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Peak: 5ft 8.89in (175cm)
Current: 5ft 8.04in (172.8cm)
Pierre said on 28/Dec/18
@Rising=The Rock and 6"1' Barack ... Click Here Click Here
Robby Harris said on 28/Dec/18
@Rising: Yes, I meant to say Sly appeared to have a marginal edge on Gibson, though the last pic is tilted in his favour. But nonetheless, they appear to be around the same height in those photos. Perhaps a flat 5'9" would be the fairest estimate for both, though I'd still lean towards Sly being a weak 5'9", possibly more like 5'8.75" or 174.5 cm to 175 cm. Considering both wore cowboy boots there, it's safe to say they were both probably dead-on the same height.

Sly looked at least the same height as 174 cm Lenny Kravitz at the Hollywood Palladium in 2016:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Sly's footwear: Click Here

Lenny's footwear: Click Here

If anything Sly appeared to have a slight edge on Lenny, but they were very close in height there. Sly's shoes clearly look to be normal dress shoes, while Lenny has on boots with quite a solid heel.

Sly also didn't look more than about an inch or so shorter than 5'11" listed Matthew Morrison in 2016. I can't quite see there being 1.5" between them. Sly also wore shoes that looked normal and liftless, although I'd have pegged Matthew at no more than 5'10.5", given 5'11.5" Justin Timberlake had a good inch on him. Even if we were to go with a figure of 5'10" for Matthew, which I think is too low, that would still make Sly no less than a weak 5'9" in these photos:
Click Here Click Here
Click Here Click Here

@James Keffer: It's possible he had a small lift with Ali, because I think he really did pull off looking at least 5'10"-5'10.5" there. He also looked that range with Ali in 1977, in dress shoes, but it's obviously not impossible the heel of the boots he might have been wearing gave him enough advantage to look 5'10" range later.

As far as the Hogan pic, well, I'm not exactly sure on Hogan's exact height, and how much he'd really lost by 2005, but he claimed he went from 6'7" down to 6'4" due to knee, neck and back surgeries, and that photo was taken a couple months after he said that. Even if we go with 6'3" for around then, Sly indeed didn't look much under 6' with Hogan at that event. He certainly couldn't have appeared below 5'11.5" there anyway. Here's more pics of Sly with Hogan at the WWE Hall of Fame with Hogan in 2005:
Click Here Click Here
Click Here Click Here
Click Here

He looked a bit shorter than 5'10.5" listed Mr. T, but certainly nothing more than 4" shorter than Hogan at the Taurus World Stunt Awards in 2005:
Click Here
Rising - 174 cm said on 28/Dec/18
@Robby Harris: Sly looks to me like he edges Gibson in most of those pics, but some of those are due to clear advantage, but not the first you posted since Gibson's head still looks at least as big or even slightly bigger there. The second pic I posted of them is '93 is the one I see Gibson edging Sly, although just barely and part of that depends on how much extra hair each has. I think those are all the '93 London opening. The dates are mixed up on some of these old pics, but '93 would add because Planet Hollywood launched in late 1991 I believe. There's a few pics of Sly with Jennifer that show him in cowboy boots and there's short video of Mel entering on Getty where you can see he has cowboy boots as well. That's what both of them wore to most events around the early to mid 90's. Not as much after '94ish for Sly and '96ish for Gibson, iirc.
Rising - 174 cm said on 28/Dec/18
@Sotiris: Except Mr. T was taller than 5'10" in the early 80's. Here's Mr. T(in Converse) with 5'8" Bill Maher: Click Here Notice Maher is noticeably shorter with Mr. T than Sly ever was. Mr. T with 6'2" Gene Hackman: Click Here Hackman was wearing cowboy boots too: Click Here Mr. T in cowboy boots with 6'1" Carl Weathers: Click Here Click Here Mr. T with 6'4" Adam Baldwin: Click Here and Mr. T was in Converse while Baldwin was in cowboy boots: Click Here Sly has never looked 5'7". He was probably about 2" shorter than Mr. T at their peaks, but the 5'10.5" peak Rob lists Mr. T at is about the lowest he could have been, but really he looked the full 5'11" is almost every 80's comparison. Otherwise, Maher, Weathers, Baldwin and Hackman are all much shorter than thought. Same for Hulk Hogan.

@Pierre: I don't think we should lower others just because Sly looks taller than he should in photos where he can't see feet. Otherwise, how tall would that make The Rock in 2005? Click Here Remember, The Rock was still taller than Brandon Routh in full pics a year after this. That combined with Clint's posture makes Clint look shorter and Sly look taller, but as I said, Clint in '93 was still taller than Freeman and more than an inch taller than Hackman. Here's Clint in 1995 with 6'1.5" listed Jim Carrey: Click Here
James Keffer (185 cm) said on 28/Dec/18
@Robby Harris He looks closer to 5'10 with Ali because his posture is better as you mentioned. Either way, he's likely wearing boots there.

He looks about 1.5" taller than 5'8.75 Milo Ventimiglia: Click Here Click Here

He looks really shockingly tall with Hulk Hogan who was 6'6.5 peak but lost 2-3 inches from surgeries: Click Here

Now, I'm not sure if Hogan had all his surgeries by the time that photo was taken but either way, Sly is over 6'0 there which makes me wonder how he managed to pull off looking so tall there.
Sotiris Gravas said on 27/Dec/18
Pic I've never seen before: 5'10" Mr. T and Sly... Click Here

From the movie... Click Here

Nowadays: Sly w/ a footwear advantage over T... LOL... Click Here

If T was 5'10", which he was, that puts Sly at around 5'7" peak height. Anytime he looks taller, it's w/ the help of elevator shoes and movie magic.
Pierre said on 27/Dec/18
@Rising= Here in 1995 = Click Here Click Here = Clint 6"3' would give Sylvester at around 6"0.5'
Click Here = here always 1995 = next to Gerard Depardieu listed 5"10 3/4"=difference = something like 2 inches imo
Robby Harris said on 27/Dec/18
@Rising: Yes, I agree with Clint at 190 cm in 1993. Clearly taller than Freeman, and it seems more a 1/2" than 1/4". Clint's posture isn't as good as Freeman's in that pic either, so 6'2.5" is the absolute lowest for him around then, and even that's pushing it, given I think Freeman was nearer 6'2.5" himself back in the day. Sly was probably 1/4" shorter than Gibson and I think Gibson was a solid 5'9". Sly more like a weak 5'9", though I don't rule out 5'9" flat. They were both definitely in the same range.

I can't find any photos of Gibson's footwear at this particular event, but all I know is that he appeared to mildly edge Sly at Planet Hollywood in 1990: Click Here Click Here Click Here

Sly's footwear that day (appears to be a possible boot, but I obviously can't see the back, so I can't be sure, unless there's a better pic of his shoes):
Click Here

Sly at Planet Hollywood, circa 1990, with 6'2.5" Mohammad Ali:
Click Here

His shoes look they could be a possible boot again, but it's unclear. Doesn't appear too clunky, but all I know is he looks no less than 5'10" there. Arguably more like 5'10.5", although his posture is better than Ali's.
Robby Harris said on 27/Dec/18
It's possible Eastwood was 6'2.5" at the time, but I doubt less. Weak 6'3" in '93 is reasonable. Still makes Sly no less than near 5'11" there, with the footwear advantage.
Rising - 174 cm said on 27/Dec/18
@Timson: Sly never looked 5'7" next to Travolta. Travolta was a solid 6 feet in his prime or 6'0.25" as listed here and Sly could look a good 3", maybe 3.5" shorter when he didn't have an obvious heel advantage, but I don't think ever 4", much less 5". Who knows about the Seagal pic, though. When Sly looks over 6' in a pic where we can't see feet, I just assume something is up there. Aside from the obvious lifts and a slight camera advantage, I suspect the rest is Sly standing perfectly and Seagal dropping more height than realized.

@Pierre: You can't tell height from a picture like that. Clint is standing behind Travolta and the angle is quite low. Not to get too off track, but Clint still edged 6'2.25" listed Morgan Freeman in 1993 even while further from the camera: Click Here Clint was also still more than an inch taller than 6'2" Gene Hackman: Click Here Hackman may have shrunk a bit himself by 63, but he'd still be over 6'1". Maybe not a full 6'3" anymore, but definitely around a weak 6'3" or 190 cm.
Bradley said on 26/Dec/18
Burbs with a great ripper. Yes, just another elbow nudge to Sly "I'm with you bud" for a gig. Monster wedged customs with Clint. Those bad boys might be Munster approved. At 5' 8.5" barefoot he'd be looking up huge with 6-3 Clint with tootsies on the floor. A 6 foot Travolta will eat up a 3.5" less Sly. Sly is 5-8 today, Rob height.
Frankie68 said on 26/Dec/18
Why would 5’8 Melinda Dillon say she is taller than Sly, why would Hulk Hogan say Sly is 5’6 -5’7 - why was Sly shorter than 5’8 Serena Williams in her flats why ? Why was Sly way shorter than Carl weathers at the golden globes - why ? I guess cause he’s taller than 5’8 — I dont need 10 paragraphs!
Rising - 174 cm said on 26/Dec/18
@Robby Harris: Good post. I never really looked much at the Eastwood comparison to be honest. I think Clint was 190 cm or 6'2.75" in 1993, though his posture could probably make him look 6'2" at times, but then he also looks to have a camera advantage with the possible exception of the last pic. In Gibson's case, I think I remember him wearing cowboy boots to that event, which he almost always did around that time and I think he was often putting lifts in them by '92-'93. It's what I call his Lethal Weapon 3 growth spurt. He really looked 5'9" max much of the 80's such as Tequila Sunrise when he was a good inch shorter than Kurt Russell and he was only looking 5'9.5"-5'10" with cowboy boots in the first 2 Lethal Weapons, but suddenly looked 5'10.5", pushing 5'11" at times by the 3rd LW. It's very difficult to imagine Sly looking an inch shorter than Kurt back when Tango and Cash was made. You can see them at the '93 PLanet Hollywood Opening in London where they both had black cowboy boots: Click Here Click Here There's very little between them, but I tend to agree. Mel a flat 5'9" and Sly maybe 1/8" to 1/4" under. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they had both been 5'9" flat, though. Especially seeing Sly looking at least as tall at the Expendables 3 premiere @ Cannes. There's this other 2014 event as well, but I haven't been able to find shots of their footwear: Click Here Click Here As for Gibson and Snipes, here's some good video footage of them promoting Expendables 3: Click Here Watch from timestamp through around 4:10. Note, Mel was wearing 1.25" New Balance sneakers and Snipes just 0.6" Converse. I'm not sure the height difference is much bigger than the footwear difference, if at all. All of these guys are really close in height and it's mostly the footwear, angles and posture that make them vary.

The Showest event is interesting because I think it's one of those events where Sly didn't have obvious lifts, but he also wasn't wearing shoes that looked so blatantly normal as his dress shoes in recent years. That was probably the case more often in the 90's. But even to this day it's pretty obvious when Sly wears his big footwear, imo: Click Here Sly was looking 1.5"-2" at that event in full pics and video and Statham is going up on his toes and one foot. I just can't see Statham 1/2" taller even now. Imo, both are 5'8.5". Sometimes Statham can pull off 5'8.75"-5'9", but he was shorter than Robert Knepper. Actually, I think Sly would have been pretty much identical to Knepper.
Pierre said on 26/Dec/18
The story of dolph on a box maybe want to say =lifts in his boxing shoes?=that could explain why i see his shoes so big in the pic of Duhon(20 Dec 18).Because it's hard for me to imagine a box under his feet in the boxing scènes
Timson said on 26/Dec/18
Utterly impossible to gauge. In a picture with John Travolta he looks 5-7 seriously and then you see a picture with Seagal and he looks 3” shorter. Guys a morphing dude haha.
Pierre said on 26/Dec/18
@Robbie Harris=Clint 6"3' in 1993?=At around the same date (1994) next to bruce Willis and John Travolta = Click Here .....6"3' in 1993 is questionable imo
burby said on 25/Dec/18
"He's 5'10" or around there" is a nice way of Dolph to ask for another Sly movie gig. Who woulda thought Dolph would be in two hit movies right now in 2018?
Robby Harris said on 25/Dec/18
@Rising: Frankie is probably trolling or at least has a clear bias against Sly. If he were honest with his estimates, he'd at least acknowledge some of his previous errors. To say Sly appeared just 5'7" next to 5'10" Ted Cruz, despite his eye-level coming slightly ABOVE the bottom of his nose, and his footwear likely being low-heeled dress shoes and STILL maintain Sly was under 5'8" there and *probably* wearing lifts is not only unreasonable, but clearly demonstrates his obvious bias to make Sly as short as possible. I lost my patience in arguing with him a long time ago, as he never seems to consider objectivity.

Sly looked less than 4" shorter than Clint Eastwood back in 1993 at ShoWest. This was when Clint was arguably still close to 6'3". He likely lost a little height, but nothing major at that point. Sly doesn't appear anything under 5'11" at the minimum in these photos, with an obvious lift advantage:

Click Here Click Here
Click Here Click Here

Footwear (a bit unclear, but Sly's shoes surprisingly don't look too bulky from what can be seen):
Click Here

Sly also looked a bit taller than 5'9" listed Wesley Snipes that day, although the difference doesn't look as much as 2", which may be a result of camera position, but it's still quite unclear to some degree:
Click Here Click Here
Click Here Click Here
Click Here

But he looked shorter than 5'9.5" listed Mel Gibson there, which is most inevitably attributed to lifts, considering Gibson shouldn't really be looking much taller, if much at all, than a 5'8.5"-5'9" Snipes. Gibson must have had a good pair of lifts, since he could look under 5'10", and more like 5'9" at times. He never really looked much taller than Sly at other events either. Maybe 1/4". In any case, Sly was definitely the weaker 5'9" out of the two, imo: Click Here

Although these aren't full body shots, a supposed 5'7" peak (I'm looking at you, Frankie) Sly looking about the same height as 6' John Travolta at ShoWest in 1993 certainly indicates he appeared no less than a strong 5'11" range, possibly even 5'11.5". I've never seen him really looking a legitimate 6' range in a full body pic with elevator/lift shoes, which is why I'd be hesitant to fully conclude he genuinely appeared at least 6'. His shoes definitely appeared to be normal dress shoes, surprisingly! But if we assume he appeared nearer 5'11", 5'9" would make sense as he appeared around that next to Travolta back in the early 80s, presumably liftless. No 5'7"-5'8" guy can pull off looking 5'11" in the shoes Sly often wore back in the day. Guys in that range, certainly 5'7", would need STILETTO'S to be able to do that! Remain objective, guys! He was also about 4" shorter than a legit 6'0.5" Carl Weathers back in 2017, as pictures by Rising below show. Rob, a legit 5'8" guy, was more like 4.5" shorter than him in the photo displayed on his page. Sly's shoes were clearly normal, so it would be extremely unreasonable and silly to claim lifts were involved. Take ALL the photos, videos and films we've seen of Sly next to others (lifts and liftless) to arrive to a reasonable estimate. We know a 5'7" guy can't pull off looking anywhere near as tall as Sly did in the footwear he did, and considering we've never really seen him look below 174 in his prime, or 173 today - it makes sense to believe no lifts are involved in those instances, and with a moderate heel/wedge/bulk around his shoes, we can estimate how much they give, and more often than not, he appears around the estimated figure. Yes, Sly's height is enigmatic due to the lifts, but it's not exactly rocket science here. Anyway, I's some photos of Sly with Travolta in 1993 at ShoWest:
Click Here Click Here
Click Here Click Here
Click Here Click Here
Click Here

Sly and Travolta in 1983: Click Here
Bradley said on 24/Dec/18
5-10 "or around there" is G '06 laughable stuff. Sorry Dolph, try 5' 8.5" plus wedged in customs with you bud.
Rising - 174 cm said on 24/Dec/18
@Frankie: I was actually responding to Pierre who was saying Dolph's shoes looked thicker to him since as I said a while back I see no point in discussing this with you further. But here's an interview from just last month

'Rocky IV is peak Rocky in terms of the character's training and physicality, and Stallone urged Lundgren to be as imposing as possible when it came Rocky's turn to face Drago.

"He wasn't against me getting bigger and stronger, and I would wear lifts in some of the scenes to make me even taller. I also stood on a box for a couple of shots, depending on where the camera was," says Lundgren.'

Click Here

"I'm 6-foot-6," he says.
And Stallone?
"He's 5-foot-10. I don't know exactly, but around there."
Not quite 5-foot-10?
"That's what you say. I didn't say it, did I? Whatever it is, there's a big difference between us. But still, to make the difference seem even greater, he had me stand on a box sometimes."
-- Dolph Lundgren, Bismark Tribune, 1986 (Rob quotes this at the top of Dolph's page, this was reprinted in numerous papers in 1985/86)

So there you have it, Dolph stood on a box or wore lifts depending on where the camera was. If you want to call Dolph a liar then that's your business. But while we're at it, Dolph is not the same height at 60+ with both hips replaced that he was in 1985. He's admitted this for years now. Here's what a prime Dolph looked like with 5'9" Charlie Sheen: Click Here Even with Charlie's hat and Dolph's wide stance, there's still a 7"+ difference. Of course, Dolph playing a lifeguard might even be barefoot or in sandals. You want to see how a 5'6" man looks? Watch Dark Angel/I Come in Peace. Dolph's co-star is 5'6" Brian Benben and he's literally a full head shorter than Dolph: Click Here Click Here Click Here Quite obviously, Stallone looks similar to Sheen and more than an just an inch taller than Benben compared to Dolph.

And while we're at it, Dolph WAS at least 6'4" in the 80's and 90's. Saying his current height as his peak height is wildly misleading. It's like saying Hulk Hogan was 6'3" in Rocky 3 because that's how tall he is now. Funny enough, we've all seen the photo of Hogan standing on a box in Rocky 3 so you'd think that would have been enough for you to do your homework before calling me a liar. But like I said, you believe what you want and if you don't reply to me or refer to me then I won't reply or refer to you.
Frankie68 said on 24/Dec/18
@Barry fl — in the pick I was commenting on there is no box & the height difference looks the same as the infamous toe to toe pic — plus Dolph head is looking down he would appear even taller if his head was straight that all im saying
Barry Fl said on 24/Dec/18
Frankie68 said on 20/Dec/18 "I love some of the folks in here who swear Dolph stood on a box to create the huge height difference in the movie — I dont see any box"

Dolph has stated this himself in numerous interviews - that in certain shots he was on a small box to look even more towering with Stallone.
RichardSpain said on 23/Dec/18
Stallone was not taller than 177cm and nowadays 174cm

Stallone an actor that his best movie was Rocky casually his first serious movie....
Frankie68 said on 23/Dec/18
Dolph Lungren never ever admitted to wearing lifts in his shoes or wore lifts in his shoes in Rocky 4 & I would like to see a video posted of him admitting that - I know the pic by Duhon clearly shows Sly is nowhere near 5’9 without lifts , being that Dolph truly is only 6’3 plus the fact that Dolph is clearly looking down at Sly & if his head where straight Sly would look even shorter so im waiting for a certain person to post favorable pics of Sly to redeem his image of Sly looking tall —
Rising - 174 cm said on 21/Dec/18
Both Sly and Dolph have actually admitted to wearing lifts for that film so it's anyone's guess who had the advantage there. And by recent, I meant the last 2-3 months. You can still notice it if you look, but sometimes it's not so immediately apparent.
Frankie68 said on 20/Dec/18
@Duhon , nice pic !! And Sly got lifts in his boxing shoes LOL !! I love some of the folks in here who swear Dolph stood on a box to create the huge height difference in the movie — I dont see any box - Furthermore - Dolph is only like 6’3 — not 6’5 as claimed or 6’6 by Sly’s words — Dolph is clearly shorter than 6’4 Florian in Creed 2 — so 6’3 is about right for Dolph — and as always 5’7 for Sly with those boxing shoes off !!!
Rising - 174 cm said on 20/Dec/18
@Barry Fl: I'm going to watch the film as soon as I get a chance, but yeah it's pretty conspicuous in the stills and trailer.

@Duhon: Sly looks a weak 5'9" at best there with 6'4" Dolph assuming Dolph isn't getting a camera advantage.
Pierre said on 20/Dec/18
Picture of Duhon on 20/Dec/2018=With the zoom i say to myself Dolph's shoes have something special or Dolph has a very strong foot...(in comparison with Sylvester shoes)
Pierre said on 20/Dec/18
When you search in web "Stallone barefoot 1979 "you find some old pictures of Sylvester in bathing suit in 1979.I doubt he was 5"9'at his peak
Barry Fl said on 20/Dec/18
Rising - 174 cm said on 17/Dec/18
"I think his hairline looks a little more subtle recently than a year or two ago maybe the way he's styling it now"

Ha ha.... Rising, take a look at 'Backtrace', which I think Sly filmed earlier this year. The hairline is crazier than ever in that one! It deserves its own billing in the credits.
Duhon said on 20/Dec/18
Behind the scenes with Dolph from Rocky 4 Click Here
Rising - 174 cm said on 17/Dec/18
Sly always seemed to have more of a long torso and long arms with relatively short legs, which is why I think lifts work so well for him, though his legs aren't nearly as short as I used to think. Btw, Sly looks to be in great shape in the recent pics of him in LA taking a break filming Rambo. Looks leaner than he's been in a while. I think his hairline looks a little more subtle recently than a year or two ago maybe the way he's styling it now.
Imamsocoollikereallycoool said on 15/Dec/18
Has some pretty thin and long legs. Especially for a 5-9 - 5-8 guy. He can still look 5-9 at times. I think 5-8 barefoot is a good listing
Bradley said on 14/Dec/18
I've stood by Amos at a convention...there's no question a 5 foot eight and a half Sly was in ramped customs with him.
Rising - 174 cm said on 14/Dec/18
Yeah, Sly is almost as tall as John Amos in that wide shot in the end. If Amos was 5'11.5" then Sly pulls off 5'11" with him, though I think he looked around the same height as 5'10"-5'10.5" Tom Sizemore. He doesn't give as tall of an impression in Victory and solid 6'3" Max von Sydow seemed to tower Sly(in 2" heels), but Sly surprisingly looked pretty close to 6'2" listed Michael Caine's height at times. Within a couple of inches or so at times, mostly earlier in the film and then 3" or 4" the rest of the film. I think it's more when they play the match and Sly isn't in heels any more that you can see more of the real difference. I'd say he looked about 5'10" in that film, maybe taller in most scenes next to Caine except towards the end, but he was also at his lightest on screen weight at 159 pounds. But it's not uncommon for Sly to wear lifts for virtually an entire film. Certainly he had them for all of Cobra.
tree said on 12/Dec/18
Rob u saw the movie Lock up?
Sly was not too far from 182cm John Amos height. Click Here
Simply looking at him alone he gave a taller impresion than usually,he had some lifts in the whole movie.

How uncomfortable are lifts?
Editor Rob
Yeah, he pulled off near 5ft 10 in that film at times.

When you are earning a few million per film, I think lifts are but a minor inconvenience to some actors (like Downey Jr for instance). You can get used to them, but the high angle will increase risk of issues, like how women can suffer feet issues with years of high-heel wear.
Rising - 174 cm said on 11/Dec/18
Also, on the subject of 2014, this clip even had me wondering if Sly had lost anything by 2014: Click Here Watch through about 1:32. There's some good footage of Sly and Mel Gibson. I don't buy Mel being 5'9.5", but I do think he was the full 5'9" and may still be or very close to it at worst. Both appeared to wear dress shoes: Click Here Click Here But here's an Expendables 3 era photo I'd never seen before: Click Here Sly in dress shoes looking as tall as Banderas in big cowboy boots even further from the camera. Sly and Statham at the same event: Click Here Sly had probably shrunk a very small amount by then, but it really wasn't noticeable yet.
Rising - 174 cm said on 11/Dec/18
@Robby Harris: Here's a shot of Sly's shoes with Tyson at the Boxing HOF: Click Here You're right, they look like normal dress shoes. This makes sense because Sly looked taller than Tyson on the Rocky Balboa set when he had lifts in his boxing shoes. That was actually 2017 with Jackie Chan, but Sly did consistently look at least 2 cm taller. It was 2014 when he had at least an inch on Michael Douglas in dress shoes, though I don't think Douglas is taller than Chan these days. Sly can still look at least as tall as 5'9" listed Anthony Anderson: Click Here Granted, I like to see more than just a side angle like that, but imagine Anderson without the camera advantage: Click Here It's difficult to see Sly any shorter, imo since his eye level is higher, his chin is noticeably higher and his shoulders are higher. His shoes look like normal dress shoes to me: Click Here and from the side angle: Click Here Flat with no kind of bulge or angle. Maybe Anderson is a little below 5'9" himself or 5'8.5" and obviously, we agree on Sly currently being 5'8.5". And even considering shoes, it is tough to see Sly less than 5'9" with Ali as well. He probably did have some kind of lift because he looks too tall there for just that heel. Doesn't mean he was every mm of 5'9", but I think there's a bit better chance of it than I did a year ago.
Bradley said on 10/Dec/18
He's rockin' in custom lifts with The Champ. Heel and wedge. He was 5' 8.5" in 40+ years ago.
Robby Harris said on 10/Dec/18
He didn't look under 5'10" with 6'2.5" Muhammad Ali at the 1977 Oscars: Click Here Still from video: Click Here Footwear: Click Here His shoes had quite a solid heel, and it's possible he has a small lift in there. 174.5 cm or a weak to solid 5'9" is as close as we'll get to his peak, imo.
Robby Harris said on 9/Dec/18
@Rising: Yes, I agree Sly is taller than Bandares and Statham, and I'd even lean towards Sly having a slight edge on Snipes, as the photos indicate. Sly still seemed to be close to his peak around that time, and in the last few years has been looking 5'8.5" a lot more than 5'9", which wasn't the case 5+ years ago. He's lucky to have maintained the range he has, as many men around his age would have lost close to an inch - which more often than not is more health-related than age-related, though one could argue both go hand in hand.

Sly certainly looked no shorter than 5'9" with Mike Tyson at the Boxing Hall of Fame Induction back in 2011: Click Here Click Here Video: Click Here from the beginning of the clip to 20 second mark and then from 11 min to end of clip. I remember Sly's shoes looking pretty flat and clearly liftless at that event, though I can't find pics of it anymore. He was obviously still at his peak height at that time.

I know he had a solid inch on Jackie Chan back in 2014, when Chan had fell to 172 cm or so from his 174 peak, making Sly no shorter than 174 cm bare minimum at the time in low-heeled, liftless shoes, and also had some considerable height on Chan, looking at least 5'11"-5'11.5" in lifts, arguably no less than the latter in this shot from 2001: Click Here but I don't think I recall seeing a good gauge of their genuine height difference while both at their peak heights, or at least as far back as the 90's. My memory might be a bit off, as I haven't watched the films they starred in together in a long time.
Rising - 174 cm said on 4/Dec/18
@Robby Harris: I'm actually not even certain Banderas is liftless there either: Click Here I'm not saying they can't be normal dress shoes, but I wouldn't rule out a small elevator. On the other hand, Sly being liftless isn't hard for me to believe considering this shot from that same year pretty much confirms he went without lifts at times: Click Here I'm certain Sly was and probably still is taller than Banderas. This wide shot from the Expendables 3 makes it impossible for me to believe otherwise: Click Here Same thing with this one from Assassins even considering posture: Click Here Sly just looks physically bigger and taller. I do believe Banderas is more 5'8" flat, but I agree that Sly and Snipes were probably around 5'8.75" in 2014 or 5'8.5" minimum. I think both edged Statham who is looking more and more like just a 5'8.5" guy, especially since as I posted a few months back, Sly in big footwear looked a good 1.5" taller than Statham just a few months ago: Click Here Click Here and you can see Statham is actually going on his toes on one foot. The difference didn't look any smaller on video either: Click Here and that adds up with this 2017 video: Click Here You can probably compare them for a few seconds around 13 seconds in when they're basically side by side before they get too far down the ramp and the angle gets too low, but you can compare them for a few seconds again around 45 seconds when they're off the ramp. And these photos show Sly was wearing dress shoes and Statham wearing boots: Click Here Click Here Those 2 comparisons together make it difficult to believe Sly is shorter than Statham even today. No doubt the lifts make it tougher, but at least for me and probably you as well, when you see Sly enough with someone in different footwear, I think you can get an idea of whether he's at least as tall as them or not.
Robby Harris said on 3/Dec/18
Sly, Wesley Snipes, Antonio Bandares and Jason Statham at the Expendables 3 premiere in 2014:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

They're all of similar height there. I'd estimate Snipes at 5'8.5" to maybe 5'9" max, ditto Statham. Bandares is listed here at 5'8.5" and Sly appears to edge him by at least a fraction, though its arguable Bandares is more 5'8" flat, which would still make Sly near 174 cm in comparison. Imo, he also has an edge on Snipes and Statham, both whom are most likely 5'8.5" guys, possibly a little over, with Snipes having a somewhat fair chance of 5'9". This would make Sly at LEAST 5'8.5", and possibly a 1/4" over that in '14. His shoes are clearly liftless here, and they appear to be normal low-heeled dress shoes. Its arguable Sly is the tallest out of all the guys, though they are all fairly close. Sly has never been 5'7". If you even assume he was, then you'd have to explain his ability to pull off a strong 5'11" with a good pair of lifts/elevator shoes back when he regularly wore bigger footwear. Remember, 5'7" + 4" over standard 1" shoes = 6'. Its ridiculous and impossible for Sly to have been that short, or under 5'8.5" to be able to pull off the height he did in the observable footwear we've seen him in over the years. His shoes should have looked like stilts and he should have walked like a clown had that been the case! Again, remain objective and leave personal bias out the way!

To retract to my last paragraph in my last post in regards to Frank2, I forgot to add that he claimed he first met Sly, who had apparently been wearing leather boots, looking 5'11" - or the same height as him (F2). Think about it. It doesn't add up with Sly looking 4" shorter (or 5" shorter than his shoe standing height) without extreme difficulty, plus his footwear would have looked absolutely ridiculous had that been the case. However, according to F2, if memory serves correct, his shoes happened to look like regular heeled leather boots, not stilts. As I already stated, you can't give Frank2 full credibility as some of his estimates/claims have been a little "shaky". Frank claiming he saw Michael Jackson at 5'8" and then 5'9" and later down to 5'7" based on just ONE meeting is a little odd, imo. Someone explain that one for me. Did his memory just bounce from time to time? Get to your senses, people! Sly was never under 5'8", and there's a good chance he's still 174 cm today. Easily a solid 175 cm peak, but no more than that. Perhaps 1/8" shy of the 5'9" mark peak. 173 cm minimum today, and that's pushing it.
Rising - 174 cm said on 3/Dec/18
@Robby Harris: Yeah, Serena can look a solid 5'9" or 176 cm to me, but in any case, Sly looks how I'd expect a 5'8.5" man to look with a solid 5'9" woman in flats: Click Here Her shoes are only a 1/4" and she's not shorter than him considering posture, but Sly's shoes look flat with a small heel not even an inch, imo. So those shoes could be just 2 cm. Also, we can see Sly was noticeably taller at that event with this man: Click Here than 5'7.5" Don Cheadle was: Click Here and at the same event with Miguel Cotto(listed at 5'7" and 5'8" in his boxing career) Click Here but Cotto is probably closer to 5'6.5", imo as 5'7" Mayweather edged him: Click Here

I'm certain whatever height Sly is, he's taller than a guy like Cheadle or Mark Wahlberg and we do at least have photos of Sly with the latter: Click Here Click Here Lifts in golf shoes are possible, but Sly looks about the same with James Caan as he did in the video I posted on 11/Oct/18 when he had golf shoes and a broken foot, so imo, that's probably not the case there.
Robby Harris said on 29/Nov/18
Sly is still easily over 5'8" and likely closer to 5'8.5" or a little under. Closer to 5'9" peak. 5'7" is an absolute joke! No evidence to support that. Serena Williams is at least 5'9", if not a little over. Carl Weathers is at least 6'0.5" and had a good 4" on Sly making Sly 5'8.5" in early '17. To say he's anything below 5'8" even today is absurd! Rising has posted some great irrefutable pics that clearly indicate Sly stood taller than Rob did beside Weathers. 174 cm is the absolute lowest that can be argued for peak, imo. It's extremely difficult to see him below that if you see him next to guys like Harrison Ford, Mike Tyson or Arnold (lifts and liftless) + many others I won't bother mentioning. 5-8.5-5-9 peak. 5-8-5-8.5 current. Lol, Frankie68 - I'm pretty sure you WANT Sly to be 5'7" as you've managed to dismiss EVERY single photo that tears that claim to shreds! But I'll leave it at that.

As for anyone who wants to bring up Frank2's estimate as some sort of "proof" for Sly being 5'7", you must remember he claimed he saw Sly barefoot and estimated him about 4" shorter than his (F2's) 5'11" (6' in shoes). Frank had his shoes on while Sly walked past him in his stocking feet - making Sly more 5'8" with that premise - however, a half inch could easily be obscured simply from walking, posture-wise. His posture may have been fairly loose to begin with as he'd apparently just taken his shoes off since they were apparently hurting him! Plus, Frank2 wasn't always as reliable when it came to height anyways. He claimed Michael Jackson was 5'7"-5'9" (obviously not at the same time, but at different stages) based on ONE meeting. So why should we be so certain on his 5'7" citing of Sly - which his story has way too many holes in to begin with. Let's remain objective here!
Rising - 174 cm said on 28/Nov/18
His hair does look remarkably real, but if it is just a rug then I think it's a mistake to go with a hairline so conspicuously low since it makes it less believable. Still much better than what others do like Steven Seagal who seems to have drawn in his hair with a sharpie. @Michael: He lies for the same reason many men do, except he also has the Rocky/Rambo/action star image to maintain. I agree not more than 5'9" peak and possibly slightly under, but he hasn't shrunk that much. Jordan is listed 5'10.5" here(but also lies and claims 6 feet) and when shoes are comparable, he's about 2" taller than Sly: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here The one area I disagree on is height loss. I can't see a full inch loss for Sly yet let alone two. About 5'8.5" today. Not more, but not much less.
THE REAL ANONYMOUS said on 28/Nov/18
I dont agree with you Brad regarding Slys hair transplant. Hair transplants give you an illusion of more hair.You only have so much donor hair. Thats a wig!
Frankie68 said on 27/Nov/18
@Michael 5’10 — I agree with you - there is also a pic from his new movie with 5’8 1/2 Lydia Hull who is clearly taller than him with his lifts on for the movie & how can we forget last years pic with Serena Williams clearly taller than him in her flattest of shoes & she’s 5’8 — also theres a video of Sly & Dolph interview for Creed 2 & there talking about how Sly discovered Dolph for Rocky 4 & Sly goes on to lie about Dolph’s height to make himself seem taller -stateing how they were looking for a guy 6’6 — Dolph isnt 6’6 & he is clearly shorter than 6’4 Florian Munteanu in the movie !! He definitely under 5’8 IMO plus with his famous 3-4 inche boots you can really change eye level of people who meet you and think your taller than you really are — but he dont fool me lol
Bradley said on 27/Nov/18
Transplants, really good ones. Wigs are easy to see, David Lee Roth 1986 is obvious. Gene Simmons for decades. 5' 8" is his 2018 height.
Michael, 5'10" 178 cm said on 26/Nov/18
Sylvester Stallone was never 5’10” or 5’11”. He was 5’9” tops for his peak height. Why does he insist on lying about his height? In Creed, he looked shorter than Michael B. Jordan who isn’t even that tall, I know that Stallone has shrunk, but he is definitely under 5’9” today, either 5’7” or 5’8” is my guess.
THE REAL ANONYMOUS said on 26/Nov/18
Im pretty sure thats a wig Sly is wearing! There is way to much coverage there for a transplant.
Rising - 174 cm said on 26/Nov/18
@Jim hoppers: That's what we've all been wondering lol. I said transplant, but most others seemed to go with rug. They could be right, but I think he was wearing a toupee before that.
Jim hoppers said on 25/Nov/18
His peak no more than 5-9. Now 5-8 tops . His hair? Is it transplant or a wig?
Nik said on 24/Nov/18
@ Rob - Have you ever seen Sylvester Stallone in the flesh?
Editor Rob
Paying £300-£400 for a guaranteed photo would have been something I considered 10 years ago, but I couldn't justify it the last few times he was doing an event. I have seen friends who paid out big money for their photos with Sly and generally he looked 5ft 8.5-9 in them.
Rising - 174 cm said on 24/Nov/18
This is a pretty good shot of Sly and Jennifer from the recent premiere: Click Here He looks maybe 2 cm shorter in some kind of thick sneakers/boots(which probably have a pretty big insole) than Jennifer in high heels. Here's a good shot of her heels: Click Here I'd think those would have to be at least 3", possibly a bit over and I personally wouldn't guess Sly's shoes adding that much myself.
Nik said on 23/Nov/18
@ Rob - How long has he been 5'8.25"?
Editor Rob
Current height hasn't been on that mark for that long, he will probably lose 1/4 every few years.
ET said on 22/Nov/18
Wow, always thought the man was 6'4, just by watching Rambo alone, shocked when you check out full body pics and google searches.
Nik said on 21/Nov/18
@ Rob - Has he ever been given a higher listing than the current one?
Editor Rob
He's been sitting on that peak for a while, but above 9.25 I can't remember.
Rising - 174 cm said on 21/Nov/18
@Brad: Yes, 1/4" off, but in the other direction, imo. See my post on 12/Nov/18 of Sly and that "Glee" guy.
Frankie68 said on 21/Nov/18
I saw CREED 2 (which sucked) theres a scene at the end when he goes to see his son Milo Ventimiglia & Sly has his boots on (lol) they hug each other & there the same size —Milo maybe 5’9 — Sly in his boots being that size is certainly under 5’8 without them on !! 5’7 max
viper said on 20/Nov/18
Danimal, Shawne Merriman is listed 2 inches above his real height here.
Bradley said on 19/Nov/18
"Mountain of shoe" is reality at Creed Duece. The guy has issues with 5-8...not as bad as Vin at 5-10 wearing monsters 24/7/365. Sly's hair work is second to none. 1/4" off on the 5' 8" reality on Celebrity Heights.
Canson said on 18/Nov/18
@Danimal: you think he began losing height 40 years ago?
Rising - 174 cm said on 18/Nov/18
@Danimal: I know you're not biased against anyone so I hope you didn't interpret me as suggesting you were. We tend to disagree on height loss questions in general, which is our main disagreement on Sly and Arnold for that matter. Granted, I lean slightly higher on Sly's peak(more 5'8.75"-5'9") but 5'8.5" is entirely possible too. I just don't think he's lost more than half an inch. My point is just that if Sly really is just over 5'7" these days, he LOOKS more like 5'8.5" there as he measures up slightly better to Carl than Rob does. I don't THINK he had lifts at the Golden Globes, but imo, that's what has to be argued for Sly to be 5'7" range with Carl. But seriously, it's good to hear from you and see a familiar name whenever you do decide to post and I respect your opinion. Hope all is well with you.
Danimal 5'9 3/4" said on 18/Nov/18
Rising - 174 cm said on 7/Nov/18
@Danimal: I guess you're ignoring most of what gets posted here because I literally posted that same exact second photo you posted on 2/Nov/18, along with this comparison to tell us more objectively how tall Sly and Weathers looked at the Golden Globes: Click Here Did you even look at where the top of Sly's head reaches on Carl in the pictures you posted? Sly is comfortably 5'8.5" in those two full photos and still around that in the other. These are the three photos you just posted: Click Here I'm really confused at why you posted that first one in particular because Sly reaches Carl's eyebrows in it! If anything, he looks 5'9" reaching his eyebrows, but I'll say that's Carl's posture.

Rising, I assure you, I'm not ignoring your posts, or anyone's for that matter. I rarely come on to this site anymore. I only saw those pics of Sly and Weathers recently by chance and decided to post them on here. I think you know that I am not a biased contributor to this site. I've posted quite consistently for the last 14 years of my life and I always like to be proven wrong, but guys like Stallone, Arnold, Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Justin Bieber and several others on this site are listed as being at least 1" above their actual present day height. That's not because I'm a hater, or want to lower their heights. I've never been about that. I'm a huge fan of Stallone, Arnold, Tom Cruise and Will Smith. I just call it as I see it. I don't think Stallone was only 5'7" during his prime. He could have been as high as 5'8.5", but I don't see him much over the 5'7" mark today. Arnold was at least 6'1.5" in his younger years, but is at best 5'10.5" today. People do lose height and some a lot more than others (as you are well aware) and some actors wear lifts to act as if they are taller than they actually are (as you are well aware as well). Don't take my not having replied to you sooner as anything other than my having become a casual contributor in my old age (I just turned 41) ;-). This site is no longer a place I feel the need to post on every day of my life anymore. I've put in 14 years and I think I've earned my place in it's history. Take care old friend. Dan
Danimal 5'9 3/4" said on 18/Nov/18
Parker said on 7/Nov/18
Looks 5'8.5 to me with Weathers. Fantastic hair piece as well.

That's how tall you WANT him to be, so he will look that height to your eyes. That's not how tall he actually is though. In fact, that was at best his PEAK height 40 years ago.
Frankie68 said on 16/Nov/18
The Creed 2 premiere proves he wears lifts & proves he stands on a mountain of shoe to still be clearly shorter than Michael B Jordan was isnt tall at all — I’ll give Michael B Jordan 5’10 max
Bradley said on 16/Nov/18
Big lifts at Creed II....Jennifer in heels with a 5' 8"er. He's rockin' in the big ones.
Rising - 174 cm said on 16/Nov/18
@Pierre: Fair enough. That's your belief and what you base it on. I wouldn't call that evidence of lifts myself, but if you're convinced of that, we can agree to disagree.
Rising - 174 cm said on 15/Nov/18
Not the best angle, but video of Sly at the Creed premiere yesterday: Click Here Sly is at the very beginning of the video for the first 40 seconds. You can tell he's wearing some sort of thick footwear or lifts again because he's measuring up better to Jordan than he did at the first Creed events 2-3 years ago and better to Jennifer than he normally would when she's in high heels. He still had dress shoes at that film festival in Egypt about a month ago so he probably wanted some of that height back for his big premiere. This will likely be the case when Rambo 5 premieres as well.
Pierre said on 15/Nov/18
@Rising=you write="maybe not conclusive proof,but usually some evidence is presented before considering someone wear lifts".
This is what i guess(i have explain why i guess this in my comment on 12 /Nov =Carl next to Rob)
Junis said on 15/Nov/18
Hey folks, I'm from Germany

What does peak height mean?
Editor Rob
The height someone was in their 20's or 30's, before they start to shrink.
Rising - 174 cm said on 14/Nov/18
@Pierre: Maybe not conclusive proof, but usually some evidence is presented before considering someone wears lifts. Many do wear lifts, but the vast majority do not. Usually a lift wearer's height will vary more than most. Carl's head looks noticeably shorter than the 5'10" man in that pic while the 5'10" man's head doesn't look much different than Biehn. In reality, I don't believe Carl's head is much, if any shorter than Biehn, that's why I mention the camera. I don't think the camera difference is any less than a posture difference, which I'm not even sure about because the 5'10" man may be doing what you mention with his neck, but Carl is leaning. The point is Carl is noticeably taller and much more than Michael Biehn is with the same man.
Pierre said on 14/Nov/18
@Rising=It will be very hard for me to give you an absolute proof his shoes have sometimes an internal heel,i'm not going to ask him to remove his shoes :).The fact he's always looking around the same height next to Philip Winchester is not a proof he never wear lifts too.The 5"10' guy is not a lot closer to the camera than Carl and the camera is standing as high as their heads with about zero angle then there is not a real advantage for him imo.Carl only tilts a little bit on his right side,his left eye is always approximately as high as in a classic posture.
Rising - 174 cm said on 13/Nov/18
@Pierre: Carl is leaning with the 5'10" guy as well and may be slightly farther from the camera judging by how their heads look. I don't believe Carl wears lifts if that's what you mean since I've never seen any evidence of it. If that had been the case, I don't think he'd have looked about the same height each of the 3 times Rob saw him. You can see his shoes in many photos with 6'1" listed Philip Winchester: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Those two remain pretty consistently close with one or the other looking slightly taller depending on the photo, but they same the exact same height to me. If Carl wore lifts, I'd expect to see more variation.
Pierre said on 13/Nov/18
@Rising=The 5"10' guy break his posture next to Carl=he break his neck and his back.I talk about internal heels not external heel,then you can not really see them
Rising - 174 cm said on 12/Nov/18
@Pierre: Rob said it wasn't a case of footwear difference or big heels and said that height can be gained or lost in photos with Mike Tyson the opposite example as he looks taller in the photo than in person. That seemed to be what he implied since he posted another photo of Carl at that same event with a man he says is 5'10" in person and said this is closer to how Carl looked that day: Click Here Don't know if that will work so here's a different link to try: Click Here You can see how that man looks with Michael Biehn and then with Carl. Considering Rob was there when the photo was taken I have no problem taking his word for it. Especially since I haven't seen Carl wear big heels since the 70's and 80's when they were in style. I don't know that Carl's posture was the same in 2010 and 2015 since we can see more of his body in the recent one. Either way, I think Rob would tell you the recent pic is better for showing Carl's height.

@Canson: I appreciate your support, but best to let this go at this point. It's a case where two people don't see eye to eye and as you know, sometimes not much will change that, especially online.
Nik said on 12/Nov/18
It would be great to see him pictured with Rob!
Canson said on 12/Nov/18
@Frankie68: fair enough

@Rising: agreed. The site itself was intended for this. I’ve seen you post for several other celebs so it’s just in keeping with the customary on this site
Pierre said on 12/Nov/18
@Rising=About Carl/Rob= The camera is about the same angle and they have about the same postures,and imo can not explain this difference.I can not explain to me otherwise than Carl wear sometimes advantageous shoes with a classic external heel.
Zach said on 12/Nov/18
5'8 1/4? Interesting...
Rising - 174 cm said on 12/Nov/18
I don't remember this being posted, but interesting recent comparison with Matthew Morrison(listed at 5'11" here) Full pics: Click Here Click Here Click Here Short video: Click Here Imo, Sly's dress shoes don't look any more suspicious than Leno's or Morrison's: Click Here Granted, the average guess for Morrison is 5'10.55" and Rob said 5'10.5"-5'11" range is possible, but even if Morrison is just 5'10.5", I struggle to see Sly below 5'8.5".

Honestly, I didn't even know who Morrison was before I stumbled on these pics so I don't have a strong opinion on his height, but he did look slightly taller than 5'10.5" listed Jay Leno: Click Here Personally, I think Leno is closer to a flat 5'10" now, maybe 1/4" over.
Frankie68 said on 11/Nov/18
@canson —- no you dont think so —— I do
Pierre said on 11/Nov/18
@Rising=Yes interesting interview
Rising - 174 cm said on 11/Nov/18
@Pierre: That's because Carl was slouching more in that earlier pic and maybe something to do with the camera position. I can't remember for sure, but I remember Rob posting photos of Carl that day with others including a 5'10" man. Certainly, Carl was no shorter in 2010 than he was in 2015. The pic loka used for the comparison is a good one because the camera seems a pretty good height and both were standing pretty straight at the moment. Here's another image taken from a good height I pulled off Google: Click Here Unless Sly's head is barely over his [unnaturally low] hairline, I don't see him less than 5'8.5" there.

@Canson: I think many who wouldn't post on a site like this would find us regularly posting, discussing all things height(e.g., morning vs midday vs low etc.) and debating the heights kind of odd. But as Rob has said, it's a niche site and that will be the case with other niche sites.
Canson said on 11/Nov/18
@Frankie68: to be fair, I don’t think Rising has a “fascination” with anyone’s height. This is a height related site though
Pierre said on 10/Nov/18
Comparisons Sylvester /Carl Weathers=but in the first pic next to Rob Carl looks at least one inch shorter than in the second pic next to Rob both in about the same posture...Click Here Click Here
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Nov/18
@Pierre: Yes, he wears big shoes/boots in most films. He had heeled boots on at the beginning of Victory/Escape to Victory, which we can probably assume was for height since those heels wouldn't be typical for the 1940's when the film was set though not for the end scene during the actual match: Click Here or the team photo: Click Here when he wore shoes more typical of soccer. I don't think you can see where his foot is inside a boot from such a distance. Up close, the actual motorcycle boot looks like the same one Winkler has, imo: Click Here I don't know how available insert lifts were in the early 70's when it was filmed. Lords of Flatbush had a low budget and problems funding(which delayed the release) so if Sly wanted lifts that early, he might have needed to go to a custom shoemaker if he had the money. Even with Rocky, Sly said they had almost no budget for wardrobe and that he already had the coat(from when he was 19) along with the boots and hat. It's the final question at the bottom of this interview about Rocky's wardrobe: Click Here Btw, it's probably an interview any Sly fan would enjoy reading.
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Nov/18
@Frankie: Did you take exception to me using the word fascination? Fine, I'll reword that. I don't see the big deal about the Rocky boots, at least not for them to be brought up this much. It's just one of many examples of Sly wearing big heels. That's all I'm saying. And it's old news Dolph stood on a box for some close ups. No idea what Melinda Dillon has to do with this either or if she's 5'8" since Rob hasn't given her a page to my knowledge. I'm not denying Sly has made himself taller for movies. I don't know how you want me to "ease up" since I'm just posting my opinion on topic and trying to support it. If there's a point I want to disagree with then I will, but when someone just posts their opinion as viper did, I didn't reply to him or tell him he's wrong. I don't think your characterization of me is accurate and I don't see how you want me to "ease up" other than by not posting here at all or agreeing with you. But if you really have such a problem with how I post, I'll tell you what. If you prefer, we can just ignore each other here. You don't reply to me and I won't reply to you. No hard feelings. You can have your say and I'll have mine and we can stick to the topic that way because frankly, I don't want to discuss myself here or have to defend myself personally. That takes the fun out of it for me.

@Brad: Your height isn't typical. You're in something like the 99.7 percentile. 6 foot is more than 2.5" above the average American male. That's as tall as 5'7" is short. It probably does seem funny to look down on the head of a man considered tall, but imo, 2.5" above the average qualifies as tall.
Pierre said on 10/Nov/18
I think Sylvester had sometimes advantageous shoes in movies=In "Escape to Victory" he had this shoes = Click Here
In "the Lords of Flatbush",he wear Cowboy shoe like the others,but sometimes i ask me if he had an internal heel in this movie,because it seems to me his boots do not maintain very well his feet when he walk as here = Click Here ,as his feet was very high in his boots
Bradley said on 9/Nov/18
Those Rocky 3 heel jobs are hilarious. I wonder what other stealth footwear he's worn through the years. Please post the heeled monsters.I was 6 foot in 1971, in the U.S. 6 foot is not "tall".
Frankie68 said on 9/Nov/18
@rising —-with all due respect -we don’t get your “fascination “ with Sly’s height — I remember b4 Editor Rob Downgraded him you would argue that height —now you argue this current height for SLY — there is a difference between arguing or having a discussion about his height as opposed to wanting people to only see your point of view or want you choose to believe — I got a point for you (i seen this pic very recently) A pic of Apollo & Drago in there toe to toe stare down & there both looking towards the camera 🎥 as its probably a promo pic & the size difference looks as much as when Drago went toe to toe with Rocky & rocky is 5 inches shorter than Carl now how is that possible — you know how —camera angles to favor Stallone as many actors have stated —- 5’8 Melinds Dillon said Sly didnt like being shorter than her on camera — requested that she be in flats in there scenes will he’s in elevators — cmon man !! Ease up — this isnt that important
Rising - 174 cm said on 8/Nov/18
@Hijo: That's not his boxing footwear. It's no more relevant to his boxing footwear than pointing out he wore flat Converse in most of the training scenes: Click Here or slippers before the final Rocky 3 fight as I showed on 5/Nov/18. And the heels in the first Rocky were about as "massive" as a typical cowboy boot and not unusual for the time. For just one example, almost the entire cast of D.C. Cab wore heels at least that big including 6'4" Adam Baldwin. I don't get the fascination at all. He wore bigger in heels in Rocky 3: Click Here @Brad: Calling a 6 footer tall is not laughable, it's factually correct in most parts of the world and Weathers is still taller than a flat 6' now, much less back in 2003 so I don't get that comment unless I misinterpreted something.
Bradley said on 8/Nov/18
The custom heeled boots he wore sitting on the steps in Rocky 1 might be the biggest add in any Rocky film. He was in custom wedged boxing shoes in the ring in every film, the training video is worth many laughs leaping off the canvas in regular boxing footwear. He's never been over 5' 8.5" in his life.
Frankie68 said on 8/Nov/18
@viper —-I couldn’t agree more !!!
Hijoputamos said on 8/Nov/18
@Frankie, I agree. Look at the high heel boots Sly wore in Rocky 1. Massive heels!
Rising - 174 cm said on 8/Nov/18
@Frankie68: He looks 5'8.5" next to Weathers as Parker said. He's above his eyes and slightly taller than Rob so no less than that. I said he looked 5'9" in that one pic because he was at least at his eye brows, but that was due to posture. I was just making a point. I really don't know what you're talking about with the boxing shoes, though. His boxing shoes in Rocky Balboa looked way different: Click Here but then he was taller than Mike Tyson and measured up pretty well to 6'2.5" billed Antonio Tarver: Click Here Those shoes are far different than the flat ones he wore in the first 3 films: Click Here This is Sly in dress shoes with Tyson in 2011: Click Here Considering, he's an inch shorter at most, it makes sense he could appear taller with his Rocky Balboa boxing shoes and these dress shoes look flat and completely normal: Click Here Even if he somehow managed a sizable lift in there without the slightest angle or bulge then he's still over 5'8" with Tyson as he pulls off a solid 176 cm. I remember Rob thought those shoes looked normal as well. If Sly was somehow in 3" footwear there(which imo, is completely impossible) then that doesn't explain why he looks a good 5'11" at other times. 5" footwear? No chance. But at least we both seem to agree Sly hasn't lost much height.

@Parker: It looks like real hair to me. The only thing I'll say is his hair line draws attention to the fact that it's a piece or transplant so what he was wearing before was less noticeable. And agreed 100% on Sly. 0% chance he was just 5'7" flat peak or probably even now.
viper said on 7/Nov/18
He may look 5-8, but he's never been taller than 5-7 peak
Frankie68 said on 7/Nov/18
I respect everybody’s opinion cause it makes for good conversation BUT @rising - Sorry Sly does not look 5’9 next to weathers & sly has worn lifts in all the ROCKY movies & in all the boxing shoes he wore - it wasn’t just ROCKY 4 — actually it was more noticable in ROCKY 2 & 3 — &!in ROCKY BALBOA — ROCKY 1 not as much prob cause he wasn’t famous at that point in time - but from ROCKY 2 and on The big gassed up shoes came out !!
Rising - 174 cm said on 7/Nov/18
@Danimal: I guess you're ignoring most of what gets posted here because I literally posted that same exact second photo you posted on 2/Nov/18, along with this comparison to tell us more objectively how tall Sly and Weathers looked at the Golden Globes: Click Here Did you even look at where the top of Sly's head reaches on Carl in the pictures you posted? Sly is comfortably 5'8.5" in those two full photos and still around that in the other. These are the three photos you just posted: Click Here I'm really confused at why you posted that first one in particular because Sly reaches Carl's eyebrows in it! If anything, he looks 5'9" reaching his eyebrows, but I'll say that's Carl's posture.
Parker said on 7/Nov/18
Looks 5'8.5 to me with Weathers. Fantastic hair piece as well.
Danimal 5'9 3/4 said on 6/Nov/18
How are people ignoring Stallone being dwarfed next to Carl Weathers last year at the Golden Globes???? Rob, how could you ignore those pictures?
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob
I don't think he looks less than 5ft 8 there.
Rising - 174 cm said on 6/Nov/18
@Jamz: Kurt is closer to 5'9" than 5'10" or 5'9.5" max. He can pass for 5'10" at times, but there's absolutely no way Kurt had close to 2" on Stallone or even a full inch in their primes. Look at them in this interview: Click Here You can also see them standing around the 10 minute mark. Look at this wide shot in the film: Click Here Actually, you wouldn't think Russell was taller at all from the Tango and Cash era, but in general, I don't see Sly over 5'9" and possibly as short as 5'8.5" while I doubt Kurt was under 5'9" and could have been a bit over so I'll say somehow Sly pulled off looking as much as 1.5"-2" taller at times due to footwear and posture. You can see Sly with at least 2", possibly 2.5" heels at the beginning of the film and I have no doubt he was wearing his lifts, but Kurt wore cowboy boots himself for the scenes outside of the prison and Kurt wore at least standard 1.75" cowboy heels, possibly 2" back then. On the subject of heels, Sly actually seemed to wear bigger heels in the 80's than the 70's. Other examples would be around Rhinestone and Staying Alive.
Jamz said on 6/Nov/18
5'8 Since Kurt Russell is nearly 5'10
Bradley said on 5/Nov/18
He wore wedged footwear in all the Rocky films. His Rambo boots were customs. Look at that heeled crap Mel was wearing, that's incredible, he's worse than Stallone. These guys all hate being under 6 feet and calling somebody "tall" at 6 feet is laughable.
Rising - 174 cm said on 5/Nov/18
I'm pretty sure Sly didn't wear lifts in the ring before Rocky 4 otherwise why remark about having to do it to fight Dolph? Weathers had a good 4" on Sly in reality, but that difference is manageable with camera angles. We can see Sly's feet so we know he didn't have lifts in this Rocky 3 scene: Click Here Even considering Weathers must be dropping more than an inch posture, it's tough to see Sly much less than 5'9" there. If Sly had big lifts at the Oscars then it's even more impressive he didn't fall because he got pretty drunk that night. But if he really was 6'+ in boots w/ Ali then that would also suggest he's at least near 5'9" because those don't look like 3.5"-4" boots. I'd assume the 5" platforms comment was exaggerating for effect, but Sly did not have platforms in Rocky 5. Heels were a good 2", though and probably more inside: Click Here Click Here Pretty similar to what Mel Gibson wore in Lethal Weapon 3: Click Here Click Here You can get around 3" with that design, but imo, Sly would need a platform, bulkier front or more room above the toe to get him closer to 4". If you want to see a design like I'm describing, watch when Burt Reynolds puts on his boots at the beginning of Hooper or this photoshoot: Click Here Click Here I don't know if Burt did get near 4" for sure, but I can see the possibility for 3.5"-4" actual height with that design. These heels RDJ wore are perhaps even more likely: Click Here Click Here Notice the platform on the front and at least 3" external heels.
Frankie68 said on 4/Nov/18
@peter181cm— Sly wore like 5 inch platforms in Rocky 5 - bad pic for a reference -sorry !
Bradley said on 4/Nov/18
Look at Sly with Ali. At 5' 8.5" and those monsters he's 6 foot easy, probably more.
Rising - 174 cm said on 4/Nov/18
@Peter: I agree on current height and that he wasn't short, but 175 cm is still not really short, much less for Sly's generation. If his ex-wife said he was 174-175 then he wasn't 176-177. You're posting a pic where he's dressed in black with 2" heeled boots so of course he'll look taller. Watch Paradise Alley, 5'9.5" Armand Assante was a bit taller than Sly. Or watch Capone, Ben Gazzara was "barely" 5'10" by his own admission and definitely had at least an inch on Sly. Sly also hasn't lost 3 cm. He's lost 1, MAYBE 2 cm tops.

@Brad: You're exaggerating: Click Here His heels are not that big for the era. He could have big lifts inside the boots, but the external heels are like a cowboy heel. The elevator boots he was wearing around late '08 and early '09 were bigger: Click Here Click Here
Bradley said on 3/Nov/18
At 5' 8.5" in the first Rocky he's in custom wedged boxing footwear. The training footage with Weathers is priceless. He looks like a small guy goin' "put em up, put em up" like The Riddler in 1966 with Batman dancing in the ring. Camera angle and big added he can look like a "contendah in da ring". Look at the heeled monsters he was wearing with Ali in '76. How did he even walk up the staircase?
Peter181cm said on 3/Nov/18
Peak: 176-177cm
Now: 173-174cm

When he was young he wasn't 175cm tall..
He look tall..
Look at this:
Click Here

Does he look here like 175cm tall guy?

Yeah, he's not tall guy, but short he wasn't!
Frankie68 said on 2/Nov/18
@robby harris - if you think Sly is 5’8 or taller that’s fine & your entitled to your opinion - - if you think 5’7 is such a joke but 5’8 isn’t that fine — a person that wears shoes as ridiculous as he has 5’7 makes sense to me & isnt far fetched at all , particularly when he looks very short at times — remember you cant make a tall person look short but you can make a short person look taller !!
Rising - 174 cm said on 2/Nov/18
@Frankie: Honestly, I don't see Sly anything under 5'8.5" with Wilder and Lewis: Click Here and with Lewis, he looks pretty much as tall as he should(i.e., 8" shorter) in some pics: Click Here but in other pics, he actually measures up taller than 5'8.5": Click Here I'm glad you brought up the Golden Globes because that's one of the main reasons I give Sly 5'8.5" today instead of 5'8" flat or 5'8.25". He was about 4" or 4.5" shorter, but regardless of Weathers exact height, Sly looked a bit taller than Rob did with Carl: Click Here Rob is 5'8 1/8" at worst so if Sly is a mere 3/8" taller, he's 5'8.5". That's part of what convinced me anyway. And his shoes don't really look different than Carl's shoes: Click Here I think once you get over the shock of seeing Sly in normal shoes looking 5'8" range next to a man undoubtedly over 6' and judge the actual difference, he still generally looks 5'8.5". Remember, Sly use to make himself look like this for photos with tall men: Click Here so seeing him 4" shorter is a shock itself, but I just don't buy lifts in this case because Sly's height was pretty consistent with Carl at the major events such as the Santa Barbara Film Festival: Click Here and same thing at the Creed premiere: Click Here Click Here Always right around 4". Here's Sly probably in lifts recently with Carl: Click Here Notice how much better he measures up even with a camera disadvantage? I doubt we're going to agree on this one, but I give you credit for arguing your view and I think you're adding to the discussion by bringing up new comparisons.

@Robby: Obviously, I don't see the argument for a 5'7" Sly at all, but after seeing Frankie argue it this long, I'll take him at his word that he believes it. My reaction was initially like yours, but I don't think he's trying to troll. To me, it's pretty clear at this point that Sly was 5'9" or 174-175 cm just as Brigitte Nielsen said and could look 5'11" or so with lifts and posture and now he's about a half inch shorter than peak so maybe pulls off strong 5'10" range with his brother and Statham. That's the only thing that I think makes sense with all the evidence, but I guess Frankie must be seeing something different than we are.
Frankie68 said on 2/Nov/18
One last point id like to make regarding the Golden Globes with Carl Weathers is —I remember tuning in for the show when I learned they were presenting an award & when they walked out I remember really noticing the height difference & my wife saying “ I Never knew Sly was so short” next to Apollo !!
Robby Harris said on 2/Nov/18
If he's 5'7" then he must have the best lifts imaginable. 174-175 is a reasonable range for a prime Sly, while 173-174 is where the evidence seems to point towards today. I may have come off a little harsh in my post, Frankie - and I apologise if I hit a nerve, but I assumed you weren't being genuine with your estimate, but I may have been mistaken. Sly actually looks a bit OVER 5'8" in the pic with Ted Cruz, and his knee also looks a little bent to me too, but to each their own. Btw, whenever Sly happens to look his 5'8" range today, his footwear always happens to look normal, so it's our best bet to assume he's probably wearing low-heeled dress shoes in the pic with Cruz. It's only when Sly happens to look taller than 5'9", like 5'10"-5'10.5" range or so does his footwear start looking questionable. Food for thought! Btw, I do respect every posters opinion on here, but I got the impression you were somewhat "trolling" or at least disingenuous to some degree, as you dismissed every single rational argument against the photos you've referenced in the last few years - but I definitely went a little over the top and exaggerated my expression of opposition in my last post, admittedly. The only way I'd take a 5'7" guess at least somewhat seriously is if someone posts a pic of Sly ACTUALLY legitimately looking that short next to someone. Not a 5'8"-5'8.5" range-looking Sly with no pics of footwear, and just assuming he's wearing lifts to fit the idea of a 5'7" Sly - without any real evidence to back it up.
viper said on 1/Nov/18
I think Sly is 5-7. Posters like Frank2 and Mamun saw him at that in person.
Rising - 174 cm said on 1/Nov/18
@Frankie: You're entitled to your opinion and good find, btw. It's a good pic for comparing other than feet not being visible. I obviously disagree in that I don't think it proves or even suggests a less than 5'8" Stallone since Sly looks only an inch shorter next to Cruz than Kimmel did in the side by side pic I posted and a good 2" taller than Shapiro did with Cruz You have a roughly 2" difference, but as I said, I don't think you can assume footwear because Cruz wears cowboy boots in many public appearances: Click Here and Sly still often wears lifts, but appeared to have dress shoes the next day. I'll say that it doesn't disprove a 5'7" Stallone either because Sly COULD have lifts and Cruz could be without his cowboy boots and I'm not arguing Sly is currently 5'9". I have him 5'8.5" in 2018 and anywhere from 5'8"-5'8.5" fairly likely, imo.
Bradley said on 1/Nov/18
Looking a real weak 5' 8" with the Tedster.
burby said on 1/Nov/18
Sly better watch out standing so close to the Zodiac killer.
Canson said on 31/Oct/18
@Robby Harris: Stallone’s height is one of the hardest to pin down on this site due to the lifts that he wore
Frankie68 said on 31/Oct/18
Another point I’d like to make in reference to the pic with Ted Cruz ( again id like to than rising for) If Sly was 5’8 or 5’9 or even 5’8 1/2 - he wouldn’t look that short next to a 5’10 guy or that if one argues that Sly does look 5’8 next to Cruz & that Sly ISN’T wearing lifts - than if he looks 5’8 next to Cruz in normal shoes than he must be shorter than 5’8!flat —- you cant have it both ways —@robby harris —- again , im more inclined to believe Sly is closer to 5’7 than 5’10 anyday — and the pic with Cruz puts to bed 5’8 or 5’9 for the Very Sly Stallone 🥊🥊🥊
Rising - 174 cm said on 31/Oct/18
@Robby Harris: If he scraped 5'9" flat around noon and was more like 5'8.75" at his low then probably at least 5'9.5" out of bed in his prime, maybe 5'9.75". I'd guess he could have probably shrunk a whole inch when he was training hardest. The tons of espresso he drank training for Rocky 3 may have made him dehydrated at times, but good posture would help. Typically, adding about 3/4" to his low will get you close, but height loss varies.
Frankie68 said on 31/Oct/18
I respect everybody’s opinion so please respect mine - in the pic I mentioned with Ted Cruz (that rising was nice enough to post) there is 2+ inches in difference PLUS - what about Sly’s Footwear ? This pic also proves he is nowhere near 5’81/2 or 5’9 - Plus I’m sure Sly has nice thick shoes on 5’7 for me ! Agree or disagree IDC !!
Rising - 174 cm said on 30/Oct/18
Nvm, I found it: Click Here That's not 3". More like 2" max. Remember, eye to bottom of nose is about 2" and Sly's eye level is slightly above the bottom of Ted's nose: Click Here All things being equal, Rob's figures of 5'10" for Ted and 5'8.25" for Sly add up perfectly in that pic. For reference, this is what a roughly 5'7" man looks like with Cruz: Click Here Ted with 5'11.25" listed Jimmy Kimmel: Click Here Ted is known for wearing cowboy boots so we'd have to know what he and Sly were wearing in their pic. We all know Sly is fond of big footwear himself, but that was actually during his trip to Washington for Jack Johnson's posthumous pardon and considering Sly wore flat dress shoes with giant boxers like 6'6.5" Deontay Wilder and 6'4.75" Lennox Lewis to the actual White House: Click Here We can't assume he wore big footwear to the restaurant the night before without seeing it. Incidentally, Sly is about a head shorter than Wilder and comes up to Lewis' mouth so he looks 5'8.5" with them at least.
Rising - 174 cm said on 30/Oct/18
@Frankie: I looked for it and couldn't find it. The way you post pictures is to copy the image address and post it to tinyurl and then copy the tinyurl address and paste it here.
Robby Harris said on 30/Oct/18
@Frankie68: You must be joking if you STILL think Sly was never over 5'7"! I can't find the pic your referring to, but there's more than enough sufficient evidence to support a solid 5'9" peak figure for Sly, and its already been demonstrated why 5'7" is absolutely ludicrous and impossible. Look at photos of him next to Mike Tyson, Ford Harrison, Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Dwayne Johnson, Michael B Jordan, Arnold Schwarzenegger etc; perhaps have a look at my last few posts, or better yet, more suitably Rising's posts and tell me he's 5'7"!

You've been arguing Sly at 5'7" for YEARS now, but as I've said in the past, you never post evidence, and when you have, he's never looked that short. Certainly not when taking all factors into consideration. Rising has posted so much conclusive evidence on here for years over and over, and you somehow manage to dismiss it all. Btw, to post a pic - grab a URL link from a website or photo and get the link shortened by pasting it into and bam, you've got a new shortened link to simply post. I also find it funny you don't even think of 5'8" as being a possibility for Sly. Better chance of 5'10" than 5'7"!

@Rising: What do you reckon Sly's tallest out-of-bed height was? One thing I noticed about this site for years is how some people go by their morning heights, while others (such as Rob) go by their afternoon or even evening heights. It can obviously cause some confusion among certain individuals, despite Rob addressing it many times. Glenn abused that rule, and added at LEAST a 1/2 inch to his morning height, and that's being generous, considering Rob measured him at his low of just 5'6.5". Most shorter to average guys hardly lose an entire inch over the course of a day! Sly, imo, probably didn't drop below 5'8.75" at his low pre-height loss. Anything below 174 cm is irrational, especially considering how tall he looked beside Jimmy Kimmel not too long ago!
Robby Harris said on 30/Oct/18
@Frankie68: You must be joking if you STILL think Sly was never over 5'7"! I can't find the pic your referring to, but there's more than enough sufficient evidence to support a solid 5'9" peak figure for Sly, and its already been demonstrated why 5'7" is absolutely ludicrous and impossible. Look at photos of him next to Mike Tyson, Ford Harrison, Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Dwayne Johnson, Michael B Jordan, etc; perhaps have a look at my last few posts, or better yet, more suitably Rising's posts and tell me he's 5'7"!

You've been arguing Sly at 5'7" for YEARS now, but as I've said in the past, you never post evidence, and when you have, he's never looked that short. Certainly not when taking all factors into consideration. Rising has posted so much conclusive evidence on here for years over and over, and you somehow manage to dismiss it all. Btw, to post a pic - grab a URL link from a website or photo and get the link shortened by pasting it into and bam, you've got a new shortened link to simply post. I also find it funny you don't even think of 5'8" as being a possibility for Sly. Better chance of 5'10" than 5'7"!

@Rising: What do you reckon Sly's tallest out-of-bed height was? One thing I noticed about this site for years is how some people go by their morning heights, while others (such as Rob) go by their afternoon or even evening heights. It can obviously cause some confusion among certain individuals, despite Rob addressing it many times. Glenn abused that rule, and added at LEAST a 1/2 inch to his morning height, and that's being generous, considering Rob measured him at his low of just 5'6.5". Most shorter to average guys hardly lose an entire inch over the course of a day! Sly, imo, probably didn't drop below 5'8.75" at his low pre-height loss. Anything below 174 cm is irrational, especially considering how tall he looked beside Jimmy Kimmel not too long ago!
Frankie68 said on 28/Oct/18
There is a picture of Sly (I dont know how to load pics here) with 5’10 Ted Cruz & Sly looks every bit of the 5’7 I claim he is .. The picture is called “knockout beto “ — Can someone please post it here - No way Sly is 5’8 - 5’9 — no way
Rising - 174 cm said on 24/Oct/18
@Hijo: Fair enough, but I think we're talking about different things. By experimenting, I just meant those were the days when guys were willing to experiment more with stacking, different combos, longer cycles, higher dosage etc. Sly had a wealth of knowledge available with Franco. Considering how accepted it was in the 80's with very little restrictions and that Sly often overtrained back then and went to diet extremes like starving himself to lose body fat, I'd be interested in what his regimen was. Partially because he got great results and I'd find this info very useful, but you rarely hear such details admitted.
Hijoputamos said on 24/Oct/18
Rising, back then in the 80s and even the 70s, steroids were no joke. They were MORE THAN ENOUGH to get Slys muscles. That’s what I meant. I never meat about Availability.
You wrote this : “interesting. I can't help but wonder about the gear he was on in those days as well since those were still pretty experimental days. I also wonde...”
Experimental...and I just said they weren’t experimental at all.
Ok, you guys didn’t mean shredded, ok my bad, mea culpa.
Rising - 174 cm said on 24/Oct/18
@Hijo: I don't get what your point is. Nobody said anything about when steroids were first available. Quite obviously much more was available by the 80's and there was much more knowledge to say nothing about what you have access to when you make $12 million per movie. It's like saying just because GH was around decades ago, it was the same as today. It's much different than it was when it was taken from cadavers. We know he has a piece or a transplant, we're questioning which one. And again, nobody said Sly was 200+ while shredded. That's the point, he went for much more bulk in Rambo 4 and that was by design. He weighed over 200 at his heaviest for Cop Land too. His biggest while shredded was probably Rambo 3 when he was 178-180. He was about 165-168 for Rambo 2 and just 163 for Rocky 3. His body fat was much lower than it was for Rambo 4.
Hijoputamos said on 23/Oct/18
Lads, don’t believe any weight about Sly. He was never over 200 lbs.
Experimental gear? In the 80s? Really? lol
Dude, steroids have been out there decades before.
Hair piece or transplant is obvious and has more hair in his forehead than when he was in his 20s.
Slys legs are chicken legs and makes his upper body look even bigger but never been 215-220 lbs being that shredded, impossible.
Rising - 174 cm said on 23/Oct/18
@Real Annonymous: Yeah, I thought the street fight was cool and I do like a few other things such as Richard Gant as George Washington Duke and especially when Rocky finally hits him after the street fight. I did like the Burgess Meredith cameo and some of the Sly/Sage storyline, but Sly has said Rocky was supposed to die and the film didn't make sense once that didn't happen. I always thought Zane was the type of pro bodybuilder Sly was emulating more because of the much greater emphasis on proportions, aesthetics and staying very lean without too much bulk. I'm sure you're right that Franco offered a lot of expertise through his own trial and error since I never recall seeing Sly with gyno and after '81 Olympia, Franco would know how to avoid that, blockers etc. Seemed like Sly really knew what he was doing with such a transformation. A lot of action stars were training with bodybuilders back then like Dolph with Ferrigno and Ralf Moeller and Chuck Norris trained with Lou towards the late 80's. Some details of the next Rambo plot are available online. I think having Rambo back at his family's ranch in Arizona will be a great beginning. His friend's granddaughter is kidnapped and he winds up teaming up with a journalist uncovering a human/sex trafficking ring. Some casting has been announced, but I think some major characters still unknown. Like I said, I'm by no means certain it's a transplant, but his hair looks 100% real while he definitely looked to have a rug to me in the past. His hairline now gives me that impression as well, but he has the money for the best regardless of what he did. If it is a transplant, it's a really good one or if it is a rug it looks as real as any I've seen.

Btw, here's Sly earlier this year with the great (and roughly 5'6") Vasyl Lomachenko: Click Here Click Here It's not a great comparison for obvious reasons such as Sly having a major advantage with at least 2" footwear to Lomachenko's loafers, but Sly also at a disadvantage dropping so much posture.
THE REAL ANNONYMOUS said on 22/Oct/18
Good points Rising!I wasn't a huge fan of Rocky V, I thought maybe that would have been a good time to have maybe done the final Rocky Movie, the final street fight was my favorite part actually.
Im pretty sure Franco gave him good advice in supplementation. The bodybuilders in the 80's were in razor shop condition. Zane, Samir, etc.. I think Sly followed that trend.
I wonder what the next Rambo will be about??
You could be right about the hair Transplant Rising...I just think there's to much coverage.
Rising - 174 cm said on 20/Oct/18
@Real Annonymous: Thanks, I enjoy your posts as well. I actually only started noticing that the last time I watched Rocky 5, but I can see what you mean compared to the 4th when he had added enough size to his upper body, but it's not so noticeable with a shirt on. I watch the 5th less than the others, though I still revisit it at times, especially as a fan of Tommy Morrison's fighting style and ability when young. Although nowhere near as heavy as actual heavyweights in most films, he looked like he had enough size when peaking during a shoot. I'm sure many casual fans would guess his weight considerably heavier even knowing he was no taller than 5'9". And yeah, as soon as I saw the last Rambo I thought that was the biggest I had ever seen him overall. More mass anyway, but not as lean. He says he was about 215 for the film in this interview: Click Here Btw, short but good read. I tend to think of those Rocky and Rambo sequels as the best shape he was in and the evolution from the super lean look in Rocky 3 to adding the 10-15 pounds of muscle between Rambo 2 and 3 while remaining shredded is interesting. I can't help but wonder about the gear he was on in those days as well since those were still pretty experimental days. I also wonder about the type of stunts in this film. I actually thought 2016 to present had been a transplant, but maybe I'm wrong.
THE REAL ANNONYMOUS said on 17/Oct/18
Hey Rising, Sly was pretty big in the last Rambo. I didnt no he was in the 215 lb range?
He was pretty big in Rocky 5! I actually thought he was to big, as his upper body looked a little more cartoonish more like a bodybuilder
He was in amazing shape for Rambo 2 and 3. I would say he is a good responder, his forearms blow up when hes on the gas.
The hair system he is using is excellent. The coverage is to good for it to be a hair transplant!
Peek height 5'9.
I enjoy reading your posts Rising!
Rising - 174 cm said on 17/Oct/18
@Real Annonymous: Good hearing from you. I can't wait for the next and final Rambo myself. Yeah, I can still see him dropping below 5'9" in his prime at night, but I tend to think of him now as a 5'9" flat guy in his prime. Partially because he still looks 5'8.5" to me. And I've wondered that too because you may remember the pic from last year where Sly seemed pretty shredded still: Click Here but when he did the weighted pull-up video earlier in the year, he had mentioned taking a year off from training, so I guessed that must have literally been just about a year between that pic and video. But he looked in good shape to me when I saw this pic from a few weeks ago: Click Here I thought the last Rambo was great(best since First blood, imo even though the 2nd is a sentimental favorite for straight up action I can watch over and over) and Sly's uncharacteristic 213-215 pound frame did suit the dark film, but I know he said he'd never do that again and considering how the last Rambo ended, I could see him back more like the lean Rambo everyone remembers weighing around 178-180ish as he did in Rambo 3 or the Expendables more recently. His forearms were pretty massive for him in the 2008 film, but I know some reviewers noted at the time Rambo was no longer shirtless and I think that may be why Sly wanted to get in such good shape for the first Expendables. I'd also imagine he'd want to be in the absolute best shape he can still get in, even more than films like Creed and Grudge Match. And I think you're right about hair since you can see how he looked around '97 with Trump: Click Here or Cannes: Click Here But then there's some variation around Get Carter and Driven and his hair didn't seem thin after that. Probably around '99-'00. I think there was some thinning around Tango and Cash and Oscar in that late 80's/early 90's period. Sly was smart because he never let it get so far before wearing a piece. We may notice it only as big fans of his, but the general public didn't seem to.
THE REAL ANNONYMOUS said on 15/Oct/18
Hey Rising thats some great video footage of Sly!! Probably the best I have seen that that confirms for me that he was a legit 5'9. There are no lifts in those sneakers!!
Im really looking forward to seeing what kind of shape he is going to be in the next Rambo! Im thinking he is going to be in amazing shape as it will most likely be his last one.
In that footage with the olympic torch it looks like he started wearing a hair piece just before then as his hair was noticebly thinner in the mid to late 90's
Kyuss101 said on 15/Oct/18
Look people,hes impossible to guess!! I see pictures of him looking almost 6-0 then in other pictures almost 5-7! Sly is officially the hardest peron on this site to guess their height. Congrats Sly.
Rising - 174 cm said on 11/Oct/18
Video of Sly with former Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn back in 2004: Click Here Sly wore thick sneakers, but it really doesn't look like he has any lifts: Click Here I don't see any way to hide a significant lift running in low cut sneakers and shorts like that and he doesn't seem more than 3.5"-4" shorter, imo. Btw, Hahn claimed 6'2" himself and Mr. R did say he thought he was at least that tall in person. I'm not saying Hahn was that tall myself, but I wouldn't guess he was any less than 6'1" minimum. Here he is with Arnold in '02: Click Here Again with Arnold in 2008: Click Here and here's a couple of '03 photos: Click Here Click Here Arnold was around 6'0" during this time, but the '02 photo was apparently 4 months before his hip replacement so it's possible he was a bit taller. Here's Hahn with 6'7"-6'7.5" Magic Johnson: Click Here

Here's a short video from 2005 where you can see Sly has a broken foot and golf shoes making lifts unlikely: Click Here I doubt James Caan was still 5'9.5" at the time, but he was probably 5'9". Sly is a bit closer to the camera in that video, so here's another with Caan closer to the camera: Click Here Even though they're outdoors, I bet they'd have measured within a fraction of each other back then, if not the same height.
Bradley said on 9/Oct/18
With Dolly he's rockin' in 3"+ added. Big custom wedge inside like Rambo boots.
andre oliveira said on 7/Oct/18
I feel stallone as of today is around 171cm 172cm barefoot at night
Rising - 174 cm said on 7/Oct/18
Sorry about my last post. I didn't intend it to be that long. Funny enough, Sly measures up well to the other men in Rhinestone yet you'd think he was 5'7" if you thought the difference with Dolly Parton in closeups was the actual difference, but you can see it's much bigger in the wide shots even before considering Dolly's trademark wig and platform heels: Click Here Click Here Sly had at least solid 2" heels on his cowboy boots and very possibly bigger, but consistently looked about eye to eye the same height as 6'0" Richard Farnsworth, but a bit shorter than 5'11" Tim Thomerson, who had cowboy boots himself while I'm not sure Farnsworth did and he could have lost height by 62-63.

@Brad: Solid 5'8" could be his height now, but he definitely looked 5'8.5" at the Golden Globes as he was taller than Rob with Weathers. And I actually thought Sly's boots got thicker with each Rambo film since he looked taller in each film, though there weren't really scenes to compare him to anyone else in the 4th film, but he didn't look over 5'10" to me in First Blood, yet looked at least 5'11" in Rambo 3. But Sly continued to wear lifts in most films even when he wasn't wearing them that much offscreen so I assumed he'd have a decent pair of boots in Rambo 5.
Bradley said on 5/Oct/18
He was falling over in the first Rambo with ski slope wedge inside. He wanted Rambo to be shooting at 6 feet up.
burby said on 4/Oct/18
Prepare for some serious custom wedged cowboy boot action for Rambo 5...
Rising - 174 cm said on 28/Sep/18
@Robby: There still were times as recent as Expendables 3 that he didn't look any shorter than his peak. For instance, here's the 2014 Cannes premiere with Mel Gibson: Click Here You get some good footage from around the 0:55 timestamp through about 1:40 or so and Sly does not look any shorter than Mel, whom I think is and was 5'9". I still think it's likely Sly had dropped 1/4", but it's also possible he lost all of that half inch from late 2014 through 2015. I do think he's been at his current height since 2015 and I don't think it's more than a half inch either way, but I personally wouldn't say less. I agree that there's evidence to put him more a weak 5'9". I've mentioned Ben Gazzara being a weak 5'10" and at least around an inch taller and Armand Assante being taller and I do believe he is/was around 5'9.5" himself. The 176 guesses are understandable, but I'm fairly certain he wasn't that or taller than around 175 as you said. I'd agree Rob As Rob said, Michael Douglas and Mel Gibson were probably similar and also claimed 5'10". Remember, guys like Jeremy Piven and Mark Wahlberg have tried claiming 5'10"! The 5'10.75" is probably getting close to the 2 inch rule if it's not already. As for height loss, Sly could have gone either way between injuries and his excellent shape and posture, but I think it's largely the latter that has won out. There are other examples. Carl Weathers is 70 himself and is certainly in that half inch or less height loss, Joe Mantegna is also 70 and Rob gives him a half inch loss from 1/4" over to 1/4" under and you could argue Joe was always a flat 5'11" yet Rob still said 179 would be the lowest he'd guess Joe today. Then there's a 5'8.5" Chuck Norris and he was still at least a solid 5'8" at 72 when the Expendables 2 premiered and maybe still near 5'8" today at 78 and Charles Bronson was still looking noticeably taller than Sean Penn when he was just 6 months shy of his 70th birthday and had looked noticeably taller than Chuck Norris when he was 65. I believe Bronson was 5'9" flat and held onto most, if not all of that through that time, but if he was only 5'8.5" as Rob lists him then that proves the point even better. Kurt Russell is now 67 and still looking the solid 5'9" he always was and look at John Amos and Billy Dee Williams, whom Rob determined had lost only 2 cm after meeting them at 73 and 76, respectively. How old was Morgan Freeman before he started looking below 6'2"? Interestingly, Kirk Douglas could still look as tall or taller than Michael at some events when he was around 70 or so in the mid to late 80's and seemed to have maintained most of his height before the helicopter crash. There are definitely some exceptions. I do think age finally knocked a half inch off Sly as I said, but height loss often shows in the back and due to spinal curvature and Sly's spine doesn't seem the least bit curved and his posture remains better than most young men.

I have seen a few old school bodybuilders look incredible at an older age and Frank Zane was not surprisingly one of them, but Sly has indeed surprised me. I think he'll be in great shape for Rambo 5 because he had even taken a year off to recover not long ago. He was ridiculously lean and shredded for the first Expendables. I had forgotten just how much until I saw a few pics again a while back. I actually think Sly would have looked better overall had he not tried to resist the aging process facially. If you see him around 2003-2004ish, he looked much younger than his mid to late 50's. I'd give Leo about 5'11" with a decent chance of 181. Sly definitely still looks taller than Wahlberg did with Leo during The Departed, but a bit shorter than Tom Hardy did.
Robby Harris said on 27/Sep/18
@Rising: It's definitely possible Sly lost a half inch over the last few years, but I'd say a 1/4 loss is just about as likely, considering he could look a weak 5'9" in his prime at times, such as with Mr. T. However, he still appears to hold 5'8.5" well with normal footwear, as your photos clearly indicate - so he probably lost between 1/4-1/2 inch. Very impressive for a 72-year old guy! I wonder if he'll still hold up well this time next year, or around the time Rambo V premieres. I've never seen a man his age maintain such a great physique and I'm sure he's doing better than most men even do in their 40s and 50s.

If we consider him a flat 5'9" at his peak (afternoon), then it's arguable he could measure at least a weak 5'10" out of bed in his heyday, although I'd wager he was bang on 5'9.5" straight out of bed. This would still make his 5'10" claim fair, but 5'10.5" was a little overboard, and he went way over the line when he tried claiming 5'10.75" lol. 5'10" still is a height most guys who don't drop much under 5'9" at their low would probably claim.

Leonardo DiCaprio looked about 2.5" taller than Sly back in 2016, and if Leonardo is 5'11" flat then that would make Sly 5'8.5" at the time. If he's his listed 181 cm, then Sly was likely a weak 5'9". I'd stick with 174 cm for him as for the last few years and 175 at his peak. 176 is understandable for a peak, seeing he could occasionally look taller than expected at times back in the day, but I seriously doubt he was ever over a legit 175:

Click Here
Click Here
Bradley said on 27/Sep/18
With Weathers at the '17 Golden Globes thatsa solid 5-8.
Rising - 174 cm said on 26/Sep/18
@Robby and Parker: I was actually thinking 5'8" flat to 5'8.25" a few years ago, but after seeing a lot of comparisons, I'd give him 5'8.5" today and I'll show why using only 2017 and 2018 comparisons where footwear is known and Rob's other listings as references.

Video of Sly and 6'1" listed Carl Weathers at the 2017 Golden Globes: Click Here This might shed some light on why a relatively area height Sly gets called short. I've actually seen people use this as an example of Sly being 5'7", which seems to show people are surprised to see Sly without lifts actually looking his natural 5'8" range. This comparison the poster loka made to Rob's photo shows Sly doesn't measure up badly: Click Here If Sly is even 1 cm taller than Rob, then he's 174 and imo, he doesn't look less there. This is true on video as well as full pics: Click Here The comparison used a shot of both standing tall and Sly looks 4"-4.5" taller. I don't see it as much of a stretch to guess Sly in the same range today as Jeremy Renner and I'd guess he's perhaps a tiny bit taller.

Here's Sly and 5'10.5" listed brother Frank at those same Golden Globes: Click Here and a few months later at the GOTG2 premiere with Sly in at least 2" footwear and Frank in low heeled loafers: Click Here Sly looks only 1"-1.5" shorter max in similar footwear and can still look taller in lifts.

Sly with 5'9" listed Michael Rooker at the GOTG2 press conference and footwear showing Sly wearing similar boots/hi tops to what he wore to the premiere and Rooker in a typical 1"-1.2" range dress boot: Click Here Sly can look more than an inch taller.

Sly and 5'8.75" listed Jason Statham at The Meg premiere: Click Here Sly again has at least 2" footwear, possibly 2.5" range while Statham has what look to me like 1"-1.2" range dress boots, but you can see he's going up on one foot for just about every pic. Here's video showing Sly was standing a good 1.5" taller that day: Click Here

Sly recently in fairly flat looking shoes with his 5'9"-5'9.5" listed wife Jennifer Flavin in heels: Click Here I'm not ruling out a small lift at all, but Sly is measuring up better than I'd have expected there.

Just to clarify, Frank Stallone, Rooker and Weathers could all be at the point where they've lost half an inch, though I'd probably give Carl still 6'0.75" or a weak 6'1" and I'd give Jennifer 5'9" flat peak and possibly a small fraction under now and Statham 5'8.5", but no shorter. A lot of height loss occurs in the spine and some of it is a curvature. Sly looks like he's done exceptionally well in this regard and he's in exceptional shape. My best guess is he lost about 1/4" around 2013-2014 and another 1/4" around 2015.
Rising - 174 cm said on 26/Sep/18
@Parker: I forgot about those team pics in Victory. It's been a while since this scene from Rocky 3 was posted: Click Here That's a wide shot of Sly in normal slippers with a legit 6'1" man. You can see Sly's entire foot in the slippers and sneakers as Weathers is wearing might add a bit more. There's a tilt in Sly's favor, which can be fixed pretty easily by taking a screenshot and correcting the image based on the references in the background so you're left with Weathers slouching. No doubt Weathers is dropping more height, but you you can compare their frames and tell me if Weathers could be 6" taller. Even 5'8" flat is too low, imo. I'd give him just about the full 5'9" or maybe a mm or 2 below and probably around 5'8.75" at his low.

@Robby: Yeah, he's definitely taller than Chan, much like he still has a good inch on Michael Douglas, who is probably in the same range as Chan today. Here's another example of Sly wearing low cut shoes so you can see his ankle is at a normal height: Click Here That really wasn't uncommon from around 2009 through early 2017.

@Bradley: I've heard Stern say he hates being tall many times. Rock Hudson wasn't too crazy about it either even though he had the looks and build. Sly did have his elevator sneakers on when he bumped into De Niro in 2011: Click Here Click Here Click Here Those might be a different brand than the Hogans since I can't make out the logo on the side, but probably similar with the thick sole and extra insole/wedge.

@Kyuss: He can look tall when he wears those black heeled boots, but not as much in Converse or boxing footwear. With that said, Joe Frazier in 70's heeled boots only looks about an inch or so taller than Sly in flat boxing footwear. I'd guess Frazier and Sly would have been pretty close in height barefoot.
Parker said on 26/Sep/18
Rising - 174 cm said on 23/Sep/18
Imo, it is impossible for this to be a 5'7" man

Rising, I absolutely agree.In fact I'd even say I would not be surprised if he measured 5'9 even today. I've posted this many times before, Mike Summerbee the ex Manchester City footballer who I've seen many times, and dozens of pictures, at 75, still looks the 5'10 he was listed in his playing days.

On the right of Stallone in this pic
Click Here

The guy on the left of Stallone is John Wark, listed at 5'11 in his playing days.

5'7 for Stallone is ludicrous.
Kyuss101 said on 25/Sep/18
Watching the 1st rocky film and I always thought he looked a legit 6-0 until I knew better
Robby Harris said on 25/Sep/18
@Bradley: Sly was easily 5'9" back in the 70s and 80s. Certainly not more, but it's nowhere near as unreasonable as your trying to make it. Imo, he was most likely just a weak 5'9" at his peak and somewhere in the 5'8"-5'8.5" zone today.

@Kevin Brands: 5'7" is utter bogus. He could pull off a good 5'11", if not a little more with some of his bigger lifts back in the day. That would mean he'd need shoes that gave at least 5" over his barefoot standing height - which isn't possible to comfortably do without walking and looking like a clown! To top it off, as Rising pointed out, with enough knowledge about lifts you'd be able to spot how much ones footwear gives. Lifts aren't as complicating as companies would want to have you believe.

Sly in clearly normal footwear had a good inch on Jackie Chan, who probably by this time already fell to 172 cm from his 174 peak in 2016:
Click Here
Click Here (check out Sly's shoes. There's no room for a lift in a shoe like that. If there was there would be an unnatural slope at the front, and a fairly chunky heel area around the back, coupled with a higher-than-normal-positioned ankle, depending on how big a lift one has.)

@Rising: I agree there's a higher chance Sly is more 174 cm than 173. He's doing about as well as Bush the first did when it comes to age-related height loss! Many people I know personally In that 70-75 age range have already lost at LEAST 1.5"-2"! Some of it is lost through hunching of course, but it's amazing comparing Sly's physique and posture to other men of his age. The 5'7" and under stuff is always going to be a joke to me. He's somewhat sensitive about his height, and that imo is what led to the exaggeration of how "little" he actually was. A lot of people I know picture him as a husky tall guy, directly as a result of the impression he gave in films, although 5'9" isn't short by any means. Either way, anywhere from 5'8"-5'10" should comfortably blend in well as being neutral when it comes to Western men. Anything below and above that range would, imo, start being seen as noticeably below or above average.
Bradley said on 24/Sep/18
Stern today was going crazy about being 6' 5" today. "I'm a damn giraffe and hunch all over, I hate it". The 6' 3" SNL guy marrying Ms. Grande went off just being 6' 3" with the 4' 11" singer with Howie. 6' 3" is okay. Sly must hate never being 5-9 in his life. DeNiro probably thanked him for not wearing the standard Slysters.
Rising - 174 cm said on 23/Sep/18
@Kevin Brands: The problem is you're assuming that I'm a novice when it comes to lifts and elevators. In fact, I've worn lifts myself for a decade and have discussed them on this page for much of that time. The editor of this site has bought and tested many elevator shoes. You're assuming elevator shoes give as much height as they advertise online, but so far without any exception I'm aware of, they just measure the highest point at the back of the lift/heel and advertise that rather than the actual height gained. Let me give you an example from about the time of my last comparison with De Niro: Click Here When the ankle is exposed like that, there's simply no way to hide a lift. Your foot has to be on top of something to gain height, which is why elevator shoes tend to be designed with more material above the sole to conceal this and so your foot isn't almost falling out. This is another example from that time: Click Here You mentioned Tom Cruise and he's a perfect example of the high ankle and the extra material above the sole: Click Here His ankle is about an inch higher than it should be. That's about a 2" elevator Cruise has there and shoes like that will have a pronounced angle at the laces: Click Here What Sly is wearing on the couch is nothing like that. Elevators are not designed to fool the tiny segment of the population on celebheights that looks for them or other lift wearers themselves. They're designed to look as normal as they can to the general public, most of whom would never suspect a thing about Cruise's shoes.

Imo, it is impossible for this to be a 5'7" man if Letterman was anywhere near the 6'1"-6'1.5" he's supposed to be: Click Here That's a particularly good example because I know the brand of shoes Sly wore there. They're called Hogan Interactive sneakers and they come with a 3.5 sole and 2 cm insole, which would give a good 2" or 5 cm of actual height. Here's a brown pair much like the ones Sly wore on Letterman: Click Here You can see the logo here: Click Here and here: Click Here Here's a tan/beige pair pretty close to what Sly wore to the Laker game: Click Here and here's a black pair like the ones Sly wore with Matt Lauer: Click Here Based on how high his angle is at the game, I'll concede that Sly may have even put a 4 cm insole in there instead of the standard 2 cm, but even that would still give him "only" 2.5" or so of actual height, which is actually very big. Any more than that and he'd be falling out of those because they're too low cut. That's one reason the biggest elevators are usually boots. Actually, there's some question over whether a 4 cm lift can even work in those, but I'll assume they can for the time being. If you mean the Carolina logger style work boots, then that style can add near 2" because of the thick sole and heel. That's why Vin Diesel wears logger-type boots all the time. If you want to see Sly wearing some really big elevator boots, this is it: Click Here That's the type of design that could add 3" or so with the lift inside.

As for Cop Land, Sly wore flat sandals in the opening scene of the film so it doesn't seem like he was too worried about height in that. In fact, I remember an interview Sly did when the film came out where he spoke about letting go of his vanity to work with De Niro and Keitel and not worrying about being shot from his "good side." I've since seen and read many subsequent interviews and what comes across is that Sly was relatively insecure about how his films were viewed by actors like De Niro. What do you think is more important to Sly, being in shape or being a couple of inches taller? And Sly didn't "only" claim 5'9". He's always claimed 5'10"-5'10.5" except for the time he tried claiming 5'10.75". Hulk Hogan wasn't that far off when he said 5'8", but the later 5'6"-5'7" is nonsense. As I've said, Sly's ex-wife Brigitte Nielsen is in the best position to know and she said 5'9" or 174-175 cm. Sly is still at least 5'8" today and much more likely 5'8.5", imo.
Rising - 174 cm said on 14/Sep/18
At least he was wearing dress shoes during the time he did both films with De Niro. I thought they might even have been the same due to some photos on set with loose posture, but they're standing better here in costume for Cop Land and Sly looks taller, albeit less than an inch: Click Here I did think he was slightly taller at the end of the film as well and here at Cannes: Click Here It looked like he was wearing dress shoes to that festival and seemed proportionately more low average: Click Here Btw, is Anabella Sciorra really a solid 5'3"/near 161 cm? Click Here Even considering a slight camera/tilt advantage, Sly looks a good 5" taller than her in heels and while I won't say Rob's listing is definitely too high based on just my impression, she did always strike me as short and closer to 5'2"/158 cm, possibly less. De Niro was 53 during this time and probably still close to his peak height while Sly was 50.

The difference was much bigger by Grudge Match: Click Here Click Here Click Here A few more pics: Click Here and a short video: Click Here You could see Sly wearing low cut dress shoes when they appeared on Graham Norton and the difference didn't vary much. I don't think Sly had lost more than maybe 1/4" by this time at 67, but De Niro had probably lost at least an inch by this time when he was 70. I'd say he was still 5'7.5", but not over 172 cm. Sly looked 1"-1.5" taller and seemed a bit taller than 5'8.5" listed Graham Norton to me, but really not much taller than now 5'8" listed Alan Arkin, maybe 1 cm. I don't know if Norton is closer to 5'8" flat now or if Arkin was closer to 5'8.5" 5 years ago and has lost another cm since.
Bradley said on 13/Sep/18
Huge wedge inside the boots. At 5-8 looking 5-10.5 he's back to the slope.
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Sep/18
Sly is wearing these a lot these days: Click Here Those might be these: Click Here or possibly these: Click Here And these "high top hiker boot inspired trainers" feature a "removable inner wedge" Click Here And these look like something Sly would wear: Click Here Higher cut than what he favored between 2003-2008, but the sole looks pretty much the same. That would explain how he's suddenly looking 5'10"-5'10.5" again at premieres for GOTG2 and The Meg as well as the GOTG2 press conference.
Bradley said on 31/Aug/18
Hey, he's taller than The Gippah! (NYC accent). Burt always supported his friends so he invested in their garbage and did the car and gun stuff over the real deal Jack and Dustin stuff of great scripts.
Rising - 174 cm said on 31/Aug/18
@Tod Charming: I agree with you, although he's too much closer to the camera with Reagan. There's little doubt he was standing shorter that day. He does still look as tall as Statham, though and noticeably taller when he wears thick footwear. Here are a few better examples of Stallone legitimately looking tall or taller than he should.

Wide shot with 5'11.5" John Amos: Click Here (Rob saw Amos close to 5'11" in his 70's so there's not much doubt about his height)
With 6' Joe Calzaghe: Click Here Click Here Joe would still be taller in the 2nd pic if he weren't leaning, but probably like the first pic where he's standing straight and only about an inch, maybe 3 cm taller. Rob said the absolute shortest Calzaghe could be is 5'11.5".

If he looks 6' or 6'1" then it's likely camera tricks, but it seems he could genuinely pass for 5'11". In fact, Rob use to have a note at the top to that effect. With this in mind, 5'7" is impossible, imo and even 5'8" flat is too low for his prime, imo. I'm sticking to the 5'8.5"-5'9" range Brigitte Nielsen gave and nothing shorter or taller than that in his prime. Goldman was probably a case of confirmation bias, but you can see Sly was at least an inch shorter than weak 5'10" Ben Gazzara in 1975 and slightly shorter than 5'9.5" Armand Assante in '78. He still looks 5'8.5" to me, but he can't be taller than that anymore.
Tod Charming said on 30/Aug/18
Stallone makes it very difficult to determine his height. He looks taller than "6'1" Ronald Reagan!
Click Here:

But then he looks the same height as "5'10" Jason Statham
Click Here:

Goldman thinks that Sylvestor is "5'7".

It's really hard to say. My guess is that he is a 5'8-5'9 average heigth male that appears like a giant because he wears lifts with thicker shoes, stands with strong posture, and unleashes his big personalitu.
Rising - 174 cm said on 30/Aug/18
This '96 photo is one where Sly winds up looking quite short: Click Here Mostly an unfortunate angle for him as he doesn't look that short in others: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here but still looks to have forgotten his lifts that day either way. It's almost hard to believe that's the same man in the photo I posted a while back from Italy taken a decade later. But the Daily Mail annoys me with a lot of their footwear commentary. They used this photo referring to Sly's shoes and the low angle: Click Here Sly's shoes have a pretty good heel and could be a subtle elevator, but they're flat enough around the laces that they'd only add slightly more than Arnie's cowboy boots, which the DM seems to forget he's even wearing. As for the angle, they make it sound like Sly can choose how he's photographed at events. He'll have his photo taken from a variety of angles while in public, some of which he'd undoubtedly be unhappy with like the one I posted from '96.

@Brad: Yeah, I've heard a lot about the bad investments. Understandably, Burt thought City Heat failed in part because he was in so much pain during the filming. Granted, I didn't think Burt's performance was the problem with the film, but he couldn't have been at his best. Not only bad investments, but bad film choices as well. Turned down some good roles when he was younger and blew his comeback opportunity after Boogie Nights.
burby said on 29/Aug/18
All this talk about Burt is reminding me of the Sly and Burt movie, Driven. Sly actually had to jump up in order to push Kip Pardue in the argument scene. Still good for a laugh.
Bradley said on 23/Aug/18
"City Heat" should have been much sunshine and location smelled Warner Bros. backlot, dark. He got creamed on investing into friends' stuff, very dumb. His license plate was cool, something like FSU and his old jersey number, tinted to the max.
Rising - 174 cm said on 22/Aug/18
@Brad: I think part of it was Burt's early perception of actors as sissies and he idolized his WW2 vet/police chief father as a tough guy. I got most of these impressions from reading Burt's first autobiography years ago. But finishing the film with a broken jaw is pretty amazing, especially when you consider the infection he got later that caused him to lose so much weight. Unfortunately, his career was never really the same and the billing of Clint and Burt didn't meet expectations. That pairing was the equivalent of what a Stallone/Schwarzenegger film would have been a decade later.
Bradley said on 20/Aug/18
That chair to the jaw filming "City Heat" is something I've never figured out as he returned to the shoot days later. He must have had intense discussions with the brass to complete the film just jacked on pills, pain killers, reset jaw etc.....anybody else would have been out for a long time. Big Warner Bros. money at a big potential loss. Every stunt guy in Hollywood got a part on "Hooper". I met Jan Michael-Vincent at a celebrity show, real bad shape after draining Jack with Coors chasers for decades.
Rising - 174 cm said on 19/Aug/18
Sly actually doesn't look as short as you'd expect with Jennifer in heels for her 50th birthday recently: Click Here You can't say for sure from that angle, but his shoes don't appear to have the type of angle that would make lifts immediately obvious. Doesn't mean he doesn't have any and his shoes aren't that thin, but nowhere near Jennifer's heels. I don't think the difference between them has grown that much.

@Brad: I really liked Hooper. Of course, Burt isn't the only star from that film to dramatically decline. He did well compared to Jan-Michael Vincent. Burt's college football career was also ended by a serious knee injury. There was a tabloid report in the early 90's that said Burt had little cartilage in his knee from old football injuries and was apparently upset to learn he had shrunk an inch, though I'm not sure he had lost much height by then. Of course, the broken jaw during City Heat certainly contributed to his painkiller addiction, not that it's difficult to become addicted in the first place. You can see Burt was still able to stand straight for cast photos during the Deliverance 40th anniversary, but had declined dramatically by the time Marky Mark presented him with the award a year later.
Bradley said on 15/Aug/18
If you watch Smokey of Hooper you'll see he walked with a kinda pain in the hip walk. He was overdue to implode through all the horse falls, running in massive custom footwear, pain pills, etc. Beatty never abused himself onscreen like Burt, he's looking great near Reynolds' age.
Rising - 174 cm said on 15/Aug/18
@Robby Harris: And yeah, I had read he had a contract for another Rambo or two shortly after the 4th, but you didn't hear much after the success of the first two Expendables and I figured Sly's age made it unlikely. But seeing the shape he's still in the last year, I don't doubt he can pull it off and I'm very excited to see. Btw, I do believe Rourke is about 5'10.5" now at 65-66 and the height difference hasn't grown between him and Sly leading me to believe both have lost about half an inch since the first Expendables: Click Here Click Here There's also video of that day. I think these are pretty representative photos of the Expendables premiere: Click Here Click Here I can see a solid 175 cm there and it's impressive Sly is strong enough to maintain his height with Mickey's arm around his shoulder lol. One more reason to stay in shape! Then I figure Sly might get a 1 cm posture advantage for some photos like this where he looks 5'9.5": Click Here I actually think Mickey's heel looks similar size so it's more Bruce who is at the disadvantage wearing loafers without much heel, which may be why Mickey looks slightly taller to me on the video.

@Rich Paul: Burt was admittedly vain and claimed it was due to short legs and a long torso, but it also seems to me that the way he talked about his father's apparent 6'3.5" height, he'd have liked to be a towering figure like that. I get that. My father use to be a solid 6'0"-6'0.25" and the fact I fell well short is probably a reason I wear lifts. I'm also a fan of Burt's films and sad to see his health decline like this. With that said, I see zero chance Burt was only 5'9" peak: Click Here That's Burt in 1980 with 6'1" Bill Murray and here he is in '93 with 6'1" Jonathan Ross: Click Here Then you can see him taller than 6'1" Roger Moore at the end of Cannonball Run(1981). He is the king of lifts as Brad says, but he'd need Mariah Carey's shoes to be 5'9" and look like that.
Bradley said on 14/Aug/18
Reynolds is the king of lifts for decades and today. Massive heeled and wedged monster boots in "Hooper" in '78. I met him in '84 at his ranch in Jupiter and saw him a few times in Martin County where I lived in '84, he was ALWAYS in heeled footwear, custom of course. Burt is the king of lifts.
Rich Paul said on 14/Aug/18
I believe in Reynold’s case he wore huge lifts so he’d tower over everyone. Ego? Maybe. He wasn’t exactly tall. I’d peg his peak height at 5’9’’. He didn’t seem much taller than Darren McGavin in the old Riverboat tv series. McGavin wasn’t exactly tall. Today poor Burt looks shriveled. He walks with the aid of a cane. Tragic how bad he appears. I always enjoyed his movies.
Rising - 174 cm said on 13/Aug/18
@Robby Harris: Yeah, I think it's more a case of Douglas being shorter than people thought(many bought him as a legit 5'10") and not realizing Douglas was a lift guy too and in fact, a DiFabrizio client just like Sly. I remember those 2010 Guys Choice Awards pics and could swear I saw video too and I also remember Arnie being taller, but by less than usual. I'd agree Arnie was still at least 5'11.5" in 2010 and Sly had peak height of a weak to flat 5'9". I think it's a moderate lift plus posture and camera advantage with Brody because I actually think Sly had more of a dress shoe than boot. It's probably similar to Sly pulling off a good height at the 2010 Arnold classic: Click Here Click Here You can see footwear in the second video and it's subtle, but from the side, I can see enough of an angle to believe there's a lift. I learned a long time ago to take with a grain of salt photos where Sly looks taller than he should if we can't see their feet. The best example is Sly looking eye to eye with 6'1" Tom Arnold! In reality, he was about the same height as Bruce Willis at that event. Speaking of Bruce, if he was ever 5'11.5", I think he was 5'11" flat by around 2004 or 2006-2007 at the latest, but Mickey was still the full 5'11" until around 2011-2013 judging by how he looked with Joe Calzaghe. Imo, Sly has normal 2.5 to 3 cm dress shoes at the Expendables premiere while Bruce and Mickey look to not much heel and maybe no more than 2 cm. I think a fraction more footwear and posture was enough. Here's video: Click Here The angle gets better around 28 seconds.

@Rich Paul: Sly was definitely never 5'10", but it's not true that only short guys rely on elevators. Burt Reynolds was definitely not short, but wore huge lifts almost 24/7. In fact, he still wears them! People don't expect a 5'8.5"-5'9" Rambo and with a roughly 5'9" wife who wears heels, much less a 6 foot ex-wife, it's easy to see why he'd wear them. Kane Hodder is a 6 footer, but wears the most ridiculous platform boots and that's probably to live up to his image as Jason. I use to see a commercial for lifts and the example they used was a 5'9" man becoming only 6'. I also saw an elevator shoemaker say in an article that many men who aren't short buy elevators because of women wearing heels and the ideal image of a man being comfortably taller than his wife/girlfriend. I wear lifts and cowboy/cuban boots with heels between 1.75" to 2.75" myself and am similar to Sly's height.
Bradley said on 13/Aug/18
Correct about Stern. He doesn't like being at Hampton functions etc. getting gawked at. I laughed my ass off when he once said he felt like being a "Sesame Street Jewish Big Bird" walking into high profile get togethers.
Robby Harris said on 13/Aug/18
I forgot to add; I doubt Sly's lifts gave him much more than an 1" with Willis and Rourke. 1.5" would be pushing it based on how his footwear looks. 2" doesn't seem plausible at all. There's clearly a lift in there regardless.
MJKoP said on 12/Aug/18
Bradley said on 10/Aug/18
Stern hates being 6' 5", he's always rants about it. "I don't wanna stand out, especially in places I don't wanna be".

Lots of men are 6'5" or taller. I'll see plenty of dudes in that range on a daily basis, and nobody's gawking at them. Howard's always been self-conscious and at this point people stare because he's Howard Stern...not because of his height.
Rich Paul said on 11/Aug/18
My personal feeling is only short guys rely on elevator shoes. If Stallone was truly 5’10’ then with his lifts he’d always appear to be over six feet and that just ain’t the case. My own view is he’s never been taller than 5’8’’. Now in his seventies he’s most likely lost some height. But he sure gained a lot of hair!😂
Robby Harris said on 11/Aug/18
@Rising: Yes, I'd say Sly and Douglas were pretty much level in height at their peaks, however, its plausible Sly would have had the edge on him, as the 2004 golf pics you posted clearly indicate, though as you said, Douglas might have dropped a fraction by then. Sly would have been closer to 5'9" than Douglas back in the 90s, imo. I seriously doubt there's lifts in those golf shoes, but its not exactly out of the realm of possibility with Sly. He looks to be at least a solid 5'9" there nonetheless. Definitely good pics!

He looked pretty close to Arnie at this awards event in 2010, obviously with the help of lifts, but I can't find a solid picture showing his footwear from the particular event, but I'd assume they were boots:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

At this point I don't think Arnie was any less than about 5'11.5" at the very minimum. Sly was obviously still at his peak at that point, or about 5'9" flat and so could be appearing at least 5'11" there, though he looks to have an edge on the first couple photos. I can recall seeing a video of them at that particular event where they looked pretty much dead-on, though if memory serves correct, I could've sworn Arnie looked to have a slight edge on him by perhaps a cm at times, presumably as a result of posture differences.

However, have a look at him beside 6' Adrien Brody at the same event:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

He looks very similar in height to him there, and I don't think Brody is any less than 6' flat, though its arguable he's anything between 5'11.5"-6'0.5".

Sly with 5'11.5" Bruce Willis and 5'11" Mickey Rourke at the Expendables premiere in 2010:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Its arguable Willis was already leaning towards a flat 5'11" by that point, but Sly looks to appear at least 5'10" with both guys, while in surprisingly normal looking footwear. Depending on the photo and angle, he could appear even taller than that! Rourke, I believe, might have still been the full 5'11" at the time, but its arguable he's lost height now considering he's 65. He turned 58 in 2010, and a lot of men barely lose anything at that age. All said, Sly was most likely a solid 175 cm at his peak, and about 173-174 at best today. On a side note, I'm looking forward to Rambo V! I heard he retired from playing Rambo some few years ago, so the announcement for the new film definitely came as a surprise!
Bradley said on 10/Aug/18
Stern hates being 6' 5", he's always rants about it. "I don't wanna stand out, especially in places I don't wanna be".
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Aug/18
@MJKoP: I don't know, in that scenario it seems like Glenn prooved Colin wrong. Bet Colin feels like an idiot now for saying he's only 5'10"! And as someone with a good amount of Irish heritage who lived in Brooklyn(and apparently has the accent), no offense taken. On a different note, it's ironic that Glenn of all people regularly said other people didn't know their height. The best example is the Gary Sinise page.

glenn said on 8/Feb/08
like i said,he always seemed 5-9.but now i wonder if that was posture.this night he was 5-10 with dress boots joke.and him mel were of similiar height in ransom.mel looks 5-10 in alot of movies.are they both lift wearers? why would gary say he was 5-8? mocking me? did he reconize me from this site? is he 5-8 and slipped,forgetting his lift advantage? i asked him about mels height.not his.he said "mel is my height,5-8".i then replied "your 5-8?,im 5-8 and you look taller".he didnt respond.

Interesting comment by Rob on 8/Feb/08
[Editor Rob: was this, or did it look a flat pavement you were on, to be fair sinise looks 5ft 9.5 if he has worse posture than you here!]

So Gary looked 5'9.5" with 5'8" Glenn ;) Anyone want to guess what Gary was thinking when he didn't respond?
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Aug/18
@Robby Harris: I agree. I don't know if you saw the comparison I posted about a year ago when Sly and Statham went to lunch. Sly had dress shoes and Statham looked to have 3 cm type boots and Sly was still at least as tall, but I think they must be the same and Sly's posture gives him the edge since I don't see him above 174, but I can't see Statham below that. I'm not that surprised Sly looks to have only lost about 1 cm, I mean he sure doesn't stand anything like most 72 year olds. He's getting in shape for Rambo 5 at the moment. I'd keep anything autographed by Sly as well, but the funny thing is I've considered buying a pair of Hogans anyway. Btw, I found another interesting comparison of Sly and Michael Douglas in their primes and recently I tried to post a few days ago, but it didn't go through.

1991: Click Here
Footwear: Click Here Click Here
2014: Click Here (Scroll down for footwear)

There aren't real clear photos of footwear at the '91 event, but it looks like Sly has some kind of heeled footwear. There's a decent chance both men were wearing lifts, but I believe Sly had footwear advantage, which is why he looks clearly taller. But nowadays, Sly looks a good inch taller and both appear to have normal footwear. Normally, I wouldn't put much stock in a photo where we can't see feet, but it's the previously posted 2004 golf photos of the two that support this: Click Here There's 3 good full photos and even if Sly has a small lift in his golf shoes, I'd say he was still likely slightly taller by 2004 when he was 58 and Michael was 60. Like Don Johnson, I just don't buy Michael being taller than Sly after seeing them together over decades. Imo, Michael was maybe a flat 5'9" until around the early 2000's, 5'8.5" by 2004 and only 5'7.5" these days. De Niro is similar as he's just 3 years older than Sly himself and was only slightly shorter at the time of Cop Land, but looked about 1.5" shorter by Grudge Match. This shows how well Sly has retained his height.
Bradley said on 10/Aug/18
It is called a curb, you step off it you are on the street. Minus 5" easy. Watch for traffic. It STINKS being 6' 6". 6-2 is perfect.
MJKoP said on 9/Aug/18
Rising - 174 cm said on 9/Aug/18
@Robby Harris: It would be funny to see Glenn argue with Colin himself that he's 5'11" and not the 5'10" he's always claimed to be.

G: Yow...Hah tawl ahw yuh Cawlinn?
C: Ehm feev fute tin, meet!
G: Naw fawv fuhd uhluvunn!!!
C: Dooot...Ehh meeshurrd meesilv meeny tooms! Eh thenk ehd knoo, bedddy!
G: Naw, Awm fawv fuhd ayt! Yawh uh guhd thruh unchuz tawluh...
C: Noooh, minn...yooor likk feev fute sex, noot evinn feev sivinn!!!
G: *WW3 Commences*

I extend my sincere apologies to all Brooklyn residents and Irishmen alike. 😩😅
Robby Harris said on 9/Aug/18
@Canson: That's very understandable. I can definitely see why some guys wouldn't like excessive extra height on them, especially if its coupled with a thin, lanky type of build. Some men like to tower over other men though, but most might say that's where the 6'2"-6'4" range is usually seen as an ideal. Overall, anything from 5'11"-6'2" seems ideal enough to most guys. But as I've mentioned in the past, a lot of it comes down to build. A person's body type can have a significant effect on their height. That's why some shorter guys happen to give off "tallish" impressions and vice versa, but a larger-boned build and slightly stronger toned muscles can look pretty good on taller heights, imo. Howard Stern is certainly a great example of a guy who hates being 6'5"! But he's got a very lanky body type which accentuates his height in a perhaps negative way.
Robby Harris said on 9/Aug/18
@Rising: That would be comedy gold! Don't forget Glenn's adamant 5'10" claim for Nas, despite Nas' own claim of 5'8" and his NYPD record listing him at just that - which Glenn initially dismissed as "he probably just doesn't know his height". That one had me nearly falling out my chair in laughter! Surely that one had posters taking time to second guess on Glenn's honesty of his own height, as the idea of Nas wearing lifts is almost as ridiculous as Sly going barefoot to an awards ceremony!

I'd say Sly looks as though he'd have a slight edge on Statham today, as he appeared marginally taller than Statham at the Expendables 3 premiere in 2014. Worst case scenario he's the same height as Statham. I don't see Sly as being any more than 174 cm today anyway. 175 peak. He's doing pretty good in the height department, considering most men his age would have already lost a fairly noticeable amount. Many would have lost an inch, or sometimes more! As for the Hogan sneakers, I'd have kept them for myself had he signed me a pair. $500!?! That's pretty cheap if its truly autographed! You never know how much one of those things could be worth in the distant future!

@Brad: Lol, did you just say you walk on the Vegas strip to lose 4-5 inches?! Is that even remotely possible? The only causations of height loss pertaining to humans are wear-and-tear with age, scoliosis or arthritic disorders and bone loss due to osteoporosis. These "height-stealing hurdles" would amount to a truly terrifying NIGHTMARE had they dare crept up on Sly, or the famous Big G! 😲

@Rob: A 6'2.5" fellow sporting lifts to appear 6'3"-6'4" is certainly extremely difficult to fathom in any case! Not unless a guy that tall would wear them simply for fun! But Steven Seagal (a legit 6'3.5"-6'4" guy) and lifts just don't mix! 😂 In fact lifts and Seagal in the same discussion come off as an utter joke in itself. That's a piece of G-comedy gold right there! No doubt did he have more than just 6.5" on you in your pic with him!
Canson said on 9/Aug/18
@Robby Harris: to be fair he isn’t even 6’6. He’s 6’5 1/2 from what he mentioned. I can understand the 6’5 claim to be honest. As for Brad, I wouldn’t want to be 6’6” either. I’m 6’4.25” at a low and wouldn’t want to be anything more than I am now to be honest. You get to a point where it’s just not necessary if you aren’t playing pro Ball. 6’4 is an ideal height imho. If I anything taller, 6’5 is about as good as it gets, but I’d take the flat 6’4” (193cm) at a low as the most ideal tall height
Rising - 174 cm said on 9/Aug/18
@Robby Harris: It would be funny to see Glenn argue with Colin himself that he's 5'11" and not the 5'10" he's always claimed to be. As Glenn said on the Kevin Spacey page "I don't care what he says". We definitely agree on Sly's height, though. He's actually wearing big footwear again 2 days ago with Statham: Click Here Click Here Click Here And a little video footage: Click Here Sly does look a good 1.5" taller and you can at least see Statham going up on one foot in the first 2 pics, but I'd need to see a good closeup of Sly's shoes from the side to see if those are the black Hogan sneakers or some sort of unknown boot. I bet they're the same height barefoot these days so I'd give both 5'8.5". On a side note, I actually came across a pair of Hogan sneakers autographed by Sly selling for $500.
Bradley said on 9/Aug/18
I Hate it with a big H. On the Vegas strip I walk on the strip itself to lose 4-5 inches. It stinks. I want to be 6-2. Corey was a hard to judge at a Ray Courts celebrity show years ago, he had boots, possibly ramped. G with Corey was a kill shot for G being 5' 6.5".
ABD said on 9/Aug/18
I think he was 5'10 when he was a young actor....and now he is 5'8
anywhy he is one of the greatest actors in history of humans !
Robby Harris said on 9/Aug/18
@MJKoP: I guess anything was possible in the mind of G...even himself at 5'8"!

What always cracks me up is the fact he thought Corey Feldman was only 5'3"-5'4" after having met him in person, and getting a photo taken with him. Then Rob does just the same...except Feldman turned out to be around 5'5"! 😂 Besides, Glenn barely even looked a full 2" taller than Feldman in the pic he provided, in which he also clearly had better posture. I really wonder what Feldman did to appear 5'1.5"-5'2.5" max (in comparison to a legit 5'6.5" fella) in G's eyes that day! One would think the G would have upgraded him to a weak 5'7"!
Editor Rob
To be fair, I think Feldman is a guy who he thought had big 3 inch boots, so without them could be a 5ft 3 guy.

But then, Glenn once said to me "seagal,who might be 6-2.5 sans lifts".

That was in 2006, first time I heard of the idea of 6ft 3 or 4 guys wearing lifts!
MJKoP said on 8/Aug/18
Robby Harris said on 4/Aug/18
Glenn did that a lot. He would sometimes let slip a ridiculously broad range for nearly every celebrity he met (well, maybe not "nearly every", but many of them). He was an absolute joke and hard to take serious! 5'10.5" minimum and 6'1" max after meeting Willis in person?

He even said here - right in the midst of his "Sly is 5'10.75" streak: anything is possible. even Sly at 5-7. but one thing's for sure. Farrell is not 5-10 or less.(I'm pretty sure that's what his post read verbatim; I have an almost photographic memory. He was of course defending his 5'11" claim for Colin).
Robby Harris said on 8/Aug/18
@Rising: Yes, I can even recall G saying someone (can't remember who) could have been anywhere from 5'7" to 5'10"/11", and a "confused caught-off-guard Frank2" pointing the absurdity of it out to him! If memory serves correct, I think BOTH Glenn and Frank had met that particular celeb and had significant differing estimates too! 😂 I'll have to however agree that street sightings are obviously more tricky considering the uneven pavements and such, but there's even a limit of comprehension to that! As far as Sly's height, IF he gets a mugshot taken, I wonder about the potential height listing he'd be given...and whether he'd decide to pack on some chunky lifts inside a pair of big boots again...but I admittedly don't really know much about the case, as there's really not much information out there on it. Anyway, he's certainly in the low-to-mid 5'8" zone today, but no more. 5'9" peak, or possibly just shy of it, but I wouldn't think much less than that at a minimum. As a side note, I wouldn't *actually* want to see Sly get a mugshot taken! 😐

@Brad: Do you REALLY actually hate being 6'6" THAT badly?? You've been pointing it out constantly for over 10 years now...
Bradley said on 6/Aug/18
I have 50,000 albums maybe I could pack some on my back like the U.S. Army heroes going up hills to kill Taliban with their gear. I'd love to lose a few inches.
Rising - 174 cm said on 5/Aug/18
@Rob: That's true. I mean Sly's second most famous character seldom wore a shirt, but always wore boots. With some of the clauses in celebrity divorce agreements, maybe it's not a coincidence Brigitte Nielsen didn't claim Sly was 174-175 cm until quite some time had passed since their marriage. I'm only half joking since such a clause wouldn't really be that surprising in a Hollywood divorce.

@Robby Harris: That's true. He was broader early on and it makes his later certainty on some of these celebs all the more untenable. Some of the short sightings(e.g., Glenn "looking at the top of Sean Penn's head") were probably pavement/posture/walking as Rob said, but some of the other contradictions can be explained only in a universe where Hitler could be in failing health in 1945 Germany even before his suicide yet somehow manage to lay low for 40 years until he died at 97 in Argentina.
Bradley said on 4/Aug/18
G upped everybody to get his Celebrity Heights height nailed solid. G was 5' 6.5" 6 hours after wake-up in the photos coming in the from the Bronx on the elevated with a bag of stuff to get signed to make a living. I have no idea what he does now, I think he offers anything cheap to the big guy in Queens and the Toddster. Burbs with an astronaut or Volvo bed meal post would make my day.
Editor Rob
I was reading an article a few years ago about some kind of Iron Man competition that put lots of stress on the spine and one guy said he shrunk 2 inches in height after doing it.

I'm sure if our old friend Glenn read that, it might give him hope - carrying a stack of Vinyl on his back for 6 hours may well have shrunk him more than normal...I suppose it sounds optimistic!

Here is a link to that article Click Here and the quote from the guy

"I started out being 5-foot-9 on Friday and ended up being 5-foot-7 on Sunday....With all the heavy lifting I did, it compressed my spine to where I shrunk 2 inches. Taller guys shrunk even more"
Rising - 174 cm said on 4/Aug/18
I initially thought Brad and burby might be the same person because of the similarities, but I came across burby's earlier posts and they're much more like a typical poster here than Brad so I believe they're different. I think they just share a similar sense of humor. If Bruce really was 6'0" then he'd likely be close to 6'1" in the morning and Glenn estimated from the perspective of morning height(while at least rounding his own morning height up a half inch as it turned out). This is an example of how confusing the morning height stuff gets and while I went with it back then, I'm glad it's rarely mentioned now. Actually, if you subtract 1.5" from Glenn's old estimates for Sly and Bruce you do get Rob's peak listings for both. I say old estimates because Glenn doesn't say 5'10.5" or 5'10.75" anymore, but now gives Sly the full 5'11" last I saw, much just like he upped Tom Cruise to 5'9" and Mel Gibson to 5'11". I assume he stuck to the 6'1" for Bruce.

Back to Sly's height, could he be barefoot or in something like slippers here with Sharon Stone? Click Here Considering the scene, the fact he's shirtless and the height difference between them looks smaller than usual, it seemed a possibility that's close to the actual difference between them. Sharon is or was a solid 5'8" and Sly a weak 5'9", imo.
Editor Rob
Sly will happily go shirtless, but shoeless I think is rare for him. A 'closed set' even!
Robby Harris said on 4/Aug/18
Glenn did that a lot. He would sometimes let slip a ridiculously broad range for nearly every celebrity he met (well, maybe not "nearly every", but many of them). He was an absolute joke and hard to take serious! 5'10.5" minimum and 6'1" max after meeting Willis in person? What kind of help does that do Rob and and the rest of the Celebheight-posters in trying to pin down his true height, especially considering he met the guy! Glenn actually said the shortest Willis can be is 5'10" at one point, and also claimed to have seen him look as tall as 6'2" in sneakers! Hilarious indeed.
Editor Rob
On the street it's certainly a trickier business trying to guess height.

I think a lot of short estimates probably come from the other person standing on the higher side of a sidewalk/road or seeing a celebrity with their head down in movement, while the estimator is standing stationery.
MJKoP said on 3/Aug/18
Bradley said on 1/Aug/18
G never said 5' 10.5" then 6' 1"...

You're right...he said it at the same time. He was talking the lowest possible estimate. I think he was responding to some guy who claimed 5'8" or 5'9" for Bruce. Glenn is funny.
Bradley said on 1/Aug/18
G never said 5' 10.5" then 6' 1"...he met him 20 times, and I met my John Glenn. I'm not Burby. I don't know about roasts but I do know that the Burbs knows about the Volvo bed and Sal getting the napkins. Chaskey and G ought to be a wrestling team: The 570 Combined Brotherhood. Queens and The Bronx boppahs....sponser: Nathan's....(Sal: mustad).
Robby Harris said on 31/Jul/18
Bradley said on 24/Jul/18
Maybe Willis 6 flat in '85, age and weight has locked in a weak 5-11 for years. I hate cm, I like inches.

burby said on 26/Jul/18
Brad, are you prepping material for the C.C. Roast of Bruce Willis this Sunday with that maybe 6 flat in '85 line? Astronaut stuff....

....Brad needs to improve on his "masking skills" lol.
Rising - 174 cm said on 31/Jul/18
@Rob: I agree he can look at least 176 a fair amount since he looked almost identical to Colin Farrell and not much shorter than McConaughey. Nowhere near 5'11", though, otherwise he'd look pretty tall with his build.
MJKoP said on 31/Jul/18
Bradley said on 24/Jul/18
Maybe Willis 6 flat in '85, age and weight has locked in a weak 5-11 for years. I hate cm, I like inches.

So, according to you, he could've been six foot in his prime, yet Glenn's 6'1" estimate is "laughing gas"??? Glenn even once said Bruce could've been 5'10.5" at his very lowest.
If B and G did a joint comedy tour, I'd purchase every ticket even Madison Square Garden would need to be vacant in order to contain my laughter.
Bradley said on 30/Jul/18
A few hundred million banked can get great hair for anybody.
Rising - 174 cm said on 30/Jul/18
Sly is actually still close to Jared Leto's height: Click Here You can see in some photos Sly looks taller while in others Jared does, which probably means they were about the same that day, but if you scroll down to the last 2 photos you see the shoes and while Sly has flat dress shoes with only a small heel, Leto is wearing loafers, which add even less. If Leto is 5'9" then I still see Sly around 5'8.5", but he better watch the 100 pound weighted pull-ups if he wants to keep that height ; Makes for an impressive instagram video, though.
Editor Rob
I've not ruled out 176 for Leto, I think he has pulled that mark off a fair bit, though his 5ft 11 claim is a bit much to swallow!
burby said on 26/Jul/18
Brad, are you prepping material for the C.C. Roast of Bruce Willis this Sunday with that maybe 6 flat in '85 line? Astronaut stuff....
Rising - 174 cm said on 26/Jul/18
@Brad: Maybe 5'11.5", but I doubt he was 6' even then. DJ was 5'9" and his loafers probably gave him 0.5" less and PMT may have been 5'9.5". I agree Bruce looks a weak 5'11" now and flat 5'11" a decade ago. Speaking of which, this was a pretty impressive feat for Sly: Click Here Click Here Posture and lifts even him up despite being at least 2" shorter barefoot. Those aren't his Hogan sneakers, but Sly, Downey Jr. and Mel Gibson all wear thick sneakers and boots that can sort of blur the distinction, especially with lifts inside. He looked tall for that Planet Hollywood opening, but looked a lot shorter at '95-'96 Planet Hollywood events.

Court doesn't always work either. Feds spent $120 million on Clemens and Bonds yet struck out like so many batters flailing at a Clemens splitter. Even the ones who do admit using always lie about the degree. McGwire saying he only used "very low doses" for "injuries" or Giambi saying he only started in '01(try '96 and he had side effects like obvious water retention within a short time) and he wouldn't answer that question when asked again by Mitchell in '07 on advice of his lawyer. Technically, Giambi perjured himself just like Bonds and Sheffield in those BALCO hearings. You're right about Keith Hernandez. Drugs have been in sports for many decades. Ralph Kiner using speed just after he got back from WW2, Tom House saying he was one of many pitchers experimenting with steroids in the late 60's/early 70's and there were even attempts before the technology if you believe the story of Babe Ruth trying an extract from a sheep testicle to improve his performance on and off field. As for Affleck's hair, I do believe what I was told a year or two ago, but that's me. As for Sly, I'm pretty sure this is a good transplant or some other kind of procedure since 2016. He has the hairline of a 20 year old! Pretty impressive to see a video of a 71 year old Sly in 2018 doing pull ups with 100 pound weights, though.
Bradley said on 24/Jul/18
Maybe Willis 6 flat in '85, age and weight has locked in a weak 5-11 for years. I hate cm, I like inches.
Rising - 174 cm said on 23/Jul/18
Interestingly, I found out the Hogan sneakers Sly has worn a lot have a 3.5 cm sole and a 2 cm removable insole: Click Here I don't know if I've seen Sly wear that color, but they're the same type of sneaker he wore regularly from around 2003-2008 and it looked to me like he was wearing a black pair as recently as the GOTG2 premiere last year. In Sly's case, making the 2 cm insole removable was superfluous unless he wanted to substitute a 3 cm insole for it!

Btw, I'm shocked Sly didn't wear lifts with Wilder and Lewis. You would think he was legitimately short if you didn't know Lewis was 6'4.75" and Wilder 6'6.5". On the other hand, this pic made me laugh: Click Here You would think Sly was well over 6 feet there if you didn't know any better! As for Willis, quite a few think he was 5'11.25" or 5'11.5", though others think he was always 5'11" flat. I think both positions are reasonable since I'm pretty sure he was 5'11" flat by 2006-2007 when he was only 51-52, but a 1 cm loss by then isn't unusual. A 1" loss by then wouldn't make sense so I doubt many actually think he reached it, but you could argue he pulled off around 6' on Miami Vice in '85 since he was about 3" taller than Don Johnson and 2" taller than Philip Michael Thomas.
Bradley said on 23/Jul/18
Ben a rug in '18? G said Willis was 6' 1" to help his Stallone-G fibs. I met my astronaut 20 times. Forced under court order is key to stopping the lies. The baseball players all hid after they admitted. Keith Hernandez was a steaming load for years about coke. Hulk was a classic spiker of steroids...nowhere near Superfly or Superstar. Sly's hair is a wild mystery..plugs? weave? rug? piece?.
MJKoP said on 23/Jul/18
MJKoP said on 20/Jul/18
Not on topic, but is this who I think it is? :D

Click Here
Editor Rob
The Hair probably throws you off, but that is a rare sighting caught on camera.

LOL, the hair! 'Guess it was more on topic than I had originally thought!
viper said on 22/Jul/18
I thought Willis was suppose to be about 6-0 peak
viper said on 22/Jul/18
I don't see the hair loss picture
Rising - 174 cm said on 22/Jul/18
@Rob and MJKoP: A rare sighting indeed, almost as rare as a Big Foot sighting!

@Brad: That Affleck/Leno thing was years ago while this was a year or two ago. And photos with Willis wouldn't help you argue with Glenn since Glenn was just as convinced Willis is 6'1". Funny thing is, if you do subtract 1.5" from Glenn's estimates, you actually get Rob's listings for both. That is if you use the 5'10.5" Glenn argued Sly was while he was still posting here, but he's since upgraded Sly to a full 5'11". The steroid use is no big deal. I wish it wasn't so scandalous for actors to admit it. We all know many do it and we celebrate them for their results, but then act outraged when we find out part of how they achieved them. Remember the hit Hulk Hogan took when he was forced to admit it during McMahon's trial? I can't figure out whose opinion of Hulk could have possibly been changed by that.

@Canson: Yeah, I figure Brigitte Nielsen had to coordinate her height quite a bit with Sly when they were married so I'm assuming she'd know his height within 1 cm. He wore lifts constantly from 2003-2008 and virtually always looked 5'10.5"-5'11" in them and had the right proportions to pull this off. He could look 5'11" at times in the 80's and early 90's, but it's easier to see he's really 5'9" max and wearing lifts. He still wears lifts on occasion and can look 5'10"+ with them, but he's been liftless enough since around 2009 to see his real height. His most recent film Escape Plan 2: Hades used a lot of angles, especially to mask his height with Bautista, but there's a few scenes where you can see he's definitely shorter than Xiaoming Huang(who gets listed 179-180 cm) and Wes Chatham(he has 180-183 cm listings). He's standing closer to the camera in the ending scene than Jesse Metcalfe(listed 176 cm here) and it looks to me like Metcalfe would probably be taller if he stood right next to Sly, though they made Sly look taller in their early scene together, but I think they even tilted the camera in Sly's favor in that shot.
Canson said on 22/Jul/18
@MJKoP: I just saw the comment about rationalizing a more ideal height to yourself!!!! G in reverse!! 😂 I was crackin up!
tree said on 22/Jul/18
MJKoP said on 20/Jul/18
Not on topic, but is this who I think it is? :D

Click Here
Editor Rob
The Hair probably throws you off, but that is a rare sighting caught on camera.

Who is it Rob?
Editor Rob
A young Glenn
Robby Harris said on 22/Jul/18
Lol. That's gotta be Mr. G! He's Mr. New Yorker after all! 😄 😂 🤣
McMurphy said on 21/Jul/18
Heavyweight champs Lennox Lewis and Deontay Wilder with Stallone:

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burby said on 21/Jul/18
viper said on 19/Jul/18
A widow's peak isn't losing your hair

Whatever you want to call it, he's losing his hair.
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Bradley said on 21/Jul/18
Affleck came on Leno once and put away the rug rumours...Jay yanked his hair hard, it stayed on. Gotta be on Youtube, I remember it well. Sly's hair is a mystery more so than his height...and steroid use.
Canson said on 21/Jul/18
I agree with your estimate Rising. footwear with Stallone is never a given. He does wear lifts at times
Canson said on 21/Jul/18
@Brad: so if you dip to 6’5.5 at a low then I was right that Peyton Manning is not 6’5 1/2, he’s really more like 6’5” which is how he looks and that Michael Jordan is more like 6’4 1/2”. That’s what I figured is that you measured earlier in the day and got 6’6” if the other guys are that tall to you. As far as your footwear, the worn out chucks will make you look shorter in person. You would likely appear 6’5 to most people if wearing those and if gauging height you would essentially be 6’5 next to a person in thicker footwear. But 6’5.5 next to a person in Flats. So when you assess height, you really are not 6’6”. You’re 6’5 1/2 if that’s your low
MJKoP said on 20/Jul/18
Not on topic, but is this who I think it is? :D

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Editor Rob
The Hair probably throws you off, but that is a rare sighting caught on camera.
Bradley said on 20/Jul/18
Sly with Willis is proof positive he was 5' 8.5". Willis is 5' 11". Even if only 1.5" gain in Sly footwear he's getting piled on by Willis in sandals. Amazing photo, wish I had it in '06 for the astronaut I met.
viper said on 19/Jul/18
Taylor Lautner with short hair, the hair up front is goin' AWOL like vintage Sly widow's peak.

A widow's peak isn't losing your hair
Rising - 174 cm said on 19/Jul/18
@Rob: Yeah, I thought they were typical Converse at first glance, but the heel area is clearly thicker and different. Sly definitely has a lift, but whether they're custom elevators or not is this what I'm not sure about for the reason you mention. Why wouldn't it conceal the ankle more?
Dmeyer said on 19/Jul/18
To me his shoes look normal 1,3in maybe à small insole but the foot pose seems normal enaugh , so max 1,5in that gives him 2cm over Willis maybe 1cm over arnie , but he looks close to 5'10,5 shoes on as barely under willis whi is near 6'0 sleeper on and arnie 6'2-2,25 in footwear
Bradley said on 19/Jul/18
Worn out Chucks for me (standard I hate my height footwear). Elway in dress shoes and posture that beats mine (I sluncheroo). Okay 6' 2 and a 1/2 if you want plus great erect posture. 6' 6" to 6' 5.5" is a Canson correct for me. I had Manning by a nudge, he's a big dude, Lou easy.
Rising - 174 cm said on 19/Jul/18
Check this out. 1995 Planet Hollywood Opening: Click Here As you can see from the third pic, Sly's ankle is high enough in those boots to indicate a 1" internal lift and perhaps a 2"-2.25" gain overall. Despite this, he winds up looking near 2" shorter than Bruce Willis in sandals in the first pic! I'm not sure if Bruce was always more 5'11" flat or if he was 5'11.5" as Rob gives him, but even if we give him 5'11.5" + about 1 cm sandals, Sly only looks 5'10" in footwear compared to him. Although the lower angle might be favoring the taller person and I think the photo is favoring left to right because Rob lists Demi at 5'4.5" so she'd be about 5'7.5" in heels yet Sly looks about 3.5" taller in that first pic or 3" minimum. Then in the second pic, Sly looks almost as tall as Bruce -- perhaps a half inch shorter -- but in that case the higher angle might minimize the difference. I only included the fourth pic because you can see Sly going up on one foot. Despite that, he doesn't seem to be busting a gut for every last mm like he did constantly a decade after this, but doesn't look more than around 5'11" in those elevator boots as we know he's shorter than Willis in sandals. Arnie was always much taller than both in those days. But what's also crazy is there's a video of Sly, Arnie and Bruce from the early 90's where Sly looks close to Bruce's height and maybe 2" or so shorter than Arnold. I can't find it on YouTube anymore, but I did take a screenshot: Click Here Sly seemed to always have cowboy boots from '91-'93. It's weird, there are periods where Sly looks considerably taller or shorter even accounting for footwear. As for these days, I still think Sly looks about 5'8.5" or at least 5'8" since we've seen him in normal shoes, including Converse recently, but there are times when even a young Sly gave a shorter impression. Farewell, my Lovely(1975) was the shortest I've ever seen him, at least as far as impression.

As for hair, I did notice what I thought was a rug even in the theater during the first Expendables and I think he might have gotten a facelift around that time, but he did look cool overall in the film and was in phenomenal shape. He looked much better dropping down to a shredded 180 as opposed to the 213-215 he was for the last Rambo. Travolta is among the worst with hair. Whether the Dracula piece or one time he looked to try spray on hair that was a much lighter shade of brown than the rest. Lebron's double headband thing was funny, but Carlos Boozer was the worst that season with the Bulls when he looked like he filled in hair with a sharpie. Lautner is really young too, but he's apparently an elevator shoe customer as well. I've heard from people who have seen Ben Affleck in person that his rug is extremely obvious. But Mel Gibson(another guy who wears a piece) is not 5'8". I'm surprised you've stuck to that figure all these years. He does love cowboy boots and I've seen him with hiking boots that appear to have lifts, but he's pulled off looking 5'10"-5'11" range. He's 5'9" as Sigourney Weaver said. 5'8.5" is the absolute lowest I can see for Mel.
Editor Rob
There's a high probability he has a custom boot, the top of his ankle should be hidden away there under the material, but it seems like it isn't. What Arnie is wearing I don't know, some hybrid Converse style.
Canson said on 19/Jul/18
@Viper: it wouldn’t surprise me if Elway actually measured the 6’2.5 earlier in the day and were maybe 6’2 or 6’2.25 in his prime. I’ve seen countless pics of him and he never looks 6’3” you’re absolutely right. Brad may be off on this one. To be fair Brad may assess at a morning height instead of the way Rob and the majority of CH like you me etc do. Like in your case you said you wake up to 6’3.5 earlier and get down to 6’2.75 which is typical for a guy who’s around 6’3”. Similar to me where I am 6’5-6’5 1/8 out of bed and 6’4 1/4-3/8 (top end) a low. Brad likely wakes up to 6’6 and is more like 6’5.5 at a low based on how he has assessed some half inch or so over like Peyton Manning Jordan and Lou Ferrigno
viper said on 18/Jul/18
Elway looks shorter than 6-2 a lot. Pretty surprised Brad saw him at 6-3
burby said on 18/Jul/18
I highly doubt Sly has a "hair system thing", that would be John Travolta (25 plus years) and LeBron James territory stuff. I just saw a pic of Taylor Lautner with short hair, the hair up front is goin' AWOL like vintage Sly widow's peak.
Jim hoppa said on 16/Jul/18
@burby Yeah he has had extensive hair restoration. I think now hes wearing a hair system thing. The hair line is almost 2" lower now than in the 90s.
Bradley said on 16/Jul/18
1/4 off on Elway, okay, we have lives. Gibson has you fooled, he loves built up mountain boots. Chimp in astronaut gear, head and down (I met my astronaut Bingo). Sly has ace hair people.
Canson said on 16/Jul/18
@Viper: Elway was actually measured 6’2 1/2 not 6’2 3/4. Today he looks 6’2” tops
burby said on 14/Jul/18
I've written it before, go watch Cliffhanger in HD to see Sly's hair thinning on the top/back. He had really good work done fixing it. Anyone see Jon Hamm without his wig? Yikes. Yeah, I've met Willis 20+ times, awl kindsa footware!!!! Can you run Three Stooges defense in a space suit? Soitenly!!!
Jim hoppa said on 14/Jul/18
My friend had just to been to an evening with sly event and has a picture pretty much next to him. My friend is 5-4" and around 5-7" in her heels. Sly is just taller about an inch. !!! I was shocked!! So its almost a fact hes only 5-8 in shoes which she said are dress shoes. Food for thought.
Canson said on 14/Jul/18
@Brad: Elway was 6’2.5 when he was drafted. Not sure if that’s morning or afternoon measurement but that would mean he’s likely not 6’3” and 6’2” flat is not out of the question at his age if he’s shrunken 1/2” or maybe less of that weren’t an afternoon height

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Canson said on 14/Jul/18
@Brad: Elway wasn’t even 6’3” barefoot when he played. He’s probably even lower today. Keep in mind his hair is longer than Manning’s as well. He was around 6’2” when he played and still about that back a few years ago.

I agree on Jordan 6’4.5 barefoot and in a pair of basketball shoes 6’5.5-6’6 which is why he got a 6’6” listing. He would be 6’5” or a hair over out of bed. I only know because of the quotes I’ve seen such as him measuring 6’4.5 when drafted, how he looks with Larry Bird who was a legit 6’9 or very close to it, and how people that have met him perceived his height (“roughly my height”) is what I’ve heard and I myself am 6’4.25 (6’5 out of bed). I’ve also met someone who described Manning 6’6 (this guy claims 6’5 and is the same as me if not a hair shorter and inflates everyone’s heights) and then someone else who is more honest and said Manning was 6’5”ish

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Canson said on 14/Jul/18
@Brad: Elway wasn’t even 6’3” barefoot when he played. He’s probably even lower today. Keep in mind his hair is longer than Manning’s as well. He was around 6’2” when he played and still about that back a few years ago

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Canson said on 14/Jul/18
@Brad: Elway wasn’t even 6’3” barefoot when he played. He’s probably even lower today
MrFish said on 14/Jul/18
Rob, is it possible that Sly fell a fraction under 5ft 9 at his peak, like me?
Editor Rob
I'm happy to stick with about 5ft9 for him as a peak. I can still see the arguments for a fraction over or below it.
MJKoP said on 14/Jul/18
Jax walked right by me in a court of law....he ain't 5-7, F2 just hates the 1958 brother Jackson.

F2 also hates Mel Gibson. Iirc, he spoke out about that here...very shortly after Gibson's first public outburst. Therefore - according to your logic - 5'8" for Mel Gibson is just as much nonsense as 5'7"-5'8" for Michael. In fact, Frank2 was probably in even closer proximity to Mel than you were to 'Jax'. AND he was 5'11", as opposed your towering 6'6"...making him by default a far better judge of guys in the 5'7"-5'10" range. ;)
viper said on 13/Jul/18
Elway is not actually 6-3. He was measured at 6-2 3/4
viper said on 13/Jul/18
So MJ's costume designer was just flat out off on his height by 2 inches.

I guess. I mean I've been guessed as low as 6-1 before at 6-3.
Rising - 174 cm said on 13/Jul/18
Deborah Landis actually said Michael was "not even 5-foot-7" and also said he was 99 pounds with a 27 inch waist here: Click Here She does say a 26" waist other times and even 27-28" so she's not completely consistent except with the 99 pound figure, but Michael looked bigger than 99 pounds back then and if he was only 99 pounds, his waist would be even smaller so take that for what it's worth. She also said Michael was the exact same height and weight as Fred Astaire on another occasion. Michael's makeup artist Karen Faye said he was about 5'8" and said she knew this because she was 5'8" range and they were about the same height so you have a wide range. I'm sure with loafers and a hunch he'd look under 5'8" to some even if he were the full 5'9" while even a 5'8" flat Michael might look fairly tall when he wore cowboy boots or cuban heels and stood straight, especially with his build, but I can't see him over 5'9" barefoot or under 5'8". But the point is not Frank2's estimate, but that it shifted from 5'9" to 5'8" and 5'7". The only point I'm making is about his certainty. I think a lot of Frank2's estimates are plausible, but like anyone else, he'll be right on some and wrong on others. I don't think his estimates were typically motivated by personal feelings, though it was obvious he didn't like Michael from some comments he made unrelated to height.
Barry Fl said on 13/Jul/18
@ Lapinux

It is pretty amazing. I'm 5'10 and look it - when I stand up straight!! But more often than not my posture, whether standing or sitting, is lazy and far too relaxed. I lose a couple of inches this way. I'm going to have to learn from our Sly, though he's probably been doing it most of his life. Whatever it is, it works. I don't think he even bends his knees when he walks! ;-)
Warren said on 13/Jul/18
Wow, are you lying?
Bradley said on 12/Jul/18
Think I care about my height: here it is: I hate it Inc. Hey, we're fighting over Stallone's height, think we are sane? Jax walked right by me in a court of law....he ain't 5-7, F2 just hates the 1958 brother Jackson. I'm sure 5-10 Vin is in Munsters with the Slyster...he hates being 5-10. Canson is probably right: 6-6 early. Jordan is still a weak 6-5. Lou at 6-2 is about right in '18. I ran into Elway the other week eating nearby, he's still 6-3. I still say that young guy at QB in Kay-Cee is going to be the star of the NFL in '18.
MJKoP said on 12/Jul/18
viper said on 11/Jul/18
Michael Jackson's costume designer said 5-7 and some change, so Frank2 saying it isn't that crazy

His longer-time costumer said 5'10".
viper said on 11/Jul/18
Michael Jackson's costume designer said 5-7 and some change, so Frank2 saying it isn't that crazy
Bradley said on 11/Jul/18
Burbs with a stone cold Rickles rippah, wish I met my astronaut and met Willis 20 times. Sly's plugs are a mystery, are they or are they not....more of mystery than his height. I wonder if you asked him and the reply, maybe a long string of filthy New Yawk swear words. Sly has on rampers with Jones, really well made stealth jobs...the old time cobblah must still live. Viva grande zapatos.

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