How tall is Cara Delevingne ?

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Cara Delevingne's height is 5ft 7in (170 cm)

English Fashion Model. She was listed at a ludicrous 5ft 9.5 by a fashion agency, but even she is probably embarrassed by that fib since in an 'Into The Gloss' blog article Cara directly mentioned her own height: "I'm tiny for runway! I'm 5'8" or 5'7"". Her vital stats were also given as Bra/Bust size 31A, Waist site 24 inches, Hips 34 inches, Shoe Size 6UK (7.5-8US), Dress Size 2US (6UK)

Cara with Clara Paget
Photo by PR Photos
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keny says on 28/Feb/15
Cara with Ellie Goulding, who is only 5.4. I like karlie, she's kingkong girl like me)
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Kate says on 28/Feb/15
she is 5.6 MAX ((((((
James says on 27/Feb/15
Karlie overshadowed Cara completely at the BRIT-awards, although Karlie had 4 inch heels and Cara only 1 inch; but still...
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keny says on 25/Feb/15
I have not idea about her real height
Cara with lindsay vixon (her official height is 5.10)
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Cara with julia nobis (off. height 5.11)
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with bette franke (off. height 5.11)
with hanne gaby odiele (off. height 5.10)
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And finnaly ! with Lou`Lou her offical height is only 5`7.5
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Mini says on 23/Feb/15
Rob, do you think 170 is her night time height? What would you say her morning height could be?
[Editor Rob: I'd say she could be near 5ft 8 out of bed, always a chance she is 171cm afternoon.]
REDO says on 23/Feb/15
Sorry forgot the picture

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REDO says on 23/Feb/15
Here is Cara Delevingne with 5'9 Donna Air. Either Cara is about 5'8 and has
a heel advantage or Donna isn't the 5'9 she claims to be.
selenator says on 21/Feb/15
I think she is 5'6 because Rita is 5'5 and Cara is an inch taller.
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I think Sel is not as tall as Rita! I think Sel is 5'4 max that's why Cara looks 2 inches taller
M says on 16/Feb/15
Only Karlie Kloss dooesn't lie about her height, because she is really 6'1" tall, and I think she is currently the tallest female model.
M says on 16/Feb/15
She is 5'6" just 1" taller than Selena Gomez who is for sure 5'5".
Tania says on 13/Feb/15
@Mini: Not all short models have connections, but the most successful ones often do. The ones you listed might be well known in fashion circles, but Cara is a mainstream star thanks to her family friends pushing her in the spotlight. Yes, she has a great personality, but I doubt she would've been so popular if she was the daughter of working-class parents.
Also it is a fact that the majority - say 50-60% of "short" models are well-connected. Again, not all of them, but MOST of them.
Liv says on 12/Feb/15
I agree with the comment down below, lex. If she was 5'6 she would not be able to model at all, period. Even 5'7 is pushing it for being a model.
Mini says on 10/Feb/15
@ Tania: These short models don't have any apparent connections though?: Zippora Seven, Sasha Pivovarova, Siri Tollerod, Bambi Northwood-Blyth, Hannah Holman, Freya Lawrence, Anja Konstantinova..

Not all short models have connections.
keny says on 7/Feb/15
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Chris says on 6/Feb/15
Her eyebrows are 6ft long
Tania says on 6/Feb/15
@Mini - lex isn't wrong though.
Georgia Jagger - Daughter of Mick Jagger
Devon Aoki - Sister of world-famous DJ Steve Aoki and daughter of Benihana founder Hioraki Aoki
Jean Campbell - Daughter of the present-day Earl and Thane of Cawdor; Mario Testino is an old friend of her mother's.
Olympia Campbell - Sister of established model Edie Campbell

The exceptions in your list are Norgaard, Hirschy, Kate Moss and Free - lex's point still stands, if you're below 5'7'-8" and are a runway model, chances are you're either from a well-connected family or you know people who are. If Cara wasn't from a wealthy family she'd be lucky getting a job modelling for Topshop.
lala says on 4/Feb/15
She appears to be the same height as Suki Waterhouse. Neither would be a model if it wasn't for their families, as 5'7 is too short for everyone to become one (no matter how breathtaking they might be). Just like 6'1 is too tall (Karlie is the exception). With that said, Cara does have a modelesque face IMO. Suki on the other hand does not.
Mini says on 3/Feb/15
@ lex: Charlotte Free, Georgia Jagger, Hirschy, Devon Aoki, Kate Moss, Amanda Norgaard, Jean Campbell, Olympia Campbell.. models who have walked shows and who are all under 5'7.
Tania says on 1/Feb/15
Yup, looks about 5'7" on the nose to me. 5'9.5 - lolwut.
lex says on 31/Jan/15
okay, so she is def 5'7". she looks very short compared to kendall jenner in her most recent pics. No matter any connections, a 5'6 model CAN AND WILL NOT walk in a show-period. A 5'7" model does have a slim to no chance, but still has a chance with connections, exotic look ect.. She is not below 5'7. Agenices make her taller to make her seem more marketable. If you really wanna know amodels height, an agency website isnt the place to go. They always market the models 2-3 inches taller than they actually are.
Pin says on 22/Jan/15
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She's pretty damn short - same as 5'5 charlotte free and georgia may. Good proportions but v small
Mini says on 22/Jan/15
There are more 5'7 models out there doing runway that don't have connections you know.. she has long legs and she's thin and has a beautiful face. Designers overlook a few inches if everything else ticks the box.
Okay says on 19/Jan/15
Why is she even a runway model if she's too short? The standards are at least 5'9. Connections. Connections.
Tom says on 16/Jan/15
Not trying to be a smarty pants,but i think her agency listed her height wrong,because she looks short in the runway compared to other models.I believe she is 5'7 or 169 cm
Mel says on 11/Jan/15
I think she is 5'6/5'7
Arch Stanton says on 11/Jan/15
I reckon she's G's height!!
Gav says on 29/Dec/14
if she's 5'7 then how tall is her bff jourdan dunn then? (she and g-sites claim she's 5'11 but she seems more in the 178 - 179 range to me)
Recovered Data says on 12/Dec/14

LariDari says on 5/Dec/14

Click Here (I just posted this on Kendall's side oops) Here's Cara with 5'9 (?) Harry

Pedro says on 4/Dec/14

@KC You just need to copy paste the link here.

Nina says on 2/Dec/14

I met her in London.I did't see what kind of shoes she was wearing,but I'm 5'9 (176) and walking close to her I'd say she's 5'7 (170)

KC says on 2/Dec/14

Can someon tell me how to post a link. There's a picture of Cara with 4 supermodels that shows just how short she is.

lala says on 1/Dec/14

It looks to me that Cara is wearing high heel combat boots and the other girl is wearing wedges (talking about the right picture).

BGee says on 1/Dec/14


That image makes her look more 5'6 than 5'5!

John says on 1/Dec/14

I do not know how to post an image correctly and I'm sorry about that. But, at th British fashion awards on wireimage she is standing next to karlie kloss and both are in heels. If karliec is really only 6-1 1/2 than this girl is no taller than 5-4 or 5-5. It's amazing how much taller kloss is compared to her. In one pic kloss is bending her legs so much it looks like she is squatting and is still equal in height to her.

c says on 30/Nov/14

Same height as 5'5 Rita Ora .. Click Here

Her lack of muscle toning on her thighs, calves and arms make them look longer, hence why she looks a few inches taller than she is.

hk says on 29/Nov/14

People who've worked with her on fashion blogs all say she's around 5'6

Mini says on 29/Nov/14

Yes Rob, please add Georgia May Jagger who claims 5'7!

BGee says on 26/Nov/14

ALSO her sister Poppy (also a model) claims to be 5'10 as well, but is only an inch or so taller than Cara (so is probably more 5'9 than Cara is)

BGee says on 26/Nov/14

She's listed as 5'10 on some sites, as if she grew 3 inches despite being in her 20's

Josh1 says on 24/Nov/14

Barely 5'7 maybe 5'6.5 (169cm)

kikirose says on 7/Nov/14 Georgia may jagger, who I believe is 167cm or 5.6 . so, cara is 5.7 to 5.8

Rob, can you please add Georgia May

Jagger to the site?

sas says on 3/Nov/14

5'5 to 5'6

gigi says on 1/Nov/14

Cara is a tall girl. She is over 5'7./5'8.

Hannybella says on 1/Nov/14

Am into Runway n am jst abt her height n i dnt tink dats bad..even at dat height,she's a STAR..Kudos Cara!!

Mila says on 31/Oct/14

cara is over 172 - 174cm

with jourdan dunn who is 179

Click Here

kendall & jourdan

Click Here

.... the same height difference between carajourdan and kendalljourdan

& cara with taylor swift

Click Here

Mini says on 27/Oct/14


Cara is 5'7, most of her agencies claim she's 5'9/5'9.5 but one claims 5'8.5. If she was 5'4 the there is no way she would be as successful on the runway, that's just fact. She has good proportions, yes so she can get away with a few inches added because she looks tall when she's by herself. Kate is 5'6 and also has good proportions. They're both skinny too so their legs look longer.

Just says on 15/Oct/14

@mancj I don't know the person Cara's with in those pictures, but I can see Cara is wearing sneakers with thin soles, while the other person is wearing sneakers with thick (maybe two inches?) soles.

Mel says on 13/Oct/14

Click Here

Look at 3:23 this Victoria's Secret fashion show pic of Cara

And other models. Her connections play a huge part cos she's at most 5"6, she doesn't even look 5"7. I am pretty sure 5"5 cos I'm 5"5 and I look like that height in pics. But she's pretty I feel

Cathy says on 5/Oct/14

About the Cara and Kate Moss picture. Cara was in sneakers and Kate was in heels- if Cara is really 5'4 that would make Kate 5'2. Why do agents have a height limit when these two are so successful? And they don't pass for their fake tall heights at all.

mancj says on 3/Oct/14

When you see images like this you can really tell that she's little! Click Here

Click Here

She's 5'5/6

J.J. says on 2/Oct/14

Rob, please check out Chanel Iman who I bekieve is 5'9" & Jourdan Dunn who is listed 5'10.5" but I'll buy 5'11.25" at least. And also check out Joan Smalls, who I believe is 5'10.25" or 5'10.5" as listed. Kendall is definitely a flat 5'10" no more.

Cara & Jourdan:

Click Here

Jourdan & Karlie:

Click Here

Joan Smalls & Chanel Iman:

Click Here

J.J. says on 2/Oct/14

Rob, please check out Chanel Iman who I bekieve is 5'9" & Jourdan Dunn who is listed 5'10.5" but I'll buy 5'11.25" at least. And also check out Joan Smalls, who I believe is 5'10.25" or 5'10.5" as listed. Kendall is definitely a flat 5'10" no more.

littlesue says on 30/Sep/14

There was a pic of Cara and Kate Moss in the paper this week in identical heels and they were more or less the same height

Manc says on 29/Sep/14

Cara is 5'5, she is the same height as Mary Charteris, who confessed in this interview that she was 5'5 - completely believe it, everyone i know who's met Cara has said how tiny she is

Just says on 21/Sep/14

@Pedro there is 1,5 or max 2 inches heightdifference between Cara and Hailee while Cara is in sneakers and Hailee in 3 or even 4 inches high heels.

Pedro says on 14/Sep/14

Here is Cara next to Hailee Steinfeld: Click Here

pete says on 8/Sep/14

ppl keep wanting to downgrade her, but after seeing numerous pics of her, i think its possible shes 5'7. google pics of her with kate bekinsale. both are similar. cara also has bad posture. pics with her and rhianna are also quite close, she can stand her own. the pics with her and selena are confusing, but sitll think shes 5'7.

Phantom says on 8/Sep/14

Seen her listed as 5'10" on quite a few sites.

Pretty funny lol.

Cathy says on 4/Sep/14

Cara is the same height as 5'4 Selena Gomez- both in bare feet. If her agents stop lying about it(5'10!)maybe other short models could be stars too!

Cathy says on 4/Sep/14

Cara is the same height as 5'4 Selena Gomez- both in bare feet. If her agents stop lying about it(5'10!)maybe other short models could be stars too!

Mango says on 30/Aug/14

Those legs.

marla singer says on 27/Aug/14

Looks barely taller than Selena Gomez who's listed at 5 ft 4.5. I think she's 5 ft 6.

@just says on 27/Aug/14

I doubt Rihanna is as tall as she claims... In my eyes cara is only a bit taller than selena gomez and michelle Rodriguez and miley cyrus, there's no way she's 5'7

Just says on 26/Aug/14

@lil I wear 5 cm heels and those heels of Zoe aren't 5 cm, they're at least 10 cm (4 inches). And the heightdifference between Cara and Zoe is also 4 inches. Click Here

Cara is short for a model but (considering the footwear and slouching) her height is at least 5'7. If she wasn't at least 5'7, she wouldn't look that tall next to 5'8 Rihanna. Click Here

lil says on 21/Aug/14

She was pictured recently with Zoe Kravitz who is 155cm, zoe was wearing heels like 5cm tall or so and cara was about 5 cm taller than her... definitely 165cm

kim says on 19/Aug/14

she is as tall as selena...165 i think...she is too short for a model

Bishop says on 18/Aug/14

Very weak 5'7".

Just says on 13/Aug/14

@lara You don't have to apologize. I don't think Cara is not over 5'6. In every "streetphoto" she's always in sneakers and slouching which makes her lose inches. Except for the catwalk and red carpet she's never in heels.

SAK says on 12/Aug/14

170cm/5'7 is spot on for her. Looks 4" shorter then model friend Jourdan Dunn(180cm/5'11).

lara says on 11/Aug/14

@Just I apologize, I must have clicked on the wrong photo. I still think Taylor is a smidgen taller. I still don't think Cara is over 5"6 though, there's too much evidence to suggest she is any taller than that in my opinion.

idi says on 11/Aug/14

Further proof of her being 5'6 I'd say is the fact she's only two inches or so taller than Ellie Goulding who seems to be a firm 5'4.

maurice says on 11/Aug/14

5'6 flat and gorgeous

idi says on 10/Aug/14

Recent photo of Cara standing next to Jamie Winstone, both wearing shoes with around an inch heel... Jamie Winstone is about 5'2, so cara is definitely not 5'7/5'8! Click Here

She's 5'6 or so with long legs

Just says on 8/Aug/14

@Laura Cara is wearing high heels in the first two links to these pictures. In the third link she is wearing sneakers and slouching.

Laura says on 6/Aug/14

I don't think Cara Delevigne is 5"10, 5"9, 5"8, or even 5"7. I reckon she is 5"6 tops. Don't ever believe what a model's height is listed as, because 97% of the time, models are shorter than what they are listed at. The remaining 3 per cent are taller than what they are listed or are the right height. @ Just... Cara isn't in sneakers in that picture. She is in very high heels, higher than Taylor's. And Taylor Swift seriously is not her ridiculous claims of 5"11 or 5"10, she's not even 5"9. I don't think Swift is over 5"7.5. I have seen her IRL and she is very thin, making her appear taller than what she really is. Cara is an wealthy heiress, and if you're wealthy and have connections with the fashion industry, then its pretty safe to say that height doesn't matter. Devon Aoki and Alice Dellal are prime examples of this (who are both listed at 5'5)as well as Georgia May Jagger.

Just says on 31/Jul/14

@ katyW Cara is NOT 5'5. In similar heels she's about Taylor Swift's height. Click Here Click Here While in sneakers and slouching with Taylor in 4" heels, she's about 3 inches shorter than Taylor. Click Here She even kinda looks taller than Taylor...

cailin says on 26/Jul/14

i think shes 5'7 on the dot. yes, short for a model, but not super super short.Nice body, though i doubt she wouldve made it as a model if not for her name. she also looked strangely similar in height, if not just a couple of inches taller than selena in those bikini pics. I still think shes 5'7, maybe just a shde under? btw, nothing against her, but I find she has an..."interesting" face. She has that look for playing some evil crazy demented antagonist in a movie.

katyW says on 23/Jul/14

Click Here

Cara looks very simiar to 5'5" selena gomez here, she's definately tiny for a model!

Kara says on 2/Jul/14

Here's a photo of Cara with Alexa Chung and Keira Knightley: Click Here They all look almost equal in height. Not sure about Keira and Cara's footwear. What do you think?

Just says on 6/May/14

With heels 1" higher than Rihanna's, she looks close to Rihanna's height. This height for her is accurate. Click Here

She isn't short. She defenitely isn't 5'3 or 5'4. She's 5'7"5.

Issy says on 21/Apr/14

I've met Cara and she's 5'7 I would say, me being 5'10

Lostt says on 30/Mar/14

Hey guys, Michelle Rodriguez is like 5'3 or less. Cara looks like she's the same height of Kate Moss, who's 5'4. You can tell she's not even 5'6 when she stands next to Karl Lagerfeld. She might be just a little taller than Alber Elbez, and he is just 5'3. Let's not forget about Harry Styles, that might be 5'9, and she's not even close to that height. Last but not least, when she stands next to miss Miley Cyrus, 5'4 and a half, they look quite the same. She's short.

MrSheldonp says on 20/Feb/14

Hey Wait a Sec, i though she is 5'10" (1.77 m) than i'v Ever Seeing this..., but right Now i Really Love that Person Too

Just says on 25/Jan/14

It's very difficult to estimate height when they sit, because it depends on their torso/legs-ratio.

My friend and I are both 5'7, but when we sit, she's taller than I. That's because she has a longer torso than I and I have longer legs than she has.

caradelevingefan says on 10/Jan/14

Update guys!! Click Here Check out this link, she's was with Michelle Rodriguez who is apparent 5'3-5'5. They seem to be wearing similar shoes and Michelle is the same height or slightly shorter than Cara.

[Editor Rob: I think in the video there's a couple of inches difference]

Katarina says on 3/Jan/14

on photos with Rita Ora, they're almost the same height, and Rita is 166 cm (5'5).

Cara is DEFINITELY not more than 5'7 !

JessMills says on 20/Dec/13

Actually, she's 5.8"

miss winters says on 6/Dec/13

She is not 5'5 or 5'6. There is simply NO way that is possible because she appears to be relatively tall in photos of her standing alone or with those who aren't models.

People who are 5'5 or 5'6 would be significantly shorter and have different proportions than cara has. (long long legs, long limbs )

She may not be as tall as the other models but she IS a tall girl. The only reason she looks so short sometimes is because she is almost constantly surrounded by very tall models of 5'10 +, AND they are wearing heels putting them at 6 feet +.

Cara is exactly 5'7.5/5'8, exactly as she is listed here. :) This is very correct.

little sue says on 4/Dec/13

Picture in The Sun today with the girl who has won 'Model of the Year, Cara standing next to her in similar heels, it states that both girls are 5ft 9.5 but Cara looks about 3 inches shorter!

Nick says on 2/Dec/13

Guys, She's 5'5" MAX.

monaug5 says on 20/Nov/13

Looks like a solid 168 (5'6)

Cliff says on 6/Nov/13

I don't see how stating she is 170 cm (5'7") is "ludicrous" when she has said she was around this height herself. 167 might be too low, but we're only talking about a 3 centimeters difference here between 167-170.

miss winters says on 3/Nov/13

people saying she is 167 to 170 cm is absolutely ludicrous. She is definitely more than 5'7, but no more than 5'8.

Cliff says on 19/Oct/13

It's crazy that most sources now list her between 175-178cm. She's nowhere near these heights. She's 167-170cm tops with 170 being the maximum for her. Another petite model is Sara Sampaio who's listed at 172cm but has said in interviews that she and Kate Moss are roughly the same size. Indeed, from looking at her photos you can easily tell Sara's 168cm maximum and could easily be as low as 165cm. I think we are seeing shorter models like Sara and Cara these days because it works to have models who are closer to the height of average females so women can have an idea of how these clothes may look on them. Females taller than 172cm is pretty uncommon, so having models near average height only makes sense.

yeye says on 12/Oct/13

There's simply no way she's the 5'9.5 that she's listed. It actually dismays me that they'd write it. She looks about the same as Jake Bugg in their pictures together. And Jake bugg simply does not have the proportions of a 5'9.5 man. He looks about what he is listed, perhaps 5'5. I reckon I read somewhere that Cara had issues as she was shorter than most models and she didnt stack up quite well, this would make sense if she was indeed 5'5-6 range. I think the listed height is just for e-statting purposes (re: she needs to be perceived as taller, much in the same way men will exaggerate their height) The 5'9.5 listing from her agency is simply wrong. I'll bet she stands just about 5'7 and rounds up an inch for good measure. This listing might very well be correct, Although i wouldnt deny that she could very well be in the 5'6-5'5 range, like her spiritual predecessor Kate Moss. She is not short for a woman, but she certianly isn't incredibly tall either.

arista says on 25/Aug/13

who is taller between cara and barbara palvin then ?

Sam says on 19/Aug/13

She is short - she looks almost the same height as Alber Elbez (he's 5'3) in this photo: Click Here

elzx says on 21/Jul/13

In the pictures with cara and jake, they are practically the same height. I met jake a few months back and he was much smaller than me. With me being 5'8", i'd say both of them are about 5'6"

liars says on 16/Jul/13

I disagree with the comment below that Rihanna is always an inch or 2 taller than Cara. In the most recent pictures today of them on holiday together, they are the same height. The only picture I've seen where Ri was taller was one where she was wearing slightly higher heels than Cara. I don't believe that Rihanna is 5'8" as claimed because when she was with all the Victoria's secret models, she was notably shorter. Many of the stalwarts of VS are known to professionally lie about their height, including Adriana Lima and Doutzen Kroes. They are known within the industry to be only about 5'8". The latter was notably taller than Rihanna, although her heels were about 3 cm higher. Also Rihanna appears to be roughly the same height as Beyonce, who is listed as 5'6" or 5'7" (can't remember) but there are many comments on her celeb heights page calling for a downgrade, saying how tiny and petite she is in person.

Therefore, I'd put Cara at 5'6" or 5'7", along with her showbiz convenience friend Rihanna.

annie says on 15/Jul/13

looks about the same as Jake Bugg

Click Here

Arch Stanton says on 1/Jul/13

Looks quite short in the recent Glastonbury photos. There's just something I strongly dislike about her I can't help it. She looks like she smells and needs a good wash. Rosie Huntington Whitely on the other hand always look super stylish and nice.

Naima says on 30/Jun/13

it is still lower than 171

Naima says on 30/Jun/13

She lower by 10-11 cm model Jordan Dunn (178-179) Perhaps it is lower than 171 cm....

Arch Stanton says on 10/Jun/13

Looks 5'7 ish. Really don't get what the hype is about her. There's something I strongly dislike about her. "Spoiled brat", "rock chic wanabee", she looks like she believes in her own hype. Not at all pretty, kind looks like Zac Efron might if he went to a drag do and woke up in the gutter the next morning with a serious hangover..

Delmar says on 10/May/13

Hey guys, I just crossed this picture and I'm really surprised how petite she is compare to other models. And everybody is wearing flats. Check this out :

Click Here

Laura K says on 2/May/13

Actually I've met her at a party, I'm 5'2 and I was wearing massive heels, and she was still much taller than I. She might not be 6'3 but she is not a short girl at all!

George says on 29/Apr/13

I'm completely sure that She's 5'5". You can see a picture on her Instagram with Alber Elbaz (Lanvin Director) and He's 5'3. She was wearing flat shoes and him a normal Nike sneakers and they were looking the same.

Cliff says on 12/Apr/13


I wouldn't be surprised. She does appear to be another Kate Moss in the sense that she's a bit on the short side to be a runway model. In the photos of her partying away with Rihanna, Ri is always noticeably taller regardless of footwear. When Cara stands next to others, she never looks above average. Like Angelina Jolie, she has thin legs and a lanky build which gives a taller impression when you see her alone in photos.

diane says on 9/Apr/13

It's actually a pretty well known fact in the industry that Cara is only 5'6".

She has a nice leg to body ratio, and is really skinny, which makes her legs look even longer. She's able to model so successfully at only 5'6" in height because of her legs, striking features, and family connections.

Cliff says on 5/Apr/13

Possibly 5'7' as she states in this article:

Click Here

Her good friend Rihanna seems to have an inch or two on her in the many photos of them together.

[Editor Rob: maybe put her between the 2, 7.5 covers either or.]

orangefairy says on 25/Mar/13

I would say not a cm taller than that. In some shots she is a whole head shorter than some other models.... plus there are several shorter than average (for model standards) Victoria's Secret models, because the face and proportions are what counts for VS rather than just being skinny and tall and having an ok face like some other catwalk models

Mini says on 11/Dec/14
Rob, do you think she could be a bit over 5'7?
[Editor Rob: from looking at her with other models I think right in the 5ft 7 zone is my guess, I think when you see her with the 5ft 9-10 models it's quite clear 5ft 8 is too much.]

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

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