How tall is Charles Barkley ?

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Charles Barkley's height is 6ft 4.75in (195 cm)

US Basketball Star. In 1997 he said, "I'm 6-4 3/4 [6ft 6] just sounded good coming out of college".. He also said "I claimed to be 6-6 when I played, but I'm only 6-5 1/2".

A salon article said about him: "What's so startling about the numbers is another number: his height of 6-foot-4....In 10th grade, pudgy and merely 5-foot-10, he failed to make his high school varsity squad...A 6-inch growth spurt his senior year led to a scholarship". Another article on Sports Illustrated said: "It was in the run-up to the 1992 Olympics that the world finally learned what the cognoscenti had long suspected -- that Charles Barkley was more like 6-4 5/8 than 6-6, and Magic Johnson closer to 6-7 than 6-9"

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JT says on 24/Apr/14
Dietmar says on 24/Apr/14
The difference between Charles and Conan is about an inch. Conan is probably 6'3.5 in the evening. That would make Charles 6'4.5 inches.

Click Here

That's about a 2 inch difference and Barkley is not even standing as straight as O'Brien. The top of Barkley's head is even above the top of O'Brien's sizable hairdo.
Vegas says on 24/Apr/14
KROC says on 24/Apr/14
Kevin Durant is 6'9 and no more. Dwight Howard is 6'9 and no more.

if howard is 6'9 then explain why he looks as tall as 6'10+ man in that photo JT posted, a full length photo where we can see the ground is level. he is also taller in a photo than kevin durant despite the fact durant is wearing bigger sneakers than howards dress-shoes..

i have serious doubts that Clyde Drexler is taller than barkley
Dietmar says on 24/Apr/14
The difference between Charles and Conan is about an inch. Conan is probably 6'3.5 in the evening. That would make Charles 6'4.5 inches.

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RisingForce says on 24/Apr/14
So to recap, going over this page, using other listings from this site and only full body pics or video, we have Barkley looking close to 2 inches taller than 6'4" Conan, about an inch taller than 6'5" Jordan, between 3-4 inches taller than the Rock who is listed here at 6'3", at least 3 inches taller than 6'3" Garielle Reece, about 6 inches taller than 6'0" Tiger Woods when you consider Tiger's hat and Barkley's slouch. Then there's the Nirvana video where Barkley is just barely shorter than 6'7" Krist Novoselic, 6'0" Dave Grohl's head isn't higher than the bottom of Barkley's nose at best and 5'9" Kurt Cobain looks a full head shorter than Barkley. And while Jon Jones isn't listed here, as Vegas mentioned, he does look close to his 6'4" listing, and Barkley definitely didn't look less than 2 inches shorter. As for Usain Bolt, who is listed at 6'5" here, it wasn't a full body pic, but Barkley was so obviously taller than it's impossible for me to believe they're the same height regardless.

Honestly, Barkley looks 6'6" using heights from this site as a reference, but I can settle on 6'5.5", though not less, and for Barkley's current listing to add up, everyone I mentioned has to be downgraded by an inch. 6'4.75" or even 6'5" just don't make sense. I'd believe 6'5.75", but not 6'4.75".
KROC says on 24/Apr/14
Look I haven't met Jordan in person. But everyone that I've talked to who has, pretty much described him as ABOUT 6'5 or a WEAK 6'5. Lilo Thomas is right. Barkley and Jordan are the same exact height. They're both a fraction below the 6'5 mark. Look at in game photos of them together. Now look at photos of Charles Barkley with LEGIT 6'5.5 Julius Erving. Or Clyde Drexler (6'5.5). No way. Barkley never measures up. Kevin Durant is 6'9 and no more. Dwight Howard is 6'9 and no more. They use to list him as 6'10 but bumped him up to 6'11, claiming he "grew" Maybe the soles in his shoes got thicker... Or maybe they just want to make him seem more intimidating on paper. You be the judge. What makes this all the more entertaining/annoying is that you guys throw up crappy pics in order to prove your point. Your just gonna have to do better. Conan isn't even the full 6'4 IMO. I've seen Usain Bolt in person. No way is he a legit 6'5. Not even 195. To sum this up if Barkley was the height you say then the NBA would have listed him at 6'7. Just like Julius Erving. Just like Clyde Drexler. Just like Rick Fox and countless other 6'5.5 measured players. Why should Barkley be the exception? Explain that.
JT says on 17/Apr/14
Barkley is around an inch taller than Jordan Click Here and is at or very close to 6’6”. I’ve seen several pictures and video of Barkley looking around 4 inches taller than Marcus Allen, whom I’ve seen up close and is around 6’2”.

Pat Ewing was at least 6’11” as he had Olajwon by no less than an inch Click Here

Dwight Howard is not 6’9” but closer to 6’10” Click Here Chris Bosh measured 6’10.25” Click Here Howard clearly grew some more since being measured at 6’9”.
Duhon says on 16/Apr/14
Charles Barkley looks a STRONG 6'5" next to almost every other 6'4"/6"5" person that has had their picture taken with him. I'm still not sure How Usain Bolt can be listed at 6'5" here but Barkley at 6'4.75" when he looked a good inch taller in their photo together?

People have to understand barkley is one of the few athletes/celebs who consistently downplays his height.
Lillo thomas says on 16/Apr/14
Rising force michael jordan wasn't shorter that barckey . Michael jordan in some pics looked actually a bit taller than charles . In reality both guys are the same height. Scottie pippen was sometimes listed at 6'7 and sometimes he was listed at 6'8 . In reality he is between the 2 heights 6'7.5 . Most guys in the nba are shorter than listed but Scottie pippen wasn't . He is a legit 6'7.5 Kevin durant is a legit 6'9 and not more . He is one of the few guys in the nba today listed as his barefoot height . He is 2 inches taller than lebron james. And lebron james is 6'7.25 barefoot. Dwilght Howard was measured 6'9 without shoes and he isn't grown since then. He is shorter than 6'10 Hakeem Olayuwon. Anyway charles barckey at 6'6 is BS. He is legit 6'5 nothing more.
RisingForce says on 15/Apr/14
I'm not going on assumptions, I'm go with how Barkley looks, and he looks 6'5.5" minimum to me. And he looked a bit taller than Jordan most of the time. A 6'4" range Barkley is a myth he was all too happy to play up. Scottie Pippen should have been listed at 6'9" by that logic. The fact is, he wasn't. He was listed at 6'7" most of his career and 6'8" later. Hell, Kevin Durant is still listed at 6'9", a height he already was barefoot at 18-19, and has likely grown beyond. He should at least be listed at 6'11" like Dwight Howard, but isn't. The fact is your logic doesn't even come close to disproving Barkley at 6'5.5" minimum. If someone actually wants to make the case he's shorter, then post a good amount of comparisons showing it because as of now, there have been countless good comparisons showing him to be 6'5.5" minimum, with the most recent being the Conan one.
Vegas says on 15/Apr/14
Lillo thomas says on 6/Apr/14
Charles barckey looks 6'5 next to conan . Conan isn't a legit 6'4er in the evening. 6'3.5 max.

so what height zach levi then... Click Here

thats levi next to rob and a measured 189cm man next to rob for comparison Click Here
Lillo Thomas says on 14/Apr/14
Rising force that's BS. Charles barckey at 6'6 would be listed at 6'7 -6'8 in the nba . He was listed at 6'6 powerforward in his career.
KROC says on 13/Apr/14
If Barkley is 6'5.5, then so is Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Oh and that would make Julius Erving well over 6'6. Sorry not seeing this. He really doesn't look a strong 6'5 to me.
mma fan says on 13/Apr/14
As I said before Charles Barkley is no less than 6'5.5 We can not downgrade everyone to say he is 6'4.75
RisingForce says on 12/Apr/14
Barkley looks closer to 6'6" than 6'5" with Conan. Conan is about 6'4", just look at him a few years back with Dolph Lundgren. I'd believe 6'6" for Barkley before I'd believe he's under 6'5". My guess is Barkley's 6'5.5" claim above was probably about right because he pretty much never looks below 6'5.5" in actual comparisons. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that'd pretty much be the minimum I'd guess him at.
KROC says on 10/Apr/14
He looks 195cm to me. Especially in pictures with Jordan.
Red183 says on 10/Apr/14
Lillo thomas says on 6/Apr/14
Charles barckey looks 6'5 next to conan . Conan isn't a legit 6'4er in the evening. 6'3.5 max.

In JT´s left pic Barkley has 2" on Conan,in the right at least 1.5". Conan isn´t max 6´3.5" in the evening he´s minimum 6´3.5" and usually more like 6´3.75"-6´4".

There´s no chance that Barkley is less than a very solid 6´5".
Lillo thomas says on 6/Apr/14
Charles barckey looks 6'5 next to conan . Conan isn't a legit 6'4er in the evening. 6'3.5 max.
Red183 says on 5/Apr/14
JT says on 4/Apr/14
Click Here

THX this should finally put an end to the 6´4.75" nonsense

No less than 6´5.5" there
JT says on 4/Apr/14
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Gonzalo says on 18/Mar/14
Barkley looking clearly taller than two guys who are in the 1`91-92 area. Truth to be told, Charles is closer to the camera so he gives the impression of being even taller.

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James says on 16/Mar/14
Solid 6'6" barefoot not straining for added height. Makes "The Rock" look like he's a weak 6-2!"
Ian C. says on 16/Mar/14
Let us assume (because it's fun!) that Barkley has lied about his height. When he was an active player he lied up so that he could be counted as a tall guy with the other tall guys. Then, after he retired, he lied down so that his playing record would seem that much more impressive because of his ostensibly short stature. Anyway, he wasn't six foot five, and he wasn't six foot four. We've got a fix on the guy, right here at Celebrity Heights, which shows you the power of the internet to Bring the People the Truth.
Jake says on 12/Mar/14
Ya I agree I would give Barkley 6'5-'6'5.5 range. Look at him next to Usain Bolt who's not shorter than 6'5. He's noticeably taller, and also much taller than The Rock.
Jake says on 11/Mar/14
Rob, is a full 6'5 for Barkley okay? He looks more 6'5 than 6'4.
[Editor Rob: it might be he was measured just shy of 6ft 5 once, or maybe didn't stand as tall? Generally he does look a 6ft 5 guy.]
baller says on 21/Feb/14
After jumping and dunking, one will measure lower than night height because of all the compression. If barkley was measured after a day lazing around like most of us, i'm sure he would measure 6'5.5". One common misconception about NBA players is that they stop growing when they get in the nba. They don't. Most grow another inch or 2.
Gonzalo says on 11/Feb/14
Barkley looks huge in lots of the pics posted here (next to Bolt or Gabrielle Reece, next to Novoselic or Brad Garret). If I hadn´t seen him on the court I would have said he was around 6´7.
john86 says on 3/Feb/14
Wow if charles is 6 ft 5 than ufc champ jon jones whos listed at 6 ft 4 in the ufc is clearly much shorter. Click Here Pause at 0:17 sec.
Amix says on 17/Jan/14
He's under 6'5'' for sure,watch charles barkley basketball documentary...
Kyle the Hoop says on 29/Dec/13
In my opinion, Charles Barkley in college used to be as tall as 6'5" to 6'6" tall all of a sudden. He played power forward and center but...he is undersized to rebound of then he dunks sometimes. And now, he is an analyst on TNT with Shaquille O'Neal and he gained a little more weight because he eats krispy kreme
doughnuts and his words said instead of terrible is "turrible."
Joe says on 23/Dec/13
If the Rock is really 6'3'', I can't see how Barkley is anything less than 6'6'' barefoot.
Mathew says on 31/Oct/13
Bolt is 6'4" range and using terrible posture.
dick dastardly says on 30/Oct/13
usain bolt is more like 6'3.5". 6'5" is clearly overestimated for him.

Barkley, recently, interviewed at the david letterman show, said: i am 6'5".
Duhon says on 26/Oct/13
Could this be the final straw to show that Charles is at the very least a full 6'5"? Here he is next to 6'5" Usain Bolt looking very noticeably taller. Click Here
Mathew says on 4/Oct/13
KROC says on 23/Sep/13
Wasn't Michael Jordan measured at 6'4 7/8? If so then Barkley has to be at least 6'5.


That could be true, and many have stated it, but there's still no solid proof of the measurement. The closest thing to a measurement I've seen for Jordan is John Feinstein writing that Pat Riley said MJ was measured barefoot at 6'4.5".
KROC says on 23/Sep/13
Wasn't Michael Jordan measured at 6'4 7/8? If so then Barkley has to be at least 6'5.
mma fan says on 12/Sep/13
After seeing all his pictures and videos, I believe his 6'5"1/2 claim sounds to be more realistic
Brad says on 5/Sep/13
I had 23 by an inch in '85, correct, The Worm had me by an inch so close enough. Probably Charles as listed.
IR says on 3/Sep/13
Michael Jordan 6' 5"
Charles Barkley 6' 5"
Dennis Rodman 6' 6 1/2"
Lillo Thomas says on 31/Aug/13
Barkley is as listed . In some pics he can look a strong 6-5 . Charles is in the high 6-4 range . Very close to 6-5 .
Red183 says on 28/Aug/13
Mathew says on 14/Aug/13
The popular opinion on here seems to be that Barkley is more 6'5.5" - 6'6" than 6'4.5" - 6'5" range. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that Barkley is a high 6'4" rather than a weak 6'6"


Sorry, but all your pics in this post are useless for exact height comparison because of bad postures or bad angles.

Click Here
Here´re Jordan and Barkley straight with a good camera angle and Barkley is about an inch taller.

Jordan at 6´4.5" is ok but Barkley is really closer to 6´5.5"
Lurk says on 21/Aug/13
Those pictures seem pretty conclusive - Barkley and Jordan are the same height, more or less. Though this height for Barkley means that A LOT of other celebs on this site should be slightly downgraded...
Mathew says on 14/Aug/13
The popular opinion on here seems to be that Barkley is more 6'5.5" - 6'6" than 6'4.5" - 6'5" range. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that Barkley is a high 6'4" rather than a weak 6'6".

Pat Riely once said that Jordan was measured at 6'4.5" before he was drafted. Here are a few pics of Barkley next to Jordan. They look fairly similar to me, not much more than a fraction of an inch one way or another:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

And to those who say they look the same height because MJ was also 6'5.5" - 6'6" range, here he is standing beside 6'9" Larry Bird and near 6'7" - 6'7.5" Magic Johnson. I think he's looking pretty much exactly 6'4.5", and at the very most 6'5" flat. Not near 6'6": Click Here
Red183 says on 7/Aug/13
Rob, do you still think peak Hogan was 1.25 inches taller than Barkley?
I mean all evidence over the past 2 years shows Barkley was clearly up to an inch taller.

Maybe the 6´4.75" was a bad measurement, bad posture or something.
For now I go with 6´5.5" for Barkley, wich means peak Hogan was barely 6´5" or closer to 6´4.5".
[Editor Rob: barkley I think was measured just shy of 6ft 5, but maybe he didn't stand as well and is really 6ft 5 range, Hogan I think lost height starting much earlier than most with all the impact on his joints]
vegas says on 7/Aug/13
Mathew says on 6/Aug/13
Barkley proves that 195 cm is indeed a very tall height. Tons of people look at him and think 6'6", but he's not even a full 6'5" as people have been saying for years.

as i mentioned on another page, if barkley is 195cm or 6'4 flat (as some are now estimating for current height) then the heights listed for the nirvana members are all too much, just for reference rob has novoselic at 6'7, cobain at 5'9 and grohl at 6ft Click Here
Mathew says on 6/Aug/13
Barkley proves that 195 cm is indeed a very tall height. Tons of people look at him and think 6'6", but he's not even a full 6'5" as people have been saying for years.
Red183 says on 6/Aug/13
Click Here

Putting a mid eighties Gene O. at 5´7", after peak Andre looks still very near 6´11" standing straight.
Red183 says on 6/Aug/13
Rob I´m curious, wich height would you list Gene O. at?
[Editor Rob: maybe 5ft 7ish]
Red183 says on 6/Aug/13
JT says on 5/Aug/13
Gene at 5’8” barefoot (5’9” in shoes) puts 6’8” Karl Malone right where he should be.

I think Malone could stand visible taller in this pic, Gene at 5´8" would put Flair at 6ft in 95, thats a bit to much.

Barkley is closer to 6´5.5" imo, Gene closer to 5´7" than 5´6.5" in 95 ( 5´7.5" peak ), Flair wasn´t over 5´11".
JT says on 5/Aug/13
Click Here

If Mean Gene is 5’6 ½”, Hogan is struggling to hit 6’4” and Andre 6’9”.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Gene would not have lost that much height between the 1980s and 1990s. He also lost a good amount of weight during this time period.

Gene at 5’8” barefoot (5’9” in shoes) puts 6’8” Karl Malone right where he should be. Click Here

Barkley’s around an inch taller than Jordan and Jordan is not less than 6’5”.
Sam says on 5/Aug/13
Barkley used to live near my parents back when he was on the Sixers...I never saw him personally but my dad saw him walking around the block and said he was maybe a little taller than him. My dad is 6'4" (a bit under now).
Red183 says on 3/Aug/13
Click Here

Putting Barkley at 6´5" flat in 1995 means

56 year old Gene O was 5´6.5"
46 year old Ric Flair was 5´10.5"

Sounds legit imo, Barkley is a 6´5" guy
JT says on 2/Aug/13
Click Here Tiger Woods is a legit 6’0”. Rob has Gabrielle Reece at 6’3”
Lillo Thomas says on 31/Jul/13
Yup. He is 6-6 but with shoes on .
miko says on 31/Jul/13
Barkley is 6'6 it's so clear to see.
JT says on 30/Jul/13
Click Here
Click Here
Mouse says on 24/Jul/13
Interesting twitter photo of the Rock with Charles Barkley and Shaq.
Duhon says on 28/Jun/13
Rob, what would it take for you to bump up charles to a full 6'5"? In most pictures he comes off as a strong 6'5"+ and i don't believe he ever really did look shorter than Michael Jordan who have here at 6'5" now.
[Editor Rob: maybe he's one guy who got measured just under 6ft 5 and went with it...then another time got measured standing a bit better as 6ft 5.5 (or a bit earlier).]
Lillo Thomas says on 18/Jun/13
The rock is 6-2 at best .charles barckey owned him by atleast 3 inches . 3.5 inches .
Lillo Thomas says on 17/Jun/13
James If you are 6-4.5 in shoes that means you are in the 6-3 range barefoot . Charles barckey being 2 inches taller than you make sense . He is a legit 6-5 and 6-6 in shoes . Maybe a tad taller than 6-6 with some shoes .
El Mariachi says on 16/Jun/13
6'5 1/2" in the morning and 6'4 3/4" in the evening is what his height is. He just rounded his morning height to 6'6" when he went to the NBA.
James says on 15/Jun/13
I recently saw "Sir Charles" in Atlanta. He is one of the few (past) NBA players that undersells his height. No way that he's under a full 6'6" flat and likely a full 6'7" in shoes. I'm 6'4.5" in shoes and he had me by an easy 2 inches. I recently saw a picture of Charles with "The Rock" and Charles utterly dwarfed him! I have to believe that "The Rock" is 6'3," at the very best straight out of bed in the morning. I've heard him claim 6'5" and there's absolutely no way unless he wears Marilyn Manson shoes!
Johno says on 9/Jun/13
Shorter then Jordan
El Mariachi says on 27/May/13
Charles Barkley is 6'5".
Dionysos says on 26/May/13
JT, I saw the pic with Barkley, The Rock and O'Neal and I must say that the Rock looks like a midget beside Barkley. So 6'2" would be the height of the Rock maximum and I don't know why he is listed as 6'3" on CelebHeights. Barkley by the way is a legit 6'5".
cold says on 19/May/13
Not true, guinness doesnt measure anything... they goes with billed height, i remember haystacks was listed 6'11 in some old book, but we know he was never above 6'5. And two of their recently listed tallest dogs was also wrongly listed. "giant george" 43 inches (he was 39) and gibson 42.2 (he was 37-38) just to give you some example!
Dejavu says on 14/May/13
He is a bit under 6'6.
Jer1 says on 2/May/13
I think he actually is 6-6. I got interested in his height after I saw a pic that JT posted where he absolutely towered over the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) and that didn't make any sense to me because I always assumed that Barkley was 6-4 and the Rock has always been listed as 6-3. Off to Google Images I went and I have to say that Charles is taller than I thought previously (and the Rock must be shorter). Shaq is obviously way bigger in their pics together, but not to the extent like you would expect if Charles was only 6-4. I think the 6-6 range makes a lot of sense and there was even an old mug shot of him pushing 6-8 but that was probably in shoes.
Red 183 says on 26/Apr/13
Rob, all that talk about 6´4"range seems really awkward, chance for crazy talk/ misleading of the people?

He never looks under 6´5.5" to me in all pics and vids I´ve seen, often he comes out at 6´6".

Chance for upgrade?
JT says on 23/Apr/13
Click Here
Xhavier says on 9/Apr/13
For most Basketball players, take their listed height and remove 1,5 inches and you will have much closer to their true height.

For those that are over 7ft, usually there is not much tampering with their height and they get listed at their true heights.

Example: Manute Bol was 7ft 6.75 in, they listed him at 7ft 7in. Had they listed him at 7ft 9in, Guiness World Records would have refuted it, since they also measured, Mr. Bol.

Basketball players (at all levels) height's are measured first without their shoes and then with them, their listed height is based on their height with shoes rounded to the nearest inch.

In his book, I May Be Wrong but I Doubt It, Barkley states his 6ft 4.75in height. This is consistent with his US Olympic 1992 Measurement, and with his previous statements. Also it is identical to Michael Jordan's measurement and Jordan himself stated in a video that they were the same height.

So at 6ft 4.75in, he is still taller than 99.5% of the world population.
Jason says on 29/Jan/13
Same height as former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis.
Damon says on 14/Dec/12
He's gigantic on TV. 6'6 seems accurate
Red says on 10/Dec/12
6´5.5" looks more realistic than 6´4.75"
r says on 12/Aug/12
GUY says on 14/Jun/12
Vegas says on 13/Jun/12
barkley was noticeably taller than 6'4 ufc listed jon jones recently on tv, jones looks around same height as steven seagal Click Here

Hard to say for sure. Jones never stands right next to Barkley but a step ahead of him. Take a look starting at 2:15 and watch how the camera raises up for a high shot and Jones appears to shrink before our eyes, and then it slowly comes back down where he appears to grow again. If there's a high shot and Jones is standing in front, he'll appear shorter than he should next to those behind him.
jtm says on 13/Jun/12
welcome back vegas.
Vegas says on 13/Jun/12
barkley was noticeably taller than 6'4 ufc listed jon jones recently on tv, jones looks around same height as steven seagal Click Here
Robo says on 12/Jun/12
There is actually a very good reason to lie down about your height (at least in the beginning). When a player is listed as a 6'4" and then you actually play against him and he's really 6'6'', that will intimidate some players.
Marcus says on 12/Jun/12
I am 6' 4 7/8 without shoes. I recently ran into barkley at the all-star game. Chuck was clearly ttmy height with
Bill says on 9/Jun/12
People lie be they Athletic directors, PR reps or players themselves. Usually up, it sounds better and promotes interest or adds to the lore. I've met Charles a few times, on Philly's Mainline back in the day, and he appears larger than he is, I was surprised to find out I was taller than he, I'm 6'5". The man says he's 6-4 5/8 and having seen it for myself I'd say that's about right.
Mr. R says on 7/Jun/12
I saw him at an airport in Phoenix years ago. Btw 6-4 and 6-5.
OnionHeadHat says on 5/Jun/12
That's gotta be the worst mugshot I've ever seen- I've seen shots on SNL better than that one! Barkley's mugshot was in 1997- why does it look like he's a depression-era gangster; "What Ah, Al Capone?" Can't you just hear him saying it?

Mask listed the International Standard earlier- not the old "great, great grandpa had his thumb on the scale the whole time and the tourist didn't even know" standards but the ones measured with a meterstick standardized by vacuum sealed platinum in the "Happiest city in the world"--Paris France!

I know, what have they done for me lately, but, it's platinum... in a vacuum! It doesn't matter if it's sealed in a drum 500' below downtown Cincinnati-- well, bad example- but you get the idea; the platinum bar is the same length either way, regardless of the GeoPolitical chess match being dueled outside the vault. I am 6'4" or 193 cm. Ok, it's 193.02 or .04 cm depending on how the conversion calculator (Click Here) works it but anyway- Barkley is 194 cm so he's just 2 hundredths of an inch shy of 6'4 2/5".

Oh yeah, and he was built like a heavy steel spring loaded, body armor clad Marine... with, shall we say, a single-minded nature? He spiked the ball off of 7'1/4" and ~ 310 lb Shaquille O'Neil's big round dome in 1999 and just stood there looking at him like "That's right, you big brown bear- now whattchoo gon do about it?" The man did not know how to quit on the floor, and maybe a little bit off the floor too, but he was a singular talent with a singular personality. And now the personality is blossoming nicely in his old age.
jtm says on 6/Feb/12
sudeikis is not even close to 6'2. look at him next to scottie pippen.
LG69 says on 27/Jan/12
I saw his "mugshot" picture, and he is at 6'8" exactly. Of course, that has to be with shoes on, but that would likely be 1"or2" at most. I think Barkley is a 6'6" the very least 6'5.5"

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes by the actors themselves in interviews, resumes or articles.

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