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Triple H (6ft 2in)
Lukas Haas (5ft 11in)
Sarah Habel (5ft 2in)
Eva Habermann (5ft 7in)
Buddy Hackett (5ft 6in)
Martha Hackett (5ft 7.25in) R
Gene Hackman (6ft 2in)
Laura Haddock (5ft 7.75in)
Bill Hader (6ft 1in)
Gigi Hadid (5ft 9.5in)
Sarah Hadland (5ft 1.5in)
Tony Hadley (6ft 4in)
Mark Hadlow (5ft 6in) R
Sarah Hagan (5ft 7in) R J
Jean Hagen (5ft 4in)
Kristen Hager (5ft 6in)
Dan Haggerty (6ft 1in)
Dean Haglund (5ft 11.5in) R
Larry Hagman (6ft 0.5in)
Meredith Hagner (5ft 2.5in)
Garrick Hagon (5ft 9in) R
Kathryn Hahn (5ft 5in)
Stacy Haiduk (5ft 7in)
David Haig (5ft 9in)
Georgina Haig (5ft 7in)
Sid Haig (6ft 2.5in)
Corey Haim (5ft 6.25in) R
William Haines (6ft 0in)
Gareth Hale (5ft 8in)
Lucy Hale (5ft 1in)
Lzzy Hale (5ft 8in)
Tony Hale (6ft 1in)
Jackie Earle Haley (5ft 5in)
Rob Halford (6ft 0in)
Jill Halfpenny (5ft 2.5in)
Arsenio Hall (5ft 11in)
Daryl Hall (6ft 1in)
Deidre Hall (5ft 7in)
Esther Hall (5ft 6in)
Jennifer Hall (5ft 4.75in)
Jerry Hall (5ft 9.75in)
Kevin Peter Hall (7ft 2in)
Michael C Hall (5ft 10in)
Rebecca Hall (5ft 10in)
Regina Hall (5ft 4.25in)
Robert David Hall (5ft 7.5in)
Andy Hallett (6ft 2in) J
Jen Halley (5ft 8.5in) R J
Olivia Hallinan (5ft 5.5in)
Geri Halliwell (5ft 1in)
Veronica Hamel (5ft 8in)
Mark Hamill (5ft 7in)
George Hamilton (6ft 1in)
Josh Hamilton (5ft 10.5in)
Laird Hamilton (6ft 2.5in)
Lewis Hamilton (5ft 7.5in)
Linda Hamilton (5ft 5in) R J
Lisa Gay Hamilton (5ft 1.5in)
Natasha Hamilton (5ft 5in)
Victoria Hamilton (5ft 4in)
Harry Hamlin (5ft 10.5in)
Jon Hamm (6ft 0.75in)
Mia Hamm (5ft 4in)
Armie Hammer (6ft 4.5in)
Kirk Hammett (5ft 7.5in)
Nicholas Hammond (6ft 0in)
Richard Hammond (5ft 5.5in)
Emily Hampshire (5ft 4in)
Danielle Hampton (5ft 5in)
Sheila Hancock (5ft 7.5in)
Chelsea Handler (5ft 6in)
Colin Hanks (6ft 1in)
Tom Hanks (6ft 0in)
Ian Hanmore (5ft 11in) R
Daryl Hannah (5ft 10in)
John Hannah (5ft 9.5in)
Alyson Hannigan (5ft 4in)
Neil Hannon (5ft 7in)
Sammi Hanratty (5ft 1in)
Beck Hansen (5ft 7.5in)
Dinah Jane Hansen (5ft 7in)
Gunnar Hansen (6ft 4in)
Ryan Hansen (6ft 0in) R
Daniela Hantuchova (5ft 11.25in)
Marcia Gay Harden (5ft 4.5in)
Melora Hardin (5ft 6.5in)
Sarah Harding (5ft 7in)
Zoe Hardman (5ft 4in)
Chris Hardwick (5ft 8.75in)
Oliver Hardy (6ft 0in)
Robert Hardy (5ft 9in)
Tom Hardy (5ft 9in)
David Harewood (6ft 0.5in)
Mariska Hargitay (5ft 7.75in)
Kit Harington (5ft 7.25in)
Morten Harket (5ft 11.75in)
Jean Harlow (5ft 1.5in)
Demi Harman (5ft 8.5in)
Jasmine Harman (5ft 9in)
Nigel Harman (5ft 9.5in)
Danielle Harmer (5ft 0in)
Angie Harmon (5ft 9.5in)
Mark Harmon (6ft 0in)
Elisabeth Harnois (5ft 4.75in) R J
Danielle Harold (5ft 3in)
Hill Harper (5ft 7in)
Valerie Harper (5ft 6in)
Woody Harrelson (5ft 9.5in)
Laura Harring (5ft 5in)
Desmond Harrington (5ft 11in)
Jay Harrington (5ft 11.75in)
Ainsley Harriott (6ft 3in)
Barbara Harris (5ft 4.5in)
Calvin Harris (6ft 5.5in)
Danielle Harris (4ft 11in) R
Danneel Harris (5ft 6in)
Ed Harris (5ft 9in)
Emmylou Harris (5ft 5in)
George Harris (6ft 1.5in) R J
Jared Harris (5ft 10.75in)
Julie Harris (5ft 3in)
Laura Harris (5ft 6.5in)
Mel Harris (5ft 8in)
Naomie Harris (5ft 7in)
Neil Patrick Harris (5ft 11.5in)
Rachael Harris (5ft 1in)
Richard Harris (6ft 1in)
Rolf Harris (5ft 10.5in)
Rosemary Harris (5ft 4in)
Samantha Harris (5ft 4in)
Steve Harris (5ft 11.5in)
Wood Harris (6ft 2in)
Audley Harrison (6ft 6in)
Blake Harrison (6ft 1in)
George Harrison (5ft 10in)
Gregory Harrison (5ft 10.75in)
Kelly Harrison (5ft 9in)
Linda Harrison (5ft 6in)
Rex Harrison (6ft 0.25in)
Deborah Harry (5ft 3.5in)
Ray Harryhausen (6ft 0in)
Margo Harshman (5ft 4in)
Beth Hart (5ft 9in)
Bret Hart (6ft 0in) R
Ian Hart (5ft 8in)
Ingrid Hart (5ft 9in)
Kevin Hart (5ft 2in)
Melissa Joan Hart (5ft 1.75in)
Miranda Hart (6ft 1in)
Jo Hartley (5ft 3in)
Justin Hartley (6ft 2.25in) R
Lindsay Hartley (5ft 2.5in)
Steven Hartley (6ft 0in)
Billy Hartman (5ft 9.5in) R
Phil Hartman (5ft 10in)
William Hartnell (5ft 8in)
Josh Hartnett (6ft 2.75in)
Laurence Harvey (6ft 0.25in)
Karen Hassan (5ft 4in)
Tamer Hassan (6ft 2in)
David Hasselhoff (6ft 4in) R
Maddie Hasson (5ft 6in)
Richard Hatch (5ft 11.25in) R
Teri Hatcher (5ft 5.5in)
Juliana Hatfield (5ft 7in)
Anne Hathaway (5ft 7in)
Noah Hathaway (5ft 5.5in) R
Shawn Hatosy (5ft 9in)
Rutger Hauer (6ft 1in)
Lindsey Haun (5ft 1in)
Cole Hauser (6ft 0.5in)
Alexa Havins (5ft 1.75in) R
Keeley Hawes (5ft 8.5in) R J
Kali Hawk (5ft 10in)
Tony Hawk (6ft 3in)
Ethan Hawke (5ft 10.75in)
John Hawkes (5ft 9in)
Brad Hawkins (5ft 7in)
Charlotte Hawkins (5ft 8in)
Justin Hawkins (5ft 11.5in)
Sally Hawkins (5ft 3in)
Sophie B Hawkins (5ft 9in)
Goldie Hawn (5ft 6in)
Jill Haworth (5ft 2in)
Julia Haworth (5ft 1.5in)
Nigel Hawthorne (5ft 11.75in)
Charles Hawtrey (5ft 7in)
Sterling Hayden (6ft 5in)
Lisa Haydon (5ft 9in)
David Haye (6ft 2in)
Salma Hayek (5ft 1.5in)
Amy Beth Hayes (5ft 6in)
Christie Hayes (5ft 7.75in)
Darren Hayes (5ft 10in)
Helen Hayes (5ft 0in)
Isaac Hayes (5ft 11.5in)
Melvyn Hayes (5ft 3in) R
Sean Hayes (5ft 11in)
Colton Haynes (5ft 8in)
Hattie Hayridge (5ft 8in)
Robert Hays (6ft 0in) R
Dennis Haysbert (6ft 4.5in)
Rachel Hayward (5ft 10in)
Susan Hayward (5ft 3in)
Rita Hayworth (5ft 6in)
Eden Hazard (5ft 7in)
Jenna Haze (5ft 2in)
Keeley Hazell (5ft 6in)
Anthony Head (6ft 0.75in) R
Lena Headey (5ft 5in) R
Heather Headley (5ft 8.5in)
Glenne Headly (5ft 8in)
Chelsee Healey (5ft 1.5in)
Fran Healy (5ft 10.5in)
Tim Healy (5ft 6in)
Imogen Heap (6ft 0in)
Amber Heard (5ft 7in)
John Heard (5ft 8.5in)
Lydia Hearst (5ft 7in)
Bella Heathcote (5ft 6in)
Erin Heatherton (5ft 10.5in)
Michelle Heaton (5ft 4in)
Patricia Heaton (5ft 2in)
Anne Heche (5ft 5in)
Gina Hecht (5ft 3in)
Jamie Hector (6ft 0in)
Dan Hedaya (5ft 9in)
Jon Heder (6ft 1in)
David Hedison (6ft 0.5in)
Garrett Hedlund (6ft 1.25in)
Tippi Hedren (5ft 4in)
Briga Heelan (5ft 5in)
Van Heflin (5ft 11.25in)
General Height (7ft 6.5in)
Historical Heights (9ft 6in)
User Heights (7ft 6.5in)
Katherine Heigl (5ft 8.5in)
Amelia Heinle (5ft 6in)
Simon Helberg (5ft 4in)
Tricia Helfer (5ft 10in)
Marg Helgenberger (5ft 5.25in)
Josh Helman (6ft 1in)
Ed Helms (6ft 0in)
Margaux Hemingway (6ft 0in)
Mariel Hemingway (5ft 10.5in)
Heather Hemmens (5ft 5in)
David Hemmings (5ft 8in)
Luke Hemmings (5ft 11.5in)
Sherman Hemsley (5ft 6in)
Chris Hemsworth (6ft 3in)
Liam Hemsworth (6ft 3in)
Luke Hemsworth (5ft 9.5in)
Zulay Henao (5ft 3in)
Ella Henderson (5ft 6.5in)
Florence Henderson (5ft 3in)
Josh Henderson (5ft 10.5in)
Martin Henderson (5ft 8.5in)
Meredith Henderson (5ft 4.5in)
Shirley Henderson (5ft 0in) R
Jimi Hendrix (5ft 10in)
Brad Henke (6ft 4in)
Georgie Henley (5ft 4in)
Tim Henman (6ft 1in)
Carrie Henn (5ft 6.5in) R
Marilu Henner (5ft 7in)
Jill Hennessy (5ft 7in)
Shelley Hennig (5ft 7.5in)
Paul Henreid (6ft 3in)
Zak Henri (6ft 3in)
Lance Henriksen (5ft 9in) R
Gregg Henry (5ft 10in)
Guy Henry (6ft 3.5in) R
Lenny Henry (6ft 3in)
Sonita Henry (5ft 7.25in) R
Douglas Henshall (5ft 10.5in)
Shuler Hensley (6ft 3in)
Elden Henson (5ft 9in)
Taraji P Henson (5ft 4in)
Natasha Henstridge (5ft 9.5in) R
Jessica Henwick (5ft 6.5in)
Audrey Hepburn (5ft 6.5in)
Katharine Hepburn (5ft 7in)
Jeff Hephner (6ft 2.5in)
Rebecca Herbst (5ft 2in)
Richard Herd (5ft 11in)
Josh Herdman (5ft 10.5in) R J
Karoline Herfurth (5ft 4.25in)
Peter Hermann (6ft 5in)
Jay Hernandez (5ft 8in)
Marcos Hernandez (5ft 11.5in)
Edward Herrmann (6ft 5in)
Barbara Hershey (5ft 4in)
George Hertzberg (6ft 4.75in) R
J.G. Hertzler (6ft 0in)
Jason Hervey (5ft 4in)
Eva Herzigova (5ft 11in)
Grant Heslov (5ft 9in)
Howard Hesseman (5ft 11.5in)
Charlton Heston (6ft 2.5in)
James Hetfield (6ft 1in)
Sam Heughan (6ft 2.5in)
David Hewlett (5ft 9.5in) R J
Siobhan Hewlett (5ft 10in)
Jon Erik Hexum (6ft 1in)
Virginia Hey (5ft 10.5in) R J
Christopher Heyerdahl (6ft 3in) R J
Edward Hibbert (5ft 11in)
Catherine Hickland (5ft 5in)
Michelle Hicks (5ft 8in)
Tom Hiddleston (6ft 1.75in)
Clare Higgins (5ft 4in) R
Missy Higgins (5ft 6in)
Torri Higginson (5ft 7in) R J
Freddie Highmore (5ft 9in)
Benny Hill (5ft 9.5in)
Dule Hill (5ft 10in)
Faith Hill (5ft 8.5in)
Harry Hill (5ft 7.5in)
Jacqueline Hill (5ft 8.5in)
Jonah Hill (5ft 6.25in)
Katy Hill (5ft 8in)
Lauryn Hill (5ft 2.5in)
Melanie Hill (5ft 6in)
Raelee Hill (5ft 3in)
Colette Hiller (5ft 4.5in) R
Wendy Hiller (5ft 7in)
John Hillerman (5ft 7in)
Keri Hilson (5ft 9in)
Nicky Hilton (5ft 7in)
Paris Hilton (5ft 7in)
Megan Hilty (5ft 3in)
Nichole Hiltz (5ft 7in)
Aisha Hinds (5ft 7in)
Ciaran Hinds (6ft 0in)
Cheryl Hines (5ft 5in)
Frazer Hines (5ft 6.5in) R
Gregory Hines (5ft 10in)
Tiffany Hines (5ft 6.5in)
Martina Hingis (5ft 6.5in)
Ashley Hinshaw (5ft 4.5in)
Jordan Hinson (5ft 2.25in) R
Emile Hirsch (5ft 5in)
Judd Hirsch (6ft 0in)
Alfred Hitchcock (5ft 7in)
Adolf Hitler (5ft 8in)
Kristofer Hivju (6ft 0in)
Chelsea Hobbs (5ft 5in)
Tina Hobley (5ft 5in)
Kane Hodder (6ft 2.5in) R
Aldis Hodge (6ft 0.75in) R J
Tyler Hoechlin (5ft 11.5in)
Dustin Hoffman (5ft 5.5in)
Gaby Hoffmann (5ft 7in)
Susanna Hoffs (5ft 0.5in)
Brooke Hogan (5ft 9.75in)
Hulk Hogan (6ft 6in)
Michael Hogan (5ft 11.5in)
Paul Hogan (5ft 8in)
Hal Holbrook (6ft 0.5in)
Amanda Holden (5ft 4in)
Laurie Holden (5ft 5.5in)
Marjean Holden (6ft 0in)
Rebecca Holden (5ft 6in) R
William Holden (5ft 11in)
Geoffrey Holder (6ft 6in)
Billie Holiday (5ft 5in)
Tom Holland (5ft 7.5in)
Willa Holland (5ft 5.5in) R
Tom Hollander (5ft 5in)
Judy Holliday (5ft 7in)
Polly Holliday (5ft 7in)
Lindsay Hollister (5ft 9in)
Ellen Hollman (5ft 7in)
Josh Holloway (6ft 1in)
Lauren Holly (5ft 5.5in)
Celeste Holm (5ft 5.75in)
Ian Holm (5ft 5in)
Ashton Holmes (5ft 8.5in)
Katie Holmes (5ft 9in)
Kelly Holmes (5ft 3in)
Larry Holmes (6ft 3in) R
Claire Holt (5ft 6.75in)
Greyston Holt (6ft 2in) R
Olivia Holt (5ft 2in)
Sandrine Holt (5ft 10in)
Zane Holtz (6ft 1in)
Evander Holyfield (6ft 1.25in) R
Home and Away (5ft 8in)
Josh Homme (6ft 4.5in)
Honky Tonk Man (6ft 0in) R
Honky Tonk Man (5ft 4.5in)
Calum Hood (5ft 11.5in)
Bob Hope (5ft 10in)
Charlotte Hope (5ft 3in) R
Leslie Hope (5ft 7in)
William Hope (5ft 9.5in) R
Anna Hopkins (5ft 4in)
Anthony Hopkins (5ft 9in)
Bruce Hopkins (5ft 11.75in)
Miriam Hopkins (5ft 1.25in)
Dennis Hopper (5ft 8in)
Tom Hopper (6ft 5in) R
Niall Horan (5ft 7.5in)
Jeff Hordley (5ft 11.75in)
Natalie Horler (5ft 4in)
Cody Horn (5ft 10.5in)
Matthew Horne (5ft 6in)
Craig Horner (5ft 10.75in)
Bruce Hornsby (6ft 4in)
Russell Hornsby (6ft 1in)
Jane Horrocks (5ft 2in)
Lee Horsley (6ft 3in)
Elsa Hosk (5ft 8.5in)
Bob Hoskins (5ft 4in)
Harry Houdini (5ft 4in)
Julianne Hough (5ft 3in)
Katharine Houghton (5ft 5in)
Tiffany Houghton (5ft 0in)
Colin Hoult (6ft 1in) R
Nicholas Hoult (6ft 2.75in)
Djimon Hounsou (6ft 1.5in)
Tyson Houseman (5ft 8in) R J
Whitney Houston (5ft 8in)
Arliss Howard (5ft 9in)
Bryce Dallas Howard (5ft 6.5in)
Clint Howard (5ft 6.5in)
Ken Howard (6ft 6.5in)
Leslie Howard (5ft 10.5in)
Melissa Howard (4ft 11in)
Moe Howard (5ft 3.5in)
Ron Howard (5ft 9in)
Russell Howard (5ft 8in)
Terrence Howard (6ft 0in)
Traylor Howard (5ft 4.75in)
Trevor Howard (5ft 10.25in)
Roger Howarth (5ft 10in)
C. Thomas Howell (5ft 10in) R
Glenn Howerton (5ft 10in)
Thomas Howes (6ft 2in)
Steve Howey (6ft 3.5in)
Chloe Howl (5ft 7in)
Karl Howman (5ft 8in)
Chris Hoy (6ft 1.25in)
Hozier (6ft 5in)
Kelly Hu (5ft 4.75in) R J
Amy Huberman (5ft 2.5in)
Mick Hucknall (5ft 11in)
Ernie Hudson (6ft 0in) R
Jennifer Hudson (5ft 9in)
Kate Hudson (5ft 6in)
Lucy Jo Hudson (5ft 3.5in)
Rock Hudson (6ft 5in)
Jon Huertas (5ft 9.25in)
Alaina Huffman (5ft 9in) R
Felicity Huffman (5ft 4.75in)
Finola Hughes (5ft 4in)
Geoffrey Hughes (5ft 10in) R
Howard Hughes (6ft 3in)
Miko Hughes (5ft 3in) R
Sean Hughes (5ft 11in)
Tom Hughes (6ft 1in)
Michiel Huisman (6ft 1in)
Tom Hulce (5ft 7in)
Kate Humble (5ft 9in)
Marvin Humes (5ft 11in)
Rochelle Humes (5ft 7.5in)
Jake Humphrey (6ft 3.5in)
Sammo Hung (5ft 7in)
Charlie Hunnam (6ft 0in)
Gayle Hunnicutt (5ft 6.5in)
Bonnie Hunt (5ft 6in)
Crystal Hunt (5ft 4in)
Gareth Hunt (6ft 0in)
Helen Hunt (5ft 7in)
Linda Hunt (4ft 9in)
Holly Hunter (5ft 2in)
Jeffrey Hunter (6ft 0in)
Kim Hunter (5ft 3in)
Rachel Hunter (5ft 10in)
Tab Hunter (6ft 0in)
Sam Huntington (5ft 9.75in)
Raymond Huntley (6ft 1in)
Konnie Huq (5ft 3in)
Paige Hurd (5ft 3in)
Rachel Hurd Wood (5ft 6in)
Elizabeth Hurley (5ft 7.5in)
Michael Hurst (5ft 6in)
Ryan Hurst (6ft 4.25in)
Sir Geoff Hurst (5ft 11in) R
John Hurt (5ft 8.5in) R
William Hurt (6ft 2in)
Saddam Hussein (6ft 1.25in)
Olivia Hussey (5ft 3in)
Anjelica Huston (5ft 9.5in)
Danny Huston (6ft 1.5in)
Jack Huston (6ft 0in)
John Huston (6ft 1in)
Walter Huston (6ft 0in)
Michael Hutchence (5ft 10.5in)
Josh Hutcherson (5ft 5in)
Anna Hutchison (5ft 5.25in)
Doug Hutchison (5ft 5.5in)
Fiona Hutchison (5ft 4in)
Betty Hutton (5ft 4in)
Jim Hutton (6ft 4.25in)
Lauren Hutton (5ft 7.5in)
Timothy Hutton (6ft 0in)
Brody Hutzler (6ft 2.5in) R
Allan Hyde (5ft 8in) J
David Hyde Pierce (5ft 9.5in)
Sarah Hyland (5ft 1in)
Javine Hylton (5ft 9in)
Jessica Hynes (5ft 6in)

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

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