How tall is Elisha Cuthbert

Elisha Cuthbert's Height

5ft 1.5in (156.2 cm)

Canadian actress best known to TV audiences for her role as Kim Bauer in 24 and Alex Kerkovich in Happy Endings. In film, she had memorable roles in The Girl Next Door, Love Actually and House of Wax. Eliza once claimed to stand "5ft 3".

How tall is Elisha Cuthbert
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Average Guess (5 Votes)
5ft 1.9in (157.2cm)
Alexandra said on 28/Aug/17
@grizz, I wonder the same. I think 45 kg is the maximum weight, but I don't know
grizz said on 7/Jun/17
I know it's not a polite thing to ask, but how much did she weigh on Girl Next Door? I only found a 60 kg listing which is absolutely ridiculous given her perfect figure in that movie. Knowing her height now (didn't know she was so small!) I'd give her 50 kg tops.
Marquis said on 27/Mar/17
Could see 5'2" for her.
Shawn said on 30/Jun/16
I would say under 5 ft. tall. Craig Kilborn was asking her about her height and she told him to not talk about it because she was embarrassed of how tall she was. I also saw on 24 that she was taking care of a who looked to be a 8 or 9 year old girl. The girl was almost as tall as Elisha. She is tiny.
Ravill said on 15/Dec/14
I think this is perfect height for perfect woman who she is :)
Hypado said on 18/Feb/14
She is 5ft 3 160cm
bassdude said on 22/Dec/13
Her parents live on my street, so sometimes when shes in town I spot her with Dion Phaneuf. Granted he's a big guy (6'3") but she still looks especially tiny next to him. I'd say she's about 5'1", which would make sense since her mother and sister aren't very tall at all. I see her mother a lot more often and she's tops 4'10. Hell even her brother is short.
Heightgirl said on 16/Oct/13
Why does she only seem 5 foot nothing to me? I think the most she is may be 5f0.5? 5f3 is ridiculous for her in my opinion. Maybe with high heels on lol
voovoo said on 14/Feb/13
i don't like to call her tiny!! i'd rather call her dollish!!! she is extremely sexy and cute!!!
da_truth said on 5/Dec/12
wow, always thought this hottie was at least 5'4" and maybe 5'6"
didn't know how tiny she is.
Jake T. said on 25/Dec/11
Between 5'1 and 5'2 is what she looks with Paris Hilton and some of the actors from 24, so this is accurate for Elisha at 5'1.5.
Silent d said on 8/Dec/11
She is tiny. She is so short and smoking hot. In happy endings she is tiny and in the girl next door she looks 156cm. I don't think she is a midget or 150cm. 154cm at most.
gags said on 21/Aug/11
she must b less than 5'... check these pics with paris hilton...she hardly comes just upto her chin.. Click Here
truth said on 10/Aug/11
5foot. Short girls claiming an average height like 5ft3 is common, on this site almost all the time.
Michelle said on 25/Jul/11
She went to my high school, she is super short. I am only 5'3 and felt huge next to her. I would put her at 5 feet, not more. Maybe less.
Heightgirl said on 31/May/11
She looks really tiny and I doubt she's taller than 5ft and perhaps she is closer to 4f11. I saw that picture of her with Kristen Bell and she is at least 4 inches shorter. Kristen's platforms aren't that big at all either and I would say they give her an extra inch or two of height. Minus 2 inches from 5f1 (kristen's height) and you have 4f11 which seems right for Elisha.
Canadian said on 22/Apr/11
I have stood about 4 feet away from her, and she looked very small and short. I would put her at 5 feet, max. I'm 5'4" and I felt like I giant standing beside her.
:) said on 18/Apr/11
Saw her in House of Wax she looks tiny next to Chad Michael Murry who is like 6ft right? I think she's 5'2 but she suits being little anyway.
Alex said on 5/Mar/11
my guess is she's about 5.1 as well. OMG though, i'm so love with Elisha. ever since i saw her on "Girl Next Door", i just fell in love. she has this beautiful face that just blows your mind. absolutely GORGEOUS!
Autumn said on 10/Feb/11
I saw the pic with her and Kristen Bell. If Kristen Bell is 5'1, I think she may be 5'. I know they are both wearing heels, but I am basing it on body proportion. Both ladies look evenly proportioned, but I noticed that Kristen's head is slightly larger than Elisha's. It might just be the angle, I'm not sure. But if it's not the angle, and Kristen's head is larger, then proportion-wise, Kristen would be taller.
JD89 said on 31/Jan/11
she looks much shorter than emile hirsch in GIRL NEXT DOOR , 5'1'' or 5'2'' sounds good for her , not a tall girl but unbelievably beautiful , THE SEXIEST EYEBROWS EVER( lol)
Ryan said on 7/Jan/11
under 5 feet......very tiny......I heard she gained a bunch of weight
Avery said on 11/Dec/10
Well, she may be only 5ft1, but she'll always be my sloppy seconds
Im not your robot said on 31/Oct/10
If Elisha Cuthbert's 5'1, Paris Hilton must be 5'5-5'6 at most.
Anonymous said on 28/Sep/07
A funny picture of her in flat sandals, and Paris Hilton in heels:

Click Here
Kyle said on 23/Sep/07
i've met her and i'm 6'2", so I basically towered over her. She's not more than 5'2"
Matt said on 3/Sep/07
i thought she was taller Im 5'7 and im 12
John said on 10/Jul/07
In day 3 of 24 in the episode where she went undercover as Saunders daughter because she was the nearest match she was described as 5'5", but I can't believe that, I think she is around the 5' mark.
Anonymous said on 1/Jun/07
Emile hirsch is 5'6 but elisha had about a 1.5 inch advantage with her shoes and she was still about 3 inches shorter than him. 5'6-3=5'3-1.5=5'1.5 if Emile is 5'6. Some say he is shorter. if he is 5'5 than she is 5'0.5. If he is 5'4 then she is 4'11.5. if he is the dwarfish 5'3 that some even said he was then she is 4'10.5 but I doubt her and emile are that short. She is 4'11.5 minimum to 5'1.5 maximum.
Anonymous said on 30/Apr/07
Who do you think is taller, Elisha or Rachel Bilson? Consider both, compared to 5'6" Amber Tamblyn...
Rachel and Amber - Click Here
Elisha and Amber - Click Here
Surprisingly, Rachel may be taller, as she seems to come up to Amber's eyebrows, whereas Elisha only comes up to the top of her nose. What do you think?
Viper said on 9/Apr/07
Small and very hot
Franco said on 9/Apr/07
oh lord she definetely small!!

she's MAX 5'2
Nadia said on 20/Mar/07
She is tiny indeed. Need proof?? Go on Youtube when she is interviewed by Regis and Kelly (stop the tape when Kelly hugs Elisha) and on the show is clearly shorted than Kelly by easy 2 inches. Now Kelly is NOT 5'4 but more like 5'3 TOPS and Cuthbert seemed closer to 5'1. Let's say 5'1 MAX. to be generous.
Anthony said on 17/Mar/07
I think she's 5'0. Take a look here:

Click Here

Click Here

Paris Hilton isn't quite 5'8, and in these pics she has nearly a foot on Elisha in heels. Even with heels, I must say the difference is more than I expected.

Oh, and I agree with Viper. She's extremely beautiful.
Viper said on 2/Mar/07
Whatever she is, she looks flat out gorgeous most of the time, especially for a blonde.
Andy English said on 13/Feb/07
Wow. Lot's of debate over this one! She really is a fascinating beauty. Having looked at what everyone has said objectively, i think it's fair to say that Elisha may have added an inch or two when she said she was 5'3". Therefore 5'2" may well be the correct height. In any case, to me she is the exception to the rule 'Nobody's Perfect' and i adore her so let's just admire her shall we! 8^) x
Anonymous said on 31/Jan/07
Saw her on the street in New York City. I'd heard she was short but even still I was surprised how tiny she was. Even with heels she only looked about 5'2" or 5'3", so I'd guess she's more like 5'0" or 5'1" barefoot.
bah said on 22/Dec/06
somebody said: "Well, Cuthbert and Padalecki (189 cm) are both in House of Wax. That will make it easier to compare I think."
Padalecki is not 189cm (6' 2.4") he is 193 cm (6' 4")... in house of wax DVD extras, they say they have 12 in (1 ft) difference... so, she is about 5'4" =)
anonymous said on 12/Nov/06
Jessica is towering over her true. Jessica is wearing 6 inch heels, she never leaves home without them!
Anonymous said on 5/Oct/06
If this photo isn't revealing for Elisha Cuthbert being even shorter than listed, here is a picture of her with Jessica Simpson, who absolutely towers over her:

Click Here

[Editor Rob: remember this event is the one where she has a platformed heel]
Brittany said on 19/Sep/06
Well, i do think that she's a shortie, but definetely no shorter than 5'2. Man thats small! my guess (after watching 24 religiously) would be around 5'3-5'4.
Anonymous said on 15/May/06
Actually, I'm not quite sure that Elisha is taller than Avril. Consider the height comparisons:

Elisha Cuthbert and Beverly Mitchell are the same height... The height difference between Beverly and Haylie Duff is slightly greater than the difference between Haylie and Hilary Duff... Avril Lavigne appears to be a hair taller than Hilary Duff....

So I think that Elisha and Hilary are probably eye to eye, and Avril is perhaps a twinge taller.
bella said on 14/May/06
yeh, i think she might be a little taller than Avril Lavigne .. she is really short isn't she ?
Nat said on 12/May/06
do you think she's taller than Avril Lavigne?
Dagger said on 26/Apr/06
5'2 makes sence after seeing The Girl Next Door. Emile Hirsch looks taller than her and he's listed as 5'7, but most people agree that he's more close to 5'4-5'5, which from the photos that Ricardo has linked (below) fits perfectly. 5'2 for Elisha and 5'4-5'5 for Emile. His incorrect height listing of 5'7 has casued a lot of confusion for those attempting to pin Elisha's height.
heightfan said on 9/Mar/06
She was on Jimmy Kimmel last night and appeared very tiny. What I found refreshing was her choice of footwear for such a short girl. Her heels appeared to be only 1 inchers.
dmeyer said on 6/Mar/06
compare to carlos bernard and keifer she looks no more then 5'2"
bella said on 24/Feb/06
I'm sorry for hurting your feelings Tish. I didn't mean to slate tall people at all. My best friend is a really tall girl, and she means the world to me. Obvously there are advantages and disadvantages of being tall and short, but I'm just tired of hearing the "oh-you-are-so-tiny-and-cute" like I'm a puppy or something. I want gorgeous tiny women to be treated as real women just like there gorgeous tall 'sisters'.
Alana said on 29/Jan/06
Height is something that shouldn't be worried about unless you are way under the average height just as long as you can reach your boyfriend's lips
Anonymous said on 24/Jan/06
Additionally, the girl seems to be awfully self conscious about her height, giving her even more reason to upgrade herself. Plus, I've heard the commentary, and she doesn't seem especially convincing.
JB said on 23/Jan/06
I agree with you Dislexic101. Who else would know how tall they are other than the person themselves? "5'3" You heard it 'straight from the horses mouth' as they say.

[Editor Rob: the horses mouth isn't always right. Justin 'I'm almost 6ft 2' Timberlake', Jackie 'I'm 5ft 10' Chan, although maybe she could be 5ft 2.5 and just round up ;-)]
dislexic101 said on 16/Jan/06
In the house of wax bonus features she says that she is 5ft3 and not matter what every one else thinks I believe her
jes said on 9/Jan/06
lets get something straight:
paris hilton is 5 feet 7 inches. that would make her only 3 inches taller if elisha was 5 feet 4.. ive seen photos of them and paris towers her and paris is NOT taller than 5 feet 7.. so elisha has to be 5 feet.
tish said on 6/Jan/06
i agree with what bella said about 5 ft 2 not being a dwarf but have friends who are 5 ft 10 and im not far off that and we are not ungracious that is quite a hurtful thing to say i no she was trying to defend elisha but next time try not to hurt us tall women in the proccess
Anonymous said on 31/Dec/05
she's gorgeous regardless of her height,and being relatively short just makes her more adorable. i'd say she's either 5'2" or 5'3"
bella said on 28/Dec/05
i cant believe how people can call a girl at 5"2 a dwarf. Come on, it's ridiculous! Elisha is a very pretty girl, and being normal height doesn't make her any less pretty. I'm 5'4½ myself which is short since I live in Scandinavia. But, still, everyone tells me I'm much prettier than all those giant women 5"10 5'11 you see around here. The truth is they are usually SO ungracious. I think, these days, tall is so overrated. Elisha at 5'2 is great. So stop calling her a dwarf please.
ihatepopups said on 16/Dec/05
shes at least 5,3 or 5,4 because shes the same height as mila kunis and shes about that height
Josh said on 2/Dec/05
Wow she really looks 5'2 next to Jared she´s tiny.
CelebHeights Editor said on 2/Dec/05
Anonymous, yeah there's a good shot on that page of them in the chapel:
Anonymous said on 26/Nov/05
look at this.
Anonymous said on 2/Nov/05
In the House of Wax commentary, she does state that she's 5'3", and it's true that they had to tape massive blocks of wood to her feet to make her appear taller in the movie. While she DOES state that she's 5'3", I'm still pretty skeptical. I'd say she's 5'2", tops.
CelebHeights Editor said on 2/Nov/05
Hmm, somebody said she says 5ft 3 in the 22nd October comment.

Another person emails me to say:
"I just watched the dvd ‘House of Wax’ and in the gag reel commentary, Elisha remarks to Paris Hilton that she is 5’.0” , and then they show her getting blocks of wood taped to her feet."

Anybody else seen this, lemme know which is correct...
Anonymous said on 23/Oct/05
To be honest, 5'3" still seems pretty generous to me. Elisha is absolutely dwarfed by every single female I've ever seen her take a picture with. I'd be shocked if she's more than 5'2"
TommySwe said on 22/Oct/05
In the bonus material of "House of Vax", Elisha Cuthbert is asked for her height and she replies that it is 5'3... i think that make sense when comparing the pictures of her next to Emile, Paris and Chad! So let's go with that! Elisha is 5'3...

[Editor Rob: a quote from Joel Silver, "But Elisha and Chad are both, you know, really good. I showed the movie to the studio yesterday and they just were over the moon. I mean, they kept saying to me, “How tall is Elisha? Is she really [that tall]?” People say she’s short but she doesn’t look short because the movie is really impressive"]
Soph said on 18/Oct/05
Well in House of Wax, compared to Jared Padalecki (6'3") she's a dwarf. He looks about a foot taller. I'd guess she's between 5'2" and 5'4".
heightgirl said on 25/Sep/05
Damn she's tiny. I wouldn't say anything more than 5'2.
someone said on 24/Sep/05
hey where from do you know she is 5`2``!
because everywhere i look for her height it is shown she is 5`4``!

[Editor Rob: from the hundreds of pictures which show her not being 5ft 4 ;)]
lori said on 19/Sep/05
some days ago I watched House of wax and really Elisha Cuthbert moch more shorter than the other actors.But What is her real height nobody tells if someome can show some proof from a interview or from a magazine so we can be all sure in her height!
Anonymous said on 14/Sep/05
Hell, I'm wondering how on earth she got away with saying she was 5'6"!
cueball said on 1/Sep/05
how did this girl get away saying she was 5'4" for so long? damn

[Editor Rob: dunno.

Sometimes for ladies it might be beneficial if they are 'weight-conscious' to actively round up their heights. So when they are saying '5ft 4' 105lbs it sounds like they're svelt...well, just a theory ;)]
CelebHeights Editor said on 17/Aug/05
Someone mentioned a while back about her on Kilborn. Here is the quote:
[Craig Kilbron: It's funny, I feel so tall but we should point out to the viewers at home that I'm only 5'9".
Elisha: Oh, I thought you were going to say my height and I was like shhh! No, they can be fooled I'm 6'1"

Hmm, maybe her mindset was thinking of her own possible height '5ft 1' and hence where that '6ft 1' came from?
CelebHeights Editor said on 2/Aug/05
Joel Silver said: "I showed the movie to the studio yesterday and they just were over the moon. I mean, they kept saying to me, “How tall is Elisha? Is she really [that tall]?” People say she’s short..."
a 5'9 girl said on 9/Jul/05
rob do you know what is the height of the girls of the band "atomic kitten"?

[Editor Rob: Liz McLarnon, the babe that was on Celebrity Sex Island? I think she looked close to the 5ft 6, so you can guess maybe Jenni Frost slightly taller (she's more prone to bigger heels) and Natasha Hamilton in the 5ft 4.5 range. Kerry Katona...when she was in the band looked about 5ft 3ish]
Emma said on 3/Jul/05
On tv she hadf to be put on a box next to paris hilton and Paris is 5 ft 8 iM 5FT 3 AND MY MOMS 5FT 7 AND i DONT HAVE TO STANT ON A BOX TO BE NEARLY THE SAME HEIGHT
Anonymous said on 15/Jun/05
After checking numerous pictures and seeing Elisha alongside several celebrities, I would guess that Elisha is actually more around 5'2" than 5'3" She's noticably shorter than Mila Kunis in a picture that they're both barefoot, and she was noticably shorter than every other female on 24 as well. Also, she was wearing heels in pretty much every scene of Girl Next Door, which may explain why she looked taller.
Anonymous Also said on 31/May/05
In regards to the picture of Elisha with Kristin Kreuk, if you alter the picture so that the lining on the wall is straight (hence eliminating the "tilt" of the camera angle that works to Kristin's advantage), Kristin still has a nice tower over Elisha. Since I've never seen an appearance picture of Elisha wearing flats, I think it's safe to conclude that Kristin Kreuk is at least a couple inches taller.
Kath said on 19/May/05
I actually think she is shorter than 5'3! I saw her on TRL together with Paris, and she looked really short compared to her.. They were both wearing heels.
absent said on 17/May/05
Well, Cuthbert and Padalecki (189 cm) are both in House of Wax. That will make it easier to compare I think.
Anonymous said on 1/May/05
There is an interviw with joel silver and he said : I mean, they kept saying to me, “How tall is Elisha? Is she really [that tall]?” People say she’s short but she doesn’t look short. maybe she grew taller.

[Editor Rob: that picture I linked to is the best evidence I think showing elisha is in the 5ft 3 range. It was taken in 2003 when she was 21 years old.
Anonymous said on 30/Apr/05
Paris hilton is 174 and when she stands besides elisha there is 7 cm diffeence between them i always thought that elisha is short but when you look at her recent photos i must say that she looks tall.i think that she is not the short girl she was a few years ago and 167 looks right to me. i dont have any explain for her height next to paris hilton that i know she is 174.

[Editor Rob: I would say in Paris favour here that maybe the people to the right have slight advantage in road pitch and you can see paris posture is that old 'hip sway' compared to Elisha. Maybe also elisha is in chunkier heels. But Elisha can never ever in a million years be 167cm barefoot. You can see even in those heels beside Chad Michael that she's way shorter than this... Here is pretty conclusive proof, a good photo to compare Elisha with others - Penny Marshall is 5ft 5 and here they are standing beside each other: Penny 5ft 5 lets give Elisha 5ft 3.]
Smoke said on 6/Apr/05
I've met her in person and she was very short!!! She really is 5'2" tops.

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