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5ft 10.63in (179.4cm)
cmillzz said on 16/Jul/19
I’m surprised to see Rampage troll like that. That’s uncharacteristic of him.
CDS said on 16/Jul/19
@Pierre: probably belongs in the Rick Schroeder thread, but I've always seen him as your classic, 5'9" guy barefoot, 5'10" in shoes, and hence, claims 5'10". In fact, I'd say he is typically what society sees as a 5'10" guy since most claim an in-shoes height...
CDS said on 16/Jul/19
@Greg: I've posted this before in other threads, but it is indeed quite possible for a 5'9" guy to hit 6' in lifts, and I'm not talking platforms or anything. I can speak with experience -- I'm 5'11.5" barefoot, out of bed, dip down to about 5'11" mid morning, end of day, 5'10.75", and can dip as low as 5'10.5" after heavy activity. I have been wearing undetectable footwear with the lifts built in for more than a decade now, much more effective I've found than the lifts or wedges you insert. And I have seen myself in photos looking as tall as my 6'3" cousin! Believe me, they ARE that effective! Now I don't believe brad is as low as 5'9", but do believe from his past work, lets say, pre-1996, that he could be as low as, a little under 5'10". And from experience, I have recognized him wearing similar footwear to mine, only a wearer of such footwear would recognize. He is one of the masters of the trade, ill give him that!
Hijoputamus said on 16/Jul/19
Greg, a 177cm guy that wears a shoe with a high heel 4 cm and an inch help inside becomes a 6 footer and hard to spot. Easy as that. Brads heels when shooting the spy game movie with Redford were no less than 5cm (2 inches) and Pitt wasn’t taller than 5ft9ish Redford.
Pitt is not much taller than 5ft8ish Gwyneth. Watch him beside Sir Anthony Hopkins in that Legends movie scene and see how Pitt wasn’t much taller when he should be if he was 5ft11. Btw, Stallone can stand over 5ft10 with some help and still can walk run act etc no problem.
Pierre said on 15/Jul/19
@Greg = Brad can look 6"0' because you compare him to other actors who have their official height a little bit rounded up sometimes....
Pierre said on 15/Jul/19
5"9.5' is only an official height for Rick Schroder i posted recently some pics that can really question this height(21/jun)
HonestSlovene said on 15/Jul/19
Overall he seems 179-180 cm or 5'10.5-5'11 range. There are instances, where he's looked more or less but this is the range he seems to fall into in 90%+ cases. Looked an inch taller than 5'9.5" Schroder btw.
Greg said on 14/Jul/19
@Animus way to state the obvious 😂😂 on celeb heights most people are obsessed if not fascinated by height with that being said what they don’t understand is that in order for Brad Pitt to appear the strong 5’11/6’0 in lifts/shoes he would have to be a minimal of 5’10, there’s just no way a 5’9 guy can appear 6’0 in shoes/lifts. Maybe in the biggest pair of elevators but then you would notice they would basically be walking on platforms which is not the case. I’m sure Pitt never wore anything apart from a 1-2 inch lift in a 1.5 inch dress shoe and that was only on scene for some of his premieres or movies.
Greg said on 14/Jul/19
@CDS let’s see Leo is listed at 5’11.25” here often times he can look 5’11 flat or 5 11.5” he seemed similar to 6’0 Tom hanks who might be slightly below due to height loss. 5’9 for Leo is trolling that’s like saying Brad Pitt is anything under 5’10, he is def in the strong 5’10 range, most likely a weak 5’11 now and 5’11 peak.
Tunman said on 14/Jul/19
Always achance for 5'10.75,and Angelina more like 5'6 flat.He rather looked a weak 5'11 with a girl like Geena Davis but I doubt much less,likely in that 179,5-80 range.Clooney may well have been only 5'10.5
Johan 185 cm said on 14/Jul/19
Dmeyer said on 10/Jul/19
I agréé with rob 180 IS likely but today 179 IS Closer maybe 179,2-179,5


Agreed, just not sure if he was a full 5'11" or not. I still tend to lean towards 5'10.5" / 5'10.75" even for peak.
Importer said on 14/Jul/19
Relax guys I think he just meant to say he look 6'1 range in that particular photo above, putting aside footwear of course.
Pierre said on 13/Jul/19
no he's under 179 next to Rick Schroder in Across the Tracks,177 max and shoes make the rest
Animus said on 13/Jul/19
Almost everyone on this site is obsessed with this man's height. I think it's pretty simple. There is not a chance in hell he is below 5'10½. Anyone suggesting anything below that are kidding themselves. We also know that he can't really be much above 5'11, from how he stacks up against DiCaprio, who is comfortably 181cm.

So that's the range he's looked throughout the course of his public life, anywhere from 179cm to 181cm. Personally, I think he's managed to look 180-181cm the most often. It helps he is broad-shouldered and lean and that he generally maintains good posture. That, combined with sometimes wearing thicker than average footwear, has facilitated him looking taller than he likely is, i.e. he's looked in the 6'0-range from time to time. But's it's pretty clear he is within a small fraction of 5'11 and I urge anyone unwilling to accept this to start looking at the evidence with a fresh and unbiased perspective.
CDS said on 12/Jul/19
In that photo with Claudia schiffer and brad... First off, she has flat flats on, barely any heel on that I was surprised actually. Secondly, brad you can clearly tell his wearing boots with the lifts built in. And third, she is doing that little trick tall actresses do, when standing next to leading men. Nicole Kidman actually demonstrated this with George Clooney, on the old Rosie O'Donnell show back in the 90s, where they'll do a little twist with the leg, to bring them down a little. Again, wow, rampage.. Get a clue...?? LOL
Mr.heighty said on 11/Jul/19
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Jul/19
Wrong dude 6'1 range is too tall. With Claudia Schiffer 6'0 range at most but remember he is wearing lifts. He is 5'11 max barefoot I still say he is 179 cm or 5'10.5
Hijoputamus said on 11/Jul/19
Rampage, stop the trolling, mate
Pierre said on 11/Jul/19
Claudia Schiffer is standing in a terrible posture here and Brad wear probably some helps here and her soles are so slim.Some visitors here doubt she's exactly 5"11' barefoot.It seems to me lots of people rounded up a little bit their height to 5"11'.I have an anecdot=recently i wanted to sell my bicycle,then i posted an ad in the web.A guy call me and ask me why i wanted to sell this bicycle,i answer him the bicycle is too small for me.He said "How tall are you ?Me="i'm around 180"(i'm nearly 6"0' after bed and around 5"11.25' during the day).He said="It's all right for me i'm 180 too and i know very well this model of bicycle my son has the same i know it's good for me".I was thinking this guy go to make me lose my time,but he was looking very sure of himself...The guy ring my doorbell,i open him...My first though when i saw him was =this is not the guy for my bicycle=i was clearly edge him out...He was nearly one forehead shorter than me.Then he has buy my bicycle and finally i have not lose my time🙂
Dmeyer said on 11/Jul/19
If you look well at all shots Pitt isnt more than 1-2cm over Claudia but i believe he has no lifts just 1,5cm shoes advantage so about 5'11 peak
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Jul/19
Clearly 6ft1 range w/h Claudia Schiffer..5ft10 doesn’t make sense at all
Dmeyer said on 10/Jul/19
I agréé with rob 180 IS likely but today 179 IS Closer maybe 179,2-179,5
CDS said on 10/Jul/19
@Greg: I could be wrong, but if you go back to the late 90s, and size up Leo with other actors like, Kenneth branagh (5'9"), for instance, you'll see what I mean. Leo was mid 20s by then, so little chance he's grown since.
Mr.heighty said on 9/Jul/19
@Rob thanks for answering. Yes maybe you are right but I'd go better with 179. I've learnt a 179 guy barefoot is tall or tallish and more than people think. Average Guess is fine.
Hijoputamus said on 9/Jul/19
@Pierre, Brad, Bono from U2, RDJr, Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas, Keanu Reeves, Mick Jagger, Al Pacino, Marky Mark, Stallone...the list is so long. They all don’t try to hide it anymore. They wear tricky shoes, so what? They have hair implants, fake teeth, Botox, etc
Regular people do all of the above and also steroids and they don’t even work with their image. Nowadays it’s rare to see a real person as they really are.
You go to the gym and see this 46 year old fellow on steroids, fake hair, fake teeth, fake tan and thinking about some job done on his face and he works as a waiter. Women before and now it’s men. Mad...
Greg said on 9/Jul/19
@Pierre also Fallon is about 5’11.25-5’11.5 I think, Colbert looks close to 5’11 there they barely look any different but I’m not sure if one had a swing in footwear over the other. Obama’s 6’1 man not 6’0.75” he’s likely a fraction over than under.
Greg said on 9/Jul/19
@CDS wtf are you on about Leo 5’10.25?” He’s nothing under 5’11.
Greg said on 9/Jul/19
@Pierre Yeah Pitt looks shorter than Bernthal in one photo but he’s also wearing lifts and losing posture. Also he looks taller in the other photo but he has the camera advantage and he seems to have a lift as well.

@Johan well Rob said Pitt and Bernthal are likely a fraction apart I doubt they’d be anything over half an inch apart. My guess would be like 1/4th of an inch Rob said the lowest he can see Bernthal at would be 179cm or 5’10.5, I think he has a chance of being 5’10.5-5’11 flat Rob sometimes rounds them up so if he thinks he could be 5’10.75” he might say he looks approx 5’11 because in the one photo he looked 6’0 but in the other he looked barely 5’10, some people meet Kimmel who’s listed as 5’11.25 and guessed him at 5’10.5” too same with Beckham so I guess it varies on what time they meet them, their posture and everything else. I agree with Rob though Pitt and Bernthal are a fraction apart if not the same height.
Mr.heighty said on 8/Jul/19
@Rob do you really think Pitt is 180.34 cm at night or 5'11? I honestly think this listing is too tall.
Pitt has always looked a typical 179 guy or 178 at night. 5'11 barefoot is a joke.
Editor Rob
179 would be the lowest I'd go, 178 seems hard to believe. I'm ok with 5ft 11 for him, though you never know!
Pierre said on 6/Jul/19
Click Here Click Here Click Here =Try to guess who wear the biggest shoes here...hum very difficult :)
Johan 185 cm said on 5/Jul/19
Mr.heighty said on 3/Jul/19
Johan 185 cm said on 3/Jul/19
You sound you like to defende upgraded actors. ON the pic clearly all those guys are 5'8 range 5'9. Pitt looks 5'10


The editor of the site Rob has met Jon Bernthal and gave him 5'11" so no I strongly disagree with you.
Pierre said on 4/Jul/19
Comparisons Jimmy Fallon/Brad= now Jimmy/Stephen Colbert = Click Here Click Here = very similar imo(Jimmy has a little bit more heels imo here).now Stephen Colbert/6"0.75' Barack = Click Here Click Here =For me Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon(who wear imo sometimes more advantageous shoes than in the pics next to Stephen) are clearly under 5"11' and not just a fraction.Then Brad too.
Hijoputamus said on 4/Jul/19
@Johan 185 cm, this is about barefoot height. Just saying...;)
Arslan 6'10 210 CM said on 4/Jul/19
5’10 I give him
Mr.heighty said on 3/Jul/19
Johan 185 cm said on 3/Jul/19
You sound you like to defende upgraded actors. ON the pic clearly all those guys are 5'8 range 5'9. Pitt looks 5'10
Johan 185 cm said on 3/Jul/19
Yes 5'11" is taller than most people think but then everyone who meets him says he is 5'11" -6'. He looks very similar to Jon Bernthal who is at least 5'10.75".

Click Here

Click Here

Also very similar to 5'11 Jimmy Fallon.

Between 5'10.5"-5'11"
Pierre said on 2/Jul/19
@Rism 90 @Pauly =And Brad had an advantage of heel next to Rick schroder in Accross The Tracks....
Pierre said on 2/Jul/19
Arnold 6"0.5' give Lou 6"3.5' by good pics of both barefoot; Lou is clearly shorter than John Larroquette listed 6"4', guys listed 6"5.5' ,6"6'(Dick Durock,Ralf Moeller) towered him.His stunt double Manny Perry listed 6"2' looks approximatively the same height as him in this famous picture....My guess is Lou was "around" 6"3' and Arnold "around" 6"0'...Nothing over that
pauly e said on 1/Jul/19
rism90 said on 29/Jun/19
Rob 5'11 barefoot is pretty tall.. People don't know how tall is a legit 5'11 guy and If they see a 5'11 guy they guess he is 6'0. Brad is 5'10.25 10.5 tops. Watch Acroos the Tracks or Kalifornia where you can see Brad without heels and regular sneakers.. Strong 5'10

I agree with this. 5'11 flat barefoot is taller than most people think. Most guys I've encountered who claim 5'11 are really 5'9-ish. Not saying Brad is that height but I'd guess he's more 5'10.25, 5'10.5.
Canson said on 29/Jun/19
@Viper: I’d lean toward Pitt being 5’10 and change before being sub 5’10
rism90 said on 29/Jun/19
Rob 5'11 barefoot is pretty tall.. People don't know how tall is a legit 5'11 guy and If they see a 5'11 guy they guess he is 6'0. Brad is 5'10.25 10.5 tops. Watch Acroos the Tracks or Kalifornia where you can see Brad without heels and regular sneakers.. Strong 5'10
Pierre said on 28/Jun/19
5"10.5' with very massive socks.
rism90 said on 28/Jun/19
Rob have you thought to downgrade him? I think is fair to list him at 5'10.5 being the most honestly.. I was watching this evening Across the tracks and Brad look on the 5'10 zone but far to be 5'11 barefoot. I've learnt how tall is a legt 5'11 guy barefoot more than people think..
Editor Rob
10.75 is arguable at times, 5ft 10-10.5 I struggle to imagine him being.
TheBat said on 28/Jun/19
I actually now think that Brad's 5'10.5" barefoot instead of 5'10.75"
viper said on 27/Jun/19
I'd be surprised If he's under 5-10
Pierre said on 27/Jun/19
Rick Schroder around 5"8.5' demonstrate Brad is absolute max 5"9.5'
viper said on 24/Jun/19
I give Leo 5-10.5 and Brad 5-10
CDS said on 23/Jun/19
@Pierre: I completely agree about Leo being closer to 5'10" than 5'11", for a long time now. He's admitted to wearing lifts, something brad has never done. I would give Leo 5'10.25", and brad , 5'9.75".
Pierre said on 22/Jun/19
@CDS = Leo next to 6"0.75' Barack = Click Here = make a pause at 2:38.And the camera is low here then the real difference between them is probably bigger.Leo is under 5"11' for me probably a little bit closer to 5"10' than to 5"11'
CDS said on 21/Jun/19
@keribomba: I forgot to add, "that's assuming he did in fact write down 5'10" on that audition form". I disagree about him being 5'11" though still. Those pics with him and Stallone posted below have convinced me even more so he's no more than a barefoot 5'10", absolute max. And now the recent images of DiCaprio edging him out. Remember, tom hanks edged out a 27 yr old Leo in the film, "catch me if you can".
Pierre said on 21/Jun/19
In addition to my comment = Click Here watch from 17:13 to 17:23 = at the end Rick Schroder is standing straighter ....
Pierre said on 21/Jun/19
Brad Pitt in training shoes (around on inch) and Rick Schroder in Converse(0.6 inch) = Click Here Click Here .Rick Schroder and Erin Gray = Click Here Click Here Erin and Rob = Click Here .Rick's height chart = Click Here = 5"9' at the top of his hairs(not the top of his head) then Brad 5"11' ....
Johan 185 cm said on 21/Jun/19
CDS said on 19/Jun/19
I'm sorry, but no 5'10.5" guy (barefoot) rounds his height down to 5'10" flat. If he really did put that down on his audition form, he's no more than that, absolute max, I guarantee you…


Maybe because he didn't want to write down fractions? He was not famous back then and I can understand that he started rounding up, he would be 5'11" easy straight out of bed.

I still don't see him over 5'10.5", yes he did look similar to Leo at Cannes but he had thicker footwear.
Pierre said on 21/Jun/19
@Keribomba=in the event Chinese Theater Brad's shoes are looking completely classic too = Click Here Click Here but = Click Here Click Here Click Here ....
Hijoputamus said on 21/Jun/19
@Keribomba, and why are you assuming Sly stands what? 5ft10? 6ft?? First of all I don’t think Sly is standing with a 4 inch help. I’d say Sly stands 5ft10 is that pic and Brad probably same height....IN SHOES. And we don’t know if Vibrams inside or a little lift.
Have a look at Brad with 5ft8ish Gwyneth both barefoot or that pic with Angelina both walking, her on flats and Brad with thick soles and he wasn’t much taller.
Brad stands 5ft10 absolutely max after a good night sleep. I have a friend who stands 181cm and met him and talked to him in the 90s. He said he was “short” skinny and had a bad acné and a very very cool down to earth charismatic guy.
Keribomba said on 21/Jun/19
I don’t see any helps, his footwear looks completely normal. He looks more casual and relaxed than usual. In the past I also thought he was 5’9.5-5’10. But seeing him without lifts, even in that Paltrow picture I can see him being weak 5’11.
Pierre said on 21/Jun/19
But Brad next to Sly wear probably some little helps in his shoes even if Sly's helps are very probably bigger
Keribomba said on 21/Jun/19
Somebody quoted that he did that. You know how that works. My grandma has seen a guy who has seen Brad Pitt and they were the same height.

Brad Pitt is 5’11. I had doubts before, because he is a religious lift wearer, but after seeing him in normal boots with Stallone, and Stallone in huge lifts, and then seeing him next to Leo... 5’11 - nothing less.
Hijoputamus said on 20/Jun/19
@Original, you must be the only one that sees Brad taller than Sly in that pic. Very original lol
CDS said on 19/Jun/19
I'm sorry, but no 5'10.5" guy (barefoot) rounds his height down to 5'10" flat. If he really did put that down on his audition form, he's no more than that, absolute max, I guarantee you...
Original said on 18/Jun/19
Stallone 5'11 in his mega boots and still looks shorter than BP (eyes level).
Pierre said on 18/Jun/19
Comparisons Brad/Sylvester Stallone.Now Pelé and 5"9' Eusebio = Click Here Click Here Click Here .Now Pelé and Sylvester (young) = Click Here Click Here Click Here
Bradley said on 17/Jun/19
Sly in Munsters...destroying a 5' 10.25" Brad with ease. Fonz: Woah!
Johan 185 cm said on 17/Jun/19
viper said on 14/Jun/19
If Pitt is that tall why would he write down 5-10 on an audition form


Thats why I don't think he was 5'11". My guess is 5'10.5" and he rounded then and now. He still looks that with 5'11.25" Leo DiCaprio.
viper said on 17/Jun/19
Brad really doesn't look any taller than 5-10 there
Hijoputamus said on 17/Jun/19
@Elo, how tall can Sly stand there? If he is 5ft8 he can’t have a 4 inch help, can he? How could you even walk with that? And this assuming Brad stands 6ft there according to some people.
Elo said on 16/Jun/19
Brad Pitt finally exposed by Mr. Heightstone himself lol

Click Here
Shortkid said on 16/Jun/19
5'10 3/4 - 5'11
Pierre said on 14/Jun/19
For me 5"10' was even very probably his height rounded up= if you make statistics with the official heights and the real heights of celebrities,how many are really exactly as tall as their official heights....I go with a strong 5"10' early in the morning and 5"9.5' during the day .
viper said on 14/Jun/19
If Pitt is that tall why would he write down 5-10 on an audition form
cmillzz said on 14/Jun/19
I’ve read articles before stating that Clooney had worn lifts a few times, with even some photographic evidence of it. Obviously not to the extent of Pitt, but it really wouldn’t surprise me if he has worn lifts before.
Crab said on 13/Jun/19
Those photos with Leo just show Rob's listing is pretty much spot on, 5'10.5" - 5'11" is the height range he falls into in my opinion, closer to the latter. Over 5'11" in the morning for sure. Any sub 5'10" guess is honestly not giving him enough credit.

I'd put Leo somewhere in the 5'10.75 - 5'11.5" range, can look average sometimes kinda tall others. Probably around 6ft in the morning.
Johan 185 cm said on 13/Jun/19
Hijoputamus said on 10/Jun/19
@Johan 185cm, Gwyneth is 5ft8.5 max, have a look at the pics with James Corden.


Wouldn't add up, I don't see Chris martin under 6'1". She probably slouched next to Corden like she does with all short guys.

Chris only had 4" on her in equal footwear.
cmillzz said on 13/Jun/19
Possible he’s 5’10.25” and just rounded down to 5’10. But I’m thinking my 5’10.5” estimate for him might be a bit high now.
Bradley said on 11/Jun/19
Clooney is the slouch king. Lifts for George? Nope. Brad: 5' 10 and 1/4.
Hijoputamus said on 10/Jun/19
@Johan 185cm, Gwyneth is 5ft8.5 max, have a look at the pics with James Corden.
viper said on 9/Jun/19
He wrote down his real height of 5-10 on an audition form.

Nothing under or over
Johan 185 cm said on 7/Jun/19
cmillzz said on 6/Jun/19
Clooney definitely has worn lifts.


Clooney has never wore lifts, would bet my house on it. He doesn't even stand up straight and slouches all the time.
As for Pitt it does make you wonder about his height in comparison to 5'9" Paltrow. At times he could look easily taller by a couple of inches and equal her height when she had a heel but then you find pics like this where they had most likely similar footwear or even no shoes. Looks 1-1.5inches taller tops so around 5'10.5" max.

Click Here
CDS said on 7/Jun/19
I think I may have mentioned this before, but I never thought George Clooney wore lifts either, that is, until I saw those recent pics of him and brad pitt, with George looking a tad taller. Clooneys legs looked particularly longer, and the pant legs conveniently covered up his heels, while brad too I think had lifts, more the Cuban style ones. I would have to concur, that the 2 men are indeed about the same height, just that brad has been the more consistent lift wearer, and has better posture.
cmillzz said on 6/Jun/19
Clooney definitely has worn lifts.
HonestSlovene said on 6/Jun/19
@cmillzz Exactly, I alway thought Pitt was a weak 5'11" guy that wears lifts so he appears 6'0"-6'1" on red carpet events. Clooney is around the same height but doesn't wear lifts.
cmillzz said on 4/Jun/19
definitely. Many men are noticeably balding by age 38.
cmillzz said on 4/Jun/19
No offense but I think people on here exaggerate height loss. Plenty of people don’t lose any height in their 50s, and it wouldn’t surprise me if all those guys haven’t lost any noticeable height.
Hijoputamus said on 4/Jun/19
@Hernandez, those 4 wear tricky shoes.
Tom really doesn’t care much as he’s been barefoot with a lot of people around in shoes. I don’t think he has issues with height.
Reeves wears thick shoes even tho he’s a strong 6ft guy. Maybe just love thick sole boots comfortable shoes which is what it seems because we’ve seen him barefoot no problem.
Depp has issues with height but also loves big shoes and wears lifts regularly
Pitt is the tricky one. We’ve seen him way taller that 5ft11 David Beckham but also shorter that 5ft10ish Clooney or slightly taller that 5ft8 Anthony Hopkins or 5ft8ish or same height as Redford even tho Pitt was wearing a massive heel. Don’t forget the 5ft8ish Gwyneth Paltrow case. Never barefoot except for those stolen pics where we can see his REAL height.
Some people seem to forget any pic of Brad with shoes is as doubtful as a politician promise.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 4/Jun/19
Rob, i'm wondering this four bigger names A lister in their 50s who do you think had higher chance already lost a 1/2 inch mark?

A. Tom Cruise
B. Brad Pitt
C. Johnny Depp
D. Keanu Reeves
Editor Rob
Tom, Keanu and Pitt probably did more physical roles and their own stunts, but Cruise/Reeves may well have a greater chance as they've probably done more roles that put their bodies through the ringer.
viper said on 2/Jun/19
Rob could you do the same thing with a measuring tape. Thanks
viper said on 2/Jun/19
My hair has gotten thicker with age at 38.

Am I one of the lucky ones
viper said on 2/Jun/19
Rob, test it with a tape measure. Thanks
Pierre said on 31/May/19
Sophisticated shoes make the difference = Click Here Click Here Click Here . I give him max 5"9.75' peak barefoot
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/May/19
Yeah Leo is probably the stronger 5ft11
Dmeyer said on 30/May/19
Pitt IS very likely 5 FT 10,75-11 Peak so 5 FT 10,75 IS defenetly possibly Peak at his âge 1/4 loss IS likely so 5'10,5 , Léo IS at an age were still Peak height so near enaugh 181cm so Pitt just about 179 and leo just about 181
Dmeyer said on 29/May/19
At the black tie Pitt has a 3cm shoes leo nearer 2cm
Baltomire5'9.5 said on 29/May/19
Next to Leo Dicaprio:
Leo at 44 years old (1974)and Brad 55 years old (1963)
Click Here
Baltomire5'9.5 said on 29/May/19
Dmeyer said on 28/May/19
I'm sure Brad is still as tall as he was in his 20's. He has great genetics. He is a strong 5'10 and probably closer to 5'11 than 5'10 like 5'10.25.5'10.5. I've noticed he has great hair at 55 in terms of density and quality just amazing and even better than me being much younger
viper said on 28/May/19
Rob, do you get 5-8 when you put your finger on top of your head next to the tape measure
Editor Rob
Well I tested it just now on the stadiometer and got right around 5ft 8 using a finger on crown and moving it to the stadiometer slowly, but I think there's much greater room for 1/4 to 1/2 inch errors with doing that yourself.
viper said on 28/May/19
Would say the tip of your finger is better. When I barely lift my finger above my head it's perpendicular to 6-4
Editor Rob
If there's no objects to put on head, then the palm of your hand might be better, but I still think there should be some object in your home that could give a better reading than using a hand.

You could eyeball someone's height beside a tape if their hair is quite flat to a reasonable figure I feel, like if you held a tape in the way I'm doing with jenny In this old video...even that type of measurement should get you within a small fraction as long as the ruler looked level.
Dmeyer said on 28/May/19
Rob wath do you think , leo IS just 0,25in taller than Pitt today
Editor Rob
I still would say Leo has the better chance of measuring taller than Pitt much is debatable.
viper said on 27/May/19
Rob, With a tape measure next to me when I put my finger perpendicular to 6-0 It touches the middle of my forehead. When I put it on top of my head I get 6-3.

Isn't that fairly accurate
Editor Rob
If you are careful you might get close enough, but I have seen people doing hand on head measurements and it could easily be 1/2 to an inch off.
Dmeyer said on 27/May/19
Depending on the angle either Can look 2-3cm under each other
Dmeyer said on 27/May/19
Évidence shows leo 2-2,5cm taller even considering haïr footwear posture angle
Johan 185 cm said on 27/May/19
Yes anyone who pays attention to footwear can see that Brad miraculously grows a 1/2- 1 inch leading up to the black tie event. Look how chunky those heels are, then look at Leo's shoes which are normal.
Dan man said on 25/May/19
Leo 5-11, Brad 5-10. Leo has poor posture and isn’t fit, Brad has great posture and is super fit.
Adrian 184 said on 24/May/19
@ORPHEUS. The platform of Brad’s shoes looks noticeably chunkier than Leo’s, maybe by upto a cm. I wouldn’t dismiss the chance Brad might also have a slight internal lift based on the shape of his shoe near the laces.

With Leo’s 181 listing, I’d put Brad around 2cm shorter at a solid 179cm. Maybe 179.5cm
CDS said on 24/May/19
Can anyone explain why most of the recent photos of brad and Leo at Cannes, promoting, "once upon a time in Hollywood", have Leo with the edge over brad, yet, if you look at the pics from the 90s , we're taliking around 1996, when Leo would have been 22 years old, likely fully grown, had brad with the slight edge over Leo? I'm looking at the footwear, in the Cannes pics, and the poster below is right, they're both wearing similar elevator footwear.
Pierre said on 24/May/19
Leonardo and 6"0.75' Barack = Click Here Click Here Leonardo 5"11'?Hum...Brad's shoes are looking higher than Leonardo's shoes in the pic of Orpheus.What's the matter here? = Click Here Click Here Click Here even with his cap Brad looks shorter than Leonardo ...
viper said on 23/May/19
Rob, What's this measuring technique with a thumb?
Editor Rob
I don't know exactly, but I'm assuming roughly guessing in a similar way as putting your hand on your head and then onto the tape to get an idea of height - it might be bit erroneous.
Hijoputamus said on 23/May/19
@vtec, Brad looks same height as Leo and 6ft1 Quentin Tarantino all pictured together.
@Antonia111, I think Brad is 5ft9ish but it’s interesting what you say about that machine.
Millano182 said on 23/May/19
One more:
Click Here
Millano182 said on 23/May/19
Rob here's another clip of Leo with Brad. Rob they look to be around 180 cm or weak 5'11 guys max. Watch full clip and last minutes. They have proportions of weak 5'11 guys and maybe 5'10.5. Just Brad is using heels
Click Here
Johan 185 cm said on 23/May/19
Click Here

Same event , Brad wasn't letting Leo show him up this time.
Johan 185 cm said on 23/May/19
Click Here

Probably about the shortest I have seen him look. Leo makes him look 5'10.25"
ORPHEUS said on 23/May/19
5'11 for Brad and 5'11.25 for Leo is pretty accurate based on recent photos from Cannes.
Both wearing similar footwear.
Click Here
Loeparn said on 23/May/19
There are now numerous pictures on the net of Brad and DiCpario beside each other. I think DiCaprio overall looks to be the taller of the two, but he also has camera advantage in many of the pictures. I think DiCaprio has 1-1.5 cm on Pitt.
Vtec said on 22/May/19
Looks 5'10 next to leo
Antonia111 said on 21/May/19
All of Brad's shoes are really good elevators because it's made with his exact dimensions to make it as sleek as possible.

Brad is only barefoot 175.0-176.0cm or solid 5'9. Based on with gwyneth paltrow barefoot too.

Although it is highly possible for him to have gone and stretched his body with monkey bar or that japanese height increasing machine. He could be solid 178cm 5'10 today.

In hollywood 5cm bump is a normal thing and with Brad wearing sleek lifted shoes, he's simply rated 180cm.

I would rate him today 178cm 5'10 barefoot. Although he was 5'9 for sure with gwyneth paltrow.
Phrygian said on 20/May/19
How big of a boost does he actually get from wearing the cuban heels? I've seen him in some photos with 6'1 Tarantino, where they looked the same range
Johnnie said on 20/May/19
Funnily enough, people who claimed 5'11 for Brad argue that "they can't see anything below that mark for Braddy".
There are PHOTOS, people.
Some of them barefeet with Gwyneth Paltrow. Start to look at real evidence, instead of guessing.
Pierre said on 18/May/19
Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here =James on Tiptoe Click Here
Greg said on 17/May/19
@Original I think that’s too low for Brad I don’t think he would drop below 5’10 range at his lowest guessing him below a flat 5’10 is crazy talk.
viper said on 17/May/19
What's this measuring technique with a thumb?
Original said on 17/May/19
The minimum I can see is 5'10.5" and at night 5'9.75". I just can't see him in the 176 range. He is at least 177, probably 178 or almost 179 (peak). 5'10 fits very well in his case.
viper said on 16/May/19
he said no way, you are taller than me.
I said did you measure yourself or someone else did it for you
He said - I did, took out the measuring tape in front of me, with my thumb over it.

moral of the story - that is an incorrect way to measure yourself.

What do you mean by "thumb over it" ?
Original said on 15/May/19
5'11 out of bed, 5'10.25 at night. PEAK
now 0.5' shorter maybe, at least 0.25".
So now he is a flat 5'10 at night or even a weak 5'10 like 5'9.75".
Pierre said on 15/May/19
@John Wilson = I think Brad is around 5"11' when he measure his height with the same technique as your 184 guy.
Greg said on 14/May/19
@John so how tall was the guy? Yeah usually most guys say they measured but they really didn’t measure properly or went to a doctors office in thick shoes and rounded up. So you’re 5’11.25 I’m guessing he was about 5’9.5-5’10, sounds like a classic inflator lol I’m around 179 sometimes I will claim 5’11, but I have claimed 5’10.5 and 5’10 before since I fall right in the middle usually I’ll be guessed 5’11/6’0 because people can’t guess correctly and I have good proportions (6’2 arm span long legs short torso long arms)

@Johan yeah he is good with angles and he always looks between 5’10-6’0 in photos I think he’s a weak 5’11. 5’10.5” seems about right and I can even see 5’10.75” I would be surprised if he was just 5’10 that’s why I hope Rob can someday meet him and solve the mystery once and for all.
John wilson s. said on 12/May/19
Once in the gym, I started talking with 1 guy about weight and height.
he was shorter than me.

He claimed to be 184
Asked me about my height - I said 181.

he said no way, you are taller than me.
I said did you measure yourself or someone else did it for you
He said - I did, took out the measuring tape in front of me, with my thumb over it.

moral of the story - that is an incorrect way to measure yourself.
Original said on 11/May/19
176 is almost imposible, 177 few chances, imo he is either flat 178 or 178 range (178,9 at night for example)... imo 178.5 at night. His built is def not of one 5-9 guy. he is at least 178.
Bradley said on 7/May/19
Five Ten and a quarter.
Pierre said on 6/May/19
@Jay Ong= If all the height were good we would not be here to discuss about celebrities heights.Brad looks just a little bit taller than Rick Schroder in "Accross The Tracks" and in this movie he always wear running shoes with comfortable soles and Rick wear poor soles(type Converse).Rick Schroder,by this mugshot = Click Here =is 5"9' at the top of his hairs .Here next to Erin Gray = Click Here Erin Gray and Rob = Click Here .He's probably in the same range height as Rob or maybe a fraction more.It never gives 5"11' or even a full 5"10' to Brad to my eyes
Dmeyer said on 6/May/19
Actualy in the shots were Clooney looks Taller , his Boots arnt as Big as i thaught more 1,1in oposite 0,9in barely any différence
Hijoputamus said on 6/May/19
@Jay ONG, Pierre like myself has seen the pics with 5ft8ish Gwyneth Paltrow both barefoot. Brad is half inch taller. That ends the discussion. If he was 5ft10 he would be 5ft11 with regular shoes.Have a look at the pics with Sly Stallone or Matt Damon when Brad forgot his tricky shoes. Sly is under 5ft9 and even with lifts he wouldn’t reach an over 5ft11 mark.
Watch the scene with Sir Anthony Hopkins (Legends of the Fall) where Brad is barely taller...
Too much evidence. The guy is under 5ft10.
Jay Ong said on 4/May/19
@Pierre = Why do you downgrade so much ones person's height? Very impossible for Brad to be at only 5'9" range. He is atleast 5'10". Fact that he is at 5'10 1/2". That is why he rounded it up to 5'11".
Pierre said on 3/May/19
@Jay Ong = my guess is around 5"9.25'/5"9.5'.
TheBat said on 2/May/19
5'10.75" in my opinion. Brad is easily the most discreet lift wearer.
Jay Ong said on 2/May/19
@Pierre = What is your guess height of Brad Pitt? I see brad at 5'10.5" guy. Maybe 5'10" to 5'10.25" as his shortest. I don't see him a full 5'11" because in his old movies you can see that he wears massuve lifts to look 6' tall or more. Just looking at him next to Robert Redford in Spy Game and next to David Duchovney in Kalifornia. I'm assuming a 3" difference between Pitt and Cruise height.
Pierre said on 30/Apr/19
@Greg=Brad taller than Georges = Yeah....When he wear some very advantageous shoes= Click Here Click Here Click Here .If only classic lifts = Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here In this pic Georges slouching a lot = Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
CDS said on 30/Apr/19
I'm really starting to wonder if , in recent times, in light of the photos we've seen of brad not looking so tall next to people like, sly Stallone or George Clooney, who he almost seemed to tower over at times, back in the 2000s, if Pitt was given strict orders by a doctor, to stop wearing the lifts, maybe due to problems it may have been causing his Achilles tendon or joints in general? I mean the guy is like 56 now? What do other celebheighters think of this theory?
Johan 185 cm said on 30/Apr/19
Greg said on 29/Apr/19
@Johan he’s comfortably taller than Kevin Bacon in that photo and seems to be standing closer to the camera then Clooney but I think Brad is a bit taller than Clooney.

1 inch taller than Kevin with more footwear, not taller than Clooney at all. The only time Pitt has ever looked taller is when he has more footwear/lifts.

Click Here

Click Here

What you need to know about Pitt is that he is very aware of the camera. He always angles himself and trys to get an advantage when getting pics with other men. He is very height aware which is weird since he is minimum 179cm.
Greg said on 29/Apr/19
@MjKoP lmao I feel you and nawh.
Greg said on 29/Apr/19
@Johan he’s comfortably taller than Kevin Bacon in that photo and seems to be standing closer to the camera then Clooney but I think Brad is a bit taller than Clooney.
179cm guy said on 26/Apr/19
Rob, what's the absolute highest that you would ever guess Brad at?
Editor Rob
Today I would still say I won't really go above 5ft 11, but wouldn't go much under it either, 5ft 10.75 is of course something I wouldn't rule out. Can the same be said for 11.25 nowadays...maybe the odds are much less for that one.
Hijoputamus said on 24/Apr/19
@theknife and everyone, my bad, mea culpa.
But that guy is same height as Brad imho
theknife said on 23/Apr/19
@Laws & Hijoputamus
You can believe anything you want about Brad Pitt's height but in that photo it's not him with Jennifer Aniston on the beach. It is Justin Theroux, 5'9'' according to Celebheights.
Pierre said on 21/Apr/19
This is not Brad in the pic with Jennifer,he does not wear shoes
Johan 185 cm said on 20/Apr/19
Click Here

Bringing this one back, barely taller than 5'10" Kevin Bacon and Clooney is at least as tall.
Hijoputamus said on 20/Apr/19
@Laws, that pic is gold but the barefoot pics or pics where Pitt looks short are bad camera angles or just not valid ..erm...(ironic)
I wonder what excuse the fan lovers gonna give now.
Too much evidence
My bet is under 5ft10 but now with a bigger margin.
Laws said on 19/Apr/19
Hahaahaahaa Pitt is a SHRIMP in reality. MASSIVE booties the phony ass. He is 5'7.5. Lying sack of .....

He is 3" taller tha Jenn what a JOKE!!! Click Here
ulaix said on 18/Apr/19
@Rob you can see Pitt is 5'10 guy. He uses tricks to be taller as a 5'11 guy but I think his real height is 5'10. In all pics looks just 1 taller than Damon or 1/2 inch
Click Here
Pierre said on 17/Apr/19
i guess him around 178/178.5 after a good sleep ,then he's around 176/176.5 during the day.Magic shoes make the rest.
mohammad said on 16/Apr/19
He is a legitimate 180 cm , immediately after he wakes up , there is no question about it .
Luck said on 14/Apr/19
Pitt always had great posture so he easily can look like a 6' guy because most 6' guys don't have great posture. Definetely 5'11 or strong 5'10.
Mister lennon said on 13/Apr/19
Is what he looked at peak, 5'5.
MJKoP said on 13/Apr/19
Greg said on 11/Apr/19
@MjKop relax man im joking lol I am jewish myself, this entire time I did not realize dmeyer was jewish, I was actually surprised though now that I think about it meyer is the most jewish last name ever. And nah I didn't realize most of them where jewish except for goldblum jew's on average aren't that tall at least from my experience but there are exceptions of course.

It's all cool...I wasn't being serious, either. Yes - Meyer is a pretty Jewish last name, I guess. Dina Meyer(another dmeyer, lol!) is also Jewish. And IMO Jews are kinda similar to African-Americans in the sense that there don't seem to be very many of average height(at least in showbiz) - mostly either tall or short.

And you didn't realize Howard Stern was Jewish?!?!?!? lol
Pierre said on 12/Apr/19
@Mister Lennon =Dustin strong 5"5' peak?Why not. Eventually read my recent comments on Tom Cruise's page.
Mister lennon said on 11/Apr/19
Hoffman was strong 5'5 peak. And today about strong 5'4 or weak 5'5.

Angelina is at least 5'7.
Greg said on 11/Apr/19
@MjKop relax man im joking lol I am jewish myself, this entire time I did not realize dmeyer was jewish, I was actually surprised though now that I think about it meyer is the most jewish last name ever. And nah I didn't realize most of them where jewish except for goldblum jew's on average aren't that tall at least from my experience but there are exceptions of course.
Pierre said on 9/Apr/19
Angelina is probably under 5"7' = Click Here = here in advantageous heels next to Dustin Hoffman who is imo closer to 5"3' than to 5"5' = Click Here
Laser8 said on 9/Apr/19
Bora said on 7/Apr/19
Nope. Angelina is 5'6 range more a flat 5'6.
Bora said on 7/Apr/19
Angelina is 5'7" or something and in this picture she had high heels for sure; so we can obviously see that Brad Pitt he can look like almost 6 feet-like 181,5 with his shoe but in fact he is not taller than 5'11"
Jimhopper said on 7/Apr/19
5-10.5 max.
Canson said on 4/Apr/19
@Rising: Pitt May wear some mysterious footwear. He can look taller or shorter based on the pic from what I’m seeing. My guess is a weak 5’11” like a 5’10 1/2 guy at a low or even a very strong 5’10” who wakes over 5’11” or right at
MJKoP said on 3/Apr/19
Greg said on 22/Mar/19
@Dmeyer are you a Rabbi haha? Pretty tall for a Jew 😂

Uh, WTF? Do you know who Brad Garrett is? Howard Stern? Bob Saget? Elliott Gould? Jeff Goldblum? Herb Edelman? Just to rattle off a few...

Has Woody Allen really become *that* much of a walking stereotype? LOL
Costa said on 1/Apr/19
Constantly in suspicious footwear.
Johan 185cm said on 28/Mar/19
Just back to say this guy still isn't under 5'10.5", I don't think he lost a mm yet.
Jay Ong said on 28/Mar/19
Hi Rob,

Regardless on what you put their heights here. How many inch do you think is the height difference of Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp in reality?
Editor Rob
I still think 2 inches, whether 5ft 10.5 and 8.5 or 11 and 9, I feel that's probably reasonable.
Jay Ong said on 26/Mar/19
I think he can look 5'11" most time due to the fact when on TV people tend look taller than they really are. But, I see strong 5'10" guy here. I'm a big fan of him very long time and I just can't see him really a 5'11" guy. With the foot wear his been wearing or I think he wear insoles in his shoes during special events. Just compare his look how tall he is in tv during the 90's to present time. You can see a difference. For me he is 5'10" flat to 5'10.25" max. He can look as low as 5'9.75" at times but his height is as perfect as average guy at 5'10".
Greg said on 22/Mar/19
@Dmeyer are you a Rabbi haha? Pretty tall for a Jew 😂
Hijoputamus said on 22/Mar/19
Pierre, that last pic of Brad and Gwyneth- Brad is wearing huge lifts.
It’s obvious the guy is under 5ft10.
Thukk said on 21/Mar/19
5'10'25 range for Pitt
Pierre said on 20/Mar/19
Brad and Gwyneth = Click Here Click Here .Gwyneth and James Corden = Click Here Click Here . James Corden on tiptoe next to 5"10.25' Samuel Anderson slouching a little bit = Click Here ( Click Here ).
Click Here = Gwyneth with this shoes( Click Here ) next to 5"11'range imo Robbie Williams( Click Here ) .Again Gwyneth in flip flops and Brad = Click Here
cmillzz said on 19/Mar/19
Average guess is spot on imo.
Rising174cm said on 19/Mar/19
Nah, Sly at 174 still looks right since he's still at least as tall as Statham and still taller next to Weathers than Rob and no more than 4" shorter than Weathers. In one pic, Pitt might be 2 cm to an inch taller without the hat, but then in the other, he's barely edging out Sly by 1 cm without the hat. Also, they're still very close in the full pic even if you remove the tilt: Click Here I haven't seen evidence of height loss for Pitt yet. Pitt remains more of a mystery to me than Sly.
billionaireslayer said on 19/Mar/19
5'11 seems spot on for a barefoot measurement, can appear 6ft or 6'1 in Hollywood though at times
CDS said on 18/Mar/19
Lemme put it another way, once again referring to the Pitt/Stallone pics posted below. You have two known lift wearers, and we all agree Pitt is taller than sly. Lets assume for one minute (although I highly doubt this), that for ONE night, Pitt left his lifts at home. Stallone at 5'8.25" to 5'8.5" (although I'd guess him lower, but giving him the benefit of the doubt), with a 2.5 to 3" boost, that still only puts him in the 5'11" zone. And Pitt is not barefoot there, I guarantee he's got at bare minimum an inch , from that footwear. That STILL puts Pitt in the 5'10" zone, barefoot. Just like I've been saying all along. I honestly think this height listing, and an awful lot of the listings on this site, are "in-shoe" listings, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. I will say though, up til now, I've been reluctant to say at only age 56, Pitt has lost any height. But seeing those pics with sly, as well as some other recent ones, now starting to think he may very well have lost a few mm...
Dmeyer said on 18/Mar/19
More realistic IS that Sly IS solid 173cm plus his shoes give 5.5cm so near 179cm shoes on busting a gut has 1cm posture avantage so looking how a 5'9,75-10 will look wearing normal shoes Pitt could have Lost a fraction and be 5'10,5-10,75 179-179.5cm wearing a 2-2,5cm shoes so 181-181,5ccm
Pierre said on 17/Mar/19
Sly and Brad both are know for wearing comfortable shoes sometimes then a comparison between them imo does not give you a good proof of their real heights.
Rising174cm said on 16/Mar/19
Those Stallone/Pitt photos are very interesting. For one, they support my belief that Sly is still 5'8.5" at 72 years old, but they also cast some doubt on Pitt's height in my mind. As Rob points out, Sly appears to be wearing Hogan sneakers or something similar. For reference, the type of Hogan sneakers Sly favored were advertised as having a 3.5 cm outersole and a 2 cm insole, which would mean about 5 cm of actual height. Of course, Sly could have had them made bigger, but CDS is right that he's not getting anywhere near 3.5" from them. More like 2.5"-2.75" tops even if he increased the lift. I'm not saying Pitt is definitely under 5'11", but there's more doubt in my mind after the Sly pics.
179cm guy said on 15/Mar/19
Rob, would you say that there's a greater chance of Brad measuring at 179cm or 181cm if you had to pick one out of the two?
Editor Rob
I don't think I'd pick either to be fair, but there is an argument at times for both figures.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 15/Mar/19
@Dmeyer The background of picture obviously tilt down from your side so disadvantage got on you to be few cm shorter. I do have a picture which i'm standing a little closer to camera yet a friend suppose to be 3 inch shorter than i look just an inch shorter than me in the picture (we'll both in level addidas sneakers) its because the camera tilt down from my side more. This kind of picture sometimes happen quite often.
Bradley said on 8/Mar/19
The Burt Reynolds elevator boots are the most ridiculous footwear worn by an actor. Easy 3.5".
CDS said on 5/Mar/19
@dmeyer: I completely agree. But there are multiple pics posted below in that Pitt/Stallone set, including full body shots showing the footwear, and sly is Not wearing, for instance , anything like those infamous Burt Reynolds elevator boots, that most agree gave him an additional 3.5 inches.
179cm guy said on 4/Mar/19
Rob, any guess as to what Brad's inseam might be based on these pictures of him with Dicaprio in the new Tarantino movie? ( Click Here ) ( Click Here )
Editor Rob
I don't know what he wears, but he might be between 32-3
Vibram said on 4/Mar/19
5'10 peak (1995). 5'9.75 today (2019).
James Brett 172cm said on 2/Mar/19
Brad Pitt stands tall at 5’11. Get over it.
RolyFlo said on 1/Mar/19
I don't understand why Rob got this guy at 5'11. I see it unreal. I know how tall is a legut 5'11 is.. and Pitt is 5'10. Duchovny has 2 inches on him and he is 6'0 barefoot. Pitt is max 178 cm
Pierre said on 28/Feb/19
By all the comparisons i have seen in old/recent comments here i always guess he's under 5"10',around 5"9.5'/5"9.75' peak in his 20,since his 40 around 5"9.25'/5"9.5'.
CDS said on 28/Feb/19
My analysis, of that pic below with brad and Stallone. Okay, sly is listed here at 5'8.25", and lets say its safe to assume he could have footwear on giving him an additional 3 inches, making him 5'11.25', and brad looks about the same. Now how often is brad out in public with ANY thing less than 1.5" in say, the past 20 years?? And if slys footwear is giving him anything less than 3 inches, that brings brad down even more... That pic is a bonified smoking gun, that Pitt cannot be anything over 5'10" flat, and probably more the 5'9.5" to 5'9.75" myself and many others have been saying for years on here. Again,, Uuuhhh rob,,, STILL not downgrading??😂
Bradley said on 27/Feb/19
The Roly one has him as correct: 5' 10" and 1/4.
179cm guy said on 27/Feb/19
Rob, which zone would you drop Pitt in? I personally think that there was a greater chance of him getting measured in the evening at 179.5cm than 181cm which he's never looked to me. Although he's definitely not shorter than 5'10.5 I'm sure of that. But still, there's a greater chance of 5'10.5-.75 than the 5'11-5'11.25 range for him in my opinion.

A) 178.5/179
B) 179/179.5
C) 179.5/180
D) 180/180.5
E) 180.5/181
Editor Rob
The lowest I'd attempt to argue is C, I still feel D is a good shout.
RolyFlo said on 26/Feb/19
Average guess is closer to the truth than Rob's listing. My guess is 5'10.25 and I think would be the perfect listing after seeing and searching info. In 2019 he is clearly a 5'10 guy
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Feb/19
Generally this guy comes to mind as the measuring stick to compare other guys both shorter and taller against to make an accurate estimation

Really should be kept at 5ft11 flat.
RNP4 said on 23/Feb/19
Returning to the photo of Pitt and Sly, I'm 5'8.5, more or less like Sly, and when I wear Hogan I'm 5'10 so I think Pitt was 5'10-5'10.5 barefoot at 20's, maybe 5'9.5-5'10 now. However I'm sure Rob is doing a great job and he's not far from the real heights.
Johnybu said on 23/Feb/19
I think safe to say he can't be over 5'10.5. So who decide the listing Rob or people
Editor Rob
I edit the listings, but there is the average guess which is also interesting.
Johnybu said on 22/Feb/19
I meant he is far to be a legit 5'11 guy barefoot. Wearing casual shoes I see a real 5'10 guy and probably is 5'10.75 with casual sneakers when he was in his 20's. 178 guy
Bradley said on 21/Feb/19
You can count on Sly in custom wedgers with Pitt at 5' 8" flat. At 5' 10 1/4" Brad would eat him barefoot.
RNP4 said on 21/Feb/19
Click Here Pitt and Sly full view at Frieze LA.
Editor Rob
Sly might be wearing either Hogan or elevator sneakers there...he's had them in his cupboard for a while, but looks like they've had a good spit 'n' polish and when he heard Pitt was going to be there, surely wasn't going to be upstaged 😲
Original said on 21/Feb/19
At this point 5'10.5 listing is more than necessary.
James G. said on 20/Feb/19
Rob, I’m very curious about one thing. If he is truly in the 5’11” range, wouldn’t he tower over some, or just look much taller with his custom 3 inch shoes? Thanks
Editor Rob
If he ever wears such shoes. He might wear thick boots and occasionally an inch lift inside, but trying to get 3 inches requires a lot of effort and also disguise to be able to walk comfortably.
viper said on 20/Feb/19
He wrote down his real height of 5-10 on an audition form.

Simple as that.
CDS said on 20/Feb/19
Per that pic below with brad and Stallone,,, uuhhh,,, Rob,,, finally gonna downgrade brad on here??!😂
Editor Rob
I'm not sure what either are wearing.
Dalty said on 19/Feb/19
Rob Pitt is around the 5'10 mark. Where did you get 5'11? Just watch all his movies he usually has advantage on his shoes. I vote to change the listing come on
vin98 said on 19/Feb/19
5'10.75 max
RNP4 said on 18/Feb/19
Click Here Pitt and Sly. What do you think about?
Editor Rob
One of Sly's favourite photos...Pitt, not so much, he doesn't look quite as happy as Sly!
MarcusTheSwede said on 15/Feb/19
Hijoputamus: Hey man! Good to see you to!Thanks! Yah its not 5inch difference between them, so many pics pretty much Any video shows it either his boots 3-5cm plus insole his boots or hiding with bootcut jeans or ankle being raised above shoe clearly show his height is well below this listing. Good to see you to man!💪
Hijoputamus said on 14/Feb/19
Marcus, good to see you! Have a look at the pic of Brad and Angelina walking together and Brad having footwear advantage. Can anyone see a 5 inch difference? Hell no...!
Click Here

Don’t care if they are standing straight or any other silly excuse because BOTH have the same posture and both walking and Brad should be clearly MUCH taller.

Legends of the fall scene with Hopkins is a great proof, Marcus. Well spotted!
MarcusTheSwede said on 14/Feb/19
”Mileno5”9” Thanks man I do my best to find some truth to it all and this and lot of other clips really say more then words. Thanks man.
CDS said on 13/Feb/19
@marcustheswede: I thought the same thing about those 2 films. When I 1st saw a trailer for, meet Joe black, I recall thinking, was brad THAT much taller than Hopkins?? Then , later on, I'm rewatching, legends of the fall, the scene on the porch, and you can clearly see there's very little height difference, if any between the 2. I don't think Hopkins was taller, but certainly not the spread there was in that later film..
Mileno5'9" said on 12/Feb/19
Rob take a look what @MarcusTheSwede just post! First 30 seconds showing Brad Pitt is not over 5'10 or 5'9.75. well done man! Excellent clip:
Click Here
MarcusTheSwede said on 12/Feb/19
Call bull on this height.Brad is a notorious lift/heel wear guy. Look at him in Legends Of The Fall with 5”8 Anthony Hopkins When He hugs Brad in this scene you can see even with heels he hardly as tall as AH, or at best same. Brad is: 175cm without his massive heels or/and height insoles. In this scene that Brad then would be 5-6 mc taller then Hopkins is ridicilous and doubt he grew tall after this movie. Click Here Brad is at best between 175-176cm not a centimeter more without massive boots insoles. Thanks
hridoy said on 6/Feb/19
yes he is 5'11".tall guy
JustForFun said on 3/Feb/19
He is not over 5'10.75 100%. Safe to guess that mark Rob. Maybe yo can argue 5'10.5- .75 for Brad
Pierre said on 2/Feb/19
In addition to my comment on 01/Feb =in this pic= Click Here i think Robbie slouch a little bit because = here = Click Here he looks easily higher than Matt Bomer
JustForFun said on 2/Feb/19
Rob you should list not only on your guess but in ours too.. Average is always on point or closer to the truth. Why your guess is always higher? Take a look on Arnold's, Clint page etc.. Please new changes or downgrades for 2019.. Unfair lsting Brad over 180.. is a joke. He is max a 179 guy
Editor Rob
Remember I may not have seen Brad, but from those who have worked with him and I have met, 5ft 10-10.5 doesn't add up for me.
Pierre said on 1/Feb/19
Comparison Jimmy Fallon / Brad .Now Jimmy Fallon /Stephen Colbert listed 5"10.5'(50 votes are giving him 5"10.3') in apparently same heels(i think sometimes Jimmy wear lifts and this time probably not) = Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here .
Brad /Jimmy Fallon = Click Here Brad force his posture but looks shorter than Jimmy imo Click Here = here they are looking the same height but by their feet i guess Brad a little bit closer to the camera
Pierre said on 1/Feb/19
Brad/Gwyneth Click Here =here probably in about the same heels.Gwyneth slouching a little bit imo.Now Robbie Williams next to David Beckham = Click Here Click Here = Imo Robbie is about 5"11' range. Now Gwyneth with this heels = Click Here next to Robbie Williams in classic sneakers(i think probably about 0.75 inch). Click Here Click Here Click Here .
Hijoputamus said on 1/Feb/19
@Jtm, bang on
jriggs said on 31/Jan/19

Brad is a bit shorter than Jimmy Fallon 5'11. I honestly believe celebrity PR has a part to play in listings on this website. There are numerous photos of Justin Bieber being posted with Neymar, Ed Sheeran & Joe Jonas to suggest he is 5'8/5'9. His footwear suggest an lift advantage.
JustForFun said on 30/Jan/19
I'm sure a 5'10 or 5'11 guy can guess much better how tall is Brad Leo, Arnold, etc than a 5'8 guy. I know Rob is good but I'm honest
JustForFun said on 30/Jan/19
@jriggs you guys are wasting your time commenting here. Rob lists as he thinks and 90% never changes or downgrades
jriggs said on 29/Jan/19
He needs a downgrade, confirm lift wearer. More 5'10
Pierre said on 28/Jan/19
@Miguel Calado = not always = Click Here
Miguel Calado said on 27/Jan/19
who knows what they're wearing, but for contrast with most of the opinions presented by the users, here's a photo of brad pitt looking considerably taller than flat 5ft11 listed david beckham.

Click Here
Canson said on 26/Jan/19
@Rising: I tend to agree Up into the mid to late 2000s at least. But I haven’t seen much of him recently. I would say somewhere in the 5’10” range. but you’re right he has pretty good posture. It’s tough to get his down to the fraction tho. At times I could see a slightly strong 5’10” then maybe a weak 5’11 at other times
Pierre said on 26/Jan/19
Click Here =at 18:10 you can watch Brad's shoes in "Across the Tracks".Rick wear Converses.Watch too the scene since 17:13 to 17:22
JustForFun said on 25/Jan/19
5'10 1/8 max. Rob need a downgrade. I never see changes and people agree me. Most people agree and you can see average at 5'10.5. Yu must hear our opinnions and change some listings. 5'10 guys guess and know how a real 5'11 guy looks
Jtm said on 23/Jan/19
no way 5'11 even on his best day. i watched thelma and louise again a couple days ago and despite the solid footwear advantage he was still noticeably shorter than geena davis. go compare alec baldwin with davis in beetlejuice. baldwin had shoes on and i think davis was barefoot but he was taller. that tells you 5'11 is far from the truth.
Bradley said on 22/Jan/19
Great Youtube of the LD & BP in the QT directed stuff. I'm with Justforfun, I'm raising my BP hand to 5' 10 1/4". I thought it was me in the drivebys with the haircut. Guess I'm stuck in 1969.
Pierre said on 22/Jan/19
Comparisons Brad/Rick Schroder = Rick Schroder/Joël Higgins (listed 5"11.5' in web;he's in his 70 in the pics of 2013)/Erin Gray(Click Here Rob listed her 5"7' i don't know her shoes next to Rick/Joêl) = Click Here Click Here Click Here .Actor D.B. Sweeeney listed 5"11' here and Rick = Click Here .Across the tracks = Click Here = watch since 56:15 (Rick wear Converses Brad classic footwear Rick has slicked back hairs Brad not slicked hairs) and at around 56:39 too
JustForFun said on 19/Jan/19
Rob here's a good clip where you can see Brad Pitt walking. He looks tallers than I thought but I guess there are 2 reasons: 1) He looks slim than the past years like he has lost some weight. 2)Footwear I think he has boots there. I always stimated 5'10 for him in his peak but now I guess he was or is 5'10 1/4 or 5'10 3/8 looks 5'11.5 with his boots on the clip. Pause second 0.20 and watch 0 to 25 seconds
Click Here
Rising - 174 cm said on 19/Jan/19
I see a 0% chance Brad has lost half an inch. In fact, he generally looks taller than he did in 1989 likely due to posture and shoes.
DavidJ83 said on 17/Jan/19
5 ‘10 1/2 1989
5 ‘10 2019
Bradley said on 10/Jan/19
Brad will be in custom big heels, Redford not. Brad is 5' 10".
Rising - 174 cm said on 9/Jan/19
@Pierre: I don't know about that for reasons mentioned(though I agree with your criteria for good pics) but here's a few different pics of them on set and note their clothing: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Whether Brad wore the baseball cap or the green shirt, it seems he was wearing the 2"+ Campus boots: Click Here Click Here while you can see Redford wore more normal looking boots in that first pic showing Brad's shoes. The on set pics aren't great since Brad is leaning in the first and 4th while ground level is unknown being outside and Redford has his arm around Brad's shoulder in the first 2, but Brad is only an inch taller in the first pic and then might edge Redford in the second, but doesn't look taller at all in the other two. I think Brad was clearly taller in the film, but you wouldn't expect them so close in all these on set pics with Brad presumably in big heels.
Pierre said on 7/Jan/19
@Rising=Rising,i agree the best pics are when two people are not walking and are standing in the same posture very close one to the other,at the same distance to the camera.Brad and Robert walking is just one pic but by their respective posture i would guess Brad more max in the same range height as Robert in this pic than when he wear comfortable shoes.But it's just a picture...
Pierre said on 7/Jan/19
@Rising=Rising,in the second pic you posted on 06/jan/19 Mel is closer to the camera, his left foot(rear foot) is even probably closer to the camera than the left foot(front foot) of Robert,so Mel has a good advantage of camera imo
Rising - 174 cm said on 6/Jan/19
@Hijo: I don't completely trust pics where we can't see feet, but it's not that I take no interest in them either. I mean even if Redford was wearing cowboy boots -- as he sometimes does -- he still looks taller against Pitt than I'd expect so other than that, would Redford be tip-toeing or standing on a box in that photoshoot? I suppose it's possible, but I seriously doubt Redford would do that there, hence my interest. And the problem with walking pics is height can vary quite a bit if you're in different parts of your stride and I don't know how to tell with any certainty whether you're in the same part of your stride. Maybe you can get an impression, but I don't believe you can tell with any certainty from a still taken mid-stride. I'll show you an early example that led me to this conclusion. At one point, I thought there might be something to the Mel Gibson is 5'8" stuff because of a few stills like this: Click Here This was long before Downey wore lifts and in fact, Mel looked taller in the film that still was taken from(about 3 cm taller, imo) but stills like that of them walking make Downey look taller. Yet in this still of them walking from the same film, Mel looks taller: Click Here Another example was when a scene in Tango and Cash where Stallone and Kurt Russell(or possibly their body doubles) were walking barefoot. Myself and another poster went back and forth taking stills of the short scene with different results from the same few seconds. Since then, I've never used walking pics as part of my argument either. You go up and down as you walk, one foot is off the ground or you bend your knee at different times. I think video of two people walking can be useful, but a still of just one split second of that is much trickier.
Hijoputamus said on 5/Jan/19
@rising, my friend, you said some other time you don’t trust pics you can’t see their feet. So I’m shocked you like that pic with Redford. What’s wrong with walking? BOTH are walking and he has footwear advantage. Now, can you spot a 4-5 inch difference? I guess not. Is Angelina 5ft8 or 5ft9? I don’t think so. More like 5ft6 max. So Brad could easily be 5ft9.
In that site you can see many pics of Pitt clearly wearing lifts inside his trainers. It’s so obvious.
Bradley said on 4/Jan/19
Pretty funny photo getting owned by Redford....they should be about the same. 5' 10" Hippo.
Rising - 174 cm said on 3/Jan/19
@Hijo: As I said before that pic was posted, I only judge height in pictures where two people are standing, not walking. It doesn't look like it'd be that big of a difference, but I'm just guessing based on impression. I'm more interested in this pic on that page with Redford: Click Here What the hell is going on there?! I don't know if you're referring to me with that fanboy comment, but I'm not a Pitt fanboy(I'm a bigger fan of both Douglas and Gibson) and I comment on many things. I comment all the time on Pitt looking 5'10" range in Across the Tracks with Rick Schroder and Pitt appearing below 5'11" for multiple Fury events. I never said Pitt is just 2" shorter than Bana either -- Bana is at least 3" taller, very possibly more.
Johnnie said on 3/Jan/19
@Hijo uuuuh , that pic with Angelina in the linked page is pure GOLD!
Pitt honestly struggles a lot to look like a full 5'10 there..
Vibram said on 3/Jan/19
Rob, could Pitt have been 179cm peak morning height in the 80's, 90's and 00's?
I think he's probably about 178.3cm peak morning now at age 55, and slips to 177cm by late evening.
Editor Rob
Whilst he has looked 5ft 10 on some occasions, the bigger picture for me is closer to 5ft 11 than 10.
Hijoputamus said on 3/Jan/19
@rising, what about the pic with Angelina. Brad has foot advantage. Is that a 5 inch difference? I don’t think so.
Why when comparing Bana with Pitt the fanboys see a 2 inch difference when it’s way more and here with Amgelins where I it should be a bigger difference you don’t even comment? It’s obvious the guy is under 5ft10
Rising - 174 cm said on 2/Jan/19
@Hijoputamus: I don't see what's weird about that. Douglas was confirmed as a lift wearer by his shoemaker. As soon as I see definitive evidence of Pitt wearing internal lifts or an actual elevator shoe then I'll say so. I've never said Pitt doesn't wear them either. I don't remember Rob saying Pitt had clear lifts/elevators either.
Bradley said on 2/Jan/19
Matt wears thick boots, big tread. I have no life, I'm debating about Mel's height on a computer rather than debating a 7 iron (soft) or hard 8 at 150 out at La Quinta on the 4th.
Hijoputamus said on 2/Jan/19
@rising, it’s weird how you spot Michael Douglas lifts and can’t spot Brads.
Lads, have a look at the pic of Brad and Angelina.
Click Here
Rising - 174 cm said on 31/Dec/18
@Pierre: Yeah, Michael Douglas has been under 5'8" for years. He might have been 5'8" flat when Wall Street 2 came out, but Shia was taller than him. Never trust the arm on the shoulder in pics where we can't see feet. Remember, Michael would go on his toes even when he was his peak height: Click Here Here's another from Cannes: Click Here Douglas is also a big lift wearer and wore lifts in his Desert boots for that film. Check this out: Click Here Click Here Look how long his lower legs are compared to above his knees. I never judge height from walking/mid-stride pics either, only standing. I remember Shia was generally taller than Douglas because I saw pics on set when they filmed the movie in 2009 and I already thought Shia was only 5'8.5" so that's when I realized Douglas has shrunk to no more than 5'8". Here's a couple of on set photos, though I don't trust ground level outdoors: Click Here Click Here Click Here I'd find some better premiere photos of Michael and Shia if I had more time.

@Mister lennon: Yeah, Redford was also over an inch taller than Brando at the end of The Chase and Brando was wearing cowboy boots.

@Brad: I've never seen Matt wear anything unusual. Fairly thick boots, sure, but nothing even like Pitt wore for Spy Game or even those Guidi boots. I still don't get the Mel at 5'8" flat stuff, but then I guess I don't have to.
Mister lennon said on 31/Dec/18
Redford was 5'10 peak and taller than newman, who was 5'9 peak. Redford was also taller than 5'9 robert de niro. He was clearly 5'10. Now, he is about 5'9.
Newman was a solid 5'9 peak. He was taller than marlon brando, who was a weak 5'9 peak.
Pitt minimum is a solid 5'10.
Bradley said on 30/Dec/18
Matt wears bricks sometimes. He owned a 5' 6.5" G in lifts, hard, outside The Plaza. Naw, I'm in with 5-8 with Mel. Sly peak 5' 8.5", now still hanging at 5-8.
Pierre said on 30/Dec/18
@Rising=Imo Rising it's difficult to see who is taller than the other here because when i see all the video when Robert is standing closer to the camera at 0:15 he look taller than Paul and at 2:22 Paul is standing closer and look taller than Robert.
Shia Labeouf is looking a little bit shorter than Robert but Shia looks sometimes shorter than Michael Douglas(2010) listed 5"8'now(but 44 votes are giving 5"7.55'now in his page) when Michael is standing straight= Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
@Hijoputamus @Rising=by all the pics i have seen i would place Robert Redford a little bit taller than Paul Newman,but all the votes in their pages are giving finally Paul under 5"9' and Robert under 5"10'in his prime and under 5"9' now
Hijoputamus said on 30/Dec/18
@rising, Redford lived on his lifts. The fact of the matter is that Pitt is not 2 inches taller than Redford.
Have a look at these pics and particularly the one with Angelina where Brad has foot advantage. Is that a real 5ft10ish guy? I don’t think so.

Click Here

In The Sting Paul was taller than Redford.
HonestSlovene said on 30/Dec/18
@Bradley I agree, though I still think Pitt is slightly closer to 5'11" (though nothing over that).

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