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3 July
JT on Andre The Giant
We’ve been through this how many times now? My hand is not quite 8.5” from the first wrist crease to the top of the middle finger. Click Here Andre’s hand length came out around 9.75” so his head may not even be 12" long. Click Here

A 7’0” Andre (which he ain’t) with a 16” head Click Here Chaz, the 11 in Ryan 11 probably stands for 11 years old so that may explain it.

This guy with Rob measured ~6.3.5” or roughly one inch taller than what Inoki would be in dress shoes. Click Here Andre’s in cowboy boots but they probably don’t give the extra boost like the ones he wore with Wilt and Arnold.
mr.rashid on John Abraham
Seems to be solid 6 foot in films, but in most promo pics he looks flat 5'11" so I'd say weak 5'11.5 for him atm.
john on Nicholas Lyndhurst
Nicholas Lyndhurst always looked shorter than john challis and roger Lloyd pack I really doubt he was ever 6'1.75 I would say 6'1 max for Lyndhurst if peak challis was a strong 6'2.
James B on Rob Paul
6'2 is a decent tall height. Much better and more attractive than being 6'4 or 6'5. Personally I think wanting to be over 6'2 if your a guy is dumb unless you want to play b ball or if you go for VERY shallow women who want to date very tall men. Brad who is 6'6 commented that he missed being 6'2.
CD on Christopher Gorham
Rob did you just change the listing after meeting him because I didn't see what he was listed before?
ferris on Christopher Gorham
Jesus! it looks like chris has aged alot lol. Btw he looks 181-182 range in here so 5'11.5" is absolutely spot on! He can easily get away with claiming 6ft
James B on Chris J Evans
Iam thinking my guy friend looks 6'4 compared to Evans

Would u agree rob?
[Editor Rob: it depends how much he is losing, chris that is.]
joe 193cm night on Tom Brady
6´4(193 cm)
A6'2Guy on Brad Pitt
@Zack I do believe are exaggerating things a bit too much, "midget land" (not even simply "short", midget land apparently), I bet you if you were to get every average height for a man in every country and averaged it you'd get something like 5'9 - 5'10, I don't know where you are going with "midget land" there.

I bet you are from somewhere in Scandinavia and are exaggerating things a bit much to be honest. A few I've seen on here believe 6'4 is average or 6'4 is just enough to make you a "manly" height just according to their personal experiences, they are faulty at best. The highest average height I've seen is about 6'0, I do not know where are getting "barely average from" either, you sound like a troll.
hijopotamus on Matthew McConaughey
Zyzz, did you watch the Letterman interview? I guess not.
Gregory Barbosa on Brad Pitt
MJKoP says on 2/Jul/15
Waltz is only 5'7".
Click Here
well, they are kinda similar in size. That is, when Pitt is not in his usual megaheels
Omid on Kane

I completely disagree with everything you just said...Body Fat weight is a different story than Muscle weight and yes, People with "excess" muscle may end up obese if they don't take care of business

What people fail to understand is that body building takes commitment, it takes effort to maintain one's body and unless its really excess, its completely healthy

And no, no matter how you want to look at it, no mentally sane human being would pick Becham's or Punk's body over Chris Hemsworth's

The same way People choose Trish Straus's body over a fat women
Moke on Dolph Lundgren
I thought he was 6'4 until today. Looks 6'2.5 max.
62B on Hulk Hogan
I found this video of Hogan and Dibiase in 1979. I know Rob has Dibiase listed as 6'3", but he was really more like 6'3 1/2 to 6'3 3/4. I met him at the YMCA while working out in the early 1990's, there were mirrors everywhere, I could tell he was slightly taller than I was, and I was usually measured between 6'3" and 6' 3 1/4".
Click Here
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Doonican with 5'10.5 listed Des O' Connor Click Here About 2 inches shorter than Rolf Harris too I think, I think somewhere ins 5 ft 8 range i probably about right.
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Any idea on Val Doonican Rob? His first hit single was "Walk Tall"! He should be added on merit of that!
[Editor Rob: to be fair anybody with a song like that and who actually is the same height as me, should be added!]
tom on Chris J Evans
Man did not realise he was this tall, most of the time you see him sitting down I suppose!
James B on Chris J Evans
Rob how tall does my guy friend look here compared to chris evans. He met him back in 2012

Click Here
[Editor Rob: might look a bit taller]
AlexMahone on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
miko says on 2/Jul/15
Nice pic Vegas, I guess Clint is 5'9 range if Rock is apparently 6'1...

Yes, and Kim Kold is only 6'2", Paul Walker was only 6'0", Brendan Fraser (same height as the Rock) is 6'0" as well, etc.

Shrek, you and you're fellow Rock downgraders ignore all the proofs, picture evidences for that Johnson is taller than the laughable 6'0".

You are right, I've seen enough proofs that you are obsessed.
joe 193cm night on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
I still think he was 6'3 at peakClick Here
kal98 on Dolph Lundgren
Wow what an amazing person! and so many of Us have been inspired to keep working out, and strive for the best! As a person ages they naturally shrink that's why keeping active and taking supplements is a great idea, women also loose height after menopause so gals keep stretching, exercising and looking at hunky, yummy Dolph!
vfpswiftie on Taylor Swift
Rob, do you think she could reach 6ft2 in 4 inch heels??
[Editor Rob: no, I think she comes in under that mark..]
Amaze on General Height
The world isnt designed for those tall people no offense lol, they have many problems. All people that height wish they were shorter. When you wish you were shorter that's when you know your height is bad.
6'0-6'3 is fine honestly, 6'4-5 are OK.
6'4-5 guys even get tall guy issues.. Imagine at 6'6-7+ and over... Nah that's horrible. 6'0-2 best for being tall and comfortable
true on Tom Holland

@Tom is more than 5'6''

The pictures are recent from 2014.The 2º photo shows a pair of elevator shoes,while the first one don't.
Ria on Karlie Kloss
If Karlie Kloss is 6'1.5" in her bare feet then Taylor Momsen is 6'0" in her bare feet.
Amaze on General Height
@Emil182-3cm your height is better and your still tall lol

@Rampage clover come in handy for what?!? Basketball , that's it..
In real life it is too tall.
Anything over 6'5 does not look good and is too tall.
Too tall for girls.
Lol that's the first insane post I've seen you do
6'3-4 is fine if you wanna be very tall and reach all the high shelves. 6'5 Max. 6'6 and over is too tall for real life. 6'7+ and over is bad height.
JKE168cm on Taylor Swift
Jessie j is listed here at 5 ft 8.25
Click Here
Arch Stanton on Nino Manfredi
@Alex In Italy at the time though he could pull off looking tallish!
Arch Stanton on Nino Manfredi
Click Here That's not how a 5'10-5'11 man looks with a 6'1.5 guy!
At times Manfredi could look strong 5'9 range, others, more strong 5'8" range. I think around 5 ft 9 is the best shout.
Arch Stanton on Nino Manfredi
@Andrea, Google him with 6'1.5-6'2 Gassman, that's not 5 ft 11! As I say I think its possible Volonte had lifts on in his scenes with Clint to look more imposing.
Arch Stanton on Nino Manfredi
Rob can you squeeze in The Last Judgement, A cavallo della tigre, El verdugo and Portrait of a Woman, Nude?
Arch Stanton on Chris J Evans
Spot on I think, taller than most people would automatically think.
grizz on Taylor Swift
@jack, you read NYDaily News article about her? :) Me too.
In regards why she looks like she came out of a runway when going out of the gym-now that she's in NY, people take pictures of her constantly. And we all know we don't look the best after the gym. However, that's no excuse in my eyes since many other super-celebrities don't give a damn about how they look after the gym . Click Here Hilarious article that shows more about how mentally ill Taylor is other than how unsuccessful this reporter was in accomplishing that post-gym-Taylor look.

I also saw an interview of her with one reporter who asked something like "did she ever try to put a wig or a cover to avoid people" She responded that wouldn't work since she's so tall and wears heels and they'd know she's Taylor in disguise.
a)girl, you ain't that tall
b)why you need to wear heels?
risky6 on Hulk Hogan
Andre was at the very most 7'1" and maybe 7'4" with boots and his afro but when he died he measured a little over 6'10" thats a fact. Hogan is not under 6'4" now but is no more another fact and he was at the most 6'6" and more likely 6'5.75 afternoon barefoot.
grizz on Arnold Schwarzenegger
@Rob, what do you think- would Arnold still be 6ft tall had he not joined the dark force, I mean, politics?
[Editor Rob: he kept lifting heavy for many decades, it has to take a toll. Plus, his cigar habit might effect his body in ways some bodybuilders don't...]
Just on Taylor Swift
@ Mon Jessie J is not listed at 5'9 here. She was wearing 3" heels but Taylor was wearing 5" platform high heels then.
jervis on Clint Eastwood
Gavin looks to have the edge pn Clint,still stick to peak 6ft3 for Clint.
Tunman on Tom Brady
He was measured exactly at 6'4 3/8",probably late morning?
6'4-4.25 is fine.
But what about Gisele at 5'10 or 5'10.25?She looks a good 4" shorter than him with a standard 3"heels.A little downgrade,Rob?Too many are insisting she's not the full 5'10.5"
Height183 on Football Soccer
Fernando is no taller than 6'0'' flat honestly. He is the same height as Super Frank.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Lamps is tiptoeing a bit in the last picture.
Gonzalo on Cary Grant
Cary Grant and Adrien Brody
Click Here
Sam on Rob Paul
@Arch Stanton, yeah you're probably right. A lot of guys desire to be 6ft2 but from the average woman's point of view its maybe more like 6 feet even is ideal.

@182, I'm not disputing its a good height, just saying 6 feet and above (to an extent) is simply better. Almost everyone will tell you that.
Gonzalo on Burt Lancaster
Another ticky guy. In The flame and the arrow (great film, by the way), he looks a bit over 1`80. In field of dreams, in his seventies, he looks as tall as Kevin Costner who is clearly a legit 1`85 guy.
In the Charlton Heston page I posted a pic of both men together and Burt doesn´t look over 1`82-83. I could go on.
He looks anywhere from 1`81 to 1`87
Gonzalo on Charlton Heston
Heston and Lancaster. Lancaster looks short next de Heston
Click Here
Click Here
Height183 on John Cena
John Cena did great in height, considering his father is only in the 5'7'' range and his mother is even shorter. He is the tallest out of all his brothers. He's pretty much been tall all of his life, since he has admitted he's been 6'0'' since 13 years of age.
Gonzalo on Kirk Douglas
In his book The Ragman´s son there is a picture of his resumé as an actor and in his height it says 5`11.
What´s going on in here? Who is the lift wearer? Father or son?

Click Here
Click Here
Height183 on Brock Lesnar
I don't think it's even a mystery anymore Rob. I don't think Brock got measured at 6'2'' 3/8ths at all. Someone has made that up and it caught on.

I'm still not buying Brock at 6'2''. I do think he can hit 6'2'' in the morning. But I don't think he can maintain that height barefoot throughout the day. He looks to small for that.

Perfect example of a near 6'2'' man. Still very tall regardless.

At the end of the day, it's just my take on things. So please respect my opinion like I respect yours. Lets not do a 'Musa' on eachother. We are all too old for that.
[Editor Rob: data does vanish. There are many cases I've seen a quote, put it up and the source vanishes. News articles expire, websites die, a lot of news articles are behind pay sites.]
Vegas on Brock Lesnar
would be interested to see height183s estimates for everyone in this photo..thats 15 ago btw Click Here

i do laugh though at height183 taking a dig at my eastwood/rock photo calling it "one of the most awful pictures I've ever seen to compare height"..then proceeds to post a bunch of much worse height comparison photos himself :D
Dougal on The Undertaker
UT was neither the Kayfabe 6'10 or 6'10 1/2 at tallest height or merely 6'7 or so as often features on here, (although around that height now). The truth was likely somewhere in between. Although some uncertainty remains, around 6'8 1/2 seems about right taking into account all evidence of early/mid 1990's footage available on well known internet sites and there is an awful lot of it. Jake is right at around 6'5 although typically had a footwear advantage also.
Vegas on The Undertaker
James B says on 1/Jul/15
Vegas jake looked 6'4-6'5

i would have said 6'4. he didn't look taller next to orton than drew galloway did and galloway isn't more than a flat 6'4. jake had about half an inch footwear advantage on orton that night
Matthew on Tom Brady
This listing is correct, he would measure likely around 6'4.25". He's referred to himself as 6'5" in the past, which he was listed at in college, but he's closer to the 6'4" he's listed at by the Patriots. The old Patriots QB Bledsoe, was about 6'5.5" - 6'5.75" range but chose to round all the way down to 6'5", a rarity in sports.
Height183 on Kane
Lol James are you kidding? Cena is one of the most calmest, down to earth guys in the whole business! Everyone backstage says it, even the superstars that are jealous of his success admit it.

By the way, I'd never choose to have David Beckhams build over Cenas. That's crazy! Lol
Rick on Brock Lesnar
Height183, JBL was wearing cowboy boots.
Height183 on Sneakers
Rob, have you seen those Karrimor trainers? How much do reckon they give? They look like they would give one a decent boost.
[Editor Rob: yes I've seen them in SportsDirect shops, I think some of them give 1.3-1.5 range, a lot are reasonably thick.]
mike on Daniel Craig
Craig is a clear 5'9.5, he isn't 5'10, there is enough evidence of this, 176cm and change is my estimate.
MaryAnne on Tom Brady
Gisele is so lucky. I love both of them. ^^
mike on Hugh Dancy
His height really confuses me, he also has bad posture, sometimes he genuinely looks 177cm, other times he looks flat 175cm. This guy is anywhere from 175-177cm.
Real Paul Solar on Andy Serkis
I saw him walking down Molton St London in 2005. He was easily 175cm but he had huge cowboy boots on. Another friend met him trimming his hedges and said he was 170cm, probably 171cm first thing in the morning. Friend could not confirm what footwear he was wearing.
Real Paul Solar on Chris O'Dowd
I met Richard Ayoade on London Underground, he confirmed that he is 180cm but he wouldn't stand up. He looked a sold 1801cm though. Very good looking.
Arch Stanton on Satyajit Ray
Spot on Sam yeah. For me it's all about the experience, the surreal like quality or realism of the dialogue, the poetic nature of them, metaphor and emotional dynamic which you don't get in Hollywood, that's what makes them so special. I do think you need to have a certain level of intelligence to really appreciate them, and understand what the filmmakers are trying to achieve as a lot of people are going to the cinema to watch something which looks more like a conventional entertainment film. In a way it's like comparing some of the best classical music/opera with popular rap and hip hip music, the majority aren't going to appreciate it. A lot of people in fact won't pick up on a lot of the qualities in those sorts of films, that's why they think they're boring.
Arch Stanton on Sir Laurence Olivier
Odd, but I thought the shortest I've seen him look was in Hamlet where I thought he looked 5'9 range.
Shuvayu on Kevin Nash
Khali 7"1.5", Show 7', Nash 6"9.5", Kane & Taker both 6'8"
Ramiro on Elvis Presley
Again using pics where we can't see feet (even from waist up), nor floor or ground, without knowing if they are somewhat tilted, and where Elvis' companions are clearly in cowboy boots, where Elvis, according with clothes, is surely in regular shoes or even in slippers. As an example of the latter, in one of the pics with Robert Wagner Elvis is "dressed" in housecoat, very probably in his dressing room, while Wagner is dressed as his cowboy movie role.
Paul on Ben Affleck
Rob, who do you think would be taller between him and Brandon Routh
[Editor Rob: brandon I believe is taller by a fraction]
Arch Stanton on Tamsin Egerton
Saw a picture of her with Josh Hartnett and in one pic actually looked taller, I wondered if she was nearer 6 ft. In looking she says her dad is 6 ft 3 and mother 5 ft 8 so it aint surprising how tall she is!!
dkbose on Anushka Sharma
In badmaash company there is this beach scene wherein shahid and anushka are together barefoot. They are the exact same height she is 5'7.5
Ria on Taylor Momsen
@Natasha If Taylor Momsen is 6'0" in her bare feet then DJ Calvin Harris is 7'0".
Ria on Taylor Momsen
@If Karlie Kloss is really at least 6 inches taller than Taylor Momsen in her bare feet then DJ Calvin Harris was born female but became male by taking testosterone.
Ria on Taylor Momsen
@Natasha Taylor Momsen cannot be shorter than 5'11" in her bare feet because she has size 11 feet. Karlie Kloss is nowhere near 7'0" in her bare feet.
Ria on Taylor Momsen
@Natasha Taylor Momsen cannot be shorter than 5'11" in her bare feet because she has size 10 feet. Karlie Kloss is nowhere near 7'0" in her bare feet.
The Dutch Guy on Michael Shannon
Definetely no less than 191cm and no more than 192cm. He has that giant head that tall guys often have.
Gonzalo on Nino Manfredi
Manfredi looked in the 1`75 área. The film "El verdugo" (the hangman) should be mentioned above. An absolute masterpiece.
Key on Ian Wright
Personally, doesn't look 5'9. More like 5'8
Yo on Ingrid Michaelson
Don't know why Google has her at 5'8.
John on Sullivan Stapleton
Rob do you think he's a bit taller than Phillip Winchester? Looks like a 6'1.5" to me in Strike Back. And how much do you think he weighs? Looks bigger than the 170lbs he's listed at.
[Editor Rob: to me, they look so close that they should measure within a 1/4 inch.]
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM on Bradley Cooper
He's 1"-1.5" inches taller than Vin Diesel in some of the photos of the two together, and he might be dropping a bit of height.
RealityCheck on Jake Gyllenhaal
He's only 5'8, 5'9. Look up Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena on BET 106&Park or look up the End of Watch Red Carpet Pics. He only has about 2 to 3 inches on Pena. Michael Pena is LISTED at 5'7 w/ some people saying he's only 5'6.
5-6 inch Difference?? I don't think so.
2 July
Height183 on Randy Orton
Rob, do you think he is looking above 6'4'' in this picture again?

Click Here

Randys posture is just awful over half the time.
[Editor Rob: in that still he could look a fraction over 6ft 4.]
RealityCheck on Daniel Craig
He's only 5'7, 5'8 MAX. Look at Daniel Craig next to Kenan Thompson (5'8.5 according to THIS SITE) on SNL. Just Google "Kenan Thompson Daniel Craig". Same shoes and Craig looks SHORTER than Thompson.
Matthew on Justin Bieber
bieberhasgrown says on 1/Jul/15
he cannot have worn lifts while playing tennis in short trousers. The guy must be over 174 cm


Check him next to 5'4" range Skrillex or when he went barefoot next to the 5'10" model. There's not a chance he's 5'8.5". Between 5'6" and 5'7" is debatable. 5'8.5" is just clearly too high.
Matthew on Vince Vaughn
He was always 6'4.5" rather than the full 6'5", and could even have started drifting down to 6'4" flat just recently. Check him out next to Chris Pratt, who is likely a shade under 6'2": Click Here
Gx79 on Ben Affleck
Rob do you think he has worn lifts before
[Editor Rob: I can't believe he would. Many many times with Damon, for photos he wouldn't stand tall, I'm not sure he really bothered with his height that much or wanting to look taller.]
Danimal on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 1/Jul/15
6ft2 flat is silly

Silly? Why is it so difficult for your to accept the evidence that is provided to you? Why the need to have everyone always be taller than they really are? You should ask yourself that question.
Alec67 on Thomas F Wilson
6'2" in the BTTF movies
J.Lee on Angelina Love
Rob, her proportions make her look 5 ft 9 at first glance
Kreyzig 6ft 3 on Ryan Reynolds
"I m 6ft 1-6ft 2" this line rules out his chances of being more than 6ft I was correct in my previous post that he is 6ft 2 max
Fitness on General Height
Hello Rob. How tall is tallest guy in the picture if the other two claim 5'7ish? Click Here
[Editor Rob: maybe 5ft 9.5]
Owen on George Clooney
Rob, what do you say about this photo?
Click Here

Is clooney 5ft11.5 or is brad 5ft10?
[Editor Rob: it's more just position of them that gives Clooney more height, you photo from the other side Here and it will look different. One thing, pitt for once has a fraction less shoe than Clooney...]
Owen on Manu Bennett
yea this guy is definitely 5ft9
his torso looks like one of a 5ft7 man
AdeyP on Robbie Williams
James B says on 12/Mar/15
Rob my mum has seen Robbie Williams live in concert and she did not believe me when i told her that he was 6ft. My mum said he looked around 5'9.

My mum has seen sting live as well and she commented he looked 5'11 to her (around beckhams height).

She did get it spot on for stings height so why would it be any different for robbie?
Ridiculous comment! You're mum as not an expert, saw Robbie from a distance, and once guessed sting's height. Your comment is useless dilly
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM on Ashton Kutcher
He looks no more than 6'2" by P Diddy (even considering the posture).
Guyster on Matt Nable
Matt is a strong 5" 11, he was great in underbelly badness and brother's in arm's the bikie wars.
Els on Essie Davis
Essie Davis appears to be petite - 5 ft. 1 in.
RP on Hulk Hogan
RYAN, taking into consideration that Inoki's true barefoot height was 6'1.5",,, all that shows is a 6'5" to 6'5.5" Hogan...I'll go 6'5.5" since he's got. Slight lean into Linda there...and it shows a 6'11" Andre The Giant. If..."if" he's not getting a 1" footwear advantage from cowboy boots?? Then it shows us a 6'10ish Andre! And it sure looks like he's wearing 2" healed Cowboy boots there?? Hogan & Inoki are both in 1" healed tuxedo dress shoes.
Bruno on Gary Cooper
Ferrer was 6'3'' and Cooper looks similar or slightly taller. I think peak Coop was slightly taller than peak Stewart. I'd say 192 peak nothing less.
Micho on Michael Jackson
in Bosnia Michael wore very big heels(around 1-2 inches) looked taller than 5'10 me, so possible height for him is 5'10-9
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Tom Welling
Because he's got good posture, he could easily be mistaken for 6ft3+(Technically he is that but much earlier in the day).
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM on Justin Bieber
5'10" is slightly above average. 5'9.5" is the average.
Steve on Clint Eastwood
Clint with 6'4" John Gavin. Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on John Schneider
I have a hard time believing he'd edge out Welling...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Nicholas Lyndhurst
"Nicholas Lyndhurst's height is 6ft 1¾in (187cm)"

Right between Roger Lloyd Pack (6ft2¼) and John Challis (6ft1½)
MaryAnne on Heidi Klum
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on David Soul
"Peak height was 6ft 0¾in (185cm)"

Did look about 6ft1 in Magnum Force.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Warren Beatty
In Bonnie & Clyde

Warren Beatty - 6ft1¾(187cm)
Gene Hackman - 6ft2¼(189cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jerry O'Connell
Rob, he's standing further away from the camera and he's eye-level w/h Duhamel. Not suggesting he's really the same height though . But I think a strong 6ft2 is more appropriate for Jerry.
[Editor Rob: he could look close to duhamel in height, there is a bigger footwear difference, you could always argue he looks a fraction over 6ft 2 at times and has dropped the small fraction and goes with 6ft 2.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Sam Shephard
Didn't he edge Christian Bale in Out of The Furnace, Rob?
Pedro on Chris Hemsworth
Here is Chris next to Tom Holland: Click Here
Tom is probably slightly taller now, but how tall was he in this picture?
Emil 182-183 cm on Tom Cruise
an anonymous peach says on 11/Jun/15
Why hasn't Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr or Sylvester Stallone resorted to limb-lengthening surgery yet?

Lol there's absolutely no reason to do that...
Modeus on Natalia Vodianova
"only 5ft8" for a female is a bit odd,that's still tall.
A6'2Guy on Anna Faris
@Silent d I wouldn't say average is short... Neither tall nor short in non relative terms to be honest.
A6'2Guy on Nicholas Hoult
@Judd My mother in her prime was (probably) about 5'5 (maybe more 5'4) and father about 6'2, going by this I could be 6'3 when done growing. Now I have a friend who has a mother that is about 5'8 - 5'9 (Equivalent of 6'2 - 6'3 for a male) with a father who is about average (Like my mother) and we pretty much meet eye to eye, that makes sense to me, what you are saying COULD be just a myth.
Isabel on Rick Moranis
Rick Moranis: is 5"1'
Y2A on Brock Lesnar
Click Here Also, Damien Sandow is 6'3" range and JBL has more than an inch on him.
Y2A on Brock Lesnar
That's not a "decent picture" at all. Even if JBL is dropping as much height as Lesnar there, he's also nearer the camera.

Also, JBL is 6'4.5" at worst. In the first of the two photos you posted he's edging out Orton and in the second one he's visibly hunching over (I'm not sure how you didn't notice this)
Y2A on Roger Moore
Connery 186cm peak? Are you 'avin a giggle?
Y2A on Justin Timberlake
Affleck at 6'1 is insanity, but that's expected coming from Viper.
Y2A on Height Request
How tall do you think Gregg Wallace is Rob? This article (Click Here) describes him as being 5'8" Not sure exactly how reliable it is but I thought he was a bit taller than that. What about yourself?
[Editor Rob: I'd have guessed he was around that zone.]
fisch on Zachary Levi
Routh is clearly not 40 pounds heavier than him..but I agree that routh and levi looked very close in height in some episodes from chuck, but levi wears chucks all the time on that show.. soo 2cm difference seems right
so on Kylie Jenner
yeah i also would put her at 5'8
James B on Kane
Unlike john cena David Beckham is a perfect example of a healthy fit athlete who knows from experience where to draw the line with weight and muscle building. Even if he ain't the sharpest knife in the draw he seems to be more conscious aware about keeping his weight within the healthy range compared to any wrestler in history and so it seems the majority of men out there who have no common sense about what they should weigh for there height. Besides that is why he is renowned for having a good body. In this culture as well a lot of women seem to let there weight get unhealthily low because society/fashion magazine tells them its more 'feminine'

Put it this way most women would go for a man with a body like beckhams over john cenas. cena like all of the wwe wrestlers if he does not lose weight might end up obese when he is older if his muscle turns into fat.

Judging by Cenas temper on tv never know he might be on something? He always seems to shout and act like a man possessed when he is on the microphone. You have to wonder if that's him acting or genuine roid rage?

Cm punk for a wrestler was an exception though he was a healthy weight at between 170-180 pounds at nearly 6ft. A healthy athlete.

I myself weigh at between 149-154 pounds at 5'7 1/4. Have been using most of the muscle/leg muscle building machines at my gym with a good mixture of cardio and my weight has not gotten to very high levels. I myself am medium built.

The bottom line being in the overweight/obese range for your height if muscle or fat puts a strain on your heart and organs. Just look at the state brock lesner was in at summerslam last year. people thought he was having having heart problems.

These wrestlers have to be on something to get there weights so high. If its natural then they must be lifting VERY heavy weight every second of the day and not doing enough cardio.
Scootie Adamn on John Abraham
181.6 (5'11.5)
Emil 182-183 cm on Edi Gathegi
@Sammy Derrick.
Edi was born in Kenya by Kenyan parents but he grew up in the US, so both you and Rob are right :)
Emil 182-183 cm on Justin Bieber
Don't you mean ft/in and not cm?
And if Bieber looked 5'5-5'6 to you then maybe you and your brother are taller than you think you are.
Lorne??? on John Noble
He did have weird posture on fringe...

I agree with these listings, especially since his agency had him at 182 and not 183cm.
Finn on Vladimir Putin
Putin looked like 5'5" and a half (166cm) with president Sauli Niinistö.

mande2013 you shoould come to finland and say 5'7 is pushing average in here, well no way :)
Key on Michael Raymond-James
Finally, Michael Raymond-James has a page, he's my favorite actor! Once I knew Michael Raymond-James height, I started to pay close attention to it. Honestly from all the movies and TV shows I've seen him in, he's looked like a solid 5'9, or even a solid 5'10. Just recently I saw that IMDB changed his height from 5'9 to 5'8. Even on here, his height is 5'8. Just a question Rob, why do you feel he is 5'8 instead of a 5'9. (Personally, I'm fine with the change, since I am 5'8.5) But why do you and IMDB now change his height to 5'8? Thanks!
[Editor Rob: he looked about 5ft 8 from what I've watched of him.]
Lorne??? on Kobe Bryant
Further proof of what we already know; that NBA heights are taken I'm the morning.

Click Here

As you can see, Pat Conn. measured 6ft4(barefoot) at the combine, yet earlier this year he measured 6ft3.75.(oddly enough, his reach was longer in the New England measurement!).

But it's clear to me that was a later measurement. So this guy(whom I actually like; he seemed like a solid player at Notre Dame, though I don't watch college b-ball, except Notre Dame playoff games this year) is touted as a 6ft5 SG prospect, yet he's actually a fraction under 6'4. Boy, I bet Hollywood loves getting pics taken with B-ball players. :)

(And FYI, he didn't grow a quarter inch between measurements, the man is 22 years old, and both measurements were taken this year, likely within weeks of each other.)
A6'2Guy on Chris Pratt
What would you say Rob if I was 6'3 start of the day and I shrink to 6'1.5 on a regular day? Weak or solid 6'2?
[Editor Rob: it's a lot to lose, I'd just go with the 6ft 2 mark and say at night you'd be weak 6ft 2.]
Shrek on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
I agree with you that 6'2 flat is silly. He isnt that anymore.

Ive shown enough proof that he could be only 6'0 with fine posture, but he isnt that short. Hes 6'1 in 2015.
5'11' barefoot on Richard Belzer
almost 3 inches taller than ICE T. Law and order 2001.
James B on Brock Lesnar
JBL might still be a bit over 6'4 flat today and in fact looks 6'5 in that pic with Lesner

10 years ago Orton and Jbl had a staredown and JBL looked taller. I think around 6'5 peak is fair.
A6'2Guy on Bruce Campbell
@Rampage (I am A6'1Guy) Recently I can hit 6'3 in the morning and get as low as 6'1.5 at the days end, I lose height quite fast in the day, you can't rule such a lossage out. Please tell me how it isn't possible.
Bob on Pixie Lott
Could we have an addition of Oliver Cheshire please? Seen as one of the shorter male models and some places claim he's 5" 11.5 but I'm not sure.
Emil 182-183 cm on Justin Bieber
The Bieber Booster is everywhere ;)
Click Here
[Editor Rob: if he's not got the Booster, then he's been raiding my safe for the Miracle Growth Formula!]
James B on David Beckham
He probably will be 179cm at night when he approaches 50
182cm on Rob Paul
@editor rob
Tour definitely right in saying 5ft9 is the overall averge. I find it funny people say " its that because of old people". Yet the number of older people 60+ is not a big percentage at all. I believe 177cm is the exact youngpersons average though. I mean i get freedom of expression on here but guys who say 5ft11-6ft girls are common at partiea must ne joking. In a day at crowded places this is rare like 6ft4-5.
In all seriousness a legit 5ft11 is a very good height. Akmost evry sing 5ft9 guys thinks they sre 5ft11 im very serious about this. The 2 inch rule is probably as common in real life as in hollywood i kid you not. Basically for reference most male manikins are 6ft1-2,This are usually the tallest ive seen in clothing shops Ive seen 5ft11-6ft ones but yeah the tallest ones are usually 6ft2.
Julian on Tom Cruise
Well, maybe 171cm. MAX in his youth, but I realy doubt it. I honestly think he is no taller than 170. Witch is not so bad as some may think, realy.
182cm on General Height
@celebheights 187cm
Im almost now certain 176-178cm is the young guys average with 177cm almost exact.if you include evryone it will be 175-176 average dead on. Walking around in crowds is when ive seen a few 6ft3-4 guys but not alot but 6ft5-6 and above is rare and a very humbling feeling to people who like their height. Id say though your height is not very tall in a crowd just very solid tall. i dont think ive seen a girl 6ft2-3 or more in my life.

Maybe your university is like that but averge height is not gonna vary in demgraphics in western countries by more than acm.why the food is almost the same for everyone. If it was a develoing country maybe but no eay in a western country for reference check the Netherlands demography difference between the majoriry middle class and upper class.from what ive seen 177cm at night is the bang on average for toung guys you could put 176-178cm bang on average which is exactly what the uk and statustics usa has it and I believe it to be right. until they change it its defo not changed i mean thia are medical experts and im sure they know best. Thats why if you search stats nerthelands they have their average at 181cm for the overall population. And its whats green on wikepedia so as the 177cm im the u.k. 178cm at night is where it really starts 8/10 as your solid average and plus women think your 6ft so theres that.
peter young on Randy Orton
His height is wrong you have him at 6'4. I'm 6'4 and when I met him in 2013 he was t least 1/2 inch shorter then me. So he is 6'3.5 at most.
Dosti on Aishwarya Rai
It's okay Maddy tall girls are hot so u should consider yourself lucky
Emil 182-183 cm on General Height
It's quite amazing how much a few centimeter can affect how tall you feel. I remember being 5'10 and I felt shortish quite a lot. However, I feel more tallish now. At University I feel a little above average but not with my best student bud he's 6'8 lol. We've had many jokes about our height difference.
c on Matt Nable
he def look like he 5'11-6 even
c on Nino Manfredi
now that's the start off he should be 5'10
joe 193cm night on Gwendoline Christie
rupert young looks a little higher
Tunman on Brenda Strong
No way 10%of norwegian girls will be 6'+ somewhere between 99 and 99,5%
Boys are probably around 58-60%
Tunman on Brenda Strong
agree on almost all of them
Nielsen won't be under 5'11.75 it's more likely 6' mark that was rounded down to 182.
Monika Schnarre could be both 183 and 184 maybe 6'0.25 is bang on?
Adriana however won't be 6'0-0.25.Actually she could easily push 6'1 looking.
She was almost always described as 185,except once 184 on TV.Someone said on another site that she claimed 184,5 so it could be the exact mark.No less than 6'0.5
Anjal on Hrithik Roshan
Move on.
joe 193cm night on Zachary Levi
Rob, it seems that people do not realize the difference between them two, Chuck, Zachary in some scenes with less shoes looked taller sometimes the same time with less shoes, routh good posture and your hair and you can fool the imprresão of May be high, that's basically it
Roger on Peter Mayhew
Rob I met peter Mayhew in 2014 last year when he was 70 I know he has had a few operations in recent years which means he might have lost a few inches but I am 6ft 11 tall and I had about two inches on him, it is clear today he is not taller than 6ft 9 do you think rob it is physically impossible that peter in his prime was the 7 feet 3 he claimed?
[Editor Rob: he just never seemed that tall, even in that outfit he should have looked 7ft 5 if 7ft 3]
Jesse Stone on Sylvester Stallone
It is. In Rocky the armspan was discribed AS 6'2. Seems a lot, but however his arms are longer than the ones of a regular man bis height. His proportions seem odd.
lee on Jack Whitehall
his girlfriend looks maybe 4 inches shorter than him maybe 4.5 inches if she is 5'9" then he must be 6'1" no more than 6'1 and a half
miko on Brock Lesnar
Brock has always edged out HHH, even back in 2002, the difference was smaller back then though, this is from a few years ago...

Click Here

Both good posture, similar footwear, feet flat on the ground, Brock seems around 0.5/0.75 taller there. The difference back in 2002 was maybe 0.25' to Brock at best. HHH has likely lost a fraction from his prime of 6'2, whether that is posture related is debatable.
Alex on Nino Manfredi
Good call, he was average, not a tall man, neither a short one.
Demystified on General Height
I have read that in Northern European countries like Denmark and Norway, average is 1 cm above 5''11" almost. So to be above average in the western world completely one would have to be at least 6'0". Of course, overall average is closer to 5'9" in the USA for men of all ages and ethnicities. It just depends on your reference point.
Emil 182-183 cm on Rob Paul
Since you are 5'10 with the infamous Big G Supertape, do you then give a 6'0 impression?
[Editor Rob: with boots and good posture I look about 6ft yes. The tape doesn't lie!]
James B on Vince Vaughn
Yeah in swingers he looked very tall. Made john faveru look average sized
pablo77bar on Roddy Piper
I'm making the comparsion using the eyeline and shoulders,not the top of the head.
Tunman on Jet Li
Is it me or he gives the impression of being a child next to Fraser?Great man anyways and 166 is fine
miko on John Cena
6'0.5 is pretty much bang on the money. He could be a hair either side depending on the time of the day. Easily clears 6'1 out of bed that is pretty much guaranteed.
miko on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Nice pic Vegas, I guess Clint is 5'9 range if Rock is apparently 6'1...
Tom on Eugenie Bouchard
Looks a solid 2 inches shorter that 5'11 Azarenka

Click Here
James B on Rob Paul
Arch Stanton says on 2/Jul/15
Seagal still looks near 6'4 there though James, and remember in most photos most people say Barkley looks solid 6'5 range. Still, a 6'4.25 peak and 6'3.75 now is possible.

Barkley is leaning in the pic and Seagal is standing very upright
Tunman on Yvonne Strahovski
Actually with Mekenna she looks more 5'7.Obviously she's not that short.
I trust Rob when he says she could be only at her mouth an optimal pic maybe?that's still more a 7.25 difference.Even with Mekenna at 5'1.5 she's no more than 5'8.5-9
Also with pietro she looks more 5'8 range even counting possibly slight drop in posture it would be surprising if she turns a full inch taller than him
174-5.Maybe 5'9 flat to give her the benefit of doubt.
[Editor Rob: 5ft 9 on the nose is probably the best fit for all I've seen]
Ally on Candice Accola
My friend is her brothers girlfriend sister and she is 100% 5'8 she has met her and candice was only 2 inches shorter and she was wearing flats so candice is a solid 5'7 no more not less.
sabot on Tom Cruise
Matthew says on 24/Jun/15
The ground is sloped heavily in Tom's favor in the first 3 pics.


Indeed. PLUS they are not wearing the same typ of sneakers. Toms shoe sole is clearly thicker than Katies. The height listing ist fair, he must be arround that height.
Height183 on Kane
I think Cena is about 245lbs right now.
random on Candice Swanepoel
Click Here

there you go all barefoot and candice is shorter than all and lily claims 5'8" but if she was 5'8" shed claim 5'9" because everyone lies about their height models moviestars, so 5'7"
The Master on Height Request
Richard Johnson, who passed away recently, should have a page.
I think he was about 6'1".
Height183 on Triple H
Danimal, how tall are you by the way? Just asking out of curiosity.
random on Candice Swanepoel
Jerome look at your pic again they do not have the same heels, candices are almost platform, they give her more height, theres nothing wrong with her being average height
random on Candice Swanepoel
Jerome look at your pic again they do not have the same heels, candices are almost platform, they give her more height, theres nothing wrong with her being average height
Height183 on Jackie Chan
@stan: Drunken Master 2 is another great film. Aside from the action and story, I loved the scenery and setting. Amazing stuff.

The films Jackie did with Sammo Hung were not that bad too. Even though some of them hardly had Jackie in them.
grumpbear on Louis Tomlinson
Harry is taller than the 5 10 he was said to be yrs ago...i am think 5 11 or even 6 ft. I believe louis is shorter than 5 9 but no midget like fans seem to think...he and niall are same or similar heights. 5 8.... you get this figured out by meeting them. He isnt that small.
Height183 on Rob Paul
I'm seeing a girl right now who is roughly about 5'5''. It's not even that bad. She told me height was the last thing on earth she cared about Lol.
arianator on Ariana Grande
here Nick Jonas say to intruduce her "she might be 5ft tall but..."
[Click Here]
Height183 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
@Alex 6'0'': Exactly Alex. I mean it doesn't get anymore clear than that.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Steven Seagal
He towered over everyone in Out For Justice
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jeff Goldblum
Rob, do you think Goldblum edged out Neeson at their peaks?
[Editor Rob: I think it would be very hard to tell without measuring them. At times Goldblum could pull off over 6ft 4 look more than Neeson I believe, but looking at some 80's films and early 90's with Liam, he looked a big 6ft 4 lad.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Liam Neeson
Peak: 195cm morning, 193cm evening
Today: 194cm morning, 192cm evening
choosmeralauda on Satyajit Ray
rampage clover, even by german standards lol
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Benedict Cumberbatch
I don't think Cumberbatch would measure as low as 181cm.
Generally he looks to 6ft and other times maybe a fraction under it.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on John Ritter
I take your point, Rob.

Still, cool photo huh?
[Editor Rob: yeah, John was a good actor, with Jenny rewatching waltons I remember him popping up now and again in it.]
choosmeralauda on Nargis Fakhri
Yod, 5.7 is 5'8.4'' since a foot has 12 inches so 0.7*12=8.4
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Paul Scofield
I read 6ft2 for him aswell.
I don't think he was less than 6ft though
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Sarah Wayne Callies
Rob, wgo looked taller Sarah or Jodie Lynn?
[Editor Rob: to be fair, I think Sarah in person has a better posture than O'Keefe, but they might be very close in reality if measuring.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
I'd expect s lower claim. Tall women tend to round down.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on General Height
I really don't think the heights just below 7ft (i.e 6ft8-6ft11) are as problematic as people let on. In fact they probably come in handy.
Heylo on Brad Pitt
Sorry, I mean to write that he was scraping 6 feet and 0.5 inches in Fight Club, not 6ft. While Norton in his shoes was about the same height or slightly taller. Of course Brad had an shoe advantage!
Heylo on Brad Pitt
I can't believe people who believe that he is around 5'9... As a matter of fact, some photos where he is supposed to look shorter than Clooney is in angles where Clooney has an advantage. If you were smart enough to just slide to the next photo next to him at the same event, you could have seen that Brad actually looked taller.

178cm, that could arguably be his height but the odds are just the same at 181cm in my opinion. Even though he actually could be a strong 5'10, I think he looks taller than guys around that height. Hell, he even looks 6ft+ next to 5'9 guys.

Rob have told us about lifts and how it works, when it gets noticeable and all that so we can't deny the fact that Brad Pitt CAN'T wear massive lifts without looking very suspicious. Small lifts, yes it's possible but that wouldn't give no more than around 1 full inch (not counting heel on shoe).

He was scraping 6ft with thick street style shoes (and perhaps very small lifts) in Fight Club next to Edward Norton. Brad had a better posture than Norton, therefor he could look taller and sometimes the exact same height as Ed.
shaku on Shakira
I think it is because of its heels
Height183 on Justin Bieber
@Jack: I believe you.
vfpswiftie on Adriana Lima
Rob, why didnt you list Adriana as 5ft9.5??
Heylo on Daniel Craig
Average height is never something to be embarrassed about. Unless you're living in Scandinavia at 5'9-5'10 , you will never feel short.
Mon on Taylor Swift
At the 2014 AMAs when Jessie J sang Bang Bang (she can really sing) and moved around the celebs, she was back to back with Taylor. Jesse J is listed here at 5'9'' and must be at least 5'8.5'' Taylor was taller. Jessie was wearing heels that were a good 3 inches. Taylor is 5'10, but hangs out with an extremely tall model. Taylor is ultra slim. She can look a lot smaller than she is.

Women who are photographed or filmed barefoot a lot are taller that you think. Uma Thurman is the classic example.
MaryAnne on Height Request
We need Tom Brady here.American football quarterback.
vfpswiftie on Taylor Swift
Do you think she could hit 5ft10 barefoot
[Editor Rob: at times she could pass for it, other times she just looks a 5ft 9 girl.]
Tunman on Barack Obama
How tall Malia Obama is?I know one site says she's as tall as her 6'1 father but it seems a little exagerated.Still she looks not much shorter than him right?I think she outgrew her mother.She looks maybe 5'11 if not 5'11.5 I noticed she isn't fond of high footwear often wearing thin sandals.
Michelle looks more in the strong 5'10 range today possibly 179 but no more.Still possible she measured 179-80 in her heyday.
cole on Jake Gyllenhaal
He was about to just say 5ft 11. The "and... and one... and o... and one half of an inch" and everything he said after that didn't sound very convincing.
deowai on Jake Gyllenhaal
After listening to the mystery show podcast and looking at the photographic evidence on this site, I'm simply not convinced that he's 5'11.5" I'd say he has an absolute max height of 5'11" However I believe it more likely that he's somewhere in the range of 5'10"-5'11"
blue on Rob Paul
I saw your video "a day in the life at celeb heights", very great:)
Did i heard correctly? 301?! very impressive the number of pull ups you can do!!!! if i could just make one, it would be a miracle!:))

Oh! and Sppppiiiiikkkkke !!!!! soooo cooool:))
me too, i'd like to have him in my bedroom ;))
[Editor Rob: I let Jenny keep spike in the bedroom, I get to have my cuddly toy though...

Yes, I can do 301 pullups, or in reality about 10 before I'm dead!]
Arch Stanton on Christopher Lee
There's still a good case for 6'4.75 for Lee, but if you really watch a lot of his films I don't think he looks quite a 196 6 ft 5 kind of guy, usually seems 6'4" range. He can look the full 6'5 in some films though.
Arch Stanton on Height Request
I looking at that Wilder photo, the angle is in Mostel's favour and might be more even if you spun the camera around to the left. A flat 5 ft 11 might be OK for him, I'll watch The Producers for sure later and take a good look anyway, I've been meaning to watch that for a while.
Shuvayu on Kane
Jock Kane's a solid 6'8" just an inch shorter than nash
jack on Taylor Swift
@andred,@JKE168 those pictures with Gwyneth are right person when we saw her that is the size she seemed..she is very thin and petite..and not over 5'8'' which makes since because Gwyneth is a true 5'9'' woman so those pics are a spot on example of what taylor looks like next to a real 5'9'' person

@nahbro..honestly she goes to extreme lengths to look as tall as she can..but 5'8'' really is tops for me..when I saw her she reminded me of that girl in high school that was kind of awkward.a little taller than the other girls you know, but no where near like model tall....bad goofy.she had on tons of she always does..they even joke about how she wont leave the gym until she has full makeup on and her hair done..she also does her makeup and hair etc before she gets off a plane....its amazing because with the massive heals and makeup people she looks 100 percent different heightwise etc then she actually does in real life. I would not have noticed her if not for her security ..when I researched her and found out about the real story of all of her lies and her parents paying her way into the music business..and paying for her first record and all the radio promo etc..I started looking deeper..and not to be rude..but she seems to be a very deceitful,delusional person..even tho she has a lot of money I actually feel bad for her..its seems as tho she has some serious mental issues.
Arch Stanton on Senta Berger
I see she was in at least two Peckinpah films Major Dundee and Cross of Iron, her role in Cross of Iron though was more minor I think. I wonder why Peckinpah cast her, hmmm...
Sam on Christopher Nolan
There's a few shots where Nolan actually looks to edge out DiCaprio but most often he looks similar height as he does w/ Christian Bale, although Bale can seem to edge out Nolan a hair at times. I agree it's incorrect to list Leo as any taller than Nolan.
Sam on Buster Keaton
They do look similar height, Chaplin and Keaton. I'd agree at times Chaplin looks a smidge taller actually but could seem to have better posture at times than Keaton.
Sam on Satyajit Ray
Not many circumstances where you could get a Russian guy and a Japanese guy and the Japanese guy towers over the Russian...or also not many cases where an Indian guy towers over both of them!
Arch Stanton on Senta Berger
@Rob I don't know what film the last pic is from but When Women Had Tails is good "dumb" fun yeah, plus the bonus of seeing Berger as a prehistoric woman. The part when they cut off her tail and wave it around is beyond hilarious!! It's one of those lesser known films which are a hidden gem, if rather silly/campy. You can see the trailer there Click Here See her at 1:14 "Get on top of me" and 2:07 "Nice little tail" LOL
Henry on Rob Paul
Hey Robert when you was out of bed the phone Alarm says tung tung tung tung and tunga tunga ga aga ga and when you woke up arrh arrh and Jenny said to you "Morning Rob" and you measure height and it was 174.7 and 8cm what date was that It said in youtube 1.7.15 and you did one day exercise till 6:30am to 7:00am and till 10pm went to bed and you measure your height and "I'm still 5'8." and how comes you not 175cm so does that mean your during the day height is 172.7 and 8cm. Robert you didn't food in a day you could lose your energy no breakfast lunch dinner and you didn't go to bed for 1 day and I wish I didn't do that did you over do it like stop the video and did you eat something during the video just standing all the time in a hanging bar just for one day and you didn't move away from the hanging bar its that true ?
[Editor Rob: as I'm sure you know, it was filmed in one take in the afternoon (apart from cutting out the 299 pull ups, that would be boasting).]
Tunman on Maria Sharapova
Probably she took hormones
I was 5'3.5 at 14 (taller than her)and now 5'9.5".Practised a lot of sport slept well and had good nutrition (although maybe not perfect).How can a girl gain 6" between 14 and 15 is a mystery for me even accounting for late puberty.Then still gaining over 4" after 15?It's true than her training and lifestyle might have led her to overwhelm her expected height but no way by such amount.
Russian pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva was 173 at 14 and she never grew ever since.She probably had perfect lifestyle but just stoppped growing at a normal age.
Tunman on Sylvester Stallone
I wonder Why did he claim exactly 5'10.75?possibly his out of bed height with an inch footwear?and his brother claims 6'1 OMG
Even his deceased son Sage is listed 5'10(a claim?) when he looked rather 5'8.
Height boosting is a family habit.
[Editor Rob: his brother went down an inch...he recently claimed a modest 6 feet!
Arch Stanton on Nino Manfredi
Cheers Rob, much appreciated. One of the most beloved comic actors I think. Anybody familiar with Italian cinema would consider him one of the great legends, comparable to Jack Lemmon or somebody. Can you move We All Loved Each Other So Much to second, and squeeze in The Last Judgement (Jack Palance was in that) A cavallo della tigre, Between Miracles and Portrait of a Woman, Nude. (the last one is one title)

I've been studying this guy in a load of different films. My first impression was 5 ft 8 range but the more I saw of him the more he looked a decent 5'9. You can see with Gian Maria Volonte in A Cavallo in particular that he was around this as well as in photos with 6'1.5-6'2 Gassman.
NBAer on Henry Winkler
He looks 5'4.5 in the photo,definitely NOT 5'6
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Val Doonican missing? He died earlier today.
CD on User Heights
Rob, I found an old photo from my grandparents' wedding (the couple in the middle). Click Here They met in the RAF, apparently my grandfather was 5ft 5 according to his service/release booklet, and my grandma 5ft 2.5 according to hers. She is now 4ft 11-11.5 in her mid 80s which makes sense.

However, the difference clearly looks more than 2.5 inches and the ground looks reasonably flat! My dad said his dad was about 3 inches shorter than him (he thought he was 5ft 9 so estimated 5ft 6), so is there still a chance my grandad was 5ft 5.5? Is there any way to know? And is it within the realm of possibility for the difference between my grandad/grandma to be just 3 inches? Sorry for the long question.
[Editor Rob: if the ground did give him an inch more you could see nearer to only 2.5 inches, it can appear closer to 4. Without more photos it can be hard to tell. I would have thought the army had measured your grandad at 5ft 5.]
Roger on Alexander Skarsgard
In every single picture I've seen with him and 6'3 Stellen Skarsgard, he looks at least 3 inches taller. Also has a good 6 inches on 5'11 listed Taylor Kitsch and Peter Berg. 6'5 minimum I'd say, closer to 6'6.
NahBro on Taylor Swift
@grizz, Could be ;) Then again KK plus high heels means she would have a problem with some doors :)
yeah right on Ricky Wilson
Click Here
with Matt LeBlanc
chris on Rob Paul
No sorry Rob i meant to say how do you realize that your done growing in your teenage years
[Editor Rob: it's hard to know, but if you have gone more than a year without any sort of growth, that might be a good indicator.]
Chaz on Andre The Giant
YAN 11 says on 1/Jul/15
Look at the pictures i am attaching to this, one shows how Andre's massive head in the late 80's was nearly twice the size of a normal mans, so that ends the crap about how his head was never more than 11-12 inches, more like 15-16 inches minimum. The other shows Hogan and Inoki next to Andre, Hogan was 6'7" and even if we use the reduced 6'6" for him that means Andre was way over 7 feet here barefoot. Hogan also has Inoki by 5 inches easily in equal footwear which proves he was 6'7".
Click Here
Click Here

Stop talking rubish, Hogan as not got a 5'' forhead he's no more than 4'' taller and that is if the Shoes are the same heels,a normal 5'9.5''man has a 9-9.25'' face and you think Andre had a 18''face lol you got to understand even just 1''on a 9'' face is masive,we have allready worked out he's hands and face and feet, Hands just under 10'' face just under 12'' and shoes about 18 US size,and height never over 210cm,
Teyman on Tom Cruise
Its normal that tom cruise have a insoles in shoes. Everybody do this me too, i 'am about 1.76. But i think tom cruise 1.72
Peyman on Brad Pitt
He has claimed 5ft 10in???

I'd wouldn't go with anything under that mark
Actually he pretty much looks a 179cm guy.
Maybe 178.5 at night at peak
And 178 nowadays.

Clooney is a full cm shorter

And these would make matt damon 176cm
Editor Rob on Rob Paul
Success - for the moment - the Guru has removed his 'buy it now' on his fake pills site...hopefully that will save some unsuspecting people and he won't ever sell the crap again! He's also been busy deleting the fake video testimonial/channel and trying to cover his tracks...luckily all my videos with the evidence are backed up.
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
Seagal still looks near 6'4 there though James, and remember in most photos most people say Barkley looks solid 6'5 range. Still, a 6'4.25 peak and 6'3.75 now is possible.
Peyman on Torrie Wilson
I think she is a little smaller than this,

She appears no more than 3.5 inches taller than lita whom her self is struggling to look a full 5ft 5in woman with you.

I think
Torrie is 174 at best, 173 is possible aswell

& 178 for stacy keibler is my guess.
Both girls are still very hot, specially torrie
dmeyer on Sylvester Stallone
Rob. Do you think sly hits 174cm at night or after training or more 173.5cm like strong 5'8
[Editor Rob: after training he could always dip to a bit shy of 174 I feel today. In a few years he might start looking just 5ft 8]
dmeyer on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Daninal great comment
Peyman on Katia Winter

Do you call her half an inch smaller???
I mean isn't the full 5ft 8in possible since you are actually a 173.5 guy
[Editor Rob: yes, I'd say she was a cm smaller, I'm 173-173.1 after 6 hours on feet]
dmeyer on User Heights
5'11 not below but not above
A6'2Guy on Colm Meaney
@averagejoe He is more strong averagetallish to be honest, I wouldn't (myself) say he is "pretty tall" but that is just me.
A6'2Guy on Joshua Jackson
I feel 6'1.5" is fair for Jackson and I do believe Lance is taller than 6'2" flat, in Fringe he looked taller than a guy who claims 6'3" and in one of the later episodes they showed an ID card of Lance's character which showed him as being 6'4"... I see that as a bit of of a stretch but maybe Lance is actually more 6'2.75? He looked very close to 6'3" in Fringe and Jackson could look quite close 6'2", he definitely looked taller than a mere 6'1" flat for most part.
Andrea on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
"Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 1/Jul/15
6ft2 flat is silly"
6'3 today is silly ;)
alin on Teryl Rothery
Rob what is your absolute lowest you have ever reach? When I wake up I am 168 cm and once I dropped as low as 165.2 after 18 hours without sleeping.
[Editor Rob: the last few years I typically reach just a couple of mm over the 5ft 8 mark (against a wall, rather than the stadiometer which adds another 1/8th inch error) at my lowest mark]
gaga on Morgan Freeman
Rob, when did you list his peak height? Last time I checked he only had his current height listed here.
[Editor Rob: a few months back]
Andrea on Nino Manfredi
Arch, is Manfredi the guy on the right, in the video you posted on the Request page with Gian Maria Volonte? If yes, he actually looks just a bit shorter than Gian, he looks closer to 5'11... And considering that Gian could look 6'1-6'1.5 if Clint was really near 6'4...
gaga on Vince McMahon
Rob, I have a question; why do pro wrestlers lose so much height compared to their peak? What do you think is the main reason.
[Editor Rob: joint/disc impacts is a big part of it, doing that for years takes it's toll.]
Appe 6ft 0.5 on Novak Djokovic
Wawrinka is a legit 6ft (there s a chance he could be 6ft 0.5) and he is not helped by his body shape and posture. Nadal has max 1cm on him and Djokovic is 3cm taller than Stan.
Rory on Clint Eastwood
Without splitting hairs id say 6'4 in the 50s and 60s is more the equivalent of 6'5.5 today rather than 6'6...6'6 would mean on average we're getting about a third of an inch taller per decade which seems slightly inflated.
the shredder on Arnold Schwarzenegger
T3 was filmed in 02.
MJKoP on Brad Pitt
Gregory Barbosa: Haha, just because I'm not some insecure, jealous downgrader I must have a "man crush". I'm 5'8" and I'm just fine with the fact that Pitt has at least three inches on me.

And what's this nonsense about Christoph Waltz needing a "four inch upgrade asap"? Waltz is way shorter than Pitt. You can easily tell that from every time they've appeared together because Waltz is only 5'7". You must be completely and utterly blind if you think they're even remotely similar in size.
the shredder on Michael Biehn
Rob , If you are not closer or in front of him , than 5'11.5 seems better , He really looks under 6 foot here.
Alex on Luke Hemmings
6ft flat '
Alex on Justin Bieber
Bieber is 5'10 now?
MD on Tom Holland

Those are some interesting photos, but I think they kind of refute your estimate. Yeah, the footwear seems to give him a slight advantage in the second, but It's not an inch difference over his fathers. In fact, that you chose those two photos show that he's grown, if anything, since the first picture is obviously a younger shot of him.
MD on Height Request
I second Sam's request for Bob Marley.
MD on Rob Paul
Rob, got another guess for you. How tall would you say Puerto Rican singer Yandel is here first with 5'7" Daddy Yankee, and then with 5'10" Akon?

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Seeing how much taller that Akon is (and guessing that Daddy Yankee and Yandel are about the same height accounting for footwear distance), I'd say the 5'7" listing for Daddy Yankee you had here is probably too high. So, maybe like 5'7" tops?

I ask this because this guy gets a...6'0" listing on the internet. lol That's one of the more extreme ones, though, to be fair, it's not like his height is listed at multiple places, so this is likely a case of one or two sites that simply haven't had any pushback from anyone.
[Editor Rob: yandel has a frame that can look average, but 5ft 6-7 range maybe]
Danimal on Big Show
JT says on 31/Mar/15
Click Here No. 64 (Mike Purcell) measured 6'3" and 305 lbs. for the 2013 NFL Pro Day tryouts. The posture of both could be better but Big Show looks easily 100 lbs. heavier.

I'd be surprised if Big Show (and Khali) makes it to 70. Tall people generally don't live as long and his weight isn't helping. James B, 300 lbs. would be a good weight for Big Show (it's actually less than what he weighed in 12th grade). Sub-250 lbs. is too thin given his frame.

He claimed in an interview to be 7'1" and between 308 and 315 pounds in his senior year.
Danimal on Big Show
Aza says on 23/Jun/15
Looks 6'10 max these days.

Yup. I the height loss came from his hip replacement. Was definitely over 7'0" in his WCW days (1995-1998).
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Yup, good suggestions Sam. For some reason I think of Marley as something like 5'6.5, I might be wrong though. Sam/Rob any ideas on Charles Winninger and Gene Lockhart? Both worth adding.

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