How tall is Brock Lesnar ?

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Brock Lesnar's height is 6ft 2in (188 cm)

American Professional Wrestler and MMA Fighter. Brock himself stated his height in a 2008 NY Times article as "I'm 6-3 and 277 pounds" but when (briefly) at Minnesota Vikings Football team he was given a 6ft 2 listing.
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Alex 6'0 says on 20/Aug/14
I disagree. Lesnar 6'2 and HHH 6'1.5. If anything Brock's footwear may be 1/4 inch more tops. Dress shoes usually give a bit over an inch and Brock's sneakers I doubt give over 1.3. Those are not nike shox
BorkLaser says on 19/Aug/14
With Triple H, Steph, and Heyman: Click Here
But taking a look at their footwear: Click Here confirms the current listings
James B says on 19/Aug/14
Alex 6'0 says on 18/Aug/14
Brock looks anywhere from 6'1.5 to 6'2. Fact he was listed at 6'2 in NFL makes him minimum 6'1.5. If he were any less he'd be listed at 6'1.

James, I agree 6'8-6'8.5 for Nash today is possible. What do you give him peak? Not saying he was def. 6'10 but def. passed for 6'10 on TV. Minimum 6'9 peak

At wrestle mania 1996 Kevin Nash for sure looked over 6'9. Today I wouldn't put Nash under 6'8.5. Remember rob said that 6'9 still seemed ok for Kevin.

Today 6'8.5.

As for his peak? Not sure cause in wcw could look 6'8-6'10 range.
Alex 6'0 says on 19/Aug/14
Lesnar looked taller than HHH last night. Lesnar in sneakers and HHH in dress shoes so prob about the same footwear. Brock 6'2 HHH 6'1.5 looks to be accuate
Alex 6'0 says on 18/Aug/14
Brock looks anywhere from 6'1.5 to 6'2. Fact he was listed at 6'2 in NFL makes him minimum 6'1.5. If he were any less he'd be listed at 6'1.

James, I agree 6'8-6'8.5 for Nash today is possible. What do you give him peak? Not saying he was def. 6'10 but def. passed for 6'10 on TV. Minimum 6'9 peak
James B says on 17/Aug/14
Barrett i think Kevin Nash could be creeping under 6'9 today
barrett says on 16/Aug/14
that picture does indeed confirm the listings on this website. hogan in footwear maybe over 6'4 mark otherwise barefoot 6'3 flat. clearly brock is in similar footwear and probably hits around the 6'3 mark otherwise a flat 6'2. and no brock is not tip toeing at all.
brock lesnar 6'2
hulk hogan 6'3
scott hall 6'4
kevin nash 6'9
ric flair 5'10
roddy piper 5'9.5
paul heyman 5'10
James B says on 14/Aug/14
Nash looks like he has lost a bit so I think he's between 6'8-6'9 today.

Scott Hall was a bit taller than hogan so I'd put him at a legit 6'4.
Kourosh177cm says on 13/Aug/14
In that picture, is brock lesnar tip-toeing ? because that what i usually do when i am standing face to face to my 183cm friend lol :)
Alex 6'0 says on 13/Aug/14
Lesnar has a bit better posture and Hogan still looks a bit taller. Hogan still looks 6'3 today which puts Lesnar at about 6'2 there or a hair less. Nash looks easily 6'8 there
BorkLaser says on 12/Aug/14
This was on last night's Raw. Hogan isn't standing straight so this does confirm the current listings Click Here
Alex 6'0 says on 12/Aug/14
Hogan and Lesnar face to face last night. Hogan edged Lesnar out but didn't even look a full inch but also had more relaxed posture.
Alex 6'0 says on 3/Aug/14
Height181, I'm really measured more 6'0 than 6'0.25. Its only a 1/4 inch so pretty minimal lol. Rob had me at 6'0 1/8 at 2pm and then a MM less at 6pm. Certain days I can get 6'0.25 midday or so but that's more on days I'm relaxed doing very little. Non work day, no gym, etc.
Miles Edgeworth 5'11.5 says on 2/Aug/14
The person on the right is 6'2". How tall is the fighter Nick Diaz (on the left)?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: would have thought 5ft 11 range was possible]
Alex 6'0 says on 1/Aug/14
Height181, and my username is 6'0 Alex lol so if I were claiming 184cm I'd have a 6'0.5 Alex username
James B says on 1/Aug/14
Lowest I'd argue for brock is 6'1.5
Alex 6'0 says on 1/Aug/14
And what you said on the other page about losing height quickly. I'm the same. If I wake up at 7am i'll be my low or damn near it by 1-2pm. did you see the pic I posted of me and my tall friend but that pic was from 10 years ago lol
Alex 6'0 says on 1/Aug/14
Height181, I never said I was 184cm. I said certain days I can be 6'0.25 on a good day and that's really 183.5cm. Really I'm more 183cm. Ive always claimed 6'0 on here. My weight right now is 204-205 down from 215-217 in the winter. I'm not as big as Cena but I think I'm a little bigger than CM Punk
Alex 6'0 says on 30/Jul/14
I'm more 6'0-6'0 1/8 range. On relaxed days doing very little I can hit 6'0.25. We'd be pretty much identical. Maybe a few mm apart. I aint as big as Cena but I'm pretty built myself lol and that's another reason why I get estimated 6'1 or more. If I ever meet him I'll have to get him to stand for the pic! Maybe sooner than later I'll get a standing pic with him and post it here,
Also you're a legit strong 5'11 guy. Some guys who claim 5'11 are more 5'9.5-5'10 range so that makes 5'11 not seem as tall and they'll say I'm at least 6'1 based on that haha. Ive met plenty of guys who are my height or a hair above claiming 6'1-6'2
Alex 6'0 says on 28/Jul/14
Backlash 2003 they had a good faceoff and Lesnar looked maybe 1.5 inches taller. Today should be the same. Neither guy has lost height.

I wonder how a pic of me and Cena or Lesnar would look! Me and Cena are prob indentical in height or within a small fraction. I typically measure 6'0-6'0 1/8, sometimes 6'0.25 on a good day non active.
Alex 6'0 says on 17/Jul/14
In NFL if you are X height and 1/2 you can be rounded up or down. IVe seen NFL players rounded up and down so it depends.

Height 181, NFL is National Football League in the USA. They measure their players legit and round up or down or some guys fall bang on a certain height. They are measured around 11am I hear so they wont quite be their low but they'll be above their out of bed height for sure.
MrTBlack says on 12/Jul/14

No he's not under 6'2". In the nfl if you a height plus a half inch, they omit the half inch and go with 6'1". Example, if your 6'2.5" you'll be listed as 6'2" but if your 6'2.75", you'll be put down as 6'3".
Lesnar is not 6'3" but definitely not under 6'2".
Alex 6'0 says on 10/Jul/14
Lesnar was listed 6'2 in NFL so at worst 6'1.5-6'1.75 he'd be. If he were less then he'd be listed at 6'1. NFL seems honest about their listings just rounded up or down to nearest inch. Not 1-2 inch inflations like some sports
Sonic says on 10/Jul/14
I think he's billed at 6''0 simply because he is barefoot. He would proba be billed at 6'2 otherwise
Bubba says on 9/Jul/14
The Rock 6'2.5 are kidding me the guy is in the 6'3'' range.
Bubba says on 9/Jul/14
Brock Lesnar is a legit 6'2'' guy he only edges out Cena because of his footwear John Cena is around 6'1-6'1.5 max in footwear.
Marcelo 1.90 cm says on 7/Jul/14
If Lesnar is 1.88, which is the legitimate height Overeem?
Overeem looked a little bigger.
Alex 6'0 says on 6/Jul/14
Yea Rusev is huge but he seems so wide and blocky but yea being so big can make you appear even taller but sometimes when you're more fat you can appear shorter than you really are.
Alex 6'0 says on 6/Jul/14
Yea he's billed at 6'0. One of the rare guys who are their billed height or very close. Orton is his billed 6'4 height. Cena is close to 6'1. 1/2- 1 inch off. Most guys are billed 2-4 inches above their real height
Alex 6'0 says on 5/Jul/14
They bill Rusev at 6'0 too. He does look 6'0ish with Swagger who I think is 6'5 range. Honestly Rusev is just way too big and husky looking. They bill him at 305lbs and he looks close enough to it. 280-290 range or so.
Alex 6'0 says on 2/Jul/14
I use to believe he was 6'4 but that was years ago when I bought into pretty much all billed heights. Being so massive in muscle can make you appear taller at times. I have a muscular build, not like Lesnar lol but still pretty big and it seems to be a reason why I get guessed 6'1-6'2
Alex 6'0 says on 1/Jul/14
I've never met Lesnar in person. Seen him in the ring from kinda close in the crowd but can't judge by that. Guy can def give a 6'2 impression. I tried to find it but can't of Lesnar's height combine height which would be officially measured. If NFL gave him 6'2 that could mean anywhere from 6'1.5-6'2.5 depending if they round up or down. Def not saying he's over 6'2 but 6'1.5 is absolute bare minimum. If he were any less than he'd get a 6'1 listing.
Alex 6'0 says on 28/Jun/14
Height 181, Timberlake I'm not sure on but he really doesn't look 5'10 range. Fallon I am unsure of but he looks 5'11. Just 2 inches between Lesnar and Fallon I don't see unless there was some camera angle in favor but it looked 3 inches. Yea he was 1-1.5 inches taller than Cena. For NFL to list him at 6'2 he'd have to be at least 6'1.5. If he were 6'1-6'1.25 then he'd get a 6'1 listing like every other NFL player. I could see Lesnar a hair under 6'2 like 6'1.75
Alex 6'0 says on 25/Jun/14
Lesnar I put at 6'2 flat. Really bare minimum 6'1.5 for him to get listed at 6'2 in NFL but typically NFL is pretty close with their listings. All within 1/2 inch.

Height181, what do you think of him Jimmy Fallon who is listed 5'11.5 on here. Yea sometimes talk shows aren't the best for comparing but they were on level ground both in dress shoes and Lesnar looked 3-3.5 inches taller.
Alex 6'0 says on 21/Jun/14
Look at the 3:30 mark and on Lesnar looks around 3 inches taller than Jimmy Fallon who is 5'11ish.

Click Here
Alex 6'0 says on 6/Jun/14
Peak Rock? Rock is still at his peak height. He just turned 42 and if anything he may have lost like 1/8 inch. I really don't think he's lost anything
Sonic says on 31/May/14
Lol, forgot the link
Sonic says on 30/May/14
Upgrade to 6'3, just look at this comparison with Jimmy Fallon @ 3:38. Even with his head down and poor posture he still looks at least 3 inches taller than 6'0 Fallon.
SaveUsY2J says on 27/May/14
This listing is fair, 6'2.5 listed Goldberg edged him out. Also proves that a peak Rock was no shorter than the listed 6'3" and that the 6'1.5" claims are insanity.
Alex 6'0 says on 25/May/14
Clay, I have Rock at 6'2.5 which makes Brock no taller than 6'2 flat
Gerryilde says on 24/May/14
Click Here

How tall is Paul Heyman? He tends to look 5'9 to 5'10 next to Brock Lesnar and in this picture his head is near Brocks eye level
Mimi says on 20/May/14
@Alex 6'0 Randy Orton is 6'3'', it says so on IMDB
paul e says on 19/May/14
Victor is listed by the ufc at 6'0 I believe so I'd guess he is a little under that. Looks 181 cm to me.
Clay says on 18/May/14
The Rock...6'2.5/6'2.75, or a ''weak'' 6'3.
MrTBlack says on 15/May/14

I don't think Rock is under 6'3". He looked noticeably taller than Waller in fast and furious 6 if anything, he's 6'3.5" to me.
MrTBlack says on 15/May/14

I don't think Rock is under 6'2". He looked noticeably taller than Waller in fast and furious 6 if anything, he's 6'3.5" to me.
mma fan says on 14/May/14
why no one writing comment in rampage page?
MrTBlack says on 13/May/14
Hey Rob, I saw Velasquez in person at the Cardiff in Campbell Ca and trust me when I say he is not 5'11"! I'm 6'2" and I didn't tower over him but 6' flat is possible.
James says on 11/May/14
Rob , how tall do you think the fighter vitor belfort is? Click Here
[Editor Rob: he can appear near 4 inches smaller, but I think the camera angle might knock half inch off vitor there, maybe an inch actually.]
Alex 6'0 says on 4/May/14
Velasquez is listed 6'1. At worst he would be 5'11.5-6'0.
Alex 6'0 says on 4/May/14
NFL seems to be pretty accurate with their listings. Usually guys are rounded up or down by 1/4 inch. Guys who are 1/2 inch between heights I have seen rounded up and down. Byron Leftwich was measured 6'5.5 but listed at 6'5
Sonic says on 1/May/14
I'm sorry I just can't see Brock Lesnar being 6'1.5 like what people are saying. He's at least a low 6'2, no lower.
Kourosh177cm says on 1/May/14
FACE, the guy is definitely not 6'0,he is probably 5'10. I'm a weak 5'10 (177cm) and thats how i look like next to my 6'2 friend in that picture. My eyes meet his lower chin exactly same as with belfort with brock lesnar in the picture.
Clay says on 30/Apr/14
Where does 5'11'' for Velasquez come from??
Lorne says on 30/Apr/14
Rob, another suggestion, I think 6ft2.25 is fair for Brock. Granted, he can look 188cm, but then other times he looks legit 6ft2.5. I mean he is always a bit taller than Triple H. If Brock is just 188cm, HHH is 187cm So I think 6ft2.25 is a fair compromise. Plus, it fits with the Vikings listing!!!
FACE says on 29/Apr/14
Im asking this question for all the mma fans out there.
How tall do you think Vitor Belfort is?
He is listed as 6ft/183 cm but does not look close to it with Lesnar.
Click Here
James B says on 27/Apr/14
Batista should b downgraded as well
Alex 6'0 says on 27/Apr/14
Height181, yea he needed to be downgraded to his 6'2 listing again. To get him to 6'1.5 um you'd need a lot of evidence but 6'2 I think is fair for Lesnar. With Lesnar at 6'2 Rock would be 6'2.5
Kourosh177cm says on 26/Apr/14
rob if you downgrade brock lesnar to 6'2 , its time to downgrade cm punk to 5'11 and triple h to 6'1.25.
James B says on 26/Apr/14
Yes 188cm is much more accurate. Never has he looked 6'3.
Alex 6'0 says on 26/Apr/14
Lesnar use to be listed at 6'2 on here for a while. Velasquez is listed at 6'1 but he looks 6'0 range. With 6'0.5 John Cena Lesnar does look an inch or so more. With 5'11.5 CM Punk Lesnar looked 6'2 though.
[Editor Rob: he is going back to his vikings listing!]
Alex 6'0 says on 25/Apr/14
James B, I wouldn't go over 6'2. He actually may measure 6'1.75 just shy of 6'2. I'm not buying him at 6'1
James B says on 25/Apr/14
6'2 flat is not impossible for lesner
Alex 6'0 says on 25/Apr/14
Rob, what do you think of the picture of Lesnar with 6'4 Billy Gunn? You met Gunn and he looks 6'4 with you.
[Editor Rob: he struggles to look over 6ft 2, I suppose 6ft 2 flat is the old Football listing he had]
Alex 6'0 says on 25/Apr/14
Orton is 6'4 but ive seen him look between 1 and 2 inches taller than Rock before too though they didn't have many faceoffs. I can't see Billy Gunn losing more than slight margin of height from his posture there.
Lysandre says on 25/Apr/14
Rob, How tall do you think the fighter Rory Macdonald is?
[Editor Rob: not really looked at him, ]
Alex 6'0 says on 24/Apr/14
Ok NFL listed him at 6'2 but we don't know what he was officially measured at at by them. To get listed at 6'2 he's gonna have to be at least 6'1.5-6'1.75 minimum. I just think 6'1.5 for Lesnar is selling him a bit short.
Alex 6'0 says on 24/Apr/14
I think the Rock is over just 6'2 flat. Nearer 6'2.5 which puts Lesnar at 6'2 or a hair less. Could measure 6'1.75 between 187 and 188cm. With 6'4 Billy Gunn who looks a legit 6'4 with Rob makes Lesnar look 6'2 I think
James B says on 22/Apr/14
Triple H 6'1.75
Brock lesner 6'2.25
Veraskez says on 21/Apr/14
Rob, how tall do you think Cain Velasquez is?
[Editor Rob: 5ft 11-6ft range]
Clay says on 17/Apr/14
6'1.75 is indeed tall in reality...but Lesnar is taller than that in reality.
James B says on 17/Apr/14
If triple h is 187cm then I don't think Brock looks 6'2.5
Zoro says on 17/Apr/14
too much for Lesnar, more like solid 6ft1.75, which is a strong and tall height when REAL and not just claimed by rounding up

in order of likelihood I would say

1) 187+ (6ft1.75)
2) 188
3) 189/187- (6ft2.5/6ft1.5)
4) 186 and other stuff like 190 cm
James B says on 16/Apr/14
Even when billy isn't standing fully straight he looks 3 inches taller than brock (take into account lesner has slight hair advantage.). But billy is closer to the camera making him seem taller.
Clay says on 15/Apr/14
James I hope you're joking.
James B says on 15/Apr/14
Lesner looks 6ft with billy gunn in that photo
Kourosh177cm says on 14/Apr/14
Brock Lesnar with 6'4 Billy Gun
Click Here
James B says on 14/Apr/14
Vegas says on 13/Apr/14
goldberg wasn't taller than hhh in any of their staredowns in 2003...

In 2003 triple h looked 6'2.5 but today I don't think he's over a flat 6'2
randomdude says on 14/Apr/14
@Bill Lesnar always seems to wear big boots which probably have atleast an inch heel on them probably more and this is coming from a massive Lesnar fan but I agree he is not anything under 6'2 and he measured by the NFL at a little over 6'2 barefoot thats what he is.
randomdude says on 14/Apr/14
@Bill Lesnar always seems to wear big boots which probably have atleast an inch heel on them probably more and this is coming from a massive Lesnar fan but I agree he is not anything under 6'2 and he measured by the NFL at a little over 6'2 barefoot thats what he is.
Vegas says on 13/Apr/14
goldberg wasn't taller than hhh in any of their staredowns in 2003...
Alex 6ft 0 says on 13/Apr/14
Bud, I actually can agree with most that list. Orton I think is a solid 6'4 though. With Cena at 6'0.5 it does make Lesnar and HHH look more just shy of 6'2 and puts Rock at no more than 6'2.5
James B says on 12/Apr/14
Yeah he looks taller than 6'1 on wwe.
Bud says on 12/Apr/14
This is what i think about wrestlers height,they are based on that Cena is 184
Triple h 187(i never saw more than 3,maybe 3,5 cm between them)
The Rock 189 (never had more than 2 cm on the GAME) Click Here
Lesnar 187 Click Here
Batista 189 always had 2 cm on Trips
Randy Orton 192
Daniel Bryan 172 Click Here Click Here
Goldberg 188(a little taller than Lesnar and Triple h)
Clay says on 11/Apr/14
People are idiots. of course he isn't just 6'1''.
Bill says on 10/Apr/14
I have met Brock Lesnar twice. Both times were at the Arnold expo. I'm a tad under 6'2" and he was clearly taller than me. He's a massive individual. I laugh when people put Brock as low as 6'1". If you ever get a chance to meet him face to face then you will see how tall he actually is.
James B says on 9/Apr/14
Yeah in this pic brock lesner does seem to have an edge on triple h
Click Here
Mario says on 8/Apr/14
Brock Lesnar is a minimum 188cm. Anything slightly over would not surprise me.
RP says on 7/Apr/14
Lesner was measured 6'2.375" barefoot by the Vikings. And 286 lbs.
Tuga says on 3/Apr/14
Click Here
James B says on 2/Apr/14
Triple h can look 186cm next to randy orton recently but I think in reality he is still 6'2.

Triple might have lost a fraction cause years of injuries and wear and tear. Back in his earlier wrestling days he looked near 6'3. His 6'4 listing though is ridicolous
miko says on 2/Apr/14
Lesnar is around 6'2, Goldberg is 6'2.5.

Rock had at least an inch on Lesnar and a little less (0.5) on Goldberg, it all adds up to a 6'3 Rock.
Alex 6ft 0 says on 2/Apr/14
I remember someone saying that Lesnar was barefoot and Goldberg was in boots in that video? They look the same height in the ring together though. I think 6'2 for them is good and Rock was a bit taller so no more than 6'2.5 for Rock
SaveUsY2J says on 1/Apr/14
Who says Triple H hasn't lost any height? He's well into his forties and has been wrestling for nearly twenty years, it's entirely plausible. Also, Cena is 6'0.5, not 6'0 flat. And The Rock was 6'3" peak at the absolute minimum (look at him next to legit 6'2 guys like D'Lo Brown and Mick Foley who Rob has met if you don't believe me)

Finally, Trips has a camera advantage in that photo you've just posted. You're really not very good at this, are you?
James B says on 31/Mar/14
Goldberg never looked 6'3 back in his wrestling days. I'd say 6'2 is what he looked
SaveUsY2J says on 31/Mar/14
@Height181: Not sure what that image is supposed to prove, because if you factor out HHH's hair advantage, he looks noticeably shorter than Goldberg there. And The Game isn't as low as 186cm either, at least not at his peak.
SaveUsY2J says on 28/Mar/14
Goldberg didn't have a full inch on him, and Goldberg is nearer 6-3 than 6-2. 6'1 is far too low for Lesnar.
James B says on 27/Mar/14
Rob Goldberg does seem taller than lesner in this clip.... Cant see there footware though
Click Here

Do you think 6'2.5 could be too high for brock?
[Editor Rob: Goldberg could edge him yes, I think brock's 6ft 3 claim is too much, 6ft 2.5? I think arguing anywhere 6ft 2-2.5 range is fair.]
Nick says on 26/Mar/14
In Brock's first MMA fight he was listed at only 6'2'' on the tale of the tape. Promoters entertainers exaggerate their height so it's possible he may only be 6'1''. If you watch Lesnar vs. Goldberg at Wrestlemania 20 you can clearly see that 6'2'' Goldberg has a good inch on Lesnar. This proves that this website does not put down celebrities by lying about them being shorter like some people who come on here think. If anything this website lists celebrities taller than they really are.
185.95 at night says on 25/Mar/14
@joe about shane carwin do you mean 6' 1.75"? might you have misstyped it?because the number you gave is kindda impossible to measure
James B says on 15/Mar/14
Jay says on 13/Mar/14
@James B

His 6'2.5'' measurement was likely in the early morning, like most sports measurements. I wouldn't be surprised if Lesnar sinks to 6'1.5'' or lower with all the weight he carries.

He was the same height triple h who is listed at 6'2
Jay says on 13/Mar/14
@James B

His 6'2.5'' measurement was likely in the early morning, like most sports measurements. I wouldn't be surprised if Lesnar sinks to 6'1.5'' or lower with all the weight he carries.
James B says on 11/Mar/14
Looks a classic 188cm guy. Never looks 6'3. But then maybe all his bulk can make him appear shorter?
Joe says on 7/Mar/14
Brock Lesnar was measured at 6'2.5'' during the NFL combine. Case closed.

Also, Shane Carwin was measured at 6'1.375''. He's not as short as many believe.
miko says on 6/Mar/14
I'm a huge Lesnar fan but he can look anywhere from 6'1 to 6'3.

He was shorter than 6'2.5 Goldberg at WM21 and barely edged out 6'0.5 Cena.

I'd put money on him measuring around 6'1.75/6'2 barefoot.
Maximus says on 22/Feb/14
Brock is not 6'1"...wishful thinking. He is at minimum 6'2"...proof is the pictures. He stood face to face with Overeem who is at minimum a legit 6'3" and looked almost the same 6'2" to 6'2.5" is dead on....remember its hard to determine the fighters in wrestlings height because who knows how thick their shoes really are....but in MMA he faced off with Overeem barefoot not with shoes.
Maximus says on 22/Feb/14
I would say that 6'2" is very accurate. Anything less that that is a bunch of BS. Brock is big man and definitely comes across as being at least 6'2"....this 6'1" is silly....and a good point was made with him standing eye to eye with Overeem....they looked almost exactly the same height and minimum Overeem is 6'3".
Bud says on 18/Feb/14
No way he is a legit 6ft3,i think even 6ft2.5 is a little to much for him,recently he looked a little taller than Triple h,but maybe they wanted to make Brock to look a little taller,so they cheated with camera angels,in the past, early 2000 s he never looked taller than 6ft2 with other wrestlers Click Here with Cena he looked only 6ft1.5,he was also shorter than goldberg Click Here
Cain Velasquez says on 17/Feb/14
I would say Brock is about 190cm.
SuperManFan380 says on 6/Feb/14
I'm not so sure about the NFL combine. I know everyone "says" its official truth and "unquestionable". Reminds me of Orwell's ministry of truth from 1984, its argumentum authoritum at its worst.

There is every chance that even the NFL likes their guys to seem larger than life too. Maybe not to the extent of Pro Wrestling, but it IS an entertainment industry.

Its interesting too that they turn the combine itself into a production for entertainment of fans too.

But we cannot question it because its "official truth".
BorkLaser says on 5/Feb/14
Check out this photo. Taking Vince's hair into consideration, I wouldn't think Lesnar is any more than 6'1.5" at best.

Click Here
Kourosh177cm says on 4/Feb/14
189cm morning height
187cm night height

188cm most of the day
Brock is a 6'2er
randomguy says on 25/Jan/14
6'2 @ NFL combine VV
Alex says on 23/Jan/14
Does anyone know what he was measured at during the NFL combine?
Xavihern says on 18/Jan/14
See - unforgiven 2002 he looks 2.5 inches smaller than 6'7 taker so 6'2 is correct but smaller than the rock and even hhh once who was dwarfed the other week by 6'4.75 orton, lesnar once equated to cena who is barely 6ft near booker - wrestlers heights are suspicious and fluctuate A LOT, not least near that rock/shaq/6'5 baller pic, forgot his name now. lesnar would look like 5'10 there, ballers are accurate-ish.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 16/Jan/14
"Brock Lesnar's height is 6ft 2.25in (189cm)"

I don't rule out 188cm, either. But certainly not a millimetre under that. His 6ft3 could very well be an early morning height.
mId says on 10/Jan/14
First I should say that my 'Lesnar is not 6'2 anything' comment was a little stupid based on that it's just by my estimation he can't be it, and not a fact.. I never met him myself so I can't say for sure :p And while I agree with you James that he looks 6'2(I used to think he was 6'2-6'3 before), it just doesn't add up the more I look at it. If you go by other fighters heights when you estimate them, then most of them look their listed height.. But the minute you see them next to someone who you know the real height of(like measured celebs like C.Ronaldo or some fans), then their listed heights doesn't add up. And the first thing that strike people when they go to seminars with some fighters are that they are shorter than they expected. I hear it all the time from people who met some fighters. When someone is listed 6'1 or 6'2 and in walks a 5'10 or 5'11 guy you notice.. Especially when you are 'supposed' to be shorter than them(Like shogun, couture, henderson etc). I remember one fan who met rampage a couple of years ago that claimed he even called rampage out on his height at a bar or something :p He had a pic of them doing a staredown. I never met any of the top fighters, but I know a couple amateur fighters who have met and trained with them, and they all estimate them pretty much the same. Maybe I'll get the chance to meet one of them myself one day so I can say for certain :)
Red183 says on 10/Jan/14
Rob are you still convinced at 6ī2.5"? He didnīt look 5cm taller than Cena.
[Editor Rob: I think he can look it, at times he can look 6ft 2 aswell though. ]
James says on 9/Jan/14
mId says on 8/Jan/14
Lesnar is not 6'2 anything.. Here Click Here you have Alexander Gustafsson in converse-type shoes with JDS in dress-shoes.. UFC lists Alex as 6'5 and JDS as 6'3 or 6'4. But Alexander himself says he is 6'3. Could be since he is from Sweden like me, that he doesn't know his height in feet and inches, but I think he's just honest.. I've seen pics of him with people I know here in Sweden, and I have a hard time seeing him over 6'4. Anyway.. Here Click Here is JDS with Lesnar. On top of this we'v got Cena claiming 6' everywhere he go.. And judging by their staredown Lesnar is not much more than 1" taller. I still have Lesnar estimated at 6'1-6'1.5

In the lesner stare downs cent wore shoes boosting him to near 6'2. That said lesner always looked 188cm to me.
mId says on 8/Jan/14
Lesnar is not 6'2 anything.. Here Click Here you have Alexander Gustafsson in converse-type shoes with JDS in dress-shoes.. UFC lists Alex as 6'5 and JDS as 6'3 or 6'4. But Alexander himself says he is 6'3. Could be since he is from Sweden like me, that he doesn't know his height in feet and inches, but I think he's just honest.. I've seen pics of him with people I know here in Sweden, and I have a hard time seeing him over 6'4. Anyway.. Here Click Here is JDS with Lesnar. On top of this we'v got Cena claiming 6' everywhere he go.. And judging by their staredown Lesnar is not much more than 1" taller. I still have Lesnar estimated at 6'1-6'1.5
James says on 4/Jan/14
The rock 189-190cm peak 191-192cm
Brock lesner 188-189cm
John Davis says on 3/Jan/14
I think Brock Lesnar is at least 6'1 maybe 6'2 if he gets enough sleep. There no way the rock is 6'5, he lucky to be 6'3
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 31/Dec/13
NFL is more accurate than WWE and UFC. They had him at 6'2 so he could be anywhere from 6'1.75 to 6'2.5 but often if someone is X and 1/2 height that'll round up before they round down
Tim says on 30/Dec/13
He stacked up very well against Overeem, who can't be under 6'3''.

Click Here
The Ben says on 27/Dec/13
Rob has this one perfect.
Zoro177 says on 27/Dec/13
3 max 4 cm taller than Cena, so 186 (max 187) cm, around 6'1.5
mId says on 22/Dec/13
Click Here

Pause at 06:03 .. If Cena is 6' as he has stated.. How can Brock be 6'2.5? It looks like 1" between the two no? Even if you give Cena 6'0.5, Brock is still not taller than 6'1.5 ..Making MMA-guys like Cain the ~5'11 he looks with 185 measured C.Ronaldo & in the Lesnar Staredown. Cain is not over 6' and still he gets listed 6'2 in the UFC.. It's safe to say that they add 2" to their fighters more often than not. Cena at an honest 6' is what brings Lesnar and everybody else's hyped/listed heights down.
bob says on 21/Dec/13
this is a right listing on raw a year ago brock lesnar was face to face with hhh and he was about a cm taller because hhh is listed at 188cm
Hell yeah says on 23/Nov/13
Brock lesnar : 6'1
Goldberg : 6'2 to 6'2.5
Stone Cold : 6'1
The Rock : 6'2.5 to 6'3 peak
John Cena : 6.05''
Randy Orton : 6'3
Sheamus : 6'2.5 - 6'2.75
Rambro says on 26/Oct/13
6'2.5 seems more about The Rocks real height then Lesnar. Click Here 6'1 - 6'1.5 for Brock seems more accurate
IR says on 20/Oct/13
Lesnar 6' 2"
Cena 6' 0.5"
miko says on 19/Oct/13
Brock usually falls short when he goes face to face with the 6'2/6'3 guys in the WWE. Some on here claim that Rock is only 6'2.5, and Brock was a good inch shorter. IMO Rock is an easy 6'3 in good posture.
mId says on 9/Oct/13
6'1.5 If Cena really is 6' and frank mir's OLD listing of 6'1 is right. But if you go by how he looks in the UFC compared to others he looks 6'2 minimum.
Kyuss says on 6/Oct/13
Click Here I thought 6-2" but now I dont,legit 6-0 cena. You decide.
Kyuss says on 6/Oct/13
Defo not over 6-2". 6-2" imo.
clement says on 3/Oct/13
Brock leaner is 6'0" and 1/2" tall.
jasperwazup says on 23/Sep/13
Peter North GSP's biggest fan. GSP is 5'9.5'' tops and well built. Peter North the Canadian porn guy claims to be 5'10.5''-5'11.5'' which he's not 5'9.25'' tops but he has well defined traps so he can look 5'10'' to those with an untrained eye.
Rick says on 22/Sep/13
Rob, you have Bill Goldberg listed shorter than Brock, but a lot of people seem to agree Goldberg is taller. He looks taller during their backstage segments, but it is kinda hard to tell, but clearly taller during their stare down

Click Here

What is your opinion and would you consider upgrading Goldberg?
[Editor Rob: he's always been a guy who can look from 6ft 2 up to that photo maybe the angle might give him more than brock, but certainly he could be very similar if measured, 189 range.]
tıtos says on 19/Sep/13
brock cant be taller than 186cm.. his mma debut proves that, same height as min soo kim..
mId says on 19/Sep/13
Hard time seeing gsp over 5'9.5 Also, Rashad is not over 5'10 in my estimation.. same height as mike tyson when they met in an old backstage video. plus, when training with gsp he's only half an inch taller tops.
Mike 181 says on 16/Sep/13
Rory Macdonald 5"11.25 GSP 5"10 Chris Weidman 6"1 Brock 6"2.25 john cena 6"0.25 Roy Nelson 5"11 Rashad Evans 5"11 jon jones 6"4
Gourab1992 says on 14/Sep/13
@Height 181 , the pic you gave is very old one. You know sometimes after many years workout, when better posture comes in someone he gains a little bit height. BTW, I don't know,Cena is 6' 0.5" . Alistair is solid 6'3" at least , may be even more. comparing Brock with Alistair , Undoubtedly I can say Brock is a little bit more than 6' 2". yeah, listed is right ^ "6' 2.5 "
192cm says on 11/Sep/13
Brock Lesnar and Overreem face to face, barefoot in the UFC, at 5:13
Click Here
Clay says on 1/Sep/13
Click Here

Thats definitely not a 6'1'' guy.
mId says on 26/Aug/13
I've followed this sport since the beginning('93) And actually knew about vale tudo even before that since I've grown up with different martial arts.. Always liked it.. Anyway, I've seen so many pics/videos over the years and fan-photos(Who have measured themselves.) that it's safe to say that they are adding a few inches to the fighters to make them seem bigger than what they are. Shogun, Couture, Rampage, Henderson, Fedor, Belfort, Rashad, Wanderlei etc etc are guys listed 6' - 6'1 but those guys range from 5'9.5 - 5'11. As a rule you can shave off 1-2 inches on most fighters listed heights. In some extreme cases even more. It's the same everywhere.. Boxing, other celebs.. Bigger/taller sells I guess. I understand it in professional wrestling where it's a show and they wanna make them seem bigger than Life, but in sport they should be measured correctly.. At least that's what I Think.
John says on 23/Aug/13
Vitor Belfort is max 5'10.25 look at the picture off him on google images with Gsp working out standing right next to each other, we all know Gsp is 177 cm
vinnie says on 20/Aug/13
The UFC downgraded Overeem from 6'5" to 6'4". During the tale of the tape, in his fight against Travis Browne, he was stated as 6'4"
Not a commonly occurring instance. He was listed at 6'5" as late as May 2013.
Click Here
Click Here
By the way Rob, how about opening a separate page for MMA fighter heights where users can discuss. Lesnar's height isn't the only discussed height on this page.
titos says on 18/Aug/13
hey guys, take a look at this video
if you go to 17:00 and pause around 17:03 you will see that brock is preety much the same height with 6'1 min soo kim..
titos says on 18/Aug/13
hey guys take a look at this video.
if you go to 17:00 and pause around 17:03 you will see that brock is preety much the same height with 6'1 min soo kim..
brock might be even shorter!
clement says on 18/Aug/13
My guess is 6'1"...That's it !
John says on 15/Aug/13
Bader is no way over 6'0.
Yeah, after checking A couple of weigh ins i would say Thiago Silva is about 6'0 max too.
Viper says on 14/Aug/13
Lesnar is 6'1 and maybe some change max
Randomdude says on 14/Aug/13
Certainly mID,I cannot see Thiago Silva been any taller than 6'0 barefoot flat at the most.

Bader is about 6'0.5 barefoot
mId says on 13/Aug/13
John: Of the 3 cats you mentioned, I would change place with Bader and Thiago.
john says on 12/Aug/13
I would say Thiago Silva is 6'0.5
Ryan Bader is 5'11.5 to 5'11.75
Phil Davis 6'0.5
Randomdude says on 11/Aug/13
Thiago Silva more like 6'0 flat.
jasperwazup says on 10/Aug/13
Thiago silva 6'1'' listed at 6'2''
Andy 185cm says on 6/Aug/13
Who is taller, Triple H or Brock Lesnar?
mId says on 5/Aug/13
Click Here 26:00
Was I the only one who saw Davis as the taller one of the two? Not by much but still taller. If Davis is 6'0.5 then Machida is 6'. Looks like that to me anyway. Would make shogun 5'11 and Anderson 6'1. Makes sense to me. MAYBE even add half an inch to all of them if you think it's too low.
Randomdude says on 4/Aug/13
I would say Phil Davis is 6'0 flat my freind is about 6'1.5 and look about 2 inches taller and I'm not sure who had the footware advantage but note most likely the guy I know did as he wears Nike air and shocks alot.
John says on 4/Aug/13
I would say Phil Davis is 6'0.5 too.
FACE says on 3/Aug/13
Phil davis: 6'0.5/184cm - 6'1/185 cm???
Randomdude says on 29/Jul/13
I can't see Mir been anything under 6'1 he was taller than Carwin who is probably around 6'0 and a half or close to 6'1 as he was measured by the NFL I would put Mir at just a smudge under 6'2 and 6'2 on a good day.
John says on 28/Jul/13
I would say Frank Mir at a max is 6'1.25 he probably is normally (middle of the day) around 6'0.75 to 6'1
FACE says on 26/Jul/13
Frank Mir? 6'1.25/186 cm? What do you think?
FACE says on 25/Jul/13
Alex: I dunno dude, the picture with cm punk says a lot for me, MAX night height 5'8.5/174 cm IMO
John says on 25/Jul/13
King Mo Lawal is 5'11 to 5'10.75
John says on 24/Jul/13
Bader is 6'0 and Rampage is 5'11. Anthony Pettis is around the same height as Ben Askren and Frank Trigg so he i probably 5'8.5 to 5'9. Also Tyrone Spong got listed at 6'1 in his mma debut so he is 6'0
alex says on 24/Jul/13
FACE, nah i dont think that he is that short, more like 5'9-5.9.5 - the same height as henderson
FACE says on 23/Jul/13
Roc: Go to google and type Anthony Pettis cm punk who is listed here as 5'11.75/182 cm and he's at least 4 inches shorter. But I believe cm punk is around 6'0/183 cm, depending on footwear Pettis is probably around 5'8/173 cm.
Roc says on 22/Jul/13
What's Anthony Pettis height?
mId says on 22/Jul/13
John: Are you referring to the rampage-bader pic? In that case when they were doing the weigh in face-off bader was wearing shoes and rampage was barefooted.

Randomdude: Ah, my bad.. But shox still add more height I believe.. Anyway, Bader is the taller one of the two(Even in the fight.).
Randomdude says on 22/Jul/13
@mID Bader isn't in converse he is in addidas and those runners do have a little heal/sole to them aswell they are not flat runners like converse vv
John says on 22/Jul/13
Mid, make sure you get the actual pictures from the weigh in because they are bare footed there.
mId says on 22/Jul/13
I agree with random dudes Estimates.. also, rory stacks up pretty good with weidman here. He is shorther, but looks Close to 6' if weidman is 6'1-6'1.5.. we atleast know that weidman is dead even or a smidge taller than anderson.
Click Here

Click Here anderson with liddell.. bad angle and we can't see footwear.. but it looks like liddell is a Little taller. Now, liddell is shorter than tito Ortiz.. who is shorter than forrest Griffin.. yet anderson stacked up good against Griffin. Click Here Anderson can look anything from 6'0.5 - 6'2.5 :P
randomdude says on 21/Jul/13
I would put Weidman at 6'1 or 6'1.5

Anderson Silva is about 6'1

Bader is about 6'1 aswell or maybe even 6'0.5
mId says on 21/Jul/13
Click Here Anderson Jon jones (6'4?) back to back.
Click Here Rampage in shocks and a little hunched over bader in converse. Bader is still taller. I'm sorry I can't find the pics right now(have themn saved on Another disk) but I have pics of rampage and anderson back to back and anderson looks 2" taller easy even with rampage in nike shox. Now granted Rampage is ~5'11. But that would make anderson about 6'1.5
FACE says on 21/Jul/13
I'd go with 6'1.5/187 cm for weidman
John says on 21/Jul/13
Also Rory Macdonald can't be 180cm because that changes to a very strong 5'10 not 5'11 (according to Google)
John says on 21/Jul/13
Machida is 6'0.5 inches tall look at his weigh in stare down with 6'0 Ryan Bader
John says on 21/Jul/13
Chris Weidman is a max 6'0.5 look at him with Ryan Bader, CB Dollaway, Aaron Simpson and others, so if Chris Weidman is 6'0.5 Anderson has to be 6'0 surely?
mId says on 21/Jul/13
Click Here Anderson is ~1" taller than machida. I don't Think machida is 6'1. He looks more legit 6' to me. He stacks up pretty good against anderson in this sparring video but I've seen other videos of them when anderson is clearly taller. Click Here Could be machida 6'0.5 and anderson 6'1.5.

When it comes to GSP i think he's ~5'9.

Hendricks I estimate at ~5'7-5'8. Click Here
FACE says on 20/Jul/13
Yeah I agree that rory macdonald is 5'11/180 cm, he gets listed 6'0/183 cm by the ufc but sherdog (mma boxrec) and Tristar (Rory's gym) both list him as 5'11/180 cm
Condit 6'0/183 - 184 cm
Machida 6'1/185 cm
Anderson 6'1/185 cm
Bas rutten 5'11.25/181 cm MAX
mId says on 20/Jul/13
Condit might be 6'1, but I have a hard time seeing even that because of the tito Ortiz video I posted. Tito has been listed as 6'2 from the beginning.. only in his last few fights he's been listed 6'3, but he's Little shorter than listed 6'3 Forrest Griffin, and someonw here said they measured Tito at 6'1.5 at a party.. Now. that may be complete bull, but original listing at 6'2 and we know how people measure.. I could see a 6'1.5 evening height for Tito.

When it comes to anderson silva.. He has got to be atleast 6'1.. He's taller than machida in videos I've seen.. He's like 2" taller than Rampage Jackson(back to back from movie-photoshoot).. He stacked up good against Forrest Griffin. And look at him with Big Nog in this video. Click Here Nog is listed 6'3.. Now he might be a Little shorter, but still.. anderson has got to be atleast 6'1. Click Here 7:10 Anderson and Ronaldo. Rory Macdonald I haven't really looked into that much when it comes to height, but from what I've seen in his fight I think your estimate looks good. And yeah, I can't say exact height for Cam or Bas, but I have a hard time seeing them legit 6'.. And I Think Randy is shorter than them both today.
John says on 19/Jul/13
Also could anyone say how tall GSP, Thiago Alves and Johny Hendricks are? GSP is classed as 177cm by most people which is on the low side of 5'10. Thanks
John says on 18/Jul/13
Anderson Silva is 6'0 tall
Look at pictures of him with 6'0.5 Lyoto Machida on Google (It wont let me post my pictures)

Look at him with 6'0 "fat" Ronaldo

Look at him with 5'11 Jacare Souza and 5'10 Erick Silva

Noguiera Brothers looks at least 2 inches taller and in half the pictures they don't even stand straight they lean over

Cam gigandet is only 5'11.5 tall, look at him 5'8 Taylor Laughtner so I would put Bas Rutten as 5'10.5 (look at him with 5'10.25 Randy Couture)

Okay so Carlos Condit is 6'0 tall

What would you put Rory Macdonald at then? Look at the staredown between him and Carlos,BJ Penn and Diaz? I would put 5'11 max.
mId says on 17/Jul/13
John: If you go by all the face-of's with anderson silva who is atleast 6'1 Weidman is Always a smidge taller. So he's not under 6'1.. and if silva is legit 6'2(he seems it next to taller guys like nog or Griffin.. he's also a bit taller than machida) Then weidman is the legit 6'2 he's listed too. Condit however is a basicly nick diaz and bas rutten's height.. wich is 6' tops. Bas rutten is IDENTICAL in height to actor Cam Gigandet who is shorter than Robert Pattinson. So I'm not even sure about legit 6' for Bas. Condit looks tall next to Gsp for example.. because GSP is shorter than listed. I'm not sure about Cain being legit 6' either.. Look up the video of him next to Christiano Ronaldo .. who was measured 6'1 with a laser on a science-show. Cain is wearing shoes and Ronaldo might even be barefoot because he has his soccer shoes under his arm.. and he still manages to get cain to look like 5'11 tops. And I agree about Cena.. He has said 6' so many times(Talk-shows), and the fact that he says maybe 6'1 if he wears cools shoes(He said it on video when some kids asked him) makes me think he really knows his height pretty bang on.. 6' tops.
John says on 17/Jul/13
Also i forgot to write that Uriah hall is 5'11.5 inches tall.
miko says on 17/Jul/13
Cena is close to 6'1 and Lesnar is a little over 6'2.
John says on 17/Jul/13
John Cena said himself that he is 6'0 tall, he also went onto say that if he wears "cool shoes" he becomes 6'1.

This was in a 2006 Khaleej Times interview. That is all the proof you need coming from his own mouth.
John says on 16/Jul/13
Mid, that video is pretty interesting but the thing is if you look at the weigh in stare downs condit vs Hendricks, GSP, Diaz, macdonald and ellenberger he definatly looks 6'2. So condit is pretty weird lol. Also if you look at Chris Weidman with Ryan Bader, Cb dolaway and Cain Velasquez he looks 6'0 and not an inch taller so that's why I put him at 6'0, I think at a max he could be 6'0.5, what do you think?
vegas says on 16/Jul/13
John says on 15/Jul/13
Brock Lesnar - 6'2.5 on a good day
Cena - 6'0 (Why would he downgrade himself?)
Cain Velasquez - 6'0

lesnar was not 2.5 taller than cena and cena looked clearly taller next to brock than cain did
mId says on 16/Jul/13
John: Your list is pretty good, maybe one inch of here and there, but mostly correst by my Estimates to.. The only one I would switch is Weidman and Condit. Weidman is a smidge taller than anderson even. Weidman could be a legit 6'2. Condit however is not.. He's closer to 6'. Click Here 0:55 is Condit with listed 6'2 Tito Ortiz.
John says on 15/Jul/13
From looking at several weigh ins and stare downs just before the fighters start to fight these are my predictions -

Vitor Belfort - Weak 5'11
Michael Bisping - 5'11.5 to 6'0 so i predict 5'11.75
Ryan Bader - 6'0
CB Dolloway - 6'0
Brock Lesnar - 6'2.5 on a good day
Cena - 6'0 (Why would he downgrade himself?)
Chris Weidman - 6'0
Cain Velasquez - 6'0
Rashad Evans - 5'10.5
Alistair Overeem - 6'3
Jon Jones - 6'3.25 (He is slightly taller than Alistair Overeem)
Tyrone Spong - 6'0
Anotonio "Big foot" Silva - 6'3 (Same height at Alistair Overeem)
JDS - 6'2.5 to 6'3
Thiago Silva - 6'0 to 6'0.5 so i would list him at 6'0.25
GSP - 5'10
Roy Nelson - 5'10
Mike Tyson - Weak 5'10
Fedor Emelianenko - 5'10
Randy Couture - 5'10.25 to 5'10.5
Rampage Jackson - 5'11
Glover Teixera - 6'0
Wanderlei Silva - 5'10
Dan Henderson - 5'10
Rafael Feijao Cavalcante - 6'0
Chris Leben - 5'9 to 5'10
Chael Sonnen - 5'11.5 to 6'0
Mark Munoz - 5'10.25
Shogun Rua - 5'11
Lyoto Machida - 6'0.5
Alexander Gustafsson - 6'3.5
Carlos Condit - 6'2
Johny Hendricks - 5'9
John says on 14/Jul/13
You've got to remember mike Tyson is weak 5'10 at the moment he could fit into the high 5'9 range.
FACE says on 13/Jul/13
But the thing is, I have seen photos of Vitor and Mike tyson and Vitor looks around 2 inches taller so he could possible be 5'11.5/182cm - 6'0/183cm and spong 6'1/185cm. Although if you see tyrone next to alistair overeem he looks 3-4 inches shorter. and overeem imo is between 6'3/191cm - 6'4/193cm. im stumped when it comes to tyrone.
John says on 11/Jul/13
Hi, Tyrone Spong is around 6'0 tall, look at him with 5'10.5 rashad Evans and 5'11 vitor belfort.
J says on 10/Jul/13
Tyrone spong is 5'11 to 6 foot tall, have a look at pictures of him next to 5'10.5 rashad Evans
FACE says on 8/Jul/13
This is a question to any mma or combat sports fan, can you please estimate how tall Tyrone Spong is for me? I think he is around 6'1/185 cm but is listed as 6'2/188 cm. Thanks.
legit177cm says on 8/Jul/13
Brock Lesnar is every bit of 6'2 guy. He is strong 6'2 and in that clip Brock Lesnar is barefoot while The Rock is with his fast 5 boots "give 2 inches on height". Anything below 6'2 for Brock Lesnar is ridiculous.

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes by the actors themselves in interviews, resumes or articles.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.