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23 April
Mid190s on Karen Gillan
Did you go in, Rob? Was it bigger on the inside? TARDIS...obvioudly
[Editor Rob: I think it was just a kind of false 1/3rd 'front'. To be frank, if I was photographing it I'd have placed Karen right beside the Tardis so both people have it behind them and then shot all photos in portrait to get most of the tardis in...]
22 April
Drew on Charlie Cox
5'10" flat looks right, 5'9.75" is debatable though.
Skye on Kendall Jenner
5'9.5, maybe 5'9.25. Just doesn't strike me as a legit 5'10 girl.
ankit on Hrithik Roshan
No @khuja and @ honeypot you seem to be ignorant about his height.Hrithik's real height is 6'2".Most of the stars are above 6ft.Infact above 6ft height has become a cretira of getting an entry into bollywood.Great body,looks and public speaking is a must.It takes years of hardwork to get into bollywood.Hrithik is a black belt like many stars.He can beat any hollywood guy.
the shredder on Robert Downey Jr
Downey looks over 5'8 there
tony t. on Fred Durst
Rob, could you please make a listing for Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park? He's supposedly around 5'11.
The Exorcist on Michael Madsen
The picture above isn't good for judging how tall he is because of the slouchy way he's standing, leaning in towards Rob with his arm around him, and almost pushing his chin down into chest. The only clear thing we can tell for sure is that Rob's eye level is below his mouth.
[Editor Rob: he's actually standing pretty good here, he's not losing more than an inch compared to myself...

Look at This photoAnother photo. Bear in mind that guy is leaning and in person he's a couple of inches shorter than myself. So he's standing about 5ft 5 there and Madsen isn't over 5ft 9.5 in comparison.

It could have turned out a lot worse ;)
teiop on General Height
6ft is definitely not average. I'm solidly 6ft and I regularly get called tall by women. But I also have extremely broad shoulders so that may effect peoples perception. For some reason men guys 5'10 and below like to downgrade me to 5'11 while girls upgrade me to a ridiculous 6'2 at times
Steve on Elvis Presley
"He was known to shoot at TV sets if either Robert Goulet or Mel Torme appeared on the screen."

I sympathize. I'd add Donny & Marie as well as The Captain & Tennille.
dhungie on Ariana Grande
Well...she's short ... so what? It's certainly not sth that she made herself,is it??and if she feels insecure about her height and lies to some extent about it, none of us have rights to make fun of her..... .i'm certainly not an arianator but this is the truth and that's where
everyone of us need to consider
dhungie on Jennifer Lawrence
However she is... she's perfect..! And by the way.. how come that anyone can comment on any other's body complexion??? no way! No one is perfect for every single person in this world, is it???
heightism on Aamir Khan
aamir deserves 168
Skye on Luke Hemmings
Damn that was way off for the approx 6'4 claim that google says he is. I mean, I'd thought at least 6'1.. then again, people do say Styles is 6'0.
Val on Tom Cruise
Click Here -take away Toms poofy hair and you've got a strong 1 inch difference ( forehead and eye level also show 1 inch,maybe 1.25 at most). Pegg is 5'8.75, so Tom at 5'7'75 is the most he is,and if he was wearing small lifts,then a flat 5'7 is possible too.
Val on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Click Here -take away Toms poofy hair and you've got a strong 1 inch difference ( forehead and eye level also show 1 inch,maybe 1.25 at most). Pegg is 5'8.75, so Tom at 5'7'75 is the most he is,and if he was wearing small lifts,then a flat 5'7 is possible too.
Phil on Daniel Radcliffe
@Chris: True, in fact, even growing after 18 years of age is uncommon (though not rare, I'd say about 1/3 of guys from age 18-21 will still grow), so I too find it hard to figure why anyone would think height growth after 21 is common.
Lucio on Arnold Schwarzenegger
fran77 says on 22/Apr/15
MJKoP says on 18/Apr/15
Oh, he was definitely 6'2". Possibly even a bit over. I've seen 6'3" descriptions of him and he barely looked shorter than Christopher Reeve. Today he's still 6'0 or slightly taller. The 5'11" and under crap is just silly. He might stoop to 5'11" if he lives to be 90+, but in 2015 there is not a chance in hell. If you google "Arnold schwarzenegger and Christopher Reeve" you'll find a picture where they are face to face and Reeves towers him by 4 inches. 10 cm. The difference between 1.92 cm and 1.82 cm.

10 cm difference? Judging from this photo does not look like...
Click Here
RYAN11 on Hulk Hogan
Click Here
Follow this link, Hogan may have at most a 1" shoe advantage, but he and Chris are on level ground and equal distance and posture aside from Hogan having his head tilted down. Lloyd is 6'1" at this point in time according to Rob himself on this site. So HeightcrazyRed6ft, that makes Hogan 6'7' tall barefoot minimum in this picture since Chris only comes up to his chin at best and Hogan has at least a 10" tall head - PERIOD!!!!! LMFAO
Skye on Lily Aldridge
If the ideal measurements for a model are 34-24-34, then Lily's just an inch off in all the measurements.
Yo on Bella Thorne
Ok here is what I think based off this picture. Kate Bosworth 5'3, Bella Thorne 5'4.75 (not standing straight) Ellie Kemper 5'5 and her shows are slightly higher then Kate and Bella. What do you think?
Moke on Peter Dinklage
He has an awesome voice. But that isn't depending on built anyway. He's pretty attractive too. He surely doesn't have problems with the ladies.
Moke on K Todd Freeman
173.3 cm just like Rob.
Moke on Ian Whyte
Damn he's huge. Looks like a day with his 8 year old kids.
Alexis85 on General Height
Hey Rob! I'm a big fan of your site..

When I measure myself first thing in the morning I'm usually 181.5cm, if I've slept 8 hours or more I'm 182cm or 181.8cm... My evening height can drop down to 179cm...

Can I claim 5'11? Or should I claim 5'10? Also in metric can I safely say I'm 180cm?

I tend to give people who do metric 182cm when asked how tall I am.

Please reply
[Editor Rob: personally I wouldn't give 182cm, but of course people are entitled to say what they want. If you said 182 first thing in morning then that's reasonable as I'd then think of you more 5ft 11 or 180 by lunch/afternoon.]
Moke on Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
So his head is about 27 cm long then..That's a quite huge dome.
Moke on Michael Madsen
I don't think he ever was a legit 6'2''. But he always has had a very poor posture. Same here. Difficult to say how tall he really is.
Andrea on Andrea Bocelli
Yeah, he must be somewhere in 6'1 range... Anywhere between 6'1 and 6'1.5 is possible, he has always looked pretty tall! One of his sons does look very tall: Click Here
Might he be near 6'5, Rob?
[Editor Rob: he could be approaching that range.]
So on Till Lindemann
R+, thats not a good pic to compare, since they are walking on sand. I think there are more diference between Richard and Paul, no just one cm, i think Paul is shorter than 172... and definitely Flake and Doom are not the same height.
snoopydupe on CM Punk
I watched the video and i find it interesting to see the time at which you guys state to pause the video is a part where punk is stooped and knees bent. Let the video run a few seconds and you'll see HHH stoop also, and then both raise hands also. Not a chance is there 4 inches in difference.You guys wives must really be lying to you if they make you think that is 4 inches lol. It's 2.5 inches tops. The fact that one of you guys has selected this specific time to prove a point shows a biased agenda. Why not be honest about things? Why not point to 33.57 or 34.05?

Oh and you're going to tell me Punks in elevated wrestling boots right?

Have you ever seen a pair of these boots? One word.. Kickpads
ferris on Aamir Khan
@Amaze + Arch
I dont think John Abraham is quite 6ft, I think he's a smidge under it after seeing him next to nargis fakri. John is probably around 181-182 range I reckon.
Damon on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Can Arnold be 5'10 today, Rob?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: with Tom, I think there was a good chance Tom had a bit of lift in his shoes, they looked like a basic elevator style.]
snoopydupe on CM Punk

I'm not a big fan but it's very clear that he's at least 5'11. Where did i say he was bigger than Cena? Point me to that?

No point posting pictures when it's impossible to tell who is closest to the camera. Besides, HHH is about 6'2. There's not more than 3 inches in your picture and HHH appears closer.

You will see when he takes to the Octagon. It's easy to see this when he's around UFC guys, Rogan etc.

At least 5'11 fact of life mate. Probably closer to the height listed. Austin even said on his podcast that Punk is a tall guy.
Andrea on Alan Ritchson
Rob, could he be more 187? He doesn't look a big 6'2 on Smallville next to people like Tom Welling or Erica Durance...
[Editor Rob: isn't he barefoot at times, I think he looked 6ft 2 from what I recall. In person I think he is right about 6ft 2.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Pierce Brosnan
@Amaze: What does personality have to do with height?
Mr.Rashid on Aamir Khan
@Arch Stanton,
John Abraham is NOT 6 foot, I disagree with both of your statements, he's more likely 5'11" range.
cole on Jimmy Kimmel
@Editor Rob: What do you think of these shots where he's posing with his guests? Are some of them OK comparison wise?
I've got mixed feelings myself, because of the lack of visible footwear. He can look what you'd expect, more or less, and other times he looks 6ft or more.

Here he looks the same as other 5'11.5 listed guys.
Justin Timberlake: Click Here
Neil Patrick Harris: Click Here

But he also looks equal to the 5'11 claiming David Beckham on three different occasions:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Here he is with a few people you've met:
Jon Bernthal: Click Here
Benedict Cumberbatch: Click Here
Norman Reedus: Click Here
Nathan Fillion: Click Here
Jason Momoa: Click Here
Mike Tyson: Click Here

I could see him at 5'11 with most of them.

Then there's shots like these, where I'm wondering if the person he's standing next to is sitting down, leaning up against something or if he's just simply standing on higher ground:
Hugh Laurie: Click Here
Tony Hale: Click Here
Damon Wayans Jr: Click Here
Dylan McDermott: Click Here
Denzel Washington: Click Here

Of course many of these shots won't be optimal, as we can't see the footwear, but I must say it can't be a coincidence that he looks the same height as Beckham - three times. I think 5'11 is his height and he's just gone with the 2 inch rule. Always a chance of near 181, but near 182, I wouldn't bet on that one.
[Editor Rob: I think 5ft 11.25 is probably nearer the mark, well more of a fit with other people.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Charlie Hunnam
Great pic, Sal

A Queer As Folk reunion!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Nicholas Lyndhurst
I actually thought he was nearer 6ft3 before I realized how short David Jason and Buster Merryfield were!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Paul Walker
w/h 6ft Tyson Beckford in Into The Blue. Both are most likely barefoot.
Click Here

Rob, what's your take?
[Editor Rob: a tough photo to say, Tyson still claims almost 6ft 1...although at times he can look near 184 himself. ]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Vin Diesel
184cm straight out of bed is still possible
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin - 5ft11(180cm)
Tom Hanks - 5ft11¾(182cm)
Jordan on Adam Driver
Click Here

He has Good Posture here with Ben Stiller( 5-6, 5-7) and he has a Solid 8.5 Inches on him.

He is an Easy One to Place. His Range is No Shorter then 6'2 and No taller Then 6'3.

Rob, He is listed at 6'2.5 in some places and I would say he isn't less than that, but not more than 6'3.
Phil on Kane
I wish all the controversy with Kanes height would really stop! Is height really that important!
Dario on General Height

Yeah a 185cm guy who is 183cm at his lowest can easily claim his morning height to girls especially if they're average or short but if they're 175cm+ then it's best not to. I think it's best to say whatever your height is at the time you're asked so if it's at 9am and you woke up at 8am then claim your morning height as you'll be it.
James C. on Matt Damon
Ben affleck slouches near matt damon so he could appear more taller then damon and the difference would make sense. I was watching the video where he calls damon short and damon is standing kinda straight and affleck is slouching. You can drop inches by slouching
Tunman on Rob Paul
Thanks for the detailed answer,Rob.
And the opposite thing could be said about skating shoes?
Actually looking on the heels,most of them look around 0.8-9" but really won't give more than 0.5-6" generally.
Funny when I remember that 2-3 years ago,I thought boots and skating shoes were close,lol.
[Editor Rob: yes, some skate shoes, things like vans can look more than they actually give.
Same with your converse, the actual sole part looks a good inch, but of course the insole sits around where my thumb is Here.]
JohnGB on General Height

186/7cm is an excellent height.

Short girls <5'5 are generally going to be clueless about heights above 5'11, although it does depend on the person. Claiming 6'1 as a strong 6'0 - I really doubt most women would notice a difference.
:D on Tom Cruise
Imagine Sly on the other side ^^ epic
french guy 182.5 cm (night time) on General Height
182.5 at night is a legit 6 footer, amaze sounds a bit jealous to the point he is trying to downgrade my height ( "he is 182 cm" or "he is a weak 6 footer" )
amaze if i'm a weak 6 footer, then you're a weak 5'8"
JT on Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
Click Here That’s what 5’7.75” (~1/2 inch shorter than Rob) and 6’9.5” look like together Click Here Howard’s around 6’10” himself. By comparison, Rob's not too much under Bjornsson's chin and Bjornsson does not look to have a very large head for his height.

Arch, most guys will “fill out” in their 20s, which Bjornnson would have done. However, there’s no way IMO his wrist and hands are getting to what look like acromegalic size without massive HGH use.
Bishop on Howard Stern
Nice! This is definitely a good upgrade. I would have personally gone with 6'5.5" but this is still good because he's obviously taller than a flat 6'5".
Bishop on Taylor Swift
Well, I don't know how tall Sean is, so he isn't a good reference. And we can't see footwear or the top of their heads so you can't base off of that (and it's a bad photo anyway). As I said, I posted more than just that pic with Harry which shows footwear and you didn't comment on them. Read what I said again: "Why do you think Taylor, who practically sleeps in heels, suddenly doesn't wear them when around him?" I am saying that she never wears heels when with him. She's always in flats or very thin soled shoes and he has footwear advantage, so it is very unlikely she's wearing heels. She wears heels with everyone else, but not him. Why do you think that? It's obvious, if she wore heels, she would tower over him. And I don't think she would be comfortable with that. But I agree that she isn't 5'11", but she isn't less than 5'9". She's still taller than Iggy.
Mat 5'10 on Manu Bennett
Rob, he said ''just over 5'9'' that makes him 5'9 and something!!!
He then realized his height is closer to 5'10 and rounded up hence the ''just over 5'9, actually 5'10'' quote. So he is either 5'9.5 or 5'9.75 your call
[Editor Rob: I don't think he is in the 'just over' mark because he would have looked almost 5ft 10 because of extra shoe...he looked a fraction over 5ft 10 (actually he was very similar to how casper van dien looked except dien had a full inch more footwear than me) at worst I think a few mm shy of 5ft 10...

both those guys I think are realistic, if measured I think Manu isn't going to be much under 5ft 10 and a guy like van dien is believably measured a fraction over 5ft 9, he falls into 'just over 5ft 9 zone'.]
joe 193cm night on Charles Barkley
Click Here
Arthur on Sylvester Stallone
5FT9 peak

Anything below or over are garbage facts.
Lorne??? on Bobby Lashley
A weak 6'1; he looks 4.5-5 inches taller, with about 1.5cm more shoes. 6ft0.75 would be spot on, based on picture, IMO.
Andrea on Rhea Seehorn
I actually would have guessed her 5'4.5 range in Better Call Saul... I found some 169-170 listings which of course are too much! She can look not over 5'4 next to Bob Odenkirk at times... Rob, did she claim something?
[Editor Rob: I've not looked to find a claim, but I think in weak 5ft 5 range is what she can typically look.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Sean Connery
@JJF: bodybuilders are measured barefoot.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on David Hasselhoff
@Rusty 190cm: He does look under 6ft4 here but he's slouching. I think he's still 6ft4 today and was a fraction over it in his 30's.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Stone Cold Steve Austin
Austin's a little closer to the camera and The Rock is bending slightly.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Noah Danby
He's a big dude. Definitely somewhere around this mark
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Colin Farrell
He's taller than Ewan McGregor
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Pierce Brosnan
He might reach 6ft3
b-mint1994 on Edward Norton
Looks like a genuine 6 footer to me. Great actor too.
James B on John Cena
Cema naturally is medium framed but like musa said puts loads of effort into building up his body

Brock lesner on the other hand is a natural born freak. A naturally big framed 6'2 man.
James B on Kane
Sid when he had ring gear on in the the 90s looked taller than present day Kane does in dress shoes
joe 193cm night on Cristiano Ronaldo
184 cm would not go that low for him perhaps the night and 187cm also think high for him, I think 6'1 good but can be 6'0.75 is also possible
joe 193cm night on Gustaf Skarsgard
189 cm impossible, Gustaf is 6'3Click Here
Parker on Tom Cruise
Height183 says on 21/Apr/15
Anything above 5'7'' for Owen is a joke

Well, we'll have to agree to disagree. I think a flat 5'7 is too low for Owen. He's noticeably taller than Paul Scholes on BT Sport, and he is not a full 3 inches shorter than Shearer
Click Here

The editor has him at the same height as Cruise. I'll go for 5'7.5
Jon-o on Adam Driver
This guy has terrible posture. But he is a very strong 6'3" even so. There's enough imagery of him with other noted actors now to verify that.
Austin on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
6'3" - he has bad posture that gives him more of a 6'2" impression
umadguy on Arnold Schwarzenegger
dave draper was closer to 177cm than 183cm Click Here
what am i? on Rob Paul
168.5 round up to 5'6.5 or round down 5'6.25? Its my absolute lowest.
miko on Arnold Schwarzenegger
With Cruise he's looking 5'11 at best but Tom was visibly in lifts at that event.
[Editor Rob: you can see Cruise's shoes, they have enough room for a good inch within them Here.]
RAJ on Shahrukh Khan
Srk real height with out shoes 5'6 ft.....100% true.....
Ali on Natasha Leggero
You people seem to assume shorter women(below 5'4) are disproportioned dwarfs with short legs. Wth?
6ftMagician on Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
His spine prob compresses a crazy amount under that weight. Prob is close to 6'9'' upon waking, so rounded up.

But in that pic he is a stone wall 6'7.75''
6ftMagician on Gareth Bale
Think I'd edge him out. Doubt I'd ever get to meet him but would be sure I am a cm taller than Gareth under the stadiometer.
6ftMagician on Cristiano Ronaldo

Yeah, I fully agree with you that you could give Ronaldo 184 or 186 based on isolated cases but his true height is 185. That pretty much settles it.
Chaz on Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
ManKo says on 22/Apr/15
Thor and Shaw are the same height, Thor may be 1-2cm taller max, but thats all.

That is all he's saying anyway,Show says he's 203cm and Thor says 205cm,it's other people rounding up and down he's height and weight,I remmber the First year Show won the Arnold Strongman He said he was 422lbs,that was then listed at 200kgs 441lbs,
Havok on General Height
Imagine if we had the power to be any height we wanted. One day 6'0, one day 6'4, one day 6'2, another day 90 feet tall like in Islamic heaven.

for Muslims they believe that in heaven you are 90'0 exactly .
Mat 5'10 on John Simm
This has got to be one the very few pictures that actually show a legit 1 inch difference
Amaze on Pierce Brosnan
@Arch Stanton I agree. Dylan is more introverted calm shy while paris is extroverted confident cocky type. I wonder how tall he'll end up. Probably 6'2/188 I'm guessing. I hope Dylan doesn't reach 6'6 lol
Amaze on General Height
@laf correct for Netherlands and Scandinavia, for most of the western world and other countries its wrong

@Tje true. So he's just a weak 6 footer. Still a fine height. Ridiculous. True not our money or body his problem, if he wants to mess up he can.

@French guy just tried to help you
Height183 on Harry Styles
@Alex: Another good picture. I don't think he would measure anything above 5'8.5'' under the Stadiometer.
Arnoldo on Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
Maybe my comparisons were bad, that's right. I thought Rory Mccann was really 196-197cm

No, Thor and Shaw aren't the same height.
There is 2-2,5 cm difference. You can see it in a lot of strongman competition videos, Thor has always an inch or more about Shaw or other 6,7 guys.

Even here in this photo where Shaw has more shoe Click Here
you can see there is a small difference. Both have not their best posture.
Shaw claimed he is 6'7.5" (202cm) from that Hafthor must be taller than 202,5cm.

Rob you say he has great posture for a tall man and yes he has.
He has also great proportions for a 170kg guy but it must not be his best straightest posture like when he gets measured.
So I think one photo isnt enough to say how tall he exactly is.
Yes, you can see he is not 6'9" and of course taller than 6'7.5" but I'd still guess him somewhere between 6'8" and 6'8.5" because he is always surrounded by 6'7 or 6'8 guys and seems a few cms taller.
Harold on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Alex, in Australia, if someone rises above the herd, the urge to cut him or her down to size is called 'the tall poppy syndrome.' It makes the rest of the poppies feel better about themselves if one is not above them. It's a common human motive. On the other hand, the entertainment industry, first in the form of movies, and in the last 70 years in the form of television, has profited by making their 'stars' out to be taller/bigger/more beautiful than they actually are. In other words, they will deny the actor/actress has had plastic surgery/nose job/breast enhancement/dyed hair/capped teeth or is taller than they really are, etc. Also, people have a need to worship, as the good book says, false idols, so they will make people taller/bigger to fill a need in their own life to worship someone/something. In other words, I agree it's all about human nature. But perhaps I disagree in that I believe the boosters are as rabid and irrational as the haters.
Height183 on Triple H
Rob, will the downgrade for Triple H eventually come? This week on WWE Raw he was looking the exact same height as Seth Rollins, and at times shorter than him! I looked carefully at the angles, and everything was fair.
[Editor Rob: at some point, but I am keeping an eye on him.]
Arch Stanton on Justin Bieber
Rob can you find "the" single most cheesiest, doucheiest pic of Bieber to add here you can find! Just to satisfy Brad ;-)
5'9 on Rob Paul
Hi Rob,

I am a 16 yr old male and Im 5'9 weighing in at 135 pounds am I considered thin? btw Im asian :P
[Editor Rob: slim yes]
Arch Stanton on Bette Davis
Looks 5'2" in Mr Skeffingto considering heels with Claude Rains.
Dmeyer on Stacy Keach
Born in 41 2007 was 66 2cm loss now at 74 he Must be 5'10 178
Dmeyer on Arnold Schwarzenegger
About 7cm over tom
Chandler on Tyrese Gibson
He looks 5'9 on every movie he appears in
And I would like to see your reply on @grizz pics, Rob
[Editor Rob: I think the perspective has made him short in one of them, but generally he can look anywhere in 5ft 10-11 range]
JJF on Ryan Reynolds
This guy is ridiculously well-proportioned, which makes it trickier to judge his height.
1.87-1.88 looks likely.
Rifle on General Height
Students of a college affiliated to South Africa's Cape town University conducted a study in which the tallest student who mesured 204 cm in the evening saw an height increase of 3.2 cm in the Morning (207.2 cm) but the students in the 175-180 cm range saw an height increase of only 2-2.2 cm.

Is it true most people above 200 cm see a variation of 3-4 cm in their height?

[Editor Rob: if you think about the extra length in the spine, then there is more chance for a larger shrinkage with very tall heights.]
raj on Rob Paul
@blue you should watch more of them. There are some hard hitting and thought provoking movies such as a wednesday, nh10 , ugly, city lights etc. not even a single musical no. In them. LOL bollywood movies type casted as always being musical and melodramatic. and yeah, we also produce the most no. of movies in a year.
Joe on Ryan Reynolds
Now that Jackman is listed at 187 cm, this listing looks fine.I don't think he'd be more than 6'2.25"
JJF on General Height
I think you need a lobotomy mate, not limb-lengthening.
No seriously, all jokes aside - you are one measly cm shorter than I am (and I doubt it would be noticeable), I cannot believe you are even mentioning this surgery. We are taller than most people. Buy some thick insoles & put them in boots or dress boots with a generous heel and you'll be close to 6'2".

As someone who is involved in sports medicine I can assure you the recovery will be Hell. L'Enfer.
Do you know what this involves? Have you spoken to an orthopedic surgeon?
Chandler on Taron Egerton
Rob, do you think he is shorter or same size as Tom Hardy?
[Editor Rob: he may turn out the same size, at times he has worn thin shoes, like 0.5 those situations he can look 5ft 8.5-9 range with others. He claims 5ft 10, he could be adding 1 inch.]
N on Charlie Cox
5'10" looks pretty spot on. I doubt he dips below that throughout the day either.
Andrea on Kevin Spacey
Well, with Michael Rosenbaum, it was in 2006... And he could look a good couple inches shorter than him in some pictures! I doubt he'd lost more than a small fraction by 47... Maybe a fraction over 5'9 at "peak" and now not over 5'9...
JJF on Paul Walker
Nah, always looked like a 1.85m guy. RIP
JJF on General Height

Your reasoning is flawed imo - you cannot ‘bunch’ 5'10" in with 6'0" - THIS is the area where the difference becomes VERY noticeable.

Two full inches between these heights make FAR more difference to most people (who are looking up or on more less the same height) than when the majority of (sub-1.80m) humans are looking UP at the difference between 6'2" to 6'4" people.

Because the majority of men are between 5'8" & 5'11" this subjective difference between 5'10" and a solid six-footer is far larger. Think about it.
dietmar on Charles Barkley
That's the difference between 6'4 and 6'6 guy standing next to 6.7.5 guy.

Click Here

Barkley vs Kodjoe.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Timothy Carey
He auditioned for the part of Joe Cabot in Reservoir Dogs
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on James Gandolfini
He could look 186-187cm range beside Travolta in Get Shorty and A Civil Action.
I think a full 6ft1 is possible in his 30's. By his last movie he looked 184cm.
jack on Bella Thorne
rob do you think her knee pos affects something to her height. bcause in the pic with ellie kemper ( both wear flat) if her knee affect her height about 1 inch then 100% she 5'5.5 . by the way what do you think about Ellie kemper's height
[Editor Rob: ellie looks somewhere in 5ft 5 range. I don't know about knee position but it is easy to see bella as barely even 5ft 6 with kate (I think she is a bit taller than kate).]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Kristian Nairn
Rob, is he taller than Bjornsson?
[Editor Rob: I believe he was several years ago, but not recently.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
Rob, could he be a guy who loses 1in throughout the day?

204-205cm out of bed
[Editor Rob: the longer your spine the more chance yes, so in the inch range is quite likely, maybe even a bit more.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Michael Madsen
He's developed a bit of a squashed neck.
Arch Staton on Edmund Gwenn
He was older years though in a lot of his films, might have scraped 5'5 when younger I suppose.
[Editor Rob: yeah he probably was 5ft 4 in films but then in 50's and 60's.]
Arch Staton on Edmund Gwenn
Rob, maybe 5'4" range would be better then? I thought he looked similar onscreen to Edward G. Robinson.
Musa on Brock Lesnar
Lesnar 188 or a bit more
Cena 184-5
Triple H currently 188 or close to it in good posture, peak was 189 cm maybe?
6ftMagician on Hafthor Julius Bjornsson

You're a miscer?
6ftMagician on Minka Kelly
Probably the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. She's still 5'5'' though.
Musa on Brock Lesnar
Holy ****! Triple H is still 6'2 in good posture at the very worst he would be a bit less, in his peak like early 20's he was probably 6'2.5 or bit less than that. Triple H looked like 2 inches taller than Cena back in 2009, he still is clearly taller than Cena! Lesnar is not 6'1.5, he looks easily 6'2.
Triple H is 6'2
Brock Lesnar is 6'2 or maybe slightly more like 6'2,25
x55 on General Height
Will a 185cm guy who falls to 183cm in the evening be able to get away claiming his morning height of 185cm to girls? Are girls able to distinguish between 183cm and 185cm?
Vegas on Brock Lesnar
Masterpiece says on 20/Apr/15
Triple H and Cena are the same height when they are both in business shoes.

both in "business shoes" and cena is shorter with lower shoulders/eyelevel Click Here

as someone who is ~5'11 (6ft in dress-shoes) i can assure you hhh isn't that short unless you think vince was well sub 6ft in 2008 or hhh has shrunk significantly Click Here
berta on Michael Madsen
dont Think he lost that mutch. was probably 187 and is 186 now
Judd on Michael Madsen
Terrible posture! If that guy is 6'3 then he doesn't seems taller than 6' but the posture is terrible.
However if he standing straight is 6'1" today than I wouldn't put him at full 6'2" as peak height.
6'1.5" or even 6'1.75" is better!
Judd on User Heights
Delvin, I have a friend who likely measured not above 5'7 when was 16 and he was quite fat.
Today he's 24 and he's much slimmer and 6'2" tall.
I don't know his parents height but I know that he practiced a lot of basketball still he was 16.
I remember he growth 8-10 cms in one year between 16 and 17.

I think all depends by genes and other factors, maybe
Andrea on Michael Madsen
Lol, and that's how a 6'2 guy (considering he's probably got an inch more footwear over those guys too) would look? He looks 6' tops... Again, for the third time, what about his posture? He must have a terrible one to explain this...
fran77 on Arnold Schwarzenegger
MJKoP says on 18/Apr/15 
Oh, he was definitely 6'2". Possibly even a bit over. I've seen 6'3" descriptions of him and he barely looked shorter than Christopher Reeve. Today he's still 6'0 or slightly taller. The 5'11" and under crap is just silly. He might stoop to 5'11" if he lives to be 90+, but in 2015 there is not a chance in hell. If you google "Arnold schwarzenegger and Christopher Reeve" you'll find a picture where they are face to face and Reeves towers him by 4 inches. 10 cm. The difference between 1.92 cm and 1.82 cm.
HeightcrazyRed6ft on Hulk Hogan
RYAN11 says on 21/Apr/15
Let's try as I have said before to put bias and opinions aside and look at it for what it is. Editor Rob does a great job estimating heights on here from pictures,but they are just that "estimates"....


So you see... I hope...
Everything YOU look at it for what it is, it´s still YOUR estimation /opinion, so sorry your post is complete garbage.

Hogan never looked 6´7" without cowboyboots, proved clearly next to Mr.T who is a great reference.
Tiny Lister told the truth, he could have keeping it kayfabe but he clearly said he was 6´5" then and Hogan was 6´5" in real life back then, he even mentioned they (WWF) gave him footwear making him 6´7" to look clearly taller than Hulk... So pretty clear Hogan was never anywhere near 6´7" or 6´6" PERIOD

Peak 6´5"-6´5.25"
today solid 6´3" with a chance of 6´3.5"
Shuvayu on The Undertaker
Here is a pic that shows taker would be a legit 6'9" in prime...if we consider scot hall 6'6" in his prime.... scot hall is 6'5" today, check his mug shots
just google undertaker height comparison
Wow on Ben Kingsley
I second what Mike says...
MD on Idris Elba
It may or may not be much of an advantage, but that photo shows a significant difference in height, far more than I expected and more than either of their current listings would hold.
MD on Michael Phelps
I don't think anyone is arguing under 6'2" for Michael. I'm not even arguing for a flat 6'2". But, the 6'4" number was ridiculous, and Lochte is at least a solid two inches shorter.
MD on David Beckham
@pauly e, if the combine measurement is early morning any he measures 5'11.25", it's safe to say he's probably under 5'11" by the evening. Either way, I think David's neck is bent ever-so-slightly in that photo and O'dell is standing with better posture with his head tilted back slightly. All-in-all, I'd bet they'd measure very close in height.
MD on Luke Hemmings
@TJE, thanks for that.

@Bob, you do know that Harry is listed at 5'9.25" on here, right?
Rick on Ansel Elgort
"I'm a good-looking guy, I'm 6-4" ... what a clown lol

He looks 6'2.5 with Conan for me
James C. on Billy Bob Thornton
Though I'm glad to know measuring tapes are more accurate then doctor measurements but most of the time the doctors and measuring are relatively close like I always get between 5'9 and 5'10 depending on the day. Though I can try measuring myself throughout the day. Like what time during the day is the best to find out if your getting listed on here?
[Editor Rob: since most people by 1-2pm aren't that much different than say 7-8pm around lunch is fine for a measurement I'd say.]
Resir on General Height
186/187cm is a good height?
Rick123 on Height Challenge
Hi Rob, If i'm my eye level is about 5ft5 1/2 how tall am I?
[Editor Rob: I'd expect somewhere in 5ft 10 range.]
louise2002 on Taylor Momsen
i saw her in person. she was actually much
smaller than I expected !!! she is of the same height as me over 167cm.. taylor is 22 yo and my is 13yo haha)
@ kenny who's that girl?
Chris on Daniel Radcliffe
@Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2":

A lot of people don't grow at all after 21, that applies to the minority actually, I don't know where you're getting your logic from because it's simply not true.
Kourosh on Brock Lesnar
no they are not Cena is obviously shorter than triple in business shoes and thats what is best for business
Click Here
ManKo on Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
Thor and Shaw are the same height, Thor may be 1-2cm taller max, but thats all.
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m on Adrien Brody
I definitely think 6ft is a good listing for Brody.
Dmeyer on Joe Mantegna
I think 5'11.5 péak 5'11 now 11.25 5-6 yrs back
Voiceless Dental Fricative on Tom Cruise
I used to think Cruise was 5'7, but the Pena pics changed my mind.

This is the thing:
1. We have Rob pics with Danny Trejo, so we can know Trejo's range of about 5'5.75 with near certainty..
2. We have Pena with Trejo, and in them Pena definitely looks taller. He's looks close to the 5'7 mark
3. We have Pena with Cruise and Cruise looks solidly taller... As in, tall enough that there's no way Cruise can be only 5'7 flat.

It's still possible he was lifting next to Pena.
Me123 on Reba McEntire
I just read that she's 5' 7". No way that woman is that tall. She looks shorter, more like 5'4" even with heels.
word1234 on Nick Jonas
Click Here

Nick Jonas looking significantly smaller than most of his cast. He really is no more than a 5'6.5, 5'6.75. No way does he look taller than that
186cm afternoon on General Height
187cm,188cm,189cm,190cm,191cm,192cm at afternoon is a perfect.
ankit on Salman Khan
Height of salman khan 5'9.5" without shoes because he is taller than 5'8.5" katrina and 5'7" aishwarya rai.
Alex on Harry Styles
Click Here Here he is barefoot with 5'7 Louis.. No more than 5'8.5
21 April
6ft guy on Rob Paul
Went to new york and felt short to average. At NYU a lot of guys seemed 6'2. In midtown full of black guys around 6'4-6'5 and saw lots of 6'6 and 6'7 guys. The white guys looked more around 6'3 or 6'4 and I though New Yorkers were short. I hate being dwarfed.
ankit on Hrithik Roshan
Hrithik 6'2
Arjun rampal 6'2.5"
Arjun kapoor 6'2.5"
Siddharth malhotra 6'2"
Aiditya roy kapoor 6'2.5"
Ranbir kapoor 6'2.5"
Sonu sood 6'4"
Abhishek bachchan 6'3.5"
Irfan khan 6'1.5"
These are the real height of stars without shoes.
Mike T on Mike The Miz Mizanin
Sheamus has to be 6'3" or at least close to it. He's clearly taller than Batista who is said to be under 6'2" today and he's the same height as John Laurinaitis who everyone says is 6'3: 1:14 Click Here
Ian C on Burt Reynolds
I love Burt's comment that he is a tall man, just with short legs. And that's a fair comment. Height should be measured from the hips up. Why should people with long legs get to brag about being tall? Make 'em sit down and they're not so big, I always say.
TJE on General Height

If you're 5'9-5'9.25, then the top of your head would be about 0.5-0.75 inch above the eyebrows of a 6'0 man. I also wanna correct the heights for Friends 1 and Friend 4. Friend 1 is 6'1.5 and Friend 4 is 6'2. All the others stay the same.
Daf on Taylor Swift
How is she listed at 177 cm when Harry Styles was taller than her in about every picture?
mrtguy on Big Show
Phil says on 14/Apr/15
That Alain guy is not 7ft6.5!

If he is not 7 ft 6.5 than I assume he must be at least Big Show's height (or taller) who knows? When I read an article it says he scaled 600 lbs it is absolute BS, he looks around 440 lbs. I can see Big Show outweighing him I mean Big Show has more muscle mass than Alain (IMO) who is morbidly obese.
Just take a look at Alain's belly, legs and arms it is very fat.
Adamz on Nelly
Rob, wasnt he listed at 174cm here previously?
[Editor Rob: he held it for a number of years.]
mrtguy on Big Show
Rob, would you say that
Big Show outweighs Thor by a good 30 lbs.
[Editor Rob: I'm sure he would.]
Charon540 on Taylor Swift
You think she was being a bit egotistical and fully exaggerating with that last line, that she thinks she grew?
[Editor Rob: I think she probably thought she did, but I'd put it down to 2 different measurements she's got and she thinks she grew.]
MJKoP on Tom Cruise
Click Here

Cruise is nothing under 5'8".
GG on Demi Lovato
She was 5'4 in 2009 so i'd say it being 2015, she's around close to 5'5 now...
jayjeezy on Tinashe
she's average and kind of short right?
Shawn on Justin Bieber
Parker, I still remember that clip vividly, and whole-heartedly agree with you. Telling Pablo Motos "I'm so much taller than you now" and bending down to match him. He really showed the world just how insecure he his about his own height when he did that.

Cruise, despite all the flack he gets for his height, would never in a million years pull something like that, even when he was a young man. He has far more class and respect than Bieber.
Charon540 on Mack Wilds
For a moment, i thought he was flipping the bird. But then i realized, he was just giving out the peace sign. lol
Charon540 on Nicholas Braun
Oh man, he is one big boy!!
Charon540 on Nicholas Braun
Nicholas Braun claims 6'4" in this interview
Click Here
Scott179 on Derek Richardson
Looked 3-4 inches taller than 5'8.5 jay Hernandez in hostel - 6'0 guy
Jason Grapow on Yngwie Malmsteen
Yngwie Malmsteen is teller than Graham Bonnet on 5 inches with boots. Graham is 5'10, so Yngwie is 6'3 and barefoot 6'1 or 6'1.5 (185-187 cm)
:D on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Tom Cruise and Arnold scroll down Click Here
:D on Tom Cruise
Tom and Arnold scroll down Click Here
[Editor Rob: to save you scrolling Click Here ;)]
Alex on Jim Parsons
185 cm. alan rickman. 181-179 sting (around 180). Parsons. Still another proof he is in the 186 zone. Click Here
joe 193cm night on Kobe Bryant
kobe 194,5cm and 19´5 and 196,5 pela manhã Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Keith Carradine
184cm range today could be closer.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jeff Daniels
@Darth Nihilus: Today it's closer for sure and no way was there ever a full 2in between Daniels and Carrey. Around 1in or a tad more at worst.
Tymmo on Justin Bieber
@Parker you can tell he was wearing lifts that day.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Robert Wadlow
It's astounding that there are guys as low as 6ft3 who moan about being too tall. How do you think this guy felt everyday both physically and emotionally?
Jacob on David Schwimmer
Sometimes looked 2 inches taller than Perry..
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Larry Holmes
Yeah, he's definitely a bit under 6ft3 today but not under 6ft2.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jason Momoa
[Editor Rob: 194-5 range I'd think was possible. Maybe on a bad day he goes nearer 192cm]

It's possible he rounded that to 6ft5.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Ted Danson
Looking identical to Ed Begley Jr. (6ft4) and Dennis Haysbert (6ft4½)
Click Here

Rob, what's your take?
[Editor Rob: I don't know if that ground is level? But 1-1.5 inches difference at times could look closer.]
Yo on Bella Thorne
Her and 5'3 Katie Stevens. Bella's heels are bigger too. Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Dennis Haysbert
He still looks this.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Ed Begley Jr
He could be a fraction under it at worst today but that's great going for 66.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Bob Saget
I'd be shocked if dipped under a strong 6ft3 even today. He appeared on Jimmy Fallon recently for that Full House reunion and still looked very tall
johnc on Tim McGraw
Go on Tim Mcgraws twitter, he recently posted a pic of him standing in between retired qb Jim Kelly(6'3)and steelers qb Ben Rothlisberger(6'5) and look how small they make him look!! Not sure the footwear but saying he's near 6ft just doesn't add up. Seems like the height listed is fairly accurate, could possibly be a little under with no shoes.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Paul Bettany
Arch Stanton says on 3/Mar/15
See I can't see him as pushing 6'5 in shoes. He's noticeably tall but 6 ft 4 and a half in sneakers? Can't see it.

It really depends on the type of sneaker and the time of day. I'm pushing 6ft4 myself (measured 6ft3½ at 11:30pm) and I can hit that mark no problem in low-cut converses. In fact if I got out of bed and through on a pair I might even clear 6ft5.
Sam on Rob Paul
Rob, can planking excercises help with age-related height loss? its supposed to strengthen your core muscles which you said is good for slowing down height loss.
[Editor Rob: any exercise that help stretch and strengthen back muscles and your core should help. Many people slow down in 40's/50's in terms of fitness and their posture can start to suffer, so even 5 minutes a day working on stretching could help you. ]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Chris O'Dowd
Rob, who do you think would be taller back-to-back, Chris O'Dowd or Paul Bettany?
[Editor Rob: it is possible both are very similar, Paul generally is a guy with more looser posture at times.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Henry Cavill
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Rob, check these out.
5-11??? on Rob Paul
Hey Rob, I'm a big fan. Anyway, this morning, right after bed, my height was exactly 5 ft 11.75 in. Normally, at night, my height is 5 ft 10.75 in. What height should I claim? Thanks.
[Editor Rob: in your case if you say 5ft 11 I think that's fine. At worst you dip a small fraction under...]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Gerard Butler
Butler looks 186-187cm range with Chris Evans (minimum 5ft11¾). It's quite obvious he'd edge out Cavill.
R+ on Till Lindemann
Here you can clearly see who is lowe or higher than till: Click Here . I think :
Till 184
Doom 185
Flake 185
Oliver 190
Richard 173
Paul 172
sasser221 on Taylor Swift
I started talking about harry simply because he gave me the illusion that he looked a lot taller than her,but seeing this picture with Sean St.Ledger,who according to Orlando City FC(the club that he plays for)has him listed as 6'0,while Wikipidea has him as 5'11,and ESPN have listed him as 5'10,that is why i said in between(im probably going offtopic talking about him instead),that picture that i posted is the only one that i could find,none with footwear whatsoever,therefore i think she is 5'8.5,maybe 5'9 at best,this also rules out whatever @G was saying about her being 5'11.25
josh b on Michael Madsen
Brilliant photo rob :) shame I couldn't get one with him but hey ho
[Editor Rob: I was only one at this moment in room with him as I was later getting this pic, so seeing him standing with the photographer and crew he looked a 6ft 2 guy, but then seeing he had cowboy boots I think he's around 6ft 1 range.

As I said to you, I did ask him if he wanted to do a back to back pose but he wasn't up for it.

He is actually standing pretty good here! He could have looked a lot different, for instance: With a 5ft 4-4.5 guy and a 6ft 3 guy...]
Mid190s on General Height
200+ giants
190s elite men
180s regular men, a few amazon women
170s some more women, some men
160s-mostly women
150s n below- dwarfs
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Liam Neeson
Liam Neeson - 6ft3¾(192cm)
Joel Kinniman 6ft2¼(189cm)

Rob, could that be nearer?
[Editor Rob: a strong 6ft 2 isn't impossible but I've felt 6ft 2 was ok for Joel. At times he can look weak or strong 6ft 2! ]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Gregory Peck
Peck is hunched though and in other pictures can look 2in taller than Alec.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Howard Stern
This is good.
Frankie68 on Sylvester Stallone
And please note,,,pacquio is a very small man in stature,,and to be an inch or 2 taller than pacquio on shoe lifts ,,doesnt say much for slys size.....thats something that glaring obvious !!!
Frankie68 on Sylvester Stallone
And furthermore TJ ,,,your claim as sly being "known " for being in the 6' range is beyond funny & beyond anything that u claim i said that was foolish...
Frankie68 on Sylvester Stallone
Tj,,the only thing your doing here is proving my point...the only fair pic u showd was sly next to pacqiio..were there were very similiar in height the fact that pacquio is in flat ass boxing shoes and sly in lifts of some kind (to put it mildly) for the 5'10 pic of pacquios oppent ...(side angle shot) enhances height i never said he wasnt in that 5'9 to 5'10 range with lifts on anyway thanks for proving my point ..cause sly would be much shorter than pacquios oppent if he wasnt in magic shoes...but thanks again for pointing out the obvious...
Arch Stanton on Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
What I mean Crash is not that the majority are underweight, rather I mean for those guys who are bulkier later on, at 18 they had a MUCH thinner frame and build with average muscle development.
Arch Stanton on Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
Crash says on 20/Apr/15
Arch, what a load of BS about most guys being skinny at 18-20 lol. At that age, or any age in fact, most people are overweight.

How is it? Most guys will weigh significantly more at 25 or 30 than they did at 18. And a lot of guys who are fatter later on with a lot simmer at that age. Most guys at that age have not "filled" out. Look at Joe Manganiello for instance, he was a skinny runt at that age. How many 18 year old guys are able to have the bulky muscular look of a 30 something year old? I'm sure Alex would agree with me too.
Bunty on Sonam Kapoor
Have you guys heard of an actress called Jamuna? She acted in a movie called Lady Tarzan. I just came across this site and wanted to find out more: Click Here
Andrea on Michael Madsen
He's only 56 and he's already lost an inch, Rob? MMM... Was he standing fine here with you or not? If not, he's not even 6'1 (today)... Of course, Rampage has "guessed" him 189 at peak, strange :)
GP on Sylvester Stallone
Any photo that you can't see Sly's shoes, it's a bad photo knowing that all the time in any publicized photo Sly is going to have lifts, who knows how big. For the people who really want to estimate on Sly's height go watch movie Lock Up back in 80's he did with Tom Sizemore. Now Rob has a photo with Tom and he is 5'10". If you watch the movie, you will see that Tom was clearly taller than Sly and Sly had shoe advantage.
Dmeyer on Steven Seagal
A Guy this âge with all that weight and height should have droped 1 inch
Hypado on Aamir Khan
The most popular Bollywood actor finally in

My guess is 168 cm for Aamir Khan.
Sam on Height Request
At times Seth Meyers can seem near an inch under Jimmy Fallon, although I thought they looked closer than that back when both were on SNL. 5'10.5"-5'10.75" would be my best guess for Seth Meyers.
Hypado on Michael Madsen
Yes i believe in Peak height was 6ft 2in (188 cm) for Michael Madsen.

Great actor by the way.
MaskDeMasque on Height Request
How about Kenny and spenny from their tv show? i reckon:

Kenny- 5'10 maybe 5'10.5
Spenny- 6'3

also, how about the trailer park boys? Ricky and Julian look like 6 footers and bubbles is 5'9.
Amaze on Abhishek Bachchan
@Arch Stanton what do you reckon he's out of bed?
I do think he's a weak 6'2" someone like Reynolds will edge him out but I personally think abishek will edge out Hugh. You are around abisheks height aren't you?
Abisheks height is very good
He looks 187 range with The 6'7.5 bloke
Julls on General Height
Rob, how much does a standard everyday pair of socks add to height? I know that it is super small, but how small. I am guessing no more than 5% of 1 cm at most, but is it significantly more or less than that? This is just to please my curiosity.
[Editor Rob: go with say less than half a mm. But winter socks with ridges could give 1-2mm, but general socks, hold it between your fingers at the heel and squeeze and really it's paper thin.]
Sam on Timothy Carey
I think you could argue 3-4 cm shorter than Hayden from that scene.
Charon540 on Hoodie Allen
There are some crazy exaggerations that I've faced.
I once met a guy who looks around the 5'5" range and claims to be 5'11" (i'm not even kidding). I was 5ft 8 at the time and I was looking downwards towards him, he must be thinking i'm like 6'2" or something.

I met a guy who looks around 6' tall but unfortunately he had claims 6'2", and There is another guy who looks like in the 6' - 6'0.5 range but he had claimed a ridiculous 6ft 4 inches. Dear lord, those claims were getting ridiculous!!
GP on Michael Madsen
He was never more than 6'1". I dealt with him about 7-8years ago and he was 6'1" then. I don't understand the height loss. He is in his 50's and was most likely 50 when I met him. It's not like he was an action star doing his own stunts like Jackie Chan. I could believe a cm loss but a full inch/3cm?
Patrick on Elvis Presley
Yea for sure Elvis wasn't' with it' during the 70s.. He used most of those guns as a remote to literally turn off the Tv for good if he didn't like something on it.! Boom! The guy was a legend. And even if nearer 5.11 than 6 foot... A pretty tall legend at that too, and doubtful had he lived would be looking at this site like the rest of us short arses.
MaryAnne on Behati Prinsloo
5'10 rob?
MaryAnne on KeSha
i think she is smaller than that
MaryAnne on Sharon Stone
5 ft 7 rob?
[Editor Rob: she may be at an age where losing half inch has happened, but always 5ft 7, I can't believe it.]
SamL94 on Anna Passey
But eventhough she is slim, she still has decent built thighs, etc, and certainly isn't skinny (which is a good thing). Taking this in to account, and her height, I would have guessed around 10 stone.
Height183 on Kristian Nairn
so you must be a giant, 170-179 most people in earth, are low height.
babau on Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
So this must be the tallest celeb u took a photo with am i correct
[Editor Rob: ian whyte is still tallest.]
honeypot on Hrithik Roshan
He is an ectomorph, they tend to look considerably taller, most ectomorphs can only dream of a physique like that because they have a tough time gaining muscle but the point is his physique makes him look very tall though he is actually on the shorter side, 5'9-5'10 is correct
Laf on General Height
5'5 and under is very short
5'6-5'7 is short
5'8-5'9 is shortish
5'10-6' is average
6'1-6'2 is tall
6'3-6'5 very tall
6'6 and over giant
Certified Genius on John Wayne
Absolutely not. He was famous for his walk, the result of so much cardboard in his footwear. He was 5'10" in his stocking feet. They use astigmatism lenses in movies, which makes actors appear taller and thinner, more fit. John Wayne was short and fat, the same as most everyone else in Hollywood, actors are paid to tell tales, no matter how tall a tale it is.
Certified Genius on Mick Jagger
he's in lift shoes in that picture, mick jagger is at most 5'5"" in stocking feet
Mid190s on Mary Tamm
Very sad. I just finished Androids of Tara and now find she is no longer with us. Rip
TJE on General Height

french guy is 182.5 at night. 182.5 is 5'11 7/8, so a few mm under 6'0. That would make french guy a flat 6'0 during the day. That said, the limb lengthening thing is a bit ridiculous IMO, but it's his money and body he's risking, so it's not my problem.
Height183 on Gustaf Skarsgard
189 max
Andrea on Laura Vandervoort
Very honest claim, she does look near 5'6...
Rob, how much difference you see here? Click Here
She says his 15 years old cousin is 6'7... If you assume they've got the same footwear, does he look a big 6'7 guy? He certainly doesn't look under 6'5 to me, but she could easily have more shoes...
[Editor Rob: if in same footwear I wouldn't have said 6ft 7, how big his head is harder to tell, it looks big compared to hers but it could be the photo.]
Taylor on Cara Delevingne
5.7 or 5.6
Mid190s on Louise Jameson
She must've just stepped out of the Tardis or somethin cuz no way does she look 60s here.
[Editor Rob: this is back in 2008 so she's about 57-8 here.]
Taylor on Kendall Jenner
if cara 5.6 the kendall 5.9 MAX
Taylor on Taylor Momsen
5.6 right for her
hal on Rory McCann
You peopled to stop trying to have this guy downgraded. Rob has actually seen this guy in person and he's positive he's a strong 6'5". And I agree with that. The Hound is supposed to be a big dude. I don't think they'd cast a guy who isn't close to 6-and-a-half feet tall.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Michael Madsen
Rob, is 184cm possible today?
Ria on Taylor Momsen
Maybe Taylor Momsen has disproportionately huge feet for her height.
Meh on Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
That's awesome, the tall chap is actually me haha, it's crazy to think it's possible to look nearly 6'8 with proper footwear and hair. :P
Height183 on Jack Swagger
I think Swagger and Barrett are both below 6'5''. But not too much below the 6'5'' mark.
Rahul on Shahrukh Khan
5' 10" for Shahrukh is a big joke. It is really surprising to see how ignorant some people are in judging heights
heightwise on LeBron James
So with Durant at 6'7, 6'10 listed Michael Beasley is about 6'4.5 then?
Amaze on Aamir Khan
I reckon John Abraham is a honest 183cm or 6'0' he looks quite tall, in some music vid,eo he looked around 3cm or an inch taller than Akshay Kumar
Amaze on Aamir Khan
@Arch Stanton Rajesh Khanna omg what a actor RIP. He didn't seem that short on TV but I reckon he's maybe 171/2 , shahrukh salman height.
Rip he had bad illness.
Arch Stanton on Mel Gibson
James C says on 29/Mar/15
Can some 5'9 1/2 guys look taller then another 5'9 1/2 guy?
[Editor Rob: with different body shapes, head sizes, you could find that to be the case with any height.]

You'd probably guess Gary Lineker to be 2-3 inches taller than Gibson!
Amaze on General Height
@french guy 182.5cm (night time)
At least he isn't getting the surgery, even if he did have the money he would be sane enough not to. If he had your height he would not even think of it. Don't get the surgery. Its pointless. Weak 6 footer is fine. A very good height still.

@TJE my scoliosis hasn't improved or gotten worse its stayed constant. I've actually been growing. But its not that much
I'm 18 in exactly a month but, still 17
I could grow a bit more hopefully. My dad hit 180cm at 18/19 according to him and my brother hit 184cm around 18.
At the moment I think I'm 174cm.
My growth chart
17 and 11 months I'm around 174cm lol
Kourosh 176 cm night-178cm morning on General Height
Rob, is it possible for some people to appear shorter than they are in the pictures? or taller?
[Editor Rob: sure, sometimes various factors mean you can end up taller/shorter. From position of the subjects, to the camera (and angle/lense) to posture and body proportions.]
Arch Stanton on Howard Stern
Yes a good comparison with Klitchko, both looking nearer 6'6 a lot but claiming 6'5. This is at least better. Both would probably come in similar to Challenger 15 on the stadio.
Rahul on Abhishek Bachchan
Rob, He is atleast 6' 2.25" (188.5 cm) at any point of time. Looks 6' 2.5" (189 cm) during most part of the day. Let us give him 6' 2.25" (188.5 cm)
Amaze on General Height
@french guy 182.5cm (night time)
At least he isn't getting the surgery, even if he did have the money he would be sane enough not to. If he had your height he would not even think of it.
Arch Stanton on Errol Flynn
Well Sam, I certainly can't see a guy like Victor Mature taller than Flynn put it that way! Mature was a guy who at times could look just 6 ft 1, but I honestly thought Flynn looked near enough 6 ft 2 on screen. I wonder what film Rob saw him in which prompted this! He's lost 4 cm now I think in about 2 years haha! There's a few of his films I've been meaning to watch so I'll be doing some comparisons.
Kourosh 176 cm night-178cm morning on General Height
@french guy
i'm working with steady income so i have money but i wont use my money for that waste leg lengthening operation. Good luck with it and after operation you would probably be walking like frog.
no hate just saying :P

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