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25 November
MrGrim on Katy Perry
5ft7 is not bad at all its the female equivalent to a 6footer hence why a female models height is normally minimum 5ft7.
Sam on C. Aubrey Smith
Pretty sure he could smother someone with his beard in that picture. Yeah, he could have definuitely been 6'3" as a young man but this is at least a reasonable compromise.
Sam on Height Request
Jennifer Jones, as Arch suggested, definitely needs a page.
w/ 6'1.5" listed Joseph Cotten: Click Here
w/ 6'3" listed Gregory Peck: Click Here
w/ 5'8" listed Humphrey Bogart: Click Here
w/ all the main guys from Towering Inferno + 5'7" listed Faye Dunaway: Click Here
w/ 5'9.5" listed Montgomery Clift: Click Here
w/ 5'10" listed Laurence Olivier: Click Here
I'd say she was around 5'6", in the 5'8"-5'9" range maybe in heels.
Height182 on Deobia Oparei
@Alex 6'0'': Rock also had footwear advantage over Orton. Yeah it must be the last few years he's lost height. I don't think Rock would measure anything more than 188cm today. The guy barely had 2 inches over Cena, In almost every segment/event.
french 182-182.5 cm on General Height
imo 185 cm is the first good height, it's a very solid height for white young men, atleast in France.183cm is a bit weak nowadays, let alone 180 cm and 178 cm which are getting below average.
188 cm-190 cm is the start of tall and very desirable.
if you are 185 cm or more, you're fine
Height182 on CM Punk
5'11.5'' is too much for Punk. He is not that tall. 5'11'' is enough for him. John Cena is 6'0'' himself and he has a good solid inch on Cm Punk. Around 3 - 4 cms on him.

@Kouroush: This guy will never agree with you. There is no point discussing this anymore.
184.3cm on General Height

I think you can be quite sure that most people will round up as noone wants to short change themselves do they? Im also in that boat but live in Holland (europe) which makes life easy as i just say 184cm although sometimes i claim 185cm as i measure 184.7 in weekend. This is because i dont do 20km post dienst with 30kg bags and then hit gym right after like i do in working week. I think if i lived in UK/US i would say a bit under 6'1 or between 6foot and 6foot 1. I used to claim 6 foot and it drove my friends crazy because well they lie about their own height.
Judd on Rob Paul
Amaze, lordosis is a typical pathology of the lower back...
You can find there more informations: Click Here
In my case, it was discovered casually...I don't know how many fraction of inches has the lordosis take away from my back, because any doctors ever told it to me, but for sure it reduce the stature of a little amount, because I can't stay perfectly straight with the is the question.

When it was discovered, doctors told me that I can't play sports like horse riding and I can't lift up heavy weight...I have to keep low my weight, to swim a lot and if it is possible make few differents exercises for my back, day by day!
jamie179cm on Brad Pitt
sorry i ment to say Paltrow could be 5ft8
RobV on General Height
@Lisa :) I can see why one might think that but surely I barely ever mention wearing elevators and lifts...

But of course interestingly that it is only recently that I have felt comfortable with elevators - until a couple of years ago all I used was lifts in boots and trainers that were a size or two larger. Until very recently, the stuff you could buy was just crap. Old fashioned and in weird tiny sizes. I am mid 30s now but started when I was 19 and just used lifts. I looked at elevators and actually asked about bigger sizes and was told "we only go up to size 8 because people with bigger feet will not want elevators or to make themselves taller"! It was only when I bought some Dons (having checked out this site using the discount) that I found anything which was fashionable and current and in the right sizes. And now I am having a go at GuidoMaggi, some of whose styles are really amazing. I couldn't really justify spending as much as they charge, but the Veterans Day discount reeled me in.

I wish there were other firms doing it like these two. For all other stuff - like my trainers etc - I still just use the lifts in varying types that I have used over the years.

Many people get a bit weird about the idea of elevators and lifts, and start to get tricky and odd - one guy ion here said to me "you have to answer for yourself making yourself taller" (presumably there is a police force somewhere enforcing the strict anti-elevator laws that rounds us up and makes us 'answer four ourselves')
184.3cm on Barbara Nedeljakova
Gee Rob you looks so happy here, there a reason for that? haha. Played the cold bitch well in Hostel. Its weird if you disregard her shoe advantage she actually looks her agency listing.
Height182 on Brock Lesnar
At least 2.5 Inches on Lesnar, if not more If Billy stands straight. Click Here

@Clay: Sorry If I downgraded your favourite wrestler. Please do carry on posting your rants on here. They give me a good chuckle.

@Tuga: Yeah it is my opinion and it's 6'1.5'' Max. 6'1.25'' isn't impossible either.
184.3cm on Ryan Reynolds
If i could id bet you 1000 euro that Ryan would measure taller than Jackman. Hugh looks a fraction off the mark and Ryan looks a solid 6'2.
184.3cm on Richard Gere
Good listing, has the average guy look all the time. Have never seen him look tall or short in anything or on photo.
Height182 on Triple H
@Vegas: That's true. Nice spotting. Well how tall is Chris Jericho? Around 5'9'' range? In dress shoes 5'10'' range?

Well here is Steph with Jericho Click Here

She looks the same height as him in about 4 - 5 inch heels. Take them off and she will be around that 5'6'' mark, Like I have said before.
french 182-182.5 cm on General Height
robv, i would like to wear lifts, what do you wear?I would like to be 4 or 5 cm taller.
If i w
184.3cm on Jared Leto
5'9 guy claiming 5'11 ..He doesnt look anywhere near 6 foot which a 5'11 guy can pull off at times. Also judging by photo his size 11 shoe claim is off as well. I wear size 11 UK shoes 46 here in Europe and i always get comments from people about having boat feet. Looks typical average range 5'9-5'10 .
blue on Jamie Dornan
No matter his height.. he's perfect!!!:-)
He can tie me when he wants!!! ;-)

But i think 1m80.
Late 187cm on General Height
@ RobV

This is becoming a little farcical now. It's basically a merry go round of who is misinterpreting who.

I never suggested that you made the comment. I clearly mentioned the speaker, i.e. the man who sells the elevators. He is the one who said it. You agreed with this statement and promoted the sentiment contained in it. You have made a misinterpretation of my comments here or you are deliberately misrepresenting what I have said.

I never suggested that you said that elevators are worn by, "people who are insecure or discontented." I said this in an example I used to illustrate the difference between the words specially and especially.
You have made a misinterpretation of my comments here or you are deliberately misrepresenting what I have said.

Which brings me to my final point. You are ignorant of the difference between the words specially and especially. But, where you are truly ignorant in this instance is your failure to learn from your shortcomings and accept you error and attempt to learn from it.
To say "'especially' which is generally considered out of date and incorrectly used as a long winded substitute for 'specially'." is just simply complete rubbish. Unless you think you can rewrite the rules of the English language.
Especially means particularly. Specially means for a special purpose.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

This is an example of why I say you have a very unique take on the world. Because where the majority agrees that there are certain rules, or agree that certain things generally exist as they do, RobV has his own view on how things exist. And he doesn't have to pay any heed to conventions or rules, or what's generally agreed on. He seems to have a licence to believe and say whatever he likes, and the rest of mankind should accept that as fact, even if the contrary has been written for hundreds of years.


I did not try to bring up the possibility that RobV sells elevators for a living. Please do not misinterpret me! :) I responded to alleged comments made by a man who allegedly sells elevators.

RobV seems to be a strong advocate of elevators, he has promoted them several times on this site, and he is always willing to offer advice privately.


"Slag me if you wish, but if I want to be taller, that is my own business." - I have directed no personal comments at you and I do not need permission from you before I post comments directed at other people.
I am not the one who may possibly have made the first thinly veiled insult. I merely misinterpreted a comment and have accepted this error. Would you rather I simply accept a possible thinly veiled insult, or should I defend myself according to the rules of the game that another person may be playing?

You will find many different opinions on this site. It's possible that you may be upset by the ones that you don't agree with, or that don't sit easy with you. If I was in that situation I would not read the comments or I would attempt to grow a thicker skin. According to some opinions on this site I would look unhealthily thin. Should this upset me, or should I dismiss it?

"Slag me if you wish, but if I want to be taller, that is my own business." - I've never slagged anyone for wanting to be taller. I've mentioned to RobV before that I don't see the need for him, at 6'2, to wear elevators to try to reach 6'5/6'6. Many people have also said this and some have even gone as far as calling him insane. He has stated his reasons why and people have the reasons why they want to be taller. A lot of it can depend on lifestyle. Whether you wear elevators or not is your prerogative and I've said this to RobV on a number of occasions. Different strokes for different folks and whatever makes you happy. Just don't expect everyone to share the same opinion.
Tuga on Sid Eudy
HeightcrazyRed6ft says on 24/Nov/14
Tuga says on 24/Nov/14
Red, the mabel diesel pic has to be roted a bit,
Lol c´mon that´s a silly excuse ;)

No its not :P
Click Here

We´re discussing to the cm here, so its a valid point, not overwhelming since its not that much of a difference ( I did say a bit:P) but its still far from being an silly excuse ;)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Michael Chiklis
5ft7-5ft8 range
jamie179cm on General Height
sorry guys i have change my opinion again 6ft5 is the start of very tall imo
jamie179cm on General Height
Splinter Cell well imo 6ft1 is the start tall so 6ft1-6ft2 plain tall 6ft3- 6ft4 standout tall 6ft5-6ft7 very tall 6ft8-6ft9 extreme tall 6ft10 giant just my opinion though
jamie179cm on Bruce Willis
@Alucard i agree in the film red he did look 5ft9 in barefoot he looks like he has a body frame of a 179cm guy though i agree he probably is in the 5ft9 range
Bran on Harry Styles
Is this the video Mon, inconclusive if you ask me, and does this video make Beckham height aware (1.33) hahaha . I thought looking on some recent stuff that 20 year old styles looks quite abit taller than previously, however i dibbed into 2012 stuff and could still see him looking more 5ft10 than 5ft9 with the other guys, but before im shot at yes he had boots. My only argument at the moment would be, does payne really look a legit two inches taller than Zayn, Niall and Louis as Rob suggests, in my opinion its an astute no, however at times i guess the 3 shorter boys can look 5ft8ers, well anyway here's the first video i talked about and a few older ones to prehaps refute, the guess that styles has had a late height gain;....
Click Here
Click Here ( pause around 1.35 )
jamie179cm on Tom Cruise
come on people he probably isn't taller than 169cm without lifts
jamie179cm on Angelina Jolie
shes not over 5ft4 the pictures of jack black proof that jack is taller than her when shes in heels and hes in flats
jamie179cm on Brad Pitt
@Frisco the thing is i think Damon is probably a flat 5ft9 guy @cole in that picture his shoes don't look flat also like i said before a long time ago his not much taller than Paltrow who 5ft8 and pitt does wears lift so i think 177cm or 178cm is possible
filmfan on Clint Eastwood
Clint's height loss seems unusual. Most guys lose an inch I understand, Clint appears to have lost several. The photo of him being towered by Tim Robbins is hard to reconcile with him being a 6''4'' guy.
Dmeyer on Kiefer Sutherland
Rob if you had to choose between 5'8.25 proper 173cm Like you or 5'8.75 weak 175cm for kiefer
[Editor Rob: hard to choose because at times he can look anywhere over that 8.25 to 8.75 range...there might be more chance today he is in 8.25-.5 rather than being .5-75 range.]
Morgan on Chris Eubank
Would a 5'10.25 guy look significantly taller than 5'9 guy?
[Editor Rob: it's a good 3cm, up close you could tell that amount between two people, but significantly taller? I wouldn't say that.]
Tymmo on User Heights
I'm about 181.5cm out of bed, 3 hours later I'm 179cm for most of the day and really late at night I could possibly be 178cm I don't know
Lebensdorf on Jeremy Brett
As the quintessential Sherlock Holmes, he seemed to be at least 6 feet even, maybe 6'1, even with many health problems and, later, an enlarged heart. In his youth, in War and Peace, Henry Fonda was noticeably taller.
Darren510 on Christian Bale
Agree on Batman begins. Bale is about 4 inches shorter than Neeson. Bale is 6ft...At the very least he is 5'11.5
Parker on Brad Pitt
5'10 Brad Pitt with 5'10 William Hague

Click Here
Click Here


If Brad is 5'10, he's the tallest looking 5'10 I've ever seen
Ian C on Woody Allen
Woody Allen was an amateur boxer in his youth. He could have beat me like a gong and eaten Chinese food at the same time, and I'm six feet four. He's pretending to be weak in the same way that Dolly Parton pretends to be dumb. It's a pose. Really. Look how muscular he is, and how well-proportioned.
Frankie68 on Robert Downey Jr
This guy cracks me up,,,is his head so far up in the hollywood sky that he doesnt know how stupid he looks in his giant ugly ass shoes he wears...hes gotta be a joke in hollywood...stallone has met his match.....the two 5'10 guys thats are really 5'6/5'7...if there lucky...
Gladys on Height Request
Add Ken Marino from the State/Marry Me: add him as 6 ft 0 in
And Michael Ian Black/Michael Showalter from the State as 5 ft 11 in
and Thomas Lennon: 5 ft 8 in
24 November
Gladys on Height Request
Tim Meadows height 5 ft 7 1/2 in to 5 ft 8 in
Moises on Height Request
French Stewart from 3rd Rock from the Sun: 5 ft 10 in
Jeremy Miller from Growing Pains: 5 ft 10 1/2 in
Michael Fishman from Roseanne: 5 ft 10 1/2 in
Danimal on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Nick says on 20/Nov/14
Arnold's full measurements (including his 6'2" height and 245 pounds weight) from 1967 NABBA federation competition (before Weider era)

All contestants were measured for this contest in 1967 and Arnold was 20 years old and 6'2"

Click Here

Good find! So, we know that he was measured barefoot at night at 6'1.5" in 1969, so it's possible that he was 6'2" earlier in the day. Btw, Dennis Tinero (who was also on that list) was 6'0" and Arnold was noticeably taller than him in all of the pics they've had together.
evilc on Ben Affleck
saw a picture of him standing next to the Jason Lee, and Jason Lee is listed at 6 one and a half and he is clearly two inches taller than Affleck in the picture.
evilc on Ben Affleck
saw a picture of him standing next to the Jason Lee, and Jason Lee is listed at 6 one and a half and he is clearly two inches taller than Affleck in the picture.
BGee on Clint Eastwood
Dang, 4 inches?! My granddad was about 6'2 in his prime and was still there by the time he died a few years back, and he did real extensive hard labor too, which is a lot more than a Hollywood star would go through. Wonder what cause such a dramatic shrink.
Clay on Brock Lesnar
Hahaha who is the one trolling? You need to take a close look in the mirror because you compltely ignored Vegas's barefoot evidence with Dos Santos and Overeem, and then you go on about bad camera angles and post a horrendous one with Brock and Velasquez. Don't think Rob is going under 6'2 - but keep trying I guess.
Clay on Big Show
Show is still holding onto at least 6'11'' at the moment.
TGWN on General Height
I have been reading this site for some time and have posted on the "parallel" CelebHeights forum.

One obviously has to take all information and comments on these two sites as 'personal opinion'. If you want real data, visit the various government backed medical statistical websites. Also, simple math: 1" = 2.54 cm....there seems to be a lot of conversion errors on both the sites.

About myself: I am above the average height for 20+ year males in my native Canada, but despite this I do intentionally wear specific footwear to be taller. There is nothing wrong with this, it is purely a personal desire. Being taller in a crowd at an NHL game is actually very useful.

This is somewhat a 'free-opinion' forum that editor Rob monitors (and culls as necessary). Is there a need for 'slagging' or being insulting?

So, "Late 187cm", can I suggest you keep your obnoxious and thinly veiled insults to another posting member to yourself? I am not an English language major by any stretch of the imagination, however your commentary on Nov 23rd clearly does not belong. Slag me if you wish, but if I want to be taller, that is my own business.
BGee on Gabriella Wilde
Solid 5'9 with mile long legs that make her look even taller.
Wrestlfan1 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
kasino says on 6/Nov/14
agree with rob Click Here
Are you blind? Or do you thnk we are all fools? Thr Rock is sitting against the hood of the car, he is not even standing up for gods sake!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on James Gandolfini
In any of his pre-Soprano performances when he weighed less he could give a 6ft1-6ft2 impression (True Romance, Crimson Tide, Get Shorty, The Juror and A Civil Action)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Kevin Costner
Affleck is 6ft2½ him having more than 1in on Costner makes perfect sense
aish karo.. on Aishwarya Rai
Wow nice PIC HD urvashi rautela is a super girl. 5.10she carry her self well .
Wrestlfan1 on Hulk Hogan
JT you are rediculous in your poor attempts to confuse facts and make others out to be shorter to justify your bogus claims about Hogan. Love is 6'10", Hogan is over 6'4" so that picture clearly shows that. Lets not forget that the basketball players wear those height boosting court shoes you all use to lower their actual heights and bring into question their NBA listings, funny how you seem tyo leave that out in the Hogan photo with him! Hogan also is in his usual slouched stance, especially in the second photo. Hogan is well over 6'4", actually is 6'5" or better if and when he cares to stand up straight, and was easily 6'7" in his youth. He is 61 years old, has had major back surgeries (9), major knee surgery, hip replacement, and still stands at least 6'4.5" tall, so how can anyone say with a straight face he was never 6'7" or not have lost any substantial height? Time to open your eyes, i smell what you are cooking LOL.
Josh1 on Cara Delevingne
Barely 5'7 maybe 5'6.5 (169cm)
Josh1 on Casper Van Dien
5'9 1/4 spot on very accurate.
Brimsy on Jennie Bond
I think Jennifer will be 5'3"
Drummer777 on The Undertaker
Undertaker & Sid Eudy are within a half inch of each other in pics you see them in.... Kevin Nash comes out a couple inches taller than Sid so it would stand to reason that Kevin Nash would have the same amount of Height over Undertaker.... So how is it that Ali Baba could be the same height as Tyler Mane and Mark Callaway... or so it would seem...
Frank on Hulk Hogan
I seen Bulldog in Person in Street Clothes he was not 5ft 10.5 hes was about 5ft 9 I dont SAVAGE WAS 6FT
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jack Coleman
6ft1 and 6ft1½ is a joke
richkid123 on Christina Perri
She is beautiful
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jenna Elfman
Lorne I wouldn't rule out 6ft1½ at all for Gibson. He looked at least 6ft2 in that horrendous Flintstones movie from 2000 next to Mark Addy
Moises on Height Request
Add Tim Daly with a height of 6 ft 1 in.
Lisa on General Height
@Late 187cm: Did you write all that just to bring up the possibility that Rob V sells elevator shoes and shoe lifts for a living? If so, why on Earth would you mention it? He never talks about it. ;)
marcus on Leonardo DiCaprio
in the wolf of wallstreet he was measured 183cm with dress shoes on(1 inch) so minus that he's 180cm he has bad posture too so he can look 5'10 most of the time
Brad on Michael Gross
6'3"? no way. He is 6' MAX.
marcus on Miley Cyrus
she's a lot shorter in person though, ill say that, saw her jogging and she looked 5'4. no taller than 5'5
max on Jennifer Lawrence
175cm in sooo off, 171/172cm
max on Manu Bennett
rob i think 177cm is a better shout, i think that's why he said he was just over 5'9
[Editor Rob: ignoring more footwear for a minute, he looked like he was over 5ft 10 and nearer 10.5 that day, so take off footwear difference and I can buy 5ft 10.

Under the stadiometer though...that could be different. I'd be surprised if he really dropped more than a few mm shy of 5ft 10 at worst.]
Shadow2 on Max Baer Jr
Max Jr was definitely 6' 4". As "The Beverly Hillbillies" series progressed, there appeared to be a widening gap between Max and Buddy Ebsen who was originally 6' 3" peak. Buddy was getting older and heading towards 6' 2.5". Rob, how about a Buddy Ebsen page? In his later TV work (e.g. "Barnaby Jones", "Matt Houston"), Buddy was closer to 6' 2".
Yytt on Elvis Presley
How tall was vernon Click Here
[Editor Rob: could be in 6ft 1-2 range]
John on Karlie Kloss
did you see the recent wireimage AMA pics of karlie towering over Taylor swift? You guys have Swift at 5-10 on this site. If she is 5-10 than karlie is 6-4. Interestingly, if you compare pics of Swift with Karlie and klum with Karlie, Swift is clearly 2 inches at least taller than klum.
Tom on Mads Mikkelsen
And rob I'm 19 and I have a bad habit of sloughing over when I walk is that bad for my back or no. I don't think it will effect my back because I'm only 19. If I fix that habit now I should be good hey. And when you mean healthy life style, what do you exactly mean. Like eat healthy and excerise a lot.
[Editor Rob: I'd try to maybe do some simple stretches just to help your back muscles and try to maintain an upright posture as much as possible. These bad habits can cause problems as you age and might contribute to more loss of height.]
Micksor on Johnny Cash
I saw him in concert in Dublin Ireland , after the show I stood next to him for the same reason I'm 6'1 , he was maybe I inch taller than me .
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Tim Henman
Castle generally looks 6ft1-6ft2 range in those photos. I'm shocked because tennis pros are usually measured barefoot so I naturally assumed he was around 6ft3. Maybe he's shrunk? I wouldn't necessarily throw 6ft2 out the window just yet though. He does look it in that picture with Henman.

Rob, what are your guesses for Castle?
[Editor Rob: I remember a week or so ago channel flicking and he was on Pointless standing beside someone, I think Keith Chegwin and had a full head on him...I'd always thought Castle was near 6ft 2 guy, he could have been in the magical almost 6ft 2 category.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Lance Reddick
Before you know it, they'll be arguing 6ft1 range for this guy.

Rob is it possible that he's a 6ft2¼ more than say a 6ft1¾?
Greenbolt on User Heights
I don't know if Jenny's lost any height, I'm finding Youtube videos from as far back as 2011 where's she's getting a hair over 5'7.75'' once you knock off the 1/8th inch from the stadiometer measurement.
[Editor Rob: to be fair in 2008-2009 I didn't really measure her that much and after a hard day's work, the last thing you want is a measurement ;)

After getting the stadiometer it was easier, I think the earliest photos I have of her around 5ft 8 flat on it were from Summer 2010 See Here. These were teatime lows - in 2011 it was more noticeable that she could dip under 5ft 8 on the stadiometer.

Today generally 5ft 7/8ths on stadiometer at her low or the absolute low as the 2013 Standing Job makes you shrink video showed, just a nibble under 5ft 7 7/8ths.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Idris Elba
But I agree that Elba is nearer 6ft3. Lance Reddick is more in that solid 6ft2 territory
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on John F Kennedy
Oh please where will we possibly get our visual sources for George Washington, oil paintings with alleged 189-190cm Thomas Jefferson?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Toby Kebbell
He'd be a good 6ft2 in shoes
jp on Michael Keaton
I say we make a petition,to give the Batman height stats to Variable.He looks great in every height we have seen so far Keaton 5'9 super,Christain Bale 6' great,Adam West 6'1" cool.Val Kilmer 5'11.5 very awesome.Like Kane sais he made the character for everyone and not one sided.Batman shoul be changed from 6'2 the height given by the well known comic publication,not from the mouths of Kane and Fingers.They believed Batman was to everyone's imagination.We want Batman rto be Height:Variable.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on C. Aubrey Smith
I'd go as high as 6ft3 for this guy but 189cm is fair also.

He was a big dude. Scary looking aswell especially if you watch any of his movies in technicolor
Alex 6'0 on Deobia Oparei
Height182, maybe Rock went from 6'2.5 to 6'2 flat nowadays? A legit 6'2.5 can pull off 6'4 to people in person let alone on TV plus with a muscular build it can make you appear a bit taller. If Rock lost height Im thinking 1/4 to 1/2 inch tops. His posture sometimes can be relaxed. Yea in 2004 Rock looked 1.5-2 inches shorter than Orton but Rock would have still been at his peak in 2004. If he lost any height it would have been over the last few years
HoopHeighter on Height Request
John Mulaney height: 6 foot 1 in
Nick Kroll height: 5 ft 9 in to 5 ft 10 in
Paul Scheer height: 5 ft 11 to 5 ft 11 1/2 in
Seth Meyers height: 5 ft 11 in
Taran Killam height: 6 ft 0 1/2 in to 6 ft 1 in
Tony Randall height: 5 ft 8 in
Johnny Carson height: 5 ft 10 in
Judd Hirsch height: 5 ft 11 1/2 in at peak; 5 ft 10 in today
Judd Apatow height: 5 ft 8 1/2 to 5 ft 9 1/2 in
Kirk Cameron height: 5 ft 9 1/2 to 5 ft 10 in
Bob Newhart height- 5 ft 6 1/2 in to 5 ft 7 in at his peak; 5 ft 4.5 to 5 ft 5 today
Mike Birbiglia height- 5 ft 7 1/2 in
Fred Armisen from SNL and Portlandia: 5 ft 8 to 5 ft 8 1/2 in range
Mark Duplass: 5 ft 11 in to 6 ft 0 in range
Stephen Rannazzisi: 5 ft 11 in to 6 ft 0 in range
Thomas Gibson from Dharma and Greg/Criminal Minds: 6 ft 2 in
Jesse Tyler Ferguson height - 5 ft 9 1/2 in to 5 ft 10 in
Eric Stonestreet height- 6 ft 0 1/2 inch
Jake Johnson and Max Greenfield from New Girl- both around 5 ft 9 in to 5 ft 10 in
Lamorne Morris: 5 ft 8 1/2 in to 5 ft 9 1/4 in
Damon Wayans Jr. : 6 ft 0 1/2 in to 6 ft 1 in
Bobby Moynihan: 5 ft 6 1/2 in to 5 ft 7 in
Nat Wolff: 6 ft 0 in to 6 ft 1 in
Anthony Jeselnik: 6 ft 2 in
Don Rickles: 5 ft 6 in: peak height 5 ft 3 1/2 in to 5 ft 4 in today
Milton Berle: 5 ft 10 in
Don Knotts: 5 ft 6 1/2 in
Billy Gardell: 5 ft 11 in
Anthony Ward Clark: 5 ft 9 in
Colin Egglesfield: 6 ft 0 in
David Cross: 5 ft 7 1/2 in
Jay Pharoah: 6 ft 1 in
All these heights that are mentioned need to be considered and added as soon as possible
Anyone can comment on these heights if necessary.
pedriscovery on Liam Hemsworth
Un recently photos in sinsajo premier.hace a good front photos with donald sutherland a are the same height un other photos the angle camera is bad.AMD dont forgett sutherland hace 78 yeards old an he encorved sometimes
Tom on Mads Mikkelsen
Thanks rob. Also can't it be a genetics thing as well or no. Is just based on a healthy living style. Also there are people that think stretching helps you to grow, I don't believe that's what's your opinion on that.
[Editor Rob: I think if you are young and want to try to maximise or even say beat what your potential might be, then get active, get your body producing as much GH. Of course as I always say, a combination of exercise/sleeping well/eating and destressing yourself might all be little factors to gaining as much as possible. Stretching could help a bit (how much exactly is always debatable and unknown really), but in all things, be careful and don't overdo things.]
Concerned 181 cm on Joseph Marcell
His character said that he was "about the same height" as Ashley in the Fresh Prince. She's 5'4...
Oanh on Vincent M Ward
i turn says on 23/Nov/14
he looks about 6'1-6'2

He's taller than 6'1" for sure. He's at bare minimum 6'2.5" and likely 6'3".
PetePro on General Height
@Truth re. Britain/England: you are quite close with your assumptions. Taking just England (as it is much more populated and quite different from what is known as the 'Celtic Fringe'), it used to be as follows...

First and foremost, to understand the English, you need to accept 'social class' makes a big difference. In recent decades 'economic class' has, though, closed the gap in wealth/height. I am, for example, much poorer than most in my social class (Middle Class). Many Upper Class are also poor, and vice-versa.

Take for example English visitors to another country. If they are football supporters, on average they will be a few inches shorter than say our richest on 'grande tours'. Amongst the latter you will see many tall and very tall.

Then there is our ancestry. Since the two world wars there has been much mixing of the British nations. In the English Midlands and East London, for example, are a high number of Scottish ancestry. More recently, in especially London, an inter-mixing with immigrants (all colours). This makes mixed race people now a common sight.

Long ago it was much easier to define. The endomorphic-mesomorphic Celtic peoples (Ancient Britons) populated the south-west, south and west of England. The taller ectomorphic-mesomorphic Germanic peoples (German/Dutch Anglo-Saxons, Norwegian/Danish Vikings and Norwegian/French Normans) invaded the east, from the north-east to the south-east. Plus the north-west too. Specifically, the Danes in the East, the Norwegians in the NW. The counties of Northumberland and Yorkshire were well known for quite tall/big people. I think this is probably still correct.

As in all tribes there are a few leaders and many followers, the former normally being significantly taller.

I would be interested if any scientists would comparatively measure the white English in the above areas.
Judd on Famke Janssen
I think she's between 5'11.5" and 5'11.75"...if you prefer metric system, than she could be a honest 182 cm in my opinion.
Judd on Football Soccer
I think Torres is an honest 6'0"!
Judd on Sneakers
Ehi rob if you wear those shoes how many inches you can increase in height? Click Here

Something about 1.25" or 1,30"?
[Editor Rob: not that much, they are more like a weak 1 inch]
Amaze on Will Smith
@jamie179 i think 184's a bit too low, 185'ss his lowest, 186 is his height, 187 out of bed
6ftMagician on Cristiano Ronaldo
@Aubameyang not seeing Ronaldo at 187 there, more like 185 at a stretch.

Funnily enough he is currently listed (most up to date) at 184cm on European Championship official website. Click Here
BGee on Dan Osborne
Nah, his management has him down as 6'3, maybe a little over at 6'3.25 (you'd think they would try and claim 6'4 - 6'5 instead as per usual with models), he just has good posture and a giant head (not to mention smaller partners)
1.89m on Scott Bakula
Close to 6ft prime defo
BGee on Barbara Palvin
Could have sworn she was officially listed as 5'7 by her management (like Kate Moss)
BGee on Sonam Kapoor
Very tall at the 5'8-5'9 range (especially by India's standards, the average woman is 5'0!), but no more.
BGee on Stephen Merchant
Definitely 6'7 (looks a bit like he was supposed to be 6'3 or 6'4 but was stretched out), hence the way too tall height he has now (anything over 6'5 is too tall in my book). Though he'd make a great Plastic Man with those lanky limbs of his!
Sam on Lee Van Cleef
I noticed in Escape from New York that he looked shorter than at peak, more six feet even. I'd say some height loss was possible but I think Russell was wearing some fairly large boots as Snake there to make him look closer in height.
Brad on Sylvester Stallone
King Arthur, you friend missed the 1/2" built up flip-flop wedge.
BGee on Taylor Swift
Best guess is 5'9 flat (not 5'8 as some claim, she still has an inch on 5'8 Rihanna). if she was 5'10 o 5'11 she would be near Kloss' height (especially in this pic w/ those heels Click Here) but is still smaller by about 3 - 4 inches even when Karlie is in flats!
Morse on Tom Hardy
check out the picture of him with actor Jack O'Connell
BGee on Kendall Jenner
Since she doesn't tower over 5'6 Kylie by nearly half a foot, she's the same height as Khloe at 5'9 (which is still a great height!)
Emil 183 cm on Height Request

9/Nov/14 I posted a tale of the tape screenshot with Manny Pacquiao, and his height was listed 5'5" - did you see it? I think that is his true height
[Editor Rob: yes it was probably a real one and the basketball height he was given recently, that could have been in sneakers...I don't know about the basketball one!]
Amaze on General Height
@truth I see, so you are 178cm/5'10 right? you were 177 or 5'9.5 before, but you grew to a solid 5'10. that's good that happened for you
Andrea on Zachary Quinto
Rob, he doesn't look over 6'1 there... He does look 4 good inches taller than the 5'9 guy but he also has 0.4 more shoes so 6'1 seems good (similar difference than that between Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki). He also doesn't look any taller than Obama! 6'1 and no more, let alone Rampage who would try to upgrade even G to 5'8 ;)
[Editor Rob: the guy we spent 15 minutes talking to and jenny right beside him so it was easier to see him as a good example of bang on 5ft 9 with Quinto.]
Judd on Deobia Oparei
Connor183 says on 20/Nov/14
@Judd i think Deobia is a solid 6ft 5.

Is what I've just said....I have your approbation, Connor?
Judd on Christopher Nolan
Adolf, I would bet more money on Nolan 5'11.25" and DiCaprio 5'11" than Nolan 5'11.5" and DiCaprio 5'11.25"...
Junior31 on Kevin Nash
clement says on 24/Nov/14
junior31....keep lol

Lol give it up. That would downgrade every human being he has ever interacts with Hulk hogan 5'11? Scott hall under 6ft? Big show is 6'7 6'8? Undertaker 6'3'? Lol please make it stop ..6'9 prime a Hslf or so under today.

Look at 6'6 listed celebrities on this site and there's 5 plus side to sides between him and 6'6 listed celebs contributors have posted just look below. and we continuously have nothing less the 2 inches between them and that's being conservative. take 2 and call me in the morning.
Arch Stanton on Paulette Goddard
Which makes her all the hotter in my book Sam :-)
Arch Stanton on Dana Andrews
I can't remember now Sam but he was sitting down in a chair in Laura and you could see he was wearing lifts!
Chris on Casper Van Dien
Shawn, I'm mostly Dutch. 5'10.5" in the morning. :/

My dad and brothers are all lanky six-footers. I'm the stocky one.
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
@Splinter With those genetics you're lucky you're not 5'1.5!! In fact you'd be lucky to be G's/Bieber's height!
Junior31 on Sylvester Stallone
Looked an inch shorter then Arnold at the pacman fight this past weekend. I think he's over the 4 inch minsters these days but going with 2 to 3 max lifts. We all know Arnold is a weak 5'11 these days so sky at 5'8 with his lefts is about right.
joe on Joe Manganiello
shell, the site is made for that discuss the heights of celebrities
NCL on Kane
Anyone see Survivor Series last night? No direct staredown between Kane and Erik Rowan, but Kane had him in a chokeslam position and did appear to be about an inch taller. He probably had a footwear advantage tho (Kane). I'll try to track down a photo or video
Helpern on Eminem
He looks 5'-7. Iggy A would dwarf him if the stood together and she had heels on.
the fez on Roman Reigns
claims 6'3 in an interview, could be 6'2.5 and he just rounds it to a full 6'3. to be fair he does look 6'3.
Adolf on Quentin Tarantino
Either Quentin is not 6'1 or Craig Ferguson is 6'2. They can't bout the same height.
Vinn on CM Punk
@Koroush you obviously struggle to read because if you read properly I said I see him as 5'11.5, I was only saying that he does appear 6'0 on a occasion. You were the one who disagreed and asked for proof. I gave it to you and you wouldn't accept it. Your problem not mine but never did I say Punk is 6'0 flat. To me he is 5'11.5, nothing more and nothing less.
JT on Andre The Giant
Oanh says on 23/Nov/14
JT says on 21/Nov/14
6'2 Studd was never 6'7" Rick Barry was 6'7" prime

LOL @ Studd being 6'2". Studd was 1-1.5" taller than than 6'4.5-6'5" Bill Fralic. He may not have been a full 6'7" but he was a solid 6'6".

6'2 is the name of one of the posters here:) Studd was around 6'6" and clearly shorter than 6'7" Rick Barry and not much taller than Bill Fralic to anyone who can look at photos objectively Click Here Studd was also no taller than ~ 6'6" OMG/Akeem Click Here

Studd also had an unusually high shoulder and pectoral level which could make him appear taller. Click Here Without seeing the heads, you would think Andre and Studd were the same height and Studd 3-4 inches taller than Fralic.

Studd did not have a full head size on 5'8" tops Mean Gene whereas ~ 6'7" Sid Eudy easily did. ~6'6" Charles Barkley looked every bit as tall next to Gene than Studd did and probably a little taller.
Adolf on Rafael Nadal
I'm not talking about Cristiano Rinaldo but the Brazilian Rinaldo.
Alucard on Chris Hemsworth
Always looked about 6'2 to me, give or take a cm, nothing more...
HeightcrazyRed6ft on Sid Eudy
Tuga says on 24/Nov/14
Red, the mabel diesel pic has to be roted a bit,

Lol c´mon that´s a silly excuse ;)
Mabel was 6´6" and that´s what he looks there with a half inch footwearadvantage.
HeightcrazyRed6ft on Sid Eudy
Tuga says on 24/Nov/14
But now I see that you´re already considering peak nash at under 6'9

Posted this already at Nash´s page, I doubt Nash was peak starting wrestling.
He for sure cleared 6´9" as a young man.

As Big Daddy Cool he didn´t look over 6´9" next to Kareem.
As Vinnie Vegas he didn´t look more than an inch over 6´7.5"-6´8" Tyler Mane.
Tyler Mane looked taller next to Nash than Taker ever did.

I go with low height and my estimations are fitting with what we can see out of the ring.

Takers evening peak wasn´t under 6´7" and not over 6´7.5"
Therefore Sid´s evening peak between 6´6.5" and 6´7"
Nash wasn´t less than 1.5" taller than Taker and not more than 2"
Wich fits with Nash being 2"-2.5" taller than Sid.

I´m still not sure but for peakheight I could see Taker edging Kane atm.
Danimal on Arnold Schwarzenegger
James says on 24/Nov/14
ha ha last night i had a dream that arnies peak was downgraded from 6'1 1/2 to 6'0 1/2 and he was given 5'11 (180cm)current height

James, that's a clear sign that you think WAY TOO MUCH about this site dude ;-)
MM on Lance Storm
Rob, Rupert Graves claimed ''Five foot ten, and seven eighths'' and you gave him a 5 ft10.875 listing. I think it's only fair to do the same with Lance Storm: 5ft11.875
Andrea on Jason Segel
6'3.5 is his best case scenario and there's a good chance he's no more than 6'3.25!
mcfan on Brad Pitt
My issue with Brad being 5'11 is that he did not seem quite that tall in his early career. I seem to recall him and Geena Davis together and I thought she was about 2 inches taller than him. Maybe 5'10.5 but that's it. Today, I'd give him 6'0...amazing those lifts are.
Wad on Julian Casablancas
lol Albert claims he is 6ft1/185cm but next to Jules he looks 5ft10
Mon on Harry Styles
Height182, the linked pic you provided show those do give him a boost, but it's one that can be quantified, and everyone can see from looking at the heels that they're not lifts. You can always claim a star is faking with hidden lifts but IMO he looks rather large in the head and torso for a 5'9''man on platform footwear.
FlameBoy on Christina Perri
she is Simply stunning only way she could get any hotter is if she was 5 ft 1 either way she is a solid 9 and the most attractive celebrity out there.
Arch Stanton on Stanley Kubrick
Well Sam, Cuckoo's Nest ranks high among the best films ever made. Although he hasn't been as prolific as some of the great masters and there are many others who've directed many more gems than he has, some of his films like that, Amadeus, Fireman's and Blonde are works of a director who could justifiably be mentioned along with the greats.
Filmnut on Alan Ladd
Reading down some, posters seem to think lifts versus bare feet add 2 inches to height. But lifts with heeled or build up shoes can easily add four inches to height. A 5'4" Ladd can stand nose to nose with Bogart in this scenario (but I have no ida how tall Ladd is, the picture of him with Mickey O assumes his height was correctly given at 5'5" but he always seemed even shorter).
Arch Stanton on Tim Henman
Click Here Even 187 looks questionable for Castle next to Cameron here!! But the angle is not in his favour there either. I've met Gavin Henson and he's about 6 ft but I have a feeling Castle did look about 2 inches taller on 71 degrees north a few years back.
JT on Hulk Hogan
SR1212 says on 21/Nov/14
Joe Harris was measured 6'6" barefoot in College 6'7.25 in Basketball shoes at the NBA Hoops challenge. So like i have been saying hes 6'4.5-6'5 + with good straight standing posture!

Prove it. Harris measured 6'4.75" barefoot at age 22
Click Here

Kevin Love played center at UCLA and was listed at 6'10" there as well. He thought he would end up being a center in the NBA and kept the 6'10" listing. Love even discussed the possibility of hopefully growing some more when his disappointing draft measurement came out. Derrick Williams measured 6'7.25" barefoot the same year as this picture. Click Here Love is 23 here. Love may have grown a tad more since the 2008 draft but he's shorter than 6'8.5" measured Blake Griffin. Like several players do, Love probably wore some extra chunky shoes to increase his in-shoes draft measurement but I doubt he ever played in those given the likelihood of ankle injuries. Hogan's Nike shoes are not exactly thin-soled so Love and harris are not going to have a footwear advantage.
RobV on General Height
Alas, Late 187cm, once again you have misread a comment. I did not make the comment you are quoting so I suggest if you want to correct the language in it, you write to the person who actually wrote it. I would never talk about elevators being worn by "people who are insecure or discontented". It the last thing that I would suggest. Neither in fact have I ever used the word 'especially' which is generally considered out of date and incorrectly used as a long winded substitute for 'specially'.
WalkingTall 6ft3.25 on Michael Jordan
Yeah,that's the one Rob...4 cm is probably bang on and that puts Wade at about 191-2 cm just as i thought.
vfpswiftie on Taylor Swift
no. she could not be 5ft7. her lowest could be 5ft8.5
she's as tall as karlie kloss in heels can't you see. the photo you saw probably has the camera angle which makes taylor appear shorter
184.3cm on Taylor Swift

Yeah i know, i have a better understanding of heels now that i read Rob's article on heel height. Taylor tends to wear the classic 6 inch heels which give more 4-4.5 inches. Ive seen her wear a platform a few times to get additional boost but she has also appeared in flats like she did on Ellen and looked about 5'9 there.
Arch Stanton on Gregory Peck
It was All About Eve I think, Gary Merrill (also worth adding at 5 ft 8) said "Well, everybody can't be Gregory Peck."
184.3cm on Tom Cruise
@Tisha He does?:o I dont think even Tom would dare claim 5'11. He is actually not that bad since he claims 5'9 and he can pass for that with lifts.
Vegas on Triple H
Height182 says on 24/Nov/14
Stephanie is actually shorter than 5'7''. Rob has met Amy Dumas (Lita) and she's listed at 5'5'' here.

he also met maryse so lita must have huge heels on because you know maryse isn't going to be in flats herself at that event Click Here
Arch Stanton on Gregory Peck
In one film, I forget which, I think it was a William Holden one he said something like "Well we can't all be Gregory Peck".
Arch Stanton on Gregory Peck
Rob can you add films like Roman Holiday (second or third from top I'd say), Gentleman's Agreement, The Paradine Case, Twelve O'Clock High, The Big Country, Moby Dick and Yellow Sky? I don't think The Sea Wolves was as remarkable as most of those.

I don't think he was a bad actor but he could be a little wooden in some roles. I liked his voice and demeanour but I can also see how a lot of guys would have disliked him as he was about as close to the stereotypical classic tall dark and handsome as you can get and seemed a little too perfect at times.
Arch Stanton on Clint Eastwood
Haha the eyebrows hair and tan yeah. Obviously generally he looks like neither of them but he could certainly look like Clint from a distance in cowboy garb and beard. I thought that in Yellow Sky, a surprisingly good film actually.
Paul on Kane
I didn't know the fully interview details thanks cool Daddy.
Sam on Paulette Goddard
She also was rumored to have engaged in a lewd act benefiting the short, homely director Ernst Lubitsch in public nonetheless, reportedly to get revenge on Chaplin for being a philander. She seemed pretty, uh...liberated sort.
Sam on Dana Andrews
I just suggested Andrews and Grahame anew recently, Arch. Could you re-link the lift-wearing clip?
JT on Big Show
booN says on 22/Nov/14
That picture where Kevin Nash looks almost as tall as the Big Show proves nothing. We can't even see their feet, how do we know that Kevin isn't raising up on his toes to try to look him in the eyes? It wouldn't be the first time he did that. That seems to be the most obvious answer.

Click Here That's around a 3 inch difference considering the size of Big Show's forehead. Nash looking up also makes them look closer in height since the eyes end up at almost the same level. The height difference looked bigger 10+ years ago as well as in WCW although for Show it could be more posture-related now Click Here
Andrea on Vincent M Ward
Yeah, but you yourself posted a pic with David Morrissey and he looks nowhere near 6'3! More like 6'2 tops, which is also what he looks with Jose! If you wanna keep him at an ideal 6'2.75, that's another story but don't tell me he's near 6'3!
[Editor Rob: 6ft 2.5 is probably a safe enough fit for him]
Steve on Triple H
He also used to be very lean in his younger days, before his roid use and leg injuries. Maybe the added weight just gives an appearance of him looking shorter. He still looks a solid 6'2 guy to me.
truth on General Height
@Tom1998 Of course in some areas where there is germanic or dutch influence in the UK I have no problem believing that the average is 5ft11-6ft1. Granted I have not been to the UK but I know some young people (men and women) from there and in EU context are completely average height. Maybe I am wrong but I think that most people come from south or central UK (London, Birmingham, Southhampton etc.) where the average could be significantly shorter. Also I agree with the statement that the mixings which are the result of invasions can greatly affect the average height. Good post.

@Amaze, Crash I have grown roughly 1cm after 18 till about 19-20, my dad about the same and I consider myself a normal bloomer, not late. Even the growth I had was mostly chest area (was scrawny till about 16-18 when I started filling out and getting a manly appearance).
Haigh123 on Height Challenge
Hi Rob, I was measured at my doctors 177.3cm after standing for over 3 hours is this correct? my morning height or just when i get out of bed is 178.7 or 178.8cm i think I measured my night time height as well before i go to bed and it was 177.3/177.4cm range can I just 5'10 or am I cheating?
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't say you are cheating as you only drop a fraction under the mark and a lot of people if saying in feet/inches would naturally round up. It's if you dropped to say barely 176cm and then rounded up to 5ft 10...maybe rather than rounding up nearly 3/4 inch, in a case like that saying 'just over 5ft 9' might be better.

The 'almost such and such a height' can also cover people who might drop to say 5ft 9.5 range and don't want to come out with half inches, saying 'almost 5ft 10' I think is ok. But again, if you are 5ft 9 and a little and say 'almost 5ft 10', that might be stretching things a little bit.]
Editor Rob on Zachary Quinto
Rampage I ran in today to a guy I mentioned before who had met him and I said he was "just about 5ft 9" and he described zachary as very tall!

I had a proper look at him and beside Jenny aswell and thought this guy is as close to an exact 5ft 9 as I know.

Anyway, here is the chap with quinto (who had 0.4in more shoe):

Click Here
Arch Stanton on Douglas Fairbanks
Absolutely love this photo. The tall man :-) Click Here G would love being around people like that!!
Arch Stanton on Mary Pickford
You know there'a a chance the 2 inch silent rule applies plus rounding up. 4'9.5" is quite possible don't you think? She could look 4'9 range. She made Fairbanks look almost 5 ft 8.
Arch Stanton on Douglas Fairbanks
He could look a weak 5 ft 8 with Pickford.
Arch Stanton on Mary Pickford
Rob can you add a photo and films such as The Poor Little Rich Girl, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Sparrows, Tess of the Storm Country, Rosita, Stellas Maris and The Hoodlum. Check out the comparison at 1:30 here Click Here she's like something from a fairy tale she's so short!!! How tall would you guess the actors on either side?
Arch Stanton on Charlie Chaplin
The Immigrant and Limelight probably worth adding.
Arch Stanton on Charlie Chaplin
Rob can you add a photo and replace Countess from Hong Kong with The Immigrant or something, he wasn't in the film although directed it and it was a pretty crap! How tall is that guy at 16:24!! He makes Chaplin look tall!! Click Here
Hypado on Jennifer Connelly
164/165cm for Jennifer Connelly
The Master on Lee Van Cleef
In Escape from New York he looked around 6', next to Kurt Russell.
the shredder on Sean Astin
He looks 5 '6 but Rob has more shoes. This listing looks okay.
the shredder on Rob Paul
Rob , does Average height for men go by how they look or is it a study that most men or more in the 5 '8 , 5'10 range?
the shredder on Michael Pena
He looks taller than G and Rob has pretty much confirmed this. 5'7 , anything else this a joke.
[Editor Rob: he really is taller than big g, well the low G who is under 5ft 7.]
the shredder on Michael Rooker
Note sure about just 5 '8 , but He did not look 5 '9 , let alone 5 '10.
Arch Stanton on David Hasselhoff
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 14/Oct/14
His body looks a mess...

Not sure I agree, considering he's 60 odd now and has been a heavy drinker I'd actually argue he looks in very good shape still, considering. He could have a massive gut by now. He said he works out most days and watches what he eats in moderation and it shows. I wouldn't mind looking like him at 60 put it that way!
Arthur on Sylvester Stallone
A friend of mine whose around 1.74-1.75 cm said me years ago he met stallone in
four seasons resort hualalai kaupulehu hotel years ago and greeted him.He says Sly
was around 1.75 (5ft9) around that time which is in 1990's.I dont know how true is this story but that friend of mine measured a solid 1.74 in front of me.
Sam on Lindsay Pulsipher
Poor girl keeps getting annoying characters, on True Blood when it starting sinking like the Titanic and her arch on Law & Order: SVU.
Sam on Cary Grant
I imagine there was some height loss for Grant in Charade but I wonder if Kennedy was wearing big shoes, he looked enormous...more like 5 inches taller than Grant, maybe 4 over James Coburn. In other roles, Kennedy seemed only a flat 6'4" but he looked like a 6'5"+ giant there.
Height182 on Triple H
Stephanie is actually shorter than 5'7''. Rob has met Amy Dumas (Lita) and she's listed at 5'5'' here. Here is Lita with Stephanie (Both in similar heels) Click Here

Stephanie looks in the 5'6'' range at most. She just wears huge heels all the time.
Daddy on Kane
Paul, I really like your list of heights a few comments down!!! But I see you quoted "It's My Yard", where the deadman says he's "a 6'8", 6'9" kid". But here's the thing you are forgetting. That video also quotes Glen Jacobs under his mask saying that Undertaker burned him as a child! It's a kayfabe production and should be treated as such. But wheather Kane or Undertaker was taller is debatable nontheless.
Sam on Burt Lancaster
Yeah, a good biography, could have done without Lancaster's buttocks on the back cover though.
Wez197cm on Football Soccer
Do you guys believe Fraser Forster is the full 6'7", he certainly looks it.
Sam on Height Request
So, a push for Van Heflin.
w/ 6'0" listed Robert Walker: Click Here
w/ 6'0.5" listed Clark Gable, 6'3" Gary Cooper & a leaning James Stewart: Click Here
w/ 5'6" listed Alan Ladd: Click Here
w/ 5'5" listed Marlene Dietrich & 5'6" listed Claude Rains: Click Here
w/ 5'6" listed Greer Garson & 5'5" listed James Cagney: Click Here
Click Here
w/ 5'3.5" listed Lana Turner, 5'7.5" listed Gene Kelly & 5'8.5" listed Angela Lansbury: Click Here
I think he can look near the six foot mark as he is commonly listed, though I wonder if he was a 5'11.5" peak guy, rather than a full six footer at times.
Dmeyer on Greg Grunberg
Aleast 250-60
clement on Kevin Nash
junior31....keep lol
Splinter Cell on Rob Paul
rob my father is 5'4 and mother 4'11 but i turned out 6'1.5.. brothers 5'9, 6'0 is this rare?
[Editor Rob: well the predicted height would be out, but maybe you got more of the tall genome rather than the small/average parts of it. I think height genes are more complex and you can find head scratching ones like yourself. Maybe also there is a taller grandparent.

Some other factor could be a parent being 5ft 4 but their genetic height was taller - they just had an impoverished upbringing meaning they never attained their goal.]
Splinter Cell on General Height
tall category
imo, im 23 and 187cm and this is what i feel and most if not 110% people agree with me.
6'0-6'1 tall
6'1.5-6'2.5 legit strong tall+
6'3-6'5.5 very tall
6'6-6'7 weak extreme tall
6'8-6'9 extreme tall/bordering on giant
6'10-6'11 giant.

what perfect height is your opinion, i'm 187cm and wouldn't wanna be any shorter or taller. 183+ is start of golden range imo, with 190 being the last(in my opinion)
Tuga on Sid Eudy
Red, the mabel diesel pic has to be roted a bit, I own the wwf magazine it came from, the pic is not straight, check your original pic.

About your ministry pic, taker also is leaning down and most of all mabel is closer to the camera, just look at his head size there!You can pause that video to give taker great advantage or to give visera the advantage.
Example: pause yt video at 0,34 sec, advantage taker :D
I´ll admit their kotr staredown could be better (raise the head mabel!!) but its still the best we´ve got so far.

But now I see that you´re already considering peak nash at under 6'9 so we better stop here, in a few years he´ll be under 6' LOL ;)

"low camera angles are useless or I measure the gap in this pic too ;) Click Here"

Now this is pointless (no, its part of the fun ;)), but 2 can play that game:
Click Here
Sid struggles to even match taker´s ankle! :P
Sam on Anna May Wong
Sternberg (the von was made up like with Erich von Stroheim I guess they thought it made their Jewish names sound more aristocratic) was a very risque director for his time. In the weird The Scarlet Empress, everyone seems to be literally sex crazy. Between Wong, Gene Tierney in The Shanghai Gesture and Dietrich (who, of course, he was obsessed with) he knew how to film them in an erotic way!
Sam on Lon Chaney Jr
This is a pretty good list of his films...I might include The Indestructible Man, The Mummy's Tomb or House of Frankenstein...also of note, Dracula vs. Frankenstein, arguably one of the top worst films ever made.
Arch Stanton on Height Request
Two more requests, Jean Hagen and Gene Lockhart...
Sam on Sean Connery
Haven't seen it but is The Offence really better than The Hill, Arch? That's my favorite underrated Connery film...not a huge stretch for him in that performance I guess by a really solid, good movie.
Sam on C. Aubrey Smith
What about a 6'2.5" listing then, Rob? He looks a bit big for a 6'2"er even though he was an older man in photos with other actors.
[Editor Rob: it's probably fair.]
Arch Stanton on Dana Andrews
From what I recall Price had him by 5 or 6 inches and he was wearing lifts!!
Arch Stanton on Dana Andrews
Yeah it's difficult to see over 5 ft 10 next to Vincent Price. This guy was a lift wearer, remember I linked a video clip of him sitting in a chair and you could see his lifts?
Arch Stanton on Dana Andrews
Rob can you squeeze in Laura, I'd say it's his second biggest role after Best Years. In fact I think it was after seeing that I requested him. Some of these recent entries like him and Gloria were on my "hot list" of missing people to add a while back. Did you save it or have you been watching films yourself of late with them in?
Sam on Height Request
Yeah, you could see in photos like the famous one on the beach where he's holding the surf board (ironically, Wilson never really liked surfing or the water), he looks heavy...he looks a bit like John Goodman's Walter from Big Lebowski dressed up as The Dude for a day. Wilson is a real music legend, as is Bob Marley.
Sam on Dana Andrews
Six feet he never was for sure, unless Vincent Price was 6'6"+ in Laura. Even in shoes, it's a bit of a stretch for him. Also, Henry Fonda looks easily 3.5 inches over him. In a few photos, Fredric March can look to edge him out but on-screen in Best Years they looked very even I believe. I'd bet Andrews was of very similar size to Matt Damon, a weak 5'10" guy.
Sam on Dana Andrews
Thanks! Good list of movies but you didn't list perhaps his most highly acclaimed film, Laura, may want to list it in place of Comanche or The Purple Heart.
me on Andre The Giant
Too bad Barry is wearing a hat. Look at the top of their heads and no where else and you will see that they are basically the same height in that pic. The second pic doesn't tell anything. Studd was at least 6'7". Andre had anywhere from 5-6 inches on Studd throughout in his career as long as Studd was not "lifting".
Meezemaker on Ron Howard
173 sounds right. (Like he said in a Happy day scene / translated french version)
Meezemaker on Ron Howard
In the Happy day serie (french translated version), there a scene where he is telling I am 173 cm.
Arch Stanton on Bob Geldof
Rob you might consider a further downgrade, he honestly doesn't look near 6 ft 1 anymore. I'd say 6'1.5 peak and perhaps as low as 5'11.5 now.Click Here
Tuga on Brock Lesnar
Height182 says on 21/Nov/14
LOL at ''tilt''. Please show me the tilt in this picture Click Here

Lol? The other 2 pics you posted are clearly tilted, now that one "show me" did I post that pic?? Its good for me that one, I didn´t mention it...

"Just accept that your Big Bork isn't a proper 6'2''."

My "Big Bork" what?? You´re really taking it personal on brock´s height, no one is just accepting or not, its your opinion, some think under 6'2, some flat 6'2 and also others over 6'2, estimates and opinions may differ from your own, now you accept that.
Steve on Carl Weathers
He still has at least four inches on Rob while slouched towards him, so 6-1 is a fair listing
Connor183 on Rob Paul
@Amaze so you was diagnosed at 13? you've had it for a long time then, yeah i can imagine that must suck for you having it for 4 years, i bet your'e fed up with it, i hope your'e ok mate.
jamie179cm on Will Smith
@Judd im not but i think he is probably 185cm i just think 184cm could be possible
Andrea on Vincent M Ward
In this picture, how tall would you say he looks with footwear advantage, Rob? He should look a solid 6'3.5 guy but he doesn't! Anyway, i feel 189 is too low for him... But again, you can't have him and the governor only an inch apart, if this guy is 6'3.25 tops, the governor is not over a good 6'2!
[Editor Rob: but I don't think governer looks that low, generally he can appear in shows over the years as a 6ft 2.5-3 range man. In person though Ward is no 6ft 4 guy, I mean he really didn't look taller than even gwendoline christie.

If anything she should get a 3.25 and him the 3, but I will say that in sneakers Vincent being 6ft 4 is ok.]
Arthur on Ntare Mwine
Rob he had a thinner footwear that day.İs there change he is 176.5 ?
I think he looks a little bit taller than 176.
188 definitely on Jim Caviezel
Met him last month.
Dan on Brad Pitt
Guys. He never reaches 6-1. He is a 5-10 guy who hits 6-0 in big boots. Anytime you see him over 6-0 is because he has inserts or he's wearing special shoes like in inglorious basterds
Lebensdorf on Christian Bale
He is 6 feet even. This is what a perfect 6 footer looks like. In Batman Begins, Liam Neeson does not really tower over him that much, no more than 4 inches. They stand next to each other and they fight. Bale is not dwarfed, the way a 5'10 guy would be. Give the guy a break, people.
James on Arnold Schwarzenegger
ha ha last night i had a dream that arnies peak was downgraded from 6'1 1/2 to 6'0 1/2 and he was given 5'11 (180cm)current height
Tom on Mads Mikkelsen
Hey rob is there a possibility that mads has shrink because he is 49 now. Also is it possible that some people don't shrink or do you think every one does????
[Editor Rob: some people will make it to 70 and only lose a small fraction. It's a small percentage though and it helps if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep your back muscles working and avoid injuries and too much wear and tear. I don't think mads will have lost anything.]
Gonzalo on Paulette Goddard
Goddard liked short men. Besides Chaplin, she married Burgess Meredith, another midget. I have no idea of how tall was Erich Maria Remarque, the writer, who was her last husband. According to this picture he was no Gary Cooper
Click Here
Short men of the world, you had your chance with Paulette.
Attitude on Shawn Michaels
Click Here

Shawn Michaels and Sting. Michaels is slightly closer to the camera and still looks really, average, to my surprise. How tall is sting? 6'1 or 6'2 (same as HBK's billed height)?
Height182 on Harry Styles
This is from the American Music Awards the other day.

Click Here

Look at Harrys left foot and ankle, He is almost falling out of his shoes because of those lifts Lol
Brad on Jerry Orbach
6' 2" in a photo with my father '70.
Brad on Sylvester Stallone
His postman gave him an early christmas package. Bern bud, ya shoulda been here in '06, the 5 feet 10 army was everywhere, however; they were defeated. Hey G, how tall is Mead Chasky? Go to the Anthony signin' for the Peppahs book?
Daniel 177cm on Michael Owen
Michael Owen is not a dwarf
Wayne Rooney is 176cm
Carlos Alberto 5'11
Why michael owen is a dwarf? carlos alberto not measure 1.88
Laura on Taylor Swift
Harry Styles is taller than Swift. If he is 5"9.5, then she is about 5"8. I have seen Taylor in real life and she gives the illusion of being taller because she is extremely thin and fine boned. In all honesty, I would give her 5"7 minimum and 5"8.5 at the very most (she was wearing little shoes with heels when I saw her). If you also look at pictures with Karlie Kloss you can tell she isn't 5"10 or even 5"9. She is still 4 inches shorter than Kloss in 5" heels (so she would be gaining 4" in height from 5") when Kloss is in flats. Taylor is certainly above average height, but she isn't as tall as what she makes out.
PetePro on General Height
@Lisa re. Volleyball: I think you're right about most having a type *and* me not so much. Indeed, I find myself very attracted to a wide range of females. And that does include women who are rather muscular too; some of those lighter weight field athletes and bodybuilders have fantastic bodies. With stature, I probably could accept like yours, which I read was 5'11" (I'm around 5'.9.5"). Yes, if "in love" we can be attracted to all sorts. ;)
23 November
Franic on Football Soccer
Click Here

Article mentions that Valbuena's height is 1.52cm.

Corner flags are 5' I believe, so the 1.52 report would tie in with pictures of him when taking corners in relation to corner flags.
ShawnFan on Shawn Michaels
Click Here

Compared to Sgt Slaughter who is listed as 1,93cm, and that was hbk's prime.
Sal on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
The long shot view heat to toe photo of Barkley, Wahlberg, The Rock and Shaq clearly shows that The Rock is closer to 6'1". Barkley is a self admitted 6'5" rounded slightly up. Shaq is about a foot taller.
booN on Big Show
Vegas says on 23/Nov/14 "full length shot from that same tour in december 2011, show has the camera angle advantage there Click Here"

But how do we know that is the exact moment of the other one, and not before or after Nash could have been raising up? See the problem? We need to know how Nash was standing in the moment the side profile picture was taken. Otherwise, this could just be a different angle at a different time.
Joe on Orlando Bloom
There are numerous photos of Bloom with his Troy co-star Brad Pitt, there seems to be at least two inches of height difference between Bloom and Pitt, also in the Pirates movies he appears no bigger than Johnnie Depp who is 5'9".
Joe on George Clooney
If Clooney is really 5-11 then Brad Pitt would be 6'1", but Pitt is not 6'1" he is a genuine 5'11, and there are three inches between Pitt and Eric Bana, his 6'2" Troy co-star. Clooney is probably at best 5' 9.5", he might have been 5'10" during his younger years.
Also I looked up some photos of him and Rande Gerber, Gerber is considerably taller, a minimum of 3 inches in most photos that I found. And by the way Gerber is official listed as 6'1" tall.
Party Poison on Gerard Way
Wait, Gerard said on his twitter that he was about 5ft 10 standing upright. He just appears shorter because he has scoliosis, hence the bad posture.
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m on Henry Fonda
He looked around 6ft 1in in 'Once Upon a Time in the West'. Definitely about 6ft 1.5in in his prime.
MrTBlack on Height Request

Brian Wilson was 6'2" when he was younger. Today? Have no clue.
MaskDeMasque on Bob Odenkirk
Looked an inch smaller than Cranston in Breaking Bad.

Odenkirk- 5'9 maybe 5'9.25
Cranston- 5'10 maybe 5'10.25
MaskDeMasque on Michael Douglas
5'8 now is fair. Looked the same height as De Niro in Last Vegas. 5'9.5 Peak.
Jay on Iggy Azalea
Got proof of your claim Rojas?
rockitbaby on Leonardo DiCaprio
Sorry, now the right link

Click Here
Anonymous1 on Lee Majors
Met Lee Majors today, at an autograph show. Nicest guy. I am precisely 6 feet, and know just what additional height my shoes give me. He had comfortable shoes on. I specifically waited for him to stand up, and was 5 feet away when he did. I would put him, now, at a very respectable 5'10.5. Not even remotely frail. A one point, he stood really straight, as though to stretch from sitting. 5'10.5. I think 5'11 ish, peak, would be right. You throw on a pair of 2 inch heeled boots, and he would have been 6'1 in the 70s.
charlie on Miles Teller
Pure 6ft. No taller no shorter.
gian92 on Jena Malone
she is minimum 5'7 !
Tim1.79 on Arnold Schwarzenegger
I agree with everyone who believe that Arnie wasn't over 6ft at his peak. He didn't look 188cm near DeVito at all... And now he lost about 1.5in, that is why hes looking shorter than 182cm Fallon and suspiciously close to 5-8 Stallone in lifts.
Lillo thomas on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
The rock is 6'2.5 at best.
john on John Cena
I'm 5 foot 10 and he's taller than me. I would say he's 6 feet and a half
aubameyang on Football Soccer
jose mourinho is 177cm
Click Here
aubameyang on Cristiano Ronaldo
cristiano 186-187cm
lionel messi 168-169cm

Click Here
lollipop95 on General Height
I've always wondered if your height is in the middle, like for example, 5'2 and a half... would you round up to 5'3 or round down to 5'2?
Bob on Matt Damon
Hey guys. I'm 6'2.75 in shoes. Would that be my height or am I supposed to measure it with shoes off?
Tim1.79 on Brad Pitt
@ Frisco, no... This is bulls*it, no one drops 1.5 inches during the day! If it so, then everyone can claim that they are 1.5in bigger than they really are, which is ridiculous! Take a look at his giant hills on pic with Jolie, he has to be in 6-1 range easy with these, but we're all know he is never over 6 foot in shoes. Brad is more on 5-10 side in my opinion.
cole on Brad Pitt
@jamie179cm: Nice of you to admit that, but still 177-178 cm is just too low a guess. See him with 180 cm Jon Bernthal whom Rob has a picture with. Brad's and Jon's footwear is basically giving the same in the latest sets of pics from 'Fury' premieres, and they look eye to eye. The absolute lowest one could argue is 5'10.5 - but you think even that's impossible since he doesn't have your "proportions", right?...

Click Here
You can see the footwear - no obvious lifts. He's even bending his knees.
Just on Victoria Beckham
I don't know her height, but she seems taller to me. I've noticed she always strikes weird poses and never stands straight, which makes her lose inches.
charlie on Alexis Knapp
JB on Milo Ventimiglia
I'm surprised he's as tall as he is. On gilmore girls he looked short, I thought he looked 5'7" tops. I'm surprised he's 5'9"(or close enough to it.)
Tom1998 on General Height
@Tom1998 Ok enough trolling now kid, no statistics has backed up an average of 6ft0 in the UK for young white men. It has been reported at 177cm or a weak 5ft10 for young guys 16-24 in 2010 (so that is relevant), but since guys around 18 still grow a bit, I would imagine the average be around 179cm or 5ft10.5, 178cm at worst. The Brits are still shorter than the Dutch at 183cm.
I agree that as low as 5'10.5 is feasible for all young British males but in certain areas with less immigration and more Germanic/scandanavian/Dutch blood like where I live the average is un-deniably higher. Not far off the 183 cm average quoted for the Dutch if not the same. I noticed when I was down South in oxford the average was more like 5'9. People have to remember that Britain has undergone many invasions over the course of its history and is quite genetically diverse from area to area.
Concerned 181 cm on Chris Evans
Captain America 2 listed him at 6'2, 240 pounds. Yeah, right... I think 6'0/200 pounds is pretty accurate. Maybe he's a fraction below 6'0, but I don't think it's really worth demoting him over a mere quarter inch or something. Especially when just telling the difference between 5'11.75 and 6'0 is extremely difficult.
Ali Baba on The Undertaker
A-List, there's no way he only weighs 10 pounds more than me.
cole on Morgan Freeman
He should have a 6'2.25 or 6'2.5 peak height, he still looks 6'2 or at worst 6'1.75 today.
Croft on Rob Paul
Rob, what's the distance from the pupils to the tip of nose? How about from the pupils to the center of the eyebrows, the glabella, space between eyebrows?
[Editor Rob: on average from pupils to end of nose (subnasale) is in the 1.75 inch tip on average it could be just a little bit under that.]
Phantom on D'Lo Brown
Strange, he was always billed as 6'1", not very often, if ever, wrestlers are billed as being shorter than they actually are.
Late 187cm on General Height
@ RobV

Ah, I understand now. I'll have to ask you to accept that I genuinely misinterpreted your comment. I am sorry if I have caused you offence or if I have wounded your ego. Language is a curious thing. It's very easy to misinterpret what somebody is saying and the internet often does not help in this regard. You said, "...really understands elevators and the need for them to be modern and move with the times..." Now if you had said, "...really understands elevators and the need to wear them to be modern and move with the times..." then my reaction would make more sense. The mere presence or absence of a word can change the meaning dramatically. But, of course, you didn't say this, and I accept that it was an error on my behalf. He was talking about the shoes and not the people who wear them. Also, when considering language, context is often key, and we must consider the speaker as much as the actual content. I know you are a great advocate of elevators, and you view them as an essential part of your wardrobe, perhaps even as important as your underwear. You also have a very unique and individual take on how height is viewed and on how you view the world in general. One that is often at odds with the majority, which doesn't make you wrong, by the way. So, I genuinely thought you were saying that elevators were the 'way of the future', based on your own preferences. We should also consider the initial speaker, the man who sells elevators. It is obviously in his interests to promote the idea that elevators are the 'way of the future', and something that everyone needs to have. So, really, by reading too deeply, I have missed the obvious. A mistake on my behalf only. What I should have done is asked you to clarify before diving in with a false assumption. But I thank you for encouraging me to improve myself by recognising my mistakes.

I could say that your response, in suggesting that English is not my first language, was tetchy and that you made a thinly veiled attempt to insult and belittle me. But if I did this I would run the risk of misinterpreting what you said. Let me tell you that I am a native English speaker. I am Irish, and I've mentioned that a few times before on this site. Also, with the risk of sounding conceited, I would have thought that, judging from the manner in which I write, it was obvious that English is my first language. Or, that I at least possessed a good understanding and command of the language. So, I can only say that you yourself, in saying that I am not a native English speaker, have made a glaring misinterpretation, or, you have made a sly attempt at making me look silly, stupid or inferior. An approach which, if it was the case, would be an attack on the person rather than the argument. You also appear to contradict yourself, because you first state that, "As you know, it means nothing of the sort." but you then proceed to say, " I assume that you are not an English speaker, in which case I forgive you for misrepresenting a sentence constructed in basic English." First, you seem to be suggesting that I understand perfectly and I am intentionally misinterpreting what you have said. But, secondly, you say you are assuming that I am not a native English speaker. Perhaps I am misinterpreting again, but to me it seems as if you are not being genuine with this remark and you are simply using it to disparage and make personal insults.

Life, for me, is one big learning experience, and while we are on the subject of the correct usage of the English language I have a tip for you. You have encouraged me to improve myself and I hope I can do the same for you.
On a number of occasions you have used the word specially where you should have used especially. Most recently here, "RobV says on 8/Nov/14 @ Greenbolt. A further thought on your idea that even small additions to height might be detectable to others, specially close to you." While both words are close in meaning a distinction should be made between the two. I will try to illustrate this by using an example. "Elevators are specially made shoes that some people wear, especially by those who are insecure or discontented with their own height and who wish to attract attention." Specially is generally used where something is for a special purpose, while especially generally means particularly. Your error could stem from the possibility that when you speak you are pronouncing the word incorrectly too. You can find out more here if you are interested. Click Here

I hope I have encouraged you to improve yourself as you have encouraged me, and I am sure that I myself have made a mistake or two somewhere in this long post. After all, we are only human.

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