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1 August
Amaze on Michael Ironside
my good ole sam fisher :) splinter cell will never be the same without him
read somewhere that sam's height was taken off Michael who voices him, sam is 5'10 or 178cm. i'd say mike is 5'10.
Mathew on Brian Posehn
On Seinfeld not sure if he looked quite 6'6" next to 6'3" Michael Richards. Certainly a solid 6'5" though.
Bran on Gareth Bale
He was and that was near his 16th birthday; Click Here
He must of grew a good few inch at 16-17 range
Siniri on General Height
Male height:
162 v.short
167 short
172 average
177 tall
182 v.tall
Female height:
148 v.short
153 short
158 average
163 tall
168 v.tall

What do you think 6'-6'2 is perfect?
It's a giant. 6'3? Monster height.. It's a BIGFOOT(Us9+ size)...unless you play sports no one will find you attractive.
!? on Harry Styles

Are you serious? Look at the pic again, Niall is shorter and standing closer which makes your appear taller. Or we're you joking?
Dmeyer on Ashton Kutcher
From wath i saw , i met him twice he was a strong 3in taller than me about 6'2.5 defenetly 6'3.25-3.5 out of bed
Dmeyer on User Heights
Hey Alex 6'4 , i âm usualy guessed 6ft-6ft 1 i have Been guessed in metric 181-182-183-184-185 cm one Time 190cm
Connor 183cm on John Cena
Rob well Cena himself says he's only 6ft and you think he might only be 6ft so are you changing the current listing to 183cm? I think its possible he may only be just a mm over 6ft.
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't change him as I think he can look a bit over just 6ft]
184.9 on a bad day on Paul Walker
They look equal, but I'm sure Liddell has footwear advantage. In shower scene, Chuck Liddell shoulders looks higher than Paul but the top of the head of Paul looks a bit taller.
Chris on Jim Parsons
How much does he weigh? 155 pounds?
Chris on Jim Parsons
He's not 6ft or under it. Look at him next to 5'11.5 Zach Braff: Click Here
He's obviously at least this listing.
Zoro on General Height
@Amaze: yeah it may sound strange considering 5'11 better than 6 and above. However, this opinion is not more ludicrous than saying that under 6'5 you're not tall enough nor ideal (like I read on this site)

Imo from 5'11.5 to 6'2.5 it's ideal: noticeably above average but not creepy. Some ppl should start to realize that being everywhere and everytime known as "the tall guy" could be annoying
Nikie on Sylvester Stallone
1.76 cm !
Dmeyer on Sylvester Stallone
Dereck in you pic flavin is slouching and Will easily look a bit taller than sly with better posture also his shoes look normal Like 1.3in
Martinez on Jose Pablo Cantillo
Click Here
With David Morrisey, Jose looks to have a bit thicker boot and maybe even a bit better posture. Just under 5'8" matches what he looks here.
Oanh on William Moseley
He doesn't have "1 inch footwear advantage", but he has .2" advantage in the photo. That being said, I think he could be 5'9".
jamieorr4 on General Height
Connor 183cm yes when i think about 57 isn't that short 56 could be the start of legit short
mickt on Sonny Landham
On a lot of these the celebs aren't standing upright they're leaning. So a lot of people commenting don't have a clue even someone calling Sonny an idiot for claiming he's 6'4 well you're the idiot for making such a remark!
jamieorr4 on General Height
Connor 183cm ok i guess its your opinion Amaze lol about the guy who told you that 6ft is too its in the perfect height range
Andrea on Iko Uwais
He looks more 6'3 with Michael Jai White... Noway 6'5!
CRB on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnie actually looks a little taller than Letterman in that 1990 appearance. On the other hand, it's clear Arnie is wearing cowboy boots and, to the cynics out there, lifts. So, who knows?
Steve on Harry Styles
I say he's a legit 5'10-5'11 guy, here's a photo of Ronan Keating and Niall Horan
Click Here
Niall looks about half and inch taller than Keating and taking in consideration that Keating is listed as 5'8 and the difference between Niall and Harry is about 2-3 inches i'd say Harry probably is legit 5'10-5'11 guy.
Sam on Jean Dujardin
Yeah, very similar to DiCaprio but not 6'0". Both guys are a true blue 5'11" IMO.
Sam on Dean Martin
Yeah, both Martin and Sinatra dressed and groomed very well, but it was due to their charisma and fame that they each probably got more tail then all of the commentors on celebheights combined, haha, sorry. I like that Dino was never afraid to put Frank in his place, because Sinatra could become a bit of a ego-monster at times and the other Rat Packers were too afraid to not fall in line.
Realist on Frank Bruno
Looks more of a 6'2 guy Rob even if he stands straight wont strike me more than a 187 cm guy.
Sam on Iko Uwais
So he's not 6'7" obviously after that picture w/ Michael Jai White, but do think Evans could be 6'4"-6'5" range, Rob?
[Editor Rob: 6ft 4 is a possibility, but I doubt he's a real 6ft 5.]
Sam on Tim Robbins
My brother in NYC, not the most reliable source given, said when he met Robbins he was big but not exceptional, would fit in with our family and about my size, but our family in made of ginormously tall people.
Sam on Caroline Wozniacki
Another quite fly female tennis player...I like them like Arch likes his female wrestlers!
Concerned 181 cm on Arnold Schwarzenegger
My guess:

Arnie: 5'11.25
Fallon: 5'11.75
Sam on Vince Vaughn
Affleck is not 6'1" but he never gives me a 6'3.5" impression either. When we shares the screen with near 6'1" guys like Jon Hamm and Victor Garber, he looks about an inch taller, so Affleck's a true 6'2".
kevin on Charlie Sheen
He most likely gave his height in shoes unless he measured around 5'9.5 and rounded up to 5'9, I would give him 5'9.25 or 176cm he looks a legit 5'9 On Two and a Half men he is clearly taller than Jon Cryer by at least 0.5 inches, he wears those flat slipper type shoes on the show majority of the time.
Sam on Paul Newman
I've commented a few times I had the honor of seeing in his last role on-stage in Our Town. He still looked like he edged out 5'8" Jeffrey DeMunn. If Newman was 5'3"-5'6" range, I would eat my hat.
jtm on Sylvester Stallone
the pictures with travolta are not good evidence his wife is 5'9. she was closer to the camera and travolta was losing more height.
Amaze on General Height
I know someone who is a boy. he's 5'9. guess what he told me.
"6 ft is too tall for a man"
I reply
what 6 ft , which 6 ft 6 ft what?
he goes
"6ft nothing. the one that's just 1 inch above 5'11"
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I have never laughed that hard in my life. apparently girls don't like 6 ft and its too tall and inconvient in relationships, and girls cant kiss you properly. he said he'd rather be 5'11. whats your take on this guys? I have never heard something so silly oh my. he said anything 6'2 and over is "disgusting" kinda annoyed me so I told him to shut up. I have never heard something so silly before. he's defo jealous of 6' because he will never get there. ridiculous man..
Amaze on Wyatt Russell
@MrTBlack have to disagree theres no way russells lower than 6'1, and tatum is defo not below 6'0. the thing is with tatum he had a slim frame when he started acting and legit looked 186-187 range even though he wasn't. he was always 184. now with the bulky frame and a lot of weight people say hes 5'11 range. hes defo not below 183. i'd say he's 184 and russells 186
kevin on Peter Boyle
He was likely in the 6'1 range on Raymond in some scenes he and Romano were very close in Ping Pong they stood face to face and looked same height there was an episode in Italy where they got in bed together both in socks and Boyle did not look shorter He was likely 6'2 at peak for sure, Romano looks around 6'2 on the show
Khalid on Jose Pablo Cantillo
He looks 5'8 weak to me.
kevin on Bobby George
Mvg looks in the 5'11 range to me similar to James Wade, Wes Newton, Lewis is likely 6'2 range he looks close with Bristow and Van Barneveld, Last week Wayne Mardle called Phil Taylor 5ft6- I would have guessed Taylor around 5'7 hard to tell with Phil.

Tallest Darts Player I have seen is Vincent Van Der voort think he is 6'6 and Roland Scholten was at least 6'4.
Figo on Aishwarya Rai
Does anybody knows priyanka gandhis height.she looks very tall
John86 on Zac Efron
To add to Word1234's comment, Zac actually looked a flat 5'8 when barefoot in that sketch with Seth Rogan (I believe the video is posted further down). As said, I'm 5'7.25" bare height and there's no way I would have been as tall next to a 5'11 Rogan as Zac was.
kevin on Andy Murray
Novak is 187cm minimum, He has around an Inch on Federer if we look at wimbledon final etc lets assume Federer is 185 at worst hec could be 185- 186, Novak must be around a weak 6'2 at worst- Murray I think is close to around 6'2.5 could be 189cm I still think he is a little more than 6'2 flat.

Its strange because Andy for sure looks taller than Djokovic by at least 0.5 inch you can tell the difference so its more than 0.25 inch and is bigger than Roddick, Tsonga and all these guys must be at least 6'1.5/6'1.75 they all have at least 0.5 on Federer who most people would say is a legit 6'1.
Amaze on Iko Uwais
imdb lists gareth as 6'7? wth? looks 6'4 to me.

yeah this guy is defo 5 5 or 165
kevin on Roman Reigns
How Tall is his brother Matt Anoia used to be Rosey In WWE?
Amaze on Rob Paul
@Mid190s i'm not at all. i'm 17 and my 6'5/6 friends think that's a little childish. continue to do that if you wish but its immature what you are doing. plus imagine doing that to the wrong person.. remember size don't matter In fights.. one day you'll annoy the wrong person and end up in hospital. seen it my self. saw a guy my height 5'8 pulp a guy your size. don't do it bro.
mr.rashid on Bipasha Basu
@Arch Stanton

Well Arch, Unfortunately Abhishek is 6'1" bcuz most bollywood celebs lie about their heights all the time.

And there is a picture of abhishek with weak/Legit 6ft zayed khan
Click Here
and in that picture Abhishek can't b more then an inch max on zayed khan.

now explain this 2 me Arch?
Amaze on General Height
@Tim your height is whatever you stand at barefoot, about 3-4 hours after waking up. never count your shoe height, That's wrong. barefoot/few hours after

@French guy you are a 5'11.75 guy, but yeah are you feeling ok? leg lengthening at 5'11.75 or whatever at that height is ridiculous. be happy your 182cm. even at my 173cm I will never do leg lengthening even if I stay at this height forever(I wont). look listen just wear 2'' lifts. make you 6'1.75 or round to 6'2 if you wish. don't do leg lengthening at that height its ridiculous.

if you were short like my 5'3 friends then id understand. but you on the other hand are at a good height. jeez
Guest on Trey Songz
I know trey personally and I can tell you he is exactly 6ft. You cannot really base your opinions off pictures because depending on the angle and how they pose, they can look shorter or taller than they actually are. Drake is not 5'11.5 guess you candy round him to 6ft. Fab is 5'11 and Chris brown is 6'1.5
Connor 183cm on Rob Paul
Rob just wondering what is your list of users who you think are honest about their heights?
[Editor Rob: unless I meet someone and measure them, I can only go by what they say, and if they had photos by what they look. For those in person, I've not met a large number from this site who contribute comments regularly.

remember you can be any height you want on the internet!

I believe quite a healthy majority are quite honest, of course there will be a few who may not be, but that's not effecting the site...]
Connor 183cm on John Cena
Rob me and Cena i bet will be close in height do you think he's a fraction taller than me or could we both be similar in height? he is a big 6ft guy anyways.
[Editor Rob: I think he is a genuine case of just dropping a fraction from his height, I think Chris Pine and him probably fall in the same category where they've not bothered with a fraction and simply a bit modest. He could probably be a few mm taller than you although without measuring you never know!]
yeah right on Harry Styles
A legit 5'10 guy would not need to tip toe next to 5'7-5'7.5 guy like Zayn.
spainmen on Football Soccer
Hey Rob, what do you think is the height of john terry? he is listed at 187 cm on chelsea official page,could be a bit below that mark?
[Editor Rob: I think that's ok, at times he can look 6ft 1 but others near 6ft 2]
Kane on Derrick Rose
Is he really 187 when Ozil is about 180? Click Here
Chris on Charles Barkley
JTM - look at Barkley's official police mugshot. He's huge. Between 6'7 and 6'8.

He was obviously wearing shoes. But that still mean's he's obviously over 6'6 barefoot.
Chris on Michael Jordan
RP, that's just completely false.

Barkley in his police mugshot is nearly 6'8! He was obviously in his shoes. But that means he's obviously 6'6 barefoot. He's probably taller than that in fact.

Jordan is about 0.5 inches shorter than Barkley in most pictures. So he's obviously between 6'5.5 and 6'6
Alex 6'0 on User Heights
Connor183, LOL yea. wow 6'6 is crazy. I thought 6'4 estimate for me was crazy.
Alex 6'0 on Brock Lesnar
And what you said on the other page about losing height quickly. I'm the same. If I wake up at 7am i'll be my low or damn near it by 1-2pm. did you see the pic I posted of me and my tall friend but that pic was from 10 years ago lol
Emil 182.5 cm on Football Soccer
Might be true. However, the most ridiculous listing I've seen is 1.87 m for Benzema!
Alex 6'0 on Brock Lesnar
Height181, I never said I was 184cm. I said certain days I can be 6'0.25 on a good day and that's really 183.5cm. Really I'm more 183cm. Ive always claimed 6'0 on here. My weight right now is 204-205 down from 215-217 in the winter. I'm not as big as Cena but I think I'm a little bigger than CM Punk
Alex 6'0 on John Cena
Hogan still a legit 6'3 Id say. Peak nothing below 6'5
Alex 6'0 on Triple H
Miz is listed 6'2 so I figured 6'0-6'1 range. Looks 6'1 there with Cena
Connor 183cm on General Height
@Amaze My dad is looking 5ft 6 range today possibly a bit over not suprised since hes 48 he is nearly 50 and guess what? he claims he is 5ft 11! he's even worse than Glenn! maybe the two are in a height crime mafia or something. My mum is barely taller than my brother whos 14 and 5ft, she's probably 5ft 2-3 range.

@jamieorr4 5ft 7 is shortish for a guy not legit short, 5ft 6 is the start of that, 5ft 7 is only 3.5 inches shorter than you.
Alex 6'0 on Jose Pablo Cantillo
5'7.75 looks spot on. That's about 1/2 inch difference it looks like.
Vaani on Ben Affleck
He would be around 6'1.... he has a quite good height and personality. Click Here
Dejavu on Andrew Garfield
He looks 5'11 next to Justin Timberlake.
Connor 183cm on Rob Paul
Tim says on 31/Jul/1
Hey Rob should i claim my barefoot height? My doctor measurement a while back was 5 ft 11.25, and i feel i hardly have grown. My claim is 6 ft 0.5 so that sounds right what my shoes would add, an inch and a bit of height. However i feel like a bit over 6 ft when walking around and with people as my actual height, so that would mean a 6 ft 2 man i think being 6 ft 0.5 when comparing my height to him is really supposed to be 6 ft 1? Because i think i have pretty long legs for someone who would be 5 ft 11

well of course you should claim your barefoot height, taking a measurement in shoes is not your real height, so you was 5ft 11.25 before, now you are 6ft 0.5? if you are 6ft 0.5 barefeet then you should be at least 6ft 2 in your footwear, if 6ft 1 then you are more like 183cm area, it depends though many shoes have different size heels some can give 0.5-1 inch some 1.5.
Dejavu on Bradley Cooper
He looked more than an inch taller than Dicaprio. Looks 184cm and I would give Dicaprio a 181cm.
Click Here
tuite on Sylvester Stallone
I dont understand guys which is the problem if any problem with sly´s height there is a proof that sly is al least 5´9 and seems bother to a lot of people, is totally stupid, can you guys sleep well at night thinking sly is 5´7 that a lot of pics sayin he is 5´9 al least, i dont undertand, that obssesion with dowdrade sly´s height is sick
Bernie on Sylvester Stallone
@loka: Supermann says: Stop with the 5'9 for flavin. Thats pure bull! She was at least constantly 3" shorter than 5'11"5Claudia schiffer at the height of their modelling. She is most likely a thin leggy 5'7-5'8" And sly is! Shorter than her at least by a inch!
SO HOW can J.F. be 5f9, when shes at least 3inch shorter than some whos 5f11.5 (and C. Schiffer is!!)?? Dont make any sense...
Dont want to make an issue or argue about her height, but i id say must be definately under 5f9, 5f8 is more suitable. Both stand straight in posture, Sly def. is not taller, thats not too difficult to see! To be very generous max. same height, but from my estimation due to all this pics a scarce inch below her..
moni on Ariana Grande
She is not 5 foot anymore maybe 5'4 or 5'5 :-) n I'm a arianator :-)
Ian on Sophie Turner
A lot taller now.
IAN on Kit Harington
Downgrade needed.
Ian on Nathalie Emmanuel
Downgrade needed.
Mateo on Dave Batista
Yeah looks like Lee Pace has a solid 3.5" on Bautista.. and Bautista is wearing Timberlands! He could actually be 5'11" tops! Given the boots he could even be in the 5'10 range.. I have a friend about my height and he towers me 2"+ when he puts on the same Timberlands.. highly suspect!

Click Here
Mid190s on Rob Paul

I'm not imature I just think ur taking things a little too seriously. Life is too short for that.
RisingForce on Michael Ironside
Gave a pretty tall impression in Visiting Hours from 1982, but I'll have to check the cast and see how tall they were supposed to be, and Ironside was wearing cowboy boots, but there's no way I buy him at less than 5'10" peak. However, what was more noticeable in that movie was Shatner's awful toupee.
RisingForce on Brad Pitt
Agreed, Jed. I can settle on 5'10.5", it's what he looked in the barefoot picture with Gwyneth Paltrow and about what he could look in early to mid 90's movies like Across The Tracks, but no shorter. Can pass for 6 feet with his shoes and posture, and he's not wearing Robert Downey Jr. shoes either.
RisingForce on Sylvester Stallone
If someone wants to argue Jennifer is under 5'9" then post some visual evidence of it because unless you do, it really comes off as meaningless to just say she's 5'8" and makes it look like an effort to just downgrade Sly, because pictures like this from 2012 Click Here make it damn near impossible to argue Sly at anything less than 5'8" if Jennifer is anywhere near 5'9". Personally, I think she's at least 5'9" give or take. There's a photo of Jennifer with John Travolta and Kelly Preston at an event from the late 90's/early 00's and she looks really tall, towering over Kelly and while it's not a perfect picture, she at least looks similar to Travolta, though she's obviously in heels. By the way, I posted this pic to show Sly and Van Damme around the same height, but forgot to mention that we can compare Jennifer to Van Damme. Click Here She's in heels, but even so with her standing further from the camera with her legs crossed, she's still easily taller than Van Damme, who if he's around 5'9" as commonly thought, then he should be 5'10" in those dress shoes. Certainly doesn't help Jennifer at 5'8" at all.
Ally on Derrick Rose
He's 187cm?? He makes Mesut Ozil look 172-174 cml. Thats weird
Arch Stanton on Maurice Chevalier
About 5 ft 10 peak I think.
RisingForce on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Yeah, Arnie is clearly about 5'11.5" now and no more. He was only looking about 5'11" with Jimmy Fallon and there was that picture with Joe Manganiello where he was looking just a weak 5'11" or so, though Joe's arm being around Arnold might have been causing him to lose some height. Either way, definitely under 6 feet at 67 and posture can even make it look like he's struggling with 5'11" at times.
loka on Sylvester Stallone
TJ, you're absolutely right. Flavin's height has never been an issue here until this week. We have proof that sly is at least her height and now people try to downgrade Flavin's height. It's funny... It's obvious that she's a tall woman. A legit 5.9. Height does matter in his previous work, top model. There is no lie in this 5.9 mark. No doubt that she is 5.9...
Editor Rob on Noah Hathaway
Noah really did look in the 5ft 5 range, I would be very surprised if he was under 5ft 5.
fsd on Sylvester Stallone
notice 5'8 - 5'9 ft range wesley snipes has an inch on stallone 7:51 either stallone is 5'8 or 5'7 or somewere between that range .
Height181 on John Cena
''Hogan still looks 6ft4 to me.''

@James B: Please tell me you are joking??
Arch Stanton on Rory McIlroy
@Sharpshooter He can drive as far as 400 yards with wind assistance true, but his average drive is something like 305 yards. Still in the top 10 longest hitters on tour, yup. He can hit further than some of the big 6'3-6'4" players.
Arch Stanton on Rory McIlroy
@Sharpshooter. I didn't say he was better than Tiger. Peak Tiger was pretty awesome and arguably the greatest golfing talent of all time, but McIlroy's all round game when he's at his best I think is certainly right up there with the very best, at times even better. He has flashes of brilliance.
Arch Stanton on Bipasha Basu
No way does Abhishek look as low as 6'1!
Tide on Laura Robson
There is a 5 inches difference between Robson and Murray. 5'9
filmfan on Clint Eastwood
With that now famous clip of Hudson and Eastwood they look similar in height although Hudson has a bigger frame. Hudson was at least 6'4'' and some say he was taller. I do think Eastwood must have been close to 6'4''.
Cami on Jonny Lee Miller
I met him at JFK airport, I'm 5'5 and was wearing flats, he was 3 inches taller than me TOPS. Me and my mom, were very surprised on how small he looked. 5'7 MAYBE 5'8.
BigMac on Caroline Wozniacki
Compared to 5'9 Serena Williams and 5'8 McIlroy, I'd give her 5'8.5
joe on Ashton Kutcher
I will kill myself the day I find Ashton Kutcher is 6'3".
rns on Shahrukh Khan
salman height is 5.10 inch
Luke on Kane
Kane is 6'6.5-7'' tops he was never 6'9'' only in ring gear. I'm not sure if your familiar with this but Kane was listed 6'7'' during his basketball season.
fsd on Ben Stiller
looks 5'5ft
fsd on Orlando Bloom
hes 5'9.5 ft
fsd on Mel Gibson
today he looks 5'8.5 -5'8 ft range his peak height might have been 5'9 ft or slightly above 5'9
Hypado on Iko Uwais
Iko looks short in The Raid 2

Hypado on Alice Braga
Yes, Alice looks this next to 180cm Jude Law
Hypado on Jose Pablo Cantillo
172cm for Jose Pablo
J on Joe Jonas
He's 5'6
Dan on Daniel Gillies
@mr.rashid, because 1.5inches is no where near, sarcasm intended there, 1 and a half inches at the end of the day is not that much.
CRB on Arnold Schwarzenegger
I have a friend who worked on Running Man. He was a bodybuilder and an extra in a gym scene. I asked him if he ran into Arnold during the movie. He said he did and that none of the bodybuilders in the gym scene could believe it was actually Arnold. He told me Arnie was wearing shiny coveralls and 'looked like a janitor.' I asked him if Arnie was huge. My friend burst out laughing and said he was significantly shorter and smaller than advertised. But then again, this was 1987 or so. He didn't run into Arnie in '74 or so, when he was big as a house. Though, admittedly, not as tall as one.
Jake on Luke Hemmings
Jake on Tom Cruise
Surprised by this listing he is 5'7 barefoot no more, he also looked 5'7 in rain man before he started wearing lifts
6'0 (183cm and half) on Enrique Iglesias
Enrique is 184cm
Juan Luis Guerra is 192cm
31 July
5'8 (173.6) on Rob Paul
What can I do to not lose height

[Editor Rob: as you age, try to maintain basic fitness, even an hour of walking every day is good for you long term and some rudimentary stretches like touching toes, touching ceiling etc. Try to maintain a decent posture and keep your head held normal, walk matter your height, whether you are 5ft 4 or 6ft 4!

We ALL spend way too much time at our computers...sometimes it's best to take more breaks or reduce the time hunched at desks.

Avoid lifting too many heavy things as you don't want to end up damaging the discs, because one disc has more potential to have an effect on other discs.

Eat a good varied diet to maintain overall health and bone/cartilage health.

Funny thing talking about posture, for this site I have had to put on poor posture or what I call 'adaptive posture' at times to try to get better photos...but please, do not follow my lead, always try to stand tall and confident because this ties in to your own feelings and other folks mindset.

How you portray your physical self, in terms of posture, mannerisms and speech has subtle influences on how others perceive you. Slouching doesn't display much confidence or much positivity. It is a lackadaisical approach that is more associated with reduced confidence and weakness, no matter the actual height.
jasperwazup on Rob Paul
mid190's man somebody shorter is going to probably get darn right angry and surprise you if you keep doing it you will eventually mess with the wrong person.
robert on Iko Uwais
hey rob how tall you think tony jaa is ?
[Editor Rob: he can look 5ft 6]
Glen on Ally Walker
More like 6ft tall. She towers over everybody in Sons of Anarchy!
Danimal on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Surprised no one has commented on the pic of him with George St-Pierre. It's VERY revealing of Arnold's current height. Arnold's barely taller than listed 5'10" GSP in that pic and some claim that George is closer to a legit 5'9".
SaveUsY2J on Iko Uwais
How tall is Gareth Evans if he's 5'5? Must be at least 6'3 right?
Plb idiot on Kiefer Sutherland
Plb your comments sound extremely ignorant
Emmett on Jose Pablo Cantillo
Yeah weak 5'8, that's what he looked in Walking Dead. How much would you think this guy weighs Rob?
[Editor Rob: possibly mid 160]
Sean73 on Brad Pitt
Yep-solid 5'11".Just watch Meet Joe Black.He's 3 inches taller than Hopkins.
TJ on Sylvester Stallone
It's bizarre how people seem to tie themselves in knots to downgrade Sly. If he looks the same height as someone who is 5'9 or so, Sly must be in lifts (the other person never can be of course), and even with this barefoot pic with his wife we have people making excuses, eg she is slouching and perhaps not actually her rumoured height. Sly is absolutely not 5'7. Rob has it about right.
mickthefreak85 on Charlie Sheen
Most definitely a strong 5'9" since he can look quite often over the 5'9" mark. Needs an upgrade
rockitbaby on Diane Kruger
I think that 1,69m or 1,70m sounds fair for her. She's like 18cm shorter than Joshua Jackson here and he's 1,87m.

Click Here
Crusher on Hulk Hogan
Hogan was mountain in 1979- dwarfed guys everywhere. That was his most impressive size and height. Always a touch shorter than Studd. Who was 6'7. So hogan was a realistic 6'6. Taker was also a bigger dude in the 1990 matches they had. He measured up very close to Tiny Lister who was an easy 6'5
rockitbaby on Andrew Garfield
Assuming that Justin Timberlake is around 1,83m, Andrew is 1,79m.

Click Here
Tom on Harry Styles
How much you think he weighs?
Height181 on Brock Lesnar
I have a muscular build too, Not like Cenas obviously Lol, but I'm more built than guy like Cm Punk. Alex we need to find a final height for you Lol, because you can't be both 183cm and 184cm. You need to go with the height that you are most throughout the day. I can be 182cm too, but I'm mostly 181cm throughout the day, so I go with that.
Lenad is sexy on Vaughn Armstrong
looks a solid 5'11 but if he straightened, yeah 183cm
Jackie Knife on Hulk Hogan
2 Chris

Would you please post the picture showing Ronster... I meant Hulkster being the whole inch taller than Hall. Thank you
rockitbaby on Jean Dujardin
Jean is 6'0. He's exactly the same height as Leo DiCaprio.

Click Here
Guy on Jon Hamm
No way! He is 183 max
rockitbaby on Daniel Bruhl
This is him next to 6'0 Benedict Cumberbatch. He's probably 1,76m =)

Click Here
Zipper on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Kurt Angle has shrunk. He looked 2-3 inches shorter than Ian Ziering in Sharknado 2.
K on Ashley Olsen
Linda, I think some of them have a false idea of what the average height is. Like you, I noticed that quite a lot of female celebrities exaggerate their height.
EzioAuditore711 on Jim Parsons
At the ESPYS he was the same height as Victor Cruz. He's 5'11''-6'.
jee on Kiefer Sutherland
PLB says on 29/Jul/14
"he's too short to play Jack Bauer." "He didn't look for a minute like someone who could knock someone out with one blow."

Boxer Mike Tyson is 5' 10". Broadway choreographer Tommy Tune is 6' 6". Which of these two would you want on your side in a fight?
Chris on Rami Malek
His facial expression looks like he's aware of the height difference between himself and that woman
Chris on Shaun Murphy
No way is his head 25 cm. Looks around 24 cm i think. But he does have a weird head with his squished looking face that leaves room for a bigger forehead
Superwwefan on Kane
He's obviously not 7 foot because when big show and great khali come out the announcer says standing at 7 feet tall
mickthefreak85 on Iggy Pop
Rob you absolutely have to take a look at this pic. He's with Johnny Depp and Kate Moss:

Click Here

Judging by this pic either he is not as low as you list him or Moss is not the 5'6" we all believe she is.
Plus, here Depp looks only an inch taller than him but that could be because of the camera angle as Iggy is closer to the camera lens.
[Editor Rob: in this other shot Here I think Iggy can still look nearly 5ft 7, it is possible 15-20 years ago]
Rocket on Roger Federer
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Federer: 185,5-186 cm
Nadal: 184-184,5 cm
Pedro on Height Request
How tall is Gareth Evans, the director of "Raid 2"? According to this article "there's a dispute as to whether he's 6' 7" or merely 6' 5": Click Here
[Editor Rob: with Michael White I think you could safely discount the 6ft 7 :)]
Alex 6'0 on Noah Hathaway
First glance I thought 5'3.5 but looking again at least 5'4.5 maybe 5'5
John86 on Robert Webb
Any 5'10 male living in Britain and saying they get towered by teenagers all the time is delusional. Sounds like he just remembers the tall ones and forgets the short/average ones, certainly the average fully grown teenager here is no more than 5'10.5" at best.
PLB on Patrick Swayze
This thread illustrates the problem. Movie stars are not judged the same way we judge normal people.

Pat Swayze was a normal sized man. If you met him on the street you wouldn't notice him. He wasn't particularly muscular. He was a dancer not a weight lifter.

But he was cast often as a fighter. So in 'Road House' the screenplay constantly has to have him joking about how small he is. In the Jean Claude Van Damme and some of the early Schwarzenegger films they had to explain why these guys had these heavy foreign accents. The worst offender was probably 'Family Business' where the tall Scots accented Sean Connery kept having to explain how he was the father of the very short Dustin Hoffman who was supposed to be Italian. Matthew Broderick played the grandson who was of medium height but was neither Scots nor Italian. Apparently the originally cast actors weren't available so they had to keep adjusting the screenplay as it was recast. It made for an inadvertently funny film.

Swayze in Road Hose was very entertaining - a ballet dancer who beat up guys for a living and read philosophy. My ex-brother-in-law was a bouncer. He didn't know any fancy martial arts moves and he sure as hell never read philosophy but he was a body builder and could have snapped Swayze like a twig.

Real bouncers need to be large. They are not hired to win fights but to dissuade the drunken customers from fighting. The police until recently always wanted the cop on the beat to be at least six feet tall. Big guys had less trouble.

Out of college I worked for a while as a sort of prison guard in a youth correctional facility. I was hired for my size - I'm 6'4". The kids just don't cause as much trouble for big guys. It was a well known phenomenon.

Swayze wouldn't have had a prayer of getting hired as a real bouncer. He would have told the drunks to quiet down and he would have heard - 'Oh yeah, whose going to make me'?

Height is important in those kind of jobs because men - especially drunk men - use height as a proxy for size and therefore strength. It's not true of course but it's part of our neurology.

They claim a crocodile will not bite a standing man. When you bend over at the waterside they attack.
AD on Paul McCartney
I'm still confused why the 5ft 10.5in is still displayed? On top of all the other sightings of Macca around 5ft 9in now I met him in his early 40s and he was 5ft 9.5in then (most definitely) so I doubt he was ever taller than that?
Dmeyer on Jason Statham
Jason gavé me a 5'9.5 impression in person but 5'9 is likely not under
PLB on Richard Armitage
When they finally let him play to his full height, he's my candidate for the next Bond.

There is something to be said for 6'2" being the optimum height for a male movie star.
Filippo on Brad Pitt
Glad to hear Parker switched his "nothing under 5'11" for a more reasonable "nothing under 5'10".
That's an inch more than Paltrow. More or less the height a lot of people here think he is.
Amen, Parker.
James B on John Cena
Hogan still looks 6ft4 to me.
PLB on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
I don't get all this controversy. The Rock was originally billed as 6'5" when he was a wrestler. This is a very reliable measurement. The major wrestling organizations seem to carefully measure their performers and then add two inches. The body builder organizations also seem to follow this same procedure.

When I first heard of The Rock and was told that he was 6'5" I felt pretty confident that he would turn out to be 6'3". I was right. He looks 6'3" in films and he seems to move like a man who is 6'3". Of course that is tricky because he's so muscular. He is almost as muscular as the pro body builders. He moves significantly better than Schwarzenegger for example.

So that makes him about the same height as Sean Connery was. Connery as Bond was presented as tall but not super tall. He and subsequent Bonds frequently fought really big guys. Johnson as far as I know has never fought a man who was much bigger than himself in a movie. Maybe he should.

He was shorter than Vince Vaughn in 'Be 'Cool' but Vaughn is 6'5" or so. I haven't seen all of his movies but in the ones I have seen he looked to me to be about 6'3". I don't understand the controversy. He looks to be exactly what he claims to be.

In general the male movie star height issue is around being too short to be credible. Stallone or Downey come to mind. These are the guys who wear the funny shoes. In my opinion Kiefer Sutherland is among the worse offenders. He seems much too small for a guy like Jack Bauer who is shown frequently as punching out whole groups of villains single handedly. He isn't particularly athletic like Jason Stratham or even Mark Walberg. He looks like just another 5'6" tall office worker.

The Rock in contrast always seems to look like a very large and formidable guy - maybe a pro football player or something similar who looks like he has been stuffed into a business suit. I'm actually a bit taller and heavier that Johnson so it's not like I'm in awe of him or anything. He's just a big guy and most actors who play big guys aren't. Schwarzenegger and Diesel are clearly smaller. I find Johnson's size refreshing. If the script calls for a big guy, let's see a big guy up there not low angle shots and camera tricks.

BTW one of the best new action actors is Richard Armitrage who is also about 6'3". But the poor SOB has to play a hobbit.
Tim on General Height
Sorry i am just really confused i just dont feel that my perspective of height has shrunk by 1 inch but i just want to know for sure how tall i would be true height. Also if i was 6 ft 0.5, where would the top of my eye align to a 6'1 person when standing next to each other?
Tim on Rob Paul
Hey Rob should i claim my barefoot height? My doctor measurement a while back was 5 ft 11.25, and i feel i hardly have grown. My claim is 6 ft 0.5 so that sounds right what my shoes would add, an inch and a bit of height. However i feel like a bit over 6 ft when walking around and with people as my actual height, so that would mean a 6 ft 2 man i think being 6 ft 0.5 when comparing my height to him is really supposed to be 6 ft 1? Because i think i have pretty long legs for someone who would be 5 ft 11
mr.rashid on Bipasha Basu
@Arch Stanton

No arch!, John Abraham could pass for 6ft, but not 184cm or a solid 6ft. John Abraham is a legit 5'11.5" guy, it's his good proportions that makes him look big.
Zayed Khan is a legit 6ft guy(5'11.75 @worse) and he's edges out John Abraham in this pic?
Click Here - i know john is at the front, but is zayed stood at the same angle its gonna b more likely that zayed would b taller.

and here is abhishek bachchan(no more than 6'1")
Click Here
Click Here
the shredder on Noah Hathaway
Thanks Rob , I see 5'4.5 btw , The most 5'5
the shredder on Mark Wahlberg
he is not 5'7 flat or 5'10. 5'7.75 is fair for him
french guy on General Height

i know what you feels, man, i'm 182.3cm at night, and i've got the impression the average height is higher that it is actually.
I just feel barely average for young guy, some days i feel short, i'm surrounded by tall and/or imposing/good looking dudes(i live near paris, so...), which makes me envious and sometimes desperate up to a point i'm considering limb lenghtening now (i'm studying in a good enginering school, so i believe i will be able to save enough money)because i'm losing the little confidence i have left(i'm not sure this sentence is correct, but i hope it makes sense) but the idea of doing it scares me a lot.
RogerH on Misha Collins
Around 178 compared to Jensen imo...
John on Arnold Schwarzenegger
You have to love the touch of using his daughter to back his mythical version of his height ("six one"? Not this lifetime). He wouldn't use a family member like that, would he? I mean, that's really out of character. Or is it?
enrique on Jose Pablo Cantillo
C'mon Rob. This guy's the same height as you. I can't see any difference unless you tell me that he was wearing some kind of thicker footwear.
[Editor Rob: obviously he has about 0.2in hair, but there's another half inch above his hair to the top of mine which means if you think he's the same height you also think I have like nearly 0.75in of hair? Seriously? Look Here for an object on my head...I clearly do not have 0.7in of hair, that would be eating into my skull :)]
Sasha on Jose Pablo Cantillo
did you have similar type of shoes?
[Editor Rob: pretty similar yeah.]
Nick on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Schwarzenegger in 1990 appearing on "David Letterman" to promote Total Recall. Arnold standing side by side appears identical in height to 6'1.5" - 6'2" David Letterman. Arnold was a strong 6'1.5" back in the early 90s.

Click Here
DD on Chris Paul
He is taller than 5'11 3/4 johnny manziel, he is 6' on the dot
MrTBlack on Wyatt Russell
Yes he's at least "1 taller than Tatum so Tatum probably is 5'11.5".
Oanh on Tyrone Power
I read "Tyrone Power:The Last Idol" and it's mentioned that when Tyrone would be filming a movie, the stagehands had to set the microphones and lighting according to his height. One of the stagehands said Ty was "not more than 5'10", and probably closer to 5'9"
Height181 on Triple H
Yeah Alex Miz is about 6'0.5'', He is also a little taller than Cena Click Here
mr.rashid on Kevin Spacey
@Editor Rob, Hey can u plz estimate Japanese actor Kiichi Nakai who is listed 181cm (5'11.25"), he seems to look 5'9"-10" next to Kevin spacey (on the far right), but then again he's on his toes so it's hard to tell so got the link for u:
Danimal on Andre The Giant
dicksock says on 26/Jul/14
Oanh says on 25/Jul/14
One of the best photos showing a legit 7' Andre is the one with 6'0-6'1" Bob Backlund. Most sites list Bob at 6'1", but I have seen a couple listing him at 6'0.


I met and briefly talked with Backlund in 2013. I am a solid 5'9" at night and I can verify that he is at least 6'. I'm sure he was 6'1" in his prime. Don't forget he had a slight footwear advantage over Andre. Posture and camera angle/advantage is a non-factor in that picture. It clearly shows a 6'11"-7' prime Andre in a picture that was probably taken in the daytime.

A 1980 Vince McMahon was the same exact height as Bob Backlund, if not slightly taller than him back then.
Height181 on David Beckham
@1.85 m, 83 kg: I don't get what you are trying to prove with those pictures. His posture is very loose and he still looks 6'0''. My friend who is 5'10'' has actually met him and said he was 2 - 3 inches taller than him. So lets just leave that there. Anything below 6'0'' for Lampard is a joke.
mr.rashid on Iko Uwais
@Editor Rob, Yesss! thank u Rob for estimating him, I knew he looked shortish in most photos, but for some reason he seemed 5'7ish in films.
Danimal on Sylvester Stallone
loka says on 27/Jul/14
Sly is taller than his 5.9 Wife

Proof :
Click Here

He's standing tall and she's leaning into him. If she stood completely straight, that picture would look different.
Danimal on Sylvester Stallone
Frankie68 says on 30/Jul/14
Idk why his wife became such an issue...she is taller than him anyway...and maybe shes not 5'9...all i have to say is in ex3...a 5'9 snipes owns him by 2incges easily and sly has lifts on...see the mivie for youselves...gibson is taller as well...slys footwear is also very obvious in the movie and he has not givin up on his famous footwear like some of u claim...hes the only guy i no with so many different height.....he cant be taller than his wife (whos 5'8..5'9)...but shorter than snipes (whos 5'9)...ive seen pics of him being shorter than robert downey jr(another liftwearer) it

Wesley Snipes is 5'8". He was shorter than 5'9" Woody Harrelson by at least 1" on White Men Can't Jump and in Blade III, we see his ID Card and it states his height as 5'8".
Mr. 30 mins on Jose Pablo Cantillo
Spot on listing
Glen on Katey Sagal
Same! I thought she was 6 ft 1!
Sam on Jason Bateman
He does look about 5'11" here with 5'8" Billy Crudup:
Click Here
Kourosh177cm on Chris Jericho
chris jericho is just like me
im hovering from 176cm to 178cm. most of the times i look a weak 5'10 or strong 5'9. My height in evening is 176.5 which is my lowest. i believe jericho is just like me. My morning height is close to 178 cm (177.7cm) and 176 and abit over at late night .i go with 177cm tall. jericho is like me. 176-177cm
James B on Ben Affleck
He might not be his claim of 6'3 1/2 but in photos he looks that big.
James B on Vince Vaughn
LOL at Affleck being 6'1. He's a legit 6'2 who gives a 6'3.5 impression.
James B on Harrison Ford
Honestly in most of his films looked a 6ft guy to me.

6'1 seemed extreme.
James B on Damon Wayans
6'1.5 but gives 6'1 flat impression.
wesley on Angela Lansbury
She may be 5'7 now that she's close to 90 but she was definitely 5ft8-8.5" when she was younger. I remember her in the 1944 movie Gaslight where she played the maid to Ingrid Bergman's wealthy character. Bergman was 5ft10 and Lansbury didn't look much shorter.
James B on Jim Carrey
Rob could you really picture this guy having almost 2 inches on Freddie prince jr? Seems really hard to picture for me. Anyway in his movies I'd say he looked 6'1 flat not 6'1.5.
[Editor Rob: 6ft 1.5 is the most I'd argue, you could say 6ft 1 is quitearguable aswell.]
Connor 183cm on Jose Pablo Cantillo
Rob he does look very close to your height, 172cm looks spot on.
James B on Rory McCann
NO WAY is he looking 6'5.5 with rob more like 6'4.
James B on Clint Eastwood
If you put a peak clint eastood under robs stadiometer he'd measure shy of 193cm. Hundred percent certain on that or basically not a legit 6'4.

I actually think a peak clint would measure similar to height challenger 13.
Connor 183cm on User Heights
@Alex 6'0 you think someone guesses you at 6ft 4 is bad, well i have been guessed at 6ft 6 before by my dads friend! he looks about 5ft 6.75-7 range same as my dad and i think them and G are working together in some height crime orginisation!, but anyway in general i mostly get guessed at 6ft 1-6ft 2 like you do, im never guessed below 6ft.
littlesue on Liza Minnelli
I would say around 5ft 1 or 2 now, definately lost more than an inch!
littlesue on Mira Sorvino
yes, nice shaped legs, maybe slightly more meat on them
Supermann on Sylvester Stallone
Stop with the 5'9 for flavin. Thats pure bull! She was at least constantly 3" shorter than 5'11"5Claudia schiffer at the height of their modelling. She is most likely a thin leggy 5'7-5'8"

And sly is! Shorter than her at least by a inch!
new guy on Ed Sheeran
@mexicanfoodlover you must be 5'3.75 because even he himself claimed 5'8 so how would he be 5'9
Pedro on Elle Fanning
Here is Elle next to Isaac Hempstead Wright: Click Here
I am not an expert on how Elle's heels and posture affected the picture. But it seems to be clear to me that Isaac is slightly taller than Elle. Do you think that Isaac is still 5'8" or is he already near 5'9"?
[Editor Rob: he could be near 5ft 9 now, been a while since he said he was about 5ft 8]
jtm on Sylvester Stallone
how do we know if his wife is really 5'9?
spaniard68 on John Wayne
It could be very possible he was 6'3" standing next to Fonda, yes, so I'm placing him at 6'3" tops, 4-4.5 cm taller than Fonda.
B on Harry Styles
I actually think he is 5'10''
jtm on Chris Evans
doesn't look over 5'11 to me. maybe 6'0 in shoes.
Amaze on Justin Bieber
hahaha shredder you joker. made me laughhh

abby we all know hes short. however he isn't as short as 5'4. he was 5'4 maybe at 17, but since then he has grown to 5'6.5. below 5'6 is crazy for him
the shredder on Mel Gibson
Movie listed heights I always laugh at , Mel 6'3 , Vin 5'8 , Wesley snipes 5'8 , Martin Lawrence 5'9
the shredder on Jose Pablo Cantillo
5'7.5 unless Rob has more footwear
the shredder on Freddie Prinze Jr
I was about to post his claim , Rob , Paul Walker mostly was his 6'1 claim.
new guy on Jose Pablo Cantillo
Rob maybe hes 5'8 but your hair makes you look a fraction taller
Louis on Kane
Kane was about 6'9 on his debut day and taker is about 6'7 nowdays and in his prime he was probably about 6'8.5.And I think kane today looks 6'7.5 max
Jed on Brad Pitt
He's minimum 5'10.5.
Louis on Kane
Kane is about 6'9 and taker is about 6'7 nowdays and in his prime he was probably about 6'8.5
Derek on Sylvester Stallone
Click Here

Here is Sly and Jennifer back in 1988. He held his own against her pretty well considering she's in small heels (he's in lifts of course).
Arch Stanton on Dean Martin
Sinatra wasn't the best looking either but I'm sure women considered both men handsome, and with the charisma that went with it, especially so. Martin wasn't "pretty" but he definitely had the classic dark and suave thing going on with his expensive suits and dark hair and skin. I wouldn't have minded being him but it that way!!
Editor Rob on Chris Hemsworth
His stunt double in Thor said "I'm 6'1" and Chris is 6'3" or 6'4" so I wear 2 and half-inch lifts"
unknown on Sneakers
Rob I have a question for the aveage skate how much taller would they make you? On a side note are there any skate shoes they you recommand that gives you another inch?
[Editor Rob: not looked at that many skate shoes, most I see are 0.5-0.75 range though]
Louis on Big Show
Big Show's real height back in wcw/early wwf looked a solid 7'1 and now he's about 6'10.5
James B on Randy Orton
I agree bork and he looked a strong 6'4 next to triple h
James B on Kevin Nash
You agree alex that Nash could even look 6'11 at wrestle-mania 1996?
James B on Kane
The tallest he could ever look was 6'9 in ring gear.

On a side note I remember kevin Nash looked 6'10 or 6'11 when he faced undertaker at wrestlemania 1996
Hector on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold is, as he is the first to admit, a born salesman. And, you've got to give him credit: for forty years, he had the world convinced he was six foot two. What a gift.
Sam on Gordon Ramsay
What height would be if he was measured there with a typical shoe? I think a flat 6'1" fits Ramsay best, if anything he can seem to be a bit under the 6'1" mark rather than over it much of the time.
[Editor Rob: if he was in a normal shoe he could very well be nearly an inch smaller and more in the 6ft 3/8ths range.]
Sam on Gal Gadot
I'm interested in her turn as Wonder Woman, although Zach Snyder's grimy action movies where he dresses his actors like their going to an S&M party is starting to get a little tiresome IMO.
Sam on Wyatt Russell
Much taller than his dad, this guy can look a solid 6'1".
Sam on Tommy Lee Jones
I think this current height is a good listing. Tommy has a reputation for sometimes being as mean as a rattlesnake but he's a good actor who brings gravitas to his role...good actor that is except for in Batman Forever.

In his credits, Rob, could you add Rolling Thunder, Coal Miner's Daughter, Lonesome Dove, Lincoln, Under Siege (the best performance anyone ever gave in a Steven Seagal movie), JFK and In the Valley of Elah, might need to drop the middling U.S. Marshals.
Dost on Aishwarya Rai
I think I said this earlier, but speaking of tall actresses in serials, check out Shireen Mirza in "Yeh Hai Mohabbatein". She stars as Simmi and is very tall. Looks to be about 5'10 in flats easily!
Jeff C on Sylvester Stallone
Bernie you're correct. there are listings of Jennifer flavin height that range from 5'7 to 5'9. So more likely she is 5'8. I guess Mr Goldman was right all along.
Sam on Harvey Keitel
I saw Grand Budapest and don't recall it having been good for height comparison in Keitel's case. I thought he still looked around 5'7" next to Ed Norton in Moonrise Kingdom.
Sam on Natalie Portman
She has one of the most gorgeous faces in movies today, although I thought her look was too thin in Black Swan. Usually don't go in for girls this petite, but her beauty is hard to ignore. Something about her makes me think she'd be...uh, difficult in person.
Sam on Jim Carrey
I'd agree that this guy is a solid 6'1", 186-187 cm peaking, barely dips below the 6'1" mark.
Sam on Shane Rangi
I agree, you should keep the sword, Rob, in case the "Ultimate A$$hole" tracks you down at a con.
[Editor Rob: anybody messes with me and they know I mean business!]
Sam on Nicholas Rowe
His height was clearly under-listed back when he was 19...I don't think anyone grows an extra 4 inches after 19 unless they have a growth disorder.
Sam on James Caan
The guy's getting pretty old so has probably lost an inch or more (not only half an inch) hence his appearance w/ Crudup. Back in The Godfather, I believe he had a small lift (probably learned it from being on the lift-heavy set of El Dorado!), why he appeared to edge out 5'11"ish guys like Francis Coppola and John Cazale in photos.
Sam on Zuleikha Robinson
I agree, I thought she was at least 5'8".
Koalized on Johnny Depp
In the first photo next to Jerry Bruckheimer considering the shoes advantage and the posture (he's standing on the left legs tiptoeing a little bit on the right foot) he doesn't look 5'9''
francesco on Bud Spencer
in some photos terence hill appears 3-4cm taller than fabio fazio. Difficult to understand the real difference from the pictures available.
Bud Spencer in an interview a few years ago said 192 cm (no 193)
At this point I think:
Peak bud :192-189 (morning-evening)
Bud in the 70: 191-188 (morning-evening)
Bud in the 90: 188-185 (morning-evening)
Bud today: 184-181 (morning-evening)
Normal loss of 8 cm

Peak terrence hill :182-180 .5 (morning-evening)
Terrence Hill today: 177 - 175.5 (morning-evening)
Normal loss of 5 cm

Because of the terrible posture bud has always seemed to 3-4 cm less than its real height. For this reason it sometimes seems only 3cm taller than terence hill

Obviously it's a game and no one is sure, but one thing is certain: it is impossible to have lost only 3 cm with age
Sam on Craig Robinson
He doesn't seem very height consicuous, seems to walk with loose posture and hunches.
loka on Sylvester Stallone
My God, i can't believe how some of you are in denial... Rob ? what do you think of these last pics whith his Wife. isn't it the proof that he's the same height if not taller than her ?
[Editor Rob: they are pretty close, it would be interesting to measure both of them]
Sam on Jose Pablo Cantillo
This guy looked bigger on-screen when was on The Walking Dead. Looks like a correct listing.
Sam on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
He also looks rather shorter than 6'3" with 6'0.5" John Cena. I wouldn't say he ever looks as low as 6'0.5"-6'1" IMO.
Sam on Paul Newman
There's a surprising number of comments about Newman appear 5'3"-5'6" by people who claim to have seen him at racetracks. Are these really all from different commentors, Rob? The man was 5'9.5" peak and 5'8.25" towards the end IMO.
[Editor Rob: you had Frank2 and his second alter ego who met him and thought he was near 5ft 10, and I don't think that man was making it up. Whether it was a slight overestimate or not I don't know, but certainly you wouldn't be getting a 4 inch overestimate :)]
Sam on James Garner
I agree that he looked closer to 6'1" (never 6'3") at times but could pass for 6'2" range enough at peak. From your comments, it sounded like a posthumous Doris Day documentary but she's still alive!
berta on Laurence Fishburne
my father same age as fishbournehasnt shrunk a mm my uncle is 62 hastn shrunk anything my mother 59 hasnt shrunk anything my grandmother 90 years have shrunk 5 cm. Hard to believe fushburne have shrunk anything . He is an actor that hastn used his body at all he probably shrink when he is 60
Just on Karlie Kloss
If Liu Wen is 5'10 as listed, then Karlie is 6'0"5 as listed. Click Here There isn't much height difference between them for Karlie to be 6'2 or up. People try to upgrade her height because else she would destroy a lot of height claims of for example Gisele Bundchen and Taylor Swift.
Emil 182.5 cm on Football Soccer
The famous Encyclopedia (which name starts with a W) has Cavani listed as 1.88 m and I do believe he's taller than his usual 1.84 listing but I believe 1.85-86m is probably bang on?
[Editor Rob: having looked at Cavani with Ibrahimovich, the 188 is too much, actually in the 184 range seems more believable ]
edk on Harry Styles
Click Here

I think from this photo we can definately say hes not 5ft10 barefoot. 5ft9 is is a safe bet. As many of you have mentioned before, he wear boots with heels and has skinny legs with skinny jeans that "adds" height.
berta on Arnold Schwarzenegger
weak 187 at peak like 186,5-187 and now looks like 182 but i have a feeling that he could be 183 when measures. 184 is probably his morning height now
berta on Sylvester Stallone
dont think he is under 175. he take growth hormones so i dont think he have shrunk.
idontlie on Johnny Depp
5'7 .. he wears giant lifts
Amaze on General Height
@DLB trust me. Wait how tall are you? In cm?

I think 6' is a good ideal height yeah. What do you think of 6 ft 2?
Njp on Hulk Hogan
No wayyy was he ever 6'6" or taller. He was only ever 6 inches taller than Mr T if that. 6'2" now at the very most.
spainmen on Rob Paul
Hey Rob,how much should a man of 6ft 3 tipically weight? Im 6ft3 18 years old from 17 to 18 I grow 0.75 almost an inch ,and Im very skinny I weigh 157 pounds but Im probably still gainig a bit of height, I only was 5ft6.5 at 14 so do you think that now that Im 18 could start gaining more weigh and muscle? Also my arms are very long and skinny I have a 6ft6 armspan(probably a little more) the average of my group of friends its normally 5ft8-5ft11 and there are not so skinny!
[Editor Rob: you are quite thin at your height, but still young and are likely to put on a bit more mass in next few years. In the 180 might be more of an average body range]
Late 187cm on Football Soccer
@ kaplaaa

Yeah, I saw those from the US tour. Gerrard actually looked shorter in some, but you can't tell footwear from the picture.

Click Here
Late 187cm on General Height
@ RobV

You're missing the point about personality. I'm not talking about an in-depth psychological evaluation, I'm talking about visible traits that are easily picked up on, such as confidence, good humour, 'coolness'. The vibe a person is giving off.

"And in that trio, it was their height and build that really made the impact and gave them the A List status in the clubs." - You were there, not me, but that's just your opinion, not a measurable fact. Personally I think that's a little too simplistic.
Lewis on Charlize Theron
I thought she was a giant, like easily over 6 feet, but 5-10 isn't much at all.
Laura on Kate Beckinsale
I have never met her, though I will say this: When I looked up her height I was surprised because to me she actually doesn't look 5"7, I always thought about 5"5. I think its pretty obvious that Lee Wiseman isn't over 5"9 when you see him next to a 6"1 Chris Klein. That does make Kate not over 5"5 since she's the same height as her husband in 5" heels, AND her stylist would need to have her correct measurements and height to do her job properly. I could be wrong but she just doesn't look 5"7 to me.
Greg on James Garner
Just finished reading his biography (a good read). There are some interesting personal, off set pics in it. A younger garner was around 6'3". There's about an inch difference between garner and 6'4" tom selleck in a personal picture taken in 1978. As someone else commented, in the episode of maverick with eastwood there's not a whole lot of difference between their heights.
Just on Cara Delevingne
@ katyW Cara is NOT 5'5. In similar heels she's about Taylor Swift's height. Click Here Click Here While in sneakers and slouching with Taylor in 4" heels, she's about 3 inches shorter than Taylor. Click Here She even kinda looks taller than Taylor...
Arch Stanton on Tim Robbins
He must be pretty huge in person James as every show host says that same thing "very very big man" whenever he's on a show!! Just goes to show how tall a proper barefoot guy of this height actually is!
jamieorr4 on General Height
yes rob i guess 62 is the perfect height
Vegas on Hulk Hogan
Chris says on 30/Jul/14
I don't know what you're watching. The guy was huge in the WCW/NWO, in the mid 90s- he wasn't that much shorter than Kevin Nash. And had a good inch on Scott Hall

he looks quite a bit shorter than nash here in 97 on flat ground from 5 minutes onward Click Here
Figo on Aishwarya Rai
She appeared in few episodes opposite r madhavan.she played the role of manoj pahwas daughter whose name was bhamra in the serial.she would be around 6.2 in height.honestly she would dwarf yukta and karishma tanna easily
ER. on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Would love it if Viper made his own celebrity height page. You'd have The Rock at 5-11 3/4, Arnold at 5-6, Matthew Modine at 4-11, Michael Clarke Duncan at 6-0 in cowboy boots and lifts standing on four phone books and so on. And Viper himself would have his own page where magically grew little by litte as time moved on and the site progressed.
radu on Johnny Depp
Check this out adrien brody steven tyler johnny depp and jim carrey...adrien looks soooooooooooo short..

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