How tall is Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid's Height

5ft 9.25in (176 cm)

American fashion model. On her twitter when a fan asked how tall she was, she said she stood at a statuesque "5'10 [inches tall]"".

How tall is Gigi Hadid
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Average Guess (95 Votes)
5ft 9.13in (175.6cm)
Sully said on 21/May/17
Hi Big Rob, how tall do you think Gigi's father Mohamed Hadid is?
Editor Rob: could have been near 6ft and maybe shrinking a bit now.
SeySey said on 21/May/17
She's pretty and sweet, but there has to be a downgrade for her- At the AMA, when she was hosting with Jay Paroeh which is 1.85, she was wearing 12 cm heels and still was shorter than him.
Also, the casting director of Tommy Hilfiger said she was shorter than other models, and as a runway model, you need to be 1.77,1.78 minimum.
The thing is, she looks taller in other pictures, so I conclude she wears height-boosting pads with close-toe shoes. I'd say her height is 1.72, with a good posture even 1.73. And she's still taller than Kendal (which also need a serious downgrade).
Another thing which makes me suspicious: they keep adding cm to her height! I remember years ago before she was famous, she was listed 1.75, last year 1.78, and now 1.79. The same with Kendall- are they competing with each other or something?
Robert said on 20/May/17
Rob, I think she is 5ft 9in (175 cm).

Click Here (With 6ft 1in Jay w/those shoes that Jay is wearing he is at 6 feet 1.64 inches(187cm), Jelena on the other hand with those heels at 6ft 1in-6ft 25in)

What are your thoughts?
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 18/May/17
Taylor 174-175
Gigi 176
Kendall 176-177
Seysey said on 17/May/17
She's pretty and sweet, but there has to be a downgrade for her- At the AMA, when she was hosting with Jay Paroeh which is 1.85, she was wearing 12 cm heels and still was shorter than him.
Also, the casting director of Tommy Hilfiger said she was shorter than other models, and as a runway model, you need to be 1.77,1.78 minimum.
The thing is, she looks taller in other pictures, so I conclude she wears height-boosting pads with close-toe shoes. I'd say her height is 1.72, with a good posture even 1.73. And she's still taller than Kendal (which also need a serious downgrade).
Another thing which makes me suspicious: they keep adding cm to her height! I remember years ago before she was famous, she was listed 1.76, last year 1.78, and now 1.78. The same with Kendall- are they competing each other or something?
Seysey said on 17/May/17
She's pretty and sweet, but there has to be a downgrade for her- At the AMA, when she was hosting with Jay Paroeh which is 1.85, she was wearing 12 cm heels and still was shorter than him.
Also, the casting director of Tommy Hilfiger said she was shorter than other models, and as a runway model, you need to be 1.77,1.78 minimum.
The thing is, she looks taller in other pictures, so I conclude she wears height-boosting pads with close-toe shoes. I'd say her height is 1.72, with a good posture even 1.73. And she's still taller than Kendal (which also need a serious downgrade).
Another thing which makes me suspicious: they keep adding cm to her height! I remember years ago before she was famous, she was listed 1.76, last year 1.78, and now 1.78. The same with Kendall- are they competing each other or something?
Tall girl said on 17/May/17
I think Gigi is a real 5' 10'', if not at least 5' 9'' 1/2, towers over Joe Jonas and a lil bit taller than Taylor... what you think Rob? Time for an upgrade?
Lol said on 12/May/17
Gigi and Kendall are wiki listed at 179cm but they are likely 176-177cm based on real photographs.
The models always exaggerate their height by an inch or so, up to 2 inch.
Besides the hair alone would add half an inch so they can pretty much be considered an inch taller than they are.
Pete said on 12/May/17
Gigi is clearly taller than 5'9.25'' listed Taylor Swift.

Click Here:
Tallish89 said on 5/May/17
Gigi Hadid wearing converse has at least 2-3 inches on Zayn Malik who is wearing thick soled boots.

Click Here

Click Here

If he's 172 then that puts her at least 178 maybe.
Aydjlo said on 3/May/17
Click Here
96 said on 24/Apr/17
SAK@ 6.1 is minimum for male models, I don't think hi's really 6.1.
For gigi 5.9. It's idel height for commercial girls.
Jon said on 21/Apr/17
She is 5'10 I dont know why people downgrade celebrities height, photos can make them shorter by the floor or the way its taken but you cant really predict unless you see them in person
Timothy said on 20/Apr/17
Haha Zayn has Claimed 5"10 when he is only 5"7 lol
Megrace said on 14/Apr/17
lol I think she's taller than zayn even without heals
And he is like 5"8 how embarrassing.,.
SAK said on 13/Apr/17
Anyone estimate real height for Gigi's brother Anwar Hadid. His agency list him 6'1".
Allie said on 11/Apr/17
Those heels look near the same height. VS looks to normally give models similar heels to fit with a fashion show theme.
Markon said on 11/Apr/17
Gigi and Adriana, remembering that the high heels of Adriana are higher than those of Gigi.

Click Here
Klarie said on 11/Apr/17
I feel like 5'6.5 is stretching it a little too much, but I can see 5'7.5, mayyybe 5'7-5'7.25 next to Lily Aldridge Click Here
Charlie said on 10/Apr/17
Gigi is more like 5'7 maybe 5'6.5 without heels. When she shook Harry Styles hand she was the same height as he was accept she was wearing 6 inch heels. She is 5'6.5 without foot wear. With heels she is 5'9
Marine said on 10/Apr/17
MaryAnne@ I like gigi but I don't find her beautiful. Stella is a average blonde - beautiful but typical, of course, many people like this type of girls. Sara - one in a million. 96@ Agree she is not high fashion girl, like lexi boling, hanne gaby or kasia struss, but can be good comercial like adriana or alessandra. She's a tall girl 5/9 for gigi is right
MaryAnne said on 8/Apr/17
@96,The last I time talked about the different tastes withh someone was distracting and we could not get any common idea because tastes and preferrences are different and they can not be changed! To me Gigi is very beautiful and she may be not beyond the classic average blonde look,she is very near exotic to me. On the other hand, Stella is basically has classic blonde look to me.Sara is gorgeous but I personally like taller models.
Gigi gets work both in hf and commercial. So, if they want her she goes to work! ;)These are my own ideas.
96 said on 7/Apr/17
her face is not for high fashion - HF prefer odd-looking super slim women - but comercial maybe she is not as pretty as sara sampaio or stella maxwell but still modelesque (of course in commercial market) I still think she is 5.9. N.l@ Women are born in different shapes that why not all women are models
N.l said on 7/Apr/17
I would say she is 5'8.5 minimum, I don't like gigi but I'd say that it's wrong to say she isn't a high fashion model , in my opinion being a high fashion model doesn't mean that they should be over 178cm and super slim, women are born in different shapes , heights and color and if the goal of high fashion industry is to sell clothing they should consider their models to be in different shapes and heights.
Peter175 said on 6/Apr/17
Timonia, I don't know what you are smoking but Gigi is clearly near 2 inches on Joe. I can't see her as below this listing.
Minja said on 3/Apr/17
Timonia@ she's a bit taller than Joe Jonas, but definitely not taller than 5 ft 9. Her sister is 5.7 over 169-170 i sow her but she looks short becouse of her short and wide legs and big head
96 said on 2/Apr/17
She is taller then joe. 5.9 for gigi is right. She is much better then kendall but too comercial fo high fashion.
96 said on 2/Apr/17
She is taller then joe. 5.9 for gigi is right. She is much better then kendall but too comercial fo high fashion.
Timonia said on 31/Mar/17
Same height as 5'7.5 Joe Jonas.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

She is a comercial model in the high fashion industry, so to make up for her loss of bone structure, walk, body ect, she tries to cheat herself a hf height.. 5'8 is the max for both her and Jenner. As for Bella, she would have to be max 5'6, which is no too unlikely seeing as she is about the same height as The Weeknd
oliver said on 19/Mar/17
Rob,what is the lowest mark you think for Gigi? Moreover,I'd like to know why you list Gigi and Kendall at the same height(personally I think Gigi looks at least 0.5" taller)
Editor Rob: I think they are really close, maybe better odd of Gigi being a bit taller, but these girls don't stand great half the time.
Heh said on 18/Mar/17
Gigi is not 5'10", that's for sure. She is more like 5'9.25". She's just a bit taller than Bella.
Sigrid said on 5/Mar/17
I think she needs to be downgraded. I would guess 175cm max, maybe even 174 cm. Google Lily Aldridge, her height varies from 172cm to 175cm on the internet. She seems to be taller than or the same height as Gigi in the Stuart Weitzman campaign that someone posted (and they are wearing the same shoes). I'd say that is very strong evidence.

Also consider the fact that she has built her model career on her celebrity status. She's proven many times that she doesn't have to live up to the same standards as models that are traidtionally discovered by agents. I'm not saying it's a bad thing that she's curvier, but yeah, it's very likely she's not of standard high fashion model height (seems to be 177-180). Looking at models stats' I think models from Scandinavia and the Netherlands tend to have their true heights stated, while many others' seem bumped up by agencies. I'm 177cm and from Norway and there are many tall girls here (I regularly walk into girls who are taller than I am). In the US and other countries the standard height for women is much shorter, so even if she's tall to be American (she might even think she is 5'10 cause she's always towering over American girls) it doesn't mean she compares to other high fashion models (think Marjan Jonkman, Martje Verhoef, Roos Abels). She's a commercial model who walks HF shows because of her celebrity status, so probably not that tall.
February said on 23/Feb/17
Click Here Gigi is the same height as 5'7-5'8 Lily Aldridge, and Lily isn't even standing straight. Also, Joan Smalls is 5'10-5'10.5, and there is much more than 0.25-0.50" between Gigi and Joan, and Joan isn't standing straight either. 5'9.25 is too generous for her, Rob.. Both Kendall and Gigi can't be more than 5'8.5 max.
Rose23 said on 12/Feb/17
@florence and @frida
I know I'm laughing at the fact they still say Gigi is shorter than Kendall! There's photos on here like Florence shared that literally show Gigi is inches taller than Kendall!
I'm no fan of either but Gigi has got to be a solid 5'9" while Kendall is more of a 5'7.5"
Frida said on 9/Feb/17
Gigi is 5.9 might even be closer to 5'10. I would say Gigi is true model(not high fashion but comercial) not like average looking kendall.
Florence said on 9/Feb/17
Posted in Kendall's too.
Gigi is clearly taller than Kendall.
Gigi 5'9 max...if that maybe 5'8
Kendall 5'8 max...if that maybe 5'7 is accurate
Click Here
Inteval said on 9/Feb/17
Rob she's 5 ft 9.25? She once said 5 ft 11 and growing.
Frida said on 8/Feb/17
I think 175-176 is about right. ahhh((( something wrong with her face... buccal fat pad extraction
MaryAnne said on 3/Feb/17
:O Got downgraded. Is it time for Kendall J too?
CallMeMaybe said on 2/Feb/17
She is definitely not taller than Zayn, whom is listed by you as 5'7.75....
Nova176 said on 28/Jan/17
She's legit tall. Might even be closer to 5'10
Lis said on 26/Jan/17
I'm going to disagree with the recent comments, I don't see her as 5'7 (170) or 5'8 (173) at all, she looks like a solid 5'9 (175) to me
Emily said on 18/Jan/17
I'm giving her tops 5'8.5 but that's the top she can be. Next to Zayn she looks like she is the same height with him maybe 1-2 cm taller not more. And here is a picture with Karlie Kloss definitely same heel heights but Karlie towered her. Seems like they have 15-20 cm between their heights. Click Here
height lover said on 17/Jan/17
maybe 5'8 or 5'7.8, no way she's taller than that.
andre said on 13/Jan/17
5ft6.5 barefoot at night zayn is almost her height i doubt she is taller then 5ft7.5 barefoot
ErwannStars said on 6/Jan/17
@Dwight RIGHT? 5ft8.5 would be the maximum for these girls... I don't understand Rob's fixation with "strong 5ft9" (esp. for the Haddids, Jenners and T Swift)..
While 5ft8.5 would be their max I'm convinced she is more a in the 5ft7 range.
GG said on 3/Jan/17
5'8.5in. Looks legit
Dwight said on 1/Jan/17
These strong 5'9 listings are ridiculous. At times, she appears not all that much taller than 5'7.75 Zayn, and very similar in height with similar footwear. She's a solid 5'8 AT BEST.
Louise said on 1/Jan/17
I think Lola is right: if Gigi trully were 177cm, then she would'nt be towered buy tru models (who are more often in beetwen 175cm and 180cm) I think her maximum height would be 175cm but 173 seems more reasonable and realistic for her. 5ft8.5inches
lola said on 18/Dec/16
Why do they all lie about their height? It is clear that none off the Hadids nor Jenners are 5ft10. Stop insulting our intelligence! I think she is 5ft8.5 no more no less
Fliffy said on 17/Dec/16
Ruby is listed as 5'6 on here, so in that pic she looks like she is 5'9 max. imo. There is no way there is 4 inches between them..
TomFraud said on 17/Dec/16
She is the same height as her boyriend. Whatever his height is... It's NOT 5ft9!
Leonardo 1.73m said on 10/Dec/16
His boyfriend Zayn Malik is 5'7.5(171cm)
Beqa said on 8/Dec/16
There is a picture of gigi and ruby rose,
Link:Click Here
6ft said on 7/Dec/16
Rob what do you think about this, Gigi with Daniel Sharman who is listed 6ft 1.5in (187 cm).

She is wearing heeled boots. Which looks like 2.37in to me. (6 cm)

Click Here

Click Here
frank said on 4/Dec/16
Guys, Gigi, Bella and Kendall change pose in every photo, i think they are all similar but in this way people don't understand real height.
GG said on 1/Dec/16

Bella's leg is not straight. They would've stand in the same height if her leg was straight. Look again. Oh and Bella's heels could be longer than Gigi's so keep that in mind as well.
Fliffy said on 30/Nov/16
Gigi and Kendall's height is some of the most confusing thing I've ever tried to figure out Click Here

After seeing pics with Bella, I kinda believe Gigi is 5'9 and Kendall is 5'8.5
gavthechav said on 29/Nov/16
she's way taller than taylor I'd say 5'9 is pretty accurate.
DefinitelyNotCC said on 29/Nov/16
Jay Pharoah is not even a full 6, Click Here with drake.
GG said on 28/Nov/16
Rob what do you think about this?

Jay is 6ft 1in with those sneakers he is 6ft 1.75in (187) and Gigi's heels are 3.93in which makes her 6ft 1in maybe 6ft 1.25in (185 or 186 cm with heels). So that makes Gigi's height 5ft 9.25in (176) without heels. What are your thoughts?

Click Here
Editor Rob: GG, from watching a clip of that event, I wouldn't have guessed Gigi looked much different...I don't know the other guys exact height though.
DefinitelyNotCC said on 28/Nov/16
Rob, doesnt 175-176 seem more like it ?
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: at times Gigi can look at most 5ft 9
oliver said on 20/Nov/16
Rob, since Taylor Swift is 175-176 cm. Gigi also should be listed at the same range.
Dr JJ said on 3/Nov/16
Hilfiger himself said the famous pincho was put on Hadid because she wasn't "as tall and thin" as other catwalk modrls. In the shots from that show, Hadid is towered over by the other girls. Either they are all 6' 4" tall or.....she ain't 5' 10". Or even 5' 9". I would say she's about 5' 8" absolute tops.
spainmen191cm said on 28/Oct/16
Rob now that you had downgrade Kedall to 5ft9.5 maybe is time for a 5ft9.25 listing for Gigi?
andre said on 15/Oct/16
see her and her boyfriend and you will realize she is not that tall
6ft said on 28/Sep/16
Hey Rob, this scratched my head a lot. I'm doubting Gigi's height. Zachary is listed 6ft 1in.

Click Here

Click Here

P.S.: She is wearing heels. (3.93in/10 cm probably)

Gigi might be 5ft 9in. What is your opinion?
gian92 said on 25/Sep/16
for me she is 5'9 , there isn't much difference with her boyfriend listed at 5'7.5 . Sure she hasn't 2 inches on him .
Doesn't Matter said on 21/Sep/16
I looke dat her model profile and it says she is 179cm.
Hailey said on 18/Sep/16
Hey Rob, Gigi and Emily have the same shoe wear in this pic but it looks like Gigi is 2 inches taller than her maybe less than that, what do u think?

Click Here
Editor Rob: I'd say she only looks about 2.5 inches taller at most in that photo. There is an argument Hadid might be just 5ft 9 and not much over it.
Robert said on 1/Sep/16
Click Here

CLICK STATS. Her agency listed her as 5'10.5. Could you add that to the bio part of this page?
kim said on 1/Sep/16
gigi is taller than kendall. their listings need to be fixed. you can see a bunch of pics from 2016 of them together both with flat sneakers and gigi is significantly taller.
lucy said on 29/Aug/16
she and Kendall used to be the same height, now Gigi is taller
Christian said on 16/Aug/16
Wikipedia recently changed her height to 5 ft 10.5in
sam said on 6/Aug/16
Rob, how tall do you think her brother is?
Editor Rob: last year he said he was 6ft 1, I don't know if he has grown more now.
Tanishka said on 3/Aug/16
I read that zayn has told gigi to ditch her heels...well zayn that's not needed as u both look really cute...u don't need to worry abt the heights...
Mini said on 12/Jul/16
gigi is 5.9-5.9'5! I like gigi she is real commercial model, i don't understand why don't like her, saying that she does not deserve to be a model, this girl is real model unlike kendall who much like bollywood actress then model
Ana said on 4/Jun/16
I think 5'9.5'' to 5'10'' looks about right. In a magazine (vogue maybe) she said that she was 180cm!! Her and Kendall are the same or around the same height I think.
Avast said on 3/Jun/16
Click Here
Please take a look at the pictures of Gigi and Kendall on this page
Nadin said on 14/May/16
How tall do you think rachel hilbert is rob?
I think she is 5'9 flat, she is slightly shorter than gigi i think
Take a look:
Click Here

What is your guess for rachel rob?
Editor Rob: sometimes she could look as tall as her, but their postures at times aren't the best, I am not so sure on Rachel.
TJE said on 14/May/16
Funny how both her and her sister are two inches taller than their boyfriends.
Philly said on 8/May/16
And rob
If ireland has 3inches on gigi and ireland is 6ft than gigi is rather a strong 5ft9 than close to 5'10
Wouldnt 175-176 be better?
Because it would make more sense if gigi and doutzen were listed at 5'9.25 rather than gigi at 177 and doutzen at 175
Since they are close to the same height and are strong 5'9s.
Plus-- i think taylor swift and katie holmes should be listed at the same height, either upgrade katie or downgrade taylor.
Click Here
I mean, yes maybe their heels are different, but not very different, and katie does look a little taller than taylor, so it would only make sense to list them both at the same height.
(I wouldnt guess under 5'9 for any of those girls i mentioned here though)
Leo said on 3/May/16
Very similar to Kendall. I put my money in 175cm
Allie said on 3/May/16
Rob, how tall do you think Anwear Hadid (Gigi and Bella's younger brother) is? He's turning 17 in a couple months, so I think he has probably has a couple inches to grow?
Editor Rob: can look over 6ft
Philly said on 22/Apr/16
And what about this one here:

Click Here

Gigi has some heel advantage and still just looks 1 inch taller than 5'9 doutzen kroes
Plus you said ireland would be 3inches taller than gigi in that other link i sent here, and ireland is listed here at 6'.
So don't you think gigi might be rather a 5ft9-5ft9.25 range rather than 1.77?
If that is so, than maybe kendall would be 5ft9.5, Rather than almost 5ft10?
Editor Rob: an argument could also be that doutzen falls into strong 5ft 9 range herself...both might not be much different barefoot.
Jan said on 21/Apr/16
Just in that pic. From that set there's other photos where Adriana edges her out that half inch and Adriana doesn't stand up straight in any of those pics.
Jerome said on 17/Apr/16
Click Here
As tall as Adriana here
Purple said on 5/Apr/16
She really is good looking, but I sometimes wonder what passes for a supermodel these days. They're harldy comparable to their 90s euqivalents, both in looks and body. That said, I think she is a little taller than Taylor Swift, not much, but it's noticable.
Philly said on 1/Apr/16
Rob what about this here?

Click Here

Gigi a little shorter than taylor swift and ireland baldwin towering over them all
If ireland is six foot only than i dont know how tall are those other girls.
Editor Rob: it is quite a close photo, and gigi might be slightly further away there, but her eyes are roughly at the mouth of ireland so it could be 3 inch difference.
Filippo said on 31/Mar/16
Want to grow 2-3 inches all of a sudden? Get a listing by a model agency!
Come on, Gigi is absolutely stunning, but her height is 5'8.5 max. And it's' another thing about her which is perfect!
Anton said on 23/Mar/16
Plus look this ones of kendall with naomi and christy turlington

Click Here

Click Here

I think kendall and gigi are closer to a flat 5ft9 or 5ft9.25 tops rather than 5ft9.5 or 5ft9.75, since turlington is most likely 177m.
What about kendall 175-176 and gigi(same as ambrosio) 174-175
Editor Rob: can be hard to tell in that photo with Kendall probably a wee bit further away from those in the front.
Anton said on 14/Mar/16
Dont you think she is close in height to Alessandra ambrosio?

Click Here

Maybe she should be downgraded to a flat 5ft9 or maybe 5ft9.25 tops
So 175-176.
177 is too high for her
Unless you say alessandra is 176 rather than a weak 5ft9, if so, than 5ft9.5 might be good for gigi.
Editor Rob: from that photo, it's hard to say without seeing Ambrosio's heels.
pixie92 said on 6/Mar/16
Gigi and Kendall both look significantly shorter than 5'9" Doutzen here..

Click Here

The shoes are all very similar, and it may be influenced somewhat by the angle of the photo but I stll refuse tobelieve either of them is greater than 5'9"!
Kelly C said on 11/Feb/16
Same height as alessandra ambrosio
5ft9.25 (176cm)
Kendall is 5ft9.5
TheRealSlimShady said on 29/Jan/16
There is no way she's 2 inches taller than Zayn.....who is listed as 5'7.5
Megan said on 4/Jan/16
Click Here
With Lily Aldridge who is definitely not 5'10?
Allie said on 3/Jan/16
Yeah I'm thinking Gigi's closer to a flat 5'9 or weak 5'9 then almost 5'10 or 5'11. It's funny though John, I think Gigi says almost 5'11 because if you google her img models stats, she gets listed as 5'10.5 now!

Another 174-175 cm girl trying to pass off as 5'10 and then later 5'11. Same with Taylor Swift, Iggy Azalea and Kendall Jenner.
Shell said on 1/Jan/16
Gigi is usually stated to be 5'10. However, Bella has been listed at 5'7 on several websites and her agency now lists her at 5'8.5. I dont know how Bella is suddenly 5'9. She looks 5'7. If she is only 5'7, then Gigi looks more like 5'9 than 5'10.
John said on 19/Dec/15
She said "I'm 5'10 almost 5'11" on her Victoria's Secret fitting.
aaliyah said on 18/Dec/15
Click Here

She's at least 5'7 at the most because that model ishow listed as 5'9
Bella said on 8/Dec/15
Id say 5'9.5" is ok for gigi. Rob would you mind adding her sister bella? Her agency IMG used to list her at 5'10" but now shes listed at 5'8.5"!! Any thoughts on her, rob?
Editor Rob: 5ft 8.5 seems more realistic than 5ft 10
melanie said on 21/Nov/15
Need to have a page for her sister, Bella. I can't believe they are listing Bella at 5'10 when she's much shorter than Gigi in all pictures of them side by side with heels. I'd say Gigi is 5'9.5 and Bella is 5'8.
Julia said on 12/Nov/15
Rob, how tall do you think bella hadid is? IMG models says 5'10 but other websites say 5'7
Editor Rob: I think she's got to be taller than 5ft 7, that seems a bit low, she looks a bit shorter than her sister
Janet said on 4/Nov/15
This listing seems to be spot on. She absolutely is within the 5'9-5'10 range. No shorter
kendallRose said on 7/Oct/15
still 5.9
bob said on 1/Oct/15
I think 5'8.5 is right for her.nice girl tho
Allie said on 30/Sep/15
M and Emily. You guys are forgetting Nicole has a platform on the heel. She's also about the same height as Taylor Swift. And looking at Karlie and Taylor shows she's nothing more than a flat 5'9. But I think Taylor can edge her out. 5'8.5-5'9 for Gigi. Nothing more than that.
5ft10guy said on 22/Sep/15
shes much shorter then cody simpson, she is 2.5 inches shorter I think shes 5ft9 flat
M said on 15/Sep/15
@Emily I do agree with you. If Nicole Peltz is really 1.65m then Gigi is max 1.71-72m for real.
Emily said on 6/Sep/15
Click Here
Click Here
If Nicola Peltz is 5'5 then I'm confused.
Sofia said on 16/Aug/15
Kendall needs a downgrade then. Gigi always seems a minimum of an inch taller than her.
Emily said on 7/Aug/15
kendall 5.9 gigi is 5.9'5 or 5.10 max
Alice said on 24/Jul/15
Gigi is taller than Kendall who is 5'11, maybe Gigi is 5'11.5 or Kendall isn't actually 5'11
Andred said on 23/Jul/15
@mariam1 she's quite a bit shorter than her 5'11 boyfriend Cody! That's ridiculous
mariam1 said on 20/Jul/15
There's no way that she's only 5'9.5 cause she's taller than 5'10.5 Kendall Jenner and also she looks just 2 inches shorter than Karlie Kloss (6'1) so Gigi is somewhere around 5'11-5'11.5
nicole said on 4/Jul/15
@T.N.T: it's a nickname... her real name is Jelena. Anyway, this listing seems spot on to me.
Andred said on 1/Jul/15
She's like 2cm taller than Joe. Shows how female celebs also lie about their height. 174CM
Jay said on 19/Jun/15
Lets not go around dissing peoples real names just because you want them to be smaller, celebrity or not.
T.N.T. said on 17/Jun/15
Glad to read some comments here regarding the comparison between inflated-if not ridiculous-height claims and the truly tall women/men. Gigi (isn't that a name for a dog by the way?) is 1,70m max barefoot and that's it. For those who easily suspend their disbelief regarding bogus height claims, just see this Gigi girl next to Karlie Kloss and Ambrosio (who is much shorter than Karlie herself). Those monster heels those girls wear could make a dwarf look like a giant. I wonder if they ever take off their heels in public as these women appear to have severe height insecurities.
5'11Stud said on 14/Jun/15
I'll leave this here, Gigi and Joe Jonas (5'8 on this site)

Click Here

.....aaaaannndddd discuss!
Ho said on 11/Jun/15
She is 5'10 or more because she's taller than Kendall
Just said on 10/Jun/15
@ Jay, I too think Taylor is 5’8”5 and absolutely nothing over 5’9. Gigi is close to Taylor’s height, maybe Gigi is a little bit taller than Taylor.
G said on 10/Jun/15
I've met her and I think I am 5'11'' or almost that with shoes and she was a few inches taller because she was wearing high heels, so I think she's really 5'10''.
Jay said on 1/Jun/15
Gigi is not under 5'9.5. She's just as tall if not taller than Taylor Swift, with or without heels.
Az said on 30/May/15
I thought 5'9.5 or 5'10" but saw the pics with coco rocha and I've met coco a few times and worked with her for a full day. She is 5'9" no more so I guess Gigi is more 5'8.5 or under. 5'9" would be a stretch or in -shoe height. Love her face and athletic look.
James said on 25/May/15
174/175 cm, not a shred more, according to the pictures with Karlie Kloss.
Orly said on 25/May/15
I guess she's a solid 174 girl
Jay said on 19/May/15
HB, isn't Swift over 5'9?
HB said on 12/May/15
5'8.5, same as Taylor Swift.

Click Here
James said on 10/May/15
Look at the pics of the Met gala, together with Karlie Kloss. 5ft9.5 is too much for her. I would say 5ft8'5 (1.74 m).
aaaàsa said on 5/May/15
5'9 like kendall
Skye said on 22/Apr/15
I'd argue 5'9 more or so.

Though I wonder, in some pictures with Cody, even in heels you can still see a noticeable difference in height. Granted, Cody had footwear to boot, but if those shoes made him maybe 6'0.5 while Gigi's heels made her around 5'11.5, then the difference in height shouldn't have been that much..
Jess said on 1/Apr/15
I find it hard to believe 1.77m judging by this picture with Alessandra Ambrosio (1.74m): Click Here . Alessandra's heels don't give her much of an advantage either: Click Here . Opinion Rob?
Curious said on 28/Mar/15
I think she's 5'10" in her recent shoot with kendall they are the same height
nbb said on 28/Mar/15
If joe is 170 cm...gigi is for sure 8 cm taller than him... just look at their pictures
sin said on 26/Mar/15
I'd give her 5'9
mm said on 26/Mar/15
My opinion exactly 5'10''
Jay said on 23/Mar/15
@Merry99 not she isn't, they alternate.
Hilda said on 20/Mar/15
5.11? haha.... more like 5.9...with Malaika Firth(who is 5.8) & Anna Ewers(5.7 -5.8)
Click Here
Click Here
Mery99 said on 19/Mar/15
She's much taller than kendall :/
MaryAnne said on 3/Mar/15
Nice body, but there are more stunning models than her.
J.Lee said on 28/Feb/15
Rob, what do you think about this video? She stands up and says she's about 5 foot 11 and still growing
[Editor Rob: can't see it in my country, but at 19 very very few females grow. At least it's not as bad a claim as Taylor Swift's recent one!]
Bishop said on 19/Feb/15
More 5'9" flat.
John said on 19/Feb/15
This vote has Coco Rocha as 5-10 because she said she is. Wire image has very recent pics of the 2 of them together and Coco is at least 3 inches taller and both are in heels.
Mila6 said on 18/Feb/15
5'9 max
Tom said on 16/Feb/15
@Height183 I agree that either she needs a downgrade or Cody and upgrade however (maybe both) the difference isnt as much as it seems. In picture 2 she looks 4 inches shorter however posture is awful loosing at least and inch then another inch in footwear so 2 inches shorter which as currently listed is close.

Personally i think Gigi is 5'9, Cody 5'11.5
Mini said on 15/Feb/15
Around 177 or 178 cm, very close to Kendall Jenner

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