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28 June
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) on Robbie Amell

No, Stephen would be 6ft4. They're only 2 inches apart.
RisingForce on Donald Trump
Trump and Morgan Freeman back in the 80s would also be interesting to see side by side.
maddy on Aishwarya Rai
look at 5'7.5" aishwarya rai in heels with 5'9.5" srk and also with 5'7.5" aamir khan
Click Here:
look at big john abraham claming his height as 6'1.5" on the auto car show...see the video at 5:29
Click Here
Johan on Rob Paul
James B said on 26/Jun/17
Guys do you think 5'9 is the start of where a guys sex appeal towards women significantly increases compared to 'facially' handsome men who are 5'7 or 5'8? (No homo). Obviously 5'9 by no means is tall for a UK/US man it's very average or even slightly below for the younger generation.

I say that because a lot of girls I know worship Tom Hardy and he also doesn't get ripped to pieces by the press for not being tall unlike Tom cruise but maybe that's because he drew attention to himself by dating taller women?

I don't think 5'9" is enough James, compared to a guy who is 5'7-5'8" there isn't that much difference so I wouldn't worry about that.

Now if a 5'4" woman is wearing heels and getting up to 5'8" then a guy who is reaching 6' in shoes I would say starts to have an advantage. So maybe 5'11" , there is a reason why many hollywood guys in that range are so well loved.

In reference to Tom Hardy, I think he can sometimes pull of 5'10" and he has a solid build, to be honest not many people seem to know that he is just a 5'9" er.
Alexius on General Height
We all know that the Dutch are the tallest in the world, but which of these two (also very tall) ethnic groups is taller, Scandinavians (Sweden, Norway, Denmark) or Dinarics (Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro)? The listed averages seem pretty similar, but I've never been to Scandinavia (I live in the Balkans), so I can't really tell.
What do you all think?
Giorgi on Terry Jones
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 15/Jun/17

No, Rob's exactly 173 on the nose (5'8 1/8"), flat 5'8" would be 172.7

I don't know where you get these super accurate measurements for every living person on this planet but in the youtube vid Rob is a solid 173 cm and can stay at 173.3-173.5 on a good day.
James B on Rob Paul
Matt- I am 5ft7
7of1 on Jennifer Lien
Here is a mugshot of her.
Click Here
RisingForce on Val Kilmer
I can't see less than 5'11" peak since he could look pretty tall, but he's been a big boot guy. Cowboy boots and other pretty thick style so naturally he'll look taller than he is at times. Maybe it's just me, but he sometimes strikes me as more height conscious than you might think. I don't mean that he wears lifts, but maybe he's a guy who would have liked to reach a full six feet.
grizz on Vitali Klitschko
@Bill, look at their legs. Ridiculous. And both are world-class athletes,what's it like for similarly tall people with average fitness? Being over 6'5, buff and proportional is practically impossible.
RisingForce on Donald Trump
I agree Rampage. 187 range would seem low for peak as it probably wasn't that long ago he could still look that. It would be good to establish when Trump actually started shrinking. It seems mostly the last 10 years.
Shredder on Mel Gibson
5'9 then , 5'8.75 now
anon on Novak Djokovic
Murray could be a bit over 6'2 I agree he is likely 6'2.5 or 6'2.25 Djokovic is no lower than the listing here given all the evidence we have seen all the years, He is an Inch taller than the 6'1 Roger Federer who I cant see being under 185cm
anon on John Isner
Isner does look 6'10, Yh He is babyfaced even tho is 32 now, glad you have added tennis players on here, Marin Cilic looks 6'6 too similar to Del Potro.
anon on Christian
no chance of him being 5'11 or 5'10.5 more like a weak 6'0 at worst like 5'11.75, He was listed 6'1 in wwe so only an Inch overlisted not like some wrestlers who get listed 3 Inches higher.
G 5'11 on General Height
@Lak ah nice so he's my age, well your brothers def a strong 6'2 solid height.
Jordan87 on Christopher Reeve
Reeve had extremely long arms even for his height. Honestly , Jon jones is around 6'3 or 6'4 whatever and has an 84" reach. I really think Christopher Reeve had longer arms.

Cavill is the opposite, very Short arms for his height and which makes it much easier to gain muscle mass. Reev was 225 pounds in Superman 3 FYI.

Cavill 6'0.5 203 lbs ( As Superman)
Reeve 6'3.5 225 lbs ( as Superman)

Reeve Closer to the actual Size of the Superman Character.
6'4.5 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
I'm 6'4.5 without shoes and from all the pictures I have seen of the rock around people in the 6 ft range he seems to be as much taller than them as I am around people of that height
CD on Christian
5ft 11.75 minimum.
RisingForce on Justin Bieber
Whether he reaches 5'9" in a typical pair of shoes is the question, especially after seeing him in dress shoes just edge out 5'8" James Corden, who was barefoot.
junkie on Ivanka Trump
At least 180 cm.
RisingForce on Justin Bieber
5'9" is a bad joke, except in a good pair of shoes. He definitely grew a decent amount unusually late, but not THAT much. He's about the same height as Ryan Seacrest, who gave up his own 5'9" claim years ago. Maybe he's a fraction taller than Seacrest, but not much. Same thing with a roughly 5'7" Mayweather. Bieber wound up taller, but not that much. Certainly not 2 inches.
RisingForce on Brad Pitt
Hijopotamus, the kissing pic is terrible as they're not even close to standing straight. Two people, naturally, make themselves closer in height to kiss. Doesn't really work if you're inches apart. The only decent one of those pics is when they're standing side by side with towels, but even then it's not that good of a pic since Brad's head is cut off in the frame(so at best, you can compare eye level or hairline), both seem to be slouching and the pic is taken from the side. But yeah, Sly Stallone could pass for 5'11", pretty frequently and I do think he was 174-175 range as Brigitte Nielsen said. But I'm not convinced Brad wore footwear that big. Brad can pass for near 6 feet at times, though.

Richard, Banderas does wear heels all the time, bigger than the ones Pitt wears, but Antonio is also a confirmed lift wearer. Brad's heels typically don't seem above 3.5-4 cm to me, except maybe Spy Game as one exception. I do think there's a good chance he's worn lifts or elevator shoes at times as well, but I still can't be sure while almost every other celeb whose footwear is mentioned this much can be confirmed easier.
Free on Drake
He can't be more than 5-11 seeing him on tv next to measured NBA players. He made Harden look over 6-5, when he's 6-3 range.
RisingForce on Sylvester Stallone
andre isn't completely wrong, though. That does sound like the range Stallone was. Sage Stallone that is!
Mimi on Iggy Azalea
Rob what diyou think is most likely for Iggy: 5ft9.25-5ft.5 or 5ft9.5-5ft9.75?
ma on Football Soccer
Zidane 184.75 cm
- F. Torres 184.5 cm
- Lewandowski 183.5 cm
- Cavani 184.3 cm
- Sergio Ramos 182.7 cm
- Higuain 182.2 cm
even on Stephen Merchant
200 cm
Michael Voorhees on Tyler Mane
Tyler Mane's height has been all over the place in last few years first he was 6'10, his billed wrestling height. Nobody really ever thought he was that tall. But Then he was 6'9, then he said himself 6'8'. Now he saying 6'7'. But he looked as tall as a 6'9 Nash 25 years ago, & only 3 inches shorter then a old broken down Andre the Giant back in the late 1980's. And I've even seen people on here say as low as 6'6, so who really knows? He doesn't seem to even know his real height. I would say peak for him 6'7.75 to 6'8. So if that's the case then Kevin Nash needs a big down grade. That would only put Nash at 6'8' at his peak, & Nash even today as of 2017 claims 6'9.
175 cm on Heida Reed
Wow stunning lady *-*
Would enjoy giving her an out of bed measurement ;)
Johnson on Derrick Rose
But there must be advantage in shoes or bad angle... Phelps is really tall. Barefoot Phelps should edge out Rose
Johnson on Derrick Rose
Rose is 189 and is taller than Phelps

Click Here
even on Uma Thurman
five eleven she said so herself
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Mick Foley
Foley had at least 1in on McMahon (then 6ft1Β½). Rock was nothing less than a solid 6ft3
even on Robert Pattinson
a legetimate 6 us feet ( 1828.8 milimiters )
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Donald Trump
@RisingForce: True, a real 6ft2 guy will look tall just about all scenarios. I think there's a better chance he was 6ft2ΒΌ than 6ft1ΒΎ at peak.
175 cm on Rob Paul
@Sandy Cowell
Didn't you mention a 153cms before?
Maybe the stadiometer was just off or the nurse?? Out of bed 5ft 1 is with aerosol can your peak (self-measured)?
I like petite woman...
Greetings from Germany
Ben on Michael Nyqvist
Rest in peace fellow swedish citizen!
Amy on Scott Timlin
Interesting same height as Ben Affleck yet he still claims under 6"4 like Ben Affleck he is clearly one of those guys who is talking about a shoe Measurement when it comes to height.
Ronaldo on Football Soccer
- Zidane 185 cm
- F. Torres 184.5 cm
- Lewandowski 183 cm
- Cavani 184 cm
- Sergio Ramos 182 cm
- Higuain 182 cm
The Ben on Bill Goldberg
Here's the photo Click Here
Me at 6'025 stood straight and a slightly slouching Goldberg.
I'd give him 6'2.
Nik on User Heights
Thanks for that Greg. I am fine thanks!

Nik on Pearl Thusi
I don't think she is as tall as this!
Nik on Lionel Messi
He has the 5'6" look!
Powerhouse on Christian
Changed my mind after looking at the scale, 5'11.5 max.
Nik on Rob Paul
@ Sandy Cowell

No problem Sandy, that's what friends are for, Don't rush about too much.

Cheers to you Sandy and to Rob!

Richardspain on John Travolta
Actors with similar height

Harrison Ford 184 cm in peak ( 186cm with footwear)
John Travolta 184cm in peak(186cm with footwear)
Bruce Willis 181 cm in peak (183cm with footwear)
Arnold Schwarzzenegger 184cm in peak (186cm with footwear)
Nick Nolte. 183 cm in peak(185cm with footwear)
Nicolas Cage 183 cm (185cm with footwear)
Tom Hanks.183cm peak(185cm with footwear)
Animus on Derrick Rose

Lonzo Ball is arguably around 6'4Β½" without shoes. I would say he looks 2Β½ or 3 inches shorter than Magic Johnson, who probably hasn't lost noticeable height.

Ball was 6'3Β½" at age 16-17, but he was also 162 lbs. He was clearly underdeveloped and must have grown since then.
Visitor on Roger Federer
Can you do Alex Zverev, Rob? He's listed at 6'6" but based on the picture during the trophy presentation he looked closer to 6'7"
Lee on Dolph Lundgren
Gee. They are shorter than I am
And lighter than me
Heightcrazyred6ft on The Undertaker
Khali wasn't full 7'1". He was 7'0.25"-7'0.5" and 7'1.5"-7'1.75" in footwear. He had Taker by 5.5", so Taker was 6'8"-6'8.25" in boots, wich makes him about 6'7.25" barefoot.

Taker clearly lost height and is between 6'6"-6'6.5" today.
dpp on Christian
If a scale is correct, so rob's head is about 10.25"?
met him on Madchild
saw him im 5'7 and was a whole head taller
Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
Hi Nik! I've woken up in quite a humorous mood! That's not to say that I am over the moon about it all, but I can see the funny side!
I'm going to have to go to the chemist this morning to order my new - less dangerous - painkillers, and then I'll have to get them this afternoon! B*l*oc*s to that! Another day of rushing around, so I'll probably be 4ft10.75 this evening!
Thanks, Nik, for giving me hope! I do think it makes sense that I might regain a bit of my height when the pain has finally subsided!
Thanks for replying! You really did cheer me up! πŸ‘πŸ˜

Cheers to you too Rob!
Appe 183.3cm on Football Soccer
@Johnson I agree with you on the fact that Sergio Ramos would be the shorter among these footballers if measured.
@175 cm Your guesses are too low on my opinion (except Cavani's one who I think it's ok around 186cm out of bed).
@Luca I wake up around 185,2cm +/- 1mm.
Reece on Wladimir Klitschko
I think Fury is 6-8 1/2 204cm and rounded to 6-9.
Shredder on Andrew Lincoln
Rob , do a mugshot for this guy, too many are seeing 5'9.
MJKoP on Willem Dafoe
John Davis said on 12/Jun/17
@Rent since when is taller mean more talented

Reread his post. That is NOT what he was saying.
Lee168cm on Lindsay Duncan
Loved her in absolutely fabulous as jeanne durand a french actress noticed she wore very high heels and was a lot taller than Jennifer Saunders so 5'6" makes sense and five ten in heels
Lak on Charles Barkley
This guy is only 195cm !! He towered over the the who claims 6'4" or even more , the difference was maybe 4 inches to 5
Lak on General Height
I'm happy hh , the pic was taken at 6 pm , my brother has a bad posture he's nine years younger than me (21)
hacker9001 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
@handsome guy, indeed big muscle makes you look shorter than usual
devon on Christian
jordan87, rob said he has more sneaker.
But rob is leaning more than christian so it's hard to imagine christian as being over 5'11.5. He did look at least six feet when he was wrestling though.
greg on Rickie Fowler
I think Rickie is being refreshingly honest about his height, and he mentions spike shoes because it's relevant when he earns his living. Not sure why the snarks.
Spencer on John F Kennedy
182 cm
Colonel Sanders on Height Request
Please add Rico Rodriguez he's listed 168 cm and 173 cm somewhere else to me he looks 170
179cm on User Heights
People are trying to downgrade Bobby to 5'9"? I think that some people just love downgrading others. It's as if now that Big G is gone these people are so desperate to find someone who they can accuse of lying about their height.
Parker on Tom Cruise
@MJKoP Your so right. I was telling an extended family member recently that I had a work colleague who is the image of a young Tom Cruise. Her reply was 'is he very short?' -
Spencer on Donald Trump
May have been close to 6'3 when he was younger . He still looks 6'1
Hellwig on Christian
Five eleven for sure.
kuru on Shahrukh Khan
yes srk was 5'10 without shoes in his prime now 5'9...@expert you are bang on man.
Hans Meiser on Alison Tyler
She's not only tall and gorgeous, but also MASSIVE. I'm male, the same height, and 145lbs. She's 170. Really an Amazon.
5'11.25 at noon. on Wesley Snipes
5'9 max no more
Kourosh on Chris Jericho
Tarik said on 18/Mar/17

@Kourosh hi I was wondering how you feel about your height as I'm of similar height. Thanks Tarik (male)

I feel neither happy nor upset about my height. I often feel average or below average and rarely feel tall or super short.

If i was an inch taller , i would be much happier.
27 June
Del Mar on General Height
Hey Rob, could you please help me out on the height of the basket player here with the big black ring around his head Click Here ?
I know the guy just beside him on the right (his left) was 1,84 two years ago but might have grown since then. Also the black guy in the middle I know is 1,88. I would be glad to know your take on this
Jordan87 on David Prowse

You see a 6'3.5" man in the Picture above with Rob? Think before you type.
RisingForce on Donald Trump
MJKoP, way to convince me I was off base saying you act like a child. You weren't done so it doesn't matter what you said. I really couldn't be called a conservative since probably the Goldwater days either, at least not what's commonly considered one, but if it makes you feel better to call me one, then knock yourself out. As for BMI, you agreed they can lead to wild results. In this case, I think you put it fairly well as a rough guideline, but a good doctor isn't likely to classify a patient as overweight based purely or primarily on that without examining the patient. So what are you even arguing about? Trump's height is the ONLY relevant issue here. I didn't use the word impossible either, but I said it's far more likely Trump wrote that height himself. The grudge theory sounds truly absurd. The illegible one more plausible, but far less likely than Trump writing his own height. If Trump was looking more 6'3" than 2" in comparisons in his 30s and 40s then I'd say there was a better chance, but it's difficult for me to imagine him not measuring somewhere from 6'1.75" to 6'2.25" peak in the afternoon/evening.

I think we're pretty much on the same exact page for Trump's peak height, Canson. It's a shame we don't have better pictures of Trump and George H.W. Bush. That'd be a very interesting comparison to see who was the more solid 6'2". Bush maintained his height better than Trump, though. Btw, I'll say that I've always disliked Pence more than Trump. Not for any reason stated here, mind you. As you say, politics is touchy and I can't state my reason without risking derailing this again, but I'm not much fonder of most of Trump's cabinet.
Lyle on Kane
@Chad Link?
joe### on Dave Batista
187-188 peak 190
Nik on Rob Paul
When I said we are in Coventry what I meant is that he's not answering our comments for a bit due to other commitments. He is still updating the website well though.
Editor Rob: don't worry, just till 6th July, then will be able to get back to normal replying to people 🀝 πŸ‘
Mincer on Raul Julia
Is 6'2.25 possible? because he did look to edge William Hurt out in Kiss of the Spider Woman.
Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
Hi Rob and everyone!
I met a nice checkout girl and told her that I was measured in today at 4ft11. I said to the nice lady, "I don't look look 4ft11 do I?"
She said that I could scrape in at 5ft, so I felt a bit better!
I remember you saying that it can be upsetting to lose height! It is! I think all sorts of things can be attributed to the consequences and the causes, and none of them are very nice.
Right now, 5ft would do. Even my boyfriend - who loves taking the *is, thinks it is only temporary!
I will write some comments when I get home.
See you all then! XXX
Nik on General Height
@ Robin

No is it heck!
Robin on Football Soccer
How tall do you think, German footballer - Per Mertesacker is. He's listed at 198cm, but looks much taller than that, next to others. He towers over other players.
Robin on General Height
Guys, One of best friends 5'7 1/4 at night. Is 5'7.25, barefoot at night, too short for a man.
Warren on Harry Styles
Well David Beckham is 6'0" with his shoes on
mrtguy on Andre The Giant
JT said on 27/Jun/17
Jorge Gonzalez’s noggin had to be close to 12”. It just did not look that large since he was better proportioned than Andre or Big Show and much taller than them.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Gonzalez apparently tested negative for a pituitary tumor or excessive HGH when drafted by the Atlanta Hawks but was ultimately diagnosed with the tumor later in life.

Giant Gonzalaz noggin had to be somewhere in 11 inch range (not quite 12), he didn't have a big head overall compared to his body. The first pic of his face next to lady which might be 8 inch range typically for a women show's it wasn't near a foot. His head was definitely smaller than Andre, Big Show and Khali
Luca on Football Soccer
@Appe what is your height range?
Jordan87 on Christian
How can People look at the picture here with Rob and think this guy is 6'0? Never mind over it lol. Fanboyism Is running rampant. Glad Rob has a Picture with this guy though. SHows you the delusional folk whose agenda dominates their thoughts regardless of Proof.

Mark ( 5'9.25"

Yes my Fellow Comic Book Nerd, You think he is over 6'0? By an 1/8 of an inch? The top of his Head is no taller than 5'11. Rob also says he had some footwear Advantage.

I know we agree on Christopher Lee, Mostly on Cavill but Christ man how the hell can he be over 6'0 here?
Nik on Rob Paul
@ Sandy Cowell

Rob can't answer, we are in Coventry! I will do my best.

It will be down to your bad back that's for sure, I am no expert but you probably will regain the height when your back is sorted out.

Have a good evening, Emmerdale has just started!

Don't worry about it mate.

Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
Hey Rob and everyone!
I am sitting on the Sainsbury's public loo feeling extremely p*ssed off. 😣
I was measured today at 150cm, as I can't believe it. Do you think, Rob, that it could be down to my bad back? I try to make a point of standing straight, especially when I am measured. I am in a state of semi shock! 😨
Do you think I will regain the height once I have sorted out my bad back, Rob? I was measured at a pain clinic, by the way. Had it not been for the fact that I had such a nice nurse measure me, I would have done a protest pee on the floor! My hair was standing on end in absolute shock and disgust! 😡
Do you think I'll ever go back up to 5ft1, or even over 5ft, Rob? This is seriously hard to take in!
Sandy 😭
Greg on General Height
@lak be happy you are a legit 6 footer, most guys would kill to be that height! your little brother is slouching and losing posture but manages to look a decent 6'2 range with you. Was this at night time? your brother could possiably wake 6'2.5-.75'
@Sandy haha nice you randomly just approached her and ask? Usually I wouldn't do that unless I hear somebody talking about their heights then I chime in. Like I was at this cookout with my friends and this one guy who was probably a weak 6 footer claimed 6'1, and I was like no way if I'm 5'11 theres no way there would be 2 inches between us unless I was taller then I thought, which unfortunately I am not.
Greg on General Height
@Tim personally I am not 6'1 or close to it, but yeah you would still feel tall walking around. From what I observed, say you are a weak 6'1 guy, you would feel tall like 80% of the time in most places. And Idk canadas average is about the same in the states, though each region varies depending on the social class I think or nourishment conditions.
Greg on General Height
@Nacho, Hey man I noticed Rob's not replied yet, so let me give you my opinion on my estimate. So the pictures you used are very poor for judging height, especially since you blocked out the eyes and made all these indicators lol. I understand you want to respect the guy's privacy, but pictures like that make it much harder to estimate height. I'm going to say he is not a legit 5'11. I myself am a weak 5'11, but that's because I measure the mark in the mornings, am down to 5'10.5-75' by noon and drop even more down at my low/ultimate low depending on how the day goes. The other guy who you said was "180cm" looked a bit taller then 180cm, he might be a strong 5'11/weak 6 foot. But again due to your pictures being the way they where I am not able to estimate it as accurately as possible. how do you know those guy's he edged out where weak 5'10's? Another way to see if someone is bsing a claim or not is to look at their eye level. a 5'11 guy's eye level in most cases might be 5'6ish-5'7 depending on if they have a high or low eye level. That's how I estimate people's heights. Also not every 5'11 guy is going to be exactly 5'11, you can have two guys who claim 5'11 and one might be a good chunk taller simply because one drops below 5'11 at some point the other might go to bed at a fraction above 5'11, that goes for any claim by the way. I think generally you can tell who is lying and who is honest about their height. On average most guys will inflate themselves by an inch or even 2, some even more then that! can you imagine? Generally 5'11 guys usually say 6 feet and some even 6'1, because they think people are not height aware.
Mickey on Roger Federer
185 bordering on 186
Lee168cm on User Heights
Seriously noone can notice the difference between 5'9.75 and 5'10 let alone inbeween the two so if I were inbeween 5'5.75 and 5'6" I would say 5'6 im 5'6 and a quarter but just claim 5'6" not sad or insecure enough to claim a quarter inch over as some people do on this. Even rob doesn't claim the quarter inch over five eight even though he is
Mickey on Nicholas Lea
Mickey on William B Davis
easy 185
Max on Torrie Wilson
even 172 is ossible for her no more that 173cm
Max on Floyd Mayweather Jr
5ft 6.75 max
Warren on Michael Jackson
If he actually was 172cm, he looks super tall
Warren on Michael Jackson
Even 173cm is too high for Michael in ur opinion?
I think 173cm is his lowest and I hope, but I agree EO shoes r maybe about 3cm like nike air force 1's
let's say 173cm
Greg on John Isner
wow that's crazy wish I had some of his height, of course not 6'10, but somewhere in the 6' range would be nice. Wonder how tall his parents are.
Max on Sue Cleaver
5ft 9 is liable
andre on Sylvester Stallone
stallone height from 169cm to 171cm barefoot at night max
berta on Jeffrey Donovan
hm yea
Theo on Jack Swagger
Wow.. not even 6'5 now? This guy always looked mad tall on T.V. Only 6'4 flat is unreal..
RichardSpain on Dan Aykroyd
Ghostbusters team:

Bill Murray 187 cm in peak 185 cm nowadays.
Dan Aykroyd 185cm in peak 183 cm nowadays.
Harold Ramis 188cm
Ernie Hudson 183cm

The Ghostbusters team could be a basketball team
Ronaldo on John Cena
6ft 1in
RichardSpain on John Travolta
Similar height than Arnold Schwarzenneger.

184-185cm in peak

181-182 cm nowadays.

Michael R on User Heights
@ g 5'11 my bad I meant to say 5'10 or 5'11 is short in comparison to what I am now not short in general. It's very average not short. Since I have grown my confidence has increased tenfold. My abilities in football and basketball are so much better and I've had a lot more success with girls. I can also carry more weight on my body and it would be distributed better. Like if a short guy like Ben or g were to weigh 230 they would look very bad.
berta on Mark Feuerstein
in prison break i really thought that he was only 169-170
175 cm on Football Soccer
My fresh out of bed bet for appe: I guess on Cavani edges you out.
184,5 Zidane
185,0 Torres
183,5 Lewandowski
186,0 Cavani
184,0 Ramos
183,5 Higuain
182,5 Lamela
183,0 Niguez
RichardSpain on Gene Hackman
@charlie: 5'7 feet to Gene Hackman is very low for him it's a joke!. Gene Hackman was a tall man! Travolta was a good 184/185 cm in his peak ( near 6'1 ) and nowadays still he has good height around 182 /183 cm.

Gene Hackman was 66 years old when the movie "Get Shorty" was filmed and Travolta 42 years old. Maybe Gene Hackman lost 3 cm and Travolta is in his peak again in this movie because he had only 42 years old , 42 years old is a young person!!Travolta was in his peak.

Get Shorty ( year 1996)

Travolta 184 cm
Gente Hackman 185 cm / 187-188cm in peak.
Robin on John Cena
Is 185cm for Cena impossible? I think he's 185cm.
Mark(5'9.25 on Bill Murray
Bill Murray was easily a bit more than 6'1".

The fact he gets a lot of 6'2" billings and some times, people guess him 6'3" or 6'4". I wouldn't rule out 6'1.5".
Mark(5'9.25 on Bill Murray
Bill Murray was easily a bit more than 6'1".
Johnson on Football Soccer

Possibly only Ramos does not hit 185.5 straight outta bed

Typical heights:

-Zidane 184.5
- F. Torres 184.5
- Lewandowski 184.5
- Cavani 185.5 (not very sure)
- Sergio Ramos 183
- Higuain 184
- Lamela 184 (he claims 185)
- Saul Niguez 184
Mark(5'9.25 on Barack Obama
He's always consistently looked 6'1". No more than a fraction loss and could have been the 186 cm range.
Mark(5'9.25 on Christian
Could be 1/8th over 6 foot flat.
even on David Haye
186 not 191
even on Kevin Nash
he is not more than 6 foot 7 even with shoes on ! cant you all see ? no doubts and no questions .
Martha on Colt Prattes
I loved him in the new Dirty Dancing......those eyes and those lips.....wow!!
Arnoldhero on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Totally agree a guy like Arnold can't srhunk more than that. 3 cm max. FROM 183'3 184 TO 180
Arnoldhero on Arnold Schwarzenegger
RichardSpain. Yeah you are right he was 37 years old so he was in his peak days. I meant 185 cm morning hours. He was maybe a strong 184 in Commando, but I can't go over that mark. Today is 179-180. I guarantee he is not over. They also say 178-179 but I'm sure if he stands straight he can hit 180 today with some luck
even on Tyson Fury
he cant be one millionth of an inch over 6 foot 9 . i would say that 6 foot 9 is the height he could only attain 1 second after he gets out of bed but he never gets under 6 foot 8 even late at night , so hes height is between 6 foot 8 and 6 foot 9 he is mostly 6 foot 8.5 .
Greg on Cam'Ron
of course he is listed as 6'1 xD, I'd say flat 5'11 or weak.
Abhinav on Aishwarya Rai
See 5'11.5" kriti sanon in heels with 6'1.5" sushant singh rajpoot
Click Here
Mark(5'9.25") on Lee Pace
Rob, for some reason, this guy gives a taller impression than John Wayne and Clint Eastwood the more I look at him.
even on Adrian Pasdar
5 10
even on Wladimir Klitschko
196 196 196 and no more . tyson fury is 205 cm maximum
even on Lennox Lewis
6 5 in his prime but now its more like 6 4.5 to 6 4.75
anon on Mila Kunis
I think she is a solid 5'4. In this pic with 5'1 Rachel Bilson, looks about right, Mila is bending slightly more in her knee and slightly with her upper body and still looks around 3 Inches taller.

Click Here
even on Manny Pacquiao
hes just five foot five man
Mark(5'9.25") on Bill Skarsgard
Solid 6'3.25". Similar to Roland Mann in person.
Hans Meiser on Leah Remini
King of Queens. One of the best comedy sitcoms ever made. Always found her very attractive. Looks average range.
Mark(5'9.25") on Gustaf Skarsgard
This guy could be taller than Tom Welling.
James B on Rob Paul
Matt said on 27/Jun/17
@James B I think you're overthinking that men under 5'9 are less attractive with less sex appeal. There are superficial women in this world that favour taller men but there are also many women who find shorter men like James Dean, Dave Franco, TC, James Mcavoy or Zac Efron attractive as hell. After all it can been seen as a preference to like taller guys but women can like short guys mate. Just look how much sex appeal Efron got after baywatch, even though he had loads before but that's just example and he was still not that big of a dude. How tall are you anyways? If you are under 5'9 don't feel disconcerted, there's plenty of sex appeal for shorter men.

My perception is guys like zac Efron and Tom cruise are not talked about for there looks in the media as much as 5'11 guys like David Beckham, Brad Pitt and George clooney. 5'11 isn't a legit tall height for a man but I am sure a huge portion of women will see it as tall, itseems also that very tall celeb men are not talked about for there looks either as much average-tall actors Brad Pitt

Tom Cruise I think is ridiculed more for his stature than his looks

It does seem though that female celebreries of all shapes and sizes don't get nasty remarks if there either too short or too tall.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) on Brock O'Hurn
He needs a downgrade. I can't see him anything over 195.5cm best case.
Slim 181 cm on Height Request
Hi Rob, could you please add Hans Zimmer?
He's composed music for some of the best films made.
Nik on General Height
@ Sandy Cowell

Does the height of someone's shoulders compared to someone else always give you an indicator of who is the tallest?

I often Incorrectly judge people to be smaller or taller than myself so I wouldn't worry about it, it's so confusing sometimes!

There is nothing wrong with laughing and seeing the funny side of things!

Appe 183.3cm on Football Soccer
who/who not of this players hits 185,5cm mark (or over) just out of bed:

- Zidane
- F. Torres
- Lewandowski
- Cavani
- Sergio Ramos
- Higuain
- Lamela
- Saul Niguez

if you want, please write side of each one the exact "just out of bed" height.
debabrata on Donald Trump
Donald trump was a little taller than vince on 2002 who was 6ft at that time
Lanaka on Ariana Grande
If Ariana is full Italian then that's not actually too unexpected, to be even this short. Italians are surely some of the shortest people in Europe by far. Well from what I have seen. At least by the loads, loads, loads I have come across.
Hans Meiser on Jadyn Wong
About average for Canadian women.
Tim on General Height
Are there any 6'0.5-1 guys who feel tall out in public? I think in Canada people are a bit taller than the U.S, which is why I see a bunch of taller guys out in public, and I only feel tallish. However I think that range is the beginning of tall. I am 6'0.75.
Nik on John Cassini
@ Sandy Cowell

You,l have to get it on then when you have got a minute! At last his page is getting some comments, I thought he was never going to get one!

Johnson on Football Soccer
Gerrard 183 and Benitez 177.5

Click Here
Greg on Vladimir Kulich
@Hans Meiser, ah wow. Where are you from? Germany? Here in the states yeah 6'4-6'5 guys kind of rare. Although at least 4 go to my gym. Also at my college, there's like a few 6'4+ guys but I don't think more then 4/5 in the entire campus. There's also a 6'5 range lad I see around from time to time. But wow 6'9 I don't think I ever saw someone that tall in person, tallest I seen was close to 6'7 I believe. It sounds like you might even be from the Netherlands since you are saying everyone's that tall around there.
175 cm on Football Soccer
Steven Gerrard is lucky to hit the 6ft mark out of bed...
175 cm on General Height
With increasing height the differences between genders will be bigger - for instance:
5ft 9 = 5ft 4
6ft 0 = 5ft 6.5
6ft 3 = 5ft 9
6ft 6 = 5ft 11.5
6'1.5 on Morgan Freeman
Watch the first 20 minutes of london has fallen and you'll see that 6'1.25" gerard butler looks like a giant next to freeman. He probably had lifts on though
Giorgi on Colin Salmon
Am I blind? On the picture there is no way he can stretch out up to this listing.
junkie on Kriti Sanon
Rob, I think you've got it wrong this time. She's more like 5'10" or 5'10.5" tbh.
175 cm on User Heights
Bobby you are 5 feet and 9 inches. Get over it.
Ash Navarre on Corey Feldman
For some reason all these kid stars from the 80s remained short. Wonder if they took prescription drugs in order to slow down the growing up process so that they could star in more productions until their early 20s
5'2 on Lindsay Duncan
I say her peak height is 5'5 and her present height is 5'4
Hans Meiser on Isabela Moner
She'll maybe hit 5'1. Still short af. Transformers 5 is awful.
Nik on Rob Paul
@ Sandy Cowell

Hi Sandy!

I totally agree with you in that it is absolutely fantastic that Rob has worked on this website on Christmas Day and I, like you, had noticed this! Not only that but he often even gets up at the crack of dawn on Saturday and Sunday mornings and knuckles down to his celebheights duties. This really is a breath of fresh air and something that young people should look up to and try to emulate, I have got to admit I would do a similar thing if I was a website owner because I naturally really admire dedication in people, plus Rob's attitude has rubbed off on me! It's great to see in this day and age as I hear that this is often lacking in some people. I also remember you praising Rob several months back for working throughout the night to catch up on a backlog of comments, which inevitably occur from time to time.
Well one of my comments from the 24th June actually did get published on that day, I don't know if you noticed it on the "User Heights" page? The others were hiding in Rob's in tray, ready to be published the following day, as it turned out! On one or 2 occasions I have found that with you too! Like you said if you send a lot of your comments through at certain times then they may miss out on being published on that same day! Also, if by chance, several (or all) of your comments are destined for parts of the site that Rob hasn't updated much that day then those comments may miss out on being published too, until a later day!
I have, on occasions, posted on this website at so called "strange" hours of the day, I have posted at midnight on quite a few occasions and at about 6 o' clock in the morning several times too. I also once posted at 4 o' clock in the morning!
I too have noticed that if you send a comment through before Rob has turned on his computer on that same day then it will say on the comment that it is from the day before, there are a few other quirks to this wonderful website, and I like them and find them interesting! Another is that when comments pages are published you sometimes find that some of the comments do not appear for a short while on the pages that actually house those comments! Have you noticed this Sandy?
I think another great thing about this website is the abundance of genuine people, which is what I and most people on here thoroughly stand for.
It was very interesting to hear about your story of meeting a woman with three identical triplet boys, to be honest I don't know how anyone could manage to tell identical twins or triplets, etc, apart and it must be very troublesome for family, friends, not to mention teachers and fellow pupils! Your idea of having different coloured clothes with the same design was a very good one and it must have meant a lot to you that this woman took your idea on board! What the ****ens does she do when the clothes have to be taken off?! It must be a constant nightmare for parents of twins, and particularly triplets, of a very young age. They must need constant monitoring when they are not in their day clothes, but at least you solved that problem for that woman for a large part of the day anyway! I would imagine that in the overwhelming number of cases that twins, triplets, etc, will be at least very similar in height. The genetics will be the same and the lifestyles will generally be more or less the same, but there will always be cases where one twin, triplet, etc, does that little bit more exercise than their identical siblings.
I have noticed that you had been searching through the "Leslie's" and "Lesley's" recently, as a result I decided to look through them myself, I posted on Leslie Easterbrook's page and on Leslie Uggam's page too! I don't know if you have seen my comments on the page of Leslie Ash. I am also going to send a comment through to you on the page of a mystery celeb very soon, I will send info through to you about who it is and when it is posted shortly. You have posted on this page fairly recently!
After writing this letter I am going to pay a visit to the page of Katharine Isabelle to read your two comments on this page, I am also going to read your comment on the page of Briana Evigan. The thing with horror films is that characters have to be written out of them, and in gruesome ways!
You are probably right in that I won't lose much height unless I am involved in an accident, I am confident though that I am as safe as houses! People in my family and outside my family often seem to worry about me a lot more than I worry about myself, I am confident but not arrogant in my own safety and tend to worry far more about others!
I hope you find resolution to your back problems, and you came up with a great point in that people are no good to other people, or animals, unless everything is OK with themselves. I have always thought that looking after your own welfare is so important!
I didn't have to think twice about sticking up for you on Adolf Hitler's page, that's what friends are for. Here's to a πŸ”¨ for a(n) πŸ‘Ή! AH or PP! I liked the comment of yours in the page of Jordan Hayes, and comments like that one have contributed towards the fact that I see you as a good friend!
Here's to our ongoing friendship πŸ‘πŸ»! but an 🍎and some πŸ‡ are probably a better bet for health!

Cheers Sandy! πŸ‘πŸŽˆ
Nik on User Heights
@ Sandy Cowell

OK, I look forward to seeing it mate!
Lak on Hugh Jackman
He doesn't look 187 in the pic with Kidman considering she's 179 cm a her hills are maybe 1,5 inch
Peterson188cm on Lou Ferrigno
Lou Ferrigno:
peak: 6'3.75 (192.4cm)
today: 6'2.5 (189.2cm)

Arnold Schwarzenegger:
peak: 6'1.25 (186cm)
today: 5'11.5 (181.6cm)
Arthur on User Heights
Bobby are you still claiming to be a 5'10 man? Seriously dude, you are not. You don't "hold" 5'10 when you are already 5'9 7/8 after 5 or 6 hours awake. You are a 5'9.5ish guy get over it.
Slim 181 cm on Brad Pitt
Okay, thanks for the apologies and I'm sorry for any confusion and conflict I made. debatings not for everyone right?
MD on Rickie Fowler
It's funny, because I was just thinking the other day or how ridiculous his 5'9" listing was. And, knowing his height should really help it measuring a few others on the PGA tour. For instance, as I'd argued on Rory's page, there is no way he's a full 5'8":

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

So, Rory's page needs to be corrected. Rickie's 5'7" listing also makes Spieth's current listing dubious.
Tallish89 on Lionel Messi

If he was 169 at age 24/25 how can he now be 170?
Nothing more than 167/168cm, he just upgraded himself a 2-3cm over the years
manny on Dr Dre
6 footer no doubt
Slim 181 cm on Sean Penn
Strong 5' 8 for sure
MJKoP on Donald Trump
RisingForce said on 27/Jun/17
MJKoP, you apparently can't handle reading because I said I'm done with this.

I said *I* was done with this first, but you felt the need to come back and throw some addition mud on my name. Typical reply from someone trying to weasel around what is real. You fit in quite nicely with the "Alt-Right/Alt-Fact" conservative brand of hypocrisy.

RisingForce said on 27/Jun/17
Shredder, no. I don't consider them much.

Wow...what a shocker! You rejecting a method commonly accepted and utilizing by almost every certified doctor and caregiver in the medical field. I thought *I* was supposed to be the crazy one here.

And back to the all-but-irrelevant issue of Donald's height; if you look at Rob's own words verbatim at the top it says "Trump's own Driving License listed him as 6ft 2". It does NOT say Trump listed HIMSELF as that figure, it simply states that that is what appears to be displayed on his form of identification. Which harkens back to my theories on why it doesn't automatically make over 6'2" an impossibility.
G 5'11 on User Heights
@Sandy Cowell, that's fine no worries or rush. Enjoy your time out, hopefully you have fun!
@Sam oh cool, my dad was either 5'10/5'11 in his peak but my mom 5'3, that's pretty awesome though and how old are you?
G 5'11 on User Heights
@insomniak, yeah legit 7 footers are quite rare. Even a guy your height is pretty rare there's only two of those who attend my gym. Ah, well let's scout around soon as we find one refer them to celeb heights real quick πŸ˜‚
@Nik hey man, all is good for the most part. How you doing?
G 5'11 on User Heights
@Michael R, although I admit I do wish I was taller im personally not insecure haha :). Lmao you're too funny. Okay we are all obsessed with height, you're on a forum posting about height so technically you are obsessed. And for the record "being obsessed with height" and being " insecure about your height " are two different things. Idk why you always assume that just because a person is comparing statistics, or gives his personal opinion on height that they are automatically insecure lol. It's not like I'm 5'6 and I've never been called short, rather tall even though I don't consider myself as tall as someone like your height which is legit tall and that's perfectly fine. Because there's always going to be someone taller then you unless you're a legit 7 footer. Lol omg 5'10 and 11 isn't short wtf?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I seriously hope you go through puberty sooner or later, that's already above average or even average depending in the U.S or Sweden. You're honestly just ignorant and dumb lol that's like me saying I'm very short at 5'11, you're still short at 6'1-2. Did you see how dillusional you sound now? And ok lol that's irrelevant, I go out in whatever footwear I find, doesn't even have to be the thickest. The majority of everyone add at least an inch to two to their height either way..
RichardSpain on Roger Moore
Moore was a perfect 185cm in peak, barefoot.

Moore 185cm peak
Brosnan 186cm in peak
Connery 188/189cm in peak.
Craig 178 cm
RichardSpain on Michael Caine
He seems 188 cm when he was younger, 187 cm when he passed his 50 years old. And 184 cm nowadays. He lost 4 cm. He is an old man 183/184 cm is very credible for him nowadays. Good actor.
RichardSpain on Arnold Schwarzenegger
@Arnoldhero . But if we give to Arnold 183cm ( 6 ft) in Commando, we give him max 183cm because Arnold was in his peak when "commando" was filmed. For this reason I think Arnold was a perfect 185cm in year 1985.

But could be a solid 184cm , 183cm is little bit for him

I think Arnold was between 184-185cm in peak, not more but not less.

And Nowadays a perfect 181cm. He lost 3 cm about his peak.

187 -188 cm everybody know is a joke, absolutely false!

Deathstroke on General Height
Canson, where do you live if I my ask, I'm fairly new here so I don't really know the community just yet :) But I live in Finland, Europe where basically no one knows how much and inch is :D I have said my height as 6'4" to like 20 people here who reply "what?" :D People seem to claim their afternoon height here and I have challenged 2 friends who said they were 193cm and I was taller than them 8) We were all about 8 hours out of bed and I was 193,1cm and my friends were 192,0cm and the other one was 191cm 8) But yeah Canson I would probably say 194cm if I was your height and 6'4.5" elsewhere if I was feeling confident :) I have told people I'm 193cm pretty much always (Well since 4 months ago when I reached my current height) but once someone asked in the morning time and I said: "At this moment I'm 194cm" And once, a month ago I said 192,5cm because I had been up for 20 hours and was at my lowest :)
Nik on Rob Paul
@ Sandy Cowell


RichardSpain on Mark Hamill
Carrie Fisher : 155 cm
Mark Hamill: 170cm
Harrison Ford: 183/184cm

When they were young and barefoot. Nowadays Mark could be 168 /169cm and Harrison Ford 180/ 181 cm.
Duffer 5ft 11 on Val Kilmer
Looks a weak six when he was quite young in Top Secret, a movie which KILLS me every time I see it. Probably still 5'11 today at 57, a tad over in the AM perhaps.
RichardSpain on Harrison Ford
@Hans Meiser. Yes! he seems 185cm next to Mark Hamill or Carrie Fisher but don`t Forget Mark is a short man and Carrie was a little woman. Anyway Harrison Ford was in his peak when Star Wars was filmed and maybe his boots in the movie give him 2 -3 cm extra. So we can conclude that Harrison in star wars was:

Barefoot 183-184cm

With his boots 185-186 cm but not much more.
Chaz on Andre The Giant
Click Here that is the longest face on record,of any giant measured Vaino Myllyrinne 30.5cm about 12.9''. also had 12.4'' hands.
Darryl on Michael Jackson
So what the pic? we can't see his shoes according to ur pic
I easily can see 4-5cm taller than GL

Click Here (Picture of Captain EO, the same outfit, same day at shooting)

Click Here Part of Captain EO when he's dancing (He's singing & dancing marvelous btw)

Full white shoes and i kinda see the line about 3cm if i'm not wrong it's not flat at all, maybe Rob can help us with the shoe.
day day on The Undertaker
What about when he fought khali in 2006 no way could he be 6'6 unless the great khali was 6'10. khali had bigger soles and he seems a legit 7'1 216cm so takers meant to be 16-18cm shorter come on
Vegas on Mike The Miz Mizanin
Morrison isn't 6'1, he is 5'11 range in person
RichardSpain on Bill Murray
Between 187 -188 cm when he was young and barefoot. It's very credible.
190 cm (6'3) as he said with his boots and when he was younger is very possible too.

Nowadays a solid 185cm barefoot. He lost maybe 2 cm respect his peak.
John on Karlie Kloss
Based on pic below, she is clearly 6-3. Can't wait for the camera angle people now. Which makes sense now because she was 3 inches taller than Elle macpherson.
sg8 on Football Soccer
Gerrard is clearly 185 cm, he has a bad posture so he seems 183. He is listed 185 many places, and was also lister 188 back in the days.
Celebheights 6'1.5 on Andy Murray
If Roger Federer is going to remain at 6'1" flat, then Andy Murray shouldn't be upgraded as there's really no more than an inch between them. He even seemed 6'2" flat in person, and nothing more whatsoever.
RichardSpain on Brad Pitt
@slim 181cm: vans give only 2 cm max and "vans" doesn't wear lifts hidden. Sorry I haven't any proof about it.

Usually as everyone know only elevator shoes and elevator boots wear inside lifts but as said hijopotamus we unknow what size because size is variable maybe 4 cm maybe 5 cm some lifts give 6 cm but not much more. Cuban boots give 5-6 cm , my compatriot Antonio Banderas sometimes wears Cuban boots.

And you must understand we are here to enjoy and give estimations about celeb. or famous people. we don't hate anybody brother!! please... I am very friendly with everybody. Believe me. Regards and love brother!.
Canson on Donald Trump
@MJKOP: Yea that was very benign. It's peanuts compared to what he's done in the last 5 months or so. I mean he has not only burned any currency with most of his supporters he initially had but he is going to make his life after his term even worse with this. but I only used that because I know that politics can be touchy here and don't know how many people are Trump supporters here. I tried to walk the straighter line lol.
J-Dog on Ryan Reynolds
Hey Guys,

I have to say Reynolds looks pretty close to Conan's height in a way that only a minimum strong 6'2"+ could.

There are tones of instances within the following video that you can examine.

Yes Ryan has a shoe advantage, but at the same time has much worse and relaxed/slouched posture than Conan (full/maxed) @ 1:45

Click Below

Click Here
Canson on LeBron James
Ebrahim said on 26/Jun/17
He edges carmelo by around an Inch, I can't see how they are listed at the same height b6 the NBA.

Not sure but you make a good point Ebrahim. I don't think it's quite a full inch but what you said "around" is very adequate. Ive met Carmelo more than once. In high school he was 6'5 then as an adult I met him last year and he's as listed. Worst case hes a hair over 6'6 still even if that was earlier in the day. My wife and a couple other relatives around us and another guest said he's 1.5-2" taller than me (I'm 194cm- 6'4 3/8). I wonder how LeBron only got .75 for his shoe. Wonder if what they said about him not really being measured is true. But he is still around 6'7 even if he didn't.
Morris on Linda Cardellini
@smoke tall people are not the standard besides you show that tall people not necessarily are smart. Reality is that there are much more tiny people than big tall people.
Canson on Stephen Curry
S.J.H said on 27/Jun/17
Curry look solid 7cm taller than Jake Gyllenhaal. I always see Jake as solid 179cm guy and my cousin who met Curry in person insist he only look about 6'1 but to me Curry look 186cm

I agree too. His 6'2 was at 630 in the AM (same draft with Blake griffin) and Curry tweeted. Also know that 6'2 can mean 6'1.76-6'2. My opinion on Curry based on how another poster (Jackson) and Mike Greenberg described him is that hes 186 range. I believe he's 6'2 when he first wakes up but on a normal day 6'1.25 or 1/2.

Maybe 188-189 out of bed
186-187 at night.
Canson on Donald Trump
@Rising Force: Agreed!
Canson on Donald Trump
he has always been listed 6'2. I can buy that and maybe he dipped below at night or stayed at. But today at 70 with poor posture and weight he definitely looks to have lost height. I totally do not believe he is 6'3 tho. never
Canson on User Heights
@Bobby: It all depends on your surroundings and how you're region is. I view 6'3 as very tall. A lot of 6'3 guys can be mistaken as 6'4/6'5 tbh. A legit 6'7 person even to me from a distance can look extremely tall.
Canson on Wladimir Klitschko
Reece said on 26/Jun/17
@Canson. He knows it's barefoot. He is still been listed as 6-6 and 6-6.5 in pro boxing. It's weird he would put 6-6.5 on his website and he was said 198cm so many times. He has been taller than solid 6-5 footers in the ring to. Vitali is 4cm taller than Wladimir and sometimes it can look a bit less. I would go with Vitali 202 and Wladimir 198cm.

HE has also said he's 6'5 many times. The 6'6 or 6'6.5 is in shoes. That's how many athletes list themselves. Vitali is about 4CM or 5 taller nad he's a solid 6'7 guy or 6'6.75 is how I would go.

Wlad at 6'5'-6'5.25 (6'6 out of bed) makes the most sense. Wlad has said before that he is 6'6 out of bed and 6'5 in the evening. Definitely a stronger 6'5 tho like 196-196.2 cm. I still have AJ taller and agree with what 184 guy said. 197.5 (maybe 197-197.5 for AJ/ 196-196.5 for Wlad). Id say maybe 6'5.625-.75 vs 6'5 1/8-1/4 for Wlad. For AJ Rob guessing him 6'6ish would likely mean hes at least 197cm.
Pierre on Brad Pitt
@Slim 181 cm=this proofs Brad is between 177 and 181 are really only opinions,no real proofs.No better proof than the others,nobody is in Brad's shoes and compare him with others "supposed legit 5"11' or 6"0' or... celebrities" isn't really proofs,just pictures
Nik on User Heights
I hope that Chris gets back to normal ASAP.
debabrata on Kareena Kapoor
kareena is actually 5ft2in barefeet look at her in don with srk she,s wearing huge heels to come eye level with srk but shes taller than priyanka chopra easily
S.J.H on Bill Pullman
So he always being 6'1
debabrata on Shahrukh Khan
He was almost same height as divya bharati in deewana and shorter than sridevi in army and shorter than sonali bendre all of them are 5ft 5in or shorter so srk height is around 5ft3in barefeet ,hes way shorter than 5ft9in sourav ganguly
Canson on BigDawsTV
insomniak said on 27/Jun/17
Canson did you see the comment where I said he's probably 189cm I just simply stated he can look 6'2, which isn't out of reason with drew bees he only looked 1.5-2 inches taller. Also I could say the same to you that you need some outside experience. I've noticed a lot of things your comments to me actually applies to you almost like your projecting.


No Insomniak, If that's what you think about his height that is your opinion. And ditto for you what you just said to me. I've noticed a lot of things your comments to me actually applies to you almost like your projecting. You do the exact same thing when you don't like a comment someone posts or disagree with it. In some people's view he can obviously look less than 6'3. which is why the guess is 6'2.7 but what is any different about Whyte being guessed at 7'.5. That means others are seeing him as under 7'1 and possibly under 7. I said he looks a 7' but not 7'1 then you threw in and said I said 6'11 when I clearly didn't. So my point is you guessed him an inch lower, there was no need to insult me about guessing Whyte an inch lower. That was it. I don't see any difference in either of our opinions really. I feel that the comment on Whyte's page was just to insult but it is what it is.
The shredder on Jeremy Renner
Rob , I heard him speak at Q and A , he claims 160 lbs.
Canson on Donald Trump
@MJKOP: and I agree on your views on Trump as well. You said your post very eloquently and said a lot that many haven't even considered. It sounded very intelligent and I actually thought a lot when you mentioned the portion about the VP. it's all very true! I mean I look at his prior engagement and transgressions. Nobody is perfect but like I mentioned to Rising Force, Trump does certain things to people he feels are different like Khloe but because Rodman was his buddy and is a supporter he looked the other way. That was even before the nonsense that he is getting into now LOL. To me he insults women and minorities and people he feels aren't on his level.
Matt on Rob Paul
@James B I think you're overthinking that men under 5'9 are less attractive with less sex appeal. There are superficial women in this world that favour taller men but there are also many women who find shorter men like James Dean, Dave Franco, TC, James Mcavoy or Zac Efron attractive as hell. After all it can been seen as a preference to like taller guys but women can like short guys mate. Just look how much sex appeal Efron got after baywatch, even though he had loads before but that's just example and he was still not that big of a dude. How tall are you anyways? If you are under 5'9 don't feel disconcerted, there's plenty of sex appeal for shorter men.
Canson on LeBron James
@SJH: I'm 225 and he looks a lot bigger than me and I have a good amount of muscle too. but I'm not as thick mostly lean muscle. I can see him as 240s today maybe 240-245 and when in Miami 255-260. I say that because I'm 2-3" shorter than him too.
ma on Brock Lesnar
I just did a little calculation on the wrestler height on this site:

Average height wrestler on this site: 188.9342 cm

Average billed height wrestler: 194.6249 cm

Therefore the average overbilling is around 2.5 inc. This is affected by extremely big guys and very small guy who are overbilled 4-5 inc.
Csimpson 6ft on User Heights
@Sandy Cowell yeah so am i
Canson on Ian Whyte
insomniak said on 27/Jun/17
@Canson you say "from someone else who tends to downgrade" that statement alone means you admit to downgrading celebrities and that you have been keeping tabs on my guesses and that you're fixtated on me and have some personal vendetta


Like Christian said, I tend to estimate lower than Rob. However, me saying to you was because you claim I "downgrade". I don't. I challenge if I don't believe their listing, which is what I suspect that you are doing as well as is the case with most others on this site. But for you to call me the Ultimate downgrader means you obviously have kept tabs on mine. You are acting hypocritical and that statement says it better than any other one you just used. you started this argument. Bottom line, if you do something yourself, don't go criticizing someone else or falsely accusing someone else of wanting make others there "height or shorter". That's exactly how you said it below so know need to get into this again. If your house isn't clean, do go critiquing someone else's. You do the same to Arthur as well and others.

and Vendetta?
insomniak said on 4/Dec/16
Canson the ultimate downgtader you just want everyone to be you're height or shorter

You initiated this. So don't go using the persecution card now and saying I name call and chastise you when you're only 18 years old. If you're old enough to start this the way you do everything else, you're old enough to hear about yourself from someone else too. I think you have the vendetta against me honestly. That comment that you made was nothing but to insult me that was it. Bottom line is, you do everything you accuse me of. You downgrade (Christian is correct with what he said on Big Daws TV's page), you belittle people (The way you have talked to Arthur and a couple others as well), and you always make excuses for what you do. In addition, when someone answers you directly like I did below, you try to change the subject and pick and pick for something else to complain or insult the person about when you know you're caught. You clearly said here you just want everyone to be you're height or shorter I answered that directly then, an excuse, it became something completely different. and even when I answered that, you bring up predrafts, etc. You cant even stay on topic. What does a pre draft have to do with Ian Whyte? He didnt play pro ball. That's exactly what I am saying. Because I answered you back, you started Looking for something else to insult about that had nothing to do with this topic here. And to say it's I thought it was all subjective on your part. You said it. Youre attacking others just like anyone else does. Some of it is in a joking way but there are other times where it isn't. So you say you've seen how I respond to others, yes when they post BS like this to me, that is how I have responded, and every time that someone takes a stab like that, this will continue to happen especially when it is in this context. If someone challenged me, it would be a different story, especially if it's someone who does it respectfully. Christian has questioned something respectfully and I respond respectfully. You on the other hand don't.

Let's move on from this.
Csimpson 6ft on User Heights
@Micheal R 5ft 10 and 5ft 11 aren't short lol
Hijopotamus on Brad Pitt
Slim, Im a big fan of Snatch and FightClub. He did a great job. I can't hate the guy but anyway, i guess this is the criteria:
Under 178 ~ hater
179~ whatever
Over 179- fanboy

Once again, the pic with Paltrow both kissing barefoot Brad has ground advantage.
Why fanboys ignore this???
Wizo on Lionel Messi
@Sheru 170cm is 5ft7.

I think Messi is 5ft6 range the more I look at him, he can pull off solid 5ft6 at times, but other times he looks shorter. He could be anywhere from 167-169 but most likely 168cm.

After so many football heights being inflated, you could believe Messi's 5ft7 listing is not 100% accurate, although he's not far from it.
grizz on Karlie Kloss
offtopic, but I find it extremely bizarre that they list him the height he cannot reach even with his sneakers on (and they even acknowledge that fact by listing his height with or without shoes on the same page!)
5'11.25 at noon. on Adam Sandler
At most 5'10
Nik on Chris Paul
I think he is 5'11.5"!
Nik on Kaia Gerber
She may be about 5'8" now.
Ronaldo on Dele Alli
187.4 cm
Mike on Tom Holland
Ellen looked taller than him, more 168cm than 170cm, looks like 5'6
hunt on Big Show
DDP WAS 6FT4!When Rob met him he sad he looked atleast 6ft3.5, Rob is pretty good at guessing height, and he only reached DDP's mouth that would make him 6ft4.
But even if DDP was only 6ft3(which he wasn't) that would still make show look atleast 6ft11.5 because his head is longer than average.
Slim 181 cm on Jared Leto
Del Mar, Leto likes his big footwear, he's matched up to 5'11.25-5'11.5 DiCaprio! Letos only 5'8.75-5'9
S.J.H on LeBron James
Lebron for sure under 6'7 lowest and over 6'7 out of bed. I have suspect lebron was never 250 pounds maybe 245 highest and from 2015-2016 season he don't look over 235 to me. Not surprise if he was few pounds under 235 now
Slim 181 cm on Jason Momoa
Legit 6'4, what a great height to stand at!
Scott A. on Lou Ferrigno
blazer said on 8/Jun/17
@Duhon. Wow in that pic with john Elway, Lou only looks 5'8..he may be a lift wearer!

Those'd be quite some lifts.
Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
@ Nik - Thanks! I look forward to it! πŸ‘ 😁
Slim 181 cm on David Wenham
A 5'10.75 upgrade is necessary.
Sandy Cowell on User Heights
@ Nik and G 5'11"
I'll do you your proper replies later! I have to go out again, which is a real painful nuisance!

@ Connor - I am very happy indeed to hear that young Chris is on the mend now!
Slim 181 cm on Dominic Purcell
@andrea, how tall do you think Wade Williams is? I think he's 5'10.5- 5'10.75.
S.J.H on Stephen Curry
Curry look solid 7cm taller than Jake Gyllenhaal. I always see Jake as solid 179cm guy and my cousin who met Curry in person insist he only look about 6'1 but to me Curry look 186cm

Click Here:

Click Here:
Slim 181 cm on Dominic Purcell
1.5 inch exaggeration isn't uncommon and it makes a lot of sense as seen with Abruzzi and agent self.
Fiddlesticks on Stephen Curry
Two inches shorter than tom Brady
Sandy Cowell on Height Request
@ Arch Stanton - Thanks for that! I agree that there are a great deal of musicians missing!
S.J.H on Jake Gyllenhaal
@LM said on 24/Jun/17

He can be 180cm in the morning. I view him as solid 179cm getting more often.
S.J.H on Brock O'Hurn
He is def 6'4.5 not more
ma on Height Request
Hi Rob,
could you please add the world strongest man Mark Henry?
ma on Rebel Wilson
5 ft 2 and 220 pounds at peak.
A little Mark Henry
Sandy Cowell on General Height
@ Bobby, Nik and anyone else who fancies reading this!

I was behind a woman in a queue yesterday and thought she might be shorter than me! I asked her how tall she was, adding that I'm interested in that sort of thing, and she was very nice and replied, "I'm only 5ft2! You're not very tall either! How tall are you? 5ft?"
Then I noticed her shoulders were heigher than mine!
I replied "I'm 5ft1!"
I think I might have been having an off-day! πŸ˜”

@ Nik - Sometimes a sense of humour is very necessary! πŸ˜πŸ‘

@ Bobby - Your candidness can make for funny reading! Don't change, will you? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Sandy Cowell on General Height
@ Bobby, Nik and anyone else who fancies reading this!

I was behind a woman in a queue yesterday and thought she might be shorter than me! I asked her how tall she was, adding that I'm interested in that sort of thing, and she was very nice and replied, "I'm only 5ft2! You're not very tall either! How tall are you? 5ft?"
Then I noticed her shoulders were heigher than mine!
I replied "I'm 5ft1!"
I think I might have been having an off-day! πŸ˜”
S.J.H on John Isner
I feel short at 6'7 compare to them.. Lol

Click Here: Giant tennis players: John Isner, Ivo Karlovic and Reilly Opelka

Click Here Can't believe Reily this boy spurt out and hit over 6'10. His 20yo might have stop growing.

Click Here: Reily look about an inch over Isner now.

Click Here
musicgeek on Jerry Seinfeld
Not the full 5'11 for sure. Initially I would have guessed 5'9" for Jerry, but now I think about it I can see how 5'10.5" may be possible
musicgeek on Jason Alexander
To me he always looked a weak 5'4" at best on Seinfeld
Scott A. on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Cuttingthecrap said on 26/Jun/17
It was Metric who started the fanboy talk many years ago...

I'm glad I missed it!
S.J.H on Anthony Edwards
George Clooney height as i expected at 5'9.5 as i've seem ben affleck in person at 6'1.25
Ronaldo on Robert Wadlow
274 cm
S.J.H on Nonso Anozie
@Bard said on 26/Jun/17

Not the bad posture. It's his head tilting facing down minimize about 2' face level. This guy is just 6'5
Slim 181 cm on Brad Pitt
Gently pegging him at 5'10.5 that way he's inbetween 5'10 and 5'11 cause that's clearly where he stands as RisingForce and honest Slovene have proven he stands above 177 but below 181.
The Ben on Hulk Hogan
Just looking through old Hogan pics, you can see on all front bicep shots that his hips kick out to the left, looks like postural issues from as far back as 86.
Slim 181 cm on Matt Damon
@RichardSpain, how tall do u think Andy Garcia is?
Slim 181 cm on Brad Pitt
Pierre, this is celebheights logic, if you want to downgrade someone, you're a hater, and if you want to keep their height or upgrade them, you're a "fanboy" end of lecture.

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