How tall is Jennifer Aniston ?

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Jennifer Aniston height: 5ft 4.75in (164 cm)

American actress best known for playing Rachel on tv series Friends. In movies she can be seen in Horrible Bosses, Along came Polly, Marley & Me and We're the Miller. She told Rolling Stone magazine in 1999 that she was "110 [pounds], I've been 130, and I'm five feet five". There was some silly rumour a while ago that Jennifer went on a special exercise program and gained 2 inches in height...I'd love to know where that rumour originated! She's also said in an interview she's '5ft 4 and 3/4'.

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J.Lee says on 6/Aug/15
Rob how high are these shoes Jenn is wearing in We are the Miller? Click Here
[Editor Rob: J.Lee, I studied that scene a lot...rewound, rewound and eventually saw she was wearing heels...

I'd say those were a good example of actually giving in the 5-inch range of actual height.]
Bernard says on 17/Jun/15
Rob, how tall would you say she is in the heels from the picture you uploaded for her?
[Editor Rob: almost 5ft 8 in those heels.]
jackie says on 13/Jun/15
she looks 5'4 on screen, possibly 5'4.5
Miles says on 8/Apr/15
The length of her legs is short. I would say she's about 5'2", not even 5'3". But she has lied many times about her height and claimed she was 5'6" --- No way !!!
6'1" Joe says on 18/Mar/15
@chris: If you noticed carefully, Justin Theroux was wearing his favorite big black leather boots that day.
chris says on 14/Mar/15
look how short she doesn't 5'4 next to her husband who's 5'9, she looks ALOT a shorter when their both in slippers and she's still 2/3 inches off him when she's in 4 inch heels, i really think J anniston is just 5'3
Joe says on 16/Dec/14
@az: Okay.
az says on 12/Dec/14
She's 5'3" maximum. I met her. She is tiny. My friend who is 5'5 was with me. Jen is 5'3 max. Also, 5'5" 110 pounds would look A LOT skinnier. She's 5'2-3"
And 110. Prettier in person.
Joe says on 12/Dec/14
From where are all these 5'3" claims coming?? She has to 5'4" at least.
Joe says on 27/Nov/14
She looks more than an inch shorter than Courtney Cox.
Dan says on 22/Nov/14
I saw her in person walking down the theater at the egyptian and she is no taller than 5-3 or 5-4
J.Lee says on 15/Sep/14
rob how tall do you think she is in these?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: close to 5ft 9]
Clay says on 21/Aug/14
She was always staggeringly hot on TV Dmeyer, not sure why you would be surprised by her looks in person..
Az says on 7/Jun/14
I met her. She's really short. 5'3 maximum.
bunchee says on 30/Nov/13
jenn is about 5'4" in her stocking feet but them 5 to 6" heels make her about 5'9" to 5'10"!
Erin says on 2/Nov/13
Her wax figure at the NYC wax museum must be taller then, because I'm 5'3" and wore sneakers the day I went, and her mannequin there was about 6" taller than me in 4" heels, making her about 5'5". Although for what it's worth, she did seem closer to my height when I actually met her several years ago. My guess then was 5'4".
someone says on 1/Nov/13
in we're the millers she looks 2 inches taller than 5'2 emma roberts so id say jennifer is 5'4
Lalu says on 23/Sep/13
well if wax mannequins are true to height and size she must be under 5'3" and 95 lbs. I'm 5'5" and I was clearly 2 to 3 inches above her. Go to Hollywood wax museum and see for yourself!!
Len says on 9/Sep/13
>"Here, she looks as tall as Brooke shields, same heels Click Here"

Umm... no. In that pic Aniston is closer to the camera, which gives the illusion of height.

Also, in that pic, you really can't tell how tall both their heels are.

Aniston is nowhere near as tall as Brooke Shields, who is 5'11". If she was, she would've towered over not only Courtney Cox but also 5'8" Lisa Kudrow on Friends. She clearly did not.

If your intent was to be humorous though, then kudos. =]
Dmeyer says on 18/Aug/13
I met her she seemed about 5'8 heels on 5'4.75 seems right, better looking in person
Dmeyer says on 18/Aug/13
I met her she seemed about 5'8 heels on 5'4.75 seems right, better looking in person
Len says on 18/Aug/13
She looks 5'4" in most everything, maybe 5'4.5" at most.
J.Lee says on 5/Apr/13
Rob, how about these shoes? Are they as high? How tall is Jen in these heels? Click Here
J.Lee says on 5/Apr/13
Rob how tall is she in these platforms? Click Here
[Editor Rob: she'd probably have been about 5ft 9.5 in them. If I met her in say converse she'd look an inch taller than me...]
J.Lee says on 12/Mar/13
Here, she looks as tall as Brooke shields, same heels Click Here
MaskDeMasque says on 13/Oct/12
yeh, i'd say this height is about right. She looked hot as hell in horrible bosses. She was quite a bit taller than charlie day in heels in that film, makes me think charlie is less than 5'6.
Maximus Meridius says on 17/Aug/12
Rob is a 5ft 4in flat possible for her i never thought of her as 5ft 5in you looks more 5ft 4in than 5ft 5in.
weez says on 27/Jul/12
Saw a clip of her on the Ellen Show and Ellen Degeneres was noticeably taller than Jen though she was wearing tall wedge shoes and Ellen was in flats. I think she is about 5'3"
? says on 30/Jan/12
lol she is 1.64 m
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 22/Jan/12
Rare funny woman. Relatively tall woman by British standards, maybe average height in the US.
andie says on 21/Jan/12
Jennifer Aniston is one of my favorite actresses and I absolutely love her. Why you'd get the impression that I don't like her is a mystery to me.
I am talking about ancestry and how I don't consider people's ancestry unless they actually have some connection to it other than just saying I am Italian or whatever. People marry into other nationalities and it gets diluted.
I never referred Aniston as the person claiming to be Greek. Though I do believe she has Greek ancestry, she is not Greek.
That's all I am saying. And I believe her to be a firm 5f3 and looks beautiful. Adding inches to her height wouldn't make her any prettier to me.

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