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21 February
GP on Martin Garrix
I remember seeing him listed as 168-169cm before he became popular. I know he started out pretty young so he could have grown a little but from everything I have seen, it doesn't seem that.
Nick on Wladimir Klitschko
Ok are you ready for the MASTER PROOF?

Wladimir Klitschko is 195cm tops.

That is fact of science, Klitschko with 199cm listed Robert Helenius Click Here

Now I personally know the guy on Helenius right of this picture (he is not standing fully straight) he is about 193/195cm we played football together many times. He is about the same height as me.

Click Here

So no way Klitschko is over the 195cm mark. Joshua is a tad shorter than Klitschko so just picture Joshua next to Helenius and then you have it, Joshua is 193cm tall.

@firecracker probably this site is full of fans, promoters and agents that are trying to keep up the hype..
joe### on Jason Momoa
jason looks 6´3.75 but 6´4 is not impossible, but 6´4.5 is liar
maybe in morning 6´4.5-75
Liberian Girl on Michael Jackson
Michael had a couple of body doubles he used, thus the difference in heights, weight,body built and no he didn't had massive plastic surgery either, the changes you see are the faces of the body doubles.

"Exactly which Michael Jackson are we talking about anyway" #lyrics from Liberian Girl
176.5 cm guy on Sebastian Stan
Wow he looked shorter than everybody except Paul Rudd,Don Cheadle and Iron Man.
berta on Nicolas Cage
hard on can look anywhere from 5`11 1/2 to 6 - 1/2. i take the one in the middle 6 foot seems fine for him. but in his 20´s there was probably a chanse he was litte over. but carrey was 2 inches taller. 6 foot is fine
176.5 cm guy on Frank Stallone
He's probably 1 cm taller than me.
176.5 cm guy on Cole Sprouse
Wow this dude grew like a foot from 14!
176.5 cm guy on Octavia Spencer
She is 5'2 because Viola Davis is 5'5 and she looked about 5'8 next to Spencer.
176.5 cm guy on Isaiah Thomas
He looks 5'8 my coworker said he was 5'8.
Csimpson 6ft on Rob Paul
@Sandy Cowell 👍
J.B. on Jamie Dornan
I was wrong the picture with Hardy it is a fake.
Sandy Cowell on Timothy Bottoms
It's simply no use holding it in anymore! I've always had to suppress the laughter at Tim's surname and I don't think I'm the only one. Can you imagine if someone with his name met and married a person called 'Trump' and then they combined the two? 😲 🙊
VeryShortRussianDude on Isaiah Thomas
Russel Wilson would definitely be listed either 5'10.25 or 5'10.5, clearly shorter than 5'11 but does enough to look a bit taller than 5'10.
3go 3agle on David Haye
He's more 6'1. Look at him here next to Audley Harrison.

Click Here
Rory on Steve McFadden
Looks like Clint Eastwood ? Wow I think Steve would love you forever.
Jordan87 on Arnold Schwarzenegger

I Said 5'11" I knew I would be Close. Arnold would give a taller impression b/c he arms were longer ( Long in general for his Height) whereas your arms seem a bit stubber. ( Henry Cavil).

Easy for Building Muscle.
Jordan87 on Andre The Giant
Dan Chernau,

Yeah but you somehow calculated he was "16" Taller than you from the reflection of Sliding door? That would make him 7'2", Which he wasnt so it would have been better if you had a Camera, b/s if you saw 16" difference you are not 5'10".
Jordan87 on Henry Cavill
He is taller than 5'11. Again Don't let his stubby arms fool you. Especially in the 1st Picture of Cavill and Momoa that mark Posted. Shows you why Henry would give a shorter impression. Look how damn stubby his arms are!

This Stubby arm business is not to say that I wouldn't want to be him for a week. I would be tagging 10/10 Gals instead of the standard 5's and 6's.
dpp on Mark Wahlberg
I see 5' 7.25-7.5" no more.
James on Russell Westbrook
@A 171cm male What kind of trolling is this? haha
Philip McMullin on Big Show
@slim I can talk to anyone of that height without looking all the way up at them, I can make a 6ft8 or 9 guy look 6'6 due to my broadness
@HeightcrazyRed6ft on The Undertaker
Slim said on 20/Feb/17
HeightcrazyRed6ft why are you ignoring the fact that Issac was taller in flats than taker in flats???


Once again Slowi,

fact is there´s no angle pic/vid in the yankem and the unabomb staredown proving who´s taller - FACT


Even in 2inch footwear Kane was never more than 3.5cm taller measuring at the top of their heads - FACT

Ministry Taker had not big footwear and was the same height as Kane in bigger footwear - FACT

So back to estimations,

I think both were just over 6´7" peak, max 6´7.5"
I think today Kane would edge Taker by a 0.5-0.75 inch and I don´t think Taker is taller than6´6" flat today.
Pierre on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Imo Jimmy Fallon isn't 182 barefoot look at his shoes in some pictures
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Wladimir Klitschko
Rob, could 6ft5½ be closer for Wlad?
Editor Rob: Rampage, it could be argued he pulls it off.

The problem with Wlad is that he has tried to troll opponents by adding an inch into his sneakers/shoes to surprise them by looking taller!
divincodino92 on Richard Gere
At young strong 176, now 175
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Dara O'Briain
Could look more 6ft3 range because he's heavy
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Torrance Coombs
She's probably at least 5ft10 in that photo w/h heels.
This guy might be more 5ft11½ range than the full 6ft but not 5ft11 flat
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Diamond Dallas Page
Peak: 194cm
Today: 193cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Bobby Lashley
Cena: 184-185cm
Lashley: 185-186cm
Booker T: 187-188cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Matthew Perry
Schwimmer: 185cm
Perry: 182cm
LeBlanc: 177cm
Im 171CM on Isaiah Thomas
Look a bout 68in
Omid on Kane
Kane's been wearing the same standard big man boot as someone like Bigshow after 2000 or 2001 and don't take my word for it:

Click Here

In every single occasion when the camera angles are decent, they are either the same height or Kane's slightly taller which strongly suggests that Kane is a fraction taller.

Taker being taller argument has not merit whatsoever.
Llama on Kendall Jenner
Here they are in the same height heels at vs fashion show. Although someone below pointed out Kendall's heels are taller than Gigi's and other models at the show
Click Here
Freak on Braun Strowman
Braun was 3 inches shy of Show last night,so 6'7' is believable for him
Click Here
dpp on Taylor Swift
It's time to downgrade...again.
Llama on Kendall Jenner
@jesus. They are in different heels you can't judge from that. The previous photos of them both in flats show Gigi to be taller. And the one of Kendall in heeled boots and Gigi in flat shoes where Gigi is still taller.
Kendall isn't 5'9 she must be 5'8 imo
Xyzmeister on Floyd Mayweather Jr
@Nash you seem like a hater haha, mcgregor has very good boxing in fact and a better chin than mayweather as conor has taken a lot more punches.
berta on Steve Howey
he is claerly over 6 foot 3 but not 193. that sound to tall doesnt it? i think the listing is fine somewhere in the 192 range
berta on Jim Caviezel
it look slike he have very loose posture these days in every photo. but 187 is fine for him. alexander ludvig is probaly 190 and stod with good posture where he won 1,5 cm more. a barely 187 guy is what he is. and just over 188 in the morning
Johnson on Rafael Nadal
@James everybody can use a pic to downgrade a celebrity

Bradley Cooper and Sharapova
Click Here
Free on Sinbad
Has he shrunk to 6-0
Johnson on Ronaldinho
@James you should check more pictures than that one. That pic is really bad, by the way Seedorf is 177 cm
berta on Colin Firth
i dont think he was 187 at peak. i thiln he was 186 and today maybe 185. jim carrey was clearly 2 cm taller
berta on Will Smith
i ust to think he was almost 188 guy but since i saw i am legend i would say he is a 186 guy. in first man in black he really did only look 3 cm taller at best than tommy
berta on Justin Trudeau
i think he have obama with 1/4 no more. they always look the sam height and i n my eyes obama is 186. this guy need 1/4 downgrade
berta on Rodrigo Santoro
same height as jim carrey is what he is. he could be this height ore 1/4 under it
berta on Jean Reno
vewry honest guy with his cliam still looks this height and i though he was little over 6 foot 2 when he was young, but if he cliams this exact height then it prtobably is that
berta on Benjamin Bratt
i dont get it how i have thought this guy to be 184 all the time.
Johnson on Andy Murray
About Kobe's wife she measured him. I guess in Pires' case she just says his real height. Anyway I think Pires look solid 186 cm. If she had said I measured him it had been different, it is not 100% trustful to measure Kobe at home with a tape
berta on Timothy Dalton
this guy is still about 186 cm tall and over 70 he is like 1 inch shorter than 190 cm josh hartnett. i think he was 188 at peak ore 2 mm under and now 186,2 .
berta on Richard Dean Anderson
was he really as tall as tom hidlestone at peak? i think that if you take away 1/4 of the listing it is better
berta on Johnny Cash
cash looked big when he was young i think 187 was believble. 188 is to tall in my eyes but pretty mutch dead on 187 sounds good. ore 2 mm under.when he got old he lost a lot of heihgt i think he was not taller than 182 when he died. but the man was palying with hardest drugs you can get i 30 yeasr :p
Andrea on Wen Liu
Considering the average for a Chinese woman is supposed to be somewhere in 5'1 range, 5'6 is comfortably in the tall range, kinda similar to a 5'8-5'9 woman in western countries... Same thing for 5'10 men, that are probably the equivalent of 6'1 guys and 4 good inches taller than the average man in China!!!
berta on Brendan Fraser
i think it like this : in the evening he is 6`2 and 3/4 and he is 63 and a half in the morning. one time he rrounded down to 6s other time cliamed morning height and on time he tookin the middle.6 foot 3. i think we should list him at his late afternon /evening height at littel under 6 foot 3.As usuall the average guess is spott on 189,9 is what he looks. Its so strange that the average guess in 90procent of the times get the exact number they probably are( well in my eyes) and i can be very wrong :P
Sandy Cowell on Phil Daniels
I have seen the film 'Quadrophenia' many times! It must be very satisfying for you Rob to be pictured with 3 of the cast members - you lucky devil!
I must say that when I first took in the film, I thought Phil was a tiddly bit taller because I was of the opinion that Ray Winstone was at least 2 inches more! Ray played Henry XIII and Henry was ridiculously tall for a 16th century man!
By the time Phil was in EastEnders, I knew he was not quite the average height for a 20th-21st century man!
berta on Sean Connery
mister_lennon i would say excactly the same on all them. the one who can be hard is dwayne johnson in your first post you thought 191-192 and now 190-191 and i am with you on that sometimes i bevlie he wwas just 6 foot 3 at peak but other times it looked like he could have been a littel over maybe not 6 foot 3 and a half but 1/4. And as you say ford and travolta was very close at their peaks. But ford was probably something like6 fot and 3/8 while travolta was 6 foot 1/4 with a chanse of being 6 foot flat on bad days. Thums up for your guesses!!!
berta on Gregory Itzin
he looks 176 in the photo but something tells me that he is a guy that can manage to be 177 if he was measured
berta on Harrison Ford
i visit harrison ford site now and then just to see if he will get that 184 listing i been waiting for :P 6 foot half inch is good listing. he was probably 2 mm under that but thats fine
berta on David Hewlett
i think 176 ore couple mm over that. 177 is a good listing to buty may be about 0,5 cm to tall i think
berta on Joe Flanigan
i thinkhe only is a littel over 180 never looks tall and if he would be 182 he would look almost tall on tv
berta on Christopher Heyerdahl
he always look like a strong 6 foot 3 guy on tv but in tghis photo were everyone looks to snand good i would say maybe 190? a guy that is if he is lucky 6 fot 3? what about that?
justbringit on Rob Paul
hey rob something else if a wall bends like forwards or mostly backwards will will there be an error in your measurement?
Editor Rob: yes, the wall also needs to be straight, because if it bends towards you, then when you put a can or object it will slope from the top of your head slightly upwards to the wall, so you could overmeasure yourself.

Similarly, if the wall bends away from you the object will slope down from your head towards the wall causing a slight under measurement.
Wrs567 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
The Rock with 6'7'' listed Stephen Merchant from the other day

Click Here

Click Here
Sandy Cowell on Colin Farrell
One of my favourite Colin Farrell films is 'London Boulevard'. His character had a really nice depth to him, he didn't behave like a pussy and he was dependable and caring! I didn't blame Keira Knightley for exhibiting flirtatious behaviour next to him in his car!
5ft10 is about what I was expecting for this dude! I also liked him in 'Seven Psychopaths'. He spoke very highly of fellow actor Christopher Walken, saying that he'd never met or worked with anyone quite like him in his life and beaming all over his face as he said it! I liked that! I think it's good when younger actors can look up to older, more experienced ones and then admit to doing so!
Nik on Adolf Hitler
@Sandy Cowell

I bet when you were a little girl you would have run out of the room crying if a Hitler doll had popped out of your Christmas Cracker!


Yes I fully agree with you. Why is it that some people in the western world call men, past and present midgets if they are under 5'10"?
Andrea on Amanda Righetti
Yeah, she does look very hot here... 😍😋 Probably one of the hottest girls you've ever taken a picture with!!!
So, let me rephrase that... She looks a bit under 5'7 here BUT, considering how attractive she looks, I'm happy to give her an inch more, so 5'7.75 is a good shout 😁😝
Editor Rob: to be fair, the following day she was sauntering about in the blue dress and looked even better.

Youu can see this big fella Beside her the following day...he's also got a bunch of con photos in his album from events I've been at too...

Worth having a browse through them...
Wrs567 on Justin Bieber
@HonestSlovene: You need to stop downgrading other people to make Bieber seem shorter.

Akon low as the 5'9'' range? you are having a laugh. You just have no clue do you.
Andrea on Rob Paul
Rob, have you seen a few more eps of Gomorrah? 😁
Editor Rob: only up to episode 3 so far, I have a lot of shows on the go now, about 20 or so!
Andrea on Eric Christian Olsen
Well, they both don't look much different in the pictures with you... And Mark has got a hair, a very thin hair 😁, more footwear than you, according to the descriptions! Plus you yourself said that his range is 6'0.5-6'1, I doubt Al's range is as low as that 😋
Editor Rob: both have fraction more footwear, but yeah if I was to bet on whether Mark or Eric measured taller I'd probably put it on Mark.
Jordan87 on Big Show
Slim ,

You asked how is 6'6" not a giant-like, as we were mentioning big cas . We were comparing Andre and show and how they were "giant" on a different level. Again, if you can't recognize show and andre's size as being in a different level then some typical 6'7" guy you have problems .
Warrior on Brock Lesnar
is Lesnar 6'2 or could he be a fraction over like 6'2.25
James on Clint Eastwood
James Garner was never any more than 6'1".
Sandy Cowell on Christine Bottomley
Christine had a good part in Jimmy McGovern's star-drenched drama 'The Street'!
I estimated her to be 5ft5, so I'm an inch out if she is 5ft4. I'll go with 5ft4.5; she's slim enough to look taller than she might actually be!
Sandy Cowell on Mary J. Blige
At 5ft4.5 she says she's "not all that tall!"
It's a different matter though when it comes to generosity: I read in a magazine about someone who witnessed Mary volunteering to buy something for someone on the verge of having to put it back due to lack of funds!
I thought that was incredibly nice of her! 😇👍😁
shiva182cms on User Heights
Same for me dmyer I think we both could claim 6' without being noticed it isn't much of a dishonest claim

By the way I'm still growing and hoping to reach atlest 185cms if not 184cms
Andrea on Eric Christian Olsen
So it was just a "mistake"? A good mistake, I must say... 😋
Didn't you say that, WITHOUT considering any footwear difference, he didn't look any taller than Big Al in person? Isn't that enough to completely rule out the full 6'1? He does look pretty close to 6'1 with you, I must say, BUT, considering he has a 1/4 inch advantage, 6'0.75 would be the best shout!!! 😉
Yeah, I would say he looked at least 3 cms taller than Chris and I can even see 1.5 inches in some of the scenes I've seen... That would make Chris a weak 6', to say the least
Editor Rob: he looked within the same range as Big Al.

Out of Eric and say mark gatiss, there is probably more chance of Mark being a little bit taller.
S.J.H on Kobe Bryant

Had to be honest Steve Kerr kind of slapping himself because he is not 6'3 as he listed too and often look 6'2ish with Draymond Green. I don't buy Draymond over 6'5 lowest at most he look 1/4 taller than kobe and it's fine for kobe stay 6'4.75 but i have doubts that carmelo anthony might not be as tall as people thought he was 6'6.25-6'7 he might measure 6'6.25 morning but hold well at 6'6 not really 1.5"" taller than kobe and sometimes he doesn't look over 197cm but maybe by lowest he can be around 197.5cm

Click Here carmelo with self confess 171cm hong kong director/actor Stephen Fung (listed 5'8-5'9) compress Fung's hair down carmelo doesn't look over 196cm but carmelo looking pretty relax with posture than Fung. (they had similar footwear from a movie scene)

Click Here 6'2.5 blackie chan with carmelo and Stephen Fung. I suspect blackie might not be over 6'1.5 since Fung is about 5'7.5 and carmelo relax posture still hold 6'5.25 here

Click Here looks wee bit over 3cm or just 3cm kobe leaning slightly more

Click Here carmelo look solid 3cm taller

Click Here kobe maybe half a footstep closer to camera but still can't be 1.5" if they stand side by side more like 1.2-1.3" precisely

Click Here caremlo slouch a little only look solid 0.5-0.6 taller than kobe

I met John wall during lunch hour around 12pm he has to lost some height from there he look 6'2 but when i walk near him take some closer look he look a solid 187cm guy probably just fraction more not quite 6'2 could even be flat 187cm by evening and Wall always look near 3" shorter than kobe if you notice. I just wonder kobe lowest may not be over you at 194cm just that kobe had smaller head than usual 6'4-6'5 guys might give impression being a tap bit taller. I suspect john wall was measure in shoes with thin sole 0.5 boost at 6'2.75 in the morning and true barefoot height 6'2.25 and 6'1.75 afternoon/evening and kobe 6'5 morning just 6'4.5 evening/night as he round down 6'4 to the kid, carmelo 6'6.25 morning and down 6'5.75 evening/night. Another thing is one of my american cousin who was legit 6'0 he met stephen curry several times in Golden State Warriors games at night he told me on facebook curry is between 185 to 186cm probably just big 6'1 as he described not even close to 6'2 as john wall often look 0.5-0.7 taller than curry that make sense. Those draft height most of it measure in early morning and some players wear thin soles get their draft height this reminds me of my high school volley team my coach measure me at 6'6 with shoes i was 16 when i'm not even 6'5 yet at the time but all of my teammates were listed an inch or more taller on our school anniversary year book they put it as player draft height which is a lie.
berta on Mark Pellegrino
to me he lookes like a guy that could be in that 186 cm range but probably is littel under the listing is good. about 186 around 12 o clock
berta on Chris Hemsworth
dont think he is under 6 foot 3he is this height ore little above and liam 192
berta on Ryan Reynolds
i think just by looking at reynold body type you can se that he is over 188 by 95% chanse. he is on of the rare guys that want to be shorter. Atleasst it seems that way with his cliams.i think there is more chase of him being 189,5 than lets say 187,5
berta on Patrick Warburton
dont really get how he can be listed half inch taller than reynold when he was half inch shorter. lets say reynold had biger heel on his shoe.i think the highest listing this guy can have is 1/4 over 6 foot 2. and in that case reynold need that listing to
Kane and Abel on Kane
JoetT. You're funny guy LOL. Kane in 2010 stil had thicker footwear, and Taker lost more height than Kane by 2010, and Kane looks only .25 taller.
berta on Vince Vaughn
hahah thats what i thought :P
Kane and Abel on The Undertaker
Slim. Why are you ignoring the fact that Taker was stadnding much wider than Jacobs?
berta on Hugh Jackman
johan and S.J.H i think you are right about 187 peak. that is what he always have looked
Yes yes on Boyd Holbrook
Looks 6'1" in Logan
Johnny on Erin Richards
@Rob have you seen other regular cast members of Gotham like Cory M. Smith, Ben Mckenzie in person?
Editor Rob: I seen Cory last year...he's not what I'd call a strong six footer.
berta on Kim Coates
never struck me as a tall guy. he was the same height as william fichtner in prison break that measn the listing is good. no taller. could be 1/4 under
Dmeyer on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Looking at arnie with de Niro and comparing how hé looks near Sly and how Carl weathrters looks with Sly 5 FT 11 Flat IS possible
Johnny on Isaiah Thomas
@Rob another good addition to celebheights, despite being short he is a great player. Now I request Russell Wilson the shortest quarterback to win the Superbowl.
Pierre on Brad Pitt
Gwyneth Paltrow /James Corden=imo James has flat sneakers Gwyneth has running sneakers=Gwyneth has probably a advantage of shoes no?= Click Here
Click Here
Charlie on Clark Gable
6 ft is out of the question for Clark.He stood 1.5 inches taller than 5'8 George Cukor who Directed Gone with the Wind along sid with Victor Fleming. He did not look like a 6.0 ft man beside George Cukor. Clark was more likely to be 5 ft 10 inches when he did Gone with the Wind. Clark was the same height as 5 ft 10 Leslie Howard who placed Ashley Wilkes
berta on Pierce Brosnan
how can he look that short with kimmel :O i wonder if jimmy sometimes wear thicker shoes. i was like one of those awards where he looked 1 cm taller than 182-183 jimmy fallon. there is no chase he is taller.in that photo they look the same height
berta on Colin Salmon
looks like photo is taken from below so i guess thats why he looks like he only is little over 6 foot 3 or barely 6 4 i wonder if he really is over 6 foot 4 though i think his frame and good posture can make him look littel taller
Charlie on Clark Gable
6 ft is out of the question for Clark.He stood 1.5 inches taller than 5'8 George Cukor who Directed Gone with the Wind along sid with Victor Fleming. He did not look like a 6.0 ft man beside George Cukor. Clark was more likely to be 5 ft 10 inches when he did Gone with the Wind. Clark was the same height as 5 ft 10 Leslie Howard who placed Ashley Wilkes
Ultimate on Isaiah Thomas
Cool Rob!


Yes, he was listed 5'8.75 but the NBA players are measured early in the day and inflating the chest like the hospitals
Ultimate on Peyton List
She looks like a cat, that is very sexy
Ultimate on Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Guau! I thought he is 6'1.25
ma on Brock Lesnar
Yes, I agree. If you are taller than 6 ft 2 in most of the cases you will be goofy in movements and not quick and athletic as Brock Lesnar is.
Tim181 on Tyson Fury
Height Freak, not sure where you saw 3 inches at their match up, but look at exactly 1:13:29 in good quality
Click Here
Warren on Justin Bieber
I think Justin was 167 at 17 and then he gots 4-5cm now
Anonymous dude on Neil Flynn
There's a scene from an episode of "The Middle" where the Heck family is trying to jump up and reach some piece of paper between two rooms to see how high they can jump. Flynn's character wins, and Patricia Heaton's character is like "Well, that's not fair. You're like 17 feet tall." Obviously an exaggeration, but either 6'4" or 6'5" is believable for him.

Click Here
JoeyT on Kane
In 2010 Kane and Undertaker had the exact same footwear, Taker's might have even be a small fraction bigger and Kane was still taller (even when he's bald and Taker has hair)
Click Here
Mike on John Amos
Jimmy Walker is 6'1.
20 February
Jordan87 on Kane Hodder

Just by rocks shoulder level he would be taller than Hodder. Hodder most always wears his Munster lifts , likely bc he himself thinks he isn't tall enough( or he wouldn't wear them, get it? ) , that's apparent.

Also hodder has a hair advantage over the rock, and it's clearly not my opinion, that is it fact my friend.

This man is no more than 6'1.5" with rob ( including his boots) and you seem to think he shrunk and was once the rocks height?
Dingus on Keith Richards
Arch Stanton

As a rule of thumb, most celebrities (athletes, musicians, actors) give off a "larger than life" impression that they want to maintain. Obviously, in terms of stature they are just like the rest of us. Some short, some tall, most are kind of average.
Redwing on Russell Wong
He looks 184-5 cm tall
Daryl on Allen Leech
Allen Leech is a very good looking man, I would say he is 5"8 " , he looks good wearing jeans
WAYNE on Rafael Nadal
If Carlos Moya is 190 cm then Rafa is nothing under 185, I would even say he looks 187 cm range next to him
Revisionist on Colin Farrell
This picture with McGregor is very good: Click Here

If McGregor is a solid 5'9.5, then Farrell edges him out and is at least 5'9.75."

I think that the reason why so many here believe that Colin's in the 175cm range is because he's not a strong 5'10 guy, but it's crazy to suggest that he's anything under 5'9."

Strong 5'9.75" for me, making his 5'10" claim very reasonable.
RP on Braun Strowman
WWE Monday Night RAW official Tale of The Tape of Braun Strowman & The Big Show on Monday, February 20, 2017!
Big Show
HT: 7'0"
WT: 383 lbs
Chest: 62"
Arms: 22"
HT: 6'8"
WT: 385 lbs
Chest: 62"
Arms: 23"

Braun's billed weight has yet to be adjusted from his original debut of 385 lbs...even though Braun aka Adam openly post his true weights all the time on Face Book & Instagram...His current weight is actually 368 lbs & not 385. Big Show's 383 lbs is his true current weight.
Danimal on Jack Nicholson
Rob, he's 80 years old today. How do you not have a BEFORE and AFTER height listing for him? There is no way he is still the same height as he was in his prime.
Editor Rob: Danimal, he had been out of films for a while, but if he is going to do another one, then maybe it is worth putting the current...
Danimal on Arnold Schwarzenegger
I think Fallon is 181 or 182 same height as arnie
Click Here

Are you kidding me????? SAME HEIGHT???? NO. Arnold is 5'10" and small change at best today.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Revisionist on Jude Law
Dylan O'Brien is a very recent example of a guy who shortchanged himself (he should be in the Hall of Fame) and claimed to be only "5-9/5-10," but Rob has met him and has confirmed that he's a strong 5'10!" Click Here

There are extremely rare cases when average height actors downgrade themselves (slightly). Jude's quote can be taken to mean that he's a decent 5'10" but might be edging close to 5'9" on his worst day. I think that this revised listing is very fair. He's never looked anywhere near a weak 5'9" to me. At worst, he's a strong 177cm.
Editor Rob: if a guy like Piers Morgan says "Law's a strange little cove, isn't he? (And I mean little, he's tiny).", then there's got to be something in it...maybe he gives off a taller impression to some, a shorter impression to others.
Dan Chernau on Andre The Giant
Jordan87 said on 15/Feb/17
Dan Chernau,

Common sense buddy, Post the picture so we can all see.

I never said I had a camera with me. Doncha know, it was the early 80's not 2017 where everybody's got a smart phone. Big difference, innit?
Omar on Omar Epps
@SammySmith 5'10" is the averag height in Europe lol
DrunkRhino on Ryback
Solid 6'1
Ian on Richard Hammond
Peter with all do respect have you ever actually seen the show? If you did you'd know that picture isn't accurate at all, Like I said he's nearly a foot shorter than Jeremy. Hammond is 5'6" at best barefoot maybe he could scrape 5'7" with boots on. He's not quite Danny DeVito short but he's clearly below average. Pretty sure if Hammond is 5'11" I'm like 6'2"....just saying.
Juana on Kaia Gerber
She is the spitting image of her mother
Logan Hedlund on Carrie Fisher
Great photo Rob, thank you very much for sharing it.
Johno on Jason David Frank
I always thought him as 6'1.
Kaneff 6'0.25" on User Heights
yeah 181cm-182cm are definitely borderline heights. Not quite tall but not average either. Even when I was 180cm at 16, though, I remember feeling like I was taller than most people. but it was more like a "1 inch taller than everyone in the room" kind of feeling and not like being truly tall, if you know what I mean. At 6' you have a big enough height advantage against the 5'9-5'10 guys to feel decently tall, whereas in the 5'11 range it's kind of iffy because having only 1 inch on 5'10 range guys isn't really enough to feel "tall". Also at 6' you can hold your own standing next to 6'2-6'3 guys but at 5'11 you can't IMO.

on a slightly unrelated note, for some reason I've been measuring a full 6'1" out of bed lately which is a mark I've never hit. I figure I'm close enough to 6'0.25" even if I'm 6'0.125" at bedtime. just think 6' flat is underselling myself a bit.
Larry on Leah Remini
Five foot two I'll buy. But she is not a 'little person's by any means...
Mike on Jon Bernthal
Andrew: 5ft 9.75-5ft 10,
Norman: 5ft 9.5-5ft 9.75,
Jon: 5ft 11,
Yeun: 5ft 8.25-8.5,
Jeffrey: 6ft 1-6ft 1.5,
Chandler: 5ft 5-5ft 6?
Mike on Norman Reedus
Thought he would be around 170-180 lbs...
Mike on Mark Pellegrino
His claim is ridiculous, but looks a strong 6ft 1 here.
Mike on Lance Henriksen
A bit shorter than Rob.
Mike on Ron Perlman
This guy is in his sixties, so he probably lost height, and was 184-185 in his prime.
Mike on Matt Smith
This guy would probably even edge out that Gil Birmingham dude who claims 6ft 2!
Mike on Keanu Reeves
A little bit taller than Laurence in John Wick.
Laurence: 182
Keanu: 184
Mike on Mike Tyson
Legit and honest 5ft 10.
Mike on Robbie Amell
Doesn't look much over 5ft 10 with Rob, even with his advantage, I think 5ft 10.5 is more accurate.
James B on Mark Paul Gosselaar
Rob could 5'10.5 be a possbility?
Editor Rob: James, I can't see him being that short....
Mike on Camren Bicondova
Rob, would you say David Mazouz is like 5ft 8 now? He looks similar to Ben.
Editor Rob: he was about 5ft 5 8 months ago when I seen him but now does look like he gained near 3 inches.
xdzoid on Pollyanna McIntosh
Looks about right on TWD. Same height as Rick in some scenes where as others she can look taller and smaller.
John B on Steve McFadden
Think he is heading towards the 5'6 and half mark his a lot lot shorter then Danny Dyer who 5'11 and a half (his best mate wink wink ;)
John B on Harold Perrineau
Look a lot better with out those glasses Rob :)
Editor Rob: I wear glasses a lot...and in photoshoots up till it's nearly my turn then take them off.
CH99 on Brad Davis
He looks 5'4 in midnight express
Kevin on Steve McQueen
I agree with Beth,when they cast Movies and TV a 'Star" usually is set to stand out and most times the tall way is how the producers go. DON GORDON,ROBERT VAUGHN and many others,shared the screen with McQueen.
Both were some 5-5'7" tall. These 2 actors worked with McQueen many times,he appears taller or equal with both.
Hi on Rob Paul
Rob I am 5'8 173cm barefoot the guy on the left wearing the blue suit. Do you think the guy on the right wearing the black suit is more in the 5'7 range or 5'6 range.How tall do you think he is? We are both wearing the same dress shoes. Click Here
Editor Rob: there doesn't seem anymore than an inch between you in that photo.
CS on Brad Pitt
Perhaps he's 5'10.5 - 5'10.75 now and was 5'10.75 - 5'11 peak. Don't know if he's lost any height though, if he has it isn't that much though.
Cole on Jimmy Fallon
We'll Justin
Timberlake is 6,1 they look the same height
Logan Hedlund on Till Lindemann
Mr. Lindermann looks like a bit taller. I'd rather say strong 6'0.5 but 6'0.75 after night rest might be accurate.
Rob, could you please post your estimate height of Amorphis' vocalist, T. Joutsen? Anytime soon, thank you.
PaulG on Gal Gadot
Watching keeping up with the Jones's. She is almost exact height as Jon Hamm with 2 &1/2 inch heels. His hair is about 2 inches off his head making him appear taller. I think 5 91/2 is perfect
Donald Mc on Stephen Amell
He is 6"1', i think it is a good listing.
Hogan on Ryback
Wingspanpro on Isaiah Thomas
Minimum 5'8.75

Click Here
Slim on Big Show
Philip McMullin if you're 6'4 and stood next to guys 6'9 then it is impossible NOT to look up to them.... your math must be off.
Slim on Big Show
Jordan87 when did I compare those 2? Lol you must be the slow one.
Slim on The Undertaker
HeightcrazyRed6ft why are you ignoring the fact that Issac was taller in flats than taker in flats???
Slim on Kane
HeightcrazyRed6ft when did I get proven wrong? Lol you are confused and clearly your eyesight needs adjusting.
Jervis on Arnold Schwarzenegger
He looks 6ft2 in that pic with Clooney.
Johnson on Isaiah Thomas
Not over 5'8.5. There was a pic back to back with Nate Robinson
James on Ronaldinho
Click Here

Ronaldinho is not even 1.80. Ibramimovic is like a giant next to him. Even 1.79 Alexandre Pato is taller than him.
Free on Donald Trump
Trump is 5-11.75-6-0
Greg on Harrison Ford
My guess is he was (or almost was) 6'1" peak. This image shows him next to Dave Prowse and Peter Mayhew - not a great angle but if Prowse was really 6'5" mid 1970's (and I think he was) Ford was around 6'1"
Click Here
Bill on Allison Williams
I walked by her once. She is a so tiny. Probably 5'3" maybe 5'5".
Nik on Wen Liu

With the world average for women being roughly 5'2.5" then in many quarters it can be justifiably argued that a woman of 5'6" is tall.
Sandy Cowell on Pierce Brosnan
@ Rampage Clover - Re: 5th Dec 16 - 👍
Jason on Shaquille O'Neal
Click Here. Having trouble posting pictures but if you Google images Shaq with Dikembe you can clearly see at least an inch difference. Duke be has been measured officially measured at 7'1". Charles Barkly 6'4.75" Shaq is a max of 7" taller.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Colin Mochrie
Rob, how likely is 6ft2 peak?
Editor Rob: he never really gave an impression of being a big 6ft 2 guy because of being near Ryan on that show...could he have been 6ft 1.5? Maybe.
Nik on Ariana Grande
There are some interesting comments on this page.
James B on Kaia Gerber
Might make it to her moms height
Sandy Cowell on Monica Irimia
@ Rob - Quote: "I am a fan of their videos on mute!"
Very funny! So would I be if I was a bloke, but I find twins fascinating in the extreme, especially identical ones, so
I've seen them too - with the mute button firmly pressed down, of course, and my boyfriend blindfolded!
I don't know where I heard it, but I have: the girls are 5ft6!
Starchild on Michael Wincott
5ft 10.25. Underbilled here
Sandy Cowell on Alfie Allen
How delightful to know that Keith's son/Lily's brother is an actor! I didn't know that, yet I have heard of Alfie. He's following in his father's footsteps then, and he won't go far wrong if he's on par with his Dad.
Oh, and he tops him by an inch with his 5ft7!
He has youth and good looks on his side to boot!
Chris on Wiz Khalifa
4 inches on Seth. 2cm shorter than snoop. 6"3
the Slav on Rob Paul
I dropped to 182.6 cm after some seriously heavy squatting today. Am I even worthy of calling myself a legit 6 footer? Do I have to reconsider life? Is the grass greener on the other side?

Anyways, Ive been measured 183.5-184 mostly at the doctor but I claim 183. Guess its fair enough haha
Editor Rob: Slav, don't ever measure yourself after heavy squatting, or after running a marathon...or after giving a women or 2 a fireman's lift up the stairs and into the bedroom...
celebheights admin on Michael Ironside
rob is actually 5'10 in disguise. ooh scary! ~~
GreyValentine on Kevin Durant
He's around 6'10.5" with shoes. People exaggerate his height too much. Click Here
Arch Stanton on Kaia Gerber
Must have grown as last time I saw her she looked no more than 5 ft 6. Surely has to be one of the luckiest people alive, hit the genetic lottery. She could not ask for better looking parents than hers!
Lmeister on Jonny Lee Miller
Rob u should finally downgrade Sickboy and Renton. They are both an inch shorter than Jude Law.
Mrbadbrick on John Lennon
This pic with Keith Moon 5ft 9, and Pete Townshend 5ft 11.75
Click Here:
Lmeister on Peter Mullan
Looks like a weak 5ft8 in Trainspotting.
Arch Stanton on Elle Fanning
Rob can you add The Neon Demon and 20th Century Women? Looks a very confident young woman on screen, born 1998, makes me feel old!
Lmeister on Keith Allen
Looked 5ft7 in Trainspotting
Csimpson 6ft on User Heights
Rob what would you class 5ft 11 as? Above average or tallish?
Editor Rob: in the UK, under some circumstances it might seem tall, other times within average zone...
abcd on Lars Ulrich
anyonmious are u kidding :) than James is 180 Kirk 165 and robert 164 :) no chance :)
He is 167 cm i think thats minimum
James on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Clooney is 5'10".
RoelC on Shaquille O'Neal
Some newspaper clippings of his draft measurement. DraftExpress seems to be correct that he was measured 7ft without shoes.
These clippings al say he was measured at 7ft (or just over 7ft).

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: yeah, the 'just over 7 feet' is the reason I ended up giving the 1/4...he was measured roughly 7ft-7ft 0.25 range barefeet, I'll include that mention at the top as I think it's the best we have...

He's no 7ft 1 barefoot man.
Dmeyer on User Heights
Cs , i agree with 5 FT 11,75-6ft as start of tall , as à Friend of mine IS legit 5 FT 11,5 but wears 1,25in so looks 5'11,75 and looks tall , to me 6 FT 0,75-1in shoes on IS start of tall so à 5 FT 11,5 wearing à Nike shoes and bé near 6 FT 1 IS taller than à legit 6 FT who wearing 0,6in converse and IS barely over 6 FT 0,5in
Ultimate on Rob Paul
@ Rob Paul
How many height loss in average a strong 6'1.25 guy in all day?
Editor Rob: Ultimate, I'd say he might still be over 6ft at night, but some guys can lose 3cm...others 2cm, and some even 1.5cm!
Csimpson 6ft on Rob Paul
Hey Rob what make/model is your stadiometer again and how much is it? im thinking of getting one for my flat, if its too expensive though i might just buy a tape measure stadiometer instead.
Editor Rob: Connor, it's the older version of the seca (leciester), but I believe either it was sold to another company as there is a virtually identical version called TANITA HR 001.

Seca came out with another version a few years ago, it's about £65 delivered, see Here.

I've not tested it or bought one...the measuring part looks smaller, so I think it's mostly going to be standing with back against it.
Free on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Merriman was measured 6-2 at his pro day, not a senior bowl. Even Gil Brand says it where I linked it. Nowhere does it say 6-4.2.

Anyway, If that were true then Rock is 6-3.5 standing next to him, lol. Would also make Trump 6-2.

Merriman looks 6-1 a lot of the time and only looks 6-0 with 5-11 Mario.

Even Rudy Gay on his Twitter a while back said he played basketball like a "6-2 Jermaine O'Neal"

Oh yeah, he was listed at 6-3 his freshmen year, a 1 inch exaggeration then
Greg on Sylvester Stallone
Goldman's assessment of his height is likely a little low, I think 5'8" peak was maybe about correct, probably closer to 5'7" now. In this pic of Sly on the famous steps with the steadicam operator (who also happens to be its inventor, Garrett Brown) he doesn't look very tall - admittedly, Garrett Brown is probably 6'4".
Click Here
Greg on Kris Kristofferson
I would have thought 5'11", looked a good 4 or 5 inches taller standing next to Willy Nelson.
Dosti on Aishwarya Rai
Just search kriti sanon taller in Google image
NFL nerd on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Big arnie fan but the man was never 6 foot imo. There are just too many 5'10 claims going all the way back to the 80s. Also speculation of risers in his boots goes back to the 80s as well. No one ever claimed he was anywhere around 5'6.

At best I'll go 5'11.5 peak, 5'10.5 current.
S.J.H on Brad Pitt

Theres alot of movement of James Corden with Gwyneth Paltrow dance lesson clip. I don't buy James Corden being 5'8 he certainly look 5'7.5-5'7.75 max and Gwyneth Paltrow is a real 5'8 claim 5'9

Click Here
HonestSlovene on Justin Bieber
@Johnson. Again, stop upgrading everyone in order to match your estimates. Yes Akon is about 2.5 inches taller, but he is 5'9.5", 5'10" at the ver best and Bieber is 5'7"-5'7.5" range.
Mark(5'9.25") on Henry Cavill
Don't know where the 5'11" comes from but one would argue 6'0.25" at a absolute lowest while 6'0.5" 6'0.75" would suit better.
Mark(5'9.25") on Henry Cavill
We would have to downgrade Momoa to a weak 6'2' since he didn't look that much different with Cavill.

Click Here
Click Here
Josh b on Rob Paul
Hey guys I don't post on here very often but I do visit the site every day and read a lot of comments, I usually struggle to add anything else to the discussion. The one thing I do is get photos at the same conventions as big rob, hopefully they're more useful than simple words. Unfortunately money issues mean I can't attend as many cons as I'd like and my local convention, Cardiff, has decreased in quality to the extend it's not worth visiting.
This year I will be attending collectormania instead of London, hopefully the revamp will justify the swap. I already plan to get some of the celebrities attending, but was wondering if there are any in particular that would be of interest on the site, no guarantees I'll get them mind :P
Editor Rob: would you ever do a pose, like with a guy like michael shanks, a salute pose. If I could afford it I'd try to get a better photo with him, but even I'm watching money carefully!
S.J.H on Ryan Reynolds
@Mark(5'9.25") , Dejavu

There is only max 3cm between them. Let alone posture,shoes and those pictures. Michael strahan had ryan reynolds max 1.5" and min 1.25" in kelly and michael, michael strahan had snoop dogg by 0.5 max and also look 0.25", lets think about strahan height gets in the morning and was more like just 6'4 so if snoop dogg 6'3.75 then reynolds is not under 6'2.5 absolute lowest. You guys may blame why rob didn't care to upgrade reynolds at 6'2.5 and too much of evidence reynolds not under it with many others celebrities
S.J.H on Stephen Amell
Amell is 6'0.75 morning and 6'0.25 afternoon/evening and most 6'1 actors were just this range too. Keanu reeves is min 6'0
Mark(5'9.25") on Henry Cavill
We would have to downgrade Momoa to a weak 6'2' since he didn't look that much different with Cavill.
Yeaton on Kane
As far as the SMW match, Kane was clearly taller. Both guys are standing in the same stance. Kane was obviously taller.

Reason behind the lifts in 1998, the WWF at the time wanted Kane to look even more gigantic than he already is. Kane was taller than Taker by .5 inches. Undertaker at the time was 6'7, Kane was 6'7.5. They added 2 inch lifts to Kane, which made him 6'9.5. Thus Taker being billed as 6'10 and Kane being billed as 7 feet tall. Nobody can really tell between a man who is almost 6'10 in ring gear, and a 7 footer.
S.J.H on David Thewlis
No he wasn't taller than 6'2.5 liev schreiber i have met twice. The old listing 6'2.5 is accurate
S.J.H on Vince Vaughn

Precisely i'm only few mm shine of 6'7 before bed and i wouldn't want to be this tall for me is a struggling from the past 10 years since i stop growing for the apologise i lie being shorter like 6'4-6'5 in this site from the past, i have 5 brothers ranging from 6'1 to 6'4.5 and 3 sisters range from 5'8 to 5'10 so it wasn't for me to guess people who claim their height range wasn't that difficult. My youngest brother was 17 now at 6'4.5 (6'5 morning) everytime i see him the strange feeling he just easily look taller than those 6'5 claim actors and when i look at 6'4.5 listed kyle secor, joe manganiello and vince vaughn honestly all look under my brother they maybe hit over 6'4 in the morning certainly not much over and for the female model side from 5'8 to 5'10 range they just don't look tall as my sisters as well. Example like 5'9 listed Gwyneth Paltrow more i see her she doesn't look taller than my 5'8 sister. I think of a peak jeff goldblum could hit 6'4.25 max in the morning and peak vince vaughn like you say 195cm most likely morning. It's not hard to guess height for me more i look at celebrities
Pete on Errol Flynn
Came across this photo of 6'3" Jimmy Stewart and Errol together - 1948 or '49. They are standing fairly close together, and Jimmy appears to be bending down slightly. Geez, from what I see, Flynn is at least 2 inches shorter than Stewart, possibly 3 inches shorter. What do you think Rob?
Click Here
Editor Rob: yes, it could be the reason Flynn had himself as 6ft 1 in the spotlight directory from early career...
Willes189 on Jason Momoa
Lol, what are you talking about?
msn187 on Chris Cornell
A strong 6'2, that's quite appropiate and many would agree I think. Fact is that people are ½ centimeters and anything in between, and he very likely could be that as I stated. That's where one could round up, yes.
Andrea on Eric Christian Olsen
Rob, why is he listed at 6'0.75 on the homepage and 6'1 on his actual page? Speaking of this guy, I saw him on TV a few days ago in a movie with Chris Evans... I've only seen a few scenes but he did look at least a good inch (1.25) taller than Chris, in quite similar shoes! And considering Eric himself isn't even a full 6'1...
Editor Rob: I fixed it, I have kept 6ft 1 for him, he could pull off looking 3cm taller than Evans.
leonari on Simon Helberg
He is visibly shorter than Galecki so 162 is the maximum. He looks tiny- Galecki looks just short.
Sandy Cowell on Jonny Lee Miller
At the end of the film 'Plunkett and MacLeane', you see Johnny walking down a tunnel with his co-stars Robert Carlisle and Liv Tyler. The fellas are one on each side of Liv and she is the tallest, at 5ft10!
For that reason, he gets 5ft9 from me! 🚶👩🚹
Johan on Paul Walker
Tell that to Freddy Prince Jnr. He says that he is 6ft...and if you watch Skulls Walker could look very similar in many scenes. I guessed maybe 2-3 cm difference in one scene when they had a staredown.
Johan on Vin Diesel
Vin standing again in military while his 5'10"? ( She is a model after all) partner has in one pic a bent leg and in the other isn't even standing straight.

I will be generous and say he is 6' in shoes and 5'11" barefoot.

@Rising force

I would much rather go with the barefoot evidence. Tony Jaa is a self claimed 5'6" -168 cm guy and Vin isn't more than 5 inches taller barefoot.
S.J.H on Katherine Heigl
Look at her with ashton kutcher i"ll say 5'8 and not more
Sandy Cowell on Peter Mullan
I find Peter Mullan to be an actor of the highest calibre! I have at least 7 of his films and they are all excellent!
The one that really got me to notice him was the particularly hard to watch film 'Tyrannosaur', in which you see him playing a cruel and contemptuous drunk. He meets a poor, abused woman, played brilliantly by Olivia Coleman, and it is at this point in the film that you see his character does have a softer side.
I see he says he's 5ft8, and he's written here as less, but I'm not going to quibble with a half-inch difference! He is a dynamite actor and director (the Magdalene Sisters, which he directs and stars in, is a MUST!), and I haven't yet regretted buying and watching any of his films. Peter Mullan is a badge of recommendation!🏆
Johan on Alexander Skarsgard
berta said on 22/Nov/16
johan i am around 197,5-197,7 in th morning and in the evenig i am 196,5 if i have done deadlift and squat that day otherwise i am usauelly 197. i used to shrink more somedays down to 196 couple years back but since i have built up my body in contest shapei dont shrink more than 1,2cm at most. My guess is that samuelsson is not 2 m tall because we were the same height and my 191 brother took a photo with him back to back and it was not more than 6 cm beetween themi would say he is not over 198. His body looked damaged so i think he coul have lost 1-2 cm.

Which is what Samuel has always been. I do remember them calling him 6'5" back then in competition and sometimes 6 and a half foot. So 6'6". He was never more than 1.98m. Ofc finding that footage would be very hard its from more than 20 years ago.
Pierre on Brad Pitt
@ Hijopotamus=I don't understand when you say"he's standing on a tiny step"(i'm french)
S.J.H on Sofia Vergara
She look 5'4-5'6 with her ex boyfriend 6'3 Nick Loeb.
Simon on Brad Pitt
Wouldn't it be better if the pictures of him on this page were without heels? He's 6'1-ish in every photo...
Johan on Amanda Righetti
Ah the hottie from the mentalist, I guess this puts a nail in the 5'11" claims of Simon baker. I don't blame you for being distracted Rob :)

I agree though with Andrea , I would have guessed closer to 5'7" than 5'8".
S.J.H on Jason Momoa
Since Momoa still daring to claim 6'5 in twitter and instagram i believe he is at least 192cm by evening/night and 6'4 only in the morning and must have fit in a 2.5cm/3cm range footwear to get measure 6'5
Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
@ Connor - Thank you very much! I like you too! 😁
I just returned from downstairs as I was having a mass cat-combing session, sat down and fiddled with my phone while listening in on an incredibly funny Jeremy Kyle show, when I found your message to Sam regarding me! It is very kind of you to say nice things about me and has made me feel very happy! 🐈😸😼😺🙀
S.J.H on Isaiah Thomas
5 foot 8
Tut Tut on Wladimir Klitschko
Wladimir keeps saying 6,5 and he said his brother is 6,6. however this is clearly of. Wlad has said he is 198cm. but 198cm is 6,6 not 6,5. i think Wlad knows it in meters but not in 6,6 form.Wlad is taller than Tony Thompson,Lennox Lewis legit 6,5. Wlad is 6,6. and Vitali is 6,7.5 and the Lamar Odam pictures prove it. he is 2 inches shorter and Odam has 0.5 inches in shoes. i make Lamar 6,9 and Vitali 6,7.5.
Johan on Donald Trump
Click Here

From 2000 , 6ft peak?? haha. Compare with the above pic.
Johan on Donald Trump
I was looking earlier at pics of his erm wife and several included Trump himself. He didn't start dropping height till after 2001. In many of the pics he is slimmer and looks alot better compared to even 5-6 years later.

He easily had 3.5 inches on her and yes she was in heels, the present day pics show that to be anywhere between 1.5-2 inches with her in heels ofc.

So the man lost at least 1.5 inches from his peak so going back the current listing he was 6'2" peak.
Visitor on Ashton Kutcher
Any chance of under 6'2" for Kutcher, Rob?
Editor Rob: Visitor, I've not seen enough to say he was only 6ft 2, let alone 6ft 1.75. Would be surprised if he was measured sub 6ft 2...
Johnson on Rob Paul
@Rob can you help me about my height? You can see in the pics, I look taller, but when I put the bar over my skull is around 175 or 175.5. Level eye: around 1.64. In all the mugshots I look 177 (I think). It's weird I don't know... If I don't put the bar against my head you guys would guess me at 177 cm (I think)

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: Johnson, because your camera isn't at the top of your head, you will seem taller in photos against the background.

I'd say go with what you are measuring, near 175cm.
KH on David Spade
This guy is very close to Rob Schnieder in height. Im not sure he quite reaches 5'5.
Arthur on Joe Thomas
He is definitely not 5ft 8 Damon. He is probably as close to the 5ft 9 mark as it gets. His proportions look very average, he actually nevr looks short. I guess me at 5ft 10 could pull off looking tall sometimes based on proportions.
piero on Charles Barkley
200 cm barefoot 203 cm in basketball shoes

very accurate listing
piero on Charles Barkley
200 cm barefoot 203 cm in basketball shoes

very accurate listing
Arthur on Joe Thomas
He is definitely not 5ft 8 Damon. He is probably as close to the 5ft 9 mark as it gets. His proportions look very average, he actually nevr looks short. I guess me at 5ft 10 could pull off looking tall sometimes based on proportions.
Canson on Donald Trump
Danimal I agree with you Obama is an inch taller than him today. I think Trump would be a bit taller than he is now prime however 6'1 or 6'2"
Canson on Donald Trump
@Rob: Willes189 began this feud with he and James. He should be the one banned or given the stern reminder. Not right to ban him for expressing his opinion on someone's height. While Willes is out here discussing and expressing political propaganda which should be off limits completely
Nik on Rob Paul
Sandy Cowell

Hi Sandy,

I had been off Celebheights.com for a few days. I had been submitting my postings as normal but yet none of them were turning up on this site, this had been carrying on for a few days so I was getting concerned about it, I even thought that I had been banned! Rob has assured me this was never the case and he gave up quite a bit of his time on Sunday to sort it out, like he would have done for any of us. I think there had been an unforeseen technical problem but it was sorted out soon enough,

Yes I do the same as you to be honest in that if I see a celebrity on tv and I don't know their height then I go straight onto this site to find their page, failing that I would try to find out on Google. I prefer to go on here to be honest though because the heights of the celebrities are generally more accurate than what they are quoted to be from other sources. Also sometimes this is the only place where you can go to find a celebrities height. Just before I starting going on Celebheights.com regularly I was curious to find out the height of Luisa Bradshaw-White from Eastenders so I googled her name and the word height but I couldn't find anything out about her height from any of the search results until lo and behold I found a result which took me to her page on this site. After visiting her page I now know that she is 5'5" tall. There have been one or 2 other celebrities whose height I haven't known until I found out on this website, Even if a celebrity doesn't have a page on here and even if you cannot find anything out about their height anywhere on the internet you can request that they have a page on this website, or you can ask Rob how tall he thinks they are.

Did you watch the special program about June Brown being 90? It's incredible how she manages to keep as active and busy as she does. I hope that she carries on being Dot Cotton in Eastenders for as many years as possible. My Mum nodded off in her chair that evening and missed this program as well as the episode of Eastenders that was on earlier. Both were recorded however and she has watched the episode of Eastenders much later on that evening but she has still not watched the program about June Brown, I will remind her about it soon so that she can watch the recording of it. Talking about June Brown it would be interesting to know what her current and peak height are and were, she has always struck me as tall for a woman of her generation so I think she could currently be a good 5'4" and perhaps she was a few inches taller than this when she was younger.

My Dad also fell over in the snow about 7 years ago. We were away for Christmas at Whitby and he was on his way back from the shops with my Mum when he slipped whilst walking back up the hill near to where we were staying. I saw it all from the front window upstairs. He got straight back up though and carried on up the hill, no skin off his nose! This fall wasn't as bad as yours though to be truthful, he wasn't fighting for consciousness and he wasn't hurt too much. My Dad did have quite a bad accident though in the 1980's when travelling back through Leeds with some people from work (my Dad wasn't driving), his back and neck were injured quite badly and he had to be off work for a while.

I know you are a cat lover Sandy, out of interest have you ever had any dogs?

Have a good week.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Avery Brooks
I actually don't see much difference between him and Michael Dorn when pictured with Rob. Both guys have clearly lost height though
Editor Rob: Rampage, Dorn in person I think looks an inch taller than Avery does.
James B on Steve McFadden
He looks a bit like Clint Eastwood I think except for the height lol
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jonathan Frakes
I can't accept anything less than 6ft3 peak
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Barry Bostwick
Around 6ft1-2 today, Rob?

I do think he was near 6ft4 in the 70's-80's. Looked very tall in Rocky Horror Picture Show
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jamie Waylett
Dweeb said on 20/Apr/06
Rob do you think that this guy is still growing??

[Editor Rob: possibly yes, might reach 6ft 4, who knows, he'll probably update his website in a while to say what his height is next year]

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jamie Waylett
berta, he was actually at 189cm here originally
boxer on Muhammad Ali
Peter you are a idiot He was likely giant
with Thé Beatles and John lennon was there. And when hè was young men hè was 6f3 now İt's possible He was smaller
Es on Brock Lesnar
188cm (6'2) is the perfect height for athlete who wants to be big and imposing but also quick and agile at the same time , lethal height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jensen Ackles
184.5-185cm straight out of bed is believeable
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Hugh Jackman
Peak: 6ft2-6ft2½
Today: 6ft1½-6ft2
Johnson on John Barnes
yes, he is 178 cm. Stuart Pearce is 5'10 and he looks similar
Animus on Height Request
Bill Simmons would be a nice addition. I'd guess he's in the 5'11"-6'0" range. That's what he seems next to Mike Tyson and Jimmy Kimmel.
Rory on Sam Riley
Not really sure he looked any taller than a 68 year old James Cosmo (today 6ft) in SSGG.
BIG SHOW on Kane

Kane footwear was at least inch thicker :D
Kegan on Justin Bieber
This guy is still 5'7"-5'8" range. I would know, I had a late growth spurt at 17 from 5'7.5" to 5'10" and I looked far taller than the difference between Bieber at 17 and bieber now. Imo he was 5'6" when he claimed 5'7"-5'8" , grew to 5'7.25" then started wearing lifts and claiming 5'9".
Hijopotamus on Brad Pitt
Pierre, watch the pic of Paltrow and Pitt naked kissing.
NOW, watch Brad's feet. YES, he is standing on a tiny step! They are same height barefoot. And Paltrow is same height as James Corden.
This is messed up, Rob.
Downgrade Brad or upgrade 5'8" Corden.
Ally182 on Martin Garrix
He is between 5'5 - 5'6 from what I've seen
berta on DJ Qualls
i wrote wting 2 -3 cm should i say not 2 inches :P
SC on Stephen Amell
He is 4 inches taller in that picture

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