How tall is Justin Bieber ?

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Justin Bieber's height is 5ft 7in (170 cm)

Canadian Singer known for songs like Baby, Boyfriend and Beauty and a Beat. As of 2011 he was claiming to stand "5-8/5-7." and in a police report they put him down as 5ft 9. There are rumours as to whether he wears 'Bieber Boots' with lifts, but between age 18-19 he did look to gain another bit of height, although he still needs to use the Bieber Booster in some photoshoots.

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Sonia says on 23/Apr/15
He has custom made footwear to support his lies.
Sean says on 23/Apr/15
@Arch Stanton, maybe his mugshot? Lol
Brad says on 23/Apr/15
How bout his Ferrari 458 instead, it beats the Volvo G borrowed for height reducing.
Chris says on 23/Apr/15
He's such a cool dude he deservers another inch please change hes height to 5`9
Height183 says on 23/Apr/15
Rob, Do you think Bieber wore lifts back with Pablo Motos? I don't think he did. What's your take?
[Editor Rob: I'm sure he has experimented with them, but I don't know if he really would wear them, sometimes with high-tops you could fit a small lift in and nobody would really be able to tell.

1cm lifts are hard for anybody to spot, but once it gets near 2cm the foot angle is pushed up more and it might be more obvious.]
Arch Stanton says on 22/Apr/15
Rob can you find "the" single most cheesiest, doucheiest pic of Bieber to add here you can find! Just to satisfy Brad ;-)
Shawn says on 21/Apr/15
Parker, I still remember that clip vividly, and whole-heartedly agree with you. Telling Pablo Motos "I'm so much taller than you now" and bending down to match him. He really showed the world just how insecure he his about his own height when he did that.

Cruise, despite all the flack he gets for his height, would never in a million years pull something like that, even when he was a young man. He has far more class and respect than Bieber.
Tymmo says on 21/Apr/15
@Parker you can tell he was wearing lifts that day.
So true says on 21/Apr/15
Definitely not taller than 5.7 barefoot. That's the maximum I give him
Charon540 says on 21/Apr/15
Those Bieber boots he wears can obviously give him about 1.5 - 2 inches in height.
Parker says on 21/Apr/15
Yes I agree. I remember the first few mins from this clip with Pablo Motos some years back which was quite embarrasing - for him, not Pablo Motos.

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Charon540 says on 20/Apr/15
170cm is spot on
TJE says on 20/Apr/15
I'm pretty sure the last thing on Bieber's mind is his height, given that a portion of the West's population have hated him for half a decade, though a lot of it was deserving. That said he has worn thick shoes, but I doubt they'd be much over 1.5 inches thick. Maybe 1.75 at times.
aa says on 20/Apr/15
a couple of people on this site had stated that they met Justin and apparently was about 5'6" - 5'7". After seeing this picture makes me believe them 100%
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Sonia says on 20/Apr/15
He wears lifts in his Bieber Boots.
Height183 says on 20/Apr/15
''if you think he doesn't wear lifts, you're the one that needs help. Idiot''

So just because I don't agree with you, that makes me an idiot now does it? Is there really need for a comment like that. Lol, I can imagine that huge smirk on your face after you pressed the 'Add Comment' button. Well done, this idiot certainly applauds your amazing knowledge on height!
d89 says on 20/Apr/15

if you think he doesn't wear lifts, you're the one that needs help. Idiot
Height183 says on 20/Apr/15
''Bieber obviously wears 2-3 inch lifts in public''

You need help!
Sander says on 19/Apr/15
@Arch Stanton
I am 173cm. What do you think?
Height183 says on 19/Apr/15
''yeah right says on 18/Apr/15
Why wouldn't he lie?? He has nothing to gain from exposing a lot of celebrities as lift wearers or height conscious liers, but if he accepts or maybe even supports their fake claims, it will be a lot more beneficial for him.''

LOL what? Okay, whatever you say...
Spainmen191cm says on 18/Apr/15
Rob, at what age do you think he stoped growing¿, díd he grow after 19¿
[Editor Rob: I think in 18-19 zone he squeezed out a little bit more height.]
xx says on 18/Apr/15
No more than 5'6
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Parker says on 18/Apr/15
CD says on 17/Apr/15
Wouldn't say Bieber has 5 inches on Kevin Hart in that photo

Yep - Bieber was in mid stride. Have a look at this one

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TJE says on 18/Apr/15
He looks nearly identical in size to my almost 5'7 friend.
Arch Stanton says on 18/Apr/15
5'7 is short, but not much under average really. It's certainly not "very short", and Bieber given his mother's height especially is lucky he reached this! Bieber gives off a small impression that a lot of 5'7" guys might at times though with his puny build and baggy clothes.
yeah right says on 18/Apr/15
Why wouldn't he lie?? He has nothing to gain from exposing a lot of celebrities as lift wearers or height conscious liers, but if he accepts or maybe even supports their fake claims, it will be a lot more beneficial for him.
Shawn says on 18/Apr/15
Height183, I should have clarified. I don't think Seacrest was being pathetic. I personally feel he was urged by Bieber's management team (or likely even Bieber himself) to make a comment about it, because for five years now, several interviewers have alluded to his height in a manner that suggests they don't want the public to perceive him as short. I've never, ever seen another interviewers do this with other celebrities as often as Bieber, even with guys that are genuinely tall. At a weak 5'7", the guy is still nowhere near being considered tall, so it makes me think it's a forced act.
d89 says on 17/Apr/15
@height183 your comments are pointless. Bieber obviously wears 2-3 inch lifts in public and he wore combat boots during the Seacrest interview. Maybe you should pay more attention to his footwear
CD says on 17/Apr/15

Wouldn't say Bieber has 5 inches on Kevin Hart in that photo. If anything it proves Hart is a bit more than just 5ft 2.
Bishop says on 17/Apr/15
He's actually the one I was talking about when I posted that.
Height183 says on 17/Apr/15
Why is it pathetic Shawn? Maybe Ryan is telling the truth. Maybe Bieber is taller than him in person. I can't see why Ryan would lie about a little thing like that.
Parker says on 17/Apr/15
He has 5 inches on Kevin Hart listed 5'2 here
Click Here

He is 4 inches shorter (allowing for the hair) than Jimmy Fallon (listed 5'11.5 here)
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Rob's estimate is a good one.
Height183 says on 16/Apr/15
@Bishop: You must've not come across our good friend Danimal yet.
MrTBlack says on 16/Apr/15

I agree. You can tell he's brown just by the fact that his torso is longer. Lifts and LL surgery can only increase you leg length, not your torso length.
Brad says on 16/Apr/15
Damon has never been 5' 10" in his life. Clooney & Pitt own him in every film, both are 5' 10". Biebs will be in Vin boots soon, Portmans too.
Shawn says on 15/Apr/15
Height183, it's kind of pathetic Seacrest had to say it to be honest. Justin didn't even look taller than him. It seems ever since the kid made it big back in 2010, his management team has been on a crusade to convince the world he's not short. Multiple interviewers (George Lopez being one) and such measuring him each time he'd appear on their show and remarking "My, how you've grown").

This won't be happening anymore that he's done growing. He made it to Big G height territory. Likely wakes a little above 5'7", dips below it during the day.
randomuser says on 15/Apr/15
Not a chance he is over 5"6.
He often uses lifts also
jj says on 15/Apr/15
@Height183 are you serious? Stop ignoring the comments where it's proven that Justin is shorter than 5'7"
Height says on 15/Apr/15
it has 1.68 cm 1.70 cm barefoot and not have proof that it is not 1.70 it has 1.68 cm
Shawn says on 15/Apr/15
"Amaze says on 13/Apr/15
Lol what is this nonsense on this page
Listen 5'7 ain't very short or tiny for a man lmao. Its just regular short. Justin bieber is not a tiny person, or a very short person at all.. Hes just regular short... At 5'7/170cm...
Very short is like 5'4
Tiny is like even shorter than that
5'7 doesn't even look small... lol"

Except if you were in say, Netherlands. Over there, 5'7" would be considered "very short", as it's a full 5 inches below the average height for a male.
Bishop says on 14/Apr/15
I don't understand how people can think he's as short as 5'5". He's at least 169 cm.
Sonia says on 14/Apr/15
His mother is 4 foot 8. This is where he gets the never getting over 5 foot 7.
Height183 says on 14/Apr/15
Haha this is a funny video but Ryan Seacrest admits Justin is taller than him. What do you guys think?

Click Here
Height183 says on 14/Apr/15
@Brad: How tall do you think Damon is? I've not seen much of him but I think he looks about 5'10''. He could be a little under it too.
burby says on 13/Apr/15
I guess Coachella has height requirements now like a roller coaster? He's under 5'7".....
Amaze says on 13/Apr/15
Lol what is this nonsense on this page
Listen 5'7 ain't very short or tiny for a man lmao. Its just regular short. Justin bieber is not a tiny person, or a very short person at all.. Hes just regular short... At 5'7/170cm...

Very short is like 5'4
Tiny is like even shorter than that
5'7 doesn't even look small... lol
truth says on 13/Apr/15
Nah Bieber 5ft6.5, Styles 5ft9 and Hemmings 5ft11
MD says on 13/Apr/15
@Craigger12, there is SO much wrong with your (unnecessary repeat, BTW) posts that I'm not even sure where to begin, so why even try?
Brad says on 12/Apr/15
At 15 million a picture Damon hasn't had anything done. He wears custom bricks to give him height....he destroyed a 5' 6.5" G in them.
MJKoP says on 12/Apr/15
Danimal says on 11/Apr/15
CD says on 10/Apr/15
Seems hard to pin down yet whether he is a weak 5ft 7 or a strong one. I suppose time will tell.

More like a strong 5'5".

There's more of a chance that he clears the six foot mark.
yeah right says on 12/Apr/15
@Craigger12 if bieber's 5'8 then H. Styles is 6ft and Luke Hemmings is 6'4. All of the options are equally possible.
Simon says on 12/Apr/15
Hey Brad, do you think Damon got hair transplant, I mean his hairline looked higher early on in his career than as of today.
Craigger12 says on 12/Apr/15
The woman in the pic with biebs and seacrest isn't biebs mom Patricia..She is 4 foot 11 .his dad Jeremy is 5 foot 7 while His Uncle Brad is the tallest of all Beibers at 5 foot 10..Fact: a guy with a shoe size of 7 or 8 will never be close to 6 feet...Justin is 5 foot 8 barefoot..not bad considering he has short parents..just a thought..peace out
Craigger12 says on 12/Apr/15
The woman in the pic with biebs and seacrest isn't biebs mom Patricia..She is 4 foot 11 .his dad Jeremy is 5 foot 7 while His Uncle Brad is the tallest of all Beibers at 5 foot 10..Fact: a guy with a shoe size of 7 or 8 will never be close to 6 feet...Justin is 5 foot 8 barefoot..not bad considering he has short parents..just a thought..peace out
Craigger12 says on 12/Apr/15
Sorry the woman in that pic with seacrest and biebs ain't his mom..his mom is 4 foot 11.. His dad Jeremy is 5 foot 7 his uncle brad is tallest in family at 5 foot 10..,biebs is exact height of the guy who gave him his first drum set at age 3.. Shantz he is 5 foot 8..exact height...biebs made sure he was always on a platform during roast..kid was always shortest in his grade growing up but was awesome athlete and musician..thanks to those from jubilee Christian fellowship who helped his mom raise him...cheers to that mid to late 90s gang...patty raised him well..celebrity height got to him the same way his real height gets to closing biebs is 5 foot 8 barefoot...not bad for a dude worth 100 million bucks...I'd give up 3 inches for 3 million...peace out
Danimal says on 11/Apr/15
CD says on 10/Apr/15
Seems hard to pin down yet whether he is a weak 5ft 7 or a strong one. I suppose time will tell.

More like a strong 5'5".
Rick says on 11/Apr/15
Very short dude. He even looks 169 (weak 5'7) to me. Probably weighs around 65 kg (143 lbs). Small person.
anon says on 11/Apr/15
Click Here

King Bach is 1.74 m. Do you still think Justin is 1.75??
MJKoP says on 11/Apr/15
He's undoubtedly well over 5'7". How else could he look comparable in height to the taller Jenner sister while barefoot?
Parker says on 11/Apr/15
CD says on 10/Apr/15
Seems hard to pin down yet whether he is a weak 5ft 7 or a strong one. I suppose time will tell.

He's an inch shorter than Cruise IMO.
CD says on 10/Apr/15
Seems hard to pin down yet whether he is a weak 5ft 7 or a strong one. I suppose time will tell.
Skye says on 10/Apr/15
So that's where those 5-9 claims came from ha. :p.
I just realized I should be about an inch taller then him heh.
Junior31 says on 9/Apr/15
Notorious R O B. Talk to me pal how is it you have justin and mayweather the same height? I've showed pictures and there are a zillion. More showing that floyd is not 5'7 flat
[Editor Rob: floyd could be a fraction over 5ft 7, yes that is a possibility.]
MD says on 9/Apr/15
Well, except that he doesn't look taller than Seacrest.
Alex says on 8/Apr/15
he kinda looks taller than seacrest maybe he's 5'7.25-5'7.5
Sonia says on 8/Apr/15
Military style boots on Justin contain lots of thick foam height enhancing booster.
yeah right says on 8/Apr/15
He not only looks shorter, but he is shorter. He's like a weak 5'7,clears that mark in the morning, but then drops below that mark.
chris says on 8/Apr/15
@g0d good one
Height183 says on 8/Apr/15
He looks almost tall as his Bodyguards

Click Here

Click Here

I can't imagine his Guards being any smaller than 5'10'' - 5'11''.

Face it, the guy is ATLEAST 5'7'' today
Height183 says on 8/Apr/15
He is just a good 5'7'' and nothing more. He isn't 5'9'', he still looks shorter than average height.
Shawn says on 8/Apr/15
Either that or lolly_belieber isn't the 5'7" she thinks she is. Based on what I've encountered, girls (I'm assuming she's a girl) are just as bad as guys are at inflating their own height.
James says on 8/Apr/15
With Ryan Seacrest

Click Here

Looks shorter to me. He had on military style boots so no less that 1.3 inches footwear. Not taking into account probable lifts. In my opinion arguing range for Bieber is 5'6.5 - 5'7.25 All this talk of 5'8-9 is ridiculous. Ultimate guess would be 5'6.75
g0d says on 8/Apr/15
Okay Justin,we believe you.
Height1 says on 7/Apr/15
Ariana Grande has 1.53 m 1.62 m in heels, Justin Bieber Barefoot in 1.67, 1.72 elevators Click Here
anon says on 7/Apr/15
@lolly_belieber probably because he wore usual.
lolly_belieber says on 7/Apr/15
im 5''7 and I've met Justin... he is probably 2 inches taller than me soo he is 5''9
Dr JJ says on 6/Apr/15
Still no more than 5' 6"
Height183 says on 6/Apr/15
Like Rob said, 5'7'' is a good fit for him. Anywhere in the 5'6'' is just too low for him today. I can't see Rob downgrading him at all, If anything I see another upgrade in the future.
notch says on 6/Apr/15
i dontunderstand why he even gives a crap that he is short. 5'5-5'7. Embrace it. Who the hell cares? Dudes a millionaire and yet still wears lifts. I dont understand. Women will sleep with him regardless of his height
leo189 says on 6/Apr/15
He's so lucky to have grown after 19. 5'7 and won't grow taller than 5'7.5.
chris says on 6/Apr/15
@height 183 i really think hes just 5feeet 5 or 6 max, he usually wears lifts qnd if you see photos of him with mayweather he is shorter, with same footwear he is as tall maybe 1 cm taller than selena gomez, so dont think that hes 5 feet 7 or over.
Mathew says on 6/Apr/15
Height183 says on 5/Apr/15
@Tom: Don't also ignore the picture with Ryan Seacrest please. Where Justin looks taller than him.


No he doesn't.
Alex says on 6/Apr/15
He looks 5'7-5'8 in most pictures, he might be 5'6 and 3/4 but that's that lowest I can see him at. 5'7 is fair.
uh oh says on 6/Apr/15
He was 5'10.75" in those lifts. Watch his roast.
Shawn says on 5/Apr/15
Height183, Justin doesn't look taller than Seacrest, they look exactly the same, you're being fooled by his hat. And he's wearing boots, not sneakers. However, I do feel it's fair to have him listed at a flat 5'7", certainly nothing over that though. I think Seacrest is a flat 5'7" as well. Rob, IMO, has him too high at 5'7.5".
Anon says on 5/Apr/15
Where he is not taller than Seacrest
aj says on 5/Apr/15
Click Here
aj says on 5/Apr/15
@height183 Justin looks not even an inch taller than Ryan Seacrest in the recent pic and Justin wore boots
Parker says on 5/Apr/15
Tom says on 4/Apr/15
Taken 8 months ago aged 20 barefoot looking a solid 4 inches shorter than Scooter Braun (his manager)

I think Scooter has ground advantage in that shot - He looked about 3 inches taller than Justin in this pic
Click Here
Height183 says on 5/Apr/15
@Tom: Don't also ignore the picture with Ryan Seacrest please. Where Justin looks taller than him.
Height183 says on 5/Apr/15
''Tom says on 4/Apr/15
Taken 8 months ago''

We are talking about the height he is currently like TODAY, not something from 8 months ago or a couple of years ago Lol.
Parker says on 5/Apr/15
Anon says on 4/Apr/15
That female of that picture is Biebers mother

No it isn't.
Tom says on 4/Apr/15
Taken 8 months ago aged 20 barefoot looking a solid 4 inches shorter than Scooter Braun (his manager)

Click Here

Scooter Braun is nothing over 5'10 See below with 5'7.75 Ed Sheeran

Click Here

5'10 - 4 = 5'6

He looks drastically taller within 8 months. He is nothing over 5'6.5
Sean says on 4/Apr/15
@Height183 Biebz definitely doesn't lift his shoes like he did 2 or 3 years ago, but I wouldn't be surprised if he tip toed a little in that pic, considering how common it is with celebrities (just look at 1D, lol). I do genuinely wonder what he'd claim, probably one of those "almost 5'10" lines.
Sonia says on 4/Apr/15
Bieber Doc's coming soon.
Anon says on 4/Apr/15

That female of that picture is Biebers mother
JustinIs5'7"OrBelow says on 4/Apr/15
@ Height183 on April 3rd, Scooter is clearly an inch taller than Justin in that pic and Scooter is 5'9". Justin also wore shoes at his roast that boosted 1-2 inches of his height.
Height183 says on 4/Apr/15
Lol At first glance I thought they were sneakers, but they were shoes. Who cares? Sneakers/Shoes it's all the same thing. It's not like he's gonna go walking outside barefoot.
Simon says on 4/Apr/15
Was it the one when he said I always wear my Black Adidas.
Brad says on 3/Apr/15
The regular sneakers line was funny.
Height183 says on 3/Apr/15
The height difference between Justin and Scooter has also changed. Scooter is also standing closer to the camera!

Click Here

The dude has clearly grown a bit more since being 5'6''. But he must be claiming something like 5'11'' now Lol. He was already claiming 5'9'' years ago hahaha
Sam says on 3/Apr/15
@Dong, I think its more likely you caught him taking off his Bieber boots during the day. 8 inches doesn't sound like a stretch for him...
Simon says on 3/Apr/15
I miss G's Inside stories. I mean the guy lied about his height but it was interesting to have the perspective of a small-time skab.
Chris says on 3/Apr/15
His head can't be under 9 inches though. Maybe very little less, like 8,9 inches, but not under that.
Josh says on 3/Apr/15
I met him about 3 weeks ago and he was my exact height (5'7"). He definitely wore lifts as well
Parker says on 3/Apr/15
Height183 says on 2/Apr/15
Here he is with 5'7.5'' listed Ryan Seacrest.
Like I said he looks too tall today to be anything below 5'7''

I agree. Here he is with Seacrest in September 2012
Click Here

And recently
Click Here

Anybody know who the female is? She looks like Tori Spelling but as she is listed as 5'5 it obviously isn't.
Height183 says on 3/Apr/15
Rob, are you completely satisfied with the 5'7'' listing? After seeing the recent picture with Ryan Seacrest that I posted?
[Editor Rob: I think it's a decent fit for him.]
Anon says on 3/Apr/15
Next to Ryan Seacrest he looks 5.7
And he wears boots in this interview
Sean says on 2/Apr/15
Every now and then he appears a bit shorter than 5'7", but generally he looks this listing, give or take a quarter inch.
g0d says on 2/Apr/15
What do you think about this?
Click Here
This was in 2012/13.
Pitbull is listed as 171 cm tall.
heightwise says on 2/Apr/15
I really doubt he's over 5'6. 'His hair and shoes often give the illusion of 5'8-5'9 but he still clearly has a tiny frame and really short legs.
Height183 says on 2/Apr/15
Here he is with 5'7.5'' listed Ryan Seacrest.

Click Here

Click Here

Like I said he looks too tall today to be anything below 5'7''. This is his footwear from the day. Just regular sneakers.

Click Here

He just has bad posture, but when he stands properly, he is nothing below 5'7''
truth2 says on 2/Apr/15
@richkid123 Yeah because 5ft7 is sooo much different than 5ft6.5 right? Just LOL at manlets. First manly height is around 5ft10.
Dong says on 2/Apr/15
Morning Height 5"10'
Mid day height 5"5'
Night height 5'2" right before bed...

He is a mutant and doesn't follow Natural Human Biology

I know... i was friends with him as a kid
nicky says on 1/Apr/15
And I also think he is not taller than Jonah Hill. He just got a bit taller since 2012 and he got in shape so everyone thinks he must be taller than 5.7
but 5.7 is the Maximum I can give him these days
nicky says on 1/Apr/15
he should stand next to the boys of One Direction. That would be interesting, cause GOOGLE listed him taller than Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan
Brad says on 1/Apr/15
"He may wear a lift".
burby says on 31/Mar/15
Was he trying to dress up like the Joker during the roast? More like the Boy Blunder.... Jeff Ross looked like Lex Luthor... Must have been DC Comics night.
Height183 says on 31/Mar/15
Sorry Mathew, Next to Kendall, Ellen, Kevin Hart and Eugenie Bouchard he looks nothing less than a solid 5'7''. Robs got this one right and deserves credit for it.
Mathew says on 30/Mar/15
Height183 says on 29/Mar/15
All jokes aside the guy is 5'7'' today. His posture is horrible, but when he stands up straight like he did next to Ellen he clears 5'7''.


His posture isn't horrible. He'll slouch occasionally but he does not have bad posture. Barefoot next to a 5'10" model in heels 5'6" is still arguable.
Height Correct says on 29/Mar/15
justin beiber barefoot measures 1.67 in elevators 1.73 + 1.75 hair
Bishop says on 29/Mar/15
Zac Efron claimed 5'8" at first for himself. He can look taller because he tends to wear lifts at times (especially during premieres) and hold very good posture + his hair. Hutcherson at 5'5.5" is believable, but that's the most I would guess for him. But the pics of Bieber with Mayweather is too much to argue anything over 5'7".
Height183 says on 29/Mar/15
All jokes aside the guy is 5'7'' today. His posture is horrible, but when he stands up straight like he did next to Ellen he clears 5'7''.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 28/Mar/15
Zac Efron-5'8.5"-5'9" (this will seem bizarre, but I think that his 5'9" claim is believable. He was 4"-4.5" inches than shorter than John Cusack (who is more 187 CM to me than 188 CM), and he was just barely shorter than a Seth Rogen who could be 181 CM. If he's really only 5'8", then he's the tallest 5'8" that I've seen.
Justin Bieber-5'7.25"
Josh Hutcherson-5'5.5"
richkid123 says on 28/Mar/15
5'6.5" guys still look 5'6" this kid doesn't look 5'6". Sorry, but he is an adult now.
B4 says on 28/Mar/15
Hello Rob do You think justin bieber claimings of 5''9 are True ?
I Dont think so he Looks fine at 5''7 and by his age he's for sure done growing
But still he manages to look taller in some photos But in others taken in the same ammount of time he Looks not more Than 5'7 i think he wears lifts sometimes.
Im 5''7 But when i wear lifts i get to 5'8 and look like a 5'9 at times só i think biebs Does the same
And plus with a body shape like he has U may look bigger
That's my case.
Só do You agree he wears lifts some times?
Let me know
[Editor Rob: he may on some occasions wear a lift, but I can't believe he was anywhere near 5ft 9.]
6'1" Joe says on 27/Mar/15
Weak 5'7". I think 5'6.5" listing was better.
Alex says on 26/Mar/15
Bieber is easily taller than josh
Brad says on 26/Mar/15
G looks close to Cobain because he's in his Portmans. He'd support any ridiculous height figure Biebs blew out if he was standing by him.
Simon says on 26/Mar/15
Hey Rob, are you 100% positive G was sporting his Portmans in his pics next to Cobain and Kurt was in Converse. Because they looked close.
[Editor Rob: I don't know, big G has probably varied footwear throughout life, even had some converse himself up to portman's and high heels...I doubt he remembered half the time what he would have worn.]
truth2 says on 26/Mar/15
@Nicky he is between Josh (5ft5) and Zac (5ft8), so 5ft6.5.
chris says on 26/Mar/15
austin mahone made him look 169cm
Sonia says on 25/Mar/15
Great shot Tania, he's on a Bieber Booster.
Jay says on 25/Mar/15
He no doubt is taller than Hutcherson, but not Efron.
Junior31 says on 24/Mar/15
Meaning Floyd isn't in boxing shoes
Junior31 says on 24/Mar/15
Type into a search engine Floyd Mayweather justin Bieber and find one out of the ring photo where Floyd isn't an inch taller and I will mail a check to your house.
Nicky says on 24/Mar/15
Would you put him over Zac Efron and Josh Hutcherson? I mean he looks smaller than Efron but I have to admit he looks taller than Hutcherson which I think is due to his statue
Tania says on 24/Mar/15
I'm guessing the Bieber booster was used extensively here too: Click Here

He wants us to believe he's taller than 5'10
miko says on 24/Mar/15
It wont be long until he's rocking a 5'10.75 claim.
Brad says on 24/Mar/15
5' 6.5" and done growing. Major custom made footwear guy like Sly.
Emil 183 cm says on 24/Mar/15
Floyd looks a tad taller than Bieber, by 0.25-0.5 in. I belive Junior31's estimate is true.
Height183 says on 24/Mar/15
You have to watch this video guys. Go to 5:38 and start watching. He has been claiming 5'9'' since 2012! Lol

Click Here

He is much taller now than he was then, so today he probably claims 6'1''
Nicky says on 24/Mar/15
He wears lifts occasionally now
IMO 5.7 is the Maximum he can get by being barefoot
CD says on 23/Mar/15
I actually was 4 foot 10 at age 15. Now I'm 18 and near or at my adult height between 5ft 4 and 5. I don't think Bieber was just 4ft 10 at age 15 though. But another thing his claim of being 5-8/5-7 WAS wrong because in 2011 he wasn't 5ft 7 yet.
Sonia says on 23/Mar/15
When is he going to say 5 foot 10 then stand by Floyd?
Junior31 says on 23/Mar/15
Dmeyer says on 21/Mar/15
Click Here , Junior31 says on 19/Mar/15
Rob how can you have Bieber and Mayweather both at 5' 7 ????
Maybe because they look identical

Excellent. Choose the most absurd pic wich actually refutes your theory. Floyd is in boxing shoes wich offer .25 heel at best while your boy Bieber is wearing regulars and god knows what's inside them. Find another picture not in the boxing ring where there both equal in height. I dare you

Floyd 5'7.5
Bieber 5'6.5 at best
Rifle says on 23/Mar/15
Justin Bieber:

Morning: 5'7"
Afternoon: 5'6.6"
Night: 5'6"
Nicky says on 22/Mar/15
There are pictures of his roast where you clearly see he wears lifts inside his dress shoes. Trust me, he is 5.7 MAXIMUM
Sam says on 22/Mar/15
looks 5'6.5 and he's done growing
Shawn says on 22/Mar/15
"Ramy says on 20/Mar/15
He was 5'7". but as of 2015 he is 5'9" (175 cm)"

yeah right says on 22/Mar/15
Yeah in his dreams xD. The guy would not be able to clear 5'7 mark midday, 5'9 is just as hideous as 6ft for mr. Styles
chris says on 22/Mar/15
5 feet 5-6 im sure look at his photos barefoot
Dmeyer says on 21/Mar/15
Click Here , Junior31 says on 19/Mar/15
Rob how can you have Bieber and Mayweather both at 5' 7 ????
Maybe because they look identical
Dmeyer says on 21/Mar/15
If he is 5'7 the 5'7-8 claim make sens he could measure 5'7.5 , 10am then claim 5'7-5'8
Emil 183 cm says on 21/Mar/15
I dont know how old you are, but at 15 I was 5'7 range so maybe you shouldnt worry
Ramy says on 20/Mar/15
He was 5'7". but as of 2015 he is 5'9" (175 cm)
uhoh says on 20/Mar/15
Flameboy, try But in order to gain height from HGH you have to be under 20 years old, otherwise it's going to make you thicker, not taller.
chrisi says on 20/Mar/15
@flameboy don't buy this stuff online! Really that stuff can be dangerous, go to your doctor and ask him for advice.
Bishop says on 20/Mar/15
Yeah, Rob. You can't have both Mayweather and Justin at 5'7". Mayweather is clearly taller. I'd say upgrade him to 5'7.5" and Justin can maybe stay at this listing or a fraction under.
tony t. says on 20/Mar/15
I'd like to see him stand with the one direction guys. That'd be an interesting comparison.
Boxin says on 19/Mar/15
Mayweather looked about 1 inch taller than bieber at the press conference for his fight...could of maybe been 1 1/2 inch taller?
That would mean bieber is STILL at the 5'6 range, not to mention he was practically wearing low top shoes.
FIX this Rob. Robs the guy who works here right ? Please be more desisive in changing these heights. Eminem is also 5'7, so you got to change that too. No way in hell is he 5'8.
Height Correct says on 19/Mar/15
ssss is correct 166 cm or 167 cm with shoes .... 173 or 175 cm lifts , I've seen it I have 170 was bigger than him on this day he was creeping shoes
Height183 says on 19/Mar/15
I'm sorry Rob. To me it was just nothing but banter Lol. But I will stop, even if they carry on.

But anyway, Alex is right once again. Yes he is 5'7''. Even though Justins posture is worse than Floyd, he's been looking the same height as him for ages now.
Junior31 says on 19/Mar/15
Rob how can you have Bieber and Mayweather both at 5' 7 ????
miko says on 19/Mar/15
Biebs needs to pay the Bronx a visit and have a sit down with Uncle G', get some Portie advice.

A Bieber & G barefoot staredown? Who wins? Maybe G would be smiling this time...
FlameBoy says on 19/Mar/15
height growth hormone anyone know where i can buy some on the internet ? sick of being barely 5 ft 6.5 :'(
MD says on 19/Mar/15
@Parker, I can't believe I have to keep saying this, but Kevin Hart is 5'2", not 5'0" or 5'4". He's 5'2".
Brad says on 19/Mar/15
Bieber is no dummy with big viewing pleasure upon him, he'll be in wedged custom whoppers. Imagine at age 15 being 4 foot 10.
Alex says on 18/Mar/15
He is not 5'5 you troll he's around 5'7
Sam says on 18/Mar/15
At this rate, people will still be pestering Rob that JB is "still growing" and will have no choice but to change the listing to 5'9 when Biebz turns 40.
[Editor Rob: there was one guy I added, another singer who is in 5ft 6 range who admitted to taking growth hormone as a teenager. It wouldn't surprise me if some other big names in pop like Justin haven't taken the odd growth cocktail.]
ssss says on 18/Mar/15
166cm or 167cm ....with shoes 173 or 175cm
Height183 says on 18/Mar/15
@truth2 + yeah right: You guys deserve a reward because of your obsession with my posts. I'm glad I can give you something to look forward to in your interesting lives. Drinks are on me. Right now, I would like to give you some virtual Bro Fists.
[Editor Rob: guys, let's take a step back and remember to try to treat each other with some respect and remember it's just height discussions, don't lose any sleep over differing opinions, even if you believe they are wrong, others will believe they are right.]
uhoh says on 18/Mar/15
If Beiber continues to take Human Growth Hormone he may still have a fighting chance at 5'8" (173cm)
truth2 says on 18/Mar/15
@Height183 I have really gotten into you, didnt I? :) Denial is strong, I see...
Vegas says on 18/Mar/15
bieber was shorter than mayweather at the press conference a couple of days ago, look at the them walking away at 27 minutes 50ish seconds Click Here
yeah right says on 18/Mar/15
It's funny how you behave exactly the same on the H.Styles' page, yet you don't consider yourself a troll.
let it go says on 18/Mar/15
who cares if he wants to be 5"9 and is really shorter, let him be "5'9".
John says on 18/Mar/15
5'6 lift wearer
Junior31 says on 18/Mar/15
ashley says on 16/Mar/15
the angle of those Mayweather pics makes Justin look shorter. he appears to be the same height as mayweather in this better pic: Click Here justin also looked the same height as him in video of them boxing too

Oh my god. Look at the soles/bottom of those bad boys. Munster-esque. Those shoes are 2 inchers for sure and god knows what he may have inside of them. That shot is very bad for the bieber 5'7 theory.

Where's Brad when you need him!
Joe1 says on 17/Mar/15
bieber is very short and he is probably on this website using lots of nicknames. the real height of this guy is 5.5
Parker says on 17/Mar/15
Tstallworth15 says on 16/Mar/15
All this to say, he's 21 now. And if you look at the link, you'll see Kevin Hart(5'4)

The max Hart can be is 5'3. A 5'4 Hart would put Stallone and Foxx at a strong 5'10. Foxx himself claims 5'9.

I do agree Bieber looks 5 inches taller. A 5'5 Bieber puts Hart at 5 foot.
Click Here
Height183 says on 17/Mar/15
A message to everyone on this page! Ignore TRUTH2... This guy wishes he was Justin Bieber so bad. His jealousy is seriously some humorous stuff. Don't respond to his messages on here. Just let him yap away... You know what they say? Don't feed the trolls ;)
Height183 says on 17/Mar/15
Rob, This listing is spot on. Don't let anyone tell you anything different. 5'7'' for Bieber today is most accurate.
<> says on 17/Mar/15
when justin and kevin were together playing tennis there was a 3-4 inch difference in height and at his roast there was 5+ inch difference so somethings not right there
truth2 says on 17/Mar/15
@Tstallworth15 He was done at 18-20. He looks barely any different than he did at 18, OK he got a mexican stash lol.
Jake says on 17/Mar/15
rob his head looks kinda small, what's its length, 8 inches??
[Editor Rob: under 9 inches, how much I'm not so sure. ]
truth2 says on 16/Mar/15
@Height183 the huge amount of cope you are having right now truly is hilarious.
Real Height says on 16/Mar/15
he is 5'5 - 5'6 barefoot in elevators 5ft 9in
Sonia says on 16/Mar/15
I doubt Justin wears normal dress shoes. If he can put in a height increasing piece of material, he will.
James Edward Crowley says on 16/Mar/15
I think Justin Biebers shoe lifts should go he is getting too old for them
if he really wants too look taller he should get himself Sylvester Stallone
custom shoes now sorry the shoe lifts have too go.
a says on 16/Mar/15
looking 5'8. here is with 5'10 jeff ross Click Here
Tstallworth15 says on 16/Mar/15
I swear everyone on this site drinks haterade. He was not done growing at 18. Men can grow until they are 21-22. The human brain isn't fully developed until our mid to upper 20's. All this to say, he's 21 now. And if you look at the link, you'll see Kevin Hart(5'4) an JB in the first photo. JB is clearly 5'9. Please stop suggesting less. Click Here
ashley says on 16/Mar/15
the angle of those Mayweather pics makes Justin look shorter. he appears to be the same height as mayweather in this better pic: Click Here justin also looked the same height as him in video of them boxing too
Parker says on 16/Mar/15
If Justin stood up straight, minimum of 5 inches on Kevin Hart.
Click Here
Nicky says on 15/Mar/15
There are recent pics if his roast with Kevin Heart. Seems like Justin dwarfs Heart by minimum two inches. But I wouldn't put him aboce 5.7 barefoot
idiots says on 15/Mar/15
Why are we judging his height based on pictures where he's wearing shoe lifts? He's one of the biggest popstars in the world he wears lifts AT ALL TIMES.

5'5 - 5'6 BAREFOOT
Junior31 says on 15/Mar/15
truth2 says on 15/Mar/15
@Height183 Sorry to burst your bubble, but he is shorter than Mayweather.

Click Here

Also Floyd is in boxing shoes and god knows what Bieber has but giving him average shoes once again shows a barefoot 5'7.5 minimum Mid day Floyd and a strong 5'6 Bieber. Think he grew a bit but certainly not over 5'7
Height183 says on 15/Mar/15
He looked about 5'8'' in normal dress shoes during the roast. So that would make him 5'7''.

@truth2: A troll like you can never burst anyones bubble. LET ALONE mine. By the way that is an old photo Mr Genius.
@realheight says on 15/Mar/15
Justin is the one in the white supras... I could find pictures if I cared enough
Bishop says on 15/Mar/15
Anybody have any pictures from his roast? I think they could be good references.
truth2 says on 15/Mar/15
@Height183 Sorry to burst your bubble, but he is shorter than Mayweather.

Click Here
Height183 says on 15/Mar/15
I can go back and forth with insults too like troll2, but I won't bother because I have much more class than that.

Yes, I think anything over 5'7'' is very unlikely now for Justin, since the new Mayweather pictures.
chris says on 15/Mar/15
Barefoot hes 5 feet 6 tops, maybe even 5 foot 5
Bishop says on 14/Mar/15
Yeah, I didn't check out Eugenie's height on here since she was listed at 5'10" so I thought Rob still had her at that but he now has her at 176 cm which seems more realistic. But he really only looks about an inch shorter than her. And he's holding his own against Will Ferrel in that pic. After seeing more recent photos, I think he is definitely strong 5'7" range. BTW, the Mayweather and Pacquiao pics are really bad to judge height from. The angles aren't very good.
Real Height says on 14/Mar/15
At age 18, Justin Bieber is 5'4 to 5'5 (64 to 65 inches) tall and is done growing. He was 4'8 at age 14 and since then has grown around 8 - 9 inches (that was his growth spurt). He has been wearing lifts in his shoes since age 16.

He wears lifts in his high top shoes (such as the Supras he wears all the time). These lifts are inside his shoe and push up on his heel. He gets two inches from his lifts plus an inch from the sole of his shoes meaning he can be 2-3 inches taller and look like he's 5'7 - 5'8. He has claimed to be 5'7 and 5'8 since he's that height when he's in lifts. You can see his lifts in these pictures:

Shoes lifts example:

Click Here

Justin posted this on his Instagram. He's wearing the red/black Supra and you can see his ankles due to the lifts. The guy with the white shoe's ankles aren't visible.

Click Here

There are other pictures out there but the main proof is when he's with 5'4 Selena Gomez.

5'4 - 5'5 Bieber with 5'4 Selena barefoot or with similar shoes:

Click Here

Then when Selena is in 4 inch heels that make her at least 5'8, Justin manages to be around the same height as well instead of 3 - 4 inches shorter.

Click Here

Click Here

Age 13/2007 = 4'6

Age 14/2008 = 4'8 (same height as his mom)

Age 15/2009 = 4'10, grows to 5 feet by the end of the year while his first album is about to debut

Age 16/2010 (hit main part of growth spurt but growing slows down so he starts wearing lifts by the end of the year) = 5'4

Age 17/2011 = 5'4 (continues to wear lifts in his Supras at major events, shows, etc)

Age 18/2012 = 5'4 - 5'5 (as an adult, still a lift wearer)
Nicky says on 14/Mar/15
With Floyd Mayweather he looks 5.7 maximum and that is a nice estimate. But with Will Ferrell and Eugenie Bouchard he looks 5.7 minimum. I think he wears lifts occasionally, I'd put him at 5.7, no more no less
Alex says on 13/Mar/15
@liftdetector may weather is closer to the camrea pal
truth2 says on 13/Mar/15
@height183 Yes, you are retarded (just you, though). Instead of insulting me back, please explain how Bieber could manage to be 5ft9? I have explanied time and time how he wears 2-3 inch lifts and that he is optimally 5ft6 way before you came here posting (I found this site in 2011 even). I could buy 5ft7 in shoes, but no more than that. Look at him with Mayweather, who struggles with 170cm, he looks 168cm with him in comparison.
truth2 says on 13/Mar/15
@LiftDetector yeah I have been saying this for a while, yet I am "angry", just lol.
Brad says on 13/Mar/15
Biebs gets a taste of real height with Floyd & Manny. Good shots. 5' 7" is out of the question. Bieliebers still drink shamrock shakes with 5' 9" Justin approved height. Floyd in 4 rounds.
Parker says on 13/Mar/15
mimz says on 13/Mar/15
His shape and the way he wears his shirt like a skirt gives him a big torso and tho appearing taller

To be fair,I don't think the way he wears his shirt makes the top of his head appear less than 6 inches shorter than a 6'3 listed guy.
Click Here
Shawn says on 13/Mar/15
It'll be interesting to see if any height jokes are thrown at him in the upcoming roast a couple of weeks from now. Some prior celebrity roasts made certain topics off-limits (for example, when Pam Anderson was roasted, she stipulated that any jokes about her having Hep C were forbidden). Justin seems neurotic and insecure enough to forbid any height jokes.
behnam says on 13/Mar/15
Listen to me guys...
Jb is max 166/167 here is why...
U guys think he grown a little recently but its wrong, it seem he got taller cuz of his buddy... when u are tiny with stretch form, u look more taller than normal plus he got fatter than befor... this steps (exactly getting fat) make him taller than ago... so this is why u guys think he got taller but its not !!! When u look at the recent pic with maywather he atleast 5cm shorter than him... look at their eyes u will get it ! DO NOT COMPARE THEIR TALL WITH HIS DAMN HAT ... THAT HAT IS FAKE TO MAKE US HE IS AT THE SAME TALL OR LITTLE SHORTER...
MD says on 13/Mar/15
To be clear, there is not a single good picture from the Mayweather/Pacquiao event the other day if for no other reason than they are almost all taken from below the level of the stage. You can't judge anything accurately either way.
Tania says on 13/Mar/15
@LiftDetector - Ugh, he looks punchable with that smug raised-eyebrow face. Ewww.
mimz says on 13/Mar/15
justin bieber with maywather and Pacquiao. He looks 5ft6 -5ft7
Click Here
His shape and the way he wears his shirt like a skirt gives him a big torso and tho appearing taller. He is always wearing black clothes to give the illusion of a bigger frame.
LiftDetector says on 12/Mar/15
Recent pic of him next to listed 5'7 (170cm) Mayweather:

Click Here

Looking a bit short there. Biebler is 5'6 max. The level of denial that he wear lifts is insane.

More from that day of Mayweather and Pacquiao wearing standard dress shoes. Look about an inch difference.

Click Here
idiots says on 12/Mar/15
Dwarfed by mayweather in brand new pictures. Can we put 5'7+ to bed now and focus on his real height (Without the lifts he fools every single one of you with).
Click Here

CLEARLY the shortest out of a group of men, one who we know for a fact is around the 5'7 mark.
FlameBoy says on 12/Mar/15
he rushed the stage and gave his BFF Floyd a little cuddle still looks like a little shorter so this is his absolute maximum though i still think he could measure slightly shorter

5 ft 6.5 - 5 ft 7
Chris says on 12/Mar/15
Click Here

Hi Rob,

What do you think of Bieber's height after seeing him in this video with Mayweather?
[Editor Rob: he can look close to Floyd's height]
Height183 says on 12/Mar/15
''truth2 says on 11/Mar/15
''are you retarded?''

Wow, you have so much anger sir. You do know you can take medication for things like that? There are also courses out there. It looks like me, the Editor of the site and 95% are ''retarded'' then. Oh wait.... maybe it's just you! ''Insecure'' am I too now? Oh the irony...
Andjela says on 12/Mar/15
Sometimes he looks 5'7" as listed but in some occasions he can even look 5'8" or more.
Andjela says on 12/Mar/15
This is akward he looks so much taller than kevin hart, almost dwarfted him. And if bouchard is 5'10 well bieber has all rights to claim 5'9 . Lol it is so confusing
Tania says on 12/Mar/15
@Bishop - Rob has Genie at 5'9" on here, so yeah she's probs 5'10 in Nikes.
Bieber looks an inch shorter than her so he's probably 5'8" in the shoes (I think he's wearing the same ones as Genie) and 5'7" when he takes them off.

Fangirls will still believe him if he says he's as tall as Ferrell though, and spam the page here calling us haters.
Height183 says on 12/Mar/15
With Floyd Mayweather the other day. Fair angle too.

Click Here
Simon says on 12/Mar/15
Lol miko
Parker says on 12/Mar/15
Just watched the video with 5'10 listed Eugenie Bouchard. He only looks an inch shorter as Ashley pointed out.

Click Here

He is a strong 5'7 at minimum.
Dom says on 12/Mar/15
He's 5'8 eto 5'9" nowadays
jojo says on 12/Mar/15
gotta say he looked taller at the tennis thing around 5'9 but looks an inch shorter in today's pics next to floyd mayweather who's listed at 173cm
Shawn says on 12/Mar/15
I think Rob listing him at 5'7" is fair. He probably wakes at this and dips a little below it in the day. Essentially, he's in "G height" territory.

Regardless, he's done growing and should consider himself lucky. He grew to a pretty decent height for his genetic potential. Height183, you put it best...Statistically, yes, he's still below the average male height, but not to the point where people will look at him and think "Whoa, that kid's a dwarf."
GP says on 12/Mar/15
edk says on 12/Mar/15
If Eugenie Bouchard is 1.78 cm, then Bieber looks pretty tall there in that picture.
Simon says on 12/Mar/15
Rob, did you see the shoes he had in his latest Ellen DeGeneres interview, much more chunkier than her Converse not sayin' he hasnt grown at 21 but he always seem to get the upper edge when the situation is needed
stella says on 12/Mar/15
latest picture with floyd mayweather. Click Here He looks a few inches shorter. (Floyd has a couple of inches on his shoes though)

Another picture with Eugenie Bouchard Click Here Again, a few inches shorter.

Definitely NOT 5ft9.
O4R says on 12/Mar/15
lol at people still saying he's under 5'7

he grew, get over it
Bishop says on 11/Mar/15
With Eugenie Bouchard who gets listed at 5'10" (could be a sneakers height): Click Here
With Will Ferrell:
Click Here
With Carolina Wozniacki (Can't see footwear):
Click Here
miko says on 11/Mar/15
G in Porties would still edge out Bieber.
jeremy says on 11/Mar/15
he's 5ft6 unless we include the bieber hair
Tania says on 11/Mar/15
@Voiceless Dental Fricative - possibly. Or maybe he has a tall relative somewhere in his family, idk.
Parker says on 11/Mar/15
ashley says on 10/Mar/15
Click Here he's looking 5'9" with 5'10 Genie Bouchard

Yeh - but he only looks 4 inches taller than 5'2 Kevin Hart
Height183 says on 11/Mar/15
Bieber looks 5'8'' here next to 5'2'' Kevin Hart... This is just from the other day.

Click Here
<> says on 11/Mar/15
what would you say the height difference was between 5'2-5'3 kevin hart and justin in this video?
Click Here
i see about 5 inches
<> says on 11/Mar/15
@Ashley looks more 5'8 with Genie Bouchard but then again we need to see a full picture which shows how theyre standing, bieber could be losing/gaining height by the way hes standing and same goes with Genie but in that picture he does look taller than 5'7
Sallo says on 11/Mar/15
Watch the I REALLY LIKE YOU video by Carlyle Jepsen, Bieber is in it and he looks really tall. An inch taller than Hanks. He wears shoelifts. I say he's 5'8.
ashley says on 10/Mar/15
Click Here he's looking 5'9" with 5'10 Genie Bouchard
Alex says on 10/Mar/15
5'7.5 in morning
Height183 says on 10/Mar/15
For people on here that think Bieber is ''tall'' now. He is not tall, he is still below average height which is 5'9''. He is still short. Sure he isn't a dwarf or a midget, but he is still short.
Em says on 10/Mar/15
I think he's takler than this.He is over 180cm or 6ft.But he's not that tall
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 10/Mar/15
I think Bieber may have taken hgh or something. He's very tall from his genetic potential.
MJKoP says on 9/Mar/15
I really can't stand this punk, but saying he is less than 5'7" is incorrect and actually quite juvenile. Grow up and face the fact that Bieber has grown.
Celebheights 6'2" -6'2.5" says on 9/Mar/15
Shawn, I was informed that my friends brother was 21 close to 22 when he got the growth spurt, not 23. Sorry for the mix up.
M says on 9/Mar/15
jimmy no, and I do not want..It is enough for me to know these exercises, because nobody wanted to help me whan I was asking for this.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 9/Mar/15
I'm not the other Celebheights guy by the way. I grew about 4-5 CM in my early 20s, but I don't think that it's common. I do think that it's more common than we think, however. I bet that some pick up a small amount (like a fraction of an inch) at around 21 without it being noticeable by anybody.
Miahhhh_ says on 8/Mar/15
I'm 5'5". Isn't that average for a female? I also wear a size 8 1/2 in shoes and somtimes I feel tall. o.o I hate that feeling.
Shawn says on 8/Mar/15
"Celebheights 6'2"-6'2.5" says on 6/Mar/15
It's not uncommon for a 21 year old to grow. My friend's brother was 5'11" until he was about 23, sprung up to 6'3"."

Hate to burst your bubble, but cases like this are VERY uncommon. 4 inches of growth at 23? Consider your friend's brother a very rare case.
ruler says on 7/Mar/15
I think he is 172 cm
Arch Stanton says on 7/Mar/15
It is uncommon Celebheights, just not unheard of.
jimmy says on 6/Mar/15
can u plz tell me about that excercise u have created
Sonia says on 6/Mar/15
I wonder if he has a Bieber Booster that folds up in a suitcase for candids?
Celebheights 6'2"-6'2.5" says on 6/Mar/15
It's not uncommon for a 21 year old to grow. My friend's brother was 5'11" until he was about 23, sprung up to 6'3".
Height183 says on 6/Mar/15
Rob, you haven't lost your credibility at all. You've got this one spot on!
6'7 guy says on 5/Mar/15
My sister , who is 5'11" saw her last week and said he was at least 5.5 inches shorter. I agree and think he can look this way too most of the time. A solid 5'5 1/2" for me - no more, no less.
Saint Pat says on 5/Mar/15
That Bieber Booster is absolutely hilarious. I bet he went bananas on his manager when he accidently released that image.
truth2 says on 4/Mar/15
5ft7? LOL, upgrade him to 6ft0 then, wow Rob with all due respect this is the only page where you have completely lost your credibility.
[Editor Rob: I'm interested is trying to put a fair guess for everybody, from what I've seen nearer 5ft 7 is fairer than under it. ]
Bishop says on 4/Mar/15
I agree. 5'6.75" IMO is perfect for his height. A weak 5'7". And yes, he can look shorter due to bad posture and baggy clothing.
Height183 says on 4/Mar/15
@FlameBoy: Yes, 5'6.5 - 5'7''ish. Eminem wears thick soled Nike Airmax sneakers almost all the time, so he can give off a near 5'8'' illusion. Do not be fooled by this.
TJE says on 4/Mar/15
Definitely a late bloomer. His voice is deeper now than last year even. I'd say he's in the 5'6.5-5'7 range. Baggy clothes and loose posture can make him look really short. Maybe he's 5'6.75?
FlameBoy says on 3/Mar/15
height183 so you have eminem at 5 ft 6.5?
Sonia says on 3/Mar/15
He'll still use the Bieber Booster with 5' 9"ers and taller in photo shoots, however; in private photo sessions.
Brad says on 3/Mar/15
He'll claim 5 feet 10 within a year.
Tania says on 3/Mar/15
5'7" now? So he'll claim 5'10" everywhere else.
Height183 says on 2/Mar/15
Some people on here a very bitter. ''Butthurt'' comes to mind. Just accept that he is 5'7'' now and move on with your daily lives.
MD says on 2/Mar/15
It's true, Bieliebers were able to grind down Rob after years. You have to admire their consistency. Of course, he's not much over 5'6", but if you repeat it enough year after year, eventually you're going to see a crack and exploit it. lol We'll catch him soon enough showing his true height, until then, I guess it's 5'7" in heeled shoes and giant sneakers.
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 2/Mar/15
At age 17 Bieber looked like he was 12. A late bloomer indeed.
Junior31 says on 1/Mar/15
Might wake up 5'7 but on this site you have floyd mayweather and bieber the same height. Floyd is a clear inch taller and is 5'7.5. ( pics posted below) Bieber is 5'6.5 at best. Rob you had it right the first time !
Danimal says on 1/Mar/15
5'7"?? What happened to him standing next to that 5'9" guy (his manager?), while standing on a platform, yet still being shorter than the guy?

This, along with Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr., Arnold, and some others, is an overbilling. You seem so pragmatic when it comes to most people's height on here Rob. Can't figure this one out? Bieber is 5'5"-5'5.5" at best.
Height183 says on 1/Mar/15
Today I think Justin would be the same height as Eminem, He'd probably even edge Eminem out by a cm.
Clocks says on 1/Mar/15
No way is he 5'7. Doesnt look taller than 5'6
Dingus says on 1/Mar/15
5'06.25" MAX
Amaze says on 28/Feb/15
@Celebheighte6'1.5-6'2. That's not 2011 bieber that's 2009 bieber. That's when bkeber was 15. 2011 bieber was 5'5. 2009 was very short like 5'0? Yeah now he's only slightly shorter than eminiem. That PIC was uploaded 2011 but was taken more than 2 years before
Hypado says on 28/Feb/15
Justin Bieber's height is 5ft 7.25in (170 cm)

a strong 170 cm
chris says on 28/Feb/15
Rob you should downgrade him, if you see him on repeat after me next to lady tish, she must have been 5 foot 2 tops and she came up to his eyes, they were both in bowling shoes so we are sure hes not wearing any lifts.
Guest says on 28/Feb/15
5'7 agreed
shawn says on 27/Feb/15
Everyone is convinced ellen is 5'7, Rob she needs a down, Ed sheeran was nearly 3 inches taller than her and you have him at 172cm. I think ellen is barely 5'6, more 5'5.5. Bieber doesn't look 5'7 next to anyone else, she's the only reason people think he's grown. 5'7 is his highest, though i strongly think he's still 169cm
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 27/Feb/15
How did he go from being dwarf by Eminem when he was midway into 17, to then being near his height today? Here's a photo to show that he was dwarf:

Click Here
M says on 27/Feb/15
I will do everything to gain the height 5'9" and will never give up from this, beacuse it is possble, everything is possible..I am not 6' tall, but I do think like 6' tall women.
Sonia says on 26/Feb/15
His mother is like 4 feet 8.
maslow says on 26/Feb/15
@James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius
5'9 is average, anything below is considered short(5'8 sometimes could pass as average) 5'9 is average, 5'10 is average/or tallish, and 5'11+ is tall. That's the way most people see it.
maslow says on 26/Feb/15
@M 10cm after 21? That is truly a rare case. Bieber isn't a rare case, he used to claim 5'5 back when he was 15(he obviously lied) he won't grow from now on, he's reached his final height. And for the record, if bieber took growth hormone that isn't uncommon, a lot kids if they remain really short when they're young they usually take it after seeing a specialised. 5'7 is justin bieber's height
richkid123 says on 26/Feb/15
@height183 What is so funny? I actually did say that.
M says on 26/Feb/15
@you can doubt, but I do know the real truth about this issue.This the one of the many theories of conspiracy that exist. I have grown 3 inches and still grwoing and I have my own exercies which I have created for mayself.
M says on 26/Feb/15
@maslow statement "people grow only until 21-22 years" is the biggest fake ever been served to people..Not to mention that at the begininig of the 21st century when everything is possible, somebody doesn't allow scientist to help people to changhe their height (without Ilizzarov surgery) , because in that case sombody couldn't manipulate and dominate with the people.
scott says on 25/Feb/15
169 i think
Sam says on 25/Feb/15
I doubt that M. I think its possible to grow after 21 but its very exceptional more than a lot of people seem to realize. Don't think you can apply it to Bieber because he was just a late bloomer not exceptional, and I don't think you can grow at just any age, unless someone has found a way to reverse a part of aging, then old men would be getting taller, not shorter!
M says on 25/Feb/15
@maslow yes it is possible to grow after 21 year, and I do know some girls who have grown after 25 years almost 10 cm in height..Actually if somebody has proper excerices ana techique, in that case this person can grow at any age!
maslow says on 25/Feb/15
Late bloomers are the people who usually grow in 20/21, people who grow normal(guys) usually stop at 18, it is IMPOSSIBLE to grow after 21, there are very very very VERY rare cases, but bieber isn't growing anymore, im sure of that.
Sam says on 24/Feb/15
I don't know about him taking growth hormone, but considering his parents height he could have easily ended up being in the 5ft4 - 5ft5 range, possibly less, and seems to have grown later than most. He was hardly destined to end up 6ft2 but I guess you could say he got lucky for what he was given. 5ft7 is still kind of short though, but its not that short that it should be any problem unless it bothers you.
Height183 says on 24/Feb/15
''I said back in 2012 that he was given growth hormone''

LMAOOO.. Where do you guys come up with this stuff? Thanks for the laugh though :D
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 24/Feb/15
@maslow Justin beiber is now below average height 5ft 7in is not short since it's only 2 inches below the average height of 5ft 9in.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 24/Feb/15
@maslow I don't think he has stopped growing he is a late bloomer he maybe be 5ft 7in he was 5ft 6.5in less than 20 days ago but in the last months he is looking more 5ft 7in than 5ft 6.5in you can grow taller after 21 he could easily grow too 5ft 8.5in 5ft 9in when he is 22 and 5ft 9.5in 5ft 10in when he is 23 he could grow too 5ft 7.5in 5ft 8in when he is 21 you never know will have wait and see if he grows anymore i think he will if he managed too grow at 20 he could easily grow at 21 22 and 23.
Big H says on 23/Feb/15
5 foot 9 in lifts. 5 foot 6 and three quarters barefoot.
Sam says on 23/Feb/15
Ellen gives me a 5ft5.75 vibe, but may have been taller in her prime. Don't know what that makes Beiber but he's looking 5ft7, although that could just easily be accounted for footwear which some people seem to forget. 5ft6.5 is still not impossible.
Original says on 23/Feb/15
169, max 170.
richkid123 says on 23/Feb/15
I said back in 2012 that he was given growth hormone. It's not surprising if you think about it. even though I would think if he took it he would be taller than 5'7". he got lucky if he didn't take it
uhoh says on 22/Feb/15
wouldn't be surprised if he hit 5'8"!
Tymmo says on 22/Feb/15
@Parker he looks 3.5-4 inches taller, not 6-7...
JKE168cm says on 22/Feb/15

That's not Scooter! This is Justin with Scooter a few weeks before his 17th birthday. Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 22/Feb/15
Tom Cruise: 5'8"
Justin Bieber: 5'7"-5'7.25"
maslow says on 21/Feb/15
His maximum height is 170cm. That is still short TBH. It makes sense,he's 5'7 and then wears 2 inch lifts so then he claim 5'9. He has definitely stopped growing, no question, you can't grow after 21. A thing to note is that he always wanted to be 5'9, like there is an old interview where he said "yea my dad is like 5'10 so im hoping i grow to 5'9" he actually said that, now his dad looks more 5'8/5'9 but all in all bieber will continue to claim he's 5'8/5'9 till the day he dies
carver says on 21/Feb/15
@james edward crowley it is IMPOSSIBLE to grow after 21, it's very rare if you grow after 18 let alone 21. He's reached his final height.
[Editor Rob: not impossible, but extremely rare.]
carver says on 21/Feb/15
Ok wait stop, his height varried A LOT on ellen, he's been on ellen a few times in the past weeks, and he kept changing his footwear and his height went up and down. Rob i think ellen is no where near 5'8 or 5'7, that's one height that's always been wrong, ellen is no taller than 5'6(168cm). Bieber might be 170cm, but i really think 169cm was a very accurate listing
Ekt says on 21/Feb/15
Yeah andjela, I think he was given growth hormone
Arch Stanton says on 21/Feb/15
Yes I think most of us guessed he'd be about 5 ft 5-6 fully grown. He's certainly been drinking his Bieber juice and doesn't look too short anymore.
Bishop says on 21/Feb/15
I'm quite surprised at his growth, too. But I doubt he will grow anymore. Maybe a small fraction. He appeared (again) on Ellen recently and he was wearing converse this time and they looked about the same height. Maybe he was slightly taller.
Parker says on 21/Feb/15
Yes, his growth rate is atypical . Here's a pic from January 2011 with Scooter Braun (A few months shy of his 17th Birthday)
Click Here

Then this one 3 years later
Click Here

He appears to have increased in height by 6-7 inches between 17 and 20.
Andjela says on 20/Feb/15
His growth is quite impressive.being like 5 1' while he was 15 and having in mind his parents heights (mother 4 8' and father 5 8') i though he would be like 5 4' or 5 5' maxx. But he manage to grow a lot
Thruthaboutjb says on 20/Feb/15
I met him and he is 5'7. I'm 5'7 too. We had the same height. He always have his shoes lift so he looks like he's 5'8- 5'9
CD says on 20/Feb/15
I'm not sure he has actually gained height this last year or so, just because he's been upgraded doesn't mean he suddenly grew from 5ft 6.5 to 5ft 7. It just took a while to notice he's closer to 5ft 7. If someone grows a half inch over a long period of time, it isn't a noticeable amount! I would be surprised if Justin really gained more than another fraction from here on. He looks fully developed puberty-wise.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 20/Feb/15
@Jorloise You're aware that he likely has grown since then, right?
Dmax says on 19/Feb/15
Yup i am 5'6.5 and he looks about half inch taller than me if we should be beside each other barefeet
Roshe says on 19/Feb/15
I think 5'7 is accurate...
James Edward Crowley says on 19/Feb/15
@Thruthaboutjb I think he can grow after 21 at 20 he already grew too
5ft 7in he could be 5ft 8in 5ft 8.5in when is 21 5ft 9in 5ft 9.5in when
he is 22 and 5ft 10in when he is 23 he is a late bloomer who managed too
grow a bit at 20 i reckon he will grow at 21 and after 21 easily we will
just have wait and see if he grows anymore.
Ryan says on 19/Feb/15
wow Rob, i didn't knew you recently put Bieber on the 5'7 range. What happened? Even I noticed o little difference on his latest pics.
Shawn says on 19/Feb/15
"Parker says on 18/Feb/15
@Shawn - I can only believe my eyes. Assuming Jimmy Fallon eye level 5'7. Look at the video, but this was best still,albeit small, I could find
Click Here
Click Here Pause at 8.50/8.51

Pause at 0.31
Click Here

IMO Bieber 5'7. Cruise 5'8."

Fair enough, that's what I figured, and pretty much how I feel. You seem to be one of the more objective posters on this website, which is why I asked.

If Bieber's career can maintain momentum for another decade or so (doubtful), I can actually see him being the one celebrity to overtake Tom in the 'receiving flack for his height' category.
Jorloise says on 19/Feb/15
He is around 5'5.5 I met him. I am 6'9.5" in heels
Thruthaboutjb says on 18/Feb/15
Justin is 5'7. He can't grow after 21 and he gonna be 21 in few days. He lied about his height. 5'7 is his real height. Not 5'8 or 5'9. 5'7 !!!!
David says on 18/Feb/15
Seriously, 5'7? So he's grown 4 cm since the age of 17. He got much luckier than many other male celebrities on the short side. Especially considering how short his parents are.
B4 says on 18/Feb/15
Justin bibber heights varys a lot in New York fashion week he was pictured with Naomi Campbell and he seemed not much shorter than her like WTH the guys height keeps changing sometimes he looks 5'9 other 5'10 others 5'7 or he's wearing lifts or something like that anyways he got money and not a bad looking guy so
Parker says on 18/Feb/15
@Shawn - I can only believe my eyes. Assuming Jimmy Fallon eye level 5'7. Look at the video, but this was best still,albeit small, I could find
Click Here
Click Here Pause at 8.50/8.51

Pause at 0.31
Click Here

IMO Bieber 5'7. Cruise 5'8.
Brad says on 18/Feb/15
Mr. Crowley beat me to it. An Ozzy tip of the hat.
James Edward Crowley says on 18/Feb/15
Justin Bieber is now finally 5ft 7in he could very well grow after 21 he
is now in below average height range he is no longer in the short range.
James Edward Crowley says on 18/Feb/15
@kurt1511 I think it's possible for him too grow taller after 21 he could
be 5ft 10in by the time he is 23 he now 1 inch shorter than his dad his
dad is 5ft 8in he supposed too only be 5ft 5in.
James Edward Crowley says on 18/Feb/15
Justin Bieber will start too claim he is 5ft 10in now that he is 5ft 7in.
Shawn says on 18/Feb/15
"Parker says on 16/Feb/15

And Jimmy Fallon - If Fallon's eye level is 5'8,Justin is standing at that (minus the hair) - 5'7 is ok"

Parker, just out of curiosity, who do you think is taller, Bieber or Cruise?
liftDetector says on 18/Feb/15
No way is he a flat 5'7. The previous height listed was accurate.
Triplescrew says on 18/Feb/15

Not impossible, just highly unlikely. Plenty of guys grow a tad taller (2" is probably the absolute max barring a malady of some sort) while filling out between 21-25.
Sonia says on 17/Feb/15
Ellen isn't wearing western custom expensive boots with custom lifts inside. He stopped growing just before 5' 7". I see him in gigantic footwear at the roast but he'll be roasted.
Tunman says on 17/Feb/15
second upgrade since I'm on this site,this guy is almost 21.
Out of curiosity at what height he started on celebheights and what year?
kurt1511 says on 17/Feb/15
He reached 5'7. The end. It's impossible for him to grow after 21.
Height says on 17/Feb/15
Rob yes he's 5'6''
flawless says on 17/Feb/15
@Rob he's 5'6
your previous listing was correct cuz he gets a bit of hieght frm his hair too
the shredder says on 17/Feb/15
This guy looks 5'7 to me honestly , not 5'8 , 5'9 or 5'6
Tymmo says on 17/Feb/15
so you gave him a centimeter, I see you
Connor says on 17/Feb/15
He was wearing boots at the ellen show, so i wouldnt rule out the 5 ft6-5ft7.
Click Here
Connor says on 17/Feb/15
new picture with Ellen DeGeneres that came out yesterday. I think she was wearing her usual converse and they both look the same height. so 5ft 7 spot on if not less. Especially that we r not sure that ellen is actually 5ft 7.
Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 16/Feb/15
I agree with this upgrade. I think that he has a chance of growing a bit more. My prediction of him growing more was correct!
Bishop says on 16/Feb/15
Well, he appeared once more on Ellen and here is a photo:
Click Here
And his footwear:
Click Here
MJKoP says on 16/Feb/15
Yup, even 5'7" is too low, but at least it's a step in the right direction.
idiots says on 16/Feb/15
How everyone on this website is fooled by his lifts including the editor is beyond me. Still a low 5'6
burby says on 16/Feb/15
How much wedge will he be packin' when he's CC roasted? He can't run away from the short jokes, that's for sure.....5'7" is silly.....
Brad says on 16/Feb/15
G whudda you think? I think he's my height 5' 8", see dis photo, we are the same height, Portman to Bieber Boot cancel.
Tom says on 16/Feb/15
This current listing is fair. Photo below taken 6 months ago with Scooter Braun who is not a mm over 5'10.

Click Here

His eye level is at the top of Justin's head so a solid 4 inches putting him at 5'6
Parker says on 16/Feb/15
Height183 says on 16/Feb/15
He looks 5'8'' in normal shoes. Well he did next to Ellen anyway.

And Jimmy Fallon - If Fallon's eye level is 5'8,Justin is standing at that (minus the hair) - 5'7 is ok
Tania says on 16/Feb/15
Height183 says on 15/Feb/15
This page has gone to the dogs! It used to be fun, now the trolls have taken over.

Lifts this, Lifts that, Lifts here, Lifts there.. How stupid do you think we are??... My intelligence won't be insulted.


Do you even lift bro? :P
Height183 says on 16/Feb/15
@Chris: Christopher, I recommend booking a visit to your Doctors office, and telling him/her about the Mental Crisis you are dealing with. It will do you a whole world of good. Good luck.
Height183 says on 16/Feb/15
He looks 5'8'' in normal shoes. Well he did next to Ellen anyway.
anci says on 16/Feb/15
well done for updating rob.but i think that he is now definately finished with 170cm
Jeremy Beaver says on 16/Feb/15
@Brad you are correct , justin bieber look growth cuz little bit muscle bodybuilding
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 16/Feb/15
Rob, with this upgrade do you think Bieber has recently grown?

Think he may have had a late mini-spurt at 19/20?
[Editor Rob: from 18-19 there's enough to suggest he gained a bit, not huge but enough to make him look more 5ft 7 than 6 range.]
Parker says on 16/Feb/15
Scrap my last comment - looks 4-5 inches shorter than Jimmy Fallon. Catch on u tube before the censors get there. 5'7 is good.
Click Here
Parker says on 16/Feb/15
Was is that last picture of Bieber looking approx 3 inches shorter than Naomi Campbell in her boots that convinced you to put him to 5'7 Rob?

Guess what? I think even a flat 5'7 may be too low for him!!
[Editor Rob: remember he has been barefoot with that model so I wouldn't really say he looked over 5ft 7 but just typically he can in last 12 months look more 170 than 169]
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 15/Feb/15
Click Here

I think bieber wears' lifts. he looks tall here. like, north of 5'8.
<> says on 15/Feb/15
good to see hes been updated to 5'7! definitely in 5'7 - 5'8 range
Boxin says on 15/Feb/15
I agree that he needed a height boost to 5'7, but he looks taller than 5'7 because he was on Ellen a few days ago and he looks taller than ellen. And he recently took some pics that make him look 5'8-5'9. He might of token his lifts for full time now or hes hit a growth spurt. Since Im around Justins age, I noticed I grew a few cm and am about or almost 5'8. I say give him 5'8 bevause he is looking decently big, espicially next to a supposely 5'7 Ellen.
Brad says on 15/Feb/15
5 foot 7 is a joke. Hey height183, he's worth a few hundred million, he can afford custom lifts in anything, he's short and hates it. Hey Burby, glad ya on my way of thinkin' but a smidge more.Ramped up with Naomi and his expression says it all, had again. Hey height183 if the poster puts a picture it ain't me: if you see one going back years by me I'll Paypal $200 to the Rob autograph fund if found. den meet the G, he'll agree.
Chris says on 15/Feb/15
@Height183 What intelligence?
Bishop says on 15/Feb/15
It seems he's been upgraded. Yeah, I think he's closer to 5'7" than 5'6" now that I'm seeing more pics of him this year. But more like a weak 5'7".
Height183 says on 15/Feb/15
Nice one Rob with the upgrade.. It was a very long time coming anyway.

It's crazy to think that some people think Bieber looks under 5'7''. They have absolute no clue on height.
Height says on 15/Feb/15
Do not know if it's time for him is correct or nearly correct, I think he is 5'6 " in elevators 5'8 ''
Mathew says on 15/Feb/15
Rob, what do you make of this one? Click Here he's barefoot, she's supposedly 5'10" and wearing heels. You reckon he could still be 5'7" there? I see more 5'6" range.
[Editor Rob: I think her heels looked somewhere in 3.3-3.5 range, but certainly I wouldn't argue he looked anymore than 5ft 7 there and you could also argue he was still 5ft 6.5]
Height183 says on 15/Feb/15
This page has gone to the dogs! It used to be fun, now the trolls have taken over.

Lifts this, Lifts that, Lifts here, Lifts there.. How stupid do you think we are??... My intelligence won't be insulted.
Robby says on 15/Feb/15
Bieber with 5'8 Kanye. Note that Kanye is barefeet because he gave his shoes to Dave Chapelle (6 foot) on the right. And Bieber prob wearing some huge lifts.

Click Here
Brad says on 15/Feb/15
Short cops, they should arrest him fer height fraud.
Bishop says on 14/Feb/15
With Naomi Campbell:
Click Here
burby says on 14/Feb/15
I guess he thinks he's Michael Jackson now. Except MJ was talented, of course. Bieber is 5'6" flat.
Chris says on 14/Feb/15
I think JB cant be under 5ft8 because hes such a talented bro with his music i think god wouldnt allow him to be like that
[Editor Rob: I told Jenny once that I would walk over burning coals, climb the highest mountain and fly her to the moon if she would please, for the love of god, stop listening to Justin Bieber!]
Connor says on 14/Feb/15
Your right, his buddy is apparently 5 ft 6 and justin is tip toeing.
Now, lets talk about the picture with big sean. Cant you see people that he is wearing boots with heels and maybe he can have lifts in them. I mean the biebs can pull anything this days. From recent pictures, i can say that he is 5f6 -5ft 7 tall, no more no less. What do u guys think?
obvious says on 14/Feb/15

There's a Video of Kanyes fashion show wäre you See Justin and Big Sean next to Dach other. They are clearly same height, Justin is even shorter by half an inch/an inch
That picture with Kendall is Bad for judging because of the angle. Wouldn't say he is Mord than 5'7. He has grown since 2011 no doubt but he is 5.7 barefoot maximum and I don't think he is using lifts in bis shoes that often the last time as some people assume
<> says on 14/Feb/15
he seriously needs to be upgraded to 5'7 !
@flameboy i remember seeing on twitter awhile back and justins friend ryan said he was 5'7 and that looks about right
den says on 14/Feb/15
met him im 6'1 he was bout 4 inches under me
Height183 says on 14/Feb/15
''Even Brad won't think he's under 5'7 when he see's this pic''

I'm sorry Parker, but he will. He also probably thinks Justin sleeps in lifts too. In case you didn't know, he posts on this page under several different user names, not just ''Brad''. I don't know why Rob allows it, but he does. He must be a very old visitor of the site or buddys with Rob.
Parker says on 14/Feb/15
BustinJieber says on 14/Feb/15
He's wearing boots with a heel in addition to lifts.

He's got a normal heel, and nobody can tell from that pic if he has an internal lift, even if he did he's still taller than 5'7.
Arch Stanton says on 14/Feb/15
Kendall's dropping some height and Bieber is a bit nearer the camera so is gaining and inch or two and his footwear does look a bit suspicious but you wouldn't think as low as 5'6" in looking at it! I'm not convinced. Get Bieber barefoot with Swift or Kendall or somebody and then we can decide if he's actually grown!
BustinJieber says on 14/Feb/15
Looks the same height or shorter in Yeezy 3's as 5'7 Action Bronson.

Click Here
BustinJieber says on 14/Feb/15
His shoes like elevator shoes with a lift in them.
BustinJieber says on 14/Feb/15

He's wearing boots with a heel in addition to lifts.
FlameBoy says on 14/Feb/15
Click Here

Not looking Very tall here though he looks smaller than his buddy (not sure on his height) and his almost on his Damn Tip toes !
Crs says on 14/Feb/15
You can tell his pretty short by this pic Click Here
newguy says on 13/Feb/15
Rob,did you see those pics with him and Kendall do you think he grew as arch said he's looking 5'11 in those pics weird?
[Editor Rob: I think that photo is so close that it just adds height to him though...

but from all the evidence available over last year I think Bieber can more often than not look more 5ft 7 than 5ft 6.5]
Sonia says on 13/Feb/15
Western boot lifts.....guess he forgot his Bieber Boots with Kendall.
JKE168cm says on 13/Feb/15
@ <>

I think that the Biebs looks 5ft 8 with 5 ft 7.5 big sean. Don't forget that he has footwear advantage over sean with his boots.
Brad says on 13/Feb/15
JB is hanging on to not fall over in his wedged up Bieber customs in the red jacket.
Height183 says on 13/Feb/15
@<> and Arch: He's not wearing lifts, he's just a lot more closer to the camera than Kendall and Sean. But yeah, I don't think he's any shorter than 5'7''. I really doubt it.
Parker says on 13/Feb/15
Even Brad won't think he's under 5'7 when he see's this pic
Click Here

He looked to be standing at 5'8 next to Ellen
If Big Sean is 5'7.5 as listed on this site Bieber is standing at 5'9 which would match Kendal Jenner in boots,dropping down to 5'11 with posture. Justin isn't getting over 2 inches with that footwear.
Demitria says on 13/Feb/15
He can't grow more than over the 5 foot 6 and a half he is and was at age 19.
<> says on 13/Feb/15
big sean is 5'7 (?) if so justin is looking 5'9. im gunna call hes wearing lifts because im sure there was a picture not long ago of justin and big sean looking very similar in height!
Click Here
Height183 says on 13/Feb/15
Will you upgrade him Rob? 5'6.5'' is looking a bit too low as of today..

Click Here
Arch Stanton says on 13/Feb/15
OK, she's dropping some height but he looks a lot taller than 5'6" there!!
Arch Stanton says on 13/Feb/15
Somehow Bieber is pulling off near 5'11 here with a heeled Kendal Jenner Click Here
I doubt she'd be under 6 ft in those boots.
FlameBoy says on 13/Feb/15
It's Not impossible sam i was 166cm on the dot when i turned 20 i am turning 21 later this month and i am now 169cm might of been the same for bieber.

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

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