How tall is John Cena ?

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John Cena's height is 6ft 0.5in (184 cm)

American Professional Wrestling Star and Actor from films like The Marine and 12 Rounds. His billed height in wrestling was 6 foot 1, but in a 2006 Khaleej Times interview he was quoted saying: "I know that I'm 6 feet, 245 pounds" and also said "I am 6 feet. And if I wear cool shoes, I am maybe 6'1"

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Connor 184.5-185cm says on 22/Apr/14
@Mario i could claim 6ft 1 but im not really bothered about rounding up to a 1/2 inch i like to be honest although sometimes when someone asks how tall i am i say nearly 6ft 1, but most people would just class me as 6ft 1 anyway my real height is 6ft 1/2.
Vegas says on 22/Apr/14
i met christian in person and he isn't 6'1 anyway out of gear because two guys in my class in college who went on to play pro-sports are taller in person and they were listed 185 and 186 in their respective sports.

in person he is right around same height as julian glover whom rob has a shot with
Height181 says on 22/Apr/14
@Mario: I am not being bitter my friend, I was just telling him what height he actually is. Lmao ''bitter''.
Connor 184.5-185cm says on 21/Apr/14
@Height181 thanks, yeah im just lucky i guess, 6'0.5" is still my height today, unless when i turn 20 this year and i reach the full 6'1" though its unlikely i feel i have finished growing now, but im reasonably happy with my height the tallest id like to be is 6' 2".
Lorne says on 21/Apr/14
Click Here

Here is another one, it is Christian backstage with the Rock, and it was 2003, so the Rock was at "peak" height. And again, if Rock was a big 6'3 guy(which I believe he was) Christian looks about 6'1. He's gotta be at least 184cm, right? especially since you say Rock was likely 191-192cm peak. I appreciate anyone else's thoughts, as well.
[Editor Rob: I don't think he'd be less than 184, he can look 184-5 range]
Lorne says on 21/Apr/14
Click Here

Rob, if you don't mind, watch 2:00 into this video. What do you estimate Christains height as? I mean he's gotta be over 6ft, right? Actually, if RVD is really 182cm, then he looks close to 6'1...
Lorne says on 21/Apr/14
Does anyone have an estimate for Christian? I can't see him less than 6 feet, if he was billed 5'10, that is crazy, since he is now billed 6ft1(and 224lbs, I believe is his billed weight) people say 5'11, but how? He looks 4-5cm over RVD, who is listed 5ft11.5, even if I think he is no more than 5'11 himself.
Mario says on 21/Apr/14
@Height181, stop being bitter. Connor you can claim 6ft 1 and no one will blink twice. Don't sell yourself short (no pun intended). If you are younger than 20, I would say you could likely eek out a cm or two if you're lucky.
Height181 says on 21/Apr/14
Connor you are a solid 6'0.5'' guy. Not quite 6'1'', but a legit 6 footer. I guess you are one of the lucky ones that barely shrink, maybe it's because you are young too.
Connor 184.5-185cm says on 20/Apr/14
Im 185cm out of bed, sometimes 185.5cm and at low 184.3-5cm its weird, i guess im just lucky that i only shrink a cm in the day, generally most guys/girls who wake up at 185-5.5cm are just flat 6ft range.

Rob why is it that my shrinkage in the day is much less than some peoples shrinkage? remember i only lose 1 cm
Mario says on 20/Apr/14
@Zoro I think your evidence is pretty strong, let's not forget Lesnar was measured 6ft2.5 by NFl. If this is legit then Cena is 6ft 1/1.5 - if Lesnar is not really 6ft2.5 and only 6ft2, then Cena is max 185cm. I am inclined to believe Cena is slightly over 6ft1 though :)
Mario says on 20/Apr/14
@Zoro I agree with some of what you said. Daniel Bryan looks 175cm at times and other times as low as 168cm. He is a real tough one. I concede that. Cena stands up well to taller blokes, so not really sure there either. I am inclined to go with the full 6ft 1 for Cena. He also has a good inch on his brother Matt Cena who is 6ft even.
Zoro says on 20/Apr/14
Mario 186 for Cena is impossible, but I also remember you said Daniel Bryan is 175 cm, so that explains everything, dont you think you are overestimating them all? Bah, do as you want..

I just guess I am nearly 180 cm to you, good for me lol
Mario says on 19/Apr/14
@Alex 6'0 but I do not see him at 184 (low). For me Cena is a solid 185cm when he goes to bed. He is pushing 6ft 2 upon waking and remains a solid 186cm throughout the day. The way he stands up to Dwayne Johnson and Lesnar and Tim Tebow warrants it. His 6ft 3 listings during his early career are obviously a slight exaggeration.
Alex 6'0 says on 19/Apr/14
Mario, if Cena's low is 184cm then out of bed he's more like 186cm. 3/4 inch is pretty common height loss
James B says on 18/Apr/14
Cena and triple h both look saught of similar in height on TV
Zoro says on 17/Apr/14
@Mario I suggest you to go on Lesnar's page here in celebheights and look at his photo with Billy Gunn, delcared height 193 cm

Brock is also shorter than The Rock, between the two we can easily see 3 cm, just search "lesnar the rock" or something like that on google images..

However I can agree when you say John is 185cm or a few mm over out of bed, and that fits perfectly with a night heigth of 183.5 cm
Mario says on 17/Apr/14
@Zoro Lesnar is closer to 6ft2.5. I see an inch difference in that clip - maybe 3cm max.

Cena is 185cm pretty easily out of bed, with an absolute minimum of 184 at night
James B says on 17/Apr/14
Cena can look 6'1 (185cm) in my opinion.
Zoro says on 17/Apr/14
The Rock is 190/191 cm tall

As everybody can see just searching on google images, he's taller than Lesnar by 3 cm. So lesnar is 187/188 cm

Lesnar is clearly taller than John, there's no doubt, just take a look at when they went face to face in 2003 at 2:36

It's 4 cm to me (just 3 is not impossible, but watching at their eyelevel 4 convinces me more) so we can say that John would be somewhere between 183 and 184 cm with 6'0.25 being the most objective IMO and 6'0.5 the second (then it comes 6ft flat and 6ft1)
Mario says on 16/Apr/14
Mark Bell claims Cena is ''6ft1 or 6ft2 and 250 pounds''. He is a strength and conditioning coach and knows what a guy over 185cm looks like. Like I said before, he stacks up well with Lesnar, Rock and Tim Tebow. The man is 6ft 1 at night, 6ft2 morning. Just my 2 cents.
Alex 6ft 0 says on 15/Apr/14
Miko, I feel Cena is more 6'0-6'0.5 and closer to 6'0 than 6'1. He claims 6'0 though so possibly 6'0.25 for him?
miko says on 15/Apr/14
Cena in my personal opinion having seen him up close twice is somewhere between 6'0.5 and 6'1. CM Punk looked very close to 6'0. Out of ring gear there usually looks close to an inch between them.
Mario says on 14/Apr/14
@Vegas Your theory seems plausable. Mick Foley is 6'2'' - he took a pic with Rob! I think Cena is over 185cm. By how much I don't know. Around 6'2'' in shoes at the minimum.
Zoro says on 14/Apr/14
Vegas says on 14/Apr/14

Spike Dudley is now listed 175cm, dunno where you found the 5'5 thing
even here he's billed again as 175, but it also says that is real height is 170cm Click Here
somewhere I found 170 as billed, but nothing under

Christian is now said to be 6ft1

Thanks for linking the 6ft3 Cena, but that's probably just his listing as prototype in OVW

Even if you made some good points, still remains that nearly 100% of wrestler's height is highly overestimated, and it's strange for Cena to be said just 6ft1 since, at least, 2003

imo Cena could be 184 cm, but I cant understand why 183 seems so unreasonable (since he DECLARED that, and people normally round up or add inches): also consider that CM punk is nearly 4 inches shorter than 189-190cm The Rock, and that Cena is no more than 3 cm taller than Punk

contrariwise 185 cm night for Cena is just absurd, maybe out of bed is believable..
Vegas says on 14/Apr/14
Zoro says on 13/Apr/14

Why should John be the only wrestler which billed height nearly equal to real height?

he isn't/wasn't..

spike dudley whom wwe listed at 5'5 is actually clearly taller in person. scotty 2 hotty seemed every bit of his 5'9 listing in person if not a shade over. its only this past year that wwe have billed mark henry more than 6'1 which he looks in person. mick foley was billed 6'2 his whole career and he easily looked that in person to me 10 years ago. wwe billed christian at 5'10 his whole first run (1998 till 2005) even though the man is over 5'11.

cena was billed 6'3 for a time in wwe...some of the older third party sites (one now defunct) have him listed as such Click Here Click Here
Mario says on 13/Apr/14
He stacks up so well with ^ft3 measured Tim Tebow and stacks up well with Lesnar and the rock. Please explain how he looks so tall during these pictures/staredowns. I maintain just over 185cm in the morning and slightly under at night.
Big John says on 13/Apr/14
John cena came to my dad's gym back in 2005. We took pictures showed him around and talked for about 15 minutes.
My dad is 5'10 240 10% bf and was dwarfed by cena. My uncle who is a legit 6'0 245 barefoot was also surprised by how much bigger Cena was than him.
Cena must have had his "cool shoes" on
Bud says on 13/Apr/14
Rob,u are a wrestling fan,or u just watch it for height purpose?
[Editor Rob: only through this site really]
Zoro says on 13/Apr/14
@ theor

Any proof that Cena has been billed at 6ft3?

Even in 2004(2003?) he was billed as 6ft1, I have the WWE cards lol

Everywhere in the internet I only find 6ft1 for Cena, so the question remains:

Why should John be the only wrestler which billed height nearly equal to real height?
Alex 6ft 0 says on 13/Apr/14
Cena has also claimed 6'1 before in a magazine some years back. Remember he was billed at 6'3 in OVW before coming over to WWE in 2002.I do think 6'0.5 is a good estimates for him. He's def not over that though
theor says on 13/Apr/14
everyone gets build taller when they join, look at dean ambrose. he has been billed at 6'4 when he is more likely 6'0.75 to 6'1. however if you look at his footwear, he and the shield started of with, their boots were like an inch and third thick. if that was the case, dean could possibly sprout to 6'1.75 to 6'2. in time, they will start dropping his billing to probably 6'1. john cena had the same treatment when he started, being billed at 6'3 and now they say 6'1.

cena 6'0.5 barefoot (6'1.5 in footwear and with build looks taller)
ambrose 6'0.75 barefoot (6'1.75 max in footwear and with build looks taller)
Cerish says on 13/Apr/14
Most people, usually guys, never bother to mention 0.5, the either round their height up or down. Therefore it is possible Cena only claims 6'0 flat but maybe still a centimetre over.
Zoro says on 12/Apr/14
Is there anybody who actually believes to John's multiple claims of him being """"just"""" 6ft/183cm??

To those that say he's 6'0.5 or even more, can you explain me why WWE, that always add one, two, or three inches to their wrestler's real height, has never listed Cena more than 6ft1?

Why should he be the only exception?
Bud says on 12/Apr/14
So Rob u think his lowest would be 184 cm?That would make Triple h Click Here 187,and that would put The Rock at 189 MAX?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: well 184 is a good shout for Cena, I think Triple H could potentially drop a little under 188, the Rock as I've said can look under 6ft 3 at times, but I am not convinced he would measure much under that mark. His posture at times isn't as great as it once was.]
Connor 184.5-185cm says on 12/Apr/14
Rob do you think its possible the only reason why Cena only says hes 6ft because he doesnt know hes actually a fraction over it and that he doesnt measure himself in the afternoon and just goes with his low, or after a hard day of weight lifting and at the end of the session he measures himself and just dips slightly under 184.5cm? any one of them could be possible right?
[Editor Rob: maybe just doesn't bother with fraction and says 6ft as he doesn't want to round upwards.]
Connor 184.5-185cm says on 12/Apr/14
@Height181 i dont see Cena only being just 6ft i think we would definetly be the same height in person while in a staredown, in a staredown with Triple H in a royal rumble match Cenas eyes were a little above the tip of his nose i think the listing is correct, Cena is just not bothered claiming the half inch and just goes with 6ft.
Mario says on 11/Apr/14
He is one of those people who is strangely above their claim. Perhaps it is to divert attention away from himself, he is known for being humble in the media spotlight.
Height181 says on 11/Apr/14
@Connor 184.5-185cm: You'd clearly edge him out in height. Cena has admitted many times that he is no taller than just 6'0''. He could have said he is 6'1'' or more and gotten away with it. He was honest and said he is a flat 6'0''.
Mario says on 11/Apr/14
@Connor 184.5-185cm Well heres the thing. I have a theory that Athletes have higher eye-lines than the general public. It gives them illusion of greater height. For example, Ronaldo has a very high eye-line compared to a 6fter. I think with John, he would be an inch or so above your eye-line. And your head.
Mario says on 11/Apr/14
@KROC I believe the way he stacks up with 6ft3 Tim Tebow shows he is 1 inch shorter. Also he stacks up well with the rock who is 6ft 2+ and also Lesnar who is over 188cm.
Connor 184.5-185cm says on 11/Apr/14
Rob do you think me and Cena would be exactly the same height in person?
[Editor Rob: in a staredown with Cena, you might think he was identical height to you as you'd probably look eyeball to eyeball with him]
Moose says on 10/Apr/14
After seeing The Shield with John Cena in the dark match I would say
6'0.5 John Cena
6'0.75 Dean Ambrose
6'1 Seth Rollins
6'2.5 Roman Reigns
KROC says on 9/Apr/14
He doesn't look the listed height with Ali Baba... Just saying. He's 6ft on the dot.
Mario says on 7/Apr/14
Tall man. He has grown since his time at UPW - he mentioned he was "too small to keep playing football". Now a clear 185cm at night.
Joel says on 19/Mar/14
I can say without doubt that I have met Cena twice. I have measured myself literally dozens of times without shoes at 184cms. I am meticulous about getting an accurate height reading as I want to know for certain how tall I actually am. John Cena when I stood next to him was exactly my height of 184cms. I am looking of my photo with him from 2004 I couldn't seperate our heights at all- dead even and he was wearing the same style of shoes as myself. I have photos with most Wrestlers who were around up until 2005 when I stopped getting pics and autographs. So this Cana height listing is absolutely correct. Also the first time I met Batista after he had just debuted I couldn't actually believe how tall he wasn't- his listing I find accurate as well. Biggest ever wrestler height surprise was Buff Bagwelll-hard to judge his height as he is so much shorter than me, but I'd say 5"7.
Bud says on 18/Mar/14
John Cenas page turned into the shields page?LOL
gnops says on 14/Mar/14
Another pic that can better show The Shield heights:

Click Here

If Reigns looks like he has 2-3" on Ambrose and Rollins looks to have some height, maybe an 1" or at least .5" over Ambrose too.
James B says on 11/Mar/14
Reigns I think is 6'2-6'3 judging by how tall he looked next to triple h.

By the way cesaro I think is a legit 6'4 since he was nearly eye to with 6'4.5 jack swagger last night on raw
Height181 says on 8/Mar/14
Ambrose looked around 6'1'' next to Reigns recently on Smackdown
dragon515 says on 28/Feb/14
dean was listed in other promotions as either 6'1 6'3 and 6'4, he could be a weak 6'1 or 6'0.5
Crank says on 28/Feb/14
Dean 6'0.5
Seth 6'1
Roman 6'2.75
Andy 185cm says on 27/Feb/14
Is rollins and ambrose the same height?
Height181 says on 27/Feb/14
I think Reigns is a good 6'2''.
gnops says on 26/Feb/14
Click Here

Ambrose and Rollins look tiny compared to Reigns here, who probably isn't more than 6'2.5".
gnops says on 23/Feb/14
So, I think 6'.5 seems about right for Ambrose, tbh.
gnops says on 23/Feb/14
That video posted makes it look like Ambrose is 2" or so shorter than Reigns... plus, in other promotions, Ambrose's height was listed at 6'1".
Vegas says on 22/Feb/14
Lorne says on 21/Feb/14
Remember, that when comparing them on Raw, Cena NEVER wears wrestling boots. He always has sneakers, and I promise you they give less than the boots.

the shoes he has been wearing in recent months look 1 inch at most but for years he used to wear really big bulky sneakers (after his face turn).
harvard says on 22/Feb/14
also there was an interview of him and roman stood together and, baring in mind the footwear of either was not in view, they both seemed at the same level as each other.

Click Here

it may not be easy to tell but dean is definitely not below 6'0
harvard says on 22/Feb/14
ambrose has been listed in a lot of promotions as 6'4 prior to the wwe, he isn't much shorter than 6'2 to 6'3 roman reigns, I would say 6'0.5 to 6'0.75. baring in mind his shields boots are pretty thick as well see

Click Here

his boots look at least 1 inch and a 1/3rd thick giving him a bit of a boost.
Zoro says on 22/Feb/14
yeah I didnt considered the footwear advantage, but being honest, I was also wrong saying Cena hit Cesaro's eyebrows, that was just 'cause of camera advantage.

When they both were at the same distance, we can see the truth is John maybe didnt even hit the center of Cesaro's eyes, so the difference between them were almost 12-13 cm.

Cena whit shoes 185-185.5
Cesaro with w-boots 197/199

Cena barefeet 183 (6 - 6.025)
Cesaro barefeet 192/193 (6ft3.5 - 6ft4)

So the boots give a 1.25-1.75 inches advantage
The Ben says on 22/Feb/14
Vegas says on 15/Feb/14
he Ben says on 13/Feb/14
Roman Reigns I'd say 6'1. There must be some records from his sporting days. Looks 245 ish.

listed 6'3 and 280 in college Click Here

I'm never sure about college height stats but weights seem legit. He was way fatter when he started out and i still say 245-ish weight wise. I was thinking 6'1 from his pics with the Rock.

I think Rob has this right with Cena and if Reigns has 2 inches on him then I'd say 6'2- 6'3. Still doesnt explain the rock pic though.
miko says on 21/Feb/14
I take it nobody saw the clear footwear advantage Cesaro had over Cena in the segment?
Lorne says on 21/Feb/14
Remember, that when comparing them on Raw, Cena NEVER wears wrestling boots. He always has sneakers, and I promise you they give less than the boots. 184 range is fine; 6ft0.25-6ft0.5, with an absolute minimum of 6 feet...
gnops says on 21/Feb/14
Since there's been talk about Roman Reigns in here, I ask out of curiosity, what do you guys think Ambrose's height is? I ask because he's listed at 6'4", but when I saw him in person he didn't look *that* much taller than me (I was 5'11" when I last saw him in September, grown since...), and Reigns looks to have a good advantage over him lately. 6' to 6'.5" in the boots?
Zoro says on 20/Feb/14
@ Gnops: during their segment, the top of Cena's head was just a hair above Cesaro's eyes, maybe at his eyebrows.
Since the average distance from these to the top of head is 9-10 cm, a 192/193 cm Cesaro seems to me perfectly compatible with a 183 cm John Cena.
gnops says on 20/Feb/14
If Cesaro is 6'3", Cena is definitely 6'. No more than 6'.5", but there seemed to be a 3" difference between the two when they went face to face on Raw.
Vegas says on 18/Feb/14
cesaro looked noticeably shorter than kane when i saw them standing side by side talking out of gear last year in a hotel. i saw kane and swagger side by side in another hotel couple of years back and the difference didn't look more than 2 inches.
gnops says on 18/Feb/14
When I saw Cesaro in person back in September he looked 6'3" - 6'3.5".
miko says on 18/Feb/14
Reigns looks solid 6'2/6'2.5 range, Cesaro is around 6'4 and Swagger maybe 6'4.5, don't think he's a full 6'5.
Zoro says on 18/Feb/14
IMO Cesaro were up to 10 cm taller than 183 (183!) cm John Cena, so I would guess the Swiss pro-wrestler at nearly 6ft4.

This is consistent with the fact his billed heigth is 6ft5 (and billed height ALWAYS > real height by at least 1 inch, usually by 2 inches)

Cena 183

Cesaro 192/193
gnops says on 17/Feb/14
Cesaro looked like he had 3" or so on Cena on Raw.
Red183 says on 16/Feb/14
Reigns looked 6´1-6´1.5" at RAW Oldschool, he had 4-4.5" on max. 5´9" Roddy Piper.
Vegas says on 15/Feb/14
he Ben says on 13/Feb/14
Roman Reigns I'd say 6'1. There must be some records from his sporting days. Looks 245 ish.

listed 6'3 and 280 in college Click Here
Rick says on 14/Feb/14
Roman was taller than Triple H who was wearing some pretty thick heeled dress shoes on Smackdown. Everything I've seen on his football stats say 6'3.

Seth Rollins claimed 6'2 and 210 pounds in an interview and he is shorter than Roman. I would guess Rollins is around 6'1, Ambrose 6'0-6'0.5 and Reigns 6'2-6'2.5. If he is 6'1 that would put Triple H around 6'0 and John Cena around 5'10-5'11.
The Ben says on 13/Feb/14
Roman Reigns I'd say 6'1. There must be some records from his sporting days. Looks 245 ish.
Cupid says on 10/Feb/14
A perfect clip of John Cena and The Undertaker
Click Here
Red183 says on 26/Jan/14
Lorne says on 20/Jan/14
he would certainly clear 6ft2 in cowboys, but he'd have to raid Stallone's closet to reach 6ft3.

I wouldn´t get that far and mention Stallone munsters ;))

I wrote Big heeled cowboyboots and that means they give 2.5" instead of normal 1.75-2" cowboyboots.

So at still very possible 6´0.5" Cena couls hir 6´3" in 2.5" cowboyboots.
Lorne says on 20/Jan/14
6ft3 in boots!?! That's a little extreme! Nah, he would certainly clear 6ft2 in cowboys, but he'd have to raid Stallone's closet to reach 6ft3. As for his "6'1 in cool shoes", I think it's clear he's just rounding down both figures. A little over 6 feet barefoot, but he just goes with 6ft as a claim, probably measured 186 range in thin shoes, and just says 6'1. Or perhaps never measured in shoes, and just guessing. But he's clearly over 6ft, I mean he never wears boots and still looks over 6ft, this listing is "cool", though he could always be 6ft0.25. But less than 6 feet? Well, if you think that, then clearly, you cannot "see him"...
Zoro 5\\\'9.5 says on 19/Jan/14
Red183 says on 18/Jan/14 so the comment regarding cool shoes can only mean flat shoes are cool shoes.

Cool shoes means Air Max, or 90s Rebook Pump which are his favourite's shoes and are pretty high

I consider a footwear quite high if it gives you 2.5-3 cm, and despite what you say is obvious that John knows what he's talking about

He is a solid 183 cm guy who hit and maybe surpass 6'1 (nearly 185.5 cm) with his abitual shoes on (and he doesnt wear convers or flat shoes like them)

I'm sure he can't be 182, but also think that solid 183 (so up to 6ft0.25) suits him better than full 184.
Red183 says on 18/Jan/14
Zoro 5\'9.5 says on 18/Jan/14
- John also SPECIFIED he can hit 6'1 ONLY with cool/quite high shoes on

It´s clear from a lot of comparisons that he´s a solid/strong 6 footer, so the comment regarding cool shoes can only mean flat shoes are cool shoes.

Do you think Cena or the visitors here are stupid enough to think he only reaches 6´1" in quite high footwear?

Big heeled cowboyboots can be considered quite high and Cena would be 6´2.5"-6´3" wearing them.
Zoro 5\'9.5 says on 18/Jan/14
If Cena didn't claim 6'1 is just 'cause he's not 6'1!!

- John also SPECIFIED he can hit 6'1 ONLY with cool/quite high shoes on

- In the photo with the 6'6 guy he seems at least 6 inches shorter

- Wrestling heights are ALWAYS exaggerated by normally 2 inches, sometimes just 1 inch, others even 3!!!
John's wrestling height is declared as 6'1, that's definitively a proof that HE CANT BE 185 cm tall!

In the light of all these evidences, I dunno why are we still debating that.

He sure can be his claimed height of 6 ft but nothing above, maybe weak 185 or solid 184 cm just out of bed..
Hamd says on 17/Jan/14
Cena is close to 6'1 and he can claim that in my opinion.
Sam says on 16/Jan/14
Miz doesn't look any taller than Cena to me, with Cena being the one I'd give the edge to if anything so Miz is probably around 5'11.5-6ft.
MEE says on 12/Jan/14
In reference to my previous comment, that was with shoes on.

Without he is no more than 183 ABSOLUTE MAX.
James says on 10/Jan/14
Although I think he is 184cm in this pic with ryback does look 5'11.5-6ft
Click Here
altaf says on 8/Jan/14
is the height of john cina is 6'1 feet is real
berta says on 7/Jan/14
there is no way he is shorter than 184 always makes 6 foot 2 guys just look 2 cm taller. He is probably 6 foot 1 and after lifting extremely heavy weights he is down to 184 but efter some hours he is back to a weak 185
MEE says on 5/Jan/14
Nope cena is a solid 6'1. A 6'2 friend of mine just saw him two days ago
berta says on 4/Jan/14
if cena have been lifting weights before the photo with ali baba he is about 0,5 cm shorter than if he have not. I now this beacause i lift weight to. You are mutcvh shorter after 1 hour of 500 pounds deadlift. Rob you should try this. put 200 pounds weight on your back and work out for an hour with that weight and the mewasure. I think you will get down to 172.8 if you measure within one hour. This will nott happen with weight about 50 pounds it must be really heavy.
King says on 4/Jan/14
@Kourosh177cm wearing boots I also look 6'1 but I'm 5'11 in reality. many peeps told I look taller. Daniel brayan is 5'6. cena isn't more than 5'11. 5'9 for punk
Kourosh177cm says on 1/Jan/14
King plz dont be a troll.if Cena is 5'10 that would punk around 5'9 and 5'9 punk would put Daniel Bryan at 5'5 which is ridiculous.
i think :
Cena is 6'0
Cm Punk 5'11 - 5'10'75
Daniel Bryan 5'7 or a weak 5'8
Miz 6'0 1/2
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 31/Dec/13
I agree with Mathew, 6'0.25 may be spot on. A fraction over 6'0 and just claims 6'0. If he were 6'0.5-6'0.75 he'd then claim 6'1 not 6'0 Id think.
1997WWN says on 30/Dec/13
I've seen miz in person and he is 6'1. Cena always appears about an inch shorter making him his claimed height, 6'0. I think some people need to realise that Cena is no giant and is likely the height he claims, maybe even dipping below 6'0 at night
King says on 30/Dec/13
John cena is 5'10-5'11. no more than that the miz once billed 5'10 and Christian too :) the miz and cena are like same. and cm punk is 5'9 or 5'10. think about it
Zoro177 says on 27/Dec/13
More like his declared height, a solid 183 cm or 6ft/6ft.025, not 6'0.5

One might think that he has been superficial in judging his height just like he doesn't care, but the fact John specified 6ft1 is precluded to him, except if he wears high shoes, makes me think he know what he's saying

oh and btw, I've never seen any wrestler being listed only 0.5 inches over his true height
Clay says on 26/Dec/13
I think it's a foregone conclusiob that Cena is his listed height at this point.
Zoro177 says on 22/Dec/13
I would say from 183cm (6ft+) to 183.5cm (6ft0.25) as said by himself and also shown in the photo with the 6ft6 guy.
He also seemed 1.5 cm shorter than weak 185cm Bobby Lashley (maybe even two considering John's footwear in 2007, probably thicker than today's)
Height181 says on 20/Dec/13
He said he is no more than 6'0'' a couple of times. I believe him.
Mathew says on 17/Dec/13
6'0.25"? A strong 6'0" could be a good listing.
Chris says on 17/Dec/13
Out of bed heights of wrestlers:
John Cena 186cm
Triple h 189
Batista 191
Sheamus 191
Edge 191
Randy Orton 193
Chris Jericho 178
Shawn Michaels 181
Cm Punk 182
Daniel Bryan 173
Mick Foley 188
Undertaker 201
Kane 203
Big Show 212
Khali 216
Stone Cold 186
Kurt Angle 181
Hulk Hogan peak 198,in the 2000s 192
Brock Lesnar 189
Mark Henry 189
The Rock 191
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 14/Dec/13
Ali Baba, do you know how far apart your eye level is from the top of your head? If its the normal 4.5 inches then that's 5.5 inches between you and Cena. If your eye level is over 4.5 inches then you're closer to 6 inches taller than him. Either way max he would be 6'0.5
Ali Baba says on 13/Dec/13
I'm curious about where you guys think the top of Cena's head is inside the hat in the picture with me. I guesstimate it's at the top of the ME at the most, which puts him around 6 foot even. Any other estimates on where it might be?
[Editor Rob: I'd put the top of his head About that line]
Mathew says on 12/Dec/13
Next to Ali Baba I'd say he looks 6'0". Certainly nothing above this listing.
miko says on 8/Dec/13
Alex I hover around the 6'0/6'0.25 mark (although yesterday I actually measured 6'0.75 at the doctors, which may had been a mis-measurement) and Cena edged me out both times. I was very surprised. I had half an inch footwear advantage and we were very similar, but I felt he had the edge on me.

6'0.5 is pretty fair for John, but I wouldn't be surprised if he is a little over it in military posture. He does stand with his knees forward quite a bit.
miko says on 8/Dec/13
Alex I hover around the 6'0/6'0.25 mark (although yesterday I actually measured 6'0.75 at the doctors, which may had been a mis-measurement) and Cena edged me out both times. I was very surprised. I had half an inch footwear advantage and we were very similar, but I felt he had the edge on me.

6'0.5 is pretty fair for John, but I wouldn't be surprised if he is a little over it in military posture. He does stand with his knees forward quite a bit.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 7/Dec/13
Miko at 6'0.25 you and Cena would prob be exactly the same height maybe? I'm 6'0 myself and if I met him it would be a good picture too. I can agree with 6'0.5 but hes not 6'1 though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 6/Dec/13
Ryback's been listed from 6ft-6ft4.

Doesn't look underneath 185.5cm/6ft1, might be near 6ft2
hs2013 says on 6/Dec/13
Cena looks over 6'0" with Ali. He could be as high as 185cm but not lower than 183cm. Rob probably has him spot on.
Ali Baba says on 5/Dec/13
JT, admittedly I look at some of the pictures and I think I have to be mad to think Nash is not 6'9" or so, and if I hadn't seen him with my own eyes I would call myself a liar. In other pictures my estimate makes sense. Then there's my meeting with Mane, which helps me continue to believe I'm at least a little bit sane. When I saw Nash stepping out of the elevator my first thought (before it clicked into my head who I was actually looking at) was "Man, that guy has big arms", and not that he was a giant. When someone is three inches taller than me its very obvious from 10 feet away. And getting older beats the alternative.

Miko, estimate for Cena definitely has some fudge factor thrown in because of his hat. I don't know exactly where the top of his head is so I'm estimating. These guys are hard to meet for some of us, so pictures can be difficult to get. I have to go to conventions to meet anyone interesting. Then my friend randomly sees them out at dinner later that night. It doesn't seem fair. :) Seeing Nash at the hotel was a complete accident since he was in town for a convention and I didn't even know it was happening. After I saw him I went up the elevator before going immediately back down to try to find him, but he was nowhere in sight. I found out later (from the same friend that saw Cena, Rooker and Reedus out at dinner) that he was actually walking down the street to go to the convention. Some guys just have all the luck.

Balrog, I am not over 6'6" after the late morning hours. Firt thing in the morning I'm 3/4" over that. My wife continuously tries to pass me off as 6'7" and I always have to correct that. Of course she also claims 5'8" for herself though, but in reality she is 5'7.25". :D
miko says on 5/Dec/13
Cena at 6'0 flat just doesn't add up.

For one it would mean that I'm not my measured height of 6'0.25. Take into account how he stacks up to 6'2 guys in the WWE like Lesnar/Trips and legit 6'4 Orton, if Cena is a flat 6'0 it isn't good news for those guys and especially bad for Vince McMahon who would drop down to a flat 5'11.

Hopefully I can get a photo with him next year when he's back in the UK, I've seen him close up twice the last 2 times he's come over but haven't had the opportunity to take a photo.
Balrog says on 4/Dec/13
Ali baba are you 6'6" exactly or a bit over?

Cena looks exactly 6'0" next to you.
JT says on 4/Dec/13
Cena's not standing perfectly straight nor is Ali, so that pic can't be used to rule anything in or out. Still useful and appreciated though to keep the fun debates going.

This is about the best I ever found of Nash and Rodman from the NWO days Click Here Click Here IIRC Rodman was in Converse All-Stars and Nash in casual shoes, so Nash probably had a 0.5-0.75" footwear advantage. That still puts Nash in the 6'9" range. He looked taller than 6'8" Karl Malone Click Here in 1998 even factoring in the camera advantage. DDP also looked closer in height (~4 inches shorter) to Malone than he did to Nash. If Nash is 6'8" range today that would not surprise me although it may be from his simply not feeling like standing straight, which is the sentiment of most of us geezers as we get older.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 4/Dec/13
The pic with Ali rules out anything over 6'0.5 for Cena I'd say and looking at the pic more and more Cena looks more 6'0 flat
Ali Baba says on 4/Dec/13
Tuga, I saw that video with Nash and Rodman. Judging from Rodman's outfit I would suspect he's wearing some interesting footwear. I looked for pics with the two of them as well and couldn't find anything useful. I still think the best evidence for Nash's true height is that he looks to be only about a half inch taller than Tyler Mane.

JT, in my pic I didn't have a chance to get set and look down at the camera man. It was too quick for me to get set. In the Rothlesburger pic he and Starks both have their heads tilted down looking at the camera, where as mine was level.
Tuga says on 3/Dec/13
It seems Rob is right about cena, 6 1/2 does seem right IMO.
Rodman at 6'7 is also no surprise, now it would be great if somebody had a good pic of him and nash from nwo time.

Click Here
Only found this but its quite recent.

Thank you Ali Baba for sharing again your pics, I appreciate the fact you put yourself on a tough spot here, but then again if everybody just agreed this would be a boring place to be ;)
JT says on 3/Dec/13
Ali, the camera angle can create that illusion but probably not to that degree seen in your pic with Cena. If that were the case, these two (who are staring right at the camera) would look like their heads were really tilted back:
Click Here
Click Here

Click Here Not perfect especially since ~6’5” Ben Roethlisberger is slouching. Cena maybe reaches Ben’s eye level if the latter stood straight. Max Starks is 6’7-6’8” range, which dispels the idiotic claim by a poster on this site that Ali wears lifts just to make wrestlers look shorter than they really are.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 3/Dec/13
Nike and New balance running sneakers are gonna give about the same height pretty much. If anything maybe one had 1/4 inch more footwear at most
Ali Baba says on 2/Dec/13
For reference as to how camera distance can affect a picture (the closer the camera is to the subject the more drastic the angle will affect the picture) here is one of me hanging out with two "normal" guys at the same comic con event. Click Here

Forgot pic in first post. Rob, if you want/can please delete the one without the picture.
Ali Baba says on 2/Dec/13
For reference as to how camera distance can affect a picture (the closer the camera is to the subject the more drastic the angle will affect the picture) here is one of me hanging out with two "normal" guys at the same comic con event.
Ali Baba says on 2/Dec/13
You guys are correct about where 6' is on my face.

JT, my had isn't physically tilted back. It's the camera angle, which is part of the reason my left arm looks suprisingly large. Although I am not as thin as some would believe (a shir with sleeves that go to the elbow hides a lot) I'm not quite that big. As far a shoes go I would guess they were fairly close in thickness. We were both wearing a running type shoe. Mine might have been a bit less but probably between 1/4" to 1/2" at the most. He was wearing a Nike and I was wearing a New Balance, which don't seem to ad as much as my Nikes do. I still think it would be safer to assume no advantage for either of us though.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 2/Dec/13
The tip of Ali's nose that should be near 6 inches difference between him and Cena then. At worst its 5.5 between them. This throws out any 6'1 estimates for Cena. Id even question 6'0.5 but def a solid 6'0 he looks with Ali.
JT says on 1/Dec/13
Click Here The top of Cena’s head should be roughly around the tip of Ali’s nose. Ali’s head is tilted back a bit, so the height difference is probably more like 5-5.5” assuming comparable footwear. Rodman’s 6’7” and had a mid-90s Hulk Hogan by more than 2 inches. Rodman looked lanky on the court but I've known a few people who have seen him in person and said he's a pretty big guy.
Lillo Thomas says on 30/Nov/13
Ali is very tall . A legit 6'6 is very tall.
Red183 says on 30/Nov/13
AliBaba, I remember Frank said that he was on an upward slope in his pic with Taker...

and you look much bigger next to Cena than next to Lou, did you bulk up a bit or is Lou that much bigger than Cena?
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 30/Nov/13
With 6'6 Ali Baba Cena is really at the most 6'0.5 but more 6'0-6'0.25 is my estimate.

Not sure on Rodmans barefoot height but that looks 6 inches between him and Cena.
Logic says on 28/Nov/13
Ali Baba, you must be around 6'6". Dennis Rodman is listed by the NBA as being 6'7" but I am not sure if that measurement was taken with or without shoes.

We can't see Dennis's footwear in the photos down bellow but Dennis could be wearing anything from old school thin soled Converse to high heels.

Dennis Rodman with John Cena

Click Here

Click Here
Ali Baba says on 28/Nov/13
Alex, I'm 6'6"
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 28/Nov/13
Ali Baba, how tall are you? I don't remember what you said your height was. It does look 5.5-6 inches between you and Cena.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 28/Nov/13
Ali Baba, how tall are you? I don't remember how tall you said you were. It actually looks near a 6 inch difference between you and Cena
Lo sgozzatore says on 27/Nov/13
Ali, you're a beast! One of my friends is as tall as you, but you're like 10 times bigger :) I'd never upset a guy like you xD
miko says on 27/Nov/13
Cena at 6'0 or lower would drop a legit 6'4 guy like Randy Orton to 6'3.

It would also put Vince McMahon at 5'11 MAX, Vince at 5'11 drops Trips to 6'1 MAX.....etc...

I'm a measured 6'0.25 and have stood next to Cena twice in the last year and he was bigger both times (I had footwear advantage), he is very close to 6'1.
Ali Baba says on 26/Nov/13
Rob, that was me that had mentioned that about Punk. Click Here
The picture is useless for height estimates, but I think I had posted it before.

Red, I had to look Frankfurt Plane up on the internet because I was unfamiliar with the term. I think it may have more to do with camera angle than anything. That's actually a normal posture for me and I know from experience that I can still gain some height from just straightening out me neck. When I was a kid my brother had scholiosis and had to wear a back brace. That may have made me overly conscious of slouching
[Editor Rob: if you photograph a very tall man from like my height and they look straight ahead, it can look in the photo as though they are raising their eyelevel a little, when it isn't the case.

can't believe that Punk sat down, was the actual reason to 'overeager' fans or something?
Red183 says on 26/Nov/13
pictures are worth more than a thousand words...

Click Here

AliBaba do you know your how tall your head is?
Red183 says on 26/Nov/13
Ali Baba says on 26/Nov/13
Red, I was looking down at the camera man slightly so I don't believe I have a raised eyeline.

I didn´t mean really raised, just a bit higher than the frankfurt plane position, but maybe it just looks so because your face is build that way or it´s your normal head position.

I think 5.5" is a really good estimation for the gap in the pic
Ali Baba says on 26/Nov/13
Red, I was looking down at the camera man slightly so I don't believe I have a raised eyeline. But I didn't really have a chance to prepare for the picture either. It was really quick because Cena is extremely popular and the line for pictures was super long. He really seemed like a genuinely nice guy.

Rob, I wanted to shave the beard but my wife wouldn't let me. She likes it for some reason.
[Editor Rob: it's good Cena stood, I remember a guy saying Punk sat on a stool at a convention last year...bizarre, maybe he was scared of the fans!]
Red183 says on 25/Nov/13
great pic AliBaba, thx

I don´t think the cap adds more than a half inch, even with reducing a half inch he´s only 1.25" under your slightly raised eyeline.
So without knowing the footwear I think he looks easy 6´0.5" in your pic.
[Editor Rob: he can look 6ft with Ali (I like the beard btw!), but then if you see height challenge sometimes a 5 inch difference can appear more than it is...]
Ali Baba says on 24/Nov/13
Click Here

Seemed about 6' flat. Maybe a tad under. 5'11.5" to 6". Hard to tell with the hat on.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 23/Nov/13
Lesnar could have a bit over an inch on Cena there if you watch closely. I thin Cena is 6'0.25-6'0.5 and just claims 6'0. That puts Lesnar closer to 6'2 I think. Orton is a legit 6'4 I agree on and in their staredowns it didn't look a full 4 inches apart.
miko says on 11/Nov/13
I've just seen the Cena/Lesnar staredown from 2003, they go face to face in equal footwear and Lesnar is very lucky if he has a full inch on Cena.

If Cena is really a flat 6' as some claim then Lesnar is only 6'1. In reality I believe Cena is 6'0.75/6'1 and Lesnar just about scrapes 6'2.

Click Here - Watch from 2:30 onwards

Here with 6'2 Triple H, watch at 6:20, barely an inch between both men...

Click Here

Randy Orton doesn't have 4 inches on Cena either and he's a solid 6'4.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 29/Oct/13
Nenninn, I never really noticed if I lose a slight margin of height from lifting. Yes if you lift you'll hit your low earlier in the day than on a more non active day. I would think even lifting at the gym you'll still hit your normal out of bed height when waking. I lift in the gym 4 days a week. What do you think Rob?
[Editor Rob: measuring straight after a heavy lift session might get you a couple of mm lower than your usual typical low...they done a test on some nfl players once straight after a match and found they dipped a little below their normal height straight after a match.]
Nenninn says on 24/Oct/13
I think hes ca 183.5 but if he didnt lift as much as he does he would be like 184-184.5
I lift alot also and im like a cm shorter when I lift very heavy for a few weeks, but when I take a break for a few weeks I reclaim that 1 cm again, many people dont realise this.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 20/Oct/13
I think Cena's low is 6'0-6'0.25. If his low was 6'0.5 or more then he would be claiming 6'1 not 6'0. Id like to get a picture with him. I think me and him would be the same height or within a few mms
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 20/Oct/13
Being active at work and weight training will bring you to your low earlier in the day then usual. Also if youre on your feet longer during the day than usual I think you can def dip slightly below your normal low by say 1/8 inch
Matthew says on 19/Oct/13
Here is John Cena with the Bella twins and Daniel Bryan
Click Here
Matthew says on 19/Oct/13
Here is John Cena with the Bella twins and Daniel Bryan. The twins are billed as 5'6" and Bryan is billed as 5'10". If the twins are wearing heals, they may indeed be 5'6", with Bryan being the 5'8" he claims (I have heard, however, that one twin is taller than the other).
Connor 184cm says on 17/Oct/13
Rob do you think its possible cena could drop to 183.15cm from weight lifting or excersing?
[Editor Rob: he could be just a little over 6 foot after a heavy session of weights]
Jimmy says on 16/Oct/13
I am a solid 6'4 footer (192 cm without my shoes) and I was almost looking above John Cena, I can say 6'2 MAX (if he was wearing heels or 6 ft..
samir1.88cm says on 16/Oct/13
my height is 188 cm yesterday t meet jhon cena he is my height but he have a shoes with 3 cm
samir1.88cm says on 16/Oct/13
123 kid cena is 1.88.5 with the shoes look this
samir1.84cm says on 15/Oct/13
cena is 6 foot 2 inches with the shoes
123kid says on 15/Oct/13
Kurt Angle is like 5'10 and Cena is his height or barely a little taller so 6 feet seems to much for him.
berta says on 11/Oct/13
this is the lowest i can see him he is a guy that can looke anywhere from 184 to a strong 186. Cant really see him shorter than a peak Harison ford.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 5/Oct/13
Ryback was listed at 6'0 on tough enough 4 when as Ryan Reeves
Alex 6ft0 1/8 says on 3/Oct/13
Cena may be rounding down from 6'0.5 but usually people will say 6'1 if they're 6'0.5. Cena is prob really 6'0-6'0 1/4
Bill W says on 25/Sep/13
Would guess he's 6'. Thing is when you're that muscular you can be billed a couple inches taller and no one would think twice. A lot like Ryback.
Height181 says on 24/Sep/13
Yeah Walt, we all believe you.
Kourosh177cm says on 23/Sep/13
Rampage thats very wrong estimation.
John Cena 6'0 /183cm
The Rock 6'2 or 6'2.5/ 188 or 189cm
Brock Lesnar 6'2 / 188cm
i believe the rock is max 6'3. he never looked 6'4 guy to me but lesnar appeared 6'3 in several occasions
Connor 184cm says on 22/Sep/13
Like Cena i might just claim 6ft flat like he did because i just get too many people saying im 6ft 1/2-6ft 1 and it confuses the hell out of me and makes me unsure on what i am so that might be why he only claims 6ft sure people might doubt me and say i look taller if i only claimed 183cm but ah what the hell i think going with 6ft is a safe bet 184cm is still 6ft but just over so yeah id just say 6ft for now.
Walt says on 22/Sep/13
We passed each other once when he was on his way out of a restaurant. I was shocked to be looking down at him. I am a smidge bit over 6'1 barefoot. He had footware advantage and I was still looking down at him quite a bit. The difference was about 2-3 inches. Its insane to compare him to people that I "know" to be a certain height. There really is no other way besides meeting them first hand.
IR says on 22/Sep/13
John Cena 6' 0 1/2"
Daniel Bryan 5' 8"
Rick says on 21/Sep/13
Roman actually wears different boots than Dean and Seth. I've seen pictures of them wearing the same boots, but on t.v he wears pretty flat looking boots compared to the other two, and he's still taller than them. He is also shorter than The Rock who Rob has listed at 6'3. So if Rock is 6'3 I'd guess Roman is around 6'2.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 21/Sep/13
John Cena - 6ft0.75/185cm
Dwayne Johnson - 6ft3.25/191cm
Brock Lesnar - 6ft2.25/188cm
CARLOS says on 20/Sep/13
Antonio says on 12/Sep/13
John Cena 6'0.5 (in sneakers possibly 6'1 or 6'1.5 and can give the illusion of a 6'2 guy)
Dean Ambrose 6'0.75 to 6'1 (in boots 6'1.5 to 6'2.3)
Seth Rollins 6'0 (in boots 6'1.3 )
Roman Reigns 6'3 (in boots 6'4.3)
All three members of The SHIELD have the same boots and their boots look at least 1.3 inches thick
Kourosh 177cm says on 8/Sep/13
i describe johnson a good 6'2 person nothing more than that. he varies from 189cm to 187cm.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 5/Sep/13
Here are plenty of pics of Rock and Cena. The pics vary and can look anywhere from 1-2.5 inches apart.

Click Here
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 5/Sep/13
It depends what you have Cena at. He claims 6'0 so we know he's not 6'1 but a hair over 6'0 is possible of him still like 6'0.25 and he's just claiming 6'0. Rock had 2 inches or so on Cena.
gnops says on 2/Sep/13
I watched Total Divas tonight, don't ask me why. They showed a part with Nikki Bella and John Cena. Nikki Bella is billed at 5'6", so if that's legit, John Cena at 6' is pretty legit. There looked to be an evident difference of about 6" between the two of them.
Height181 says on 1/Sep/13
I can't buy anything more than 6'2'' for The Rock. I think he is more 187cm than 188cm.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 30/Aug/13
Cena is no doubt a strong 6'0 guy but most shots of the 2 together Rock looked 2 inches taller
Andy 185cm says on 29/Aug/13
What do u guys think of this pic? Click Here

The rock looks solid 3 inches taller, maybe 3,5 inches taller.
Sam says on 28/Aug/13
I always had Lesnar as 188cm and nothing under that and Cena possibly 184cm. I bet Cena is just wearing his "cool shoes" however little footwear advantage it has over Lesnar.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 27/Aug/13
Lesnar has only looked an inch taller than Cena before but also he has looked over an inch taller as well
Red183 says on 26/Aug/13
Andy 185cm says on 21/Aug/13
Click Here Staredown at 1:53

If Cena is 184cm, Lesnar is 187.
Can´t see more than 3cm
kiran says on 25/Aug/13
i think he is 187cm
Jack says on 23/Aug/13
He's 6'0'75"(185 cm).
Andy 185cm says on 21/Aug/13
Click Here Staredown at 1:53
Sam says on 18/Aug/13
Not sure about his weight, although I wouldn't doubt it, but considering Cena is perhaps the most modernly popular star in wrestling I'm surprised they don't bill his height/weight further. CM Punk is second behind and they have him at 6'2 when I think he's lucky to be 6 foot if I'm honest, closer to 5'11, but Cena has always looked noticably taller whenever they're in the ring so anyone can tell 6'2 is off when you see Cena is only listed 6'1. Also I think Cena was just being modest when he said 6 foot but he could be 6'.5
Height181 says on 14/Aug/13
I think he is only 6'0'' like he says he is. He didn't look 6'1'' next to Bret Hart and he always looks a little shorter than The Miz.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 12/Aug/13
6'0 1/4
Akmal says on 11/Aug/13
He is 6 feet, why would he downgrade himself?
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 10/Aug/13
Clay, yea 240 for Cena is prob right. I am 6'0 and 205-210 and most people say I am pretty big so just imagine for Cena LOL
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 8/Aug/13
"John Cena's height is 6ft 0.75in (185cm)"
JOSEY WALES says on 8/Aug/13
6'0" max and 230-235lbs. He definetly bulked up since he joined WWF. Solid legs, big arms and delts but viewed from the side he is compartively flat. He is very lean with noi excess around the waist.
Red183 says on 5/Aug/13
185cm is still possible for this guy
miko says on 16/Jul/13
Looked a flat 6'1 on RAW last night with Orton and Bryan.
Clay says on 15/Jul/13
230 with low BF at 6'0-6'1 is indeed huge, but I think Cena is bigger than that anyway Alex.
Alex 6\\\'0 1/8 says on 12/Jul/13
I wouldn't put Cena as high as 255. He's listed at 251 so hes prob really more 235-240lb range. A friend said he saw Cena at an event couple years ago and he looked 225-230. A lot of people don't realize how big 230lbs with pretty low body fat is
Height181 says on 10/Jul/13
Since he always admits he is only 6'0'' I think that is his actual height. I have heard he has been 6'0'' tall since he was 13 years old.
Paul says on 9/Jul/13
If Mark Hnery is 6'1 Cena is 5'11
Along imchen says on 8/Jul/13
I think he may be 6ft0inch-6ft 1inch tall and weight 255 lbs.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 2/Jul/13
Justice Smith was a little taller than Rodimer I remember during that Tough Enough season so 6'6 and 6'7 a piece is prob right.
vegas says on 1/Jul/13
the blonde chap rodimer was listed 6'6 in football which looks about right because he is much taller than either miz or ryback, justice smith was listed 6'8 in mma and american gladiators which seems a little bit too much
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 30/Jun/13
That's a HUGE 5 inch difference between Big Show and Ryback! LOL. That's def 10 inches or so?
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 30/Jun/13
Vegas, yea def. Also those 2 taller guys in the ring now they're 6'7-6'8 range
vegas says on 29/Jun/13
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 28/Jun/13
Most of those heights are inflated slightly but you have Big Show shorter than he is.

he has big show at 6'8, khali 6'9 and ryback a hair short of 6'3, yeah clearly only 5 inches between ryback and big show here at 5min 20secs, ryback comes nowhere near big shows eyeline which is where the top of his head should be Click Here

khali also had more than a full size on cena when they had a staredown at judgment day 2007 and khalis head is minimum 10 inches long
Hunter says on 29/Jun/13
Kurt angle is 5'8
Hunter says on 29/Jun/13
Real heights of wwe wrestlers
John Cena - 5'11
Cm punk - 5'9
The Rock - 6'1.5
The miz - 5'10
Stone Cold - 5'11
Ryback - 6'0 or may be 6'1
Randy Orton - 6'2 or 6'3
Daniel brayan- 5'6 or 5'7
Santino - 5'6 5'7
even some say john cena is 5'10 lol
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 28/Jun/13
Most of those heights are inflated slightly but you have Big Show shorter than he is.

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes by the actors themselves in interviews, resumes or articles.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.