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30 March
joe 193cm night on Football Soccer
Appe 6ft 0.5,Pogba is 190cm
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" on General Height
Dwarfed commonly at 5'10"? That can't be forthright.
Connor6'0 on Rob Paul
@Arch Stanton is this better?Click Here
Gaza2121 on Mark Wahlberg
I don't think he looks as tall as 5'8" to be honest.
Y2A on Rob Paul
Thanks for your completely desperate spinning of the photos to avoid conceding that you were wrong about me, Andrea.

I'm almost a full head taller than Eve Myles (5'6) with similar footwear. If that's what a 5'10 range person looks like next to 5'6 woman then I'm a Wiccan. Compare with what Rob looks like beside a 5'2 person like Linda Blair. Difference is almost identical. Also, I have 2+ inches on James Marsters with a footwear disadvantage, something you've seen fit to ignore for your convenience.

Camera advantage with Kristanna Loken? It was taken in the same photoshoot area as all the others, with the same setup.

I have over 4 inches on Shauna MacDonald (5'6) as well with near 2 inches footwear disadvantage. But please, by all means continue to live in denial. The only way I'm ever going to break down your smug, conceited demeanour and have you admit conclusively that you completely underestimated me is if Rob meets me in person, and we'll have ourselves the smoking gun. And that may well happen if I have the time and the money to attend LFCC this year. Until then, I really cannot bring myself to give the slightest damn about your adorable little crusade against me.
truth2 on General Height
@Cam123 Around 5ft7
Alexxx on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
On this picture with:

Ronda Rousey: 170cm
Arnold Schwarzenegger: 182cm

For me The Rock does not look like 196cm

Click Here
Judd on User Heights
connor, IMO if you keep bad posture you could be 5'11.25" by 70 and 5'10.5" by 80. I think you could get lower with the dowager's hump...
Jaden on John Cena
john is about 6ft1 he is 2nd strongest

Kourosh on General Height
There is no way on earth 5'10 guy can be described tall. I'm 5'10 with shoes and i get dwarfed many times by tall young Caucasians. 6'2 6'4 is common height in big crowds like in malls or festivals.

Last night i was in an events for F1 (Formula 1) where i got dwarfed by 7 or 8 6'3 + guys. They were plenty of 6'0 and 5'11 guys were there too which that made me short guy.

I noticed few 5'10 to 6'0 young girls as well.
MD on Height Request

Wow, those are some fairly good pics of Zedd. I'm firmly convinced, now, that this guy is not more than 5'8".
6 foot 2 poor guy on General Height
no. 6 foot 4 is a my ideal height. my dream and fantasy. "6 foot 4."
James B on Snoop Dogg
I thought he looked more 6'3.5 if Hulk Hogan is 6'3 flat
MD on Liam Payne
Only with these boybands do you have scads of fans constantly trying to upgrade them. No, Harry is not 6'0". No, Liam is not 5'10". No, the tallest guys in 5SOS are not the nearly 6-foot they are bizarrely listed.
James B on Chris Noth
Could pass for 6'2
MD on Luke Hemmings
These guys were at two American music award shows over the weekend, and not one Getty image has them standing next to celebrities of known height. I can't believe how little evidence there in terms of them being photographed with other celebs. It's almost a conspiracy. lol Let's be clear, it's lucky if the tallest one is a full 5'11".
James B on David Beckham
Beckham could be dipping into 179cm these days with all his years being an athlete and injuries a fraction of height loss is not impossible. With Prince William I dont think becks looks a legit 5'11 either.
MD on Louis Tomlinson
To continue to post them doesn't make them any more correct. In fact, it's just spam when you do that.
2toes on General Height
Calling 5'10" "tall" in anglo-saxon countries is hilarious.

I'm from Spain and here 5'10" isn't even 2 centimeters more than the total intermediate height for the 20-35 age bracket, let alone England, Australia or Ireland.
2toes on General Height
5'10_Tommy says on 29/Mar/15
Im 5'10 (178cm) and i feel tall most of the time. I live in the states and people are 5'8 ,5'9 on average. Most people describe me as a tall guy.

You must live in a Mexican neighboorhood, because if you go to a high class- white neighboorhood like the ones in Orange County, California, at 5'10" you'll get dwarfed most of the time.
Bammer on Kristen Stewart
I think the fanatic Kristen Stewart fans finally discovered this site!

- 5'6" LOL :D
James B on Brock Lesnar
I thought a week ago on raw brock looked 187cm compared to reigns
James B on Kane
In phils pic i'd say kane looks just about 6'9.5 but then is big show hunching down a bit?
Newhere on Harry Styles
Rob, hhahaa, he is not asked for his height in the video I posted lol..
[Editor Rob: the reply was meant to be to the other video posted, the one Liam hesitates. Walking around he doesn't look like a 6ft guy, the average is still within that 5ft 9 range in America.]
Alex on Zayn Malik
I think he is 5'7 flat
Alex on Louis Tomlinson
No these are the real heights : niall 5'6.5-5'7. Louis 5'7 zayn 5'6.5-5'7 harry 5'8.5-5'8.75 liam 5'9-5'9.5
Jim on Kevin Smith
Only 5'7!
mike 1.82 on Brian J White
in Suits tv show he looks 1 or 2 cm shorter than Gabriel macht listed 1.83cm. ridiculus hieght claim. this dude is 1.80 - 1.82 barefoot
Ally on Lea Michele
5'2 seems correct for Lea
word1234 on Nick Jonas
Click Here

Nick with his girlfriend who's listed at 5'5 I'll say it again nick is 5'6.75. That is your most accurate listing.
mike 1.82 on Christian Bale
1.80- 1.81 bale. Copper 1.83 max hugh jackman 1.85- 1.86 max.
mike 1.82 on Gabriel Macht
i cant understand just saw patrick j adams is listed 1.82 cm and others pages 1.83 cm. He looks 2 cm shorter than gabriel . So gabriel use lifts? our maybe he's 1.84?
mike 1.82 on Gabriel Macht
i think he is a true 1.83 cm barefoot, patrick j adams loks 1.81cm next to him
Ally on Jenna Ushkowitz
She's listed as 5'4 on Google which seems incorrect but looks around the same height as Lea who is 5'2. So 5'1 seems about right.
[Editor Rob: she is as she claims, 5ft 1. I seen her once and in average heels wasn't quite at my eyelevel...]
nona on Aishwarya Rai
Good to see the tall Miss India's. I am sure both touch or cross 6 ft like Yukta Mookhey but for obvious reasons they have reduced their heights to 5'11.5". Anyways both have gorgeous slim bodies and weigh about 65 kgs unlike Yukta who weighed 75 kgs during the pagaent and now weighs a whopping 90 kgs
SID on Kane
Phil you got to realize he's wearing monster boots
gman on Danny DeVito
I think he's a great actor and have met him and Rhea and they are both way below 5 foot tall. My wife is 5' nothing so I know what that looks like. As a executive jet pilot we were in very close proximity. I'm guessing 4' 8"...
Charon540 on Tia Carrere
171 cm is spot on
29 March
Sean73 on Jim Caviezel
A strong 6'1" guy to me.I put him at 6'1.25" in the evening.I saw him in chicago not to long ago and he was at least my height,and i'm 6'1" flat.
JB on Tom Cruise
I agree with Parker. Probably lots of 5 foot 9 or self-measured "5 foot 10" guys who's egos were crushed when they met Tom and realized he's relatively the same size as them. Don't get me wrong, I still think Tom is in the 5'7" height range, but he's not the midget people make him out to be.
TJE on 2 Chainz
Nick Young is 6'5, not 6'7.
Height Correct on Justin Bieber
justin beiber barefoot measures 1.67 in elevators 1.73 + 1.75 hair
president snow on Colton Haynes
this guy is definetely 5'7"~5'8", there is no chance a 5'9"-5'10" guy would look that short in arrow. NO CHANCE
he is short. and what is short? below 5'8, and I would definetely go with 5'7" on the dot
Sal on Nikki Sixx
I would love to see the Kerrang matthew trippe/nikki sixx comparisons
Charon540 on Barbara Palvin
Barbra Palvin and Zayn Malik (171 cm)
Click Here

Barbara Palvin w/ Niall Horan (171 cm)
Click Here
Click Here
coolkid on Zendaya
I have Peyton list listed at 5'7" and here she is with Zendaya Click Here can't tell what shoes Peyton is wearing though. They look similar
Charon540 on Barbara Palvin
Justin Bieber (169-170 cm) and Barbra Palvin
Click Here

Justin Bieber (169-170 cm) and Cara Delevigne
Click Here

Both of the photos together
Click Here
Charon540 on Jeremy Bulloch
He looks like a weak 5ft 10
Charon540 on Barbara Palvin
Barbara Palvin and Zayn Malik (171 cm) Click Here

Barbara Palvin and Niall Horan (171 cm) Click Here
Click Here
GP on Tom Cruise
Parker, Tom is a big star, you get lot of media attention. So they gonna start nitpicking to find something negative to write about him. In his case, it's his height and his religion. You can't talk about his religion, but when he claims he is average height and in reality he is below average and regularly wears lifts in his shoes, now you gave the media something to write about you. I don't think media brainwashes people, people chose to believe what they want. Some people wanna see Tom as a midget, so they can feel less insecure about their own insecurities. I don't even know why people read those gossip magazines, everything pretty much is made up. In my opinion people wanna be told what to believe rather than using their own mind and try to see the truth.
waringo on General Height
short peoples say:
very good tier 175, 176cm
great tier 177, 178, 179cm
demi god tier 180, 181cm
god tier 182, 183, 184cm
demi good 185, 186cm
great tier 187, 188, 189cm
very good tier 190, 191, 192cm

tall peoples say:
very good tier 182, 183, 184cm
great tier 185, 186cm
demi god tier 187, 188, 189cm
god tier 190, 191, 192cm
demi god tier 193, 194cm
great tier 195, 196cm
very good tier 197, 198, 199cm

fence sitters(me) say:
very good tier 177, 178, 179cm
great tier 180, 181, 182cm
demi god tier 183, 184, 185cm
god tier 186, 187, 188cm
demi god tier 189, 190, 191cm
great tier 192, 193, 194cm
very good tier 195, 196, 197cm
LO on Tom Cruise
i doubt many would make fun of him if he wasn't always wearing lifts. AS someone mentioned 5'7 isn't really short. It's just 2-3 inches short of average. everyone knows someone who is 5'7. It'd be 1 thing if Cruise was 5'4. Heck even Michael J Fox is 5'4 and people got over that but they continue to pick on Cruise who is 3 inches taller.
special forces on Brad Pitt
Amazing how Pitt has made a career of having everyone believe he is tall. Years ago I'd have believed he was 6 foot even. But now I'm thinking he's 5'10. Probably right. Wrong choice for Achilles in Troy btw
jkkkk on General Height
so what is the average height of guys from
Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands? I'd wager the Eastern Europeans average at 179 and the Scandinavians are 181 and the Germanic guys are 182-3.
fj on Jake Gyllenhaal
5'11. A legit 5'11 man. In films he always looks average to tall. He can easily get away with saying 6 feet though.
Tunman on Rob Paul
Rob,at what age do we generally start to look clearly shorter than our height?my father at 62 seems to have a much poorer posture than say 5 years ago.
I have no doubts he was 184 in his heyday but today despite being probably 6' he really looks too often 5'11-11.5.Any advices to counter the posture loss?
[Editor Rob: I think by mid 60's it will become noticeable to family, especially if posture has worsened in the early 60's and the person carries themselves lower.
Other family might think the person is a good inch or so smaller than they used to be...they may not be quite that low, some posture is contributing to an appearance of a larger loss.]
Danimal on Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
Close to 5'9" barefoot.
Danimal on Angelina Love
Would you have let her bodyslam or suplex you rob? ;-)
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't object, although she had a no touching rule I think in photos, I'm sure some men at times can put hands where they ain't supposed to go.]
Danimal on Andre The Giant
James B says on 1/Mar/15
Was hogan 6'5.5?

Could have been, but I would not discount a full 6'6" for him up until 1990 or so.
Panda on Tom Cruise
Parker, they couldn't even get Cameron Diaz's real height correct. Cameron Diaz is 5'8" so of course Tom Cruise isn't going to be much shorter than her, he's not under 5'7" for sure so naturally they will be about the same height. The media can be really stupid at times. Picking on a guy simply because he is 2-3 inches below average (even then the media wants him to be SHORTER) when he has other qualities that deserve getting crap.
Yung maury povich on Big Sean
I met Big Sean at a mall here in Los Angeles,an he's around the same height as my gf. 5'7 1/2 real cool guy by the way though.
Hypado on Brendan Fehr
Brendan Fehr looks 1 cm shorter than 184 cm David Boreanaz, 183 cm is the right.
a on Psy
@truth: the british are actually on the taller spectrum of europeans, except for the more northern countries

also, i have to say that the tallest asians i have ever seen are the chinese. if you go to northern china, you will find that most people are above average height, and that there are many modeling agencies placed there specifically because people there are so much taller. it's not uncommon for women there to be close to 6ft

i'm actually surprised psy is 5'7. it's not uncommon for male kpop idols to be shorter than that, but this is definitely believable.
a on Psy
@truth: the british are actually on the taller spectrum of europeans, except for the more northern countries

i'm actually surprised psy is 5'7. it's not uncommon for male kpop idols to be shorter than that, but this is definitely believable.
ichsi on James McAvoy
I stood next to him last week and would say that a weak 5'7'' is accurate. I'm 100% convinced now though that he wears lifts to red carpet events.
SomeGuy on Henry Cavill
With Christopher Nolan:
Click Here

Rob, in you opinion, is that 3 cm difference?
[Editor Rob: doesn't look any less than 4cm at least...but then if Henry is standing at best posture and Nolan half inch less posture it can make sense.]
joe 193cm night on Joe Manganiello
Kevin Nash is to me now 6'10 rt below and slightly shorter than Kristian Nairn, it can Joe few mm below this mark during the day
Dmeyer on User Heights
I Know 2 Guys for 15 years one Is 55 and looks to havé l'ost à solid 2cm the other claims 181cm and looks 180cm at 75 hé l'ost 1cm by 75 yrs old thé other l'ost 2cm by 55 , m'y father in low was 179cm l'ost about 2cm by 62 m'y father was about 174cm 15 years back and today solid 5'7.75 was 5'8 5 yrs back but looks more 5'7.75 today , and was 5'8.75 peak 1in hé Is 68 thaugh , hé claims 176 but looked 174 by éarly 50s so was Max 175cm , some by 55-60 drop 2cm others at 70 1cm
The Last Son on Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill and 5ft 11.25in Christopher Nolan.
Click Here

Henry Cavil and 6ft 1.5in Mark Strong.
Click Here
The Last Son on Christopher Nolan
Henry Cavill and Christopher Nolan.
Click Here
joe 193cm night on Tyler Mane
Ali Baba is 197-198-199
Lorne??? on Denis Leary
Btw, he is 57 years old, so he has surely lost a fraction.

Does anyone have a guess on Daniel Sunjata? He is at least 2cm taller than him, and Daniel's over 6ft himself...
yeah right on Liam Payne
He's not unsure, he's simply lying. It would be funny, to see both One Direction and 5 SOS in full squads next to each other, with the shortest member of Australian BB being taller than the tallest one from the British group.
my Mom on Kendall Jenner
my mom thought she was like 5´8-5´9....
RoelC on Andre The Giant
Chaz says on 28/Mar/15
their feet are in line,Haystacks only looks closer the camera because he's bigger,and the camara is over he's side,use A tape measure on the screen there is no way they are 3 size bigger,they are the same size as Big Shows about a 18 US size tops,

When Andre wrestled in the UK they claimed he had a size 17 shoe. That would equal a size 18 in the US.

Andre is standing next to the referee, whereas Haystacks is clearly standing in front of him. So Haystacks is closer to the camera.
Haystacks wasn't bigger than Andre at the time. This picture was taken during their tag-match in New Zealand in 1980. They billed Haystacks at 7ft, 34st & Andre at 7ft4, 35st. If Haystacks was heavier than Andre, a serious wrestling promoter would bill him heavier and don't miss on the chance of claiming Andre was facing someone bigger than him.
HD on Bono
Met Bono in 1986 backstage in Hampton, VA. I'm 5'6" and I looked down on him.
SportsHeight on Peyton Manning
Rob, Tom Brady was measured at 6'4.375" at the 2000 NFL Combine. This measurement was presumably taken either in the late morning or the early afternoon. Using the site's quarter-inch system, would you list him at 6'4.25" or 6'4.5"?
[Editor Rob: 6ft 4.25]
Amaze on Rob Paul
Rob why do you think 6'2 is such an attractive height? sure 6'0, 6'1, 6'3 gets alot of love, but why is 6'2 the special one ? i asked so many people at school what height they would wanna be, believe it or not EVERYONE said 6'2. asked my family members, 5'11 dad said 6'2, my 184cm bro said he doesn't wanna be any taller but if he had the option he said 6'2, so any ideas thoughts on why 6'2 is so popular?
[Editor Rob: I'm not sure what large studies say. If a women was choosing the ideal height, she might go lower on average, it might turn out 6ft was the average ideal!

But for a guy, 6ft 2 is tall enough, but it's not so tall.]
Bishop on Drake
J. Cole should have a page on here. Here are some pics to get a good idea of how tall he is.

With 5'10" Jason Derulo:
Click Here

With 6'6.25" Carmelo Anthony:
Click Here

With Jay-Z:
Click Here

Another pic with Drake:
Click Here

Looks 189 cm.
Amaze on General Height
short is only below 5'8, or below 5'9 if you're in the netherlands/denmark scandanavian countries. 5'10 is average height. good height.


yeah most 16 year olds get 2 inches. but i'd say then 5'10 is tall for a 16 year old, 17 year old 5'11, and 18+ onwards 6'0 is tall for them because 18 onwards your an adult and to be a tall adult+ you have to be 183cm/6'0
Oggy on Bruce Grobbelaar
Would love to see more goalkeepers on the site, they seem to inflate their heights enormously, especially David Ospina (quoted 6'0), Hugo Lloris (quoted 6'2), Shay Given(quoted 6'1).
Arch Stanton on Height Request
At 0:15 he does look as low as 5'3" but not standing his best. At 0:26 he's looking a little over 2 inches below Cleese's chin. Cleese might have a 10 inch head. Somewhere in 5 ft 4.5-5'5 range is quite possible actually. I think Connie was a little taller and she was listed at 5 ft 6. Perhaps she was 5 ft 5 and Manuel 5'4.5. I dunno, it's worth looking into. Cleese's height looks pretty awesome at the beginning of that clip.
WATCHER on Geraldo Rivera
saw Geraldo standing next to Danny DeVito. Geraldo was about 3 inches taller. I'd say he is 5'2" to 5'3" MAX.
Bishop on Louis Tomlinson
I remember the days when trolling wasn't so blatantly obvious.
Bishop on 2 Chainz
Nick Young had a pre-draft measurement of 6'5" (If he's even that, look at his pics with Kobe).
JT on Andre The Giant
Haystacks’ boot is actually longer than Andre’s but the camera is a little closer to Haystacks. Click Here

In one of these videos, Mean Gene said he wore a size 9 Click Here Cowboy boots are usually longer than regular shoes of the same size though b/c of the pointed toe.

IIRC Chris from this site had an Andre footprint that measured 13 inches long.
Arch Stanton on Bernard Cribbins
Rob are you sure on almost 5 ft 9? See 3:45 here with Andrew Sachs Click Here If you look at most comparisons with Cleese and Sachs it's clearly at least a foot so anything over 5 ft 5 for Sachs is too high. Cribbins doesn't look taller than 5'7" range there to me.
[Editor Rob: somewhere in 5ft 8 range for bernard I believe is quite possible, he does have several inches on Andrew from that brief moment.]
James Edward Crowley on General Height
Any under 55 is young not under 44 your still young at 44 55 is the start
of middle age not 45 like it used to old age starts at 75 for males and 70 for females old age used too start at 60 for females and 65 for males not
women lose their hormones but men never lose their hormones men continue
until they drop i will never lose my strength never meaning i will
never lose my hormones never.
Click Here
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Click Here See 0:26 5'4 range might be possible, not sure 5'5 range.
Yo on Bella Thorne
Taller than her 5'8 sister Click Here
62B on Andre The Giant
Thanks RoelC. I did not realize they weren't the same person
Yo on Zendaya
I'd say between 5'8-5'9
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Click Here Prunella actually looks taller than Connie there!
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Click Here See what I mean there! You have Prunella at 5 ft 3 and has probably lost height since then. We can't see footwear though.
[Editor Rob: I could buy 5ft 5 range for Andrew, 5ft 3-4 I just can't remember him looking that short, nowadays he might be heading into that zone though.]
cole on Height Request
@Editor Rob: Could you add Ben Mandelsohn? He looks somewhere in mid/high 5'10 range, near 5'11 at times.
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Dunno, I thought he was shorter than Connie Booth who I thought was about 5 ft 5 herself. Perhaps you could add her too. I've got the box set, I'll rewatch them again sometime. Click Here She looks a bit taller there. I see 5'6 listed on the database but I'm not sure she really looked it. If she's 5 ft 5 then 5'4 range for Sachs is possible. Not quite as short as I was thinking seeing him with Connie.
Yo on Bella Thorne
She claims 5'8 not 5'7, she haas said it many times on twitter
just because on Joe Manganiello
Click Here For the conan joe mangianello segment they dont both stand straight at the same time so its hard to judge but close to the same height
Connor6'0 on Rob Paul
Yes your site is brill Rob, I always enjoy spending my time on here, after all the hard work and effort you made into making the site yoh should be proud of your work, your site has been a great success.
[Editor Rob: thanks, hopefully it will continue for years to come.]
Connor6'0 on User Heights
I cant remember if ive asked you this before Rob but is 5'11.25 tall for a 70 year old man? and 5'10 is tall for an 80 year old man?
[Editor Rob: yes, when you reach that age it will still be tall for your age range.]
Connor6'0 on Rob Paul
@Arch Stanton if I could grin I would but if I tried to I'd scare people off.
Hypado on Kellan Lutz
Kellan Lutz's height is 6ft 0.25in (183,6 cm)

183,6 or maybe 184,0 cm for Lutz.
Swain on Tyler James Williams
he is shorter than you rob!
Hypado on John Mayer
John Mayer height: 6ft 2.75in (190 cm)
Judd on Mads Mikkelsen
Honest 182 cms guy! 5'11.75" is fair!
Hypado on Danny Huston
I did not expect he was so tall.

Looks 6ft 2 in the tv series Magic City. 188 cm for Danny Huston.
Andrea on Rob Paul
Hey, Y2A. Welcome back :)
In these new pictures you can look anywhere between 5'10 and 5'11 but still not 6', no offense. With Kristianna Loken you can look a bit taller than 5'11 but you also have some camera advantage... Don't know where you see 6'1, honestly!
Hypado on Colin Firth
Colin Firth

Peak: 6ft 1.75in , 187 cm
Now: 6ft 1in , 185 cm
Hypado on Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey height: 6ft 1.5in (186,6 cm)

6ft 1.5in is, in fact, 186,6 or 186,7 cm.
Rizzle on Gerard Butler
Evidence for him being downgraded doesn't get any stronger than this. Mel & Gerard wearing sandals.

Click Here

Needs sorting asap.
Greg on Jodie Marsh
Oh yes!
Chaz on Andre The Giant
62B says on 29/Mar/15
I could not find a clip of Andre vs Haystacks, but I did find Haystacks vs Ernie Ladd in '75 and Andre vs Ernie Ladd in '76. Ladd is noticeably taller than Haystacks, probably 3", and Andre is noticeably taller than Ladd, Maybe 3".Seeing that Rob lists Haystacks at 6'7.5" there could be an argument for Andre being over 7' in the mid 70's. Personally I think Andre was probably 7' peak just like Rob has him listed. Jt's photo is clearly not a good for comparison, for one Andre is loosing significant height in his stance, then Haystacks is closer to the camera, yes there feet are close, but Haystacks is turned with his back to the camera, and we see Andre side view staring him down. What we do see as good comparison in this photo is that Andre's hands and feet were several sizes larger than Haystacks.

Click Here

Click Here

That is not Giant Haystacks that is 6'1-2'' 450lbs Haystacks Calhoun, he;s nowere nere Giant Haystacks size lol
Rifle on General Height
That's probably because the pic was taken in the evening( 7 P.M.)
5'10_Tommy on General Height
Im 5'10 (178cm) and i feel tall most of the time. I live in the states and people are 5'8 ,5'9 on average. Most people describe me as a tall guy.

@ shortguy12345 , stop trolling please.
BorkLaser on Hulk Hogan
With Cena and Reigns: Click Here
BorkLaser on John Cena
With Reigns and Hogan: Click Here
BorkLaser on Roman Reigns
Reigns with Cena and Hogan: Click Here
The Master on Alec Newman
From watching Frankenstein and Waterloo Road, I think he is a solid 5'9. Rob, can you add them to his credits, thanks.
Joel12 on Rob Paul
thanks rob for your this site!
another question i have is how many inches/cm in average(again, for a tall guy like me 6'1-2) there is between just under the nose to the top of the head?
[Editor Rob: I'd expect around the 7 inch range for that, but if you had a small head for your height and a smaller nose it could be more around 6 inches.]
RoelC on Andre The Giant
62B says on 29/Mar/15
I could not find a clip of Andre vs Haystacks, but I did find Haystacks vs Ernie Ladd in '75 and Andre vs Ernie Ladd in '76. Ladd is noticeably taller than Haystacks, probably 3", and Andre is noticeably taller than Ladd, Maybe 3".Seeing that Rob lists Haystacks at 6'7.5" there could be an argument for Andre being over 7' in the mid 70's. Personally I think Andre was probably 7' peak just like Rob has him listed. Jt's photo is clearly not a good for comparison, for one Andre is loosing significant height in his stance, then Haystacks is closer to the camera, yes there feet are close, but Haystacks is turned with his back to the camera, and we see Andre side view staring him down. What we do see as good comparison in this photo is that Andre's hands and feet were several sizes larger than Haystacks.

That's Haystacks Calhoun, not Giant Haystacks! Haystacks Calhoun was a big wrestler in size, but not in height.
Jack on Louis Tomlinson
this the real
Harry 183
Liam 180
Niall 175
Louis 175
David on Tyler Mane
Ali Baba is 197cm
Phil on Kane
Click Here!
shivaya on Kane Hodder
i think he is a solid 6'1
Appe 6ft 0.5 on Football Soccer
Today I watched the charity match in Liverpool with a lot of old glories... Today fernando Torres looked to me to be only a flat 6ft next to players as Luis Suarez John terry and Steven G
Dmeyer on Sylvester Stallone
Banderas is. 173-174cm and wears boots statham is 175cm snipes is 174-175cm sly Still pulls off 175-176cm with Them alot but does he have a small lift
Oanh on Andre The Giant
their feet are in line,Haystacks only looks closer the camera because he's bigger,and the camara is over he's side,use A tape measure on the screen there is no way they are 3 size bigger,they are the same size as Big Shows about a 18 US size tops,

The tape measurement is not an accurate way of determining the size because of the different angles they are standing at. If his foot was lined up evenly with Haystacks foot it's clear to see it would be bigger. Heck, even at that angle it still looks bigger to the eye. Haystacks was a huge man and so was Andre. The difference was Andre was taller, bigger hands, and feet.
Dario on General Height

5ft 8 is almost exactly average for a 16 year old in the uk who is active and sleeps regularly. On average at that age you can gain about 2 inches and then that's about it. Tall for a 16 year old is at least 5ft 11, maybe even 6ft 0.
Connor6'0 on User Heights
So Rob if I dip to either 1/4 or a 1/2 inch under 6'0 by 60, Ill probably be 5'11-5'11.25 when I'm 70? then in my 80's I will have shrunk to 5'10 or 5'10.5?
[Editor Rob: I'd expect you to be about 5ft 11 by 70 and 5ft 10 by 80. But, you might beat the average and only be 5ft 11.25 by 70.]
Connor6'0 on Arnold Schwarzenegger
I was joking Rob lol, but no he hasn't had leg lengthening surgery and hes definitely way under 6'0 today, I wouldnt be suprised if he'd measure 5'11 today or a fraction under it, arnie is shrinking!.
Charon540 on Lil Wayne
@Bishop Haha, in his dreams!! lol
Sam on Harry Styles
There is no way he looks anywhere near 6'2 or even 6'1 for that matter. Even with lifts you can still tell he has the body frame of a 5'9 range guy IMO, although newest pictures might suggest he's shorter than that. i'm surprised Zayne looks taller than him in one of the photos, who I think is around 5ft7 - 5ft8 like Rob has him listed.
Judd on User Heights
Dmeyer i said several times that IMO a person who is always taller than a value can claim to be taller: in your case, if someone hedge the range 181-183 cms (evening lowest-morning highest) than he should claim 181 cms but if someone is always taller than 181 but not always 182 cms, however always closer to 182 or at least in the middle, then I would say he's 182 cms...
My cousin is maybe 184 cms out of bed (I don't know) but however he's in the 181.8-182,2 cms range at his low (it depends day by day) and I think he's an honest 182 cms guy!
Y2A on Dolph Ziggler
Dolph isn't standing anywhere close to his tallest in that HHH photo.... and that Ryback photo? Are you serious? Ziggler is stooping considerably and it's taken from a low angle which only serves to distort height even further.

You have got to be a troll. No rational person would consider any of those photos to be credible evidence.
satya on Joe Manganiello
lol funny how u guys always underestimate a guys height or deny his claim. I know most lie but com'on this guys a legit 6'5 see him next to kevin nash whos 6'10 and they seem the same. Even on wwe raw he looked a good 3-4inches on hulk hogan and was a giant beside arnold schawrtzneggar. hes 6'5 legit
Y2A on Rob Paul
Hey Rob. I'm going to back to posting as myself now because thanks to the photos I got at NFCC this weekend I think I have some cold hard evidence to back up me being a weak 6ft.

I held my breath and did my best to stand with military posture for all of the shoots. I was wearing relatively standard Nike Support Zone running sneakers on both days.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Eve was wearing sneakers similar to my own, James Marsters was in Doc Marten-type boots so he had roughly 0.25-0.5 more footwear, Gareth David-Lloyd was wearing wedge-style boots similar to these (Click Here) so I think he also had a fraction more. Strangely enough I actually look near 6'1 with Kristanna Loken even though she had identical or slightly bigger footwear (she was wearing boots which looked similar to these- Click Here) Finally, Shauna MacDonald was wearing wedges roughly this size (Click Here) so I'd estimate she had around 1.5-2 inches' footwear advantage.

If nothing else these photos prove I'm well over 5'10 as everyone on the User Heights page was adamant I am and a weak 6ft, 182cm range, is where I'd more than likely measure, given how I'm taller than two people you know to be 5'11 with a footwear disadvantage. If you've got anything to weigh in with I'm all ears.

[Editor Rob:

It's good you managed to attend another event and hold your best posture for your photos.

Maybe in the past you have found yourself standing looser and so you give an overall impression that isn't what you'd expect 6ft to look like.

I did a video earlier today actually talking about getting photoshoots and a little about postures, Click Here.

Some of that might apply to yourself.

In the future if you stand at your tallest, my tip would be to try to keep your eyes more level.

Newhere on Harry Styles
what do you mean by "Hesitating and what to decide"? don't understand Rob.
[Editor Rob: he's asked his height and he takes time to give the answer, it's a good sign he's thinking about what to say rather than coming straight out with a real height.]
Mat 5'10 on Adetokumboh M'Cormack
@ 5'10 man

5'10" = 177.8 , So 177-178 is not a weak 5'10... If you are over 177.5 then you are legit
Axaros on Michael Fassbender
Mmmm... 5'.10.75''??
Arch Stanton on David Beckham
All of the boys are more like Victoria, especially around the eyes Click Here , none of them look that obviously like David. I'd say Cruz looks the most like both of them, Brooklyn the least. The Brooklyn kid is a bit irritating, tries too hard to look cool. Romeo on the otherhand looks effortlessly cool.
Andrea on Clive Owen
Yeah, so if someone says to have bad posture a lot of the time, he gets bigger benefits of doubt? Words aren't enough! I've seen him in a few movies and photos and, while it is true he sometimes doesn't stand at his tallest and can look only 6', i have hard time to believe he'd manage to get another couple inches! In this picture he doesn't look taller than that guy and maybe even a bit shorter! 6'2 seems virtually impossible! This posture thing seems to be the only thing to mantain him at 6'2... It could be a new "trick" for celebrities: " if you wanna get a higher listing on celebheights, say you have bad posture"! Let's just hope Sly or Arnie won't read this thing or they'll get upgraded at their peak heights soon! :)
62B on Andre The Giant
I could not find a clip of Andre vs Haystacks, but I did find Haystacks vs Ernie Ladd in '75 and Andre vs Ernie Ladd in '76. Ladd is noticeably taller than Haystacks, probably 3", and Andre is noticeably taller than Ladd, Maybe 3".Seeing that Rob lists Haystacks at 6'7.5" there could be an argument for Andre being over 7' in the mid 70's. Personally I think Andre was probably 7' peak just like Rob has him listed. Jt's photo is clearly not a good for comparison, for one Andre is loosing significant height in his stance, then Haystacks is closer to the camera, yes there feet are close, but Haystacks is turned with his back to the camera, and we see Andre side view staring him down. What we do see as good comparison in this photo is that Andre's hands and feet were several sizes larger than Haystacks.

Click Here

Click Here
annon on Gene Hackman
So please tell me rob, if hes 6'2 than how was he an inch shorter than 6'1.5 will smith in enemy of the state?
[Editor Rob: were they inside scenes, not seen the film for a while but by then Gene could have lost an inch.]
Height183 on David Beckham
Seen a recent picture of David and Brooklyn and he did look 5'7''. It's really hard to pin down people who could be growing. Let's just see how tall he ends up. He's got to grow 4 more inches if he wants to be the same height as his Dad. Realistically he's got a short 2 years to do that.
Height183 on Triple H
Rob, if you could please watch this video. It's just from the other day. You can clearly see that even Arnie is taller than Vince! watch the end. Both Triple H and Vince need a good downgrade.

Click Here

@Alex 6'0'': You couldn't be more right Alex.
uhoh on Arnold Schwarzenegger
My height fluctuates about 2.3cm a day. Arnold probably loses the same amount too daily.
John on Steve Coogan
5'9.75 is a fraction too high
5'8 is definitely too low
5'9 or 5'9.5 is the best for him
Usually looks about 2 inches shorter than legit 5'11 actors
Appe 6ft 0.5 on Football Soccer
@joe varane at 191 always seemed right, pogba is very close to it maybe a fraction under but he is not under 190
anonymous510 on Enrique Iglesias
Looking at the episode of two and half men where he is guest starring, the guy seems omly a little taller than 5'9" charlie sheen and charlie doesnt wear lifts so at best around 183-184 cm, his lean disposition makes him seem taller
Jacob on Freddie Mercury
I always thought this guy was a solid 6 footer, or even 6'2". Really surprised to see he's only 5'9", what the hell..?
Bishop on Justin Bieber
Zac Efron claimed 5'8" at first for himself. He can look taller because he tends to wear lifts at times (especially during premieres) and hold very good posture + his hair. Hutcherson at 5'5.5" is believable, but that's the most I would guess for him. But the pics of Bieber with Mayweather is too much to argue anything over 5'7".
Alex1960 on Zooey Deschanel
she is 5'6".
Bishop on Jennifer Lopez
5'4" max. Check out her recent premiere pics with Rihanna.
Mat 5'10 on Rob Paul
Rob I grew from 5'8.5 to 5'9.5 between 14-15 years old and then I stopped for like 3 whole years and didn't gain anything. Then, during 18-19 I grew another half inch and right now I'm standing at 5'10. I'm turning 20 in May. Do you think my growth rate was normal these years? My dad is 5'11 and mom is 5'7.
[Editor Rob: seems strange to basically go 3 years without anything! Never seen such a gap before...]
Amaze on Zayn Malik
@Height183 132lbs and 5'6.5 is ridiculous fact he is taller than bieber and weighs more. He is no less than 170. Legit 5'7 range guy
shortguy12345 on General Height
Hallelujah i am tallish at 5'10" ha ha ha,wtf i am a legit 178 cm i checked several times on the stadiometer and i feel short lol
Stev on Sneakers
Sorry Rob I must have forgotten to put the link into my previous post, this wasa the actual pair I was referring to Click Here Thanks again.
[Editor Rob: yes in the 3cm range, like 1.2ish, but if the insole isn't only 1mm but like 2-3mm then maybe 1.3 inch range.]
Arch Stanton on Clark Gable
Rob can you add Mutiny on the Bounty, Boom Town, Mogambo, The Tall Men, Command Decision, and Saratoga ?

Command Decision sounds like it might have had Seagal in it!
Arch Stanton on Clark Gable
I saw Boom Town the other day and Gable was calling Tracy "shortie" in it. Made me laugh as in some scenes he only looked 2-3 inches taller! I suspect it was an in joke and Tracy was wearing lifts through part of it though. There is a scene at the end where they're walking and Gable looked nearer 5 inches taller than Tracy. So I was thinking weak 6 ft through much of the film but when you saw them walk presumably Tracy forgot his lifts. 6'0.5 think is OK, but for some reason he could often look max 6'0.
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
[Editor Rob: away from the site in email discussions it was clear he really wasn't going to measure 5ft 8.

Long-term I didn't see it working, regardless of what he would have measured. It would be much easier not having his presence, and I'm still doing this site after 10 years...I don't know how many years I could have put up with G on here. 4 was enough.]

For a while you know I actually thought G ran the site or at least co-owned it. You two were like chalk and cheese really. He was clearly in it for the fame and attention, he loved being a sort of celebrity in all those pictures and acting on here as if he knew the stars and their heights. I always got that impression. You on the otherhand more humble and clearly more interested in the height aspect of things and accuracy in obtaining photos with celebs rather than acting as if you're a celeb yourself!

@ Connor. In every photo you look so stiff and angry like you're going to punch somebody out LOL. Let's have one of you grinning like a Cheshire cat and happy at that 6 ft mark in comparison to Big G's 5'6.75!
[Editor Rob: for a while G was the face...he did like the good, but of course it can come with bad, which can be hard to cope for some people.]
5.9 on Chloe Moretz
Hey Rob how tall is Jamie blackley ?
HeightcrazyRed6ft on Mike The Miz Mizanin
5´11.5"-6´0" Can´t see him taller than a weak 6ft
Parker on Tom Cruise
GP says on 27/Mar/15
Arch, the reason they view him like that in Hollywood is because when he says he is 5'9" and when you meet him and he looks 2 inches shorter than that.

Actually its the opposite - the media have brainwashed people so much that even members of the media question how he can look so tall when they meet him
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

The truth is, this guy can pull off looking 5'9 at times.
Click Here
JK on Adam Rodriguez
Legit 6'0
Gaza2121 on Rob Paul
The floor is hard wood. I've measured in different places but I've found a spot where I can slip the tape under a crack in the wall and it's perfect for measuring. But the stadiometer was eclectic so maybe it's not as accurate?
[Editor Rob: it's hard to say, with electric I'd have thought it would be quite accurate!]
Newhere on Harry Styles
Rob, this video shows that harry is 6'1 right? Click Here
what does make him look so tall like that he looks 6'2 with every videos.
[Editor Rob: he was hesitating a bit there, deciding what to say ;)]
Cornick on Liam Payne
Rob, here is the proof that liam is 5'11 he said it on a concert what do you think ?
Click Here
do you think he is not sure about what he said or what?
Dmeyer on David Beckham
After seing him with 185 Zidane he is no more Than 180cm he is no 181
Dmeyer on Gerard Butler
Click Here , he looks 6cm taller than beckham
Height183 on Justin Bieber
All jokes aside the guy is 5'7'' today. His posture is horrible, but when he stands up straight like he did next to Ellen he clears 5'7''.
Height183 on Zac Efron
Rob, what kind of lift do you think Zac is wearing here with Gerard Butler?

Click Here

Click Here
[Editor Rob: it might just be that he's on tip toes or Butler is standing bad for the photo, rather than lifts.]
Height183 on Rob Paul
The cousin brother who has 5'7'' parents will probably end up being 5'11'' - 6'0'' Max. I really can't see him being any shorter than 5'10'' as an adult. Just my take on it.
Thetruth on 2 Chainz
Click Here chianz is a strong 6'5 here he is with nick young who is listed at 6'7
Height183 on Randy Orton
Yeah in his prime I can buy 6'2''. He is 56 years old so he must've lost some height. He looks no more than 186 - 187cm to me today.
Height183 on Harry Styles
Rob, any chance of you taking him down to a flat 5'9'' again? I think this listing is just a tad too high.
[Editor Rob: not convinced he's just that flat 5ft 9.]
Height183 on Roman Reigns
6'3'' for Roman Reigns???? Give it a little rest James. Have a day off.
Arch Stanton on Height Challenge
@Rob Really sad to learn about Stewart. I thought what an intelligent guy he looked. Life can be cruel at times. Your sister must have been devastated.
[Editor Rob: yes, she still is.]
JK on Jonathan Rhys Meyers
This guy has never ever been over 5'9
174/175 cm at best
CD on Rob Paul
Rob, this is another thing I have been wondering about Big G's height, since he measured like 5ft 6 and 2/3 take the stadio error off and he's 5ft 6.6. You said this was probably the fairest measurement you ever gave someone but what I don't get it that he was forcing his height (which can add a couple of mm), so maybe you can say he was an exact 5ft 6.5 at his lowest? Also the second time round he was "a couple mm over 5ft 7" which means an exact 5ft 7, or if he was forcing maybe even a couple mm below.
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't worry about an extra mm or so, he was standing at his best but I don't think bursting a gut or anything.]
Ryan Shaw 6ft on Vin Diesel
I wouldn't be suprised if he's actually 5'10
Heylo on Brad Pitt
Jacob,he didn't start getting his muscular body until his career started in the late 80s and since then he has always been working out, more or less in periods. He have always been in great shape.

With slim, people may mean that he always seems to have been having this natural thin body with thin wrists and ankles. He used a body double in Troy in some scenes where his legs were supposed to be visible but I'm not sure of how true that rumor is(problems building enough muscles on his legs), however, he always had this very thin slim build. Easy to keep a low BF and looks incredibly good as soon as he put on some muscle. But perhaps we all interpret the term "slim" differently, therefor, I can't say that you're wrong.
JB on Tom Cruise
It's not abnormal for a 5'7" guy to claim 5'9". It happens all the time in real life and nobody bats an eye. Unfortunately Tom's famous so people called him out on it. It's because he's famous that he gets so much grief. And also a 5'7" guy in real life would barely be considered short and definitely not a midget.
Jake on Clint Eastwood
Rob, how did he lose so much height? 4 inches.......
word1234 on Nick Jonas
Click Here

Click Here
Click Here

Nick Jonas with Joe who's listed at 5'7.5 nick is a strong 5'6.75 but that is where his listing should be.
randy on Brooke Shields
Lisa Leslie makes Brooke Shields look tiny. Click Here
Hypado on Jesse L Martin
Jesse L Martin looks only 184 cm in the Tv Series The Flash next to legit 6ft Grant Gustin.
Rifle on General Height
Hi, Rob
Do you think this gentleman is taller than his claim of 200 cm (6'6.75")?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: he looks like he'd be not over 6ft 6 mark.]
Piers on Caroline Munro
A few pics of her with Richard Kiel from TSWLM promotion show her bare foot next to him and given he's over 7ft she still looks tiny. 5' 6" in her pomp I reckon. Certainly no taller than Barbara Bach in same film and she's 5' 6".
moe on Tim Robbins

I think you're speculating. And your speculation is wrong.
moe on Liev Schreiber
Saw him filming at ucla on Friday. He's 6'2. He wore similar shoes as in the picture. Very intense guy.
Ali Baba on The Undertaker
the big shot says on 26/Mar/15
Ali,Straight posture, barefoot, How Tall Would You Give Taker Peak And Now?

Peak height I couldn't tell you. I didn't get to see him in person until early 2013. And this picture was taken later in 2014. Now we're very close in height. He's in the area of 78". As said before he was wearing work type boots. I was wearing 1.25" old tennis shoes. I would guess he had more footwear, but there's no way to be sure. As far as the posture goes it was even. I mimicked his posture as Rob often does to try to make a better comparison. I suppose that from now on I should just stand straight and try to guess how much the other person is losing.

Domex, not a chance in the world that basketball player is a true 6'7".
Idina on Adam Levine
There's no way he's 5'5, please. If he's 5'5 Usher must be 4'11 and Xtina 4'6.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" on Rob Paul
Women tend to grow the most from 11-14, and then they stop. She will probably hit 5'6"-5'7".
diamonddave7 on Liam Neeson
Just read most of comments below: sounds like Liam is really 6'4.....That being said ...Rampage can't be anymore than 6'0.5" tops....MMA had him billed at 6'2".....I knew that was too short....Liam has about 4" on him in the A team picture....
Dejavu on Will Smith
Click Here

He looks the same height as 6'2 Jon Voight
Charon540 on Tyga
171 cm is spot on
The Exorcist on Tyler James Williams
@the shredder:

Yeun looks 5'9" range with (6'3" listed) Hogan here:
Click Here

But that's only if Hogan is 6'3".

There isn't many good photos of Steve with Tyler-James.
Here looking similar:
Click Here

Here looking less:
Click Here

Steve with 5'9.75" Norman Reedus:
Click Here

Just my opinion, but I would completely rule out 5'9" for Yeun.
28 March
Charon540 on Ariana Grande
@Kam No, i think it's about right for an 11 year old.
Dejavu on Benedict Cumberbatch
Looks around an inch shorter than Colin Firth,
Charon540 on Jeremy Bulloch
Looks like a weak 5ft 10
The Exorcist on Football Soccer

Rob has seen Lampard in person and he didn't think he looked 6'0". Yes, I agree that Frank has a slight advantage over Gerrard in the majority of the good (for judging height) photos.

Lampard: 182 or 182.5
Gerrard: 181.5 or 182
Charon540 on Bradley Mcintosh
165 cm is right on the spot
Charon540 on Noah Hathaway
166 cm is spot on
Sean5 on Tyler James Williams
Nice photo Rob, do all cons now do pictures with your whole body,legs and feet or do you get to decide which type?
Charon540 on Adam Copeland
Rob, do you think it's possible that Edge might've lost some height due to his spine condition?
[Editor Rob: it's possible a small fraction yes.]
Matt on Joe Manganiello
Here he is with 6'4 Conan. Either he is not 6'5 or Conan is much taller than reported.
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Ray Liotta
He always gave a taller impression, especially in Cop Land and Goodfellas.
I thought he was like 6ft2!
Charon540 on Daniel Cudmore
He looks a sub 6ft 7
pablo77bar on Joe Manganiello
There are many images showing joe visible taller than many 6ft 3 guys and there are some claiming 6ft 3.5
knude on Floyd Mayweather Jr
Saw him once in person in Vegas shopping with his bodyguard. He was wearing thick-soled shoes but definitely closer to 5'8" than 5'7".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Bill Murray
I think he was 6ft1½-2 peak.
mike on Dolph Ziggler
@Shamrock... I have warped perception??
so ryback and dolph on 2" difference u say?...
Click Here
5ft10guy on General Height
I hear people say their 6ft2 and don't feel tall . Either their trolling or live with extremely tall family members.Like in the show HIMYM where Marshall who's 6ft4 said he was the shortest in his family and Ted stared at him with disbelief but it was true.His brothers were like 6f7,dad 6ft8 and mom 6ft1. Lol
Josh on Chris Pratt
I don't think he would go below his listing of 6'2. Been watching Parks and Rec and he just towers over everybody. I'm thinking he's 6'2 and some change. In guardians of the Galaxy he and Bautista were very similar. Probably wakes up at 6'3 or very close to it.
mike on CM Punk
cm punk is almost6' you say celeb heights?.....
Click Here
mike on Dolph Ziggler
look at the height difference between gold dust and Dolph:

Click Here
mike on Dolph Ziggler

Dolph is 2" shorter than 6'1" Ryback?

Click Here
p on Sid Eudy
played basket ball with kevin Nash he is a real 6' 11" for real.
mike on Dolph Ziggler
@Shamrock... bud u r lost... 2inch between Ry and Dolph?? are you kidding me??
Does Dolph look 2" shorter than HHH (6'2") in this page:
Click Here
Sean5 on Alberto Del Rio
It would be quite embarrassing if the announcers in wwe announced in a match:"standing 6'5 Alberto del rio! And his opponent standing 6'4 Randy Orton!..."
Danimal on Arnold Schwarzenegger
LT says on 25/Mar/15
I met Arnold in the late 70's at Russ Warner's fitness store in Hayward CA. I was 14 yrs old and my step dad took me to see him. My step dad was 5'11" and Arnold was taller. In 2007 when he was Governor he made an appearance at Seagate Technologies in Scotts Valley CA where I was working. He was definitely shorter 30 years later. Peak was 6'1" and now about 5'11".

He's 100% shrunk even more since 2007 (8 years ago). He's under 5'11" today.
Danimal on The Undertaker
HeightcrazyRed6ft says on 27/Feb/15
Still have no doubt that Taker had a footwearadvantage at WM13.

Click Here

No, it was his PRE-height loss era.
Danimal on The Undertaker
1punchbob says on 9/Mar/15
Taker is NOT taller than Sid. Both around 6'7 PEAK!!!!

I agree, as was Kane.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" on Justin Bieber
Zac Efron-5'8.5"-5'9" (this will seem bizarre, but I think that his 5'9" claim is believable. He was 4"-4.5" inches than shorter than John Cusack (who is more 187 CM to me than 188 CM), and he was just barely shorter than a Seth Rogen who could be 181 CM. If he's really only 5'8", then he's the tallest 5'8" that I've seen.
Justin Bieber-5'7.25"
Josh Hutcherson-5'5.5"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Randy Orton
Sting used to look 6ft2-3 back in the day.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Adam Copeland
Rob, did you not get the chance to meet him?
[Editor Rob: I mentioned this before. He was scheduled to do the photo with Balfour and Bryant. I was near the front, he turned up and then had a 'my ball no play' look about him, telling Eric that he wanted to do his signing now and do the photo later, even though it was schedule for now.
Eric tried to tell him to do it now, but he went away...unfortunately I had a train to catch and by the time Adam came back it was much later in the day and I was away...]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Quentin Tarantino
He used to get listed at 6ft3. It made sense to me at the time because Travolta was getting reported at 6ft2 and Willis at 6ft1. All that made me assume Samuel L. Jackson was 6ft4!
Stev on Sneakers
Hi Rob, what do you make of these 'triple stacked' heel brogues, the sole appears to be a little thicker than most similar style shoes, 1.2-1.3 sound reasonable? Thank you.
[Editor Rob: ones with an extra little layer in the heel? I think I know the styles, there are definitely brogues that are made with 1.2 inch heels, many around the 1 inch though, some even thinner ones 0.75 styles. With a good brand, the insole probably won't be paper thin, so 1.3 inch in some brogues is very probable.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Leslie Nielsen
Simpson is/was 6ft1-2
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jim Carrey
187-188cm peak. Just watch The Dead Pool or The Cable Guy
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jeff Daniels
230lbs minimum also
Curious on Gigi Hadid
I think she's 5'10" in her recent shoot with kendall they are the same height
Andrea on Clive Owen
Look at him with this guy: Click Here
This guy looked 184 next to Tom Welling...
Rob, you seriously think he might stretch for a 6'2 measurement or even near it? And don't say he's got bad posture in this photo because if anything he's got better posture than the other guy!
[Editor Rob: clive says himself he has bad posture a lot of the time, but 6ft 1.5 for him could always have been nearer to the mark.]
Charon540 on Joe Calzaghe
He still looks 5ft 11
Shamrock on Triple H
regal is a legit 6'2 i think.
gamerR3 on Mitch Pileggi
he is 6'0
Lisa on General Height
@tiny: Hi! I'm closer to 165 right now. I think the v-ball players might be telling the truth. There are a lot of factors that produce an appropriate height for ones weight. They might have relatively light frames, for instance. Or they could be underweight.

@Nona: I was referring to some areas in the United States where the younger women seem to be taller than the national average. I also think that your estimate of 5'3 is one to two inches too short for many other European countries. I'm limiting the average to younger women in those countries btw.
J.Lee on Heidi Klum
Rob, in this pic Tyra is wearing shorter heels and still taller than Heidi Klum, correct?

Click Here

Also, how much taller is Tyra than Heidi Klum in this pic?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: she can look more than an inch taller, but it's maybe possible with heel shot heidi has poorer the other one I'd say there would be 1.5-2 range if tyra stood a bit taller, but then maybe her sneakers are thicker. Quite possible Heidi can look 174 range last few years.]
6ft1 is really good height on General Height
6ft1 is average??? wtf
Lorne??? on Ice Cube
Nah, Shredder, look at him with Chris Tucker. 5ft8 is fine.

On a side note,
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on William Zabka
He looks barely taller than Macchio...
Dmeyer on User Heights
Rob so you think in metric , say Someone measured 181.5-181.8cm , Will claim 181cm because he dosnt reach 182cm , cause i have a friend who claims 178cm but realy looks 179cm maybe he got measured 178.5-178.7cm
[Editor Rob: I swap between the two really, more and more I want to use metric but a lot of people in the UK are still stuck thinking feet/inches even though we've been metric for ages.]
Dmeyer on User Heights
A friend of mine claims 178cm but when we stand near each other he looks no more than 3cm shorter and he consistently look 179cm near measured people i Know , maybe he is a 178.5cm and dont bother for the half cm also i meet him on sathurday when i am about 182cm as i dont so much on that day , i évén think 179cm is more likely than flat 178cm , probably got measured 178.5 or just miss measured at 178 while he is 179cm ,
Jam on Wladimir Klitschko
Wilder is also listed as 6'6.5 which seems a better fit
im 188 on Kane
It works for me
im 188 on The Undertaker
With the 6ft7 Tyrone white he was a tad taller but he had a bent poster which proves he is a tad over 6ft7
nayhole on Bret Hart
nash said on his 1995 timeline dvd that Bret was 5'11.
im 188 on Brock Lesnar
The only reason roman was a cm taller was because roman wears big boots which is at least an inch big and brock sneakers isn't an inch.that's why Brock was taller than roman in their interview together because roman wasn't wearing those boots.
I bet you Brock is bigger than roman if they are barefoot. I bet all of you will say after wrestlemania people will say that Brock is smaller than roman because Brock wears those no heel mma boots but roman will wear those 1 inch boots so remember that
Alex on Luke Hemmings
Ashton is shorter than luke look how short he looks in this with Calum Click Here

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