How tall is Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook's Height

5ft 6 (167.6 cm)

British actress, model and TV presenter known for roles in Three, Piranha 3D and Keith Lemon:The Movie.
I've always been about 8 and a half to 9 stone and I'm 5ft 6in. I think that's normal. - The Mirror, 2007

How tall is Kelly Brook
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I want to be toned and healthy. I'm 5ft 6in so the skinniest I can be is 119lbs. and a size 8 [UK], and that's when people start saying I've lost loads of weight. At the moment I'm 126lbs. and a size 10 and I'm really happy. - OK Magazine, 2012
I was 5ft 6in with 36in hips, a 25in waist and large boobs.
I guess I'm not a typical 5'10 skinny supermodel, I'm 5'6 I'm curvy, I've got real boobs - that hang! I'm just normal.
I'd started out at Models 1...But within a few seconds of my being there it was fairly obvious I was not the right height or shape for them. I was 5 foot 6 inches with a 30E chest, 24-inch waist and 36-inch hips. I was far too short with massive boobs and a curvy body; I had completely the wrong proportions. I was a round, sexy girl when the whole heroin-chic waif thing was at its height.
-- My story, 2014

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Average Guess (29 Votes)
5ft 5.59in (166.6cm)
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 9/Mar/22
She's just about 166.5, never was the full 5ft6
Callum James Brown said on 6/Mar/22
rlheight5'11 said on 21/Dec/21
@Rob... Or maybe not, I wouldn't ask for a picture. The last thing I want is to be pictured beside her in someone else's photo.

curvy isn't usually my type but from photos she's attractive.
rlheight5'11 said on 20/Dec/21
Kelly's bs look naturally huge and she's quite thicc too and that makes everything look more bigger. I'm sure a woman with her figure and looks attracts a lot of attention out and about, wouldn't she Rob.. then again Kelly is attractive and according to science has the perfect figure. Could imagine some men eyeballing her, I would gladly ask for a picture!
Editor Rob
Yes, she'll certainly attract a lot of male attention at any event she attends, even if she weren't a celebrity.
rlheight5'11 said on 30/Nov/21
I can say researching her has led me to some interesting ads on this forum, jk. She is nice of course, I think maintaining that shape would be a bit difficult. Kelly is too thic to my own preference. Photos vs irl is different. 5'6 for her πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
Leesheff85 said on 17/Sep/20
Jason statham is a weak 5ft 9 add shoes thats about 5ft 10 or a little over if hes in 1.5 inch shoes so she would be a bit shorter shes definitely 5ft 6
Realist said on 30/May/20
I say she is 5'4 how is she shorter than 5'8 Jason Statham with 3 inch heels by 2 inches he has on shoes so that would make him 5'9ish and that would make her 5'7 ish in heels or 5'4 ish barefoot
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/Feb/20
I must say, I did use to think that Kelly was 5ft7, but now I stand corrected.

It's good to see that Kelly is advertising the product Slim Fast. For those who think that someone like her doesn't need it, keeping in shape is an ongoing effort. I use the stuff to keep my weight down, and recently, I've discovered the new bars. Mind you, they don't half make you fart!

Another film of Kelly's well worth seeing is 'Pirahna 3D', even if she does come to a sticky end, if I remember rightly. She stars alongside the great Eli Roth.

Today, the lovely Kelly gets 5ft6.

Sandy Cowell said on 20/Jan/19
If you think that Kelly can't act then I suggest you see the film 'Three'. It shows spasmodically on the 'Horror Channel' and is a really good watch. In 'Piranha 3D', the main female star is Elisabeth Shue, and the great Eli Roth is also in it, but Kelly is there basically for her artful underwater swimming scenes, which don't hold her in good stead with a sea full of bloodthirsty piranha fish!

It's on tonight, and if I can drag myself away from 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire', then I shall see it. If I can't, I always have a copy upstairs! πŸ‘

It's worth checking out because it's an impressive, taut little thriller, and you won't be disappointed guys if you're a fan of Kelly's fine form!

I will give Kelly the same as l did last time, which is 5ft6.25.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 16/Nov/18
Average vote is crazy. 5'6 and curvy she is.
kellyfan said on 7/Jul/18
Rob, how tall is she in these platforms?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Those are dangerous heels - you have to be careful with walking as you could hurt your ankles! She could measure 5ft 11 in them.
MAD SAM said on 16/Dec/17
A really attractive woman, her height should be around 165 cm
Anonymous said on 8/Dec/17
She might not be the 5'10 or taller but shes beautiful and Curvy
PTguy said on 15/Nov/17
Hey Rob, how tall do you think her ex David Mcintosh is? He was recently on a show called Bromans but I'm wondering because he has the most aesthetic body I've ever seen
Editor Rob
he could look about 6 inches taller than her.
Abs B Toned said on 20/Oct/17
5'6 is probably exact. A knockout in person. I mean, an absolute stunner. 10 out of 10.
Sandy Cowell said on 13/Aug/17
@ Gladstone Screwer - πŸ˜‚ πŸ‘Œ
Sandy Cowell said on 20/Jun/17
@ Gladstone Screwer - Naughty boy! Put your sweetcorn away!

Anyway, I thought Kelly was more of the 5ft7 range! She does look taller than a flat 5ft6. I am going with 5ft6.25 for her, and that's a considerable drop from how tall I expected her to be!
HonestSlovene said on 25/May/17
@grizz I 100% concur my friend, stunning is what she is.
grizz said on 9/Mar/17
According to science, she's got the perfect female body.
Borats Chicken said on 16/Jan/17
rob, i dont get it, whats a different between a model and a 'Glamuor' model arent they the same??
Editor Rob
the size of their Bra.

some 'glamour' models are more akin to have been in stuff like Page 3, Nuts magazine, that kind.
Realist said on 5/Jan/17
I say 5'5 because she's shorter than Jason Statham in heels by 2-3 inches putting her at 5'7 or 5'8 in moderate heels.
Legend X said on 26/Sep/15
How tall do we think Jeremy Parisi is? Is listed as 5'11.5 by Select Models but looks to be no more than 5'7

Click Here
Editor Rob
I think he's got to be at least 5ft 9, in the one photo on more level ground he looks 5ft 9-10 possibly.
Arch Stanton said on 14/Aug/15
The fittest she's ever looked is in the recent Hyundai advert IMO. She just looks gorgeous!! I get the impression she's a bit shallow with men and looks though.
littlesue said on 11/Jan/15
Lol, The 'bloke' never been near a computer in his life!!
Editor Rob
well I'm sure a friend will help ;)
littlesue said on 10/Jan/15
Lol Rob, found a few bikini shots out from in my 20's but no idea how to put them up
Editor Rob
I'm sure your man can help you out, just tell him it's to do with height research if he raises an eyebrow!
Arch Stanton said on 8/Jan/15
OK, well it was better than the one Alison King did with Seagal anyway to be fair!!
Arch Stanton said on 8/Jan/15
Good grief, if House of 9 was one of her better ones just imagine what they others are all like!
littlesue said on 7/Jan/15
I've compared myself to top heavy women with no hips Arch, nothing else!! hate my shape, haven't been able to fit in a dress for the last 30 years, lol
Editor Rob
that's ok, photos from when you were 18 will just have to do!
Arch Stanton said on 7/Jan/15
I think of her as an actress about as much as I think of Jordan as an actress! She has been in a few films though granted, she was in one with Dennis Hopper which was pretty awful!
Editor Rob
that was one of her better ones...actually I think it's only one I watched with her in it.
Arch Stanton said on 7/Jan/15
I'[m totally confused as to what Little Sue's actual shape is LOL, she's compared herself so many different women!!
Arch Stanton said on 7/Jan/15
Rob, she's not really a proper actress is she? She's essentially a model who might have had some roles, can you at least tweak to model, actress and former TV presenter?
Editor Rob
I think she might take some offence to that :) Although it's true that she has probably earned more through modelling contracts.
Connor6ft said on 5/Jan/15
Shes very hot, Rob how much height are those heels giving Kelly? 3 inches?
Editor Rob
probably nearer 3.5 inches of height
littlesue said on 20/Sep/14
She lucky to have that shape!! I'm more the top heavy slim hipped shape, like Kate Upton, can never get anything to fit and never look like I have any waist as my hips so flat!!
Editor Rob
you know I skim read and at first my mind had the words 'I'm Kate Upton' and I was about to say, show us a photo please!
Crash said on 19/Sep/14
She is naturally hourglass shaped, that's curvy regardless of size. Curvy has nothing to do give size... you can be a skinny hourglass or even a fat one. But I wouldn't have ever called her skinny, she had a nice slim figure before.
StopHijackingMyNick said on 2/Mar/14
Perfect height and weight for women. I am red in the face already lol.
little sue said on 1/May/13
Olive she is slim with a full bust and wide hip frame, this shape does make women look curvier than they are. They all go on about the 1950's and how bigger and shapely they were than skinny film stars nowadays but they were probably equally as slim but todays 'straight up and down' shape makes them appear slimmer.
Olive said on 30/Apr/13
She is still skinny with hips how can anyone say she is curvy she is skinny so men need to shut up
Arch Stanton said on 8/Jan/13
thc-182 says on 30/Dec/12
in high heels she looks 171 cm next to 183 cm, tom evans, this guy could be above 183, but considering his height was measured by his club or something like that...i think she is not really 168, 165 cm could be accurate, she looks average for a woman

Doubt she's under 5'5.5" but i agree that Thom Evans has the Jamie Redknapp effect. He can look 6'1-6'2" at times yet is listed at 6'.
thc-182 said on 30/Dec/12
in high heels she looks 171 cm next to 183 cm, tom evans, this guy could be above 183, but considering his height was measured by his club or something like that...i think she is not really 168, 165 cm could be accurate, she looks average for a woman
Elijah said on 30/Dec/12
Wasn't she listed at 5'3" not long ago? Either way it makes her 5'8" claims that I have seen all over the place nothing but laughing gas.
little sue said on 22/Jan/12
I can't see her being as low as 5ft 3. Look at pics of her with Jason Statham, she looks about 3 or 4 inches shorter without her heels. I would say around 5ft 5.5 and she rounds up
PapaGeet said on 21/Jan/12
Even if he is 6ft1 (185cm) and we suppose she is 90% of his height (which i think she is not :D ) she would be 5ft5 (165cm).

So my guess is 5ft3 (160cm) MAX!

Quoting tcmag: "In real life Kelly is tiny, except her b@@bs...!"

Click Here
Shaun said on 1/Aug/11
Click Here

Looks like many agree with me. For me Brook and J-Lo have the most desirable bodies and they were voted 1 st and 2nd in a poll. Us red blooded males like volumptious healthy looking chicks with a bit of meat on them, not rake thin gaunt looking....
Shaun said on 15/Jul/11
For me Kelly Brook has the perfect female body. Perfect height for a woman, perfect natural breasts and long luscious hair and always smiling. That girl truly has been blessed in the looks department and she knows it. I'm sure most girls if they looked like her would go around smiling all of the time. She's eons more attractive than the LA blonde barbie doll clones and the fake tan chavs.
Shaun said on 18/Mar/11
Click Here

Difficult to see him under 6'1" here. She's in heeled boots and he still towers her in sneakers. He looks a legit 6 ft 2 in this picture, although his bouffed hair does make him look a bit taller than he he.
jed said on 16/Mar/11
Thom Evans is 6' and makes her look tiny:
Click Here

Even on a slight slope and with a footwear advantage that's more than 6 inches.

Editor Rob
maybe he's taller than 6ft flat.
Bon said on 5/Dec/10
as listed, give or take 1/4 inch.
Gheight said on 29/Oct/10
She is 5" 6.5
.anon said on 4/Jun/09
5FT11 GIRL says on 29/Dec/08
5ft6 is spot on,
i met her and she came up to just above my shoulder so yep 5ft6

My Response: If you're 5'11 she should be around your eye level. Idiot


my response: I am 5'5 1/2 and my mum is 5'11, and I come up just below her ear.
anon said on 29/Apr/09
she is 5'8 isn't she? looked more than 2 inches taller than amanda holdon.
Thomas said on 16/Apr/09
Seen her twice. Once in four inch heels and very skinny. That made her look tall. Then I saw her today with a friend of hers in Regent Street. She was so cute today. So happy and normal, dressed casual, no make up, little natural cute acne that made her very girl next door. 5ft 5.5 or 5ft 6 is right on.
Galliard Holmes said on 8/Mar/09
Louise says on 27/Sep/08
She lives quite near to me and whenever i see her shes roughly the same height as me..5ft6

Please, what happens for those periods when you do not see her?

Also, I've just realised something suddenly: with celebrities like Kelly Brook and Juan Pablo Montoya, those sort, they seem to be more difficult to measure the further away one is. This is why this information from someone who lives almost literally quite near to Kelly is invaluable.
Missy said on 20/Jan/09
In response to Ben: she should be eye level, thats 5 inches, how bigs your forehead!
And your calling people idiots?
Ben said on 30/Dec/08
5FT11 GIRL says on 29/Dec/08
5ft6 is spot on,
i met her and she came up to just above my shoulder so yep 5ft6

My Response: If you're 5'11 she should be around your eye level. Idiot
5FT11 GIRL said on 29/Dec/08
5ft6 is spot on,
i met her and she came up to just above my shoulder so yep 5ft6
Louise said on 27/Sep/08
She lives quite near to me and whenever i see her shes roughly the same height as me..5ft6
Taller... said on 26/May/08
[Editor Rob: Kelly does not say 5ft 8 for her height, see the 2/Apr/07 quote, she says 5ft 6.]

Well, most sites put her at 5'8". And, again she was quite a bit taller than me, she was in beach sandals (flat soled) and probably stood 5'10" or 5'11", because I am only 5'9".
Taller... said on 19/May/08
Se says that she is 5'8", but I think that she is 5'10" to 5'11" cause I saw her before and she was quite a bit taller than me and I am 5'9". She was in flat-sole shoes too.

Editor Rob
Kelly does not say 5ft 8 for her height, see the 2/Apr/07 quote, she says 5ft 6.
brapp said on 21/Jan/08
in mags it always says shes 5'8"

on the same week, in one mag it says she was 5'8" and 8 and a half stone, in another it says shes 5'8" and 10 stone 4 pound. lol

if shes actually between 8 and 9 stone theres NO WAY she can be above 5'5". she cant be only a stone heavier then me and the same height (5'6") when shes built so much bigger then me
Adder said on 15/Nov/07
The pics from this show are now on can't possibly be above 5'5''.
Adder said on 29/Oct/07
Kelly appeared on Jonathan Ross show last week with Penny Lancaster.She was dwarfed by 6'1'' Penny when they walked on together and it was noticeable that when they were sat next to each other,Kellys legs didn't reach the floor compared to Pennys that did comfortably.When they stood up at the end of the show,Kelly looked around 8 to 9 inches shorter than Penny which would put her not taller than 5'5''
Emily said on 25/Jul/07
I saw her at some charity comedy event in London and was shocked at how short she is because I always imagined her to be tall. She was about 5'6" in heels. Really pretty close up!
Editor Rob said on 2/Apr/07
Quoted in FemaleFirst:
"I’ve always been about 8 and a half to 9 stone and I’m 5 ft 6in."
Franco said on 13/Dec/06
5'6 is exact, just seen a great picture in the magazine GENTE (italy) she is walking on the beach with nothing in her feet, straight picture. looks 5'6.
Z. said on 27/Sep/05
In the latest Instyle magazine, she says that she is 5'5.5 but wished that she was 5'9 and had long legs...
Kizza said on 20/Jun/05
Good spot Faye.Judi actually teased Kelly that she was standing on a step to be at eye level with her and it was noticeable that after that show Kelly always wore high heels.I'd say she's no more than 5'5'' at best and that's assuming Judi is around 6ft.
Anonymous said on 6/Jun/05
Kelly stood next to Patrick Kelty who is around 5'10 tall and she looked about 6" shorter. She's probably 5'7 in heels like most women like to wear these days even though they can only walk 100 yards in them.
Anonymous said on 6/Jun/05
I walked past her in Soho - I'm 5'7" and she was shorter than me for definite. I reckon 5'5". Much thinner than you'd think too.
faye said on 20/May/05
There is no way Kelly is 5'8". On Celebrity Love Island she was standing in heels next to Judy Shekoni who was in flats. She looks around 6'0" but even if she is 5'10" like I saw she was somewhere else then Kelly is still an awful lot smaller. When Kelly was stood a step above Judy only then were they the same height so she can't be much more than 5'4"
Anon said on 15/May/05
i reckon is 5 ft 8

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