How tall is Michael Jordan ?

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Michael Jordan height: 6ft 5in (196 cm)

American Basketball Legend. At age 18 he was being described as 6ft 4, and in the NBA regularly called 6ft 6, a height he himself claimed in 1994 "I'm 6-foot-6".

Michael with 5ft 8 NeYo
Photos by PR Photos / Keith Allison
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Crypto139 says on 20/Mar/15
@height Pippen is about 6 feet 7.5, Hakeem is about 6 feet 10 and Russell is atleast a legit 6 feet 9 but possibly 6 feet 10.
b-mint1994 says on 19/Mar/15
MJ and Charles appear the same height in this picture:

Click Here
height says on 18/Mar/15
Rob, could you please consider opening a page for other hall of famers like Scottie Pippen, Hakeem Olajuwon, Bill Rusell maybe? Thanks!
Burgos says on 17/Mar/15
Yes, Kobe does seem to have 1cm on Jordan. I think Jordan is 6'5" (196cm) and Kobe is 6'5" 1/4 (197cm)
b-mint1994 says on 16/Mar/15
Is it me or does Kobe seem to edge MJ out?
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And yet MJ is listed taller on here...
Crpyto139 says on 15/Mar/15
It seems headsizes varies alot at tall heights as Schaubs head is a lot bigger than mannings, which is a lot bigger than Bolt, his is a lot bigger than Jordan, which is a lot bigger than kobe's head finally. Also those guys are within an inch of each other. Sorry rob if this was a strange but probably a very funny comment though. I don't have much of a social life I guess. :p
height says on 13/Mar/15
Rob, I think updating MJ to 195cm would be appropiate.
Crypto139 says on 12/Mar/15
Tunman lol former Texans QB Matt Schaub's head was longer and he is about a cm taller at 197 cm or about 6 feet 5 5/8 of an inch according to his combine. Click Here
177cmGuy says on 28/Feb/15
195-196cm is a good estimate. Surprising thought he got cut from his high school basketball team at age 15 due to only being 5'10 and for having average basketball skills. Guess he prooved them wrong in both ways.
Bob says on 28/Feb/15
I believe that he is a legit 6'6. He is slightly bent in this picture. Scottie Pippen was a legit 6'9.
Tunman says on 15/Feb/15
Manning's head could be 25,5 or 26cm at most and his forehead possibly 13 cm.
Maybe a little big indeed though at his height 25 cm could be average.
I think he's slightly closer to the camera with Bolt
Maybe MJ and Bolt are both 195 after all?
dietmar says on 8/Feb/15
Lol, Peyton Manning has indeed a huge forehead. With normal size of head he would be a regular 193cm guy.

Click Here

Anyway, i have allways suspected Usain Bolt is not a full 196cm guy, he is moore like 194-195cm. Just like Michael Jordan.
Duhon says on 6/Feb/15
That picture of Bolt and Peyton is funny. If it wasn't for Peyton's ridiculously sized head/forehead, it looks like Bolt would be physically taller overall.
dietmar says on 5/Feb/15
Michael Jordan appears to be the same height as Usain Bolt Click Here

On the other hand, Usain Bolt seems to be shorter than Peyton Manning (196cm) Click Here

So, my guess is Jordan is no moore than 194cm. Same height as Usain Bolt. Charles Barkley says he is 195cm, so reckon that's what he is.
height says on 3/Feb/15
I'd say list him at his more accurate measured height, which is 6'4.75".

The thing about this site it's that it list MJ as being taller than Barkley, when it's actually the other way around. Barkley has always been taller than MJ.

MJ is 6'4.75" / 6'4.88" (195cm) barefooted and 6'6" in athletic shoes.

Barkley is 6'5.5" (197cm) barefooted and 6'6.5"+ in athletic shoes shoes.

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WalkingTall6ft3.35 inches says on 2/Feb/15
Was measured 6'4.88 for the 1992 olympics i read somewhere,and that's enough to call him a weak 6'5 which i believe he is.
Mike1961 says on 31/Jan/15
He looks easily 6'6" to me. He appeared to have very long arms and very large hands.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 25/Jan/15
6ft6 out of bed, Rob?
[Editor Rob: 6ft 5.75 maybe, but 6ft 6 could be as equally possible.]
MrTBlack says on 25/Jan/15
To be fair, he doesn't ever look 6'4.5". But you guys should realize how massive 6'5" is. Also factor in that alot of shoes give people 1-1.5" gain so if you see a 6'5" man, he'd be 6'6.5" in shoes and would have to duck through doors since most door frames are 6'8".
Danimal says on 24/Jan/15
Michael Jordan was somewhere between 6'4.5" and 6'5" in his prime. 6'6" in shoes. Barkley was 6'5.5" barefoot.
Lillo thomas says on 24/Jan/15
Michael jordan is 6'5 max . 6'6 barefoot is BS for MJ.
Judd says on 23/Jan/15
I always thought he was 6'6". IMO he's a strong 6'5", so 6'6-6.25" is fair!
He has at least 4" on Barack Obama (legit 6'1") and he's visible taller than Will Smith (6'1.25-1.5")...He could be a legit 196 cms:

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Ozzy says on 17/Jan/15
@Dhon: Good Kobe pic. Rick Fox was measured at 6'6 w/o shoes.
joe 192cm says on 15/Jan/15
Duhon,look at the photos with Tom Brady kobe kobe is not 6'5 complete
Ozzy says on 15/Jan/15
Next to 6'7 listed (6'6 w/o shoes - pre-draft measurment) Penny Hardaway: Click Here

Reggie Miller doesn't look quite 6'7 either...
Duhon says on 14/Jan/15
I'm starting to think Kobe is at least a full 6'5" barefoot. Click Here

#21 on Kobe's left there Kareem Rush, was measured at 6'4.75" barefoot and you can see Kobe has somewhat of an edge on him.
Tommy says on 30/Dec/14
Click Here

Mario Lemieux 6-4(193cm) and MJ, almost same height.
Silent_D says on 29/Dec/14
I remember saw old footage of him in the eighties. He looked skinny and not big compared to other players. I think he was still growing though. I know he is a really guy because he plays basketball and is a legend. I think now he is 195cm.
andrew says on 7/Dec/14
I heard from my friend that his actual height on barefoot is 6-2
height says on 3/Dec/14
Barefoot heights/with shoes height:

Jordan 6'4 7/8"....6'6"
Barkley 6'5 1/4"....6'6 1/2"
Magic 6'7 5/8"... 6'8 3/4"
Bird 6'9 1/2"... 6'10 7/8"
Pipppen 6'7 1/2"... 6'8 7/8"
Klay Thompson 6'4" 1/8.... 6'5"
height says on 3/Dec/14
Here's the Pat Riley article Click Here
WalkingTall 6ft3.25 says on 24/Nov/14
Yeah,that's the one Rob...4 cm is probably bang on and that puts Wade at about 191-2 cm just as i thought.
WalkingTall 6ft3.25 says on 22/Nov/14
How many centimetres is there between Jordan and Wade here Rob,i'm thinking 3-4,or 1.5 inches.
[Editor Rob: the one they held the sneakers? If so that is about 4cm I think]
KROC says on 14/Nov/14
MrTBlack I keep hearing about that measurement but I cant seem to find a source for it. Pat Riley said that Michael Jordan was 6'4.5 once I believe.
MrTBlack says on 1/Nov/14
@ Real Heights

Jordan's 6'6" listing is in his shoes. He's and 1/8 of an inch shy of 6'5".
MrTBlack says on 30/Oct/14

Jordan was measured at 6'4 7/8" in college so it's safe to say he's a legit 6'5".
Bonus says on 24/Oct/14
Nba Heights Official and true
Click Here
KROC says on 21/Oct/14
@Chris Dude just stop the madness. Kobe was never measured at the pre draft camp because he chose to "skip" it. His wife was the one who measured him at 195cm. In person he looks 194cm-195cm. In pictures Kobe Bryant, Charles Barkley both appear to be the EXACT same height as Jordan. All 3 of these guys also have a very similar body type i.e. average legssuper long torso. If MJ is 6'6 then that would make Dennis Rodman over 6'7 and Scottie Pippen over 6'9! Jordan is 194-195, end of story. Quit upgrading people man.
Chris says on 20/Oct/14
Charles Barkley was well over 6'7 in his police mugshots. He's almost 6'8 in them. Shoes add about an inch. So Barkley is probably close to 6'7 flat footed. Barkley is about half an inch taller than Jordan in photos. An inch at the very most. It's pretty obvious Jordan is close to 6'6 if not over it
[Editor Rob: Barkley looks as if he's looking down a bit at the camera, so it's a given that his mugshot is adding height.]
Chris says on 20/Oct/14
Kobe Bryant is 6'5. That was his pre draft measurement without shoes. Jordan is taller than Kobe. Quite clearly.

If Jordan isn't 6'6, he's very close to it. They would have just rounded his height up, for the official stats
Chris says on 20/Oct/14
ab - 6.475 is actually 6.5. You round up height. So Kobe is 6'5
Chris says on 20/Oct/14
Short guys love to claim there's some sort of conspiracy against them. They bring everyone down an inch then say "well he's the same as him!"
James says on 16/Oct/14
Jordan, in my opinion, is a very strong 6'5" flat. His height was never more deceiving than when he tried to play baseball. His legs are so long, he was so lean (just over 3% body fat in his prime, NOT NOW!) and he has a 7 feet wingspan. Those features made him appear to be much taller than 6'5." As most people know, he also has absurdly large hands. Those huge hands hanging off super long arms also made him appear longer. I remember when he used to rebound basketballs in a full palming motion. Very very few NBA players can come close to doing that. Finally, most of MJ's footwear choices make him look, if anything, shorter b/c they are usually low heels, especially in dress shoes. He's a tall guy, with even taller features, but still noticeably shorter than former similarly sized teammates, Pippen and Rodman. I grew up idolizing this guy but from lawyers that I know in D.C., I hear that he is a straight-up egomaniac jerk. Also, a terrible NBA General Manager and identifier of talent. Ironically, he is the best of all-time on the court but that's about where it ends. His riches are not a fluke but they are nowhere near his creation. Faulk, his agent, is to thank for just about everything. Finally, no accusations toward MJ, because I don't know if this is true at all....but I have heard, from unnamed people in the know, that he read at a 3rd grade level when he got to Carolina. I hope that is not true. Majored in Geography, which is where I heard that UNC puts all of their academically-challenged athletes. Once MJ made the NBA and people realized that he was so good, Nike and the Bulls hired a swarm of people to further educate and polish him up for being a commercial-making, product-selling god. Despite all the bad things I've head about MJ, the kid in me will always idolize him. 6'6" in his frequently worn golf shoes.
KROC says on 26/Sep/14
Payr just shut it lmao. Your the one who started this crap. Dude his predraft measurement was exaggerated just like Allen Iverson, Chris Paul, Shaq (well they fixed his) and a handful of others. In person Wade does not look anything over over 6'3. He has great posture too. Look at pictures of him Lebron James. No way. Lebron has even said himself that Wade is 6'3 at the most. I think he's more reliable then some retard who read a measurement on the internet. But whatever you are entitled to your "opinion"
payr says on 2/Sep/14
Kroc, you started this bashing and you're going to get back at me for giving my opinion?! Measurement s are more accurate than your opinion. Peoples posture and angle can deceit you. You are an idiot. You are the one who gets mad for someone who has a different opinion and proof. Hypocrite. You need anger management
ab says on 28/Aug/14
hey crypto, kobe said his wife measured him at 6'4.75
johny z says on 27/Aug/14
For 7/19/14 posting, I like your heights for Jordan, Barkley, and Kobe. I'm not so sure about magic johnson. All photos including the dream team,team picture indicate Bird is 1.5 to 2" bigger than magic. I think magic was 6'7" at best.This would put bird height at what you said.I also think from seeing rodman/pippen/jordan photos that rodman appears to be 1.5" bigger than jordan and 1.5" smaller th
an pippen.My guess would be rodman 6'6 1/4 ,pippen 6'7 1/2.
Crypto139 says on 22/Aug/14
Wait so if Michael Jordan is 6 feet 5 Rob, then how tall do you think Kobe Bryant is then? He is listed as 6 feet 6 or even 6 feet 7. So do you believe he is taller than Jordan? If so by how much then?
ab says on 18/Aug/14
kroc is right, kobe said his height is 6'4 but was measured at 6'4.75. i would give him the 6'4.75 listing
KROC says on 13/Aug/14
Dude shut up. There is two inches between them. Look at the behind the scenes for that particular photoshoot on YouTube. Jordan consistently had two inches on Wade and Jordan isn't even a legit 6'5. Kobe always has two inches on Wade and he isn't even a legit 6'5. Kobe's lying about Wade's height to support his listed height. Wade is 6'2.5-6'2 34. Now be a good Lil boy and go somewhere. Seriously who responds to a post I made 6-7 months ago? Get a life.
payr says on 13/Aug/14
KROC says on 3/Feb/14
Navid, I've met Dwyane Wade more times then I care to mention... He'd be lucky to be 6'3. There's at LEAST two inches between him and Jordan in that picture

Lol at least two inches?! You are not bright. The average forehead is 4 inches and the top of his head and you're saying at least two inches! You are a joke. The measurement s are more accurate than your opinion. There is an Olympic s team photo and wade looks only an inch shorter. Not two inches! Kobe even said he was 6-4 and some change
Whacked88 says on 5/Aug/14
I always thought he's 198cm tall, but then again, he's over fifty now and could've lost a couple inches.
Chris says on 1/Aug/14
RP, that's just completely false.

Barkley in his police mugshot is nearly 6'8! He was obviously in his shoes. But that means he's obviously 6'6 barefoot. He's probably taller than that in fact.

Jordan is about 0.5 inches shorter than Barkley in most pictures. So he's obviously between 6'5.5 and 6'6
RP says on 19/Jul/14
True barefoot heights at peak: Jordan 6'4 7/8", Barkley 6'4 7/8", Kobe 6'4 3/4", Magic 6'7 5/8", Bird 6'8 1/2", Pipppen 6'7 1/2", Rodman 6'6 3/4", LeBron 6'7 1/2"
RP says on 19/Jul/14
True barefoot heights at peak: Jordan 6'4 7/8", Barkley 6'4 7/8", Kobe 6'4 3/4", Magic 6'7 5/8", Bird 6'8 1/2", Pipppen 6'7 1/2", Rodman 6'6 3/4", LeBron 6'7 1/2"
Shak says on 18/Jul/14
They measure bball players in shoes so mj is really 6'4.5 whereas yao ming is really 7'3.5
NBAHeights says on 8/Jul/14
I don't get this pic. Kobe only looks an inch taller than 6`2 Brandon Spikes in this picture, but he looks 5 inches taller than 6`3 Ovechkin. Click Here
176,2Tunman says on 28/Jun/14
Rob,did Riley lied when he said Jordan was 6'4.5?Actually the more I see the more I think he was a solid 6'5.He towers over almost everybody.Well someone here said he was measured at 6'4.7/8 so maybe this was the true measurement and Riley said 6'4.5?
Lillo thomas says on 26/Jun/14
Real heights. Nope michael jordan isn't a legit 6'6
Mr. Kaplan says on 25/Jun/14
Ovechkin certainly isn't 6'3". He's 6'1" tops.
realheights says on 24/Jun/14
rob jordan is 6'6 (198 cm)
Mathew says on 22/Jun/14
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 15/Jun/14
Kobe Bryant could pass for 6'7.5" by 6'3" listed Ovechkin

Click Here

Would anybody care to explain this?


Maybe Ovetchhin is really 6'1"? It is interesting how Kobe (who has claimed 6'4" himself, and his wife claimed to have measured him at 6'4.75") can look so tall at times. Then of course there are times when he doesn't: Click Here Click Here
cole says on 29/May/14
@Editor Rob: I'm just curious: in comparison, Michael Jordan looks taller by 5'8 listed NeYo than Joe Manganiello does with you. What's the explanation here? Joe being more 195 cm and NeYo nearer 171? Poor camera angles and/or a lack of knowledge on the footwear situation (in Jordan and NeYo's shot)? Jordan being taller than 6'5?
[Editor Rob: there is a chance he's in that 5ft 7.5 range yeah]
jordydecke says on 25/May/14
@Carl there's no photo...?
Carl says on 25/May/14
I'm Carl and exactly 6'5 1/2 to 3/4. Am a former college player and have measured this height for last 30 yrs. I just met Kobe at a restaurant in OC on 5/24/14, See pic below. Kopbe looks about 1/2 to 3/4 in shorter than me. So I think he must be almost exactly 6'5" in bare feet. The below photo is proof.
Gonzalo says on 14/May/14
My cousin was a professional basketball players listed 1`94. He saw the 1996 NBA finals live in Chicago and Seattle and told me all players were much shorter than their listed heights. He said Jordan was his height.
IMO Jordan is at least 1`95
Sal says on 29/Apr/14
I'd say you are in the ball park but every video or photo I've seen with Jordan and Barkley, Barkley is about a half inch taller. If Jordan is 6'5" then that would make Barkley 6'5.5" as he claims he is. If Jordan is 6'4" which is what the olympics measured him at then it would make Barkley 6'4 and 5/8" which is what the olympics measured him at.
Lillo thomas says on 8/Apr/14
Chris are you blind ? Neyo is taller than jordan shoulder level . From the top of the head to the shoulder is 1 feet difference. Neyo is exactly in jordan chin level. That's 9 inches. By the way jordan was never a legit 6'6 in his peak. Infact I don't think he lose any height yet. Young jordan looked taller because he weighted considerable less. Still the same height.
chris says on 4/Apr/14
Hold on just a second Rob. He looks almost a foot taller than 5.8 NeYo. He simply looks every bit of his peak 6.6 and going by that pic I would buy 6.7 or 8.
rhaegar says on 24/Mar/14
Dennis Rodman is atleast 6'8. He was guest at TV show in my country which host is exatly 198 cm and he actually looked 3-4 inches taller, but he had some really weird shoes which i tank give atleast 2 inches while the host had dress shoes.
KROC says on 8/Mar/14
@Nick Yeah I've met Kobe Bryant on a couple of occasions. He's a weak 6'5. Probably the 6'4.75 that his wife measured him at.
Brad says on 7/Mar/14
6' 5" without shoes, I had him by an inch a foot away almost 3 decades ago.
Lillo thomas says on 6/Mar/14
Michael jordan is 6'5 tops without shoes. His 6'6 listing is with shoes on.
1.95.1 says on 4/Mar/14
Michael Jordan is 1.98. Today 1.97 or 1.98
1.89.5 says on 3/Mar/14
1.98 or 1.96? Rob? Please
Nick says on 23/Feb/14
Kobe with 6'6.25'' measured Rob Gronkowski: Click Here

Would this put Kobe under 6'5'' (assuming he isn't barefoot)?
luca says on 20/Feb/14
italian basketball player Gino Cuccarolo is 2,20.
5\'11 morning height says on 15/Feb/14
Who cares about Dwade everyone knows that he grew 4inches from his 5'11" hieght his senior year in high school. To what he is listed at with shoes on 6'4". Jordan is 6'4" 1/2 barefoot he also grew about 5 inches from 5'10 to his current height. Who cares about height unless your an athlete and have to perform with it. Everyone else is very very sad in life for arguing hieghts of strangers.
KROC says on 10/Feb/14

It could have been a discrepancy of some sort. More then likely he was really measured at 6'2.75. There's a reason why his teammates tease him about his height. In reality he's pretty undersized for a 2 guard. To put it in perspective, if he was really measured at that height, they would have him listed at 6'5...
Joe says on 8/Feb/14

Wade was measured at 6'3.75'' barefoot during the NBA combine. I don't know how he'd be able to fake that if he's no more than 6'3''.
KROC says on 3/Feb/14
Navid, I've met Dwyane Wade more times then I care to mention... He'd be lucky to be 6'3. There's at LEAST two inches between him and Jordan in that picture.
jason says on 1/Feb/14
he was measured at 6-4 1/2 according to pat riley which was right before the draft....the commentator on the nba pre draft tv viewing even said that nba height listings are with shoes on, so I don't get how people say "well people keep growing after 18" yet they were listed the same exact height since they were drafted....that's not the case it has to do with the listings being with shoes on...Kevin Durant and Perkins are the same height and Perkins measured 6 8 1/2 without shoes or 6-8 3/4...Kevin Durant may be taller but not much... he's really 6-9 and maybe some change without shoes.
navid says on 1/Feb/14
Click Here

only looks like an half an inch at the most.....I doubt that's even 2 inches....I don't get why people say wade is undersized when he's only an inch shorter than Jordan...Kobe and Jordan are the same height...I also don't get
ff says on 1/Feb/14
riley said he only measured 6-4 1/2 without shoes and the nba draft express commentator said that the height listings in the nba are with shoes on....when jordan and wade were back to back it only looks like an inch and a half at the most
ff says on 1/Feb/14
these combine measurements are in the morning and so are the nba pre draft measurements.....morning height is a little off because when you are laying down you are taller due to compression of the spine and most of the day you aren't that height when you get out of bed....gravity makes you lose that height during the day
Penny Hardaway says on 29/Jan/14
Scottie Pippen was measured at 6'7.5" (without shoes. He looks like 2.5" taller than MJ.
MrTBlack says on 18/Dec/13
He does wear bb shoes which makes him more massive but this sounds right. Remember, people aren't aware of how massive 6'5" is.
fff says on 17/Dec/13
viper bryant measured at 6-2 without shoes
Click Here
KROC says on 12/Dec/13
Unfortunately I've missed out on a couple of occasions to meet Jordan whenever he comes to Rucker Park in NYC. Most people that i know that have met him say that he looks 6'5 in person.
JB says on 1/Dec/13
Only 6'5"? When I see him in pics with other celebrities(non basketball players) he just towers over everyone. He's a head taller than Wayne Gretzky who's official height listing is 6'0" and he's also a head taller than Kevin Kostner who is supposedly 6'1". I still believe he's a legit 6'6".
Griffin says on 26/Nov/13
6'4" maybe 6'5" in the morning
Mathew says on 20/Nov/13
With 6'7" Pippen I can see a good 6'4.5":
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Spencer says on 9/Nov/13
6'5 even
leonard23 says on 29/Oct/13
Him and Kobe are the same height. Take a loo at these pics

Click Here

Click Here
Lillo thomas says on 25/Oct/13
What the hell was michael jordan smoking when he says dennis rodman is only a half inch taller ? Dennis rodman is atleast 1 inch taller . In most pics together the difference is around 1.5 inches .
Lillo thomas says on 25/Oct/13
What the hell was michael jordan smoking when he says dennis rodman is only a half inch taller ? Dennis rodman is atleast 1 inch taller . In most pics together the difference is around 1.5 inches .
LeBron6 says on 18/Oct/13
Jordan is leaning towards him
Viper says on 14/Oct/13
Jordan doesnt look taller than 6'4 with 6'1 measured Dez Bryant. Click Here
jtm says on 5/Oct/13
clement says on 30/Sep/13
My Guess is 6'4"
Clement says on 27/Sep/13
My Guess is Mr.Michael Jordan is 6'3"tall.....
johnny z says on 26/Sep/13
I have seen numerous pictures of MJ and Charles Barkley standing side by side and there is no negligible difference between their heights. CB has always said his true height is 6-4 3/4 and I believe him. I feel MJ is also 6-4 3/4.
hieghtiko conji says on 26/Sep/13
Very Nice Hieght
Lenad is sexy says on 21/Sep/13
Lorne says on 18/Sep/13
Knowing he measured 6 ft4.88, that sounds spot on, if that's his lowest height then 6ft5 listing is fine. Can anyone tell me where to find the Olympic measurements? I can't find them anywhere, but am interested to see. Clearly they are available, right?
Ud191cm says on 15/Sep/13
[Editor Rob: I'm going to do that for Michael]

[Editor Rob: I'm going to do that for Michael]

Rob does that mean you actually had him at under 6'5??
If then, then why so? He was measured well over 6'4.75 that is 6'4.88.Its close enough for a 6'5 right?
some guy says on 31/Aug/13
If Madame Tussauds NYC wax museum is accurate (which prides itself on accuracy), then Jordan is about 6'4". I stood next to his likeness for a picture, and am approximately 1 inch taller. I am 6'5".
Viking says on 4/Aug/13
Small people talk and talk...there“s no way he is that tall? And why is that!
Because the people that comment here are all between 5“4 and 5“8 and their dream was to be taller.That“s why!
I don“t know Jordan“s height in the morning or after he goes to sleep,but he is very tall and certanly between 196 and 198 cm.
Lo sgozzatore says on 24/Jul/13
Yeah, Lorne. I think these big guys do loose at least an inch from morning to evening so they could be 6'6 in the morning and a little under 6'5 in the night?
Lorne says on 2/Jul/13
Rob, is it possible that big guys like Jordan, Barkley and Kobe could lose up to 4cm in a day? It is just mind boggling. MJ was measured 6ft4.88(or somewhere round there) which would make him 195cm evening, yet he looks legit 6ft5, and indeed you upgraded him from 194cm to 196cm. Kobe was supposedly measured 194-195cm(can't remember which) yet clearly is a 6ft5 guy. Barkley I believe is the 195cm he is listed at(though can look taller) so his measurement is legit. But MJ and Kobe are both taller than they're measurements. Could it be they vary more than a regular person? For example, Jenny can drop under 5'8 at night, yet wakes up 5ft9. Could it be Jordan is a guy who measures over 6'6 out of bed and drops to 195cm evening???
hazaratajik says on 28/Jun/13
6'4.5 to 6'5. Over 6'5 is stretching it. Over 6'6 is a fantasy
Thinker says on 22/Jun/13
6-4.88 (1992 U.S. Olympics at age 29)
this is true michael jordan height :) so... yeah he is 6 ft 5
IR says on 20/Jun/13
MJ is 6' 6", yes, when he wears shoes like everybody else. He has mentioned that Dennis Rodman is half an inch taller in one of the youtube videos, you'd figure the man who has been with Rodman in person from 95-98 with the Chicago Bulls would truly know that for himself. I guess we should tak his word for it and upgrade MJ's height to 6' 6"? if Rodman was listed 6' 6.5" before on this site.
Lo sgozzatore says on 20/Jun/13
Yeah. But you think he might be a big 6'6 guy? Look at him with Phelps: there's a pic where he actually looks about 4 inches taller. If Phelps is 6'3, which he may not be, this guy looks at least 6'7
Lorne says on 19/Jun/13
Thank you! I always thought Kobe was actually close to his 6'6 listing, he has a good 4 inches on Steve Nash, and can look near 5 inches taller. I can Believe a 6ft4.75in measurement, but he honestly looks 6'5, and 6'4.5 is clearly too low. And I haven't seen any evidence of this measurement,aside from anecdotal. Kobe isn't less than 195cm, and he honestly looks 6'5.
Lo sgozzatore says on 18/Jun/13
Rob, i already asked you about Kobe Bryant. I know. I've read somewhere he got measured at 6'4.5 but if you compare him with some of celebs you listed here he can look at least 6'6! I'm not saying he is that tall though. Just see him with Chris Paul, that you have at 182. He can look 15-16 cms taller or a Michael Phelps that looks 4 inches shorter in some pics. Whats your guess?
[Editor Rob: well I thought if this guy was measured just under 6ft 5 he may well be, but looking at him just now...maybe it's too low or he was measured standing with poor posture.]
Johno says on 9/Jun/13
Mathew says on 31/May/13
Rob, have you seen this? It's a story in which Pat Riely mentions Jordan's measured height from when he was coming into the NBA in the mid 1980s: Click Here
[Editor Rob: it's interesting, a 6ft 4.5 is still very tall.]


Well, 6'4.5, 6'4.75 - really close.

Jordan is taller then barkley though and barkley does often get described as 6'4. Jordan does appear to be precisely 1 inch taller then dwayne wade.

Basketball heights are most probably not measured in the evening.
Bota0 says on 9/Jun/13
Hey fellaz please learn how to use the metric system cause its easy and hella good accured
Mathew says on 31/May/13
Rob, have you seen this? It's a story in which Pat Riely mentions Jordan's measured height from when he was coming into the NBA in the mid 1980s: Click Here
[Editor Rob: it's interesting, a 6ft 4.5 is still very tall.]
23 says on 30/May/13
6'5" is bang on for mj.perfectly explains his 6'6' nba listing.and him being a little taller than 6"4.75" Kobe Bryant(listed 6'6") as measured by his wife.And a little shorter than 6'5.5"(listed 6'6"-6'7") Julius Erving.
Lillo Thomas says on 28/May/13
A full inch ? In some pics Jordan can look taller than barckey and other pics barckey can look taller than Jordan . Both guys are the same height in reality .
El Mariachi says on 27/May/13
Come on, Jordan is a legit 6'6". He has a full Inch on Charles Barkley.
Duhon says on 18/Apr/13
Larry johnson was measured at 6'5.5" barefoot Click Here So 6'5" right on the dot for jordan in that pic?
jimmy says on 15/Apr/13
I don't think that he is under 6'5". I think that he is a strong 6'5" guy.He looks .5" taller than Barkley and very close with Larry Jonson.

Click Here
Xhavier says on 9/Apr/13
Taken from the Charles Barkley Thread:

For most Basketball players, take their listed height and remove 1,5 inches and you will have much closer to their true height.

For those that are over 7ft, usually there is not much tampering with their height and they get listed at their true heights.

Example: Manute Bol was 7ft 6.75 in, they listed him at 7ft 7in. Had they listed him at 7ft 9in, Guiness World Records would have refuted it, since they also measured, Mr. Bol.

Basketball players (at all levels) height's are measured first without their shoes and then with them, their listed height is based on their height with shoes rounded to the nearest inch.

In his book, I May Be Wrong but I Doubt It, Barkley states his 6ft 4.75in height. This is consistent with his US Olympic 1992 Measurement, and with his previous statements. Also it is identical to Michael Jordan's measurement and Jordan himself stated in a video that they were the same height.

So at 6ft 4.75in, he is still taller than 99.5% of the world population.
jimmy says on 1/Apr/13
I thought NFL measurements were accurate.He must be a 6'2.5" guy rounded up to 6'3".Yet with Sharapova looks a strong 6'3"(if not more) guy.
Click Here
Lillo Thomas says on 30/Mar/13
Terrell Owens is listed at 6-3 but he is 6-2 at best in reality . Michael jordan is about 6-5 without shoes .
jimmy says on 28/Mar/13
Click Here
Lol!!! This guy Terrell Owens is listed 6'3".Michael Jordan is closer to camera but he is losing height by leaning his head and yet he looks at least 3 inches taller.Anything under 6'5" for MJ is not acceptable.
thorterr says on 15/Mar/13
oh hes a 6ft 6inches if that guy with the frank sinatra hat is 5ft 8
Spencer says on 13/Mar/13
I think barefoot:

MJ: 6'5
Kobe: 6'4.5
Lebron: Just shy of 6'8
g says on 10/Mar/13
nope he 6'6 tall not 6'5
Mathew says on 5/Mar/13
ytsan2q says on 3/Mar/13
I met Jordan when he played baseball. We were almost eye-to-eye. I would say he's about 6'4". I'm 6'2". He was listed at 6'3 when he was at UNC.


Jordan was sometimes listed at 6'5" at UNC, but never 6'3". Pat Riley is quoted as saying "Did you know that when Jordan was measured he was only 6-4 and a half, not 6-6 the way he's listed?" I think Jordan is somewhere in the 194 - 195 cm range with along with Barkley and Kobe, 6'4.5" - just under 6'5" for the 3 of them.
jimmy says on 3/Mar/13
lol @ytsan2q.Jordan only 6.4"?That would make Barkley-Bryant 6'.3"1/2-6'3"3/4.Shorter than D.Wade? I can't buy that.I would say he is a strong 1.96 guy.
ytsan2q says on 3/Mar/13
I met Jordan when he played baseball. We were almost eye-to-eye. I would say he's about 6'4". I'm 6'2". He was listed at 6'3 when he was at UNC.
Lillo Thomas says on 2/Mar/13
He is shorter than legit 6-6 dennis rodman .
ChaDanKel says on 27/Feb/13
I would say 6 foot 6"
James says on 24/Feb/13
He looked an easy 6'5 with damon wayans
d wade says on 23/Feb/13
easy 6,5 maybe a strong 6,5
Leo says on 22/Feb/13
His about 6'4.5 or 6'5
James says on 12/Feb/13
Brad met Kareem?
Brad says on 12/Feb/13
As listed, owned him by the inch both times. Bank it. Kobe strong 6' 4". Lakers stinkin up the joint.
JFM says on 10/Feb/13
I'm 6'3'. I met Ray Allen in the Fall of 2011 at a Boston Hotel nightspot. He was with Paul Pierce. Ray Allen is 6'5" while Pierce looks to be 6'6" or 6'7"...both legit heights...
cobra says on 10/Feb/13
Charles Barkley has also claimed in his book 6-4 3/4 in his stocking feet, and Jordan always looked a similar height.
JFM says on 8/Feb/13
Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant must be 6'6'. Over the years, I've seen Jordan and Kobe stand next to Paul Pierce and Ray Allen at the free throw line but obviously at different times and they all look about the same height. I'm 6'3" without shoes. On one ocassion, I met and spoke with Pierce and Allen in Boston. They were both significantly taller than me. Pierce is an easy 6'6", (probably closer to 6'7"), while Ray Allen is a legitimate 6'5". No doubt.
K-Roc says on 20/Jan/13
@LeBron6 I've met Ray Allen on two occasions at NYC's infamous Rucker Park. He looked about 6'4. In that picture, although he's standing closer to the camera Kobe still looks taller.
Duhon says on 16/Dec/12
I'm thinking kobe is a legit 6'5" myself. Seeing him next to other "tallish" celebs he holds his place pretty well. Whether his wife actually measured him at 6'4.75" or not could be irrelevant as she would be far from a professional doing that measurement.
Lillo Thomas says on 15/Dec/12
Both Kobe and jordan are 6-6 in shoes .
Steven says on 13/Dec/12
MJ and Kobe had to be 6'6 if not 6'1 Obama had to be flat 6'0.
Lillo Thomas says on 11/Dec/12
Kobe and Jordan both are about the same height . Kobe himself says the he is in the 6-4 range . Most likely 6-4 3/4 . Like the measurement his wife did .
Dant says on 10/Dec/12
stop downgrading people. Kobe and Jordan is in the same height Click Here
Lillo Thomas says on 30/Oct/12
Michael Jordan is looking like a legit 6-6 in shoes next to Neyo . NeYo is 5-8 or about 5-9 in shoes . I see 9 inches between them . Michael Jordan isn't a legit 6-6 . He is about a inch shorter than Dennis rodman . Rodman is a legit 6-6 or maybe 6-6.5 tall . Jordan is atleast 2 inches shorter than scottie pippen . In person Jordan will look 6-6 to almost everyone . The difference between 6-6 and 6-5 is barely notable .
Me says on 29/Oct/12
looks 6'6 in that pic with neyo.
Desann says on 28/Oct/12
On this pic, Jordan looks a legit 6'6" as his height is stated with that mark on every website. Let alone 6'5".
Mr. Kaplan says on 26/Oct/12
Jordan has crazy long legs in relation to his upper body.
J-Dog says on 26/Oct/12
6'5" for Jordan is fair and accurate, good upgrade Rob!
leonari says on 11/Oct/12
I always thought Barkley is taller. Always.
Krishna says on 10/Oct/12
There is a great shot of the USA team with Jordan and 6'4.75 Charles Barkley (Barkley is never listed over 6'6). Jordan looks about an inch shorter ('maybe' 3/4 inch shorter)

Another photo of Barkley's mugshot, suggests he is 6'6.25" , (most certainly) with shoes. That shot suggest Barkley stands more like, 6'5" - 6'5.25", barefoot. Even we assume Barkley is 6'5.25", based off the first picture, Jordan can't be taller 6'4.5"

Rob, You really should put Jordan back in the high 6'4 range.
Krishna says on 10/Oct/12
What basis for changing his height. There is no way he is/was a clean 6'5. He looks more like 6'4.5, in some very good pictures, with people of known height.
Larc-186.7-188.6cm says on 9/Oct/12
6'5 is good, he looks to have half an inch on Kobe Bryant.
leonari says on 26/Sep/12
When will folks understand that NBA players get listed IN shoes... Some posters here have what I call" a long line" . Takes ages until some facts sink in...
Mathew says on 23/Sep/12
Rob, have you seen this:
Riley gave me one of those condescending looks he's so good at. "You see," he said, "this is the problem with you media people. You just don't understand basketball. Did you know that when Jordan was measured he was only 6-4 and a half, not 6-6 the way he's listed?"
Click Here
Shaun says on 22/Sep/12
He generally gives off a 6 ft 6 impression like Kobe and Tim Robbins so barefoot likely very close to the 6 ft 5 mark legitimately.
Duhon says on 8/Sep/12
Ray Allen's pre-draft measurements: 6'5" barefoot, 198 lbs
Click Here
jtm says on 7/Sep/12
i think jordan is 6'4.5.
LeBron6 says on 4/Sep/12
@Joćo Even if NeYo is only 5'6" Michael Jordan is still 6'5" because he has a full head on NeYo and 2-3 inches more!
LeBron6 says on 2/Sep/12
@Joćo Ray Allen is a legit 6'5" with 6'4.75"+ Kobe Bryant Click Here
No way ray Allen is 6'3"
LeBron6 says on 31/Aug/12
@Joćo 193 cm? that's a the 1st pic with Gary Payton look at the way mj's legs are. In the pic with Danny Ainge he has a huge camera advantage and hair that makes him look even taller. in the pic with Drazen Petrovic look at the way mj is standing. and there is only 1 pic with mj and kobe that you can judge height off of, and mj is wearing house slippers and kobe is wearing thick heeled dress shoes. He has atleast an inch on 6'3.75 d wade.
Joćo says on 31/Aug/12
Jordan with Ray Allen, who was measured 192cm in 2000 olympics
Click Here
They look almost the same
Ray Allen olympics profile: Click Here
Ray Allen with 184cm Denzel Wahington
Click Here
Click Here
Ray Allen is
Does he appears more than 192 cm?
Joćo says on 29/Aug/12
I prefer the 1992 Olympics measurement of 193 cm. He looks no more compared to the european players of the era like Alberto Herreros, Villacampa, Petrovic or Perasovic.

-Compared to Gary Payton (measured 189 cm in 1996 olympics) looks slightly taller
Click Here
-With Danny Ainge who listed at 6’4″ in some places, and 6’5″ in some places
Click Here
-With 6'5'' Drazen Petrovic
Click Here
-Also, I've seen several photos where Kobe is taller
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
-with Jay Leno
Click Here
-with 192 cm Dwyane Wade
Click Here from 1:30 to 2:36

I don't know nothing for sure and a lots of photos of Michael Jordan on the internet has people on diferent planes, difficult angles (for height predict purposes) and the ground level inclined.
But for me Jordan seems to be 193 cm.
jtm says on 29/Aug/12
i doubt neyo is 5'8. he looks more like 5'6.
LeBron6 says on 29/Aug/12
oh my god rob he's the greatest athlete of all time just give him a full 6'5" as he looks it.
[Editor Rob: I'm going to do that for Michael]
LeBron6 says on 28/Aug/12
Click Here
Rob, he has at least 0.25 inches on Kobe who is at least 6'4.75 in this pic that was taken in 1998. And Jordan might be even slouching a bit since his hands are on his hips. Could Jordan be 6'5"+ Since he was always slightly taller then kobe? I think we need an upgrade. This right here is spot on.
[Editor Rob: I was going with the 195cm but 196 might also be possible]
LeBron6 says on 26/Aug/12
Rob, he's taller then kobe bryant who is 6'4.5"-6'5".
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

What do you think? Is 6'5"+ possible?
Shaun says on 25/Aug/12
Yes indeed, looks about an inch shorter than 6'4" Eli Manning, good catch. Seems the NFL height listings seem to be pretty accurate from what I've seen. If you were to start a page for Phelps the most decorated Olympian in history then I'd go with 6'3".
Shaun says on 25/Aug/12
I think Rob's right, its very difficult to buy anything over 6'3" next to Kobe and Deron. If he is 6'3" tops though a lot of the other swimmers need a downgrade by an inch. Height is tough to call sometimes as in some pics people who are supposed to be the same height look taller depending on angle or footwear/posture and it can baffle you at times. Phelps can look 6'4" but he looks barely 6'3" in those basketball comparison pics.
ANDREA[ITA] says on 25/Aug/12
I neither saw you added him! Great job!
ANDREA[ITA] says on 25/Aug/12
Rob, you told me Michael Phelps could be 6'3.5 or close to 6'4 in any case, when i clearly said he couldn't be. Now you say he's not over 6'3? You changed your mind?
[Editor Rob: I never added till yesterday, when I managed to have a look at him and thought it's likely he's not over 6ft 3 now.]
Shaun says on 24/Aug/12
Click Here

Yikes, Deron Williams on the left is actually "listed" as a Basketball player at 6'3" and looks like he edges Phelps out, even accounting for him being closer!
Shaun says on 24/Aug/12
6'3.5" still looks a stretch I think even accounting for Kobe's footwear advantage if he is really 6'4.75".
Shaun says on 24/Aug/12
Click Here

Here's Kobe's footwear, Nike sandals, Phelps is barefoot, saw his feet in another pic I think. Maybe 6'3.5" still possible?
Shaun says on 24/Aug/12
Its strange Rob as Phelps does have about 2 inches on 6'2" listed Ryan Loche. I've seen a photograph of Prince Harry and Ryan Loche standing barefoot inside a pool and they looked the exact same height, although one cannot rule out slope or one on toes or something but the photograph it looked like one of those side pools which don't slope and are used for parties and chit-chat and stuff. Prince Harry is what, 6'1.5"-6'2"? I saw a pic of him and Kate Middleton recently and thought he looked 6'2". Odd as I thought 6'3.5" seemed spot on for Phelps but Kobe owns him.
Shaun says on 24/Aug/12
Click Here

Odd, I had Phelps as 6'3.5" and Kobe 6'4.75" but Kobe looks easily 6'6" if Phelps is 6'3.5". Rob do some detective work and get us some pages for Kobe and Phelps!
[Editor Rob: I'd rule anything over 6ft 3 for Phelps out completely.
Shaun says on 24/Aug/12
Rob you really ought to have a page for Kobe Bryant!! His page would undoubtedly get a lot of traffic.
[Editor Rob: and a lot of trolls! I had him here but his page seemed to attract too many for my liking...]
185.6 cm (6 ft 1.25 in) Dude says on 16/Aug/12
Michael Jordan is legitimately one inch taller than Charles Barkley, who said himself in his autobiography that he is 6 foot 4 inches. That would make Michael Jordan 6 foot 5.
ANDREA[ITA] says on 13/Aug/12
I read that kobe said he was measured by his wife and that he's 6'4.5! You think thats possible?
[Editor Rob: it's a possibility, but you are depending on the measurer to know what they're doing.]
ANDREA[ITA] says on 12/Aug/12
Rob, how tall do you think Kobe Bryan is? He towers over Michael Phelps, that you say could be 6'4 (even if he doesnt look over 6'3 to me)
[Editor Rob: he's likely near 6ft 5 or 6ft 6 in sneaker]
TheExtra says on 6/Aug/12
Only 2 comments for greatest athlete of all time? There is a pic of Jordan and Dwayne Wade. Jordan is about 1 inch taller than the 6'3.5 Wade.
Matthew says on 28/Jan/12
Andrew says on 23/Oct/11
Jordan and Tom Brady who was measured at 6043 in nfl combine, which is 6'4.25.

Click Here

I could buy a full 6'5 for Jordan.

Based off that picture, I could buy 6'5" for Jordan. My dad (6'2.5" - 6'3") met Brady, remarked that Brady was 1.5" or so taller, around 6'4" - 6'4.5". In that shot, Jordan looks 6'5.25" - 6'4.75".

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.