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19 April
avi on Rob Paul
@Connor 184.5-185cm says on 19/Apr/14
No way avi arnie really did have longs for 6ft 1 +, longer than 32 range they had to be 34 or more,

what do you think his inseam is rob?

Could be 33 but no more. Looks like he has typical legs for 6'0-6'2 man. And I doubt he ever was over 6'1 now he's 6'0 if lucky.

That's strange . 34 is a little high. 32 is normal for 5'11-6'1 normally. Don't they drag? It depends on the brand I guess the problem with 30-31 for me regarding jeans is that when I sit or stretch they raise too highand can eexpose too much sock. Jeans are supposed to not rise when you sit. Also depends on if its low rise waist or high.
Lorne on Faye Dunaway
A fraction over this wouldn't suprise me...
Lorne on Michael Rosenbaum
I wouldn't go less than 5'11, even if he can look barely 180 in pics. 181 is fair. But Rob doesn't always go with the highest. Just look at Alex Skarsgard...
Junior31 on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Metric says on 19/Apr/14
RisingForce says on 17/Apr/14
...but now looks surprisingly shrunken and pretty average with a really compressed looking torso...

Here we go again with the "compressed torso" (Danimal???) and martians stole his spine conspiracy theories.

Yes it´s true Arnold is an abductee and he has been to Mars (as we all know). Where they stole his spine. You are 100% right, RisingForce!

What do u believe his peak was ??
Lorne on James Toney
He claimed 5'9, and was listed 5ft9.5, but you thought he looked 5'10? Maybe 5ft9.75 is a fair compromise then, eh?
[Editor Rob: 5ft 9.75 isn't impossible but I think he'd measure right around 5ft 10 mark.]
Lorne on Chris Noth
A true and legit 187cm, doesn't dip under 6ft1.5 at any point.( Well maybe, now near 60 :))
Metric on Arnold Schwarzenegger
RisingForce says on 17/Apr/14
...but now looks surprisingly shrunken and pretty average with a really compressed looking torso...

Here we go again with the "compressed torso" (Danimal???) and martians stole his spine conspiracy theories.

Yes it´s true Arnold is an abductee and he has been to Mars (as we all know). Where they stole his spine. You are 100% right, RisingForce!
Arch Stanton on Faye Dunaway
She looked easily 5'7" to me.

Hey Sam have you seen Gun Crazy from 1949? And there was me thinking Bonnie and Clyde was totally original!!
Metric on Arnold Schwarzenegger
On the serious note there is NO WAY that Arnold is 1.5 inches taller than Fallon in that clip! They are AT BEST around the same height but many many times it seems Arnold is indeed shorter by 0.5 to 1 inch making him look 5-10 to 5-10.5 in this video. Get over it.
Arch Stanton on Iggy Pop
NYC sandal ? :-)
Metric on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Seahawksfan: You forgot also that the floor is tilted 90 degrees in Jimmy Fallons favor and also that Fallon is wearing STILTS that are 12 feet tall!!!

What this video proves once and for all is that Arnold is WITHOUT SHADOW OF A DOUBT 7-2 tall!!!

That´s why he also played Jaws in the two James Bond movies.

Yes, that was Arnold...
Arch Stanton on Gregory Peck
Agreed knowitall, The Big Country is actually one of the finest westerns of the 50s and better in my opinion than the overrated ones like High Noon.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. on Arnold Schwarzenegger
By 6'1" listed Johnny Knoxville (could be 186-187 CM/6'1.25"-6'1.5") and 5'9" listed Jamie Alexander (she has a major footwear advantage over both of them as well as you can see):

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here (he might be shorter in this one).

The footwear is visible in all three, so any explanation for these ones on why he appears taller? Or is Johnny Knoxville like 5'10"-5'11" in reality?
Arch Stanton on Clint Eastwood
OK, I'll remember that.
Graham on Eric Christian Olsen
Saw him on set when I was an extra, solid 187 for eric. 2 cm shorter than me
Conor 185 on User Heights
Well yea I'm like 3 feet faraway from the mirror so hmm maybe I'm real full 1.85 if I may see myself shorter.
I guess I just need to check my height in the nurse room on the stadiometer.
Thnx rob I'm appreciate your answer.
kyuss on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jimmy Fallon is 5-11.5" max. Arnie is approx 1" shorter. Do the maths. Arnie isnt over 5-11" in todays money. Fact so just deal with it fanboys and stop with the 6-0" b/s. Click Here
Kunoichi on Andre The Giant
Click Here
Karl Gotch's height was 6'0.5'',Gotch Although staying in front a little.
jordydecke on Joe Calzaghe
@chris92 it's 'he's' not his...come on man that's basic level English.

As for Calzaghe I know he's a bit bent over in the pic but as Rob's 5'8 he looks nearer 5'10 than 6'0. I have seen him before but in the distance so couldn't check height - he looked average to me.
Connor 184.5-185cm on Rob Paul
Rob this might be a silly question, but if you measured yourself out of bed in the morning with shoes on and that your barefoot morning measurement is 5ft 9, you stand on your tiptoes while in shoes at the same time how tall would you be? if you wore shoes that gain a inch and on tiptoes youd be 6ft 1that way since tiptoes gain 3 inches to height, and putting your feet flat on the floor (in shoes) then that would make you 5ft 10 right?
[Editor Rob: it's not quite 5ft 9, more 5ft 8.7-8.8 range typically. So with a good inch shoe plus 3 inch tip toe then yeah I could 'meausure' 6ft 1.]
the shredder on Robert Downey Jr
Awesome that he admits to lifts , I can believe he would say 5'8.5 as his height. I actually think he has but have not seen it .
Mon on Richard Harris
By my way of thinking several means more than a couple or a few. It could mean four, but I think it more strongly implies five or more.

I walked right beside him, and I am certain Harris (with somewhat stooped 'older man' posture) was still a rock solid 6 foot tall in the early 90's. Probably a little over 6 foot. Considering that he had visibly aged facially and in muscle tone by that time, to the extent he looked about 15 years older than his true age, it is very difficult to believe that he was not at least a weak 6'1'' when he played beside Cooper, who was 6'3'', and not a particularly strong 6'3'' judging by the way he looked as a young man next to Charles Bickford (when Bickford was in his 30's). So Cooper must have had help to LOOK more than 2 inches taller than a peak Harris, because he certainly wasn't.
Alex 6'0 on Callum Blue
Maybe appeared 6'1 in person but in this pic he looks 6'0
[Editor Rob: as I said in a comment before, at the last second I think he dropped 2cm. If the photographer snapped a second earlier it would have been better!]
Tape Measure on Iggy Pop
Maybe he has one leg longer than the other. Perhaps that's why he's standing like he is, in the photograph above?
Mr. Kaplan on Clark Gable
This article is full of crap. They also have Alan Ladd at 5'8" and Bing Crosby at 5'10.5"!
Mr. Kaplan on Harrison Ford
He was never 6'1". Strong 6' in his youth.
Damon on Jeremy Piven
@MD, in that photo he's next to Nina Agdal, who claims 5'9 (very reasonable, if you ask me). But, with the bent leg, and the tiptoes. I think he's shrunk himself even more in my book. I might say 5'7 flat
dicksock on Hulk Hogan
James B says on 18/Apr/14
Scott hall was never 6'5. I'd say 6'4 is a good shout for Scott hall at his peak though.


I don't buy that. I've never seen him look under 6'5".
dicksock on Andre The Giant
Aaronious says on 18/Apr/14

even if Tillet's head is only 15-25% larger than the other guys, how does this make his head NOT 13.5" ? you aren't making any sense?


I haven't had to do algebra for many years now, but I think you are the one not making any sense here.

The average adult male head is about 9" long. Ten percent of 9 is .9 and twenty percent would be 1.8. If Tillet's head was twenty percent longer than the average adult male head, that would have made his head about 11" (10.8") long max. Personally, I don't care at all how big his head was. I don't see why anyone would.

As for Andre's peak height, I'm sticking with 7'0.25" (214cm) out of bed and about 6'11.25" by night.
rkc_cat on Brad Pitt
@Dane: In my experience not. I'm 6'0.25" and travel to Sweden quite often, and while I feel nowhere near as tall as in my home country, I still feel easily above average there. I also think a 5'11" average for men and 5'6" for women would be quite representative, including younger generations.
strangerinmoscow on Michael Jackson
He had very bad arthritis in his spine, he had to take strong drugs for severe back pain since the 1990's. Look how bad his fingers got.

I also have arthritis, but not that bad for the need to take powerful drugs. I had shrunk an inch and a half in a year. He DEFINITELY had decreased in height from the fact his was far worse than mine.

I would have to say if he was 5 ft 9, he went down to 5 ft 8 or maybe even more than that, I would have imagined he lost approx. 2 inches, so it would make sense that people thought Michael was shorter than they thought he would be.

Knowitall, what year did you meet him in?
Brad A. on Rock Hudson
He's listed as 6'3.5" in a YouTube video called "Rock Hudson's First Screen Test". He was 24 at the time.
miko on The Undertaker
Personally I've got...

Orton: 6'4
McyIntre: 6'4.5
JBL: 6'4.5/6'4.75
Swagger: 6'5
Barrett: 6'5.25/6'5.5
Chaos on Robert Wadlow
[Editor Rob: it is the reason, I forgot and until you mentioned realised he never got a page, now it is on my list to look at and see what his final height was.]

That answer makes it seem like you're stalling. His height has never been in doubt or disputed (2.51 m, 8 ft 3 in). It's been the same since 2009 when Guinness first measured him. In almost 5 years you've never thought to add him? Stadnyk was added the moment he made the Book, so obviously you keep up to date on the record. I'm really curious about the snub, maybe one day we'll find out. The Turkish prison theory seems the most logical at this point.

Click Here
Arch Stanton on Elizabeth Taylor
Rob can you add films like Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, BUtterworth 8, Giant, Courage of Lassie, The Last Time I Saw Paris, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The VIPs, and Reflections in a Golden Eye?

Looks 5'2" range in Reflections in a Golden Eye. At her hottest ever though IMO..
littlesue on General Height
jamieorr4 on General Height
littiesue what would you say was the average height at your work?

about 5ft 3 for women and 5ft 8 for the men, remember we have a mixed race of people in Brum so slightly smaller than average, we have about 10 women under 5ft.
Tim on Maria Sharapova
Davenport 6'21/2'', Nadal 6'05'' , Andy 6'2'', James 6'1''are taller than her

Sharapova is 183 6'0''
Eric on Hulk Hogan
If say hogan peaked around 6'6. In his mid 30s Hulkster had about 4 inches on trump, he may have been even taller a decade earlier. Hogan looked about 2 inches shorter than Rodman, maybe a bit less in wcw, so I'd put him 6'4.5-6'5 in 1998 and 6'4 today and at the very very least 6'3.5. I mean he's taller than Batista who was billed at 6'6 in his last run and even looked a bit taller than Orton.

If he's not a legit 6'4 he's def over 6'4 with shoes on. Still a big guy
MarcusTheSwede on Brad Pitt
Gilipollas: Ok good. Well written of you. We have to respect eachother.And im sorry for hard words said. And also I agree with you on this. 2cm down on this listing. This listing is to high. Brad Pitt aint 180cm. How in h.ll can he be. Next to Gena Davis barefoot and when Brad wears boots. He is still shorter. That aint right. In every single picture next to Matt Damon he is at best 1 or maximum 2 cm taller but I doubt that also. We have all try to prove in eternity with pictures that this listing should be edited. Most of us that been around here for a while agree this listing needs to be downgraded due to evidence. I think it would be time to downgrade Brad once and for all.
MarcusTheSwede on Brad Pitt
Gilipollas: Ok good. Well written of you. We have to respect eachother.And im sorry for hard words said. And also I agree with you on this. 2cm down on this listing. This listing is to high. Brad Pitt aint 180cm. How in h.ll can he be. Next to Gena Davis barefoot and when Brad wears boots. He is still shorter. That aint right. In every single picture next to Matt Damon he is at best 1 or maximum 2 cm taller but I doubt that also. We have all try to prove in eternity with pictures that this listing should be edited. Most of us that been around here for a while agree this listing needs to be downgraded due to evidence. I think it would be time to downgrade Brad once and for all.
Brad A. on James Dean
Just saw Giant. James looked about 5'6 or 5'6.5
Brad on Justin Bieber
They wrote down his driving license figure. Nick is 5 feet 4 and Justin loves standing by 5 feet 4 males.
height181 on Harry Styles
In his wildest dreams he is 5'11'' - 6'0'' with lifts or without lifts. He looks 5'8.5'' maximum in his new music video with his bandmates.
spainmen on Kevin Costner
Rob what do you think on this it was supposedly said by Costner on an interview:
"The fact that I was 5ft 2 as a sophomore didn't help. I'm 6ft 1 now but still relate to those feelings. I didn't date in high school and didn't get my growth until college. I never got over being short."
[Editor Rob: yes that kind of quote has been around for a while]
JeanE on Kelly Ripa
Re: Bob saying Black female celebs are not tiny like Kelly. I think he missed one off the most famous & rich black female celebs: Jada Pinket Smith. Kelly & Jada could be twins with their weight & height.
Connor 184.5-185cm on General Height
Maio you said the perfect height is between 6ft and 6ft 1, then you said its very good but not perfect??? im confused
Yoyo on Karlie Kloss
I am 5'11" stood next to Karlie. She TOWERED over me in flats. She is a legit 6'3 maybe 6'4. And she is so hot too!
jordydecke on General Height
Also with regards to modelling I think the most common height for male models is 6'2. A couple of years back I got into doing a few modelling shoots and at 5'11 I was a considerable amount shorter than the other guys and I actually overheard a photographer complaining about it, luckily I have long legs for my height though so proportions didn't look too bad.
Maio on General Height
Perfect height in my opinion is the range between 6ft and 6ft1.
If you're between 6ft1 and 6ft2 is very good but not perfect!
RobV on General Height
@seahawksfan. You say that you believe "most of the Dutch are of a limited height range", but this would be scientifically a little odd if it were dramatically different than other western countries and would have been the subject of much research and discussion. I could (but don't!) cite in opposition to your argument the fact that I run clubs and had to go to a particular one in Amsterdam to check something out, and to my amazement every single guy was in the 6'6" range. There were only about 20 guys there at the time I had to go, but still. That is no more accurate scientifically for someone to base a judgement on ('they're all nearly 2 m tall'!) than a trip down the mall! Truth is that the Dutch are on average slightly taller than most other European countries and this does tend to show in overall heights and the incidence of what we might think of as very tall - it must surely mean that the incidence of, say, 2m guys itself is greater than in other countries. But still of course rare! With stats, it's easy to miss the point that when we are told "less uncommon" this often means 1 in 200 rather than 1 in 250 (or even more). Not 1 in 3 against 1 in 1000.
Greyling on Chevy Chase
I find it hard to believe Chevy Chase was 6'4. If thats true there must be a lot of giant actors.
Fletch for example, theres a few guys in it clearly taller than him.
rkc_cat on Justin Bieber
@Policereport2014: They didn't measure him, they just wrote down what's on his driving license, which most often than not are made up heights and weights. The police report also said his friend is 5'8", and he's a couple of inches taller than Justin, what about that? If he was honest his license would probably say 5'6" and 120 lbs (both rounded figures, of course), but we all know he isn't the most honest guy in the world.

@keren: First time I see that Nick guy, but with just a quick look it's easy to see he doesn't have the proportions of a 5'5" guy at all. Justin looks about 1.5" taller than him (Nick is notably leaning and Justin is wearing a cap which makes him appear taller), so I guess that guy is about 5'4".
sankalp on Daniel Craig
I think he's same height as me 5ft8.5in.!!
sankalp on Justin Bieber
He's surely less then 5ft.5in. for sure
avi on James Toney
Fair listing
avi on Rob Paul
[Editor Rob: you are on left, I think the far right guy might be slightly closer than you, and the middle guy slightly further - I don't think you look as tall as the middle guy, but it's only one photo, like with actors sometimes the more you see the better ideas of height can be revealed.]

No way is he taller its clear to see he's shorter. He is leaning up because his arms are pressing against the right guy so his torso is stretching. I have another picture where he looks similar. But like you say its hard to tell because you aren't there to judge. Also for us on celebheights we just see pictures and have to trust your judgement because you actually met them. I just don't get how Im made out to be shorter when I'm clearly taller! You only assumed he is closer. The only person closer is the 6'2ish guy on right who may be under that height here as its older picture. Its just strange to me...
The Master on Harrison Ford
In the climax of Last Crusade, in the temple stand-off, he is shorter than Connery and Julian Glover. He was 5'11.5 peak IMO.
marcus on Gary Cooper
Walker was clearly standing erect and most likely in cowboy boots. It is time Cooper was up graded. Probably 6'7" at his peak. Plenty of photos to support this.
marcus on Cesar Romero
At least 6'3" maybe a little taller. Considerably taller than Cary Grant
strong on Enrique Iglesias
flat 6 foot, yet he had a big thick insoles yet he was smaller than me, I'm 188 cm.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. on Arnold Schwarzenegger
@Reality Bites Jimmy Fallon has much better posture in that photo than Arnold does. Here's a video of the two:

Click Here

Arnold could be 1-1.5" inches taller than Jimmy Fallon if you look closely. Pause at 53 seconds and Arnold edges him out.
James B on Ben Affleck
in terms of proportions he can give the same tall impression as 6'4 guys do.
James B on CM Punk
I'd say on wwe he looked 6ft in height
Supemann on Sylvester Stallone
OK if you say so Shredder...also i see Bebop and Rocksteady coming down the corner 2 back your post up.

Jokes aside tough. There IS actually a reason that SO many people believe everybody's hero is 5'6-5'7.5
....He is and always has been. heels, lifts. hats they do some very good jobs tricking Shredders, Cranes, Bebops and Rocksteadys. but i bet April O'neil would call the bluff.

Rising force. yeah i see around 2.5 inches at least on the heels. on several promo pictures out there you can see a huge arch going on in those high heels(meaning he has help inside too).the hat does help too you know.

he was slim. he slimmed further down the chimney for the later rockys. look what his side kick pauly looked like. they where practically the same height. but burt young seemed much shorter. screen time does that 2 ya.
jtm on Gregory Peck
why does it matter if he was a good or bad actor? this is about his height.
jtm on Sylvester Stallone
ray liotta is 6'2 if syl is 5'10.
Metric on Arnold Schwarzenegger
He looks 5-10 next to Fallon for sure. Just waiting for Lucio to try and explain it away with distorted height lines and etc. BS.
Graham on L L Cool J
I'm exactly 189cm and I was walking past the dude and had a quick chat because I recognised him, he was maybe 2/3 cm taller than me with nike AirMax on, I had flat shoes on, so I peg him at probably 189/190 barefoot.
Alex 6'0 on James Toney
Take away the 1/3 inch footwear advantage he still looks at least 5'9.5. He claims 5'9 and 5'10 likely he falls in between but Id say he looks nearer 5'10 than 5'9
Alex 6'0 on John Cena
Mario, if Cena's low is 184cm then out of bed he's more like 186cm. 3/4 inch is pretty common height loss
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. on Ryan Gosling
I'd rule out a full 187-188 CM since it would likely be way more obvious in my opinion. I now think that 183 CM is a bit too short for him, but he's certainly not 187-188 CM as he would be consistently be appearing 185-186 CM (which he almost never does, if ever). 6'1-6'1.25" might be possible with real good posture in the morning.
Alex 6'0 on User Heights
Shredder, Jenny is more like a legit/normal 5'8 where her low is 5'7 7/8-5'8 where Rob's low is typically 5'8.25 which is a strong 5'8.
[Editor Rob: as the day progresses she shrinks just a bit more towards the 5ft 8 flat, but earlier in the day (9-11am), I would say that zone is near rate of shrinkage seems to slow right down, but hers seems to go another 1/4 inch further than mine!

Today just now I checked after about hour walking and then an hour gardening I dropped to between 5ft 8 1/8th and .25 against the wall. That's more typical of what I'll be like at a convention, a few mm above 5ft 8, which really when you look at it, there's still a big gap to the 5ft 9 mark.]
Alex 6'0 on Rob Paul
I wear a 34 inseam at 6'0.
Connor 184.5-185cm on Sean Connery
Rob in Never say never again, Thunderball remake Rowan Atkinson was in that film he looked 6ft with Sean Connery do you think Rowan was a 6 footer back in the 80s?
[Editor Rob: not seen it for a long time, I am not convinced Rowan really was 6ft flat, a bit shy of that I still would guess]
Arch Stanton on Clint Eastwood
Rob, how does a 9-10 film limit on mentioning films sound to you? That way next time I help you out on the empty pages for prolific actors I'll know what you consider to be the limit. Obviously with lesser prolific new actors you only need to mention one or two and for quite a lot of actors mentioning just 4 or 5 should suffice though. It depends on the actor of course but no more than 9 or 10 sounds reasonable don't you think for veteran actors who have over 50 films and are well known for quite a lot of different roles?
[Editor Rob: I think 9 is probably a max I think.]
heman245 on Piers Morgan
looks 6'0 next to 6'4 - 6'5 Wade Barrett, do take in to account both are not standing straight.
Arch Stanton on Clint Eastwood
Fair enough. I agree with your choices out of those. It's difficult when you've seen almost every film of Clint's to draw a line at what he is best known for and exclude some because there isn't a single film of his I haven't enjoyed, even if films like Pink Cadillac and City Heat were among his weaker efforts.
Gilipollas on Iggy Pop
Arch, what's the deal with that "just one platform shoe" he's sporting?
Tommo on Kevin Nash
@nick If you lose 1.5 inches from your neck being slightly tilted it must be made of foam or something. I'm also not sure how being taller equates to losing more height with your head tilted forwards.

I have to admit in the right photo I immediately thought he looks at least 6'9, but maybe not.
jordydecke on General Height
@crash I agree with what you're saying that your height from youth tends to stick with you. Although I was always short until pretty late on and even then didn't finish fully until I was about 21.

A friend of mine who I grew up with was always big for his age and he was his final height (about 6'0.5) when he was about 14 or so. Family members and friends etc will always refer to him as a big, tall guy even though as pointed out in comments below he is now only a little over average.

I'm 5'11 now and while there isn't much between us he and everyone else still refers to me as being quite short, I guess because I always had been (was about 5'3 or 5'4 at age 14).
Earl on Justin Bieber
Lol he was was probably wearing shoes in his mugshots. Id say 5'7" tops
Connor 184.5-185cm on James Toney
Rob he looks taller than a flat 5ft 10, im seeing 2.5-2.75 inch difference here, without the slouch youll be eyelevel between his mouth and slightly underneath his nose, he seems more like a 5ft 10.5 guy might be close to 5ft 10.75 even.
James B on The Undertaker
I'd give swagger 6'4.75 and wade Barrett the full 6'5
Connor 184.5-185cm on Rob Paul
No way avi arnie really did have longs for 6ft 1 +, longer than 32 range they had to be 34 or more,

what do you think his inseam is rob?
[Editor Rob: I'm not sure!]
Crash on General Height
Dean if I remember, you are British, and the statistics simply don't agree with your 179cm average even for younger men. It's almost always in the 177cm range (for younger man), some pretty much a flat 177cm and some a bit closer to 178cm. The one thing for sure is that the 179cm that I see every so often here can be ruled out, regardless of perception or whatever.

And considering that most of these likely would have been earlier measurements, I would say that 177cm is the more likely "night" measurement for a young British male. So you are about 2cm off there.

IRL most people who know what 6'0" really looks like would probably consider it tall, obviously not standout but tall nonetheless. I'd think that only a minority would disagree with that once they had actually seen it.
Barney on Zayn Malik
Let's watch the video "You & I" ! Niall and Louis were wearing the same shoes and Niall was at least an inch taller, Zayn with boots was slightly taller than Niall or about the same height. I think 5ft10-11 for Liam and Harry, 5ft9 for Niall, 5ft8-9 for Zayn and 5ft7-7.5 for Louis.
miko on James Toney
Nice pic Rob. He does look like a weak 5'10 guy, maybe a fraction shorter than Tyson.
jamieorr4 on Justin Bieber
policeret2014 if the police do measure you they probably measure you with shoes on and justin wear lifts 5ft9 is a joke hes not much taller than selena gomez
jamieorr4 on Tom Cruise
172,5 guy people are entitled to there opinion
Stonecold fan on The Undertaker
Rikashiku says on 18/Apr/14
Drew is def 6'4" flat. He's shorter than Jack Swagger, taller than Sheamus, and a lot shorter than Barrett.

JBL is a solid 6'5" or maybe slightly more today. He's taller than Titus O'Neill who's about 6'4".

You sure he's over 6'5??
jamieorr4 on General Height
littiesue what would you say was the average height at your work?
carman on Eminem
Eminem is not under or over 5-7, he could even be 5-7.5.

His mugshot had him at 5-8 due to wearing shoes, possibly with a half an inch to 1 inch heel. He's not as low as 5-6.5 though. I've even met him myself and he was noticeably a couple inches shorter than me and I'm 5-9. He's not over 5-7. Rob, please change the listing for Eminem's height.
Arch Stanton on William Holden
He appeared in so many good films but those were among his more notable ones!
jamieorr4 on General Height
SAK thanks the reason why i say i don't feel tall is because im close to 6ft so im tell them 6ft is not tall. 6ft is above average but i wouldn't called a 6ft guy tall if woman then yes but like i said everone in entitled to there opinion
Arch Stanton on Esme Bianco
Cheers, and happy Easter!
[Editor Rob: you too.]
Arch Stanton on Matthew Marsden
He is surprisingly tall. He gives a 5'11" impression in a lot of films, but he was close in height to Josh Duhamel and looked this in comparison. He doesn't look nearly 6 inches taller than Stallone though but Stallone must be in "the shoes".
Jay on Derek Theler
I thought this site was about discussing height? Watch Baby Daddy or anyone he's near. Dude towers over everybody.
ed2882 on Pete Postlethwaite
he looks 172cm in the picture. eyes and shoulders are slight below rob's. fast actor tho. rip.
ed2882 on Dominic Keating
i agree with the comments...Dominic looks 172cm at best. his eye level is slightly before rob's, add is his shoulder level. i think Dominic should be downgraded a little but.
Editor Rob on Clark Gable
This is an interesting article to read: Click Here

The first time I've ever heard of Rock Hudson being described as being 6ft 4 in 2 inch's like a line you might occasionaly read from a visitor on celebheights, but it's 60 years earlier :)
Arch Stanton on Graham Chapman
He could look 190 but yeah, never looked over 6'3" next to Cleese. Spot on I think.
Arch Stanton on Esme Bianco
Rob you might want to link her modelling card Click Here at the top for anybody curious with her vital statistics..
[Editor Rob: I'll mention those stats at the top!]
Arch Stanton on Iggy Pop
Click Here Proof that even if you look like Iggy Pop you can pull exotic looking women like that!
Policereport2014 on Justin Bieber
The police report said he's 5'9 140 lbs. then he's 5'9.
the shredder on Height Request
Rob , how tall is this Youtube Star Cenk Uyger? Here with Al Gore .

Click on video at 15 to 20 sec mark.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: can't view video in my country]
Anja on Irina Shayk
Here Irina with Jessica White who's listed as 5.9'5 (177 cm)heels are the same size
Click Here
Click Here

she's 173-174. 175 is max, not more
Voiceless Dental Fricative on Tom Cruise
Now he's dating Laura Prepon. What is with him and tall girls?
Mid190s on General Height
"You shouldn't stick out like that"

Tattoos, funny hairstyles, loud clothes, and every other stupid thing humans do to standout is ok but God forbid being naturally taller than everybody else!
18 April
the shredder on User Heights
Rob is a very strong 5'8 , not a legit 5'8 .
Ria on Taylor Momsen
@Just Taylor Momsen was shorter than Blake Lively during the first season of Gossip Girl. Now Taylor Momsen is taller than Blake Lively. Taylor Momsen is 6'0" in her bare feet.
Rikashiku on The Undertaker
Drew is def 6'4" flat. He's shorter than Jack Swagger, taller than Sheamus, and a lot shorter than Barrett.

JBL is a solid 6'5" or maybe slightly more today. He's taller than Titus O'Neill who's about 6'4".

Click Here
In this video, Undertaker says that during his WCW days, he was called on to join the Two Towers tag team with Spivey because he was a 6'8"-6'9" kid that can take Sids place while he was injured.

Sid today has to be 6'6". He doesn't look as tall as he used to. DDP looks about 2-3" shorter than him and he's a weak 6'4".

In a ECW appearance with Sid, he looked about 4-5" taller than Bubba Ray. Bubba Ray is 6'2"-6'3"?
Ria on Taylor Momsen
@Dev Taylor Momsen used to be shorter than Blake Lively during the first season of Gossip Girl. Now Taylor Momsen is taller than Blake Lively. Taylor Momsen is not 5'10" or 5'11". Taylor Momsen is 6'0".
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m on William McInnes
He looked a solid 4 inches taller than Sam Neill in the 2006 film 'Irresistible'.
B B B on General Height
"6'0 is perfect height, 6'2 is too tall!" <- c-mo 100%.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. on General Height
Same thing in Denmark. I spot a few guys taller than me in both countries, but I'd say that most of the Dutch are in a limited height range which is how the average is about 6 feet since it's in between the average Dutch range of 5'10-6'1" with most being that.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. on General Height
About the average height in the Netherlands, it really isn't as tall as some say. It's not that big of a country, and it's not there are a ton of 6'3"+ guys like the average would imply. I remember walking through most malls there, and it was uncommon to spot a taller guy than me there, although a fair chunk were close. I bet that 88% of the population falls between 178-185 CM there. If you're below 178 CM in the Netherlands, than you'd be considered short, and if you were above 185 CM then you'd be regarded as tall.
Mathew on General Height
jamieorr4 says on 17/Apr/14
i dont understand why some people think 6ft is tall can somebody tell me seriously where do you people live?


6'0" is low end tall in the U.S. 6'1" is solidly tall here, somewhere in the 6'3" - 6'4" range is when "very tall" starts and somewhere in the 6'6" - 6'7" range is where the low end of "extreme" height begins (people double take, ask how tall you are all the time etc.)
Balrog on Sung Kang
He looked over 5'11" next to Sly and Jason Momoa but not a full 6 feet. 5'11.5" would be better for him.
Dean 5ft 9.25 on General Height
I think people get mixed up with the word tall. Some go by statistics, some go by perception, some go by how many people would call you tall at a certain height.
I agree 6ft is the start of tall, however I doubt many people would be called tall at 6ft. Its the first height thats 'clearly above average'..a 6ft guy always looks 'on the taller side' but if he said 'im tall' people would probably go 'not really'.

Legit tall: 185cm+(6'1 night).
Normal range: 173-185cm(5'8-6'1 night).
Legit Short: below 173cm(sub 5'8 night).

Normal range(173-185). If in this range, I wouldnt describe you as a tall/short person..your normal/average, all just blends in. However, 12cm range is a big diff and IMO its a 4cm range of below/solid/above average, that make the range up.

Below 177(but not below 173) start of a potential 'shortish' feel. Not short by stats but at times maybe feel/look it..(on the shorter side but blend in fine)

181 and above(but not above 185) start of potential 'tallish' feel. Not tall by stats but at times will feel/look it..(on taller side but blend in, not stand out).

You will only feel totally neutral if your in the 177-181 range(night). This range your not short 100% but not tall 100%...once dipping below 177cm/above 181 the more either way you might feel..and this confirms when a guy gets below 173/above 185.
This is how I see it.
K on Lindsay Lohan
It's bizarre that her mom is about seven inches taller than her. How does THAT happen?
K on General Height
Crash, he/she came VERY close to (unintentionally) impersonating Seahawks Fan AND he didn't address his reply to Seahawks Fan in the body of the post. It sounds like we both made some mistakes on that one. hee
Russell Ash on Pete Townshend
He should be downgraded to 182 cm, Rob. He claims "just under six foot" in this police interview:
[Editor Rob: thanks I'll add the mention at the top aswell]
Lillo Thomas on General Height
You guys are still arguing if 6'0 is tall? That's hilarious.
Bernardo on Triple H
exactly The Rock's height... maybe they both need a 2 inch upgrade since they both claim 6'4.
James B on Clint Eastwood
Arch in where eagles dare clint looked about 190cm in my opinion. In dead pool looked 6'2ish however next to liam neeson looked a good 6'3 I agree.
James B on Randy Orton
6'3.5-6'3.75 I think would be ortons barefoot height.
Sonia on Justin Bieber
His head choreographer isn't 5' 5".
tapli on Football Soccer
@185cm 83kg

6'1 footballer is who?Please tell us all.
jimmy on Arnold Schwarzenegger
My 66 year old dad and Uncle havnt lost any height. I guess it depends on genetics.
tapli on General Height
6'3-6'4 is envy. I'm only 6'1. haha.
Nicole on Gisele Bundchen
So yeah, Gisele is definitely 177cm.
Nicole on Gisele Bundchen
I'm 5'9.5 and I met Gisele in church in 2009 and I could've sworn she wasn't any taller than me.
jojo3000 on James Gandolfini
I've gotta say to you guys: Jordan is the only guy here actually providing evidence of any sort. The rest of you are saying oh no he couldn't have just been a weak 6' - he seemed taller. But that's not evidence - that's just saying how he came across. He came across taller than he was because most people exaggerate their height, and he was a largely built man with a big presence. But when you examine the evidence it's clear he wasn't 6'1.
Eric on Dalip Singh
I saw him in Florida in 08. People saying he's 6'9 are absolutely retarded. He's one of the tallest people I've ever seen and he was much taller than my friends Kyle and Kody who are 6'7 and 6'8. I'd say he's at least 7ft 1/2 inch and I'd put show at 6'11 and nash at 6'9.5
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. on General Height
@KROC it has to do with my perspective. It automatically gives people 2-3 inches and exaggerates the difference and will make them look 6'6-6'7 at times. If a guy is 5'11.5-6'0, then I'll automatically assume that they're like a strong 6'2" or 6'3" (although I oddly notice the difference if they're like 5'11"). The only way that I have to compare my height accurately is using mirrors or seeing how they stand by certain signs to see if I cover more. If it wasn't for considering perspective, then I wouldn't be taller than 97-98% of the individuals here with the number being more like 87%.
Whatever on Miley Cyrus
I think she's around 5ft7, which is roughly my height. Here's a photo of her recently standing next to Kylie Jenner, whom is 5ft9, I think they're both wearing heals but the height difference isn't that much, Khloe Kardashian is also quite tall..:
Click Here
Maio on J.K. Simmons
Between 5ft10/178 cm and 5ft10.5/179 cm!
He looks as tall as Richard Gere in Autumn in New York!
Jeremy on Kit Harington
Rob is he more like 171 or 171.5 ?
[Editor Rob: I think anywhere in that range he could be]
Reality Bites on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Check this out:
Click Here
Here Arnold is an inch or two shorter than the five foot eleven (optimistically) Jimmy Fallon.
You do the math.
Maio on Alfred Molina
Infact Ford was never 6ft1 or about it! HF was a legit 6ft0.5/184 cm and Alfred 2 weak inches over him! I think Molina was at peak a strong 6ft2/188 cm!
Maio on James Franco
He's 5ft10/178 cm! Precisely 4in/10 cm shorter than Alfred Molina!
questionman on General Height
The average white male isn't 6'1 anywhere as far as I know. That would mean 3.5 to 4 out of every 10 men would likely be 6'2. I was asking if it was a joke whether it be for white males or...anyone. Can you really say they are 6'1 in Washington to someone with a straight face? I'm not attempting to be mean but it would take a lot of guys in the 6'2 to 6'4 for the overall average to be 6'1.
Chris on Esme Bianco
Lovely lady. And what a memorable name.
Small dude :( on Will Poulter
yep, just over 6'1. Nice height.
avi on Ben Browder

why does he look 5'11 area here tops? is he dropping an inch?
[Editor Rob: well if not, then he's under six feet...although sometimes a photographer angle can enhance or reduce height.]
abc123 on Justin Bieber
@keren his head choreographer is never 5'5, looks smaller... bieber is 166,5cm! In order to look taller, he only hangs around small people...
avi on General Height
@Amaze says on 18/Apr/14
Nick cross I agree with you man, what you said was 100% truth.

6'0 and above is considered tall. Its lower range tall for a guy but still tall, like 5'7 is lower range tall for a girl. if a guy is 183cm(6') he can say he is tall. this goes for the UK too. at that height your taller than 99% of women and you will tower a lot of males including the average

no but there are still a lot of men 6'1-6'3 and 6'0 is barely tall nowadays. even if you are taller at 6'0 most likely it is not by much compared to someone average (5'9-5'10) the margin is very narrow. 6'2 is a solid tall height. but i agree 6'4-6'5 is starting to get silly. no need to be over 6'3-6'4 zone
Tor on Cristiano Ronaldo
* sorry, Will Smith not Willis
Borris on David Schwimmer
I would say he is 6ft to 6 1/2. He's only just taller than Matt Perry. No one is considering the footwear situations in these discussions or the camera angles. Elliot Gould is a clear 6 '2' and there is a clear inch and a half to two inches between him and Schwimmer!
Borris on Matthew Perry
Definitely 5 '11', I was slightly taller than him when I met him and I'm 6ft dead!
Mon on Ryan Gosling
Another close look at Drive: in garage at the beginning of Drive when Gosling collects the car from Cranstone, Gosling is further from the camera as they walk, but seems to have more than 2 inches on Cranston. And at the race track he definitely does, despite the fact that Gosling's head is down looking down while taking off his gloves as they walk to meet Brooks's character. Gosling does not have a big framed upper body (narrow shoulders) so I was too hasty about his 150 lb at the age of 29 ruling out 6'1''. Conclusion: an under the radar rock solid 6'1''. Clooney would hardly be calling an actor over 6 foot 'a lot smaller than you would think' except as an ironic reference to his own surprise at how tall Gosling actually is.
[Editor Rob: Clooney tells the truth on Gosling]
piris on General Height
190-195cm is a great height. but 185-189cm is solid good height.
yes. 188-193cm is very very solid.
Chris on Armie Hammer
Such a alpha male wow!
Arch Stanton on Doris Day
It's a Great Feeling is a terrific film, one of the best musical comedies I've seen actually. Hugely entertaining. I can't remember watching a film in which I cackled so much. Much Better than On The Town of the same year.
DinDonDan (ex Balrog2) on Tom Welling
Rob that's something, and now it makes sense.

Still, nevertheless, everybody here would like a picture with someone close his height with whom we could compare his heght.
the shredder on Sylvester Stallone
5'7? really? Sorry no chance of 5'7 peak or now.
SAK on General Height
jamieorr4 says : i live in uk to be honest i live in area where people are tall i have be to other area and sometimes i have felt tallish also i am 6ft with shoes on and dont feel tall.
@jamieorr4, (sorry to hear about your mum). Being 6ft with shoes on does not make you 6ft. Because 6ft guys with shoes on will be 6f1/6f1.5.

Why do you keep saying that you don't feel tall, you are 5f10.5, you are not suppose to feel tall (even with shoes on). You are average.

6ft is not tall in England. The reason being firstly its only 2" above average, not a big enough difference. Secondly, England has a population of over 50million. Therefore, you will find a good number of people in the 6f1-6f4 range, therefore making 6ft guys appear tallish or above average.
John on Sylvester Stallone
Rob do you think its possible that he could have lost some cm's since he's gotten older?
[Editor Rob: a fraction is quite possible, but I don't think he's like Arnie who has shed noticeable amounts]
John on Sylvester Stallone
He is a weak 5'9
TheTruth_is on Bud Spencer
I heard so many incorrect information here,it is time to make justice:
1.Bud was measured 6'2 barefoot at the age of 63 when people lose height Click Here
2.He looked close to the height of 192 Peter Graves Click Here
3.He was taller than 6'2 James Coburn Click Here
jamieorr4 on General Height
the main reason why i don't considered 6ft tall is because i think seeing a guy over 6ft is common but you are all entitled to your own opinion
avi on Gwendoline Christie
Taller women are much more common nowadays even men. But 6'1+ is still very uncommon for a woman. Even 6'4 -6'5 men are now that common though if you're out shopping you'll see a good amount of 6'1.5-6'3 guys. And occasionally that one 6'4-6'6 range guy.
Arch Stanton on Richard Burton
Even the Bond films and sci-fi films of that period had kinky looking actors and dodgy music LOL.
Arch Stanton on Richard Burton
I have yup. creepy in it wasn't he? What is it about films shot between 1975 and 1982 and the seedy factor though LOL. The decor, fashion and hairstyles always looks kinky or creepy to me hehe. Look at Dustin Hoffman's films from that period for instance hehe.
avi on Scott Adkins
could be 1.7 inches but no less its close to 2 inch difference. I think a legit 2-2.25 is me and my friend who is 6'2.5ish. Its touch more than this. Remember back to back can sometimes make someone look taller or shorter depending on a lean in or illusion of some sort. Best to judge are face to face side by side is okay too.
avi on Rob Paul
@KROC says on 18/Apr/14

No way looks about average. Maybe 32 area
truth on Ben McKenzie
Sorry i forgot the link of the video
if she 's 170 i think he is more like 171 172 so a bit under 5'8
please let me know what you think about it Rob
Maio on John F Kennedy
If Kennedy was 182-3 cm, then Lyndon B.Johnson wasn't taller than 185-6 cm...
I don't Know Why he was listed 6ft4/193 cm?
Gilipollas on Dolph Lundgren
Dmwalker, Randy Couture is 5'11" in real life.
James B on Peter Crouch
6'8 but looks 6'9 cause he is skinny
James B on Xavi
I would hav guessed 5'8 or 7
James B on Jeff Goldblum
Maio says on 12/Apr/14
Sorry 3 inches on Will Smith and Pullman, not 2!

Yeah your right I think he looked around 6'4 in independence day, will smith and bill Pullman did not really look over 6'1 in the film though. Adam Baldwin also looked 6'4 as well.

Randy quaid looked the tallest. Looked not far of 6'5 in the movie.
Arch Stanton on Broderick Crawford
Rob when did Mr. Know It All meet him? Is it possible he was older and had lost height by then? I thought actually he looked nearer 6'1" in films like Born Yesterday. I thought he looked 6'1"-6'1.5 next to a heeled Judy Holliday and 5'11" William Holden.
[Editor Rob: not sure when he met him]
Eric on Big Show
Shaq did the local news in Nashville a few days ago and when asked how big he was he said 7feet tall and 419 lbs. so that answers the question of weight. Height if say he's about 6'11 these days. show has lost weight, when he weighed in vs Mayweather he was 442 on the same scale that Mayweather was 159 but he looks a bit slimmer now. I'd say at his fattest he was a bit under 500

Btw, andre was in an interview and said he had quit drinking and lost 90lbw and was now 470lbs meaning he was about 560 before hand, which was around 1981 I think. I do believe andre could have peaked passed 600
Emmett on General Height
Soo says on 17/Apr/14
160-169cm peoples say: I'm not standout short! 180cm is ideal!
170-179cm peoples say: 183cm is ideal!
180-184cm peoples say: 185cm is ideal!
185-189cm peoples say: 190cm is ideal!
190-199cm peoples say: I'm not giant! 197cm is ideal!

You're absolutely right.
Aaronious on Andre The Giant

even if Tillet's head is only 15-25% larger than the other guys, how does this make his head NOT 13.5" ? you aren't making any sense? the guy in the photo is a probbaly a solid 6'4" + if Tillet was genuine in the 5'8"-5'9" range, so that doesn't at all discount Tillet's head being the 13.5" measurement of his deathmask.

you are ALWAYS trying to downgrade EVERYONE bro, stop being such a hater!
RisingForce on Bruce Lee
Rob, it might be good to mention Bruce's 5'7.5", 140 pound claim at the top of the page from the radio interview posted below in case youtube takes it down in the future.
Aaronious on Andre The Giant
Keils' bust statue isn't that long, its around 19" tall, not 23"
Dane on Brad Pitt
The thing about the average height in Sweden is interesting.
I am surprised about how many people i know that don't know their real height, or maybe they are lying. I live in Denmark, which is nearly the same thing.

I know people at 5'8 range claiming 5'11.. Even girls seems to claim 2-2.5 inches taller than they are.. But then again maybe it's just me, who cant pin peoples height right. I agree that there are a lot of men at 6'2-6'3, but still I see a lot of "short" men. I would pin the average at 5'11 range. But can it be true, that the younger generation are 6-6'1 for men, and 5'7-5'8 for girls?
RisingForce on Sylvester Stallone
Brad, I'd say he probably was in lifts considering how tall he looked with Tom Jones, I'm just saying that they looked pretty normal, not that they necessarily were normal shoes.

Supermann, the Rocky heels were no more than 2 inches on the outside, not what I'd call "high heels", and he wasn't what I'd call slim until Rocky 3, and a 170 cm guy isn't going to look tallish, not without huge platforms, in which case they'll look completely out of proportion. Lifts can help quite a bit, but there's a limit.
Arch Stanton on Mark Wahlberg
I actually enjoyed Rock Star though Sam and have it on DVD. But that's because I'm into 80s metal and like that sort of rock star goes off the tracks sort of thing. I rather liked Spall as the seedy manager and Jennifer Aniston looked gorgeous in it too. I actually have the Steelheart album, the first song of which is Wahlberg's audition track in the film, We all Die Young.
Arch Stanton on Mark Wahlberg
Glad to be the source of amusement LOL. Wahlberg looks like he could be vicious and a nasty piece of work, but given his height I think he has a strong screen presence and I personally also like him, but I wouldn't want to get into an argument or fight with him, put it that way.
James B on Bill Goldberg
He never struck me as looking 6'3. 6'2 (188cm) is what he looked in my opinion back in wcw and wwe. Lesner if anything gave a taller impression but if he is 189cm then he is.
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Sam says on 4/Apr/14
Was the filter comment directed at littlesue, Rob? We do get off the subject of height a bit but we hopefully veer back to it. Sometimes a celeb's accomplishments may effect how we see them physically, incl. height.
Anyway, might you add Raymond Massey? He was fairly well known in his day (from Dr. Kildare, East of Eden, Arsenic and Old Lace, 49th Parallel, etc.) and fairly tall, maybe a strong 6'1". He wore big shoes I think when he played Abe Lincoln a few times, much like Fonda and Day Lewis did when they played him.

Massey was eye to eye with Cary Grant in Arsenic I believe.
RisingForce on Robert Downey Jr
Here's Downey admitting to wearing lifts in a Japanese interview from around the time of Sherlock Holmes.

It’s not generally known that Downey Jr. stands at just 174 cm and in recent films has been asked by filmmakers to wear lifts, which he does and admits to, while warning: “There’s nothing to talk about there — lots of actors do that, both now and in the past. Tom Cruise. Or read up on John Wayne, who even had lifts in his car so he’d look taller driving. Height is one of the rules and practices of this male-enhancing business.”

Click Here

Like I said, I give him credit for admitting it a number of times, though I wonder where the article got the 174 cm figure from? He's obviously not that tall except in shoes, or possibly in the morning, but I hope it wasn't a figure from I M D B because I hate when articles reprint those figures as if they're official.
stalin on Joseph Stalin
was 5' 7"-8"-9"
Jamieorr4 on General Height
people its ok you're entitled to your own opinion i just to know why. littiesue what would you say is the average height at your work was?
Jamieorr4 on General Height
ok i understand now its just that i don't think 6ft is eye catching tall
James B on Chris Noth
Noth looks 6'2 to me
Vegas on The Undertaker
well not going to argue half inches but orton looked slightly shorter than drew in person. swagger looked around 6'5 in person, that leaves the estimate open +- half an inch...
math on Michael Jackson
I just realized something. When your laying down your body gets taller by at least almost an inch than your true height.

When Jackson was measured for his autopsy, obviously they gave him 5-9, that would mean he was about 5-8, right?

But Jackson had arthritis and osteoporosis in his legs and spine, which mean it would have obviously been impossible for that to happen. The most he could have got taller by was half an inch, giving him 5-8 and a half, but of course arthritis and osteoporosis decreases height, which means if he did get to 5-8 - 5-8 and a half, he was originally 5-9. We have our answer. His peak was 5-9. There's nothing wrong with this site's listing at all.
chrisssss on Gareth Bale
Was taller 183cm bartra again this is more proof... At least 184cm for bale
miko on Hulk Hogan
Warrior was looking 6'0 during WM30, clearly shorter than HHH.
chrisssss on Topher Grace
I MET HIM. And he was a full inch shorter than me 178cm, 180cm? No way
Conor 185 on User Heights
Rob ther is an illusion if ill check my height against the mirror?
I mean ,I have a big mirror in my bedroom and ther is a straight wall against it I'm taking the height tape measure and standing straight as I can with legs couple inches separate like 2 and ankles butt shoulders and head touch ther tape measure and I see in the mirror at hmm like 20:00 pm that I'm 1.84.5 , do you think that I may see myself a bit taller? Or a bit shorter then reality? I wish hehe
[Editor Rob: well if you stand a few feet in front of the mirror at your tallest, have the tape kind of near your legs and running straight up like by your eye so it is quite close, then you may see yourself a fraction smaller than you are. I checked it again, and think about 1/3rd inch I saw myself smaller, but I was maybe 3 feet from mirror.]
James B on John Cena
Cena and triple h both look saught of similar in height on TV
Brad on Sylvester Stallone
"Pretty normal". He's in wedged up whoppers falling forward. Red carpets mean customs.
chris on Cristiano Ronaldo
come on man...188 is bs..ronaldo is tall but not 188.he is around 185-186.
Chris on Sylvester Stallone
He's such a badass mofo bro though that you cant think of him as anything else than 6ft 3 and more
Vegas on Daniel Bryan
on the network during the daniel bryan documentary william regal (who is legit 6'2 standing tall) towers over bryan standing fully straight. convinced me more than ever than 5'7 is probably bryans correct height
Supermann on Sylvester Stallone
Guys saying he looked tallish in the first rocky movies are damn funny. High heels with lifts great posture and a freaking feodora hat on top. Makes a slim 170cm young italian man look above average. Again... Logics
littlesue on General Height
jamieorr4 says on 17/Apr/14
i dont understand why some people think 6ft is tall can somebody tell me seriously where do you people live?

Why can't you except it's tall!! I live in the West Mids and its certainly tall in these parts. I work in a large department store in Brum which employs about 300 staff and only about 10 over 6 feet, one is a woman
KROC on Jared Padalecki
He's the most clear cut 6'4 you'll ever see. There's more of a chance of him measuring over that mark then under. Same thing with David Hasselhoff and Adam Baldwin- even if they don't look it in their respective photos.
KROC on Rob Paul
Rob, what do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger's inseam is? I was looking at some old photos of him to get an idea of his peak height, and just happen to notice how long his legs are for a 6'1 guy. Probably longer then some 6'4-6'5 guys. If I were to guess, I'd say 34 or 36.
Crash on General Height
jamieorr4, no it's still 5'10" MAX in UK for younger men. For all men it's a flat 5'9". Based on 5'10" average, 5'9"-5'11" is the average range. So no a 5'11" wouldn't feel tall most of the time, but he would occasionally.

You can walk around all you want and go off your perception but it doesn't change the facts.

A 6'0" should feel tall most of the time. Most 6'0" men consider themselves pretty tall as far as I know.

Aaron183cm: It would only be 50/50 if half of the people were deluded to 6'0" being average because of the shorter guys claiming it. If they really new what an "average" 5'10" looked like, they'd be more inclined to consider it tall. If they actually knew what an average guy looked like it'd most likely be well over 50% who would consider it tall.
ara on Aishwarya Rai
karishma tanna beating tallest tamil actress ever Lakshmi rai
Click Here
KROC on General Height
@Seahawksfan 187-188 CM
At 6'2 how do you feel short next to 6'3-6'4 guys? That's 2 inches at the most. And yea 6'9-6'11 would be classified as too tall by most people.
Chris on Derek Theler
Is there anything dumber than the term alpha male? No, there isn't.
avi on Rob Paul
[Editor Rob: he looks a little bit further away, I'd say he was taller than you there, an inch or so]

Thanks for answering. Yeah he's the guy who is maybe 2 inches taller than me. How much taller am I than middle guy? 1.25 tops?
[Editor Rob: you are on left, I think the far right guy might be slightly closer than you, and the middle guy slightly further - I don't think you look as tall as the middle guy, but it's only one photo, like with actors sometimes the more you see the better ideas of height can be revealed.]
aish_shorty on Aishwarya Rai
aish is looking so short..
Click Here
Amaze on General Height
@Nick cross I agree with you man, what you said was 100% truth.

6'0 and above is considered tall. Its lower range tall for a guy but still tall, like 5'7 is lower range tall for a girl. if a guy is 183cm(6') he can say he is tall. this goes for the UK too. at that height your taller than 99% of women and you will tower a lot of males including the average
keren on Justin Bieber
His head choreographer Nick Demoura looks 5'5 here. Making Jb look around 5'7 possibly 5'8. Click Here
Amaze on General Height

definitely. ideal is 6'0 to 6'4, maybe 5. but yeah 9-11 is too tall, your right in the middle at 6'2. perfect. you must be happy how you are. 6'9 to 11 is waaaaaaaay too tall you shouldn't stick out like that and it must be very uncomfortable. 6'6 is pushing it. 6'5 is the probably the highest tall you can be without problems. after that the negatives outweigh the positives.
Vegas on Hulk Hogan
wwe have a documentary on the network called the "warrior the ultimate legend" and towards the end we see warrior and hogan talking to each other the day of wrestlemania 30, the difference looking very similar to what it looked like between the two back in 1990

if hogan has lost 3 inches then so had warrior...
Bryan on General Height
@jamieorr4 i live in Australia and at my university the average is 5'11 for guys born between 1992 - 1996 but amongst the older crowds in the city district it appears to be 5'10. Why do you seem so upset if people say 6 feet is tall ? have you never met someone your height who has claimed 6 foot ??
James B on Hulk Hogan
Scott hall was never 6'5. I'd say 6'4 is a good shout for Scott hall at his peak though.
James B on Kevin Nash
Scott hall never looked 6'5. 6'4 tops is what he looked wcw.
James B on Billy Gunn
This guy could still be 6'4.... DDP however looks 6'3 these days.
spainmen on Height Request
Rob what do you think about Reid Ewing he plays Dylan in Modern Family(haley boyfriend) he looks very tall in the show
mcfan on Dee Wallace
She's 5'3. Only 1" taller than Adrienne Barbeau. Saw her and was surprised she was this small because I thought she would be 5'5 or 5'6.
runt on Justin Bieber
With regards to police and height charts, it would be pointless for the police to try to be exact. They are only concerned about what your stature looks like; which is variable anyway. In fact, what most eye witnesses call "6 feet" is probably 5-10ish. So it would probably behoove the police to put an APP out on a "6 foot man" instead of "misleading" everyone by putting his exact 5-10 out there.
James B on Randy Orton
Rob Vegas thought orton was a little under 6 4 when he met him......
[Editor Rob: well he can look it at times, but I think he'd measure very near the mark]
James B on The Undertaker
Vegas says on 17/Apr/14
drews a flat 6'4 without gear, orton is slightly under.

Yeah figured orton was more 6'3ish.

Would you say swagger is 6'4.5 and Kane 6'6.5 Vegas?
Alex 6'0 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
James B, I don't think The Rock shrunk at all. If anything maybe a fraction like 1/4. He's only just turning 42 next month! I think 6'3 range is Rock's out of bed height. I think he looks 6'2.5 in pics. Look at him with 6'0.5 John Cena that's no more than 2 inches difference.
Alex 6-0 on User Heights
Rob I looked at the above video of you and Jenny from 2011. You measured at 5'8.25/173.5 taking into the 2mm error. Does your low seem to be 5'8.25 usually or was that on a day you weren't as active and measured a few MM higher than usual? I saw in a video you measured 5'8.25 even with using tape measure.
[Editor Rob: for most of the height challenges late afternoon or evening I was right on 5ft 8.25 or a smidge more in a few (on the stadiometer). A good day I'm 5ft 8 3/8th on stadiometer or 5ft 8.25 against a wall. Although the last few times I checked against wall this year I've scraped just on the 8.25 at teatime as that other video was showing.]
Arch Stanton on Doris Day
Doris also had an easy 3 inches on Joan Crawford who briefly appears in a cameo role in the film.
RobV on Rob Paul
@Mid190s on seeing all people who are shorter as similar. This is very odd but I too feel this. It is not so much a form of arrogance as perspective. Rob (I think) alluded to this kinda in passing when he said somewhere that people do not actually specifically KNOW heights unless you are all barefoot and measure/compare, which is very rare outside of school. If you are tall, it tends to mean that you bracket people in groups (specially if you do not think much about height) - so I too tend to think of a 5'8"-just below 6' bracket, one that is shorter and then guys who are around my height, then the few who are same/taller. That is why all those who say 'can I claim 6'2" when I am just 6'1.85?' are overthinking things. At that height you can even claim 6'3" and no-one will give it a thought because of variations in shoes etc.
Alex 6'0 on Richard Speight Jr
I think he looks 5'7.75. Remember Rob measures more 5'8.25. Looks 1/2 inch difference
Parker on Rod Stewart
Here's Rod with his 6'1 wife. You cannot see her shoes, but lets assume she's barefoot, certainly she must be in footwear that gives virtually no height gain.
Click Here

Rod cannot be under 5'10
Arch Stanton on Doris Day
In heels she's just above eyebrow level on both 6'2" listed actors in It's a Great Feeling. She's surely hitting an easy 5'10 in heels. The heels don't look like they'd give over 3 inches.
Pizzaman on Brad Pitt
Rob, whats the average dress shoe heel height in the States? Maybe Pitt's shoes are not that special there as I've the feeling the heels there are maybe higher than in Europe? As European I think you kinda already look like a cowboy/woman with 3 cm heel for men, as most here are just 2 cm. Most Dutch students actually wear like just 1 cm footwear in summer.
[Editor Rob: the average I think in UK is still around 1 inch zone. There really is a lot from as thin as 0.5 up to 1.3, a lot seem to be 0.8-1.2 range though.]
Arch Stanton on Doris Day
Watching It's a Great Feeling from 1949 now. Will see how she fares next to 6'2 listed Jack Carson.
Arch Stanton on Doris Day
Rob is there any chance of a slight upgrade here? 5'6.5" might be better. Honestly I've seen easily half a dozen of her 50s and 60s films and in nearly every instance she really looked within tall range next to big guys like Hudson and Jimmy Stewart. As Sue says she claimed 5'7 in a biography and she looked it in virtually everything I've seen her in even accounting for heels. If she was 5'6" flat Cary Grant was barely hitting 6'0. If you can try to watch films like Pillow Talk, Lover Come Back, The Man Who Knew Too Much, and That Touch of Mink sometime I think you'd agree she mostly seemed to look a bit taller than this.
[Editor Rob: 5ft 6/5 isn't impossible, 5ft 7 I'm not as sure about that ]
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. on Joel David Moore
Edged out by Julian Acosta:

Click Here

Julian Acosta is listed as 6'2", but I wonder if he could be 187 CM/6'1.5"? Another photo of the two:

Click Here

He looks just a hair shorter there (if you consider that Joel David Moore's hair makes him look taller. I think I may have walked by him however, and he had just a slight edge on me that was like .25-.5" inches.
nick on Kevin Nash
You can measure yourself all you want in pictures with lines and such, however, when I stand under a emeasuring devise with loose posture like Nash..I am at least 1.5 inches taller when standing fully upright. Rob you yourself would add a half inch. Nash being his height adds near 2 inches no doubt
[Editor Rob: you can assume you know how much he is losing, but I watched him and with numerous people thought he stood with good posture in general.
No Surprises on Andy Hallett
yeah he's a big guy.
Arch Stanton on Donna Reed
Sue I tried convincing Rob that Doris was taller than 5'6". I thought she was nearer 5'7 too. She looked tall in heels next to six footers in her films.
Arch Stanton on Clint Eastwood
Rob can you add some more films, best known for films like The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly, the Dirty Harry films, Unforgiven, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Hang 'Em High, Joe Kidd, High Plains Drifter, The Eiger Sanction, Every Which Way But Loose, Escape from Alcatraz, Firefox, Pale Rider, Heartbreak Ridge, The Bridges of Madison County, Space Cowboys, Million Dollar Baby and Gran Torino.
[Editor Rob: I need to watch the amount I put in sometimes, I'll add a few more though.]
Sam on Arnold Schwarzenegger
He looks more like 5'10.5 these days, especially on RAW next to Hogan. Not quite the 6 footer that he once was but I guess that's what excess weight lifting and steroid use does to an aging body. Hogan is younger and probably lost slightly more but has managed to maintain it well last few years. Still looks the same as he did 10 years ago.
Arch Stanton on Clint Eastwood
There are certainly some questionable comparisons like Fleming as you say Sam and he did look a bit shorter than Gregory Walcott in Joe Kidd, but there's at least a dozen films in which a full 6'4" seems to check out in comparison to every other actor who claimed a certain height and as you say he always looked a couple of inches taller than 6'2" listed guys. I find it hard to believe the majority were wrong. In Where Eagles Dare they did their best to reduce the height difference between Eastwood and Burton through camera angles and at times it could look only 4 or 5 inches but you could often see during level shots etc just how much taller Eastwood really was than Burton and it was easily 6 inches. See the scene for instance just after they shoot the Germans inside the castle room and Burton is holding the notebook of names and Clint is stood next to him. Eastwood towered him. He began to lose height in the 1980s I think and by 1988 I think he was a little over 6'3", Neeson being 6'4.25 peak according to himself which looks believable. One anomaly of later is that in Blood Work from 2002 Eastwood actually looked easily an inch taller than Jeff Daniels in most scenes, although in one scene it looked the other way around.
Matthieus on Daniel Cudmore
He looks like a giant! And I'm a bit shorter than you, Rob.
jamieorr4 on General Height
Aaron183cm im not sure if its true or not but i heard americans are short im going to Florida someday so i see for myself but accordind to Seahawksfan 187-188 CM sounds like it 5ft7 isn't average in uk
Gabriela on Colin O'Donoghue
Saw him @ the airport, the guy is super nice and even more handsome in person. Im 5 ft 7 barefoot, about 5 ft 10 in the heels i wore that day, and he was still a bit taller so im guessing a good 5 10 without shoes.
jamieorr4 on General Height
Connor 184.5-185cm thanks mate it a nightmare very upset): Aaron183cm i live in uk to be honest i live in area where people are tall i have be to other area and sometimes i have felt tallish also i am 6ft with shoes on and dont feel tall the only place i felt tall is spain and i was in flat shoes and still i felt tall there, my sister boyfriend called sean hes 6ft in bare feet nobody called him tall but my nephew who is 6ft2 gets called tall but not sean so if your 6ft in uk i doubt you get called tall 6ft2 is were get called tall
Lenad is sexy on Jim Carrey
Lenad is sexy on Jim Carrey
185-186cm range now. 187 is starting to look to high now
Crash on General Height

LOL. It was someone who decided to reply to Sehawksfan with the username "@Seahawksfan 187-188 CM". Note the "@" sign. It wasn't the "real" Seahwaksfan haha.
MD on Mark Ruffalo
Are you seriously asking how people lose weight? lol
Arch Stanton on Orson Welles
He looked huge in The V.I.Ps, like 6'3" and 350 pounds or something but I think he had on a lot of coats and padding which made him look even bigger, but I guess the actors around him were short. I wonder if he inspired Robbie Coltrane in portraying a Russian, very much like him.

The Magnificent Ambersons was arguably the best out of those you mentioned Sam.

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