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5ft 10.62in (179.4cm)
HonestSlovene said on 14/Jan/18
Click Here:

Law easily edges out Craig, who is 177 cm range (5'9.75"-5'10") at best.
HonestSlovene said on 14/Jan/18
@I'd said 179 cm for Law, which is 5'10.5" and Pitt is the same height. As for the 3 inch boots stuff: LOL, those can maybe give 2 maximum in the best case scenario, but most likely 1 inch or so. Claudia is 181 cm but slouching 179 cm ish or so. Pitt lets for arguments sake say that he has there 2 inches and he looks 2.5 inches or 6 cm taller than slouching Claudia in the photo. So that would make him 185 cm and 180 cm without the lifts. He actually looks like a legit 5'11"/180 cm in the photo, looks more 5'10" flat with Paltrow so I guess 5'10.5"/180cm would be a nice compromise however I wouldn't rule out both 180 cm and 178 cm as he looked those 2 heights throughout his career as well.
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 13/Jan/18
Hijopotomus, I couldn’t care less about pitt’s height. Yes they were from the same playgirl magazine taken at a different angle.
Kate said on 13/Jan/18
HonestSlovene you asked me a question I will answer it. In the photo above with Brad Pitt and Claudia. She is wearing flats and slouching, he is wearing 3 inch boots and standing tall. Claudia is 5"11, Brad with his lifts and boots is not. You also mentioned Jude Law being 5"11. This incorrect. You can easily find his height online by photos with him next to Daniel Craig who towers over him. I give Jude Law 5"8.
Hijopotamus said on 12/Jan/18
Psychedelic Earth 187, were both barefoot?
Leno said on 12/Jan/18
I think he is 5'11
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 11/Jan/18
RedNeckCvel, it seems like you’re cherrypicking a single group of photos where pitt looks short. In @originals photos on the 29th December, Pitt has Paltrow by 5-7cm.
Charlyman said on 11/Jan/18
I met Brad Pitt in France 6 years ago at a magazine comercial and I can tell you all he is 177 cm at most 5'9.75 (U.S. height) . I'm happy this page exist. Well It was an event and he was just barefoot a few meters from me. I had casual sneakers (footwear 0.75 inch) and I tower him at least 2 inches. I'm an exact 5'11 guy in USA and here in Europe I'm over 180 cm to be exact 180,4 cm. He is 177 cm max, he really is not over the mark. I was shock because I thought he was my height but I could perfect see I was nearly 2 inches on him I just had 0'75 inch advantage )
RedNeckCvel said on 11/Jan/18
I think there really is no question about Brad Pitt´s height, there is a photograph taken many years ago, where he and Gwyneth Paltrow are naked, barefeet and exactaly the same height. No room for guessing, no shoes, just them both. So, if Gwyneth is 5'8, so is Brad Pitt.
HonestSlovene said on 10/Jan/18
@Katie They look the same height in the top pic? Won't even comment. He's 179 cm, same as Law and Fassbender.
Katie said on 9/Jan/18
5"9 1/2 next to 5"6 Jolie there's not a great deal of height difference. A 5"11 man would tower over a woman 5"6. He just doesn't.
Bwk said on 9/Jan/18
Most people here seem to think he's around 5'10.5" to 5'11". I think 5'10.75" is the perfect listing for Brad.
Brad said on 8/Jan/18
T/HS & P are correct. Dress boots are the norm, not Springsteen cycle jobs or combat ready jobs.
Tonyx said on 5/Jan/18
I still think Brad Pitt is 5ft10in-5ft10.25in.
Knowing what he wears and how he acts. Still.
HonestSlovene said on 4/Jan/18
@Brad he is 5'10" and a few fractions, hence will be seen as a legit 5'11"-6'0" in H'wood, just like Clooney.
Pierre said on 4/Jan/18
James Corden 171.5 Gwyneth 172.5 Brad 176.5
Original said on 4/Jan/18
He is around 5'10" at night.
Brad said on 2/Jan/18
5-10 in '18 and '17 and '16........
Katie said on 2/Jan/18
I agree with Pierre. Brad Pitt is around 5"9. He is ALWAYS in either Cuban heels or combat boots. I'm only 5"8 and if I wear combat boots I look 5"11. The most convincing photo to prove Pitts height is right here on the website. He's standing next to Claudia. Claudia is an obvious 5"11 and shown in slippers. Brad is in 2 inch combat boots yet they appear to be the same height. Claudia isn't really even standing up straight either.
Pierre said on 2/Jan/18
Original,i don't know for Annie Lennox's height.Gwyneth in the video and pictures is looking about the same height as James Corden.James Corden on tiptoe look max the same height than 5"8 1/8' Rob next to Samuel Anderson Click Here Click Here .Even if she's a fraction taller than James how is the probability she's 5"9' range barefoot in the middle of the day?I want to say full 5"9' barefoot in the middle of the day is very debatable imo. For Brad and Gwyneth there is not only a question of angle of pictures imo.The angle of the pictures i post is not bad.Imo the reality is = Brad is around the same height as Gwyneth.In the second pic you post on 01/Jan/18 the neck of gwyneth is so brocken and her head tilt a lot, she slouch more than Brad here and the angle of the picture isn't very good imo=then you say i'm cherrypicking,i can say the same thing to you Original.In my pictures generally the angle is not bad imo and i think the postures too=If not i can give you this too...= Click Here .... Rick Schroder a full 5"9'?Why not.The mugshot show us only his hairs are 5"9' so if the mugshot is good he's more 5"8.25/5"8.5' than 5"9',and i would not bet one dollar he's 175.5 by Dany Trejo. Dany by the scale seem to be a little bit under 5"5.75' Click Here and he had a fraction more sneakers than Rob and Jenny this day... Estimations are only estimations,if not we would not be there discussing
Original said on 1/Jan/18
Pierre, Annie Lennox is very probably 171 (even if she is listed as 173 here), Ludacris 172.5, DeJoria 177 (Dejoria is slouching too much in that comparation and still is taller than Rob and of course taller than Jenny), Rick Schroder 175/175.5 (at max 2cm shorter than DeJoria), Brad Pitt 178.5. Most of guesses for these people are correct, they are also listed here. Also Gyneth is listed as 175'5 here (and the average guess is the 175'5 as well). You are cherrypicking and chosing the most favorable angles to your point, but in many other pics Brad looks taller, and also face-to-face, Pitt looks some 3-5cm taller than Paltrow. Also is many of those pics Gwyneth is close to the camera.

Click Here
Click Here
Katie said on 1/Jan/18
There are photos where Brad is neck and neck with Paltrow. She slouches allot. But if you look there are photos of them together both in sneakers and their the same height. He wears I believe what they call Cuban heels which adds about three inches. Flat foot I give him 5"9 1/2
Pierre said on 31/Dec/17
but we doesn't know the real height of Annie Lennox.Dany Trejo is next to Rob and Jenny so the comparison seem better imo
Pierre said on 31/Dec/17
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Curiously when the photographer centres more or less all their body with sometimes the floor and their feet =their shoulders are the same height.Random?In the last picture of Original i think Gwyneth is in very very poor posture.
No.One said on 31/Dec/17
Agree with Peter175.I just don’t see brad having a bigger than 9 inch head.In Mr and Mrs Smith Angelina seems to have a bigger head especially in the dancing scene where they’re facing each other. If rob ever met him I’m sure brad’s head would be significantly shorter
Tonyx said on 30/Dec/17
Pitt 5ft10.25in
Paltrow 5ft8in flat
Peter175 said on 30/Dec/17
His head is totally below average for his height and build.
Original said on 30/Dec/17
Ok, stay calm. There is a 2cm between Dejoria and Rick imo, probably the same or almost the same difference between Brad Pitt and Dejoria. Dejoria in that picture is losing more height than Ludacris too, but not so much with Rick.

Anyway here you have a few more comparisons, DeJoria with Annie Lennox (listed as 173, guess in 171) looking 6cm shorter than Paul:
Click Here

Now compare with Rick.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Now here you can see Pitt being 1,5-2cm taller than John:

Click Here

You guys overestimate how much lifts Brad Pitt uses and more importantly the frequency he uses, it's not always, maybe not even half the time, this guy was a real 5'10 or even 5'10.5 at his peak. 176ish is out of question, even though I wouldn't go as high as 180 (5'10.75/5'11) at night either.
Dmeyer said on 30/Dec/17
On original pics you could argue 181cm with paltrow
Pierre said on 29/Dec/17
@Original =only 2 cm between Rick and John Paul Dejoria ?And Rick has a good posture here compared to Ludacris and John Paul always slouch a little...
Original said on 29/Dec/17
Paltrow is 174.5/175 imo and Pitt is taller.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Pierre said on 29/Dec/17
@Original = I don't see Brad in converse in the scene you talk about
Pierre said on 29/Dec/17
@Original = where is Rick Schroder measured as 175,5 ? What were Brad's shoes next to John Paul Dejoria ?( same shoes as in the event chinese theater?);And Jon Paul seem to slouch a little bit more than Brad.In your picture Brad/Rick =by the lines on the floor Brad seem to be a little closer to the camera.Rick isn't perfectly straight.
Pierre said on 29/Dec/17
@Original = Original ,Ludacris isn't straight here
Animus said on 29/Dec/17
I wonder what he weighed as a young man, probably 155-160lbs.
Katie said on 28/Dec/17
Question for I believe Rob, or the owner of the website. How can Brad Pitt be 5"11 when there are countless photos with Paltrow and they are both flat footed and exactly the same height? Also you have a photo of him next to Claudia (5"11) and he has on three inch boots on yet their neck and neck.
No.One said on 28/Dec/17
@ hey Rob does brad have a smaller than average head for a man his height? His head looks the same as Angelina’s. I put them both at 9”. Am I right? Maybe that’s why he looks taller than he is, the small head effect
Editor Rob: wouldn't have thought it small, more average range.
Original said on 28/Dec/17
Some bad posture there but you can see based on his sholder that he is some ~4cm taller than Rob (clearly taller than Jenny) in comparison and 2cm taller than Rick Schroder (and he looked shorter than Pitt compared to Rick), you can see he being 5cm taller than Ludacris too (listed as 172.5 here), but 1.5cm shorter than Pitt.

So my guess is
Ludacris 172.5
Rob 173.5
Rick Schroder 175.5
John Paul Dejoria 177-177.5
Brad Pitt 178.5

Dejoria bad posture and bad angle (angle helps Ludacris here) with 172.5 listed Ludacris
Click Here
5cm or close to 5cm difference.
Dejoria with Rick Schroder measured as 175'5
Click Here
2cm difference, Rick is clearly taller than 5'8" listed Ludacris.
Dejoria with Brad Pitt
Click Here
Looks 1,5cm shorter than Pitt

Match with all my guess until now because imo Pitt was about 3cm taller than Rick (and it could be a good 3cm like Honest Slovene said once), I've seen Across the Tracks, that is a good 3cm.
Click Here

This film has a scene where both are with the same converse all stars and Schroder to reach the same height of Pitt, had to stand on tiptoes, If you had watched the movie you would be aware that 3.5cm is an honest guess of the difference between Pitt and Rick.

There is nothing much to arguing, the odds are obvious that Pitt was between 178 and 179 in his 20's and 30's, if you think he was 176ish at his peak, I sure that you are wrong. Cherrypicking doesn't help.
Pierre said on 27/Dec/17
Click Here =Rick Schroder and John Paul Dejoria
Click Here Click Here Click Here =John Paul and Dany Trejo
Click Here = Dany and Rob/Jenny
Rick 5"9.5' or full 5"9'?Hum, debatable imo...
HonestSlovene said on 26/Dec/17
@c-mo I agree, 5'10.75" is also what I have him at.
Anonymous said on 26/Dec/17
Ricky Schroder about 5'9 and Pitt about 5'10. Now, Pitt is about 5'9.5".
C-Mo said on 25/Dec/17
if Rick Schroder is 5'9.5 which seems accurate then Brad is 5'10.75 or so

I think brad pitt is 181cm in the morning and 179cm at night

anything below 177cm or above 180cm at night is impossible
Pierre said on 23/Dec/17
Please can anybody explain to me what wants to means= "to be standing on a little step"(example =the comment Filippo 18/Dec).
Mystol said on 21/Dec/17
I agree knowing his tricks to look taller I'm sure, if he really is 5'11 he would claim 6 foot. He is another 5'10 man claiming 5'11
Mystol said on 21/Dec/17
In Kalifornia I see a classic 5'10 guy. Maybe because he was wearing casual clothes sneakers. He is not over 5'10 I see 178 cm max (5'10.25)
Brad said on 20/Dec/17
Tough to judge by most people due to those dress boots custom ramped and heeled.
CDS said on 20/Dec/17
I agree with someone below who mentions comments are torn between those who think Brad is 5'10" and those who think he's 5'11", hence the average 5'10.5". I honestly think it's a warped perception of height in shoes vs. barefoot height. I happen to be on the side of the 5'10" guesses. But I will say this -- if I had only seen Brad's films past the mid-late '90s, I would easily say he is atleast 5'11" (barefoot end of day), maybe even as high as 5'11.5", however, again, we still have all that evidence, say pre-1996 or 1997?
Anonymous said on 20/Dec/17
In the right shoes he's a bit shorter than Jon Bernthal in premiere pics for Fury.. That puts him at no more than 5'10"..
HonestSlovene said on 19/Dec/17
I think him putting 5'10" is probably that he was measured at that range without caring about fractions (it's a stupid metric, just like fahrenheit, but that's another topic :) ) and 5'11" on his profile is him rounding up. I don't feel he's a guy that is insecure, he only wears lifts to premieres and most of the time wears low cut shoes. 179-179.7 cm IMHO. With Jonah he looks 182 cm even.
Brad said on 18/Dec/17
Hey Disney/Fox gonna ink you and Cruise for "The Time Tunnel" feature in '19?
Filippo said on 18/Dec/17
@mister Lennon
Paltrow is slouching too, in those pics. Plus in one of them brad is standing on a little step that gives him a little advantage.
Anything over 5'10 is nonsense for brad. If he was 5'11, he would claim 6 feet something.
James B said on 17/Dec/17
The shortest I could imagine brad Pitt is 5ft9.5
Hijopotamus said on 17/Dec/17
@Mr lennon, is those pics Brad is straighter than army recruits
Pierre said on 17/Dec/17
@Mister Lennon = he slouch nothing more than Gwyneth imo
Mister lennon said on 17/Dec/17
In those pictures with paltrow, pitt had bad posture and is slouching.
That guy is in the 178-179 range. A strong 5'10 guy.
Real Cavill said on 16/Dec/17
Brad Pitt looks 5'10" to me, but I dont know for real. All guesses 5'8" to about 5'11.5" seem like honest guesses.

But what is this bull if Brad wears lifts or not? Are you kidding? The guy has had plastic surgery. He admits he had a drug addiction problem. He hung around people like Robert Upper Downer Jr. (pun intended). Is that enough to convince anyone if he would wear lifts? I'm not saying he does it, but you can't actually believe he wouldn't do something like that. Saying he wouldn't wear lifts all the time is like saying someone who snorts Cocaine wouldn't smoke Pot.
Pierre said on 16/Dec/17
@Original = Click Here = Rick Schroder wear lots of time Converse in the movie,so very slim soles Brad wear more advantageous shoes (random?Brad is the big brother in this movie in my memory...).By this mughshot in "too young the hero" Rick is 5"9' at the peak of his hairs = Click Here
Brad said on 15/Dec/17
Both MAD SAM and Radd are correct. His dress boots are always heeled and more than likely ramped inside. He wants that over six thing much like Burt Reynolds.
MAD SAM said on 15/Dec/17
This guy is a weak 5’10 possible a strong 5’9.5 and always wearing big boots
Original said on 15/Dec/17
Peak Pitt is for sure closer to 179 or even proper 179 than 176ish. I watched two times Across the Track and he is consistently about 3cm taller than Rick Schroder (measured as 175'5). I also watched other movies of that time where he didn't use lifts and the result is that he passed the image of being a guy between 178 and 179cm. Good proportions, low BF (about 7%) and slim (145-150lbs). Today at 54, he is possibly 1cm shorter, perhaps 1.5cm. Who knows. I would guess 178ish tops at peak, 177 now.
Radd said on 14/Dec/17
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Nov/17
Can't understand how hes looking strong 6ft w/h Claudia Schiffer...

Look at the footwear , bar is wearing healed boots which give him easily 1,5- 2 inches height. Clausia wear ballerinas with which give almost 0 height. Also Claudia has bended legs and is with bad posture, while Brad pitt is standing fully straight up. If both were barefoot and with similar posture then claudia would edge Brad for about half inch in height. Claudia Schiffer is standing in the picture at 5.11 inches tall with 0 inch of platform. Brad pitt looking 6 feet with claudia but with 2 inch heeled boots, which reveal his real height of being more like 5'10. claudia schiffer is 1 inch taller than Brad pitt both barefoot and with similar posture.
Anonymous said on 14/Dec/17
@Pierre, also watch the size of Brads head. Even smaller that Gwyneths.
Pierre said on 13/Dec/17
Click Here = Gwyneth and 5"8' James Corden

Brad and Gwyneth= Click Here Click Here Click Here

Below 177 undebatable? Brad's shoulders and Gwyneth's shoulders are the same height here.We can see the floor,their shoes and their postures here
Mister lennon said on 13/Dec/17
He is between 178-180.
Less or more than that is non sense.
177 or below for pitt is ridiculous.
Tonyx said on 12/Dec/17
How can such a huge star from Hollywood claim officially to be 5ft11in (180,34cm) tall but in real life be taller then that or even the same height and constantly wear elevator shoes, shoes with lifts, boots with lifts, sneakers with lifts in general care so much about height and constantly looking taller/bigger?
He most certainly does not have a long torso. He has arms that are slightly under average in length and average to slightly narrow shoulders. He is fit most of the time. He was irresistible in Troy. Click Here That raising of the arms is his trademark, even in Moneyball. I'm not saying he is a flat 5ft9in. He's turning 54 on December 18th this year.

I think he is a 5ft10.25in guy with slightly narrow shoulders and slightly short arms who stays fit, wears discrete elevator shoes/sneakers with lifts and knows exactly how to make himself appear taller, bigger, more imposing, sexy attractive to the opposite gender. Just because you wear elevators doesn't mean you can use them as effectively as he does. You'll just be a dude in heels. I'm saying there's more to it. That's my two cents...
Heightlover said on 11/Dec/17
He is somewhere 176'5-178 cm. 5'11 is a joke. He claimed 5'11 in the 90's in a magazine for teenagers, but of course that's his height with shoes. Typical 5'10 guy and proportions of a 5'10 guy for sure.. He is known as Stallone to be a heel user so he can pass as a 5'11 guy but his real height bareffet is 176'5- 178 cm at best!
Brad said on 11/Dec/17
Clooney and Pitt are 5-10. The Brad usually gets on George's nerves with the rockum sockum heeled rampers.
Hijopotamus said on 11/Dec/17
Dmeyer, that’s fantasy world, right?
Slim 186 said on 11/Dec/17
Anywhere between 177-181 is debatable imo.

@dmeyer, he does have a long torso, that of a 6’1” guy maybe.

But still, wearing lifts to the beach is not cool man.
Dmeyer said on 10/Dec/17
Considering Pitt was ans is likely near 5'11 AT night like 180-180,3cm considering his long torso he could drop 2,1-2,5cm from morning to evening and be in his 20-30s near 183cm morning 6ft , AT the very least 5'11,75 like a lidl over 182cm
Parker said on 9/Dec/17
Clooney looks taller in this series of pics
Click Here
Brad said on 5/Dec/17
5-10, posture, custom boots=rockin' over 6 foot. Clooney knows.
RNP4 said on 4/Dec/17
I just saw Jesse James and Kalifornia, played by Pitt. In the first one his height is mentioned around 172 cm, in the second around 170 cm. I don't think that the height in the scripts corresponds to the truth, but I think his height doesn't exceed 178 cm barefoot. What do you think about?
Original said on 4/Dec/17
Pitt was 1.78 peak, about 1.77 in 2017. Nothing like 1.83, but of course taller than 1.75 imo.
fisherman said on 1/Dec/17
to the at least two commenters... are YOU blind? since you can't see that pitt is wearing THICK shoes and Schiffer is wearing ballet flats.

For Pitt, under 5'9", no. under 5'10"? Not by much anyway. But nowhere near 6 ft, that's plain nuts.
Greg said on 30/Nov/17
@Simon I am 5'11 I wear a 10.5 US, generally I would say 10-11 is common, but some have smaller others bigger.
MJKoP said on 30/Nov/17
Simon said on 29/Nov/17
Rob, what size shoe do you think is normal for a 5'11 male? I know Brad wears a 9 in American size.

Does he? I guess shoe size isn't always correlated to height, after all. I'm a weak 5'7" and a US 9.5, sometimes even 10.
joe### said on 30/Nov/17
178-179 is peak
Pierre said on 30/Nov/17
Click Here = Or maybe they are the same type of shoes as here,and then even a full 5"10' is debatable
Allie said on 30/Nov/17
@Pierre - Idk. Her legs look bent in both photos and she's doing kind of an odd stance woth her feet. Plus Luke is kind of leaning idk. She has a few inches o Naomi and Cindy.
Original said on 30/Nov/17
@Tonyx I don't think he was using lifts in this pic, but even if he had, it has to be a small lifts (like 1' at max), he looks slight taller than this 5'10.25/5" guy, probably around 179.5cm. When he uses lifts or at least his big elevators you can tell "oh Brad is using those big shoes", it wasn't the case there.
Pierre said on 29/Nov/17
@Allie= Click Here Click Here = it's a little funny but... i ask me if she would not be on tiptoe in her boot in the picture you posted ,because in the picture i posted there is apparently no space between her calf and her boot.
Simon said on 29/Nov/17
Rob, what size shoe do you think is normal for a 5'11 male? I know Brad wears a 9 in American size.
Allie said on 29/Nov/17
@Pierre - Her heel almost looks like a dress shoe heel. Maybe a little height but nothing too drastic. I think Claudia's 179/5'10.5. She once said 181 cm so that could have been her morning height.

As for Brad I think he's 5'10-11 range.
Realtalk said on 29/Nov/17
Brad's barefoot pic with Gwyneth Paltrow makes him 5'9.x at most.
supposedly in the barefoot photo brad shrunk through the day by half inch already making him just as tall as Gwyneth.

But because Brad commonly wears 3 inch shoes then he gets the 6 feet vibe.
2.6 inch to 4.6 inch footwear.
From 5'9.x to 6 to 6'2 with the footwear.

From the day of his barefoot pic with Gwyneth then I guess Brad used inversion hanging table and has gotten to 5'10 already.
Greg said on 28/Nov/17
@Simon Idk about a strong 5'11 but I would give him a weak/flat 5'11 during peak. possiably a small fraction lost at age 52/53. But the 5'9 guesses from him are absurd I agree.
Tonyx said on 28/Nov/17
Click Here in elevators with a 5ft10.5in guy to the right wearing dress shoes.
I don't think Brad Pitt is as low as 5ft9in. My guess - 5ft10.25in today.
Pierre said on 28/Nov/17
@Allie= Click Here = she can look shorter in another angle and i think she has a little more shoes heels than Luke.
NickNate said on 28/Nov/17
Imo this lift thing is blown out of proportion. Yeah, there's a couple pics of him where it's pretty obvious he's wearing inserts. And a couple others where he's wearing cuban heels. But i doubt these boost him much over an inch above his natural height. And, in most of his recent pics at least, he tends to look right around this listing. 5'9 claims are absurd for Brad, and if you're claiming he's 5'9 (no sane person should be claiming he's under 5'9), then I'm sorry but your own biases are distorting your perception of his height.

Personal estimate (evening height): 5'10.75/179.7cm, right about 180cm
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 28/Nov/17

It's because he has thicker footwear than her and she has one of her knees bent, don't you see that?
Allie said on 27/Nov/17
As for Brad, Claudia has her legs bent while Brad is standing straight and Claudia's wearing flats.
Allie said on 27/Nov/17
@Pierre - Here she is with 5'9ish Luke Perry. Her small boot heels looks about the same as his dress shoes. Her legs are doing a weird pose and her posture isn't the best in this photo but she still looks taller. If she straightened up I think she could look 5'10.5-5'11.

Click Here
Pierre said on 27/Nov/17
@Rampage=Claudia is "listed" 5"11',she would have said in a interview she is 5"10'.As lots of celebrities her height list is probably rounded up= 5"10' is around 178 cm and then 180 cm(~5"11') is a rounded up value.Add to that her very relax posture which make her lose some centimeters,Brad very straight posture,her very fine shoes heels,the generous heels of Brad's shoes + maybe a little internal heel.
The Shredder said on 27/Nov/17
Rampage , she is in slippers adding nothing and he is in a boot.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Nov/17
Can't understand how hes looking strong 6ft w/h Claudia Schiffer...
Simon said on 25/Nov/17
It would be interesting to find out how many people there are on this site who actually consider him under 5'10. He is CLEARLY not below 5'10, possibly a strong 5'11. Still, he is regurarly guessed in the 5'9-range.
Slim 185 said on 25/Nov/17
I THOUGHT the French guy was trolling all the time, but pitt really did wear lifts to the beach 🏝 : Click Here
EM said on 24/Nov/17
He's not over the average guess here.
Original said on 23/Nov/17
You guys can rule out 180 and 181, Pitt's range is probably 177-179 with 1-inch standard lifts he reach that look that you can see most of time 179,5-181,5 or ~5'11 when he goes really hard you can see he looking 6'.
Tonyx said on 22/Nov/17
With Aaron Taylor Johnson
Click Here
Aaron is listed at 5ft 10.5in(179.1cm) by Rob and the Average Guess(18Votes) is
5ft 10.33in(178.6cm).
And regarding the photos with Schiffer...
Comparing Brad Pitt to a pregnant Claudia Schiffer is a little silly.
Brad is standing as straight as possible, wearing boots with lifts, a blazer with padded shoulders, a longish beard and a hat.
Claudia: pregnant, severely slouching, tilting her head downwards, wearing flat ballet shoes with a little dress, while her longer left leg is bent and her right shorter leg is actually slightly bending in the wrong direction. She knows Brad cares about his height. She didn't challenge him in that aspect, didn't stand as straight as possible.
Brad Pitt would still be taller then Claudia Schiffer if she stood straight, but barefoot that's a whole different story
Oh, and lets not pretend like the famous fashion designer Tom Ford doesn't wear lifts under his flared pants/jeans. He totally does wear elevators.
Pierre said on 22/Nov/17
To summarize =Brad is one good inch over 5"10'/5"11' Claudia Schiffer and Brad is one good inch over 5"8'/5"9' Gwyneth :)
Slim 185 said on 22/Nov/17
He’s between 177 to 181 imho.
Tony79 said on 21/Nov/17
Are you guys all blind???
If Claudia Schiffer is 5'11 and Brad is a good inch to 2 inches over her. He's right between 6' - 6'1
MJKoP said on 21/Nov/17
Brad said on 20/Nov/17
Too bad there were not more Brad versus Weinstein. Damon danced on it for awhile. He's 5-10.

But you've said for years that Damon is 5'8"???
Greg said on 20/Nov/17
@Hijopatmus lmao he really does though, this guy is dillusional and annoying all of his comments make no sense.
Brad said on 20/Nov/17
Too bad there were not more Brad versus Weinstein. Damon danced on it for awhile. He's 5-10.
Anonymous said on 19/Nov/17
Absolutely 1.78
Dreampuffe(5'9.5") said on 19/Nov/17
This man did good threatening Weinstein!

As for height, fine as listed.
fisherman said on 17/Nov/17
Pitt's never appeared particularly tall to me. Not in movies and not in those pics either (some sort of lifts in each one). He looks a little over 5'11 WITH the elevator shoes/boots... I'd say 5'9.75".

It's interesting BTW. I was just flipping through some old photos, found some from a trip. Me standing next to a friend who happens to be 5'9.75", with very similar low-heeled "boots" and guaranteed no lifts. I'm 5'11.75" but in the pics it looks like there's no difference at all. I guess it's the result of an accidental "camera trick", a (shorter than either of us) passersby took the pic with the camera tilted, facing slightly downwards (this causes quite a big distortion). Part of the same thing also occurs without cameras involved, like when you're looking up at several people who are noticeably taller than you, you wont see small differences between THEM.
Hijopotamus said on 17/Nov/17
anal176, you need a psychiatrist.
Take it easy.
Han said on 17/Nov/17
@James1234 or he could have shorter arms than you. There is no good evidence putting him under a weak 5'10", so i dont know where you guys get this. He's between 5'9,75" and 5'11,5", and i don't see how you can argue anything else. For the record, my guess is 5'10,75 to 5'11"
anon176 said on 17/Nov/17
Pippi Longstocking said on 15/Nov/17
anon176, how big is your hat?
Today we scroll through "Hijoptamus" height lexicon :)

Click Here
Hijopotamus said on 29/Apr/17
Met him, 183 cm big humble great guy.

Click Here
Hijopotamus said on 1/Nov/17
@Appe, my estimation is 184 cm 77kg
He is 186-187 with shoes.

Click Here
Hijopotamus said on 6/Nov/17
Damon- 175 cm
Brad Pitt- 177
George Clooney- 177

Click Here
Hijopotamus said on 15/Nov/17
anon176, how big is your hat?
Real Cavill said on 14/Nov/17
@Anon176. I think he's 5'10" not 5'9". Let's say I'm 5'9". Him being the same would mean if Brad can do it I can do it. So it wouldn't be about me being taller. You don't have to be so dark about everything. Not everyone is what you think.
Brad said on 13/Nov/17
Those dress boots with Lauer are well heeled and wedged, typical Brad in for the pitstop for height fuel.
anon176 said on 13/Nov/17
Real Cavill said on 12/Nov/17
@Anon176. Maybe you think people are jealous because that's how you think? And the appropriate term for this would be envy not jealousy. In many posts people argue height upwards like for Ryan Reynolds to get to the reality that's the opposite of what you're saying. We're all here because let's face it height matters and we want to see how we measure up against the stars. It's normal to compare yourself to others and in order to do that we have to figure out what number is true because Hollywood lies ALOT. It's also good to figure out the reality so people don't get the wrong idea or have an unrealistic view.
Think of Pitt as a 5-9 guy, if it boosts yourself nice
Bwk said on 13/Nov/17
5'11.25" in his prime, 5'10.75" today.
Tonyx said on 12/Nov/17
Average Guess (557 Votes)
5ft 10.53in (179.2cm)
Listed by Rob:
Brad Pitt's Height
5ft 11in (180.3 cm)
I think Brad Pitt is 5ft10.25in these days.
Real Cavill said on 12/Nov/17
@Anon176. Maybe you think people are jealous because that's how you think? And the appropriate term for this would be envy not jealousy. In many posts people argue height upwards like for Ryan Reynolds to get to the reality that's the opposite of what you're saying. We're all here because let's face it height matters and we want to see how we measure up against the stars. It's normal to compare yourself to others and in order to do that we have to figure out what number is true because Hollywood lies ALOT. It's also good to figure out the reality so people don't get the wrong idea or have an unrealistic view.
James1234 said on 12/Nov/17
I tried on the jacket he wore in Fury - it was being auctioned. I'm 5'10, and very slim - it just about fit, if I had bigger shoulders it might have been short in the arm. Seeing as he is more built than me, he definitely couldn't be more than 5'10.
Original said on 12/Nov/17
5'10 peak.
Anonymous said on 11/Nov/17
It's incredibly difficult for me to imagine that Brad Pitt, after 8-9 hours of sleep, will measure the height of 182 cm ...
I tend to think that he is strong 5'11 "in the morning (181 cm) and, accordingly, lower in the evening (179 cm).
Tonyx said on 11/Nov/17
Loeparn said on 11/Nov/17
I cannot see Pitt shorter than M. Fassbender

I can. Because at the red carpet events Brad and Michael look roughly the same height, only Pitt is wearing elevator shoes with military posture and Fassbender is wearing average dress shoes with average posture. I think Fassbender would edge Pitt out by a little bit.
anon176 said on 11/Nov/17
Jealous idiots all over this place :(
If Pitt is under 177 I'll eat my hat
Loeparn said on 11/Nov/17
I cannot see Pitt shorter than M. Fassbender
Real Cavill said on 11/Nov/17
@Dan, Hipopotamus, Realtalk - Very well supported arguments. I'm beginning to think Pitt is 5'9" and not even the 5'10" I had him listed at.

@HonestSlovene - While I agree with your logic and that it comes from an honest place, pants length size is not conclusive. People have different proportions. While there aren't usually and huge differences some people have longer legs and are shorter in other places. Pitt looks like he has a small head and neck. So he has long legs like a 5'11", but his shorter neck and head make him 5'10" or even 5'9". Remember, 1 inch really isn't very much in terms of height. Where it makes a taller person look much huger is because of volume and total mass. Two inches can mean two inches in the feet, arms, bigger head, longer clavicles, longer fingers. Look at someone with a short calf muscle versus a long calf or medium attachment calf. The medium and long are only 1-3 inches difference but look more huge due to overall volume.
Realtalk said on 10/Nov/17
After seeing the barefoot pic with Paltrow and the ankle photo with aniston.
I doubt the 5'10 or 5'11 as the real height. 5'9 flat is the maximum for Brad.
Hijopotamus said on 9/Nov/17
a 5ft11 guy on 2 inches cowboy boots and shorter than a 6ft girl on flats?
Hmmm I guess not...
Thelma & Louise

Berta, have a look at the pics with 5ft8ish Paltrow
Canson said on 9/Nov/17
I would say around 5’10.5-.6. Looks maybe 2cm shorter than a guy like dean Cain is
Pierre said on 9/Nov/17
@Dan say on 8/Nov/17" this case should've been closed years ago"
If this discussion isn't close,there is reasons for it imo=Brad full 5"11' or full 5"10' is clearly debatable imo
HonestSlovene said on 9/Nov/17
@Dan He has the same size of jeans to me and also we're roughly the same hiehgt (he's maybe 1 cm taller).
Dan said on 8/Nov/17
This case should’ve been closed years ago. Pitt is obviously a strong/actual 5-10 guy who uses lifts when he’s wearing flats or when he’s wearing boots and wants to appear above average. He isn’t short in any way. He’s average for a white male and when he wears boots and lifts, he appears tallish compared to average celebs. He can’t hang with people like Affleck or Jackman, Eric Bana, Ryan Reynolds or Will Smith, but he doesn’t look short next most celebs like Keanu Reeves, Michael Fassbender, Jim Carrey or cumberbatch. He has very distinct body proportions which make him look average, tall, and sometimes a bit under average. He’s got short arms and short, thick calves. I’d say that a real 5-11 guy is DiCaprio or Ed Norton. Pitt has the body of an mma fighter. He doesn’t force his posture, it’s just the way his body is due to a muscular core and very, very thin waist. He also has really thin quads and hamstrings. He wears size 32-33 jeans, depending on the brand, because different brands have different sizing. He always has extra space in his waist and thighs when he wears those sizes, that’s why he always has a belt. Always has a belt.
177cm said on 8/Nov/17
I agree with the 5'11 listing which he can still look today in his mid 50's.
Real Cavill said on 8/Nov/17
Click Here

Technically, there is no age limit to stop growing because of growth plates something or other. I don't really understand it, but it sounds like they're saying it's not common. From my own experience, I've known zero people who grew past age 17-20. I had a friend who grew one inch in his teens because he stopped bodybuilding for like six months and there's evidence that pressure on joints like that can stop growth. Still, the inch growth happened in the teens and not twenties. It may have not even had anything to do with bodybuilding, but it was a bit of a coincidence he grew when he stopped lifting and he went back to lifting and the growth never happened again.

Then again, I hate to say Pitt is not one of the exceptions to the rule. I've seen exceptions here and there, but we need more proof. Until then, I say Pitt did not grow past 5'10" Thelma and Louise.
berta said on 8/Nov/17
the average seems to loow. 179 is the loowest i would ever argue and tallest is 181,5 i believe he is closer to 181 than 179
Justanotherguy said on 8/Nov/17
You can't just assume that pic with Damon and Clooney is proof that Pitt is insecure and has something to hide. It's just as likely to of been pure coincidence.
Original said on 8/Nov/17
1990 Pitt = strong/solid 5'10" (probably 5'10.25" at night)
2017 Pitt = weak 5'10" (probably around 5'9.5" at night)
Slim 184 said on 7/Nov/17
@Editor rob, do you think he stopped growing by the filming of “Thelma and Louise”?

Cause apparently we can grow mms even till we’re 25 years old like poulter did.
Editor Rob: yes I doubt he grew in his 20's.
Pierre said on 7/Nov/17
My guess=at his peak= around 5"10.75' just after a good night(rounded up to 5"11'),so 5"9.75' range( during the day).Now 5"10.25' after a good night(rounded up to 5"11') so 5"9.25' range(during the day).
Sacred said on 6/Nov/17
He is 5'11"
Hijopotamus said on 6/Nov/17
@hans, those are super lifts

@rob, are you serious? What kind of ankle bends that much?
Editor Rob: well if you bend your foot up the back of the boot might stick out a bit and then the trouser/jean could look like the photo.

Without seeing his trousers higher on his boot I couldn't say. It's different with say a guy like Kyson Lee. I could see him on stage and it was easier to notice how high his ankle looked when he was twiddling his feet around, the ankle was very high up in the boot, so he had a proper elevator boot on and walked like a guy in high heels walks too.
Pierre said on 6/Nov/17
Click Here = Others celebrities in supposed relax posture seem to have a very supple ankle sometimes too, no ?
Pierre said on 6/Nov/17
@hans Hagen=picture 05/nov/17= his right feet (in the air) is in a curious angle imo,or his ankle is very supple or they're are not very flat shoes!
James said on 5/Nov/17
Hey rob, i visited my doc last week and without even talk about height she suggested me some d3 pills. After using them a saw more hair at my chest and my knees started to cracking and hurt just like when i was teenager. Look i know you are not up answering these questions but i would really wanna know your thought if you these pills may affect my height even though I am 19yrs old
Editor Rob: I'd certainly say some pills may be beneficial to health...but I'm not in a position to recommend any.
Hans Hagen said on 5/Nov/17
Didn't think id see him in shoes this big outside of a suit, but these are VERY suspicious. Unless he has some sort of superhuman mobility, these are huge lifts:
Click Here
for the record, I would still argue 5ft 11in
How much do you think they give, Rob?
Editor Rob: it's a decent boot, but impossible to really say if it has anything inside it.
joe### said on 4/Nov/17
179 or 5´10.5 is my gueness.
Simon said on 2/Nov/17
@Editor Rob, it's funny to look at him when they were shooting Inglorious Basterds. Sometimes he would stack up against 6'1 Tarantino, and other times he would look the samme range as 5'7 Christoph Waltz
Brad said on 1/Nov/17
Damon wears custom made footwear, wedged. Danny Ocean will always be taller even with Damon in the customs.
Original said on 1/Nov/17
Most people here think he is somewhere between 177 and 180. 181-182 and 175-176 guesses are off.

Maybe he is 178cm or 5'10 and you know this is a good height after all, of course he also use lifts and thats why he looks more in the 181-183 range sometimes.
Simon said on 1/Nov/17
Rob, do you think he is 6'1+ with his heels?
Editor Rob: with some of the cuban dress shoes he was going to measure 6ft 0.75 in them...

The biggest footwear he seems to have worn on film was in Spy Game...he would have measured a comfortable 6ft 1 in them I feel.
Guest66 said on 31/Oct/17
Rob is damn right here, no case is closed.. Even the actual measurement can be sketchy due to rest/activities height changes.
Dmeyer said on 30/Oct/17
Pitt - 5ft 10.7 (179.6cm)
Clooney - 5ft 10.4 (178.8cm)
Damon - 5ft 9.6 (176.9cm)

That's generally how I see The Ocean's trio this is right within 5mm probably
Hijopotamus said on 30/Oct/17
Rob, I was just joking. What do you mean by “Real Madrid suspect equipment?”
Editor Rob: I would say the stadiometer Real madrid used might have been mis-calibrated.
Pierre said on 30/Oct/17
@ Tonyx = Georges is more distant to the camera in the pic on the boat,he don't look very straight =Matt's shoulder is standing on Georges shoulder which can explain why Georges can not look as tall as he could be.And we don't know the real advantage of Brad's shoes under his pants.
Click Here =here is an other picture,Georges isn't barefoot this time,both seem to have the same advantage of shoes this time,Georges is easily more distant to the camera,is standing a little more straight than in the picture on the boat,Brad has a better posture but curiously Brad don't look taller and maybe even a little shorter i would say.
In your others pictures which seem to be recent i think Georges can have lost a little height(in my memory he had a problem with his back since the first pictures),Matt can have lost height by the years too
Pierre said on 30/Oct/17
Click Here = another comparison James Corden next to Lebron James(listed 6"7.25') (a little more in relax posture than James imo).
Tonyx said on 29/Oct/17
Click Here
Love this photo.
Brad Pitt wearing shoes with roomy pant-legs at the hem while doing his thing with the arms on his waist. George Clooney and Matt Damon clearly tiptoeing a little. The only two things this photo is good for is judging their character and realizing that Brad is the tallest of the three.
Brad Pitt 5ft10.25in
George Clooney 5ft9.75in
Matt Damon 5ft9in
Matt can look taller then George these days. Matt is also way more muscular.
But when BOTH are wearing dress shoes and standing straight Clooney consistently looks taller then Damon.
Tonyx said on 29/Oct/17
I think this is relevant
Click Here
George is wearing average dress shoes and standing relaxed while Matt is wearing sneakers and standing as straight as possible.
Click Here
an anonymous peach said on 29/Oct/17
Pitt - 5ft 10.7 (179.6cm)
Clooney - 5ft 10.4 (178.8cm)
Damon - 5ft 9.6 (176.9cm)

That's generally how I see The Ocean's trio
berta said on 28/Oct/17
still dont think 181 is mimpossible he can look tallish som times and that start from 182 and up in my eyes. he isnt 182 cm tall but i think he really can be vlose to 181. i believe tallest possbile or him is 181,5 and shortest possible 179,5 somewhre in there
Original said on 28/Oct/17
James 173, Gwyneth 174.5, Brad 177.5, Georges 178, Matt 176.5
Pierre said on 27/Oct/17
My guess=
Rob 173.5 want to say James Corden ~ 171.5 next to Samuel Anderson
want to say Gwyneth ~172.5 next to James
want to say Brad ~176 next to Gwyneth
want to say Luke Wilson ~ 180.5 next to Gwyneth
want to say Georges Clooney 178 peak now 176
Matt Damon 174.5 next to James Corden
all this guess barefoot without lifts :)
Hijopotamus said on 26/Oct/17
My final rating-

177 cm barefoot
180 cm with his shoes
184 cm with his tricks

That makes perfect sense.
Case closed, Rob.
Editor Rob: no case is closed...even a measurement isn't 100% final, there's always room for error or mistakes or erroneous equipment...or even like with Real Madrid, suspect equipment.
Tonyx said on 26/Oct/17
Devon Larratt, Brad Pitt does not have long limbs. He is just not fat. That is it. Why do people keep saying that? On top of that he has small feet and small hands. His arms are average to slightly under average in length.
Devon Larratt said on 26/Oct/17
5'10.5". He is usually wearing bigger heels. He also has long limbs and torso making him appear taller. Certain shaped legs and proportions can make someone appear several inches taller from a distance (on the movie screen too) and vice versa. I dont put stock in pics of guys next to women unless the woman is barefoot and her height is certified. Women lie a lot about their height, weight, age and their footwear varies.
Brad said on 25/Oct/17
He must have on custom jumbo slope wedges with Clooney in the 6-1 shot. He's destroying Clooney and Clooney is irritated.
Peter175 said on 24/Oct/17
Rob, any idea why the guesses for Brad Pitt are so low? It's insane, he looks every bit of 5'11 to me
Editor Rob: I never realised Brad has reached the 500 vote club now, at 5ft 10.5 range...I don't think it's completely unreasonable, that would be the absolute low I'd ever try arguing, but I feel I can still see him around 5ft 11 more than 10.5...
Rose said on 24/Oct/17
I am 5'10" and Brad Pitt looks to be a solid 5'10" to me. I cannot see him as being any shorter. He looks how I look in low heels next to a 5'4" woman in heels when he is with Jennifer Aniston. He is also clearly taller than guys we know are 5'7" or 5'8".
Pierre said on 24/Oct/17
Click Here
Anonymous said on 24/Oct/17
would he still be considered 5ft11 if he wore freaking 3inch+ heels?? Everyone would know by now that he isn't...
Slim 6' said on 24/Oct/17
There is nothing impressive about his height.
Hijopotamus said on 23/Oct/17
@original, in that pic Brad looks 6’2”
Dmeyer said on 23/Oct/17
If you look well as All pics Pitt Tarantino and consider everything footwear angle posture Pitt looks à solid 5'11
Dmeyer said on 23/Oct/17
À few proof that Pitt is 5'11 , hé has looked similar height with Hanks while Pitt has low cut similar shoes , hé has looked easily as tall as 5'11 Élie Roth with low cut Brown shoes and taller with thiker shoes , Can look sightly taller Clooney with similar shoes or taller when in thicker shoes and better posture , tower over Giancarlo 171 and 173 yeun while Pitt has à normal 3cm thiker heel , hold his own with 183,5 Gosling while in shoes that cant give so much and so many others , the only Time hé Can seem under 5'11 is with Paltrow and Tarantino , and even with them Can look 5'11 at Times or 6ft with footwear advantage
Original said on 22/Oct/17
Pitt is 5'9, fact.

Click Here
Pierre said on 22/Oct/17
Click Here Click Here
Hijopotamus said on 22/Oct/17
Tonyx, and I have my doubts Rob thinks Pitt is 180.3
But this site got too big which is great but this kind of thing can happen with super ++AAA Celebrities.
Edimar1.84 said on 21/Oct/17
towered by 6ft1.5 Chris Pratt.
I just say 5ft10.5 for Pitt.
At 20s age he maybe close 5ft10.75/5ft10.85. Good shoes make him look at 5ft11.75/6ft range.
HonestSlovene said on 21/Oct/17
@Hijopotamus I agree with 178 cm for him. Could be taller, but it wouldn't suprise me if he was only this height.
Brad said on 20/Oct/17
In posture, Tonyx is correct.
Tonyx said on 20/Oct/17
Annnon, the only person who believes that Brad Pitt is 5ft11in is Rob. That's it.
Everyone else thinks he is shorter. I think Brad is 5ft10.25in tall.
Original said on 19/Oct/17
@Bego I agree with you. 177,5 at night (peak) with 179,5 out of bed, now 178,5 and 176,5 at night.
Annnon said on 19/Oct/17
In still not convinced that he's 5'11". He's 5'10" to me. He was shorter than Bruce willis in 12 MONKEYS with footwear advantage. He didn't look much taller than 5'7.5" peak Harvey keitel in THELMA AND LOUISE. much shorter than 6'1.5 peak Michael Madsen in that film.about 1-1.5 inches taller than 5'8.5"-5'9" Gwyneth paltrow. And he's a height conscious guy. Never see him in sandles or barefoot unless on a rare occasion with Gwyneth paltrow.
Tonyx said on 19/Oct/17
Christoph Waltz in lifts? Have you gone mad?
Show us the proof.
Hijopotamus said on 19/Oct/17
HonestSlovene, you agree Brad Pitt is 177?
Tonyx said on 19/Oct/17
Realtalk, no. I'm asking if you believe that Brad Pitt wears non-boot footwear in 2017 that gives him the full 3.5in of height. I know some elevators do, but that is irrelevant.

I think he doesn't even get the full 2in when he is wearing sneakers with lifts.
Realtalk said on 19/Oct/17
@tonyx search for elevator shoes
HonestSlovene said on 18/Oct/17
@Original Good point.
Bego said on 18/Oct/17
179 in morning, 177 at night is more likely. Or he's 1cm shorter.
Tonyx said on 17/Oct/17
Realtalk, do you really believe that Brad Pitt wears 3.5in lifts/elevators, as in 8.89cm? Really?
He wears lifts for sure and he isn't 5ft11in, but 3.5in lifts/elevators?

My last comment hasn't appeared. I made the links properly and didn't troll or swear... :(
Original said on 17/Oct/17
Christoph Waltz looks little taller than Rob (173,7 at 9pm) compared with Mikkelsen no doubt I would guess around 174,5 for Waltz compared with Mads. Lifts? I think so. IMO Waltz is 170, but looks ~174,5 with lifts (just search images of Waltz and DiCaprio or Waltz and Diane Kruger and Melanie Laurent), Pitt is similar way is around 177/177,5 barefoot (he did look 3cm taller than 174,5 Waltz and perhaps little taller than 176,5 Daniel Bruhl, but could be 181,5/182 in his lifts.

Or do you think Waltz looks flat 170 compared with 175,5/176 JamieFoxx and with 181 Leonardo DiCaprio?

Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob: Mads at times won't stand as tall as he can, I don't know if Waltz uses lifts, but he did say 170, but also claimed 5ft 8 in the 80's too.
Tonyx said on 16/Oct/17
Next to Bana and Bloom, while Pit having a slight advantage in footwear
Click Here
Can't find the photos someone had posted a while ago from the set of Troy, where you can see he has small lifts in his boots. Someone please post them. There was one for sure.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
On the set of Troy, preparing, wearing Nike Shox(1.41in as listed by Rob on this website) while sword fighting. Irrelevant for judging height, but relevant for understanding how he thinks.
Click Here

This has got to hurt...
Click Here
Click Here
On a yacht, with his family, everyone is barefoot, except Brad.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Has the body and the demeanor of a typical Italian-American man from New Jersey

I think, no, i feel, that Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey and Orlando Bloom are the same height barefoot.
Realtalk said on 16/Oct/17
@tonyx you don't say any truth, you're trolling. Brad is 5'9 flat. Barefoot pic with gwyneth don't lie. Ankle height don't lie either. Brad with big elevator shoes don't lie either. It's very easy to find out how big the elevator shoes are, just look at the top of the shoelace but ofc it is covered with long pants many times.
Rising - 174 cm said on 16/Oct/17
@Hijopotamus: Pitt is wearing Palladium boots in that photo. It's one of the few times I've been able to recognize Pitt's boots because a lot of the time, he likely wears some sort of custom boot. Of course, he could fit an insert lift in them. Obviously, celebs don't only wear lifts in the form of custom made elevator shoes as evidenced by Stallone's Hogan sneakers, but it's difficult to know unless they sit down, or I recently noticed a conspicuous bulge in a pair of ordinary New Balance Mel Gibson was wearing. The exception is Robert Downey Jr., who usually wears designer high tops and stuffs the biggest insert lifts in them so I'd say the resulting bulge meets a reasonable burden of proof.

@Pierre: A lot of times I've said I don't know if he has something in his boot or not because it can be difficult to tell with an ankle boot. Plus, Pitt might have shoes slightly big and slip a half inch lift at times and that would be basically undetectable. I suspect Daniel Craig does that. So at times, it depends if you mean a big lift or any lift/extra insole. If you took his 1.5" Cuban heels and did that, you'd get a nice boost over anyone in normal dress shoes.

As for Bloom, I believe this is one of the better pics to show the difference between the two: Click Here Perhaps a bit of a tilt in Bloom's favor, though he also doesn't look to be standing as straight as Pitt. I believe Bloom is a flat 5'10" because he doesn't look that tall next to 5'7" guys like Jerry Bruckheimer or apparently, Christoph Waltz. Bloom was slouching terribly at the photocall, but he stands a bit better in this one: Click Here Pitt is still standing in front of him and you can see has the heeled boots to give him an advantage there. I'm not so sure about shoes on the red carpet, but I think that shows Pitt and Bloom might be much closer in height than you'd think from the photocall with Bana.
Pierre said on 16/Oct/17
Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here In some pictures Orlando Bloom look lots of time just a little taller or same height than listed 5"7' Christoph Waltz and clearly shorter than Mads Mikkelsen(181 range next to Rob imo)(Madds and Christoph have a little advantage of shoes imo but).I ask me if Christoph is maybe more 5"8' range than 5"7'range(or maybe lifts here)
Pierre said on 16/Oct/17
@Rising=yes there is clearly a difference between one guy who see Brad with lifts even in the bed and one guy like you who see Brad almost all the time in classic shoes. The reality is maybe between this two cases.
Hijopotamus said on 16/Oct/17
@rising, you did say there was no proof he wore lifts which is true, I mean has anyone seen them? BUT if you have a look at this.........

Click Here

Watch the pic with Orlando
Rising - 174 cm said on 15/Oct/17
I'd love to hear how I emphasize ankle position too much. It's simply an unavoidable fact that if you have more under your foot in the shoe, your ankle will be higher. It's physically impossible to avoid this, which is why it's the best way to tell if someone has a lift. I've always acknowledged there are other ways to tell such as a bulge around the lace area if the lift is big enough and if you're talking about elevator shoes specifically, then the cut of the shoe will often be recognizable as an elevator. They're all prone to confirmation bias, which I think is on display with anyone seeing Pitt's ankle high with Aniston. But I've never said Pitt never wears lifts. I've just said if he's as big a lift wearer as some make him out to be on this page then it shouldn't be a problem finding Pitt sitting down with his ankle looking conspicuously high. I've found shots like this for Cruise, Stallone, Mel Gibson, Robert Downey Jr., Michael Douglas etc on talk shows, courtside at basketball games etc. So why not Pitt? Maybe he's not the guy who goes to bed in his lifts like some think. Doesn't mean he doesn't wear them at times, but even when he was promoting a film like Troy and appeared on a talk show with a very tall host Conan O'Brien, we finally get a shot like this and Pitt appeared to be in normal shoes with a normal ankle position. You'd think a constant lift wearer wouldn't appear in normal shoes with a near 6'3"-6'4" range host while promoting a blockbuster epic action film.
Peter181cm said on 14/Oct/17
He is 5'10.5 at the TOP!!
Maybe 5'10.25 -_-
Next to reak 5'11 guys he look shorter!
Tonyx said on 14/Oct/17
Realtalk, i wrote that his footwear these days, while still giving him an advantage, is not as thick soled as it used to be. I think to say that he's wearing 3.5in sneakers is like saying that the Russians hacked the USA election or that the USA is actually fighting terrorism. It's just not true.
I think Brad is 5ft10.25in
Realtalk said on 14/Oct/17
@tonyx those white sneakers are big ass shoes lol. Just real talk elevator sneakers look just like that.
Flats are definitely not that and he never wears flats anyway.
3.5 inch sneakers.
Original said on 13/Oct/17
My bet is 177'5 peak, but looking at his pics in 1987/1991 when he wasn't famous he looked more in the 178/179 range more than anything.

For example isn't Helen Slater (listed as 171'5 here, pic w/ Rob) with Brad Pitt in Happy Together 1988?

Click Here

Click Here

Looks 178-79 here again.

I mean of course he uses lifts no doubt, but I'm 80% sure that he wasn't shorter than 177cm at his peak, possibly a little taller, could be 178, even 179 is possible to be honest, in fact he looked many times around 5'10. Today, at 54, he should be 1cm shorter, 176,5 would be my bet now. 177,5 peak.

If he was 173 he could look shorter than Gwyneth (174.5/75cm) when in fact he was taller (about 3cm imo), he would look shorter than Rick Schroeder (175) when he was about 3cm taller, he would look just a bit taller than Shalane McCall (listed as 169) when he was 10cm taller than her, he could look the same height as Cheryl Pollak (listed as 173) when he was considerably taller, I would say more than 5cm, maybe 6 or 7cm.

He is not as shorter as trolls here think like 173 for example, people here are in denial. Self-projection.
CDS said on 13/Oct/17
"Rising" said something that got me thinking

"He's tricky, though. It's almost as though there are two Brad Pitts! Maybe one is a shorter [or taller] double."

Is it possible...could it be...???... Is Brad Pitt actually.... TWINS????... MIND...BLOWN!!....
Justanotherguy said on 13/Oct/17
Tonyx, none of those pictures are obvious evidence of lifts. He could be wearing inserts in his boots but you cant tell. There is really nothing suspicious about any of that footwear. It doesn't look over bulky at all. Some of the styles are high cut, so what? That's not automatic evidence of lifts. I just don't see it.
Tonyx said on 12/Oct/17
Justanotherguy, say what now?
Click Here clearly lifts in those boots.
Click Here bulging vans, lifts inside. Staring at Jon Bernthals shoes/boots.
Click Here even with his family.
22 May 2017 Click Here i bet you'll be lazy to scroll down so
Click Here zoom in.

On the other hand, here Click Here his sneakers look normal. But then you zoom in on the laces Click Here and Click Here especially looking at his right sneaker. Still, after breaking up with Jolie he is getting way less height advantage from his shoes/sneakers/boots that much is clear.
Click Here look at his right foot, the laces area.
Long video of the interview in hd on youtube Click Here

I used to be open to Brad being 5ft9in, but now i just can't see that. I think Pitt, at 53 years old(he's turning 54 this December), even after the knee injury Click Here , is still a genuine 5ft10in-5ft10.5in tall guy. I'm going to go with 5ft10.25in. He can not be a full 5ft11in, because he is listed at 5ft11in on google and imdb. He most certainly has the option to influence those listings, but he doesn't. If he really is 5ft11in and wears lifts then he wouldn't want people to think he is only 5ft11in. That just doesn't make any sense. He would want to claim 6ft tall. Whats the point in wearing lifts/elevators/thick soled boots/small inserts/thick orthopedic insoles if people can just google "how tall is Brad Pitt" and look at that 1.8m listing. I have also noticed on several occasions that his right shoe was bulging more then the left one, so maybe after the knee injury and so many years wearing lifts the difference between his height on his left foot and on his right foot became more significant. I wonder...
Realtalk said on 12/Oct/17
5'8 or 5'9 flat is not a guess, it is the truth based on barefoot, regular footwear and ankle analysis. That has been provided here.

5'10 or 5'11 is a guess, a fallacy. Because the man is already proven to always wear elevator shoes. Just look at how high the shoelace part is how you know it is an elevator shoes. Although it can be hidden with long pants at times.

Just real talk bro
Harris said on 12/Oct/17
The comments have been appearing very slow recently. Keeping up a website like Celebheights seems really difficult with the flood of comments, we should probably take the time out to thank Rob for the time he's taken to try and answer as many user's questions as he can.

As for Pitt, I'm convinced he's near 180 cm, I'd be surprised if he's under 5'10.5" personally. He doesn't really look below this listing. He most likely didn't even finish growing when he (supposedly) put down 5'10" on his resume.
Matt179 said on 11/Oct/17
The reason pitt look tall also because of his build.

He so slim, Its like age never even affect him, He didnt gain any weight at all.

After all these years, he still look young, has all his hair. His diet must be very affective.

Clooney also lost weight alot over the years. Being slim will make you look taller, Add regular dress shoes with 1.25 inch heel + 1.25 lift inside the shoe for lift 2.5 if hes 5foot10.5, He reach 6foot1, for a 6foot image barefeet. Its easy to make him look taller.
Pierre said on 10/Oct/17
@Hijopotamus=yes there is something here imo :) his ankles are very high!
Justanotherguy said on 10/Oct/17
No way hes wearing lifts in that picture with Aniston. This guy isn't short and hes never looked short. Hes in the 5'10-5'11 range. He doesn't really have any need to walk around everywhere he goes wearing lifts. He wears alot of boots that can can give him up to a extra CM of height. He also has good posture for pictures. He has a small body frame that makes him look lean and a little taller. He weighs in the 160 range. At special events he might wears lifts. If he does he isn't rocking huge shoes like Robert Downy Jr. He knows better than that. I really don't believe hes that insecure about his height. But his image is his livelihood so he has to always look the best he can.
Hijopotamus said on 10/Oct/17
Anal176, I've posted all over this site and the heel thing was a requirement rising74 has put too much emphasis on. Next time do your homework before you vomit.
handsome guy said on 10/Oct/17
brad pitt’s height is really mysterious. i think his height is 176~180 range.
Jack The Smackhead said on 10/Oct/17
Anyone guessing he is 5'8/5'9 needs to get their eyes checked I think. You can just tell he doesn't look that short by pictures, he is 5'10 minimum. And besides, if 5'10 George Clooney described him at 6'1, which we know he's not, how could he be around 5'8/5'9? Think logically..
anon176 said on 9/Oct/17
Hijopotamus. Idiot. Look at his ankles uhuhuhu

Serious. what is your problem with this celeb? Its the only page youre posting. Crush on Pitt?
Rising - 174 cm said on 9/Oct/17
@Hijopotamus: I meant the surest way to judge lifts -- especially more modest lifts -- is when you can see the ankle so you can judge if it's higher than it should be or not. Outside of boots and high tops, you can see most people's ankles when they're not covered by pants. I don't own any shoes like that so I don't know what kind of insole they usually have, but it doesn't look like there's room for much and Pitt's feet look pretty flat in them to me. I'm sure they add more than Jen's sandals, but I wasn't even commenting on whether that pic showed Pitt was over or under 5'10". I was only pointing out Lol's erroneous claim that in the photo there was only 3.5" between them and that's clearly not the case. Whether Pitt is getting much of an advantage is beyond the scope of what I'm saying because Lol claimed even with the footwear advantage, Pitt only had 3.5" on her as you can see from his post:

Lol said on 7/Oct/17
Brad has a difference of 3.5 inches with jennifer aniston who is 5'4.5. Jennifer even had tiny slippers and brad had regular shoes.
Jim Hopper said on 9/Oct/17
5-10 to 5-11. No lower or taller.
HonestSlovene said on 9/Oct/17
@Simon I'd say above average, but not tall for a young caucasian of his generation. Height hasn't changed much, 176 cm was average during the 80s-90s now it's 178 cm. Talking exclusively about caucasians, for other races he is tall.
Simon said on 9/Oct/17
If if turns he was 5'11 in his college days, would that be considered tall for his time and location? That would be Missouri, mid-80s.
Hijopotamus said on 9/Oct/17
@rising, in that pic you can see Brads ankle. Why you ignore it? You have been insisting too much on that particular thing and now you ignore it lol
Pitt is wearing vibrams insoles lifts whatever but has shoe advantage while Jen is in flats.
Good job Pierre!
Pierre said on 8/Oct/17
@ Rising = Click Here look at the height of Brad's ankles ,(you compare to the height of Jennifer's ankles) and imagine at what height are his feet in this shoes.He has a good advantage of shoes here imo.Jennifer has poor heels like half an inch.
Mister lennon said on 8/Oct/17
The 5'8-5'9 stuff for pitt is just absurd. He is a strong 5'10 minimun.
Charles said on 8/Oct/17
Brad could possibly be 5'10 but that's a low guess, I think he would measure between 5'10.5 and 5'11 barefoot. The 5'9.5 and down claims are just ridiculous, there's no way he's that short.
Rising - 174 cm said on 7/Oct/17
And Pitt has not lost height. If anything, he looks taller than he did in 1995. Obviously, that's impossible, but it suggests he certainly hasn't lost 1 cm. Again, see him next to actual 5'9" men like Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins(Hopkins may have shrunk to 5'8.5" by then) and anyone can see Brad is not around the same height.
Rising - 174 cm said on 7/Oct/17
Much more than 3.5": Click Here At least a 5" difference. Gwyneth is taller than Corden, imo, but not a lot taller.
Pierre said on 7/Oct/17
@Lol=Sorry i made a mistake in my comment on 05/Sep/17 =not "average height" but "current height"
Lol said on 7/Oct/17
Gwyneth paltrow is 173cm because she had an excercise session with Corden with multiple pictutes. That don't lie.
Brad would be 5'8.5 max and with the average 3.6 inch lift, that makes him 6 feet which is a 5'11 with regular shoes.

Brad has a difference of 3.5 inches with jennifer aniston who is 5'4.5. Jennifer even had tiny slippers and brad had regular shoes.

No, Brad did not get limb lengthening surgery.
However he could claim 5'9 and he likely could reach that height if he hangs on the monkey bar but that height gain from the monkey bar decompresses during the day.

He is 5'8 but he could claim 5'9.

Definitely not 5'10, but it's not a surprise that many celebs are exaggerating their height.
Pierre said on 6/Oct/17
Brad/Gwyneth=the different pictures barefoot or in around same shoes prove one thing imo =there is not a very big difference of height between their shoulders(when we can see all the body -and so not eventually a little on tiptoe-,with flat floor,in around the same postures),and not a very big difference of general height.Gwyneth for me is clearly the same height as James Corden to the centimeter,and James look max the same height as Rob next to Samuel Anderson but James is on tiptoe.With Rob strong 5"8',my guess is=James or Gwyneth around 171/172 (and then could explain why sometimes a probably real 5"11' or around this height like Luke Wilson can tower her like here = Click Here ) , Brad in 1995 around 176.5 (and so one hair taller than my guess= 174.5/175 Rick Schroder),Brad in 2017 around 175.5/176.
Pierre said on 6/Oct/17
I agree with Johno,James Corden and Gwyneth are looking the same height in the video and James is shorter than Rob
Rising - 174 cm said on 6/Oct/17
I know of no credible source that suggests Sly Stallone considered limb-lengthened surgery. A few posters here SPECULATED he had it done because he looked conspicuously taller from around 2003-2008, but this was likely due to wearing some sort of lift or thick footwear in virtually every public appearance during that time while maintaining military posture. I doubt Sly would have considered it much, if at all considering it would imperil his ability to stay in shape and require him to be a recluse for many months to recover. Sly obviously wanted to be taller, but I doubt he has that sort of psychological problem with his normal height. Lifts are in the category of things a normal person might do to improve their appearance, but limb-lengthening surgery is for someone with a rather severe psychological issue regarding their height.

As for Pitt, there's two dominant schools of thought. One is that he's no more than 5'10" and has constantly worn lifts for the past 20 years. The other is that he's actually 5'11" and likes Cuban-type heels and boots, but doesn't actually wear lifts and doesn't need them. Personally, I believe the truth is somewhere between. Seeing Pitt shorter than a 5'11" max Bernthal at multiple events makes me conclude he is shorter at 5'10.5"-5'10.75" and this lines up well with Brad in the early to mid 90's, but then he looks too tall recently with Yeun as well as in Meet Joe Black with Anthony Hopkins and The Devil's Own with Harrison Ford. So he's among the trickiest. I think he's probably dabbled in lifts, but is more of a boot guy who prefers a bit extra heel. But I've had a hard time believing Pitt at exactly 5'11" would have claimed that height in the same questionnaire he shaved 2 years off his actual age despite being the ripe old age of 23-24. And Pitt continued to be listed that height even after his career breakthrough. As far as I know, that's still what his PR people claim he is. I have a feeling almost anyone who gets to the full 5'11" is going to claim 6', especially in Hollywood. Of course, most honest 5'10.75" and many 5'10.5" are going to claim 5'11". We tend to think in terms of round numbers, especially since far less people claim fractions, but there's no reason anyone will be more likely to be an exact inch than a 1/4" under or over. He's tricky, though. It's almost as though there are two Brad Pitts! Maybe one is a shorter [or taller] double.

@Lol: Your name is appropriate as it's the reaction most will have reading Brad is 5'8", much less max. ALL pics can "lie". Removing shoes does not magically make the camera angle ideal for comparing height. And who defines "regular shoes"? If we could all agree on what regular shoes are, this wouldn't be nearly as contentious.
Johno said on 5/Oct/17
Paltrow has no height on Corden and Rob has Corden at 5'8.25 although, those of us who have been fans of Corden way before he became American Primetime, know that he falls in to the 5'7-range as well.
Original said on 5/Oct/17
All about Aniston angles... this image means nothing, there is other much better and Pitt looked more or less 5.5" taller.

Regarding Paltrow She's 175 not "5-8" and better photo here both barefoot and Pitt losing more height and he is easily the taller guy, remember that Brad has longer torso too.

Click Here

and he is really taller... look at eye level.

Click Here

Click Here

Probably around 2" difference since Paltrow is closer to the camera and they are at the same level, I have other pics to prove it, so Brad is really taller than Gwyneth and please Gwyneth is at least 175, imo legit 5'9" since she is clearly taller than Corden listed as 173.
Pierre said on 5/Oct/17
@Lol=Maybe not exactly 5"8 but around 5"9' could be a good guess ,like his average height.I think he was a little taller at his peak like in the movie next to Rick Schroder and could measure around 176.5.And now with big shoes he can look around 5"11.75'/6"0' imo and 5"11' or 181 in classic lifts.I think Georges has lost height too,about 5"10' peak and now more 5"9.25'.
Lol said on 5/Oct/17
Too bad barefoot pics and regular shoes pics dont lie

Click Here

 Click Here

5'8 max
5'10-11 only with elevator shoes which he has sticked with.
Jeremy Pivin said on 4/Oct/17
Slim said on 3/Oct/17
Pitt edging 5'10.75" listed Matthew McConaughey.:

mmmmhhhh, I appreciate your intentions amigo but you'd make a better case if the pics you post actually show footwear '_' and not start at the nipple area, ya know? ok now, you made me thirsty, where's my double moka latte?
CDS said on 4/Oct/17
"Rob has got Pitt and Clooney each about half an inch too high."

With all due respect, Rob -- I bow to you as one of the best height estimateurs in the world. However, I do think in THIS particular case, particularly of Brad Pitt, you have a "height in shoes" height. Everything I'm seeing -- from THIS thread I've been viewing the past 8 years or so, is telling me so. It has really been eye-opening. I really think it's time for a downgrade.

One question I don't think any have posed so far for Mr. Pitt.. Is that risky leg-lengthening surgery out of the question? Stallone was rumored to have looked into it...??
Editor Rob: I don't know, I would probably be a bit more surprised if he measured 5ft 10.5 than 11. I have felt that way for a while now.
Matthew Robinson said on 4/Oct/17
Rob has got Pitt and Clooney each about half an inch too high.
Slim said on 3/Oct/17
Pitt edging 5'10.75" listed Matthew McConaughey.:

Click Here
Original. said on 2/Oct/17
Pitt 177-178 (looking around 180 to 183 w/ his lifts)
Corden 173 and Paltrow solid 175.
My final guess for these guys.
Jeremy Pivin said on 2/Oct/17
ok something's afoot: 176 cm Luke Perry towers over Claudia Shiffer (and she's standing straight) whereas 180.3 cm Pitt doesn't (and she uses that trick with her legs tall girls often use to make themselves shorter). Unless Claudia gained like 15cm in her 20s ... xD
Lol said on 2/Oct/17
Gwyneth and Brad have the same height on the barefoot photo.
Jennifer aniston with slippers and Brad pitt on regular sneakers have a 3.5 inch gap.

5'8.0 That is honest and generous.
Although 6'0.5 with elevator shoes which he sticked with at all times except that barefoot photo with gwyneth and regular shoes with jenifer.

Pierre said on 1/Oct/17
@Original then if i resume,when we can not see the feet of Brad in some pictures his shoulders are easily higher than Gwyneth's shoulders ,and when we can see the feet both have around the same height of shoulders...:)
Pierre said on 1/Oct/17
@Original= Click Here Imo she flex her knees later in the video at around 0:17 and so you can see she start to lose height,at 0:13 i think they'are in around the same posture and same height,her knees are only very close one of the other,James isn't very straight,but this time don't incline his head like the picture you posted, he lose height in your picture his head is around the horizontal !
Hijopotamus said on 1/Oct/17
Corden 175
Paltrow 175,5
Pitt 177
Slim said on 1/Oct/17
Rob, could he hit 182.9 after a 12 hour sleep?
Lol said on 1/Oct/17
174cm brad pitt max.
Proven by gwyneth, corden and aniston. Barefoot, slippers or regular shoes only.
Pierre said on 30/Sep/17
@Rising=the "external heel" of Brad's beige shoes is short.where are their ankles? =over his shoes ,it's logical if not=very uncomfortable shoes.And imo his beige shoes are higher than classic shoes.
Original said on 30/Sep/17
@Pierre LFMAO Of course Gwyneth is taller than Corden, Corden is losing NOTHING there, he stands very well... Corden is the best proof that Gywneth is a legit 5'9 bro...

They are on the same postures just in this moment of the video, both tilting:

Click Here

Compare with Paltrow flexing her knees.

Click Here

Just take a close look at the eye level of both, I measured myself today flexing my knees like Paltrow did and I measured ~2.5cm less, there is very probably the difference between Gwyneth and James, so news they're not of the same height, they are atleast 2cm apart.

Click Here

Click Here

Just accept the fact and then we can move up.

Corden 173 and Paltrow 175/175,5.

@ About Pitt and Paltrow, nothing better than a face-to-face pic, there is no camera effect here:

She is slouching something but there is no less than 3cm between both.

Click Here

And bro she is legit 5'9" imo she is a tall girl compare 175 Gwneth with 181 listed Luke Wilson.

Click Here

She can appear very tall depending on angle. Pitt appears more and more legit 178 range imo.
Rising - 174 cm said on 30/Sep/17
@Pierre: Brad isn't slouching anywhere near like Clooney is, but Brad standing more casually is a better comparison next to a slouching Clooney than Brad with military posture and Clooney with a slouch, plus a full pic is better than one from the waist up and a straight angle better than a high angle.

To answer your question, I think Pitt has about 2 cm shoes at Venice and THAT is a good pic, imo. But Clooney had 3 to 3.5 cm boots. At most, Pitt's shoes might have been 1" there, but the heel is small and his knees are noticeably lower than Clooney's. Brad wearing heeled boots looks different proportionately: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here

That's just one event where he wore his Cuban heel-type dress boots, but you see his knees are noticeably higher, his legs longer and he looks taller overall. Based on the first pic, he looks almost 3" taller than Jolie in heels. I believe she's 5'6", but probably slightly over 5'9" in those heels. Although that's secondary as nobody questions Pitt can reach 6 feet in footwear.

As for the New York premiere with Yeun, I think Rob is correct that Brad has 3 cm footwear. The handprint ceremony may be different. I've said before that I think it's possible Pitt had elevator shoes there: Click Here Click Here But I'd probably defer to Rob's opinion on that anyway.
Pierre said on 30/Sep/17
@Original=your picture Gwyneth /James (Corden) isn't good =James lose lots of height with his head tilting a lot,in the video when they are in same posture they are looking the same height
Slim said on 30/Sep/17
Pierre said on 29/Sep/17
Picture Slim on 29/sept/2017. It seems to me Brad's crotch is lower than the others even if he's closer to the camera ;but maybe he flex his knees i don't know...
Rofl, perry.
Loeparn said on 30/Sep/17
Looking at the pictures of Brad and Clooney, posted by Rising, it is unlikely Pitt is wearing lifts. Brad, who seems to have the longer torso of the two, stands slightly taller. I mean, how short can Pitt's legs really be? 179 cm for Pitt.

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