How tall is Justin Bieber ?

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Justin Bieber's height is 5ft 6.5in (169 cm)

Canadian Singer known for songs like Baby, Boyfriend and Beauty and a Beat. As of 2011 he was claiming to stand "5-8/5-7." and in a police report they put him down as 5ft 9. There are rumours as to whether he wears 'Bieber Boots' with lifts, but age 18 he did look like he may have grew a bit more although he still needs to use the Bieber Booster in some photoshoots.

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Zookeep says on 24/Apr/14
The people who think hes shorter then 5'6 are obviously just troll's. Why would ellen lie about her height.
abc123 says on 24/Apr/14
People need to do their homework before posting here! That arenīt normal sneakers next to ellen, that are high top sneakers, where you can hide easily lifts and most people donīt notice them, but image where the foot sits in the shoes! Also his pants are advantageous to hide his lifts! Anyone who claims that he is over 5'7 should read here some comments and look at different pics. Most people are bad at estimating height. I know somebody who is 5'5 and wears 1" sneaker and a lot of people think that he is 5'7' and one thought that he is even a bit taller..., Bieber is between 166cm or 167cm, which does make sense if you calculate that height which he will reach (with his parentsīs height and so on), he would reach about 165cm, but he had luck and grow a little bit taller and is 166cm or 167cm barefoot! Sometimes i think that some of you estimate his height with his shoe
RisingForce says on 24/Apr/14
If Ellen really is 5'7" then Bieber actually looks 5'8" there, but Ellen has honestly never struck me as 5'7". That's tall for a woman and Ellen doesn't strike me as particularly tall, though proportions and the fact that she doesn't seem to wear heels much might make her seem shorter in comparison. With that said, I guess more 5'6.5" for Ellen and maybe more like 5'6", but even if that's the case, Bieber looks to be in normal sneakers, and even if he has a lift there, anything less than 5'6" looks doubtful. His 5'9" claim is still a joke, though.
Height181 says on 23/Apr/14
Clearly looks around 5'7'' today.
rkc_cat says on 23/Apr/14
@richkid123: The way you see people who think he's 5'5.5" is the same way I see people who think he's 5'6.5" (or more). We all think each other's estimates are impossible. Different people will have different opinions, and let's face it, neither of us is going to change since we're all convinced our opinon is right.
jamieorr4 says on 23/Apr/14
richkid123 he wasn't much taller than selena gomez so I think its possible unless he has grown since then
richkid123 says on 23/Apr/14
lol at people still thinking he is 5'5.5"; not possible anymore
rkc_cat says on 22/Apr/14
@abc123: You're totally right.

@Height181: Well, if you think he's never worn lifts explain me how, for example, in 2011 he was 0.5" shorter than Selena Gomez when she was on almost 3" heels at the beginning of an event, and later on that night when she took off the heels and he changed shoes he was still 0.5" shorter than her.
I don't think he wears lifts that often anymore, but until last year (and that includes the pics with Ellen Parker posted), he absolutely wore lifts. Not a single doubt about it and no one can deny that, since there are pics where you could even see the outline on the side of his shoes.
afka9 says on 22/Apr/14
I dont think he is taller than 5.7 inį. He look like 5.5-5.7 people. If he is 5.7-5.8, he must look avarege height or a bit shorter than average height.
abc123 says on 22/Apr/14
He wears definitely lifts next to ellen. He is 166cm or 167cm at a max! And he is always that height. The pic with Ellen and M.J.F. is a joke, because we donīt know which shoes Ellen wears.
jamieorr4 says on 22/Apr/14
thatguy your right the police measure with shoes on i think justin does wear lifts to get to 5ft9 i doubt his over 5ft6 like i said before he not much taller than selean
Aquila says on 22/Apr/14
He's barely taller than Ellen and that with his spiked hair
Height181 says on 22/Apr/14
I don't think he wears lifts at all. I also think he never has. He looks like a 5'7'' guy in most of his recent pictures. I'm with Rob on this one.
Zookeep says on 22/Apr/14
@rkc_cat he looks like 5'7 and a half in my opinion. The photo parker posted of him with ellen cleary shows hes a bit taller then 5'7 they were both wearing lifts
thatguy says on 21/Apr/14
He's a flat 5'6 (166 cm) MAX. No way he is taller than that. His lifts are is what is getting him 5'9. And the people citing the police report for his 5'9 claim, are ridiculous. They book you and mugshot you with shoes on, not barefoot.
Brad says on 21/Apr/14
He's in massive wedged up customs with Ellen.
rkc_cat says on 21/Apr/14
@Height181: I don't think he's 168, maybe I expressed myself wrong before. I said I was okay with that listing even if I thought it was too generous; I think he is 167 cm, so it's a full 1" difference. It's enough to be a noticeable difference in my opinion.
jamieorr4 says on 21/Apr/14
Height181 not everone is jealous i would love to be rich and famous but im not jealous i couldn't care less how tall or short justin is. i think 5ft5 is possible because he wears lifts and he isn't much taller than Selena and besides 5ft7 still short im not jealous i wouldn't care if he was 6ft3 im just point out some facts
Height181 says on 21/Apr/14
@rkc_cat: I do think he is 169 - 170cm, which is not too far off from your 168cm guess.
jamieorr4 says on 21/Apr/14
Alex he might i been wearing lifts when you met him
Emil says on 21/Apr/14
Get him under a stadiometer barefoot and then well know. Bieber is extremely difficult to estimate
Parker says on 21/Apr/14
Always looks taller than Ellen in recent pics.
Click Here
Click Here

Anyone who thinks Ellen doesn't stand 5'7 in flats look at her at the end of this video with a barefoot Selena
Click Here

Or stood next to Michael J Fox
Click Here

My guess is 169 for Bieber, could be 170.

The Bieber under 5'6 brigade will say he stuffs 3 inches into his footwear(he'd need to do that to get 2.5 inches over barefoot) every time he has a photo with Ellen lol.
Click Here
rkc_cat says on 21/Apr/14
@Height181: Yeah, he TOTALLY looks close enough to 5'9" here next to 5'10" P Diddy.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
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Diddy has got posture advantage over him in some of those pics, but even considering that, Justin is at his nose level at most, and AT LEAST 4" shorter than him, so it's impossible for him to be over 5'6".
He's close enough to 5'6" to claim that, even if he's under that mark, but 5'7"? Close enough to 5'9"? Not even dreaming. To me it's obvious he's 167 cm.
Sean says on 21/Apr/14
Where were all these 5'5 claimers before the upgrade when I could have used the support, haha! To be fair though, I don't think he's less than 5'5.75", probably 5'6" flat. Even though I disagree with the current listing, it's Rob's site, so it's his decision.
Alex says on 21/Apr/14
I met him at a hotel i was at in miama i am 5'8 barefoot and he was like one inch shorter then me with shoes on so i would say 5'7
Faker says on 20/Apr/14
Police DO take bribes when you're a millionaire. Something as small as letting you wear lift shoes would be easy to get away with for Justin the Beaver.
Height181 says on 20/Apr/14
The police are not as stupid as you think. There is no way they would have given him 5'9'' if he was 5'5''. GET REAL. He is around 5'7'' close enough to 5'9'' that's why the police listed him at that height. Stop trying to make him seem shorter just to make yourselves feel better.
Jeremy says on 20/Apr/14
5'5 for selena 168.5 for justin
Bert says on 20/Apr/14
Can't believe you caved and gave him another .5 inch Rob. Dude hasn't grown since 2012. If he was almost 5'7 he wouldn't need to stand on a plank to still be shorter than his manager.
rkc_cat says on 20/Apr/14
@jamieorr4: Yes, I'm pretty sure he's between 5'5.5" and 5'6". Don't take my word on that 5'4" estimate for Nick, since I haven't seen many pics of him and it's just a quick guess, but on the other hand most pics and videos of Justin (and there are lots, for example, the recent ones with Selena or P Diddy, or the block shot with Scooter) all point at that range. I personally think a 167 cm listing would be the most accurate.
jamieorr4 says on 19/Apr/14
rkc_cat so do you think justin is 5ft5.5 since you said nick is 5ft4. runt i know what you mean im a weak 5ft11 and some people thought i was 6ft. this guy who was about 5ft8 claim to be 5ft11 he said i was 6ft2 LOL
Brad says on 19/Apr/14
They wrote down his driving license figure. Nick is 5 feet 4 and Justin loves standing by 5 feet 4 males.
rkc_cat says on 19/Apr/14
@Policereport2014: They didn't measure him, they just wrote down what's on his driving license, which most often than not are made up heights and weights. The police report also said his friend is 5'8", and he's a couple of inches taller than Justin, what about that? If he was honest his license would probably say 5'6" and 120 lbs (both rounded figures, of course), but we all know he isn't the most honest guy in the world.

@keren: First time I see that Nick guy, but with just a quick look it's easy to see he doesn't have the proportions of a 5'5" guy at all. Justin looks about 1.5" taller than him (Nick is notably leaning and Justin is wearing a cap which makes him appear taller), so I guess that guy is about 5'4".
sankalp says on 19/Apr/14
He's surely less then 5ft.5in. for sure
Earl says on 19/Apr/14
Lol he was was probably wearing shoes in his mugshots. Id say 5'7" tops
jamieorr4 says on 19/Apr/14
policeret2014 if the police do measure you they probably measure you with shoes on and justin wear lifts 5ft9 is a joke hes not much taller than selena gomez
Policereport2014 says on 19/Apr/14
The police report said he's 5'9 140 lbs. then he's 5'9.
Sonia says on 18/Apr/14
His head choreographer isn't 5' 5".
abc123 says on 18/Apr/14
@keren his head choreographer is never 5'5, looks smaller... bieber is 166,5cm! In order to look taller, he only hangs around small people...
keren says on 18/Apr/14
His head choreographer Nick Demoura looks 5'5 here. Making Jb look around 5'7 possibly 5'8. Click Here
runt says on 18/Apr/14
With regards to police and height charts, it would be pointless for the police to try to be exact. They are only concerned about what your stature looks like; which is variable anyway. In fact, what most eye witnesses call "6 feet" is probably 5-10ish. So it would probably behoove the police to put an APP out on a "6 foot man" instead of "misleading" everyone by putting his exact 5-10 out there.
rkc_cat says on 18/Apr/14
@Sol: It's not that bad actually. They're side by side and on a similar posture. Even with the bad image quality, it's easy to see she's got a bit of footwear advantage over him but he's barely taller than her in that pic. If those shoes she's wearing give 1.5" (I'm not sure, but let's say they do) and he's wearing slip-on Vans (which give about 0.6"), she's got a bit less than 1" of advantage on him. Yet, he's struggling to look even 0.5" taller than her, so without footwear that's a 1.3-1.4" difference MAX between them, putting him again around the 5'5.75" mark. In conclusion, he's yet again looking in the 5'5.5"-5'6" range, as he does most of the time.
Sonia says on 17/Apr/14
Slip-on Vans in that photo. He isn't over 5' 6" at all, maybe less. Gomez at 5' 4.5" next to a "5' 9"" self said Justin. Excuse me while I find his missing board for him.
R. Graham says on 17/Apr/14
The photo posted below with Gomez should be more than enough to bring him below 5'6. She's 5'5 at the most.
Sol says on 17/Apr/14
She(Selena) is wearing 1.5 inch shoes at the music festival and Justin is wearing plain black slip on vans. Click Here Bad photo but that is what we have for the moment
stan says on 17/Apr/14
@zookeeper, couldn't get that close to him and my estimate might not be that accurate but he did look shorter than a 5ft6 guy. i could be wrong but i doubt it. The pilot that works here at the execujet building was a full head taller than him, i'm about 5ft8 so i just estimated from that as i stood next to the pilot several times.
rkc_cat says on 17/Apr/14
@beingright: Just saw those pics, and without knowing what kind of footwear they had (I'm guessing she won't be on heels at a festival), Justin looks 1-1.5" taller than her, similar to the difference seen in the dancing video. I also think Selena's listing is correct, so Justin isn't over 5'6". To me he could be anywhere in the 5'5.5"-5'6" range, but not a chance he's anything under or over that.
beingright says on 16/Apr/14
So there are new pictures with Selena Gomez at Coachalla Festival 2014 and if she is listed right (which I think so), Justin is 5.6.
He wasn't that much taller in their dancing video, he is slim so he can pull of the ipression of being 5'7. But he is not an inch taller than 5'7 MAX
zookeeper says on 16/Apr/14
@stan. did you stand next him to compare. or did you just estimate
stan says on 16/Apr/14
I couldn't resist to comment on this page but Bieber was here in cape town south afria a few months ago. i work at a private jet company so got the chance to see him when he arrived. I can say without a doubt he was shorter than 5ft6, he looked like a little kid sorry to say.
Sol says on 16/Apr/14
Could he reach 5'8?
mike says on 16/Apr/14
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 15/Apr/14
"I wouldn't always believe people or companies who start with the letter G."

BTW The 6'4 billing for Josh Herdman is hilarious.
John says on 15/Apr/14
If i meet any celeb the first thing i am going to do is tell if if they can take off their shoes
jamieorr4 says on 15/Apr/14
RisingForce i dont really know i live in uk and im not sure if they do it here
176,2Tunman says on 15/Apr/14
@G-man16 sorry but mustache/beard don't have any relation with height or growth,it's more about younger/older appearance
I first started to shave 2 months shy of 17 and now(aged 26),I still have some neck hair to grow.My growth stopped around 18 give or take 6 months.
Bieber certainly stopped growing as of 2013,maybe he was 5'6 aged 18 and now 5'6.5 but no more really.
Peter says on 15/Apr/14
Sorry, I mentioned Grant Denyer must be about 6'5. I meant 5'5, of course
Asking says on 15/Apr/14
Not an estimation, but why do you think he looks like he could be 5'7-5'9 in photo? Big body frame? Or it's because he's very skinny
RisingForce says on 15/Apr/14
jamieorr4, I can't speak for every area in the US, but I can tell you in certain areas they just ask you. I've never heard of them actually measuring you, and it'd seem kind of ridiculous to take a measurement in that situation. What they might do in some places is see you in front of a height chart(in shoes) and just guess, which of course would be quite flawed, but that's the closest they'd come to a "measurement". I'm almost certain they don't actually measure you anywhere in the US at least.
TBBT says on 15/Apr/14
I would say 5'9 or even 5'8 is pushing it.. He is very skinny and has a slim body type, which makes him look a little taller, but he looks about 170cm max.
XD says on 15/Apr/14
Well if he was about 5'6 at the age of 14 with the chance to get a few more inches then yeah, his height wouldn't be that bad. Unfortunately for him he's 5'6 and done growing, which means than he will remain as a manlet till he end.
chelio says on 15/Apr/14
i'm starting to think he might be 5'8.5 and his gf might be 5'7.
Brad says on 15/Apr/14
Google's heights are the P.R. stuff. Bono & Feldman must love the Google figures. Scooter probably bought lots of Google stock. The Bieber Board Of Review says a nudge under 5' 6". Look at the Gomez pictures Jacob posted.
jamieorr4 says on 15/Apr/14
RisingForce i dont really know but heard they do but they dont take your shoes off
rkc_cat says on 15/Apr/14
@Jacob: Spot on. He's also 5'5.5"-5'5.75" to me. If he was 5'6.5" he could pull off an almost 5'9" appearance with all his usual trinkets, but he's never even looked remotely close to that mark. He's not much more than 1" taller than Selena, if that. The recent pics with P Diddy are also very revealing: he's always around his nose level. Knowing that Diddy is a legit 5'10", that means Justin is between 4" and 4.5" shorter than him, putting him again in the 5'5.5"-5'6" range. Or taking the pic of Scooter and Justin with the block; even if Scooter was 5'9" (he personally looks 5'8.5" to me), Justin is still 1" shorter than him on that 2" block, so he's 3" shorter than him, putting him again at 5'6" or under.
If Justin was the listed height, that'd mean that Selena would be 5'5.5", P Diddy would be 5'11", Scooter would be 5'9.5"... and we all know they aren't those heights.
richkid123 says on 15/Apr/14
His height aint that bad.
Lalala3 says on 15/Apr/14
he is 5'9 if u search up on google justin bieber height it will tell u 5'9 and 1.75 meters
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't put total faith in them giving you the right answer all the time ;) I would like to say their guess is as good as mine, but hey...

Do they employ a fulltime researcher on the topic of height? What's his name? Does he post photos with actors, does he provide you with quotes by actors about their height, interact with visitors on a daily basis? many years has he done this? Why is he giving Giving visitors figures like these?
Josh Herdman 6ft 4 and Feldman 5ft 8.5...I wouldn't always believe people or companies who start with the letter G.
Emmett says on 14/Apr/14
Bono is another good example of the '3-inch rule'. He's listed as 5'9 on google and he's no more than 5'6, maybe less.
Jacob says on 14/Apr/14
I haven't been on here in a while and am not sure about Bieber's height at the moment... He's still 5'5.75 to me. I can see the top of his head touching 5'6 too but nothing more. Seeing that recent video of him dancing with Selena Gomez says a lot. We can't gauge his height accurately but for the last few years, comparing him to her has revealed quite a bit.

On this site, Selena Gomez was long listed at 5'4, only to be upgraded to 5'4.5 within the last year or two. In the dancing video, even with a tufted up hat, Bieber is scraping only about an inch off of her. Similar footwear with his being slightly thicker soled... I just don't see him being a complete two inches taller than her barefoot.

Just look at these pictures and don't forget that Selena Gomez is only 5'4.5...

Click Here

And as she is used to doing with Bieber, she doesn't seem to be standing at her full height. Her leg is bent numerous times throughout the dance and when against the wall, she is not standing as straight as she could. This could very well be part of the dance routine but look at/pause around 0:06 in this video to see the bit of height she is losing...And is still basically the same height as Justin.

Click Here

This footage was taken only a month ago so of course, very recent. A 5'6.5 person with thick soled shoes and spiky hair (or a carefully placed hat) can easily look 5'7, meaning that Bieber should have been 2 - 3 inches taller than Selena here... And he isn't.

To me, this hints at him being a tiny bit shorter than 5'6.5 and I find these "off camera/private" videos to be more reliable than pap and business/promo shots. And as other people have mentioned... The lifts. We know he uses them. Even with a 3 inch boost, he has never been able to pull off a legit 5'9, leaving him at a weak 5'6 or strong 5'5. 3 inch shoe boost plus 5'6.5 = 5'9.5 (basically 5'10). Add that with spiky hair/a hat and we should (emphasis on "should") be getting a 5'10 to 5'11 looking Bieber... And we all know that has never happened.
rkc_cat says on 14/Apr/14
@jamieorr4: I agree, I can't see him over 5'6" any time of the day. With Selena he looked barely 1" taller than her, so 5'5.5" isn't out of question either. But 5'6.5", he's only ever looked close to that height a couple of times, whereas he looks under 5'6" most of the time. I know this can sound repetitive, but I'm still sure he's around the 167 cm mark. I could buy the previous 168 listing, even if I thought it was a bit generous, but I'm not buying the current listing; IMO it's 0.75-1" off.

@1.85 m, 83 kg: That's another one of the reasons for him to be 5'6" max. He's always boosted his and his parents' height by 3" (he claims his mom is 4'11" when she said she's 4'8", he claims his dad is 5'10" when he's not much over 5'7"). In early 2011, when he was claimg to be 5'7" he was 0.5" shorter than Selena Gomez as seen in the pics from back then, so he was 5'4" at the time. Now 3 years later he's claiming to be 5'9", so judging by his previous claims it's pretty safe to assume he's not over 5'6".
RisingForce says on 14/Apr/14
The police don't measure you, or at least I've never heard of that, and it probably isn't a coincidence that the police had him down as 5'9", which is the height he claims, but a height virtually nobody thinks he ever looks.

Agreed, Brad, I also thought that seemed like a potential set up, but you're right, it went horribly wrong with the "might even be 5-11." The proper response to that would be the pissed off/puzzled looking squint from Charles Bronson or Clint Eastwood. No words are necessary.
Brad says on 14/Apr/14
At 5' 7" you'd have to raise Gomez to 5' 6", she isn't 5' 6".
Peter says on 14/Apr/14
Justin Bieber is taller than Grant Denyer, who must be about 6'5. so he is not that short. Sometimes he behaves in a very inappropriate manner, and that's why nobody takes him seriously. I think as the great talented artist he is and as a role model for our generation he should act more responsibly in his civic life. That would help everybody to see him as the man he is now and not as a silly boy.
I think that is why most people react so harshly against him and tend to refuse to acklowledge him even his physical stature.
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 14/Apr/14
The '2-inch Rule' is for your average Joe. For the entertainment industry and Bieber it's the '3-inch Rule'.
MJKoP says on 13/Apr/14
Here is that said interview, conducted by Pauline Gillespie who claims 177cm on all of her social networking profiles.

Click Here
jamieorr4 says on 13/Apr/14
RisingForce the police might measure you but with shoes on i doubt justin is over 5ft6 which why im disappoint that he got upgraded but its just robs opinion. he only look about inche taller than selena gomez in bare feet so i think 5ft5 is possible but he could be 5ft6 max
Height181 says on 13/Apr/14
I don't think Justin even really cares about his height, like some people say. He is always slouching. His newer pictures show that he is about 5'7''.
Robby D. says on 13/Apr/14
176,2Tunman. I am not suggesting anything, I just stated what they said in the interview. I agree with RisingForce and yourself that there is no way Bieber could be 5'9". I thought he might be about 5'7" but I think Rob has probably got it right on here.
Brad says on 13/Apr/14
Scooter must have given that New Zealand interviewer a script and directions and it went so laughable over the top even Scooter probably went "oh my god" at the 5-11 line. Biebs at his laughable best. File under Bieber Board of Review.
dizi says on 13/Apr/14
google put him on 5'9" but in my opinion that is how things go with celebrities.their REAL heigh plus 2".so i think justin is 5'7''
176,2Tunman says on 12/Apr/14
RobbyD,are you suggesting that he's 5'9 MINIMUM?! probably around 6' and a possibility for 6'2? It's IMPOSSIBLE for Bieber to hit 5'9 in his best shoes first thing out of bed let alone a Superior height barefeet,the video was probably performed on uneven ground or something of that kind.If Rob thought he had any chance for say 5'8 he would have upgraded him at least to that.5'6-7,let's debate that range,no more no less,the truth lies between these 2 marks.
miko says on 12/Apr/14
Its quite clear that little JB has a height complex and will go to extreme lengths to hide his lack of height. He need a chat with Michael J Fox.
Bud says on 12/Apr/14
Rob,what are the chances that u will ever upgrade him to 170 cm?I hope 0.
(S)aint 186 says on 12/Apr/14
Rob- What do you think his ouy of bed height is? 170 171ish?
[Editor Rob: very probable]
John says on 12/Apr/14
Lol 5'9? Not even close this guy wears Timbs and Lifts!

He is about 5'5 to 5'6 + 3 inch lifts gives him tops 5'8.5
RisingForce says on 12/Apr/14
Not sure how tall Bieber is, but the 5'9" off the police report was something they asked Bieber or got off his driver's license. They don't measure you. It makes sense since there were a couple of interviews posted here where Bieber claimed 5'9", including the infamous New Zealand one where he said "5-8/5-9." I have doubts he'd even measure 5'9" in his high-tops and lifts. That lady in New Zealand's claim was laughable. Even without being familiar with her, it was obvious she didn't even look close to what a 5'9" woman looks like. Most likely she's 5'6" max and for whatever reason she slouched when they stood up to compare height, not sure where the hell she got "and I might even be 5-11 from." It was an absolute joke. The interview is easy to find on a google search.
jamieorr4 says on 12/Apr/14
G-man16 5ft7 is short for a guy im 5ft10.5 i consider myself average but i do feel short sometimes
jamieorr4 says on 12/Apr/14
G-man16 5ft7 is short for a guy im 5ft10.5 i consider myself average but i do feel short sometimes
jamieorr4 says on 12/Apr/14
luke ever you don't know you own height or he was wearing lifts
jamieorr4 says on 12/Apr/14
strong people do lie about there height
jamieorr4 says on 12/Apr/14
rob why did you upgrade him? i doubt hes over 5ft6
[Editor Rob: over last year I've thought he more often looked more than a flat 5ft 6 guy would.]
strong says on 12/Apr/14
I've got a photo guys, from 2014 it is,
Click Here

No way 5'9 shorter still than 5'8 Usher.
strong says on 12/Apr/14
@ Robby D: which interview are you talking about, how can a lady claim 5'9 then again 5'11, 6'2 for Justin Bieber is a joke, In a concert back in 2013 he was 6 to 7 inches shorter than me, I'm 6'2, he was not even upto my nose.
Parker says on 12/Apr/14
@Robby D. Yes it has beeb posted here and appeared to be most definately a set up.
Robby D. says on 11/Apr/14
I don't know if anyone has posted this before but in a video clip of an interview he had with a lady in New Zealand the subject of his height was brought up and he said that people thought he was only 5'6" and did not believe his claims of being 5'8" or 5'9" but insisted that he was adding "I do grow guys." He then asked the lady interviewer how tall she was and she replied that she was 5'9" they then both stood up and he appeared to be 2"-3" taller than her. She then added that she might even be 5'11". There was no view of the footwear on either of them but even if he did wear elevator footwear and she was barefoot he still owned her by 2" or 3" so if she was a genuine 5'9" then that would make him about the same height or taller, unless the interview was a set up to make his 5'9" claims appear to be true. Whilst I thought the lady might be 5'9" when she said she might even be 5'11" it seemed a bit suspicious because she did not look that height and if she were that would have made his height 6'1" or 6'2".
mr.rashid says on 11/Apr/14
@luke, unless your 5'7.5 in reality, same as Bieber being 5'6.5, so don't exaggerate Bieber's height just to make yourself keep your estimate. Oh Bieber is 5'5.5" max imo
luke says on 11/Apr/14
justin is 5'9, i've stand next to him before and he's an in shorter. i'm 5'10
richkid123 says on 11/Apr/14
He does look kinda over 5'6", but not so sure he would be as tall as 5'6.5". Strongish 5'6"
Peter says on 10/Apr/14
I'd love to be 171 cm. I'm just about 168 cm, and I'm 9 months older than Justin. I think I'm just a normal small man, not a manlet. 171 cm is more than one inch above my height.
James Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 10/Apr/14
Rob you have now upgraded justin bieber too 5ft 6.5in it is possible he grew half an inch he could too grow too 5ft 7in you have might have too upgrade too 5ft 7in soon not every male is done growing at 20 he might grow too 5ft 8in when he is 21 we will have to wait and see it's likely he is a late bloomer his voice didn't start breaking until he was 16 he hit puberty late i reckon he will carry on growing until he is 23 he might grow too 5ft 10in by then we will wait and see when he is 21 and when he is 23 if he has manged too have grown anymore inches by those ages.
[Editor Rob: at 18 I think he got a bit more, not much]
Parker says on 10/Apr/14
Taking all the evidence into account, I think this listing is spot on.
rkc_cat says on 10/Apr/14
@MarcusTheSwede: Well, he's definitely not the listed height, I'd put him at 167 taking all the evidence into account, but he's not a midget, just a normal short guy.
Robby D. says on 10/Apr/14
Would the police have actually measured his height for the police report or would they just ask him his height and take his word? Assuming they did measure him do police usually measure people with or without footwear?
[Editor Rob: they don't really measure. They could ask you, the officer could look at you against the wall chart and guess based on that.]
Brad says on 10/Apr/14
He needs his Bieber Board dancing with Selena and the new video.
MarcusTheSwede says on 10/Apr/14
dudes. Justin is a midget..169 is not happening
strong says on 10/Apr/14
Y'all getting mad with austin mahone's height, let me know you Austin was between my eyes and head, I'm solid 5'10, this guy is like 5'8.
Joe1 says on 10/Apr/14
Justin Bieber has fooled Rob with his height! Lmao-LOL
the shredder says on 9/Apr/14
MD , get your own site. Just because These listing don't please you does not give you the right to make an ass out of Rob.
what says on 9/Apr/14
171 cm = good height for males xD??? Are you trolling?? manlet height being good for males...lmfao
R. Graham says on 9/Apr/14
Someone a little while ago posted this telling excerpt from a GQ interview a couple of years ago. I post this as I'm watching Bieber's new documentary/movie on TV.

"There is no way around it: Justin Bieber is a very small human being. He's 18, but he could easily pass for someone six years younger. His rep says he's five feet nine, but he looks about four feet four, maybe one hundred pounds. I shake his hand, and it feels like there should be more hand there. I suddenly realize that I can't box this guy. I'm ten inches taller and a hundred pounds heavier."

Bieber looks about 5'6 in shoes, 5'7 maximum with fancy sneakers. None of his female dancers wear heeled shoes on stage, and his male co-dancers all appear to be on the shorter side. I'm giving him 5'5.5, done and done.
G-man16 says on 9/Apr/14
Rob I think you should upgrade him even further to 1.70 as he looks only bout an inch shorter than usher. I'm actually beginning to think that he may have not finished growth yet as he u can see that he's beginning to grow a faint mustache which is a sign he hasn't fully matured yet. Do u think by the time he's 21 he could reach up to 1.71 which is a very good height for males.
MD says on 9/Apr/14
The photoshoot with him on the block with Scooter Braun was really ample evidence enough. Then you got the nail in the coffin with the video of him dancing with Selena with both of them in sneakers. And, yet, instead of getting being more correctly listed, his listing was actually made MORE incorrect. Good one. lol
Brad says on 8/Apr/14
I never knew Selena Gomez was that tall compared to Biebs. Those Bieber Boots with MASSIVE wedge inside in that video are priceless....they are his true Bieber Munsters. This guy shoulda gotten a 5 foot 3er and be done with it.
Andrew8 says on 8/Apr/14
I think he's 5 feet 5
(S)aint 186 says on 8/Apr/14
Good choice with the upgrade Rob. I have been thinking he is 5'7" for a while now.
176,2Tunman says on 8/Apr/14
Well,you raised him at 5'6.5",that's a kind of concession for the beliebers,I hope they're happy and won't bother us anymore with their 5'8-9 guesses.
Out of curiosity,at what mark did he start his career on this site?
Sonia says on 8/Apr/14
He still isn't 5' 6". Those skateboard shots are incredible, he's in skater shoes which are flats and he looks really short without the lifts.
rkc_cat says on 8/Apr/14
@)) & MD: Agree. I'm still sure he's 5'5.5"-5'6", evidence points at that range. A 5'6.5" guy simply doesn't look as short as he does next to a 5'10" guy like P Diddy, or barely 1" taller than 5'4.5" Selena Gomez (who is correctly listed), and those are just a couple of examples. He's the perfect case of a 167 cm guy with a slim frame who occasionally can appear taller.
abc123 says on 8/Apr/14
Wrong decision, he is even a little bit under 5'6", look precisely at those pics ROB:
Click Here
needs a downgrade! Oh and keep in mind that he always wears his cap ridiculously high on his head
[Editor Rob: from the last year I just think 169 is more fairer.]
Height181 says on 8/Apr/14
Just seen some more recent pictures of him. He actually does look 5'6.5'' - 5'7''. Nice one Rob with the upgrade. To all the people who still think he is 5'5'', you clearly don't know how to judge height and need your eyes tested.
Jeremy says on 8/Apr/14
What , he grew at 20? lmfao
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 8/Apr/14
Too high. 5'6" was correct. Fooled by lifts/proportions/hair.

That girl is short, I wouldn't trust that website. Bieber's PR would never allow him in public without a height boost.
Joe1 says on 8/Apr/14
Sol forget!!!
Take a look at his shoes at the 3rd picture from the top Click Here

Special edition for Bieber - "To much heels"!
)) says on 8/Apr/14
If you're upgrading Justin's height then you need to upgrade Selena to at least 5'5. Justin's not 2 inches taller than her
MD says on 8/Apr/14
LOL! Rob must be pissed at someone to fall in with the fan girls. He raised both Bieber and Giacarlo Esposito's height on the same day. He very rarely raises heights, and he almost NEVER raises heights on two listings in the same day.

Whatever. All I can do is laugh. lol Justin could be slightly under 5'6" and he's being raised. lol
Sol says on 7/Apr/14
I did some research! Justin's newest two videos ''All that matters'' and ''Confident'' used the same model/girl in his video. Her height is listed at 5'7! Click Here

Also here are photos of Justin's Believe premiere and she is wearing heels!! Click Here Justin's shoes would give him either half an inch or an inch more of height. What do you all think?
[Editor Rob: I think to be fair to Bieber, he looks above 5ft 6 flat so I am giving him 169cm]
asdoiifdjas says on 7/Apr/14
most internet sources are say justin bieber's latest height is 5'9?? no way he's as tall as me now!(well on a good day when i first wake up and my back isn't out i'm 5'10) lol
slaped says on 7/Apr/14
I like to keep up with justin's height my dad is an honest 5'10 or 5'11 and my mom is short like really short 4'10... so i like to compare my height to his im an honest 170cm.. and after the chiropracter im like 5'8
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 7/Apr/14
*Troll Alert*
MD says on 7/Apr/14

Can you ban this troll "VanillaIce"? He JUST got through on the same day saying on 6/Apri/14:

"JESUS Christ i stand at a very Meager 5 ft 5 she could beat the S**t outta me!!"

It's best to remove his post from this page, too, and make sure he doesn't get back in if he's going to falsely represent himself across multiple pages.
VanillaIce says on 6/Apr/14
im 6 foot 2 i actually meet him and his dad Jeremy at a bar in Atlanta in 2013 i can tell ya the kid is not nearly as small as Listed his Dad was Around the 5 ft 10 Mark and justin looked like an Inch Shorter so i would say his Around 5 ft 9 at very smallest he would be a strong 5 ft 8
Kendall says on 6/Apr/14
Google puts the Rock at 6'5 when in reality he's dwarfed by 6'6 Charles Barkley. Patton Oswald is 5'7 on the search engine and Bow Wow 5'8 despite having hardly a few inches over Kevin Hart when doing a height comparison on his program.

Google can be inaccurate, as for Justin's testimony it's not as if he doesn't have any personal investment in appearing taller.

Take the "Bieber booster" image above for example. Scooter Braun is put at 5'8 on Google whereas Justin is 5'9 but somehow still significantly shorter than Scooter while standing on a piece of wood.

This guy is 5'5.5 out of bed and 5'7 in his lifts
Chris 182 cm says on 6/Apr/14
He has the frame of a 5'11 guy, but he's probably only 5'6
Andrea2 says on 5/Apr/14
Justin Bieber is around 5f5-5f6. No more. He is little.
ekt: Your parents height and family DO have a lot to do with how tall you are. You may be 1-2 inches taller or shorter than the same sex parent. Normally you can count on your parents height being a good estimate. Very short parents usually produce short kids. Very tall parents usually produce tall kids. When you have mismatched heights (tall dad, short mom or vice versa) is when you get more of a mixture.
Mike T says on 5/Apr/14
I know for a fact that he's no more than 5'6". Saw him at a convenient store after performing at my college last year and he wore boots with 2 inch heels that make him about 5'7/5'8. I'm nearly 5'9, I was wearing flip-flops, and I was still taller than him. And 5'10" for his dad... yeah right. He's more like 5'7/5'8.
MrWells says on 5/Apr/14
my Ex meet him in Miami a few Months back According to her he was only Slightly taller and around my height (5 ft 5.5)
Height181 says on 5/Apr/14
@MD: I agree that Justin is 5'6''.
Liz says on 5/Apr/14
Justin Bieber is 5'10. Google confirmed it & Justin confirmed it. You do realize he's grown since Baby. I mean some of you seem to be stuck in 2010 when it comes to him ...
MD says on 4/Apr/14

Mahone is not a full 5'10", but I do think he's around 5'9". He's closer to the camera in the first shot (and Seacrest is 5'7.5"). The point is that this still makes it that Justin is not even a centimeter taller than currently listed.
Brad says on 4/Apr/14
You met Justin but didn't see his wedged up custom footwear.
I met Justin says on 4/Apr/14
I'm 5'10.5 , 5'9 he mentioned is a complete joke, he was just a little above my eyes which puts him in 5'7 range so I think 5'7.5 could be right for this little guy.
Rob, I think you should upgrade him to 5'7.5 but don't worry about changing the listing again and again as he has stopped growing, crack is assisting him.
ekt says on 3/Apr/14
Gosh people are still debating this. He is not taller than 5'7 period and he is not shorter than 5'6 period. he is between 5'6-5'7 and most likely 5'6.5 or 5'6.75
Height181 says on 3/Apr/14
Austin Mahone is NOT 5'10''. He is about 5'8.5'' max. Here he is next to a 5'7'' Ryan Seacrest, he is not much taller. Austin also has advantage being closer to the camera. Click Here Click Here
jamieorr4 says on 3/Apr/14
rob I think your guess is good he could be 5ft6 max but 5ft5 is possible he didn't look much taller than Selena Gomez's
Ally says on 3/Apr/14
looking at the pictures with Austin and Justin, it's basically impossible that he's anything over 5ft 6.5 (169cm). If Austin was 5ft 11+, which he most likely isn't, Justin would still be under 5ft 7.5. @MD I agree with you
stella says on 3/Apr/14
Austin is hunching in those pics while Bieber is standing straight and for sure there is a minimum of 4inches height difference there. Assuming Mahone is 5ft10, that leaves Bieber a good 5ft6. Another picture proofing that he lied about his height.
Brad says on 3/Apr/14
Austin is in G denial.
MD says on 3/Apr/14
@)), Austin Mahone is not a full 5'10". Here he is with a legitimate 5'10" Jason Derulo (and, no, Jason is not more than 5'10"):

Click Here

It's really just further proof that Justin isn't a thing above what he's currently listed. I wouldn't say Austin "towers" him in those photos you posted, but it's a significant height difference, and Austin isn't even 5'10", himself.
Brad says on 2/Apr/14
He even lies about his father's height.
)) says on 2/Apr/14
recent picture of justin and 5'10 austin mahone
Click Here
Click Here
even with justin wearing a hat, austin towers over justin and i dont even know for sure that austin is actually 5'10 im just going on the fact that 5'10 is what austin mahone says he is but he could be shorter.
jojo says on 2/Apr/14
How tall are the ATL Twins Click Here
LR says on 1/Apr/14
I can't believe wikipedia is trying to pass him as 5'9" lol
Mike T says on 1/Apr/14
hahahahahahahaha! A 5'9" listing for Bieber on google don't make me laugh he's not even close to it lol. The boy is like 5'5" (5'6" max). He just wears them boots to make him appear taller or his stupid lifts.
chrisssss says on 1/Apr/14
Justin claimed his dad was around 5'10 in a video, so his dad us about 5'9 if you ask me
leonari says on 1/Apr/14
Bran: You wise guy. I also said he could be 5'6.5. But you imply he is 5'8" or over. You know nothing about height. But you are a big Bieber fan. Good for you.
Kendall says on 1/Apr/14
5'8 Google listed manager towers over him even with the Bieber booster, unless Scooter is 6ft+ it's unlikely Justin is hitting anything above 5'6
Marshall Smith says on 1/Apr/14
Im Pretty sure the 2nd pic is not Justin's dad he looks to young

Click Here

Check his account their is a picture with him and some of his friends he towers above them they are of course not listed but unless his buddy's are REALLY small men i doubt his Under 5 Ft 8 i Really think Justin might be Around 5 Ft 7.5 maybe even 5 ft 8
Parker says on 31/Mar/14
Selena Gomez height is not 'nailed down'. Google her with Lucy Hale or Vanessa Hudgens, both listed 5'1 here. She looks at least 5'5 to me. If the other 2 girls are listed correctly.

As for Justin's Dad. Here's Justin with Ellen Degenere's and I presume one of his bodyguards on her left.
Click Here

Ignore the fact that Justin looks an inch taller than 5'7 listed Degeneres, the guy on her left looks a 6 footer. Here's Justin's Dad with the same guy.

Click Here

And Justin's Dad with his Mum who claims 4'8 (4'11 in her heels)
Click Here

I'd guess Justin's Dad at 5'8/5'9.
MD says on 31/Mar/14
It's honestly not that confusing. His father doesn't have his height nailed down; Selena Gomez's is. I guess that should tell you that whatever his father listed at can't be the case, huh?
richkid123 says on 30/Mar/14
He looks 5'6"-5'6.7" His small frame makes him looks pretty small, but if he gained some weight, he would look pretty normal. He is prettier than most girls.
Marshall Smith says on 29/Mar/14
his Confusing when with Selena Gomez he looks about 5 ft 5 but when with his dad he looks like he could possibly be Around 5 ft 7 What would be your guess for his Father? on most photos he looks only Sligtley taller than Justin
Bran says on 29/Mar/14
@ Leonari
haha Cant say i am to be honest man, do i have respect for him?, not much after recently, but does that affect my judgement in guessing his height, never. The reality is, over the last few months this site has seen many more posters claiming 5ft6 plus rather than the few persistant people such as yourself saying 5ft5-6 or whatever. Even, Rob who doesn't say things lightly said 5ft6.5 isnt impossible and so on, so the reality is most believe he could be taller, but post a few times before getting stick ( laughed at) off guys such as yourself and leaving it.
Parker says on 29/Mar/14
@Mario. Chantel Jeffries is LISTED at 5'6 elsewhere on the internet. From that Panama pic, she is clearly not. I've never agreed with the Bieber 5'5 range brigade, throwing in lifts,camera angles,downsizing others etc to meet their estimate, but I honestly don't think Bieber is over 5'7.
leonari says on 28/Mar/14
Mario and Bran: what are you? Fanboys? Of Bieber? Really? He will never be taller by 2-3 inches than a 5'6" girl. Come back to reality.
rkc_cat says on 28/Mar/14
@Mario: She's not. That's the girl I was talking about before. She's at nose level of 5'10" P Diddy, and that's roughly 5'4". He looks a couple of inches taller than her, so he's 5'6" tops.
Mario says on 28/Mar/14
See the pictures of him with chantel jeffries on the beach in panama, he looks like 2 or 3 inches taller than her ( she is 5'6)
176,2Tunman says on 27/Mar/14
He is NOT close to 5'9,not even to 5'8.He's only 5'6.If he ever stands with Jamie Foxx and both say 5'9 I'm sure some will still deny the fact he's not 5'9.
One day,he will end up claiming 6'3 and you others beliebers will argue he can edge The Rock.
rob says on 27/Mar/14
rob pls ans us is he 175 or 168
[Editor Rob: 175 is very unlikely...I would not guess him under 168, I can see why people also think he is 169 or even 170 range, at times he can look a bit above 5ft 6 flat.]
jeremy says on 27/Mar/14
@jojo thats another khalil
Ally says on 27/Mar/14
@Justin he is more than 5ft 5.5, but its impossible that he's anything over 5ft 8, even in the morning. Im 5ft 7, but look a good inch and a half taller in the morning and at least an inch shorter at night.
Bud says on 27/Mar/14
He is lucky if he gets away with 5'6,Triple h who is 6'2 has a full head on him
Click Here Click Here
Brad says on 27/Mar/14
Bieber: custom wedged up lifts, Mayweather isn't in them. He's on a Bieber Board with Scooter for a reason.
Bran says on 27/Mar/14
Its a good point, but for me every picture tells a story. The video, without doubt is great evidence im not knocking that but i cant help but think it would be hard for a 5ft5.5-6 guy to pull of looking this tall next to people with listed heights. I have a friend who's 5ft6 and to be fair he struggles to find anyone smaller than him, the way i look down to him as a 5ft9-10 i cant help but feel Bieber would be closer to my height, but i am well aware i could be brainwashed into seeing this through the media, camera angles, lifts or whatever, but the mayweather photo speaks out to me as Bieber looks taller from all angles.
Justin says on 27/Mar/14
Google has him listed at 5'9. How? I think he's 5'5 barefoot
MD says on 27/Mar/14

You can post pics all day long, but the video with Selena Gomez is the sealer. It's the best piece of evidence short of him standing on the wooden block at the photo shoot with Braun. I'm not sure why this is still a debate. He's not above what he's listed, and could be every-so-slightly shorter if anything. The two pieces of evidence I described are about as definitive an estimate one can get short of physically measuring him. At the very least, him being taller than listed is completely out of the question. The only question left is could he eke out a 5'6" at night. That's it.
jojo says on 27/Mar/14
Khalil, a guy in his posse saying they're both 5'7 Click Here
lol says on 26/Mar/14
@MrGrim calm the **** down
Bran says on 26/Mar/14
I dont get all this hype about him being 166-167cm max, firstly, scooter is not 5ft8 or whatever and isnt far of his 5ft11 actually,Click Here ; if Usher's as listed Scooter looks 3 inches taller, maybe he's using lifts ?, lifts dont give you 3 inch so he's at least near 5ft10. Usher consistantly looks shorter than him, Bieber looks close to 5ft8 Usher, never 2 inches. Bieber with Usher at 16-17 Click Here now he looks nearly same height even with a footwear disadvantage and Usher's hat; Click Here so if bieber was 5ft6, usher 5ft8 their would be a near 3 inch difference. Finally a few more pics; Click Here
Click Here
ajcf1995 says on 26/Mar/14
5'6" would be a pretty accurate estimation for him.
abc123 says on 26/Mar/14
between 166-167cm BAREFOOT, everything else above that range is ridiculous!!!
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 26/Mar/14
His fans will decrease in height as well.
Ally says on 25/Mar/14
Morning - Strong 5ft 7.5, maybe a weak 5ft 8
Afternoon - Strong 5ft 7
Evening - Weak 5ft 7.

Concerts are normally at night, so maybe that's why he looks either the same height or smaller than his fans, who may be wearing heels. But he's 5ft 6.5 normally in my opinion
rkc_cat says on 25/Mar/14
@)): Yes yes I know, I wanted to point out that the fan was lying and showing he can't be over 5'6", not directed to you in particular. I was in a hurry when I wrote that and missed a sentence ;)
It's also funny how the girl seen with him in that pic I posted (I don't remember her name) is a model listed at 5'6", when it's obvious she's barely at P Diddy's nose level, so she's around 5'4".

@Mario: Again, look at the pic I posted yesterday. Clearly 4" (if not more) shorter than a 5'10" guy (and still shorter than Usher); he's 167 cm, give or take a cm.
shshshshhshs says on 25/Mar/14
beiber was shorter than 5'5 selena in their dancing thing
)) says on 25/Mar/14
the recent video of selena and justin dancing together shows that hes nothing over 5'6 so naaaah. also post a few fair pictures where justin is taller than usher cause i doubt youll find some
Mario says on 25/Mar/14
Stop being stupids, just see the pictures, nowadays he is taller than 5'8 usher.
I think jb is about 174,175 cm
MrGrim says on 24/Mar/14
He could be 6'5 and frodo would still kick his ass height does not matter when your this much of a puff and just so you all know I don't have a problem with homosexuals but when you say your into women and act and look the way he does then I have a problem I know a gay man who's more manly than he is. He should'nt be worried about his height when will his growth spurt be he should be more concerned about when his balls will drop that's if they ever will and if he has any for that manner.
)) says on 24/Mar/14
@rkc_cat - i dont believe hes 5'9, not at all. i was just pointing out that girls that meet him are changing their height around to better fit justins claim of 5'9
Gaz says on 24/Mar/14
TJ I would not take much notice to google heights lol so many of them are wrong. For example this guy is listed 5'8.5 by google Click Here
Bud says on 24/Mar/14
[Editor Rob: at times he has pulled off 5ft 7 in photos, but many people can look tall/shorter than their height in photos]

Ye,and at times he looke 5'5 in photos,more chances that he is shorter than 5'6 than taller,in TV he always looks like a small manlet
ndh says on 24/Mar/14
So many PR stunts and disinfo on this page it's getting ridiculous. 5'5 barefoot forever.
Bran says on 24/Mar/14
ive just came across this video, ive never seen it before
Click Here
rkc_cat says on 24/Mar/14
@)): Well, if this is how a 5'9" guy looks next to a 5'10" guy I might have a serious sight problem.

Click Here (there are many more pics from that day from different angles, feel free to check them out)

He's not a millimeter over 5'6", and probably a fraction under that mark.
kendalljennergreatestfan says on 23/Mar/14
Justin is 5ft 7in,nearing 5ft 8in out of bed.I think.
TJ says on 23/Mar/14
Hey Rob, JB's height has changed to 5'9 on Google? I'm beginning to believe that he's grown.
TJ says on 23/Mar/14
Hey Rob, JB's height has changed to 5'9 on Google? I'm beginning to believe that he's grown.
Brad says on 23/Mar/14
Bieber Booster. I bet it is used in many photo sessions.
Bieber123 says on 22/Mar/14
Looks to me like he's had a recent growth spurt, 5'9
teamcoco says on 22/Mar/14
He wears lifts. You can even tell how he stands and walks and how he always wears high tops and never flats
Christian says on 21/Mar/14
JB is 5' 5'' barefoot, but still drives girls crazy regardless of height.
Here's a vid of a 5' 10'' tennis pro crushing on the biebs.

Click Here

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes by the actors themselves in interviews, resumes or articles.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.