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25 June
Alex 164cm 5'4 feet on Tom Cavanagh
Grant seems to be taller than Cavanagh in Season 1 but Grant seems to be slouching more in Season 2
Aaron Zamora on Jesse Eisenberg
I think it's best to downgrade him to 5'7 flat it'll be in the middle of your two estimates
Alex 164cm 5'4 feet on Kaley Cuoco
in the first few seasons of Big Bang she looked smaller.
Joeloco on Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle's height/weight during the 1996 Olympic Summer Games where he won Gold was 5'10 (178) 220 (100kg). ( Click Here) He's 5'10
Merky on Jesse Eisenberg
in this photo he looks around 5'6.5", minus a fraction more sneaker and like 5'6.25.
rob, is jesse really losing an inch more than you to be listed as 5'7.25"?
Editor Rob: the most I'd guess him is 5ft 7.25 barefoot...
the lowest 5ft 6.75, but I think 5ft 7 or 7.25 is more likely.
Ian C. on Richard Kiel
Whenever Kiel appeared on talk shows he seemed socially normal. He was friendly and funny and relaxed. Think what an achievement social affability would be for anyone that tall and ugly. Being seven feet tall would be a far worse handicap than being, say, four foot ten. Danny DeVito can walk around without frightening anybody, and in fact is quite a pleasant looking little guy, but Kiel must have caused alarm wherever he went.
tj on Andre The Giant
I met Andre in person in 1980. I am 6'8 and Andre was at least 5 inches shorter than me. He was maybe 6'1 at best. He was a tiny man.
Canson on Kevin Garnett
I doubt he'd be 7'1 out of bed. Really doubt it. Maybe 7' and go down to 6'10.75. I doubt 6'11 flat is his lowest esp being Shaq can measure under 7'0 at his lowest. He's about an inch maybe even 3/4 inch taller than Duncan or Nowitzki
movieguy on Muhammad Ali
Henry Cooper has said that Ali was 6'3'' when he fought him. In later years he met him and said it was sad to see how small and frail he had become. Maybe he wasn't quite a full 6'3'' but he was a big guy for that era.
Ian C. on Verne Troyer
I'll bet he wears lifts.
Ian C. on Richard Simmons
You are one tactful man, Rob. "It would certainly be very useful to have some evidence to show you at the size you used to be." Simmons' claim that he has lost 150 pounds and then kept it off is so dramatic in its improbability that he must show evidence for it. It's as if Jack LaLanne had said he could do 1000 push-ups and then refused to do those push-ups in front of witnesses.

At the very least, Simmons should be able to refer us for corroboration to people who knew him when he was (supposedly) fat. He won't do even that. Suspiciously his claimed fat period took was when he lived in Italy, making it very difficult to confirm if anyone in North America were to question it.
Jeff on Steven Seagal
Looks like a strong 6'4 in every movie he's appeared in
24 June
Strong 5ft9 on Diamond Dallas Page
Hey Rob, how tall do you think Christian is? 6ft? Click Here
Editor Rob: he doesn't look under 6ft with ddp there.
Singh is king on Hrithik Roshan
Look at sim bhullar and tanveer bhullar.i am 6'4" tall.Proud to be a punjabi.In punjab people are really tall.I am proud of my height.
Johnny on Vin Diesel
@Rob any chance of measuring him at 5'11.5" ?
Editor Rob: of course a chance, but say only 5ft 11? I wouldn't have guessed the chance was great
Canson on LeBron James
Height made a good point about Lebron looking smaller next to some guys which is why he can look under 6'7. This Dream Team pic below is weird tho because he looks barely taller than Melo not enough for an inch but looks a half inch to 3/4 shorter than 6'7.75 boozer. I think 6'7 flat may be the compromise

Click Here
Canson on LeBron James
Height made a good point about Lebron looking smaller next to some guys which is why he can look under 6'7. This Dream Team pic below is weird tho because he looks barely taller than Melo not enough for an inch but looks a half inch to 3/4 shorter than 6'7.75 boozer. I think 6'7 flat may be the compromise
Elle on Lucy Rose
She's tiny.
Canson on LeBron James
Jake: i think the category you're referring to is 6'9-6'10 and above. That's more gigantic. You know. The guys who are 6'11 or 7'0 to the general public because of all the height frauding and perception. Those guys lose the 1 1/2". A guy 6'6-6'8 would prob lose an inch regularly and maybe 1.5" at an extreme low meaning on the grind. Now body type could play a factor. As an experiment once I went to the gym wasn't hydrated much and stayed out late on my feet past midnight.
chevy on General Height
hi rob what do you think is the tall range for men and women?
nb on Adriana Lima
If Adriana has 1.78 Tyra Banks has 1,80 pq then the difference is large their height.
Sam on Brett Eldredge
This guy looks similar height I think to someone like Zachary Levi, can't say I'm familiar with him.
Aaron Zamora on Joel Edgerton
Are you going to downgrade him since you downgraded Bateman and Bateman was relatively taller than him?
Editor Rob: they look within a similar range from what I've seen.
Ted89 on Ethan Suplee
2 inches shorter than Jason Lee in My Name is Earl. Jason is probably something between 184 and 187 cm. Ethan is probably between 180 and 183
BigSmallJon on Kristofer Hivju
Rob, any thoughts on Dean S. Jagger who portrays Smalljon Umber? He claims 6ft 1.5 which seems reasonable to me.
Editor Rob: not seen much of him to tell if he's that tall
Ted89 on Ethan Suplee
2 inches shorter than Jason Lee in My Name is Earl. Jason is probably something between 184 and 187 cm. Ethan is probably between 180 and 183
dicksock on Hulk Hogan
Here is a video of John Studd and Hogan from 1984. Hogan actually looks taller than Studd.
Click Here
dicksock on Andre The Giant
Here is an interesting video of Hogan and Studd from 1984. It's strange because Hogan looks taller than him. Maybe Studd forgot his lifts or something?
Click Here
MD on Niall Horan
With a listed 5'8.75" Olly Murs (directly right). They aren't exactly lined up, but the ground is level, so it's a pretty good shot:

Click Here
Nobody on Eddie Guerrero
I think he was more 5'7 1/2 than a full 5'8, Benoit and Jericho had more than just one inch on him. I believe Eddie and Daniel Bryan would of been the same height with both of them being edged out by AJ Styles.
Truth on Bradley Cooper
Lol he's definitely shorter than kutcher, Cooper looks like he has his heels on in that picture. Krasinski towered over Cooper in aloha, and kutcher is near krasinski's height
Nobody on Chris Benoit
5'9 sounds right, on the February the 16th edition of Raw Benoit faced Shawn Michaels and Michaels had two inches on him during their staredown.
Truth on Dax Shepard
187 maybe 188. He's definitely shorter than Ashton kutcher
James on Gareth Bale
@ A zany I think you are confused. If you look closely, Cristiano is taller than Bale in that pic.
Frank R on Richard Dean Anderson
In one episode of MacGuyver, Pete Thornton (Dana Elcar) said "I'm looking for my missing friend. He's about 6'1"..." If Anderson was 6'1.75", why wouldn't Pete have guest-imated 6'2" instead of 6'1"? Even if it was a mistake by the writers you'd think that Anderson would have "corrected" the error for authenticity, since actors don't generally want to be perceived as "shorter" on screen than they really are.
Frank R on Burt Reynolds
Back when he made 'Boogie Nights' in 1997, hi height was listed at 5'7.5" in a number of sources. He's gotten shorter since then.
Frank R on Ultimate Warrior
In the late 1980s and early 1990s he appeared very close to the same height as Randy Savage who was 6'1.5". I'd say that Warrior was 6'2" at his absolute tallest, but no taller. Back then the WWE was known for embellishing the heights of their wrestlers, but all of Warrior's action figure packages listed him at 6'2." I can't imagine the WWE displaying a wrestler as "shorter" than their actual height.
miko on Arnold Schwarzenegger
The more fan photos I see/gym ones where Arnie is in flat soled footwear, he is really looking no more than 5'11.

Its been quite a while since he's been looking a six footer.
Frank R on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
The Rock seems rather "young" to have already lost an inch in height from his peak of 6'4", but lifting heavy weights and all of the injuries in pro wrestling can take their toll on a wrestlers and other stuntmen who haven't even reached 50.
the Slav on Jesse Eisenberg
Short hair suits him very well. He looks badass.
Listing seems just about right, though the camera perspective makes him look a little shorter
the Slav on Christina Hendricks
How much would you think she weighs? 160?
Editor Rob: she could vary from 140 up to 160 over last 10 years.
Frank R on Charles Barkley
In 1993, Charles Barkley said he was 6 feet 5 and a half. At that time he would not yet have begun shrinking, so it's safe to assume that he was between 6'5.5" and 6'5.75 inches at his absolute tallest.
Frank R on Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise has never been taller than 5'7. I don't know where people are getting 5'7.75". If anything, he's shrunk from his peak height of 5'7" in 1986's 'Top Gun' where Cruise appeared "tiny" compared to every other pilot in that film, and of course Kelly McGillis who at 5'10" towered over Cruise.
Frank R on Arnold Schwarzenegger
All of the T-800, model 101s are 6'6". Arnold, on the other hand, is around 5'11" at age 68. In 'T-2: Judgment Day', you can tell that Arnold is wearing lifts by the thickness of his boots in that film. In the bar scene as the "naked T-800" he is noticeably shorter than several of the bikers he beats up. Then he takes one of the biker's clothes, and for the rest of the film, he appears taller. You can really see the thickness of the boot soles in the scene where he meets Sarah Connor's Latino friends in the middle of the Mexican desert.
Truth on Beyonce Knowles
She is 5"3 ebony magazines already proved this. She is very small and petite.
Frank R on Brutus Beefcake
The WWE has been inconsistent where their wrestlers' " billed heights" are concerned. Some wrestler's heights are exaggerated and others are not. Brutus Beefcake had a "peak" true height of 6'3" and he's lost at least an inch from age. Like a lot of other wrestlers, the decades have taken a toll on Beefcake's knees and spine, which accelerates height loss in many people.
Richard on Jerry Lee Lewis
I'm 5'10 barefoot and met him wearing boots about 10 yrs ago, I'm 71 & have not lost any height, but Jerry was tiny. TINY. I was so excited to see him, but he looked no taller than 5'6 with his white gloves on. However, you all say you lose height with age so he could have been my height, but I seriously doubt it. Love him, though. LOVE HIS MUSIC!
Frank R on Lou Diamond Phillips
He may have been 6 feet tall in La Bamba. Look at him standing next to Joe Pantoliano in that movie again.
184guy on Brutus Beefcake
Rob,I'm very sure he was taller at Peak.He doesn't looked short next to Hogan.I think he'd to be around the same height as Jesse Ventura,around 6'3
Tunman on Michael Phelps
strange,if this guy has really(which still needs confirmation)a 30" inseam it's a first for someone that tall.Imagine this guy with legs like Eastwood's he would be nearly 7' and look quite proportionate
I wonder if this abnormality was a key for his success,after all I always assumed having long legs and big feet were advantages in swimming along with a large wingspan...well maybe not in all cases!
Moke on Dolph Lundgren
Looks 6'2.
Robby D. on Dennis Hopper
If anyone wanted more evidence that Hopper was under 5' 8" then watch the movie "I died a thousand times." He has a short scene where he dances close up to Shelley Winters (listed as 5' 4" on here and other sites). Winters is wearing heels which could be about 3" high but even then that would only bring her up to 5' 7" so if Hopper was barefoot he should still be an inch taller than her. He was wearing dress shoes and Winters towered over him. He was looking up when he spoke to her. Unless this listing is for shoe height then 5' 8" for Hopper is out of the question. So is 5' 7" for that matter.
Tunman on Lindsey Vonn
5'9.5"?Could have sworn she was listed as 176cm 72kg back in 2010now 178 in most places.Does celebrity automatically makes you taller?Another good reason to become famous,lol.
Same with Missy Franklin,was listed 185 almost everywhere now gets 188 on wiki
And what about Elie Nordegren Woods former wife?listed 5'11OMG I would have thought 5'7 or so
Tunman on Gabrielle Reece
possibly 6'2.5"she's indeed 2" shorter than Leslie but Leslie isn't 6'5 rather 6'4.5" IMO.She's also taller than her husband but is he really 6'2.5" he looked smaller with Joakim Noah,possibly 6'2.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Brett Eldredge

I thought 194cm
Josh on Cameron Monaghan
He looks a bit taller than this listing. I'd say he's 5'11 or closer to it than 5'10.
Leo on Jesse Eisenberg
5'7 (1.70m) for Jesse.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Charles Dance
Click Here

Looks near 6ft4 in this photo.
Arch Stanton on Loretta Young
@Rob, check out Click Here 26:20. She's described as five feet five and a half and 112 pounds. He swears that a good description. You know I think it's accurate, more accurate than 5 ft 6 and that was her actual height. Can you tweak to 5'5.5?
Editor Rob:
Even I forgot at times, but when we share youtube we can Click on Share, then click start at time and type a time, then the link takes you right there.

yes, it seems quite a specific mention there, I will mention it at the top as well thanks!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on L L Cool J
He could be 186cm at his lowest.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Bill Bellamy
Not even the full 6ft2, Rob?

I thought he edged out LL CooJ in Any Given Sunday
Editor Rob: I think his frame helps him, and head size compared to LL
Shredder on Jesse Eisenberg
He is thinner than I thought. Looks nothing but a good 5'7 ranger.
q on Jake Gyllenhaal
Tunman on Rob Paul
Average for football must be around 5'11 now so 6'2-4 won't be that rare,however if you think about it most teams have a large number of players in the 5'8-9 range it's only when you think of marks like 5'5 or under that it becomes seriously rare...like most sports it evolves.Take some of the heavyweight boxers of the 50's 60's or 70's and compare them to the new ones.If it was possible to come back to these periods with today athletes none of the famous names like Ali,Frazier Forman and others would have managed to beat them.Also think about track and field I checked that the first Olympic Champion in 1896 ran the 100m in 12.0s,and keep in mind that when I was 21 I managed to run it in 11.4s...and I probably would manage to break the 12s barrier these days despite having stopped training seriously since 5 years (aged 23).
EzioAuditore711 on Jesse Eisenberg
Looks 5'7" flat. Could even be 5'6.5"-5-6'75".
dj on Kriti Sanon
Click Here watch this video...
Phil on J K Rowling
She said on twitter" i am waiting for the inch taller thing to kick in, always wanted to be 5 foot 5" She is 5 foot 4 , Rob.
Editor Rob: ok thanks for noticing, I'll add the quote up the top now.
MarcusTheSwede on Martin Wallstrom
Im from Sweden he is 180cm
ayo on Jesse Eisenberg
your listing is getting more and more weirder. I would assume 5'6.75...
Editor Rob: well he didn't look 5ft 9 or 5ft 8 in person.

Did he look 5ft 7.5 range (my sneaker is 0.7, his looked 1 inch)...or 5ft 7...

one thing he didn't seem was the big G range of 5ft 6.5.
Mat on Rob Paul
Rob are you up for the Scottish Kingdom? ;-)
Editor Rob: I like the idea of countries having identity, different cultures, but being free and working together.
fuzzblaster77 on Andre Agassi
No more than 5'10" in person.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Brett Dalton
185cm is too low and 183cm is just a joke. Anywhere from 186-188cm is an arguable range.
richie on Bill Murray
Yeah i think 6'1" is spot on, he was the same height as Dan Ackroyd in Ghostbusters and similiar to John Candy, strong 6'1"
Arch Stanton on Vivien Leigh
Very naughty girl!!
richie on Brad Pitt
Pitt is a strong 5'11" and would probably stand close to 6' with shoes
amaterasu on Jesse Eisenberg
Rob, do you really think that there is no at least 1 full inch between you and him on this pic ? And he has a footwear advantage? Lol, that's a 169cm guy, 170cm on a good day. I think you should at least put him at 5'7" flat.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Christopher Reeve
I think he was comfortably above 6ft3 flat but maybe not quite a full 6ft4. Around 6ft3½-6ft3¾ range.
GP on Jesse Eisenberg
I'm glad you got a photo with him Rob, because I saw not too long ago and I was little surprised that he was shorter than being advertised. I hope you are not going to keep him at 171, because the most he looks there is 170. Also that he has a cm more footwear, he exactly looks the same size as G did with you. 169-170 is more correct for him. Good photo Rob.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jack O'Halloran
Near 6ft6, maybe 6ft5½ at worst.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Brutus Beefcake
He was billed 6ft3-4 in his wrestling days. Most likely was that in boots.

"Brutus Beefcake's Height is 6ft 1in (185.42cm)"
"Peak height was 6ft 2¼in (188.595cm)"
Arch Stanton on Stewart Granger
Just under 6 ft 2 is possible but I wouldn't argue under 187....

I've read so many sordid things about this guy's personal life now that whenever I watch a film of his I can't help but think he was a kinky pervert LOL. I suppose it's his aristocratic, polished appearance and manner too which makes him seem more of a sex pest or something I don't know, but for me now he represents the bad/seedy side of Hollywood in those early days!! He looks the type who would have hosted wild orgies at palaces with Errol Flynn and invited high society LOL!
RP on Brutus Beefcake
6'1" today (minus the slouched neck & shoulders) peak 6'2"...which confirms a peak 6'5.5" Hulk Hogan & Current 6'3"-6'3.5" Hogan.
richie on Arnold Schwarzenegger
I think a peak height of 6'1.5" is absolutely spot on.In the movie Pumping Iron, Arnie was a fraction taller than Mike Katz who was 6'1" and had a good inch on Ken Waller who was just 6'. Clearly lost height today and is probably around the 6' mark but 70/80's was definitely a strong 6'1"
richie on Mike Tyson
Tyson's a strong 5'10", probably stands close to 5'11" with shoes on. A recent interview he stated himself as being 5'10" so no reason to doubt it
TJE on Jesse Eisenberg
I'm assuming he's dropping about an inch in posture here
Azam on Cristiano Ronaldo
ny said on 24/Jun/16
Gareth bale has to be atleast 187cm because in this pic cr7 is like 2 or 3 cm shorter than him check the link Click Here
Frsh1 on Justin Bieber
5'7.25" sounds right when you see him hanging with 5'8" floyd mayweather he looks about a inch shorter than him.
Andrea on Jesse Eisenberg
Rob, he looks at least 3 cms shorter than you (3-4 cms actually)...
Why am i not surprised, though? :)
Of course without considering any shoe difference!
Didn't you say in the past that your hairline is about 1.5 inches from the top of the head? Jesse does look right around that zone!
5'8.25 minus 1.5 --> 5'6.75
But of course you will say that he looks taller than big G in person and that some height was lost in the picture, right?
Aaron Zamora on Jesse Eisenberg
Rob, if he has a fraction more footwear wouldn't 5'6.75 or 5'7 be better? You look an inch taller than him even with that fraction more footwear that he has.
123 on Jesse Eisenberg
5-9 give me a break I know most guys overestimate there height, but by 2 whole inches? that's starting to push it a little far, men need to stop being so insecure it doesn't make you any less of a man because your short
MadMax on Jesse Eisenberg
wow!! ´´Now i see you´´, Mr. Einsenberg ....LOL . Looks under average-short in every single movie .169 cm (weak 5ft7) at most its what i can see!!!
Height on Peter Facinelli
Looks 177 cm next to you Rob.
JarvisOS on Tom Cruise
If he wear 1/2 inch lifts I'm sure it will be hardly noticeable. I think 5'7.25" for him
FP on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Peter - indeed. Specific height therefore becomes fairly meaningless. Makes you wonder why some people get so rabid and hissy about proving/disproving it to the slightest fraction of an inch. I couldn't tell you exactly how tall my oldest friends are, but I'm aware of their general size, and also that can change depending on their footwear, hairstyle, posture from day to day. I know this a height site, but still wonder why people take it so damned seriously, not to mention personally!

Peter: "Most people actually do measure their height in shoes it seems...And if you deny that,then you're probably unaware of this fact.Either that or they just add 1-2 inches to their actual barefoot height:1 inch for shoes,an additional inch for perspective since it's very difficult to actually spot an inch in person...Trust me,it's not that easy with differing footwear,hairstyles,body and head structure etc..."
Johan on Kurt Angle
Here is another fact:

The guy Alex in the pic next to Kurt? We know 100% that he is 6ft. Kurt actually looks more than 2 inches shorter there but he is leaning.

Read the comment below posted 19/Jan/16 by Alex...
PaulG on Sting
I met him years ago at a show and stood right next to him. He seemed to be right around 5'9.5 . It was around 11pm in the evening so he may have been at his lowest point in terms of height.
Johan on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
1 min 21 seconds on that clip they are both straight. Thats not 3 inches and you could even argue that Joshua isn't the full 6'6". He certainly looks a weak one next to Rob.

3.5 in minimum and we never get to see Dwayne's footwear. Anthony has a 1 inch sneaker its a very common brand.
S.J.H on Adam Baldwin
192cm for baldwin now for sure
dayhide on Mick Jagger
Worked with a guy who was in the USAF in the late sixties who had a military cargo flight layover on the Island of Fiji and the crew was housed at an expensive hotel. Just so happened The Rolling Stones were there, either on holiday or tour, and were sitting out by the hotel pool. This person had no interest in music or the Stones, so it's very probable he is truthful in his report which said: "I heard of the Rolling Stones...I thought they'd be big, husky dudes...****!...they were all a bunch of little dried-up ****ers!..no taller than this! (holds hand to his neck indicating about 5 feet 6 inches). "We were drinking and splashing in the pool while they were sitting around playing some guitars, and their girlfriends were smiling at us wanting to join in...but they had some big, mean looking bodyguards who were not happy with us being there." Based on this I'm guessing Mick wears lift shoes to get 5' 8" height. On stage the lights and moving around masks his height.
Matthew on Bill Bellamy
Funny, I remember seeing this guy listed as 6'4 on imdb once, but he doesn't tower over people like a 6'4 guy would, this seems much more reasonable
6'2 on Big Show
big show was a legit 7'1 in wcw ten years later 2006 7ft ten years later 2016 6'11
6'2 on Kane
kane was given bigger boots than taker ever since his kane debut at badd blood 1997 so he could be given the 7ft billing since taker was billed 6'10.5. he was originnally billed 6'11 as dr yankeem dds and sometimes 6'9. i think as corperate kane in normal dress shoes you can see hes clearly not a 7 footer so a solid 6'7 id say nowadays 6'8 possibly 15-20 years ago.
6'2 on The Undertaker
he was a legit 6'8 in the early 90s. 6'7 or just under today
6'2 on Sid Eudy
if hogans 6'6 peak theres no way sid was 6'6.5. wm 8 1992 hulk hogan 6'5.5 280lbs sid justice 6'7.5 301lbs
6'2 on Triple H
he was 6'3 in the mid 90s. 6'2 or 6'1.5 today
Andrea on Brutus Beefcake
He looks 6'0.5 at most here...
Editor Rob: he pretty much can look somewhere over 6ft but maybe not a 6ft 1 up close.
truth on Dave Franco
Looks 165 cm to 166.5 cm next to 171cm Eisenberg. Maybe 167 cm tops.
truth on Jesse Eisenberg
You met him, nice! Looks about 171cm, listing is spot on, good job as always etc.
Canson on Peyton Manning
Btw the 6063 for flacco is 6'6 1/4. They round up. I've heard many people who have met Flacco in person describe him as 6'5-6'6. Meaning he likely drops below the 6'6 mark but he has a long torso. Conceivably could see 197 cm at his lowest
176 cm asian on Rob Paul
Rob, I am an asian and 176 cm tall at least. What should i claim if it is in imperial system?
Editor Rob: you are a solid 5ft 9 range...if your worst measurement was 176, then for a good chunk of the day you will probably be 5ft 9.25-9.5 range, so claiming that figure isn't a bad thing.
Canson on Peyton Manning
@RP: yep also prob why he has claimed 6'5.5 before and why the listed below Brad guessed him 6'5 1/2. No real difference between 3/8-1/4-1/2
Arch Stanton on Brett Eldredge
@Rob, maybe give him 6'3.25? 192 looks a tad generous in some of those comparisons.
Editor Rob: anywhere in 6ft 3-3.5 range I think he could look.
Canson on Tom Green
I've met the guy in person in 2009 in DC. I was in boots and he thought I was a giant. With boots I'm prob close to 6'6 and my cousin who is 6'3 was taller than he was. He exaggerates his height when he isn't wearing higher shoes. He's tall but He's 6'2. He's 6'3 in shoes. Very very funny though
Canson on Jared Padalecki
Wow Alex didn't see that one coming. But if you met him I'll take your word for it at least you're being honest
Canson on Nate Robinson
somewhere in the 5'7 range. All depends on whene he was measured. I would be ok with right where he is at 5'7.75 or maybe .25" lower at 5'7.5. Isaiah Thomas admitted on multiple occasions he's 5'8 despite being listed 5'8.75 in his pre draft. For the latter I see it more a morning measurement and he's 5'8.25 Robinson is between 1/2-1" shorter
Arch Stanton on Boris Johnson
Yeah it will funny if he makes PM and Trump makes president LOL. A battle of the whispy blondes!
Arch Stanton on Boris Johnson
Rob can you add a photo and correct the type on Politican? Cheers. You know, sometimes when I see him walking on TV he gives the impression of a big guy, and with his personality and all, he's a guy who to me would probably get guessed as a 6 fter by a lot of people.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Brutus Beefcake
Then Rob why isn't his current height 6ft1?
Editor Rob: I just gave him a peak one for wrestling
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jesse Eisenberg
Oh wow! Didn't recognise him with the glasses.
5ft10.25 on Ingrid Nilsen
She once said in one of her youtube videos she was 5'3'' and a half.
grizz on Jimmy Fallon
truth said on 14/Jun/16
He looks pretty close to 6'0. 5'11.5" is fine.

No it isn't. Next to 172 cm tall Elle Fanning - first 15 seconds Click Here . She's taller than he is (cut off his pointy hair cut and you'll notice it) - a near 6foot guy would never be shorter than a 172 cm girl, regardless of heel height.
Editor Rob: as commented on her page, she has just came out claiming to be 5ft 9 now.
jim on Sylvester Stallone
Sly is 5 feet 7 inches tall. What the 70s TV series Kojak. Sly is standing next to Telly Savalas (Kojak) in a scene in Kojak's office, Kojak is looking down at Sly.. Telly was known to be 5 feet 10 inches, Sly is at least 3 inches shorter and the shortest and smallest man in most of the scenes.
Ice on General Height
I met a guy who claimed 207 cm , and at first I would have guessed him at like 193 cm . Im not lying . Never has a persons height confused me like that .
hijopotamus on Brad Pitt
those shoes are close to 2 inches heel!
...and we dont know if lift or vibram sole inside.
What makes me laugh is why people insist comparing in such a difficult situation?? now its about aerial shots, looooool
Guys, just study pics with Paltrow or Aniston.
The guy is under 5'10" no doubt.
Tom Cruise can reach close to 5'10" and hes barely 5'7"
This is Hollywood, guys, all fake.
charlie on Cher
for years she was listed as 5 ft 9 sometimes 5 ft 9.5. but seeing her with 5 ft 5 sonny i will say she is a lot closer to 5 ft 4 inches because Sonny was taller than her.
A zany on Gareth Bale
Gareth bale has to be atleast 187cm because in this pic cr7 is like 2 or 3 cm shorter than him check the link Click Here
Rocky on Michael Phelps
Definitely closer to 6'2'' than 6'4''. Look at pictures with him and 6'2'' Liu Xiang, the former easily looks 2-3 inches shorter. Xiang did have a footwear advantage (sandals vs basketball shoes).
MrTBlack on Bill Clinton
That 6'2.5" measurement was probably less than an hour after he awoke because he probably is solid 6'2" no more than 2hours after he wakes up.
184.9 on a bad day on Karlie Kloss
Only one inch taller than fallon.
Fallon 6ft 0.5 with shoes on, so 6ft 1.5 makes sense.
Mark on Chris Tucker
after seeing him with Michael Jordan, I think Chris Tucker is probably the strongest 6'0.5" here. He would measure taller than Henry Cavill and Chris Pine, both who aren't under the 6 feet range.

Click Here
177-178 cm guy on Leonardo DiCaprio
5'9.75" is a joke. Leo usually looks 179-181cm range in pictures.
Ian C. on Jimmy Stewart
Middle-aged men successfully courting women a generation younger than they are is practically a movie trope. Think John Wayne in Rio Bravo, for example. He was nearly double Angie Dickenson's age in that one, but nobody really minds much, because he's John Wayne, and we are supposed to close the gap between what he was and what he has become in order to follow the movie. Most male move stars over forty habitually play somebody who is roughly 32.

And six feet tall, if they are shorter than that. All Paul Newman's characters were six feet tall. And Kirk Douglas's and Dean Martin's and Humphrey Bogart's.

Sometimes I wonder what the typical leading man movie character's I.Q. is. Right around 125, usually. This is probably pretty close to the real I.Q. score of most movie leading men. Clearly smarter than average, but not intellectual. John Wayne did not play stupid men, but he did not play men who read a lot of books either.
23 June
Leo on Josephine Skriver
5'10.5, bad height for a girl.
Omar on Brock O'Hurn
Been waiting for him to get exposed. Nice job Rob.
Editor Rob: it is just an estimate, but I think the overall consensus (at least on this page) seems to be the 6ft 6-7 range is too much for him and 6ft 5 might be a better guess.
Dan on Brad Pitt
Those boots are guidi 788v model. Most possibly has an insert inside. Yea they're big, that's how he gets close to those six foot guys. 1.5-1.75 lift from the double soles.
Rollo Tomasi on Kit Harington
Doesn't matter if he is short. He is still good looking and bad ass. I don't like Game of Thrones because all characters are idiots or psychopaths but he is one of the few I like.
bigmike74 on Hulk Hogan
@6'2 agreed no way 6'5". Maybe in thick shoes he can hit 6'5" but not barefoot that ship has sailed for him. 6'4" morning and 6'3.5" mid to evening height no lower though it's just not possible knowing my height barefoot.
Tony on Steve McQueen
I met him and Ali McGraw when I worked at the Carnelian Room at the B of A Building at 555 California st in San Francisco. I was 16 years old and they were filming a movie called "The Towering Inferno" at the building and my first thought was he is short. Steve could not have been more than 5' 7" maybe 5' 8" because that's how tall I was and we were eye to eye and he seemed even shorter than me. By the way. I love Steve McQueen
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Stephen Fry
Looks much heavier than 106kg
wut on Clint Eastwood
hasslehoff at 195 looks very slim. his normal weight is closer to 210 i bet. i'm 6 foot and 160 pounds with a lanky build and get told i'm too skinny often. i think i'd have to weigh around 180 before i stopped looking thin.
bigmike74 on Hulk Hogan
@6'2 agreed no way 6'5". Maybe in thick shoes he can hit 6'5" but not barefoot that ship has sailed for him. 6'4" morning and 6'3.5" mid to evening height no lower though it's just not possible knowing my height barefoot.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Daryl Hannah
Arch, I think Hanks may have worn lifts so that she wouldn't be taller than him in heels.
Hefeez on Rob Paul
Hey rob
G-eazy is 6'4 so whats the guy on the left height could be?

Click Here

Thank you so much
Editor Rob: might be in 5ft 11 range, maybe a bit more if he wasn't standing as good as big G
6'2 on Mike Tyson
probably lost an inch he used to be 5'11 5'10 now
Eric on Leonardo DiCaprio
@Jeff Wrong bro!!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Daniel Baldwin
Rob, Daniel claims 6ft1 in this interview around 8:10-8:20

Click Here

He said that was 6ft at 13 and only grew an inch after
Editor Rob: ok thanks for pointing the quote out, I'll mention it at the top as well.
LavenderSky on Blake Lively
She's a full 5ft7. One person on here said she is a full 5ft9, (and was in New York traveling from Australia) was wearing flat shoes and walked right behind Blake Livley, (who happened to be wearing flat shoes as well that day) and right at her side as well and eventually passed her said that she couldn't believe how much much lower her actual height was. She was expecting Blake to be 5ft10 or at least her height a full 5ft9 That comment was from several years ago but is now deleted.
Ren on Rana Daggubati
Rana is 6'1 barefoot probably 6'2 in sneaker
Danimal (176-178cm) on Clint Eastwood
Anonymous1 said on 22/Jun/16
...I'm sure there are a zillion weight rules to choose from. I grew up being aware of roughly 10 lbs for every inch of height (starting from what point, I have no idea). I would put Eastwood at 190, no more, up to and including The Gauntlet. After that, it varied. To keep it on topic, 6'4 "right" out of bed or after laying around for a nap, but more like 6'3 plus, peak.

You add 10 pounds for every inch over 6'0" and 5 pounds under 6'0".
James on Cristiano Ronaldo
To me, Cristiano looks 1.86 m:
Click Here

I'm not sure if 1.85 m is another possibility. 1.84 m is impossible.
Randomdude on Brock Lesnar
@Oscar he was measured by the NFL he is 6'2

yes he's a big guy but he's not 6'3 or maybe 6'4 because if he was he wouldn't have measured in at 6'2.
Ian C. on Richard Simmons
Okay, Rob, I won't call the dignified and self-effacing Mr. Simmons any f-words. But I'm just saying, the man doesn't have a "before" picture. Just the "after" one, from which we are supposed to understand that he has successfully lost and then kept off for decades something like 150 pounds. A feat so rare that, if Simmons has actually done it, may make him unique among all the humans in history.
Editor Rob:
I never really liked having photos taken, which it might not seem on this site, but I barely have any photos from age 21 to late 20's.
But to help a case like big weight loss, it certainly would be very useful to have some evidence to show you at the size you used to be..
Jordan87 on Michael Biehn
I know in Terminator 1984, on the police Radio ( Once Reese and Sarah Escaped the Police Station) he was described at 6'0 175. He was a lean guy in that movie he would have to be around 5'11-6'0 to weigh 175lbs with his lean frame. Really was a Small guy in comparison to Arnold who must have weighed 230 in T-1.
miko on Tyson Fury
His height can vary a bit, he's obviously not 6'9, but I wonder if 6'7 flat is a tad low.

At times he could look a solid 2 inches taller than Wlad, but then in the pre-fight stare-down looked barely taller, maybe WK's footwear was dodgy that evening.

He is somewhere between 6'7 and 6'7.5 barefoot IMO.
miko on Brutus Beefcake
A weak 6'1 today Rob? Maybe 6'0.75.
Editor Rob: today I think he's probably an inch lower than his peak.

Put it this way, a guy like Brett dalton is comfortably an inch taller up close than Beefcake looked...
Canson on Height Request
Rob can you put up a page for Scottie Pippen and maybe Carmelo Anthony?
the Slav on Dolph Lundgren
If Jay is 172 cm then I see 185 cm tops for Dolph!
James on Fernando Torres
In Atletico Madrid's website they did put him as 1.85 m.
Click Here

I think Torres could be a legit 1.85 m (6 ft 0.75 in).
Click Here
the Slav on Justin Bieber
My passport says 189 cm but that doesnt change the fact that I am only 183 cm barefoot. Same goes with the Biebmeister who simply won't get away with claiming 5'9-5'10
Tunman on Dave Grohl
Does anyone have an idea about Avenged Sevenfold members heights?
Strangely there are no listings for any of them here though the band is quite famous.
Unfortunately other sites are (like always) doing poor work.After looking some pics and vids I would have thought something like this
Matt Shadows is 5'11.5-6' (doubt he's 6'1)
Synyster Gates 5'9.25-.75 (thought 5'10 was possible but saw once a 5'9 listing,hmmm...but no way 4" shorter than Shadows likely 2 or 2.5)
Zacky Vengeance 5'6.25-.75 no way 5'8 let alone 5'9
The Rev strong 6'2 no way 6'4
Arin Ilejay 5'8-8.5 no way 5'10 let alone 5'11
Johnny Crist 5'3-3.5" and near 5'4 is possible for him
Did my best but I'm quite unsure about them,any reliable figures are welcome,thanks
Bob on Wendy Williams
Wendy next to the My Giant Life girls. Click Here
Mat on Brett Eldredge
Rob, 6'3 is probably on the money for him, can you consider it?
Editor Rob: 6ft 3 barefoot and 6ft 4.5 ina cowboy boot is entirely possible.
the Slav on Football Soccer
I believe Lewandowski is a solid 183.5 guy
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Craig Ferguson
6ft1½-2 peak while Diedrich Bader is 6ft2-2½
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Joe Manganiello
192cm is way too low
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Luke Bryan
@berta: probably is 186-187cm range out of bed
zoj on Nelson Mandela
seriously, The man was around Bill Clinton's height in the early 90's and he was in his late 70's in age, after having spent 27 years in prison cracking up rocks and other forms of hard labour and bad diet. You honestly think he wouldn’t have lost a fair bit of height after all of that?? My estimate is that he may have been 6'2"-6'3" in his younger days.
charlie on Kelly McGillis
I saw Top Gun again. I watched the scene where Maverick and Goose are walkign through the hallway just after the scene where Maverick and Goose are explaining the inaccuracy of the Mig to Charlie. Goose is listed at 5 ft 10. He is standing side by side with Maverick where you clearly see he is at least 3 to 4 inches taller than Maverck. Then Charlie comes (Kelly McGillis) and she has heels on and is side by side with him and she stands the exact same height as him. Even if she was 1 inch tallershe would still be shorter than Maverick without heels. I do not believe she is 5 ft 10.Even with heels i do not believe she is 5 ft 10. In my last statement i thought she may be 5 ft 10 in heels but i clearly see it is not true. Remember Tom Cruise is 5 ft 7 inches. Now how can she be close to eye level with Tom Cruise with Heels on and be listed 3 inches taller than Tom Cruise at 5 ft 10? And from reading these comments yes i did hear her say she was a bit further back than he was in certain scenes but in the same scene goose is much taller than Tom by 3 to 4 inches. and she was eye level with heels. I am going to say Kelly is 5 ft 5 inches flat feet. In heels she is 5 ft 8.
Dmeyer on Brett Dalton
To me hé looks max 10cm over rob like 6 ft 1/8 183cm plus 1cm shoes 184cm
Editor Rob: I think his eyelevel is probably nearer 5 inches than 4.5 range.
jessman on Rob Paul
@Andrea & Arch Stanton
That goalkeeper (Wayne Hennessey) is most definitely 6'6. Watch him in team line ups. Towered over Wales centre-half Ashley Williams. Was easily six inches taller. He was also quite a bit (2-3) inches taller than Joe Hart when they stood beside each other in narrow tunnel before Euro 2016 match.
Canson on Abraham Benrubi
He's at most 6'6. Maybe he was measured in the morning and rounded up like many other people. Especially a heavier man generally will round or take an inch extra from what I've seen
Dmeyer on Brad Pitt
Those boots shouldnt give over 3,3-3,4cm 1,3-1,35in maybe 1,4-1,5in if thick insole
MD on Toby Kebbell
More from the shoot with 6'0" Miles Teller (directly to his left):

Click Here

Is the footwear difference enough to account for this? BTW, Michael B. Jordan is looking really short in those photos. It's why I think he's just a flat 5'10", but with really great proportions that can make him look taller.
Life on Benedict Cumberbatch
How tall do you think he measures in the morning?
Editor Rob: probably over six foot
Height on Mark Curry
He is a true 6'6"guy like Reggie Miller:

Click Here

Click Here
zoj on Bill Bellamy
he looks like a legit 6'2" guy to me
Canson on Kobe Bryant
@Rampage: I'll take it one step further. Don't underestimate 194 or never falling below even193 as towering heights. Those are true 6'4 solid to strong 6'4s at that. Not the kinda knockoff 6'4 where someone walks around and is 191 or even 190 at night because the doctor measured them at 6'3 1/2 in the morning or 6'3 3/4 and never told them how tall they really were LOL. See a lot of that
MD on Chris Paul
@Canson, if you could find that quote from him, that would be great. I'd never heard him say it.
Canson on Howard Stern
@Rampage: I can def see it. I will say I can almost see him at one point being 6'5.25 at his absolute lowest and 6'6 out of bed. And prob a solid 6'5 now at absolute worst maybe drops a hair below like 6'4 7/8 at night
charlie on Jake Gyllenhaal
i believe he is 5 ft 11.5. reason for this is when he was on Conan being measured his height was measured incorrectly with the tape measure upright beside him.Thats a big no when measuring your height. You will always be almost 2 inches shorter when measured that way. Its not your true height. And the fact Jake was measured by Conan in the late afternoon 4pm so he would of shrank though out the day. Now many say he is 5 ft 9.5 to 5 ft 10. Now the tpe measure to the human eye said he was 5 ft 10 even but the tape was also bent a little and his back wasn't measured to the wall. Your back MUST be measured back to the wall for the best accurate measurement. The highest point on the head is to the back.Even when you get a can of spray and put it on your head facing the wall the can is not entirely covering your head its only covering half way.and your measurement will be shorter as much as 1 inch to and 1 1'2 inches. When you stand against the wall like doctors tell you to do your body is not free standing where we tend to slouch , slouch forward which gives the impression we are shorter. With the back to the wall and head back straight arms flat to the side and breath in and hold your breath you will get your true measurement.The back is straight neck is straight. legs locked straight. Even when you stand back to the wall and your legs are bent a little it will effect your height. Always stand straight like a board.You will find your height is 1.5 to 2.0 inches taller than how it was with a tape measure to your side.
Roy on Misha Collins
I estimate he's between 5'10.5 and 5'11 so the listing is good until he agrees to be measured on Conan.
MD on Usain Bolt
Actually, scoliosis is also something that can develop well after birth due to diet, diseases, etc...
wm on Rob Paul
If Kanye is the same height as you, how tall would you put Taylor in flat feet by judging from this picture? :) Click Here
MD on Dwyane Wade
Honestly, these downgrades seem a little silly. Here he is with 5'11" David Beckham with the angle probably benefitting David:

Click Here

Maybe he's a bit shorter than listed, but not by much.
Canson on Jared Padalecki
Alex you're saying you have met him and he isn't even 6'3?
Arch Stanton on Clint Eastwood
The old quote Rob added I'm pretty sure it was originally mentioned somewhere as 216 pounds in 1973 too. Clint was supposed to have been 205 pounds during the Dollars trilogy. I doubt he was as low as 190 after his 20s.
Arch Stanton on Clint Eastwood
Yes, you're right, he did look bigger in those films.
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
How tall was the guy in the airline suit Andrea? I would guess around 6 ft 3-6'3.5?
Eddie on Elle Fanning
Elle says she is 5'9'' now : Click Here
Pedro on Elle Fanning
Here is finally Elle's first direct height quote since a few years ago. She now claims being "5'9" in this interview: Click Here
I think she is clearly rounding her height up, but this seems to give more credibility to when the author of one of her new movies said on 1:00:06 of this audio-interview that she is "like 5'8 1/2" now: Click Here
Anyway, I think her height here should at least be upgraded to a full 5'8", because her 5'7 3/4" claim is clearly outdated from when she was just 14 years old.
Editor Rob: it is believable the 5ft 8.5 looking at some recent photos, she may have got a couple more cm through 16-18 range.
James B on General Height
Ha ha rob in that picture from 2005 you look a bit like magnum PI with the dark mustache
Editor Rob: I never really had a moustache on it's own, always some sort of stubble,beard/goatte since late high school years.
Dingus on Daniel Bruhl
Google has him at 5'09.00". He seems a bit to hight for that listing. I would say that 5'09.25"-5'09.75" is where he is at.
James B on Rob Paul
Arch- I remember the tallest guy in that college who was 6'6 was really alpha male like loud/confident personality and big muscles (no homo).

No surprise is it though if your the tallest guy in college it must really give you a serious ego boost and his girlfriend was really short as well lol.

Not everyone likes being very tall because I have talked to guys on nights out who were between 6'4-6'5 or a full 6'5 that what would just state "6'4" as there height.
6'2 on Brutus Beefcake
looks close to 6'2 there although my 5'9 mate doesnt quite make it to the top of my nose an im 6''2. but peak bruti was 6'2-3'" id say
slothee on Brutus Beefcake
6'1" today
6'2 on Andre The Giant
if he was billed 7'4 in the 70s he was most likely 7'2 then
Canson on Usain Bolt
hes 6'5 in shoes that's it. And the kind he has on or Jordan's boots etc. 192 cm is how he'd be in public. Wouldn't surprise me if he were shorter than a Jared Padelecki or only maybe an inch taller than Michael phelps (at most). I've seen phelps up close he's 6'2-6'2.5 (latter is tops)
rahul on Aishwarya Rai
Can any1 post d pic from Mumbai style awards 2015 where deepika apears taller dan big b...
truth on General Height
@CS I am from Slovenia (small country in central Europe). My dad has claimed to be 182cm in his prime (in older pictures he looked at most that IMO or at least 181cm range), now he is closer to a flat 180 cm, maybe 180.5cm (measured at doctor). My mom claimed to be 167cm range peak, now was measured 166.5cm earlier in the day at the doctor and one time at 165cm flat. Both pretty much truthful, only round up 1cm at most due to earlier measurements.
Lalla on Hailey Baldwin
This girl height is such a mistery. At this point, I feel like she's a tiny girl with long limbs. Click Here
bigger heels than 5'9 Gigi Hadid and she's not even close to her height.
Legit 5'6 Kylie Jenner: Click Here
Click Here
Others with Hailey and Gigi:
Click Here
Click Here
I feel like her range is anything between 5'3 to 5'5 rather than 5'6-5'7.
5'6.5 Indiana jones guy on Katy Perry
Mouse22 here's evidence Click Here
Allen on Brad Pitt
He was shorter than Keanu in the picture!
Editor Rob on Emily Skye
Saw a quote where she mentioned her weight: "I'm 5'6.5 and 58kg"

About 128 pounds for 169cm...with a body like hers seems believable.
Height on Michael Jordan

I believe he was 6'4" when he was still in high school and then he continued growing during his first 2 college years. In the NBA he always seemed 1 inch taller than legit 6'4" guys.
charlie on Tommy Chong
He was more like 5 ft 8 in Up In Smoke. Today he is 5 ft 7.
Canson on General Height
@MathewRobinson190: what bothers me is after you tell them how tall you are and they try to tell you otherwise not so much me being guessed taller that is natural with my build.its when ppl tell you you're lying incompetent downplaying whatever it may be. It's insulting. I in recent years choose not to associate much with people who lie about how tall they are esp when they have to inflate others to make themselves that height. Even shoes if someone wants to claim their shoes (why they would is beyond me) that doesn't automatically translate to another person having to match them. Now 6'4.5 isn't 6'7 neither is 6'5 equal to 6'7. But that's just it I wouldn't want to be something I wasn't meant to be nor would I want to be any taller than I am. Don't see the redeeming qualities in anything more than maybe 6'5 if you aren't a pro athlete. Anything 6'2-6'5 is tall in my book and really is about as tall as you could be to where you don't go out of your way too much
mrtguy on Big Show
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 22/Jun/16
6´11" peak and solid 6´10"-6´10.5" today, anything more seems to be big soled boots.

No Big Show looked 7 foot easily in his prime, just b/c Rob changed Shaq's listed height doesn't mean Big Show never saw 7 ft.
Aj on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
He looked 190 with Joshua, the guy is not under 6'2.5. Claims of anything less than 188 is just playing crazy.
Mat on Daniel Radcliffe
Rob is 5'4 flat possible? He looks really short.
Editor Rob: at times you could say he looks 5ft 4-4.5 zone
Lendal on Diora Baird
5'6". Looked a good 4" shorter than 5'10" Tricia Helfer in that Black Keys video.
Andrea on Tim Tebow
If he really was measured at 6'2.75 2-3 hours out of bed, i doubt he'd dip that much under 6'2.5... Maybe they really took a "wrong" measurement!
James B on Ted Danson
189-190cm peak
Andrea on Brett Eldredge
I don't know, 6'3.5 is still in the very tall zone and he doesn't look that much tall in the photos i have seen...
Again, i don't know him so i won't continue any discussion...
Just wanted to point out that he looks far away from his claim, TO ME...
Height on Dwyane Wade
@Canson the thing about Wade being 6'2.75" is that that implies that virtual 6'5"guys like Kobe, Michael Redd or even MJ are 2+ inches (5cm-6cm) taller than him. From what I seen on pictures and videos, that is unlikely and the difference is more like 4cm max. So to me it doesn't make sense that he is under 191.5 cm.

Here yo can see him next to Michael Redd who is 194.5 cm - 195 cm (6'4.6" - 6'4.75") and clearly there is about 2cm -3cm max between them and both have very similar stance.

And next to Jason Kidd who is in the 189.5 cm - 190cm range (6'2.7"- 6'2.8") , you can see that there is about a 2cm- 3cm difference, even though Wade's stance is a little wider than Kidd's.

Click Here

So the way I see it is:

Michael Redd - 194.5 cm - 195 cm (6'4.6" - 6'4.75")
Dwyane Wade - 192 cm (6'3.5"- 6'3.6")
Jason Kidd - 189.5 cm - 190cm range (6'2.7"- 6'2.8")
Andrea on Rob Paul
Arch, i mean the taller "pilot"...
He has claimed 197 a lot, even if i am sure he also mentioned 196 at some point! I doubt he's under 6'5...
I mean, look at him in other photos and videos:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
You will agree with me that he's "safely" in the very tall zone, don't you? :)
I am sure he can look no more than 6'4 at times with bad posture but i'd be surprised if he was under 6'5!
Also, the other "pilot" guy in the clip is pretty tall himself, he told me he is 188 on Twitter (and the other guy described him as 190 in an interview)...
As far as i remember, he also had a scene with Alessandro Gassman in a movie and he was a couple inches taller!
Anon183cm on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Click Here
Click Here

Here are two photos that show how the Rock appears around an inch shorter than Liam Hemsworth, and not merely 0.25" as this site currently suggests. I think he should be downgraded to 6'2.5" minimum although I am in favour of something like 6'2.25" like Justin Hartley. Also those photos with David Haye are interesting, he looks shorter in both of them.
josh on Rob Paul
Hey Rob, how tall a woman must be to reach 6 ft in heels? Cause I am like 6 ft 1 maybe (I am not sure) and my ex GF was about 5 ft 9 (measured) or a little more and when she was wearing her 9,5 cm's heel with 1,5 cm or 2 cm platform she was shorter than me (even barefoot) .If I was 6 ft she would be the same?
Editor Rob: a 5ft 8 women can reach 6ft, but the shoe needs to have at least 1.25 inch platform and a very high angle...usually if it has a 1.5 inch platform it should be enough to push her near.

A 5ft 8.5-9 women in a decent high heel can still get 6ft without a big platform...there are some heels that have a 3-inch high angle (slightly more than they can get normally trying to tip-toe) plus the front part which might be 1/4 or 1/2 inch thick...
Height on Charles Barkley

Danny Ainge has always been at least 195cm. You can see him next to MJ and both wearing nike soles. MJ is no less than 195 cm- 195.5 cm :

Click Here
amp on Necar Zadegan
gorgeous fits her height well
Tom on John Wayne
Wayne was wearing built up shoes in that terrible film "Blood Alley".
Harold on Arnold Schwarzenegger
@Peter 179cm: As many women lie about their weight, many men lie about their height (actually, lying about one's height is not gender specific). Meaning it seems to be something of a human attribute to lie about one's height (though how many people, other than Charles Barkley, downgrade their own height?). Given it's a human attribute to lie about one's height (especially five foot something guys wanting to be six foot even or six foot plus), the question then is, 'why would anyone care about Arnie lying about his own height?' The answer, I suggest, is in 1. the sheer outrageousness of his claim (how many fake inches does he give himself for his pretend height, three? four? and 2. Arnie himself dictating and demanding a public declaration of his pretend ("billed") height. Bodybuilding sites from 20 plus years ago pegged him around five foot ten. That was 20 plus years ago. Given his diminution due to aging, the entire 6 foot plus canard is exposed for what it always was: fraud and one more show biz scam. For the last fifty years, he worked very hard to appear larger than life in order to sell his 'brand', even if that meant fudging the truth about his verticality when displaying, long ago, his horizontality. The superhuman shtick worked much better when he was larger than life in both height and breadth rather than just breadth, so height was added and padded from day one. In the bodybuilding world, no one could tell because the industry standard is to lie about the heights of the competitors in order to 'sell the sport' (does anyone really want to know it's a 'sport' for midgets?). And in that world, Arnold stuck out, among other reasons, for not being short (compared to other bodybuilders). But off the bodybuilding stage, it was obvious that the cowboy boots and lifts made up for what wasn't there: true height. Well, he's the first to admit he's spent his life as a showman, which is, basically, a salesman. But if you fall for a salesman's pitch, you may well be a sucker.
Dmeyer on Sylvester Stallone
Even thaugh sly in some movies And premières did were elevators shoes or cowboy boots , in rambo 2 hé apeared just 5ft 9 so maybe his army boots were regular 1,2inchers
James B on Clint Eastwood
Arch- have you seen how muscular clint looked in any which way you can and deadpool?

He was built like a bare in those particular movies
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) on General Height
Canson said on 23/Jun/16
@Ice: it's a mixed bag truthfully. You don't get "compliments" about your height. I find it odd that it's significant to you because receiving compliments is not very important really it's how you carry yourself. But you could receive the ones I do or Bobby3342 or Ali Baba which are equally as frustrating when someone tries to tell you that you are taller than you are. "I'm 6'4 1/2". "No you have to be 6'6. My sisters's brother's third cousin removed is "insert" and you're much taller than him". Believe me it's just as frustrating and it is not a compliment. I find it more insulting when someone tries to tell you that you don't know your own body, that you're lying, that you're incompetent. Especially when you are content with your height and aren't into the fibbing and frauding up like some others do


I've gotten the whole "oh my brother in law is 6-3 and you are definitely taller" bit before (which is also funny because by lunch time I'm really more of a 6'2 3/4") but it doesn't bother me for some reason. I'm almost 30, I guess I am used to whatever height related things come my way now! Basketball comments - I did play a bit when I was younger - but I was actually more focused on high jump in athletics. It doesn't get me worked up any, but then again the comments are not pervasive at my size. If I was 6'7" or something it might be a different story.
James B on Rob Paul
Rob 10 years ago I attended a big college that now caters for 3,700 students (not sure how many students in 2006?)

I remember there were quite a few 6'4 guys on the campus and the tallest student was 6'6 (I think).

Does it surprise you there was only one 6'6 student in the entire college? I don't think there were any 6'7 students which shows you how rare that height is.
Editor Rob: I remember at University the tallest guy I ever seen was about 6ft 6 range too, never really anybody I remember taller.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) on Ryan Reynolds
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Jun/16
He's hunching w/h Favre. Standing with the same posture he'd be around the same.


No, he'd still be a bit shorter. Ryan Reynolds should be listed at 6'1.75" and Brett Favre at 6'2.25" (which he now is).
GP on Manu Bennett
Rob, in the second photo the camera seems to be placed more on his side which I think gives the impression that he is taller. And I'm noticing that you turned your body completely sideways when he is turned partially and I think that makes him closer to the camera which gives him the advantage. This is a trick that lot of celebrities use which I have felt victim too. I still think he is 5'9.25"-5'9.5".
Editor Rob: yes Marco the photographer is right in front, but he really isn't as low as 176, I would faint if he ever measured that low.
truth on Russell Crowe
Never looked over 5'11 to me tbh, could be 5'10.25 at lowest but I will buy 5'10.5.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Daniel Day Lewis
"Daniel Day Lewis Height 6ft 1½in (186.69cm)"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Hugh Grant
Out of bed: 182-183cm
Before bed: 180-181cm
truth on Jensen Ackles
Between 182 cm and 183 cm, he is a legit 5'11.75 - 6'0.
truth on Misha Collins
@markus Compared to Rob he looks around the 180 cm mark or 5'10.75 - 5'11. You don't know what the hell are you talking about, right?
Scott on Tyson Fury
In Moke's photo Fury looks 6'8 for sure. I think Rob has been a bit mean on Tyson here ... an upgrade of some sort seems due!
Omid on Misha Collins
Rob do you see any chance on him being 179?

I feel like he's one of those guys who might look taller than they actually are, I mean the tall forehead, slim body, long neck and the hair....
Editor Rob: I wouldn't bet on only 179cm...I feel he is taller, but then anybody can get a shock when it comes to measuring, sometimes a person could end up taller or shorter than most of us expect.
Strong 5ft9 on Kevin Hart
I'm real surprised though, because Stuggy kind of have an appearance of a 6 footer. I didn't expect him to be around my height lol.
Andrea on Rob Paul
I don't know, Arch... I'd say it depends on how tall the other guys are but having a quick look at the photo i probably wouldn't have thought 6'6!
6'6 is exceptionally tall... I mean, think about Zlatan, who is a measured 194.5 guy... He always does look very tall on the field and towers most of the footballers!
6'6 is 4 cms taller than that! I probably already told you... I have a friend who is 198-199 (a real one) so i have got a good idea of how tall a big 6'6 guy is!
It is very very rare he meets someone similar to him, let alone taller :)
Look at him on the right: Click Here
The girl in the center is her sister and the last i saw her i thought she was a solid 5'11 range...
The Ben on Andre The Giant
Some very cool height comparisons here from the legendary Mamun who used to be a regular. I miss that guy. Some interesting perspectives. Click Here
Strong 5ft9 on Harry Styles
@luke 1cm difference is pretty hard to tell. But we could say Harry is somewhere around 176-177 cm tall.
James B on Adam Copeland
vegas said Orton looked 6'3 1/2 when he met him in person
mjkzero on Anthony Kiedis
Everybodys wrong Anthony Kiedis and Flea are obviously 6ft3 hahahahahaha Click Here
Brad on Nikki Runeckles
Madonna and somebody. She's so cuuuute. Great flip doo.
Aza on Richard Ayoade
he likes wearing a well heeled boot/ shoe....6'1 max.
miko on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
He looked every inch of 6'3 with Joshua.
Aza on Daniela Ruah
Good listing. She looks 5'8 next to Rob
Alex on Josephine Skriver
She looks more 178-179 cm.
Varun18 on Jenna Elfman
@the dude it's sad that teenagers these days don't know the legendary dharma and greg
RP on Tim Tebow
Good morning Rob...I assure you that there are no mistakes of meaurements giving at The NFL Combine....even with 300 participants. I have personal experience with the 5 day event...3 day event 20 years ago...now 5 days. All weigh ins, height measures, wingspans, hand measurements ...are taken by two individuals (physicains or physical therapist) and observed off to the side (2'-3'ft away) by 3 other individuals who confirm the measurements & weigh-in...All meaurements are read out loud (twice) & recorded by 32 different individuals (one representive for each franchise)...I do agree, Tim's & most of every players heights are taken in the early morning. Starting @ 9am...And never later than 11am. My group all got Out of bed @ 6am-6:30am, in order to eat the catered breakfast @ 7am. If your are saying Tim's morning height is 6'2.75" (peak) height & that his evening height is 6'2.25"..? Then, I totally agree 100% with you. Since all (men) in good Health shrink about 1/4" to 1/2" during the day in our 20's & 30's...maybe more as we age & reach our 50's & 60's...70's ?? I'm currently 40...my morning height is 5'11-1/8" & my late night height is 5'10-3/4" @ 217 (fit & muscular) pounds...with very good health. If we are going to give Tim a (median) height?...it should be 6'2.5" ??? But, no need to argue over 1/4" inch ...LOL! Have a great & Blessed day, Rob...great website..the discussions are very fun & eduacating @ times.
Editor Rob: if there is double checking involved then it will reduce errors dramatically, so maybe it is a true measurement...
Kourosh on Owen Wilson
NO WAY BELOW 5'10.5 i page him at 5'11 nothing less.
Canson on Rob Paul
@Rob: some do but some don't. I still have friend who is a good three inches shorter than me who claims he's 6'2-6'3 and is really at most 6'1 1/2. Haven't seen him in a while but that was a year ago. I choose however not associate with too many people who do that because it's a pet peeve of mine
Editor Rob: you can tell a lot about someone from a simple thing as how and what they say about their height.
TJE on Yousef Erakat
How he's held this listing for this long baffles me. He's no taller than 5'9.5.
Editor Rob: I think the 5ft 9.5 figure is a believable mark for him, I am having one more look at him...

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