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19 January
S.J.H on Kevin Hart
Hart is an unbeatable 5'2
S.J.H on Will Smith
He might have loss height. Who knows. I bet he can be 6'1.25 at most
198 on Tony Bellew
If Bellew is 189, Hearn can't be more than 191 which puts Joshua at no more than 195 (Hearn's apparent height).

Still, I think this is pretty accurate.
5'7 guy on Aamir Khan
I've seen plenty of aamir khan's movies... I know a couple of years ago his height was listed as 5'6 and has since gone down. I would say he is a weak 5'6 or 5'5.75 in my opinion and should be upgraded.
berta on Daniel Majstorovic
one friend of mine who is 185 have a photo on facebook with daniel and there was 3-4 cm beetween them 189 is a good guess
berta on Stellan Skarsgard
rob he was over this at peak he was ecxactly 191 . even measured at it at a movies
berta on Avicii
he got pretty tall with his genes. his daddy is only about 170
berta on Larry Johnson
hm i dont think he was measueed 197 just by looking at his i see he is taller than me. think he could be 198-199
berta on James Arness
i think he went with morning height. to me he looked 198-200 meters not abova that biggest chance of 199-200 i think
James on Sean Connery
Connery was no more than 6'1" by the 1980s.

Costner was six foot.
berta on Arnold Vosloo
1,5 inches under dwayne johnson. around 187 is fine for him
berta on Brendan Fraser
shortesst he can be is 189 and tallest 191. but i think i go with 190.he is probably a guy who dont know that you get shorter during the day and was ,easured 192 in the morning one time
berta on Mark Hamill
he looked liek a 169 guy in star wars no taller than the listign
berta on Blake Shelton
looked at most 4 cm shorter than trace adkins both in boots.
berta on Faith Hill
she is in good shape dont think she have lost height. beside tim macgraw she looks shorter than this
berta on Shania Twain
i think she is about 160 tall she is that height were she looks really short. could even be 1 cm shorter than this. very good looking woman
berta on Pierce Brosnan
seems like most people think the same as me that he was close to 187 peak.
berta on Gene Hackman
yeah im with you on that rampage to me it looks like this.
Gena hckman 188 8 could be couple mm under)
Nolte 183,8 ( close to 184 so he just went with 183. rounding down)
Connery 188,5 ( to me he looks atleast 0,5 cm taller than hackman
Kevin Costner ( one of the few guys like nick nolte who i think roudning down and could haven been 186) even in his new movie he was 1 cm taller than the guy fgerom big bang theoy who was fisst listed 188 here and now 185. Like i said before a guy like costner was easy 1,5 cm taller than harrison ford back to back 35 years ago
berta on Clint Eastwood
i think john wayne was taller than clint.
berta on Dr Dre
i remmeber 10 years ago when i reasd that he was 185. that always sounded to mutch . almost 184 sound good
berta on L L Cool J
thanks for answer rob. yeah i think youre right on that. he is a guyu that has similar posture to dwayne johnson wich make him look shorter. to me he looks 187 but you never know if he is taller if he standing good-
berta on Eric Christian Olsen
in some way this guy looks alittle like jim carrey . i dont know why they dont look like eath others att all but i always think of jim carrey when i see this guy. althoug jim carrey is 1,5 cm taller i think
berta on David Prowse
i think this guy was 196 peak and 198 out of bed and cliamed his morning height and with shoes 201 and sometimes went with that
berta on Ahmed Best
he is looking 185 with perfect posture like he is in measuring stance. and it looks like rob is standing loose. i think he can be 185 but 184 is a big chance to. if you look wityh photo of eric christain olsen , then olson looks 1 cm taller
Arthur on Odell Beckham Jr
Rob he has a great quote about height in this video, you may want to add that to the top. He claims 5'11, maybe you should give it to him Click Here
Canson on Conan O'Brien
Agree with you 123: he's a 6'3" guy whereas Kobe is near 6'5 (195cm/6'4.75)
Canson on Kobe Bryant
@S.J.H: Kobe has also claimed 6'6" before so I don't think it's him being uncomfortable with claiming 6'5". I also saw online at his basketball camp that he claimed 6'4.5 barefoot and 6'6 in triple socks and shoes. I'm not sure that's right I'm thinking he's at least 194.6 (6'4 5/8). Maybe he got 6'4.5 after a long day of weightlifting and playing ball which is possible if he wakes to 196-197 out of bed like he does (has to be at least 196.5-.85) if he drops to 6'4 5:8 or 3/4.
Canson on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
@Jordan87, I met Suggs he's 191-191.5 (I am 194 flat and was a solid inch taller than him at most 3cm). I'd go more toward 6'3 1/4 for him as he was a strong 6'3. You're correct about Rock my 6'3 friend who met him said he's an inch shorter than him. Rock is 6'2" but 6'2.5 is a stretch. If he had poor posture maybe he's 6'2.25 but no more and that is pushing it. Kobe isn't a full 6'5 (according to him) 6'4.75.

@Johan: Lewis is around 194. I see him next to Barkley and they are about identical. Maybe 194.3 (6'4.5) like Barkley is.

@Danimal: you're correct about the surgeries reducing height. My aunt has had them in every area (knee, back, neck, hip) some replacements and has lost over 3" going from 5'7 to 5'3.5.
Sandy Cowell on Billy Murray
I'd forgotten Billy's name, but now that I've found out, I'm pleased to say that I can do a comment on him!
Of course, I remember him best from 'The Bill', but I keep seeing him in horror films now, and I'm not just talking about one or two! My spottings of him in these films are mounting up! Last one was a horror comedy on TV's 'Horror' channel with Danny Dyer and a host of other famous faces. Let's just say, Billy didn't look too healthy!
Personally, I would have thought him to be around the 5ft8 mark, but seeing him with Rob, he clearly isn't anymore! I'll have to agree with the 5ft7.25 as written here. He could even be 0.25 of an inch less. Poor Billy!
Canson on Dwyane Wade
@Anon: I agree that's arguable as well. All I can say is he isn't 192 at his lowest for sure especially not next to Chad Ochocinco or Ray Allen. Allen is only 192/193 barefoot next to rashard Lewis and from a poster below bobby3342 who is a strong 6'4" himself and that edged him in height
Canson on Ming Yao
@Yao is 7'7 1/4: how is that 4"? Sampson is up to mid forehead on him. Sampson is 7'1 barefoot not 7'2. He was not as tall as artis Gilmore and Kareem. You're correct Kareem was 7'1 7/8 (practically 7'2). Quit making up stuff just to make Yao taller.
Canson on Ming Yao
Sampson is 7'1" barefoot not 6'2. Check your facts before you post. And that's not 4" inches 3-4"
Canson on Ming Yao
@yao is 7'7 1/4: So how do you explain Bradley being taller than him? no don't use the excuse of Yao's forehead being bigger as to why he is as tall. He's not as tall as Bradley. Rob acknowledged that as well and quit using the "he grew after his rookie season" because he is still shorter in pics. You saw the pic as clear as I did and Bradley acknowledged he's taller than yao "if he's 7'6, I'm 7'8". Yao "supposedly grew after his rookie year as he was still listed 7'5" so quit saying that pic is from then as an excuse. And Stop making height about yao's achievements as a player. It has nothing to do with it. You are clearly immature and insecure if you think height is that important. It's irrelevant to Yao's hall of fame career where as Bradley is pedestrian at best and was really not a tough player at all. Again this site has him at 7'5 so you are basically telling rob to add an inch. I'll leave it at 7'5" and am done discussing this with you. You obviously want your boyfriend to be an inch taller than he is. And don't give me the bs about humble. Shaq exaggerates with the best of them. But his word is better because you want your boyfriend to be taller. I bet if it were Shaq calling Yao 7'3" and Yao calling himself 7'7 he'd be less credible than Yao. You know it too because your clear agenda is to make Yao taller. You have indicated it quite clearly in all of your posts not to mention your initial attack on me and Elite as haters because we downgraded his height a fraction of an inch. Again what does height have to do with his accomplishments? He is 7'5" Bradley 7'6 according to Rob which one made the hall of fame which one is the bum? What is your fascination with making Yao taller? Why do you live vicariously through him? Are you some short insecure man who wants himself to be taller so inflates others around him and wishes the world would have a growth spurt? Are you envious of him because he is intelligent more so than you are? Or is it that he has the athletic skills you wish you had? Maybe the fact that he is more secure in places other than that where it wouldn't require pulling out tweezers to barely find things? Which of those is it?
Canson on Ming Yao
@yao is 7'7 1/4: So how do you explain Bradley being taller than him? no don't use the excuse of Yao's forehead being bigger as to why he is as tall. He's not as tall as Bradley. Rob acknowledged that as well and quit using the "he grew after his rookie season" because he is still shorter in pics. You saw the pic as clear as I did and Bradley acknowledged he's taller than yao "if he's 7'6, I'm 7'8". Yao "supposedly grew after his rookie year as he was still listed 7'5" so quit saying that pic is from then as an excuse. And Stop making height about yao's achievements as a player. It has nothing to do with it. You are clearly immature and insecure if you think height is that important. It's irrelevant to Yao's hall of fame career where as Bradley is pedestrian at best and was really not a tough player at all. Again this site has him at 7'5 so you are basically telling rob to add an inch. I'll leave it at 7'5" and am done discussing this with you. You obviously want your boyfriend to be an inch taller than he is. And don't give me the bs about humble. Shaq exaggerates with the best of them. But his word is better because you want your boyfriend to be taller. I bet if it were Shaq calling Yao 7'3" and Yao calling himself 7'7 he'd be less credible than Yao. You know it too because your clear agenda is to make Yao taller. You have indicated it quite clearly in all of your posts not to mention your initial attack on me and Elite as haters because we downgraded his height a fraction of an inch. Again what does height have to do with his accomplishments? He is 7'5" Bradley 7'6 according to Rob which one made the hall of fame which one is the bum? What is your fascination with making Yao taller? Why do you live vicariously through him? Are you some short insecure man who wants himself to be taller so inflates others around him and wishes the world would have a growth spurt? Are you envious of him because he is intelligent more so than you are? Or is it that he has the athletic skills you wish you had? Maybe the fact that he is more secure in places other than that where it wouldn't require pulling out tweezers to barely find things? Which of those is it?
Willes189 on Sean Connery
One does not simply disrespect celebrities all the time like James does. I think people like him are bad for this site. Spreading hate and false accusations all the time is something i'm sure makes no one happy.
Prince on Matt Damon
maybe 5-11 if I totally wear my wife's high heels.
Big Lew on Tinchy Stryder
Tinchy is 5cm taller than DAPPY. DAPPY is 5 1. Very small
S.J.H on Markiplier
Shortiplier is 5'9 lol
HonestSlovene on Karlie Kloss
She is about 184 cm at most, 187 cm is a bit too much I feel.
Borats Chicken on Colin Kaepernick
the main question is, how the hell did he predict hes own height?
HonestSlovene on Casey Neistat
@heelshealheight 6'0.5" still is far from common height for women these days, 5'9" is a very common male height still these days. Average for females in the west has grown 1 inch in the past 40 or so years (from 5'4" to 5'5") and for men also 1 inch (from 5'9" to 5'10").
sumdude on Mads Mikkelsen
Quite tall man. Amazing proportions. I'd argue 5ft 11.75in is close to perfect height, you can wear almost anything and look good. And you won't really be towered in 98% of the world. Average height in Denmark is 5'11", 181.4cm, according to a 100 year study recently released, and 180.4cm according to the military recruitment in Denmark as of 2016.
Downhill Racer on Beth Behrs
5'5" seems perfectly accurate for her. There's an episode of 2 Broke Girls where she has a mug shot taken, and it shows her at 5'9" in the big heels she's always wearing; therefore it makes sense she'd be around 5'5" without the height boost. Also, in scenes where she and Kat Dennings are both barefoot, she's clearly only a couple of inches taller than Kat.
Lmeister on Action Bronson
This is a fair listing. He is clearly shorter than Justin Bieber. He might hit 5ft7 ~ 170cm, if he reaches his goal weight of 230lbs.
Ana on Miranda Kerr
I think she needs a downgrade to 5'7''. Gabby Westbrook has stated numerous times that Miranda is very tiny, 5'7'' .
Addison on Harry Styles
& miranda lol telling by harrys posture there he is bending over and not standing straight.
Shredder on Action Bronson
When I was at my heaviest , 30 + lbs ago , I looked shorter than I was , I can barely even stand fully.
grizz on Taylor Swift
Seriously, Sandy? You can't get round her lying?
Then how to explain Grant Gustin ,claiming 6'2,who's shorter than Amell,who claims 6'1? Dwayne Johnson,who now claims 6'4.5,who is exactly the same height as Brandon Routh (who claims 6'2.5 and looks it).
Or Taylor Swift being shorter than 5'8.5 Blake Lively,even though she wore elevated boots and Blake only flat sneakers?
Yeah,it can't be... Probably everyone else is lying about their height except them.
Mark(5'9.25") on Henry Cavill
@HonestSlovene I ruled out 6'0" for Cavill who tends to look 6'0.75" than say 6'0" low. If he was 6'0", a lot of celebrities would need a downgrade. They are other photos with cavill and other celebrities that suggest Cavill can be nearer 6'1".

He barely look shorter that 6'3.75"-6'4" Jason Momoa.

Click Here
Click Here

He looks similar to 6'1.5" Elizabeth Debecki.

Click Here

And somehow, Cavill pulls off looking a bit taller than 6'1" Bill Nighy and 6'1.5" Mark Strong.

Click Here
Click Here

Cavill edges out 6'0.25" Lutz going by both their eye levels and their heads.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

While 6'1" Costner has 1 cm on Cavill, Cavill has managed to pull off looking "barely" taller than Costner on only "two" occasions.

Click Here
Click Here

To put an end to the 6'0" flat average, here is Cavill easily coming above 6'4.5"-6'4.75" Armie Hammer's eyelevel (Armie has looked similar to Calvin Harris and Joe Manganiello in several photos not to mention he edged out the Winklevoss Twins.)

Click Here
Click Here

For better reference about Armie Hammer, here's him looking similar to Joe Mangeniello and Calvin Harris and Hammer beating out the Winklevoss Twins in height.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

This still puts Cavill at nearer 6'1" since a 6'0" low person can't look that tall with other people.
Redwing on William Mapother
He sorta looks like the main singer from crowded house,corruption rob I just read that you had him at 6'1.
beibur on James May
He looks 6 ft
Giorgi on Action Bronson
Why is it that every short guy claims 5'8" ;))
Mark(5'9.25") on Armie Hammer
Also, Armie looks a bit taller than the Winklevoss twins in this photo.

Click Here
Mark(5'9.25") on Armie Hammer
I ruled out 6'4.25" for Armie Hammer after seeing one picture with him and Calvin harris.

Click Here

Sure, Armie is nearer the camera, but I put my guess between 6'4.5"-6'4.75" for Armie. Similar to Christopher Lee (who could easily be a 6'5" person).
Mark(5'9.25") on Armie Hammer
I would rule out 6'4.25" for Armie Hammer after seeing one picture with him and Calvin harris.

Click Here

Sure, Armie is nearer the camera, but I put my guess between 6'4.5"-6'4.75" for Armie. Similar to Christopher Lee (who could easily be a 6'5" person).
Shredder on Action Bronson
He has the built of a 5'5 to 5'6 guy
Editor Rob: his weight might also mean at times he struggles to stand tall, maybe that's why somebody thought he was a 5ft 2 guy!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on John Schneider
Rob, is that the only you saw him?
Editor Rob: Rampage, that's the only event I've seen him at.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Callum Blue
Rob, who looked taller Callum Blue or Stephen Amell?
Editor Rob: Blue I think would a probable slight edge if measured.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Markiplier
174/175cm maybe, not just 173cm...
Mark(5'9.25 on Markiplier
Jack is nearer the camera, so I can't count that. Also, Markiplier may or may not have an edge on Pewdiepie because his eye level is a bit higher than Pewdiepie who does wear suspicious footwear while Marki has regular sneakers.
Kunoichi on Big Show
Left rear row billed height 198cm Kaido Höövelson as "Baruto",Middle of the back row billed height 196cm Singh "Heart" Jaideep.
Click Here
Yao is 7-7 1/4 (with shoes) on Ming Yao
@Canson, yes I would believe Shaq's words over Yao's. Shaq did not make up the 7-7 number. The whole league heard about Yao's growth in height when Yao was re-measured in training camp. That was also why the NBA changed Yao's height on his profile page from 7-5 to 7-6. You gotta understand also that Yao came from a culture where being humble is a great virtue. So he is not going to be brash about his 7-6 height. If anything, he would be humble and under-state his height. You see some of that even in American culture. For example, Wilt Chamberlain made a bet, and won, with sportswriters in 1980 that he was not 7-2 barefooted: Click Here. Anthony David also said that he would rather be listed as 6-10 than 6-11. So yes I honestly believe that Yao was 7-5 3/4 in 2004 and still growing. Looking at that photo with Ralph Sampson, Yao looked at least 7-7ish, but probably more like 7-8ish(with shoes). Sampson is about 7-2 without shoes, same as Kareem, and probably over 7-3 with shoes on. Kareem is exactly 7-2 (7-1 7/8 to be Guinness Book exact) barefooted. So yeh, Yao is at least 7-6 nowadays, no question.
Click Here - Sampson next to Kareem
Click Here - Yao next to Sampson
anonnnn on Wesley Snipes
He's 5'8.5. Over an inch shorter than 5'10 tom sizemore in PASSENGER 57. 1 inch shorter than 5'9ish woody harrelson
mister_lennon on Sean Connery
Connery was 6'2 peak and a strong 6 now.
Only 6'1 for him is just trolling.
And he is a great actor with many different roles.
mrtguy on Prince Charles
Rob, you think there's a chance Prince Charles could be 200 Pounds today??
Editor Rob: mrt, he doesn't look it.
Shredder on Sean Astin
Of course he isn't 5'7.75 , just look at him With Rob and Jenny.
Celebheights 6'1.5 on Justin Bieber
I don't think that Justin Bieber's growth patterns after 21 are anything too exceptional. It's really not as uncommon as some people think it is.
18 January
Steve on Sid Eudy
Least 6ft 7in to 6ft 7.5in peak. Can't see Sid under that peak. 199cm too low for peak height.
Steve on Sid Eudy
Least 6ft 7in to 6ft 7.5in peak. Can't see Sid under that peak. 199cm too low for peak height.
Shredder on Steven Yeun
Well I had to bail out of Comic con this time , I hope Rob gets him and gives his honest thought
The Exorcist on Anthony Joshua
I doubt Dillian Whyte is over 6'2" guys.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

I think 6'2" flat.
Dmeyer on Bo Burnham
yes he looks 6'5 surprising stand up high comedian cannot be topped even by carrot top
J World on Height Request
Hey Rob

I have a few other requeste for you. I know a while back you added a few uk grime and hip hop artists to the site like skepta, chip, wiley, devlin etc.

I'd like to see these guys added if thats possible rob

Ghetts (listed as 6ft on most sites)
Jme (Skepta's brother, listed 5'11 or 6')
Giggs (listed as 6' or 6'1)
Krept (not seen this guys height listed anywhere but in the pic with Stormzy he looks around 6')
Konan (looks around 5'6, 5'7 at most and is generally listed that on most sites)

I could list more but I feel I am asking too much as it already seems you are busy with the site as it is Rob. I would appreciate it if you could look into and add at least 2 of the artists I have requested. I have been following uk grime/hip hop for years and have an interest in how tall these guys are.
Editor Rob: jme I'm certain claimed 6ft 1, I have only briefly looked at these guys, not seen enough yet.
AJ on Minnie Driver
Same height as damon. Atleast downgrade her to the same listing.
Sandy Cowell on Richie Sambora
He's rather attractive and positively tall for a rock star, as I have been finding out recently!
Sandy Cowell on Emma Samms
I didn't know Emma is British! Still, you live and learn!
I did know that she was petite though - I'd read 5ft4 in her Dynasty days.
She wears in the above picture the sort of hairstyle that is designed to add a bit of extra height. It can be pretty severe, but it's fine if you can carry it off and Emma certainly can with her delicate facial features!
Danimal on Vince McMahon
Sepanta said on 17/Jan/17
His real height probably is 6 feet.

He's not a wrestler. It's not about real or fake with him. The man in his younger days (up until the 90's) was at least 6'1"-6'2". Today in his early 70's, he's definitely lost minimum 2" in height.
Anthony on Soulja Boy
Very accurate, though I find it funny you only make a page for him because of the drama between him and Chris Brown
Omar on Dan Bilzerian
5'8.25" Taller than mayweather but slightly shorter than mcgregor
James on Steven Gerrard
He is definetely taller than Xabi Alonso:
Click Here
Click Here

Alonso is forcing his posture but sill Gerrard looks 1 cm taller.

I will go with 1.82 for Gerrard and 1.81 for Alonso.
mlp on Adriana Lima
legit 5'10 in the morning 1.77cm at night.. should list herself as 5'11 according to other models ladder..
Donna Barker on Roger Daltrey
I went to a private party in 1973 in Savannah Georgia after a concert of Roger daultry and I was so supprised that he looked 4 11 ! But I guess to me that when I seen him I thought wow he is so short ! I never thought he was tall ! Really nice guy though and had a great party !
Yao is 7-7 1/4 (with shoes) on Ming Yao
@Canson and others etc. Don't try to get editor Rob involved. It's his website and he can do whatever he wants. As bloggers we can disagree with him too. Editor Rob is not always right you know? Since you are latching on to that 1 photo as evidence of Bradley being taller than Yao, how about this photo? Click Here You can clearly see that Yao is taller than Bradley, though again, the angle and posture come into play (i.e. like Ming Yao in Canson's favorite photo, Click Here, Bradley is slouching a bit). However, in this photo, it appears that Yao and Bradley were equal height even though the photo was taken during Yao's rookie year: Click Here. Just download the pic then make it much larger using a photo editing program, and you can see that they are of equal height and that is because Yao was standing upright like Bradley. You can also see that Bradley wore a smirk on his face, probably realizing that the photo made him eat his words which Editor Rob quoted above: "He's not as tall as me. If he's 7-6, I'm 7-8". Nuff said, peace.
James on Iker Casillas
Oh, I almost forgot it.

Click Here
Click Here

Di María is 1.79 at most that explains why Casillas can look slightly taller than him

Another pic that make Casillas look 1.80 (5' 11"):
Click Here
James on Rafael Nadal
@Johnson Interestingly Ramos never looks over 1.82. And Nadal is still shorter than the full 1.84 (6' 0.5") Bradley Cooper.
James on Iker Casillas
I am of the opinion that Casillas is a typical 1.80 guy. No more, no less. I have friends that claim 1.80 themselves and they look the same.

Casillas is waaaaayyyy shorter than 185.5 Cristiano Ronaldo:
Click Here
Click Here

Look at Casillas' sneakers and you will notice his foot are nearer the camera than Benzema's ones, that explains why he looks similar.

In this pic, Benzema looks 1.83, Cristiano 185.5 and Casillas no more than 1.80:
Click Here
James on Iker Casillas
@Johnson No Johnson, no. Look at the poll. Most people think Casillas is in the 1.80 range. And football players are measured in the morning so almost everybody think Casillas is 1.80 range in the morning. 182.5 is unbelievable for most people. I think Casillas is 182.5 in sneakers only, but not barefoot.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Charles Dance
He could pull off 6ft3-3½ range in Alien 3. At least 4in on Sigourney Weaver. I think peak he could have been similar to Gwendoline
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Nikolaj Coster Waldau
He goes with the 6ft1½ rather than round up to 6ft2 like 90% of guys that height
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Garrett Hedlund
I think Bridges was still about 6ft1 in the last Tron and Garrett looked slightly taller but maybe not quite by a full 1in
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Richard Burgi
186-187cm I think, personally
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Tim Robbins
Peak: 6ft4¾-6ft5
Today: 6ft4½-6ft4¾

Has done well so far for a guy pushing 60
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Vincent D'Onofrio
Peak: 192-193cm
Today: 191-192cm
petar on Mario Lopez
he look shorter then jcvd 2011..5.8 guess
Slim on Kane
Gerry I think Kane would be at least 1" taller than that in a staredown... nice though.
dicksock on Kevin Nash
I just can't see Nash ever having been more than 6'9" if Tyler Mane was 6'8". When they teamed, they were pretty much the same height. Nash was definitely no more than an inch taller. I would say Nash was 6'9" prime and maybe 6'8.5" now. I used to think he could have been 6'10" though.
Moody on Jaden Smith
At age 18 given how young he looks I would still hold out hope for a cm or two. I doubt a larger spurt is in the cards.
Mark(5'9.25 on Markiplier
Rob, I should try to meet Markiplier. For me, speculating the three YouTuber's heights alone is squeezing my head so bad that I think I might be losing my sanity. LOL!
John on Adriana Lima
This site is crazy. On the most recent wireimage listing for her, look at the background. Than look at Karolina Kurkova (listed at 5-11 on here). Karolina appears at least 3 inches taller than Lima just based on the background. Lima is taller than all the other models by an inch at least (Ambrosio, etc). So either Lima is 5-10 and Kurkova is 6-1 or Lima is not close to 5-10.
Editor Rob: it's as crazy as This photo...sometimes people will look taller or shorter, it's trying to figure out the best guess from all we've seen.
Dmeyer on James Corden
Rob 174cm IS Closer how hé looks with arnie and Beckham if not arnie and Beckham are Closer to 179
James on Kevin Costner
No he wasn't. He was exactly six foot.
James on Rod Stewart
He used to be 5'10" but he's below 5'9" now.
James on Sean Connery
Connery played the same character in every film. He was 6'1.5" at his peak, and 6'1" in later years.
Wow on Erika Christensen
Wow, her brothers are both like 6'2-6'e
3... a whole Foot in difference !
Canson on Ming Yao
So Yao is 7'7 1/4: I guess shaq's word is more credible then Yao calling himself 7'3 3/4 or 7'3. You take whichever makes him taller tho. So if we flipped scripts and Yao called himself 7'9 shaq 7'3 you'd believe Yao of course
Canson on Ming Yao
@Yao is 7'7 1/4: so Kobe Bryant also said tmac was 6'9". He's 6'6-6'7 barefoot and I know his cousin who verified that for me. So I guess if that is what he said then damn measurement sbefause tgey are no good. Point is anyone can say anything. You obviously have a crush and an agenda for Yao to be taller which is fine but quit getting upset with people who make points
Your DaDdi on Vin Diesel
Who cares if he is 5"11 or 5'9 whats the big deal in this??? If he wears boots like those kiss memebers that make him Shack size let him! lol I am 6'3 flat footed.. whats is the big deal how people make height an issue?? So i got some height and he is alittle shorter no big deal, I judge people in there brains then there height. its better! lol! Just be glad you can stand at all and be proud of your height weather you are 4'11 or 7 ft tall...people make a big deal out of this bagoogle..LMAO
Elliot on Ethan Embry
@gogo he's 5'10 so stfu
Height Fanic on Big Show
Akebono is 204cm so that figure cannot be 209cm.
Canson on Dennis Rodman
199 cm 6'6.5
Canson on Kobe Bryant
@S.J.H: only problem is KROC has met Kobe and listed him as 195cm as well and KROC is 6'5-6'5.25. He said he had Kobe by cm or 1/2". My guess is it was correct and that's his lowest and the guy your talking about may be hair Lower. Other 195 guys look similar to Kobe like Vince carter and don't see Kobe 1/2" taller than Jordan
Rojina on Amy Childs
She DOES have good legs,though. At Lulu & Elle - females reach their peak height usually at around age eighteen
Canson on Charles Barkley
@S.J.H: I can see Joe as the same height as the other two at 194/195. If anything I see Kobe as the most clean or closest to 195. Judging from people I know who have met MJ and Barkley both 6'4.5ish. Don't know anyone who has met Joe but have heard someone that met Kobe that he's 6'5ish so don't see him much below a full 195 and Kobe has described Jordan as not being 6'6@ before. I'm thinking Kobe got his 6'4.5 basing himself off Jordan since they're close in height but Kobe is taller than him by a hair most likely
John on Bo Burnham
Yes that's absolutely true. It happens to me all the time. Sometimes you feel like replying that 'creative' comment with something like 'Oh really? I thought I was short'. BTW I'm 3in taller.
steve on The Undertaker
2 inches shorter than Kevin Love, 1 inch shorter than Braun Strowman, 3.25 inches taller than Lesnar

Love- 6' 7.75 202,5
Braun Strowman- 6' 6.75 200
Undertaker- 6' 5.75 197,5
Lesnar- 6' 2.5 189
Canson on Charles Barkley
@S.J.H: I can see Joe as the same height as the other two at 194/195. If anything I see Kobe as the most clean or closest to 195
Importer on Donald Trump
6'3 is his peak height with outdoor shoes. He has slowly shrunk so some photos/links can possibly be invalid. Idk how tall he is now, if only there was a side to side pic of him with Obama then the current height would be easier to guess.
Willes189 on Keanu Reeves
I don't agree with this downgrade personally. I think that a young Keanu Reeves would measure 185.5cm under a stadiometer quite easily. Nowadays in his mid 50s a few mms under 185cm is to be expected
Lewis on Will Smith
Both Jeff Goldblum and Chi McBride appeared to be at least three inches taller in the movies Will Smith did with them.
Nik on Kirstie Allsopp
I definitely think that 5'7" is too high for Kirstie Allsopp.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jonathan Ross
I'd make the arguement for 6ft1¼(186cm). For years he's stuck with 6ft1½ mainly (may have said 6ft2 once though) and he does look in the 6ft1 zone most of the time. Chances are he did get measured at his claim but maybe a bit earlier…
Victor on Action Bronson
5ft 6 is okay, if seens more short that because he use in the picture width and long clothes.
uri on John Oliver
In the promo to John Oliver's 4th season, Oliver walks side by side with Larry David - an established 6 footer - yet towers over him. How is that possible?
Headman on Julian Sands
What would you say his head length is, Rob?

also, he comes off to me as a strong 5'9 instead of a 5'10
Editor Rob: Headman, I'd say his head was very close to mine so near to 9.5 inches.
J World on Simon Pegg
Its ok to be insecure about your height but jesus this guy sounds unstable.

He does nothing nut embarass himself to be honest. I'd peg him at 5'7 to 5'8.
Editor Rob: in the past I would have said some of Pegg's statements were just joking, but over the years he really is a serious guy and seems to get pissed off easily at things.
Tomas on Ludacris
Strong 5'8
Aza on Jack Reynor
Respect. A very honest claim.
Sandy Cowell on John Altman
I felt it was the end of an era when they wrote John's character 'Nick Cotton' out of EastEnders. It's pleasing to see him being so candid about being a full 5 inches shorter than his 6ft4 father.
I always thought he looked much younger than his years, from the moment EastEnders kicked off in 1985!
Didn't I notice him in the film 'Scum'? I think I did, you know!
Shortest5'11 on Michael Fassbender
Definitely 180 cm
Shortest5'11 on Asa Akira
Looks 5'1
Jordan87 on Stephen Amell
He's about 6'0.5"
HonestSlovene on Ryan Gosling
@James Nope, the average for that population would be around 178 cm and since Ryan clocks in at about a legit 6'0" (182-183cm) he would around the 75th percentile. Tallish, no doubt, but not solid tall. This listing is still the most he could be, I generally see him at 5'11.75"-6'0.25", so a legit 6'0", no more, a nudge shorter than 6'0"-6'0.5" Bradley Cooper.
Sammy Derrick on Brett Dalton
Brett Dalton 6'1.5
A 171cm male on Denzel Washington
Looks close or about 6'
HonestSlovene on Henry Cavill
I'd say 6'0"-6'0.5"/183-184 cm is the general range he looks next to 187.5-188.5 cm /6'1.75"-6'2.25" Aflleck. It's a typical case of how a strong 6'0" looks next to a legit 6'2". If he was close to 6'1", then Affleck would be 6'2.25"-6'2.5" but he never looked that tall (look at him with pictures next to Matt Damon where he looks 4-4.5 inches taller and Matt isn't more than 5'9.5"-5'9.75" as well as pictures with Morgan Freeman arond 15 years ago at Sum Of All f+Fears premiere who was 6'2.25" peak height, 6'1" flat now in later years and he looks barely an inch taller).
A 171cm male on Tony Todd
I dnt think he is over exaggerating his height seems about right very tall guy
LM10-196 cm(6'5'') on Shilpa Shetty
Her real height is 5'5.5''
LM10-196 cm(6'5'') on Kriti Sanon
She looks so short next.She is 5'6''max
Vegas on Braun Strowman
James B said on 15/Jan/17
Perhaps Rowan is 6'6? He does look taller than that though in my opinion. For example he looks taller on TV than a 6'6 guy like Baron Corbin.

I never stood next to rowan so can't comment on his height aside from the fact he looked noticeably shorter than strowman exiting a hotel. Hopefully the video pops up on youtube as numerous people were filming it.

Corbin is a tall dude in person. I see people on here estimating guys like galloway and Orton 6'5 out of gear and having stood next to all three corbins got 2 inches on both (probably more on Orton out of gear)
LM10-196 cm(6'5'') on Shruti Haasan
She reaches 5'7'' with heels.She is around 5'4'' in movies
LM10-196 cm(6'5'') on Miley Cyrus
She is somewhere between 5'3'' and 5'4''
Wrs567 on John Cena
The Miz isn't as low as a flat 6'0'' though, I just don't get why people think Miz is that short

Miz looks an easy 6'1'' with 6'0'' listed Eric Stonestreet

Click Here

Click Here

Miz was also taller than Dean Ambrose recently
Wrs567 on Justin Bieber
Good lord, Even when you have a clear picture where Bieber is taller than Floyd, standing side by side, where the angle is fair

Somehow.... some way.... Bieber is still considered ''shorter'' Lmao

Thanks for the laughs, and good for you. BELIEB whatever makes you happy
Jake on Markiplier
Click Here

In this video strangely enough, for most parts of the video, Jack actually looks the tallest. Especially when standing in front of Mark. Felix definitely looks shorter than Mark when standing in front of him. So my guess is, that Felix could be the shortest, Mark in the middle, and Jack the tallest? That's definitely what I'm getting from this video. What do you think Rob? Possibly a few adjustments could be made to their heights?
Editor Rob: I think Jack at times moves nearer the camera, I would say Pew/Mark are too close to call, you really need all 3 guys measured...
Junior31 on Braun Strowman
More said on 17/Jan/17
Bray Wyatt and Rusev
Click Here

Yup. The 6'0 for bray is nonsense. He's close to 6'2
Peter 179cm on Stephen Amell
I would say he's 185cm out of bed and 183-184 range before bed and could be 183 flat at his lowest.6'0.25 is the best listing for him imo-besides he looks just a flat 6'0 with Rob.
Peter 179cm on Jensen Ackles
If Jensen were to straighten out in the pic he would still look max 182cm.Take out his shoe advantage and you get him at 181cm flat.Reason is he looks 178 with 1.5cm more footwear and bad posture so he's basically MAYBE in the 180-181 range,imo.He's a solid 5'11 at night claiming 6'1-laughable! 😈😆
Sandy Cowell on Emily Symons
Emily left 'Emmerdale' before I started watching it avidly, but I do remember her in 'Home and Away' very well!
I didn't know she was quite this small but it doesn't stop her playing attractive extroverts!
Sandy Cowell on Harry Styles
Ha ha! I thought he was quite tall! In this picture he looks decidedly average!
KC on Bono
Years ago I was in the lobby of the Don Cesar hotel on St Pete Beach FL. U2 was staying there while doing a Tampa concert. Bono walked right by me and he is barely 5'4, I am 5' 9. The rest of the band appeared small also
Sandy Cowell on Taylor Swift
Now this actually does spring a surprise for me as I'd read she was 5ft11!
If she's also admitted to 5ft10 as well, I will settle at 5ft10.25. I can't get round her being a whole inch less!
Aj styles on Maryse Ouellet
hot sexy hotesset woman I ever saw
Sandy Cowell on David Beckham
David is 5ft11 exactly. I have never read anything different until this afternoon!
For some reason, I couldn't get through to this website so I tried to access it in different ways, but to no avail. I ended up checking out a couple of other height sites, and they weren't a patch on this one! They didn't captivate my interest for very long at all!
One of them said that David is 6ft! I thought, "I'm going to take a nap!"
So I did!
When I woke up, I found this site again! It really is beyond comparison and I never thought I would say this but it offers a 'service' to the enquiring mind!
Mr. calculator on Malin Akerman
5'7. look at her next to Alexander Skarsgard at Battleship premiere.
her heels are pretty high but she only reaches his nose.
Doctor Strange on Benedict Cumberbatch
He does not seem to be fully upright in the second picture, and his head is slightly tilted downwards. I think 5ft 11.5 is a good shout for him, he looks a decent 6ft when standing straight and with his skinny frame.
Rojina on Fearne Cotton
Great legs. I would have guessed she was no shorter or taller than 5"6. Looks like a typical university student
heightchecker34 on Rob Van Dam
RVD always looked like a 5'11 guy, even in his prime. He does carry himself very short... even though he doesn't slouch. He always does measure up to other 180-182 cm wrestlers such as Shawn Michaels and CM Punk. So the most I could see is 5'11.25''. Very chill guy haha.
Reece on David Haye
Nick please stop their is no way Haye is less than 6,2. Charr is 6,4 and in that Picture you posed Charr is 2 inches taller so even if that was right Haye would be 6,2. look at Haye miami jet ski picture he towers of Chris unbank. Haye slouches a lot during pictures and the Camera angle confuses things.Haye had his hair tied back even so we cannot use the excuse his afro is giving him Height. Haye is a tall guy but he is just in the Super Heavyweight Division were they are even bigger. Haye is 6,2 or 6,2.5 and anything less if just false.
Moke on Anthony Joshua
Haye 6 ft? He's clearly not 6'3 as billed, but to conclude that he's only 6' would be wrong. There will always be a picture that hints at another direction, but as we know pictures can be deceiving. I could post the following pic and while shouting out "Haye 6'3!"
Click Here
Does it help anyone to take a close guess at his real height? I don't think so. So Haye I think should stay at 6'1.5 and Joshua at 196-197, Klitschko at 195,5-196.
heightchecker34 on Leon White
The WWE does a great job with camera work, interviews, as well as the obvious lifts, wrestlers wear during the matches. I always though Vader was over 6'4', but after watching closely, the matches with 6'2 guys such as Sting, Mick Foley, and Bam Bam Bigelow, he is right around their mark. With Hogan, he is no doubt wearing huge lifts to look like a formidable opponent. Just shows, that to be a "big guy", you don't necessarily need to be tall. (i.e. Bam Bam Bigelow, Yokozuna, Bray Wyatt). Also, I believe Mark Henry is around the 6'1 mark btw.
Jordan87 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
If Suggs is 6'3", Rock is lucky to be 6'2". I also calculated the Rocks Height by Seeing Michael Clark Duncan 2" SHorter than 6'5" measured Kobe Branyt, then Seeing rock as a Solid Inch SHorter than MCD. ROck was always around 6'2". Never 6'3"
Bon_ on Bill Murray
peak height at least 186
Bon_ on Paul Newman
strong 177 cm peak
Big Lewis on Marilyn Manson
Click Here 6 foot skepta with marilyn. try 5 10 for marilyn
Josh on Bo Burnham
This seems about right for him. He always seems to be the tallest person in the room. Maybe even a tad more like 6'5.25-6'5.5
MD on Jack Reynor
I don't think he looks like Dornan much at all, and he's not a "fat" ANYTHING. He has a round face; that's it.
joe### on Randy Orton
He looks 6'4.25 on the days evolution
heelshealheight on Casey Neistat
I would agree with this height claim. Checked some photos of him in trainers next to Karlie Kloss (in flats) and he appears to be around the 5ft8-5ft9 range. As for those who claim that Karlie is 'too tall', no, she's not. It's evolution folks; people are getting taller and taller. Many of my younger male and female relatives have sprouting heights; it's definitely not unusual to see women who are 6ft and taller. However, what I really do 'enjoy' about Karlie's height, is that she (albeit inadvertently) refutes all those ludicrous height claims her peers seem to make. That said, the height difference between Casey and Karlie appears to be the same as that between Taylor (in high heels) and Karlie. Therefore, Taylor's 6ft height claims are rubbish as she's towered by Karlie even when she's wearing very high heels (and Karlie's in flats).
Hijopotamus on Brad Pitt
William, you are too funny!!
Where does Pitt tower Redford? You are delusional.
Gwyneth is 5'10"? Really? Then Brad is s few mm under that. Easy one, thanks
heelshealheight on Lady Gaga
When Gaga was in Greece, reporters and islanders were 'stunned' when they saw how short she really is; her heels are taller than her.. Nonetheless, just look at her very short limbs and tiny bone structure. There's not an argument in the world which could prove she's over 4ft11. Gaga has taken ludicrous height claims to an utterly new level..;-)
v on Danny Huston
At that height and these proportions 75kg (166 lbs) is the least she weights.
CreepX on Muhammad Ali
Again: Here Ali is standing with 190 cm Larry Holmes: Click Here

Rob: in this pic what do you think the difference is? 1 cm or 1 inch?
James B on Kane
Prime Kane looks 6'9.5 compared to strowman
joe### on Russell Westbrook
Anthony davis was measured 6'8 and then 6'9.25, I think westbrook look a little than this listing here
CreepX on Muhammad Ali
Here Ali is standing with 186 cm Holyfield: Click Here

Rob: Do you really think that it is a 1.25 inch difference between Ali and Holyfield in this picture?
Rory on Clint Eastwood
He looked taller than 6ft 2 in Dirty Harry. Peak he could look anywhere between 6ft 3 or 4. Anywhere in that zone is up for debate. 6ft 2 isn't.
G 5'11 on General Height
@Peter 179cm that's crazy that a kid grew that tall at 13. I knew a couple kids who where 6'+ in middle school some ranged 6'2-6'5 before even hs, not all of them had tall parents which is crazy how genes work. Currently at my gym there's moments where I feel a tad short because there's a legit 6'6 guy who's easily the tallest there everyone there knows him obv haha. Also another 6'5-6'6 range guy who's massive af he can be a bouncer just by his size alone. And recently a guy who might be just a little older then me who seems a legit 6'4-6'5. There's also some significantly shorter but I only notice ppl my height or taller lol curse tallitis and my height obsession.
CD on Mark Wright
Rob how tall would you say Antony Cotton is from Corrie? I thought he could look 5ft 10 but he looks noticeably shorter than Mark Click Here You can also see him with Ian McKellen and a 6ft 4 listed rugby player Click Here Maybe he's more along the lines of 5ft 9?
Editor Rob: Chris I wouldn't have thought he looked more than 5ft 9 there, especially with the rugby player.
CreepX on Mike Tyson
I found the quote supporting Tyson's 5"10' 1/2 claim during his career peak: Click Here

The user "Bigcat" claims here that they measured him multiple times barefeet.
James on Iamsu
1.91? Wow he is very tall. Good for him.
Emily on Gigi Hadid
I'm giving her tops 5'8.5 but that's the top she can be. Next to Zayn she looks like she is the same height with him maybe 1-2 cm taller not more. And here is a picture with Karlie Kloss definitely same heel heights but Karlie towered her. Seems like they have 15-20 cm between their heights. Click Here
Jay on Tom Hiddleston
There are quite a few pictures with him and Chris Evans (5'11"), and they're almost on eye level. It's bugging me.
anon on Dwyane Wade
6'3.75" out of bed. 6'3" before bed.
Aman on Salman Khan
5'10" Salman khan with 5'9" katrina kaif.salman has himself claimed his height as 5'10".
Click Here
miko on John Cena
Cena did look 6'1 with Lesnar back in 2002/2003.

As I've said previously I have seen him close up and he did look 6'0.5/6'0.75 range.

He is taller than The Miz who is listed as 6'0.5 on here, although I think Miz in reality is 6'0 at best.
LM10-196 cm(6'5'') on Kat Dennings
She is about 5'2'' thats it.
J World on Rob Paul
@CS The chances of finding a woman who doesn't only go after tall, dark and handsome guys is very unlikely as its in their biology to go after them type of guys

Of course there are decent women out there who dont conform to societies rules or meet its expectations but they are rare to come accross. The bar is very high nowadays and short red haired guys like myself are bottom of the food chain and are going to lead a life of loneliness and a rejection.
J World on Jack Reynor
Why do red headed guys almost always claim to be blonde??

Anyway I'd say hes around 5'10/11
Mike2 on Charles Hanson
When I Charles Hanson at his auction when he was valuing some items before Christmas he was eye to eye with me and I am 6ft 1.5 ins without any footwear , however he was wearing quite big heeled footwear so I would 6'0.5 to 6'1 not 6'2.
maa on Peter Crouch
just walked past him in London. looks every bit 2 meters.
anon on Nicholas Hoult
looks 6'3" in the listed pic. them legs.
anon on Michael Cera
He might be 175cm exactly, even 5'9" flat.

Hey Rob, what's your opinion on 5'8.75" night height? That's my height, and I feel like I received the cursed title of king of the manlets. People say 5'9" is the cut off stat for short, but the 5'9" range looks tall-ish.
Levi on Conor McGregor
Kim, that's not such a reliable article. They refer to his frame as "145lbs" if he was weighed then and there he'd be far above 145.
anon on Nate Robinson
Nate Robinson 5'7.75" morning 5'7" night.
Isaiah Thomas 5'8.75" morning 5'8" night.
Victor on Jack Reynor
Rob, you think he could be a 1.81?
Editor Rob: he looks close to 5ft 11 to me, wouldn't have thought a solid 181 guy though.
HonestSlovene on Liam Gallagher
@Adam He probably measured that mark earlier in the day. As for his low, I'd say he is 177.5 cm.
CreepX on Sugar Ray Leonard
There is many Pictures featuring Holyfield (186 cm) and Hearns together. 183-184 cm for Hearns seems right.
Moishe Doyle on The Undertaker
Danimal I can give him 6'6 1/2 peak but that's max. He was near 6'8" but only in footwear. That pic of he and Mabel, Mabel doesn't have his head straight if he did, taker may have a 1/2 inch over him.
Moke on Russell Westbrook
So he's been measured 189cm at draft camp, that is- in the morning. Makes him 6'2 during the day. Nothing wrong with that. Same with Ronaldo. Makes sense.
Junior31 on Justin Bieber
Wrs567 said on 17/Jan/17
''Clearly you know nothing about boxing''

@Junior31: I love how you ''knew'' that, when you don't have a clue at all. You don't know my background and where I come from Sir.

For your information I do Box myself and do MMA

You seem to be seething because I just showed Justin is taller than Mayweather. You don't know how height works in my opinion.

Justin Bieber is most likely in regular shoes not ''god knows what''

You seem like an incredibly jealous individual. I suggest you take a break.

Appreciate the psychology class and your theories but how about you stick to the fact that if you do know anything you would know that boxing shoes offer no heels at all and Justin is in shoes. Your closer to the camera nonsense is absurd and doesn't apply to this picture. Any closer to parallel they would be Siamese twins.

What are your theories on that?? Why is Floyd taller in boxing shoes when Justin is wearing "regular" shoes? Why is Floyd noticeably taller when they both have shoes on??? I know! It's because bieber is 5'7!!!

Magic shoes, magic growth spurts. This page is all fandom. When you throw a fact out there or anything concrete it doesn't get answered.

He's 5'7. Talented kid though.
Johnson on Cristiano Ronaldo
@ly the listings stand mathematically. If the celebrity appear 185 cm it can be from 184.5 to 185.4. Just convert the feet and inches to centimetres and you will se what is (6'1 185 cm)
Sandy Cowell on Bradley Walsh
It's funny to think that this is the same actor in 'Law and Order UK' when he's doing his stunt as quizmaster on 'The Chase'! I like it when he can't stop laughing at rude things!
Sometimes, he surprises me with what he actually knows on this quiz and at other times I squirm at his bad grammar. Being a quizmaster, he ought to know better!
I have to admit that Bradley is very open about his height and age! That makes him seem a good, solid, trustworthy person! What you see is what you get and balls to you if you don't like it!
I think he just tops the 5ft8.5 he admits to.
S.J.H on Mehcad Brooks
Feel that Mehcad Brroks holds a strong 6'2 even at night. He might be hitting 6'2.5 in the morning
S.J.H on Morgan Freeman
Lol. Mr President is here. A young freeman might be the taller than those 6'2-6'2.25 guys lsited here
S.J.H on Armie Hammer
Joe manganiello could be dipping into 6'4.5 by evening and armie hammer might falls in strong 6'4.25 so they could look the same height sighted by perception.

Joe 6'4.75 - 6'4.5
Hammer 6'4.5 - 6'4.25
James on Chris Brown
Very good example of real 6 footer. Slightly taller than 1.82 50 cent, so good listing.
S.J.H on Christopher Reeve
If a young tim robbins can be 6'5 then christopher reeve no doubt to be under 6'3.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Triple H
Could drop to 187cm after a long day today
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Sean Connery
If Costner was 186cm then you could argue Sean looked 189cm
The Horse of FUNK on PewDiePie
"Baleks said on 17/Jan/17
I watch pewdiepie from 2012 i can say with certainty that he is 5'10 solid he is not 5'11 and he isn't 5'9 with shoes on ofcourse he is going to be around 5'11 so yeah but he is 5'10 "

And you ascertained this by simply watching him sitting in his chair through his webcam. Well done!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Martin Kemp
He was never much shorter than Tony Hadley
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Bruce Gray
He still looks a solid 6ft w/h Rob
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on David Duchovny
Well, he claimed 6ft and just over 6ft so you can't really argue with this listing. I guess most underestimate how tall a real 6ft guy is
S.J.H on Jack Coleman
I watch some of coleman old movies and tv series i wonder a young jack coleman could be 6'2.75
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Nicolas Cage
Can look 182cm these days
S.J.H on Chris Pine
Yeah Mark, therefore zachary quinto is also 6'0.75
S.J.H on Mischa Barton
I mean she look closer to 5'8.5 but as much as i see her look more in a solid 5'8 range maybe just 5'8.25
S.J.H on Bo Burnham
No. He look right at 6'5 not over and others just look short next to him
Randomdude on Brock Lesnar
that was not even a proper staredown there were way to far back from each other so you couldn't even tell if it was 3 inches or 5

and as I said Lesnar was measured just over 6'2 by the NFL yes 189 is possible on a good day but he is not 190 cm he was atleast 2 inches shorter than legit 6'4 Billy Gunn
S.J.H on Jack Black
Jack Black = Jonah Hill = 5'6.25
Joshua on Dan Bilzerian
Yes sir Rob,thats the picture I wanted to show you. And yeah he's like 5-7 and a half huh?
Jervis on Clint Eastwood
George Kennedy always looked a proper 6ft4 too me,he looked around max 1 inch taller than Clint,but maybe only .5 of an inch taller.If Clint was 6ft2 peak that would put Kennedy in the 6ft2.5 to 6ft3 range?I don't think so.There are plenty of photos of the younger Clint to prove he was not 6ft2 in his younger years more a strong 6ft3 guy IMO.If he was 6ft2 peak then Hackman,Marvin,Heston,Hudson, and many more need between need around 1 inch maybe a bit more reduced from thrir listed heights.
S.J.H on Ashton Kutcher
Kutcher might be just weak side of 6'2.5 like patrick warburton , jeff daniels and one of the phelps twins. Solid 6'2.25
S.J.H on Paul Rudd
Steve carell 175-175.5cm
Paul rudd 174.5-175cm

There is at least a fraction between them or 1/4'. Rob knows it better
John on Brad Pitt
Privacy issues from a fan lol. I love coming and reading this debate.
Sepanta on Mick Foley
He's probably 6ft2 because he is about 1 inch taller that Seth Rollins.
Willes189 on Sean Connery
188.5-189 peak
Willes189 on Nicolas Cage
Show me a picture of Jim Carey being 2 inches taller then Cage
Ray on Stephen Amell
Is 184.5cm range before bed 186.5cm range out of bed on a normal day thus 6'0.75 is the most fair listing or a weak 6'1. Not a full 6'1 with David Ramsey
Johnson on Russell Westbrook
Similar to measured Oladipo 6'3.25. Westbrook looks a legit 6'3

Click Here

Click Here
HonestSlovene on Tom Cruise
@ William Well If Cruise actually is 175 cm then I am about 182-183 cm thank you for that upgrade I guess! (I'm 178-179cm at my lowest btw, Cruise is 171 cm MAX).
6 foot guy with small head on Clancy Brown
in blue steel he walks side by side with richard jenkins aka coakley, and hes barely 1 inch taller. jenkins 6'1".... 5 inches taller than sean penn in badboys....his head is huge which gives him added height....this guy must haveva huge brain. hhhaa
S.J.H on Eddie Redmayne
Eddie Redmayne doesnt look shorter than both 511.5 Benedict Cumberbatch , Jimmy Fallon. More chance i bet on 182cm for Eddie
S.J.H on Benedict Cumberbatch
I think overall i look at it Cumberbatch look a strong 1.5' shorter solid 6'1 mark gatiss. At worst Cumberbatch drop to a solid 5'11.25
S.J.H on David Gandy
I had a friend who was an atual 6'2.25 which i measure him a few times but sadly he can always look weak 6'2 or 6'1 standing alone due to his body structure muscular physical , very broad shoulder and chest bigger thighs thick calf when wear shorts that mix up to look like 6'1 guy alot and his overall proportion look just like david gandy compare to some 6'2 guy with smaller shoulder skinny lower body who can easily look over 6'2 but not at all
S.J.H on Will Arnett
Arnett could look 6'3 close to with 6'3.5 Big Peter with slightly less footwear

Click Here
S.J.H on Charles Barkley

I agree it. Kobe was the tallest and barkley same height as michael jordan while joe manganiello fall behind 3 of them
S.J.H on Kevin Durant
There is some camera advantage for durant standing next to 6'9.5 Dermarcus cousins and a little bad posture for Dermarcus. I don't think the max is 6'10 but 6'9.5 is okay for durant because he look shorter than 6'10 deandre jordan and looking dead on 7.5" taller than 6'2 stephen curry and durant look 1.5" shorter than 6'11 yi jianlian and last he look the same height pattern standing next to possible 6'2.5 russell westbrook when he stand next to 6'2.5 blackie chen. Rob latest upgrade here is accurate

Click Here with 6'10 deandre jordan who was slightly closer to camera

Click Here with 6'11 Yi

Click Here with 6'2 Curry

Click Here with 6'2 Curry (look a strong 19cm taller than curry but not 20cm 8')

Click Here with 6'2 Curry

Click Here with 6'2.5 Blackie
c-mo on Jaleel White
not 179cm ? because thats what I read everywhere
Sandy Cowell on Michelle Heaton
Quite a few years ago, Michelle was on our TV's signing up to a truly arduous experiment. This was to change her normal lifestyle in favour of a very boozy one!
Some might think "oh, that sounds like fun! Count me it!". Believe me, it wasn't fun at all! I think it was even worse than she herself was expecting.
She was, of course, deamed medically fit enough for this test at the onset. Michelle was weighed, her BMI taken, fitness levels, the lot! Drinking to excess over a few weeks really changed how she felt in herself and looked as well. Her weight went up just a few pounds, but her BMI soared, proving how all this drinking was changing her physical make-up. Also, her skin suffered, her eating habits were badly messed up and she felt depressed. I thought it was very sporting of her to do that and to show people that drinking to excess surely is not the way to a happy, healthy body and mind.
Now last night, Michelle was on another programme talking about her struggle with internet slimming pills, once again helping her fellow humans by warning us of their dangers. Admitting this was brave of her and could be just the jolt someone needs in order to come to terms with this problem.
I take my hat off to this 5ft4 lady, who now happily keeps fit and slim with good old fashioned diet and exercise, which is the only way. There are no short cuts or miracle cures, alas! 💁👒
S.J.H on Russell Westbrook
Positive side is stephen curry claiming 6'3 but was no taller than 6'2 yet westbrook claim the same but look 6'2.5 most of time compare to curry
S.J.H on Zach Woods
A legitmate 6'4 get will get guess up to 6'5
S.J.H on David Hasselhoff
Hoff is not under 6'3.75 nowadays but jeff goldblum hard to pin down under 6'4 even thought rob listed goldblum under hoff height
Warren on Justin Bieber
He could be 5'7.75" for me, not saying 5'8"....
Warren on Luke Hemmings
haha, but he could be 6'0 and I expect it, but I still think he is 5'11.5"
Shredder on Mr T
He srunk big time , he looks barely over 5' ft 9 with 50 Cent
Mark(5'9.25") on PewDiePie
Pewdiepie listing is fine. However, Markiplier is going to be the hardest celebrity for finding about his height.

Edit* Also for those of anyone wondering, I'm not Markiplier. I have a flat hair style compared to him, and I don't always were glasses.
Peter 179cm on General Height
@ Kaneff I knew a kid who was maybe 13 years old and had already reached his father's height which was about 198cm.I heard he grew even taller after that but i haven't seen him in like 3 years so either he stopped growing at 6'6 or is now easily over 6'7.Thing is he was easily the tallest kid in YEARS at my school and i don't know if tennis and basketball played a role(he played both of them excessively although he sucked at bball lol but competed at tennis tournaments all the time) but sure thing is he got the height gene from his father who also was atleast 200cm at his peak.Anything is possible with height...
Joe on Vin Diesel
What the guy below me said was right.

Vin Diesel is an insecure manlet. In the same league of insecure manlets like Robert Downey Jr and Stallone.
Editor Rob: He loves big boots and looking tall, but I wouldn't call him an insecure manlet. The guy has managed to make a very decent career in film, something 1 out of 10000 who attempt, fail at.

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