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Anonymous said on 17/Aug/09
I'm 5'8.25 evening height. I dont think elevator shoes and height increasing insoles should be worn on a regular basis, but wearing them from time to time for things like dates, job interviews, going out clubbing etc is fine and gives you that extra bit confidence. I wear regular shoes which add 1" to my height, aswell as insoles which are just under 1.5". So I usually stand at just over 5'10.5. Wearing lifts is also very good for building up your calf muscles!
Brian said on 15/Aug/09
NathanX, this might be a topic for the general height forum, but I couldn't agree more. Some short guys who can't attract women blame all their problems on height, but there's always someone shorter than them with a better social life. It's because those people downplay their height and never try to inflate or exxagerate it. It's when someone short makes a big deal about their height that really hurts them. I'm not saying that being tall does not help, for it certainly does, but that just doesn't change the facts- Some people got it, some people don't.
yoyo said on 10/Aug/09
at 6ft1 wear 3inch lift, that was out of confident to me.. NathanX, you should just accept your real height as 6ft2 in shoes(normal lift) better than a fake 6ft4ish with shoe that is better to push your confident level. At over 6ft you are still a lucky guy. im sure walk out the street you often see guys who are most at 5ft9 to 5ft11 at most. 6ft1 you are taller than 6.5 out of 10 rates.
Ritchie said on 2/Aug/09
Number one issue must be, please all of you telling other people it is wrong for them that to use any means (such as elevator shoes) is unfair. Its like telling women NOT to use makeup because its not reality. Ive definitely slept with women who turned otto be uglier than I realised and it was'n just alcohol to blame it was makeup. But I have no right to tell a women not to use it. Look at how hot Nicole Kidman looks but look at her original movies pre- hair straightening and covering those yucky freckles. For myself I can tell you at 23 I was 5'10.5. But I got fat and at 28 I was 5'8.5 Two inches. I lost all the weight without useing stuipd miracle height programs by scam artists but I also did alot of stretching, and I am 5'11 at 31. I wear shoes that give me 2 inches which is slightly more than an average shoe and I hit 6'1 which I think is respe table. There is one element that many of you have not considered and that is that there is a 'CRITICAL POINT' with height. In most western countries I think it is 5'10, an inch below this then a high percentage of people think you are 'not tall', 5'10 to 5'11 is average. 6'0 to 6'1 is a bit above average, and 6'2 and up is 'tall'. These are just my own sentiments. For the record, if I wear normal shoes I don't care and because my elevator shoes aren't huge it does not create a vast difference in my day to day height. My son is 13 and a half and is 5'8 and his mum (we are not together anymore) is 5'6. So I charted my sons height and he should be 6'3 to 6'5. What we are seeing is a higher protein diet making us both taller and fatter (we have mostly the same genetic potential from generation to generation by the way)
JJ said on 31/Jul/09
Uh also guy down there said no U.S pResident is below 5'11 in 20th century umm Teddy Roosevelt, Coolidge, Truman, Eisenhower, Carter, umm all 20th century all under 5'11. Besides who cares just proves America is getting more superficial perhaps besides some of our best presidents were under 5'10 and I don't think America picks presidents on height it just happens that Bush was elected twice and was shorter then both his opponents.
JJ said on 31/Jul/09
Nathan I couldn't agree more I see all these pity party members here their are people with real problems in life get over yourself most women find far more in personality. I am 5'7 and never had a problem be it in work or regular life. I have never gottten turned down for a job or by a women thus far in life and I am told I am an attractive guy I never let my height bother me and you know what it never effected me. There may be some cases were it does for people but usually I think it comes down to low confidence. Get over it your short there are far worse problems you could have. Stop dwelling on your physical apprence and do something I know plenty of successful men tall, short, and average. Fat, skinny, or built. Ugly, average, or good looking. It really shouldn't matter unless you let it and if some one judges you on your height in such a manner then it's their loss and no different then juding by race or religion.
kyle said on 26/Jul/09
Remember people, just because you think it's weird for guys to do this, doesn't mean they suffer from low confidence. If that's the case than you buying that brand new expensive car that you will NEVER see yourself in as you are driving, or buying that really expensive suit that makes you look "good", or women putting on makeup to "hide" their real skin. It's all the same...
Leito said on 19/Jul/09
My height is 5'10 and i am 18 years old i am also wearing elevator shoes because i love 6 feet.I have no problem i have elevator sandals and boots.I wear them properly and i have no problem at all.I suggest if anyone have posture problems just doing posture exercises.I said again i have no problem with these shoes and i am looking 6 feet tall cool guy.Its all scam about elevator shoes i just want to say that elevator shoes are best for males.
Bill said on 15/Jul/09
To be honest with you short guys are actually pretty hard (they are tough) im roughly 6'1 and back in high school I knew a guy who was only 5'9 he acted all tough and everything and made a joke about people being tall and made tall people look bad so yeahh.... just cause someone is short doesnt mean they are different or weaker then a tall guy
Sammy Barr said on 12/Jul/09
I am 5'6" which is a little short. I used to use elevator shoe to give me an extra couple inches to be closer to normal height and they worked but now I have been using levitator shoe lifts out of ohio. They go up to 2.5 inches and when I put them in boots or my high top tennis shoes I am 5'10 inches with the shoe and lift on. They are very comfortable as far as lifts go and they seem to keep their shape(height) but I have only been using them for a month or so. When I talked to the guy on the telephone he was really helpful and mad sure my stuff went right out. The lifts pop right out of your shoes and your other footwear. The website is Click Here if you are interested.
Anonymous said on 11/Jul/09
Hey everyone i just wanted to say that height does matter, and for me i have experienced insecurities even though im 5'9, yes i know i must be really insecure about myself. But its not our fault, we were born like this there is nothing we could do about it. Societys standards are that if you are tall or above average then for sure you are going to be picked first than the shorter guy, and for girls too, they love taller men. Sometimes life isnt fair, and that is why i know that your lying to yourself when you wear these lifts but also think about it, people dont give a damn if you wear lifts, in a job interview they are not going to ask you to take off your shoes to see if you have lifts or not, so if society treats you less then how come we dont have the right to wear these? i am above average for my ethnicity (mexican) but being here in the west is hard. God i wish i was a lil bit taller lol
Dustin said on 9/Jul/09
I really do not understand why people are so obsessed with height OR why people bitch about being 5'8" or 5'9".

With that being said, I'd probably give my left nut to be 5'9"... probably both to be 6'0", lol.
guyfrommars said on 30/Jun/09
Bob: Sorry, but F.D. Roosevelt, H.S. Truman and Jimmy Carter were all 5ft9. So YES, there's been US Presidents shorter than 5ft11 in the 20th century.

Sarkozy and Berlusconi are both notorious for wearing elevator shoes. I don't know about Putin, but he's another short guy with power, so I can imagine him using lifts or elevators.
Dago Red said on 8/Jun/09
Don't worry about being short, EVER. There comes a point to where your lack of height becomes "boyish charm. And if that doesn't work for you, buy a motorcycle, and suddenly the six footers are standing alone while you ride off with the women.
Short guy said on 26/May/09
Just my 2cents, I'm 5'4 and have never let it bother me. I get plenty of attention from women even ones taller than me. I do understand the pain though, because there is definately bias towards us shorter guys. I don't care what peoople say, it's there.

I've thought about getting a set of eleveators just to see how people react. As far as false advertising, is it any different from breast implants or padded bras? Just my answer to those women who have made those comments about lying.

Be confident in your self and who you are. That will mean more than your height, trust me. At 5'4 I'm below what most consider short. There a women who just want taller guys, accept it and move on. Lots of fish in the sea. No different from guys wanting to date the perfect 10 and not the big girls.

The bottom line, if you want to wear them go for it. Anyone here that claims people don't care about height are lying. Just be above that, and only then will it no longer matter.
PinkPanther said on 15/May/09
Okay, I'm sorry to all who oppose to Sienna but I agree with her. It's true. Just open yours eyes, taller men get treated differently. My fiance stand 5'9" and I stand 5'7" which is way too close for me, but love came knocking and I had to get over the difference in height, but still whenever he's wearing a pair of shoes that bumps him up an inch or 2...Good Lord...I love it...

I dont think there is anything wrong with wearing lifts especially when we women wear just about every sort of lift available on the market without any ridicule...
Jenny said on 13/May/09
My boyfriend's height is only 5'5", I worry about taking him to see my families. My mother won't allow me to get married with him if she see him. So I bought two pairs height increasing shoes for him from Elevator Shoes store Click Here .My boyfriend looks like 5'5"when he wear the shoes. Thank you very much.
Csmall said on 12/May/09
I'm going to keep this as short as possible:

I'm a guy and 5'4" on the dot when I wake up in the morning.

I get a dead 2" boost when I wear my boots, so that takes me up to 5'6".

I joined a dating website and I'm a pretty darn good-looking guy and I initially used 5'7" as my height and I got an almost 100% success rate with my messages.

Even though I'm 5'4" without my shoes, I am still legitimately 5'6" when I'm out and about, so I have no qualms at all putting 5'6" as my height because it technically is to a certain extent.

For some reason I got really sick and tired of putting 5'7" and lowered it to 5'6". When I started messaging with my new height, my success rate nearly dropped from 100% to somewhat close to 0% percent.

In actuality, 5'6" isn't a horrible height. It's still taller than most girls, but the closer to average height the better of course.

So two things come to mind:

1) 5'6" just doesn't sound good on paper. It just sounds short. 5'7" on the other hand doesn't sound that bad on paper. It just doesn't seem that short and quite frankly either on paper or in real life it isn't. It's only 2-3" below average.

2) Girls will likely think a guy who lists his height as 5'6" is probably at least 2-3 inches shorter than that with shoes on in person.


So, what do I do. Keep my height listed as 5'6" or change it to 5'7"? Do I want girls to just accept my height for what it is at the time or add an inch or so to give myself a chance to let myself slide in the door easier so that can see what the great guy I am?

Heck, even if I'm walking barefeet at 5'4", I'm still going to say I'm a 5'6" guy and with 2", no one really questions otherwise. No one can be SURE about something as small as a 2" difference. 5'8" guys easily pass as 5'10" guys and 5'10" guys easily pass as 6'0" guys. Likely a combination of to it being such a small difference and guys lying about their heights.

Now if I say I'm 5'7" and am 5'6" in shoes, but 5'4" in barefeet, I feel like claiming 3" above my barefoot height is just too much.

Of course I could just always say that I thought I was 5'5" which 5'4" is close enough to and that I thought I was about 5'7" with my shoes on, so I just listed it as that.

I know this is all stupid as heck, but I was just curious as to what some of your guys thoughts were on this matter.

I either just want to fully embrace my short stature or fake it a bit. I'm not sure which one at this point.
jf said on 11/May/09
I'm 5'11.5" tall and have never considered buying elevator shoes but if all the 5'9" guys start doing it (adding 2-1/2") I will appear less superior, and might consider buying elevators so that I'm at a height of 6'2". It will be weird one day if all guys wear elevator shoes like women wear heels. Yao Ming would be 7'9"!
J.R said on 7/May/09
short stack dont take it hard im 6'3 but and love it but still mah man, look at big G eazy e.... he was only like from 5'4-5'6 and that dudes one of my heros
The Dutchguy said on 5/May/09
I don't know why people are wearing lifts in their shoes? just because you are short doesnt mean that you are less then tall people, and i think women dont really care wether you are 5'7 or 6 feet tall, i am 6'4, but some of my mates are 5'7 or slightely shorter, and nobody treats them diffirently, be positive about yourselfs :)
Russell_G said on 4/May/09
I'm in the UK & decided to buy some height boosting shoes, my girlfriends 5ft8 and likes wearing heels, I'm 5ft7,looking for a company in the UK I went to standtaller and the shoes were not very good quality, the service was terrible as you speak to a call centre & they make their shoes in China, nothing wrong there of course but you could see the Quality Control failed miserably.

After a few visits to google I found the celebheights site and then in the end went to secretshoes.co.uk , The shoes really work and they arrived speedily.The guy I spoke to was the owner and knew everything about his product and even wore them himself.

Height increasing shoes are all about personal & lifestyle preference and its your money & your life - so do whatever makes you happy!
NathanX said on 27/Apr/09
Im 6'1 and wear lifts of about 3 inches. Im also a body builder. That extra high does get me a lot more attention from women. I wear them for work as i work in as an escort. It makes a difference. I always sit on the bed first to take my shoes off and slide them under the bed.

Sienna is right in many ways BUT the truth is that shorter guys can represent strength, confidence and traits that height represents through behavior. The problem is most guys who are short and not confident dont behave in the right ways to show these qualities and are therefore judge too much on height. Trust me I know many short men who can attract top quality women. Seen it over and over again. Anyone can learn these skills short, tall thin, fat and ugly!

themaster said on 24/Apr/09
Shep you must be smaller than 5'7" to feel the way you do. Being eye to eye with most women would have you at 5'5".

Most women cant tell the difference between 5'7" to 5'10".
StraightToThePoint said on 19/Apr/09
Rob, Tom,
I don't need no sociology course - let alone a philosophic debate with good boys mechanically reciting their lesson ("Height doesn't matter, it's all about personality." Yeah, right, time to come back from Wonderland, people). All I need is just a straight answer from competent people like yourselves: Rob and Tom (and not Hicham or Simon, just R-o-b and T-o-m). What do you KNOW is the best brand of elevator shoes? What do you recommend, please. Thank you to you both.
Anonymous said on 19/Apr/09
Here's my experience with elevator shoes:

I am a 5'8.5 in morning U.S. man, in my late 20's and I just recently purchased elevator boots advertised as giving 4" in height. Indeed, this is misleading as your body weight will push you down into the shoe, so technically the elevator boots only made me 5'10.5, when I measured. Nevertheless, I did see positive results:

1.) Although 5'10.5 is only slightly over average for an American Caucasian male, I actually towered over many men and women during the day.
2.) I was treated more cordially, whether I was shopping or just talking to strangers.
3.) Accessing items from high up (i.e. cabinets) was much easier, and
4.) Before the elevator shoes I had a painful case of Plantar fasciitis, which miraculously disappeared a few days after wearing the elevator shoes

Nevertheless, the elevators are not without negatives:

1.) You will walk slower, and until you learn how to "go with the flow" of the elevators, you may walk a little funny.
2.) Your toes will be slanted downward in similar effect to women's high-heel shoes, not quite that steep, but this may cause discomfort in the tendon, calf or knees (so far, I've only noticed a minor case of the latter.)
3.) As you will tell from pictures, the shoes are strange-looking unless you wear pants that hide the protruding "arch" on the back. After that, if people aren't paying attention to the fact your legs are longer and your arm/torso lengths are incongruent to your legs, no one will think twice.
4.) No elevator shoes are made for exercise or running! REMEMBER THAT!

Overall, it's about balancing the benefits with the negatives. If I was going to make a verdict right now, I'd say they would be good to wear occasionally to moderation (work, job interviews, lecturing, performance, dates, concerts, etc.) but I wouldn't recommend on a daily basis. As for those who claim wearing elevators would be "lying", always remember there's the "personal/health conveniences" that could be used as a rebuttal should the "lie" accusation ever arise. Again, if you want to be taller for whatever reason, they WILL make you taller - no question about that. Make your own judgment beyond that. Best of luck!

short stack said on 29/Mar/09
What is the best elevator shoe out right now,I want it to be comfortable also I'm desperate to be taller!! Please help me
short stack said on 29/Mar/09
sunny why are you complaining about being 5'9" I would love to be 5'9
sodapop said on 29/Mar/09
Why would a 5'9" guy buy lifts?? Your 5'10" plus with normal shoes! I'm 5'9 and I don't feel short at all. And there is never a girl taller than me or even with me. 90% of girls are like 3 or 4 inches shorter than me.
sodapop said on 29/Mar/09
Why are girls posting here, its hilarious. Noone cares how tall a girl is! It doesn't matter!! Girls can wear high heels. Guys are screwed!!! Cuz noone makes a good looking elevator shoe for us!!
short stack said on 29/Mar/09
short guy where did you get your elevator shoes? I'm only 5'5" I need help desperately.
sodapop said on 19/Mar/09
Who makes the best looking and most comfortable lift shoes? Thanks I'm 5'10" and feel pretty tall when walking around in public, but I wouldn't mind an extra 1.5 to 2 inches
sodapop said on 18/Mar/09
This is my own height chart for american males
5'7" and under = short
5'8" - 5'9" = average
5'9" - 5'11" = above average
6'0" - 6'2" = tall
6'2" and over = very tall
Arie said on 17/Mar/09
Ok, I'm a little over 5'9", with regular shoes around 5'10" or 5'10 and a half and when I'm in public I'm usually one of the taller guys around me. I live in Texas. I'd say the average height in for a man in America is about 5'7" to 5'9". And for girls its 5'3" to 5'6". So all you guys thinking your short at 5'7" or 5'8", your average height. And everyone always wants to be 2 inches taller. I would like to be around 5'11" but 2 inches is not gonna make a noticeable difference. And I wouldn't want to be over 6feet tall, that seems too tall. I would actually hate being over 6'1" you would tower over everyone around you and stand out like a freak. Why would you want that???
Tommy said on 7/Mar/09
"eight does matter, for people who think it doesn't. I believe most men feel more comfortable if they are a bit taller then average. I think towering over somebody is a bit too much. If the average height is about 5'9, I bet that people would rather be 5'11/6'0 then 6'3/6'4. Here in Holland average is 6'0, I'm 6'2 which is a bit above average but there are a lot of people who tower over me.. I wouldn't want to trade with them. My girlfriend is 5'7, she could've been 1 or 1,5 inch shorter. More would make the difference too much. So if you are 6'5, you're probably looking for someone who is at least 5'9. Good luck finding one. I'd rather be average and have more possibilities.
(In my opinion, I'd rather have a 2 or 3 inches taller girlfriend then towering a foot over her!)Anyway, to stay on topic.. There's nothing wrong with lifts, you should try and be who you want to be.. If you vision yourself to be more perfect with 2 inches extra, do it! People who ridicule people who wear lifts are sad!"

Just to correct this guy from the netherlands. The average height for men in Holland is 5"11(180.60cm)according to the last study done by professor Komlos of the University of Munich. 6"0 is only for younger men.
Chad Clement said on 17/Feb/09
I got some boots with lifts in them from richlee shoe company . I'm 5'8 1/2 and with the boots on i'm almost 3 inches taller (about 5'11 1/4) well worth the money i paid .
Jim said on 16/Feb/09
Sounds like some people have had some success with lifts but in my experience the ones I had were awful. They were $120, claimed 2 and a half inch increase and looked nice and trendy on the website. I'm 5'7 and for the past 10 years or so have worn comfy pumps or flat smart shoes which only give about a quarter of an inch additional height when I measured myself with them on. The lifts I bought took me up to nearly 5'9 and a half. Unfortuantely that was as good as it got.

Firstly, they looked nothing like they did on the website. They were almost big and bulky and as high as they were long. Although this bulk is hidden by your trousers legs the angle you are walking at with them on means your foot length virtually halves. It looked like I had the feet size of a child. I have a friend who has specially made shoes as he has a walking disability. My lifts looked like his specially made shoes.

If that wasn't bad enough they were the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever owned! Walking with my feet at a funny angle meant I walked funny (I felt a bit off balance) and the arches of my feet would ache during and after wearing them. They were too heavy. Tie some bricks to the bottom of your shoes and then go for a walk and then you'll see what I mean. After spending all day at a football match I went to a party in the evening wearing the lifts. My feet hurt so much I couldn't wait to leave the party so I could go home and take my shoes off! Even wearing three pairs of socks at once didn't really help. My feet always hurt after wearing them.

I have very good posture as I am very fit and stand up straight. The lifts have you standing at such an angle that you spend half the time actually fighting to stand up straight. I was also worried that if someone bumped into me I might actually fall over because my balance was now much worse than when I wore normal shoes.

I only wore those lifts 7 or 8 times and then decided enough was enough. I went and bought some nice dress shoes at a quarter of the price. They take me up to 5'8 and a quarter and I am more than happy with that. I really feel sorry for girls wearing high heels all the time. I don't know how they do it!
Samuel said on 15/Feb/09
Honestly this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. Look I am 5 foot 7 okay and yeh sure it sucks to be short but to be honest loads of short guys i know have np trouble getting a hot gf. Infact alot of girls I know only want their guy to be taller than them, it doesnt matter how much taller just aslong as they are taller and there are only a few shallow ones I have seen. Just learn to love yourself and dont listen to people like that sienna who say stupid shallow things like that.
Anonymous said on 23/Jan/09
I used to fold up a couple pairs of socks and put them inside my shoes until I bought my lifts. You can easily add 1 to 2 inches with socks, you just have to change them out every couple of weeks.
Jack Jin said on 19/Jan/09
TO Elio,

I bought one pair of shoes from Click Here . It's pretty good. I would like to recommend their products and services.

Jack Jin
Strife said on 18/Jan/09
How could you wear these? Don't you feel like you're lying not only to everyone else, but to yourself as well? And how depressing is it when you take them off..
Doug said on 15/Jan/09
What exactly do you mean lifts are the only way to go? I'm 5'7 and have never worn lifts in my life, you learn to accept.
Billybob said on 12/Jan/09
I think I have height issues because i'm insecure about my height and feel uncomfortable around people taller than me- and i'm 6'5"! I always wanted to be around 6'8" to be unique. I'm considering getting insoles to feel taller. However if i'm with people I know that are quite short I feel like bending downwards and making myself shorter, it's pretty weird. With my family as well, even though my brother is taller than I, I will slouch so I can look up to him. I don't want to seem huge and intimidating in public but I think it's true that taller in stature will garnish some more attention (some good, some bad!)
Dan 5'10 said on 8/Jan/09
lifts don't work...
your shoes are not made for itand because of that...it hurts
Elevetor shoes are specially redesigned and that make them a lot better.
I buy at bugarrishoes.com and I'm happy about it
AG said on 6/Jan/09
I think it is not good to fool people with your height. Lets say you wear elevator shoes all the time and get a boost of 2 inches or more, for example. Lets imagine that you went to some friend's house and needed to take them out. What would your friend tell you when he/she saw your shoes ? Did you ever think of that ? Probably he/she would make fun of you, isn't it right ? What would you feel at that time ?
I say this to everyone, tall or short doesn't matter, just be yourself and trust in yourself, be confident and accept yourself like the way you are. There are more important things in life than height.
deryck said on 5/Jan/09
Sienna, wow. I think, that, er, your are the same age as i am, but ... i never really believed that someone could have that sort of primitive opinions. dont know who do you consider short, but i can tell im a 177 guy and this was never a problem to none of the girls, i dont feel short or something like that. as a matter of fact, the girls like me even more than those 190guys. thats why im pretty as hell:D well, and for that self-confidence and ancestor crap - yes, women are used to look for tAller machos, but the fact that you consider someone short and it stands a big deal/ problem for you, is your nature. you are a model, id say your opinions are predestinated by what you do. in other words, talkin to you is a waste of time:D
Sneaks said on 3/Jan/09
My question about these kinds of shoes is what happens when you take them off? If you walk around a bar or club looking like you are 5'8 then wake up with a woman at only 5'4, dont you think they are going to find it just a bit peculiar? Reminds me of the episode of Seinfeld where George refuses to take off his timberlands the entire episode so that his new gf wont know his real height.
Dale Lewis said on 27/Dec/08
Lifts are the only way to go. I bought some from some company in ohio and they really work well. Made me a good two inches taller as advertised and were pretty inexpensive for what they do. Company is levitator lifts or Click Here
Ranger Rick said on 19/Dec/08
i'm a longtime letterman fan and he seems closer to 6-1 of recent vintage, but yeah, good point, that's still a big diffarential, always thought stallone was closer to 5-6 than 6-ft, wouldn't rule out some serious lifting action (3-4"?)
5ft 8 guy said on 15/Dec/08
i'm 5'8" and feel quite short around most people, would i need to consider wearing any lifts at this height?
Nic said on 12/Dec/08
What are Elevator Shoes?
Elevator shoes are also known as height increasing shoes, lift shoes or shoe lift shoes. They are specially designed to invisibly increase the height of the wearer. The basic idea is to put thick insoles (lifts) in the shoes, so that the wearer can get taller. (See “Inside Elevator Shoes” for more information.) Elevator shoes look normal from outside. Well designed elevator shoes are as comfortable as normal shoes. It may take several days for wears to get used to it. Normally, elevator shoes increase 2.5-4 inches in height. There are 5 inches extra-height elevator shoes, but it will loose comfort and is more noticeable.read more:Click Here
theman said on 6/Dec/08
The post from Sienna was funny, she is like the lifts spokesperson.
Bob said on 30/Nov/08
I found nice Elevator shoes store Click Here . The price and quality are very good. I bought 2 pairs from the store 3 months ago. After i make the payment by paypal, they made the new shoes for me, then shipped out within 48 hours. I felt happy when i received the shoes ...
Tom said on 25/Nov/08
-Ian says on 3/Oct/08
If height translates into money in your world just wear some stilts. Imagine the money could make then eh? Get real. Bill Gates isn't that tall. Tom cruise - small and earns possibly the most in hollywood.
Hey, You are totally right but it's not the best example... Tom Cruise is small but make a lot of money... While wearing his favourite 3to4" extra height elevator shoes!!!
-MR.RICO187 says on 17/Sep/08
To that I answer: OF course you don't see it! Have you ever visited a height increase online store? have you ever wear some yourself? It's invisible or you didn't choose the good company (nothing to do with the shoes you see in the image above that are pretty obvious). They don't start to walk funny either because of the shoes so don't waste your time trying to spot them, you won't be able to do it in most of the case (maybe if they wear the shoes from the image above with shorts you will notice it)
el toppo said on 22/Nov/08
hey friends, If it makes you feel better about your height, go for it. I'm 190cm in the morning and get to about 188cm by night and out of my circle of 7 buddies, I'm the 2nd shortest. My buddy who is shorter than me is 5 foot 7 and he says he gets a real confidence boost when he wears his lifts (bringing him up to a tall 5 foot 9).
RisingForce said on 7/Nov/08
letterman fan says on 8/Oct/08
Did you see Stallone on letterman. They looked the same height when they shook hands. Stallone's listed at 5'9 and Letterman at 6'2, so that must meen he was wearing 5 inch lifts. How's that possible? Check out the clip on youtube, they seriously look the same height

Letterman is listed here at 6'1.5" and David was an inch taller. Regardless since David was wearing normal dress shoes(about 1") he'd be 6'2.5" in shoes making Sly 6'1.5" in his shoes. Take away about 3" for Sly's lifts/elevator shoes and you've got Sly at 5'10.5" which is what I've been saying he is.
Vibram said on 6/Nov/08
I say where lifts or chunky soles at interviews if your 176cm or below (white guys that is). Aim for 181cm+ in your footwear and you'll be considered tallish.

I say this because it's been proven the jobs are nearly always handed to the taller male if all other things being equal like educational grades. I know several -174cm (below 5ft8.5 ish) guys that have it hard finding decent employment even though they are as educated as 5ft11+ guys. It's as clear as ice the cut off is 5ft10 for mutual decency, with ideals of 6ft+ for business-like jobs such as banks, investors, retail.
Serk said on 25/Oct/08
man thats ugly how they try to sell their elevator shoes here with their stupid comments. dont let u tell something if you are small thats not important enjoy your life as far as you can...who needs **** like elevator shoes. I'm 5'7 and I have everything i want girls money everything you just have to believe in you.
Barry said on 22/Oct/08
I just looked at that picture of Sly and that guy at the Lakers game... Wow! His shoes are freaky compared to the other guy. The visible heel is big enough and its pretty obvious that his foot is raised inside the shoe aswell!
Barry said on 22/Oct/08
Ok, so these things really exist? I dont know why people would use them useless they are deeply insecure... Shortguy, being 5'7 is no big deal. Im around 5'8 and my best friend is 6'5, but a big personality goes a long way. That s.o.b would never pick a fight with me lol
LT said on 21/Oct/08
does anybody know where i can get shoe lifts in size 16? my brother is 6'5", 310 pounds and he wants to look even taller for halloween, but its hard enough just finding shoes for him.
Ian said on 18/Oct/08
It's not possible letterman fan. Stallone is 5ft10.5
letterman fan said on 8/Oct/08
Did you see Stallone on letterman. They looked the same height when they shook hands. Stallone's listed at 5'9 and Letterman at 6'2, so that must meen he was wearing 5 inch lifts. How's that possible? Check out the clip on youtube, they seriously look the same height
Mrs.R said on 7/Oct/08
To all the guys out there worried about how tall you are, i give you credit for speaking up about it. I am 5'10" (i do not look strange, I am not fat nor am i ugly)My husband is 5'6" and i make more money than him. So do not give up and do not pay attintion to the idiotic coments on the blog. If the elevator shoes gives you that extra little confidence i say go for it.
Tom said on 4/Oct/08
That's 100% true.
Being taller with the help of elevator shoes do have a psychological on you (you feel stronger and more comfident) BUT it also have a positive effect on the people you are dealing with. It's not a secret that people try to analyse you by your height, your stature, your clothes(and specially your shoes and even your socks), the car you drive and how clean it is,... So Using nice elevator shoes (nice I said!!!) gives you better height, better stature, more confidence, Good looking shoes (if you choose them correctly and from the correct brands of course!! I personally go on bugarrishoes.com)
And if it's true that taller people earn more money, don't worry... the nice car will probably follow!!!
Ian said on 3/Oct/08
If height translates into money in your world just wear some stilts. Imagine the money could make then eh? Get real. Bill Gates isn't that tall. Tom cruise - small and earns possibly the most in hollywood.
zack said on 26/Sep/08
I bought shoes from Richlee Shoe co Click Here and they were very comfortable. I got about 2.5" as advertised and am as happy as a clam. The 2nd pair I got from them, I had to return, but got another pair of casuals and I love them. They have been in business since 1939 so I have no worries about getting what I ordered.
Captain Spaulding said on 20/Sep/08
Anonymous/robbie h, your 6'0.25" which means its impossible for you to be 6'4" in elevator shoes, your prob 6'2" max in them.
ShortGuy said on 20/Sep/08
you know I'm only 5'7 but I wear elevator shoes that are pretty comfortable and I also wear insoles and I look 5'10, at first it was a little uncomfortable but I got used to it and now im comfortable and am pretty happy.I'm also very confident when I meet girls or when I meet new people because now I'm not the shortest of the group,well I just wanted to share my story

MR.RICO187 said on 17/Sep/08
Tom said on 12/Sep/08
Yeah... sad but true!!!
height do matter. i think is more about self confidence... but it's true that the taller you are the easiest it is to have a lot of self comfidence.
It's good that we can cheat now with elevetor shoes... since I wear those a gain a little bit height but a lot of confidence (the effect is even greater as you are used to see everything from 3 or 4 inches closer to the ground)
Jeremy said on 9/Sep/08
Wooooooooooow Sienna those are some pretty retarded views. If height mattered as much as u think than explain how anyone under 6 feet tall has accomplished anything in life. You make it seem like you mind as well shoot yourself if ur not tall. I have plenty of tall friends who can't get a girl and are low lifes and friends who are shorter than me that get laid every night by gorgeus woman. You need to figure out was is important in life and stop saying stupid ****. I cant help if thats what you think but, at least keep it to yourself. Your not helping anyone by expressing your shallow views on the world. btw if it mattered so much to you im surprised u married a guy whos 5-8. Oh also about the evolution thing. I think you should take a couple anthro classes because humans were actually shorter and more robust, and being a good hunter had more to do with having the ability to use tools. That why humans over millions of years have become less robust and humans have now become more reliant on our brains instead of strength. I mean if height mattered so much with strength and the ability to protect Than explain why chimpanzees who stand 4 feet tall can tear our weak frail human bodies into pieces. Thankfully we have the ability to use weapons and therefore are on top of the food chain. Im not saying height doesn't matter. In some things(certain sports, in buisness, confidence, intimidation) it def gives an advantage but thats it. Just like being smart is an advantage height is to a smaller degree.
Anonymous said on 28/Aug/08
robbie H,

for my profession (I am 5'11.75'' LATE in the night and about 6'1'' when I wake, I have worn elevator shoes. in the mergers&a world, international meetings have a lot of people around 6'5'' and height matters- it translates in to money in my world. I can get up around 6'4'' in elevator shoes.,
BC88 said on 19/Aug/08
The only downside about the elevator shoes I have(mine are sneakers)or any is that you can't run as fast in them in sports(of course)and and a lot more liable to twist an ankle.And I already wore mine to school but I think I might go back to my normal shoes, but just for school, though. But the thing that stinks is now that everyone has seen me wearing them around and noticed my height, they would see a difference in that I'm slightly shorter, but still noticebly shorter. So I don't know. I am a male, just thought I'd say.
Tom said on 30/Jul/08
did you check bugarrishoes.com already? The shoes are comfortable and don't really seems "different". For the design it's just a question of personal taste but I think they have some pretty good models.
tom said on 23/Jul/08
I don´t agree at all!
Shoes lifts are not working because shoes are not made for it. You loose all the ankle support. You don´t have this problem whith the elevator shoes becouse they are specially designed for it. And if you bought them from a good company you can barely see it and they have lots of different styles like sneakers, dress, men and women casual so you don´t have to wear ugly shoes like several years ago...
shorty said on 20/Jul/08
I really would love using elevator shoes, since im only 172cm male.
I hate being this short, but i always use my converse all-stars. And they dont give me any height more. I havent found any goodlooking elevators yet.. too sad :(
B said on 20/Jul/08
All I have to say is this to everyone complaining about their height, you all could have been born shorter, so just except your selfs the way you are, your going to have to sooner or later.
B said on 19/Jul/08
Robbie H to answer your question, I am 5' 9.25 and I have worn lifts before and the tallest I ever was in lifts was 6' 0.5 so the tallest a 5' 11'' guy could be in lifts is a little over 6' 2'' depending on the shoes.
Greg said on 18/Jul/08
Are you serious???
Come on!
Everybody know that shoes do have a specific profile to help lock your heel in the back of the shoes. If you don't have that instead of comfort you will get some nice blisters! The problem whith lifts is that your shoes are not designed for them. It you put those in your shoes your heel will be higher than normal... which means out out the "heel locking area"... which means... you already guessed it... BLISTERS!
Elevator shoes are specially designed to avoid that problem...plus the lift inside them is glued inside the shoes to help it stay in place.
Seems to me that there is 2 logical explanation:
- You have funny feet
- You have special interest in this shoe lift company
I hope nothing is wrong whith your feet!!!
BC88 said on 15/Jul/08
I recently bought some athletic elevator shoes online and am fairly pleased but not entirely because the the site said they would make you 3.2 inches taller if that was true I would be around 6'1".(I'm 5'10" barefoot, at least in the morning) But I'm not and I only barely make it to 6'0" in them. But it is still pretty nice though because they do make you stand straighter and they are pretty comfortable and look nice. I just wish they could actually give you what they advertise.
Shep said on 13/Jul/08
I'm 5'7" and have thought about trying lifts several times. I typically wear Sketchers that have an inche sole. I've been wearing them for about five years. They're falling apart, but whenever I try on anything thinner my trouser legs hit the floor.

It's easy to make fun of short celebrities, but trust me, if you're short the world looks at you in a much different way. I can totally forgive them. However, I have to say it's got to be much worse being a regular guy who's short. No woman wants a guy who is eye to eye with her. And short women resent flirtation from short guys. And no boss wants a 35 year old man who looks like a teenager to represent the company. It's like the song says, 'short people (men, anyway) got no reason to live.'
mee said on 12/Jul/08
I have one pare of shoes, that are very good and elegant, but they only give 1-1,5 cm boost. I am 180 cm tall and in it I am 181-181,5 cm... I hate to see my friends who are the same height as I or little shorter to be taller than me just beacause I have flat shoes... So I would like to have 0,5-1 inch lift in shoes-just for that pair of shoes...
Sienna said on 11/Jul/08
All you people who think height in men doesn't matter are delusional. Height means a lot in western society and it does nothing to ignore it and say you're fine as a short guy. Girls are lucky because it doesn't matter for them-- I am 5'3" and have been professionally modeling since I was 16 (I am now 23). ALL the boys in my industry are at least 5' 11". When I first met my (now) husband, I thought he was ridiculously short at 5'8" and it was hard for me to see past it. He now wears elevator shoes and stands at 5'11". People very much treat him differently when he is wearing his lifts as opposed to not. He is extremely handsome with an incredible body, but that height thing just kills it. He is a business owner and his elevator shoes make all the difference in how people perceive him professionally.
Let's face it-- women want a man who is big and strong so she can feel protected and provided for. The bigger and stronger our ancestors were, the more able they were to hunt/gather food and protect the women from predators. That evolutionary link has survived through thousands of years and it will not die any time soon. A guy could be drop dead gorgeous with the best personality and the hottest body but if he is 5'6" his girl options are going to be very limited. That's the dismal reality. So, all you short guys out there, go get elevator shoes and see how people treat you. Mark my words: people will treat you better when you have those extra inches. Quit living in denial and do something about it. I mean, if a girl is fat and has crooked teeth, she is going to be treated worse than if she got those teeth straightened and lost weight. It's the reality of western society, so instead of living in denial, take charge of your life and present yourself so people don't get hung up on your "flaws" (anything society sees as different) so that you won't have any barriers. Living in denial is not going to open any doors for you. Get elevator shoes and get on with your life.
Jeff Krause said on 17/Jun/08
I have tried several shoes from various elevator shoe companies and have found them all to be very uncomfortable. I Have also tried almost all the shoe lift sellers out there. The only company I have found that sold comforable and fairly inexpensive lifts for shoes is levitator lifts. I belive they only sell them on line at Click Here Hope this helps.
A_P said on 16/Jun/08
I love my Doc Martin boots, but they definitely add a lot of height. So much that I don't really wear them out anymore; I'm 6'8" and even one additional inch is too much.
Ben said on 9/Jun/08
oooo yeah!
That's right... but unfortunately they will see your height before your wallet! except if you really show the money when you go at a party. So even if it is right that if you are small but show the money you can have girls easily... A good pair of elevator shoes only cost you around $100 and are easy to find online
The Truth said on 28/May/08
As far as getting women is concerned, height can help but what matters most to a women is how much money the guy is worth.
Ben said on 23/May/08
No idea... Inches don't really matter... extra confidence given by those elevator shoes is. And they make you walk more straight. And everyone know that a bad back posture make you look less comfident! So add 2.5" and a straight upper back and you will feel like a complete new guy!!!
Last time I took my measurement was about 10 years ago and I honestly don't care about figures... I am just average (maybe 5'11 or so) or a little bit more if I wear my +2.5" Bugarri Shoes.
This forum is funny... looks like we're all mid school students arguing about who can pee furter than the other ones...It's a shame but that's just being human! Always compare what we are, do or have with other people and hoping that we beat them!!! ; )
Robbie H said on 20/May/08
just out of interest,what is the maximum height a guy of 5'11 could be in lifts?
t said on 14/May/08
gazinder: why do you care if girls are taller than you? any woman over about 5'9" looks terrible anyway... if you are 5'11 there is no way you are shorter than average lol
Todd said on 11/May/08
Hey guys, quick question.

I'm 5'7.5 and want a slight boost but also want something to help my flat feet. Do you guys know of any shoe inserts/cushios/etc that can add 1.5-2 inches in height and help flat feet?

Thank you.
quebecker said on 11/May/08
Hmmm, are these shoes really comfortable to wear? They look so bulky :S
Gazinder said on 10/May/08
ben I go to uni in London in outh Kensington, it's a very rich area, I am 5' 11" and feel short here, average height must be 6' 1", maybe in outer london with the immigrants it's not like that. But I understand how you feel because I'm 5' 11" and feel short. There are girls taller than me here in flats ... plenty of them. :-(
Tony G. said on 30/Apr/08
Robbie H,

I own two types of elevator shoes... a 3" lift formal and a 2" lift sneaker-type. The formal one is not a good choice for walking a lot. The sneaker one is actually kind of comfortable. Not as comfortable as regular sneakers, but I wouldn't hesitate to walk 1/4 or 1/2 mile in it.

I think the 3" one is actually more like a 2.5". The 2" one seems accurate.
ben said on 17/Apr/08
echo i feel u completly man. im origianally from london, UK where the average height is lower tha the rest of the UK due to huge immigration, and height never occured to me. However, i now go to university in hampshire, UK where the average height is one of the heighest in the world and 5"10 is seen as short for a guy, im 5"8.

However, thank god i have my good looks although, not only 99.9%(literally only met one guy shorter than me) of guys are taller than me, 60% of girls are too. oh well, just need to rely on personality
Yaspaa said on 15/Apr/08
She sounds really nice!
BC88 said on 12/Apr/08
Man I should get some of these! I would get one that adds 4 inches to my height. That would make me about 6' 0 1/2" to 6' 1". That would be awesome. Although I am still growing anyways,(I'm almost 16)it would still be cool to have them.
echo said on 31/Mar/08
Wow, i must say, i just spent 20 minutes reading through all of these comments, ha. I'm a 22 year old 5'7 guy and, by the graces of God, is extremely good looking. I find a gal who is eye level or a bit taller very sexy. I have only once been told I am too short by a girl, and that was in this month. It totally threw me, I felt totally crushed and pissed, but the truth is, I am what I am and I have a million things going for me. If a women can't see past a one inch diffence, and just enjoy your amazing personality, well, I'm sorry, screw her, ha. Live life, guys and be happy for your health and all that you have. In the words of my dearest mentor, 'JUST DON'T GIVE A F@#K,' ha. Peace and God bless., I'm out.
Josh said on 29/Mar/08
Height Fiend what shoes were they? I'm curious.
derek d said on 25/Mar/08
Bob, "2. Not one US president in the 20th century has been under 5'11" - Wasn't president Carter only 5'9....?
Jay said on 19/Mar/08
@Ben. ..."my cousin is about 6.3 and is with a girl who must be 4.5 MAXIMUM..."
Are you for real? if so, WOW.
Chris said on 17/Mar/08
Necrosa, do you have a link to those boots?
Mike Z said on 16/Mar/08
yo this whole "elevator shoe"thing is rediculous, average height for american men is 5'7 to 5'8 for women 5'3 to 5'4 or somethin close to that, so dont worry about it, looks matter more than height anyway so if ur ugly and fat, save that 100 bucks that you would spend on "elevator shoes" and put it toward plastic surgery, or better yet just be happy with yourself and how you look cuase no matter what you say, what really matters is how you act not how you look, whats on the inside is what counts and if its a really hot chick/dude that ur trying to get with, then their not worth being with if they dont see how nice of a person you truly are on the inside, and if they reject you well then you've just found out that they werent even worth the exorcise of walking over to, most woman or dudes are more impressed by ur charisma,confidence,sense of humour,persistence,charm,and overall cool thing that makes you you then looks so chillax its all good and have some fun with it, and this is comin from a average looking 5'8 18 year ol american dude im wise for my years and ive found that its true,so peace.
Height Fiend said on 15/Mar/08
My mate bought a pair of Elevator shoes over the net that advertised a 3.5 inch lift, he expected to get at least 2 inches but to our shock when we measured him, it infact yielded 3 INCHES! this is %100 true, he is 5'7 barfoot and 3/4 of an inch shorter than me, but he is 5'10 in these shoes. He wears them alot and people just dont notice, when we are at the bar, i am just under 5'9 in one inch pumps, he is still clearly taller, then we take off our shoes and i am taller than him, it is insane. But yeah a 3 inch lift is DEFO do-able cause 2 of us have measured him twice, barefoot and in the shoes.
Necrosa said on 19/Feb/08
I have 3 inch platform boots :)
Ben said on 8/Feb/08
You guys are right height is not the only thing that count... and most of all for girls! as jim said, a lot of tall guys loves short girls... my cousin is about 6.3 and is with a girl who must be 4.5 MAXIMUM... and his ex was just a little taller than that!
But most of girls want guys at least 2 or 3 inches taller... they want a guy taller than them... but they also want to wear heels and still be shorter!
but there is nothing to do with figures... 6.0 which aparently is the goal of most of the people here is already really tall... at this height the sky isn't the limit anymore... the height of your door is lol!
I'm about 5'7 or 5'8 and it is a good height for most of the time (my wife is 5.5') but I have a pair of elevator shoes (Click Here I like them a lot!!!) that I use sometime at work for example... I work in an marketing agency and I use them when I need to "fight" against other agencies to have the contract... and trust me it works! I can't explain why but people seems to trust you more when you are taller... what can I say, IT'S JUST MARKETING!!! If you have to chose between two identical product for a same price, you will take the one with the best Packaging...If at christmas a child see a small box and a big one under the tree, he would like to have the big one (not applicable for girls after a certain age... they know that diamonds are in small boxes ; ) ) A parently even W. Bush do have a pair (he is taller than 6.0') for meetings with people taller than him so he still look taller on the official photo... as I said... JUST MARKETING!
And it's true, some short guys can have taller girls, it's not impossible... but if you look at what "little boy" said, he did it!!! But you see, he is not sure about what people think about it... and most of the guys are just impressed by tall girls, so even if you can have them most of the time you just won't do it!
Richie said on 4/Feb/08
4 inches! FOUR INCHES?
Does anyone here even think thats possible? Seriously, get a scale and hold it o your shoe/boot!
Not even the bone crusher boots that Vin Diesel sports could get u that much!
Heck, Marilyn Mnason (aka Brian) wears a platform-lift combo with atleast 2 inches in the sole, an that doesent get him the full 4!
3 is the max u could aim for! Most people get 2.5 with a combination of platforms an lifts, an they still stand out!
The best you can do without being painfully obvious is 1.5!
im 5'10" (almost) an i struggle to look 6! i Know! ive tried!
Jim said on 4/Feb/08
So sad guys and girls!!!

I read over some of these comments and I'm so surprised at how self conscience people are about thier height!

I'm a guy who is thin and I'm about 6.0- 6.1 barefoot. I do not do great with girls my buddies who are about 5.8 get girls like crazy!

So guys it's not your height if you are shorter you can get girls like crazy...is 5.6 too short?? I had a friend that was 5.6 and had an stripper for a girlfriend.

I'm over 6 foot and I would without any question date a girl that was 5.0 as long as she was a nice girl and kept herself fit or thin height would be no issue for me at all. So stop worring if you are a shorter girl that no tall guys will want you...I would take you!

I'm in my thirties and going through life being over 6 foot I can tell you that there is no real advantage that I have ever seen to being taller.

Stop worring about your height!

Good luck to everyone!!

Little Boy said on 1/Feb/08
What is all of your opinions on a 5'8 barefoot guy...being with a 5'10 barefoot woman? Does that really matter? In regular shoes I stand alittle under 5'10...She however in regular shoes stands alittle under 6ft! You think that is enough to matter?
Robbie H said on 25/Jan/08
yes it did greg thank u
Robbie H said on 24/Jan/08
thanks greg, to be honest i dont really need to wear them as i am 5'11, but i wouldent mind being 6'1 lol, so if i were to get some it would probs be medium sized ones around 2"
greg said on 23/Jan/08
they are nice to wear... at least some models... I'm happy with the one I use, really comfortable and you have a good balance, which apparently si not every time the case. I have two models Modena +3.2" and Trieste +2.4" from Bugarri shoes and they are great! Of course, it is as it's said above it's the height at your heels wich means that you win a little bit less than that in real. If you take a small increase like the 2.4" you will nearly gain those...about 2.) and with the 3.2" wou will gain 2.9" and with the 4"... something like 3.4 or 3.5 I guess... And with your weight it can also reduce the height a little bit but it don't make a big difference,at least with good ones... It may be a good idea to avoid cheap shoes or simple insoles to reduce this problem... You only get what you paid for!... It's just the opposite from what I said above... if your insole lose fore example 1" at your heel, It wil only reduce your size of 1/2 an inch or something... And you have the same problem with most of the comfortable shoes on the market, so the difference is still nearly the same.
Is it to wear every day or only to go out??? If it's for everyday, try something like 2.4" first to get use to it... my step dad always wears the 4" but it's too much for me to wear everyday... I'm still a novice lol
I hope It helped you.
greg said on 15/Jan/08
just a question... are you reacting the same with girls with fake boobs????
most of the guys like it... but when it comes to guys who want to get a bigger dick or just to be taller everyone make fun of them... why? It's exactly the same problem...
Robbie H said on 14/Jan/08
how much extra height does the average elevator shoe give? do they feel clumsy to wear? anyone
Anonymous said on 12/Jan/08
greg...How could i possibly criticise people or tell some home truths on there face when they are cheating, lying about there height and concealing something from me? If I were to find out, dont worry pal, I would certainly let them know.
greg said on 9/Jan/08
Don't you guy feel as if you are cheating to the world? doesnt it bother your conscience and play on you mind to come anonymously on forums and talk bad to people ALL IN MAJUSCULE LIKE THIS? Much more easy to criticise people this way than right their face??? And You come talking about confidence!!! How confident you seems to be by doing that, it's amazing!
Anonymous said on 7/Jan/08

greg said on 7/Jan/08
french president Nicolas Sarkozy also wears some 4' increased shoes...
As I read below about Berlusconi, some people are also making fun of him because of that... But some people also make fun of him just because he is short... And people would have made fun of him if he was too tall or too fat. That's the price to pay when you are a powerfull man... some people hates you (sometimes because they are just jealous)and will use every possible solutions to destroy your image!!! And for the celeb, it's just good to see that they are not perfect, that like most of us they have things they don't like about themselves it makes them more...human!

I personally am wearing elevator shoes from Click Here It's just a few inches for but lot of extra confidence. I'am not famous and I don't have a lot of ennemies, so nobody can notice my special shoes... people only see what they really want to see!
Haleria said on 6/Jan/08
Dudes. Anyone around 5'6" can't complain. Alright? I'm 15 and I'm 5'3"!! I think I've stopped growing... but geez what I wouldn't give for a 2 inch height increase! Does anyone know that if I work with a personal trainer that I could gain an inch and a half or so? Please! I need to know! I'm so short and I can't stand it! My bf is 6" and it looks SO awkward half the time...
N2 said on 29/Dec/07
Humans are drawn much stronger to natural confidence and charisma than outer appearance of few inches difference. Al Pacino, regarded as among the most charismatic and powerful actors in history, standing at or below 5'6". Kate Moss, a supermodel icon at 5'6". Tom Cruise..err..who knows how tall he is, but he sure ain't a tall guy. When you are at that level of confidence, then maybe you can put on height shoes to give it some kicks. My two cents.
6footkate said on 23/Dec/07
well deec dont worry i know a guy that was 6'6 when he was 13
Deec said on 19/Dec/07
man everyone in this world seems smaller than i am, and im only 6 ft 1, and im only 15 :D
simon (london) said on 18/Dec/07
iam 174cm never really thought about my height before (join forces had to add it) i just measured my self. so i spose iam quite short but i always thought i was a normal height, i dont think anyone really cares, most people just think( short average or tall) ulot obsese with it. ive never been called short in my life but i apparently am, my friends all sed i was about 5ft10 at guess for years. and i got loads money and i pull loads and loads of girls! so fuk it who really cares!
Jackie said on 16/Dec/07
I have a question for tall guys. Is it inconvenient to date a woman who is a foot shorter than you? There's a tall guy I have a crush on (not because he is tall!) who usually dates taller women and I'm wondering if I'll be automatically discounted. Obviously I have no idea what it's like to be a foot taller than someone. I wonder if it is annoying to have to bend over for a kiss, or a conversation in a noisy bar?
Vinny said on 15/Dec/07
please chris your in denial, average height might be below 5 '10 but certainly not 5 '7. A man at 5'7 is just plain short. In my opionion avergae height is from 5'8 to 5 '11.
Chris said on 10/Dec/07
It's funny to read over and over in this forum that people think AVERAGE height in the USA for men is 5'9 or 5'10. It's not even close. It is more like 5'7. I personally am 5'6 and trust me, sometimes I feel like I'm way below average. Especially when I'm out in a bar or club, where for some reason every guy seems tall. I really don't even bother trying to talk with girls even a little taller than me, based on previous experiences. I am considering trying the lift shoes just to make myself feel more confident. Being just 2-3 inches taller is the only thing I'd change about myself physically.
bob said on 5/Dec/07
Uh, hey Max from Italy who said:

"Another note. Our EX (thank-God!) prime minister Berlusconi, is a billionaire and he is short, very short! He wears his elevator shoes and all the people are teasing him for that! Because he isn't simply able to accept his height.
So he's a clear example of how a short person can become a successfull manager and at the same time being so ridiculous trying to look taller."

Are you sure he wasn't wearing lifts BEFORE he rose to power? Maybe if he displayed his true height all along you wouldn't even noticed him enough to tease him.
bob said on 5/Dec/07
What's the point of commenting here if you're tall? You have no perspective.

1. Taller men receive higher salaries.

2. Not one US president in the 20th century has been under 5'11

3. *Most* women's online dating profile's REQUIRE "average or tall" height to send her a message.

So um, if you were 5'6" wouldn't you want to add that 1.25" the author thinks is so irrelevant? If you're 5'7" or above don't answer.

Of course if you wear special shoes then you have to avoid those 5'7" and up online profiles, which is probably a good thing.

Height is a game of inches.

Discussion over.
Lisa said on 21/Nov/07
I am already taller than my friends, they're all like 5"3 and I am 5"7, and I am still under the average (I am Dutch)
Hélène said on 16/Nov/07
This discussion is so ridiculously funny. The elevator shoes are a riot! People should wear shoes between 1/2 of an inch of heel to one inch -- definately not more than two inches on a regular basis. Wearing no heel at all is probably not good for our feet or backs when walking long distances. One-to-two inch heeled shoes look more natural. Shorter people as far as shoes are concerned have more fashion options than taller people -- especially more than tall women. But whatever height a person might be is just one of the elements that make that person's physical description unique. Each has individual advantages. I am five feet, eleven inches plus three quarter's of an inch tall when I measure myself and five feet and eleven and a half inches tall when measured by a doctor who is five feet tall! I do not like high heels on myself because it makes me lean forward. On shorter females, high heels look more elegant because such people do not appear within inches of falling forward. I notice tall people in my own observations tend to move faster than shorter ones, but shorter people seem to be able to bend and climb easier. Maybe they have less back troubles too. The thing I find cruel is to have a short person's back on a tall body. Ancestors pass along such things. One thing of significance regarding height concerns children. I was a tall child. I was always put last in line on school photo day so the photographer did not have to adjust the seat until absolutely necessary. In hindsight, I realize some adults regard tall children as being older. This is so wrong. They are children and still need to be regarded as such. I suspect it is almost equally insulting for adults to regard short children as younger than they are.
do not wear elevator shoes said on 9/Nov/07
natural height is way sexier
ray said on 7/Nov/07
50 cent wears lifts,that is why they bill him at 6'0 but he is only like 5'10 and the sexy rihanna is 5'7 so too ciara, the hot kylie minogue is just 5'0 tall
Crissy said on 6/Nov/07
Okayy once again!

I'm 14 and 5'8 ( i live in America, so i am 4-5 inches over normal womens height) And i have some shoes that are like these and in them i am 5'10-5'10 1/2 but they KILL my feet, i get blisters on the heels of my feet. But i like being taller, it's fun. But even being in 8th grade, i am taller than most of the guys. My only 3 guy friends that are taller than me, when i am flat-footed one is 6'1, the other is 5'11 and the other is (at 13!) 6'3. So i always find it diffucult to date...and to find shoes lmao.
emporium destinate said on 31/Oct/07
I'm 19 & 179cm/5'10.5 (in keeping with the site). My work shoes have an inch heel obviously making me appear an inch taller. I often find myself hunching slightly when talking to women, just because I feel rude standing straight and looking down at them. Yet when talking to guys who are taller than me I never feel small. It's quite nice being in the medium height range sort of 5'8 to 5'11. The only thing that bothers me it shrinking when I get older. Realistically by that time it probably won't concern me anyway.
jim said on 29/Oct/07
it's not always so obvious. Those shoes have a really big and weird outside sole, but you can also find some who looks a lot more natural.
I am wearing shoes from bugarri (Click Here) and they look way more natural than this.
Tommy said on 24/Oct/07
id rather be 6ft than 6ft2 lol
Anonymous said on 23/Oct/07
ok tommy... i'm 6 feet tall and feel the same way you do. if i was JUST 6'2'' id be fine...
Tommy said on 22/Oct/07
I am 5ft7 without elevator shoes on. I am extremely concious about my height as i know it will faulter me in life one way or another. I am so puzzled to why men writing on this site who are 5ft9 or above are worried about their height!!! If i was 5ft9 then i wouldn't worry at all! I don't enjoy wearing these elevator shoes but i feel i have no choice. With them i get to about 5ft10. I am 18yrs old so i may stil grow another 1nch.
Revolucionario said on 17/Oct/07
women.women.women.Tall or short? thats the answer previous post!
They do that dichotomy all the time , chatting they ask you if you are tall and they openly say `no, he`s not tall ` `he needs more heigh, more body` , do we men openly say `nope your hair is fake yellow blonde? do we say `no , she doesn`t have t.ts etc ? or she has less waist than a chicken?
.... it`s like the first ones doing
physical discrimination in public
are women. We men tolerate all; older, bleached,
ligher darker eyes or skin is not a problem ,
chubby and even ..poorer! yes! we can date someone from a lower social class !
something women barely do.
Check those single sites those 30s and up women still
enphasizetoo match on the pshysical complexion on their search
I saw that TV show, and I personally believe that women picking men on that show were not good looking at all, typical 30s 40s corporate Shirleys
, way too picky for what they offered
You want to talk about height! said on 14/Oct/07
It's odd that some people whom are average height or over 5'5 are having complaints about their height. Look at me I'm 5'3 I should be the one to complain. Everyone is usually taller than me and that's with women included. At the same time people think I'm still in High School but what they don't know is that I'm 28yrs old. Ya I hear that crap about, "oh your aging well you should take that as a compliment". Yes it sounds nice to hear that I look young but what the worst is when I don't get taken seriously whenever I go to places. That's the worst about being short everyone and anyone that is taller than you even if their short themselves thinks they can take advantage of this shorter person. Once again I'm 5"3 and not only do I get taller people that don't take me seriously but I also get the 5"5 people doing the same ****. I can expect it from a person of average height 5"8 and above but from someone whom is 5"5 and above is idiotic. I think because they too are short and now they can finally feel a little confident because their finaly taller than somebody in result they want to get their spot light. So pretty much those who comlain their short are just like others. Not only that but I've always had a dream to be an actor. Now how do you think I feel? I saw this special on TV 20/20, Dateline, Nightline something like I can't remember. But they talked about short men vs tall men. They did a test on women and most women chose the taller guy even though he was an average looking guy and had an average job. They asked the women what if we told you that the shorter guy is a Doctor and is very rich. She still chose the taller guy. But what I hated about that show was that the tall guys weren't good looking at all and the shorter guys were much worst. All the short guys were bald or balding and the women they asked were good looking. They should have placed a good looking short guy in there and then see the results. You see my ass is short 5"3 but the one thing I have going for me is apparently my looks. I have women of all sizes short or tall checking me out, receiving compliments on my looks, giving me hints on going out, telling others that I'm attractive, going out to places women look but the guys give me a bad look or even most of the time the guys give me bad service, and I also have had a lot of women approach me. Now from that info someone on this is going to tell I'm full of **** and I'm taking it to another level of conceededness. All I can tell you is these observations were noticed from my wife,friends, family, coworkers, friends of the women who are asking about me, and even strangers. But being a married man at 28yrs with kids that's all nice and very flattering but I myself wish I was at least average height. I do believe that taller is an advantage. We grow up to learn about morals and what's right and what matters. but what boils down to it is reality,truth, and fact which all do not have to be tested. It's in our faces everyday in culture and society being tested as we live. Tall people have an advantage and if your average height embrace it. If your short live with it because nothing can be done except for avoidance at the wrong place and move on. For anyone that is shorter that 5 foot I understand your pain but just always try your best! It's all about you!
Anonymous said on 12/Oct/07
elevator shoes are a scam....the heel in the shoes are generally quite heavy and thus make you walk imbalanced, rigid and clumsy as when you walk the force goes towards the back of the foot causing you to land your foot very heavily...hence they are easily detactable especially if they promise to give you a height increase of over 2 inches.
Karel said on 12/Oct/07
I'm 14 years old and i'm about 5'10 and i'm average height for my age here in the Netherlands, most boys are about my height and many boys in my class are nearly 6'4 but you know what they say about the Dutch; the tallest people of the world with the people of the Dinaric Alps. My mother is Asian and she is quite short and my father is just 5'11 so I'm not supposed to be this tall but I don't know, maybe Dutch water or milk makes you grow more
SZSKi said on 11/Oct/07
I'm 15 years old and 6'3 and I feel odd when i'm with my friends who are 6'5+. I stuffed my sneakers which brought me to about 6'5. My friends didn't really notice but i couldn't walk straight and I knew that they would realize that after a while. I'd rather be short than look ridiculous and tall.
stars in lifts... said on 10/Oct/07
cmon, its ridiculous,people who are tryin 2 become stars might wear lifts, bt stars are already selected, because they are tall and good lookin, not because they have 2 become tall and good lookin, it's as if everyonehad to be 6 feet tall in hollywood, u dont, but it sure does help bein 6 feet tall when lookin 4 a space in hollywood, but once ur in, unless u were usin lifts in auditions, there is no use for them.
Walking tall at 5'8 said on 4/Oct/07
I'm 5'8 barefoot and 21 and I tried out different methods to boost me to about 5'10-5'11 (custom insoles usually). I am an actor as well and I felt I had more presence with these few inches, only close friends and family really noticed my few inch jump in height since I am muscular anyways but I did project more confidence since I didn't always have to fear what the casting director or other industry A-holes would think about my height instead of my acting ability. After about a few months of appearing taller with numerous positive comments (some people think I am a 6 footer), I said screw it and decided to never wear lifts again after coming to a realization, it's not worth it when you have to take off your shoes for instance in a house or at the beach and you start getting all paranoid thinking someone will notice your dirty little secret and your confidence starts to shrink at such moments, yes you are lying to yourself for the sake of other people and other people just aren't worth worrying about. One thing I will say is that I now notice how many people wear lifts/elev shoes and are tricksters about their height, it looks somewhat shallow and I chuckle in my head every time I see someone tower over me with their shoes on but later take off their shoes and be shorter than me, I feel good wearing normal shoes and not having to feel pressured to be tall. All you ladies out there with those false premonitions and lofty standards... understand most men are under 6 feet, and the ones above 6 feet are not much different and in no proven way can offer you a better sense of security or love just because they happen to be a scant few inches taller. Seriously though, guys how are you going to defend your woman in the street in elevator shoes when you can barely focus on walking straight? Also shorter men live longer, are usually more intellectual, and in business/politics the real men in power are shorter than you would expect...why? Because I have met with these men and on average they are very short (I know a self made billionaire who lives in France that barely tops 5 foot 5), it is their puppets that are tall and promoted just for height because it is an illusion and they are easy to control if the only major thing they can bring to the table is their height. I would slap someone if they told me I had to be tall to be in management (in reference to post below). People need reality checks, I got mine after pretending to be taller.
JEWEL said on 27/Sep/07
First of all 5.8 is only 1 inch below the average for a man which is 5.9.

so i dont see how people can call that short.
cate said on 26/Sep/07
I think men who are 5ft8 are very handsome. It is a height where they just (to me) appear to be ideal because there bodies do not look like they will snap (as is my perception of very tall men). I am 5ft8 and I can find some other VERY positive comments to make about that height - although probably not suitable for this forum.
me said on 24/Sep/07
okay, I know a lot about this subject! So many celebs wear shoes or boots that jack their hight up! Take those boots that Shenia Twain wears. Lots of women and men wear those. They are shaped to the leg. They can up your height by 7 in. Brad Pitt? He is about 2 in taller than Jen. See him with Angelina or Geo. Clooney? He has shoes that are adding considerable height. Go to Graceland. Many of Elvis' boots are on display. You are standing on your toes in those things! His friend Jack Lord had the same ones (Lord was average height). Dean Martin always wore custom made elevators.
The consumer shoes are no where near as high as the custom ones.
Oh, to the guy who is 5'8", no, you are not short.
lil'_dilshan said on 24/Sep/07
im 17, 18 in like 5 months, and of sri lankan background...im like 5'4...i hate it i wanna be like 170cm..doubt ill grow
all your 170+cm be happy!
junior said on 21/Sep/07
My Height is 5'8 feet... but some people dont they perceive it,they insist say I am short. am I? or my Height is good?
i'll give you some answer said on 8/Sep/07
i will say for one more time that you when you buying an elevator shoe promising 3 more inches it's propably true.i will explain this to you.if you stnad in your toes you get the best 6cms(having a normal man foot).so if you buy a pair of shoes that promises 3inch lift is propably fake because you just can't go any taller!but there is hope for ones who want desperately gain some height.if you lift shoe is a little plattformed let's say the front part have 2 cms lift that means that u can stand taller for 2+6=8cms(3.1 inches).so it's possible to grow up to 3 inches with a pair of shoes lifts.
Lynn said on 4/Sep/07
stand straight and be happy, you are the exact same height of Arnold S. when he was young!
jacob said on 4/Sep/07
Im 5ft5 and i wear some sneakers that give me about a 2.5in increase do you think it is noticeable if i use normal sneakers once again...would it look strange??
david said on 31/Aug/07
Loser, but being tall gives you stature but when it comes to kids do you wnant them to go through the torment u suffered on the playground?, but you married a women taller then you so a least your on the right track
Losers said on 29/Aug/07
I'm 5'3, my wife is 5'6, maybe 5'8 in heels. We looks great together. I rather be 5'3 and good looking, than 6'0 and ugly. So, instead of making yourelf taller, get some surgery, if u r so worried about how u look.
Onno said on 27/Aug/07
William, it depends on what you like. You're right about that. I personally think a couple looks good together if the height difference isn't too much but maybe that's because I am tall, not big. I'm a slim guy so walking next to a 5'1 girl (same as your 6'4 with a 5'3) would make me look strange and out of proportion. As opposed to when you're big and tall it probably does look good if you tower over your girlfriend.
dmeyer said on 19/Aug/07
i think you are better of if you wear lifts inside your normal shoes if you have boots who have 1.25 in you wear 1.25 inside you will have 2.15 in over barefeet you want have 2.5 since you loose some in the pivoting but if you wear elevator they to make it too comfortable they were advertize 3.5 in 9 cm and they give only 2 in even thaugh the very was 3.5 in if you buy regular dress boots 1 size over you size you put 1 in inside you will get the same if not more but it wont be comfortable
Anonymous said on 18/Aug/07
why do you guys wear these shoes? you're only lying to yourself...
kyserv said on 17/Aug/07
I'm 184cm bare foot, but I wear a little bit of insole to carry me up to 187-188 when I'm wearing my shoes.. I know it doesn't make a great deal of difference in the grand scheme of things but I just feel a bit better doing it. I was really tall growing up and then I just stopped so I had grown used to the benefits of being percieved as quite tall even though by todays standards I'm anything but,so I decided to get a little boost! Love it!
Anonymous said on 16/Aug/07
Quote: With respect to shoes or trainers, if a celebrity is getting 1 true inch of lift they are doing a good job, 1.5 inches of lifts in their dress shoes they are doing a remarkably good job, anything over 2 inches of actual lift and they are eclipsing Sly Stallone's alledged Munster sneakers.

Do you mean these inches over the barefoot height or over the normal sole? I have bought a pair of these shoes and they give me 2 inches of extra height.. Still...the difference between the top of the sole and the ground looks more then 3 inches! I know I'm 5 9 barefoot, and 5 11 with these shoes. Your story must be right.
i'll give you some answer said on 16/Aug/07
ash, you say non-sense.there are many undetectable elevator shoes.i think that anyone who wants to raise himself a bit should wear lifts.there is nothing wrong with that.and i can assure you guys that the secret for extra height in your lifts you must enhance the front part of your shoes.one more thing...people if you don't know about elevator shoes u can shut up and stop dissapointing others.Also,a lift that promises a 2 inch raise it's probably true.I know this from experience.Giving yourself a lift more than 2 inches it's more difficult but i totally agree with rob that with boots 3 inches are easily attained.cheers
ASH said on 15/Aug/07
What are these shoes about? They look like blocks, something I envisage Frankinstein wearing. This is a no win sure they give you more height but run the risk of looking ridiculous. It should be illegal to own these things.
16 years and 180cms said on 13/Aug/07
i have 2 pairs of shoes and 1 pair of flotters...the shoes give me 1 inch and 1.3 inches respectively but my flotters give me only 1/4th inch....i hardly wear the ones which give me 1.3 inches as i am uncomfortable in them..most of the time i wear my flotters as i find them to be very comfortable...
amanda bruce said on 12/Aug/07
hey chris (28April) im even shorter than you my heights only 5'2.5"...ok lol im a girl....but im still pretty short for a 14yr old...
Anonymous said on 11/Aug/07
You can get womens elevator shoes at http://www.tallmenshoes.com/
Please said on 10/Aug/07
Simple Request: can some people please just give more reviews, or websites to go to where I can read reviews on Lifts / Elevator Shoes.
Nadjib said on 9/Aug/07
Hi people of the world exactly western ones, you're going really mad,you know 5 7, 5 8, is the height of almost of men, and they succeeded to get all of you, coz of business interessts, tall men can't be smaller, but smaller can be taller by adding some miracle ideas as these shit stupid shoes and a costed surgery, hey wake up the average height is 5 7 to 5 8 for men , it's natural nothing gonna change it no nutrition nor sport it's genetic, believe it, wake up crazy world victims of marketings intelligency, so on saying the average is 5 9 they can sell a huge quantities of shoes knowing that there are many men with real average 5 7 to 5 8, wake up wake up....
kirk said on 6/Aug/07
does anybody know details about these boots from ben mckenzie??? (mark, model, price, etc.)

William said on 5/Aug/07
Why wear lifts? No-one should be ashamed of their height (except for pip squeaks lol). I'm 6'4 and I've got a friend who is about 4'11, I don't consider myself better or worse than him (probably because for 14 year olds we're both on the extreme ends of the spectrum lol).
"Onno says on 23/Jul/07
So if you are 6'5, you're probably looking for someone who is at least 5'9. Good luck finding one. I'd rather be average and have more possibilities."

I disagree, I prefer much shorter women, in the 5'3-5'7 range, I think shorter women look for a man who can protect them, i.e. a bigger man.
marco said on 27/Jul/07
I propose a poll : for the girls of this forum: wearing your high heel shoes (if you wear them going out on Saturday evenings) are you shorter or taller than me ? I am 172-172,5 cm (about 5’7’’3/4) with the shoes (2,5 cm heel) I usually wear going out.
Anonymous said on 26/Jul/07
Does anyone here make their own shoe lifts? I do. I use a sandle/flip flops of 1 inch of lifts since I don't want to make it obvious., I cut the sandle to the size of my heels, then I heat a cooking pot for a bit to design it similar to the shoe lifts I C online. THey work great. The last one I make was about 1 year 1/2 ago and they still the same. I know this my sound crzy but it's not. It's being creative. Plus I save $ and don't have to worry about changing it every 3 months.
Onno said on 23/Jul/07
height does matter, for people who think it doesn't. I believe most men feel more comfortable if they are a bit taller then average. I think towering over somebody is a bit too much. If the average height is about 5'9, I bet that people would rather be 5'11/6'0 then 6'3/6'4. Here in Holland average is 6'0, I'm 6'2 which is a bit above average but there are a lot of people who tower over me.. I wouldn't want to trade with them. My girlfriend is 5'7, she could've been 1 or 1,5 inch shorter. More would make the difference too much. So if you are 6'5, you're probably looking for someone who is at least 5'9. Good luck finding one. I'd rather be average and have more possibilities.
(In my opinion, I'd rather have a 2 or 3 inches taller girlfriend then towering a foot over her!)Anyway, to stay on topic.. There's nothing wrong with lifts, you should try and be who you want to be.. If you vision yourself to be more perfect with 2 inches extra, do it! People who ridicule people who wear lifts are sad!
J-Dog said on 22/Jul/07
I would hate to be a stickler and by no means do I mean this as insulting but purely out of subjectivity.

"Plus, when we're cuddled up in bed together and I'm resting my head on his chest we can't even tell there's a height difference, so who cares? ;)" - Asia

If this is the case then height must matter and the difference in height must matter to many women generally speaking within a male-female relationship. I mean you said in your post previously that height doesn't matter but then you are comforted by cuddling laying down and being able to rest your head upon his chest which is a position seen as typical subservience of power in favor of the male which seems to be preferred a lot of the time in a relationship.

It is what it is, and we can downplay things, but I think that doesn't help we know it's there, acceptance to these facts and opinions by society and then moving on is the best cause.

I am sure women fall susceptible to body image issues as well, I am sure a boyfriend can comfort his girlfriend about what she perceives as being fat but that usually doesn't resolve the issue.
Maddy said on 22/Jul/07
Id rather have shoes that made me look shorter.. being a women at 6"2.. any of the men wanting elevator shoes, feel free to borrow a few inches.
Dan said on 19/Jul/07
Wearing those shoes, looks like a good way to twist your ankles, then you won't be able to walk...lol
Real said on 9/Jul/07
the answer is timberlands + 1" insole - takes me from 5'6 to 5'9 and feels natural and very comfortable..

never order the insertable lifts.. they are like standing on blocks.
healthman said on 5/Jul/07
may wearing elevator shoes bring back , knee and ankle problems in a long term
Chris said on 3/Jul/07
If you're 5'9.5", why worry? Notice that they only make elevator shoes up to around an average guy's size. Above that there isn't going to be much of a market for them. So you're right at the top end of the range. Wearing them might make you look insecure to other people, too. I wouldn't bother.
pivot point said on 29/Jun/07
how much height do you lose from the pivot point of a shoes, editor rob, could you tell me
Frank Lee said on 29/Jun/07
Haha, women hate elevator shoes. And actually men's shoe soles tend to be .5 to .75 inches tall, which I imagine is shorter than women's shoes, so it's not a bad deal. Although they look like an uncomfortable thing to wear for life.
sunny said on 22/Jun/07
hey guys,im a male about 19 years old. im about 5'9.5...its been months since ive been hooked onto the idea that celebs like brad pitt can make themselves look so much more taller with using the appropriate footwear and lifts....quite honestly i would like to give those a try..to me id only do such a thing to get chicks...i mean yeah im not that short.im taller than all females i know...but it just makes me feel so small when i stand next to some other guy whose got a couple of inches on me and hes talking to the girl im interested in...a lotta girls have confessed that they fnd me attractive but this height issue just kinda brings me down on confidence even when im flirting with a girl..just need some advice since some of u have might have had experience wid lifts
Editor Rob said on 21/Jun/07
Those bugger shoes look better designed than the hong kong stuff. But look at the amount of leather you need to have on shoes just to get a 1-inch proper lift, its a lot. You can spot these shoes when someone sits down.

dmeyer, 4-inches is possible total gain with a boot, but your feet will be at a ludicrous angle. Normally 2-2.5 is the range with all these elevator shoes. You can get 3 easily with a boot though, see the 2 boots on the bugarri page, you need a heap of leather to hide the 1.7-2 inch of actual lift that's in there just to get the overall 3 inches.
elio said on 20/Jun/07
Anyone tried out those buggari shoes? http://www.bugarrishoes.com
They seem expensive, but generally look pretty good from the shop's site.
dmeyer said on 20/Jun/07
it means that the absolute max you will get from elevator boots will be 3 in if the are 4.25 in total and likely only 2.5 to 2.75 nike shoes with 1 in lifts give you 2.25 in but if you have a 1.5 in heel outside you might be able to go to 3 in if there is 2 in inside but id there is only 1 in then it is hard to get more than 2.4 to 2.6 over barefeet nike shox already have 1.4 so it is easy to get over 2 in with ilfts
height said on 16/Jun/07
editor rob or anybody, could u tell me this,
im 5 foot 6 , say if i wore 2.75 inch elevator i'd look about 5 foot 7 and a half. right, i have big curly hair giving me about an inch or more, dressing in a blck t shirt, black jeans socks and black elevator shoes may give me a 5 foot nine appearence or so, am i correct
mkfan said on 11/Jun/07
i think society places too much emphasis on height. i am 5'11" and i want to be taller, but i know guys who are anywhere from 5'4" to 6'3" who want to be taller. it seems to me that everybody is a bit insecure about their height. but hey, if wearing lifts makes you feel good, then do it. just be happy with what you are
TheJerk said on 5/Jun/07
Easy to say when you are tall. You wouldnt understand b/c you are not short.
Asia said on 29/May/07
I feel bad reading some of these comments from short guys! I don't think height should matter at all. You can be sexy no matter how tall (or short) you are. I'm female and 5'9" and engaged to a guy that is 5'4".

What's sexier than a tall guy is a guy who accepts his height and doesn't feel inferior because of it. At first I was self-conscious about my height when I went out with him, but his confidence made me get over my insecurities really fast.

Plus, when we're cuddled up in bed together and I'm resting my head on his chest we can't even tell there's a height difference, so who cares? ;)
elevators said on 24/May/07
isnt it possible to get a slightly lower elevator that dosent have a pivot point
shoes said on 5/May/07
how much would a 2.75 elevator shoes give u over ur barefoot height ?
x14 said on 5/May/07
elevator shoes
theres only 1 problem with them
they dont work !!!

are you goin to wear a not necesaraly unconfartable but probably less confortable shoe, also not necesaraly ugly, but not as-good-looking shoes, also not necesaraly unhealthy but definetly less healthy shoe just 4 less than an inch, i dont think so
Mr. Mint said on 4/May/07
Chris , I have a pair of cowboy boots that have a 2 inch heel on them. with jeans on you can barely tell. With a slim oder eater, to prevent the boot from slipping, I am at 6 feet tall. Interested?
jacob said on 1/May/07
elevator shoes = man's greatest invention
Chris said on 29/Apr/07
ChaseMe, look up Hazel Blears on the internet. I don't know how much you'll find, but she's a British MP who is famous for riding motorcycles. And she's somewhere between 4'10" and 5'0", so it is possible.
elevator shoes said on 29/Apr/07
If u wanna wear elevator shoes
two basic laws
1) less than 3 inches please, anything more too ugly and unconfurtable
2) For when u cant wear elevators, bye normal dress shoes with like , they say and average dress shoe is between 1 - 1.25 inches, by the 1.25 ones !!
A nike shox , which gives like an inch 1.5, flip flops with SLIGHTLY THICKER
soles, yes exactly, not platform just slightly thicker, not more than the average ones, they will not only make you taller but make the shock from when u take o th elevators smaller.

did u guys understand
send a comment if u think its usefull
Chris (Shorter Than The Rest of You) said on 28/Apr/07

You guys are unbelievable...complaining about being 5'6" or 5'10, or 6'2". Seriously, what the hell? I am a 20 year old guy who is ON occasion 5'4" tall when I wake up in the morning, but for most of the day I am only 5'3.5". Yes that is right folks. I am a 20 year old white guy who is somewhere between 5'3"-5'4"! Now that is something to complain about. I am about 6-7 fricking inches below average height.


I would really like to be taller, even if it is by artificial means, such as wearing shoes that give me an increase in height--especially because I am going to be starting the next semester of college soon and I would really like to start it out with a little extra height, which will help me exude more confidence.

Currently, I wear cheap athletic shoes that give me about 1-1.25", which is pretty low. I am looking to purchase a new pair of shoes that will give me me about 1.5-2" from barefoot. If I could have a pair of shoes that gave me a 2" barefoot, I would be THRILLED beyond belief.

A long time ago I purchased actual elevator shoes from walktallshoes.com and they were uncomfortable as hell. They absolutely killed my feet. They cost $60. I decided to give elevator shoes one more attempt, so I purchased a super high quality pair jagoeurope.com for $200 and they weren't 'as' painful as the one's from walktallshoes.com, but DAMN, if I wore the shoes for more than one hour, they were unbearable.

So my question to you folks is, do you know of any regular shoes that are somewhat stylish (preferably really stylish, but that doesn't matter too much) that will give me about a 1.5-2" increase in height. Comfort is my main concern. I am willing to spend as much as $200.

If you guys could give me links to shoes you know of, or the brand/model of shoe, or pretty much just whatever information you can give me. I can't even begin to describe how much I would appreciate this.


Just to clear things up, when I say "gain" you might think I mean a 1.5-2" actual gain in addition to the shoes themselves. That is NOT what I mean. I

I simply just mean a shoe that will say if I am...

5'3.5" tall without shoes, then with the shoes I will be somewhere between 5'5" and 5'5.5". So really I am not asking for much of a gain at all.

Most shoes people wear are probably about 1-1.25" so I am just looking for a slight increase over that (1.5-2" from barefoot).

Thanks again!
ChaseMe said on 26/Apr/07
I am a 5" tall woman, which is relatively short even for the female gender. My problem is that I LOVE to ride motorcycles but have a safety issue when it comes to stopping. My toes barely touch and I don't have a steady flat foot on the ground. I saw some information on elevator shoes, but all I saw was those made for men and the sizes started at 5.5. If I were to wear a male shoe I'de need a "3". Does anyone know if a site sells women's elevator shoes. Please HELP!
smoking said on 21/Apr/07
how much will it stunt a teens growth, is it only smoking 2 paks a day that reall has a n effect or a cigarete or 2 a week have no diference.
E2 said on 19/Apr/07
AJ, IF ONLY YOU KNEW how lucky you are.... 5'10 is awesome man, be HAPPY. there are men (like me) that are only like 5'5 - 5'6 range, WE'RE the ones who should feel down. Come on man, you're A GOOD HEIGHT!!!
Stefan said on 17/Apr/07
Hello guys and Ladies, I'm 5''6 and weight 11.1 stone.This height really depresses me :( . I have been like this most of my teenage life. The thing that really depresses me about my height is the fact i want to be an armed police officer in London where i'm from. I see the police officers stand tall and this really makes me unhappy because i wish i was like them. With normal Black shoes i stand 171cm which makes me this little bit happier. The sad thing is and i'm the first to admit it, i watch a lot of police and military films which are my interests to persue a police or military career, and during the film i would check out the actors height. The thing that really puts a smile on my face is that one of the best police films ever Starsky and hutch stars Ben stiller a good actor with my height. As sad as this sounds its true. I'm 19 and of hispanic decent so there is no chance in the world i will grow again but with shoes on 171.cm makes me a lot happier. My mind is scared with all this feeling down about height. My mum is taller than me at 178cm and my dad is 165 cm i stand in between. Any body have any advise for me?
By the way . Kevin Pollak a U.S. Marshal in the film 3000 miles to graceland looks wicked in the end scene and hes only 5''5 . Maby police officers don't look to bad small but i will never know because i dont know how to forget this height thing .
Anonymous1 said on 17/Apr/07
my cousin of 5'11 say me he use this normal shoes http://www.timberland.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2622283&cp=1779791.1761081.2224173&parentPage=family with a lifts of 2 inch, he looks around 6'1-6'2.
happheight said on 13/Apr/07
taller people must be happier and more respected, did u ever sea this wave of business executive and u see the big 6 goot 3 guys standing tall with a smile in front whil the 5 foot 5 ones enfiorely behind them bent backwards frowning
not all $$$ comes form heigh but $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
i feel fake wearing elevators and lifts with freinds but form money, great ideia, bodybuild, making you look better not scary, wear elevator and lifts, blazers make your shoulders look wider and stronger and add in a extra pad to make em even bigger.
Mr. mint said on 13/Apr/07

If your 5'11 then you are above average height. I have many friends that are 5'1 these guys are small! But they seem to have no problems dating and living a full life. Relax, if you feel like being tall one day, were your lifts, if not then relax and realize you are a fine size. Remember everyone uses appearance to get ahead in life. How do you think most women feel without makeup in the morning? Do you think they roll out of bed and go to work? No, they do all sorts of things to look their best and it’s been that way for thousands of years. Use your lifts like an extra edge if you feel the need that day, if not relax and be your self.

I am 5’10 and have a pair of boots that make me 6’0. If I feel like being extra tall I put on the boots. If not, I grab my sneakers. It’s all in your head and if you realize that you will have a happier life. I assume you are a guy from your height/weight and if that’s true, realize that women find smart/funny/secure men very attractive. Height doesn’t matter as much as you think, especially someone your height. Like I said Im 5’10 and when I was in the dating game, I could blow away any guy that wasn’t as charming as I. Life is like a game, and it’s not over quickly, it lasts a long time. Start believing in yourself and people will be drawn to you. Most people have poor self esteem and are looking for a strong person to be around. Be that person! I believe Hemingway was your height and I’m sure he didn’t mope around feeling sorry for himself! Well he had his own issues at the end, but you get my point.

Take care,

Mr. Mint
AJ said on 6/Apr/07
Im 17 years old and Im abput 5'11. For the past 2 years Ive worn homemade lifts in my shoes. The first year i did it, i wore reular sneakers with lifts then i switched to boots. Ur probably thinking that im weird wearing lifts at 5'11, but ill tell u why i do. When i started high school, i was 5'4.5" and weighted about 115lbs. I was very small and it never used to bother me. But, at the time, i had some friends who'd tell me i was small and i wouldnt amount to much. They'd tell me i was ugly. And i took it personally. Too personally. In fact, they were girls but now i realize they were saying that because they had insecurities of theyre own because they were overweight. But getting back to my story.Anyway, i started growning in 9th grade. i started at 5'4.5 and by the begining of 10th grade i was 5'9.5, plus i gained a lot of weight, about 50 lbs. Im between that time i started wearing lits because of what my friends said to me and the lifts did make me taller. so in 10th grade with my special shoes on i was 6'0. Well, i always wear lifts now and its starting to effect my life. Whenever i take them off to get a shower, i feel sad because i feel short. Im now 5'10.75 - 5'11 and weight around 185 lbs. Im not happy with my appearce at all and people are beliving that im really tall and i feel like im living a lie. I really want to stop waering lifts but at the same time i still like feeling tall. What do you think i should do?
Anonymous said on 5/Apr/07
I came across this site by accident but I felt compelled to respond to some of the postings. It really doesn't matter what height you are - if the people that surround you judge you by what height you are even if you were Goliath - they would just find something else to judge you by - it's thier problem not yours. Who decided you have to comply with a certain pattern - make a new one! It certainly hasn't stopped any of the 'celebs' on this site. There's a world full of people out there who will like you for you - if you like yourself. My friends and family range from 4'11 to 6'4 and it isn't an issue for anyone. I understand peer pressure for the younger blokes - it's exactly the same if you are a tall girl, but you will grow! You're in your early teens, by the time you get to fully grown at 18/20ish it won't be an issue anymore - by the time you're 30 you'll be more worried about you're waistline or receeding hairline (joke...)I know the above doesn't help when you're in the midst of feeling rubbish about yourself and it sounds like old hippy love yourself claptrap, but it is true...
SeaBlood said on 2/Apr/07
I never thought much about height . At 5'5" , I was happy and never felt inferior.Then I took up with a girl who was a few inches taller than me; she made our height difference an issue. That's when I got elevator shoes. They were uncomfortable and I still felt short ---even with the blasted shoes on I was shorter than the girl ! So I said "screw it! ; I am what I am ; I'm just as good as taller people." Then I went back to being happy with my own height again.
x14 said on 1/Apr/07
hi....im 14 years old, shall fish slash cod liver oil help me grow taller.
Editor Rob said on 1/Apr/07
derbie, really its too hard to say, I'd be suprised if it effected growth in any way, as I said it might have more chance of damaging muscles or causing a few creaks and pains...
GK said on 31/Mar/07
Is there a sneaker that gives you around the same as Air Force 1 without looking clumsy ??
5'11 guy said on 30/Mar/07
I can't help but find the idea of elevator shoes and height increasing insoles amusing. Such effort to achieve mere inches over ones barefoot height.
derbi said on 30/Mar/07
Rob, when i was 15 I walked around for like 4 months in elevator shoes which gave me like 3-3.5 inches over barefoot height. Is it possible that I got a bit more o legs because of that, and that i stunted my growth?
x13 said on 29/Mar/07
we have no scientific studies
elevator shoes are such a minor underground busines even the bigest internet surfers dont know them, if they were in every shop we would know everything. As im am 14 id really like to know, like heels, they say an exeptonally high heel is bad but a short one is harmless, like, so mayby a 5 cm one ocasioanly wont do much, but walking around in 12 cm ones everyday to work must ruin you. Rob maybe can tell us more, send an email to one o the sites and find out, gimme the answer, im dead curious to, how old are u derbi.
Editor Rob said on 29/Mar/07
It causes your body to adopt slightly different stance than normal flattish shoes, it could have potential for effecting muscles or tendons, and put strain on other parts of feet.
derbi said on 28/Mar/07
I would like to know if wearing elvator shoes during your growth can have an influence on the form of your legs? I really appreciate every answer...
romeo said on 26/Mar/07
youve got elevator shoes with thick soles
while my sole is heavier than my lifts
Editor Rob said on 25/Mar/07
The elevator shoes do work, but what the companies advertise them at, sometimes they don't give that amount. Tallmenshoes do look like some of their 2.4 or 2.6 inch elevators might give close to that in total height, which is still 1-1.5 over standard shoes.
Those who sell elevators should really take the measurement of the typical size 9 shoe they build and advertise the ACTUAL GAIN, not the measurement from the back of the heel up to the highest point where the lift ends.
Editor Rob said on 25/Mar/07
The elevator shoes do work, but what the companies advertise them at, sometimes they don't give that amount. Tallmenshoes do look like some of their 2.4 or 2.6 inch elevators might give close to that in total height, which is still 1-1.5 over standard shoes.
confused said on 25/Mar/07
...OK...so im looking to order a pair of these shoes from www.tallmenshoes.com...and im really confused after reading this article, does this mean that these shoes dont work???
x14 said on 24/Mar/07
flip flops range beetween a sole if 1 cm to 2 cm
i wanna by the ones of 2 cm to make the shock after taking off elevator shoes i the pool smaller, any suggestion of which brands ?
i want the sole as thick as possible before its a platform
Anonymous said on 19/Mar/07
Rob, can you please tell me how much over barefoot Nike Airmax 180 gives? Is it the full 1.4 inches you've stated for the airmax 95 and 360?
dmeyer said on 16/Mar/07
i have 1.2 inches boots and i weared 1.4 in lifts wish gave only 1 inch boost so 2.25 total and when somebody wears 0.75 to 1 inch heels it realy give you advantage but if someone wears 1.25 then you will get only 1 icg
dmeyer said on 16/Mar/07
there are some elevator that look good but they give no more than 2.6 that means 2.2 over bare
airman said on 12/Mar/07
heightman, you should wear clark wallabees. They're leather shoes with a gel like sole that gives a lot of height. Those along with good posture will make you look a couple inches taller man. Good luck! There kind of expensive though since they are trendy now...
derbi said on 11/Mar/07
x13, I'm sorry to say but you won't grow anymore because you did pushups. *lol*
heightman said on 11/Mar/07
Can anyone here (Maybe Rob) suggest normal men's dress and/or casual shoes (both would be cool) that are 1.25 inches. Because you have said that normal shoes are 1-1.25 inches so I want to know which ones to buy that are 1.25! Or can anyone give the height of some popular shoes in both dressy and casual styles. Liek Birkenstocks, Kenneth Cole etc so I could know what shoes are good to pick out of a selection.
x13 said on 9/Mar/07
body building
now in my last 4 days of 13
do ytou think lifting weights shall stunt my growth ?
not 20 kilos 6 hours a day
just 500 grams - 2 kilos
no steroids no nothing
today i have i huge muscle pain
i think i must hav hurt them doing push ups while playing basketball
yoyo said on 9/Mar/07
This id why you shouldnt wear elevator shoes
you cant invest alot on a company that seels shoes only over the net
you need a whole big factory to make shoes, so they wouldnt only reserve it for the internet. If you order and tey dont runaway with you money they just got any ceap second hand shoe they bought on the street and glue a lift in (lifts, also dont see them in stores, i think most if not a fraud a piece of cardboard). Like high heel shoes they must be horrible for your back, after a year of elevaotr shoes youer back must be completely crocked, then explain to your dock about your posture
i bet they must advertise the shoe as 3 inches but actually they must only be two and a half, plus the pivot only 2 inches, plus a regular 1 inch dress shoe, congrats, not only your walking in a cheap,ugly,unhealthy shoes your only geting 1 inch over the other people. Great sucess. If you desperatly want and inch wear elevators.
ManaTree said on 9/Mar/07
I'm 5'8, but I really don't like my height.

As crazy as it sounds I sometimes stuff two pairs of socks (total of 4) in each shoe, it gives me a nice height boost (I get up to just under 5'10 or on 5'10) -- of course in the beginning I couldn't fold them properly and I really felt odd walking, but after 3 years of doing this I've perfected several ways of doing it and some other small refinements of increasing my height. Of course, I've never told anyone about this except an old ex-girlfriend of mine who found it funny and cute haha.

So yeah, sometimes when I've been hanging out with some friends or something and I've forgotten about the sock thing I've had to told them that I had to visit the bathroom or go home and fix something and thus throwing away the socks in some garbage can or just laying them there in the public bathroom. As it would be slightly embarrassing to show that I've my shoes stuffed with shit. Hahaha.

Oh man, it sounds crazy but it's pretty funny to me. It's hard to describe it.
Enjoy this crazy story. I might go into some other details or whatever later.
Anonymous said on 8/Mar/07
True Luke. Old footballers trick was for goalies to hang from the bar by their arms to encourage arm lengthening and spine lengthening , goalies claimed to have gotten as much as 2 inches by doing this.
x13 said on 5/Mar/07
which one is better for growth, b ball or swiming, probably must be diferent stuff, maybe doin obth is a good combination
derbi said on 5/Mar/07
luke, if you believe that, then do it, but everyone who knows a bit something about biology and medicine would just laugh about you and your comment...
luke said on 4/Mar/07
derbi im sorry but you seem to be totally insane, your bones strenghten with exercise,playing sports does somewhat help, i mean most basketball players are not tall simply because they played basketball, but it may have given them 2 inches
derbi said on 4/Mar/07
G-unit, who told you that? Are are you just teling it is like that, because you think so?
derbi said on 3/Mar/07
G-unit, I'm sorry but thats bullshit.
G-unit said on 3/Mar/07
You grow taller by playing basketball or swimming, because those two sports/exercises will stretch your back. It's even known that you will be taller if you stretch your bodyparts daily.
And by growing taller I mean that you will grow taller if you start playing basketball in an early age, not in the age of 25 of course.
Fro girl said on 26/Feb/07
It's stupid to fake your height.
Unless you're danny di vito height theres really no need to!
derbi said on 26/Feb/07
x13, I don't think that mick90 said that he didn't grew because the elevaotrs.... He asked if that was possible. He can't know if he would have grown taller or not. But I'm kind of interested at this topic too.
dmeyer said on 25/Feb/07
i guess elevator will give you a max of 2.75 to 3 inches over barefeet if they are advertise 4.25 inmost will give you 2.25 to 2.75 over barefeet but if the guy next to you wears 1 inch heels or 0.6 converse then it give you 2 inches advantage
x13 said on 24/Feb/07
i do beleive basketball makes you grow taller, but 2 inches maximun
but i doubt it is much more than swimming
which i do every day
i do basket ball twice a week
would more be better ?

G-unit, who told u about elevator shoes damage on people who are still growing ? dont wanna end u as mick90
is it ok just to wear it on a special occasion ?
i drink loads of milk to.
wanna add on those inches now
so when im 16,17,18 i wont have to panic
derbi said on 23/Feb/07
G-unit, with due all the respect man, but you are talking shit. Basetball players don't get tall because they play basketball, they play basketball because they are tall.
But to the other subject: why are you so shore that elevator shoes stunt growth/height?
G-unit said on 23/Feb/07
x13, YES it will stunt your height. If you scroll down I have written how and why.
And kid, seriously? You're 13 years old, why do you care about height? You will grow more, don't worry. If you wanna grow more, start playing basketball, it'll give you 2-3 extra inches at least
Start using elvators when you're atleast 18.
x13 said on 22/Feb/07
Can't rob or somebody who's an expert in this answer me ?
derbi said on 21/Feb/07
I'm also thinking about x13's question, but i don't have a clue. So if someone knows something about it, i'd like to know it too...
murko said on 20/Feb/07
x13 if your a male you have still got quite a few inches left in all likelyhood so dont worry about height until till your around 18
dmeyer said on 19/Feb/07
i have seen tom look 5'8.5 to 5'9 in hight cut shoes so he is gotta be 5'7.25 to 5'7.5
dmeyer said on 19/Feb/07
so 4 inches heels for woman give then only about 2.75 over bare and compare to 1.1 in men shoes will give her 1.7 advantage so id a woman looks 6 ft when she wears 3.5 in heels it means she is 5'10 mandy moore looked 6 ft 1 total in her heels so minus the heels she is gotta be close to 5'10 also at night i am about 5'11 and when i wear 1.25 lifts in 1.2 in heels so 2.45 in it brings me to 6'1.25 to 6'1.5 so 2.5 give you 2.25 to 2.4 inches over barefeet but over that you feet pivot to mush like when i weared 2 inches lifts in 1.2 combat boots so thats 3.2 inches it was giving me only 2.5 to 2.6 in over barefeet i guess elevator are better than lifts you put because even with 1 in lifts you will walk funny but but if you put 0.5 in lift in converse you will get 1.1 to 1.2 over barefeet so the same as sneakers or casual 1.25 in heels and people think you are wearing 0.6 in heels with normal lifts you wil get from 0.5 to 1.2 extra height if you want more you need elevators boots are the best because they wont look weird so most elevators will give you 1 to 1.5 and monster 2 in so brad cant be under 5'11 if he looks nearly 6'1 on accasions
tall guy said on 18/Feb/07
touching the ceiling franco i say where were you with like 6 and a half foot ceilings im 6'8" and cant say i ever touch ceilings maybe doorways but not ceilings as lowest i generally see in buildings is 7 foot
x13 said on 17/Feb/07
answer me this question
im 13 years old
im really taking into consideration wearing elevator shoes and lifts
will they really stunt my growth
i want to be sure if they do or don`t
Franco said on 14/Feb/07
LOL! yesterday i went with a friend to a shop he wanted to buy some elevator shoes and i tried one of the supposed 2.45 inch shoes yesterday with him, i'm 6 foot 4 inch (1.93cm) barefooted, but when i wore the ELEVATORS i looked 6'7 tall HAHAHAHAHAHA it was an unbelievable experience and i swear i thanked god i'm not born 6'7 barefooted i felt the floor like far and felt almost dizzy, the shoes however were strange, you feel as if you're leaning forward but still comfortable.

i was laughing like a maniac in the shop HAHAHAHA, everyone inside the shop staring at my head touching the ceiling ROFL. :D

i will never wear this crap, but for those in the 5'6 to 5'11 area, elevator shoes can be interesitng. :D

i wear 24/7 my NIKE SHOX, at the end of the day i am 6'4.5 rather than 6'4, i dont know why but i dont lose as much height with the SHOX shoes. they're awesome and recommended especially if you're growing up, they absorb shocks like no other shoes. ;)

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