How tall is Kendall Jenner ?

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Kendall Jenner's height is 5ft 10in (178 cm)

American reality star/model. In 2011 Celebheights read a tweet from her saying that she was a statuesque "5'10" in height and in 2012 in a video clip she claimed "I'm like Five Ten and a half". At an agency her vital stats were listed as Bra/Bust Size: 33 inches, Waist 24, Hips 34.5 inches and a shoe size of 6.5UK/8US.

Kendall with Kylie Jenner, Khloe, Kim Kardashian and Kourtney
Photo by PR Photos
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Bishop says on 15/Mar/15
She always looked 5'9-5'9.5" to me. She's not that much taller than Cara Delevinge.
Mi says on 14/Mar/15
Ross says on 11/Mar/15
Jordan is over 178-180cm. Same height as Kashia Struss who is 178-179
But, between her and kendall is over 7-9 cm different NOT 5cm!!!
Even her hairstyle don't make her look taller
MasterX says on 11/Mar/15
Downgrade her rob. She was never 5' 10. Everyone is right. Check out her recent pics with Gigi Hadid. She looked slightly shorter than her
Mini says on 10/Mar/15
@ Candice, Jourdan is 6 ft, she said it on twitter too
keny says on 10/Mar/15
@candice kendall is over 175-176 no more.
whith cara who is only 168cm. Not big height different, right Rob? (3-4cm MAX)
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5.10 is ideal model height, that why she lie about her height.
candice says on 8/Mar/15
so, according to this picture: Click Here

Kendall Jenner is wearing Balenciaga cutout boots: Click Here
whose heel lenght is 5cm.

Jourdan Dunn is 180cm, she said it herself on Twitter. Here is a picture with Magdalena Frackowiak who is also 180cm, just as a proof of her height: Click Here

Kendall is standing loose in this picture so I'm assuming that with these boots, when she stood up straight, she was at the exact same height as Jourdan (who is wearing flats that don't add up anything to her height). So, I think it is pretty obvious that she is about 5ft 9.25 (176cm). It is normal that she lies about her height because she always wanted so bad to succeed in modelling, and it is well known that most models are in the 5'10 (178cm) range.
Kayla says on 16/Feb/15
She's 6'3" in heels, there's a pic of her standing back to back with Bruce and she was around an inch taller. So yeah, 5'10" seems about right.
Mini says on 15/Feb/15
From watching the latest Wang show, she looks to be around 5'9 or 5'10 compared to other models. Doesn't look out of place at all. (Unlike someone like Georgia Jagger..)
Height183 says on 3/Feb/15
''Hey guys if Rob is 5ft 11, Scott is shorter and kendall is 5 ft 10 then how can this photo be explianed''

@masterofheight: I don't think Kendall is 5'10''. Maybe in shoes she's near enough that mark. I also honestly think Rob is taller than Scott. They are both around the same height so it's difficult to tell sometimes. Rob looks 5'11'' to me and Scott 5'10.5''
Columbus says on 1/Feb/15
damn, rob, never mind that! she might be even shorter than that, i think she's just plain 5'9, hse really only looks 5'10 in heels, i think she's 175cm max
Columbus says on 1/Feb/15
she and harry are the same height, i think she and harry are both 177cm
Jenney says on 30/Jan/15
How is that possible for her to be 5'10? She looks 5'8-9 range with Miley, Cara and her own 5'6 sister Kylie. 5'8.5 is a far better guess.
masterofheight says on 25/Jan/15
Hey guys if Rob is 5ft 11, Scott is shorter and kendall is 5 ft 10 then how can this photo be explianed Click Here Scott looks quite a bit taller than kendall hear, baring in mind that he is standing much straighter so the difference probably isnt as much as it looks but still. I personally would say that Scott is taller than Rob in most episodes/ pictures ive seen... but only fractionally i would say Rob is 178-9 and scott 180-181/2... especially if Kendall is a legit 5 ft 10, which i think if not is very close.
height190 says on 25/Jan/15
Click Here Rob, could you also take a look at this photo of kendall next to three other models, one being jourdann dunn, who you listed at 6 ft, i know in this image footware isnt visable.... the thing that confuses me about this picture is zoe kravitz who i believe is 157cm.. surely someone of 5ft 10 should look a lot taller than that, unless she was in flats, which could be possible...
[Editor Rob: she can look a bit under 5ft 10 with some models, but then other times really can look in 5ft 10 range.]
height190 says on 25/Jan/15
Hey Rob, do you think she could be taller than 178... i find it strange i was looking at what here agencies list her as, and on each one they differ. Elite London lists as 178cm... Elite Paris doesnt give a height... while Elite Milan lists her as 180cm... why do you think the listing would change from agency to agency... being that they are all under the Elite roof... do you think that she could be 180... or even above.... I remember watching an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians... and her mother and others in various episodes, described her as 6 ft.... just something to think about. Ive never seen her dwarfed by anyone
[Editor Rob: don't know why they would change, but I think about 5ft 10 probably is a good fit for her with other models.]
Height183 says on 20/Jan/15
I think 5'11'' for Rob is a good guess. That Scott guy is also shorter than him.
Jay says on 17/Jan/15
Khloe and Kendall and Kylie only look so tall because Kim and Kourtney are so tiny. I used to work in the office near Kourtneys old agent and I used to see her when she went to speak with him, there are 5 year old bigger than her!
Height183 says on 17/Jan/15
Rob, How tall do you think Rob Kardashian is? He looks 5'11'' to me. What is your guess?
[Editor Rob: somewhere in that range is possible, he could be claiming 6ft in sneakers.]
height212 says on 14/Jan/15
i would say 5'10 all the way... but then there is a photo that confused me... their is a picture of scott disick who is listed everywhere as 180cm and in one photo he is the same height as her while she is in heels... soooo that what confused me because even if he was wearing a good 1 inch heal he would only be 6 ft, ill even give him the benefit of the doubt and say 6 ft.05 but wouldn't that still make her shorter than 5 ft 10 say if she was wearing 3-4 inch heels.... oh also sorry to write and essay.. but their is a picture of her in monster heels where she is the same height as her dad which is 6 ft 2. Her dad Bruce had no shoes on for this picture. and these heals must of been about 6 inches or very close to... they are platformed as well. so Rob do you think that 5 ft 9 would be possible for her... i mean i used to think she was 180cm... but the more people i see her next to, the more it confuses me.... anyway just something to think about.
[Editor Rob: maybe at times she might stand looser and then looks 5ft 9 range, she can pull off 5ft 10 though.]
Karla says on 13/Jan/15
Hey Rob, do you think this is still Kendall's height? Her agency has her listed at 5'10.5"
[Editor Rob: I think 5ft 10 flat is probably the better option.]
Height182 says on 17/Dec/14
Lol She's not 5'10''! She's somewhere in the lower 5'9'' range.
Chameleon says on 17/Dec/14
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