How tall is Justin Bieber ?

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Justin Bieber's height is 5ft 6.5in (169 cm)

Canadian Singer known for songs like Baby, Boyfriend and Beauty and a Beat. As of 2011 he was claiming to stand "5-8/5-7." and in a police report they put him down as 5ft 9. There are rumours as to whether he wears 'Bieber Boots' with lifts, but age 18 he did look like he may have grew a bit more although he still needs to use the Bieber Booster in some photoshoots.
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Bran says on 28/Jul/14
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What do you reckon Rob ?
[Editor Rob: not sure what Cody has said about his own height]
yeah rite beiba says on 27/Jul/14
Max 5"6. crazy how people believe he's taller and more annoying Google says he's 5"9. LIE!
Amaze says on 26/Jul/14
Reckon hes 170 outta bed or 5'7 and 5'6.5 during the day. 168 before bed. I hear his dads even shorter ? His mum is 4'9-10. He has short genetics. Hes lucky to hit 5'7 outta bed. His half bro may be taller because his dads second partner isnt short for a girl
stefff says on 23/Jul/14
5'6.5" is about right. And then with lifts he can appear to be 5'8" - 5'9", which is pretty average.
Stella says on 22/Jul/14
With 5ft8 Khalil. Biebs is ATLEAST 1 inch shorter.
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Height181 says on 19/Jul/14
I do think he is 5'7'' as of today. Does look taller than what a flat 5'6'' guy would. At the lowest, I would give him 169cm.
Sonia says on 17/Jul/14
I wonder if he wears those Bieber Boots around his house? I doubt it.
Brad says on 17/Jul/14
"Amazed to find he is only 5' 6.5"". Not really, somebody from NYC was an easy "5' 6.5"" if you researched. Biebs is only a flat 5-6 though.
sina says on 17/Jul/14
he is 170
Jacob says on 16/Jul/14
Amazed to find he is only 5ft 6.5in
Emil 182.5 cm says on 15/Jul/14
According to Glenn he's 5'8 then
[Editor Rob: that would be correct.]
Brad says on 14/Jul/14
He's shorter than G.
Emil 182.5 cm says on 12/Jul/14
He could be 5'7 but it would surprise me a lot. I'm sure that his morning height is 5'7 range though, dont you think, Rob?
[Editor Rob: he might clear that mark in the morning...could be similar to the infamous Glenn of NY in height.]
PandaB says on 10/Jul/14
5,7-5,8 is right if he stand straight coz he have very bad posture who make him 5,6 at least
PandaB says on 10/Jul/14
5,7-5,8 is right if he stand straight coz he have very bad posture who make him 5,6 at least
beingright says on 9/Jul/14
I read it once and there are full size pictures on tumblr where you can see that Flores is an inch under Sheeran
Mer says on 8/Jul/14
"So Scooter Braun's wedding. Justin Bieber with 5'8 Ed Sheeran an 5'7 Alfredo Flores. He is wearing a hat and slouching a bit but you can clearly see that he is nothing over 5.7"

LOL. Who says Alfredo Flores is 5'7"?? I've met the guy and I don't even think he's 5'4" (I'm 5'4.5" and I'm slightly taller than him wearing flats)
)) says on 8/Jul/14
lol there is no way Alfredo Flores is 5'7..where did you get that from. he looks between 5'4 and 5'5
beingright says on 8/Jul/14
So Scooter Braun's wedding. Justin Bieber with 5'8 Ed Sheeran an 5'7 Alfredo Flores. He is wearing a hat and slouching a bit but you can clearly see that he is nothing over 5.7

Click Here

Take a look at his shoes. They give him an inch at least

Click Here

I know he looks pretty tall but this is because he wears tight pants and is so slim.
5.6 for him barefoot. And if he is taller (I rewatched pictured with Selena Gomez and I don't think, he has grown much since 2012/13) it is because he uses shoe inserts. And that isn't just a wild guess. He is in flat shoes around Selenas height and if she wears heels, he is also around her height (which is most of the time 5.8/9 for Selena)
How does he grow so fast? Magic,huh?
Sol says on 8/Jul/14
My mum is 5'6 and I'm 5'7. Sometimes I look taller than her and sometimes we look the same height. Shoes help but the posture of the person is important. I went last year to Justin's concert( please don't hate) and he was shirtless, walking and singing and his back was quite slouched? If that is even a word. I have photos on my computer that show how he looks shorter by is bad posture.
DHB says on 7/Jul/14
Chris Brown isnt 6'0, hes 5'11 max.
Brad says on 7/Jul/14
Gism isn't either, nor is Portman. Uh, yeah, wedges are mostly rubber, expensive for Sly & Biebs in the custom variety footwear. Bieber Boosters exist, so do custom footwear with height enhancing capabilities.
jamieorr4 says on 7/Jul/14
Height181 sometimes he wears shoes where you can't see whats inside them and i think he does wear lifts because he looks taller than he did when his in flat shoes
Sean says on 7/Jul/14
Height181, I disagree with Rob's estimate by a centimeter as well, so I disagree with yours by 2. Well, 2.5 to be more accurate.
Height181 says on 7/Jul/14
Scooterism? That word isn't even in English language! Hahaha.. Oh Mr Custom Wedges, please do give up now and stop making a fool out of yourself. ''Rubber wedge'' Lmao, is this guy serious?? :') Bradley Bradley Bradley... you are one funny guy mate.

@jamieorr4: There is no proof he has worn lifts. Like I have said before I don't care about what people think. They can think he is 5'2'' for all I care.
Anynomous says on 7/Jul/14
5'9 LOL, I doubt he's even 5'6.
Brad says on 7/Jul/14
Height181 must like the Bieber Booster photo. Keep your focus on Bieber's height with his Bieber Boots with a rubber wedge. Height181 reminds me of G and Stallone at 5' 10".
jamieorr4 says on 6/Jul/14
taken in to account that he wears hats and has a slim frame to make him look taller and sometimes he does wear lifts, without his lifts 56 does look more accurate imo
jeb77 says on 6/Jul/14
5'6" barefoot is the most I can give Biebs
jamieorr4 says on 6/Jul/14
Height181 sorry but saying he never wears lifts is abit silly i have seen picture were he has and hasn't and why argue over something that you dont even know for a 100% sure? why have argument? just let them have there opinion i think 56 is more accurate but if you think he is 57 thats fine thats your opinion and beside 57 is still short anyways
justanotherdude says on 6/Jul/14
How could he be anywhere near 5'9? Chris Brown is 6 foot and towers over him. He looks like hes 6 inches taller in that photo and hes slouching.
Ankit J. says on 6/Jul/14
Rob,Why do police report say Justin is 5'9 ?
Height181 says on 6/Jul/14
@Jeremy: Your sentence right there, tells me everything I need to know about your IQ. We already have one Mr ''Custom Wedges'' trolling on here. We don't need another one. Just keep your focus on the Lads height.
Brad says on 5/Jul/14
Saying he's never worn lifts is a Scooterism. Anybody thinking 5' 9" is public relations of Bieber himself. Imagine Bieber screaming at Selena putting on 4" heels to stop.
Height181 says on 5/Jul/14
Lmao I knew that Brad was Sonia. You think I'm dumb or something Bradley? Wow Mr ''Custom Wedges'', switching to different names are we? just to hate on Bieber? We aren't selling bear food but we selling tons of CUSTOM WEDGES!!

@Sean: So you are saying you don't agree with my 5'7'' guess for Bieber as of 2014? which is only 1 freaking centimeter above Robs guess? That's fine by me.
justanotherdude says on 5/Jul/14
That pic with Chris Brown says it all.
Jeremy says on 5/Jul/14
I think Height181 is Justin himself on a fake account
RisingForce says on 5/Jul/14
Sonia says on 1/Jul/14
The police never "guessed" Bieber...they just wrote down his fake height of 5' 9" he put on it himself. Height181 must work for JB, to say he has never worn lifts is ridiculous.

Yeah, that's definitely most likely. They probably asked him or got it off his license. The only place the 5'9" figure comes from is that Bieber has been claiming it for a couple of years now and his PR people are putting it out there as his official height. I doubt anyone is going to actually going to guess him that height.
Sean says on 4/Jul/14
It's weird how I can agree with you so much on Harry Styles, yet so little on Bieber, Height181.
Brad says on 4/Jul/14
181 thinks he was measured 5' 9" by the police. I guess I'm bearly right.....anybody have any bear food?
Height181 says on 3/Jul/14
@Sonia: ''they just wrote down his fake height of 5' 9" he put on it himself''... How do you KNOW this? Were you there? Shut Up!
Gaza2121 says on 3/Jul/14
Yeah no one can say he's this or that height as of today unless we see a measurement. We all have different opinions, it's okay to think a little different cause it is really hard to judge over 1 or 2 cms. Bearly noticeable.
hubby says on 2/Jul/14
I dont even think hes 5'6
jamieorr4 says on 2/Jul/14
Height181 thats fine your entail to your own opinion and don't let people get to you its not worth getting in to argument over but personally i think 56 is more accurate
Sonia says on 1/Jul/14
The police never "guessed" Bieber...they just wrote down his fake height of 5' 9" he put on it himself. Height181 must work for JB, to say he has never worn lifts is ridiculous.
abc123 says on 1/Jul/14
Click Here (minus hair + shoes, looks 167cm, max. 168cm barefoot)
jamieorr4 says on 1/Jul/14
lol sorry i mean flat shoes
Height181 says on 1/Jul/14
I don't want to argue with people on here anymore, over a couple of cms. I'm fed up. It's just my opinion that he's 5'7''. If you think he's not then that's fine.
RisingForce says on 1/Jul/14
Rob, maybe you should update the claim at the top to say that as of 2012 Bieber was claiming to be 5'8"-5'9" since that may be a more final claim for him after his growth and plus, it will display his claim among the other worst celebrity claims like Wahlberg and Piven at 5'10", Mario Lopez at 5'11" ect.
beingright says on 1/Jul/14
Click Here
slouching pic, I know. But enough to see that Bieber is nowhere near 5.8

Click Here
He looks 5.7 to me, but take a look at his shoes. Is it just me or are his ankles about to pop out?

Click Here
you don't see their feet, but this is a pretty good pic for saying that Bieber is 5.6.5 as listed, may can look 5.7 most of the time.
And possibly he is wearing a lift inside his shoes. And yes, it is possible to play basketball with an one inch lift inside your shoes.
jamieorr4 says on 30/Jun/14
stan i agree i think robs last listing is more accurate
jamieorr4 says on 30/Jun/14
Gaza2121 has a point Height181and abc123 your not going to know 100% for sure unless 1 you met them in barefoot or flat short 2 you measure them 3 you know them in person
FUBAR says on 30/Jun/14
@beingright please post your picture ^^
in my opinion JB isn't 5'7 for sure
hey guy compare jb size with UFC figther FLYWEIGHT,BANTAMWEIGHT jb with 5'6(167cm)TJ Dillashaw1
Evo says on 30/Jun/14
@Being right
plz post the pictures of BET celebrity game
Gaza2121 says on 30/Jun/14
Who really cares, you're all arguing over a few cms. Just respect what the listing is because we'll never know is real height unless he gets measured.
Janza says on 29/Jun/14
Bieber with 6'2 Shawne Merriman Click Here
Height181 says on 29/Jun/14
@huh?: Lmao the wolfpack is at it again! you lot seriously do entertain me. Yes ''huh?'' I do think that Bieber is 1 - 1.5 inches shorter of Styles as of today. I don't chat Bollocks because I have backed up everything with photos and such. Don't get offended because the truth hurts about you being clueless.

@abc123: No you don't sound harsh. I never said Harry does for sure wear lifts. I said he could. That also means he might not. Every single one of your pictures just prove more and more that Bieber doesn't wear lifts! He isn't wearing any lifts in the pictures you have provided. I still stand by what I said, that Bieber has never worn Lifts. Unless I see a picture or vid of him inserting anything, THERE IS NO REAL PROOF! It is just illusions in your head. Bieber is about 5'7''. Rob has also said Biebers body frame looks 5'8'' alone. That means he is closer to 5'8''. Even the police guessed him at 5'9'', lets not forget.
beingright says on 29/Jun/14
There are new pictures from the BET Celebrity game with Floyd Mayweather, Chris Brown and lil Za.
Looks 5.5 barefoot to me. 5.6.5 maximum, 5.7 in shoes.
I post pictures if requested.
huh? says on 28/Jun/14
" Harry is like 5'8'' - 5'9''. He is still a bit shorter than average height in the UK." these are your words I presume, which means that you think it is possible that Bieber is just 1 inch shorter than Styles. Having said such bollock, you dare to say that I'm clueless xD Use your brain mate.
abc123 says on 27/Jun/14
@Height181, i hope i donīt sound to harsh, but thinking that justin bieber NEVER wore lifts in his life is on the same ignorant level as denying the holocaust! In a lot of pics or even in a video, i showed that he sometimes wears superbulky shoes due to lifts or in order to hide them! You said:
"Unless I see a pic/vid of him inserting lifts, that means there is no real proof. The ''lift'' thing means absolutely nothing." just looked at some of harry styles comments, so you believe that harry styles wears lifts, but you never have seen a pic/vid of him inserting lifts although, OH in your opinion that would mean that there is no proof, so why do think harry wears lifts, even though he does wear normal or less bulky shoes than justin? (donīt answer me, please, keep focus on the topic)

However, now i focus on the topic
Click Here (looks 167cm, and is just a few days old)
Click Here
Click Here (minus cap and barefoot, 167cm seems possible, he is very slim)

Click Here(the sole of the shoe looks in the range between 2cm and 2,5cm, the are not that flat!, his posture is much better than in the past, but without the shoes and the hat, all i can give him is 168cm barefoot, nothing more, but selena is in my opinion shorter than 164cm..., still 167cm seems possible to me)

Click Here (the guy next to him is jacob latimore and he is listed 5'7", seems about right or he looks even shorter, well in that pic justin looks even shorter than 167cm, pic is not even a week old! that is latimore in feb 2014 Click Here)
found another pic of them Click Here

Click Here (167cm barefoot)
Height181 says on 27/Jun/14
@huh?: Bring down his height low as possible? I'm just trying to make sure the guy is listed at his correct height. In fact that both of them are listed at their correct height. I'm only saying Beiber is 5'7'', just 1cm above Robs listed height... Jeeeez man, it's not like I'm saying he is 5'10''. You seem quite clueless just as your username suggests.
beingright says on 27/Jun/14
So, he looks 5.6 to me now, he was all the time around Selena's height, even when they danced together a few months back, you clearly could see that they have no more than a two inch difference.
The zoo pictures don't look as if he has grown since their last date.
She looks 5.4/5.5 he looks 5.6/5.7 maximum.
In this flat shoes he wears one could also put an one inch lift inside. Did it for myself a while.
stan says on 27/Jun/14
anything over 5ft6 barefeet for Justin is just not true, there's too much evidence out there and when he does appear taller it would be down to wearing lifts.
huh? says on 26/Jun/14
I'm wondering what's fueling height181's desire to bring Harry Styles height as low as possible, and get Bieber as tall as possible at the same time...
Sean says on 26/Jun/14
No idea why I said 5'7 is 2 cm from 169cm, apparently I forgot basic math for a second, lol. Anyway, the first half of the comment still stands.
Splinter Cell says on 26/Jun/14
How tall is Biebers father? i know his mum is like 4'10 but his father looks short too me to , maybe 5'6 aswell?
Almost 5 10 says on 25/Jun/14
Rob, what do you reckon he weighs? He's looking in good shape actually now
[Editor Rob: 135? Not really wanting to bring up half naked justin photos on my computer ;)]
Blah says on 25/Jun/14
He is definitely a dwarf, when you look at him in photos, you can tell that he just isn't 5'9 like some listings say, I would say 5'7, and he of course has his hair, which can make him look bigger.
Sean says on 25/Jun/14
abc123 isn't saying 5'3", he's saying 5'5.75", which is 2 cm from Rob's estimate, much like 5'7" is.
Height181 says on 25/Jun/14
@Parker: Looks like a Solid 5'7'' minimum in the picture you posted. His footwear is flat too. I own those type of shoes, they give no height at all.
Brad says on 25/Jun/14
His grandmother is a 4 feet nuthin like his mother. The lift thing means everything with Biebs. Some year he'll write his story and admit to custom Bieber Boots and hating gals (and guys) in height enhancing footwear.
jamieorr4 says on 24/Jun/14
Height181 and abc123 can't you respect each other opinion? imo hes between 56 to 56.5 thats just my opinion and besides it doesn't matter if he is 57 because thats still short for a guy
Parker says on 24/Jun/14
)) says on 23/Jun/14
minus justins hat, i think hes only an inch or so shorter than selena in heels

I disagree - Look at their ear levels. Justin is a little taller.
Click Here

Really good evidence of Justin ~5'7.
Height181 says on 24/Jun/14
abc123 I am not having a go at you man, and it's fine you can think Bieber is 5'3'' if you wanted to. Everybody has a right to say what they think. I however think He has never worn lifts and is a good 5'7'' as of today. Unless I see a pic/vid of him inserting lifts, that means there is no real proof. The ''lift'' thing means absolutely nothing.

@Heyy: I wouldn't say 5'9''. Just 5'7''.
Heyyy says on 24/Jun/14
No he's 175cm.
Brad says on 23/Jun/14
Lifts with Selena in flats he looks like a kid.
abc123 says on 23/Jun/14
@Height181 "too different to yours" No, my guess is not THAT odd! Its just 2cm from Robīs guess, take a tape and look how short 2cm are. Of course he wears still lifts sometimes, but nonetheless even in pics where he probably does not wear lifts, he still looks 167cm! We donīt know if the police measured him! Sometimes you have to write down your height yourself..., and come on, as a rich famous person, justin bieber could claim to be 6' in the police report and he could get away with it, but nobody would believe that.

His family is full of small people, his 5'7 dad is probably the tallest.
Click Here (his mother, his grandpa and grandma, all short, 2013)
Click Here (2014 june, his grandma and grandpa, he has not grown a bit) The only way for him to grow to 5'7 is taking growth hormons.

His manager scooter braun is listed 5'8 and according to google even 172cm (looks that height, if not, proof me wrong, i didnīt look at many pics of scooter)
Click Here (167cm seems right to me, he looks more than 3cm shorter than scooter )

Usher and Selena in my opinion smaller irl than stated on this site.
)) says on 23/Jun/14
does anyone know if justin has mentioned his grandparents heights? i remember a couple years ago justin said he was taller than his grandfather
this picture was taken yesterday, 22nd on june
Click Here
he looks the same height or just slightly taller than his grandfather
also another picture of justin and selena from either yesterday or the day before
Click Here
justin was wearing low top slip on shoes and selena was in heels
heres a picture of her shoes Click Here
Click Here
minus justins hat, i think hes only an inch or so shorter than selena in heels
so from looking at these pictures its impossible for justin to be under 5'6.5 barefoot.
weak 5'7 looks spot on
:D says on 23/Jun/14
Floyd will kill the 5'7 dream in every picture even with biebs bigger footwear..
burby says on 22/Jun/14
He looks like he's wearing a flower skirt with that pilot's jacket - it's gotta go. He may wanna keep the oversized hat though, if his fathers hairline is an indicator...the Fred Durst look is still "in" right? Maybe a flat 5'6"..maybe...
Brad says on 22/Jun/14
Ryan Butler at 5' 5", if that, makes Bieber taller, he loves it. The red outfit shot with 5 guys shorter than Biebs in flats is killer, he loved it there huge. If he were lined up with 5' 9"-5' 11" guys in those things he'd be owned big.
FUBAR says on 22/Jun/14
@rkc_cat where are you?,I agree with you,I miss you
I want your ultra full set of Justin Bieber height proof haha
the way I think JB(without Wear lift) is under 5'7 for sure,he shorter than floyd mayweather
Bran says on 22/Jun/14
Got to give you credit their man, on seeing a few in public pictures of bieber over the last 6 months i really accepted he could be close to the 5ft7 range, ive kept an eye on this page since i last stopped posting just before Rob upgraded him to 5ft6.5, i predicted Rob would and agreed with the upgrade, but now looking at your photos im more believing 5ft6-6.5 than near 5ft7. Just remember though that generally the shortest people about are 5ft4-5 so a 5ft6-7 guy could still look as short as your photos suggest, although you've now concivnced me he wears lifts again, keep the posts comin bro their good.
Parker says on 22/Jun/14
)) says on 21/Jun/14
Click Here
justin looks 5'6 - 5'7 next to selena in heels. definitely closer to 5'7 than 5'6 but nothing over

Best evidence I've seen on here in weeks. Weak 5'7
Height181 says on 22/Jun/14
Justin is taller than Selena who is in 4 inch heels!! These pictures are from June 2014 Click Here Click Here I mean Rob, what do you think?
[Editor Rob: it would be interesting to see them posing, as walking can sometimes change things, both ways]
Height181 says on 22/Jun/14
@abc123: I'm sorry man, but he isn't wearing any lifts in any of those pictures. Like I have said before, It is all in your head. He does not wear lifts! He is 5'7'' as of 2014, end of. Rob has guessed him at 169cm, I have guessed him at 170cm. Rob is more of an expert at this. Our different guesses show that you don't know how to judge height at all. I'm sorry I'm not trying to be rude by saying that, It's just Mine and Robs guesses are too different to yours. He always looks 5'7'' these days, I can see why the police roughly guessed him at 5'9'' now. He is not too much smaller than 5'9''.
abc123 says on 21/Jun/14
@Height181 hardly a difference between 5'5.75" and 5'6", so 5'5.75" is possible. Ellen could be 5'6" to 5'7" (5'6,5" seems on spot) but justin never wears "normal" shoes next to her...
Usher was always a short guy and i think the last pic of them together is from his movie premier, where usher was still taller in most different camera ankles. The pic with ryan is a joke. Justinīs footwear boosts his height significantly and nowhere is Sheckler stated 5'9". From recent pics of ryan and in comparison with other famous people, he looks at least a bit over 5'7" and max 5'8". If justin is 5'7" why canīt he pull of that height barefoot or everytime?

Once again, only pics of 2014
Click Here (june 2014, nope never 5'7, could be 167cm)
Click Here (his shoes look bulkier than the shoes from the guy on the right, who probably has even a bigger shoe size, 167cm)
Click Here (167cm, the girls around him are really short)
Click Here (donīt get fooled by his height-adding-snapback)
Click Here
Click Here (
Click Here
Click Here (the shoes look great for lifts)
Click Here
Click Here (looks 167cm barefoot)
Click Here
Click Here (looks like there is space for lifts)

Now Justin in comparison with his old friend Ryan butler, who is 5'4-5'5 according to the web (of course he claimed to be taller)
Click Here (from his movie premier, not 2014 i think, ryan is the second from the right side)
Click Here (but that is 2014)
Click Here (or that)
Click Here (2014,swimming together, posing for a pic on a flat ground, probably barefoot, 167cm barefoot, NOTHING more..)

Click Here (next to a slouching, 183cm adrien brody, 167cm barefoot looks possible)
Click Here (167cm)
Click Here (167cm)
Click Here (most recent pic, 167cm)
Click Here (just imagine him barefoot, 167cm)

even with clothes you can compare his height, justin wears the same shirt like a 5'7 to 5'8 Kanye west, who is even bulkier and wears probably even a bigger size:
Click Here (its longer for justin, 167cm seems right)
Click Here
Everything over Robīs guess is too much, still think he is smaller
Height181 says on 21/Jun/14
@Sean: I didn't mean to talk down on anyone, If it seems that way then I apologise. I'm not sorry for talking down to the trolls though. They deserve every bit of it, and I will continue to embarrass them if they are rude to me.
)) says on 21/Jun/14
Click Here
justin looks 5'6 - 5'7 next to selena in heels. definitely closer to 5'7 than 5'6 but nothing over
FUBAR says on 20/Jun/14
@tony "Y'all got that right"
Sean says on 19/Jun/14
@Height181, I hate to use harsh words again, but you have to stop talking down to people who disagree with you. Especially when they're actually providing valid photographical evidence to support their opinion. All personal thoughts on Bieber's height aside, people aren't taking you as seriously because of your aggressive demeanor.
huh? says on 19/Jun/14
@Height181: When has Sheckler become 5'9??
)) says on 19/Jun/14
@height181 you say ryan sheckler is 5'9 and justin is 5'7 yet justin and sheckler are pretty much the same height lol ryan sheckler is 5'7 max and justin is slightly shorter
Chris says on 19/Jun/14
You can't tell he looks "really short" from pictures where he's the only person pictured, because you don't have another object for comparison
Brad says on 19/Jun/14
Easy as ABC-123. That beach shot with the shrimps is priceless....a prerequisit for Bieber employment: must be able to carry a Bieber Board and be 5' 7" or under. Hey Tony, flats with that black guy is killin' me....he gets shrumped to kiddie height. Dre/2Pac "California Love" shout out: throw em up! (ABC123)
tony says on 19/Jun/14
lol abc123 got a full set of Justin Bieber height proof.

To be concluded, there're 3 secrets(maybe not secrets) JB looks taller than he should be.

1. Wear lift (of course)

2. Wearing long T-shirt, sagging pants to produce a tall guy illusion.

3. Hanging around with other short guys, his father, hiring short bodyguards. He looks like a guy with average height when hanging around with those people:

Click Here

Yeah, then that's what happen when a taller guy shows up in the camera:

Click Here

Short guys can learn a lot from him lol
RisingForce says on 18/Jun/14
abc123, he could be wearing lifts in some of those high-tops, particularly the first picture, but it's hard to judge if something looks off because his pants are so baggy and those shoes are just too big for him, or if they're too big because he's wearing lifts and something looks off as a result. Wouldn't surprise me if he still wears lifts. His shoes and pants often look ridiculous regardless.
Height181 says on 18/Jun/14
@abc123: So if he is 5'5.75'' is Ellen now 5'5''?? Is Usher now 5'6''?? Is 5'9'' Ryan Sheckler 5'6'' all of a sudden??? There is no way in hell he is wearing lifts in any of the pictures you posted. If he is short as 5'5'' then all of the stars I have mentioned will have to come down a couple of inches which is ridiculous. He is 5'7'' now, you really need to stop snooping around for things to prove he is short. Overcome this jealousy man, because it is showing. Don't be another Brad, because people will laugh at your comments.
huh? says on 18/Jun/14
abc123 killing it as usual :) Good job mate.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 18/Jun/14
He's actually 7'2":

Click Here

He should be upgraded to 7'2". Watch the video and you will see.
Phil says on 17/Jun/14
This one seems right on if you watch him beside 5'6 3/4" Floyd Mayweather. They are the same height with Floyd wearing flat boxing footwear
abc123 says on 16/Jun/14
Now only pics of 2014, some are very recent!
Click Here (wearing lifts)
Click Here (looks 5'5,75" (167cm))
Click Here (looks 5'5,75")
Now only pics of 2014, some are very recent!
Click Here (wearing lifts)
Click Here (looks 5'5,75" (167cm))
Click Here (looks 5'5,75")
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here (his slim body helps him to give a taller perception of his height)
Click Here (looks really short)
Click Here (in the mall with probably his friend from the pic above, 167cm)
Click Here (somewhere else, not the same day of the pic above, looks 167cm)
Click Here (same day, everything over 167cm is ridiculous, so 166-167cm)
Click Here (DAMN hard evidence, that he is smaller than 169cm, more like 166-167cm)

Click Here (looks really short)
Click Here (looks really short)

Now 2 pics from the coachella
Click Here (next to a "chance the rapper", who does not look very tall either)
Click Here (167cm)

Click Here (a few angles with rick ross, but we canīt seen their footwear...)
Click Here (could be wearing lifts + heels)
Click Here (looks still short)
Now important pics
Click Here (lifts)
Click Here (100% lifts)
Click Here (justin next to manny pacquiao claimed a 5'6.5, but could be shorter according to some)
Click Here (167cm looks still right due to lifts)
Click Here (167cm)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here (his slim body helps him to give a taller perception of his height)
Click Here (looks really short)
Click Here (in the mall with probably his friend from the pic above, 167cm)
Click Here (somewhere else, not the same day of the pic above, looks 167cm)
Click Here (same day, everything over 167cm is ridiculous, so 166-167cm)
Click Here (DAMN hard evidence, that he is smaller than 169cm, more like 166-167cm)

Click Here (looks really short)
Click Here (looks really short)

Now 2 pics from the coachella
Click Here (next to a "chance the rapper", who does not look very tall either)
Click Here (167cm)

Click Here (a few angles with rick ross, but we canīt seen their footwear...)
Click Here (could be wearing lifts + heels)
Click Here (looks still short)
Now important pics
Click Here (lifts)
Click Here (100% lifts)
Click Here (justin next to manny pacquiao claimed a 5'6.5, but could be shorter according to some)
Click Here (167cm looks still right due to lifts)
Click Here (167cm)

In the next 3 pics he looks taller than 167cm, but look at his ankles, they sit very high and higher than they should, so he wears lifts in the shoes)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

To sum up, in nearly all of the pics he gives me the impression of being 167cm, there are even pics where he could be barefoot and he looks that height. All of the pics are 2014 and the time between them is very short. The last 3 pics are confusing, even with lifts his height is taller than usual, he canīt grow in that short time (and i believe he is done growing and even all his family members are short and so on), and please donīt say that he was always that height like in the last 3 pics, because pics like that Click Here where he looks 166-167cm disapprove that.
sorry for long post :D
Brad says on 16/Jun/14
Such a crush I got kicked off this site telling him he was height fibber and a bozo. Risin' is correct on the 5' 6" if in posture. That Cannonball Run doctor might be at the Bronx Zoo next week, close walk. Which tats on Biebs are real or temps?
169 man says on 15/Jun/14
169 doesn't really feel short at times, easily become 5'8 with thick shoes, but im proud of my height too at 169, considering that I stretched myself starting from 165, or could be my last growth spurt, feels closer to avg height definately
Brad says on 15/Jun/14
Really 1.85, I thought they wore standard footwear like all of us.
Andy 185cm says on 14/Jun/14
@Rob Did u recently upgrade Justin to 5'6.5 from 5'6?
[Editor Rob: a few months ago yes]
Height181 says on 13/Jun/14
This is the Justin Bieber height page Bradley, we have figured out that you have a HUGE crush on G, which is okay, we are not judging you. Lets just keep the focus on Justins height.

@jamieorr4: Yes, I can see him maybe at his absolute lowest after a long day at around 169cm.
RisingForce says on 13/Jun/14
abc123, he looks to have big lifts in his high-tops in some of those pictures, but the blatant examples are from when he was younger. I think you've shown good evidence that he's worn lifts, but how recently? All I'm saying is that I haven't seen much that shows he's still wearing lifts. I don't think he's that tall either. I think 5'7" is possible, but no taller and I think as short as 5'6" is possible. Nowhere near the 5'9" he's been claiming the last couple of years.
kevinfran says on 13/Jun/14
In this video he is hardly taller than selena gomez and this was recent
Brad says on 12/Jun/14
No, the doctor from Cannonball Run would be the surgeon.
[Editor Rob: heard he does home visits]
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 12/Jun/14
For celebs like Tom Cruise and Justin Bieber lifts are a given.
jamieorr4 says on 11/Jun/14
Height181 57 isn't a bad guess but would say 56.5 is possibly?
Brad says on 11/Jun/14
Height181 is a non G all knowing. Everybody knows G, the meaning of ridiculous heights including his own. Everybody knows he's had custom built up shoes for years and carefully places small dancers/musicians and bodyguards around him.
[Editor Rob: I've heard a rumour G is considering leg lengthening...Esteemed Surgeon Dr Nicolai Van Helsing is the surgeon!]
jamieorr4 says on 11/Jun/14
57 is not too bad but 58 is pushing it
Sonia says on 10/Jun/14
You mean somebody thinks he has never worn a pair of height enhancing footwear in his life? OMG.
Height181 says on 10/Jun/14
''I think that is serious or your need glasses hoss. Sounds like a serious G line from '06 about being 5' 8" and Sly 5' 10" cause I seen him abut twentah times, proove it''

Bradley, In English now please? I didn't understand any bit of that. To be honest, I never understand what you say. No one ever does too. So it would be best if you stopped posting.

@jamieorr4: I'm sorry but I disagree with you there. From the recent pictures that I have posted, he is nothing below 5'7''.
Sean says on 10/Jun/14
@abc123 His legs are actually pretty long, making his torso relatively short. It's why he always sagged his pants so low, to give the appearance of a longer torso, I used to do it all the time. That pic looks a little squished, which I think is what's giving them a short look.
Brad says on 10/Jun/14
Height181: "He doesn't wear lifts and never has". Team Bieber in the house. Control the laughter. If Chantel is 5' 7" on that beach with Bieber then I'm Batman.
jamieorr4 says on 10/Jun/14
ti57 how are these lifts? there are normal shoes
jamieorr4 says on 10/Jun/14
Height181 i think his slim bulit does make he look taller i still think 56 is possibly and 56.5 isn't impossible so rob listing isn't bad
ferocious mayne says on 10/Jun/14
i personally think justin is a strong 5'8 bare foot.....he's grown a lot
Brad says on 9/Jun/14
"That he spews out seriously". He wears custom made wedged up footwear and he is not 5 feet 7. I think that is serious or your need glasses hoss. Sounds like a serious G line from '06 about being 5' 8" and Sly 5' 10" cause I seen him abut twentah times, proove it. abc123 with a good hammer down long post.
Parker says on 9/Jun/14
@abc123, on the contrary I don't think his legs are short at all.If you look at his knee height against his old bodyguard (who at one time I would have guessed at a 5'7/5'8,) his legs don't look short.
Click Here

One thing that is(was) noticeable was Bieber's very poor posture when he was younger.

Better today, and he doesn't give me the impression of being under 5'6.
Click Here

The girl he is with, Chantel Jeffries, is listed at 5'7 on the net by the way. Not saying she is for one minute.
Height181 says on 9/Jun/14
@abc123: '' He looks between 5'5'' and 5'6'' ''..... Brad is that you?? LOL.. you really do make me laugh sir!
beingright says on 9/Jun/14
I'd like to see him next to Zac Efron.
It's funny how Google has put Efron at 5'7/5'8 and Justin 5'9.
Looking at them, Justin clearly isn't taller than Efron in my eyes.
Sol says on 8/Jun/14
Yovana Ventura( latest model Justin has been spotted with) has written down that she is 5'9 and there are photos on her instagram where she is wearing heels and they are basically the same height
Brad says on 8/Jun/14
You think Biebs would wear those shoes without that shrimp posse around him? He's in wedged ones with Brown. Nice hate help height.
RisingForce says on 8/Jun/14
ti57, he's actually giving a fairly average impression there, possibly due to his slim build. Of course, it doesn't mean too much unless you see him with someone of a fairly known height, but as for lifts? It's obvious Bieber doesn't have lifts there. Short of being barefoot or in flip flops, a shot like that is about as good of proof as you'll have of someone not wearing lifts. Doesn't mean he never wears them, but again, I'd like to see some recent evidence of it posted.
abc123 says on 8/Jun/14
He wore lifts in the past and he wears still sometimes lifts!
Here is enough evidence: first of all two videos
Click Here
Click Here (notice after @1.57, his shoes)
Now here we have a pic of a young justin in bulky footwear:
Click Here
Click Here (his hightops are ridiculous)
Click Here (here is a hightop, which should be a really flat show, but its bulky and his legs are already really skinny, which means that his ankles are very near at the opening of shoe and the lifts are good hidden in the shoe)
In the next pics you can see that his ankle is too high. Moreover i have the same shoe, the outside sole suggests that the insole is higher, but its not, the outside sole is 3cm, but inside they are really flat and give only 2cm height, and you can hide lifts in the shoes...
Click Here (look at the ankle)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here (Moreover his walking is strange, because of the lifts! Note the fact that he is and always is wearing 'high tops'
Note how he steps forward with the balls of his feet hitting the ground too soon
Note how when every other man walks, his heel hits the ground first and at NO point during walking, at both feet flat on the ground
Note he is NOT standing still, as his arm being in mid swing proves he is in fact walking at normal pace.)
Here barefoot Click Here (he has short legs and a short torso)
For 5'6" to 5'7" or more, he looks to short, every legit 5'6" to 5'7" or more looks taller!
@Height181, i think youīre ignorant for believing that he never wore lifts, we will never actually see the lifts in his shoes when he is wearing them, but that doesnīt mean that he never wears lifts! Chris brown is slouching, we donīt see his shoes and his cap sits as usually ridiculous high.
Another proof that youīre ignorant: Nobody claims him to be 5'5', you just try to make the argument absurd, he looks between 5'5' and 5'6, so 5'5,5-75". And who says that all people who claim that he is smaller are haters...
Height181 says on 8/Jun/14
@RisingForce: At least you are slowly beginning realise he is 5'7'' as of 2014 which is good, unlike some jealous people on here.

Rob is right, his body frame can look 5'8''. I think he is 5'7'' max though.

@Everyone on this page: Please ignore Brads comments and posts. Do not reply back to him. Your IQ will only get lower if you take anything he spews out seriously.
Arch Stanton says on 8/Jun/14
Rob, you might have to hire some of Tom Cruise's 6'10 bodyguards to guard this page soon, otherwise the Beliebers might start issuing threats if you don't upgrade him to 5 ft 8 or 9!! I definitely see a movement here for average height Bieber vs 5'5" Bieber! Still, it wasn't that long ago he was at 5'3" on here and I remember I got him upgraded!
Arch Stanton says on 8/Jun/14
Click Here

Really doesn't look anything over this next to P Diddy. See the other photos. If he was 5 ft 8 he'd be noticeably above eye level and he isn't, and Diddy is leaning. He can look taller on his own because he's so skinny and slim built, which with his high hair can make him look nearer 5 ft 8. The Bieber Booster shot wasn't taken that long ago and he's still way shorter even standing on that. I think this is a credible estimate.
RisingForce says on 7/Jun/14
Based on what I've seen here. 5'6" and 5'7" both look possible, but I'm not currently seeing the lifts thing either way. I do remember there being a few pics posted here that suggested lifts were a good possibility when Bieber was younger and shorter, but for those that insist he still wears lifts, can you at least post a few recent pictures where his lower legs look funny, there's bulging around the laces, the angle of his foot looks steep or his shoes are unusually bulky? I'm not necessarily saying he doesn't wear lifts now, but before we say he does can you at least post recent pics that show some of those things before we state it as a fact? if it's as obvious as some make it seem then it shouldn't be hard to find such pics. After all, it wasn't for Stallone, Cruise and Downey.
ti57 says on 7/Jun/14
Rob does bieber realy look 5'6.5 here? Click Here this is one of latest pictures although he might be wearing lifts he looks minimum strong 5'7 if not very close to 5'8 even though hes slouching a bit. What you think?
[Editor Rob: he has a bodyframe that on it's own you could say looks 5ft 7-8]
jamieorr4 says on 7/Jun/14
Height181 i think your right about 55 being too low but i still think 56 is possible and i do think he is this height
Height181 says on 6/Jun/14
Here Justin looks 5'8'' next to a Solid 6'0'' - 6'1'' Chris brown Click Here I'm sure he is not as tall as 5'8'', but he is 5'7'' surely. This picture is from 2013 too.

LOL at the haters wanting him to be 5'5'' soo bad, this is not 2011 anymore! he has grown a LOT since.
Brad says on 6/Jun/14
"Bieber doesn't wear lifts and never has". Height181 doesn't exist, that comment is sad. G was listed at 5' 8", opinions are opinions.
Gaza2121 says on 6/Jun/14
To height181. I think you're wrong, he seems 5'6-5'6.5 max. He's not at least 5'7 imo sorry.
Patriot says on 6/Jun/14
Dumb people didn't see his footage and think that he is tall, Bieber is short.
Bishop says on 5/Jun/14
I think he has grown to a weak 5'7" now and his bad posture just makes him look shorter. He's probably done growing, though.
MJKoP says on 5/Jun/14
Looks about one inch tall(if that) after his recently-leaked videos.
Height181 says on 5/Jun/14
Rob has Joel Madden Listed at 5'7''. I think I will go with Robs opinion over a sad trolls opinion anytime. Bieber is 5'7'' as of June 2014, he doesn't wear lifts and never has.
Brad says on 5/Jun/14
Wedged up customs with Tucker.
jamieorr4 says on 5/Jun/14
abc123 yes i don't think the 55 range is impossible, i think 55 or 56 is possible
Sean says on 5/Jun/14
@Parker (or anyone, I guess) Regarding that picture of Justin in the red suit next to Usher, I saw a video of them as the picture was being taken, and Usher actually looks taller that Bieber in the seconds before the picture (then he seemed to drop posture). I'll try and find it to link it here and see what you guys think.
Brad says on 4/Jun/14
He should have taken the 500G in person on the video. Joel Madden, he hasn't seen 5 foot 7 in his life.
Height181 says on 4/Jun/14
Here he is next to a 6'1'' Chris Tucker. He looks atleast around 5'7.5'' Click Here I'd still say he 5'7'' as of today. Always looks a little taller than the 168-169cm mark now.
abc123 says on 4/Jun/14
@Parker, of course he grew a little bit, but i donīt see him at 5'6" or anything above that (barefoot), he is near 5'6" and therefore 167cm. In my opinion selena is a little bit smaller than 164cm. I think Usher (about 5'7") wears lifts sometimes too. However in the second pic, Justin is still smaller. Yeah, usherīs shoes in the second pic look very suspicious, he COULD even wear 2cm lifts in there OR not.
Arch Stanton says on 4/Jun/14
145 pounds? Only 5 pounds less than Rob?? LOL not a chance.
MJKoP says on 3/Jun/14
"Covering his forehead?" Do you mean covering in as in news coverage or as in his clan trying to hide it with that trademark haircut he used to have?

Doesn't really make a difference, because now his forehead isn't concealed by his 'do, and it doesn't look anything out of the ordinary. At all. -And- I have an extensive background in anatomy, so I'm in a good place to be making that judgment.

And are we really still arguing about this? I feel like a fool for entertaining these instigators.

Instead of trying to suppress your true hatred for Justin Bieber by throwing ridiculous unsubstantiated cheap shots, why don't you folks just come out and express what you REALLY don't like about him? I'd probably agree with a lot of the criticisms to be made, but there's no need to resort to this silly back and forth banter reminiscent of a Kindergarten playground.
a says on 3/Jun/14
Click Here
shorter than 5'7 (? might be 5'8) ryan sheckler
Height181 says on 3/Jun/14
Here is a recent picture of Justin Bieber next to 5'8'' - 5'9'' Ryan Sheckler. Justins frame is taller than what a normal 5'6'' mans would be. He is clearly atleast 5'7''. He is not wearing ''lifts'' because this picture was taken just after they finished skateboarding. Click Here Don't also start saying that Sheckler is short because here he is comfortably taller than Joel Madden who is listed 5'7'' on this site! Click Here
Richkid123 says on 3/Jun/14
Bieber looks around 145 pounds now. I laugh when people say he is very short. Sorry guys not true looks around 5'7"
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM says on 3/Jun/14
Some grow past 21 however. The deadline is 25-26.
Justinjustinjustin says on 2/Jun/14
He's five foot six no doubt about it and maybe give foot seven with shoes on -(and when he's not wearing his heels...:o:|)
Parker says on 2/Jun/14
abc123 - Explain these pics. Here's Justin with a slouching Usher Raymond in 2011
Click Here

Here he is 2 years later
Click Here

You really think he hasn't grown in those 2 years? With respect, we'll have to agree to disagree. I agree with the editor, MjKop, Height181 and a number of other posters. I'd peg him ~5'7. Certainly no less than listed.

PS - Can you imagine the uproar here if Justin was wearing the footwear Usher has on in the last pic lol - People would be claiming he has 3 inches wedged in there
Brad says on 2/Jun/14
They were covering his forehead even as a child. He wears wedged up customs. He's real short. Needs a board in photo sessions.
Patriot says on 2/Jun/14
)) says on 29/May/14
same height or just slightly shorter than ryan sheckler who is 170 cm from what i can see on the internet. so justin's 169 cm listing is probably correct considering they both have equal footwear.
Click Here

They do not have similar footwear. Justin has high heels and Ryan doesn't!
jamieorr4 says on 1/Jun/14
its funny how some of think you grow until 21 thats not true not everone does i stop growing at 19 and 58 is a joke imo i doubt hes over 56
thatguy says on 1/Jun/14
@A says on 30/May/14
Click Here his driver's license says 5'7 and 122 lbs which seems right

Anyone can put anything down for their height when it comes to a Driver's License, its not like the DMV is (at least here in the states) going to measure you or question your height.

Bieber is 5ft 5.75 inches (167cm). 168cm -- MAX.
MJKoP says on 1/Jun/14
Humpity says on 31/May/14
I've seen photosof him as achild, hehas a BIG forehead hence the hairstyle earlyin his career.

Then maybe he grew into his forehead, because in all recent pictures there is nothing - and I mean NOTHING - abnormal about it, and it is actually quite average sized.

Here we have an obnoxious, marginally talented, highly-overrated, self-entitled, foolish little brat (who is also apparently racist as well) and yet we seem to feel the need to pull inaccurate insults out of thin air to try and bring him down even further? Even if the forehead schtick had any ounce of truth to it, it would STILL be considered highly trivial compared to the other negative aspects surrounding him....aspects which could far more easily be argued as proven facts.

As for his height, the 5'9" is possible but perhaps unlikely. I've never seen him, so I wouldn't be able to know for sure. Every contemporary photograph of him indicates that he's nothing at all less than celebheight's "official" five foot six and a half.

Even if 5'9" is untrue for Justin, he has to be close enough to it for the police to buy it.

I had a friend who was arrested in 2008 in the same jurisdiction as Bieber and he had 5'11" on his license, when he's lucky if he is a full 5'9". According to him they asked him his height to which he replied "5'11" and the officer didn't believe him so he showed him his license as "proof", but the officer STILL was doubtful and wrote 5'9" on his booking sheet(which I saw with my own eyes).

That testimony pretty much belies the whole notion that all cops will record whatever height they're told or shown.
abc123 says on 1/Jun/14
@Parker, just because Rob disagrees with me on the shoes doesnīt make the example better! It is still bad. There is a reason why he always wears high tops next to ellen. He can hide lifts in the shoes and the shoes suggest from the outside that they have a small heel height. Moreover, i know the shoes he wears.
Firtly, here is a pic (selena and justin) of june 2011 Click Here
Secondly, here is a pic of them dancing (2014) Click Here
I donīt see a height change between 2011 and 2014, justin is barely taller.
Here is another pic of him (2014) Click Here
another pic (but selena is more smaller due to walking than justin)
Keep in mind that you have to subtract is cap to estimate his height, but he wears the cap really high (more higher than in the past)
Look how high he wears it:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

He has NOT a big forehead, you just get tricked by his cap and the hair.

Always looks small, hangs around small people, a real 5'6 or 5'7 does not look THAT small. I estimate him at 166cm or 167cm, nothing over that...
Further, i once calculated his likely future height with his parents heights and so on AND he would be around 165cm, so he can be lucky that he is a little bit taller. People claiming that all men grow to 21 and that justin could get 175cm are crazy. He is DONE growing.

@Humpity no he has not, he has a normal forehead...
Dull says on 1/Jun/14
He obviously has a short forehead. Some people need to have their eyes checked...
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 1/Jun/14
A: That driver's license can't be recent though as its expiration was last year. I'd be surprised if the bibs was still a super bantam weight.

Click Here

How heavy is this Bieber?
Height181 says on 31/May/14
Rob why did you delete my post which has the reply to Brad? Did I say something too offensive? If I did I apologise. I will simply ignore the troll comments from now on.

I like how a lot of people on here recently are starting to think Bieber is 5'7''. It's good to see that people are actually seeing the truth.
[Editor Rob: sometimes other people's comments can make our own comments sound harsher than they are.]
Humpity says on 31/May/14
I've seen photosof him as achild, hehas a BIG forehead hence the hairstyle earlyin his career.
Parker says on 31/May/14
abc123 says on 30/May/14
@Parker, wow you give worst examples with ellen degeneres, in that pic his shoes are so bulky due to lifts.'s the comment from the editor the last you made that claim.

[Editor Rob: those kind of hi-tops look pretty normal to me, with lifts there might be more bulging t the lace/front area.]
MJKoP says on 31/May/14
@Arch: It's clearly a reflection of Brad's own insecurities. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if Brad himself had FIVEhead compared to Justin.
Matthew says on 30/May/14
I think that he is at least 5'7''. In photos where Justin Bieber and Chris Brown are together you can see that Chris Brown is a lot of taller than Justin and he's height is 6'0''.

Click Here
DjEvO says on 30/May/14
are you outta ur mind
Justin can't six footer not even near
he's 5'6 or 5'7 no more then 5'7
DjEvO says on 30/May/14
are you outta ur mind
Justin can't six footer not even near
he's 5'6 or 5'7 no more then 5'7
A says on 30/May/14
Click Here his driver's license says 5'7 and 122 lbs which seems right
abc123 says on 30/May/14
@)) that is not equal footwear, his shoes are so wedged up in this pic! He is 166cm, if the guy next to him is 5'7, you canīt deny that justin wears lifts in this pic for two reason.
1.Look at the shoe, it is really wedged up and ryan sheckler wears normal shoes 2.look wear his knees are, they are a few cm higher than ryan shecklerīs knees, but ryan sheckler is in the photo a few cms taller (justinīs spiked up hair gives the impression of being just as tall as ryan sheckler), so he should have higher knees!

@Parker, wow you give worst examples with ellen degeneres, in that pic his shoes are so bulky due to lifts. oh and ellen degeneres can be 5'6, 5'6,5 too

it is time for the downgrade, 5'6,5 is wrong, he is 166cm
Arch Stanton says on 30/May/14
Not sure why you think Bieber has a massive forehead Brad. Google image Paco de Lucia or David Carradine, Bieber doesn't have a forehead like that. In fact his head looks pretty small.
5'8.5'' guy says on 30/May/14
hes 5'7'' no less no more...
Neutral says on 29/May/14
Bieber is a solid six footer, no question about it. He just doesn't like to be prideful and has very bad posture. He may appear to be 5'7", but he's not.
evi says on 29/May/14
I love this lift arguement, look very very few men even wear lifts, most casual shoes add about half an inch in height, while dress shoes may add up to an inch and a half some two inches, very few men wear 2+ inch shoes or what you call lifts, the only man known to actually wear them is prince
Height181 says on 29/May/14
@ )): Maybe some simple dancing yes, but have you seen any concerts? doing choreography like that endlessly, jumping around constantly, flying around. He would have fell out of his ''lifts'' by now. I'm sorry but it is not ''obvious'' to me, Unless you have a photo or video that shows him inserting lifts into his shoes, then there's not even an argument here. The whole Selena thing you are talking about is just bad camera angles, that's why it seems like there is change in height.

@ferocious: Not as tall as 5'8'', I don't think he will ever be 5'8''.
Brad says on 29/May/14
"Growned up". 5' 8". I think G has arrived on the Bieber forum and met him.
)) says on 29/May/14
same height or just slightly shorter than ryan sheckler who is 170 cm from what i can see on the internet. so justin's 169 cm listing is probably correct considering they both have equal footwear.
Click Here
A says on 29/May/14
Click Here with 5'7 ryan sheckler and 5'8 khalil
Mr. Dingus says on 29/May/14
At best 5'07.25". At weakest 5'06.50"
Brad says on 28/May/14
Height181 is a bafoon. He wears monster wedged up lifts.
abc123 says on 28/May/14
We should not take Height181 seriously, because he neglegts all evidence that justin is a lift wearer, maybe not so ofteen anymore, but he stills wears them.
He looks most of the time under 5'6, but just because he looks sometimes on events in the 5'7-5'8 range, people think that he is that height and donīt care that about the other photos. If we go by that logic, we sould upgrade Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr, because they are much taller on events! There are enough recent photos of justin and selena and they have hardly a height difference. 166-167
)) says on 28/May/14
how would you know if he can or cannot dance with lifts on? have you ever worn lifts yourself? girls can dance in high heels pretty sure guys can dance in lifts!
its pretty obvious he has worn lifts before, not only do we have photographic evidence but also he has been seen to be the same height as selena as well as been a couple inches taller than her in the same week.
ferocious says on 28/May/14
i think he's a good 5'8 barefoot now since he's growned up
Parker says on 28/May/14
@Rising, if you blow up this pic you can actually see the outline of Klum's shoes, they do look like 3 inchers, but I do agree she is dropping height.

Click Here

Personally I don't think its possible for Justin to be wearing any sort of lift with those shoes. They are low cut and only 2 inches from bottom to top including the shoe heel, but I agree the pic isn't conclusive.

Its the recent pictures with Ellen Degeneres that convince me Bieber cannot be shorter than Rob has him listed at.
Click Here
Click Here

Rob has Ellen listed at 5'7, but even if we say she is 5'7 in footwear, it puts Justin at 5'8 in his. I'm going off eye level as its hard to gauge his height accurately because of his very thick head of hair. I accept he could have a 1 inch lift in his footwear in those pics, but that still wouldn't take him below 5'6.

We need to see him against some legit 5'6/5'7 range guys before guessing further, Hamilton,Stiller,Pena, Cruise for example.
evi says on 27/May/14
thatguy, you are wrong, in rare cases of delayed puberty, like Justin, there is something called continental growth delay, in these men the bones do not fuse until well in their 20's as late as 25 in some cases. I am not saying this is a common thing, this only affects about < 2% of males,but I think given his delay in voice maturation, he may be one of them. Anyway, if he is still growing or not is irrelevent to his height as of to this day, he is no taller than 5'6 3/4, now he could grow a few inches if he is one of those men with continental growth delay. But anyway, those of you who are saying 5'9 are crazy, but those of you saying the 5'5 range are crazy as well, he clearly is between 5'6 1/4 to 5'6 3/4, maybe 5'7 right out of bed, but definitely not during the rest of the day, I would put his height around 5'6 3/4
Sonia says on 27/May/14
No lifts with the Sunset shirt gals: shrimpy 5 foot and 3/4.
Height181 says on 27/May/14
@huh?: Please let's keep the focus on Justins height, because this is what this page is about. Lets not directly insult others for speaking up telling the truth for once and making sense. It would also be great if you kept your 8 year old immature insults inside your brain.
A says on 27/May/14
@Sol - no, his cardboard cutout is 5'10 whereas he's 5'6
Height181 says on 27/May/14
@yoyo: Of course there is nothing wrong with wearing lifts. There is also nothing wrong with you sharing your opinion. I however think he doesn't wear lifts.

@Sol: I'm sorry but there is no way he would be able to dance and move around in lifts like that. It's just common sense. He is not wearing lifts in that picture. It's just a loose sneaker.
huh? says on 27/May/14
@Height181 It's getting more ridiculous because of the people like you.
yoyo says on 26/May/14
@height181 theres nothing wrong with wearing lifts dude,
im just sharing my opinion as an occasional lift wearer,
it is different in asian culture and its widely accepted
specially in south korea, its just the western masculine
ideal image of tall guys making shorter men uncomfortable.
if your small, theres nothing wrong with that.
embrace yourself and have confidence and the girls will still go for you
look at beiber, cant hate on him he seems like a normal young fella
with too much money thrown at him at an inappropriate age
Sol says on 26/May/14
Do you know if his cardboard cut outs are accurate to his height?
)) says on 26/May/14
justins never worn lifts? ill agree that he doesnt wear them anymore but he has done in the past. there are so many pictures to prove it, his ankles dont just pop out of his high tops for no reason...
Click Here
this is one picture of many where is ankle is half way out of his shoe. if there was no lifts this wouldnt happen.
Height181 says on 25/May/14
@yoyo: No he wasn't wearing lifts. It's all in your head. He doesn't wear lifts and never has. There is no actual real proof. So let's just leave this pathetic ''lifts/insoles'' conspiracy behind. This has gone on too long now. This page is getting more ridiculous by the minute.
yoyo says on 25/May/14
as a medium height asian, i have my share of shoelifts when circumstances arises (aka formal events when my girl friend is on massive heels) but as
with my experiences with shoelifts, u can tell if someone is wearing them
if the top tongue part of the shoe is bulging up (due to the lifted heel
the top part of the shoe will become tighter and more uncomfortable against the top of your feet) and the position of the feet is not fitting with the back of the shoe, caz the lifts pushes u up and ur heel
wont be able to reach the end of the shoe as it is intended by design.

this ofcourse rules out shoes that are specially made to be lifted shoes,
aka korean shoes.

so yeah biebs is wearing lifts in the cannes event
RisingForce says on 25/May/14
I agree, Parker, I see about 5 inches there or close to it, but a few variables, one being Justin's tall hair and another is not knowing how big Heidi's heels are, but at 5'9", it wouldn't be surprising if she had heels to make her close to, if not 6 feet which would probably make him close to 5'7" in those shoes, but women often bend their knees, particularly in pictures with shorter men, and you can see Heidi is doing that. It doesn't particularly support Bieber being over 5'6" barefoot, imo, but again, a number of variables.
Sean says on 24/May/14
It's about time Justin wore a (somewhat) fitted suit! It does so much for perception of height, especially if you're slim like he is. I'm just shy of 5'9, and I always have people guessing 5'10, so good on him.

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