How tall is Allen Iverson ?

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Allen Iverson height: 5ft 11in (180 cm)

American basketball player associated with Philadelphia 76ers and Denver Nuggets.
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WAF says on 29/Jul/15

You are most likely referring to this article: Click Here

Barkley does not say that he lied about his height. He says that some players do. There is a distinction between lying yourself and having a coach who lists all the players heights and decides to exaggerate - that is how it's commonly done.

I think most well-informed fans of the NBA, and there are not many, are aware of the fact that players listed height is their height in shoes. There is therefore very little ambiguity - you subtract about an inch off every listed height and you have the barefoot height. There are, of course, exceptions:

Chris Paul is actually about 6'0" without shoes and therefore should be listed 6'1". Kevin Durant is at least 6'9" without shoes and should be listed at 6'10", but because he is a small forward, he is listed at 6'9" as that is typically the tallest height for a small forward - 6'10", 6'11" and sometimes 7'0" is the height of a power forward.

Then there are players like Dwight Howard, Kevin Love, and Nick Young whose heights are all exaggerated, even when accounting for shoes. (Howard might have grown half an inch, which would justify his 6'11" listing, but I am not sure.)
In general the listed heights are accurate heights with shoes worn. Besides, the important thing is not whether a player is 6'8" or 6'9", but whether he is 6'6" or 6'9" - the wingspan and standing reach are arguably more important measures when comparing players of almost equal height.

So, Barkley was correctly listed at 6’6”, since he is at least 6’5” (even though he is listed at 6’4.75” here).

The most problematic aspect of the current listing convention is that some people don’t know that it has not always existed and they thus tend to underestimate the height of former players compared to current ones. That’s why it is a widely held belief that centers were undersized when Wilt Chamberlain played and that he could dominate on sheer size alone - as a matter of fact, Wilt Chamberlain was actually a finesse player, who wanted to beat you with his skills and not his unprecedented size and athleticism (although he did that as well - especially if he was provoked). People also say that Bill Russell would have been too short and insufficiently athletic to compete today, even though he was about 6’9.63” and would legitimately have been listed 6’11” unlike Dwight Howard (unless he grew after getting drafter - not that it ultimately matters for his worth as a player) and that he was a freakish athlete who could run and jump like few human beings on this earth: Click Here
jjg943 says on 3/Jun/15
I say 5'10"-5'10 3/4 barefeet to being 5'11 3/4- 6'0" legit with shoes on....
leonari says on 17/May/15
He ain't broke
6ftMagician says on 17/Apr/15
A 180 guy for me, probably sleeps as a strong 5'10.
b-mint1994 says on 12/Apr/15
5'9.5" is hate-crimish. At worst he's a strong 5'10/weak 5'11"
Dusty says on 6/Apr/15
Draft express, or any draft-oriented measurements are definitely not the be all end all. That's where the lies begin. Just read about Charles Barkley, there's a quote from him where he says straight up that he lied to get listed at 6'6, and says he's really 6'Ύ
oregon says on 10/Mar/15
Rob, look at his photos with 5'11 rapper Fabolous. Also look at his pictures with Dwyane Wade...this guy is 5'9.5...
b-mint1994 says on 28/Feb/15
I wonder how many of the listed 6 ft point guards are a legit 6 foot in real life.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 19/Feb/15
At 5ft11, he's practically a midget in his sport
trev says on 21/Aug/14
Met AI when I was a kid. My pops knew Louis Katz (owned the Nets) and I got to be a pregame ballboy one game when they were playing the sixers. I loved AI so I went to the sixers side of the court. I was only 12 back then so I maybe don't have the greatest retrospective judge of his height but if I had to guess compared to other players on the court I don't see him as less than 6'0" at his peak (back then I mean). Nice guy!!
Ian C. says on 13/Aug/14
I don't know, Speed, if I want Allen Iverson to be short, other than that the less tall he is the more spectacular his achievements as an athlete. I sure get a nasty, spiteful thrill out of him being broke though. Anybody else out there get that, or should I go into therapy (again) for being a jerk?
Roger says on 12/Dec/13
How is that possible that you have Fabolous and Allen Iverson both at 5'11 even though that Fab is at least an inch taller than AI. The pictures below clearly shows that. They were wearing the same shoes by the way Reebok Questions. I think you should downgrade AI to 5'10 taking into consideration below pictures. :

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
speed says on 7/Dec/13
why do we all want him to be short?
kyle says on 2/Dec/13
@Bosnia if you can mistake someone who is the same height as you with someone who is 3 inches taller than you then you are genius!
bulba says on 6/Nov/13
Wasnt he listed as 5ft 10.5in at one point?
Bosnia says on 5/Nov/13
@kyle How do we now that you estimated Lues height corectly? Lot of people make are making mistake when judging someones height. So, like Malone11 said, if you cannot trust predraft measurments where it is clearly written "height with and w/o shoes"..
Bosnia says on 5/Nov/13
@Lyvloev how is it possible that Iverson had already lost height? :s That is exaggerating...
Lyvloev says on 4/Oct/13
His peak height was 5 ft 11 1/2 in, soonly he fell to 5 ft 10 3/4 in, however he is now 5 ft 10, clearly.Do not forget his wingspan at 6 ft 3 1/4 in, and, yes NBA height is in shoes so he is 6 ft, but do not forget in predraft he was listed in shoes at 6 ft 1 in.
KROC says on 13/Aug/13
I use to see Iverson all the time at Rucker Park back in the day. He always looked a little below 5'11.
KVC says on 2/Aug/13
Rob, you have rapper Nelly at 5'8.5 (which I believe is a bit too much, seeing as how Nelly himself claims only 5'9, I'm sure he's no taller than 5'8) and in this video we see Nelly and Iverson in similar footwear, with AI looking marginally taller. Do you think that video would change your estimate of AI? Also, Iverson is listed oficially at 6'0 with shoes - which means he should be 5'11 barefeet if they didn't add anything - which everyone knows they do.

Best regards: KVC
monogamy says on 19/Jan/13
i assume our buddy malone11 here is about 16-19 years old. so don't be too mean to him as he is not an adult yet
kyle says on 14/Jan/13
Malone11 the only ignorant man here is you. Inacuracy of draft measurements were proved many times not only on this website. Just for instance check Tyronn Lue's height (6'0 from pre draft measurements) I"m from Boston, have seen and approached him many times and he was exactly the same height as I am (5'9.25). As don omar said don't think you are smarter than this website's visitors!
malone11 says on 31/Dec/12
if you dont trust the official predraft measurment, what the hell are you gonna trust? the ignorance on some people here, i actually linked everybody up and supported the claim
Don Omar says on 26/Dec/12
If it is so easy to solve this mistery over Iverson's height this page is irrelevant. So malone11 don't think that you are smarter than most people here because you really look dumb while doin' this!
Tony says on 20/Dec/12
Yeh I dont actually trust those draftexpress measuremnts for iverson. I saw someone post on another forum he was measured 5'10.25, sounds right but I do not think they backed it up.
Pop says on 20/Dec/12
malone11 those so called "measurements" for AI appeared after someone posted unconfirmed information here on this page.
malone11 says on 10/Nov/12
Click Here he measured 6'0 barefoot at the draft combine, case solved
Knowledge says on 1/Oct/12
Murad is probably right considering he played in Turkey 178cm (5'10) is the best estimate.I really dont see him being even 5'11 or let alone 6'.Even in basketball shoes its a reach
Noble says on 29/Aug/12
met him in atlanta this summer, 5'10 is correct i think, considering the fact that he was in sleepers
hungarian says on 24/Jan/12
Probably Murad said the right thing. He's 178 cm.

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