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8 October
Dejavu on Henry Cavill
Agreed Ben Affleck looks 6'2.5 next to Cavill.
Allie on Kate Upton
They do lie about measurements as well. We all know Kate's not just a mere c cup. And her waist and proportions look too big in contrast to models who have stats similar to hers.
Ray on Rob Paul
Rob, Have you heard about agrowbics? I believe it started in England and is spreading out. The guy Pierre guarantees that you'll grow an inch, possibly 2. I was wondering your thoughts on this if you've seen it.
[Editor Rob: I think it vanished. I don't see it mentioned on their gym site these days.]
Sam on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Definitely a tricky guy...I find he looks a pretty good example of 6'3" next to other tall actors like Samuel L. Jackson, Roman Reigns, Vince Vaughn, Stephen Merchant, etc., then that Barkley shot keeps you doubting, find it hard to believe that he would be over 6'2" there.
Sam on Joey Ramone
I'm just not convinced he was as high as 6'8", 6'6.5"-6'7" is within the realm of possibility but generally he looked 6'5"-6'5.5" with his usual slouching posture IMO.
Sam on Jake Gyllenhaal
I believe almost all talk shows including Conan's tape from between noon and late afternoon...practically none tape that close to their broadcast time.
Sam on Jake Gyllenhaal
Bradley Cooper's another example of a guy who can look tall in some films but in American Sniper did not, with a lot of six foot and six foot plus guys around he looked kind of average.
Sam on James Arness
Yeah, there you go Arness seems about 1.5 inches taller than Lee I think.
Sam on John Cassavetes
He was probably pretty close to average height for his day and age...probably only felt insecure in the context of trying to be a Hollywood leading actor which at that time being above average was a positive (i.e. opposite the mostly really big dudes in The Dirty Dozen). I wonder what he thought of his son Nick towering him!
hero on Jake Gyllenhaal

Come on guys. No way he is shorter than 5'10 and a half
Judd ISR on Jeff Daniels
In the 90's he could have passed for a decent 6'3" although in dumb&dumber he wasn't 1,5" taller than Jim Carrey with similar shoes.
If Carrey is 6'1-1.5" (I think 6'1.25" is fair for him) then Daniels was probably 6'2.5"!
Today maybe he has lost a small fraction!
Tuga on Big Show
"Undertaker had noticeably larger footwear in the stare down with big show"

Actually, they had similar footware, unlike big show´s wrestling boots that gave him an advantage:
Click Here
plus on Michael Jackson
He was 5,9. Driver's license stated that in the 80's. There's no fractions so he can be from 174,5 to 176 more ore less

Click Here

175 cm sounds right and accurate
Svenja Schulze on John F Kennedy
Great picture of a gorgous president and man!
plus on James Brown
He was 5,7 when he was measured in his driver's license

Click Here

I would say 169 cm peak
Hmmm on Hailey Baldwin
Hailey (in huge boots!) with Justin Bieber: Click Here She cannot be 5'6.5... looks under 5'5 here.
Andrea on Dr Dawn Harper
Thanks, Rob! I actually asked you about the heights of these doctors some months ago and you told me you didn't know that much about the show... I've seen it sometimes on TV and i was wondering how tall the doctors were... Christian Jessen looks tall but you said he's not over 6'1 in person! Pixie i thought was quite tall too, but maybe between 5'8 and 5'9 (i wouldn't have guessed she was a big 5'10) and Dawn i would have guessed 5'3-5'4... Do you think they are as tall as they claim (the girls)?
[Editor Rob: Dawn is early 50's, always possible she dropped a fraction, the other Dr Pixie might be 5ft 9, Christian really I'd be surprised if he was 6ft 2 as he didn't stand out that tall up close.]
Lee on Kevin Hart
There's clearly 9 inches between him and Beckham in the pic and video. He's no more than 5ft 2 he said so himself
johnio on User Heights
@rob- I have a bit of a question for you. I measure anywhere between 6'ft 1/3rd of an inch out of bed to 6ft. 38 inches ( a little over a third of a inch) out of bed, and the lowest ive measured in the past year has been 5'11.5 on the nose. that makes my absolute difference around .83-.88 inches from the second I wake up to being out very late at night (with dehydration and little sleep the night prior).

my absolute low is 5'11.5- 12-13 hours out of bed, just doing day to day things and walking around with sub-optimum hydration/sub-optimum sleep the night prior.

why is it that I don't lose a full inch of height? I mean .8 inches+ is just about an inch, but how come I don't lose a full 2.5cm+? is it standard for guys around 6 to lose a full inch at the minimum?' I have a theory that id like your opinion on:

my arm span is 6'4+ and my legs are relatively long (I have a higher torso and longer legs)- could it be that I get that extra 1/5 inch in height through my legs- and so my spine is relatively shorter than other 6ft guys that lose an inch+? im not overweight, pretty lean (some guys that lose around a full inch if theyre overweight because every extra pound of fat adds pressure on their spine/cartlidge in knees)
[Editor Rob: you lose a typical amount, the average seems to be almost 2cm, so you fall into that.]
kendallRose on Emily Ratajkowski
@F5'4" too short for her. she is 5.7
pic with irina shayk
Click Here
Click Here
John on Cindy Crawford
Stop with the 5-9 talk. She was recently photographed at an event in her usual high heels next to flats wearing karolina kurkova. They were the same height or kurkova was even slightly taller. Kurkova is listed at 5-11 on this site with some saying she is 5-10. Crawford and klum are under 5-8.
Heylo on Brad Pitt
No one said he's 6'1. IN SHOES he has looked nearly 6'1 next to other people. Obviously in lifts..
dmeyer on Jon Heder
I believe 185cm but looks 181cm at most with jay
6'2 on Wade Barrett
Seems in the height bracket of jbl and the likes 6'5.5" could be it always feel the older wrestlers like crush who were billed 6'7 seem taller tough
6'2 on Andre The Giant
It's funny how people here say there's no way Ladd had 4-5" on kamala yet think wilt had 4" on Andre ha
MD on Kal Penn
5'10"? Here he is with 6'0" Ed Norton and in similar footwear, no less:

Click Here

Click Here
Powerhouse on Jake Gyllenhaal
@ the shredder... That's interesting, I went for my yearly check up last October and they weighed me at 210lbs (i'm a weight lifter i always feel i have to explain that haha) and then measured me. The nurse said I measured 5'6.5, now i've measured my self with a book against the wall several times at 5'7.75 in the evening and 5'7.5 at night (I wake up at a hair over 5'8), and even had my friend measure me and he measured 5'7.5 and this is the most accurate way of measuring height. The tool they used was like a ruler on the wall but like 6 inches off the ground.
dmeyer on User Heights
Alex i will be in new york ,thank g... , 25 26 27 28 novembre could we meet for a pic
dmeyer on User Heights
Big josh were do you live your low is 178,4 mine is 181.3cm we should meet
MD on Ed Helms
With 5'11.25" Jimmy Kimmel:

Click Here
Powerhouse on Height Request
Requesting AC-DC frontman Bon Scott, and comedian Dave Chappelle. Both are deserving of a listing.
Powerhouse on Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson is only a couple inches taller than 5'2 Angus Young. 5'5 is correct in my opinion.
Parker on Brad Pitt
Alucard said on 6/Oct/15
Paltrow is not over 5'8 at best

Here's "5'8' " Paltrow with 5'8 Cameron Diaz
Click Here
Click Here
SK on Grace Park
She's 5'8"-5'9" (and that's not such an unsual height for Korean women these days), but looks shorter on TV, especially when she's by herself and there's no frame of reference. Like many Korean women, she doesn't have the legs or proportions of a woman who is this tall. She's mostly torso, not legs. I've always thought she looked awkward in a bikini or even in skinny jeans (which she wears all the time on the show) for that reason. Plus, everything about her body is flat. Not just abs, but chest and butt.
Ed Harris on Andy Griffith
Concerning Joe's comment on May 8th 2007 the reason of the apparent height difference between bush and Griffith was due to the fact that bush had to wear high heel shoes to make up for the fact that he (bush) had no brain.
5'5 gal on Kate Hudson
She also looks taller than Jessica Alba in every photo. Jessica Alba must be in the 5'5.5-5'6" range then and not the 5'6.25" you have her listed as.
JV on Alfie Allen
I wonder if he has any Scandinavian ancestry. I knew a Norwegian guy who looked exactly like him.
Editor Rob on Tommy Lee
In this older photo he has a good advantage over a guy like Clooney:
Click Here
AJ on Elliot Gould
Looked slightly taller than alda on MASH. 6'2.5 peak might nearer.
5'10" dude on Wesley Snipes
Snipes is 5'8" barefoot in shoes 5'9" spot on Rob, and yeah people do grow later vs sooner. I was 5'10" in 9th grade and never grew an inch. My friends all about 4 more inches than me. They played sports, and exercised while I ditched and did drugs and masturbated a lot. I'm small now and I hate it. I make it up for my smallness with steroids and a loud obnoxious voice. I fight easily and get aggressive any chance I get. Sorry for ranting I cant seem to shut up or stop typing my feelings.
David on Katy Perry
Just wanted to clarify that the average white American woman is about five five. Precisely she is 163 to 164 centimeters, which is about 64.2 to 64.6 inches (the latter is about five five). The average white American man is 177 centimeters which is almost five ten (about five ten). 177 centimeters is 69.685 inches. It's all on google search.
Max on Shahrukh Khan
Completely agree with your post below Rob. It's sad in my opinion that actors are treated like Gods there, but what can we do......
7 October
David on Katy Perry
@Mouse22 Yes Katy is very beautiful and has a tremendous figure. I'm glad you adore Katy, I adore her too. We're KatyCats. But I think she has long legs compared to the average American woman who is five five. There are taller women with longer legs than Katy, but my point is that Katy's legs are longer than average. Her legs look long to me when she is performing on stage and in music videos.

You are definitely right that Katy is at least five seven and more than five six. Partly based on her shin length, I estimate she is anywhere from five seven to five seven and a half.

When did you meet Katy? What was she like? I think her personality is funny and nice.
VC on James Arness
@dietmar, yes! and you can watch the full episode of 'HTWWW' with Jim & Richard Moll on YouTube. I think Ron Feinberg is similar to Jim's height based on the comparison between him and Mike Conrad.
Blink on Brad Pitt
I'm still convinced he might be a bit over a flat 5'11, closer to 5'11.25 in my opinion.
smoosh on Kurt Russell
In tango and cash stallone is an inch taller, and theyre both completely barefoot, and stallone is listed at 5'8.5
Matthew190 on Ming Yao
Click Here it is interesting that he's supposedly admitted to being 7-3. He looks taller to me, but then again I wonder if a guy his size could wake up over the 7'5" mark and still creep down below 7'3.5" by the evening. I just down know what to make of it.
Harold on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Let us, annually, award a celebrity with a trophy. It will look much like the Oscar. Except it will have more muscles. We will call it 'the Arnold.' It will be awarded each year to the celebrity with the greatest disparity between their actual height and the height they publicly proclaim. The award will be named after the greatest showman in this matter: Arnold himself. Given his self-proclaimed 'six foot two' has always been laughably false, let us first award the Arnold to...(the envelope, please)...Arnold! Given, when the truth comes out, Arnold is probably, barefoot, in the five foot ten range, the disparity between his public proclamations and reality is four inches. That is not so far from half a foot. Can any celebrity out there beat that ? Just how far can Kayfabe go? Not even Justin Bieber, with his mighty Bieber Boots and portable Bieber Booster can top Arnold. Though, having awarded Arnold with this year's "Arnold," perhaps Justin is in the running for next year's "Arnold." Once Sylvester Stallone hears of the prestige of winning the Arnold, he might be in the running was well.
Jug on Jimmy Fallon
He seems to wear elevator shoes. He didn't use to be quite so tall. He can get up to 6 feet and a half with lifts. He's probably closer to 5'10 barefoot.
[Editor Rob: it seems more just a bigger heel, rather than an outright elevator shoe, but giving him about 1cm boost over other people ]
IthinkIknow on Kane
I watched a real video of Kane and he said "I'm about6'8' and I watched another video of Kane and undertaker and Kane's souls on his boots make him 4 inches taller and undertaker make him look 2 inches they are both 6'8'
Tunman on Rob Paul
Fabio Fulco is 6'2 or 6'2.5 and looks about 0.75-1" taller than her with 2" less shoes that would put her between 5'11 and 11.75 at most.Maybe 5'11.5 is reliable since it's near enough to 182.I think 184 is just too much for her.
Still I can understand that Appe thought she was 184 as 1" is really close especially with boys comparing to girls.A girl at 171 range gave me first the impression that we were the same today.Of course she had a strong inch more shoes but at first sight I thought not under 5'9.5 until I realized my eyelevel was a little higher, then looking at her forehead further realized how really small it was (her eyelevel to top head is max 4.0")so a full inch difference and a solid 2" considering footwear but I swear she left the sort of tall impression at first sight.(Note that I know her since long and 5'7.5 is really the max I would give her).
Sean73 on David Harbour
Sam, Denzel must have had a little shoe help because he looks a solid 73" next to Harbour. By now, I wouldn't put Denzel over 6 foot flat.
Bambiohe on Michael Jackson
Michael was at least 5'9" never did he look short. Which is always the case when youre 5'9" or raller. He even looked 6'0" when he was on stage.if he was 5'8" or shorter he eouldnt have looked nearly as tall as he did. Even with "elevator boots" or whutever.
Firestarter on General Height
I'm 6'2.5 on the dot, can I call myself 190CM?

And how would you classify this height in America/Canada? Is it a stand-out TALL, or just a normal, everyday tall?
JB on John Lennon
@Sam I know right? He is substantially shorter than Pete Townsend in that photo(who is supposed to be something like 5'11.5"). I realize John is wearing flat shoes, but even still a 5'10.5" man should not look that short. I honestly believe John, and the rest of the Beatles for that matter, were in the 5'9" height range. I have yet to see any evidence to convince me otherwise.
Libertariandude on Winona Ryder
@Sam I couldn't agree more. Who in their right mind would say Winona is not a gorgeous, very attractive lady, just because she's under the modeling standard of 165 cm of height?
yenz on Stephanie Corneliussen
Very tall Dane, her male equivalent would be 6'4.25".
Jason on Aretha Franklin
Yeah, 5'5" with her wig on. I don't think she's more than 5'3".
Libertariandude on Kylie Minogue
Wow. I knew she was short, but I'm surprised at how truly petite she is. Kylie is living proof that a woman can be quite small and yet extremely sexy. I'm a big fan of small gals, in general. :D
shoe on Jake Gyllenhaal
No, the listing before is better, I dont think Jake dips below 181 cm at all, remember Conan´s eyelevel isn´t high enough to read it accurately. And plus the tape is closer to the camera than Jake. Jake was just joking when he said "the hair, the hair". Because his hair isn´t adding anything at all slicked back like that, but Conan took it into account.
SportsHeight on General Height
Rob, how much height do you gain (momentarily) from standing on your toes? This is assuming proportions are within the normal range.
[Editor Rob: size 9-10 you should get a good 3 inches, size 14 maybe 3.3 inches, size 3-4 maybe 2.7...that's if you can go full tip-toes, but not like 'ballerina on-point']
Ria on Taylor Momsen
@Allie If Karlie Kloss is 6'1.5" in her bare feet then Taylor Momsen is 6'0" in her bare feet.
Ria on Taylor Momsen
@Allie I know that shoe size does not equal height but Taylor Momsen's feet have grown 3 sizes bigger since she was 14 years old. Taylor Momsen had size 7 feet when she was 14 years old. Now Taylor Momsen has size 10 feet. So Taylor Momsen is at least 6 inches taller since she first started Gossip Girl. Taylor Momsen used to be shorter than 5'9" Blake Lively and Penn now she is taller than them.
sohlman on Jake Gyllenhaal
5'10 max plain as day at the 3:14 mark.
Ria on Taylor Momsen
@Allie I know that shoe size does not equal height but Taylor Momsen's feet have grown 3 sizes bigger since she was 14 years old. Taylor Momsen had size 7 feet when she was 14 years old. Now Taylor Momsen has size 10 feet. So Taylor Momsen is at least 6 inches taller since she first started Gossip Girl.
HeightcrazyRed6ft on Sneakers
[Editor Rob: I was talking with Jenny about a tool i sketched out to measure footwear heights without needing to put them on, she understood how it works but I need to get an engineer to make it...]

Something like this?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: yes, but adapted to be easy to fit in most shoes. It needs to have an ideal gap (even adjustable slightly horizontally for the measuring part, which I would make a ball so that it sits in the centre of the insole).]
andre on Jason Statham
5ft8 barefoot
Jake on Gwendoline Christie
Rob, do you think she can edge out Liam Hemsworth?
[Editor Rob: they have perfect kissing height.

but, you might find Liam could be a nibble over 6ft 3 as well, he probably has a few mm on Chris. In person certainly I'd say I can believe Gwendoline's claim of being 6ft 4.5 on rising and 6ft 3 when later at night before bed.]
Jake on Ashton Kutcher
I agree with @john and @Rampage(-_-_-)Clover. He is more 6'3-6'3.25 range. Rob, don't you think he looks more 6'3 range exp here with Matthew Modine. He looks as tall if not maybe taller than him.

Click Here
andre on Taylor Swift
5ft9 barefoot
plus on Kian Egan
yes, he looks 5,8. These pics could help about westlife heights

Click Here
Click Here
Chris on Miley Cyrus
Anyone else saw how short she looked next to Taran Killam(184cm)? Definetely 5'5
plus on Markus Feehily
Yes, I think he is honest. I'd like to have a Shane Filan's thread (the other Westlife member). He is listed from 172 to 175 cm
plus on Tom Fletcher
Click Here

James is 178 cm and Matt 180 cm. So you see Tom as tall as Matt and taller than James?
[Editor Rob: 178cm for tom makes sense since he does look shorter than matt, I think though James might be more 5ft 9.5 range]
plus on Matt Willis
Click Here

James claims 178 cm. I think all McBusted are very similar in height
plus on Duncan James
@Lydia x Lee and Duncan are very similar. I thought that Lee was taller but I can be wrong. Simon is just a bit shorter. And Antony is the shortest easy to see
Aymen Bns on Tom Cruise
rob u better take a picture with him as possible as u can and dont forget JB
[Editor Rob: well, if I had money I would, but I have to really watch expenses these days.]
Strongman on The Undertaker
I can confirm that Braun Strowman (Adam Scherr) is most likely not any shorter than 6'7" flat. American Strongman Corp. bills heights with a slight exaggeration (likely measured in shoes) and the WWE inflates even moreso. His 6'8" billing isn't far off. I can recall seeing him walk in the gym I trained at many times a few years ago before his WWE prospect where he'd clear the door frame by hardly an inch in a pair of running shoes. That'd give his height in shoes a fair estimate of about 6'8", and probably 6'7" without.

I'm sure when he has a stare down with Undertaker he'll edge him out. Not sure about Kane though.
plus on Height Request
I request: Brian Littrell and Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys). Nick is listed 6 feet. Brian claims 5,8 (Brian has a song called "Gone without goodbye" where he says of himself "not to tall 5,8"
C on Ed O'Neill
He has an inch on 6 feet tall Ty Burrell in Modern Family. Ed is 6'1''.

I do remember an episode where Mitchell describes his dad as being 6'2''. So maybe Ed O'Neill was 6'2'' in his prime.
BH on Sylvester Stallone
Best way to settle this height debate is for Rob to meet these action stars if possible like he does other celebrities.
plus on Nicholas Lea
@Lorne very true. He towers Rob he can't be less that 185 cm
Matthew190 on Jake Gyllenhaal
He's about 5'11", case close! (of course it's never closed for some of y'all) ;)
Jay on Daisy Lowe
Probably 5'9
div on Peter Crouch
Abbey could pass the 172 cm mark if Crouch is 6'9". Abbey is a tall girl its impossible that she could be below 5'8".
GP on Hugh Jackman
Fisch, because he is not 6'2" that he claims, he was the lead in the movie and they were trying to hype his character to start up Wolverine movie chain and when he you are up against a female actress who is very tall, as Famke is and in heels, she would most likely edge him out. Those are the main reasons that he would wear lifts, because in movies is all about perception, go watch some John Wayne movies.
plus on Football Soccer
@Appe 6ft 0.5 No, Ralitic was measured 182.7 = that is 183 cm. Even so, Rakitic said he has shrunk. So, I see Suarez 180 or 181 cm. Luis Enrique is 179 cm I think. He was listed 180 cm as Guardiola but Guardiola is like 1 cm taller
Mike 2 on Elvis Presley
Click Here Hi Amaral , hopefully this picture will do. Most records show BB King as being 5ft 91/2 "
Big C on Rob Paul
@AnotherFrench I would claim 6ft 0.25 (183.5cm) if i were you because 183.3 at night is only 2mm under at worst, I wouldn't go with 6ft 0.5 though cos 6ft 0.5 is 184.15cm although you can look it in some sneakers I guess.
joe @@ on Dave Batista
in fact these days it looks 189-190
joe @@ on Tom Brady
I am absolutely certain that alexander highest looks
Gonzalo on Ernest Hemingway
Hemingway was good friends with Gary Cooper. There are many pics of both men together and Cooper looks around 7-8 cms taller. So, 1`83 for Hemingway seems accurate
Jay on Abigail Breslin
Looks a bit shorter than Emma on Scream Queens.
joe @@ on Boris Kodjoe
actually look below 6 feet
Parker on Tom Cruise
Here's Tom, standing behind his 5'9 ex wife
Click Here

I agree with Rob - That is no 5'6 range guy.
Jay on James Corden
I don't see a difference between Corben and Isaac.
Clinton on Fat Joe
Yeah he isn't even up to 5'11 rob, he is 178cm,5'10
Judd ISR on Vincent D'Onofrio
Judd ISR said on 5/Oct/15
Rob what's your estimate for his peak height among those:

A) 195,0cms/193,0cms
B) 194,5cms/192,5cms
C) 194,0cms/192,0cms
D) 193,5cms/191,5cms
[Editor Rob: C range is possible, a decent 6ft 3.5 range]

Yeah I think it might be possible, although my first choice is D...however I think today he's still a tad taller than 6'3"...he might be 6'3.25" considering he's only 56 years old, I don't think he has just lost a full cms.
Next to Dax Shepard he looks visibly taller so this might means that he is at least 2cms taller than him, because they have similar shoes...
However IMO Dax isn't a full 190cms guy, he might be more 6'2.5" and this would means that Vince is 6'3-3.25"...XD
Parker on Kevin Hart
If you watch al of this clip and pause at 2.44 and 4.54 there looks ~8 inches between Hart and Beckham
Click Here
Len on Qi Shu
5'5" seems right.
kendallRose on Gigi Hadid
still 5.9
kendallRose on Zendaya
Yo@ she 5.9 not taller then that. she is turn 19 not 14.
Jay on Zendaya
Nice updated pic. Should still be upgraded to atleast 5'9.
Jay on Madison Lintz
Great seeing her on here. Still wish they hadn't killed her off so early. Definitely looks 5'8 now, along with her sister.
Andrea on Rory McCann
With "an extra bit" do you mean a good inch? He's roughly around your hairline level and you said that's about 1.5 inches (to the top of the head), which means he looks about 6'4.25 with you... Click Here
[Editor Rob: beside Gwendoline here I think that's pretty accurate, somewhere in 6ft 5 range, 5.5 could always be a fraction too high.]
kendallRose on Taylor Momsen
girls stop growing at age of 14-15 :(
karlie is 6.1"5 186 same height as me
taylor swift 5.9
penn 5.9 174cm
momsen is 5.6 MAX, my lil sis is 5.8 or 172 and taller the her. how can she be 5.8 if she is shorter then 5.8 girl?
@ Ria how old are you? are you Russian?
Jay on Katie Holmes
I'd say Katie is over 5'9.
RandomDude756 on Marie Avgeropoulos
Looked an inch shorter than 5'5 listed Eliza Taylor.
hijopotamus on Brad Pitt
Alucard, ssshhh Pitt's REAL height is taboo!
Chase Witherspoon on Charlotte Rampling
I've no idea how tall she was/is, looked 5'7" perhaps, she had decent heels on next to Harris in Orca '77, but gorgeous, beguiling specimen....
Jay on Judy Greer
Looks taller so over 5'8
Chase Witherspoon on Vittorio Gassman
I thought he did look taller than this, 6'2.5" would've been my initial guess, so I'm surprised but okay.. 188 is my revised est.
Chase Witherspoon on John Cassavetes
Yes I too thought he was closer to 5'8" maybe 171-172 at times he wasn't dwarfed by Heston in Two Minute Warning, didn't look noticeably wee beside Mia in Rosemary's progeny or the glut of taller actors in D12.... he actually doesn't look much more than 2" shy of Ben 5'10" Gazzara either.. I reckon if he was just 170 then Gazzara wouldn't have been the whole 5'10" but closer to 176...
Sam on Frank Langella
I think he was listed as 6'4" in the past, which is very unlikely. Yeah, only about an inch over Kevin Kline. Probably closer to 6'1" these days, not noticeably taller than Ryan Gosling in All Good Things. Worth another look, Rob?
[Editor Rob: he has shrunk a bit more by now.]
Chase Witherspoon on Priscilla Barnes
She had a great little supporting role at the backend of the Latin shark soap Tintorera '76/'77 and didn't seem short by comparison with Hugo Stiglitz who looks 6'2"+
Chase Witherspoon on Jonah Lomu
I haven't met the man to verify it, but I did think he always had poor posture, rounded shoulders, crook neck which probably cheated him the height he claimed, I always pegged him for a solid 6'4"/193 which would then translate into 6'5" in spikes..
W.Wilmink on Adolf Hitler
Göring was 5.8 173 cm, Adolf Hitler was 2 or 3 inch smaller. Goebbels was a real dwarf 5.1 or 5.2 ! Every has to sit on the chair when he comes into a room !
Chase Witherspoon on Barbara Babcock
Can look taller than 5'8" at times perhaps footwear, I'm recalling Chosen Survivors '74 with Alex Cord...
Ethan M on Will Smith
Jayden is 5'7
Thomas6ft1 on General Height
Hey Rob. I have an idea. Could you make a page listing all the height differences? For instance, you can have a page that has a picture of a 3 inch height difference and it says "3 inch height difference". This could be very helpful.
1 inch height difference: picture
2 inch height difference: picture
3 inch height differencr: picture
4 inch height difference: picture
And so on until maybe a foot.
Dejavu on Hugh Jackman
I thought Hugh Jackman edged out Garrett Hedlund
Chase Witherspoon on Andrew Shue
I actually thought he appeared avg sort of height, albeit slight, 5'9" range, so I'm surprised by the downgrade.. on a semi-related theme, his sister is an absolute stunner, imo.
Dejavu on Vincent D'Onofrio
He had like an inch or less on Dax Shepard
joe@@ on George Clooney
I'll be realistic this guy seems to look at most 178
Alex 6'0 on Brock Lesnar
Again we can't tell 6'1.5 from 6'2 just by looking at him in pics but with known measured guys he's with we get a good idea. We know he's somewhere from 6'1.5-6'2
Alex 6'0 on John Cena
James B, he use to wear Nike shox type sneakers which give 1.4-1.5 inches more than your average sneakers that's why he could appear a bit taller too
joe@@ on Joe Manganiello
I still do not understand alexander in 6'4.25 he looked taller michael, and Manganiello even come to look 1cm taller than Alexander
fisch on Hugh Jackman
GP, why should they give him lifts for x-men, when wolverine is actually meant to be 5'4''. hugh was actually way too tall for the role.
It was James marsden, who played cyclops, who wore 2 inch lifts in the movie.
joe@@ on David Harbour
Liam Neeson is still a little higher I think 6'2.75 solids him
Len on Joe Rogan
Could even be under 5'7", easily.
gachakun on Alain Delon
peak 175-176cm
today 170cm
joe@@ on Kristian Bruun
TJE on Trevor Noah
I'd thought weak 5'11, not strong 5'11.
joe@@ on The Undertaker
Ali Baba
loss vary from each person I to studying about it and there are people who lose height at 43 pala this age group depends largely on the genetics of each
Grant on Taylor Swift
Kobe is also listed as 6'5 on this site. Not 6'6
HeightcrazyRed6ft on Andre The Giant
andre said on 5/Oct/15
The 6'9 ¾" is a conversion to inches. The original number was 208cm according to Meltzer.

Wich is a wrong conversion. 208cm = 81,89 inches wich is even taller than 6´9 7/8" and they wouldn´t count the mm behind the 208cm,
so saying anything under 6´10" for Andre is silly downgrading or trolling.
Appe 6ft 0.5 on Football Soccer
If Rakitic is 182cm as his medical says Suarez can' t be 180cm but probably 179cm
plus on Cristiano Ronaldo
Now I think Raul is 179.5. He is as tall as Figo 180. So it is normal and correct that Raul is listed 180 in football. Fàbregas I think is 179 as Luis Enrique. Guardiola 180. Simeone around there. Cristiano 186 and Bale 184
MD on Jason DeRulo
@John, that's your own, personal racial stereotype, because it's not one I've ever heard in my life (and I've heard many) and I'm black. I'll repeat that I've heard many racial stereotypes in my life, but with that one I think I've now heard them all. lol
MD on David Cameron

It's weird, because most British media that has mentioned his height seems to list or speak of him Osborne as being 5'11", which is always what I'd guessed around. I never took him for being over 6'0", but then again, I'm not particularly educated on the members of this current Uk government.
MD on Mark Consuelos
With 5'8.5" Jonathan Tucker:

Click Here
sakho on Andy Lau
he's 176cm
plus on General Height
I finally measured. I am 176. 176.7 morning 8:00, I bet that sleeping more than 8 hours and at 8:00 (I sleep just 7 hours and I need more) I will reach 177 cm. At 11:00 I am around 176 cm. If I work all day I measured at 20:00: 174.5 my lowest!! Then I sat down and had dinner and I grow up around 175.2 at 00:00 pm. So most of the day I am around 176 cm. If I am not exhausted in a day off I would not go lower that strong 175 cm at night., and 176 cm afternoon
Kourosh on Jake Gyllenhaal
Rob i watched Conan measured Jake Gyllenhall and said 5'11. But i watched the video and his top of head (excluding the hairs) was 5'10 max. Please pause the video at
Click Here
the shredder on Jake Gyllenhaal
Funniest video on height I ever seen , I love it lol.
dietmar on James Arness
Jim and Christopher Lee appeared together in "How the west was won" in -78. Pause at 2.40 and you will see the difference.

Click Here

@Shadow, do you recognize the big guy Jim is fighting with onwards 5.00? Looks the same height as Jim.

Click Here

Here is Jim face to face with Michael Conrad, at 1.45. Michael is looking up at Jim, so i would say Jim is an inch taller.

Click Here

Jared Martin is 6'3". Look how short he looks with Michael Conrad. Pause at 5.24.

Click Here

I havent found the scene with Jim and Richard Moll in "HTWWW". Is it in Youtube?
dietmar on James Arness
Jim and Christopher Lee appeared together in "How the west was won" in -78. Pause at 2.40 and you will see the difference.

Click Here

@Shadow, do you recognize the big guy Jim is fighting with onwards 5.00? Looks the same height as Jim.

Click Here

Here is Jim face to face with Michael Conrad, at 1.45. Michael is looking up at Jim, so i would say Jim is an inch taller.

Click Here

Jared Martin is 6'3". Look how short he looks with Michael Conrad. Pause at 5.24.

Click Here

I havent found the scene with Jim and Richard Moll in "HTWWW". Is it in Youtube?
the shredder on Jake Gyllenhaal
the funniest thing happened to me today , I was at the Dr only 2 hours up , The nurse took my height , short girl about 4'10 , She told me , " you are 65 inches , about 5'5 " . I laughed then looked for myself and it cleary showed me closer to 5'6 1/2.
[Editor Rob: that's definitely where some mistakes come from, the nurse calling out the wrong number!]
Allie on Kendall Jenner
Anyways,174-175 for her. The Serena and Scott pics show this. I don't know why she appeared to be 5'7.5-5'8 in that Jourdan Dunn and Toni Garrn pic, but I think it may be the heels? After all, the dresses don't make it look visible.
Allie on Harry Styles
Weak 5'10, strong 177 imo. Swift is 5'9 imo most of the time, and I think Harry looks almost an inch taller in similar footwear unless this lift talk is true..
Duhon on Priyanka Chopra
For some reason her character was described as being 5'9" on her new tv show.
BorkLaser on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
James B I would have guessed Cesaro at the 6'3" mark. My initial guess was that he's at least 190cm, but seeing him team up with Orton on some Raws now I think he's more like 6'3"-6'3.5"
VC on James Arness
@Sam, I came across a photo of them together with a kid in between. So, where can I find more photos of them together?
6 October
da_truth on Jake Gyllenhaal
He's definitely at most 5'11 .. he was a good inch shorter than 50 cent in South Paw.
Strongman on Kane

Yeah, maybe slightly or within a half inch give or take.
Danimal on Jason Alexander
In all fairness, Henry Winkler claimed he used to be 5'6.5", so maybe in the pics I posted below he was still around 5'6" in 2004. Either way, Jason is MAX 5'5", but in all likelihood, he's probably under that.
Allie on Rebecca Romijn
She looks almost an inch shorter than Famke iirc. So 179. There is no way that there's a full 1 inch between her and Tyra Banks.
Allie on Terry Farrell
180-181 from this picture. Anything more seems unlikely.
Sam on Ernest Hemingway
I don't know here's Hemingway with 6'1" listed John Huston, who was only 6 years younger, but to be fair I think Huston was at least 6'1.5".
Click Here
Sam on Michael McElhatton
Yeah, an average heighted looking guy, similar height to Madden. Great voice, reminds a bit of Alan Rickman's, thus a born villain!
Sam on Height Request
Also requesting Colin Clive. Here in the International Motion Picture Almanac claimed as 6 feet tall and 154 pounds.
Click Here
Of course, most stills with him and Boris Karloff look like this, and are not helpful considering 5+ inch lifts at play (plus terrain advantage!): Click Here
w/ William Powell: Click Here
w/ Katharine Hepburn: Click Here
w/ C, Aubrey Smith: Click Here
near Charles Boyer: Click Here
I think you could make an argument for 5'11", same barefoot height as Karloff. Also sometimes looks more 5'10.5" and six foot could be a shoed height. Thoughts, Rob?
JV on Kit Harington
You're quite right, but on second thought he does seem to wear a thick heel a lot, maybe that could be why he appears taller, especially on Game of Thrones.
Sam on David Harbour
Thanks for adding.
Near Dan Stevens and Liam Neeson: Click Here
w/ the rest of the Revolutionary Road cast: Click Here
w/ Denzel Washington: Click Here
w/ Every Day cast mates: Click Here
w/ Black Mass cast mates: Click Here
I think you could argue this, he seems quite similar height to Schreiber and just a bit under Michael Shannon. I thought next to Denzel though only looks a strong 6'2".
O.J. on Ted DiBiase
Very close to 6'4 peak and around 6' flat today. Stone Cold was at least 6'2 peak so that would prove Ted's peak height. Stone Cold is 6'1 today. I saw him in person at a USA cable channel event 4 years ago.
Allie on Iggy Azalea
Rob, since you said that Taylor Swift proclaims she's 5'11, maybe she should add that on Twitter Iggy said she's 5'11.. just search up: "Iggy Azalea 5'11 twitter".
She said, "I'm 5' 11 and i wear high heels on stage. The trap door lifts ppl pop out of are only 5 feet max.".
Allie on Gisele Bundchen
Rob, which agency if you remember said she was 179? Most of the agencies I see have her at the 180 cm she claims.
[Editor Rob: I can't remember now, many agencies change heights as you probably know. Sometimes older heights can be found going back using the internet archive, but it is time consuming...]
SID on Kane
Shuvayu from looking at kane and strowman, I see kane a tad taller
Alex on Jim Parsons
I think 186 is more accurate for him. His slender frame, flat hair and relatively little head make him appear a little smaller than he really is.
aleks on Barack Obama
rob, I got a question. how tall is the guy next to obama here: Click Here

my estimate is somewhere near 6'4", but I'm not so sure.
[Editor Rob: yeah he doesn't look under that range standing there.]
joe@@ on Brad Garrett
Ali baba
their estimates are quite realistic
Click Here
Andrea on Bianca Balti
Rob, i've recently rewatched the episode on TV and she does say: "I'm even short for a model" and the guy asks her "How tall are you?" and she says "I'm 173, even less than that"... So she basically is saying she's probably not even 173!
Click Here (Here's the point where she says that)
[Editor Rob: so 172cm could be reasonable...]
will on Liam Hemsworth
Looks bigger than 6'3. I think 6'4 at least.
Allie on Jake Gyllenhaal
Solid 5'11. 180's my guess. Also was that Conan thing during the night or evening Rob? I don't watch his show..
[Editor Rob: I'm not sure the time they film these shows at, I usually thought they were done earlier and then broadcast at night?]
Iconjj on Andre The Giant
Why change it? Because Meltzer said it was so? C'mon ppl gimme a break..
Nils on Jeff Daniels
seems 6'2 range to me.. maybe less
possible over 6'2 peak but not much more.
Max on Hugh Jackman
Is 5'10" considered short now???? Or its just that Hugh Jackman is tall not average?
many on General Height
how many inches do you start to tower over people
K2 on General Height
What do you all think is the height of the average American white woman under 40? I think it's now 5'5, give or take a centimeter.
John on Nat Wolff
If Justice Smith is 5'10, he can't be over 5'11.75/6'0. I'd give him 182 barefoot.
Dmeyer on Chris Evans
I think solid. 5'11.75 dinner Time 183cm morning
Maximus on Sean Astin
He might reach 5'7.75 with the hair, while in shoes, but your listing seems about right. He's gonna be at a Wizard World event here at the end of the month, hopefully I can get a picture with him!
Maximus on Mick Foley
VaJay said on 20/Aug/15
isnt 6 inches usually a whole head above someone?

Only if that person has a tiny head. My head is between 10.5 and 11 inches long, so it would be roughly a half head for me.
Genos on Kunal Nayyar
@Teej Yeah..."embraces it" by standing on his toes even when posing with his own wife.
josey wales on Arnold Schwarzenegger
So that would make robs 5'11.5" estimate pretty near accurate..
Judd ISR on Height Request
Rob could you add the American actor Mike Starr?

He pass for a 6'3.5" and 6'3" guy, too.
I remember in a episode of law & order he did look a bit shorter than Vincent d' this means that if d'Onofrio was 6'3.5" then he could have been 6'2.5-3"...
Maximus on William Moseley
Handsome says on 17/Aug/14
He's About 5'9', Rob, He's Such a Liar, Why Didn't you tell him Man You're Short Just Admit it, NO Point In Upgrading Yourself.

If 5'9 is short, I must be average at 6'4. 5'9.5 is very near average height in the US, not sure where your unfounded hostility towards 5'9 comes from.
James C on Jake Gyllenhaal
I honestly believe that at some point in his life, he was measured 5'11 1/2. Most likely at an physical at the doctors, Like if I was listed on here I would be 5'9" but at sports physicals I've been measured at 5'9 1/2 twice at the same place from I remembered they both been after an long day at school and it would take 30 minutes to drive there, though I've been measured at 5'9 countless times, and even 5'9 1/4 all of them around the same time and same amount of time I've been awake.
Hako on Grant Gustin
Morning:183 cm
Night:181 cm
Hako on Grant Gustin
Morning:183 cm
Night:181 cm
andre on Justin Bieber
ryan sheckler is 5ft6.5 barefoot is height is listed 5ft7 with shoes on so justin is 5ft6 and 5ft6.5 with shoes , since ryan was little more taller in their picture
Hako on Grant Gustin
Morning:183 cm
Rory on Dennis Waterman
He probably was never a solid 5'9, but wasn't under 5'8.5 peak either..5'8.75 for Thaw and Waterman seems sound.
grizz on Ed Helms
Surprisingly, he held its own next to Chris Hemsworth and Chevy Chase on Vacation. So he might actually be a legit 6 footer.
Maximus on Booker T
How long would you say his hands are, Rob? Mine are a little over 7.5in and I've never felt as if I've had small hands, but his are absolutely massive!
[Editor Rob: I don't know, but my fingers are smaller than average.]
Maximus on Jake Lloyd
Ed Kline said on 23/Sep/15
Nutrition and lifestyle do make differences in height, and not just that of the mother during pregnancy. You must have just made that up because that's ridiculous.

This is true. I read a story about a girl who spent the first 12 or so years of her life in a closet in horrid conditions, and it really stunted her growth. Can't believe someone actually believes improper nutrition doesn't stunt growth...
Sam on Sam Neill
Im sure , he was 6ft tall
joe @@ on Diamond Dallas Page
Height183 said on 28/Jun/15
That picture is very irrelevant since we can't see the footwear. DDP is probably wearing some big old boots with those jeans. I think Orton would slightly edge out DDP if they were standing barefoot back to back.

but I could have had the impulse of footwear
blue on Rob Paul
@Rob, i found a method on internet for gain 2 cm in just one week; I tested and it really works!!.....ok its just for the hair.... it would be cool if it was as easy for the height. (if jenny is interested it's the inversion method: head upside down for 5 minutes; its awesome).

Fortunately for girls there's heels!!:)
How many cm do you think that these ones could give me?
Heels are 5inch and plateform 1.5.
Click Here

I think it's these shoes that i'm gonna wear when i take the bus.
The giant metal spikes would be also very useful if a man bothers me ;))
[Editor Rob: i certainly wouldn't upset a lady wearing a heel like that...they look like they should give 3.75ish range.

actually I did a quick video talking about Height Gain today. Basically an astronaut in her 40's claimed to go from 5ft 2 to 5ft 3.75! To me it would be bordering on unbelievable, if it weren't for the fact it's coming out the mouth of a well-respected engineer/astronaut...a far more impeccable source than I've seen so far.

Maybe in the future there will be "Grow taller anti-gravity pods"...I can imagine many an actor 'topping up their height' at regular intervals!]
joe @@ on Cristiano Ronaldo
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM
cr7 was with his boots was over footwear
Andrea on Rob Paul
Appe, i know you said you met her and that she looked easily 184 but still it's hard to believe that his boyfriend, Fabio Fulco, is only 4-5 cms taller than her! Even when she wears quite big heels, he still doesn't look any shorter than her! I would have guessed her more around 182 but she can definitely pull off 6' range at times! I don't know, she's a tricky girl! Look at her with another Miss, Maria Perrusi, who claims to be 182... Click Here Now, she's got more heels than Cristina, but still look easily over 2 inches taller than her to me! I've read on some sites that this girl tells her friends she's 186 and that she said to be "only" 182 because she was too tall, don't know if that's true, though...
Alucard on Brad Pitt
At least 6'1?!? Oh my, fantasyland... Paltrow is not over 5'8 at best, and that's still tall for a woman, same for Schiffer who in reality is around 5'10... Brad Pitt real height has always been around 5'9 without the notorious crazy lifts he usually uses... Claims about him being close or over 180cm are complete fantasies... 
James B on Kane
Strowman might edge kane
thepd on Wade Barrett
he looks 6'6 to be honest
Christian on Jake Gyllenhaal
Rob I saw you wrote in a comment below that Jake could be 5.11.5 having brunch. I thought all the heights here are mid-day heights?
[Editor Rob: I'm saying that the 11.5 could have been a valid measurement, maybe he did it at 10-11am, then by afternoon drops another fraction.]
aner on Maisie Williams
Man, height is such a weird thing.. When I see you with 196 guy, who's 23cm taller, and he's not one head taller than you and yet Maisie, who's like 21cm shorter is actually almost under your head... I'm 174cm (I was measured in school and it was 100% accurate) and I feel like most of my friends who are like 196cm(also measured in school) are almost one head taller than me..
[Editor Rob: a true 196cm will be that tall, a full head taller in photos]
AnotherFrench on Rob Paul
hey rob ! I have a question :
The morning I'm 185.1 and the evening i'm 183.3
Can i claim 6ft 0.5 ?
Have a great day !
Ray on Jake Gyllenhaal
After watching Rob's YouTube video on this I believe Jake is 5'11..either way 70 or 71 inches is still tall. The only movie I thought he looked shorter in was southpaw which I would guess he was 5'9. Maybe it had a taller cast of actors. Some actors can appear tall even with a taller cast though. Kit Harington is only 5'7ish and always appears tall on GOT even against a tall cast. Also 5'10 Thomas jane looks tall no matter what movie he's in. (Rob, do you have any guess why some actors like Kit and Tom can appear taller?)
[Editor Rob: from watching GOT, the more I see of Kit the more in the 5ft 7 range looks likely, some of the knights watch guys are short or average...]
Yo on Olivia Holt
She's closer to 5'3
jtm on Mandy Patinkin
doesn't look over 5'10 nowadays.
Andrea on Rory McCann
Rob, I am considering the fact he's got a big head when i say he looks not much more than 194 with you! You say his posture was ok, then the photo took away about an inch? As i said, do you think what happened is the same thing that happened with Colin?
[Editor Rob: I'm giving him benefit that he has an extra bit of height in him.]
jtm on Chloe Sevigny
she is so hard to pin down. she was shorter than 5'10 jake gyllenhaal with heels but she was taller than adele exarchopoulos and didn't look like she had higher heels.
jtm on Jason Wiles
radio_man said on 13/Feb/07
he's 5'7, he was just a bit taller than priestley in 90210 and shorter than luke perry so.. i think 5'7

priestley is known for wearing suspicious footwear.
drownsoda on Chloe Sevigny
She was about the same height (if not taller than) Fred Armisen on Portlandia, and she was the taller than Jeanne Tripplehorn and Ginnifer Goodwin on Big Love, so I think her 5'8" claim is accurate.
Yeah on Tom Cruise
Only here because just watch family guy: Pilling Them Softly Episode
JJLA on Jake Gyllenhaal
Here you go, 5'9.5 at night, solid 5'10 in the morning, 5'11 in casual/running shoes, sub 6' in discreet lifts... Has a good frame forming a prominent V, thick upper body, well proportioned lower body, hips not too wide, etc.

Click Here

Jared leto is a weak 5'9, and MM is a low to mid 5'10 (compare with Damon and also with Leto in Dallas Buyers club)

IF we're assuming the listed height should be bare feet then this is the most accurate estimation you can find about jake.
Uzuna on Justin Bieber
Okay, after seeing all these movements by these people anxious to know the height of a person, hereby conclude that, today, in 2015, I met this person. Justin, 21 years old, already grown up, is 5'7 tall (1,70cm), but sometimes it seems even higher caused shouldered trained in the gym and your body size. Scooter Braun, is high 1,80cm perfect. Point.
appe 6ft0.5 on Cristiano Ronaldo
@Rory I agree with you, probably the best bet is 1,5 cm difference. Anyway I was saying I disagree with people who think there is an inch difference
joe@@ on Tom Welling
I'm not so sure Tom also had his boots
elio on General Height
hey rob, do you believe that around 184 at night in the western world is an height that gets lots of benefits in life in general and that is tall most of the time but not stand out tall?
seb1.91 on Brock Lesnar
Legit 6 ft 2.
chris on Rob Paul
Hey, andrea, im from italy too, which part of italy are you from?
Sam on Beck Hansen
Didn't know he had a page...sometimes he can look shorter but on the other hand there is a photo with Jack White where Beck looks 5'8" range. Also he seemed a bit taller than Eddie Vedder.
Sam on Sam Rockwell
Moon is a great performance, really sympathetic unlike some of his characters.
seb1.91 on J. August Richards
He is no more than 6 ft 2, I look taller with my 5 ft 8 but I am a legit 6 ft 3.
Sam on Trevor Noah
Thanks for adding. Accurate listing compared to Stephen Colbert.
Sam on Kristian Bruun
Did he have bigger footwear? Looks like boots vs loafers. If footwear were even he could pass for 6'1.25"-6'1.5" there IMO.
[Editor Rob: his boot looked around the inch range, mine is a 1/4 inch less]
Jay on Justin Bieber
Justin with 5'9 Eugenie ...

Click Here

They are standing the exact same way. Perfect photo to tell their height difference. Take away Justin's hair and hat, Eugenie looks 1 inch and a half taller than him! Also his shoes do look a bit chunkier than hers. Justin is 5'7 but 5'7.5 max!!
anon on Emma Watson
Emma is no less than 164 cm. Here she is pictured with Cameron Diaz, both with pretty good stances... Emma's heel is slightly bigger because she has a platform, but Cameron doesn't TOWER over her. Cameron is 174 CM - 5'8, so I would say Emma is around 3 inches shorter give or take... listing seems accurate!

Click Here
miko on Wade Barrett
Barrett is bare minimum 6'5 and could be as high as 6'5.5.
Abdullah on Rob Paul
Hey Robert I wanna ask you a question how many children do you have and what names are they and age? Who is your wife?
[Editor Rob: I don't have any children and am not married.]
Delvin on Rob Paul
Is having a 12 cm eye level high
[Editor Rob: it's a slightly lower eyelevel than average, but only a few mm really.]
Powerhouse on Matt Damon
He was on The Late Late Show and side by side with James Corden in a skit. They were the same height.
Powerhouse on Sylvester Stallone
Its funny in grudge match he get completely towered over 6'0 MMA fighter Chael Sonnen. I doubt he was wearing lifts for that scene, because that be bad news for him. But in that same scene is has a comfortable 2 inches on Robert De Niro. Also in that film he pretty much is eye to eye with 5'11 Jon Bernthal, which is a bit confusing.
But, I'm smart on Jim Parsons
He looks an inch taller than 6' Bomer.
But, I'm smart on Johnny Galecki
Sheldon is not 6'2" I am Inky must be a short girl? I think Howard is just 5'4"
Chase Witherspoon on General Height
Re perceptive vs actual heights: I find this height psych amusing; I claim 5'10" (whenever I'm asked which is like several times a day) though my employment med caught me at a wee moment and I tanked at 176... In my RMs, that would elevate me to a towering 179, and I'm rarely barefoot in company, so I just figure 5'10" is believable if not entirely accurate. My licence shows 178 and it's never been an issue in any context. Now, after reading some of these 'celebrity' ruses I wonder whether I should be upgrading? I have a m8 who wears the Cuban heel RMs and claims 6'0" - I always thought he had an ego, but I'm beginning to wonder if I'm selling myself short. Maybe I can treat myself to a 5'11" claim? Would anyone believe that though? Reckon I'd come off sounding like a prat.
Powerhouse on Peter Wingfield
His role as Methos in Highlander The Series is easily his most well known role. At least it is here in the U.S. Could you add that to his credits?
Powerhouse on Jeremy Renner
He gives a taller impression. 5'8 guys often give a noticeably short appearance. He looks lanky in some films he is in, like in Dahmer he looks 5'11 in scenes with considerably shorter cast members and in scenes by himself. But when you see him next to guys like Ruffalo, Cruise, Downey Jr (in lifts), you see he is 5'8 range. There is a picture of him next to Jon Hamm and Ben Affleck and they really tower over him.
Anon1.90 on Taylor Swift
She definitely isn't 5'11. If you look at her latest music video (Wildest Dreams) the guy in it Scott Eastwood who is supposedly 1.80m. She's obviously 2 inches or more shorter than him.
Sean73 on George Clooney
Pitt 71"
Clooney 70.5"
Damon 70"
MD on Matt Damon
Not the best angle, but with 5'7" Michael Pena (who is actually at a footwear disadvantage, even) and 5'11.25" Sebastian Stan at a red carpet back in August for The Martian:

Click Here

5'10" just seems like such a stretch with all taht we know.
MD on Meek Mill
@Joe, Thanks for those pics. The 6'3" and 6'4" talk was really kind of ridiculous. While he's taller than he appears because of his often poor posture, he honestly doesn't tower guys around the six foot mark. Here he is with Drake:

Click Here

Like I said, I wouldn't be shocked were someone to find him taller than 6'2", but I think that is more unlikely than not likely.
Yaspaa on Nick Nolte
Nothing wrong with it, just not the height you should go with.
MD on Daniel Radcliffe
@Ali, come back and insult him when you can approach typing anything remotely close to English. Thanks. Bye.
MD on Trey Songz
If you have all of this evidence, then, do the tiny bit of work required to SHOW what you think is true.
Dcfc on Football Soccer
Hey Rob, what do you think would be a morning heights of bale and lewandowski?
[Editor Rob: there is a chance Bale is a bit over 6ft, so he may well be 6ft 1 range out of bed...lewandoski I think can look taller than he is.]
AJ on Jackie Chan
175 peak, 173 today
Sean73 on Amy Jo Johnson
I just watched her in Flashpoint and I gotta say, I didn't think she looked more than 5'0.5" next to her costars.
coatguy on Michael Jackson
Rob, the photo of Michael with Lisa Presley - Lisa is CLEARLY nearer the camera, there's even other better photos showing Jackson to be a lot taller than her

Have a look at it again, Jackson's a strong 5ft 9er

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.