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22 July
Sam on James Garner
Funny to see him beat the tar out of a young Clint Eastwood here in a Maverick episode, Clint was pretty skinny then and it looks feasible that Garner could have really whooped him...later in the clips, they stand near each other, although Garner is leaning on the counter, there's obviously not much height difference, so Garner does look solid 6'2" range, other times he can strike me closer to 6'1".
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James B on Dolph Lundgren
Compare how much shorter Dolph looks next to ross than 6'4.5 Stephen fry.

Funny to think in the 80s dolph was around the same height as Fry. In th clips above I'd say Dolph looks no taller than a flat 6'3.

Would you agree rob quite a difference in how much larger fry looks next to johnathan compared to dolph?
[Editor Rob: what time in the video are they together]
Jake on Richard Gere
Mr. Gere was 5'10", maybe 5'10.25" at his peak.
James B on Kane
I did think recently he's been looking 6'6 range but next to Orton last night he did look a strong 6'7.

Back in the attitude era looked 6'8 or 6'9 for sure.. He was in better shape back then which is why he looked minimum his current listing but these days he has put on a belly which is why he looks 6'6 at times.
Frankie68 on Sylvester Stallone
@risingforce....Sly's high top famous black converse or rocky sneakers are packed....and all of Sly's boxing shoes are packed.....the rocky 3 opening eye of tiger montage ...all wedged up....the scene when he bows ,,they look 4inches me...if paulie is 5'7 or 5'8.....Sly's in his neighborhood...
James B on Kevin Nash
Certainly looks no less than 6'10 when he faced undertaker at wrestlemania 1996.

Taker on the other hand looks no more than 6'7 flat there

Maybe nash he had on big boots or something?
James B on King Felipe VI
Looks 6ft9 in the PR photo
SAK on Rob Paul
Chris says: I asked 20 girls and they sad 5ft9 is ok height for a guy,a few sad it is a little too tall for them.
Girls saying 5'9 is an ok height seems like a reasonable comment to make. But girls saying 5'9 is a too tall, never heard that one before. Even girls below 5'3 usually don't say 5'9 is too tall.
new guy on User Heights
Hey alex your a legit 6 footer which is good what height did you stop growing and how tall were you at 14,15,16. Im asking because i just turned 16 and my lowest height is 5"10.5 but I want to be atleast 6ft
184.9 on a bad day on General Height
@Rob V
How you boost your height to 6 ft 2 for 6 ft 5. 2 cm lifts is max you could put in shoes. And if you hit 196 with shoes+ lifts, you still not legit 6 ft 5 in comparison with other people, most shoes give you 2-3 cm. Your height is better than 6ft5(my opnion)
Amaze on General Height
So Josh I say that 6'1 is ideal. perfect. not too tall or short. 6'2 is ok, 6'3 is getting bigger, 6'4 is near too tall, 6'5 is borderline 6'6 is too tall. I would certainly not enjoy ducking down doorways and towering everyone etc. imo 6'1>6'0>6'2>6'3>6'4>5'11>6'5>5'10>6'6
184.9 on a bad day on General Height
I'm 6ft 0.75(185.1) and it after a long day when i jump, run and stay standing for two or three hours and after that I measure myself at evening.I dip under 1-2 mm with aerosol measurement, in a stadiometer I never dips under 1.85. and out of the bed I'm 187.2. I think my height is pretty decent( of course I'm brazilian and average here is lower like 5ft 7- 5ft 9). My uncle is a guy who never dips under 1.87.5 at night and he is Pretty Big. I'm pretty close with her height. 1.85-1.88 is perfect range
Amaze on General Height
I know lots of tall people mate, and my 6'6 friend complains. but my 6'5 friend has to duck his head under doorways, and in cars he says he feels uncomfortable etc.

you know what aaron183cm, you are still tall but lower end but with what you just said I completely 100% agree. 6'1 is just right. 6'2 can appear too big at times. being tall is nice but I certainly wouldn't wanna be too tall or anywhere near it. obvs I would be picking 6'4 over 5'10 but given the choice 6'0-6'2 is the best range and id pick 6'1.
jamieorr4 on General Height
Aaron183cm i agree 61 is the perfect height
Amaze on General Height
I know lots of tall people mate, and my 6'6 friend complains. but my 6'5 friend has to duck his head under doorways, and in cars he says he feels uncomfortable etc.

you know what aaron183cm, you are still tall but lower end but with what you just said I completely 100% agree. 6'1 is just right.
Red183 on Tyler Mane
Click Here

Mane is 7cm taller than Ken Kirzinger in this comparison, Rob has Kirzinger at 196cm, so 203cm is reasonable for Mane.

I met Kirzinger in march 2013 and in my book he´s a weak 6´5" like 194cm evening wich leaves Mane at 6´7"-6´7.5"
Chris on Rob Paul
Rob, Glenn was measured at almost at 170 cm but his eyelevel was between 159-160cm You eyelevel isin't suposoed to be 12 cm lower then the top of your head?Or this is different with short guys?
[Editor Rob: yes G's eyelevel is more 4-4.2 range, remember he had a tendency to raise his eyelevel so at times it would be 3.7-4 range. So he could still 'see' himself as taller than a 5ft 6.6 man with a 4.5 eyelevel.]
Andrea on Rob Paul
Rob, i always walk with a quite big backpack when i go to university. You think that puts me faster to my lowest, then?
[Editor Rob: if there's 12-13kg in it then that would do, but just a few bits and bobs and a couple books maybe not. I sometimes have about 6-8kg in a bag and it really gets my back straining after 30 minutes of walking.]
beast on Rob Paul
Rob,what is the fastest way to drop to my lowest height??
[Editor Rob: go for a run, do some digging in the garden or do something that strains the back like a walk with a big backpack.]
TJE on Nikolaj Coster Waldau
More than 1.5 inches shorter than Gwendoline Christie, but she might have had thicker footwear.
SAK on Lucas Till
littlesue says: His legs look fairly short
I do agree his legs do generally look shortish. But i think the camera angle is causing his legs to look shorter.
Chali Q on Keith Richards
I'm 5'11" Bobby Keyes knocked Keith down on ice outside the Tower Theatre My Friend Eddie & myself picked him up all 3 of us in flat sneaker type footwear Ed is 5'9 1/2" Keith didn't reach my chin & was shorter than Ed. That makes him 5'7 1/2" to 5'8". He may have seemed taller in the old days due to always wearing High Heeled Boots. I was shocked at how short he really was.
RobV on General Height
@ Josh. You ask whether 6'1" or 6'2" is the ideal. I think imho neither. I am 6'2" and for me the ideal is 6'5" / 6'6", which is why I wear lifts and elevators to get the height that is, for me, the most effective and best.
Alex 6'0 on Rob Paul
6'1 is just as common as 5'7. I'll see 6'1 on a daily basis easily. Nothing uncommon about seeing guys 6'1 in town.
Alex 6'0 on Triple H
Height181, I had him at about 6'2 for a while but always said he could look 6'1.5 too. 6'1.5 is more what I think now. Its only a fraction we are arguing over lol. Some on here continue to think 6'3-6'4 though who are old enough to know about billed heights lol
Realist on Rob Paul
Rob which method is better ?
Comparing to a wall after a bath (cause my hair is flat)using an ideal cylindrical bottle or taking a measuring tape and having flat hair while comparing with head top in front of a mirror ? Another thing i did was to stand under a horizontal stand exactly my height and i comfortably scrape or sometimes bang my head under it? While comparing to the wall i get 171.8 at 7:40 pm after an evening bath and flat hair and in the morning 173 flat after a bath. Whereas in front of the mirror i get 170.6-171.4 and sometimes even 169.7 ish or so. Thats a huge disparity. Which method should i trust ?

Rob one more thing after getting up from bed we lose maximum amount of height in the first 15-30 minutes right?
[Editor Rob: first 30 minutes you are going to drop several mm, the first hour really is faster than next few hours.

I still say going with the aerosol is easier than holding a tape and adding a fraction to what you see.]
Chris on Rob Paul
Andrea i live in Romania,but i have been many times in Hungary and Ukraine.The avarage is 5'10 but people are not growing taller then they meant to grow based on there parents heights,because these are poorer countries,and the food isn't so good like in the US,Uk or Germany.So 6'1+isn't common here,and 6'3+ is rare,and 6'5+ is extreemly rare.Most guys are in the 5'9-5'11.25 range.Here 6ft is definitely the start of tall.Here even the young generation isn't really growing to 6'1.25+
Height181 on Triple H
I have Triple H at exactly 6'1.25''. I have spotted this ages ago and have been saying so for quite a while. That's good Alex, that you finally see this.
Aaron183cm on General Height

I think a solid 6'1 evening height is ideal, and would easily pick it over 6'2 if given the choice. A lot of people (not just on this site) will say 6'-6'2 is the best height range for a man (which coincidentally is the preferred height range for male models), so clearly the best height in that range must be right in the middle. 6' can be too average at times, and 6'2 can *sometimes* (keyword, sometimes) appear a little too tall especially if you have a thin frame. But 6'1, I think that is just right. Not too tall, not too average, a great 90th percentile height with no downsides.
TJE on Aidan Gillen
Also, take a gander at this pic of Gillen with Conleth Hill on GoT

Click Here
TJE on P Diddy
Around the same height as Tyrese Gibson.
goldsmith on Mick Foley
at peak and before the injuries 6'3
nowadays 6'2
goldsmith on CM Punk
saw him in a interview recently for some music awards, looked taller than a flat 5'11 especially since he has shaped up well from taking time off. robs listing looks accurate enough. 5'11.75 max
RisingForce on Sylvester Stallone
I don't particularly suspect he had lifts in his boxing shoes for the Drago fight, wouldn't make any sense actually considering Dolph himself said Sly put Dolph on a box to make the height difference even greater than it was, but I do remember thinking Sly looked closer in height than usual to Burt in that scene, but he was still a bit taller. But the clip where you can see their entire bodies with Sly in converse going to punch the meat sealed it for me that Sly was a minimum inch taller, maybe more like 1.5", especially since when Sly is in the heeled boots in those movies and he can look a solid 3 inches taller than Burt a lot of the times.
Stevie on Harry Styles
Layla: Why do you think he got a height complex?
Dane on General Height
@Solid Snake: I think posture can be really important. I remember Rob saying, that you can lose near near 2 inches with really bad posture. So a man at 5'10 can easy look taller with good posture. I know a 5'9 guy who can look 5'7 with his bad posture.
RobV on Rob Paul
@ Arch Stanton. Yes mate, we do get that there is more in life than height, but this is a site about height not about personality and character and being seen to be kind to bunny rabbits. You can get that at any age.

But height is important (which is why I wear lifts/elevators) and trust me - when you are perceived as very tall, as I am, it brings considerable advantages. Simply talking about them and acknowledging them does not make anyone - me, Mid190s whoever - some sort of shallow ogre. There is a danger in trying to pretend that natural physical advantages like this do not exist or it is somehow wrong to mention them (like good looks, money, size in other areas etc!). Just pretending that they do not exist for sake of not offending those who are shorter would be daft here.

To put it in the mirror, there is also more to what makes someone great (and attractive or successful) than being kind to bunny wunnys and understanding how they split the atom. I hope Mid190s doesn't start telling us now what he does 'for charidee' and how he loves us all, avoiding all mention of height.
Realist on Jonathan Frakes
Max 6'2, i would'nt go beyond 187 actually.
Mike on General Height
@Josh, neither imo I think its 6'4.
Realist on Ariana Richards
Rob you are looking really skinny in this pic. When was this taken?
[Editor Rob: that's 2 years ago, pretty much I've been holding anywhere in 150-155 pounds for nearly 3 years.]
Just on Princess Diana
@ Sarah Princess Diana was Nicole Kidman's height Click Here
So no way she was just 5'6. She was at LEAST 5'10, maybe a little taller.
RobV on General Height
@ KROC You suggest that I say being 6'5" 'guarantees you the world'. I have of course never said that and would regard it as an absurd comment for anyone to make. I have never seen anyone write anything like that here. What I have always said is that I am 6'2", I like wearing elevators/lifts to take me to around that 6'5"/6'6" height and find that it really works for me personally. I believe that height really works up to a certain point (I suspect about c2m/6'6") and then the advantages tail off unless you have a really good body. And even guys around 6'5"/6'6" need a bit of shape or they can look gaunt and lanky. Indeed when I was a mid teen, and very skinny, that is how I myself felt as a 6'2" kid.
RobV on General Height
The idea that today tall people find it hard to fit into clothes is pretty odd. The main problem for men's clothes, specially fashion at the younger end, is in weight and waist size. If you look at websites for all the big brands, you will see endless stuff which would fit a very tall guy (36" inside leg is now pretty much standard), but just try going much above a 34" waist and the options are much more limited. I notice this because I am a 33" waist and am certainly not overweight there, but if I have to go for a 34" (even number sizing being more common), I notice it is almost always the top end of what is available.

It used to be very difficult for tall people until about 15/20 years ago (certainly in the UK). I am 6'2" and when I was a younger teenager (15/16), I was really frustrated buying jeans etc. But now, even wearing elevators and taking me to 6'5"/6'6", I find no problems at all.
Just on Selena Gomez
I agree with Lena. She might be 5'6. She looks short because of her "babyfat".
Dmeyer on Sylvester Stallone
Thanks zach we could all give money to rob , it Will be interesting to compare sly to a légit 5'8
Sony on Aishwarya Rai
Which video
Chris on Rob Paul
I asked 20 girls and they sad 5ft9 is ok height for a guy,a few sad it is a little too tall for them.If u are atleast 5'8 girls don't care about your height,the important thing is to be atleast or taller than them.
Chris on Rob Paul
Conor 185 who sad anything about Netherlands?I mean to say in most countries 6'1+or maybe 6'1.25 is definitly not a commun height.
RobV on General Height
@ Late 187cm I think in general you are stretching this a little. What Zen Master said was that the bar for height had risen. You may not agree that there are more guys around 6'5"/6'6" around now than there were half a century ago but all the stats about height tend to suggest you would be wrong.

He was simply making the point that (probably because of this) most people no longer say that these heights are 'too tall'. I have never heard in all my experience someone genuinely say that a 6'6" built guy is 'too tall' or 'too big'.
Jackie Knife on Tyler Mane
Arch Stanton on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
JasonV says on 19/Jul/14
Just spotted this on his FB page Rob but we can't see the footwear unfortunately.
Click Here David Beckham is 5'11" on this site and I only see a 2 maybe 3 inches because of Rock tilting sideways. Could he actually be under 6'3"?
[Editor Rob: it's difficult to tell leaning side/back just how much height can be lost, sometimes it is less than you imagine, other times it is more.]

That's a dodgy photo, I mean Dwayne doesn't look over 100 pounds heavier than Beckham there either.
Arch Stanton on Robert Ryan
Amazing, yeah. Definitely underrated as an actor. I've been getting into him a lot of late.
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
You amuse me Mid190s. When you reach a certain age you'll realize that being the tallest isn't really important... You equate being taller with being "better", and there's so much more to what makes somebody great other than height.
ivor on Richard Burton
In Becket, when Burton stood side by side with Peter O'Toole, there was only an inch between them, yet O'Toole is (was) 6ft 3". So 5ft 10" Burton must have been wearing 4" lifts throughout the movie.
Just on Taylor Swift
The height difference between 5'8 Blake Lively in higher platform heels and Karlie Kloss in high heels Click Here is about the same as Taylor in high heels and Karlie Kloss in flats Click Here
So Taylor is about the same height as Blake. Taylor is 5'8"5 max!
Still not convinced, Rob? Only if you meet her?
Alex 6'0 on User Heights
Damon Gant, yea I do them but not too often. I really doubt they'll decrease height from your unless its just during the day you do them. You can hit your low faster or even slightly below your normal low since they put more pressure on the back. Lifting weights doesn't make you lose any height permanently that I know of. I been lifting 11 years and still the same height
Wishbone on Melissa Joan Hart
Sweet! When you see 5'2" Melissa Joan Hart,she splashes love all over you! And not only do I love petite Melissa,Annette Kimmett loves her,too. Joanie,Alice,sister April 18 baby Debbie Jones,another Trade Winds friend of mine,who because of sluggish balance from vertigo,needs a walker,but 5'2" Debbie is sweet,and Kelly from Trade Winds all love Melissa. She talks softly and calmly,and seeing her now in a bikini swimsuit after losing 34 pounds makes her prettier,too! She splashes love on her three boys and just warms your heart like Cathy Rigby,Patty Duke,and other petite women do. She is very pretty and sweet and is a true "goody two shoes" we desperately need today. The press is nice to Melissa,too. And she wears brightly colored clothing without being smothered. And she's also,like me and Cathy Rigby,into lupus and MS,which I got into it when three years ago,I lost my high school sweetheart 5' Beth Gerak at just 52 to MS and lupus due to losing another high school sweetheart,4'11" Sandy Malufka in 1994 at 34 to lupus,although she actually succumbed to viral bronchial pneumonia because the lupus destroyed Sandy's cough reflex and she couldn't calm her hacking bronchial chest cough spasms from the pneumonia. Just give Melissa a big hug when you see her,because she is so sweet!
Alex 6'0 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Height181, one reason is we were much younger. I was 16 at the time and everyone just appeared taller and I bought into billed heights as most young fans do. I can't see these guys losing more than a fraction. Well Austin is 50 this year so he could have lost a bit more.
Wishbone on Patty Duke
Just like petite December babies are sweet,Patty Duke is very pretty,too,just like sister December babies Annette Kimmett,Rita Moreno,Cathy Rigby,Susan Lucci,Barbara Mandrell,ana Alyssa Milano. Not only was it nice three years ago to see Patty,but she was very pretty in the black dress she first wore,but when she changed outfits and switched to a more comfortable light blue pants suit and from black pumps to more casual,comfortable flats talking to me,I found Patty Duke to be very nice! Although not really a "goody two shoes" type like Cathy Rigby,Patty is one of the nicest performers there are.And though Patty sputtered trying to make the transition to adult actress,she calmly and comfortably made this transition.Then after giving tiny Size 4 Petite Patty a big,soft hug and big,tender kiss seeing her,she hugged and kissed me and tenderly called me a "Dukee." This means we love each other and Patty Duke is a true champion in all she does! And walking on her Hollywood Walk Of Fame star was sweet,too!
Alex 6'0 on Triple H
Lutz is a strong 6'0-6'0.25. HHH looks an inch or a bit more taller there. Yesterday on Raw he looked 6'1.5 with Orton I thought. 6'1.5 may be closer to accurate. I don't think 6'1 flat because if we have Rock at 6'2-6'2.5 range HHH is max an inch shorter.
Alex 6'0 on Rob Paul
6'5 isn't that rare. Its rare but not very rare. If you go out around town to stores, parks, walk the streets you are guaranteed to see at least a couple 6'4-6'5 guys. Yesterday saw a 6'4 friend at the gym
!? on Football Soccer
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is currently in a BT Sports advert that centres on the wrongful dismissal of Kieran Gibbs, in the ad he stands in a line up with a height chart behind him. It clearly rules out 5'11. I put him at 2.5 inches under the 6ft mark, which would suggest 5'9.5 in shoes, and I've seen him wear Nike Air shoes before so 5ft8.5-9 is my guess.

Also, James Rodriguez has been seen with a doctor during his Real Madrid medical and looks about an inch or so shorter than what Kroos looked to the same doctor, I'd say 5ft10 is a safe bet for him, maybe 5ft9.
Just on Karlie Kloss
@ Harry In that picture I can't see Karlie's footwear. Maybe she's in flats, maybe she's in sandals with heels.
And Nigel Barker is NOT that tall, he isn't 6'4. He's almost the same height as 5'11 Karolina Kurkova in 3 or 4 inches heels without platform. Click Here
I think Nigel is 6'1 max. Karlie is 6'0"5 as listed. She's tall but not a giant.
Josh on General Height
Most here seem to say the ideal height is either 6'1 or 6'2.

So, which is it?

Let's here your best arguments, fellow height connoisseurs.
Layla on Harry Styles
I don't think he's taller than 5'9/5'10 but he's slim and seems to have long legs long proportions in general and it makes him look taller (and he def got an height complex lol)
Dane on General Height
@Tom: Could not agree more with you! You got it spot on. Only people interested in heights do really take notice of it. 99% of people would not mind the exact numbers, and 5'10 in shoes can easily look "6'1" to women who don't know anything about it.
Stella on Justin Bieber
With 5ft8 Khalil. Biebs is ATLEAST 1 inch shorter.
Click Here
The Exorcist on Arnold Schwarzenegger
He's the same height as (5'11.5" listed) Jimmy Fallon in this video.
Click Here
JohnGB on General Height

That is a true statement I think. It's all about perception really; if you look tall, that is as good as being tall most of the time, regardless of an actual measurement. You can be anywhere between 5'10 and 6'0 and still appear tall or very tall in the views of women, even though it's a very average range. I am guessed at 6'2 a lot and I am 6'0
gregory on General Height
Morning - 5'11.1(180.5cm)
Night - 5'10.3(178.5cm)

Am I a legit 5'10.5(179cm)?
Brad on Sylvester Stallone
Sly at a London Comicon would be higher than the NYC price (like burgers). He'd be in his stealth wedged up customs. The photos with anybody would be a G thang.
Mr. R on Danny Glover
I saw Danny Friday night at an event in LA. He has shrunk a lot, and looks to be in bad health. At best, I put him at just over 6 feet. But when I saw him years ago in New York, he was definitely over 6-3.
Mr. R on Colin Firth
I saw Colin tonight at the premiere of his latest film "Magic in the Moonlight". He was definitely taller than I thought. I think he is closer to 6-1 though.
Phantom on Flo Rida
He's in the 185-187cm range.
Damon Gant on User Heights
Hey Alex, do you happen to do deadlifts or squats in your workouts? Does it decrease your height permanently?
Parker on Brad Pitt
Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz
Click Here

Lets not start downgrading Paltrow to fit Brad being shorter. Pitt has to be at least 5'10.5
Jon on Kit Harington
What would you say his weight is Rob? I've seen one website say 170 but that sounds too high give his lean frame and short height.
[Editor Rob: he did put on some bulk for the Pompeii film, so 165 range is very possible.]
Robby D on William Shatner
Joan Collins in her biography described him as thick set and tall on there first meeting but on their second she noticed how short he was and says on set he wore shoes which elevated his height by three inches.
jtburge on Bobby Lashley
he has a high shoulder height, if his head was normal he would be about 6'1.5
rob on Ian McElhinney
I wounder how tall he was when he was younger he must have lost some height by now
TJE on Mark Rolston
His shoulders are 2.5 inches higher than yours, yet he only looks 1.25 inches taller than you. Weird.
TJE on Johnny Depp
I have a friend who has the same exact build Johnny had when he was younger, and I presume they're the same height too. Said friend is 175-176 but when he drops his posture he seems 171-172 range. I'd say Depp does the same thing. 5'9 is a good guess.
Hypado on Dominic Cooper
Dominic Cooper looks 5ft 9.5in (177 cm) in Need For Speed
21 July
_Clurke on Stephen Moyer
İn True Blood, he is taller than Ryan Kwanten like 0.5 or 0.25 inch.I'm pretty sure about that.
Ben on General Height
There are sooo many people with small man syndrome on here hating on tall guys and giving poor reasons.
kendalljennergreatestfan on Bella Thorne
5ft 7in one great height for a girl.
MrTBlack on Trey Parker
Stone usually 1.5-2" taller than him. I'd say 5'11-5'11.5" for Trey and 6'1-6'1.5" for Matt.
Mike on General Height
@Amaze "Find it hard to fit into clothes" I have a 6'5 friend and he wears a large and can easily find jeans, also taller people wear clothes better imo, do you even know any tall people?
Sharpshooter on Rory McIlroy
Rory looks shorter compared to most golfers though definitely one of the shorter ones on the tour. Given his short and slight stature its staggering how he can hit a driver 400 yards, shows you its all technique and not power.

@Arch Stanton
I personally can't stand Tiger Woods, but no way is Rory better than Tiger at his best, nonsense. British commentators will go over the top with locals, typically. Tiger had won his 8th major when his 26, he's also won calendar slam (winning 4 majors consecutively) and currently has 109 professional wins. Rory has 13, a great player, but I would be very surprised if surpasses Woods/Nicklaus totals. He's flavour of the month right now.
176 Face on Harry Styles
This listing is correct in my opinion. 8 cm shorter than David Cameron.
Rachel on Chadwick Boseman
Chadwick's height is 6'0
Joe on Barack Obama
Barack looks 6'1 with 5'11.75 Chris paul
Click Here
TJE on Joe Dempsie
Looked exactly as listed on GoT.
TJE on Kit Harington
He looked 172 on GoT next to John Bradley, but he's 2.5 inches shorter than Madden. I think he's more 5'7.25 than 5'7.25.
TJE on Richard Madden
Has a good 4 inches on Jenna in the pic, and she has at least 2.5 inches more footwear. And he's not even standing straight; I believe he's dropping about 0.5 inches here. Could be 5'10, but he isn't lower than listed.
gigolo on Tina Fey
Are you sure Rob? Looks more between 5'3 and 5'4.
marshall on Robert Knepper
I think he is 1.76 -1.78 m , because it has an extremely bad posture. tell you this because my father is 1.80 m and when he walk with me(1.74 ) It seems 1.76 -1.77.rob what do you think,kneeper is a 1.76-1.78?Please answer my question.
[Editor Rob: seen him several times and he looks about 5ft 9 to me]
1.74 m,r h on Robert Knepper
I think he is 1.76 -1.78 m , because it has an extremely bad posture. tell you this because my father is 1.80 m and when he walk with me(1.74 ) It seems 1.76 -1.77.rob what do you think,kneeper is a 1.76-1.78?Please answer my question.
Clay on Big Show
6'11.5 next to Cain and Routh.
What? on Patrick Stewart
My favourite part of this website is laughing at a load of **** who make people smaller than they should be. Let's be honest... NONE of you know better than the very honest dude who owns the site. So chill.
TJE on Jeremy Renner
If Jeremy is 5'8.25, the RDJ is 5'8.5 because RDJ edges out Renner. I don't see RDJ anywhere above 5'8 though,so I'd downgrade Renner to 5'7.5-5'7.75.
Late 187cm on General Height
@ RobV

I think you're stretching this a little, haven't made it clear, or else I am becoming a little confused, because you seem to be contradicting yourself. Namely here, "I take your point about posts that might appear to suggest that the average height is higher than it is," and here, "he does not say that the bar for AVERAGE height has been pushed up," So which is it? Because with the first it is said that the bar for average height is being pushed up and with the second it is said that the the bar for average height is not being pushed up. Are you talking specifically about Zen Master or other people's posts as well?

Zen Master's statements about height ranges skew the measured facts.

- "there are more guys clustering around 5'11-6'5"
- "I'd say most guys ranged from 5'8 to 6'3"

There's a real suggestion there that the average is higher than it really is. Most guys don't range between 5'8 and 6'3. They range between 5'7.5 and 5'11.5, according to normal bell curve distribution with a 5'9.5 average. He goes about 2 inches lower than the average, because he knows he has to, and then 5 inches over, to support his skewed view.

And of course he explicitly states, "I wouldn't be surprised if the average height continues going up." No inference needed here, it's stated explicitly, along with the statement, "You have to be 6'7 and over these days for your height to be the principle thing that defines you." Suggesting that people are becoming quite radically taller.

I find statements such as this a little absurd, "you can be a 6'6 guy today and blend in pretty normally." Really? You are about 1 in 500 at this height. That's not standout?

There are many people on this site who post comments saying 6'5 + is too tall. There are also many who say it isn't too tall. But you post comments such as, "And even there if you are built, no-one ever says 'too tall' at 2m then." Well I'm sorry, they do. Week in week out. Built or otherwise, it's regarded as too tall for some, but you seem to want to justify the idea that it cannot be too tall with the right build. Like this is some kind of objective fact and not an opinion, and you seem to do this in order to justify your own opinion. If you think it can never be too tall, that's ok, that's your opinion, but not everyone's. It's not a fact and it's fallacious to suggest that it is.

I find it quite interesting that someone who has had exposure to psychology would support, maintain and propagate these views.

Or maybe that's why you do it? You know, it's not what's actually true, but what you can make people believe is true...
Frankie68 on Sylvester Stallone
Idk risingforce....another is rocky 4 when he's walking out to fight drago ,,,he's very similiar in height when paulie kissed him...and u know Sly's boxing shoes are wedged up for the drago fight....take Sly's boxing shoes off...idk if he's taller than Burt young....he's only like an inch taller than him in those wedged up boxing shoes......idk......
Robby D on Alan Ladd
@Parker. That is interesting. It says his US enlistment height was 5'7". I am not sure how they measure someone for enlistment. Do they measure them on a stadiometer barefoot or take an estimate standing against a wall with shoes on? Perhaps Rob would know. I don't understand why Joan Collins said he was about three inches shorter than her though. Obviously she exaggerated because although she claims she is 5'6" there are more sites which say she is 5'4". I know three inches shorter than her is out of the question whichever of her height listings is true, however, I thought if she were 5'6" perhaps he were an inch shorter which would have made him 5'5" but you could well be right when you said 167cm. I will add that when I was a child and I watched Alan Ladd's films, he never came across as short to me unlike some actors. It was only when the older generation told me he was exceptionally short and wore elevated shoes that I even thought about it. Someone at the time mentioned he was only 5'4" in height and I suppose that stuck in my mind.
Andrea on Football Soccer
Rob, what about Buffon? He said in some italian interviews both 191 and 192 and it seems believable he measured somewhere in that zone. Maybe a fraction over 6'3, like 6'3.25?
[Editor Rob: 6ft 3 looks ok for him, he may measure a little over]
spainmen on Rob Paul
Hey Rob, I have been checking my height since I was 14 years old I remember that in my 14th birthday I get measured at 169 cm at the doctor office I was not very tall for my age at that time then I started to sprout up and I measured bang on 184cm(at night) on my 16th birthday on the wall of my bedroom,at that age many of guys dont gain considerably height, but then I measured myself at 17 and a half,using the aerosol can method and I was 188.7-8 at my lowest, and know at 18 and 5 months I measure myself on the wall of my bedroom using the aerosol can method at 190.2-3 at my lowest at night (sometimes I can get 190.1 or 190.4).
Do you think that I could be able to pick some more growth? and is 21 cm of growth since 14 big ammount? What do you think? I had an armspan of 198 cm so I have very long arms.And my father is still considerably taller than (he dont tower me but he is taller)
[Editor Rob: you have gained a lot of height...I would say you might be very near finished, but there is still always a chance of a little bit more. A doctor's x-rays could tell if your bone plates are fused or not.]
Joe on Adam Sandler
5'9 flat he is not 5'10
Joe on Owen Wilson
5'10 flat
Bryan on General Height
I remember back in late 2009 when I first stumbled upon Celebheights, my friends were convinced I was at least 180cm but I generally felt short :| and then at the school gym stadiometer it turned out I was only 175cm in the afternoon. Anyone else measured themselves shorter than they expected ? I was 16 at the time.
new guy on Marshall Allman
Is this what an exact 3 inch height difference looks like will you mostly be looking at his hair or can u see over him.rob did it feel good being this much taller than him?
[Editor Rob: normally 3 inch would be like a clear half or bit more above eyebrow, but sometimes it can look less or more depending on camera angles.]
TJE on Alexander Siddig
More like 181-182 range.
new guy on Height Challenge
Wow rob your good at this. I measured my height and im a mm or 2 below 5,10.5 can I claim 5,11 cause I have thick long hair making me look half an inch taller.
[Editor Rob: many would just say '5ft 10 and a half', a bunch would go with 5ft 11 and another bunch just round to 6ft. Stick with a realistic number, personally I'd say 'almost 5ft 11' to people. ]
MarcusTheSwede on Brad Pitt
Brad is at best 176-177 without his shoes. At best. Paltrow is 5ft8.5 and Brad is not more then 176-177 not a millimeter more.
Charlie on Alexander Skarsgard
Youre full of **** "MarcusTheSwede", unless you didnt measure Alex himself also u can be sure. Thats one thing to be sure of! People can look a range of height when walking and standing in different pos but anyone who seen Alex and thinks he is only 192 got to be a real wacko.
Aza on The Undertaker
His listed height was his peak height when he started out in wwe ( hogan looked 6''5 back then). His morning height is 6'6 these days.
Aza on Dave Batista
Justt curious for reference you think Rock is taller than Batista?
dicksock on Andre The Giant
GST says on 20/Jul/14
To find Andre's peak height look for photos of Andre from the mid to late 70's. An older, broken down Andre or a younger, not fully grown Andre will result with inaccurate height estimates or calculations.


Andre claimed he stopped growing at 24 or 1970. I think anything from mid 1970 through early 1986 is his peak. Again, I think he was 6'11"-7' in his prime and ~6'10.5"/possibly 6'11" on a good day by the late 80s early 90s. He may have been in the 6'9" range by the very end.
TJE on Jon Voight
He looked at least 2 inches shorter than Liev Schreiber on Ray Donovan. If he straightened up, I could see 187 at the most.
TJE on Liev Schreiber
I honestly thought this guy was no more than 187 on Ray Donovan. But I guess he can be 190.
TJE on Dolph Lundgren
@Dmeyer Yea I was gonna say. Dolph struggles to look 6'3 sometimes, today that is. He doesn't have 7 inches on Sly today. In fact, in the picture on JCVD's page, JCVD and Jason Statham surpass Dolph's eye level.
Solid Snake on General Height
I'm 5'11 but regularly get pegged at 6' or even 6'1, even in flat shoes. I have good posture - do you think most people tend to slouch, making me appear taller? How much can posture effect perception of height?
Conor 185 on Rob Paul
6.1" rare? Are u Chinese?! Lol.
U should come vist on Netherlands 6.1" isn't rare well here lol.
I would give u a glass of pure milk if u will come !
SAK on General Height
MrTBlack says: 'Generally speaking, an ideal height for a man is anything from 6'-6'2". Anything more than 6'2" will diminish returns from women.'
I have witnessed totally different attitudes from women. Yes many women do prefer 6'0-6'2 guys. But they also like the very tall men 6'3-6'5 just as much.

If you want to talk about women's attitude towards opposite sex, well there are numerous sites online where short guys(5'8&under) are complaining thay they are being totally ignored by women.

Don't forget many females ideally want a guy to be taller then them with their heels on. Heels ad on around 4".
Daddy on Kane
@NCL IMO, Orton's boots are 1-1.5", while Kane's stay around 2". But Kane still looks easily 4" taller than Orton, adjusted for the boots
Sam on Gillian Anderson
Gillian has aged very well, in fact may be more attractive recently than back in her early 20s at the beginning of X-Files. She's the same exact height as Jodie Foster, whose Clarice I believe was the major inspiration for Scully.
edguy282 on Jamie Bell
Just read in Entertainment Weekly Jamie claiming "5-8." He said the CGI transformation of him into The Thing on the new Fantastic Four reboot would instead make him "6-8." I think he's a slightly less than 5-8 and probably more like 171cm.
SAK on General Height
jamieorr4 says: SAK ok maybe your right maybe over 6ft isn't as common as thought but sometimes it feels like it is
@jamieorr4, 6'0 is a commonly occurring height here in England. 5'8-6'0 are the most abundant. And the most represented heights are 5'9.5-5'11, so your height is very common.
Andrea on Maisie Williams
Rob, you met Isaac at the last convention? Is he really 5'8 in person?
[Editor Rob: well he was doing a photo with Kristian Nairn but nowadays Nairn wants to sit on a seat, so I wasn't going to waste money. I never seen him up close.]
Editor Rob on Joe Mantegna
He claims to be 6 foot.
Sam on Mads Mikkelsen
He's pretty close to six feet IMO. If he's a sub-six footer as listed, I'd guess Laurence Fishburne is as much as a quarter-inch under that, Fishburne never looked taller IMO and sometimes Mikkelsen seemed to edge him out.
jtm on Al Pacino
he was shorter than barkin in sea of love. does anyone here want to talk about that?
Amaze on Rob Paul
Jake everyone in the world would pick 6'0 much better height. But im 5'8, same as you and i think most if not women would pick 6'0 guys
I understand know why. 6'0 is tall and a good height. But thing is personality is important and its so shallow of that girl to do that because you are 5'8. Our height is not short. Its just below average. Its not that bad. But thing is 6'0 is better obv but forget about that girl you will find someone who will want you for you not for your height jeez. I dislike girls like that. I remember this 5'0 girl said she would date anyone under 6'. Some girls are ridiculous. May i ask how tall that girl was? I understand if the girl is taller than the boy she will be annoyed but then if shes like 5'7 6 5 4 or even less then she is ridiculous. Forget about her. 6'0 is the best imo but you deal with what you are given with. Not everyone is fortunate to be that height and tall. So forget about it good luck mate
KROC on Tyler Mane
He's definitely not a legit 6'8. Especially next to Ali Baba. He's somewhere between 6'7-6'7.5
TJE on Sam Smith
Saw him on David Letterman the other night. Looked 2 inches shorter than Letterman with similar footwear when they shook hands, but Letterman has a huge camera advantage. Looked 182 range to me then, but he could be taller, like 185.
Connor 183cm on General Height
@Amaze so you think my height at 6ft is the best? i dont know , i think 6ft 2 is better, i am somewhat happy with being 6ft but im not overjoyed or anything .
TJE on Guy Pearce
Yea, this is spot on. Saw Lawless the other day. Couldn't compare him to other actors, but he definitely looked at least 5'10, maybe a little bit over, but nowhere near 5'11. 5'10.5 would still be a stretch.
Andrea on Tyler Mane
Yeah, that's what i said. He really isnt much different from Cudmore but, just looking at their pics, many people would say the opposite. I'm not one of them, though... But the question is: does he really look a big 6'8 guy with Ali? Nope... You are 100% sure he's not under 6'7 and nearer 6'8? Btw, how tall is that congoer? Around 5'11-6'? It would be interesting to see him with guys closer to his height so you can have an idea of how tall he is.
[Editor Rob: yeah, do bear in mind that footwear isn't known, but have a look through his photos here as it is worthwhile seeing a few other guys (you can see with Chris Lloyd he might be a guy who wears typical inch range sneakers) Click Here.

from looking at his pics I'd have guessed him about 5ft 11
Nick on User Heights
I should also point out that I might have undermeasured a bit; tried a different wall and measured 182.4 cm
KROC on General Height
Oh yes, being 6'5 guarantees me the world. It guarantees me a job with a six figure salary, all women worship me like a God. I have no worries or issues whatsoever! All because I'm tall. Sorry guys that's not reality. Reality is that I work a 9-5 just like everyone else, have bills, tuition, ectr. Just like everyone else. My height doesn't change that. Being tall is nice for the ego I suppose. It gives me an edge in social situations, but its not the end all be all. Confidence and personality are much more important.
TJE on Morena Baccarin
Standing 166 cm with Rob.
Rob takes arm off and she looks 167.
She straightens her posture up and she's 168.
She's at footwear disadvantage, add another 1.7 cm and she's 169.7.
Rob's exactly 173, about 3 mm above a flat 5'8; add 3 mm and she's exactly 170.
FA on CM Punk
How tall do u think Johnny Nitro/John Morrison is? He seems to edge out cm punk but gets listed at 6'/6'1".
Click Here
btw sorry if the angle isnt right, but thats the only image i can find on the net.
[Editor Rob: he sure looks like he'd be taller ]
Gabri on Larry Wilcox
Really??? I thought 5,8/5,9 no more
TJE on Josh Hutcherson
In the photo above, Josh looks 166-167. Think about it. Accounting for footwear, Liam is 193-194. Liam has 9 cm on Jennifer, putting her at 184-185. However, Jennifer has 14 cm on Josh, not 16. This puts Josh at 170 with shoes on. Take them off and he's 167-168, but he's standing closer to the camera, so shave off 1 cm and he's 166-167.
TJE on Kendall Jenner
If Kylie is 5'6, then Kendall is no more than 5'9. At no point is Kendall ever able to look over Kylie's head. I'd say 5'8.75 is her height.
TJE on Harrison Ford
He could be 5'11.25 when standing up straight, but he apparently compresses his spine most of the time because he looks 5'9-9.25.
Robby D on Ryan Seacrest
The Exorcist. Interesting photo and if Ellen is 5'7" then based that photo I would say Ryan is about 5'7.5", however, I have my doubts about Ellen's height. She has claimed both 5'8" and 5'7.5" yet she looks more like 5'6" to 5'6.5" to me.
Conor 185 on Rob Paul
Oh I get! Well u know what should be my wingspan? It's it correct 6.3-6.4?
[Editor Rob: some people can just have a longer armspan to height ratio than others. Yours is longish, but not extremely long]
Chaz on Andre The Giant
ReturnofG,if I was biased about anyone it would be Giant Haystacks,who I have seen,and he was much bigger and wider than Andre,if anything Big Show gets a bad rep on this Page,he's a much better wrestler faster stonger,taller,than Andre ever was,wider back bigger legs,more muscle,just because I beleave Andre was only 6'10'' or so,Don't Make him less of a giant,in my book if you are 200cm+ or 200kg+ you are a giant,you all have this rubish in your minds,that if someone is a inch or two under 7' he is not a real giant,well your wrong,
Nick on User Heights
Just measured 182~ cm after being up for 14 hours, typical work day and been walking a bit. Didn't have many hours of sleep either (if I'm not working I usually measure around 182.5 cm in the evening). Should I still go with 183 cm?
Jimbob on Tyler Mane
I still think Ali's estimation is correct, can't see him being over 6feet7 unless in thick soled running shoes, dress shoes or wrestling boots. If he stands a strong 6feet7 he could easily gain a near two inches in footwear height. Standing at 6feet6 and a half, I've had people guess me anything from 6feet7 quite regularly to the ridiculous 6feet9. I think when you get to around two metres it gets harder to guess because of the height difference when people are looking up.
KROC on John Wayne
@Arch Stanton
Still not buying it. I've seen 5 or 6 movies that he's been in and he never looks anything over 6'5. Come to think of it, I have yet to see a movie where he's actually looked a legit 6'5... 194cm might be better for him. If you don't believe me then Youtube some of his movies.
Parker on Alan Ladd
@Robby - Have a look at the paragraph on Ladd's height here
Click Here

The barefoot shot with Elisha Cook is the only barefoot pic I've seen. I did post the video clip, but it appears infringed copyright. Must admit, he did look marginally shorter barefoot than Cook in footwear, but I don't believe he was under 5'5.
Alucard on Casper Van Dien
Watched Starship Troopers, Van Dien looked barely shorter than 5'9 max Michael Ironside... Maybe Ironside had lifts, maybe both, Van Dien looked 5'8-5'8.5, nothing more...
Tom on General Height
Obviously a big reason why men want to be in the 6-62 range is for attracting women. In reality its not how tall you are but how tall you look. Unless a women asks to measure you she will never know your true height. It simply about how tall/short you look to them. The point im making is unless you 'study' heights like the people in the comments its simply best guess and many women overestimate. For example i am 5'10 and the majority of women i meet think im 6ft.
realist on Mel Gibson
Downey has massive heels there, ive seen the rest of the pics at one point Gibson even mocks his shoes!
IcedPlanet on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Johnson could never opull off 6'4-6'5. Hes a weak 6'1 today.
James B on Tim Tebow
Looks 6'3.5 in the above pic
James B on Will Smith
6'1.5 max
James on Ansel Elgort
I think 6"4 is a stretch. 6"2.5-6"3 seems right. If he is wearing boots maybe he is 6"4.
Nick Name on Rory McIlroy
Look at the comment section of this article: Click Here

on McIlroy and Wozniacki's break-up for a superb example of modern-day heightism. Notably the people blaming 'Short man syndrome' for the reason behind the break up.
Mid190s on Rob Paul
6'5 is very rare in reality but very common in the mouths of UNknowledgable people. That's why I dreaded that measurement for years because it gets tossed around like a used toy.

I hardly ever see legit 6'5 outside College. When someone 'tall' enters a venue, my friends will alert me and say "there is a guy just as big as you". 9 times out of 10 my friends are wrong & I'll have an inch on the so called tallest guy standing side by side. 6'4-6'4.5. Is a better shout for tallest per 200 people.
Red183 on Bud Spencer
peak Hill 180cm
peak Bud 188cm
Red183 on Vin Diesel
180cm at best, 178-179cm is what he would measure at the end of the day
Honest on Jon Hamm
He has no reason to claim 6'2 but most guys lie about their height even tall guys lie.
A guy who is 6'2 with probably claim 6'3 or even 6'4 as for Jon Hamm he does have great posture and he is presented as one of the tallest on Mad my opinion he is no taller than 6'1 with shoes on making him actually 6' tall.
Chris on Height Request
Louis de Funes
Dmeyer on Sylvester Stallone
Rob since when do you think he became about 5ft8.5/174cm to me he looks near enaugh 5'9 évén a few years back
[Editor Rob: last 2 years I think he's been fighting the loss, but filming bullet to the head/Exp2/3 and Grudge Match has taken it's toll. Sly isn't indestructable, unlike Chuck Norris.]
Red183 on Andre The Giant
Frank says on 20/Jul/14
Nash & Tyler Mane were about the same height i believe Mane had the foot ware advantage. Andre had about 2 inches on Mane when Andre was over the hill & broken down

Absolutely Correct!
Red183 on Hulk Hogan
Click Here

Peak Nash 6´9"-6´9.5", peak Hogan 6´5"-6´5.5"
or metric Nash 206cm, Hogan 196cm

ZERO chance they were taller than that at normal low height like Robs 5´8".
Noel ve on Alex Turner
No, Lilard, you're wrong ... Turner isn't 5'11 (180 cm), he is not even close to that height ... He is between 5'8 (173 cm) and 5'9 (175 cm) max ... most likely he wear lifts to be higher, but how do you explain the photos Graham Coxon (183 cm) and Leighton Baines (170 cm)? ... Look at these photographs:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Mexcianfoodlover on Ed Sheeran
When i met Ed he was atleast 4 inches taller than me and im 5"5
Lucio on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Connor 183cm says on 20/Jul/14
Rob when will you be changing Arnies current listing? i doubt he's 182cm though

I really don't understand this rush to change Arnold's height to 182 cm, especially when there is no safe evidence that he is 100% this height.
All recent pics that have been seen here and on internet, with some exceptions probably due to a bad angle shot, or unevenness of the ground and / or different shoes, in my opinion, he is a strong 183 cm today and maybe a little bit of most.
Claiming that he is 182 cm when there is no clear and safe evidence, it is stupid.
Editor Rob on Sneakers
Sometimes with womens low style footwear you can underestimate - if I saw this shoe on a celebrity I might think it's a 1/4 inch sole and maybe a few mm for the insole, but the insole sits were my thumb is, so more like 0.75 type shoe:

Click Here
Sam on Iggy Pop
I think he's probably very active and jogs or does other exercises, so he's fit but healthy is a stretch, I'd think the amount of drugs he's put into his system it's a surprise he didn't die at least a dozen times...the reason I compared to Keith Richards is that they're both (former) heroin addicts who looked prematurely wrinkly, gaunt, string-y in build and dark-eyed by their 50s, regardless of muscle tone, using so many drugs must take some kind of physical toll if you're lucky enough to survive.
Chris on Rob Paul
Rob,how tall someone would have to be to never see someobody who is taller then him his whole life?I think 7'1 is enough even if u live in a large city like New York?
[Editor Rob: unless there's a basketball convention, then you are unlikely to see anyone taller.]
Sam on Michelle Williams
Yeah, I'd agree she's more of a strong 5'3" than a full 5'4".
184.9 on a bad day on Clive Owen
Clive edge out Rodrigo santoro.
James on General Height
Growing up I always wanted to hit the 180cm mark, I made it to 183cm. Now i'm 23 and 183 I see 6ft 1 as my ideal height but I can't see that happening.

5ft 11+ is a good height for a male.
James B on Rob Paul
Rob 'I'd say the UFC fighter looks more 5'7.5 next to 5'11 guy.
Sam on General Height
I'd say it's true that self-confidence and esteem matter considerably more than any physical attribute and that superficial things like how well you dress seem more important than height or weight to attracting women. Short, overweight or skinny gawky (including tall ones) guys might have more to overcome for self-esteem but I believe that personality (i.e. humor) and confidence can overcome almost anything physical. Saying over 6'2" gets diminishing returns is a silly statement IMO, you can look like Shrek and still get lots of play if you're charming.
Sam on Tyler Mane
I thought he does look a bit taller than Cudmore by about an inch, but more generous footwear and throwing his head up gives him more superficially in the photo compared to the more relaxed Cudmore. He definitely could be a bit sub-6'8" as backed up by Ali's photo. Mane kind of looks surprisingly lean but with relatively big biceps, probably doesn't have to maintain as much weight as more of an actor than wrestler these days, not massive all around quite like Nash.
Sam on James Garner
RIP...I would say he could rival Rock Hudson in charm but just had a relatively less successful big-screen career, neither could really touch Cary Grant but that's not a really a knock, Garner was a cool dude and quite a man and a good guy off-screen from what I've heard. A tough year for losing some of the older greats so far.
asf on Josh Hutcherson
LMFO, those fangirls saying that he's anything above 5'5 or 165 cms are worse than both Harry Styles and Bieber fangrils combined.
Allie Rei on Carter Wong
Using the other two Storms (Peter Kwong/Rain, and James Pax/Lightning), Carter Wong/Thunder looked 5'10" to me... Since Kwong is 5'9", and Pax is 5'11", while Wong was right in-between those two heights.
diavolo on William Shatner
In their book, Herb Solow & Bob Justman wrote that Shatner wore lifts to achieve his advertised height of 5'11". If you look at the Columbo episode he appeared on you can see how enormous lifts he had those days.

In the first season of Trek most of the other crew wore ca. 4 cm tall heels with Shatner wearing 5 cm (2-inch) heels plus lifts. Joan Collins mentioned how much shorter he was without his Captain Kirk boots.

Shatner was 5'8" in his prime, nowadays he is 5'6".
Sam on Height Request
Sorry, but re-requesting these, Rob:
Rudolph Valentino
Stan Laurel (but do have Oliver Hardy)
Chico Marx & Harpo Marx (to round out the remaining main trio of Marx Brothers)
Douglas Fairbanks (Sr.)
Lon Chaney (Sr.)

Thoughts, Arch Stanton?
Sam on Charles Barkley
There's no way Barkley's only 1.75 inches taller than Dwayne Johnson.
Sam on Bud Spencer
Nothing to do with Spencer, but Jack Palance does look close to his 6'4" claim in Chris's photo.
Tim181 on Sylvester Stallone
I am ready to donate 50 bucks for Rob to go and get a pic with Sly.
RobV on General Height
@ Late187cm I take your point about posts that might appear to suggest that the average height is higher than it is, but I am not sure that what you have said really negates the core point that Zen Master makes, which relates to the 6'6" area not now being thought in any way too tall - he does not say that the bar for AVERAGE height has been pushed up, I genuinely think he means a bar in its sense of being an upper limit/high point for being considered very tall. It may be a little ambiguous the way it is phrased but I took that to be the point, specially reading the rest, which is all about height at that end. If he had then talked about 5'11" being an average I would agree with you but he doesn't.

There is a reality I have noticed since my teens - and that is that in many societies there appears to be more people around that area that he talks about, and that being considered either very or too tall means really around 2m+. And even there if you are built, no-one ever says 'too tall' at 2m then. That is a lot different than when I was a teenager (16 years ago). And my parents tell me that anything much over 6 foot (say 6'3"+) was considered too tall when they were young.

It may also be that height is at a greater premium today than it was, say 50 years ago, in western society, which then has a knock-on effect on what is considered excessive and what is considered desirable. Running club nights, I assure you that I do not know one person who has ever said that a guy around 6'6" is too tall. It is simply a plus, even a mega plus if well built.

But it is what he says afterwards that for me makes clear he is talking about a bar
Sam on Robert Ryan
Wasn't he great, Arch? Really quite edgy not afraid to play dark characters, more so than most any top-line character actor of his generation, although I also respect the more leading man-ish Kirk Douglas's willingness to go starkly unsympathetic. Like I said Hayden was taller but they both had that lanky but strapping build IMO.
Jewel on Peter Dinklage
he gives the impression of being in control. comfortable in his own skin, manly voice, a presence that is not defined by his height. abilities not linked to his height either. that's just enough.

Marc Anthony is not a big guy. but he has a big presence that makes him sooo hot.

Click Here
Sam on Al Pacino
Agreed that Pacino is great in the 70s but not over De Niro, De Niro was just about as good as screen acting ever gets in the 70s and early 80s IMO...I almost always identified with his characters despite their less than stellar behavior, he was as technically good as Day-Lewis is and as electrifying as Brando was but seemed edgier than both, like he was genuinely dangerous and unpredictable...key word WAS.

I like Pacino's more internal work in some like The Godfather and Scarecrow than his more shouty later stuff like Scent of a Woman or the quite silly Devil's Advocate...Dog Day Afternoon might be his best, mostly internal with showy bits but ones that never seem over the top. Height-wise, I always thought he could edge out Hoffman but not by much.
Jewel on General Height
MrTBlack you said,
""It's not bad but it isn't ideal. Generally speaking, an ideal height for a man is anything from 6'-6'2". Anything more than 6'2" will diminish returns from women.""

May I beg to differ. Over and over on this site, people have repeatedly addressed 6.2 as perfect height. 3 or 4 standard deviations either way that height are just as good masculine heights. that means either 6.6 as highest and 5.10 as lowest are still very cool heights.

As a woman, the taller they are, the closer they are to God. Anything more than 6.2 CAN NOT yield "diminishing returns"! contrary to that, those are alpha/godlike, powerful, thunderous heights (6.3 - 6.6)and trust me they WILL yield returns - wink wink :)

Just look around and see how many tiny women are dating MUCH taller guys :)

(Having said the above, we as women eventually pick our guys based on the connection. any day I would pick my 5.10 soul mate over some 6.4 big blond dude!) Love triumphs over all. if its true it will accept.
Sam on Peter Dinklage
I'd like to see him in genuine high quality leading man stuff after GOT runs its course, he's definitely proved he's got the chops and hopefully in roles that are not written just for little people.
Sam on Lee Tergesen
Actually surprised that he's this height...he can seem a weak six footer at times on screen, seems a smidge taller than J.K. Simmons and barely shorter than Christopher Meloni.
unknown on Sneakers
How much these add Rob? Which give more height? Thank you.
Puma complete veris shoes: Click Here
Nike Dart 9 shoes: Click Here
Another link with the Puma shoes: Click Here
Another link with the Nike shoes: Click Here
Ed on Paul Walker
In "The Death and Life of Bobby Z" - canteen, shower and laundry scene - Paul Walker is cleary a bit taller than MMA fighter Chuck Liddell who's listed as 6'2" everywhere.
jtm on Tyler Mane
lol at 6'10
jtm on Tony Danza
look at the picture posted on jgl's page on 2/6/14. jgl was probably wearing lifts in don jon and the pictures sean and greg posted.
jtm on Jeremy Irons
please don't compare him to dicaprio.
jtm on Charles Barkley
barkley is closer to the camera and probably has better posture. sorry but there is no real evidence that he is 6'6.
jtm on Conan O'Brien
barkley is closer to the camera and conan is losing more height.
mId on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Click Here Here he is with GSP.. GSP is listed 5'10.. But people often say he's closer to 5'9. Hard time seeing arnold at a legit 6' today.
Vibram on Brad Pitt
Giulio, Paltrow although claimed as 5ft9 was never more than 5ft8.5. That means Pitt was 5ft9.75 to 5ft10 in that barefoot photo.
Height181 on Chris Jericho
I can Never Pin down Jericho. He can look anywhere from 5'9'' all the way to 5'11.5''! I don't know if it's lifts or not. It's got to be lifts.
Height181 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
@Alex 6'0: Everyone seemed a little taller back in the WWF days in 2000. Rock could look 6'4'' - 6'5''. Triple H could pull off 6'3''. Even Austin and Vince could pull off 6'2''. I don't know what happened Lol.
Height181 on Triple H
Edge is losing some height there. He clearly looks 2.5 inches taller than Triple H. I don't know how tall Steiner is so I can't say anything on that. Triple H also looks 6'1'' range with Cena continuously. He also looks 6'1'' range with Seth Rollins. He also looks 6'1'' range with Randy Orton. He also looks 6'1'' range with Brock Lesnar. The list goes on and on.

@Aza: Yeah you are right. I can see Triple H being a flat 6'1'' evening height.
RisingForce on Sylvester Stallone
Sly was unquestionably taller than Burt Young. This is obvious whenever you see ground level. I posted the clip when he's going to punch the meat, and you see their entire bodies, and Sly is visibly taller than Burt despite Burt having a footwear advantage with Sly in Converse.
Arch Stanton on Rory McIlroy
Seems he and Wozniacki are no longer together. She says she can start wearing heels again now!! Click Here This guy had it almost too good to be true, as if winning almost £1million for a couple of rounds of a golf course doing what you love isn't enough!
tiny on Monica Bellucci
What a smoking hot body. Monica has hips to die for. I guess she is more like 5'8" and weighs a very healthy 154 lbs.
the shredder on Rob Paul
Rob G looks about 5'10 in That pic with 6'4 guy
[Editor Rob: which is why you won't see me on the streets :)]
tiny on Brooke Hogan
Always thought she was 5'11" but guess she finally got measured. However there is no disputing that she is one extremely well built girl. Those thick legs and broad shoulders should easily make her about 170 lbs
Connor 183cm on Rob Paul
@Chris i have to disagree with you there 6ft 1 is actually quite common too, not rare at all, and 6ft 3 isnt that rare, its fairly rare though, people taller than 6ft 4 or 6ft 5 is definetly truly rare.
tiny on Kylie Jenner
Kylie is 5'7" & 135 lbs whereas Kendall is 5'9" & 115 lbs
Amaze on Rob Paul
Rob do you have any brothers if so what are their height? What about paternal or maternal uncles? Are you the only 5'8 male in your family? Any shorter? And what is the tallest height both sides
[Editor Rob: my sister's height varies, 5ft 5.5-.75 generally...Father was 5ft 10 (his 2 brothers 5ft 8ish), cousin 6ft (my Mother's brother was 5ft 9-10 and his wife about 5ft 4-5, although lost 3 inches in height due to bad knees)]
Amaze on General Height
Now mr tblack i agree with you on the 6'-6'2. I think being below 6' isnt good but 5'10 and 5'11 are good heights. 6' is near perfect or perf. Its a 9/9.5/10 height imo. I think your previous post must have been a typo. But yeah 6'5 isnt that bad but 6'-2 is better imo, and 6'6 is getting bad.
6'7 and over is defo baaad.
tiny on Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney (5'0, 95 lbs)along with Eva Longoria (4'11", 90 lbs) are 2 tiny women who are just about perfectly proportioned. They both look very cute when they stand next to girls who are more than 5'10".
Ohyez on Seal
I saw him yesterday. I am 6'5 and he is several inches shorter than me.
Alex 6'0 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
We can't see footwear but gives a good idea of how Rock looks next to a 5'11 guy like Beckham. Likely at most someone would have 1/4-1/2 inch footwear advantage.
TheSmileyFacedBalloon on Chris Evans
Here's him with Michael B. Jordan who's listed on this site as 5'10.5". Maybe Chris should get a slight downgrade, even if it's a quarter of an inch less?

Click Here
Alex 6'0 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Rock would look 6'2 range with Beckham if he was more straight. I seen the pic on FB yesterday as well. I don't think Rock lost anymore than a fraction of height. Its just something about back then he appeared taller.
tiny on Caroline Wozniacki
Very attractive but no tvery athletic, Should be about 5'9" & 150 lbs
tiny on Maria Sharapova
@Isis: Thanks for your post. Even I am of the opinion that Sharpie is easily atleast 6'2" but I wouldnt say she is big. She may weigh about 165lbs whch is proportionate for her height but she isnt big. its just that her shoulders are very broad and coupled with a tiny waist it makes her look huge.
Miiiiiiighty_- on Ryan Gosling
To me Gosling looks like a classic guy that is 182cm but appears taller due to his lean/slender "crossbow" like bodytype
tiny on Kristanna Loken
What a gorgeous and well built tall lady!!! Would put her at 5'11" & about 150 lbs
Dmeyer on Milo Ventimiglia
Rob if not looking at 0.4in advantage how tall did he look
[Editor Rob: he could look near 175, but he was up and down on one foot in that session...mainly with guys.]
Andrea on Tyler Mane
Yeah, that is what i was talking about... Joe's comment! Show this picture to random people and i'm sure a lot of them would say he looks much taller than guys like Daniel Cudmore with you! But he's not... It's just these poses that for some reason make people look taller than they are! It would have been interesting a pic like this with Cudmore... Just remember Joseph Gatt can really look near 6'1 with you when he really is not much over 6'!
[Editor Rob: Cudmore really isn't far off Mane. If there is more than 1 inch between them I'd be shocked as in person there wasn't more than a 2 inch difference (considering Cudmore had 0.4 in less than me and Mane has 0.6 in more than me)

here is an American con goer with 3 big guys (he has more pics on his site): With Cudmore
Jake on John Legend
Are you guys just hating on him? He's clearing not 5'6 or 5'7. He's at least 5'9.
JohnGB on General Height
175 cm says on 20/Jul/14
Rob are the electronic height measurement machines accurate?

I've always found electronic measuring machines to under-measure by 1-2cm. On a stadiometer and measuring in numerous other ways they all point towards a taller measurement than the one I get from the machine, so I am pretty sure they can under-measure.
Jake on Rob Paul
Rob, if you were given a choice between being strong 6'0 or 5'8 what would you pick? (Be honest) I lost touch with this one girl and the reason was due to her and her friends not thinking I was good enough because I'm not very tall and it hurts. Lost in touch with her 2 years ago.

Why do you think theirs so much of an emphasis on height and its such a big deal Rob?
[Editor Rob: I think most people would choose the taller height, I'm no different...height is a physical trait that has a big presence in society and the taller you are, the more advantageous it can be...but really, as I've said many a time on here, there are things in life you can change and those which you can't (unless you invest large sums of money and time).

Too many people spend time worrying about their lack of height, when they could be putting that time and energy to other pursuits...expanding knowledge, helping others, enjoying hobbies or going on adventures.
the shredder on Rob Paul
This girl down my street is 38 and claims she lost an inch.
[Editor Rob: if she was in an accident or had really early osteoporosis or disc problems then some loss is possible...but maybe she just got measured earlier with better posture or a mis-measurement?]
the shredder on Matt Lucas
rob , do you buy his 5'6.5? He looks 5'5 with James Mccavoy
[Editor Rob: maybe it's worth removing the half inch he craves...yeah he can look in 5ft 5-6 range a fair bit]
the shredder on Sylvester Stallone
I agree with the listings
Joe on Mick Jagger
Conor 185 on Rob Paul
Hello rob. I just measured the lenght of my hands when they are open and stretched as much as I can. I know that ther is some theory that says ,the lenght of ur arms from one to on other is ur height,or somthing like that. Well I had measured myself like this,and got 6.3"-6.4" feet height -191-1.93 somthing like that.
So how the hell I'm 1.85 and not 1.91+??!
Dam maybe I had a bad growing childhood or teen?
Thnx rob.
[Editor Rob: your wingspan can be a bit longer than your height, it is rarer to have a wingspan shorter than your height!]
Joe on Tom Cruise
I can't see this guy any taller than 5'7.5
Joe on Zac Efron
172.5 cm
Joe on Freddie Highmore
174cm on the dot,look at this pic with 5'7 Skandar Keynes he is only like a inch taller
Joe on Luke Hemmings
5'11 is a joke for him, he is at least 6'0
Damon Gant on General Height
Rob , do exercises such as squats or deadlifts reduce height permanently?
[Editor Rob: excessive weights over a long period could lead to an increased risk injuries and once one disc is effected, it has more potential to effect other discs.]
M.P. on Blake Lively
I know a skinny, supermodel-esque Asian girl who is 5'9.5", but because she's SO slender, she looks way taller than me, and I'm only 5'11". But because I'm so stocky, most girls think I'm 5'8', which is really small for a guy. Blake Lively can pass for 5'10" so easily because she's so slender. She would look INSANELY gigantic being 5'10" as skinny as she is. Because she's so skinny, if she was 5'10", she could easily pass for 6'2" in flat shoes. If she weighed more, she'd look closer to her real height of 5'8" or 5'8.5". But her bony frame visually tricks people and she can get away with lying. But being self-conscious about my own height, I myself am rarely fooled, so she doesn't look close to 5'10" in my eyes, at all.
Crypto139 on Sneakers
Ok Rob I found a site selling elevator shoes and it has a shoe with 5.5 inch height increased but how much would it really give?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: probably the same as the dons ones...about 3.8 inches]
TJE on Kim Coates
Has nearly 2 inches on Ron Perlman in SoA.
20 July
PinkFloydFanatic on Rob Paul
Rob, do you ever dip below 5'8 at night?
[Editor Rob: still holding 5ft 8 and 2mm as my low height]
MrTBlack on Height Request
Hey Rob how tall do you think is Mike Starr is? He's listed as 6'3" and was in a film with Clancy Brown and looked similar in height to him?
[Editor Rob: yeah he can look near that mark]
Jake on Adam Levine
I mean people say he's the sexiest man alive so its impossible for his ego not to be 6'4. He called himself it as well so he knows its true Chris.
Jake on Zachary Levi
Rob, do you think he would be between 6'3-'6'3.5? Strong 6'3
[Editor Rob: similar range to kevin sorbo I think]
ReturnofG on Andre The Giant
@Capt. Nobody says on 19/Jul/14
Just ignore Chaz, dude. He is a complete biased troll who has a crush on Paul Wight, I doubt he even believes 3/4 of what he says.
Annnon on Sneakers
hey rob, how much height do sketchers shoes add? ive seen many with thick soles. mens of course. do u know?
[Editor Rob: there's variation in a lot, I've seen a lot of men's skechers give anywhere from 0.6 to 1.2 range.]
enrique on Diego Luna
The downgrade was mandatory with this guy. I always believed he was nothing over 5'9"

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