How tall is Taylor Swift ?

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Taylor Swift's height is 5ft 9.5in (177 cm)

American Singer known for songs such as Love Story, I Knew You Were Trouble and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. She said in "I'm 5'11'', so when I wear heels, it's definitely a really good view that I have. I'm like 6'2 when I wear heels, so I tend to wear cowboy boots a lot." although in 2013 in a Vanity Fair article she is quoted saying: "I think what I would mostly be looking for in a guy … is someone who sees me in my actual dimensions: 23 years old, five-foot-ten"

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tiny says on 13/Apr/14
Taylor Swift - 5'9" & 120 lbs, Karlie Kloss - 6'2' & 130 lbs. Both tall but frighteningly thin.
Just says on 11/Apr/14
I think Taylor Swift is tall, but just not that tall. I think 5'8"5 would be right for her.

The height difference between her (in hight heels) and 6'1 Karlie Kloss (in flats) is too big for Taylor to be 5'9"5.

Karlie Kloss is really tall, but not a giant, she isn't even close to 6'4!
az says on 10/Apr/14
I guess if you take the heels off of taylor she is the same height as cara delevigne. Is that like 5'7" or 5'8"?

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Drift says on 9/Apr/14
Karlie Kloss is 6'4 or 6'5 while Taylor Swift is 5'10 or 5'11
Sam says on 8/Apr/14
Wow, Karlie Kloss is stunning and one of the few times I've seen Swift dwarfed by another girl.
Just says on 5/Apr/14
Taylor is no matter good or poor posture really towered by Karlie Kloss. There is no way Taylor is 6'1"!
Cliff says on 5/Apr/14
An associate who works at Book Soup on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles saw Swift come in several times in which Swift nicely took some pictures with him and some of the crew. He's a fan and claims she was very tall "around 5ft10" in his own words. Sometimes she had heels sometimes she didn't when she came in. If she were just 5'8" I doubt he'd made the comment about her height as 5'8" girls are a dime a dozen in those neck of the woods. I also agree that Karlie Kloss is closer to 6ft2 than 6ft1 and that it can sometimes be difficult to accurately gauge height differences while walking since their knees are bending.

I do think Taylor is 5'10".
vfpswiftie says on 4/Apr/14
Actually, she has just poor posture but she's tall really. I think if she would just stand up straight she would be close in height with Karlie Kloss.
Hypado says on 4/Apr/14
If Karlie is 185cm, Taylor is 173cm
Janek says on 4/Apr/14
MollyBrown Karlie Kloss is strong 6'2.
MollyBrown says on 3/Apr/14
There are photos of her walking with 6'1" Karlie Kloss. Swift is in heels while Kloss is in flats and Kloss still towers over her. No way she's anything over 5'8".
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Sam says on 1/Apr/14
She's definitely an attractive girl and a nice height at 5'9"-5'10" on those gams, not a fan of her music from what little I've heard, seems a bit vapid and at times seems to contrive her love life to fit her music.
Tallgirl says on 30/Mar/14
Hi, I think she's really 5'10". I'm 17 and 5'10.5" and I know some girls wants to be tall, but as a tall girl I can say that if we lie about our height, it's normally to make us smaller. On some pictures it's just like I'm 5'8" just like my younger brother but that's because you never stand really straight on a picture. And with the models of Victoria Secret she seemed really smaller , but her high heels were an inch or two inches shorter.
Kage says on 27/Mar/14
Solid listing. Looks between 5'9"/ 5'9.5" Don't think she ever hits 5'10" barefoot though.
SAK says on 27/Mar/14
Guys shes no shorter than the listing. At lowest she maybe be 176cm.

The 5f7 a& 5f8 estimates are way too low. Too many ppl on celebheights just want to downgrade everyone.
vfpswiftie says on 26/Mar/14
She's also taller than Jamie King. In Vanity fair party, Tay was wearing 3inch heels while Jamie wore a 5 inch one. At that they look the same heigh so she's definitely 5'9.5" if not 5'10".
vfpswiftie says on 26/Mar/14
No. She's taller than Candice Swanepoel and only looks shorter because she's wearing shorter heels and slouching.
vfpswiftie says on 26/Mar/14
No. She's taller than Candice Swanepoel and only looks shorter because she's wearing shorter heels and slouching.
Josh says on 24/Mar/14
She´s shorter than 5'9 Candice Swanepoel she´s 5'8 the most.
Just says on 24/Mar/14
I don't see 2-3 inches heigh difference. Click Here I just see 2-3 centimetres heigh difference...
vfpswiftie says on 22/Mar/14
Actually she is 2-3 inches taller than 5'7.5" Cara Delevigne. Look it up at jer Instagram.
Chris says on 20/Mar/14
She doesn't have long legs. She actually has a long torso.
tayrol says on 19/Mar/14
its obvious that taylor has a long legs and shes tall.. its believable shes 5'10
abhishek says on 15/Mar/14
@rob no video link available except chelsea lately where she did claim her height?
Height181 says on 15/Mar/14
She has got to be about 5'7'' - 5'8''. She does not look like she's around 5'10'' at all.
I know says on 14/Mar/14
She is 5'7" or less!!!!!!!! She is the same height of Alessandra Ambrósio, Candice Swanepoel, Miranda Kerr, and others. But they are very beatifull, how tall they are don´t make diference they have talent
sss says on 11/Mar/14
She can't be taller than 5'8.5 since she is noticeably shorter than Styles. I would say 5'7-5'8
Drift says on 10/Mar/14
Guys, she's 6 ft easy!
ENTJ says on 21/Feb/14
U guys actually argued abt someone's height for 1 yr +?!?
Johndo says on 18/Feb/14
176cm 100%.
MD says on 18/Feb/14
Well, until you see her at the Victoria Secret's television special with the other models. She was not as tall as most of them, if even she's above average height.
Dmond says on 17/Feb/14
She is 178cm for sure! Just like a Victoria Secret's supermodel
Realist says on 14/Feb/14
Wrong listing. No more than 174 i bet, she is barely an inch more than Efron.
Brad says on 12/Feb/14
5' 10" easy.
Balrog says on 8/Feb/14
I agree with MD, I think she is 5'9'' flat but she wears really high heels a lot of time making her reaching 6'2'' or so.
Johndo says on 7/Feb/14
176cm for sure.
Mike T says on 6/Feb/14
She's the same height as me. About 5'9"
Steve23 says on 4/Feb/14
she looks shorter than all the photos with harry styles and hes 176 cm on this site.
Chloe says on 3/Feb/14
I'm pretty sure she's 5'10, I think she knows her height better than anyone else.
Plus Dianna Agron is 5'6 and Taylor looks to be about 4 inches taller than her, which would be right.
abhishek says on 1/Feb/14
when did taylor claim to be 5'10"??
any video proof please..
she said she is 5'11" on chelsea lately
[Editor Rob: it's in a Vanity Fair interview]
TripMcneal says on 30/Jan/14
I agree with Mary below. 5'10 1/2.
MD says on 29/Jan/14
Yep, she wears the absolute highest heels possible, and because she is so thin, and because she loves body-hugging dresses, it makes her look like a giant. I noticed this at the Grammys, the other night. This is something she does consciously. She's ridiculous with the heels; she takes them to a whole other level.
little sue says on 28/Jan/14
Mike we have already established that 6 inch heels do not give 6 inches of actual height, more like just under 5 inches
mike says on 27/Jan/14
She is no more than about 5'7", five eight tops! .she only looks tall when she is wearing those 6 inch spike high heels and stilettos she loves so much. she lies about her height like shes lies about everything else. first shes five eleven then five ten. By the way, whats six foot two minus Six inches ..ill tell you.... five eight at most! so take away her six inch heels from the six two she claims to be when wearing them and you have her height. Zack efron is only 5'6'' so on the ellen video with him it is obvious that she lies about her height . she is the same height as Zack. and in the Victoria secret video she has two different pairs of heels at different times. one is higher than the other but they both have the same style straps on the front do your homework. She doesn't shrink but shes only near 6 foot in those heels haha its the truth deal with it! wake up people!~
Alex 6ft 0 says on 27/Jan/14
5'9.5 for her seems a little too low. She looks 5'10-5'10.5 to me
Mary says on 19/Jan/14
Taylor swift looked exactly the same height as ellen and slightly shorter than 5'8 Zac efron, so I don't really think that she's 5'11 or 5'10. she's closer to 5'8 range, 174-173
Just says on 13/Jan/14
@panna Taylor looks max 2 inches taller than Emma. And Taylor also wears higher heels than Emma in this picture. I think a dowmgrade for Taylor...
panna says on 13/Jan/14
Click Here
I'm not sure how she compares to Emma stone in this picture but 5ft10 seems exaggerated.
Tom says on 13/Jan/14
Taylor Swift is 180cm tall. Deal with it!
anna says on 12/Jan/14
5ft 8. She's claimed 5ft 11. But she's constantly wearing heels. No way is she over 5ft 8.
Kevin says on 8/Jan/14
Y is she listed 5'11 now? Tf! She look 5'9-10 to me!
Just says on 8/Jan/14
In Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013 Taylor was shorter than 5'9 Doutzen Kroes. So if Doutzen really is 5'9, then Taylor should be downgraded. Maybe 5'8"5?
Natasha1 says on 8/Jan/14
Id say 5'10.5"
MM says on 7/Jan/14
If Ellen is 5'6-5'7, then how is Taylor 5'9-5'10?

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phil says on 6/Jan/14
Taylor Swift is 177cm exactly.She is as all as all the Victoria Secret angels.
Nicole says on 29/Dec/13
OK whatever lol my point is that Taylor is not under 5'9 so y'all can stop downgrading her.
AJ says on 28/Dec/13
In all of the photos with her and harry styles, he clearly looks taller, I think styles should be upgraded 5'9.5"-5'9.75" and she should be downgraded to 5'9"-5'9.25"
Yupyup says on 28/Dec/13
This one too. First frame. Feet aren't oriented exactly the same, but heels still measure equal. Sorry, don't mean to rub it in, but I get really involved with brain teasers anyway, especially when I'm bored at work.

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Yupyup says on 28/Dec/13
THERE. Found it. GIF of Taylor walking with Lily Aldridge. Look at the 8th frame. Their feet are oriented the same, Taylor's back heel and Lily's front heel are pretty clear, and they are a pretty decent similar distance. The heels are the same! Internet mystery, you have been resolved. Now I'm off to find Bigfoot...

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Yupyup says on 25/Dec/13
5 inch stilettos

Click Here

5 inch wider heels

Click Here

Looks way shorter as a boot

There's a GIF or tumblr I tried to find of Taylor walking with Lily Aldridge. Heels looks the same to me!

And the debate continues ;)
Nicole says on 23/Dec/13
Also a lot of people are using the VS fashion show to downgrade Taylor which I don't get because she was wearing different shoes.
Nicole says on 23/Dec/13
Ok I was a little rude, I'm sorry, but my point is that Taylor and the models weren't wearing the same shoes so I don't think it's fair to use the vs fashion show to determine Taylor's height.
DOG says on 22/Dec/13
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Yupyup says on 18/Dec/13
I really don't care if Taylor is 5'10" or 11"... Doesn't affect my day. I like seeing tall women in the media though because I am a tall woman. Most of my friends are shorter, so it's nice to see tall women portrayed as beautiful. Most of the time it just feels kind of awkward to be the tallest one in a group.

But anyway, The first link you posted with the close up of the shoes. I can tell it's probably from the same photo you posted earlier. Karlie's foot appears to me to be slightly bigger in proportion because of the angle of the photo. I held up a pen tip to the shoe straps, which should definitely be the same size on both of the shoes. The straps on Karlie's shoes are bigger than Taylor's, due to the perspective, like I've been saying... At the very most, there might be half an inch difference in height of the stiletto, but that's not very significant.

In the second photo you showed me, the perspective is much better. I busted out the measuring tape though, and the shoes are about the same size.

I just think the thickness of Taylor's shoes creates an illusion of being shorter. I think her heels are about the same size as the model's though.

At this point, especially seeing photos of Taylor with other people, it would take me meeting her with a handy yard stick to measure her in order to be convinced she's taller than 5'9" lol.
Nicole says on 17/Dec/13
The models' heels are higher, like how can you not see it?

Click Here

Click Here
Realist says on 17/Dec/13
Same height as Taylor Lautner :5'8.5
Nicole says on 17/Dec/13
By "arched" I meant that the models' feet are higher in their shoes and Taylor's feet were lower in their shoes. You can believe what you want I suppose but I watched the show and the models were clearly wearing higher heels than Taylor.

Anyway, I think this listing is right and Taylor is no less than 5'9.
Yupyup says on 16/Dec/13
Exhibit B Michelle Obama is 5'11" In this photo she is wearing two inch heels and Taylor in 4 inch platforms. Difference in heels: 2 inches. Result: same height. Conclusion: Taylor is 5'9" Click Here
Yupyup says on 16/Dec/13
What is that link supposed to show? Taylor's behind Karlie, so you can't judge based on that perspective, especially with the lens photographers use. You have to get equal distance shots, like the link I posted.
Yupyup says on 16/Dec/13
.... Because they have higher natural arches?
Just says on 15/Dec/13
Cara is 5'7 and Karlie is 6'1, so Taylor is 5'9 or 5'9"5 max. By the way, she downgraded herself so she knows 5'11 for her is ridiculous.
Nicole says on 15/Dec/13
Why would the models' feet be arched higher up in their shoes than Taylor's if their heels were the same height?
Nicole says on 15/Dec/13
Um no they aren't the same height...

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Yupyup says on 14/Dec/13
This is how 5'10" looks next to Karlie. Joan Smalls comes up to Karlie's hairline. Taylor to her eyebrows. At least an inch difference. Click Here
Yupyup says on 14/Dec/13
The heels are the same height. Here's a picture where they're both about the same distance from the camera. Taylor's heels are thicker but not shorter (thicker heels are more comfortable and give more balance. Also they mislead people having these height discussions lol). I thought Karlie was 6'0-6'1", so that puts Taylor at 5'8"-5'9" in that picture you showed me (4" height difference) Click Here Taylor
Camille says on 13/Dec/13
Click Here see the difference?? Karlie Kloss is 6'2 soo maybe Taylor's height is like 5'10 :))
Nicole says on 13/Dec/13
@Yupyup their heels aren't the same height; Taylor's are thicker and shorter.
Yupyup says on 13/Dec/13
I was curious, so I looked for heels pictures with her and the other models. Her heels are the same height. I'd put her at 5'8 maybe 5'9. Definitely not 5'11 Karlie towers over her
Cliff says on 11/Dec/13
Cara Delevingne is shorter than Swift because she's nowhere near 177cm but around 170cm as she HERSELF has stated. Swift is listed in the 177-178cm range.
Tanuki says on 10/Dec/13
Cara Delevingne who's 177 cm is clearly shorter than Taylor in all the appearances they made together and also in the instagram cara posted. Being a model, there shouldn't be any discrepency on Cara's mentioned height. And to add, Taylor looked about 2 inches shorter than Karlie when they were standing in relatively comparablr postures.She's definitely taller than mentioned @ this site by many.I guess they are simply Jealous of her.
Arch Stanton says on 8/Dec/13
@Amanda. Discussing Jon Bon Jovi's height of late on Sambora's page. He's generally pulling off looking 5'10" range these days and can even look 5'11 at times!
amanda says on 5/Dec/13
Next to Jon Bon Jovi and Prince William and she's wearing heels: Click Here and Click Here . Either she's shorter than what she claims or Jon Bon Jovi needs an upgrade.
Kacey says on 5/Dec/13
Rob you need to downgrade Taylor to 5'8.5" MAX.
Just says on 4/Dec/13
In those pictures Taylor, Lily and Karlie all wear the same heels. Same is not smaller heels.
0001 says on 30/Nov/13
@James Karlie Kloss claimed on her twitter that she is 6'2"
Heightguru says on 28/Nov/13
Met her once at the airport, really nice girl. I'm 5'11 and she was about an inch shorter, so I would say a strong 5'10... Like she claims.
1557j says on 22/Nov/13
Taylor wore shorter heels than the heels angels wore
Dog says on 22/Nov/13
Don't forget the last year Victoria's Secret Fashion Show wan candice walk trough and grab Rihanna's ass. Candice look shorter than 5'8" Rihanna clearly.
abhishek says on 18/Nov/13
@nyc can you give link of those interviews?
lola says on 16/Nov/13
lily aldrige is 173 and taylor looks around the same height next to her
like in this pic
Click Here
James says on 16/Nov/13
Taylor is 4 or 5 inches smaller than Karlie Kloss, according to this picture: Click Here So lets say she is 5'8,5 (174 cm).
Kresh says on 15/Nov/13
look at the latest photos of Taylor and the VS model Lily Aldridge.

Lily Aldridge is 1.74-1.75m and Taylor Swift was just about her height.
I say that Taylor Swift is between 1.74-1.76m
vsfan says on 14/Nov/13
Lily Aldridge is a smidge shorter than Candide Swanepoel who is known to be 5'8" flat
Tanuki says on 14/Nov/13
Taylor looked taller than Lily Aldridge when they posed at the end of the catwalk, at least by an inch. So, Taylor's definitely not less than 178 cm.
Jed says on 14/Nov/13
She looks shorter than Aldridge factoring in the camera position. She can't be over 5'9.
Pixie says on 5/Nov/13
Gary Lighbody is between 6'3" and 6'4" and Taylor was wearing moderately high heels so she could reasonably 5'11" or at least 5'10". Dermot O Leary was wearing shoes with hidden heels... Men can gain up to 5.5 inches wearing those shoes.
nyc says on 4/Nov/13
In recent interviews she gives her height as 5'10", so she downgraded her 5'11" height herself.
Height181 says on 4/Nov/13
I think she is no more than 5'7.5''.
Rhonda says on 3/Nov/13
4 inches over Dermot O'Leary on X factor. She was about 4 inches less than Gary Lightbody on X factor.
PAims says on 3/Nov/13
Click Here ed sheeran is how tall again?
akshay says on 28/Oct/13
she is about 177 -178 cm. ,she is skinny so she appears tall ,thats the fact ,but not reallity..
akshay says on 28/Oct/13
i think she is about not more than 5.8 ..,as every celebrities lies about their height..
Kresh says on 23/Oct/13
I would put Taylor Swift between 1.74 and 1.76m.
ben says on 23/Oct/13
she is not 5.10 she is just 5.8 and she look with the heels 5.11 not 6' not 6'
beacause evey celebrities lie about thier height
z says on 22/Oct/13
Click Here
probably 5'8.5 harry looks a full inch on taylor
Mr. Sheridan says on 16/Oct/13
First of all, Harry Styles isn't 5'10. He's 5'9.5, and he towers a good 2 inches on Taylor Swift. If you're talking about Bruno Mars, he's not even 5'4 from any way. My 5'7 brother took a photo with him. Mars was looking like 5'2.5, so in that sense Taylor is only between 5'8 to 5'9
Sean says on 16/Oct/13
I met her once, clicked a photo with her, she was on heels.The top of her head was just above my eyes. I'm 6'3 and i was on 1 inch heels.Now just think how tall is she. She was around 6'1 or 6'0.5. So, I'll put her between 176cm and 178 cm.
hayls says on 6/Oct/13
Harry styles is 5"10, so taylor swift cant be 5"11and be shorter then him, iv even seen photos where shes wearing heels and still shorter then harry styles, i think shes 5"9, iv heard thats how tall she really is. :):)
Ayrton12 says on 27/Sep/13
Yes she is like 2 or 3 inches taller than him, look at their concert in UK have talent!
macko says on 24/Sep/13
isn't she supposed to be taller than Ed Sheeran?
Click Here
Viper says on 19/Sep/13
Weird how she upgrades her height to 5'11 and then saying shes 6'2 in heels. Females would downgrade their height.

And LOL at Bruno Mars being 5'5. That dude is 5'2 at best.
Tanuki says on 18/Sep/13
Standing next to Michelle Obama,she looked the same height as michelle, nd at times sligtly taller than michelle.And in the photos with jake gyllenhal, she seemed an inch or 2 shorter in most of them.So she's definitely not shorter than 178 cm. Its most likely 179 to 180 cm.
Silent d says on 17/Sep/13
5 foot 9.
PandaEyes says on 15/Sep/13
Taylor is shorter than Harry Styles in every picture of them (even when they're both wearing flats). How is she 5'9.5 when he's supposedly 5,9.25?
Sherlock says on 10/Sep/13
umm look at her standing a foot behind Bruno Mars Click Here look how much taller than him she is and he's 5'5 or or if you want one with visible shoes her next to Sway Click Here she has on kitten heels (Usually one inch high) so if you are going by that and the top of their foreheads considering that Sway is around 5'10 she still appears to be about an inch taller than him.
Bran says on 9/Sep/13
Personally I think she's not over 5ft9
YL says on 5/Sep/13
She's a solid 5 ft 8.5 to 5 ft 9. She's skinny so it's an illusion. Look at where the head ends beside rihanna. They were the same height in one picture and Rihanna is 173. She's no way 177/178
simon says on 2/Sep/13
Shes 5'8 tops, maybe even 5'7. Pics with Harry Styles who is 5'9 prove this. Needs downgrade otherwise the heights on this site don't make sense
James says on 1/Sep/13

Well she has gone from claiming 5ft 11 to 5ft 10! 5ft 9 is certainly next on the agenda. I personally believe her to be a very weak 5ft 9, more likely 174cm.
Rey says on 31/Aug/13
Lorne, you are spot on about the self-downgrades! Excellent observation.
Emily says on 31/Aug/13
I don't think her build is amazing at all. She has quite short legs for her height. That's why she always wears pants above her hip bone. If i had to choose between being tall and having short legs and being short and having long legs i'd choose the latter.
JJ says on 30/Aug/13
Lorne says on 28/Aug/13
177cm absolute max. Honestly she looks 5'9 flat a lot, not that 5'9.5 isn't believable, but it's the most I'd give her. Don't know why she claims 5'11, when most girls(let me stress that) who are 5'11+ downgrade themselves!!!
miko says on 28/Aug/13
Whatever height she actually is, a solid 5'9, her build is amazing, perfect body.
Billy says on 27/Aug/13
Yeah I saw a picture of her with apparently 5'6" Emma Stone with the same footwear and 5'9" would be generous there, she looked near 5'8" even.
Caleb says on 27/Aug/13
I think she's height is good enough.I'm only 5'6ft and she is 5inch taller than me.
Jane says on 27/Aug/13
About the pictures with Gwyneth Paltrow at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2011
Click Here
Taylor was wearing these: Click Here

Couldn't find Paltrow's heels, but here's a pic:
Click Here
Click Here

Those aren't platform heels, I believe that Paltrow's loosing a bit of height here..
Jane says on 27/Aug/13
Taylor was wearing these platform sandals: Click Here
With these huge heels I believe that she's around 6'2 or so. His shoes add what, 1,2inches?
Here's a better pic
Click Here
Jane says on 27/Aug/13
Taylor was wearing these platform sandals: Click Here
With these huge heels I believe that she's around 6'2 or so. His shoes add what, 1,2inches?
Here's a better pic
Click Here
jessie says on 26/Aug/13
she's a freakin giraffe, i am a 5'9 and i have never looked so tall next to someone who's 5'5 regardless of the shoes: Click Here - with bruno mars. she's def 5'11
Amanda says on 24/Aug/13
I met her in 2008 backstage at TRL - I'm approximately 5'11" and had flats on, while she probably had about 4 inch heels on. She towered over me. I'd say she's about 5'10" or 5'11", but has poor posture usually, which makes her appear shorter.
Balrog says on 22/Aug/13
She's 5'9" at the very most. She is a tall lady. Don't know why she inflates her height that much.
Lo sgozzatore says on 15/Aug/13
Rob said he wouldnt argue under 5'9 but i've seen some pics of her with that Harry Styles guy and i'd say she easily looks an inch shorter. So if that guy is really 5'9.25, there's noway she is 5'9.5! If she's 5'9.5, then that guy is around 5'10.5...
stoodnext2 says on 15/Aug/13
I'll post it again; the footage doesn't lie - Look at her walking with Zac Efron, and Dancing with Ellen at 5:25
Click Here

Stoodnext2 says on 6/Jun/12
Click Here
Click Here
She walks out with Zac Efron at 5:25. Here she is CLEARLY shorter than Zac Efron. I think he may have had a footwear advantage, but this shows me she's not 5'11. Heck her and Ellen are the same height on her
Strong 5'8 and that's generous
Zach says on 15/Aug/13
But she really does look 6'2 in heels : Click Here
Click Here
Raylan says on 10/Aug/13
I live in Bev Hills about 200 yds from Ms Swift. I am 5'10.5 and she is my exact same height. We have stood eye to eye.
Raylan says on 10/Aug/13
I live in Bev Hills about 200 yds from Ms Swift. I am 5'10.5 and she is my exact same height. We have stood eye to eye.
Silent d says on 5/Aug/13
5 foot 9.
Bran says on 1/Aug/13
I saw Taylor and Ed preforming on a show a few months ago, they were side by side ,ed's trainers an inch max and Taylor was small shoes, there looked no more than half an inch apart, making 5'9.5 look a little stretch.
cole says on 30/Jul/13
Cindee says on 30/Jun/13
If you look at the performance of her and Ed Sheeran on Britan's Got Talent 2013 final, they're both wearing the same size heel on their shoes and she is still 3+ inches taller than Ed. Click Here and Ed's hair is poofier than Taylors so yeah she is around 5'11 if Ed is 5'8. Click Here

How on earth do you see 3 inches between them in that video? Of course it helps her case of being 5'10-11 range if 5'8 Ed Sheeran is loosing as much in posture as he is. Throughout most of the preformance, they look close in height, maybe Taylor is an inch taller. And do we know for sure that Ed Sheeran is 5'8 and not shorter?
annie says on 16/Jul/13
Taylor with 5'4 Patrick Stump
Click Here
lalala says on 15/Jul/13
I think she is at least that height (5'9.5), if not taller...I know that most actors/singers etc look tall on tv even when they aren't, but she is one of those people that also look tall when casually walking down the street (I haven't seen her in person, but I've seen pics).
annie says on 15/Jul/13
agree with Camile
interview with Ed Sheeran for summertime ball. Ed Sheeran says he is 5'8 and Taylor is 5'9. With all the time they spend together, he should have a good idea of how tall she is.
Alex says on 10/Jul/13
5'10 seems more accurate. She's towering over so many people and seems a bit taller than Taylor Lautner too.
gabby says on 10/Jul/13
how can you guys say she's 5'8 for christ's sake, she is taller than that. I think she's min 5ft 9.5in, prob 5'10.5 in the morning. Look at her next to Michelle Obama who's 5'11: Click Here (skip to 1:03) , Click Here
avi says on 8/Jul/13
Did you downgrade her? If so why? Not that I disagree just curious :)
[Editor Rob: not recently, a fair few months back I think ]
James says on 4/Jul/13
I still think no more than 174cm. Her body type is so deceiving. There is a girl who goes to my gym with a very similar body to swift, thin and slender, from a distance she looks 180ish, even only 5 feet away she still looks 178, stand next to her and she's only around 173. Her proportions are extremely deceiving.
6\'1\" person says on 4/Jul/13
Google listed her as 5'11"
J.Lee says on 4/Jul/13
5 ft 10.5 in the mornings?
anonymous says on 3/Jul/13
If she is no less than say 5'9.5 she can claim 5'10 really, she is a weak 5'10 at worst,
Shelly says on 1/Jul/13
5' 10".
Cindee says on 30/Jun/13
If you look at the performance of her and Ed Sheeran on Britan's Got Talent 2013 final, they're both wearing the same size heel on their shoes and she is still 3+ inches taller than Ed. Click Here and Ed's hair is poofier than Taylors so yeah she is around 5'11 if Ed is 5'8. Click Here
THE REAL ANNONOYMOUS says on 28/Jun/13
I worked security at her concert on last Saturday, just outside her dressing room, and at her meet and greet before the show. She was within a few feet of me on a few occassions. She is no shorter than 5'9.5, and would not be surprised if she was 5'10. Her dad is fairly tall at about 6'1-6'2. She was actually very nice.
bakel says on 27/Jun/13
taylor -> Taylor lautner is around 5ft8, he is far from being 5ft10, and he looked similar to Swift:
Click Here
Click Here
Silent d says on 26/Jun/13
5 foot 9 seems accurate. That is still pretty tall for a girl.
taylor says on 26/Jun/13
uh she's 5.11 cause i have seen her picture standing beside taylor lautner who's height was 5.10
JKE says on 22/Jun/13

Downgrade her to 5ft 8 at least
destroy you says on 20/Jun/13
She's actually 5'11" because I saw her standing next to Usher who is 5'8".
destroy you says on 20/Jun/13
She's actually 5'11" because I saw her standing next to Usher who is 5'8".
Bakel says on 18/Jun/13
Come on Rob look at these pictures with Mick Jagger, it's more than obvious that she's not 177cm, even Mick Jagger at 69 must be a bit shorter than the 5'10 he used to be and still he is couple of inches taller.
Too many evidence that she's not 5'10 or 5'11:
- Same height than 174cm Taylor Lautner
- Barely taller than 172cm Ed Sheeran.
- Shorter than 176cm Harry Styles
- Shorter than 173cm Zac Efron (maybe he had lifts)
She only looks tall in monster heels. I would give her 174cm max.
ali (boy/english) says on 18/Jun/13
Bit tall for me as I am only 5'4.5" where as if I were ever to get close to her, I'd still be in love no matter the height difference :)
Camile says on 11/Jun/13
Ed Sheeran did an interview at summertime ball 2013 where he said that taylor is quite tall about 5'9" so he asks her not to wear heels when they hang out. With all of their performances together, it believable.
anonymous says on 10/Jun/13
She is not as high as 5'11 flat but I doubt she is as low as 5'9, I think she is about 5'10 give or take, 5'10 seems fine for her.
steven says on 6/Jun/13
Mick Jagger wasn`t wearing flats, you can see videos on youtube.
pipi says on 4/Jun/13
Last night she pass next to me in front of the stage and I am 5'7" and my opinion is that she is about 5'8" or 5'9". We both wore flats.
Sherlock of inches says on 4/Jun/13
Here's Taylor on stage with (reportedly) 5'10" Mick Jagger.

Click Here
Click Here

Footwear is the same, they're both wearing flats.
In each picture, they're about the same distance from the camera judging by shadows.

If Jagger is 5'10", even 5'11" if we're generous, then that puts Taylor in the 5'8" range. Her body type is very deceiving, and makes her look much taller than she is.
Katerina says on 3/Jun/13
Rob, do you think think there is any chance that she is under 5'9"? I have a friend who is 5'9.25" exact and she met Taylor at a concert and she looked more than a foot shorter in a photo of them.
[Editor Rob: 5ft 9 is the lowest I'd try guessing]
Kayy says on 2/Jun/13
But sol Taylor has a heel on her shoe if you look closely Hailee doesn't.
Sarah says on 30/May/13
I've seen photos of her with Harry Styles and they look around the same height. If women are wearing flat shoes they tend to have a thinner sole than when men wear flat shoes too. Maybe they are both about 5ft 9.

I have read Harry claims to be 5ft 10 or 11, but a lot of men say that because it sounds good - I am a 5ft 10 woman myself and men who say they are 5ft 10 are almost always shorter than I am
Sol says on 29/May/13
There is a new photo of Taylor with hailee steinfeld who is 5'8(she said it on tv) and Taylor is taller than her. They are wearing the same shoes. Taylor looks 5'9.5 Click Here
Emily says on 26/May/13
She did look 5´9 beside Jake Gyllenhall when they were "dating". So i think that range is her height.
Sean says on 25/May/13
Either she needs a significant downgrade, or Harry Styles needs a significant upgrade. Or a little of both, I suppose. Either way, Swift can't be listed as a quarter inch taller than Styles after those pictures of them walking around together.
stoodnext2 says on 25/May/13
Time for me to once again post this so we can get rid of the 5'10 guess

Click Here

She walks out with Zac Efron at 5:25. Here she is CLEARLY shorter than Zac Efron. I think he may have had a footwear advantage, but this shows me she's not 5'11. Heck her and Ellen are the same height on here
A Swiftie says on 24/May/13
I remember, at some award show Taylor was siting on a chair, beside someone to make that 'someone' look taller... And someone siad Harry Styles is 5'9''. This is not true. He is 5'10'' according to my knowledge.
James says on 23/May/13
Definetly needs a downgrade to around the 5ft 8 mark. At the billboards when stood next to Ed Sheeran she looked around the 6ft Mark, looking at pictures from earlier in the evening she is wearing atleast 4 inch heels, if not 5 inch. Making her 5ft 7/8.
mikey says on 21/May/13
Watch these, Rob.

Click Here
Click Here
Pedro says on 18/May/13
On "Vanity Fair" she recently said "… is someone who sees me in my actual dimensions: 23 years old, five-foot-ten": Click Here .
I think her quote should be added to the top.
[Editor Rob: good to see she's revising her height down an inch, I'll add that quote now aswell]
jimbo says on 6/May/13
Big girl. In heels she dwarves her band. They might all be short arses of course, heh heh.
Zoe says on 6/May/13
Totally agree with Ann. She looks taller than 5'7 due to he slender frame but in reality she's definitely between 5'7 and 5'8
ann says on 4/May/13
Hey Rob, I think you may have to downgrade Taylor to about 5'7-7.5"
Hey she is recently with 5'7.5" Ed Sheeran, he's leaning over to the mic a bit, AND Taylor is wearing shoes that gives an extra inch. Click Here
J.Lee says on 16/Apr/13
Rob is she 6 ft 2 in these Click Here
Grace says on 10/Apr/13
She's actually said lately she's 5'10, a few times in interviews, instead of 5'11. So the 5'9.5 height is pretty accurate. She said 5'11 when she was 16 or so at first, and back then she had this afro of curls, so that's probably what made the extra inch when she was measured.
asian says on 10/Apr/13
I think Taylor Swift fake her height because she used to have shorter boyfriend. So to make her boyfriend "look" taller she fake her height
just guessing
Keith says on 7/Apr/13
Hey, guys. I was working in a restaurant in Montana 2012, and I met Dog(the bounty hunter) I was asking how many celebrities he met, and mentioned about Taylor Swift, because her was playing on the radio, and he stood up next to me and said Taylor is shorter than me, and I am 5' 11. So guys now you know.
Someone says on 2/Apr/13
After having studied several pictures of her next to other people I don't personally think that she's 5'11. If she was she'd be severely underweight, but that's neither here nor there, I don't suppose you'll ever know unless you actually meet her. Magazines all say different things most of the time.
Becca says on 2/Apr/13
In a feature in Who magazine in Australia her height is listed as 1.77m
Happy man says on 25/Mar/13
She is taller than colbie cailat (with a height of 5'9)
Simon says on 21/Mar/13
Harry Styles is 5'9 and is taller than her by an inch or 2. Weird.
Brad says on 21/Mar/13
5' 10" poor posture is her middle name.
Anonymous says on 18/Mar/13
Swift with 5'4 Selena Gomez:

Click Here
diana says on 17/Mar/13
i mean if we can find a picture of her with either uma thurman or nicole kidman that would be great.
Anonymous says on 14/Mar/13
175cm NOW
177cm PEAK
Arch Stanton says on 12/Mar/13
Click Here

Pause at 7:15, she's a bit further back but she's definitely shorter than Savage who is 5'10" at most.
Arch Stanton says on 12/Mar/13
Dayna says on 9/Mar/13
Rob how do you know Taylor is 5'9.5 how do you know she isn't actually 5'11
[Editor Rob: from seeing her with more people I can't believe she's 5ft 11 barefoot]

Been watching her with Def Leppard and she's shorter than Savage. I've seen them live front row several times and have been 5 ft away from him and he's looks 5'10" ish next to Joe Elliot. She's wearing cowboy boots which probably give two inches and Sav is weaing Cuban heels which probably give about the same. Trust me she isn't even 5'10, 5'9.5" is the very most she could be, a case could be made for 5'9 flat barefoot. Doubt she's under that but she's definitely not 5'11!
Dayna says on 9/Mar/13
Rob how do you know Taylor is 5'9.5 how do you know she isn't actually 5'11
[Editor Rob: from seeing her with more people I can't believe she's 5ft 11 barefoot]
J.Lee says on 7/Mar/13
Rob you list her at 5'9.5.'' Any chance she thought she was 5 ft 11 because she really was that tall in the mornings?
[Editor Rob: maybe she had a high pony tail the day she was measured...]
jojo says on 3/Mar/13
its funny how no one believes that she is 5'11 even though she says it all of the time and its always in magazines and mentioned at a lot of places. personally i think she always look super tall when shes at award show i can definitely believe she is around 6'2 with heels. this photo doesnt do her justice she does look short in this photo. If someone can present solid evidence that she is 5'9 and under i'd love to see that. I'd also like to see some evidence that she is 5'11 for anyone that can find that.
Justin Bieber says on 18/Feb/13
When she was dating Jake Gyllenhaal, he was 4 inches taller than her with regular shoes,even though he's only 6 foot.
Taylor could obviously be 5'9" not 5'11".
šknjnj says on 15/Feb/13
shes tall but not taller then me, i am 180 cm, and i am a 14 year old girl :P
Josh says on 14/Feb/13
Chameleon says on 16/Nov/12
Swift is in the 5'8 range max I agree

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