 6ft tall and i'm 17) ? At the moment I 'm fasting 24h just to try and i will fast one time every week ( sorry bad english i'm french).
Editor Rob: I have read about some fasting increasing GH production, but it was years ago, but there seems to be real studies done showing links.
Magic on Joe Pesci
I'd say that he was 5'2" (peak) and today he could be 5'1", in "home alone 2" Daniel Stern seemed 2 mt compared to Joe Pesci.
@5'3andchange loose about 1 cm every decade after 40 years , no 1 inch, 1 inch is too much.
joker on Claudia Jordan
is she 5 ft 7 in her shoes or barefoot
joker on Claudia Jordan
is she 5 ft 7 in her shoes or barefoot
Editor Rob: I think barefoot she is under 5ft 8, how much is debatable, but I wouldn't have thought she looked nearly 5ft 8 in heels though.
Dmeyer on User Heights
For the first time in my life a guy i know who is 186-7cm i look max 5cm smaller pegged me at 180cm all the other measured guys at the temple pegged me at 182-3cm or 184cm the shortest i got pegged is 181cm once and mostly people pegg me 182-185cm on rare occasions over 6'1 but its tge first time i got pegged 5'11/180cm thaugh i am just 1.3-1.4cm over 180cm so maybe he just rounded to 180cm since i am closer to 180 than 185cm , and in france a lot of people go by o or 5 if someone is 173 they will say about 175 if somone is 171-2cm they will say 170 , i got twice pegged 180cm in my life other times 182+
bobby on Magic Johnson
S.J.H on David Hasselhoff
Rob, don't you think hoff could be dipping 6'3.75 nowadays?
Editor Rob: it is a possibility. He could have went from 80's and a strong 6ft 4 to just 'about' 6ft 4. He has a little bit more shoe this day, not more than a 1/4in though.
S.J.H on Barry Bostwick
Like my grandpa who measure 5'11 but stand like a weak 5'10 and could look 5'10 instantly impression to others. I believe in person he could be 6'2 but he claim 6'4 that was too much. He pass 6'3 for american actors
S.J.H on Kevin Nash
I trust Ali baba perception. Nash doesn't look this big next to his magic maike co-stars. At best he could be kevin love mark's at 6'7.75 but i think he could be holding well just 6'7.5
S.J.H on Michael Kingma
205cm on the cash. Just look at his shoulder tip to rob head. Very first listing started at 6'10. Most basketball player had their listing with shoes. 6'8.75 is how he look with rob. Not even 6'9. A real 6'9 guy please refer to dwight howard or kevin durant
S.J.H on Donald Sutherland
Liam hemsworth look 6'4 next to donald sutherland
S.J.H on Joel David Moore
If Dmeyer did really met JDM in person at 189cm then vince vaughn is no way near 6'5 and probably like i say once at 6'4.5 thats what he look close up scee next to JDM in dodge ball
S.J.H on Jason Sudeikis
I've make a mistake. I notice chris pine does edge him like 2-2.5cm range and pine was listed at 6'0.5 therefore sudeikis could be 5'11.75 a chance and 6'1 with dress shoe maybe? He could be 6'0 just right in the morning
S.J.H on Russell Brand
@jack said on 15/Jul/15
He has said he is 6'1 and I doubt anyone would lie to make themselves shorter especially a man...he does wear boots all the time so he might appear taller

Jack, the perspective of men height are mostly rounded up their height not quite round down. There is no way most people lie to make themselve short. Yes but very rare and Russell brand does look 6'1.5 he maybe grow a half inch that he did not really measure up himself lately..
tuite on Sylvester Stallone
have u seen guys the last pics next to weathers in the creed´s premiere? he looks so much shorter than him
S.J.H on Greta Gerwig
She look a strong 5'8 maybe 5'8.5 was right given by rob. I wouldn't go above 174cm and she probably more like dipping a fraction below 174cm by night
Bryan on General Height
Francisco Lachowski is listed at a modest "6'2"...probably the biggest downgrader cause he looks 190cm
Kavin on Usain Bolt
Iam 6'6. He is too nearer to me
Sammy Derrick on Tom Welling
Click Here
Sammy Derrick on Daniel Craig
In the movie Cowboys And Aliens, his character is described as Age:37 Height:5 feet 10 inches Weight: 175lbs Lighter hair, blue eyes and stronger features.
This in my own opinion was a perfect description of Daniel Craig...He has a man's body but a teenager's face(my opinion).
TOM on Floyd Mayweather Jr
Here's my comment re Mayweather's height: $100 million dollars!!!!
Sammy Derrick on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
In the following movies,Faster and The ToothFairy, he is described by some of the characters in the movie as 6'3!!!
In Faster, there is a mug-shot which states Height:6'4(assuming height with shoes)
I always thought when he was in WWE to be 6'5...but 6'1???That's just too low...
Sammy Derrick on Rob Terry
Rob?How tall is Robbie E?Considering his hairstyle and all???
Editor Rob: I thought he could have been 5ft 9
Allie on Jourdan Dunn
182. Sometimes she look 183/full 6 ft but sometimes she looks more 5'11 more often than not.
sachida nand rai on Salman Khan
Salman khan real hero of Bollywood
Insey on Height Request
Is it possible at all to make a page on Ryan Sheckler? His estimated height around the web varies widely from 5'4" to 5'9".
andy176cm on Justin Bieber
@Height173, how do you know maybe sean was in cowboyboots ??it can add 5-7 cm easily
David on Luther Vandross
I was standing right next to Luther Vandross in a book store in Los Angeles. I am 6ft 1½in. I can assure you that Luther Vandross was at least 6ft 2½in.
21 November
Morningheight 5'11.5 on Vanessa Kirby
Elegantly tall at 5'8
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) on Brendan Fraser
Is there any real evidence he's more than 6'2.5"? He looks 188 - 189 cm a lot to me.
moe on Derek Theler
The guy on the far left, Michael Donegar is listed as 6'2 on imdb. Derek towers over him.
Click Here
Ryan on Noureen DeWulf
I would just leave the nuts hanging out.
Allie on Blake Lively
Christina, you're an inch shorter than her so aren't you lying as well? :p. Amyways, that aside many girls lie as well. Maria Sharapova is only 6'1 or so yet she adds that inch. Taylor Swift is 175-176 imo and yet she's claiming 5'11.

I know a girl whose 6 ft, but adds an inch or two..
Tymmo on Justin Bieber
@yeah right
I think that Kevin Harvick looks 5'9'' next to Jimmy Fallon, so Justin Bieber looks around 5'7''-5'7''½ in that video, possible footwear boosting idk..
Usuario on Daniela Hantuchova
5ft 11.25 is precise.Saw her in wta of Monterrey.She was so imposing in some heels that add her like 10 cm.Must be one of the most beautiful tennis players of all time.
Usuario on Katelyn Tarver
Also seems 5ft 5 to me.
Lol on Daniel Radcliffe
I always assume people are a half inch or so taller than they are listed on this site
Dom on Whitney Houston
176.2 cm I have never ever seen a picture or a video where Whitney looked under 5'8", most the times she looked closer to 5'9" actually.
grizz on Chris Pine
74kg@184cm -that's one seriously lanky dude. No wonder many people would give him full 6'1- thinner always looks taller.

Tatum was considered 6'1 until he gained some serious mass-nowadays people even doubt if he's 6ft tall!
Thomas6ft1 on User Heights
No, 6 feet is not a good range at all. Its at the very low end of tall. Plenty of guys around this height and lots more taller.
Thomas6ft1 on Sneaker Heights
Hey Rob, how much height do these shoes give? Click Here
Editor Rob: ones like that look under an inch, near 0.7 range
grizz on General Height
Guys,what height range do you prefer for girls?
In my case, 160-175cm range,although I prefer the talller side of that range (>170 cm)

Same Q for girls (boys' range).
gallows on Rob Paul
Hey Rob, if 64.25 inches come to the bottom of my nose, how tall I am?
Editor Rob: you could be over 5ft 10, 5ft 10.5-.75 very likely.
Thomas6ft1 on General Height
Hey Rob, how many inches does it take to make someone feel significantly shorter than you? 4 inches?
Editor Rob: most of us can notice an inch...when it gets to 4 inches that might feel a fair amount because you might be looking into their hair, or if looking at a person 4 inches taller under their mouth.
Allie on Kendall Jenner
Kendallrose, guys can grow until 21 if sexual education taught me anything. Girls grow at 18, mostly max but there are some exceptions. Point is Gigi98 said that girls can't grow past past 16 and I'm proof that you can grow past 16. Some Models are proof as well. Toni Garrn started at age 14-15 at 5'10, a couple years later she was pictured with Karlie amd Taryn who all close in height and said to be 5'11 and 23 she is now 6'0.
Jennifer on Sarah Chalke
Back when she was on Roseanne, Parade magazine did an article on her and they said she was 5 foot 8.
jferrw on Michael J Fox
he is a midget
Anon183cm on General Height
I measure 182cm evening on stadiometer. I am 184.5cm morning. I claim 6ft / 182.88cm but what would you claim as my height? I think it is good and often I am among the tallest in a room.
JB on David Cross
To be honest when I watched Mr. Show I thought there was more than a .75 inch difference between him and Odenkirk. But watching the new Bob and David they look pretty close.
JB on John Lennon
@Mat 5'10.25 I think that what you said is true about Lennon. But when it comes to his height, maybe he really did think he was 5'11". Lots of people go through there lives without ever actually measuring themselves. One scenario I can think of is John was just going by how tall he was by comparing his height to other people. The Beatles were all around the same height. Maybe one of them lied, then the rest of them said "well I guess we're all around 5'11." So he just kept saying that's how tall he was the rest of his life.

I have a group of friends that are all around the same height. They all say they are 5'11" or "about 6 feet tall". But I swear if I took out the measuring tape they would barely measure 5'10"
Harold on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Now, now, Oh Dear.
Do you see what I mean, Nigel? Once again, words and reason fail the fanboy and he resorts to clenching his tiny fists, stomping his size five feet, and hurling personal invective.
As for you, Oh Dear, I have no doubt whatsoever that a man who has spent his life shaving his legs and underarms and aspiring to grow breasts bigger than his own mother is your role model...
Your set, Sunshine.
And don't cheat on your reps.
Yah on Sean Connery
I've always pictured him as a short man like 5 8 or something.
Himtheguy on Madison Pettis
Rob isn't she shorter than kelli berglund
Himtheguy on Madison Pettis
Rob isn't she shorter than kelli berglund
BT on Kaley Cuoco
@Editor Rob: I agree, but when she does stand looser she can at times appear even a little shorter than Galecki, who's nothing over 5'5. With a strong posture she can sometimes look 0.5-0.75in range taller than him, I'm not seeing the full inch anyway. I thought I posted a screenshot that goes with my comment about Kaley and Parsons, but it's not appearing, I'll try again: Click Here
Editor Rob: just under 5ft 6 might be on the money for her.
Dan on Kobe Bryant
I'd say about 6'5", not 6'6", Lamar Odom is listed as 6'10" and looks more than 4" taller than Kobe.
bobby3342 on Derek Theler
You're wrong.
Correg on Football Soccer
@Rob What do you think old players Van Nistelrooy and Patrick Klauivert's height ?
Dmeyer on Jake Gyllenhaal
Click Here , Jake has 0.3in less shoes than 50cent who is not less than 5'11.75 and Yet stil looks only 0.5in smaller Jake is a 5ft 11 and change Guy like rob list him , from Conan video over 5'11.25 is unlikly but not under 5'11-11.25
Leo on Dougray Scott
I walled past him in Dublin a few years ago. I'm precisely 5ft 11, I was right beside him. HeIis exactly 6ft, 183cm on the button.

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