How tall is Steven Yeun

Steven Yeun's Height

5ft 8in (173 cm)

American actor best known for playing Glenn on tv show The Walking Dead. His agency list his height as 5ft 9 and his weight as 150 pounds.
There’s definitely a stigma attached to being Asian-American. I remember growing up and getting picked last all the time. Back in college, most of my friends were basketball players, 6-foot-5 or taller, and I’m here, 5-foot-9 on a great day.

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Average Guess (19 Votes)
5ft 8.09in (173cm)
Shredder said on 8/Jun/17
I honestly had no issue with his 5'7.75 listing , Then I met him and was like " No Way !
Jacob said on 7/Jun/17
I don't think I ever saw him as a short guy rob he's like you below average but not noticeably but if you compare him with that 5'5 maybe 5'5.5 actress he is clearly taller
Shredder said on 26/May/17
Whatever he measures barefoot , He is looking 5'8 to 5'9 in person.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 23/May/17
Shredder said on 26/Apr/17
Rob , is it possible that he is a 5'7 lift wearer?
Editor Rob: I think he once wore normal shoes and no socks, you could see his ankles...and he still seemed to manage looking 5ft 8, so I would think it might be unlikely.


Rob, have you ever personally met a celeb whom you suspected to wear lifts?
Editor Rob: small lifts are extremely hard to tell...half inch is really undetectable, but when it gets to 1 inch, the lace area can be a giveaway...

of course a guy like James Kyson Lee is in standard elevator boots...on stage his ankle was 2 inches higher than it would be in a normal shoe, also I tried to find a photo (but couldn't) of TJThynes footwear, as he had a bulging shoe, I'd suspect an inch lift.

Some actors have worn cowboy heels, but they are external and visible boosts...

if you are concerned about image, like your height, you may well turn up at a photoshoot with fans wearing some lifts, but the percentage who do I'd say was very small...
Shredder said on 28/Apr/17
Rob , if you thought he was always 5'8 than why you use to list him at 5'7.75?
Editor Rob: well I seen more of him and he looked more 5ft 8 than under it.
Shredder said on 26/Apr/17
Rob , is it possible that he is a 5'7 lift wearer?
Editor Rob: I think he once wore normal shoes and no socks, you could see his ankles...and he still seemed to manage looking 5ft 8, so I would think it might be unlikely.
Shredder said on 14/Apr/17
Rob , what if he happens to look shorter than you in a pic , yet you thought he was your height or taller
Editor Rob: Shredder, I would list somebody what I feel they look, sometimes they might end up taller or shorter in a photo.
Shredder said on 5/Apr/17
Rob , If you meet him in late July , should the pic be up by August or later?
Editor Rob: hopefully I will be able to store them properly and get them up, I will make sure that one - assuming he turns up of course - is a priority!
Revisionist said on 3/Apr/17
Classic solid 5'8 guy, never looked really short and not giving up much to average height guys like Reedus.
Shredder said on 2/Apr/17
Rob , how big are these boots he has on and does it look like lifts? He could wear this type to your Con.

Click Here
Editor Rob: I don't know if they would have lifts. With any boot, it can be easy enough having a small lift without people being able to tell. When you try to put over 1 inch, then suddenly you need to adjust the laces section as your foot gets pushed up.

When it gets to 1-1.5 inch of lifts you can tell something is a bit iffy.

the boot he has could be anywhere from 1.1-1.4, without knowing the insole thickness!
Shredder said on 30/Mar/17
Yeah they are insane , which is a big reason why I really don't get into theses Cons. Anyways hopefully you get him , I'd love to see your take on this , we do have similar estimates on the same celebs we've met. Even If I'm wrong I'd still love to see what he truly looks next to you and your thoughts.
Editor Rob: well fingers crossed, I half expect him to wear a hat.
Shredder said on 29/Mar/17
Guess what Rob , He is coming near you in July! I really hope you get him so you can give him his fate on this site once and for all.
Editor Rob: I don't think he's done an event in England, so hopefully he will turn up! The cost of meeting these people is ridiculous though, I'm having to drop some names because of price...
Shredder said on 28/Mar/17
5'8 with at least 0.5 more footwear would make Me think 5'8.5. He isn't under 5'8 unless he wears lifts. In person he looks over 5ft 8
S.J.H said on 27/Mar/17
Click Here No obligation to Master Yuen, but Seacrest might be 5'7 next to Kobe Bryant. Seacrest tall hair give illusion being 5'8
Shredder said on 17/Mar/17
Well , he's taller than Ryan Seacrest.

Click Here

He looks 5'8 minimum
MrFish said on 16/Mar/17
Rob, at 5ft 8 5/8ths at my absolute lowest (waking at 5ft 9.5in) do you think I'd be noticeably taller than him?
Editor Rob: I wouldn't say noticeably, unless both had same posture and flat hair...even then a half inch or so wouldn't be that much.
Shredder said on 14/Mar/17
Rob , why does he look only 5'7 ish here?

Click Here
Editor Rob: looks like a little bit of tilt and some perspective distortion, which favours Norman's side.
Shredder said on 9/Mar/17
If he had nearly 1.5 footwear when I met him , than I have to agree that 5'8.25 is the very tallest he could be and 5'8 flat most likely. I knew he was pulling a trick to look 5'8.5.
Editor Rob: Shredder, remember some boots can be deceptively boots can give nearly 1.5 inches.
Shredder said on 4/Mar/17
How much are those boots? That is the footwear he had on when I met him. Maybe I thought they were lower than they really are?
Editor Rob: a boot like that could give anywhere from 1.2 up to nearly 1.5, really depends on how thick the insole is.
Shredder said on 4/Mar/17
Rob , do you agree that he is pulling off 5'8.5 in these photos?

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob: the latter one yes, the first one with david/tyler/kit, around 5ft 8 range, he's got a decent boot on there.
The shredder said on 21/Feb/17
Reedus isn't just 5'9 , but he's not a legit 5'10 , more 5'9.5 , 5'9.75
The shredder said on 21/Feb/17
S.J.H , 5 '8 flat is fine , but I thought he looked minimum that in person and closer to 5'8.5. I have no agenda , this is what he looks face to face. I thought he was 5'7.5 before meeting him.
S.J.H said on 17/Feb/17
Click Here from head to head does look like he is 5'8 with 5'6 lauren cohan but 5'8.25 i stand on the line with rob for the impossible

Click Here overall i see , he doesn't look taller than rob but maybe same height 5'8-5'8.1

Click Here norman reedus whom i suspect just 5'9 here steven yuen look at most an inch shorter

Click Here 5'8 maybe a shout than 5'9

Click Here 5'8 is fine
Shredder said on 17/Feb/17
Rob , would you be shocked if he's shorter than you?
Editor Rob: from all I've seen now, I think about 173cm is very probably...
Shredder said on 2/Feb/17
I'm 5'6 even , the guy in the photo with me at his low is 5'7.25 , we even matched it with Rob and G. Steven in person looks about an inch taller than the 5'7.25 guy with me.

Click Here
Shredder said on 31/Jan/17
Steven is clearly losing height there. Even Mamun told me that. He isn't under 5'8 in person.
S.J.H said on 30/Jan/17
Click Here

5'8 mamun with 5'8 steven yuen. Honestly mamun had told me his footwear wasn't more than steven. No obligation but 5'8.25 is impossible. if he is lucky to hit 5'8 i don't know. Or maybe mamun was 5'8.5 maybe he downplay it :)
Shredder said on 28/Jan/17
5'8.25 is most likely spot on. I think he'd look it with you.
Shredder said on 25/Jan/17
Well rule out the full 5'9 lol , He is basically saying he is 5'8 and change and my 5'9 uncle did have a little edge over him , but no way is he 5'7.5 . I know a guy that is a legit 5'7.25 (Measurement) and Steven in person looks about an inch taller. I still stand by 5'8 to 5'8.5 with him.
Editor Rob: he could pass for a solid 173, at least he gave a reasonably believable claim, admitting to under 5ft 9.
S.J.H said on 25/Jan/17
Just saying. He don't look over 171cm here but with footwear def over

Click Here
Shredder said on 25/Jan/17
Rob , I found his claim. " 5 feet 9 on a great day "

Click Here
Editor Rob: great shredder, I'll put that big quote at the top.
Shredder said on 20/Jan/17
Rob , if you met him and saw close to 5'9 , what would you give him?
Editor Rob: Shredder, I'd simply give what he really could look up close, but it becomes trickier when people wear caps, like he seems to do a lot.

Can never understand actors wearing hats in photoshoots, where fans are paying money. Look your best for god's sake! 😆 These are fans willing to pay ridiculous sums of money for a photo with you...make the effort please ☠️
Shredder said on 18/Jan/17
Well I had to bail out of Comic con this time , I hope Rob gets him and gives his honest thought
Shredder said on 13/Jan/17
I'd say face to face twice that 5'8.25 is more likely than 5'7.75 or even 5'8.
Puma said on 8/Jan/17
Is Yeun strong 173, Rob?
Editor Rob: Puma, he can pull it off for sure...whether he measures 173.5cm, I'm not as sure.
Shredder said on 7/Jan/17
MrFish , I wouldn't but it is the max. Or better yet 5'8.25 might be spot on. He isn't under a flat 5'8 , I met him twice.
MrFish said on 6/Jan/17
Rob, would you discount 174?
Editor Rob: I wouldn't rule out 8.25, but I wouldn't really go to 174.
Shredder said on 29/Dec/16
Rob , what do you honestly think he looks here? You met her ad thought 5'6.

Click Here
Editor Rob: Shredder I'd have thought 2 inches.
Shredder said on 2/Dec/16
Guess what Rob , I get to met him again , 3rd time might be the charm and I'll get a pic ;)!
Editor Rob: Shredder, that would be interesting, it's not cheap for a photo....but I think it is likely he will stand good.
Shredder said on 1/Dec/16
Exactly Andrea , He looked 5'7 range at the begging of the show. I really was thinking he'd look under 5'8 in person , but He shockingly looked more 5'8.5 , 5'9. I wouldn't be saying it if I didn't see that .
Shredder said on 18/Nov/16
Rob , what is the minimum you give him?
Editor Rob: Shredder, I think the odds are probably 80/20 he could measure a bit over 5ft 8 on the nose than under it...although I wouldn't say a big fraction.

He seems a height-aware guy at times.
Shredder said on 15/Nov/16
I don't think I would mistake a 5'7.5 max guy as almost 5'9" ! The first time I saw him , didn't see his footwear but he was walking around his booth and His hair was like it looked in the pic above. I thought he looked nothing but around 5'9.

The second time was much better. I actually stood by him , as he had a flat baseball cap on ( no height added) saw his footwear , talked to him face to face for a min and saw how he looked next to I guy I know is 5'9. I though at best he was just edged out by him and thought 5'8.5 was closer this time around , but maybe If I was to go lower I still would have thought 5 '8 and change.

Also he's shoe did look pretty normal and he really isn't much shorter than Reedus when you see meet them both. So unless he wears lifts in his shoes , not a chance of 5'7.5 or under 5'8
S.J.H said on 15/Nov/16
@Shredder said on 15/Nov/16

I do have a friend who measure right infront my sight at 172.7cm 5'8 on scale stadiometre and 172.5cm measuring tape an afternoon height 2-3pm and my group of friends we always thought he was near 5'9 like 174ish and we surprise him being only flat 5'8 and in this case steve yuen could be anywhere 171.5-172.7cm and he really didn't look over 173cm if get measure but i wouldn't rule under 5'7.5 and you never know a person real height unless you measure them. It's beem a fact thought..
Shredder said on 15/Nov/16
I thought he was 5'7 and change until I met him.
S.J.H said on 14/Nov/16
Let him be 5'8 then. Up to 5'8.5 is crazy

Click Here
Shredder said on 13/Nov/16
This is what you guys would see in person.

Click Here
Shredder said on 13/Nov/16
Exactly , 5'8 minimum up to 5'8.5 is what he is. In person at least.
Johan said on 13/Nov/16
Shower scene in TWD with 5'7" listed Laren Cohan he looked no less than an inch taller.

My money is on 5'8" -5'8.5". No way is he under 5'8".
Shredder said on 11/Nov/16
Actually Mamun said that he looked slightly taller than him and said he is losing posture in his pic. I also saw him with People's height that I know of , He looks taller to me than 5'7.5 , 5'8 guys I know. Not a chance of under 5 ft 8 flat , unless he is ticking me with his shoes.
S.J.H said on 11/Nov/16
@Shredder said on 11/Nov/16

I saw on facebook Steve Yuen only look at best 5'7.5 with 5'8 mamun. Literally said is 171.5cm thats how he look and mamun have flat shoes. Really at best 172cm for yuen and you must have fool by his hair or more insole heels than you and 172cm having advantage shoe can easily look 5'8 or more you should know that
Shredder said on 8/Nov/16
Tell tell you guy this much , he could be just 5 ft 8 but he isn't less than that. Not from what I saw.
Shredder said on 4/Nov/16
MD , I met the man twice , TWICE and next to people of heights that I know , He is minimum a solid 5 ft 8 guy. 5'8.5 is very possible , he isn't the full 5'9 , but 5'8.5 might be spot on . The under 5'8 " stuff is garbage.
MD said on 4/Nov/16
He is noticeably shorter than Reedus, and it's definitely more than an inch. More to the point, here he is with an (overlisted) 5'8.5" Chris Hardwick (and a 6'3" Austin Nichols far right):

Click Here

He's the current listing at the very most; its the max he could be.
Shredder said on 2/Nov/16
Go meet him , your under 5 '8 fantasy will melt. He is somewhere between 5'8 an 5'9.
S.J.H said on 2/Nov/16
He never was 5'9 5'8. Close to 5'7.5 at best
Shredder said on 29/Oct/16
I met him twice , I wouldn't give him a full 5 '9 , but believe me , he is over 5 ft 8.
TheBigR said on 25/Oct/16
@Rob Steven Yeun looks almost 2 inch taller than Kit Harington and 1 inch smaller than Reedus. I think he is more a 5'8.5-5'9 than a 5'7.5-5'8
the shredder said on 2/Sep/16
I hope you get him and Rooker , we would know what they'd look with you and your estimates.
Shredder said on 21/Aug/16
Rob , you think you can meet him? I stand by him not being below 5'8 and a little over is very possible.
Editor Rob: chance is very low I'd say.
Shredder said on 15/Jun/16
After meeting him and seeing him up close this time and noticing his shoes , I can say that an Uncle of mine who clocks in at around 5'9 did have a little edge on him. I thought this time he was 5'8.5 at the very most but a legit minimum 5'8. I would give him a solid 5 ft 8 , 5'8.25 is my final guess.
Editor Rob: he may well be a solid 5ft 8 range, I think he could be a guy in photos who has much better posture than say a guy like Lincoln does, so the gap doesn't look as much at times.
datguy said on 27/Mar/16
do you think he wears lifts rob? he manages to appear 5'9 range a lot
Editor Rob: I think at times he just is standing at his best posture. He's also a guy who doesn't exactly have a flat hairstyle, so has volume to add to it.
datguy said on 25/Mar/16
Andrea the reason yeun looked 5'7 in the beginning of the walking dead was because he was wearing red converse and andrew lincoln was wearing cowboy boots which essentially put steven yeun at an inch disadvantage.
datguy said on 16/Mar/16
130 is believable i pretty much have the same build as him and I'm 130 lbs. what would you say his weight is rob?
Editor Rob: 150-60 range maybe
looked 5 9 next to adam sandler said on 21/Feb/16
no way he is 130 id say 150
Dame said on 2/Feb/16
5 foot 8
Daz said on 3/Jan/16
Steven is a legit 5'8". Met him at Walker Stalker Con San Francisco and he was an inch taller than me and I am 5'7".
The shredder said on 10/Dec/15
I get to meet him in a few weeks , i'll take a pic and get a better estimate.
cam said on 2/Nov/15
saw him in la last year and im 5'9 (on a generous day) and i agree that he is closer to 5'7. maybe 5'8 on a very generous day
the shredder said on 15/Oct/15
He sure did pass for 5 ft 9 to me , very minimum he appeared was 5'8.5 , I did not see his waist down though but he was standing.
Ken said on 10/Oct/15
Here he is with hulk hogan who is 6'3. Can't see footwear but I think Yeun can pass as 5'9 or 5'8.5
The shredder said on 6/Jul/15
He looks strong 5'8 there , I thought he was 5'7 range but in person he looks no shorter than 5'8.5 , 5'9
word1234 said on 23/Jun/15
Click Here

Looks somewhere in the 5'7 range. I think 5'8 is pushing it.
the shredder said on 8/Mar/15
5 9 is what I saw , but could not see his shoes
Josh said on 5/Mar/15
Maybe 5'8.5-.75. He's definitely close to 5'9. Saw him on Conan O'Brien when they went to a spa together and he looked like a weak 5'9.
174cm? said on 13/Feb/15
Hm, this one is a bit tricky, he can look 5'9" at times, on recent Conan sketch, both (probably) bare feet at a korean spa, he wasn't necessarily "dwarfed" by Conan O'Brien. Have you considered that he might be a possible 174 cm? 5'8.5" ??
[Editor Rob: that's what big Shredder thought he could look in person, I am hoping he comes to the UK so I could get him.]
Adamz said on 15/Dec/14
Wtd he was 172cm here b4??
the shredder said on 12/Nov/14
I did not see his footwear to be fair , but believe me I saw 5 '9 and this was not a case where I took a under 5'8 guy as 5 '9 , I really saw him at 5 '9 as he looked taller next to me than Rooker did and was closer to Reedus.
Andrea said on 12/Nov/14
I doubt he found the time to do that with all those zombies around... Anyway, yeah, you should meet him and then maybe change him... I guess he'll keep his 5'8 listing, for now, and be in the same boat of guys like Glenn or Giancarlo Esposito, waiting for their destiny :)
[Editor Rob: I don't know how many more WD names the organiser will get. Remember I mentioned they didn't want to pay Rooker (who was in London at the time and came along as an attendee) the fee, I won't get my hopes up for many others!]
Andrea said on 12/Nov/14
With Vincent, it's not a surprise at all... I said he wasn't a big 6'4 guy but you obviously didn't listen to me xD Steven, i repeat, he can look easily 5'8 (or a bit over) but the fact he used to look barely over 5'7 at times, at the beginning of TWD, puts a red flag next to his listing... I doubt he's grown, so i think he could really have helped himself in a way, if you know what i mean...
[Editor Rob: maybe he done grow taller stretches...]
Andrea said on 11/Nov/14
Well, next to a guy like Jon Bernthal, he can really look not over 5'7.5 but then i do agree he can look at least 5'8 other times... I mean, i wouldn't be surprised at all if he measured more 5'7-5'7.5 barefoot!!!
[Editor Rob: shame a few of these guys like Steven never done a uk one, it would be interesting to see what he really looked up close, sometimes you can get a surprise, maybe one guy is a cm taller or shorter than you really thought they were.

for instance vincent ward you just seen, that guy really isn't 6ft 4 barefoot...bernthal I think pretty much could look what I thought, 5ft 11.]
Andrea said on 8/Nov/14
Rob, why did you decide to give him the full 5'8 mark? He certainly can look it (and sometimes even over 5'8) but he didn't look that mark at the beginning of The Walking Dead! I think it's quite likely he's decided to boost his height last few years and maybe started to wear some lifts...
[Editor Rob: a few months ago, I think he can pass for it generally, I'm not sure his shoes really look suspicious though.]
the shredder said on 7/Nov/14
I stand by the 5'9 range I saw.
1.75m Patrick said on 21/Aug/14
Rob, please take a look at that picture and tell me, what´s wrong?
Yeah, Rob Feinstein is leaning a bit with Steve Yeun.
But what need Yeun to wear here? Elavator Shoes?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't think there's anything wrong...He appears a couple inches taller than Steven, but I don't know if they have same or different posture and with Mads he looks (there's a 3 degree tilt) a bit shorter than him.]
the shredder said on 12/Aug/14
I saw him the same height or close as norman Reedus ,
KLM said on 7/Aug/14
I was friends with him in college so have stood next to him when he was barefoot many times. He is 5'9. On a side note, he is a great guy; very kind and funny.
the shredder said on 17/Jul/14
I really don't know what he is barefoot but the Steven Yeun I saw was not as short as 5'7.75.
the shredder said on 16/Apr/14
Rob , I met Sean Clark , I thought Him and Yeun looked the same height. Slightly shorter than reedus.
Andrea said on 14/Apr/14
He's gotta be Tom Cruise's son...
Same height, same tricks ;)
the shredder said on 14/Apr/14
Believe me , the version I saw of him was more than 5'7.75. Over 5'8. He is pulling some trick.
the shredder said on 13/Apr/14
rob , is it possibe he had bigger shoes and was really pulling off 5'8.5 with me?
[Editor Rob: yes it is possible, maybe with good posture he could look over 5ft 8...I really would be surprised if he was 174cm though!]
the shredder said on 7/Apr/14
Not saying he is 5'9 but he sure looked it to me , but take note " I did not see his feet". He could be 5'8 and was tip toeing or in big shoes. I actually think in pics he looks 5'7.5 ish , but in person 5'9 is what he faked me out with , I mean he looked taller than Rooker.
MD said on 7/Apr/14
Whatever he looks, it's pretty clear he's not 5'9" or even near 5'9".
Kendall said on 6/Apr/14
Barely 5'7
the shredder said on 5/Apr/14
Mamun does not mind if I post his pics , but here steve is leaning in and Mamun said he looked 5'9 when standing correct.

Click Here
MD said on 4/Apr/14
Is that his stuntman or something?
[Editor Rob: just a bit of perspective knocking a few inches off.]
the shredder said on 3/Apr/14
Has to be doing something , even Mamun saw him taller than himself and He was taller than Rooker in person lol
Lorne said on 3/Apr/14
Lol, what the hell? He looks tiny in that pic! This guy has been hanging out with Sly...
the shredder said on 3/Apr/14
LOL Rob , Funny because I think he looks 5'7 , I was expecting a 5'7 guy , no . I saw a 5'9 er , Taller than Rooker , Even Mamun saw the freak illusion of 5'9 .
the shredder said on 2/Apr/14
The funny thing is in Person he looked taller than Rooker and Closer to Norman. I really wanted to see his footwear and get a pic , but He charged 75 , He must have been on standing on something behind his table or tip toeing or in lifts , He was 5'9 at the shortest.
[Editor Rob: you saw his taller twin, here is Real Yeun ;)
aned said on 17/Mar/14
This is correct.173 cm
the shredder said on 8/Mar/14
Anddrew is not that hunched and is standing in front , but I agree Steven looks5'8 max there , but I saw 5'9 . He was the shocker of height , he very well could have been tip toe but could not see his shoes.
the shredder said on 8/Mar/14
Anddrew is not that hunched and is standing in front , but I agree Steven looks5'8 max there , but I saw 5'9 . He was the shocker of height , he very well could have been tip toe but could not see his shoes.
MD said on 6/Mar/14
With Andrew Lincoln:

Click Here

Click Here

Notice Andrew's loose, almost hunched posture, and Steve literally craning to get every centimeter out of this shot. lol This current listing is the absolute top of the scale for Steve.
the shredder said on 3/Mar/14
Did not see his shoes at all , he was the tallest looking under 5'8 I saw.
Freddy said on 25/Feb/14
5'8....if he sometimes appears 5'9 then lift pads inside his shoes are at work, even regular sneakers have enough space for them
Jacky said on 14/Feb/14
5'9 Rob. 5'9. His posture isn't that good but met him at Comic-Con and I'm 5'8 on the nose. He was a bit taller than me but when he stretched out at one point, he was at least an inch taller if he were standing up straight. Shoes looked similar.
the shredder said on 13/Feb/14
Rob , I was talking to Mamun and even he saw him at 5'9 at his Comic Con. Something is fishy here?
[Editor Rob: is there a possibility he slips something into his shoes? I wouldn't rule it out. I think on the show he can look near 5ft 8 mostly]
the shredder said on 11/Feb/14
I mean taller than Rooker , he really was the shocker as far as height. Did not see his shoes but no way did he appear even as short as 5'8.5 , he looked a good 5'9 guy.
the shredder said on 9/Feb/14
not sure on his footwear but he looked sockingly 5'9 , he even looked shorter than ROOKER.
Fouad said on 22/Dec/13
he is no more than 5'7 maybe even 5'6
lolzm8 said on 6/Dec/13
yeah, i was thinking 130lb aswell (60kg)
Adamz said on 2/Oct/13
possibly 173cm??
Adamz said on 5/Jan/13
172cm fits.
Silent d said on 5/Dec/12
I thought andrew lincoln was tall. I guess he plays an imposing character. Some scenes steve is shorter than lauren cohan and sarah wayne callies. He could be 172cm but i think 170cm is more likely.
Johnnyfive said on 2/Dec/12
Looking at photos of The Walking Dead cast on the red carpet this height sounds about right. He does look around 2 inches shorter than Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus. He can look 5'7 at times on the show.
Johnnyfive said on 2/Dec/12
Looking at photos of The Walking Dead cast on the red carpet this height sounds about right. He does look around 2 inches shorter than Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus. He can look 5'7 at times on the show.
Lo sgozzatore said on 25/Nov/12
Yeah, he can look anything in the 5'7-5' range! But i still dont know how he looked 2inches+ shorter than michael rooker. Maybe rooker wears lifts, rob?

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