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Peak: 5ft 8.91in (175cm)
Current: 5ft 8.06in (172.9cm)
Bradly said on 14/Feb/18
Extendo legs, nope....just another G fibbah wanting to be tall by association, a 5' 8" supastar. Sal, mustad, mayo.
Barry Fl said on 14/Feb/18
Ha ha ha Sly's trademarked extendo-legs strike again!!
THE REAL ANNONYMOUS said on 13/Feb/18
Is it possible the guy on the right is related to G ?? I mean they both are 5'8
MJKoP said on 13/Feb/18
mohammed said on 12/Feb/18
Sylvester stallone is 175 now

I think he's heavier than that!
mohammed said on 12/Feb/18
Sylvester stallone is 175 now
Aurellio Roccone said on 10/Feb/18
Aw come on now im 511 and Stallone was much shorter when he wore sandsls in Niece France i would say 5 6 i stand with shoes 6 ft
Bradly said on 9/Feb/18
No Canadian sandals, that's one short dude. Just look at him by the chair. Sal, I'm due upstairs with Rob soon, wrap the Nathan's dogs in foil, I wantum hot...and mustad.
burby said on 8/Feb/18
Maybe Sly is rockin' Canadian sandals, eh? Sal, the poutine...
The Shredder said on 7/Feb/18
That woman must be 4'9 , 4'10 than.
Bradly said on 7/Feb/18
The guy has G thoughts: higher by fib. Call Frank Stallone for advice.
M58 said on 7/Feb/18
Yeah, that’s probably a 5’5” dude just pulling off a “Corey Feldman”
Bradly said on 6/Feb/18
Sly might be in a pair of Jennifer's heels if the guy is 5-8.
MJKoP said on 5/Feb/18
lol said on 4/Feb/18
The guy on the right says he's 5.8... What kind of shoes and lifts could explain that Sly is so tall ?

Click Here

A guy claiming 5'8" standing next to a towering Stallone?
You must be new here....
Bradly said on 5/Feb/18
The guy on the right is 5' 6" tops. Maybe he should join Frank Stallone in a height fibbing contest.
lol said on 4/Feb/18
The guy on the right says he's 5.8... What kind of shoes and lifts could explain that Sly is so tall ?

Click Here
lol said on 4/Feb/18
5.8 is not the reality. He stills above that.
Sandy Cowell said on 2/Feb/18
@ burby - Well mate, we all make them 😧 - mistakes, that is!
Enjoy your weekend! 😁
Bradly said on 2/Feb/18
Okay, minus 1/4 Burbs. Sal, yo Sal.....remember the napkins, I dumped some mayo on the Volvo carpet, I'm due upstairs in an hour.
burby said on 2/Feb/18
Whoops, should have put in "since" before the 2017.
burby said on 1/Feb/18
Too high Brad, Sly is a weak 5'8" 2017.
Bradly said on 1/Feb/18
Where'd Sly get that Shaft 1973 coat? Pure Harlem style. He has to be rockin' in those Kojak '75 boots.
Bradly said on 31/Jan/18
5' 8 1/4" is pretty much about what he is. He'd say 1.5" (at least) taller. The G would agree with Sly.
Editor Rob
Sly holds up not too badly in this photo with Arnie and Matt Iseman who says he's 6ft 3 or 4
Rising - 174 cm said on 31/Jan/18
Telly was 5'10"-5'11" range and wore boots with at least 2" heels and was rumored to have lifts inside to make him look his billed height of 6'1" so a young Sly at 5'8.5"-5'9" should have looked considerably shorter and there was never a shot in that episode which showed us the exact difference. Sly didn't look 5'7"-5'8" with Dolph either. According to Dolph, he stood on a box to tower Sly even more than he already did, but Sly always measured up much better to Dolph than Dolph's co-star in Dark Angel/I Come in Peace Brian Benben, who was 5'6" and over a head shorter than Dolph. Sly came up more around Dolph's nose.
Jug said on 31/Jan/18
Closer to 5'7 for a peak. Was considerably shorter than Telly Savalas on an episode of Kojak. Looked 5'7, possibly 5'8, next to 6'4/6'5 Dolph Lundgren.
M58 said on 28/Jan/18
Five-nine peak easy. No arguments against Rob’s listings.
Rising - 174 cm said on 25/Jan/18
I watched Oscar recently and Sly is noticeably taller(at least a couple inches) than 5'7"-5'8" range guys like Peter Riegert and Tim Curry, but he looks to me like he's near 5" shorter than Chazz Palminteri as he seems to not reach much higher than Palminteri's eyes. He's the same height in the film as an 80+ year old Don Ameche and however tall Vincent Spano is, Sly winds up looking about 2" shorter. Don't know about his shoes, they look like they could have lifts, but he is actually seen wearing slippers earlier in the film, though I'm not sure there's a wide shot you can accurately see his height in them. Still a strong 5'8" based on how he looked with Carl Weathers at the Golden Globes a year ago as Carl only looked about 4" taller to me and Carl is no less than 6'0.5" even today.

And MJKoP, I don't know why you inferred that I believed Spacey personally divulged his sexual proclivities to Glenn. I didn't know whether it was accurate or not at the time(I long figured Spacey was gay and really couldn't care less about that with voluntary adults) but had figured Glenn either heard it from a bodyguard, security etc. or someone else in his own profession he knew who saw Spacey regularly with those "young surfer types."

As for Glenn with Sly's height, in fairness, he was relatively consistent in believing Sly was somewhere in the 5'10" range(until Sly's inexplicable growth spurt to 5'11" in his 70's, which even Sly is unaware of) and I do think he honestly believed it as if he were just trying to pass himself off as taller, he could have easily just said Sly was wearing lifts in the photos and who would have doubted him? Same thing with estimating Bruce Willis at a 6'1" height virtually nobody believed despite having no picture with Bruce. However, I do think it's probable Glenn subconsciously or semi-consciously convinced himself some celebs were taller in an effort to allay his own doubts about his height even prior to the measurement. I don't believe he'd have lashed out as extremely at innocuous questions if he were completely certain, but his actions wouldn't have made sense if he knew he was that far from his claimed height and consciously deceiving people. I'm sure when someone like Gary Sinise tells him he himself is 5'8" and looks at Glenn funny when Glenn claims he looks taller because he [Glenn] himself is 5'8" would for anyone else have caused them to at least consider they were shorter than they believed, but for Glenn the logical or convenient conclusion to draw from this was that Sinise didn't know his own height. If Glenn can still seemingly convince himself he's 5'8" or at least have no qualms telling it to people aware of his measurement then convincing himself he were 5'8" before the measurement would be a piece of cake. Especially since Glenn had some wildly unscientific ideas about height. For instance, Sly's unexplained ability to go from looking from 5'7" to 6'2" (in Glenn's judgement) despite the fact that Sly's good posture would leave shoes and ground level as the only real variables. These variations were not uncommon to Glenn. He not only believed Mel Gibson could look 5'7"-5'8", he believed Gibson WAS 5'7"-5'8" due to premiere photos despite having met Mel by this point. Now he believes Mel is 5'11" despite only claiming 5'10", much like Sly, Colin Farrell and others.
MJKoP said on 22/Jan/18
Rob: You should totally add this guy just for laughs....perhaps he was really a bit under 5'8.75"?? :P

lolgoogle, indeed! :D

Click Here
Editor Rob
Yeah I remember seeing that years ago.

Absolutely stick-on that Big G loves type his name and height and it says there 5ft 10 :)

Google can't be wrong 😁
Bradly said on 16/Jan/18
The G meets 5' 6.5". 4 real. Sal, fries? CH demands email address now, can't get to CH through FedEx or anywhere else outside town cept new name.
MJKoP said on 13/Jan/18
Of course he saw it - but as you've hypothesized in the past, he simply purged the memory as it was too painful to accept. If you hooked him up to a polygraph and asked him his height, there'd be no indicators of deception as he answered "Five Foot Eight".
MJKoP said on 13/Jan/18
Yeah, if Rob were still "friends" with Glenn like I am, it would have to be from a dummy account where he'd block out his alter-identity. The incorrect font was really only secondary.

No, I *did* indeed mean the actual ones of the stadiometer measurements, showing his precise actual height(or at least according to everyone except him and these friends we keep hearing about). There would really be no need to manipulate the two of you standing next to each other, due to the posed one of G the (G)iant.

And I'm sure your CH admin database snapshots contain plenty of great stuff to behold. I remember when he said "anything is possible. even Stallone at 5-7".

Of course Sly "grew" to five eleven when the (G)reat contributor's stories began to crumble. If Sly had refused G's photo-op requests and possibly even turned down a John Hancock, do you seriously think he'd still be seen a full quarter inch above even his own highest claim? Hehe...
Editor Rob
Bizarre, since he saw the measurements himself.

There is in my posession one photo of Glenn measuring 5ft 8 (Yes, unlike Bigfoot, this exists). Of course it is an 'in sneakers' shot...If I put that up again, someone will email it to him and he might start believing he measured 5ft 8 in socks...😵😼
MJKoP said on 12/Jan/18
The Shredder said on 12/Jan/18
I feel like an ass lol. I was barely awake when I saw the page , but it looked real. That's some good work you did there Rob ;).
Editor Rob: I dared not make it totally accurate, so I just switched the font slightly...I of course am not a facebook friend of glenn :)

what was funny in 2005-2006 or so is some people genuinely thought Glenn had photoshopped images of himself, which seemed ludicrous as he could barely work a computer.

He didn't HAVE a computer and his entries were/are from his phone(Blackberry back then)...interestingly enough, he thought YOU had 'shopped the stadiometer pics of him at slightly over and under 5'7". I'm kicking myself for not offering to doctor those pics back to the "correct" height for him, to see what he would've said. He probably would've posted them and tried to pass them off as the originals. LOL
Editor Rob
Photoshopped the stadiometer snapshot or the ones of him standing with me? I'm sure he's still got the one I suggested he keep - the one of him on tip-toes, looking the happiest he's ever been :)

If he still wants a photo of him measuring just slightly under 5ft 7 on the Seca, someone send him This one and the one taken 15 minutes before at which he managed 2mm taller, Click Here. Might help remind him of what 5ft 8 looks like 😈 🤗

And to shift back to the topic of Stallone I think this tidbit from our old friend is worth mentioning:

"BUT I did stand near him for
a bit and examined him like a scientist would,like I
always do.5-9 tops this time.maybe
smaller.however,like I said its tricky"

So, even admitted Height Scientist, Glenn Cunningham B.S, at one stage thought Sly looked 5ft 9 or possibly smaller! 😳

I'd totally forgotten him saying this!
The Shredder said on 12/Jan/18
I feel like an ass lol. I was barely awake when I saw the page , but it looked real. That's some good work you did there Rob ;).
Editor Rob: I dared not make it totally accurate, so I just switched the font slightly...I of course am not a facebook friend of glenn :)

what was funny in 2005-2006 or so is some people genuinely thought Glenn had photoshopped images of himself, which seemed ludicrous as he could barely work a computer.
MJKoP said on 12/Jan/18
I was almost tempted to go check his page, despite immediately knowing it was fake. Believe you me, I'd have been all over that like fur on Bigfoot had such a post appeared. Rob, you've got to work on your facebook 'shopping. Eh, still more convincing than Bigfoot. :P
The Shredder said on 11/Jan/18
Wait , so G really is admitting to 5'6.5 now?
Editor Rob: 😱 😉 when hell freezes over!
MJKoP said on 10/Jan/18
G's been nice enough to provide us with his resume on his IG(handle: magickal_warlock - I kid you not!)

Aries.Entertainment Industry.Musicologist.Cryptozoologist.Metal.NewWave.Goth.Prog.Psych.Industrial.Cats.Horror.Astrology.Paranormal.Occultist.Magick.Professional Height Guesser.Five.Foot.F**king.EIGHT!!!!

Okay, the last two descriptors were added by yours truly, but I think this might be jumping the shark even for him!

Side note: When you add a letter 'k' to the word "magic", it suddenly becomes more mystic yet paradoxically somehow more believable as a made-up word. I would say his story is tragick.
Editor Rob: I think I will give him some major props...I just seen his admission Click Here.
Well done G!
Not so good for Sly though, he liked being a few inches taller than our old friend, it helped his 5ft 10 and a half claim.
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Jan/18
This is a fair downgrade as I think he must be somewhere from 5'8" minimum to 5'8.5" max, but he doesn't look like he's shrunk much more since around 2014-2015ish, imo. You can see he's still taller next to Mel Gibson than Mark Wahlberg is. Btw, I watched F.I.S.T. for the first time in years a while back and Sly pulls off taller than I remembered in it. If Peter Boyle was 6'2" and Kevin Conway 5'6" then Sly pulled off between 5'10"-5'11" with them at times. Of course, I think Conway is right that Sly was about 5'9" and wore lifts constantly. But if Sly is 5'8.25" now then Statham definitely needs a quarter inch downgrade as Statham does not look taller even with comparable footwear. I'd still say 175 cm peak and 174 now until I see something definitive to change my mind, but I've said for a while there's about a 50/50 chance of 5'8.75" peak and 5'8.25" now, especially since 174.5 would be right between the range Brigitte gave for Sly.
the rock said on 10/Jan/18
looks like legit 5ft 8.25
Jason said on 9/Jan/18
Rob how tall you think Sylvester Stallone would be in the 70's and 80's?
Editor Rob: much more a 5ft 9 guy than 5ft 8 back then.
THE REAL ANNONYMOUS said on 9/Jan/18
I think Glenn should really have his own height page. If he hasnt had a heart attack up to now Idont think he will have one.
Cmon Rob it will be awesome!!
Editor Rob: I think it would be unwise.
Brad said on 8/Jan/18
and a Nathan's dog with mustad, I'm due upstairs with Rob and the Queen of Scotland in 2 hours...this Volvo bed is killin' me.
Barry Fl said on 8/Jan/18
I don't get the impression that Sly has lost much height (but then again with all his smoke and mirrors it's hard to be certain). Some days of course he's gained it.
burby said on 7/Jan/18
Nah, Sly would still say 5'10" in 2018. Sal, two pepperoni slices and a medium Coke, please.
Brad said on 6/Jan/18
Sly has an Addams Family bed rack that pulls him each night, he has not gone below 5' 8". Would Sly say 5' 9" in '18 or stick to the 70's fibbing?
mojo said on 5/Jan/18
I totally disagree with the downgrade of his height on this page. Totally. I think Sly totally disagrees too... More seriously i didn't see any facts giving the impression that he lost height.
Brad said on 5/Jan/18
The chimps at the Bronx Zoo call him out for bananas nightly. 5' 6.5" is his height. 5' 8" is his dream height.
THE REAL ANNONYMOUS said on 5/Jan/18
Rob!!.... G needs his own height page!! 5'6.5 I think it could be interesting
Editor Rob: I don't want to give the guy a heart attack.
Brad said on 4/Jan/18
G is 5' 6.5" in '18. He's 46 this year and heavier than the wild years on C-H's.
THE REAL ANNONYMOUS said on 3/Jan/18
Soooo if Sly is down graded to 5'8.25 where does that put the Big G (Glenn)...5'5.50 i would assume would be fair.
Editor Rob: still in 5ft 7 range out of bed.
Intevel said on 2/Jan/18
Rob, did you make a height for Jennifer Flavin?
Brad said on 2/Jan/18
He's still clinging to the weak slyster 5-8. Tom Jones has everybody in another measuring department. Read Mary Wilson's autobiography.
burby said on 2/Jan/18
Sly now down to a strong 5'8" on here. There must have been a New Year's resolution to meet their postman somewhere...
andre said on 1/Jan/18
stallone barefoot height at night is 170cm and about 178cm/179cm with lifts in the morning

stop this idea that he is 5ft9 barefoot i would even say today he is 169cm barefoot at night
Liam said on 31/Dec/17
Knock between 2"-3" off whatever height they say they are
Most of them wear wedged shoes
The women also wear wedgies and 6" inch heels
Melanie griffith is between 5'3" & 5'4"
Look at our national treasure Tom Jones
He wears wedges and is only 5'8"-5'9"
I AM 6'6" HO!HO!HO! REALLY 5'11"
Barry Fl said on 29/Dec/17
Click Here

Why does it not surprise me that Sly has a gigantic statue of himself in his house? And you know he spends a lot of time gazing at it in admiration.
Jim Hopper said on 27/Dec/17
Tbh I dont think hes over 5-8 barefoot today
Rey said on 24/Dec/17
Editor Rob: is coming around. 'Start looking 5'7."' Fact is, Stallone is already 5'7".
Brad said on 23/Dec/17
He was grapher in New York till the bay of e registered him non. Those Portman's must have been his height helper in many shots not to mention the tip-toe action. Sal, the Nathan's dog needs to be a jumbo...and hurry I'm due upstairs soon...this Volvo backseat bed is killin' me.
MJKoP said on 22/Dec/17
Rumor has it G was recently diagnosed with severe PTSD(Perniciously Trolling Stadiometer Disability). He's submitted an additional seven words to be prohibited by the CDC: Height, Weight, Volvo, Portman, Measure, Shrink, Rob. XD
MJKoP said on 22/Dec/17
Brad said on 20/Dec/17
His business skills were horrible.

He had business skills? :D
Editor Rob: I'm still wondering how the homeless guy living in the basement of a record shop is doing in the creation of Glenn's own site 🤓
As for Sly, eventually he will start looking 5ft 7, maybe in 5 years though.
Brad said on 21/Dec/17
Sal from Sunnyside Queens NYC. Those fries tasted good in the Volvo bed hours before the big height measure. Most of the NYC autograph seekers I knew were wacks like Blinky n Festah. Sheldon must have been a piece of work.
Brad said on 20/Dec/17
His business skills were horrible. If da G put his pictures with celebs by his eBay listings he could have made a lot of loot and dodged the "fake signature" missles. He imploded. I think he's a runner for the big guy in Queens or Where-man now...kinda smart, take the quick cheese put into Bitcoins.
MJKoP said on 20/Dec/17
Mark172cm said on 20/Dec/17
I would bet every dime I have that G posted (or perhaps even still occasionally posts) on here under different aliases. But there's no way he STILL claims 5'8" is there?...if he currently still believes he's that height, then I'd have to say he's most likely just trolling. If not that, then he'd have to be incredibly nuts!
Editor Rob: He's had a celebheights mindwipe 😁 Will be claiming 5ft 8 till the grave.

I'm sure he's just having a joke back at us 👋

You really think he knows the truth? I mean, for most people, having yourself measured on a stadiometer at whatever height despite insisting for years that you were almost 1.5 inches higher might be a bit disappointing, but they'd at least acknowledge the reality of it and move on....Glenn is not "most people". The stuff regarding him which I've alluded to in the past such as what he believed in and followed on his social networking profiles as well as some very specific things he confided to me privately made me seriously question his sanity and level of stability - and I'm honestly not saying that as a put down or dig at the dude, in fact quite the opposite. Certain afflictions(and again, I don't want to divulge personal info) are *not* excuses for bad behaviors, but they definitely should give an amount of compassion and sympathy for those who are suffering....despite them having hurt others who were undeserving. And those things can surely help explain why some people act so irrationally.
Mark172cm said on 20/Dec/17
I would bet every dime I have that G posted (or perhaps even still occasionally posts) on here under different aliases. But there's no way he STILL claims 5'8" is there?...if he currently still believes he's that height, then I'd have to say he's most likely just trolling. If not that, then he'd have to be incredibly nuts!
Editor Rob: He's had a celebheights mindwipe 😁 Will be claiming 5ft 8 till the grave.

I'm sure he's just having a joke back at us 👋
Barry Fl said on 20/Dec/17
(Boba Fett said on 18/Dec/17 @Barry Fl That's a good point, most people assume Sly is significantly shorter than his 5'9" listing because of the lifts, doesn't help the perceived height for him.)

Yeah, I've definitely noticed this with a lot of people I've spoken to - and even I used to think he was about 5'6 or 5'7 until I started paying more attention. Not that I think he's much taller now, mind you - but I certainly wouldn't call him short. Maybe 5'9 or so in younger days, and an inch shorter now? But the guy's *appearance* of height is all over the place - he can look as tall as 6 footers on one day and then almost half a foot shorter the next! I have seen Sly in real life, but not really close enough to comfortably judge from that alone. I will say, he didn't look small though.
THE REAL ANNONYMOUS said on 19/Dec/17
Brad?? you have a short memory!!
I was banned from here for getting into it with little G on numerous occasions.
G is angry angry little man.
Heard he stiffed Sal for that order of french fries
MJKoP said on 19/Dec/17
Brad said on 18/Dec/17
His fury was on me only. How many times: "Sly is 5' 8.5" and you at 9 P.M. after the 3 P.M. Bronx wake-up are 5' 6.5" in pictures". Is it true he says he is 5-8 in '17? I bet 222 and loaded down he might be 5-6 flat by 11 P.M.

You may have been the brunt of his hostility, but he'd habitually flip out on random guests at the drop of a hat(myself included). This unbecoming behavior actually repelled many visitors, despite his repeated cries of "this site iz literally nothing without ME!!!!!!" My first interaction with him ever was when I questioned the veracity of someone claiming to be Billie Joe Armstrong, on the respective page(and with only one post under that name!), and G immediately falling for it and replying as though he were talking to the man....I was promptly treated to insults and swear words. LOL, I guess I was somewhat naive back then to still befriend him despite of all the blatant warning signs, but fortunately never anywhere near his level of ignorance. :D
Thereel said on 18/Dec/17
Hi Rob, It's been like 8-9 years G has been gone, I wonder how do you look back on those years and did you end your partnership because he lied about his height or because of his bad temper or both.
Editor Rob: Lying to visitors about a crucial factor like height, and then being unable to accept the truth of being no taller than 5ft 7 was a pretty major issue.

There were some other issues as well, which had made me realise this was never going to work long-term.

Maybe he and I both learned some lessons from that era!

You need to be mentally fit to be able to run a website like this for over 13 years....I'm not sure I'd have been if Big G was still around...
Brad said on 18/Dec/17
His fury was on me only. How many times: "Sly is 5' 8.5" and you at 9 P.M. after the 3 P.M. Bronx wake-up are 5' 6.5" in pictures". Is it true he says he is 5-8 in '17? I bet 222 and loaded down he might be 5-6 flat by 11 P.M.
Boba Fett said on 18/Dec/17
@Barry Fl That's a good point, most people assume Sly is significantly shorter than his 5'9" listing because of the lifts, doesn't help the perceived height for him.
MJKoP said on 16/Dec/17
Brad said on 11/Dec/17
Where was Heightlover 10 years ago giving G some reality.

C'mon, you know better than that! ;) Wouldn't have made one bit of difference, except G would've had one more unsuspecting visitor to unleash his vitriolic fury upon.
Rey said on 16/Dec/17
Finally!!! Stallone getting closer to his non-Hollywood height. I have called this one for years.

Thanks....I know you are there, Rob. Merry X-mas from the Lone Star State.
Ted said on 15/Dec/17
I think 5' 9.5'' peak is possible.
Brad said on 14/Dec/17
Cause he is a weak 5-8 now D.
Dmeyer said on 13/Dec/17
5-10 years back looked 5'8,75-9in today Can look near solid 5'8 flat
Brad said on 11/Dec/17
Where was Heightlover 10 years ago giving G some reality.
Harris said on 9/Dec/17
Another thing people need to remember is: Sly doesn't always wear lifts. Yes, he's slowed down on them more now, but even say 15-20 years ago its not like you couldn't find a shot of him without built-up shoes! He's always pulled off looking near 5'9" in normal footwear back in his heyday and even up to just a few years ago. Now as for Sly in lifts? He obviously could pull off looking at least 5'11" or more, depending on how big of a lift he's wearing and the thickness of his shoe/heel. Rob's listing are the most fair and reasonable estimates imo. 5'7" is a joke, and I'm not even going to go on about 5'6"!
Heightlover said on 9/Dec/17
Today he is 2 cm shorter than 175 cm Serena Williams(173 or 5'8.). He was 174 cm in his peak 5'8.5.
The Shredder said on 8/Dec/17
All these comments about lifts and " He did it to himself " wouldn't be so bad if they didn't end with insane 5'6 , 5'7 estimates.
Brad said on 7/Dec/17
Dennehy would rock the Slyster on a beach in sandals by 5 and a half. Ramped Rambo boots much less. Vin would wear ramped mountain boots on the beach in his bathing suit.
Barry Fl said on 7/Dec/17
Sly's done himself no favours. All his attempting to be taller than he is has given the public perception that he's actually shorter than he is. Most people I speak to say 'oh yeah, he's a little short guy isn't he? About 5'6 or 5'7?'.
burby said on 6/Dec/17
Sly is custom from hair to tip toes. Brian Dennehy had to stand in a ditch in some First Blood scenes. The people on set stay quiet for only so long...
Brad said on 5/Dec/17
Always wedged boots. Easy to hide......his Rambo wedges were huge.
King said on 4/Dec/17
With Oprah you can see that he is wearing lifts in his boots.
Brad said on 29/Nov/17
Stallone might be worried about spiking stuff. Petty spiked vitamins and pain killers every single day of his '17 caught up to his heart but then he creamed his body with the big H in the 90's.
Dmeyer said on 27/Nov/17
Cruise is AT worst 171-171,3cm today and Sly 173-173,5cm they could look close
Brad said on 27/Nov/17
Cruise/Stallone about same height. Both love to stand str8, good battle there in the posture.
King said on 26/Nov/17
Tom Cruise is taller than Sly Stallone.
Jim Hopper said on 26/Nov/17
Impossible to say. Seen pictures of him with Hasselhoff and looks 4" shorter.? Seen him with Travolta and looks 3" shorter.? Seen him with Arnie and looks almost as tall? He is the ultimate height magician
Pierre said on 23/Nov/17
@Rising=Compare some height of people when you doesn't know exactly the real advantage of shoes(a little hard with some woman shoes and sometimes man elevator shoes) and the real height to the centimeter of the others cannot be very precise .
Rising - 174 cm said on 22/Nov/17
@James: I was barely joking. I really did it assume "young" meant 20ish and thought nothing more of it. But if someone like Glenn had heard that much, which turned out to be accurate then it only confirms further in my mind that quite a few in Hollywood had a good idea of what Spacey was up to. As for Sly, I think he'd probably look better now if he hadn't gotten much or any surgery as nobody really cares if he has wrinkles for his roles as long as he stays in shape. I wouldn't go as far as unrecognizable either, though as Real Anonymous pointed out a while back, the Growth Hormone did seem to make his nose bigger and aside from being unusually lean and shredded at his age, the Testosterone Sly has admitted to taking(and personally, I'd bet other anabolics over the years) decrease collagen synthesis so it does lead to extreme vascularity. As for the hair, I'll have to agree with Real Anonymous again and say Sly probably got a hair transplant and used a rug in the meantime. Now a side effect Sly didn't get is "growth hormone gut."

But overall, I think he's done outstanding staying in shape and minimizing height loss.
MJKoP said on 22/Nov/17
Rising - 174 cm said on 21/Nov/17
Incidentally, I remember Glenn telling me about ten years ago that Spacey liked "young, surfer types." I didn't think much of it because I always figured Spcey was gay and didn't know just how young that meant!

He was almost certainly just regurgitating what he learned from a 2nd, or even 3rd hand source. Heck, anyone with Internet access since the mid-90s "knew" the truths about Cosby, Ailes, Weinstein, et al....but they were nothing more than dormant rumors for decades. If you think Spacey divulged his now-revealed sexual affinities to paparazzi hound #38749789340609234 during the 5 to 10 seconds taken to pose for the 583rd duo shot of that hour, then you're sadly mistaken. :)
Rising - 174 cm said on 22/Nov/17
@Pierre: I'm talking about when there's someone there to compare her to. It's too subjective to say how tall her proportions look by herself. You will see one thing and I will see another. It's not going to settle anything, but next to other celebs, including Carl Weathers on video about a year ago nd Kelly Preston and Trvolta back in the 90's, she can look around the 6' mark in heels, imo.
Pierre said on 22/Nov/17
Click Here = here she doesn't bend her knee but...
Rising - 174 cm said on 21/Nov/17
@Pierre: I disagree. I can't really see her much less, especially the few comparisons I've seen of her with celebs who aren't Sly where she's not bending her knee.

I'd go more a hair under 5'9" than a hair over personally, but I think he held that weak 5'9" range through at least 2, maybe 3 Expendables films. So far no more corroboration on the allegations. Brigitte and the boy who played Sly's son in Over the Top have denied it. Obviously, it doesn't mean it couldn't have happened, but clearly, there's not enough to put Sly in the class of Spacey, Charlie Rose, Danny Masterson etc.

Incidentally, I remember Glenn telling me about ten years ago that Spacey liked "young, surfer types." I didn't think much of it because I always figured Spcey was gay and didn't know just how young that meant!
James said on 21/Nov/17
Stallone's wig makes him appear taller. He looks unrecognizable today due to too much plastic surgery.
Pierre said on 21/Nov/17
@Rising=She has never the legs of a 5"9' woman for me
Pierre said on 21/Nov/17
@Rising=and Kelly Preston is maybe not 5"5.5' barefoot
Pierre said on 21/Nov/17
@Rising=she's closer to the camera and we don't see the shoes
MJKoP said on 20/Nov/17
I could buy a hair over 5'9" for his peak.

And in regards to recent the allegations, eyewitnesses report that he kept winking at her and had slurred speech(too edgy?).
Rising - 174 cm said on 20/Nov/17
@Pierre: Actually, Jennifer was listed 5'9.5" as a model. In old newspapers, I saw her described 5'9.5" and 123 pounds in a '93 newspaper article and 5'9" in a 1995 one. I think one or both were NY Times, but I'm not sure. We won't be able to tell by proportions whether she's 5'8.5", 5'9" or 5'9.5". She's always looked taller proportionately to me than say Katie Holmes, but maybe Katie is 5'8.5". Anyway, i have posted comparisons of Jennifer with other celebs listed on this site and imo, 5'9" seems pretty fair. She looks tall in heels with 6'0"-6'0.25" Travolta who would probably be about 186 cm range in dress shoes: Click Here She towers Kelly Preston who is listed 5'5.5" here. But anyway, my main point in posting the barefoot photo is just to compare their legs to show Sly's legs aren't THAT short if they're not much shorter than a woman at least as tall as him.

@polo: Valid points. It is indeed ambiguous because even if she was being truthful, she didn't know herself if Sly threatened her or not and did say she consented to Sly. Apparently she wasn't into De Luca, but did she tell him no? I'll have to check that because I read a few reports when the story broke as different reports included different details, but if there's something there, we may get the facts. Like I said, unless more facts come out, I can't make a judgement about this. So far the boy who played Sly's son in Over the Top is denying it and so is Brigitte, but of course Sly would have the money to get people to cover him. Though this doesn't prove they're covering him either. You're right that this type of thing was not uncommon though so I'm not going to say it didn't happen either. Go read up on Jimmy Page of Zeppelin for instance. A lot of the 80's musicians had a thing for jail bait. I'm not saying it was right either, but the proof in attitudes changing is the fact this report was filed in 1986 and nobody bothered reporting it until what? Last year.
Brad said on 20/Nov/17
Zito was "hanging" not "bodyguarding" with Sly and Pam. Felons can't get a license or have firearms etc. The Vegas police report was made but the accuser didn't sign off on it. I'm sure she lawyered up and waved it in his face and asked for a lump sum to not sign it. The incident was reported in a Baltimore paper at that time. I'm sure he was honest with his wife at the time, ask Elvis in '71, he had 5 De Luca's. Maybe she had DNA too?
Scoobydoo said on 20/Nov/17
@pierre: Harrison is still a bit over than 5'11 not under 5'11 I think he is 180'5 cm barefoot. And his peak was 183'5 /184cm barefoot.
Pierre said on 20/Nov/17
@Rising= Jennifer Flavin is "listed" 5"9',which is maybe not her exact height.Lindsay Wagner is listed 5"9' here(and picture with Rob in 2008)= here are her proportions when younger(maybe a little taller when younger...) = Click Here and Jennifer = Click Here For me she look clearly taller than Jennifer here(legs, bust...)
polo said on 19/Nov/17
About allegations against Sly, i Think that some of the facts described by the girl herself are ambiguous. If something happened, I don't think it was a rape... More something stupid that "went wrong" because the girl was too young to handle this. I'm not saying this is nothing... I say it's complex. Even in a Trial it would not be a Black or White case.
This being said, during the 60's, 70's and 80's, Rock Bands and actors did this kind of thing with their fans. It was not a Scoop. It's became something strange more recently. And now, we rewrite History in 2017 and see things like that awfull. I'm not saying it's not. I'm saying that Times have changed a lot and fast.
Brad said on 19/Nov/17
Sly buys off his problems, common in Hollywood. De Luca was his "go to" guy for women.
Rising - 174 cm said on 19/Nov/17
I do agree Ford has probably dropped under 5'11" the last few years, but he has old man posture so who knows what he'd measure on a stadiometer. And Sly does have relatively short legs and a relatively long torso, but his legs aren't THAT short as evidenced by this barefoot pic from 2013 with his wife: Click Here Women on average have longer legs than men relative to their height and Jennifer like most 5-9ish models is pretty leggy so if Sly had unusually short legs, his legs would look shorter next to hers. I bet Sly's leg length isn't that different from mine(near 30" inseam). According to Sly and Franco Columbu, his waist was about 29"-29.5" at one point in the 80's. He was between 165-180 pounds at this time, though I believe his weight more 165 at the time his waist was this size. Though he didn't put on much, if any fat from Rambo 2 to 3 despite gaining 13-15 pounds.

Matt Damon seems to have shorter legs to me and a stockier build, though Damon has gotten stockier in his 30's and 40's than he was back in the 90's, while Sly was the opposite. Damon doesn't wear lifts like Sly does as far as I know, but would have the perfect proportions for some big lifts because even Sly with just relatively short legs could pass for a solid 5'11", sometimes with the illusion of being taller after he bulked up, especially when standing alone. Damon could probably do the same. Mel Gibson is similar at about 5'9" with short legs and can look a solid average when he wears cowboy boots. If you have longer legs, the illusion doesn't work so well and Vin Diesel is proof of this as with his trademark boots with a roughly 1" platform and 1.75" heels, he can often look like he's standing on something. Of course, Vin is above average height as well, which imo, makes lifts less natural looking than someone who is say 5'8"-5'10" range.
Slim 185 said on 19/Nov/17
Hijopotamus said on 14/Nov/17
@slim184, I said “looks” short, not that he is short. Damon and Sly look short and other people their height look tall because of their type of body.
Yeah pretty much 5’9” is below average/average in the West, but I was a 5’9”er last year and didn’t look short because I’m thin and short torso’d. Damon and sly have thick long waists and appear shorter due to that. PS, 185 isn’t average in France, 😂
Pierre said on 18/Nov/17
@Scoobidoo(comment 15 Nov 2017) =or there is another reason = Harrison is under 5"11' now.See eventually the pics i posted in Harrison's page
Rising - 174 cm said on 18/Nov/17
As for height, he still looks about 5'8.5" last I've seen in numerous comparisons and can pull off up to 2" taller even now when he wears lifts -- see him with Michael Rooker and brother Frank this year. Maybe 1/4" less at about 5'8.25", but he still looks every bit as tall as Statham in no more footwear. Watching Rocky Balboa again I noticed that despite Sly wearing lifts in his boxing shoes, he really didn't look short next to a tall man like Antonio Tarver. Imo, he looked too tall to not be around 5'9" or a minimum 5'8.5". I believe lifts in boxing shoes helped, but there's a limit.

As for the allegation, I'd wait for more details before condemning Sly. Imo, it's important to know if she still maintains this happened TODAY. It's also worth noting that the girl's own story was that she had consensual sex with Stallone, but nto his bodyguard Mike De Luca and as far as the threat, she initially thought it was a joke, but then changed her mind for some as of now, unknown reason. Was that her own paranoia and/or immaturity after the fact? That definitely needs more explanation because I would think if it were important enough for Sly to threaten her, he'd make it clear, although this too is conjecture on my part. But the reports so far suggest this is ambiguous. Then we're left with her age. To be sure, even though the age of consent is 16 in Nevada, it would not be Sly's finest moment if it was confirmed he had sex with a 16 year old, but it'd still be important to know if he knew she was 16 or had reason to believe she was around that age. I don't think anyone would deny that there have always been 16 year olds who can get served in bars and pass for much older and realistically, nobody proofs girls before having sex with them. So we need more details to know if we're talking about something more like Rob Lowe or something predatory, if anything happened at all. It's important to remember that in 1986, when this allegation was made, Sly was THE biggest movie star in the world coming off both the 2nd and 3rd biggest films in 1985 before signing a record $12 million per movie deal with Canon, which due to the wildly inflationary monetary policy since is the equivalent of $25-30 million today. Being that prominent makes you a target and it's nothing new. At least one of the allegations against Michael Jackson appeared false for instance. In Sly's case, the Vegas police didn't think there was enough evidence to move forward, which prove it's false, but also shows it is far from being proven true. Of course, I've condemned Hollywood as among the most immoral industries for years so while I'd be disappointed if I learned that included Stallone, it'd be naive to say I could have had any indication what a man I don't know personally has done when the cameras aren't around. Point being, I'm personally waiting for more facts. If he truly is like the worst of his peers then it's almost a certainty there will be more convincing evidence forthcoming. Unfortunately, De Luca is dead, which makes it more difficult to know exactly what happened and as of now, Sly's accuser is unnamed. Remember, there's a reason people have a right to face their accuser.

As for Mel Gibson, actually, I'd have expected him to be one of the first names out there because there's MANY who have wanted to take him down for a good 15-20 years now. We'll have to see, but I think it's premature to start saying anything about Mel, far more premature than even Stallone. To be sure, Mel has his issues, but I've yet to hear a real allegation of him being a sexual predator.
Brad said on 18/Nov/17
Get $immons to hype the growth pills. I wonder if Meal and Where Man pay G well to get scribbles.
burby said on 18/Nov/17
Wasn't Zito still bodyguarding post conviction? Any celeb that hires him deserves Lovitz face.
MJKoP said on 18/Nov/17
And on the subject of cryptozoology, here's a nice little excerpt from wiki-

Paleontologist George Gaylord Simpson listed cryptozoology among the examples of human gullibility, along with creationism:

"Humans are the most inventive, deceptive, and gullible of all animals. Only those characteristics can explain the belief of some humans in creationism, in the arrival of UFO's with extraterrestrial beings, or in some aspects of cryptozoology. … In several respects the discussion and practice of cryptozoology sometimes, although not invariably, has demonstrated both deception and gullibility. An example seems to merit the old Latin saying 'I believe because it is incredible,' although Tertullian, its author, applied it in a way more applicable to the present day creationists.[17]"

Looking at George Simpson's own wiki page, I'd pay good money to watch G label that man as a "hack" while he effortlessly maintains a straight face. Is it really such a stretch(pun totally intended) that he thought he was 1.5 inches more than he actually was? 'My friends say I can look 5-9' is entirely believable compared to his other ideologies(in no small part due to the fact that he wore lifts and/or elevator boots, so if he had "friends" who were half as worthless at judging height as he was, then I'll happily buy that statement in a New York minute).
MJKoP said on 18/Nov/17
Editor Rob: I'm thinking of starting a line in Height Potions and will certainly need some Guinea Pigs. I'm certain our old friend G would be first in line to offer to test out my 'Bigfoot Vitality', 'YetiMax' and 'Captain Caveman' pills 💪

actually that reminds me Will Ferrell once mentioned he had a bully who he thought was going to shrink him by throwing 'shrinking powder' on him!

It worked for Alex Jones....I mean, scam-wise; though it'd be pretty hard to pawn a miracle-grow-esque pill when you're only a weak 5'9". Just hire a really tall pitchman, and you should be home free....perhaps user Brad, as he could attest to the celebheights brand. He'd probably do it as long as you bought advertising on cryptozoology*-related websites(as I'm sure G wouldn't be your own customer!).

*Just realized spellcheck doesn't even recognize "cryptozoology" as a real word.

And -
Ferrell: 7/16/67
G: 4/10/72

I guess it's possible, but perhaps G forgot to put gloves on his hands first! :D
Brad said on 17/Nov/17
Too many meals with Meal Chaskey in Canarsie. Stallone's slush fund for buy-outs on potential lawsuits was/is massive. The legendary dragging through the hotel kitchen tale was a 500G meal. He can't use Zito as one, hiring a federal felon is really ugly if one pops up. That spiked stuff Sly has used has kept his height at 5-8, must be cement in it.
MJKoP said on 17/Nov/17
LOL, I totally see Lovitz there...poor John! At a currently-listed 5'8.5", G can be his Mini-Me.

And @Rob: Well, at 80, Stallone may end up under 5'7" but G will be in his mid-late 50s, so he'll definitely have shrunk more by then, as well....especially since G is hardly the epitome of physical fitness. Perhaps forfeiting a few hundred deluxe cheese steaks annually could yield him enough dough to visit some mystical shaman in South America who could then increase his height...after all, it's all one hundred percent real - to hell with all those quack doctors and scientists. :D
Editor Rob: I'm thinking of starting a line in Height Potions and will certainly need some Guinea Pigs. I'm certain our old friend G would be first in line to offer to test out my 'Bigfoot Vitality', 'YetiMax' and 'Captain Caveman' pills 💪

actually that reminds me Will Ferrell once mentioned he had a bully who he thought was going to shrink him by throwing 'shrinking powder' on him!
Barry Fl said on 17/Nov/17
I don't think Sly's doing himself any favours by putting out a statement that he's never even heard this accusation before. Even I heard it some years back. It's not exactly new.
MJKoP said on 16/Nov/17
Mel Gibson will be on that list in due time. Surprised he's not there yet... If G were famous, he'd already be on it for repeated instances of indecent exposure, self-confessed....check out the recently-unearthed gem on Ja Rule's page. And I see Stallone as still at least wee bit over 5'8" in 2017. Seems very height-conscientious.
Editor Rob: Stallone, if he lives to 80 might end up the same height as Glenn.

There are some techniques to reduce losses, starting with simple exercise and stretching routines. If you make it a habit, combined with a good diet you might manage to retain more height than if you fell into the trap of sedentary lifestyle and poor diet.
Brad said on 16/Nov/17
Yer right, Lovitz. Sly is still a weak 5-8.
MJKoP said on 16/Nov/17
Lol, you could totally make that original cropped picture I posted a "screamer"; advertising a clickbait video on Rob's YouTube titled something along the lines of "EXCLUSIVE: Rob meets AND measures Justin Bieber". The video would start with Rob talking to the camera as though he's about to introduce the 'Biebs, or at least setting up a pretense for footage of their encounter....then suddenly, out of nowhere that face unexpectedly appears with a Bronx accent V/O saying "Five-foot-eight...who ya met, ya postman?" April Fools 2018, anyone?? :D
Editor Rob: you know, speaking of creepy guys, I see Stallone is on the long list now!

as for his height, physically I think his legs seem to be going and he might be looking for knee replacements in 5 years.
burby said on 15/Nov/17
Mr. Lovitz looks quite angry/serious. 5'6" or 5'7" for Sly is silly talk.
MJKoP said on 15/Nov/17
The demonic gaze being made public is worth the reward of appearing taller than "5-9" JC. :P
Brad said on 15/Nov/17
Big guns with Harrison, rampers. G looks like Gene Simmons now. He must be in a crystal ball...."you must believe me...5 foot eiiighhttttt". Curtis Sliwa needs to make him an Angel since he rides the lines so much.
MJKoP said on 15/Nov/17
I apologize,'s a more "G" rated version(with special guest star, Jackie Chan!):

Click Here
Editor Rob: he had a far better shot with Sly to be fair than with Chan, even though on the street, still Sly was lucky G didn't knock him out like he insinuated! Could have been a real rumble in the bronx.
Scoobydoo said on 15/Nov/17
hey guys! If Sly never was taller than 5'7 /5'8 How do you explain this?

Next to Harrison Ford 5'11 nowadays

Click Here

Sorry guys but to me and very people Stallone was taller than the 5'9 mark in peak

I don`t believe he wears always lifts or elevator shoes
MJKoP said on 15/Nov/17
He's five-foot-eleven, guys. Do you think this face could tell a lie?

Click Here
Editor Rob: RED WARNING ALERT issued.

Do not click the above link, I nearly had a heart attack!

Shame on you MJK, I might end up with nightmares now 😈

to be honest, I've taken some devilish pictures myself over the years 🤢 😎
Harris said on 15/Nov/17
@Free: That's absolutely ridiculous! Sly has pulled off a decent 5'9" more often than not, in normal footwear. The least I could argue is 5'8.5" for his peak. Most of the evidence points towards Rob's listings. However, a flat 5'8" can be argued for today I guess, but no less. 5'7" is a silly disproven myth.
Free said on 14/Nov/17
He was never taller than 5-7. You can see it in an episode of Kojack talking with 5-10 Telly Savales
Hijopotamus said on 14/Nov/17
@slim184, I said “looks” short, not that he is short. Damon and Sly look short and other people their height look tall because of their type of body.
Dany5 said on 13/Nov/17
sorry but Sly was never over 5'8.75. Hilarious the 176-177 guess. Today he is 5'8
Richardspain said on 12/Nov/17
I'll finish soon; Sly was:

Between 175-177cm in peak

Between 173-175cm now

Stallone never was taller than 176-177cm and never was shorter than 173cm barefoot

With normal shoes he was 179cm
With sneakers 178cm

With Elevator boots he was 181cm
With lifts he was 182cm
Dmeyer said on 11/Nov/17
Considering how Sly looks in boots near Mr t , or arnie its hard to see him over 175,5cm of course Sly could pull of 5'10-11
Brad said on 9/Nov/17
The animal is correct.
Slim 184 said on 9/Nov/17
Hijopotamus said on 8/Nov/17
With his tricks he stands over 5’10 tall.
Same height as Mickey Rourke and a tad bit shorter that Bruce Willis.
Barefoot his peak could have been 176-177
Looks like Matt Damon case. Looks short but he’s not that short.
Lmao, 5’9.5”-5’10” is not short.

But yeah you could make a case anywhere inbetween 174-177 CM for Sylvester.
Danimal said on 8/Nov/17
James B said on 26/Oct/17
Probably would still be 5'9 if he didn't do decades of heavy weight lifting and HGH.

Firstly, he was never 5'9". Secondly, HGH doesn't make you shrink.
Hijopotamus said on 8/Nov/17
With his tricks he stands over 5’10 tall.
Same height as Mickey Rourke and a tad bit shorter that Bruce Willis.
Barefoot his peak could have been 176-177
Looks like Matt Damon case. Looks short but he’s not that short.
andre said on 7/Nov/17
stallone is minimun 172cm to max 174cm in the morning with shoes and about 177cm with lifts
Barry Fl said on 7/Nov/17
5'6? Ha ha. No. Stallone pulls off the trick of looking tall at times. He couldn't do this if he was truly tiny. Although I can imagine it would be easy for someone to see him on a flat-shoe day and overly exaggerate his lack of height.
Pierre said on 7/Nov/17
If Sylvester is 5"6' or 5"8' or 5"10' Sylvester is always Sylvester,a very good and charismatic actor
Loka said on 6/Nov/17
To jonezee : and you believed him ?
randomuser said on 6/Nov/17
He is a tall man at 5'10
Jonezee said on 6/Nov/17
I was talking to my Girlfriend's father just yesterday. We talked about Stallone. He met Stallone and said he was about 5'6". Her father is 5'8" and was taller. I used to think Stallone was 5'11" so I was blown away by learning the truth. I even asked him more than once. lol "Are you sure? 5'6"??"
Brad said on 31/Oct/17
Burbs is correct.
burby said on 30/Oct/17
5'8.5" peak next to the O.
Yojimbo said on 29/Oct/17
No way. 5’9”? I walked by Sly in the 80s. I could see the top of his head. I’m 5’11.
Pierre said on 29/Oct/17
@Rising = this time your video doesn't work in my country(France)
Rising - 174 cm said on 28/Oct/17
@Pierre: Those aren't standard cowboy boots -- the heel is a bit bigger almost like a Cuban style -- but I'd guess at least a 2" heel there. The heel could even give 2" of actual height, but probably not much more, imo. To be clear, I'm not making any claims either way about lifts as obviously you could gain more with a lift inside. Oprah has very big heels there herself, though so it's not an even comparison as far as we can see. Here's another appearance on Oprah the following year with Kurt Russell: Click Here Sly has at least 2" heels again, but solid 5'9" Kurt has cowboy boots himself and looks noticeably shorter than Sly. I'm convinced Sly was a bare minimum 5'8.5" and more like a weak 5'9", imo. If he was only 5'7.5" then there's ample evidence to show Kurt would have to be 5'8" absolute max.

@James B: That sort of thing is impossible to say. Sly has seldom been heavy so that may have helped his knees as opposed to others into body building. I don't know about HGH causing height loss, but I'd say Sly staying in such phenomenal shape may have prevented significant height loss. I believe a lot has to do with genetics, though. Look at Carl Weathers who is at least 4" taller, clearly hit the weights and played football. At only a year a half younger than Sly, Carl also looks like he's lost a half inch tops. Most who do lose a lot of height have loose posture as they age like Dolph, Arnie. Hulk Hogan, Rock etc.
James B said on 26/Oct/17
Probably would still be 5'9 if he didn't do decades of heavy weight lifting and HGH.

Him at 71 only losing half an inch makes no sense too me. Yes he's a fit guy but usually the ones who are gym rats at his age lose over 1 inch.

I dunno maybe rapid height loss just isn't in his genetic makeup?
Pierre said on 26/Oct/17
@Rising=i doubt this type of cow boy boots as Sly's in Jim hopper's video(posted on 25/Oct/17,look at 4:01) give you only 1.75 inch
Scoobydoo said on 26/Oct/17
Google gives to sly 177cm

You can search.

Also himself said years ago is 5'10.

You can believe or don't believe. That's personal. I understand.
Rising - 174 cm said on 25/Oct/17
@Real Anonymous: Your observations are interesting. I noticed that about Sly's voice as well. It's typical for voices to deepen with age, particularly in one's 50's and 60's(Sly's voice seemed to change more dramatically to me around the late 90's). That might have something to do with some form of synthetic testosterone or steroid. Sly did get some plastic surgery before Rocky 3 apparently for injuries sustained during the first 2 Rocky films, which I believe is what Paulie references when he mentions Rocky's "new face", but I've noticed that about his nose as well, which was probably in his mid 50s, iirc. I'm not sure of the effects of HGH as I haven't researched it as much as I have a few types of steroids. Rocky 3 was around the time he completely reshaped his body, mostly by dropping his body fat dramatically. The start of this was Victory in '81 when he dropped to 159 pounds and then basically starved himself during Rocky 3 to drop to 155 before slowly building up to 163 for the film in what was basically as close to "all muscle" as you can get. It was really the start of Sly developing a great physique, though that was the leanest I'd say he ever was. I thought he looked like a middleweight in that film and it's very apparent when he comes out for the final fight wearing the robe. You can see a big difference with Sly even facially around that time due in part to how lean he was. He had a similar sort of look even a bit after when he directed Staying Alive and did Rhinestone. He looked different to me, though when he did Rambo 2. Even though his weight didn't increase that much, he seemed to have more size or was more muscular and his jawline seemed stronger.

As for my lifts, I bought a cheap set online a decade ago. The 1" ones aren't very good or comfortable, though the 2" are actually pretty good from the same set. I think the price on these has gone way up in that time. I'll have to see if I can find the exact brand, but for anyone who wants to try them out, it's easy to find cheap ones with a google search. For those who are sure they want them, though, I'd recommend spending more than I did. Of course, I'd still like to get a good pair of elevators myself as I imagine the built in lifts would be more comfortable. The Dons D'Etna.

As for Sly's height, weak 5'9" for most of his adult life and then down to 5'8.5", possibly 5'8.25" the last few years. Anything less than 5'8" and he'd look noticeably short both onscreen and proportionately, but anything over 5'9" and he'd have never looked as short as he sometimes did onscreen and could have given a taller impression without resorting to lifts. He hasn't lost much -- definitely under an inch -- like others around his age such as Carl Weathers and Joe Mantegna or Charles Bronson and Chuck Norris back when they were Sly's age. Sly's good posture and excellent shape have probably prevented losing more than maybe half an inch. I've also thought Sly might be someone who would have looked into ways to minimize height loss as he aged and he certainly has the resources to do it. He's still easily taller than 5'7.5"-5'8" range guys like Cruise and Downey. This is apparent seeing him still able to pull off over 5'10" this year with his brother Frank and Michael Rooker while Downey and Cruise struggle to pass for 5'9". Dolph was 6'4" absolute minimum, but under 6'5". Somewhere from 193 to 195 cm. I won't argue where in that range, but I will argue anything under or over.
Brad said on 25/Oct/17
Nah, he's in good posture and still is 5' 8". Dolph was 6-4 tops.
Jim Hopper said on 25/Oct/17
Click Here Decide for yourselves. Sly is stood next to 5-6 Oprah. Sly is in cowboy boots. Imo he was 5-7.5 peak
Tim said on 25/Oct/17
Scoobydoo lol lol lol ok. Why dont you say 179-180 peak?
lol Please before saying this read below and be serious. Info yourself
Your guess is disrespecfull for 5'10 guys He was not even 5'9 maybe weak 5'9. You are blind
Scoobydoo said on 24/Oct/17
177-178 cm peak

Around 175 cm now
Danimal said on 23/Oct/17
Brad said on 10/Oct/17
Hanging on by near nothing at 5-8 flat in October 2017.

He's below that height at 71 years old Brad.
Danimal said on 23/Oct/17
John B said on 23/Oct/17
He has fooled us for so long but I guess he had to I mean look at Arnold he was at least 6’1 max in his day and then Dolph who was 6’5 back in the 80’s Sly had to make him self look at least 5’9 or 5’10 but for real he is around 5’7 barefoot.

Dolph was never 6'5". He was 6'4" at best at his peak.
John B said on 23/Oct/17
He has fooled us for so long but I guess he had to I mean look at Arnold he was at least 6’1 max in his day and then Dolph who was 6’5 back in the 80’s Sly had to make him self look at least 5’9 or 5’10 but for real he is around 5’7 barefoot.
Yuval said on 22/Oct/17
I feel bad that Stallone needs to lie about his height like that. I'm 5'8 myself and I find comfort in the fact that stallone is like an inch taller then me and he is such a bad ass and a great role model for a lot of men. It is nice to see guy like him who is not 6'+ like all other male leading characters.
Guesser said on 22/Oct/17
Looks very tall so yes, 5'9 seems accurate for him
Tim said on 22/Oct/17
Stallone is strong 172 nowdays no 174 please! He was 175 with luck in his prime with luck I say 174'5
Tim said on 22/Oct/17
RichardSpain you are wrong today is just 5'8. 172cm Have you seen those pics with Serena Williams? She has flat shoes, he has higher shoes and Serena being relax has 1 inch on him ?about 2 cm taller. Serena Williams is 175'5cm. Stallone with luck was 175 cm. Stop saying he was 177 cm please is disrespectful for weak 5'10 guys
Click Here:
Click Here:
Richardspain said on 21/Oct/17
Stallone was more a strong 176/177cm (5'9-5'10in) than 175 cm( 5ft8.75 in)

And is a strong 174cm nowadays.
Harris said on 21/Oct/17
Mr. R, have you ever seen Sly in person, if you have what was your estimation on his height?
Brad said on 20/Oct/17
Sly has never been 5-10 in his life or 5-9 either. 1976, built up customs.
Peter181cm said on 20/Oct/17
He was very strong 5'9 ;-)
Now he is 5'8 ;-)
He is old! but he is legend!! ;-)
I love his movie Rocky ❤
He is very good actor
Barry Fl said on 20/Oct/17
THE REAL ANNONYMOUS said on 19/Oct/17
just looked at a clip from the Dinah Shore show in 1976 where Sly claimed he was 5'10 and also the Johnny Carson show in 1983 where he claimed he was a 5'10 Italian as well. During the interview with Carson he said that Hulk Hogan was 7'tall and weighed 350lbs.

Like any good storyteller, Sly likes to exaggerate and over-dramatize things. No bad thing, it makes it all interesting. But it does lend weight to the notion that he was certainly bumping up his own height. I'd guess he was probably 5'9 at very best, and rounding up to 5'10. If he'd genuinely been 5'10 I think he'd have tried to claim 6'. And I don't think he'd have gained such an enduring reputation as a short fellow (which he isn't, particularly).
THE REAL ANNONYMOUS said on 19/Oct/17
just looked at a clip from the Dinah Shore show in 1976 where Sly claimed he was 5'10 and also the Johnny Carson show in 1983 where he claimed he was a 5'10 Italian as well. During the interview with Carson he said that Hulk Hogan was 7'tall and weighed 350lbs. Not sure if he meant the character Thunder lips or if he was saying Hogan was that big.
Sly was very lean looking on Carson... if you check that clip out his nose has grown quite abit. It could be age related but im thinking his HGH use has contributed to it as well. His voice has under gone quite a transformation as well since then!
Im finding it hard to believe he was under 5'9 back then and if he was it couldnt have been very much.

Hey Rising where do you buy your lifts??
andre said on 19/Oct/17
sly is 170cm barefoot no more then that and that is at night so he is 174cm in the morning with shoes
Harris said on 19/Oct/17
@Rising: If you don't mind me asking, Is 174 cm your low, midday or morning height? What's the tallest you reach out of bed? And I recall you mentioning you wear lifts come?
Rising - 174 cm said on 18/Oct/17
@Tonyx: Sly claimed he had a reach of 73" in the 1978 Playboy interview. Of course, he claimed to be 5'10.75" tall in that same interview, so whether he exaggerated his reach too, I don't know, but I do think he's always looked to have relatively long arms for his height. But again, I believe Sly was exaggerating his height by 2" in that interview so it's possible he'd have added that same amount to his actual reach.

@Pierre: Those shoes have a thicker front/platform. The Cubans I wear don't have much of a front. My 2.75" heeled Cubans have a 3/16" front, my 2" heeled Cubans have about 1/8" front, my Dan Post cowboy boots have a heel near 2", but a front of 1/4", maybe 5/16" and my Tonya Lama cowboy boots(Sly has worn these over the years and has done some ads for them) have the typical 1.75" heel and 1/4" front/platform. I don't think there's too much of an insole in any of these boots. I haven't weighed myself in months, but I'd guess I'm still between 130-135. But if you're saying Pacino could have gained a bit more than 2", I agree it's possible, but not a lot more. The heels look about 2.5" to me, but that's just a guess.
Intevel said on 17/Oct/17
Rob could Stallone get back half an inch with the right program?
Editor Rob: unfortunately I think Sly's bones and discs have reached an age were natural height loss is beginning to occur.
Tonyx said on 17/Oct/17
Guys, what is Sylvester Stallone's reach/armspan?
Pierre said on 16/Oct/17
@Rising=Al Pacino's shoes= I want to say= with a classic insole,i think this shoes can give you a little more than 2 inches.When you wear shoes like this type = Click Here = only with this heel and the origin insole = you gain at least 3 cm ;i wear sometimes this type, i gain 3 cm ,and the heel isn't very hard(i'm around 270 lbs) then a lighter guy must gain a little more with this,like 3,1/3.2 cm.Al Pacino's shoes with hard heels + sole + classic insole =a little more than 2 inches is possible imo Click Here
Jim Hopper said on 16/Oct/17
His hairline has grown as much as his height over the years,the word *real* in hollywood is a taboo word
Rey said on 16/Oct/17
Still pimping this height of 5' 8 1/2". Remove 1 1/2 " and you will be spot on. Hr could be a hair under 5' 7".
Rising - 174 cm said on 15/Oct/17
@Shredder: Nothing over 5'8.5" today. Nothing over 5'9" peak, imo. He'll still look about that with good posture and then over 5'10" with his lifts, but while it's debatable if he hit the full 5'9" mark, I think it's clear he's not that tall anymore.

@Pierre: How do we know what Pacino's insoles are there? Those Cubans have heels over 2", which is the main reason he gets about 2" of actual height, but both Rob and I agreed Pacino likely did not have an extra lift inside. I have 2 pairs of Cubans. One has pretty much exactly a 2" heel and give me roughly 1.75" in height when I don't put extra lifts in them and I have another pair of Cubans -- which are actually more comfortable -- and have 2.75" heels, but I don't think they give me much over 2" to 2.25" range in actual height without an extra lift inside, though I'll have to measure myself in them soon to tell you exactly. As for cowboy boots, I can say that I have a pair of Tony Lama and a pair of Dan Post and both have pretty much exactly 1.75" heels. I can tell you that these heels are at least as big as what Frank is wearing with Tom Sizemore. As for Sugar Ray Leonard, Rob said he was taller and I'd guess it'd have to be notable enough for Rob to guess him a weak 5'9". Besides, Sugar Ray was already 58-59 by then so 1/4" loss isn't hard to believe at all. He was about 50 in most of the pictures with Frank Stallone. I do believe Sugar Ray has shrunk more in the 4 years since he met Rob and is now no more than 5'8.5".
Jim Hopper said on 14/Oct/17
Impossible to judge. One minute he looks 5-7 next he looks near 6-0
Peter181cm said on 14/Oct/17
I think he was 5'9.25 at the top!
His normal height was 5'9 ;)
And now he is old.. 5'8 - 5'8.25
Shredder said on 13/Oct/17
I honestly do not even have a real estimate for Sly . I have changed so much on him. All I know is that I find it hard to see him over 5'8.5 to 5'9 in recent years.
Brad said on 13/Oct/17
Those Pacino Montana Cubano zapatos are custom killers. Sly would love those.
Rising - 174 cm said on 13/Oct/17
@Harris: Here's what I was referring to as far as Sly in lifts in 2017.

Sly wearing perhaps as much as 2.5"-2.75" type footwear with his 5'10.5" listed brother Frank this year: Click Here
Candid shot of Sly with 5'9" listed Michael Rooker around the same time: Click Here

If both listings are accurate then Sly can still pull off 5'11" with his brother and at least 5'10.5" with Rooker, but I can't imagine that's the case so Frank is probably a flat 5'10" these days and Michael Rooker can look 5'8.5" nowadays himself so maybe we'll say Sly passes for 5'10"-5'10.5" when he dusts off his faithful lifts. Still shows, imo that he's about 5'8.5" or 5'8.25" as Tom Cruise with boots that add a similar amount only passes for 5'8.5", maybe 5'9" and Robert Downey Jr. in his high-tops stuffed with lifts manages maybe 5'9"-5'9.5". Of course, a skeptic could argue all 3 are shorter, but that's not my view.

@Brad: Not in the shots with De Niro, Tyson, Michael B. Jordan and the recent shot with Chan.
Pierre said on 13/Oct/17
@Rising =imo the shoes of Al Pacino give him a little more than 2 inches with the insole.Rob lose around the same height as Sugar in the picture imo,and seem to have a longer head than him,only Sugar's cap is higher than Rob imo.
Harris said on 13/Oct/17
I just noticed I posted Michael B Jordan as "Michael B Howard" in my post Lol...I'm such an idiot.
Rising - 174 cm said on 12/Oct/17
@Pierre: Rob said Sugar Ray looked a weak 5'9" at that time so I think 5'8.75" at the time is fair. He's still a bit taller than Rob and slouching so it makes sense. 5'8.5" at the absolute worst back then. But if you give Sizemore's heels 1" then there's absolutely no way Frank has a 1" footwear advantage unless he's wearing lifts. 1.75" is pretty standard for a cowboy heel and Frank's are certainly not bigger than that. I'd have to see the model of Tom's boots to know if the heel is 1" or 1.25", but it also depends on the insole. But I don't know of a current cowboy boot that gives 2" of actual height, which would require a heel over 2". You'd see some cowboy boots with 2" or bigger heels in the 70's and 80's, but nowadays, only some rare Cuban heel boots are men's shoes with a heel over 2" that give at least 2" of actual height. Most men's Cubans have a heel from 1.5" to 2", though, nowadays.

Just to give you an idea of men's footwear that would give 2", Rob estimated Al Pacino's Scarface footwear would give 2" of actual height: Click Here Click Here

@Harris: Good post, though I'll say I stopped estimating Sly in anything other than full pics and videos just because he's so enigmatic I like to have as few variables as possible. He does still look at least 5'8.5" with Michael B. Jordan and was actually still passing for 5'9" at times with De Niro. When Sly looked to wear what looked like those Hogan sneakers or something similar at the Guardians of the Galaxy premiere this year, he was slightly taller than his brother Frank, so I assume he pulled off a bit over 5'10", perhaps 5'10.5". This makes sense as he looked noticeably taller than 5'8.5"-5'9" Michael Rooker in a photoshoot for that same film around the same time. I was surprised to see him wearing lifts again. Then again, Burt Reynolds is bent over with a cane and still wearing his famous 2" heeled elevator boots.
burby said on 12/Oct/17
Sly needs to take off his customs with the Rock and donate them to a actresses' charity. This way they can put them in a sack to fend off Harvey Weinstein...
Brad said on 12/Oct/17
Sly rockin' in customs in all of Harris' shots.
JJ said on 11/Oct/17
1m75 he looks tall next to MUHAMAD ALI
andre said on 11/Oct/17
at his prime stallone was 170cm barefoot at night today 169cm barefoot at night
Harris said on 11/Oct/17
@Rising: Thanks for the response! I'd bet Sly will start looking no more than a weak 5'8" in 5-6 years, and by 2025, he'll probably look no more than 171 cm. But then again a guy like George H.W. Bush didn't seem to lose any height during his 70's...though that would probably be an exception. He definitely looks no less than a solid 175 cm with Sorbo. I do wonder what's the tallest height Sly could pull off these days though...he doesn't appear to wear lifts anymore and for a while in fact.

Anyway, here's Sly and 5'8" listed (current height) Jackie Chan: Click Here and here's both men at peak (when Chan was 5'8.5") and Sly in lifts back in '01: Click Here

Sly and 6'2.5" Dwayne Johnson: Click Here (this was taken at an event in '05, and Sly was obviously wearing lifts with built-up shoes hence his 5'11"-5'11.5" appearance that day: Click Here)

Sly with 5'10.5" Michael B Johnson: Click Here Click Here Click Here (these shots were taken in 2015, when Stallone obviously lost some height and he does look more 174 cm with him by this time, which is Rob's current listing for him, but in the last photo he's bending his knee and still doesn't look under a weak 5'9" at the least there)

Sly with 5'9" listed Michael Jackson: Click Here Click Here (I'm unaware of Sly's footwear here, but these are taken backstage of both the Bad and Dangerous Tours, so I assume Sly wore lifts/built-up footwear while Jackson wore loafers)

Sly and 5'7.5" Robert De Niro at the "Grudge Match" premiere in '13: Click Here Click Here

A lot of you guys must remember that Sly looked no shorter than 5'9" in obvious normal footwear with Mike Tyson in 2011: Click Here and skip to 11:35 onwards in Click Here That's enough to dispel and destroy the stupidly ridiculous 5'6"-5'7" rumours!
Brad said on 10/Oct/17
Hanging on by near nothing at 5-8 flat in October 2017.
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Oct/17
Speaking of height loss for a man 70+ with relevancy to Sly, Rob has a picture with a 73 year old John Amos who he still guessed weak 5'10.75" down from 5'11.5" peak. Amos looks great for his age and has barely changed based on Rob's picture. Don't know if there's some correlation there genetically. But it does seem to validate the 5'11.5" peak and Sly pulled off barely shorter in Lock Up if you see the wide shot of the two walking at about 40 seconds here: Click Here or the shot at about 1:15 of the two standing together. Those don't look like 4" boots on Sly either, imo.
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Oct/17
Even considering Sly is standing in front, I have a tough time seeing him much under 5'9" with Kevin Sorbo: Click Here Rob lists Sorbo over 6'3" cm and though Sorbo has a loose stance, Sly is dropping height himself leaning. Sly's golf shoes look a bit thicker than Sorbo's do: Click Here Click Here Click Here but his ankle looks about where it should be. If Sorbo is or was 191 cm at the time then Sly even seems more 175 than 174, imo.
MJKoP said on 10/Oct/17
Editor Rob: G should verse himself with the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Conspiring to commit crime could get him the clink...

True, and being locked in a cage with a guy they call "Bigfoot" might not be his idea of the holy grail after all.
Rising - 174 cm said on 9/Oct/17
@Harris: It varies, but yeah, that's when it accelerates for many. The average in a survey was basically 1 cm or 0.4" for every decade after 40, but then this basically doubled between 70 and 80. Though many lose a lot more than 0.4" in their 60's. Of course, there are exceptions such as Chuck Norris who I believe Rob has spot on at 5'8.5" peak and not only did he still look about that height when he was 72 during the Expendables 2 premiere, but even now at 77, he still looks 5'8" or at worst, a fraction under as Rob also agreed from seeing photos of Chuck at conventions. Then there's Robert Redford who I don't think was over 5'10" and probably not over 5'9.5" by his late 60's/early 70's yet still looks 5'9". William Shatner is perhaps the most remarkable because I'm skeptical he was even the 5'9" peak Rob lists him and by his early 60's, Shatner struggled with 5'8" yet he still somehow looks nothing under 5'7.5" even today at 86.

As for Sly, if he was 5'8.5"-5'9" in his prime then there's no way he's 5'7"-5'7.5" today. He simply doesn't look that different and didn't look to lose anything until sometime between ages 67-69. As I've said, I believe he went from a weak 5'9" to a strong 5'8"(5'8.25"-5'8.5") but saying he's 5'7" or so today fits much better with those who believe Sly was never over 5'8" flat.

Look at this candid taken this year of Sly and Michael Rooker who Rob still estimates 5'9": Click Here Of course Sly has more footwear just like when he showed up looking taller than brother Frank at the Guardians premiere, but even so, he pulls off looking convincingly taller than Rooker. In fairness, I think both Sly and Rooker have gone from about 5'9" peak to 5'8.5" today.
Pierre said on 9/Oct/17
@Rising=Tom Sizemore's shoes have not a very big heel,they give around 1 inch imo.Cow boy shoes don't give you always the same height,it depends on marks.Frank(if not lifts) has probably around 1 inch advantage of shoes on Tom imo.Sugar Ray Leonard next to Rob look 5"8' range without his cap imo Click Here and next to Frank he seem to be in very flat shoes,Frank more N.shox type(don't know exactly this shoes but the heel seem to be advantageous),in others pics we don't see the shoes.Sugar Ray Leonard is slouching in all the pictures
Harris said on 9/Oct/17
Rob, how much on average would a guy lose in height from age 70 to 80? I'd imagine that's the age range where the biggest drop in height occurs...
Rising - 174 cm said on 8/Oct/17
Frank at 5'10.5" in his prime as Rob lists him sounds about right, imo.

With 6'1" Carl Weathers in 2003: Click Here Click Here Click Here
With 5'9" Tony Danza at the same event: Click Here
With 5'9" Sugar Ray Leonard around 2005: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
With Sugar Ray in 2013, the same year Rob guessed him a weaker 5'9": Click Here

I wish there was more full pics of Frank along others with known heights outside of his enigmatic brother. Based on these, Carl had a minimum 2" on Frank, but less than 3". Frank was more than just an inch taller than Sugar Ray and Danza, though. Based on how Frank looks with Sly the last few years, though, I think he's shrunk more than his older brother and may very well be no more than 5'10" flat. I think Frank's 6'1" claim is even worse precisely because he doesn't wear lifts. I mean, at least try to make your claim believable. Out of these 5 men, Sly and Carl are the oldest, but I think Frank, Danza and Sugar Ray have all lost more height. Tony really did look 5'9" as he somehow pulled off Mike Tyson's height when Tyson guested on Who's the Boss and even when Chuck Norris appeared on Tony's talk show, Norris with a cowboy boot advantage was about the same height as Danza, but Tony looks more like 5'8" now. Similarly, Sugar Ray's 5'9" claim is believable for his prime, but he looks 5'8"-5'8.5" nowadays in his early 60's. I believe Sly and Carl have each lost a half inch or less.

@Pierre: I have a couple of pairs of popular brands of cowboy boots. Take a tape measure and you'll see a standard cowboy heel is 1.75". But you don't get all of that in actual height. A classic boot would add 1" minimum, probably 1.25" more often between heel and insole. So a half inch is about the most the difference would be. Technically, you could argue Frank COULD have a 5/8" advantage if Tom had boots that only gave 1". There's really no doubt about this unless Frank had a lift in his boots and I see no reason to suspect this.

@MJKoP: The stadiometer in court image just evoked images of the infamous Alger Hiss typewriter, OJ's glove etc. We all know Glenn may be in denial, but he knows deep down he couldn't win in court. Another funny image I have is Glenn being carried in on a mattress like the cop in that 60's anecdote. I agree to some extent about his estimates creeping up, particularly a 5'9" Cruise! Although I do think it's less the case with Stallone as Glenn never saw the "short Stallone" as far as I know and didn't speculate as much as he did with Cruise and Gibson. And as far as I know, Glenn didn't get a new picture with Gibson so it's more like Willis where Glenn's unrealistic estimate is all the more puzzling. Iirc, Glenn just had the old picture where Mel had his head down and was wearing cowboy boots so there was no real way of telling how tall Mel was from it. But maybe Glenn wants to be covered beforehand if he ever gets another picture with those guys because Glenn insisted even before he met Mike Tyson that Tyson was 5'11.5" rather than the 5'10" he's admitted to multiple times. Btw, how tall does Glenn think Trump is? I remember Trump looking quite tall in an old photo with Glenn.
Brad said on 8/Oct/17
Frank's been selling Sly boxing stuff for years. You wonder where his career went.
Duffer 5ft 11 said on 8/Oct/17
5'8.5 peak height (AM for sure) 5'7.5 nowadays, perhaps even dipping down to a strong 5'7" by day's end. Looked around 175-180 lbs in the Rambos.
Frankie68 said on 7/Oct/17
6'1 is a joke for Frank Stallone ,, 5'11 is a joke for him ,, Theres no way on earth he's as tall as Carl Weathers ,, look at Creed or Rocky premiers ,, there are pics of them together ,, Frank's lucky if he's 5'9 -5'10 ,, Height liar like his brother ,,, but not the lift wearer Sly is ,,, to be fair ,, Frank's def 5'9 ,,, 5'10 might be pushing it
Pierre said on 6/Oct/17
@Rising=i would be surprised that boots like Frank's Cow-boy boots would give him only a half inch on Tom's classic boots.
MJKoP said on 6/Oct/17
@Rising - 174 cm Thank you, and I was aware of pretty much all of that. I think the Stallone and Gibson measurements crept up steadily post-'09 to in a way compensate for any lingering doubts of him being 5'8". The taller any celeb photographed with him is, naturally the taller he himself would have to be. Also, G DOES know about the 1/8 of an inch that should be deducted from the in-person measurement. I sent him the "Big Grapple" link when we were still friendly-ish. I was pretty annoyed with him at the time(of course I couldn't tell him unless I felt like sparking WW3), so I prefaced it with "This may be difficult for you to view, but you should see this hit-piece Rob wrote". He expressed to me that he wished I hadn't sent him that, but that he was now seriously considering suing Rob because he knows of how strict slander/defamation laws are in Scotland. I would pay my bottom dollar to witness that infamous stadiometer brought into a courtroom. Anyhoo, he also requested I do some tech-related stuff in retaliation that I really don't care to get into. Needless to say, I never would or did.

@Brad: When a memory is so traumatic(i.e. being measure by the Cannonball Run Doctor at a mere 5'6.5"), some people are able to purge such a memory by adding their own narratives(i.e. the doctor was a quack, uneven floor, etc) to help themselves live in a more idealistic reality. It's hard to wrap your mind around, yes, but when you can lull yourself into such a false sense of comfort, you will hold no reservations whatsoever about walking into the most blatantly obvious deathtrap conceivable(i.e. a hotel room with Rob, Jenny, a stadiometer and a still camera).

@Rob: In hindsight, why couldn't it have been a *video* camera, if not just a hidden one? The footage captured would have been beyond priceless.
Editor Rob: G should verse himself with the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Conspiring to commit crime could get him the clink...
Brad said on 6/Oct/17
G at 5' 7 and whatever now is about deuce deuce zero lugging big bags of drumheads etc hours after afternoon wake-up....subtract another 1/2" by 10 P.M. in midtown. Under 5' 7.5" in '07 photos assuming he's still in the autograph racket.
Rising - 174 cm said on 6/Oct/17
@Pierre: Nobody seriously thinks Frank was ever 6'1", except Frank! Maybe Jackie Stallone too... Footwear difference isn't an inch difference either. Cowboy boots typically have a 1 3/4" heel, which add maybe 1 5/8" of actually height. Sizemore's boots probably add 1" to 1.25" so I think a fraction difference is about right as it'd be a half inch at most. Both Tom and Frank are probably about 5'10" these days or 177-178 cm range judging by the fact Sly in lifts can pull off taller than Frank this year. Sizemore's posture is atrocious so any guess will be a rough one. Incidentally, Sly and Tom Sizemore looked similar height range in Lock Up with Sly of course wearing lifts. This doesn't prove one side or the other in the argument about Sly, but I thought I'd mention it as it's the only time I've seen Sly and Tom Sizemore together. Of course, Sizemore may have been 1 cm taller 30 years ago than he is today.

@MJKoP: That's always been my thought. At least up until the meeting, but speaking to Glenn after, I honestly got the sense that he had basically found a way to justify what he thought was a 5'6 5/8" measurement (I can only imagine if he knew it was actually 1/8" less!). Although hardly scientific, he seems to view it as some freakish one-time low and may have disregarded it as somehow rigged by now altogether. It was also easier for him to call a 5'7 1/8" measurement "5-7.25 or near that" than the actual 5'7" flat, which was his high measurement. The only time he was speaking realistically was when he mentioned he might only be 5'7.5" out of bed, but instead of the worst case scenario he viewed it as, that's about the most he could measure out of bed as it'd still mean shrinking at least an inch. 5'7.25" would be more typical. He actually took the 5'7ish measurement as a low as he told me years ago that he wouldn't object to someone saying he shrunk to 5'7" at night, but really that's 1/2" generous. For the record, I really don't care what he tells people in his personal life. It's just silly Glenn trying to convince people who know better. He'd be better off not addressing celebheights. And saying men like Stallone, Gibson and Colin Farrell are not the 5'10" they claim, but 5'11" is also ridiculous and hardly consistent with the logic he uses to support this (i.e., he's met them and therefor, he knows) as certainly meeting them does not put him in as good of a position as BEING them does.

Glenn's earlier views were more reasonable. He initially thought Mel Gibson was 5'9" having met him and looked taller sometimes due to cowboy boots, which is actually spot on, imo. But ironically, he used premiere photos to justify changing his views to Mel at a ridiculous 5'7"-5'8" for a while and now says an equally ridiculous 5'11" having met Mel again when he filmed The Beaver. He always thought Stallone was taller, but you can see Glenn fairly open to Sly being 5'9" and fooling him over a decade ago (more or less right) and at least he was saying 5'10" at times then, but has gradually gone from saying 5'10", 5'10.5" and 5'10.75" to specifically saying Sly is NOT 5'9" OR 5'10", but 5'11"!
Harris said on 6/Oct/17
Didn't Glenn claim 5'8" was his morning height? I recall him saying that, but even if he did its highly unlikely a man who'd measure that out of bed could drop to 5'6.5" by evening!

The thing is, just a few years ago he was still claiming 5'8" (yes, even after Rob measured and exposed his height), so whether it's delusion or...I mean, why would he agree to get measured by Rob given his obvious height complex? So this is a dude who is very obsessed about height/celebrity heights and endlessly argues with anyone who points out his height yet evidently doesn't even seem to actually KNOW his own TRUE height? Hard to buy, but what a joke...He brought it all on himself!
Brad said on 5/Oct/17
How can you measure yourself and be over an inch shorter?
Tim said on 5/Oct/17
Sly is 5'8 today I think Rob got him a perfect list. With Serena looks 172'5-173 maybe he was 174'5-175 max peak
MJKoP said on 5/Oct/17
Brad said on 4/Oct/17
Frank Stallone is one of the biggest height liars ever. He makes The G look like Jesus.

"G-sus" is NOT a liar. A liar wouldn't have consented to a meeting with Rob. He honestly believes he is 5'8", Stallone and Gibson are 5'11", Bigfoot, Megalodon and wizardry are completely real things, etc, etc, etc....

He'd pass a polygraph with flying colors. It's not dishonesty or deception. It's DELUSION.
Frankie68 said on 5/Oct/17
@ rising , Sly pulled out the munsters in that pic with his brother ,, Frank is much taller than Sly ,, Frank is taller than Sly in those munsters ,, which means he got Sly by 3-4 inches easy !!
Pierre said on 5/Oct/17
Rising say on 04/Oct/17=I don't get what is supposed to prove?
So you must read or reread the comment of Anonymous.And the interest is= the pictures i posted were made in 2014,the picture in this page (Sly/Franck) was made around this date(Expendable 3 =2014 ),the picture Tom Sizemore/Rob around this date(2011),so the parameter of the loss of height by the years seem to me limited to try to guess their heights...
Rising say on 04/Oct/17=Frank look taller.Tom has boots too so probably only a fraction less
I agree with you if for you a fraction is at least 1 inch...So Franck a little shorter than 5"10.25' Tom Sizemore is very arguable imo.And even in this cow boy shoes he don't look taller than Tom if you consider the postures.And so 6"1'peak barefoot for Frank would be very questionable(more 6"1' in good cow boy boots).He seem to be in very good shape with a very good posture in the pictures i posted(in 2014 he was only 64),i don't see him lose all this inches by the years like you seem to write
Brad said on 4/Oct/17
Frank Stallone is one of the biggest height liars ever. He makes The G look like Jesus.
Rising - 174 cm said on 4/Oct/17
I'd bet a lot of money Sly has no lifts in those shoes. The front is completely flat. I see them about the same meaning Sly is 1/2" to 3/4" shorter barefoot, imo.

@Pierre: I don't get what this is supposed to prove? Frank looks taller than Tom. Tom has boots himself so probably only a fraction less. But I do suspect Frank Stallone has shrunk. Sly in shoes that look similar to those Hogan sneakers looked taller than Frank this year: Click Here Sly must have lifts in there so I think he'd get 2.5"-2.7" over barefoot, but if Frank were still 5'10.5", that would mean Sly can still pass for 5'10.75"-5'11", which I do not believe, at least not in those type of shoes. And if you look at the photo above of Sly in normal 1" dress shoes back to back, he only looks 2 cm, maybe 1" max shorter. It's possible Frank may have had just 2 cm shoes and gotten a fraction less than Sly and that was 3 years ago when I believe Sly was still at peak height or at worst, within 1/4" of it. But either way, Frank is not 2" taller than Sly these days. If Sly is currently 174 cm as I believe then Frank looks more 177-178 cm these days. Frank looks to have shrunk more than Sly has. But that still means Sly can pull off about 178-179 cm so he's still clearly taller than guys like Cruise and Downey, imo.
Pierre said on 4/Oct/17
@Anonymous= Click Here = in 2014 Sundance Film Festival= Franck Stallone in cowboy Boots next to Tom Sizemore(who is 5"10' range next to Rob).Tom seem wear classic boots,he's slouching in the second picture= Click Here .The shoes= Click Here
Click Here Click Here =(same event) Click Here = maybe not the same day but same event and they seem to be the same boots.
Tim said on 4/Oct/17
To Harris :
Beacuase we all wake up taller but I'm with you Stallone is today 5'8 in his peak 5'8.75 tops
Tim said on 4/Oct/17
To Anonymous said on 4/Oct/17 :

Are you blind? Stallone is 173 today tops!
Please read and think read cmments below and watch those pics with Serena a legit 175 cm woman

Frankie68 said on 30/Sep/17
There's no debate with Serena ,, she is clearly taller than him (no doubt)..She is in flats (which is laughable) ..He has a shoe advantage & possibly a lift in his shoe as well ,, (which i dont doubt) ...5'7 for Sly Max !!!
Stallone was 175 or 5'8.75 in his peak
Anonymous said on 4/Oct/17
Stallone is 174-175cm nowadays! and 176-177cm barefoot in peak.

And if his brother claimed 6'1 (185 cm) Stallone can't be 173 cm . Look the picture next to his brother! up the page!
Peter181cm said on 3/Oct/17
He was 1,76m/5'9.25 in good days!
His normal height was 1,75m/5'9
And now he is 1,73m/5'8
Yeah he claim 1,78m/5,10 like the others actors..
But he is best actor ever!!
Pierre said on 3/Oct/17
(In Serena's page in this site over her picture ="in the Open i was below 5"9" i'm like 5"10' now.She write on Twitter 5"9')
Editor Rob: yeah she was age 18 when she had made that claim of growing...of course years later she goes back to 5ft 9 again.

I guess she shrunk.
Pierre said on 3/Oct/17
(In Serena's page in this site over her picture ="in the Open i was below 5"9")
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 3/Oct/17
Serena is 2cm taller in the pics, Sly has 1"heels, so minimum 2cm footwearadvantage.
Serena 176cm
Sly 172cm
Pierre said on 3/Oct/17
take in consideration the 5"9' height of Serena is a number on a paper...."official heights" are not always very precise or are sometimes the height with shoes,and sometimes the height with comfortable shoes
Harris said on 2/Oct/17
@Tim so your saying he was 5'8 ¾" in his prime, yet that he at his very best woke up at 176 cm? You do realise most people have a daily height shrinkage of about ¾-1 inch, right? That would most likely put him at more 177 cm range if he fell a fraction under 5'9" at his low. Anyway, Sly's shoes don't look that thick with Serena Williams. I'd say her flats probably do give about ¼ of an inch, while (imo) Sly's give no more than 2 cm...they look liftless to me too, so anyone who tries to use lifts as an argument is only basing that off speculation and personal feelings toward his height, rather than rational thinking. Its pretty clear he was close to 5'9" peak, and is anywhere from 5'8" to 5'8.5" max today at 71 years of age. He's in amazing shape for his age though, just compare his posture to Trump who's of the same age! Working out really pays off later in life I guess.

Rob, may I ask who the amateur boxer was? How can we even be sure he didn't skew his estimate in someway? I just can't take the 5'6"-5'7" stuff seriously, what man that short pulls off looking close in height to six foot range guys and in relatively (but of course not completely) normal-ish-looking footwear, I mean its not like he wore brick shoes. What an enigma Sly is!

On a side note, here's some photos of Sly with 5'9 ½" Jack Nicholson: Click Here Click Here Click Here Nicholson was 65 and Sly was 56 here in 2002, I assume Nicholson lost height by then but I don't think he dropped under a weak 5'9" at the least by then and Sly still looks taller, plus he wore flat-looking shoes, certainly not suspicious-looking by any means: Click Here ; and with 5'10.25" peak Paul McCartney: Click Here Click Here and I do admit I'm unaware of both men's footwear in these pics.
Tim said on 2/Oct/17
Sly is 5'8 today 5'8.75 in his youth. He nver hit the 5'9 mark. Disrespectful for strong legit 5'9 guys. Right after bed there's chance he hit 176 cm range in his best day
Rising - 174 cm said on 1/Oct/17
I watched Tango and Cash the other day and I noticed that during the scene when Sly's character(Tango) requests to speak to Cash(Kurt Russell), Sly looks about an inch taller than Kurt despite Kurt wearing cowboy boots as you can see when Kurt puts his foot on the table. I believe Sly was wearing the at least 2" heels you see at the beginning of the film, but with Kurt wearing a standard 1.75" cowboy heel himself to begin with, it minimize the advantage Sly would get from his heels. While I don't think Sly was ever a mm over 5'9", the 176 cm guesses are understandable because it's possible Sly was as tall as Kurt, who Rob lists 5'9.25". Of course, it's not certain Kurt was over 5'9" flat himself, though I think Rob's listing is fair and if that's the case, Kurt would reach near 5'11" in cowboy boots making him appear like a 5'10" man so along with Sly having 5'9.5" Geoffrey Lewis by over an inch at the beginning, Sly could pass for 5'11" when wearing those heels in Tango and Cash.

On a different note, I thought Sly pulled off solid 5'10" range in the first Expendables. Here he is on set with Gary Daniels, who is listed here at 5'10": Click Here But he must have looked shorter than that in Expendables 2, as 5'8"-5'8.5" Chuck Norris seemed a bit taller in the film and roughly as tall in this on set photo: Click Here Here's the two in a premiere video?: Click Here The angle is a bit high, but Sly's shoes looked very normal: Click Here Click Here while Norris -- another known lift wearer -- had cowboy boots, which look to me like they may even be Burt Reynolds style custom elevator boots: Click Here Click Here I'd bet Sly slightly taller than Norris barefoot both in their primes and at that time(Norris may or may not have lost up to a half inch by Expendables 2, but I don't think Sly had lost anything) so it's surprising Norris would appear to edge Sly in the film. The main thing I found interesting is that Sly looked shorter and seemed less height conscious during Expendables 2 and promo appearances for that film compared to the 1st and 3rd films. He brought out the lifts for a few Expendables 1 appearances and almost seemed to alternate between normal shoes and lifts promoting the 3rd while as I've mentioned, I thought Sly even pulled off 5'11" in the 3rd film, but considering Norris may only pass for 5'9.5"-5'10" even with lifts, Sly at the very least did not look taller than that in the scene with Norris in Expendables 2. I'm not even sure he wore lifts in that film as surprising that is, but seeing not much of a difference between the two at the premiere when Norris had an obvious footwear advantage is what makes me question this.

Also, here's video of Sly and Arnold out in 2008 when Arnold was still around 6 feet: Click Here The reason I bring it up is I initially brushed it off assuming Sly had huge lifts in his boots, simply because it's Sly and he's wearing boots, but do they even look unusual?: Click Here Click Here I think he's helped by Arnold wearing what look to be 2 cm max sneakers while Arnold didn't seem to be holding good posture that day. I'm not doubting the good possibility Sly could have lifts as well, but I do doubt those are say, 3" boots or that he'd be less than 5'8.5" without them and measuring up so well to a 6' man. If you notice, Sly's knees don't even look particularly high, nor his legs particularly long.
Anonymous said on 1/Oct/17
Click Here
Click Here
Next to Serena Williams ( strong 5'9) Stallone looks very similar. They are in flat. They don't wear lifts in those pics.Very natural.

Could be 174 cm sly barefoot nowadays and 176 cm 177 cm in peak is very reasonable sure. He said was 5'10 remember you! up this page you can read.
Pierre said on 1/Oct/17
@Rising=You can see Serena is slouching in the first pic(29/Sept/17) but look taller than Sylvester,Sylvester is slouching a little ,no more than her,and very probably at most lose height as much as her (all her bust is inclined not Sylvester ) but she's higher than him by around 1 inch in the picture imo.
Brad said on 1/Oct/17
Let us ask brother FRank......"Sly is 5 foot 10, cantcha tell, who have ya met? Yer astronaut?"
Frankie68 said on 30/Sep/17
There's no debate with Serena ,, she is clearly taller than him (no doubt)..She is in flats (which is laughable) ..He has a shoe advantage & possibly a lift in his shoe as well ,, (which i dont doubt) ...5'7 for Sly Max !!!
Johnson said on 30/Sep/17
I meant there are people who is 5'9.5 and not say I am 5'10 but 5'9.
Johnson said on 30/Sep/17
@Melyst please put the source of 175...Serena claimed 5'10 and 5'9, not 1.75 as far as I know

I think she is around 5'9.5. There are people who is 5'9 and not say I am 5'10 but 5'9. She could be last time measured late 5'9.5...

Just watch Serena and Michelle Obama...
burby said on 30/Sep/17
Sly is fully militarized in posture, Serena bending the knee(Insert Chapo Trap House/Game of Thrones joke here). Sly is Cruiser-ing with a 1.25" inch taller gal barefoot to barefoot.
Rising - 174 cm said on 30/Sep/17
@Djs: Which Rambo are you referring to? He was 165 in Rambo 2, 178-180 in Rambo 3 and 213-215 in the last Rambo. And a weak 5'9", but the latter debate will never end. However, his weight is easily found from his book Sly Moves, interviews and official site. He was 159 in Victory, which was his lowest film weight. He also dropped to 155 for Rocky 3, but built himself up to 163 for the film. He got back to his more typical 175-180 for the first Expendables and looks in that range now. I don't know about his weight in First Blood, but I'd guess 160 range.

Funny thing I realized was while Frankie and I may disagree as much as anyone on Sly's actual height, it seems we agree he hasn't shrunk much.
Rising - 174 cm said on 30/Sep/17
@Pierre: Serena moving around like that while laughing is not as good a position to compare as the two standing side by side posing. If you look at this one again: Click Here Sly's back and legs look straight, but his head is not up. Serena has one leg straight and doesn't look to be bending her knees much. I could have chosen this one, but I think she's not standing as straight as the other: Click Here And in this one, Sly is slouching himself while the camera is on Serena's side: Click Here There's not any real height difference that day with the footwear they're wearing. The other pose of Serena moving around while laughing is just not good for a pic to compare height. Of course, the height difference would be roughly the difference in footwear with Serena's 1/4" flats and Sly's 0.75" to 1" range dress shoes.

Melyst: Actually, she hasn't always claimed 5'9", she claimed 5'10" at one point as well, but who is contradicting her usual claim? Nobody. i said a solid 5'9" to 5'9.25". She is taller than Caroline, there are enough photos of the two side by side to show that. Many tennis players have thought she was 5'10", even 5'11". That's obviously not true, but 5'9.25" is more than possible. Most people don't include quarter inches. Sly is a minimum 5'8" even now and looks it with Serena. I think more like Rob's listing. I do agree that a full 5'9" is probably a bit high for his prime. More a fraction under and around 5'8.75" peak, imo.
Djs said on 30/Sep/17
5'7" and 154lbs in rambo.Being lean and broad shouldered with 3" lifts you are going to look so much bigger on screen
Melyst said on 30/Sep/17
Richardspain said on 29/Sep/17
Que no te enteras
Serenas Williams tennis player has claimed she is 5'9 and 175 cm. Both measurements in height and cm. So She is 5'8.75/ 5-9. Have you seen those potos with Stallone?. He has more foot advantaged and Serena being relax looks taller than him. She is 1 inch taller than him. Stallone is 173 cm today not over. He is one of the ones he has not even shrunk. He has maintence a good Athletic posture all his carrer trying to stay tall and look taller. The most he could hit in his youth is 174,5 cm. 175 maybe 2-3 hours after bed. A guy like him walking tall and with his shoes can look more than 175 or 5'9 but you can see he was not never ober 175 cm or 5'9! Have you seen Rocky movies? He even looked a bit below average or average at that time. But he looked beteween 5.8'5 5'9 max! Here are the photos with Serena who is max 5'9 she also said 175 cm tall. Look Stallone has more advantage and better posture:

Click Here:
Click Here:

With luck Stallone was as tall as Serena but I don't really think so. He looks he was 1 cm less tan her. 174 cm 177? haha Ni idea tienes
Melyst said on 30/Sep/17
Richardspain said on 29/Sep/17
Que no te enteras!
Serenas Williams tennis player has claimed she is 5'9 and 175 cm. Both measurements in height and cm. So She is 5'8.75/ 5-9. Have you seen those potos with Stallone. He has more foot advantaged and Serena being relax looks taller than him. She is 1 inch taller tan him. Stallone is 173 cm today not over. He is one of the ones he has not even shrunk. He has maintence a good Athletic posture all his carrer trying to stay tall and look taller. The most he coul hit in his youth is 174,5 cm. 175 maybe 2-3 hours after bed. A guy like him walking tall and with his shoes can look more tan 175 or 5'9 but you can see he was not never ober 175 cm or 5'9! Have you seen Rocky movies? He even look a bit below average or average at that time. Bit he look beteween 5.8'5 5'9 max! Here are the potos with Serena who is max 5'9 she also said 175 cm tall. Look Stallone has more advantage and netter posture:

Click Here:
Click Here:

With luck Stallone was as tall as Serena but I don't really think so. He looks he was 1 cm less tan her. 174 cm 177? haha Ni idea tienes
Richardspain said on 29/Sep/17
Stallone was a strong 176 cm barefoot in peak,with sneakers 178cm maybe 179cm with shoes
Melyst said on 29/Sep/17
Why Yous guys always try to boost and upgrade heights? Serena's oficial height is 5'9. She also always claimed she is 5'9. She looks like a 5'9 woman at most also. And If Serena says she is 5'9 is the hight height she can be, so nobody would say less about his own height..Serena at 5'9 is a good proof to see how Stallone looks today. Dont also say an excuse he shrunk a full inch because he never was over 5'9... lol at 176-177 cm. He was beteween 5'8.3- 5.8'75 in his peak and 5'9 at morning hours
Melyst said on 29/Sep/17
polo said on 28/Sep/17

I think you are a bit blind. Don't you see Sly is straight as always? Serena is just relax. Figured out If Serena would stay straight .. Also Sly shoes more advantage.
He is 5'8 today at most 5.8'75 in the past not a legit 5'9
Click Here=_
Melyst said on 29/Sep/17
polo said on 28/Sep/17

Ithink you are a bit blind: Don't you see Sly is straight as always? Serena just relax. Figured out if Serena would stay straight .. Also Sly shoes more advantege.
Click Here=_
Pierre said on 29/Sep/17
Click Here =here Click Here =and here i see her taller than Sylvester
polo said on 28/Sep/17
People here who are saying that serana has 1 inch on Sly should give some evidences because i can't find them. I see no advantage for serena williams.
Rising - 174 cm said on 28/Sep/17
He's not an inch shorter than Serena. They're about the same height, though Sly has at least a half inch footwear advantage: Click Here And I don't know where the 5'8.75" is coming from for her, more 5'9"-5'9.25" range, imo as she's taller than 5'9" listed Caroline Wozniacki. Sly would obviously be shorter than Serena if they had equal footwear, but I'm not convinced those shoes Sly has are even a full 1". The heel isn't very big and based on how flat they are, there doesn't look much room for much of an insole.
Melyst said on 28/Sep/17
Today he is somewhere 5'7.75 -5'8
Peak 5'8.5 5'8.75 max. He was not even 5'9. Amazing some few claim he was over 176 cm just dreaming
Tim said on 28/Sep/17
Anonymous said on 27/Sep/17
Why you said that? instead of just say something info yourself . Read below those pics next to Serena Williams a legit 5'8.75-5'9. She has 1 inch on Sly. This guy is 5'8 today and with luck he was very close to 5'9 . 176-177 with sneakers please
Brad said on 27/Sep/17
The Oscars 40+ years ago rival Rocky Balboa premiere Munsters...those things could have been used as boat anchors. Hey Real, who was the biggest twerp backstage? The first Rocky training videos when he was wearing standard boxing shoes are pretty the filming he was in wedged customs with great camera work.
Anonymous said on 27/Sep/17
Peak 176-177 cm
Today 174 cm
Rising - 174 cm said on 27/Sep/17
This pic of Sly and 5'10" Chris Rock surprised me: Click Here It surprised me because it was taken last year in the middle of a maybe 2 or so year stretch where I don't remember thinking Sly wore lifts to any event I saw him at. These other 2 pics makes a bit more sense, though when you consider Rock is slouching: Click Here Click Here Of course, my position is that all photos of Sly where you can't see feet should be taken with a grain of salt, but they can be interesting nonetheless.

The heels he had at the 1977 Oscars don't look any bigger than 2" to me, but he does look taller than he should -- near 5'11", imo -- so he maybe he had same extra help inside his boots and/or Ali's slouching helped. Sly didn't that night in a picture with a 69 year old John Wayne: Click Here

@Jim Hopper: We may not agree on many heights, but we do agree on this. It's almost like Sly has picked up on our curiosity about his height and has decided to mess with us. Sly made himself a 6 footer for this pic with a prime Rock, who I believe was a full 6'3" back then: Click Here This doesn't mean he passed for a 6 footer at the event, of course. I think he'd look 5'10.5" to 5'11" at most events during that time, but keep good posture while the person you pose with slouches, move just a bit closer to the photographer and/or go up on your toes a bit and suddenly, Sly is "Walking Tall."

@HeightcrazyRed6ft: Agree on peak, though 173 is the absolute lowest I'd go for current height. And whatever Sly is taking in recent years, it seems he knows what he's doing. That's a key as well as genetics. Last I saw Jose Canseco, he still looked good, yet his former "Bash Brother" Mark McGwire looked terrible when he returned as a hitting coach and I specifically remember he was still young at the time at only 46. The reason I remember is because I was shocked at how old and deteriorated he looked.
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 27/Sep/17
Peak 174-175cm
Today 172cm

seems he managed his roids pretty good, or has all the luck in this world
Frankie68 said on 26/Sep/17
@Brad ,,I totally agree !! If you look close at the video he has an over 2 inch heel & god knows whats stuffed inside !!

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