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27 March
Warren on Justin Bieber
doesn't look 12 when he was 17 btw, he looked like 15
JT on Andre The Giant
Jim Cornette's take on the larger wrestlers Click Here Not that he's an expert on height or weight though.
Julia on Brittany Snow
When you have longer lower torso and shorter upper torso, you always end up pretty looking pretty tall. She's gorgeous nontheless
Shane on Kevin Durant
@Canson I wish you'd stick with the inches lol I don't know what all the other stuff is.. I mean, I can look it up of course but I don't know it off top of my head to translate it all. As for you claiming 6'4", I'm not sure what part of country you are in but in Missouri nobody would think you were claiming 6'5" or 6'6" here as you have measured almost 6'5" barefoot if I read it correctly and 6'6" in shoes.
Johan on Norman Reedus
Shredder said on 26/Mar/17
Well facts are that 5'9 to 5'10 is the average male height in the Us and Uk , It's not short.

Norman in person is very average.

Yes, its perfectly average, doesn't look tall which is why I found that comment by his wife very strange.
Or is she short herself that she can't tell the difference between say 5'10" and 6' ?
S.J.H on Daniel Cudmore
I bet if cudmore didn't get much acting role in future he will start to downplay another half inch say he is 6'5.5 Lol
RisingForce on Scott Eastwood
It's a shame Statham is standing so far back. I'd be very interested in who was taller between him and Kurt Russell side by side. Scott only looks 5'10" there as well as with The Rock: Click Here I don't see Scott's head higher than Rock's eyes if you exclude his hair.
shiva 181 cms on Ben Affleck
Morgan Freeman was a 1/4" taller than Ben Affleck when already he lost a bit of height

So there's no chance Ben is taller than a peak Freeman I'd say morgan Freeman is 6'2.5 peak and Affleck is 6'2 as always
Sandy Cowell on Michael Dorn
Michael played my favourite ever Klingon, the great and dependable Worf! I used to joke with my boyfriend that I fancied him!
I like his little son in the programme as well, Alexander! It comes as no surprise that Worf was just under 6ft3, and that today he still measures 6ft2.
S.J.H on Zachary Quinto
To be fair quinto needs a downgrade to 6'0.75 no way he was half inch taller than karl urban and pine.
berta on Adrien Brody
rob maybe giving him a little raise in the listing. i think he should have the average guess listing. he looks like a guy that could be 184. Also he is very skinny and have bad posture. standing at his tallest he is probalby 184. IF i remmber right he was listed that years ago?
S.J.H on Eric Bana
Joel mchale had solid 4cm taller than bana
berta on Christian Bale
hm he actually looked taller 15 years back :O i wonder if he really was 183 at peak. ore maybe this peak and littel under this now.he could have lost about 0,6 cm
anon on Anthony Joshua
sam completely agree with you, The Lowest you could argue is 197cm but 193 or 194 is laughable, He Looks a lot taller than guys who are 6'3 so how could he be 6'4?
bazza on Billy Gunn
6'3", 6'4" peak no more.just another WWE wrestler adding inches for effect.
berta on Russell Crowe
weird that he really stick to that cliam i think he out of bed really have been measured to that a couple of times and in the evening he is in the stron g179 range
Lmeister on Matt Le Blanc
This is a good picture to define Matts real height. the shortest guy in the pic Chris Harris is same height as Eddie Jordan(5ft5). Even, if we are generous and list Chris Harris 5ft6-5ft7 Matt doesn't really look taller than 5ft8.5-5ft9.25.

Click Here
anon on JME
Would have gussed him more 5'11 range if Skepta is really 6'0.5 he is for sure shorter than Skepta, Skepta's 6 foot thing was in a song so I wouldn't read too much into that as a direct claim, Interesting that Jme did once claim he is 6'1 maybe that was in shoes and he is a flat 6'0 but I would have guessed him maybe more 181 range at a guess
berta on Hugh Jackman
barely 188 peak and today little over 187 i dont believe this 1/2 loss. its mutch harder to work as a carpeneter all days than lift heavy 1 hour a day i promise you i should now who do both. and if you los this just from working out then every carpenter out there should have lost 1 inch at the age of 45
bazza on Stone Cold Steve Austin
good listing.looks about 6'1" range and probably 6'1.5" back in the day.
berta on Robert Downey Jr
i think absolute lowest possible for him is 171 and tallest is probably this listing. i think stron g172 guy could be the best option
Wrs567 on Justin Bieber
@Revisionist: I only said Bieber was 172cm

That's a great guess for today if you ask me

I am hardly a 'fanboy' for that lol
bazza on Hulk Hogan
there is no way he could have lost more than a couple of inches even with the injuries and age. I would go with people saying 6' 4" ish peak (wearing huge lifts in the ring to appear taller) and now stands around 6' 2" at best, the evidence is there for all to see.
Canson on Kobe Bryant
@Dillon: nice find! Adds up as his sneakers put him at 1.25"
Tall In The Saddle on Vincent Price
Sandy - you may already be aware but Vincent Price featured as a guest on a This Is Your Life episode devoted to Christopher Lee. It was telecast in 1974, making Lee about 52 yo and Price 63 yo. It's on You Tube. Some might argue based on age alone that Price might've lost a bit of height by that stage. That contention aside, they stand perfectly close together, both the exemplification of excellent posture. IMO, there is but a 1" difference max. in Lee's favor. So close that if one straightened that little bit more or the other collapse their body ever so slightly you might see them as being equal in height.

I've always held Price to be the ultimate yardstick for 6'4". Lee I would give between 6'4 1/2 to 6'5". IMO, Price was ALL class with ZERO pretension, that lack of pretension made the man that much more compelling and versatile. That lack of pretension lent itself to Price to trying all manner of roles for better or worse, mostly for better and not just better but also great.

Even Prices truly offbeat roles as Egghead in Batman and his in comic turn in the Brady Bunch Hawaii episode to name two were thoroughly enjoyable - the guy was absolutely unique. He could move with the times (see Edward Scissor Hands, the album Thriller etc.) without sacrificing the old school class, manners and educated background that characterized him.
bazza on Lenny Henry
@ Rampage - i fully agree. Watching the Comic relief you could see a clear 2 inch or more difference between Henry and Ross and we all know Jonathan wears decent footwear. People trying to pass Ross of as under 6 feet is also laughable. I am 6' 2" and you can just tell Lenny is a solid 6' 3" guy.

lenny Henry is 6' 3" maybe a tiny fraction under but nothing less.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Tony Hadley
Rob, who do you think was taller at peak Neeson or Hadley?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Michael Cudlitz
Rob, did you meet this guy?
Editor Rob: of course, I watched the few photos in front of me and thought he's standing ok, then last second he dropped 2 inches, I could do nothing...he's maximum 6ft 1
famella on Steve Nash
184.5cm at early lunch time & 183.5cm at night or during activities.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jonathan Ross
He's stuck with 6ft1Β½ through the years rather than round up to 6ft2 which I'm surprised he didn't do
famela on LeBron James
200.5cm at early lunch time & 199.5cm at night or during activities.
famella on Jeremy Lin
189cm at early lunch time

188cm at night or during activities
berta on Charles Dance
barely 190 peak and 188 today. could have been 6 foot 3 peak but i have a feeling he was 0,7 cm under it
berta on Dolph Lundgren
i promise you guys if you really was 6 foot 2 you would like to be 6 foot 4. you almost always want to be taller than you are axcept from 6 foot 6 and taller i guess. almost everyone i know that is in 6`1-6`3 lie about there height and cliam atleast half inch more. but the few guys i know that are 6 foot 4 and over are telling the truth. I have said it before and say it again i dont feeel huge at littel over 6 foot 5. there is always people taller than me in a crowd. i think average height here in sweden really are 6 feet these days. back in my school 10 years back we did the ave3rage height on guys that were 16 years old in my class, the average was 182 and all of those guys grew about 1 inch more. so in my class the average was probably about 184 these days.we where about 5-6 guys in the 191-197 range and about 7-8 guys that were 185-188.
RisingForce on Justin Bieber
Revisionist, I never said Bieber is taller than Hamilton. I said Bieber isn't much, if any, shorter than his listing here - 5'7.5" - which would make him Hamilton's height or possibly slightly under, maybe 171 cm. I said he's taller than he was 5 years ago. He was only 17 then, so it's not impossible to grow a bit after that, especially for a kid who looked 12 at the time!
berta on Ralf Moeller
he cant really be shorter than the listing if ferrigno really was 6 oot 4 because in that herculses series from like 20 years ago he was barely 2 inches taller than lou
berta on Robert Duncan McNeill
i think the listing is fine but to be exact he could be little over not realy reaching 6 foot 3/4 but right beetween this listing and that. so either of those listings would be right. a 184,5 guy ore something
berta on Liam Hemsworth
i think late evening he is around 191,4 and around 4 in the afternon he is 192 and that makes him a barely 192 guy and in the morning he probably wakes up at 193
Warrior on General Height
@ Sally (5'11

How tall is your husband? How tall are your parents? What is the average height for a lady in Wisconsin and the U.S? What do you think is the average height difference, between Man and Woman? Are u white, what is your hair and eye colour? Do you wear high heels like most women, and do you have large feet?
Lak on General Height
Csimpson 6ft , yes i was barefeet and yes i was active that day ( working all the day long , and working out ) ,how the thing my morinig height is?
Paul on Tyson Fury
seems to be a lot of talk around Wlad. but Fury reckons he had 4 inches on Wlad when it is obvious that he did not. i can defo buy 2-2.5 inches but any more is a struggle. Fury seems pretty bias about Wlad Height and their Defo was not more than 2.5 inches.
Robbe on Deontay Wilder
Carmelo is not standing properly there either, like said. Audley Harrison looks like an inch shorter than Joshua, who is probably 197,5cm. So that makes Harrison 195cm Click Here On the other hand, Harrison was pretty much the same height as Wilder in the weight in Click Here which was quite surprising. There are many pictures of these men in the net, sometimes Harrison looks taller, Sometimes Wilder.

In the fight i couldn't notice any difference between these fighters. Both looked the same height. It would be interesting to see Joshua and Wilder face to face. They are probably pretty much the same height.
Dean on Arnold Schwarzenegger
James Dingle said on 26/Mar/17
Exaggerated height and bicep measurements of 22 inches more realistic 19 inch peak arms, and peak height 5ft 11.75in

You're obviously not a bodybuilder, James. 19" arms, big as they are, are pretty common around the gym. If you'd seen them, and compare to Arnold's pictures at his peak form, you'd know for sure he wa smuch bigger. Guy's arms were freaky large, and thick - well over 20".
gjghjgjg on Tom Hardy
I think he is below 5 foot 9. I am 5 foot 9 myself and when I bulk up a bit at the gym I can hit 185 lbs at the gym no problem and I have average bone size. When he said he is "185lbs wet-through with bricks in my pockets" he is basically saying he is nowhere near 185 lbs, which is hard to believe for a 5 foot 9 guy who works out a lot. Also, pretty much every guy exaggerates their size, even more so guys in Hollywood. I will say he is 5 foot 8.
Flavius on Susan Sarandon
5'4 at most, now... maybe because she doesn't wear high heels, but she's always towered by other actresses in almost every picture: kirsten dunst, jessica alba, Freida Pinto, Jennifer Aniston... also Naomi Watts and Dakota Fanning look definitely taller than her... just have a look at some pics
Flavius on Susan Sarandon
5'4 at most, now... maybe because she doesn't wear high heels, but she's always towered by other actresses in almost every picture: kirsten dunst, jessica alba, Freida Pinto, Jennifer Aniston... also Naomi Watts and Dakota Fanning look definitely taller than her... just have a look at some pics
Danimal on Big Show

6'8" MAX today due to serious height reducing surgeries.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Danimal on Big Show
Recent pic of Big Show next to Shaq. He's looking about 6'8"-6'9" these. He's had hip replacement (shortened femur) and has had back and neck surgery (fusion). In his PRIME (WCW days), he would have stood as tall Shaq (7'0"), if not having edged him out slightly (7'0.5"). He has lost tremendous height. Recent pic of them together from this year. Big Show is closer to the camera AND is wearing bigger heeled boots than Shaq. Claiming he is 6'10.5" next to MAX 7'0" Shaq is utterly ridiculous.
Click Here
Joe G Bowen on Danny DeVito
I like Danny DeVito acting ability - having been around several great actors i'm a lite more informed than some ind's on m ma my actors must put up with to avoid being type cast.
I knew James Best whp played sheriff on Dukes of Hazzard, on a personal level & he moved to Jackson,Miss. back in the late 1960s & 70s, helped set up new stage/old little theater in Jaxn, Ms & we double dated, fished & partied together for several yrs.
James Best was a great actor ad was my Cousin Merrell Williams who had a PhD in acting was instrumental in bringing down big tobacco companies in 1990's. The movie The Insider, was made about Merrell bringing down big tobacco cos. James Best & Merrell commented to me many times that often actors guard constantly to not be type cast as this can reduce how a studio looks at them for movie roles.
Joe G. Bowen,
Nickname, Joe G.
Miss Gulf Coast
Nik on Peter Cook
@Sandy Cowell

Not only that but chocolates are then often given out as gifts for birthdays, and a mail order company sent some to my Mum as well recently. It's always been a problem in our household!
Revisionist on Norman Reedus
176cm (+/- 1cm) is basically average male height in all European (except Scandinavia) and Europeanized countries (Australia, Canada, US). Reedus is pretty much exactly average.

Johan, most people have horribly skewed perceptions about height. I've known people who thought that they were 5 inches taller than they actually were! Some will think that above average is very short, while others will tell you that barely average is pretty tall. The only standard that counts are hard numbers like average height measurements.
Danimal on Andre The Giant
Ryan11 said on 25/Mar/17
It's quite ignorant and really just stupid for people posting on here as some self imposed experts about Andre that you all argue his feet stopped growing or they were never that big, and worse that a measurement or size from 1980 is some kind of proof. Andre had gigantism, his head, hands and feet never stopped growing and at an accelerated rate right up to his death, what is it about this scientifically proven fact that you don't understand or comprehend? This also is why a weight of 520lbs from 1985 is useless to say how heavy he really got. I can see him easily haven been over 600lbs at times, and that it fluctuated 50-80 lbs at times. As for height, he was over 7' easily before starting to hunch over.

Highest reported weight was 565 pounds. It's possible that he was a little over 7'0" before height loss started kicking in.
Saide M. Mantawil on Daya
OHH Dya your sooo gorgeous and your so beautiful
Strong 5ft9 on Youtubers
@SC yeah Andrew is most likely in the 6'1" area.
Brian on Donald Trump
My dad is a solid 6'2-3, and met him in the 80s. He told me he remembered being taller than Trump. Of course Trump would round up nearly 3 inches xD
26 March
Robbe on Tyson Fury
@Bizzare Oaks, yeah i know its just an estimation, but Fury have seen Wlad in boxing shoes, face to face. Wlad was wearing dressing shoes when Conan met him. So i trus more Furys estimation. Also, David Allen saw Wlad barefoot and estimated him as 6'4". Why on earth would he estimate him so short if he is really 6'6"? Beats me..

Wilder is no moore than 6'6.5 (at the most)and he appears 1.5in taller than Wlad in every picture i have seen. So i still dont buy Wlad is a full 6'6". Not until i see some solid proof of it. Wish there were moore Wlad/Helehius pictures. Its true Wlad's posture aint the best in that pic we have seen, but he is closer to the camera, ans still gets dwarfed by Helenius. And the fact Wilder/Helenius are both 6'6.5" and they seems to edge out Wlad by 1.5in is easy math.
Mike on Anthony Carrigan
5ft 10.5 considering his footwear advantage.
John on Andre The Giant
Rob, has 6'9.5 been ruled out?
Editor Rob: considering he has been photographed with people like Wilt Chamberlain who were measured, I think I'd rule out 6ft 9.5...and Arnie would CERTAINLY rule that out, it would have made him sub 6ft peak!
Dillon on Kobe Bryant
Finally proof of Kobe's height! Kobe's wife said in instagram post he's 6'4 and 3/4 without shoes and 6'6 with Nike's. It was just posted today.

Click Here
Editor Rob: we've known about the measurement for years, but it is now good to see a longer quote typed out by his wife!...I will add that under the photo...
John on Ryan McPartlin
Rob, how tall are you in this photo?
Editor Rob: in sneakers 5 hours out of bed just under 5ft 9 that moment, they were 0.7 inch range.
John on Ben Stiller
Rob, this is him with 5'7.75 Tom Cruise. Click Here
Editor Rob: yes, I had one of Those pictures from a few years ago...even with an inch of lift, it would be thoroughly shameless listing stiller and cruise at 5ft 7!

The heel on Cruise shoe isn't over an inch. If he had a 1.5 internal lift he's still not going to get much over 2 inches...
Revisionist on Justin Bieber
RisingForce, yeah sure, I guess Hamilton also grew at nearly 32! Bieber isn't taller than Lewis by even a millimeter!

Sheeran had a growth spurt too. I guess he's 5'10" now because he was noticeably taller Click Here (taken Oct 22 2015, Bieber age 21 and a half). Bieber defied the laws of physics and grew at age 22. I guess HGH and other drugs could help.

I actually don't dislike Bieber at all. The guy is just nowhere near average height. Sorry, nothing to do with his personality, just the facts.

Wrs567, stop channeling Big G and slamming people just because they won't upgrade people's heights to suit your fantasies. Celebheights generally tends to be quite generous. We could easily turn this around on you and call you a fanboy who desperately wants his idols to be taller than they actually are. See how shallow and pointless this line of argumentation is?
John on Chris Jericho
6'0 with boots, 5'9 barefeet.
Revisionist on Rachel Boston
I think that she's actually closer to 176cm or even 177. There is a wide shot in 500 Days of Summer (58 min, 15 sec mark) where she is in flats and is taller than JGL, who is wearing dress shoes. Both are standing quite erect.
Greg on James Garner
Just watched an old Johnny Carson on YouTube from 1972 when Garner was a guest (a few years before the Rockford Files). I would be astonished if her weren't 6'2" or more, sure looks it in comparison to Carson and Ed McMahon. Looked like a genuinely very tall fellow.
Borats Chicken on Charles Barkley
meanwhile, rob has grabbed some popcorn and is loving these comments.
Pierre on Arnold Schwarzenegger
I doubt Peter Boyle was 6"2',imo he clearly shorter than Christopher Lloyd who is listed 6"1'peak in this site= Click Here
rockitbaby on Anya Taylor-Joy
Anya doesn't look shorter than McAvoy unless he's shorter than 5'7. She's at least 1,71m after watching Split.
Mr5'9 on Rob Paul
I agree with Arthur. All I ever see on this page are long speeches by either Nik or Sandy that no one wants to see, and have absolutely nothing to do with height. And for some reason, my questions that really are about height never show up here.
Shredder on Norman Reedus
Well facts are that 5'9 to 5'10 is the average male height in the Us and Uk , It's not short.

Norman in person is very average.
RisingForce on Robert Downey Jr
It's almost unnecessary to see inside the sneakers, Rob, you can see even from the outside his lifts are huge! Click Here Click Here I think he's gotta be putting 2 inch lifts in his sneakers at times like that. A 1" lift in a sneaker really isn't going to look ridiculous. He would do much better with a pair of Dons, he could even use the 4" pair and be no more conspicuous than he is now. He really doesn't do any better than I do with my cheap lifts. 172 cm would be better, imo. I have to check that 80's film he did with James Woods pre-lift days to see how he looked.
Editor Rob: I don't think Downey is getting anywhere near 3.5 inches, the angle for elevators that big is quite harsh. I remember in one film he had a big heel on his shoe, something like 2 inch heel...plus if he managed another lift inside, then maybe that was an occasion he got at least 3 inches.

The elevator sneakers, I see the wedge sneakers in shops a lot for women, they can vary from about 2-2.8 range I found.
Cameron on Bill Cosby
6'2" peak maybe???? At times he looked close to that on the Cosby show.
Borats Chicken on Michael Jordan
Rob, could you check out nba david robinson who was 5'9 in junior high school, then 6 feet, 6 inches tall senior year in high school who then grew in naval military days to 7'0-1
RisingForce on Wesley Snipes
Canson, I don't see him that short, though I admit he can look no more than 172-173 cm in that one pic, but he doesn't seem shorter than Jamie Foxx who most agree is a legit 5'9": Click Here Didn't look shorter than Van Damme, who was at least 5'8.5" peak, more like a weak 5'9", imo and Van Damme often wore cowboy boots back then: Click Here Didn't look that much shorter than Ving Rhames who is likely 179-180 cm range: Click Here
Hans Meiser on Eddie Redmayne
Listed as both 5'11 and 6'0.5. wtf
Cameron on Conor McGregor
Well I'm assuming the measure mixed martial artist barefoot. Unlike many sports where the measure athletes with shoes. However they probably did round his height up a little bit. I think it's safe to say he's probably over 5'8" flat but not quite a full 5'9".
Cameron on Justin Bieber
Yeah I think his slender build makes him look taller. Personally I doubt he's much over 5'7". Maybe pushing 5'8" fresh out of bed, but even then not quite.
Luke on Tom Hardy
I think he was supposed to be 5'11 but I guess he's 5'9"
Duke on Titus Welliver
I doubt he's 5'9". Good actor Like his Harry Bosch, however he's more believable than Cruise as Reacher.... much more!!!
Luke on Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar is better than Goldberg. I would like to see lesnar beat him at Wrestlemania 33. Goldberg is boring to watch.
Cameron on Tom Hardy
Seems like a perfect example of a 5'9" flat guy. I think He'd likely edge out weak 5'9" guys like Steve Carell and Kiefer Sutherland, but seems a hair shorter than solid 5'9" guys like Matt Damon and Jamie Foxx. 5'9" flat seems perfect for him.
James B on Test
Christian. -rampage is 6'4 at his low and not impossible Test lost a small fraction when he saw him in 2008
MJKoP on Brad Pitt
Hijopotamus said on 25/Mar/17
Rob and everyone here, sorry for my last post. Never considered it as what it is, an invasion of privacy. My apologies to everyone and to Brad and Gwyneth.

I appreciate the apology...but you never considered publicly posting fully nude pictures taken without the subjects' consent or knowledge to be an invasion of privacy?!?!?! Please try to think a little harder next time! :)
Victor Surratt on Sean Pertwee
He is 5ft 11.5in (182 cm), good listing.
Brock on John Cena
6ft 1 barefoot
Halb on Andre The Giant
Indeed :D
SC on Youtubers
Alpha M says hes 5'6 1/2 in a handful of videos. I think he actually is that height
Sandy Cowell on Vincent Price
@ Sam - Thank you so much for going to so much trouble!
Wow on Dave Franco
@rob : so true , what's interesting in their case is I think a 7 cm differences between Dave and James, then another 7 cm difference is my assumption between James and Tom, but if you see the hemseworth brothers it's amazing that their all very similar in height

Come to think of it, the meds the example of Scarlett Johansson that comes to mind; I THINK her twin brother is a full FOOT taller than her...of course male vs female isn't a fair comparison... but what the hell a full 30cm between twins?
Eyad on Louis Tomlinson
How louise and zayn malik stated the same height Rob ?
Sally (5'11 on Rob Paul
@ Sandy - I apologize for my awkward attempt at humor. I am not "heightest" or "hairest"...Is that even a word? I was simply trying to inject humor into the conversation. I try not to judge others by their appearance. As the old adage goes, "Don't judge a book by it's cover." I would never want to be judged by my tall stature and large feet.
Eric on Bill Bixby
Why do all 5'9" men claim 5'11"?
Eric on Liam Hemsworth
He's between the range of 6'2.75-6'3.25
Eric on Jeff Cohen
I agree with John, at least 5'2.
Editor Rob: well, John is Spit and you are bob carolgees, so it would make sense for you to agree πŸ™‚ πŸ™ƒ
Johnson on Maria Sharapova
Same height as Bradley Cooper
Johnson on Roger Federer
What about Tommy Haas? He is listed 6'2
Paul on Justin Bieber
I met him on March 11th, in Australia. I am 181 that's all I can say and he looked the exact same height as me, but let's say 178-179cms (NO LESS than that). He definitely had lifts, the first time I met him was in December 2nd 2013 after the concert, he looked 175 then to me, there's no way he grew 5cms so fast.

He is 174-175 minimum, 178 with lifts I guess.

PS: Trust me, he is not 171, my girlfriend is 169 and trust me, she looks very very small when I look at her, compared to the height of what I saw at Bieber this year.

He can't wear 8cms lifts, there's no way. He's not that small, don't exagerate.

So once again, he looked 178-179 with lifts, he can't be less than 174.
Canary on General Height
@Elon Musk: That sounds normal. I don't think that there are any hard and fast rules about hand size. My hand length is eight inches, which is somewhat long, but I'm very tall. A bit over seven inches is the norm for women, but I can't recall what the norm for men is.
rachel is jesus on Markiplier
mark should totally look on this page its full of nice comments

and I'm only 12 and I'm 5 ft 2 dang son he had always seemed taller idk why well at least he's handsome
rachel is jesus on Markiplier
mark should totally look on this page its full of nice comments

and I'm only 12 and I'm 5 ft 2 daammmmmn son he had always seemed taller idk why
ma on John Cena
@MDV #Tomspiracy will hit again WWE... the 6 footer obliged to have a range of height between 4 ft and 5 ft..
What a f**king BS wwe.They don't respect heights
ma on Brock Lesnar
Yeah at his peak Cena could have been over the 6 ft 0.5 listed... maybe 6 ft 0.75....
I respect him much than any other wrestler cause he claimed 6 foot and 6 ft 1 which are very honest claims.
Peter175 on Joe Jonas
@J5'8 - he looks similar to efron is some pics but efron is noticably shorter. if he was 172 then he'd look identical

@Tallish89, if he was really 172 aka weak 5'8 he'd look not so short next to his weak 5'9" GF sophie turner when both in sneakers. I'd be beyond surprised if he measured above 5'7.5. I am the guy who pushed for the initial upgrade to 171 so I don't think he's sub 5'7" and I'm not a hater. He just hasn't proven enough to me that he is more than this listing. The pictures you posted are all of him with footwear advantage, using crusher arm on his gf and one she is mid step.
Linda Lou on Daisy Lewis
she must be about 4' 10" and should wear longer dresses-i've never seen such fat legs- and about 140 lbs.
Ken on Holly Willoughby
How is she 5ft 7.5 when you listed gino as 5ft 8 which is reasoanble, shes in heels and only has 1 inch on gino, shes 5ft 6 at least, no more
Indy on Erica Cerra
Gorgeous indeed.
Bruno on Julian Clary
Ya tall man alright.
Bruno on John Wayne
Just read a bit about Jill, she doesn't seem the nicest person.
RisingForce on Chuck Norris
This is strange, Chuck seemed to have his big elevator boots: Click Here yet still looks shorter than Michael Bolton given 5'9.5" here and neither look as tall as they should if Rob Schneider is 5'3.5": Click Here yet Chuck looked at least an inch taller than Mario Lopez being interviewed 10 years after this: Click Here (At 1:27 in video)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Stephen Amell
He looks taller than Triple H!
MacReady on Stephen Hendry
Mark Williams is known for good-natured jokes about Hendry. So I suspect he was having a laugh with '14 stone', and quite possibly with his height estimate too, as Henry as always looked 5'11''+ to me.
RisingForce on Kurt Russell
The 5'11" listings are strange. We've had 2 posters I thought were credible that reported here Kurt only claimed 5'10" himself. Looking at pictures with Goldie Hawn at premieres and assuming her to be 5'5.5" by age 60 and 5'5" currently at 70+ and her heels to be 3", Kurt can actually look a solid 176 cm at a lot of premieres, although more a weaker 5'9" on a couple occasions. I did think he looked kind of short in Breakdown, but I don't think he wears lifts unless it's needed for a movie role, so I'll say more a strong 175 cm range.
MaryAnne on Height Request
@Arch Stanton, I don't find Emily Ratajkowski attractive at all.Yes,I have to admit she might attract some men out there among the bunches of blondes , but she is not a striking brunette for me and she does not have very modelesque face.She has got a very hot body though.Isabeli is fine, wish she had a page of her own here, still waiting.^^ One of my new favourites in modelling business is Vittoria Ceretti. You should check it out her! This girl is no instagram model and she definitely deserves some attention. Italian bomb! So charismatic-beautiful. A new Gia Carangi on the way?...
Reece on George Foreman
Physlogical advantage. When Foreman had his height measured he often used to slouch a lot. Look at Ring stare downs. Lyle and Norton and Ali were all shorter than George. Lyle looked almost 2 inches shorter and Ali and Norton were shorter by a inch. Ali could have grown another inch because men can grow till 25. Ali put 6'2.5 but without knowing he grew another inch. Physiological ploy to intimate oppenents in the Ring when the look up and see how big he is. Wlad Kiltschko seems to do the same. I wonder why when he fights in Germany he is billed 6,6.5 but he claims to be 6-5.
Ker on LeBron James
At SJH Yao is 7'5 at his lowest .KG is 6'11 at his lowest.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Josh Peck
Can you believe this guy was once listed 6ft3-4 on IMDB?!
Ker on LeBron James
At SJH Yao is 7'5 at his lowest .KG is 6'11 at his lowest.
Heidi on Kate Bateman
There nothing wrong with being smaller than most girls I'm small
Ker on Kevin Durant
@SJH Durant is taller than Cousin, they even joked that Kevin shouldn't stand next to him because he makes Cousins look short. Also Kevin is taller than Davis, Davis just has the hair.
MMA on Joe Rogan
in UFC 200 weigh ins, brock lesnar had a full head on rogan during the interview
Reece on Deontay Wilder
Keyed pic Wilder is leaning on the guy so he is not standing up straight. Wilder was taller than Audley Harrison who looks like a really strong 6-5 or 6-6. Harrison did not look under 6-6 with Haye. Wilder 6'6.5 to 6-7. Showtime had Wilder as 6'6.5 that seems accurate. Wilder is a good bit taller than Lennox Lewis he looked the full 6-7 with Lennox. Just because Wilder looks a bit shorter in one pic doesn't mean he is not 6-6.5 or 6-7. People love downgrading on this site. Especially to Tyson Fury and AJ
Cameron on Donald Glover
I wonder how tall Danny Pudi is. He's listed as 6ft but I don't think he really is. Looks more like a weak 5'11" to me. I think if that's the case Donald Glvoer is in the 174cm weak 5'9" range.
RisingForce on Sylvester Stallone
I think the problem is some are suggesting he only manages to look just 5'9" in his biggest lifts, which isn't true. From 2 1/2 years ago: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Sly is in dress shoes and looks nearly as tall as Schwarzenegger and much taller than 5'5" Ronda Rousey who is in heels.
Cameron on Jacksepticeye
Upon second look I think the average guessers got this one right. Looks like a weak 5'8" to me.
Willes188 on Nelson Mandela
Tall not "very very tall"
Whaaat on Leonardo DiCaprio
I'm 1.80 and I feel low average in modern world and Short compared to teens. With my boots 3 cm I'm 1.84 and only at 1.84 I'm starting to feel solid. 1.82 isn't solid. Look these teens now. 6'2 and 6'3 everywhere.
Yuval on Matt Damon
I just watched dogma and there is no way he is 12 cm shorter then affleck..he is more like 178-179 cm height
Sally (5'11 on Robert Wadlow
I am reconsidering my previous comment where I stated the average man in central Wisconsin is 5'11"-6'. 5'10"-5'11" seems like a more realistic average for men under the age of 50; but when older men are included, I would estimate the average would be closer to 5'9".
Giorgi on Michael Elphick
Rob, isn't celebheights going to celebrate the 50000th celebrity anniversary? :))
Editor Rob: there's only 9200 listings, I had changed the id at one point to start from 40 something thousand πŸ€”

there was a technical reason πŸ‘
Rocky on Tom Cruise
5'5'' to 5'6'' max. A legit 5'8'' (e.g. Mark Wahlberg) does not get constant questions about his height.
Andrea on Josh McDermitt
Shredder, I don't think he looks under 5'11 here but at the same time not that much over it... With Rob, I would have said somewhere in 180-1 range was possible, not as tall as 182!!! WITH hair, he looks 184 range but Rob just said it adds as much as 3-4 cms...
He must be dropping half an inch in posture, then! I don't know him, though! I've stopped watching TWD a few years ago..
James Dingle on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Exaggerated height and bicep measurements of 22 inches more realistic 19 inch peak arms, and peak height 5ft 11.75in
Sandy Cowell on Height Request
Please, Rob, could we have a page for Dr Pixie McKenna?
I've just been to her friend and colleague's page, Dr Dawn Harper, and then I tried to find Pixie's, but she does not seem to have one! I've just read on Dr Dawn's page that she (Pixie, that is - lovely name which I shout out loud whenever she's on the telly!) is all of 5ft10!
Dost on Aishwarya Rai
In the upcoming biopic on Sanjay Dutt, the following actresses have roles: Anushka Sharma, Sonam Kapoor and Karishma Tanna. Sonam plays the role of Tina Munim in Sanjay's life, Karishma plays Madhuri Dixit and Anushka plays Sanjay's lawyer. It's doubtful they will share screen space on camera, but perhaps we will see them all together in some promos, etc.
James Dingle on Tommy Lee
Looks 186cm anything else is exaggerated beyond belief.
Sandy Cowell on Dr Dawn Harper
Ha ha! I thought Dr Dawn was above average height by at least a couple of inches! I don't have the faintest idea why!
I'll put 5ft4.25 for her.
straightahead on John Tenta
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 31/Jan/17
So your opinion is: having a full erection makes you taller? 😳 :)
Back to topic, I donΒ΄t think Tenta was a full 6ft6in evening, just edging Hogan, Adam Bomb, Crush
Shorter than Haystacks, Studd, Sid, Taker.

I highly doubt Tenta would had edge out Crush, both men was probably 6'5 and same goes for Haystacks... he looked 6'5 tops
James B on Randy Orton
Unknown-I'd say Harper is 6'5
BT on Josh Bowman
@Editor Rob: Here he is with 5'11 listed Freddie Stroma:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Is Stroma over 5'11 or is Bowman under 5'11?
Editor Rob: in that first photo he has less footwear and less posture, he can look Closer with better posture I think.
Wrs567 on Jimmy Kimmel
Rob, don't you think this could be a bit low for Big Jimmy? I'd at least give him 182cm

Look at him with Armie Hammer, Alfie Enoch and Robert Pattinson

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
insomniak on Sean Astin
How does he look 5'7 his hair doesn't even reach 5'7 in the scale above?
Cameron on Sylvia Kristel
Yeah she's pretty. I don't think all tall girls have horse faces. Also 5'9" is quite tall for a woman, I think it's like the equivalent of being a 6'2" guy or something like that.
Wrs567 on Brock Lesnar
There wasn't 1.5 inches between Cena and Lesnar

But you are right though, Cena was 6'1'' back then

It was an inch max there, it could look less than that too
Wrs567 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Rock was a strong 6'3'' at his peak. Could actually look near 6'4''

I couldn't see him any lower than that with guys like Lesnar, Triple H, Steve Austin

He was easily taller than all of them

He always had a good couple of inches on the 6'1'' - 6'2'' range wrestlers

and he dwarfed the average height range guys like Jericho, Kurt Angle etc
straightahead on Hulk Hogan
Undertaker Frank said on 16/Mar/17
I met Vince in 1993 and he looked close to 6ft 2 but he could have been wearing Lifts

Seriously? someone's point of view is the last thing that should count as evidence, since the easiest one to fool is yourself
Azuya on Josh Peck

woow there mate, yes i do change name alot only because im using different devices all the time, but at least im more of a possitive guy (unlike other commenters trying to downgrade other celebs). No offence Andrea but its a bit creepy when ur mentioning my other accounts.
BTW 181 is not too much for Josh peck of course he does look just 5'11 next to Hemsworth, but from other projects like Drake and Josh i thought he look at least 6ft (or a weak one).
The only reason i like adding celebs to "the 181 club" is because i like experimenting something thats all. Ive only been commenting on celebheights for 4-5 years now!

@Editor Rob,

Heres a pic of him and Holloway
Click Here

Holloway looks atleast a strong inch on Peck, tho im not seeing quite a 2 inch difference.
Do you agree Rob?
Editor Rob: in that still, Josh looks closer to 5ft 11 than 6ft, but I haven't seen clips properly.
Peterf on Sunil Shetty
Here People are downgrading Bobby deol's height.He is definitely not less than 5'11.Akshay is definitely less than bobby deol, not by big margin mostly be by .5 inches.Akshay also not less than 5'10. 5".But I guess Bobby deol is 5'11.5 and Akshay 5'11. Editor Rob why you are not putting Akshay Kumar's Height.He is also a Super Star and much bigger star than most of the bollywood actors listed here..
CS on Leonardo DiCaprio
I know a guy who I believe is right around Leo's height (181 cm, 5'11.5 max) and he claims 6'1 lol. He's kind of a funny case though as sometimes he wears bigger than average footwear but he often hunches his shoulders so he can sometimes appear a bit shorter (talking about the guy I know).
Chris on Raul Julia
Yes, Christopher Lloyd (6 feet) was hunched over playing Fester Addams but Raul Julia made him look very small in that Addams Family movie. He was at least 4 inches taller than him in that movie.

I'm inclined to say he was 6'3. With 6'2 as the absolute minimum
HonestSlovene on Lily Allen
Interesting how she and her brother have the exact average male/female height difference, which is 13 cm or 5 in.
Chris on Raul Julia
He absolutely towers over Christopher Lloyd (6 feet) in the Addams Family.

I have no doubts he was over 6'2. I think he looked more 6'3
Sebastian on Jason Schwartzman
This listing is dead on.
Zooey Deschanel is 5'5" and he looks only a bit taller than her in every single picture of them together.
Arthur on Rob Paul
Yeah Rob, it's a fashion trend nowdays for younger people to wear their pants above their ankles. It's kinda stupid if you ask me.
Patrick on Rob Paul
Rob do you think that hand over head measurements are accurate? I usually prefer doing that compared to tape measuring in the mirror. I usually use a shower radiator and the third last rail measures 176cm and I get 175.5cm when I back myself against it and I use my hand to get the measurement. I even took a photo at a side view angle and my hand was completely straight on my head backed against the rail and I used the bottom of my finger touching the rail to get my height.
Editor Rob: Patrick, I honestly wouldn't do any sort of loose measurement.

I always feel if you can find a wall, have a tape measure and a can/video cover, that is enough to get within a few mm accuracy.
Canson on Jeremy Lin
I went to the game Friday night when they played The wizards. On the court he looks taller than John wall does imho I'd have said he's 6'2.5-6'3. But oddly enough next to Kobe he looks less than his listed height here
Giorgi on General Height
@vito falcone You're exactly my height. In response to your question, I call myself a weak 182 ;))
Canson on Shaquille O'Neal
What 184 guy said is correct I believ a peak KAJ is 7'2" ish but today 7'1". He's always been taller than Shaq tho even today
6'1.5 on Seth MacFarlane
You watch rob in the future people as he'll switch franco and seth's Heights in the future
Canson on Michael Clarke Duncan
@SJH: that's maybe an inch but more like 2cm. Duncan has his head tilted down. I think a prime height of what rob has fits MCD well. Maybe he lost a fraction before he died and was solid 6'4 whereas Kobe is 195cm ish
Jack on Georges St Pierre
Michael page would destroy GSP and Mcgregor
Bobby on General Height
@Vito Falcone, you can for sure claim six feet without hesitation, you might be a weak six feet at night at best but you'd still measure six feet throughout the day, I don't see why you measure 5'11.5 at night, unless you woke up at 6ft on the dot. Height loss throughout the day is typically 1.2cm.
6'1.5 on Michael Richards
Even if he was 6'3" during the show he's probably down to 6'2.5" at most now
Canson on Allen Iverson
Out of bed 181 range
Before bed around 179
Canson on Rick Fox
@Rampage: I agree prob 199 out of bed 196-197 before bed
Jack on Jon Jones
Jon Jones would destroy Anderson Silva if Silva was younger. Jones would destroy Mcgregor as well.
Gerald Nicosia on Paul Gleason
I spent some time with Paul in Boulder in 1982. I would say he was close to six feet tall, maybe 5'11" or a little over.
Harris on Tommy Cooper
Rob, did he have some sort of growth disorder?
184guy on Shaquille O'Neal
It's very hard to say that he is the same height as Kareem
Kareem is probably broken down and no more than 7'1 barefoot and probably walks and stands shorter than he really measures.
CMP on John Wayne
If he was 6'4"in height, why on earth would he wear 4" inserts in his shoes?
dewie on The Undertaker
Yes taker is 6ft8.5 6ft8.75 204 205cm taller than 6ft8 203.3cm kane 2inche bigger boots
Peter 179cm on General Height
@ Vito Falcone No you're a weak 6ft guy at almost 182cm.
6'1.5 on Seth MacFarlane
Google is SO retarded when it comes to height. Because while a guy that's probably 5'10.5" max like James Franco gets listed as 5'11" a guy who more likely gets out of bed at at least 5'11" gets the 5'10" listing. For Seth I say he's nothing less than 5'10.5"
GS1981 on Scott Hall
Heres the original pic again because the link expired.

Click Here
Andrea on Ashley Thomas
I'm watching 24 and yeah... His claim does look too much! He looks quite average on the show and actually can look quite shortish next to "his men"! I'd say Corey looks at least 2 inches taller than him and Corey himself I think is 6' at his best (even if he gets called "6'2" in one ep)! So, 5'10 is really the most I would have guessed him at...
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) on Stephanie McMahon
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Mar/17
Hey Rob, could you please add Shane McMahon?


I agree, if his father and sister are on this site, so should he. I would say he's 184-185cm.
pedderz on Paul Bettany
Ive met the fella... I stand 6ft 3.5 .. 6ft 4 in shoes..

I easily had an inch on him..

I,d say he,s 6ft 2.5 in he,s flat feet.. Definatelly no more than that..
Canson on Gerard Pique
@Joe: Russ is 6'2.25 like listed in his pre draft
Arch Stanton on Adriana Sklenarikova
Depends Mary. More recently I've been more into blondes! I prefer the models who seem more professional, laid back and more natural, not seeming like they have anything to prove. Adriana seems to be one of those. Those types which cake themselves in fake tan and heavy makeup and spend all day posting selfies of themselves in the mirror on instragram are a big turn off, even if genuinely pretty.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) on Rob Kardashian
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Mar/17
These 5ft11 guys who claim 6ft1 are lame


Not all guys who add 2 inches are lame. It depends on the individual's height. If he's about 5ft2 and claimed 5ft4, it's understandable because it isn't a desirable height at all for men. But Rampage, if you claimed to be 6ft6 or 6ft7 when you're 6ft4, that would be foolish, because 6ft4 is a much desired height than 6ft6 or 7.
Andrea on Josh Peck
I've not seen that much of him, to be fair, but from the pictures I've seen I wouldn't have guessed him over 5'11! I mean, look at him with Alan or Josh... He does look 180 at most with them! Not to mention how short he can look with Chris!!! It is true that you can't see his footwear in those scenes (maybe he's a guy who often wears converse in movies) but even 181 does seem too much with them!
Btw, I might be wrong but there seems to be a guy who generally comments on people around 5'11 and tries to add a few more celebrities to the "181 club"? πŸ˜‚ And he keeps changing his name... Is this Vincent, Fe, Fez, Tony Stork, Azuya, Fa,... the same person, Rob? All "these guys" seem to have a very similar "writing style" too... Again, I might be wrong...
Editor Rob: it is certainly advisable to stick to the one name. Our friend Fe has been around a while!
Kaneff 6'0.25" on Youtubers
@tony t.

Aaron Marino should be listed here at least but I don't know if he's famous enough to have his own page. 2m subscribers is a lot but not really that special nowadays, there's a lot of youtubers with that amount.

He claims 5'6 1/2" at 0:11 Click Here Seems honest enough. I think he has claimed 5'6" (without the half) in another video, too.
Wizo on Martin Garrix
Here's a picture with his parents
Click Here
His mom has a slight shoe advantage over him+angle while Martin has a camera advantage over his dad, but I think his dad is a comfortable 2.5-3 inches taller than him. Must be 5'10".
Another picture but here his dad looks even taller
Click Here
Tashbeast on Height Challenge
Hi Rob, 6ft comes roughly to the bridge of my nose. How tall do you reckon I am???
Editor Rob: you could be 6ft 5 mate.
GS1981 on Scott Hall
i was measured barefoot with a block on my head last year and they said 6ft 3...4...about 6ft 3.5, he is slightly behind me in that picture talking to him there was not much between us, he was definitely wearing American style bigger trainers (sneakers) and i was wearing flat british style shoes, i'd say hes a solid 6ft 5 and i'm a tad under 6ft 4, yeh i measured my self being geerous, if anything i could have slightly measured below because i wanted it to not be exagerrated, i am 36 years old but when i was 16 and going into the military i was measured as 6ft 4, another thing is i am a long bodied guy, not a leggy guy so that throws off the eyes a bit, normal t-shirts are like belly tops on me haha.
Canson on Wesley Snipes
@Rising Force: I've never met him but don't see him over 5'7.5/5'8
Johnson on Justin Bieber
I think he would be slightly taller than Rob but I guess there would be debate about footwear if he would post here the picture together...
Canson on Joe Theismann
Nice add, Rob!

I've met him before. 5'11" he was in 2005
Canson on LeBron James
@Free: agreed probably more weak 6'7
Canson on George Foreman
@Harry Sachs: I agree with everything you said about Ali and Norton. Ali had 6'2.5 on his passport which is likely rounded my guess is he could be 6'2.25 and norton 6'2.75.

@Reece: why would foreman claim 6'3" like he did above when he is truly 6'4"? Most guys do not undercut themselves they inflate
grizz on Ben Affleck
@Dejavu, not to mention the fact that Freeman was a strong 6'2 guy 15 years ago. Since Affleck slightly edged him out, there is no way he's below 6'2.
grizz on General Height
@Vito Falcone, no, you are weak 6ft at best. Sure, you could claim 6ft in normal life, but on this page oriented on height - we won't buy it :D
I'mike on Kurt Cobain
Tricky to pin down. He appears about 5'8" to me, but maybe with good posture he could be 5'9". I'll go with 5'8.5
@HeightcrazyRed6ft on Big Show
Peak 7Β΄0.5"-6Β΄11" out of bed - evening
Today 7Β΄0"-6Β΄10.5 out of bed - evening
Freak on Brock Lesnar
Yo @ma Your links are all about that Google search of Lesnar face to face w Cena,The Angle & Rock links are also the same..Maybe,my device has a problem..Or you posted the same links in all three..& I believe At his lowest Lesnar at morning would be 6'2'5 and 6'2'.25 throughout the day & night..& Lesnar was 1.5 inches taller than Cena in that 2003 staredown,no clue about footwear but I am sure Cena was 6'1' at that time..6'0'5 today...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Antonio Banderas
In the above photo he's probably at least 5ft10
berta on Jeff Daniels
peak 189,5-190
Now 188,5-189
62B on Andre The Giant
Dan Chernau said on 25/Mar/17
There's so much nonsense going on here that I'm ready to send everyone to banned camp. Keep this bickering to pm or go elsewhere. Andre was 7'1 to 7'2, I think we can all agree on that. Anything less than that is just bullspit and horsepucky, innit?


I think you are guessing high.
Azuya on Josh Peck
@Editor Rob,

Then why not upgrade him back up to 182 then?
Editor Rob: he could look 3 inches under alan richston, I might see how he looks with Josh Holloway, as he seems a good example of 6ft 1.
Criss on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Maybe he was exactly like the average peak from here, 186 :)
I've never seen him close to 188 but he can be around 185 or 186.
Sandy Cowell on Keira Knightley
🎼🎢🎡🎢🎈 Happy Birthday Keira! 32 today! xxx πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸŽΆπŸŽ΅
John on Esme Bianco
John on Robin Dunne
Doesn't look below 5ft 10in in the photo.
John on Aron Eisenberg
Rob, is a flat 4'9 possible?
Editor Rob: 4ft 10 is
Csimpson 6ft on Rob Paul
Rob i think i told you before that i measured my inseam at 33.25 inches so does this mean that i should wear 34 length trousers/jeans?
Editor Rob: Connor, it depends on how you want to wear them...a 34 will drape a bit and ruffle more than a 33.

I think if you find 33 trousers, those are the best to go for. A 32 might just be too short, although I've seen a fair few guys going about town recently with half-masts. A new fashion trend I missed?
John on David Hasselhoff
Solid 5'11.
Editor Rob: only when spreading his legs 3 feet apart!
Csimpson 6ft on Josh McDermitt
He probably looked around 6ft-6ft 0.5 in shoes when you met him then if his shoes were 1-1.25 inch and you was a good 5ft 9-9.25 range in your footwear, i cant see him being no more than 5ft 11.25 really.
Editor Rob: to be fair, if you include hair he looked quite tall! I think between 3-4cm worth he has.
Sandy Cowell on Edward Norton
@ Arch Stanton - I'm ordering my copy of 'Primal Fear' today!
That'll be (at least) my 6th Edward Norton film, so they're mounting up nicely!
John on Mike Tyson
To me, he looks like 5'9.75 at worst. Probably a legit 5'10 though.
Johnny on Chris Pratt
@Rob he claims his height as 6'11" on his official twitter account. I think its a joke. Click Here
Editor Rob: yeah, a bit of a throwaway. He's made an effort to reply to a question, but come up with a joke that doesn't answer the guy's question.
Arthur on Rob Paul
It's funny Sandy. Andrea makes you laugh out loud, and you make me die of laughter too with your essays. We are such a hapy community here. Keep your diary going, it might become a best selling book one day πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on William Atherton
Murray: 186-187cm
Atherton: 183-184cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Sigourney Weaver
She doesn't look a day over 40
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Bill Murray
I don't think 6ft1Β½ peak is a stretch. He looked it in the 70's-80's. Remember, in centimetres it's actually 186.69cm, not quite 187cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Height Request
Rob, could you add Tim Busfield?

Known for TV shows Thirtysomething, The West Wing and Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip. Also in movies like Revenge of the Nerds, Striking Distance and Field Of Dreams. Listed 5ft10 in most places. I think he was that at peak and maybe 5ft9-9Β½ zone today
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Tim Daly
184/185cm zone at peak
Sandy Cowell on Eric Bana
Now here's a guy who played the part of Henry VIII and actually had the authentic height! Not often have I seen that!
6ft2 will do nicely for his estimate!

(The film was 'The Other Boleyn Girl, if I remember rightly).
Derek on Floyd Mayweather Jr
Mayweather vs Mcgregor
Winner: Mayweather
June 2017
My prediction
FLEX on Shaquille O'Neal
Shaq is clearly the same height as Jabbar (+/- 0.25 depends of the posture of pictures)
Click Here
Click Here
Shaq need to be listed 7'1'' barefoot
Giorgi on Bridget Fonda
I think she's taller. She towered Jennifer Jason Leigh in Swf.
Josh b on User Heights
I don't mind questions :) I'm fairly sure I didn't grow any more after 16.
Nik on Height Request
How tall is Derek Thompson who plays Charlie Fairhead on "Casualty"? What about a page for him too?
Editor Rob: I did see big Charlie at an event, but never got a photo...didn't seem above average range.
CD on Tobin Bell
Rob what would you guess for director James Wan, would you say as low as 5ft 4?
Editor Rob: yeah he could be towards that range...
Sandy Cowell on Chris Sarandon
Oh absolutely over 6ft, based on his performance in 'Fright Night' which I saw at my local cinema. That's at least what I would have said for Chris (6ft0.5), if not 6ft1.
John on Dalip Singh
He looks 6'11.5
John on Dylan 'Hornswoggle' Postl
Always looked 3'10.
kevin reardon on Charles Hanson
I met this gentleman recently I am 6'1 without my shoes o I cannot remember what Charles had on footwear wise but what i will say that he was eye to eye with me Charles was for sure taller than 5'11 or even 6'0 I am sure he was 6'1, i am certainly of the view that he was over 6 barefoot, That picture of him that someone mentioned of him next to Johanna Konta tennis player during the Eastbourne tournament last year who is listed at 5'11 and looked barely taller, will have to looked at, maybe konta is taller 5'11 or Charles was not standing up straight or standing away from the camera or something or she was heels , he looks taller than men who are average height on those antique shows , he never appears to wear large heeled footwear to give him a bigger appearance, the 6'2 claim is probably in footwear
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Lenny Henry
Lol 6ft1ΒΎ...he's at worst 6ft2Β½ today
the Slav on General Height
@Vito Falcone

You're a strong 181 or a weak 182 imo. Still a super solid height
Sandy Cowell on Peter Cook
@ Nik - Spiteful but true, alas! 😣🍫🍬🍫😫
Sandy Cowell on Gary Barlow
I did think Gary was about 5ft9, but I don't reckon that someone with a height of 5ft7 and a half constitutes a miniature version of a person just 3 and a half inches taller, James B!
Csimpson 6ft on Josh McDermitt
What was his footwear Rob? and what exactly was your height in this photo the time it was taken?
Editor Rob: well it is after being on feet 7 hours.

I'm in exactly inch sneaker that day, he is anywhere from 1-1.25 boot, impossible to tell insole if I don't know the model, so I always go with lowest unless I know what model...
Csimpson 6ft on Josh McDermitt
Peter where do you see 180cm? He looks more like over 5ft 11 with Rob.
John on Markus Feehily
Height I guess 5ft 10.7in about 179.4cm tall
Sandy Cowell on Lacey Banghard
I agree Linke! The name, if you can call it that, must originate from an incident like that, or it's every bit as likely to be a marketing ploy, as Arch suggests, a means of gaining attention by any means possible! πŸ‘―πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸš¬ πŸ‘
Csimpson 6ft on User Heights
@Blake im not sure i havent measured mine yet
MIncer on William Fichtner
Rob, I just watched Black Hawk Down and he looks a good inch taller than Jason Isaacs who you have listed as 5'11. Not sure about footwear but probably the same. Is it possible he was a full 6ft?
Robbe on Deontay Wilder
Im not sure if Wilder is even 6'6.5". He looks shorter than 6'6.25 (198,7cm) listed Carmelo Anthony. Its possible Wilder is flat 6'6".

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Carmelo is not even standing tall there, his posture is quite bad. On the other hand he is closet to the camera. Also we dont see the footwear their wearing. My quess is anyway flat 6'6" for Wilder after seing this pic.
Tim on Lil Yachty
5'11 is the only height that matches for this picture
Ramualdo on Beyonce Knowles
She's no more than 5ft 4in
Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
For the attention of Rob, Sally and Anyone Else Who Is Interested:
Re: Big Hairy Men
My 'thing'? Big hairy men? If he ain't got loadsa hair he ain't good enough? That's almost as bad as being heightist! What a terrible thought, though I am into the sort of music played by the hairier male members of the species!
I've been watching scary movies for so long now that I'm quite immune to dreaming about them afterwards!
nick92 on JME
this isint only half an inch between skepta and jme Click Here watch from about 12 seconds
Nik on Rob Paul
@Sandy Cowell

That's not as bad as. "you cats"!
nick92 on JME
rob i dont think when skepta said 6ft he litterelly meant only 6ft i think he was basically saying hes a 6footer plus not average height anymore if you get what i mean. For example in one interview wretch had a few years ago when asked about his height he just said 6ft when hes really not just that.
Lamer on Cote De Pablo
She is short.
Josh on General Height
Rob thanks

Another question, do you think there is a strong correlation between height and hand size and when dating tall women, have they ever had bigger hands than you? I like tall women myself and even though I'm 6'1, my hands are lengthwise just average size. (7.6 inches long, 7.7 if I stretch them out.) Apparently the average is 7.5 although some studies show a bit more so I consider myself just average in length.

I've noticed and the stats bear it out that my hands are way wider than any girls (hand size shows little statistical overlap as girls tend to have much narrower hands on average) but there is significant overlap with hand length as apparently the 95th percentile for women is the same or more than men's average.

I realize there isn't a perfect correlation between height and hand size, but there has to be some...I often date tall girls around 5'10 or so and my hands are usually longer, but like let's say 1 in 3 or 4 of them will have the same or longer hands than me. (My hands are always significantly wider though) It doesn't bother me especially since I'm at least average , although it can be a bit funny and apparently people jokingly correlate to ahem other body parts which isn't true or at least not a strong correlation. Just wondering what your experiences are with this and your hand size?
Editor Rob:
I have never paid as much attention to hands, so can't say how strong a correlation, but surely there is one.
Curious on Aishwarya Rai
Can someone give true height of Shvetha Jaishankar, former Miss India & Mahesh Bhupati's ex wife. She looks very tall in twitter photos.
BarryFl on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Peter Boyle was 6'2 at very minimum. Big tall fellow.
177cm on JME
Rob, there's more than half an inch between him and skepta. 181 is the highest I could see him.

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