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29 September
john doe on Andrew Lincoln
5ft 9.75, no more, no less.
Rojina on Beverley Knight
I always assumed she d be over 5"5. Then again it's probably down to her skinny frame and high heels
Leonardo 1.73m on Gabriella Wilde
Ryan said on 17/Aug/14
OneNamePlease said on 19/May/15

Sorry I was them because i am a big fan of her. My guess is 5'9 really.
Dosti on Aishwarya Rai
Ash is as tall as srk or salman
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Will Poulter
#1 Reynolds
#2 Driver
#3 Poulter

...in that order
Andrea on Rob Paul
Well, Rampage, a legit 6' guy is generally "6'1-6'2" in your book, so yeah, 6' is tall :)
ZoZo on Muhammad Ali
Passport height was 6'2.5 most likely with shoes so -2cm is like 6'1.75 and does look it tbh
Brad on Sylvester Stallone
I wonder if G got 58 when he got booked years ago.
Daniel on Justin Bieber
Okay guys, this comment is legit.

I saw Justin Bieber behind the gates signing some autographs, I was like 5-10 centimeters infront and I saw him face-to-face, I don't have any proofs but I can ensure you, he is 173-173.5 FOR REAL.

I am 173.5 and he was wearing normal shoes, no lifts, when I saw him, I was exactly like him. Of course, with shoes we're both 175...

He is not 171 or 175 or 177 or whatever, he is 173, I am pretty sure.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Mark Pellegrino
Even 220lbs is a stretch.
Leonardo 1.73m on Neil Fingleton
Neil Fingleton is 7'6.5 (midday) and Ri Myung Hun 7'7.5
Tom on Elon Musk
A time ago Elon was listed 5'11 everywhere and I always thought he was taller. But 6'2 seems too much for him, I usually thought he looked around 6'0.5. I think he is 184 cm. That's what a looks next to Obama. And by the way, he wears lifts, lots of people have already noticed this. He could be 6'2 in shoes, but definitely nit barefoot in my opinion. He's a 184 guy who wears some small lifts in his dress shoes which puts him at 6'2.
A on Christina Cole
I'd say about 5ft 3 to 5ft 4
Krist on User Heights
Howzit Rob, how reliable do you consider arrest records and mugshots when it comes to height? Do they make people take of their shoes for those against the wall measurments?
Editor Rob: the way most are photographed, it means you can look taller, sometimes 1-3 inches.

From what I've read I don't think they make you take shoes off, and they might ask your height/weight or guess based on how tall you look beside the height chart.
DaveMills on John Cena
Seems to be a weak 6'1
DaveMills on Dean Ambrose
My guess seems to be 6'1.25(186 cm) with good posture.
TJE on Brenton Thwaites
This is the absolute most he could be
justbringit on Vin Diesel
Click Here vin doesnt look so tall without his huge boots i think that he is definately below 6ft even 5ft 11.75in seems a little high tbh i would settle with something like 5ft 11.25in or maybe 5'11.5" but i don't think i would go higher than this
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) on Kristian Nairn
Tough thing to gauge with this guy is how much he could stretch up for a measurement.
Sammy Derrick on Chris Evans
This is just my opinion,Chris Evans doesn't seem anything below 6'0(183cm)flat.When I think of a tall,handsome,muscular blonde American guy with remarkable acting chops,Chris Evans is high on that list.
He always looks taller than all STRONG 5'11 guys...and he doesn't seem like an insecure.
In most of his films,he seems to be a guy with remarkable screen and physical presence.
Click Here from 2:15-2:19 It says WEIGHT:95lbs HEIGHT:5'4 WEIGHT:240lbs HEIGHT:6'2
Click Here He has longer arms than Ioan Gruffudd and he's shoulder level is higher.
TJE on Yousef Erakat
More 5'9-9.5 than 5'9.5-10
Andrea on Lance Reddick
Let's test this vote system...
Derek on Christian Bale
Looks legit 6'0.
Celebheights 6'1.5 on Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa doesn't look a full 6'4" with Will Smith and Henry Cavill.
Celebheights 6'1.5 on Rob Paul
Rob, which height category for celebrities intrigues you the most? For me, it would easily be the ones who are over 6'0", particulary the ones in between 6'1"-6'5".
Editor Rob: all the heights have different kinds of intrigue.

I do think the 5ft 11-6ft range is interesting, because I think it is tempting for many men over 5ft 11 but not 6ft to round up to that 6ft mark more often than other heights...well, by a greater percentage.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) on Brock Lesnar
He's difficult to get a read on, his build makes him look shorter to me.
Andrea on Rob Paul
Rob, i don't think that's a very good idea to let everybody vote about how tall a celebrity is... Your own "official" guess should be enough, really! There are too many trolls on this site, people who really take wild guesses, without seeing anything... Imagine all the fangirls boosting Justin Bieber to a whopping 5'10 :) Or the haters downgrading celebrities they don't like just because... they don't like them! Naa, i don't think that's a reliable system! Too many variables... It's also quite easy to manipulate all the listings... Imagine there's only your own guess, lets say 5'10... If somebody wants to move the average guess to 5'9, they just have to vote 5'8, if you know what i mean :) Maybe if it wasn't anonymous, it would be interesting to see what REGULAR and LEGIT visitors would list a certain celebrity at (i'm talking about people like Tunman, Arch, Lorne, Judd,... who all seem very valuable contributors)!
Editor Rob: it's not anonymous on my end, but yes it has advantages and disadvantages, but I thought I'd give it a run.

In crowd opinion, if you have enough data then the outliers (the positive and negative extremes) can even themselves and hopefully the overall contribution from the 'quiet majority' can be a good indicator of public opinion.

On lesser listings there may not be enough data, so those 'averages' may well be more noisy.

Getting a comment nowadays on blogs/websites is much harder than in the past. Getting input like a guess may well be far easier, but is there enough. Time will tell!
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) on Peyton Manning
Legit 196 cm guy, as listed.
TJE on French Montana
This is the lowest I could see him
Bobby lad on Brad Pitt
Good addition Rob
john doe on Jon Heder
I think he is a strong six footer, but he didn't near 6ft 0.5-1in imo.
straightahead on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Crane said on 25/Sep/16
The Rock at 20-30 years ago was 6'3 190.5 cm. The Rock at these very hours is 6'2 188 cm.

I wouldnt go as far as 30 years ago (!) but 15 years ago he was atleast 6'3 1/2
Rory on Christopher Walken
6'0.25 peak and today 5'11.25.
Chaz on Giant Haystacks
sorry the last post went wrong,Click Here 450-500lbs lol is that without the legs dicksock? you must be joking,I have seen him,you can forget about the height,he was massive,never seen anyone so wide in my life,unlike people like Akibono,Cauhoun,Andre whos legs are not that big,he's legs are huge so are he's arms and calves,look at the size of he's back here,and how wide he is sideways,show me anyone that wide side on? he was every bit of 45st here.
french guy m on General Height

Consider the true average is 184-185 cm for white young men only .
181 cm overall.
Btw, have you ever heard or the"grand remplacement"?
It will explain you why the average height overall is only 180-181 cm ;)
Chaz on Andre The Giant
Slon said on 29/Sep/16
Rob, who do you think is wider Wilt Chamberlain or Andre??

You have to ask that? one is 335lbs one is 475lbs,one has a 38''waist and a 50''Chest.the other a 50''+ waist and a 65''+ chest
Kim on Justin Bieber
@CC I don't want to be rude but it's come to the point where I have to be. I think you're dumb for not noticing that his running shoes have made him appear taller because they are clearly over an inch thick and 1.5 max thick. It's not hard to notice. Yes Usher is wearing thick shoes but so is Bieber! I'm not explaining myself anymore but he will always be 5'7-5'7.5 max barefoot.
Jordan87 on Jason Momoa
The Picture with Rob Suggest 6'3 more then 6'4. Top of his little hat is 6'4. Still a large individual. I See Jason as 6'3 ( Above Pic) this Makes Hemsworth 6'2.
john on Donnie Yen
Andy Lau and Donnie yen looks the same height
If andy is listed as 174cm here, then Donnie cant be 169cm

Click Here
Click Here
john on Andy Lau
Andy Lau and Donnie yen looks the same height
If Donnie is listed as 169cm here, then Andy cant be 174cm

Click Here
Click Here
AJ on Burn Gorman
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Princess Diana
179cm I think. Today she'd probably be 177-178cm
James B on Kevin Nash
Sean- Nash could have been 6'10 but then he didn't look that large next to sid
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Matthew McConaughey
I lot of them have incredibly manufactured personalities where they try too hard to come across as charming and articulate. You can see right through them. But McConaughey I think is one of the few that hasn't fallen into that trap and has stayed true to himself up to now. He has always seemed like a naturally confident but affable guy who would light up any room he walks into. That Texan charm...you can't fake that....very self-deprecating aswell. As for his thinner look, that was just for one role...he's put that weight back on since
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) on Michael Jordan
I'm guessing 6'4.5" cause Pat claimed he measured out at that!
MD on General Height
@Peter, you are 5'6" and not even 100 pounds? Are you just really thin or are you ill?
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) on Tyson Fury
ly said on 3/Aug/16
In the ring i think 2 inches were visible between him an Wlad so strong 6ft7 maybe


I agree, he's at minimum got a 2 on Wlad.
James B on The Undertaker
Surprised people vote for Nash at 6'9.5 peak and undertaker at 6'7.5 given there was than more then 2 inches between them.
Editor Rob: I think you'd need to give something 100 votes at least to get a good sense of the average.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) on Tom Hanks
Truth said on 5/Sep/16
Clooney is not near 5'11". He's barely 5'10


Yeah I think 10 is closer to the truth than 11 for Clooney, for sure.
Elle on Taylor Swift
5'9 1/2 is a little too much in my opinion. Looking at her in heels, I'd say she's probably be 5'8 without them, maybe 5'8 1/2 on a good day
Canson on Rory McCann
Agree with Bobby and Ali Baba. Weak 6'5. 194-195 barefoot.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) on Sylvester Stallone
Funnily he had a prison number and it was '510'...only Sly would get a prison number to be the height he claimed!


hahaha that's him subliminally trying to get people to believe his claim!
Editor Rob: yes and in his prison cell he repeats it a few times, just to remind people he is FIVE TEN!
Pedro on Height Request
Tye Sheridan from "Mud", "X-Men: Apocalypse" and "Ready Player One". He is listed 5'8" on his resume.
James B on Kevin Nash
Rob people have pointed out that Nash did look 6'10 compared to undertaker in the 90s but are you not convinced Nash was quite that tall?
Editor Rob: true, I am not sure if the peak guess would end up at 6ft 10 or not, but then, anything is possible...
Sean on Kevin Nash
James B - What do you think Nash's peak height is?
James B on Rob Paul
Arch Stanton said on 27/Sep/16
A legit 190 is certainly a solid tall height yup, I've seen guys like Prince William and Tom Welling called very tall. I think more a strong 6'3 is into very tall range though.

On nights out I have met a few 6ft4 guys who disliked me because I am on the short side.

Does that sound unfair to you?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Michael Caine
Rob, how likely is 6ft1 flat peak?
Editor Rob: I think he was taller than it, I wouldn't go that low, even though he had that listing early in his career...he seemed to claim 6ft 2.
MD on Shawn Mendes
We'll probably get pictures out of this, but he was on James Corden's late night show, last night, and they did a little sing-off on stage. I didn't see a nearly 5-inch difference between the two.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Brock Lesnar
May have measured 189cm mid-morning and rounded it up to 6ft3. Looks more of a solid 6ft2 than a weak one. His bulk makes him look shorter...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Amitabh Bachchan
Still looks 186-187cm next to DiCaprio...and he has significantly less shoe!

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Rob Paul
Rob, would you categorise a guy who measures 187.5cm/185.5cm as 6ft1¼ or 6ft1 flat?
Justbringit on CM Punk
Oh also I don't think that the height difference between punk and dolph is more than the one between punk and cena
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Kevin Costner
Federer could look that mark with Nadal at times.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Boris Becker
186cm today is likely but did look a 6ft2 guy in the 80's
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Luke Mitchell
Mark could be a strong 6ft1 but also doesn't stand his tallest
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on David Tennant
Rob, do the votes for that average guest thing overtime determine if a celeb gets upgraded/downgraded?

I think overall 184/185cm is closer for him than 183/184cm
Editor Rob: it can give visitors an idea of what the general opinion on a height might be. Obviously it will take time to form that opinion.

It could help me identify listings that are further from the general opinion and see if I agree with the general guess.
Manimal on Tyson Fury
I think Tyson Fury is a legit 6 ft 7.5!
Slon on Andre The Giant
Rob, who do you think is wider Wilt Chamberlain or Andre??
Editor Rob: Andre looked wider
Johan on Rob Paul
Loving the new guess estimations :) Keep up the good work Rob.
Editor Rob: as you can see, I of course am exempt from being guessed ;)
Andrea on Rob Paul
Rob, do you think this is a reliable tool? Click Here
Arch, try to put 6'4 as height (and UK as nation, which has 5'9 on the nose as average)... It says that if you are 6'4, only 1 guy every 121 is taller than you... 6'4 seems a very standard height in this site, though! Some people on here even try to say it is just above average/tallish today but that's another deal xD
Editor Rob: the data comes from Wikipedia and I think those figures are well documented and link to the sources of the studies for various countries, so it might be a decent enough tool yeah.
Michael on Boris Becker
My estimation of Boris Becker.
greg on Fred Williamson
I don't think Fred was ever quite 6'2", closer to 6'1". In the movie "One Down, Two to Go" he costars with two genuine 6'2" actors, Jim Kelly and Jim Brown. In long shots he's shorter than Kelly by about half an inch
Michael on The Undertaker
My estimation for the Undertaker.
MAJID on Arnold Schwarzenegger
First of all please bear in mind that looking at pics will not give u an accurate view of the persons height. Many times some people slouch when posing while some have a good posture. So you cant make a dead accurate guess looking at pics. As far as Arnold is concerned everyone knows that when they see him in real they are confused to see a much smaller man. Arnold may be in his peak would be 6 feet at max but now a days he is not more than 5 11. Even in the movies when he was in his 40s he never looked 6 feet 2 ( as he claims ).
Allen on Leonardo DiCaprio
I think this listing is accurate. Though he has a bad posture that at times he looks more like 179-178cm. But if he stands straight and keeps his good posture he definitely is 181cm. Very accurate listing in my opinion.
Luke on Jason Schwartzman
Personally I think He is 0.25/0.5in shorter than this list.
Allen on Brad Pitt

James Corden is 5'7, Paltrow was almost the same height is Corden, though Corden was slightly taller like 0.25". Brad Pitt was also the same height as Paltrow that we discussed here before. So Brad Pitt cannot be any taller than 5'7.5! That's his peak.
Chaz on Giant Haystacks
dicksock said on 21/Sep/16
Based on everything I've seen, I think Haystacks was about 6'7" at his tallest and maybe 500lbs at his heaviest. By WCW, he may have been down to 6'6" but still looked at least 450lbs and probably more. He was never as tall as Giant Baba, that's for sure. For a very brief amount of time, there was a short video clip of Baba and Haystacks wrestling, and Baba was taller for a fact.
dicksock said on 21/Sep/16
Based on everything I've seen, I think Haystacks was about 6'7" at his tallest and maybe 500lbs at his heaviest. By WCW, he may have been down to 6'6" but still looked at least 450lbs and probably more. He was never as tall as Giant Baba, that's for sure. For a very brief amount of time, there was a short video clip of Baba and Haystacks wrestling, and Baba was taller for a fact.

dicksock said on 21/Sep/16
Based on everything I've seen, I think Haystacks was about 6'7" at his tallest and maybe 500lbs at his heaviest. By WCW, he may have been down to 6'6" but still looked at least 450lbs and probably more. He was never as tall as Giant Baba, that's for sure. For a very brief amount of time, there was a short video clip of Baba and Haystacks wrestling, and Baba was taller for a fact.
500lbs lol is that with out he's legs?
imnotgonnaanswermyheightbf18!! on Rob Paul
Greetings, Rob,
I just did my every 3 month check of my body and my arm span has grown another 1/4 of inch (yes, i did measured correctly).
I know is not that much but i'm 16 and its suppose that at 16 my spine should to grow, right?
Editor Rob: if you got a little growth, it is still a good sign you may still have a spurt in you.
Johno on Brad Pitt
Some new features on this site i see Rob.
Editor Rob: yes, but just be honest with estimates. There's only 2 inches above/below what my own listing is. I think there would be very few listings - personally - that would be more than 2 inches off ;)
HonestSlovene on Brad Pitt
Nice little feature you made there Rob, anyway I would guess 5'10.75" although maybe closer to 5'10.5" now since he is 52 y.o. .
travis on French Montana
i knew he was Tall
BT on Joe Rogan
I certainly can't see how he's taller than 5'7, somewhere around 5'6.5 generally looks nearer the mark.
justbringit on CM Punk
he looks a bit over 5'11 i believe but cena who has claimed 6' many times is clearly taller than him same goes with bret who is also taller than him
BT on Leonardo DiCaprio
Imo he looks 5'11 flat mostly, at times it's a toss-up between that and 5'11.25 for me.
Sam on David Tennant
Yeah 184cm-185cm with less sneaker.
BT on Conor McGregor
I wouldn't go under 5'8.25, 5'8.5 is my best guess, 5'8.75 is arguable.
pierrelittbarski on The Undertaker
Lesnar was close to Orton last ppv. 6 2 to 3. Taker can sky rocket Lesnar. Taker drifts more than 5 11.5 hhh
dewie on Kane
Kane 6ft8 taker 6ft8 barefoot
Borats Chicken on General Height
Rob, I see you updated your site alittle bit, even added guessing vote.
Editor Rob: yes, I had to turn off comments yesterday to write the code.

I think in the long-term it will be useful to see the overall user average guess. For visitors and myself!

You can ignore voting entirely and still just submit comments the normal way.

But you can now also submit a comment and vote at the same time if you want...or just add a guess on it's own at your leisure. If it's a star with current/peak, make sure to enter both.

Of course on the backend I know who is guessing, but it is anonymous in the sense I ain't showing any votes beside your name, it is just an ongoing average user guess...
28 September
Frankie68 on Sylvester Stallone
Stallones true height is 5'7 !!! With his generous footwear he hits the 5'10 mark !!! The lady who playd his wife in FIST said sly was shorter than her & she is 5'8 & further stated she was asked to wear flats the entire movie so he could appear taller than her !!!
Morningheight 182cm on Justin Bieber
174cm max
Unsub 5'10" on Charlton Heston
MacMurray was pushing 47 in 1955, a little too soon to start losing height.
Bruce 5'11 1/2 on Meghan King Edmonds
Solid 5'11
travis on Donald Trump
i watched the debate on youtube yesterday and hillary come up to his neck no way he 6'3 even if he claim it then he wouldn't loss 2 inches
Bruce 5'11 1/2 on Justin Bieber
173cm max
James B on Dolph Lundgren
In his prime with his height of 6'4.25 and strong looks (no homo) I don't think any women would turn him down on a night out would they? Although some women might see him as a meathead. He was like the textbook example of an alpha male in my option and like I said before I would not want to get on his bad side.
Canson on Larry Johnson
I've actually met him in person. He was 2-3 cm taller. I'd go with 6'6-6'6 1/8 out of bed 6'5 1/4-3/8 at his lowest
BenRichards on Arnold Schwarzenegger
@Jim Hopper - He lives in America, not an African village, normal people walk about in shoes, so in general things are leveled out unless you are a woman in stiletto's.....or RDjnr.
Roy on General Height
@Fe. Instead of posting all these pics with you and other guys that you assume are 6 foot. Why don't you get an aerosol can and measure yourself against a wall. If you don't even know your own height you can't know for sure that all these men that you have pics with are the heights they claim. The editor Rob's situation is a little different, he already has a known height so one variable is complete then you can get an accurate figure of a celebs height. Take your measurement around lunch and barefoot and then stop worrying so much about it.
Pierre on Lou Ferrigno
@ NY Gemini =I think it's difficult to estimate the height of Lou in this picture:
The floor seem inclined
Lou has no shoes and we cannot see the heels of Bill Bixby's shoes
We doesn't know the exact height of Bill
Lou is slouching and Bill has a relaxed posture( Lou is slouching a lot because he's on a inclined floor imo ).
MD on James Franco
For a guy with an average (not particularly muscular) physique, yes, yes it is. It's definitely above where someone of that height with an average physique should be.
JJ on General Height
@Hafeez imo within 1 inch difference between partners at most. Looking your partner in the eyes(face to face) imo is best and it looks good actually.
Robin on Rob Paul
169-170cm for woman is like 182-183cm for man, so it's tall. It's not average height
Redwing on Height Request
Aw thank you Krist, so you think he could be 184-5 cm tall? Interesting. I ask because I've stood by a rugby player named Rene ranger and I was abit taller than him and in shots he looks a tad below dagg if not the same.
french guy m on General Height
I want to share my observations when I was a student.
I measure 183 cm at night , majority of guys I studied with were between 177 and 193 cm which put the average at 185 cm for white young men.
At 183 cm there were times when I was average , and sometimes when I was very short , it happened when I stood with 190 cm and above guys, which was faily common.

In France , if you are 183 cm you will feel short on many occasions , it is only 2 cm below average but you can tell when a guys is 2 cm taller than you.

When I met the ll surgeon he told me than many guys who are near my height are search for getting taller, even though he prefer operates on the very short men .

When I read on this page the average is 178 cm in many countries, I wonder where you live , because 178 cm is even not close to the real average .
I m sure you try to reassure yourself , I don t want you to be delusional .
Arch Stanton on Brooke Hogan
Always thought she looked about the same sort of height and weight as Lindsey Vonn, though Vonn is a professional athlete so obviously more toned and fitter. I love women who are about this height and that strong build! This does seem a genuine claim, at one time the Hulkster claimed she was 6 ft.
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Anton Rodgers worth adding Rob? Somewhere in 5'11.5-6' I think, maybe 5'11.75 might be spot on!
rob on Football Soccer
thoughts on griezmann?
Editor Rob: he looks less than average height.
Arch Stanton on Liam Hemsworth
If you watch Independence Day though Goldblum looked a bit taller.
Slaven on Rob Paul
@Arch Stanton do you live in the UK? Because that is the only place in Europe where the imperial system is frequently used. However, people are familiar with the metric system aswell. In the rest of Europe everyone used metric system. In the USA people only talk in foot and inches.
Arch Stanton on Michael Redgrave
@Rob, excellent find! Very honest then, as Redgrave could certainly pull off the full 6'3.
S.J.H on David Ramsey
In arrow or the flash i can't remember which episode but he look about 2cm shorter than brandon routh when standing close up. I did stick up with 6'1.75 not full 6'2
Rahul on Boris Becker
Ivan Lendl & Stefan Edberg are rated 6'2" by the official site of Association of Tennis Professionals. The same site had rated them 187 cms a few years Ago. I am not sure if these 2 are really 6'2" or even 187 cms (6' 1.5"). They both looked 6'1" or 6' 1.25"' at the most during their playing days. Becker has 0.75" inch over these 2. Hence Rob's rating of Becker as 6' 1.5" now (assuming he has lost half an inch with age) seems logical
Anonymous on Aishwarya Rai
Hello please specify at 184 cm , are u a boy or a girl .I am a 157 cm tall man
Alaba on William Forsythe
Rob, he is the same height są you.
ppp on Aishwarya Rai
Can anybody post the backstage pics of Aishwarya with tall models at AICW 2015
Marcinho on Justin Theroux
I dont give anything about his height, he got jennifer aniston and that alone makes him huge to me!
Ally182 on Marilyn Manson
This man is not even 183 cm. Go check Vitaly's latest vlog on his youtube channel. Vitaly is 178 cm and there is maximum 3 cm difference between them
MrTBlack on Charles Kelley
I'm willing to bet that he's another 6'5.25" guy like Nonso Anozie and Peyton Manning.
CS on Rob Paul
Do you think claiming your extreme low is necessary? Or is usual low fine? I found one day after being up for almost 24 hours, doing strenuous physical activity, fair amount of walking, and some heavy lifting I dropped about a quarter inch lower than my typical low.
Editor Rob: it isn't necessary, but it is a height you can be confident you don't measure under.

In the real world many don't bother with fractions.
Sam on Tyrese Gibson
Funny. Rob you have Tyrese and Trey songz both at 5'10.75 but both are really 5'9-5'9.5 guys shoes off who wear lifts sometimes to get them to 5'10.5 to 5'11 range. Just like I said on Trey songz page rob please downgrade Tyrese at least one inch. Here is the picture with Singer Tank, Tyrese, Jamie Foxx, and Trey Songz. Most likely everybody is under 5'10 with shoes off. maybe Trey songz at 5'9.5-5.9.75 max. Tyrese at 5'9-5.9.25.
Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.5 on James Franco
James Franco isn't standing up straight (with slightly more footwear), but easily looks 2" inches taller than Kenan Thompson:

Click Here
Mj on Kevin Nash
Rob what do u think about the height difference b/w Nash and hall in their prime based on this pic... is it more than 4 inches considering the footwear advantage to hall Click Here
Editor Rob: yeah he can look over 4 inches taller. In the most recent pic with Ben he also doesn't look like he's lost any more height in last 3 years either.
Alex lee on Kareena Kapoor
I saw her in nyc i had her autograph and i say she is a pretty petite lady but 5 foot5 is not true she was atleast 2 to 3 inches shorter fhan my gf and my gf is 166cm . Kareena is around 5foot 3 or maybe hair above
movieguy on Don Stroud
Lost an eye when injured trying to prevent a mugging. So probably a really good guy in reality unlike the bad guy he sometimes played in the movies.
Stella on Luke Hemmings
Lately in recent pictures, Luke is towering over his band members. Rob, do you think he has grown recently?
Editor Rob: I don't think he grew, maybe he has been working on better posture and likes looking taller.
Hector on William Shatner
He was 5'8 with dress shoes on, but that was back when he was young. I've seen a lot of his earlier work and you can easily gauge his height by factoring in the heights of the other actors when they stood next to him. He always looked taller on Star Trek than he did anywhere else. He is probably no more than 5'7 with shoes on now that he's in his mid-80s.
27 September
mike on Mac Miller
Rob this guy never looks taller than 167/168cm, if Big Sean is 171cm, then NO WAY, Mac Miller is 170cm, he looked close to 2 inches shorter next to him Click Here
mike on Grace Gummer
Looks 168cm in Mr Robot
Bard on Peyton Manning
He's looking kinda short here. Listing seems accurate though :P

Click Here
Christopher on Brittany Fogarty
I thought she was at least 5'10.
Thomas6ft1 on General Height
Besides having no job at 19, I'm not officially going to school. I go to a university 2 times a week at night. I live with my parents. I have no siblings and no ‘real' friends. (Fake friends). I have no money whatsoever. Everyday, I usually play video games, surf the internet, exercise, or go to the gym. I live in Taiwan, but my Chinese writing and fluency is very average. Not great. I feel empty and lost with my life.
Mark on Jared Padalecki
And Armie Hammer along with Kobe Bryant would also measure taller than Padalecki.
John on Michelle Yeoh
5ft 3 lol, no where near 5ft 4
johnp on Jack Lord
I worked at the Bank of Honolulu on Bishop Street and Hawaii 5 0 used the Bank for exterior and interior shots, Jack lord was in and around the bank a lot. I had seen him several times at Warren Oates house in Sherman Oaks When I lived next door to Warren. Jack always wore cowboy style boots on Hawaii 5 0 with about a two inch heel making him look about 6’ 2 or more. Jack did not like any actors taller than himself and had fit when Al Harrington joined the cast, Al was about 6’ 2 he only lasted one season. Lord also objected to William Smith when he joined the cast as Smith was taller than Jack. Jack also had very hairy arms and hairy hands. He was very subconscious about this and did not like close ups of his hands and would shave his hands. He combed his hair high in the front to appear taller. I think he was probably a little over 6’ 0 but not by much.
Ale on Alessandra Ambrosio
Sorry, but Alessandra has 172/73cm . Her friend, Matheus Mazzafera lying about his height. I saw this video and the difference is huge. He wears shoes with heels like tom cruise

Fran:He is her friend and has 1.74 ! It is greater than he, I believe it has more than 1.74 , especially video !! 7:39
Click Here
Sophos on Beyonce Knowles
I can reach 1.75m from 1.64m and be taller than her
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Martin Kove
184cm peak
182cm today

Rob, does that seem reasonable?
Editor Rob: about 6ft, now maybe 5ft 11-11.5 zone
johnp on Warren Oates
I lived next door to Warren Oats in 60’s on the corner of Woodcliff and kingwoods lane in Sherman Oaks. From personal experience I would say that Warren was about 5’10. Also met Jack Lord at Warren’s house when Warren was filming Stoney Burk, Lord wasn’t a real tall person, appeared to be around 6’0.
Bellabelle on Matthew Rhys
Click Here
Bellabelle on Matthew Rhys
He def looks shorter than 5'10" next to Matthew Good on The Wine Show! Also in pictures standing next to Keri Russell 5'4" on a cycling date in Brooklyn when both are in athletic shoes. 5'8" looks more accurate.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Michael Shannon
He had a small part in Pearl Harbour. Taller than both Affleck and Hartnett. This is legit
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on George Kennedy
Looked near 6ft5 in Thunderbolt & Lightfoot if Clint was still near 6ft4 (likely). His performance in that was outstanding. Played a real nasty piece of work…
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Enrique Iglesias
187-188cm range is what I have him pegged at…
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Ray Milland
Lost a fair bit of height in later life.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Lou Ferrigno
Rob, could Lou have hit 6ft5 out of bed?
Dan on Brad Pitt
If you go to the Instagram of Joe Goossen tengooseboxing_gym you'll see a really really
Rare short clip of Brad training with Joe for Snatch. He looks tiny and not tall at all, but standing next to Joe Goossen, he appears to be only an inch or 1.5" shorter. Goossen is listed at 6-0. And it really doesn't look like Pitt was wearing lifts. So even if Goossen is 5-11, then Pitt can't be shorter than 5-10 or 5-9.5
James on Austin Mahone
Rob, I think the guy has grown. He looks 176 cm to me.
Click Here
Click Here

Maybe he could be listed as 176 cm?

Lately it's your decision, of course.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Melvyn Douglas
Could pull off 6ft2 at times. This looks good
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Pablo Schreiber
Rob, how tall is that guy in lower the photo?

I'm guessing over 7ft
Editor Rob: Mutombo's listed over 7ft
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Liev Schreiber
Rob, how likely is 188cm?
Editor Rob: I've never seen the film Hamlet, but he might have some scenes with Bill Murray...would be interesting to see how he shaped up 15 years ago with Bill, who hasn't really shrunk much.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Michael Redgrave
If this is what he claimed then we should leave him at it
James on Taylor Swift
Taylor Lautner is 174 cm compared with 177 cm Austin Mahone:
Click Here

Taylor Swift is 1 cm shorter than Taylor Lautner:
Click Here
Click Here

And they are wearing the same footwear:
Click Here

So Taylor Swift is 5' 8" (173 cm)
Dan on Brad Pitt
Matt. He's only barefoot in one pic lol.
James on Taylor Swift
Look at this scene:
Click Here (pause at min. 3.07)

They are wearing the same footwear:
Click Here

Taylor Swift is 1 cm shorter than 174 cm Taylor Lautner. If Taylor Lautner is really 174 cm, then Taylor Swift must be 173 cm.
steve on General Height
rob when measuring using a measuring tape how close should the tape be to your body ?
im getting 180.5 close to my body and like 179 moving it away
Editor Rob: if someone else is measuring they could hold it in front of your nose and get an idea how tall like I measured Jenny
anon on Cristiano Ronaldo
Rob why the **** you just don't change his mark for 1.86 everybody is sure about him having that height
don on Taylor Swift
Click Here

She is taller than Ed Sheeran, she is that tall and Rob is right
Hubelmeis on Paul Pogba
Click Here Chris Smalling next to strong 6'3 of Eric Dier... 0.5 inch of difference... 6'3.5 (192cm) is the correct smalling height , 194 cm is spot on
Johno on Leonardo DiCaprio
Here is Mario Lopez with Beckham

Click Here

Here he is with Leo,

Click Here

Beckham would be taller than Leo.
Dejavu on Matt Damon
Actually he looks 177 with kimmel and could even be 176
Johno on Joe Manganiello
Joe looks like a he will make a goos Deathstroke. I must say that they actually got the right actors to play these characters. Affleck, Mamoa, Cavil etc; they seem to look the part dimension wise.
MrFish on Rob Paul
Rob, most Korean actors in popular shows nowadays have their height listed publicly (example: on asianwiki dot com). In Korea, most male actors are significantly taller than the national average. Where do you assume these listed heights come from, and what would you guess is the amount of inflation to the heights listed?
Editor Rob: there is definitely a lot more knowledge of Lifts and wearers in Korea.

I think there is naturally some inflation, maybe 2-3cm overall. But, the country is pretty well developed so the average has increased in 50 years.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Timothy Dalton
Rob, at peak who do you think would have been tallest out of Brosnan, Dalton and Moore?
Editor Rob: really at times Lazenby, Dalton both could be a bit shy of 6ft 2, Connery I thought is the more legit 6ft 2...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Olivia Hamnett
She looks very tall in that photo, like a 5ft10+ woman. 5ft7-8 range is definitely too low. Closer to 5ft9…she appeared in a couple of Neighbours episodes in the late 90's and still looked about that.
AAAA on Elon Musk
A friend of mine works at Space X and has met him personally. One of the first things he said is people don't realize how big he is. Steve put him at 6'3, which would mean a likely height of 6'1-6'2. He said his persona in combination with his size creates and intimidating presence
steve on General Height
rob are all the celeb height listings extreme low heights at night barefoot?
Editor Rob: nearer the low than the morning, maybe afternoon
AAAA on Lawrence Taylor
First post in this thread in nearly a decade!!!!!

Found this picture of him with 6'3 7/8 Ndomnoking Suh and 6'4 1/6 Gerald McCoy.

Not looking a full 6'3 IMO. Camera angle isn't perfect but he looks 6'2.25-6'2.75.

Rob, any thoughts?

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Bruce Spence
A fraction over this peak is fair…
AD on Paul McCartney
This is a really good pic of them standing together on a level surface with the same stance... John, Paul and George really looking the same height. Macca was 177cm when I met him and I really think that's the nearest for the 3 of them ....
Click Here
bava on Salman Khan
Bhonsdiwale varun sir your completey wrong salman is 5'5.5" tall definitely not like 5'9.5".
KEREM on General Height
I am 190.5cm afternoon. Should I claim my height as 191cm or 190cm? I am obsessive. Please reply.
brasky on Donald Trump
6'2"-6'3" men do not exist with hands that small.. During a debate several months ago, I noticed that Jeb Bush appeared to tower over him.
Peter on General Height
I'm about one inch shorter than my mother and I am 23.
My father is one inch shorter than me. I'm 5'6.
At 15 I was about 5'3 and I have grown up until fairly late. I became as tall as my father's height at about 18. I think I finished growing at 19.
BTW my shoe size is a UK 5 / EUR 38. My weight is 7 stones. I have to get my clothes from the boy's department.
My future wife is 5'9. When she is in heels... I look like a boy.
No worries, anyway.
Anne on Leighton Meester
Saw her in LA eating dinner with a friend, she walked past me wearing flats and she was shorter than me I am 5'5 on the dot- she must be 5'3/4, it's weird how celebrities are shorter than they seem!
Thomas45 on Brad Pitt
Matt your second picture is the most confusing of all. People who have seen Jennifer Aniston say she is 5'2 5'3 and in this picture Brad is 10 cm taller than her at most. Then Brad Pitt is 5'7 5'8 I guess according to your second photo.
Dani on Richard Madden
Hey Rob, i played a small role, as a background actor, in the tv show Madden is portraing in Italy. I saw him i person and he looked at least 4-5cm more than me. I assure you i am a strong 176. Almost 178 in the morning and just above 176 in the evening. How can be possibile he looked a 5f11"?
Editor Rob: that's certainly surprising, based on what I saw of him up close!
Andy on Robert Redford
Redford was never taller than Newman, I would say Newman was 179 cm peak while Redford was 177.5 cm, more like 176 cm today
BT on RJ Mitte
Doesn't RJ look taller than Cumberbatch compared to Rob?
Editor Rob: benedict is very likely taller.
JohnnyC on Rob Paul
Hi Rob, at an evening height of 5ft 7.75 / 172 cm, how would you categorize my height?

I'm 21, and male by the way
John on General Height
Doors are something I've learned to mind from when I was 16..In Australia standard doorframes are 6' 6. I am two inches taller than that.
Dmeyer on Sylvester Stallone
Rob even thaugh i think Sly many Times just wore thick footwear with no lifts like cubans or hogan in the past in the 1,5-2in , but in movies like lock up and d�molition Man could realy look 5 ft 11ish h� defentlty had � 1-1,5in inside 1,3-1,5in boots
Editor Rob: yeah, in films you just aren't sure what he was wearing inside shoes.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Andre The Giant
Most of Andre's peers to this day stand by 7ft4 and even 7ft5…
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Norm Macdonald
Rob, how arguable is 6ft2?
Editor Rob: at times I could see a case for it.
Aza on Steven Seagal
Apologies... Axa post is from me.... Eyesight is becoming poor, I stand by the 6'3 claim as he seems to wear boots all the time and weight and age must be taking some toll on his height . Would say his peak was 6'4.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Luke Mitchell
Gatiss definitely, Reardon I'd have thought could look slightly under at times but his posture isn't great. Mark Pellegrino and Todd Stashwick are the other two guys I think would be in there
Editor Rob: yes Pellegrino could be an arguable 186cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on John Corbett
Look at Liam Neeson!
6n on Tom Noonan
He looks a strong 6'5'' now, and likely was a strong 6'6''. at peak. Noonan's character in Manhunter (Tooth Fairy/ Francis Dolarhyde) is 6'7'' according to his driving licence. Standing tall,the young Noonan may have been slightly closer to seven than six feet tall.
Marco on Jason Statham
I've stood next to him and l'm 5 10" he was much shorter than me 5 7" ' -5 8" max really, most actors are much shorter than they portray they can't handle being short
S.J.H on Ray Stevenson
Chris hemsworth and ray stevenson is more likely about 6'3 vincent d'onofrio and matthew modine range and levi could be closer to 6'3.25 but not quite
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Boris Becker
Editor Rob: it is possible becker was 6ft 2 and has shrunk a bit through his 40's.

That's what I've been saying all along�
Editor Rob: it may well be fair, and I think for the moment 6ft 2 1.25 could be possible, but this is one I think voting would be interesting on.
John on Scarlett Alice Johnson
5ft 3 LOL,
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on John Travolta
184cm peak feasible. Looked a bit over 6ft generally.
SAK on Steve Backshall
Common theme in the comments. We all thought he was average to lower average. With stocky build, so appears shortish.
BorkLaser on Dave Batista
Actually in that picture he'd be slightly taller than his opponent. Dave's posture is worse, and if we correct for the camera tilt Dave is easily taller. The problem with him is in recent pictures he didn't seem taller than Chris Pratt, who's listed here at 6'2" Click Here, but then here he is with 6'2" Sam Smith and 5'10.25" Daniel Craig Click Here. It could be his posture, but I think for now the 190 cm listing is good for him.
hijopotamus on Brad Pitt
Heylo, an INCH is not one cm...
Brad and Gwyneth same height whatever their height is.
John on General Height
196 Briton
Well I think you could just phrase that differnetly: something like 'Hi, I think we have been taylored for each other, We are almost same height'.
In fact my girlfriend was taller than me when we met: I was 5ft 10 at just 12 and she was about 6ft as she was already 16. Within less than a year I became taller than her. Now we are 6' 8 and 6' 1 (no heels) respectively.
She was one of my brother's friends but when we first met she assumed i was about seventeen or eighteen and my brother was my younger brother, because i was taller and bigger than most of 15 or 16 year-olds in their group of friends and classmates.
Mark on Justin Bieber
@CC If Bieber was really 5'9" to 5'10", I would have been 6'0" by now which I am not but wish to be.
NCL on The Undertaker
I posted something similar on the Andre and Big Show pages:

I've been seeing the Shaq photo floating around celebheights (credit to whomever posted it first). I was actually just at Ripley's last weekend. Here is a photo of myself in sneakers next to the height ruler: Click Here and myself barefoot next to the height ruler: Click Here and here is Shaq next to the height ruler: Click Here

My photos were taken around 11:30am. I believe barefoot I'm about 5'10.25" and in my sneakers somewhere around 5'11.5"-5'11.75" (I may appear a bit taller but it's because of my hair. If you look closely you can see the top of my scalp LOL)

I propose anyone here who is good at photoshop to use these pictures to help with debating Undertaker's height. Maybe super imposing Ali Baba's pic with Undertaker? I forget what Ali Baba's height is but maybe we can line him up to his height in sneakers? Are there any photos of Undertaker with guys around the 5'10" mark for reference?

I'd recommend using my barefoot photo (where I'm a little over 5'10") cuz I think it's a better angle.

I'm not good at photoshop so I don't know how feasible this is with camera angles and everything, but I figured it'd be worth a shot to ask.
king on General Height
@Johan You are bang on there my friend. 4 years ago I was unemployed claiming job seekers allowance. I was on it for a total of 11 months. I found an ad in the job centre about jobs going at a local supermarket, of course I was fed up of being unemployed so I jumped at the chance and let me tell you something now - BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER.

4 years later and im still in that job pushing shopping trolleys around in a car park, I originally applied for an in store role and got turned down and offered that, of course I accepted thinking it wont be too bad because eventually I will be able to get an instore role once my foot is in the door, again I was naive to believe that. My current job as a trolley collector has completely ruined my chances of getting another job elsewhere, I must of been to well over 50 interviews and as soon as they find out what I do its as if they cant take me seriously because a trolley collectors job has a negative stigma attached to it, at least here in the UK anyway. It is usually given to people who are unemployable, for example people with learning difficulties or downs syndrome.

I have very little hope of ever getting out now to be honest but thats life.
NCL on Big Show
I posted something similar on the Andre page:

I've been seeing the Shaq photo floating around celebheights (credit to whomever posted it first). I was actually just at Ripley's last weekend. Here is a photo of myself in sneakers next to the height ruler: Click Here and myself barefoot next to the height ruler: Click Here and here is Shaq next to the height ruler: Click Here

My photos were taken around 11:30am. I believe barefoot I'm about 5'10.25" and in my sneakers somewhere around 5'11.5"-5'11.75" (I may appear a bit taller but it's because of my hair. If you look closely you can see the top of my scalp LOL)

I propose anyone here who is good at photoshop to use these pictures to help with debating Big Show's height. It looks like there's a 2" difference between Shaq and Show here, right? Click Here anyone good at photoshop want to superimpose Big Show against the height ruler and match it up with photos with guys that are around 5'10"-6'?

I'd recommend using my barefoot photo (where I'm a little over 5'10") cuz I think it's a better angle.

I'm not good at photoshop so I don't know how feasible this is with camera angles and everything, but I figured it'd be worth a shot to ask.
Anthony on Sneaker Heights
Dude, I really need info on adidas nmd, yeezy 350 and air max 1, please
Mark on Brett Dalton
6'1.75" is the worst I give Dalton. 6'2" is fine for him.

I'm serious, if I find another comment that says '511" for Dalton,' I'm going to laugh so hard that I might likely run out of oxygen.
NCL on Andre The Giant
I've been seeing the Shaq photo floating around celebheights (credit to whomever posted it first). I was actually just at Ripley's last weekend. Here is a photo of myself in sneakers next to the height ruler: Click Here and myself barefoot next to the height ruler: Click Here and here is Shaq next to the height ruler: Click Here

My photos were taken around 11:30am. I believe barefoot I'm about 5'10.25" and in my sneakers somewhere around 5'11.5"-5'11.75" (I may appear a bit taller but it's because of my hair. If you look closely you can see the top of my scalp LOL)

I propose anyone here who is good at photoshop to use these pictures to help with debating Andre's height. Maybe my barefoot height photo would be better since the angle is better? So say someone puts a picture of a wrestler who we know is 5'10" and has posed in pictures with Andre, and superimpose them with my picture. The same thing can be done for Shaq, Wilt, etc

I'm not good at photoshop so I don't know how feasible this is with camera angles and everything, but I figured it'd be worth a shot to ask.
Mark on Roger Federer
Agreed. Federer can pass for a good 6'1" with the picture above!
John on Ben Affleck
Click Here
With Kerry Affleck 6'1.5 top. Come on guys
Mark on Kevin Costner
@Rampage Agreed. Actually, I looked again and Costner would have had the chance of 186/188 cm in his young days. I'm not sure if Federer can pull it off.
S.J.H on Charlie Bewley
Bewley can't be 1.5" shorter than jamie campbell bower. One of them lie about their height for sure
heightchecker34 on Rob Paul
It's interesting that you bring up India's height Ricky. I am Indian myself, however I have lived in America for quite a while. It seems the past few years, when I started to notice height, there are many tall Indians. I am well aware of the perception that Indians are short, yet I am 5'9 myself, yet I find myself being sometimes towered even when I am wearing dress shoes, which gets me to around the 5'10.5 mark. I don't know if the diet has started to change or the lifestyle over there, yet most of my generation (26 years old here) are easily between the 5'9-6'0 mark which would be comfortably around America and Western Europe's average. And I am talking about Indians who have just moved to America to study in college, not Indians who have grown up here who tend to be on the short side. Rob, have you noticed that phenomenon? Are there quite a few Indians there in Scotland like there are in England?
the Slav on General Height
french guy m said on 26/Sep/16
The average height for a white young man in France is 184-185 cm based in my observations, at 183 cm I m usually a bit shorter than average,
I don't get your point, being below average is a disadvantage, especially when you have succeeded in the other parts of your life.
I think the average height in Germany and austria is about 185-186 cm , so at 190 cm (if you really are that height ) you should not feel as short as I do .
If you are below 185 cm you have a good reason to worry

@French Guy
Are you trolling or being serious? Or are you adding +5 centimeters to your real height? It's really hard to take you seriously.
HonestSlovene on Jeremy Renner
174-175 is what he can generally look.
HonestSlovene on General Height
@french guy LOL this has got to be a troll job. First you claim the average in France for young males 179 cm, then that it is 181 cm and at the latest you claim that it is 184-185 cm. So the average for young french men grew in a few months by a whopping 5-6 cm? Just LOL.
roman Mccarthy on Jennifer Lawrence
Is 5foot 6 possible ?
Editor Rob: would watch 10 Adam Sandler films back to back if she was this short.
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
A legit 190 is certainly a solid tall height yup, I've seen guys like Prince William and Tom Welling called very tall. I think more a strong 6'3 is into very tall range though.
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
180 then is probably the metric equivalent of 6 ft in terms of the "magic number" then. I don't know anybody who talks in metric though. I still think in person that people rely on their eyes though, a 5 ft 9 guy in a group of 6 ft ers could claim 1.80 as much as he wants but nobody is going to think him tall. Yes, people think HOllywood actors are all midgets. Perhaps the top movie stars tend to be more average but if you really look at a lot of these TV/Netflix stars in particular now,. most seem to be over 6 ft!
roman Mccarthy on Nicole Kidman
Is 5foot 9.75 inches possible now for is Rob?
Editor Rob: I think I'd be surprised if she was under 5ft 10 today.
S.J.H on Josh Bowman
Bowman 5'11 looks it
Gabriel Mann 6'1.25 (A typical american fan met him up close insist he was 6'2.5 atually acountable in shoes)
Barry Sloane 6'2.5 legitmate
sam on Drake
This guy is easy to downgrade because his stance and build always doesn't faver him. Rob's estimation is right or very near within fractions.
dicksock on Andre The Giant
Boss said on 26/Sep/16
Andre was obviously measured at 2.14m at some point.


That is not obvious. It is your opinion. There is some evidence to back it up, but there is also a great deal of evidence that suggests he was shorter. Personally, I have a hard time believing promoters would not embellish Andre's height, even in 1971 before he became Andre The Giant. I think it's very possible that Andre could have been 6'11.5" in the morning and 6'10.5" by the evening in his prime. I don't think he lost nearly as much height as some people think both throughout the day and throughout his career. Realistically, there is barely any difference between 6'11" and 7', and most people could not tell the difference between the two heights even if there were two guys in front of them that were those heights. As long as Andre is listed as at least 6'11" and no more than 7', I'm fine.
samuel on Chris Brown
6 foot no more no less!
S.J.H on Michael Rosenbaum
Michael is exactly 5'10 tall. LOL.. He is 5'11
PhysicsEnemy on Mike Tyson
You could say Mike is 5' 10.25" and Rob is 5' 8.25", this would be spot on imo for both. 5' 10" and 5' 8" is harsh for them, might be near accurate on 'bad days'.
PhysicsEnemy on Amir Khan
Sorry just to add, I can buy 5' 7.5" for Khan, 5' 8" for Brook and 5' 8.75" for Golovkin, but no more.

Khan looked around 0.75" taller than Canelo fwiw.
James B on Billy Gunn
These days I don't think he would be 6ft5 out of bed
PhysicsEnemy on Floyd Mayweather Jr
Junior - I could buy 5' 8" for Brook and 5' 8.75" for Golovkin but no more. I can't buy more than 5' 6.75" for Canelo/Floyd, if anything they can 'look' 5' 6.5".

I have Rob @ 5' 8.25" and Glenn @ 5' 6.5" fwiw, a dream photo for me would be Glenn with Floyd.

As for Rob, he's a good height estimator usually, his only downside imo is being 0.25" leniant, like a slight 'benefit of doubt'. Glenn exploited this in claiming higher by inc stad errors, lay down for hours, etc.

Celebs can manipulate perception with footwear, posture and dominant, colourful personalities.
Junior31 on Justin Bieber
Kim said on 26/Sep/16
@CC go back and read my post from 10/Sep/16. Justin was also wearing thick shoes with Usher. Why do you keep ignoring Justin's footwear? Hmm maybe because you're clearly a fanboy who wishes he's tall.

Don't you realize that for months now CC doesn't acknowledge anything that has anything to do with him being sub 5'9. When time and time again photo after photo we see his ridiculous footwear. And him being shorter then all of those who we know stand at the height CC thinks he is

I'm starting to think that CC is actually Rob in disguise! Playing it off to brig traffic to the page!! Lol it's impossible for someone to be in such denial to a point of using fake crayons to draw imaginary lifts on people bieber is pictured with ! That's some crazy sick stuff!
Heylo on Brad Pitt
Matt, you're right, he definitely doesn't look tall when he's buff. I am 177cm myself and look quite similar in build to the second photoshoot. My legs can look a little short in certain clothing styles just like Brad's. His build is quite similar to Daniel Craig except for the fact that Brad has much thinner calves and wrists which easier gives the illusion of being taller.

Even though you personally might think he looks only 5'8, I don't think that's his actual height. We can all look a certain height based on body proportions and body type.

Jude Law is one person not many thought was below 5'11, and guess what, he was downgraded a full inch by Rob when he said in an interview that he was 5'10. Brad could be the same.
S.J.H on Jeffrey Donovan
He can only be 6'0 with a hair and 5'11 barefoot
S.J.H on Bruce Campbell
If bruce campbell is 6'0 now how can jeffrey donovan be 6'0? They were obviously not in the same range of height completely. At least 0.75-1.25" height different between them
Original on Brad Pitt
I'm pretty sure that he is 5.5/5'5.75" inches taller than Jen Aniston (for me about 5'3.75), with Fallon "Breakdance episode" (Fallon is 5'10-5'10.25" for me, he's about 0.5" taller than Gisele), Brad looks little shorter prob. about 0.5" (no lifts here) with David Beckham (5'10.5" - 5'10.75") and with lifts he looks 6'1. No way that one 5'7.5" with whatsoever shoes look like 6'1. For me he's strong 5'9. Prob. 5'9.5".

I'm going with 5'9.5-75" peak.
5'9.25-5" now.
S.J.H on Ernie Hudson
I recently saw a full frame photo of ernie hudson with my 5'8 friend in facebook and he doesn't over 5'11 with 1.2-1.3" shoe and my friend had ultra thin 0.3 sandals , he might have loose posture there but then doesn't look over 5'10.5
Celebheights 6'1.5 on Chris Pratt
Vin Diesel doesn't look much shorter than him (with no uneven footwear).
S.J.H on Colin Ford
That tiny short head give illusion of 5'10 especially the hair. He could be around 175.5cm barefoot so i"ll say 5'9.25
Warren on Justin Bieber
CC said on 2/Aug/16
@nick that looks like 2 inch to me.

Nick said on 1/Aug/16
Scooter Braun (5'11) with Justin (who claims to be 5'9) Click Here

The picture is from 2014 so he had already stopped growing. Plus hey're both barefoot and seem to have pretty much the same posture. If Bieber is honest, there must be a 2 inch difference between them.

That's gotta be the longest 2 inches I've ever seen :D

Cut the bs, Bieber. You're no taller than 5'6-5'7

Cc said on 17/Sep/16
Bieber looks half a head taller than that girl. Half a head is like 4inches... If she 5*6-5*7 then bieber looks 5*10.

u said 2 inches difference with scooter, but you said 4 inches difference with sofia
wtf?! these pair looks the same difference conpared with both pics holy crap not again @CC
S.J.H on Andrew Lincoln
For some reason i think we could argue 5'9.5 for Andrew Lincoln and 5'9.25 for norman reedus with advantage shoe than rob , up here i don't see an atual 2" and the cap gives illusion plus rob looking straight and andrew face up
@HeightcrazyRed6ft on Andre The Giant
miko said on 27/Sep/16
If Andre was measured at 2.14cm it was in cowboy boots.

Nonsense, he had no cowboyboots in 1971.
First staredown we have is from 8 wrestling years later - 1979 when Hogan was in ~ 0.5" bigger boots and Andre wasn´t standing as straight as he could. Click Here
1979 Andre had Hogan by 5.5-6" standing straight, so 6´11"-6´11.5" in 1979.
8 years of wrestling and Andres lifestyle easily could have brought him down 0.5"-1".
Andre in 71 looked taller and way healthier than 1979.

during the early eighties Andre looked 6´10.5-6´11" and 6´10" late eighties, early nineties he was broken down and made a 6´8-9" impression due to horrible posture.
S.J.H on Cillian Murphy
He was listed 5'7 way back before celebheights.com exist. I think the 5'7 listing is right
Engineer on Amitabh Bachchan
@rob in the Cannes photo, one can see Nicole Kidman tallest, how high you think she is considering Big B in shoes could be 6'2". If Nicole is 5'11" in flats is she like 6'3.5" in here?
Editor Rob: in some shots he actually could be 6ft 1-2 range barefeet.
A.D. on Julian Rhind Tutt
Actually about 5 10 and a half, just watch him next to Dylan Moran at 5 11 in Black Books.
Original on Brad Pitt
Jennifer - 162
Angelina - 165
Brad - 175-176
Ice on Brock Lesnar
ROB do you think he can Fall to 187 cm at night ?
Editor Rob: I don't think he'd be that short.
jim on Chris Jericho
Just look at jerichos obviously short stumpy limbs. No way he is over 5'8 with those proportions.
GP on Arnold Schwarzenegger
@Krist, Calum is around 6", definitely under 6'1". I see him at Gold's all the time, where that Arnold photo is from.
nicole on James Phelps
Well, unfortunately, the problem of whether or not they're the same height is not really open for debate since the twins have said themselves again and again that they're not the same height. It would be too easy if they were same height :-) In fact, their slight difference in height is one of the subjects they often joke about in interviews , along with their being born 13 minutes apart, their hair color and golf ...I personally tend to believe that Oliver and James are just short of 190cm and 187cm respectively but these are only ballpark figures, nothing precise enough ... One such video back in the HP days : Click Here : first they joke about their slight height difference and then, at around 4:34 , you can see Oliver stretching for half a second, before James starts playing with his feet to compensate and appear as tall as Oliver for fun :-)
Moody on General Height
Also add Chief Keef if at all possible. Seems to be another buck that had a noticeable growth spurt after age 18.
James on Michael Caine
Caine was 6'1" at his peak, you can tell from his early movies that he was never 6'2".
Editor Rob on Michael Redgrave
Finally found a quote from Michael from 1967, and he indeed claimed 6ft 2 and a half.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Rob Paul
6ft doesn't really look tall generally
Bruce 5'11 1/2 on Erin Heatherton
Around 5'10 ish

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