Height Challenge

The Height Challenge was a way of showing how tall various people of different height can look against a genuine 5ft 8 guy like Big Rob, with visual examples of height differences, like a 3 inches or 5 inch difference etc. Thanks to all who took part and all the volunteers.

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Challenger 1

3 inch height difference
Challenger 2

5 inch height difference
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1.5 inch height difference
Challenger 4

5.5 inch height difference
Challenger 5

6 inch height difference
Challenger 6

4.5 inch height difference
Challenger 7

people same height
Challenger 8

Example of 5 inch height difference
Challenger 9

Example of 8 inch height difference
Challenger 10

Example of 4 inches height difference
Challenger 11

Example of 3 inches height difference
Challenger 12

Example of 1 inch height difference
Challenger 13

Example of 7 inches height difference
Challenger 14

Example of 1 inch height difference
Challenger 15

Example of 9 inches height difference

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Blake said on 16/Jun/17
Rob, Why did you only get an extra millimeter in the forced posture video not a quarter inch?
Editor Rob: it wasn't a full busting gut, which can be done under a stadiometer with your back against it easier.
Blake said on 15/Jun/17
Rob, Iona has grown nearly 4 inches since last year! Btw I was checking out some of your videos and what is the difference between the forced posture and bust a gut measurement? I tried it out forcing my posture I was quite a bit taller but I could not hold it for very long.
Editor Rob: yeah Iona is taller than her 5ft 1 gran a couple of inches now.

I feel for many it could make a 1/4 inch difference, but I think the military stance for measurement, one that you can hold for longer than a short period, is the best stance for measuring our fullest height.

Busting a gut or tip-toeing, I think those are stretching the definition of measurement a little. Well, certainly tip toeing is, bust a gut might be ok for some people and they consider it quite a valid measurement of their fullest measurable height.

If we go by bust a gut I'd certainly call myself 5ft 8 and 1/3rd...
Anon said on 14/Jun/17
Rob if my brother head reaches the halfway mark on my forhead he's about 182 cm, I have a eyelevel over 5 inches how tall am I,when I measure my height it's about 189-190cm.
insomniak said on 13/Jun/17
So rob,do you have any nieces or nephews taller then you?
Editor Rob: yes a few are now taller, some in the future may be over 5ft 8.

'Big Iona' should reach my height, she's piling on centimetres now...near age 13, should hit 5ft 4 in the summer.

Her brother Big Lewis is due a spurt in next year, he has surpassed Big G now, he measures a proper 5ft 6.5 without 'Busting a gut', but he only weighs 8 stones...size 10.5US feet.
kenzy said on 11/Jun/17
if a man is standing straight, how many inches will it be from the bottom of his chin to his shoulder and also what is the largest head length a 6'1 man's head can be?
Editor Rob: could be 1-3 inches
Andrea said on 8/Jun/17
Thanks! That's interesting... So most of them were pretty honest about their height and some even rounded down?
What about the solid 5'8 girl and the near 5'8.5 range guy? And Big Al? Does he claim an honest "6'1"?
Editor Rob: the nearly 5ft 8.5 and 5ft 8 1/8th never mentioned height, though neither seemed surprised from what I recall.

The almost 4ft 11 women actually had claimed 4ft 11 her whole life and hadn't shrunk much at all by age 70...I mean she did a bust a gut to try to get as close to 4ft 11 as she could!

The girl who measured just under 5ft actually I remember did think she wasn't even 5ft and after the challenge and being just shy of it, has maintained the 'not quite 5ft' line, very honest I thought of her!
Andrea said on 7/Jun/17
Speaking of the challengers, do you know what height they thought to be/claimed, before getting measured, Rob?
I know that 5'8.5 girl thought to be 5'10 and, if I'm not wrong, the 186 range guy you said he thought to be 6'2. What about the others? It's interesting to see what people claim and what they really are, even if when they know they are going to get measured they're probably going to be more honest about height than how they'd be under other circumstances... Apart from Big G, who probably still claimed (he actually still does) 5'8, even one sec before his measurement 😁
Editor Rob:

well the big guy who was a solid 6ft 5 did think he was 6ft 5.5.
The challenger who was a solid 6ft 1.25 did think he was 6ft 2 - he is 'Big Gemma's' Father and she thought she was 5ft 10, but more a solid 5ft 8.5 range.
The plumber insisted he was measured 6ft 2 and thought his work might have knocked him down, but I think I just caught him after a hard day and at an extreme low.

The 6ft 2.25 challenger says 6ft 1.5...which could be his low mark as he really wasn't long out of bed (at 9pm for that challenge).

The 5ft 5 and change 1st challenger did think she was 5ft 5 as she was measured in school at that.

My own sister has always just said 5ft 5, even though is nearer 5ft 5.5 on average.

None of Jenny's sisters ever mentioned a height, though her taller sister didn't seem to like the 184cm challenger when he grew taller, nor 'big Adam' his brother who is now over an inch taller than her...she likes being tallest sister.
insomniak said on 2/Jun/17
Rob,i remember back you saying you wanted to measure a really tall guy in a height challenge but he declined. How tall was he?
Editor Rob: there was a guy 6ft 4-5 range and another man who I asked who was over 6ft 6, or seemed it, but to be fair I understand putting face on a site means it can end up elsewhere and it's not always nice stuff that would be said.
Vince said on 1/Jun/17
Hi Rob. If my height is 174.5cm during the day,roughly how tall is a girl whose top of the head is just above my ears and how much taller would she be in 4inch heels?
Editor Rob: she might not be taller, if you are in an inch shoe, she could be quite close if just above ears, like 3 inches smaller than you.
SW said on 29/May/17
My mother is 5'4 and fathers 6'1, I'm around the 182/183 height at 16, can I reach 6ft1 or 6ft2?
World Citizen said on 29/May/17
I think Jenny herself and her sisters must be got their father's genes.

And Rob because you are from Scotland you talk with a Scottish accent, but can you also talk with an English accent?
Editor Rob: there's a surprising range of accents in a country like England, but I couldn't even attempt to do 95% of them...!
Qwerty said on 26/May/17
Thanks for skipping my question Rob. Feels good. Lol
Editor Rob: I never seen a recent question on this page, so please try asking it again.
Drax said on 24/May/17
Hey rob how many inches is that between you shoulder and challenger 9s head?
Editor Rob: the tip of my shoulder might be close to her eyelevel, so it's maybe 4.5 inches above her chin.
Height said on 23/May/17
Hey Rob, where would a 5ft8 (173cm) persons eye level be on a person that's around 5ft10.5 (179cm)?
Editor Rob: below their nose typically, but maybe in moustache area.

That's assuming roughly similar eyelevels. Always remember a taller person may tilt head down to talk to shorter person, making the difference appear less.
Docs said on 21/May/17
Hey Rob, where the eye level be for someone that's 173cm vs a guy that's around 178cm
Editor Rob: the difference is going to be quite small.

But the 173 eyelevel will likely fall right between 161 and 62 and the 178 guy's eyelevel just over 166cm.
oliver said on 17/May/17
Thanks for your reply, Rob.
oliver said on 16/May/17
Rob, what does a seven inch difference look like?
Editor Rob: well, I'm sure many men commonly mistake 5 inches for 7 😏

generally if someone is at the end of a man's nose they could be close to 7 inches.
Giuliano2001 said on 13/May/17
Rob, I don't know how familiar are you with shoe sizes but i live in Europe and I am 184-185 cm and I have 43 shoe size and that is a big size in my countr. But I have seen that men that live in US and are 178-185 have 44-46 shoe size. I have never seen 43 shoe size my height. Do I have small feet?

PS:I am still 15 y old though.
Editor Rob: 43 is like size 9UK or 10US I believe, or roughly that...it's not really what I'd call big.

In the UK I see many men with 44-46!
Lex said on 12/May/17
Rob if someone wakes up at 173.5cm, is 172.4cm 5 hours out of bed and around 171.5cm before bed what should they claim? 5'8"? 5'7.5"?
Editor Rob: if metric, just say 172cm.

Many with those stats would round up to 5ft 8, some might say 'almost 5ft 8', others 5ft 7.5, a few even round down to 5ft 7!

Do what feels comfortable to you...
SW said on 10/May/17
If I'm 182cm after being awake for 8 hours, can I claim I'm 6ft legit?
oliver said on 6/May/17
Rob,how tall are Jenny's parents and her siblings?
To produce a 5'8 daughter, the parents must be tall.
Editor Rob: Mother was 5ft 2 range down to 5ft 1.25ish, about 1-1.25 inch loss at 74, her Father passed away earlier this year, at his peak he was 6ft 2 and lost 4-5 inches by 82, her sisters solid 5ft 9, honest 5ft 7 and weak 5ft 6.
storminoutofhere said on 6/May/17
Hey Rob, what is the average eye level for 190 cm?
Editor Rob: should be roughly around the 178 range.
Chachachaly said on 2/May/17
Where would my eye level reach if the guy is 6ft and I'm only 5'2"
Editor Rob: between 4-5 inches under his chin, so you might be looking chest height.
RN said on 1/May/17
Hey How tall is a person if their eye level is just above the mouth of a person that's around 179cm
Rahul shah said on 30/Apr/17
Hey rob,I am from India.so,my level is at 4'11" but I am only 5'2" .does my eye level is higher.
Editor Rob: if you measure 5ft 2 and your eyes are at 4ft 11 that is a surprise.

I would have thought maybe 4ft 10 eyes and 5ft 2 height.
Marc said on 29/Apr/17
Hey rob my height is 176cm in bed 175cm in the day and 173 or 172cm in the night so why is this happening and my friend is 178cm or 179cm and my head reach the top of his ears so what is my real height and thx
oliver said on 28/Apr/17
Thanks a lot for your reply, Rob. We see eye to eye because I also guess him at 5'10 before.
Qwerty said on 28/Apr/17
Hello again Rob. Last question from me and I'll stop bothering you promise xD

If 170cm comes up to my eye brow, how tall would you say I am? Please reply. Thanks. :)
Editor Rob: you might be close to 180cm.
oliver said on 27/Apr/17
Rob,please help me again. I want you to guess the height of the tallest one among my close friends. I'm 5'7 flat and my eye level is exactly around his mouth. And he has a typical head size. Please tell me your opinion asap. I'll be waiting for ur reply.😀😀
Editor Rob: normally oliver, you'd expect your friend to be roughly 5ft 10.
Qwerty said on 25/Apr/17
@Nik Thanks for replying too
Nik said on 24/Apr/17

It's on the tall side by about 4 or 5 cm's.
oliver said on 23/Apr/17
Rob,how much do you weigh? I've seen you were 165 lbs in 2016 and 184 in 2017. I personally can't believe it. Do you really weigh that much?
Editor Rob: did you see me on the scales. Of course I weighed about 183 (minus small camera).
Qwerty said on 20/Apr/17
Thanks Rob. Is 180cm a good height or is it still on the short side?
Editor Rob: it's certainly not going to give you much worry in life...as you will be on upper end of average in many countries.
Qwerty said on 18/Apr/17
Rob I'm about 1.82cm when I wake up. But by night I'm about 179cm. What height should I say?
Editor Rob: Qwerty, you are basically around 5ft 11 for a good chunk of the day. With a 3cm full loss, it's not unreasonable to go with say 180cm
Moose said on 17/Apr/17
Hello Rob. A buddy of mine can see over his dads head and his dad is 5'11. What height would you say he is at?
Editor Rob: Moose, he could be a 6ft 4-5 range guy.
shiva 181 cms said on 15/Apr/17
Rob , I'm 184cms straight out of bed and fall to 182-182.5 at afternoon and at evening I'm 182

and at my lowest I was 181.7

How tall should I claim to be in feet
Editor Rob:almost six foot.
Frend said on 15/Apr/17
Lol sorry rob I'm crap with numbers and just wanted to check with u 😊😆 haha

Last question on this pls - if 175cm reaches the top part of my forehead (a little under where my hair line starts), how tall do you think I am?
Frend said on 14/Apr/17
Lol rob you aren't understanding what I'm asking. I'm not asking how many inches from eyes to head of a 5 ft 10 man. I'm asking where would the eye level be of a 5ft10 (178cm) man?

E.g for challenger 12 - you said she's 5ft9 176cm tall and her *eye level is at 5ft5 165cm*. So if a man is 5ft10 178cm tall, what height would his eye level be at?
Editor Rob: it's easy to subtract the figure surely 😉 The eyelevel height of a 5ft 10 man is likely between 5ft 5.25-5.5 range. If it is 5ft 6 he has a very high eyelevel or under that range a quite low eyelevel.
Zezebear said on 14/Apr/17
Rob what is my height if my eye level is 166cm or 65 inches and my forehead is around 67/68 inches how tall am i ?
Frend said on 13/Apr/17
Sorry Rob. I meant what height in cm is the eye level of a 5ft10 man
Editor Rob: between 11.5-11.8cm
Frend said on 13/Apr/17
Thanks Rob. What is the eye level cm of a 5 ft 10 man please?
Editor Rob: not much different than the average which is a good 4.5-4.6 range...but some guys have smaller or larger levels.
Frend said on 13/Apr/17
Rob what is the eye level of 5ft9 woman challenger 12 please?
Editor Rob: her eyelevel is about 4.1 inches normally, so 5ft 5-5.1 ish
Frend said on 12/Apr/17
@Giuliano2001 wow how did you become that tall when your dad is 175cm and mum is 165cm? What did you do to grow bigger?
Kenzy said on 12/Apr/17
does anyone know what 5'9 with a tailoring rule will be on a stadiometer or can anyone check it out for me cheers.Including you rob
Kenzy said on 10/Apr/17
if I'm measured at almost 5'9 or 69 inches with a superior tailoring rule,how tall will I be on a stadiometer also how tall does that make me?.Also how many inches difference is there between a superior tailoring rule and a stadiometer.Thanks.Hope you've given your life to Christ rob and everyone on this platform if you haven't pls do quick so it doesn't get late for and also tell your loved ones so it doesn't be late for them either,remember if you deny him here,he'll deny you in heaven.
Editor Rob:

I've never really used a tailoring rule, so can't say...I have used a yardstick years ago, and it was quite accurate....
and you asked how to post a picture. Please use a shortening site like bit.ly or tinyurl.com, paste in the link to your image online and then copy/paste the shortened url into a comment. If you want to upload a photo please try imgur.com
Giuliano2001 said on 8/Apr/17
Rob, I have one more question. I measured myself and I was 184 cm at night so you were correct. If I have grown 3 cm since last year, do you think I could reach 188-190 cm? I am 15 and a half years old, my father is 175 cm and my mother is 165 cm.
Editor Rob: there's still time. Sit back, put away the tape measure for 6 months and then see if you start to gain more height around 16 years.
Giuliano2001 said on 7/Apr/17
Big Rob, if I have 173 cm eye level at 4 pm and a 10 inch head, how tall do you think I am?
Editor Rob: likely very close to 6ft 1
Kenzy said on 6/Apr/17
rob if my eyelevel is 5inches and a strong 5'5 comes to my top lip,how tall am i
Editor Rob: Kenzy, you might be roughly a six footer.
Bobby said on 6/Apr/17
@Editor Rob, so you think it's natural to round up that quarter inch, to claim the full inch if it's at your low? We already know that people won't be able to visually distinguish a quarter inch or 6mm (in metric unit) so I feel that it's perfectly reasonable to round up, or in most cases, simply claim your afternoon height which will be X height, or in my case, 5'10.
Editor Rob: rounding up a little fraction is natural.

Sometimes that's why using cm I think is good, because 1cm is about 0.4 inch, so the rounding isn't huge.
Bobby said on 5/Apr/17
@Editor Rob, Rob, if at your low, your a fraction under a certain height, is it fair to claim that height? In my case, I am 178.57cm in the morning and go to bed a time 177.2-3cm. Is it fair to claim 5'10 since I'm a fraction under it at my low? I'm just asking because you've said in the past that if you fall 1/4-1/3rd under x height, you'd deem to fair to say almost. Is this if you under this range in the early afternoon? Rather than mid to late evening? Evening starts at 6pm onwards I feel since my evening height is the same at 6pm and at 8pm.
Editor Rob: in your case I think about 5ft 10 is ok, though I would say if it was me I'd e claiming 5ft 9.75 if I was hitting that mark about 6pm....but 95% of people would be saying 5ft 10 (or taller if they lie a bit).
Bobby said on 5/Apr/17
@Leo, you likely fall into the 5'5-5'6 range. I've stood next to 4'11 women before, needless to say, at 5'10, I feel like a giant.
Peter said on 5/Apr/17
hello there rob, could someone tell a difference between a person that is 5ft 9 (175cm) and you?
Editor Rob: of course, a good 3/4-7/8th inch should be noticeable...unless posture/hairstyle reduce or expand the difference.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 2/Apr/17
Editor Rob: Faizan, the top of your head might be about her eyebrows.


You should have corrected his mistake, Rob. 1. He wrote 'inch' when he should have written 'foot', 2. I'm not sure if he meant 5.2ft or 5ft2in.
Editor Rob: it was understandable what he meant :) I certainly wasn't going to ask if he was a descendant of the Cottingley Fairies.
Faizan said on 2/Apr/17
Hello Rob.
My height is 5.2 inch and my girlfriend height is 5.6 inch where i will my head top come as compared to her.
Editor Rob: Faizan, the top of your head might be about her eyebrows.
mr x said on 2/Apr/17
My eye level is 5ft7 how much would be my height
Editor Rob: mr x, you probably fall somewhere over 5ft 11, but not quite 6ft.
Ash said on 30/Mar/17
Hi Rob. So you are 5ft8 173cm, right? If so, can you tell me what your eye level height is in cm please?
Editor Rob: it could vary between 161 and 163 range depending on how I am tilting head (up or down a fraction).
Ash said on 29/Mar/17
Hi Rob. I was wondering if you know how many cm is from the top of forehead (hairline) to top of head?
Editor Rob: Ash, typically over an inch and under 2 inches. If you have say 2cm hairline it is quite high, 5cm quite low.
Tashbeast said on 26/Mar/17
Hi Rob, 6ft comes roughly to the bridge of my nose. How tall do you reckon I am???
Editor Rob: you could be 6ft 5 mate.
Ash said on 24/Mar/17
@ Rob lol so how tall do you think "Big Lewis" is now? Haha

Also, what if my eye level was at 168cm? How tall would you say I am?
Editor Rob: he's measured literally a few mm within 5ft 6.

With 168cm eyelevel, you might be pushing 180cm
Wrs567 said on 23/Mar/17
Big Lewis could be in the middle of a growth spurt, I had no idea challenger 5 was his dad

Big Lewis could grow maybe a little over 6'0''

If he was to grow around 6'3'', I think he would've been around 5'10'' by now
Editor Rob: he's 15 in 3 months...

he would be one of the ideal candidates for one of these grow taller scammers.

they'd know the parents heights (6ft 2 and 5ft 9), take the guy at age 15 and pretend he's 17.

He'd start doing the program, although he really wouldn't do much at all...take part in some measurement videos and be growing naturally. In the video series he'd go from 5ft 6 to maybe 6ft 1 or something in 2 years and folk would be throwing money at the fake guru's program.
Ash said on 23/Mar/17
Rob, would you consider a 5ft11 male small in uk?
Editor Rob: only when he's attending a convention for Giants.
Wrs567 said on 22/Mar/17
Haha I get you Rob.

I thought that might have been an afternoon/evening measurement for Challenger 5

Yes, then Lesnar maybe slightly taller

I also wonder how someone like Cena from 2003 would look next to Big Al

or even challenger 10
Editor Rob: at times the challenger can vary in height, definitely understandable since the nightshift means sometimes I see him at my night height and his like 9am height...
Blake said on 22/Mar/17
Rob, would you say my sister got my dads female equivalent height if he is 5 ft 6 and she is 5 ft 1.
Editor Rob: yes, typically 5 inch between male and female is a common difference.
Andrea said on 22/Mar/17
I'm sorry to hear about that, Rob! I know you've talked about him a few times on the site...
He actually could look about 5'10 there with the 184 guy!
Editor Rob: you've got the 5ft 5 girl on the other side though, which shows how some photos can lose a bit of height!
Ash said on 22/Mar/17
Rob, what was the eye level height of 6ft2 challenger 5?
Editor Rob: challenger 5 has a decent sized head, eyelevel was from what I remember maybe close to 5.

his son 'Big Lewis' who appeared in one of the videos on youtube, well the last time I saw him (he's aged 14 and 3/4) he's about 5ft 6 now...

actually 'Big Lewis' now looks TALLER in person than our old friend Big G, I was surprised he was only 5ft 6, I had to check my own height, I thought I'd shrank!!! 😲 😵 😳 😱...but then he is a very skinny kid, about 100 pounds.
Wrs567 said on 21/Mar/17
Rob, I think Challenger 5 would be just a tad taller than Brock Lesnar

How tall do you think he'd look next to Brock?
Editor Rob: challenger 5 and his wife both kept tilting their heads up for measurements...even after I kept saying level head please 😀

no, lesnar would be taller because I caught that challenger not long out of bed...he drops a little below 6ft 2.
Ash said on 21/Mar/17
Hi Rob. If my eye pupil line is at 169.5cm, how tall would you say I am?

Please reply. Thank you.
Editor Rob: you might be 180-1cm range
Ash said on 21/Mar/17
Hi Rob.

If my eye line is at 170cm barefoot, how tall would you say I am?
Editor Rob: you have a good chance of being near 182cm.
Editor Rob said on 21/Mar/17
Here's a photo of 2 of the challengers (6ft 3/8th and 5ft 5 1/8th) and Jenny's Father (who sadly passed a couple of months ago).

Click Here

This was 5 years ago when he was about 78.

He used to be 6ft 2, but injury and osteoporosis contributed to a bit more loss.

On his left foot he used to wear (like Dave Prowse) an elevator shoe to help with leg length discrepancy, caused by hip and femur fractures.
Blake said on 19/Mar/17
Is holding a tape measure at a mirror a accurate way of measuring your height?
Editor Rob: these type of measurements are usually rough indications.

Not a substitute for a good old fashioned stand beside wall and put object on head one 👍
Bobby said on 13/Mar/17
Rob, does shoulder height correlate to a person's actual measured height? My shoulder height is between 4'11 and 5ft, is that common for something who's 5'10? I remeasured myself the other morning, and it turns out I'm actually 178.57cm, or 5'10.3, so 5mm off the half inch mark. Do you feel it's fair for me to round up my morning height or just leave it as 5'10.3? My normal evening height is 177.3m and at my absolute lowest, I can go 3mm below that.
Editor Rob: there can be some variety with shoulders, you can have short or long necks and square/sloping shoulders which can certainly mean 2 people the same height might have 1-2 inch difference in shoulder height.
MARCIA said on 3/Mar/17
Editor Rob: Marcia, they might be roughly 5ft 1
Kenzy said on 2/Mar/17
Rob please how tall am i,if my head reaches either the nose, bottom part of the nose or top lip of a 6'7 and 6'8 person?
Editor Rob: Kenzy a chance you are a bit over 6ft, but possibly around the 6ft mark.
Csimpson 6ft said on 25/Feb/17
@Redwing She could be 11.75 inches shorter than you, almost a foot difference.
Redwing said on 21/Feb/17
I'm like over 1 ft taller than my mum (guessing lol) my real dad was 5'11. If my mum is a little bit taller than my shoulder how much inches would that be?
Andrew said on 19/Feb/17
Hi Rob I would like to ask you something I'm 18 and I was 5'11" (1.80m) when I got my ID and it was on September of the last year and now is February and turns out I am 6'0" (1.82 m) now is there any chance I can grow talller if I played basketball and stretched ?

Much appreciated
Editor Rob: there may be cases when an 18-19 year old increases their exercise regime and it helps boost hgh production and you end up with a final little boost.

So I'd say it's maybe something to look into.
Tarik said on 9/Feb/17
Hi Rob, would you say you was exactly 5ft8 or slightly over when you did the challenges ?
Editor Rob: for nearly every challenge I made sure I was active, very similar to New York when meeting the notorious G, aka Big G, so I was around 5ft 8.25 on the stadiometer, which is really 5ft 8 1/8th because the damn thing has a 1/8th error to it.
Henry said on 27/Jan/17
Hey Rob, as you're the height guru of the internet. I'm wondering if it's still possible to grow in height at 19, I have heard people say that if you start puberty late then it's possible you could still be growing till 21. Any truth behind this?
Editor Rob: at that age, if you gained an inch you've done much better than the average, which isn't even half an inch.
john five ten said on 27/Jan/17
Rob, What is the minimum standard for someone at certain height being listed at "almost" x height.
Editor Rob: john, if someone is about 1/4-1/3rd under 5ft 10, I think it's safe to say almost.

Now if they are 5ft 9.5, well I think it's better saying that mark, but they could also say almost too. I'd say that was the absolute limit. If you are 5ft 9.25, well, I'd turn it around 'just over 5ft 9'.
Johnson said on 6/Jan/17
@Rob any chance for new height challenges?
Editor Rob: within the next decade 😜
Peter 179cm said on 5/Jan/17
Big Al can look 187cm with Rob and around 186 with Jenny (with less footwear).Maybe Rob didn't stood that well in that pic,and that's why Al looked closer to 6'2 than his measured 6'1.
Editor Rob: with all the money in my apron no wonder 👍
Sam said on 31/Dec/16
Hey Rob. My mum is 5'0. How tall am I if she is 2 inches below my shoulder?
Blake said on 31/Dec/16
Have any of the kids you measured grown anymore since your last videos on them? You managed to squeeze in one last video before the end of the year! I haven't guessed on your page as I can't decide between 5ft 8 or 5 ft 8 and 1/4 to guess.
Editor Rob: I have offered to measure the almost 6ft 3.5 guy who is near 22, but he's not taken the offer up.

I will check up on the nieces and nephews next year.
Leo said on 30/Dec/16
My 4'11 friend comes up to About an inch below my chin
Any ideas on how tall I am?
Edwin said on 22/Dec/16
Hi Rob,
2 Questions. Are celeb heights morning measurements or evening measurements?

Also, in the morning I measure exactly 5'11 ,but by night time I'm just over 5'10. Throughout most of the day I'd say I'm around 5'10.5,but I hate saying the halfs. Can I claim 5'11 as my height ,and is there anyway I can minimize height loss throughout the day?

Much appreciated.
Editor Rob: Edwin, I'm always thinking of heights after being up several hours, so not morning.

You fall into a solid 5ft 10 category...many men with your height range would probably say 5ft 10.5.
Andrea said on 5/Dec/16
I understand but even in his case the top of his head is the top of his head...
I can certainly see how the average joe might guess him taller than he is (maybe because they look more at eyelevels, shoulders,etc... rather than "the highest part of his body") but you are Rob Paul!!! What's the most you would have guessed him at? 6'2? Or even 6'2.5?
I can also see how he can give a 6'2 impression at first sight in the picture with you but the truth is that he was just around 6'1.5 at the moment of the photo... Can you really imagine guys like Will Smith, Jim Carrey or Hugh Jackman being as tall as him? I personally can't...
Editor Rob: first time he visited my flat he looked over 6ft 2, it was 9am, but I was up at 6, hence why I have different memories of him seeming taller, I think I caught him at times when he was within 1 hour of wakening up...
Andrea said on 5/Dec/16
Arch, I don't know, he looks a 6'1er to me, a decent one! Maybe you're too used to 6'1 guys who don't look 6'1 on here... :P
Look at Rob with a REAL 6'1.5 guy (the plumber)... He easily does look taller than Big Al, doesn't he?
Editor Rob: big Andy the Plumber has a physique and posture which really makes him seem taller than he really is.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Dec/16
Must be Al's hair giving that illusion of a few more cms!
Arch Stanton said on 4/Dec/16
To me though Andrea Big Al in that photo can look 6'1.5.
James said on 4/Dec/16
Hi Rob, as someone who has a bad posture(lordosis) + overall bad shoulder and head posture, if I fxed up my posture, how much height do you think I would gain?
Editor Rob: James, you might be able to correct and maximise your height, maybe 1/2-1 inch improvement if you could find exercises to help your situation.
Matthew said on 3/Dec/16
My mum is exactly 5'3 and she comes up to the bottom/middle of my ear
Any guesses on how tall I am?
Editor Rob: you could be 5ft 9-10 range
Andrea said on 3/Dec/16
So, did you actually measure him or not?
All those guys you have named actually look shorter than him (maybe not so much) with you and Jenny...
Look at Jenny with Pellegrino and then with Big Al (well, maybe the fact she has shrunk a fraction and has less shoes has to be considered)...
Stephen Amell I'm sure would measure shorter than him, probably by at least a cm!
What does he claim? 6'2-6'3? xD
Editor Rob: Jenny has and was close to 6ft 1 1/8th on stadiometer.

Though actually, an interesting thing is a guy like the Plumber still looks an inch taller, it shows how good posture and physique can leave a taller impression at times.
Andrea said on 2/Dec/16
Great photo, Rob! That guy looks right around 6'1 with you, that's how genuine 6'1 celebrities should look with you!
A couple of things... Didn't you say that guy likely grew over 6'1, the last time you saw him? Did you measure him or you're just guessing him 6'1 range? What are those celebrities you have met who looked very similar to him in person (and NOT shorter)?
That's exactly how I think you'd look next to guys like Josh Holloway, Barack Obama, Jim Caviezel...
Editor Rob: I thought he might have but the floorboarding wasn't great last time I saw him.

On flat ground he is still around 6ft 1, you can see Jenny/Big Al Here. I think Jenny's sneaker is 1/4 inch less.

John Reardon, Callum Blue, Holyfield, Pellegirno pretty much look similar in person to Big Al.

A guy like Luke Mitchell looked a bit taller in person, but naturally he had at least half inch more sneaker, so he'd measure similar 185 range...absolute no surprise to me he said 185cm.

A guy like Travis Van Winkle is an absolute disgrace to legit 6ft 1 guys for trying to claim it.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Dec/16
Interesting, I did always think G looked shorter than weak 5 ft 7 in that long shot with Jenny and nearer 5 ft 6 flat! If you also consider that G lay down to get some height and a little on his toes, there's a chance that he could have been shorter than measured in reality.
Editor Rob: there's a technique that Milo Ventimiglia does in photos. He has one foot static, but rises up slightly on the other.

It's a way of gaining half inch...I honestly didn't look much at G's feet, apart from to check he had flat socks and no bulges like the Grow Taller Guru used with that Roxy girl!
Shredder said on 2/Dec/16
G most likely was just 5'6.5 in the evening , I did a self measurement yesterday starting at 7 am , I woke up and 5 mins up was hitting the 5'6.75 mark , then about 3 hours later was 5'6.25 , than 5'6 about 4 hours after that , then before bed about 11:30 pm , I was just below 5'6.

If I can go down nearly an inch , than G can , the man was 5'6.5.
Editor Rob: Shredder, I did catch him on tip toes, there was even the 'joke' photo of him looking tall - that was a tip-off for people, 'watch this guys toes' ;)

A full inch shrinkage is possible, but going from 5ft 8 to a solid 5ft 6.5 is more unbelievable.
Editor Rob said on 2/Dec/16
Here is a photo of me with 'Big Al', who is an exact 6ft 1 guy.

Click Here

In person he is right between Challenger's 8 and 10.

Also, Hattie (Challenger 1) with Jenny: Click Here

It's funny because at a weak 5ft 6 range, in person she looks very similar to how I remember Big G looking...

I'm now seriously thinking G pulled a fast one and raised up on tip toes a bit during our encounters/measurements...he looks no taller in comparison with Hattie beside Jenny....
Moose said on 28/Nov/16
Hello again Rob. What is the exact eye level of challenger number 13?
Editor Rob: Moose, big 13's eyeline was roughly 180cm range.
Peter said on 27/Nov/16
was the height of challenger 1 her lowest when she got measured at 6pm?
Editor Rob: Peter, she could have shrank a bit more after teatime, but last time I checked her height, a couple of years later at roughly similar time, she was a bit taller, just under 5ft 6.

I've seen her since a number of times and I'd still probably give her 5ft 5.5
qbert said on 25/Nov/16
@K92 the differences could be up to 1/4 inch.
qbert said on 25/Nov/16
@K92, i find that some places in my house i am shorter because of uneven walls and floors. i am about 1/8th inch shorter in some places. so try measuring in different areas and make sure the wall and floor is flat and 90 degrees as much as possible. I thought I shrank a little when i moved here but it turns out the floors are uneven.
K92 said on 21/Nov/16
Also Rob, I live in a two-story house. Would measuring on the ground floor give me a more accurate measurement compared to upstairs? And laminate flooring vs tile flooring, which one is more accurate?
Editor Rob: K92, I don't think the level matters, it's the construction...laminate is fine, tile is good.
K92 said on 20/Nov/16
Rob, when I look straight ahead I usually measure 1/8th to 1/4th shorter than when I look up slightly. What's the more accurate measurement, the eyes straight ahead or head tilted upwards? This is using a 9 inch arousal can on a flat wall.
Editor Rob: K92, always measure with your head pretty level and looking straight ahead.
Bobby said on 11/Nov/16
I've been reading some comments here, and I feel like I should mention that my eyeline is also about 5'7, it's 1.27 cm under it In fact. I think I can say this puts me at the 5'11 mark, right?
Bobby said on 11/Nov/16
My mom is 5'5, and her head comes up to my shoulders, or just a bit over but not much. Would you say I am 6ft tall based on that?
Rory said on 11/Nov/16
Rob, what sort of height range would you expect a son with a 6ft father and 5'5.5 mother to end up on average ?
Editor Rob: 5ft 10-6ft 1
Bobby said on 10/Nov/16
Editor Rob: My eye level is 5'7 or thereabouts, how tall does this make me? My mom doesn't believe me when I say I'm 6'0, but when I use the aerosol can method, there is a 1inch space between the very top of my head and the can. Would you say it's a safe bet that I'm 5'11? I did this during the evening as well, in the morning, it changes by about 1cm or so. I just know that I'm between 5'11-6'0, as people generally guess me to be this height while in public and I've even got as far as to claim 6'1 and no one questioned me.
Editor Rob: Bobby, the can method should involve having the can sitting on the top of your head, so you actually feel it. Then mark it with a pencil and run the tape measure up the wall. I think you're in a better position to discover your true height than myself or your Mother :)
Bobby said on 9/Nov/16
Hey Rob, I've posted here before, on this site I mean, but I have a question. I'm a solid 6ft tall guy, and I've read that your eye level is about 4 inches below your total height, which means my eye level would be 5'8, which is your height. Is that an absolute thing? I have a small forehead and small head in general, so I'm just wandering if this can be skewed by that.
Editor Rob: Bobby, if it's only 4 inches it's a very high eyelevel. If it's 5 inches it's a very low one for your height.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 5/Nov/16
Challenger 15 is tricky. The fact that he tilted his head upwards gives him an illusion of being over 6ft6, because he looked a full head taller than Rob (who has about a 10 inch head)
mateus said on 2/Nov/16
Rob , I measured me front like yours videos on YouTube with tape measure at home I am 185 cm 6,1 ) but in stadiometer Measures me 1,77 front that's wrong?'this stadiometer is until 1,88 cm ( look like for me 1,90 or more
Editor Rob: wow that is a massive difference, I really can't explain that one!

I would say if you are using a metal tape measure and following my kind of wall measurement, I'd go with that as being your height...and say the stadiometer was broke.
Ken said on 31/Oct/16
Rob my brother is 182 cm, my head is shaved yet his hair gives him a 6 ft 1 impression, I'm 6 ft 2 and don't feel much taller?
Editor Rob: sometimes 2 inches doesn't seem much, especially if you are talking to someone and tilting your head down very slightly and they tilt their eyes up half inch...suddenly it can seem an inch.

If you flattened his hair and got someone to take a photo of you side by side, I think the difference would be quite noticeable in the photo.
Peter 179cm said on 23/Oct/16
@Pete You would probably top out at 189cm or maybe a little over it out of bed.
typing... said on 23/Oct/16
Hey rob, if someone has a tall-odd shaped head, will it add him extra height on the stedimeter? dk how to spell it* For example if two people are 180cm on the stedimeter, but one has a tall-odd shaped head and the other guy has a flat head, who will look taller, the first guy or the second guy ?
Editor Rob: most people if they are glancing at two people standing together might take in a few clues like shoulders, chin, eye heights and form a quick impression of who looks taller. The longer head may be a disadvantage, but eyelevels are an important factor.
Jack said on 22/Oct/16
Hey Rob since your an expert in height I was wondering, where should a 5'3 persons head end compared to someone who is 5'11? would they be below their chin or lower half of it?
Editor Rob: doubtful above mouth, possibly just under. If it was an average head length, then possibly at bottom lip area.
Pete said on 20/Oct/16
If I am abt 187.5-6 cm before bed, but it is not my low at all. How many much will I gain after sleeping for 9 hours let's say ?
Rhys said on 19/Oct/16
Hi rob, My mum is bang on 5'3 and she comes up to the lower half of my chin, just barely up to my chin. How tall am I?
Editor Rob: would be surprised if you were under 6ft
Rhys said on 19/Oct/16
Hi rob, My mum is bang on 5'3 and she comes up to the lower half of my chin, just barely up to my chin. How tall am I?
Rhys said on 19/Oct/16
Hi rob, My mum is bang on 5'3 and she comes up to the lower half of my chin, just barely up to my chin. How tall am I?
Andy said on 15/Oct/16
Hi rob I'm bang on 5"11 straight out ouf bed and i shrink to 5"10,25 after 12 hours at night. but i'm not sure if should go with just saying 5"10,5 or between 5"10,25- 5"10,5? would other people think I'm lying about my height if went with 5"10,5?
Editor Rob: I don't think many would raise an eye at saying 5ft 10.5
Moose said on 12/Oct/16
Hi rob my eye level is at 5 foot 9 1/2, 9 hours after I wake up. I was wondering what height I should I say?
Editor Rob: you should be in 6ft 1 range
hamza sajid said on 11/Oct/16
hi rob my height is 5 feet 7 inches i want to be 5 feet 10 inches and iam 17 years old should i take height pills to increase height.plz can u give some tips to increase my height.
Editor Rob: height pills are just vitamin and mineral pills.
Kate said on 10/Oct/16
My boyfriend swears that I'm only 5'4/5'5 but I've been telling him that I'm 5'6.5. He measured 180.5cm mid day and the top of my head is at his brows, does that sound about right? Also, does having a round face (like Selena Gomez) make you look shorter? Quite a few people mentioned that I look short even though I'm often the same height or even a little taller than them.
Editor Rob: unlikely to be 5ft 4/5 and be at his eyebrows, maybe 5ft 6.5 is nearer the truth.
scarf said on 10/Oct/16
Hey rob, do you consider your head size average?
Editor Rob: for 5ft 8 it is a bit longer than average.
fred said on 2/Oct/16
Hello Rob , i am a strong 6'3 in the morning , bt i usually drop to 6'2.5-2.4 " after a long day .. pls just tell me wat i shuld tell pple wen they ask me for my hieght .Cos sometimes addin .5" makes d height boring ..
Editor Rob: I wouldn't call it boring, it is quite accurate, especially if you measure around the half inch mark.

Some people with your height might go "Six Two-Six Three", "Over Six Two", "Almost Six Three"
NC said on 7/Sep/16
Hey rob if I'm about 163.8-164 cm out of bed and about 162-162.5 at the end of the day is 5'4 the right claim?
Editor Rob: yeah it's only a fraction round up, nothing to lose sleep over...in fact by the time you fall asleep you'll be back to 5ft 4 within an hour!
mike said on 2/Sep/16
what can be the hight difference right out of bed of 8 hours of sleeping and lets say 11 hours of sleeping?
Editor Rob: 1 hour sleeping might regain you 6-7mm, but 8 hours will get 1.5, maybe up to 2.5 depending on how much you shrink in total.

The first hour of resting does regain a fair chunk of height and over the course of the night it slows down. At 5am or 7am waking, for me the difference won't be much more than 1-2mm.
Blake said on 31/Aug/16
Im starting to get some facial hair did you get facial hair when you stopped growing or do some changes happen at different times in puberty?
Editor Rob: it was lighter growth at 14 up to 18 with more beard growth, but really even in 20's it was more than at 18.
Blake said on 31/Aug/16
Is the one who is 5 foot 4.5 the one who was measured 5 foot 2.5 in one of your videos?
Editor Rob: yes big Lewis (now 14) 5ft 4.5 and big Iona (12) now 5ft 0.25.
Blake said on 29/Aug/16
How tall was challenger 13 when he was 14-15?
Editor Rob: not sure as only knew him from 16 onwards.

Interestingly I did measure 2 nephews who are both 14.

One is 5ft 10 and has 5ft 7 parents.
Other is 5ft 4.5 and has 6ft 2/5ft 9 parents, but he still looks 12-13 so hasn't really hit puberty fully yet.
A said on 13/Aug/16
Hello Rob ! if i was 179cm or 179.5cm at night what could be my height in the morning ? and can i say that i'm 5'11
Editor Rob: somewhere in 181cm range, possibly a little nibble over 5ft 11
Arch Stanton said on 2/Aug/16
Rob, how tall do you think Challenger 13 ended up as then? Is he looking a decent 6'4 er now?
Editor Rob: doesn't seem to want measured but I think near 6ft 4 isn't impossible for him.
ian said on 28/Jul/16
rob if the measurement between my lips is 150cm...how tall am I?
Leo 5'8 said on 12/Jul/16
Please Rob, I want see the comments of Height Challenge Article since that existed.
Editor Rob: unfortunately at this moment I am unable to show them.
184guy said on 9/Jul/16
Rob,who looked taller for you
Joe Manganiello or the challenge 13 recently ?
Editor Rob: Joe standing tall is taller, but I haven't checked 13's final height
Peter said on 7/Jul/16
What is the time u measured challenger 1?
Editor Rob: I checked and it was About 6pm
Peter said on 2/Jul/16
Rob did u guess their heights with stadiometer or without it?
Editor Rob: quite a few we talked about height and what they thought they were.
Most looked roughly around what they measured, within a 1cm range, but I definitely thought number 8 was 6ft 2 and not 6ft 1.5 range
Rick said on 1/Jul/16
Hey rob when you talk about the height your "eye level" reaches, are you referring to the middle of the eyes, the top, or bottom. Or is it your pupils? Thanks
Editor Rob: it is the pupils I'm always talking about.
Peter said on 30/Jun/16
At what time did u measure your challengers?
Editor Rob: most late afternoon or evening.
Eric said on 20/Jun/16
Hey Rob, does 176 eye-level and 164.5 head-start level is normal for a 188 man at his lowest?
Editor Rob: it's going to look average. If it was 22-23 you'd have a small head. near 24 average, 25 range would be more than average for 188.
Peter said on 17/Jun/16
how many millimeters do u mean by a tiny bit?
Editor Rob: a couple maybe
Shredder said on 16/Jun/16
I loved this , hope this Rob gets more Challengers.
Peter said on 16/Jun/16
how much height do you lose when u go out clubbing in the evening?
Editor Rob: me personally, none, as I don't go ;)

But generally any activity like dancing will bring you to your low, maybe even a tiny bit under depending on how long you are on feet.
nb said on 14/Jun/16
Greetings Rob! As you have mentioned that the accuracy of a stadiometer is substantial, is the margin of error for a doctor's weight scale significant? My physician has pinpointed me in the 5'10"-5'11" range in the afternoon, however I did not receive a metric measurement so I am left puzzled on my stature. What would be my average height? Cheers
Editor Rob: weight machines may also have errors with calibration, but it is something I've never tested much.
G said on 9/Jun/16
Hey rob,in the morning i am 185 cm,but in the evening i shrink to 182.5 or even 182.Is that normal?What can i do to shrink less?What height should i claim?
Editor Rob: it's a full inch or a tad more, so a bit more than average.

You are still really a six footer, I'd go with that mark if you are 182.5 at night most of the time.
p said on 27/May/16
What is the distance from the eye to the head
Editor Rob: on average in the 4.5 inch range...a low eyelevel would mean around 5 inch range, a high eyelevel closer to 4 inches.
k said on 19/May/16
how to determine how much taller you are than someone?
Editor Rob: if you don't have somebody else to compare to, there's a few ways.

If you have measured friends and know their height, maybe you can use them as references in your mind, so you know how tall a 6ft 3 or a 6ft person looks, then seeing others, how closely do they match those references?

Other way is if you were looking at say the mouth of a taller person they could be near 3 inches taller, if you looked at the top of someone's head you could be close to 5 inches taller.
k said on 19/May/16
how much is 5'7 in cm?
Editor Rob: a good 170cm
Ra said on 18/May/16
I wanted to know something, several website give different measurements. Some say 177cm/178cm is 5'10 while google doesnt agree. I also divide 177 by 30, the answer is not 5'10 still. What does that mean? How tall would be 158cm?
Editor Rob: as long as you use

1 inch = 2.54cm.

1 foot = 30.48cm

and remember there are 12 inches per foot, you should be fine!

Ra said on 18/May/16
Hey Rob, I am 168-169cm, can I claim that I am 5'7 or 5'8? Thank you :)
Editor Rob: I wouldn't claim 5ft 7 or 8, but say 5ft 6.5
Miggy said on 17/May/16
If my eyeline is 174 cm, then what would my height be?
Editor Rob: you might be in the 185cm range
Cam1 said on 15/May/16
Hi Rob, I'm 5'10 to 5'10.25 at night and about 5'10.75 in the morning what should I claim? Cheers.
Editor Rob: You are a strong 5ft 10er, so if you told people that, you are going to catch a fair few out who might lie about their own heights.

There are many guys your height range who would happily claim 5ft 11 or 6ft and think nothing of it.
p said on 13/May/16
rob my head length 25cm is it average??
Editor Rob: that's a bit longer than average.
charlie said on 13/May/16
Rob i put the tape measure along side of me the way Conan O [ Brien did with jake and i put my hand on top of my head and i measured what i thought i was 5 ft 10 it looked closer to 5 ft 9. I was standing straighttoo. I clipped my fingers together at the 5 ft 10 mark and there was a big gap between my hand on ym head and my fingers. I took it late in the afternoon so would i be considered 5 ft 9.5?
Editor Rob: if you use a mirror and hold the tape beside you, that will give a rough idea, but it can still be a fraction off, just because your eyes are 4-5 inches lower than the top of your head....so they aren't in line with the top of your head (and the tape measure).
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/May/16
Rob, if I'm 194.8cm out of bed and 192.8cm before bed do I qualify as 6ft4?
Editor Rob: I think it's safe to call yourself that mark.
Nate Jones said on 27/Apr/16
Hey Rob I am 18 right now and i am about 186 cm in the morning barefoot and about 183,5-184 cm in the nighttime. Is this even possible? And what height do i claim, i usually say i am 184 cms. Also i think i grew about 1.2 cm over the course of the year, am i done growing? I don't want to go past 6ft1 to be honest.
Editor Rob: at 18 a big chunk of men are finished growth, so you might be finished, but you might also gain a little more and end up 6ft 1 at night. Yes, losing 2-2.5cm isn't uncommon for a guy your height range and age.
Chris said on 27/Apr/16
Hi Rob,
A very interesting site I must say first of all. I have a question for you. I'm a PE teacher in Leeds and one of my pupils is exceptionally tall for his age and literally towers all the other kids.
I measured him at bang on 6'2" barefoot (late morning) and just a week before he was due to turn 13..... Yes 13 last month. His mum is around 5'8" but no idea of his father's height. I'm intrigued to know what he may be likely to grow to if he was to continue a normal growth pattern until adulthood. What would be your estimation?
Editor Rob: he may well end up 6ft 6-7 range.
Kourosh said on 27/Apr/16
Rob, what is the eyelevel of a 5'9 , 5'10 and 5'8 man?
Editor Rob: on average it is pretty much going to be in 4.5-4.6 range for those heights, so near 5ft 3.5/4.5/5.5 or a little bit less for each
Jason said on 25/Apr/16
Rob, just wondered why your quoting your low height rather than your average in between your out of bed and lowest of day? Surely it'd be more 5'8.375-5'8.5"
It makes you look slightly taller and to be fair it's the average of the two. I'm 176.1cm after 8 hrs sleep and 174.2cm last thing of the day. 175.15cm is my average which is technically 1mm off 5'9" so I claim 5'9"
Do you agree with me?
Editor Rob: when out and about on feet for several hours I will be closer to my low than being around the house, so it is similar to that of a convention setting (up early and on feet all day so will be near low height).
So I go with 5ft 8 1/8th as my height as I can be that range after 5 hours on feet and still be that at evening.
nick said on 21/Apr/16
Hey rob I am 18yrs and just a shade under 5 11 can I still make it to 6ft at 21?
Editor Rob: I'd say the odds might be you don't...but of course you might beat the odds and still hit that mark.
Bryan Ayala said on 14/Apr/16
Rob I'm 187cm in the afternoon , but my eye level is at 178cm , I don't think I have a small head , infact I have like a four finger forehead, I've heard that average is 4.5 inches to 5 inches ? What's the cause of a 3.5 inch from middle of eye to top of head?
will said on 7/Apr/16
Have you ever thought of doing more of these? They're are interesting
Editor Rob: it's on a 'would like to try again in the future' list.
Josh said on 26/Feb/16
Rob, in your opinion, how close to a mark do you think you would you have to measure to make a fair claim? if your low height was less than a quarter inch off perhaps?
Editor Rob: generally speaking a 1/4 inch under and it is perfectly fine to just claim the whole inch. When it's a half inch under?

Many still round up rather than saying 'and a half', although I do think the almost/about kind of covers being in that half to 1/4 inch under a mark.
6ft5Vinnie said on 25/Feb/16
Rob, on Challenge #9, why did you list yourself as 5ft8.25 when you were barefoot?
Editor Rob: all these challenges were measured using the seca stadiometer which gives near 1/8th inch extra. Since I'm around 5ft 8 1/8th at my usual low, on the stadiometer I would be 8.25...
6ft5Vinnie said on 25/Feb/16
Andrea said on 24/Feb/16

What kind of 6'3.5" dude would claim 6'6"? Lol
Editor Rob said on 24/Feb/16
Here is another photo of Giant Jenny with Challenger 11 who is now in docs and also Gemma (who appeared in a youtube video and was basically about 5ft 8 5/8ths). She had maybe 0.7 inch more footwear than jenny/11, so is like a 176cm person there with Jenny.

Click Here
John said on 24/Feb/16
@Editor Rob
Is that you, Rob? I've seen you reply to other user's comments, but I never seen you comment yourself.
Editor Rob: yes it is rare, but I do still add the odd comment. 99% of the time though I am replying.
Andrea said on 24/Feb/16
Didn't the guy claim 6'6 at one point, Rob? He certainly looks noway near that tall in the photo, though... He looks like a solid 6'3 there, not much different than the "old" photo... Does he look similar to Jared Padalecki in person?
What about the girl? Is she wearing 4 inches heels there?
Editor Rob: yeah he did say that once, but also 6ft 5. She had 3.5 inch styles there.
jessman said on 23/Feb/16
Rob, what height did you think 13 looked? He might be slouching and losing an inch but doesn't seem any taller than in previous pic. I've taken into account his differing postures. Looks a decent bit under 6'5. Looks nowhere near 6'6. I think he is in the 3.5-4 range.
Editor Rob: I know he had thought he was 6ft 5, but I've never measured him again. I don't think he's much taller than he was 4 years ago although can appear nearer 6ft 4.
Editor Rob said on 22/Feb/16
Just a photo of me and Challengers 11 and 13 four years on...still don't know if 13 grew a bit more:
Click Here
Zoom said on 17/Feb/16
Hello I'm a bit over 190cm (6'3ish) at night so I was wondering if I can just tell people I'm 191cm without lying? I measured myself today many times: in the morning as 192-192,5cm and after being awake for 3-5 hours I was 191,5cm and after going to the gym I was barely 191... I'm Asking because some of my friends add 1-2cm to their height or use their morning height, (I don't like to lie myself) so basically what would be the most honest height for me?
Danny said on 17/Feb/16
my eye level is 178,5-179cm (Night) and quite precisely 180cm in the morning... How tall am I ?
Alex said on 3/Feb/16
My 6ft 0 size shoes 11 and 22 year old my dad is 6ft3 size 12 and mum is 5 ft 2 size 4
SportsHeight said on 28/Jan/16
Rob, how much taller does a girl have to be to have her eye level appear to be at or above the top of a guy's head when standing next to each other? If you wanted to make sure this didn't happen, what would be the cutoff in height difference? I take it somewhere around the 4 inch range?
Editor Rob: the average female eyelevel is a slight fraction less. It's still somewhere between 4.2-4.3 I believe.
jen said on 24/Jan/16
If you have to kiss someone on your tiptoes (halfway up on tiptoes no al the way) how much taller are they? They are not bending down at all
Editor Rob: if you bend upwards a bit, possibly 4, but could be around 3 inches.
mrtguy said on 6/Jan/16
Rob, Height Challenger 15 can really look 6'9'' in the photo, although he was measured around 6'5''.
CD said on 1/Jan/16
Rob, can you guess the height difference between me and my friend in this photo? Click Here As you can see his eyes are raised slightly more than mine, but we are standing at about the same distance from the camera. What do you think?
Editor Rob: he could be somewhere in 2.5 inch range taller in that photo, unless he's dropping more height.
Andrew said on 25/Dec/15
When you have a 2cm gap in height, a lot of people would recommend you to claim the average. Now I can go from 176.5 (max) to 174 (min). Since the difference is not much, therefore I could claim the average of the two. Otherwise it can be very complicated cos some days are a lot harder than the others and that affects your shrinkage. What do you think Rob??
Editor Rob: many people will just go with that average value...at least they won't be lying and adding an inch or two. If somebody says their morning height as their height, I think they should mention it...sometimes people won't even realise they are taller in the morning and it's a conversational point.
Andrew said on 24/Dec/15
Rob, I'm 176cm out of bed and 174 cm at night. Can I claim to be 175cm tall ... Please Reply..
Editor Rob: yeah you can say that if you want. If you go with 174 nobody will ever really think you're not that height, unless you have a very low eyelevel.
John said on 21/Dec/15
@Henri said on 1/Oct/15
Hello Rob :-)
My impressions of German Average heights, young male (18-40 years)
In my opinion, there are regional differences in Germany.
Middle: 180cm - 182cm
South : 178cm - 180cm
North : 181cm - 183cm
Greetings and carry on the good work.

Do you consider Rhein-Main region(Wiesbaden,Mainz and Frankfurt etc.) south- or Middle Germany?
Sam said on 20/Dec/15
If you gain about half an inch at 18, is it possible to continue growing into your 20s?
I'm like 5'6 (167,5-168 cm when I last checked). I'm 21 now btw. I don't expect much by now.
Father (5'8), mother (5'2-5'3)

I was told by a nurse when I was around 16-17 i would maybe end up at 170 cm (I was 5'5 range back then).
Editor Rob: gaining at that age might mean your plates are potentially still open for a bit of growth. If you had went from 17 to over 18 and not gained anything, then maybe you had reached the end of your growth cycle.
Brandon said on 10/Dec/15
Hey Rob is 9inches head length and 56cm circumference small for a 6ft person. Please reply
Editor Rob: for 6ft it is just a little fraction under average. Circumference I don't know, I haven't looked at that statistic as much.
joe@@ said on 2/Dec/15
Rob, but you saw it I wanted to know what was your printout, its current estimates for it
joe@@ said on 1/Dec/15
Rob, what is the height of 13 you said he grew up that high you think he is
Editor Rob: he claimed 6ft 5 and Jenny said she thought he mentioned nearly 6ft 6 once! There is an open invite if he ever wants remeasured.
mihai said on 24/Oct/15
im 1.70-71 barefoot and my eye line is at 1.60 is good ?or it should be at 1,62-63
[Editor Rob: that's within average range, if it was 162-3 it would be extremely high...]
J said on 18/Oct/15
So about 4-5 inches from eyebrows to top of head?
[Editor Rob: could be 4, 4.5, 3.5...5...
it can depend on the photographers height and whether the taller person has small head, or whether they are tilting their head up or down a bit. If you tilt your eyes down, you could have a 5.5 inch eyelevel in a photo, tilt it up your eyelevel could be 4 inches.

But generally in most cases eyebrows would be roughly 4 inches.]
J said on 16/Oct/15
If the top of your head is at someone's eyebrows....how much taller are they than you?
[Editor Rob: they are likely in the 6ft range]
Henri said on 1/Oct/15
Hello Rob :-)
My impressions of German Average heights, young male (18-40 years)

In my opinion, there are regional differences in Germany.
Middle: 180cm - 182cm
South : 178cm - 180cm
North : 181cm - 183cm

Greetings and carry on the good work.

Ice said on 29/Sep/15
ROB , why do some people shrink more than others ? Im 190.3 out of bed and , at my shortest , after a working day and practacing martial arts , hunching over a lot etc. , at like 10 at night in the high 187 cm range . So like 187.6 - 187 .8 . Do I shrink relativeley much ?
[Editor Rob: the longer the spine the greater the potential.

In some cases it could be people have discs which are able to retain more water. As you age the discs themselves can degenerate and the rehydration decreases so the morning-evening can shrink a little compared to your youth, with healthier discs.]
nick said on 27/Sep/15
152 cm comes up to my botton lip how tall am I any way.
badboy said on 24/Sep/15
Is challenger2 186 cm tall ? ... he looks identical to my height
[Editor Rob: because of the 2mm error he is basically a decent 186cm guy.]
Luca said on 18/Sep/15
Rob i'm 189.8 cm out of bed and only 187 cm at night...how tall am i ?
[Editor Rob: we all have a height range, an early morning and then a low. Yours is nearly 3cm.

Out and about during the day you are going to be 188ish and then dipping under that maybe by afternoon, so you could claim 188, although if you are conservative, saying 187 is possible...in that case nobody will ever really think you are not 187...most would be surprised in fact if you say it!]
VaJay said on 17/Sep/15
If someones eye level is above someones head peak approx 5'5 does it put him in the 5'10 range?
[Editor Rob: they could clear 5ft 10 if their eyes are right on the hair]
joe @@ said on 16/Sep/15
the level of the eye 13 is between 180 cm and 181cm, I am sure Rob?
[Editor Rob: right around 5ft 11 I believe.]
VaJayJay said on 16/Sep/15
Hey Rob sexy if someone approx. 5'5 head peak is just barely above my eye line can I cut 5'8?
At times I can also find myself looking over his head or we look like exactly eye to eye.
[Editor Rob: you probably are somewhere in the 5ft 8 range.]
Cam123 said on 11/Sep/15
Hi rob, if I'm 5'10.5/5'10.75 when I wake and at night I'm 5'10 flat at night . How tall am I ? Cheers.
[Editor Rob: if I were you, I'd call myself 5ft 10.]
Kunthea Long said on 25/Aug/15
I'm 1.45 meter in age 17 years and how can I taller than
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 22/Aug/15
Rob,do you still have the full photo(entire face) of the challange #2 ?
[Editor Rob: I don't have it.]
Unknown3 said on 14/Aug/15
Rob,if 5ft 3(160cm) hits a bit under my chin,like 1,5 cm below,which height I am ?
[Editor Rob: you should be clearing the 6ft mark by an inch]
Unknown2 said on 8/Aug/15
Rob,if my eye line it's about 172cm-172,4cm wich height I'am ?
[Editor Rob: you might be 183cm range at least, possibly 184ish.]
Lilly said on 8/Aug/15
I'm 166cm and my friend is 165cm, when standing in front of each other she seems to look taller then me (both wearing flat shoes) is his due to me having a lower eye level?
[Editor Rob: Lilly, sometimes at the extremes you could have one person whose eyelevel is closer to 5 inches and another closer to 4 inches, so nearly 1 inch difference. That can account for an occasion like you describe.

That, or you naturally tilt your head down a little and your eyelevel seems lower than it really is.]
Unknown said on 4/Aug/15
Hi Rob, is it abnormal for me at the age of 20 years old to be still growing, I was 179 cm at 18 and I am now currently 187 cm.
[Editor Rob: you are in the smaller percentage who still gained noticeable height from 18-20. The vast majority don't gain, a percentage gain 0.5-1 inch, and then a smaller percentage like yourself a few inches.]
Andrea said on 17/Jul/15
Rob, do you remember when i asked you to do a video to show how various heights appear "in public"? You said you could have done one at a convention. Will you do it?
[Editor Rob: these cons knacker me and Jenny even just walking about struggles badly now, so I couldn't ask her this time to do a video. At a quieter event I will, but london film con was too big, too packed for me, I barely even saw jenny much.]
pablo77bar said on 27/Jun/15
Rob why you are always saying that the challenge 15 it's much taller or taller than many 6ft 5 range guys?In this cae you should downgrade everyone to 6ft 4.5 or wherever you think? The only one that you said was taller was Nonso Anonzie.The ''BIG C'' only give the taller impression because he is so fat and ''have no chin'' .We hardly can see the transition between his neck and head.And also the photo gives him one advantage because the photographer looks like very short.
[Editor Rob: Jenny in sneakers was taking the photos.]
Authorized said on 24/Jun/15
Hey Rob, my height is 170cm when really stretched in the morning, but 168cm in the evening. Can I still consider myself 170cm?
[Editor Rob: personally I wouldn't claim out of bed height, but some do. Both are valid measurements, it would be a helluva lot simpler if we didn't alter in height during the day!]
6ft guy said on 8/Jun/15
Confused tbh 185cm is not 6ft1 so what is it
[Editor Rob: well 185 is only 4mm under the 6ft 1 mark, so it is very close.]
Gx79 said on 7/Jun/15
What is the eye level of 5'11.5 man
And what is eye level of 6'0.5 man
thanks rob
[Editor Rob: for every few inches the eyelevel average increases a small amount. So for a man of average height it is in that 4.5-6 zone. A 6ft 0.5 man might have on average 4.7 inch eyelevel. A 5ft 5 man maybe 4.3-4.4 range.

But you could still find many men with 4.2 or 5 inch eyelevels at 5ft 11.5 or 6ft 0.5.]
6ft guy said on 6/Jun/15
Crush hey mate I'm I'm same boat as you I say strong 6ft
Crush said on 4/Jun/15
Hey wondering whether I should claim 6ft or a little over as people seem to think I'm taller than I really am plus I was wondering wether I'll get any taller?
Morning: 184 to 184.5cm
Night: 182.7 to 183.1

Age: 17 years
Grown 3cm in last 2 years
Father: 175.5 cm. 177 or 178 at peak
Mother: 161cm
Sister: 169cm
Grandfathers: 168cm and 179cm
Grandmothers: 160cm and 177cm
Joe said on 1/Jun/15
I wake up at 5'11.75 and drop to about 5'11
Can I claim 5'11.5, since I think that is my real height? Anyway, I don't understand why people should claim their evening height as their true height...
[Editor Rob: Height varies over a range, so it isn't incorrect to state any height in that range. Maybe we should introduce a new standard - The Height Range. I'm 174.9/173.

Most people who are measured though - and are honest - will go with the height they get measured at, and the time at which they get measured may on average be around mid-day. At that point you are on average only a few mm taller than your evening height...
johannes said on 20/May/15
Hi Rob. Id really love your site :) anyway im from indonesia.. the home of shortest people on earth.. with your height at 5 8 you could easily towered people on a daily basis.. hehehe .
Anyway i wanna ask u something, in indonesia we use cm instead feet or inches.. my actual height night height is 177.5cm , but when people ask me i always say 178cm. Do i cheating rob ? Thx and hope for reply..
[Editor Rob: no, it's fine to round up especially if that is your evening height. For a good chunk of the day you are 178 range, and maybe a few hours a little bit under it...]
john the baptist said on 17/May/15
Hello Rob, If i'm somewhere in between 5'10 in the morning I think almost 5'10 1/4 and at night a fraction under 5'10 about 6mm under 5'10 probably 177.2 cm. Am I legit 5'10 guy? Thx. Reply please..
[Editor Rob: there's not much shrinkage, I think you are 'about 5ft 10', whether a weak or legit I'm not sure...I'd say you probably fall into weak territory but not much because you only seem to lose a half inch from morning to night?]
Davey said on 30/Apr/15
Hi rob, i'm 189,2 cm out of bed and a weak 188 cm before sleep. What is my real height? what height should i claim? Thank you
[Editor Rob: you would probably look 6ft 2 to the vast majority of people, even if you are dipping 5mm under the mark. I think saying about 6ft 2 is fine.]
Kourosh said on 30/Apr/15
Rob, at 5'8 do you ever feel tall among men? and how often do you feel solid tall or tall among women?
[Editor Rob: I've said before on here, I can find random times or pockets where a 5ft 8 man can feel tall. But it isn't that often, normally 5ft 8 out and about feels pretty much just under the average in the UK...

I did a few conventions were the female to male ratio was like 90:10. In those situations I think I felt tallish out of 500-1000 females, but there was still a good chunk of females my height or taller.
Kourosh said on 30/Apr/15
rob i measured my wardrobe and it was 158.5 cm and my lips/upper lip was exactly at top of the wardrop. Would you say i'm 176 cm?
the reason im asking you is that because im getting different measurement in different part of the house and im pissed off for that. So this time i want to go with my wardrobe's measurement.
[Editor Rob: if you were under 176 you would have a small skull. If your head was quite long I'd expect you somewhere in the 177 range at least, but average then 176 might seem a logical range for your real height.]
NBAer said on 30/Apr/15
Rob,how did challenger 15 measured only 196cm when he looks atleast 198cm next to you??Did he stood relaxed for the measurement or he didn't stood tall at all?Also he looks taller than 6'5 listed celebrities on here,like Joe Manganiello...
[Editor Rob: everybody stood tall for height challenge and measurements. It's not a perfect photo - to get that you need to adjust the camera to be the same height as the smaller person in the photo so that there's no advantage or disadvantage.]
Kourosh said on 28/Apr/15
Rob if 160 cm touchs my lips or upper lip how tall i am?
[Editor Rob: normally you could be anywhere in 179-80 range]
DyingLights said on 19/Apr/15
Hey Rob, my eye level is about 5'7 how tall am I?
[Editor Rob: very likely 5ft 11.5-11.75 range, possibly 6ft also.]
Crypto139 said on 13/Apr/15
Hey Rob. Where would the eyes of a 5 feet 7 person go around a 6 feet 2 guy?
[Editor Rob: probably nearly 2 inches under their chin]
Peyman said on 10/Apr/15
@ Editor Rob,
I'm a solid 180cm guy out of bed
& a hair over 178 at night
is this an average height?
[Editor Rob: in the UK/US today it is still a solid average, since 5ft 9 range is average in these countries. In some European countries it is different though...it would be right on average mark.]
Jam said on 31/Mar/15
Rob, would challenger 15 eye height be around 184cm?
[Editor Rob: this photo I held the camera a few inches below his eyelevel, so don't go by what it looks here, it would be a bit less than 186, more around 185 really: Click Here.]
Arch Stanton said on 30/Mar/15
My sister's husband's brother died not much older too about 10 years back. He went on volunteer work or something in the Ukraine and about six months after he returned he developed a brain tumor, went blind and died. I think it was an area still affected by radiation from the Chernobyl disaster. There was nothing in the description of the volunteer work which warned against it, I believe it was 50 miles at least from Chernobyl or something like that. He goes away to sacrifice his time to help kids and ends up sacrificing his life. My sister says he that he tells her that he stills thinks about his brother all of the time and he's different now to what he used to be because of it. He sees life differently, "life is too short" sort of thing. I suppose it's particularly bad in his brother's case as it's something which could have been avoided if he'd stayed home.
[Editor Rob: sad to hear.]
Arch Stanton said on 29/Mar/15
@Rob Really sad to learn about Stewart. I thought what an intelligent guy he looked. Life can be cruel at times. Your sister must have been devastated.
[Editor Rob: yes, she still is.]
joe 193cm night said on 25/Mar/15
[Editor Rob: the last height challenger was 6ft 5.25 on the stadiometer, so really 6ft 5 and 1/8th because of the error.]Rob, what went wrong?
[Editor Rob: nothing is wrong, there is a small error with this stadiometer, so it's like 1/8th inch more than the real height. Me at 5ft 8.25 = 5ft 8 1/8th really, same with the challenger if you measured against a wall with a tape measure.]
Sheen said on 22/Mar/15
Hi Rob, if my eyes are just over the top of someone's head about how much taller am I than that person?
[Editor Rob: you could be anywhere around 5-5.5 inches]
Brandon said on 21/Mar/15
Actually Rob, i just measured myself in the morning again and im 186.9 cm. What do you think about that?
[Editor Rob: it's a big difference than your 185 you said you measured before!]
joe 193cm night said on 20/Mar/15
Rob, what happened to Mrs. Millie halley
[Editor Rob: she was my neighbour and a good friend for 30 years. Passed away quickly a few months back.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Mar/15
Rob, I am truly sorry to hear that...
[Editor Rob: that was a hard time, not easy seeing my sister lose her husband that way...]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Mar/15
Rob, did challenger No.7 pass away a couple of years ago?

I'm sorry, I haven't been on this page in ages...
[Editor Rob: sadly he did, Stewart was married to my sister, you can read This article if you wish.]
descreteuser said on 17/Mar/15
hi if i measure myself during the day im 184.5cm barefoot.. can i claim 6,1
[Editor Rob: personally I would go with 'about/almost' 6ft 1...many though wouldn't even bother and would just round up to 6ft 1.]
Brandon said on 14/Mar/15
Hey Rob, in the morning im about 185 cm flat and when i wear shoes i can ranged in 186 or a high 185. Can i claim 6 ft 1?
[Editor Rob: personally I wouldn't, but people are entitled to claim a morning height if they wish. The only thing would be if you met a guy who claimed 185cm and he was 187cm out of bed you'd be 2cm smaller and both claiming the same height!]
joe 193cm night said on 13/Mar/15
I think the number 5 is the same height as the Routh
[Editor Rob: you see in person number 5 is actually very similar to number 8, because I got number 5 at 9pm range and he hadn't long woken up (works night shifts), but got number 8 at after 6pm when he was doing 8-hour work and at extreme low.

In reality both look very close in person under normal circumstances...]
Lewis said on 8/Mar/15
Hi Rob, I am 17 and 184cm (6ft-6ft1)
Justin said on 8/Mar/15
When was challenge 2 taken as that's roughly my height
[Editor Rob: checked the original file and it was 4.35pm]
Justin said on 6/Mar/15
Hi Rob just thought I would ask what time these heights in this challenge were taken.
[Editor Rob: all were afternoon through evening]
joe 193cm night said on 3/Mar/15
got it
joe 193cm night said on 2/Mar/15
Rob, what was the problem in the picture with the number 15 you had explained
[Editor Rob: there wasn't as much room in his living room so it meant shooting with a smaller focal length to get us in frame easier. This can mean head proportion isn't going to be as 'normal' as reality...

Also, if you photograph closer to the subjects, sometimes the smaller person can appear a bit shorter against the taller person than they really would be in person.

Jenny took the challenger 15 photos with 28mm focal length.

This shot of me and Jenny (I am standing on an object and the difference is almost 8.5 inches) is more nearer reality - both heads are closer to normal proportions and Jenny appears around the level where almost 8.5 inches should be. There's no advantage to either person. The camera is far enough away and using just over 60mm focal length.
simon196 said on 18/Feb/15
Hi, where would a 5'8"man come up to on a 6'5" man?
[Editor Rob: with a perfect photo just above his chin, but if you have the camera not as high as 5ft 8 then the 5ft 8 guy will look possibly at or under his chin (as is case with 6ft 5 guy here).]
dayle182cm :( said on 10/Feb/15
If a guy is 186cm where would 5ft7 come?
[Editor Rob: they could appear near the the end of the taller guys nose in a photo]
joe 192cm said on 6/Feb/15
rob a doubt the number 5 can reach 190 to get out of bed?
[Editor Rob: he works night shifts so in the photos he wasn't long out of bed. Generally if I see him on days he's not working he looks about 6ft 2. His partner is Jenny's taller sister who is 5ft 9.25. I was asking their daughter (the oldest girl in the Tom cruise height video) how tall she wanted to be and she said taller than her Mum but not as tall as her Dad.

Also Big Rose TOTALLY wants to be taller than Big G when she grows up.]
Kourosh said on 27/Jan/15
rob at 5'9.5 and 5'10 shoes on , is it normal to feel shortish/below average at times?

sometimes im taller than 6 out of 10 and sometimes only taller 4 out of 10.
[Editor Rob: minds might recognise or give greater 'rememberance' to taller people as they stand out more. At your height really you should see as many below as above your height, but I'm sure you'll find many instances in which it will switch to feeling that there are more tall than short. Could just be pockets of heights around you at times are more towards tall than short.
Kourosh said on 27/Jan/15
rob, how often at your height 5'8 you feel short when you walk in malls , streets or etc??

lets say out of 10 how many people are taller or shorter than you?
[Editor Rob: if just considering men, I'd say like 6/10 taller than 5ft 8 4/10 5ft 8 and shorter.]
MrTBlack said on 27/Jan/15
Yup. Scottish men are often huge men! Do you have any 6'0+ relatives Rob?
[Editor Rob: don't have many relatives living, my cousin is just over 6ft, his Dad (Mum's brother) was 5ft 9 range.]
MrTBlack said on 25/Jan/15
Hey Rob, was the hair over 6'5" challenger from America? I ask because he's wearing a Miami Dolphins Jersey.
[Editor Rob: he lives round the corner from me, just a scottish guy.]
Kourosh said on 25/Jan/15
rob today i went to a doctor for my annual medical checkup. When it came down to fill up my personal information which was including both height and weight, he did not measure, he simply asked me how tall iam and i gave him 177 cm claim.

My morning height is anywhere from 177.5 cm to 178 cm (depend on hours of sleep) so im a flat 5'10 fresh out of bed.And my absolute night height is bang on 176.1 cm or 176.05. Did i cheat by giving him 177 cm claim?
[Editor Rob: it's not a cheat because you are around that range for a portion of the day. That's the problem with height - it's not set in stone and we all have a morning to evening range, which for some might be only 0.5inches, while for others a full inch.]
nick said on 19/Jan/15
Hi rob If im morning out of bed 182.25 and 180.25 lowest possible would i be a strong 5'11. Also what height should i claim.
[Editor Rob: you'd be a legit 5ft 11 guy.

If in cm, then 180 or 181 is ok.]
Hugo said on 8/Jan/15
Hi Rob, I'm 19.5 years old.
When I measure myself out of bed I am 191.5cm tall, and by the end of the day I am 190cm tall, and can be 189.5 if I have squatted in the gym earlier that day.
My question is, can I call myself a genuine 6'3 guy?
Also, I have grown about 3/4s - 1 full inch since my 18th birthday, and my second question is could I ever make it to 6'4 (193cm) at any part of the day. I engage in heavy weight training just thought I'd add as I thought it may have an effect on my height. Thanks.
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't say genuine 6ft 3, but go with 'almost 6ft 3'. At your age I'd say the chances of another inch might be much less than between 18 and 19.]
sam said on 6/Dec/14
Thanks Rob
Joe said on 5/Dec/14
My heighest measuring when I wake up is 176cm just 1mm shy of 177cm but my lowest before bed is just over 173cm is it normal l go down this much ? Just turned 18 and my parents are both really short like mum 5,1 dad 5,4 and would you say I should class myself as a 5,8 guy or 5,9 ?
[Editor Rob: you shrink a full inch then, some people in your situation might go with the middle like 5ft 8.5.]
sam said on 4/Dec/14
I have tall family members. my granddad was 6ft3, my granddads dad was 6ft6, and my dad is 6ft.
[Editor Rob: you have a good chance of clearing 6ft still, if you eat well, sleep well then 6ft 2-3 isn't out of the question.]
sam said on 4/Dec/14
rob, how tall do you think i will be when i have finished growing?
new guy said on 15/Nov/14
Rob when my gf is standing straight she reaches in the middle of my nose what is her height if im 5'11 3/8 would she be 5'7?
[Editor Rob: if she is below your eyes and middle of nose she might be nearer 5ft 6 than 7]

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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