How tall is Rob Paul

Rob Paul's Height

5ft 8in (173 cm)

I created in 2004 and have been working on it ever since. I take photos with celebrities at Signing Events and Conventions because the ground is flat. Street photos are much harder to use for height comparisons, and most celebrities really don't want pestered when out and about their daily business!

I'm 5ft 8 barefoot, or to be precise, 5ft 8 and 1/8th at night. Out of bed I measure roughly 5ft 8.8. For some some height-related videos (both educational and amusing) check out our Youtube channel. As of 2017 I weigh 183 pounds and still stand tall at a comfortable 5ft 8.

The Faq answers some common queries, but if you've got a question about height that isn't necessarily celebrity-related, best asking it here. Time-willing, I'll answer as much as I can. I appreciate every visitor and if you spot any mistakes or discover any new celebrity height quotes do please add a comment letting me know.

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5ft 8.32in (173.5cm)
Nik said on 28/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell

๐Ÿ˜ก Error Report! ๐Ÿ˜ก

Sorry the w**** should have been w***!
Nik said on 27/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Hi Sandy!

Unfortunately it looks like things are no better for my Mum in terms of her upper legs and lower back, we have been to the doctors twice now and although everything was better when she took her first dose of stronger tablets they most certainly are not now. One thing the doctor did say though was that it might take a few weeks for her to get better and thankfully my Mum is positive about things. She is certainly fed up now with it all though and things always seem to be worse when she gets back up on her feet after having been sat down or after she has been lying down.
In your last main comment you mentioned about what I had said about **** and **** being all over the place recently when Jasmin stayed with my Mum and I, and you wanted me to clarify what the **** and **** were. Well I can tell you that those words were s*** and p*** (or w***)! S*ck wasn't one of the words on this occasion, although it has been before now!
You told me that you had shown my previous comment to your brother, I hope he enjoyed reading it and there is no harm in finding humour with things concerning lavatorial behaviour! It's good to find things funny, whatever it is, at any age. I ought to have grown out of things like this at 40 years of age, but I am having a second wind! It's probably since I knew Jasmin! - which is around 8 years now!
I don't know if you saw the picture of Topsy the cat with Rob and Jenny through the link Rob provided at the bottom of my last main comment, also I will send send a picture of Jasmin through sometime, when I have learnt how to do this! I know that you and Rob would like to see her and maybe some other site members would like to see her too! She looks cute at the moment because her hair has been cut really short, in fact she looks like a little lamb! However, she of course, acts like a dog! Mark came round with her this morning and she ran straight out into the garden and had a ๐Ÿ’ฉ!
Yes when Jasmin kept farting in the living room we should have moved the dog and the dogs bed somewhere else, the patio door and the back garden would have been a quick and suitable destination! You accept your pets or your family pets the way they are, obviously the worry over standing in something a bit dodgy is a small price to pay like you said.
It's good to see that Mike Reid has now got his own page, I really never knew that he was as tall as 6'1" and I thought he was only slightly tall, like 5'10"! Obviously I was wrong! I liked your comment on his page and I remember, as a child, seeing him turning up to see Pat at the door naked (or virtually naked) with only his privates concealed! It's the first thing I thought of when I saw that he had been given a page on this website!
I would like to see "big gob" Jeremy Kyle have his own page, I can't believe he hasn't got one, hopefully one day he will get one though! I have a feeling that Jeremy Kyle would be interested in finding out about having a page on this site, I think he would get to know some how or other if he did get his own page on here.
As I have told you I support Leeds United, which can be a chore nowadays to be truthful. Leeds have fallen on hard times since the good old days, which were probably around the time when we lost to Chelsea in one of the first matches you ever saw. Now Leeds are no longer one of the best teams and have little money due to the financial meltdown that the club has suffered in the last 15 years, I am not holding out much hope of them getting to the FA cup final next year! ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
My team should be back playing sides like your boyfriends team, Arsenal! Make no mistake about it I know Arsenal are a bigger club than my team are but Leeds should be in the premiership. Leeds are much more of Arsenal's stature than most of the teams in their own division for instance, but due to poor club management they have not been able to get back into the top division. I remain hopeful off Leeds getting back amongst the elite and at least they have shown some signs of recovery this season.
I hope your boyfriends lucky bracelet works it's wonders in the cup final which will be kicking of shortly, as I am writing this message. It's the showpiece match in the English football calendar and there is so much vested interest for you and your boyfriend in this match! We will find out in the next 2 hours whether they have been successful in winning the FA cup or not, and once this comment is published we will know the outcome!
I think it's good that Matt Lucas does not give a stuff about his own appearance! I hope he encourages everyone else to accept themselves as they are. The only way someone's appearance should be a problem is if it is threatening to their health but even then they should receive understanding and support from everyone.
It has been really warm where I live too in the previous few days, in fact at times it has been sweltering but today the weather has not been like that all, it has been very ordinary! What temperatures have you experienced down in the South East? Connor Simpson posted a message on here yesterday saying that temperatures had got to between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius in Doncaster, it will no doubt have been similar to that where I live with me only living about 20 miles away from him! Is it still really warm in the London area now?
It sounded like an interesting day when you and your friend payed Bob Harris a visit. Has he got a page on here and how tall do you think he was?
Finally with a 2-1 Arsenal win and and the FA cup trophy it looks like it has been a damn good day for your boyfriend and yourself! Obviously his bracelet has proved to be a lucky omen again! I didn't publish this comment before the end of the match as I had to break off! Thanks for your wishes concerning my Mum too.

Csimpson 6ft said on 27/May/17
Rob ive been measured on a stadiometer today at 1pm but it was placed outside on grass and it only measured me at 5'11 3/4 and this was from being out of bed when it was 8am, do you think because of the stadiometer being on grass it may have undermeasured me by a 1/4 inch less than my actual height?

Heres the stadiometer:

Click Here

Also my girlfriend got measured on it aswell and it said she is supposedly 5'10 but she looks no where near it with me, she was barefeet and flat on her heels when she got measured aswell, it seems really odd that it under measured me and over measured her, in this pic she looks more like 5'8 range because of 1 inch footwear advantage so shes probably a good 5'7er barefeet and i was 6'1 and i was wearing 1 inch boots.

Heres the pic of me and my gf:

Click Here

What do you think?
Editor Rob: unfortunately the picture links didn't seem to could always try as an alternative.

If you measure on grass, it can have potential to cause a slight undermeasurement, but not a big amount, just a little.
Michael R said on 27/May/17
Rob is the average height inflated on celeb heights a bit
Editor Rob: it's always worth bookmarking This page to see the progression of average heights based on year of birth.

American average has definitely stagnated and may well regress another fraction or so over the next 20 years.

At roughly 6ft 2 you should never have any feelings of shortness through life, you will be taller than well over 95% of people in America.
Johnson said on 27/May/17
@MJKoP the problem with Rob is that he is 173.1

5'8 is 172.7
5'8.25 is 173.4

I think he is closer of 5'8.25, but we should agree that one cannot be considered 5'8.25 until he reaches the 173.4 figure. So Rob considers 5'8 is valid for a person measuring from 172.7 to 173.3. That is the case of Rob

Also, Rob's stadiometer gives 0.3 mm more because of an error. People seeing videos of Rob measuring 173.4 can fool us to think he is a real 5'8.25, plus he has videos of morning height
Editor Rob: the stadiometer definitely doesn't help with the 1/8th error, gives a false sense of being more above 5ft 8 than reality.
Ben said on 27/May/17
How tall would you list me as Rob? :)
I had been awake for 6 hours, the clock was 2:15pm :)

Click Here
Editor Rob: you could fool people in person that you were 5ft 11 I'd bet...but it would depend how you looked and with others.

If you were on User heights, 5ft 10.75 isn't unreasonable to give you...
Blake said on 27/May/17
Oh yh and in regards to your response to me asking about me finding out about my parents growth my dad knew he had stopped very early 13-14 my mum grew abit during 14-16 apparently? My sister stopped at 11 roughly for height she was quite tall till that point. So I don't know what that indicates as I remember when I first came on the site I was around 5 ft 6 1 year and three quarters ago my armspan even though I thought it was 5 ft 11 initially was actually 5 ft 9.5 as I mismeasured now it is around 2 inches longer. Since I kept growing past 14 by a noticeable amount I don't think my growth pattern is similar to fathers so I will have to see what happens I have 1 year and 7 months till im 18 to see what happens. I would say that one thing I do know is that my armspan and leg length are definitely above average for someone 5 ft 8
World Citizen said on 27/May/17

I was also 15 years old when I stopped growing, it's uncommon but certainly not rare for boys.
World Citizen said on 27/May/17
Hey Rob in your youtube video named "obsessed with height" How tall was that woman who was outside with you? 5 ft 7.25?
Editor Rob: she is a sister, 5ft 5 and half usually, sometimes a bit below that or a bit over depending on time of day.
Blake said on 27/May/17
Rob, do some people actually only shrink a 1cm or half inch or is it just they are not exerting themselves so they can measure taller?
Editor Rob: To have an average of close to 2cm, a proportion will only shrink half inch, whilst you will have people shrinking 1-1.25 inches.

The discs are made up of nearly 90% water content, so maybe some people have better disc nutrition, hydration.

As you age the overall shrinkage can become smaller too. I'd expect more people over 60 only losing half inch compared to those age 20.
Ben said on 27/May/17
Rob, don't you get tired of people saying they feel short at 6'2"(188) or 6'(183) or whatever? They are probably not even 6'and by probably I mean it's a 99.9% chance they are not even close to be 6' or more ...

I'm 179 and I can feel tall Sweden....
Heck, if you're 5'9- 5'10" then you're a strong above average guy in 40% of the world and in the other 69% you will be considered tall. Maybe, just maybe, you can feel short in the remaining 1%.

And some people are saying 6' is not that tall anymore? Ha! The average has been going DOWN since the 80's and is still getting shorter in all countries!
Editor Rob: I'd expect over half the people on the web claiming to be a certain height, will be fibbing.

Some people who are genuinely 6ft to 6ft 2 and feel short may suffer from some form of mental issue. Of course many who say such things are attempting a troll...always bear that in mind and don't lose any sleep over it!
spainmen192cm said on 27/May/17
Rob, the other day the traumatologist order me an X-Ray of my low back. And today when she saw it, she aprreciate that I have the growth bone still open, and she confirmed me I would grow more! Its strange because Im already 21. Im currently 192cm to be exact between 6ft3.5-75 range. Do you think there is a chance to hit the 6ft4 mark?
She also recommend me to be very active and to do abdominal exercises and swimming for my back.
Editor Rob: if you haven't gained anything within last 6 months, I'd say the odds are decreasing.
Sandy Cowell said on 27/May/17
@ Nik - What does the w**** refer to?!!! ๐Ÿ˜

I need another clue!
Cheers! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Nik said on 27/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

My Mum was given some stronger tablets by the doctor and now she has started taking them, hopefully the pain will now ease off but we will have to wait a few days until the tablets have taken full effect.

I actually support Leeds United who are arch rivals of Man Utd! My eldest brother Steve and 2 of my cousins support Man Utd!

The **** and **** refer to s*** and p*** (or w****)!

The weather has been really warm in a variety of different outposts in the UK including Scotland, Wales, South East England, and West Yorkshire!

I will reply with my main comment soon!

I hope you and your boyfriend have a great weekend and enjoy the cup final!

MJKoP said on 26/May/17
Rob, 212 people give you an average estimate of 0.9 cms higher than a flat 5'8" Consider upgrading yourself to 5'8.25"? :)
Editor Rob: technically I (and many) will think of me as a little over 5ft 8, if I was able to do 1/8th listings properly I'd stick with that.
Sandy Cowell said on 26/May/17
@ Johan - I would be interested to know where you're from! I'm from England and live in the outskirts of London, which is south of where Rob lives in Scotland! England and Scotland are part of the United Kingdom, as you probably know!
Sandy Cowell said on 26/May/17
@ Nik - Thanks for the update on your Mum.
The stronger painkillers should help her manage her day-to-day activities. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the pain eases off and goes completely. What you said about her straining her back when you were out seems highly likely. There's every possibility that it goes back to normal, touch wood. I do hope so.
Have a good weekend, all of you!
Maybe Leeds United will be in the Cup Final next year! One of the first matches I ever saw was Chelsea versus Leeds, when I was 7, which I watched with my Mum. Chelsea won!
Bye for now, Nik! ๐Ÿ‘ โšฝ ๐Ÿ™‹ ๐Ÿ˜„
Adijos said on 26/May/17
I like you Rob. You are a nice and sympathetic person, I see it after your posts โ˜บ
Editor Rob: we all have flaws, but can strive to improve ourselves. It's never too late, even small changes can go a long way.

One thing is that even though we are all here out of some interest in celebrity height, it gets us nowhere by being upset over other estimates that don't fit our own.
mjkzero said on 26/May/17
Hey rob Im 5ft10 Would I be correct in saying the female equivalent of my height would be 5ft5
andre said on 26/May/17
now i take zinc piccolinate 22mg and Ashwagandha or called indian ginseng im taking it in pills it heal many probles and is famous in makinh childrens growth now i started doing you exercises from youtube let see if i can growth, im 25 166cm barefoot at night and 77kg lets see if i can growth or not hugs
Editor Rob: with many people, doing some routines may well improve their posture to a maximum so that they measure a little taller...

plus, the routine might also help spinal health and the discs ability to rehydrate or retain water. They are nearly 90% liquid, so dehydration will mean your body uses up water from soft tissues, including discs.
Csimpson 6ft said on 26/May/17
I personally dont like humid weather, its been too f**king hot where i live! In Bentley/Doncaster it is 25ยฐC but it was 30ยฐC yesterday! ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ๐Ÿ˜ฐ
Blake said on 26/May/17
Rob, does heat like today it is fairly hot effects things like height? It didn't really effect my height unless it was why I was possibly at my low at about 2pm today
Editor Rob: if it makes your body more dehydrated, maybe it can have a tiny effect.
Nik said on 26/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

Your comment and Scarlett Roses's comment on Madonna's page were very amusing too!

Have a great weekend mate! I hope Arsenal deliver the goods tomorrow!
Blake said on 26/May/17
Rob what is the quickest time you've gotten to your low? I just measured 10 minutes ago at about half 1 I woke up at 6 and was out by 7:15 and got back now no water and a rucksack on and measured about 173.5 would that be fair to say as my low?
Editor Rob: I have tested this last year, was up at 5.30, then off to do a kitchen ceiling 11am I was at my low on coming home. Any type of job involving rotation or strain on spine can accelerate how fast we get to our low.
Johan said on 26/May/17
Arch Stanton said on 25/May/17
Phew it's roasting today, if I spent any longer in the sun I'd start to look like that Italian fella Andrea LOL.
Editor Rob: in my house I have my computer in the living room against a wall that doesn't get much outside it's 25, inside about 19...

25ยฐC ? is that warm were you guys are? here it is 32ยฐC and really nice .
Editor Rob: yes, any day over 20 is warm here!
justbringit said on 26/May/17
hey rob last weeks i appear to drop to my low at a very early hour i think it is because of my daily schedule like sleeping 5-6 hours, waking up working out a bit then showering and go out for a few hours.After laying down tho for a couple of hours i appear taller you think that it is safe to go with the height i measure at that time?
Editor Rob: the body needs 7-8 hours sleep...when you are only getting 5-6 long-term, that can't be a good

Giving a height after 3-4 hours of being awake is perfectly fine I feel...I always say if you want to go with your height first thing, mention it.

Roger Moore even did that, said 6ft 2 first thing in the morning...many people understand we shrink, and those who don't? Well, it's an opportunity to inform...they may well go home and test their own morning height!
Sandy Cowell said on 26/May/17
@ Nik - Hi! I was on Rob's page when your comment about going to the doctor's surgery in 20 minutes popped up! Well, I hope that this time she gets something decent! It's pretty eerie when pain starts up for no apparent reason. At least I know what started mine. I hope they find out what the cause of your Mum's is and do something about it post haste.
I had to tell my brother about your little rant with Jasmin when you came downstairs one morning to find **** and **** all over the place! It is easy to work out what the first **** is, but was the second **** p*** or s*ck? I should think it's probably p***, because you don't get one without the other, leastways not when humans go to the toilet, but when you keep cats, they are forever bringing up hairballs, usually with a few blades of grass thrown in! It is thoroughly unwise to risk going about in my residence without thick slippers on your feet! We can provide litter trays for the **** and ****, which do work most of the time, but it still creates the most ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ˜ตrevolting stench, so they need to be tended to at all hours of the day and night! Many has been the time that I have stomped my way over to a cats' tray, only to find that I've trodden in a hairball on the way! ๐Ÿ˜ค
If Jasmin keeps creating a bad stink in the room that you and your Mum are trying to spend the evening in, why don't you move her bed somewhere else? That's assuming she isn't one of the many dogs that whimpers non-stop without human company! I've even had cats ๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿฑ like that, honest! Ones who have been that way since kittenhood and never grew out of it! The only time these animals give you any peace is when they are out wandering! Even then, I can't relax in case they are in the front garden, for I live in fear of them getting run over. To be honest, I'd sooner have the awful stench, a couple of headache pills, a jar of Vick (yes!), and an open window! Because whether smelly or not, we always love them!
I didn't half think it a cheek that a neighbour of yours had the audacity to try and get you in the ๐Ÿ’ฉ with your Mum, and I was so impressed that she found it funny! We have a piece of misery living right next door!๐Ÿ˜ˆ He is the sort of idiot who has tried to take over the entire street since he moved in! Before him, everything was hunky dory! He is also the noisiest, piece of work imaginable, power-drills on full blast, even on Sunday mornings! I even found him drunk as a skunk in my front garden one evening and he got fresh with me! The dirty basta*d! He must be over 6 feet tall as well! I found his presence repulsive, not because of his height, but because of his persistence - and height, and the fact that he reeked of booze and denied he'd been drinking! He's also the nosiest person ever! ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿ‘บ ๐Ÿ˜
Yes, I think Jeremy Kyle might well have an sideline interest in height! Let's face it, he seems to be interested in everything else, and a man who gets his teeth Hollywood pristine and has had botox injections would have more than a passing interest in height, as it effects how people perceive him!
Now on the other end of the scale, we find Matt Lucus, who doesn't give a toss! He is so funny in that film 'Small Apartments' right from the opening scene! I also used to watch 'Little Britain' and I have some DVD's somewhere! I had no idea that he had made a film with so many A-List film stars until recently!
Last night on the weather reports, they predicted thunderstorms, resulting in a fresher outlook. I don't think it will happen today; it looks as though it's going to be hot and sticky again! Bah to that! Baahhh! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ And bah to Manelia! Guess what she's just done, the pig! ๐Ÿ–๐Ÿ’จ ๐Ÿ˜ท It's putting me off my tea!
Do I remember correctly that you support Man United? I think I remember thinking "Oh! The same as Bob Harris!"
I used to write to him regularly when he had a rock programme on Greater London Radio (GLR), and I went up town with a friend just to loon around one evening and we ended up popping in to see him! He was watching a Man United match and playing records together! He was extremely tall! I couldn't believe my eyes! Also, he had a lot of friendly helpers who recognised my voice over the intercom! Bob used to introduce 'The Old Grey Whistle Test' way back when (it started in the 70's), and anyone who was anyone appeared on it! I have DVD's of the best acts!
Saturday will be an important event for my boyfriend! I bought him an 'Arsenal' bracelet for his birthday - and he claims it's brought good luck their way when he wears it and watches them! He really is football mad, as are you - I can tell! โšฝ
So have a great weekend Nik, enjoy the match, but most importantly, I hope your Mum feels better after today's visit to her doctor! Fingers crossed and everything else, for that matter! ๐Ÿ™…
Bye for now, Nik! ๐Ÿ™‹
Sandy Cowell said on 26/May/17
@ Arch Stanton re: your comment on the hot weather and Andrea!
Very funny! I'm enjoying your bantering with Andrea; you're two of the funniest guys on the site!
Nik said on 26/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell

We are going to the doctors in another 20 minutes!

Michael R said on 26/May/17
Rob how much height gained from 30 minutes of laying down?
Editor Rob: Michael, you might expect 5-6mm.
Matt said on 25/May/17
Rob is it common for a man to lose a solid inch by 51? My dad was 177cm 5'9.5 peak but now seems to be 173-4cm, plus he doesn't look much taller than my other 5'7 brother at night.
Editor Rob: by 50, you might expect a fraction, but an inch is more than the average loss by 51...

health, lifestyle, work can determine if we lose more than average or less.
Adijos said on 25/May/17
Hi again Rob! Thank you for your yesterday answer to my question. I'm stupid to publicly talk about it, but I ask you to write Ian McDiarmid's height as 5'9ยผ "if that's not a problem for you ๐Ÿ˜‰
Editor Rob: I didn't decide on 176, although I haven't ruled it out....that figure is quite arguable.
Blake said on 25/May/17
Rob, is my mums 5 ft 5 height equivalent to 5 ft 10 male? If so is that an indicator I could gain a bit more?
Editor Rob: the best indication would be knowing if any other family members had any noticeable growth at 17-18...unfortunately many people can't remember such things!
Sandy Cowell said on 25/May/17
@ Nik - I laughed so much at parts of your letter that I had pains in my abdomen!
It's 7 o'clock now, so I have Emmerdale, EastEnders and then there should be another Emmerdale! I have to stick with what's on the telly tonight, as my DVD player has been overheating!
What is it with human beings and lavatorial humour? I would have expected that by my age to have grown out of it now, but no! If anything I'm getting worse!
I'll write you a proper comment later, maybe tomorrow. It's been far too hot today! I have my fan on!
I've received some more patches today, and I hope your Mum gets something decent from her doctor too very soon. ๐Ÿ™‹ Laters!
YG said on 25/May/17
Rob, do you have type 1 or type 2 muscle fibers??
Editor Rob: I have never really thought about that.
Matt said on 25/May/17
Rob is your fridge shy from 5'9? Mine is 175-175.1cm and I just clear it by 1/4 in the afternoon, nearly an inch in the morning but obviously my eyes are up to 5'5 so it feels like I'm being towered ๐Ÿ˜‚
Editor Rob: yeah Matt, I remember my fridge was over 5ft 8, but maybe not quite 5ft 9
Arch Stanton said on 25/May/17
Phew it's roasting today, if I spent any longer in the sun I'd start to look like that Italian fella Andrea LOL.
Editor Rob: in my house I have my computer in the living room against a wall that doesn't get much outside it's 25, inside about 19...
Sammy Derrick said on 25/May/17
@Editor Rob What posture should one use to get an accurate height measurement?Should one crane the neck?Bust a gut?Straighten the back?Face forward?
Editor Rob: imagine you are in the Army and are asked to stand to attention...I think that's a good posture, one you are able to hold well.

I'm not sure about bust a some height studies, that is the instruction though to the participant, to breathe in and stand as tall as they can, so we are measuring the maximum height the body can stand up to.
Nik said on 25/May/17
@ Rob

Yes that is a good picture. Thanks for sending it.
Nik said on 25/May/17
@ Rob

You are younger than me by 2 months!
Editor Rob: I don't think of age much, the numbers creep up on you though.
Nik said on 25/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Hi Sandy!

I have mentioned to my Mum about your pain relief ideas and she is going to look into getting them because to be quite honest the pain is no better despite her going to the doctors and getting some prescribed tablets. Anyway she is also going back to the doctors soon and I am going to badger her to make sure she does just that, before we do any of those things she is going to do whats most comfortable for her, like lying down more or sitting somewhere comfortable for instance.

Yes it's great that Mikey North has got his own page and I think Rob is fairly accurate in quoting him to be 5'7.25"! Like you said in your comment on his page he has grown up into a good bloke and I am impressed by how he has been with Bethany, he deserved that extra 1/4 of an inch for lamping that awful character who exploited her.

Now onto Jeremy Kyle, it is interesting that you have noticed him asking certain guests on his show how tall they are, maybe he has his own interest in the subject! I have noticed some tall security officers on the show who are in the 6'0" - 6'3" range but the guest who is 6'5" must have made him look small, however the amount of people who are so tall is significantly on the minority. To be honest Jeremy Kyle is a bloke of average height, I would have him down as between about 5'8.6" and 5'9.1"! I could have sworn that I had been on his page at sometime and that he was a flat 5'9" but I can't have done unless it was a flash forward to the future!

You are right in that the Norfolk Broads are scenic, there are a lot of nice villages too standing on the different rivers. I used to go there with my family every year during a large part of my child hood! We have generally always gone away on holidays to UK destinations, I have never been to Ireland before though! We have been abroad to France on one occasion, and once to Spain too.

Yes it was some coincidence that the film "Boogeyman" was shown on the "Horror" channel so soon after you commented on Emily Deschanel and you telling me this has reminded me of the coincidence that I mentioned on the page of Alessandro Gassman! If you remember I had just finished commenting on this guys page when my brother rang my Mum up and during the call he incredibly mentioned about a "Gasman"!

I hope that you and your boyfriend both enjoy watching the cup final on Saturday and that you both get the right result. You mentioned about him being an avid Arsenal supporter, I can tell you that Arsenal are a team I have always admired due to the good style of football that they play and I like to see them do well, this was the case more than ever when they had epic title duels with Manchester United!

Like you I was really glad when this website was back again after a break of a few days, I was worried about whether everything was OK and like I said I was in a pickle like you were! There is no other website like this one because this website has an editor who sometimes works in the evening, and often works early in a morning, publishing our comments and sometimes very swiftly. Of course this cannot always be the case because there is so much traffic but I have found it absolutely incredible when Rob has published a comment within a few minutes of me sending it!

It is interesting what you said about your cats licking each other clean, and that they can do this for a full hour! I will tell you must be worried about losing any comments that you have written when your cats are in close proximity to you!

Yes it must have been amusing when your Mum kicked the family cats up the **** and my Dad did exactly the same thing to a dog once after this particular dog bit him. We have recently discussed the fact that Jasmin has been a dirty dog recently, well what has been said about her antics is nothing compared to what she did when we used to live at our old address. We moved nearly a year ago now, and a few months before we left we had Jasmin for the day and what happened is that I came down the stairs into the living room and found that she had **** and **** everywhere, I lost my temper with her and soon after a next door neighbour told my Mum that she heard me shouting at Jasmin! She found it quite amusing so she wasn't complaining, and I wasn't THAT loud but the sound proofing wasn't that good in the house that we used to live in. Jasmin certainly got a telling off from me and she received another one when my Mum saw her shortly after! Like I said she was really smelly when she stayed for the day and night recently, I couldn't believe it when my Mum shouted from downstairs "Jasmin's just farted", Jasmin also did it quite a lot, when she was in her bed across the living room whilst my Mum and I were both sat in our chairs! The smell was awful each time!

I have seen your comment on Matt Lucas' page and I totally agree with you about him looking like a big blubbery baby boy! I used to enjoy watching him star with David Walliams on "Little Britain"! It's a shame "Little Britain" is not on our screens like it used to be.

Have a great week too Sandy! Yes it's the cup final on Saturday and I am looking forward to it too!

Cheerio! - until next time!

Editor Rob: for a site like this, you do have to have some moderation. Some days I end up behind and am playing catch up for a few days.

It's hard to type replies on a phone, so I mostly am doing some moderation/replies 3 or 4 sessions a day when at home. It's sometimes slightly out of sync approving some replies if somebody is asking a question that might need more than a 30 second response - I might end up coming back to it later.

Jasmin sounds a handful, a dog is certainly something I always considered, but I do love cats.

Today I was visiting one of my favourite feline friends: Topsy.
jjj said on 25/May/17
Rob, what is your opinion on a 5'9.5 18 year old male? Do you think this is average or short? I live near london and feel very short sometimes. I'm also hoping to try and reach 5'10 flat.
Editor Rob: it's well within the average range in most countries and in London especially. The average for 18-21 may be near 178, so just a little shy of it.

Maybe sometimes the amount of young males taller than you stands out a bit more than those shorter.

Matt said on 25/May/17
Hey Rob! My grandad was 179cm 5'10.5 peak and he is now 77 years old, at the hospital he was measured at 178cm barefoot in the evening time I believe, is that normal? Like he's only shrunk a 1cm in 60+ years! He does have good posture though!
Editor Rob: it's rather good I'd say...only losing half an inch at age 77 is something many of us may wish for.

Nobody likes to lose height as they age, well 99.9% might not like it, but for the majority it is inevitable, if you live old enough you will lose height.

We can all try to reduce it, by eating good varied diet with enough minerals/vitamins...trying to avoid pursuits which cause damage to our backs/knees, and maintaining some form of exercise or movements to try to maintain a good posture as you age.
Sandy Cowell said on 25/May/17
@ Arch - Hey! I like Tarantino, but I catch your drift!
Michael R said on 24/May/17
Rob for people who are unaware of shrinkage and they get measured at the doctors in the early hours of the morning in foot wear is it unreasonable for them to claim that?
Editor Rob: it's not unreasonable, but nobody at a Doctor's surgery is getting their out of bed...maybe at best it is 1 hour from may still be 1-1.5cm taller than a dinner time height, but the person of course may not know about the shrinkage.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 24/May/17
@F97 Yes, they could. I have very short legs for my height though (with an extra long torso that could be potentially longer I were to get surgery for my Scoliosis), so most people are going to be taller if they somehow have the same torso length that I have.
Arch Stanton said on 24/May/17
LOL Andrea, yeah he does look black there. Well Sandy, I guess I could always look like Tarantino, things could be worse haha.
Adijos said on 24/May/17
Hey Rob! How old are you?
Editor Rob: almost 40 and 3/4 years old, the 3/4 being of particular unimportance ๐Ÿ˜
Kevin said on 24/May/17
Why do I get shorter after showering
Editor Rob: that happens to me, after having a cold shower...

one day I will test if a shower effects height even on a tiny level, it might be that there is a fair bit of twisting the body, maybe putting some extra strain on spine, thus causing 1-2mm difference...
heightchecker34 said on 24/May/17
I don't know if anyone has mentioned yet, but in the WWE, the new heavyweight champion Jinder Mahal has claimed 6'5, in an interview with Chris Jericho on his podcast several times. It is utterly laughable, considering he is 6'3 maximum. I think, 6'2.5 is more fair, as there is a minimum of 1.5 inch difference between his stare downs and speaking segments with Randy Orton, who I think is still holding on to his 6'4 listing. In his feud with Mojo Rawley, Jinder also looked virtually the same height.

As for Bollywood, if you could please add Sidharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan, Arjun Kapoor, and Ranveer Singh, even if they are young, as they have been some of the bigger names in the industry for a few years now and have starred in some big budget films. I already said Malhotra and Kapoor are in the 182 cm range, Ranveer is 5'9 and Varun is around the weak 5'8 range. Thanks and Cheers!
Scarlett Rose said on 24/May/17
Message to Editor Rob: On 24/May/17, you told World Citizen..."you only need to hit submit once for a comment, I noticed you hit the button a number of times."

I attempted to publish details about Harrison Ford, Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker from one of my scrapbooks, which were published in a magazine in 1982, as I did with Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and David Prowse. There was no abusive content and I see no reason to refuse to publish my postings. They may even have been of interest to visitors of this website, who didn't see them the first time. I don't think it would matter how many times I hit the submit button. ๐Ÿ˜•
Editor Rob: I seen the other ones ok, try submitting again if you can.
Nik said on 24/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell

luntis said on 24/May/17
Rob have you ever think to sale celebheight t-shirt? I would buy 1 for sure! This site deserves more!
Editor Rob: you can see Jenny With one on...

I don't know, it might be possible, though I've always thought not many would ever buy one!
Tomy181 said on 24/May/17
Rob. Will you downgrade Arnold's pak height? In my opiniรณn it would be more fair to list him at 6'1 and today 5'11" at most
James B said on 24/May/17
Rob if a legit 5'11 guy got measured (with trainers on) in the morning at the doctors might he get away with a 6'1 measurement? Especially if the doctor/nurse doing the measuring rounds up there height.........
Editor Rob: James, sometimes a Nurse might not push the stadiometer bar fully onto the head of the patient, thus giving them an inflated reading.

On other occasions, mistakes happen, the measurer reads off the wrong mark.

I'd certainly believe a 5ft 11 guy in shoes could end up walking out a Dr's surgery with a skip in his step and a smile on his face, thinking he was a 6ft 1 man.
Nik said on 24/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

Yes the bombing in Manchester was absolutely gutless, cowardly, and evil beyond belief. I also respect Donald Trump and Theresa May for condemning this act of terrorism.

I will mention about your pain relief ideas to my Mum and I will send your best wishes to my Mum too, many thanks for that.

Jasmin is a very dirty dog! I was in the back garden wit'h her a few days ago when she had a ****! The smell was absolutely awful and my brothers girlfriend also commented on it when she went into the garden!

I will send my main comment to you soon!

Cheers Sandy!
Sandy Cowell said on 24/May/17
@ Nik - Then she's a dirty dawg!
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น Keep away! ๐Ÿฉ
Sandy Cowell said on 23/May/17
@ Nik - Hi! What a shocker of a day it's been what with the dreadful news of the Manchester bombing. Evil isn't a strong enough word to describe the minds and intentions of the cowardly beasts who do things like that. I respected Donald Trump and Teresa May for speaking out.
Now onto the main letter. I was sorry to hear that your Mum is in pain with her lower back and legs. Back pain so often spreads to the legs. Did the doctor give her a thorough examination before prescribing her painkillers? There's not much they can do other than prescrible strong painkillers for the immediate relief of the agony she's experiencing. I take them myself, but just recently I've discovered a comforting pill-free alternative in the form of heat patches! I do recommend them for her; they are highly pleasant and long-lasting. Then, of course, you get the rub-in ibuprofen and heat creams. They do help, honest! My brother bought me some patches for my birthday, but I didn't try them out for weeks! If I'd had the remotest idea that they're such a help, I would have pounced on them on my birthday! Still, better late than never! I don't know if doctors prescribe them. I've bought mine from Amazon, and it works out cheaper the larger the quantity you buy. I am sure that your Mum can get some rub-in cream for the painful areas. I get that from the doctor myself, as pill taking all the time isn't such a good idea, but what can you do? I hope your Mum is feeling much better now and that this pain goes away as quickly as it came. I'm glad that it didn't mess up her birthday.
You mentioned the Norfolk Broads in your most recent comment! Now that is a place that I have actually been to! It was only for a day trip, (we were on holiday in Felixstowe, Suffolk, and had a few coach excursions! One was to the Broads and I remember thinking they were incredibly scenic, and that was when I was 15, so if I went there now, I know I'd appreciate the scenery infinitely more!
Mikey North has his own page as of today! What's next, I wonder - Jeremy Kyle? Even Arch Stanton, who can't stand the guy's voice, rates the idea! One thing I've noticed with him (Kyle, not Arch!) is that whenever really tall people walk onto his stage, he says something and oftentimes asks them their height! The last one was 6ft5, so what does that make him? I reckon he is at the most 5ft10, but he could be up to a couple of inches less!
How about this for another coincidence? I was writing a comment on Emily Deschanel just the other day, expressing my surprise that she starred in the film 'Boogeyman'! You see, I have bought a copy but it's ended up 'living' at my boyfriend's place, so I couldn't stick it on to check out her height. Then this evening I was surprised and amused that it was showing on the 'Horror' channel! I did take in her average (ish!) height, but I was at least as interested to find out whether her eyes are as vividly blue as her sister, Zooey's. It turns out that they are almost as blue!
So I see that Jasmin the poodle has been enjoying your home comforts a couple of times of late! Your mentioning that you ideally needed gas masks at the ready to tolerate the stench of her farts, brought back some funny memories about how my Mum would react when an animal broke wind! She would go berserk and tell the animal off! It's not as though a cat or a dog is going to understand, is it? She told her Mum's dog, Putsy, off for letting off, and she would wimper and do it all the more! If one of our cats farted, she would open the back door and the offender would get a boot up its ar**! That and a telling off! We kids would be laughing our heads off!
I haven't got round to seeing the Matt Lucas film yet, but next time I fancy something funny, I'll put it on and watch the big, blubbery baby boy!
I have two cats right under my nose washing each other - very loudly indeed! The white one, Erramius, is the loudest licker you could imagine and it can go on for almost an hour! It's awful! She is washing Cordercelia, one of my five tabby-and-whites! Oh good - the din has stopped! So must this comment before I lose it again like I did the last time! That was Whitey's fault, if you remember!
I will be watching the Cup Final and so will my bloke! He is an avid Arsenal fan!
I will now pop downstairs to make some tea and return anon to read your new John Ashton comment; I haven't forgotten!
It's lovely to have this website back again! Yes, I was getting worried myself; I was hoping that Rob and Jenny had gone to a convention or something similar!
Have a great week, though when this goes up, it will be nearly the weekend - and Cup Final Saturday!
Bye for now, Nik! Please send my best to your Mum!
๐Ÿ™‹ Byeee!
Ben said on 23/May/17
I will try the eyelevel thing tomorrow :)
By the way, Rob, any movies that you are planning to see that's coming out this year?
And now...I will get my 9 hours sleep before school tomorrow, good night! :)
Editor Rob: will be interesting to see how Dunkirk, The Dark Tower, Spiderman, The Mummy, Justice League, Wonder Woman turn at end of the year Star Wars of course.
F97 said on 23/May/17
Rob can two People be the same height if one has a Biger upperbody/torso than the other?
Editor Rob: yes of course, one could have a torso 2 inches longer than the other!
Bobby said on 23/May/17
Hi Rob, does your eye level change by much throughout the day when you go from morning to evening height?
Editor Rob: of course, by however much you have shrank from your morning height!
DruceLee said on 23/May/17
Hi Rob, you love taller women since your's tall as you :P
Editor Rob: I love women of all height...although, I have found it is a bonus being around same height as a partner...
Nik said on 23/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell

We had Jasmin staying with us yesterday and she was just as bad as she was on Friday!

CD said on 23/May/17
@Rob This video might be a good reference at least for Mikey's height where he stands next to Carl Froch who you met and he looks shorter than you do next to him, I think a bit under 5ft 8 is probable. Click Here

@Nik Yeah I guessed Ryan might be sub 5ft 9 but maybe not 5ft 8 flat, he was edged out by Shayne Ward (an honest 5ft 9) in corrie and Bruno Langley who is also supposed to be 5ft 9. He did wear thick boots on the show as well!
Editor Rob: in that show his eyes are near the end of Carl's chin, I think a solid 5ft 7 is possible, 5ft 8 seems hard to believe for him, maybe 5ft 7.25 I could give him...
sully said on 23/May/17
Hi Big Rob, if someone lays down for about 30- 40 minutes and then measures evening height , is it considered cheating?
Editor Rob: it could be considered height pranking. 40 minutes can get you 6mm! ๐Ÿ˜’ 90 minutes could get you 1-1.3cm...

I wouldn't count is a a typical evening height what you are suggesting, it's more a mid-day height or even 11am height really.
Nik said on 23/May/17
@ Blake

You would be k*a**e*ed!

Nik said on 23/May/17
@ Ben

I think that much of what you have said is accurate however in my opinion the average height of men over the age of 65 is more likely to be near the weak 5'7" level. It's all about opinions though and you seem like a sensible poster!

Nik said on 23/May/17
@ Arthur

Getting cashew nuts might not be a bad idea, they are one of my health tips!
Nik said on 23/May/17
@ CD @ Rob

CD - To me Mikey North candometimes give me the sub 5'8" look, but at other times he can look a full 5'8"! I have put in a page request for him before now and Sandy Cowell has just recently put one in too, so we will have to see if it is granted.

Rob - You think that Ryan Thomas is only 5'8"! Well I will go to the bottom of my garden! I always thought he was 5'9" and I had never questioned it before, maybe I should have done!

Editor Rob: I'm not sure the guy really looks 5ft 9...though if I add any of them I will spend some time having another look.
Sandy Cowell said on 23/May/17
@ Arch Stanton - That comes as no surprise at all that it's Eli Roth himself! A bit crazy he may be, but he puts his imagination to great use by making some mindblowing horrors! Quentin Tarantino gets on well with him, and that for me is an excellent testimonial! I don't see Tarantino making time for idiots somehow! ๐Ÿ‘
mrtguy said on 23/May/17
Rob, does Big Show look a Giant 7'1'' guy next to his friend if so, how tall would you say he is next to Big Show??
Click Here
the Slav said on 23/May/17

I dont think its a growing phase.
the exercises youre doing are probably just maintaining your height better throughout the day
Salman said on 22/May/17
Hey Rob, what do you think is the better "deal" for a man, tall (6ft) and average looking or average height (5ft 8) and attractive?
Editor Rob: both have advantages in society.

Though attractiveness to me is about who the person is, what they say and do, the values they hold...
Michael R said on 22/May/17
Rob say I sleep 5 hours a night but nap after school for 3 hours does that count as 8 hours a day for growth ?
Editor Rob: maybe not enough time.

5 hours a night isn't great for anybody's health long-term, but sometimes we can go through phases of poor sleep. Maybe there are too many issues on the mind, or pains we have which causes disturbed sleep.
Michael R said on 22/May/17
Rob what are the boots that Jensen ackles wear called?
Editor Rob: Michael, I don't know the exact brand name, but they can seem at times to be logger type boots, giving 1.5 - 2 inch range.
Ben said on 22/May/17
Rob, why can people about 1.5-2 inches shorter than me look when standing 30 feet away or a bit closer look the exact same height as me but as I'm standing only a meter away I notice the height difference a lot more?
Editor Rob: distance can create difficulties in height gauging. There is also the eyes ability to distingish objects which are above or below it.

It's an interesting test...find your true eyelevel barefoot, get someone to help...then draw eyes on a bit of paper and stand several feet away and have your friend move the eyes to different heights and see how much difference you think there is each time.
Blake said on 22/May/17
I thought being 1/16th of an inch over 5 ft 8.25 at my very lowest was over 173cm by a few milimetres? I was just saying I would drop on rough days previously a month or so ago to 5 ft 8 1/16th so I think that I did grow 1/4 inch as I was in similar circumstances on these days? Did I not grow a 1/4 inch? I didn't understand your response sorry.
Editor Rob: yeah I remember you saying that, so it may well be small growth.
Andrea said on 22/May/17
Orange??? To me, he looks more black ๐Ÿ˜‚ : Click Here
Doesn't he look as "dark" as Will Smith, here? Click Here
They always make jokes about his tan and the funny thing is that he says "he doesn't go to tanning salons" (is that correct to say, in english?)! He for sure has a natural darker skin but he must be a regular client of those salons, even if he constantly denies that... But he also claims to be 180 when he's a lot nearer 5'8 than 5'11... So honesty is not his forte! :)
CD said on 22/May/17
@Nik I remember Mikey North was on The Chase last year and stood beside Carl Froch where he looked a bit more than 4 inches shorter. I'd say something along the lines of 5ft 7.5 for him, right between 5ft 7 and 8. This fits with how he looks in Corrie as well.

@Rob On a similar note what would you guess for Ryan Thomas from Corrie? He supposedly left the show to pursue Hollywood but doesn't appear to have happened... there's an instagram pic of him with 5ft 10 P Diddy here: Click Here His agency lists him at 5ft 9 but he can look 2 or 3 inches shorter than brother Adam.
Editor Rob: 5ft 9 seems at least an inch too much for Ryan.
Arthur said on 22/May/17
Jesus. Rob doesn't approve comments for a couple of days and everyone here gets nuts. Calm down people. This is becoming an obsession.
Blake said on 22/May/17
Btw I have the grow taller guru video bookmarked I know its a private video but it says its unavailable now
Editor Rob: yes it's private, but not deleted.
Blake said on 22/May/17
Isn't growing about a quarter in in about 4-5 weeks quite a bit of growth?
Editor Rob: if you don't drop to 173, but maintain close to 174 even at teatime, then yes, it could be a slow growth phase.
Nik said on 22/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Hi Sandy,

I would like to start by saying thankyou for the birthday wishes that you sent to my Mum as well as thanking you for the message that you sent on her birthday. As I have told you we had some Carrot cake after our tea, I had a feeling that you would reply telling me that you like carrot cake! Like you have said flowers are good gifts for mothers birthdays as well as toiletries, my Mum often likes to have some money though, and then she can go out and gets some clothes of her choice! When we go out shopping together my Mum often ends up spending a lot of time looking round the clothes shops and I end up going in with her, clothes shopping doesn't particularly interest me but I go in those shops to keep my Mum company!

Being a worrier, I too was a little bit concerned about Rob not posting any comments on here in the last few days, however when I mentioned about it to my Mum she didn't think there was anything to worry about! This shows that I must be even more of a worrier than my Mum! Anyway I sent Rob an e-mail today telling him how glad I am that he is back and that everything is OK.

You said in your last message that you have never been to Scotland or very far into Northern England, well I can tell you that I have not been to many of the southern places! In fact London and Norwich are about the only two southern cities that I have ever been to, although I have been to a few of the southern towns, including Crawley, Eastbourne, and Stratford-Upon-Avon, amongst others. The reason I have been to Norwich on a few occasions is because we used to go on a lot of holidays to the Norfolk Broads!

You would be surprised about one or two stories I can tell, a man who I used to know had never been to Blackpool even though he was a northerner like me, and another man I used to know had never even been to Leeds despite the fact that, like myself, he only lived about 10 miles away, granted he had spent a fair part of his life living in another area! Also I have never been to Newcastle even though it is only about 80 or 90 miles away!

I don't know if you have seen my comment on the Sean Harris page yet, which at this moment in time it has not been published, well in that comment I mentioned about Jasmin staying on Friday night with my Mum and I! We could certainly have done with having some gas masks as she kept farting a lot and stinking the room out! The smell was absolutely awful and it even got my Mum came commenting on it! That's why I put the emojis on this page!

Will you be watching the FA cup final between Arsenal and Chelsea on Saturday? I know from a previous comment that you like to watch the cup final, and this year it is on BBC1 thank goodness. I bet your boyfriend won't miss it, can you tell me who he supports, if you don't mind me asking?

Also my Mum has not been in the greatest of places recently because she has somehow managed to hurt her self quite badly around the lower back and upper leg area, she has been in agony when she has had to walk but thankfully we went to the local doctors today and she was prescribed some pain killers.

Finally I would like to tell you that I have sent in an interesting comment for the John Ashton page, it hasn't been published yet but I would like to bring your attention to it in case it misses the comments page!

Well cheerio for now, my friend!
Sandy Cowell said on 22/May/17
Nik: Cheers my friend!
๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ“บ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ“บ I will speak to you later!๐Ÿ˜‰
heightchecker34 said on 22/May/17
Hi Rob, I have a couple of questions for you.. one is WWE related, and the other one is about Bollywood. I guess today, it seems to be all about the 5'11 range guys, cause that's the majority of my question!

1:) Have you seen the heights of the WWE commentators? We know JBL is 6'5 and Michael Cole is around the 5'9 range, but the other guys
such as Corey Graves, Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and David Otunga all seem to be in the 180-182 cm range. I don't know if its on
purpose, or just a coincidence. Usually in the wrestling world, the business doesn't want the commentators to stand taller than the
wrestlers, that's why they usually have to slouch when they are interviewing them backstage.

2:) Who do you think would stand the tallest among the Bollywood Actors?

Ranbir Kapoor, Sidharth Malhotra, Arjun Kapoor, John Abraham, Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt, Zayed Khan, Irrfan Khan, or Abhay Deol?
In my opinion, both Kumar and Dutt are older, so they may have dropped from their peak, and in some pictures, Malhotra and Deol
look pretty similar. Irrfan Khan, Akshay Kumar, and currently Sanjay Dutt seem a flat 5'11. Ranbir Kapoor and Zayed
Khan are 5'11.25ish, so that leaves a four-way tie between Sidharth Malhotra, Arjun Kapoor, Abhay Deol, and John Abraham who all
seem to be 5'11.5 (182 cm).

Thoughts? and sorry for the long questions..... Thanks!
Editor Rob: unfortunately I've not looked much at commentators, so can't really offer much this moment.

Abraham at times I do think can seem near 6ft, but then other times I think no more than 5ft 11.5 - he may well be the tallest, although a few of those names I am not as familiar with.
Blake said on 22/May/17
Also do you think you can actually grow at all if you sleep 2-3 hours for a few months?
Editor Rob: your body might not have as much time to repair and grow
Blake said on 22/May/17
Rob, I know this does not really matter it is only a small bit of height but I think I have grown a little more than a quarter inch in the last month im very close to 174 on a rough day just a few millimetres do you think I have a reasonable chance of 5 ft 9.5- 10 I have about 7 months till im 17 and a 182cm armspan similar to big josh? I am quite fixated for some reason to reach 5 ft 9 at least. I find when I get together more sleeping 8 hours for a few weeks I grow more as like last night I slept 2-3 hours which isnt good
Editor Rob: when you start to hold 174 and don't drop under it, then I'd say it is a sign of growth.
Nik said on 22/May/17
@ Rob

Welcome back Rob!
Editor Rob: ๐Ÿ‘
Ben said on 22/May/17
@Nik Hm, since the average is actually going down in most countries. The people born in the 70's are tallest ones.
20-30: 5'9"
35-50: 5'9.25"
55-65: 5'8.75"
65+: 5'8"

I would say the same goes for US...
Blake said on 21/May/17
Rob, what happened to the compilation of the grow taller guru videos?
Editor Rob: I archived it.
Nik said on 21/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Thanks for your comment on my Mum's birthday! You have given me food for thought for when I send my main comment which will follow shortly. We had a really good day thankyou but we didn't go anywhere, we had a quiet day indoors. My Mum has really been in the wars at the moment and she gas got excruciating pain in her upper leg and lower back, she is going to the doctors tomorrow to see what they can do. At least she was OK in her birthday but somehow she has hurt herself since.
We had Jasmin for the night on Friday! I will tell you more about that in my main comment, needless to say we needed our gas masks!
My main comment will be soon to follow!

See you later!
andre said on 21/May/17
rob when womans are considered tall in uk 166cm 167cm would be right tell me , some people here sy its when they reach 173cm barefoot and thats insane a good 167cm with shoes woman will look tall unless she lives in monte negro or holland
Editor Rob: when she reaches 170cm range, I think any women enters a tall range. 168 is a few cm's above average, but is it enough to say she is tall? Many would say no.
Blake said on 21/May/17
Rob, why no new celebs added and only a few comments approved the last couple of days? I bet your doing some art and crafts for Sookie Stitches!
Editor Rob: yes Blake, sadly I had no time to do anything on celebheights from Fri-Sunday as was down in Telford doing a stall with Jenny.
Nik said on 21/May/17
Nik said on 21/May/17
@ Rob

Do you mind saying if you are good at mental arithmetic?
Editor Rob: I would say not as good as I was at age 22-23.
Sandy Cowell said on 21/May/17
I hope everything is alright with you and your family.
We miss you!
Editor Rob: I was only away for a few days. Last week we were extremely busy getting stock ready for a weekend event down in Telford, doing a stall with Jenny and me trying to get a few photos for the site. I couldn't do any comment moderation while away unfortunately!
Arch Stanton said on 21/May/17
@ Sandy, it is Eli Roth himself LOL. I don't think I'd want to be him, he's a bit crazy I think, seems a bit juvenile, but if I could change one thing about myself it would be for that darker look. LOL Andrea, that guy isn't dark he is *Orange*, looks like an oompa loompa!!
Ben said on 20/May/17
Rom are you going to do a page about countries heights?

I took a look at many results from different heights, I looked at both self reported and measured heights plus looked at how many % of the population was measured and for me it would be:

USA: 5'9"/5'4"
ENGLAND: 5'9.25"/5'5"
SCOTLAND: 5'8.5"/5'3.5"
SWEDEN: 5'11"/5'5.75"
SPAIN: 5'8"/5'3"
RUSSIA: 5'9.5"/5'4.25"
PORTUGAL: 5'7.75"/5'3.25"
POLAND: 5'9.75"/5'4.75"
NORWAY: 5'10.75"/5'6"
NETHERLANDS: 5'11.5"/5'6"
Editor Rob: there's sites out there which look into that in much more detail. I'm not sure about adding more 'general height' type pages, it can detract too much away from the main focus of celebrity height.
Nik said on 20/May/17
@ Rob

How far is it from the bottom of your forehead to the crown of your head?
Editor Rob: This photo shows decent dimensions of my head in many photos. If I raised my eyelevel head length will go to 9 inches, if I lowered eyes a bit more, head length would go over 10 inches...

also the tilt effects hairline to that photo it is roughly 1.75 inches, if I raised my head up it could go to 1.25, down to 2-2.25 inches...
Nik said on 20/May/17
@ Rob

How tall is Mikey North?
Editor Rob: can seem around 5ft 7ish
Jacky Huynh said on 20/May/17
Sorry for the late response but thanks Rob!

If that girl looks above average to you, can she pass for as tall as 5ft 8?
Editor Rob: 5ft 7-8? Yeah I could see it.
Pierre said on 20/May/17
Hello Rob,
I can not enter in the section "sneakers" in your site.I think there is a problem with this page.
Editor Rob: the page hasn't been live for months.

The reason is Google.

Basically, Chinese spammers cloaked the sneaker page. Google seemed to like this, so decided to remove mine from their index and put the spammers page (hosted on various hacked domains) in the index instead. If a visitor searched 'sneakers celebheights' google showed the spammers 'cloaked' snippet in the search index. If somebody clicked that link, they were redirected to the Chinese spammers fake timberland or nike site.

I tried numerous times to get it sorted, but Google kept removing my page and putting any instance of the Chinese spammers page into their index. Truly sickening behaviour from Google.

A chimpanzee could realise what was spam and what was the original page!
Jordan said on 20/May/17
5'8.25 for Rob Paul. Btw, are you related to Dr. Gregory House? ;)
Editor Rob: a little bit...
willy4400 said on 20/May/17
Hi Rob. I think you should list Arnold Schwarzenegger at 6'1" at most. It's obvious he has never been 187 cm tall. His proportions are far from 6'2" guys.
Bodybuilders are exaggerate about their height and weight as wrestlers. A lot of testimonies from 6'2 guys and 5'10 guys claim he is today in the 5'10 range and some 6'2 guys who have met him claim: " He is significantly shorter than me" " Maybe he was a strong 6 goot or 6'05. In the 60-70's most of bodybuilders around him were short beteween 5'5 and 5'8 so Arnold Schwarzenegger looked much taller. Also when you are much shorter thatn a guy it's hard to calculate his height, but I guarantee he has never been 187 cm all. It's no honest for 6'2 guys. I'm a great height gussr and his biggest fan. but I think is unfair that height listed. He was beteween 182-184 cm not over! even more than 183 cm for me is a joke. Please list him at least at 6'1 Rob. Ithink that one of the most visited height.celeb pages has to be more realistic on his peak height. However it woul be much realistic if you listed him 6,075. And I still think he was 6'05 at aboslute most! Thank you Rob
andre said on 20/May/17
Click Here

here you have stallone wife twitter go there rob and ask her his height barefoot

Editor Rob: andre, as soon as I mention something like celebheights, people generally take the huff :)
Sully said on 20/May/17
Hi Big Rob, I sometimes have problems sleeping due to noise pollution by other members of my household. Due to this I sometimes only sleep about 4-5 hours a night , however I normally get about 7 hours a night.Im also 20 years old and 175 cm tall.Just wanted to ask if sleeping only 4-5 hours some nights would cause me to lose height permanently in the long run?
Editor Rob: sleep disturbance is never a good thing for growth hormone production...personally I have used at times ear plugs at times when I needed to get to sleep, though they are not that great. I wouldn't wear them long-term...

sometimes other members of a house don't think about others, maybe try talking to them?
alex said on 20/May/17
Hey Rob fan of your amazing site. I was wondering why above you put your out of bed height as 5'8.8,
Isn't 5'8.8 five foot nine inches? why didn't you just put 5'9"? isn't .8 of an inch = 1 inch?

Editor Rob: alex, I don't hit 5ft 9 flat when measuring with a tape measure. Last time I checked I was still just a little bit over 5ft 8.75 within 30 seconds of being awake, so my height range is still a good 5ft 8.75 range down to 5ft 8 1/8th at night.
Nik said on 20/May/17
@ Ben - Hello!

What do you think the average height is for all men of all ages in both the UK and the USA?

Nik said on 20/May/17
andre said on 19/May/17
Rob here in portugal we are listed 172cm with shoes but i think is possible they inflate it , what is your opinion of portuguese height with shoes in the morning ? from what you have see what is your opinion someone told me they are just 166cm tell me hugs
Editor Rob: the portugese average may well be 172, but I think people who live there like yourself are in a good position to see how it feels in towns and cities.
andre said on 19/May/17
Rob what height would you estimate for americans and english people at night barefoot ?

im 166cm and i feel average in my country sometimes even tall others time short when i go into a gym and i see 5ft11.5 guys i feel short im from portugal im interested to know english man average barefoot at night to know if i would look small around them


Editor Rob: I still would say about 175cm for both countries at night.
kevin said on 19/May/17
what time of the day is real heihgt
Editor Rob: we all have a height range. Going with the average time someone is measured isn't bad, that means you fit in with what others are saying for their height.
Nik said on 19/May/17
@ Arch Stanton - Hi!

Not many men have the Latin look that you mentioned, I can't remember the last time I saw a man like that! Some people say that tall, fair haired and blue eyed men are attractive. Dont worry about it! I never saw that post from the 16th May until I read Sandy's message to you!

James B said on 19/May/17
Rob you should add actor Mike Reid to celeb heights since he was a well known figure in the UK and it's been 10 years since his death also.

I would give him 6ft in his prime
Sandy Cowell said on 19/May/17
@ Nik - You're very welcome Nik! It was an absolute pleasure! ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐ŸŽ‚ ๐ŸŽ ๐ŸŽˆ โœ‰
Sandy Cowell said on 19/May/17
โญCorrection Time!โญ

That should be 'write in to Rob' rather than 'write into Rob'! Sorry about that! ๐Ÿ˜ณ
Sandy Cowell said on 19/May/17
@ Arch Stanton:
The bloke in the picture that you sent to Nik on the 16th May looks like he could be Eli Roth's brother!

I can imagine him shoving a gun in someone's face uttering "champagne?" in a lousy Italian accent, like Eli did in 'Inglourious Basterds'!

That was a true LOL moment! ๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜น ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ”ซ๐Ÿท๐Ÿ˜
Sandy Cowell said on 18/May/17
@ Arch Stanton - Hi Arch! What a very interesting and thought provoking reply!
How amusing I find it myself to brood on one's height when there is zilch we can do to alter what genetics and not much else have in store for us! I find it very appealing, however, that so many youngsters write into Rob to ask for advice as to how to achieve their best possible height. So many still are of an age where good, solid advice will help them to do so but if these kids listen to your way of thinking - that of making the best version they can of themselves - it will do a great deal to contribute to their long-term happiness and self-confidence, more so that wishing for the unattainable!
I remember reading one of your comments a few months back now that you were interested primarily in films, rather than height. I think that might apply to me, but I am also fascinated by people and the way every aspect of their appearance, including height, hair colour, body-type etc. contributes to the roles they are given. I think you like meaningful films! My Mum used to rant on about how much better films were when she was a youngster (she was born in 1922), and if she was still alive now she'd have had to look long and hard to find someone, especially such a young someone, to discuss them with, with the same enthusiasm that you have! My Dad (born in 1928) likewise, but he enjoys today's films just as much, it would appear! He'll watch anything that I have on offer! One thing I do prefer about the older films is the way they used to speak! I can't stand bad grammar! You didn't get that in the films from the eras you watch! My Mum used to refuse to watch many a drama on the grounds of the way people spoke, and it seems to have rubbed off on me a bit, but yes, there is a lot to be said for finding the humorous side of it! That 'elaborate joke' treatment be applied to so much of what we do and the way we process our thoughts on ourselves and everything else! Humour is healthy, as you well know! I read comments of yours from ages ago, and sometimes I have to add something silly to whatever it is of yours that's amused me!
Ah! The curse of intelligence! Far be it for me to be so presumptuous, but it's a fact that those blessed with brains tend to be much too self-critical and analyze absolutely everything they do, finding fault where there is little and dwelling on 'how much better' they could have done things! Things will ease off, Arch, the older you get, trust me on that! I'm not so sure that happiness goes hand in hand with those with a simplistic brain either! It comes with contentment!
I'm about to start watching the second series of Jimmy McGovern's 'The Street', which I've never seen before and until recently, didn't know even existed! It has a great cast, including David Thewlis, an actor we discussed last October!
One last thing: actors who accept themselves, eccentricities and all, are always attractive and spark genuine curiosity and interest!
Cheers Arch!
Badboy said on 18/May/17
Rob how much height does Nike air max 95 give?
Editor Rob: a good 1.3 inch range.
Nik said on 18/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Hi Sandy!

Again many thanks for wishing my Mum a happy birthday in your message on this page on the morning of my Mum's birthday! This is much appreciated by both of us!


Nik said on 18/May/17
@ Arch Stanton

Hi Arch!

You be happy with yourself the way you are Arch! There's nothing wrong with being intelligent,, or unintelligent for that matter! I am intelligent with numbers!

Andrea said on 18/May/17
Arch, is that guy dark??? ๐Ÿ˜‚
Now, this is a famous italian presenter and that is what I'd call dark... Click Here
Nik said on 18/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell @ Arch Stanton

I agree with everything that you have said Sandy. Because this site is mainly frequented by men we are much more likely to hear about issues or opinions from a male point of view, which in this case is Arch pining after the dark look,, but you have provided a very good response to him Sandy and one that should encourage him to be happy with himself as he his, I have brown hair and brown eyes but I certainly don't have a dark Latin look about me! I don't stand out as anything special, I am merely an ordinary man, but I have learnt to accept myself as I am and concentrate on looking to building a future where I do interesting things, you do the same Arch! As my Mum and my maternal grandmother said, health is the most important thing, and young men and women (and people of all ages) should bear that in mind and try not to dwell too much on whether they are attractive enough on the dating scene, or whether they have got bags of money. Being healthy and positive within yourself are the most important things to wish for. Also people should look to make things happen in life, anyone who struggles to do certain things should channel their energies into being a good person, making friends, and basically enjoying there selves by going to interesting places and doing interesting things too!

Cheers to both of you!

Dan said on 17/May/17
Rob, do you mind saying why you are interested in height?
Editor Rob: I am interested in numbers, statistics, so Height ended up being a good choice of site to work on long-term.
Tunman said on 17/May/17
Rob,what was the largest gap you ever had in guessing a person's height,not a celeb,of course,2"?At least do you agree that if the perfect conditions are not fulfilled (mainly very close distance,flat ground,known shoe height and straight head)the guess could easy be 2-3" off the reality?Also do you know why people when speaking about height always have received ideas,and mainly that the tall persons are those saying the truth?In a rare occasion where a discussion turned about height I suggested that a guy among us was 186 since I was at his eyebrow level with slightly less footwear,but I was answered back by the guy who said he was 188 and friends around joked about how I'm undermining him.Clearly it's not tomorrow that they will join the celebheights community,but still why does it really matter for every person that people believe their fake claims?
Editor Rob: yes the further away the more error prone you could be, I have seen quite a few seem taller or shorter further away but up close they can appear 1-2 inches different.

Which is why especially for actors, I'm trying to guess height closer, or at least if I am 15 feet away I can see the actor with other people I know, which helps!
Sandy Cowell said on 17/May/17
I don't believe it Nik! I have just lost a nearly completed comment but I ruined it when Erramius used the litter tray, stank my room out and then jumped on me with her stinking bottom! Grrrr! I'll have to
do my best to reiterate, after I've cleaned up the ****! ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ˜–

No! It's no use! I haven't got in in me right now as I need a break! โ˜• I was nearly finished as well!

I'll be back later! It did, obviously, cover making nice birthdays for our Mums! I asked if your Mum had a cake and what her favourite present was. ๐ŸŽโœ‰ My Mum used to appreciate a birthday cake, especially one I'd made her myself, as she never had any up until then, not even as a child. ๐ŸŽ‚ Flowers always work wonders for Mums as well, ๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ’ as do nice toiletries ๐Ÿ’„ and clothes! ๐Ÿ‘—๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ 

Yes, I was about to watch a newly-arrived film ๐Ÿ“€ with Sean Harris in it, playing someone nice! There's more about that on his page!

I have never been to Scotland or even very far up north, to where 'Emmerdale' and 'Coronation Street' are made! I was pleased to hear that the guy who plays Pierce is in actual fact, a decent person! Let's face it, he couldn't be like that in real or nobody would want to work with him! I don't remember him in 'Coronation Street' off hand, or 'Casualty' either. ๐Ÿ˜ฆโ” Heightwise, I reckon he could exceed 6ft by up to 1.5 inches!

Yes, your Mum certainly sounds like the active type, and that will obviously contribute to her looking years younger than her age! Being a late developer helps too, but only if you go through life looking after yourself!

So it looks like I've come up with a comment after all! I so wanted to, being as it's your Mum's birthday! ๐ŸŽˆ

I hope you all had a lovely day! See you later, Nik! ๐Ÿ™‹
petozi said on 17/May/17
rob ive realised that taking a hot shower seems to shrink me more than lifting weights or running does, what could be the cause of that
Editor Rob: I've never really checked the scenario out.
Arch Stanton said on 17/May/17
Yes Sandy, I'm pretty knowledgeable about films from 1920s to 1990s, particularly mid 50s to early 70s but not so good on more recent films and TV. I often see actors on here and films mentioned I've not seen though. A lot of people watch those Netflix type shows now, I rarely watch things like that and just prefer watching different films, a new flavour every time. It really takes a long time before you can cover a decent range of films as there's a staggering amount to see! I've still not even seen all of Renoirs and Bergmans though I've seen most of both.

I don't like talking about myself on here haha. It does frustrate me with certain things that you can't change. I want to be the best possible me and function at the optimum level but as Eastwod said "a man has to know his limitations". Sometimes I think intelligence is a curse, as in many ways you can become your own worst enemy, at times I wonder what it would be like to be a happy simpleton! Increasingly I'm thinking though that you have to treat life and yourself as an elaborate joke, if you approach it from that mindset things become a lot easier. A lot of the truly cool celebs do seem to enjoy life and not take themselves seriously and are comfortable being unique and themselves, guys like James Coburn and Jeff Goldblum spring to mind.
Michael R said on 17/May/17
My dads morning height is 5'11.2 does this mean he is a weak 5'11 and more 179cm? He claims 5'11
Badboy said on 17/May/17
Hey Rob can you please tell me the full name of the Reebok shoe that you had on sneakers page and it gave about 1.3-1.4 inch height
Editor Rob: brand new some reebocks like the classic can give 1.3 range
Nik said on 17/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Hi Sandy!

I have shown my Mum your message from yesterday wishing her a happy birthday, and she says thank you very much for your birthday wishes!

Thanks Sandy! I hope you too have a good day!
MD said on 17/May/17

I want your opinion on how tall you think this guy is on the right standing next to 6'4.25" Tom Brady:

Click Here

Tom seems to be losing some height from a lean, though admittedly we can't tell their footwear. I have an article back from 2015 I'll share with you after you make the blind guess. Suffice it to say the author says the guy is "but is noticeably shorter than Brady." implying he's noticeably under his listed height. So, how many inches would you say Tom has on this guy if Tom would straighten up?
Editor Rob: Tom may be losing between 1-2 inches.
Sandy Cowell said on 17/May/17
@ Nik - Many Happy Returns to your Mum! I hope she has a great day with all her sons!
shiva182cms said on 17/May/17
Rob it's strange you ended up only 5'8
with those stats you should have most probably ended 5'11 or at least 5'10

Indeed my Mom is 5'3 and my dad 5'11 I'm almost 6'
Brendan 179cm said on 16/May/17
@arthur what height do you claim
Also rob was I banned for trolling
My brother kept deleting the account because he thought I was sad
When I tried to reload to html element for submit wasn't working with my old name
This actually is my name though :p
Editor Rob: I'd always advise just picking a name and sticking to it...the name you are using ๐Ÿ‘
Arch Stanton said on 16/May/17
@Nik, depends, if you live in like Croatia, southern Italy or Greece, then it's more common haha. It's true though that a lot of male celebs don't have that classic look, there's a quite a few ginger guys in the business for instance who seem pretty confident! It might not matter that much, but I know if I woke up in the morning and looked in the mirror and had that sort of colouring Click Here I would feel radically different and likely more enthusiastic about things.
mrtguy said on 16/May/17
Rob, can some tape measures be bootleg as in WRONG??
Editor Rob: I've never seen a badly manufactured tape measure in the UK that was wrong (by that I mean like 1/4 inch or so). Wear & tear might cause them to give slight mis-measurements over time though!

In some countries, maybe they do exist, but most retractable tape measures I've seen all within 1mm when compared.
Jim said on 16/May/17
Hi Rob do you mind saying how tall your parents are? :)
Editor Rob: peak 5ft 5/10, now 5ft 4 (nearly 72) and 5ft 8.5 (nearly 82).
Daniel said on 16/May/17
Hi Rob I'm 18 years old and have been the same height since i was 15 i know this because i measured myself this normal?
Sandy Cowell said on 16/May/17
@ Arch Stanton, not forgetting Nik and anyone else who's interested!

Well, you've finally got Arch to admit his height Nik! Well done! I've been wondering for some time now myself, and I remember you asking him this question some time ago!
Arch, fairer haired guys are just as desirable as the dark, brooding, Latin variety! What matters most of all is - same old clichรฉ, I know - a sense of humour and confidence!
I have grown to instinctively expect a 'Latin-Lover' type to be equally hot-headed as he is passionate, and I am afraid of men with tempers! A lot of women are! Once a man loses it once - that's it: it inevitably gets worse! ๐Ÿ˜ Don't pine after the dark look if it wasn't meant for you! You're 6ft1 which, coupled with confidence, is nothing to be sniffed at! Neither is 5ft7.5, Nik! For some women, it is tall, and others feel more comfortable with a guy who doesn't cause neck-ache, both physically AND psychologically!
I can't help but notice, Arch, that you have a knowledge of the old film stars that plenty of people over twice your age don't have! You even know about the ones from the 30's and 40's, which I don't have the foggiest about! You are a real film buff, aren't you? If ever there's a new old-fashioned film actor/actress up, I've grown to suspect it's you who's put the name forward! Now I am frequenting the 'Height Request' page myself, so I can see the evidence for myself, but I reckon that many of the old-timers wouldn't be up had it not been for you!
Also, when I go to the page of an actress or actor whose page I haven't seen before, and there's a great big long line of films in the intro, I always say to myself, "I bet I know who suggested that these films go up! It's the work of Arch Stanton!"
Am I right? 19 times out of 20, I am!
Cheers guys!
๐Ÿ‘ ๐ŸŽฌ๐ŸŽญ๐Ÿ“บ๐Ÿ“€๐Ÿ“ผ ๐Ÿ‘
Jim said on 16/May/17
Rob whats your favorite book?
Editor Rob: mainly because I spend too much time at computer and staring at a screen, I feel my eyes need breaks, so I rarely read any novels.
Nik said on 16/May/17
@ Arch Stanton

Hi Arch!

At 6'1" you are clearly taller than most men! You are at the very top of the regular sort of range which is about 5'5" - 6'1", and the amount of men who are of a certain height tails of at an increasing rate for each height over 6'0"!
Just make the most of your life, do interesting things and meet interesting people and be a good person, if I am not mistaken you are 35 years of age aren't you? A minority of men have the classic dark or Italian look but it doesn't make you a better or more interesting person if you do look like this!

Nik said on 15/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Hi Sandy,

I have read your previous comment to me on this page and I too have enjoyed reading what you had to say! Also My Mum says thank you to you for wishing her a happy birthday next Wednesday! You are absolutely correct in saying that my Mum is lively! When we go away on holiday she likes to walk about a lot, particularly to the local amenities and sometimes to take in some scenery as well.
We never usually go to any museums to be honest but it's always nice to go somewhere where there is some nice scenery, which leads me on to discuss a holiday to Jersey that we went on when I was a kid. Some of my clearest memories of that holiday were the beautiful scenery that we encountered on this island, this was particularly true on the coastline of Jersey where there were a lot of nice cliffs, and the sea was a very nice blue colour, at least when I was there! I will tell you somewhere else where there is a lot of really nice scenery and that is in Scotland! The Scottish mountains really are spectacular and there is a lot of very picturesque scenery around Loch Ness, I used to go with my parents to that part of Scotland quite a lot around 10 or 15 years ago! There are plenty of midges round that part of Scotland though, as Rob once said on this page, and I agreed with him! They didn't stop us from enjoying our holidays to Scotland, we also used to stay near Dundee a few times and we have stayed at St Andrews too - at the same time that Prince William and Kate Middleton were university students in the area!
You mentioned about Pierce from "Emmerdale" in your last comment to me, I too agree that he really is a piece of work, in fact he is an awful excuse of a person and my Mum thinks the same too. You can't help but like Rhona because she is such a lovely person and that is reflected by the job that she does. Like you said I hope that people recognise the patterns that can cause someone to become addicted to a certain thing and thus seek help as a result. I also hope that people see there is no shame attached to having an addiction or slipping back into a former addiction., furthermore anyone who needs help with any of these issues should know where to get it from.
I will tell you the name of the actress who plays Rhona's blonde vet friend, her name is Michelle Hardwick! She is originally from Wakefield, which is fairly near where I live, you may know that Jane McDonald is from this city too!
As we know Jonathan Wrather, the actor who plays Pierce on Emmerdale, is completely different in real life to the "piece of work" that he plays on "Emmerdale". I don't know if you remember him playing the part of Joe Carter in "Coronation Street", he also was an extra on "Casualty" on a few occasions. Now on to his height, I believe that he is around 6ft tall, would you say that is about right Sandy?
As I said, my brother Steve and his wife Karen have got a greyhound called Ginger, you said that they have got friendly faces and as you will know they make really loving pets, to be honest though they are a bit hostile towards other animals, particularly smaller ones. As you know they are very long limbed and this brings me onto an amusing incident that Steve and Karen experienced when walking through a local park with Ginger, what happened is that they encountered a young boy who remarked 'it's huge!" at Ginger, this happened several years ago but is still funny!
Your boyfriend said that greyhounds love to race, well Ginger always likes to go on a lot of walks even though she is older now, obviously she wouldn't be able to, or want to, run much now but when she was younger she will no doubt have enjoyed racing! Even now, so many years after racing, Ginger interestingly moves her legs in her sleep like she is running!
You also mentioned about your boyfriend once owning a 15 stone Great Dane, I think that this is absolutely incredible, and one of the reasons I think this is because Ginger is a big dog and she is 4 stone! Jasmin as I have told you is about one stone and two or three pounds! This is one of the incredible things about dogs, they all vary in size and weight so much and there is no better evidence of this than when I see members of the public walking with their dogs, some of the dogs really are like wolves on a lead but others are very very tiny!
Now Sean Harris has got a page on here I am interested to know how tall he is, it is starting to become a bit of a fascination for me now! He certainly plays some controversial characters but he does this very well!
It was all credit to Christopher Lee that he was still making films at the time of his passing, this shows that acting was in his blood, like it was for Peter Cushing too.
You are spot on in what you were saying about older people shrinking, people can lose a good 3 or 4 inches from their peak heights by the time they are elderly and I certainly don't think it is unusual for someone to lose as much height as your Mum did. I agree that men who were once 6ft often end up about 5ft 9! I will be bold and say that 5ft 9 is tall for an elderly man and 5ft 8 is probably quite tall for an elderly man, the average could well be south of 5'7" for all elderly men, especially with many men now living longer than ever. I certainly think that Prince Phillip is particularly tall with him being about 5'9" at 95 years of age.
I know you have mentioned about the fact that you were near to making your 1000th comment, which you have now surpassed, would it be possible to tell me which page houses your 1000th comment please?

Have a great week Sandy! Cheerio - for now!
Billy said on 15/May/17
Hi Rob, do you know the reason why you stopped growing at 14 and is there one or a few reasons? Thank you
Editor Rob: I don't really know!
Michael R said on 15/May/17
how common is it to claim in shoe heights? I feel many times when I discuss height with other men they claim height in shoes. Almost every guy I meet adds an inch.
Editor Rob: it is a good way of saving face if 'called out' by someone...'yeah I meant in shoes'.
Michael R said on 15/May/17
Rob my dad is a good 5'10 and has a 5'5 eye level how is it possible
Amirhossein said on 15/May/17
Rob help mee๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘
I'm stuck at 5'11 for 2 months now I'm 16 I want that 6ft so bad..๐Ÿ˜‘
Editor Rob: hide all tape measures and try not to measure for 6 months...
Arthur said on 15/May/17
Peter, our heights are nearly identical. I too am a solid 178 cm i.e. 178.0-178.5, in fact a more solid 178 than you are 179 since my most extreme low I measured once over a year ago has been 177.9 cm, when yours has been 178.2 cm (even once, it counts).I am 22 years old, and I am very positive the average in my university is as close to 5'11 as it gets among males. Outside of university I feel a solid average amongst people of my age group, which I guess it to be 177-178 cm and no shorter, at least in Athens where I live. I suppose you don't live in a big city but if you paid a visit, you'd be surprised how average you will feel amongst 20 year old guys here.
Headbanger said on 15/May/17
Hello again Rob :), what is the average eyelevel of a 5'8 guy in average and 5'10? Thank you
Editor Rob: it could be simply 4.5 then nearly 4.6, not much, for every few inches the average will only increase a small amount.

Arch Stanton said on 15/May/17
@ Nik I've not measured myself in a long time now but 6'1 range last time I got measured. Honest truth I rarely think about my own height as I've come to think that it's good enough compared to most, but I am more conscious if stood by a guy who is taller haha. I'd be happy to give away two inches if I could change how I could look to Spanish or Italian, you know that classic dark Latin look a lot of women like! I'm more interested in looks than height, but I've been interested in people's stats since about 7! Height means nothing if you've not fully happy in yourself, a lot of people here seem to think that if you're taller everything is automatically better. I think I'm aging well though, I'm happier with how I look now than I was in my 20s, but it still bugs me that you can't change your genetic makeup and look different, I wish I could be in control of that haha.
Mr S said on 14/May/17
Hi Rob, bit of a random one, how tall would you say Gregor Fisher, aka Rab C, Nesbitt, is?
Editor Rob: I think close to 5ft 8
Ben said on 14/May/17
Hey Rob!
I just turned 17 and I'm 5'10 5/8. Do I look that height or do I look taller or shorter? Click Here
Also, can I reach the 6'1" range in the future? My dad said he was 5'5" at 15 but now he's 6', my brother was about 5'11.25" at 17 and now he's 6'2.5" at 21. And maybe I should add that my mom is on the shorter side at 5'2"...
Editor Rob: if your Dad had later growth, the odds are better you could still hit six foot, in your photo you can seem above average.
Ben said on 14/May/17
For me this is the average for men:

Rob's generation: 5'8.5"
New generation: 5'9"

I don't think the average will increase much more than that.
Arthur said on 14/May/17
Bobby said on 11/May/17
@c-mo, they're referring to most countries, not all countries. Furthermore, 5'10 is two inches above average height for a male internationally, so more like above average.

Too bad you ain't even 2 inches above average height. You are a 5'9.5 guy get used to it buddy. I bet you can drop even down to 5'9.25 under real extreme conditions. I am a REAL 5'10 guy and if we both stood at our extreme lowests I would own you for more than 0.5 inch. Hell, I would own you even if you were at your peak morning height and I was at my usual low. If we both were at our morning heights, there would be 1 inch between us. Accept your height Bobby and move on. You are even worse than Connor, even he is more of a 6 foot guy than you are 5'10. Let go. You are 1.5 inch above worlwide average height, and for our group of people, you are 0.5 inch shorter, so below average height.
Arthur said on 14/May/17
Hey Rob, are you any familiar with actor Chris Parnell? Click Here

I think he is a great example of a small guy with a BIG voice. He is listed as 5'8 on the web though in my opinion he could be shorter than that. Awesome voice anyway.
Editor Rob: yeah he sounds a few inches taller than he looks. Probably surprised a few people in person after talking to him on the phone beforehand.
Yuval said on 14/May/17
Hi Rob, what is the nose level on average? I estimate it to be 6 inches below your height
Editor Rob: 5.5 would be small, 7 would be long, many will fall near 6-6.5 range.
Nik said on 14/May/17
@ Arch Stanton

How tall are you Arch?

I still think that Rob's height is the norm for men and that many people blow the heights of men out of proportion!

Andrea said on 13/May/17
Rob, I've noticed you've been adding many new actors to the various tv show's pages (which is probably the reason why the site is a bit "slower" these days)... Anyway, great job... Again! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘
Editor Rob: when I did the categories for TV/film etc I intended to include the actual character name as an option, but at the time cannot for the life of me remember why I didn't finish it...but anyway, I did manage to sit down and change the code to accommodate it, so yeah I am having to go through all those categories and update them, and seeing any notable exclusions, which should be included.
Nik said on 13/May/17

Yes I agree with you, in the UK I think the average for men is somewhere (I don't know exactly where) between 175.5 cm and 176.25 cm

Sandy Cowell said on 13/May/17
@ Nik - Hi! I would like to start by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed all the aspects of your comment! I read it this morning when it first went up and then again just now! I'll probably read it once more later too!

I'd like to wish your Mum a very Happy Birthday for next Wednesday! She certainly sounds very youthful in herself, able to go on holidays which involve walking about and taking in the scenery! Do you ever go to museums together when you're on one of your holiday breaks? I did with my Mum and brother as a youngster, but I know that I'd appreciate that sort of thing infinitely more now! I even embrace spectacular views far more now than I did way back then, and I do think that it's a bit of a bonus about maturing, and I'm not afraid to admit it! There must be some plusses to waving goodbye to one's young years! ๐Ÿ˜ญ
I assume you've been following 'Emmerdale' lately! That poor Rhona is now backsliding into the painkiller vicious circle again after that awful attack by her 'husband' on her wedding day. I never liked that nasty Pierce, and I hope he gets his comeuppance. I'm glad Rhona opened up and told her friend this week about what happened and I hope she persuades her to go straight back to the police! You must have some idea that an animal lover like me is very fond of those two, as they are vets in the soap! They're also both tiny, and the dreadful Pierce is very tall. Do you remember how threatening he was to Rhona's blonde vet friend? (Sorry! I can't think of her name right now but her surname in real life is Hardwick, like my childhood friend, Rosemary!)
That's going back now....

People, men as well as women, will be able to relate to happenings like that, more's the pity, and see that backsliding into a former addiction in times of stress is not something to be ashamed of. I hope that this story is able to help those who recognize the pattern to actively seek help!

So your older brother Steve has a greyhound called 'Ginger'! I really do love greyhounds - they're so soppy, with lovely little faces! If I was to ever get myself a dog, I'd seriously consider 'retired' greyhound. They deserve some happiness after having to race, whether they want to or not! My boyfriend - and yes, it was his birthday just gone - swears that they love racing! He has had a greyhound, a 15 stone Great Dane and many other dogs in his lifetime! Like Steve, he would call a dog a funny name contrary to his/her description! He's also called a girl dog a boy's name, and other daft things like that!
What you said about average height elderly people being 'tall' nowadays, I thought about and actually it's perfectly true! My Mum was 5ft4.5, but ended up smaller than the height I am now! She did have osteoporosis though, and I reckon she was less than 5ft when she passed on. Men of 5ft11 and 6ft probably end up at an average 5ft9, so that is quite tall for an older man. I don't know how tall Peter Cushing was when he died, but he still walked perfectly upright and as for Christopher Lee, he was still well over 6ft, probably 6ft3.75 - 6ft.4 when he died and still making films! I wasn't half upset to hear of his passing.

I was delighted to see that Sean Harris has been given a page! When I saw his face staring out at me this morning, I couldn't stop laughing, mainly about something I saw him do in 'The Goob' the other night! I am halfway through his film 'A Lonely Place To Die', and that's further than I got last time! It also stars Melissa George, who we have talked about before. Needless to say, Sean is playing a 'bad apple' again, but he does it so well! I'd like to think that he has a sense of humour about it! I'm going to try to find an interview with him on the 'extras' of one of his films!
This evening before I get back to my film, I have to do some counting up of the new names I have covered this week, and put them under their relevant letters. Last time was the 5th of May, and I had 1015 stars written up then, but it's all only approximate!
Have a great weekend Nik!
Bye for now! ๐Ÿ™‹
Nik said on 13/May/17
@ all users

๐Ÿท Health Tip!! ๐Ÿท

I have one medium sized glass of cranberry juice every morning with my breakfast!
Andrea said on 13/May/17
Yeah Arch, that is true and that's the reason why I wonder why many people that work in that world say it is a short world... In that interview I mentioned with Erica, Bonnie Hunt also remarks the fact that Tom is very tall and calls him "one of the tallest guys in Hollywood" and says that actors are often a lot shorter in person than how they appear on the screen!
And in the past it seemed even more commom to have all these tall actors! I mean, just go to the "Classic Hollywood actors" page and you yourself will see how many 6'+ actors there were in the past! But you probably know it better than anyone else because you are the guru of old movies, here ๐Ÿ˜
I've already said this but if I think about a Clint Eastwood in those western movies... Well, he never looked particularly tall to me, against the other actors! And he was supposed to be near 6'4, back then when the average was even less than now!
Not to mention those ALLEGED 6'3-6'4 actors who felt the need to wear lifts which is ridicolous, if you ask me!
Leo2001 said on 13/May/17
Which is the average distance from the start of hairline from the top of the head?
Editor Rob: in and around 1.5 range is very common.

If you have 1 inch, it is a high hairline, 2 inch a low hairline.
Nik said on 13/May/17
@ Editor Rob

How tall is scientist Robert Lanza please?
Editor Rob: not sure, but above average in any case.
Peter 179cm said on 13/May/17
@ Arthur Im not a university student myself and i dont doubt guys could be a little taller on average there but at a solid 179cm(179-179.5 at night) i feel differently than you do at 178cm.I'd say the average for our age assuming you're around 20 like me isnt over 175-176 maybe 177cm max as most youngsters seem to be around 173-177 although i may be underestimating abit.
Ben said on 13/May/17
@Arch Stanton
Rob said that the average height on this site is 5'10.5" for males if I'm not mistaken so Hollywood has a taller average than almost all countries so it's not true that Hollywood is short. They should change it to, "Hollywood is tall" instead.
spainmen192cm said on 13/May/17
Rob, if I was 6ft2.75 at 18 and now at 21 im 6ft3.5 is that a more than average gain?
Editor Rob: yeah a little bit more than average.
c-mo said on 13/May/17
Bobby said on 11/May/17
@c-mo, they're referring to most countries, not all countries. Furthermore, 5'10 is two inches above average height for a male internationally, so more like above average.


we are talking about the western world are we not ? in Europe average height for a young man overall is 178cm . even if you count non european caucasian areas such as the caucasus+neareast+coastalnorthafrica it is still in the 176-178cm zone or something

if you want to take countries like vietnam into the picture then yeah you are right ....but I dont go by that especially since I live in europe myself and am from western asia originally
Blake said on 13/May/17
Rob, on school days about a month and half ago I measured 5 ft 1/16th to 1/8 now I measure over 5 ft 8 1/4 by a milimetre or two at my lowest is that the sign im going through some growth at the moment. Looking back at some of my old posts on a rough day about 9 months ago I was about 1/8th of an inch over 5 ft 7.5 but on easier days I could be not far of five foot 8 like how now I measure on easy days over 174 slightly.
Editor Rob: it seems you gained a little bit, but not a significant amount.
Over the summer might be a time to really see any growth, if by summer end you are 174-5 then I'd say you are going through a slower growth phase.
MB said on 13/May/17
Rob, I started deadlifting about a month ago, I'm 20 years old, if I deadlift at this age will it impact my spine for height loss? or does that only happen when I deadlift after my thirties?
Editor Rob: it can increase the risk of injuries, but many men might have great form and build up and not overdo the's when things are pushed too far, the disc can be injured.
Nik said on 13/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell

On my comment to you on the 11/May17 regarding our mistakes I said "back to our page", I meant back to our mistakes!
Nik said on 13/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Ok I stand corrected then but it's good that you made a comment on this. I saw a picture of Jenny with one on and the T-shirt looked good quality! I spend quite a bit of time on this website so I sure would wear one!

Arthur said on 12/May/17
Yeah Peter. Average height for males of all ages in Greece might be 175 cm in 2017, but for the 20 year olds, it's 178-79 cm. We are both dead average for our age. In fact, in Universities the average is even more than that. To me it seems 180-81 cm, at least at my University, I consistently feel barely average. 6 out of 10 males are taller than me there, and it's fair to say that I am a 178.5 cm guy at my low, 178 flat on extreme conditions.
MSJC said on 12/May/17
Rob, how does it feel to be sandiwched between Rob Morrow and Rob Brydon?
Editor Rob: I like Morrow, I think he's a good actor, Brydon is for myself, well I could do with a lot of acting lessons ๐Ÿ˜†
Michael R said on 12/May/17
Rob do you think weight lifting and benching etc can stunt a teenagers growth ?
Editor Rob: proper techniques and avoiding extremely big weights is a must, because when you start lifting big weights at a younger age it will increase a bit the risk of epiphyseal plate injuries.
Jacky Huynh said on 12/May/17
Hey Rob!

How tall might this girl be? Does she give you the impression of being below average, above average or tall?

Click Here
Editor Rob: at a glance can photograph above average there.
Mr.A said on 12/May/17
Rob, according to you what is the best height range for a male as well as for a female?
Editor Rob: there was a poll on here and around 6ft 1 or 2 range was the most desired male height, with I thin 5ft 7 -8 range for female.
Arch Stanton said on 12/May/17
@Andrea, increasingly I think the film industry embraces tall actors, more 6'3 + actors are finding work more than ever before. For romantic leading roles though, yes, 190 + is too tall really to be comfortable to film. I don't buy the "Hollywood is short" argument though. Ben Affleck, the Hemsworths, the Rock and Momoa spring to mind, all mainstream leading actors. In fact for certain roles I'd argue that guys under 6 ft might face heightism. In relation to the real world, I agree that this site makes it seem like 6'3+ is as common as muck, not the reality.
Sandy Cowell said on 12/May/17
Hi Rob! I can understand why you now watch about 5 TV shows a day to accrue information about the celebrities' heights! It is a lot more enjoyable than getting information from newspapers; whenever I've opened one of those lately, I've been sent on a downer for a few hours by reading some horrific article, so now I stick to the sudokus and crosswords, and get my info from TV shows!
My Mum used to say to me, "You're just like your father! A box watcher! If I stuck you in front of the TV when you were a baby, you'd shut up for hours!"
Have a nice day, Rob, and enjoy your TV shows!
Editor Rob: believe me, since giving up on news and only rarely flicking through a paper, I don't miss it!

Puzzles are definitely great for the gotta keep using it!
Peter 179cm said on 12/May/17
@ c-mo Depends where you live.In Greece where i'm from average for young men is more 175-176cm so basically your height.
Grey said on 12/May/17
how only couple of mms is the difference between eylevel of 5ft 8 and 5ft 10 guy? lol?
Editor Rob: in terms of the average eyelevel...the taller you are, the average increases slightly.

So a 5ft 6 guy might have 4.3 range, a 6ft 3 guy might have 4.8 range average.
Ben said on 12/May/17
Rob, one of my friends claims to be 173, I'm 179.5 and my eyelevel is almost at his hairline.
Shall I trust this guy who claims to be YOUR height? Is he worthy of claiming 5'8"? I'm asking you since you are the king of 5'8"! :)
Editor Rob: if he has a lowish hairlevel, like between 1.5-2 inches then he could be close to 5ft 8, though he may be rounding up in reality.
Ben said on 12/May/17
@Peter 179

Yeah I also feel that way
Ben said on 12/May/17
The average male in US is 176 so I was wrong, I'm 3 cm above average. And in almost all countries the average is between 170-176.
Sandy Cowell said on 11/May/17
@ Nik - The T-shirts were not my idea! I was merely seconding the idea of 'mrtguy's' celebheights merchandise, adding that button badges might be nice as well, knowing what a hit they'd be with youngsters, and others besides! I'd bloody well wear one, a T-shirt that is AND a button badge! ๐Ÿ‘ They're great conversation starters!
Bobby said on 11/May/17
@c-mo, they're referring to most countries, not all countries. Furthermore, 5'10 is two inches above average height for a male internationally, so more like above average.
Bobby said on 11/May/17
@ken, ken the difference would be a foot of course, the 4'10 person would be around shoulder level compared to the 5'10 guy.

This picture shows what the difference would be: Click Here
176cm guy said on 11/May/17
@ken If it was a proportionate 5'10" male, 4'10" would be a little over half an inch taller than his shoulders. But if it was a proportionate 5'10" female, 4'10" would be taller than her shoulders by a quarter of an inch. Just an approximation.
176cm guy said on 11/May/17
@Rob Would you say you're a 5'8.25" at best (if going for only quarter inches in this site), you're still an eighth taller than 5'8" before heading to bed.
Editor Rob: I would say 5ft 8.25 is probably a reasonable shout for my current height at afternoon, if we go by that.
176cm guy said on 11/May/17
@Headbanger The eyelevel proportion may not change much, but since they are 2" apart from each other. Then the eyelevel will be 2" apart in height.
Nik said on 11/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Hi Sandy,

Let me start by saying that you are right about soap operas documenting certain life issues very well, they do this through the storylines that they show as well as by the helpline numbers that they provide at the end of certain episodes. This means watching the soaps is useful for helping people with different issues because of the comfort, advice, and inspiration that they can get from watching episodes of soap operas when the storyline focuses on their own particular life issue. The helplines are obviously useful too because they provide contact numbers for dedicated professionals who deal with helping people with different issues, and without those contact details members of the public may not have known who would have been able to them, or people that they know, with their issues. This shows that there is an aspect of soaps that focuses on the real lives of people, and by the ways we have mentioned, the producers deserve a pat on the back for this! However the soap operas should not always be taken too seriously in every way, for example the horrible characters in the soaps will be played by actors and actresses that are totally different in real life, also bad things that happen to the soap characters are by no means necessarily or at all happening to the actors or actresses who are playing them.

Yes I have talked about older people bringing the average heights of people in an area down, well yes this is true but not only is it through shrinkage that older people are smaller than younger folk, it is also down to the fact that older people had peak heights that are quite a bit smaller than the ones that younger people have now. Older people of Peter Cushing's and Christopher Lee's height seem to substantially on the minority and I would imagine that the percentage of older men who are genuine barefoot 6ft er's is pretty low, I often think that 5'9" and 5'4" are tall heights for older men and women respectively. Shrinkage is something I have to look forward to in the future, in another 40 years time I am convinced that I will be clearly in the 5'5" - 5'6" range but I am not bothered to be truthful, tall heights and small heights should be equally thought of and celebrated by everyone however society has still got to make a bit of progress before this is the case. In the last year I got measured and weighed by a machine at "Boots", it wasn't a very pleasurable experience when the little bit of paper popped out at the end with the results! I wasn't too disappointed with my weight as it was what I expected it to be but the result on my height were disappointing! My height was worked out to be 5'7.3", but through measuring myself at home I find I am generally anywhere from 5'7..3" - 5'7.45" throughout most of the day, in a morning I am a whopping 5'7.75"!

You said about your brother Christopher being a late developer, well I was a late developer myself and people have often thought throughout my life that I was younger than what I was! People have always thought that my Mum was younger than what she was too, her height might have had something to do with it but she has always looked younger than her years! I think that my Mum was about the joint shortest girl out of all the girls of her own age at little school, all my Mums friends were taller than her too!

You said about Fletchley being a fighter in your previous comment, I am glad he is eating well and it is great to hear that he enjoys being combed and made a fuss of!

I hope that you and your boyfriend had a great birthday weekend, which I think lasted until Tuesday didn't it? Was it your boyfriends birthday? Because if my memory serves me correct you have had your birthday this year, in January! It is my Mums birthday next Wednesday and I will tell you Jasmin has an interesting birthday, it is on Halloween!

On the subject of Jasmin she is not very heavy for a dog to be truthful, I find it very easy to carry her around and she seems as light as a feather to me when I have got her in my arms! I don't know if I have ever told you that my brother Steve owns a greyhound called Ginger, who is 13 years of age, she used to race at Belle View in Manchester many years ago! I think it was about 10 years ago when she retired, Steve always calls her daft names! He has called her "the retired greyhound" on numerous occasions before, and some really silly names!

You will have to ask Rob how tall he thinks Sean Harris is, what is your guess as to his height? It sounds like he is good at playing the "bad apples" by what you said in your last comment and a bent cop sure does qualify as one, I have noticed before about you making comments about films with dodgy policemen in them! I have got to admit they can contribute to making a film interesting. Well I hope you enjoyed your evening watching the "Red Riding Trilogy" and end up seeing all of the films that there are in this set!

Cheerio mate, until next time!
mrtguy said on 11/May/17
Rob, you see Big Show having more at least 10 inches if not little more on Oj Simpson??
Editor Rob: yeah he's got to have at least 10 inches on him.
Nik said on 11/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Well I think it can be a little bit amusing when we point back to our page, after all there is a bit more leeway on the Rob Paul page and what harm is there in having a bit of fun?

You mention about one of your cats having a **** in the litter tray, have you found out who the culprit is?

I have a longer message for you on the way before the end of the day!
Andrea said on 11/May/17
Rob, I sent you an email... Check it out! ๐Ÿ˜‰ (and answer via email, if you have to)
Editor Rob: send it again and put Celebheights in title as that email address gets so much stuff sent to it, I am behind on managing it.
G 5'11 said on 11/May/17
@Petozi interesting we are almost the same age, and have similar stats my highest out of bed has been 181ish. My low usually is 179-179.5 range. I also workout too. That's usually what gets my down quickly to 179 doing lots of heavy lifting.
Matt said on 11/May/17
Rob I measured with my school shoes again and got a few mm over 5'10 I must of mis measured the last few times and this was in the afternoon and I'm a few mm over 5'9 at this point. Today I was walking through Loughborough town and I was taller than 95% of the people there, I was very surprised as I'm average, a bunch of mixed ages there too.
Editor Rob: at 5ft 9 you should still blend into the average zone in most towns, but being taller than 90%? That must be a very short town ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Andrea said on 11/May/17
I can certainly understand that a 6'3 guy looks better than a 5'3 on the screen but do you really think it is an advantage for an actor, being so tall?
As I said a few months ago, I read this interview of this italian actor where he said that he often got refused in auditions for being too tall... Btw, he claims and looks near 190! The same Tom Welling said a similar thing in another interview!
Do you think they're joking or there is some truth in it? Maybe they're just trying to find some excuse for getting refused? ๐Ÿ˜…
Because 6'3 and even over does seem a very common height for actors, if you look at this site! It's full of actors that are SUPPOSED TO BE that tall! But again they're just guesses... Imagine there are other actors like Terry O'Quinn that get listed near 2 inches taller than their real height! That would certainly skew the overall average...
Peter 179cm said on 11/May/17
@ James B Anything over 180cm is too tall to blend in,IMO.You have to basically be average or short to be one with the crowd so anything between 160cm and 180cm i'd say fits this situation.
Headbanger said on 11/May/17
@Big Rob
What is the difference of eyelevel of a 5'8 and 5'10 guy?
Editor Rob: on average it will be barely a couple mm
ken said on 10/May/17
what would a 4'10 person look next to someone 5'10?
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 10/May/17
Rob, how tall is this person? The top of my head came up to their shoulders, or fractionally above due to the fact that they were in 2" inch boots, while I had Loafers on that add 1/2" of an inch. My friends were wondering if we saw an actual 7 footer in person (which I can't confirm I've seen yet).
Editor Rob: sounds quite possible he is 6ft 11-7ft range.
c-mo said on 10/May/17
Ben said on 9/May/17
@Peter 179

Even tho we're both about 4-5 cm above male's average in most countries, do you also feel pretty tall sometimes when you're walking down the street?


if you are 179cm (if I am not wrong) then you are not 4-5cm above average . average height for a male is 178cm
c-mo said on 10/May/17
Ben said on 9/May/17
@Peter 179

Even tho we're both about 4-5 cm above male's average in most countries, do you also feel pretty tall sometimes when you're walking down the street?


if you are 179cm (if I am not wrong) then you are not 4-5cm above average . average height for a male is 178cm
Peter 179cm said on 10/May/17
@ Ben Sometimes when im surrounded by older generations(elderly) i do feel pretty tall but overally above average and just that.I think 179cm is like 189cm in a way they're both solid heights (strong average and strong tall).
Nik said on 10/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell

You came up with a good idea with what you said about the Celebheights T-Shirts, I too would like to wear one!

Sandy Cowell said on 10/May/17
@ Nik - Hmm! It's a bit like offloading, or cleansing, this 'correction time' lark, but it's fun and it enables us to show the other visitors that if we write in haste and make mistakes, we repent at leisure - by means of an edition of 'correction time'!
So all in all, being a bit too speedy takes longer! Ha ha ha ha! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘น๐Ÿ˜
Guess what one of my cats has just done in the litter tray? Now that is a major reason for my errrrrriiingggg! Phwoar! Pass me my gas mask! ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ˜ญ
Michael R said on 10/May/17
Rob what is the average arm span of a 6 foot 2 man?
Editor Rob: 6ft 3.5 range might be typical.
Michael R said on 10/May/17
The best height to blend it in is 5'8 5'9 and 5'10. Anytnibg under 5'8 for a man starts to stand out as short and over 5'10 into the 180cm range gets above average
Michael R said on 10/May/17
Rob what is the average shrinkage for a male over the course of a day and do you think weight effects it?
Editor Rob: I've never read any study that incorporated weight into the equation...

but we are talking average being over 1.5, approaching 2cm from all I've read.
Sandy Cowell said on 10/May/17
@ Rob - Well, worthwhile it is, and I was delighted to find it as an extra feature!
And yes, thank you! We did have a relaxing, TV-packed birthday weekend!
Editor Rob: I watch too much TV, but it has another purpose - a lot can entertain, but also helps me keep track of all the actors and how they appear in shows.

At the moment, usually I watch an episode of a show at lunch, then 3-4 at night, so maybe 5 shows a day! I remember before this site, maybe 1 or 2 max a day of any show.
Nik said on 9/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell

๐Ÿ‘น Correction time! ๐Ÿ‘น - from my message on the 5/May/17

4 numbered points, 4 errors! It was all going so well too! - no mistakes In the first 2 points.

Now the errors:

1. "as is height and hair colour. it's fascinating" - Capital letters should follow a full stop!
2 and 3. "more dominant than otherrs, Ie" - others should just have one letter r, also there should be no capital I in ie.
4. "4, Try having a dog as a pet" - the comma should not be there, it should be a full stop instead!

Nik said on 9/May/17
@ James B

Anywhere from roughly 5'6.75" - 5'10.75" will see you best blend in with the crowd as a man in my opinion. It depends where you are in a country and who is about in public at any given time as to what height is the best to blend in!

Sandy Cowell said on 9/May/17
@ mrtguy and Rob - I would be proud to wear a celebheights T-Shirt! Have you considered button badges, Rob? They'd be fun and very popular with the kids! You could have them made in boys' colours and girls', but I'm sure anything would be appreciated!
Sandy Cowell said on 9/May/17
@ Nik - Hi! Your comment has been cut short, just like mine was! I think it might happen when we exceed a certain quantity of words!

I have Emmerdale on in the background, but that'll be repeated in an hour or perhaps I'll watch it more attentively tomorrow morning! Sandy Thomas is on the screen at the moment chatting to his little grandson! The poor man has been hit very hard with the passing of his son Ashley. It truly does reflect real-life, and I am impressed that they frequently have helplines coming up when a soap has covered a particularly difficult subject. In fact, I think it is fantastic, and one reason I am so pro-Soaps! They do help people, who can and do often relate to the different upsetting situations.
So I see that Jasmin is a bit bigger than the picture of her that I had in my mind, by a ๐Ÿฉcouple of pounds, which is quite a lot when you're a tiny little animal! Before Fletchley became diabetic, he was a good, healthy 17 pound cat! He is still eating well, but he needs steroid injections now. He is a fighter and I do love him! He adores being combed and fussed! ๐Ÿˆ

You hit on a point that got my little brain going, about seaside towns often housing elderly residents - which, in turn, is bound to lower the average somewhat! Peter Cushing lived in Brighton and was very friendly and gentlemanly! Being a one-time 6-footer, I don't think people like him would lower the statistics though, and certainly not his good friend Christopher Lee! However, most guys do shrink, as do women, especially if they have an unfortunate accident! I hadn't lost any height until mine! Now I dread being measured just in case I've lost some more - so I don't, unless I have to be measured at hospital or I am weighing myself on a height and weight machine! ๐Ÿ˜ญ

I must say that I have noticed the kids' heights getting taller, but having said that, I was still taken for an 11-year- old when I was 14, so I suppose they must have been taller than I imagined even then! Those days, I wasn't quite so interested! My brother was tiny, and forever asking our Mum, "When will I grow?"

He did grow in the end, and that was still going on well into his late teens as he was a late developer. Years before, I still remember waiting outside his bedroom door at the age of 4, nearly 5, on the morning of his 7th birthday, waiting for the door to open! I expected him to have shot up a few inches, because 7 sounded so much of a 'bigger kid's height'! I was SO disappointed that he hadn't!

I'm going to settle down shortly for an evening in front of the telly, with a DVD, probably with my brother. In the 'Red Riding Trilogy', there is a freaky-looking actor called Sean Harris, who often gets parts based on his looks. He even starred as Ian Brady in 'See No Evil', and has had other vile parts in the films 'Creep', 'Harry Brown', 'Deliver Us from Evil' and more! I have been toying with the idea of asking Rob whether he knows his height! He played a bent copper in the trilogy, in each episode! The characters, though played by the same people, change in each one interestingly enough, but Sean always gets stranded with the rotten ones, but doesn't seem to mind as it makes him a good living and he's even been snapped up by Hollywood! I have 8 of his films, or 10 if you count each single feature-length episode of 'Red Riding...' Tonight, I will be watching something with him in it! It arrived the other day and I have more of his films on the way! ๐Ÿ“€๐Ÿ“บ ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฒ Tonight's one? I guarantee it will be scary!

I wish you a fantastic latter part of the week! We'll chat again soon, mate! Until then, byeee! ๐Ÿ™‹
Andrea said on 9/May/17
Rob, it's funny how so many shows have an average that is SUPPOSED to be 5'11-6' (which is the average of pretty tall countries like Netherlands) and still many actors/actresses remark the fact that Hollywood is a short world!!!
I do remember Erica Durance saying in an interview that she often had to take off her shoes in movies because actors are quite short or something like that (and that, for the first time, she had to stand on apple boxes because Tom was too tall)! And she's not particularly tall herself, just about 5'7!!!
The question is: which actors did these people work with? 6'3 seems a more common height than say 5'6-5'7 (while in the real world it should be as "rare" as 5'3, if the average is 5'9 range), according to this site! That's crazy!
Maybe a good bunch of them are a "a bit" overlisted? It would be interesting to measure all these guys and calculate the average "before" and "after" but I'm afraid it is something that will never happen :(
Editor Rob: there is some bias towards taller actors.

As I mentioned not that long ago, the average height from actors I've met is a bit above average.

Some of these actresses might be exaggerating a little, but for some scenes to make a 5ft 7 range lady look shorter, certainly I can see that happening to her.
Blake said on 9/May/17
So your armspan is an inch under average for your height if your 173 and its 176.4 as your armspan is supposed to be 2.5 inches longer than height
Editor Rob: 1:1.02 or 1:1.03 is very common range, which is the common range..
Ben said on 9/May/17
@Peter 179

Even tho we're both about 4-5 cm above male's average in most countries, do you also feel pretty tall sometimes when you're walking down the street?
Ben said on 9/May/17
Is it normal for a 179.5 guy to have my eyelevel about 3 cm above a 175 person's eyebrows?
Editor Rob: that seems within a kind of range you'd expect for a solid 1.5-1.75 inch difference between you both.
Johan said on 9/May/17
Peter 179cm said on 7/May/17
@ c-mo That thing where you have to add an extra sth to your claim when talking to women-i can't figure out it's purpose honestly.I think it's better to be straight-forward and honest about anything to women and people in general than to impress although that's just me.Besides it's only an extra 1-2cm most women can't or dont really care to spot it in the first place(no offence for female posters here โ˜บ).

THe next step is that the woman/girl doubts the claim and then looks around before asking a taller guy how tall they are, which is bloody annoying. If I had a cent for everytime a girl or guy asked me how tall I am because of some guy trying to impress I would be rich. It typically tends to be guys under 5'10" and they always ask guys who are 5'11"-6'2". Maybe because 6'3" + is way too big to be realistic.
Sandy Cowell said on 9/May/17
Hi Rob!
I've just returned from an extended celebratory birthday weekend with my boyfriend, but I was still able to use my phone for a few comments!
One thing new that I noticed over this weekend was that you can now find out all the other celebs who have the first name of the celeb you are currently perusing! How long has this been going on? This is a GREAT idea and I know I'm really going to have fun with it! All too often, you know someone's first name, but can't for the life of you think of the surname, but now with this new feature, the problem has been conquered! Nice one Rob! ๐Ÿ‘
Editor Rob: I hope you and your boyfriend enjoyed a relaxing birthday!
I only added those name categories within last week. I was waiting till enough entries in database to make it worthwhile. I have limited it to 7-8 'similar names' before a name category is created.
Davo said on 9/May/17
Hi Rob, your videos are very informative to watch and some of them are funny too !
I was just wondering if you could answer a simple question for me, which is
do you think I could grow taller?
Just read the information below of course before you make the judgement :)

I am currently 18.5 years old and am 170.5cm out of bed.
I began puberty when I was 12. When I was 12, I was 154cm and grew to 165 (11cm) up till I hit 15.
Then I grew from 165cm at 15 to 170.5cm (5.5cm) up till I hit 18 and have now sort of stopped.
I think It fascinating that from 15 to 18, the growth rate was half of that from 12 to 15. Mabye a mathematical relationship?

My Dad was at his peak 184cm and didn't stop growing till he was 22.
Mum was at her peak 152.5 and dont know when she stopped.
My grandmothers were at their peaks 171cm and 152.5cm, and my
grandfathers were at their peaks 169cm and 171cm.
I don't know about all my great grandparents (yes that is stretching it a bit), but I know that my dads grandfather
Jack Munn was quite tall, around 184 - 188cm.

I exercise by doing 20 min of biking everyday but I must admit I eat pretty poorly mostly junk.
I get relatively good sleep (9 hrs a night). I was 15 weeks premature as a baby so perhaps that stunted my growth??

Thankyou so much Rob, can't wait to hear from you,

Editor Rob: Davo, the fact that your dad did experience some later growth, at least gives you a chance of a little more...I would actually put away tape measures for 6 months, keep doing your exercise and then check again in 6 months.
MrFish said on 8/May/17
Rob, based on my measurements, if you met me in person, would you list me on the site as 5ft 8.5in (174) or 5ft 8.75in (175)?
Editor Rob: Fish, it could depend on your standing posture too...some people have only 3-4mm normal posture vs measured, while others can have 1 or 2cm normal standing less than measured - that is something easier seen in person.
James B said on 8/May/17
Rob my mom who is not much over 5ft said once "to blend in with the crowd The best height is 6ft"

Do you think what she really meant by that was 5ft10 is the best height to blend in with the crowd?
Editor Rob: James, your Mother must have just sank a couple of martini's before saying that.

6ft is heading towards being tall, so it's not going to be blending in that much!
Sammy Derrick said on 8/May/17
Sammy Derrick said on 6/May/17
I'm a 21 year old man whose 5'8 (173cm) to 5'7.5 (171cm) depending on when I measure myself.I've always felt that 5'8 is short cause 7 out of 10 times,I feel short.The 3 out of 10 times when I feel tall is when;
1.I'm surrounded by children/teenagers.
2.When I'm around women.
3.When I'm surrounded by short men.
And I honestly think that the global average height for men is 5'11(180cm) not 5'7(170cm).Here my reason why.
According to the Social Security website, these are the 15 top male names from 1915 to 2016.Plus thanks to the great work @EditorRobPaul has done we have categories based on first names and average height of male celebrities with the first name.
2.John -5'11.26(181cm)
5.William-5'11.34 (181.2cm)
6.David-5'10.76 (179.7cm)
7.Richard-5'11.46 (181.5cm)
8.Joseph-5'10.09 (178cm)
9.Thomas-5'11.25 (181cm)
11.Christopher-5'11.15 (180.7cm)
AVERAGE=5'11.18 (180.5cm)
And these celebrities are not just Americans or Caucasians they are very diverse individuals from men born in the 1930's to men born in the mid 90's from every corner of the globe.Guys who are over 7 feet tall to guys well below 5'7!!!
I can comfortably tell you that the average height of men is around 5'11!!!
@Editor Rob Paul Thank you for replying to my comment on the General heights.On a serious note do you think that my observation is true??Since we are both within the 5'8 range.
Editor Rob: personally I do think 5ft 9 is still the average in the UK, it's just sometimes you can be surrounded by groups of people which exclude the very elderly, so the average in many cases might be closer to 5ft 10, especially in 20-40 age range.

Then 5ft 8 will feel more shorter.
Peter 179cm said on 8/May/17
@Matt Most men's shoes give 0.7-1 inch and some only 0.5-0.6 inch so the average sole is around 2cm.Iam about 181cm in most shoes and 182 with a pair of work boots so i got only one pair that gives a solid inch (2.7cm actually).On summertime though i mostly wear flat sandals and sayonaras so i'll be just over or just under 180 depending on the footwear.
Amirhossein said on 8/May/17
Hey rob , a question
My morning height hasn't changed ( it's like before around 6ft), but I used to go down to 179.5 at night, but now I hold 5'11 till 9pm! And I'm like 180.8 after 6 hours of awakening
Does that mean I've grown or not ? Should I still claim 5'11?
Editor Rob: maybe your evening height improved slightly...your discs are able to retain more fluid than in the past?

I'd claim about 5ft 11 yeah.
Blake said on 8/May/17
Rob, what height would a person have with my armspan length 182.3cm on average?
Editor Rob: about 5ft 9-9.5 I'd expect...though differences in armspan/height ratios may exist for different races.
Johan said on 8/May/17
JKE 168cm said on 6/May/17

This site has the average height for people who joined the army, and it has the average of each country according to birth year. The average American born in 1916 was in the strong 5ft 8 range, whereas the average Brit was weak 5ft 7.

Click Here

So I live in the tallest country in the world and work in the second tallest....that drop for Americans though, from 3rd to 37th thats what unhealthy living does.
Nik said on 8/May/17
@Sandy Cowell

Here's the rest of my comment!

I too agree it was a nice comment, like you I think he is one of those people who you could call "nearly tall" or "almost tall" and he is just smaller than David Beckham who I have recently commented on. In my comment on the David Beckham page I have stated my point that at 5'11" he is in my opinion tall but at the bottom of the "tall" range, I think that 5'11" is clearly more of a tall height than an average height but many people nowadays think the latter! I think that people's heights are similar to what they were a few decades ago and I don't think a lot has changed!

Enjoy the rest of your day and the week ahead! Cheers Sandy!
mrtguy said on 7/May/17
Rob, do you happen to sell merchandise if so I would like buy one??
Editor Rob: funny thing is I did actually get around to registering the logo as a trademark.

You know with all these copycats selling unauthorised t-shirts, I had to do something ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜

nah, I don't sell anything yet, but Jenny proudly wears her celebheights t-shirts, in fact I might get some more made up.
Arthur said on 7/May/17
Rob, now that you've added the '' (Name) Heights '' tags, I see the average height for nearly each name is way above 5'10, which is supposed to be the average height of males on this site. Like, every average height on a name category is like 5'11.25, I am not joking. How is this happening?
Editor Rob: haven't you seen the

Average Joe: 5ft 9.91in (177.6cm) ๐Ÿค ๐Ÿ‘
Average Danny: 5ft 9.39in (176.3cm) or Average Charlie: 5ft 9.11in (175.5cm) or Average Gary: 5ft 9.21in (175.8cm)

the overall average on the site is indeed a bit above 5ft 10.
bradley said on 7/May/17
Sup' Rob.

I'm 6ft 0.75. Where would a 6ft's person's head be if they stood next to me?
Editor Rob: bradley, a 3/4 inch difference isn't that much. Depending on hairstyles, if the shorter guy had a thicker 'do, he may look very similar to you...but he will certainly look to be above your hairline in any case.
Peter 179cm said on 7/May/17
@ c-mo Also 175.4-5cm is still 175cm lmaao dont get too wonky with mm's-haven't you heard of rounding up/down to nearest cm?For example my 181.5 out of bed height is still 181 not 182 etc etc...
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 7/May/17
Rob, has there ever been a member on here who is the opposite of big G? Meaning that they got photos with celebrities, and were caught downplaying their height by 1"-2" inches (with their being as much drama over it as there was with Glenn)? It would be very clever if that happened.
Editor Rob: I've rarely seen anybody downplaying, there was one girl years ago who had a few comments and said 180cm, I remember seeing her at an event briefly and would have guessed 181-2cm, between that range rather than just 180...
Nik said on 7/May/17
@Sandy Cowell

๐Ÿฉcorrection time!๐Ÿฉ

I said in my latest comment that Jasmin is 14 or 15 pounds, actually she is 16 or 17 pounds!
Peter 179cm said on 7/May/17
@ c-mo That thing where you have to add an extra sth to your claim when talking to women-i can't figure out it's purpose honestly.I think it's better to be straight-forward and honest about anything to women and people in general than to impress although that's just me.Besides it's only an extra 1-2cm most women can't or dont really care to spot it in the first place(no offence for female posters here โ˜บ).
Nik said on 7/May/17
@Sandy Cowell

Hi Sandy,

Like you said in your last comment it was very sad the way that Ashley was written out of Emmerdale but I do think that some of the storylines concerning the deaths of soap characters has been comforting. This is a good thing and offers hope to us all that death can reunite deceased people with their loved ones, or offer the chance for departing people to come to the aid of one of their loved ones, as Ashley did in Emmerdale.
In my last comment to you I said about not feeling small in Stratford-Upon-Avon and you were wondering if there were genetic reasons for this or whether it was to do with environment. What I think is that how I often rank with other men in terms of height is determined by who is present when I venture out into public, this can be the only explanation for why I often feel average, often feel quite small, and sometimes even feel tall! Take my break in Stratford-upon-Avon, most of the time I went out was during weekday mornings and afternoons when many people from younger age groups were at work, but people from older age groups who are often retired will make up a bigger composition of the people who are present in public during those times. As you know older people are smaller than the younger folk on average so an over representation of older people will skew the real picture on how tall the members of the public are from a particular place. However I didn't feel very small walking through the town on Saturday either and maybe it was partly due to coincidence, as I felt small the last time I went there. Another reason is that outside of English cities the average man is perhaps not particularly tall, the average man in the UK is roughly a flat 5'9" but men, particularly younger men, from different cities will on average push it up to this level! As we know there are a greater proportion of younger people living in cities too!
It is a lot more pleasurable going to the hairdressers than going to the dentists for instance, it must be relaxing to be able to talk to your hairdresser about different things!
I was surprised to hear that your brother Christopher was the smallest boy in his class at school and the reason for me being surprised is because of the the fact that he is very close to average height with him now being north of 5'8"! I wonder if he was a late grower? You also amused me when you said that he used to measure himself a lot in the hope that he had found out that he had grown, things never work out like that do they? Things rarely happen when you are just waiting and hoping for them to happen, you have to make things happen when it is something that you control, if you are talking about something that is out of your control, ie waiting for something in the post, then the best thing to do is occupy yourself with something else that is useful or pleasurable. You were right telling Christopher to stuff things in his face as extra nutrition is good for growth, however to be truthful what Christopher did in continually measuring himself in the hope of growth is exactly the sort of thing I have done in the past! I did go through a spell of measuring myself a lot, I usually measured myself to be between 5'7.3" and 5'7.4" but I kept hoping that I would be over 5'7.5", alas I never was however much I hoped to be! I believe that I am probably about 5'7.375" as I am sure you will remember from past comments!
You told me that your Mum outgrew her Mum by 4 1/2 inches, I can tell a similar tale in my family as my Dad was north of 5'8" when he was younger, but both his Mum and Dad were 5'3" and 5'2" respectively. This just shows you cannot always tell how tall people are based on their parents heights, there must be numerous other factors that come into it including the heights of other ancestors and random genetics. I would be interested to know how much of a bearing grandparents and great grandparents have on people's height.
Now onto your cats, I like it that Manelia and Livielia sound similar as do Cordercy and Cordecelia! True it doesn't sound like Cordecelia is a loving Auntie when she is growling at her nieces and whacking them round the face! I am sure that Cordecelia will get a ticking off from you when she does such things. Its surprising that there is so much difference in size between Livielia and Manelia, at over a stone Manelia must be similar in weight to Jasmin who is about 14 or 15 pounds! On the subject of Jasmin, she has been really told off before for peeing on carpets and doing other things on carpets, my Mum and I know about this from times that she has stayed with us!
I am really sorry to hear about you being attacked on a train 12 3/4 years ago, I cannot begin to even imagine how terrible this was but I am glad that you are now so positive about the future. We have all got to generate positivity ourselves in life and also it is good to keep on planning to do exciting things, both in the short term (ie next few days or weeks) or the longer term, and keeping on reminding yourself of positive things every day is a great mood lifter. It is great when someone can come back as strong as possible from any of the worst things that can happen to a loved one or to themselves. It must be terrible to have panic attacks even when you are accompanied by other people on a train, you would never have thought there was any chance of such a terrible thing happening on a train, I certainly wouldn't, but your terrible story just shows that you just do not know what sort of people may be around you in public even in places where you would think that you are definitely safe.
You mentioned about "The Red Riding Trilogy" arriving in the post, you must be really excited about that because I have picked up from previous comments that you are a big fan of mystery and crime based films. I saw your comment on Andrew Garfield and yes I too agree
Matt said on 7/May/17
Hey rob! I am 18 years old and in year 13, I am 5'9 and in normal school shoes I'm a weak 5'10 but not much off 5'10 less than a quarter inch, is that accurate? I just never seem to get a solid inch in normal footwear and I measure 175.3cm as my overall height in early evening. I feel very average and sometimes feel above average but rarely do. Plus I'm just shy from my 5'11.25 friends hairline and he's a six footer in shoes, just below his hairline, just. is this accurate in height boosting for normal shoes?
Editor Rob: there are many shoes that fall in 0.75 to 1.25 range. With wear and tear, I've seen 1 inch shoes dip to 0.75 after a couple of years.

From what you say, you are probably around that 5ft 9 mark for a good chunk of the day.
Sully said on 7/May/17
Hi Big Rob, I am 20 years old and 175 cm barefoot in the evening. At 18 years old I was 170 cm barefoot in the evening. Is it normal for a male to gain 5 cm after 18?
Editor Rob: you gained far more than expected.
jhose said on 6/May/17
Hi Rob, I am writing to you because I am 22 years old, and in the morning I am 1.75.5, 1.76 cmy around I can reach up to 1.72.5. 1.72cm is this normal? It's because I'm young. At the age of 19 mean 1.74 stopped the bed and now 1.75.5.
JKE 168cm said on 6/May/17

This site has the average height for people who joined the army, and it has the average of each country according to birth year. The average American born in 1916 was in the strong 5ft 8 range, whereas the average Brit was weak 5ft 7.

Click Here
Grey said on 6/May/17
MrFish, Europe 5ft7-8, USA 5ft9
Nik said on 6/May/17
@Editor Rob

Hey Rob!

When you are talking about average heights do you refer to the "median" average height?
Editor Rob: since height distribution really follows bell curve, there won't be much difference between average or median.
Peter 179cn said on 6/May/17
@ Ben I dont want to disappoint you but you may not grow any taller,mate.I was the same height as you at 17 and im still about the same-damn genes you see...! But even if you dont you already have a decent above average(internationally speaking) height.
6'1.5 said on 6/May/17
Hey Rob have you heard of the testshock program? Do you think it could help me grow since I'm 14 currently.
Editor Rob: it's the first I've heard of it, but I can't really comment on it.

The basic principles of eating well, sleeping enough, doing regular exercise is the common sense program.
Headbanger said on 5/May/17
(in average)*
Headbanger said on 5/May/17
@Big Rob
How many hours a person loss all the height in a normal day?
Editor Rob: it might take a full 9-10 hours, but from the 6 to 10 hours range, the drop off is a smaller amount.

I have - on days I've been doing physical work - been down to low range within 4-5 hours.
Michael R said on 5/May/17
Rob what is the model stadiometer you use? I was thinking of purchasing it
Editor Rob: I don't know if they sell it in the US, but the model itself was called Seca Leicester.

I've talked about the error for years...Seca seemed to sell off the model because it is now sold as the Marsden Leicester Stadiometer.

Marsden's byline is 'accuracy assured'...maybe they corrected the error. They sell them for about ยฃ60 plus postage in the UK...don't know if they ship worldwide but for anyone in the UK, It's 60 quid delivered on Amazon from Marsden recently...

I am not that big fan of the model, I don't like having an extra 1/8th inch that I don't deserve ๐Ÿ˜

But for the price there's nothing better really...
Nik said on 5/May/17
@Sandy Cowell

1. There's always one damn mistake isn't there, particularly when you are sending a long comment!

2. I have sent a long comment and found that the end has been chopped off too! I think it has happened before to you on another occasion too.

3. Yes eye colour is fascinating, as is height and hair colour. it's fascinating that certain colours are more dominant than otherrs, Ie if one parent has brown eyes and another parent has blue eyes then a child of theirs is more likely to have brown eyes!

4, Try having a dog as a pet, it could be a lot worse being than just under your bed!

Have a great weekend Sandy!

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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