How tall is Charles Barkley ?

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Charles Barkley's Height is 6ft 4.75in (195 cm)

American former Basketball player. In 1997 he said, "I'm 6-4 3/4 [6ft 6] just sounded good coming out of college". and stated that height again 18 years later. He has also said "I claimed to be 6-6 when I played, but I'm only 6-5 1/2". A salon article said about him: "What's so startling about the numbers is another number: his height of 6-foot-4....In 10th grade, pudgy and merely 5-foot-10, he failed to make his high school varsity squad...A 6-inch growth spurt his senior year led to a scholarship". Another article on Sports Illustrated said: "It was in the run-up to the 1992 Olympics that the world finally learned what the cognoscenti had long suspected -- that Charles Barkley was more like 6-4 5/8 than 6-6, and Magic Johnson closer to 6-7 than 6-9."

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Comment on the Height of Charles Barkley

S.J.H said on 1/Oct/15
1.94564 meters Barkley barefoot height as he mention. Barkley once say that Shaq was 7foot even
james said on 28/Sep/15
I've seen a picture with Barkley and 6'3 Gabby Reese .hes more the 6'4 from their photo id say he's 6'5
Height said on 22/Aug/15

I understand, but keep in mind that is one of the many heights he has vocally claimed, other times it has been 6'5" and sometimes it has been 6'5.5. I honestly think he has liked to fool around with this all his life, he likes to downgrade his real height in order for his achievements as a basketball player look more impressing.
wingwalker said on 11/Aug/15
Barkley was vocal about silly NBA height listing is, so if he said he was 6'4.75 there's no reason to doubt that. And that was at his peak, he's 52 now so he could have lost a bit. Either way he puts The Rock at no more than 6'2, and that's with Rock standing perfectly straight next to Barkley who is kinda sorta leaning a bit.
Tunman said on 20/Jul/15
Barkley could have measured 6'4.75 at his worst like Kobe?All here agree that both players look genuine 6'5 at least
As for MJ there's always a chance for 6'4.5" but no less...always the problem of time measurement.Strange that Rob keeps Charles shorter than MJ, 1cm difference but in favour of Barkley in my opinion
Lillo Thomas said on 7/Jul/15
Maybe charles Barkley is 6'5 flat max. In that case , that's bad news for the rock. Barkley at 6'5 flat put the Rock at barely 6'2 flat.
joe 193cm night said on 6/Jul/15
6´5.5 I do not think possible
Lillo Thomas said on 5/Jul/15
Because Barkley is 6'5 and maybe 6'5.5 . The rock is 6'2 flat max. By the way the rock claiming 6'5 is ultra hilarious.
Yamato said on 4/Jul/15
Charles Barkley looks way taller than the rock who is listed 6.3ft(191cm)
Click Here
Yamato said on 4/Jul/15
Barkley looks way taller than the rock who is listed 6.3ft(191cm) Click Here
joe 193cm night said on 24/Jun/15
bobbyh3342 says on 23/Jun/15
rob come on how can you have barkley listed shorter than joe mangiello? when he is taller ? rob your smarter than that

yes indeed a considerable difference with straham
bobbyh3342 said on 23/Jun/15
rob come on how can you have barkley listed shorter than joe mangiello? when he is taller ? rob your smarter than that
joe 193cm night said on 20/Jun/15
Charles Barkley 6´5(196 cm)
kobe 6´5(196 cm)
michael jordan 6´4.75(195 cm)
Danimal said on 5/Jun/15
Bishop says on 20/Apr/15
@Devin Paul
Sorry, but you basically lost all credibility on this page by saying Conan was max 6'2". He was taller than Sacha Baron Cohen (the most clear-cut 6'3" guy on the planet), Will Ferrel, Jason Segel, and Jeff Goldblum (in their last meeting).

Conan also had noticeable height on Dolph Lundgren a few years ago. Minimum 1.5" on him.
Danimal said on 5/Jun/15
Sal said on 2/Jun/15
I'm curious as to how Kenny Smith dogs Barkley as being 6'4" to which Charles replies back 6'5", when Kenny is clearly at LEAST 3" smaller than Barkley. You'd think he'd leave it be since their listings are 6'6" and 6'3"
Height said on 2/Jun/15
If Barkley is 6'4.75" (195 cm) then Jordan should be downgraded to 6'4.25" (193.5 cm). Otherwise, at peak height it could be Barkley : 6'5" (196 cm) and Jordan 6'4.5" (194.5 cm) as stated by Pat Riley.
ballsach said on 30/May/15
I am pretty sure I said this already. Lennox Lewis has stated he is 6'4 3/4. Riddick Bowe stated he is 6'4 3/4 there are pictures that show they are the same height. There are pictures of Barkley and Lewis on this site and they are the same height.
heightwise said on 23/May/15
He can look near 6'6 at times and I doubt he wears lifts
Lucho said on 13/May/15
Strong 6'5 guy.
joe 193cm night said on 30/Apr/15
197cm I think not possible but it is possible to 196cm
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 30/Apr/15
Height says on 24/Apr/15
I truly think that at a minimum Charles is 196cm-197cm and that MJ is 194cm-195cm.

Yeah that sounds as good as it gets.
In my opinion there will always be an issue with Hogan listed at 6´6" and Barkley at 6´4.75 when all brought up evidence showing Barkley the taller man.
Same with Barkley and MJ.

Barkley peak 6´5.5"
MJ peak 6´4.75"
Hogan peak 6´5"

Give or take a quater
fish said on 29/Apr/15
he is a legit 6'5''
taller than MJ
dietmar said on 25/Apr/15
Boateng is in sneakers there, while Zlatan is wearing dressing shoes. And Zlatan is closer to the camera. That pic lies a lot. Zlatan looks 197cm there. Thiego Silva is 182cm, and he reaches only Zlatan's lower nose. Normally he should reach Zlatan's eye level. So i wouldnt pay too much tension on that pic.

Click Here

But anyway, Barkley has also claimed 197cm, and he surely looks that height. He has also claimed 195cm, but we dont know weather he was standing tall there, or was he measure late in the evening. To me he doesnt look that low. But hey, Rob is the site master, and obviously he wants to leave Sir Charles at 195cm. That's totally ok with me, even i disagree. After all, this site is about discussing heights. I have said enough on this topic, so you may continue.
Height said on 24/Apr/15
I'd say Barkley is 6'5" (196 cm) flat at least. I was and advocate of the 6'5.5" (197cm) measurement, but know with the knowledge of how height changes during the day, I'm not sure. The thing that is clear is that he's taller than MJ.

I truly think that at a minimum Charles is 196cm-197cm and that MJ is 194cm-195cm.
joe 193cm night said on 23/Apr/15
he and the boateng 6'0.75 (185)Click Here look at the difference between 194.5cmClick Here
joe 193cm night said on 22/Apr/15
Click Here
dietmar said on 22/Apr/15
That's the difference between 6'4 and 6'6 guy standing next to 6.7.5 guy.

Click Here

Barkley vs Kodjoe.
dietmar said on 21/Apr/15
Kodjoe with Chi McBride, who is listed at 194cm on this site.

Click Here
dietmar said on 21/Apr/15
Like said, dont try to downgrade everybody who looks short with Barkley. Boris Kodjoe is actually closer to 194cm than 191cm. Just google and you will notice. Couple of pics here. Andy Roddick is 188cm. The guy on the very right, John Isner, is 208cm. Kodjoe allmost reaches his eyelevel, which means ca. 14cm difference. Roddick reaches Isners mouth level, which means 20cm difference, which is pretty accuracy.

Click Here

Here Kodjoe with 183cm Patrick McEnroe, on the right.

Click Here

So, Boris is really a strong 6'4 guy, and still Barkley edges him out with 2 inches, easily.
joe 193cm night said on 20/Apr/15
dietmar, that the measure 6'6 expensive drug was given with tennis
Bishop said on 20/Apr/15
@Devin Paul
Sorry, but you basically lost all credibility on this page by saying Conan was max 6'2". He was taller than Sacha Baron Cohen (the most clear-cut 6'3" guy on the planet), Will Ferrel, Jason Segel, and Jeff Goldblum (in their last meeting). So if he's 6'2", what does that make them? 6'1" range? LOL! He's AT LEAST 192 cm. You can believe whatever foolish opinion you want, but no one on this site with common sense is going to take you seriously if you say things like "I'll give him (Conan) 6'2 max."

As for Barkley, I'm not sure. His height's hard to pin down. At times, he really doesn't look more than 195 cm, like with Lennox Lewis where they look about the same height and that measured 6'7.75" guy. But most of the time, he can look taller like in the pictures dietmar posted. I think he was measured this at his absolute lowest.
dietmar said on 20/Apr/15
Devin Paul, sorry, but i think nobody takes you seriously after claiming 188cm for Conan. Just to let you know, that's how a 188cm guy ( Andy Richter) looks with Conan.

Click Here

I would also like to have an explanation to these pics. There are loads of moore, but we can start with these. Barkley with 191cm Gabrielle Reece and 193cm Boris Kodjoe. These pics have been posted earlier, with no response, so he we go again. And dont even try to downgrade Reece or Kodjoe, they are solid 191cm and 193cm.

Click Here

Like said, there are loads of pics where Barkley constantly edges out 193cm guys with 4-5cm marginal. Conan is not the only one, you know. The only explanation is that Barkley is 197cm. In fact, after studying carefully all the pics posted here, im pretty sure Barkley is a full 198cm. This height was in fact mentioned, when he was drafted in NBA 1984.

Click Here
joe 193cm night said on 19/Apr/15
Boris Kodjoe 6´3.25(191),Conan 6´3.5(192),I think this can about 6'5 (196), but 197cm think not, the pictures with Usain Bolt and Kevin Sorbo you are benefiting Barkley this is fact
Devin Paul said on 18/Apr/15

I'm assuming you lie up about your own height too if you assume everyone else is taller than they are
Devin Paul said on 18/Apr/15
I guarantee Dietmar being as hard headed as he is still wont believe this LOL
dietmar said on 18/Apr/15
Btw, Hardaway is not an inch taller than Barkley. Hardaway has higher eyelevel than Barkley, thats why he looks taller. Barkley has bigger forehead, so they are actually the same height. Or very close to anyway.

Click Here

Heres another good comparision with 193cm David Hasselhoff, with cowboy boots. He reaches just above Pippens eyebrows, which is 8-9cm difference. Barkley is no moore than 3cm shorter than Pippen there.

Click Here

So really guys, stop this nonsense with Barkley being only 195cm. In that case around 30-40 people should be downgraded several centimeters. Excuse me Devin Paul, but i cant stop laughing at your 188cm claim for Conan :D
Devin Paul said on 17/Apr/15
Thanks joe 193cm night. With this being said, Barkley definitely is in the 6'4 range. I'd imagine Calais Campbell being listed at 6'8 (at minimum in the 6'7 range as you rarely see a player in any sport listed barefoot) proves this. I don't understand what is so difficult for everyone to believe that Barkley is not 6'6 or close to it. Why would he lie down #1 and if so, others in the NBA would call him on if he were. Not to mention that a handful of us just from this thread have seen him and can easily say 6'4 ish and not any taller!!!!!
Bishop said on 17/Apr/15
@Devin Paul
Conan 6'2"? I would like to have some of that sweet stuff you're sniffing.
dietmar said on 17/Apr/15
Lol@ Devin Paul, Conan max 188cm? You must be out of your mind. And joe 193cm, you said there are pics showing only 2cm difference between Barkley and Conan, why dont you post any?

Once again, both of you, just scroll down and compare Barkley with several celebs like 191cm Gabrielle Reese, who is 7cm shorter than Sir Charles, or 193cm Boris Kodjoe, who is 4-5cm shorter than Charles, or 195cm Usain Bolt, who is moore than an inch shorter than Charles, ie. the list is endless. Excuse me, but you dont really know what you are talking bout.
joe 193cm night said on 16/Apr/15
dietmar,Click Here
Devin Paul said on 16/Apr/15
dietmar, that is the dumbest comparison I have seen in my life. You are obviously biased. Conan's head is tilted #1 and 2 Conan is not 6'4 like you claim. I'll give him 6'2 max. Looking at Pippen and Barkley (Pippen is listed as 6'6 1/2 barefoot out of college and 6'7 1/2 in shoes, but I'll call him 6'7 as he may have grown the half inch), it is about the same difference. Take a look at the picture of Barkley and 6'6 penny Hardaway. Height posted it in his 27 Feb 15 post. Now If Penny is 6'6 (which is 100% accurate), Barkley has a difficult time sniffing 6'5. There is at least an inch difference. If you're gonna use evidence, use some that actually is objective and not subjective. Like joe 193 cm night says your pictures favor Barkley and they are all biased.
dietmar said on 15/Apr/15
@joe193cm,please share us some photos with only 2cm difference with Conan and Barkley. I havent seen a single one so far.
joe 193cm night said on 15/Apr/15
dietmar,you come up with a couple of photos that benefits Barkley, has several other photos with Conan the difference is only 2 cm
dietmar said on 14/Apr/15
@Devin Paul, If Scottie Pippen is over 2 inches taller than Barkley, so how much taller is Barkley than Conan?

Click Here

The difference between Barkley and Conan is bigger, if you ask me.
dietmar said on 13/Apr/15
Its very hard (impossible) to tell if somebodys 1cm taller, or shorter, just by standing close to him. And you keep forgetting if Barkley really is only 195cm, then Conan is no moore than 190-191cm, which is ridiculous, of course. He edges out all 191cm guys. So really, Barkley cant be just 195cm. Its just not possible.
Devin Paul said on 12/Apr/15
@HeightcrazyRed6ft: #1 I am going off of what he said he was and what he was measured which is 6'4 5/8. #2 whether 6'4 5/8 or 6'4 1/2 or whatever he is I am taller than he is meaning he is not even 6'5 which is what I was trying to say. I believe his word as most people lie up not down. Have u seen him with Dan Majerle? Majerle is taller than he is by almost an inch. And if u see him next to Scottie pippen he is over 2 inches shorter than pip so it def adds up
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 12/Apr/15
Devin Paul says on 11/Apr/15
He actually was measured 6'4 5/8 and having seen him in person, he is. I'm 6'5 and am a hair taller...

Yeeeeaaah , as if you could tell 3/8 from just seeing him....
Arks sauce said on 12/Apr/15
Duhon, I have seen him in person at a golf tournament and he isn't downplaying anything. I am officially 6'4 5/8 and I was eye level with him when I saw him. I think what is causing this debate to go on is that most celebs in general lie up about their height. Most either measure in shoes or most just flat out lie. I can't count how many nba players I've seen say they're 6'4 and only come up to my eye brows. Barkley at least is about that without shoes and close to 6'6 (roundable to 6'6) in shoes. I don't understand why people are so surprised about this. 95% of the nba does this. Some more than others
Devin Paul said on 11/Apr/15
He actually was measured 6'4 5/8 and having seen him in person, he is. I'm 6'5 and am a hair taller than he is (I have seen him here in Phoenix at Sky Harbor intl airport on many occasions). He definitely is not 6'6 barefoot.
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 10/Apr/15
[Editor Rob: Barkley seems insistant on wanting to be 6ft 4.75.]

Do you think it´s possible he likes to fool people a bit this way?
[Editor Rob: I believe he has measured this mark, but whether he stood tall is another matter.]
dietmar said on 10/Apr/15
Dave Grohl is 183cm and he doesnt reach Barkleys eyelevel. As we can see, Charles can easily look over Dave, and it cant be done, if your just 12cm taller. It takes at least 14cm. Krist Novoselic (201-203cm) doesnt look much taller than Charles there.

Click Here

What comes to previous pics with Conan and Charles, dont let Conans hair fool you, try to imagine Conan as bald, and you will see the real, 5cm difference. We can all agree Conan has at least one inch of hair, right? Well, he is still one inch shorter, with his hair. Thats easy math, 1+1 = 2inch.
Height said on 9/Apr/15
Sir Charles and scouts certainly love to play around with his height. Found some articles listing him at 6'7", others at 6'5" and others at 6'4 7/8":

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Height said on 9/Apr/15
I think Charles should be 196 cm at the very least, and MJ should be downgraded at 195 cm.
dietmar said on 9/Apr/15
4cm is absolutely minimum difference. That would make Charles 197cm. In my opinion, the difference is closer to 5cm though. Conan is indeed tilting his head abit in the pics, when he stands straith, his eyelevel reaches Barkleys lower nose. Thats 5cm dead on. Both men has big heads, so theres no difference there.
joe 193cm night said on 8/Apr/15
dietmar,5cm is too expensive maybe 4cm and 3cm, in all the pictures conan is looking down a bit
Height said on 7/Apr/15
Looks 4cm taller than Conan, at least.
Duhon said on 7/Apr/15
I truly believe Barkley is one of the few athletes or even men in general who downplays his height. He's always tried to have an under-dog sort of image.
dietmar said on 7/Apr/15
Lol @joe193cm, are you seriously saying theres only one inch difference between Conan and Barkley? Excuse me but your judging of height is terrible. I will give you a hint, if somebodys eye level reaches anothers mouth level, he is 7cm shorter. Compare Conans eye level with Barkleys mouth level and you will see.
joe 193cm night said on 7/Apr/15
4-5 cm you are crazy, the difference is 2-3 cm at most
dietmar said on 4/Apr/15
@173cm, Barkley is closer to the camera there. The difference is not quite that big in real life. But its deninitely moore than just 2cm. In fact, Conan is a good inch shorter than Barkley, even counted with his hair.

Click Here

Click Here

As we can all see, Barkley is easily 4-5cm taller than Conan.
173cm said on 2/Apr/15
rob what gives, either barkley needs an upgrade or conan (*6'4*) a downgrade

Click Here
bertrand said on 17/Mar/15
6foot 6
joe 193cm night said on 15/Mar/15
Barkley guy this much closer, sorbo is 6'3
Crpyto139 said on 15/Mar/15
Maybe Jackman is 187 cm then?
dietmar said on 14/Mar/15
I dont know what picture you are referring to, but in this shot Kevin Sorbo looks nowhere near 191cm with Barkley. The difference is around 7-8cm.

Click Here
height said on 13/Mar/15

Barkely has claimed both 6'4 3/4" (195cm) and 6'5 1/2" (197cm). From all the evidence we have seen lately, perhaps he should be taller than MJ by 1cm-1.5cm at least. The question is do you agree to downgrade MJ and upgrade Barkley?
[Editor Rob: Barkley seems insistant on wanting to be 6ft 4.75. I think most would agree that is his lowest measurement.]
joe 193cm night said on 12/Mar/15
charles barkley with Hugh Jackman not know if he was in peak height, other images with obama not think 6'5.75 (195) Sure he looks 6'5 timesClick Here
joe 193cm night said on 10/Mar/15
Kevin Sorbo looked 6'3 with Charles Barkley '
joe 193cm night said on 10/Mar/15
dietmar, Usain Bolt 196 Rob already updated 6'4.75 (195)
dietmar said on 7/Mar/15
Its plain obvious Barkley is taller than 195cm. No question about it. As you can see, "Big Arnie" doesnt even reach Barkleys eyelevel, which means Sir Charles is moore than 12cm taller than Arnie.

Click Here

Here's Barkley with strong 6'4 Boris Kodjoe.

Click Here

If Barkley really is only 195cm, like some "experts" claim, i can make a list of 30-40 celebs, who needs to be downgraded several centimeters. Starting with Rock 191cm -> 188cm, Gabrielle Reese 191cm -> 188cm. Kevin Sorbo 191cm -> 188cm, Usain Bolt 196cm -> 193cm, etc, etc, etc...
Vegas said on 6/Mar/15
Akron For Life says on 27/Feb/15
@ JT: Scottie definitely isn't 6'7.5 barefoot. It is in shoes.

so the hoff is what in cowboys then.. Click Here
Michael said on 6/Mar/15
Only 1,95 (6-4,75) for Barkley is ruled out, he is/was taller, with 2,08- 2,11(6-10 - 6-11) Andre: Click Here
About 3 cms (1,25") taller than 1,95/96 (6-5) Jordan: Click Here
About 3-4 cms (1,25" - 1,5") shorter than 2,02 (6-7,5) Pippen: ttp:// Barkley was over 1,98 (6-6) at peak height.
NoTippin Pippen said on 2/Mar/15

I think Chuck at 6'4 3/4 is feasible (definitely not at 6'6 or 6'5.5, although in shoes he is about that to get rounded to 6'6). His height could be deceptive because he weighed 300 pounds when I saw him too. I may be able to give Pip 6'7 flat because he looked significantly taller than I was (I assumed he was shorter but being a fan of scotties I also know he doesn't stand straight and has a long face, and I also did read where he wanted to be a point guard when he played so he probably didn't want to be listed at 6'8 earlier in his career (even tho I have cards going back that actually had him there before Portland did it late in his career) and definitely not 6'9. Plus I saw an excerpt yesterday where phil claimed Scottie was 6'9 (although he probably embellished that). I will say he looks Phil's height or taller (which is high 6'6 or 6'7 barefoot) compared to guys like Harper MJ Kobe and Dennis. However I saw a pic with he and 6'8 listed Jeff Sanders (don't know how tall sanders is but def at least 6'7) with president Obama and he looked shorter than Sanders but same thing here bad posture. He looks maybe 1/4 taller than Glen Rice too who is about the same as Smitty (I'll call rice 6'6.5 too barefoot). But thinking about it, I don't think he wears a high cut shoe either so what they said about 6'7.5 early in His career may have been in lower cut esp since he didnt want to be considered a big guy and he was thin at 210-212 pounds back then. Also he looks close to charles oakley's height (prob less than an inch diff) and oak was about 6'7.5 barefoot (he was listed 6'8 and 6'9 in his career).
height said on 1/Mar/15
@Arkansauce and @Not Tippin Pippen. I really like the approach you both have.

I think both Scottie and Barkley may be 1/4 of an inch less than I pressumed. I still think from what I've seen over the years that Sir Charles is a little taller than Jordan.

This is a small sample list I have right now:

Charles Barkley: 6'4.75" / 6'5" flat (195 cm/195.5 cm)
Michael Jordan: 6'4.5"/ 6'4.75" (194.3 cm / 195 cm)
Kobe Bryant: 6'4.5"/ 6'4.75" (194.3 cm / 195 cm)
Penny Hardaway: 6'6" flat (198.1 cm)
Scottie Pippen: 6'7.25" (201.3 cm)
Dominique Wilkins: 6'6.5" (199.3 cm)
Dennis Rodman: 6'6.25" (198.8 cm)
Carmelo Anthony: 6'6.25" (198.8 cm)
Lebron James: 6'6.25" / 6'6.5" (198.8 cm / 199.3 cm)
Magic Johnson: 6'7.5" (202 cm)
Karl Malone: 6'8" Flat (203.2 cm)
Hakeem Olajuwon: 6'9.75" (208 cm)
Patrick Ewing: 6'10.5" (209.5 cm)
Larry Bird 6'9.5" (207 cm)
Chris Mullin: 6'5" flat (195.5 cm)
Ron Harper: 6'5" flat / 6'5.25" (195.5 cm / 196.2 cm)
Clyde Drexler: 6'5.5" (196.8 cm)
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: 7'1.87" (218 cm)
Wilt Chamberlain: 7'0.75" / 7'1" flat (215 cm/ 215.9 cm)
Shaquille O'Neal: 6'11.75" / 7'0" flat (212.7 cm / 213 cm)
Larry Johnson: 6'5" flat / 6'5.25" (195.5 cm / 196.2 cm)
Stacey Augmon: 6'6" flat / 6'6.25" (198.1 cm /198.8 cm)
Steve Smith (Smitty): 6'6.5" (199.3 cm)
Brian Shaw: 6'3.25" (191 cm)
Carlos Boozer: 6'6.75" (200 cm)
Klay Thompson: 6'4" flat (193 cm)
Nick Anderson: 6'4.25" (193.6 cm)
Jerry Stackhouse: 6'4" / 6'4.25" (193 cm / 193.6 cm)
Dennis Scott: 6'5.25" / 6'5.5" ( 196 cm/196.8 cm)
Bill Walton: 6'11.75" / 7"0" flat (212.7 cm / 213 cm)
Ralph Sampson: 7'2 flat ( 218.4 cm)
Mark Eaton: 7'4.5" (224.8 cm)
height said on 27/Feb/15
NoTippin Pippen if Pippen is just under 6'7" as you state, that would make MJ under 6'4" (6'3.75" or so). If that's what you call facing the facts, then where's the objetivity there when videos and pictures for years clearly show that Pippen has close to 3 inches on MJ?

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

If Pippen is under 6'7, that would make Penny Hardaway 6'5.25" and Joe Dumars 6'0" flat...

Click Here

Another pic showing 6'7.5" Pippen standing on the same row next to 6'10" Olajuwon. That's NOT a 4 inch difference between them...

...and the again, 6'6" Anfernee Hardaway next to 6'5.5" Charles Barkley.

Click Here
NoTippin Pippen said on 27/Feb/15
@JT: think you need to go to the doctor and actually get measured because all of your estimates are way off. You probably are not really 6'4 1/2 as you say. That's usually why the other heights are is inflated because yours is. Kobe is a hair under 6'5 (about 194-195 cm). Number one he admitted it, 2 if u see him next to guys like MJ (jordan admitted he's under 6'5) too you can tell.
NoTippin Pippen said on 27/Feb/15
@JT and Height: I've seen Pip in person before as I live here in Miami where he is part of the year. there is no way he is 6'7.5 barefoot. That is his height in shoes (between 6'7.5-6'7.75). Meaning barefoot he is probably a little under 6'7 or very close to it. I've also seen charles in person and he is about the same as MJ kobe and stackhouse (all listed at 6'6 on paper but rounded up likely from 6'5.5, but are in the mid to high 6'4 range barefoot). Barkley definitely isn't 6'6 even with shoes on. Just face the facts!
height said on 27/Feb/15

Pippen has always been 1 inch+ taller than Melo, so him being a 6'7.5" barefoot guy is accurate, he is 6'9" in athletic shoes.

Click Here

You're probably taller than you give yourself credit for, since Charles Barkley is the same height as Ron Harper and Larry Johnson (6'5.5" /197cm). Barkley has always been about half an inch taller than MJ (6'4.75" / 6'4.88").
JT said on 25/Feb/15
This image of Barkley and Pippen is better:
Click Here

There’s reference to Pippen being 6’7 1/2” back in 1987 Click Here That can’t be his height in shoes as he’s definitely more than 6’6” range barefoot.
height said on 24/Feb/15
@dietmar I honestly don't know where you get that Karl Malone is 4cm taller than Pippen. And Pippen really is 6'7.5" barefooted.

Here he is next to 6'5.5" Barkley, Pip is at least 5cm taller than Charles , if not more:

Click Here

Click Here

Back on topic, Barkley should be upgraded to 6'5.5" (197cm)
dietmar said on 24/Feb/15
@height, i have posted the same pic on Magic Johnson topic. I doubt if Pippen really is 202cm barefoot? Maybe he was measured 202cm with shoes on? He definitely looks at least 3cm shorter than Malone in the pics i have seen.

But anyway, this topic is about Charles Barkley, and i think its about time to upgrade him to 197cm. All the evidence is pointing at that direction. It really doesnt make any sense when Gabrielle Reese gets 191cm listing on this site, while Barkley gets only 195cm listing, and we can all see Charles is at least 7-8cm cm taller than Reese.

In this pic Barkley looks (again)taller than Jordan.

Click Here
height said on 23/Feb/15
@dietmar I can't seem to find any picture other than the one I found of both of them next to each other or side by side where the difference in height can be noticed.

Here's Karl right next to Magic (6'7.5" or 202cm). He seems to be taller by 1cm or 2cm at the most and that's it.

Click Here
dietmar said on 22/Feb/15
Sir Charles with 192cm Seal, and 191cm Kevin Sorbo Click Here

Sir Charles with 191cm Gabrielle Reese Click Here

Charles is easily 6-7cm taller than Sorbo, Seal, and Reese.
dietmar said on 22/Feb/15
Here's a very good picture of a strong 6'4 Boris Kodjoe, who allways looks very tall. There's obviously moore than just 2cm difference. Closer to 4cm if you ask me.

Click Here

Here Kodjoe edges out 6'4.5 Dennis Haysbert.

Click Here
height said on 20/Feb/15
Again dietmar, I appreciate your efforts but I feel we just can't compare players at a distance, it's innacurate. Pippen is slouching also.

Karl Malone is 6'8" (203cm) barefooted at the most, very similar height to Pippen: Click Here
joe 193cm night said on 20/Feb/15
Barkley 6'5 think would be ideal it looks the same height Jordan also looked 6'5 with Magic, Rob the listed 6ft 7.5in (202 cm) for Magic
joe 193cm night said on 20/Feb/15
pictured with Barkley to realize that Strahan is falling posture and Manganiello this straight I think Vince is not 6'5
dietmar said on 19/Feb/15
Karl Malone is pretty damn close to 206cm. Scottie Pippen has been officially measured at 202cm, and he is about 3-4cm shorter than Malone.

Click Here

Barkley indeed looks minimum 197cm there.
WalkingTall6ft3.35 inches said on 17/Feb/15
Barkley is an interesting 'case',he does pull off a strong 6'5 or even more most of the time at 50+ years of age mind you.Also looks bigger with Strahan than Manganiello does in the photo below....i dont know what's the culprit as he probably is what he claims,a 195cm guy...was he undermeasured in the nba,maybe,but i doubt it..
height said on 17/Feb/15
Dietmar, I believe Karl Malone is not 6'9" (206cm) flat footed, most probably between 6'7.75-6'8"
dietmar said on 15/Feb/15
Michael Strahan with 196cm Joe Manganiello, and Michael Strahan with Sir Charles.

Click Here
Jake said on 14/Feb/15
Charles Barkley has to be 6'6 at the least. At worst he's 6'5.5. I do see 6'6 exp next to Usain Bolt who he's noticeably taller. Pictures don't lie with the pic just because has of Usain Bolt and Michael looking about the same height, but with Barkley Usain is much shorter.
Andrea said on 13/Feb/15
Well, the fact other people are listed at a certain height on here doesn't mean they're necessarily that height! The fact is that when a celebrity is honest, they always mess up with many listings on here! Why? Because the other people are probably not what they say or what they're listed at! You mentioned The Rock? Of course, The Rock is not 6'3, i think most of the people agree with that on his page but still gets listed at 6'3... Usain Bolt, after seeing him with some people, i think he might be more a solid 6'4 than 6'5! So yeah, in a sense you can't have Charles at only 6'4.75 and other people listed at certain heights! That's what you say? I agree with you... Rob gives big benefits of doubt to some celebrities at times...
just because said on 13/Feb/15
There are many pics of charles and michael jordan some with charles edging him some with jordan edging out charles. Heres some of them Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Heres charles with the 6ft 7 scottie pippen Click Here and with clyde drexler and 6 ft 7 magic johnson Click Here Personally i see charles as a strong 6.5 guy maybe 6ft 5 and a half peak height
dietmar said on 13/Feb/15
Just to remind you folks, Usain Bolt standing next to Sir Charles, and Michael Jordan. We all know pictures can lie, but not that much..

Click Here
dietmar said on 12/Feb/15
@height, Scottie Pippen (201-202cm) stands between Barkley and Drexler, we can all see he's only about 4cm taller than Barkley, and 2cm taller than Drexler. So, Drexler cant be 196-197 range.

Here's Drexler with 206cm Karl Malone Click Here

Drexler with 203cm Andrew Sullivan Click Here

As we can see, Drexler is a legit 200cm guy. And he's only about an inch taller than Barkley. So, i rest my case.
Duhon said on 11/Feb/15
Andrea says on 10/Feb/15
Why is everyone trying to upgrade him? He's claimed 6'4.75 twice and that's a very specific height... He must have measured near that!

Because of how he appears next to several other celebrities who's height are featured on this site. He absolutely dwarfs the 6'3" listed Dwayne Johnson. He looks significantly taller next to the 6'5" listed Usain Bolt, these are just a few among others. Regardless of what Charles says he looks like a strong 6'5er" not a weak one. If he were listed at 6'5" here I doubt anybody would try to seriously challenge it.
height said on 11/Feb/15
Dietmar, I wouldn't compare people at a distance, only next to each other

BTW, I think Mullin and Drexler have both similar heights to Barkley (6'5"-6'5.5" / 196cm, 197cm)
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 11/Feb/15
just because says on 10/Feb/15
And here a more recent photo with 6ft 5 lennox lewis Click Here

Lewis did look the same height as 1,94m Florian König (German TV)so I have him at 6´4.5" in my book.
But Lewis head is closer to the cam and it´s very possible to say Barkley is about 2cm taller in a back to back pic.

Lewis 194cm - 195cm max
Barkley 196cm - 197cm max
dietmar said on 11/Feb/15
Compare Barkley with a legit 200cm Clyde Drexler, on the very right. No way there is 5cm difference. Its moore like 3cm. Which means Barkley is 197cm.

Click Here
dietmar said on 11/Feb/15
Well, Andrea, the problem is that if Barkley really is only 195cm, then we must downgrade a bunch of other celebs. Example, Chris Mullin is only 196cm, Scottie Pippen 199cm, Usain Bolt 193cm, Michael Jordan 193cm, Steven Seagal 191cm, Larry Bird 204cm, etc etc..

Its far moore likely Barkley is 197cm. Then everything matches, and we dont have to downgrade anybody. Im pretty sure Barkley was measured 195cm at some point, otherwise he would'nt claim that height, but we dont know what time of the day he was measured, what instrument was used, maybe he was just wrongly measured? Its possible too, you know. So i would't pay too much tension to that mystigal 195cm claim. Its obviously not his true height.
Andrea said on 10/Feb/15
Why is everyone trying to upgrade him? He's claimed 6'4.75 twice and that's a very specific height... He must have measured near that!
just because said on 10/Feb/15
Charles barkley and the 6.9 larry bird Click Here (yes this pic favours barkley)
Im thinking 6ft 5.5 for charles peak height seems likely as according to the headline in this page he himself did claim that height at one point.
Here he is with 2 6ft 10 guys Click Here
And here a more recent photo with 6ft 5 lennox lewis Click Here
dietmar said on 10/Feb/15
Here's a very good example of camera angle. Michael Jordan is only slightly closer to the camera, and appears cleary taller than Barkley.

Click Here

Click Here

In Rob's pic, if the guys swap places, the difference would be only 2 inches.
[Editor Rob: so for anybody who is slightly closer we can say the guy could be 2 inches taller or shorter.

I suppose I better start downgrading 80% of the celebs I met now ;)]
dietmar said on 10/Feb/15
Here's another proof Barkleys is really 197cm. With 196cm Cris Collinsworth.

Click Here

Come on Rob, its obvious Barkley is taller than 195cm.
[Editor Rob: it's a golf course...not exactly the ideal ground to compare.]
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" said on 9/Feb/15
Steve Seagel is more 6'4". The photos with him by Sylvester Stallone prove it.
JT said on 9/Feb/15
Barkley and Jonathan Ogden, NFL listed at 6’9” or taller than Calais Campbell Click Here Click Here
and ~ 6’6” Rob Gronkowski
Click Here Click Here

That’s why full body shots are more reliable so we can see the stances, who’s closer to the camera, the footwear, whether there’s any camera tilt, etc.
Andrea said on 9/Feb/15
Well, i'm considering the fact that the big guy is a bit closer to the camera... I doubt he'd be 4 inches shorter than him in reality :)
[Editor Rob: they look quite close (based on head sizes I'd say they are within an inch), although even a slight advantage can add height or take it of course!]
Andrea said on 9/Feb/15
6'3.75? You meant 6'4.75? He doesn't look 4 inches shorter there... And Seagal doesn't even look 6'3.5 if he is just 6'4.75 :) Looks more 6'3 flat to be fair!
[Editor Rob: he looks 4 inches shorter to me there: Click Here. Both lines are equal sizes so if he was only 3 inches smaller then Barkley would have a 3.5 eyelevel and that big guy about 4 inch.]
dietmar said on 9/Feb/15
Very good pic JT, thanks for that. Another proof Barkley is 197cm. He is not even standing tall, and edges Seagal by a good inch. Seagal claims to be 196cm, but his real height is probably around 193-194cm.
Danimal said on 8/Feb/15
JT says on 8/Feb/15
With Steven Seagal Click Here

I've personally met Seagal in 2002 at my Aikido dojo in Montreal and I can attest that he was somewhere between 6'4 and 6'5" back then. Either way, this just proves that Barkley is far taller than what most think he is.
[Editor Rob:

In the same way I could say, look at this chap with Barkley: Click Here.

We know he is measured 6ft 7.75 (and that's not an evening one) so it's just an example of Charles looking 6ft 3.75.

In the same way, Seagal might have thin footwear or be 6ft 3.5 today.]
Andrea said on 8/Feb/15
Seagal looks 6'3-6'3.25 at best there!
JT said on 8/Feb/15
With Steven Seagal Click Here
dietmar said on 8/Feb/15
Ok, i have now studied hard Barkleys height, and indeed, he is 197cm. If you look at him next to a legit 198cm Chris Mullin, Barkley is only a hair shorter.

Click Here

You can also compare Barkley with 201-202cm Scottie Pippen. Charles is no moore than 4-5cm shorter. Patrick Ewing on the very right is 213cm. So really Rob, Barkley needs an upgrade. Beats me why he dowgrades himself. Maybe he was measured 195cm very late in the evening, after hard training. Who knows. He is indeed 197cm most of the day. Definitely taller than Jordan.
[Editor Rob: he's been quite specific, maybe he really was measured this at his lowest.]
just because said on 7/Feb/15
I understand charles himself says he is 6.4 but this photo contradicts this Click Here is he maybe just having fun at his old adversaries expense
height said on 4/Feb/15
dietmar, I understand your point and is perfectly valid, but I do think we are in a position to doubt that since:

1. MJ himself said he was 6'6" and turns out Barkley is taller than him.
2. MJ has been officially measured at 6'4.75" (195cm) and Barkley is taller than him.

To me is more like:

Jordan 6'4.75" (195cm)
Barkley: 6'5.5" (197cm)
dietmar said on 4/Feb/15
They use many kind of basketball shoes in NBA, some have only 1.5cm, some have up to 5cm heels. So its quite hard to compare players heights on the court. But i agree, Barkley looks taller than Jordan in most pictures, wearing similar shoes. But hey, if Barkley says he is 195cm, then who are we to doubt that? Jordan is probably around 193-194cm. Thats why Barkley appears slightly taller in pics.
height said on 2/Feb/15
Again, he's taller than 6'4.75" MJ :

Click Here
height said on 29/Jan/15
6'5.5" barefooted, 6'6.5" with shoes...taller than Jordan by half an inch

Barkley throughout his career said he was shorter just to add to his greatness

Click Here
jockey said on 26/Jan/15
Barkley doesnt look taller than his claimed height of 6'4.75.

Jordan was mentioned as being just 6'4 his freshmen year at UNC.

Danimal, why would Barkley claim a lower measured height to the exact inch? Hes not 6'5.5. If he wanted to make himself more impressive with his basketball feats he would just say "6'4".
height said on 12/Jan/15
Barefoot heights/with shoes height:

Jordan 6'4 7/8"....6'6"
Barkley 6'5 1/4"....6'6 1/2"
Magic 6'7 5/8"... 6'8 3/4"
Bird 6'9 1/2"... 6'10 7/8"
Pipppen 6'7 1/2"... 6'8 7/8"
Klay Thompson 6'4" 1/8.... 6'5"
van gaalen said on 10/Jan/15
Barkley looks shorter than Jordan on this video Click Here
Andrea said on 9/Jan/15
If he claimed to be 6'4.75 twice, he must have been measured at that mark... Bad news for The Rock, who looks not over 6'2 with him. I guess he must have thought Charles was something like 6'8 when he met him, if he really thinks to be 6'4 or 6'5!
Sal said on 9/Jan/15
I don't believe Conan O Brien is under 6'4" he has to be a tad over and cool with not rounding up to 6'5"
Danimal said on 9/Jan/15
HeightcrazyRed6ft says on 19/Dec/14
Click Here
Barkley again clearly taller than peak Hogan and 6´4.5"-6´5" Bill Fralic, 6´5.75" John Tenta looks to edge Barkley so 6´5.5" is what Barkley really looks so I guess he was just measured wrong at 6´4.75" one time

What a biased comparison. Hogan was TALLER THAN 6'5" Jake the Snake Roberts, 6'5" Hilbilly Jim and 6'5" Barry Windham in the 1980's. Why do people have difficulty comprehending that?

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Danimal said on 9/Jan/15
Danimal said on 9/Jan/15
miko says on 5/Jan/15
If Barkley is 6'4.75 then Hogan was struggling with 6'4 in his prime.

You would love that wouldn't you? The fact that according to you, Hogan hasn't lost a mm in his entire life. After all, we all know that Hogan stood next to Barkley in 1980's right? Your agenda is so painfully obvious.
van gaalen said on 8/Jan/15
Haven't you folks seen this video? Barkley confirms he is 6'4 and 3/4in. End of.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: so he's said that number at least twice now.]
Jomama. said on 7/Jan/15
Charles Barkley flat out stated he was 6'4 1/2 I think Charles would know his height more than anybody else. Lennox Lewis claims to be 6'4 1/2 and there are pictures on this site with them standing side by side and they are the same height.
Tom said on 6/Jan/15
@Rob The picture was taken for a celebrity event promoting his new film pain and gain where Barkley and Shaq have a 'Lift off' where Barkely cheats by using fake weights. Link below. So i highly doubt it was after a workout.

Also his co-star in the movie Mark Wahlberg was there. Who is listed a 5'8. To me looks nowhere near a 7 inch difference. 7 inches would mean that the top of marks head would be at around the rocks mouth level right. Of course Mark has the hair advantage but no more than 0.25 of an inch with that style. So conclusion is the rock is shorter than listed height. While i too do find it hard to believe the rock is sub 6'3 there is plenty of evidence to prove otherwise.

Click Here

Sorry to post this on Barkelys but would be a bit weird to change pages.
dietmar said on 6/Jan/15
I dont think Barkley is quite 2in taller than Conan O'Brien. If you look at the pic below, John Cleese is 2in taller than Ted Danson.

Click Here

I believe Barkley is same height as Cleese (196cm).
miko said on 5/Jan/15
If Barkley is 6'4.75 then Hogan was struggling with 6'4 in his prime.

Barkley was 6'6 and Hogan somewhere around 6'5.
Tom said on 5/Jan/15
Rob how do you explain the difference between Charles and the Rock. Average eye level to top of head on average is about 4.25 inches but being the big man he is id imagine his head would be a little larger than average. For arguments sake say its average. I think if stood up completely straight his eye level would be in line with the top of Dwaynes head. Thus making him 4.25 inches taller therefore the rock would be 6'0.5 at Barkleys height on here. Even if he was 6'6 that would make the rock 6'1.75. He is at the very least 3.5 inches shorter. Either Barkely needs an upgrade or the Rock a downgrade.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: I believe there could be near 3 inches barefoot between them after the Rock has been doing a workout and hit a lower than usual height.
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 1/Jan/15
[Editor Rob: generally he can look 6ft 5 range. He has come out with the 2 heights of 6ft 4.75 and 5.5.

I believe he was measured almost 6ft 5 one point, and he may also have measured 6ft 5.5 aswell.

don´t you think it would be fair to do a middle way for his listing?

I know all the comparisons made by me, JT and others are not he holy grale, but do you really think peak Hogan had 1.25" on Barkley despite getting the opposite out of the comparisons?

Barkley looks like you said somewhere between 6´5" and 6´5.5" imo
[Editor Rob: a 6ft 5 listing might be more along lines of range he could look.]
rick said on 21/Dec/14
Barkley is definitely 6'5. All these claims that he was under 6'4 while in the NBA were made by haters.
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 19/Dec/14
Click Here
Barkley again clearly taller than peak Hogan and 6´4.5"-6´5" Bill Fralic, 6´5.75" John Tenta looks to edge Barkley so 6´5.5" is what Barkley really looks so I guess he was just measured wrong at 6´4.75" one time
Lillo thomas said on 16/Dec/14
5'10 guy because the rock is 6'2.5 at best guy and Barckey is about 6'5 maybe 6'5.5. The rock is a big liar about his height.
Stan said on 15/Dec/14
if barkeley was only a flat 6'5 how could he edge rock by 3 big inch(8cm) and 6'5 vince vaughn only edge out rock by 2inch. weird right guys?
5ft10guy said on 13/Dec/14
can someone explain to me how he dwarfs the rock if hes only an inch and some change taller then him
Lonestar said on 13/Dec/14
If barkley was only 6'4.5 my guess all 6'5 actors should be 6'3-6'4 flat not a tip more
andre said on 12/Dec/14
How can the rock be 6ft3 and this guy towers over him

maby rock is only 6ft or 6ft1
JT said on 11/Dec/14
In addition to Lewis being closer to the camera (head sizes and shoulder levels are giveaways), there’s about a 3 degree tilt in Lewis’s favor going by the stack of plates behind Barkley as well as the angle of the door and ceiling trim behind Lewis Click Here
JT said on 11/Dec/14
Lewis is closer to the camera than Barkley, which is especially apparent looking at the size of their heads.

Barkley would have had a peak Hogan by around an inch Click Here (bottom left photo is them standing in about the same position in the same WCW ring) and be within 4 inches of even Andre, who may be wearing his big orthopedic shoes here as well. Click Here
Vegas said on 9/Dec/14
But with someone like Big Lennox I think he's closer to his claim than this 6ft 6 myth.

don't see many arguing 6'6 for barkley, most have him under that. but rob you have hulk hogan at 6'6 peak over an inch taller than barkley. can you honestly say with hand on heart that peak hogan looks over an inch taller than barkley next to the same person in these clips?

barkley Click Here
hogan @ 6 mins 30 seconds onward Click Here
[Editor Rob: there doesn't look much difference]
Andrea said on 7/Dec/14
Can look? I posted only one picture (maybe the best) but you can find other pics of them together and there's noway Lisa is even a mm over 6'4 if Kobe is a 6'4.75 guy, noway! She also looks noway near 6'5 with Vincent and the 5'11 woman... And look at this: Click Here
Steve Howey is a solid 6'3 guy (6'3-6'3.5) and looks barely shorter than her! Or even 6'2-2.5 range Ashton Kutcher certainly doesn't look 2-3 inches shorter than her! Near 6'4 is certainly more possible! And, getting back to Kobe, what about the other "comparisons"? He looks taller than 6'5 if all the other guys are near their listings! Btw, the link of "Hugh Jackman with Barkley with Cudmore" doesn't work...
Andrea said on 6/Dec/14
Yeah, Rob, but why does he look a solid inch taller than Lisa Leslie, that you have at 6'5? Or at least 4 inches taller than Morgan Freeman? Or a head taller than Neymar? Or at least 3-3.5 inches taller than Michael Phelps? Give an explanation!
[Editor Rob: Leslie can look shorter than kobe in the old link, I didn't see her with charles, but I've seen a little of Lisa and other players and she can look anywhere from 6ft 4 and change up to a full 6ft 5.

But with someone like Big Lennox I think he's closer to his claim than this 6ft 6 myth.

You got a Hugh jackman with Barkley with Cudmore.
Anon said on 5/Dec/14
In a mugshot for throwing a guy out of a bar window:
Click Here
Looks 6-8. Possibly has heels, but that means he's at least 6-5. Always looked same as Jordan who's listed 6-6 but is really 6-5.
Michael said on 4/Dec/14
Barkley is obviously taller than 6-4,75. He has 3,25" - 3,5" on The Rock (my estimate is 6-2,75 for The Rock) Click Here He has nearly 2" on Conan O´Bryan (6-4) Click Here He has more than 1" on Michael Jordan(6-5 at this time) Click Here Min. 6-6 next to 6-7,5 measured Pippen Click Here His mugshotgives him more than 6-6: Click Here Perhaps Barkley meant 6-5,75 not 6-4,75 today. I´d like to see Ali Baba (6-6+)standing with him side by side.
Andrea said on 3/Dec/14
Yeah, but then how can all those celebrities i've mentioned be so short next to him? And Lisa Leslie, who is pretty tall herself, does look a solid inch shorter than him! Or he's taller than 6'5 or the other guys are shorter than their listing... Morgan Freeman looks 6'0-6'0.25 at best next to him and i doubt he's that small!
[Editor Rob: generally he can look 6ft 5 range. He has come out with the 2 heights of 6ft 4.75 and 5.5.

I believe he was measured almost 6ft 5 one point, and he may also have measured 6ft 5.5 aswell.
joe said on 3/Dec/14
Andrea, measurements NFL do not lie
Andrea said on 2/Dec/14
Rob, you still think Kobe is only 6'4.75? How can a Lisa Leslie be 6'5 then? Or the others near their listings? You said he's got a small head and high eyelevel... How big is head is then, to appear so tall? 8 inches? To me, it seems an average 9.5 head and maybe 4.25 inch eyelevel? That's not so small, after all!
[Editor Rob: well look at kobe...clearly shorter than the nfl 6ft 6 guy so maybe he too is an honest nearly 6ft 5.]
Andrea said on 1/Dec/14
Well, Kobe at 194 would mean a drastic downgrade for a lot of celebrities he's met:
With 6'2 Morgan Freeman: Click Here
With (not) 6'3 Michael Phelps: Click Here
With 5'8-5'8.5 (or Rob says so) Neymar: Click Here
With 6'5 Lisa Leslie (he's at least a couple cms taller): Click Here
I still don't know how a supposed 6'4.75 guy can look so tall, even next to people who are already quite tall themselves...
joe said on 29/Nov/14
kobe is 6'4(194) of a look on his photo with Rob Gronkowski 6'6 (198)Click Here
[Editor Rob: you can see another angle Here. Big Rob is down as being measured 6ft 6 and 1/4 at the draft.]
JT said on 25/Nov/14
Don’t hold your breath, Andrea. KROC doesn’t have any pic with Kobe and is just making it up. Here’s the “6’6” or less” Spencer Haywood whom KROC also claims to have “met”
Click Here
Click Here
allen said on 7/Nov/14
Thanks for that Miko! All these year people have had the false belief that Barkley is shorter than MJ, when actually it's the other way around! Barkley has always been about half an inch taller than Jordan

Click Here
Andrea said on 2/Nov/14
KROC, post the pictyre with Kobe... It seems you downgrade every NBA player, i mean, you could be right but since you talke about this pic you could post it here and "proof" you are a legit poster :)
KROC said on 31/Oct/14
Nice try JT. I've met Spencer Haywood in person. He is below the 6'7 mark. I'm 6'5.25 and he DEFINITELY did not have a complete 2 inches on me. Lebron would edge him out im sure. More like 1.25, 1.5. Kobe is below the 6'5 mark I edged him out in a back to back picture I took with him last year at the 2013 NBA All Star game. I would have guessed 194cm but 195cm seems reasonable.
james said on 31/Oct/14
Barkley is 6'5.5 with shoes on 6'4.5 barefoot .standing with 6'3 gabby Reese he was clearly 2 or 3 inches taller
JT said on 30/Oct/14
Click Here I met Spencer Haywood several years ago. He looked 6’7”ish to me. Kobe’s no less than 6’5” and I have no doubt Barkley would be taller than him. And what if Kobe's wife measured him at night??
miko said on 27/Oct/14
Barkley is somewhere in the 6'5.5/6'6 range.

He always edged out Jordan by half an inch or more.
Vegas said on 25/Oct/14
KROC, the full length shots show barkley slightly taller, anyway pictures alone are not enough evidence, its pretty easy to find a photo or photos of anyone looking the height you want them to look if you search hard enough.. video evidence far and away trumps photographic evidence

pray tell what's the height difference between kobe and obama here then at 8 min 12 seconds considering its about 4.5 inches between the average persons eyeline and top of head.. Click Here

as for what kobe claims himself "Everyone thinks I’m 6 feet 7 inches tall. But just between you and me, I’m really 6-4.” Click Here

another time he stated, 'I'm probably 6-5 in sneaks"
KROC said on 25/Oct/14
Vegas what are you talking about? Michael Jordan and Barkley are the same height. Jordan has even said this before. 99% of the pictures I've seen show that those two are the same height. Barkley has claimed every height underneath the sun so that doesn't mean anything. And Kobe is 195cm. His wife measured him at that, and its what he looks in person. LOL at 4.5 inches on Obama. Obama's probably a weak 6'1 anyway.
Vegas said on 25/Oct/14
Greenbolt, barkley is/was taller than jordan. been shown in every full length shot. on a show i was watching barkley claimed 6'5.5 live on air a few years ago. kobe for his part claimed 6'4 and 6'5 in shoes even though he is about 4.5 inches taller than obama

clearly more than half an inch in that conan/levi are seeing what you want to see

speaking of nirvana, rob has dave grohl at 6ft and the top of his head only comes to about the tip of barkleys nose Click Here barkley clearly looks taller than 6'4.25 in this clip as well Click Here
Greenbolt said on 25/Oct/14
I went back and analyzed the Barkley-Conan comparison and I'm honestly not seeing 1.5-2 inches, I'm seeing more like 1 flat. Here are my estimates:

Conan: 6'3.5''

Charles: 6'4.5''
Danimal said on 23/Oct/14
Chris says on 20/Oct/14
Greg - I'm not just basing it on his mug shots. That's part of it. The other part of it is, Barkley is quite a bit taller than guys like Jordan, Kobe, etc etc!

Yup. Barkley is minimum 6'5.5".
Greenbolt said on 22/Oct/14
@Chris: Assuming that you're referring to the SNL photo, Barkley is substantially closer to the camera, so to base your estimate of Charles even partly on that picture isn't logical.
Greenbolt said on 22/Oct/14
@Vegas: The problem with the video of Levi and Conan is that the latter is closer to the camera the entire time. In addition, Levi is slouching slightly for most of the clip, while Conan maintains virtually perfect for most of it. I found the most telling moment to be at the 54 second mark when Levi finishes whispering in Conan's ear, and their postures flip-flop from what they had been up until that point with Levi standing up straight and Conan dropping into a slight slouch: Once you discount Conan's hair, Levi manages to look a mere half inch or so shorter, and that's with Conan possessing the camera advantage as well as the footwear advantage, which I feel are more than enough to offset his slight slouch. A final point, Conan appears to be tip-toeing as he walks up to Levi at 19-21 seconds, and when he plants his right foot he still hasn't dropped his heel to the ground. I don't believe he was tip-toeing for the entire segment, but it's certainly a possibility to consider given the evidence.

What also needs to be taken into account is that Kobe, Jordan, and Barkley all generally appear to be the same height in photos, and all of them have claimed to be 6'4.75''. To say that Barkley is 6'5''+ is to suggest that Kobe, Jordan, and Barkley are all downgrading themselves, something which is ludicrously improbable.
Vegas said on 22/Oct/14
Greenbolt says on 21/Oct/14
I'd say Jordan, Kobe, and Barkley are all somewhere in the 6'4.25''-6'4.75'' range.

barkley was roughly 1.5-2 inches taller than conan o brien this year on his show. conan for his part was about 2 inches (with half an inch footwear advantage) taller than zach levi and levi looks about 190cm with rob...
Greenbolt said on 21/Oct/14
@Chris: For every picture of Barkley looking taller than Jordan you can find one of Jordan looking taller than Barkley:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

They're pretty much exactly the same height. I'd say Jordan, Kobe, and Barkley are all somewhere in the 6'4.25''-6'4.75'' range.
Chris said on 20/Oct/14
I saw a picture of Barkley with Chris Nivoselivic from Nirvana. Who is a legit 6'7. This site has him as 6'7. Barkley was very close in height to him. Charles is at least 6'6. He's probably closer to 6'7
Chris said on 20/Oct/14
Greg - and I don't believe for a minute police mugshots make you look taller! The entire point of a police musghot is to give the police an accurate height measurement for court cases!
[Editor Rob: for an accurate mugshot you really need the camera at the same height the person is. Clearly with Barkley it is nowhere near that height, so it's an innacurate mugshot.

In the same way the ones I took here: Click Here. Although the last one would certainly be heartily approved if it was Sly in my place ;)]
Chris said on 20/Oct/14
Greg - I'm not just basing it on his mug shots. That's part of it. The other part of it is, Barkley is quite a bit taller than guys like Jordan, Kobe, etc etc!
WalkingTall6ft3.25 said on 7/Oct/14
Rob if you have Jordan at 6'5 you should upgrade Barkley to that height aswell...worst case scenario they are the same,although Barkley can even look taller than 6'5 flat lately.....weird indeed!
jtm said on 6/Oct/14
he has better posture than jordan.
Greg said on 5/Oct/14
To everyone pointing to Barkley's 6'7''-6'8'' mug shots as evidence that he's 6'6''+, you should check out Rob's video illustrating how mug shots tend to show people as taller than they really are.
Jake said on 5/Oct/14
Rob, do you think a full 6'6 is possible for Charles Barkley? At worst he looks 6'5'.5. He looks the full 6'6 and is an inch taller than Michael Jordan.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: he could have pulled off 6ft 5.5 in the past, but he was supposed to have been measured nearly 6ft 5...]
Chris said on 4/Oct/14
The 6'4 claim was just to sell his book. Look at his official police mug shots - he's almost 6'8 in them! So if he's nearly 6'8 in shoes, he's over 6'6 barefoot. He's probably close to 6'7, but a bit under
James said on 3/Oct/14
Charles is in the conversation for best NBA rebounder of all-time. He is, with Dennis Rodman, considered the best "SHORT" (by NBA standards) rebounder ever. No one, except Rodman, is even close at this size. The shorter the rebounder, the more impressive his accomplishments are. That is built into the NBA mindset and it makes good sense. Charles would have people believe that he was 6'3" if he could because it just adds to his career and its perception. He is a full 6'7.5," if not taller, in b-ball shoes with a 7 foot wingspan. If you have doubts, look at his popular online mugshot and then look at his YouTube lifting competition that involved the supposedly 6'5" wrestler turned actor, the Rock. Charles absolutely dwarfs the Rock! I'd say he has him by 4 strong inches. Also note how much taller he is than Kenny Smith, (6'3") his TNT colleague. I've never seen such a difference in height between two people who basically claim to be the same height. (Rock and Chuck) Part of the Rock picture can easily be explained because the Rock is nowhere close to his 6'5 listing. If he is an honest 6'3" w/o shoes, I'd be shocked.
Jake said on 14/Sep/14
Agreed bare minimum about 6'6. Looks easily 2 inches taller than legit 6'4 Conan.
Danimal said on 11/Sep/14
Imo, he's nothing under 6'5.5".
david_v1989 said on 11/Sep/14
In documentary ''Beyond The GLory'' couple of people close to him put him at 6'4''...
Clay said on 9/Sep/14
I would not bet on anything under 6'3.5 or Conan and I agree with Danimal he's just a classic 6'4'' guy. Barkley at 6'6'' looks like reality (hell, he was 6'7'' in shoes mugshot), unless we're onboard the Dwayne johnson 6'1 Conan 6'2'' train.
David said on 8/Sep/14
The guy is huge. 6´6 is quite accurate.
Leung said on 28/Aug/14
I got to agree with Clay and Danimal, Barkley is 6'5" minimum, and 6'6" (or close to it) isn't out of the question.
KROC said on 27/Aug/14
Danimal are you SURE about that? I mean really Conan a legit 6'4? I would not bet on that. And how is Charles Barkley 6'6 when he's shorter then 6'6.5 basketball player Dominique Wilkins? He doesn't even look a legit 6'5 with him...
Danimal said on 27/Aug/14
Jake says on 18/Jul/14
The full 6'6 for Charles Barkley is possible. Does tower over on The Rock. Next to Conan aswell he's over 2 inches taller than him.

Conan is at least 6'4", so how is a full 6'6" not possible for Barkley if you say he's over 2" taller than Conan?
Anon said on 26/Aug/14
Jake says on 12/Mar/14
Ya I agree I would give Barkley 6'5-'6'5.5 range. Look at him next to Usain Bolt who's not shorter than 6'5. He's noticeably taller, and also much taller than The Rock.

The thing is... he kinda is! Bolt was listed 6'4 before he become this superman he is, same with Blanka Vlasic... she did grow from 6'2 to 6'4 (yes she was listed 6'2 like 11 years ago) and Asafa Powell, he grew from 6'2 to 6'3...
JT said on 26/Aug/14
Click Here Roughly a 1.5" difference and not as good posture as James Harden, who measured 6'4" without shoes.
Steve said on 15/Aug/14
In the photo with Barkley and the Rock, Barkley has at least 3 inches on the Rock, its more than 2 inches.
Danimal said on 12/Aug/14
Clay says on 11/Aug/14
6'5'' absolute minimum.

Clay said on 11/Aug/14
6'5'' absolute minimum.
Kingi said on 5/Aug/14
Come on, Barkley is about an Inch shorter than Michael Jordan who is 6'6". I would go for 6'5" as Barkley's height.
Chris said on 1/Aug/14
JTM - look at Barkley's official police mugshot. He's huge. Between 6'7 and 6'8.

He was obviously wearing shoes. But that still mean's he's obviously over 6'6 barefoot.
Sam said on 21/Jul/14
There's no way Barkley's only 1.75 inches taller than Dwayne Johnson.
jtm said on 21/Jul/14
barkley is closer to the camera and probably has better posture. sorry but there is no real evidence that he is 6'6.
JT said on 20/Jul/14
Click Here Click Here Rob has Barkley and Kevin Nealon 3/4" apart. I saw Nealon up close around 5 years ago. He was a little shorter than me (~6'4.5 midday) but looked a strong 6'3". Nealon looked a little taller than Conan O'Brien back in the mid-90s.
Sal said on 19/Jul/14
I'd say Charles is around 6'4.5" to 6'5.5" The funny thing to me is that the NBA kinda disrespected him/played him up by saying he was the shortest guy to win a rebounding title at just over 6'4", yet not dismissing the fact that all the other players had padded heights as well.
SaveUsY2J said on 8/Jul/14
@Jake @Concerned 181: Barkley doesn't tower The Rock.

Click Here

Unlike the other photo, Barkley's posture is identical to Rock's and they're equidistant from the camera. Two inches tops.
Sam said on 8/Jul/14
Maybe the 6'4.75" measurement was taken with loose posture...6'5.5" is just as precise...maybe the difference should be split between his two claims.
jtm said on 29/Jun/14
Concerned 181 cm says on 20/Jun/14
If Barkley isn't at least 6'6, I can't see the Rock being 6'3, going by that (in?)famous picture of him, Barkley, Shaq, and Wahlberg.

the picture also proves wahlberg is not 5'8.
176,2Tunman said on 28/Jun/14
Rob,if he claimed 6'4.5/8 why don't you list him at that mark?seems unlikely to claim the 5/8 and lie
[Editor Rob: might have been a weak measurement or end of day one as he looks near enough 6ft 5]
Concerned 181 cm said on 20/Jun/14
If Barkley isn't at least 6'6, I can't see the Rock being 6'3, going by that (in?)famous picture of him, Barkley, Shaq, and Wahlberg.
JT said on 6/Jun/14
Lillo thomas says on 4/Jun/14
This pic is horrible Red with a very bad angle.

Agreed - nothing worse than a straight-on shot at eye level of two guys standing erect and equidistant from the camera.... Click Here
Lillo thomas said on 4/Jun/14
This pic is horrible Red with a very bad angle.
KROC said on 26/May/14
@ Red183
No way, Barkley and Jordan are the same exact height, even Jordan has acknowledged that. The first picture Jordan is sacrificing height because his legs are spread apart. The second picture they look exactly the same height. They're eyelines are even as are their shoulders... Jordan is 195,196 max.
jtm said on 20/May/14
i will admit he looks taller in that picture but 6'6 is not believable with hugh jackman especially when the majority on his page think he is shorter than 6'2.
mrbobh5344 said on 18/May/14
I find it hard (now) to accept anything less than 6'5" after seeing Barkley next to Dwayne Johnson..
Click Here
Lillo thomas said on 16/May/14
Krock . How do you know the difference between 6'11 and 6'11.5 anyways ? I can't.
JT said on 14/May/14
Click Here
KROC said on 14/May/14
@Lillo Thomas
No he's not. I use to see him all the time back when he played for the Timberwolves. He really is 6'11 flat.
jtm said on 14/May/14
he was 4 inches taller than hugh jackman but jackman was losing little height and barkely had footwear advantage.
Lillo thomas said on 14/May/14
Kevin garnet is taller than 6'11 flat . He could be listed as 7'0 or 7'1 . That was my point.
KROC said on 13/May/14
And for the record Kevin Garnett actually is 6'11 NOT 7ft. And unfortunately I'm going to have to postpone my rant until Thursday. Sorry.
KROC said on 11/May/14
I spent the time and did the research. I'm 100% sure that Barkley is 195cm. Kobe is also 195cm, I've seen him on multiple occasions, most recently being early last year. I use to see Vince all the time during his Vinsanity days. He's definitely the full 6'5-but no more. You'd be surprised how many 6'5 guys get listed as 6'7. I been busy the last couple of weeks so I haven't had time to post any pictures. Wednesday I'm off so I'll be making my case on not only Barkley, but Shaq and Chris Paul as well. So definitely keep an eye on those pages.
Lillo thomas said on 11/May/14
Charles barckey would be listed as 6'7 easily in the case of being 6'5.5 . Charles barckey played as powerforward and he was short for that position. The average powerforward barefoot is between 6'8 and 6'9 . Charles barckey was listed as 6'6 in his entire career. The nba usually inflate players heights and not the other way around. Downgrading players heights is extremely rare in the nba like kevin garnet for example . He is listed at 6'11 but he is taller than 6'11 flat without shoes. He don't want to be listed at 7'0 because Garnet never wanted to play at center position. In the case of charles barckey there isn't any reason to downgrade him . He was actually short for his position.
RisingForce said on 10/May/14
Actually, JT posted a very good full body pic from head to toe where Barkley did appear to be about an inch taller than Jordan, and another picture that showed a similar height difference. Kobe can often look strong 6'5" range and Vince Carter is supposedly 6'5.5", which makes sense since I remember him being listed at 6'7" when he was a Raptor. Barkley being 6'6" is not laughable, but anything under 6'5" is laughable unless Rob has everyone Barkley has been compared to listed an inch too high. But I'm fine with 6'5.5" for Barkley as well, in fact, that's probably the fairest guess, and Chuck may have been honest with his quote above where he said "I claimed to be 6-6 when I played, but I'm only 6-5 1/2."
KROC said on 8/May/14
Are you sure that Conan is the full 6'4? A lot of people seem to think otherwise. Check out his page. If Barkley is the full 6'6 then so is Michael Jordan... If Michael is 6'6 then so is Kobe Bryant. If Kobe is 6'6 then so is Vince Carter! You see where this is going right? Your going to have to start upgrading a lot of people. All in all Barkley being 6'6 is laughable. I'd actually would have an easier time believing he was 6'5.5.
KROC said on 4/May/14
I'm sorry but the full 6'6 is ridiculous for Barkley. But I also feel that 6'4.5 is a bit too low. Personally I feel that the listed height is perfect for him. I will be making my case for this later on this week.
JT said on 27/Apr/14
Click Here
Yazz said on 26/Apr/14
Barkley is not even 6'5. Hes 6'4.5

People who meet Barkley say he looks 6'4 range.
JT said on 26/Apr/14
Click Here
Click Here
Duhon said on 24/Apr/14
RisingForce says on 24/Apr/14
Honestly, Barkley looks 6'6" using heights from this site as a reference, but I can settle on 6'5.5", though not less, and for Barkley's current listing to add up, everyone I mentioned has to be downgraded by an inch. 6'4.75" or even 6'5" just don't make sense. I'd believe 6'5.75", but not 6'4.75".

Exactly if it wasn't for Barkleys own comment on his height, based on photo evidence as has been described, I don't think anybody here would be doubting barkley as at least a strong 6'5". He looks taller than just about every other 6'5" listed celeb on the site in all honesty.
Lillo thomas said on 24/Apr/14
Vegas I prefer the pics of people beside each other. You should check the pic of dwight howard with the retired Houston rockets centers. Hakeem olajuwon is standing beside howard in his right. Hakeem olajuwon is 6'10-6'10.5 max by his own admission. He is clearly taller than howard around 1inch taller . Howard is 6'9 or maybe 6'9.5 max. Again charles barckey at 6'6 is bs . Scottie pippen has 2-2.5 inches on him. I can't find pics of barckey and clyde drexler.
JT said on 24/Apr/14
Dietmar says on 24/Apr/14
The difference between Charles and Conan is about an inch. Conan is probably 6'3.5 in the evening. That would make Charles 6'4.5 inches.

Click Here

That's about a 2 inch difference and Barkley is not even standing as straight as O'Brien. The top of Barkley's head is even above the top of O'Brien's sizable hairdo.
Vegas said on 24/Apr/14
KROC says on 24/Apr/14
Kevin Durant is 6'9 and no more. Dwight Howard is 6'9 and no more.

if howard is 6'9 then explain why he looks as tall as 6'10+ man in that photo JT posted, a full length photo where we can see the ground is level. he is also taller in a photo than kevin durant despite the fact durant is wearing bigger sneakers than howards dress-shoes..

i have serious doubts that Clyde Drexler is taller than barkley
Dietmar said on 24/Apr/14
The difference between Charles and Conan is about an inch. Conan is probably 6'3.5 in the evening. That would make Charles 6'4.5 inches.

Click Here
RisingForce said on 24/Apr/14
So to recap, going over this page, using other listings from this site and only full body pics or video, we have Barkley looking close to 2 inches taller than 6'4" Conan, about an inch taller than 6'5" Jordan, between 3-4 inches taller than the Rock who is listed here at 6'3", at least 3 inches taller than 6'3" Garielle Reece, about 6 inches taller than 6'0" Tiger Woods when you consider Tiger's hat and Barkley's slouch. Then there's the Nirvana video where Barkley is just barely shorter than 6'7" Krist Novoselic, 6'0" Dave Grohl's head isn't higher than the bottom of Barkley's nose at best and 5'9" Kurt Cobain looks a full head shorter than Barkley. And while Jon Jones isn't listed here, as Vegas mentioned, he does look close to his 6'4" listing, and Barkley definitely didn't look less than 2 inches shorter. As for Usain Bolt, who is listed at 6'5" here, it wasn't a full body pic, but Barkley was so obviously taller than it's impossible for me to believe they're the same height regardless.

Honestly, Barkley looks 6'6" using heights from this site as a reference, but I can settle on 6'5.5", though not less, and for Barkley's current listing to add up, everyone I mentioned has to be downgraded by an inch. 6'4.75" or even 6'5" just don't make sense. I'd believe 6'5.75", but not 6'4.75".
KROC said on 24/Apr/14
Look I haven't met Jordan in person. But everyone that I've talked to who has, pretty much described him as ABOUT 6'5 or a WEAK 6'5. Lilo Thomas is right. Barkley and Jordan are the same exact height. They're both a fraction below the 6'5 mark. Look at in game photos of them together. Now look at photos of Charles Barkley with LEGIT 6'5.5 Julius Erving. Or Clyde Drexler (6'5.5). No way. Barkley never measures up. Kevin Durant is 6'9 and no more. Dwight Howard is 6'9 and no more. They use to list him as 6'10 but bumped him up to 6'11, claiming he "grew" Maybe the soles in his shoes got thicker... Or maybe they just want to make him seem more intimidating on paper. You be the judge. What makes this all the more entertaining/annoying is that you guys throw up crappy pics in order to prove your point. Your just gonna have to do better. Conan isn't even the full 6'4 IMO. I've seen Usain Bolt in person. No way is he a legit 6'5. Not even 195. To sum this up if Barkley was the height you say then the NBA would have listed him at 6'7. Just like Julius Erving. Just like Clyde Drexler. Just like Rick Fox and countless other 6'5.5 measured players. Why should Barkley be the exception? Explain that.
JT said on 17/Apr/14
Barkley is around an inch taller than Jordan Click Here and is at or very close to 6’6”. I’ve seen several pictures and video of Barkley looking around 4 inches taller than Marcus Allen, whom I’ve seen up close and is around 6’2”.

Pat Ewing was at least 6’11” as he had Olajwon by no less than an inch Click Here

Dwight Howard is not 6’9” but closer to 6’10” Click Here Chris Bosh measured 6’10.25” Click Here Howard clearly grew some more since being measured at 6’9”.
Duhon said on 16/Apr/14
Charles Barkley looks a STRONG 6'5" next to almost every other 6'4"/6"5" person that has had their picture taken with him. I'm still not sure How Usain Bolt can be listed at 6'5" here but Barkley at 6'4.75" when he looked a good inch taller in their photo together?

People have to understand barkley is one of the few athletes/celebs who consistently downplays his height.
Lillo thomas said on 16/Apr/14
Rising force michael jordan wasn't shorter that barckey . Michael jordan in some pics looked actually a bit taller than charles . In reality both guys are the same height. Scottie pippen was sometimes listed at 6'7 and sometimes he was listed at 6'8 . In reality he is between the 2 heights 6'7.5 . Most guys in the nba are shorter than listed but Scottie pippen wasn't . He is a legit 6'7.5 Kevin durant is a legit 6'9 and not more . He is one of the few guys in the nba today listed as his barefoot height . He is 2 inches taller than lebron james. And lebron james is 6'7.25 barefoot. Dwilght Howard was measured 6'9 without shoes and he isn't grown since then. He is shorter than 6'10 Hakeem Olayuwon. Anyway charles barckey at 6'6 is BS. He is legit 6'5 nothing more.
RisingForce said on 15/Apr/14
I'm not going on assumptions, I'm go with how Barkley looks, and he looks 6'5.5" minimum to me. And he looked a bit taller than Jordan most of the time. A 6'4" range Barkley is a myth he was all too happy to play up. Scottie Pippen should have been listed at 6'9" by that logic. The fact is, he wasn't. He was listed at 6'7" most of his career and 6'8" later. Hell, Kevin Durant is still listed at 6'9", a height he already was barefoot at 18-19, and has likely grown beyond. He should at least be listed at 6'11" like Dwight Howard, but isn't. The fact is your logic doesn't even come close to disproving Barkley at 6'5.5" minimum. If someone actually wants to make the case he's shorter, then post a good amount of comparisons showing it because as of now, there have been countless good comparisons showing him to be 6'5.5" minimum, with the most recent being the Conan one.
Vegas said on 15/Apr/14
Lillo thomas says on 6/Apr/14
Charles barckey looks 6'5 next to conan . Conan isn't a legit 6'4er in the evening. 6'3.5 max.

so what height zach levi then... Click Here

thats levi next to rob and a measured 189cm man next to rob for comparison Click Here
Lillo Thomas said on 14/Apr/14
Rising force that's BS. Charles barckey at 6'6 would be listed at 6'7 -6'8 in the nba . He was listed at 6'6 powerforward in his career.
KROC said on 13/Apr/14
If Barkley is 6'5.5, then so is Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Oh and that would make Julius Erving well over 6'6. Sorry not seeing this. He really doesn't look a strong 6'5 to me.
RisingForce said on 12/Apr/14
Barkley looks closer to 6'6" than 6'5" with Conan. Conan is about 6'4", just look at him a few years back with Dolph Lundgren. I'd believe 6'6" for Barkley before I'd believe he's under 6'5". My guess is Barkley's 6'5.5" claim above was probably about right because he pretty much never looks below 6'5.5" in actual comparisons. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that'd pretty much be the minimum I'd guess him at.
KROC said on 10/Apr/14
He looks 195cm to me. Especially in pictures with Jordan.
Lillo thomas said on 6/Apr/14
Charles barckey looks 6'5 next to conan . Conan isn't a legit 6'4er in the evening. 6'3.5 max.
JT said on 4/Apr/14
Click Here
Gonzalo said on 18/Mar/14
Barkley looking clearly taller than two guys who are in the 1`91-92 area. Truth to be told, Charles is closer to the camera so he gives the impression of being even taller.

Click Here
James said on 16/Mar/14
Solid 6'6" barefoot not straining for added height. Makes "The Rock" look like he's a weak 6-2!"
Ian C. said on 16/Mar/14
Let us assume (because it's fun!) that Barkley has lied about his height. When he was an active player he lied up so that he could be counted as a tall guy with the other tall guys. Then, after he retired, he lied down so that his playing record would seem that much more impressive because of his ostensibly short stature. Anyway, he wasn't six foot five, and he wasn't six foot four. We've got a fix on the guy, right here at Celebrity Heights, which shows you the power of the internet to Bring the People the Truth.
baller said on 21/Feb/14
After jumping and dunking, one will measure lower than night height because of all the compression. If barkley was measured after a day lazing around like most of us, i'm sure he would measure 6'5.5". One common misconception about NBA players is that they stop growing when they get in the nba. They don't. Most grow another inch or 2.
Gonzalo said on 11/Feb/14
Barkley looks huge in lots of the pics posted here (next to Bolt or Gabrielle Reece, next to Novoselic or Brad Garret). If I hadn´t seen him on the court I would have said he was around 6´7.
john86 said on 3/Feb/14
Wow if charles is 6 ft 5 than ufc champ jon jones whos listed at 6 ft 4 in the ufc is clearly much shorter. Click Here Pause at 0:17 sec.
Amix said on 17/Jan/14
He's under 6'5'' for sure,watch charles barkley basketball documentary...
Kyle the Hoop said on 29/Dec/13
In my opinion, Charles Barkley in college used to be as tall as 6'5" to 6'6" tall all of a sudden. He played power forward and center but...he is undersized to rebound of then he dunks sometimes. And now, he is an analyst on TNT with Shaquille O'Neal and he gained a little more weight because he eats krispy kreme
doughnuts and his words said instead of terrible is "turrible."
Joe said on 23/Dec/13
If the Rock is really 6'3'', I can't see how Barkley is anything less than 6'6'' barefoot.
Mathew said on 31/Oct/13
Bolt is 6'4" range and using terrible posture.
dick dastardly said on 30/Oct/13
usain bolt is more like 6'3.5". 6'5" is clearly overestimated for him.

Barkley, recently, interviewed at the david letterman show, said: i am 6'5".
Duhon said on 26/Oct/13
Could this be the final straw to show that Charles is at the very least a full 6'5"? Here he is next to 6'5" Usain Bolt looking very noticeably taller. Click Here
Mathew said on 4/Oct/13
KROC says on 23/Sep/13
Wasn't Michael Jordan measured at 6'4 7/8? If so then Barkley has to be at least 6'5.


That could be true, and many have stated it, but there's still no solid proof of the measurement. The closest thing to a measurement I've seen for Jordan is John Feinstein writing that Pat Riley said MJ was measured barefoot at 6'4.5".
KROC said on 23/Sep/13
Wasn't Michael Jordan measured at 6'4 7/8? If so then Barkley has to be at least 6'5.
Brad said on 5/Sep/13
I had 23 by an inch in '85, correct, The Worm had me by an inch so close enough. Probably Charles as listed.
IR said on 3/Sep/13
Michael Jordan 6' 5"
Charles Barkley 6' 5"
Dennis Rodman 6' 6 1/2"
Lillo Thomas said on 31/Aug/13
Barkley is as listed . In some pics he can look a strong 6-5 . Charles is in the high 6-4 range . Very close to 6-5 .
Lurk said on 21/Aug/13
Those pictures seem pretty conclusive - Barkley and Jordan are the same height, more or less. Though this height for Barkley means that A LOT of other celebs on this site should be slightly downgraded...
Mathew said on 14/Aug/13
The popular opinion on here seems to be that Barkley is more 6'5.5" - 6'6" than 6'4.5" - 6'5" range. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that Barkley is a high 6'4" rather than a weak 6'6".

Pat Riely once said that Jordan was measured at 6'4.5" before he was drafted. Here are a few pics of Barkley next to Jordan. They look fairly similar to me, not much more than a fraction of an inch one way or another:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

And to those who say they look the same height because MJ was also 6'5.5" - 6'6" range, here he is standing beside 6'9" Larry Bird and near 6'7" - 6'7.5" Magic Johnson. I think he's looking pretty much exactly 6'4.5", and at the very most 6'5" flat. Not near 6'6": Click Here
vegas said on 7/Aug/13
Mathew says on 6/Aug/13
Barkley proves that 195 cm is indeed a very tall height. Tons of people look at him and think 6'6", but he's not even a full 6'5" as people have been saying for years.

as i mentioned on another page, if barkley is 195cm or 6'4 flat (as some are now estimating for current height) then the heights listed for the nirvana members are all too much, just for reference rob has novoselic at 6'7, cobain at 5'9 and grohl at 6ft Click Here

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