How tall is Kendall Jenner ?

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Kendall Jenner's height is 5ft 10in (178 cm)

American reality star/model. In 2011 Celebheights read a tweet from her saying that she was a statuesque "5'10" in height and in 2012 in a video clip she claimed "I'm like Five Ten and a half". At an agency her vital stats were listed as Bra/Bust Size: 33 inches, Waist 24, Hips 34.5 inches and a shoe size of 6.5UK/8US.

Kendall with Kylie Jenner, Khloe, Kim Kardashian and Kourtney
Photo by PR Photos
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Kayla says on 16/Feb/15
She's 6'3" in heels, there's a pic of her standing back to back with Bruce and she was around an inch taller. So yeah, 5'10" seems about right.
Mini says on 15/Feb/15
From watching the latest Wang show, she looks to be around 5'9 or 5'10 compared to other models. Doesn't look out of place at all. (Unlike someone like Georgia Jagger..)
Height183 says on 3/Feb/15
''Hey guys if Rob is 5ft 11, Scott is shorter and kendall is 5 ft 10 then how can this photo be explianed''

@masterofheight: I don't think Kendall is 5'10''. Maybe in shoes she's near enough that mark. I also honestly think Rob is taller than Scott. They are both around the same height so it's difficult to tell sometimes. Rob looks 5'11'' to me and Scott 5'10.5''
Columbus says on 1/Feb/15
damn, rob, never mind that! she might be even shorter than that, i think she's just plain 5'9, hse really only looks 5'10 in heels, i think she's 175cm max
Columbus says on 1/Feb/15
she and harry are the same height, i think she and harry are both 177cm
Jenney says on 30/Jan/15
How is that possible for her to be 5'10? She looks 5'8-9 range with Miley, Cara and her own 5'6 sister Kylie. 5'8.5 is a far better guess.
masterofheight says on 25/Jan/15
Hey guys if Rob is 5ft 11, Scott is shorter and kendall is 5 ft 10 then how can this photo be explianed Click Here Scott looks quite a bit taller than kendall hear, baring in mind that he is standing much straighter so the difference probably isnt as much as it looks but still. I personally would say that Scott is taller than Rob in most episodes/ pictures ive seen... but only fractionally i would say Rob is 178-9 and scott 180-181/2... especially if Kendall is a legit 5 ft 10, which i think if not is very close.
height190 says on 25/Jan/15
i made a mistake, the girl i thought was Kravitz, is Chanel Iman.. who is listed on google as 178cm
height190 says on 25/Jan/15
Click Here Rob, could you also take a look at this photo of kendall next to three other models, one being jourdann dunn, who you listed at 6 ft, i know in this image footware isnt visable.... the thing that confuses me about this picture is zoe kravitz who i believe is 157cm.. surely someone of 5ft 10 should look a lot taller than that, unless she was in flats, which could be possible...
[Editor Rob: she can look a bit under 5ft 10 with some models, but then other times really can look in 5ft 10 range.]
height190 says on 25/Jan/15
Hey Rob, do you think she could be taller than 178... i find it strange i was looking at what here agencies list her as, and on each one they differ. Elite London lists as 178cm... Elite Paris doesnt give a height... while Elite Milan lists her as 180cm... why do you think the listing would change from agency to agency... being that they are all under the Elite roof... do you think that she could be 180... or even above.... I remember watching an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians... and her mother and others in various episodes, described her as 6 ft.... just something to think about. Ive never seen her dwarfed by anyone
[Editor Rob: don't know why they would change, but I think about 5ft 10 probably is a good fit for her with other models.]
Height183 says on 20/Jan/15
I think 5'11'' for Rob is a good guess. That Scott guy is also shorter than him.
Jay says on 17/Jan/15
Khloe and Kendall and Kylie only look so tall because Kim and Kourtney are so tiny. I used to work in the office near Kourtneys old agent and I used to see her when she went to speak with him, there are 5 year old bigger than her!
Height183 says on 17/Jan/15
Rob, How tall do you think Rob Kardashian is? He looks 5'11'' to me. What is your guess?
[Editor Rob: somewhere in that range is possible, he could be claiming 6ft in sneakers.]
height212 says on 14/Jan/15
i would say 5'10 all the way... but then there is a photo that confused me... their is a picture of scott disick who is listed everywhere as 180cm and in one photo he is the same height as her while she is in heels... soooo that what confused me because even if he was wearing a good 1 inch heal he would only be 6 ft, ill even give him the benefit of the doubt and say 6 ft.05 but wouldn't that still make her shorter than 5 ft 10 say if she was wearing 3-4 inch heels.... oh also sorry to write and essay.. but their is a picture of her in monster heels where she is the same height as her dad which is 6 ft 2. Her dad Bruce had no shoes on for this picture. and these heals must of been about 6 inches or very close to... they are platformed as well. so Rob do you think that 5 ft 9 would be possible for her... i mean i used to think she was 180cm... but the more people i see her next to, the more it confuses me.... anyway just something to think about.
[Editor Rob: maybe at times she might stand looser and then looks 5ft 9 range, she can pull off 5ft 10 though.]
Karla says on 13/Jan/15
Hey Rob, do you think this is still Kendall's height? Her agency has her listed at 5'10.5"
[Editor Rob: I think 5ft 10 flat is probably the better option.]
Height182 says on 17/Dec/14
Lol She's not 5'10''! She's somewhere in the lower 5'9'' range.
Chameleon says on 17/Dec/14
Click Here
Recovered Data says on 12/Dec/14

mat95 says on 9/Dec/14

5.9 max

Alex says on 7/Dec/14

5'9.5 i think

LariDari says on 5/Dec/14

Look at this guys... Click Here

Kendallnotjenner says on 4/Dec/14

@Taylor Click Here

kendall is 174 or 5.8.5 not 178 5.10)

Ginger says on 4/Dec/14

if m agencies- 7cm from karlie and adding 8cm cara. why they can't put kendall 5cm?

174cm 5'8.5 right for kendall



I am 6.1 don't think it's bad) tall or short: it's all good)))) Just be happy with who you are .

Ginger says on 4/Dec/14

if m agencies- 7cm from karlie and adding 8cm cara. why they can't put kendall 5cm?

174cm 5'8.5 right for kendall



I am 6.1 don't think it bad) tall or short: it's all good)))) Just be happy with who you are .

Taylor says on 3/Dec/14

She's not even 5'9:0

If cara is 5.6 then kendall is 5'8-5'8.5

Click Here

Click Here

Mini says on 3/Dec/14

@Isabel Kylie is wearing boots and a huge flower crown, Kendall is wearing flats. She's 5'10 guys.

Josh1 says on 2/Dec/14

I think Laura might be right , for sure she´s not 5'10 I can buy 5'8.5 5'9 but no more than that.

Laura says on 1/Dec/14

I honestly think Kendall is no taller than 5"8.5. There is just too much evidence to suggest she is any taller than that in my opinion. I don't think Khloe is over 5"7, but due to her bigger-boned frame she looks taller. I don't think Kylie is over 5"5 and I think Kourtney is 4"11 at the very most and Kim isn't over 5"1.

Igge says on 1/Dec/14

If Cara is Georgia Jaggers height of 5'6 then Jenner is no taller than 5'9

Isabel says on 1/Dec/14

She looks around 5'8.5 - 5'9 with 5'6 Kylie Jenner in this photo

Click Here

BGee says on 24/Nov/14

Since she doesn't tower over 5'6 Kylie by nearly half a foot, she's the same height as Khloe at 5'9 (which is still a great height!)

Sashax3 says on 4/Nov/14

Kendal is 5'9 tops

Krstan says on 4/Nov/14

Rob do you think hailey baldwin is 5'6.5?When she wears 5 inch heels with large platforms she barely reaches Kendall's height?

[Editor Rob: she seemed annoyed when she said "People need to stop saying I'm between 5'2 and 5'4.... I'm 5'8!"

but I think it's safe to say she isn't 5ft 8, 5ft 6.5 might be a fair guess for her.]

SaSHa says on 24/Oct/14

karlie is NOT 6.2!She is 6.1! She always towers over other models cuz they're not really tall (5.10)

Click Here

(Hanne Gaby Odiele 5.9.5)

Click Here (Georgia Gagger 5.7)

Click Here

I sitll think shes 5'9.5 because she stands closer to the camera and wears higher heels than Karlie... and still much shorter than karlie.

And finally - Kendall with Georgia

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Soldier 6ft 0.25 (183.5cm) says on 20/Oct/14

here is kendall with almost 6ft 2 karlie kloss people stop saying that kendall is shorter than 5ft 10 because she is not

Click Here

David says on 15/Oct/14

She is like 5'9 not 6'!

Kendalljennergreatestfan says on 2/Oct/14

Now I think she is 5ft 9.5in at sunrise and 5ft 9in by sunset.Can't belive at some point I said 6 feet.Anyway she's ultra stunnig.

Jay says on 1/Oct/14

That looks atleast 2 inches if not more to me.

Michelle says on 30/Sep/14

Here is Kendall again with 5'7-5'8 Cara Delevigne. Cara herself has admitted that she was too small for being a runway model at 5'7.

Click Here

There is no way Kendall is almost 4 inches taller than Cara. She is 5'8.5-5'9

Soldier 5.11.75 (182.24) says on 25/Sep/14


Jourdan dunn is not 180cm she is like 184cm or 185cm take a look at this image here she is with 187cm karlie kloss & 175cm Rosie huntington she clearly looks like a 6.0.5 or 6.1 girl i actually believe that kendall is not less than 5.10

Click Here

Josh says on 24/Sep/14

More like 5‘8.5 she´s about 2-3 inches taller than her 5'6 sister.

YL says on 24/Sep/14

I think kendall is pretty but she's definitely not 179. I model and people like to fake the height.

Look at this picture with Miley Cyrus who is 165 cm. kendall is standing in front which makes her look taller and she's wearing heels and look closely Miley isn't, kendall looks only about 5 cm taller than her, probably 170, or 5'7. Plus she's super super skinny and her sisters are so short ( and add on that they probably already add 2 inches to her sister's real heights.

Click Here

Michelle says on 23/Sep/14

I've met Kendall and Kylie in seattle for a meetup they did for their clothing line. I'm 1.74m almost 5'9 and I swear she was the same height as me when she stood up. On the other hand kylie was about 5'6. Kendall looks really tall because her legs are super long. It sucks cause they didn't let the fans take pictures with them.

Kylermydear says on 17/Sep/14

She is Actuelly 6 foot tall I meet her and Kylie at an event in LA she was wearing 4 inch heels and I asked her her height she said that she was 6 foot. When we stood next to each other barefoot she was easily almost 3 inches taller than me and I'm 5''10 girl. Her height is listed shorter because most agency's don't like to see 6 foot on. A models placement card

Misha says on 14/Sep/14

177cm - 5,9,5. 173 cm - 5.8.

Cara looks like a solid 170cm (5.7)

Click Here

Ayana says on 13/Sep/14

I've seen the pictures of Kendall next to Cara Delevingne (1.77/5'8) . And in the pictures Kendall isn't that tall next to Cara which means she must around 5'8-5'9.

Liz says on 10/Sep/14

That girl on the right is 5'7" Click Here

I think Kendall is 5'8" max!

Natasha says on 9/Sep/14

Click Here

With Georgia May Jagger (5.6)...she's not even 5.9 :(

Mini says on 7/Sep/14

Rob, that wouldn't make any sense.. if Hailey is 5'8 then she would be the same height or taller than Kendall when she wears heeled boots and she's not, she's still shorter. Either Kendall is actually 6 ft or Hailey is 5'6/5'7

[Editor Rob: well she came out with the 'i'm 5ft 7 woo hoo' measurement aged 15, I don't know if she grew and became 5ft 8 as I've not looked much at her.]

Mich says on 6/Sep/14

Kendall is no more than 5'9! They're exaggerating her height so she could get more gigs.

Here is kendall with 5'8.5 alessandra with the same footwear

Click Here

Click Here

Footwear that alessandra wore:

Click Here

She looked barely any taller than her. I say kendall needs a downgrade

Mini says on 4/Sep/14

Rob, what do you think Hailey Baldwin is? She claims to be a little under 5'9 in bare feet but when she wears boots with like 2 inch heels, she's still a few inches shorter than Kendall...

[Editor Rob: I did see hailey say 5ft 8, I think she is probably near enough it. In 2012 at 15 or so? She said she was measured 5ft 7.]

TJE says on 4/Sep/14

Well, from what I've seen, Kendall struggles to make 5'10. Kylie still manages to stay at least 0.5 inches above her eye level. I hardly doubt that Kendall would've been growing as late as 18 maybe 16 or 17, but not 18. But I guess anything's possible

And to post pics, you copy the url of the pic and go to tinyurl and paste the url into the designated. Then, you copy the new url into the celebheights text box and just click add comment. Hope that helps.

Here's the best pic I could find. They're wearing pretty similar footwear and Kylie's crossing her legs while Kendall's standing rimrod straight.

Click Here

Jay says on 2/Sep/14

@TJE, those aren't recent pics though. She could have easily grown an inch. At all the award shows they've been in this year, she's inches taller then the rest of the girls. If I knew how to post pics I would show proof.

TJE says on 1/Sep/14


Look at the top of this very page.

Jay says on 27/Aug/14

I don't see the evidence of Kendall being smaller then 5'10.

ka ka says on 24/Aug/14

marine deleeuw said in an interview for some Parisian newspaper that she's 5.8/5.8.5 but her agency like to upgrade her height an inch. I think Kendall is 5.8.5 or 5.9 at most. She just looks tall because her sisters and shorter

lol93 says on 13/Aug/14

Rob I don't see a 11 cm difference between Kylie and Kendall either Kendall is shorter than 179 or Kylie is taller

Genevieve says on 7/Aug/14

Jourdan Dunn self claimed to be 5ft 10.5in.

In this picture, Kendall has some footware advantage but still an inch shorter than Jourdan.

I think 5ft 9in is more appropriate for Kendall.

Click Here

Natasha says on 24/Jul/14

Kendall is no more than 175cm (5.9)

with Binx Walton (178 - 180cm)

Click Here

Click Here

With marine deleeuw (175 or 5.9) & Nastya Sten (180 or 5.11)

Click Here

Click Here

TJE says on 21/Jul/14

If Kylie is 5'6, then Kendall is no more than 5'9. At no point is Kendall ever able to look over Kylie's head. I'd say 5'8.75 is her height.

Mini says on 10/Jul/14

Jourdan IS 6ft, google it. Her agency lied so she'd seem more suited for runway cause 6ft can be too tall sometimes. SAme with Karlie Kloss. Anyway, I think Kendall is 5'10 give or take that extra half inch.

Jay says on 6/Jul/14

She is not 5'8. She would barely look taller then Khloe if that were true. She's at least 5'10.

lala says on 19/Jun/14

she's obviously 5'8. Jordan Dunn is 5'10 and towers over her. Kendall looks shorter than most models in her runway shows. GET REAL! They're hyping her height so she can get more high-fashion gigs. She is just skinny and has a small head, which makes her look tall. Kyle is 5'6 and khloe is 5'7. DEAL WITH IT.

Suzy says on 19/Jun/14

Hm... If Harry is 5'9 then how can she be 5'10.5? Even if Styles is 5'11 (this is what Google says) Kendall is definitely NOT 5'10!!

Natasha says on 18/Jun/14

I'm model with height 174cm. Jourdan Dunn is realy 178-179. She is not 6ft. so her height is Ideal for a model.

Mini says on 12/Jun/14

Jourdan Dunn has claimed that she is 6'0" like 3 times on twitter, her agency just lied and stated that she is 5'10.5" because 6'0" is sometimes seen as too tall for female models and 5'9"-5'11" are the most desirable stats. I'm a model myself and at 177 cm I've been told I'm 'short' so the whole modelling thing is kind of messed up haha.

I do think Kendall is 179 cm, Kylie is probably 5'7.5".

Jay says on 30/May/14

Lali, none of are standing straight in those pics. They're are all posing. I say she's 5'10. I want her and Zendaya in matching footwear next to each other.

Gigi says on 24/May/14

I actually believe she's 5'10. Look at the pictures where she's next to her range rover, she looks same height if not taller than the car. And range rover sport cars height is 178cm.

Jordan Dunn is taller than she is listed, she's definitely 6ft tall.

WhiteWolf809 1.85 6.1 says on 16/May/14

In my opinion this is their true heights kourtney 5.0 kim 5.2 kylie 5.7 khloe 5.7 and kendall 5.8.5 in flat feet and the others heights that kendall and khloe have claims is in heels

lali says on 22/Apr/14

here are joan smalls(178) and jourdan dunn(180)

Click Here

and here are jourdan dunn(180) and cara delevingne(171) kendall jenner (179) kendalls shoes are higher but she is still shorter than jourdan

Click Here

Click Here

and here are cara delevingne (171) kendall jenner (179) and jourdan dunn (180) with the same shoes

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

and here are kendall jenner (179) and joan smalls (178)

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

the shoes are the same too (not only the outfits)

Click Here

Click Here

how is she so much shorter than her? if its only 1 cm difference + shes supposed to be taller

chrisssss says on 29/Mar/14

Kylie is 5'6, she herself says that, kendal is in the 174-176cm range

Jill says on 22/Mar/14

Kendall's modelling agency list her height as 5'9...

Layla says on 10/Mar/14

Kylie is 5'7 and she doesn't look that much shorter than kendall, do we have a pic of them together without huge shoes?

Akari says on 8/Mar/14

I'm 5'11 and it annoys me when celebrities claim to be my height when they're not. Make the wonder why people think I'm 6'4 in bare feet. I'd say Kendall is around 5'9 max.

Jess says on 28/Feb/14

I don't think she's 5'10.5 because when she was next to Jourdan Dunn(5'10.5) she is no where near her height and Jourdan was wearing flats while Kendall was wearing boots!

Mary says on 26/Feb/14

she is not that tall! Next to cara delevingne who is 5'7 she didn't look that tall at all!

tiny says on 18/Feb/14

Yeah Kendall is 5'10" & about 120 lbs. Kylie is 5'7" & 140 lbs and much curvier than Kendall. Khloe at 170lbs can easily carry Kendall & Kylie at the same time on each side of her humongous hips

chrissss says on 17/Feb/14

looks same as taloy swift to me :s id say 177cm max

Natasha says on 7/Feb/14

I think she's more like 5'11"-6'

Emily says on 12/Jan/14

I'm kinda jealous of her. She's very tall but still has petite features. Small head and thin frame/legs. (although they don't appear to be very long)

Ali says on 11/Jan/14

Rob do you think she could be 5'11"?

[Editor Rob: I'd stick with 179cm]

Natasha1 says on 1/Jan/14

5'10.5" seems about right. She's very tall. How tall was she at 14?

kendalljennergreatestfan says on 20/Nov/13

I live up to my nick name,this girl is my karma,the light of my eyes,my reason to live my absolute No. 1,the georgeoust lady I have seen in my life.And actually she is 6ft and flawless!!!

Spring says on 11/Nov/13

I think about kendal and Kylie hieght and wieght my opinion .Kendall Jenner is 6'1 .She is 110 pounds.Kylie is 6'00 and 170 pounds

nofearsorregrets says on 6/Nov/13

Wow she must be huge on heels, add 10cm she wold be 189cm!Without mention I have the greatest celebrity crush on her.

someone says on 1/Nov/13

she doesnt look that tall to me i'd say 5'8 she looks about 2 inches taller than her 5'6 sister Kylie.

anonym says on 1/Nov/13

well i think she is 5 feet 10 look how tall she is all the jenners is tall khloe got it from her moms family jenners,kindle must be over 5 feet khloe aint 5,7? she is like 5feet 10 she is big as ****

Ella says on 18/Oct/13

is kylie really 5'9?

Gaby says on 16/Oct/13

i think she is lying she is not 5 ft 10 if that was true she will look a lot taller than her sisters who are 5 ft and she is not,besides in runway she is shorter than most of the models. She is tall but not xtremely tall as you can think and she is very skinny which gives the idea that she is taller,Rob i think you should downgrade, im pretty sure she is 5 ft 9 and no moore

Arch Stanton says on 6/Oct/13

jessi says on 21/Jul/13

if she is 5`10.5 then what height is the reporter?

[Editor Rob: he does look very tall, 6ft 4?]

I think i remember that Rococ guy claimed 6'5" on something. He does look like Joe Manganiello's brother, lucky git!

tiny says on 4/Oct/13

Kendall - 5'10", 120 lbs, Kylie - 5'7", 140 lbs, Khloe - 5'7", 170 lbs, Kourteney - 5'0", 100 lbs, Kim - 5'2", 140 lbs (pre motherhood days)

Jay says on 23/Sep/13

Where do you get 5'8 from Conti?

Conti says on 19/Sep/13

Kendall is 5'8,and Khloe is 5'7.

Jay says on 28/Aug/13

5'10.5 seems right.

KoolStress says on 26/Jul/13

I agree with you 'Model Expert' i was always debating her actual height and she seems nearer to 5'7-5.8 maybe as opposed to 5'10-11 and Kylie Jenner looks more 5'4/5 as opposed to 5'6 so her being very skinny contributes to her proportions looking slightly longer etc but all in all i don't think that both Kendall and Kylie are that tall! However with that being said they still could grow in the future.

jessi says on 21/Jul/13

if she is 5`10.5 then what height is the reporter?

[Editor Rob: he does look very tall, 6ft 4?]

abhishek says on 21/Jul/13

skip to 0:40 she says she is like 5'10.5"

Click Here

[Editor Rob: good find]

lalala says on 15/Jul/13

Janelle they can be slightly shorter or slightly taller than that, but not by a lot...5'10 is the ideal height...and why should we trust you? There's no proof that you were a model. I could claim that I am the Queen of England.

Model expert says on 15/Jul/13

It's quite obvious that kendall is damn skinny. She's probably 5.7. She's skinny so she looks very tall. Plus the bun on her head makes

Her look taller. I do

Runways and I know. Shes still hot tho.

Tec says on 4/Jun/13

I wanna comment on Kylie her pica with mom Kris in Greece clearly shows their the same height without ahora Kris is 5'6 so yet again everyone lies about their height.

janelle says on 28/Apr/13

Fashion models are usually never shorter than 5'9 and never taller than 5'11, trust me, I was a fashion model. 6'+ for a fashion model is rare. If other models are towering over her, she probably is around 5'10 in the morning.

Arch Stanton says on 18/Apr/13

She looks 5'11" a lot. She aint under 5'10", crikey how tall are those models if they make her look short?

ali says on 15/Feb/13

i think she is taller than that now like 5'11-6'0

Jay says on 9/Feb/13

She is not 5'8 or 9. It's possible that the other models or 6'0 and up. Enough down grading.

Hailey says on 25/Jan/13

@yo I see Kendall anywhere from 5'8 to 5'9.5. She looks much shorter on the runway...

Yo says on 16/Jan/13

If you see Kendall on the runway shes always rather short next to other runway models...

Click Here

JK says on 7/Jan/13

J.J. This is clearly a 2 inch difference in height (look up George Takei on this site and you'll know what I'm talking about).

In some pictures it appears to be less because of the angle and because Kylie is closer to the camera. Not to mention that in the street photos Kylie is wearing (slightly) higher heels.

Click Here

I'd say there is a 2+ inch difference between Khloe and Kylie.

The difference between Khloe and Kendall appears to be a little more than that in the following pic (in photos from diff events they look closer in height):

Click Here

The Fan says on 17/Dec/12

Oddly, Khloe referred to Kylie as taller than her when she presented her and Kendall with an award. Khloe looks taller than her in most photos (with Kendall being the tallest).

peanutJuice says on 14/Dec/12

Rob: 5'11

Khloe: 5'9

Kim: 5'2

Kourtney: 4'11

Kris J: 5'7

Bruce: 6'3

Kendall: 5'11

Kylie: 5'6

Scott: 5'11

Lamar: 6'10

mina says on 12/Dec/12

Kylie turned 15 this year.

173 says on 11/Dec/12

How old is Kylie though? If she is still 5'6", I'd say Khloe is 5'8".

@sid: to each his own. Personally, I prefer Kendall.

J.J. says on 10/Dec/12

@ Rob Kylie claimed 5'6" on her twitter page and I think she looks exactly that. Khloe is struggling to be 2" taller than Kylie in all the pictures:

Click Here

Click Here

J.J. says on 10/Dec/12

@ Rob Kylie claimed 5'6" on her twitter page and I think she looks exactly that. Khloe is struggling to be 2" taller than Kylie in all the pictures:

Click Here

mina says on 10/Dec/12

Kylie stated via twitter,she was 5'6.I'm sure that was last year,though.She could have grown since then.Probably closer to 5'7-5'7.5.

B says on 9/Dec/12

How tall is kylie ? She must be at least 5'8

sid says on 9/Dec/12

Kylie better looking though

Doink says on 8/Dec/12

Listed at 5-11 in the Fall 2012 Genlux magazine

Click Here

"Kendall Jenner moves to the beat of her own drum. The stunning 5-foot 11-inch Wilhelmina model, as witnessed for this photo shoot for Genlux magazine, is on her own path to stardom—even if it is outside the Kardashian reality machine."

The Exorcist says on 8/Dec/12

5'10"...and a smokin' 5'10", at that. ;)

mina says on 4/Dec/12

They're all beautiful.However,in my opinion Kendall is hot because shes a young model.Khloe is hot because of her playfulness,compassion and honesty.She is very charismatic.Kim has a bangin figure.All sensuality ^_^

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