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ma said on 22/Mar/17
He is listed and looks 188 cm. He probably is that tall.Same height as Gagliardini, even 188 cm.
Luca said on 21/Mar/17
Any guess about the Italian youngster Petagna?
Ronaldo said on 20/Mar/17
Navas 1.83
Pepe 1.85
Ramos 1.83
Ronaldo 1.85
Kroos 1.80
Benzema 1.83
Bale 1.84
Marcelo 1.71
Casemiro 1.83
Modric 1.70
Nik said on 19/Mar/17
Hey Rob, how tall is Niall Quinn?
Editor Rob: an honest 6ft 4.
Johnson said on 16/Mar/17
Marcelo (Real Madrid) 174
Arthur John said on 15/Mar/17
@Rob what's your Guess on Andre Gomes?
Ronaldo said on 15/Mar/17
Figo 1.77
Raul 1.77
Maldini 1.86
Rivaldo 1.86
honestly rob said on 14/Mar/17
what about dybala?
Johnson said on 12/Mar/17
I think Juan Mata is a decent 171 cm. He is close to Wayne Rooney... 5 cm as maximum
John said on 11/Mar/17
Hey Rob, how tall is Juan Mata?
Blake said on 10/Mar/17
How tall do you think the Chelsea manager Antonio Conte is?
Hamad said on 10/Mar/17
Hi Rob, how tall do you think Dybala is?
ma said on 10/Mar/17
Juventus players:
Buffon 191 cm
Chiellini 187 cm
Bonucci 189 cm
Barzagli 186 cm
Sandro 180 cm
Marchisio 179 cm
Mandzukic 190 cm
Higuain 181 cm
Dybala 175 cm
Khedira 188-189 cm
Pjaca 183 cm
Dani alves 172 cm
Judd said on 9/Mar/17
In my opinion Van Basten's height has always been a mistery...
look at him with an honest 6'1.25/186cm guy Kakà Click Here ; in that picture Van Basten might pass even for a 6'1.5/187cm guy...
on the other hand with Zlatan (6'4.5/194cm) Click Here Click Here he fight for the 6'1/185cm...
I think that the picture that i posted is a good pic to evaluate his height next to Van Nistelrooy but actually we do not know how thicker are their shoes and even the camera angle...there Van Nistelrooy looks 1,5" taller than Van Basten but in other pictures their difference vary...
the only think that i know for sure is that Van Nistelrooy is visibly taller than Van Basten and my hp is that their difference is a solid inche...
this means that if Ruud Van Nistelrooy is a solid 6'2/188cm guy (188.0-188.5cm) then Marco Van Basten might be a solid 6'1/185cm guy (185.5-186.0 cm)...
Judd said on 9/Mar/17
Actually Lmesiter Van Basten was always listed as 6'2/188cm in late 80's and begin 90's...he's 53 now so I think he has lost (if has lost something) no more than a small faction...
I think personally he was 6'1.25/6'1.5" at peak and now a strong 6'1/185cm guy...or maybe he was never taller than 185/186cm
gabo said on 9/Mar/17
Rob what about Jeremie Janot height? he's listed as 176cm, to me he's not more than 170-173cm range, am i wrong?..
Click Here with Gregory Coupet 179-181 range
Click Here with Julien Sable 180-181 range
Click Here with Jerome Alonzo 184-186 range
Wrs567 said on 7/Mar/17
Celtic are a good team and need competition in my opinion.

I like The Scottish Premiership, but it's too predictable.
Editor Rob: competition is a good thing, two or one-horse races can get boring after a while.

I like some of the American ideas about drafting, but it's far harder to implement with soccer.
Nik said on 6/Mar/17
@Editor Rob

I think Celtic should go all out for 112 points (37-1-0) as this would be truly legendary whilst also making sure that they don't lose any matches should they draw a few. Yes teams will go all out to beat Celtic in the last 10 matches as there is more at stake for most teams anyway at this stage of the season on top of being desperate to glory in beating Celtic. I remember once Aberdeen beating Celtic in the second half of the season to end an unbeaten league run that season. I think you will crack it this time and go unbeaten all season and get a record points total but you probably won't win all the matches.
Editor Rob: I certainly hope they continue to win, still some tough games to play, even if the league is only 2 weeks away from certainty.
Nik said on 5/Mar/17
Rob, how tall is John Terry please?
Editor Rob: 187cm is possible
Nik said on 5/Mar/17
Hey Rob,

112 points for Celtic?
Editor Rob: Nik, I think that would be remarkable, I can't see it the last 10 ten games every team will be trying their best to end the unbeaten league run.
Johnson said on 5/Mar/17
before they told me his real height I meant
Johnson said on 5/Mar/17
I think you should ask footballers their height. Edgar Davids told me some time ago he was 1.70 m tall, for example. I thought he could be 171 before
Lmeister said on 4/Mar/17
Danny Blind is/was 176cm. 5ft10 is rounded up. His son Daley is 180cm. Marco van Basten is/was 186cm. Maybe he has lost 1-2cm.
Johnson said on 4/Mar/17
@Judd sorry I talked about his son Dailey Blind, forget the previous message
Judd said on 4/Mar/17
rob how tall might be Marco Van Basten if Danny Blind is listed 5'10/178cm (and it's believable) and Rudd Van Nistelrooy is a genuine 6'2/188 cm?

Click Here

He might be a 6'1/185cm guy currently?
Dean 5ft9.25 said on 3/Mar/17
Rob how tall do you think Jamie Vardy is? He's a hard one to pin down!
Editor Rob: 5ft 9 range is ok for him I feel.
Braun said on 2/Mar/17
Luke shaw is 176/77 at most. Check @Manutd's latest picture on Twitter. There's basically no difference between him and Rooney.
Wrs567 said on 1/Mar/17
I think Adam Lallana is exactly about 5'9.25''

He has about a quarter inch on Rooney
Ronaldo said on 1/Mar/17
Zidane 184/185
Blanc 191
Barthez 178/180
Henry 187
liam said on 27/Feb/17
would you say Lallana is about 175cm or pretty bang on 5'9? looks pretty similar to rooney, perhaps a couple mm more
Johnson said on 25/Feb/17
@Rob any idea in Robert Pires after the 185 claims? I would request him to have a page. Legend in Arsenal in France national team.
Wrs567 said on 25/Feb/17
Rob, Gary Neville is more 5'10'' - 5'10.5''

Click Here

Click Here
michelle said on 25/Feb/17
Hi Rob,
What do you think about Cesc Fabregas?? Listed at 5-9 but can appear deceptively tall at times..
Editor Rob: having looked a little more at him, I think 5ft 9 is ok, I wouldn't go more than it.
Johnson said on 22/Feb/17
Gotze is quite taller than Messi
SportsHeight said on 21/Feb/17
Rob, how tall do you think Yaya Toure is? He seems like someone who might be deserving of a page.
Editor Rob: he does look close to 6ft 2
tïno said on 20/Feb/17
Rob how tall do you think ruben loftus cheek is, he is billed at 191 cm
Editor Rob: tino, he can look close to 6ft 3
Alex said on 20/Feb/17
Mario Gotze. I wreckon he is around 172 cm tall. surely he is not the 176 cm listed and what about his girlfriend Ann Kathrin Brommel? She's listed at 5'9 on all the sites.
Editor Rob: yeah he might be roughly that 5ft 8 range.
Blake said on 17/Feb/17
Rob, how tall do you think Gary Neville is?
Editor Rob: Blake, he might be near 5ft 9.5
Johnson said on 17/Feb/17
Abidal was listed 186 in Barcelona. I think he is 184.5 exactly
ma said on 17/Feb/17
Trezeguet around 6 ft 2
Johnson said on 15/Feb/17
@Ronaldo Trezeguet looks taller than Henry. Around 189 cm
Ronaldo said on 13/Feb/17
David Trézéguet 187 cm
Rory said on 12/Feb/17
Tousart was another odd listing at Lyon, listed 176 for ages but always looked 185.
Rory said on 12/Feb/17
Cornet isn't tall he looks about 5'10, Nkoulou interests me though because he's always been listed at 180cm but I think he can look 184 or 185 quite often, certainly not under 183cm anyway. Yh Jallet looks about 175cm. I'm not as familiar with the heights of the likes of Mateta because as far as first team football goes he rarely features. Lyon has rarely had very tall players, off the top of my head I think of John Carew,Boumsong etc, even at centre back our players rarely top 6'1, Cris,squillaci,bisevac,mbiwa,mammana,toulalan etc.
Johnson said on 10/Feb/17
@Rory good heights in that team. Valbuena is 165.5 in my opinion. Memphis Depay 176 Lacazette 175... Jallet listed 178 but I am sure he is 175.5 or so

I was checking the squad: Diaby, NGouma, Cornet and Mateta are very tall too
Nik said on 10/Feb/17

Ok thanks for that. What is the average height of your regular team?
ma said on 10/Feb/17
Messi 169
Fabregas 178
Seems better
Rory said on 9/Feb/17
@ Nik, I support Lyon fc in France. We have quite a short team actually only really Diakhaby and Gonalons are the tall players.
Johnson said on 8/Feb/17
Messi is around 5'7. Fabregas not a full 5'11 but 5'10.5, 179 cm. He was listed 179 in Barcelona
Nik said on 8/Feb/17

Well if you have accurately noticed a 4 inch gap between Messi and Fabregas on a few occasions then you may have solved the conundrum on what both their heights are. I saw a glimpse of Fabregas at the weekend in the Chelsea V Arsenal match and he did give me the impression that he could be close to 5'10" but like you don't think that he is a 5'11" guy.
Wrs567 said on 8/Feb/17
I think Cesc Fabregas could be close to 5'10''

Cesc was at least 4 inches taller than Messi back in his Barcelona days

But no way he is tall as 5'11''
ma said on 7/Feb/17
De Gea 187/188
Bailly 187
Jones 185
Rojo 183
Pogba 191
Mata 170
Ibrahimovic 194
Rooney 175
Martial 181
Smalling 193
Lingard 174
Carrick 188
Blind 179
Young 175
Rashford 184
Herrera 178/179
Mkhitaryan 174
Shaw 178
Fellaini 194
Schweinsteiger 180/181
Valencia 178
Darmian 182
Nik said on 7/Feb/17

Which team do you support if you don't mind me asking?
Ronaldo said on 7/Feb/17
De Gea 188 cm
Pogba 190 cm
Young 175 cm
Rashford 183 cm
Johnson said on 6/Feb/17
(Rounding to unity... eg. 185.5=186)

De Gea 190
Bailly 187
Jones 188
Rojo 186
Pogba 192
Mata 171
Ibrahimovic 195
Rooney 176
Martial 183
Smalling 194
Lingard 175
Carrick 189
Blind 181
Young 178
Rashford 186
Herrera 182
Mkhitaryan 177
Shaw 181
Fellaini 193
Schweinsteiger 183
Valencia 180
Darmian 184
Rory said on 6/Feb/17
Henderson doesn't look anything under 185cm, I think he's a potential 186cm even. 182cm is certainly out of the question.
Jakob said on 5/Feb/17
For sure, agreed, although personally I don't think Cesc looks more than 5ft 9 range, his original 175 could be when he was younger but 180 listings are off IMO. I wouldn't guess more than 177. He's a great midfielder as well. I saw him in a friendly match about 10 years ago and he had such a great range of passing and made the game look easy. But I was way too far away to notice his height!
Nik said on 5/Feb/17

I think that 177 cm for mkhitaryan is a joke. Yeah I think he is probably 173 or 174 cm like you said.
Jakob said on 5/Feb/17
Ahhh, that makes sense. Thanks Rob.
Johnson said on 5/Feb/17
Henderson the same case as Lallana or Cesc Fabregas... old listings when they were 16 years old
Blake said on 4/Feb/17
Rob, any idea on how tall Christian Eriksen is?
Nik said on 4/Feb/17
@Nightwish @Rory

I only said that David Luiz often does not look his official height of 6'2' to me. I am merely saying he sometimes gives me the impression or the illusion of being smaller than what he is, that is what I am saying in the post, There are plenty of other people who do not always look exactly what they are and to me he is one of them. I am not actually saying I think that's what his height is, common sense says that as a central defender he is more likely to be 6'2" than 5'10" and I have heard from quite a few sources before of him being 6'2' as well. I have no problem with the player or his club by the way just in case anyone wondered that.
Laf said on 4/Feb/17
De Gea 189
Bailly 187
Jones 185
Rojo 182/183
Pogba 191
Mata 170
Ibrahimovic 194
Rooney 175
Martial 181
Smalling 193
Lingard 174
Carrick 188
Blind 179
Young 175/176
Rashford 184
Herrera 178/179
Mkhitaryan 174/175
Shaw 178
Fellaini 194/195
Schweinsteiger 180/181
Valencia 178
Darmian 185
CNROM89 said on 4/Feb/17

Rob, what dou you say about Michael Ballack? He often looks solid 6'2 to me but ı am not sure. How tall dou you think?
Jakob said on 2/Feb/17
Rob, the footballer Jordan Henderson (Liverpool) is listed on Wikipedia as 5'11 1/2", I would have thought he could pull off 6ft 1 let alone 6ft! What do you think?
Editor Rob: Jakob, the 5ft 11.5 could have been one of those listings coming from when he was aged 16-17 and not quite at maximum height yet.
Alex said on 31/Jan/17
What's your say on Jermain Defoe,listed at 170 on wikipedia? Would you agree that seems pretty true?
Hi said on 29/Jan/17
Rob, How tall do you think is mkhitaryan? He is listed at 177 cm but at times could look shorter than 175cm Rooney and was even about a half inch shorter than 175 cm Jose mourinho in one picture . He seems less than 5'9. Is it possible that he is 173-174?
Editor Rob: yeah 174 range is possible.
Rory said on 28/Jan/17
David Luiz 5'10 ? Poppycock. Luiz always looks about 6ft 2.
graham said on 26/Jan/17
Can you believe Marco Silva the new Hull manager is claimed to be 180cm everywhere? What is your guess? He seems to have short arms at least lol
Johnson said on 26/Jan/17
And Fabregas 5'5 what a joke. Fabregas is 5'10.5
Rory said on 26/Jan/17
I can't see Rashford as being 6'1 in that picture, he looks about 3 inches shorter than Pogba.
James said on 25/Jan/17
Rob, Ferdinand's height is baffling, Ballack is clearly a solid 188 (as shown with JT) but Rio seems to have 3 inches on him? Always assumed he was around 6'3.
Click Here
Click Here
Nightwish said on 24/Jan/17
If David Luiz is 5'10 then Thiago Silva deserves a downgrade to 5'7ish and Julio Cesar to 5'8ish!
Nik said on 23/Jan/17
I have one or 2 interesting observations from the Chelsea v Hull match yesterday, firstly David Luiz certainly does not give me the impression of being 6'2" and in fact he often only looks about 5'10" ! On the other hand though Diego Costa looks like a giant at times and certainly never looks less than his official height, which I think is 6'1". I would be interested to see them stood near to each other although I am not saying that their heights are different to what people popularly know them to be, it is probably just an illusion ! Finally I would like to say that the referee was rubbish, he got just about every major decision in the game wrong. Hull should have had a penalty early in the second half and Chelsea's first goal should not have been allowed to stand due to a fowl in the build up. Also Diego Costa put the ball in the net for Chelsea in the first half and was flagged for offside incorrectly. I think Chelsea may have had a case for a penalty themselves in the game although I am not totally sure on that one.
Wrs567 said on 21/Jan/17
Paul Pogba is listed as 6'3.25'' on this site

I honestly can't see Rashford under 6'1'' next to him

Click Here

My guess for Martial is a decent 6'0''
spainmen191cm said on 20/Jan/17
Rob, how tall do you think is Alvaro Morata?
Z187 said on 18/Jan/17
I originally thought rashford was near 6-1 also, however looking at him with Pogba, Ibra, martial, darmian... he's only going to be 6' range... he's the same height as martial & darmian (probably both near 183cm) ...

And look at him here with Harry Kane, Lewandoski, Higuain, and Cavani... he's clearly 2 inches shorter than Kane ...

Click Here
Rory said on 18/Jan/17
No that's wrong for Ramos, he's notably taller than Casillas, not just 1 cm. Ramos has to be 182-3 range, can't rly see less than that for him.
Johnson said on 18/Jan/17
@Rob kun Aguero is taller than Messi, for me he is 5'8
Ronaldo said on 17/Jan/17
James 176-177 cm
Casillas 180-181 cm
Ramos 181-182 cm
Navas 182-183 cm
Benzema 182-183 cm
Bale 183-184 cm
Ronaldo 185-186 cm
Pepe 185-186 cm
Morata 186-187 cm
Wrs567 said on 16/Jan/17
Marcus Rashford looks a decent 6'1''

He looks it with 5'10'' Nicky Butt

Click Here

If you don't know how tall Nicky Butt is, look at him with David Beckham (upper left)

Click Here
Rory said on 15/Jan/17
Actually no I don't think Dele is a solid 6ft 2. I think Kane is, but Dele looks 186-7.
Rory said on 15/Jan/17
Alli looks 6'2 to me more than 6'1.
Nik said on 15/Jan/17

I could see Ian Holloway being about 5'6.75".

@Editor Rob

How tall is Raheem Sterling? He looks very small compared to most players.
Editor Rob: Nik, certainly no more than 5ft 7, another good example of a nimble small player and how being that height can be a benefit in movement.
.. said on 15/Jan/17
Hi Rob, how tall do you think Aguero is ?
Editor Rob: can seem a 5ft 6 or 7 guy
CNROM89 said on 14/Jan/17

What dou you think about Petr Cech? How tall is he?
Editor Rob: 6ft 4 I think is more believable for him.
189Night said on 12/Jan/17
@Spurs325 Na, I think that Dele Alli and Harry Kane are the same height I would go for 188 for both lowest for Alli would be 187 imo.
theonewiththecontacts said on 12/Jan/17
Hi Rob, please add the Laudrup brothers, potentially it could increase danish visitors on this site :D
Spurs325 said on 11/Jan/17
Dele Alli 6'1" 185-186 cm
Harry Kane 6'2" 188 cm
Wrs567 said on 10/Jan/17
Harry Kane and Dele Alli are both 6'2''

Eric Dier looks taller than just a flat 6'3'', more 6'3.5''
Johnson said on 10/Jan/17
His brother told me Rashford is 185 cm (6'1)
Rory said on 10/Jan/17
Rashford I think is a solid 184, and could potentially grow to 185 although unlikely. Definitely not under 6ft when compared to Pogba,Rooney,Ibra etc.
189Night said on 9/Jan/17
No way is Rashford under 6'0, he looks tall next to most 6'2+ players I personally would go anywhere between 184-186
CNROM89 said on 9/Jan/17
I think Michael Carrick is strong 6'2. Maybe 189 cm is possible for him. He is over 190 cm in the morning clearly.
Johnson said on 9/Jan/17
@jakob that solid 197 you say, in the morning and in medicals is 198.5 (199) for Van der Sar. So it makes sense those listings over 197
anon said on 8/Jan/17
How Tall is Jack Grealish?
Jakob said on 7/Jan/17
I see a lot of people upgrading Van der Sar to 198 or even 199, he was always listed 197 pretty consistently through his career. Maybe Rob you could give him a page someday? He was a pretty good keeper and won a lot of trophies, and seemed a likeable guy. I would list him as 197/6ft 5.75in
Jakob said on 7/Jan/17
De Gea 187
Smalling 192
Shaw 180
Herrera 180
Rashford 182
Carrick 188
Martial 181
Rooney 175
Ibrahimovic 194
Giggs 179
Ferdinand 191
Van der Sar 197
Januzaj 182
Lingard - not sure
Pogba - 190

My impressions
189Night said on 7/Jan/17
@Blake I think Dele Alli is 187-188 because he doesn't look much shorter than 191 Eric Dier
189Night said on 6/Jan/17
My Guess on Manchester United players (Past & Present) please give me your guesses on there height aswell

De Gea-188/190
Luke Shaw-179 (Don't know why everywhere lists him as 185)
Ander Herrera-182
Marcus Rashford-185
Rooney-175 (Just s tad under 5'9)
Ryan Giggs-179
Van der saar-198
Blake said on 5/Jan/17
Rob, how tall do you think Harry Kane an Dele Alli are? Are you very passionate about Celtic Rob?
Editor Rob: Blake, not as much as years ago...I think Kane can pass for close to 6ft 2 and Alli I'm not so sure of.
Sascha said on 5/Jan/17
Dear, Rob you should create a page for Marcus Rashford!!!!
CNROM89 said on 3/Jan/17

What dou you think about Per Mertesacker and Fraser Forster? Who is taller?
Editor Rob: Forster I think is probably going to edge Per out, but I'm not sure he's a full 6ft 7 guy.
MDV said on 3/Jan/17
Rob, can you please add Sergio Ramos? He is in extraordinary shape and very discussed in the world for his goals in the last minutes of his matches ! Best defender at the moment in the world!
Nik said on 2/Jan/17
@Editor Rob

Yes I agree that the championship is virtually won for Celtic. I don't think that they will take their eye off the ball so they should be trying to get a record points total, and in making these attempts the championship would take care of its self. It will be interesting to see if Celtic can make it "10 in a row" in 4 years time. I certainly think it will be an exciting ride should they get really near to that record. On another note it will be interesting to see if Chelsea can win at Tottenham and equal the record Arsenal set, but that was over 2 seasons. Celtic and Chelsea could both be run away trains this season (Celtic already are) and it is fascinating that both could set new records for their countries by winning more successive league matches than anyone else ever has.
Editor Rob: Nik, I believe it will be hard - Rangers will improve and by year 9 I feel they will throw everything to stop the chance at 10.

From the outside looking in, the SPL can probably seem boring for 30 years with just Celtic/Rangers winning it, but hey, as a Celtic fan, a league win is still a beautiful thing 👍👍
anon said on 1/Jan/17
Rob, How Tall would you guess West Brom Goalkeeper Ben Foster?

Listed 6'4 looks shorter to me, maybe 6'2 range Id have guessed him not too sure on him though
Editor Rob: anon, 6ft 4 certainly seems too tall for big Ben, I'd have thought 6ft 3 at most.
Nik said on 31/Dec/16
@Editor Rob

Happy new year!

There are so many things for Celtic to go for in the new year Rob, the championship, a possible treble, record points total, unbeaten league season, and a 100% home record at the end of the season. I think you will get the championship (6 in a row would it be?) and maybe one or more of the other things as well.
Editor Rob: Nik, the treble would be great, we'll see, the championship is literally won now, would take a collapse of biblical proportions to throw it away.
Rory said on 28/Dec/16
Yh no way is Valbuena 5'6. I'd say 5'4 range.
John said on 28/Dec/16
How tall is Coutinho ? 171 cm ?
Nasir said on 27/Dec/16
no way Veratti is 167. He is 163-165
Johnson said on 25/Dec/16
Shaqiri could be 167 or 167.5. There is a bad picture with Ribery that fool us, anyway Ribery is a legit 171.5 cm guy. Insigne looks 163 cm tall, and Verrati 167-168. Samir Nasri is listed 175 and 178 I would say he is 176.5 cm
Pete 6'0,5 said on 24/Dec/16
Rob, how tall do you reckon the polish striker Robert Lewandowski is? He gets listed at 6' - 6'1.5". I'd pin him at 184. What is your guess?:)
Editor Rob: he is deceptively tall...I think in fact he's taller than he measures.
Pete said on 23/Dec/16
How tall would you say the Stoke City's Xherdan Shaqiri is? He's listed as 169cm, but doesn't seem that. I know he's quite squat but he appears more of a 166cm.

Also, what is your say on Lorenzo Insigne (listed as 163) and Mathieu Valbuena, who is listed as 168cm but seems to have the proportions of a guy of 164.

What's your say, Rob?
Editor Rob: Shaqiri looks a 5ft 5-5.5 range guy at times.

Valbuena looks under 5ft 6 too.
Johnson said on 22/Dec/16
David Silva looks 170 cm tall. Iniesta 171 (measured over that mark) and Mata 171.5 cm
Hamad said on 21/Dec/16
How tall is David Silva ?
jack20 said on 18/Dec/16
ROB, how tall does Luka Modric looks here?

Click Here
Editor Rob: he can look at most 5ft 7 I feel.
Johnson said on 18/Dec/16
I think Rob should add Luka Modric 171 cm, Isco 176 cm or Andrés Iniesta 171
Andrew said on 18/Dec/16
Rob, I still can't believe daniel sturridge is listed as 6'2 on Google
MDV said on 16/Dec/16
Hi Rob, could you please give me a Christmas present ? Can you add Sergio Ramos? Best defender in world and if Pique was added I think he deserves a page to; plus he is very active on social network and thus very popular; I think you will have tons of comments and guesses on his new page :)
Johnson said on 16/Dec/16
If you google Mata and Rooney, and: Mata Rooney Januzaj, you will see Mata is close to Rooney in height. Mata can be 171.5 if Rooney is 176 no less for Juan Mata.
SportsHeight said on 15/Dec/16
Rob, what do you think for Michael Ballack? Looks 6'1.5" to 6'2" for me.
Editor Rob: Sports, yes he always looked somewhere in that range, near 6ft 2.
spainmen191cm said on 15/Dec/16
I think 173 is too much for Carvajal
Leonardo 1.73m said on 13/Dec/16
Rob says Carvajal is 5'7 in the past. What do you think of these guys Rob?
Johnson said on 12/Dec/16
@Rob how tall is Scottish former footballer Andy Gray? 172? 180 cm?
Johnson said on 9/Dec/16
Lucas Vazquez can be 172.5 cm tall, similar to Carvajal honest 173 guy
Leonardo 1.73m said on 7/Dec/16
Lucas Vasquez?
Nightwish said on 5/Dec/16
I'd be very surprised if Holloway was as low as 5'6. Believe he's listed at 5'8 but looking at him with 5'6 Gary Johnson, Jamie Cureton (5'8 listing!!!), Charlie Adam etc I'd be very surprised if he came under 5'7. Of course, as is the case with football everyone else's height could be over exaggerated as is almost certainly the case with Cureton.
Johnson said on 4/Dec/16
Andre Gomes is 188 cm tall
SewellAnthony said on 3/Dec/16
Rob what height and weight would you Guess for Andre Gomes? Like 186cm and 81kg?
ho said on 2/Dec/16
how tall is Clint Dempsey? he's a US footballer. Is he 6'1 or 6'2?

also what about Fernando Torres
ho said on 2/Dec/16
i always thought average male height in Scandinavia was 181 while it was 184/185 in the Netherlands
Nik said on 2/Dec/16
Rob, how tall is QPR boss Ian Holloway ?

Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25)

Thanks for that. I wasn't sure it was Peter Crouch or not before you told me. It would be interesting to know who is the tallest player to have ever played in any of the British leagues if anyone knows.
Editor Rob: Nik, I get a short 5ft 6 feel from Holloway, but never paid much attention to him.
Johnny said on 2/Dec/16
@Rob how tall do you think Peter Shilton was at his peak?
Editor Rob: Johnny, I seen Shilton at one of those collectormania events a few years ago, he looked sub 6ft, but I think peak was around 6ft range.
mande2013 said on 2/Dec/16
If the average male height is 179/180 in most Scandinavian countries and straddling 6'0 in the Netherlands, then why do people make exaggerated claims, such as "5'9 in Holland is like 5'5 in the US". The average height for white non-hispanic American males is 5'10, and it's barely two inches more in The Netherlands, so a 5'9 guy there would be like a strong 5'7 white guy in the US, and a 5'9 guy in Scandinavia would be like a 5'8 white guy in the US, so really, not the end of the world.
Johnson said on 1/Dec/16
Some athletes are downlisted, as Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce, listed 5 feet 152 cm and she is 157. She also has an official listing of 160 cm but she is not that tall either
SportsHeight said on 1/Dec/16
Rob, what's your understanding of body fat percentages? There seems to be a lot of misinformation being dissipated, with celebrities often claiming extremely low BF percentages. What do you consider to be the male BF range for elite athletes vs. models vs. actors vs. Average Joes?
Editor Rob: SportsHeight, bodyfat percentages is an area I haven't thought of greatly, but typically your average bloke might be 15-20% and an athletic bloke 6-12% range.
Female models with 5-8% range would be very skinny, anorexic like.
189Night said on 30/Nov/16
@Polock I was referring to this picture here where they were stood side by side---Click Here
Height said on 30/Nov/16
Here's and interesting picture from Euro '92 from the Dutch team showing the differences in height. Besides Hans van Breukelen who is further in front, all the standing players are shoulder to shoulder and with a very similar stance.

Click Here

Ruud Gullit seems 9cm-10cm taller than Ronald Koeman, Koeman seems about 7cm shorter than Bergkamp, van Basten seems 2cm-3cm shorter than Bergkamp.
Height said on 30/Nov/16
Here's and interesting picture from Euro '92 from the Dutch team showing the differences in height. Besides Hans van Breukelen who is further in front, all the standing players are shoulder to shoulder and with a very similar stance.

Click Here

Ruud Gullit seems 9cm-10cm taller than Ronald Koeman, Koeman seems about 7cm shorter than Bergkamp, van Basten seems 2cm-3cm shorter than Bergkamp.
Height said on 30/Nov/16

I think van Persie is more in the 186 cm -187 cm range
Polock said on 30/Nov/16
@189Night - You said that Kouyate looks shorter than Lukaku when he's clearly taller. Lukaku is 190cm (191 isn't correct), Kouyate is 1 or 2cm taller than him.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 30/Nov/16
Nik said on 29/Nov/16
Rob, can you tell me who is the tallest ever British footballer please ?


I think it's Peter Crouch.
Nik said on 29/Nov/16
Rob, can you tell me who is the tallest ever British footballer please ?
Vibram said on 28/Nov/16
hm, The Dutch average of 184cm is exaggerated. Its more like 181-2cm. Jonny Heitinga played for Everton. I still think Kevin de Bruyne is 5'10 range not 5'11. Soon-to-be England manager Gareth Southgate was listed anything from 182cm to 186cm in his playing days. My Euro 2000 book seems to have it correct - 183cm (6ft0) for him. Alan Shearer is 179cm (5ft10.5) not 183cm he was always listed (other sources I have say 180cm). He's about 1 inch taller than 5ft9.5 Lineker.
hm said on 25/Nov/16
why are so many of the top Dutch stars far under the 184 average for the nation's height for men?

Sneijder is 170. Robben is 179/180. Van Persie is 185. I believe that centerback who played for Everton and Atletico was 180cm. forgot his name.
189Night said on 24/Nov/16
How tall would you say Kouyate is, he looks taller than 189 but in a picture with Lukaku 190-191 he looks smaller
Johnson said on 22/Nov/16
@Height there is a section here separately for Maradona you can comment
Height said on 21/Nov/16

Maradona is taller than most people give him credit for. 166 cm -167 cm, sometimes he even looked 168 cm but probably closer to 167 cm.
ly said on 21/Nov/16
Rob how tall do you think Rio Ferdinad is?
He can look 6ft4 with Ronaldo a lot.
Editor Rob: ly, Rio in the past claimed a modest 6ft 3...on the field at times he did seem taller though.
Johnson said on 19/Nov/16
@Height How tall do you think Maradona was as a footballer? I don't have any doubt that in medicals looking at his pics, that he was around 166.5
Height said on 15/Nov/16

Very similar in height as Barthez, I've always thought he is 180cm.
Johnson said on 10/Nov/16
How tall do you guys think is Christian Karembeu? He is listed 178 but I think he is no less than 180 cm. 180 or 181 I am not sure...
Height said on 9/Nov/16

Agree on Del Piero, I have always considered him a true 174 cm fella. In the Picture Del Piero looks about 3 cm taller than Davids.
Johnson said on 9/Nov/16
Deco is 176 cm. He was downlisted
Johnson said on 8/Nov/16
Davids and Del Piero 174

Click Here
Height said on 8/Nov/16
@Ronaldo, Bergkamp is the same or a little taller than Thierry Henry:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Cocu is taller than 182 Ronaldo:

Click Here

and much taller than 177 cm van Bronkhorst:

Click Here

van der sar has always been at least a clear 20 cm taller than 179.5 cm - 180 cm Frank de Boer:

Click Here

Overmars is right there at 174 cm, same as Zenden (who only appears to be 175 cm-176 cm because he is a little in front of Overmars). He is also shoulder to shoulder next to 177 cm - 178 cm Reiziger, but I think that he could be no more than 174 cm :

Click Here

van Nistelroij has always been closer to 190 cm than 188 cm, a little taller than Kluivert


It certainly is a possibility! Personally, I think Pires is more 186.5 cm, but 187 cm on the dot is pretty close also.

Davids is tricky, sometimes he can look a flat 170 cm, other times 171-172, he could be up to 171 cm in my opinion, 172 cm is perhaps too tall for him.

I think Zidane is up to 3 full cm shorter than Henry, but that can also be debatable in making Zidane a tad shorter since Henry I think is no taller than 187.5 cm

@Nik you are welcome!
Height said on 8/Nov/16
@Ronaldo, Bergkamp is the same or a little taller than Thierry Henry:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Cocu is taller than 182 Ronaldo:

Click Here

and much taller than 177 cm van Bronkhorst:

Click Here

van der sar has always been at least a clear 20 cm taller than 179.5 cm - 180 cm Frank de Boer:

Click Here

Overmars is right there at 174 cm, same as Zenden (who only appears to be 175 cm-176 cm because he is a little in front of Overmars). He is also shoulder to shoulder next to 177 cm - 178 cm Reiziger, but I think that he could be no more than 174 cm :

Click Here

van Nistelroij has always been closer to 190 cm than 188 cm, a little taller than Kluivert


It certainly is a possibility! Personally, I think Pires is more 186.5 cm, but 187 cm on the dot is pretty close also.

Davids is tricky, sometimes he can look a flat 170 cm, other times 171-172, he could be up to 171 cm in my opinion, 172 cm is perhaps too tall for him.

I think Zidane is up to 3 full cm shorter than Henry, but that can also be debatable in making Zidane a tad shorter since Henry I think is no taller than 187.5 cm
Toor said on 7/Nov/16
Hi Rob , how tall would you say Cesc Fabregas is?
Editor Rob: Toor, for some reason I always get a 5ft 9 impression from Cesc, but he seems like he would be taller than that.
6 foot 17 yrs still growing said on 7/Nov/16
Rob, any thoughts on James rodriguez?he is listed 5 ft 11 but looks a bit shorter than that
Editor Rob: not had much of a look at him in the last couple of years.
Johnson said on 6/Nov/16
@Height Edgar Davids is 171-172. And Pires is 187. Zidane is like 3.5 cm less than Thierry Henry
SewellAnthony said on 6/Nov/16
@rob, whats your Guess on David Luiz? He is listed at 189cm but in a Panini Sticker Album from when he played in the Portuguese League for Benfica(2007-2011) he is listed at 185cm
Thanks you
Editor Rob: the 189 isn't impossible Anthony. He never struck me as that tall, but when looking at him last time I thought he could look 6ft 2 range.
Nik said on 5/Nov/16

I had been wondering to myself about Edgar Davids' height in the last few days but I never got round to trying to find out, Many thanks on helping me out on that one even though you didn't put it on for that reason.
Ronaldo said on 5/Nov/16
Overmars 172 cm
Cocu 180 cm
Bergkamp 185 cm
Stam 188 cm
van Nistelrooy 188 cm
van der Sar 198 cm
Height said on 4/Nov/16
Some favorite classics of mine:

Gullit: 190 cm
van Basten: 186.5 cm
Pires: 186 cm
Henry: 187 cm- 187.5 cm
Zidane: 184.5 cm- 185 cm
Barthez: 180 cm
Vieira: 193 cm
Bergkamp: 187 cm - 187.5 cm
van Persie: 186.5 cm - 187 cm
van Nistelrooy: 189 cm
Overmars: 174 cm - 175 cm
Zenden: 174 cm
Cocu: 184 cm - 185 cm
van der Sar: 199 cm - 200 cm
Edgar Davids: 170 cm
SewellAnthony said on 3/Nov/16
@Rob I'm 17 and 185.4 and usually lift weights at the gym and in some periods i play soccer.I grew 1cm since last year.Do you think i will reach 186? Ronaldo at my age was listed at 184 and now he is 185
Thanks you
Editor Rob: at 17 there's still potential...up till 20-21 a proportion still gain height. The fact you are playing soccer is good, that might help a little with boosting growth hormone production compared to a 17 year old who barely did any exercise.
Nik said on 2/Nov/16
Rob, how tall is West Brom Manager Tony Pulis ?
Editor Rob: honestly I had little idea about this guy, but from a quick glance I'd say he could be less than average, maybe 5ft 8 range.
Johnson said on 2/Nov/16
@Heightcurious Ibra has a page on this site @Rob I think you should add Marcus Rashford. His brother told me he was 185 cm
MDV said on 2/Nov/16
Any listing you can argue + or - 1 cm but that is the range
Zlatan Ibrahimovic - 194
-Robin van Persie - 186
-Thomas Muller - 185
-Wesley Sneijder - 170
matt said on 1/Nov/16
19 yr old striker Marcus Rashford listed as 5'11 he must be taller than that tho likely still growing he might be 6'1 at a guess?
HeightCurious said on 1/Nov/16
Rob, could you have a guess about the height of those players ? I have serious doubt about them:

-Zlatan Ibrahimovic - very "large" range: 192 to 195
-Robin van Persie - even worst range: 183 to 188
-Thomas Muller - 185 to 188
-Wesley Sneijder - 170 is too much to him I think

What do you think? Thanks in advance.
MDV said on 1/Nov/16
Yes, but remove Puyol hair and Senna is taller. Puyol is close to 5 ft 9@Johnson
Johnson said on 1/Nov/16
@MDV Senna is honest about his height look at these pics
Senna and Ramos 183

Click Here

Senna and Fernando Torres

Click Here
Sully said on 31/Oct/16
Hi Rob , how tall do you think Isco from Real Madrid is .He is listed at 176 cm , but looks more around 174 cm .What do you think?
Editor Rob: might be in 174-5 zone
MDV said on 28/Oct/16
Marcos Senna is not even 5 ft 9 @Johnson
Nik said on 27/Oct/16
How tall is former England Manager Roy Hodgson ?
Editor Rob: he could have been 5ft 10 range, but his posture as he has gotten older is poor.
Johnson said on 27/Oct/16
Marcos Senna claims 176 and he is shorter than Puyol.
Johnson said on 27/Oct/16
@Vibram I would say De Bruyne is 181 and Iheanacho 182. Aguero 173. @spainmen191cm connect to "foro" :)
MDV said on 26/Oct/16
I agree with you spainmen191cm. The more I look at him the more 5 ft9 is possible!! @Johnsons and his 5 ft 10 loooool
Leonardo 1.73m said on 26/Oct/16
Puyol for me looks more 5 ft 9 than 5 ft 10
Editor Rob: yeah I wouldn't have guessed Puyol as a solid 5ft 10 guy, always seemed to appear taller than he really is with his on-field presence and displays.
spainmen191cm said on 25/Oct/16
Puyol is no more than 176cm in my opinion , even 5ft9 is possible
Vibram said on 25/Oct/16
Kevin De Bruyne listed 5'11/180cm. Seems too high if Aguero is 172/3cm. I think De Bruyne is 5'10 flat.
MDV said on 24/Oct/16
I personally don't think that Puyol is a 5 ft 10 because he always look shorter by more than an inch of 5 ft 11 players like Beckham and Ronaldinho.
Here he is with Messi....What do you guys think about Puyol? Sometimes look even 176 cm like with Messi here

Click Here
MDV said on 24/Oct/16
I personally don't think that Puyol is a 5 ft 10 because he always look shorter by more than an inch of 5 ft 11 players like Beckham and Ronaldinho.
Here he is with Messi....What do you guys think about Puyol? Sometimes look even 176 cm like with Messi here

Click Here
Johnson said on 23/Oct/16
@MDV look at the pics of Spain squad for 2008 Euro and 2010 World Cup. Puyol and Ramos standing together and Ramos is not taller than 5 cm than Puyol
MDV said on 22/Oct/16
Puyol is not 5 ft 10 otherwise Ramos would be 6 ft 0.5 inc...
for me even 5 ft 9.5 in is generous looking at him with Beckham(180 cm) and Ronaldo Luis...
Look how Ramos has 2.5 inc over him in the same footwear and posture...And many people here on this site belive that Ramos is even a full 6' but a little shorter!!

Click Here
MDV said on 22/Oct/16
Puyol is not 5 ft 10 otherwise Ramos would be 6 ft 0.5 inc...
for me even 5 ft 9.5 in is generous looking at him with Beckham(180 cm) and Ronaldo Luis...
Look how Ramos has 2.5 inc over him in the same footwear and posture...And many people here on this site belive that Ramos is even a full 6' but a little shorter!!

Click Here
spainmen191cm said on 22/Oct/16
Rob please could you give Iker Casillas a page
Johnson said on 22/Oct/16
@MDV Ronaldinho is very similar to Guardiola. Puyol is 178 I think they all deserve a webpage like Casillas. Like Guardiola the manager.
James said on 21/Oct/16
Hey Rob, could you add a page for french footballer Mathieu Valbuena? I know that he's not really a star but his height has been a hot topic lately. There's many pictures which suggest his 5'6" listing is wrong. I could help you with pictures for comparison, because I know you hardly got time to research that many footballers nowadays.
CNROM89 said on 21/Oct/16

What dou you think about Fernando Llorente? How tall is he?
Editor Rob: he can look a guy near 6ft 4
MDV said on 21/Oct/16
some players that need a Robbi Paul page here:
Buffon: 191 cm (6 ft 3 inc);
Totti: 180 cm (5 ft 10.75 inc);
Del Piero: 173 cm (5 ft 8 inc);
Cannavaro 176 cm (5 ft 9.25 inc);
Ronaldo Luis: 182 cm( 5 ft 11.5 inc);
Puyol: 177 cm (5 ft 9.5 inc);
Ronaldinho: 179 cm (5 ft 10.5 inc);
Guardiola: 181 cm (5 ft 11.25 inc);
kaka:186 cm (6 ft 1.25 inc);
Ancelotti: 180 cm (5 ft 11 inc)(peak)- not sure if today he lost half inc;
spainmen191cm said on 20/Oct/16
Rob, if you make a page for Mario Gomez which height would you give him? 6ft2-2.5?
Editor Rob: either figure I could argue.
CNROM89 said on 20/Oct/16
Rob, what dou you think about Michael Carrick?
Editor Rob: would have said he could look a bit more than 6ft 2 at times, like 189 range anyway.
Blake said on 20/Oct/16
How tall is Gordon Strachan? He dosent seem to like shorter players!
Editor Rob: claims 5ft 6, probably a little under it.
DruceLee said on 20/Oct/16
is Walcott 176cm? What do you think?
Editor Rob: seems a bit less than this.
Cvgo95 said on 19/Oct/16
Aguero's height? 172 maybe?
ADMMON said on 19/Oct/16
Rob , please give me your final guess of these players
Isco , Griezmann ,Gotze , Ozil , casillas

Thank u so much
Editor Rob: I think a case for Griezmann under 5ft 9, Ozil over 5ft 9, Gotze maybe weak 5ft 8, casilass under 6ft, possibly between 5ft 11-6ft, anywhere amongst that range could be argued.
Johnson said on 19/Oct/16
@Leonardo Juventus update new data of cm and kg for the new season. So it is trusty for medicals... Higuain 184 cm and 92 kg
CNROM89 said on 18/Oct/16
@Leonardo 1.73m

I think 6'2.25 good for Mario Gomez.
MDV said on 18/Oct/16
Khedira is 189 cm tall and Mandzukic is 190 ( he is shorter than Buffon that is 191)
Leonardo 1.73m said on 18/Oct/16
Omaiga! Mario Mandzukic looks like 6'3 in this video with over 6'2 Khedira Click Here

And yes! Khedira is a strong 6'2 in the worst, here a good photo with 6'2.5 Mario Gomez Click Here

I don't understand his listed of 187cm but now he is listed 190cm
Johnson said on 15/Oct/16
Griezmann has been listed 175 cm in Atletico de Madrid last 2 seasons (Atletico update data every season since the last 3 ones). But he was listed in Real Sociedad 176 cm. He is very slightly shorter than Koke (solid 176). So everybody could bet some of our money that he reaches 175 cm mark on medicals
Editor Rob: he is another that is worth giving a page to.
Rob said on 13/Oct/16
How tall do you think Griezzman is? Surprised no page for him
Editor Rob: think I'd need to have another look at him first.
Ally182 said on 11/Oct/16
what do yoy guys think about Hulk? He looks 176 cm with Neymar and also looks about 3-4 cm shorter than Oscar
Rory said on 10/Oct/16
Yh I think Higuain is a good 6fter.
MDV said on 10/Oct/16
@ Johnson.
I agree with you.For me he is a genuine 6'...He looked a little shorter than Ronaldo but only 1-2cm
Johnson said on 9/Oct/16
Higuain is clearly 184 cm tall just looking very good pics like these

Click Here

Here a very young Higuain not standing as good as Ramos

Click Here
MDV said on 7/Oct/16
Rob, what do you think about Higuain?
You said that he looks 5ft 11 but on Juventus site he is listed 184 cm and 91 kg ( 201 pounds) which seems a big weight for only a 5 ft 11 man....I don't think that they overlisted his weigth...
Editor Rob: yes he can look as low as that...but he may not necessarily be that low, he could be higher.
Johnson said on 5/Oct/16
Sorry in my last message I meant Iniesta was measured live over 171
Johnson said on 4/Oct/16
I request Iniesta and Puyol. If Puyol was measured live over 171 cm. Puyol (178 cm listed) can't be less than 177.5 cm

Look at this pic

Click Here
wal said on 1/Oct/16
@Rory what about girondins de bordeaux player Jaroslav Plasil who is listed either 182 and 183 cms ?
Luca said on 30/Sep/16
Rob,what are your thoughts about Mario Mandzukic morning-night height range?
Editor Rob: probably a decent enough 6ft 3, at least he looks that a fair amount. Morning might be above 192 and 190-191 afternoon
rob said on 28/Sep/16
thoughts on griezmann?
Editor Rob: he looks less than average height.
Rory said on 24/Sep/16
@Wal...Yh I think your guesses for all those players looks accurate.
Johnson said on 23/Sep/16
I wish Rob add international English player Alex Oxlade Chamberlain who plays for Arsenal FC. He will go down in history as a 5'11 player...
wal said on 22/Sep/16
@Rob , what do u think about thiago silva , Kurzawa and cavani of PSG and Daley Blind of Man United ??
for me i think Silva 182/183 Kurzawa : 181/182 Cavani : 184/185 Blind 180cms
CNROM89 said on 21/Sep/16
Rob, how tall dou you think about Edin Dzeko? 6'3,5 or full 6'4?
Editor Rob: either figure could work for him.
ed said on 20/Sep/16
Guardiola is 180cm-181cm max! Same as Luis Enrique or maybe there's a fraction between them
Johnson said on 20/Sep/16
@James Pato's image is bad angle and Pato is now listed at 180. I say Ronaldinho is 181 if you want 180.5 evening. Guardiola was listed 183 last year in Bayern's official web in German you can research in wayback machine plus it was listed his shoe size. Also Guardiola was listed 183 in the net in Barcelona through waybackmachine when he was a player around 1999
James said on 18/Sep/16
Rob, I think Valbuena should get a page here because he's an embarassment to Big G who's indeed 5'6"! Have a good day
James said on 18/Sep/16
@Johnson Ronaldinho is 182 cm? Then why is he shorter than 179 cm Alexandre Pato and weak 5' 11" Beckham? Guardiola has always been listed everywhere (even at Bayern Munich page) as 180 cm. Do you have any reference to prove that Guardiola was listed as 183 cm?
Johnson said on 14/Sep/16
@Slh some heights are from junior teams 15-16 years old and they don't update. Ronaldinho is similar to Guardiola who was listed 183 cm in Bayern but I think he is 182 cm
Slh said on 13/Sep/16
No way Ronaldinho is 181-182cm ( 5ft11-11,5in)
He was listed at 5ft10 ( 178 cm) back then during 2001 when he was in Gremio. He was already 21 years old so I don't think he has grown.
Blake said on 13/Sep/16
How tall do you think Dembele is? The one that scored a hatrick for Celtic
Editor Rob: he looks close to 6ft, you can see him near Griffiths and Patrick Roberts, guys who are close to 5ft 8 and at most 5ft 6
SewellAnthony said on 10/Sep/16
@Rob what do you think about the European Champion with Portugal, and now Barcelona player Andr§ Gomes? He is listed at 188 cm
Editor Rob: wouldn't bet on 188cm, seems a bit less
James said on 7/Sep/16
I think Iker Casillas and Mathieu Valbuena should get a page, Rob.
Jakob said on 5/Sep/16
Giroud I think looks a strong 6ft 3. Some of the photos with Pogba are oddly distorting. I'm not sure he is his listed 192 but he must be close
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Sep/16
188cm is too low for Wenger. He looked about the same as Prince William. 189-190cm range is closer for him. Maybe 6ft3 peak?
James said on 4/Sep/16
Benzema is 182 cm, he is shorter than Bale by far.
James said on 3/Sep/16
Henry is almost confirmed to be around 187, Wenger looks 1cm taller in most pics, and Giroud is around an inch taller than Wenger. Giroud looks around 190 range, certainly not taller than Pogba.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Sep/16
I've be extremely surprised if Giroud is under 6'3. On the pitch he can really look around 6 ft 4. Look at him with Arsene Wenger. Now look at Wenger with Prince William. See what I mean?
spainmen191cm said on 1/Sep/16
Rob, how tall do you think is Oliver Giroud? He is listed at 192cm but I think he can look shorter than Pogba who himself has claimed to be 191cm tall
Editor Rob: 6ft 3 is very possible, but I can see how he can look taller than that too.
Luca said on 1/Sep/16
Rob,could you add balotelli?
John said on 31/Aug/16
Click Here
Isco 176cm and Luka Modric
Another picture, next to each other
Click Here
Luka Modric is likely 170-171cm tops, nowhere close to 5'9" range (or 175cm)
jessman said on 31/Aug/16
Lukaku looks more like a strong 6'2 (189cm) to me. In team photos with Belgium football team he is considerably shorter than Courtois, Van Buyten, and Fellaini. Benteke looks a decent 6'3.
Anon123 said on 30/Aug/16

What's your guess for Olivier Giroud ?
Editor Rob: 6ft 3 range rather than 4.
Arch Stanton said on 30/Aug/16
I'd be extremely surprised if Giroud was just 189. He looks a huge guy on the pitch, both tall and broad. Wenger doesn't look shorter than Prince William who is around 190 and Giroud is definitely bigger than Wenger.
189 Night said on 29/Aug/16
Rob, what would you say for Benteke & Lukaku both listed at 190-191, but they look different heights when standing together I say 190-191 for Lukaku and 192 for Benteke.
Editor Rob: Lukaku said he was 6ft 4, he can look 6ft 3-4 zone.
Johnson said on 29/Aug/16
How tall is Samuel Umtiti the French defender of Barcelona? He is listed 181 cm tall but I think he is around 183 cm
Firdaus said on 29/Aug/16
Mourinho looks closer to 177 cm than 174 cm
Firdaus said on 29/Aug/16
175cm looks too high for Griezmann, 171-172 looks more like his range
Rodrigo said on 29/Aug/16
What do you think the height of mario mandzukic is because everywhere i look it says 187 189 or 190cm
qwyx said on 28/Aug/16

what's your guess for Modric? He islisted anywhere from 5'6 to 5'9
Editor Rob: 5ft 8 or 9 looks too much, 5ft 6 or 7 looks more realistic.
Johnson said on 28/Aug/16
@qwyx Atletico lists Griezmanm at 1.75 m. Perhaps there are some listings of 176 because he was measured 175.5 in some occasion. He is 175 cm tall. I don't believe they fake the medicaks, he is close to Koke 176 cm
Firdaus said on 28/Aug/16
Hey Rob, how tall do you think Wayne Rooney is ? Listed 176 cm everywhere
Editor Rob: he's on Here at 5ft 9 on the nose.
qwyx said on 27/Aug/16

is Griezmann worth adding? listed at 176
you said he looks 5'7.5
how tall does he look with CR?

Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: will need to think on him.
morris said on 27/Aug/16
what is your opinion about higuain; i think he is 1.83cm
Johnson said on 25/Aug/16
@Arch Stanton Giroud is not that tall. He stands with Varane or Pogba in Clairefontain with the French team. Giroud is 189-190
Arch Stanton said on 24/Aug/16
With Wenger who I think has got to be in 6'2.5-6'3 range Click Here Giroud looks close to 6'4 IMO.
Arch Stanton said on 24/Aug/16
Rob what would you guess for Giroud? I'm seeing 6'2 range and 6'3 estimates here which I find way too low. I caught him during Euro 2016 and he really stood out among the others as a big, solid built guy, I wouldn't want to have to defend against him! I'd be surprised if he was under 6'3.5. I mwan look at him with Wenger who at worst I think could be 6'2.5. Click Here

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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