How tall is Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson's Height

5ft 11in (180 cm)

American basketball player associated with The Philadelphia 76ers and Denver Nuggets. In a 1999 Orlando Sentinel he claimed "I'm 6-foot".

How tall is Allen Iverson
By Keith Allison [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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Average Guess (31 Votes)
5ft 10.91in (180.1cm)
Canson said on 26/Mar/17
Out of bed 181 range
Before bed around 179
Canson said on 22/Mar/17
@JJ: no way! He's 178-179 bare minimum
jj said on 21/Mar/17
He's 175cm
Canson said on 2/Mar/17
@Ok: I'd go with what Larry Brown said he's 5'10/5'11 a weak 5'11 is prob more like it. That's how most people guess him.
ok said on 25/Jan/17
5'10 imo
Chris said on 9/Jan/17
No more than this
horace said on 29/Dec/16
181 centimeters with no footwear.
James said on 17/Dec/16
@Joe He is not 6 foot by any means, not even out of bed.

Click Here

Looks kinda similar to Beckham, around 5' 11" is OK.
Cr said on 8/Dec/16
he looks 178 cm
Joe said on 8/Dec/16
181 cm barefoot. He looks shorter because he wears baggy clothing, especially pants. He actually appears 6 foot if you watch footage of his college years at Georgetown University. Even the 1996 draft combine measured him at 6'0" without shoes.
184-182 said on 28/Nov/16
@hijopotamus: I believe that was Isiah Thomas of the Detroit Pistons, who was listed at 6'1"

As for Allen Iverson, I'm betting he's around the 5'11 mark give or take a little based on what time of day it is
hijopotamus said on 26/Nov/16
Rob, wasnt Iverson same height as Will Smith on Prince of Bel Air??
Canson said on 23/Nov/16
Larry Brown who is 5'8-5'9 said during AI's HOF press conference 160 lbs at most and 5'10/5'11 which is what people like KROC who have met him (here on Celebheights) have also said
James B said on 27/Oct/16
Upper end of average for an American man but a midget in basketball yes
manny said on 25/Sep/16
Chris Paul is 6foot and looks to be that inch taller that Iverson so I would have to say this is accurate and no lower that a strong 5'10. For Iverson anythinglower is nonsense
Wallace said on 11/Sep/16
Highly doubt he's six feet. He isn't much taller than Tyronn Lue. I met Lue when he played for LA and his listed six feet is bs. I'm five eleven and was taller by some maybe an inch and a half
Canson said on 26/Aug/16
5'10-5'11 barefoot
123 said on 23/Aug/16
Iversion is 5'9 look at him with mj
Canson said on 22/Jun/16
@Truth: right where you have him prob 5'10.5. A friend of mine at 6' even said he looks an inch and a half shorter than he was
truth said on 21/Jun/16
Looks like a strong 5'10, weak 5'11 guy. Very similar to me (only slightly taller), 5'10.5 - 5'11.
Buck said on 9/Jun/16
I think 5'9 is a crime, he's a weak 5'11 or very strong 5'10 at worst but I imagine 5'11 is closer to reality
Leo said on 4/May/16
So, Allen is 5'11 and not less. Good job Rob.
Draxler said on 26/Apr/16
Rob, What is the difference?
Chris Paul and Allen Iverson
Click Here
Editor Rob: doesn't look much really, they could be within 1cm of each other
Mike said on 8/Apr/16
@Junior Lewing Koo Seriously? You think he's 5'8". You should never be taken seriously on this website ever again.
Junior Lewing Koo said on 4/Apr/16
I would say that I'm approximately 5'8
Allen Iverson was always overrated as a player and his height. I would say, Iverson gotta be around possibly 5'9 with shoes. Without shoes 5'8. Why does the NBA Exaggerate players height?
Ljungberg said on 2/Mar/16

KG is like 6-11.25 and Ray Allen is actually a legit 6-4 guy (He is a little less than 3 cm shorter than MJ at 193 cm - 193.5 cm)
Canson said on 26/Jan/16
Height: I could not have paid for a better response than that! Spot on!
Height said on 25/Jan/16

You are right about Garnett, as that 6'9.5" measurement comes from an Olympic height...that's what Fiba does to players that are not officially measured: they knock of 1.5" off their listed NBA height.

But as far as Ray Allen goes, he's in the 6'3" department, he is a strong 6'3" though at about 6'3.6"-6'3.8"...

He is about 1 inch shorter than Kobe and about 1.5-2 inches shorter than Paul Pierce who is about 6'6".
Pdubble said on 24/Jan/16
Some ppl gunna believe what they want to believe..somebody tried saying kg must be 6'9.5...and ray Allen only 6' is atleast 6'11shoes off..Ray is 6'5 no shoes, just stop it..some guys heights are altered..not all tho.
WAF said on 29/Jul/15

You are most likely referring to this article: Click Here

Barkley does not say that he lied about his height. He says that some players do. There is a distinction between lying yourself and having a coach who lists all the players heights and decides to exaggerate - that is how it's commonly done.

I think most well-informed fans of the NBA, and there are not many, are aware of the fact that players listed height is their height in shoes. There is therefore very little ambiguity - you subtract about an inch off every listed height and you have the barefoot height. There are, of course, exceptions:

Chris Paul is actually about 6'0" without shoes and therefore should be listed 6'1". Kevin Durant is at least 6'9" without shoes and should be listed at 6'10", but because he is a small forward, he is listed at 6'9" as that is typically the tallest height for a small forward - 6'10", 6'11" and sometimes 7'0" is the height of a power forward.

Then there are players like Dwight Howard, Kevin Love, and Nick Young whose heights are all exaggerated, even when accounting for shoes. (Howard might have grown half an inch, which would justify his 6'11" listing, but I am not sure.)
In general the listed heights are accurate heights with shoes worn. Besides, the important thing is not whether a player is 6'8" or 6'9", but whether he is 6'6" or 6'9" - the wingspan and standing reach are arguably more important measures when comparing players of almost equal height.

So, Barkley was correctly listed at 6’6”, since he is at least 6’5” (even though he is listed at 6’4.75” here).

The most problematic aspect of the current listing convention is that some people don’t know that it has not always existed and they thus tend to underestimate the height of former players compared to current ones. That’s why it is a widely held belief that centers were undersized when Wilt Chamberlain played and that he could dominate on sheer size alone - as a matter of fact, Wilt Chamberlain was actually a finesse player, who wanted to beat you with his skills and not his unprecedented size and athleticism (although he did that as well - especially if he was provoked). People also say that Bill Russell would have been too short and insufficiently athletic to compete today, even though he was about 6’9.63” and would legitimately have been listed 6’11” unlike Dwight Howard (unless he grew after getting drafter - not that it ultimately matters for his worth as a player) and that he was a freakish athlete who could run and jump like few human beings on this earth: Click Here
jjg943 said on 3/Jun/15
I say 5'10"-5'10 3/4 barefeet to being 5'11 3/4- 6'0" legit with shoes on....
leonari said on 17/May/15
He ain't broke
b-mint1994 said on 12/Apr/15
5'9.5" is hate-crimish. At worst he's a strong 5'10/weak 5'11"
Dusty said on 6/Apr/15
Draft express, or any draft-oriented measurements are definitely not the be all end all. That's where the lies begin. Just read about Charles Barkley, there's a quote from him where he says straight up that he lied to get listed at 6'6, and says he's really 6'¾
oregon said on 10/Mar/15
Rob, look at his photos with 5'11 rapper Fabolous. Also look at his pictures with Dwyane Wade...this guy is 5'9.5...
b-mint1994 said on 28/Feb/15
I wonder how many of the listed 6 ft point guards are a legit 6 foot in real life.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Feb/15
At 5ft11, he's practically a midget in his sport
trev said on 21/Aug/14
Met AI when I was a kid. My pops knew Louis Katz (owned the Nets) and I got to be a pregame ballboy one game when they were playing the sixers. I loved AI so I went to the sixers side of the court. I was only 12 back then so I maybe don't have the greatest retrospective judge of his height but if I had to guess compared to other players on the court I don't see him as less than 6'0" at his peak (back then I mean). Nice guy!!
Ian C. said on 13/Aug/14
I don't know, Speed, if I want Allen Iverson to be short, other than that the less tall he is the more spectacular his achievements as an athlete. I sure get a nasty, spiteful thrill out of him being broke though. Anybody else out there get that, or should I go into therapy (again) for being a jerk?
Roger said on 12/Dec/13
How is that possible that you have Fabolous and Allen Iverson both at 5'11 even though that Fab is at least an inch taller than AI. The pictures below clearly shows that. They were wearing the same shoes by the way Reebok Questions. I think you should downgrade AI to 5'10 taking into consideration below pictures. :

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
speed said on 7/Dec/13
why do we all want him to be short?
kyle said on 2/Dec/13
@Bosnia if you can mistake someone who is the same height as you with someone who is 3 inches taller than you then you are genius!
bulba said on 6/Nov/13
Wasnt he listed as 5ft 10.5in at one point?
Bosnia said on 5/Nov/13
@kyle How do we now that you estimated Lues height corectly? Lot of people make are making mistake when judging someones height. So, like Malone11 said, if you cannot trust predraft measurments where it is clearly written "height with and w/o shoes"..
Bosnia said on 5/Nov/13
@Lyvloev how is it possible that Iverson had already lost height? :s That is exaggerating...
Lyvloev said on 4/Oct/13
His peak height was 5 ft 11 1/2 in, soonly he fell to 5 ft 10 3/4 in, however he is now 5 ft 10, clearly.Do not forget his wingspan at 6 ft 3 1/4 in, and, yes NBA height is in shoes so he is 6 ft, but do not forget in predraft he was listed in shoes at 6 ft 1 in.
KROC said on 13/Aug/13
I use to see Iverson all the time at Rucker Park back in the day. He always looked a little below 5'11.
KVC said on 2/Aug/13
Rob, you have rapper Nelly at 5'8.5 (which I believe is a bit too much, seeing as how Nelly himself claims only 5'9, I'm sure he's no taller than 5'8) and in this video we see Nelly and Iverson in similar footwear, with AI looking marginally taller. Do you think that video would change your estimate of AI? Also, Iverson is listed oficially at 6'0 with shoes - which means he should be 5'11 barefeet if they didn't add anything - which everyone knows they do.

Best regards: KVC
monogamy said on 19/Jan/13
i assume our buddy malone11 here is about 16-19 years old. so don't be too mean to him as he is not an adult yet
kyle said on 14/Jan/13
Malone11 the only ignorant man here is you. Inacuracy of draft measurements were proved many times not only on this website. Just for instance check Tyronn Lue's height (6'0 from pre draft measurements) I"m from Boston, have seen and approached him many times and he was exactly the same height as I am (5'9.25). As don omar said don't think you are smarter than this website's visitors!
malone11 said on 31/Dec/12
if you dont trust the official predraft measurment, what the hell are you gonna trust? the ignorance on some people here, i actually linked everybody up and supported the claim
Don Omar said on 26/Dec/12
If it is so easy to solve this mistery over Iverson's height this page is irrelevant. So malone11 don't think that you are smarter than most people here because you really look dumb while doin' this!
Tony said on 20/Dec/12
Yeh I dont actually trust those draftexpress measuremnts for iverson. I saw someone post on another forum he was measured 5'10.25, sounds right but I do not think they backed it up.
Pop said on 20/Dec/12
malone11 those so called "measurements" for AI appeared after someone posted unconfirmed information here on this page.
malone11 said on 10/Nov/12
Click Here he measured 6'0 barefoot at the draft combine, case solved
Knowledge said on 1/Oct/12
Murad is probably right considering he played in Turkey 178cm (5'10) is the best estimate.I really dont see him being even 5'11 or let alone 6'.Even in basketball shoes its a reach
Noble said on 29/Aug/12
met him in atlanta this summer, 5'10 is correct i think, considering the fact that he was in sleepers
hungarian said on 24/Jan/12
Probably Murad said the right thing. He's 178 cm.
Francis said on 8/Oct/11
Allen Iverson's height without shoes is 5'11 and 6'0 with shoes.
LG69 said on 28/Aug/11
5'11 barefooted...6'0 with b-ball shoes.
james d.ang said on 11/Jul/11
nice game
responseto done deal said on 10/Jul/11
done deal says on 20/Dec/10
Ronny says on 20/Aug/10
Jameer Nelson is actually 5'9. Met him in person.

no pre draft measurements show he is 5-10 or 5-11 without shoes..

bc said on 6/Jul/11
Click Here

This photo was taken on 20 Feb 2005 for the NBA All-Star Game.

Allen Iverson, who was born in 1975, was 30 years old by that time. We can then assume that he was in his prime and should not have started shrinking yet. Dwayne Wade, who was born in 1982, measured 6-3.75 without shoes and 6-4.75 with shoes on during 2003 pre-draft camp when he was 21. We can also assume that he has not grown by then.

In this photo, they were both the same distance from the camera. The floor was flat. They were both wearing basketball shoes. They were both standing in a good posture though Wade was leaning a bit forward, but we can assume this to cancel out the effect of a slight tilt in camera angel ( which gives a little advantage to Wade)
So comparison based on this photo should be accurate enough.

Now you can see that the length of Wade's head is about the same as the NBA Spalding basketball (standard circumference: 29.5 inch. By simple maths, diameter is found to be 9.4 inch)
So we simply give 9.4 inch as the length of Wade's head.

Now you can also see the top of Iverson's head reached just below Wade's eyes; and Iverson's eyes reached just below Wade's chin.

To make things simple we assume that Wade has his eyes located in the middle of his head. So dividing 9.4 by half and we can tell Wade's eyes are 4.7 inches below the top of his head and 4.7 inches above the bottom of his chin.

To conclude, Wade has a bit more than 4.7 inches over Iverson and Iverson has to be lower than 5-11.05.

Based on this piece of evidence, I'll give Iverson 5-10.5.
yeshi said on 11/Jun/11
Allen iverson look like 6-2.
Viper said on 7/Jun/11
I can agree with 5-10
kj said on 6/Jun/11
viper your really being way too technical about this...most people just say 5-10 even though their really 5-9 1/2...two inches isn't's really not that much....two inches isn't a people wear different size shoes

if someone says their AROUND 6 foot that could mean 5-10 or 6-2....around just means an estimate
kj said on 6/Jun/11
he's not 5-9..he's just stocky looking...loko at nba pre draft measurements and he measured at a bit over 5-10 w/o shoes
Shi said on 30/May/11
He's definitely less than 6'. First time I met him was in a stairwell at PCOM (where the 76ers practice(d?)). He was a step above me and he was BARELY taller than me and I'm 6'3". I met him two other times, one time I was standing right next to him and he was a good 4 or 5 inches shorter than me.

I'd definitely say he's around 5'10"
Chris said on 23/May/11
Ayo I know hes 6 feet tall cause the NBA say he was and I'm sure dey aint lyin so Gloomy why dont yo shut yo... and try to get in the NBA and slam dunk.
Sam said on 5/Apr/11
He looks 177cm
Gloomy said on 6/Feb/11
Cm on guys he's 5'10, i'm from philly had close encounters many times.
Jordan said on 6/Feb/11
kj says on 1/Feb/11
what are your sources? like i'd rather believe you than a legit website

YEah, like you can back up your own claim he's 5'11 with any source... I'm waiting...BTW the information that Iverson is 5'11 1/4 appeared on this website first in 2007 and it wasn't backed up with a source too!
Viper said on 4/Feb/11
LOL 6-0 1/2. Better chance hes 5-9
Tamara said on 3/Feb/11
I actually met Iverson twice, once a couple of months ago and again today.
He appear very short as in maybe a good 5'10 - 5'11 but its also because his posture is horrible. I say standing up he'd probably reach a good 6'0 1/2.

He's also not very nice to talk to in person. He was really rude.
kj said on 1/Feb/11
Ronny says on 30/Dec/10
done deal says on 20/Dec/10
Ronny says on 20/Aug/10
Jameer Nelson is actually 5'9. Met him in person.

no pre draft measurements show he is 5-10 or 5-11 without shoes..

Some of the pre draft measurements are innacurate too!

what are your sources? like i'd rather believe you than a legit website
Jordan said on 31/Jan/11
Look at pictures of him and travis diener, there are 3 inch difference between them. Btw I met him in person and he is the same height as me and I'm 5'9.
stranger said on 29/Jan/11
Click Here

he's 5-11 without shoes he just looks shorter because he's stocky
you have no proof it's inaccurate...their a lot more accurate than nba listed heights
jake said on 2/Jan/11
Might be 181 cm and 6' out of bed.
Bon said on 30/Dec/10
He looks 5'10, not more
Ronny said on 30/Dec/10
done deal says on 20/Dec/10
Ronny says on 20/Aug/10
Jameer Nelson is actually 5'9. Met him in person.

no pre draft measurements show he is 5-10 or 5-11 without shoes..

Some of the pre draft measurements are innacurate too!
Nono said on 25/Dec/10
As tall as became maybe there's a pic they stand together
done deal said on 20/Dec/10
Viper says on 31/Jul/10
Iverson looks 5'10-5'10.5

comical book laughable? umm that's stupid I wouldn't go that far if you tell someone your around 6 foot that could mean 5-10-6-2

2 inches is not that much of a difference
done deal said on 20/Dec/10
Ronny says on 20/Aug/10
Jameer Nelson is actually 5'9. Met him in person.

no pre draft measurements show he is 5-10 or 5-11 without shoes..
Murad said on 5/Dec/10
I'm a member of Besiktas club medical crew. We measured Iverson at 178 cm and he weighted at 71 kilos.
JIm said on 30/Nov/10
Iverson is definitely < 6'0" - I have stood right next to him and he is about 6" smaller than me and I am 6'3" - Saying he is a solid 5'10" is a probably a gift, but I could accept it - No way is he 5'11" or 6'0"
Viper said on 1/Nov/10
LOL, no he wasnt. Hes 5'10
Legacy said on 31/Oct/10
Click Here Iverson was measured 5'10" without shoes and 6'0" with shoes. Most NBA player height listings are with shoes rounded up to the nearest inch.
Legacy said on 31/Oct/10
Dman1528 says on 22/Sep/10
Allen iverson is 5'10.5 barefoot and about 150 pounds i still have the SI kids poster from like 2002 back when they had interviews and stuff on the back of them and they where talking about his true height and weight most of the shorter nba players under 6'6" have 2 inches added to there height and most that are 6'6" and over have once inch added to there height.
I think I read that issue. In the interview doesn't Iverson say something like he isn't really 6ft and 165 pounds and he's really 5'10" and 150 pounds but maybe 6ft and 165 pounds if he stood on a phonebook and wore a lot of really heavy clothing?
HS said on 31/Oct/10
Iverson was measured at 6'0 without shoes when he was drafted
JANELLE said on 26/Oct/10
He is not six feet anything he is more like 5'10 I stood right in front of him and he is not taller than my husband who is 5'10. Unless he grew a couple of inches in his twenties Allen Iverson is not six feet tall.
Anonymous said on 12/Oct/07
lol what are you talking about? There is no rule to how nba players are listed. Example...Shaq is 7'1" and listed 7'1", Vince Carter is 6'5.5" and listed 6'6" but Desmond Mason is 6'6" but listed 6'5" while Steve Nash is 6'1" and listed 6'3".
Anonymous said on 6/Oct/07
NBA Players are listed 2 inches taller then there actual heights
Anonymous said on 11/Sep/07
He was measured 5'11.25" barefoot, 167 pounds and a 6'3.25" wingspan in 1996.
Viper said on 9/Sep/07
Sometimes "supposed" measurements are total BS.
Sexxy Beast said on 8/Sep/07
I remember SI did a test on Iverson. They measured him without shoes and his height measured 5-11.5 so I think your listing is a little off.
Viper said on 8/Sep/07
He looks 5-9 1/2 with Ray Lewis no less!!
Mura said on 8/Sep/07
To Jason: Scan that page that describes him as 5'9 1/2 and show us PLEASE!!!
Viper said on 7/Sep/07
I see 3 inches between Ray and AI there. And Ray Lewis is a shade below 6-1.
Jason said on 7/Sep/07
I've seen him described as 177cm (5'9 1/2'') in an old basketball magazine of my brother's. The 165lbs he's always been listed at is exaggerated also - he wouldn't be over 150.
truthBtold said on 6/Sep/07
Glad to see the height estimates for AI are starting to conform with actual eyewitness accounts, and not toward the impressive skills of a shorter man in a real tall man's game. It is also funny to me how being slightly built can skew the perceptions of height both ways! Huhhh?!?!? Check it for yourselves people use it to make Kevin Bacon shorter and AI taller. Repeating my Jan/06 post, He grew up in Va, and people that knew him well have told me he is 5'10 or was even in the his short Georgetown days, no pun intended.
Anonymous said on 5/Sep/07
lol if Vince 6'3 1/2" barefoot then T-Mac is barely over 6'4". The 6'5 1/2" height makes sense for Carter and someone posted here a long time ago that Carter was measured 6'5 1/2". Anyway A.I looks 5'11" next to Ray Lewis and next to 6'3" Jason Kidd
Mura said on 4/Sep/07
Typo only with Lue's height? Maybe carter is 6'3 1/2 ever think of that? "VC is 6'5 1/2 barefoot end of story". End of your story, LOL! BTW I don't give a F... about carter's height, it's AI's page!!!
Viper said on 4/Sep/07
AI looks a flat 5-10 with Ray Lewis who is barely 6-1 himself. Click Here
Jonathan said on 4/Sep/07
AI can pass for 6'. Most people think i'm 6', but i'm barely 5'10 barefoot. I have a long figure so it looks like i'm 5'11 or 6'. So allen isn't really 6'.like i said more like 5'10 to 5'll. I CAN TELL by the way he use to dunk because, i dunk the same way with one hand.
Jonathan said on 4/Sep/07
allen iverson is 5'10.5 to 5'11. Terrell Brandon(older player) is 5'll and if you watch allen iverson's rookie game vs cleveland when he dropped 50 points, Terrel is about a half an inch taller than my dude AI. Hate to say it, but AI isn't 6'0. whenever he stands next to someone 6'0 or 6'1, he's a little shorter than them.
Anonymous said on 4/Sep/07
give me a link to anything showing Lue 5'9". Also that could have been a typo putting the asterisk there ever think of that? VC is 6'5 1/2" barefoot end of story.
Alex said on 27/Aug/07
He probably is only 5'10. The could pass for a 6'0 guy on the court though.
Mura said on 26/Aug/07
To Anonymous 22/aug/07: And you believe them? They list Tyronn Lue at 6'0 and they say that heights were measured w/o shoes, so even if AI is 5'11 1/4 barefoot as you claimed earlier, then Lue should be 5'10, because Iverson is more than an inch taller than him!!! So your POV is wrong!(search through the i-net for some photos of AI and Lue from NBA Finals 2001) P.s. BTW everyone knows that Tyronn Lue is 5'9 or so.
Anonymous said on 22/Aug/07
Oh you want a link? Vince has terrible posture but he was measured 6'5 1/2" barefoot and weighed 219 pounds.

Click Here

Vince Carter 6'5.5" 219 pounds
Paul Pierce 6'6" 229.5 pounds
Antawn Jamison 6'7.75" 230.5 pounds
Brad Miller 6'11" 255.5 pounds

I back up my statement with a link. Vince is 6'5 1/2" barefoot case closed. Allen Iverson is 5'11 1/4" barefoot.
ChicoNico said on 20/Aug/07
I got Allen Iversons autograph in Milwaukee a few years back and he wasnt even taller than my barely 5'11" brother.
I Know It All said on 16/Aug/07
The posted height of "5 ft 10.75 in" barefoot looks totally accurate!! ...Vince Carter is Not 6'5 1/2" barefoot!! He's that(barely) in 1 inch shoes!! I remember vaguely of him in a Gatorade commercial playing in the street with the other sports stars. He looked short, barely taller than everyone else in the commercial!
Anonymous said on 7/Aug/07
T.J. Ford was measured 5'11" barefoot. Jordan and Barkley are taller than 6'4" flat too. Allen Iverson is 5'11 1/4 barefoot. Vince Carter was 6'5 1/2 barefoot so Jordan must be atleast close to 6'5"
NBA said on 6/Aug/07
the NBA boosts some players heights but not all. AI is really 5'10.5 barefoot. Charles Barkley is 6'4 just like Jordan, TJ Ford is 5'10 as well. Nate Robinson is 5'7 3/4
JWill said on 17/May/07
Look at this, here is proof that Allan Iverson is 5'10'', look at him standing next to 5'7'' rapper Jada Kiss in this hot 2004 Reebok Answer 6 Iverson Jadakiss commercial. He's only 3 inches taller.
Click Here
Anonymous said on 15/May/07
Tracy is 6'6 1/4 here he is with 6'10 Hakeem Olajuwon

Click Here
snipa said on 15/May/07
i wouldn't be surprised if iverson is 5'10'' because he has very long arms wich make him eligable to be registered as a 6 footer!!! what i'd like to know is if kobe and tracy's height is made up too??? ....etc
Viper said on 9/May/07
Im laughing my ass off reading those quotes of, 5-10, Hes 5-10, then I see Allen saying "Im 6-0, legit", LOL. Funny stuff. Ive been saying 5-10 for him for a long time actually.
g_dawg said on 9/May/07
GQ magazine's May 2007 edition has an extensive article on Allen Iverson. The article ends with a discussion of his height. Quotes taken straight from the piece:
Larry Platt (editor of Philadelphia magazine; Iverson biographer): "I've stood next to him and I'd say he's like, five ten."

Brad Greenberg (former general manager, Philadelphia 76ers; head coach, Virginia Tech): "Five Ten."

Allen Iverson: "I'm six feet. Legit."

I'm willing to believe 2 people's opinion that he's around 5'10" over Allen Iverson's own claim, which might've been his height measured in shoes at the NBA pre-draft camp. Once again, more evidence he's 5'10". End of story.
g_dawg said on 22/Apr/07
Allen Iverson is 5'10.5" George Karl, his coach, was listed as 6'2" (height with shoes) when he played for the ABA. He probably lost a half inch of height since then, making him 6'0.5" barefoot. Karl is 2 inches taller than Iverson in this photo: Click Here

A.I. is 5'10.5" End of story.
diego said on 13/Apr/07
you are so cool im one of your bigist fan
2Pac said on 13/Apr/07
Larry Brown is not 5'8, he is exactly 5'9! Look at the pictures with Nate Robinson (5'7 .75 at the pre draft camp)- Larry is an inch taller than Nate!!! P.s. for pictures!
more_evidence said on 11/Apr/07
Allen Iverson is around 5'10". On the show Quite Frankly, Stephen A. Smith (who's 5'11") is clearly taller than A.I. by an inch. Also look at photos with Larry Brown and Iverson...Larry Brown was listed in the NBA as 5'9", but now he's certainly 5'8" or less. Iverson appears 2 inches taller than Coach Brown.
2Pac said on 26/Mar/07
JWill give us a photo of that page in SI or smth to proove your words!
Anonymous said on 25/Mar/07
He is shorter than Jim Gray by an inch or 2 it looked.
Viper said on 24/Mar/07
Time for a downgrade to 5-10 maybe.
JWill said on 23/Mar/07
Iverson said himself in sports Illustrated for kids that he is really 5'10'', He said he's 6'0'' standing on a phone book.
Anonymous said on 21/Mar/07
He should have been a great legend, it's admirable that only being 180 cms he could become a legend.
Anonymous said on 15/Mar/07
Gilbert is 6.2.25 barefoot according to his pre-draft measurement.
Viper said on 14/Mar/07
Gilbert is listed at 6-3, not 6-4. I think hes 6-2 barefoot.
Anonymous said on 13/Mar/07
gilbert arenas listed 6-4 was measured 6-3 1/4 in shoes... he looks even shorter.. around 6-1 1/2 without shoes I'd say.. I saw a pic where he looked shorter than terry and jones.. what do you think?
allen4 said on 13/Mar/07
ok guys,look this very hot pictures of my french book "basket-news" 2005:
Click Here
i'think allen is 178cm barefoot and 181 cm in shoes.....
Viper said on 3/Mar/07
odb, sometimes It is over 2 inches for some.
odb said on 2/Mar/07
you guys don't kno nuthin, the NBA measuring should be pretty accurate, a.i. is 6 with shoes, and 5'11 without, u guys don't kno shit
NBA said on 18/Feb/07
doc rivers says hes 5'10, and he says hes being generous with that. 5'11 is a bit too much
Antron said on 15/Feb/07
certainly short by NBA standards, but it clearly hasn't hampered his ability. Dude can throw down with relative ease, I would be surprised if he were shorter than 179cm. This mug has him at 6 foot, probably with shoes:
Click Here
The police have no reason to exaggerate. I think the current listed height is accurate.
Rossco said on 17/Jan/07
Yeh good pic Jack it didn`t look as though he was standing much further away tho but now i see it i can see it`s correct 5ft 11.5" as listed then?
Derek said on 16/Jan/07
Rossco- Marbury is 6'1" and Iverson looks 5'11" tops.
matt said on 14/Jan/07
i met him once he looks 6 but hes prob 5'10 the reason i say that is hes so long people think hes a tiny guy but he has some of the longest arms and biggest hands ive ever seen
tgan said on 28/Dec/06
hes definetly 5-11 (180-181 cm) although he looks like 5-10 all the time as he has a thin frame and when you see him on the court with all the tall giants, its not suprising to think his shorter.

Click Here

In his wedding photo he clearly looks quite tall and even though hes bending slightly hes still taller then the other way is he 5-9 like some say ridiculous...
Alex said on 18/Dec/06
For a couple of years he was listed at 6'1 on they they list him at 6'0. I think 5'11 is probably his barefoot height.
r jacob said on 13/Dec/06
shook his hand in a niteclub, I'm 5'10, allen is 5'11 maybe 5'11 1/2.
Anonymous said on 10/Sep/06
im 6"ft1 with shoes on 6ft2 with boots, and when i met him i had my boots on hes no more then 5"11 at best
Derek said on 23/Aug/06
i went to the nba store in nyc and on the wall, his measurement is 6' w/shoes. barefoot, i'd say 5'10 1/2"-5'11". amazing player though.
Alex said on 14/Aug/06
Ray, he's def a great ball player but if he's really 5'10 even though I think he could be 5'11 then they would have inflated his height by 3 inches. Thats pretty rare for NBA. Normally its 1-1.5 inches inflated.
Rayray said on 11/Aug/06
hes listed as 6'1 but thats deffnitly wrong. i'm 6'1 and when i got his autograph he looked no taller than 5'11 , but that was with his shoes on i would say hes like 5'10 barefoot. i was kinda suprised but either way hes a great ball playa.
Conner Iannone said on 10/Aug/06
All the basketball players heights are exaggerated. A lot like wrestlers. Ben Wallac is 6'6.5 but gets listed at 6'9. Now, is B.Wallac really as tall as Tim Duncan? Come on.
Alex said on 6/Aug/06
I think he could be 5'11 but nothing more. Looks over 5'10 flat though. You may think he's even shorter sometimes because you'll see him on the court with guys much taller than him which will make him look shorter. They use to list him at 6'1 so I doubt he'd really be 5'10 getting his height inflated 3 inches. 5'11 seems accurate.
jesse said on 3/Aug/06
i say the guy is a shrimp im 15 and 5-11 im taller than him i got his autograph i say he is 5-10
gary dowe said on 22/Jul/06
it realy doesn't matter how tall a NBA player has. you dont have to be big you have to play big
goldvirgo said on 22/Jul/06
Meting him I would say about 5-11.5 with shoes on. Im 6ft barefoot. I weigh about 165lbs. Im probablly a little slimmer than him.His arms arent as long as they say to.
Ozzy said on 19/May/06
Believe I've seen Marbury at 185 or 186 cm somewhere, so, 6-1, and I think that makes sense. With Francis I guess it's the same with him as is the tendency with most nba 6-3 guys: A 6-3 guy in shoes tend in most cases to be 6-1.75 to 6-2, so my guess is Steve Francis at 6-1.75 (think he was listed at 6-2 in college also, so it makes sense). Robinson I think is somwhere in the 6-11.5 to 7-0 range.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 17/May/06
what about stephon maurbury he's 6'2 or 6'3 i think 6'0 actually and steve francis he's looks 6'1 tops not 6'3.
Jason said on 14/May/06
Jason Kidd was listed as 190cm (which is 6'2 3/4'') at the 2000 Olympics. Probably right, though sometimes even the Olympics fudges height for whatever reason. I remember David Robinson got listed as 216cm (7'1'') at the 1996 Olympics and Allen Iverson was listed as 182cm (5'11 1/2'') at the Athens Olympics just past.
deepestvoice said on 13/May/06
I have been surprised somewhat to find out how false a lot of athelete's heights are. I remember during the 2002 NBA Finals preview in Sports Illustrated they listed Jason Kidd as 6'5. I knew he never looked that tall. Where do writers get these heights from?
Quad-4 said on 8/May/06
ROB....The reason why they like to list these guys heights with shoes and then round up is likely to increase their confidence in their playing abilities.

It's about psychology. ("I'z ain't no average FOO. I'z gos game bruther'. U ain't fina dunk on me. Step back part'ner.......")

Anonymous said on 7/May/06
We can all agree on that the height are way off. I think deadman makes a good point when saying that position matters. Height is more important from a coachs pow at the 5 than at the 1. DHoward have never tried to upgrade himself, in an interveiew he laughed at the question about his height, saying that his own listings are way off: listed at 6-11, DH said something in the lines of: "no way, I'm barely 6-10 in shoes, hedo is taller than me, people percieve me as taller because i am big this way (across his chest).
I also found some interesting numbers in the FIBA archives. I think the players are measured in cm when they compete in intl tournaments and the heights of the nba players differ quite a lot from the nba-listings. Examples (nba listings in ()):
Jason Kidd: 6-2.75 (6-4) 190 v. 193 cm
Gary Payton: 6-2.75 (6-4)
Allan Houston: 6-4.75 (6-6) 195 v. 198 cm
Vin Baker: 6-9.75 (6-11) 207 v. 211 cm
Shareef Abdur-Rahim: 6-7.5 (6-9) 202 v. 206 cm
Alonzo Mourning: 6-9 (6-10) 206 v. 208 cm
Ray Allen: 6-3.5 (6-5) 192 v. 196 cm

Anonymous said on 26/Apr/06
yea wagner was measured at 6 1/4 barefoot at the pre draft camp. so that means he should be in the high 5'11's real height, since the camp is not at night. a normal person is about 1 inch taller in the morning, then 1/2 inch shorter at afternoon, and at night its usually down another 1/2 inch. and dont forget at the camp, the players stretch ALOT before they play, and to be measured, that helps them get a tad taller
deepestvoice said on 26/Apr/06
Yeah, NBA heights are way off. Dujan Wagner is a prime example. He got listed at 6'2 and was probably closer to 5'10 or 5'11 max. Same thing with Tony Parker. He's listed at 6'2 and Bill Walton even said he's only 5'll. Nobody can really tell because everyone is tall out on the court, so people really don't question a player's listed height.
Jason said on 24/Apr/06
Mutombo saying Larry Johnson barely topped 6'3'' when measured? Hmmm, I'd say he'd have to at least be 6'5''. Charles Barkley being only 6'4'' flat sounds right, though.
deadman said on 23/Apr/06
i really don't know why there is any debate...if you have ever played any sports you know they list your height at what you tell them, or what you measure in shoes. i played high school basketball, and was 5'11 my senior year but got listed at 6'1. my brother was 5'9 and listed at 6'. when i went away to college, i would stay on campus for part of the summer. a lot of local area guys(that either went to other schools, or were already playing professionally in the nba or cba or europe) would come home for the summer. aj guyton who played at indiana and played for the bulls and lakers was from the area. he was always listed at 6'1, but in shoes was barely 6'. willie coleman who went to depaul, was listed at 6'3, but was only 6'0.75 barefoot(and quite chunky). it also depends on what position you play. coleman was a shooting guard, aj ran the point. and leung, you're right, i found the nba rising stars video and he says 6'5.
Anonymous said on 20/Apr/06
you guys have to think about it, even the pre draft heights might not be right. have you ever measured youself in the morning, afternoon, and night? I consider myself 5'9.5, when i wake up im 5'10.5, afternoon 5'10, and night 5'9.5. gravity takes you down during the day. dont believe me, measure yourself

marvin williams was 6'7 barefoot at the pre draft camp, but listed at 6'9. dwight howard is listed at 6'9 barefoot but listed at 6'11. what if they measured in the morning, and did tons of stretching right before they measured? I would too if i was an nba player, your stock goes up. extra inch = millions of dollars if your a good player

maybe dwight howard is 6'9 in the morning, 6'8 at night. nba heights are way off.
Leung said on 17/Apr/06
CoolJ, 6'3" come on man that's exaggerated. Larry Johnson was officially listed as 6'7" but he was closer to 6'5.5". Early in his career he played Power Forward and then Small Forward during his years at the Knicks.

Anonymous said on 17/Apr/06
if collins said hes 6'11.5 with shoes, ankle braces, orthotics, and 2 pair of socks, those stuff would add about 2-2.5 inches of height. have you ever went to a shoe store and saw a pair of size 15+ shoes? those shoes at least give 1.25-1.5 inches of boost. add that with ankle braces and 2 pairs of socks, its really alot of height.

patrick ewing is not even 6'10, but listed at 7-0 in his entire career. he even said it himself
deadman said on 17/Apr/06
larry johnson stated that he was 6'4. if you can locate the nba rising stars video from 1994 i think, he says it on there
CoolJ said on 17/Apr/06
In reference to the bullman article.. Collins was measured pre-draft at 6'10.5" so its highly unlikely he's actually only 6'8 -- Larry Johnson barely topping 6'3" .. come on
Anonymous said on 17/Apr/06
nice article bullman.. i still remembered the nba finals between new jersey and the lakers a few years back, when shaq and kobe was still together with phil, and the nets subbed in jason collins for mutumbo or arron williams, i forgot. so collins comes in, listed at 7-0 while is twin brother jarron collins was 6-11 at utah. so he comes in the game, stands next to shaq, and was like not even eye level. it was like he gaved away 3 inches, and i was like.. damn, thats a buge inch. his shoulders was at shaqs chest
Ball-A-Hallic said on 16/Apr/06
I'd say tim Duncan and Peja are both 6'9(without shoes) than KG looks a solid 6'11(with shoes and it looks like Shaq is 7'1 but if Shaq's 6'11.5 than KG gotta be 6'9.5 and Tim D and Peja would be 6'8.
bullman said on 15/Apr/06
Click Here
check that out

[Editor Rob: an interesting article bullman, I laughed at the guy talking about the idea of getting measured on an inversion table first thing in the morning...]
CoolJ said on 12/Apr/06
Tor: Although that may be true for some cases.. I believe the player/team still has the final say in what goes into the media guide, and ultimately gets propagated everywhere else.

See Steve Nash who is nowhere close to 6'3"
Tor said on 11/Apr/06
NBA measures players height in shoes at the Chicago Combine. On average, shoes add and inch and a quarter to a player's height, and you can assume that, by and large, that amount was added to every player's height. This is often forgotten and color guys act like it's a secret that Charles Barkley was closer to 6'4 than his listed 6'6". He was 6'4 3/4" (NBA History page). In shoes? 6'6". KG refuses to be listed as a 7 footer, though he is, because he doesn't want to be defined as a center. He IS 7'1" in shoes, about 7 feet tall barefoot. By the way Childress' height isn't 6'5", it's 6'6 1/2". Interesting fact, Iguodala is also 6'6 1/2", but their listed height is two inches apart. Iggy wore thinner shoes at the Combine, and they rounded down. Childress wore thicker shoes and they rounded up. It would be nice if the league did away with the whole "in shoes" thing and rounded to the closest inch measurement (or gave fractions), but then again, they don't measure standing reach or wingspan, or vertical leap for the fans, and that's just as important to how tall a player plays.
CoolJ said on 10/Apr/06
KG is supposedly one of the guys in the NBA who's supposedly to be his listed height, or slightly over. which makes O'Neal's height claim of 6'11.5" ludicrous.
M. Jordan tha 2nd said on 10/Apr/06
KG is not 7'1! If Shaq is 6'11 1/2 (which he admitted) then KG is in the 6'9- 6'11 area. No way is KG bigger than Shaq! Dirk Nowitzki is the same. He is also not a 7 footer.

Here is a picture of KG next to Shaq- Click Here
Anonymous said on 10/Apr/06
Doctor JMcP.. wheres the sources that says he is 5'11 1/4?

and kg is not 7'1 barefoot. havnt people seen the 06 all star pics? garnett was posing with yao and he looks like a midget next to him..
DJ said on 9/Apr/06

true KG is not 6'10 he is 7'1" almost
the Minnesota Timberwolves, Flip, Duncan, T-MAC everybody says KG is closer to 7'1" than 6'10.5"
Flip used to call him 6'13"
He asked to not be listed as a 7-footer cause he doesn't like the label of a back-to-the-basket big guy that can only rebound and dunk

LeBron was 6'6" when he was a sophomore then he grew but he wanted to be listed at 6'6" for a long time cause that was Jordan's height and he didn't want to be taller than his role model but it became obvious that he was a legit 6'8"

myself, I was last measured at 5'8" with a 6'1" wingspan
prob 5'8.5" with a 6'2.5" wingspan now
Doctor JMcP said on 9/Apr/06
Iverson's height:5'11 1/4 w/o shoes, 6'0 1/2 with shoes on; wingspan:6'3 1/4; weight: 167 pounds. Info to stop foolish discuss.
Anonymous said on 8/Apr/06
Gerald green is 6'6 barefoot Click Here

so a 6'6 person can list himself as 6'8, which is normal in the nba. josh childress is 6'5 3/4 and hes listed at 6'8, and in his rookie season i tihnk i remembered that he was listed at 6'9.

also, delonte west is 6'1 1/2 in the pre draft camp, now listed at 6'4.

think about it. lets say your a good basketball player and the nba wants you. youre 6'6 3/4 but youre weapon is rebounding, playing in the post. you could list yourself at 6'6, but your stock will totally go down and no one wants you. if you list yourself at 6'8, or 6'9, you can be a solid power forward, make millions more, once your contract is up, teams would want you, etc. listing at 6'6 makes you more of a guard/barely SF, but listing at 6'8 6'9 would make you a s/f, PF.
Anonymous said on 31/Mar/06
They always say that a player is still growing about younger guys (then the NBA teams can also justify listing them taller than they are). This might be true in some cases, but many big kids are big because they develop earlier, as I think is the case with players like James, Stoudemire and DHoward, you can tell that they're fully grown by their frame. Its a medical fact that when you have stopped growing vertically, then you fill out. KG for instance might have grown slightly since he entered (listed at 6'10 his last year in HS, now 6'11), as he was clearly not fully grown.
Jason said on 24/Mar/06
The 6'7 1/4'' would be right. I remember reading that he was still growing.
M. Jordan tha 2nd said on 23/Mar/06
How tall do you think Lebron really is? I have seen him listed at 6'8 (Obviously), 6'7.25 and also at 6'6.

Click Here

Read the first section of the article and it talks about Lebron being a 6'6 guard. I know he was only 17 when the article was written but Lebron was pretty much a man and fully grown at 15/16. I was just wondering if he is actually really 6'6.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 17/Mar/06
AI looks 5'10.5 to me but in shoes he's 5'11 and they just boost him too 6'0
Anonymous said on 16/Mar/06
but does AI then mean "just above 6 foot" in shoes? 'cus Jameer Nelson consequently says he is 6 foot also, although he admits to be 5-11, but that that doesn't count.

And, yeah, dan: according to the formula, the nba height cart is not true.. your argument isn't much worth either.
Vincent said on 15/Mar/06
in a 2005 sports illustrated christmas issue, iverson responds to a question by the journalist- how do you do it at your size- by saying, "I'm 165 pounds, but I'm just above six foot also, so yeah- I'm skinny."
Anonymous said on 15/Mar/06
"Martin Iti checked in with the largest wingspan at 7'5". He's 6'8.5" without shoes making him a legit 6'10" with a 9'3.5" standing reach."

(same link)

so, legit height is with shoes in the nba?
is it reasonable to assume then, that ie iverson clearly is in the 5'10-5'11 range?

Anonymous said on 15/Mar/06
"Our formula for a players (with shoes) height is to round up to the nearest inch giving (up to) an inch and a half to players without their shoes on. A player cannot gain two inches with 2 inch shoes ala Ales Chen. Therefore he's 7'0" without shoes, and measured 7'2" with, but credited at 7'1". A player who is measured at .75 or .50 without shoes is given the extra quarter half to an inch."

Click Here

[Editor Rob: well worth reading that stuff about height measurements...

it is just crazy. Seriously, why they can't simply list the barefoot height to the nearest half inch is beyond me.]

dan said on 13/Mar/06
nba height chart-is true guys..because i have seen ...they wouldnot dunk like that
Anonymous said on 4/Mar/06
allen iverson is five foot six
NBA said on 19/Feb/06
AI hes 6 wid lifts for sure..but hes aroudn 5 11 without shoes....NBA does increase/decrease acc to the players needs...nate robinson is arouund 5 7" according to reggie miller during the rookie game last nite. I walked past Nash one time at a movie theatre..this guy is not not more than 6'1" max...he doesnt even look like a baller...normal guy on the street. mate at uni went to arizona for a while..he saw arenas play pick up all the time..and says he was no more than 6'2"..hes listed at 6'4"
and some time back he was listed as 6'2"..maybe ur height increases wid ur points tally!lol
Brian said on 19/Feb/06
I'm from philly, and have seen and even hung out with AI many times (basically in a bar drinking next to him). My true height in bare feet is 5'9'' 1/2 and iverson is basically my height, maybe a little taller depending on his posture. Also, i'm 165 lbs and I am a visibly thicker man than he is.... amazing athlete for his size.
Viper652 said on 14/Feb/06
Allen Iverson would have to be wearing lifts to be 6-0. He barely scrapes 5-10. Gilbert Arenas is no taler then 6-1 himself.
gdawg said on 13/Feb/06
bg, I saw the same footage and was surprised that Gilbert Arenas (at Arizona he was listed at 6'3", which probably means he's 6'2" barefoot) didn't tower over Iverson. However, hugging is a deceptive way to compare heights, since one person may lean in and the height difference may be obscured.

Based on people's encounters with Iverson and photos next to Larry Brown, AI is most likely 5'10" to 5'11" barefoot and close to 6 feet in shoes.
bg said on 13/Feb/06
Allen Iverson is about 6 foot like I said before. Alot of you who are measuring this cat either have a bad sense of measuring, or you are alot shorter or taller than 6 foot, or who else know's what because AI is about what they have him at. I'm watching NBA TV as I'm writin this, and I've been seing it over and over again for the past 2 hours. 76ers vs Wizards and Iverson walks over before tipoff and gives Gilbert Arenas who's 6'3 a hug and the height difference isn't very much at all so it's impossible for AI to be 5'10. Also, some of you who are measuring this dude in your minds may in actuality be a little shorter than you think you are which would cause your measuring to be a little off too. No disrespect to anyone about that.
6 foot 1.5, 16, still growing said on 2/Feb/06
definitely correct. i have a college basketball card of his when he was at michigan and if I recall it said 5 foot 11. So the NBA added an inch to his height cause 6 foot sounds better. So what? He's still one of the most exciting and greatest playmakers in the game today, second maybe to kobe.
Dwayne said on 2/Feb/06
Rip is 6"7 no doubt
seattledude said on 1/Feb/06
I saw nate robinson a couple of times, i'm barely 5'7 and my friends 5'8. he stood next to him in a community center in seattle (this was before he was drafted) and my friend was a tad taller than him. this was around nates sophmore year at UW, which he was listed as 5-9. other than that, he be dunking over people thats over a foot taller than him with no effort at all at the gym
truthBtold said on 31/Jan/06
It is an open secret that the NBA measures you WITH your shoes ON. Also in a game where height is a premium, be sure that many will and do ssstttrrreeetccch the truth. People I know from Va. say AI is only 5'10", no hate included.
Kalvin said on 25/Jan/06
I would say Iverson is 5'11" nothing more maybe a shade shorter but nothing less than 5'10.5"
yoshi said on 24/Jan/06
Nate Robinson's without shoes' height is 5-7 3/4.

dat dude said on 19/Jan/06
yall need to quit hatin on my boy. ivey is about six one im 6'3 and he came to our practice at michigan state and spoke to my man shannon and they wre alomst the same height and shannon is 6'2 so i think that settles that
Mr. Awesome said on 17/Jan/06
igor, jason richardson is my friend's cousin, he really is 6'6''. my friend (who i mentioned in an earlier post on will smith, who got us VIP access at NBA jam session, because richardson is his cousin) hovers around 6'4'' maybe a bit bigger, and jason is a couple inches bigger. they are a tall and wealthy family, as both of my friends parents are VP's of major corporations...and then of course there's jason.
CoolJ said on 17/Jan/06
Childress 6'5 eh? not really igor.

Guys like Garnett, Shaq, Brendan Haywood, Dwyane Wade are their listed heights.. or at most a half-inch shorter,.

However, MOST players are listed 1-1.5" taller.. (2" in a guy like Nash's case)
igor said on 17/Jan/06
his real height is 5,10 or 178 cm.In the nba 90 % of players are leasted at 1 inch or higher then there real height so dont be fooled when u see allen standing next to someone like tj ford who is also listed at 6 foot but is actually 5'10 as well. by the way his not the only one for e.g kevin garnett is not 6'11 his 6'9, tim duncan not 6'll his 6'10, shaq not 7'1 but 6'11,josh childress not 6'9 but 6'5, jason richardson not 6'6 his 6'4, lebron james 6'8 his 6'7, ben wallace not 6'9 `his 6'7 and the list goes on. They are usally listed taller cause of the attraction or cause of the scouts.
Viper652 said on 12/Jan/06
BG, no way is he 6 foot. He is 5-10 at best.
bg said on 12/Jan/06
Allen Iverson is about the 6 foot they have him listed at. He just probably looks short on tv because he's so frail. Something else that very few of you know is that if you stand up for a long time, your spine compresses and will cause you to be as much as an inch shorter than your actual height. If you ever notice that when you've been playing ball for a few hours or doing something standing up, your back and legs start hurting. That is the reason. I'm 5'10 and 1/4 without shoes and after I stood up for 8hrs at work, I came home and measured myself and I was exactly 5'9. After a good night's rest, I woke up the next morning and I was back at my 5'10 and 1/4. I've done this measuring for 2 months so it holds water. Also, if any of you watch Streetball on ESPN and know Spyda. He is another one who looks short on TV and swears up and down that he is 5'10 but I had the opportunity to meet him at an open run and stood right by him. I had to look up to dude so he was about 6'1 with the shoes.
Jason said on 5/Jan/06
A new friend of mine (she's 5'6'') said she's seen Allen Iverson in person before (he's her fave player) and said he ''looked short and not even 6 feet''. I asked her how tall she thought he was and she guessed 5'10''.
Viper652 said on 29/Dec/05
He is 5-10. I remember his 5-10 listing when he played at Georgetown.
l0ck n l0ad said on 27/Nov/05
To Ozzie again... Wow your bro and his friend were very tall for 13 !! The reason why they didn't grow as much as the doctor predicted is probably because they entered into puberty much earlier than the rest. Same thing with me I guess...

I always thought that I'll grow over 190cm without a doubt but too bad I stopped growing around 16 at 6'2" (188cm). Anyway you have a nice height Ozzie! I think the ideal height (except for height freaks) is about 190cm, well make it 190.5cm so it's exactly 6'3" in feet/inch system. That way you're not too tall and definitely not short and it's all around a very good height. Well maybe 6'4" (193cm) at most so even if you get old and shrink an inch you can still maintain 6'3" rather than slip to 6'2" if you're 6'3" at your peak... Well enjoy your height dude it's perfect, I wish I had that extra inch to make me 190cm+ since we got by the metric system over here.

Take care

p.s. it's time you bulk up dude 185lbs is a joke for your height unless you're going for that pretty boy ripped/thin look or doing modeling...
Ozzie said on 22/Nov/05
Agree with Calvin. (digr.: Reggie Miller has a lot of experience and has met a lot of the players regularly for many seasons. Reggie was listed at 6'6 in college and 6'7 in the nba. On TNT he commented on a mismatch between Antoine Walker and Ron Artest (listed at 6'7 as well), where he estimated Ron to being "between 6'5 and 6'6". This example to say that I think I trust former teammates estimates more than some shorty who has run into a player once or twice... that goes for all fans who have met players. It is also easier to guess height if you are the same height or taller than the person you are guessing. Also Haratio: good point, but I don't think it is that much up to the player if he doesn't care, which I think is the case with AI, he has proved his point anyway. Also taller players seem to be more concerned with height.
Horatio said on 21/Nov/05
If I was under 6 feet and a basketball star, I'd be damn proud of it, in a sport where height more than anything else is prized, where 7 foot tall Eastern European villagers who have never touched a basketball are sought out by coaches for a career at the highest levels of the game... Anyway, I don't know how tall Iverson is, but I don't see why he would lie about his height.
Calvin said on 19/Nov/05
wow, I was only 5'5' when i was 13, 5'6 when i was 15 and at 17 i'm 6'1'. I remember meeting Iverson and he's 5"11" or so.

I've been reading some of the comments and seeing the pictures but people need to take into account:
-The shoes the people are wearing
-their posture and the way they are standing

I mean, someone compared KG to Shaq and how he is only 6'9' 1/2 but the guy was obviously not standing straight. It's also VERY DIFFICULT to measure someone height by someone standing next to him and the're much taller. Example: why would someone measure Iverson's height through comparision of someone like Lebron (who by the way, i can say for a fact is NOT 6'6', no way in hell, he is 6'7' 1/4 or so without shoes) they should compare Iverson to someone of same stature to depict an accurate answer.
Ozzie said on 19/Nov/05
Think my bro was like 6'1 and my friend were 6'0 at 13 (However, a 3rd friend of mine grew from 5'10 - 6'4 in 10 months when he was 16, got huge knee and back problems for a period, he is still 6'4... (and 240lbs... big guy). I was 5'11 at 13, then 6'2 (140lbs!) at 14 (measurements from school health checks)... stopped at 6'3 (now 185lbs) when i was like 17-18. Sorry for the off-topic.. just answering...
l0ck n l0ad said on 17/Nov/05
Sorry, just an off-subject to Ozzie. What height was your brother in his teenage years and that friend of yours?
I was 5'9 at 13, 5'11 at 14, around 6'1+ at 15 and ended up at 6'2, stopped growing early around 16, I was also predicted to be quite tall.
Ozzie said on 13/Nov/05
And, just to do it again:

As for Lebron judging from his build i think he has finished growing. Typical build for early physical developement. Unlike Garnett, who clearly was not finished developing physically. x-ray plates are not that reliable either. Doctors wanrted to stop my brothers growth because they thought he'd be 6'7-6'8, my parents didn't do it and he stopped naturally at 6'5, same thing with a friend of mine. His x-ray plates when he was 13 said he would be 6'6-ish and doctors wanted to stop him as well. He was not stopped medically either and ended up being 6'2.5

Also: Judging from the draft-camp measurements. If the trend is the same for other listed 6-footers like Jameer Nelson, Iverson is likely 5'11-ish.

Compare also the with shoes measurements with the player profiles. Some of these also tend to differ quite significantly.
Ozzie said on 12/Nov/05
Well now... Rockets have downgraded Yao's height in his player profile from 7'6 to 7'5 again...? so what does this mean.. Arenas suddenly grew an inch to 6'4 as well. Mike Bibby, 6'1 for most of his career is now listed at 6'2 (27 years old). Consistent? reliable? believable?. I'll go with Ed. Rob here with Iverson: not 6'0, not 5'9, but 5'10-11 sounds, and looks right.
Ash said on 11/Nov/05
yea I would say big tig is bout 5'8 or 9 cuz usher was on 106 & park dis week n dey were da same height. This would make Iverson 5'9 or 10
ballatician on a mission said on 29/Oct/05
how tall was iverson at 14 i wanna now if i can get taller than him when im older im already 5'8
LC said on 24/Oct/05
I was watching "Real Training Camp" on NBA TV last week, and I may have the answer to The Answer's actual height. At the end of the practice, a bunch of the players were bagging on one of the 76 guards/forwards about his inability to dunk. He in turn was told by Iverson to dunk off two feet. He complied with the request by throwing down a two handed dunk from a standing position. After which someone said something to Iverson(it was blanked out). Iverson responded with an emphatic. "AT 5'9!" He then dribbled to the other side of the court and threw down a one handed dunk.
Ash said on 22/Oct/05
Nah at most AI was bout an inch taller than Big Tigger. At most times they looked the same height.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 20/Oct/05
I recently saw him on BET 106nPark wit Big Tigger n I think brooke valentine n A.I. had like 4 inches on Tig n I heard Tig was like 5'9 or 5'8 so that would make A.I. wat 6'0 or 6'1 f Tig is really 5'9.
CelebHeights Editor said on 11/Jul/05
Quote from Travis Best: "Iverson ain't 6 feet. I've stood behind him many times, and he doesn't seem any taller than I am. He jumps high, but he's just as tall as I am...I don't know if it's a psychological thing in the NBA or what, but I've always taken pride in the height I am. I'm 5-11 and proud of it."
Ball-A-Hallic said on 29/Jun/05
AI's probally 5'10 barefoot wit shoes he's 5'11 n in the NBA ur measured wit shoes on so he's probally 5'11 1/2 or somethin so then he's pit at 6'0 so thats wat they probally do 2 measure a players' height
billy said on 27/Jun/05
Yo what about Larry Hughes. He is listed at 6-5 nonstop but some coachs say 6-6. He seems not much shorter than kwame brown, 6-11(or taller) or antawn jamison, 6-8 ish. What do yall think.
Mr. Awesome said on 20/Jun/05
I live in a suburb of philly and am a die-hard Sixers fan, so I decided it's time to set this straight. Ok, this is gonna sound kinda confusing, but I think everyone would be interested to know. One of my best friend's father's friend is one of the team physicians for the Philadelphia 76'ers. My friend has reported to me that it's been calculated that A.I.'s just under 5'11''.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 19/Jun/05
Ye I agree wit u on TD's height he's not 7'0 like some list him so he's probally 6'10.5 but wit shoes 6'11 or 6'11.5 so he probally gets boosted up to 7'0
Sing said on 18/Jun/05
Ben Wallace is probably more like 6-8 barefeet so Tim's got a couple of inches on him + longer arms. But Ben Wallace can jump out of the gym, and a quick leaper, that's why he can block shots and get rebounds. Charles Barkley was barely 6-5 and yet he was a great rebounder because of his quick leap. He left his feet and was up in the air before others could leave the ground, so that neutralized the height disadvantage.

However Ben Wallace always has problems with very tall centers like Yao Ming and Zydrunas Ilgauskas. The height disparity is just too great. I have seen one clip where Yao backed up Big Ben, turned, and dunked on him like he wasn't even there.

Duncan is about 6-10.5 barefeet.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 13/Jun/05
If LeBron is 6'9 or 6'10 he could play Power Forward and some centers r b-low 6'10 like Ben Wallace(6'9 and he's probsally not really 6'9 jus added up by 2 inches but i doubt it but he'd be a good one 2 list if he's truely 6'9 and plays CENTER)so if LeBron's grown he could play any position and be like Magic Johnson and he was 6'9 plus LeBron's good enough but I think he'll jus be a Shootin Guard or Small Forward.
Sing said on 9/Jun/05
Rob, this is a Iverson forum, not Lebron, aight? Besides, if Lebron grows to be 6-9 he's still shorter than every NBA center out there. He will just be a tall small forward/guard like Lamar Odom, who's listed @ 6-10, or Robert Horry, who's also 6-10.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 8/Jun/05
A.I.'s always looked shorter than 6'0 he's only 5'10 i think and is probally 5'11 or near 5'11.5 wit shoes so jus cause hes a Shooti Guard they make him 6'0 but that just shows how the NBA players get boosted heights by 2
Sing said on 3/Jun/05
It's always amazing to see guys under 6 feet dunking. I wonder if AI can do reverse, 360, windmill, and between the leg dunks. All the AI dunks I have seen are pretty boring. Spud Webb, who is 4 inches shorter, could do some amazing dunks. I wonder if Earl Boykins, at 5-4, can dunk. Does anybody know?
Jermaine said on 2/Jun/05
Allen Iverson is def not 6 feet tall.. i would say 5'10 without shoes and around 5'11 or 182 cm with..
but the guy can dunk so he really cares
Jason said on 1/Jun/05
Allen Iverson was listed as 182cm at last year's Olympics. That's 5'11 1/2''.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 31/May/05
Think a bout it in the NBA or any sport they round the players heights up like ONCE AGAIN said LeBron's 6'71/4 so they'll put em at 6'8 wit sneakers. So A.I.'s probally 5'10.5 tops he was never a 6'0 footer
Sing said on 30/May/05
Shaq says he's really 6-11.5 without shoes. Take a look at the photo below, how in the world is Garnett almost Shaq's height??? Garnett is likely only 6-9.5 without shoes, 6-11 with shoes.

I don't think there is any doubt Yao's at least 7-6. Take a look the posting in Yao's section and at the photo below with Yao standing next to Bradley during Yao's first game with Dallas (bottom of the page). This is BEFORE Yao grew an inch. Yao appears to be slightly taller than Bradley even in this photo!

Yao's 7-6.5 nowadays without shoes and still growing!
Ozzie said on 27/May/05
Yes, but it doesn't say whether they measured him with or without shoes. Besides this is the Rockets organization, not the NBA. The Spurs had Duncan at 7'0" for 7 seasons as well. That turned out to be wrong... We might just give up, not ever can anybody be certain that the correct measurements are given.
Sing said on 25/May/05
Yao's 7-6, not 7-5.
Mr. R said on 7/May/05
Smoke, I need to know which baseball players you are referring to? I am a baseball addict, and I follow the scores and height statistics closely. Just about every basaeball player I have ever met added 1-2 inches to their height. I have never met a player who downgraded their height. Who are you referring to?
Ozzie said on 7/May/05
I believe I've heard that both Bill Walton and Kevin Garnett prefers to use their without shoes measurements. Both are a shade over 6'11 (212cm I think), their teams wanted to list them at 7', buth neither wanted to be percieved as a 7-footer. With walton I don't know why (as goes with Duncan who suddenly demanded being listed at his more accurate 6'11(?)). Garnett doesn't want to be regarded as a post player I think he said... Agree with you Rob, why use the with shoes measurements? ...also, I think the metric system is a far more practical and accurate way to measure players. And Smoke, maybe Ben wears lifts;)
Smoke said on 6/May/05
Ozzie awesome stuff! This stuff definately does look right on the button, but some of the heights are still suprising none the less! Compared to my in person experience I'm shocked that Ben Gordon is that short without shoes! The Ridnour height looks on the button, as he was identical height to myself, no way he would be 6'2" without shoes. The Bosh listing looks dead on, T.J Ford looks even shorter than 5'11", he was always listed at 5'10" throughout college and looked it in person. Jameer Nelson is another guy who I'm suprised is 5'11" without shoes, he definately looks shorter. Another two guys who are suprises are from the Chicago Bulls, with Kirk Hinrich surprisingly standing almost 6'3" without shoes, he looks 187ish in cms to me, and Chris Duhon definately looked atleast marginally taller than a 6'0" on the nose guy.
Smoke said on 6/May/05
I'm from Toronto, and I've seen Bosh on even ground a few times, why would he round down? He does look like a 6'10" guy to me, this was his listing when he was drafted out of Georgia Tech. He's actually a very young guy, only 21 years old and it's very well possible he could have grown a little bit since coming into the league, but rounding down in the NBA is virtually unheard of. In the NHL however, and even a little bit in baseball as well, I have noticed this, I don't think I've ever met an NBA player who rounds down with the exception of Kenny Anderson, he's definately a heck of a lot bigger than 6'1" and 168 lbs.
Viper652 said on 6/May/05
The NBA heights are so screwed up that, 6-10 Robert Jackson is actually 3 inches shorter then 6-10 Chris Bosh.
Ozzie said on 6/May/05

Some round up from their w shoes measurement (D. Howard - listed at 6-11, 6-9 wo shoes, 6'10.25 w shoes)
Some round down from their w shoes measurement (Livingston - listed at 6'7, really 6'6.25 wo, 6'7.5 w)
Some round up from their wo shoes m. (Iguodala)
Some round down from their wo shoes m. (Bosh)
Some are just neither
Some choose a height in-between the w and wo shoes measurements... the whole thing is just not consistant...

[Editor Rob: yes it sounds like that, I mean I just don't understand the need for 'with shoes' measurement...]
Ozzie said on 6/May/05
Hey Once Again, if you read the formum, you'll see people have been doing research. People have even given references to their claims and comments, and opened their comments to interpretation... something you haven't.
Smoke said on 4/May/05
Now in the case of Barry some unnatural variables could be factoring into his height just like the rest of his body. He was indeed listed at 6'1" for most of his career and has now been listed at 6'2", when I last saw him a couple years ago he definately looked like a 6'2" guy to me. As for Iverson, yeah I think the 5'11" is generous, in person to me he definately looks a good bit shorter, but pictures for some reason show him to be close to this. I saw LeBron a couple of weeks ago and indeed he did look like a 6'7" guy, I underestimated him at first.
Once Again said on 4/May/05
B-Ball players ROUND UP HEIGHTS. To find actual heights, search for pre-draft camp measurements.
Some examples:
LeBron - 6'7 1/4" w/o shoes - (Listed at 6'8")

Stephen Hunter - 6'10 1/4" w/o shoes - (Listed at 7')

Do some research people.

Viper652 said on 4/May/05
He is deffinitly around 5-10. He was listed at 5-10 in College. What I dont get is some of the Major league baseball players have been bumped up an inch, which normally they are accurate. Jose Canseco was listed as 6-3 for most of his career, yet the last few years he was listed at 6-4. The same thing with Barry Bonds. He was listed at 6-1 for most of his career, yet the last few years he is now 6-2?? I think 6-1 is Barrys true height.
RastaSalle said on 27/Apr/05
Great forum... Little inside scoop on photography... if you stand to the left on a photo, it adds, 1-2 inches to your height... if you stand to the right, it removes an inch or two from your height... to prove this try it with a mirror... mirrors are reversed tho so stand to the right of the person to appear taller, and to the left to appear shorter... also, Shaq did say on Howard Stern that he was 6'11" (but he kids around alot), Allen Iverson was listed at 5'10" in college... Carmello anthony was listed at 6'7" in college... Lebron was listed 6'7" in high school, Kobe Bryant has been listed as 6'6"-6'8", Dennis Rodman listed 6'6" to 6'8" (that I have seen), Charles Barkley 6'6", when really 6'4.5" saw him stand next to minut bull, he came up to his nipples... Gary Payton, 6'4", but saw him next to PDiddy (6') and he was like 2 inches taller... Me personally I round up, I am 5.5 and was listed at 5'6" in college soccer... we always mesured with shoes on... also, my college basketball team, one player was 5'6" and was listed at 5'10", another 5'8" at 5'10", 6'1" to 6'4" they embelleshed 1-4 inches! and it was Division III!!!

[Editor Rob: yes, that is the subtle effect you can see in shia's page beside reeves/dminjou]
Smoke said on 17/Apr/05
Ah beaner, but how do you know that Kobe is indeed 6'6", like I said, I agree with J. that LeBron is 6'7", and I'd say Kobe is 6'5" on a good day. All I can say is, I've seen Bryant in person and no way is he 6'6" without shoes. beaner, I apologize to you and other LeBron fans, but he is not 6'8", he's maybe 6'7" on a good day. Also note, LeBron is noticeably closer to the camera than Kobe in that pic.
Smoke said on 15/Apr/05
Ozzie, I noticed on the page you provided that Yao was 7'5" without shoes, and 7'6.25" with shoes. Comparing Ming's height with Shaq, there really isn't anything more than 4 inches between them, so either Yao is closer to 7'3" without shoes, or Shaq really is honestly listed at 7'1". I also agree with you that certain variables can indeed throw off people's apperance, however, some people are easier thrown off than others. Again, I'm 6'1", and on level ground Ronald Murray to me, looked almost my height, maybe 6'2". Luke Ridnour was same height as me, yet I was surprised to see him listed at 6'2". I do think that Murray really is 6'3" though, it's easy to be off by an inch or so when estimating. Again, I do think stuff like shoes and clothes, hair and what not can throw off one's impression, but I'm pretty sure that Duhon is slightly taller than Pargo in person. I'm really not sure of what measuring methods are used by these teams, my guess for the dropoff in height would be the use of stadiometers to accurately tell their height.
Ozzie said on 15/Apr/05
That's a good point, but again, the way people are built, shoe type, how erect they stand, even clothing, can give different impressions. It is easy to misjudge, even if you have the two persons in the same room. I always thought that two guys I knew were both approximately 6-1. It turned out that one of the guys was a good 6-3, the 6-1 guy even thought himself that he was slightly taller than the other guy... And, regardless of measures, it seems most players (not all, Murray is now listed at 6-3 by the sonics (down from 6-4 last season...) songaila's height is correctly listed by the kings, so on, so on) are given at least an inch by the NBA. This explains how for example Shaq may well be 6-11 1/2 and listed at 7-1 (comp.: Mario Kasun).
Smoke said on 14/Apr/05
The funny thing about these heights is that in person they look much different. For instance Jannero Pargo is supposed to be 6'.0.25" without shoes, and Chris Duhon is supposed to be 6'0" without shoes, yet Duhon is somewhat taller than Pargo in person. Another thing is, I'm surprised that Murray is actually 6'3" without shoes, I remember him barely being taller than me, the Smush Parker height is also surprising, he really looked a solid 6'4" in person. Again, I'm not sure if these guys are using tape measures, or convenience store height charts to measure these guys.
Ozzie said on 14/Apr/05

I know some of these were quite young and might have grown, as Amare, who himself said (after being listed at 6-7 during last years olympics) that he now is 6-9 1/4 (suns have him at 6-10). Anyway it is interesting (Boozer, Butler, Dunleavy, Gooden, Haslem, Kasun, Yao, Nene...) I do not trust the nba listings anymore anyway. however, my experience is that wingspan and standing reach is perhaps more important than height... (an aspect where I have suffered myself, at 6-3 with a 6-4 1/4 wingspan and a 8' standing reach (in shoes) compared to a player of my size, Ronald Murray: 6-7 1/2, 8-4 1/2)... well I never was good enough anyway:))

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