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16 September
Andrea on Will Tudor
Similar to the 184 challenger guy or closer to Alex, Rob? He looks about 6' range with you...
Andrea on Gerard Butler
6'0.75 is the most i'd argue... All these guys claiming 6'1-6'2 range for him should really see him with Raoul Bova, who really is no more than 180-181!
Arch Stanton on John Wayne
Well, he did look 192 or so next to Rock Hudson in 1968, even though Hudson claimed to be 6 ft 4 by then!!
Hudson did look a bit more than an inch taller. In fairness though in a great deal of roles Wayne very much pulled off looking a solid 6'4" and in some comparisons could actually seem a bit over the 6'4" mark. In Hellfighters in the same period he did actually look barely shorter than 6'5" listed Jim Hutton in some scenes. But then the question of footwear comes up. People swear the lifts thing was a false rumour spread by Mitchum; he was a known prankster so that might be explainable, but then it doesn't explain why ladies like Capucine claimed she noticed the lifts even if she clearly disliked him. He certainly seemed to split camps in likeability. It does seem strange that Maureen o Hara for instance would think very highly of him and find him to be a gentleman and Capucine think the opposite...
Vegas on Big Show
7 minute mark onwards. i think we can safely rule out 6'8 for harper anyway Click Here
Arch Stanton on Fredric March
Definitely, one of the greatest and most versatile actors of the Golden period. Underrated in many ways as a film star, but the real film buffs and the directors and co stars still living who remember him realise just how good he was at least. Sometime I'll try to clear his filmography entirely, but I'm slowly ploughing through Doris Day's at the moment! I find her films quite enjoyable.
Dural on Football Soccer

The problem with Ozil is, he only plays well as a No. 10. Wenger has a different system at the moment.

He's capable of world class performances but lacks attitude, if you play him on the wing he's useless. He was booed several times for his effortless performances in Germany's friendly matches before the world cup.


Nick Fury is leaning, standing tall the difference could be more like 4 or 5 inches.

There's no way Ozil is losing 6-10cm with his stance for the Madame Toussauds measurement.
Rob, how tall do you think Ozil looks with Derrick Rose? My brother is the same height as Derrick and I'm sure I look taller in comparison at 178cm.
truth178cm on General Height
@Vibram Nope nobody said that, 5ft10 is average range, 5ft8 is below average and 6ft0 is above average but still pretty common. 5ft7 or less short, 6ft1 or more tall, 5ft5 or less very short, 6ft3 or more very tall. 5ft10 is average for guys under 40 in the UK and aswell for the whole of EU. For under 60 years old it is going to be 5ft9.5 and for the whole population 5ft9 flat. For young guys 18-34 more 5ft10.5.
Arch Stanton on Clint Eastwood
Me too Sam. I highly recommend Jersey Boys his latest BTW, I don't know why critics didn't think much of it. It's very well made IMO.
casper on Axl Rose
Axl Rose 5'8
Slash 5'10/11
Duff Mckagen 6'3
Izzy Stradlin 5'11
Matt Sorum 5'11
Steven Adler 5'7
Gilby Clarke 5'9
Dizzy Read 6'0
Kurt Cobain 5'9/10
James Hetfield 6'1
Lars Ulrich 5'6
Dave Mustaine 6'0
Bret Muchaels 5'9/10
Vince Neil 5'8/9
TGK on Sean Paul
Here's a pic for reference:

Kessy's officially listed height is 6 foot(though other sources peg her at 5'11") while Ross is 6'1".

Click Here
Arch Stanton on Arnold Schwarzenegger
sixfoot200sam says on 15/Sep/14

Well yes, he is, and that's a good part of the reason for his tremendous success. Bodybuilders don't get to that level of dedication without having narcissistic tendencies. I think it's a good thing to have plenty of self confidence and belief, but there are certainly cases where guys too much into themselves can be highly irritating to be around and unlikeable. Arnie is a very likeable guy, healthy ego or not.
Dmeyer on User Heights
You could Ali bana tiny Ali baba at 6'6" its funny
[Editor Rob: he wouldn't like it, I think I'll stick with giving everybody Big.

'Big DMeyer' is like being given a CelebHeights Knighthood or a Legion of Honour.]
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
I suppose you're right Alex. But I tend to use the term "skinny" for somebody who is thin/slim and "skinny as a rake" for somebody unhealthily skinny. Probably medium frame James, he doesn't look small, just low muscle and body fat.
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
I suppose you're right Alex. But I tend to use the term "skinny" for somebody who is thin/slim and "skinny as a rake" for somebody unhealthily skinny. Probably medium frame James, he doesn't look small, just low muscle and fat fat.
Judd on Barack Obama
until now i thought he was at least 6'1.25-5"...for sure he's nothing under 6'1"...
Judd on Terry Farrell
5'11" in the pic with rob and jenny...she has a good posture so i think 5'11" is fair fo her...
Arch Stanton on Antonio Banderas
More chance of 5 ft 8 flat IMO.
Judd on Adam Baldwin
with rob he doesn't look to me a full 6'4, but in the pics with Nathan Fillion and Zachary Levi he looks that, so i trust rob's evaluation...he's 6'4
Judd on Gerard Butler
i think he' 6'1"
jim on Rylan Clark
6ft 3 closer to as if you compare to razor ruddock, 6ft 1.5ish
Arch Stanton on Katia Winter
Lovely isn't she!
Arch Stanton on George C. Scott
I'd probably have guessed him at 6'0.5.
Arch Stanton on Travis Barker
Can you downgrade to 5'9.5" then? That's what Lelman thinks too. At times Hoppus can look nearly 3 inches taller and I really doubt he is over 6 ft. Somewhere in 5 ft 9 range looks more accurate barefoot.
Arch Stanton on Tom DeLonge
I'd have guessed Hoppus at 182 but I'm pretty sure Travis isn't a legit 5'10. At times in fact Hoppus can look nearer Tom's height than Travis's.
Arch Stanton on George C. Scott
Yeah he could look 6' -6'1". I could believe 184 too.
Arch Stanton on George C. Scott
Awesome, great edition. He was terrific especially in Patton. Seen all of the above except Taps.
Milanista on Pierce Brosnan
The guy doesn't look at all that he's 6'2! Chris Evans is 184 and looks much taller than him in all movies. I think he's just 6 ft tall. No more.
Milanista on Pierce Brosnan
The guy doesn't look at all that he's 6'2! Chris Evans is 184 and looks much taller than him in all movies. I think he's just 6 ft tall. No more.
Paleman on Timothy Olyphant
Thought he was 6'1 after watching Deadwood, long legs and cowboy boots made him seem taller. Still looks pretty tall, I can't buy anything under 5'11,5 but a good 6 feet seems more plausible.
Arch Stanton on Albert Brooks
See that's proof you can have seen thousands of movies and still be shady in your knowledge of certain actors. There's still a lot of actors I recognize but don't know the names of! The more films you see the more you recognize faces and are eventually able to link them and put a name to the face. I should have seen Lost in America and Defending Your Life especially but I haven't yet!
Arch Stanton on Warren Oates
Thanks Rob! I didn't think there much chance you'd add him, although you've probably seen the first two on the list. Bring me the Head is worth a watch. Seems a good shout, he could look anything from 5'11-6 ft. He was in some really cool films. You might also want to mention 1941, far from Spielberg's best, but he did get a BAFTA nom for his role in it.
Connor183 on General Height
@Amaze yes 6ft is definitely tall with it being 83% taller than most men and women and 17% shorter than some guys which is a very small amount, 6ft looks tall too and how can it not be tall as im 6ft myself and everyone always say im tall and its quite rare for me to come across someone taller than me except that im living under a roof with a 6ft 5 stepdad, also 83% is a fairly big percentage so calling it tallish, above average or solid average is a load of rubbish.
Connor183 on Rob Paul
@Alex 6'0 so your'e 182.9cm 6ft flat at your low, im 183.0cm at my low so i just edge you out by a mm then which is like impossible to spot, we are virtually or very near the same height then.
Chaz on Andre The Giant
pjk says on 15/Sep/14
hogan looks 1.5-2 " taller than Lou( 6'4" peak around here ) in that photo. Lou's hair is quite high but hogans is flat. I would say 6'5" is fine for hogan at peak if not more.

What Photo are you talking about?
AlexMahone on George C. Scott
He was a great actor. Really, I don't interest how tall was he but I love his work as actor...:) For his height...I saw last night the Robert Wise movie "Hindenburg" (1975) and he was 4-5cm taller than co-star Roy Thinnes who was in prime 5'10˝" (1,79 m).
Magic on Billie Joe Armstrong
however i believe that Tre Cool so close to Billie Joe,I would say Tre Cool is 5'6 1/2 max 5'5 1/2 min,this if Billie Joe is 5'7
Magic on Billie Joe Armstrong
Click Here
ahahahhaah tre cool is 5'10
Scott on General Height
@jay at 183.5 u won't feel especially tall but that doesn't mean ur nt. If u wanna be standout tall u need to be at least 6ft3.
Gonzalo on Katia Winter
Pretty smile
Dmeyer on User Heights
Andrea wath is your evening height
Dmeyer on User Heights
Yeah andrea if you ever come to paris we could take pics together , or if.i come to italy
Mr. R on Mark Wahlberg
Mark is a pretty strong 5-7.
Mr. R on Rene Auberjonois
I saw him last year at an art gallery. He was close to 6-1 but with chunky heels. But definitely taller than my 5-11.5. He is just over 6 foot.
Mr. R on Rob Reiner
Definitely 6-2 when I saw him last year at Wolf of Wall Street screening.
Brad on Vin Diesel
5' 10", he's fooled everybody in big boots with wedge.
Jay 184cm on Robert Pattinson
This is a good listing in my view. He looks a fraction off Kellan Lutz (185cm?) but a fraction over legit 183cm Jamie Campbell Bower. He looks 184cm. Pictures of Pattinson and Campbell Bower to illustrate:
Click Here
Mateo on Tom Hardy
Just saw him filming his latest film, but since he was in hulk/workout mode too intimiated to get too close.. However I distinctly remember seeing seeing some suspicious 2" + heels (it is a cowboy film).. Looked about 5'8" from afar without the heels.
himynameisadam on Travis Barker
Mark is at least 6ft1, just take a look at my pictures.
Vibram on General Height
I'm just laughing at the folks who say 5ft8 is within average range for a white male in the west / europe. Guys that are 6ft0 never get called tall these days, neither did they in my college days of the mid 1990's. Any white guy born after 1970 knows the drill...

5ft9 (176cm) & under: short
5ft9.75 (177cm) > 6ft0 (183cm): average
6ft1 (184cm) > 6ft4 (194cm): tall
6ft5+ (195cm+): very tall
Darren510 on Taylor Swift
I use to think 5'10 now 5'9ish. I wonder why she claimed 5'11. Usually tall girls downgrade themselves
Darren510 on Will Smith
I think Smith is 6'1- 6'1.5 and wears lifts sometimes. I met him years ago and he appeared about 6'3. There is no way he is really 6'3.
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m on George C. Scott
Thanks Rob!
Celebheights 188 on General Height
If I was to guess the average heights (also what is the start of tall and short)

US: 5'9.5" (5'7" and 6'0")
UK: 5'9" (5'11.5" and 5'6.5")
Germany: 5'10" (5'8" and 6'0")
For a Dutch (in general): 5'11.5" with it being 5'9.75" and 6'1"
Swedish: 5'10.5" with it being 5'9" and 6'0"
Switzerland: 5'10" with it being 5'8 and 6'0"
Canadian: 5'9" with it being 5'7" and 5'11"
Darren510 on Antonio Banderas
Once upon a time in Mexico he was described as 5'9 or 5'10 tops. I have to admit he did look 5'10 next to Enrique Iglesias. However 5'9 is probably more accurate. He is probably a weak 5'9 today.
15 September
Celebheights 188 on Gerard Butler
By 6'0" Benedict Cumbercatch:

Click Here

Looks 187-188 CM. He can look 6'1.25" though.
Clay on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
A lot of folks believe 6'5'' for the Rock on youtube, it's pretty funny.
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m on Jack Conley
Yep, Looked similar range to Bill Duke in Payback when they stood either side of Mel Gibson.
sd2002 on Rosamund Pike
She's shorter or almost the same height as 5'9 Simon Pegg in The World's End (she's wearing heels in the movie).
Bill C on Hulk Hogan
No doubt Hogan is 6'4". He just posted this on Twitter today. Hogan and David Hasselhoff. They are the exact same height. Hogan being 6'2" is just laughable. Click Here
Logic on Andre The Giant
You could probably use Arnold Schwarzenegger and the 6'4.5" - 6'5" Joe Manganiello to compare Big Show to Brian Shaw.

Brian Shaw and Schwarzenegger

Click Here

Click Here

Joe Manganiello and Schwarzenegger

Click Here

Big Show, Schwarzenegger and Joe Manganiello

Click Here
chasmin on Rob Paul
yea u caught my bluff rob,i actually only shrink 1.6cm during a full day
Taylorr on Luke Hemmings
All four are at least 6 feet. Theyre freaking tall. But Luke is the tallest, around 6'4".
JSW94 on Football Soccer
Sorry for the double post Rob
Looking at the video that Dural posted again, the form filled in around the 1:03 mark says Standing Height (no shoes)in the first column, first row. Looking at the number at the side of that it looks like 169.1, surely that's impossible. You have to zoom in a lot
burby on Sylvester Stallone
Banderas 5'10"? Gibson 5'10" to 5'11"? The background singers need to help the Notorious L.G.C. on dis one.....
JSW94 on Football Soccer
@Jay is right.

If you look at the video around 1:03, it says in the first column on the form "Top of Head in Pose" then 1.73 and on the top row second column it says "Ground To's". So obviously ground to head is 1.73. I am totally shocked I thought he was 1.79 for sure, it makes you think a lot about every footballers height now.
Will on Tom Cruise
5'7 1/2" is a good estimate for Tom. He is still short compared to the average American male, which is 5'9".
Working9Till5 on Justin Bieber
what Makes people think his Dad is 5'6 out of Interest ? he always looks Slightly taller than Justin which would make The Product of his Semen 5'5 Kinda Range if True.
vinny on Andre The Giant
Vegas says on 13/Sep/14
scherr is currently signed to wwe so based on that how tall would you estimate the various wwe development talent in this shot, scherr with the full beard btw 2nd from the right Click Here


I've trained with Adam Scherr countless times. I'm from the town of Denver, NC, only 10 minutes from his home town. Don't be fooled by how close in height all those other guys are to him, because obviously they're all within 6'5-6'7. Scherr is without a DOUBT 6'8" stout. He barely fit through the gym door in tennis shoes.
RP on Hulk Hogan
Gigantism...could Hulk be 6'3.5" ??? I've been told be a very reliable source who works in the business that Terry is 6'3.5" barefoot now. And about 260-265 lbs?? Is this what you saw? Also...What is your barefoot height? Before you post the pics, BrothA! ;-)
Sito on Anthony Kiedis
Met both of them.... 5' 7" for Flea 5' 8 for Kiedis.... Definitely no shorter.
Amaze on General Height
I always used to think marijuana slows down and stunts growth and i heard it from teachers aswell, but recently i saw a few addicts who were in my school after a year and a half and have they shot up! 5'5 to 5'9 and 5'7 to 6'0. Not encouraging it at all but only lack of sleep and nutrition affect growth right? Stayed away from it and still shorter than those two with 0 gcses. Damn.
GI Jose on General Height
@ Late 187cm
The other thing I see that people make the mistake of doing is claiming a height that they just aren't. For example, my father, who is at most 5'09", claims to be either 5'11" or 6'00" depending on who he is talking to. I don't see how he could be that far off. Granted, I think that your real height is after your spine has compressed after waking up and barefoot, but I still don't think that is enough to be 2 or 3 inches off. It isn't just my dad though. I notice that almost every person claims to be at least 1 or 2 inches above what they really are, and it seems like they know that they really aren't as tall as they say they are. Some people will flat out tell you that they have a height that they tell people they are and the height they know they really are. When I tell people I am 5'11", people think that I am downplaying my height. I think that because so many people claim to be taller than they really are, it skews what people think average really is. This is why it is so common that people will say that 6'00" is average. It is because so many people claim to be 2, 3, or even 4 inches taller than they really are. Even saying that 5'10" is average is stretching it. At 5'11" I feel like I am easily taller than the majority of people, and I am only 2 inches above what I consider average. I think the tallest average male height can be is 5'09". It is because people lie about their height and that people have such illogical perceptions of short and tall that people have the idea that average height is above 5'09".
Connor183 on General Height
@SAK i wouldn't call 5ft 8 the start of short, thats more like borderline average height, 5ft 6 id say is the true start of short for men.
Connor183 on Rob Paul
@Height181 thanks for sticking up for me
J.Lee on Jennifer Aniston
rob how tall do you think she is in these?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: close to 5ft 9]
Oanh on Andre The Giant
JT says on 13/Sep/14
Click Here That’s 7’3” Bill Engesser with Richard Kiel in 1963. Engesser may have a footwear advantage.

I don't see any footwear advantage for Bill Engesser. If anything, Richard is closer to the camera giving him an advantage. Bill is just taller.
teej on Cristiano Ronaldo
Ronaldo's 185.8cm but thats barefoot and measured after exercise. So yes i would believe 186.5cm on Madrid's website he could even be a strong 187cm when he wakes up. In shoes no question he would be a reasonable 6'2. He still looks taller than footballers who are listed over 186cm e.g terry. I believe many footballers are measured in different circumstances e.g morning or after exercise. So you cant be accurate.
Oanh on Shane Rangi
I don't see 6'2"...maybe 6'1".
Sean on Harry Styles
@Irv, in my humble opinion, 5'9" is more probable than 5'8.5", but neither would surprise me. And I agree with Rob that the top of his range is about 5'9.5".
Clay on Brock Lesnar
Height181 says on 15/Sep/14
6'1.5'' at best is Lesnar.

At worst, in the evening, after coming home from the gym. Even then I don't think Lesnar ever dips under 6'2''.
ashley on Justin Bieber
no, the dad is definitely about 2" taller than Justin. His mom said she was 4'8" on twitter (I follow her). the link to the tweet is on this board somewhere way below haha
Sean on Justin Bieber
@Skeptical In Seattle, the 4'8" listing is from her own claim via twitter, I believe (but anyone correct me if I'm wrong, please).
Height181 on Louis Tomlinson
I remember being a solid 5'8'' barefoot like it was yesterday. I clearly looked more taller than what Louis and Niall do. Both of them are no where near 5'8'' barefoot. 5'6.5'' it is. It's just my opinion though.
lelman on Richard Dormer
5ft 9.
lelman on Tom DeLonge
Spot on.

Tom Deloonge 6ft 3.
Mark Hoppus 6ft.
Travis Barker 5ft 9.5.
lelman on Willem Dafoe
I don't think the measured average would go quite as low at 5ft 8. While 5ft 8 is certainly in the average boundary, I think the average would be between 5ft 9.5 and 5ft 10.5 (UK and US, they're pretty much the same).

What is considered short varies wildly from country to county, person to person. In general I'd say people would consider a 5ft 7 man short, because that's a solid 2 inches below average.
anon on Marion Cotillard
Anne Hathaway seems at most 5'6 next to JLaw, who seems like a legitimate 5'7.5, which would put Cotillard at around 5'5 or 5'4.
Judd on Nathan Fillion
he's a honest 6'1.5"
Levi on Rob Paul
Rob how old are you? And depending on the answer when do you expect you'll start shrinking?
[Editor Rob: at 38 I would say there is some chance by age 50 of small loss, that most people wouldn't spot (like 1-2mm). By 60 maybe it will be a bit more noticeable like a fraction...or worse, you never know - injuries can happen, your discs suffer damage etc.]
Dmeyer on Graham McTavish
About 4.5in on rob plus 1cm shoes so 5in on looks Max 6'1.25 in the pic
rockitbaby on Michael Fassbender
@Sam How much do you give to Pitt? 1,80m? I found a picture of him next to Leo Diaprio and they're pretty much the same height:

Click Here
rockitbaby on Leonardo DiCaprio
@Marty Yeah, he's close to 6'0 in this pic but he's wearing shoes so he's probably around 5'11, tops.

@Jason you're right, Leo is probably 1,80 =)
memento on Football Soccer
if ozil 173cm...nick fury is 178cm
Click Here
[Editor Rob: here's the screencap from that video of ozi Click Here. 173 and I think the chin part they wrote down 151-2, which matches up with the tape held up to the side we can see.

The only question was, is he standing near his tallest, or is he like standing less...

I looked again and the 173cm is his measured 'pose' height. I don't know how much height he is losing in the pose they did for his waxwork though, might be an inch.]
Giantism on Hulk Hogan
Here are 4 pictures of Hogan from the comic con. Firstly, take note of how bent his knees are in the two pictures of his legs,he stood this way the entire time people posed with him regardless of how tall they were. As for myself, i stand 5'9" and his runners gave him no advantage over my addidas runners. His head also is huge as you can see, my head is a large size for helmets or hats so his has to be over 10" tall. Straighten his legs out and i will only come up to his mouth at best, he is 6'3" in this picture with his legs bent lowering him by 2 inches.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Dmeyer on Graham McTavish
6ft 1.75 or 1.5 wish is more likely rob
[Editor Rob: a little under is a possibility like a 1/4 inch.]
Judd on Jared Padalecki
he's a honest 6' doubt about him...
Amaze on David Beckham
oh never mind found out that was a mistake rob xD read comments below

he was 10 stone at 29 in that book, yeah

ermm whatevz i think brooklyn is 5'7/8? 170-173 range
Amaze on David Beckham
rob 75kg is 11.8 stone, so in that 2004 book he was nearly 12 stone, 10 stone is 64kg and 11 is 69, was that listed wrong? yeah he probably is 74kg or 11.5 stone now
[Editor Rob: we don't know which of the figures the editor put in the book. Generally I would have said since they put him with 10st 13lbs first and then the (75kg) in brackets, that the stone/lbs figure was the weight he was during playing career.]
Judd on Will Tudor
yeah, he's 184cm, no doubt about him...
sixfoot200sam on Arnold Schwarzenegger
It's enough that Arnie the narcissist once said that "most people really LOOK UP to me." Who says that?! This shows he was obsessed with his height and was not satisfied with being a "mere" 5'10", a more than acceptable height for a male. Arnie was very careful never to be seen in public without his trusty lifts.
Amaze on General Height
6'0 is 83/100 or 83rd percentile, 83% taller than people and 17% taller than you
i read that 6'0 only 14.5% of men hit that mark+ in usa, probably simliar in uk too.

@connor183cm yeah i agree it is

at 5'8 i feel short but dont look short in pics, maybe because i have a medium frame
Dmeyer on User Heights
Wath a shame i had a pics ll cool j , garett headlund , Craig bierco , chi mcbride , i could find the one with ll
Amaze on Justin Bieber
@height181 i thought 5'6 but then that guy said 5'9, im not too sure on his dad. justin became taller than his dad with a very short mum(midget) etc
his dad has a stocky muscley build
french guy on Rob Paul

it mainly depends whether you're active or not.
I played 4 hours football with friends and i was at my lowest at 7 pm ( i woke up at 11 am lol).
Then i did jogging for one hour .I finally measured at the same height at 10 pm.
Arch Stanton on Leonardo DiCaprio
Rob you might want to mention that in Catch Me If You Can (which is worth adding BTW as is The Aviator, Gangs of New York and Revolutionary Road) that his character was described as 6 ft and 160 pounds.
Sam on Cary Grant
Grant kind of had a bullish neck and could seemed broad across the shoulders, at least until he put on Ralph Bellamy jacket & looked like a teenager putting on dads big jacket. Yeah, he could have been closer to 170 lb, but I could still see up to 30 lbs. more on Grant compared to the skinny Stewart in the 30s/40s but not 50 lbs.
Sam on Jeffrey Wright
He looked shorter than usual in Broken City, which I caught part of when my family was watching it. It seemed like Russell Crowe was near 2 inches taller in a scene I guess towards the end where they face off.
Luzy478 on Luke Hemmings
Here with Zayn Malik:
Click Here
miko on Arnold Schwarzenegger
He's very lucky if he clears 6'0 out of bed these days.

5'11.5 listing would be closer to the mark but I wouldn't rule out 5'11.25/5'11 very late in the day.
miko on User Heights
Rob, do you think Mamun, like G would have fell short of his 5'8 claim under the stadiometer of justice?
[Editor Rob: I don't think he would, he would probably measure a little over the mark. He wouldn't have ended with the same fate as big G.]
miko on Big Show
Big Show with 6'8 Brandon Bass....

Click Here
tallwestman on General Height
Calvin says on 11/Sep/14
Connor, I live in The Netherlands. IMO :

181/182 - average
183/184 - above average
185/186 - tallish/weak tall
187/188 - proper start of tall
189/190 - solid tall/upper tall
191/192 - upper tall
193/194 - start of very tall
195/196 - upper very tall
197/198 - start of insanely tall


But when I visited Holland, I met a lot of Dutch men are over 198cm, of course, I met more Dutch people under 185 also. I think 198 is insane tall in Holland, while it has larger percentage than other nations.
tallwestman on General Height
Tim says on 7/Sep/14
What would 6'3 or 6'4 classify as? Tall or very tall?


It depends on places and generation, if you mean young generation.

190-193 is very tall in Asian nations

190-193 is upper tall in western Europe

190-193 is solid tall in northern Europe(Sweden, Norway, and Danish)

190-193 is common tall in Southern Holland and Amsterdam

190-193 is tallish or above average height in Dalmatia, Herzegovina, and northern holland

If you mean the whole adult, then 190= 193 is very damn tall in everywhere world
Sarah on Adrienne Shelly
Close to 5'1. She was pretty small. RIP.
tallwestman on General Height
I am sure 185-190cm is not short in everywhere, but it is not considered tall in Montenegro, Herzegovina,Dalmatia either.
Emil 182.5-184.5 cm on User Heights
Big Josh, you look taller than 5'10! Only with Ventimiglia you look your listed height, otherwise you look around 6'0
tallwestman on General Height
Dav4 says on 14/Sep/14
I am 17, and 6 foot 3. (6 foot 2 barefoot). At school, I am at a very average height it seems. (UK) Will i grow taller after 17? Thanks.


It depends on what region where you live? The UK's average height is 176cm, but when I visited three British universities, most british guys are over 6' (182cm). If I live on campus, I may consider young British height are over 182cm for average. But I know young guys are only 176cm in that nation.
tallwestman on General Height
Celebheights 188 says on 14/Sep/14
I also think that 186 CM is the start of tall in the Netherlands.


Buy my Dutch friends who is 190cm barefoot, he's never felt tall in his hometown, especially when he went to his Dutch high school. There are 15 guys in this class, 11 guys are over 190+. That is why he doesn't feel he is tall on campus.
Emil 182.5-184.5 cm on Rob Paul
Dav4 says on 14/Sep/14
I am 17, and 6 foot 3. (6 foot 2 barefoot). At school, I am at a very average height it seems. (UK) Will i grow taller after 17? Thanks.

I think you need your eyes checked, buddy, or at least measure yourself again to see if you're really 6'2. And will you grow taller? Time will tell
tallwestman on General Height
Calvin says on 10/Sep/14

6'1'' is still a good bit above average here in the Netherlands, if you only take the younger generation into account average will probably be a little over the 6'0'' mark but still not at 6'1''. It's probably a bit lower in the big cities (I live in one of them). 184-185cm and above is considered tall by the majority of people here.


If Dutch younger generation is 183 for average height, then a guy who is 185cm will not think he is tall in Holland, and people will consider 185 is very common height among young Dutch.
tallwestman on General Height
over 190+ is rare in most place around world. But it is not very rare to meet in west world. I am from small European nation. When I was high school, yes, most boys are under 185, but every class had a boy are 2 meter barefoot , or taller at least.
Red183 on Hulk Hogan
Click Here

1991 Hulk Hogan with 171cm Carsten Schaefer, Hogan is in Cowboyboots so at least an inch advantage.

Don´t think Hogan already lost height in 1991, but to me he looks "only" 6´6" in cowboyboots.
AHRA on Rob Paul
How to measure the height is different in Japan.
Why not measured it with the back?
I think 0.5 inches around will change.
Jason on Leonardo DiCaprio
While I do believe the guy is somewhere between 178-179 we cant say for certain whether or not he is in lifts. But, even if he isnt he is still slightly below 180. Because in that pic he is a bit lower and then those shoes lessen the heel a bit more than 1 inch.
Thayer42 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
I worked with Rock at WWE (then WWF) and we talked backstage several times. I didn't pay that much attention to how tall he is. I am a little over 5'10' and I know he had 4-5 inches on me. My best friend is 6'2' and Rocky is taller than he is. Also, he is geniunly nice guy.
The Male+2" Scheme on Tom Cruise
The majority of guys claim to be two inches taller than they really are. It's damn near standard
Suede on Kate Moss
Look at todays photos from Burberry show. Kate is the same height as Cara (5'7). Cara is wearing sneakers and Kate heels.
Red183 on Roman Reigns
I doubt they always measure right he doesn´t look 6´2" or taller.
Arch Stanton on Albert Brooks
Ah yeah this is the guy from Drive. Better watch your eyes around this guy :-) Honestly I wasn't too familiar with the name for some reason but have seen a few of his films.
Red183 on John Cena
Vegas says on 11/Sep/14
red are you saying reigns combine measurement is wrong?

He doesn´t look that height to me, why should they always be right? :)
Mission on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Those who live in the Los Angeles area, feel free to stalk Arnie and do you best to capture a photo of/with him. This will relieve all the people who are insecure with Arnie's 6 foot listing. For example, if you spot arnie snap a picture, its like a where's waldo. You snap the picture, analyze it, then walk up to the building where he was standing. From there the photo can tell you where the top of his head is, so having measuring tape handy, measure the height according to the photo. If he is wearing large boots, you can still estimate the height.
Height181 on Tom DeLonge
How tall is Mark? 5'11''?
Connor183 on Rob Paul
Rob could i still hold 6ft while in my 40s?
[Editor Rob: as long as you don't enter the world of wrestling, become a full time tiler, or spend 20 years labouring on a building site, you should be ok ;)]
Height181 on Justin Bieber
Justins Dad is somewhere around 5'6''. Not 5'9'' Lol
Height181 on Louis Tomlinson
Rob, I can't believe that you think Niall looks 5'8''. He looks 5'6.5'' at best next to 5'11'' Beckham. Click Here Please ignore Nialls hair in the picture which is adding another 4 inches! Sure he can look around 5'7.5'' in footwear, but height in footwear is not your real height.
[Editor Rob: between 5ft 7 and 8 range, that's what I was said. Anywhere in - as I said - the 5ft 7 to 8 range. You can see another shot with Big David here.]
Balrog on Kim Kold
Next to him Walker looked 6'1". Kold seems to be a legit 6'4" man
SaveUsY2J on Michael Cera
Not sure about 5'10, but he definitely looks 5'9-5'9.5 range moreso than the listed 5'8.5.
SaveUsY2J on Maryse Ouellet
Judging by some of Rob's photos, many of WWE's female wrestlers are exactly as tall as their billings- quite a contrast with their male counterparts.
linke on Katy Perry
Agree with alex, Katy's clearly nowhere 5'8. I would say 5'6.75 or 5'7 is a better shout.
french guy on Rob Paul
rob paul, i have got the impression you slouch a little when you measure yourself, are you sure you stand tall?
[Editor Rob: for normal measurements I stand tall as does everybody I usually measure.]
Jay on Jamie Campbell Bower
This guy looks a solid 6 foot. I reckon we'd be about the exact same height and build (I'm 154 pounds).
truth178cm on Tom Cruise
@5ft7 bro that makes perfect logical sense LOL he is the same height as you just deal with it. Maybe 0.5 taller but nothing more.
truth178cm on General Height
@french I agree
Jay on General Height
@Greg @GI Jose Interesting reading from you guys, thanks. At 183.5cm - 184cm, I don't feel especially tall walking around but I guess the people taller than me are catching my eye because I'm looking for them, if that makes sense. I read something earlier from 1998 that said that 30% of men under 25 were 6-foot or over (of which I was one, aged 20 then) and that within 2 generations the average height of UK men would be 6 foot. I'm not sure what counts as "two generations" - 40 years? And the article was written 16 years ago so 1 generation may already have passed? But I guess by the time 6 foot becomes the average height I will hopefully be too old to care anyway!
Connor183 on User Heights
Rob are you going to add me on User Heights soon?
[Editor Rob: as I said before, at the moment it's for people who have shown photos with celebs and have a good idea of their height or those I've met in person.]
Andrea on Rob Paul
Emil, height does not depend on the time of the day but on how many hours out of bed you measure, it's different... If someone doesn't sleep in the night and measures himself at say 8 am, he's at his low. Time is relative! After 5-6 hours, you gotta be pretty near your low...
Late 187cm on Football Soccer
@ Dural

Yeah, I heard about that one.

When de Gea was joining United he was described as very tall. I think they thought they were signing someone similar in stature to van der Sar.

I suppose teams should do a little more research. De Gea has improved a lot over the last few seasons, although he's not quite at van der Sar's standard.

I'll say one thing about Ozil, not height related, if he didn't have the reputation he has I'm not sure he'd get into a top ten premier league side. He's been a disaster for Arsenal so far. He's starting to remind me of Torres when he went to Chelsea.
Late 187cm on General Height
@ GI Jose

It's refreshing to see logical posts like that.

Taller people naturally stand out and I think this leads some people to draw the conclusion that there are a lot more taller people than the statistics show, and that average height is higher than it really is.

Why do so many people back their own whimsical hunches over scientific study?

If a doctor told you you had a serious condition would you ignore it, follow your own hunch about what it might be, and then treat yourself accordingly? I don't think so.

Why would so many studies be incorrect?

Even if some studies are a few years to a decade out of date, height increase over a population is a very, very gradual process. It can take decades for any noticeable differences to present themselves.
Ud191cm on Rob Paul
Hey rob,
So now that I'm in a good 6'3 range and still growing, so by the time I have entered 60s, I'll still be 6'3 safely on the dot atleast isn't it?
Editor Rob on Sneakers
Took the big ruler out in the shoe shop just to confirm those Desert Boots, because it is quite a typical heel and style.
Click Here
As you can see, it is a tiny bit more than 1 inch. I looked at the insole again and it felt quite thin, so I'd say just a little bit over 1 inch for them.

There are some clarks shoes that have similar 1-1.1 inch soles but have thicker insoles. I spotted 1 pair with a 1/4 inch spongy insole, so it would look like not much more than an inch, but if a celeb was wearing them they'd be like 1.3 inches.
Max on Dakota Johnson
How is 5'8 lucy from ben and kate so much taller? I think she's 5'6
Giantism on Hulk Hogan
Editor Rob, can you please give me an idea of how to post a picture here directly from my own device?
Thank you, and Hogan was shorter than he was 25 years ago when I last saw him up close by a good amount, but easily over 6'4" if he cared to stand up .
[Editor Rob: can you use a site like which will upload and give you a link to your image, which you can then copy/n/paste into a comment on here.]
Jake S on Sneakers
Hey Rob, how much would these Nike high tops give? Click Here
[Editor Rob: it might be slightly smaller than the sole of the air force one, so maybe around 1 inch mark.]
Magic on Jon Bon Jovi
@Arch Stanton Thank you for response, the web say 5'6, 5'5 and a guy says that has met him in the 1978 and says that Tico was taller 5'7,maybe he wears cowboy's heels(2 inches more).However if he was 5'7 today might be 5'6 he is 61 years old,same thing if he was 5'6 today might be 5'5 and so on!
However doesn't matter how tall is he,he kick ass on the stage!!THE HITMAN!
Giantism on Hulk Hogan
I also was at the comic con in Montreal, you are blatant liars to say he is 6'2". I will post pictures soon but he was at least 6'4", he stood with horrible posture and his knees were bent a lot the entire to time he stood to take pictures. He also still has 21 inch arms at least, and is massive in his upper body. 30 lbs easily, he dwarfed men of the same height range who would weight 230-230lbs.
Greg on General Height
A quick little clarification on my last post. The only way I can think of that statistics could be understating average is if some people are slouching during measurements, but doctor's/health examiners usually make sure you are standing at your tallest, so this possibility is very unlikely.
The Master on General Height
What country are you in, Zic?
GUK on Harrison Ford
Looking back at his 70s/80s films I struggle to believe he was anything taller than a weak 6ft, he was slim and we know they used all sort of tricks to make people appear taller. IMHO 6ft in the morning at peak and now between 5ft 10 and 11.
Magic on Joshua Gomez
I would say max 165 cm (5'5),he in sitcom chuck,he was a bit taller than a toyota(car),he was in eyeline with top of the car!
Zoro on General Height
Well maybe in the UK-USA the average for white young male (18-30) is really 5'10 (however a good % of measurements are taken in the morning, so we can say the evening average is more like 5'9.75) but I've never understood why considering only young white people is so important:

1)In everyday life, expecially today, you see a lot of Asian/South American ppl even in the western world, with a lower average height. We must consider them in the overall average for a country, because we interact with them as we do with white/black ppl. If we do so, then the TRUE overall youngsters average is probably 5'9.5

2)Even considering only young persons is not that relevant: when I go out I see/meet lot of persons aging 30 - 60+, and including them while speculating about which height is short/average/tall makes as much sense as considering only young guys, but almost nobody is doing it here.

We can also put man and women togheter while arguing if a certain height should make you feel short or tall.
miko on Big Show
Cesaro is around 6'4, he was barely shorter next to Swagger, both in military posture. Swagger is around 6'5 or at worst a hair under it.
SaveUsY2J on Albert Brooks
I thought he looked 5'9" max in Drive. At times he could look almost two inches shorter than Bryan Cranston.
Dmeyer on Robert Patrick
Rob because of the footwear advantage did he look 181cm , if he looked 180cl then he is 179ish
Dmeyer on Robert Patrick
Since rob thaught defenetly not over 180cm i think 5'10.75 now peak 5'11.25 ,
[Editor Rob: I think in x-files he actually could look just 5ft 11, duchovny's just over 6ft claim makes his own 6ft claim a bit of a stretch. He was early 40's there, so maybe he didn't really lose much at all.]
Vegas on Triple H
zayn, neville, devitt and steen Click Here
James B on Rob Paul
Arch just to look at beckham would u guess he is small or medium framed? I'd say medium personally.
James B on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
As wll as the rock height changing anyone notice how dramatically the rocks face, hair and skin tone have changed compared to how he looked in 1999? Batista as well looks different these days compared to how he looked in 2004. These half black/half Samoan guys tend to age faster than the average joe. They do have great genes for muscle building though.
KROC on Robin Thicke
Please upload this photo. Robin has never looked anything over 6'2 to me.
blink on Jimmy Fallon
@Rey thats not true mate High was at most 0.5 inches taller than him, making him 186-187 with shoes on. 182 is a good call
Dural on Football Soccer
Ozil with 187cm Derrick Rose

Click Here
Andrea on User Heights
Thanks for what? xD
Btw, you live in France, right? We're not so far. I live in North Italy...
pjk on Andre The Giant
hogan looks 1.5-2 " taller than Lou( 6'4" peak around here ) in that photo. Lou's hair is quite high but hogans is flat. I would say 6'5" is fine for hogan at peak if not more.
Nils on Ben Affleck
If i would put money on it i would put 6'1 range xD
Alex 6'0 on Rob Paul
Beckham at 5'11ish is more in above average range. Not sure on his weight but the guy is in pretty good shape. He's not built much but he's a thin guy who is pretty toned and has lower amount of muscle mass. The term skinny to me is someone who is more underweight and has no muscle. Thin and skinny aren't the same
Alex 6'0 on Rob Paul
Amaze, I think 5-6 hours after waking you should be very near your low or at your low. Also depends on physical activity that day. I'm not totally sure on my out of bed height. I checked years ago and got 6'0.75ish which should be what Im out of bed going by a 6'0 low
Alex 6'0 on Rob Paul
Connor183, I don't go checking my height much nowadays. More rare but last I checked a few weeks ago against the wall using a book it was 6'0 1/8 midday after work and being up for several hours. Typically 6'0 flat is my low. On a really bad day prob 5'11 7/8
El Hombre on General Height
What is your real height? This is a question that can be answered easily. Your real height is the height you are without any aid from shoes or early morning measurements. If you measure in shoes and in the morning, assuming you have woken up recently, you can be off on your measurements as much as 2 inches. This, although unlikely, could be the reason so many people inflate their heights. For example, a person who is 5'09" could have measured themselves in the morning in their shoes to believe that they are 5'11". This is very common in our current day and age because I meet people shorter than me claiming to be over 6'00" (I am 5'11" by the way). Obviously these people are not being truthful, but they then proceed to accuse me of downplaying my own height. I know for a fact what my height is, and I refuse to claim otherwise. In many cases, people will have a height that they know they are and a height that they tell people they are. Please just claim your actual height, and this will not be a problem anymore.
Sam on Clint Eastwood
That link doesn't work for me, Arch. There's a good chance Clint was 6'3.75" for a beter of the day like Wayne.

I doubt Eastwood himself would put himself near the level as Day-Lewis, De Niro, Nicholson or Pacino, but I think as a director, he's good at recognizing acting talent in others. I respect him most as a director, secondarily as an actor and least as a politican (ignoring his love life on purpose!)
Alex 6'0 on User Heights
Rob, I think Shredder should be added to this page too. He has met quite a few people in standing pics. A few of those are on this site too like Michael Biehn
[Editor Rob: I know Shredder was more private so I didn't add him here yet. I would like to add him without his face blanked, but won't unless he lets me...]
Sam on Oliver Hardy
I meant James Franco obviously, I was meaning Denzel was shorter than Malcolm X.
Alex 6'0 on User Heights
Dmeyer, might as well list yourself as 5'11.5 if you're gonna put 5'11.4 I think. And in person Frank looked about his 5'11.5 claim. Easily 5'11-5'11.25
AlexMahone on Kim Kold
Yes, but first Viper will say that Kold's height is only 6'1.5 because he can make a campaign for the 5'11 Rock. LOL :) So, Viper must downgrade Kim Kold to ridiculous level first...
Sam on Dan Stevens
Yep, the same height as Cumberbatch, a true blue six footer.
Sam on Michael Fassbender
There's a lot of photos w/ Fassbender and Pitt since they've done 3 movies together and they really do look quite close IMO. If Pitt looks taller at times, I think it's because of extra heel.
Sam on Jake Gyllenhaal
There must be a warping angle going on here but even considering that, it's hard to see above 5'11" for Gyllenhaal next to Denzel Washington.
Click Here
Just on Tricia Helfer
She does look two inches taller than Grace Park, not just one inch.
Sam on Fredric March
March was really talented actor, he had one of the bigger ranges I can think of, he could play mean, crazy and decent quite welland could have good comic timing, don't you think Arch? I'd say he was like a minor Spencer Tracy or near Paul Muni level.
Sam on Louis C.K.
Here's that GQ (not Esquire) article where the journalist claims CK is a "sold six foot"...
Click Here
I don't buy it.
Sam on Height Request
Is George C. Scott really not listed? That's a big one to be missing. Probably the scariest 6'1" dude who may have never set foot in a gym.
I'd put him and Johnny Carson at the front of the list, alongside the Fairbanks & Chaneys, of course!
Paul Scofield is also a good call, the others are good actors but a bit less prominent at their peaks.
Sam on William Atherton
Agreed, he was in a bunch of quality movies in the 70s and 80s, they might be worth another look to re-examine & uplist his peak height. I wouldn't go below 6'0.5" for peak listing personally.
Sam on Albert Brooks
Yes! Thanks!!! Good listing too, at peak he could for sure be a strong 5'10" guy, compared to other actors in Taxi Driver, Lost in America, Broadcast News and Defending Your Life. Even now that he's older in Drive w/ Ryan Gosling & This is 40 w/ Paul Rudd he still gives a 5'10" range impression.
Dural on Football Soccer
Funny story about Hannover 96 expecting a 190cm tall new signing Franca from brazilian club Palmeiras and it turns out he's only 181cm.

Click Here
Sam on John Wayne
Wow, didn't see this downgrade coming but he could indeed look a weak 6'4", same height as, say, Jason Segel today.
Sam on Louis C.K.
Thanks for adding! The Lowe picture convinced me there's no way he's six foot or six foot range although he looks very similar to Jerry Seinfeld, a 5'11" guy in other words.
Click Here
Dural on Football Soccer
Here's Ozil standing next to Christiano Ronaldo who was measured 185cm barefoot.

Click Here

and his posture during the measurements for Madame Tussauds wasn't horrible

Click Here

Further examples of false information

Ciro Immobile was listed 185cm when he played for Torino F.C. last season, now he's listed 181cm at Borussia Dortmund.
Mario Gotze was listed 171cm at Borussia Dortmund and 176cm for Bayern Munich.
Angel DiMaria was listed 177cm when he played for Benfica, Real Madrid listed him 180cm.
Shinji Kagawa was listed 171cm as well as 172cm when he played for Dortmund between 2010 and 2012, now back in Dortmund he's listed 175cm.
Adrian Mutu had listings between 175cm and 180cm, Gundogan between 176cm and 180cm, Wayne Rooney between 174cm and 181cm aso..
Height181 on Rob Paul
leave Connor alone guys. He's just very interested in height. That's what this page and site is all about.
Bud on Donald Pleasance
He played in Columbo,and he was shorter or the same height as 5'6 Peter Falk,unfortunatly i can't remember exactly how tall he looked with him.
JB on Paul Rudd
He's the same height as the one direction members that are listed at 5'7.5" and 5'7.75". Funny thing is they also claim to be 5'10"
Height181 on Brock Lesnar
6'1.5'' at best is Lesnar.
Height181 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
@SaveUsY2J: I'm just showing pictures to back up my opinion. If The Rock got measured at 6'3'', Of course I will agree that he is 6'3''. Its clear he is not though. I thought Test was 6'6'' at first, someone corrected me and I agreed that I was wrong. So I don't know what ''refusing'' crap you are on about. I'm a ''poster child'' now am I? I can call you names too, but that's too easy for me.
Jay on Football Soccer
In that video that Dural posted, if you pause over the bit where they are updating Ozil's paperwork, just after 1:03 I think, you can clearly see "173cm" written in about the 2nd column down.
Arch Stanton on Albert Brooks
He was that annoying geeky worker of De Niro's love interest in Taxi Driver wasn't he?
Jay on Football Soccer
Here's Ramsey and Ozil standing together - Ramsey has a clear 3cm on him.
Ramsey 177cm, Ozil 173cm?
Click Here
Bran on General Height
Believe me, statistics show that for young English males 5ft10 range is average, i would completely agree with this judged from my own small scale studies and generally preception. I think obviously 5ft9-10 is very average, but no morer average than 5ft10-11 nowadays. Also 5ft10 was the average for under 40 year olds in 2006, som it could be most men under 50 average 5ft10; albeit i see 5ft9.5 as more average forthe middle aged generation 40-70 or whatever. Average overall is probably abit over 5ft9. Young american males on average are 5ft10, white americans about 5ft10.5, black americans 5ft10 range also with just mexican americans bringing it down by averaging 5ft7-8. My football team averages 5ft10.75 and there at the low heights, 17 young physical 18-19 year olds so i wouldnt rule out average actually being more 5ft10-11 than 5ft9-10; also most of my mates have suprassed their parents heights, i believe theere has been a slow increase.
Average height under 40 England- 5ft10
Average height under 40 US- 5ft10
Arch Stanton on Jason Biggs
In Loser he looks 1.5-2 inches shorter than Greg Kinnear who Rob has at 5'9.5!!!
Jay on Rob Paul
@Arch Stanton
Yeah, I agree on Beckham. I would've had him down as 6'0" before seeing his 5'11" listing. To me, his slim, athletic build and the fact he always dresses well makes him appear tall-ish. To me, Vin Diesel's much larger build makes him look an almost stumpy 5'10" guy in big boots. And yet they may be the same height. We all perceive people slightly differently.
Dmeyer on User Heights
Thanks andrea
Totti on Antonio Banderas
Lonestar says on 14/Sep/14
I met Antonio Banderas on a beach in Madrid on a vacation I was surprise to see him barefoot he was not taller than 5foot6. I'm not kidding he was this short


Funny you say that... considering that there are no beaches in Madrid.
Madrid is in the centre of Spain. The nearest beach is 300km or aprox. 180 miles away in Valencia, which is as any logical thinker would guess, on the coast of Spain. Not the centre.

172-173 for Banderas. Current listing is not unfair.
Connor183 on General Height
@Amaze yes 6ft 1 is mid tall.
Arch Stanton on Travis Barker
I'm not sure on Mark Hoppus, I think we can rule out under 5 ft 11, but he can look anything from 5'11-6'1".
Arch Stanton on Travis Barker
Rob are you sure he really looks a legit 5 ft 10? See 2:44 of Click Here for instance
Mark is 5'11 range I think and Travis usually looks about 2 inches shorter.
[Editor Rob: not looked at him much since days of Big G, he can look 5ft 9-10 range I think generally.]
nona on Aishwarya Rai
@figo: Sonika Kaliraman is a wrestler and not an actor. However she is tall at 5'11" and also very huge at close to 85 kgs. She participated in one of the Khatron Ki Khiladi seasons and she was the only girl with another girl for a partner. Guess none of the guys wanted to partner a girl stronger than them.
french guy on General Height

35-65% is average
70-75%/25-30% is tallish/shortish
80%/20% is the start of legit tal/legit short imo.
anything above the 95 th percentile is very tall
and anything under the 5 th percentile is very short.
NECULAIE on Rob Paul
ROB,How old is jenny? I saw your last response on your last video on youtube. you say she shrink A quarter inch.Click Here
[Editor Rob: by mid 40's like Jenny, a 1/4 inch loss for a women won't really be noticed...]
Max on Gareth Bale
I agree with you except for iker, he is slightly shorter than xabi, and was hardly taller than Di maria. I think iker 181cm. xabi was once listed 182.4cm on real madrid's site, so i can believe that.
Bale 184.5cm
Xabi alonso 182.4cm
Iker 181cm
Max on David Beckham
Nope, go check their site now, they have him 187cm, which clearly isn't his height, so that's the point im making, the clubs website isn't very accurate.
Late 187cm on General Height
@ Greg

A very balanced, well written and well thought through post.
Amaze on Justin Bieber
@ashley yeah probably 5'9. No wonder jbs 5'6.5 then. His dad is worse than him
I wonder how tall his half brother jaxon bieber will be. Any idea on how tall jeremys(justins dad) ex wife is(jaxons mum)
Amaze on Justin Bieber
@ashley yeah probably 5'9. No wonder jbs 5'6.5 then. His dad is worse than him
I wonder how tall his half brother jaxon bieber will be. Any idea on how tall jeremys(justins dad) ex wife is(jaxons mum)
Amaze on Justin Bieber
@ashley yeah probably 5'9. No wonder jbs 5'6.5 then. His dad is worse than him
I wonder how tall his half brother jaxon bieber will be. Any idea on how tall jeremys(justins dad) ex wife is(jaxons mum)
judd on Jon Hamm
rob, i'm a bit confused about him...if Suraj Sharma is 5'9 then Jon Hamm canět be 6'1, but not taller than 6'0. Click Here
[Editor Rob: he doesn't appear over 6ft there if the guy is 5ft 9, although maybe Suraj is a little nearer the camera, so appears taller? It's a possibility.]
judd on John Goodman
in flight he looks very close to Denzel Washington (5'11.75 today). I think he was 6'1-1.5" on a good day but his current height is 6'-6'0.5...
Giuseppe on CM Punk
maybe it's true. is not the best wrestler in the world, but it has a little something extra. the charisma
Dmeyer on Arnold Schwarzenegger
5'11.5 listing Will releave a lot of people
delvin on Sneakers
how much height does van mid ellis have
sid on Aishwarya Rai
Sonam was looking as equal in height with akshay in song full volume of thank you movie. In that song sonam was barefoot and akshay was in shoes.. So this shows that sonam is much taller than other heroins. Also she was taller than aayushman in bewakoofian.
Connor183 on Rob Paul
@Andrea also as in a bit taller i meant just by a few mm, i did NOT mean im an inch taller!, a few mm difference isnt really noticeable anyway so me and alex are kinda the same height, it would really be pointless saying im taller as a difference that small is very hard to spot, and next time dont accuse me of trolling because i was a bit angry by that, i didn't do anything to you so show me some respect!.
The Shedder on Rob Paul
Here are the Street Fighters , link did not work.

Click Here
Shadow2 on Stewart Granger
"The Little Hut" was produced by MGM, and is regularly on Turner cable. I haven't looked for it online. The episodes of the TV series "Men from Shiloh" (aka "The Virginian"), with Granger the same height as his 6' 1" co-stars Doug McClure and James Drury, and 6' 1" guest stars Don DeFore and John Larch, is definitely found online. Similarly with the TV movie “The Hound of the Baskervilles”, with Granger (as Holmes) and 6’ 1” Bernard Fox (as Watson) the same height.
The Shedder on Rob Paul
Rob and other guys , I want your opinions on this , I laughed at some of the Street fighter characters height and weight listings because they do not match their builts , Ryu is listed 5 '10 150 lbs , Ken 5 '10 169 , Bison 5 '11 with an insane 254 , Zangif 7'0 with an insanly low 256 , look at these pics and tell me going by their heights what weights they look?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: Ryu and Ken probably more like 200lbs, Bison 220, Zangif 450 pounds.]
Emil 182.5-184.5 cm on Kim Kold
A huge lad but really down to earth
delvin on Rob Paul
do you consider 178.25 cm taller than average in canada
[Editor Rob: might just feel average, maybe a small amount more than the overall average though.]
Arch Stanton on Tom DeLonge
Click Here He does look a clear 6'3" there.
sam on Rob Paul
Click Here

rob it's possible that, if the taller guy in the pic is a real 190cm, then the shorter is 182?
I think there's more than 8cm between they...the shortest looks not taller than 180.
[Editor Rob: it doesn't appear like only 8cm, but more near 11cm. Unless there was a camera perspective knocking 3cm off then it's hard to picture just 8cm.]
Arch Stanton on Tom DeLonge
Thanks for adding him, typo on Guitar though. He can look 6 ft 3 but I'd thought a little under the mark might me more accurate as I'm still not convinced Travis is a full 5'10. I think he was probably measured around the 6'4" mark in sneakers but he tends to wear those thicker Vans type sneakers which I believe give a little over an inch.
Jake on Louis Tomlinson
Rob, had no idea that most of the members of One Direction were 5'8 range. Harry and Liam seem to be the taller ones of the members.
[Editor Rob: Niall looks somewhere in 5ft 7-8 range aswell, the other 2 look to clear 5ft 8]
judd on Pierce Brosnan
i think 6'1.25" on a good day is fair for him, but in the last movies he looks a bit short, like 6'1...
Connor183 on User Heights
Rob i watched that vid with the stadiometer that the Japanese girl got measured on, what model is it? are there any digital stadiometers like that in the UK? and do you think they are accurate?.
[Editor Rob: I've never seen that kind of device in person, it might have been a special one for that show, maybe other celebrities get measured on it. I would believe the Japanese got it quite precise, I can believe her height is quite accurate.

We need one of these for a chatshow in US/UK...if I was a host, it would be part of the interview!]
Emil 182.5-184.5 cm on Rob Paul
Connor is no troll. And height DOES depend on time of the day. Your spine compresses throughout the day. I am, for instance, 184.5 cm out of bed, and 182.5 before.
SAK on General Height
Considering 5'10 is average. I would say 5'8 is start of short. And 6'0 start of tall.
Connor183 on Rob Paul
@Amaze me and Alex are probably exactly the same height.
sia on Bella Thorne
her height must be update to 5'8
Scott on General Height
@dav r u joking? at 6ft2 u are almost the 95 percentile and u feel average?unless all the guys at ur school are 6ft3 above or u r nt 6ft2 barefoot
Dmeyer on Rob Reiner
He was 6'2 when i met him
Concerned 181 cm on Charles Dance
His posture must be terrible, because here he looks soooooo much shorter than Gwendoline Christie despite being nearly the same height according to you.
[Editor Rob: even though I did drop some height myself, I think he drops height in his hip and back, he looked still 6ft 2 standing tall, but I didn't think he was a guy who would have done a back to back pose or something like that.]
Concerned 181 cm on Karl Urban
Legit 6'0.5
Dmeyer on User Heights
Big sookie could be 5'8.25 on a relaxing day , maybe he could stretch to 174cm with better posture , by 11 yrs he could dip under 5'8
[Editor Rob: big sookie is a girl ;)

She certainly keeps up her stretching routine every day!]
Arch Stanton on Robson Green
Interesting quote. Funny thing is that he has the face of a much taller guy.
Connor183 on Rob Paul
@Amaze thanks for sticking up for me mate, yes im not a troll i just have many problems including my OCD and BBD, the same questions i ask is to do with my OCD and i am trying to control it but its really hard for me though please try to understand, trust me i hate having these problems as much as you guys do but i am sorry that i have annoyed you guys, i am ashamed of myself.
Brad on Sylvester Stallone
5' 11" is like more than Stallone's '78 Playboy whopper.....the poor guy is about to go below 5' 8" in '15.

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