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Peak: 5ft 8.91in (175cm)
Current: 5ft 8.06in (172.9cm)
MJKoP said on 10/Oct/17
Editor Rob: G should verse himself with the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Conspiring to commit crime could get him the clink...

True, and being locked in a cage with a guy they call "Bigfoot" might not be his idea of the holy grail after all.
Rising - 174 cm said on 9/Oct/17
@Harris: It varies, but yeah, that's when it accelerates for many. The average in a survey was basically 1 cm or 0.4" for every decade after 40, but then this basically doubled between 70 and 80. Though many lose a lot more than 0.4" in their 60's. Of course, there are exceptions such as Chuck Norris who I believe Rob has spot on at 5'8.5" peak and not only did he still look about that height when he was 72 during the Expendables 2 premiere, but even now at 77, he still looks 5'8" or at worst, a fraction under as Rob also agreed from seeing photos of Chuck at conventions. Then there's Robert Redford who I don't think was over 5'10" and probably not over 5'9.5" by his late 60's/early 70's yet still looks 5'9". William Shatner is perhaps the most remarkable because I'm skeptical he was even the 5'9" peak Rob lists him and by his early 60's, Shatner struggled with 5'8" yet he still somehow looks nothing under 5'7.5" even today at 86.

As for Sly, if he was 5'8.5"-5'9" in his prime then there's no way he's 5'7"-5'7.5" today. He simply doesn't look that different and didn't look to lose anything until sometime between ages 67-69. As I've said, I believe he went from a weak 5'9" to a strong 5'8"(5'8.25"-5'8.5") but saying he's 5'7" or so today fits much better with those who believe Sly was never over 5'8" flat.

Look at this candid taken this year of Sly and Michael Rooker who Rob still estimates 5'9": Click Here Of course Sly has more footwear just like when he showed up looking taller than brother Frank at the Guardians premiere, but even so, he pulls off looking convincingly taller than Rooker. In fairness, I think both Sly and Rooker have gone from about 5'9" peak to 5'8.5" today.
Pierre said on 9/Oct/17
@Rising=Tom Sizemore's shoes have not a very big heel,they give around 1 inch imo.Cow boy shoes don't give you always the same height,it depends on marks.Frank(if not lifts) has probably around 1 inch advantage of shoes on Tom imo.Sugar Ray Leonard next to Rob look 5"8' range without his cap imo Click Here and next to Frank he seem to be in very flat shoes,Frank more N.shox type(don't know exactly this shoes but the heel seem to be advantageous),in others pics we don't see the shoes.Sugar Ray Leonard is slouching in all the pictures
Harris said on 9/Oct/17
Rob, how much on average would a guy lose in height from age 70 to 80? I'd imagine that's the age range where the biggest drop in height occurs...
Rising - 174 cm said on 8/Oct/17
Frank at 5'10.5" in his prime as Rob lists him sounds about right, imo.

With 6'1" Carl Weathers in 2003: Click Here Click Here Click Here
With 5'9" Tony Danza at the same event: Click Here
With 5'9" Sugar Ray Leonard around 2005: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
With Sugar Ray in 2013, the same year Rob guessed him a weaker 5'9": Click Here

I wish there was more full pics of Frank along others with known heights outside of his enigmatic brother. Based on these, Carl had a minimum 2" on Frank, but less than 3". Frank was more than just an inch taller than Sugar Ray and Danza, though. Based on how Frank looks with Sly the last few years, though, I think he's shrunk more than his older brother and may very well be no more than 5'10" flat. I think Frank's 6'1" claim is even worse precisely because he doesn't wear lifts. I mean, at least try to make your claim believable. Out of these 5 men, Sly and Carl are the oldest, but I think Frank, Danza and Sugar Ray have all lost more height. Tony really did look 5'9" as he somehow pulled off Mike Tyson's height when Tyson guested on Who's the Boss and even when Chuck Norris appeared on Tony's talk show, Norris with a cowboy boot advantage was about the same height as Danza, but Tony looks more like 5'8" now. Similarly, Sugar Ray's 5'9" claim is believable for his prime, but he looks 5'8"-5'8.5" nowadays in his early 60's. I believe Sly and Carl have each lost a half inch or less.

@Pierre: I have a couple of pairs of popular brands of cowboy boots. Take a tape measure and you'll see a standard cowboy heel is 1.75". But you don't get all of that in actual height. A classic boot would add 1" minimum, probably 1.25" more often between heel and insole. So a half inch is about the most the difference would be. Technically, you could argue Frank COULD have a 5/8" advantage if Tom had boots that only gave 1". There's really no doubt about this unless Frank had a lift in his boots and I see no reason to suspect this.

@MJKoP: The stadiometer in court image just evoked images of the infamous Alger Hiss typewriter, OJ's glove etc. We all know Glenn may be in denial, but he knows deep down he couldn't win in court. Another funny image I have is Glenn being carried in on a mattress like the cop in that 60's anecdote. I agree to some extent about his estimates creeping up, particularly a 5'9" Cruise! Although I do think it's less the case with Stallone as Glenn never saw the "short Stallone" as far as I know and didn't speculate as much as he did with Cruise and Gibson. And as far as I know, Glenn didn't get a new picture with Gibson so it's more like Willis where Glenn's unrealistic estimate is all the more puzzling. Iirc, Glenn just had the old picture where Mel had his head down and was wearing cowboy boots so there was no real way of telling how tall Mel was from it. But maybe Glenn wants to be covered beforehand if he ever gets another picture with those guys because Glenn insisted even before he met Mike Tyson that Tyson was 5'11.5" rather than the 5'10" he's admitted to multiple times. Btw, how tall does Glenn think Trump is? I remember Trump looking quite tall in an old photo with Glenn.
Brad said on 8/Oct/17
Frank's been selling Sly boxing stuff for years. You wonder where his career went.
Duffer 5ft 11 said on 8/Oct/17
5'8.5 peak height (AM for sure) 5'7.5 nowadays, perhaps even dipping down to a strong 5'7" by day's end. Looked around 175-180 lbs in the Rambos.
Frankie68 said on 7/Oct/17
6'1 is a joke for Frank Stallone ,, 5'11 is a joke for him ,, Theres no way on earth he's as tall as Carl Weathers ,, look at Creed or Rocky premiers ,, there are pics of them together ,, Frank's lucky if he's 5'9 -5'10 ,, Height liar like his brother ,,, but not the lift wearer Sly is ,,, to be fair ,, Frank's def 5'9 ,,, 5'10 might be pushing it
Pierre said on 6/Oct/17
@Rising=i would be surprised that boots like Frank's Cow-boy boots would give him only a half inch on Tom's classic boots.
MJKoP said on 6/Oct/17
@Rising - 174 cm Thank you, and I was aware of pretty much all of that. I think the Stallone and Gibson measurements crept up steadily post-'09 to in a way compensate for any lingering doubts of him being 5'8". The taller any celeb photographed with him is, naturally the taller he himself would have to be. Also, G DOES know about the 1/8 of an inch that should be deducted from the in-person measurement. I sent him the "Big Grapple" link when we were still friendly-ish. I was pretty annoyed with him at the time(of course I couldn't tell him unless I felt like sparking WW3), so I prefaced it with "This may be difficult for you to view, but you should see this hit-piece Rob wrote". He expressed to me that he wished I hadn't sent him that, but that he was now seriously considering suing Rob because he knows of how strict slander/defamation laws are in Scotland. I would pay my bottom dollar to witness that infamous stadiometer brought into a courtroom. Anyhoo, he also requested I do some tech-related stuff in retaliation that I really don't care to get into. Needless to say, I never would or did.

@Brad: When a memory is so traumatic(i.e. being measure by the Cannonball Run Doctor at a mere 5'6.5"), some people are able to purge such a memory by adding their own narratives(i.e. the doctor was a quack, uneven floor, etc) to help themselves live in a more idealistic reality. It's hard to wrap your mind around, yes, but when you can lull yourself into such a false sense of comfort, you will hold no reservations whatsoever about walking into the most blatantly obvious deathtrap conceivable(i.e. a hotel room with Rob, Jenny, a stadiometer and a still camera).

@Rob: In hindsight, why couldn't it have been a *video* camera, if not just a hidden one? The footage captured would have been beyond priceless.
Editor Rob: G should verse himself with the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Conspiring to commit crime could get him the clink...
Brad said on 6/Oct/17
G at 5' 7 and whatever now is about deuce deuce zero lugging big bags of drumheads etc hours after afternoon wake-up....subtract another 1/2" by 10 P.M. in midtown. Under 5' 7.5" in '07 photos assuming he's still in the autograph racket.
Rising - 174 cm said on 6/Oct/17
@Pierre: Nobody seriously thinks Frank was ever 6'1", except Frank! Maybe Jackie Stallone too... Footwear difference isn't an inch difference either. Cowboy boots typically have a 1 3/4" heel, which add maybe 1 5/8" of actually height. Sizemore's boots probably add 1" to 1.25" so I think a fraction difference is about right as it'd be a half inch at most. Both Tom and Frank are probably about 5'10" these days or 177-178 cm range judging by the fact Sly in lifts can pull off taller than Frank this year. Sizemore's posture is atrocious so any guess will be a rough one. Incidentally, Sly and Tom Sizemore looked similar height range in Lock Up with Sly of course wearing lifts. This doesn't prove one side or the other in the argument about Sly, but I thought I'd mention it as it's the only time I've seen Sly and Tom Sizemore together. Of course, Sizemore may have been 1 cm taller 30 years ago than he is today.

@MJKoP: That's always been my thought. At least up until the meeting, but speaking to Glenn after, I honestly got the sense that he had basically found a way to justify what he thought was a 5'6 5/8" measurement (I can only imagine if he knew it was actually 1/8" less!). Although hardly scientific, he seems to view it as some freakish one-time low and may have disregarded it as somehow rigged by now altogether. It was also easier for him to call a 5'7 1/8" measurement "5-7.25 or near that" than the actual 5'7" flat, which was his high measurement. The only time he was speaking realistically was when he mentioned he might only be 5'7.5" out of bed, but instead of the worst case scenario he viewed it as, that's about the most he could measure out of bed as it'd still mean shrinking at least an inch. 5'7.25" would be more typical. He actually took the 5'7ish measurement as a low as he told me years ago that he wouldn't object to someone saying he shrunk to 5'7" at night, but really that's 1/2" generous. For the record, I really don't care what he tells people in his personal life. It's just silly Glenn trying to convince people who know better. He'd be better off not addressing celebheights. And saying men like Stallone, Gibson and Colin Farrell are not the 5'10" they claim, but 5'11" is also ridiculous and hardly consistent with the logic he uses to support this (i.e., he's met them and therefor, he knows) as certainly meeting them does not put him in as good of a position as BEING them does.

Glenn's earlier views were more reasonable. He initially thought Mel Gibson was 5'9" having met him and looked taller sometimes due to cowboy boots, which is actually spot on, imo. But ironically, he used premiere photos to justify changing his views to Mel at a ridiculous 5'7"-5'8" for a while and now says an equally ridiculous 5'11" having met Mel again when he filmed The Beaver. He always thought Stallone was taller, but you can see Glenn fairly open to Sly being 5'9" and fooling him over a decade ago (more or less right) and at least he was saying 5'10" at times then, but has gradually gone from saying 5'10", 5'10.5" and 5'10.75" to specifically saying Sly is NOT 5'9" OR 5'10", but 5'11"!
Harris said on 6/Oct/17
Didn't Glenn claim 5'8" was his morning height? I recall him saying that, but even if he did its highly unlikely a man who'd measure that out of bed could drop to 5'6.5" by evening!

The thing is, just a few years ago he was still claiming 5'8" (yes, even after Rob measured and exposed his height), so whether it's delusion or...I mean, why would he agree to get measured by Rob given his obvious height complex? So this is a dude who is very obsessed about height/celebrity heights and endlessly argues with anyone who points out his height yet evidently doesn't even seem to actually KNOW his own TRUE height? Hard to buy, but what a joke...He brought it all on himself!
Brad said on 5/Oct/17
How can you measure yourself and be over an inch shorter?
Tim said on 5/Oct/17
Sly is 5'8 today I think Rob got him a perfect list. With Serena looks 172'5-173 maybe he was 174'5-175 max peak
MJKoP said on 5/Oct/17
Brad said on 4/Oct/17
Frank Stallone is one of the biggest height liars ever. He makes The G look like Jesus.

"G-sus" is NOT a liar. A liar wouldn't have consented to a meeting with Rob. He honestly believes he is 5'8", Stallone and Gibson are 5'11", Bigfoot, Megalodon and wizardry are completely real things, etc, etc, etc....

He'd pass a polygraph with flying colors. It's not dishonesty or deception. It's DELUSION.
Frankie68 said on 5/Oct/17
@ rising , Sly pulled out the munsters in that pic with his brother ,, Frank is much taller than Sly ,, Frank is taller than Sly in those munsters ,, which means he got Sly by 3-4 inches easy !!
Pierre said on 5/Oct/17
Rising say on 04/Oct/17=I don't get what is supposed to prove?
So you must read or reread the comment of Anonymous.And the interest is= the pictures i posted were made in 2014,the picture in this page (Sly/Franck) was made around this date(Expendable 3 =2014 ),the picture Tom Sizemore/Rob around this date(2011),so the parameter of the loss of height by the years seem to me limited to try to guess their heights...
Rising say on 04/Oct/17=Frank look taller.Tom has boots too so probably only a fraction less
I agree with you if for you a fraction is at least 1 inch...So Franck a little shorter than 5"10.25' Tom Sizemore is very arguable imo.And even in this cow boy shoes he don't look taller than Tom if you consider the postures.And so 6"1'peak barefoot for Frank would be very questionable(more 6"1' in good cow boy boots).He seem to be in very good shape with a very good posture in the pictures i posted(in 2014 he was only 64),i don't see him lose all this inches by the years like you seem to write
Brad said on 4/Oct/17
Frank Stallone is one of the biggest height liars ever. He makes The G look like Jesus.
Rising - 174 cm said on 4/Oct/17
I'd bet a lot of money Sly has no lifts in those shoes. The front is completely flat. I see them about the same meaning Sly is 1/2" to 3/4" shorter barefoot, imo.

@Pierre: I don't get what this is supposed to prove? Frank looks taller than Tom. Tom has boots himself so probably only a fraction less. But I do suspect Frank Stallone has shrunk. Sly in shoes that look similar to those Hogan sneakers looked taller than Frank this year: Click Here Sly must have lifts in there so I think he'd get 2.5"-2.7" over barefoot, but if Frank were still 5'10.5", that would mean Sly can still pass for 5'10.75"-5'11", which I do not believe, at least not in those type of shoes. And if you look at the photo above of Sly in normal 1" dress shoes back to back, he only looks 2 cm, maybe 1" max shorter. It's possible Frank may have had just 2 cm shoes and gotten a fraction less than Sly and that was 3 years ago when I believe Sly was still at peak height or at worst, within 1/4" of it. But either way, Frank is not 2" taller than Sly these days. If Sly is currently 174 cm as I believe then Frank looks more 177-178 cm these days. Frank looks to have shrunk more than Sly has. But that still means Sly can pull off about 178-179 cm so he's still clearly taller than guys like Cruise and Downey, imo.
Pierre said on 4/Oct/17
@Anonymous= Click Here = in 2014 Sundance Film Festival= Franck Stallone in cowboy Boots next to Tom Sizemore(who is 5"10' range next to Rob).Tom seem wear classic boots,he's slouching in the second picture= Click Here .The shoes= Click Here
Click Here Click Here =(same event) Click Here = maybe not the same day but same event and they seem to be the same boots.
Tim said on 4/Oct/17
To Harris :
Beacuase we all wake up taller but I'm with you Stallone is today 5'8 in his peak 5'8.75 tops
Tim said on 4/Oct/17
To Anonymous said on 4/Oct/17 :

Are you blind? Stallone is 173 today tops!
Please read and think read cmments below and watch those pics with Serena a legit 175 cm woman

Frankie68 said on 30/Sep/17
There's no debate with Serena ,, she is clearly taller than him (no doubt)..She is in flats (which is laughable) ..He has a shoe advantage & possibly a lift in his shoe as well ,, (which i dont doubt) ...5'7 for Sly Max !!!
Stallone was 175 or 5'8.75 in his peak
Anonymous said on 4/Oct/17
Stallone is 174-175cm nowadays! and 176-177cm barefoot in peak.

And if his brother claimed 6'1 (185 cm) Stallone can't be 173 cm . Look the picture next to his brother! up the page!
Peter181cm said on 3/Oct/17
He was 1,76m/5'9.25 in good days!
His normal height was 1,75m/5'9
And now he is 1,73m/5'8
Yeah he claim 1,78m/5,10 like the others actors..
But he is best actor ever!!
Pierre said on 3/Oct/17
(In Serena's page in this site over her picture ="in the Open i was below 5"9" i'm like 5"10' now.She write on Twitter 5"9')
Editor Rob: yeah she was age 18 when she had made that claim of growing...of course years later she goes back to 5ft 9 again.

I guess she shrunk.
Pierre said on 3/Oct/17
(In Serena's page in this site over her picture ="in the Open i was below 5"9")
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 3/Oct/17
Serena is 2cm taller in the pics, Sly has 1"heels, so minimum 2cm footwearadvantage.
Serena 176cm
Sly 172cm
Pierre said on 3/Oct/17
take in consideration the 5"9' height of Serena is a number on a paper...."official heights" are not always very precise or are sometimes the height with shoes,and sometimes the height with comfortable shoes
Harris said on 2/Oct/17
@Tim so your saying he was 5'8 ¾" in his prime, yet that he at his very best woke up at 176 cm? You do realise most people have a daily height shrinkage of about ¾-1 inch, right? That would most likely put him at more 177 cm range if he fell a fraction under 5'9" at his low. Anyway, Sly's shoes don't look that thick with Serena Williams. I'd say her flats probably do give about ¼ of an inch, while (imo) Sly's give no more than 2 cm...they look liftless to me too, so anyone who tries to use lifts as an argument is only basing that off speculation and personal feelings toward his height, rather than rational thinking. Its pretty clear he was close to 5'9" peak, and is anywhere from 5'8" to 5'8.5" max today at 71 years of age. He's in amazing shape for his age though, just compare his posture to Trump who's of the same age! Working out really pays off later in life I guess.

Rob, may I ask who the amateur boxer was? How can we even be sure he didn't skew his estimate in someway? I just can't take the 5'6"-5'7" stuff seriously, what man that short pulls off looking close in height to six foot range guys and in relatively (but of course not completely) normal-ish-looking footwear, I mean its not like he wore brick shoes. What an enigma Sly is!

On a side note, here's some photos of Sly with 5'9 ½" Jack Nicholson: Click Here Click Here Click Here Nicholson was 65 and Sly was 56 here in 2002, I assume Nicholson lost height by then but I don't think he dropped under a weak 5'9" at the least by then and Sly still looks taller, plus he wore flat-looking shoes, certainly not suspicious-looking by any means: Click Here ; and with 5'10.25" peak Paul McCartney: Click Here Click Here and I do admit I'm unaware of both men's footwear in these pics.
Tim said on 2/Oct/17
Sly is 5'8 today 5'8.75 in his youth. He nver hit the 5'9 mark. Disrespectful for strong legit 5'9 guys. Right after bed there's chance he hit 176 cm range in his best day
Rising - 174 cm said on 1/Oct/17
I watched Tango and Cash the other day and I noticed that during the scene when Sly's character(Tango) requests to speak to Cash(Kurt Russell), Sly looks about an inch taller than Kurt despite Kurt wearing cowboy boots as you can see when Kurt puts his foot on the table. I believe Sly was wearing the at least 2" heels you see at the beginning of the film, but with Kurt wearing a standard 1.75" cowboy heel himself to begin with, it minimize the advantage Sly would get from his heels. While I don't think Sly was ever a mm over 5'9", the 176 cm guesses are understandable because it's possible Sly was as tall as Kurt, who Rob lists 5'9.25". Of course, it's not certain Kurt was over 5'9" flat himself, though I think Rob's listing is fair and if that's the case, Kurt would reach near 5'11" in cowboy boots making him appear like a 5'10" man so along with Sly having 5'9.5" Geoffrey Lewis by over an inch at the beginning, Sly could pass for 5'11" when wearing those heels in Tango and Cash.

On a different note, I thought Sly pulled off solid 5'10" range in the first Expendables. Here he is on set with Gary Daniels, who is listed here at 5'10": Click Here But he must have looked shorter than that in Expendables 2, as 5'8"-5'8.5" Chuck Norris seemed a bit taller in the film and roughly as tall in this on set photo: Click Here Here's the two in a premiere video?: Click Here The angle is a bit high, but Sly's shoes looked very normal: Click Here Click Here while Norris -- another known lift wearer -- had cowboy boots, which look to me like they may even be Burt Reynolds style custom elevator boots: Click Here Click Here I'd bet Sly slightly taller than Norris barefoot both in their primes and at that time(Norris may or may not have lost up to a half inch by Expendables 2, but I don't think Sly had lost anything) so it's surprising Norris would appear to edge Sly in the film. The main thing I found interesting is that Sly looked shorter and seemed less height conscious during Expendables 2 and promo appearances for that film compared to the 1st and 3rd films. He brought out the lifts for a few Expendables 1 appearances and almost seemed to alternate between normal shoes and lifts promoting the 3rd while as I've mentioned, I thought Sly even pulled off 5'11" in the 3rd film, but considering Norris may only pass for 5'9.5"-5'10" even with lifts, Sly at the very least did not look taller than that in the scene with Norris in Expendables 2. I'm not even sure he wore lifts in that film as surprising that is, but seeing not much of a difference between the two at the premiere when Norris had an obvious footwear advantage is what makes me question this.

Also, here's video of Sly and Arnold out in 2008 when Arnold was still around 6 feet: Click Here The reason I bring it up is I initially brushed it off assuming Sly had huge lifts in his boots, simply because it's Sly and he's wearing boots, but do they even look unusual?: Click Here Click Here I think he's helped by Arnold wearing what look to be 2 cm max sneakers while Arnold didn't seem to be holding good posture that day. I'm not doubting the good possibility Sly could have lifts as well, but I do doubt those are say, 3" boots or that he'd be less than 5'8.5" without them and measuring up so well to a 6' man. If you notice, Sly's knees don't even look particularly high, nor his legs particularly long.
Anonymous said on 1/Oct/17
Click Here
Click Here
Next to Serena Williams ( strong 5'9) Stallone looks very similar. They are in flat. They don't wear lifts in those pics.Very natural.

Could be 174 cm sly barefoot nowadays and 176 cm 177 cm in peak is very reasonable sure. He said was 5'10 remember you! up this page you can read.
Pierre said on 1/Oct/17
@Rising=You can see Serena is slouching in the first pic(29/Sept/17) but look taller than Sylvester,Sylvester is slouching a little ,no more than her,and very probably at most lose height as much as her (all her bust is inclined not Sylvester ) but she's higher than him by around 1 inch in the picture imo.
Brad said on 1/Oct/17
Let us ask brother FRank......"Sly is 5 foot 10, cantcha tell, who have ya met? Yer astronaut?"
Frankie68 said on 30/Sep/17
There's no debate with Serena ,, she is clearly taller than him (no doubt)..She is in flats (which is laughable) ..He has a shoe advantage & possibly a lift in his shoe as well ,, (which i dont doubt) ...5'7 for Sly Max !!!
Johnson said on 30/Sep/17
I meant there are people who is 5'9.5 and not say I am 5'10 but 5'9.
Johnson said on 30/Sep/17
@Melyst please put the source of 175...Serena claimed 5'10 and 5'9, not 1.75 as far as I know

I think she is around 5'9.5. There are people who is 5'9 and not say I am 5'10 but 5'9. She could be last time measured late 5'9.5...

Just watch Serena and Michelle Obama...
burby said on 30/Sep/17
Sly is fully militarized in posture, Serena bending the knee(Insert Chapo Trap House/Game of Thrones joke here). Sly is Cruiser-ing with a 1.25" inch taller gal barefoot to barefoot.
Rising - 174 cm said on 30/Sep/17
@Djs: Which Rambo are you referring to? He was 165 in Rambo 2, 178-180 in Rambo 3 and 213-215 in the last Rambo. And a weak 5'9", but the latter debate will never end. However, his weight is easily found from his book Sly Moves, interviews and official site. He was 159 in Victory, which was his lowest film weight. He also dropped to 155 for Rocky 3, but built himself up to 163 for the film. He got back to his more typical 175-180 for the first Expendables and looks in that range now. I don't know about his weight in First Blood, but I'd guess 160 range.

Funny thing I realized was while Frankie and I may disagree as much as anyone on Sly's actual height, it seems we agree he hasn't shrunk much.
Rising - 174 cm said on 30/Sep/17
@Pierre: Serena moving around like that while laughing is not as good a position to compare as the two standing side by side posing. If you look at this one again: Click Here Sly's back and legs look straight, but his head is not up. Serena has one leg straight and doesn't look to be bending her knees much. I could have chosen this one, but I think she's not standing as straight as the other: Click Here And in this one, Sly is slouching himself while the camera is on Serena's side: Click Here There's not any real height difference that day with the footwear they're wearing. The other pose of Serena moving around while laughing is just not good for a pic to compare height. Of course, the height difference would be roughly the difference in footwear with Serena's 1/4" flats and Sly's 0.75" to 1" range dress shoes.

Melyst: Actually, she hasn't always claimed 5'9", she claimed 5'10" at one point as well, but who is contradicting her usual claim? Nobody. i said a solid 5'9" to 5'9.25". She is taller than Caroline, there are enough photos of the two side by side to show that. Many tennis players have thought she was 5'10", even 5'11". That's obviously not true, but 5'9.25" is more than possible. Most people don't include quarter inches. Sly is a minimum 5'8" even now and looks it with Serena. I think more like Rob's listing. I do agree that a full 5'9" is probably a bit high for his prime. More a fraction under and around 5'8.75" peak, imo.
Djs said on 30/Sep/17
5'7" and 154lbs in rambo.Being lean and broad shouldered with 3" lifts you are going to look so much bigger on screen
Melyst said on 30/Sep/17
Richardspain said on 29/Sep/17
Que no te enteras
Serenas Williams tennis player has claimed she is 5'9 and 175 cm. Both measurements in height and cm. So She is 5'8.75/ 5-9. Have you seen those potos with Stallone?. He has more foot advantaged and Serena being relax looks taller than him. She is 1 inch taller than him. Stallone is 173 cm today not over. He is one of the ones he has not even shrunk. He has maintence a good Athletic posture all his carrer trying to stay tall and look taller. The most he could hit in his youth is 174,5 cm. 175 maybe 2-3 hours after bed. A guy like him walking tall and with his shoes can look more than 175 or 5'9 but you can see he was not never ober 175 cm or 5'9! Have you seen Rocky movies? He even looked a bit below average or average at that time. But he looked beteween 5.8'5 5'9 max! Here are the photos with Serena who is max 5'9 she also said 175 cm tall. Look Stallone has more advantage and better posture:

Click Here:
Click Here:

With luck Stallone was as tall as Serena but I don't really think so. He looks he was 1 cm less tan her. 174 cm 177? haha Ni idea tienes
Melyst said on 30/Sep/17
Richardspain said on 29/Sep/17
Que no te enteras!
Serenas Williams tennis player has claimed she is 5'9 and 175 cm. Both measurements in height and cm. So She is 5'8.75/ 5-9. Have you seen those potos with Stallone. He has more foot advantaged and Serena being relax looks taller than him. She is 1 inch taller tan him. Stallone is 173 cm today not over. He is one of the ones he has not even shrunk. He has maintence a good Athletic posture all his carrer trying to stay tall and look taller. The most he coul hit in his youth is 174,5 cm. 175 maybe 2-3 hours after bed. A guy like him walking tall and with his shoes can look more tan 175 or 5'9 but you can see he was not never ober 175 cm or 5'9! Have you seen Rocky movies? He even look a bit below average or average at that time. Bit he look beteween 5.8'5 5'9 max! Here are the potos with Serena who is max 5'9 she also said 175 cm tall. Look Stallone has more advantage and netter posture:

Click Here:
Click Here:

With luck Stallone was as tall as Serena but I don't really think so. He looks he was 1 cm less tan her. 174 cm 177? haha Ni idea tienes
Richardspain said on 29/Sep/17
Stallone was a strong 176 cm barefoot in peak,with sneakers 178cm maybe 179cm with shoes
Melyst said on 29/Sep/17
Why Yous guys always try to boost and upgrade heights? Serena's oficial height is 5'9. She also always claimed she is 5'9. She looks like a 5'9 woman at most also. And If Serena says she is 5'9 is the hight height she can be, so nobody would say less about his own height..Serena at 5'9 is a good proof to see how Stallone looks today. Dont also say an excuse he shrunk a full inch because he never was over 5'9... lol at 176-177 cm. He was beteween 5'8.3- 5.8'75 in his peak and 5'9 at morning hours
Melyst said on 29/Sep/17
polo said on 28/Sep/17

I think you are a bit blind. Don't you see Sly is straight as always? Serena is just relax. Figured out If Serena would stay straight .. Also Sly shoes more advantage.
He is 5'8 today at most 5.8'75 in the past not a legit 5'9
Click Here=_
Melyst said on 29/Sep/17
polo said on 28/Sep/17

Ithink you are a bit blind: Don't you see Sly is straight as always? Serena just relax. Figured out if Serena would stay straight .. Also Sly shoes more advantege.
Click Here=_
Pierre said on 29/Sep/17
Click Here =here Click Here =and here i see her taller than Sylvester
polo said on 28/Sep/17
People here who are saying that serana has 1 inch on Sly should give some evidences because i can't find them. I see no advantage for serena williams.
Rising - 174 cm said on 28/Sep/17
He's not an inch shorter than Serena. They're about the same height, though Sly has at least a half inch footwear advantage: Click Here And I don't know where the 5'8.75" is coming from for her, more 5'9"-5'9.25" range, imo as she's taller than 5'9" listed Caroline Wozniacki. Sly would obviously be shorter than Serena if they had equal footwear, but I'm not convinced those shoes Sly has are even a full 1". The heel isn't very big and based on how flat they are, there doesn't look much room for much of an insole.
Melyst said on 28/Sep/17
Today he is somewhere 5'7.75 -5'8
Peak 5'8.5 5'8.75 max. He was not even 5'9. Amazing some few claim he was over 176 cm just dreaming
Tim said on 28/Sep/17
Anonymous said on 27/Sep/17
Why you said that? instead of just say something info yourself . Read below those pics next to Serena Williams a legit 5'8.75-5'9. She has 1 inch on Sly. This guy is 5'8 today and with luck he was very close to 5'9 . 176-177 with sneakers please
Brad said on 27/Sep/17
The Oscars 40+ years ago rival Rocky Balboa premiere Munsters...those things could have been used as boat anchors. Hey Real, who was the biggest twerp backstage? The first Rocky training videos when he was wearing standard boxing shoes are pretty the filming he was in wedged customs with great camera work.
Anonymous said on 27/Sep/17
Peak 176-177 cm
Today 174 cm
Rising - 174 cm said on 27/Sep/17
This pic of Sly and 5'10" Chris Rock surprised me: Click Here It surprised me because it was taken last year in the middle of a maybe 2 or so year stretch where I don't remember thinking Sly wore lifts to any event I saw him at. These other 2 pics makes a bit more sense, though when you consider Rock is slouching: Click Here Click Here Of course, my position is that all photos of Sly where you can't see feet should be taken with a grain of salt, but they can be interesting nonetheless.

The heels he had at the 1977 Oscars don't look any bigger than 2" to me, but he does look taller than he should -- near 5'11", imo -- so he maybe he had same extra help inside his boots and/or Ali's slouching helped. Sly didn't that night in a picture with a 69 year old John Wayne: Click Here

@Jim Hopper: We may not agree on many heights, but we do agree on this. It's almost like Sly has picked up on our curiosity about his height and has decided to mess with us. Sly made himself a 6 footer for this pic with a prime Rock, who I believe was a full 6'3" back then: Click Here This doesn't mean he passed for a 6 footer at the event, of course. I think he'd look 5'10.5" to 5'11" at most events during that time, but keep good posture while the person you pose with slouches, move just a bit closer to the photographer and/or go up on your toes a bit and suddenly, Sly is "Walking Tall."

@HeightcrazyRed6ft: Agree on peak, though 173 is the absolute lowest I'd go for current height. And whatever Sly is taking in recent years, it seems he knows what he's doing. That's a key as well as genetics. Last I saw Jose Canseco, he still looked good, yet his former "Bash Brother" Mark McGwire looked terrible when he returned as a hitting coach and I specifically remember he was still young at the time at only 46. The reason I remember is because I was shocked at how old and deteriorated he looked.
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 27/Sep/17
Peak 174-175cm
Today 172cm

seems he managed his roids pretty good, or has all the luck in this world
Frankie68 said on 26/Sep/17
@Brad ,,I totally agree !! If you look close at the video he has an over 2 inch heel & god knows whats stuffed inside !!
Brad said on 26/Sep/17
He was in massive heeled customs with Ali at the Oscars 40+ years ago. At 5' 8.5" versus six three he had to be heeled and ramped.
Rising - 174 cm said on 26/Sep/17
@Real Annonymous: That's a pretty cool job. The Santana tour was pretty recently, right? Rod was still at least 5'10.5" then?
Jim Hopper said on 26/Sep/17
The guys insane. One picture he looks just about 5-8 in others looks over 6-0 lol
THE REAL ANNONYMOUS said on 25/Sep/17
Rising ... yes Rod Stewart is easily 5'10.5
I have worked about 5 of his shows the last one being when he toured with Santana. Did security as a second job for 17 years and
had the good fortune of working front and back of stage for pretty every major act that has toured North America
Rising - 174 cm said on 25/Sep/17
@Pierre: We can't see their feet, plus they're both about 70 in that pic while Stewart was probably still at his peak height in the photo with Sly

@Real Annonymous: Really? That's surprising, I usually go with the lower claim of the two. Maybe he was 5'10.5"?
John b said on 25/Sep/17
Its lame that co stars diss him. The guy is super talented. It doesn't matter in life but on screen you want the shot to look right on the screen. I can fit Tom Cruise in my carry on luggage.. So what. So what if in a real fight I would make him cry & snap him in 2 like a sesame stick These guys are awesome. It's imaginary. It's theater. It's pretend you're not puppet for 2 hours. Who cares if he needs a significant boost to reach his elevator shoe rack. I kid guys I'm a Lil on the short side
THE REAL ANNONYMOUS said on 24/Sep/17
Hey Rising i have met Rod Stewart... actually was around him for the better part of the day as i worked Security at his dressing room.
I would say he is closer to 5'11 than 5'10
Pierre said on 24/Sep/17
Comparisons Sylvester/Rod Stewart.Now Rod Stewart next to Paul McCartney in 2013 (current height 5"9.5' here)= Click Here Don't know the shoes,Paul look taller than him by at least a good inch here imo
Rising - 174 cm said on 24/Sep/17
If Serena were only 5'8" then I'd say Sly could only be 5'7.5", but having a fairly quick look at Serena, I believe she's more of a strong 176 cm or 5'9.25". Here is what she looks like side by side with an apparent 5'7" Angelique Kerber:

Click Here

Serena looks more than just 2" taller. In fact, I believe Serena at a strong 5'9" and Kerber at a weak 5'7" range is the least the difference could be. Sly looks much taller than Kerber in comparison, even considering the at least half inch footwear advantage he has over Serena. But Serena also generally appears taller than Caroline Wozniacki, who Rob also lists 5'9": Click Here Click Here Rather than a weak 5'9", I see her more of a strong 5'9". Given how Serena looks to me, I see Sly 5'8.5" with her or 5'8.25" minimum even if she is only a flat 5'9".
HarrySachs said on 23/Sep/17
Barberboy This has been discussed so many times before. Muhammad Ali was 6'2. George Foreman was 6'3.
Rising - 174 cm said on 23/Sep/17
Sly and Rod Stewart back in 2002: Click Here Stewart has claimed both 5'10" and 5'11". I believe the 5'10" claim and Rob's 5'10" listing for him. He'd clearly be an inch or so taller than Sly if he wasn't leaning, but Sly looks to have normal dress shoes to me while Stewart has boots that may add a fraction more. A weak 5'9" for Sly looks believable there all things considered, imo. Funny thing is, the press has been even more unfair to Stewart over his height than Sly despite the fact that Stewart is taller and does not exactly have the Rambo image.

@Johan: I use to have Sly at 5'8.25" currently, but I actually now think he's still held onto 5'8.5", which is previously what I had him in 2013-2014, but now I think he could have still been 5'8.75" at that time and just dropped a fraction in 2015. But imo, there's a pretty good chance of Sly measuring anywhere from 5'8" to 5'8.5" today and anywhere from 5'8.5" to 5'9" in his prime. One thing I've been thinking lately is I may be too quick to assume Sly has an additional lift anytime I see him in a boot after seeing Rob and others don't make this same assumption for Cruise, Gibson, Diesel, Pitt etc. Here's video of Sly in cowboy boots with Arnold 4 years ago: Click Here Go to 1:23 and you'll see Sly and Arnie posing together and the camera zoom in on their footwear. Here's 2 full photos as well: Click Here Click Here Many will substitute boots like cowboys for elevators as they accomplish much of the same purpose as a moderate elevator. If you remember the boots Sly wore to Cannes a year later without as much of a heel, I'm almost certain he had lifts then and may have even measured up better to Arnold then. But seeing his torso and posture here in 2013, he doesn't look the least bit shrunken to me, so it may have just been the last few years he lost anything noticeable. Arnie doesn't have less than 3 cm footwear himself, but Sly's posture is clearly better.

@Rob: What do you think about this Comic Con Escape Plan premiere video and pics?
Barberboy said on 23/Sep/17
Next to 6'3 Muhamed Ali at the oscars for Rocky he managed to look 5'11ish. Given his reputation for wearing lifts I'd say 5'9 is about right. Still a thick set strong looking guy though!
Rising - 174 cm said on 22/Sep/17
Of course, average life expectancy for an American man is 76-77 years old last I checked, which means Clint Eastwood died a decade ago because Clint is "not an exception." This also means that Sly will shrink to six feet under in a half dozen years.
Rising - 174 cm said on 22/Sep/17
@Danimal: This is beyond silly. Key word is AVERAGE. That means some lose more and some lose less. It's not a RULE so there's no need for one to be an exception. And as long as we're talking about averages, on what planet does this look like the shape of the AVERAGE 70 year old man? Click Here

The average 70 year old man also slouches and often has a curved spine -- Sly does not. Regardless of his actual height, there's no way Sly has lost over an inch from his prime. Hell, most young people nowadays don't have posture this good: Click Here Do you see any spinal curvature? Since you insist Arnold was 6'1.5" and he is also 70, that means Arnold must still be over 6'0.25" because "Arnold is not the exception."

Look at this article that uses the same survey you obsess over: Click Here

"But averages hide wide variability: Some people lose an inch or more in a single decade, some shrink only after age 60 or 70, and a few don’t shrink at all."

One more point, look at the details of that survey: "The authors studied 2,084 men and women aged 17-94 years enrolled from 1958 to 1993 in the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging, Baltimore, Maryland."

So if they used an equal amount of men and women, that means this was based on 1,042 men....that's out of over 119 MILLION adult men in the US. AND this study started 59 years ago and concluded 24 years ago. Furthermore, do you really think the AVERAGE man has access to medical care, nutrition, gym equipment etc. even remotely comparable to Sly? Burby's estimates are plausible. Personally, I'd go 1/4" to 1/2" higher, but that's just me. The misunderstanding of what an average is puzzles me to say the least.
Johan said on 22/Sep/17
Still 5'8" there next to Serena who would be about 5'9" 1/4 there in those flats. Still could be 5'8.25" even as he has at most 0.75 advantage there in shoes.
Anonymous said on 22/Sep/17
Stallone was 177 cm in peak barefoot.

Nowadays 174 cm is very possible.
Johnson said on 22/Sep/17
He is taller than 5'9 Michael Jackson in the pictures!!
Danimal said on 21/Sep/17
burby said on 19/Sep/17
newman said on 18/Sep/17
He is 5'8 today and 5'8.5 in his peak

The average 70 year old man will have lost over 1" (1.2") in height from their peak. Sly is no exception. 5'8"-5'8.5" peak and around 5'7 1/4" today.
THE REAL ANNONYMOUS said on 21/Sep/17
hey Barry FI
Sly suffered a neck injury when he was doing a scene with Steve Austin during a fight scene in the Expendables. That might
account for his walk and posture.At times it seems like he has a stiff neck,
Rising - 174 cm said on 21/Sep/17
@Barry Fl: Couldn't arching your back too much make you look shorter? After a point, you might start to lean back a little. In Sly's case, I do think he has outstanding posture for any age, though I've surprisingly noticed him on a few occasions with a wide stance that would make him lose a bit of height. I think he has a clearly different walk and to some extent, stance when he's wearing lifts. A strong core like Sly has will make him stand more upright, but lifts or big heels also force your posture. Sometimes it's obvious he's making sure to stand as straight as he can even when he doesn't wear lifts, but it looks to me like he sometimes has a more exaggerated chest out stance, which you can see in a lot of the pics I posted of Sly looking taller than he should on September 12th and you can see the stiffer "lift walk" in some of the videos like Sly on Letterman in 2003 and on Wetten Dass in 2008. I've seen Michael Douglas get a similar walk and as far as the exaggerated posture, Vin Diesel is another example.

But if you look at him here with Van Damme in normal shoes, he looks pretty natural, imo as far as both his posture and proportions: Click Here Click Here
Same thing here: Click Here In fact, Banderas looks to be trying harder to look tall with his head up while Sly looks more casual. On a side note, it's funny to me that the one guy to go up on his toes is the legit six footer Kellan Lutz, despite standing with a bunch of 5'8"-5'9" range guys much shorter than him. Snipes did follow his lead and go up on his toes for some pics in that series as well, but that's not nearly as surprising.
Sly's stance doesn't really look too different in these pics with Statham either: Click Here Click Here

I posted the boots he wore to this event recently and you can see the more exaggerated chest out stance with Arnold, who had a cowboy type heel himself: Click Here
To some extent here in what look like his black Hogan sneakers with Randy Couture as well: Click Here
Frankie68 said on 21/Sep/17
I certainly now believe more than ever that Sly is under 5'8 & more like 5'7 flat since those pics of him with Serena Williams ,, Not only was she taller than him , she's in the flatest of shoes, If she's legit 5'8 -5'9 ,, than he certainly CANT be ,, And his shoes were also higher than her flats ,, so 5'8 -5'9 for Sly is out were im concerned !!
Barberboy said on 20/Sep/17
On stage at the oscars with 6'3 muhumad ali in the 70s he managed to look 5'11 no doubt he was wearing lifts, however I'd say at his peak he was probably a week 5'9 but a still a thick set strong guy.
Brad said on 20/Sep/17
Weak 5-8 with Miss Williams in flats. No NBA guys present, the big guns were left at home by the door next to Jennifer's umbrella.
Tim said on 20/Sep/17
Sly was as tall as Rob more or less a legit 5'8.3. There's a chance Sly was a bit over 5'8.5 he has been know of wearing lifts all his career. Today is 5'8
Frankie68 said on 20/Sep/17
@newman ,, i agree !! I always say Sly is under 5'8 ,, I think considering his shoe lifts of all sizes ( massive or mild) 5'7 without shoes on is my estimate ,,
MisterManletMick said on 20/Sep/17
my brother told me that he read a article in the 80s that he had leg extension surgery done to increase his height from 5 ft 6 to 5 ft 9 to play more physically imposing characters and to look taller next to his tall wife Bridgett Nielson who is at least 6 ft 1 if not taller, does anybody have a screenshot of this mythical newspaper or anything else mentioning leg extension surgery.
Tim said on 20/Sep/17
I always thought he has never hit 5'9 bu very very close. Just over 5'9 right after bed in his peak time. He was just over 5'8.5 max. A guy like Stallone has not shrunk like other ones. He has been walking tall his all life trying to be taller and today at 71 has a pretty good posture. So he has shrunk max 1-1'5 cm. Perfect list newman: Today 173 cm past: 174.5 max. Rob has a very good listening 0.5 inch less for him Rob
Barry Fl said on 20/Sep/17
I used to think Stallone had good posture for his age, but I was watching some behind the scenes movie footage of him lately and noticed something odd. rather than standing upright, he seems almost to be arching himself backward. Could this in some way be contributing to the illusion of greater height? It looked weird, but he was standing and walking around like that. I've also noticed that his walk (in films) can look a little odd, a little stiff. I sometimes joked about this being due to his Munster boots. Could be. Or maybe he's just afraid that if he bends his knees, even for an instant, he'll look shorter? :-)
Original said on 20/Sep/17
I agree with this: Peak: 5ft 8.94in (175.1cm) Current: 5ft 8.13in (173cm)
Rising - 174 cm said on 19/Sep/17
@Anonymous: Statham had at least an inch on Tom Cruise in Collateral and I think Cruise is 5'7.5", plus, you can see Statham clearly taller than Ryan Phillippe, Antonio Banderas, Mark Wahlberg and Ludacris, all of whom I believe are around 5'8" or certainly no shorter than Cruise. Then there's Mario Lopez, who I have at 174 cm and I'm almost positive Statham is no shorter having seen them together several times and Statham is really close in height to Wesley Snipes as well, who I'd say is a weak 5'9" or 5'8.5" absolute minimum. I can see Statham looking 5'8" with a slouch, but I strongly believe he's no more or less than 5'8.5". I agree Jet Li isn't 5'6", but I think Chan is still close to, if not 5'8" and was probably 5'8.5"-5'9" before the injuries took some of his height. As for Jet Li, you can seem him at the Lethal Weapon 4 premiere really not looking more than 3.5" shorter than 5'9" Mel Gibson so I think Rob's 5'5.5" listing is about right for him. I think Sly was slightly taller than Statham and is now the same height, except for when he wears lifts of course.
burby said on 19/Sep/17
newman said on 18/Sep/17
He is 5'8 today and 5'8.5 in his peak

Well hello newman...(Seinfeld voice). Weak 5'8" next to Serena in flats, no NBA stuffed shoes that day.
Rising - 174 cm said on 19/Sep/17
@newman: Look at this pic: Click Here

If Serena straightens up her knee, they'll be about the same height, but she does only have roughly 1/4" flats while Sly looks to have about 2 cm shoes to me(they look flat with little to no angle and a small heel). But while I agree with you on Sly's peak height - 5'8.75" or a weak 5'9" - it seems Serena is at least 5'9" and many on her page think she's a bit over it, if anything as the average guess on her page is just over 176 cm. But if we assume she's listed correctly then she'll be 5'9.25" with her flats making Sly about the same, but I'm not sure his shoes are a full inch so it could still put him around 174 cm, or at worst 5'8.25", imo. Either one is fine for his current height, but if anything that just shows to me that Sly will still clear 5'9" in just about any shoe.

@bernie: Look at my video of Sly and Burt. It's a much better reference and you see Sly clearly taller with at least 1 cm less footwear.
newman said on 18/Sep/17
Hi Rob. Stallone today is 173 cm max or 5'8.2 take a look to this photos: I'm just tired that everyone is trying to inflated all these actors height. I'm here to open everyones mind and to say the truth. Most of all actors and famous people are at least 1 inch shorter than they claim

Serena Williams is a legit 174.5 cm woman or 5'9 max. Listed on ATP 5'9 and for sure for everything I have watched she is anyway in the 174-175 cm range or 5'8.75-5'9
Click Here:

Click Here:

Is just hilarous how people say Stallone is 175 cm today! He is 173 max and in my opinion he is 172,5 cm or 5'8 max. Take a look to his shoes higher than Serena. Stallone was a weak 5'8.75 in his peak and with the best luck in his best peak day a weak 5.8.75 - 5'9 max. Hope this info could change somebody's opinion. 5'9 for Stallone is just disrespect for honest 5'9 guys! He is 5'8 today and 5'8.5 in his peak
newman said on 18/Sep/17
Hi Rob. Stallone today is 173 cm max or 5'8.2 take a look to this photos: I'm just tired that everyone is traying to inflated all these actors height. I'm here to open everyones mind and to say the truth. Most of all actors and famous people are at least 1 inch shorter than they claim

Serena Williams is a legit 174.5 cm woman or 5'9 max. Listed on ATP 5'9 and for sure for everything I have watched she is anyway in the 174-175 cm range or 5'8.75-5'9
Click Here:

Click Here:

Is just hilarous how people say Stallone is 175 cm today! He is 173 max and in my opinion he is 172,5 cm or 5'8 max. Take a look to his shoes higher than Serena. Stallone was a weak 5'8.5 in his peak and with the best luck in his best peak day a weak 5'9. Hope this info could change somebody's opinion. 5'9 for Stallone is just disrespect for honest 5'9 guys! He is 5'8 today and 5'8.5 in his peak
Brad said on 18/Sep/17
Bet he practiced walking down those steps in those MONSTER edged up customs. The Balboa premiere Munsters take the cake. The big guns come out when's looking for trouble.
Rising - 174 cm said on 18/Sep/17
Nolifts81 said on 7/Sep/17
Guys I've met in Milan the famous Pr of Sly Stallone when He come in Italy.Her name is Tiziana Rocca and She is 181 cm barefoot.She says that Sly is Not so Short and was only a couple of inches shorter than her. In The hotels He was often barefoot so She and her stuff know well His height. She said To me 176 cm barefoot when He was young. A Hair over 5'9". I believe her! I've always thought He was 176cm.

But don't you think if Sly was near 175 cm then he'd still not look so short to her? It's not a big difference, but certainly Brigitte saw him barefoot a lot and said 174-175 as opposed to 176. Imo, this makes sense seeing some of the 70s films. He can easily look 176 cm, but if Armand Assante is 5'9.5" then Sly looks maybe 5'9" in Paradise Alley, just as co-star from that film Kevin Conway says. I don't really believe Assante would be taller than that. I hate to repeat myself, but Gazzara also looked at least an inch taller to me and he may have only been 177 cm range based on his own words. I see 174.5-175 cm as most likely and his good posture alone could make him look 176 cm at times compared to someone with looser posture like Statham.
Anonymous said on 18/Sep/17
@ Rising – 174cm

So you admit that Sly is pretty much Stathams height, but you also say Sly’s about 5’8.5”.
So in the movie “The one” where J.Staham is moving around Mr. Jet Li he seems barely taller than him, to be generous, let’s say 2 inches, no more.
And Jet Li is far away from 5’6”, much to short, the best he could reach is 5’4” – 5’5”max. In some shots Jet Li even appears 3” shorter than 5'7.5 - 5'7.75 Jackie Chan..
So there we have two different comments here…
Which one is to be right? Let me know, please
Frankie68 said on 17/Sep/17
@pierre I agree !
bernie said on 17/Sep/17
@ Pierre - good pic from rocky 4,we all know it of course... You say "no big difference.." i would even say "no difference" when you subtract Slys hair. Pauly's in bad posture, nevertheless almost same eye level, even his shoulders seem to be higher. If he'd stand straight he would be no shorter than Sly. To me the proof, Sly was never taller than 172cm/ 5'7.75". Pauly never was taller than 5'7.5-5'8"..
@Rising - 174: I don't see 174 - 175cm for Sly here, no matter how hard i try, sorry.. let me know, please..
Rising - 174 cm said on 17/Sep/17
@Pierre: Here's video of Sly and Burt with a wide shot: Click Here Footwear is clearly visible at 1:08 and you can clearly see Sly has less footwear with 0.6" Converse while Burt has at least 1" boots, yet Sly is still clearly taller. When I posted this scene from Rocky 3 of Burt and Carl Weathers: Click Here Rob said 5'8" is possible for Burt back then. Here's Burt in the mid 80s with Ralph Macchio who Rob has estimated around 5'7.5" at the time and De Niro in his prime: Click Here Click Here Even with better posture and a footwear advantage - possibly lifts - De Niro is only 3 cm taller than Burt: Click Here

I don't believe Sly was much taller than Burt, but he's definitely taller based on how he looked in Converse with Burt in boots. Burt was somewhere from 5'7.5" to 5'8" and Sly somewhere from 5'8.5" to 5'9", imo. So it depends on if you consider about an inch to be a big difference. Based on the ranges I give for both, the difference could be as small as half an inch and as big as 1.5".
Rising - 174 cm said on 16/Sep/17
@burby: One trick that Kane Hodder(Jason Voorhees in 4 Friday the 13th movies) apparently used was rolling up socks and placing them above the heel of the boot. I don't know how many options there were for the average person back in '75, though. I don't think you're going to quite get 3" out of those Hogan sneakers without falling out of them, though. Maybe if they were high tops. Of course, I could be wrong. I think he may get close enough at 2.5" to 2.75" anyway. I'm pretty curious what kind of insole those sneakers come with off the rack.

Of course, there were times the Hogan sneakers wouldn't do. I can imagine Sly being told he was booked on this show and discovering the host was supposed to be 192 cm. "Hmmm, that's about 6-foot-3 and 5/8ths of an inch...time to break out the big guns" *Takes off Hogan sneakers and substitutes for them elevator boots in a sequence similar to that in Rambo 2 after the half Vietnamese girl dies in his arms*: Click Here He wore these thick dress boots, likely custom: Click Here Something similar at Rocky Balboa premiere: Click Here Some of those types may have been 3" custom elevator boots. These may have had the potential for 3.5" range: Click Here but I'd have to see how he actually looked in them to see what they actually added. I've seen Sly wear black boots that look like they may have been from the same shoemaker.
Brad said on 16/Sep/17
Those Denzel's are whoppers. Burbs knows face first goin down the Laker steps if not in shape wedged. No railings.
Rising - 174 cm said on 15/Sep/17
@Frankie68: I should add as well I shouldn't be as quick to question whether someone is trolling based on how they see things because for a solid year two during the end of the Glenn years, I ardently argued Sly was the legit 5'10" to me, which from my current position seems as far off. But I can say I honestly believed that at the time and wasn't intending to troll regardless of how wrong I turned out being.

@Mado-sport: I think both men are 174 cm today. I agree Sly was taller, but not that much taller when they did the Expendables films(at least the first two and at least from the looks of the events for the 3rd). Sly was only "much taller" when he wore boots and/or lifts. This is Sly and Statham within the past year: Click Here You can compare them for a few seconds when they get off the ramp around the 13 second mark and again around 45 seconds. Footwear should be pretty close, imo as Sly looks to me like he has normal 1" range dress shoes while Statham's boots look at least that much, but not more than a fraction more max: Click Here Click Here These days, they both look about the same height.
Pierre said on 15/Sep/17
Click Here =Sylvester next to Burt Young listed 5"7.5' at his peak,Burt in poor posture= no big difference at the peak of their heads imo if Burt was in the same posture as Sylvester(Burt seem to have a stronger forehead)
burby said on 14/Sep/17
Pre-fame Sly was probably stackin' insoles with Connors. "Customs" on the cheap literally. Here's hoping he wasn't using cardboard. Good thing Sly didn't go face first in the hardwood with Denzel, 3"'s are gonna do that....
Rising - 174 cm said on 14/Sep/17
@Brad: Not custom actually, but probably at least 2.5" total: Click Here This is what he's wearing there: Click Here I think he just put his own lifts into them. As Rob said, the sneaker might have an extra thick insole to begin with, but I think Sly's ankle in some of them points to him putting an extra insole lift in them. He had all different colors of those Hogan sneakers. He wore the black ones most for the period around the last Rambo film and a few times since. As far as I can tell, he started wearing them around 2003 if you look at this appearance on Letterman from that year: Click Here A pair like those just sold on Ebay: Click Here In case the direct link to Ebay doesn't work, here's the image: Click Here

He does genuinely pull off around 5'11" to me with Letterman even considering posture - much like he did in the black ones with Randy Couture - but I believe Letterman might wear more 0.7"-0.8" type shoes so perhaps 2" less than Sly. But with Denzel, check out Sly's arm around his shoulder in both pics. Outside of the "Stallone effect" (i.e., chest out posture) he could be pushing Denzel down slightly into more a loose stance or a slouch.
Tonyx said on 14/Sep/17
5ft11in... in shoes.
Frankie68 said on 13/Sep/17
Havent been on in a few days @ rising , I agree with you !
Brad said on 13/Sep/17
Custom 2.5" with Denzel. Wedged for the ballers.
Mado-sport said on 13/Sep/17
Actually sylvester stallone much taller than jason statham height 174.5 and sylvester is 174 impossible! !!!
Rising - 174 cm said on 12/Sep/17
@Pierre: You missed my point entirely. I posted those 2003 photos for 2 reasons.

A.Because they're kind of funny after seeing Sly a good 4" shorter before and after.
B.To show that just because someone manages a height in a photo doesn't mean they actually looked that tall on that day. That's what "Sly" tricks are for. Sly probably looked 5'10.5"-5'11" that day, but the man has spent decades in front of and behind a camera. He knows tricks to look taller. That's why I post candid videos whenever possible. Here's Sly that same day with his bigger little brother Frank: Click Here By your logic, we must also say Denzel Washington could not have been 6'0"-6'0.25" because Sly makes himself almost as tall in these two photos: Click Here I know Sly was wearing Hogan sneakers on that occasion, which Rob and I both estimate as adding 2.5"-2.7" over barefoot height when Sly adds lifts to them.

With 6'0" Adrien Brody: Click Here and 5'11.5"-6'0" Arnold that same day: Click Here Yet I'm pretty sure if you find the video and see Sly's footwear or other photos from that day, I don't even think he was wearing some of his bigger footwear or looking that tall. He just pulled off much taller in these photos for whatever reason.

And 2 separate events from 2006-2007 with 6'1" Tom Arnold: Click Here One a candid and one a posed shot. In the candid with Tom Arnold he was wearing thick black footwear, but not the Hogans so maybe those even added 3". As of now, I don't know the footwear in the posed shot.

From these photos, you'd think Sly could regularly look like a six footer, even 6'1" one at times, yet that's nonsense. It's illusions from the photos. My personal belief is Sly was a weak 5'9" man until the last few years or more broadly somewhere from 5'8.5" to 5'9" and wore 2.5"-3" footwear pretty often over the years which could make him look as tall as a 5'10.5" or 5'11" man in normal shoes. Think about a real 5'11" man for a second. Are you telling me a 5'11" man can't look an inch or two taller than he actually is with a camera, posture or ground advantage? Especially one who likes to move closer to the camera like Sly or Pitt and Gibson for that matter. Many photos can't be taken as literal accurate representations, ESPECIALLY when you can't see feet. This is even more true with someone like Sly who goes "up and down like a yo-yo" as Tom put it.

Carl looks about 6'0.5" in the recent picture with Rob taken when he was in his late 60s. Rob confirms he's looked somewhere from 6'0.5" to 6'1" all three times he's met Carl aged 62-67 and Carl has regularly claimed 6'2", which was also what he was listed at in the NFL. It's a pretty safe guess Carl was at least a full 6'1" man in his prime, if he's not still today. 2 pictures where we can't see feet or ground and Sly is in lifts with better posture looks closer to Carl's height than he should do not change that fact.

As for Connors lol, I have to admit picturing Sly's reaction to co-starring with the 6-foot-5 giant is pretty funny, but in all seriousness, I don't believe Sly had lifts when he was struggling to work in 1975, but he did have cowboy boots and other thick-heeled footwear that was typical of the day.
Barry Fl said on 12/Sep/17
Tom said on 9/Sep/17
He goes up and down like a yo-yo. Sometimes he looks a solid 5'10'. Other times he looks no more than 5'8''. Maybe his lifts can be adjusted by pushing a button.

Ha ha ha. Spot on!
Barry Fl said on 12/Sep/17
Pierre said on 11/Sep/17
@Rising=Pictures Sylvester Carl 2003=this pictures could prove one thing= Carl could'nt be 6"1' because if sylvester can look around his height...

He doesn't.
Pierre said on 11/Sep/17
@Rising=Pictures Sylvester Carl 2003=this pictures could prove one thing= Carl could'nt be 6"1' because if sylvester can look around his height...
Brad said on 11/Sep/17
"Chuck Connors...gulp" Let's see, white pages Los Angeles...ummmm height enhancing, custom elevator footwear....
Rising - 174 cm said on 11/Sep/17
Sly and Carl from 1999 to early this year: Click Here

I don't think the difference between them has changed much. Btw, it's amazing that Sly looked significantly younger than Carl in the mid to late 90s, yet today Carl looks significantly younger and with less obvious procedures. In terms of physical shape, Sly is probably in the most impressive shape of any 70 year old in Hollywood or possibly even over 60 for that matter, but Carl can genuinely look a decade younger than he is. He'd be great in an Expendables 4.

Just for fun, here they are in 2003: Click Here Click Here Not too subtle a difference, huh? I wonder what some of these people who worked with Sly decades ago thought when they saw him suddenly appear not much shorter than them. I've gotten a few funny looks from people when I've worn big lifts and a few have pointed out my newfound height.

That's exactly why I no longer read much into how Sly can look in lifts in anything other than full pics and video. Sly can look like a six footer in those shots yet I don't really believe he can actually pass for a six footer with the obvious exception of the Judge Dredd costume. I do think he could look like a 5'11" man often and 5'10.5" pretty easily in lifts, but as I've tried telling people on the Pitt page, being able to look a height in a photo does not mean you can actually pass for it outside of a photo with ideal conditions.
Rising - 174 cm said on 11/Sep/17
@Frankie: I agree to some extent, but Dolph both was never a full 6'5" AND REALLY shrunk. Actually Dolph even claimed 6'5.5" and 6'6" back in the 80s! I do think he was a minimum 6'4" and likely over it due to his huge head, but is now 6'3" max. Mr. T looked pretty big to me throughout the 80s, but was already looking no more than 5'10" or so over a decade ago and I'm pretty sure more 5'9.5" now. Burt has shrunk big time and is incredibly hunched, but funny enough, he's changed the least outside of maybe Carl, that's the benefit of looking old young in Burt's case, much like Robert Duvall, Gene Hackman etc. Burt really didn't look that short with Carl in the gym in Rocky 3, yet I can only imagine how they'd look today.

Carl is still looking tall this year and has probably not shrunk much, if any, but I really don't think Sly has shrunk as much as his shoes have. He just masked the difference with Weathers well in the past due to heels and clever camera angles, but always towered over him by at least 4" without those things. I'll post a comparison of those two when younger and now.
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Sep/17
@Frankie: It's no problem. I apologize if I was disrespectful as well. Travolta's heel isn't exposed as much as Sly, but check out their appearance on The Tonight Show in 1983: Click Here If you look at Travolta's left foot, I see quite a large Cuban heel. It's a black pair of boots again, so it's possible it's the same one wore in the photoshoot with Sly. Here's Sly still in heels with Travolta in low heeled footwear(probably half inch or so): Click Here Sly looks 1"-1.5" shorter, imo. Even if Sly has a full 2" footwear advantage, I think that adds up to him being 3"-3.5" shorter barefoot. I think assuming the heels more or less cancel each other out likely won't be far wrong. Even comparing my 2.75" Cubans to my 2" Cubans, the difference in actual height gained is a half inch max, maybe 1 cm and even if Sly has a fraction larger heel, I don't think the difference is that big because I'm almost certain both are bigger than 2" heels, but not into the size of those heels Downey wore for Iron Man 2. Here's another photo of the two back then: Click Here Footwear: Click Here If you look at Sly's knee height and proportions, I don't think he has anything beyond a typical 2" range heel.

In general, I try to avoid anything other than full pics and video with Sly because of how tricky he is. There are enough variables to begin with so adding in possible ground, tip-toes, bent knees etc. certainly doesn't make things easier.
Harris said on 10/Sep/17
What's the shortest and tallest estimate you have for his peak, Rob?
Peter181cm said on 10/Sep/17
I think he was 1.76m or 5'9.25 in good days..

Normal his height was 1.75m or 5'9

Now he is 1.73m or 5'8
Frankie68 said on 10/Sep/17
I think the only character from the old ROCKY movies that hasnt shrunk (lol) is Carl Weathers ,, He still looks as tall as he did back then , or maybe the others just werent as tall as depicted or as tall as people thought ,, Mr T shrunk ,, Sly shrunk ,, Hulk Hogan REALLY shrunk ,, and Dolph shrunk or was never 6'5 as he claimed .. & Burt Young looks 5'5 5'6 nowadays ,,
Tom said on 9/Sep/17
He goes up and down like a yo-yo. Sometimes he looks a solid 5'10'. Other times he looks no more than 5'8''. Maybe his lifts can be adjusted by pushing a button.
burby said on 9/Sep/17
Serious wedge action with Connors. Frankie has it kinda right...for Sly 2017 height.
Frankie68 said on 9/Sep/17
Travolta does not have heels on as big as Sly !! Cmon !! Not in leo's pics ,, but in risings pics The height difference looks different so who know's ,, I'll stick to my claim of Sly being under 5'8 ,,, I dont see 5'8 1/2 or 5'9 without elevators ,,
Rising - 174 cm said on 9/Sep/17
@Rob: Could be. Although Sly has done remarkably well. Sometimes, when I think Sly is looks as though he could have been a more solid 5'9" guy like 176 cm, I go back and remind myself of his shortest looking 70s appearances such as being edged by Armand Assante in Paradise Alley, at least an inch shorter than Gazzara in Capone, 3" shorter than Liotta in Cop Land(with a half inch less footwear) and just generally looking pretty short in Farewell My Lovely. I think Sly is a prime example of why we must sometimes weigh the earlier appearances more. Had Sly not slowed down on the lift wearing in 2009 and we had mostly appearances from 2003-2008 to go by, even with his obvious lifts I'd bet he'd be assumed to be a 5'9.5" guy because even by the time he filmed the 1st Expendables and started wearing normal dress shoes a lot, he was 63, so if not for Sly looking a 5'8"-5'9" range guy often in the 70s, we'd have had no way of knowing if he had been taller and lost height since. As it is, I think he's only lost a 1/4" to a 1/2" so far. I'll give him a legit 5'8 3/4" at his peak, maybe, just maybe 5'8 7/8" ;). I'm only half serious giving figures that precise, but he does really look a 5'8.5" guy to me still, or at worst a 5'8.25" guy who fools me with his posture. But to your point, we now have people thinking Dolph was always a 6'3" guy because of how he appears now and believing Clint was always a 6'2" man for the same reason. Carl Weathers appearing 6'0.5"-6'1" at age 69 still hasn't even convinced everyone he was a full 6'1"! Chuck Norris is another guy who did remarkably well to still maintain at least 172 cm at age 77 despite peaking at 174 as his Shatner maintaining about 5'7.5" at nearly a decade older than Norris despite possibly being the same height peak or at most, a half inch taller than Norris. Time will tell how Sly does against an opponent tougher than Drago, Clubber, Apollo etc.--father time!

@bernie: I agree with a 3" minimum difference, but I think it's a mistake to assume lifts with heels already that big. Both probably have heels in the 2.5"-3" difference, which accomplishes what an elevator would, except you didn't have to hide your lifts back then because big heels were in style. I have 2.75" Cuban heel boots myself, but they only boost me to 5'10.5" or so--I'll have to check again exactly when not wearing lifts inside--but even when I wear 1" lifts inside, they only make me 181 cm, so even standing on 3.75", I get 1" less than that in actual height, so even on the off chance Sly put a 1"-1.5" lift inside, the lifts wouldn't give him that much extra. You can take what I say with a grain of salt if you want, but I'm sure Rob will say that 1" lifts and 2.75" Cuban heels taking me to roughly 181 cm makes sense. I don't think some realize just how big a lift anything over 1" is. Even Robert Downey Jr. is probably putting 1"-1.5" in his high tops. If Sly and Travolta have the same size heels and we call the difference 3" then I don't believe Sly could have big enough lifts to be 4.5" shorter barefoot. An extra 1" lift inside will give him only a half to 3/4" advantage over Travolta.

Even if one argues the Travolta pics can't be proof of Sly being 5'9" because he could have an extra lift, I certainly don't think it can be used as evidence of Sly being more than 3.5" shorter either. Like I said, if we look at the two men without heels in 1997 in full body pics, Sly can easily pass for taller than 5'9", which could be posture, a subtle lift or the camera, but I think it makes it all the more doubtful Sly was less than 5'8.5" peak if Travolta is 6'0"-6'0.25". But I welcome your opinion because while I don't view 172 cm as possible, it's only an inch less than I have Sly so I don't think it's trolling either and your posts have been respectful and serious, so despite my strong disagreement, I'll always hear you out.
Brad said on 8/Sep/17
6' 5" Chuck versus a 5' 8.5" Sly in ramped up customs.
Rising - 174 cm said on 8/Sep/17
Here's Sly pretty recently with an actual solid 5'7" man Jerry Bruckheimer: Click Here As most would expect, Bruckheimer -- who Rob lists 171 cm -- looks noticeably shorter than Sly. This was taken in the middle of a solid 2 year period where I can't recall one event Sly attended with suspicious looking shoes so the usual excuse will be pretty baseless in this case. Sly being taller than Bruckheimer is a truth as obvious as Sly being shorter than Travolta.
Nolifts81 said on 7/Sep/17
Guys I've met in Milan the famous Pr of Sly Stallone when He come in Italy.Her name is Tiziana Rocca and She is 181 cm barefoot.She says that Sly is Not so Short and was only a couple of inches shorter than her. In The hotels He was often barefoot so She and her stuff know well His height. She said To me 176 cm barefoot when He was young. A Hair over 5'9". I believe her! I've always thought He was 176cm.
Frankie68 said on 7/Sep/17
@rising ,, look at leo's pics ,,, look good ,, look at the cowboy boots of him in the chair ,, the foot angle ,, the size of the heel ,,, I know we got off on the wrong foot but its all good ,, i would chat with you anytime ,, im just a ball breaker & if i offended you in any way im sorry !!! But u gotta admit he looks awfully short in leo's pics !! And he got the gassed up boots on !!! We'll anyway sorry about everything & peace out !!!
Frankie68 said on 7/Sep/17
@ leo ,, a 6' travolta towering over Stallone in his massive cowboy boots ,, it dont get any better ,, maybe travolta is standing on a box 😂😂...
Rising - 174 cm said on 7/Sep/17
Btw, speaking of early on, has anyone seen Sly in Police Story? I watched his appearance again recently and fortunately, also found it online to link: Look at a young Sly in 1975 guest-starring with 6'5.5" Chuck Connors: Click Here Even if we say Chuck was a flat 6'5" by his 50s, a 5'7" man would literally be a full head smaller (i.e., his head could rest below Connors' chin). Although Sly undoubtedly benefits walking on the higher sidewalk, his head winds up reaching more around Connors' nose when they're walking side by side. In fact, Sly doesn't look the least bit short in this episode if you remember Connors was about 9" over average height for his generation. 5'7" is impossible. 5'8.5"-5'9" range is accurate.
Rising - 174 cm said on 7/Sep/17
You heard him, Rob! It's been proven. You must downgrade Sly to 5'7" now. Of course, Travolta has heels just as big as Sly's if you look at Frankie's footwear pic and the difference is about 3" in that first side by side magazine cover. So really, ceteris paribus, Sly looks about 5'9" with Travolta.

Of course, as long as proof qualifies as pics without feet visible: Click Here
Footwear: Click Here

Here they are in 1997 sans heels: Click Here Click Here

A weak 5'9" should look short with a solid 6 footer. Of course, Sly showed in 1993 that need not always be the case due to footwear, but in the absence of that, what do we expect?
Editor Rob: as some of these stars enter their 70's and begin shrinking more, their peak heights might be 'forgotten' by many...Sly if he reaches 80 will begin to look 5ft 7 I feel, Arnie could be a 5ft 10 looking guy at most...
bernie said on 7/Sep/17
@ Leo - ok, both have heels, but i guess lifts are concealed for sure in Sly's boots, could be easily 1 - 1,5 inch.
So considering this assumption, i give Sly no more than 172 cm barefeet, caus in pic 2 the height difference is clearly minimum 3".
opinions are welcome...
Frankie68 said on 7/Sep/17
@leo ,, the best pics & probably the most convincing of a 5'7 claim,, He is short in the pics with those boots on ,, imagine without those boots on ,, Leo you have proved my under 5'8 claim !!! Lol !!! And the best part is those are from back in the day ,,, theres no way he was or is 5'8 or over ,,
Leo said on 7/Sep/17
With Travolta(6ft).
Click Here
Click Here
Shoes:Click Here
Rising - 174 cm said on 6/Sep/17
@Pierre: You think Brigitte at 6'0" would be too tall to judge a 5'8.5"-5'9" man? Is Rob too tall to judge a 5'5" man? According to loka, she actually said 175 cm another time, but 174-175 is the one verified and that is specific. Narrowing his height down to 1 cm, or maybe she meant between it at 174.5. I'm sure she has a very good idea of how tall the man she lived with for a few years is having seen him barefoot countless times and filmed 2 movies with was. They had to make Sly as tall as Brigitte in Cobra so that would have given an even better idea of how big the difference was between them. I'm not saying Sly was definitely a full 175, just that he was somewhere from 174 to 175. Brigitte seems to have a good perception of height as she estimated Eddie Murphy between 5'9" and 5'9.5". I'd put Murphy in the middle at 176. I'm sure height came up frequently between Sly and Brigitte. Back when they were married, she would say Sly was 5'10"-5'10.5" and 6 ft with shoes as you see here while Eddie Murphy refers to Sly as 5'9": Click Here It's not so unlikely Brigitte may have even been told by Sly to say he's 5'10"-5'10.5" in public. DiFabrizio said he "evened up" Sly and Brigitte so is it a stretch that they may have sometimes coordinated what kind of shoes they'd appear in together? Imo, she's by far the best reference we have and her estimate also lines up with the vast majority of evidence.
Rising - 174 cm said on 6/Sep/17
@Frankie: I'm referring to the character's height NOT the man himself. Hulk Hogan's character was supposed to be nearly 7', hence the box, by pointing out this fact, it doesn't suggest Hogan was actually anywhere close to that. So yes, Rocky's height listed in the film is a valid reference for Rocky's height. It's a well known fact the Rocky Balboa character was supposed to be 5'11" and they clearly emphasized Clubber's roughly 2" height advantage in the close ups, which lends credence to the 6'1" figure I've seen from multiple sources for the character. Mr. T passes for at least a 6'0" guy there so he's over that in cowboy boots, which add 1.6"-1.7" over barefoot height. I don't know where Sly is up on his toes. You have trouble following basic logic, though. I argue the logical position is that for Sly to remark about needing lifts to fight Dolph, this must have not been typical prior to that, otherwise, it'd have been superfluous to mention it specifically for Lundgren. It's possible I've erred in this conclusion, but I'll take my chances with the most logical conclusion.

As for the rest. Grow up. You've made the joke implying I'm gay for Sly a half dozen times. It's not even a good joke to begin with considering arguing Sly is 5'8.5"-5'9" instead of 5'10"-5'10.75" doesn't exactly sound like a means to that end. If this were my goal, it also wouldn't do me any favors to argue with RichardSpain when he says Sly was 177 cm. Also, why am I not surprised you can't figure out the arduous task of linking pictures? Listen to yourself "IF I knew how to post pics, I'd debunk you!" Yes, and if I hadn't been too young to fight Mike Tyson in his prime, I'd have beaten him! One statement is literally as meaningful as the other. As Harris said, I've posted a mountain of evidence to support this. More evidence than has really been posted on any other page.

Btw, Sly was obviously taller than Burt Young. You can clearly see this with Sly in 0.6" Converse and Burt in 1" boots, yet Sly is still clearly taller: Click Here Footwear is quite visible around 1:08, as is a wide shot of them. Burt was 5'7.5"-5'8" and Sly 5'8.5"-5'9". The difference looks a bit bigger than that because of Burt's horrendous posture. Btw, get Hooked on Phonics or something to at least get you up to a 2nd grade reading and writing level. Trying to decipher the language in your last posts just gave me a migraine.

And if you really want to get into armchair psychology, it seems evident you WANT Sly to be as short as possible. This is obvious from the obvious joy you get in proclaiming Sly to be 5'7". Your enthusiasm gave it away and because you haven't actually provided any evidence for this. It seems you literally just come to this page to have a forum to proclaim Sly to be 5'7". This could be a vain attempt to make yourself more impressive by convincing yourself you're as tall or taller as an actual impressive, accomplished man. Or if I stoop to your juvenile mentality, I might say you hold a grudge against the man, perhaps because he spurned your advances? Haha, I questioned your sexuality. Aren't I clever?
Rising - 174 cm said on 6/Sep/17
Sly claimed 5'10" on twitter at one point, but this was around the first Expendables when I believe he was still at peak height. I don't know of anything more recent He definitely pulled off taller than Michael Rooker in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Personally, I think both are 5'8.5". Boxing heights are often a joke, though. Joe Frazier at 5'11"-5'11.5"? Maybe 5'9".

Btw, this is kind of funny pic: Click Here I couldn't help but think of a photo where they order them in height and imagining Sly's satisfaction at passing for one of the "tall" action stars with Bruce and Arnie, when in reality, he should be in front with Kurt.
Brad said on 5/Sep/17
What's the latest Sly "I'm this tall" height fib? I would guess 5-10, a full deuce over barefoot reality '17. His 5' 10.75" is laughing gas. Marciano's height has always been a joke in programs/magazines/video.
Rising - 174 cm said on 3/Sep/17
Here's a couple of good sitting shots of the black Hogan sneakers in 2008: Click Here He may have bought them a size big to fit lifts into them easier. I forgot to mention, though that "5 inch lifts" don't really exist. There are some truly massive elevator boots that advertise as giving that much total, but you might get 3.75"-4" total height. Even a guy like Sly getting 2.5"-2.75" range often a decade ago is at the higher end.
Rising - 174 cm said on 3/Sep/17
@Tony: Men over 5'9" sometimes are concerned enough to wear big lifts (e.g., Burt Reynolds, Vin Diesel, Dean Martin), you're right you have to subtract an inch or two a lot, but Sly doesn't claim 5'9" himself. He claims 5'10" and for a while 5'10.5" with an early attempt claiming 5'10.75"(I believe so he could be taller than Rocky Marciano, who I doubt was as tall as listed himself). Most lift wearers are more average height, which makes sense because when you're Joe Pesci's size or even a bit bigger, they won't give you the illusion of average height. Actually, I use to see an infomercial for lifts and one of their lines they used to pitch it was "Poor Mike is only 5-foot-9"

@Brad: Fair enough. I still go with 5'8.5" minimum 3 years ago, but I do think he's lost at least a fraction since. Not much, though because in his shortest looking 70's appearance, I could swear he looks shorter than he does even today. As far as Banderas, I really don't know. He wears some of the biggest footwear I've seen. If you check out the premiere for Interview with the Vampire, he's really not looking taller than Cruise despite cowboy boots.
Harris said on 3/Sep/17
@Tony, how can you say that just because he was an avid lift-wearer he couldn't have been over 5'8" at the most? If you noticed he actually managed to look 5'11" range quite a lot throughout the years, which indicates that he obviously wanted to appear "tall" and 5'9" is merely an average height for a guy. Anything under 5'8.5" peak for Sly is simply fantasy. RisingForce has posted a ton of very clear photographic proof to support Rob's listings for a while now. How much evidence do some of you guys need?!?!
Frankie68 said on 2/Sep/17
Mr .T height on google search & on this site comes up as 5'10 ,, so 6'1 is laughable , if your gonna come to the table with a debate at least know what your talking about ,, The video game also gave a made up story of Clubber's life that was not depicted in the movie at all along with your 6'1 claim smart guy ! To me ,, because i have a brain ,, the 5'10 height refrence works well in relation to Carl Weathers cause in the pics you provided Mr T 's cowboy boots probably push him close to 6' ,, I also dont know how to load pics to this site cause id debunk u all day !!! Theres plenty of pics out there to prove how short your man crush truly is ,,
Frankie68 said on 2/Sep/17
@tony ,, your spot on !! Good stuff & agree 100% ,, @rising ,,im responding to your immature comments about "shoe lifts in boxing shoes disgusting " and Clubber Lang's height in a video game or Rocky's height on a computer fight against Dixon ,, those are your facts !!! LOL !! Your should pay more attention to your own inconsistancy's by scarring at the photo you provided in the ring from rocky 3 ,, Sly is tip toeing so bad it is distgusting !! He'd be no bigger than burt young !! If he's lucky !!
Pierre said on 2/Sep/17
@Rising=a video game isn't good to prove the real height of people.You write his ex-wife confirmed he was 174/175,which isn't very precise and can be an indication he was not looking a full 175 barefoot;i think more she has given an approximative number in an interview,i doubt she has measured him;and she was very high compared to him so more difficult to her to guess his real height.
hardguy said on 2/Sep/17
if you use the face measuring rule he has a really large face length
Tony said on 1/Sep/17
5"8 at most at his peak and that is being generous, he was probably shorter. I don't think a man at 5"9 (average height) in the 70s/80s (when he was at his peak) would have been so concerned about his height to justify wearing 5 inch lift shoes, so he had to be below 5"9. With celebrities and athletes you almost always have to subtract an inch or two to get their true height.
Rising - 174 cm said on 1/Sep/17
If Arnold was down to 5'11.5" by 2010 then I'd say Sly looks just about 175 cm at the Expendables Vegas screening: Click Here

All I can say is I think Arnie was down to 5'11.5" max by the time The Last Stand was released in early 2013. I'd say he was a flat 6' into his 2nd term as Governor and then lost a half inch sometime from his second term to his return to films. We do get a pretty good comparison of Sly and Statham sans slouch from that same screening: Click Here
Rising - 174 cm said on 1/Sep/17
@Frankie: Here you are with ad hominem attacks again when you complain me supposedly "bashing" you. Speaking of ignorance, the Clubber Lang character was supposed to be 6'1" according to the Rocky video game among other information -- why do you think Clubber is listed 6'1" on this page? Click Here The Rocky Balboa character is supposed to be 5'11" and they even show this on the stats in the graphic in Rocky Balboa so naturally, Clubber had to be taller than Mr. T's own 5'11" claim. Carl Weathers is still 6'0.5"-6'1" at 69 so there's no grounds for doubting he was a legit 6'1" in the early 80s, yet Mr. T looks noticeably taller than his claimed height in comparison: Click Here Click Here

There's really no need for me to dignify irrelevant, ignorant personal attacks as my personal life is not the issue, but I have work. In every subject, if someone seeks to discredit the person rather than the argument, it's because they don't have an argument. I was and still am perfectly willing to make sure I'm civil to you if and when you grow up. Unlike you, It appears you're right about one thing -- people believing what they want. I won't stoop to your level in speculating why, but speaking of Sly's wives, one of them who saw Sly barefoot repeatedly for years confirmed he was 174-175 cm.

Now don't tell me your attention span is so limited you can't follow this post.
Brad said on 1/Sep/17
Those boots on the tank Banderas has on coupled with his line-up shot is amazing...he has to be 5' 7.5". 3 years ago Sly was 5' 8.5" or 5' 8 and 1/4", I think he lost it the last three to 5' 8".
Rising - 174 cm said on 31/Aug/17
Here's an example of why even as late as Expendables 3, I'm not seeing a clear indication Sly had lost anything noticeable, maybe 1/4".

I'm almost positive Sly had normal dress shoes at the Expendables 3 Cannes red carpet, but I'm also pretty sure Sly had a lift in his boot for the press conference Click Here Not a huge lift, but the position of his foot doesn't look quite right. I would think he gets somewhere in the 2" range out of those with the lift. Mel Gibson on the other hand has thicker footwear as usual, but 1.25" New Balance and I don't think he has a lift in them, especially since he was just slightly taller than Snipes who only had 0.6" Converse. Sly did have about an inch on Gibson at the press conference: Click Here While on video at the red carpet with both in dress shoes, they were very close in height. Then with Statham, he's quite a bit taller: Click Here as you also see throughout the videos: Click Here but more notable is if you look at 1:44, he pulls off no more than 1.5" shorter than Arnie, who has a pretty decent heel on his boot himself: Click Here Though in Statham's case, he looks to have closer to half inch than inch shoes: Click Here so Sly's advantage is more with him than it would be with Arnie or Gibson. But when you look at the boots Banderas has: Click Here and then consider he still appears pretty short with the rest of the cast, he's the one guy out of the Expendables and these action stars in general who I wouldn't completely rule out measuring a bit shy of 5'8". I still assume he didn't supplement his heels with extra lifts that time because he's shown he can pull off taller with really thick, big heeled boots.

Does he not look comparably tall on that occasion to when he wore lifts regularly? I think you can also tell by his posture when he has lifts. Maybe it's just me, but if you a lot of those events with a suit and dress shoes, his posture is good, but much more natural without his chest out like that. At this particular time 3 years ago, I'd say barefoot, Sly was 5'8.75", maybe as short as 5'8.5" while Snipes was similarly in the 5'8.5"-5'8.75" range as he's always been, Gibson looking about 5'8.75" or a weak 5'9" there, Arnold still likely 5'11.5", Statham 5'8.5" and Banderas a flat 5'8".
Rising - 174 cm said on 31/Aug/17
@loka: I agree that it's irrelevant, although Jewish in this sense means more ethnic background. Many Jews are secular or even atheists. Of course, Stallone is still predominantly Italian ethnically and was raised Catholic, but no longer according to himself belongs to one specific church, but does believe in Christianity based on his interview with Pat Robertson. But his exact ethnic background does not change his identity. For instance, I heard a while back that De Niro does not even have as much Italian heritage as I do, but thinks of himself as Italian due to his upbringing and love of Italian culture.
Frankie68 said on 31/Aug/17
Illusion or ignorance, people believe what they believe, they want the short guy taller & the tall guy shorter ! Enough with the 5 paragraph essay's already get a job instead ! Sly's married he's not looking for a girlfriend ! Mr t or Clubber Lang has never been depicted as 6'1 in the movie ever & was clearly much shorter than a strong 6 footer like Carl Weathers even in promo pics where Mr T has his big cowboy boots on ,, Carl still clears him easily !
MJKoP said on 31/Aug/17
loka said on 30/Aug/17
Why saying this Bull**** about his religion ? He has always been Christian. Stop this non-sense, please. And it has nothing to do on this page.

We're talking about ethnicity, heritage, and ancestry; try learning the difference before opening your mouth....
loka said on 30/Aug/17
Why saying this Bull**** about his religion ? He has always been Christian. Stop this non-sense, please. And it has nothing to do on this page.
MJKoP said on 29/Aug/17
James said on 28/Aug/17
I didn't even know Stallone was Jewish until yesterday. 5'8" seems right for his peak height.

As Rising said, he's only 25% Jewish, and 25% French....and, of course, 50% Italian(hence his nickname 'The Italian Stallion')
Brad said on 29/Aug/17
His Rocky footwear was custom made with wedge mush like his ramped up Rambo boots. Sly used standards in the training footage. You can see him on his tip toes at 5' 8.5" training with Weathers. Hogan looks like Andre in that shot...just dwarfing anything.
Rising - 174 cm said on 29/Aug/17
@THE REAL ANNONYMOUS: Yeah, they did look bulkier, but he also looked too tall. If you see him on set in costume, he looks taller than Mike Tyson: Click Here yet when the 2 were inducted into the boxing hall of fame, Sly is a good inch shorter: Click Here (At the start of video and 10:59)

Sly seemed more height conscious that whole period. Every appearance on and off screen for about 5 years, he had bulky shoes or boots without exception, his chest out and a "lift walk" you don't really see when he's promoting the Expendables for instance. Obviously, he didn't start wearing lifts in 2003, but in the past, I do think he'd have normal shoes at times, hence the short rumors, but I can't think of one example for about The Contender through the last Rambo where he didn't either have those Hogan sneakers or some kind of elevator boot. If he wore lifts in the ring before Rocky 4, it'd have been for the scene with Hogan, but not Mr. T as I read Sly dropped down to 163 to enhance the "David vs Goliath" imagery in the film. I do think Mr. T was about 2 inches taller than Sly as is, but that type of difference could have easily been gotten rid of in the stare down if Sly wanted, but instead, they seemed to emphasize it. If I'm not mistaken, the Clubber character was supposed to be 6'1" and Rocky Balboa is supposed to be 5'11". Sly himself was only claiming 5'10" in 1982, at least based on an interview he did promoting First Blood.
Frankie68 said on 28/Aug/17
@loka,, good stuff ,,
THE REAL ANNONYMOUS said on 28/Aug/17
Great post Rising
I pretty much agree with everything you say in it. I do believe that in the last movie Rock Balboa that he was wearing lifts in his boxing shoes
The boots look way different than he wore in all his other movies.
Rising - 174 cm said on 28/Aug/17
Sly is supposedly only 1/4" Ukrainian Jewish, iirc and at least 5'8" even today.

@loka: Yeah, Dolph was obviously on a box with Carl despite not specifically saying so: Click Here Truthfully, he didn't look any taller than usual in the glove touch with Sly: Click Here Although maybe he meant slightly before that because I don't see why he'd have lied about it, but he was a minimum 7" taller than Sly as it is.
James said on 28/Aug/17
I didn't even know Stallone was Jewish until yesterday. 5'8" seems right for his peak height.
loka said on 28/Aug/17
To rising and Frankie. Dolph was on a box in front of Carl Weathers too. There are several pics of this scene that shows that he has 20 cm on him where, obvisouly he didn't have in reality. The same with the press conference. Dolph is sitting on something to make him appear taller next to Apollo Creed.
Jim Hopper said on 28/Aug/17
I cannot believe he was near 5-9 prime. Imo 5-8 prime max. Now around 5-7,5.
Rising - 174 cm said on 28/Aug/17
I don't see any proof Sly's boxing shoes are "wedged up", much less to the point of being "disgusting." His remarks during Rocky 4 suggest it wasn't typical for him to box with lifts, but it is possible if he needed to do it for practical reasons with Lundgren, then the one other time he may have(pre-Rocky Balboa) could have been with Hogan -- who was probably slightly taller than Lundgren.

@Pierre: I've considered the possibility of a small loss, but then it's best not to assume too much without seeing their feet in that pic and the pose is probably not the best to determine exact differences. As I've said to you a few weeks ago, there are a few photos where we can see their feet: Click Here Of course, I included the last 2 just to complete the amount of barefoot pics. All 5 photos are from summer 2013, so exactly 4 years ago or within a month. Jennifer was 45 at this point turning 46. Women do lose height on average at a more rapid rate than men, but she's in outstanding shape in her own right so I think we'd be looking at no more than a fraction loss, but it's at least as likely Sly(at 67 in my photos) would have lost a small fraction, but I doubt more than that since he really doesn't look much, if any taller in young photos without lifts like the ones you posted. But if you look at the first of my pics in particular, you see even Sly's legs don't look that short compared to Jennifer's. This is significant because women -- especially models like Jennifer -- have relatively longer legs, while Sly has relatively short legs compared to her torso.

In short, I think there's very little height difference between the two. Sly likely a weak 5'9"(until the last few years) and Jennifer a more solid 5'9". I doubt the difference could be much more if you consider how short someone like Richard Gere(closer to 5'8.5" in recent years, imo) can look with 5'10" Carey Lowell or you see a 5'9" Michael Douglas on his toes with a 5-8ish Sharon Stone who has at most, a half inch footwear advantage: Click Here In general, men in the 5'8"-5'9" range can look short with taller women in the 5'8"-5'10" range, especially when they wear heels. Even a 5'7.5" range woman in heels can make an average height man look short. So I think Sly measures up at least as solidly as you'd expect at his presumed height. Another example would be Statham and Rosie Huntington Whitley.

@Richard: I disagree. I think his height must have been somewhere from 5'8.5" to 5'9" peak and nowadays from 5'8" to 5'8.5". I think we can safely rule out 5'10" or near it. I love Sly, but he's not telling the truth about his height. He's height conscious and I don't blame him as I am too, but he also tries to live up to his image, like many in Hollywood. 5'10" sounds better than 5'8.5"-5'9". This is how a liftless Sly looked with a 5'10" man: Click Here Assuming their eye levels are representative and Gazzarra doesn't have much ground advantage, he looks at least an inch taller in the first pic. In the second, he's wearing those slipper type shoes shown in the 3rd pic so the difference isn't quite so big. Gazzarra admitted later that he was "barely" 5'10" himself, so you could say he may have only been 177 cm. So imo, these are the probabilities I'd go with for peak height(through at least 2012, possibly 2014)

175 cm: 30%
174.5 cm: 30%
175.3 cm: 25%
174 cm: 15%

I don't think he could have been more or less than that range. The reason I don't have 174 a higher probability is he still looks that height to me and as late as 2014, that was the bare minimum I could see him.
Frankie68 said on 27/Aug/17
@loka that pic is too funny !! To be fair Hogan in the movie is suppose to be almost 7ft ,, and Sly's rocky 3 boxing shoes are so wedged up its disgusting !!
Rising - 174 cm said on 27/Aug/17
@loka: I always knew Hogan stood on a box for that scene. Hogan was supposed to be a nearly 7' tall Andre the Giant type when in reality, he was probably 6'5" range. Hulk wasn't much taller than Dolph Lundgren, who incidentally, also claimed he stood on a box for the "I must break you" line: Click Here

@Slim: Perhaps, I go back and forth, but then he could still look that as late as 2014 with the other Expendables. So maybe he didn't really lose anything until the last 3 years. I've thought roughly 174.5 cm as it was between the range Brigitte gave. And he still does look 5'8.5" more than anything else to me. But then again, Carl Weathers at just 1.5 years younger doesn't look to have lost much and he doesn't have the perfect posture Sly does.
Richardspain said on 27/Aug/17
To Rising;

I think we must consider the 5'10 mark to friend Sly too.
In the top of this website we can read that Stallone said in two or three occasions he was at least 5'10.

The question is if he was a 5'9 guy or he was a 5'10 in peak and if we trust in Stallone said .

Anyway I think he was a good 176cm/177cm in his prime or a strong 5'9 sure. 5'10 maybe with footwear.

So we conclude the stallone's height in peak was in somewhere between 175'5 -177cm. I think the next options :

175'5cm. 20% possibility
176 cm. 30% Possibility
176'5cm. 30% possibility
177cm. 20% possibility

175 is low for him in peak but 178cm much for him. So 176-177 Max could be.( between 5'9-5'9.5
Pierre said on 27/Aug/17
Click Here = listed 5"9'young Jennifer Flavin and Sly.She don't look in very straight posture here.We can not see their feet but i think she could have lost a little height now.
Slim183 said on 27/Aug/17
5'8.75" would be better for his peak.
loka said on 26/Aug/17
To all of you... You will never believe this.

This is the irony of the story. Watch closely.

Click Here
loka said on 25/Aug/17
My mistake. The Guy on the pic is not Duran. There some goods pics of Sly and Duran on google that show 5 cm between the 2.
Brad said on 24/Aug/17
I think Harrison would put 2.5" on Sly in '17.
Dmeyer said on 24/Aug/17
In thé walking scène entering thé plane he looks 2in taller than Banderas yet you Can Sée his boot dont look suspicious , but hé is Closer to caméra and hé raised 1 shoulder to emplify the differance
Rising - 174 cm said on 24/Aug/17
@THE REAL ANNONYMOUS: My mistake, thanks. I looked too quickly and only at the height difference as I hadn't thought to question whether someone had been correctly identified, but yeah that kid doesn't even resemble Duran much at all now that I look. I think the difference in Rocky 2 was easily smaller than Sly with that kid, but I do see about 2": Click Here When Duran goes over and puts his glove on Sly's head around 27 seconds makes it seem to me that Duran is a fair amount shorter, imo, but a precise difference would be difficult to judge. I see Sly anywhere from 5'8.5"-5'9" so I would expect the difference somewhere in that 1.5"-2" range if Duran is exactly 5'7".
Rising - 174 cm said on 24/Aug/17
@Brad: Agreed on Slash, Glenn Hughes and Cagney.

@RichardSpain: No problem and most of us know Sly is well over 5'7". There's never a shred of evidence to support these claims. bernie is probably the best of this crowd, but the evidence is certainly not on their side. The question is where exactly around 5'8" or 5'9" Sly is and was. I still stick to 5'8.75"-5'9" range peak and 5'8.25"-5'8.5" now. The clearest example to me is with similar height guys(Statham, Van Damme, Snipes etc.) Of course, Sly's posture could make the difference look bigger: Click Here I'd guess the boots Statham has are an example of only 1" boots. Nowadays, those 2 look the same height to me, so I still see Sly more 5'8.5", but I really don't know if he was the full 5'9". Having seen Wesley Snipes with Mel Gibson, though, I'm not sure he's under 5'8.75" so if that's the case I'd still give Sly that much during late 2014 when the Expendables 3 was released. I'll add Mickey Rourke as a 5'11" peak and 5'10.5" current guy and if you compare Sly to Rourke these days, the difference is no larger than it was in 2010 when I believe both were peak height so Sly has lost very little. Actually, really looking at Sly in 2014, I can't say for sure he had lost anything by that point. It was only in 2015 that it became clearer to me. Making it to late 60s before losing anything noticeable is quite good.

There ya go, Brad, feet/inches.
Alucard said on 24/Aug/17
5'6 or 5'7 at best, massive lift wearer... Roberto Duran was around 5'7 and Sly had lifts in his boxing shoes too... You can also see how short he is in the rehearsal for Rocky 1, the part in the ring with 5'11 Carl Weathers...
THE REAL ANNONYMOUS said on 24/Aug/17
ok just looked at the Stallone and Duran pics again and that could be him... it was also in a group of other pics.
I looked at many pics with other celebs and he never looks short but can look tall at times.
5'9 in his youth is not out of the question... i dont see how he could have ever pulled off what he has at 5'8... just think he would have been laughed right out of all the studios offices.
THE REAL ANNONYMOUS said on 24/Aug/17
Hi Rising
The pic loka posted of Duran is not Duran. The footage and pics ive seen of Sly and Duran i thought they were a lot closer in height
maybe an 1-1.5 in Sly's favor
RichardSpain said on 24/Aug/17
@Rising, I agree you, this space is just to speak about stallone but sometimes I like to remember my last guesses of my favourites "star system" of Hollywood. Repit only sometimes I hope don't disturb.

Regards and thanks for your commentary !
Brad said on 23/Aug/17
Slash isn't 5' 10.5" and Hughes is 5' 9" tops. Cagney said 5' 8"? He wins the fib line.
Rising - 174 cm said on 23/Aug/17
@loka: Sly looks a solid 5'9", imo with Duran as he did sparring in Rocky 2. But do you have a link to the footage with Van Damme? What makes you certain the man is 181 cm? Like I said, if Van Damme were really that tall then I'd conclude Sly actually was about 5'10". Arnold also looked about 3 inches taller than Jean-Claude in 2012 as well. Van Damme was the same range as Sly and Statham in 2012. I'm almost positive all 3 were within 1 cm of each other.

@Brad: I think the days of Ford having 2.5" on Sly may have been over by then. Ford using the "Sly" arm on the shoulder trick could get a solid 2" on him: Click Here Although not so much here: Click Here Sly's shoes only look an inch to me. Click Here If Ford was still 2.5" taller I have doubts he could still really stretch up to it. Sly didn't look like he had lost much on the other hand and had held up much better physically despite only being 4 years younger. I bet a peak Harrison Ford would have had 3.25" to 3.5" on Sly barefoot, but Sly was still at 5'8.5"-5'8.75" in 2014 while Ford was maybe 5'10.5"-5'10.75", imo.

@Richard: A lot of those don't really have much to do with Sly, but I see no chance of Pitt shrinking 1 cm.
RichardSpain said on 23/Aug/17
to Frankie68

5'7 is very low for Sly.

In next video Stallone was the star guest in Spanish Talk Show "El hormiguero" Click Here

The presenter is Pablo Motos who is a 165 cm . You can see Pablo next to Stallone. Stallone is still big, very corpulent.

I see still a good 174 cm for Stallone. And 176/177 cm when he was younger.
Brad said on 23/Aug/17
I hate CM listings. Put up the feet and inch too.
Frankie68 said on 23/Aug/17
Stallone's fairyland height = 5'10 His reality is 5'7 !!!
Richardspain said on 23/Aug/17
Real heights when they are or were barefoot

Stallone: 176 peak, 174 today
Arnold: 185 peak, 181 today
Van Damme: 175 peak, 174 max today
Statham: 175'5
Lundgren: 194 peak, 190 today
Kurt Russell: 175.5
Harrison Ford: 183'7 peak 180 today
Banderas: 174 peak 173 today
Brad Pitt, 180 peak 179 nowadays
DiCaprio 180
George Clooney 179'5 peak 178 today
Liam neeson 193 cm peak 192 nowadays
Bill Murray 187peak 185 today
Clint Eastwood 190 cm peak 184 nowadays
Sean Connery 188 peak 184 today
loka said on 22/Aug/17
To rising : In Fact, Van Damme and the guy who is 181 cm were on a tv show... Perfect flat ground. Really JCVD appeared 177cm.
loka said on 22/Aug/17
Sly with Roberto Duran (170 cm).

Click Here
Brad said on 22/Aug/17
He must have on his Rambo custom wedged italian footwear maker boots with Harrison Ford. Barefoot Ford would spot him by 2.5 in that shot.
Rising - 174 cm said on 22/Aug/17
@loka: Sly seemed taller than Van Damme in all the 90s Planet Hollywood pics. I'd believe Sly at a legit 5'10" if Van Damme had been almost that tall himself. Maybe he always had his cowboy boots on(though JCVD had cowboy boots on at times as well), but then for Expendables 2, Sly seems to edge out a 51 year old Van Damme and in one of those cases, I showed Sly's ankle sitting and it seemed a safe bet of no lifts. To be 177 cm peak, Van Damme would have to have lost about 1" by 51 years old, which I don't believe. Van Damme never looked taller than Chuck Norris in all of their appearances together in the 80s and 90s and compare him to 5'6" Bolo in Bloodsport or when he appeared barefoot with Regis and Kathy Lee. Seems like a clear 174-175 cm guy, imo. Maybe the ground was off in your friend's video.
Rising - 174 cm said on 22/Aug/17
@bernie: The scene is not good enough to judge. Low angle, head down down, not the same distance from the camera and it's about 1 second and they're turning after bumping. They look similar in height to me, but we can't tell exact height from something like that. I would have believed 5'8" for Sly seeing him carry in a doped up Robert Mitchum in Farewell My Lovely, but a better comparison is Capone since we see Sly more with Ben Gazzara. Gazzara is taller, but about an inch to an inch and a half, which adds up with 5'8.5"-5'9". Similarly, Sly next to 5'6" Henry Winkler in Lords of Flatbush promo looks noticeably bigger, a good 3 inches: Click Here He can't be only 1.5"-2" taller there. Same with Woody Allen, he would not be able to look down onto his head like that. Actually, Colin Farrell and Ewan McGregor do not look taller than Sly did here with a 71-72 year old Woody Allen: Click Here Rob lists them at 5'10" and 5'9.5", respectively, though I think Colin is 5'9.5" and Ewan 5'9.25", but even so, it's a good bet Woody was shorter than 35 years earlier.

@Brad: I forgot James Cagney....the man could look proportionately like Joe Pesci onscreen and there he is claiming 5'8"! Burgess Meredith is another little guy who claimed 5'8". Yeah, Hughes is a mile away from 6', he should have been lucky to get away with 5'10", but even at 5'9", Hughes is clearly taller than Slash, who claims 5'10.5", so Slash is giving himself a good 2"-2.5". There are a lot who go beyond the 2" rule.
bernie said on 22/Aug/17
@ Rising - 174cm - What about the wallet scene in Prisoner of Second Avenue with S. Stallone?
Stallone looks definately a good inch shorter than 174 - 175cm Jack Lemmon when they crash into each other in 1975....
Shoulders lower, clearly shorter Stalllone is....
Brad said on 21/Aug/17
Yea, I've met Hughes...that's 3". Yes, Vin, 3" fib.
loka said on 21/Aug/17
To Rising. I know someone who is 181 cm for sure and who met JCVD in 2001. There is a video about it. Van Damme and the guy are in basket shoes. The Guy is taller with only 3 or 4 cm. No more.
Rising - 174 cm said on 21/Aug/17
One thing I noticed is Sly looked taller in the Expendables 3 and on set than the 1st 2 films.
Pulled off about 3" taller than Antonio Banderas in this wide shot: Click Here
He looked close to Harrison Ford: Click Here And Robert Davi: Click Here
Pulled off about an inch taller than Mel Gibson: Click Here

It's funny because I'd say to say he was consistently looking 5'10" and even 5'11". Of course, wearing boots like this for some scenes: Click Here may explain the 5'11" appearance Yet in the Expendables 2, Chuck Norris appeared to edge him out! Norris also appeared to edge Sly at the Expendables 2 premiere, but his footwear advantage was noticeable then. I also noticed Sly was basically alternating between normal looking dress shoes and more suspicious boots for the Expendables 3 events while for the Expendables 2, he pretty much wore normal looking footwear at most events. Typically, I'd consider Banderas and Gibson's footwear to be as suspicious as Sly's, though this is the best shot I could find of Gibson's boots until I rewatch the film: Click Here I do wonder if these lift wearers ever discuss footwear when appearing together. It would be funny if Sly told Mel and Antonio to leave the lifts to him, but I'm guessing Chuck Norris is the one man not even Rambo would dare make footwear demands with. Making footwear demands to Chuck is demanding his footwear wind up in your face!

I did notice Sly looking pretty close to Arnie at times in Escape Plan as well, despite probably a near 3" difference barefoot at the time, but seeing Sly's boots, I'd think he had something extra in them for that film: Click Here He did show up to the Comic Con screening in cowboy boots looking even closer to Arnold's height, but the odd thing is while wearing lifts more for these films and events in 2013-2014, he then wore even thinner footwear sometimes not even looking a full inch from 2015 when Creed came out up until his footwear grew again a few months back when Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was released. Although the one exception was Grudge Match between Escape Plan and Expendables 3 when Sly appeared shorter and his footwear normal, perhaps due to appearing with De Niro who was maybe 5'7.5" at that time.

@Harris: Good call on Corey Feldman claiming 5'8", that one may take the cake. Typically I don't care what anyone chooses to claim as they can be believed or not, but I must admit that a man so blatantly short claiming a pretty normal height like 5'8" is a bit irritating to me. I'll add an honorable mention for Johnny Depp claiming 5'11". Seeing Depp with a friend of mine, I'm not sure he's above 5'8.5" and I think Sly would have edged Depp.

Btw loka, I agree with you and Dolph as well.
Wipeout said on 21/Aug/17
Peak 5ft 9.75 in.
Today 5ft 8.5 in.
Rising - 174 cm said on 20/Aug/17
@loka: All possible, imo, except Van Damme at 177, I really can't see that one or anything over 5'9" max for Van Damme. If I had to guess who was taller between Sly and Van Damme peak, I'd guess Sly, but they could have been the same height. Both were probably still around peak height during the Expendables 2 and Sly appeared to edge JCVD. I'd add Banderas and guess him 172.5-173 cm range. As for Sly, I don't think he's above 174 cm today, but if Statham is 175 or even 174.5 then I'd say Sly was that tall. Similarly, if I'm also wrong about Michael Rooker being 174 these days then it'd be possible Sly is still 174.5-175 since even considering lifts, he looked convincingly taller than Rooker this year so I wouldn't think there'd be much difference. I do think Sly may have been 5'8.75" as recent as Expendables 3, but 5'8.5" would be about as likely then, imo. I'd say he's lost a 1/4" since regardless of which height was accurate.

The early films are always the best to go by with guys like Stallone, Cruise, Gibson, Pitt etc. and I think the early films show Sly is taller than 5'8", but around 5'9" max. Sly with what would look like typical cowboy type boots(which add 1.6"-1.7") has about 5 inches on 5'5" Woody Allen as he's looking down onto the top of his head: Click Here Woody's shoes look 2 cm max to me so figure about a 1" footwear advantage for Sly and you have him around 5'9". Woody and the guy who plays the other mugger are examples of truly short men, a guy like Sly is really average, especially for his generation, much less ethnicity.

@Brad: I'll just add to the worst claims 5'10" Dean Martin claiming 6'1", 5'8.5"-5'9" Kirk Douglas claiming 5'11" and while I think Vin Diesel is 5'11.5", I know you think he's 5'10" so by your estimate, Vin would be worse. Also, Tico Torres claiming 5'9". Glenn Hughes claiming 6' more than once when he's really about 5'9". Or 5'11" Richard Branson claiming 6'2". Donald Trump at roughly 6'0.5" these days STILL claiming 6'3". Justin Bieber trying 5'10". Personally, I don't think Sly gave himself more than 2" since I see 5'8.75" peak, possibly scraping 5'9" and the 2" rule is pretty common. The Rock at maybe 6'3" peak and 6'2.5" today claiming 6'5" etc.
Harris said on 20/Aug/17
At 5'9" peak he'd have woke up at atleast 5'9.75" or a weak - perhaps even a flat 5'10", depending on how much height he lost throughout the day. This in my opinion would still make his 5'10" claim valid, as far as out-of-bed height goes of course. FAR from bizarre claims! Corey Feldman is 5'5", yet claimed 5'8" THAT'S bizarre!
loka said on 20/Aug/17

Stallone: 175,5 peak, 174,5 today
Arnold: 187 peak, 181 today
Van Damme: 177 peak, 175 max today
Statham: 175
Lundgren: 194 peak, 190 today
Kurt Russell: 175.5
Rising - 174 cm said on 20/Aug/17
@Brad: Many have. Eric Roberts, Mario Lopez and Wesley Snipes have tried 5'11" and they're all around 5'8.5" or so. Kane Hodder was around 6'2", but claimed 6'5"! He's still claiming 6'4" and he's probably not even 6'1" anymore. Jeremy Piven is closer to 5'7.5" and has claimed 5'10". Jackie Chan was claiming 5'10.5" at a time he was shorter than Sly.
Richardspain said on 20/Aug/17
Stallone was 5'10 or around 176 cm in peak.

Also he said 5'10 two times!, first in 1991 and second in 1993 . I think he was honest and said his height barefoot.

Many people don't believe to sly because wears lifts all times and is a man very fashionable, extravagant.. But if you see his first movies you will confirm he was more a guy 176/177 cm than 175cm.

I said in other moment here that in "nighthawks" he looked similar than Billy Dee Williams ( a good 180cm in peak) and nearly Richard Crenna in Rambo Movies, well is true! Rambo wears boots and has tall hair but Crenna was 185cm ( 6'1)!

Stallone 176 cm in peak
174 cm today

His brother 180cm peak
178 cm today
Rising - 174 cm said on 19/Aug/17
@berta: I'd say for action stars adding a few and rounding to the nearest cm or 0.5 cm

Stallone: 175 peak, 174 today (maybe 0.5 cm less on both figures)
Arnold: 187 peak, 181.5 today
Rock: 190.5 peak, 189-189.5 range today
Vin: 181.5
Van Damme: 174.5-175 range peak, 174 max today, much like Stallone
Statham: 174
Snipes: Always been around 174-174.5 range
Willis: 181-181.5 peak, 180 today
Ford: 183.5 peak, 179-179.5 range today
Lundgren: 193.5-194 peak, 190-190.5 today
Gibson: Around 175 peak, No more than 174.5 the last few years
Russell: 175.5 (doesn't look to have lost much, maybe a few mm)
Norris: 174 peak, 172-172.5 range today

Only 3 of these more than a dozen action stars haven't appeared in Expendables films(Rock, Vin, Kurt), but those 3 have all appeared in Fast & Furious films with Statham appearing in both. It's still surprising Kurt wasn't in any of the 3 Expendables, he'd have been perfect.
Jim Hopper said on 19/Aug/17
@Barry FI Ok yeah hairline 3" lower youre right hehe. Meet with brows soon.
Brad said on 18/Aug/17
He has to be the king fibber: 5' 8.5" to 5' 10.75". Anybody top 2 and a quarter? Marky? Tom Jones has had scalp pull up.
berta said on 18/Aug/17
for me the action stars are something like this.
stallone peak 176 today 174
Arnold peak close to 186 today 180,8
Dwayne johnson peak close to 191 today close to 189
vin diesel peak and still is about 181 amd with huge lifts can look up to 184 at best. And the lifst are huge so there is a chanse he can be even 179,5 range but i give him 181 if he only have about 2-3 cm lifts
MJKoP said on 17/Aug/17
Brad said on 16/Aug/17
Even is correct. I wonder if Sly actually thinks people think he is 5' 10.75".

Well, at least one dude thinks he is even taller than that. :O
Rising - 174 cm said on 17/Aug/17
even isn't quite right. Sly has never actually claimed 5'11". The character Rocky Balboa is 5'11". The 5'10.75" claim seemed to be a one off attempt to push his luck 39 years ago. He's mostly claimed 5'10", which isn't even close to the worst claims. He tried 5'10.5" for a while, but even so, there are people shorter than Sly claiming 5'11". Sly at 5'9" or just under peak and about 5'8.5" now or a strong 5'8" is actually pretty typical height to claim 5'10". I can't tell you how often I hear people around my height claim 5'10"-5'11" and that's when I'm not wearing lifts, Cubans or Cowboys. I can't keep a straight face claiming 5'11" without the footwear to get me there.
Barry Fl said on 17/Aug/17
Jim Hopper said on 16/Aug/17
@Barry FI hes had extensive hair transplants yeah. His hair line in Tango and Cash is about an 1" higher than today lol...

Only 1"????!!!! Mind you, we're heading into a whole new discussion here! Yes, there's a huge hairline difference since the early movies (in some you could see Sly was receding, though still thick). But now, what with his face going upwards due to surgery, and his hair moving due due to transplants, it can't be long before they meet in the middle.
Brad said on 16/Aug/17
Even is correct. I wonder if Sly actually thinks people think he is 5' 10.75". Excellent plug work if that what was done on his forehead. Ben Affleck has weird hair but I think Jay Leno pulled it hard and it wasn't a rug after Ben said to do so.
Jim Hopper said on 16/Aug/17
@Barry FI hes had extensive hair transplants yeah. His hair line in Tango and Cash is about an 1" higher than today lol...
Rising - 174 cm said on 16/Aug/17
Pierre said on 14/Aug/17
@Rising=and Jean Claude seem taller than Jason Statham in your picture and shorter than him in mine...Curious no?

Not really. They're very similar in height(Rob lists them about the same) so it's not uncommon for two people about the same height to be a bit taller in one photo, shorter in the next etc. It's usually an indication two people are about the same if they can each look a bit taller in a series of pics. Van Damme's boot might have added a fraction more that time as well. I think Statham is 5'8.5" and Van Damme maybe a 1/4" taller at that time 5 years ago.
even said on 16/Aug/17
Sylvester Stallone's imaginary height = 5'11" , Sylvester Stallone's height in reality = 5'8"
Barry Fl said on 15/Aug/17
I always thought hair transplants/plugs were pretty thin/patchy/bristly? Are they really that good these days or is Sly sporting a rug? His hair is amazingly thick, and his hairline way down on his forehead. He looks cartoonish. You can't help but wonder what he'd look like naturally these days... :-)
Rising - 174 cm said on 14/Aug/17
Milo Ventimiglia knew better than to try the Sly tricks he learned with the master himself! Click Here They're probably very close in height these days as neither is taller than 174 cm and neither much, if any shorter, but no way Sly was going to let his onscreen son one up him.

@burby: I did notice something in Cliffhanger that made it apparent he's had some procedures done since. Lebron's headband is hilarious. I think he's doubled up on them at times and pushed them higher and higher with each season. His former teammate Carlos Boozer was the worst. Boozer looked like he filled in hair with a sharpie or dunked his head in ink one of those seasons he played with the Bulls.
Pierre said on 14/Aug/17
@Rising=and Jean Claude seem taller than Jason Statham in your picture and shorter than him in mine...Curious no?
Brad said on 14/Aug/17
Is there a site about who wears wigs/weaves? That would be cool to see. Norris had one? Must have been good, never noticed it. Dokken? Never knew it. Dubrow wore a bad one his last years. Michaels wore one on his operation recovery bed, now that's sick. Marv had one 40 years ago. Stallone has excellent hair guys, his hair has always looked real. LeBron will be a hat guy soon.
Rising - 174 cm said on 14/Aug/17
Since I was able to confirm footwear, Sly and Mel Gibson in '93 at the Planet Hollywood opening in London: Click Here Both were wearing black cowboy boots as I suspected. There are a few pics that show Sly's boots, mostly with Jennifer Flavin and in Mel's case, GettyImages has a short video of his entrance where you can see Mel's boots as well. I think there's very little difference, except when Sly has a clear camera advantage in the last pic or 2. Cowboy boots would typically cancel each other out since a 1.75" heel is typical, but it'd be almost impossible to see if one or both has an extra lift inside because of how much a cowboy boot conceals. Both somewhere near 5'9", imo, but I'd bet on under rather than over, but no less than 5'8.5" for either.

@Pierre: Yeah, but those boots Van Damme has probably add 1/4" or so more. It's really more that Dolph looks much shorter in some pics with people much shorter than himself. But yeah, Dolph has definitely shrunk more than most his age and is still shrinking. He was undoubtedly a legit 6'4" man in the 80s and 90s, but is 6'3" max nowadays.
Pierre said on 13/Aug/17
@Rising=Jean Claude had not the same shoes in yours pictures.It's maybe a reason why he look taller.But i agree Dolph can have lost height too.
Rising - 174 cm said on 12/Aug/17
@THE REAL ANNONYMOUS: I agree on all counts. It was more noticeable if you remember what Sly's hairline use to look like. Some do keep a pretty full head of hair and solid hairline as you mention. My father is like that, or Reagan as you mention. Judging by the photo Sly uploaded to instagram a few months back, I think he's actually in better shape than he's been in a few years. Still very cut and lean and carries himself much younger. Arnold definitely has more size to his arms recently, he looked pretty big for Sabotage and it's probably more difficult for him being much bigger as well as 8 years of reduced training in his 50s and 60s, heart problem etc. Fortunately, they still got some more action left in them. I agree on height as well and only think he's lost about 1 cm the last 5 years.

@loka: I can agree with 175 peak and 174 now, but I also don't think he looks taller than 174 at most these days, except for when he brings out his lifts. He does still look Statham's height so I'd give them both 174 and he does look it at multiple events with Weathers. I agree with your estimates for those shower scenes, but to play devil's advocate, those who argue Sly is less than 5'8" would say that since we can't see their feet and he is height conscious, they may have made him taller. It'd be tougher to do in The Specialist for obvious reasons and I do think Sly had to be very similar to Kurt and taller than Sharon, but it is possible as cameramen have long been paid for expertise in using advantageous angles. But there are now enough photos of Sly barefoot and without lifts to say there wasn't much difference with Flavin as of 2013 and you're right about Nielsen since she has no reason to lie and would know as well as anyone. Actually, Sly looked a consistent 5'10.5"-5'11" to me in lifts and seems to still pull off 5'10"-5'10.5" in lifts this year.

@Pierre: My point is mainly that Dolph is too much taller and his posture is too inconsistent to be a reliable reference for 5'8"-5'9" guys. In this photo, JCVD and Statham both look taller than Big Jay or Rob did with Dolph a few years later: Click Here And I have no doubt Dolph was taller in 2012 than 2015-2016. Just look at the photos with Hasselhoff from 2012. Rob got a photo with Hasselhoff the next year and he was still around 6'4". Dolph wasn't much shorter when he stood decently. Dolph is always taller these days when he stands with other tall men and aside from Hasselhoff, back in 2012, you could still see he's at least an inch taller than Terry Crews who Rob lists at 6'2.5" and most agree is at least 6'2", as you can see in this short video: Click Here And again in this video, while Dolph with worse posture is still much taller than a roughly 182 cm Arnold: Click Here Dolph's bad posture and big head can make him look shorter in some photos, especially with much shorter men as many slouch down for photos when they tower someone, but you can see on video, especially like these, he was still a minimum 6'3", but when Rob met him, he was 6'3" at the most, very possibly under. As for Dolph's age, he's not your average guy, but Arnold and Hulk Hogan also lost a lot of height by that age. As for Mario Lopez, he may very well wear lifts sometimes, I don't know, but I still think he's around 174 cm. As I said, Rob lists him 5'9". He's not 5'7" range. I think Van Damme at somewhere between 174-175 cm is fair for 2012.

@Brad: Tons of plugs, weaves, rugs etc. among actors and musicians. Kevin Dubrow and Don Dokken. Bret Michaels bandana is as obvious as those guys who always wear hats. Like NY lawyers who wear cowboy hats 24/7. Chuck Norris has had a particularly obvious rug for years, but I wouldn't tell him to his face. Marv Albert, like Howard Cosell before him. Travolta has sported some particularly bad ones. At one point, it even looked like he had that spray hair Ron Popeil used to pitch on TV. Al Pacino has a piece to fill in male pattern baldness. Jeremy Piven, Kevin Spacey, Brendan Fraser, Steve Carell..... Shatner had some of the worst in the 70s and 80s, but his one now is better. CelebRugs would be a fun site. I'm pretty sure Glenn did know Levi. I have a friend who was in that line of work some years back, who I believe knew him as well.
burby said on 12/Aug/17
You can actually see Sly's bald spot in Cliffhanger. Yeah, he had plugs. Travolta without the wig is Homer Simpson action. Hmm, I wonder why LeBron James has that headband so high, yet he does that Trainwreck movie and his hair is perfect?
THE REAL ANNONYMOUS said on 11/Aug/17
I think Sly prolly wore the rug while his hair transplant was growing in. It was quite noticeable at times.
It was a succesful transplant as it all grew in really well but its far to low for somebody his age... although there
are men out that have a natural hairline that low.. Ronald Regan comes to mind.
He looks in incredible shape. I mean he should as he is doing everything he can to do so.
The last few years Arnold has gotten into better shape and im sure its motivating Sly to keep at it!

lol how tall is Sly anyway???? Under 5'8 is impossible!!! 5'8.5-5'9 is very likely
loka said on 11/Aug/17
I wouldn't go under a good 174 cm today. If Sly was 175 cm peak and everything goes in that direction.

- Nielsen statements,
- Comparisons barefeet with Flavin,
- Same height in the shower scene than Kurt Russel in Tango and Cash,
- 2 cm taller than Sharon stone in the shower scene of The Specialist.
- Same height or close than the 5.9 Serena Williams.
- Same height than Rob (strong 5.8) if not 1 cm taller (when we compare Sly with Carl Weathers and Rob with Carl weathers).
- He can easily look 5.10 with special shoes.
Brad said on 11/Aug/17
Stallone a rug? Can't say I've ever seen one on him. Plugs possibly. David Lee Roth is the king of everything hair. Total wig '86, extensions and weaves all the time. Hagar called him "3 piece" after his attached stuff in three places. Travolta has wig action. Bret Michaels has to wear bandanas and hats to hide his weave-extension mess. Guy emailed me a long time NYC autograph collector passed away, a guy with thousands of hours of wait time for years. He didn't have his name til the next day. Some guy named Levi. I wonder if the G knew Levi.
Pierre said on 11/Aug/17
@Rising=you take for example Mario Lopez who isn't in pictures next to Rob and Big Jay,then your example is a little random imo,we don't know his real height .In addition Mario can wear maybe lifts sometimes( i have post you a example of shoes which are looking discreet but give you lot's of height-pictures+video in Brad's page,have you see the video 10/Aug/17? ) .I don't know how many height Dolph would have lost this 3 years(Dolph isn't very old he's 59 years this days), for me, in the pictures i posted,JC Vandamme look really shorter than Big Rob or Big Jay next to Dolph imo.You gauge James Corden's height next to others celebrities(Matt Damon,Justin Bieber...)but we don't know really their heights= Samuel Anderson is in a picture with Rob who is a strong 5"8'= Click Here .James Corden on tiptoe is looking max the same height as Rob next to Samuel Anderson (who is more in a relaxed posture next to James imo)= Click Here =i think i can doubt James is really 5"8' barefoot.(And then i can doubt Gwyneth is really 5"9'barefoot when she's next to James Corden).
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Aug/17
@Pierre, Jean-Claude was taller than Mario Lopez in 2 separate video interviews at the time of Expendables 2. Here's a still from each and photos of the shoes he wore for each: Click Here If you need to see the original videos, I can post those as well. I have Mario at 5'8.5" rather than the 5'9" Rob gives him, but that would still make JCVD 5'8.75" minimum. If he's 172 then Mario is 5'7.5" max. Van Damme was at least as tall as Statham, who may be 174 cm, but no shorter. Incidentally, Statham has also looked taller than Lopez.

Dolph was taller in 2012 than he was in 2015 and he slouches too much in some photos with much shorter men to say how tall he's standing. When Dolph stood better, he was still almost as tall as 6'4" David Hasselhoff: Click Here And those photos with Hasselhoff were a few months AFTER those Expendables 2 premieres with JCVD and Statham. Dolph is 6'3" max now, but he was still 6'3" minimum in 2012. I'd say probably 191 cm in 2012, but 190 cm more recently with Big Jay and Rob, but looking shorter due to posture in the videos.

It's best to compare people closer in height. Statham and Mario Lopez were closer to Van Damme's height so I would say it confirms him at roughly 5'8.75". Here's 3 full pics of Sly and Van Damme with the dress shoes I showed in the close up: Click Here Sly is no shorter and he's not even forcing his posture. Therefor I think Sly was still at his peak height of 174.5 to 175 cm in 2012.

But if you like these comparisons, check out this one with Weathers recently: Click Here Rob said he couldn't see any less than 173 minimum there for Sly and possibly 174. I'm inclined to agree and give Sly 173.5 to 174 cm these days, down 1 cm or so from peak. Lately, I'm leaning more towards 174 today as he looked as tall as Statham recently on video with dress shoes that didn't look to give any more than the boot Statham was wearing. Weathers is 184 cm minimum and looks about 184 with Rob and Sly, but standing tall with Philip Winchester, who Rob also lists at 6'1", Carl still looked as tall as Philip this year as you can see in these 4 full photos: Click Here

Basically, you have to start downgrading everyone to put Stallone and Van Damme less than 5'8". As it is, I think Rob has Mario Lopez 1 cm too high, but he does not have Mario 1.5" too high. Mario cannot be less than 5'8" himself and in fact, Mario was taller than James Corden in 2 separate videos himself. Rob has Corden at 5'8.25". I wouldn't put Corden less than a solid 173 or 5'8"-5'8.25" himself seeing him with Matt Damon, Gynweth Paltrow and Justin Bieber. Rob's current and peak listings for Stallone are very fair, imo.
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Aug/17
@Brad: Probably a hair transplant and a rug at times. Unfortunately, as someone who thinks Sly has always looked cool, the hair the past couple years isn't a good look. The hair line is too far, a mistake Mel Gibson and especially Steven Seagal have made as well. But as for whatever he's taking, I'm sure he knows what he's doing at this point. Those things affect everyone differently, but I think Sly is probably smart with what he takes now. Maybe not as much in the 80s during the Rambo 3 days. He did a lot of unhealthy stuff in those days like overtraining, or starving himself before Rocky 3 to get as lean as possible before putting on muscle slowly so it's not a leap to imagine him taking some stronger things. So at times he was more focused on a goal than overall health back then. I think he's smarter these days, though. Genetics play a big role. Mark McGwire looked terrible when he came back as a hitting coach and I think he was just 46 at the time, meanwhile, his former Bash Brother Canseco looked great the last time I saw....which was selling testosterone on a late night commercial! But then I have a friend not even 50 who took that stuff for a decade when he trained competitively and he has a bad heart. Another friend who was a competitive body builder and died before age 30.
James B said on 10/Aug/17
Rob is he not over 5ft8 now?
Editor Rob: he is looking more 5ft 8 flat at times.
Brad said on 9/Aug/17
Any hair plugs? I'd think spiking/eating super scripted stuff, illegal or not and steroids for years might catch up to him.
Pierre said on 9/Aug/17
@Rising=Comparisons Sylvester/Jean Claude(Van damme)=now comparisons Jean Claude and 171/172 Big Jay or 173 Big Rob next to Dolph =
Click Here Click Here Click Here =I doubt Jean Claude is 5"9' range or even 5"8'
Rising - 174 cm said on 9/Aug/17
@loka: I appreciate your posts, but a woman saying her husband is 5'8" doesn't necessarily make it so. In fact, when Brigitte Nielsen was actually married to Sly 30 years ago, she said he was 5'10"-5'10.5", but as you know, more recently, she's revealed he was an inch and a half shorter at 174-175 cm. That woman's husband must claim 5'8", but that woman either isn't accurate judging height or it's possible she says her husband is 5'8" because he's height conscious. Impossible to know. Sly is at least 3 inches taller than that guy so even if Sly has big lifts, that guy might be 5'7", maybe 5'7.5" tops. I will say Sly doesn't look short at all in that photo comparing him to the woman and her husband, but we'd have to see what he has on his feet. I think Sly cut down on wearing lifts to events because dress shoes go better with a suit than Hogan sneakers or elevator boots. Just look at how much attention Robert Downey Jr. draws to his sneakers when he wears them with a suit.

@andre: Incorrect. Just look at the Tango and Cash scene I posted, or more recently offscreen: Click Here Click Here That would make Randy Couture only about 178 cm in those shoes. In reality, Couture will be more 183 cm or so in shoes.
Rising - 174 cm said on 8/Aug/17
Btw, this sitting shot of the Expendables 2 cast is an example of why I think Sly has gone liftless quite a bit in recent years: Click Here I think it's fair to make an educated guess on shoes when you can see where the ankle is, particularly in a sitting shot. He was definitely no shorter than Van Damme in that footwear and if anything, looked to edge him, which is one reason I can't quite decide between 174.5 and a full 175 cm.

@Brad: Sly is in incredible shape, but he has shown some of his age in other ways for years. He looked significantly younger than he was in his late 30s/early 40s, though and even up until his 50s.
loka said on 8/Aug/17
Parker : no... There is a video also about this meeting between fans and Sly. They say in this video that they are surprised to see that Sly is Tall. I asked the girl and she said his husband is 5.8 and so Sly looked like a good 5.10.

With lifts on, he is probably back to 5.9.

I've seen other pics or video taken by paparazzis where Sly looks more like a 5.8 guy...

Very strange... We will never know.
andre said on 8/Aug/17
stallone was 174cm with shoes prime and now 173cm his lifts make him 178 cm
Pierre said on 8/Aug/17
Maybe your friend has been measured a long time ago no?(and maybe then has lost a little height since the last measure?).
Brad said on 7/Aug/17
The guy on the right is 5' 6".Sly has some customs on. Sly looks tired and older but in shape.
Rising - 174 cm said on 7/Aug/17
Imo, the shower scene and the possible barefoot scene from Tango and Cash get too much attention when this scene is more noteworthy: Click Here

There you have a wide shot with Sly pulling off at least 1.5"-2" taller than Kurt Russell. Lifts are a given, but even with huge lifts Sly had to be similar height to Russell to pull that off. Both were about 5'9", imo and within 1 cm max of each other peak. If Sly was 5'8.75" as I think was possibly most likely then I'd give Kurt a flat 5'9" max or if Sly was 175 cm, which I think was equally possible, then I'd give Kurt 176 cm max. Between that scene and the beginning with Geoffrey Lewis, Sly could pull off 5'11" at times in that film. If Sly was only 5'8.5" peak as is also possible, imo, then I'd give Kurt a weak 5'9" range max.

But I'd caution against comparing Sly to random people whose height we can't scrutinize. He's enigmatic enough when even comparing to people Rob met.
Rising - 174 cm said on 7/Aug/17
@Frankie: I'm not stupid, some of your comments have clearly been meant to refer to me. And no, I don't get into personal insults. If you'd like for us both to keep things more friendly then great, I have no problem with that. He could be as short as 5'8" flat these days, I've repeatedly stated that possibility since Creed was released.

@loka: Sly has a good 3-4 inches or so on that guy depending on the cap and posture, so I don't think that guy could be 5'8". Sly can still appear up to 5'10.5" in lifts based on what I've seen with his brother and Michael Rooker this year, but then that guy still wouldn't be 5'8".
Frankie68 said on 7/Aug/17
@parker I agree with you 100%
Parker said on 7/Aug/17
oka said on 6/Aug/17
The Guy on the right is 5 ft 8. Try to figure how sly appears so tall now...

Sly is either in lifts or the guy on the right is 5'6 and not 5'8.
Frankie68 said on 7/Aug/17
@rising, I never mention you or anyone in here by name if i dont agree with someones comments but I cant say the same for you. And obviously you take everything I say as a direct comment towards you , which is very weird since I never mention you or anyone else . But since you bash me all the time I guess you can say you got what was coming to you . And for the record I believe what I believe & you believe what you believe. It wouldnt surprise me if Stallone is under 5'8 & it wouldnt surprise me if he was 5'8 givin the footwear he wears . I hope those were coherent sentences for you .
Rising - 174 cm said on 6/Aug/17
@Rob: I think he might during the height of his lift wearing where he never appeared without noticeably thick shoes, but I think it's more likely if you see him looking 5'10" or 5'11" on the golf course, with chest out etc. Sly has looked shorter on the golf course, check out these 3 pics: Click Here If James Caan stands as straight, he'd be about the same height as Sly. But look at Sly on Las Vegas and you'll see him noticeably taller than Caan. These photos were a year after the ones with Nicholson and Hopper. Wahlberg is predictably shorter than Sly and Caan because he is. But "who knows!" is right.

@Frankie: Talk about projection. The funny thing is, I only started posting here regularly again early this year having not posted much for a long time before, yet Sly's height listing did not change in this time so I really have nothing to prove. You're the one who is WAY off from both Rob's listing and the average guesses so most pretty much agree that Sly was somewhere from 5'8.5" to 5'9" peak and is somewhere from 5'8" to 5'8.5" now. It would be too easy for me to trade insults with you so I'll refrain except to dispense some helpful advice: Before you tell anyone to get help, why don't you get some help composing coherent sentences.
loka said on 6/Aug/17
The Guy on the right is 5 ft 8. Try to figure how sly appears so tall now...

Pic taken last week.

Click Here
Rising - 174 cm said on 6/Aug/17
@Brad: Gazzara beat both the Greek and the young Italian Stallion. Dean Martin also at least beat or matched Kojak in Battle of the Big Shoes '74.

But there's no actual evidence he had anything in his golf shoes that day. I think there's a much better chance other occasions, especially later on when Sly never appeared without lifts and looked taller, probably around 2005-2006. But in 2002, when he was still appearing liftless with his wife in heels a year later? Nah. Doesn't make sense he'd do so to appear with middle aged Jack Nicholson and Dennis Hopper. At least Brad is only say he thinks, unlike someone who never supports any statement of theirs and shares a name with Sly's brother and father....
Editor Rob: I know Dons has said he's made elevator shoes for golf players, but whether sly would wear them on course who knows!
Frankie68 said on 5/Aug/17
There are some in this forum that need therapy when it comes to Stallone,, like its some crazy obsession to prove his height or to prove there right & your wrong !! Get help my friend !! Get help !! These Stallone height rants are borderline psychotic !! Do you dream about him !!
Rising - 174 cm said on 5/Aug/17
Jack only 5'8" at 65? How tall do you think he was at his peak? If he was 5'9.5" peak there's no way he lost 1.5" by 65. Sly is leaning into the first pic slightly, not quite effect there. Jack could look 5'9" as late as age 70 during events for The Bucket List and The Departed and there's no proof he was a lift wearer like Stallone and Douglas. I'm not saying Jack was still that tall, but I am saying 5'8.5" is pretty fair for 2002. I believe Hopper was 5'7" at that time. Rob gives him 5'8" peak, though I'm not sure he was ever that tall. He certainly wasn't the 5'8.5" he claimed, but I doubt he was 5'6" in his mid 60s.
Brad said on 5/Aug/17
I think Sly has a pad of rubbah in the golf shoes. He loves to be taller. Telly tuggin on his cheek looking at Sly's '75 cycle boots "nobody beats the greek my italian New Yawk friend, who loves ya baby?".
Frankie68 said on 5/Aug/17
@burby ,, sly def has loaded golf shoes on..
Brad said on 4/Aug/17
Is Hopper really 5' 7"? Both are leaning on one shoe.
Rising - 174 cm said on 4/Aug/17
Sly's golf shoes look no bulkier than Hopper or Douglas and Douglas was a big lift wearer himself. Sly only looks 5'9.25"-5'9.5" there and has the advantage, except for ground/tilt. Now in this one, Sly is slouching a bit himself and bending his knees while Hopper now has the advantages and you can see Sly now looks no more than a weak 5'9": Click Here I'd say he looks 5'8.75" there. In 2002, Sly was still wearing normal shoes at times. Even a year later in 2003, you can see Sly in normal dress shoes looking at least 1.5" shorter than Jennifer in heels at an event: Click Here

We caught Jennifer before she slouched in the first pic. You can see her drop height in the next two. And in the last 2 pics, I show what Sly looked like in lifts with Jennifer in heels a month before. Incidentally, a 5'7"-5'8" man would look much shorter than a 5'9" woman in heels. Sly looks about 178 cm in maybe 3 cm dress shoes or at least 2.5 cm minimum.

And here's what Sly looked like in lifts with Hopper 3 1/2 to 4 years later: Click Here

@loka: Thanks, I guess I misunderstood then. Yeah, you can often get a better idea of how tall these stars really are in their early career.

@Barry Fl: I don't think Arnold really inflated his height so much as he rounded up. As for Dolph, it depends on what claim we're talking about. Dolph certainly wasn't the 6'6" he claimed in the 80s, nor 6'5.5" except in shoes. He did also claim 195 cm around that same time, which I think is the tallest he could have possibly been, but he could have also been 193 cm minimum. I'm curious which end of that range Dolph is in and as for Arnold, you know how controversial his height is so it'd be good to hear Brigitte's take since I believe Sly was 174.5 to 175 cm and Eddie Murphy 176 cm or possibly 5'9" flat making her spot on. Of course, since she had an affair with Arnold, she'd be in a very good position to judge Arnold's height, much like Sly. As I mentioned on Brigitte's page, if you consider Sigourney Weaver also said Mel Gibson was 5'9", which I also believe is spot on or at worst, rounded up a fraction, these very tall actresses seem to have a very good perception of height. Now all we need is for Geena Davis to settle the Brad Pitt debate!
burby said on 4/Aug/17
If full "Stallone effect" with a no more than 5'8" Jack Nicholson. Hmm...maybe Sly has a little sumthin' sumthin' in those golf shoes?
Barry Fl said on 4/Aug/17
Brad said on 3/Aug/17
Those golf shots are strange...he owns a 5' 7" Hopper easy...3".

He's definitely taller, but do you not think if Hopper stood up a little straighter then the difference wouldn't look quite so much?
Barry Fl said on 4/Aug/17
loka said on 3/Aug/17
No Rising : i agree with you. 175 cm is the most rational guess. But Sometimes, like this recent cas where he meets a fan, he seems taller (5.10). Check my other post to see the case.

I'd struggle to believe Sly was 5'10 back in the 80s, let alone now. I really don't think he's lost much height over the years (and far too often seems to gain it magically). But he's a tricky one to pin down all right.

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