How tall is Justin Bieber ?

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Justin Bieber's height is 5ft 6.5in (169 cm)

Canadian Singer known for songs like Baby, Boyfriend and Beauty and a Beat. As of 2011 he was claiming to stand "5-8/5-7." and in a police report they put him down as 5ft 9. There are rumours as to whether he wears 'Bieber Boots' with lifts, but age 18 he did look like he may have grew a bit more although he still needs to use the Bieber Booster in some photoshoots.
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Connor says on 30/Jan/15
How did the police report measure him? I mean, shouldn't a police report state his exact height for future criminal references? Like, imagine this "a 6ft tall thief is scaping the city, although he might be 5'9, we measured him with nike shox on lol"
alex says on 30/Jan/15
Dude is a midget. I saw him last year, I'm 1'84 cm and for sure he didn't pass the 1'70 mark. That would be around 5ft 6.5in as stated in the title. That day was wearing normal sneakers unlike yesterday with those 2"-heel boots.
Sam says on 30/Jan/15
justin looks the same height as 5'8 Kanye but justin's shoes gave him over an inch added height
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and Ellen is looking more 5'6 these days
ashley says on 29/Jan/15
wait guys i was right, that is 5'10" Kendall! Click Here
ashley says on 29/Jan/15
he could barely walk in that ellen appearance... something weird was up with those shoes and they were tied strangely. he look 5'9 there. i'm guessing 2" lifts, plus 1" from the boots
ashley says on 29/Jan/15
oops! That was 5'6" Kylie (lol, they all look the same) in the barefoot pic I posted. I think it's safe to assume he's 5'6" (or under...) based on that. Here: Click Here
Sonia says on 29/Jan/15
3" heels.
Marc says on 29/Jan/15
Saw him on Ellen today he looks a lot taller
samm says on 29/Jan/15
i don't think Justin was in lifts with ellen but his shoes definitely gave him atleast an inch advantage over ellen and he look 2 inches max taller so barefoot hes probably the same height or a little taller. saying Justin is 5'7 is probably true but 5'6.5 could also be true, definitely not shorter
Andy says on 29/Jan/15
Jb is exactly 176,5 cm, nothing more, nothing less
ROxy says on 29/Jan/15
his shoes are having heels about 2-3 inches
Brad says on 29/Jan/15
His Bieber Boots with Ellen were wedged up, typical Bieber customs fer appearances.
Height183 says on 29/Jan/15
Ellen isn't even 5'7''. So Bieber being taller than her doesn't surprise me at all. He was even taller than her a very long time ago, not just in his recent 2015 appearance.

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Jackie says on 29/Jan/15
ellen degeneres and justin bieber 2015? Ellen 5'7" and Justin Bieber 5'8'' Bieber Booster?, Video: Click Here
jojo says on 29/Jan/15
Here he is on Ellen. He is wearing maybe 2 inch heeled boots. And looks 2-3 inches taller than Ellen?
Tiger says on 29/Jan/15
Hey Ellen Claims To be 171cm in his recent interview which aired in 29 january 2015 with justin beiber .
Justin beiber was taller than him and was looking almost 5 feet 9 inches .
i dont know that he was wearing lifts or not .
Brad says on 28/Jan/15
Just barely over 5' 6".
Height183 says on 28/Jan/15
If Bieber is 5'5'', then Mayweather has to be to be 5'5.5''! Junior31 has met Floyd Mayweather, and has a picture with him. Read his posts. Stop being your usual jealous and ignorant self Danimal. Bieber is most likely nothing less than 5'6.5''
burby says on 28/Jan/15
Are those ladies shoes?
Danimal says on 28/Jan/15
not again says on 26/Jan/15
xD he is not even a genuine 5'7, let alone anything above.

He's not even a genuine 5'6". MAX 5'5"-5'5.5".
not again says on 26/Jan/15
xD he is not even a genuine 5'7, let alone anything above.
Height183 says on 26/Jan/15
He can pull off 5'8'' range in picture like this. With the shoes and his hair.

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FlameBoy says on 26/Jan/15
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bieber in Heels! how many inches would they give him out of Interest ?
[Editor Rob: in the 1.5 inch range really.]
Donp says on 26/Jan/15
He is more 5ft 7,75 inc
Jay Jay says on 25/Jan/15
Damn I seen him here in Vegas, he wuz 5 feet 6 tops and in them custom made high tops with power lifts in them.
Junior31 says on 24/Jan/15
Thanks guys I believe other then the popularity of bieber his height debate is pretty easy lol sly is another one. His height is absurdly clear. Arnie on the other hand. Uy Vey and I'm not even Jewish
Mosh says on 24/Jan/15
He's 5 foot 6 and a half like that Glenn Cunningham guy.
[Editor Rob: funnily, an old quote from G
"next to true 5-6 people in my life,im still 5-8 next to them even late at night lately.i know im 5-8 for a lot of reasons"
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 24/Jan/15
The haters want for him to be 5'4"-5'5", while the Beliebers want for him to be 5'9". I think that 5'7" is reasonable, and I do think that he has grown a bit since turning 19.
Chris says on 24/Jan/15

The girl in the picture is kendal, not kylie.
abc123 says on 24/Jan/15
If u look at the photo u posted, u can clearly see that justin bieber is shorter that kylie and if u google kylie's height (NOT KENDAL), u will see that she is listed as 5ft 6.
Height183 says on 23/Jan/15
Junior31, I agree with you. You've also met Floyd, so you'd have a better idea than us.
mimz says on 23/Jan/15
kylie Jenner is 5ft 6 btw , just saying
pf_layt says on 23/Jan/15
Lol! That "recent pic" with Kendall Jenner - where are his tattoos? Doesn't seem recent to me at all.
Brad says on 23/Jan/15
It sure is intense, Jake is correct. I only post my name. Burby has a terrific knowledge of height fibbers and the wild one from the Bronx. Sal....napkins. The junior has it nailed on the nose.
Jake 6ft0.5 says on 23/Jan/15

We can't really judge height based on that photo. Get us something better.
Junior31 says on 22/Jan/15
Can we all agree he is between 5'6 and 5'7 for Christ sake. I'm going with robs listing seeing people around Bieber whose height I know he is between 5'6.25 and .5
ashley says on 22/Jan/15
Click Here no shoes, even ground with 5'10" Kylie Jenner. What do you guys think?
Height183 says on 22/Jan/15
@Brad: Your opening sentence to your last post was quite intense. Seems like you really have it in for Bieber. Now I'm no fan of Bieber, but I find it incredibly odd how much hatred you have for a young 20 year old guy that you don't even personally know.. Incredibly odd.. Maybe he didn't sign you an autograph?

Try to stick to one username. Rob doesn't like people who post under different user names.
[Editor Rob: if the comment is better than gibberish and adds to the conversation it's just a minor nuisance - a lot easier though just to stick to the one persona!]
FlameBoy says on 22/Jan/15
question i am Pretty much right in between 168cm and 169cm barefoot at night how would i compare to bieber ? would their be a Noticeable difference or would we with the naked eye look Pretty much the same height ?
Brad says on 22/Jan/15
Jake knows Justin is a fake. Right on the nose. Burby with a brilliant post. They'll tear him up like a Friar's Roast. G will outside but the Vigoda "I'm sorry, no" will be line from Biebs. I don't think G would photo with him if he had the chance, those Bieber Boot white cafe whoppers are packed to the point he's falling over. Sal (head out Volvo), napkins too, Rob expects me upstairs soon.
Jake 6ft0.5 says on 22/Jan/15

I don't think he's under 5'6". But he is definitely no 5'7". There is just no photo in existence that, at a proper angle and taking in account his ridiculous liftwear, puts him at a legitimate 5'7". Even the recent photos with 5'7,5" Big Sean show Big Sean having at least a solid inch over Justin.

My estimate is that he's 5'6"-5'6.25". Even though he's known to be a notorious lift wearer, he always looks so short compared to all the other celebrities he hangs out with.
Height183 says on 22/Jan/15
@mimz: I think it's the camera angles or something. One thing for sure is he is most likely not below 5'6.5'', I think Robs got him spot on.

I don't think kendall is 5'10'' either. Maybe in shoes she is. She's around 5'9'' herself.
FlameBoy says on 22/Jan/15
@Jeremy he looks short their BUT who is the camp looking dude he is with ? is it just a fan ? if so it does not really mean that much the other dude might be 6 ft 3 or something
mimz says on 21/Jan/15
yeah how can u explain those recent pics? he seem like 5ft 9 with kendal and his friend ryan who is apparently 5ft 5 and appear to be taller. Did they grow lately?
Jeremy says on 21/Jan/15
Over 5'6.5 lmao

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beliver says on 21/Jan/15
how much he grew from 17 to now?
Jake 6ft0.5 says on 21/Jan/15

It is the angles. Or how else would you explain this recent pic:

Click Here

Taking in account that 1) he's closer to the camera, 2) he's wearing a hat and spikey hair, 3) he's wearing Biebersneakers while Kendall is wearing flat-esque boots, there's still an easy 3 to 4 inches between them.
Height183 says on 21/Jan/15
Rob, Are Brad/burby/Sonia the same people? Lol
[Editor Rob: you could see the similarities I'm sure.]
Brad says on 21/Jan/15
Yesterday he was performing in wedged Bieber Boots so big they could be snow boots....the guy won't stop.
Height183 says on 21/Jan/15
It's weird how he looks 5'8'' - 5'10'' range in these recent pics, with 5'10'' listed Kendall Jenner. Must be the angles or something.

Click Here

Click Here

One thing for sure is, he is definitely not in that ridiculous 5'5'' range. Some naive people still believe he is Lol.
burby says on 20/Jan/15
The Comedy Central Roast of Bieber in March? Expect a ton of short jokes. Will G be waitin' outside for autos? Let's hope he doesn't get the Vigoda treatment. Sal, the doughnuts.....
Sonia says on 20/Jan/15
Bieber isn't average, he's short with everybody.
Junior31 says on 20/Jan/15
Kissmyfeet says on 18/Jan/15
Justin bieber is 5'9 .. End of discussion. Floyd is 5'8 and u can tell JB is a bit taller than him

Floyd w out shoes 5'7.5
Bieber w out shoes 5'6.5 at best

Please understand that 2 thirds of the pics seen with floyd and justin is when floyd is in boxing shoes (.25 to .5 MAX) and bieber in regular shoes with quite possibly a lift.

Face to face with no footwear there will be 1 to 1.2 inches difference
abc123 says on 19/Jan/15
jon says on 16/Jan/15
i think he's over 5ft 7. But Rob is already being attacked too much. So putting Bieber on 5ft 7, which is almost average, is just asking for trouble. 5ft 6.5 just sounds a lot shorter to the average reader (hater).

Rob, can you please give your opinion on that?
[Editor Rob: I list people at what ultimately I think the best guess might be. It's impossible for any of us to say what the best guess is though. With more opinions, sometimes if you take the average - and assuming no bias - you might end up quite close to their measured height.

Bieber I can't see less than 6.5, and you wouldn't rule out a little more than that mark.]
Kissmyfeet says on 18/Jan/15
Justin bieber is 5'9 .. End of discussion. Floyd is 5'8 and u can tell JB is a bit taller than him
KF says on 18/Jan/15
I would say hes a legit 5'7" by now. The police report listing him at 5'9" is a joke though.
MD says on 18/Jan/15
@Andrew, very true. I'm convinced Big Sean is a flat 5'7".
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 17/Jan/15
He looks 1-2 CM in the second photo.
teej says on 17/Jan/15
Look i dont like the guy, but i think he's definetley taller than 5'6 now looks 5'7/5'8 to me
andrews says on 17/Jan/15
he looks almost an inch shorter than Sean here. It's also very possible that Sean's actual height is 5'7
ashley says on 17/Jan/15
big sean (listed here at 5'7.5) with justin bieber. i really don't think he's under 5'7"

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ashley says on 16/Jan/15
he consistently seems 5'7" to me
Sonia says on 16/Jan/15
Big Rose can see under 5 foot 7. I wonder if she can see Bieber under 5 foot 7 too?
[Editor Rob: I'll ask her. ]
jon says on 16/Jan/15
i think he's over 5ft 7. But Rob is already being attacked too much. So putting Bieber on 5ft 7, which is almost average, is just asking for trouble. 5ft 6.5 just sounds a lot shorter to the average reader (hater).
Shawn says on 16/Jan/15
Wow Rob, it's hard to believe that in April it will have been 6 years since the meeting!
[Editor Rob: maybe I'll return in 2019 for a 10 year remeasurement...]
abc says on 16/Jan/15
sorry for asking, but who is Big g?
[Editor Rob: G used to be on the site 5 years ago, you can see a photo of him In this short clip. He claimed 5ft 8 and turned out to be 1.4 inches shorter.]
Height183 says on 16/Jan/15
''Dial 1-800-VIN-DIESEL for more details.....''

Brad says on 15/Jan/15
G would nose him by a 1/4". Bieber Boots to Portmans: cancel out. Diesel/Kanye boots next in line for Biebs. He hates being by models, he gets owned huge.
sean5 says on 15/Jan/15
Who do you reckon will be taller Big G or Bieber?
[Editor Rob: it's over 5 years since I saw big G and I think carrying his 15kg bag of 8x10's for another 5 years might have taken it's toll and he'll have dropped a small fraction, Bieber could beat him possibly by a hair.

There is a serious issue though about G, he suffers from heightophobia. Whenever he sees a stadiometer he runs in the opposite direction.]
Height183 says on 15/Jan/15
That Ryan guy looks like 5'2.5'', He looks really short. He doesn't even look 5'3'' so we can forget about him being 5'4'' - 5'5'' Lol.
mimz says on 15/Jan/15
if you watch at the beginning of the video for the behind the scene of the Calvin Klein campaigne, you can clearly see that he is wearing lifts, especially the scene where he is playing guitar.
burby says on 14/Jan/15
Once the Bieber shoes go outta style, it's gonna be Portie/Crafty/Timby/Wolvie action 24/7. Dial 1-800-VIN-DIESEL for more details.....
Sam says on 14/Jan/15
anyone know the actual height of ryan friedinghaus? i think some sites have him at 5'5 but either way justin has like 3-4 inches on him and i cant see ryan being shorter than 5'4
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Sonia says on 13/Jan/15
They will have him on a milk box with the Calvin Klein girls.
2toes says on 13/Jan/15
He was a late bloomer, but still he stayed a shortie. He is about G's height I think.
Chris says on 12/Jan/15
Not very tall? He's not even tall. Or average.
Brad says on 11/Jan/15
He'll need the Bieber Booster with the Calvin Klein models owning him....the 5 foot 9ers will destroy the little guy.
truth2 says on 11/Jan/15
His dad is 171-172cm range, he is 168-169cm range.
Height183 says on 11/Jan/15
@Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2": Yup! that's 4cm right there alright! I see it too.

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FlameBoy says on 10/Jan/15
he may not just be a flat 5 ft 7 and yeah its not the best pic for height as i said but idk i just don't see him being quite as tall as rob and i would say there would of been around 1.5 Inches Difference.

Jeremy Bieber = 5 ft 7.5 171cm

Justin Bieber = 5 ft 6 168cm

the height his listed at is his Absolute MAX the only way i am wrong is if his dad is 5 ft 8 or over then bieber would have to be taller but i don't see it myself.
nick says on 10/Jan/15
So I read an article about Bieber in his Calvins, saying he is not very tall by being 5.7
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 9/Jan/15
@FlameBoy I'm pretty sure that Jeremy Bieber is not 5'7". The ground is invisible (meaning that the footwear is invisible, and it's possible that there's uneven ground as well), and the angle is also in Mike Tyson's advantage with it appearing as if they are both slouching. He is listed as 5'10" on other websites, but I will agree that he's not that tall.

As for the photo with Justin and Jeremy, it's a bit too zoomed out to judge. I would guess that he's 4 CM shorter than him.
miko says on 9/Jan/15
I can buy him being a solid 5'6. With the right boots, big hair and a skinny frame he can appear taller.
FlameBoy says on 8/Jan/15
Click Here

not the best pic for height i must admit but his dad looks shorter than rob when you see him with mike tyson so he appears to be around 5'7

Click Here

And he Appears to be 1 - 2 Inches taller than bieber in this recent pic

he is 5'6 168cm IMO though 167 and 169 are both Feasible but anything under or above that i find very hard to Believe.
Junior31 says on 7/Jan/15
Tunman says on 6/Jan/15
so you're generally 5'8 3/8" out of bed and between 5'8 and 5'8 1/8" before bed?
Well,that's possible but extremely rare
out of curiosity,what is your sport?
If you have good abs you could lose a little less than average,although you're really lucky to lose only 1/4 or 3/8


One thing I do have to tell you is I understand .5s make a difference on height and .25s can too. Nobody knows that better then me regarding sports little increments of height make a difference. But visually? the minutia of 7/8s is crazy. Nobody in there right mind would ever be able to say hey that guy over there looks 5'10 and 7/8 without a stadometer not even rob lol. Even if I did dip to 5'7 7/8 is that enough to differentiate if I was standing in front of you? Is that enough to see to the naked eye? Please take a look at a measuring tape or stadometer and you'll laugh your ass off at the notion. But those are my numbers. If I dip to 5'7 and 7/8s how would that effect the height of Floyd,Keith, and in turn Bieber? It wouldn't.

Rob in terms of visual difference as in .1 do you concur?
nick says on 7/Jan/15
What is your estimate now that these new pictures of the Calvin Klein ad are out?
Tunman says on 6/Jan/15
so you're generally 5'8 3/8" out of bed and between 5'8 and 5'8 1/8" before bed?
Well,that's possible but extremely rare
out of curiosity,what is your sport?
If you have good abs you could lose a little less than average,although you're really lucky to lose only 1/4 or 3/8
Junior31 says on 6/Jan/15
@Junior31 PROVE that you wake up 5'8 3/8" and end up a hair more than 5'8" at end of day. I think you are 5'7 3/4" in the evening. I'd bet every single individual on this forum shrinks more than 1/4" to 3/8" late in the day you being a professional athlete doesn't make you anymore special or an exception to spinal shrinkage.

It is what it is. Take it or leave it. If you think I'm shorter then I list then so be it. I really can care less. Enjoy the pics.
MD says on 6/Jan/15
I believe he's nothing more than 5'6", but he looks considerably taller than Friedlinghaus who can't be a full 5'4". There are pictures where they are both in similar (maybe even the identical brand of) shoes and Justin is clearly a good two inches taller.
Sam says on 5/Jan/15
justin has like 2 inches on ryan friedlinghaus atleast, not sure the height of ryan though!
Junior31 says on 5/Jan/15
Guys for all those claiming Floyd to be 5'7 flat. Search him and canelo Alvarez stare down. Canelo listed at 5'9 has been measured by show time at 5'7.5 in all there stare downs barefoot at the weigh in they are identical in height with Floyd appearing a hair taller. Take a look.

This is getting fun.
Deadpool91 says on 5/Jan/15
5'5 is too short for Justin. He looks taller these days. 5'6.5 at least. Trust me. Lol.
Phillip says on 5/Jan/15
@Junior31 PROVE that you wake up 5'8 3/8" and end up a hair more than 5'8" at end of day. I think you are 5'7 3/4" in the evening. I'd bet every single individual on this forum shrinks more than 1/4" to 3/8" late in the day you being a professional athlete doesn't make you anymore special or an exception to spinal shrinkage
Jeremy says on 4/Jan/15
No way justin is 169 cm.

He looks almost the same height as Ryan Friedlinghaus(who looks 5'5)
Brad says on 4/Jan/15
FM 5' 7.25" max, Biebs an inch shorter.
Junior31 says on 4/Jan/15
@Junior31 People lose a 1/4" within minutes of waking. That would put you at 5'8 1/8" I'm having a hard time believing you lose only 1/8" throughout a day. 5'7 7/8" is closer to your true height; 5'7 3/4" is entirely possible at the end of a working day (No day naps)

I don't wake up 5'8.25 flat. As I told you before its between .25 and .5. So as I losing a quarter puts me at 5'8.125. So of in lose a quarter and a bit more I end up 5'8 late in the day
Deadpool91 says on 4/Jan/15
Justin is 5'6.5. Period!
Phillip says on 3/Jan/15
@Junior31 People lose a 1/4" within minutes of waking. That would put you at 5'8 1/8" I'm having a hard time believing you lose only 1/8" throughout a day. 5'7 7/8" is closer to your true height; 5'7 3/4" is entirely possible at the end of a working day (No day naps)
Junior31 says on 3/Jan/15
Celebheights 188 CM says on 2/Jan/15
@Junior that's around .25".

Yes if your meaning his height before he goes to bed it would be 5'7.25 but that's his absolute low. He would wake up 5'7.7. Again whenever I've been around him during the day I have .5 on him to slightly more. At that time in 5'8.1 and he would be 5'7.5
justin b 175 cm says on 3/Jan/15
junior 31 , prove that u r 5'8
Junior31 says on 2/Jan/15
Emil 183 cm says on 2/Jan/15
Cool pics, Junior31! I've always wondered whether Floyd was 5'6 range or 5'7. How thick was his footwear?

Thanks dude. THICK lol construction boot I'd say between 1.5 and 1.75 inches. At that hour I'd put him at 5'7.25 bare foot. With my footwear I was hovering around 5'8.75 and he was my height if not a smidge taller. At that hour I'm at around 5'8.125 and at the worst 5'8

To answer Phillips question for ****s and giggles I woke up this AM and with in half hour was at my boxing gym under the official stadometer. I stood exactly 5'8.3. Now it's 7pm my time and on my professional stadometer/ scale I am 5'8.1. I trained today and woke at 630 am. So I'd say its possible I was 5'8 flat in that photo. With my footwear being between .5 and .7 that night for arguments sake I'm hovering around he 5'8.75 mark. Wich with Floyd's heel would put him at 5'7.25. Again middle of the day standing next to eachother in boxing shoes I have .5 to .7 on him. At that time he's 5''7.5

So what iam saying is the 5'7 flat for floyd needs to be thrown out the window. How this impacts the bieber convo is up to you guys. Enjoy
Irv says on 2/Jan/15
@Junior31 So what do you think Bieber's exact height is?
Height183 says on 2/Jan/15
@Junior31: Haha, you are a funny guy. Good pics though.

I think Bieber is nothing more than 5'6'' anyway.
Celebheights 188 CM says on 2/Jan/15
@Junior that's around .25".
andre says on 2/Jan/15
Floyd is 5ft6.5
justin is 5ft6
ryan sheckler is 5ft7.2
Junior31 says on 2/Jan/15
I wake up between 5'8.25 and 5'8.5 to I wich would be 5'8.375 Go to bed 5'8 flat. One time after a long training session went to bed 5'7 7/8. 1 time out of 10. I don't get what we are trying to accomplish here. I lose between .25 and .375 with generally. I'm a year shy of 30 so other then the wear and tear of training I'm not in that bracket of loss due to age.

In boxing shoes I consistently have .5 to if say a tad more on Floyd wich puts him between 5'7.5. He wakes up close to 5'7.75 is what it is. Again staying consistent with my numbers this is how tall he is based upon how tall I am. To play devils advocate I am not arguing over 7/8 of an inch so even then he isn't 5'7 flat. Now what?

So Bieber 5'6.375 to 5'6.5... Is the difference enough to be a prophecy written in the bible? To MD and Phillip seems that way lol c'mon guys
Aaron says on 2/Jan/15
I have see him in concert he was about 1.75m but i have high shoes 3cm so i think he is maybe 1.72m
Emil 183 cm says on 2/Jan/15
Cool pics, Junior31! I've always wondered whether Floyd was 5'6 range or 5'7. How thick was his footwear?
Junior31 says on 1/Jan/15
Height183 says on 29/Dec/14
@Alexander: I was waiting to be embarrassed by Junior31. I am still waiting!

Alexander says on 28/Dec/14
Junior31 - you promised to upload a photos with boxers 1000 times. Why don't you do it already?

:) now what
Junior31 says on 1/Jan/15
Who said I lose less the a quarter MD? I lost slightly more. Read my post. I wake up 5'8.25 and a bit more and have gone to bed or left the gym rather 5'8 or one millionth less. I don't understand how that's a "red flag". I love terminology but I don't understand how any of the information and pics I provided for you show inconsistency. Not sure of your motive but your entitled to an opinion.

Enjoy the oics guys
Junior31 says on 1/Jan/15
MD says on 1/Jan/15
After seeing your claim, Junior, I really don't think you're as tall as you think you are. I mean, thanks for the photo, but you're going to have to do what others here do when they want to prove a point about height. The first red flag is you thinking that you shrink less than a quarter-inch during the day. That would be unusual.

That's my height these are my photo contributions. Opinions are warranted

I'm a professional athlete. If you think I lose the same height as a web designer or the average person your insane. Nothing to argue about. If you think I'm shorter then I say how tall is keith Thurman 5'5?. Agree to disagree
Phillip says on 1/Jan/15
Junior, I highly doubt you are a hair over 5'8" in the evening. If you wake up a couple mm over 5'8.25" I would bet you are probably around 5'7 5/8" in the evening. People lose anywhere between 1/2" to 3/4" throughout day
Junior31 says on 1/Jan/15
After seeing your claim, Junior, I really don't think you're as tall as you think you are. I mean, thanks for the photo, but you're going to have to do what others here do when they want to prove a point about height. The first red flag is you thinking that you shrink less than a quarter-inch during the day. That would be unusual.

A hair of a quarter inch is unusual? Try training 3 hours a day and let me know what usual height loss is. There's two photos there. There was a third that was on the mike Tyson page a year or so ago of him and I. Also there is another basis for height as in my self and Keith Thurman. Nothing left to explain really.
MD says on 1/Jan/15
After seeing your claim, Junior, I really don't think you're as tall as you think you are. I mean, thanks for the photo, but you're going to have to do what others here do when they want to prove a point about height. The first red flag is you thinking that you shrink less than a quarter-inch during the day. That would be unusual.
Junior31 says on 31/Dec/14
Height183 says on 31/Dec/14
What if Junior31 has googled pictures of a random guy meeting Floyd? You just can't count on people anymore. If he really has met him, then I do apologise and good for him

Lmao dude I have several pictures with different fighters. I am one that's what Ido for a living. So when I come on here and see people upgrading got downgrading people I've been around I put my 3 cents in. It's not speculative. The photo next to it is of myself and Keith Thurman. So what would I google for that one? Lol
the shredder says on 31/Dec/14
I knew Floyd was no flat 5'7 , more 5 '7.5 , 5'7.7
Height183 says on 31/Dec/14
@Danimal: How tall is Floyd Mayweather to you? Since you think Bieber is still in the 5'5'' range in 2015 Lol.
Junior31 says on 31/Dec/14
Barefoot here I'm 5'8 and a hair more. Floyd is 5'7.25

These are my final numbers.

Again. He is not 5'7 flat at all

Bieber is an inch shorter at minimum.
Junior31 says on 31/Dec/14
MD says on 31/Dec/14
Junior, how tall are you?

I'm very similar to rob. I drop to less then him though
Junior31 says on 31/Dec/14
Ok there's the pics folks:

The photo with Floyd is at his mothers house the day after his last fight with maidana. As seen on 24/7. If you watch the final episode you will see me on there watching the replay with everyone It's a tradition That all his friends family and training partners go to his moms and watch a of the fight

I wake up roughly 5'8.25 and a Bit more. After a long day of training I go to bed a hair more then 5'8

In the photo with Floyd I'm eating converse type shoes. He is wearing construction type boots. In the shoes I'm wearing give me about an half inch or a tad more. Floyd's boots give him close to 1.75 inches I'd say. With this we are the same height. Bare foot he is 5'7.5 I've been with him in boxing shoes. I have a half inch on him and a bit more consistently

To reiterate this the second photo is with world champion Keith Thurman. Keith has been listed from anywhere between 5'7.5 to 5'9. In our photo we have similar foot wear and you will see an inch between us. Keith is 5'7 to 5'7.25. If they face eachother Floyd and Keith you will see Floyd will have a minimum of .25 on Keith.

Bieber in ring next to a boxing shoed Mayweather Ofcourse is taller especially with his "shoes". Bieber is 5'6 and change. Floyd would have an inch to inch and quarter on him barefoot.

Hope this helps any questions feel free to ask
Joaquim says on 31/Dec/14
I think he's my height 167cm
Height183 says on 31/Dec/14
What if Junior31 has googled pictures of a random guy meeting Floyd? You just can't count on people anymore. If he really has met him, then I do apologise and good for him.
MaryAnne says on 31/Dec/14
Wanna See Christy Turlington,Tatjana Patitz,Stephanie Seymour,Karen Mulder,Yasmeen Ghauri,Elaine Irwin,Hilary Rhoda,Toni Garrn,Daniela Pestova,Jourdan Dunn and Joan Smalls' heights. I guess they all around 5'9-6'0
MJKoP says on 31/Dec/14
andre: That is absolute garbage.
MD says on 31/Dec/14
Junior, how tall are you?
Danimal says on 30/Dec/14
I'd say he's maxed out at 5'5.5" and 130 pounds.
Danimal says on 30/Dec/14
andre says on 26/Dec/14
floyd is 5ft6 and justin is 5ft6.2 , ryan sheckler is about 5ft7.2

.2? Where do you come up with this?
Danimal says on 30/Dec/14
andre says on 29/Dec/14
Michael Jackson 5ft7.5 (172cm) 2009 5ft7.2(171cm)
Ryan Sheckler 5ft7 (170cm)
sylvester stallone 5ft8.5 (174cm) today 5ft8 (173cm)
tom cruise 5ft6.2 (168cm) boots 5ft7 (170cm)
Justin Bieber 5ft6 (167cm) boots 5ft6.5(169cm)

So boots only give .5"?
Junior31 says on 30/Dec/14
Rob I sent them to ya. Help me out here lol. You guys are funny. I take this site light hearted and recreational so this banter is fun. Good times
Editor Rob says on 30/Dec/14
Here is the photo Junior31 sent me:
Click Here
Sonia says on 29/Dec/14
I wonder if the G guy has gmail about being taller than Bieber by a few inches?
andre says on 29/Dec/14
Michael Jackson 5ft7.5 (172cm) 2009 5ft7.2(171cm)
Ryan Sheckler 5ft7 (170cm)
sylvester stallone 5ft8.5 (174cm) today 5ft8 (173cm)
tom cruise 5ft6.2 (168cm) boots 5ft7 (170cm)
Justin Bieber 5ft6 (167cm) boots 5ft6.5(169cm)
jamie179cm says on 29/Dec/14
i think 5ft5.5 or 5ft6 flat is his height
Height183 says on 29/Dec/14
@Alexander: I was waiting to be embarrassed by Junior31. I am still waiting!
Junior31 says on 28/Dec/14
Rob. Can I email them to you?
[Editor Rob: well email robpaul at gmail dot com and I can show it for you.]
Alexander says on 28/Dec/14
Junior31 - you promised to upload a photos with boxers 1000 times. Why don't you do it already?
andre says on 26/Dec/14
floyd is 5ft6 and justin is 5ft6.2 , ryan sheckler is about 5ft7.2
Junior31 says on 26/Dec/14
Height183 says on 24/Dec/14
''Junior31 says on 24/Dec/14
Floyd mayweather is not 5'7 flat. Ive trained and spent time with him.''

Sure you have.. and we've all been to the moon and back.

Rob how do you post pictures?? Just so I can embarrass the doubters
[Editor Rob: copy and paste a link to a photo on another site into then cut-paste the link tinyurl gives you back and paste it into a comment here.]
anci says on 24/Dec/14
he definately looks between 169-171 to me nowdays
TR says on 24/Dec/14
Psy with 171 cm Steven Spielberg

Click Here

And Psy with Justin

Click Here

Spielberg- 171 cm
Psy - 170cm
Justin - 168 cm
Height183 says on 24/Dec/14
''Junior31 says on 24/Dec/14
Floyd mayweather is not 5'7 flat. Ive trained and spent time with him.''

Sure you have.. and we've all been to the moon and back.
Junior31 says on 24/Dec/14
Floyd mayweather is not 5'7 flat. Ive trained and spent time with him. He's a 5'7 and change closer to .5. With that being said floyd in boxing shoes wich offer literally no heel to a wedged up bieber would appear shorter. Bieber is strong 5'6 5'7 in shoes and with his wedges the possibilities are endless.
mimz says on 23/Dec/14
Psy is listed as 5 ft 7 so im starting to think that bieber can be 5ft5-5ft6.
Click Here
Height183 says on 23/Dec/14
To be fair Bieber doesn't wear wedges/lifts. I don't know if he used to or not but he doesn't wear anything like that today. The guy is almost always seen in Vans and flat soled sneakers today. He always wears shorts too. There is no suspicion there. He's 5'6'' and nothing more.
184.3cm says on 23/Dec/14
He is 5'6.5, as posted below Big G and bieber would have a showdown if they really met, WHo packs the most wedge?? I can hear them cry.
BGee says on 22/Dec/14
He's near 5'7 out of bed is my guess.
idiots says on 22/Dec/14
Anyone who thinks he's 5'7 barefoot is a moron, there's a clearly a picture of him with 5'8 - 5'9 william about 3 posts down and he is 3 inches shorter.
truth2 says on 22/Dec/14
@Celebheights 188cm lol dream on, he is 5ft6-5ft6.5 maximum.
Brad says on 21/Dec/14
5 feet 9, that makes Selena a runway model candidate. Pesci would go "Casino" on people who debate his height, bit of G yelp too.
Celebheights 188 CM says on 21/Dec/14
My guess is that the 5'9" claim is his height with hair out of bed, when he really wakes up at only a bit above 5'7" without the hair). That being said, he could like appear 5'9" in a stand alone photo without the 1-2 inch hair (because of his long legs/wing span for his height, and because he's thin). He at least appears to have grown from 19-20.
Height183 says on 21/Dec/14
Lol Yeah Rob, I can just imagine that. Surprised it hasn't happened yet.

@Brad: Da Biebz has been claiming 5'9'' since 2012 Lol. He probably claims 5'10'' now for all we know.
BustinJieber says on 21/Dec/14
He looks really short here

Click Here
Brad says on 21/Dec/14
Height183 dead on correct. In Bieber Boots at a 9 P.M. shot it would have been priceless. What's Biebs' latest lie height? Still 5 foot 9?
the shredder says on 21/Dec/14
Will Joe Pesci go Joe Pesci if you question his 5 '5 " ?
Sonia says on 20/Dec/14
Didn't somebody say G lives by the Bronx Zoo? I guess he gets the laughing hyenas to really laugh.
Height183 says on 20/Dec/14
G would be like ''Ya he's the same height as me'' in front of everyone if he got a picture with Biebz. Then online he would be like ''Biebz was only a cm shorter! I'm what a legit 5'8'' looks like!''
[Editor Rob: one day G will go all Joe Pesci on someone who questions his 5ft 8 height.]
yeH says on 20/Dec/14
Will has never seen 5'10 mark in his life. He's 5'9 at the absolute max.
doubting tom says on 19/Dec/14
He's 5 foot nine?
My ass he is.
Probably 130 lbs tops.
Brad says on 19/Dec/14
Imagine G n B in the height battle? The Portmans and Bieber Boots and Volvo sleeping thrown out of the mix. G: See I toldja he's 5 feet 8 like me.
ashley says on 18/Dec/14
okay 5'7 then? he doesn't look as short these days and appears to be wearing flat shoes. btw here's a recent pic with 5'10" but idk what shoes either is wearing Click Here
Sam says on 18/Dec/14
recent picture of justin and who is listed as 5'9 on this site. justin looks 5'7 maaaax here
lowest height for justin barefoot i would say is 5'6 and tallest 5'7. nothing more nothing less. so 5'6.5 is the most accurate guess for his height
truth2 says on 18/Dec/14
Yeah something like 5ft8-9 in lifts. Would love to see him and the "big" G in a staredown, they would be very close I think.
Height182 says on 18/Dec/14
Maybe with his hair lifted up and in Nike Shox he can look pull off 5'8'', but that's not his real height.
Amaze says on 17/Dec/14
5'8" in lifts.
Brad says on 17/Dec/14
5-8? So does G. Well, maybe not.
Tania says on 17/Dec/14
@ashley: He needs to give a bonus to the guy who manufactures his shoe lifts, then.
ashley says on 16/Dec/14
he's really looking 5'8" these days
176,2Tunman says on 16/Dec/14
I trust what you're saying but again that's still very surprising.
I mean most of them are between 4 and 7" over average and the tallest is 8" over it.This is only possible with a very small number of persons like between 5 and 8 persons at most.Just take a random 100 norwegian girls and I'm sure there will be a very small minority at 5'10-11 and likely not a single one over 6'
Celebheights 188 CM says on 15/Dec/14
Another recent photo with him by 6'6 1/4" measured Rob Gronkowski:

Click Here
Celebheights 188 CM says on 15/Dec/14
By 5'7" Floyd Mayweather:

Click Here

By 6'4.75" measured Ben Roethlisberger:

Click Here

These were taken this year.
[Editor Rob: I didn't see ben on that page but another guy who is 5ft 11 with bieber]
Thomas says on 14/Dec/14
Tunman: It's true that most of my female colleagues are somewhere around that height, with the tallest of them being somewhere inbetween 185-190cm (6'2ish). I never claimed that they somehow reflected the national average height for women, because would've been the same as claiming that we have the tallest women in the world, which is not true.

truth2: I was born and raised in Norway and I lived in Stockholm, Sweden for a little over a year, about 6 years ago. Additionally, I traveled a lot to Sweden during my teens. I base my impression off of what I've seen with my own eyes, and I've always been under the impression that swedes, in general, are a fair bit shorter than Norwegians and Danes; and I'm pretty sure statistics, over the majority of the past decade, will back that up. I'm not going to check the empirical facts, because quite frankly, I don't care that much, but if it's true that Sweden are now officially the tallest people in Scandinavia then that's a pretty interesting turn :)
Levi says on 14/Dec/14
Biebs got a upgrade at 21? Or am I being silly?
truth2 says on 14/Dec/14
@Thomas Sweden: 5ft11.5 (20-30 y.o.), Norway: 5ft11 (19 y.o.), Denmark: 5ft11. Check the empirical facts.
176,2Tunman says on 13/Dec/14
Most of your female friends and collegues are about 5'10-6'1?Sorry but,that seems unlikely.Average in Norway is allegedly 5'11 or 5'11.5 for MEN so women must be around 5'6 range.Well maybe they look 5'10-6'1 in 3-4" heels?that sounds more reasonable,no offense.
Phillina says on 13/Dec/14
Justin is taller than usher!! How could it be??
Thomas says on 12/Dec/14
hyh: Sweden is actually the country that has the shortest average height in Scandinavia, with Norwegians having a significantly higher average, and Denmark having reported an average height that is higher than that of the Netherlands (listed as self-reported).

Sweden is, by far, the most exposed Scandinavian country, so I guess it makes sense for foreigners to use them as a reference for Scandinavia, in any given context :P
Thomas says on 12/Dec/14
"average female height in netherlands and norway is 5'5 1/2 so Bieber would still be taller than most of ther fangirls, just saying not a fan myself."

I'm Norwegian, and I don't know what the average height of women here is, but most of my female friends and colleagues are about 5"10-6"1. Justin Bieber is (apparently) very popular here, and so I think it's safe to assume that the women here don't care much about height :P

I initially only came to this site because I was curious about Tom Cruise's height, but after browsing through the profiles of short celebrities, I have to admit that it's quite surprising how much taller a lot of these people appear on TV and in magazines.
mimz says on 11/Dec/14
Justin beiber with kyle massey from cody in the house. Kyle is listed as 165cm and justin looks 2-3 cm taller so basically 167cm-168cm range.
Click Here
MrTBlack says on 10/Dec/14
People will put down whatever on their driver licenses and the DMV or Police will pay no attention whether its correct or not. That's why his report says 5'9".
Arial says on 9/Dec/14
Come on guys justin is 1.72 and not more.
Brad says on 9/Dec/14
Jbieb Bieb'd the Bieb with Cody. Hey Bieb Cody isn't 6 feet 2.
Jbieb says on 9/Dec/14
With 5'11 Cody Simpson

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

leonari says on 8/Dec/14
168 is possible as well but Rob got him perfect I think. Mayweater is barely taller but a full 5'7"
mimz says on 8/Dec/14
@ Height182: yeah exactly
Height182 says on 8/Dec/14
@mimz: Yeah you're right Floyd is slightly taller. Yeah I can also agree with you Bieber is about 5'6''. All I'm saying is anywhere in the 5'5'' range today is too low. If Bieber is in the 5'5'' range then So is Floyd, which is stupid because Floyd clearly looks around 5'7''.
mimz says on 7/Dec/14
@Height182 u cant judge his height based on the picture u posted because he has weight on his shoulders which makes him tilt a little.
If you look at those pictures, u can see that floyd is taller.
Click Here
Click Here

If, u look at this picture, lil wayne appear to be taller but he is listed at 5ft 5in.
Click Here
So i think its all about the perspective of the photo being taken.
Since floyd is 5ft 7in and professional boxers get mesured alot to update their database in the boxing industry, i think that justin bieber is 5ft 6.25 in or 168cm and can appear to be 5ft7- 5ft 8 with lifts like this picture Click Here With those shoes, he can be 1 to 1.5 in taller. What do u guys think?
jamie179cm says on 7/Dec/14
@Height182 i agree with you on the 5ft6 thing but compare celebrity to other celebrity really isn't evidence because we dont know there true height beside 5ft5.5 5ft6 isn't a big difference
Height182 says on 7/Dec/14
Danimal, Since you think you KNOW that he is in the 5'5'' range today. How tall do you think Floyd Mayweather is then Pal? Click Here

Please don't go all silent on us.
jamie179cm says on 6/Dec/14
@Height182 your right 5ft6 flat is probably his height
MrTBlack says on 6/Dec/14
He's a late bloomer and should consider himself lucky he grew more than an inch after 18. Because anything more than an inch after 18 is rare and even by the time your 18 your probably finished growing.
Roger Daniel 186cm-187.5 says on 6/Dec/14
168cm Max
truth2 says on 6/Dec/14
He looks 5ft6 flat mostly, both 5ft5.5 and 5ft6.5 are possible since late 2012 (normal bloomer, just has that baby face).
Height182 says on 5/Dec/14
@jamie179cm: No problem mate. 5'6'' looks just right.

Lets not forget though Bieber was almost the same height as Mayweather. Maybe he was a tad shorter, but my point is he was very close in height to Floyd. So if Bieber is 5'5.5'' how tall is Floyd Mayweather then? I think anywhere in the 5'5'' range is too low today.
jamie179cm says on 4/Dec/14
@Height182 glad you agree(: @Danimal 5ft5.5 is the lowest i can buy for him
Arch Stanton says on 4/Dec/14
Haha this is freaking hilarious, and no it is NOT Bieber, the guy in the video is clearly nearer 5 ft 10 than Bieber! Click Here
Danimal says on 3/Dec/14
jamie179cm says on 1/Dec/14
seriously guys bieber probably isn't taller than 5ft6 flat

I agree. Imo, he's MAX 5'5.5".
Bishop says on 3/Dec/14
5'6.5" is a good shout.
Height182 says on 2/Dec/14
@jamie179cm: Yeah Jamie you were right about 5'6''. After seeing more recent pics he doesn't look 5'7''.
jamie179cm says on 1/Dec/14
seriously guys bieber probably isn't taller than 5ft6 flat
beingright says on 1/Dec/14
With 5'8 Bailey Baldwin he looks 5'7 maximum
Sam2 says on 1/Dec/14
are you being serious hahahah that picture is the worst for judging height. Mayweather is bending down and justin is standing up straight. theres better pictures out there that show justin and mayweather are very close in height, give or take half an inch or so!
Rude Pig says on 30/Nov/14
They don't measure you at the Police Station ! They go by what your Driver License says .
Stittys says on 30/Nov/14
Floyd Mayweather listed at 5'7, looks at least two inches shorter than him in this Instagram picture Click Here plus I can't imagine JB wearing lifts during boxing, all though I wouldn't be suprised if he wore them for a photo.
Tom says on 29/Nov/14
There is a picture on his instagram where he is standing with scotter braun (his manager) both barefoot, minus justins hair it looks that the top of justins head is in line with brauns eyes. Generally eye to top of head is 4 inches. Scotter is 5'10'' max so justin is max 5'6'' There are also pictures of braun with members of the wanted. Looks the same height as max george who is 5'8''. Bottom line JB is no more than 5'6''
random guy says on 29/Nov/14
the police report would not be wrong. they would have measured him at the police station. so why is this still debated?
Tania says on 28/Nov/14
"He is 5ft 7in out of bed" Lol, nope. More like 5'5" dinnertime and 5'6.5 in the morning. I dunno why he's so insecure about his height, guys shorter than him don't seem to give a damn (Bruno Mars, Daniel Radcliffe, Peter freaking Dinklage - all imaginary husbands of mine, all short with zero f*cks to give about it)
Joe1 says on 27/Nov/14
How do you know? i think he is 5.5 not more! can you prove that he is higher??? All the pictures I've seen with him are big shoes with lifts!!!
Height182 says on 26/Nov/14
@pfft: Do you realise you are commenting on a height website? This site is for people interested in height.
MJKoP says on 25/Nov/14
5'5.5" is plain ol' trolling. There's no way on earth he's even remotely close to being that low.
pfft says on 25/Nov/14
Today's society is completely obsessed with height. It's ridiculous.
Height182 says on 21/Nov/14
5'5'' - 5'5.5'' range seems too low for him today. I think he is just 5'6'' and can look taller due to his slim frame.
Alex says on 19/Nov/14
@Danimal that's probably the lowest I would guess for him. He isn't under 5'5 and a half for sure
Mimz says on 18/Nov/14
he is no more than 5ft6 - 5 ft 7 next to Kendall jenner who is 5ft 10 and wearing heels.
Click Here
Danimal says on 17/Nov/14
Alex says on 6/Nov/14
5'6 and 1/4 barefoot

5'5.5" barefoot.
herbie says on 14/Nov/14
he is definitely taller than 5'7". Im 5'6 and happened to be at a same music venue conference ( NAMM ) and a bunch of people were walking down a hall and some one LUNGED/PUSH forward against some other people which push against him from behind.When he turne around I was RIGHT behind him and actually shocked a bit at the look up, but I didn't get to say it wasn't me in time and was on the floor against a corner, boy can scrap ill give em that !!! and my guess is about 5'8 - 5'9
Connor183 says on 12/Nov/14
@max (: { uh no thanks i think ill pass, seeing bieber naked will give me bad dreams!, i can believe 169cm for him though but estimating his height barefeet in the nude??? no way dude uhhhhh, but if it was a hot girl then i wouldnt mind! :D.
John says on 10/Nov/14
One thing people don't seem to mention about short celebrities is clothing. I am 5'7 myself and about Justin's size, and It is very difficult to find clothing that fits because most of it is too long and too wide. You have to go out of your way to find clothes that fit, and he looks like he wears whatever he wants. So if you look at some of the earlier picks, just look how long basketball shorts look on him, it looks ridiculous. Also if you notice the picture of him stripping down to calvin klein underwear, you can see that he is sagging the underwear, and the crotch line is drooping a bit low. If he pulled the underwear up a little higher, the rise would be a bit higher, and they would fit differently than the way the models look when wearing that particular style. Certain clothing items, Underwear, Athletic shorts, sweatpants, etc. are items that people just buy whatever they want, and they don't tailor those items. So it is a good way to tell if someone is small or not, based on how the clothes fit.
Can't Stop Addicted says on 10/Nov/14
5' 6.5" looks a good estimate.
Arch Stanton says on 9/Nov/14
jc says on 4/Nov/14
look at this pic you can see he is clearly wearing lifts in his shoes. his foot is out of his shoe. Click Here

Doesn't really look like it. Look at his stance. The shoes look a little too big for him and he's shifting his weight forward which accounts for the foot coming out a bit. If there was actually a wedge inside there he'd not be gaining much height anyway as the shoes clearly haven't the room for something big to boost his height.
max says on 8/Nov/14
LOOOOL everyone, go watch the video of justin bieber stripping on stage, look at how much he shrinks when he takes his shoes off LOL. 169cm
FlameBoy says on 8/Nov/14
well i grew from 166cm on the dot to around 169.5cm at 19/20 so its Feasible that he also grew and no way is he that low anymore IMO rob what do you think is the highest and lowest he could be ? without going into the Realms of near impossibility Of course.
Danimal says on 8/Nov/14
One Seventy-Six says on 5/Nov/14
Looks 5' 6.5" now. Do you think he's reached his maximum height now, at age 20?

The average male stop growing at 18 years old. Bieber topped out at max 5'5.5".
Brad says on 7/Nov/14
Alex nailed it.
Alex says on 6/Nov/14
5'6 and 1/4 barefoot
FlameBoy says on 5/Nov/14
he should do what i do and buy a pair of timberland boots the Insoles go in great + their better than those red things his wearing come on justin i thought you was a swag fashion king like me ? Still a legend
croo says on 5/Nov/14
lol'd hard.
Brad says on 5/Nov/14
Bie-leeb it, he reads this site. Selena in heels beats him.
One Seventy-Six says on 5/Nov/14
Looks 5' 6.5" now. Do you think he's reached his maximum height now, at age 20?
truth says on 5/Nov/14
168-169cm yeah sounds bang on and no more than that.
jc says on 4/Nov/14
look at this pic you can see he is clearly wearing lifts in his shoes. his foot is out of his shoe. Click Here
ashley says on 4/Nov/14
lifts or lifts? Click Here
Height182 says on 4/Nov/14
5'6'' - 5'6.5'' for Bieber is okay.
S says on 4/Nov/14
Justin if you see this please know there's nothing wrong with being short. You don't have to pretend to be taller than your real height because no ones perfect. It's really obvious that you are always trying to look taller. Your fans will love you no matter what
Sonia says on 3/Nov/14
I wonder if Mick is 6 foot 2? Justin says he is at 5' 9".
Brad says on 3/Nov/14
Those Jagger photos were killer.
Theo says on 2/Nov/14
I'm 5'8 and Justin stood 5'7 with his lifts when I saw him last week
Jared says on 2/Nov/14
He can't be taller than 5'5 if Mick Jagger is really 5'10 because he looks at least 5 inches shorter than Jagger in all pictures
Jared says on 2/Nov/14
average female height in netherlands and norway is 5'5 1/2 so Bieber would still be taller than most of ther fangirls, just saying not a fan myself
Vinny says on 2/Nov/14
whether it's 5'7 or 5'8 or 5'9 or anything will always be loved by me ♥
Height182 says on 2/Nov/14
After looking at more newer photos, I don't even think Biebz is tall as 5'7''. I think he is about 5'6'' maximum.
Dan says on 2/Nov/14
I met Justin a few days ago. He wore lifts and he was standing at my exact height 5'7
Brad says on 31/Oct/14
Portification, the G would edge out.
beingright says on 31/Oct/14
How can Bieber be 5.9 while Ryan Sheckler is 5.7/5.8?
Bieber is smaller by clearly an inch so 5.7 for him max
hyh says on 29/Oct/14
Fangirls. When it comes to the height, girls, gals and women want their men or their male idols to be taller and taller, at least to an extent. Having said that, I'd love to see bieber without his enchanced footwear standing next to his fangirls from the Netherlands, Sweden or any other country which is well known from having tall population. It would be hilarious.
176,2Tunman says on 29/Oct/14
one of my friends despite raising his eyelevel to look at me claimed 175 when he wasn't anything more than 169,even more hilarious is that on an occasion he did look a solid 3cm shorter than a guy to whom I would have given 172 at most (172 was his claim but 170-1 are not excluded).
so why Bieber wouldn't lie? most people either don't care or are lying themselves.
Actually this could explain why so many people believe 5'9 is short when it's only lower average,if you consider that many guys like Bieber who are indeed short also claim 5'9 many will end up thinking that 5'9 is way under average.
ZS says on 28/Oct/14
I still don't get why would he lie about his height when its obvious he is short by looking at pictures of him with other people.
miko says on 28/Oct/14
G in Porties edging out Bieber would be hilarious to say the least.
Jonah says on 28/Oct/14
I met him and he said he is 5'2
[Editor Rob: I believe your comment got lost in a timeloop for 5 years and only just appeared this second!]
JB says on 25/Oct/14
In his vids dancing with Selena he looks like the same height as her, and she's apparently 5'6.
Josh says on 25/Oct/14
He looks between 5'5.5 (167cm) - 56.5 (169cm) so 5'6 is fair , his 5'9 claims are ridiculous , eventhough I read an article about 5'5 people going to the dmv claiming 5'8 I guess this is why some people think 5'9 is short.
184.3cm says on 25/Oct/14
Im a bit confused Shawn..why would anyone interested in body sculpture put height above everything? We cant change it while every bodybuilder i know loves it because you see progress and change in your own physique. On topic the young Bieber looks no more than 5'7 tops.
Shawn says on 25/Oct/14
Oh God, I'm starting to see the term 'manlet' used more and more frequently here. It looks like the insecure losers of's "misc" section have discovered this website. Pay them no mind people, in their minds, height > everything.
Alex says on 25/Oct/14
It now says his height is 1.75 m. There's no way he's that tall.
Chris says on 24/Oct/14
No he would you just jelly manletbrah
blink says on 22/Oct/14
ye 5'6-5'7 seems accurate
Amaze says on 22/Oct/14
@Chris nah even if he was 12 inches taller he still wouldnt be an alpha
176,2Tunman says on 21/Oct/14
actually the average height for a head is exactly 23,2 or 9.15" so 9.4 is slightly over average though very common.
And yeah Bieber is probably a strong 5'6 somewhere between 168 and 169 is perfect.
Chris says on 21/Oct/14
If he'd be 5 inches taller, he would be the biggest alpha male. Such a hunk
Brad says on 21/Oct/14
Put G and Biebs 8 hours lying down then measure, the G would have the Biebs beat. Right G? "Yea, let us proove it."
truth says on 21/Oct/14
@lelman lol yeah he is insecure that is why short + insecure guys always get picked on.
Height182 says on 21/Oct/14
No way Big G would edge out the Biebz today. I think it's the other way round. Big B would edge out Big G. Yeah he is about the same height as Mayweather, 5'7'' and nothing more.
Bradi says on 21/Oct/14
Bieber is actually shorter than Mayweather is those vids, I don't know what you guys are seeing.
lelman says on 20/Oct/14
I would guess Lil Twist is 5'2" based on that photo. He's listed at 171cm elsewhere! Christ.

You can see Bieber relishing the moment where he got to slouch down for someone.
BustinJieber says on 20/Oct/14
If Russell Wilson is 5'11 then JB must be like 5'6

Click Here
Average height of a male human head is 9.4 inches, Justin is only up to his nose/lower lip (4.7 inches), therefore Justin Bieber is around 5 inches shorter than the 5'11 Russell Wilson, making him around 5'6.25
BustinJieber says on 20/Oct/14
With 5'7 Ryan Sheckler (while wearing Bieber boots)

Click Here
onlytrue says on 20/Oct/14
In that boxing video floyd is at least 1-2 inches taller as shown by his and justins shoulder levels throughout. I'll stick by the height i've always said justin is barefoot and that's 5'5.75
max says on 20/Oct/14
Did anyone see that boxing video with him and mayweather recently? He's and inch shorter! 169-170cm
ashley says on 19/Oct/14
Click Here
same height as floyd mayweather
Sam says on 19/Oct/14
does anyone know lil twist's height? ive heard hes 5'4 but if thats true then justin could be closer to 5'8 than 5'7
Click Here
not the best picture to judge height but you can see justin is definitely more than two inches taller
Brad says on 17/Oct/14
G would have him by 1/2". Both get owned by everybody.
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 17/Oct/14
With Mayweather
Click Here

No chance of lifts in those shoes. He looks quite close to Floyd's height. Maybe just under. I think just under 5'7 might be right.
justin is shorter. says on 16/Oct/14
more like 5 foot 6 max.
justin is shorter. says on 16/Oct/14
more like 5 foot 6 max.
Bogie says on 16/Oct/14
Brad, you said that G was taller than him, by how much in your opinion
Height181 says on 15/Oct/14
LOLL at ''HeightDemon''. I have another name for this user, but I don't think it's appropriate for this site. I think this guy might be working for Big G.
fedor says on 14/Oct/14
lol, met that have met him say he's 5-5, well at least this one person I know of and the top of his head is lined up with Russel Wilson's eye if not a bit lower, Russell Wilson was measured at 5-10 5/8 and this is in the morning, so realistically during most of the day he's 5-10 flat or 5-9 3/4....on the Letterman show he was saying how some people say he's about 5-9 lol but then he says he's 5-11
Sam says on 14/Oct/14
so Wolfgang Puck is listed as 172 on the internet and justin actually seems slightly taller than him lol
not sure what shoes theyre both wearing
Click Here
DrJJ says on 14/Oct/14
A lot of the argument here relies on his father's height being, well, reliable. Do we really know the dad's height is a legit 5' 8"?
Parker says on 14/Oct/14
AnaS says on 12/Oct/14
From what I've seen in photos, both mom and dad are quite short.

Well his Mum has quoted 4'8, but his Dad doesn't look particularly short(in the cap). If his Mum is standing at 4'10 in her footwear, I'd estimate his Dad at ~5'8, which puts his genetic potential 5'4-5'5.

Click Here

However, genetic potential is only 60-90% accurate. My mate is 5'4, his wife 5'6, their son 6'3.
HeightDemon says on 13/Oct/14
After studying researching a bit more, it seems justin may be 5ft 6.5in after all. If you watch him on SNL, he was shorter then every cast member, even the shorter ones like kenan and bobby moynihan, and since he was probably not lifting up his shoes at the time, we got to see his real height.
AnaS says on 12/Oct/14
From what I've seen in photos, both mom and dad are quite short. Therefore, there was not a chance for him to be tall. It could have been worst. His mom looks really small.
jamie179cm says on 12/Oct/14
@Amaze a girl cried cause he wasn't 6ft and called him ugly because he wasn't 6ft that pathetic look at tom cruise hes short and hes a very good looking guy ok Bieber isn't good looking but i wouldn't go far as ugly
truth178cm says on 11/Oct/14
Amaze good thing it was only a girl though, men are primarly interested in women. Who cares what children have to say anyway, she will grow out of it in a few years.
Rikashiku says on 11/Oct/14
@Sam says on 1/Oct/14

Isn't the Dad 5'6" himself?
Amaze says on 10/Oct/14
@awwyes I think she was around 5'1 or 2 yeah, max. pretty easy to get away with though if you lie, im 5'8 but I said 5'10 she believed

he should be greatful lmao, most people with those parent heights end up at 5'3-4. he just ended up short, not very short. my friend is 18 and has a 5'10 father and a 5'1 mother, and he's 5'4 barely! Bieber with a 5'6' dad and 4'8 mum = 5'6.5? he got lucky. he should have been like my friend, my friend should have been like him
awwyes says on 10/Oct/14
Let me guess she was one of those girls, who think that they deserve a 6 foot+ guy, even though they are 4'11-5'2 range?
@Shawn, I could not agree more, biebs was, is and will be short, although considering his parents height he should be grateful, that he is not like 5'3-5'4
Amaze says on 10/Oct/14
Lmao a girl today cried cause i told her justin wasnt 6ft then called him ugly for not being 6
Arch Stanton says on 10/Oct/14
It doesn't help that he's frequently surrounded by big masculine, burly bodyguards which make him look even tinier. They make him look even younger and punier than he would anyway. It frequently makes it difficult to see anything above 5 ft 6. Poor Biebs. I do think this is spot on though, but he can still seem smaller.
Shawn says on 9/Oct/14
"Celebheights 188 CM says on 7/Oct/14
His height at 18=5'4"
When turning 20=5'6"

I think that he has grown a bit since turning 20, and perhaps he will grow to like 5'8"-5'8.5" between 21-23? While it's rare, some individuals can grow from 21-25."

There's so much 'wtf' in this post I don't know where to begin. He's grown an inch in the past six months? He finished growing in 2012 when he was 18, and he growth since then has been negligible. He's now officially closer in age to being 21 than 20, and can count hopes of getitng any taller goodbye. Bieber is not some genetic anamoly. He was just a late bloomer who managed to squeak in a few more inches of growth at 17-18 to get to a height where he's still short, but not a complete dwarf. As many others have said, he should be very grateful to have reached the height he is considering the height of his parents.
andre says on 9/Oct/14
Ryan sheckler is listed from 5ft7(170cm) too 5ft8(173cm) and bieber is smaller then him yet he is using boots so in my opinion bieber is 5ft6.2(168cm)
insey says on 7/Oct/14
I met Ryan Sheckler and by comparison to my height I'd say he's 172cm. So that means bieber is around 168cm, he isn't taller than 170cm for sure.
truth178cm says on 7/Oct/14
lol 5ft9-10 Jagger destroys him, 5ft6 tops.
jamie179cm says on 7/Oct/14
i think jagger is about 5ft9 and bieber is about 5ft6
Sonia says on 6/Oct/14
Not even 5' 7" with Jagger.
andre says on 5/Oct/14
justin bieber is using boots with 5ft7.1(171cm) ryan sheckler and yet he is smaller so in my opinion he is 5ft6(167cm)

please rob open account for ryan sheckler skater
Vibram says on 5/Oct/14
Jagger is not 5ft10, was never over 5ft9.25 (176cm) even at his peak. He is 174cm > 175cm today. Even if Jagger has footwear advantage of 1" max, this makes Bieber 5ft6 max.
Sam says on 4/Oct/14
the picture of justin and mick jagger has ruined justins 5'9 dream lol he looks MAX 5'7 next to mick jagger

@Ashley buuut justin was wearing low top white shoes in the picture so i doubt he was in lifts!
heres a picture from the same day of his shoes
Click Here
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 4/Oct/14
At 70 Jagger may no longer be a full 5'10
andre says on 3/Oct/14
please rob open ryan sheckler pro skater page he is listen 5ft7 or 5ft8 and bieber was almost is height yet in that picture he is using boots this means he is 5ft6 and ryan 5ft7.5
ashley says on 3/Oct/14
Click Here Justin's probably wearing lifts though so probably shorter than 5'7" though actually
ashley says on 3/Oct/14
Click Here with 5'10" Mick Jagger. Lol. 5'7"?
Sean says on 3/Oct/14
TJE, are you going of the pics from the American Music Awards? In which case, they do look about 8 inches apart, but that's with her heels. Looking at them, considering the small platform, they look like they add 2-3 inches. She's 4'8, or at least close to it.
Nils says on 3/Oct/14
Maybe they counted the tip of his hair in police report ;)
ashley says on 3/Oct/14
@jamie179cm she's a former model so I found it online
Sam says on 1/Oct/14
for those who are saying justin is taller than his dad, heres a very recent picture of them together in paris
Click Here
his dad is the taller one but not by much
jamie179cm says on 1/Oct/14
ashley how do you know carinne Roitfeld is 5ft7? rob didn't even list her
TJE says on 1/Oct/14
I'm not really buying 4'8 for his mother because there's 8 inches max between Justin and her. Maybe her claim was an exaggeration.
ashley says on 1/Oct/14
Click Here Carinne's heels (3"?)
Justin BIeber looks like he's wearing lifts in his thick soled shoes too so I think they have the same shoe advantage. So Bieber is 5'7"
ashley says on 1/Oct/14
with 5'7 Carinne Roitfeld Click Here
truth178cm says on 25/Sep/14
yeah Chris it is good that you are coming out of the closet lol
Scs says on 25/Sep/14
His height makes sense. To figure out a kid's height, take the average of the parents height, add 3 inches for a boy, minus 3 for a girl. His height worked out that way.
Nils says on 25/Sep/14
I like this guy and his music but he gives really small impression
like 5'5-5'6 120~ lbs. But his fame give girls impression of 6'2, 200 :D
Bradi says on 24/Sep/14

I definitely agree with you.

I used to put a small insole in my converse as well, about 1 inch ~ 2.5cm or so.

Well I didn't exactly "used to", I still do. So it's definitely doable and most people won't notice it.
Sean says on 24/Sep/14
I don't know, Rick. While I don't think Bieber's exactly above wearing lifts to the beach, lifts in that pic is a bit of a stretch...
Connor183 says on 24/Sep/14
Ok thanks Rob go GodSookie!
Rick says on 24/Sep/14
There is a 2cm lift in his shoe. Yes, I know that because I put lift in my Converse too (sadly). People think you can't put a lift into a Converse, but in fact you can.

Click Here
Sonia says on 23/Sep/14
Four foot eight mother and that guy? No way over 5' 7" ever.
Danimal says on 23/Sep/14
ashley says on 21/Sep/14
not taller than his dad... Click Here

His generation (even the guys) are ALWAYS on their iphones.
Connor183 says on 23/Sep/14
@Amaze i know right? like Rob said from the Tyler Mane page G has alreadly stolen height from me, Jenny, Ali Baba and Dmeyer! whos going to be next? also Rob himself was a victim of G too when he put a curse on Robs stadiometer and made him dip to under 5ft 8!, i bet from all the height hes stolen from us hes probably walking tall in New York at way, way over 6ft by now! Rob ive been a victim of G for too long now how am i going to stop him and get some of my height back?
[Editor Rob: to combat G-zilla, I will unleash my cat GodSookie on him and she will get back our heights!]
Height181 says on 22/Sep/14
Come on ashley, He is! Lol
ashley says on 21/Sep/14
not taller than his dad... Click Here
Amaze says on 21/Sep/14
@Sam did you not see the comment chris posted? It evidently pointed to him being homosexual/bi. Got nothing against gay people so yeah.

@Connor183 i agree defooo mate, defo a belieber in love with bieber. Working with g too height thieves man
Connor183 says on 21/Sep/14
Sam i wasnt being horrible about it i just thought he did seemed like he fancied him thats all, ive got nothing against him if he does theres nothing wrong with being gay, i do apologise if i offended him though, but believe me i wasnt being nasty to him or anything i wouldn't do that im not a bully, Chris if i did accidently offend you then i am sorry mate i wont bring sexuality up again that was foolish of me so im very sorry i said that.
Sam says on 21/Sep/14
lol @connor183 shut up, someones sexuality has nothing to do with this site, what was the point of even mentioning it? this site is about justins height and thats it, commenting on other users is just pointless and pathetic.

anyway.. justin looks 5'7 at most. 5'6.5 barefoot is probably the best guess. since he is back with selena lets hope for some barefoot pictures of the two of them together!
Connor183 says on 21/Sep/14
@Amaze maybe Chris is a belieber? that's probably why he thinks he's taller than he actually is perhaps? but yeah 5ft 9 is absolutely laughable for JB he's just barely above 5ft 6, people are fooled by his hairstyle and the advantage of his lifts, also im not being offensive or rude about Chris but he seems homosexual if he thinks JB is hot, ive nothing against gay people theres nothing wrong with them, theres bound to be some Bi, lesbian or gay users who visit the site, again ive nothing against them.
Amaze says on 20/Sep/14
@Chris one of the funniest troll posts ive seen in a while. You make me laugh son xD you jokers that come on celebheights

But yeah i hear justins dad is 5'6.
Brad says on 20/Sep/14
Hey Chris, how bout them 49ers?
waterbottle says on 20/Sep/14
Justin Bieber is not 5'9". I don't know what your guys are smoking. Scooter is 5'9". How can he be 5'9" if he is shorter than a 5'9" guy, while standing on a 2 inch thick platform? Bieber forgot to wear his footwear, so he had to stand on a platform to look compareable to Scooter. And Justin Bieber did not grow. He has looked the same height since he was 16/17. Also, Bieber changed his hair style, to poofing it up.This makes him look taller. This gives him easily an inch or so. And, it has be proven that Bieber has consistently worn 2+ inch lifts. If you looked at his shoes, they look like lifts. His shoes are all extremely wide and they look way too big for his height (people buy bigger sized shoes for fitting height increasing insoles). If you believe barefoot Bieber with his hair flattened down or shaved is 5'9", then your a joke.
jamie179cm says on 20/Sep/14
Chris sorry but anything over 5ft7 is a joke
Emil 182.5-184.5 cm says on 20/Sep/14
Lmfao Chris, nice one, mate
Chris says on 19/Sep/14
I dont care how tall JB is (but he is beetween 5'9 and 5'11), hes just the coolest bro who ever bro'd. and look at his abs what a hottie
Height181 says on 18/Sep/14
@jamie179cm: Bieber is clearly taller than his dad Jamie. That isn't very difficult to spot.
jamie179cm says on 18/Sep/14
@Tim doesn't his dad have footwear advantage though and @height181 your right his dad is probably 5ft6 Do you think its possible bieber and his dad are the same height? bieber has his hat on
Tim says on 17/Sep/14
He is not taller than his dad, cmon.. His dad is at least 5-7 and on every picture he is slightly taller than Bieber
Sean says on 17/Sep/14
Just to reiterate, the 4'8" thing isn't just an educated guess, it's her own claim. I believe it to, even with big heels she's still way smaller than Justin in slippers.
Height181 says on 17/Sep/14
@jamie179cm: If you didn't know, a 5'5'' man looks shorter than that. Justins dad is atleast 5'6''. Justin is taller at 5'7'', but not anymore taller than 5'7''.
jamie179cm says on 17/Sep/14
@Dontlie i can't see him over 170cm @height181 that picture tells me that bieber could be under 5ft7 i think 168cm and 169cm is closer to the truth his dad could be in the 5ft5 range
ashley says on 16/Sep/14
lol he's not taller than his dad at all. google any picture of them
Duhon says on 16/Sep/14
I can't believe his mother is legitimately 4'8" either. That is well below the range of normal height for an adult woman, to the point that I would assume she would have had to have suffered from some sort of stunted growth. I think Gary Coleman was 4'8". Peter Dinklage is 4'5" himself.
Connor183 says on 16/Sep/14
@Skeptical in Seattle calling short people "midgets" or referring to them as the Oopa loompas is already offending them, seriously you should be careful what you say because many people who are short can get upset and take offence!

@Amaze i dont really like the name "midget", you be careful what you say too, like i said they can feel offended and who knows how many short people may come to visit the site?! im not having a go or anything im just saying, i dont want anyone to think you are a bully because your'e not and your'e a nice guy you just need to be more careful what you say thats all .
Danny says on 16/Sep/14
I do not believe that he is actually 5'9. I would guess about 5'7 or even shorter without shoes on.
Height181 says on 16/Sep/14
Justin is clearly taller than his Dad. Click Here Click Here Click Here If you zoom in the first picture I posted, you can clearly see his Dad has extremely thick running shoes compared to Justins Vans/converse type shoes. His dad is about 5'6''
Dontlie says on 16/Sep/14
172,5 cm
Height181 says on 16/Sep/14
I seen a recent picture not too long ago, Justin is like 1 inch taller than his dad now.
Working9Till5 says on 15/Sep/14
what Makes people think his Dad is 5'6 out of Interest ? he always looks Slightly taller than Justin which would make The Product of his Semen 5'5 Kinda Range if True.
ashley says on 15/Sep/14
no, the dad is definitely about 2" taller than Justin. His mom said she was 4'8" on twitter (I follow her). the link to the tweet is on this board somewhere way below haha
Sean says on 15/Sep/14
@Skeptical In Seattle, the 4'8" listing is from her own claim via twitter, I believe (but anyone correct me if I'm wrong, please).
Amaze says on 15/Sep/14
@height181 i thought 5'6 but then that guy said 5'9, im not too sure on his dad. justin became taller than his dad with a very short mum(midget) etc
his dad has a stocky muscley build
Height181 says on 15/Sep/14
Justins Dad is somewhere around 5'6''. Not 5'9'' Lol
Amaze says on 15/Sep/14
@ashley yeah probably 5'9. No wonder jbs 5'6.5 then. His dad is worse than him
I wonder how tall his half brother jaxon bieber will be. Any idea on how tall jeremys(justins dad) ex wife is(jaxons mum)
Amaze says on 15/Sep/14
@ashley yeah probably 5'9. No wonder jbs 5'6.5 then. His dad is worse than him
I wonder how tall his half brother jaxon bieber will be. Any idea on how tall jeremys(justins dad) ex wife is(jaxons mum)
Amaze says on 15/Sep/14
@ashley yeah probably 5'9. No wonder jbs 5'6.5 then. His dad is worse than him
I wonder how tall his half brother jaxon bieber will be. Any idea on how tall jeremys(justins dad) ex wife is(jaxons mum)
Brad says on 15/Sep/14
"My dad is like 5' 10"". That's just sick.
Skeptical in Seattle says on 15/Sep/14
There is NO WAY his mom is 4'8. That is all I really have to add to this conversation. Because, like, she would be a midget. Wait, is that term for it?

I don't want to offend any midgets. I've seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Sean says on 14/Sep/14
I'm surprised he hasn't put on a little more muscle weight. He's been working out for about 2-3 years, so I'm sure it's a choice. I guess I can't talk though, he looks better than I do, lol.
ashley says on 14/Sep/14
@amaze - his mom is 4'8" and his dad appears to be 5'9" (Justin claimed his dad is "like 5'10" in the past)
Amaze says on 14/Sep/14
@Height181 true. he has a 4 8 mom and a 5 6 dad. he's lucky he turned out 5'6.5 tbh, i'd expect someone like that to be 5'2-4 range

yeah defo he finished ages ago growin in height
Height181 says on 14/Sep/14
@Amaze: He's always been a small guy hasn't he? He can turn that around if he likes. As far as height, I think he's done growing. Just my opinion.
Height181 says on 14/Sep/14
Height181 says on 14/Sep/14
@Amaze Nah i think he is more of a 5'7 guy but he does have a smaller frame

Rob, I thought you were going to ban this idiot because he uses the same username as me?
Amaze says on 13/Sep/14
@height181, yeah running sneakers add 3/4 cm so he would be 5'8" in them. plus hes quite skinny and a lightweight for a 20 year old. 130lbs at most and 5'6.5" is quite small. he should be around 140-5 imo. his skinny frame certainly makes him look taller.
Height181 says on 13/Sep/14
He is probably 5'8'' or close to it in running sneakers. He can look around 5'8'' due to his slim frame. I still don't think he is taller than 5'7'' although he can look taller at times.
Amaze says on 13/Sep/14
@yeah yeah lara stone is 5'10 barefoot, in heels she must have been 6'1. he's 5'6.5-7, stood next to her barefoot in boxers topless xD. 16-17cm difference, he got towered for sure xd
yeah says on 13/Sep/14
@jamie look who's talking about being rude :D
I must give "props" to justin standing barefoot next to a woman who would have been taller, even if she had stood barefoot, and exposing your real height at the same time takes some guts. 5'7 in the morning is absolute max.
Amaze says on 13/Sep/14
@Tom exactly listen to what jamie said. He is no way near 5'8 you belieber. He is 5'7 on a good day no more.
jamie179cm says on 13/Sep/14
imo anything under 5ft6 is rubbish and anything over 5ft7 is rubbish imo thats just my opinion though why do people think hes over 5ft7? sure he has a long body but that doesn't mean he isn't short also he has short legs and i think he does wear lifts sometimes and when he doesn't i can't see him over 5ft7 saying though i think the 5ft6 range is closer to the truth
jamie179cm says on 13/Sep/14
tom can't you respect Amaze opinion i think 5ft8 is a joke but if thats what you think fine but just stop being rude to these who think hes under it
Sonia says on 12/Sep/14
He looks perturbed with models using him as a crutch.
Emil 182.5 cm says on 12/Sep/14
He could ask Mike Tyson for an uppercut then he'd touch the 5'9 mark...
Amaze says on 11/Sep/14
all you guys who said 5'9", and didn't believe us, well now check google
a more accurate height is listed :) 1.75/5'9 was always ridiculous. 1.70/5'7 is far more sensible.
Brad says on 11/Sep/14
Needed his Bieber Munsters with Lara, however; they wouldn't have helped the little guy.
Height181 says on 11/Sep/14
5'7'' is right for Justin. I wouldn't disagree with 5'6.5'' either.
Arch Stanton says on 11/Sep/14
@Height 181. Not necessarily, it depends. With 6'2.5" David Walliams Click Here she's looking close to 6'1" in heels as she looks with Bieber. She could be 5'9" and change, but she doesn't look far off the listing.
beingright says on 11/Sep/14
Next to a 5.10 Lara Stone in 4.5" heels, he looks 5.6/5.7 at most.
That would make her nearly 6'3"
And he looks like 8inches apart, which would make him 5.7 maximum.
lelman says on 10/Sep/14
Click Here
Click Here

Lara Stone is listed at 5ft 10, and she's in some hefty heels here - probably like Arch said about 3 inches. So she's about 6ft 1 here, making him probably just under 5ft 7.
Dingus says on 10/Sep/14
5"06.75" - 5"07.25"
Height181 says on 10/Sep/14
@Arch Stanton: You do know that ''listed'' people are around 2 - 3 inches shorter than their ''listed'' internet height?? Come on Arch, you've been around long enough to know this! Lol.
beingright says on 10/Sep/14
What happened? GOOGLE downgraded Bieber to 5.7
I think after his strip on television they agreed to no more than 5.7 for Justin.
After seeing his body now, there is no more reason for him to hide. He is short for a guy, but so are 19% of the male population in the world :p
I think, 5.7 is acceptable.
Reality says on 10/Sep/14
He is 172 man "omg what a stupid comment's
Arch Stanton says on 10/Sep/14
@Dude, in fairness if he was that height conscious he wouldn't stand barefoot in his boxers in front of a huge audience next to a 5'10 gal in heels...
Arch Stanton says on 10/Sep/14
Bieber barefoot next to 5'10 listed Lara Stone who is in heels which would give about three inches. Click Here She looks about 7 inches taller? 5'6" range does look accurate.
jamie179cm says on 10/Sep/14
connor183 yes he might lose his fame
ashley says on 9/Sep/14 Justin Bieber in socks with 5'10 Lara Stone (in 4-5" heels). How tall do you think he looks here? i think he looks 5'7
Dude says on 9/Sep/14
Why can't he be more confident with his height like kevin hart LOL
Amaze says on 8/Sep/14
@Height181 he has that quiff hairstyle, yep. it makes you look taller. theres a guy called thomas dekker on this page whos only 177 or 5'9.5 but some people think hes 6'0, when my brother had that hairstyle people thought he was 6'2 xD when hes only 6'0.5. that quiff hairstyle does make you look taller
Emil 182.5 cm says on 8/Sep/14
After Bloom punched him, JB strunk to 5'4 :(
Dog says on 8/Sep/14
5' 6.5" is accurate.
Dog says on 8/Sep/14
5' 6.5" is accurate.
Connor183 says on 8/Sep/14
I never thought of that Jamie yeah it probably is about the money but im not jealous of his fame either because he has none, to me he doesn't anyway because i dislike him but you get the idea, hell he will lose his fame the way he's going and nah im not really bothered about money i just like how i am already with putting my feet up and chilling out playing my ps3!
Arch Stanton says on 8/Sep/14
@Sean,yes, it is "unlikely" that Bieber's management would sue over celeb height posters calling him a druggie and criminal and all that as derogatory comments about him are all over the web, but you never know, it's better to be on the safe side and a better environment for the site not attacking celebs all of the time.
Arch Stanton says on 8/Sep/14
@Sean, some of the comments were getting into dodgy territory which Rob has now deleted. And while celeb heights isn't exactly a top newspaper, you'd be surprised at what things people will sue over if it is particularly damaging, especially for somebody like Bieber who is subject to vigorous marketing and organization. Comments which basically denounce somebody as an evil drug addict/criminal completely unrelated to height and other such things are stepping further than the odd ribbing.
Height181 says on 8/Sep/14
Bieber has never looked 5'9'' to me anyway. I was just saying I can understand why some people see 5'9'' for him. With his hair being 3 inches high alone and in some decent sneakers he might look around 5'9'' to some people. Not to me though.
MysteryMan says on 8/Sep/14
With shoes is he 174 and that is short.
Jake says on 7/Sep/14
I always thought he was 5'7 or 5'8
176,2Tunman says on 7/Sep/14
Actually the average for youngsters today is 170,6.Average for Young europeans is near 5'10 Asians at 5'6.5 really bring the average down due to the large percentage of world population there.
Bieber is not so small worldwide but rather small for western countries.
That said is it possible that he's only 5'6 flat?He didn't look much taller than lil Wayne
jamie179cm says on 7/Sep/14
truth178cm your right 5ft6 5ft7 is short 5ft8 is below average but i think 5ft9 is a weak average though
jamie179cm says on 7/Sep/14
Connor183 btw you are one of my favorite users too(:
Robertson says on 7/Sep/14
Hey guys Look that pic from jan. 2014
Click Here
Amaze says on 7/Sep/14
5'9 below average? it is above the global average and is average in most countries. come on. at the least it's lower average but its actually bang on average.

no way is Justin 5'9, he looks short and 5'9 guys do not look short. he's 5'7+ max but 5'6.5 is mot likely/probable
jamie179cm says on 7/Sep/14
Connor183 i think people are talking about the fame and money when saying we are jealous but still we are not, why is this the only site were people say your jealous? you don't hear that in sites like brad pitt who has got more than bieber
jamie179cm says on 7/Sep/14
Connor183 thanks your a nice guy too it would be cool to see each other in person i live in north of england though

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