How tall is Rob Paul

Rob Paul's Height

5ft 8in (173 cm)

I created in 2004 and have been working on it ever since. I take photos with celebrities at Signing Events and Conventions because the ground is flat. Street photos are much harder to use for height comparisons, and most celebrities really don't want pestered when out and about their daily business!

I'm 5ft 8 barefoot, or to be precise, 5ft 8 and 1/8th at night. Out of bed I measure roughly 5ft 8.8. For some some height-related videos (both educational and amusing) check out our Youtube channel. As of 2017 I weigh 183 pounds and still stand tall at a comfortable 5ft 8.

The Faq answers some common queries, but if you've got a question about height that isn't necessarily celebrity-related, best asking it here. Time-willing, I'll answer as much as I can. I appreciate every visitor and if you spot any mistakes or discover any new celebrity height quotes do please add a comment letting me know.

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5ft 8.32in (173.5cm)
Matt said on 22/Apr/17
Hey Rob! Do normal shoes give around 0.75? Or even 0.5? It's just I've measured my brother in his normal puma shoes and he was 185.4cm and he's 184cm during most of the day and hits a high 183cm at night on his absolute low.
Editor Rob: Matt, many sneakers do fall in and around 0.75...a small sneaker is half inch, a big nearly 1.5.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Apr/17
The only junk food I eat daily now is one piece of dark chocolate! Here's my daily diet currently:

Wake up: Two glasses of water.
Breakfast: An orange and chopped banana or apple, nuts most days, occasionally a bowl of rice crispies with nuts and sultanas and coffee with honey
Lunch: Spinach, celery, cucumber, tuna/chicken, baked potato, beetroot. Glass of water.
Afternoon: Coffee with one piece of chocolate
Dinner: Typically some sort of veg, Stir fry type stuff broccoli, carrots, green beans, peas, and chicken/beef/salmon/haddock, or Bacon and 4 eggs. Glass of water. Grapefruit, grapes and honey for dessert. The odd day I might have chips with meat/fish and veg or a some rice or ice cream with the fruit.
7pm : A tangerine or nuts and sultanas. Cup of green or cardamom tea
Supper (9pm) : Chicken and chopped celery or cucumber. Glass of water.

I find the chicken and celery or cucumber stops me from getting hungry before I go to bed, which is one of the worst things you can possibly do! I've lost a stone in about 8 weeks and my skin is looking the best it ever has. I used to eat a lot of cheese and milk which I found caused inflammation and made my skin bad so I've cut it out now. To me this isn't a diet now, I'm weaned off of sugar and gluten (which is an allergy) and it's what I like to eat for optimum energy. When you don't think of it as a "diet" and learn to eat like that (and enjoy eating like that) that's the only way you can really lose weight and not put it back on again. Aim to do 30 min to an hour of exercise 6 days a week and it's a real winner. I'm more interested in having more energy and a more positive mindset than weight loss, but that's the effect it has.
Editor Rob: good to see water early in the day, that is something I made a habit of too, drinking a glass after wakening.

Of course I am addicted to Irn-Bru, something I can't cut out...though I always have 2 glasses of Orange Juice (with bits) mixed with Cranberry/Raspberry juice.
Ben said on 22/Apr/17
Jason, I sure hope so! :)
Nik said on 22/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell @Gladstone Screwer

Gladstone Screwer is an interesting name too!

Schneebly is the sort of silly name that you could call a dog or a cat if you are messing about!
Nik said on 22/Apr/17
@Editor Rob

How tall is current Coundown host Nick Hewer?
Editor Rob: for a guy like him he's kind of been 'famous' later in life, so I'm not sure if he'd have lost height, how much...maybe he looks near 5ft 8 in last 10 years though.
Justbringit said on 21/Apr/17
Also rob this is very generally speaking but if you have a wall that bends slightly what could be the difference you measure from your real height? Like 1/8 of an inch maybe closer to 1/4?
Editor Rob: can depend on the severity of bend, but if a slight bend, we are talking maybe 1/8th difference.
Delvin chung said on 21/Apr/17
How long is the average Hairline
Editor Rob: close to 1.5 inches I feel is quite typical. 1 or under short, close to 2 or over long.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 21/Apr/17
Gray said on 21/Apr/17
Totally agree, genetics plays a major role, but 70% of height is from genetic.30% comes from epigenetic. This is why people got taller in in XX century. Let's say you are 170 and you have reached of 90% of your height potential. You could 've been 188 cm if you reached 100% of your height potential


18cm difference is a bit too extreme. I don't think anyone can stunt their height that much, unless they have dwarfism or severe prolonged malnutrition during growing years.
Grant said on 21/Apr/17
Hey Rob I was looking for your shoe height (not elevator shoes) page and could not find it, did you remove it? If you didn't could you respond with a link please, would be much appreciated.
Editor Rob: I explained the other day on the Rob Paul page (look for DruceLee said on 14/Apr/17 reply) why I had to remove it.
justbringit said on 21/Apr/17
Rob how much do you think that these sleepers give? Click Here look a little thick for sleepers imo could they add 3/4th of an inch?
Editor Rob: yes they look thickish for a slipper, maybe almost 1 inch, depending on how much they squash down when you are walking about in them.
Sam said on 21/Apr/17
Genes are the number one most important thing that dictate your height unless you seriously stunted your height somehow. Most people in the US and Europe didn't starve as growing children and led reasonably healthy lifes to a degree that didn't affect their final outcome. Some probably reached their full potential more than others, but I don't think its worth anything significant. I knew a boy that smoked weed and didn't eat breakfast in the morning and grew to be over 6'3! While others that were healthier still grew to be significantly shorter than him. I think if you're considered short, tall or average at a certain age then that's probably a decent indicator where you may end up unless you fall out of the normal growth pattern and are considered a very early/late bloomer. Like Rob stopping at 14 or someone that is still growing at 21. Its usually the other way round!
Csimpson 6ft said on 21/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell thats good, yeah i hope you have a good weekend too 😊 πŸ‘, what have you got planned for the weekend?
Jason said on 21/Apr/17
Ben, I'd say you will probably stretch to 186cm by the time you've finished growing.
Yuval said on 21/Apr/17
Hi Rob, I heard that tall mom will likely give birth to taller son, and taller dad will have taller girls. is it true from what you know? I have to say from my expirience it looks true and mother height has more impacet on boys height rather then a taller dad. Aneway I did not find medical data to back this up.
Editor Rob: no.

Height is influenced by the genes of both parents...sometimes you end up with more components from one parent than the other, hence you see variation in siblings.

The randomness of genes also is seen in tall parents with short children and vice versa.
Sandy Cowell said on 21/Apr/17
@ Connor - Yes, I am well, thank you Connor! I have used my piece of gym equipment twice today, and I'm avoiding the rubbishy food I had over Easter!
I hope you too are well, and that you have a great weekend! πŸ‘
Gray said on 21/Apr/17
Totally agree, genetics plays a major role, but 70% of height is from genetic.30% comes from epigenetic. This is why people got taller in in XX century. Let's say you are 170 and you have reached of 90% of your height potential. You could 've been 188 cm if you reached 100% of your height potential
Sandy Cowell said on 21/Apr/17
@ Gladstone Screwer and Nik!

I stand corrected! Ned SCHNEEBLY is a VERY funny name! I wasn't aware that Ned had a 'surname'!
Sandy Cowell said on 21/Apr/17
@ Nik - Hi Nik! So I see you're off to Shakespeare's part of the country tomorrow! That should be enjoyable for you and your Mum! I would love to go there to see what sort of tributes and historical landmarks are there in his honour! I didn't detest Shakespeare quite as much as most kids in my class; in fact I quite enjoyed the historical element of it and since I left school, I have found it more than a little interesting how his plays influenced the developing English language! You probably know that I adore all that! In fact, I wrote a comment on Tony Robinson's page this week because 'Blackadder' was shown in its entirety and Tony was introducing the episodes. There were also some great programmes (all on the 'Yesterday' channel), all about the periods in history that 'Blackadder' covered. Shakespeare is frequently mentioned in 'Blackadder II', in a farcical and patronizing type of way - what else? I also wanted to see if Tony had lost some height, and he has, though his posture is still good; I reckoned on 3 quarters of an inch!
As for the naming and shaming of abusive partners, I did wonder if I was being a little harsh on them. If they can prove to have undergone anger management, or religiously take their medication when previously they failed to, perhaps there should be something carrying less stigma for them so as to make their efforts all worthwhile. Asking for help with regards to violent tendencies cannot be a breeze!
My Mum would have wholeheartedly agreed with you for saying that good health comes before anything else, and so do I! It's good that you've found ways of keeping fit indoors. That, (exercise), coupled with optimum nutrition
is the best we can feasably do to prevent height loss! I have also just started taking glucosamine, which is good for the joints! That is because I keep on getting a 'height enhancement pills' advertisement on my phone and I wrote to Rob about it, telling him which ingredients are included. They are terribly expensive and Rob doesn't recommend things like that anyway!
I haven't bought myself a hanging bar as I don't think I'd be any good at setting it up, or even reaching to be able to put it up to how far it's meant to go! I'd also be laughed at in no uncertain terms!
You mentioned that it's to our advantage to stand up for a couple of minutes every 20-40 minutes if you find yourself sitting around a lot! What a good idea! It is one which I will welcome into my routine! I know that it's wise to do that, preferably with a touch of exercise, to bolster the metabolism, but I hadn't thought of it as being a way of fighting off shrinkage, though it makes perfect sense! If I'm watching the telly, I only ever stand up if I have to go to the toilet!
Well Nik, I hope you have a great time in Stratford Upon Avon with your Mum in the next few days! The great thing about modern technology is that we can take it with us, which is fantastic! I hope
Editor Rob: some of the people who sell the height pills actually used my photo in their advertisement...and it was one of my joke photoshops of me being 5 inches taller.

They took it and used it in the really tells you all you need to know about the legitimacy of grow taller pill pushers.

A good diet is the best medicine for preventing shrinkage, aided with some simple stretches and exercise.
Nik said on 21/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell

Don't take notice of any of any adverts you see about anything, just stick to buying from people who you can 100% guarantee are a well know and trusted retailer. The Internet is full of con artists who are looking to rip people off, sometimes by selling things that are dangerous. The only reason hey I know is because I have read books on searching the Internet and I have seen watchdog programs on the tv about such things.

@Editor Rob

One thing I have noticed is that you have been a busy 🐝 recently! I appreciate it and I am sure everyone else on here does too.
Editor Rob: actually I do a lot of tasks running a site nobody will ever really notice.

If you stepped behind the scenes into a site like this, you might appreciate that it is a job, requiring a level of dedication and effort to make a living from.
Nik said on 21/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell

I don't know what happened with the last part of my comment but here it is!

I would like to say that I am not overly bothered about time travel, this is because I simply do not think it will happen anytime soon. Forward time travel may occur in the next 100 years but backward time travel may take more like 100,000 years to crack, and fund! Even if forward time travel does occur in the next century or so there will probably only be one or two scientists that will take part in it, and they will more than likely only travel a few hours or a few days into the future. Looking up at the stars is interesting for a few reasons, one reason for being interested in all this is the curiosity about whether a particular star has an orbiting planet that houses life. You also came up with a good reason for being interested in star gazing and that is the fact that some of the stars in the sky have died years ago, sometimes millions or billions of years ago, and as you know the light from distant stars can take millions (or billions) of years to reach us so some of the stars that we look at will have been dead for up to millions (or billions) of years!

Yes you talked to your physiotherapist about some interesting things, it's great that you could talk to her about all those different topics. You will not have had to look up to her much but like you said the little bit of extra height that she had over you may have made you aware of a little shrinkage. I am now at an age where shrinkage starts to set in as is another gentleman of my age Rob, (who I am surprised has not deleted this message by now! Ha ha) it's something we just have to accept but if our health is good enough it is not something any of us should care about!

Cheers Sandy! Bye for now.
Editor Rob: I did recently reduce the comment size, which might have cut off some, I will look at what it was set at and adjust it to the best is there as part of the spam prevention.

99% of spam doesn't even get through to my comment approval panel, it is silently dropped into the abyss...
Matt said on 21/Apr/17
Rob my cousin is nearly 16 and he grew from 5'7 last September to 5'11 now and I was surprised of how tall he looked because he's always been my little cousin, he clears 2 inches on me as I'm 5'9 175.5cm during the day and drop to 175cm at night but still claim 5'9 as its only 3mm. I come up to around his hairline maybe a little bit more, is that accurate? He's definitely not below 5'11, I'll check next time just in case but for now he gets 180cm.
Editor Rob: Matt, some hairlines can be near 2 inches, some quite high...but typically 1.5 is a common he's possibly near 180
Nik said on 20/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell

Hi Sandy,

I want to start by saying that I totally agree with your view that anyone who has previously abused a partner should be made fully known to the public, this is so that any future prospective partners can at least be in the know about who they are going out out with before they make a decision on whether to enter into a relationship with them or not.

My Mother and I are going away for a week to Stratford Upon Avon on Saturday! The last time I went there I felt small so it will be interesting to see if I feel like that again next week! I will report back with my findings. The previous time we went there about 85% of the men appeared to be taller than myself, and most of the 15% of men that were smaller than me were from the older generations or were Japanese, I think. There are a reasonable number of Japanese tourists in Stratford Upon Avon (nothing wrong with that) and Japanese people are smaller on average than people from British backgrounds.

Where I live I would definitely not class myself as small, I feel I would be of a low average height (at 5'7.375"), on many occasions locally I feel totally average and sometimes even tall as well! Overall nationally I would say that about 30% of men are smaller than I am!

I remember you once mentioning about purchasing a hanging bar, which I think was to help reduce shrinkage in future years, do you use it much? I think Rob recommended it to you didn't he?

Yes it's true that I can't tolerate junk food as much as I used to be able to do when I was younger. You live and learn in terms of knowing what you can tolerate or not with regard to your diet, I bet you have learnt a valuable lesson over Easter!

One thing I have learnt in the 40 years that I have been on this planet is that health is the most important thing, forget things like height and money, without your health they mean nothing. In terms of physical exercise I have a regular programme that I stick to, I also try to make sure that I stand up for at least a minute or two at regular intervals, of say 20-40 minutes, all day long if I can. Furthermore I have a softball that I throw around a bit at home, this is very useful because I sometimes use it whilst I am stood up but I also play with the ball sometimes when I am sat down or even when I am on my bed! Good exercise? You bet it is as doing this enables me to get easy indoor exercise that is beneficial to my health and I also do it at not too vigorous a pace, it is complementary to all the other exercise that I get! I know that you eat healthily and get your exercise at home with the aid of your gym equipment.

You mentioned about watching "Derailed" with your brother, I think it's great that you can both watch films together. Also anyone on here who has not seen this film could do worse than making a note of its title.

I would li
Csimpson 6ft said on 20/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell burn some calories off at the gym that should help but i think having chocolate and junk food in moderation is perfectly but of course its up to you, hope youre well Sandy!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Apr/17
I still think genes are overestimated.
Ben said on 20/Apr/17
Hey Rob!

I just turned 17 and I'm 179 after I've been awake for 7 hours. My morning height is 180.5. My dad is 183, mom is 157 and my brother is 20 and he is 189.

My dad grew from 165 at 15 to 183 in his 20's and my brother grew from 179 to 189 from 16 to 20. Would you say I have a good chance of hitting 185?

I'm getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night plus I'm very healthy and I stretch a lot.

If you got to bet, what height would you say I'll be in my 20's?
Salman said on 20/Apr/17
Rob, will standing on a carpet still give me a reasonably accurate measurement if I use a wall or a mirror?
Editor Rob: carpets are likelier to undermeasure you a fraction, unless it is a very flat carpet with little 'pile', then it's going to be ok.

I honestly wouldn't use a mirror for any sort of measurements, always get an object on top of the head and put a mark on the wall.
Sandy Cowell said on 20/Apr/17
@ Gladstone Screwer - Good for you! Anyway, I like funny names, and the other two, your 'sock puppets' (ha ha ha!) were not funny or memorable at all!
Nik said on 20/Apr/17
@Gladstone Screwer

Yes i remember your postings under the name "Ned Schneebly"! I can't remember many under Francine!
Frank said on 20/Apr/17
Hey Rob, one question please. After a good sleep in the morning I'm about 183.3 cm, throughout the day around 182 and my absolute low is around 181. How would you list me? And could you tell the difference if I stood by six footers like Bale, Norton or Christensen? Thanks...
Editor Rob: maybe not as much noticeable difference with Bale or Norton (who isn't a guy who stands impeccably well), but Hayden might look the tallest beside you, with decent posture and being a solid six footer.

You might end up at 5ft 11.5
Eddie GG said on 20/Apr/17
I am 17 years old and live in Wales, where the average height is 5'9. I'm 5'8 myself, but 12 or 13 year olds in my school are about 6'- 6'1. Why are kids so tall nowadays. Are we getting taller and taller as a species and will the average just keep getting bigger by generation?
Gladstone Screwer said on 20/Apr/17
Rob, since my warning, I'm Gladstone all the way ! One warning was enough for me. Ned and Francine are long gone.
Hope you noticed pal !
Editor Rob: it's better sock puppets are put back in the bottom drawer ;)
Michael R said on 20/Apr/17
Click Here Here is me and my dad it's worth noting I'm a bit closer to the camera and he isn't standing as straight as he could.
Editor Rob: yeah he's at a disadvantage, could be losing a couple of inches in that photo based on where he is.
Sandy Cowell said on 19/Apr/17
@ Connor - I had a rather disagreeable one (Easter, that is!) in that I wasn't too healthy, what with the rubbishy food I consumed, but I enjoyed what I saw on TV and DVD!
Thanks for asking Connor! No more chocs for me for a while!
MrFish said on 19/Apr/17
Rob, in the following pictures, Japan's Shinzo Abe looks a bit shorter than Vice President Mike Pence. I've met Pence and would say that he's very close to me, 174-175. Do you think Shinzo Abe would be about 5ft 8.5in based on these photos?

Click Here
Editor Rob: Fish, I'd say Shinzo had less footwear than big Mike, so they might be very similar range if barefoot...all around your range is likely.
Sandy Cowell said on 19/Apr/17
@ Rob - Further to my comment about height enhancement pills, (16th April), I'm grateful that you put me straight, and hopefully a lot of other people too who might have considered buying them! I'm still getting adverts for them! What an out-of-order way to make money by raising people's hopes like that! Cheers for that, Rob! πŸ‘
Editor Rob: on many sites you will see adverts related to products you have searched for. Ad agencies store that info to try to display items you seem interested in - targeted advertising.
Csimpson 6ft said on 19/Apr/17
@Arch Stanton Madness Tribute band? whats that? and whos suggs?
Nik said on 19/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell

Hi Sandy,

Yes I agree with you that people who are responsible for bullying their partners should be made fully known to the public, there is no way that they should be able to start again with someone else and influct suffering on that person like they did in the past with at least one previous partner. Then like you said the only way then that they would be able to go into a new relationship is if the other person is certain that they have got sorted out, that they are sorry, and that they are still prepared to take a chance on them as well. If court reports do mention about people committing domestic abuse offences (I don't know if they do or not) then good but that would not get round the problem of somebody lying about their name to potential partners in the future, something needs to be done about that as well.

lasla said on 18/Apr/17
By your videos, you are more 174cm than 173cm mostly of the day, so i'd say that you are 174cm

do you have kids rob? (i've seen childrens in your tom cruise video, so, these are your daughters?)
Editor Rob: kids are fans of Celebheights.
Yuval said on 18/Apr/17
Hey Rob, I am also 5'8(ok my lowest can be 5'7.75 but I claim 5'8), my parents are 5'3 mother and a 5'11 father. Did i miss something? how common is it to be below potential gentices? my potential gentic is 5'9.5
Editor Rob: sometimes you just end up with variation of more shorter genes than taller, while another sibling might end up with more of the genomes that dictate being taller. A lot of the time there is an expected range and there are outliers, like very tall or very short compared to parents.
Arch Stanton said on 18/Apr/17
@Connor, Have you ever considered starting a Madness tribute band? You'd make a convincing Suggs!
Andrea said on 18/Apr/17
Rob, have you run out of photos with celebrities? πŸ˜† It's been a while since you've added a picture...
Editor Rob: been busy with site management, had to move the site and that isn't easy when some code is from 2004 and might not work on latest version of programming languages.
Csimpson 6ft said on 18/Apr/17
Thanks Sandy I hope you had a really good easter too! :-)
Sandy Cowell said on 18/Apr/17
@ Nik - Hello! Yes I do mean making the public aware of these people, so that potential new partners can make an informed decision before taking the risk of investing precious time in a relationship which could well be doomed to failure. Time is so precious, and the young years fly by! The trouble is, youngsters often think that they have all the time in the world and then they find out otherwise, when it's too late.

If then a person wished to take the chance of having a relationship with someone with an abusive past, he or she would be able to make sure that the other person, who is often ill and needs help, gets sorted out first. It can often come down to a person thinking that he/she can get away without taking his/her medication. This was partly to blame in one of my relationships, but I gave up in the end because he simply would not take his pills. Even his doctor, who knew him well as he was married to his auntie, told me to make sure he takes them, "...or expect the odd back-hander!"
In the end I could take no more and had to walk away. He, I'm certain, lied about his height! His previous girl was under 5ft, and it might have been a bit daunting to have someone as 'tall' as 5ft2.5 or so, as I was then! I reckon he was 5ft6.5, as I had a great friend of that height and I was surprised he was so tall! Ha ha ha! I had the lying boyfriend sussed! He also lied about his name! It is so true what Rob says about being honest about your height as a great pointer for respect and being taken seriously! If someone lies about something so basic, what else is being hidden from you?

You will have gathered from another comment to you that mine wasn't the healthiest of Easters! I couldn't agree more with what you said about not being able to tolerate eating cr*p as you get older! I was physically sick and I think that says it all! Now it will probably take a good four days to feel decent again!

I've had vivid dreams about being in pain, only to find that when I woke up the pain was very real, like you with your back this weekend! I've dreamt that someone came up behind me and stabbed me in the back and I woke up in excruciating pains with a kidney infection and a temperature! I avoid violence in my life as much as I can, but the films I see can often manifest themselves in my dreams! You only have to read a newspaper to see that violence is rife. Yesterday, however, I caught up with some Easter newspapers and each one had bunnies as an Easter celebration! There was a lovely picture of one bunny who had made friends with a baby miniature pig, and then there was a different article all about internet bunnies who rake in the money! The world's biggest bunny was also featured! He is 4ft3 'standing up' - which is a mighty big bunny! He can rake in up to Β£1,000 in a day, and is often booked to be a guest at children's parties! Yes, I far prefer animal articles in the papers to ones about nasty acts of violence.

Yesterday I saw a fantastic film called 'Derailed'! It starred Clive Owen, Jennifer Aniston, a brilliantly creepy Vincent Cassel and Melissa George. I saw nearly half before I watched the soaps, and then I invited my brother to join me, so I started the film again! I didn't mind as it really was THAT good! There were some fantastic twists at the end! I cannot recommend the film highly enough!

As for time travel, I don't get too carried away with it, but maybe one day it will become a reality! I've seen a couple of programmes on it, but I think it's best to just watch fictional films about it! I think it's staggering that we can look up and see stars how they were when the dinosaurs were about and some can even have blown up before their images reach us! I used to discuss this sort of thing with my physiotherapist, not to mention history, animals and her life in South Africa before she came to live in this country! She was 5ft3 and seeing that I had to look up to her, that was the trigger for me that I had shrunk! That was 4 years ago now and the physio was, of course, as a consequence of my fall in the snow!

So that's it for the moment Nik! Enjoy your shortened week! Bye bye for now!
πŸ‡ πŸ‡ πŸ“‘ πŸŒƒ πŸ“€ πŸ™‹ πŸ‘
Nik said on 18/Apr/17
@Editor Rob

Hey Rob, who do you think is the tallest barefooted, Michael Le Vell or Alan Halsall?
Editor Rob: not looked at them as much
Amirhossein said on 18/Apr/17
Hey rob
I play for a soccer team and today we had a medical test (they take it every 6 months) and I just found out sth weird,we're all 16 or 17 and out of 25 players, only 5 or 6 have grown since the last medical test. I mean most of the boys stop growing at 16 Or 17?! Though I myself almost grew an inch since the last medical test.
Editor Rob: growth will slow down at 16-17 and many will stop or only gain a small final amount...
Sandy Cowell said on 18/Apr/17
@ Connor - Thank you Connor! I omitted to mention that I am very fond of you too and found it flattering that you would wish to write to me via Facebook!
I witness all the trouble it causes on 'The Jeremy Kyle Show'!
Cheers Connor! I hope you had a great Easter! πŸ‘
Nik said on 17/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell

The only thing that matters is for someone to get out if they are a victim in an abusive relationship. I am glad all this now is well and truly behind you. When you say labelled do you mean making the public aware of the names of people who commit these terrible offences? I think there are "court reports" in local newspapers if I am not mistaken.
Blake said on 17/Apr/17
Rob, would it have been likely you ended up in the 5 ft 10-6 ft range based on your parents height?
Editor Rob: the odds on 5ft 10-11 probably were higher than say 5ft 7, 8 or 6ft 1,2.

But really the random element of genes means that humans don't keep getting taller. They've been around many many thousands of years.
Matt said on 17/Apr/17
Rob can you give me a percentage on how exercise can help growth with a percentage with genetics? Yeah exercise can stimulate growth and I used to exercise a good amount when I was younger, now I'm 18 but I'm not sure if I'm fully grown because I've not fully developed yet. Would exercise be like 10% with maximising your full growth potential with 90% genetics?
Editor Rob: all I can say is that exercise helps promote gh production, but quantifying a percentage might be harder to find out.
F97 said on 17/Apr/17
Hi Rob one question. As I mentioned before I am 182 cm tall and the same height is in my dads passport. The stranden thing is that my torso is 42cm and my dads is 48cm. Does that men I actually am 6 cm shorter than my dad? Also when measured att the doctors I get 182 cm. But when I measure att home I online get about 178 cm. How tall am I Rob? It is strange to measure that I keep getting different results
Editor Rob: if you get 4cm difference between Doctor's surgery and your home, that's too much. One of them is wrong...if you feel shorter than your Dad, maybe your home measurement is nearer the truth.
Nik said on 17/Apr/17

I too noticed that you couldn't find any historic celebheights pages on the way back machine, I would have loved to have seen some pages from all parts of the website in the recent and the more distant past. It's a small price to pay for us all though with this website being so good!
Csimpson 6ft said on 17/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell Oh ok no worries, i hope you have a wonderful Easter Monday too!
Nik said on 17/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell

Hi Sandy,

Since your last comment to me Christopher Greener, on your request, has been given his own page on this website. I think he definitely had to have a page on here as he was the tallest British born man for 40 consecutive years on top of being a successful actor and an international basketball player for Great Britain! It's incredible that the lady who once followed him into a store then all them years later frequented the number one height website and encouraged the site owner to set up a page for him. I will tell you though he would be very pleased to have his own page on here and it was a very good request from you to give him a page. As I said he was an international basketball player and he was often seen playing at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, he was so tall that I don't think he had to jump up to throw the ball in the basket like players usually have to! I will tell you another interesting thing about him, he appeared on the Gadget Show on Five in 2011 in order to test out phones by dropping them!

I am sorry to hear about your paternal grandfather dying from cancer, the sooner this terrible disease is conquered the better. We certainly need to see better and better cancer treatments in the future so that people will have a better chance of surviving it.

It would be good to jump in a time machine and go back or forward in time for all sorts of interesting reasons, I don't know if this will ever be achieved but I tell you I reckon it's possible whatever anyone says. Most people doubt that going back in time is possible but I am not one of them! I think there are two possible theories that would solve the problems associated with backward time travel. The first theory is that there are special powers in the universe which would prevent someone from changing the future that they came from, these forces would always cause something, or some circumstances, to happen that would prevent a time traveller from doing something that would alter the future the time traveller last knew. The other theory is that the time traveller may be able to go back in time and do what they want but they would be continuing forward in a different parallel world to the one they originally came from!

Maybe your cats were playing up at 6 o'clock on Saturday morning because they were getting revenge for you waking them up laughing at 3 o'clock that morning! Ha ha. I had a horrid experience at around about dawn on Saturday morning, I was dreaming about having a bad back and lo and behold I woke up and my back was in fact bad! I was in agony all day on Saturday right up until Sunday morning, I still had twinges for much of Sunday but now as I am writing this comment the problem has gone!

Now onto sport, yes snooker can be a boring game to watch a lot of the time, I think you can get a few decent snooker matches but a lot of them are tedious because once you have had the opening exchanges in a frame (which are sometimes a bit boring) the rest of the frame is generally routine as the best players then generally clear up enough to win that frame on getting their first big opportunity. Golf isn't the best watch either in my opinion, it's the sort of game which will be a lot more entertaining to play than to watch. Onto Rugby Union, I just don't darn well understand it! I don't get why the players just kick the ball into touch as soon as they get the ball! I am a fair minded person though and I have no problem with anyone complaining about the sports that I love best, I can see some faults in them myself, people like different things and I respect that.

I hope that you have had an enjoyable Easter so far, I say so far because there is still the rest of Easter Monday to look forward to. I have to admit that Easter is more fun when you are a kid because there is more leeway to over indulge or eat the wrong things, as when you are very young your health isn't affected as much as it is later on in life by having too much chocolate! I agree with parents who get children to eat healthily but whatever anyone says you can get away with eating too much, or eating the wrong things, when you are younger, but in a lot of cases the habits that people have as children can stay with them for life so the parents are right if they are fairly strict about their children's diet. For me it's back to eating a bit less and eating more of the right things after Easter time, as I have got older salad has become more of a regular part of my diet and in recent years I have eaten more fruit too, particularly grapes. I know that you made changes to your diet since you started frequenting this website, so it will be back to eating healthily for you too after Easter!

Cheerio Sandy, until next time!
oscar 5'9 said on 17/Apr/17
hi Rob! i just saw you imdb page and its bad @$$. by the way you claim 5 8 1/4 but here you claim 5 8 1/8.
Editor Rob: I didn't actually claim 5ft 8.25 on imdb :)

That page is to illustrate the problems of a site using trivia submitted by visitors...

You have a page owner (me) enter into their 'imdb.resume' page their height. In this case 5 feet 8 inches.

I claim 5ft 8 on imdb, not 8.25 :)

That is the official can't be changed by anybody but the page owner (usually actor or their agency).

The trivia portion is added or updated by users of the site. In 99% of cases it would be a random visitor doing it.

It is unofficial (unless you knew the actor themselves entered the trivia), because anybody with an imdb account could try to influence or attempt to get the trivia part changed.
Blake said on 17/Apr/17
Rob with my parents heights being 5 ft 5 and 5 ft 6 what range would you expect me to be in? I reckon 5 ft 8 is a middle ground between those heights.
Editor Rob: Blake, getting 5ft 8 is probably reasonable...if you managed 5ft 10-11 it would be more than expected and 5ft 5-6 less than expected.
Blake said on 16/Apr/17
Rob, why did you not allow celebheights to be archived on the web through the waybackmachine and other sites that do the same thing?
Editor Rob: Well, for the archive bot, it consumes too much bandwidth and resources and has no benefit to me in allowing it.
Sandy Cowell said on 16/Apr/17
@ Connor - I am not on Facebook at all! I have heard that a lot of tittle-tattle goes on there and that it's a prime target for the cyber bullies! I don't otherwise know much about it. We can do all our chatting on celebheights! It is the only website I currently leave comments on. (except Amazon, where I give honest reviews of my purchases). I feel comfortable here; the people are very nice and friendly and I am finding out new things about the celebs, which I enjoy enormously. Have a great Easter Monday mate! πŸ™‹ 🐀🐰πŸ₯

@ Nik - Your comment to Sally really made me Laugh Out Loud! Have a lovely Easter Monday too! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ£πŸ©πŸ‡

@ Sally - ...not to mention you as well! 🐰πŸ₯πŸ’

I'm off to bed now! Good night everyone!
Sandy Cowell said on 16/Apr/17
@ Nik - 'Banished to the history books'? Brilliantly put! It is a shame that some women get so used to abusive relationships that they just stay put! I am not one of them! But it took more than one experience, as is so often the way...
I have hopes that in an ideal world, abusive partners will be labelled! Some chance of that happening! They don't deserve partners, you're right there, and one offence is enough, as it never stops there. πŸ‘
Csimpson 6ft said on 16/Apr/17
Happy Easter to you too Sandy!, by the way do you have facebook? Id love to chat to you more as youre a very nice person i really like you.
Nik said on 16/Apr/17
@Sally (strong 5'11)

Actually the friend I am talking about is an old friend that I have not seen for the better part of 20 years, he did not ever tell me about any paranormal experiences and he did stay in plenty of haunted houses, Have you have ever been to York? This place is an historic city that is very popular with American people and the "York Minister" is reputed to be haunted, and on good authority!

I don't know if you have ever seen any of my postings about my brothers miniature poodle Jasmin, she is apricot coloured, and she is always after food! She has a lovely temperament and is very popular with all the family. She breaks wind quite often but I have known of worse dogs in that way.

It is interesting that you have never heard of the word trump (as in farting/ breaking wind), maybe it is not as popularly used in America. I am glad that you have found out something interesting about Leeds, England's fourth or fifth largest city, which is that it's residents are called "Loiners", not many people in America will know this and most people in England probably won't know this either! Yes people from Yorkshire, the UK's largest county, are called "tykes". London is the only place in the UK that is comparable with America's largest cities in size, I think it would probably rank as the joint third largest place if it was in America.

Enjoy the rest of today!
Nik said on 16/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell

I am really sorry to hear that at some stage in the past you have had such terrible experiences with previous partners. I agree with you and Sally that anyone who is in that position should get out immediately and banish these experiences to the history books. People like that don't deserve to have anyone.

Enjoy the rest of today and the week ahead!

Ps. I will have a long comment ready to send later today or tomorrow morning!
Sandy Cowell said on 16/Apr/17
@ Nik - ...and you have a happy Easter too! Thanks! πŸ‡πŸ£

@ Connor - Happy Easter Connor! 🐰πŸ₯
Sandy Cowell said on 16/Apr/17
@ Rob - Hi! I've just had a look at the latest bargains on Amazon and some height enhancement pills were advertised as a product that might be of interest to me. Personally, I have never heard of height enhancement supplements! They are retailing for just under Β£40 for 30 tablets, which are to be taken once a day or, if you want faster results, and who wouldn't, two a day are recommended. They normally sell for Β£10 more. I noted down the ingredients because it's an awful lot of money to pay if they don't work.
These tablets contain calcium, which is easy and cheap to buy or get from your doctor, vitamins D and K, again cheap to buy, chondroitin sulfate (never heard of it), glucosamine sulfate, available at any chemist, plus hyaluronic acid, which IS expensive, though known more for its skin-friendly properties than as a height booster!
The tablets claim to 'help you grow taller', increase bone strength, build bone density thus aiding bone growth.
Maybe they are worth trying if you can risk wasting that sort of money should they fail, but I feel the best bet is to buy supplies of all the featured ingredients at a much reduced price for a much bigger supply!
They did get me thinking though! Even half an inch would be welcomed with open arms! How many courses would you need? Rob, what do you think? This is a tricky one!
Editor Rob: honestly I would avoid any pill that makes claims to help you grow.

Now, some of these pills are just vitamin and mineral supplements...which as you say, you could research yourself.

I'd personally say that glucosamine may well be good for joints and cartilage.
Vlada said on 16/Apr/17
Thank you,yeah 182cm sounds about right.
Sandy Cowell said on 16/Apr/17
@ Sally - I just told my boyfriend over the phone that you have a burping dog, adding that I'd never heard such an incident. His reply: "That's because you haven't had a dog!"
Nik said on 16/Apr/17
@Sally (strong 5'11") @Sandy Cowell

Happy Easter to both of you!

Longer comments the two of you will appear shortly!
Sandy Cowell said on 16/Apr/17
@ Sally - That was a lovely cheerful comment on this bright Easter morning! Thank you very much! πŸ‡

I have never come across an animal that burps, but I have really wanted to! My Mum would tell me that they can't burp probably just to shut me up! I'd pay good money to see an animal burp! I've never even seen it on 'Animals Do the Funniest Things', which I watched this morning. My favourite clip was of a nursing mother dog who was trying to eat her bowlful of dog nuggets and her many puppies were all joining in. She kept picking the bowl up with her mouth and putting it somewhere else, but they just scampered after her! A great many got spilt on the floor, but were probably eaten by the pups anyway! Poor dog - lactating animals need πŸ•πŸ•πŸ• infinitely more food than humans because of their πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•quantity of young! I think it is something like fourfold! One of my cats, Felinia, a rare ginger female, is a fan of the show and even recognizes the music! Then she sits in front of the telly, her little head darting about all over the place! 🐣 πŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΎπŸ˜ΌπŸ“Ί

Onto the more serious subject of bullying partners now. I know exactly what you're talking about. A partner who puts you down all the time, apart from making up for his/her own insecurities by making you feel lousy about yourself, does more damage than he/she could ever realize and is on par with the violent partner. I've experienced both, but all too often the two traits go together. I sought help to get my confidence back, as it was in tatters. When children see this destructive type of behaviour, whichever form it takes, the time is definitely right to take them away or they'll grow up thinking it's normal, through no fault of their own and then history can often repeat itself. You couldn't have done anything more constructive for your children than take them away from all that and bring them up in a loving, caring environment on your own. Not to mention, you owed it to yourself and your own sanity and safety. πŸ₯

One can tell that they are loved and adored, and that you have brought them up very well, and that they are and will continue to be a credit to you and all your love and hard work! 🐰 πŸ‘±πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘Ό

I wish you all a fantastic Easter and a very happy week ahead! Bye for now! πŸ™‹πŸ₯πŸ‡
Csimpson 6ft said on 16/Apr/17
Happy Easter Rob and to everyone on Celebheights! 🐰
Editor Rob: I hope everyone has a Happy Easter holiday weekend...I didn't get an Egg, just 1 viscount biscuit.

Oh well, I have to watch my figure 😱
Nik said on 16/Apr/17
@Editor Rob

Out of interest have you ever considered hiring staff to help you with this website?

I know you can and do run this website very well on your own and I admire you commitment to a job which sees you working every day of most weeks. You even work on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday too!
Editor Rob:

Unfortunately this site doesn't make enough to consider anything like that.

It's workable for me in it's current state.

When you run a site and have active moderation - reading comments and taking part in discussions - it will eat up a good chunk of the hours you can work in a day.

And the work on a big site is a daily job. If I go away to an event, I will get a break...but it's not really a break, I'm there to try to get content.

There's ongoing maintenance on a big site:

Edits and updates to existing pages.

Researching new pages.

Ongoing programming necessities (I don't use any Content Management system like Wordpress, Drupal etc).

So, it's my own code and any mistakes I have to fix ;) There's probably about 20,000 lines of code related to the site.
There's functions I

Server related tasks...
Michael R said on 16/Apr/17
Rob with a 5'7 range mother and a 5'10 range father did I exceed what expected height most people would have with those parents? I am 187cm and only 16. What height would someone expect with parents at those ranges?
Editor Rob: yes, I think you gained a bit more towards upper end of a range than lower.
I've seen a guy end up 5ft 7 with a 6ft dad and 5ft 7 mother...
Tarinator said on 16/Apr/17
Click Here How tall do you think Kane is in this picture? Looks 6'8" (203 cm; 188 cm+ 3 cm + 12 or 13 cm) with a 6'2" (188 cm) Mark Henry.
Editor Rob: could be nearly 6 inches
Tarinator said on 15/Apr/17
@Rob Paul Thanks for the answer. I agree with you, it is hard to predict heights like that. But from online height predictors, my 2 cousins got somewhere in between 6'6" and 6'8" each (maybe one was predicted to be 1 inch taller than the other).
Editor Rob: with height, I think you just have to see what nature gives you.
orpheus said on 15/Apr/17
Rob, you did use a measuring tape and walked up to your finger?
Editor Rob: standing in front of a mirror and with good posture and the tape running up to the side of my nose...that way you can see whereabouts each of the inch marks seems to be in relation to your head.
Nik said on 15/Apr/17
Happy Easter to all celebheights visitors and to Rob and Jenny!
Sally (strong 5'11") said on 15/Apr/17
@Nik & @Sandy Cowell

Hello! Nik, you mentioned that your friend enjoyed haunted houses and stayed in one all night on his own. Does he believe he had any paranormal experiences? I will never willingly enter another haunted house. My experience was truly terrifying.
I have a dog named "Reggie." He is half standard poodle and half golden retriever. He is an energetic dog. We let him off the leash at the park when there aren't a lot of people around. He loves to swim in the river and retrieve sticks. I picked a poodle mix so he wouldn't shed. I didn't realize that would require special trimming/grooming every 3/4 months. Stupid me :) He does not get a special cut. We just trim it short and let it grow out. He has the color of a golden retriever but with a curlier coat. I love him, but I feel guilty for not getting a pet from the humane society. Sandy, I have not noticed that he is particularly gassy like Manelia, but he does burp...haha. I was not aware that the word "trump" can be used to refer to flatulence, but that seems to make sense. I was unfamiliar with the expression "Loiners" for people from Leeds, but in the U.S. we do use the word "tykes" when referring to young children or toddlers.
Sandy, I thought you were wise when you advised readers to get out of a damaging relationship or a relationship that is going nowhere. I too was in an unhealthy relationship. My ex-husband was hyper critical. At times he was verbally abusive and other times he was passive aggressive. Sadly, the kids witnessed some of this. I stayed with him far too long. He divorced me and remarried. He has since divorced again. He is content seeing the kids once a week. How sad. It is important for people to recognize their own value and get out of abusive situations because indeed life does fly by far too quickly.
Have a great Easter!
Slothee said on 15/Apr/17

If my friend measured 6'4-5/8" at night, does it make sense he still claims just 6'4"? Also, what height do you think he'd be out of bed?
Editor Rob: Slothee, he's likely 6ft 5.5 range, possibly on a good morning nearer 6ft 6.

I think it's too much of a round down...though I understand why some people don't bother with the fraction part.
Nik said on 15/Apr/17

Ok cheers for that.

ron said on 15/Apr/17
Rob , how many cms do you think these boots can give by looking at the heel and outsole's thickness ? Click Here
Editor Rob: ron, it looks a 3cm type heel...depending on the insole, 3-3.4cm range might be possible.
Vlada said on 15/Apr/17
Rob you still have not told me about Bojan Peric and his height.
Editor Rob: Vlada, he can seem in the over 5ft 11 almost 6ft range from a brief look.
Matt said on 15/Apr/17
Rob my eye level is 164-5cm that's average for a 5'9 guy?
Editor Rob: yes Matt, if your eyes were looking around that range, I'd say near 5ft 9 was very likely.
Gray said on 15/Apr/17
What is the average, short,tall range for young and older men?
123 said on 15/Apr/17
If you measure 5'8 15/16ths is it ok to round up and say your 5'9? because i'm very thorough with finding flat surfaces to measure my height using the aerosol can method at midday and this is what it usually is coming out, maybe the full 5'9 though at three o clock if I skip gym and get a good night sleep on the friday night though, but idk I just feel guilty claiming 5'9 like i'm a lier or something granted being normal height at bottom 37.5% percentile my height rarely is asked so it isn't often I have to fib about being 5'9, I think 5'8 is what I should say I would just feel alot more comfortable saying that, I try to apply modesty in all aspects of my life as a real man should do of course overstating your height just makes you come across as insecure little man,
Editor Rob: almost 5ft 9 I think is fair to say.
Sandy Cowell said on 15/Apr/17
Hi Nik!
I'm really pleased that you enjoyed reading about my first encounter with Christopher Greener! I think it might be worth adding that the can of beans was two thirds the size of what is today deemed a small can and was so small that it barely noticed sitting in my shopping basket!

I never knew that Chris had been in 'The Elephant Man'! Neither did I know he'd been a basketball player so he must have been pretty fit then! I also missed the documentary he was in about tall people, which is something I'd have loved to see if only I had known it was on! With all this knew information to hand, I thought it might be a good idea to request a page for Christopher, so I did so yesterday evening. I'm sure it will prove more than a little popular with the visitors! It was good to hear from Jessman about his encounter with him and that, at 6ft3, he made him feel like a little boy - hilarious!

No, I didn't know that Yorkshire people were known as 'Tykes', but I was aware of the expression 'Loiners' for Leeds people. My friend Pam used to affectionately call her children 'naughty little Tykes', so I thought it might be a word for impish kids!

If I had my own personal time machine, I'd drop in on each century, starting at the 19th and work downwards, to witness for myself people getting shorter and shorter! I might even pop in on the early 20th century, and see my grandmothers as little girls! Both of them were born in 1897, a year 'Dracula' fans should be familiar with! I never met either of my grandfathers. I've told you how my Mum's Dad died when she was 4; well my Dad's father sadly died of cancer in the 1940's, I believe.

My cats were up to mischief at 6 o'clock this morning, zapping any chance of my having a lie-
in! 😭 Then, when I sat up in bed, 3 consecutive cats used the litter tray! I have to sort it after each use, getting rid of the offending object of stench and topping the tray up with new litter granules! Three times on the trot is commonplace! So is their tendency to go when I bring something to eat into the room; I swear they are laughing at me!
I don't blame your Dad for finding golf boring - I do too, and snooker! Yet some people can watch these games for hours! They are hardly very sporting sports, are they, but they make the players millions!

I have a little pink Easter egg for today! I had a green one yesterday! I am currently wearing a little brooch in the shape of a miniature chocolate digestive biscuit, and it does nothing whatsoever to keep the chocolate cravings at bay, I can tell you! I hope you enjoy all your Easter food as well!

Have a great extended weekend Nik! Bye for now! πŸ™‹ πŸ‡πŸ£πŸ°
Nik said on 15/Apr/17

Out of interest do you know the exact time when comments are sent to you?
Editor Rob: I store the time of every comment, but don't display it when I'm approving/deleting comments. It is in the database though....

Stored in Central Time Zone...incidentally I did in fact end up having to move the server quicker than I anticipated, from Chicago to Dallas in fact!

My previous host (Wire Tree, who I was with only 9 months) was bought out by Liquid Web...they were going to move me soon, but I decided against it and had to go elsewhere...

So, Celebheights is now being served out of Texas.
orpheus said on 15/Apr/17
So Rob, you stood next to a measuring tape and put your finger level with 65 inches, then walked up to your finger and hit about the middle of your head
Editor Rob: maybe just at top of eyebrows...sometimes it will vary depending on time of day.
Ben said on 14/Apr/17

Thanks :)

This is my third year on this site :)
Tarinator said on 14/Apr/17
@Rob Paul You forgot to answer my questions.

Is it normal for my uncle to have grown from 5'2" at the age of 18 to 6'1.5" at the age of 21? Could it be the same for me. I can measure from 5'10.5" to 5'11.5" (179 to 182 cm) depending on the day. So maybe I am 5'11".

How tall do you think my cousins will be respectively when they are 21? One is 8 (at 4'10") and the other.
Editor Rob: very rare to grow that amount...extremely in fact.

Guessing how tall someone could end up is hard to predict...
Canson said on 14/Apr/17
@Ben: avg guy 6'2" that's odd even there. Grain of salt there And even stranger because places east of the Atlantic mainly Europe usually don't do shoes to claim height they are usually more honest
Nik said on 14/Apr/17
@Ben 13/Apr/2017

Her own height was 5'7.5"

I just said "Good luck!" :)

Good answer! It was a little bit funny too! That was an incredibly shallow attitude for her to have, All height signifies is how far in the air someone's head reaches, nothing else. She was also extremely deluded.

How long have you been on celebheights? You seem like a very rounded posted!

DruceLee said on 14/Apr/17
Hi, where is the page about sneakers where were written how many cm/inch they give ?
Editor Rob: Google was being rather cheeky with their treatment of the Sneaker Page.

I already changed the url but the problem persisted, for nearly 3 years...

What happened was, some Chinese scumbags cloaked the sneaker page 3 years ago, using hacked domains. The scumbags do this with many pages about sneakers; scrape or cloak content, use hacked domains and redirect visitors to their own sites, which they dress up as being 'official' but are trying to get your CC details.

Google - in it's infinite 'wisdom' - decides, hey, this cloaked page on a hacked site is the real thing, the original celebheights sneaker page must be the copy, so let's REMOVE the celebheights one (you know, the one that's been there for 7 years) and instead present visitors with the cloaked spammers version on a hacked domain instead.

Now if people typed sneakers celebheights in Google (because removing it from the search index meant it didn't show up when you used the search box on this site), they didn't see my page, they saw the scumbags version that Google indexed. If they clicked on the link they were redirected to PHISHING sites, which pretend they are selling Nike/Timberland/Adidas footwear, but instead are phishing for Credit Card Details. 😑

What the F*** were Google playing at...that is completely idiotic and imbecile behaviour. πŸ‘πŸ‘ πŸ˜… πŸ˜‚ 🀣 Combating spam? Give me a break! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Now, I pointed this out to Google a few times...they didn't seem to give a flying f***. In fact, I had to troll them once with a swapped over image to get their attention. They spotted the image within a couple of hours, but still did absolutely nothing about the fact they seemed to DOUBLE DOWN against the sneaker page and for the next year, every time the spammer resurfaced and cloaked the page on a different hacked domain, Google were very quick to remove my page from the search and replace it with the Chinese scumbags cloaked version instead.

Absolutely laughable...🀠🀠🀒🀒

But hey, the last laugh is on the scumbags πŸ–• and Google πŸ–•...I (sadly) killed the page so there will be no more ability for Google to mess with it, and I worked with counterfeit divisions and many of the scumbags domains are now shut down. πŸ‘πŸ‘Š

It's not like I wanted to get rid of the page, the damn thing had - over 10 years - 350,000+ visits.

Killing a page that got 35,000 visits a year isn't exactly something I'm keen on doing...
Sandy Cowell said on 14/Apr/17
On this Good Friday, I would like to wish you Rob, Jenny, and everyone who visits this great website a very HAPPY EASTER! πŸŽΆπŸ“ΊπŸ“€πŸ‡πŸ£πŸ°πŸ€πŸπŸ₯πŸ‘
Editor Rob: yes, I hope you and everybody has a good Easter weekend... 🐣🐰🐀🐣🐰🐀
MrFish said on 14/Apr/17
Rob, my dad has always claimed 5ft 8in, and I've measured him within the last few years at 172 cm at the age of 57. He's in very good physical shape. Is it possible that he's always been 172, or do you suspect that he would have been 173 when he was younger?
Editor Rob: maybe he lost a small fraction, very possible at that age, in fact if he hadn't lost a fraction he'd be in the minority.
Crypto139 said on 14/Apr/17
Hey Rob you think Glenn is bad? Well there is this guy that said he "thinks" he is about 5'11" not too long ago. He also said that I am about 6 foot. I am 5'7.625" at my low. Then some time later he claimed he is 5'6". Can you believe that?
Editor Rob: Glenn was naughty in height terms, but your 'friend' should hang his head in shame for claiming 5ft 11. Maybe he was having a joke though!

Bad joke!
orpheus said on 13/Apr/17
Rob with a tape measurer next to you, I take it having your finger parrallel to 65 inches is about the middle of your forehead correct
Editor Rob: yes it's above my eyebrows a bit.
Nik said on 13/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell

Hi Sandy,

I would like to start this comment off by discussing about Christopher Greener. Firstly I would like to say that your story about following him around a supermarket was a brilliant one, you were right that I would like it! It was really amusing that all you had in your basket was a can of baked beans, it kinda gave the game away! I will tell you though he would not have been bothered about it, even the fist time, but he saw you numerous times after this and it is obvious by what you said that you both warmed to each other. It would be incredible to see someone so tall but I have never had the luxury of this myself, I don't know if I have ever seen anyone as tall as 7 ft never mind someone who is slightly over 7ft 6, as Jessman said on this page earlier today. Christopher Greener was the tallest British born man for over 40 years and he held this title until Neil Fingleton took it in 2007. It is so sad that these two gentlemen are no longer alive, they both passed away too early, especially Neil Fingleton who was only in his mid thirties when he died this year. Both these gentlemen were Basketball players AND actors, Christopher Greener famously starred as a circus giant in "The Elephant Man" as well as in special documentaries concerning the lives of very tall people.
I don't know about you but wouldn't it be great to meet the tallest and shortest people in the world at the same time? I also think it would be fascinating to be able to go back or forward in a time machine and then walk round in public quite a bit during several different centuries. It would be interesting for me to go to countries where I would be tall as well as ones where I would deemed as "stand out" small.
I don't know if you have got a notepad or a version of word on your phone but if you have you could find out how, on your particular phone, you would be able to copy your comments over to a note pad, word, etc. This would allow you to store those comments for future reference, there may be some really good comments that you would want to store from the pages of certain celebrities.
On the subject of sport I generally stick to Football and Rugby League, they are the best ones for me, I can watch a bit of tennis but I am not a massive fan. It amused me that my eldest brother Steve used to be ribbed by our Dad for watching golf on tv, my Dad thought it was boring! You said that you watch the cup final every year, unfortunately it is only on sky these days, although you like myself have got sky but I don't think it is right that it is only now shown on sky. At least Manchester United won't be in the cup final this year! Ha ha.
I don't know if you saw the comment by me asking Connor Simpson where he was from and his reply that he lives near Doncaster, interestingly Connor and myself are both Yorkshire men so we are therefore known as "tykes", which is term used to describe men and women from Yorkshire. However neither of us live in Leeds so therefore we are not known as "Loiners". You may know about those terms as you watch a lot of quiz shows, in fact I am sure on one of them recently there was a question asking where "Loiners" are from.
Onto your cats, they must all bring you a lot of pleasure, I would imagine that they are demanding but they will be worth it though! You think they would give you a break when you want to go to sleep! Ha ha. It must be carnage when you have got some food to give them, do you ever have to stop them fighting with each other to get to the food? Do you ever play pop with them?

Cheers Sandy! Bye for now.
Ben said on 13/Apr/17
A female from Germany on a site said the average guy in Germany is 6'2"....
And then she went on and said that she wants guys who are 6'4"-6'8"....

Her own height was 5'7.5"....

I just said "Good luck!" :)
Sandy Cowell said on 13/Apr/17
@ Connor - You're very welcome!πŸ‘
Sandy Cowell said on 13/Apr/17
@ Jessman - I am 100% certain that Christopher Greener is the tallest man I have ever seen! I still intend to check out his height in the Guineas Book of Records, but 7ft6 does actually ring a bell.
I'm glad that he was able to earn money from his size. He was stared at anyway, so why ever shouldn't he have put it to good use? I saw him pictured on a giant billboard as well and the same advert could be seen in the papers.
I think that makes him something of a celebrity; how about it, Rob? A page for Chris?
Realist said on 13/Apr/17
Thanks for letting me know I am about 5'10 now because I felt taller I seen a 7'2 300 pound black guy give a black guy like 5'0 and 100-120 pound guy dap this made me feel a little black pride lmao. I was way shorter than the very very tall guy and much taller than the other one.
jessman said on 13/Apr/17
Chris Greener was opening a store in my home town. I think his height was just over 7'6. I really felt tiny beside him. The tallest person i had seen before then was a man who was about 7 ft. I may never meet a taller person.
andre said on 13/Apr/17
Click Here

how much you estimate ryan sheckler height in this picture rob he is with jonas brothers

because there is a picture of ryan and justin bieber and they are the same height but in this picture jonas brothers are much taller how much you estimate his height ?
Csimpson 6ft said on 13/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell thanks πŸ‘
Johnson said on 13/Apr/17
@Rob I made this joke about some celebrities that have not been added yet to the website

David Bustamante
Click Here

Pablo Motos
Click Here
Editor Rob: a good effort, might as well hand you the keys of celebheights now :)
Sandy Cowell said on 13/Apr/17
@ Jessman - It must have been great to actually meet Chris Greener. I never talked to him myself. The fact that you, at the dizzy heights of 6ft3 felt like a little boy next to him says it all! If I can cop hold of an old copy of the Guiness Book of Records, which he was in for years, I'll send a post of his height! (My brother had loads of editions, and I hope he still has one to hand.)
Anyway, cheers Jessman!
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 13/Apr/17
Has anybody else's posture gotten worse with age? Mine was impeccable when I was much younger, but now it subtracts quite a bit if I don't proactively try to stand up straight (Scoliosis may play a role). X shaped/hunched over legs legs, a bent back and a tilted down head/hunched over neck seems to be the default posture nowadays. I actually can become convinced that somebody who is like three inches shorter than I am is my height or taller since I rarely pay attention to how I stand.
orpheus said on 13/Apr/17
Rob I put a measuring tape next to me then my finger or a coin on top of my head then remove it. How accurate would you say this is.

When I put my finger perpendicular to 6'0 and walk up to it next to the rule the middle of my head hits it at 6'3.
Editor Rob: honestly I wouldn't bother with using anything like a coin, just try to get a 1 dollar long aerosol can or use the spine of a hard back book, that will ensure you are getting a pretty reasonable measurement.
MrFish said on 13/Apr/17
Rob, I've grown almost half an inch since my 18th birthday. Is that above average for that age?
Editor Rob: typically anything more than a small fraction after 18 is above average, half to 1 inch is more noticeable.
Tarinator 5'11.5 said on 12/Apr/17
@Rob Paul Is it normal for my uncle to have grown from 5'2" at the age of 18 to 6'1.5" at the age of 21? Could it be the same for me. I can measure from 5'10.5" to 5'11.5" (179 to 182 cm) depending on the day. So maybe I am 5'11".

How tall do you think my cousins will be respectively when they are 21? One is 8 (at 4'10") and the other is 10 (at 5'1".
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Apr/17
@ Connor - Hello again! 5ft1.75 doesn't sound too bad!
I do hope when you do take your trip to Italy with your Dad that you enjoy it and feel nice and tall there. A lot depends, of course, on the heights of the locals in the town you're going to! πŸ‘
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Apr/17
@ Sally - Yes, I'd give it a couple of days' trial, see what
is better achieved as a tall person, and then take the rest of the week/month doing all those things! 😏
MrFish said on 12/Apr/17
Rob, if I were to give my height in cm for an official document, would 175 make sense if I wake at 176.5 and fall to 174.5?
jessman said on 12/Apr/17
I met Chris Greener about 12 years ago. He made me feel like a little boy and I am over 6'3. I found it impossible to judge his height although i was aware of who he was and what his height was. Once it gets over 7 feet I find it difficilt to make a guess. In person he seemed even taller than his listed height. If i had not known and was told he was 8 feet plus, i could have believed it. He was very patient and friendly to all.
Nik said on 12/Apr/17
@Csimpson 6ft

Hi Connior,

Of course you know that a citizen of Leeds is known as a "Loiner" as you only live about 30 miles away from Leeds!

I hope this information as served the purpose of teaching something new to those who didn't know this!
Nik said on 12/Apr/17
@Sally (5'11

Hi Sally,

Yes I agree with everything that you said. You must also worry people with how honest you are about your height, men or women who are slightly smaller than you will then know they have been rumbled if they claim a height that is higher than what yours is!
Nik said on 12/Apr/17
@Csimpson 6ft

Ok cheers

Csimpson 6ft said on 12/Apr/17
Nik unfortunately ive not been to italy yet its been delayed.
Csimpson 6ft said on 12/Apr/17
Hi Sandy oh ok so you are about 5ft 2 then or to be exact 5ft 1.75, by the way i havent been to Italy yet it got delayed so i will most likely be going in a few weeks or months time, it will be interesting to see how tall ill feel when i get there.
Csimpson 6ft said on 12/Apr/17
Hi Nik i live in the UK and im from Bentley/Doncaster.
Sally (5'11 said on 12/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell
Hello Sandy, I read your recent comment to Connor regarding your height being officially 5'2" but realistically 5'1". Wouldn't it be fun if you and I could switch heights for a day/week/month to see how the other half lives and see
if "the grass is greener on the other side?"
Cheers Sandy!
Sally (5'11 said on 12/Apr/17
@Nik, I have been thinking about my recent comment "people (usually men) lie about their height. You responded "make no mistake women are probably not much better in terms of being innocent of this lying!" I have been thinking about this. I think you are probably right that both men and women often falsify their height whether it is intentional or not. I have come up with a hypothesis. Being that I am a strong 5'11" woman, it seems like men compare their heights to mine more often than women. I think I am more likely to get into conversations with men abought height more often than women, so that is just my experience. Women may have false beliefs too, they just don't share them with me.
Cheers Nik!
King said on 12/Apr/17
Hey Rob, I am an 18 y/o boy and stand at 178 cm, in Britain. My parents are 180 cm and 157 cm. That's really the tallest in my family with most males and females less than that. I have a few really distant relatives who are like 191, and I personally want to want to be 189 cm. Do you reckon I'll be that tall?
Besides I'm really conscious about mine and other people's height, and can name literally around a thousand celebrities' heights by memory. Any tips on overcoming this obsession?
Editor Rob: King, sometimes if we have various interests, those can begin lessening the obsessive type topics that occupy our brains.
James said on 12/Apr/17
Do many or most boys stop growing age 14-15?
Editor Rob: no, a smaller proportion stop then, but the majority still gain to 16-17, then a bigger drop off to 18, after 18 you are in a minority if you gain anything noticeable.
Amirhossein said on 12/Apr/17
Hey rob
How much do you think this pair of converse will give?
Click Here
Editor Rob: Amir, I'd say it adds about .3 extra inch, so the whole sneaker might be almost 1 inch.
Peter 179cm said on 12/Apr/17
@ Realist You could be near 5'10.5 or 179cm.Otherwise anywhere between 5'9.75 anf 5'10.25 so a typical 178 guy.
Nik said on 12/Apr/17
@Csimpson 6ft

Hey Connor, can you tell me where abouts you live if you don't mind me asking? Out of interest I just want to know which county you live in? Which major place do you live nearest to? That's all. I live in West Yorkshire nearly ten miles from Leeds. Did you know that the word "Loiner" is used to refer to a citizen of Leeds?
James said on 12/Apr/17
Hi Rob, I'm an 18 year old male and I became taller than my parents when I was 13 and then I don't think I grew at at all after age 14. Why did this happen? Is it normal/supposed to be? And what age do most boys stop growing taller? Thanks.
Editor Rob: sometimes genetics simply means you stop 14-15, while others have the genes to continue growth beyond 17-18!
Blake said on 12/Apr/17
Rob I had an active 3 and a half hours straight after waking up and I measured 173.8-9 who would you say would be taller between me and you if you take into account my measurement is as accurate as yours.
Editor Rob: a chance you could be 2mm or so taller
Realist said on 12/Apr/17
My eyeline is at 5'5.5 and my forehead is at 5'6.5-5'7 I guess. How tall would that make me?
Editor Rob: realist, you may well be 5ft 10 or thereabouts...if under it you would have a smaller (higher up) than average eyelevel.
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Apr/17
@ Connor
Hello Connor! It's great to have you back - I hope you enjoyed your break in Italy -
I was just coming upstairs with a mug of tea and a DVD and I nearly threw the wrong item on the bed! What an idiot! It's never happened thank goodness, but I have had many spillages of scolding hot tea, but only over myself, never any cats!
So you would like to know how tall I am! In the 'old days', I used to be over 5ft2 to possibly as much as nearly 5ft3. Yes, then I measured in at 5ft2 flat, and a couple of years or so later, after a back injury, I was measured at 155cm. The nurse said, "Do you want to know how much that is in feet and inches? It's about 5ft2!"
I left it at that! I knew how much it is! I have even seen a high-up member of the medical profession fail to count out 6 months right in front of me! She included the first month! I had to correct her!
Well, shortly afterwards, I weighed myself in Tesco's at 11 at night after a day on my feet! I was 153cm, which I didn't buy, as I didn't know I was being measured and I was probably not standing up straight! So the answer is officially 5ft2, but more realistically, 5ft1 and guess what? It sucks! πŸ˜‰πŸ“πŸ‘Ž
Cheers Connor &
Welcome back!πŸ‘
Nik said on 12/Apr/17
@Sally (5'11

It is interesting what you said about people falsifying their own height, I know of cases of men and women who have claimed an extra 3 inches of height, that don't belong to them! Possibly men do it more than women but make no mistake women are probably not much better in terms of being innocent of this lying! I also don't think that a lot of people in the general public are that much up on height, a lot of people think that they can claim it with shoes on AND/or think that they should round up! A lot of people furthermore stick to a height they were measured at (probably in shoes) when they were younger.

Also an old friend of mine loved haunted houses, he stayed in as many as he could and he enjoyed the thrill of staying on his own in one all night!
Nik said on 12/Apr/17
@Csimpson 6ft

Hi Connor,

I am great thanks. Did you enjoy your holiday in Italy?
Csimpson 6ft said on 12/Apr/17
@Nik Hi im good thanks how are you?
Nik said on 12/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell

Hi Sandy,

Yes I was going to send a comment about that, you brought it up though. Not only that but the the bottom of the comment was specially cut too! I love to see poodles that are trimmed like that! My brothers poodle, Jasmin, is an 8 year old miniature poodle, and she is apricot coloured! She is not specially cut.
Nik said on 12/Apr/17
@Csimpson 6ft

Hi Connor, it's good to see you back on this page as you hadn't been on for a while! How's things?
Csimpson 6ft said on 12/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell Hi Sandy how tall are you?
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Apr/17
@ Nik - Yes, it is ironic and Manelia will doubtless make up on the flatulence front for Melania, who I'm sure is a proper lady!
I enjoyed looking at your choice of emojis! And I noticed
that you used a poodle, like your brother's dog! πŸ‘
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Apr/17
@ Sally - Hello! That experience you had as a young girl sounds terrifying! I think I might have thrown up with fear, but I would definitely have been shaking! (Once, as a youngster, I was chased up my road by a fox and I threw my dinner up, so I clearly wouldn't have been very brave if I had heard those footsteps!)
I must say that being brought up with faith was one of the things I am most grateful to my Mum for. It has made me get through times of hardship and certainly not want to mess with the black arts. Christopher Lee is excellent in an old Hammer film as a well-read gentleman who tells the son of a dear departed friend who he's promised to look after that he'd rather see him dead than messing with the black arts, which he is doing. It is my favourite Christopher Lee film and it's called 'The Devil Rides Out'. I saw it as a young girl and it justifiably scared the life out of me. I hope it has warned kids who weren't lucky enough to have been brought up with faith to keep away from that stuff. It should do!
My cats do, of course, keep me on my toes! I have just been downstairs combing some of them and now I am back in my room feeding and grooming the ones in there!
It was great to hear from you!
I hope you and the kids are fine! Cheers! πŸ™‹ πŸ‘ 🐈
Nik said on 12/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell

Well maybe Manelia is like a dog then!

You love Manelia so much though don't you?! It's incredibly ironic that she is like this given what her name is!

Namor said on 12/Apr/17
Hey rob how tall would my friend be if 69.7 inches comes up to his forehead?
Editor Rob: in the middle of his forehead he should clear over 6ft, maybe pushing 6ft 1
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Apr/17
@ Nik - Yes, I agree that dogs are 100 times more flatulent than cats but Manelia is 100 time more flatulent than any other cat I've had and there have been many! In fact, she Trumps the lot! πŸ˜ΉπŸˆπŸ’¨ πŸ˜₯
Sally (5'11 said on 12/Apr/17
@Ben: Recently you asked Rob if anyone ever insists he is 5'11" rather than his height of 5'8", because they believe they are 5'8" and Rob is much taller. This scenario happens to me surprisingly often. When older women ask me how tall I am, and I say "5'11.5"; they tell me I am taller than that. I believe these women have shrunk due to the aging process and simply are unable to accurately compare our heights. Men often insist I am taller than I am too. They typically say, "You must be 6'2", because I am 6' tall." These guys are always around 5'10". They act like I am a giant. I believe many people (usually men) lie about their height. They have been lying so long they have begun to believe their own lies.
Sandy Cowell said on 11/Apr/17
Hi Nik!
I'm going straight in at the deep end with extremes of height, because I think you'll like this:
When I was in my teens, my Mum worked in London and one evening she came home all excited to tell us that when she was leaving Charing Cross station, she saw the biggest, hugest, tallest man she'd ever seen in her life! She reckoned it wouldn't have been too much of an effort for him to look in on the upper deck of a bus!
A few years later, on New Year's Eve 1982, I was scurrying about in Hayes, a couple of miles walk from my house, when I saw this same giant of a man going into the Co-op food store! I hadn't really gone out to buy food; I was out to buy 'Happy New Year' cards and had spent nearly all
my money, but I shot behind him into the Co-op anyway, picked up a basket and followed him around in awe of his size. I stood next to him in the shopping queue, as I was hoping to be able to do, where I had the opportunity to look at him properly and take in the size of his hands and feet! All I could afford to buy was a can of baked beans, and I think that it kind of gave it away to him! No one lingers about like that in a shop for such a small item! His feet and hands were staggeringly big! You could forget the person with the biggest feet you ever knew before because Christopher Greener's were on a different scale!
Seeing Christopher, who was the tallest man in Britain, happened with increasing regularly. Eventually, I was able to nod to him and wish him a good day, which I was determined to do after so obviously following him round with a can of beans on New Year's Eve! I bet he felt like flicking me away!
I've heard that he was able to make money from his size before he died and I was pleased for him. There should be an upside to feeling, as he must have done, on public display! When my Mum saw him, a crowd of commuters had gathered round. That must have been awful for him. Although I did my best to be inconspicuous, I was every bit as guilty as a member of that crowd.
It is, of course, great to read about a meeting between Sultan Kosen and Chandra Bahadur Dangi and hear how well they got on! They will both have known what it was like to be starred at! It's nice that the big one was able to look the little one in the face and say of him that he could tell he was a good man. I vaguely remember the pictures of them together.
Yes, my cats do play up at the oddest of times, and that is frequently when I am trying to sleep. It isn't unusual for me to have to stick a film on and then they quieten down, because they prefer it when I'm awake! I can't give them treats when I'm asleep and they are always after those!
The football 'season', as it were, will soon be over for a spell, but not before we have the cup final. I always watch that and other important matches and I enjoy the World Cup. So did my Mum, and she used to think it very funny how carried away I got in matches! My brother just covered his ears! On the sports front, I find the Wimbledon fortnight the most boring thing in the world!
I still haven't got round to watching 'The Mothman Prophecies' again, but I will do. I did see a different Richard Gere film though on Sunday called 'Internal Affairs'. I prefer Gere playing a good guy though and in the aforementioned film, he plays a corrupt cop - not very nice at all!
I bid you a good week then Nik! πŸ˜„πŸ™‹ Bye for now! πŸ™‹πŸ˜„
andre said on 11/Apr/17
i been taking growth flex for 3 month one produit is amino acid l arginine l ornithine the other is calcium,zink,magnesium,vitamin d and a book with exercises, produit cost 287 euros i growth little more then half cm i did not do the exercises i found the same produits in over the internet at 7 euros and the other at 9 euros , my question is are growth flex produits over priced because i think the ones i buy is the same thing what is your opinion i think if they are the same growth flex are criminals hugs
Editor Rob: I think just doing your own simple stretch/hang routine will help a little...might be worth looking into glucosamine as it might be beneficial for disc health/cartilage.
Nik said on 11/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell @Sally (5'11

Sandy - Well dogs are 100 times worse than cats!

Sally - An old friend of mine used to stay in haunted houses - on his own!
Blake said on 11/Apr/17
Rob when did you last measure 5 ft 8 1/8 and what did you do throughout the day to get to your low? Are you sure at conventions when you walk around your at your low as your only 5 hours out of bed at some of them?
Editor Rob: well about 6-7 hours at a con will definitely get me near my low, but 4-5 hours maybe not quite at low...

also hydration levels - at a con I'm not drinking as much as at home.
spainmen191cm said on 11/Apr/17
Rob, how tall do you think is the guy who shock hands with King Felipe at minute 1:07, and also you can see the guy with other people between 1:36-1:51 (the tall one)
Click Here
Editor Rob: he looks like he could be at least similar height as he was in movement when shaking, so maybe not quite at his best...
Blake said on 11/Apr/17
Rob, what sorts of activities bring people down to their low quicker than normal? Walking, illness?
Editor Rob: activities that put strain on discs, so even walking does that...but rotation movements like a physical labouring job might push you down to a real low mark by late afternoon.
spainmen191cm said on 11/Apr/17
Rob, how tall do you think is the guy who shock hands with King Felipe at minute 1:07, and also you can see the guy with other people between 1:36-1:51 (the tall one)
orpheus said on 10/Apr/17
Rob, I use a measuring tape next to me and then use my finger or a coin on top of my head and remove it.

How accurate would you say that is. Seems accurate to me.
Ben said on 10/Apr/17
How tall would a 175 girl be on a 179 guy?
Editor Rob: well, in cowgirl mode she'd, wrong forum...

she would likely be looking at the end of his nose range, maybe moustache area, and the top of her head would be under his hairline, but comfortably over his eyebrows.
Nik said on 10/Apr/17

Rob, do you or Jenny ever do the lottery?
Editor Rob: Nik, I've not done a lottery ticket for 10 years, I don't gamble. I did go through a period of gambling in 2002-3, but since then stopped.
Sally (5'11 said on 10/Apr/17
@ mrtguy- I am familiar with the documentary you referenced about the blind boy who was able to successfully navigate his surroundings and do other amazing things usually reserved for sighted individuals. This is a perfect example of the old saying "Truth is stranger than fiction."
Arthur said on 10/Apr/17
Rob, I know you said the sneakers page got spammed from google or something, but it's a shame you pulled it down and didn't remake the page, it was very informative. That said, how much do you think these nike tanjun shoes give?
Click Here
Click Here
I tried a pair on a local shop, and they were definitely a bit taller than the shoes I had on, which give about 1.7 cm, but still couldn't figure out how much taller they were. Could they give less than 1 inch?
Editor Rob: they are a bit concave so a fraction under the sole, like 1-1.1 inch from what I remember.
F97 said on 10/Apr/17
A Quick question Rob. IF a 182cm man stood next to a 184 cm man would the height difference be barely noticible or would you see a clear difference in those two heights?
Editor Rob: when you go to 3/4 inch range it can become - for many people - quite close.

Of course if you are looking for the difference you will likely be able to spot it.
Sandy Cowell said on 10/Apr/17
@ Rob and cat-lovers everywhere!
I have just cleared up the second phallic-shaped cat tu*d from the litter tray in two days! πŸ’©
Sally (5'11 said on 9/Apr/17
@ Sandy Cowell- You certainly stay busy taking care of your 18 cats! You are a devoted animal lover. Your cats are lucky to have you.

You mentioned that at one time you lived near numerous covens; how bizarre is that! I am a Christian too, Sandy, and I believe you were wise to avoid getting involved in any of that craziness.

I believe I may have experienced a paranormal incident as a young teenager. I accepted a babysitting job for a toddler living in an old farmhouse not too far from my childhood home. After I put the little girl to bed, I heard what I thought sounded like human footsteps ascending the staircase. I was terrified because I was alone in the home with this little girl. The steps just kept coming but never seemed to get any closer. I got in bed with the child, because I was too scared to go downstairs by myself. When I told my mom about this incident, she mentioned that this family believed their home was haunted. They often had personal items disappear and then show up in different locations. Some time later, my older sister was asked to babysit. I begged her not to go. I had previously told her about my experience. Against my advice, she went to babysit. Thank God she had an uneventful experience.

Leo2001 said on 9/Apr/17
I measure 170.5 after 12-13 hours out of bed?
Claim 170 or 171 for people?
Editor Rob: 171 is reasonable, I think if you had measured 7 hours out of bed you aren't going to be much under that...
justbringit said on 9/Apr/17
hey rob i would like to ask for some advice bro because these last days even if my measurements may not be the best (have told you why xD) i seem to be a little shorter and shrink much.Could it be because i am having a very poor sleep for like a month plus not exercising because i have no time? I don't think that it is my diet as it seems good neither dehydration but maybe a bit because i am sitting many hours at a chair for many hours so my back is being streched more? What is your opinion?
Editor Rob: dehydration may have a slight effect on your overall height, as can poor sleep and postural habits.

There are times I'm sure people feel shorter, and it can be physically they are tired and need a rest to be able to stand as tall as they normally do.
Nik said on 9/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell

Hi Sandy,

Yes there have been a lot of exciting football matches this weekend but I should make the most of it because it will be the end of the season in just over a month! The weather has been really good this weekend and I spent much of Saturday taking in the sun in the back garden, in between watching football on sky, and going on celebheights!
From your last comment it is clear that you are really devoted to your cats, something I had already picked up on from previous comments of yours. Most of the names are familiar to me, the only ones that I wasn't familiar with were Bogerley, Erramius, Melazier, Felinia, Ottica, Tangus, and Iberow. Out of all the names that I was familiar with I could have recited Fletchley, Manelia, and Pixie, very easily and maybe one or two others, but with the other familiar names I can say that I knew them when you quoted them to me but I wouldn't have been able to recite them otherwise. I thought that you chose interesting names for your cats so I was curious to find out all their names!
I bet your cats get up to a lot of mischief and are quite naughty as well at times! They must climb about a lot as well. I know that Manelia is the flatulent one! Therefore it is interesting that Melania is an anagram of Manelia, as obviously we associate Melania with Melania Trump, with all this in mind it is ironic that this famous lady called Melania has this surname!
I think that one of the fascinating things about human height is that it varies so much, this is also reflected on this website by all the celebrities. The tallest person ever known was Robert Wadlow who stood at 8'11" (272 cm) prior to his death but at the other end of the height scale the smallest adult ever verified, the late Nepalese weaver called Chandra Bahadur Dangi, was 21.5 inches (54.64 cm) tall, it is incredible that there was nearly a five fold difference in height between these two gentleman when they were both at their peak heights.
Usually exceptionally tall people will have to bend down when they are going through doors but Robert Wadlow was staggeringly tall, in fact he was so tall that he will have taken people's breath away, so much so that he would have needed to bend down when he was in certain rooms! This man was a celebrity during his life time due to his height. The fact that people can be remarkably tall or remarkably small really is something to celebrate, it is just so cruel that there can be serious health problems associated with being of a height that is at one of the very extreme ends of the height scale and Robert Wadlow was unfortunately a victim of such problems as he was just 25 when he passed away.
The great level of variation that there can be in human height was certainly celebrated in London in 2014 when the tallest man alive, Turkish farmer Sultan Kosen, met Chandra Bahadur Dangi, standing at 8'3" (251 cm) Mr Kosen was over 4.5 times taller than Mr Dangi but it didn't stop it being a memorable day for both these two gentlemen. Mr Kosen said "Even though he is short and I am tall, we have had similar struggles throughout our lives, and when I look into Chandra's eyes, I can see he's a good man." Don't you think that this is great to hear?
It's good that you go into the "Celebs My Height" section of this website and bring up all the celebrities that are your height or any other particular height, this shows that you are making the most of this website.
I agree to a certain extent that the people who often encounter the paranormal are those that go looking for it but I am sure that this will not be entirely true. I don't believe in things like witchcraft though to be truthful, in fact I do not believe that people can influence anything deemed as paranormal nor do I believe in demons that can influence things in the world or torture people in any way, however the "Mothman Prophecies" suggests that throughout history there may have been the odd exception where there were real demons that really did have some power. I do not believe in spells or curses and this now brings me onto the subject of the witches covens that you mentioned in your last comment, it's best for people to steer clear of all this because if they don't they will be running the risk of being involved in something potentially dangerous if there really is something real about the sort of witchcraft that people at those covens involve themselves with. Being a Christian though must have given you more of an incentive in your case to avoid the peer pressure that there was about trying to get you involved with witches covens.
Talking about the paranormal do you ever do the lottery Sandy? I never got much luck with it!
I fully believe in people having psychic abilities, maybe some people have these abilities and some people don't, but I am convinced that some potential for predicting the future does exists within the human race. The fact that your grandmother once predicted all but one thing about your Mum's (her daughter's) future life was amazing!Yes I do think that there are different planes of existence and I believe that they may all occur in some of the "higher" dimensions, ones we don't have access to except through communication. I think the spirit world may exist in a higher dimension and I also think that other forms of life after death may also be evident in some of the other higher dimensions too. I think that some of the higher dimensions do not house any physical realities and instead are made up of different forms of energy and non physical life, like the spirit world as I have said.

Have a great week. Cheers.
Tarinator 5'11.5 said on 9/Apr/17
Heights of Wrestlers:


Peak: 6β€²8.5β€³ (204 cm)

Current: 6β€²7.75β€³ (203 cm)

Kevin Nash:

Peak: 6β€²10β€³ (208 cm)

Current: 6β€²9β€³ (206 cm)

Sid Eudy:

Peak: 6β€²6.75β€³ (200 cm)

Current: 6β€²6β€³ (198 cm)


Peak: 6β€²8β€³ (203 cm)

Current: 6β€²7.25β€³ (201 cm)


Peak: 6β€²7β€³ (201 cm)


Peak: 7β€²1β€³ (216 cm)

Big Show:

Peak: 7β€²0β€³ (213 cm)

Current: 6β€²11β€³ (211 cm)

Big Cass

Peak: 6β€²8β€³(203 cm)


Peak: 6β€²7β€³(201 cm)

Nathan Jones

Peak: 6β€²10β€³(208 cm)

Matt Morgan:

Peak: 6β€²9β€³ (206 cm)


Peak: 6β€²7β€³ (201 cm)

Hulk Hogan

Peak: 6β€²6β€³ (198 cm)

Current: 6β€²3.5β€³ (192 cm)

Wade Barrett:

Peak: 6β€²5.5β€³ (197 cm)

Jack Swagger:

Peak: 6β€²5β€³ (196 cm)

Andrew Martin:

Peak: 6β€²5.25β€³ (196 cm)

Lord Tensai:

Peak: 6β€²6β€³ (198 cm)


Peak: 6β€²3.5β€³ (192 cm)

Current: 6β€²2.5β€³ (189 cm)

Randy Orton:

Peak: 6β€²4.25β€³ (194 cm)


Peak: 6β€²3.5β€³ (192 cm)

Triple H:

Peak: 6β€²2β€³ (188 cm)

John Bradshaw Layfield:

Peak: 6β€²6β€³ (198 cm)

Andre The Giant:

Peak: 7β€²0β€³ (213 cm)


Peak: 6β€²2.5β€³ (189 cm)

Kurt Angle:

Peak: 5β€²10β€³ (178 cm)

Luke Harper:

Peak: 6β€²5β€³( 196 cm)

Eric Rowan:

Peak: 6β€²6.5β€³ (199 cm)

Rob Van Dam:

Peak: 5β€²11.5β€³ (182 cm)

Shawn Michaels:

Peak: 5β€²11.5β€³ (182 cm)

Current: 5β€²11β€³ (180 cm)

Chris Jericho:

Peak: 5β€²9.5β€³ (177 cm)

Roman Reigns:

Peak: 6β€²2.5β€³ (189 cm)


Peak: 6β€²0.5β€³ (184 cm)

CM Punk:

Peak: 6β€²0β€³ (183 cm)

Luke Gallows:

Peak: 6β€²6β€³ (198 cm)

Scott Hall:

Peak: 6β€²5β€³ (196 cm)

Current: 6β€²4β€³ (193 cm)


Peak: 6β€²2.5β€³ (189 cm)

Brock Lesnar

Peak: 6β€²2β€³ (188 cm)

Matt Hardy:

Peak: 6β€²1β€³ (185 cm)

Jeff Hardy:

Peak: 6β€²1.25β€³ (186 cm)

AJ Styles

Peak: 5β€²8β€³ (173 cm)

Rey Mysterio:

Peak: 5β€²2β€³ (157 cm)

Wiliam Regal:

Peak: 6β€²1.5β€³ (187 cm)

Finn Balor:

Peak: 5β€²9β€³ (175 cm)

Seth Rollins:

Peak: 6β€²1β€³ (185 cm)

Dean Ambrose:

Peak: 6β€²1.5β€³ (187 cm)

The Miz:

Peak: 6β€²1β€³ (185 cm)

Baron Corbin:

Peak: 6β€²6β€³ (198 cm)

Kevin Owens:

Peak: 5β€²10.5β€³ (179 cm)

Sami Zayn:

Peak: 6β€²0.5β€³ (184 cm)

Samoa Joe:

Peak: 6β€²0β€³ (183 cm)

Eddie Guerrero:

Peak: 5β€²8β€³ (173 cm)

Chris Benoit:

Peak: 5β€²9.5β€³(177 cm)
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Apr/17
@ Rob - Oh dear! I think I got something or other in a bit of a twist just now! I took it for granted that the litter was a later litter of Sookie's mother cat! Silly me! And I was all excited!
Then I read 'Jenny's MOTHER's cat!'
Editor Rob: yeah Sookie wasn't related, she was from Cats Protection Trust.

Jenny's Mother cat 'Topsy' had 2 litters, the first was 3 or 4, then the kittens I showed were from her second litter.

Jenny's sister has about 5 cats, all having grandmother Topsy.
Andrea said on 9/Apr/17
Rob, if the taller guy is 192, how tall is the other (dark-haired) guy? Click Here Click Here
Maybe around an inch shorter? He generally says 190 but he also came out with 191 and 192... He certainly doesn't look over 190 with that guy, though, does he? Here's a small scene of the same guy with Eric Roberts, even if it's hard to say how much taller he'd be: Click Here
Editor Rob: if the tallest guy was a true 192, then it's hard to see the guy much more than between 189-90 range.
Blake said on 9/Apr/17
Rob, how much have all the relatives you've measured grown like Lewis, Big Al, Iona?
Editor Rob: big Lewis is hovering around 5ft 6, Iona over 5ft now, Big Rose wants more miracle growth!

Big Al, Jenny had measured him in the week before I last seen him and he was 6ft 1 1/8th so literally bang on 6ft 1.
Ben said on 9/Apr/17
Hey Rob! :)

I have two questions for ya:

1. Have ever someone told you that "Nah, you're not 5'8", you're 5'11", because I'm 5'8" and you're much taller than me"?

My Aunt thinks I'm between 5'11" and 6' because her peak height is 5'7" and now she's 61 and probably about 5'6.5". My average is 5'10.75" but I always say I'm 5'10 and a half when someone asks me or when I'm really lazy I just say IΒ΄m 5'10". One time someone actually guessed me as 5'8.5" and I was about to hit him with my chair ;)

2. But what would you claim if you were me?

My morning height is 180.5.
After I've been awake for 6 hours I'm 5'10 5/8.
And after I've been awake for 15 hours I'm a tiny little fraction over 5'10.25".
Editor Rob: Ben, I'd claim 178cm, but if I didn't have much knowledge or interest in height, turned up at 11am for an appointment and the nurse measured me 179, I'd certainly be saying that to people.

The truth is absolute, so regardless of whether somebody thought I was 5ft 6 or 5ft 10, I know how tall I am...

Celebrities should also realise that visitors or sites guessing their height won't change what it actually's merely an opinion. Don't become an ultimate a$$hole over a height guess. People can appear taller or shorter than what they measure.
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Apr/17
@ Rob - So these kittens are the younger brothers and sisters of Sookie! No wonder one is identical!
I used to go round to see the litters of my big black Pixie and his half-brother Possum. Yes, it did result in adopting another kitten as well, a black-and-white sister for Pixie, named Peewee! Sadly, they passed some years ago now, but, like you and Jenny with Sookie, I think of them every day! Their pictures are on display as well!
Cheers! πŸ‘ 🐈🐈🐈🍢
mrtguy said on 9/Apr/17
Rob, here's a clip of the documentary it so remarkable, tell me what you think about it?? Click Here
Editor Rob: yes it is very interesting and sad he passed.
Amirhossein said on 9/Apr/17
Hey rob
At 5'11 and 16y/o, what should I do to be considered tall?
Editor Rob: in some situations you will be thought of as tallish, but in others maybe more just above average. If you hit 6ft in next two years, then suddenly you are an inch taller than every person who was 5ft 11 and 2 inches over 5ft 10 men etc.
MrFish said on 9/Apr/17
Rob, in this picture, the young guy on the left is 171 cm. How tall does the guy on the right (Shinzo Abe) look next to him? I'd say about 174.5 (not quite 4cm difference.

Click Here
Editor Rob: would have said closer to an inch than 2 inches, unless the angle of the photo reduces the difference (which is possible as it's quite high up).
Peter 179cm said on 8/Apr/17
Rob do all types of boots give 1inch+ in height? Because i got a pair of working boots that look like 1inchers atleast but after measuring in them i only got about 181cm while i was almost 180 flat! How's that possible?To be exact i was 179.8 barefoot and 181.1 or so in boots which equals to barely 0.5 inch!? Thanks for your time.
Editor Rob: some will give under an inch, in 0.75-1 inch range. Most will fall 1-1.5 inch range.
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Apr/17
@ Rob - Hey, I have just seen a picture of Jenny on the 'User Heights' page with 2 little black and white kittens! Please tell me that they're your new pets, Rob! Jenny looks very happy in the picture so I somehow think that they are! 🍢🐈🐈 πŸ‘Œ
Editor Rob: those were a litter of 5 kittens born to Jenny's Mother's cat - Topsy - a few years ago...

the little kitten on couch top right looked a lot like Sookie did!
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Apr/17
Thanks Rob! πŸ˜„πŸ‘
Matt said on 8/Apr/17
Hey rob, just did another measurement and I was 178cm with some old air maxes so just over 5'10, I measured the bottom end of the shoe and got 3.5cm but I'm 5'9, so can't be 174.5cm. Is it because the rest of the sole gets shorter in thickness towards the tip of the shoe?
Editor Rob: it might have compressed a little bit, some models of air max will vary, from an inch to 1.4.
Sully said on 8/Apr/17
Hi Big Rob, I wake up at a decent 177 cm and I'm a decent 175 cm at 7pm.Would you say I'm a weak, decent, or strong 5'9".
Matt said on 8/Apr/17
Rob just measured and I'm 176cm at 1pm, so I can claim just over 5'9? Or just 5'9? Can't really claim 5'9.25 because my low is 175-175.3cm.
Editor Rob: Matt, I'd simply say 5ft 9 and walk comfortably through life knowing if asked, you are being quite honest and can hold your head up high knowing you won't measure under your claim.
Gray said on 8/Apr/17
176.1 out of bed. Can I claim 5ft9 and wearing thick boots be considered average young guy?
Editor Rob: good posture and boots and you'll seem an average range young bloke.
mrtguy said on 7/Apr/17
Rob, when you met Kingma in person would you say his head is closer to Big Show than Nash or in between??
Editor Rob: all 3 have reasonably big heads, I think Kingma certainly wouldn't be smaller than Big Show's.
andre said on 7/Apr/17
Rob how much you think is ryan sheckler height with shoes in the morning 5ft8?
Editor Rob: I've not seen enough to compare him.
168cmfunk said on 7/Apr/17
Hi Rob! If I am 168cm and I wear nike airmax.what should my height be?
I always wear vans :). Not Airmax.
Editor Rob: a decent 171cm.
Sandy Cowell said on 7/Apr/17
Hello again Nik!
It's the weekend once more and I know for sports enthusiasts like yourself that means lots of exciting matches!
For the multi-cat household, such as my own, it means more of the same routine: cleaning litter trays, washing cat bowls and feeding, brushing, combing and entertaining them! The work is ongoing, but you do it out of love or not at all!
I used to be the first person many people used to approach when looking for a home for a slightly older kitten say, who would have it that much more difficult to find a home. Adult cats are not accepted by the others, as I have found out, and even if they grow up together, certain cats don't mix well, so they are kept separately. I haven't taken any in now for nearly 5 years, as I had to draw the line somewhere! I am left with 18, though 2 of them sometimes can stay at my boyfriend's place as they are compatible with his cat, who started life as one of my cats! She, Bogerley, called so by me because she has a marking on her nose, used to pick on Cordercelia and she herself was picked on by Fletchley, so she has a better life where she is. I'll go over all their names later!

From what I can gather, the people who usually end up encountering the paranormal are those who actively look for it. I am not one as I think it can be dangerous, but my grandmother and mother did card fortune telling incredibly well. My Mum was told by her Mum her entire future before she left Germany and all but one thing has come true. The cards aren't any where near as dangerous as other branches, and there is only one truly bad type of card - which is a particular Tarot pack. I knew someone who had a pack and also a book named 'Knox Om Pax'. He left both round my little place - many years back now - and I read some of the book. It was freaky, and describes the things that Alistair Crowley got up to! It wasn't nice. Lots of youngsters get involved through peer pressure, and have no idea what they're letting themselves in for. Can you imagine that in one place I lived in, there were covens up and down the road. I was encouraged to join and I said, "No thank you! I am a Christian," which I am. I ended up moving away from there pretty soon after my boyfriend died. I only discovered what went on just before he died, as looking after him was a full time job, but he did have masses of people round all the time.

If you hold a sΓ©ance, the light has to be dim and each letter of the alphabet represented on the table. My grandmother used a 'rocking' table. Then the messages are spelt out!
When we pass on, I have heard - obviously - all sorts, but a commonly held belief is that there are different planes of existance. It's the only explanation as to how we can be contacted. I haven't read what you have on the internet, but I have read things in books about people being brought back to life on the operating table, and were able to describe the conversation and what they saw. That must be an extremely weird experience. It has been the topic of many a good film that someone has died and come back with second sight, or gifted in some way or even, for the horror fans among us, possessed! I try to limit my interest in the paranormal to the films I watch!

Yes, films contain celebs and celebs all have heights and that is how come we are here! The people we watch and take an interest in are a great topic and then, on this website, you can find out who else is your height and ask all sorts of questions and Rob will answer them! I have been many times to find out who is as tall as I am, and also who is the height I used to be and the stages in between! I also punch the details in of other heights, say 5ft10 and then see whose names come up!

My cats are called Erramius, (white), Cordercy (tabby and white) and his slightly younger sister Cordercelia, same colours, they have 2 nieces - Manelia and Livelia, also tabby and white. Then the gingers: Pixie and his sister Felinia, all ginger, the niece and nephew of Banana, Banana Junior, Barleenie (ginger and white) and their tortershell sister Melazier, pronounced like the country! Then there are the 2 blue/grey boys, Fletchley and Ulercy, 3 long-haired sisters: Ottica, (black) Tangus, (tabby), Iberow, (black and white), and they are all from the same litter. The 'afterthoughts' came from a tumbledown pet shop and were very ill. They are Peelio (tabby and white) and Porkypine (black). Their growth was stunted because of their rough start in life, rather the same as would happen to a person. They still look like kittens and are not in any way related!

The phone has been driving me nuts these past few minutes! I am going to have to investigate! Have a great weekend Nik, you and your family and friends and enjoy your matches!

Bye bye until the next time! πŸ™‹
Eugene said on 7/Apr/17
Hi Rob! I know it depends on how the boots are, but... generally, how many inches do you think a pair of boots can add to our height? And most importantly feet templates??
Editor Rob: Eugene, some boots seem thick, but they might be only an inch, while others have a kind of thicker insole section and look 1 inch on outside, but give 1.4 inches!

Can be tricky to know exactly, which is why if I'm not sure, for a celebrity I always will estimate based on the outside plus only a thin insole...unless I know the type (timberland/doc martin/cat etc).
Nik said on 7/Apr/17
Hey up Rob,

I hope you have got the gremlins sorted out that have been plaguing this website over the last 12 hours or so. I couldn't get to the comments page, and most of the celebrities' pages and this page were missing all the comments that were done after the 3rd March! So well done for putting things right so quickly and getting the website back to how it should be.
Editor Rob: was testing out another web host, hence a few gremlins.

With the current host, it was bought by another one and at some point soonish it will be migrated (to a company I am not so sure about...)

So I switched temporarily to another host to run tests and plan on having it as an alternative backup, should there be any problem with moving in the future and a quick jump ship is needed!
Sully said on 7/Apr/17
Hi Big Rob , are the heights that you put for celebrities their afternoon or night height?
Editor Rob: go with afternoon as a reasonable gauge.
Sully said on 7/Apr/17
Hi Big Rob , where would a 175 cm guy come for a 180 cm guy?
Editor Rob: just below his hairline.
Michael R said on 6/Apr/17
Click Here Rob my mothers boyfriend is 5'8 (right side) at night how tall do you reckon I am? I'm in converse and he is in some nike sneaker not sure the model.
Editor Rob: you can look at least 6ft 2-3 in the photo, but I don't know if he is losing an inch more in height or more.
Tarinator said on 6/Apr/17
@Rob Paul Is it possible that you can change Kane's height to at least 6'8.25" (204 cm) and his current height to 6'7.5" (202 cm)? In my opinion, that most accurately reflects his height. And also Undertaker's peak to 6'8" (203 cm) and 6'7.25" (201) as his current height? There are enough votes for those height predictions so, please consider those changes.
mrtguy said on 6/Apr/17
Rob, don't height liars just bother you?? thank god we have this site to reveal the truth and everything
Editor Rob: mrt, if people are more truthful about the simpler things in life, they'll find that those seeds of honesty grow and life becomes more fruitful when truth is on your side.
Nik said on 6/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell

Hi Sandy,

Having read your previous comment I must say that I thought it was a very interesting read! The experiences that your grandmother and her son and daughter (your Mum) shared were really extraordinary, they obviously point to something going on that is way different to what any of us ever usually experience on a daily basis. Most people will probably never have any paranormal experiences throughout their entire lifetime, but there will still be plentiful cases of people that do and amongst those people the bizarreness of the events that they experience must vary a lot too. In my view most of the people who ever experience paranormal events will probably only experience them on a small number of occasions during their life, with the strange occurrences often taking place around about the same time as each other. Many other people may also experience a few paranormal events but at completely different times in their life. I would say that only a minority of people who ever have dealings with the paranormal will have a large number of such experiences in their life, or will have a considerable number of these experiences all spread out over several different points in their life. Do you know if your Mum or grandmother ever saw the spirit of your late grandad? Were the seances all held in the dark? Also I am trying to imagine the table and the letters, were there several different letters and were they each like written on separate pieces of card for instance? Was the glass moved towards a "C" and then an "O" in that order? Do you know if the spirit (I think of your grandad) said anything in the seances or was your grandmother the only person that said anything? Sorry for asking so many questions but it really is fascinating! It is also fascinating that the "CO" puzzled your grandmother and Mother for so many years with there being no German words starting with those two letters, but your Dad solved that puzzle by going over to Germany, meeting your Mother, and then marrying her. The fact that it came true is really spooky!
In the past I have done some on line research on what happens when we die and about life after death, and I have to say I have noticed that some of the things you mentioned in your last post have been treat very seriously in the scientific world. I have read an article where a scientist states his belief that people are guided by loved ones once they die and I have read many articles on the internet which mention about people who once they had been brought back to life then report having out of body experiences whilst they were temporarily dead. Sometimes these people had been dead for several minutes before they then, on being brought back to life, reported those out of body experiences AND correctly recited details of conversations that were held by the doctors present. The things that they accurately described all occurred long enough after the person had been pronounced dead for the brain to have stopped working completely. The next step by doctors and scientists needs to be the organising and funding of research to find out what happens to people's consciousness, say more than half an our after someone has been pronounced dead, or an hour after death, or much longer than an hour after death. Where does consciousness go when it does not return to the body? Does it disappear into the universe? How long does the consciousness stay focused on the dead persons surroundings?
Like I said in my last post to you I do not agree with there being a permanent cessation of consciousness, maybe what I have said in the above paragraph backs this up but we do not know though because nobody yet knows whether or not a dead person, or all dead people, continue being conscious more than just several minutes after death. Even without the knowledge about what happens a long time after death I would say that consciousness permanently continues in some form or other, whether it be as a spirit or in a new life or in whatever way, as consciousness is an energy so it is therefore permanent in its existence. Of course many people think that consciousness and bodies are the same thing, that's how it appears when people are alive! Even though consciousness resides in certain parts of the brain the two things really are separate entities! It will leave a persons human body and reside elsewhere once someone dies.
The "vibrostation" sounds like a really good piece of gym equipment, it sounds like it produces very good results as well as being easy to use. I would imagine it is not like my exercise bikes, they are always breaking! Ha ha. It will probably cost more than your average exercise bike but it seems to be worth it.
Also can you tell me how many cats you have got? I know some of their names but can you tell me what they are all called please?

Have a great week Sandy. Bye for now!
Sully said on 6/Apr/17
Hi Big Rob , i am 175 cm (5'9") at night and wear a shoe size of 10 UK . Most men i know who are exactly my height wear from 7 UK to 9 Uk.Are my feet very big considering im only 175 cm (5'9")?
Editor Rob: Sully, 8 and 9 are very common shoe sizes in the UK. 10 also. 6-7 is small, 11-14 big range.
Justbringit said on 5/Apr/17
Hi rob regarding the absolute low question do you think that a bit over than 1/4th of an inch is possible? Cause last night I came home and I was pretty exhausted my back was hurting and I was feeling pressure in my neck also and I looked much shorter than I normally do at my low. Do you think that a full cm might be possible in some cases? Or like 1/3rd of an inch maybe?
Editor Rob: in some cases yes, I could see people lose a third with extreme conditions.
Salman said on 5/Apr/17
Rob, have you ever tried the tape in front of eyes in mirror method? What did you get as your "mirror height"?
Editor Rob: the only type of measurement I've not tried, is the 'After 6 beers measurement'.

Maybe one day I'll give it a try...

As for the front, yes I tested that and think it can under measure you 1/4 inch or so.
Tarinator said on 5/Apr/17
@Rob Paul: What are your current thoughts on Kane's height? I'd say his peak height is 6'8.5" (204 cm) and his current height is 6'8". His eye line clears the top of Triple H's head by 1 inch or so so I would say he is at least 6'7.5" (202 cm) at this point. No shorter than that. Why do you think he is 6'7"-6'7.5" when he is clearly and evidently taller than that? I would say Undertaker's peak height is 6'8" as well.
Editor Rob: I still feel kane can be under 6ft 8 today.
Arthur said on 5/Apr/17
Editor Rob: I will try to do one next year, in fact I know one I want to do...but I don't like to mess with any of the listings though!

Hope it doesn't have to do with Big G. It would be unoriginal.
Editor Rob: nothing to do with him πŸ‘
Sandy Cowell said on 5/Apr/17
@ Rob re: Technology - πŸ‘
Matthew said on 5/Apr/17
Rob, I'm a decent 5'9 and my brother is a strong 5'7, 170/171cm in the evenings, where would my eyes be on his head? I have a pretty average head size.
Editor Rob: about an inch over his eyebrows likely.
Andrea said on 5/Apr/17
Rob, how much difference you see here? Click Here
Having a look at this guy's Instagram and seeing him with a few famous guys he has met, I think he can look over 6' and near 6'1 (he could be 6'0.5-6'1 range)...
Editor Rob: can seem a good 3 inches difference.
lemur said on 5/Apr/17
Editor Rob: lemur as I said before, there might only be a couple of inches between them in the photo/clip.
Ok i understand than he could look 6ft3 with good posture because his shoes give less height.
Ben said on 5/Apr/17
@Johnny Haha, thanks :))

At 5'10 5/8 I still feel tall when walking down the street with my shoes that gives me about an inch since I was taller when standing with a measured 5'11.25" guy was standing with no shoes on.

And one guy who claims to be 6'2" but is probably closer to 6'0.75", my eyelevel is between his mouth and nose area.

My dad was 5'5" at 15, now he's 6' and my brother was 5'11" at my age and now he's 6'2.5". I just turned 17 so I hope to atleast grow taller than my dad :)
Sully said on 5/Apr/17
Hi Big Rob , what height should i claim , my afternoon (around 1pm-2pm or my evening (around 7pm-8pm).I get up at 177 cm and by 1pm im around 175.9 cm but at 7pm im around 175 cm flat .Should i go with my afternoon height as 176 cm (5'9.25") or my evening of 175 cm (5'9").
Editor Rob: 175 or 176, it's up to you.

I would personally go with 175, then people will rarely ever think 'this guy is lying'...heck, even 176 you'll probably find many many people wouldn't bat an eyelid.
oscar5'9 said on 5/Apr/17
hi Rob! theres alot of posts not related to height! Rob you could be a good mental health counselor.
John said on 4/Apr/17
How do you create the height chart when you click on the celebrity's picture? I'd love to know how to do that.
Editor Rob: unfortunately because of slightly different head tilts, my head size won't always be the same, there is some slight variation so I do them manually using a simple template.
QLD said on 4/Apr/17
Rob, if someone measures 173cm an hour out of bed and 172.5cm during lunchtime what would you list them as?
Canson said on 4/Apr/17
@Christian: the only time I really experience that is when I see a former pro college or even high school athlete but yea a lot of guys who are 195cm claiming it would be 6'6" in shoes or near it. I've claimed 6'5" before a long time back actually a few years Prob and in a reunion with former teammates may come up once twice but that goes to show now a days that a lot of people insist on an in shoes height and inflate everyone else around to accommodate themselves
James B said on 4/Apr/17
Arch Stanton said on 4/Apr/17
Saw a guy earlier who had to have been 6'5-6. Only he was bald and about 23 stone and hobbling about with a stick. Not pretty! In thinking about it he was probably early 60s, so if he's got back/leg trouble possible he was nearer 6'7 as a younger guy! You don't see many guys that tall and looking good.

Andre the giant was popular with the ladies though
Johnson said on 4/Apr/17
@Matt it looks like written by me. Word by word
Gray said on 4/Apr/17
MrFish, in the USA the younger generation is actually slightly shorter than the previous one. In the UK people grew by a tiny amount. The (mean)- not the same as average, because not ideally Gaussian distubution of height, for young man is approx. 177-178 cm. I don't know what's the sigma in that distribution unfortunately but certainly at 175 you are in the avarage range.
Blake said on 4/Apr/17
Rob, you should have done an April fools joke on the site like bump Beiber up to 5 ft 9 or drop Stallone down to 5 ft 6.5 or something along those lines.
Editor Rob: I will try to do one next year, in fact I know one I want to do...but I don't like to mess with any of the listings though!
Sandy Cowell said on 4/Apr/17
@ Rob re: Vibrostations.
These aren't as exciting as they sound! But they do work well. They are often advertised in the early hours of the morning, but mine is a different, heavier one which took me 4 instalments to pay for!
The good thing about them is that they do produce results, though obviously you experience a bit of discomfort, but that's only to be expected!
It's a fantastic feeling of achievement when the 'workout' is over and you rub Deep Heat on your aching legs - bliss!
I hope that helps Rob! Try to catch a glimpse of one of the adverts/demonstrations if you're awake early!
justbringit said on 4/Apr/17
hey rob i found out probably the most uneven wall of my house!! i understood it when i moved the object that was on the top of my head a bit more right or left but on the same level and the mark was getting higher/lower.It also was obvious that this wall was bending because i could see the end of the wall being much more behind than the start,middle of it.Just wondering do you have any idea how much off can i be measured if the wall bending is obvious from your own experiances? Is 1/4th of an inch possible?
Editor Rob: sounds a bit wonky in places. SOmetimes if you take several measurements at different points, and go with the average in a wonky walled house, it's your best option.

That, or stand tall and do the 'waxwork' type measurement I showed in a video with Jenny once...that eliminates the wall, but requires the person holding the tape and ruler to have some sense of making sure the rule is level and not sloping up or down.
Sandy Cowell said on 4/Apr/17
I've heard women, celebrities and non-celebs moaning the blue from the sky because their boyfriends are too short for them to wear heels without towering over them. I cannot understand it but that's probably because I've never had the problem, being short myself.
However, I do think it is female instinct to have a taller man with her so that she feels safe! Whether a guy is tall or just taller shouldn't matter. In fact, the most genuine people I have met don't give a toss if the girl is taller or whether the boy is shorter! The relationships work because they love each other for the person inside, which is how it should be.
I watch quite a few dating programmes for a bit of fun. A desired height is always stipulated above all else, and then hair colour, but it's always really refreshing to see someone going for a different height and type!
Not long ago, a fellow was writing in bemoaning his red hair and 5ft7 height. He didn't think he stood a chance out there when faced with the competition. There are lots of girls who like red hair (and boys!), and for some women 5ft7 is a decent enough height, quite tall even! I met a chap when I was 19 with ginger hair, freckles and a height of 5ft7 and a bit! I fancied him like mad but he thought that I was a schoolgirl! He didn't want people to have digs at him! But we were still great friends.
If a woman chooses shoes over a guy, she is too shallow for her own good! There is someone for everyone out there! πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜˜πŸ˜—πŸ’‘
lemur said on 4/Apr/17
ROB,if the shorter guy is 6ft1 the taller could be 6ft3 considering his shoes only give 0.25 inch, the shorter mans shoes give 1 inch Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: lemur as I said before, there might only be a couple of inches between them in the photo/clip.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Apr/17
Saw a guy earlier who had to have been 6'5-6. Only he was bald and about 23 stone and hobbling about with a stick. Not pretty! In thinking about it he was probably early 60s, so if he's got back/leg trouble possible he was nearer 6'7 as a younger guy! You don't see many guys that tall and looking good.
Sandy Cowell said on 4/Apr/17
@ Rob - Hi! I've just phoned my mobile services and they are cool about putting off the payment until Friday, so there will be business as usual!
Hooray to that! πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ†πŸŽˆπŸŽ‡πŸŽŠπŸŽˆπŸ»
Editor Rob: technology certainly is great...and bad at times!
Today I wasted about 4 hours trying to find a problem with a bit of code. Was like going round in circles and turned out there was 1 line I missed - that I had read about 10 times! that had something like 'celebs' instead of 'celeb' 😑 😨
lemur said on 4/Apr/17
So Rob lets put and end to this,if the shorter guy is 6ft1 the taller could be 6ft3 considering his shoes only give 0.25 inch, the shorter mans shoes give 1 inch Click Here
Click Here
Sandy Cowell said on 4/Apr/17
@ Rob - I am writing this quick note to inform you that my phone services might be on hold until Friday, unless I can sort out this pesky problem beforehand! 😭😭😭
I'll miss you all very much!
Vibram said on 4/Apr/17
Rob, will you make pages for Top Gears Rory Reid and Chris Harris?
Matt said on 4/Apr/17
Being 5'9 and going out to places doesn't really make me feel short, and when I stand next to a 5'11 guy or walk with someone in that range it can certainly be almost eye to eye even on flat ground. I'm normally a weak 5'10 in shoes and I think the only time I'll feel kinda short is someone hitting the 6'2-3 range walking past me, but again that well over average.
Gray said on 4/Apr/17
"idea of being protected by a man, hence somebody who is taller." lol, it doesn't make sense. Women want taller men than them, because they want to wear high heels and not look like a giraffe
MrFish said on 3/Apr/17
Rob, how's your exercise going? I saw that you put 179lbs on the user heights page. I'm trying to remain under 80kg for now.
Editor Rob: Fish, with weather getting better I'll be spending more time outdoors, removing a few pounds in fat and replacing it with muscle.
MrFish said on 3/Apr/17
Rob, at almost 5ft 9in (174.5-175ish), would you consider me to be within the average range (albeit on the lower end) for young men in the US/UK?
Sandy Cowell said on 3/Apr/17
@ Nik - Hi Nik!
I have just finished reading your comment dated 2nd April, and what an interesting comment it was! I will start my reply by telling you that my Mum had some truly fascinating stories about the afterlife and so has my Dad. As you know already, my Mum was German and brought up there by her Mum as her Dad died when she was just 4 years old. She could still tell us about that day and how just before he died, he held out his arms and called to his dead mother, who was there to collect him! My Mum said that when you die, someone comes to guide you on, that is if you're ready to go and he clearly was. He was only in his 40's, but had led a full life, marrying my grandmother and having a family when he was in his early 40's and she in her early 20's.
He worked as a diamond merchant and left his widow reasonably well provided for, but luxuries, like servants, had to go!

Throughout my Mum's childhood, she remembered sΓ©ances being held by her Mum in their huge living room! She not only wanted to contact her husband, which she did, but she was naturally curious about that sort of thing. When my Mum was 8 or 9, she hid behind a chair before such a sΓ©ance and described it thus: there was a table with letters (not unlike you'd see on TV dramas and films), and then she saw what happened. Her Mum asked the spirit about the future of her younger daughter, (my Mum), and he spelled out the letters (with the glass which was being moved), 'CO', the beginning of the name of the man she would meet one day! In Germany, words only begin 'KO' so this didn't make sense for years, until she met my Dad in Germany just after the war. His name was 'Cowell'! In that same sΓ©ance, the table started rocking towards the door, to where her brother was trying his best to listen in! It moved there when my grandmother asked about their son! That's how she gathered that the spirit was him. She contacted him again after she had remarried, and lost, her new husband to a road accident. He, the first husband's spirit, angrily and jealously ripped her second wedding ring from her finger and threw it on the table! My Mum saw that too, hiding behind the chair again! She heard her Mum say, "Turn the light on! Turn the light on - before I have a heart attack!"

I knew some faith healers and I spent the night round their house, sleeping in the room where they did their healing sessions. I had been upset the night before about my boyfriend, the one who was to die, and at about 5 in the morning, I thought that Gill, the lady of the married couple, had come in to comfort me! My hair was stroked by a female hand (it was too small to be a man's), and it was intensely soothing, so much so that I pretended to be asleep so that she wouldn't stop. It went on for 2 or so minutes. Then I looked round to see an incredible bright, whiter-than-white light and I thought the door was ajar and that it was a really bright morning! I got up to go to the loo to find that the door was closed! When I came in from the bathroom and tried to go back to sleep, I saw the light again!

I wasn't scared! I felt safe round their house, and when I went on to tell the couple, they weren't surprised at all. Keith, Gill's husband, had experienced something in there as well! What you say about the body and the mind, or spirit, being separate entities, I totally agree with, though while you are 'alive', they are one and the same. Many people have died and looked down on themselves, only to be brought back to life, reconnecting with their bodies! Isn't that fantastic?

Then onto the vibrostation! I read about this in a magazine and that it makes the muscles contract, thus tightening them and making you trimmer. It is also supposed go speed up the metabolism! I can honestly say that with the results I've had, it does exactly what it promises! All you do is stand on it, but you can lean on it or use it to exercise your arms or whatever you wish to!

I think our chat about mistakes has definitely registered with other visitors! We had a comment from American Sally, who has had some 'oh, blast!' moments when she's read her comments back! Then Arthur got me back for 'correcting' one of his spelling mistakes, which I thought was incredibly funny, original and quick!

Tomorrow I'll do a reply on Cheryl Cole's page! I have a good idea what I'm going to talk about as well!

Have a fantastic week Nik! Bye for now! πŸ™‹
Leo2001 said on 3/Apr/17
@oscar5'9 Many boys have a decent grow after turning 16...JB is a good example.
Some guys claim to grow a bit after 18 in celebheights
James B said on 3/Apr/17
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 2/Apr/17
James B said on 1/Apr/17
Last night rob I met a guy who claimed 6ft5 that looked taller than a lot of guys I met who claimed to be 6ft6.

Goes to show that even very tall guys lie


True. Out of all the people I've met who claim 6ft6, a large chunk of them are no more than 195cm. I often claim 6ft6 as well, but at least I'm over 6ft5 rather than under.

Funny thing is once I bumped into a guy who claimed to be "6ft9" and he actually didn't look much taller than the 6ft5 guy I met.
Darryl178 said on 3/Apr/17
Rob, whatever happened to Frank2/Knowitall?
Sandy Cowell said on 3/Apr/17
Hello Rob!
I am in a good mood! In fact, I am on an enormous natural high! I've just completed over 40 minutes on my vibrosation listening to, and singing along, to Jethro Tull's 'A' album. The final track, 'And Further On' finishes the album with an almost orgasmic crescendo, and I had to listen to it three times!
As if that wasn't enough, I came back upstairs to find that the two comments that I thought had got lost, and had written to you about, have turned up on their relevant pages! I am extremely happy about that, especially as they were 'reply comments', so thanks very much indeed! πŸ˜ΈπŸ‘
Editor Rob: good to see you are exercising, I had never heard of a vibrostation in my life! Sounds exciting 😏😏
Salman said on 3/Apr/17
Rob, do you think 5ft 8 or 5ft 9 as a man is sufficient for most women, considering the majority of women are under that height?
Editor Rob: Salman, for many women they may still like the idea of being protected by a man, hence somebody who is taller.
In some tribes though, you will find the women may be attracted to the man who is good at hunting or has other qualities...not necessarily taller.
Judd said on 3/Apr/17
rob please look at this picture Click Here
there're John Cusack and Ben Affleck up ad straight on their feet. Unfortunately they are not one next to the other but maybe it's possible to have an impression to their heights...
I am sure John Cusack is a honest 6'2/188cms guy, maybe one of the most honest listed on this site, and looking at this picture it seems he might hedge Ben i am even sure that in the truth Cusack does not hedge Affleck but i think that even Affleck does not hedge think there's a good chance they are both 6'2/188cms?
Nik said on 3/Apr/17

How tall are you if you don't mind me asking?
Nik said on 3/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell

I don't know if you have seen my comment on the 31st March in the "General Height" section to Sally, or her responses on the 27th March and the 2nd April. You may be interested in reading those comments!
justbringit said on 3/Apr/17
Also rob i think i am doing something wrong in some of my measurements because when i am measuring i find that the top of my head measurements are just a little over tban the measurements of the top of my forehead that i have done (not even standing very tall for the measurement)
Amirhossein said on 3/Apr/17
Hey rob
If I sleep only 3 hours, and wake up at 6AM, am I expected to hit my absolute low at 3PM?
Editor Rob: yes, you might hit your low and have a greater chance of going a tiny bit under it by 8pm.
Johnny said on 3/Apr/17
@Ben 179.5 cm is not 5ft 10.75 it is closer to 5ft 10 and 5/8 ths the height Russell Wilson of Seattle Seahawks was measured at. That was a morning measurement so by evening he should be in the 10.25-10.5 zone. You are roughly the same size as the great quarterback and don't need to worry if you don't hit 6ft.
oscar5'9 said on 2/Apr/17
hi everyone. girls stop growing when they turn 14 and boys stop growing when they turn 16. no one can't grow in their 20s lol!
Justbringit said on 2/Apr/17
Hey rob how much height can someone lose when they are at extreme low. I was trying to measure my height at home and suddenly I was getting lower measurements because my back and neck felt more pressure,when looking at the mirror I could also see that I looked a bit shorter than I normally do at my usually low. Thanks!!
Editor Rob: 1/8th under usual low might be common, 1/4 is possible too.
Gray said on 2/Apr/17
Rob, what do you mean "feel on the short end"? What's the range for average young guy today?
Editor Rob: in the UK it will be 178-9 range, so 173-4 is heading towards the shorter range.
Nb said on 2/Apr/17
Rob, is it wrong/false to feel tallish at 179-180cm (5'10.5-75)? I'm in North America and in the young (20-29) range
MrFish said on 2/Apr/17
Rob, my mom says that she was between 5ft 5 and 6 in her youth, and I measured her, at age 59, at 5ft 5.5in. My 84-year-old grandmother has also only lost an inch or so since she was young. Is this unusual?
Editor Rob: MrFish, it's not unusual to only lose an inch by 70, but by 84 it is more rare for a woman.

Good diet and genetics...hopefully you will have inherited the same and not shrink much.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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