How tall is Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's Height

5ft 9.5in (177 cm)

American Singer known for songs such as "Shake It Off", "Love Story", "I Knew You Were Trouble" and "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together". She mentioned her height in, saying that "I'm 5'11'', so when I wear heels, it's definitely a really good view that I have. I'm like 6'2 when I wear heels, so I tend to wear cowboy boots a lot." In a 2013 Vanity Fair article she gave a different height: "I think what I would mostly be looking for in a guy ... is someone who sees me in my actual dimensions: 23 years old, five-foot-ten". More recently, in 2015, she made a remarkable claim about growing taller, saying that "I grew an inch [in the past year], which means I'm the latest developing human in the world."

Taylor Swift's height is 5ft 9
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Average Guess (106 Votes)
5ft 9.32in
D said on 23/Oct/16
James stuff and pictures are total bullbagoogle. Sorry for the word.

And in the pics that he had provided you can't see their feet, the ground level and so. In conclusion he is trying desperately to downgrade her like some hater.

If you want her height to be downgraded post recent pics from 2014+,also pics where you can see their feeta and the shoes they are wearing.
Johnson said on 22/Oct/16
I would bet money that Taylor Swift is shorter than Serena Williams. Serena is 176-177 and Taylor is 175 cm tops!!!! I have seen enough stuff in James posts that prove she is not taller than 175 cm (and that being generous... because normally this web lists evening height... so with evening height Taylor could not be over 174 cm)...
Editor Rob: she has been On stage with Serena before...
what!!!?!!! said on 21/Oct/16
James, I dont really think that Taylor must be downgraded, or if I say yes, then it shouldn't be lower than 1.76.
James said on 20/Oct/16
@what!!!?!!! "If you want to prove something, post pictures where you can see their entire bodies, that MEANS THEIR FEET!"

I do it a lot of times, but you still think I am a hater :(

For example, here Taylor Swift looks kinda similar to 174 cm Blake lively:
Click Here

But Taylor is wearing heels!!!
Click Here

She really gives the impression of being 3-4 cm shorter than 177 cm Harry Styles:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

She also seems to be a bit shorter than Taylor Lautner with similar shoes in the same floor (american football pitch):
Click Here
Click Here

Here is the scene were Taylor Lautner looks slightly taller than T. Swift (no floor or shoes advantage):
Click Here

OK, maybe Taylor Swift had a bad posture. But I don't see her being more than 1 cm taller than Lautner.

I initially thought Taylor Swift is 5' 8". Maybe I was totally wrong and she is 5' 9". But I am skeptical she is over 5' 9".

what!!!?!!!... Don't you agree with me that Taylor should be downgraded?
kkw said on 20/Oct/16
Hey Rob ,what type of heel she needs to appear like a six footer with an inch sneakers?
Editor Rob: I'm not quite sure of the question, but if she wanted to look similar to a 6ft person in 1 inch sneakers, then she'd need a platform heel probably like a 5 inch style that would give her at least 3.5 to 3.75 inches of actual height
A K said on 20/Oct/16
she is not taller that 5'9
grizz said on 20/Oct/16
I don't know how dumb you have to be to believe she's 5'11, even after seeing dozens of pics where she's shorter or the same height as some 5'8-5'9 people. I mean come on, you can't contribute that to her poor posture- in every picture I possess I'm always taller than my 5'11.25 friend (I'm 6'), even though my posture is bad and he carries that Henry Cavill-posture.

There's a saying in my country-when you're stupid, everyone but you feels that hardache.
what!!!?!!! said on 18/Oct/16
James cant you understand how stupid u sound? you are so funny. In the pic that you have posted you cant see past their chests! Who knows on how much higher ground he is, what shoes they are wearing and more... If you want to prove something, post pictures where you can see their entire bodies, that MEANS THEIR FEET!

And now dont go back to the pictures with TAylor Lautner where she has bent her leg and he is on higher ground... Neither those with Harry. his shoes has inner lifts...

I know why rob doesn't bother to answer you, because there is no need too... Its so obvious that you are so hard trying to downgrade her height and you are using the most ridiculous possible pics for this purpose.
James said on 18/Oct/16
@berta Haven't you seen her pics with Taylor Lautner, Harry Styles and Lukas Till?

Taylor Swift is not over 5' 9".
James said on 18/Oct/16
Is Taylor Swift paying people to vote for her? I am sure a lot of people is voting the 5' 11'' or even the 5' 11.5" option just to increase the general result of the poll.

Click Here
Click Here

She looks 172 cm next to 5' 9" Lukas Till with little footwear disadvantage. But men only wear 2-3 cm shoes generally. This fact puts Taylor maximum in 5' 9".

Click Here

She can only be 1 cm taller than Lautner.

5' 9'' is her top.
Leonardo 1.73m said on 18/Oct/16
If Rob has a photo with her, so 175cm should be her new listed.
MC said on 17/Oct/16
Watch her 2013 performance on The XFactor UK with Ed Sheeran. She was wearing Oxford shoes with 1inch heel and Ed is wearing moderately thick sneakers with an inch of thickness too. She's barely taller than him like 2 inches at most so maybe Taylor is 5'9" most of the time.
berta said on 17/Oct/16
i think its weird that a girl who is around 177-78 range claim 180. i can understand if you are 150 and try to claim 152 ore something.
James said on 17/Oct/16
She should be downgraded to 5' 9" at least.

Click Here

She looks 5' 8" next to 5' 9" Till Lucas. Maybe Lucas had some footwear advantage. But this pic is the empirical proof that Taylor Swift can't be over 5' 9".
mary said on 16/Oct/16
Hy Rob, what do you about height difference between gigi and taylor in "Bad Blood" music video? Taylor seems shorther than Gigi but they're listed here similar.
Editor Rob: from the video I think it is tough to really say, although there is a strong case for Taylor at 5ft 9.25
G said on 15/Oct/16
Rob could get a picture with Taylor. What do you think?
Editor Rob: I think it would be tough.
D said on 15/Oct/16
Chr why being a hater? There is no such pic. And even if there is I bet that its the ground level advantage for him.
Chr said on 15/Oct/16
lol at the photo with ED Sheeran, where she has no heels and is shorter than him. He's listed as 5'8, by the way.
MoMo said on 15/Oct/16
she's not only one person growing after 18yo... It's true that most of the people stop growing in 15-16 of the age, but until 26, you're still developing, so it's possible, you may getting taller as well..I'm the same example, I was short girl until I was 13, when I was 14 I grow around 8cm, that made me like 168-170 , when I was 18, I was 175cm, when I was 20-21 I was 177-8cm , now I'm 24 and I'm something between 5'10 - 5'11...I have proofs I was getting taller even after 20yo like: the door on our kitchen shelf started to hit me in my head just last year..then I can reach some of our higher shelfs I was not able to reach when I was like 20yo..then also some my highschool classmates who were 5'9 when we graduated (I was the same height and it was in 2011), now I'm taller than them...I can see it also on my father that in like 5cm heels I reach his height and his like 183-4cm and this was not like this 2-3 years ago xD so yes people should grow until 26 and I hope I will be still developing xD I'm so lucky, my feet stopped growing when I was like 152cm (I was 12) so my shoe size is 4-5 (37/38)
AJ said on 14/Oct/16
I don't think she's 5'9.5", but anything under 5'9" is ridiculous.
Johan said on 13/Oct/16

Im not sure about that street pic with Blake, it looks like its not flat ground. It slopes off at her side BUT yes those were the pics I was referring to.

She is listed 5'8.5" here and Taylor struggles to look much taller in a couple of pics with an 1.5 in footwear advantage. I do believe they would be similar but Taylor did look around 5'8.75"next to Kate Upton. You will need to scroll a bit for the pic.

Ah there was another bit of evidence a good while back. Taylor was barefoot on the beach next to Lorde and looked max 4 in taller. Lorde is listed at 5'5" so she can't be over 5'9" flat according to those pics.

Which is why I say 5'8.75"-5'9.25" is a good range for her as she can appear around 5'9" flat at times. Most of the times when I see her being 5'9.25" or a little more she has heels and Im guessing her heel height as well...
oliver said on 12/Oct/16
I agree with@Max. She never looked 5'10-5'11. When she stands tall, looks 5'9. But she looks 5'8.5 most of the time.
Leonardo 1.73m said on 12/Oct/16
I'm surprised, those votes are of fans... 5'9(175cm) is the most realistic and legitimate
max said on 11/Oct/16
I also think that it might be by hanging out with all those models that she became insecure about her height and obssessed with apparing taller than she actaully is.

She probably used to be the tallest one of her friend (even 5ft7 is tall for girls of average height) but then became the average one.
Which is probably why we always saw her wearing HUGE heeled shoes after she befriended Karlie and the VS models (her squad).

When she started to be seen with Karlie, I reckon people jokingly said that she would cut her her sort as it gives the illusion of being taller.
Karlie even said this at the backstage interview of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2013:
“I met Taylor Swift last night and she said, 'Ohhh, I want to cut my hair. Karlie, if you see me in a few months with that haircut, know it’s because of you.’”
A few month after she did cut her hair shorter (she had the exact cut Karlie had when they first met).

When they first met at the show (nov 2013):
Click Here

Click Here

Taylor and Karlie
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

The show was shot on November 2013, her tour (Red) wasn't finished yet, but after it finished some of the first pictures of Taylor showed her new haircut. Taylor had cut her hair (just like Karlie's):
Click Here

She aslo began wearing more high heels and high waisted bottoms (taylor has small legs, and high waisted skrit/shorts + high heels gives an illusion of longer legs, therfore of a taller figure. Especially with skinny frames like hers).
Here in september-november 2013 (pre-VS show):
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

After the VS Show and anfter the RED tour was finished (february-august 2014)(you can see the heels getting bigger and the skirts higher, it was during that time that she hanged out with more and more VS models).

See the evolution

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
(Click Here her nose is weird is this)

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Click Here
Click Here

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Click Here (leaving the gym)
Click Here
Click Here

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

For someone supposedly 5'10, she seems very obsessed with heels.
But I think the model posse(squad) made her obsessed with her body as well. Fast foward 2 years and she changed quite a bit...

It looked alright in may (2016): Click Here

But went downhill pretty quick:
Click Here
Click Here (here you can see the bags of the first BJ)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here (second BJ, a size bigger)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here (very cute in this one)

Only now, the illusion of longer legs/taller figure dosen't work quite as well. Her "new frame" dosn't wear the high waisted skirt like before, and instead of looking taller/leaner she looks older/saggier:

Click Here
Click Here

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Click Here
Click Here

Anyway, it is hard to belive she is as tall as she claimed to be.
Before, when still had her lean body, it was easier to believe her claim of 5'10.
Now, with her new hourglass frame, she shrinked. Not that she is a dwarf now, but she just lost her amzon-like looks.
It's a shame, she had someting special and very cute, now she almost look like all the other fake blonde-fake boob hollywood plastics.
5'8.5 TOP!
D said on 11/Oct/16
Actually she doesn't look 4 shorter than scot eastwood. More like 2 cms. I don't know why you guys always try to downgrade her and use every possible ridiculous pic to prove it. There are pics where she looks taller than him but you aren't using it.
max said on 11/Oct/16
Johan, actually she is even shorter than Blake Lively.
There are pictures of them were Taylor is around her height but she is wering high heels shoes whilst Blake is in tennis shoes/converses.

Taylor gives the impression to be "slouching" and "stooping" by tilting her head and such, but if you look at there shoulders there are on the exact same height:

Click Here

Click Here

in those pictures you can see the shoes:

Click Here

and here you can see both the shoes and the height:

Click Here

I don't know how tall Blake really is... But Taylor is smaller for sure!
Johnson said on 11/Oct/16
@don @James very good video I think she can appear taller due to her tiny head and high shoulders
what!!!?!!! said on 11/Oct/16
Ellie, yeah, she is probably 1.76 when she wakes up. Rob is gentle as usual. Anyway, ellie do You have facebook so we can exchange :D
don said on 10/Oct/16
If you see the video i linked below you can notice that Taylor is 175 max.
max said on 10/Oct/16
Nicolas, you are blind, she is NOT 1,8m.
Johan said on 10/Oct/16
She can look anything between 5'8.75"-5'9.25" - 175-176 cm. I can see sometimes why Rob puts her a bit higher but as we can see with more and more people she starts to look a bit shorter than 177 cm.

She didnt even look the full 5'9" with 5'10" Kate Upton , pic is underneath on this very page.

She was at least 4cm shorter than 180 cm listed Scott Eastwood in equal footwear.

She is no taller than 5'9" listed Katie Holmes.

She doesn't look an inch taller than 5'8.5" listed Taylor Lautner.

Gets towered in heels next to Karlie in flats, she is same height as Hiddlestone. 187cm.

Blake Lively looked very similar in pics - Claims 5'10" but gets listed at 5'8.5".

List goes on and on. Some day she will meet a celeb that Rob has a pic with and she will get downgraded.
ellie said on 9/Oct/16
"what!!!?!!!", I think you might be right about 175cm, but I think that's top for her. Anyway, I'm glad to find out my thoughts on her are shared :)
Nicolas said on 9/Oct/16
i think i heard somewhere she's 1.8 m tall
what!!!?!!! said on 9/Oct/16
Ellie, i was so afraid to say this, but you did! I thought the same about her at first. I hadn't seen something so beautiful and powerful like her before. But when I understood her real nature... this literally killed every sympathy toward her.

Anyway I dont see her anything lower than 1.75-6. Look her limbs. And tom Hiddleston is 1.87.
Johnson said on 9/Oct/16
If Lucas Till is 5'9, Taylor Swift doesn't look taller than him in the pics
don said on 8/Oct/16
Let's take a look to this video: Click Here
Just said on 8/Oct/16
Rob, did you know that it was Lucas Till (who you have listed at 5'9) who was the one in Taylor's "You belong with me" music video? If Taylor really was 5'9"5 then Lucas would have look short in that video but he didn't. He looked rather tall in that video.
Ellie said on 8/Oct/16
I think she is in the 5ft8-5ft9 range. Tom hiddleston is 180 cm on this site and she always looked 15-20 cm shorter than him (even when she would were little heels). She is even shorter than Gigi(by ~5cm) who is 175cm max.
When I was younger I used to think she was HUGE because I was a hardcore fan of her, therefore was VERY gullible, and being tall had something very powerful, goddess like. (It sound very stupid, I know). But now I've grown (I'm 15 now) and although i kinda like a few of her old song (nostalgia) I kindda grew out of her. One of the reason being that I realised how much of a liar she is/how many lies surrounds her. It completely killed it for me. I think her 5ft10-5ft11 claims are one of those. (PS I am not a hater in anyway, I'm just on as keen on her as I used to.)
hanna23 said on 7/Oct/16
@just Lucas Till is 5'9

Click Here
oliver said on 7/Oct/16
I wouldn't say she's only 173. But what I think is she is probably 174-175. @Rob, what makes u think she is 3 cm taller than Lautner and 2 cm taller than K. Holmes? Or is she only 3 cm shorter than Scott Eastwood. Please prove it. I can't see her above 175.
trisha said on 6/Oct/16
5ft8.5! She is the exact same height as martha hunt, 5ft9 at BEST for her. Let's be realistic!
trisha said on 6/Oct/16
5ft8.5! She is the exact same height as martha hunt, 5ft9 at BEST for her. Let's be realistic!
James said on 6/Oct/16
@Johnson @G @Just @oliver I agree with all of you guys!!!

Click Here
Click Here

Taylor Swift 174 cm
Talor Lautner 174 cm
Austin Mahone 177 cm
Johnson said on 6/Oct/16
Scott is not standing in a box please be serious... and heights of other play tricks on us. Most of all if it is a woman. I am around women that I think she is very tall!! And she ends up being shorter than me... we are not used to see tall girls and we tend to think they are taller of what they are because they appear taller by build constitution. That's it folks
James said on 6/Oct/16
@D Don't be a fanboy. Not only me, but other users like @Johnson, @G and @Just agree that Taylor Swift is 174 cm.

Click Here

Here, Austin Mahone has an angle disadvantage and still looks taller than Taylor Lautner.

Click Here

Talor Swift is not taller than 174 cm Taylor Lautner, they are on the same angle and wearing the same footwear.
D said on 6/Oct/16
James, I don't call you a hater anymore. I call you a very big hater without reasoning.

And yes I explained why he us taller. On one of the pics you see only their heads therefore you don't know on how much higher ground level he is, on the other its the slope and she has bent her leg and slouched.

Also you haven't seen her, my friend had. He is 1.78 and she were tall as him with flat shoes.

No matter how much you will try to make Rob change her height, I doubt that he will do it. At least he has a sense for heights. That's why he run this site and not you haters.

I have said what I have. I won't write anymore about her height because 1.77 is the bare truth. But u just want you to know that by writing every second comment the same thing you are making yourself seem funny and even worse, stupid.
James said on 4/Oct/16
First, observe 177 cm Austin Mahone and 174 cm Taylor Lautner. This is a real 3 cm difference:
Click Here

Now observe 174 cm Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift (both pics were taken on the same day and they are wearing the same kind of footwear):
Click Here
Click Here

CONCLUSION: Taylor Swift is 5' 8" (173 cm).
James said on 4/Oct/16
PROOF that Taylor Swift is NOT 177 cm but 173 cm:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Swift is wearing exactly the same kind of footwear than Taylor Lautner and they are in the same position. Her shoulders are on higher position, but her head top is shorter than Taylor Lautner. Look at her head top and you will see she is clearly 1 cm shorter than 174 cm Lautner.

These pics were taken in 2010 for the movie Valentine's Day. Taylor Swift was already 20 years old. Girls stop growing at 14-15 years old according to BBC science and other sources:
Click Here
Click Here

@what!!!?!!! Instead of simply calling me "hater" can you explain me why is Taylor Swift supposed to be 177 cm when she is shorter than 174 cm Taylor Lautner?
Johnson said on 4/Oct/16
@G very agree with you @Rob no evidence yet to downgrade at least 176 cm for Taylor Swift??
Editor Rob: I have seen a lot for Swift, I could argue probably 5ft 9.25 as easy as 9.5
D said on 4/Oct/16
G, u said u saw this. I'm talking about the first picture. Are you really that elementary? Scott is for sure on higher ground and even he is standing on a small box.

Trust me, I've been working with celebs and most of the males are so insecure of their heights that they stand on boxes to appear taller. You just don't know how ridiculous it looks

As what?!! Said, people who have met taylor always claim that she is no shorter than 1.75. A friend of mine got her autograph last year. He is 1.78 and he told me that she had been tall as him with shoes without heels.
Just said on 4/Oct/16
@ G I totally agree with you: Taylor is 5'8"5. Not over 5'9, but still tall for a girl. The guy in the "You belong with me" music video is indeed NOT 6'3. He's 5'10 and still noticible taller than Taylor. Click Here
Just said on 4/Oct/16
@ G I totally agree with you: Taylor is 5'8"5. Not over 5'9, but still tall for a girl. The guy in the "You belong with me" music video is indeed NOT 6'3. He's 5'10 and still noticible taller than Taylor. Click Here
G said on 3/Oct/16
I claimed 5'11 to Taylor, and that she could not to be shorter. But i saw this:

Click Here.

Scott Eastwood is usually listed at 5'11. He is at most 3 inches taller than her. It would be strange somebody using lifts in a safari.

Katie Holmes is usually listed as 5'9.

Click Here

If Taylor is 5'10 or 5'11, why Katie looks 1 cm taller in this photo?

Emma Stone is usually listed as 5'6.

Click Here

What we have here is a difference of about 3 inches.

Taylor doesn' t look so tall with the guys in her music videos. Here's some examples:

Click Here

Some of her dancers seem to be over 6'3 if she is 5'10 or 5'11. But guys over 6'3 are rare.

Click Here

Taylor probably is in heels. If she is 5'10 or 5'11, the guy should be around 6'3, but he doesn't look even close.

I did not agree with downgraders, but now I am convinced.

My new guess is: Taylor Swift' s real height is 5'8.5, which is still tall for a girl. Agree with me?
Har12 said on 3/Oct/16
Rob, how much of a height difference do you see between Taylor & Lorde? Click Here
Editor Rob: i'd say she looked not over 5ft 9 if shoes were similar.
what!!!?!!! said on 1/Oct/16
James if I knew who you are, I would've beaten the bagoogle out of you! such a jealous hater. You are making fun of yourself. I dont know anyone who had met taylor to say that she is lower than 1.75. Usually its the opposite.
Johnson said on 1/Oct/16
@what!! Taylor didn't grow up anything at all. She is finished at 16 as all girls. I also think that she is around 174 cm tall
Har12 said on 1/Oct/16
Click Here
How tall would she be in those?
Editor Rob: comfortably over 6ft 1 in those, probably (if you went with 5ft 9.5 as her height) at least 6ft 1.5
James said on 1/Oct/16
Click Here

Here Taylor Swift looks 1 cm shorter than 174 cm Taylor Lautner. And they are wearing both similar shoes!!

I have never seen any picture of her being taller than Lautner.
Strong 5ft9 said on 30/Sep/16
@James notice the shoes she's wearing lol
what!!!?!!! said on 30/Sep/16
James, sorry but you are the biggest hater that I have ever seen, and its so obvious. You wrote the same comment for second time. Also in these pictures is CLEARLY to see that he is on two or three inch higher ground level + I'm sure Taylor grew 1 inch since there... Please write in google Taylor Swift 2016 pictures on street... There is no way that she is lower than 1.75 ;]
James said on 30/Sep/16
Click Here
Click Here
Taylor Swift is shorter than 174 cm Taylor Lautner.

Maybe she is 173 cm?
Morningheight 182cm said on 30/Sep/16
5'11 wishful thinking 5'9.75 at best
Adam said on 30/Sep/16
Hey Rob, what do you think of her posture? I feel like her head is never straight and that might be the reason she seems below 5'9.5" at times. Because she got long torso and legs, she just can't be just 5'9 flat.
Editor Rob: sometimes with heels it can help women's stances, I've seen some 5ft 5 women be very close to me when wearing a decent sized heel. Taylor's certainly isn't the best at times, many taller women might drop height in back/hip more often than a shorter lady would.
Elle said on 29/Sep/16
5'9 1/2 is a little too much in my opinion. Looking at her in heels, I'd say she's probably be 5'8 without them, maybe 5'8 1/2 on a good day
James said on 27/Sep/16
Taylor Lautner is 174 cm compared with 177 cm Austin Mahone:
Click Here

Taylor Swift is 1 cm shorter than Taylor Lautner:
Click Here
Click Here

And they are wearing the same footwear:
Click Here

So Taylor Swift is 5' 8" (173 cm)
James said on 27/Sep/16
Look at this scene:
Click Here (pause at min. 3.07)

They are wearing the same footwear:
Click Here

Taylor Swift is 1 cm shorter than 174 cm Taylor Lautner. If Taylor Lautner is really 174 cm, then Taylor Swift must be 173 cm.
don said on 27/Sep/16
Click Here

She is taller than Ed Sheeran, she is that tall and Rob is right
what!!!?!!! said on 27/Sep/16
I know people who have met her and they told me that she was minimum 1.75 with sandals but maybe... google pics are more evident.
James 6'1 said on 26/Sep/16

Yeah I know how tall Karlie Kloss is. In the photos I posted they are in the same heels it looks like and yet there is still about a 5in difference. Just saying it clearly proves she is 5'9" flat, maybe as low as 5'8.5" (though that would be a little more hard to believe).
span17 said on 26/Sep/16
Rob, can Taylor edge me out if I am 188 in shoes?.
Editor Rob: no, she'd need a very ginormous heel to do that
James said on 25/Sep/16
Click Here

She is 1 cm shorter than 174 cm Taylor Lautner and they are wearing exactly the same footwear.

I think she is only 173 cm.
oliver said on 25/Sep/16
I agree with@James. She is not taller than 5' 9. Most probably 5' 8.25-8.5. She sometimes looks at most 5' 8.5. Pls check her photos with Conor Kennedy. She is towered over by him. I've seen a pic where she was with Michelle Obama. She wore 3-4 in heels and Michelle wore 1-2 in shoes. They are about the same height. And also search Bad Blood shooting pics on Google. Where she and Karlie Kloss were in the boxing scene, she is much shorter.
Just said on 25/Sep/16
@ James 6'1 Taylor has always been dwarfed by Karlie. That's the reason why Taylor always wears gigantic platform high heels when she's with Karlie and why Karlie always wears flats when she's with Taylor. Even with huge heels Taylor can't reach Karlie's height (6'1). That's when I knew Taylor's 174 cm MAX, maybe 175 cm morningheight.
@ D Rob doesn't list everyone at their morningheight. Lots of celebrities are listed at their lowest height on this site. Besides Taylor has a long torso so she will shrink at least 2 cm during the day.
what!!!?!!! said on 24/Sep/16
guys whats wrong with you. This Harry guy is short, he is no more than 1.74. Just find picture with him and other directioners. Are you blind or just plain haters? Look his feet, he looks like standing on a box with these lifts inside his shoes.
Johnson said on 24/Sep/16
@D if she wakes up at 177 cm then she would be 176 cm tops. Famous people are not listed at their out of bed heights...
Warren said on 24/Sep/16
Definetely not taller than harry at 2012, thay are seem to be wearing the same shoes and he might have got a little bit taller since it cos he was 18
Harry is 177 Taylor is 175 come on Rob.!
James 6'1 said on 23/Sep/16
Would someone care to explain this photo:

Click Here

If that doesn't downgrade her nothing will.
bruh said on 23/Sep/16
@D Harry is 100% taller, I've seen countless pictures of them. He doesn't tower over her, he's only taller by barely an inch but still taller, and those pics are from 2012. She was 22 while Harry was only 19, if anyone had a chance of growing it wasn't her. I still say she's no taller than 175, maybe 176 but eh.
D said on 23/Sep/16
Lol, no downgrade. Taylor is that height. Rob is correct. And no matter how hard you will try to downgrade her, it won't happen. She probably wakes at 1.77 and is 1.76 the rest of the day. If rob downgrades her to 1.75 that will put harry no more than 1.73 which he actually looks it if you search for pictures with him and 1.71 Luis. Its obvious that there he is in flat shoes and the difference is no more than an inch.
James 6'1 said on 22/Sep/16
Someone want to explain THESE:

Click Here

Click Here

If those photos don't downgrade her height nothing will.
Johnson said on 22/Sep/16
@James I agree with you. 177 for Taylor Swift sounds a little extravagant. I wish Rob downgrade.
don said on 21/Sep/16
i think you would love finally to meet her to know how much she is tall :D
Mark said on 21/Sep/16
Her 6'2" claim in heels is ridiculous.
what!!!?!!! said on 21/Sep/16
James, I didn't see Taylor with heels in these picture that you have given. Whatever u haters say, you won't change that she is famous, good looking, and with a lot of shiny years ahead. Do I like her? No, I don't. I think that she is very sneaky and know how to climb the success ladder. She knows what to use for that purpose and she is ready for a change any time. But for her height, its obvious that she is taller than 1.75.
Johno said on 21/Sep/16
@D, I can tell by that set pictures as a whole that Harry is taller than Swift, he looks taller in other sets. The difference could be an inch.

If any of them had a chance of late growth after those pictures would he a guy in his late teens like Harry was back then and not a women in her early 20s, which she was. She is 3-4 years older than Harry i believe.
James said on 20/Sep/16
Taylor Swift (in heels) still looks shorter than 182 cm (184 cm in shoes) Justin Timberlake:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
James said on 20/Sep/16
@Har12 She is 173-174 cm barefoot so she could be around 184/185 cm in heels. I agree that a 6 flat man would look similar to her in shoes.
D said on 20/Sep/16
James, lol, hold your horses. In almost all of the picture harry is on higher ground level + his shoes has bigger heel also they both have slouching posture and what if harry had lifts there? And isn't that pic too old, Taylor looks taller now. Maybe Taylor is 1.75, there's no way that she is shorter, but I'm very sure that harry is 1.74 after the afternoon hours.
grizz said on 20/Sep/16
Except she's NOT 176.5 cm
Johno said on 19/Sep/16
@James, looks about right.
Johno said on 19/Sep/16
@James, looks about right.
Har12 said on 19/Sep/16
She is 176.5 cm's and with heels 186.5-187.5 :) just like a 6ft guy in timberlands.
Har12 said on 17/Sep/16
Rob, Taylor was wearing those at an event. Click Here How much of cm's they give?
Editor Rob: it's going to give her a solid 4-4.2 inch range of height.
James said on 15/Sep/16
Taylor Swift could be 174 cm MAXIMUM. No more.
James said on 15/Sep/16
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Taylor Swift is 173 cm

Harry Styles is 177 cm
D said on 15/Sep/16
I don't know how you can say she is lower than 1.76 ...
SS said on 14/Sep/16
In one picture she seems lower than her harry but they have off course similar footwear
Johno said on 14/Sep/16
I reckon she genuinely believes she is 5'11 or there abouts.
grizz said on 14/Sep/16
@KH, that's hardly an excuse. It's not rocket science to measure your own height-literally takes 10 seconds and it's pain-free (well, I cannot guarantee that for Taylor's ego once she realizes she's 5'9ish ).
KH said on 13/Sep/16
Looks about 5'9 to me. Certainly doesn't look close to the 5'11 she claims. Doesn't mean she is lieing though a lot of people don't know there exact height and go by whatever people tell them. Any woman 5'8 or taller looks really tall so she probably had people telling he she looked that tall. I had an ex girlfriend that was about 5'8 and a half she said she was 5'10 because thats what her father kept telling he she was.
D said on 12/Sep/16
The thing where rob is right and you haters trying to downgrade her height are wrong is that he measures her barefoot on equal ground level, until you haters are using everything no matter if they are on higher ground level than her, bigger shoes, lifts and bad posture.
Just said on 11/Sep/16
Lots of proof that Taylor is 5'8"5 (just compare her to Katie Holmes, Blake Lively and Doutzen Kroes). Where Katie, Kristen Ritter, Nicole Kidman always tower over the rest of the cast, Taylor (not wearing her monster heels) is quite average height in CSI and even in her own music videos. Rob hasn't rule out 5'8"5 for Taylor yet.
James said on 9/Sep/16
@Johno Well said.
what!!!?!!! said on 8/Sep/16
most people here don't have a common sense of what the real heights are like. They think that 1.75 is short or just because someone said to them I'm 1.75 when he is 1.68 gave them deceiving understanding. Put out a height ruler and take a look at the scale. I bet that 90% of you will be amazed how tall 1.78 actually is or any height.
CS said on 8/Sep/16
Tower means to see over their head so around 5 inches plus is where towering starts.
Johno said on 8/Sep/16
Whatever height you think Taylor is, Harry should be listed higher. I seriously doubt she is as tall as him.
MC said on 7/Sep/16
@Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) well from a simple definition of " tower" (which is to stand out in height) I think you should be 6-7 inches taller than a person to be towered. so being a couple inches taller doesn't make you tower over them. It's just you are considerably taller than that person. ☺
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 5/Sep/16
MC said on 4/Sep/16
The only thing that's really bothering here in the comment section is the way how you use the word "towered". The person's eye needs to be over someone's head in order for them to "tower" other peole. Also Taylor in heels is not towered by Karlie Kloss in flats, it's just that Karlie is (by an inch?) taller


There's really no specific rule for using the word "tower" to describe height differences. Some people believe that a person should be at least a head taller to consider it towering, others believe it can be little as a couple inches.
Wallace said on 5/Sep/16
Met her at Staples Center. she was shorter than me and I'm five eleven traditional no shoes. I'd put her around five eight maybe five eight and half. Didn't look at shoes
what!!!?!!! said on 4/Sep/16
no matter how hard you try to downgrade her height, you won't change the truth... even if she's not 1.77, she is strong 1.76, and i bet 10000$ that she is at least centimeter taller than harry styles when they both stand barefoot
andre said on 4/Sep/16
5ft8.5 barefoot no more then that
MC said on 4/Sep/16
The only thing that's really bothering here in the comment section is the way how you use the word "towered". The person's eye needs to be over someone's head in order for them to "tower" other peole. Also Taylor in heels is not towered by Karlie Kloss in flats, it's just that Karlie is (by an inch?) taller
oliver said on 3/Sep/16
If Taylor is 5' 9.5, Karlie should be 6' 3. But Karlie is 6' 1-1.5. I have looked into many photos of them and the difference looks 5.5-6 in.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 1/Sep/16
lucy said on 31/Aug/16
@Christian no it's an estimation. Taylor couldn't be 1.77 when she is shorter than a listed 1.76 Harry Styles, and 1.78 Gigi.
She needs a downgrade or H an upgrade. Here H and 1.86 Chris Martin Click Here
lucy said on 30/Aug/16
D, you know Taylor doesn't walk barefoot. the 1D boys aren't the tallest man around but i don't know why people like to make them even shorter.
Click Here Harry and Taylor wearing similar shoes and he was still taller than her
it's funny that she listed 1.77, and Harry 1.76. Taylor exaggerates her height.

She and Blake Lively are the same height Click Here Click Here (T was wearing heels, B wasnt)
Now Blake with Gigi Hadid, who is listed 1.77 same as Taylor Click Here Click Here
Taylor and Gigi Click Here Click Here Click Here


I agree that Taylor looks nowhere near 177cm without her massive heels, and even when she wears them, she gets towered over by other girls with similar footwear who are listed as the same height as her. But Harry Styles absolutely cannot be any more than 5ft10. I've seen enough pictures of him and he's not a tall guy by any means.
what!!!?!!! said on 31/Aug/16
harry is no shorter than 6? Lucy you really need to calm down, sorry. You are starting to get funny. Do you even pay attention to his feet? I'm 1.81 and trust me I look 3 inches taller than harry....
D said on 31/Aug/16
Lucy, stop talking about harry. I'm sick of it. I don't hate the guy but its obvious to see that harry wears these high heeled boots plus lifts. Its so obvious. Just look at his feet and the feet of the people next to him. That guy has 4 cm at least from the boots and the lifts. Rob got him at 1.76 but if u aren't so kind as him its very possible for him to be 1.75 barefoot.
spainmen191cm said on 31/Aug/16
Rob, had you seen the evidences that @lucy has post below? I think that you should consider at least a downgrade to 5ft9 for Taylor, Harry is not shorter than Taylor he is taller...
Editor Rob: I'm not sure there are any photos of them standing side by side with similar posture.
lucy said on 31/Aug/16
@Christian no it's an estimation. Taylor couldn't be 1.77 when she is shorter than a listed 1.76 Harry Styles, and 1.78 Gigi.
She needs a downgrade or H an upgrade. Here H and 1.86 Chris Martin Click Here
lucy said on 30/Aug/16
D, you know Taylor doesn't walk barefoot. the 1D boys aren't the tallest man around but i don't know why people like to make them even shorter.
Click Here Harry and Taylor wearing similar shoes and he was still taller than her
it's funny that she listed 1.77, and Harry 1.76. Taylor exaggerates her height.

She and Blake Lively are the same height Click Here Click Here (T was wearing heels, B wasnt)
Now Blake with Gigi Hadid, who is listed 1.77 same as Taylor Click Here Click Here
Taylor and Gigi Click Here Click Here Click Here
Christian-196cm (6ft5.25) said on 29/Aug/16
ucy said on 28/Aug/16
i think she's a strong 5'8, maybe a weak 5'9, i don't know why she claimed 5'11 lol
taylor has bad posture and isn't very graceful for a talli-sh woman and for that reason sometimes people think she looks taller.
she's shorter than 5'10 gigi hadid and 5'11 jake gyllenhaal. ed sheeran is 5'8 and they basically have the same height when she is not wearing heels

harry styles needs an upgrade, he's no shorter than 6'0. he was 18 years old when he dated taylor and even then he had at least 2 inches over her. he's grown a bit ever since and has bad posture as well
Click Here
Click Here

here she is dancing in flats with niall horan and louis tomlinson and looks shorter than both of his bandmates, you can see harry and ed sheeran next to them
Click Here


"harry styles needs an upgrade, he's no shorter than 6'0." Lmao, that's one of the most ridiculous estimates I've seen on here. What's next, Bieber at 6'3"? Typical fangirl.
lucy said on 29/Aug/16
ops, here Click Here
D said on 29/Aug/16
Lucy, sorry to break it for you but Harry wear lifts. Or if not lifts, then these giant heeled boots. And even in them he is no more than 1.80. Without them he is max 1.77.
oliver said on 29/Aug/16
Most of the tall women claim their heights without making actual measurements. And T.S is one of those women. I was very surprised to find that she was once listed at 5' 11 until 2012. How could that be? We all know Rihanna is 5' 8. T.S and Riri in similar heels look the same height. Anyone, agree with me?
lucy said on 28/Aug/16
i think she's a strong 5'8, maybe a weak 5'9, i don't know why she claimed 5'11 lol
taylor has bad posture and isn't very graceful for a talli-sh woman and for that reason sometimes people think she looks taller.
she's shorter than 5'10 gigi hadid and 5'11 jake gyllenhaal. ed sheeran is 5'8 and they basically have the same height when she is not wearing heels

harry styles needs an upgrade, he's no shorter than 6'0. he was 18 years old when he dated taylor and even then he had at least 2 inches over her. he's grown a bit ever since and has bad posture as well
Click Here
Click Here

here she is dancing in flats with niall horan and louis tomlinson and looks shorter than both of his bandmates, you can see harry and ed sheeran next to them
Click Here
d0ubt1fre said on 27/Aug/16
The shot with Taylor kissing Hiddlestone on a sandy beach is the only one anyone needs to gauge her height. Despite the fact that he is leaning in and down and the beach slopes in her favor he looks to be at least 6 inches taller putting her in the 5ft 8" range (max not min). I would say she is level with the bottom of her nose, now i'm only 5ft 7" and its a good six inches from there to my forehead. This shot rules out footwear, posture, angle etc etc. I knew a guy exactly Tom's height, and his girlfriend was 5ft 8" and this looks a very similar difference.
Johno said on 24/Aug/16
Quite alot of pictures Harry is not wearing heels and ij quite alot of them he looks nearly an inch taller.

Harry Styles is in the 5'9-range.
James said on 18/Aug/16
She is only 174 cm
Johnson said on 18/Aug/16
@D not in all pics Swift is wearing "flats" and not in all pics together Styles is wearing heels and boots. I would bet some money in 175 for Taylor and 177 for Harry
HonestSlovene said on 18/Aug/16
Ex-user truth here. Taylor is about 176-177 cm give or take, not lower than 175 cm.
D said on 17/Aug/16
Bla bla. In the pictures where harry and Taylor walked together is very clearly to see that Taylor was with flat shoes While Harry had Heels. There he wore boots giving him 3 cm for sure. Without them he wouldnt have been taller than her, I bet my co.. On thAt
MC said on 16/Aug/16
Rob how tall is Taylor in her heels in the above picture?
Editor Rob: somewhere in 6ft 0.5 range
anast2 said on 13/Aug/16
Rob, where would Taylor come to a six footer?
Editor Rob: might be just above eyebrows by 1-2cm
Broda said on 11/Aug/16
I am 5'9" guy i met her once she was shorter than me . She is a legit 5 foot 8.
Johno said on 31/Jul/16
Looked 2-inches shorter than Jake Gyllenhaal, shorter then Harry Styles, she is in the 5'8-range.
172 said on 29/Jul/16
Rob, how tall do you think Tom hiddleston is based on those pictures? Do you think 190cm-195cm is a good fit, Rob? (Taylor always had small/no heels in these pics)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Here we can see them from the side. Taylor was wearing ballerinas.
Click Here

Any thoughs???
Truth said on 28/Jul/16
The Man said on 28/Jul/16
Taylor can't be anything over 175cm, as 176cm Harry Styles is consistently taller in every photo the two were walking together. Unless Harry was wearing lifts, but I doubt it.
short 6ft1.5 said on 28/Jul/16
i totally agree with 5ft 9.5 in and is 5ft 11in in heels hate when celebs exaggerate their height
Anthony said on 27/Jul/16
Rob, I really think she's anywhere between a solid 5'9-5'9.25 at the end of the day. Hard to see her anywhere under 5'9 but what do you think her peak/morning height is, Rob??
J.Lee said on 26/Jul/16
Rob how about 5 ft 9.25 for both Taylor Swift and Katie Holmes? I think Holmes grew after pregnancy. You mentioned that some girls did. And she looks at least as tall as Taylor.
jwych said on 26/Jul/16
Taylor has to be shorter than 5'9 because in a picture with Maggie Gyllenhaal she is appears shorter:
Click Here

Maggie is listed as 5'9 on this site
Antje said on 26/Jul/16
Her legs aren't long, she doesn't look very tall in proportions (though sometimes she manages to hide this with short dresses and high heels). If you see her in a bikini you'll notice her legs are short. but i guess 175-176 is where she stands. 5'9.25 might be more accurate.
xrid2 said on 26/Jul/16
Rob, so she is 176,05 cm's ?
J.Lee said on 25/Jul/16
Rob I'm curious why you leave her at 5 ft 9.5 if you are open to her being 5 ft 9. You said 5 ft 9 and 1/4 might be a good fit. I'm just curious what is keeping you from changing the height.
Leonardo said on 25/Jul/16
This is a injustice for a true 5'9.5 girl, Taylor is 5'9 flat
D said on 24/Jul/16
Rob I don't know how you stand these haters trying to downgrade every celeb. The height that rob had given is exactly what she is. 1.77.
Editor Rob: for lots of heights there is valid arguments.

I can see an argument for 5ft 9 up to 9.5 really for Taylor, I think at the moment she's held onto the 9.5 for a good long while.
Stella said on 24/Jul/16
She's actually taller than I thought.
J.Lee said on 20/Jul/16
Rob, I'm wondering if you think 5 ft 9.25 would be the best height for her. Because you said she is 5 ft 9 to 5 ft 9.5.
Editor Rob: it may well be a good fit for her.
Warren said on 17/Jul/16
If this site keep listing harry's height 176cm, I recommend to change listing 175cm for taylor,
or 177cm for harry and 176cm for taylor I recommend, how do you think Rob??
Geniveve said on 17/Jul/16
i saw a pic of her next to 5'8 Ed Sheeran and she still wasn't as tall as him.
Height Revealer said on 17/Jul/16
Rob, stop ignoring this picture this 100% proves downgrade Click Here
Editor Rob: I wouldn't say it proves a 100% downgrade, I've said for a few years now 5ft 9-9.5 is a likely range she could measure.
Johnson said on 17/Jul/16
@Leo 5'8 I agree with you. She is 5'9 tops. She has a tiny head and long legs and she wears ridiculously very high heels
Leo 5'8 said on 15/Jul/16
Rob, I think it's time of a downgrade, 5'9 (175cm) is the best shoot, is the dream of all Celebheights and that dream is real!!
She maybe sometimes looks taller because she is slim and has long neck, but she looks with other celebrities between 5'8.75-5'9.25 in good photos.
Sam said on 14/Jul/16
I would have said 5'9 for her as well, but because she likes to appear tall by wearing high heels, that and she's rake thin, makes it so much easier for people to think 5'11+, even when its obvious already she's wearing heels.
Thatawkwardmoment said on 13/Jul/16
That awkward moment when Taylor claims to be 5'10 and everyone seems to cluelessly believe it, but is shorter than 5'7.75 Ed Sheeran without heels.....

Click Here
Johan said on 12/Jul/16
She looks to have a 2 inch shoe advantage over Tom but it could be a bit more like hanna23 said. She looks a solid 3 inches shorter when they are leaving that bar. So in effect whatever height Tom is she is about 5 inches shorter. So if he is the 6ft 2 he claims then she is 5ft 9 , if not then bad news.

Thats some actual good evidence there on that link, alot of pics as well of them out and he always has 3 in on her and yes she has heels.

He seems to have a standard 2-3cm shoe so he is maybe 190 cm tops in shoes. So she is barely over 6ft with those smaller heels. Its what I expected she only ever gets up to 6ft 1 + when she wears those massive heels with a platform. She is 183 cm with 7 cm of heel.

So even although I sometimes think 175 cm , she does sometimes pull of 176 cm. So the listing isn't that far off, in fact maybe a 1/4 inch in it so maybe Rob is right.
Mini said on 12/Jul/16
this girl... a true beauty I don't care about her height
S.J.H said on 11/Jul/16
5'9.25 is assurd for swift and not over it
hanna23 said on 10/Jul/16
With 3,5" heels she's more or less 6 cm shorter than 6ft 1.75in Tom ( but i guess he's 6'1 barefoot). See the video:
heelshealheight said on 10/Jul/16
She's not more than 5ft7 barefoot. She's towered by loads of people (men and women) when she's not wearing those ridiculously high heels. She and Amal Alamuddin wear such freakishly high heels that their body proportions look abnormal. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'll only 'buy' that ludicrous 5ft10 height claim (for both of these women) when I see you (Rob) posing next to them and without their high-heel aka stilts to 'elevate' them.
grizz said on 9/Jul/16
I apologize for disagreeing with Rob regarding her weight. I am inclined to believe she is over 130lbs now. Seeing her bikini shots @4th of July party, she has a surprisingly visible belly fat for a slim girl (I guess skinny fat?),even I have a flatter belly. I do remember her pre-teen photos and she wasn't what you'd call thin. Now that she's constantly surrounded by supermodels,she wants to be like them by eating less and doing vigour cardio. But such a dumb philosophy means less protein intake,hence lack of muscles, hence flabby Abby looks. She should look up to Doutzen Kroes -similar body type,yet far better fitness level
Shawn said on 9/Jul/16
It might time to downgrade her. Shes probably at 5'9" flat. What do you think of this photo with Cara Delevingne? Click Here
Biroq said on 8/Jul/16
Could her picture here do with being updated Rob? Looking at this, she's barely recognisable now.

Anyway -- 5' 9" would be my guess.
Alex said on 6/Jul/16
Rob she is tall but we all know she is 175 cm at best, not 177, she added 2 cm on her height. Not a big deal, almost everyone do that, especially in the show business.
Jay said on 6/Jul/16
Lara she is not shorter than 5'9. There's been enough evidence to prove that.
ArisK said on 6/Jul/16
Taylor is 5.8 and half proof see her photos with taylor lautner 173 (5.8) they are somehow same unless she had a dramatic growth spurt again in her 20's She's 174 or 173
Marshmallow said on 5/Jul/16
This is about right but she is a giant in heels.
Laura said on 5/Jul/16
Taylor should be down listed.
She looks similar height as 5'8 Ed Sheeran if not shorter.
Click Here
Click Here
And she is dwarfed by 5'9.25 Harris Styles.
Click Here
See for yourself.
Leo said on 3/Jul/16
5'9 flat for this girl
G said on 23/Jun/16
Hello. I was before claiming 5'11 to Taylor. But looks like that she's definitely shorter than this. Click Here. Scott Eastwood seems to be at most 2 inches taller than her. He is usually listed as 5'11. To try to make a better comparison, see the video Wildest Dreams. Click Here. Watch the video Style. Click Here. The guy is Domnic Sherwood, he is listed as 5'11, and he is taller than her. So let's put a downgrade to 5'9 or 5'9.25 (175cm-176cm) to Taylor?Agree with me?
Shan said on 21/Jun/16
How tall is she with them? Click Here
Editor Rob: it's a very high angle, pushing her probably a tiny bit beyond normal tip-toe range, so I'd expect over 4 inches, not quite 4.5 from those.
Jenna said on 17/Jun/16
Yea I saw a pic of her standing next to 6'2 Karlie Kloss in heels and she still wasn't as tall as her. (Karlie was wearing sneakers)
If I buy 4 inches said on 16/Jun/16
She can be 5'8, 5'8.5", as most 5'10''ers claim
hanna23 said on 16/Jun/16
No way she's 178 cm and ads just 1 cm to her height, she ads 4,5 cm. Tay is shorter than VS model Romee Strijd who's between 5'9.5-5'10.5:

Click Here

Their shoes:

Taylor: Click Here

Romee: Click Here
Johan said on 15/Jun/16
Looks 5'8.75" -175cm next to 5'10.25" - 178cm Upton.

That 177 cm listing looks shaky. She is even trying the cobra there Rob.
Guy said on 13/Jun/16
Rob, so Taylor adds 1 cm to her height?
Editor Rob: I think so yes, possibly even a bit more
J.B. said on 13/Jun/16
No way she is this 5'9.5".

Side by side with 5'10" Kate Upton:
Click Here

Both are in relatively equal footwear it looks like:
Click Here

Rob, any thoughts?
plus said on 10/Jun/16
She has a tiny head and this can make her appear taller. But some of us are eager for the downgrade, really! 174.5 cm for her
Observer said on 6/Jun/16
Rob, look at this:
Assuming she is 5'9 -even with posture here- & wearing those 3 inch boots, that would put her at around 6 feet. If he's 6'5", should there be that much of a height difference if she's really as tall as stated here?
Editor Rob: there's not a great deal of posed photos, these ones catching movement sometimes add or take an inch from a person quite easily. Calvin does look a big guy over 6ft 5.
truth said on 4/Jun/16
Also pretty bad pic to judge.
truth said on 4/Jun/16
5'9 at least.
Johan said on 3/Jun/16
Bruno is 5'4" range not 5'5" and there looks to be almost 8 inches between them , 4 inch footwear advantage in her favour. So she doesn't even hit 6'1" in those heels if her legs are straight that is. Can't see in the pic.

6'0.5" in approx in heels that give at least 4.5 inches makes her 5'8" so I think yes dropping an inch leaving her at 5'9" flat. Not close to 5'10" at all.
hanna23 said on 2/Jun/16
@175 17 cm it's the result of self-covered 13mm + 40mm of platform ;)

site: Click Here
Alxr37 said on 2/Jun/16
Harry styles was taller..
grizz said on 1/Jun/16
The heels Taylor wore while meeting Bruno could give almost 5in of height. Of course an almost 6'2 tall girl will look like an ogre next to 5'6 guy (5'5+1in dress shoes).
CS said on 31/May/16
Wow. Those pictures of Taylor Swift by Bruno Mars are quite comical. His eyes are barely in line with her breasts lol.
hanna23 said on 31/May/16
even a 5'7.5 girl can edge a 5'5 guy out with a 17 cm platform and looking at this pic she was not much taller, maybe it was the angle that made her look like a giant next to him:

Taylor and Bruno Mars (MTV 2013 backstage):

Click Here

1- Click Here

2 - Click Here

3 - Click Here

I'm just proving that a girl who's taller than a 5'5 in 17 cm heels isn't 5'10. I agree that Tay is in the 5'9 range but not above.
MJKoP said on 29/May/16
She's at least 5'9.5". Probably closer to 5'10". She made Bruno Mars look like an infant.
egfd said on 28/May/16
180 5.11
User said on 27/May/16
Hey Rob,how tall is she in those? More than 6 feet 1 1/2 ? See was wearing those in an interview with Jimmy Fallon and she was a little taller. Click Here
16 years old . said on 25/May/16
Rob, I am 6'1" tall. Is Taylor going to be taller in heels if wear those Nikes?
Click Here
Editor Rob: you will be a decent 6ft 2 in sneakers like that, so she needs a heel that gives her near 5 inches in total, like a 2-inch platform type to edge you out.
MC said on 23/May/16
I think Taylor would only be as tall as Karlie if she wears those platform heels because those could definitely give her 4 inches of actual heght. So 5'9 range for taylor
Waffles said on 22/May/16
I saw a picture of her next to the 6'1 Karlie Kloss and she was in heels and still not as tall as Karlie. I don't think she's as tall as they say
lp said on 19/May/16
im 5 foot 8 barefoot so she is taller than me
realheight said on 17/May/16
max 5'8.5
Bruce 5'11 2/3 said on 8/May/16
At the lowest 174 still pretty tall for a woman
oliver said on 7/May/16
Both Taylor and Katie are 174 range.
Lily Aldridge is 172-3 range max.
Ed sheeran may be around 171-2.
plus said on 6/May/16
@Warren Taylor Swift is 175 cm. No more no less
Warren said on 6/May/16
Hi Rob, what do you think now Taylor's height? more than 174cm or not??
Editor Rob: I personally wouldn't estimate under 175cm, that would be my low guess for her.
Just said on 6/May/16
@ Warren, I also think 174 cm for Taylor. Max 175 cm morningheight. No way 177 cm, just impossible for Taylor unless in heels.
AJ said on 6/May/16
@Warren. None of those options, I would give her 176.
grizz said on 4/May/16
@Allie, well played.
Warren said on 4/May/16
Hey guys, do you think Which is Taylor's heights 174cm or 175cm or 177cm??
I do believe 174cm for Taylor.
Warren said on 4/May/16
Hey guys, do you think Which is Taylor's heights 174cm or 175cm or 177cm??
I do believe 174cm for Taylor.
Allie said on 3/May/16
Grizz, because she wears short skirts and I wear t shirts and she's cheer captain while I'm on the bleachers.
grizz said on 2/May/16
@Crane, talented- based on what??? Dear Lord
Crane said on 1/May/16
Personally, I think she's more like a 176 cm, a talent singer!
same said on 29/Apr/16
She is the exact same height as Martha Hunt. In every single pictures of them together they look identical in height. Whatever Martha's real height height is (at first google listed her as 173cm now she appears as 178cm), it is the exact same as Taylor
anon said on 29/Apr/16
Given your listing of Lily Aldridge here Rob, what do you make of this? I'd say they were around the same height, no more than an inch of difference to account for photo and distance angles?

Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob: I think in walking photos it can sometimes be harder to really tell differences. When they are in heels together Taylor generally has looked the taller of the two.
Philly said on 27/Apr/16
Rob, i think taylor is either same height or shorter than katie holmes
Look at this

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Their shoes give pretty much the same height.
It doesnt make sense to list taylor half an inch taller than katie, if someone in those pictures is above 5ft9, it is katie and not taylor, or maybe katie holme is 177-178
What do you think?
Editor Rob: they can look quite similar, whether shoes are identical I'm not sure, but there doesn't look much between the styles.
Kiran18 said on 27/Apr/16
Hey Rob, the height difference here doesn't look like 2 inches as your suggest.

(5'7.75" and 5'9") Click Here
Editor Rob: Ed could be a little bit closer to the camera there, adding some height to how he looks. It may though be 1.5 inches or so
Allie said on 26/Apr/16
Ah just as I suspected. and you're right. The heels and skirts had me fooled!
Original said on 26/Apr/16
5'8.5" impression.
oliver said on 25/Apr/16
@Rob, Vladimir Perrin is 6' 1 and he looks at least five inches taller than Swift in Begin Again MV.
Moke said on 25/Apr/16
Wow there seems to be quite an uproar about this ladies height. One is going as low as 5'5, haha, brilliant :) As to the height of the young Kennedy offspring: he's imho well over 6'2, probably 6'4 range. Taylor Swift, I think 5'9.5 morning height, but no less.
Just said on 25/Apr/16
@Allie, Taylor doesn't have long legs that's why she always wears highwaisted miniskirts or short shorts.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 24/Apr/16
5'9.5" is one I'd actually believe for her. She can look shorter at times, but 9.5 standing at her tallest is reasonable.
Allie said on 23/Apr/16
I was just looking at her bikini pics cause I saw them on instagram. Is she one of those short legs long torso girls?
Jedi Master 5'11 said on 20/Apr/16
@J.Lee I've tried and fooled man people into thinking I was 2 inches taller. It's only easy when you don't have nothing to do all day, and wake up at 7 PM when the world starts.
hanna23 said on 20/Apr/16
@MC ok, she never looked below 5'7 but she has to be 5'7.5 max since Katherine Heigl and Taylor are 3,4 cm taller.
J.Lee said on 20/Apr/16
Rob, have you ever done an experiment with Jenny where one of you goes to sleep and wakes up late while the other one stays awake and see if it makes a different in who's taller? Would be very very interesting to see you make a youtube video on that.
EJ said on 19/Apr/16
No more than 5'8
MC said on 17/Apr/16
@hanna23 Akerman never looked below 5'7. The photo that you showed has her legs more apart than Heigl. So 5'7-5'6.75 is the lowest I'd guess her. So Taylor would still be at least 5'8.5 if you don't want her to be in the 5ft9 range. Honestly Taylor has shown herself to be in the 5'9 range more often than not.
AJ said on 17/Apr/16
Honestly all in all looking at Tylor 176 is the most she could be. 5'9.25" is what I think she'll measure
MC said on 17/Apr/16
@plus, I've seen that video of Taylor and Ed performing Everything Has Changed. When Taylor came closer to Ed she was a bit taller. And also Ed said in an interview that she won't date Taylor because she's taller than he is. :)
@plus said on 16/Apr/16
I notice "only" 1cm heel difference. Probs that would make Swift 174cms and the other guy 172.
hanna23 said on 16/Apr/16
@MC As you can see in the picture below, Malin is clearly not 5ft8. She's 2 inches shorter than 5'8.5 Katherine Heigl so Akerman is 5'6-5'6.5 max.

Click Here
plus said on 16/Apr/16
Looking at the whole video 175 cm for Swift. Sometimes women appear taller due to her smaller head
plus said on 16/Apr/16
She is similar to Ed Sheeran!!!! If she goes down of her monster heels proves she is solid 5'8

Click Here
MC said on 16/Apr/16
I've seen pictures of Taylor and Malin Akerman (who's listed as 5ft8 here) from 2010. They appear to have the same height of heels. Taylor appears 1.5-2 inches taller than her so 5ft9 range for Taylor is very possible
MC said on 14/Apr/16
@Allie, I think that too. But maybe he's not wearing lifts, only thicker shoes than Taylor
plus said on 14/Apr/16
Conor Kennedy (188 cm) and Taylor Swift.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Allie said on 13/Apr/16
MC, in several of the pictures Harry's shoulders, eye level, nose, etc was all taller than Swifts. Though he probably wears lifts.
annna said on 12/Apr/16
Rob, you must downgrade her!Just look at this pic of her with Romee Strijd who is listed as 5'10" , they had same footwear in this section of show:
Click Here
And check the photos with Behati , Taylor is pretty shorter than her. moreover, Taylor stands straight (I mean those photos taken in the backstage of vsfs2014) and Behati's posture isn't that straightened. Next to Josephine skriver (5'11), look at their postures and difference between their heights:
Click Here
So, she's anything above than 5'8" (morning height), but I think she's 5'7.5" most of the time.
Howdy Doody said on 12/Apr/16
Downgrade..... Pix of her today with Lilly Aldridge shows they're THE SAME HEIGHT. No more than 5'8" for this one.....
Howdy Doody said on 12/Apr/16
Downgrade..... Pix of her today with Lilly Aldridge shows they're THE SAME HEIGHT. No more than 5'8" for this one.....
MC said on 11/Apr/16
@plus I've Googled those photos and clearly Harry only looks a lot taller because of his hair. Make his hair straight as flat as Taylor's and the difference would be indescernible
5ft 9.25 said on 11/Apr/16
Peg her at 5ft 9.25in / 176 cm and the discussions is closed.
grizz said on 10/Apr/16
@charlie,you do know we stop reading your posts once we go to the 5'6 part? Why even bother?
user said on 9/Apr/16
Rob, if she is 1.75 - 1.76 cm's tall, why do you still list her as being 1.77 cm's tall when she is not?
Editor Rob: I'm saying her range is somewhere in 5ft 9-9.5 range. the 9.5 on here gets rounded slightly to 177cm rather than down to 176cm.
charlie said on 7/Apr/16
i just saw a photo of Taylor with a bunch of her female friends and she was the same height as 6 of her friends about 3 or 4 looks 3 inches shorter. I still feel she is 5' 6" flat feet. actually to be honest she does wear those monster high heels a lot and because she is so thin she appears taller than she actually is.Now i understand that 6 inch heels only give a female 4 inches in height so i am going to say Taylor swift is 5' 5" without shoes. which is still pretty tall as the average female height is between 5' 3" to 5' 2". With her heeled shoes she can easily appear 5' 9" or 5' 8".I myself measured 4 hours after waking at 5' 9" which is still tall for a male and living in Canada i tower over most males and 100% females by a mile so for me never seen a female even with heels 5' 9" find it very hard to visualize a female even close to my height with or without shoes. I'll say Taylor looks 5' 5" flat feet and 5' 9" with high heels.
plus said on 7/Apr/16
@MC you should please google Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. Harry is taller
Just said on 6/Apr/16
She also never towers over the cast/dancers in her music videos. So she's tall (5'8"5 or 5'9) but certainly not very nor freakishly tall. She's not taller than Katie Holmes so 5'9"5 is not possible for her, @MC
Just said on 6/Apr/16
@sa It took her a few seconds to say 5'10. Obviously she doesn't believe that herself. She knows she's not that height ;-)

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