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19 December
Editor Rob on Lionel Barrymore
I think 5ft 11 is a bit far, check him here with Wallace Beery
Click Here
5ft 8 or 9 is more believable than anywhere near 6ft though
Sam on James Donald
I've seen about half of those films but he's another classic British name that I'm not really that familar with. His face, however, I recognize from River Kwai. Looks like he could have been John Gielgud's younger brother from the photo.
Vibram on Sylvester Stallone
Click Here He looks 6cm taller than 168cm Osvaldo Ardiles (far left) in Escape To Victory. On the furthest right is Bobby Moore - 179cm, and next to him Michael Caine - 184cm. Pele is said to be 171cm, but he his heading the ball. No lifts for Stallone, they're all wearing soccer boots. No camera angles. Stallone was about 174cm prime (5ft8.5), possibly weak 175cm.
Sam on Veronica Lake
I don't think she was a great actress but I thought she was rather likeable and funny at times in Sullivan's Travels...I think the right director could squeeze something like a good performance out of her.
Sam on Ashley Greene
She reminds me very vaguely of Gene Tierney. Both are rather beautiful.
Sam on Alan Napier
Napier's one of the few of the (rare) actors who claimed 6'6" that actually was believable as a full 6'6".
Sam on Gene Wilder
Wilder's a guy whose taller than you'd think from the impression he gives on screen...6'2" is obviously a huge reach though.
Sam on Kristen Wiig
Always funny, specializing in pretty warped, awkward characters, from her time on SNL and her subsequent work.
Sam on Tina Fey
Not to be superficial but her husband got lucky with her. I didn't know he was that short. I think they got together when she was still a bit overweight, notably she did not make her way from the writers room onto the screen until she lost a lot of weight.

Her movies have not been as good as her time on SNL or some parts of 30 Rock but her book was great, maybe the funniest autobiography I've read.
Judd on Liam Neeson
Actually now I recognize that he was very close to 6'4" in Schindler's List but I wouldn't put on he ever been that height in the afternoon...and regarding today, I am not sure about the fact he would appear taller next to a honest 6'3" guy like Liam Hemsworth or others...
I would put him at 6'2.75" when he was young and today 6'3.25". Just a quarter of inche shorter than Rob's estimate!
Joe on Barack Obama
Obama's White House medical report mentioned the exam was done with him wearing shoes which would have added an inch or half an inch to his height, so without shoes he is most likely 6'0.5" tall. I myself am that height and my doctor puts down that I am 6'1".
6'2 on Andre The Giant
god when will use understand pics of people together dont determine anything it might teel us whos taller but not by how much look at 6'8.5" brad garret and 6'2" ray ramaro from the sitcom and sometimes ray comes up to brad eyebrows in some pics and there is a 6.5" difference
thetruth888 on Eddie Murphy
He really did look 173 Cms tall next to James Remar in the movie 48 hrs and james remar is a solid 5' 10'' which is 178 Cms.
Chaz on Giant Haystacks
yer say much for your Haystacks raised eyeline it's still the same when they are faceing each other,with Daddy looking up Click Here he's under the nose in both photos,no less that 6.5-7''
BorkLaser on Roman Reigns
Reigns with 6'4" Conan O'Brien Click Here
Chris Wake on Tony Todd
6'5" sounds right. He's always had that imposing height
Jay on KeSha
Why are people downgrading her 5'7 or lower? And she's barefoot in that pic by the way Sherman.
Jesse Stone on Sylvester Stallone
Here a gif of Stallone next to Graham Norton on his show. You can see, he's jumping a bit, but Stallone isn't taller than 5'8 Norton. Has he forgotten his lifts at home? Click Here
Sam on Jeff Kober
Yeah, he does look like he could be related to Josh Brolin, more so in the photo than otherwise. I think part of that is due to the beard, which tones down Kober's scary cheekbones and makes him looks somehow less creepy.
Sam on Ray Romano
Haha, at mike, then you might need your vision tested.
Sam on Jack Nicholson
He looks pretty heavy at times in older age, I'd bet he'd weigh a bit over 200 pounds or near it, which is a lot on a sub-5'9" frame.

I've read he's seduced almost as many women as his buddy, Warren Beatty, and unlike Beatty has in the last several years been openly chasing girls around.
jjj on Football Soccer

on Juve oficial site listed 188cm
Sam on Brigitte Bardot
Wow, sheer dresses are something else :=)
Sam on Anna Walton
She looks more like a strong 5'10" to me in the photo if she has 1.75 more footwear. She has quite an unusual look about her but is still rather attractive.
Arch Stanton on Ed Sheeran
Essex is more 5'9.5" I think.
Sam on Adam Sandler
Looks a solid 5'10" I think with Guy Pearce, very similar, maybe Pearce has him by a hair.
Click Here
Sam on Conrad Veidt
Clearly, 5'8" here looking Bogart eye-to-eye haha...goes to show how angles and footwear can manipulate how tall someone looks. Click Here
Here with Loretta Young: Click Here
w/ Vivien Leigh: Click Here
w/ Joan Crawford: Click Here
He doesn't look under listing for sure IMO.
1.89m on Arnold Schwarzenegger
6-1" max peak. Today 5-11". Its simple.
1.89m on RJ Mitte
Another arnie syndrome here,5-11.5" defo not over imo.
Sam on Akira Kurosawa
Yes, thanks for adding! My favorite director of all time...he never made a bad film, even his weakest efforts (Sanshiro Sugata 2 or No Regrets for Our Youth) have their pluses.
He was a towering figure in photos when younger...I don't know the average height for a Japanese man in his generation, but he could seem at least 7 inches taller than others, like a 6'5"-6'6" looks today walking around America. Probably was a strong 5'10" in later years, i.e. around the time of Kagemusha or Ran.
pjk on Ben McKenzie
I would say 5'7" from the last photos like. He is awesome in Gotham.
Gonzalo on Gary Cooper
Anything under 1`90 for Cooper is a joke. In fact he could have been taller than that.
Great actor. Incredibly handsome man.
NNA on Arnold Schwarzenegger
@Uh-Oh ... finally someone logically put it ... First of all, Arnold is 67 years old and to all those who say he was 6'2 at his peak and has now shrunked, Arnold is not suffering from Kyphosis that he would shrunk 4-5 inches. I have relatives who are 70 years old and have not shrunk to that extent. In the book " Total Recall", Arnold himself claimed that he and joe wider exagerated things in order to give larger than life impression. I think since Joe Wider promoted Arnold as the next big thing, it was important to promote him as a very tall man and it is still very common in Hollywood for celebs to upgrade their height on media in order to promote a larger than life image. 5'6 guys sell themselves as 5'9 guys. So according to the current estimate of Arnold's height, i am guessing he was in 5'10 range through out his career.
Height182 on Brad Pitt
I think about 5'10.5'' - 5'11'' is fair for Brad Pitt. He's not short as some people think.
Height182 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
I think Rock is a solid 6'2''. I wouldn't be surprised if he was 189cm either.
Kourosh on Ntare Mwine
Jenny's sister is bang on 176cm. But i believe this guy would be couple mms taller like 176.5 or 176.6. He is pushing to 177cm.
MD on Dylan O'Brien
With 6'2" Will Poulter:

Click Here

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like either of them is standing at their full height, so you have to debate who is losing more.
Steven on Rob Paul
Rob, i am 173.7 cm in the morning.Can I claim 5'8 as my height? If not what should I claim?
[Editor Rob: say 'about 5ft 8', you might drop a fraction under the mark, but it's not a big problem if you round a little.]
GUY on Arnold Schwarzenegger
NNA says on 16/Dec/14
@GUY .... Ohhhhh Myyyyy Godddddd .... Seriously bro .... i don't have words for this outrageous level of eyesight issue. Please everyone, i want to bring your attention to one thing here. PLease look at the two pictures below and honestly let me know IF YOU CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE OF 2 1/2 INCHES IN THEIR EYE LEVELS because our dear friend "GUY" here needs reality check on his eyesight.

Click Here

Click Here

Please share your views on this because i really wanna help out "GUY" here.
I've brought it to your attention twice, that you said they are the SAME height. On both occasions you go into some kind of convulsion if only for shock value with no confirmation of your own statement itself. I can only conclude that you truly either believe their eye-lines are the same, or you're getting your kicks acting stupid. The distance from your eye pupil to the bottom of your nostril is 2 inches, and Lee falls just a bit below but not quite to Arnold's mouth which would be 3 inches. The difference in presumed cranium heights is also about this. Making a scene like a drama queen doesn't refute this.

The second photo shows a face to face comparison, which for that reason might not be a fair comparison. Face to face a shorter person will usually stand straighter to raise their eye height, and a taller person will lower his level in order to more see eye to eye. Arnold is presenting Lee with some kind of award, endearingly placing his hand on his side, and obviously not in the position to stand rigid like a robot towards the shorter man. Arnold still looks about 2 inches taller despite the fact he's hanging his head a bit forward and is slouching a bit. Lee appears to be standing straighter. Say whatever you want about posture, and I'm certain you'll disagree insultingly and without reason. Arnold looks about 2 1/2 inches taller in the first photo with better posture, and around 2 or possibly slightly less in the second with looser hunched posture. Lee is about 5'9 3/4" so Arnold looks about 6' 1/4" there in 2010.
Editor Rob on Tom Cruise
I read this rumour once about Tom in a news site: "when Tom Cruise shops at London-based luxury department store Harrods he has the whole place closed down and has all the female assistants who are taller than him sent home".
Tan le on David Tennant
6 feet and a half an inch
james on Zach Braff
He was about 2 inches tall than 5'11 james Franco in Oz The Great And Powerful ..6'0 with footwear is about right
james on James Franco
He's 5'10 barefoot and 5'11 with footwear with inch thick soles
Capt. Nobody on Andre The Giant
JT says on 18/Dec/14
Andre and Tenta were standing in just about the same position in the ring here. Click Here Not surprising since Andre looked maybe 5 inches taller than ~6'4" Big Bossman from that same year Click Here


You really want to go there? C'mon dude. Look at their feet in the shot on the right. Seriously? Plus the posture? Hahaha, wow.
Capt. Nobody on Andre The Giant
JT says on 16/Dec/14
dicksock says on 14/Dec/14
I was just watching Paul Wight vs. Earthquake from 1996 and the Andre/Earthquake confrontation from 1991. Andre CLEARLY had as much height on Earthquake as a prime Wight did.

You’re just seeing what you want to see.
Click Here
Click Here
Andre’s also wearing his orthopedic clogs with platform heels with Tenta. I'll agree that a 1991 Andre did outweigh a 1996 Big Show by probably 100 lbs. or so.


Or see what was actually there I guess. Don't make me bust out the picture that finally challenged the BS circulating this board back in the day with some saying Wight had as much as 3 inches on Andre! haha. If Andre stands up straight even at that age he probably has Wight by a half inch to an inch. Shoes were probably about the same between them too. Shocker, Andre has similar footwear to Wight for once and they seem to be about the same height.
PetePro on General Height
@5ft10Guy re. Russians: you are probably correct. My Russian "lady friend" described her father as "tall". When I asked how tall, she said it converts to {just} 5'10". She is 5'3" and her sister is around 5'5" (again described as "tall").

However, when she's visits Moscow, she is amazed by how tall lots of young Russians are. She's from southern Russia and of mixed Germanic/Slavic ancestry. The NW ones are much more Germanic like (from Swedish Vikings).
BGee on Amy Huberman
Her proportions make her look way taller. She's pretty!
Bishop on Laura Prepon
175/176 cm.
Bishop on Laverne Cox
With Miley Cyrus:
Click Here
With Taylor Schilling:
Click Here
With Laura Prepon:
Click Here
JT on Giant Haystacks
Click Here I stood next to Regal probably 7-8 years ago. He looked about 6’2”. Regal’s head is too small for him to be equidistant from the camera as Haystacks. Who knows if he’s on his toes though.

Click Here
Click Here
The soles on Haystacks’ boots in WCW were very thin so that has to be taken into consideration.
177cmGuy on Historical Heights
Both Abraham Lincoln and Lyndon B Johnson are tied as the tallest U.S presidents both at 6'4.The shortest was James Madison at 5'4. The top 3 presidents of all time from polls were Lincoln, rosevalt and washington who were 6 foot or above. Looks like there is a significant correlation with height and sucessfull presedential candidates but height is only a single factor.
NCL on Kane
Shuvayu says on 18/Dec/14
Saw the main event between kane & rowan... kane had an inch advantage over him clearly

Only clip I can find on youtube so far of Erick Rowan vs Kane:

Kane does appear to be about an inch taller, but he definitely has a footwear advantage. Between the 40-50 sec area you can see their boots

Shuvayu - I have the WWE network but haven't had a chance to watch the full match yet, was there a staredown in the beginning?

IMO - can't go any lower than 6'6.5" for Rowan. Personally, I think he's 6'7" and I'd say Kane barefoot about 6'7.5" as Rob has him. Rowan probably just under 6'8" in wrestling gear and Kane 6'9" in wrestling gear
18 December
Joe on Hayden Christensen
Hayden was listed as 6'1" when it was announced that he would portray the adult Anakin, this was in 2000. Most actors upgrade their heights a bit or list their heights in shoes. In action hero roles this is often the case. Anakin is supposed to be 6'2" but still its not a huge stretch for a 6 feet tall actor to portray a 6'2" character, its been done with Bale portraying Batman.
Joe on Mark Hamill
Mark was never a tall guy, and Luke was not a tall hero, but he was still very likable and still he was the main hero of the original trilogy, even though Han Solo was the most popular and much taller hero, Luke used the force. Its interesting they decided to cast a much taller actor to portray Anakin, Hayden Christensen, who is 6 feet even.
bigeasy194 on Hulk Hogan
Your listing is not accurate. Hes taller than 6'3" i seen him 2 weeks ago at LAX airport where i work he was in flip flops, board shorts and a hogans beach shop yellow tank top and he was taller than me i was in boots and i am 6'3" on the nail with boots maybe 6'4 1/4" or a hair over if i had to guess i would say 6'4.5 at the lowest. Dude is still huge as hell and his hair is so blond its almost white im guesing ftom die or bleach.
Danimal on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jim says on 9/Dec/14

Wrong, Girl. Sorry, "Guy." Arnold was, indeed, a tall bodybuilder but not a tall guy. There's a difference. Ferrigno is an exception. There are a few others, but not many. But I'm sure you know much more about Arnold's height than Kevin Sorbo does. Because, you know, you are you.

6'1.5" was and still IS considered tall.
Danimal on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Uh-Oh says on 18/Dec/14
People saying 5'11" (180cm) current height show me the money. People claiming 6'1" (185cm) current height , show me the proof. All this conjecture is non sense, waste of everyone's time. Show real proof, stop the bickering! You sound like children!

What are you on about. There has been plenty of pics from the last year of Arnold next to legit 5'11" and 6'0" men.
Bishop on Whitney Houston
If autopsy was always correct, Tupac would have been 6 feet.
Emil 183 cm on General Height
Seriously, French Guy...
You seem complexed.. So what if Netherland's average is 184 cm, does it really matter? I have a two friends who are both above 6'5 - 197 cm and 202 cm to be exact. Just be light hearted about your height it doesn't matter at all..
Bishop on Ed Sheeran
With Tyler Oakley: Click Here
Rob, how tall do you think Tyler Oakley is? Sources claim 5'5" but he looks 5'4" max based on photos I've seen.
[Editor Rob: he claimed 5ft 6 on a good day]
BooBoo on James Spader
There is NO WAY this guy is 5'9.5

Click Here
teej on Russell Brand
He's one of those guys who are actually listed as shorter than he is. I think 187cm is righht for him
Lisa on General Height
@Jose (and Tania): Tania says that the average Indian woman is 5'0. That height is about two inches shorter than the height of the average younger Japanese woman, whose height is about two or three inches shorter than the height of the average younger white American/British woman, whose height is about two or three inches shorter than the average younger Dutch woman. Add to this the fact that the average height of younger women, in a few countries, is less than 5'0!

Why do you think there's such a variation in heights? BTW, iirc, there's quite a bit of height variation in India. Some regions average taller/shorter than other regions.
Tommo on Chris Hemsworth
What do you think of this one Rob? Next to 6'1.5 listed Brendan Gleeson on uneven but similarish ground: Click Here
[Editor Rob: uneven ground is always harder to tell, it's like walking shots. I'll look forward to the movie they made, I enjoy most sea faring films.]
TJE on Tinashe
She looked 5 inches shorter, in 1 inch sneakers, next to a practically barefoot Wendy Williams.
Pete on Sneakers
Rob, how much do those give?
[Editor Rob: looking at the front, the insole would have to sit a little bit shy of the stitching mark to fit your foot in, so I'd guess around 0.75 inch range...thinner than the outside suggests.]
5foot11 on General Height
2 questions rob, I'm 5'11 but how come I feel tall in London when I'm only apparently a bit over average, and everyone thinks I'm 6'0 or 6'1, and is it strange I only shrink 1cm roughly during the day from 181cm to just under 180cm in the evening?
James B on Clint Eastwood
In reference to his loss remember as well there is just good a chance he was 6'3.5 as the full 6'4.
Thanasis on Matt Le Blanc
Rob, I've seen the interview you mention in the description. After LeBlanc said "5'10.5 maybe. I don't know", the interviewer, jokingly, said "What he really means is 5'8!" and they both laughed. Now, I'm not saying that he is 5'8", but it's worth mentioning that the interviewer might have felt he was exaggerating a bit.
delvin on Sneakers
Click Here how much do these give ?
[Editor Rob: the insole I think sits at the white line, rather than the upper red line, so around an inch is likely.]
Arch Stanton on Stanley Kubrick
Somebody like Capra or Cukor would indeed be a delight to see on here. Yeah I saw a picture of Capra with Luise Rainer I think who was no more than 5 ft 3 and I remember thinking he looked weak 5'6". Something around 167cm might be a good shout.
Arch Stanton on Akira Kurosawa
In the 1960s though the average height in Japanese cities might have crept up to 5 ft 6 or 7 though. In some Japanese films I've seen from that period it's not as if the guys are all tiny little Asian men. Some of them at least look a reasonable height! Either way I think he'd have to have been taller than most in Japan at the time though.
Arch Stanton on Akira Kurosawa
You've got to remember too that Kurosawa's generation in Japan were born at a time when the country was pretty undeveloped, it was really after World War II that it underwent massive modernization with American investment and influence. It was a typical Asian country in many respects so for early 20th century in his prime in Japan a guy around 6 ft would have been perceived as very tall. The average in rural Japan at the time might have been only 5 ft 3 or 4, similar to Vietnam today. Ray in India though at 6 ft 4 range for his generation was literally a giant! He'd be like 6 ft 10 today in the west I think.
Arch Stanton on Akira Kurosawa
Awesome new addition!! Spot on I think, at least peak anyway. Can you squeeze in Ikiru too, I think it has to be in the top 5 greatest films ever made personally. Ebert and number of other critics rate it as his best film, although Seven Samurai or Rashomon tend to usually be given the most glory by them.

Perhaps Ray then was pushing 6'5" peak then, he looked massive in the comparison between these too.
Connor183 on Rob Paul
Rob have you ever had someone you know who claims to be shorter than what they really are?
[Editor Rob: I know a few people who drop fractions from their height, one girl who is 5ft 10 1/3rd isn't going to go with the 1/3rd and says 5ft 10.]
dickie curtis on Colin Morgan
He looked about the same as jamie dornan in the fall. 6ft might be too much.
Arch Stanton on Amy Huberman
Wow, big Tom!
[Editor Rob: big Tom indeed, he grows each year...]
Andrea on Rob Paul
Rob, i've seen the GrowTaller Guru has a new person doing his "program" and it seems she's grown a solid inch in a month, which for a girl, who's supposed to be as old as 20, is a lot! You believe that or you think he's faking her growth?
[Editor Rob: the Guru himself was measured in a video at the gym I think 186 and 187, somewhere around that mark, but he did claim to be 6ft 3 in one video after that...

I had a look and yes his new client who says she is like 20 has gained in 6 weeks what appears like an inch. Will be interesting to see if in 6 months she gains any more.

But remember exercise/training can improve your body, as I mentioned before the girl who was just turning 18 for the height challenge had gained just about half an inch by age 20 when I measured her and it was late afternoon, similar to her last measurement over 2 years prior, so that's one case I've witnessed a girl gaining in the 18-20 range without any stretching routine - all she did was weight lifting.
snoopydupe on Mike Tyson
Just arrived here off the back of another thread to have a look at Mike's height.

I must add though that i think if mike claims 5'10 then that is what he must be. As a former heavyweight champion of the world it doesn't really do him any favours to inflate his height. Being smaller just makes it all even more of an achievement.
snoopydupe on Chris Jericho
Also the picture with Tyson, yes he is in wrestling boots but he is also further away from the camera making him appear smaller. He is probably around the same height as mike tyson in reality, whatever that is....
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Both Sue and myself thought Bloom looked easily 5 ft 4 and if anything weak 5'5" at times, but if you see her now with Colin Firth she's looking no more than 5 ft 1 to me and at age 83 I think a two inch loss is pretty normal. I doubt she'd have lost 3 or 4 inches already, she looks in exceptional condition for her age.
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Rob I vaguely recall Jackie Coogan was pretty squat and stocky in frame. I've found a mention of him being 5 ft 9 and 162 pounds at the age of 20 in a 1935 San Bernardino County Sun article. Obviously by Addams family days he was a LOT heavier but he'd have been fully grown at 20. Perhaps 5'8.5 might be a good shout. BTW I have access to the archives of 3400 different US newspapers since 1800s and 86 million odd newspaper articles. Given the value of this site you'd be most welcome to share it. I'd give you a password by email. I know you often find things as it is but I think it would prove even more productive in digging up stuff for the site when you really let loose and search for lots of things. If you want access to it let me know!
[Editor Rob: yes it would be useful. I have got hold of some industry 'bibles' so to speak which are useful.
The file I have lists him as 5ft 7!]
snoopydupe on Chris Jericho
I still say 5'10 based off nothing but meeting him. My wife says he was taller than me by an inch or so (i'm 5'9) and he wasn't wearing wrestling boots then.
BGee on Jordin Sparks
I'm guessing some places list her as 6 ft because her dad is near that. She might be near 5'10 right out of bed though.
Yitzhak 179 cm on Astrid Berges Frisbey
Gorgeous girl. Looks a legit 5'7" flat next to Depp and Claflin.
BGee on Wendy Williams
Finally! I never believed her 5'11-6'0 claims and this seems much more accurate. Maybe she thinks her big voice and personality also makes her taller as well.
[Editor Rob: didn't realised she was around 50, so I think maybe looking at her body, a wee bit of height loss is possible for her.]
Connor183 on C. Thomas Howell
I think rounding up to a cm is not that bad, you can get away with claiming that as your'e not far off from that height and in general its almost impossible to spot a small difference like that anyway, but claiming 4cm over your real height like Glenn did is definetly against the height law!
Shamrock on Molly Ringwald
the previous posters must have confused molly with ally sheedy because she had an immediately noticeable 3+ inches on estevez in the movie.

must have grown a fair bit between 1984 and 86 tho because in sixteen candles she looked average yet in pretty in pink was as tall as andrew mccarthy.
Shamrock on Emilio Estevez
most likely 5'5 peak. in breakfast club he was no shorter than ally sheedy and judd nelson could look about 4.5 inches taller.
Kay on Beyonce Knowles
she's always seemed about an inch shorter than kelly, same height in a lot of pics, but 5'6" is probably accurate.
truth2 on General Height
@5ft10 I am also a student at UNI so I dont know if that is a good point there...still women at 6ft1+ are RARE regardless of race, anything 5ft9+ is rare for a woman unless she is from a tall country and even then anything 6ft1+ is rare. I can count on my fingers the number of women that are over 6ft0 ( very very few, I personally know less than 10 and daily probably see close to none). Seeing 3 out of 25 black women daily at 6ft1+ is insane at statistically impossible lol. More 1 in 100.
Arch Stanton on Claire Bloom
Sam have you seen Look Back in Anger?
Chaz on Giant Haystacks
HeightcrazyRed6ft says on 18/Dec/14
Chaz says on 18/Dec/14
That is rubish,from the tip of my nose to the top of my head is 6'' that is on a 9.25'' face and 179cm height

Then you didn´t realize that Haystacks raises his eyeline bigtime, from the raised eyeline to the top of his head is max 4 inches and Daddy is a little less than 2 inches under his eyeline...
just do the math

I have done the maths,and Daddy has got he's head raied to,you run a line across and you will see it's comes to Haystacks top lip,which would be 7''+ and I have taken .5'' off,if 1'' below Haystacks nose from the top of he's head is only 5.75'' you can forget Andre having 5'' over Hogan because he's up the top of he'e nose, and Mane on that comparason he's eyeline's much higher than anyone,so that must be useless to use,

the way I see it Haystacks 1970s 6'8.5'' morning 6'7'5'' evening,1990s 6'7.5'' morning 6'6.5'' evening,
HeightcrazyRed6ft on Daniel Craig
Yeah, I wasn´t sure about Batistas posture, first I thougt he has a decent slouch, but now I think he couldn´t stand much taller so near 5inches could be legit difference between them.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jason Momoa
That might be spot on Mike. Padalacki does generally look a strong 6ft4 on Supernatural (sometimes even near 6ft5) while Momoa for the most part struggles to look 6ft4, let alone is claim!

Rob, did Momoa appear taller in person than Kevin Sorbo?
[Editor Rob: yes, up close when standing tall Momoa looked very near 6ft 4, if he dips under it I believe it might only be a tiny amount.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Colin Farrell
Rob who do you think is taller Farrell or Matt Damon?
Connor183 on Rob Paul
I measured myself tonight at 9:30pm and i was still a mm over 183cm so either our low heights varies sometimes or it can be a bit of error on some occasions but generally i dont dip under the 183 mark at night.
[Editor Rob: if you did weight lifting for 30 minutes at night and measured straight after, that might be an occasion you drop another just make sure to avoid that ;)]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Sam Trammell
He looks like an Aryan Colin Farrell!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Garret Dillahunt
186-187cm range is closer
miko on John Cena
Watching the Tribute to the Troops show from last night, Cena had a noticeable amount of height on Miz, although they weren't nose to nose. Cena is clearly the taller of the two, but I'm not sure on the exact difference between them, its definitely not more than an inch.

And some on here think Lesnar and Miz are both 6'1.... Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Matthew Modine
Rob, is there any possibility you'll be able to meet this guy and/or Vincent D'Onofrio in the future?

That way you can accurately judge who was tallest in Full Metal Jacket.
[Editor Rob: I doubt it, the way some of the con organisers are going, it's a bad sign for me, the market is much better in America for meeting a wider range.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Vincent D'Onofrio
Arch, there's actually a trio of 6ft3-4 range actors in D'Onofrio, Modine and Adam Baldwin...go figure!
Paul on Giant Haystacks
By say the mid 1980's Daddy was 188cm, Giant Haystacks 204-5cm.
Jon on Rob Paul
I got the Dons footwear Marco's. I think you're estimate of them giving you about 2.7 inches is spot on Rob. Feels good wearing them, I feel like I get a little more respect being nearly 2 inches taller over my 1 inch shoes. Can finally wear pants with a 32 inch inseam too :) Do you ever wear lifts Rob? I personally might have been against them initially, but wearing the midsole tech lifts makes them feel like normal shoes.
[Editor Rob: I don't wear lifts myself, only for experiments. But I have no negativity towards anybody who wears them, if it helps their positive well being and reduces stress/negative thoughts, how is that a bad thing...]
Jon on Chiwetel Ejiofor
Would a 9.3 inch head and a weight of 175 be a good knock for him? Being the average head size for a 5'10 man, and the average size without the extra body fat people tend to get later in life? I'd like to think I'm getting good at guessing these things :)
[Editor Rob: somewhere in 170 range is possible,9.2-9.4 size head looks about right.]
Jon on Rob Paul
@RobPaul Mind giving a few as examples? Curious as to what your standard of beauty is Rob.
[Editor Rob: from actresses who I have seen in person, I would say these girls looked very pretty up close: Elizabeth Harnois, Christina hendricks, Elyse Levesque, Karen Gillan, Maggie Grace.
Duhon on General Height
So i just recently went for a general check-up and when my height was measured I came out to be .5" shorter than I believed to be my actual height. This measurement was done at near 2 pm in the day, is it reasonable to believe I may have lost that .5" as the day progressed to that time?
Bishop on Terry Farrell
181 cm. 5'11.75" was probably a morning measurement.
Bishop on Dot Jones
6'-6'1" today. 6'2" peak. She has never seen the 190s in her life.
Bishop on Wendy Williams
Thanks for adding her, Rob. Yeah, I wouldn't go with 5'11" either. Here she is with Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks: Click Here
MrTBlack on Wendy Williams
Heard obsurd 6'0" listings from her. This is more accurate for sure!
GI Jose on General Height
The reason I believe that older groups can be taller than the younger groups is because of two big reasons, at least in the US: the increase in population of other races, especially Hispanic, and I believe that we have reached a point in society in which nutrition and general health is good enough for everyone so that the average height changes based on health are very minimal. Since 1970, the Hispanic population in the United States has increased from 9.1 million to 53 million and is projected to be 129 million in another 45 years. In general, Hispanic people are shorter than black or white people which I am not trying to make as an offensive comment. It's just a statistic. Anyway, perhaps the Hispanic population will grow taller in the US, but I don't see it getting as tall as the black or white population. This rapid increase could lead to a slight drop in the average height in the US, but it won't have any effect on any of the other countries.

For all the countries mentioned, they are all industrialized countries with generally good health. I think the main reason people aren't getting taller from generation to generation is because health in industrialized countries has reached a point where it has gotten good enough for everyone to have good enough health to reach maximum heights. After WW2, the US and many countries had a great economic boom which led to good health overall which led to relatively high average height for people born from 1950 and on. The general health has been good since then and hasn't improved in any major aspect.

That's my explanation of it, but I could be way wrong. I have thought about it before, and this was the best I could come up with to explain the situation.
Crypto139 on General Height
Just got called tall today, and I am a 171 cm tall male in the United States. It was by a 5 feet 4.5ish guy though. Also recently this skinny 173-174ish guy also got called tall. Weird eh?
stev on Sneakers
Thanks Rob as always. I will purchase a couple of Zara shoes and see for myself for the insoles are like. Is there much of a difference between dress shoes with heels and shoes they have a wedge style outsole? Like these. A little over an inch do you think? Click Here
[Editor Rob: those might be made to be 3cm, so a little over 1 inch.

I've found sometimes the makers will cut shoe heels to exact 1 inch, others might go with metric and slightly bigger ones at 3cm, they can look quite similar...although that one might be nearer the 3cm mark.]

JDRUMS on Kevin Hart
he is actually 5.4
JDRUMS on Kevin Hart
he is actually 5.4
Brad on Sylvester Stallone
Elevators in Rocky IV? He's worn built up boxing footwear, Rambo boots, massive heel covered by hung pants, etc. for decades. G really? What a surpise he admits.
5ft10guy on General Height
5ft7-6ft4 this is the normal range for all guys. Anyshorter or taller and its noticeable that your not in the norm
Minimum height acceptable for a man imo: 5ft10
Tallest height: 6ft4
Sweet range:6ft-6ft3
Manletshame on Jon Hamm
Legit 6'2" morning height good chance. Tall guy buy not at all thinly built. Look at him with affleck. He occasionally looks nearly even height as him. No 6ft 0.75 could do this. Needs a 6'1.5" upgrade Rob.
Bongo on Miranda Hart
All well and good... But how big is her cup size?
I reckon 38c?
ashley on Justin Bieber
okay 5'7 then? he doesn't look as short these days and appears to be wearing flat shoes. btw here's a recent pic with 5'10" but idk what shoes either is wearing Click Here
Jon on Charlie Hunnam
Marie, upload a pic! I want to see
Boi on Football Soccer
Check The Wiki..Paul Pogba Is 192cm Now..
5ft10guy on General Height
5ft7-6ft4 this is the normal range for all guys. Anyshorter or taller and its noticeable that your not in the norm
Minimum height acceptable for a man imo: 5ft10
Tallest height: 6ft4
Sweet range:6ft-6ft3
truth2 on General Height
@Crash true, I am slightly shorter than my father and my sister is slightly taller than my mother, I am closer to my dads height and my sister to my mothers height.
Jake on Hrithik Roshan
He's defiantly not shorter than 5'10, but his physique fools people into thinking he is 6'0. There was even an article when he made fun of Salman and Aimir Khans height that suggested Hritik was as tall as 6'2.
HeightcrazyRed6ft on Daniel Craig
Rob, how tall do you say he looks next to Batista?
[Editor Rob: right around 5ft 10 mark]
HeightcrazyRed6ft on Giant Haystacks
Chaz says on 18/Dec/14
That is rubish,from the tip of my nose to the top of my head is 6'' that is on a 9.25'' face and 179cm height

Then you didn´t realize that Haystacks raises his eyeline bigtime, from the raised eyeline to the top of his head is max 4 inches and Daddy is a little less than 2 inches under his eyeline...
just do the math
Arch Stanton on Miriam Hopkins
Her screaming in Dr Jekyll really went though me. Blood curdling. Screaming Miriam has a certain ring to it.
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Any chance of adding Jackie Coogan? Best remembered for playing Uncle Fester in The Addams Family and the kid in The Kid. Also in Oliver Twist, Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, The Joker is Wild and the TV series aptly named "Cowboy G-Men". Perhaps he was 5 ft 8 :-) No idea on his height sorry, perhaps you could find a quote or listing, or if any Addams family fans here have a good shout. He'd be pretty cool one to add!
[Editor Rob: well funnily, it's no coincedence that like his great grandson, the G-Man of new York, Jackie himself was being billed 5ft 7...runs in the family.]
Uh-Oh on Arnold Schwarzenegger
People saying 5'11" (180cm) current height show me the money. People claiming 6'1" (185cm) current height , show me the proof. All this conjecture is non sense, waste of everyone's time. Show real proof, stop the bickering! You sound like children!
HeightGodAnalyzer on Chris Jericho
Jericho isn't a millimeter taller than 5'9" (On a good, relaxed day)
Jericho is a SOLID 5'8 1/2" THATS IT
5'8 1/2" + 1 3/4" boots = 5'10 1/4" "wrestling height"
he was shorter than Benoit by 1-1.5" in those pics which Benoit was tops 5'9 1/4"
sweetie on Jim Parsons
Jim Parson is a gorgeous man. He is tall skinny and handsome. He is incredibly talented actor. I hope to see him in other movies. Contrary to Jonny Galecky ho acts as if he is blind and his voice is as if he is retarded.
Arch Stanton on Claire Bloom
She's still active as an actress I believe so perhaps change it to 5'3" peak and ? whatever you reckon today. She's 83 so on average a 2 inch loss is reasonable.
[Editor Rob: not sure she's done much this year? I would have said for her, just stating her peak is fine.]
Arch Stanton on Claire Bloom
Firth has a fair heel himself, odd isn't it. I think she'd be about a foot shorter than him if both barefoot so maybe she is 5'1 range now, what do you think she looks there? I'd guess about 5'1" flat.
Arch Stanton on Claire Bloom
She's lost quite a lot of height today Click Here Seems to have lost at least two inches at 83 but it is to be expected. So 5'3" peak and 5'0.5-5'1?? now might be OK. She does look that short there I think as she's has some heel as well. I wouldn't trust it too much though as Guy Pearce is barely shorter than Firth there!!
Arch Stanton on Claire Bloom
Rob can you squeeze in Charly and Crimes and Misdemeanors? Her role was very minor in The King's Speech I believe not worth mentioning. Much appreciated addition! I had a little something for her in the 50s and 60s especially, still a stunning looking woman. She was in some gems. She could seem taller, with Burton in some scenes in Look Back in Anger could seem 5'4-5'5, also in Charly she could look that, Little Sue also thought she could seem taller. I always knew 5 ft 2 was too low, if she claimed 5 ft 3 herself though it's probably accurate.
Height182 on Rob Paul
Rob, I measured 183.1cm on the Stadiometer this afternoon. I shaved my head and everything for it. I didn't have military posture, but it wasn't totally relaxed either Lol. It looks like I have gained tiny bit of height, but still no facial hair. Can I call myself 6'0'' now?
[Editor Rob: shaving head is dedication, I'd just call yourself 6ft.]
Celebheights 188 CM on Benedict Cumberbatch
This might be a ridiculous comparison, but he looks the same (if not taller than Prince William) in a photo where everything is shown)?

Click Here

This I don't get.
[Editor Rob: since when did prince william morph into Dan Stevens ;)]
Arch Stanton on Julie Harris
Rob I found a good comparison with Jimmy Dean Click Here her heels don't look that big. What do you reckon based on that? Obviously 5'4" is too high. She could look in 5 ft 2 range. Dean would be about 5 ft 8 there in shoes but is a bit nearer the camera, although they so look a bit clumpy, not sure if he had a lift in them. In other shots Julie looks nearer his height. Perhaps 5'3 flat is OK then.
[Editor Rob: in her later years she looked nearer 5ft flat I believe.]
Arch Stanton on Julie Harris
Much appreciated!! Been ages since I saw The Haunting so can't remember how her and Bloom looked in the film but they looked similar in the clip. Somebody like Julie though who could seem a bit timid in a lot of her 60s and 70s roles can easily be perceived as smaller, small frame too. Bloom on the other hand could give a taller impression but was more confident and robust in delivery but they were probably actually about the same as you've listed. 5'3 is certainly the most she looked in I am a Camera.
Robby D on Pharrell Williams
Rob, you list your height as 5'8", do you really believe that Pharrell Williams is an inch taller than you? I don't. I think this guy is 5'7" maximum.
2toes on General Height
GI Jose you feel tall because your ethnic group is mostly Mexican-American/ US Hispanics, who tend to have shorter average than african americans and non hispanic whites.
Sam on Claire Bloom
Hmm, could have been a fraction over the 5'3" mark. Beyond sexy in the Haunting, can't blame Julie Harris for her mixed up feelings in regard to Bloom there. Also, beautiful in Richard III, which deserves a spot at the top if it can be squeezed in.
Gordo on Seth Rollins
Looked 6'2 next to John Cena at TLC, I struggle to see him as only 6'1, 6'1.5 sounds more accurate
184.3cm on General Height
A 5'7 ish average here is Holland would also mean that-5'11 women would not be described as very tall by other women, when in fact they are all the time.
184.3cm on General Height
@French guy

The average being that high is false. As you can see from that chart that Jose posted a link to the average is 180.8cm. I always said it was more 181cm so its nice to see my opinion validated a little. As for myself i feel most of the time tall until i come across 6'2+ guys but thats not as common as most people make it out to be. After all i get pegged 187-188cm by alot of people. Id say im probably 70-75 percentile.
As for the women here i see that the chart gives an overall average of 5'6 which is right but id say its 5'5-5'6 range and not 5'6-5'7 which is slightly over the average. That report though is pretty damn accurate though .
Joe on Barack Obama
I went to my doctor's office and he put me on the scale barefoot and measured my height and weight, the height was at 72.5 inches and the weight was at 185 pounds. However when he was filling out my chart on his computer, he put down 6'1" instead of 6'0.5" because the computer rounded to the nearest even number. I would not be surprised if this was the case for Obama.

There are a lot of photos of Obama and Cameron and they appear to be equal in height, a few photos Obama might appear a wee bit taller, but is very small. David Cameron is 6'0.5" tall.
LegendKillerIzma on Dean Ambrose
He's 6'2 , he said it in Twitter once
Click Here
Wrstlefan1 on Hulk Hogan
Stonecold fan says on 10/Dec/14
not sure if anyone has seen this pic

What does it show? It shows that Hogan was way taller than Wendy, who is 5'11" barefoot minumum and is wearing 3 inch heels! He has her at 6'2" with her heels on by 4-5 inches with his 1 inch sneakers on. So guess what geniuses, that makes him 6'5" barefoot like he says, and over 6'6" in his sneakers. Difference here was that he almost stood up straight being next to Kareem. Also ,as i and many others have stated numerous times it also shows that Kareem is at least 7'3" still. Now go on your crusade and make all sorts of bogus comparisoms and use pictures with her in poor posture or at an altered angle to try and get her height down to 5"8" to keep your rediculous low height estimates going LOL.
miko on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Rock slouches in almost every photo so I don't think he's too fussed about his height, and I certainly wouldn't be at 6 foot 3.
miko on Seth Rollins
Rollins looks a solid 6'1 from what I've seen, might even be a little over it.

He's one of those guys you expect to be 5'11 and 180lbs given his wrestling style, but in reality he's a big dude.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius on Will Poulter
Rob this guy is defiantly a late bloomer he started puberty at 17 he had a major growth spurt he he must have went from 5ft 3in too 5ft 9in he could easily grow too 6ft 5in when he is 24 he hasn't stopped yet he's 21 he started puberty late he will finish puberty late he will carry on growing for 2 more years until he stops we will see if he grows too 6ft 4in in 2 years we will have too wait and see.
[Editor Rob: over last 2 years I think he looks stopped growing. ]
Smarty on Andre The Giant
I think everyone should take a good at Andre's shoes for a second and see just how big his lifts were in them.
Anon on Jason Sudeikis
Looks wayy to similar to Owen Wilson to be 6'1. Probably 6 foot even. Definately a tall man.
Anon on Jason Sudeikis
Looks wayy to similar to Owen Wilson to be 6'1. Probably 6 foot even. Definately a tall man.
Paul on Giant Haystacks
Chaz says on 18/Dec/14
There is no dount Drew was bigger than he looked in weight,he's got masive legs hips and ass,bit like small Bundy, that is why he could squat 800lbs raw,
Drew could squat 800lbs ? Certainly had some power in the legs I suppose.
Andrea on Lisa Leslie
Well, look at her with Magic Johnson in that picture... She does look noticeably shorter than him!
And you can see big Magic with Kobe: Click Here
Or with Ibra: Click Here
If Magic is around 6'7, there's noway she's even close to 6'5! :)
[Editor Rob: we have the Luke fellow with 2 measurements, supposed to be 6ft 7.75 barefoot and 6ft 9 in shoes. Magic's head appears quite small whenever he raises his eyes up a bit I noticed.]
Andrea on Height Request
"[Editor Rob: somewhere in 6ft range versus 178 range, but I'm not looking to add him.]"
There's no "versus 178 range" because he really didn't want to say 178 but 188 :)
He genuinely looks taller than 6', i'd be shocked if he was only 6'... He is no less than 6'1-6'1.5, really!
[Editor Rob: what I'm saying is somewhere in 6ft range is more likely than this 178 he seemed to have said, although it seems he means 188. Whether he is that I don't know, seeing him with Tera in heels he might not be that far from it.]
Big Jake on John Wayne
When I was 22, I saw John Wayne's fist print in the concrete outside Mann's Chinese theatre. I bent over and put my fist on it. I was very sorry I did. My fist dwarfed his. I'm 6'6". If the Duke was around an inch shorter than I am, he had tiny hands. Also, I have size 14 feet. He should have been 12-13 at 6'4 3/4".
Big Jake on John Wayne
When I was 22, I saw John Wayne's fist print in the concrete outside Mann's Chinese theatre. I bent over and put my fist on it. I was very sorry I did. My fist dwarfed his. I'm 6'6". If the Duke was around an inch shorter than I am, he had tiny hands. Also, I have size 14 feet. He should have been 12-13 at 6'4 3/4".
Sam on Justin Bieber
recent picture of justin and who is listed as 5'9 on this site. justin looks 5'7 maaaax here
lowest height for justin barefoot i would say is 5'6 and tallest 5'7. nothing more nothing less. so 5'6.5 is the most accurate guess for his height
lelman on Chris O'Dowd
Rob, what's your estimate for Matt Berry and Richard Ayoade?

Click Here

Matt Berry is listed at 5'10" but he can look lower than that to me, Richard always looks about an inch or two shorter than O'Dowd so I think 6'2"s pretty fair for him.
[Editor Rob: somewhere close to 6ft 2 is quite possible, matt berry maybe 5ft 9 range.]
RobV on General Height
@GIJose I agree that many people take the idea of the younger generation being taller too far. I haven't looked at the stats over a period of 30/40 years but I bet we are talking in fairly small amounts, averagely fractions of an inch. But they have got taller. What may have happened though is that some groups have got taller than others through diet etc, in some cases/countries markedly so. That difference which opened up 50 years ago between North and South Korea, for example, is telling. And indeed the enormous growth in the Netherlands, which apparently just over 100 years ago was the shortest in Europe and is now the tallest nation. And a lot of that growth has taken place in the past 50 years.

I suspect that this is one of those subjects that, because it has not been properly studied (reasons, details etc), is open to all sorts of interpretations.
dayle186cm on General Height
How tall would a person be if 183cm comes to near top of forhead
Omid on Chris Jericho
Height182: although i agree with 5'9'ish as if he is closer to 5'9 on both sides, meaning he can wake up in 5'9-5'9/5 range and sleep in 5'9-5'8.75 range
184.3cm on Harry Styles
Now he claims 6'0 . Yes Harry with your chelsea boots 1.75 in and your big hair maybe you scrape the mark in the morning .
Sam on Julie Harris
I'd agree she could seem closer to 5'3" than the 5'4" mark but could have been a bit over a flat 5'3" at peak. She was a strong actress and her career was more driven by her talent than looks. Wearing little make-up, she could be considered plain by Hollywood startlet standards, but I think she could still be rather pretty.
Click Here
Click Here
184.3cm on Michael Jackson
I wouldnt have guessed him more than 5'8. He always wore chunky heels and had alot of volume in his hair.
184.3cm on Rob Paul
I read an article today where Mens Health went down to measure guys at a car centre of some kind. The men all had lied on their driving license, not one of the guys who agreed to be measured actually came close to the height he claimed.The shorter the guy was the bigger the false claim got. One guy was 5'5 in person and claimed your height Rob, 5'8 !! After he was measured he stood and argued for 10 minutes about how it was wrong, that the floor was uneven, that the machine was incorrect. Unfortunately for him though the guy measuring them also had tried it out before and got 5'6 his legit height. Most of them claimed between 1.5 inches to 3 inches more in height!
It just made me wonder how people can be so deluded or how anyone can believe they are 2-3 inches taller than what they are. Do you ever get guessed as 5'9 or 5'9.5 Rob?
[Editor Rob: very rarely, but I really don't talk about height in person anywhere near as I do on this site.]
Omid on Chris Jericho
@Height182: 5'9"ish seems about right....
Sam on Height Request
Rob & Arch, another one in the "I can't believe they don't have a page" category: Charles Boyer.
w/ Claudette Colbert: Click Here
w/ Teresa Wright: Click Here
w/ Greta Garbo (but probably made to look shorter here because he's playing Napoleon): Click Here
w/ Irene Dunne: Click Here
w/ Ingrid Bergman: Click Here
w/ Joseph Cotten & Bergman again: Click Here
w/ Lauren Bacall: Click Here
w/ Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell & Myrna Loy: Click Here
I think he looks a little weak for 5'9", maybe 5'8.5"-5'8.75". Any quotes or sources with his height, Rob? I wasn't able to find anything on an online book search.
[Editor Rob: I seen a mention of 5ft 9 for him...]
Rohan on Salman Khan
Met Salman in-person at Dubai recently and was in his sneakers. He looked about 5'9" tops; but 170 cm barefeet is a good estimate, certainly not shorter than that.
184.3cm on Nicolas Cage
6 foot but no more. I thought he was 5'10-5'11 in Con Air because of how tall John Cusack is.
Sam on Height Request
Here's some comparisons for Claire Bloom:
w/ Rod Steiger: Click Here
w/ Richard Burton: Click Here
w/ Steiger again & Bob Hope: Click Here
w/ Charlie Chaplin: Click Here
w/ Laurence Olivier: Click Here
near Yul Brynner: Click Here
w/ Curd Jurgens: Click Here
near Jane Fonda & Shelley Winters: Click Here
w/ Cliff Robertson: Click Here
I think a flat 5'3" from the quote might be too low for Bloom but 5'4" is too much, maybe 5'3.5" is a good compromise.
[Editor Rob: it's very rare to see a publicised height less than what the person turns out, it can happen at times, I think 5ft 3 range is ok for her.]
The Anomaly on Brock Lesnar
He looked 5 inches taller than 5.10 Jericho last Raw..dwarfed him a lot, Brock was tilting..
Andrea on King Felipe VI
Kobe and Obama: Click Here
King Felipe and Obama: Click Here
Rob, would you completely rule out 6'4.5?
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't rule out the chance, but 6ft 5 I think is ok for him, 6ft 5.5 maybe is just too much]
Shuvayu on Kane
Saw the main event between kane & rowan... kane had an inch advantage over him clearly
Shubo on Randy Couture
Couture does not look 6'2 lol then that would make Brock Lesnar 6'6.
Just look at him next to Lesnar at their staredown at UFC 91.
lESNAR fully stretched out towers over him. He looks like he is 4
weight classes bigger man.
Shubo on Randy Couture
Couture does not look 6'2 lol then that would make Brock Lesnar 6'6.
Just look at him next to Lesnar at their staredown at UFC 91.
lESNAR fully stretched out towers over him. He looks like he is 4
weight classes bigger man.
Shubo on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold is I think right now at 68 or 69 years of age barefoot would be 180 cm. Peak during his bodybuilding days I don't think he was a legit 6'2(188 cm). I think he was 185 cm during in his low. At that age men lose height.
Shubo on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold is I think right now at 68 or 69 years of age barefoot would be 180 cm. Peak during his bodybuilding days I don't think he was a legit 6'2(188 cm). I think he was 185 cm during in his low. At that age men lose height.
Andrea on Tom Cruise
What about this? Where they're both standing in a military posture?
Click Here
Anthony looks maybe 4 inches taller? Certainly not a 6'2 guy next to a 5'7.5 guy...
[Editor Rob: the reverse of this would be saying: Look behind the other Tom...

maybe a close-up has one person without shoes, or they are using a specific angle/lense to reduce difference or a small block of wood.
Andrea on Matt Damon
Of course he must be standing loose in some pics or it wouldn't explain why he can look only 2-3 inches taller! So you think Matt is a liftwearer too? Interesting...
[Editor Rob: there is a good chunk of hollywood who will at times wear just a small lift, the kind that gives you an extra cm and harder to spot.]
nona on Anushka Sharma
Saw the promos of the movie "PK" and Anushka looks like she has put on weight, specially around the hips and legs. Earlier she had a very straight boyish figure but now she has filled out. However even now she is nowhere as curvaceous as Katrina Kaif. I guess Anushka now weighs about 58 kgs compared to Katrina's 73 kgs
Andrea on Virna Lisi
So sad to hear she passed away... She was a great actress and a great woman!
Rest In Peace
nona on General Height
@vina: If you are a girl I think you have already reached your maximum height. On the other hand if you are a boy I guess you will get close to 6 ft.
truth2 on Justin Bieber
Yeah something like 5ft8-9 in lifts. Would love to see him and the "big" G in a staredown, they would be very close I think.
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Got a good look at Bebe Daniels in Counsellor at Law (recommended if you've not seen it Sam) and maybe 5 ft 2 is OK. She was an inch or two taller than and older actress in it who might have been nearer 5 ft.
CD on Rob Paul
Rob, sometimes I get differences as much as 1cm when measuring someone, even at similar times of day. Having said that the only people I've really measured more than once are my mum, dad and sister. I've measured them a handful of times and I'm not really sure what they are because I get variations. I have high-functioning autism and these differences bug me a bit because I tend to be very precise.

For example, I measured my dad at 172.7 (exactly 5ft 8) at 3 hours up, which would suggest he drops to 5ft 7.75, but then I have measured him a few times at 173 late in the day. I measured him twice after he played golf which would put him at his absolute lowest, once at 172.2 and the next at 172.8. All the times I told him to stand tall but not force height, but still got variations, so do you have any idea what could have caused the discrepancies? I know a slight change in posture can change things by a mm, but this is almost a cm. Always the same wall as well.

I never get big changes when I measure myself because obviously I can control my own posture. I'm just curious, when you measure other people how do you make sure you get an accurate measurement Rob?
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't worry about a few mm differences, but if you were getting half inch difference that might mean one of the measurements is off, maybe the object is slipping slightly or it moved, or the wall/floor is slightly different than a part of it close.]
Andrea on Lisa Leslie
What are these times where she can look near 6'5? Post the pictures because after looking at many pics she consistently looks 6'4 at most (sometimes a smidge over but anybody can look taller than their height)...
[Editor Rob: maybe With Walton Here she can pass for near 6ft 5, luke is supposed to be almost 6ft 8, it's believable for him.]
Appe4 on Cristiano Ronaldo
Click Here Here ronaldo with 184.2 listed Darren Fletcher ( I think his listing is correct )
Urselle on General Height
6'2", 6'3" is best range.
6'1", 6'4" is second best.
6'0", 6'5" is third best.

6'0" is starts tall.
6'5" is too tall but good height.
Judd on Daniel Day Lewis
Sam, for sure those have been his best roles, also if i wouldn't forget his role in monster's ball and in casanova.
unfortunately he had actually short career, but he had much more talent than other actors of his generation, like jake gyllenhaal, ryan gosling, james franco...
i think that DDL made a tribute to Ledger not for marketing or to gain a grater reputation; i think he really felt the displeasure of Ledger's death, probably because he considered him one of his heirs...
Day-Lewis is my favourite actor not only because he has actually a rare talent but also because he always denied the life (full of excess) of a medium hollywood's should not forget he had a break from his career from 1997 to 2002...
Arch Stanton on Amy Huberman
Looks like she could be Maureen O Hara's granddaughter or something but oddly only 5 ft 2. Her proportions look excellent here, seems tall!!
[Editor Rob: she once posted a photo of herself with Big Tom Cruise.]
Height182 on Justin Timberlake
Rob, do you really think Timberlake would measure taller than David Beckham? From the pictures I've seen, Beckham is clearly taller than him and he had a buzzcut!
[Editor Rob: it's hard to tell in that photo, unfortunately it's not like side-by-side posed.]
Arch Stanton on Lionel Barrymore
He does look 5'11 range next to John in Arsene Lupin!
Arch Stanton on Lionel Barrymore
Rob check out 58-59 minutes Click Here OK I'm stumped. Lionel does actually look taller than John and not far off 6 ft there!! He does walk funny though so might be in lifts. This really needs looking into I think, his height is all over the place!!
Height182 on CM Punk
5'11'' for Punk is just fine. He can pass for about 6'0'' in shoes/boots.
Height182 on Daniel Bryan
@client: LOL
Height182 on Drake
@TJE: There's an inch there! Click Here

For the love of God, how can you not see it??????

It's like talking to a brick wall.
Arch Stanton on Lionel Barrymore
Look at his proportions on the right Click Here Generally I think 5 ft 9 might be nearer but his height could be all over the place at times. He does look as low as 5 ft 8 in the Disney photo. I don't think he was taller than John although he looks it in one of the photos. He had to have been a lift wearer.
Height182 on Chris Jericho
@Omid: Alex said Jericho was 5'9''ish, I believe him.
Arch Stanton on Lionel Barrymore
Possible he wore lifts on occasions. Looks nearer 5'9" a lot of the time, see Click Here
Chaz on Giant Haystacks
Paul says on 17/Dec/14
Here is Drew at 26 stone. About as 'slim' as you can get for a fat man at 6'1 and sometimes would have equalled or sometimes outweighed Daddy (by up to 2 stone) in their earlier mostly non televised matches although always lighter by late 1987 onwards.

There is no dount Drew was bigger than he looked in weight,he's got masive legs hips and ass,bit like small Bundy, that is why he could squat 800lbs raw,
Emil 183 cm on General Height

Out of bed, I'm 184.5 cm. 1 hour later I shrink a full cm to 183.5 cm. Then at afternoon I'm 182.9-183.0 cm and my absolute lowest is 182.5 cm.
1 cm shrinkage after 1 hour out of bed is quite a lot, isnt it?
And what height should I claim?
[Editor Rob: I'd go with 183cm personally. It's not that uncommon, I did a video showing my height during a normal day and within first hour dropped a lot.]
Height182 on Taylor Swift
@vfpswiftie: That's true, I wasn't thinking of it like that. Well Zac is around 5'8.5'' with his hair up and boots, So I think Swift is 5'8.5'' and nothing more.

@Bishop: I do agree, but I think he wears them at premieres and big public events.
Arch Stanton on Lionel Barrymore
Rob can you add a photo and films like A Free Soul, Grand Hotel, The Temptress, David Copperfield, Camille, Captains Courageous, You Can't Take It with You, Duel in the Sun and Key Largo. Are you sure on this low Click Here
Height182 on Justin Bieber
Maybe with his hair lifted up and in Nike Shox he can look pull off 5'8'', but that's not his real height.
Gibran on Manu Bennett
Manu's hair adds a lot of height as well. Take that away and I agree with max he'll probably look closer to 5ft 9in than 5ft 10in.
[Editor Rob: ignoring footwear, Manu looked at least a fraction over 5ft 10 mark. He did have more footwear so his 5ft 10 claim I think is ok.]
Arch Stanton on John Barrymore
5'7" LOL. There's a scene in Arsene Lupin in which one of the actors in it is described as 6 ft and 190 pounds and Barrymore looks just under 2 inches shorter. So probably the actor was 5'11.5 or something but rounded up.
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Bebe Daniels was also the original Dorothy in the The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1910)!!
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Can you add Bebe Daniels. Starred in 230 films! Best known for 42nd Street (with Cagney), The Maltese Falcon (1931), Dixiana, Rio Rita, Counsellor at Law (with John Barrymore), The Return of Carol Deane etc. Listed at 5 ft 3 but not a chance really, look at her proportions Click Here Reminds me of Kylie Minogue there. Click Here With Harold Lloyd with footwear advantage I think The 2 inch silent rule probably applies. Most I can see is 5 ft 2, but I'll watch Counsellor at Law a bit later to double check.
Pop on Sneakers
Rob how many inches do uggs like these Click Here give? Thanks
[Editor Rob: not that much more than 0.5 inches]
Chaz on Giant Haystacks
HeightcrazyRed6ft says on 17/Dec/14
Click Here

Haystacks has 5.75" max on Daddy, not 6-7"

Daddy comes out 5" taller than Rob in this comparison, don´t forget Mane has 0.6" footwear advantage so putting Haystacks taller is very unrealistic.

Haystacks 6´7-6´7.5" peak, 6´6" wCW
Big Daddy 6´1"-6´1.5" next to Haystacks

That is rubish,from the tip of my nose to the top of my head is 6'' that is on a 9.25'' face and 179cm height, Daddy comes below that.and Haystacks must have a longer face than me,there is no less than 6.5'' between them,had that is if he's face is only my size and Daddy was never has low as 6'1'' even in the 1980s
Rick on Randy Orton
Seth Rollins claims 6'1 205. He looks small next to Randy. Orton is legit 6'4 230-240.
Connor183 on Rob Paul
Hey Rob i just had an idea pop into my head why dont you do a youtube video on how to measure your inside leg (legs length) i want to measure mine i think im a 34 but without measuring it properly i wont know for sure, so what do you think?
[Editor Rob: I'll consider it]
Mike 1.82 on Joel Edgerton
I think ne is 1.77 cm or 1.78 cm Christian bale is 1.81 or 1.82 max or mayne Joel 1,76 a d Bale 1.80
Steve on Travis Fimmel
Hey rob it says this guy is 182. On wiki. Do you think that's fare for him
Mike 1.82 on Christian Bale
Bale 1.80-81 Cooper 1.83 max
new guy on Aislinn Paul
Rob so that would make the guy standing next to her is like 5'8.
[Editor Rob: I think he would be taller than that, maybe over 5ft 9.]
Mike 1.82 on Joel Edgerton
I think ne is 1.77 cm or 1.78 cm Christian bale is 1.81 or 1.82 max or mayne Joel 1,76 a d Bale 1.80
George F on Rob Paul
Rob I agree with you that it is all about estimate but I find it extremely difficult to guess their heights and be absolute precise. Maybe you have to give them 1cm more to be correct. It is impossible to be that precise and not to lose even 1cm without measuring them!
[Editor Rob: it helps though if you have a few people whose height you know exactly standing beside someone.]
justmyopinion on Eric Christian Olsen
Update: I had it verified by the bartender tonight that it was, in fact, him. I'd also like to add that she said he is a very generous person. He tipped her $4.00 on a glass of water (which was of course free of charge).
JT on Andre The Giant
Andre and Tenta were standing in just about the same position in the ring here. Click Here Not surprising since Andre looked maybe 5 inches taller than ~6'4" Big Bossman from that same year Click Here
17 December
bolze on Briga Heelan
So thick
fakhrul on Shahrukh Khan
anyone know the height of sooraj pancholi who is aditya pancholi's son? heres a pic. if aditya is 6 foot one how old is his son?

Click Here
IR on The Undertaker
Jack Swagger 6' 4.5" ( 1.94 m ) - 6' 5" ( 1.96 m ) ?
fakhrul on Amitabh Bachchan
anyone know the height of sooraj pancholi? son of aditya pancholi?
Lebensdorf on Dave Batista
6'2. Not quite the 6'6 of his billing. No, that's a joke. Strong 6'2 guy.
- on Niall Horan
i think niall is the only one honest about his height lol
dicksock on Andre The Giant
JT says on 16/Dec/14
dicksock says on 14/Dec/14
I was just watching Paul Wight vs. Earthquake from 1996 and the Andre/Earthquake confrontation from 1991. Andre CLEARLY had as much height on Earthquake as a prime Wight did.

You’re just seeing what you want to see.
Click Here
Click Here
Andre’s also wearing his orthopedic clogs with platform heels with Tenta. I'll agree that a 1991 Andre did outweigh a 1996 Big Show by probably 100 lbs. or so.


I'm not seeing what I want to see, I'm seeing what is actually there. There's always an excuse when Andre looks taller than you think he should. Now his shoes have platform heels? Even your own flawed comparison picture showed Andre and Wight looking the same height next to Tenta. In the middle picture, Andre would be the same height as Wight if he simply straightened his posture. I have no bias in this debate. I can believe Wight may have been an inch taller than Andre, but no more. Maybe Andre was 6'11" and Wight was 7'. That's possible, but I highly doubt there was more than an inch between them, if even that.
anon on General Height
@Arch Stanton

MY parents were 6'3 and 5'4.5.
I'm the tallest at 5'11.5 midday (probably about 6'0.25 out of bed)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Wentworth Miller
187cm out of bed, Rob?
[Editor Rob: likely near that mark]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Dominic Purcell
Gives a shorter impression than Miller because he's bigger framed.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on William Fichtner
If Wentworth Miller is 6ft1 on the nose, Fichtner could be a fraction over this standing straight.
Joe on Chris Jericho
@fsd..bang on.. Jericho is 5'8-5'8.5"
(he wears obvious wrestling lifted boots) he looks like a shrimp wearing high heels when he comes out
Dez on Armie Hammer
6'4.5 Armie fighting 6'2 measured Shawne Merriman. Look how long Armie looks and Merriman looks very compact compared to him.

Click Here
Joe on Chris Jericho
@Height182..LOL... I think you are wrong about Rob listing Jericho as 5'9.5" being accurate.. If you look at Tyson and Jericho, Tyson is wearing ordinary men's shoes that have an ordinary 1 1/4" heel (measure your dad's'll see) Jericho is (LoL) 100% wearing lift wresting boots you can clearly tell a smaller guy looking to be tall... Jericho is nowhere near 5'9" in real life, those boots are 100% designed to give him 2" of height so let's see Jericho is still an inch shorter than Tyson in that pic regardless of Jerich's 2" wrestling boots therefore Jerich is a 5'8" man without wrestling boots , with wrestling boots he is 5'10". Tyson is a 5'11 1/4" man with regular 1 1/4" heeled men's shoes
Clay on Brock Lesnar
Shave Jericho's head, get him out of those boots and into sneakers and you have a 5 inch height difference between him and Bork.
Crash on General Height
I misread the height difference, 9cm rather than 11cm. But the point still stands; the father likely wouldn't be any taller than the mother if he were female, so height potential for any sons isn't going to be much taller than him.

Taking that 5 inch difference into account, around 6'2" for a son, and 5'9" for a daughter is most likely.
Crash on General Height
Arch Stanton, that's actually higher than you would get on average, and I would actually say a very silly estimate. The 6'2" estimate given earlier is more probable.

If what you said were true, then parents would almost always produce children significantly taller than themselves. But this obviously isn't the case.

Height difference between the sexes is about 5 inches. So basically if the dad were a woman, he would likely be the mother's height or slightly shorter, so on average you'd get a son/daughter about the same height as the dad/mum, respectively. 2 parents with similar heights for their respective sex would normally produce children close to their height, otherwise like I said, nearly everyone would be significantly taller than their parents.

You may have a different experience but if so, those definitely aren't the "average" examples you've been seeing.
Lisa on General Height
@Jose: Thank you so much for your informative post! :) Going by the statistics, the original poster's height estimations are close to the actual statistics. BTW, my preceding post is in response to your earlier post, in case it seems confusing.

There are a few surprising facts in your post. You don't expect such height variations between different age groups in the US, UK and the Netherlands. You expect them in Japan because of WWII and changes in diet, but you wonder why, FE, some older groups are taller than some younger groups. What's your explanation for this?

I also wonder why the statistics don't align with 184.3 cm's estimations of Dutch women's heights. I assume that he lives in the Netherlands. Perhaps he lives in a section with a shorter population?

As for the cause of the differences, between the age groups and between the countries, my guess is that it comes down to a combination of genetic and environmental factors and may reveal the economic history of each country (taller population during better economic periods).
Prince on Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler is most likely 5'11" barefoot. He looks 3 inches taller than 5'8" Dana Carvey.
Joe on Chris Jericho
Ok Heyman + Jericho in the ring Monday Night Raw Mon.Dec15,2014... look Heyman was clearly 1.5-2" taller than Jericho at all times in that ring...
Heyman= a 5'9.5-5'10" man with regular 1.25" men's shoes= 5'10 3/4" - 5'11 1/4"
Jericho (was 1.5-2" shorter than Heyman on Dec.25/'14 Raw
Jericho= a 5'8" man with boots of 1.5"-2" = 5'9 1/2"- 5'10"
= there is your height difference between Heyman and Jericho. Therefore Jericho is really a 5'8 - 5'8 1/2" man with 1.5"-2" footwear
delvin on Sneakers
When I wore my shoes that saids it gave 3/4 of a inch .. They only gave me 2/3 of a inch in height
GI Jose on General Height
@Celebheights 188CM
I 100% agree that people are making the 'young generation' seem so much taller than they actually are. As someone who is part of that generation, I feel that it's very much exaggerated. Even the reported 5'10" average seems like a bit much because I am just under 6'0" at my low, and I feel like I am solidly taller than most people my age. I have trouble believing that it's even changed much at all from the 90s until now.
Joe on Chris Jericho
@ Clay ... you are exactly right, 100% true... I noticed those boots too and he still wasn't taller than Heyman, he was clearly shorter than Heyman
Joe on Chris Jericho
If you watched Monday Night Raw on Monday Dec.15, 2014 Chris Jericho was in the ring with Paul Heyman for quite some time and Paul Heyman Clearly was about 1.5-2" taller than Y2J at all times... Y2J looked abvioulsy smaller and 1.5-2" shorter... and we know Paul Heyman is no taller than 5'10"... therefore Jericho's height is in the neighbor hood of 5'8"5'8.5"
Just watch the will see. (you have to remember too most wrestlers wear 1.5"-2" boots/footwear
funny on Kurt Cobain
Does anyone here could say exactly the true height of cobain..alguem who knew him personally or seila because each one tells a coisa..por please ???

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