How tall is CM Punk ?

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CM Punk's height is 5ft 11.75in (182 cm)

American Professional Wrestler.

Photo by PR Photos
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Height182 says on 18/Dec/14
5'11'' for Punk is just fine. He can pass for about 6'0'' in shoes/boots.
joe says on 16/Dec/14
cm punk looked a full 2" shorter tan cena in pics ive' seen online
joe says on 16/Dec/14
you have to understand the human anatomy to understand human height. All adults have the exact cranial measurements which leads me to say that from the very top of a adult head to the eyebrow hair is 4" then from the eyebrow to bottom of lower lip is another 4" then from lower lip to very bottom of chin is around 2"... that's roughly 9.5-10" in a human skull, so if a man's very top of head reaches a 6' man's eyebrow hairs at any given time, this means the shorter man is almost exactly 5'8"
joe says on 16/Dec/14
dolph and y2j are no more than 5'9.5" if u seen on dec.15,2015 raw, PAUL HEYMAN looked a GOOD 1.5 - 2" taller than y2j at ALL times when they were together in the ring
joe says on 16/Dec/14
@ Vargas is celeb heights lists Hogan at 6'6" then rogan is taller than 5'8" because the very top of rogan's head reached underneath Hogan's nose and the distance from the top of an adults head to the bottom of the nose is around 6-6.5"
joe says on 16/Dec/14
punk with joe rogan as per the pic of them together on here; punk is 4" taller than rogan. the very top of rogan's head comes exactly to punk's eyebrow hairs, every head from eyebrow to top of head is 4"
Vegas says on 11/Dec/14
the only time in that clip where punk is standing straight is right at the end, its similar to this clip of hogan and rogan from 5 years ago Click Here
Alex 6'0 says on 11/Dec/14
Joe Rogan's height is bit debatable but he does look 5'7-5'7.5 guy but claims 5'8. Punk looks no more than 5'11 there
Manlet says on 11/Dec/14
Looked a weak 5'11 standing next to joe rogan who is usually towered by virtually everyone. Joe Joe is correct, the UFC is as bad as the WWE in billing heights. They will put him at about 6'0 or 6'1.
BorkLaser says on 7/Dec/14
Yeah I think UFC will bill him at around 6'1" give or take an inch, but it will still be interesting to see
joe joe says on 7/Dec/14
The problem for guys thinking that now Punk is in the UFC we will find out his real height is. Like WWE the UFC does a great job of botching Heights for fighters. Look how long Randy Couture was billed at 6'2 when he always came up a full inch shorter than 6'1 fighter like machida when he was bare foot in the cage. Alistair overeem has been billed at 6'5 when we all know he is closer to 6'3 and clearly shorter than 6'4 Bones Jones in barefoot training fotos. 5'10 Dan Henderson whos is currently billed at 5'10 was billed at 6'1 for years before it was corrected. The list goes on
Kourosh says on 7/Dec/14
CM PUNK with 5'7 joe rogan : Click Here
i dont know how else i need to prove all these bias cm punk fans that this guy is max 5'11.
3inches difference between him and rogan
Steve says on 6/Dec/14
Hey rob cm punk signed with the ufc. So we will see what his height is but in the wwe he is 6 foot 2. That's a big downgrade for him. Is there a chance he's 6 foot and a half or 6 foot 1
Height182 says on 3/Dec/14
It seems to me like miko is doing everything he can to make wrestlers seem close to the height He personally wants them to be Lol. He clearly ignores good evidence and says what he wants anyway. He is just like that other poster ''Clay''. That's why I used to think these two are the same people. I used to think Cm Punk was around 6'0'' myself. I was shown pictures and I was proven wrong. This is why I think punk is 5'11'' now. That's something that these two will never do.
Kourosh says on 3/Dec/14
very well done you picked a pic that angles favor cm punk. look i can do the same :
Click Here

in this pic lets say if bret is 182 cm , cm punk is nothing more than 179cm

now you can continue with your Erm....
Height182 says on 2/Dec/14
@miko: Erm what? You just proved Kourosh was right Lol
miko says on 30/Nov/14
Erm... Click Here
Height182 says on 30/Nov/14
I think Dolph is 5'10'' - 5'10.5'', He isn't even taller than Kofi

Click Here

Kofi is around 5'10'', he looks a good deal shorter than Punk

Click Here

I think cancels out Dolphs dreams of being a proper 5'11'' on here Lol

Dolph also looks 2 inches shorter than Cena

Click Here

If you know your heights properly, then you know that is NOT a proper 180cm guy.
Omid says on 30/Nov/14
Qasgid, I think there is a possibility that he is 5'11 in his shoes, look at his footware, most of the time there is a noticeable heel....but even if he is 5'10 .5 or .75 because of his slim build he can look tall
Kourosh says on 29/Nov/14
if cm punk is 5'11.75 or weak 6'0, then bret hart is around 6'1 as he was 2.5 to 3 cm taller than punk in their face off couple years ago on RAW. but i personally dont think bret would measure anything more than a strong 182 cm.
cena 183cm
dolph 180cm
cm punk 180cm
daniel 173cm
bret hart 182 cm
qashid says on 28/Nov/14
@Omid Dolph is 5'11, here he is with 6'4 listed Billy Gunn.

Click Here
Eclipse says on 28/Nov/14
He can look 6'0 at times. No lower than 5'11.
Height182 says on 28/Nov/14
@Vinn: That's fine man. I respect your opinion of 182cm. I think he is 5'11'' though. He looks a good inch smaller than Cena, and Cena has said he is only 6'0'' and no taller.
Omid says on 27/Nov/14
any Ideas on Ziggler Rob? on this week's Raw Daniel Bryan came close to him a couple of times, Bryan didn't seem to be wearing heels but he was really close To Ziggler's 179-180 accurate for Dolph?
[Editor Rob: generally I'd have thought big Dolph was around 5ft 11, but not paid as much attention to him yet.]
Vinn says on 26/Nov/14
@Koroush @Height182 I have no problem with Punk being a flat 5'11, I was only sharing what I had to show what he may appear to be otherwise. I agree he does look smaller at times and sometimes shorter than how he looked before. But I felt that if he isn't 5'11.75 he may be 5'11.5. I have no problem with either of you estimations and I completely see it from your perspective, no hard feelings fellas.
miko says on 26/Nov/14
Having stood next to Punk, he's a weak six-footer. 5'11.5/5'11.75 range, or an inch shorter than 6'0.5 Cena.
Height182 says on 25/Nov/14
5'11.5'' is too much for Punk. He is not that tall. 5'11'' is enough for him. John Cena is 6'0'' himself and he has a good solid inch on Cm Punk. Around 3 - 4 cms on him.

@Kouroush: This guy will never agree with you. There is no point discussing this anymore.
Vinn says on 24/Nov/14
@Koroush you obviously struggle to read because if you read properly I said I see him as 5'11.5, I was only saying that he does appear 6'0 on a occasion. You were the one who disagreed and asked for proof. I gave it to you and you wouldn't accept it. Your problem not mine but never did I say Punk is 6'0 flat. To me he is 5'11.5, nothing more and nothing less.
Kourosh says on 23/Nov/14
vinn believe whatever you want to believe i'm not here to argue with you or change your mind. if want to put him at 6'0 go for it but in my book hes a 5'11 guy. but explain to me why he is shorter than cena , miz, bret hart, dean ambrose by an inch who are all 6'0 ? 183 - 1 1nch (2.5) you wil have 180.5cm
if you want to base your whole argument on a single video and ignore all the pictures and videos i sent to prove my point ,then we got nothing to talk about.
Vinn says on 22/Nov/14
@Koroush 1 You are the one that says he never looks 6'0 in picture or videos, I give you proof that he does and you just reject it, pathetic. 2 Dolph Ziggler has been proven to be 5'11.5 and Punk was the same height as him. 3 I am not making him sound tall, to me he is a cm over 5'11, hence why I say 5'11.5
Kourosh says on 22/Nov/14
you did not show me the video. Plus, i have shown more than 100 pictures and videos that support my claim of CM PUNK being nothing more than 5'11 since hes listed in celebheights. You only stuck with one video? people appear taller or shorter than their actual heights due to the camera angles favorism in both pictures and videos. Sometimes i look as tall as 5'11 and sometimes i look as short as 5'6 in videos and pictures, but my real height is 5'9.5. So, whats your point?
if he looks 6'0 but why he is still shorter than bret hart and cena ? explain that please.
Click Here believe bret hart can be measured a tiny fraction below 6'0 like 5'11.75
and to your questio, why he looks nothing more than 5'11 next to 6'3 john laurinaitis?
Vinn says on 21/Nov/14
@Kouroush and yet you still have not explained why he looked 6'0 with 6'3 MGK, instead you keep throwing your photos to keep by your statement and avoiding evidence that proves the man is a little over 5'11. I am not saying he is 5'11.75, I see him as 5'11.5 and in that video he looked 6'0.
Height182 says on 20/Nov/14
@Kourosh: Fanboys will be Fangirls. That will not change. Yes I agree he isn't anything over 5'11'' barefoot. It has been proven over and over.
Kourosh says on 17/Nov/14
morrison has strong 3 cm on cm punk which would put him in flat 5'11. I dont know why you guys are so insist to push him to 6'0 club. CM PUNK IS NOT NO WHERE NEAR 6'0 as hes shorter than cena, miz, morrison, dean ambrose , bret hart so on all 6'0 guys. Much shorter than Batista, Rock, brock lesnar and Triple h who are arguably from 6'1 to 6'2 and half range.

I have a hard time believing that this guy would hits 5'11.75 in barefeet. Are you telling me that hes only less than inch shorter than cena? i wont buy it.
look at the video Micl sent. The 6'4 guy towered over him. Just like 6'3 johnny the people power towered over him
Click Here
Click Here
call me troll or hatred but i will not put cm punk anything more than 180cm, nothing over 5'11.
i will not put him in 5'10 range because hes marginally or slightly taller than jericho, paul heyman and kofi who are happened to be 5'9.5 to 5'10.5 ranges.
micl says on 16/Nov/14
At the 1:02 mark of this video you can see a full body shot of Punk and 6'4 Rener Gracie to the right of Punk, both barefoot

Click Here
Alex 6'0 says on 15/Nov/14
We can't tell 5'11 from 5'11.5 just by looking at him but he's certainly not over 5'11.5. Never looks it. 6'0 range John Cena looks to have an inch on him
fedz says on 15/Nov/14
@koroush your pic of punk with morrison shows punk is more likely 5'11.5 as vinn said
Vinn says on 14/Nov/14
@Kouroush and yet he looks 6'0 next to 6'3 MGK, explain that if you can and please spare me the camera angle or camera can be decieving excuse. I agree Punk looks 5'11.5 flat but he does still appear 6'0 on occasion that many people here seem to ignore.
BestInTheWorld says on 11/Nov/14
Punk has to be 181 or flat out 180.
Height182 says on 10/Nov/14
Never looked more than a solid 5'11'' to me.
Kourosh says on 9/Nov/14
cm punk with 6'2.5 batista:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

so tell me how on earth this guy looks 6'0 or 5'11.75 to you guys?

now cm punk with real 5'11.75 john morrison :

Click Here
Vinn says on 5/Nov/14
Click Here

Here Punk looks more 6'0 with 6'3 Machine Gun Kelly. Like many have said he may look taller these days from taking time off and resting more. His body had taken so much abuse from the ring and him not taking off time may have affected his health and posture. Here at the awards he certainly looked 6'0 in his dress shoes and maybe falls under 6'0 barefoot.

5'11.5 barefoot
6'0 footwear

What do you think Rob?
Height182 says on 5/Nov/14
Cm Punk is no more than 5'11'' Click Here Click Here

Like Alex said, Cena has a solid inch on Cm Punk and John Cena has said he is no taller than 6'0'' himself. Cm Punk has never looked taller than 5'11'' to me in the first place.
deez says on 2/Nov/14
looks like punk is only slightly under 6'0, like 5'11.5 max. still a tall guy, people just like to bitch too much these days. too many people saying stuff cena dwarfs him when the man is most of the time at eye level and only has to slightly raise his head, hardly means he has to look up to him. looking at that pic of punk with noelle it looks like he would still have an inch over her even if her neck was straighter. 5'11.5 max and maybe a full 6'0 on a good day.
Steven says on 1/Nov/14
On Mick Foleys page there is a picture of 5'10.5 Noelle Foley with CM Punk, in that picture Punk just edges her out by an inch. Noelle said in the comments she was in flats.
Click Here

This makes Punk atleast 5'11.5 max. What do you think Rob?
[Editor Rob: hard to tell exactly there, could be a bit more than 1 inch between them but her head is slightly nearer...]
Alex 6'0 says on 27/Oct/14
Cena looks a legit inch over Punk. Cena is somewhere from 6'0-6'0.5 and Punk is just an inch less.
miko says on 26/Oct/14
Punk is around this height and Cena is an inch taller. Cena is 6'0.5/6'0.75.
qasi says on 25/Oct/14
5'11.5 is best for punk, maybe looks shorter due to slouching. at the recent rock awards he hosted, he looked 6'0 in dress shoes.
Golu says on 24/Oct/14
It's not possible.' johan cena same hight
Kourosh says on 22/Oct/14
micl in that pic alberto is slouching alot which losing nearly to 1.5 inch. If he could stood erect and tall like cm punk ,i can see a strong 3 inch difference between them.
Giuseppe says on 22/Oct/14
Rob managed to get a photo with Alberto del Rio (188cm). Compare Cm Punk with Del Rio. Do you think there are only 5 cm of difference?
micl says on 21/Oct/14
Alberto Del Rio was just added on this site listed as 6'2" is Punk and Del Rio face to face

Click Here
andre says on 17/Oct/14
john cena is 5ft11.7 how can punk be this height?

Punk is 5ft10.5
Adraino says on 17/Sep/14
Gnops you're making yourself more of a fool because 0.25" can tell from face to face with CM Punk and Riley.
Height181 says on 17/Sep/14
I am not taking anything far Rob. He has called me a ''downgrading cretin'' he has also called me ''poster child for obstinacy'' and plenty other things. Do you see me throwing continuous rude insults at him or anyone? No..
[Editor Rob: yeah, everybody should respect other viewpoints and not resort to any digs or names on here.]
Height181 says on 17/Sep/14
@SaveUsU2J: It's official. You are the WORST height guesser I have EVER come across on this site! Hell, a lot of people get heights wrong, but they still get one or two right. You consecutively get Everything Wrong! Not even one of your height estimates is right. I mean damn man, you should go back and hangout with the rest of your IWC friends and hate on Cena some more. Your name suggests you are a fanboy, but your posts show that you are something else, which I'm not going to say, but everyone can see it. I will completely ignore your posts from now on fanboy, so if you reply to me, you'll be talking to yourself on here. Have a good day.
[Editor Rob: I think that's taking it a bit far.

An estimate is just that - a guess, which can't really be proven to be right or wrong unless the star is properly measured. There is degrees of believability in guesses though. A general consensus amongst people.

99% of people might agree that Rock at 6ft 1 is wrong, 90 % Rock at 6ft 5 wrong, 80% might agree he's in the 6ft 2.5-3.5 range etc.]
SaveUsY2J says on 16/Sep/14
Apparently having an opinion different to yours makes me a "fanboy" Right. Fanboyism ≠ not being a downgrading cretin. By the way, that Cena/Ziggler photo is just as poor for height comparison as 99% of the evidence you post. Cena is nearer the camera, for starters. And, for the millionth time, Cena isn't a flat 6'0. The "but he only claimed 6'0 himself!" excuse doesn't hold water. Chris Pine proves it's very much possible for someone who claims 6ft to be closer to 6'1. Cena's current 6'0.5 listing is fine.

One more thing, here's Dolph with proven 6'4" Billy Gunn:

Click Here

You still want to try and argue he's 5'10?
Kourosh177cm says on 16/Sep/14
camera illusion? Cm Punk and dolph are eye to eye in those pictures. If you dont believe me look here :
Click Here
Click Here (5:20 to 5:25)

Dolph ziggler is no shorter than cm punk and the guy himself stated that he is small (in height wise) for this business to be the face of the company. If dolph was 6'0 guy he would never be claiming such a thing.

CM Punk is a solid 6'0? sure cm punk looks like a solid 6'0 to 6'1 guy next to 6'3 dwayne the rock johnson :
Click Here

and here is cm punk with john cena who is actually a solid 6'0 :
Click Here
Click Here
it seems to me cena always had more than an inch on cm punk in all their staredowns.
well i dont know he can be a solid 5'11 in his wrestling gears but 6'0 ? thats off the mark. But if we talk about his barefoot height i think no over 5'11.
Bernardo says on 16/Sep/14
@Kourosh177cm - that's a camera illusion. I've seen 6'1 guys look as tall as Kane in certain segments.

Punk looks a solid 6'0 to me.
Height181 says on 16/Sep/14
@SaveUsY2J: 6'0'' Cena is tilting his head down, yet he is STILL taller than Ziggler! About a good solid 2 inches. Click Here The picture clearly show that Dolph is around 5'10''. I can tell you are a fanboy, but you need to relax a little more.
Giuseppe says on 15/Sep/14
maybe it's true. is not the best wrestler in the world, but it has a little something extra. the charisma
SaveUsY2J says on 14/Sep/14
@Height181, Giuseppe: Dolph Ziggler. 5'11. Shorter than Punk. You were saying?
Kourosh177cm says on 14/Sep/14
Height 181 and Giuseppe true Cm Punk was good in his time but he was never the best wrestler in the world. If cm punk was the best wrestler in the world , then guys like Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit were from another planet.
Height181 says on 13/Sep/14
@Giuseppe: I have him no more than 5'11'' too, and yes he was a great wrestler.
Giuseppe says on 9/Sep/14
sooner or later, someone will be able to post a picture with CM Punk. On that day we will realize that he is 5.11. Until then, we will know only that it is a great wrestler.
Kourosh177cm says on 1/Sep/14
CM PUNK IS 6'1 in his gear ??????????????????? are you sureee????
Click Here
Click Here

the how tall is dolph then? 6'0.5 to 6'1?
Dolph cannot be taller than 5'11 in his wrestling gear.
CM PUNK says on 1/Sep/14
Kourosh177cm says on 1/Sep/14
181 cm for cm punk
Alex 6'0 says on 31/Aug/14
He'd measure 5'11 before 6'0 but yea 5'11.5 is fair for him but I have him at 5'11.25
miko says on 30/Aug/14
Punk is around 5'11.5, he could be a fraction either side of it. 5'11 flat is too low though IMO.
SaveUsY2J says on 30/Aug/14
He's a weak 6ft, Dolph Ziggler is 5'11 and Punk edged him out.
sackballs says on 24/Aug/14
Funny thing, My nephew told me Cm Punk was 6'4. You know why? Because one of his dumb friends said he met punk and Cm Punk was taller than he was and he is 6'3 1/2. Some people are so stupid.

Anyway Lennox Lewis is 6'4 and a half. Charles Barkely is basically the same height. There is a picture on this site with the Rock standing next to Barkely and is clearly a couple inches shorter. The Rock isn't 6'2. The Rock is taller than John Cena who claims 6'0 so he could be shorter. John Cena is clearly taller than Punk. Punk is most likely between 5'10 and 5'11 and a half bare footed.
justbringit says on 24/Aug/14
seth rollings is around 6' dean ambrose i believe a really weak 6'1"
kojak says on 11/Aug/14
punk 5'11.5
cena 6'0.5
reigns 6'2.75
rollins 6'1
ambrose 6'0.75
hhh 6'2
batista 6'2.5
ryback 6'1
both usos 6'0
fandango 6'2
wyatt 6'0
rowan 6'7
harper 6'5
cesaro 6'4
swagger 6'6
barrett 6'5
rusev 5'11
dallas 6'0
Vegas says on 9/Aug/14
punk didn't wrestle in boots, he wrestled in otomix shoes similar to these Click Here he wore kickpads above the shoes.

you can see the logo on the bottom of the shoe in this shot from wrestlemania 28 Click Here
Kourosh177cm says on 9/Aug/14
Alex 6'0
5'11-5'11.25 would make Punk around 6'0.5-6'0.75 in wrestling boots.

yet hes shorter than 6'0 dean ambrose, 6'1 seth rollins and 6'0 john cena with his wrestling boots on.
Alex 6'0 says on 9/Aug/14
5'11-5'11.25 would make Punk around 6'0.5-6'0.75 in wrestling boots. Standard wrestling boots Id assume give 1.5. I think Punk is a strong 5'11 guy.
Kourosh177cm says on 9/Aug/14
Cm punk is 5'11 or 5'11.25 on good day nothing more.
5'11.75 usually people in that range look 6'0 and more in any type of footwear. Cm punk doesnt even look near 6'0 mark even with his wrestling boots.

Click Here
look at this video, Cm punk is standing to listed 6'1 seth rollins and he is almost 2 inches shorter than him. If cm punk was a weak 6'0 footer he would look at Rollin's eyes just like John Cena.
Pause the video at 2:32 you can see cm punk is clearly shorter than Seth Rollins and he doesn't even look 6'0 next to shield members.
miko says on 8/Aug/14
Yes, I had footwear advantage and Cena marginally edged me out, I don't see what there is to discuss? I don't have any photos of them standing near to me, only ones of the event itself which are useless for height comparison.

I would have been at my night-time low barefoot height of around (6'0/6'0.25 - 183/183.5) and around (6'1.5 - 186.5cm) in my footwear which were pretty chunky Nike Shox which add around 1.4 inches.

Cena in my opinion barefoot would be around (6'0.5/6'0.75) - 184.5/185cm) and was likely around 6'1.75 - 187/187.5cm) in his wrestling gear which looked around an inch or so thick.

Listen, I am not a fan of Cena in any sense, I don't like the guy, but I know he's a big dude and taller than a lot of people expect him to be. He was taller than me as I had to raise my eyeline a little when he asked how I was doing and if I'd enjoyed the show, it was a brief 10 second chat then he walked off and signed some shirts etc and went up the ramp to the back.

Hopefully if I can get some ringside tickets again next year I'll get lucky and catch the guy for a photo, obviously the chances of getting one with CM Punk are zero.
miko says on 8/Aug/14
Having stood next to both men, Punk is certainly around 5'11.5 and Cena 6'0.5/6'0.75. Both could be lower but that's just my opinion, if I see them again at some point (Cena most probable, hopefully I can re judge them).

I had footwear advantage over both men, Cena fractionally edged me out IMO, and Punk stacked up to me a lot better than I thought he would, I'm 6'0.25 and about 170lbs so both men were quite a bit bigger in pure size.
Alex 6'0 says on 7/Aug/14
He's not gonna get downgrade 3/4 inch to 5'11 right away but a fraction off seems likely. He looks 5'11-5'11.25 range most of the time
Alex 6'0 says on 6/Aug/14
Rob, possible downgrade for CM punk? 181cm range?
Alex 6'0 says on 6/Aug/14
Id have an inch at best on Height181, more like 3/4-7/8 inch. Cena looks at least an inch on Punk who is no more than 5'11.25. Me and Cena same height pretty much and Height181 and Punk are the same too. Only a few MMs might be the difference
Alex 6'0 says on 5/Aug/14
Height 181, difference between Cena and Punk would be about very close to me and you.
Kourosh177cm says on 3/Aug/14
and i think i will be the same height with Chris Jericho,strong 5'9 or weak 5'10.
my highest is 178.1 cm and lowest before bed 176.2cm.

I met paul heyman in 2012,and i edged him out by 1cm or tad above. hes a 5'9 guy.
Alex 6'0 says on 2/Aug/14
5'11-5'11.25 for Punk. Looks an easy inch shorter than Cena in those pics
Kourosh177cm says on 29/Jul/14
if Cm Punk is 182, then john cena must be 186cm.
grahem says on 28/Jul/14
@Goldbird I see him as a legit 6ft and just has the natural tendency to look shorter. he does say he is tired all the time. therefore in my on opinion, he is 5'11.75 to 6'0. if not a full 6'0, he definitely no less than 5'11.75.
Goldbird says on 27/Jul/14
Does anyone here think he might actually be a 6 footer? He sometimes seems to look it to me.
goldsmith says on 22/Jul/14
saw him in a interview recently for some music awards, looked taller than a flat 5'11 especially since he has shaped up well from taking time off. robs listing looks accurate enough. 5'11.75 max
The punisher says on 20/Jul/14
Idk. Punk might be close very to 6'2. If you watch the cm punk DVD. He meets stan lee and chris hemsworth. Hemsworth is 6'2. And punk was right up there with him.
Kourosh177cm says on 19/Jul/14
hari are you telling me that difference between him and john cena is only 1 cm? if cm punk is 5'11.5 then john cena is a weak 6'2.
hari says on 6/Jul/14
anythig below 5'11.5 is ludicrous for punk. best range for the man 5'11.5 -. 75
Giuseppe says on 4/Jul/14
I agree with you Lawl, I just wanted a further confirmation. I have always admired Punk as a wrestler even if they are convinced that he is 5.11.
Lawl says on 3/Jul/14
@Giuseppe There are photos/videos of him with Bret Hart and photos/videos of him with Vince McMahon, and in his wrestling boots, he is slightly below both. According to this website, bret is 183cm and vince 184, so 5'11.5 - 6' sounds right
Giuseppe says on 2/Jul/14
We need a picture of someone (of which we know well the height) with Punk.
Alex 6'0 says on 28/Jun/14
5'11.5 could be spot on but no more. 5'11.25 possible too
SaveUsY2J says on 26/Jun/14
Click Here

6'2" Alberto Del Rio doesn't have much more than 2 inches on Punk when they're both in boots, 182 range works, he does look nearer 6ft than 5'11.
mike says on 25/Jun/14
182-183 range is spot on.
Steve says on 25/Jun/14
Punk didn't even look 5'11'' next to Kevin Nash
fergal says on 25/Jun/14
punk is on of those guys who can appear shorter than they actually are. a lot of people naturally do that.
5'11.75 max sounds spot on for the man
James B says on 20/Jun/14
I agree I think punk is more 181cm
Wolfrick says on 20/Jun/14
Click Here

If Amy Dumas is 5'5 as listed on this site, then I struggle to see Punk as 5'10. In that picture both are in similar footwear and Punk has like a head over her.
5'11.5 to 5'11.75 max for CM Punk
AverageHeightGuy says on 17/Jun/14
Click Here
Not very good posture in this picture but we can see that in his boots, he is the same or slightly less than Vince in shoes.
Okeeey says on 17/Jun/14
Next to 6'0.5 Cena:
Click Here

Next to 6'0.5 Vince McMahon:
Click Here

My estimate is 5'11.5 max
Attitude says on 10/Jun/14
Noticeably taller than Shawn Michaels but still quite shorter than Bret Hart.
justbringit says on 10/Jun/14
guys i ensure you cena is 184cm at best and the difference with punk is obvious.Cm cant be 5ft 11.75in.I see him solid 5'11-5'11.5"at best
James B says on 10/Jun/14
He looked nearer 5'11 compared to 6'3 Johnny ace
Giuseppe says on 10/Jun/14
I think he is really 5.11.
Of course, as he says Orlof, only Rob with one of his pictures can give us the real measure
mike says on 9/Jun/14
Rob, if this is his lowest height would he be a fraction over 6ft in the morning?
orlof says on 9/Jun/14
robs listing is accurate enough, definitely will only know better if he gets a pic with punk
gnops says on 8/Jun/14
yeah, I'm definitely the fool because Riley's forehead is only .25" long, right? Get real.
Zoro says on 8/Jun/14
I agree with the downgrading squad xD

5'11.25/181 cm, not impossible a fraction under
Alex 6'0 says on 6/Jun/14
I don't think he'd measure this close to 6'0. Its tough to say but I think nearer 5'11 is right
Adraino says on 4/Jun/14
Kouroush,you don' know the definition of a troll.Gnops,it wasn't ridiculous of what I said.0.25" is 1/4 of an inch.CM Punk doesn't wear boots that make himself taller you fool.
dirth says on 3/Jun/14
5'11.5 barefoot
6'0.5 boots/sneakers
TopKek says on 2/Jun/14
SaveUsY2J in that photo CM Punk is in wrestling boots and Lesnar is in sneakers and not even standing straight. I think the photos that Kourosh177cm posted are great; Punk is still shorter than Bret even in his wrestling boots. He just isn't quite a six-footer. 5'11" at best
giuseppe says on 2/Jun/14
I agree with you, 5.11.
Kourosh177cm says on 31/May/14
cm punk is shorter than 6'0 bret
Click Here
cm punk is shorter than 6'0 cena
Click Here
cm punk is shorter than than 6'0 miz
Click Here
cm punk much shorter than weak 6'2 triple h
Click Here
cm punk much shorter than 6'2 brock lesnar , not to mention brock has poor posture and slouching and losing some good height to cm punk who is standing so well at his tallest and yet there is noticeable height difference between two.
Click Here
cm punk was like a dwarf next to 6'3 the rock:
Click Here
cm punk is not taller than 5'10.5 dolph ziggler
Click Here
cm punk is not much taller than 5'10 kofi
Click Here
Click Here
cm punk with real 5'11.75 john morrison :
Click Here
and here is cm punk with 6'4 billy gun and 6'1 road dog :
Click Here
not to mention if billy gun could stand well, he would tower over cm punk.

conclusion , he might be over 5'11 with his wrestling boots but he is nothing over 5'10.75 or 5'11 in barefeet.
Sean says on 31/May/14
WWE always exaggerates heights
Giuseppe says on 31/May/14
Guys, I think you have joking. If anyone believes that Punk and John Cena have the same height, it means that he refuses to accept reality. I wish someone posts pictures when Punk and Cena are with some American soldiers and their families. You will realize that the height difference between the two is not very good wrestlers of 1 cm. Publish your photos and we'll talk about later.
SaveUsY2J says on 27/May/14
Click Here

I can believe he'd measure closer to 6ft than 5'11, Brock Lesnar didn't have much more than 2in on him.
ElRaloir says on 24/May/14
It's pretty hard to see him as a near six-footer. I really believe he is 5'11" but his boots are actually really thick
gnops says on 13/May/14
lol Adraino doesn't have a clue what 4" is if he thinks the gap between Riley and Punk is .25". That's the most ridiculous claim you've made yet.
AlCappuccino says on 10/May/14
Well according to celebheights, and accounts of those who have met him, Bret Hart stands at 6'. Some even say 5'11.5 but I think he looks 6'. Look at this image of Bret and CM Punk: Click Here

And a video is here: Click Here

Punk is clearly around half or a quarter an inch below Bret, in his Wrestling boots. So Punk is probably a low 5'11 judging from him standing with Bret.
Kourosh177cm says on 8/May/14
Ladies and Gentleman i introduce to you, Adraino The Troll of Celebheights.
Adraino says on 7/May/14
Gnops never said Alex Riley is 6'4,6'3 he actually is.
Adraino says on 7/May/14
Alex Riley and CM Punk are 0.25 inches not 4 inches.Even Dude4 showed a pic with Steve Austin and there the same height.Steve Austin is 6'1.5 although.
Adraino says on 7/May/14
Kouroush no footwear at all shown.You're not only realistic you're unrealistic.Those pictures didn't have good posture on CM Punk.CM Punk was leading back while standing and walking in both.I'm never in a fantasy world.I have better estimates than you do.
Dude 4 says on 6/May/14
Yea judging by these photos, I will say 5'11.5 - 6. He is not 6'2 like WWE bill him as because when he walks past the crowds, he is around their size, and if he was 6'2, he would be taller than most. I also wonder how much of a lift his wrestling boots have, gotta be at least an inch, or close to 2.
ElRaloir says on 5/May/14
With 5'1" Yvette Brown. He seems to be 5'11" here.

Click Here
Kourosh177cm says on 3/May/14
i dont think Austin is even 6'1. Hes been as tall as cena 183cm.
So austin appeared to be an inch taller than Punk. Therefore, 183-2.5 = 180.5
Alex 6'0 says on 3/May/14
Austin is legit 6'0 maybe a hair over. Punk is a solid 5'11
Dude 4 says on 2/May/14
I would say 6' max. Steve Austin recently said on his podcast with the Big Show that he is 6'1. Here is a pic of Punk and Austin in 2011:
Click Here
person says on 25/Apr/14
yeah seems right
gnops says on 22/Apr/14
Adraino will watch that Riley/Punk vid and say Riley is 6'4". He's just making things up to get a reaction now.
Kourosh177cm says on 21/Apr/14
here is cm punk with 6'4 John Laurinaties :
Click Here

Punk looks like a little kid next to him :P
Kourosh177cm says on 21/Apr/14
Adraino hahah im being sarcastic? I'm being realistic.
6'1.75 for cm punk? hahah Here is cm punk with 6'2 Alex riley :
Click Here

The guy just dwarfed Cm punk by 4 inches.
continue to live your in fantasy world.
6'0 is way too much for CM Punk
5'11 max
Adraino says on 20/Apr/14
Kourosh,please stop being sarcastic.6'1.75 for CM Punk sounds like a good estimate.I'm not Punkfan,I'm only on Adraino.You tell him that Rob.
miko says on 20/Apr/14
He's close enough to 6'0 to claim it. He's a bigger guy in person than you'd expect. I stood right next to him when he cut a promo in Nottingham last year.

5'11.5/6'0 range and Rob has him bang on.
James B says on 19/Apr/14
I'd say on wwe he looked 6ft in height
BorkLaser says on 16/Apr/14
I don't see him being any taller than 5'11". His boots are pretty thick so they give him some lift and don't make him seem as short compared to Cena or the Rock. 180 cm
Zoro says on 16/Apr/14
180/181 cm

He always seemed much shorter than 190 cm The Rock during their feud, he's probably 4 inches shorter

He's also 3 cm shorter than Cena
Kourosh177cm says on 15/Apr/14
CM Punk 6'1.75 ??? hahahahahahahhahahahahaha
adraino the joke thanks for giving us the a good laugh on celebheights website again. i really needed that after a long time.
Punkfan= adraino :)
PunkFan says on 15/Apr/14
I'd say he's a good 6 foot. No less or more.
Adraino says on 15/Apr/14
Big E langston is at least 5'10.5,because he was an inch shorter than Kofi Kingston.
Adraino says on 15/Apr/14
I'm not making any radical claims.Not everyone is saying 5'11 except you.I'm not the only one claiming he's 6'1.75.You're the only saying he's 5'11 because you're agreeing on this inaccurate website listed 5'11.75.You haven't spoken from 12/31/13,when I brought up your name you commented randomly.
gnops says on 13/Apr/14
Big E Langston is barely 5'10" from what I saw. 5'9.5" is more likely.
gnops says on 13/Apr/14
lol, I'm not the same person. There's nothing to discuss in this topic. Everyone here knows Punk is 5'11" (in that range). No fake accounts, no nothing, except probably yours when you say he's taller.

I've stilled posted around this site, dude. Keep making your radical claims though.
Giuseppe says on 11/Apr/14
Try to take a look at this photo and remember that Big E Langston does not exceed 5:10 to 5:11. What do you think,d.bGQ&psig=AFQjCNEr1qVgrdgTvpulgd7i5jGZOVqFGg&ust=1397311434392014
Adraino says on 11/Apr/14
Gnops,is it so odd that you haven't commented since 12/31/13.When I brought up your name and you just came up out of nowhere?You have to be the same account as that person.
Adraino says on 11/Apr/14
Well I was close to them,because the gate I could see them through was like 15 feet where I was when they were standing.Maybe because in those pictures at dinner his postures were not standing the right way.That's what most people get from paparazzi.
gnops says on 11/Apr/14
Why in the world would I use another name to make a point when I've used the same name all over this site? Lol. I think people can see with their own eyes that Punk is in the 5'11" range. I don't need to make fake usernames to agree with me.
Giuseppe says on 10/Apr/14
Have photos that portray punk and dinner? So you have seen them at close range? Do you know why I think Punk is 5:11? Because in all the pictures of him with Dinner (6 '), Punk seems lower. Think you can manage to get a picture with Punk?
Adraino says on 8/Apr/14
I still wasn't blaming you,I'm just saying that gnops could of done it.I seen you're name before Joseph,scroll down to November 14 if you're that Joseph.CM Punk doesn't look like 5'11,when I saw CM Punk and John Cena in the back parking lot when they were walking out the building after raw.There were fans screaming seeing them leave on there buses although,but CM Punk was taller than John Cena by an inch.CM Punk was wearing sneakers not boots or any lifts.
Giuseppe says on 8/Apr/14
You're wrong if you think that some sentences and some are recurring characters is why use google translator. I can assure you that my name is Joseph and I use this site a lot of time. I really admire CM Punk as a wrestler and I also believe that the WWE without him will never be the same but I think that he has increased his height. That's it.
Adraino says on 8/Apr/14
I mean't gnops,not you're name Giuseppe.Getting it mixed up because of the letter "g".No he's done it before,don't tell me you can't do more than one name on here.Anyone can use the same name on here.It's not like having an account with username and password,because he's pretending to be someone else to make himself agree from others here that CM Punk is 5'11.
Giuseppe says on 5/Apr/14
You're wrong Adriano, I am Joseph, and no one has ever written using my name, I assure you! Write from Sicily and I have always said that Punk is 5:11
Kyle Reese says on 4/Apr/14
From what I've seen, Punk can look 5'11.5" - 6 feet at times, he is tallish. I guess Triple H etc made him appear smaller when in reality, he isn't.
Adraino says on 27/Mar/14
John Cena isn't taller than CM Punk,your picture evidence is worthless.You only remember a picture that I showed everyone with CM Punk and Kofi Kingston,because that picture from CM Punk being 6'1.75 and Kofi Kingston 5'11.5 they both had no boots or lifts that day.Justbringit you're still the only one that thinks CM Punk is 5'11.I have posted more than 1 picture you dchebag.
Adraino says on 26/Mar/14
Yeah it is true because you're the same person that doesn't type much dissimilar words from each other accounts,tell them rob.I'm only indicting on you Justbringit.Nobobody else I'm indicting but you,because you used 5 accounts including Danielbryan,Giuseppe,Legit177,and Kouroush177.I'm only using no other account but this account.I'm not Lazzaro,Joseph,and Conti.You normally type lower case letters in the beginning of the sentence,you just used a higher case letter in the beginning of the sentence you imbecile.This misbehavior youngster doesn't know what he's thinking and saying.
James B says on 17/Mar/14
Looks between medium sized to tall on TV.
Kourosh177cm says on 11/Mar/14
at 6'0 you will be appeared solid tall but CM punk appeared to be just average on many occasions.
im sorry guys but i cant see him more than 5'11.
foe says on 21/Feb/14
punk is 5'11.5 to 5'11.75, he just has naturally can appear shorter. this illusion can occur when next to big built guys. look at him next to 6'1 booker t, when he was barefoot he didn't look 5'10 at all. clearly at least 5'11.5 to 5'11.75 at perhaps taller when in sneakers. obviously the best way we will ever know is if rob gets a picture with punk.
Dan says on 11/Feb/14
I agree with 5"11 for Cm, what i don't get is why people think he is insecure or stretching himself out when all he has got is good posture.... -_-
Peyman says on 5/Feb/14
@ Hugh 189,
I agree with whatever you said
although I think 183 for cena & 186 for lesnar is out of question
188 for Batista also :)
justbringit says on 4/Feb/14
nice troll :)
Hugh 189 says on 3/Feb/14
Cm punk 179
Cena 182
MIZ 182
Jeffery says on 2/Feb/14
181.5 cm (5'11.5") is quite accurate. He wears boots and almost looks to be one inch shorter than 184 (6'0.5") Cena.
perul says on 28/Jan/14
rob could cm punk be closer to 5'11.5" in your opinion?I think he can barely hit 182 cm
Kourosh177cm says on 27/Jan/14
cm punk and 5'8 AJ
Click Here
Kourosh177cm says on 27/Jan/14
Cm Punk and 6'4 Luke Gallows
Click Here
justbringit says on 23/Jan/14
wow 285lbs is huge for a 5'10.5" guy!!!Anyway this is an another good example when you compare him with cm punk
Marcus Hickman says on 21/Jan/14
Big E Langston is 5' 10 1/2" tall but an impressive 285 lbs! I'm the same height but at around 205.
Giuseppe says on 13/Jan/14
I agree with Justbring.
justbringit says on 12/Jan/14
i told you there is 4 inches difference between the rock and cm punk and even if the rock is 6'3 cm punk still has footwear advantage.
James says on 11/Jan/14
He does not look over 180cm here compared to 6'2.5-6'2.75 rock.

Click Here
justbringit says on 9/Jan/14
maybe a photo with rob would solve this :D
justbringit says on 9/Jan/14
I agree with the fact that cena is very honest and i think that we have proved that cm punk is at around 5'11 mark he just seems taller but if you check the height difference with 6' or even 6'05" john cena you can clearly see that he is no way Near the 6' mark.I please ask to all the guys that come in this site to see the evidence that we posted here in this site before saying whatever they think.The only thing that can ensure this is some of us to meet cm punk in person.
Zoro177 says on 7/Jan/14

I subscribe to every word! Cm Punk 180 - Cena 183 - Lesnar 187 (188 at best)

And i repeat: if Cena is truly 6.05 and above, then it's the first wrestler I see billed only 1 cm over his true height, it'll be a record lol
Kourosh177cm says on 6/Jan/14
i promise you that if cena was around 6'0.5 or 6'0.75 mark, he would round it up to 6'1.As he stated it "if i wear cool shoes MAYBE im 6'1" .
but we can appreciate him for his honesty.Cena doesnt have massive ego like dwayne the rock johnson who is claiming 3 inches more than his actual height. the guy who is 6'2.5 in real life claiming 6'5. Btw in that video you are right brock has 3 to 4 cm on Cena which indicates Brock Lesnar is 6'2 max.
Cm punk is around 5'10'75 to 5'11. no more no less than that ( we are talking about barefoot not their miraculously height increasing footwears). Cena owned him on several occasions by looking at his eyebrows or lower forehead instead of eyes.
this picture proves it :
Click Here
the height difference between lesnar and cena in your video is about the same between cm punk and cena in above picture.
justbringit says on 6/Jan/14
Click Here i see 3 good cm at best between cena and lesnar i think that brock has some trouble even touching 6'2 but i would not say he is less than 187cm.Kourosh john cena has no reason to underestimate himself but it could be a mis measurement and judging by the video with lesnar i would say that john cena is 6ft0.5 or 6ft0.75
Kourosh177cm says on 5/Jan/14
Cm Punk 5'11 (180cm)
John Cena 6'0 (183cm) the guy himself claimed he is 6'0 why upgrading him?
Brock Lesnar 6'2 (188cm)
sam1.87 cm says on 5/Jan/14
cena is 4-5 cm plus height of punk and lesnar is 7 cm plus height of punk . punk with the shoes is 182 cm but her shoes have 1-2 cm of hell .in clouncudition punk is 1.80-181 cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 4/Jan/14
CM Punk 5ft11.5(182cm)
John Cena 6ft0.75(185cm)
Brock Lesnar 6ft2.25(189cm)
justbringit says on 4/Jan/14
Red183 i agree with your guesses.They seem right althought i wouldn't say that cena could be 6'1.The thing with punk is that he can look 5'11 at times and other times he can look little less than 6ft he never strikes me as 6' guy.But when you compare him with other people you can clearly see the difference and i said it from begining that the only reason that people here online list him as 182cm is because he has footwear advantage every week on wwe shows so you must compare him when he is in regular footwear and me and kourosh177 posted a lot of photos that show punk with paul heyman and john cena in regular footwear and show cm punk as 5'11.Even some people WHO came in to this site after meeting him like danielbryan describe him as 5'11.
Kourosh177cm says on 1/Jan/14
Brock easily has over 3 inches on Cm Punk. and Brock lesnar is a 6'2 guy
gnops says on 31/Dec/13
I wouldn't say Bryan is any taller than 5'7".
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 31/Dec/13
With 6'2 Lesnar. It does look at least a solid 2 inches different. Punk looks 5'11.5ish here

Click Here
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 31/Dec/13
I think he may be closer to 5'11 flat. 181cm maybe? Didn't Brock Lesnar whos 6'2 have like 3 inches on Punk?
1997WWN says on 30/Dec/13
It's strange with punk. At times he looked 5'11 with Heyman but recently stood alongside Daniel Bryan he has looked 6'1 minimum, in sown cases making Bryan look 5'6. I struggle to imagine Bryan at 5'6 so I'm thinking that maybe punk is a strong 6 footer. He always looks tall in fan photos and outside the ring. Although I agree he can look 5'11. If I was to guess I'd give punk a 184cm morning height and a 182 evening height.
gnops says on 30/Dec/13
Giuseppe, yes. I was ringside by the entrance where the wrestlers make their entrance.
justbringit says on 30/Dec/13
I rly believe that cm punk is taller than big e.As i said height lies sometimes for example punk looks around the same heigh with ziggler and big e but he looks clearly taller than kofi kingston.John cena looks clearly taller than him and even bret hart was taller than him.The only guy WHO is 5'10 plus and punk looks taller than him is kofi kingston
Giuseppe says on 30/Dec/13
Gnops Hello, have you seen live? you were close to him?
King says on 30/Dec/13
cm punk is 5'9. big e is 5'8. dolph is 5'9. john cena 5'10-5'11. the miz 5'10 I'm damn sure.
gnops says on 28/Dec/13
I can say with confidence that he's no taller than 5'10". I was surprised too when I saw him live, but yeah, it's no taller than 5'10". I'd guess 5'9" or 5'9.5", around Chris Jericho's height.
justbringit says on 27/Dec/13
wow is big e langston rly 5'10" i mean a lot of fans have called him shorter than his billed height that is 5'11 but i would be surprised if he is really only 5'10.Except for kofi kingston cm punk doesnt look much taller than other guys that are lower than 5'11 or 5'11 max like dolph ziggler or big e
gnops says on 26/Dec/13
He's not Big E Langston's height...from seeing Big E live, he's not taller than 5'10".
justbringit says on 24/Dec/13
He looks the same height as big e langston every time i see them together maybe a tad taller but i doubt that
justbringit says on 23/Dec/13
i have doubts about stephanie mcmahon being even 5'11 in heels.Triple h has at least 4 inches on her.Height lies sometimes john cena seems to have around 2 inches on punk and punk seems to have around 2 inches on hbk also so i would put cena at 184cm,punk at 181cm(at best if not 180cm)and shawn michaels 178cm

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.