How tall is Taylor Swift ?

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Taylor Swift's height is 5ft 9.5in (177 cm)

American Singer known for songs such as Shake It Off, Love Story, I Knew You Were Trouble and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. She said in "I'm 5'11'', so when I wear heels, it's definitely a really good view that I have. I'm like 6'2 when I wear heels, so I tend to wear cowboy boots a lot," although in 2013 in a Vanity Fair article she is quoted saying: "I think what I would mostly be looking for in a guy ... is someone who sees me in my actual dimensions: 23 years old, five-foot-ten". In 2015 she made a claim that "I grew an inch [in the past year], which means I'm the latest developing human in the world."

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jack says on 30/Jun/15
like i said, I could go 5'8'' but that is absolutely the top end..she just is not tall period..but i will agree she may be 5'8'' TOPS! it would be great if taylor would just stop lying about everything and come clean about her height and all her other lies..but I understand why she won't.. if she comes clean about everything she lies about her career would be over.unfortunately for her too many people are speaking out about her and her family and their lies and manipulation they use and what they really are I think she is gunna sink anyway.its all over the net and its only a matter of time..
mariam1 says on 29/Jun/15
No way, she's not 5'11. She looks taller next to cara Delevingne when they are both on heels, so Cara is 5'8 but Taylor looks little bit shorter than Martha Hunt and Gigi Hadid. Martha is 5'10 and Gigi is about 5'10.5 or 5'11 so I think She's 5'9.3 or 5'9.5 but it's also pretty tall for girl.
Natasha says on 29/Jun/15
5.9 for me
Calvin Harris Fan says on 29/Jun/15
She's 6'0" in heels, 5'8 1/2" no shoes. Want to know more about her?
Yo says on 28/Jun/15
She is 5'8.
vfpswiftie says on 28/Jun/15
And @jack please ask Rob how many inches of height the heels she's wearing give her. It's a 5.5 inch heels so I'd say it's giving her almost 4 inches of extra height which means she's not below 5ft8. And remember the guys had shoes on. Kevin is surely an inch taller in those shoes.
[Editor Rob: they were a pretty high angle and she won't have small feet, so maybe close to 4.]
vfpswiftie says on 28/Jun/15
@jack okay so she's 5'8 tops to you. That's okay, I just don't see the 5'6 thing
Alex says on 28/Jun/15
5'8.5 !!'
Just says on 28/Jun/15
@ Andred Wow, can't see Karlie's footwear but probably not as high as Taylor's platform high heels and the top of Taylor's head is not only under Karlie's eyelevel but even under Karlie's nose! Taylor is NOT 5'9"5!
jack says on 28/Jun/15
on the other graham norton show mentioned with john cleese...#1 clesse is stated at 6'5" but clearly inst that tall anymore since kevin peterson is clearly taller than him in this video and kevin is stated to be 6'4" ..taylor once again has an at least inch and a half sole under her toes to begin with (she is also wearing her platform heals she loves so much, not regular heals)and massive...massive heels on the backs of those shoes..however even with them she is clearly standing about 6 foot with them since she is still easily 4 inches shorter than 6 foot four take away six inches from 6 foot and she is five six..i will say she may have five inches of height with those shoes making her yet again five foot sevenish..if she had flats on she would be right in line with norton who is actually said to be 5'7'' not 5'8''.

just as importantly,for sure,let me also point out that if you pause the video when they are all standing together taylor is the only one trying to stand as straight as possible to give herself all the height she can get..where as norton, cleese,and pieterson are all slouching.

no matter how you try and argue..she is the height i said she was when me and my girl saw her ..thats all there is too it..she can try every trick she wants to make her legs look long and her torso short by pulling her pants so high she looks foolish, wear the biggest heals she can find..but she will never be over five foot eight and that is all there is too it..all the evidence proves what i saw in person over and over again..why people ague I dont get later
grizz says on 28/Jun/15
@6'0"Man, you're really bad at handling with your money
NahBro says on 28/Jun/15
@6'0'' Man, How much money are we talking about?
Andred says on 28/Jun/15
Click Here
Look, Taylor is SAME HEIGHT as Serena Williams. She is wearing platform heels while Williams is wearing regular high heels. Downgrade to 5'9.
vfpswiftie says on 27/Jun/15
@jack I thought you went to check the video to check her height. She did not perform in the episode Im telling you to watch, it's the episode with John Cleese(full episode). Sorry to disappoint but Taylor doesn't lip sync. You can hear the raspiness and imperfectness of the live vocals. Again, no hate
6'0" Man says on 27/Jun/15
I'm willing to put money on 5'7.75"-5'8"
NahBro says on 27/Jun/15
Maybe it's save to say that TS is 176-177 cm tall and case closed?
Height183 says on 27/Jun/15
5'9'' is not a bad guess at all. But I do think she is just a tad under it.
jack says on 27/Jun/15
interesting I watched the grahm norton show thing.someon mentioned ill put the link here.she is wearing monster heals..looks like lifts in them ..but what really struck me as hilarious is watch it at right after 1:00/one minute in right at about one minute 2 seconds when she says "shame on me " you can hear the vocal warble of either the live auto tune she always uses or they are using a fly in vocal track of prerecorded vocals and it had a glitch it is defiantly one or the other..but if you watch the whole song im gunna go with a fly in vocal track because is seems like she is definitely lip syncing... her mouth is too off from the vocal track. yep lip syncing.. vocal track had a glip right on the word "on" when she says shame "on"me at one minute and two seconds. just an observation..wish people could actually just be able to sing..heres the link..and I know Im an overly observant person.
Click Here
jack says on 27/Jun/15
@just im pretty sure there are a few people in this comment forum on swifts payroll and its pretty obvious who they are..not only that but accusing people (like me) of things, attacking them and being rude is ridiculous.funny thing if you look at pic with karlie, taylor, and cara delivine it proves it again..even on this sight it says cara delevingne claims to be 5'7'' or 5'8'' so she is probably 5'7'' and check out these pics taylor clearly again wearing her massive heals.. but you can tell they are the same height if they were both barefoot.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

now taylor with her typical big heels delevingne in flatts (probably cus taylor made her as she usually deso so she looks taller).it is obvious cara is slouching bad ..again but if taylor had on flats they would again be the same height.
Click Here

Click Here

i also found this which is hilarious as you can tell by the people who answer the yahoo question who ever posted it, posted it like 6 years taylor would have been at leat 18 or 19 and done not the only one ..this person said the exact same thing!
Click Here
now check her out next to justin beiber..the last link willl be to the whole video..he is rumored to be about 5'7'' even on this site tops! and taylor is in flats..

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

here is the video check out there foot wear

Click Here

now both of them at the awards oh look taylor grew like 6 inches ..oh no wait shes wearing her massive heals..shocker!

Click Here

and ellen degeneres again listed everywhere and on this site as 5'7''

now..taylor and ellen without taylors heels (taylors real height)

Click Here

again both hunched taylor no heels

Click Here

now ellen and taylor now taylor wearing her heals..

Click Here

Click Here

Ahh what a difference thoes massive heals of hers make hunh?
jack says on 27/Jun/15
@just im pretty sure there are a few people in this comment forum on swifts payroll and its pretty obvious who they are..not only that but accusing people (like me) of things, attacking them and being rude is ridiculous.funny thing if you look at pic with karlie, taylor, and cara delivine it proves it again..even on this sight it says cara delevingne claims to be 5'7'' or 5'8'' so she is probably 5'7'' and check out these pics taylor clearly again wearing her massive heals.. but you can tell they are the same height if they were both barefoot.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

now taylor with her typical big heels delevingne in flatts (probably cus taylor made her as she usually deso so she looks taller).it is obvious cara is slouching bad ..again but if taylor had on flats they would again be the same height.
Click Here

Click Here

i also found this which is hilarious as you can tell by the people who answer the yahoo question who ever posted it, posted it like 6 years taylor would have been at leat 18 or 19 and done not the only one ..this person said the exact same thing!
Click Here
now check her out next to justin beiber..the last link willl be to the whole video..he is rumored to be about 5'7'' even on this site tops! and taylor is in flats..

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

here is the video check out there foot wear

Click Here

now both of them at the awards oh look taylor grew like 6 inches ..oh no wait shes wearing her massive heals..shocker!

Click Here

and ellen degeneres again listed everywhere and on this site as 5'7''

now..taylor and ellen without taylors heels (taylors real height)

Click Here

again both hunched taylor no heels

Click Here

now ellen and taylor now taylor wearing her heals..

Click Here

Click Here

Ahh what a difference thoes massive heals of hers make hunh?
NYCgirl says on 27/Jun/15
For all the short guys who think they're going to date Taylor Swift one day..
Shes about 5'7.314159265359"
Are you happy?
vfpswiftie says on 26/Jun/15
To have a better view of her height, watch the full episode of graham norton show where she guested alongside John Cleese and Kevin Pietersen. She definitely was like 6'1-6'2 in those heels
vfpswiftie says on 26/Jun/15
I'm pretty sure Taylor doesn't want us bickering at each other over her height. Let's just say that 5ft8 is her lowest and 5ft9.5 is her highest. Cause personally I can't see her below 5ft9 flat. 💋💋
Just says on 26/Jun/15
@ Height183 Exactly what I think: 5'8"5 is Taylor's height and 5'9 is her morningheight!
Bishop says on 25/Jun/15
Rob, this girl claims to stand 5'4" on Tumblr:

Click Here

What do you think? She also wasn't wearing heels:

Click Here
[Editor Rob: visually taylor looks aroun 5ft 9...but with higher up camera and taylor nearer, that can actually add height to the shorter person if the photographer is 6ft or over!]
Bishop says on 25/Jun/15
I'm not sure what exactly you're trying to prove with those pictures, jack. She actually looks no more than 3.5-4 inches shorter than Karlie in those pics. 5 inches means below her eye level and she isn't in any of them. Otherwise, you're just a really bad judge of height. One of those pictures is even photoshopped (I'll let you figure out which one). I love how you try so hard to downgrade her yet fail miserably at it. And please, don't try replying to me with a big post or else I will have to reply with an even bigger one and it will just make a mess,

"this is what happens when you lie..and people can prove it just dont lie."

How ironic, as you lied about meeting her and I proved you wrong ;)
Just says on 25/Jun/15
I'm going to believe Jack and Grizz are right: G's on Taylor Swift's payrol. G's claims are more and more unbelievable and ridiculous. If Taylor is 5'11 then Karlie is 6'3. And if Karlie is 6'3 then Ireland Baldwin, Toni Garrn and (therefore) Leonardo and everyone else need a big upgrade LOL!
Natasha says on 25/Jun/15
haha she is not 5.11
5.9.5 good for her
jack says on 25/Jun/15
what a 5'8" taylor really looks like next to 6'1" karlie kloss

saw the pic with karlie in the I the only one who can see or are certain people on here seeing what they want..not only is taylor much shorter and her waste still no where near as height as karlie , but taylor again has her heals on and looks to have lifts in them as well where karlie is yet again in flats like always seen when taylor is with someone who is actually tall. im starting to wonder if taylor actually demands the other girls wear flats when she is out with them because none of her tall friends ever have flats on unless they are with taylor.there is literally at least six inches of difference between taylors shoulders and karlies ..karlie is not only much taller but a much bigger woman all around than taylor.

see pics
Click Here

both in similar heals but taylor actually has some thicker front soles that karlie.karlie is actually slouching while taylor is standing as straight as she can other than her neck.yet taylor still much much shorter

Click Here

and hear taylor had massive heals on at this awards check other photos..again karlie slouching taylor standing as straight as she can..but still towered by karlie

Click Here

in these next photos look and see..and i will say it now over and over again ..taylor in heals karlie in flats ..taylor in heals..karlie in flats. over and over again..and she still is way shorter..

Click Here

taylor/massive spike platform heals..karlie ..yep flatss..

Click Here

in this one its obvious not only once again karlie flats taylor heals..but how much smaller taylor is as a person than karlie...and once again they are side by side..taylor massive heals

Click Here

Click Here

again both in heals taylor still much much shorter

and finally another both in heals by the look of taylors angled foort she is wearing her monster spikes yet again..and sorry no where near karlies height.karlie once again has taylor by at least 5 to 6 inches, and shows how much smaller taylor is body wise as karlie is 6'1" what is 6'1" minus 5 at the least...? hmm oh wait 5'8" lol taylor swift about 5'8" anyway you shake it she is only about 5'8"
Click Here

my girfreind said that taylor pulling her pants up so high to hide her belly button is a two fold it is to make her seem as innocent as she can for her fans and also to give the impression that she has longer legs and a shorter torso...but my girlfriend also said that taylor isnt fooling any adult women with that trick.its an old trick many actresses use.but when taylor is in flats we can see her real proportions..long torso short legs..just google taylor swift in flats people.. and btw in the victoria secret thing taylor had massive heals on compared to the models..same looking shoe but massive heals version..

anyway you shake it she is only about 5'8"
Click Here
this is what happens when you lie..and people can prove it just dont lie.
jack says on 25/Jun/15
harry styles 5/9.5 taylor swift 5/8 tops
Height183 says on 24/Jun/15
So Taylor swift is 5'11'' now is she? I guess Joe Jonas is pushing for 6'0'' then..

Click Here
NahBro says on 24/Jun/15
G, Only way to know it for sure is for Rob to do his magic. As for that shot with KK, TS is wearing platform heels, in fact on most events she wears platform heels,VS is one of those events, so forget about those photos, she could be a 5'10, but I never saw her in person, so what the heck I know ...
grizz says on 24/Jun/15
Lol,G,you seem like a part of Swiftie PR team. There's no way she's 5'11. The reason why she insists on that figure is because she's a big fat liar. Do a bit of research: she lied or greatly altered her bio,how she started all the way to hiding her parents' wealth,even though she's constantly promoting herself as an underdog .

So lying about her height is a white lie next to all other lies.
Iggy is not 5'10,many give her strong 5'9. Photo does not perfectly represent their heights since they lean on each other.

Harry does not wear that big lifts XD,maybe some Jimmy--Fallon-sized at best.
All your other comparisons are even more ridiculous,I have no intention to argue over such claims.
G says on 23/Jun/15
Well, let's put an end to this case. Starting with this photo of Taylor with Iggy. Click Here Both are using the same shoe size. Your heels. Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Iggy is listed as 5'10 by most sites, but the lowest it can go is 5'9. Anyway, with these pictures we can eliminate any claim under 5'10 or 5'9.5 for Taylor. Go to minute 2:20 of this video. Click Here Here she is with Rihanna who is 5'8. There is one detail: Ri is closer to the camera, giving it an advantage over Taylor. Even though more distant, she looks 1 inch taller than Rihanna, another evidence that it is nothing below what is listed here. Some photos with Harry Styles. Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Many say he is taller than Taylor actually is not. The shoes that Harry uses appear to be flat, but are not. They have elevators inside, which adds 3 inches to him (or even more ). In a previous comment, I posted an example of shoes like this. Taylor is very close to Hozier with your heels. Which raises one question: how a woman 5'7 or 5'8 be so close will a man 6'5 with heels? She It is much taller than Madonna. See photos with her. .How a woman 5'7 or 5'8 can look at this on a woman 5'3.5? These lowering taxes to Taylor are useless, ridiculous and unfounded. 5'7? 5'8? 5'8.5? Not the cows come home. These tags are out of the question for her. With Selena Gomez: Click Here If Taylor really was 5'7 or 5'8, she I would not look on Selena. Go to the minute 15:40 of this video. Click Here Ed Sheeran who is 5'8 - 5'9, says Taylor is too tall for him, making the comparison of characters in "The Hobbit". The character represented by Taylor is taller than that represented by Sheeran. This proves that she is taller than him. People who really found her, recognized her height and said she is tall. Here are some examples: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here This comment caught my attention: Click Here This person really found her, said even though the 5'10 list, found her taller than expected. In other words, this means that Taylor is taller than 5'10. And finally I found a perfect shot with Karlie Kloss. The photo has good angle camera, neither is closer, are side by side and both are using the same size heels. Here, remember that Karlie is 6'1.5. Click Here There is no way contradict any of this evidence posted by me. There are no excuses. She is as tall as claims. About their height, or she is a strong 5'11 or 5'11 legitimate. Many celebrities can not look at what is really due to bad camera angles, but with better photos, we can get the correct one. The verdict is: Taylor Swift is nothing less than a legitimate 5'11. This case is closed. My work is finished here on this page.
G says on 21/Jun/15
Her legs are not long? Only I laugh. It's an argument without foundation to lower it. Taylor's legs are not short, or medium, are long. See photo below. Click Here Compare with the legs of Karlie. If you ignore her shoes, you will see that your legs has a structure similar to those of Kloss. So Taylor has long legs. I discovered the reason for her to wear skirt above her waist: she does not like to show your navel.
an anonymous peach says on 20/Jun/15
Height183 says on 16/Jun/15
LOL at glennotape. Maybe even 5'11.5'' on the Stadio'G'ter!

I like knowing that I can make people laugh ;D
sasser221 says on 20/Jun/15
That would be great,but it probably wont happen for a lot of reasons,and if Rob does get to take a picture with her,she would need to be in flats,and not heels,for an even better comparison.
vfpswiftie says on 18/Jun/15
I think we can settle all these disputes once Rob gets to have a picture with her. As for my personal opinion, 5'9.5 is spot on
Bishop says on 17/Jun/15
With Cara or Mariska? Hard to say from that angle, but I can see 3 inches with Cara but Taylor had .5-1 inch footwear advantage in that performance, so she could still be 5'9-9.5" range. Although Cara looks noticeably taller than Mariska....

Well, they have gone from claiming 5'8" to 5'7" and even 5'6"! I'm just waiting for them to say 5'5". Some people are just plain ignorant.

People not caring about whether I believe you or not, is exactly what people don't care what she lies about or who taught her guitar. In case you haven't noticed, this is a height site. I never said she was 5'10-11", but claiming 5'7" and even 5'6" is just laughable. I'm sorry if I was rude, but you are not going to get a lot of support from statements like that. Even the ones who want to downgrade her here don't agree with you on 5'7". And telling people who disagree with you that they're fans or on her payroll is a poor excuse for an argument. But Whatever. I can't change your opinion. So good day to you ;)
Height183 says on 17/Jun/15
I think 5'8.5'' is actual her height. 5'9'' is probably her morning height.
Ron says on 17/Jun/15
5'9 I reckon, but it's really hard to judge as she seems to go up and down and when pictured with someone in her range (Harry Styles for example) they're lift wearers so you can't tell!
She seems too adamant on 5'11 though - the fact that she started at -11, went to 10 then back to 11 suggests that she's fabricating something, or that she was at least originally interested in talking up her height. She has really long legs and a slender upper body which clearly work in her favour, but I don't really believe anything above 5'9.5 just because there are too many reasons to suggest this is not the case. She does not look as tall as Karen Gillan for example, and speaking as a 5'11 guy I just get the feeling looking at pictures of her that she's not actually as tall, doesn't look so big next to common everyday objects like cars etc, than I do, it's only when she uses her legs that she shoots up.
Good listing Robb, I think you've probably hit the nail on the head there. We'll have to watch out in case she ever stands next to Tom Hardy, that will be very telling.
jack says on 17/Jun/15 may be right.. like i commented to @vfpswiftie ill give her the inch and say maybe 5'8'' im human and i could be a little off ..but 5'8'' is tops..I mean like I said lol I dont know what else to say..people are going to believe what they want..some people could see her in person and still be in denial ..I guess some people just want to believe shes like 5'10'' or 5'11''.. its not true..but oh well lol..I know when I saw her ..her and my gf were the same height..I am over 5'11'' im not super tall and im not short either..and I looked down to else can I say..peace
jack says on 17/Jun/15
@vfpswiftie thanks for being mature and polite..we will agree to disagree..ill even give her an inch and say maybe 5'8'' and meet you half way..
jack says on 17/Jun/15
@bishop, ps, and I hope rob sees this ..i did see your whole rant attacking me personally..which im wondering if Rob bishop keep making comments acting as if I said them..and referring to things or celebrities I never even mentioned..unfortunately for you @bishop it is pretty obvious you are a fan or one of her employees..the anger and hate you are throwing at me is ridiculous..all I did was state the are taking it to another level..and if rob wants to let you keep ripping me fine its not my site..but its a little sad and ridiculous. and no im not responding to you at all anymore..good luck
jack says on 17/Jun/15
@bishop your just a rude person looking for an argument and im not going to respond to you anymore..I already said I dont ask celebrities for pictures, but if you had read my post instead of being dead set on attacking me might have seen I said I dont care whether you believe me or not..I just posted on here to let people know how tall she really is because I did see her in person and i proved my point and then need to stop attacking me and let it go..if you dont believe that I saw her that's your problem..but why you keep saying that you dont believe me over and over again I dont get it..we all saw your post dont believe me ..we get it already and I dont think we care.
jack says on 17/Jun/15
@az thanks and you are totally right..shes lucky if she hits 5'8'' just another of her and her teams many many lies and embellishments ..
dat says on 16/Jun/15
i think this is right, 177cm.
Height183 says on 16/Jun/15
LOL at glennotape. Maybe even 5'11.5'' on the Stadio'G'ter!
Jerome says on 16/Jun/15
Click Here
I know Taylor is closer to the camera in the picture with adriana, but still...
Jerome says on 16/Jun/15
Click Here
@Allie check the third last picture, how is behati "several inches" taller than Taylor?
sasser221 says on 15/Jun/15
Hey man,just curious,how big do you think the difference is between them in this picture,and also I don't think there is a picture taken which shows their footwear.
Click Here
grizz says on 15/Jun/15
@Bishop, kudos for your efforts, but I think it's pointless when these trolls have an iron-clad agenda against Taylor, regardless of her real height.
an anonymous peach says on 15/Jun/15
She probably measured 5' 11" on the glennotape.
Allie says on 15/Jun/15
Um.. how is she 5'6-5'7? I'd say 5'8.75/5'9 is the lowest I'd go. And 5'9.5 on a very very good day. This girl shows that she's several inches taller than 5'4 S. Gomez.

Also, the 5'10-5'11 rulings are out imo. I saw her video performance at the 2013 VS Fashion Show when she did I Knew You Were Trouble. When Behati stands beside Taylor for a split second, she looks several inches taller. And I'd say Behati is probably about 179, given how she barley edges Adriana and is constantly listed as 5'10 by other sites. Search up T-Swift's snow angels performance 2013 on youtube. Now before you point out the footwear, bear in mind it would take about 2 inches to add one inch of height and I don't think Behati's heels were that much bigger than Taylor's.
az says on 14/Jun/15
I'm with you @jack. She's 5'8" tops. I live down the street from her so I'm sure I'll get a closer look soon. But 5'7" is believable. 5'10 is absurd. But whatevs. She has 5'10 look with those legs. Would be cool if she was more honest!
an anonymous peach says on 14/Jun/15
There's no way a female can grow 1 inch between 24-25 - that's the equivalent of a male growing at about age 26. She probably measured her height in the morning and compared it against a previous measurement of being on her feet for 36 hours.
Bishop says on 14/Jun/15
Wow, this page has gone to the dogs. What it appears we have here is a range for Taylor going from 5'6" to 5'11.25". I will try my best to bring some light into the discussion below.

Before you make up some idiotic argument that I'm on Taylor's payroll or am a fan or even Taylor herself, know that I have never actually liked her. I think she is narcissistic, immature, annoying, and makes awful music. So take it what you will.

Anyways, you did not do what I told you to do. I told you to simply post a photo of you and your girlfriend with Taylor as proof that you met her. And you still haven't done that. So how do you expect me to believe you when you haven't posted any evidence to your claim of meeting her? If you scroll down for a long while, you will come up to at least 3 people who claim to have met Taylor and all said she is 5'11". But I don't believe them, because they haven't posted a photo. So how are you somehow more believable than them? So I'm just being fair. Don't make up some excuse like "im not the type of person to ask for pictures" because I really don't care. You have not "proven" anything. Post a photo or I won't believe you. It's that simple. And it seems like most people on here and even Rob don't believe you, because if he did, he would have downgraded her already. You can claim you met her all you want, but you have no evidence to back this up. There was someone on the Justin Bieber page who said they saw him and he was between 5'9" and 5'10" and someone on the Brad Pittt page said they met him and he was 5'9". Do you now see why I don't believe these meeting claims?

Now on to the rest of your post. What it appears to be is unnecessary garbage that is not the least bit relevant to what height Taylor is. No one here cares how much she lies, who taught her guitar etc. this is about her height. I think you just posted this to elongate your comment. Remember quality > quantity and your comment does't have any of the former. It's obvious Taylor lies about her height, but not by 4-5 inches as you mind-bogginly claim. Do not think that you are unstoppable because you made a humongous comment, because really, it's just filled with nonsense. One thing I would like to clear up is the video with Efron on Ellen. Here is a shot from it:

Click Here

She is taller than him. Just look at their eye levels. Efron's hair is fooling you. More importantly, look at their footwear. Efron is wearing big boots that give him at least a good inch. Maybe 1.25 inch. Taylor is in "ballerina" flats which give her .2-.3 inch at best. If Efron is 5'8" as listed here, he is at least 5'9" in them and most likely a little more. And she is still taller than him. So how is she 5'7" when she is taller than 5'8" Efron? It's not hard to figure out, you know.

Now to the pics with Lautner. Those are very bad pics because the ground is uneven and they are walking. Lautner is listed here as 5'8.5" although I personally believe he isn't over 5'8", but not as short as 5'6". Here are other pics where they are standing in flat ground:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Not only is Lautner wearing boots and is closer to the camera, but Swift is wearing flats and still appears taller than him. These pics certainly support your absurd claim of 5'6" Taylor, right? I also recommend you don't post photos before 2014. Not saying that her BS claim of growing is true, but her posture has noticeably improved and even you said it is terrible:

Click Here

That's probably why she appears taller nowadays than she did before. So try finding me pictures from 2014-15 that prove she is 5'7".

The last part of your post shows how short her legs are and how big her heels are. Her legs are by no means short, but the media overstates how long they are. They are just average, but definitely not short:

Click Here

Also, people here are over exaggeratng how big her heels are. She has actually worn flats quite a few times and very small heels, like in the Efron video and here:

Click Here

Click Here

Most of the time I see her wear heels, it's usually just 4 inch heels. She will occasionally wear platforms, but they are not like Lady Gaga big. And, I can't believe how many times I have to say this, but heels do not give what they claim. Read this:

Click Here

4 inch heels give max 3-3.25 inch while 6 inch heels give no more than 4-5 inches depending on the platform. You probably already know this, but just thought you should be reminded.

Now that I'm finished criticizing your post, I'll further disprove your claim that she is not tall. People who have actually (I still don't believe you have) have acknowledged how tall she is. Here are a few examples:

Click Here - Rolling Stone "She's Five Feet 10, but looks much taller, even with her lanky legs wrapped underneath like a pretzel twist."

Click Here - Telegraph UK "Despite knowing her height (5'10" or 178 cm) I find her taller than I expected and slimmer, too."

Click Here - 6ft Imogen Heap "This tall, immaculate, friendly young woman"

Click Here
Click Here - 6'3" Erin Mathias "You're so tall and beautiful" and "Thank you for wearing heels and making me look less like a giant" (Her heels are not even that big)

I think this further disproves your claim that you met her. The people who actually have met her and have evidence seem to acknowledge her as tall. And now to get on to evidence that proves that she is at least 5'9" and not 5'6" to 5'7" as you hilariously claim. Some I have already posted, but I thought
you should see them.
With 5'6.75" Hailee Steinfield:

Click Here


Click Here

Click Here

Isn't she supposed to be the same height as Hailee? I mean, you did meat her after all and said she was 5'6-5'7" at best.

With 6'5" Hozier:

Click Here

Click Here

Rob said Taylor's heels at this event give her 4 inches. Hozier's shoes should get him around 6'6". She's only 4 inches shorter than him. A 5'7" woman will never look this close to a 6'5" man. And don't even try to say Hozier is shorter than listed because here he is with Ellen and Bill Hader:

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Click Here

Click Here

With Gigi Hadid:

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Click Here

Taylor has ground advantage and looks the same height as Gig which means that she is at least as tall as her.

With Madonna:

Click Here

That's definitely only a 4 inch difference. There are even videos of their performance that you can search up where she towers over Madonna. A 5'6" girl can't do that to a 5'3.5" woman.

With Aisha Tyler (who is probably more 5'11.5"):

Click Here

Taylor was wearing heels that Rob said give her 3.5 inches. Aisha was wearing 3 inch heels which give 2.5-.7 inch (probably the latter due to Aisha's large feet).

With Sam Smith:

Click Here

The footwear:

Click Here

Click Here

One thing I find funny about you is how you said on the Miley Cyrus page that she is 5'7" although with supposedly 5'6" Taylor Click Here I am not sure how exactly that's plausible. I

I think I've proven my point. You're pretty much finished, jack. The only real argument you can make is that you've met her, but you have yet to post any evidence that you have. Based on your comments, I came to the assumption that you are either....:

1. Someone who holds a serious grudge against Taylor and will do anything to downgrade her. Might be true as you have digged through the internet to prove how big of a liar Taylor is, when you are one yourself. I am not a fan myself, but I would never let my hatred for a celebrity blind my judgement on their height. The same thing is happening on JB's page.

2. Someone who is insecure about their own height and can't stand the fact that Taylor is taller than them.

3. Just some troll who will downgrade someone as much as possible for the lulz.

If you are either of these, then please leave this site. No one will take you seriously. Now I hope you read the whole thing and take care!

As for my opinion on her height, I think 176 cm is on the money. She can look both 5'9 and 10, but looks 5'9" flat way to many times to be the full 5'10". This is probably my last post on this page depending on whether jack replies or not. I think I'm done here.
Josh says on 14/Jun/15
Very lowest I could go for her is 5'8. But this is the highest she can be though. Nothing over.
G says on 13/Jun/15
Please, this is a discussion site about celebrities in height, not for fighting. As I mentioned before, if she were at 5'7 or 5'8, severe relegation to many famous would be required. Watch this vídeo. Click Here Go to minute 15:40. Sheeran says Taylor is too tall for him. He's like 5'8. He compared them as characters of "The Hobbit". Therefore, it must be taller than him. Tell me, what excuse will give to continue claiming 5'7 and 5'8 for Taylor? They will tell you that she combined with Sheeran to mention this? Comments have been posted enough to end these claims.
Honestone says on 13/Jun/15
Stop the BS! She's 5'8 and a half or 5'9! The giant heels make her look 5'10 sometimes but a legit 5'10 in heels can look like a 5'11
littlesue says on 13/Jun/15
Hilarious how a lot keep saying she 5ft 6 or 7. She on our GMTV show couple of years back and the reporter Emma Crosby who is on this site and listed as 5ft 9.5, stood face on together with her to make a point how she was as tall as Taylor.
17 says on 13/Jun/15
Click Here
vfpswiftie says on 12/Jun/15
@jack yes I'm a fan of hers but I'm just saying what I see about her height. 5ft9 is the lowest she can get. That's my opinion. And you're opinion is that she's 5'7 max and I respect that.
Just says on 12/Jun/15
@ Jack, Taylor doesn't have a good posture. If she stands straight I think she can reach 5'8"5 or 5'9 flat. I wouldn't go as low as 5'7 because in heels she can reach Nicole Kidman's height. For sure Taylor isn't 5'9"5 barefeet.
grizz says on 12/Jun/15
I'm waiting for the 5'5 listings LMAO
kay says on 12/Jun/15
Rob, whats the height difference here? Click Here
[Editor Rob: really hard to say from that photo]
184.3cm (Night) says on 12/Jun/15
Anything under 5'8 is madness. I thought for a long time she was a 175cm girl (5'8.75" ) but then i came round to 176cm (5'9.25") Makes me wonder if her big heels give even more than i thought. Still a half inch isnt bad you guys with your 5'7 lol .
Jerome says on 12/Jun/15
If Taylor was 5'7 Madonna is no even 5 feet
vfpswiftie says on 11/Jun/15
And how come she's as tall as David Letterman, who's 6'1.5 I believe, when she's wearing shoes giving her about 3.5 inches of actual height. No 5'7 or even 5'8 can do that and even if you say that letterman's only 6ft,he's still wearing shoes that would make him at least 6'1
vfpswiftie says on 11/Jun/15
@jack, no offense but as if anyone would believe you if you say she's 5'6-5'7. 5'8" is the lowest she can go. Have a nice day!
sasser221 says on 11/Jun/15
@jack a 5'8.5 is a lot more reasonable,5'6 to 5'7 is really a lot to downgrade her to,but if that is your honest opinion on her height,then I cant change it,all I can and will say is that 5'6 to 5'7 is really big downgrade.
jack says on 11/Jun/15
@vfpswiftie zack is not wearing inch and a half shoes,and im not counting his hair...and ellen doesn't stand straight up ever because it is known she has back problems so she slouches a lot, ellen talks about her back and neck problems a lot on her show...taylor is not tall, thats all there is too it, no matter how you want to spin not saying she is 5'5'' but 5'7'' is probably her sorry and I see your a fan by your commenter/nicknname on here but she lies about being tall. thats all there is too it. what really irritates me is that some celebrities like taylor swift lie to so many people about so many things and their fans believe them..I feel bad for the fans she lies to is what I am saying.
jack says on 11/Jun/15
@just...thanks.. you are right on...she also pulls her skirts and shorts soooo high over her belly button to make her torso look shorter and legs look longer..I had to defend myself against fakes posters on here like "G" attacking me and calling me a liar..which I think I succeeded.I know what I saw in person.taylor swift is not tall is all a I said, when we saw her in person I might give her 5'8'' but that really isnt honest, shes not even 5'8''..5'6" to 5'7'' is more right on for her i would say. there is no way she is anywhere near even 5'9" she seriously needs a downgrade from Rob on here .. seriously needs a downgrade lol.
Just says on 10/Jun/15
@ Jack Those last pics you've posted are exactly the reason why Taylor always wears shorts skirts and shorts: to make her legs look longer. Although she has beautiful legs, her legs aren't long. She has a long torso, and average length legs.
vfpswiftie says on 9/Jun/15
on the Ellen video she was wearing ballet flats and ellen was wearing an inch thick sneakers and efron was wearing maybe a 1 1/4 inch thick sneakers. Also efron's hair is up, giving him at least an inch of boost. As for ellen, watch the video, "Ellen Gets Serious with Taylor Swift part 1" I think, and you'll see that they were walking together, Taylor is wearing flats and slouching a bit but still taller than Ellen by an inch. :)
jack says on 9/Jun/15
P.S. "G" it is well known that most celebs give themselves at least a 2 inch boost..thats why people say "is that hollywood height or real height" and also of course other celebrities are gong to cover another celebrities lies..they all promote each is one of the biggest no nos in the entertainment business to say something negative about another celebrity you can be blackisted for that. thats why celebs always compliment each other so much "oh hes or she the best" or "shes so beautiful" or "I just love him or her" but I think you already know all of this "G"
jack says on 9/Jun/15
this is going to be long but I will prove my case...

"G" is most probably another social media person on taylor swifts payroll..that is why she attacked me and called me a liar, which "G", I dont appreciate not lying and i proved it.the ellen video is all you need but Im sure I can find more..look up pictures of taylor laughtner ill show a link at the bottom.he is said to be about 5'6'' and taylor with him shes about the same height..and no one grows after 21 at the oldest..look it up..just another one of her is known no that taylor swift employs people who create fake accounts and go around defending her lies and saying things like "she is so classy, or she is so beautiful"but they are fake accounts in the comment sections like I guess is starting to happen here like this "G" Person...many accounts change names in the last few months because they are being exposed.and for the record..I travel a lot and see a lot of celebrities..they are just I dont ask them for the no that kind of guy..and when We saw her I didnt go "hey lets ask security if we can get a picture babe so we can show you two are the same height" thats so stupid. we just commented about it and got our coffee. this isnt the only thing taylor lies about if I may I will prove my point..
taylor says she taght herself guitar..but when one of her guitar teachers was found and went on the news and said she was lying she tried to sue him check link here..

Click Here

she lied and said that she had a modest uprbringing and grew up on a xmas tree farm..and tho her parents own a xmas tree farm she really grew up in a million dollar home in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods look here.

Click Here

and her parents bough her record deal look here..

Click Here

here is taylor swift with 5'6'' to 5'8'' max taylor laughtner..he almost lost on on the role for the second twilight becasue he was too small..he said so himself..he had to prove himself. once again in these links taylor is no where near 5'11'' sorry

Click Here

Click Here

and a video

Click Here

taylor laughtner with ellen

Click Here

Click Here

now when you see talor at an awards show and her gown or pants is completely covering her massive heels so you cant see them..and her legs look like they are 4 times the lenght of the rest of her body you know why..because she lies about her height..
here is taylor with those really long legs coverd up by her pants and or gown notice how long her legs look compared to her torso in these links..

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

rediculous right?

now lets see her in regular look how short her legs actually are in proportion to her torso..this is the real taylor.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

I think I have proven my case..ENOUGH SAID!
Dem says on 8/Jun/15
"G" I would like to know your comment on the ellen video. Nobody is wearing lifts or any suspicious footwear.
Cece says on 7/Jun/15
Wow shes is beautiful, im tall and dislike it, but since i found out that Taylor swift is tall i started to accept my height because she really looks good tall
G says on 5/Jun/15
Oops! I forgot to mention something: these shoes that Harry is wearing in the pictures with Taylor provide 2 or 3 inches (or more).
G says on 5/Jun/15
One reason for some people to lower Taylor 5'8 are the photos with Harry Styles. Many agree that he is 5'9 or 5'9.25, I also agree. Here are some photos. Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here In these pictures, Harry looks 1 inch taller than Taylor. For those unaware, she's wearing ordinary shoes, and Harry's shoes appear to be normal but are not. They have elevators inside can be repaired to the base of the shoe is higher. They are similar to this Click Here Actually, She is not shorter than him. I repeat: Taylor is not 5'7 or 5'8 as some say. I would like to answer the question: with these elevators shoes, which Harry can achieve?
Yo says on 5/Jun/15
She looks the same as Ellen.
Dem says on 5/Jun/15
Why won't people admit she is 173-175cm. Look at the ellen video Click Here
G says on 3/Jun/15
Hello. I see every comment with lame and stupid excuses to demote Taylor. For example: "it uses larger heels," she wears skirt above the navel "and the dumbest of all," she is thin, which makes it seem taller. I know very well what a lean 5'7 woman looks. I know lean 5'7 women and neither of them has a body like Taylor. If she really was 5'7 or 5'8, the difference between it and Karlie would be much higher. Click Here The heels are the same size if you look. I know many will say that I am a fanatic for Taylor Swift, but I'm not trying to prove she does not tell lies about their height to be a fan. All these my arguments are made based on investigations with photos. 5'7-8 is impossible. I am hoping the claims 5'6 and 5'5 for her, and soon we will have Madonna taller. If I have offended anyone with this comment, sorry.
mikey says on 2/Jun/15
Rob, have you ever found a picture where she's taller than a legit 6'1˝ guy?
vfpswiftie says on 2/Jun/15
I think that she's a strong 5ft9 and a weak 5ft10. 5ft9.5 no more no less
Bishop says on 1/Jun/15
Bishop says on 1/Jun/15
How was I being rude? I wasn't insulting you. I just said I won't believe you until you post a photo. Anyone can claim they met a celebrity. 5'7" is simply not possible for her. I already stated I do not like her at all and that she lies about her height so I'm not sure why your second post was really necessary. I already explained the Efron video, he has footwear advantage.
Mischa says on 1/Jun/15
Hey Rob, how much height would these have given her? Click Here
Heres the dimensions of the shoes - Click Here
[Editor Rob: those can get you over 4 inches of actual height nearer 4.5 for a size 9 foot]
anon says on 31/May/15
Click Here look at these things, she wants to be so much taller than she is
grizz says on 31/May/15
My final guess on her height and I'm outta here - 176 cm ; weak 5ft10 out of bed, 5ft9.5 morning/midday, 5ft 9,25 -afternoon, evening.
That quote from Vanity Fair might be paraphrased to "I think what I would mostly be looking for in a guy ... is someone who sees me in my actual dimensions: big fat liar." If she claimed then 5'10 and in 2015 claimed she grew an inch, basically she's back to her 5'11 claim.
Honestly, if I claimed to others I was 6ft 2 instead of 6ft, people would laugh at me. But she manages to get away with it, probably because of her thin figure, very long legs and wearing 6in heels 24/7.
G says on 31/May/15
Jack is lying. Your review must be rejected. There is no Taylor Swift be 5'7 or 5'8. People who really knew her sayed that she is tall. If she really was 5'7 or 5'8, all famous we know need of a severe downgrade. For example, if Taylor were to these brands, Iggy Azalea would be 5'7 or 5'5.75 Click Here (Taylor and Iggy are wearing heels same size Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here ). Gomez would be 5'2 or 5'3, Karlie Kloss would be 5'9 or 5'10 Click Here Bruno Mars would 4'10.5 or 5 feet, John Mayer would 5'11.25 or 6'0.5, Rihanna would be 5'5 or 5'6, Katy Perry would be 5'5 or 5'6, Calvin Harris would be 6'1 or 6 '2, Afrojack would 6'1.5 or 6'2.75, Harry Styles would be 5'7 in their elevators (co Taylor photos, he's wearing a shoe with a lift that adds up to 3 inches, discovered examined these photos, she would 5'7 or 5'8 Harry would be 5'3 barefoot), Madonna would 5 feet and more famous should be downgraded. See this comment made here in Taylor page: "Wolfman says 12 / Nov / 14. Security was working on a show of an award that will remain anonymous. Taylor Swift was wearing heels. I was within three feet of her. Im 6'3 without shoes. I was normal running shoes and Swift was I would say no more than an inch shorter than me. Im about 6'4 and a half with shoes. I would say with heels put her in 6'3. I think she's probably 5'11 barefoot." There is no way a woman 5'7 or 5'8 be 6'3 in heels. See other comments here: " Calisurf says on 2/Jan/15
Yah I met her she's definitely five eleven cuz I'm five ten and she was just barely taller than me." " OMG says on 19/Mar/15
I met her last month and she's 5'11 no heels. and I'm 6'1, I just measured my self in the clinic." Those people who really knew her claim that she is tall as 5'11 or around that. There is no way Taylor be 5'7 or 5'8. Bishop posted enough photos to end these claims. Someone here asked me if that friend of mine who I have mentioned in previous review that met Selena Gomez is really a legitimate 5'7. Yes, this is your time, because she works in the same factory as me. One day, nutritionists measured and weighed all employees. They measured with one of those meters that Rob uses in his videos. They wrote down the height and weight of workers. Soon after I was measured, I decided to find out how high were some of my colleagues and found the name of my friend and written next to his height "5'7 (170 cm)".
sasser221 says on 31/May/15
I honestly think that this supports my claim of at least a weak 5'9 Click Here
Martha says on 31/May/15
I think this prediction is accurate considering the size of the heels that she wears. I highly doubt that she has grown recently considering that girls averagely reach their full height by 14-15 years old (usually stop growing when they start menstruating).
SHORTY says on 31/May/15
She claims to have grown an inch in height between the ages of 24-25? Not that an occurence like that is impossible, but for a young rare.
jack says on 31/May/15
@bishop p.s. please don't use a rude tone and incinuate that.I am a liar...that is really rude..and I've proven what I said ..I'm starting to think by your comments on here u are one of the many Taylor swift social media people she is said to employ who run around with fake accounts to brag her up and defend all of her lies..if u are please leave here...
jack says on 31/May/15 don't have to believe me..he Zack doesn't have large heals on and Ellen degeneres certainly doesn't and Taylor is the same height as Ellen..Taylor just lies ..that's just the the video again.Taylor also wears pants and skirts to high to try and hide her uneven proportions..that's the real reason she pulls up over her belly button...if she was so tall she wouldn't have to wear heels always..but she also looks very odd in regular shoes due to her uneven proportions and horrible hunchback posture..I'm not trying to be rude about her but the Ellen video in my last post is all you need..and I'm sorry but if u look at the gowns she wears at awards and formal things it is obvious
She has at Least 6 to seven inch platforms on under..she is starting to look rediculous at this point.
OneNamePlease says on 30/May/15
176.5 (176cm) is 5'9.5 and harry styles is 176 too but 9.25
Sam says on 29/May/15
I think closer to 5ft9 (176cm) would be a perfect listing for Taylor.
Bishop says on 28/May/15
Her being 5'7" would make a lot of celebrities in need for a serious downgrade. People who have actually met her have acknowledged her height and stated that she was tall. I'm going to take what they say over someone who claims to have met her here. As Rob said, these celebrity sightings claims are to be taken with a large pinch of salt, so I won't believe you until you post a photo. Sorry, but 5'7" and even 5'8" are completely out of the question, no matter how much I hate her. I've already posted enough evidence to obliterate those claims. Oh, and in that video, Swift was in ballerina flats and Efron was in very thick shoes (and God knows what he has in them).

Selena didn't claim a height, I think. If she did, then Rob should have added it to her page.
Allie says on 27/May/15
I'd guess 5'10 in the morning probably, and then like 175-177 at night. Nothing below that. Though I think Harry should be at least 177 and Taylor should be 176 given there pictures.

And G, are you sure your friend is a legit 5'7? People lie or round their height all the time. If this true, then that's very odd that Selena would be rounding down an inch or two even though she's only in the 5'5 range. Would expect maybe a 5'11ish girl to do that, but at her average height? Eh.
jack says on 27/May/15
so yeah, I commented a few months ago..saw her in person, she is no more than 5'8'' but that is pushing it ..i just dont know why she lies about it? she is the same height as zach efron on ellen and the same height as ellen ..and ellen claims to be 5'7''..which is exactly what I said a few months ago same height as my girlfriend when we saw taylor in person really is irritating that she lies so much tho about it..when it is so easily proven that she is only about 5'7'' check out this video on ellen..sorry but she does have long legs but she will never even be 5'9'' sorry guys..shes not tall..just wears massive heals all the time..ive notice she goes really overboard at awards and weras really long dresses or pants to cover the massive heals she has on..seriously like massive platform heels

Click Here
G says on 26/May/15
I know, annoyed me a bit because of these arguments even without a foundation imposed by spokes. I do not agree with these downgrades for Taylor. It is not 5'7 or 5'8 or the cows come home. But there downgrades for other celebrities that I agree. Taylor Lautner probably use elevators. In a film a passport describes him as 5'10, as it is more a celebrity who wants to look 5'10 or 5'11.
vfpswiftie says on 25/May/15
Rob do you think she can go below 5ft9? Cause I honestly think that 5ft9 woul be her worst and I'd say she's a weak 5'10
[Editor Rob: 5ft 9 I think is arguable. 5ft 9.5 at the moment I think she would measure, but she can at times look just 5ft 9.]
Bishop says on 25/May/15
Please calm down. No need to get angry. I think the 5'7-8" claims are ridiculous too but it's just people's opinions and we have to accept that, even if some seem bizarre. Also, Lautner has never seen 5'10" in his life.
G says on 24/May/15
I posted a comment on Harry Styles page of the difference in height between the two. Make sure you think he's taller than her.
az says on 24/May/15
has anyone noticed that she is the same height at martha hunt, 5'9.5"5'10", when martha is in very normal heels and taylor is adding 6" platforms? Taylor is not over 5'8".

taylor: Click Here

Click Here

martha: Click Here
sasser221 says on 24/May/15
Rob,I don't know if you saw the new Bad Blood music video Click Here but at the end of the video,around 3:50 when Taylor and Selena stare at each other how big is their height difference?
[Editor Rob: only 2-3 inches really, but it is very brief. In reality it is usually much bigger.]
Natasha says on 24/May/15
Taylor is tall & super leggy, 176right for he
G says on 23/May/15
What ignorance, some people live here trying to demean any celebrity absurdly. Taylor Swift at 5'7, 5'8? How much bull****. I as a fan of it, I'm trying to prove that she is as high as says. Look at the pictures posted by me on one on my previous review and the Bishop of Taylor with Karlie Kloss, and you came that she is more than 5'9. Want more? Here is a picture with Karlie is 6'1.5 and Selena Gomez who is 5'6 (I know some will tell me that it is lower, but it is actually 5'6, by a friend who is 5'7 met her and showed me a picture of her with Selena, she looked taller 2 cm, and told me he was wearing the same shoe size than hers) Click Here See how Taylor is much higher than Selena, (no lame excuse like she's wearing heels higher, please). She's a little taller than Taylor Lautner if you look at Valentine's Day. Lautner's probably 5'10 or a possible 5'10'5, see pictures of him with Robert Patinson. Taylor Swift on the heels is not much lower than Karlie also with heels. See. Click Here In the following photo, Click Here both are on a rock. With those shoes, Taylor can look at about the same time Karlie, but she is in a lower place, qua gives an advantage will Karlie. Even if in the same location and Taylor were without these shoes, the difference between the two would be immense. This should put an end to these ridiculous downgrades.
Hypado says on 23/May/15
My final guess

Taylor Swift's height is 5ft 9.25in (175,5 cm)
grizz says on 22/May/15
Wow- even with thos ginormous heels Click Here she's got nothing on Calvin Harris Click Here Strong 5'9 at best.
What strikes me the most is why such a tall lady per se insists on carrying 5-6 inch heels on every ceremony? I bet she's as tall as her bodyguards.
Bishop says on 20/May/15
I'm pretty sure that's the same John who spams on the Heidi Klum page and keeps on stating that she's 5'7" or less yet posts no evidence to it besides saying things like how this is somehow 6-7 inches:

Click Here (Karlie even has bigger heels)

And that this is 5 inches:

Click Here

Click Here

He even still believes that heels actually give what they advertise. He's probably just mad because Rob downgraded Elle Macpherson (who he argues was 6'1") to 5'11.5".
Just says on 20/May/15
@Yo, in the pic where Taylor's walking on to the stage, you can see she's wearing super huge massive 6" platform high heels. The highest I've seen she's worn. Click Here She's wearing extra long jumpsuit with 36" inseam (that's 6" too long for her as you can see) to cover her huge heels perfectly Click Here It looks like the other girls wore 4" heels.
grizz says on 19/May/15
@John, jeez, it's like people here are too ignorant to scroll the page down. Look at Bishop's posts, especially the ones with Taylor and Karlie, and you'll see she's every bit >5'9
John28 says on 18/May/15
Are these heights estimated when barefoot or wearing high heels (or lifts in the case of men)? Taylor is towered by Karlie even when Taylor wears those extremely high platform heels and Karlie is usually in flats and slouching. Most of the heights here appear to be inflated, unless of-course the height estimation includes high-heel or very thick-sole/lift wearing. Very few are those who are honest about their height. Just put them next to Karlie and they'll get myth-busted.
vfpswiftie says on 18/May/15
Have you seem the latest videos of Taylor hugging Calvin at the 2015 BBMAs? She sure looks like 4 inches shorter than him in heels so that would make her about 6'2" in heels. Also she's a bit taller than Zendaya whose 5'9"
Yo says on 18/May/15
But she maybe around 5'8-5'9. Can't see Taylor's heel.
G says on 17/May/15
Look at this picture of her with Ed Sheraan Click Here Taylor Flats would appear to be the same height as Sheraan, but there is one detail: he is nearer the camera, giving you an edge over her. Based on this we can conclude that Taylor is higher than Sheraan. Another detail: Sheraan not be said exactly 5'8, he said he's around that. It can be 5'8.5 or 5'9. Note: A person who knew him claimed he was in this range. It is not 5'7 or 5'8 as well as many say here. This is not the only evidence. I was watching some videos on YouTube celebrities and by chance found this Click Here Go to minute 2:20. Taylor is here with Rihanna who is 5'8. There is one detail: Rihanna is closer to the camera, which gives you an edge. However, despite being closer to the camera, she looks 1 inch lower than Taylor. This puts an end to the ridiculous claims 5'7, 5'7.5, 5'8 and 5'8.5 for Taylor and the fact that Rihanna is 5'8, 5'9 the claim is also eliminated.
Yo says on 17/May/15
Click Here Zendaya, Lily Aldridge, Taylor Swift, Martha Hunt, and Hailee Steinfeld. Look through all the pictures for certain angles. I'd say Taylor is 5'10.
grizz says on 17/May/15
Click Here
In what universe is that "same height"? BTW, matching shirt color, LOL.
Skye says on 17/May/15
I think Harry should actually be either 178 or 177 and 175 for Taylor.
sasser221 says on 16/May/15
Rob,do you think she looks like a weak 5'9 at times or no?
[Editor Rob: many times she can look just 5ft 9, but I'd be surprised if she was barely 5ft 9. ]
grizz says on 15/May/15
@Bishop, well I guess Calvin dropped some serious amount of height since he started dating her. To paraphrase Tommy Wiseau: "You're tearing me apart, Taylor!"
sasser221 says on 15/May/15
I think she needs some glasses.A blind man could say that she is shorter than him.
Bishop says on 14/May/15
This woman said Taylor and Calvin Harris were the same height:

Click Here

lol, what do you guys think?
Michael says on 14/May/15
How can Harry get listed shorter than Taylor Swift if he is taller in every picture of them I see?
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Either she is 5'8" or he is somewhere near the 5'11"
Natasha says on 14/May/15
I am not a big fan of most of
her music, but she is the most beautiful female singer)
@ grizz she can't be taller then 5.9, 174-175 it's a tall, most of guys shorter than 5.9, that why shes look so tall.
Mat 5'10 says on 13/May/15
Rob, would you rule out a full 5'10 for her? (I wish you do, i hate her xD )
[Editor Rob: I think she can pull that mark off at times, but under the stadiometer I believe she might not hit it...but I wouldn't dismiss it out of hand! I'd dismiss 5ft 11 out of hand though.]
grizz says on 12/May/15
@Just, can't see footwear on that photo.
Just says on 12/May/15
@grizz The clip you've posted is a clip for SNL. It's meant to be funny, so it's fake. Taylor was probably standing on a box or something. Here you can see the real heightdifference between Taylor and 5'5 Kristen Click Here only 3 inches.
And, Taylor did wear 5" platform heels in SNL, see Click Here
_The_Taylorswift_Lover says on 11/May/15
She's very tall. I'm short, but I hope to be the same height. It says i'll be 3 in. smaller than 5'10
sasser221 says on 10/May/15
Right up there with you man,i think she is 175-176 max.
Habib says on 10/May/15
with Taylor Launter She Is the same so i beilive she is 174- 175
HB says on 9/May/15
grizz says on 9/May/15
@sasser221, yeah, I saw that clip, too. But Hader seems like an odd case. Edward Norton claims he's 1in shorter than he, next to Ty Burrell he seemed 1in shorter. If he really is 6'1, Taylor is nothing below 5'9 in that clip. I still stay by my 176 as minimum and 177-178 as her possible height.
sasser221 says on 8/May/15
An even better comparison,Click Here against Bill Hader,who is 6'1.
grizz says on 7/May/15
Click Here Next to Kristen Wiig, who's listed here at 5'5. I really doubt Taylor wore heels, that's an older clip when she wasn't obsessed with wearing them.
Blink says on 4/May/15
Rob do you think it is possible that she grew anything after 21? Is it even possible?
[Editor Rob: I can't see evidence of it. It has to be a mismeasurement or a "lets not push down her hair" type of measurement ;)]
Iron Throne says on 4/May/15
If Taylor is 5 ft 9.5 and Harry Styles is 5 ft9.25 then howcome Harry looks taller than her in just about every photo on google?
G says on 3/May/15
I believe Taylor is 5'11 or 5'11.25 but I do not doubt that it can be less than that, but if it is, is not far from these brands. Well, there are models who are 5'8, then it would be useless to argue more. Anyway she is not inferior to 5'9.5, watch Valentine's Day, she looked an inch taller than Taylor Lautner who is 5'8.5 - 5'10.5. She is somewhere between 5'9.5 and 5'11.25, depending on Lautner height. I repeat, anything below 5'9 is ridiculous, it is like saying that Robert Wadlow was only 6'11.
Alex says on 1/May/15
Katy perry is not 5'8 she's 5'7 and Taylor is like 5'8 1/2
Taylor says on 1/May/15
176cm for tay
grizz says on 30/Apr/15
@Ross, no way Katy is 5'8
Ross says on 29/Apr/15
ok, if katy perry is 5.8 the taylor is 5.9,5 right?
Just says on 28/Apr/15
I accidently sent an incomplete comment last time.

@G Taylor claims to be taller because she wants the modelheight: 5'10. Even at the VS event she was dressed like a VS model. She first claimed 5'11, then claimed 5'10 and now, by saying she's grown an inch last year, she's basically claiming 5'11 again. She's always showing her legs in super short skirts and sky high heels just to look taller. She's not the only one, Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence and lots of other tall girls claim to be taller. Even really tall girls like 6 footers Maria Sharapova and Ireland Baldwin claim to be taller. I think Rob is off by (only) an inch and that her height is 5'8"5, not lower and certainly not higher, maybe 5'9 morningheight max.
And the heights switch with Jaime King caused by camera angles: doesn't that mean they're the same height? So again: 5'8"5 for Taylor.
louise2002 says on 28/Apr/15
She claims 5'10" herself, so
how would she be 5'11"?
louise2002 says on 28/Apr/15
she is not 5.11 or180cm...but 5.6 is too for her...
5.9,5 or 176cm...
Taylor says on 25/Apr/15
sorry but she's not 5,11
really not(
5,9 right for her(5.9 - 5,11 it's a big difference like 5.5 and 5,7 haha)
Just says on 25/Apr/15
@G Taylor claims to be taller because she wants the modelheight: 5'10. Even at the VS event she was dressed like a VS model. She first claimed 5'11, then claimed Always showing her legs in super short skirts and sky high heels. She's not the only one, Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence and lots of other tall girls claim to be taller.
Skye says on 24/Apr/15
The very least I see this girl is 174 cm. On average she looks more like a strong 175, 176 which is still close to this estimation. I just had to lol though at her claim that she grew an inch from last year even though she's like 25 right now? I know that you have late bloomers, but most girls should be done growing near 17-18, maybe earlier. By her age, this should be her height for most of her life.

Still above average for the typical girl though.
Bishop says on 24/Apr/15
I don't see how she is gaining height by leaning her head on her shoulder, but she is still taller than Iggy, regardless of it. There are a few more pics of them where Taylor is not leaning her head and is still taller than Iggy. In that pic with Justin, She looks about the same height as him (He has more hair than her) maybe a quarter inch shorter. Her heels would give her 3 inches in height and Justin's shoes would give him an inch, so he'd be 6'0.5" in them. So since her heels give 3 inches, she's still be 5'9.5". As I said, you are free to your opinion, so believe what you wish.

I agree. 5'7-5'8" claims are ridiculous.
G says on 23/Apr/15
Well, 5'11.25 was just a guess with her picture with Iggy, that I had not been investigated much about if your height is 5'10 fact. I'm just trying to prove that Taylor is around what she claims. I do not doubt that it can be less than 5'11, but if it is, it is not much less than many here say. The 5'9 claims are still close to their claims, but 5'8 or 5'7 is ridiculous, since I saw someone claim up to 5'6 for her. If you doubt someone will still claim something less than 5'3. Are very demeaning her. To say that it is less than 5'9 are trying to bring it down for fun or prejudice with tall woman. If Taylor was 5'8 (which is high for a woman) do not know why she would claim to be higher. Please,if my comment was offensive, I'm sorry, but I honestly do not understand why many pension that she lies about their height.
sasser221 says on 23/Apr/15
I saw that pic with Iggy,and her head was leaning on her shoulder(same with Sean St.Ledger),and here she is with Justin Timberlake(who is listed as 5'11.5)Click Here
Click Here (second pic shows footwear of Justin)
Click Here (this one shows her footwear)
Another reason why i believe,now its just me,that she is a weak 5'9,but i gave up on believing she is anything lower than that.
Bishop says on 22/Apr/15
Well, I don't know how tall Sean is, so he isn't a good reference. And we can't see footwear or the top of their heads so you can't base off of that (and it's a bad photo anyway). As I said, I posted more than just that pic with Harry which shows footwear and you didn't comment on them. Read what I said again: "Why do you think Taylor, who practically sleeps in heels, suddenly doesn't wear them when around him?" I am saying that she never wears heels when with him. She's always in flats or very thin soled shoes and he has footwear advantage, so it is very unlikely she's wearing heels. She wears heels with everyone else, but not him. Why do you think that? It's obvious, if she wore heels, she would tower over him. And I don't think she would be comfortable with that. But I agree that she isn't 5'11", but she isn't less than 5'9". She's still taller than Iggy.
Daf says on 21/Apr/15
How is she listed at 177 cm when Harry Styles was taller than her in about every picture?
120 says on 21/Apr/15
You think she was being a bit egotistical and fully exaggerating with that last line, that she thinks she grew?
[Editor Rob: I think she probably thought she did, but I'd put it down to 2 different measurements she's got and she thinks she grew.]
sasser221 says on 21/Apr/15
I started talking about harry simply because he gave me the illusion that he looked a lot taller than her,but seeing this picture with Sean St.Ledger,who according to Orlando City FC(the club that he plays for)has him listed as 6'0,while Wikipidea has him as 5'11,and ESPN have listed him as 5'10,that is why i said in between(im probably going offtopic talking about him instead),that picture that i posted is the only one that i could find,none with footwear whatsoever,therefore i think she is 5'8.5,maybe 5'9 at best,this also rules out whatever @G was saying about her being 5'11.25
6ftMagician says on 20/Apr/15
Rob, she looks a bit closer to 5'10'' than 5'9'', right?
[Editor Rob: I still go with bang in middle of the two]
Bishop says on 20/Apr/15
It's okay. We can all have opinions here. We'll never know how tall she is unless measured anyway, so it's all just guesses. I didn't actually mean all the stuff I said. But yes, she does seem like she wants to be taller, but she is still very tall for a lady, and many people who have met her have acknowledged this. I also agree that she isn't 5'11", but she later claimed 5'10" which is much more reasonable.

Try finding one pic of her in heels with Harry and him in regular shoes. She never wears heels with him. Why do you think that? She always wears flats or thin soles when with him. You can believe he's taller, but I personally believe that they are no more than a quarter inch apart. And you seemed to have ignored the other photos. I don't know how tall Sean St. Ledger is (you say he's between 5'10" to 6' so let's just say 5'11"), but we obviously can't see footwear there or the top of their heads.

I know Nick Young is listed at DraftExpress at 6'5", but most agree that it may have been an early in the morning measurement. He is shorter than Kobe Bryant if you search up photos, who claimed to have been measured at 6'4.75". Iggy I think is 5'9" flat. And her hair maybe doesn't end as short as where you think it does. I don't think the difference is anywhere near 3 inches, maybe .5-1 inch.
sasser221 says on 20/Apr/15
I could not find a single picture of what shoes they were wearing in that picture,as you said she sleeps in heels,so she could be wearing heels in that particular picture
Just says on 19/Apr/15
@Bishop, I can understand your reaction caused by your personal situation. It's okay. Apology accepted.
I too thought Taylor's 5'10, but after seeing her with Karlie, Katie Holmes, Emma Stone and later with Lorde, I can't see her over 5'9. That why she's in my opinion 5'8"5, still tall though. I don't think she lies about her height, I think she really believes she's 5'11.
Here are some pics with Emma Stone, see the pics in the comments in the first link.
Click Here
There no more than 3 or 4 inches heightdifference Click Here while Taylor has at least an inch footwear advantage Click Here
The only way to know Taylor's real height is to measure her. Or to let her stand next to Katie Holmes or 5'9 Doutzen Kroes, all barefeet and in their best posture.
vfpswiftie says on 19/Apr/15
Guys calm down. I am a fan of her and at first I thought she was only like 5'4". Then I checked her height and I was shocked she was listed as 5'11" way back in 2010. At first I believed that and even argued with other people trying to downgrade her eventhough she struggled to look like it. Then when she said in late 2012 that she's 5'10" it looked more sensible to me. So in my opinion she is 5'9"-5'10". 5'9" is the lowest I can go for her.
sasser221 says on 18/Apr/15
And here she is with Sean St Ledger,who is considered to be between 5'10 and 6'0 Click Here
Bishop says on 18/Apr/15
As I said, I think she simply wants to look shorter or something. Why do you think Taylor, who practically sleeps in heels, suddenly doesn't wear them when around him? He has a footwear advantage in EVERY photo. Here are a few pics to show that the difference is closer than some think: Click Here
Click Here (has camera and footwear disadvantage)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here (Taylor in flats, Harry in boots as usual)
Click Here
Click Here (Again, flats and boots)
These obviously aren't the best photos, but there really aren't any good photos to compare the two. If he is really taller, then it's very slight. I think the only reason people want to downgrade her is due to Harry Styles. Sorry, but after posting all this evidence, she is strong 5'9" at worst, not a weak one at best.
Helga says on 18/Apr/15
174-175cm right for Taylor
Just says on 18/Apr/15
@Height183 I won't go as low as 5'8 flat because in high heels Taylor can reach Nicole Kidman's height.
Sean5 says on 17/Apr/15
In your opinion Rob can females grow at age 24-25? Or maybe she measured herself with better posture early thing in the morning?
[Editor Rob: she didn't grow, but she might have been measured on a different device and it was taller than before, so she thought she grew.]
G says on 17/Apr/15
hi. I see that there are people who insist on trying to demote Taylor Swift. For example, someone here says she's shorter than Jamie King, but I want you to see the last picture of this page Click Here In the last photo on this page, Taylor is higher than Jamie. I said that the camera angle handles the height of the person, and as we can see in these photos, there is no other explanation other than this. And as I said in a previous review, it takes photos at right angles and not to the ground.
sasser221 says on 17/Apr/15
I saw a a lot of pictures of them,and harry is definitely taller than her,so either he is 5'10 or she is 5'8-5'8.5 at best,maybe a really weak 5'9 at best imo.
Bishop says on 17/Apr/15
I apologize deeply for how I acted. I am so sorry. I was just extremely angry with somebody else in my life and I took my anger out on you. So please forgive me. I was just really stupid at the time. I don't want Rob to ban you. And I understand why you would think I am a fan but I really am not. I never have liked her, like at all. She seems like a nice girl, but there is just something I can't stand about her. And her music's annoying. I don't want to change your opinion, but I just saw pics of her with others and she gives me the impression of a 5'9-10" girl. Like at the iHeartRadio music awards with Madonna, they were wearing same sized heels and she dwarfed her. I don't think she's 5'10
-11". Maybe in very big heels she can reach 6'2". Also, if you search up the heels that Jamie and Taylor wore, Taylor was wearing 3 inch heels and Jamie was wearing platforms. Here is a pic in similar heels:
Click Here
Again, please forgive me. Something personal just happened at the time and I was just furious.

Well, she is a bit closer to the camera. But yes, she is certainly taller than Iggy. But Iggy is not more than 5'9". Look at her pics with her boyfriend who most likely isn't even 6'5".
Just says on 17/Apr/15
@Bishop, I don't know how old you are but you must be a real die hard Taylor Swift fan. This page is about the heights of celebrities. If Rob doesn't ban me from this site, I'll leave my opinion here. In my opinion Taylor is 5'8"5. You don't have to agree with me, I won't make you. But please have a little respect and there's really no need for name callings: "dumbest", "BS", "ignorant", "humiliated". I mean: really??? I've only commented on the pics you've posted. And even if everybody wants to believe Taylor is 6'2, let them! I don't have to agree with them. Let me have my own opinion! And here are the pics I've posted before, and in EVERY pic Jamie King is taller than Taylor. Click Here
Brad says on 17/Apr/15
Just look at her with Selena or recently owning Madonna by 6" with ease. As listed at the lowest.
Jay says on 16/Apr/15
That pic doesn't look right....
Sean5 says on 16/Apr/15
One of my friends met Harry styles and he thought Harry styles was tall and he reckoned that Taylor swift was 6'2 but it's hard to take him seriously when he claims 5'10-5'11 when the top of his head comes up below my lips and and I'm 6'2-.25
Skye says on 16/Apr/15
@Height183, just pointing out for the Taylor L and her pic, it looks like he's wearing runners while she's either wearing flats or flip flops. Runners can add about an inch height on you, maybe more depending on what brand or kind it is.
G says on 15/Apr/15
Hello. Taylor Swift is not less than 5'11. Photos that you get to make comparisons are not good because they have no good angle. All photos are taken with the camera down, it handles the height of the person. Therefore, it is necessary photos with right angle (right). Returning to the subject, Taylor Swift is not less than 5'11, I have some evidence for this my statement. See these statements by people who commented here: "She is 5'11 I met her last month and I just measured myself in the". "I met her she's definitely five elevem cuz i'm five ten and she was just barely taller than me".
These statements are not the only evidence I have for my statement. Here is a picture with Iggy Azalea which is 5'10. ( both are using the same size of jumps and the camera angle is straight and pointed at the face of Taylor and Iggy ) Click Here Taylor is taller. Their footwear Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here This contradicts all lower claims to 5'11 for Taylor, because it looks 3 inches taller than Iggy. With all this evidence we can conclude that its height is 5'11.25. Does anyone still think that it is less than 5'11?
Bishop says on 15/Apr/15
I don't believe she's actually shorter than him. In a lot of pictures, they actually look the same height. Maybe she just wants to look shorter? I would say they're around the same height. Besides, he has a footwear advantage in nearly every photo.

You make some of the dumbest excuses I've ever heard. lol slouching, heels, leaning, how many are you going to make? The evidence is right in front of you! Taylor, in heels, is very close to Karlie in flats. Period. Her heels are not that huge, they look to give her about 3 inches. Karlie is not slouching or bending knees. Stop making this BS up. BTW, here's the Vogue article I was talking about:
Click Here
Scroll down to where it says "If Taylor wears heels and Karlie wears flats, they're the same height". You are just being ignorant. And Taylor's posture is way worse than Karlie's. I don't know where Karlie has ever slouched. OK, maybe it is a bit relaxed at times but I doubt she looses an inch or more from it. Taylor on the other hand:
Click Here
lol "slouching". So everyone in the world except Taylor wears flats and slouches? Now as for Lorde, here's their footwear:
Click Here
You can make as many excuses as you want, but Lorde reaches at about Taylor's eye level - that's a 4.5 inch difference. For the pic with Selena, there are pictures where Selena was wearing 4 inch he
els and Taylor's was like 3 inches. And Taylor is still a lot taller than her. Also, you still didn't come make a come back for the pics with Jamie King and Faith Hill photos or the ones with the bug guys. For the pic with Strahan, it's 4 inches, not five. She reaches above his eye level. Strahan 6'5.25-6'5.5" in shoes and she's wearing heels that give her 3 inches in height. And she's 4 inches shorter than him (and no, he's not standing loose). So that still makes her 5'9.5" if you do the math (If you can of course). So stop making all these petty excuses from your imagination. No one is standing loose, bending knees, slouching etc. No offense, but you're a really bad judge of height. Just leave this site so you won't be humiliated like this again by someone that actually knows what they're talking about.
Height183 says on 15/Apr/15
@Just: Look at her next to Taylor Lautner and the Short Jonas Brothers

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

She is nothing above the 5'8'' range!
Bishop says on 14/Apr/15
Rob, how much height do you think these heels give her?:
Click Here
They look very high angled.
[Editor Rob: yes they push her up to max tip-toe, so add on the front part which might give 1cm or near it and probably around the 3.5 inch range.]
Just says on 14/Apr/15
@Bishop no offense, but everytime you post pictures without footwear! You claimed Lorde has footwear advantage, but you post pictures only with their upperbody! How can I see that Lorde has footwear advantage?? Lorde (with her head down while carrying big bags and who has the worst posture ever) is by the way only 3 inches shorter than Taylor in those pictures.
Also, you post pics with Selena, only with their upperbody in it. And then only Taylor's footwear, not the footwear of Selena.
Then, the pics with Karlie: in every picture Karlie's (in flats or sneakers) slouching, bending her knee, leaning on one hip, helding her head down, bad camera angles and Taylor in her best posture in huge massive heels. Seriously: how to compare??
Even in massive heels Taylor can't reach Karlie's height, not even close.

@grizz Taylor's heels look bigger (it helps if you zoom in) and Taylor is about 5 inches shorter than (the top of the head of) Strahan who stands loose.

@Height183 I still believe Taylor's 174 cm barefeet even if her die hard fans are hard to convince. It's very hard to see Taylor's exact the same height as for example Charlize Theron.
sasser221 says on 13/Apr/15
Then explain how she was shorter than harry styles,who is 5'9.25in?
Height183 says on 12/Apr/15
@Just: That's the highest I can buy for her. 174cm like you said. She can't be any taller than that without shoes.
grizz says on 12/Apr/15
@Just, how do you explain picture with Strahan?
Bishop says on 12/Apr/15
I'll explain them for him. The pictures with Lorde at the beach, well, it's a beach. Obviously not the ideal ground to compare on. And she still is 4 inches taller than her. Here are pics where Lorde actually has a slight footwear advantage:
Click Here
Click Here

"How do you explain the big height difference with 6'1 Karlie Kloss (in flats)"

Why does everybody act like the difference is so huge? It really isn't. They're much closer in height than people think:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Even a Vogue article interviewing them stated that Taylor, in heels, is the same height as Karlie in flats. Her slim figure may make her appear taller, but she stands next to models like Karlie who are just as thin and looks 5'9.5". Now, how do you explain that she's taller than 5'8-5'8.5" women like Jamie King and Faith Hill? How do you explain that, in a good pair of heels, she holds her own against big guys like Strahan, Shelton, Cleese, and Hozier? When I first looked at her, I also thought she was 5'8-5'9" range. But then seeing more recent photos (Where her posture got a lot better), there's no way she's below 5'9". Look at her in those photos at the GG after party next to Selena Gomez.
Just says on 12/Apr/15
@grizz How do you explain the pictures with 5'5 Lorde, both barefeet? How do you explain the big heightdifference with 6'1 Karlie Kloss (in flats) while Taylor's in massive heels, both Karlie and Taylor slouching? Taylor is 174 cm, tall enough to wear flats and not too tall to wear huge heels. She's slim that's why she appears taller.
grizz says on 12/Apr/15
With Strahan she has like-what? 3.5-4 in footwear? Let'presume 6ft4.5in Strahan has standard 1in dress shoes. Based on eye-level, Strahan has 4in over Taylor. Anything below 176 for Taylor is downgrade for the sake of fun or jealousy.
b-mint1994 says on 11/Apr/15
She's shorter than Harry Styles in pretty much every photo of them on the internet. Both of them are wearing similar shoes as well. Unless Harry has lifts in his shoes I find it strange that Taylor is listed taller than him.
Bishop says on 11/Apr/15
With Michael Strahan:

Click Here
Just says on 10/Apr/15
I can see Michelle Obama's heels, but can't see Taylor's heels though. I do see that Taylor's footwear's got platform. So Taylor is 1 or 1,5 inch shorter than Michelle (taking their posture in consideration) and Taylor's heels are probably 1 inch (or more) higher, so Taylor is 5'8"5 Max 5'9. I've seen pictures of Michelle with 5'9 Serena Williams, I think Michelle is 5'10 not 5'11 and Taylor is obviously shorter than Michelle.
Taylor's always making such a big effort to appear taller. She's wearing huge platform high heels a lot even when she's just shopping. She also wears highwaisted short shorts/miniskirts very often to make her legs appear longer and leaner.
jack says on 9/Apr/15
so ive tried to comment on here before but they never show up..i was out with my girlfriend in Nashville a while back ..and we saw taylor getting a coffee girlfriend is not quite 5'8''a little over 5'7'' and taylor had on tennis shoes..same as my girl..they were the same height..there is no way she is over 5'8'' tall..I dont know why this girl lies so much.and btw in that obama pic michelle obama has on shorter heals than taylor is probably at least 3 or 4nches is hard to gauge cus like a lot of other posters are saying..she rarley ever goes out without massive heals on..
Bishop says on 9/Apr/15
@Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM
That's because Michelle was wearing 2 inch heels while Taylor was wearing 4 inch heels, so she has about 1-1.5" footwear advantage. Although, she was holding worse posture than Michelle: Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 9/Apr/15
Here's the photo:

Click Here

It would likely be a tie with even posture.
Celebheights 6'1.75"/187 CM says on 9/Apr/15
She's no more than 2 CM shorter than 5'11" Michelle Obama (who is every bit of 5'11"). There is a photo of the two that even shows the footwear, and while Michelle Obama is slouching, it's clear that the difference is less than an inch between the two.
Skye says on 8/Apr/15
I'd peg her at the 5'9 range. She looks tall compared to people in the 5'5 mark, especially if she has footwear to boot. But when presented with people near her height (5'8.5'10.5ish), she can look like she's just barely inching them out in height or just about their height level.

Kinda the same for me, I'm 5'7.75 (measured myself just a few days ago). I round to 5'8 just cause it's closer, but anyways, hanging out with my 5'4 range friends, I look taller compared to them. But when i stand near teachers, strangers or other friends who are in the 5'9.5-6'0+ range, I look pretty short in contrast to them.
Skye says on 8/Apr/15
Actually, I agree with what Meg said. She towers over short/average people like Selena Gomez and Lorde, but when near people who are dangerously close to her height range, she looks shorter or just barely inching them out.
PhilDahAgony says on 7/Apr/15
Click Here

at 1:19, 1:28, 5:24 and 5:57 you can see taylor and justin bieber standing next to each other, the difference is a lot smaller than you would expect, even if he's in sneakers and she's in flats i can't see her being 177 cm if he's 170 cm
Josh says on 7/Apr/15
I´ve always thought she´s not even 5'9 and in those pictures Abby posted she looks 5'8 nothing over that.
Meg says on 6/Apr/15
Of course she looks super tall next to her shorter friends, but she doesn't hold her height when compared with other people in the same height range. There's more than enough to prove 5'10" too much.
g0d says on 5/Apr/15
This right here is the proof she's not taller than 5'8".
Rob,why don't you downgrade her?
Just adding says on 4/Apr/15
There are pics (I don't know how good they are) of her and Calvin Harris who's much taller than her (6'5?)
184.3cm says on 4/Apr/15
5'9 range is fine. I would have her at 176cm but no point arguing 1cm. Stop with the 5'11 - 6 foot nonsense. Poor girl has other people in her life claiming those heights and so just assumes she is also that tall.
Abby says on 3/Apr/15
Taylor and Ed -
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
K says on 2/Apr/15
Also, I think pictures with a 5'7" Katy Perry make 5'9.5" out of the question: Click Here , Click Here .
K says on 2/Apr/15
I definitely think that 1.77 is an overestimate. Taylor's pictures with VS Angel Candice, who is 1.74, make it obvious she's not 5'10" : Click Here . And I don't think Candice is taller than 1.74 because she's always one of the shortest Angels. Also, Rihanna is clearly taller than Candice: Click Here . Rob?
Sparkle says on 30/Mar/15
5'9 is correct.
Sparkle says on 30/Mar/15
5'9 is correct.
Bishop says on 28/Mar/15
Look at how much taller she is than Selena Gomez:

Click Here

Click Here

She was even wearing shorter heels than her!:

Click Here

Selena was wearing classic 4 inch heels. She is minimum strong 5'9".
Hypado says on 28/Mar/15
My final guess for her:

5ft 9.5in , 176,6 cm - Taylor Swift.
Bishop says on 28/Mar/15
Her heels aren't 6 inches. They're more like 4.5-5 inches with a half inch to an inch platform. This is how a 6 inch heel looks like:
Click Here
So they wouldn't give her anywhere near 5 inches. Here's a better pic of her with Adam who would be around 6 foot with shoes on:
Click Here
She's clearly taller than him. And Blake would be about 6'5" or close with shoes on and she only looks 3 inches shorter than him. And Blake's feet apart don't really change anything. Only a very small difference. Watch this:
Click Here
She is 5'9.5". Deal with it.
Just says on 28/Mar/15
With 6 inches platform high heels still 3 inches shorter than Blake (who stands loose, legs apart). And with 6 inches platform high heels the same height as 5'11 Adam. She's 5'8"5, 5'9 morningheight.
Bishop says on 27/Mar/15
That's not a good picture, grizz. It's not static and appears to be tilted. Here's a better one: Click Here
I have no idea what he's wearing, though.
grizz says on 26/Mar/15
Bishop says on 25/Mar/15
Anyways, here she is with Blake Shelton (Second pic shows footwear)
Aand here she is with 5'11 Adam Levine (same footwear as in Bishop's photos)
Click Here
OMG says on 26/Mar/15

She is 5'11 I met her last month and I just measured myself in the clinic
184.3cm says on 26/Mar/15
Finally got a pic with equal footwear

Click Here

Remember Styles is under 5'10.
Beautifullady says on 25/Mar/15
I thought she was gonna be taller cause on this thing it shows her next to Bruno Mars and she is like a giant beside him LOL😹
Bishop says on 25/Mar/15
Nobody said she's 5'11" in quite a while. And did you ignore all the other photos below it?

Anyways, here she is with Blake Shelton (Second pic shows footwear):
Click Here
Click Here

She's around what she's listed here.
grizz says on 24/Mar/15
Alex says on 22/Mar/15
I can't see her above 5'8.5 even 5'9 seems like a big stretch
JohnMikey says on 24/Mar/15
Click Here Taylor swift with 5'8 Ed Sheeran. Shes wearing thick heels yet sheeran still reaches her eye level. Shes probably 5'7 to 5'8
Alex says on 22/Mar/15
I can't see her above 5'8.5 even 5'9 seems like a big stretch
Pizzaman says on 22/Mar/15
Tell me again how you try to claim 5'11", Taylor.

Click Here

Its not even a full 3" difference with 5'5" Lorde while she has the higher ground!
OMG says on 19/Mar/15
I met her last month and she's 5'11 no heels. and I'm 6'1, I just measured my self in the clinic.
Mon says on 16/Mar/15
Why oh why do people think Taylor Swift tells lies about her height as if she was a short vain male actor. She is a tall young woman. It is beneath her, like all these naysayers.
Nani says on 14/Mar/15
Taylor Swift is 5 foot 10 duh.
burtmacklin says on 11/Mar/15
176 max. Only looks so tall because of how slim she is and the massive heels she constantly wears.
keny says on 10/Mar/15
Sharapova is 186cm
Silent_D says on 10/Mar/15
Elizabeth says on 8/Mar/15
What i thought she 6ft some
Tania says on 8/Mar/15
@dom: Even then, Sharapova didn't grow at the rapid rate of 1 inch per year. She was a little over 6'0" (maybe 6'0.5") in 2004, and she looks a weak 6'2", maybe 6'1.5" now. It took her two years to get that 1 inch of height.

But Taylor Swift growing a whole inch from 24 to 25 - nope. Like you said, growth in early 20's in possible but not to the extent Taylor claims.
184.3cm says on 7/Mar/15
21 is really the end..if anyone grows after that then they are a tiny fraction of the population less than 1 percent ..thats for a man as well most men are done round 18 years old. For women its 16 years old, as women mature quicker and round that period 13-17 years old they can actually be taller than young men who then shoot past them as they get a late growth spurt. Ive never seen a girl grow as late as 18 years old, like ever.
dom says on 6/Mar/15
@liftdetector. Those facts, are on average. That doesn´t mean there aren´t outliers which happens more often than you´d think. Sharapova didnt stop growing until 19. Growing until 25 is nonsense but someone growing into their late teens, early 20´s is not unheard of.
LiftDetector says on 6/Mar/15
@S says on 3/Mar/15

Yeah, it's BS she grew at around 25. According to Duke University: "On average, females are done growing around age 12 to 14, and boys around age 14 to 16." So her claim contradicts medical science. Same goes for people who claim Justin Beiber grew or is still growing at his age of 20+ -- which total nonsense.

Once puberty is over, so is growing. The cartilage in between your joints (growth plate) starts to become sealed, and creates a line in between. This happens in almost every bone, excluding your hands, and skull.
Height183 says on 5/Mar/15
@Just5ft7: Indeed... She was shorter than Harry Styles back in 2012! It has been proven over and over again that Harry is no taller than 5'8.5'' - 5'9''.

Click Here

Yet she is still listed taller than him! but whatever, I'm not having a go at anyone. It just BAFFLES my mind.
Greg says on 4/Mar/15
Thanks @just5ft7. I always think that Taylor is so tall and then I see her with Karlie...
Bishop says on 4/Mar/15
That's because she hasn't grown an inch unless she has a pituitary tumor. It's obvious she just measured herself wrong. 5'9.5" seems like a good estimate on her height. It was always obvious she was never 5'11".
Vegas says on 4/Mar/15
her waxwork is in madame tussauds in london and new york so someone here should measure themselves and post a shot standing next to it..
Click Here
Just5ft7 says on 3/Mar/15
Taylor's claims of her height do suggest that she really wants to be (at least) as tall as models.

@Height183 I totally agree with you. I think that's because they're all Taylor Swift's fans. Even with hard evidence there's always an excuse like: it's the camera angle. She stands loose... But so does Karlie.

@Greg, Here are more pictures of Taylor with Karlie. Even with (at least) 3 inches high heels, Taylor is still 3 inches shorter than Karlie in flats. Click Here

I think Taylor truly believed that she's 5'10. But since she's hanging out with a true sixfooter (Karlie), Taylor realised that she isn't as tall as she thought to be. That's why she's now not wearing cowboyboots anymore. Instead, she's now always wearing sky high platform heels, so she wouldn't get dwarfed by tall girls like Karlie or Ireland. Click Here

@miko There's no way that Taylor can reach 6'2 in high heels if she even can't reach 6'1. Taylor is only Karlie's height, as Taylor is in high heels with platform and Karlie bending her knees and head.

Instead of downgrading Taylor's height to 5'8"5, it's been decided to upgrade Karlie's height. It's not a realistic upgrading, since Karlie is very close in height with Ireland Baldwin and Toni Garrn (both 6') and there is for sure no 4 cm heightdifference between Karlie and Toni. Click Here
S says on 3/Mar/15
I don't think she has grown one inch, she is 25, isn't it?
Tania says on 1/Mar/15
That claim....hahahahahaha.
Link to where she said this, Rob?
184.3cm says on 1/Mar/15
Nothing short of to 5'7 Katy Perry both in heels
Click Here
Lorne says on 28/Feb/15
What I. The hell is wrong with her? Next she'll be claiming she's lost height, down from 6ft1 to 5'11 and change... ;)
miko says on 28/Feb/15
She always wears big footwear, she's easily pushing 6'2 in some of her heels. Add in her skinny frame and she can look huge.
Greg says on 27/Feb/15
Yes that is possible
grizz says on 27/Feb/15
@Bishop, maybe she used that Alexander method(or whatever it's called) to improve her posture. I heard it's very popular among celebrities,especially performers.
Bishop says on 26/Feb/15
Maybe she measured herself in the morning and thinks she grew or maybe her posture just got better over the year. Very rare for a man to grow after 23 let alone a woman! Believe it or not, though, she actually did kind of claim 6ft on Tumblr once: Click Here
Look at the hashtags "#6ft tall elves". lol
Greg says on 26/Feb/15
Is it possible she was 5'10 and has reached 5'11 in the past year?
Greg says on 26/Feb/15
Hey rob thanks for the response on my comment! How tall do you think she was before she grew then?
[Editor Rob: I don't think she has grown, or she had an earlier measurement or slightly incorrect one which made her think she grew.]
Hypado says on 26/Feb/15
Taylor Swift's height is 5ft 9.5in (177 cm)

5ft 9.5in or 5ft 9.75in for Taylor.
grizz says on 25/Feb/15
But on a serious note, if she claimed 5ft10 in 2013, basically now she'd claim 5ft11, a figure she claimed at first.
In order to claim this height, she must be at least 180 out of bed. So, 178 or 5ft10 might be her actual height.
Which might explain why she didn't seem much taller than Lautner back in 2010.

Or, if we live in the real world, she wrongly measured her height.
grizz says on 25/Feb/15
Bishop says on 24/Feb/15
In this radio interview, she claims she's grown since 2013 (2:33 and onward). Wtf? Wasn't she 23 in 2013?
LOL, wut?? I'm just waiting for the moment she starts to claim 6ft.
Doink says on 24/Feb/15
Swift says here says she thinks she's grown an inch since 2013.

"I think I'm taller, like an inch. Which means that I'm like the latest developing human in the world, but I did grow,"

Click Here (starts at 2:15 on the soundcloud link)
Bishop says on 24/Feb/15
Click Here
In this radio interview, she claims she's grown since 2013 (2:33 and onward). Wtf? Wasn't she 23 in 2013?
Greg says on 24/Feb/15
Did anybody see the article today where she says she is still growing?
[Editor Rob: yeah the quote is "I grew an inch [in the past year], which means I'm the latest developing human in the world".]
Dave says on 22/Feb/15
Rob, how many inches do you think these gave her at the Grammy's? Click Here
[Editor Rob: that is a steep angle, I think maybe pushing the foot to max tip-toe range so with a 1-inch platform on it and her foot size I'd say it's going to give her 4 inches of height.]
Bishop says on 22/Feb/15
The current listing seems perfect to me. At times, she might stand a bit looser and can look shorter. I've posted a lot of pictures of Karlie and Taylor more than 2 months ago (I think it's still there) and there is really no more than 4 inches between them.
Ally says on 21/Feb/15
Most sources say she's 5'11 but she probably looks taller because she's slim as well. So maybe 5'9-5'10, still a good height.
Greg says on 21/Feb/15
@bishop what do you think her height is?
Greg says on 20/Feb/15
@abhishek do you have any more pics of them?
Height183 says on 20/Feb/15
Out of all the listings on the site, this has got to be the most bizarre one to me! When I say this, I don't mean any disrespect to Rob and the posters. I just still don't understand this listing. But there's got to be one height for everyone that you won't completely agree with right? This is the one for me.
Bishop says on 19/Feb/15
I love how people overuse the word "tower" in this site. The only time where I would consider someone "towering" over someone else is if you can see over their head. Fallon definitely did not tower over her. Anyways, the video is really bad to judge height from. It's obvious they're dancing and jumping around. And when they pose together, they're clearly bending their knees and backs. I saw the show myself (Maybe it's still on Jimmy's site?) and when she walked in, she was wearing 4 inch heels and looked about the same height as him. Jimmy is listed at 5'11.5" so he would be 6'0.5" in shoes (And we all know the thick heels that Fallon wears). So she would still be in the 5'9-5'9.5" range.

Also, here are three photos of Taylor and Karlie where they're wearing similar heels: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Josh says on 19/Feb/15
Jimmy Fallon is taller than her wearing 2 inch heels she´s not over 5´8
Dionisio Rojas says on 18/Feb/15
@Tiger: Exactly. I was going to post the same. There are some pictures where she looks smaller than his Bf who is 176cm.
abhishek says on 18/Feb/15
karlie is so much taller than taylor
Click Here
Kresh says on 18/Feb/15
Taylor is somwhere between 1.74 to 1.76m, anything else is too much.

Just look at her with Jimmy Fallon recently, he TOWERED over her.
wat says on 18/Feb/15

Here she is in heels, as usual, dancing with Jimmy Fallon, and she still looks shorter than him, or at most the same height. They're not standing up straight, they're jumping around, but she definitely doesn't look taller than him. 5'9" to 5'9.5" is probably right.
Greg says on 18/Feb/15
I'm still going with 5'11. Did you see her at the Grammys?
lions says on 17/Feb/15
She is a tall girl.
grizz says on 15/Feb/15
Oh come on, no way she's 5'11. 5'11 Kimmel was with lifts only 0.25 inch shorter than Taylor with some 3in heels.
In every photo of her with 5'9.25 Styles she was shorter. Take into consideration he constantly wore boots and Taylor hat flat shoes, so 177 is right again. Finally, in Valentine's Day she was doing her best not to look taller than 5'8.25 Lautner, but with 5'11 that would be impossible.
177 is spot on for her.
Tiger says on 15/Feb/15
Hey Rob you list harry as 176cm and in pictures taylor is shorter than harry so rob think about it
Greg says on 14/Feb/15
I think she's 5 ft 11. She was downgraded to 5 ft 10 around the time she started hanging out with Karlie Kloss and her friends, many who are well above 6 ft.
Hypado says on 10/Feb/15
Guys, Taylor Swift is :

178 cm - in the morning

177 cm - in the day

176 cm - in the night

this, no doubt.

5ft 9.5in (177 cm) - is the right.
grizz says on 9/Feb/15
@184.3cm, look at their shoulder level
grizz says on 9/Feb/15
She's nothing below 177. I'd even argue 178. It's strange, seeing her with 174 cm tall Taylor Lautner in Valentine's Day (don't ask), she seemed maybe half an inch taller (they wore similar footwear). Maybe she hunched a lot?

What's her weight? She was always a skinny girl, but ever since she hit the gym (since last year), she's borderline skinny. 58 kg, perhaps?
184.3cm says on 9/Feb/15
Click Here

Sucking face with 5'8.5 listed Taylor Lautner. Yeah 5'11 all day eh. Look for pics without platform heels.
vfpswiftie says on 9/Feb/15
With the image of Taylor and Hozier that Bishop posted, this proves that she is indeed at 5ft9-5ft10 because of their height difference of approx 4 inches with her wearing heels that gives about 3.5 inches of height.
Bishop says on 8/Feb/15
With 6'5" (6'6" in shoes) Hozier:
Click Here
Click Here
Her heels:
Click Here
CC says on 7/Feb/15
I'm 5'10"-5'11", and the reason I give that range is because every time a doctor or nurse has measurred my height in the last ten years (shoes off btw), they've always given me a different number...!!! It's one hundred percent feasible that she would provide her most honest educated guess, just like I do every time someone asks me... :)
184.3cm says on 5/Feb/15
Click Here

Barefoot on beach next to 5'5 listed Lorde...who has crappy posture and yet still doesnt look more than 4 inches smaller. She is 5'9-5'9.5 max.
SAMMY DERRICK says on 4/Feb/15
Taylor Swift(5'10/178cm)
vfpswiftie says on 24/Jan/15
To prove that Taylor is at least 5ft9, search for a photo with Reese Witherspoon.
ice says on 24/Jan/15
It seems a few people have the shoe conversions backwards. I wear a women's 8.5 US, which converts to a women's 6 UK. Here is a proper conversion site. Click Here
Girl almighty says on 24/Jan/15
If Taylor is 5ft9.5, how is Harry 5ft9.25 (don't know if that changed, haven't checked)
esmat says on 23/Jan/15
To some of the people here saying that she is 5'11. Please look at the photos of her with the 6'1 karlie kloss at the AMA. If taylor swift is 5'11 then karlie must be 6'4 because she is 4-5 inches taller than her in lower heels.I would say that she is most likely about 5'9 or 175. Taylor seems obsessed with looking like a model the past couple of years so I wouldn't be surprised at all if she's lying about her height.
harry says on 23/Jan/15
Why is she taller than Harry on here when he towers here when they were together?
vfpswiftie says on 23/Jan/15
Rob, why do you list people who claim 5ft10 like Taylor or Iggy as 5ft9. ?
[Editor Rob: I believe they can look that range. There's very few people who say 5ft 9.5 compared to those who would say 5ft 10, but at least many (if not a bit more) in the real world who would measure at 5ft 9.5 as 10.]
Sal says on 21/Jan/15
I think your assessment of perhaps 5'10.5" morning height might be right Rob. Women generally don't lie about their height unless they are trying to be models. Most actually round down so if she said 5'11" and 5'10" somewhere in the middle may be accurate.
vfpswiftie says on 15/Jan/15
Rob do you think she ever hits 5ft10?
[Editor Rob: I think she would clear that mark out of bed.]
Girl almighty says on 12/Jan/15
Possibly 5'10 morning height?
[Editor Rob: even nearly 5ft 10.5 out of bed is possible]
Laura says on 11/Jan/15
@little sue- I suppose that is your measurement in heels but no one else I have known gains that little height from heels. My friend is a US 4.5 ( I believe that is around a 3.5?)and gets the same amount of height from a heel as me. But everyone is different. @ Jewel there are plenty of heels out there that give 5 inches and more.
littlesue says on 11/Jan/15
Laura I have got posture, I go with Rob says about gaining height in heels, if you read below he says the smaller the foot the less the heel may give. I tried this with my mate who has a size 7 and she got 1/4 inch more out of the height of heel than I did in identical shoes
Bishop says on 10/Jan/15
Some large heels can give 5 inches. This heel is described as 6.5 inches and has a 2.5" platform and should give around five inches of height depending on your foot size, according to Rob: Click Here
Gav says on 10/Jan/15
She's not over 177 (if even that, she's skinny hence makes her seem taller) but i doubt she's under 5'8. Maybe 5'8'5 at her VERY lowest but not anything less.
MM says on 10/Jan/15
Yeah, that seems accurate, but don't those platforms that Taylor's wearing in that vma pic almost look like the same heel as these that Jenny's wearing, which didn't even give her 4 inches but almost? I'd think those shoes would give Taylor about 3.5 inches of height. What do you think Rob? Click Here
[Editor Rob: they are close, but remember Jenny has a size 5UK (so like 4US) foot so doesn't quite get as much height as swift who would get a small fraction more if using the same type of heel.]
Jewel says on 10/Jan/15
no heel gives 5 inches
Laura says on 10/Jan/15
@ little sue- wow I have never heard of someone gaining that little height from heels. Perhaps it is your posture? I don't think it’s the size of the foot to how much height you gain from a heel, I myself usually wear a US 6, sometimes 6.5 and have very narrow feet , and my friends & sister who have all measured their heights in heels have feet sizes ranging from US 4.5 through to US 9.5...and all their results came up the same as mine, almost always only lose half an inch tops of the actual heel height. I think Rob's guide regarding heel height gains is one of the better ones out there, and is more accurate than most others. Maybe just double check that you have measured yourself right in your heels as well :)
MM says on 9/Jan/15
Rob, just many inches of height do you think she has with these shoes on? Click Here
[Editor Rob: with her long foot those might give a little over 4 inches of actual height.]
Bishop says on 8/Jan/15
Just look at this:
Click Here
Lalla says on 7/Jan/15
Don't know if it's been posted already, But I was reading her interview with Vogue UK and they said ''Taylor's looking tall, standing at 6ft with her huge ysl heels' or something like that. if she's 6ft with huge heels, she's probably shorter than 5'105'11. I'd say 5'9 at most
littlesue says on 6/Jan/15
Maybe what you gain depends on the size of the foot?? I have size 3 (UK) shoes, If I wear 5 inch heels with an inch platform I only gain about 3.5 inches. If I wear a normal 3 inch heel with no platform I gain about 1.5 inches. The smaller the foot the less there is at the front so you don't seem to go up so much at the back.
Laura says on 5/Jan/15
@ Just sorry some of my last comment I forgot to put in- half an inch subtracted from the heel height is the general rule of heel height gains (so like I said in my last comment, 6" will give you 5.5") but there are exceptions. In some heels I have (both with platforms and without platforms) I gain all the height bar 1cm. The biggest difference I have had in heels is 2cm, but those heels were too big for me so perhaps that was why, and another pair which were 5.5" heels without a platform which ended up giving me 1.5cm less than their advertised height. But apart from those pairs, I have never had anything bigger than half an inch difference. Some heels you can actually get all their advertised height, especially those huge 90s platform shoes.
Laura says on 4/Jan/15
@ Just- Re heel heights, I have read numerous guides of what heels give in height but I have found that most are inaccurate. I have measured all of my heels heights, and then had myself measured in all of them, (in heel heights ranging from 3.0"-6.5", with platforms and no platforms)and have found that when I am wearing all of them, even the ones without a platform, I gain almost all the height of the heel bar half an inch. So in my 6.5" boots, I gain 6" in height. In my 5" heels, I gain 4.5" in height, etc. The guides that say you only gain 3.5" in 5" heels are not right at all. My sister and some friends have also done the same as me and come up with the same result, so it isn't just me. If you see a heel height on a shoe advertised as being 6", you will get 5.5" from it. Hope that helps.
Alex says on 4/Jan/15
Not above 5'8.5 probably
Calisurf says on 2/Jan/15
Yah I met her she's definitely five eleven cuz I'm five ten and she was just barely taller than me.
Bishop says on 1/Jan/15
This is not a 3-4 inch difference:
Click Here
She's wearing about 4 inch heels and please keep in mind that heels don't give what they advertise :)
Go read Rob's Heel Height Truth for a better understanding.
vfpswiftie says on 1/Jan/15
@Me no offense but how dare you say shes between 5'6" 5'"7 shes wont even go below 5'8"
Me says on 1/Jan/15
Look at all the pictures and videos of Swift next to Ryan Seacrest which is listed as 5'7'' 1/2 and he even have joked about being told that he's short. Swift is no more than 3 ot 4 inches above him wearing heals. She have to be between 5'6'' and 5'7'' which surprises me because i also though she was talleR, being too skinny makes her look longer.
Me says on 1/Jan/15
Look at all the pictures and videos of Swift next to Ryan Seacrest which is listed as 5'7'' 1/2 and he even have joked about being told that he's short. Swift is no more than 3 ot 4 inches above him wearing heals. She have to be between 5'6'' and 5'7'' which surprises me because i also though she was talleR, being too skinny makes her look longer.
Just says on 31/Dec/14
Rob, I don't know how to tell how many inches heels would add to someone's height and how to estimate heights. For example, is here Click Here more than four inches height difference between Taylor and Karlie? In this picture no one is slouching Click Here (Karlie's even in disadvantage, she has her legs apart). Don't say they are exactly the same height and that this is caused by the camera angle.
Karlie has, I think, 3 inches heels with no platform. And Taylor has, I think, at least 6 inches heels with platform Click Here How many inches those heels would add to their height? And what does this say about their height difference?
AndrewS says on 30/Dec/14
She's not 176cm for sure. !74-175 is about right.
Jewel says on 30/Dec/14
Tyler would be 6ft
Laura says on 30/Dec/14
@ Jewel but Aisha Tyler's height is highly speculated as well. Aisha is around the same height as 5"9 Louise Roe, she definitely isn't 6"0.
Silent_D says on 29/Dec/14
Sorry taylor is never taller than 6 foot 1 karlie kloss. She is always much taller than taylor. 176cm.
Jewel says on 28/Dec/14
on the view taylor and aisha tyler were a hair line apart in height. taylor had on 5-6 inchers aisha had on 4inch max. So id put taylor @ 5.11
vfpswiftie says on 26/Dec/14
@Just She can hit 6'2" because Ive seen her 2012 interview with David Letterman and he's listed as 6'1.5" and she's wearing heels that gives her about near 4 inches and letterman is wearing shoes that probably gives him and inch and they're the same height. Also Taylor can be taller than Karlie Kloss, it's just that she has poor posture and slouched shoulders which slightly negates the additional height that her high heels gives her.:)
Bishop says on 26/Dec/14
Cleese is a definite 6'4" today and 6'5" at peak as Rob has listed. So if they are both 6'4", they would be 6'5" with shoes on and she looks about 3-4 inches shorter than them. KP only looked taller than Cleese due to camera angles. In this pic that someone posted on Cleese's page, KP is closer to the camera and they look about the same height: Click Here
So if anything, John was a shade taller. The platform doesn't look 2 inches to me. More like 1.5 inches. Typical high heels described as 6 inches would usually give 4-4.5 inches in height. How does she look just 6' there? Graham Norton is 5'9" in shoes and she is clearly more than 3 inches taller than him. You always have to take other people's footwear into account, which usually adds about an inch.
Just says on 25/Dec/14
@Bishop Here is the show Click Here and at 2:51 minutes you can clearly see Taylor is wearing 6 inches high heels with 2 inches platform. She's about 4 inches shorter than John Cleese (who I doubt is really 6'4 now. I think he has lost height, because between the three of them Kevin Pietersen is the tallest and he's really 6'4). But let's say John is still 6'4 with shoes, so Taylor is 6' (6'1 tops and I'm being very generous) while wearing 6 inches platform high heels which would give her 5 inches height. So Taylor is 5'8"5 tops. Still tall for a girl though. And no, I don't want Rob to downgrade her; he can just keep her at 5'9"5 if he likes ;-)
@vfpswiftie No offense but Taylor had never been 6'2 in high heels. Even in huge high heels Taylor's still shorter than 6'1 Karlie Kloss in flats. Taylor is tall at 5'8"5. Not taller not shorter.
Bishop says on 23/Dec/14
Rob, are you sure her brother is 6'3"? Because in these pics, she's wearing like 4 inch heels while he has shoes on and they look about the same height: Click Here
[Editor Rob: when standing together and she's in heels he really does look taller than her.]
vfpswiftie says on 21/Dec/14
@Bishop. I'm glad you've seen it. That was the best proof that she can be 6ft2 in decent high heels which means she is 5ft9 at the very least and possibly hits 5ft10
Hetty says on 21/Dec/14
in her defence she can reach 6'2 at her nearly 5'10 height with some decent heels.
Bishop says on 20/Dec/14
I saw the show. She could look about 3-3.5 inches shorter than him. John Cleese is listed 6'4" so he would be 6'5" with shoes on. Kevin Pietersen was also there and he's 6'4" as well. And they all towered Graham Norton. Though, I'm not sure what size heels she was wearing since the table was covering it most of the time and she was keeping it to the side. But they looked to have a platform (Not out-of-the-ordinary large). So 5'9.5" seems like a legit listing. Ansel Elgort is listed here as 6'3". In these pics, he's wearing shoes (would be around 6'4" in them) and she's wearing 4 inch heels (gains about 3 inches from them) and she isn't that much shorter:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

At a Neighbors premiere, he looked nearly the same height as Seth Rogen and about 3 inches taller than Christopher Mintz-Plasse XD. I wouldn't say he would just wear them at public events. If he's going to be on show with a girl taller than him, it might have been the right time to wear lifts. Either way, he still looked to have a footwear advantage with her.
vfpswiftie says on 20/Dec/14
Have you seen the interview of Taylor at graham Norton show? Shes wearing high heels and looks 3 inches shorter than 6ft5 John Cleese
Height182 says on 18/Dec/14
@vfpswiftie: That's true, I wasn't thinking of it like that. Well Zac is around 5'8.5'' with his hair up and boots, So I think Swift is 5'8.5'' and nothing more.

@Bishop: I do agree, but I think he wears them at premieres and big public events.
Bishop says on 17/Dec/14
Efron is a notorious lift-wearer.
vfpswiftie says on 16/Dec/14
@Height182 she was wearing ballet flats and zac is wearing quite thick shoes and his hair is up :)
Lara says on 16/Dec/14
Here with 5'4.5 Patrick Stump: Click Here (She's wearing heels!)
Height182 says on 16/Dec/14
After seeing her next to Zac Efron on Ellen, I think she 5'7.5'' Max. Her huge heels and slender frame will not fool me.
edk says on 16/Dec/14
She needs a downgrade. I believe she is 1.75 cm tall. I mean come on, just look at the pictures with Harry styles whos 176 cm tall. Shes not taller than him thats for sure
Laura says on 15/Dec/14
@ Mon- I am not saying everyone is shorter by 2-3 inches than what Rob says, and I certainly don't think that. When did I say that? Like @Just said, I only said I think she is 5"8.5 tops, which is only 1 inch below this listing. And I have seen Taylor in real life, and I came up over a couple of inches higher beside her than what I do my sister (who is 179cm/5"10.5) and I was in flats and she was in little heeled boots (probably around 1.5"). And you can make up all the excuses all you want, photos taken from any angle show that Taylor's heels are quite a bit higher at the VS fashion show than the model's. And your argument with heel height makes no sense, Ariana Grande was up on stage at the VS fashion show not just walking and standing, but dancing in 6.5" Louboutin boots. I can walk and dance in 6" heels without stumbling or falling over, and I am sure that Taylor Swift, an experienced high heel wearer, is capable of much the same. And I think Taylor wanted to be within the same height range as most of the models at the show, that's probably why she wore higher heels this year than she did last year when she performed. And I am well aware that TS is a singer and not a model who needs to be booked, that doesn't mean she doesn't exaggerate her height though. Personally I think she isn't over 5"8.5, but that's my opinion.
carver says on 14/Dec/14
Rob, in 2008 she was the same height as ashley simpson, did she grow after 18?
[Editor Rob: really not sure as only in 2009-10 did I look at her firstly.]
grizz says on 13/Dec/14
Rob, any idea on how tall is Taylor's brother?
[Editor Rob: can look near 6ft 3]
Bishop says on 13/Dec/14
This is the last piece of evidence I'm posting. With a questionable 5'9.5" Iggy Azalea: Click Here
If you don't include Iggy's hair, Taylor is clearly taller. Their footwear:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Hopefully, this will get rid of the 5'8" claims.
Mon says on 13/Dec/14
Taylor's image is that she is well above average, she says she is a strong 5'10'', and yet most biz people who actually meet her find her to be taller than expected. She has a seriously tall brother so 5'10.5 is possible with perfect posture. On the walk across the studio on 'Ellen' she had height minimising deportment and was in had rock bottom shoes but was taller that 5'8 Zack though he must have had 1 inch footwear advantage.
Bishop says on 12/Dec/14
Found this video on Gigi Hadid's instagram:
Click Here
Taylor is the one with the white shirt and the blue sleeves. Here she is decorating with Giga Hadid, Cara Delevinge, and Kendall Jenner. They're all wearing socks. The video is moving way too fast to tell how much difference there is between them. But if you can pause at the right moments, Taylor is taller than Kendall and possibly the tallest one there. Kendall looks the same height or slightly shorter than Gigi and the shortest is obviously Cara, who is standing on the couch. The camera distance and movement may affect things, but I thought it was interesting to show.
Just says on 12/Dec/14
@ Mon, Laura didn't say that Taylor is 2-3 inches shorter than Rob says. Laura said Taylor is 5'8"5 tops, while Rob has put Taylor at 5'9"5, that's only 1 inch difference. Taylor did claimed 5'11, but she later corrected herself and said she's 5'10. Between 5'8"5 and 5'10 there's only 1.5 inches difference.
Insanely high heels at VS show? Yes, Click Here those heels have at LEAST 2 inches platform.
It's not about being booked, but everybody wants to be the modelheight: 5'10. Tall people (male or female) are considered more beautiful, that's why Taylor always wears miniskirts and shorts with high heels.
Recovered Data says on 12/Dec/14

Mon says on 9/Dec/14

Whoops, my previous comment was a little confused. I meant to say:- If Taylor is no taller than 5'8.5'' she is actually claiming to be a full two and a half inches taller than she thinks she is. Moreover a Rolling Stone journalist who spent time with her thinks she is 2.5 inches taller than she actually is and WolfMan the 6'3''security guy on this page who stood next to her thinks she is 2.5 inches than she actually is.

I could believe they are all one inch out because she is slim and a superstar status can make you seem larger (even to yourself perhaps), but there are limits. And there are limits to what height heels you can walk in. Some heels are more for photoshoots than walking in the street. Do you really think Taylor Swift is so desperate for height that she would mean insanely high heels on stage? Well you apparently do because you said "I personally can see nothing less than 3 inches between Taylor and Karlie on the runway, and Taylor's heels are quite a bit higher than all of the other models heels.

'Quite a bit higher' than VS show models' heels would be an insanely high. Women fall flat on their face wearing heals like that, sometimes literally.

Laura, in the name of all that is good and true in this world please stop saying that people are 2-3 inches shorter than Rob says. Carla and Kate are professional models and as such have every reason to put out a false height and wear ridiculously high heels at a show yet they are only 1.5 inches shorter than their agency stats. Taylor is not as tall as she says but she isn't so deluded as you would have to be to say she is 5'11' when she is under 5'9''. The girl is a not someone who has to be a certain height to get booked, she is a star who happens to be tall. 5'9.5''

Laura says on 9/Dec/14

@ Bishop that is okay sorry if I came across like that as well. Lots of women and men inflate their height, some by more than 4 inches. I have friends who are 5"7 and 5"8 and they claim 5"10 when they are clearly not. Blake Lively claims 5"10 when she clearly isn't over 5"8. I personally can see nothing less than 3 inches between Taylor and Karlie on the runway, and Taylor's heels are quite a bit higher than all of the other models heels.

@ Mon Kate Moss definitely isn't 5"7, I have met her and believe me she isn't over 5"4, and she got extremely lucky in the industry. As for the VS models Lily Aldridge is under 5"7, Miranda Kerr is around 5"6 and Candice isn't over 5"7. Alessandra isn't over 5"8. All their heights are just inflated, its usually by about two inches but sometimes as much as 5 inches (yes, I have seen it happen). And someone who is 5"8 can look very tall in 5" heels, seeing as their height is over 6"0 in heels. Plus, Taylor is very thin so again she gives the illusion of looking taller than what she is. I am a little confused by your comments on heels & height- your actual height has nothing to do with how you walk in heels, and also if you know your heel heights and styles, it is very easy to gage how much height one is gaining from a particular pair of heels. In my opinion, Taylor 5"8.5 tops.

Mon says on 8/Dec/14

Bishop gave a fair selection of photos, and does not stake everything on one single photo and pretended ability to determine exact measurements to the inch from photos. I think it is clear Talor in heels stands well over 6 foot. While people do often claim to be taller than they are and can look taller than they are there are limits. If Taylor is no taller than 5'8.5'' she is actually claiming to be a full two and a half inches taller than she thinks she is, a Rolling Stone journalist who spent time with her thinks she is, and WolfMan the security guy on this page thinks she is.

Those people couldn't all be that wrong! She is 5'9'' for sure, and possibly a strong 5'10'. 5ft 9.5in is right on the money. I see Bishop has written much the same.

Bishop says on 8/Dec/14


Look at all the pictures I showed below. There is no more than a 4 inch difference between them. I even showed pictures where Taylor was at least an inch taller than 5'8" listed Lily Aldridge, 5'8.5" listed Jaime King, and no more than half an inch shorter than Behati Prinsloo. I don't think she's 5'11", but I don't think she's below 5'9", as I doubt she would lie by her height by more than 2 inches due to the "Hollywood 2-inch" rule. Camera angles, postures, sloping/uneven ground etc. can affect things by more than you think. In other pictures I've seen of them in VS fashion show, I can see about 2 inches between them in those heels. And Taylor usually holds worse posture than Karlie in photos I've seen with them. You may not agree with Rob, but I think you're trying way too hard to downgrade her to 5'8.5" even though Rob said he's not going below 5'9", no offense.

Bishop says on 8/Dec/14


Look at all the pictures I showed below. There is no more than a 4 inch difference between them. I even showed pictures where Taylor was at least an inch taller than 5'8" listed Lily Aldridge, 5'8.5" listed Jaime King, and no more than half an inch shorter than Behati Prinsloo. I don't think she's 5'11", but I don't think she's below 5'9", as I doubt she would lie by her height by more than 2 inches due to the "Hollywood 2-inch" rule. Camera angles, postures, sloping/uneven ground etc. can affect things by more than you think. In other pictures I've seen of them in VS fashion show, I can see about 2 inches between them in those heels. And Taylor usually holds worse posture than Karlie in photos I've seen with them. You may not agree with Rob, but I think you're trying way too hard to downgrade her to 5'8.5" even though Rob said he's not going below 5'9", no offense.

Just says on 7/Dec/14

I agree with Laura. I really used to think Taylor was 5'11, she really looked very tall. But since she's been photographed with Karlie Kloss, I've noticed the big height difference between them. The height difference between them is too big for Taylor to be taller than 5'8"5. My cousins are the same height as Taylor and Karlie are listed, but their barefeet height difference is the same as Taylor in high heels and Karlie in flats.

Later on, in pictures with 5'9 Katie Holmes, Taylor is either as tall as Katie or shorter than Katie, but not taller. In the video with 5'9 Doutzen Kroes, Taylor also was shorter.

Bishop gave a lot of excuses about camera advantages, Taylor had her head down, Taylor was not standing staight. But Karlie slouches even more than Taylor. Adriana was bending her knees AND leaning back. No one was really standing straight, so there is no disadvantage for Taylor.

Taylor however is very slim and a smart dresser. She frequently wears high waisted shorts or skirts with high heels (with platform) to elongate her legs, so she looks taller than she really is. She's still quite tall at 5'8"5. I know Rob believes she's 5'9"5, but I don't agree with him.

Bishop says on 7/Dec/14


Sorry if I was a bit rough. And I'm not trying to change your opinion. I just find it ridiculous when people say she is 5'8" or even 5'7". Who would exaggerate their height by 3-4 inches? And I didn't find the photo good for comparison due to poses and Taylor was the furthest from the camera. As for the photo you were talking about, I know Taylor's platform is slightly higher and Karlie is holding slightly worse posture, but Taylor still has her head down in the second photo I posted. I can understand why you would think she is 5'8", but it's just that she has terrible posture and her head is always down which makes her look shorter. After all those photos I posted, I can't see more than a 4 inch difference between them. In the runway, I could see a 2 inch difference between them and in the last photo you posted, Karlie, again, has a camera advantage. And the difference really isn't that much. I saw another photo of them walking backstage and the difference looked about 2 inches as in the runway. I can accept 5'9" flat for her. Not lower, though. Just my opinion. Cheers!

Mon says on 7/Dec/14

Again Laura , you can't tell what heels are adding to height with the half inch level of precision. You can't. But you can always work backward to estimate what the difference in height would be if you were right, and then say that is what you 'clearly' see.

You seem to be saying top model Swanepoel is 5'7', but Kate Moss is the only top model I know of who is that size.

Taylor was furthest from the camera beside top VS models in their catwalk heels and she looked around the same height as most of them (and slimmer than all of them). It is very very unlikely anyone around 5'8'' could look that tall without heels so high she would have trouble walking without looking clumsy. No question Kloss, a woman 4 inches taller than the average man,xceeds Taylor by a considerable margin, but Taylor in heels approaches Kloss's height in photos of them walking on the street, and shoes worn in the street are unlikely to be even adding 4 inches.

Laura says on 7/Dec/14

@ Bishop- It don't think it is that bad of a picture, I was using it mainly to compare Kloss and Swift's height. I know they are posing but my point was if they were standing up straight there would be more of a 3" difference, it looks more around 4", and Swift is still in higher heels. I don't get what you're saying, with the 5.5" would be difference between them. If TS is 5"8, she'd be 6"1 in 5.5" heels as they give 5" in height with a platform (I've measured my sister and myself in our 5.5" heels and we both gain 5" from them). Kloss wouldn't be over 6"4.5 in those heels, so Swift would only be 3.5 inches under Karlie, which she looks about that in these photos. If she is 5"8.5, she'd be 3" shorter, which she barely manages in these photos. I am just stating my opinion on the matter and thank you for all the photos, a few I hadn't seen before but I still don't think she is over 5"8.5. I think you are understating the height difference between Taylor and Karlie a little, no offense. In those first two photos Taylor's heels have a *slight* platform and Karlie is slouched lower than Taylor is. If they were both standing up straight I see a clear 4" difference. I am aware of camera advantages etc but sorry, to me there is enough evidence IMO to suggest she is under 5"9, certainly not by much but still. @ Mon, a 5"8 girl in 5.5 inch heels with a platform does not look short next to models where the majority of them are in the 5"7-5"9 range in 4" heels with no platform. I know this isn't the best pic but if you look here: Click Here you can see neither Swift or Kloss are standing up straight again, but if they both were, there is a clear minimum of 3" difference between them.

Bishop says on 6/Dec/14


For some unknown reason, my comment to you was deleted...

Mon says on 5/Dec/14

Laura you can't tell what heels are to that level of precision. Re. your pic. The girls are all at least 5'8'' or taller and in undeterminable high heels. Taylor is furthest from the camera and looks ultra slim but not short (as evidenced by Swanepoel and the one on the end's nearness to the camera making them look unnaturally huge in the torso and head) yet while posing beside top models Taylor still looks comparable to all of them despite being so far back. A 5'8'' girl would look small bodied and short back where Taylor is, yet though she looks very petite in the body and head but Taylor is really quite tall looking there despite her being the greatest distance from the camera. I am more certain than ever she is five nine and a half.

Bishop says on 5/Dec/14


That is not a good picture at all. They are clearly posing and the difference looks more like 3 inches instead of 3.5 inches "at the minimum". Also, in your photo, Candice has a huge camera advantage and she is about 5'8-5'8.5". Even if the difference is 2 inches on the runway, then Karlie would be about 6'4-6'4.5" in 4 inch heels so 2 inches shorter would still make her tall in heels (Keep in mind that heels don't give what they advertise). Anyways, so if she is 5'8" as you are saying, then she would be 5.5 inches under Karlie. Let's take a look at some photos:

Click Here

They're wearing the same size heels. If you go off the top of their heads, then I see nothing more than 4 inches, if that even.

Click Here

lol, this photo actually makes it look more like 3 inches. Though Karlie is a bit farther from the camera, but Taylor has her head down.

Click Here

Their footwear:

Click Here

Click Here

Karlie is in converse which adds about 0.5-0.6 inch. Taylor is in heels, yes. But they do not have a platform. And I barely see half an inch apart.

Click Here

I can see about 4 inches here (same size heels). Certainly not 5.5 inches. That would put here below Karlie's eye level.

Click Here

Click Here

In these two pics, Karlie has a camera advantage. If they were the same distance from the camera, then they would be about the same height (or close). You really think those heels give Taylor 5.5 inches?

Click Here

Yes, she is in platforms in this photo. But Karlie is in sneakers, which also add height. And they look the same height.

Click Here

Click Here

Taylor in heels (NOT platforms) and Karlie in sneakers (also adding height). Not very good photos since Taylor is closer to the camera and the ground is tilted, but enough to show the difference is not 5.5 inc- hes.

Click Here

Not sure on the heel size here, and Taylor does seem to have a slight camera advantage. But enough to show it's not 5.5 inches.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

In these photos, Taylor is in heels and looking about the same height or close in height to Karlie in flats. Maybe if people concentrated on camera angles and sloping sidewalks, then they would have understood it better. Here's another pic: Click Here

It should be noted that Taylor is closer to the camera in this pic and Karlie does seem to be at a ground disadvantage which is why Taylor looks taller, but I highly doubt it would make up for a 5.5 inch


Click Here

Karlie is closer to the camera this time XD

I know that these may not be the best photos, but it's enough to prove my point. Sorry if I made this post too long. As for her height, I agree with Rob, 5'9-5'9.5" respectively. Also, for reference, with 5'8.5" listed Jaime King (same size heels): Click Here

Laura says on 4/Dec/14

@ Bishop this is a good picture of them: Click Here

Neither Kloss or Swift are standing up straight, but Kloss is in 4" heels with no platform. TS is in no less than 5.5" heels with a platform. Even if they were both standing up straight, Kloss would still be at the bare minimum 3.5 inches taller than Swift, even with Swift's higher heels. Also in the photo beside Swift is Candice Swanepoel, who is well known in the fashion industry for being under 5"8 and is in lower heels than Swift. And in those pics of Kloss and Swift on the runway is nothing less than 2 inches between them. After seeing TS in real life and based on the photos I keep seeing, I don't think Taylor Swift is anything over 5"8 (which is still tall).

Height182 says on 4/Dec/14

I will never get this listing of 5'9.5'', I will never understand it...

rmv says on 3/Dec/14

either she is a max of 5'9" or taylor lautner is underrated on here by about an inch. in valentines day they are both wearing sneakers and appear to be the same height. no way is she a full inch taller than him

Bishop says on 3/Dec/14


Looks no more than an inch difference in these photos:

Click Here

Click Here

Karlie is listed here as 6'1.5" and is wearing four inch heels so she is obviously gaining height too. And their feet are oriented pretty close. And yes, I am aware that she has higher heels than her, which I clearly acknowledged in my post -_-

What picture of Adrianna? You mean this one?: Click Here

Adriana has a camera advantage, Taylor has her head down and doesn't look to be standing straight. So she is at least 5'9" and Rob already stated he isn't going lower than that so there's no point in arguing. She looks around the same height as Behati (who looks around 5'10" in pictures with Adam Levine):

Click Here

Click Here

Just says on 3/Dec/14

@Bishop Not even close. Even with the very high, compensated platform highheels, Taylor is still at least 2 inches shorter than 6'1 Karlie. Taylor is with these special compensated platform highheels the same height as 5'10 Adriana who's in normal highheels.

vfpswiftie says on 2/Dec/14

yes. victoria's secret fashion show proves that she's 5'9" at minimum

Laura says on 2/Dec/14

@ Mon, @ vfps swiftie, I have looked at numerous of pictures of them together because after I saw Taylor I was interested to see her height compared to Karlie Kloss. She does come close to Kloss's height when she is in very high heels, but she is still around two inches shorter. I haven't found any photos which they are dead set the same height and are both standing up straight/ or in same stance/pose.I honestly don't think she is any taller than 5"8.5, but that is my opinion.

Bishop says on 2/Dec/14

With higher heels, she looks very close in height to Karlie: Click Here

Igge says on 2/Dec/14

She looked more 5'9 at the Victoria's Secret Show from tonight

vfpswiftie says on 29/Nov/14

@Laura dont forget the photo of Taylor and Karlie at last year's VSFashionshow. Taylor's head was down a bit but shes about 4 inches shorter and Karlie must have grown taller and be 6'1.5" at that time. Clearly she is 5'9"-5'10". Her poor posture and always hunched back makes her appear shorter

Mon says on 28/Nov/14

"I have never seen a picture of Swift and Kloss in heels being the same height" Of course. Kloss is 4 inches taller. But there is a photo of them in the street with only Taylo in heels and she is looking around the height of Kloss. Here is a tip, when you look at a photo image search for all the ones taken on a particular occasion.

In other shots of that stellar group on the bench, Uptons heels do not look small at all, Taylors were moderate by comparison; not larger than Upton's, and she is 5'10''. Taylor Swift has to be at least 5'9''.

MM says on 28/Nov/14

Jimmy Kimmel is what, 5'11? She's wearing massive heels or platform heels here, and there's not that much difference. And here's a pic of them, I barely see a half an inch difference. She has to be at least 5'8-5'8.5. Click Here

Mon says on 28/Nov/14

She can't possibly be under 5'9''. A Rolling Stone journalist (not a star struck fan) who actually spent time with her said she looked significantly taller than the 5'10'' she said she was.

Who wears 5 inch heels to go walking in the street?; Taylor much more likely had around 4 inch heels walking outside with Kloss. Some of the photos were on sloped sidewalk ect. There is a shot taken on that day from in front (ie equal distance from the camera) when both was on the level in street. Taylor had around 4 inch gain from heels, and Taylor looked around the same height.

Just says on 27/Nov/14

In some pictures with Katie Holmes, Taylor seems like Katie's height. But in most pictures with Katie, Taylor is certainly shorter than Katie. Even in similar heels Taylor is shorter than Kate Upton Click Here

Laura says on 26/Nov/14

@vfpswiftie - I don't know if you have ever met or seen Taylor yourself, but I am just giving my opinion of what I saw. And I have never seen a picture of Swift and Kloss in heels being the same height, ever. The only time I have seen them look almost the same height is when Taylor has been in 5" heels and Kloss is in flats with her head down. My sister is 5"10.5 and when she is in 5" heels, she is never under 6"2.5 but actually measures exactly 6"3. My point is if Taylor were truly 5"10, she'd be taller than Kloss and if she were even 5"9, she'd be nothing less than the same height as Kloss. But she isn't.

vfpswiftie says on 25/Nov/14

no @BGee that's a tricky shot.Taylor is the same height as Karlie when wearing heels. She is 4 inches shorter than Karlie when both of them are in high heels

Mon says on 25/Nov/14

Taylor is 4 inches shorter and consistently looks it Karlie is 6'1.5'' so both seem as listed. Look at her with Kloss on the catwalk with both in heels or with Taylor in heels and Karlie in Nike frees. Taylor is over 5'9.5''

BGee says on 24/Nov/14

Best guess is 5'9 flat (not 5'8 as some claim, she still has an inch on 5'8 Rihanna). if she was 5'10 o 5'11 she would be near Kloss' height (especially in this pic w/ those heels Click Here) but is still smaller by about 3 - 4 inches even when Karlie is in flats!

vfpswiftie says on 24/Nov/14

no. she could not be 5ft7. her lowest could be 5ft8.5

she's as tall as karlie kloss in heels can't you see. the photo you saw probably has the camera angle which makes taylor appear shorter

184.3cm says on 24/Nov/14


Yeah i know, i have a better understanding of heels now that i read Rob's article on heel height. Taylor tends to wear the classic 6 inch heels which give more 4-4.5 inches. Ive seen her wear a platform a few times to get additional boost but she has also appeared in flats like she did on Ellen and looked about 5'9 there.

Laura says on 24/Nov/14

Harry Styles is taller than Swift. If he is 5"9.5, then she is about 5"8. I have seen Taylor in real life and she gives the illusion of being taller because she is extremely thin and fine boned. In all honesty, I would give her 5"7 minimum and 5"8.5 at the very most (she was wearing little shoes with heels when I saw her). If you also look at pictures with Karlie Kloss you can tell she isn't 5"10 or even 5"9. She is still 4 inches shorter than Kloss in 5" heels (so she would be gaining 4" in height from 5") when Kloss is in flats. Taylor is certainly above average height, but she isn't as tall as what she makes out.

Judd says on 23/Nov/14

@184,3: a lot of women think that if you wear a 4" heels than you gain precisely 4" in height...

I think with normal heels she's lesa than 6'1"...

abhishek says on 23/Nov/14

in this video,taylor says she is 5'10" (skip to 5 minutes)

Mon says on 22/Nov/14

You can't say 'in heels', it depends on the actual size of the heels, which I don't think you can judge that accurately. She wears a variety of size heels, and appears variety of heights depending on what heels she has on. But it you look at her in rock bottom footwear with Harry Styles there is no question in my mind that to maintain that both their listed heights here are accurate you would have to claim he had a surreptitious set of subtle lifts inside his shoes every time he was with her. The footwear on show would not explain it. I'm inclined to think he is the one taller than his listing, by around half an inch.

184.3cm says on 22/Nov/14

If she was really 6'3 in heels like some suggest here then she would have been max 2 in under John Cleese on Graham Norton. Reality was different 3-4 inch difference Which puts her more realistically at 6'1.5 in heels. So she is 5'9 range i disagree by a cm or 2 but listing is fair.

Judd says on 21/Nov/14

If Katie Holmes is 5'9" as here she's listed and as i think, the taylor can't be under 5'9.5"!

vfpswiftie says on 21/Nov/14

@Just FYI Taylor is not shorter than Katie Holmes. I've examined the photos and in some they are the same height and in some Taylor is taller

Sean says on 21/Nov/14

On reflection other women have seemed much bigger than their self claimed height to reporters in articles I have read. Nonetheless, Harry Styles a while back consistently had more height on Taylor than is compatible with visible footwear and posture, given their respective listings here. As they are apparently back together and he his of an age to have gained a little in the interim, there may be some interesting photos. I hope people don't start screaming about lifts.

Mon says on 20/Nov/14

Just, While Taylor seems happy about her height and even accentuates on occasion, it can't be got around that reporters who have met her are surprised enough by her size to make a point of mentioning how tall she looks . A Rolling Stone interviewer said she looks taller than 5'10''. I don't think she would get reactions like that at just a shade over 5'9''. My point was that you usually have to worry less about a tall woman adding to her height

Just says on 18/Nov/14

@Mon There are women who like compliments like: you're so tall, you look like a model/you should be a model. So even women who aren't models, don't mind the modelheight. She's very slim and always wears skyhigh heels, so she looks taller. I'm slim too and people think I'm 5'9 while I'm just 5'7. If she really is 5'11, then Katie Holmes must be 6' tall, because Katie is taller than Taylor. Just look up images of them.

Mon says on 18/Nov/14

I think Harry Styles height has to be an issue as she looked smaller than him. "Harry Styles's height is 5ft 9.25in". Well when they were photographed together he had a hat on top of his big hair so he may steal a little. but he did not look shorter that Taylor Swift, though he did have had bigger footwear on when he was photographed with her, while Taylor had no- heels shoes and looked slightly smaller.

OK it is possible Rob is right, if Styles is indeed almost 2 inches shorter than he claims and is boosted by big shoes and big hair, but my feeling is that Taylor is a very strong 5'10''. Unfortunately, that would mean Styles is 5'10''.

Brad says on 18/Nov/14

5 feet 10 with ease.

Mon says on 17/Nov/14

At LEAST an inch over 5ft 9.5in . BBC interviewer on radio today couldn't get over TS's height and called her the biggest and TALLEST star in the music business more than once times. She must be taller than 5ft 9.5in Iggy Azalea. 5ft 9.5in is tall but you wouldn't someone that height the tallest female star in the business.

I think you have to remember that tall women in showbiz don't want to be thought too tall, unless a girl is a catwalk model being over 5ft 9 is not adding to her appeal. Unlike a man, Taylor wouldn't be adding value to steal an inch or two. If she says 'I'm 5'11' she probably is. A man her height would surely claim 6 foot.

Ivan Xavier says on 15/Nov/14

I think 5'10 is more accurate

grizz says on 14/Nov/14

WolfMan,if your height is genuine,it's still possible for Taylor to be 177 or 178 cm tall. With 6 inch heels she would be around 192-3, exactly an inch or less shorter than you,as you wrote. I'm more and more convinced that she's a genuine 5ft10. With normal heels she's about the same height,if not even a smidge taller than (supposedly) 186 cm tall Sean O'Pry in Blank Space.

WolfMan says on 12/Nov/14

was working security at an an award show that will remain unnamed. Taylor Swift was wearing heels. I stood within 3 feet of her. Im 6'3 without shoes. I was normal running shoes and Swift was I'd say no more than an inch shorter than me. Im about 6'4 & half with shoes. I'd say with heels puts her at 6'3. I think she is probably 5'11 barefoot.

Arch Stanton says on 10/Nov/14

The fringe does her no favours though David. I preferred her a few years back, check out the Def Leppard videos...

David says on 8/Nov/14

Taylor is quite goodlooking.Her middle name Alison would have sounded better as a first name.Taylor?sounds ideal for a surname but for a first name a bit strange.Have heard of a singer called Raylor Dayne in the 80's.Anyway Taylor does look tall in music video's especially on 'shake it off'.She looks 5ft 11 easily on it.

FlameBoy says on 5/Nov/14

Click Here

She Looks HUGE she looks easily as big as a typical 6 ft 2 guy in shoes IMO

Adam says on 3/Nov/14

She's super tall in heels and she's looking better than never.

Arch Stanton says on 2/Nov/14

@Silent. Yeah but you're forgetting that Letterman in shoes would be more 6'2.5 if 187 barefoot.

a2 says on 2/Nov/14

she looks at least 5'10 next to carly simon

Silent D says on 1/Nov/14

She looked close to 180cm on ellen and the late show with david letterman. I know she was in 4 inch heels but she was same height as letterman, who is 187cm. 176cm.

Hypado says on 30/Oct/14

Taylor Swift Looks 176/177cm, no more, no less

Arch Stanton says on 27/Oct/14

Looks too tall in heels next to Cleese to really be lower than this.

grizz says on 26/Oct/14 she's as tall as 5ft11 Kimmel with some 3inch heels. So, 5ft9 might turn out correct after all.

Chris says on 20/Oct/14

Why are people here so obsessed downgrading everyone even guys in 6'7 range? I never saw anyone being upgraded. To me she looks like a 5'10 to 5'11 woman she's about as tall as 5'11 Behati Prinsloo and taller than 5'9 Lily Aldridge.

Click Here

pollo says on 18/Oct/14

hey rob, it is really impossible that taylor is over 5. 9 (174- 175), look at this video, she is clearly smaller than mick jagger ( today he is maybe 5. 9,5) stop at 0: 35. Jagger is 3 or 4 cm taller, taylor is maybe just 5.8,5... what do you think... ? Click Here on this pictures of the concert you can see that they have similiar footwear... taylor is cool but not tall ;)

vfpswiftie says on 16/Oct/14

So Rob you really think that she can be 5ft9 flat but not below that? I also think that she can really hit the 5ft10 mark, what you think?

[Editor Rob: I've left her at the 5ft 9.5 because at the moment that has been my best guess.]

Just says on 15/Oct/14

@jerome Taylor may be taller than 5'8 Rihanna, but Taylor is still shorter than 5'9 Doutzen. See Click Here Stop at 12:25. While Taylor standing straighter than Doutzen (you can see Doutzen is bending her knee a little bit and also holding her head a little to the left) and wearing heels with the same height, Doutzen is still (maybe one inch?) taller than Taylor, no matter the camera angle.

jerome says on 15/Oct/14

Rihanna looked taller than Candice swanepoel and Taylor swift is always taller than Rihanna......

Mel says on 13/Oct/14

She's 5"8 at most. She is very slim but go watch the youtube on Victoria's Secret fashion show.shes shorter than Alessandra ambrosio who is supposed to be 175.

vfpswiftie says on 11/Oct/14

rob, do you think that there's any chance she's below 5'9"? i personally think that she's does not go below 5'9". she has just poor posture and sanding loose.

[Editor Rob: there are times where you go 'this girl can look barely 5ft 9', but I believe it is just occasions she isn't standing that well. You could still argue she was 5ft 9 flat though, I wouldn't dismiss that possibility.]

Aman says on 9/Oct/14

She is 5'10 people, she is very tall, stop trying to downgrade her.

Maddy says on 4/Oct/14

Such a beatiful height! She can be a supper model if she wanted to. (She kind of already is.)

184.3cm says on 30/Sep/14

More like 175cm since she lives in heels. 12cm heels = 187cm hence her im like 6'2 gibberish.

Just says on 30/Sep/14

In pictures with Katie Holmes and Karlie Kloss, compared to them, Taylor is Blake Lively's height: 5'8"5.

Just says on 30/Sep/14

5'8"5 definitely!

KateKate says on 28/Sep/14

5'8.5" maybe

Josh says on 24/Sep/14

She´s a bit shorter than 5'9 Candice swanepoel she´s not taller than 5'9 Lucas Till she´s around the same as 5'8 Taylor Lautner.

Judd says on 21/Sep/14

5'9.5" is spot tall as Mandy Moore

HiQuality says on 20/Sep/14

Rob, what about this picture? Click Here

It looks like her height is pretty close to Ed Sheerans's, which in this site is marked as 5ft 7.75in. Ed probably had some inches with his sneakers, but she doesn't look like she is wearing flat shoes either (from the shadows, you can see short heels)

[Editor Rob: it's harder to tell when she is a bit further away from the camera.]

Darren510 says on 16/Sep/14

I use to think 5'10 now 5'9ish. I wonder why she claimed 5'11. Usually tall girls downgrade themselves

pete says on 13/Sep/14

surprised by this listing. i still think shes closer to 5'8.5 or just 5'9, especially next to karlie kloss. well, either way, shes still very tall for a lady.

lelman says on 13/Sep/14

175cm, weak 5'9". She's real slender and wears heels a lot, so she can look 5'11" - but I don't think she's much taller than 5'9", if at all.

spainmen says on 13/Sep/14

Rob maybe its time for a little downgrade?I think 5ft9.25(176cm)will be better as you had said she looks between 5ft9-9.5 and sometimes inclussive she can look just 175cm,177 is to much for her I think.

evil says on 12/Sep/14

i don't understand rob, you have listed taylor as 177cm, and i think is right, but harry styles as 176, are you kidding, have you seen thei pictures together, harry is at least 2cm taller than her. I think that styles is 179-180cm, taylor 177, mybe 176 at least , stop downraging styles

Jay says on 9/Sep/14

I agree with Jerome. Anything below 5'9 is pushing it.

Jerome says on 5/Sep/14

shes taller than Rihanna in every picture

Jerome says on 5/Sep/14

shes taller than Rihanna who's listed at 5'8 in every pic

Height181 says on 28/Aug/14

Absolute Max I give her is 5'8''. She was around the same height as Zac Efron who is 5'7'' himself. Go to 17 seconds on the video Click Here SEE IT WITH YOUR OWN EYES PEOPLE! Lol

Jay says on 28/Aug/14

I would love to see her next to Zendaya and Kendall Jenner. I got a feeling they would be noticeably taller then her.

grizz says on 23/Aug/14

Taylor is 5'8 or 5'8.5 . Shots with 5'9 Katie Holmes prove it. Still, a perfect height for a woman, especially with her slender looks she seems much taller.

krissy says on 15/Aug/14

5' 9 is too much rob, i would say 5'7.5 or 5'8 barefoot

Jenny says on 13/Aug/14

Upon further review it looks like Katie and Taylor are the exact same height. So theyre both 5'9"

Jenny says on 12/Aug/14

In the recent pics with Katie Holmes, Taylor Swift actually looks an inch shorter than Katie and they are wearing the same height in heels. This proves without a doubt Taylor is no more than 5'8".

Just says on 12/Aug/14

@Kresh Maybe it's how they posed, but Taylor Swift looks (slightly) shorter than 5'9 Katie Holmes. Click Here Click Here Click Here Footwear seems quite similar. Taylor is 5'8"5.

Kresh says on 12/Aug/14

Taylor Swift is the same height as Katie Holmes who had stated she is 5'8".

Taylor is no more then 5'8.5" (1.74m)

avi says on 11/Aug/14

After looking online at pics with others its crazy to call her even a weak 5'9 5'8-.5 is a better shout .

alyssa says on 10/Aug/14

@ vfpswiftey

Over 5'8 I would agree. Just too much evidence to debunk anything beyond that range. Her skinniniess is key because she looks taller at 5'8 than thicker women who are 5'9 or more.

vfpswiftie says on 10/Aug/14

I stil believe that she is more than 5'8". Still pretty tall for a woman

Genevieve says on 8/Aug/14

@Just I don't know about Doutzen or Alessandra's height, but Lily does look pretty close to a weak 5ft 9in, maybe a strong 5ft 8.5in, compared to 5ft 10in Adriana Lima.

Click Here

In addition, I think Behati might be taller than Adriana, like 5ft 10.5in.

Doutzen doesn't look 5ft 9in, she is very close to Adriana if Doutzen stood up straight in this picture. Doutzen is likely to be a weak 5ft 10in.

Click Here

Just says on 8/Aug/14

@Genevieve I don't know Behati's height. But Lily is NOT 5'9. She's short for a model. Even in sky platform high heels she's about 2 inches shorter than 5'9 Doutzen Kroes Click Here Lily's, again in sky high platform heels, shorter than 5'8"5 Alessandra Click Here I think Taylor is about Alessandra's height: 5'8"5.

On this site she's listed 5'8 although people think she's only 5'7.
Bishop says on 11/Dec/14
Just to add to the already enough evidence (same size heels): Click Here
Igge says on 11/Dec/14
I don't think she's over 178 but i also don't think she's under 175. Spot on listing.

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