How tall is LeBron James

LeBron James Height

6ft 7.25in (201 cm)

American basketball player, associated with The Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat. His predraft measurements were 6ft 8 in sneakers and 6ft 7.25 without them, weight of 245 pounds.

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DEVEN said on 28/May/16
Kevin Love and height liars in shoes== Click Here
Damian said on 20/Apr/16
Lol I know someone whose 6ft7 But longer legs and bigger head.
linwog said on 18/Apr/16
Rob, what would his wife be? 5'10 or less?
Sean said on 12/Apr/16
There are images from a few years ago with Big Show and Lebron (you can google). I'd say Show was about 3 inches taller than Lebron at the time. So Lebron I feel probably is between 6'7.25" and 6'7.75", and Show 6'10.5" - 6'11".
S.J.H said on 12/Mar/16
i mean 6'6.75 is minimum for lebron by night but he might be a chance holding 6'7 till night. He always a legitmate 200cm guy
S.J.H said on 12/Mar/16
@Ljungberg said on 2/Mar/16
Agree with Duke, Ignacious and Height.

Thierry henry is about 6'1.25 not even 6'1.5 or 6'2 listing. You may check him out with 6'3 guy like rio ferdinand who was not under 190cm. Lebron edge thierry close to 6 inch so right at 6'7.25 on the clip. max 6'7 is possible that how he look next to 6'6.25 carmelo anthony
Ljungberg said on 2/Mar/16
Agree with Duke, Ignacious and Height.

I think that could be his lowest and is only a 1cm difference at 200 cm.

He does look massive next to tall guys like Thierry Henry (187 cm-188 cm) Click Here

...but when he is next to really tall guys like Carmelo Anthony who is about 198 cm-198.5 cm, the difference isn't much (like 1cm or 2 cm): Click Here

What do you think Rob? Could he be just a tad shorter?
Duke said on 24/Feb/16
6ft 6.75in
joe### said on 14/Feb/16
Anderson varejão 6´10
lebron 6´7
joe### said on 13/Feb/16
looks 6´7 with Anderson varejão 6´8
S.J.H said on 11/Feb/16
I agree with Ignacious. At best lebron james was a weak 6'7 like 2.00m since atual height difference from kobe and wife's a full picture he only look 1.5" top on kobe and other strong evidence with good camera angle show him max 2inch taller than kobe and i don't feel lebron can be over a cm over take an honest 6'6.5 daniel cudmore so let alone 6'7.25 might be something a morning measurement like 200.7-201.0cm get round up at 6'7.25 (201.2cm) or right on the nose, infact 6'6-3/4 is fair for lebron james.
Duhon said on 9/Feb/16
LeBron and 6'5" NFL player Cam Newton Click Here
Ignacious said on 22/Jan/16
He is a strong 6-6 guy, shorter than Magic Johnson who is 6-7 1/4 or 6-7 1/2.

He stopped measuring himself when he reached a legit 6-6 back in high school. He most probably grew a little more after that.

So 6-6 1/2 or 6-6 3/4 at the most for Lebron.
Canson said on 22/Jan/16
Height, Blase 03, Albert: I have to say I agree with all three of you on this one! Craig Sager is 6'2.

Click Here
Canson said on 21/Jan/16
Ozzy: agree definitely. And that Draymond is 6'5 (his assistant coach Alvin Gentry said the same) I don't see many under 7' except KG and Durant who are listed in the league at their actual barefoot height.
MD said on 21/Jan/16
Draymond's height isn't a secret of anything; he was measured at the combined at 6' 5.75" no shoes. Apropos of little, I met him last year. Didn't pay too much attention to his height aside from the fact that he's a big guy - small for his position, but among any kind of regular folk a fairly imposing guy.
Ozzy said on 19/Jan/16
Interesting comment from Chris Webber during the Cavs-Warriors game: "Draymond Green is 6-7, on record, which probably means he's six-five and a half in real life the way basketball players usuaslly add an inch and a half"... Webber has as well called himself six-nine when calling games despite always being listed at 6-10 as a player. Keeping it real.
Canson said on 7/Jan/16
agree with Height's post and 6'6 and change. Lebron and Melo Are always an inch or inch and half shorter than the 6'7 and change guys like Carlos Boozer and Kevin Love. Throw Blake Griffin in the mix as he was measured earlier than those guys with his Brillo pad hair and looks the exact same height as Kevin Love in their locksmith commercial they did together. Check out YouTube.

Also KROC put it well on Kobe's page about skipping the predraft. The reports are inconsistent but Lebron was said to have as well. I mean only .75" for shoes??? Everyone else gets 1-1.5 and some even up to 3" on that page???? Inconsistent!!! Not to mention guys like Kobe who is 6'4.5-6'4.75 and 6'4-6'4.5 measured lance Stephenson in close ups only look 2" shorter when standing neck and neck with him.
Canson said on 3/Jan/16
Nickkname: Hulk is slouching in this pic
nickkname said on 18/Sep/15
Lebron james with hulk hogan

Click Here
Oanh said on 10/Jun/15
fel says on 28/May/15
6feet and 7.25 inches is enough hieght for my idol lebron james..

So, if he was 6'7" flat, he wouldn't be your idol? LOL
Bennett said on 31/May/15
that means kevin garnett is over 7 foot in shoes, DAMN
the NBA had him at only 6'11 so looks like he didn't lie about his height
fel said on 28/May/15
6feet and 7.25 inches is enough hieght for my idol lebron james..
jj84 said on 27/May/15
i think lebron is a legit 6 foot 7 or 201-202 cm ! no more !
i have been next to a lot of professional players who are listed 6 ft 6 and i am 6 ft 4 and we are almost the same ! basketball players reals heights are almost 1 inch more than in real life
Lorne??? said on 19/May/15
I don't think he's over a flat 6'7.
joe 193cm night said on 23/Apr/15
Lebron is unquestionable 6'7 no more and no lessClick Here
heightwise said on 21/Apr/15
So with Durant at 6'7, 6'10 listed Michael Beasley is about 6'4.5 then?
Devin Paul said on 17/Apr/15
@6ftMagician; I think durant was being sarcastic because everyone seems to say he is taller than he is which was his reaction. He's 6'9 and change like listed but no taller or shorter. this just goes to show that most of the nba is overinflated in terms of height listings. Goes to show when Shannon brown who I've seen here in Phoenix is only 6'0 and change and listed 6'3 or 6'4. I am a legit solid barefoot 6'5 and he barely came up to my nose. Same with Shawn respert back in the day (listed 6'3 but barely over 6'
Devin Paul said on 16/Apr/15
I agree with Height. 6'6.5 max. Durant has close to 3"
b-mint1994 said on 16/Apr/15
LOL If Durant was actually 6'7" then Kobe and Lebron would need to be downgraded massively.
Jay said on 15/Apr/15
Durant is not 6'7, lets be serious here.
Bishop said on 13/Apr/15
Durant's height is tricky as he can look taller than 6'10-6'9" guys in the NBA. Maybe he grew a bit more after he was measured at the draft?
b-mint1994 said on 11/Apr/15
Kinda shocked he's under 6'8" but eh not by much. We need a page for Kevin Durant Rob. He looks taller than quite a few 6'10" listed players in the NBA (Kendrick Perkins for example)
Height said on 9/Apr/15
Lebron and Melo have very similar heights: 6'6.25"- 6'6.5" (more or less). Both of them are close to 1 inch shorter than Scottie Pippen.
mamandi said on 3/Apr/15
He was measured 6.725 barefoot and 6.8 in shoes 2003 that is a fact you are telling only telling bull****
if you say he is shorter than 6,7
Duhon said on 27/Mar/15
He measured at 6'7.25" barefoot as an 18 year old. It's ridiculous the posts trying to say he is under 6'7" now.
joe 193cm night said on 10/Mar/15
very close to Daniel Cudmore
jduece505 said on 4/Mar/15
I believe 6'6+ barefoot and I'm thinking 6'7.25-6'7.5 in shoes. I just cannot see him being any taller especially if Durant isn't but 6'9. And Durant is only 6'9 not taller (most believe he is but he isn't) as you can see it with people like dirk who is 6'10-6'11 barefoot who are taller and howard who is a self proclaimed 6'9 barefoot (may even be a hair less as he is shorter than Hakeem Olajuwon who is 6'9-6'10 himself barefoot). Also look at durant next to someone like Gasol. He is clearly shorter. The only ones that come into question are serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins who are listed 6'10 but are clearly 6'8ish.
SportsHeight said on 2/Mar/15
Rob, you do realize that most of these NBA stars, including LeBron, are under 20 (and sometimes barely 18) when they get measured for the draft? It really doesn't seem accurate to assume that that measurement is their final height, down to the quarter-inch. On the contrary, you should probably assume that they would have at least a smidgeon of growth left in them at that point in time.
[Editor Rob: some of them will gain a bit more, but on average the difference from 18-20 is small. For every guy who gains something noticeable there's many more who don't.]
height said on 20/Feb/15
He's 6'6+" like Carmelo Anthony who is about 6'7.5" with athletic shoes.

Click Here
Paul Lee said on 17/Feb/15
Yeah, He's a legit 6'8"
WalkingTall6ft3.35 inches said on 12/Feb/15
With almost 6'5 Michael Strahan Click Here
Matt said on 4/Feb/15
Click Here
Nate Robinson. What do you think? Rob 5'9?
[Editor Rob: Nate's 5ft 7.75 without shoes.]
albert said on 29/Jan/15
Thank you blase03

I have met both him and Scottie Pippen 2 summers ago, and Pippen was at least 1 inch taller than Lebron.

Lebron is 6'6"+ barefooted and about 6'7.5" with athletic shoes.

Pippen was measured at 6'7.5"/ 6'7.75" barefooted and is close to 6'9" in athletic shoes
5ft10guy said on 17/Jan/15
would'nt Lebron have grown since the evidence is determined by predraft measurements
Ozzy said on 15/Jan/15
Click Here
Anthony: 6'8/6'6.25 (203/198)
Griffin: 6'10/6'8.5 (208/204)
Chandler: 7'1/6'11.5 (216/212)
Love: 6'10/6'7.75 (208/203)
Durant: 6'10/6'9 (208/206)
James: 6'8/6'7.25 (203/201)

*For what it's worth, Durant was measured at 6'9 in both '06 and '07. Perhaps he started growing again (not implausible) or perhaps he didn't, considering how similar he is in height to Anthony Davis, pictured here: Click Here next to Durant, a couple of months after he measured at 6'9.5... And here, next to the 7-foot listed Nowitzki and the 6'11 (6'10 w/o shoes) Aldridge, and the 6'11 (listed, 6'9 w/o shoes Howard): Click Here

Howard has also claimed on several occasions that he is 6'9. Can't find the link to the FoxSports interview where he said it (on signing with the Lakers and comparisons to Shaq).

From the Orlando Sentinel's Brian Schmitz...

In a surprising admission, Dwight Howard says he's "only" 6 feet 10 -- and that's in basketball shoes. The Magic list him at 6-11. I brought it up because Garnett looked at least 1 1/2 inches taller than Howard last week. "Yeah, he is. I'm 6-10 in shoes. Hedo [Turkoglu] is taller than me. It really doesn't matter. I guess it's because I'm big this way that people think I'm taller," Howard said, tracing a finger across his broad chest and shoulders.
BGee said on 14/Dec/14
The NBA always rounds up so i call this an accurate listing.
5ft10guy said on 13/Dec/14
Rob lets get kevin durant nba list him at 6ft9 2011-2012 now they say 6ft10 to 6ft11 lets put the rumors to rest .
Crypto139 said on 12/Dec/14
The Prince is tall. He is just short compared to a guy that is atleast 6 feet 7.25, who probably could easily pull of 6 feet 8 in my opinion.
Arch Stanton said on 12/Dec/14
Prince William looked dead star struck/intimidated by Lebron and Jay Z.
BigRonReis89 said on 10/Dec/14
I thought that Wills (Prince) was tall until I saw Lebron tower over him in height and width and lebron was not even standing straight, 6'8 for me.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Dec/14
In the photos the height difference doesn't look so great, he looks 6'7" and change Click Here I think.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Dec/14
Rob see the video at the bottom, he looks at least 6'8" with Prince William!! Click Here
blase03 said on 31/Oct/14
I am a high school basketball coach and I have met many other coaches. One particular coach I know worked at a summer camp with Lebron when Lebron was in High School at St Vincent.

Long story short he said Lebron was 6'4 in barefeet at the time and measured around 6'5.5 with gym shoes which was then rounded to 6'6. He has seen Lebron on occasion and mentioned that Lebron had grown a couple of inches. Lebron is 6'6 in barefeet, 6'7.5 in gym shoes thus this is why he listed at 6'8. A 6'8 list does NOT mean that he is exactly 6'8 with shoes just that he is within a half inch of the listed height.

I think the most important thing to remember is if anyone meets him in person he will be in shoes and probably standing on a uneven surface. On a side note since most people cant tell the difference between a half inch I would say rounding your height off by a half inch is not lying. For example; listing your self at 6'6 when your actually 6'5.5 is pretty accurate and not worth splitting hairs. Claiming more than a half inch is pushing it.
Chris said on 20/Oct/14
Lebron James was measured 6 ft 7.25, barefoot, when he was 18 years of age, for the draft. That's official. It's pretty likely that was not even his max height at 18 years of age - people measure different heights at different times of the day.

Many men don't even stop growing until they're 20 or 21. I think it's pretty likely he's at least 6'8
Greg (6'1'') said on 15/Oct/14
@payr: LeBron was only 18 at the time and could have easily grown after that. Dwyane Wade measured at 6'3.75'' (which probably means more like 6'3'' flat in the afternoon) and yet LeBron consistently looks four inches taller than him in photos. LeBron is more than likely a full 6'7''.
payr said on 10/Oct/14
Lebron is probably 6-6 and a half during afternoon because he measured at this in the morning
Jdub said on 10/Aug/14
It's a fact most nba players are inflated height wise. I'm just under 6'5 and have stood by lebron. He is about 2 inches taller. I'd give him 6'7 flat and also stood by Melo. He is about 6'6 flat no taller. Remember he had thick cornrows which may have given him the 1/4 inch or so when he came in the league
bigboy fury said on 2/Aug/14
I have stood next to Lebron. I am 6'9 and he is an easy 6'8
KROC said on 19/Jul/14
I've seen Lebron in person-he's 6'7. If you don't believe me look at pictures with him and Carmelo Anthony. Carlos Boozer is taller then him and he isn't even a legit 6'8.
LeBron6 said on 17/Jul/14

That's not 4 inches though budy. Lebrons head doesn't stop where you see the white head band, that's like 2-3 inches max their.
DanteBonfim said on 16/Jul/14
I think LeBron is in 6'7''.

Look at this picture.
Click Here

Kevin Love, number eleven, is 2.08 (I think he is really 2.06) Blake Griffin is 2.08 -number 14-. Number eight is Kevin Durant, who is well listed in 6'11 (211 cm.), and LeBron arrives at his eyebrow level (4 inches less), that gives a plain 6'7'': 200 cm. In basket, players are measured with shoes, so they are always 3 cm. taller (some of them even 4) than barefoot, so this can explain why LeBron is in 2.00. What do you think? I think more than 2.02 is an exaggeration.

Another thing to you Rob (one suggestion): Could yo put in a future a 'Basketball' page? We are talking in the 'Soccer' page about soccer players' height, but there isn't a simillar one to talk about basketball players, and that's the most interesting, because we haven't talked about that yet. What do you think? Thank you very much :)
Sean said on 12/Jul/14
Lebron is shorter than Boozer, who is not even 6'8 in the morning.

LOL at 6'8. In your dreams Lebron fanboys.
Sal said on 10/Jul/14
Rob can we get a listing for Kevin Durant? He is at least 6'9" Most likely listed at 6'9" so he could be taken seriously as a small forward.
LeBron6 said on 8/Jul/14
He needs to be upgraded to 6'8"
LeBron6 said on 8/Jul/14
Lebron reaches above Shaqs eyebrow ridge and he's likely tilting his head toward him. Lol at anyone saying anything under 6'7. He looks at least 6'8 here with shaq even when accounting the camera disadvantage.

Click Here
LeBron6 said on 8/Jul/14
Lebron reaches above Shaqs eyebrow ridge and he's likely tilting his head toward him. Lol at anyone saying anything under 6'7. He looks at least 6'8 here with shaq even when accounting the camera disadvantage.

Click Here
LeBron6 said on 8/Jul/14
Lebron reaches above Shaqs eyebrow ridge and he's likely tilting his head toward him. Lol at anyone saying anything under 6'7. He looks at least 6'8 here with shaq even when accounting the camera disadvantage.

Click Here
Sal said on 16/Jun/14
I think the height of 6'7.25" is spot on and that's enough to say you are 6'8" but the real honest dude is Kevin Durant. He probably rounds down.
Blaze said on 9/Jun/14
6ft7.25 was his barefoot height at 18 and that's not even his real morning height. idk why you go by a compressed height after the morning. He is a legit 6ft8, especially out of bed.
Leo said on 6/Jun/14
Someone claimed lebron was measured 6'9.25" (possibly in shoes) and 267 lbs at 2012 Olympics. his barefoot must be at least 6'8" legit now.
Alex 6'0 said on 17/May/14
Wasn't he measured at 6'7.25 barefoot? If so he's a legit strong 6'7. Looks 6'7-6'8 range anyway. 6'6 is too low for him.
johnny z said on 10/May/14
Heights are very hard to figure. Heel size makes people look up to 2" taller than they actually are. I believe ALL NBA players heights are exaggerated by 1.5"-2". I feel a great estimate for Lebrons true height barefoot is 6'6 1/2".
issa said on 2/May/14
@Yazz possibly.
Yazz said on 29/Apr/14
Look at this high schooler. Click Here
Measured 6'1.25 without shoes, yet measured 6'4.5 with shoes. Was he wearing Stallones lifts?
Yazz said on 24/Apr/14
NBA players now get measured a few times at different camps.

I bet Lebron would have measured 6'6.75 possibly at another camp.
KROC said on 21/Apr/14
Kevin Durant is 6'9. And I can definitely see Lebron waking up to 6'8.
mudcats said on 21/Apr/14
Durant isnt taller than 6'9. NBA wouldnt downgrade him.
DMoney said on 11/Mar/14
All i can say is that Durant is a tall son of a gun. He has 3 full inches on lebron. I would say 6'7.5" Lebron and 6'10.5" Durant.
Lebron23 said on 28/Feb/14
Kevin Durant looks taller than 6'9.5" Alonzo Mourning. Click Here
Sal Rizzo said on 28/Feb/14
LeBron is honestly 6'3 at best! I met him and Deron Williams and they are identical in height.
Hank the Tank said on 23/Feb/14
@Lebron23 No, in your pic, LeBron is eye to eye with Beasley. If Wade is 6'4", Beasley and LeBron look 6'8". Which means Beasley can't be the 6'10" he's listed at.
Bill said on 16/Feb/14
At the All Star Game he stood next to a 6'2" Craig Sager and only looked 3 or 4 inches taller. Not sure if Sager had thicker heels on or what though.
Jaywha said on 16/Feb/14
203 cm imo.
LeBron6 said on 15/Feb/14
In the recent okc and heat games Kevin Durant who claims to be measured at 6'10.25", only looks 1-2 inches taller then lebron.
LeBron6 said on 13/Feb/14
6ft6 is laughing gas
ben said on 9/Feb/14
6ft 6 best guess
2metermanchildthing said on 6/Feb/14
this dude was 6'7.25 as an 18 year old, as recorded in the predraft measurements. its most likely he grew to even 6'7.5 as he looks of similar, or even slightly taller in height to guys who are legit 6'8 barefoot e.g shane battier.
Michael said on 17/Jan/14
Lebron so nice player on Miami but lebron is no match for jordan
Heightwise said on 12/Jan/14
I'm trying to find good comparisons between Howard, Durant and Lebron. Durant looks almost 3 inches taller than Lebron in various pictures, Dwight never looks more than 2 taller than Lebron. Then there's a picture of Howard and Durant and Howard has a touch on him (though Durant might be leaning a little). So it's hard to find conclusive heights for the 3
Lebron23 said on 7/Jan/14
Lebron is taller than 6'7" Michael Beasley. Click Here Wade is 6'3 3/4'
Leo said on 24/Dec/13
He definitely maybe grown to 6'8" or at least 6'7.5". He is definitely at least 2.5 inches taller than kobe who's 6'4.75" or 6'5".
KROC said on 23/Dec/13
Met Rajon a couple years. He's 6ft on the dot.
andrew yu said on 20/Dec/13
lebron james is 6ft 10inch without shoes. kevin durant is 6ft 11inch without shoes. kobe bryant is 6ft 5inch without shoes while dwyane wade is 6ft 4inch
Bosnia said on 17/Dec/13
I'm curious about Rajon Rondo. He is listed 6 ft 1 and he looks it. Couldn't find his height without shoes.
MEEE said on 15/Dec/13
I would give him no more than 6'6.75 MAX.
KROC said on 12/Dec/13
Sorry Peter Hung but Kobe is 6'5 and Lebron isn't anything below 6'7. Still not sure about him being 6'8 though. I've gotten the opportunity to meet a lot of these ballplayers over the last 10 years or so and I can tell you that 99% of the time, they come out shorter then listed… even the tallest ones. The redraft measurements give you a glimpse of the truth in terms of a lot of these players height, but its far from being the Holy Grail. I mean come on they still have Allen Iverson listed as 6'0 feet...
peter hung said on 26/Nov/13
the nba lies he is only 6'6 kobe 6'4
heightwise said on 15/Nov/13
Interestingly, in the USA team photo Lebron looks surprisingly short, not sure if he could be leaning down slightly or have a shoe disadvantage, but everyone else in the back row seem to dwarf him, Durant by 3 inches or so and Kevin Love who is supposedly under 6'8 by around 1.5-2 inches Click Here
@kroc said on 14/Nov/13
he looks a legit two inches taller then Beasley
Ali Baba said on 13/Nov/13
Viper says on 14/Oct/13
Thats 6 inches between him and Peterson, not 5.

Only about 5 inches difference in the picture you posted.
Keith said on 11/Nov/13
Lebron is taller than Carmello@ Joe
issa said on 8/Nov/13
6 foot 7.25 inches is completely correct.
Joe said on 7/Nov/13
Click Here appears shorter than 6'6 Carmelo
KROC said on 6/Nov/13
@ height wise He doesn't look taller then either of those guys. Kevin Love height is 6'7. 75 while Beasley is probably just a flat 6'7. if anything Love looks slightly taller then him… Lebron use to come to Rucker Park back in the day and he always looked the listed height above. He was only 18 then of course so he could of grown slightly.
heightwise said on 31/Oct/13
Click Here Appears taller than two 6'10 listed players here (Kevin Love and Michael Beasley). Even though Beasley is seems 2 inches+ shorter than Durant (listed 6'9)
Bard said on 30/Oct/13
Damn, I was 5'7 at 12 and I haven't even reached 6 foot. Goes to show how much growth can vary from person to person :/ Anyways, I think LeBron's a strong 6'7.
Lyvloev said on 24/Oct/13
LeBron is 6'9" in shoes, from "LeBron IX" shoes, it's platform(heel) is elevated for 1.75 inches, because he weights heavy and landing from high jump constantly can hurt his feet, anyway LeBron is 6'7.25"(201cm) barefoot.His weight is around 250 pounds(115kg). His peak weight was 275(125kg) pounds, don't compare him to D.Howard, LeBron has high BMD and his bones give him more weight even if he looks skinny.
Lotty said on 18/Oct/13
He is 6'8" he was 6'1 at age 13 5'7" at age 12 5'1 at age 11 and 4'5" at age 10
Viper said on 14/Oct/13
Thats 6 inches between him and Peterson, not 5.
Ali Baba said on 13/Oct/13
Actually if Peterson is 6'1" that puts James at under 6'7" by about an inch.
Viper said on 11/Oct/13
If hes 6'8 then we have to upgrade a whole bunch of other basketball players and others.

He doesnt look taller than 6'7 with 6'1 Adrian Peterson. Click Here

Peterson is leaning in some no less
Akhil said on 7/Sep/13
He is 6.8
Viper said on 19/Aug/13
Barkley isnt 6'5. He was measured at 6'4 5/8 at the Olympics
Blaze said on 14/Aug/13
kobe, barkley, and jordan are all 6'5. magic and lebron are both 6'7. wade is 6'4. and I'm 15 and 6'5. the end.
Viper said on 13/Aug/13
That pic with Tristan is weird. Looks like there is almost 4 inches between them.
Viper said on 10/Aug/13
Lebron doesnt look taller than his listed height here with Shaq.
LeBron6 said on 10/Aug/13
Click Here

rob look at lebron with 7'1" shaq in 2009. looks no more than 4-5 inches to me considering lebron comes up to shaqs eye. Also look at LeBron's footwear compared to shaqs. Shaq wears those extremely thick souled shoes and it looks it in this pic.
LeBron6 said on 10/Aug/13
Click Here

rob look at lebron with 7'1" shaq in 2009. looks no more than 4-5 inches to me considering lebron comes up to shaqs eye. Also look at LeBron's footwear compared to shaqs. Shaq wears those extremely thick souled shoes and it looks it in this pic.
LeBron6 said on 9/Aug/13
LeBron James and Tristan Thompson both with 6'1.75" kiree irving
Click Here
Click Here
LeBron6 said on 9/Aug/13

footwear is unknown and lebron is leaning slightly while tristan thompson is standing straight up.
Viper said on 7/Aug/13
Lebron must be barefoot in that pic
Carl said on 29/Jul/13
LeBron with 6'7.5'' measured Tristan Thompson

Click Here
LeBron6 said on 28/Jul/13

They couldn't and don't wear multiple pairs of socks during the pre draft combine as that could potentially hurt their performance in other things. Lying in bed for an extended period of time such as 12 hours isn't going to make a real difference to just getting a good 8-10 hour sleep before pre draft camp. So knowing that the average person fully stops growing between 18-21 yrs, I think it's to say that some these people who were drafted by age of 18 have grown since their pre draft measurements
Joe said on 22/Jul/13

Pretty much all NBA players are measured barefoot at the pre-draft camp, so there isn't too much debate about their height. I have heard that some of them use techniques to measure out as tall as possible, such as wearing multiple pairs of thick socks or lying in bed for 12 hours the night before measurement day. I would take the pre-draft measurements to represent their absolute peak height. By night, most of them are probably at least an inch shorter.
LeBron6 said on 15/Jul/13
Rob you should add dwyane wade, kevin durant, dwight howard, kobe bryant, carmello anthony, and blake griffin.
Leo said on 14/Jul/13
This guy probably grew a few cm from the moment he was measured to pre draft camp since he's only 18 years old at that time. I would say he would be a full 6'8" now.
6\'1\" person said on 11/Jul/13
How come every profile of his height says that he Is 6'8"? You should remeasure him.
anan said on 7/Jul/13
LeBron is 6.7 without shoes 6.8 with shoes Height in nba with shoes
wiltonstilts said on 5/Jul/13
Im not an expert but i wouldnt be surprised if he was 6 08. Hes prolly 6 08 people at least the peak height!
Sense said on 3/Jul/13
Tim Duncan was 6'11 barefoot coming into the league.

The USA basketball picture is inaccurate. Kevin Love is 6'7.75, yet he holds his own with the 6'9.25 Anthony Davis and 6'9+ Kevin Durant.
Lillo Thomas said on 3/Jul/13
Magic johnson isn't 6-9 . Magic Johnson barefoot height is in the 6-7 range . He is the same height of lebron James . 6-7.25.
PLB said on 1/Jul/13
Zz said: What really counts in basketball is where your arms attach to your shoulders.

Very true. When I was living in San Francisco on Russian Hill I walked into our local Chinese laundry and there was Clifford Ray towering over me. Ray was 'only' 6'9" - kind of short for an NBA center, and I'm not a midget at 6'4". But he was immense. Very impressive. His head was barely above his shoulders. He was effectively as tall as the seven footers because of his odd skeletal structure.
kenyon martin said on 29/Jun/13
i have seen lebron james next to kevin durant in a picture.durant looked 3inches
taller than lebron.durant is 6.9 -6.10 barefoot.then lebron must be about 6.7
LeBron6 said on 27/Jun/13
Rob, look at this picture with 18 year old LeBron and 6'9 listed magic Johnson. LeBron has way worse posture and less footwear due to magic wearing dress shoes. If LeBron is only 6'7.25" then magic was less then 6'7".
Click Here
Xc said on 26/Jun/13
Durant's height isn't so much deflated as other player's heights are inflated. Unlike 99% of players in the league, he lists his height without shoes. Barefoot he's as tall as all 6'10" players and probably half of 6'11" players.

The USA basketball picture shows he's no more than 6'10.5" in shoes when you compare him to Davis and Love.
ia5 said on 24/Jun/13
he is a solid 6,8
Ozzy said on 23/Jun/13
@Mike: As I posted on 4/Jun/13: Here's Durant next to Davis who measured at 6'9.25" only a short time from when the picture was taken.

Click Here

It's not unlikely that Durant have grown, but I still don't think he's more than 6'10 flat w/o shoes. Some are still growing when they hit the twenties, some don't. I'm 6'3.25" and haven't grown since I was 19 (I was 155lbs then though, 190 now).
LeBron6 said on 23/Jun/13
LeBron with minimum 6'10''-6'11" Tim Duncan. Rob I'd say he looks at least 6'8" despite the camera advantage...what do you guys think?

Click Here
Sense said on 21/Jun/13
Wade is still at least 6'3 barefoot. He definitely looks in the 6'5 range on the court. He was pretty closely matched to the 6'5.25 barefoot Danny Green and looked nothing more than an inch shorter.
Looking at the after party pictures, Wade is towering over the 6'0 Drake, and the 6'1 Norris Cole.
LeBron is slouching and still at least 3 inches taller.
Balrog said on 20/Jun/13
Johno. 5in? Federer 6'0.5''? LeBron 6'6'' range? Are you serious?
HeghtDoctor said on 20/Jun/13
Lebron atleast 6'10 braaaaa
Mike said on 19/Jun/13
What does everyone on here think about Kevin durant's height? I would say barefoot he looks close to the 6-10 listing (which is rare in the nba since that is usually a height with shoes). I know he was measured at 6-9 w/o shoes, but he was 19 then so an inch of growth would not be absurd.
Ozzy said on 15/Jun/13
Haslem pretty much says it though: "I'm 6'6 3/4 - 6'7"
Johno said on 11/Jun/13
Click Here

Here is lebron with federer. I see 5 inches difference in height or could be slightly be more.

Rob has federer at 6'1.25, i estimate federer at 6'0.5 - 6'0.75 and lebron would be in the 6'6 range.
B said on 11/Jun/13
Lebron and Udonis Haslem both say Wade is 6'1'', but it could be an inside joke. (Haslem is also evasive about his own height.) I've never thought Wade looked 6'3.75'' barefoot though.

Click Here
Johno said on 10/Jun/13
He is about 3.5 inches taller then wade
Zz said on 4/Jun/13
Solid 6'7.5'' for Lebron, 6'8.5'' in shoes.

He plays much bigger than his height because he has very high shoulders and a short neck and head. What really counts in basketball is where your arms attach to your shoulders.
Ozzy said on 4/Jun/13
If you're going to use pics, use decent ones. No leaning, no different stance, no too low/high camera angle. Pics might fool you anyway, but team pics are the best by far for judging height. For now, these are the best out there:
Team USA 2012 (I find this very good because it's got Anthony Davis in it a matter of weeks after he was measured at pre-draft camp, so we can eliminate possible growth and thus know that he's 6'9.5" in this picture): Click Here

Team USA 2012:
Click Here
Click Here

Dream Team:
Click Here

Zo, Ewing, Mutombo: Click Here
LeBron6 said on 2/Jun/13
Joe says on 15/Apr/13
I'm just over 6'8'' in the morning and about 6'7'' at night. I was slightly taller than Lebron when I met him, which makes sense because NBA height measurements are taken in the morning. Lebron is probably 6'7.5'' in the morning and about 6'6.5'' after a long day.

Depending on what he did and how early he was up compared to you, your posture and his posture, and the footwear. with these factored in he could easily measure out taller then you.
dman9500 said on 2/Jun/13
I'd say without shoes Lebron is exactly 6'7.
rdurr said on 29/May/13
I can only buy Lebron at 6'6.5 at night.
Tony said on 19/May/13
does anyone have the link that shows lebron james 6'7 and dwayne wade 6'3 without shoes measurements I saw it years ago and im trying to search for it
johno said on 19/May/13
Click Here

Here is lebron with magic. Magic is quite clearly taller then lebron. Magic most people assume to be 6'7 but he wasn't much taller then 6'5 howard stern and clearly shorter then wrestler kevin nash.
Johno said on 18/May/13
Click Here

Lebron is about 1.25 inches taller then kobe bryant. Kobe himself was measured at 6'4.75 but out of barkley, jordan and kobe, kobe seems the shortest and all three were measured at 6'4.75.

So that would lebron at 6'6 but i'll give him half an inch and put him at 6'6.5. Lebron james was similar in height to magic johnson but if magic stood with full posture, he would edge lebron and magic himself isn't even much taller then jordan nor the 6'5 howard stern. Magic has been listed at 6'9, which was very, very silly. Magic doesn't even seem to edge 6'7 and lebron isn't taller then him.

Lebron is in the 6'6 range at best.

kobe 6'4 - 6'4.75
barkley 6'4.5 - 6'4.75
jordan 6'4.75 - 6'5
magic 6'6 - 6'7 at best
lebron 6'6 - 6'6.75
Johno said on 18/May/13
Click Here

Lebron is about 1.25 inches taller then kobe bryant. Kobe himself was measured at 6'4.75 but out of barkley, jordan and kobe, kobe seems the shortest and all three were measured at 6'4.75.

So that would lebron at 6'6 but i'll give him half an inch and put him at 6'6.5. Lebron james was similar in height to magic johnson but if magic stood with full posture, he would edge lebron and magic himself isn't even much taller then jordan nor the 6'5 howard stern. Magic has been listed at 6'9, which was very, very silly. Magic doesn't even seem to edge 6'7 and lebron isn't taller then him.

Lebron is in the 6'6 range at best.

kobe 6'4 - 6'4.75
barkley 6'4.5 - 6'4.75
jordan 6'4.75 - 6'5
magic 6'6 - 6'7 at best
lebron 6'6 - 6'6.75
Matty864 said on 8/May/13
Think Rob has it right on this one. If you look at pictures of Lebron next to 6'1 Obama and 6'3.5" Wade he looks to be a solid 6'7. No less, no more. Also he was measured at 6'7 without shoes at the nba draft combine at the age of 18 so there is no way he is under 6'7 flat
Lomax said on 21/Apr/13
Pothead said it correctly
jimmy said on 18/Apr/13
Johno says on 16/Apr/13
An inch taller then a weak 6'5 kobe bryant in most pictures. It would be very difficult for him to get to 6'7 let alone, 6'8.

Kobe 6'4.75
Lebron 6'6 - 6'6.5 ( most likely a flat 6'6)

Not a chance in hell that Lebron is under 6'7".
Johno said on 16/Apr/13
An inch taller then a weak 6'5 kobe bryant in most pictures. It would be very difficult for him to get to 6'7 let alone, 6'8.

Kobe 6'4.75
Lebron 6'6 - 6'6.5 ( most likely a flat 6'6 )
Joe said on 15/Apr/13
I'm just over 6'8'' in the morning and about 6'7'' at night. I was slightly taller than Lebron when I met him, which makes sense because NBA height measurements are taken in the morning. Lebron is probably 6'7.5'' in the morning and about 6'6.5'' after a long day.
Pothead said on 8/Apr/13
Also...I have seen 6"4 Dwade next to 6"2 Novak Djokovic at the Miami Masters...he looked at least 3 inches taller..either Novak is 6"1 with shoes..or Dwade is closer to 6"5 with shoes..therefore making Lebron DEFINITELY a legit 6"8 with shoes..since he has at least 4-5 inches on Dwade
Pothead said on 8/Apr/13
First of all..nobody is listed with his barefoot height. It's about your height in shoes rounded to the nearest inch. So if LeBron is 6ft 7.25 in and his shoes have 1 inch soles..he is 6ft 8.25 in..which is 6"8 rounded to the nearest inch. If he was 6 ft 7.5 in he would be 6 ft 8.50 with shoes..making him 6"9 rounded.
I am 5 ft 6.25 inches barefoot...but most people think I am a legit 5"7...weak 5"8.
David said on 8/Apr/13
Ozzy "Anywhere from 6'7"-6'8" seems right to me for James..."

Yeah, agree. The question is where in that range...
JBone said on 7/Apr/13
Whats going to blow everyone's mind is the Rim is only 9' 10" off the ground as well...
Dallas said on 4/Apr/13
lebron with his new shoes is 6'8" kevin Durant is 6'10"
Ozzy said on 3/Apr/13
Also for reference, Dwight Howard on his own height:

"The rules are different," Howard said. "When Shaq played, you could be more of a bulldozer down in the paint. Nowadays, you see it, if I hit somebody just a little bit, they call offensive foul. Plus, I'm 6 [feet] 9, 6-10. If I could play the way he played, it would be a lot of fun." Click Here
LeBron6 said on 1/Apr/13
Rob, Kevin Durant stated he was 6'9.75" barefoot. So LeBron is probably taller than 6'7.25"
jimmy said on 20/Mar/13
Kevin Durant is more than flat 6'9".He is a bit taller than Dwight Howard.Howard also doesn't look 2 full inches taller than Lebron.Lebron has around an inch on Carmelo Anthony who is 6'6" 1/2 - 6'7" barefoot.Lebron is sli taller than Ben Wallace who is a strong 6'7" guy.I can't see anything less for Lebron than 6'7" 1/2.
Lillo Thomas said on 12/Mar/13
Kevin durant also proves that Lebron James is a legit 6-7 . Nothing more . He got 2 inches on Lebron James .
Lillo Thomas said on 12/Mar/13
Kevin durant is the perfect guy to estimate other players height . He is one of few guys in the nba that claim his real height .He is taller than many 6-9 and 6-10 listed guys .
leo said on 10/Mar/13
kevin durant is more like 6'9.5" and lebron james 6'7" - 6'7.5".
andrew yu said on 26/Feb/13
lebron james is 6ft 9inch without shoes and he is taller than d wade 7.5inch durant is 6ft 10inch without shoes d wade is 6ft3.5inch noway 6ft 2inch can feet to him lebron is really tall but is taller than him an inch
Conti said on 26/Feb/13
Lebron James is 6'8 with basketball sneakers and 6'7 barefoot.
Mathew said on 16/Feb/13
CHI CITY says on 13/Feb/13
ive seen Joe Johnson up close in person...he is a legit 6'8.


You sure about that?
Click Here
CHI CITY said on 13/Feb/13
ive seen Joe Johnson up close in person...he is a legit 6'8.
xEnt said on 10/Feb/13
6'8 the height of king james .
gugugygy said on 29/Jan/13
I am 6'3"
Lebron23 said on 26/Jan/13
Lebron is really 6'9 with his shoes on and 6'8 without his shoes on
Lebron said on 26/Jan/13
Lebron is really 6'9 with his shoes on and 6'8 without his shoes on
getting_taller said on 17/Nov/12
Look at this pics of the 2012 USA Basketball team, Lebrons top head reaches Durant eyebrow. I think Durants height is 6'10" he may have another 1 inch late growth spurt in his early 20s (predraft express states his height is 6'9" barefoot at age 19), Lebrons a legit 6'7" not 6'8". Notice how Durant is so close to height with 6'11" Chandler.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
dude said on 8/Nov/12
I'd say he is 6'9" in shoes. I have some Lebron's and the soles are very thick, plus the socks they wear I'd say he is 6'7.75" barefoot.
LeBron6 said on 18/Oct/12
Rob, listing LeBron at 6'7.25" wouldn't make any sense since Kevin Durant is likely over 6'9"
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

I think LeBron at 6'8" and kevin durant at 6'9"-6'9.5" is a better guess since this listing throws everything off.
Knowledge said on 1/Oct/12
Tony you are 100% right.I know from my father who is 52 lost almost 2'.He was solid 6'4 around 30.Right now on a good day he isnt even 6'3.He has a good posture.

Back to the topic.I saw many pictures of lebron i can see him being full 6'8 on a good day.201cm-203cm range seems acceptable for him.However its highly unlikely he didnt grew even a little after 18.
Tony said on 21/Sep/12
if you guys look at height charts for men you will see that taller men(meaning over 190cm) begin shrinking a lot earlier than average men. On the growth chart taller men tend to start shrinking at about 30 years old, this is due to gravity and such pulling down more on taller peoples bodies. I would not be surprised if these NBA players began shrinking before they reached 30 due to their massiveness. You guys also do not take into account that one of the reasons these men were able to excel in basketball was because they matured faster than their fellow peers physically, so they were probably done growing sooner and probably did not grow much after 18.
matt678 said on 11/Sep/12
lebron 6 ft 7 1/2 and dwayne wade is a solid 6 foot 4 END OF STORY
LA said on 27/Aug/12
@Fanboy Kevin Love is a 6'10 powerfwd/center.. lebron is a big guy.. 6'8ish 250
LA said on 27/Aug/12
@Fanboy Kevin Love is a 6'10 powerfwd/center.. lebron is a big guy.. 6'8ish 250
jtm said on 26/Aug/12
so that means blake is actually around 6'8.
Shaun said on 25/Aug/12
A full 6'2" for Lochte is as doubtful now as 6'4" is for Phelps. JTM there is a video on youtube where Blake is formally measured barefoot first thing in the MORNING at 6'8.75" and being "depressed" as he wasn't 6'10. LeBron can look a full 6'8" a lot, he's pretty close. Hilarious though he is a "Small forward" in position
SqueezyD said on 24/Aug/12
The biggest exageration of height would be Dwight Howard's. Listed at 6'11, there are many videos and pictures proving that he is actually around 6'9.
Watch the presentation of Mitch Kupchak presenting him with his Lakers jersey. Mitch was listed at 6'9 and is probably as tall or taller than Dwight!
jtm said on 23/Aug/12
lebron was 6'7 in 2003 and he is still 6'7 in 2012.
5\'10 guy said on 20/Aug/12
this is ridicolous for the guy that says that d wade is 6'2 if you read the olympics article the model he is standing next too is 6'0 feet tall And she towers the rest of the olympians including Ryan Lochete ! like really towers him hes 6'2 and she probably has on 4 or 5 inch heels and hes barefoot.But dwade is still taller then her hes a solid 6'4 she even says it herself .He has her by 2 inches with his sneakers.
That\'s me said on 16/Aug/12
I saw LBJ up close And I'm 6'6 1/2 and he was probably about 2 inches taller than me
Bibi said on 12/Aug/12
Lebron is 6'6,5 199 cm DW is 6'2 188 cm end of story.
Fanboy said on 7/Aug/12
Joe Johnson is 6'6.75 tall without shoes
Burr said on 5/Aug/12
Here's lebron standing next to Joe Johnson who has claimed to be 6'8

Click Here
Fanboy said on 5/Aug/12
Click Here

Kevin Love is 6'7.75 without Shoes and Lebron looks smaller than him. There is no way Lebron is 6 ft 8 without shoes.
LeBron6 said on 4/Aug/12
Rob please look at this pic with LeBron 6'8.75" pre draft measured blake griffin who is 6'10" in shoes. LeBron can't be 6'7.25". He looks atleast 6'8" in that shot. Can you list him at 6'8" rob?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: lebron looks a little bit nearer than the other guy in that one.]
jtm said on 4/Aug/12
i remember someone in robs page posted article or something like that and it claimed blake griffin was measured at 6'8.75 in the morning. btw i don't know who andy roddick is.
LeBron6 said on 4/Aug/12
Click Here

Rob, he is clearly not 1.5 inches shorter then 6'8.75 pre draft measured blake griffin. Could be 6'8. I think he grew. Upgrade please.
T00bs said on 2/Aug/12
Everyone check out d wade in the Vogue olympic shoot. The model is 183 . I confidently give d wade 6 '2" I think you will agree when you see the shots. Unless she is taller than 6 foot which is possible, but her profiles say otherwise.
Duhon said on 27/Jul/12
Here's Kobe next to 6'4.5" erik kynard

Click Here
LeBron6 said on 26/Jul/12
Click Here
looks closer to 6'8" with minimum 6'3.75" d wade
LeBron23 said on 26/Jul/12
He's a legit 6'8".
Lillo Thomas said on 16/Jun/12
Wade never look over 6-3 flat . How the hell he measured 6-3.75 without shoes . He never look over 6-3 flat .
Lillo Thomas said on 15/Jun/12
Kevin Durant is a legit 6-9 . He isn't taller than his listed height .
Sully said on 14/Jun/12
KD is 6'11-7'0 in his bball shoes. He's ~6'10 barefoot.
wolverinejoe said on 13/Jun/12
durant clearly had 2 inches on bron
Ness said on 9/Jun/12
He's Huge!
wannagrowtaller said on 10/Feb/12
who cares if their heights are being exaggerated by an inch or two, they are still tall as ****!!!

A 6'7.25 guy claiming 6'8, big deal, he's still huge and you probably wouldn't notice the difference.
Vegas said on 8/Feb/12
jtm says on 7/Feb/12
if wade was actually measured at that height

if?? the nba had the pdf on their own site with that measurement down for his barefoot height from that draft and 6'5 measured in sneakers Click Here
jtm said on 7/Feb/12
if wade was actually measured at that height then it was probably in the morning.
Duhon said on 7/Feb/12
No wade is actually closer to 6'4", as he his barefoot pre-draft measurments and 6'3-3/4".
Lebron23 said on 6/Feb/12
It's time to upgrade his height listing. From 67'.25" to 6'8".
jtm said on 6/Feb/12
wade is closer to 6'3. look at him next to 5'9 adam sandler.
Lebron23 said on 5/Feb/12
I think LeBron is a solid 6'8". He's 4.25" taller than 6'3 3/4" Dwayne Wade.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Cranberries said on 26/Jan/12
@Ozzy: Hmm, Liu Xiang doesn't look much smaller than Lebron, and he certainly has a larger head. I don't understand how Lebron can be 100 lbs heavier. Is he just one dense mofo?

Also, Lebron is 6'7.25". Official no-shoes height. 0.5" taller than 6'6.75" listed Joe Johnson:
Click Here
Ozzy said on 26/Jan/12
Stoudemire, who struggled with a back injury in the Knicks playoff series against the Celtics last year, declared himself 100% fit after the workout. He said the extra time off because of the lockout was a "blessing in disguise," for him physically.

"I think everything is 100%. I feel great. I feel stronger than ever before," said Stoudemire. "I actually grew a half an inch, I am 6-11 with my shoes on, because of my posture. I am 260 (pounds) with an 8% body fat. I feel like a beast." ... Amar'e Was measured at 6'8.5"/6'10" (with/without shoes) at pre-draft camp... Has been listed at 6'10" throughout his career so that makes sense, so by applying logic, he says he grew half an inch to 6'11, assuming he was 6'10.5" before last summer, meaning he grew half an inch from when he was drafted, which isn't far fetched considering he was 19 at the time, this makes him 6'11 in shoes and 6'9.5 without... however, there's always the possibility that he's rounding up now: 6'10" to 6'10.5"->6'11"... Thus, comparing him to LeBron...?

With 6'10.5"/6'11" Chris Bosh and 6'11.75"/7'1" Tyson Chandler (Pre-draft measurements): Click Here

With James, Bosh, Chandler and IAF officially listed 6'2.5" (189cm) Liu Xiang: Click Here

Anywhere from 6'7"-6'8" seems right to me for James...
LG69 said on 11/Jan/12
According to the NBA pre-draft measurements, LJ is 6'7 1/4" barefooted. With his shoes on, he is 6'8". All NBA players listed heights are with their shoes on.
Gabxer said on 10/Jan/12
Hi everyone
Lebron weight right now:266 lbs 5.3 body fat.I have heard this from heat coaching staff.
Ozzy said on 9/Jan/12
@Sully: When did I try to diminish other people? If your refering to my statements about Love and Beasley then my point is that 6-10 listings for two guys who measured 6-7.25 and 6-7 respectively is too much, even if it's with shoes. All I'm saying is that NBA heights are exaggerated. And about what I'm "buying" or "not buying" - obviously it's about that - if not why are you commenting in a forum if it's not your own opinion based on what you feel are the best proof or argument. I'm basically saying what you're saying - I'm using the pre-draft measurments and say that Durant might well have grown, but that in my opinion, from what I've seen with my own eyes, he's clearly shorter than Nowitzki. Pictures seldom tell anything anyway and there are few reliable ones to determine the height. I'm just referring to what I've seen with my own eyes.
Original said on 7/Jan/12
202cm and 110-115kg.
J said on 4/Jan/12
@stj Kobe himself stated that he is 6'4.76 without shoes.
me said on 10/Dec/11
lebron is so not 6'7.he looks to be more towards 6'8
stj said on 3/Dec/11
Lebron is definitely this height barefoot or a fraction taller, simply because he looks it. As for Kobe I can't believe the 6'4 nonsense. Every time i've seen footage of him on and off the court it's clear that he is a good 6'5 build
thereel said on 22/Nov/11
Lebron was still a kid when that picture was taken!, lebron entered the nba at 18 and that picture was taken straight after his rookie season. And besides even ignoring that Lebron grew, vince has more 6'5 listings than any other actors who claim 6'5. So no 6'7 for Lebron
Bang said on 22/Nov/11
Here is Lebron next to Joe Johnson who's was listed at 6'8.5 in college but now listed at 6,7.5 in the NBA.I believe Lebron is a solid 6'8

Click Here
Click Here
avi said on 21/Nov/11
its possible he is barely 6'7. Click Here
could be missing the 6'7 mark as Vaughn is leaning
Sully said on 19/Nov/11
It isn't about you buying anything. It is what it is. You can try to diminish other people however you want, but it won't change reality. I haven't seen any reliable images of KD with Dirk.

And really, jtm? Blake Griffin was measured at 6'8.5 barefoot and 6'10 in shoes at the combine. Then you try to follow that with more baseless statements. The truth of the matter is that the lowest that either LeBron or DWade is, barefoot, is 6'7.25 and 6'3.75 respectively. Lebron usually has 4 inches on him.

Of course, it only makes sense to everyone that they both shrunk because no one is actually that tall.
jtm said on 15/Nov/11
well blake griffin was actually measured at 6'8.75 in the morning and i believe wade was also measured in the morning since he usually looks closer to 6'3. lebron is still 6'7.
Ozzy said on 15/Nov/11
OK, I can buy Durant growing slightly, but no way he's over 6'10, how tall is Dirk then? 7-4? Pretty clear from seeing them next to each other in the playoffs that Dirk's much taller than Durant. I agree thereæs a disconnect, but there will be as long as the players are allowed to decide themselves whether they want to go by their with shoes or w/o shoes measurements, or whether they don't care and just let the team decide.
Some of the worst listed heights:
Kevin Love at 6-10
Michael Beasley at 6-10
Luc Mbah a Moute at 6-8...
Sully said on 14/Nov/11
Dwyane Wade was measured barefoot at 6'3.75 at the age of 21. He is listed at 6'4 on When you look at the guy next to other tall people during interviews and press conferences, it is easy to see how he stacks up. Magic and Mike Wilbon have both mentioned on separate occasions that Wade stands 6'5 on the court.

I use facts, you use estimations, see the disconnect?

Lebron at 6'9 on the court is an easy estimation because, at the age of 18, he was measured at 6'7.25 barefoot. He has continued growing since then, from the observations of those close to him. So, even if he really only grew half an inch, he would still be 6'9 in his bball shoes due to the soles being at least an inch thick on average.

I further cement my point by citing Kevin Durant, who was measured at 6'9 barefoot, at the age of 19. He is listed at 6'9 on the roster. He has also continued to grow as he aged while in the league, according to those people close to him. He was even asked about his true height, and he said 6'9.75 barefoot, most people around him say he's even taller than that. At 6'9.75, KD would be 6'11 or so on the court, yet he is listed at 6'9 anyway.

See the disconnect?
LAN Jiao said on 2/Nov/11
i could buy 255 max for his weight. 265 is too much. 6'8 in sneakers, 6'7 flat bare
ice 13ee said on 31/Oct/11
I'd say lebron is 6'8" flat footed. in the middle of the day he looks 6'7 3/4 and he is probably 6'8". Weighs like 265lbs.
Roa said on 28/Oct/11
Lebron is 205cm in the morning and you need to watch your step because you might step on him in the night as he is hardly visible. No, I'm kidding. When Lebron isn't on the court or being photographed he's 225cms and when he is he shrivels down to 201cm because of his shame.
LAN Jiao said on 26/Oct/11
i wont be suprise if after dark lebron was down 200.0cm tall. 201cm probably came before noon measurements and his weigh 245 could be true. 265 is too much.
Prodigy said on 25/Oct/11
I just think its funny, all of the ppl on here that say lebron is clearly under 6'7", when he was listed as 6'7.25" barefoot at 18. Do you think they lied? And btw studies prove that the average male doesn't stop growing until around 25. And he was listed 240 AS AN 18 YEAR OLD! I think that's the biggest thing to point out. Obviously he was never on a college weight lifting plan. He had to of gained at least 25 pounds of muscle if not more. In all, that puts him at around 6'8" 265 lbs.

P.S. Stop posting ****ty pics with some ppl having spread legs, others closer to the camera, some slouching, others perfect posture. It just makes you look silly.
LAN Jiao said on 20/Oct/11
Sully, sorry wade is no way 6-4. kobe bryant had ever claim himself he is not 6-6 6-7 NBA listed him say by his words he is only 6-4. obviously kobe had some rounded down. he is a strong 6'4.5 like michael jordan , swear wade always look an inch or 3cm shorter than kobe i can argue this. wade is 6-3 and lebron the joker is 6-7flat nothing more.
Sully said on 17/Oct/11
Lebron calls D Wade short when Wade himself is 6-5 in his bball shoes.

Anyone that has met Dwyane Wade will tell you how tall he actually is.

Bron has even called D Wade 6-2 in a press conference and Wade corrected him by saying 6-4, which is his barefoot height.

It is a joke to claim Lebron is anything under 6'7.25 barefoot.
Viper said on 11/Oct/11
Funny, Lebron said Dwayne Wade is 6-2 on his twitter.

KingJames LeBron James
What does Ronald McDonald and @DwyaneWade have in common? They both 6'2 and wear size 20 shoe!!
Jake T. said on 5/Oct/11
Lebron can be a strong 200 cm but 6'7 fits him better as compared to Messi and Shaq.
george555 said on 29/Sep/11
Lebron-6'7 max, 6'5 minimum in height
Willy said on 28/Sep/11
Am 6'1 i could see Derick ross face to face he 6'1 3/4 i guess
Vegas said on 8/Sep/11
george555 says on 26/Aug/11
i would say Lebron is about 6'4 exaggerating in height wearing shoes-definately not 6'7

if he was 6'4 i think most guards wouldn't mind matching up with him size wise, he is clearly taller than kobe, taller than 6'6.5 barefoot carmelo and just shy of 6'7.75 boozer Click Here
george555 said on 26/Aug/11
i would say Lebron is about 6'4 exaggerating in height wearing shoes-definately not 6'7
Terryman said on 24/Aug/11
James even guys who are strugling with 6 ft3 would Dwarf Messi
James said on 22/Aug/11
towered lionel messi
george555 said on 21/Aug/11
Lebron looks barely 6'7'', i saw a picture of him and Kobe
bball said on 7/Aug/11
Lebron's 6'7.25 barefoot, and 6'8.25 in shoes minimum since he might have grown sense 18.

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