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5 February
Len on William Sadler
Wow, would've guessed a bit taller for him, like 5-8 or 5-9.

He projects a certain sense of authentic menace in his roles, it's even more impressive that he's able to do it as a little guy.

Might still guess 5-8 for him when he was younger.
Brad on Glen Campbell
Looked it with The Duke on location both in cowboy boots.
Genius on Jay Z
Just somewhere above 6ft...
MJKoP on Daniel Portman
mrtguy: He's clearly taller than Rob, but not by even remotely close to three inches.
MJKoP on Arnold Schwarzenegger
He wasn't under six foot two during his prime years. Even his listed height is undermining reality, albeit slightly. And Danimal176: Yes, he's certainly shrunk a bit, but MORE THAN THREE AND A HALF INCHES?!?!
MJKoP on Sylvester Stallone
MJJ and Stallone were both in the 5'11" range. Only difference is that Michael often slouched and wore flat shoes, while Sly frequently forced ramrod posture and would occasionally wear lifts, boosting him well past six feet.
MJKoP on Tom Cruise
Daniel said on 30/Jan/16
He looks 168 in Rain Man

Uh, yeah, that's why he looked about four inches taller than 168 Dustin Hoffman with no apparent extra boost in his shoes.
Mr. R on David Canary
Michael Landon was nowhere close to 5-11. He was 5-9 at best.
Mr. R on Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
I saw an early screening of Birdman and chatted with him for a bit. He is not quite 5-10.
4 February
Steve on Nikolaj Lie Kaas
He is in a new Danish corporate crime thriller called Bedrag. I had not heard of him before this. It's quite good!
120 on Gabriel Iglesias
I knew something was fishy with his claim
Moke on Serena Williams
I very much doubt Serena weighs 190 lbs, lol.
Jonny on Joseph Gilgun
Six foot seems to be spot on
Moke on David Haye
@ Johno
I'd vouch for him to not be under 6'1... ;) 186/187- around that mark.
Johno on Michael Jackson
Upto 5'9 --- yeh.
Johno on Chris Rock
Same height as Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy.

Johno on Adam Sandler
But then again is a bit shorter then Chris Rock, who is similar height to Eddie Murphy and Jamie Foxx.

dave on David Bowie
I saw a video clip of David Bowie appearing on a show called 'TFI Friday' the show was hosted by Chris Evans. Evans asked Bowie how tall he was "5-10" was the reply. Evans looked incredulously at Bowie and said "your not 5-10" Bowie replied "i am, how tall are you?" "6 foot" came the reply after an awkward second or two they sat down. Bowie definitely looked more than 2 inches shorter.
Dmeyer on Josh Bowman
So 5'11,25-11,5 ok
charlie on Adriana Lima
I very much doubt she is 5 foot 10. or any model being that height. In heels maybe. You will find most models go a little over board with their height. You will find that she is probably 5 foot 4 inches flat foot with heels 5 foot 10. There's a model in the 2015 miss universe that claims she's 6 foot 1 ha. 6 foot 1 in heels maybe. Without heels she would be 5 foot 7 which sounds reasonable. Females love height even though they are all tiny in size so a 5 foot female will claim shes 5 foot 6 because if she wears heels most of the time she will appear 5 foot 6.I am 5 foot 10 flat foot. in shoes im around 5 foot 11.5 so I simply tell people im 6 feet tall. At the moment I was 6 feet tall so that's not being dishonest :-)
Mimi on Taylor Swift
@Charlie stop trolling and downgrading every tall girl to 5ft 6 cause you're just being unintellectual
Canson on Anthony Joshua
looks similar to Wlad if anything marginally taller. I like Emil 183's estimate maybe 6'5 1/2 and rounds up.
kurtz on Michael Strahan
191 cm. 192 at Max

i see only good posture and skilled tailor for his suits, for the rest..well
Arthur on Sylvester Stallone
Of course ,man.It was only a littler argunent about a celebrity's stature one is really angry towards anyone for any reason at all.Always peaceful my friend
kurtz on Hugh Jackman
6' 1''
185 cm.
186 cm. max
mande2013 on Tom Cruise
You could argue more than a 3-inch difference between Tom and Nicole here, and the footwear looks quite comparable: Click Here
rawr on Edward Holcroft
i find it a little hard to believe that hes 6'1 and only 11stone 6.
Mel on Donald Trump
I have met Ivanka and again, she is 5'11" and a half barefeet. As flip-flops do not add any height. Donald could be wearing lifts though.
(s)ain't on Dr Dre
In keep they heads ringing he says he's 6foot 225. Big boy for sure
jervrs on Clint Eastwood
The lowest I would go is a strong 6ft3 191cm,he was a clear 2inches taller than Lee Marvin in 1969,Marvin was only 6 years older than Clint.The lowest i would go for Marvin is 6ft1,making Clint 6ft3 min.
Badger76 on Muhammad Ali
I met Ali walking on the sidewalk in downtown Chicago in 1976 or 77. I was just shy of 6-1 and he wasn't much taller than me. I'd call him 6-2, maybe 6-2.5
ZoJ on Young Thug
Thug gotta be 6'3" or even slightly taller
Johno on David Beckham
I think 5'10.75 would be a good hedge.
CD on William Sadler
5ft 7.5 peak Rob? Or could he look 169cm today?
Johno on Gary Lineker
A bit taller then Gazza who Rob has been pictured with, errrrrm; 5'9? 5'9.5? 5'9???? ..... 5'9.25.
Brad on Frank Stallone
6' 1" is classic Stallone brothers enhancing. He's 5' 10" flat.
Myth Buster on John Billingsley
5' 8.75'' max.
Brad on Sylvester Stallone
Ole Blue Eyes was in custom made from waaay back. Jax was Mister Slouch. Sly on the red carpet at the Oscars will be in whoppers.
Johno on Sir Geoff Hurst
5'9.75 there.
Musclehed320 on Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
Ghode said on 21/Jan/16
Doesn't matter how big Sean O'hagen is . its strongman, not big man. you have to be quick and FAST which is why Eddie Hall and Robert Oberst will never win WSM. Pudzanowski was the the ultimate strongman at 6'

Hafthor is strong and fast. he is almost there. came close to winning it a couple years ago -----

Yes, strongman is about Strength, Speed, and Endurance combined with the primary emphasis being that first one, strength. Keep in mind that durring Mariusz Reign the implements were not as heavy as today, and the WSM was in direct competition with the then IFSA where Zydrunas was dominating. Big Z by the way who has won 7 ACs, and 4 WSMs with stronger competition than Mariusz faced.

If you had Pudz going up against Brian Shaw of today, with the wieght of Todays implements, Shaw would smoke Mariusz. Shaw has more static Strength AND is faster with more dynamic strength at a heavier bodyweight. Why? Well on top of the fact training methods, and competition have increased in recent years, SO also has the size of the athletes, and a LOT of it has to do with HEIGHT.

This sport will in the future be dominated by GIANTS. Now that they are closing in on the static strength of the shorter guys, the reality is that the frame size is the biggest limiting factor.

In the past very few tall men were ever able to gain enough muscular bodyweight to fill out their frames. With the modern hormone use, food intake, and training methods these tall guys are now mangaing to fill out better. Thor recently Deadlifted 990, and his OHP is 420+ (and possibly a lot more well find out at the AC this year), Shaw now has manage to clean and press the 445 Oak 2 years ago, that is heavier than Mariusz ever managed. AND Shaw and Thor have smoked Mariusz times on race events as well with heavier implements. Their throwing for distance power is profound as well.

Mariousz was great for his time, but as Svend Karlsen has noted: it is becoming a sport of Giants and Bill Kasmaier has also commented on this, saying it was inevitable.

I give Thor about 205cm he claims which works out to about 68.5. This is looking at the top of his head in Robs picture. Keep in mind they ends of Thors collar bones curve downward slightly, giving him a low shoulder to height ratio. Thus one needs to look at the TOP of his head and keep attention to his footwear.

Quick question for Rob; did you by any chance see Thors footwear when you met him? He wears Chucks pretty much everywhere, easy to see on his facebook page, and those are flat as flat gets.

As far as the 212cm Sean Ohagan goes, he is currently Irelands strongest man as 24, and if he follows the pattern of Shaw and Thor he certainly has the potential to be incredibly powerful, his height is absolutely an asset.
sambit on Brock Lesnar
why is brock lesnar listed at 6'2 and roman reigns at 6'2 1/2? when everytime the both has appeared face to face it seemed lesnar was the one taller than reigns by about 1/2 inch, and also not to mention that lesnar made reigns looks small and scrawny
Crane on Dave Batista
@Paul The height gap between Dave Bautista and Randy Orton is more than 3 cm back when he first came to the WWE 2002-2005 (Evolution days) even Rob know it.
Alex on Danielle Panabaker
Jay, Jared is 6'3 as he said himself in 2006 on a CW show (there's a video on YouTube that prove it). He's 6'4 in boots.
Alex on Gwendoline Christie
So, she is 189, 5 cm barefoot.
Stewart on Charles Barkley
"I claimed to be 6-6 when I played, but I'm only 6-5 1/2."

He is obviously taller than 6'4.75" and taller than Jordan (6'4.88")

Click Here

My guess is that his absolute minimum should be 6'5".
Alex on Jensen Ackles
184 cm Ackles in normal shoes? Pretty close. In Supernatural he wears all the time big boots, a good 4 cm of heel. With this boots he seems something like 184-185 cm, nothing more. It's more accurate to say that in normal shoes (2 cm of heel), Ackles is 183 cm, like in the photo with Rob, and 181 cm barefoot.
Paleman on Misha Collins
He doesn't seem like a person who is insecure of their height, the 6 foot claim was probably something off the top of his head, like "oh, I'm think I'm around 6 feet". Anyone in the 5'10'5"-5'11"5 range can get away with claiming six feet. Now, if they were using the metric system it would be a completely different matter...

Collins is definitely closer to 5'11 than 6', and even if someone said that to his face I don't think he would start jumping up and down and arguing, he'd probably just be like "yeah, that's possible."
Paleman on Ernie Hudson
Looked 6 feet in Oz.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Julie Walters
Still seeing 5ft8 listings for her...and 5ft11-6ft for Maria Shriver!
Z187 on Pierce Brosnan
Looks about the same height as Chris Evans did with Jimmy fallon so I'd guess 6' range today
Bammer on Kristen Stewart

Arh c'mon dude - Garner is NOT 1.73m, she's 1.71m, and she's NOT "very tall and big framed" she actually quite common.

- and: "Their difference is around 5-6 cm" Dude are you kiddin' me!? I think you should have a new prescription on your glasses.
Andrea on William Sadler
This is certainly more than just an inch...
Editor Rob: I think it is possible he has lost a small fraction, today a bit shy of 5ft 7
Johnny on Brock Lesnar
Lol ! Dean Ambrose is billed at 6'4 and Brock Lesnar is billed at 6'3 but during that face off Brock is like 3 inches taller than Dean Ambrose
Johnny on Brock Lesnar
Look 6'3 on raw taller than triple h and ambrose
MD on Kevin Hart
BTW, look at the Instagram picture from three days ago as of this post with Floyd Mayweather? 5'4"? In his dreams.
MD on Kevin Hart
@Parker, the funny thing is that even people in the comments are calling him on it. lol
behnam on Justin Bieber
Come one.... this is rlly ridiculous....
1. Jb here is at least 5 cm shorter. ... look at top of the heads of them... and both are slouching, if both stand completely the guy next to him is taller at least 5 cm...
2. We cant see his shoes... iam 100% sure jb is wearing big shoes and used many lift...
So still my proof match up more.... bring better evidence for us.
At last I have to say (((we are friends so there is no fight)) we are only looking for sth that is real not sth stuff like fake...
Chaz on Andre The Giant
Kunoichi said on 1/Feb/16
There is no relationship with the height of Andre, but it is an interesting image.  Height comparison of the 7'2''Choi Hong-man and 7'3'' Curtis Johnson .
Click Here

They are experienced in the korean sumo wrestling.
I have Hong-man will appear to have been curved body for gigantism.

Looks like Hong-man is loseing 1-2'' of standing height from the kness and back
Jocker on General Height
I'm 5'10 out of bed, a strong 5'9 at night, I'm insecure about my height, I think any more quarter inch would have been far far better
Anthony on Sylvester Stallone
Alright, fine. You win, Arthur. I'll say it. Our big hero the Italian Stallion originally stood an average 69 inches tall and went down an inch or just a half an inch. And only stood taller in the morning. Case closed. Now can we make peace?
Andrea on Misha Collins
Rob, does he look similar to a Connor Trinneer in person? One claims to be a hair under 5'11, the other one 6'...
Editor Rob: yes they can look quite close.
Shuvayu on Kane
@Tababitha ... what makes u say that taker was taller than kane
nam jaane on Salman Khan
Salman Khan is 5 ft-5.5 inches and it's a fact. If you see Andaz apna apna , salman is hardly an 1.5 inches taller than Amir Khan at 5 ft-4 inches Srk is 5 ft - 6.5 inches.
He's 5'6-5'7 on Daniel Dae Kim
Look at the pics of Daniel Dae Kim with Scott Caan barefooted:

Click Here

Click Here

Scott Caan is LISTED at 5'5 (He would be lucky to be considered 5'4)
Barefoot, there is barely a 2 inch difference between Kim and Caan. (Look at the tops of their heads, not their eye levels)
He's 5'6-5'7
F.S. on Bruce Willis
Fifteen or twenty years ago, on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, I stopped by the rail to look at the Hard Rock Cafe. The guy next to me, I realized, was Bruce Willis. He stared at me, as if I might ask for an autograph, then walked to the cafe. With shoes on I was a little over 5'11". I think he had on cowboy boots. Anyhow, he was slightly shorter than me. I'd say 170 pounds. Not physically intimidating, but he can eyeball you into the ground.
TJE on Sylvester Stallone
He should be 5'8.25 today, but by the time Rob's wholly convinced, Sly will be 5'8 flat.
TJE on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Cmon guys; The Rock is clearly 5'6 at best!

Look at him with Brandon Routh:

Click Here

Case closed.
TJE on Samuel L Jackson
I don't think he's lost more height than Morgan Freeman.
TJE on Whitney Houston
Odd that a tall woman and an average man had such a short daughter. Bobbi was barely 5'3.
Allie on Justin Bieber
I still don't know why JB's on top. I mean, I get Arnold or Tom but Biebs? Other teen celebs and singers ain't that high as him.
Still, I guess people search what they want to.

Anyways, 169-170 for him imo.
3 February
richinkle on Anderson Cooper
I believe Cooper is about 5'-9". No taller.
mickey on Bruce Gray
he looks taller than 6ft next to you.
Johno on Jake Gyllenhaal
In that clip, the mark was at 5'11and in the distance shot, despite the swaying and twisting of the metal meaure, jake looked 0.5-0.75 inches under this mark in an casual stance however, since the measure was not dead straight and was twisted this will compensate for his casual stance. When i judged earlier at 5'10.75 that was due to my belief the measure mark was on 5'11.3 and did not consider that Jake's head was slightly tilted up nor did consider the twist and sway of the metal measure strip thus, Conan got a bit wrong when he stated 5'11.

5'10.25 [lower end of 5'10]
Alex on Height Challenge
My 6ft 0 size shoes 11 and 22 year old my dad is 6ft3 size 12 and mum is 5 ft 2 size 4
Pedro on Odeya Rush
She is listed 5'5" in her resume.
Johno on Adam Sandler
Tom on General Height
@French guy m. The biggest problem with using heights from dating websites is that they are self reported. If men are going to lie anywhere it will definitely be on such websites as often women set the filters for height and those who are 6ft an up get the most responses. The point being is that the data is highly unreliable. Near enough every man will either round up or give morning height, even both The majority, especially those in the upper 5'10 range to 5'11 will 'round up' to the desired 6ft and an inch if not more. Therefore the average height figures are most likely inflated by at least an inch. As you said in the UK the average from dating websites was 180cm so if you take off an inch/2.5cm then you get and average of 177.5cm which is more realistic.
Johno on Eddie Murphy
A very accurate height listing.

Luke on Arnold Schwarzenegger
When I read these comments I really feel you guys truly hate the man. It was not secretive that he was a hustler and womanizer. He was economically smart and was a millionaire far before his first successful movie. He was actually cheating on another woman while seeing Maria at the beginning of their relationship most likely with Maria's knowledge. He's had countless affairs with other people including Brigitte Nielson. There was not a single part of me that was surprised that he had another child with another woman. Now to the average bear he would not be viewed this way but to anyone that knows a little about him this is old news. All of his crazy 6 hour workouts, weight gainer shakes, Weider workout equipment were just sponsorships and contracts to help promote bodybuilding. It doesn't take a genius to see through its ridiculousness. Anybody with brains in their heads realizes that Arnold didn't actually take the sugar and carb loaded weight gainers he advertised. C'mon lets be serious. Everyone points fingers at the man because of a few faux-pas in his character rather than identify the success he's had. He truly is one of the biggest success stories of the 20th century and people get stuck hating on him because he lied to unaware people that wanted to get big at the gym. You cannot really call him a sellout since if it wasn't for his advertising and supporting Joe Weider, god knows where health and fitness would be in our lives currently. The choices he made were in the best interest of the industry. The guy was above 6' and there's nothing other than questionable comments made by nobodies that say differently.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) on Paul Walker
He was 186-187 cm tops imo. I wouldn't take his 6'3" claim too literally.
Emil 183 on Sugar Ray Leonard
Fair enough - but I believe Leonard was a flat 5'9 peak and 5'8.25-5'8.5 today.. If Hearns is 3-3.5 inches taller that makes him 6-6'0.5 peak height.
Editor Rob: yes, Sugar I think is a bit under 5ft 9 today.
BT on Jonathan Tucker
In most of what I've seen him in he looks nearer 5'9, he pulls off looking that on 'Kingdom' as well. 5'8.75 perhaps?
Kevin on Cristiano Ronaldo
He is 1,85m, the thing is that he cares a lot about looking taller than the rest, for example in the UEFA awards 2015 he looked absurdly tall next to 1,81m Luis Suarez appart from that he uses to stad on his toes in the team pics and when he is next to a very tall person
Usuario on General Height
Rob, I'm about 5ft 7in.My girlfriend's head barely reach the end of my shoulder.She state her height as 4ft 11in.Which is her true height?
Editor Rob: she seems like she'd be nearer 4ft 8 range than 11!
PLB on Tyson Fury
Wearing lifts for a large man can be troublesome. I had a bad Achilles tendon a few years ago. I was then an honest 6'4" in my bare feet. But my doctor prescribed lifts to help raise my heel and take the pressure off it.. I tried many different types. Finally I tried a pair I found as one of the advertisers on this web site. When I wore them I was 6'7". It was wonderful. I felt great - psychologically. But they threw my back out. I could only wear them for about twenty minutes. I imagine some other guys habituate to these things better than I did. But if Klitschko or Fury is really much shorter and is supposed to have donned lifts just for this weigh-in I'm skeptical. Maybe it's different for shorter guys but when I put them on they really screwed up my posture. I'd be afraid to wear the big ones again. Also when I lived in San Francisco I used to see a lot of transsexual men on the street dressed up like women (San Francisco's that kind of place). There would be these tall mostly black men wearing skin tight dresses and high heels. Believe me they walked funny. They could barely keep upright. I think women have to practice to wear heels and of course they are much shorter. So again from the evidence of the weigh-in both these guys seemed comfortable on their feet. I don't think there were any lifts.
Johno on Anthony Joshua
@Pablo, if you claim to be impartial then i am afraid your observation is all out.

First of all, how does Anthony have a full head on Rob ---- especially considering Joshua has the footwear advantage? Takeaway the footwear advantage, forget chin, Rob would be right near his lower lip ----- how can you not even see Rob is clearly passed his chin? ----- it is right there. Rob is leaning to; Rob does that to compensate for the celebrities stance. Joshua head is of normal size thus, he is around 8.5 inches taller then Rob, make it clear a 9 inches to compensate for any errors and Joshua comes out 6'5 max.

Also, if your trying to insinuate that Wladimir had lifts his shoes in those snaps supplied by CreepX ---- he has flat boxing shoes on for foodness sakes !!! Wladimir looks to edge Joshua in those shots and Wladimir classes himself as 6'5 on many occassions and Rob has him at 6'5.25.

With Joe Manganiello, to me he looks nothing more then 6'4. Rob would clear his lower lip taking account of posture and footwear disadvantage but if you want, compare him to Ken Kirzinger who Rob has listed at 6'4.5 and Ken is taller with Rob.

Also, Thor's head is not more then 10 inches, it is normal length and longer then Rob's and Rob is about an inch below bis chin meaning he appears around 6.6.5 and i put bim at 6'7.

Your Kevin Nash estimate seems the furtherest out. He is hardly losing any height with his head tilt. Check Rob's example of height loss due to head tilt. I have Kevin at 6.7.5. I know height contributor Ali Baba did not see him as much taller then him.

Look if you want, compare all these celebrities with all the tall height challenges. Compare 6'5.25 with Kevin or Joe or Joshua and their heights will become clearer to you.

Joshua 6.5 max
Wladimir 6'5.25
Thor 6'7
Nash 6'7.5
Joe 6'4
James B on Robert Forster
I thought he was like 6'1 when I saw him in Jackie brown

Surprised he's this short

Films can be deceiving can't they?
Johno on Will Smith
Idris is around 1.5-2 inches taller then Smith and that puts around 6'0.5 in comparison to him; a similar height to what he looks to Jamie Foxx. I got Idris at 6'2.5 or a bit lower, looks shorter then Prince William who is around 6'2.75.
Canary on General Height
This might be a better and simpler height chart for American white/black women in their twenties.

4'10 - claimed start of dwarfism
4'11 - abnormally short
5'0 - extremely short
5'1 - very short
5'2 - short
5'3 - somewhat short
5'4 - below average
5'5 - average
5'6 - above average
5'7 - somewhat tall
5'8 - tall
5'9 - very tall
5'10 - extremely tall
5'11 - abnormally tall
6'0 - amazon
Johno on Jamie Foxx
Similar height to Mario Lopez or a bit taller, so 5'9 or there abouts looks about right.

Allie on Lais Ribeiro
Yay thank you Rob! When she claimed to be 6'1, I use to think she was at least 6'0.. But looking at her with her bf and other models she does look around 182 cm max. I guess if her basketball boyfriend really is 6'9' then she is 6'1 lol.
Editor Rob: with her boyfriend, I think her 6ft 1 claim did seem a bit much to believe...
Mimi on Mariah Carey
Mariah is definitely 5ft7 cause in 4 inch heels she is like 3 inches taller than Dermot O'Leary who's listed at 5ft7.5 here. Of course you've got to include the shoes he's wearing which makes him a little over than 5ft8.
satchy on Tom Cruise
I agree with 5 ft 6 claim, but probably 5f 6.5 is more accurate
BT on Leonardo DiCaprio
@5ft 9.25: I did not. I have seen enough pictures of Leo with either of them, standing side by side, to see that he does not look 4.5in taller than Waltz or 2.5in taller than Foxx. Heck, a bunch of them has already been posted several times. I have seen this picture posted before, and I have posted it once already myself, but it seems like people overlook it, so I will post it again: Click Here Scroll further down the page and have a look at the full body shots of Leo with 5'9 Hardy and 6'2 Poulter as well. He looks 5'11 flat more often than near 5'11.5. 5'11.25 is an ok shout, he could well measure near that, but I would not argue he was 5'11.5 when Hardy and Foxx claim 5'9 and Waltz claims 5'7 - it does not match up.
mickey on Stone Cold Steve Austin
joe joe, in that same video they look the same height since steve is mostly leaned and donald seems to be standing up straight.
A Cut Above on General Height
Rob,have You ever tried Guudomaggi 's shoes?If so,are they comfortable elevator shoes or Don's are better?
Editor Rob: I've never tested that model.
A Cut Above on Sylvester Stallone
As i mentioned a lot of times before,viewing several pics of Stallone,the actor is aroind 173 - 173.5.The concept of height loss due to age is widely adopted on this page but I will tell something.The stature decrease everyone argue about comes most of the times in people eho are experiencing poor posture developing ,such as slouching.Is this a condition in wich Sly is involved?Not at all.In fact,if You see the movie "Copland",Stallone is slightly shorter than De Niro (possibly 1.74 cm at that time).De Niro had a good posture back then .Now,see some photos of the two nowdays...De Niro posture is very very poor so the loss of stature is pretty visible and Stallone appears taller than him,of course most of the pics i saw Sly was wearing elevator shoes but you can clearly observe that bad posture subtracts a lot cms ,as in the case of the De Niro.In a Pic from Rocky 3,Stallone and Mr.T are facing off each other and i can see a 2 inch gap between the two.Besides,Mr.T is 178 cm so mathematically you obtain 173 for Sly.So this is my opionion,folks.
Johno on Chris Tucker
Whilst only having 3 inches on Jackie Chan, i don't know how the hell he pulls off looking taller then Bradley Cooper and equal to Will Smith though --- No clue.
Johno on Chris Tucker
5'10 - 5'10.25 to me, did not more then 0.5 inches on Mark Rolston who Rob has met.
Johno on Mark Rolston
Johno on William Atherton
Around 5'10.5 there, maybe 5'10.75.
Patrick 5foot9 on Rob Paul
Messured myself with 1.75.5-8m (standing straight), 1.75.2m (relax) at bedtime, after long walk, cardio training, wake up over 1.78m, mostly meassured 1.76m at least bedtime - am i a legit 5foot9 dude, rob? Or am i struggeling?
I wonder how tall dudes my height can look on screen. I feel like a midget, BUT, i know i get psychology problems, and i feels everything worser.

Rob, you ever visited germany? Not everyone here speaks bad english like me. I weight 105kg now, i started losing weight with 139kg, if i lost a bit more, i will show you a picture for guessing my height.
Editor Rob: yes you seem a strong enough 5ft 9. At times in Germany you may well have felt a bit shorter than average, especially since average heights can vary within the country and be 5ft 10-10.5 in some part, and shorter in others.
Johno on William Sadler
I always thought he was taller though judging by Shawshank.
Johno on William Sadler
As listed.
bigmike74 on Hulk Hogan
To All.
My observation is based on my height. Not pictures or hearsay. He is absolutely not 6-2 anything under
6-3.5 now is just bad estimating skills or inappropriate ignorance on the posters behalf. I could see how a 6-3 listing could be observed due to how Hogan stands but he is taller. I thought 6-4 but nothing under 6-3.5 now and 6-6 prime.
BMW 186 on Dalip Singh
Khali is 7'1(peak 7'6)
Enes on Michael Cera
He looks as tall as jason bateman in arrested development season 4
Johno on Cristiano Ronaldo
An inaccurate laser would tend to give you more height since it might not be able to differentiate between flesh and hair thus, your hair is partially added. I fail to see how an laser is inaccurate where you give less height; the laser cannot just skip matter or organic material.
Ghost on Andre The Giant
There is much confusion concerning the photos of McAskill. Many claim that the famous photo of Angus with another man is actually of a giant called Jean Bihin. Click Here
Judge for yourself, the resemblence is remarkable, including the military uniform, something which McAskill has apparently never have been reported to wear.
Johno on Cristiano Ronaldo
It is odd people continue to give Ronaldo an estimated height of towards 6'2 even though he was laser measured.

If want to increase his height tbere is a bigher chance of him being lower then 6'1. If you have ever had your height measured by lasers, like some of them height/bodyfat monitors you in many modern malls in the UK, you will notice they tend to give a higher height then if you were to use the aerosol method against the wall. Also, there is good chance that Ronaldo's height was not measured in the evening more rather afternoon or morning. So you see, 6'1 is a decent measure and fair. If he were to come Rob's abode and subsequently measured in the evening, don't be surprised if he was measured at 6'0.5 rather then 6'1.5.
WTF on Ben Affleck
@I cook for you - "But he is not short like most actors, Matt Damon for one"

Matt Damon is 5'9''...that's average, not short... learn the difference
Al on Zachary Levi
I guess nobody including Rob read what I wrote. He is clearly shorter by an inch compared to Routh. So if Routh is 189cm, how in earth is Levi 6'3?? If he's a clear 2 inches shorter than Conan who is 192cm, how is he then 190cm. I guess logical thinking is not appreciated. At least show me a good picture showing Levi to as tall as Routh.
Editor Rob: he can look 4cm shorter than conan, but he has a converse vs shoe so about 1cm less shoe.
Dmeyer on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnie looks easy as tall if not taller than Tom Arnold in true who'm i met And was nothing less that 185-185,5cm 6'1 in person arnie was not 1mm shorter than 185cm peak And by movies aleast 184,5cm , arnie looks easy 5-6cm taller than Robert Patrick who was aleast 180,5cm so again good 6'1 also good 5-6cm on Clooney who was nothing less than 179 if not more , also arnie looked barely 2in under seagal who had 1,5cm more shoes so looked 6'4,5 Guy because of boots arnie had to be 185-6cm to pull that off , also arnie did look aleast 185-6cm in barefeet shots in bb days , i do agree h can look under 6'1,25-1,5in peak 186-186,5cm but not less than 185cm , now h looks not less than 5'11 And oftenly looks 182cm And can look 183-183,5cm when h has boots , still looks taller than flat 5'11 guys today , And looked no less than 6'1 in early stuff
Amaterasu on Christian Bale
I am one and only Amaterasu.
Bale is 179cm
BMW 186 on Paul Williams
Paul is now 4'10
Dmeyer on Josh Bowman
Thanks rob but you seem to think that 5'11,5 is closer than 5'11 , but since you said he could be around 5'11 so 5'11,25 is possible , 5'11-11,5 is closer than 11,5-6ft , he could be 5'11,5 11am And 5'11,25 night
Editor Rob: I think 11.5 is probably a limit, I am not as sure he would only be 5ft 11-11.25 though.
Patrick 5foot9 on Richard Dormer
Kourosh177cm said on 14/Oct/14
5'9.5 means he is 176.5 cm rob just rounded it up to 177cm.

Rob, you really round up and down here? ^^
Editor Rob: if anything comes out to .5 then the rounding would go upwards.
Dbl.A on John Lennon
I was personally told by Beatles clothing expert Russ Lease, who actually owns several actual Beatles suits and jackets, that he personally saw the actual measurement records of tailor Dougie Millings, who made quite a few of their suits in the early days, that John, Paul and George were indeed only 5'9''. In their high cuban heel boots they were 5'11'', which was their official height, not actual. However, it seems that John was just slightly shorter than Paul and George, who appeared to be of equal height. Yes, they were all on the slight side.
Pedro on Elle Macpherson
I ll show one of the Best Proof that Elle Macpherson LIES about her heigh so much...and after this video many people from this site will be surprise ... one of the secrets to reveal the true height of elle is to know the height of naomi campbel...naomi campbell is short... compared to the other models even compared to heidi klum, naomi is a bit smaller...i think that naomi have 173 174 ...problably her maximum 177. NOW CHECK THIS VIDEO... Click Here ....miss universe 2001 its on youtube...heres a tip...after ricky martin be attention to their shoes and the height of their sholders, eyes and head. .... how can elle have 6 not even 180...ahahah...
Andy 185cm on Brock Lesnar
Triple H looks alot shorter than Brock here. Click Here
kurtz on Brad Pitt
5' 11'' or 180 cm. spot on

in my opinion btwn 5' 11'' and 6' 1'' (180-185 cm.) best height range for man
kurtz on Clint Eastwood
weak 6' 3'' -190 cm. his peak- best, no way above

today 6' 0'' or so
Moke on Shaquille O'Neal
I really wonder how this dude is going to look like when he's 70 or so. With this massive build and that height he's going to need a good chiropractor...
Boss on Hulk Hogan
Studd was 41 years old with Barry and Studd has his head tilted down. Studd, considering his size and 20 years of pro wrestling would not be at his peak height with Barry.
Click Here
MaryAnne on Height Request
Now, Taylor Marie Hill's turn :)
Dee on Tom Felton
Daniel Radcliffe is really short. That might be why Tom kinda towers over him lol
grizz on Chris Martin
@Noel, he looks 6'0.5-6'0.75 with Reynolds. I wondered about his height watching him in Hymn for the Weekend. Surprisingly tall.
Canson on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Nick: He actually does look as tall as Paul Walker in that pic. I doubt he's as low as 185. The Angle isn't good but I do agree with you. he "ain't 6'3 barefoot" let alone 6'4 or 6'5". I could possibly see 187ish maybe a high 186 though if better angle and he's shorter than Walker and footwear is definitive.
Canson on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Nick: He actually does look as tall as Paul Walker in that pic. I doubt he's as low as 185. The Angle isn't good but I do agree with you. he "ain't 6'3 barefoot" let alone 6'4 or 6'5". I could possibly see 187ish maybe a high 186 though if better angle and he's shorter than Walker and footwear is definitive.
Andrea on Zachary Levi
S.J.H, Zachary is actually just saying to be over 6'2 with that quote! Rob's words are quite clear...
Someone asks him what he wanted to be when he was a kid and he answers "6'2 (tall)"... He is NOT saying he's just 6'2 but that he did grow over that mark :)
As for the listing, 6'3 flat is a better one!
Canson on Height Request
Hi Rob,

How about Carmelo Anthony
Canson on Rupert Penry Jones
@Rob: didn't know you were getting into that business now too lol.
Canson on Tyson Fury
He's probably similar in size to Vitaly. at most he may be a bit north (1/4-1/2" like CreepX said. Maybe a 6'7 guy who would wake close to 6'8 in the morning and would measure maybe 2" higher than Wlad.
Canson on Lennox Lewis
Looks the exact same height as Charles Barkley. He also was measured and claimed 6'4.5 and 3/4. So 6'4 1/2-3/4 same range Rob is close enough!
Grant on Chris Hemsworth
Would you consider a slight downgrade to 6'2.75?
Canson on Vitali Klitschko
At the end of the day both of the brothers look exactly what Rob has them. Wlad wakes at 6'6 and is 6'5 at night (is in 6'5 range even at the top for more of the day than he is 6'6). he'd be a 6'5 and a little change but closer to 6'5 than 6'6 if he claims it. He looks 1.5" shorter roughly which puts Wlad around 6'5.25-.5 (probably 6'5 3/8 in the afternoon) and Vitaly at a certified 6'7 or at worst a weak 6'7 (like 6'6.75 maybe 6'6 7/8).
littlesue on Glen Campbell
Always thought he was tall seeing him in shows in the 60's and 70's, poor bloke in the late stages of Dementia
Johno on Daniel Craig
Although, Hanks has some hefty boots on there.
Alex on Tom Hardy
Not big enough for Punisher, but was ok as Bane in TDKR. Weird.
Johno on Daniel Craig
@George, judging by those comparisons with Hanks, i say having a suspecion of Danial being "Alot-a-bit" under 5'10 would not be irrational.
John on G Eazy
Finally G Eazy gets a page. Anyways, he does give off a 6' 6"- 6' 7" impression because of his slim and lanky build, Pretty silmilar to MGK.
Johno on Bobby Lashley
But since Rob is not avg 5'8, i give Lashley 6'0.25 or possibly a 6'0.5.
Lol on Tinashe
5'4 flat
Boss on Andre The Giant
Andre the Giant's head comes out 13" in all of these comparisons. All of these comparisons were done by others and every time Andre's head comes out 13" or better. We have Maurice Tillet's head being measured at 13" right in front of our eyes so hard to argue with fact.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
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Click Here
BT on T.J. Miller
I think he can pull off 6'2 at times. 6'1.75 is a good shout imo, 6'1.5 is the absolute lowest he could be.
BT on Height Request
@Editor Rob: So no luck for the 'Silicon Valley' guys? I think at least Middleditch and Starr should get pages.
Editor Rob: I will need to look at them
Johno on Booker T
Looks nothing taller then a flat 6'0 with Rob but judging the way he looks with some wrestlers such as John Cena who Booker T edges and Triple H, Orton etc, i give him 6'0.5 possibly a bit more.
Boss on Andre The Giant
mrtguy said on 2/Feb/16
@Boss- mac's supposed 6'5'' friend doesn't look that tall, he looks no more than average in my opinion.

How doesn't he look that tall when this is the only photo we have ever seen of him? Parson Taylor is in 6'5 range and looks it with 7'9 MacAskill. Parson Taylor was one of the tallest men in Englishtown at the time next to MacAskill.
Canson on Charles Barkley
@Johno: good estimate. Thats what Rob has him, That's what he claims and he was measured 6'4 5/8 and how he looks. All of these bad comparisons to other "unmeasured" celebrities are unreliable.
straightahead on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Nick, wow you managed to find one of very few pics where Paul appears taller. Any1 with 1 eye and 1 braincell can google images themselfs, and we will all see that Rock is clearly taller in like 95% of the pics.
Kurtz on Arnold Schwarzenegger
peak: 6' 0'' - 183 cm.

now: 5' 9.5'' - 177 cm.
straightahead on Hulk Hogan
bigmike74 no i havent, but i dont understand what differences it would make? ppl doesnt grow (or shrink) just because we met them... and theres some posters in here who has met Bulldog (Davey Smith) and while some of them gives him 5'9, others give him 5'10 or even close to 5'11. So as we can see, how tall someone appears in YOURS eyes is your opinion only and the same man can appear much taller, or shorter, for someone else. And please dont go there with those height-loss-surgery-excuses. Hockey player Borje Salming have had 100's of more surgeries than Hogan from top to toe but havent lost any noticable height at all, and neither has Hogan.
Aaron zamora on G Eazy
I guessed his height right on the money! I honestly believed his 6'5 listings though but that might be because at times he wears bigger heeled boots. He's a good upcoming artist. He deserved to be on this page.
62B on Hulk Hogan
er4smiths said on 2/Feb/16
JT and straightahead seem to be the only people that have good sense and observation skills on this forum. I mean Rick Barry was probably 6'6" NBA listings are always inflated. Studd is OBVIOUSLY shorter - so if we are being generous we will give him 6'5" - so as Steve pointed out below - Hogan was 1.5" shorter than Studd so that's a 6'3.5" peak Hogan. Then add into the equation what bigmike74 said with his medical expertise about spinal surgery - you've got a 6'2" Hogan today!

Again buddy, you are making guesses and assumptions on people you have never seen. You may think my observation skills aren't very good, but I know I saw Hogan around 1980 when he was in the AWA standing 2 or 3 feet away, I could see he was taller than my Grandfather who was still over 6'4" at the time. No pictures or videos with weird angles, lighting or hocus pocus, or any other unknowns, to try to take into consideration, or guess about. Just plain old seeing two people in person standing close to each other and saying, yep that one is taller than the other. Peak Hogan was between 6'5" and 6'5.5" in my opinion. Studd to me never really appeared a whole lot taller than Hogan. My guess is Studd would have been 6'6" to 6'6.5", but that is just a guess as I have never seen Studd in person.
ManKo on General Height
@french guy

People lie on dating sites, so i doubt any info about heigh that you get there is reliable
Actarus on Jim Morrison
Hi, Jim was 177 cm. Always wearing boots, I got like 181 cm. Don't mind about pics, they lie due to light, position and angle of view. Probably, he was taller then average at the time. Nowadays he would be listed as a medium/short guy.But he is JIM, slim, magnetic and very handsome, so that his height is secondary.
MaryAnne on Lais Ribeiro
Perfekto!!! @Allie you have been always right about her ;) ty rob
Hasnain on Daniel Bryan
if ric flair is 5'9 then daniel bryan is no 5'8 he is 5'6.5
joe### on Saddam Hussein
Bin laden 65
tony t. on Bruce Springsteen
Why does he look 5'8 in the streets of philadelphia video? Looks more like 5'10 with the motorcycle boots on.
Alex on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
The Rock's height was pumped up for years, since he worked in the WWE. I think is not over 188 cm, no way he's 191 cm. WWE was pretty famous to pump the heights of his athletes.
Dec@p!7ator on Aishwarya Rai
raveena is more than 5'6 and has well built body
anonymous on Nicolas Cage
Rob what i dont understand is why Nic looks about the same height as his son Weston Cage whose height is put at 6'3 or 191 cm ? How is that possible ?
Editor Rob: I would doubt his son is 6ft 3
mande2013 on Tom Cruise
My feeling is women have a tendency to underguess other people's heights while men have a tendency to overguess other people's heights. I've been guessed anywhere from one inch shorter to two inches taller than I actually am, and ironically enough, I was guessed two inches above my true height by my uncle who's like 5 inches taller than me. And it's usually women, both taller and shorter, who underguess me.
grizz on General Height
@Chevy, I think 6'6 is the height when disadvantages outweigh advantages. It's an excellent height for athletes, bodyguards and bouncers, but I don't see many advantages in everyday situations.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Eamonn Walker
Canson on Dwyane Wade
Bobby: I feel your pain. I love your honesty and the fact that you know how the "height game is played". A lot of people don't see it here but some such as me Ali Baba and others do. Ali said it best "it's a lifetime of hearing oh you're 6'8 or 6'9" just because they don't know what an authentic no bs 6'6 barefoot like Ali looks like and the upgrading and basically telling you that you don't know your own height gets frustrating. someone may see a pro athlete on the street in passing and say "oh Wade's 6'4 so you must be like 6'6 when of course you know your height better than anyone else." People don't realize that the While the NBA teams and scouts may know the true height of a player in stocking feet that the public may not. Someone posted on KG's page even saying the disclaimer. They post some of the heights to tailor to the position they're playing like a combo guard PF C if the person is smaller than avg. that I know as I have a friend who is a scout who told me never to believe every measurement (some are accurate however). Gotta also love how downgrading is seen as hating on someone but upgrading is ok. I can see how the perrception of downgrading is that way but upgrading is sort of insulting if the person claims a certain height. You are 1. Telling that person you know their body better than they do; 2. That person is incompetent; 3. That person is lying. Instead it's always that person downgrades their height when In reality it's just someone being honest. Love some of the comments. "oh what about shoes oh what if he wasn't standing straight, and what if Kobe's wife measured him at night". Funny how a pre draft out of bed carries weight but if his wife measured him at night that doesn't. Also Funny how these thoughts Come into play when someone is justifying why someone shouldn't be downgraded but when upgrading another person or claiming why they shouldn't be downgraded: "oh you're comparing him to so and so. so and so is taller than they claim they edge out everyone else in that height range. That was what he was measured so that's what he is." Love how it doesn't work both ways. I've come to the conclusion just like you have that most people lie (even when they don't know they are) (or when people think a shoe measurement is standard practice). Guess that's the way it is now lol. And like u said u can't change the way you are!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Will Ferrell
He's always been 6ft2-3. Need to take away the peak.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Timothy V Murphy
thebad7 said on 2/Jun/14
Hell of a character actor--he's the guy you love to hate in SONS OF ANARCHY where he shines as the ruthless Real I.R.A. boss, Galen. Rob, I think you've got it, and I have to admit: he's more a strong 6'1"/weak 6'2" than anything else because he stacks up well against the otherwise tall cast of SOA: he looks dead even with weak 6'2" Kim Coates ("Tig") and he has at least an inch on six-footers Charlie Hunnam and Ron Perlman. As I recall, I think I just saw TVM in a Nationwide Insurance commercial--he's fast becoming one of the modern-day character actors.

I love your observations. They're very eloquent and intriguing but isn't Kim Coates at almost 6ft2 a little extreme? I don't remember him being as tall as this guy.
Frank on The Undertaker
The BMI is calculated only with 2 dimensions, even though the human
body has 3 dimensions. The BMI acts as the human body is flat, without
depth. Therefore it is absolutly nonsence.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on William Smith
For a split second I thought this was Will Smith's page, lol
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Daryl Hall
Click Here

He actually does look taller than Obama
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Denzel Washington
I think Kip is 6ft2 or very close to it. He was definitely a good 1in or so taller than Gosling and Washington in RTT
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Rick Springfield
"Peak height was 6ft 2in (188cm)"

Might still be that.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Steven Seagal
Strale_195cm said on 31/Jan/16
Seagal was in Serbia..and here is photo with Premier of Serbia
He is 199 cm
Click Here

Is that guy really 6ft6 though? If that is the case, Seagal looks near 6ft5 there
Johno on Tom Hiddleston
Didn't look more then 1-inch taller then 6'0 David Tennant did he? It should give most users a good estimate of of Tom's height.

If Tom had a good night's sleep and the stadiometer was right next to minute to his head and he measured his height right-away, then he may measure at 6'2 with slight rounding up.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on William Sadler
Awesome...I haven't seen him in years
Dmeyer on Leonardo DiCaprio
To me it isnt hard to see 6cm taller than 175cm hardy
Alex on Arnold Schwarzenegger
I am the "original" Alex, not the hater :D
Arnold was clearly near 6'2 in his prime, not a full 6'2 (beyond 188 cm.) but very close. Lets say 187 cm.
It is clear because we have many pics and videos of him barefoot with people who were 6 footer and were shorter and people who were 6'2 and were around his height.
Dmeyer on Josh Bowman
Rob 5 ft 11-11,25 is closer 180-1cm looks much closer h can look 179-180cm on revange And also 5ft 11 180/181cm , Emily vancamp is 173-173,5cm And shouldnt apear over wath 5 ft 11 men would apear in 1in shoe And h can oftenly look bit shorter that her she is max 5'11,5-6ft heels on , if he was legit 182cm h would be near 185cm in most shoes And look taller i could buy 181cm but not 182 or almost 183cm ,
Dame on Wentworth Miller
he is 6''1 half.
thatmanoverthere on Rupert Grint
Who is taller? Ed Sheeran or Rupert?
Johno on David Haye
Haye is an good example of how a high eyeline and small forehead will fool alot of people into believing your taller then someone of a lower eyeline but same height.

He would be under 6'1 taking account of footwear advantage; 6'1 max.
Johno on Carl Froch
5'11 75
Johno on Tony Tucker
6'1.25 there.
Johno on Charles Barkley
I think a 6'4.75 estimate would be best.
alexbigguy on Sheamus
Sheamus 6' 2.75''
alberto del rio weak 6' 2''
rusev 5' 11.5''
barrett 6' 5''
184.3cm (Night) on Arnold Schwarzenegger
One thing is for certain, Arnold attracts some of the most butthurt people i have ever seen on the internet.

He is the King thats why whenever an up and coming action star or bodybuilder is questioned they always drop his name. The guy has achieved alot, the end.
stanley on Petra Kvitova
i met her at the fed cup last november i am 6'1 with my shoes on she was the same height, she appeared to be wearing similar footwear to me, so she not less than 6'0 barefoot, all her player profiles call her 6'0 183cm
alexbigguy on Dean Ambrose
Looked around 6 ft 0.5 in last night with lesnar.....Rob what do you think he weights? He's billed at 225 lb (102 kg) but I think that he looks 190-200 lb
James on Brock Lesnar
Brock lesnar is really fast for a 286 pound man. He would take you down in a split second. No chance against him..
When he tried out for the NFL, He ran a 4.6 in the 40 yard dash, benched 225 lbs 40 times, and had a 36 or 37 inch vertical. Thats pretty freaking athletic and comparable to great players such as JJ Watt. Brock lesnar never played football since highschool
Gregg Richards on Paul Reiser
Hi everyone,I just saw another episode in which Paul was driving a car with Helen Hunt, Helen was actually a little taller than him in the car.I think its a safe guess he wears lifts especially since it appears his upper body is quite small.Maybe 5ft 7 in.tall is my guess.
tony t. on Triple H
Calls Dean Ambrose little, then proceeds to look little himself next to Brock Lesnar.
Dmeyer on Jean Claude Van Damme
peak can look 175-6cm today 175 , i wouldnt argue under 5'8.5
a normal tall guy on Paul Reiser
he is most likely 5ft 7, his upper torso is same height as helen hunt when they sit side by side. and i noticed he appears to be wearing ackward lifts. looked like he was walking downhill
184.3cm (Night) on Jean Claude Van Damme
5'8.5" (174cm) just like his statue that now stands in Belgium. Maybe he has lost a cm or two since peak, hard to say but im sure he is under 5'9 now.
184.3cm (Night) on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Hogan had alot of injuries + Surgery, Dwayne did not so its not even remotely the same.

He claimed 6'4" for years and i think he could sometimes pull off looking a strong 6'3" in his prime but there is no doubt he is 6'2" range nowadays. Maybe 191 > 189 cm not so dramatic a loss considering his career.
Ron on Arthur Darvill
Always thought he was around 6'1 as he seemed to consistently edge both Smith and Gillan. Of course the former never stands straight (I always say he stands at 178cm) and the latter is lower than first thought (I call her 177, but yeah, ballpark).
Do you reckon Smith is genuinely taller than this guy? I want to say so, though its rarely seen on screen... He looked around 178-181cm next to Routh too, though given the angle and Routh's suit it's hard to be more exact than that.
At 179.5cm I've always thought he'd edge me, and I imagine he would, but maybe by less than I thought!
Editor Rob: Smith up close looks over 5ft 11 when he stands tall, Darvill I think is quite close to 5ft 11 on the nose.
Josh b on User Heights
@CD thank you :P conversely there are some photos were I look taller than 5ft 10 lol Joe Flanigan, David Wenham and Chris Judge being the most obvious examples. And yeah my posture isn't usually the same as the guest, I can't anticipate them dropping height as well as Big Rob can. btw I have said that my footwear is basically the same as most of the guests at 1 inch unless otherwise stated. However, my shoes are actually 0.75 inch so I might have a slight footwear disadvantage in my photos. I have worn the same shoes in every single photo. I claim 5ft 10 as I know I don't drop under it :P it's quite likely I will meet rob at London summer con this year. More chance than last time :)
Ice on David Haye
He was way too small to fight Tyson Fury . Klitschko is a lot taller than Haye , and still couldnt deal with the size of Fury ..
John on Jai Courtney
Rob, Jason Clarke looked a half inch taller than him in Terminator: Genesis who you have listed at 185 cm as well. So maybe downgrade him to 184 cm or upgrade Jason to 186
Editor Rob: with hairstyles, sometimes determining a half inch can be harder
John on User Heights
Rob, don't you think the height diffrence between Frank and Alex is more than 1 cm? I am 180 cm myself (evening height) and i look slightly taller than this next to my brother who is 182.3 cm on evening.
Editor Rob: in the photos you could say it appeared near 2cm
Ice on Charles Barkley
194-195 is the height range were you start to look really big IMO
Arthur on Sylvester Stallone
Some people on here talking about body proportions saying Sly was 5ft10 he has long lengs etc.I will tell you proportions tell nothing. Nothing! My sister is 5ft3 she is very skinny and has very long legs and even she can look like a 5ft5 5ff6 girl! Everybody always guess her a 5ft5 girl.Same as my father.My father is a 5ft8.5 5ft9 man and he also has very long legs compared to his body he is about 160 lbs.And most people guess him 5ft9.5 to 5ft10.
So proportions tell nothing. You need to properly measure a guy to know his real height or you need to judge him in photos where he stands with other people.İnstead of talking about body proportions explain the photos I sent here with logic.You can look at Slys newer photos he isnt even taller than his daughters of course they have heels but I am pretty sure they are 5ft10 max even with heels.You can also look the photo of Sly where he stands with 5ft10 Micheal B Jordan Sly clearly looks 2inch shorter.For my opinion it is impossible for Sly to be taller than weak 5ft9 in his peak days.He is about 5ft8 in nowadays.He has a great body compared to his age I dont think he shrunk more than 1inch.
oliver on Taylor Swift
No reason to say Taylor is 5' 9 and above.
To me she looks 5' 8-8.5.
She is at least six inches shorter than 6' 2 Conor Kennedy.
Five inches shorter than 6' 1 Sean and Karlie.
(She even looks 5' 7 next to Ed sheeran)
Looks at least an inch shorter than 5' 9 Gweneth Paltrow.
Doesn't look more than 3 in taller than 5' 4.5 Selena Gomez.
Slightly shorter than Martha Hunt and Gigi hadid.
And also shorter than Lucas Till.
For these reasons, I'm confident.
anon on User Heights
My bad
181.9> Morning Height
180.3> Midday
179.1> Night

I'm actually about 5'11 flat for a few hours (2-4 hrs) after that I'll be 179
I've claimed 6 a few times and been called out on it by the real 6 footers, I'll still tower over everyone in public even though I'm a quarter inch off 6' with footwear
charlie on Taylor Swift
now she's listed as 5 foot 9.5. So it went from an outrageous 5 foot 11 to 5 foot 10 to 5 foot 9.5. Taylor is 5 foot 6 inches and Helen is 5 foot 5 inches. With the heels Taylor can present herself as 5 foot 10 or 5 foot 11 max and that's where the confusion of her height comes to play. People see her all the time in heels. Never really in flat shoes. So we are used to her being a tall skinny pretty girl and yes she does look 5 foot 10 inches but she takes those heels off she will become a 5 foot 6 female or even 5 foot 5 inch.I just saw a video of her and Ellen on stage dancing. At one point they are both standing side by side straight. and Taylor is no more than 5 inches taller than Ellen maybe 6 inches top and she's wearing platform shoes. Now Chris Hemsworth is 6 foot 5 inches and he was standing beside Ellen who is 5 foot 5. He stood a good foot taller than her. So if Taylor was 5 foot 10 like she claimed then in heels she would be 6 foot 4 inches very close to Chris Hemsworth height and she would literally be 1 foot taller than Ellen instead of 5 inches taller. I am so smart. Oh and the fact no one ever asks her how tall she is not one interview shows she's of average height of a female. The interviewers can see she's wearing monster heels and they can do the math. Now if a 5 foot 10 female worse 6 inch heels everyone would be asking how tall she was. Interviewers everyone. Im sick of being so smart all the time :-)
MD on Height Request
@Emma, I agree with that. Only Kevin and Scott's heights seem close to what they actually are.
MD on Niall Horan
Ridiculous. At that height, he'd basically be the same height as the tallest guys in the band.
MD on John Cho
With 5'10.5" Michael B. Jordan:

Click Here

Not a full 5'10" even with leveling out angles and such. Look at the shoulders.
Jay on Katharine McPhee
Close to 5'8
appe 6ft0.5 on Barack Obama
@Rob how can he weigh around 80kg if he is 185cm? He can't be for sure over 75kg, he is very slim: I would say he weighs between 73kg and 75kg.
Editor Rob: if he had shoes and clothes, then maybe that's a few pounds right there.
MD on J.D. Pardo
I think JD may be under this. There is no way Lyons is taller than listed.
tiny on Serena Williams
I take back my words. Realised during the prize distribution that thought Kerber is a strong girl she is nowhere close to Serena in size. Kerber's arms and legs are close to Serena's but her shoulders, chest & butt are tiny compared to Serena's. Kerber who is a 5'7" & 175 lbs is a big girl but compared to Serena is very petite. Serena can give any NFL linebacker a run for his money with those broad as a barn door shoulders and tree trunk like legs
John on Dr Dre
Dr Dre 183 cm
Warren G 188-189 cm
Nate Dogg 179 cm
Snoop Dogg 192-193 cm
Jay on Sutton Foster
Tall beautiful woman
Shuvayu on Kane
Guys all short but bulky or muscular wrestlers have to wear lifts to look REAL big ...take a look at the new ryback look .... ryback is no bigger than 6'2" ...but will shortly be billed as 6'4" Click Here
Amitabh on Amitabh Bachchan
Look at this pic Rob which has both Amitabh Bachchan and Mohammad Ali
Click Here
What will you say about the height comparison(after considering posture and camera angle)
Editor Rob: hard to say without knowing what type of ground they are on.
Canson on General Height
@Grizz: I agree, 6'5 (196 range) at the lowest height is about as tall as you can be to still be practical. That's still a practical (somewhat) height even if it's the lowest measurement on the day. I'm exactly 196 cm out of bed (a bit over 6'5) and get between 194-195 in the afternoon and can tell a difference only when in high soled dress shoes and boots in the early morning (do start ducking under some doorways). Otherwise normal 1" shoes are still ok as you don't cross 6'6. But I'd say once you are in that 197 range 6'5.5+ if you don't drop below, it may become a problem due to the emphasis you have to place on shoe selection. You're looking at flats to stay on the low end of 6'6 in shoes. That's the point where people begin to hit 6'7 in some sneakers and thicker padded, leaving little room for door clearance esp on lower doorways. I mean this is subjective and some may disagree. of course out of our control but I've heard it can become a burden. And Once you hit and don't drop below 6'6 barefoot range the benefits have bottomed out as flats are really the only way to keep some distance between you and some doorways. Really only good height if you're a pro athlete. I do agree tho 6'2-6'4 is the sweet spot. Lol I remember growing up some kids used to say they wanna be 6'6 to be like Mike not realizing 6'6 was his shoe height (maybe even a touch under) and not when he took them off.
Canson on General Height
@Grizz: I agree, 6'5 (196 range) at the lowest height is about as tall as you can be to still be practical. That's still a practical (somewhat) height even if it's the lowest measurement on the day. I'm exactly 196 cm out of bed (a bit over 6'5) and get between 194-195 in the afternoon and can tell a difference only when in high soled dress shoes and boots in the early morning (do start ducking under some doorways). Otherwise normal 1" shoes are still ok as you don't cross 6'6. But I'd say once you are in that 197 range 6'5.5+ if you don't drop below, it may become a problem due to the emphasis you have to place on shoe selection. You're looking at flats to stay on the low end of 6'6 in shoes. That's the point where people begin to hit 6'7 in some sneakers and thicker padded, leaving little room for door clearance esp on lower doorways. I mean this is subjective and some may disagree. of course out of our control but I've heard it can become a burden. And Once you hit and don't drop below 6'6 barefoot range the benefits have bottomed out as flats are really the only way to keep some distance between you and some doorways. Really only good height if you're a pro athlete. I do agree tho 6'2-6'4 is the sweet spot. Lol I remember growing up some kids used to say they wanna be 6'6 to be like Mike not realizing 6'6 was his shoe height (maybe even a touch under) and not when he took them off.
Jedi Master 5' 11 on Dolph Lundgren
The only human on the planet who can be handsome and look like Frankenstein at the same time. 6'6" while he was playing He-man I bet. 6' 4.25" without shoes. 6'5" easy.
@berta, I don't think you realize this but I'm pretty sure Dolph Lundgren is made of pure testosterone alone so If I were you I'd recant
Jedi Master 5' 11 on Jean Claude Van Damme
LOL, I THOUGHT HE WAS LIKE 6' 2" !!!! but yeah, 5' 9" seems spot on here.
2 February
Junior31 on Floyd Mayweather Jr
Blink said on 31/Jan/16
@Tyson67 I saw a staredown between Floyd and Canelo and Floyd seemed just 1cm taller if anything at all. I'd say Canelo is 5'7 on the dot really.

Canelo has been listed at 5'9 wich is out of the question. Showtime lists the fighters at the accurate height and have accurately listed canelo at 5'7.5. Wich further validates the point that floyd is not 5'7 or 5'7.25 but minimum 5'7.5 as I've stated all along with pics to prove. No hidden agenda. I know him and he's taller then 5'7.25

Below is my list of fighters heights that I know

Floyd 5'7.5-5'7.75
Canelo 5'7.5
Keith Thurman 5'7.5
Manny paquiao 5'5.5
Adrien broner 5'6.25
Amir khan 5'8.25
Miguel cotto 5'7.25
Juan Manuel Marquez 5'6.25
Shawn porter 5'6.25
GGG 5'10
Danny Garcia 5'8.25
Allie on Claudia Schiffer
Did you see the picture where Claudia was standing straight no bending her legs? Brad barely edged her out and he had a clear footwear advantage.
Duhon on Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Height comparison of Shaq with Kareem and Wilt among others Click Here
Allie on Taylor Swift
Grizz I actually wonder what's gonna happen to her feet by the time she retires from the spotlight. I don't think wearing platform heels wherever you go, even on an amusement park or even on a casual stroll is gonna be comfortable.
Jedi Master 5' 11 on Andrew Garfield
He has to be at least 5'9.5" I can't see 5'11" at all but I can see him wearing something to give him a boost. After seeing him in the social network movie I thought he was much taller, but when next to Jesse Eisenberg, I'd say he's not that much taller
Hypado on Ari Graynor
Ari Graynor's Height is 5ft 5in (165 cm)

yes, she looks 165/166 cm in Bad Teacher Series.
richinkle on Desi Arnaz
Lucille Ball was between 5'-7" and 5'-7 1/2" in her prime, and held her height throughout her life. She consistently looked 1"-1 1/2" taller than many 5'-6"+ women, including Carol Burnett, Katharine Hepburn, Vivian Vance, Maureen O'Hara, Greer Garson and Shirley MacLaine. She was clearly at least 2" taller than women who were between 5'-5" and 5'-6", like Lily Thomlin, Goldie Hawn, Natalie Schafer and Valerie Harper. And she held her own at the age of 68 with Mary Tyler Moore, when they were both wearing the same size heel (MTM wore higher heels than Ball in her 1979 tv special).

Desi Arnaz was probably 5'-9"+ in his prime, but clearly shrunk considerably in his later years. Barefoot, he looks less than 2" taller than Ball. In his lifts he probably hit 5'-11 1/2", which may be why he reported himself to be that height in one of the episodes. William Frawley may have been as tall as 5'-9" in his prime. But he was approaching 70 during the Lucy series, and probably fell under 5'-8" by that time. He was clearly taller than 5'-6" Vivian Vance in the show. He was close to Lucy's height when she wore her ubiquitous 1/4" heel black slippers.

The picture below gives a good indication of the height relationships between the Lucy cast: 5'-7 1/2" Ball in flat shoes stands about the same height as 5'-7"ish William Frawley with Street Shoes and 5'-6" Vivian Vance in 2" heels. Arnaz is a good 3" taller than the rest of them, but that may be due to the photo angle or lifts.

Click Here
RoryJS on Edward Holcroft
Looks closer in height to Taron Egerton here: Click Here
thatmanoverthere on Hayley Atwell
Is she as tall as you in the left pic?
Editor Rob: I thought I looked eye to eye, but the next day she looked shorter, although her heel wasn't as big.
Danimal176 on Lars Mikkelsen
That's one tall looking 6'3.5" guy. Easily over 6'4" earlier in the day.
Danimal176 on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jim Hopper said on 29/Jan/16
Peak 6-0.5. Now 5-11 max.

Peak - 6'1.5"-6'1.75" (measured at both)
Today - 5'10"
Warren on Justin Bieber
Yes I have. ok. I'll show you this is my proof you can see this my picture American TV program is "Ridiculousness" with Justin Bieber at 2012.
the person next to guy is "Rob Dyrdek", he's also 5'7 or 170cm, how about think this? can you say Rob has not 5'7 too?

Click Here
John on General Height
Couldn't have said it better myself. Croatia and the former Yugoslavia nations are some of the tallest nations in the world on average. They would tower over the average Western Europe/American/Australian guy.
Niall on Justin Bieber
Justin was 5'2-5'3 in 2009.
Justin was 5'4-57 in 2010.
Justin was 5'7-5'9 in 2011. (I saw tweets that claimed he was at least 175cm from people who met him)
and since 2011, he has teetered between 5'7 and 5'9, so I would put him at 5'8.

But, because it's "Justin Bieber" lets bully him about his height.
Jedi Master 5' 11 on Harry Styles
@Paul, then all I need is fangirls and my life is complete
Niall on Justin Bieber
Why is Justin Bieber's height such a discussion? It's really creepy to be honest, you don't see people continuously going on about 1D's heights...

Anyway Parker, Justin was possibly 5'0 in early 2009, but he would have grown taller by the time he started getting famous, he would have been possibly 5'3 by the end of 2009.
Sarah on Katie Cassidy
Why does she look so tall compared to 5'4" Caity Lotz on Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow? It looks like at least 4 inch height difference, but it could be shoes or camera angle, I suppose.
charlie on Ming Na Wen
She is about 5 foot 1 inch. She was at the awards 2016 Peoples Choice standing beside Clark Gregg who is listed at 5 foot 9 inches. You can see there's a 3 inch difference maybe even 4 inches and shes wearing monster heels. here's a video forward to 1:24:43 Click Here Now if hes really being honest about being 5 foot 9 inches than she is very tiny
Dmeyer on Tom Cruise
Same happened to me once there was Guy who was 189cm And was sre i was same height , there was 3in between US , another time legit 185cm/6'0,75 who was only 1,4in taller than me thaught i was 5cm smaller at 180cm my widest range i was described at 180cm-190cm , there are 2 5'8 friends who claim 5'9 who are sre i am 190cm for some reason , but i usualy get guessed 182-184cm , i got once guessed 181cm but usualy 182-183 or 185cm
Dame on Steven Yeun
5 foot 8
Dame on Ashton Kutcher
With flats 189 for sure no arguement with runners and higher shoes 191.5 cm very tall guy
Dame on Tom Hanks
184cm when he was younger
181 cm now.
charlie on Jim Parsons
But I'm smart said Bomer looks 1 inch shorter than Jim Parsons .I would say there is a 2 inch difference in height not 1 inch. A person at eye level is 5 inches in height. So he is listed at 5 foot 11.5 it would make sense Parson's is 6 1/2
charlie on Melissa Rauch
its strange I watch TBBT often and I assume the chicks on it were around 5 foot 5 and the guys were around 5 foot 7 or 5 foot 8. I didn't realise the guys were like 5 foot 4.I knew Sheldon (Jim Parsons) was very tall and stood out from the rest but I didn't think his male co stars were that short. But then IMDB is never ever accurate with height. You may look at an actor and see he's 5 foot 11 and a year later go back to his IMDB and he magically dropped to 5 foot 8 inches. lol. Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife she was listed at 5 foot 11 for the longest time and on many websites still is and now she's listed at 5 foot 5 inches.Incredible

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