How tall is Emile Hirsch

Emile Hirsch's Height

5ft 5 (165.1 cm)

American actor best known for films such as Into the Wild, Milk, The Girl Next Door, Lords of Dogtown, Alpha Dog and Lone Survivor. In an OutsideOnline interview, on filming Into the Wild he mentioned "I lost 41 pounds. I'm five foot six. I went from 156 pounds to 115 pounds."

How tall is Emile Hirsch
Photo by PR Photos

How tall is Emile Hirsch
Emile and Penelope Cruz
Photo by Joe Seer/

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Average Guess (30 Votes)
5ft 4.94in (165cm)
Soumia Boumazoued said on 3/Feb/21
People don't get that 5'5 or 165.5 isn't a very short height for a man it's just kinda short!!!!
Nik Ashton said on 25/Jan/21
He’s short, dark, and handsome!
Alexander Van De Motter said on 22/Jan/21
5'5.5" from his mugshot, although he gives a taller impression and looks to be about 5'7" or 8" in his movies. well proportioned I guess
BenSolooo said on 4/Jul/20
I have watched many movies with this guy and also looked up some stuff. In the mug shot the highest he was was I believe 170cm. But his hair gave him some height + in mug shots you don’t really take shoes off and in another mug shot I believe he was smaller than 170cm so he has to be smaller than 170cm. For him I can’t exactly tell his height but I think he is at least 165cm tall and at most 167cm-168cm. So I ll go with the middle wich is 166-167cm.
Some girl said on 3/Apr/20
Just watched alpha dog all these people severely underestimating people's height are annoying AF. Get help for your insecurities. 5'6 or slightly over that looks very accurate to me based on his height in comparison to the other actors. Tbh I would have guessed 5'7 or 5'8
Peter175 said on 29/Jan/20
He's well proportioned but I doubt he's actually as low as the average guess. I think he's more a 5'5.25-5 guy actually
Littlelee168cm said on 4/Feb/19
In the girl next door he looked several inches taller than elisha Cuthbert in heels and she'd be 5ft 4.5 in basic 3 inch heels he must be 5ft 6 and 5ft 7 in shoes either that or elisha is closer to 5 foot flat
Paul Wood said on 10/Aug/18
Am I allowed to change my mind? I now think he's 5ft 5.25in. My last guess for him, promise!
Paul Wood said on 10/Aug/18
There's a Utah Police mugshot of him from 2015. His hair is skimming the 170cm mark ( i.e. a tiny fraction under 5ft 7in). I'd say the top of his head is therefore 5ft 6.5in but don't forget it's very rare for the shoes to be removed when taking a police mugshot. If he was wearing average one inch heels, then I'd say he's 5ft 5.5in.
beck said on 20/Jun/18
Rob what do you think of this pic ? What would be the height of Penelope Cruz's heels ? Click Here
Editor Rob
Hard to tell, but they certainly aren't a platform style. I'd expect her in a 3-inch style heel to look at least an inch taller than Emile
Fabio said on 12/Mar/18
How much do you think he weigh?
Editor Rob
I think he can look 140 pounds
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Mar/18
Ah, that explains my little predicament!

I have just been wondering why they should use a 5ft2 Bonnie, in the form of Holliday Grainger, for the remake of 'Bonnie and Clyde', when the original 60's version used the 5ft7 Faye Dunaway!

Here is my answer! In the original, they had Warren Beatty playing Clyde, who cleared 6ft1, and Emile is only a pocket-sized 5ft5 or so!

Now that makes total sense!

Emile can have 5ft4.75!
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 4/Feb/18
5'5.5...estrange never seeems very short
Fabio said on 2/Feb/18
How long do you think his head is?
Editor Rob
Probably 9 inch at most actually.
RisingForce said on 23/May/17
I've never once heard of someone taking their shoes off for a mugshot. Cops really don't care about the difference a shoe would make. They apparently mask how short he is pretty well because it's looking like he has to be under 5'5"! I gotta look at some of his shoes.
Morris said on 3/May/17
without shoes and without hair perhaps 160cm
James said on 10/Apr/17
5ft 5.5in ... I'm sure!
Omar said on 10/Apr/17
Hey Rob, Im 5ft5 and my eye level is at exactly 155cm, in the mugshot up there,Emile's eyes doesnt even reach 153cm. But his head is at 165cm, can you explain please? Something is going on wrong here
GP said on 10/Mar/17
I believe that he has shoes on in the mugshot. He looked close to 4" shorter than Sean Penn. I saw them during the days of Into the Wild and he looked small next Penn, I even question if Penn is a full 5'8". If I remember correctly that was during people's choice awards and Clooney, Pitt were there too. Clooney looked 5'10".
Fran94 said on 22/Feb/17
Morris. on the left you can see centimeters while on the right you see inches
Morris said on 12/Feb/17
could someone explain to me why 2 different measurements in the left and the right of the pic? What is the difference?
mande2013 said on 23/Apr/16
To be fair, he does look a bit hunched over in the mugshot Rob provided above.
Mighty_- said on 27/Mar/16
ps : I just looked at his first mugshot he must have had serious dress shoes on this one because his eye level is 1.5inches over 60'' on the first pic and just below 60'' on the second...
Mighty_- said on 27/Mar/16
Even 5'5 seems generous on this shot...
Have to make you wonder how tall Elisha Cuthbert really is as he pretty much towered over her in The Girl Next Door .
mande2013 said on 24/Sep/15
Now, I usually think of myself as being 5'5, but with military posture (which isn't always easy to maintain) at night time my eye level just about clears 155 cms. So I don't know.
mande2013 said on 24/Sep/15
Now, if there's a solid 4-4.5 inches between your eye level and the top of your head, why do I find myself thinking there's no way my head reaches that high when I see a mark on the wall ~4 inches above my eye level? Is it the textbook case of an optical illusion?
burby said on 12/Sep/15
He's a weak 5'5" minus the shoes, he makes Sean Penn look tall.
CD said on 31/Aug/15
Another thing to consider, in Pedro's link his eye level isn't much over 61 inch (about 5ft 1.25 it appears to be), so that hints his head probably doesn't clear 66 inches and that he has a lot of hair.

Then in the above shot (without shoes, presumably) his eyelevel is barely 5ft!. He probably isn't standing as tall as the other shots though. If he has 1.5 inch boots, he might be 5ft 4.5, but 5ft 5 seems fair. These mugshots are quite revealing but aren't 100% accurate, simple angles could throw things off.
Seeking-the-truth said on 29/Aug/15
You're making a huge mistake in downgrading him. The fomer listing was absolutely spot on and I'll give you proof of that, just take a look at his pics with 5' 5" Jena Malone.
He CONSTANTLY looks a fraction taller than her in every single picture.
Also take a look at his pics with actor Kieran Culkin, whom you have listed at 5' 5" and a half and you'll see that they are EXACTLY the same height.
Actually he can even look a bit taller than Kieran in some of those pics even though that could be caused by some weird camera angles or by him wearing some kind of thick soled shoes.
You can even tell that he's a fraction over 5'5" just by looking at his body structure, he looks taller than a true 5'5" guy like Elijah Wood for example!
mande2013 said on 29/Aug/15
Look at the profile shot on the right Pedro linked to, his head clears the 66 inch mark easily, albeit with shoes.
CD said on 23/Aug/15
But he has an inch of hair plus shoes ;)
Sky said on 20/Aug/15
But rob in this picture he's 1.70? Click Here
Mark said on 20/Aug/15
@mande2013: Like 0.1 inches will make a huge difference walking around. Normal footwear I'd say ranges from 0.75-1.25 inches.

As for Emile above, frankly, he doesn't look more than 5'4.5" here (I'm assuming this is without shoes), and it doesn't appear that his stance changed that much from the other mugshot. Assuming no error, they've really done a great job covering his height up on the big screen, haven't they? Because 5'4.5" (speaking from someone who's a fraction above 5'5") is pretty darn short, yet he often looked as if he could pass as at least 5'7".
CD said on 19/Aug/15
Rob, since he looks shorter in the mugshot above (barely 5ft 5), does that mean the other mugshots (where he looked 5ft 6 in shoes), was him standing tall?
Como said on 18/Aug/15
Looks no taller than a flat 5-5 in new mugshot.
[Editor Rob: if he's got a shoe he looks 5ft 4! Maybe he had them off there...]
mande2013 said on 18/Aug/15
Something else to consider. Even though 'normal' shoes tend to have one inch heels, you aren't necessarily one whole inch taller, since your foot is slightly slanted town as the sole is generally not a full inch. So maybe you're really only like .8 or .9 inches taller in actuality. Platform shoes give you the full leverage. When you stand on your tippy toes, your heel is several inches up from the ground, but you're not several inches taller, maybe only like 3.
mande2013 said on 18/Aug/15
Looking at that mugshot, his head doesn't just stop at the 66 mark. It looks a tad over to me.
[Editor Rob: refresh the page, if he's over 5ft 5 I'd be surprised now.]
mande2013 said on 22/Jul/15
Is 5'5.25 possible for an evening height, Rob?
[Editor Rob: based on that mugshot, I think around 5ft 5 is reasonable for him, he may well be just over it at some part of the day.]
Powerhouse said on 10/May/15
@MJKoP... What are you looking at? Emile is about a hair over the 66 inch mark (shown on the right side of the chart) in that mugshot and thats including his hair and shoes. If anything that picture shows he isn't much over a flat 5'5, at best he is 5'5.5.
Brad said on 15/Apr/15
Iced at 5' 5" with the 66 inch mug shot in shoes. He's stamped finished. His claim is crushed.
MJKoP said on 10/Apr/15
He's hitting 5'10" in the mugshot. You guys really think he has heels on that add more than 4 inches?!?! Strong five foot sixer at the worst....just like he says he is. Not all celebrities lie about their heights, but that seems to be a very common notion around here.
[Editor Rob: he's not really much more than the 66 inch mark in that image (his hair will be no less than about 0.7 inch, possibly very near 1 inch)...take away shoes and he's about 5ft 5, but maybe he's not standing tall, always a chance.]
UII23 said on 16/Mar/15
He doesnt look taller than 5'4"
Pedro said on 16/Mar/15
A mugshot of Emile Hirsch: Click Here
Mya said on 1/Feb/15
He looks a little bit taller that Penelope Cruz and she's 5'6" so I guess he's 5'7"
Brad said on 10/Mar/14
Look at him with a not even 5' 8" Wahlberg. If he is 5' 5" it is at wake-up. When Marky Mark is looking at the top of your head yer real short. They cast short all around him.
sam said on 9/Dec/13
5'4.5 is it possible rob?
[Editor Rob: not sure he'd dip that low, 5ft 5 is fair for him at the moment.]
Alicia said on 9/Dec/13
She was too tall to play Bonnie. Bonnie was just under 5'0". This lady playing the part of Bonnie is 5'6".
burby said on 4/Dec/13
I've written it before, weak 5'5" tops. Mr. R saw it. He should go into stand up with his 5'6" claim.
sunny said on 30/Nov/13
not more than 5'6''
Click Here
Mr. R said on 28/Nov/13
I saw him last night with Mark Wahlberg and he is 5-5 at the tallest part of the day. Probably a little under.
eric said on 30/Oct/13
5'5 // 5'4.5 ?
Sarah said on 8/Oct/13
5'5" is about right. He always seems to star in films with short actresses, so he doesn't look that short on camera.
John said on 6/Oct/13
max 1.66 cm.
richkid123 said on 25/Feb/13
He doesn't look full fledged short, more shortish. He doesn't look short unless he is with tall people. Stacks up well next to average guys. Odd. 166cm
Ian said on 31/Jan/13
Rob, my morning height is 167.5 cm (5' 6") and my evening height is 165 cm (5'5")
Does this mean that I am as tall as Emile is?
marla singer said on 30/Nov/12
Saw him as well on "Venuto al mondo", he looked shortish but not this much. I guessed him about 5'7
jared said on 1/Aug/12
I've met Emile Hirsch and watched all of his films. He's actually a little taller than me and I'm 5' 7" (170 cm). Therefor he must be taller about 5' 7" or 5' "8.
Steven said on 5/Jan/12
watch The Darkest Hour thought he was 5ft6 or maybe 167cm
Brad said on 28/Dec/11
A 5' 6.5" G (Portman cancel out on the footwear) had him by about 1.5". He's 5' 5" at most. They have to cast Elisha actresses around him to make him appear tall.
J said on 25/Dec/11
Hes not that short imo. Great actor and good looking aswell :)
Short guy said on 18/Dec/11
After watching Girl next door, I assumed Emile was 5'7" and Elisha was 5'5" (they looked 2 inches apart), did some research and Elisha is under 5'2"-5'3", making Emile 2-3 inches taller at the height of 5'5'" - my height! :D
Tyra said on 17/Dec/11
He looks incredibly tiny like 5'3 or something.
Silent d said on 7/Dec/11
I thought he was 5 foot 8 after watching the girl next door. After watching into the wild, he is shorter than catherine keener and barely taller than kristen steward who is 5 foot 4 but she always looked taller. I was shocked because i thought he was taller. 166cm is about right.
Mushu said on 5/Nov/11
Saw Alpha Dog yesterday... or Justin Timberlake, Olivia Wilde and Amanda Seyfried are taller than they are listed or he is 5ft5.5.
Sounds about right.
I came here believing I saw him listed as 5ft8 someday.
Raju said on 2/Oct/11
He does not look very short as said.
Reed said on 3/Jul/11
def short. saw him in LA recently.. hes 5'4 to 5'5" max
ryan said on 30/Apr/11
he is a short guy. i've met him twice now. no taller than 5'5", probably closer to 5'4
Toby said on 24/Apr/11
5'5 ? Really? I would of thought about 5 foot 7, he doesnt look that small in the movies
dan said on 11/Apr/11
who cares.this height obsession with people is ridicules.are people that insecure they have to try and find something they think is wrong with someone to make themselves feel better?the height complex comes from all the people making fun of shorter people so don't blame small people for something society pushed on them=truth.
Phil said on 4/Apr/11
I agree with you, TheVerve180.
He is 5 foot 4.5.
Savannah said on 4/Apr/11
I don't prefere small guys, but Emile seems like such a sweet guy and he is so beautiful, so it's really cute that he's only 166 cm I think?
I'm 1.58, so he's not that tiny ;-)
TheVerve180 said on 26/Mar/11
five five at most, could buy five four.
jake said on 13/Mar/11
Looked tiny next to Christian Bale. I'd say 5' 5" at the absolute most.
SAK said on 4/Feb/11
He is 5ft5
atb said on 14/Jan/11
he went to my high school. he is 5-6
Oko said on 27/May/09
Has he 165 cm ? Serio ? I don't belive.
burby said on 25/May/09
This kid has some nerve claiming 5ft6-7. He's definitely between 5ft4 to 5ft5, but always under 5ft5. He's as bad as Kevin Connolly with his height claims.
get out the stick said on 24/May/09
Actors will say their an extra inch or two for role purposes. I doubt this kid is 5.5. To what Leung said.. I agree he's over rated. And think it'll be harder for him to get roles as he gets older because of his height. Can't be playing a high school kid or someones punk son forever. Michael J. Fox did it. But this guy's no where near that talented. Or... even likeable. In fact, I'm sick of his face already cuz he reminds me of Jack Black. lol.
glenn said on 15/May/09
never saw him shredder.common new york city name too.i agree with your estimate.
Leung said on 15/May/09
The photos of Sean Penn the Crucifier and Eddie Vedder the Destroyer were great. But you need to stop getting carried away with Hirsch, without question he is short but he is not under 5
the shredder said on 14/May/09
Glenn you met Josh Brolin ? Looks about 5'9.5 , and if so , what is he like in person ?
leonari said on 14/May/09
I alwas said Hirsch is really small. From day one. He has all the features. With his height even lifts won't help. It will look off. At 5'7" and above lifts can create all kinds of illusions. Imagine michael J. Fox with lifts. His proportions would be seriously out of sync.
glenn said on 14/May/09
overated.but penn still owns him too much.and yes,5-7 for me above.and 5-5.5 for him.i see 1.5 too.i have a slight step in,lean too,thats not really detectable.when i take a step forward,i some times lose height.i didn't mention it,cause he leaned in more.and i didn't want people thinking i was making excuses.
Brad said on 14/May/09
He must be sick short and wear big ones. That Penn photo is a crucifixion. I'm sure his management team said "Emile, this is not looking good for publicity, visit the italian shoe star man". He has to be under 5' 5" to look that short with Penn.
Leung said on 13/May/09
My opinion is that Emile is not wearing lifts in the above photo. Glenn said the shoes looked normal and the fact is that glenn still has at least 1.5" on him, many of you are still fooled by the baseball cap but examine closely and you will realise that Emile is not close in height to glenn, yes Emile has his head tilted but this is offset by him being closer to the camera. I expected more of a height difference but I think it's likely that glenn could be at his lower height in the photo, in which case 5'7" minus 1.5" still puts Emile at 5'5.5" max. That's just my opinion on the possible explanation of glenn's photo which may or may not be correct, but overall I would not focus too much on just one single photo.

Brad, the guy is short but he is not as low as 5'4.5". Hirsch is 5'5" or 5'5.5".

In regards to Hirsch as an actor, is it just me or is this guy way overrated?
glenn said on 13/May/09
that daltrey pic is one of the best that backs me on my 5-8 morning was taken at 630am or 730am,after me being up for 18 to 24 hours.and daltrey just waking.and rob saw the proof on my camera.daltrey always looked 5-6 to me.and did that morning too.and still look over an inch on him.if not close to 2 like you said.
Dylan said on 13/May/09
Leung - A good explanation. He must surely be wearing some elevated footwear in that photograph with Glenn, you only have to look at the photograph of Glenn with Roger Daltrey where Glenn is around 2" taller. Daltrey used to claim 5'7" and he is now listed on here as 5'5.5" therefore Glenn should have the same height advantage over Emile that he does over Daltrey. I think the only explanation is that Emile is wearing lifts in the above photograph. Does anyone agree?
glenn said on 13/May/09
i didn't notice anything funny.but hey,doesn't mean it wasn' least im glad you cleared me that he can look taller.
Leung said on 12/May/09
In my opinion Sean Penn consistently looks 5
glenn said on 12/May/09
and emile always looked 5-6 to me.maybe he is like brad claims.under 5-5.and wore lifts above.and douglas is supposedly 5-10.i always thought 5-9.
Brad said on 12/May/09
Penn & Vedder just eat him up big. I think he wears serious stealth customs and might be even 5' 4.5" if one tore them off.
Dylan said on 12/May/09
Leung - I am also confused by the above photograph because there does not look to be alot of difference in heights between Glenn and Emile, whereas Penn literally towers over Emile in the other photographs. Yet Glenn looks the same height as Tom Cruise when photographed with him and I should imagine that Cruise and Penn are similar heights. Also when Glenn was photographed with Michael Douglas there was not much difference in their heights, therefore in theory there should be about the same difference in height between Glenn and Emile as there is Penn and Emile. I am baffled.
glenn said on 12/May/09
i dont deny the pics brad.but i dont lie.penn must have good footwear there.not lifts.i hope not.i never saw penn in person equal thick sneakers and his flat shoes,makes me seem sure penn and i are close in the morning.maybe he is a hair over 5-8,im a hair under.vedder is all over the place too.5-6 to 5-8 when i see him.
Brad said on 11/May/09
Glenn: "Im always looking down on Penn". Draw a line across Glenn's head to Emile factoring in Emile a wee bit taller standing straighter. Now imagine Glenn looking down on Penn in the picture with Penn & Emile. Now look at the above photo. Spock confused look to Kirk.
Leung said on 10/May/09
Destroyed by Sean Penn
Click Here
Click Here

Destroyed by Eddie Vedder
Click Here

The nugget is in the 165-166cm range.

I don
Dylan said on 10/May/09
Bradd - I just looked at that photo of Emile and Sean Penn and Penn does look about 3" taller in my opinion, there is no way anyone can argue judging by that photo.
Brad said on 8/May/09
Go to the photo of Emile & Penn. Put Glenn taller in your look above at Glenn & Emile. Am I a blind idiot? I love my Hannah ball and the lemonade glasses and horsey set.
glenn said on 8/May/09
penn has never looked down on always,always looking down on him.always.cause of his loss height of being up for hours and me just waking in thicker footwear than his flat dress,i agree,he can look 5-8,5-9 in movies.and might wear lifts.stop trying to be right all the time.why would i say penn was smaller than me? why? to start more arguments? no.thats what i saw,and all my friends do.friends that been on youtube with penn.and me a few feet away.not in the pool with the hannah ball.though id rather be in the pool.wouldnt it be smarter to say penn was my height or taller? of course.but i dont lie.i see him all the time.he is shorter than me at those moments.maybe taller if we both woke up.sure.ill buy that.him,vedder and toby all lose alot of height like me.ill tell you that right now.ive been equal,and above the last 2 names.
Brad said on 7/May/09
Glenn looks down on Penn? Go to the Penn-Emile photo and explain that. He looks down on you. Yes Ian, we know Glenn's height, it was measured by Rob and it clearly shows with Emile. If Emile is 5' 6.5" and Glenn says Penn is 5' 7" then I guess that 2.5" gap is a Rod Serling episode of "Night Gallery".
Leung said on 6/May/09
I need a refresher. Would someone repost those photos of Emile getting dominated by Eddie Vedder and the photos of him getting totally destroyed by Sean Penn.
glenn said on 6/May/09
thank you ian.its about time someone spoke up.
glenn said on 6/May/09
i dont have to be owned by penn.ive looked down on him plenty of times.cause he wears flat dress shoes.penn can look 5-6 to 5-8,depending.never saw him look more than 5-7 the flesh that is.
glenn said on 6/May/09
his shoes seemed normal leung.
Ian said on 6/May/09
No way is he 5ft5. He's only a bit smaller than Glenn and we know his min is just under 5ft7 so even if he was at his min here, Emile is look 5ft6.5 to me here. He's not even standing up straight leaning in and head tilted. So 5ft6 easy and stop the nonsense trying to make Glenn smaller than he is. What isn't debatably is Glenn's height we know his height.
Brad said on 6/May/09
Penn a destroyah is very rare. Scarey getting owned by Penn.
glenn said on 6/May/09
shut up brad and guys never saw him.he is 5-6 like he claims.
Leung said on 6/May/09
People claim that Sean Penn is short, but Penn totally destroys Emile Hirsch, and we know that Eddie Vedder also owns him too. For me he
tommy said on 5/May/09
glenn i think you are 5ft6.5 and emile is 5ft5 but is leaning a bit on this pic
Brad said on 5/May/09
Lovitz mouth open head and down smiling. You need a better photo with Emile. Put on some Docs bro. Own the little guy like Penn who is about 5' 8". He ate him up Biiiig.
glenn said on 5/May/09
no,im 5-6ish.and emile is 5-5.thats what lovitz and some of you want to hear.
Brad said on 4/May/09
Jon Lovitz: "yeh, dats it".
Dylan said on 4/May/09
There doesn't look hardly any difference in that photograph Glenn, obviously, I cannot see what the footwear is, perhaps Emile is wearing heels and you are wearing trainers.
glenn said on 2/May/09
ok lee.and your point? thats dont know me.i dont know you.i choose 5-8 cause thats what i know i am.not to make me feel lets move on.sorry to sound snotty.
Lee said on 2/May/09
glenn if your 5'8" when you wake up then that isn't your offical height. i'm 5'6" but when i first wake up i'm about 5'7" i don't say i'm 5'7" to sound taller coz i know i'm not. be happy with your height like me. your 5'7"ish for most of the day right? so be happy with this. I don't reach as low as 5'6" till end of day but don't class myself as 5'6 and half as this half doesn't matter. i cud round up to 5'7" but i'm very happy being 5'6"
glenn said on 2/May/09
brad-you own disturbed for posting under different names to attack me!!! not for your estimate of a short emile.he's damn short either way.5-5 or not.
glenn said on 2/May/09
thanks acg.
glenn said on 2/May/09
brad-the difference between you and leonari,is that you guys never saw him.he looks 5-6 whenever i see him and in my friends photos.can he be 5-5? not impossible.unlikely to me.and thats not a knock on of the most respected on the site for me.
glenn said on 2/May/09
i bumped into emile,and 75 percent of the celebs on the site for the record.the music names,75 percent is on the job.bag of vinyl.again,i dont do photos.and jumbo rules.i joke that im a loser which is somewhat true.but i do have a life.unlike some here.
Haze said on 1/May/09
and you do look your measured height here. emile is 5'5.5 and ur looking an inch a 1/4 taller. so i dunno why people are shocked when presented with that. 0_o
Haze said on 1/May/09
why are you people bashing brad. mybe he dont sugar coat what he says. but for the most part there are pictures of glenn being the height brad is saying and u guys think hes crazy.... glenn is not 5'8. he is a strong 5'6 mybe a weak 5'7 but 5'8 is to much of a stretch. its possible he is 5'8 but most likely.... no, not close. weve all seen the measurement pics. and the only reason its still being debated is because glenn cant let go. if glenn was to claim the height he was measured at with the photo proof to back it up, then all discussion would cease.

i think its time to start claiming 5'6.75 for ur low. and mybe 5'7.25 for ya morning height. but 5'8 never
Brad said on 1/May/09
Because we don't have lives Shorty. You think Glenn likes waiting for Emile Hirsch or anybody else? I'm sure he'd like to be IN the club hangin' with Snoop & Jumbo instead of out with a bag of photos with some bozo security guards. Jumbo rocks.
Brad said on 30/Apr/09
Hey ACG, were you one of those people who said he'd never measure under 5' 7.5"? I heard this all before when I said he was never 5' 8" as listed under his pictures, most likely under 5' 7". If Emile were standing straight there would be mayhem on this site.
shorty McTall said on 30/Apr/09
why are you people always worried about peoples heights?? it's strange the way you all argue over 1/4 or 1/2 inch can anyone explain why?
ACG said on 30/Apr/09
glenn has done a superb job of tolerating you, brad....and he still is. glenn should be commended just for ignoring you alone, let alone all of the other great stuff he's given this site.

i don't understand what your agenda is....trying to bring glenn down like this by taking almost every pic he's posted and turning it into a reason as to why why he's shorter than he actually is. and then taking every grain of info you can get out of him and using it as further fuel for your pathetic retaliations.

if i hadn't known better, i'd have thought glenn had wronged you big-time in a previous life....but he never did anything to you. nothing at all warrants the kind of crap you say to/about him.

and you say you own logic?? lol. your pure existence on these boards(and most likely elsewhere) defies logic like nothing else.

oh and as glenn mentioned, YOU'RE disturbed. happy that i got the contraction right, brad? wise-ass.
Brad said on 30/Apr/09
I don't own a disturbed. I own logic. Even Leonari sees 5' 5". He looks like a 5' 5"er in his Woodstock film clips I've seen in boots that Stallone would be proud in. They have these dinky people cast around him.
glenn said on 29/Apr/09
brad-theres is more than editing on peoples minds now.believe me.not my doing either.had no idea you were up to old tricks again.your disturbed.
Brad said on 29/Apr/09
More editing. He's 5' 5" if that.
Ian said on 28/Apr/09
He looks easy 5ft6
Bobby Poo said on 28/Apr/09
Extreme liberals seem to be excessively short.
glenn said on 28/Apr/09
thanks alex.
Alex said on 28/Apr/09
Brad, you need to let it go about Glenn measured at 5'6.75. Glenn is likely in the 5'7-5'7.25 range in his pics and looks 5'7 here with 5'5.5 Emile.
glenn said on 28/Apr/09
your ridiculous always start with me.its rare you show me any respect.but when i talk back to you,you go nuts.i usually stay quiet with least for the last 8 ass remarks come from you almost daily need others here to rip you a new assole like they did on the bruce lee still get an occasional person telling you to shut up.but you dont get it,do you? when do,the get out the house and stop isolating yourself from the world days come buddy? start answering the phone.i never let it get that bad for least im man enough to fight my anxieties unlike you.alot easier if i had families cheddar like you.
Brad said on 27/Apr/09
5' 6" is ridiculous. When are the under 5' 6" and three quarters days?
Marie said on 27/Apr/09
I love him. Just thought I'd put it out there.
glenn said on 27/Apr/09
he's 5-6.enough of this bs.
Anonymous said on 26/Apr/09
5ft 4"-5" seems like a good guess. Nothing more, nothing less.
glenn said on 26/Apr/09
5-8 when i wake.i shrink like most people as the hours go by.
DJ Kalid said on 26/Apr/09
See 5 feet 6 here for Glenn, Hirsch 5 feet 4.3/4"
Pete said on 26/Apr/09
Glenn? you're 5'8 ?
Real said on 25/Apr/09
This guy should help people to realize that men can still look good at 5'5-5'6. I am 5'6, and I never even noticed my height until junior year of undergrad when a girl tore into me when i was sleeping w/ her HOT friend.. some of you people are ridiculous.. just because a guy is not 6' tall, that doesn't mean anything.
Random Person said on 24/Apr/09
Hmmm, don't know his foot wear but 5'6 would be my guess.
glenn said on 24/Apr/09
thanks gago for seeing that.neither of us,are standing as straight as we could.but theres is more than an inch difference.even if its only 1.25.
glenn said on 24/Apr/09
you guys wanting me to be 5-6.5,sorry im not 5-7 flat either.enough of this crap.he always seemed 5-6 to me.could he be 5-5? sure.5-7 that he is also claimed at? no way.he's 5-6 5-7.25 at 10pm that evening at worse.wasnt a bad day.but a long one.
glenn said on 24/Apr/09
could be big,guys.
steph said on 24/Apr/09
Thought he was smaller. Like 5' 5", not that it makes much of a difference.
Anonymous said on 23/Apr/09
Wasn't Glenn 5'8 a few weeks ago? O_o
the shredder said on 23/Apr/09
Big T , You can still have your own oscar picks if you saw the movies !
Brad said on 23/Apr/09
I'll answer for Glenn: really really big.
RobertJ said on 23/Apr/09
He wears quite a bit at premieres, what were his shoes like Glenn?
Taylor said on 23/Apr/09
Shredder, if you look closely Penn is wearing elevators throughout the whole movie.
Gago said on 23/Apr/09
I agree with Leonari with this, the guy is 5'5 and nothing more, it's funny that at the Critic's Choice afterparty, I thought he was a kid when he was talking to Penn and Vedder. In the photo, if he takes off his hat and Glenn stretches out, difference will be more visible.
Brad said on 23/Apr/09
Yeah, stands straight he's about 1/2" short of Glenn. People coming to this site would see "5' 7.5" Glenn" under this photo and add in the stand up straight addition and assume Emile is 5' 7". He's 5' 5" at most.
miko said on 23/Apr/09
Stands straight he's the same as Glenn.

Did he have pavement/footwear advantage Glenn?
ER. said on 23/Apr/09
Wow, this one's a shocker for me at least. never in a million years would I've imagined this guy to be this short.
Big T said on 23/Apr/09
Shredder, I don't get it, the Oscars were months ago :s
Big T said on 23/Apr/09
He looks 5'6" in this pic, he's not all that much shorter than Glenn, a little more than 1 inch difference, 1.5 inch difference max. Of course, pictures like this that only show the upper body can deceive.
the shredder said on 23/Apr/09
Rob , can Sean Penn be 5'9 ? He looks it next to this guy in Milk ... so who is your oscar pick , Penn or Rourke ?

[Editor Rob: not 5-9, I never watched either of those movies.]
Akshay said on 23/Apr/09
this guy is short like me 5'5" in the mornings
glenn said on 23/Apr/09
john p-pics prove nothing.measurements do.if i measured at near 5-7.25 after being up 15 hours,gee what does that tell you? go play guitar hero or fetch cow dung.whatever floats your boat.just leave me alone with dumb comments.and i see that im at least over an inch on him.being this was 1030pm,and up all day,yeah,im not 5-8.but i slept days for 20 years until this year.
ACG said on 23/Apr/09
I'd say a strong 5'6" according to the glenn pic. He has also claimed this height, too.
Derek said on 22/Apr/09
BMI doesn't take muscle mass into consideration. You could take two guys that are 6'0" 200 pounds. One might look somewhat fat and the other might look a little slender. I'm 6'2" 165. Because I have small bones and quite a bit of muscle, I look bigger than what I really am. On a BMI chart, it still says I'm in a normal range. Now if I were to weigh say 195(the max for 6'2"), I would still be healthy because I would still have a decent amount of muscle.
John P said on 22/Apr/09
pic that proves glen is nowhere near 5 foot 8!
Brad said on 22/Apr/09
Sean Penn & Eddie Vedder own him big. Penn's expresssion is killer. Weak 5' 5". Looks 5' 4" with Penn. His claim of 5' 6" is a joke.
D. Ray Morton said on 22/Apr/09
If I looked like him, I'd take 5'5
glenn said on 22/Apr/09
5-6.seen him a few times.usually not easy to get.
leonari said on 22/Apr/09
Emile is 5'7"?? hahahaha! That joke just made my day! Look at the pic above !!! Let's say Glenn is only 5'7" as some are saying here. Emile is closer to the cam and still over an inch shorter. 5'7" "he said so". 5'3.8: you are a joke.
5 ft 3.8 said on 22/Apr/09
Emile is 5'7" He said so in a magazine, and a friend of his calle dhim 5'7" too.
leonari said on 22/Apr/09
Like I said: 5'5"
C said on 22/Apr/09
BMI is outdated and inaccurate for most people. Find a grown man of 5'10" with above average muscle mass, and 11% body fat, and I guarantee you he weighs more than 145lbs.
Josh said on 21/Apr/09
No way he is 5'5.5". Look at this picture of him with Lucy Liu...he looks about an inch shorter with better posture than Lucy. Lucy is listed at 5'1.75" on this site...the max that Lucy is getting in her heels is 3 inch, bringing her to 5'4.75. If we are extremely generous and assume Lucy is actually 5'3" like she claims, then Emile is still only around 5'5".

I would say that Emile is probably around 5'4", with 5'5" being his absolute maximum height.
Source said on 18/Apr/09
145 at 5'10 isn't scrawny, it's normal. You need to look at BMI and what's healthy not at how much other people weight... The average person today is overweight (especially in the US).
leonari said on 11/Apr/09
I stay with a very flat 5'5" for this guy and I really think I am right.
Josh said on 11/Apr/09
In nearly every story about him, he is consistently described as "teeny" and much shorter than expected. This alone should be evidence that he is below 5'6", which is the point at which guys start to fall below the height of a significant portion of women and thus seem really small. Guys 5'6"-5'8" are normal short--they wouldn't be considered "teeny" (unless they have 5'9" wives like Tom Cruise). I think the confusion comes because he is very proportional and thus looks taller on film. But, he makes Sean Penn look like a giant (its unlikely that even if Penn has lifts they give him more than a 1" advantage), is around the same height as Regis, and makes Elisha Cuthbert look like an average-sized girl--he's probably 5'5.5 max.
Clay said on 19/Mar/09
145 at 5'10 is awfully scrawny IMHO.
Source said on 2/Mar/09
Robocop, if you weight 145pounds and are 5'10 you have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 20,5. Which is perfectly normal...
TeeJay said on 29/Jan/09
Die Hard says on 3/Sep/07
Rob tell me please what is a height of Chris Marquette???????? Thanks

Chris is approximately 5'8". I've met him twice. I'm 5'7 and Chris is just a little taller than me.

Robocop said on 24/Jan/09
sounds about right, maybe a little shorter than that though.

lol your boyfriend is 5'10" 145lbs?? he anorexic?
Steven P. said on 24/Jan/09
I am a guy coming from Guangzhou of China. I think it doesn't matter. I love him all the way. His talent and pretty looking pay off all these..
Anonymous said on 22/Jan/09
He looks about 5'5" to me
glenn said on 1/Jan/09
i saw this guy a couple of times.arrogant.5-6.
leonari said on 31/Dec/08
Flat 5'5" guy...Never 5'4". But far from 5'7"
deepakkamus said on 30/Dec/08
See Eddie Vedder and Emile. On this page Vedder is 5ft 7, How is possible? Click Here
Zoe said on 26/Oct/08
He is the same height as Regis, who is 5'5". He even looks a bit shorter, maybe it's just me. That extra 0.5 is a bit bogus.
denis said on 9/Oct/08
HE IS 5'4 look at this picture of him and ellen page: Click Here
the diference is about two inches, ellen is 5'0.5 and emile 5'5.5. ellen is wearing two inches shoes Click Here so she is 5'2 and a half now, and emile shoes are one inch so he is 5'6.5, the the diference between then would be 4 inches wich is not, is only about two, therefore emile is 5'4
Clay said on 7/Oct/08
Are you kidding he looked short as always in Into the Wild. 5'5-5'6.
Real said on 30/Sep/08
He looks really short in the picture with Penn.. what's Penn, 5'8 or 5'9?
mike said on 1/Sep/08
I'm sure I read an interview with him where he said he was 5'6" although he looks taller than that in "Into the Wild".
Clay said on 28/Aug/08
He's a short little bugger. Great actor though.
denis said on 28/Aug/08
some examples
Click Here
victor rausk(in the middle is 5'6) Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
denis said on 27/Aug/08
yeah hes probably only 5'4 look pictures with him and other celebrities hes always shorter than anyone
enzo said on 23/Aug/08
whats with being too heavy?

im 5 10 and im 215 lbs but i play rugby and train really hard.
famous said on 16/Aug/08
he's always looked 5'6 to me...he even says he is...i think i'll believe him..he also wears his height hasn't held him back from making millions.
dits said on 8/Aug/08
5'5 seems right for him,he seems about 3-4 inches shorter than sean penn in the 'into the wild' pictures..besides,he looked really short in the movie too.
Josephine said on 12/Jul/08
Yea what Dagger says makes sense, if Regis is 5'5" Emile is about 5'4". Maybe 5'4 and a half!
Dagger said on 14/Jun/08
Regis is about 5'5 at best. Check out this video from a few weeks ago. Just about when he and Regis shake hands you can see that Emile is a tiny bit shorter. Those shoes look to have rather thick rubber so I'd say he's 5'4.

Click Here
Aimie said on 30/May/08
when someone's body is proportionate they look much taller from far away. This is the case with Emile, who is somewhere between 5'5 inches and 5'6.He is also naturally quite thin boned which gives him a slender look.
zedrein said on 24/Apr/08
Damn, fairly short I'd say, but he wears his height well, I would've guessed more like 5' 8" - 5' 9"
Anonymous said on 18/Apr/08
lol at 170 being too big at 5'10.
island girl said on 16/Apr/08
He is 5'6"....i know that for a fact, im not about to tell you how because thats none of your business and i respect someone elses privacey. however "REAL", just FYI, my boyfriend is 5'10 and at 145lbs and he is perfectly fit...surfs everyday, runs, and does yoga...anything bigger and it would be unattractive to me...170 is way too big!
booboo said on 16/Feb/08
Now now. Its hard to tell from photos. I know Emile is 5'7" or within an inch of that. And he is the nicest guy around and quite smart. Ever think that SP wears lifts? ; )
leonari said on 13/Feb/08
lizgirl: nice... have you seen the picture with Penn and Eddie Vedder below???? Oh wait you are course: Sean Penn is 6 feet tall (at least) and Vedder mist be 5'11". You figured it out...
You are a perfect example of a woman who can't gauge height even if your life depended on it. 5'7" is a joke. Nothing less. A joke. Apparently he said himself 5'6" which is also at least an inch if not 2 inches too high. I say even Robs listing is slightly off. The man is in Michael J. Fox department.
lizgirl said on 5/Feb/08
Actually I met Emile at the Palm Springs Film Festival last month and I assure you he around 5'7. I'm 5'5 and he was a bit taller than me. And yes he is gorgeous in person and a very cool guy too!
leonari said on 8/Jan/08
could be even way 5'6 and those who say 5'7": if he is 5'7" what is Penn??? Almost 6 feet?? Please!! The guy seems to be a very talented actor but without any doubt he is short.
Bengalltigerr said on 7/Jan/08
Emile always seemed looked quite short in his movies,i'd say 5'5" or even 5'6"
booboo said on 29/Dec/07
hmm just looked at photos with 6' friend. Both wearing tennies. Emile may actually be slightly over 5'7"
booboo said on 29/Dec/07
he's 5'6" maybe a bit taller. I see him all the time
alex g said on 11/Dec/07
lol! i dunno why i thought he was taller.. i thought paul dano was a giant when he was in girl next door, but i found out we're the same height!
Dagger said on 29/Nov/07
With Seas Penn (5'8) & Eddie Vedder (5'7)

Click Here
Leung said on 26/Nov/07
I have seen Alpha Dog and Emile Hirsh has slightly stocky build, so yes 115lb is very light for him, however keep in mind that he would have only been that weight solely for the purpose of filming Into the Wild.

My friend that is 5
Real said on 26/Nov/07
I'm a shade over 5'6 and I weigh a healthy 170.
I'm kind of muscular, but nothing too crazy, and I'm in no way fat

I have a friend in my class who is 5'7 or 5'8 and is around 140 and he is really small... 5'6 115 would seem almost too tiny
Leung said on 25/Nov/07
He lost weight for the movie
Dagger said on 17/Nov/07
If he said he's 5'6 then even he thinks he's taller than he really is. No way!
the shredder said on 15/Nov/07
What 5 ft 6 guy would go from 156 to 115 lbs ? .. the best weight for a MAN in the 5 ft 6 range is about 150 lbs ! .. Rob , you said your 158 lbs .. If I where You I keep it at that and no smaller ! .. You are a VERY heathly weight !
Editor Rob said on 14/Nov/07
In Outside magazine recently said: "I lost 41 pounds. I'm five foot six. I went from 156 pounds to 115 pounds"
D. Ray Morton said on 7/Nov/07
Penn looks 4.5" taller (give or take) than Hirsch in those Getty photos. The top of Emile's head looks pretty even with Sean's eyeline. Of course, we won't get into the lifts Seanie *might* be packin'.

Boring movie? Biased movie, maybe.
Dagger said on 4/Nov/07
With 5'8 Sean Penn

Click Here

Click Here

Looks about 5'4 I'd say.
frank said on 6/Oct/07
I met him at a screening of Into the Wild (boring movie btw). Anyhow, he's tiny. I'd say the 5'5" is spot on.
Die Hard said on 3/Sep/07
Rob tell me please what is a height of Chris Marquette???????? Thanks
Anonymous said on 24/Jun/07
He looks 8 inches shorter than Paul Dano:
Click Here

And 3 inches shorter than Sophia Bush (in heels I presume):
Click Here
Click Here
Dagger said on 21/May/07
James, what was his reply when you asked how tall he was? You never really said what he told you.
James said on 4/May/07
Yeah he is really about 5'3 as stated in Alpha Dog and Lords Of Dog Town. I met him in LA and asked him how tall he was. I'm about 5'6 without shoes and about 5'7 almost 5'8 with shoes. I'm kind of short too. So I was surprised when I was actually a few inches taller then him. He's a great guy though.
mac said on 30/Apr/07
its weird, i was thinking possibly 5'6 from Girl Next Door, but he did look pretty short in LODT, and they were joking about his shortness on the commentary for that dvd...

so I'd go with around 5'5
UNK said on 13/Feb/07
What does he say in the LODT commentary? Someone who has heard it please paraphrase it here... thanks.
P. Smith said on 12/Feb/07
(In Alpha Dog) Looked six inches shorter then Justin Timberlake in a scene where Emile was in big sneakers and JT in flat house shoes.
Anonymous said on 13/Dec/06
He is 5"3 or so he says on the LODT commentary
Peter said on 11/Nov/06
5'4 is correct, the pictures tell all. Why does his height continue to be listed @ 5'6?...

[Padraig: 5 feet 4? I bet he isn't.]
Aussie Bloke said on 7/Nov/06
uhhh, sorry mates, he's only about 5ft4, he makes everyone look tall, C'MON
HarleyG. said on 7/Aug/06
I really don't care how tall Emile Hirsch is he is so good looking
trueheight said on 23/Jul/06
thats kinda funny considering Nick's dad John was only 5'7
Peter said on 7/Jul/06
Time to drop this guys height to the correct 5'4. Found this picture on a message board of him with Nick Cassavetes who is 6'4. Take a look...

Click Here
Dagger said on 24/Jun/06
Ben Foster is 5'9. Look at these pictures. He's probably about 5'4.

Click Here

Click Here
Magnus said on 19/Jun/06
Editor Rob: yes, I'm starting to wonder about this guy sometimes...he might be 169cm only"

But you listed him as 1,68 ?! And 1,69 is a bit longer :P :P :P

Dagger said on 2/Jun/06
Thank you British Guy, someone else noticed.
British Guy said on 29/May/06
Genuinly believe from picture evidence amongst other things

That this guy is not a whisker above 5ft 5in... Sorry rob but LOOK at him!!

Dagger said on 24/May/06
Becasue he's NOT 5'7. I doubt he's even 5'6.
trueheight said on 16/May/06
I remeber he was 5'7 earlier, when and why was he downgraded?
Dagger said on 27/Apr/06
It's important to note also that Elisha Cuthbert is only 5'2, not the inflated number that has been going around for a while. He's not much taller than her.
Dagger said on 26/Apr/06
If you look at some of the scences from Lords Of Dog Town you can clearly see he's not 5'7. Victor Rasuk in Lords Of Dog Town is 5'6 apparently, and he was a few inches taller than Emile. Also, Michael Angarano's (also in Lords of Dogtown) height is 5'7 and he was a nice bit taller than Emile too. I'd say Emile can't be anymore than 5'4 - 5'5. As for The Girl Next Door, some of those scenes were a bit off to me, he's walking out front of everyone or his hair is stuck up high. Seems like it might be a lot of camera twisting and turning that made him seem taller. Keep an eye on this guy, he's been hard to judge. Great actor though.
Anonymous said on 17/Apr/06
From that photo how tall do you reckon Donowho is?
xaoxio said on 16/Apr/06
I've got an inspiration today for writing so many comments. Rob, it will be nice if you check this guy from time to time cause I'm starting to think that he's 5'6.5" if not shorter. Is this 5'7" for Emile Hirsch(Click Here)?

[Editor Rob: yes, I'm starting to wonder about this guy sometimes...he might be 169cm only]
Chris said on 16/Mar/06
I went to HS (Hamilton Music Academy), he's about my height... I say 5'6...not more then 5'7
sebastian said on 6/Mar/06
im thinking 5 foot 6
MattMatt said on 24/Jan/06
He looks way shorter than 6foot Tim Olyphant in the movie (about 5inches )...
5'7 seems pretty accurate
Max 5'8 ( and it's generous )
clad-in-black said on 17/Dec/05
nah 5 ft 7 seems about right.
if anything, i read a report he was 168cm.
ell said on 17/Jun/05
looked about 3-5 inches taller than elisha cuthbert (in heels)
i say 5'8.5"

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