The Ultimate A$$hole

Running a website about Celebrities and their stature sometimes brings out nutcases, loon balls, and imposters. Telling one from the other can be hard at times. When a comment comes in purporting to be from a celebrity, 9 times out of 10 I won't even hesitate to delete it. Sometimes I will quickly read it and if it sounds reasonable and legible, then I might go a bit further and let it through with the caveat that 'who knows' if it is or isn't. But that's a very rare occurrence. Actors don't usually comment on forums, and those that do, will do so under the guise of somebody else.

One such occurrence happened late December, 2010. Approving comments as usual, my eyes cotton onto the following submission, by someone using the name of an actor I had met before, and whose photo with me was present on his page:

"Okay, ultimate asshole. I'm 5'9 1/2/ I rounded up to 5'10'. I'm human. Or, at least, I play one on TV. You forgot to mention that I'm standing on an elephant, you worthless, pathetic turd. Next time I see you- and I will - worm, shall be a life-changing event for you. You should have a cock-size website. You suck them all. You would know. Tiny jackass soon-to-be- beaten, little **** runt. I have a mission in life. It''s you, worthless, pissant. I will be the last thing you see, **** runt. worthless cock sucker. Live in fear , sister. I shall be the last thing you see"

This person worries me a little. Apart from the vitriolic language and Napoleonic anger, he at least attempted to punctuate his sentences. That's a lot better than most so called celebrity impersonators can manage. I gave this Angry Actor a little further examination. Reading several interviews by him I managed to get a better sense of his tone, language and humour. The more I read the more I started to think, maybe this was the real thing. I blocked any more postings from him till I investigated it a little bit more, especially as this man - whoever it may actually be - was very angry over a height listing, to the point of issuing threats.

There were other aspects of the post I could check, namely, where it actually originated. I found the town the actor was presently living in and then back traced the comment. To my surprise, it was from the very same town. Prior to this comment, I'd already seen the actor several times at conventions and thought he wasn't much taller than myself. Was he 5ft 9.5 though, well he didn't look that tall. I actually thought he came across as a decent and personable guy in person.

Now, I spent a bit of time trying to find out whether he was filming something at the time, as if he was, then you can be sure it was a friend or simply a prankster. On this occasion though, my findings suggested he was probably at home during the time the comment was made.

I put it to one side as I considered that this man had done a bunch of events and I was unlikely ever to see him again, so there's nothing to get worried about. A few months later I saw he was announced for a hotel convention in the UK, one which I wasn't booked for. Thank God I thought. Later that month though, I was reading a rival convention organisers forums and there, brazenly in bold at the top of the page read:

"Latest Guest Announcement: Angry Actor"

Shit. I'm all booked up for this bloody convention, and look who's going to be there. My nemesis, the last man I shall see on earth. He must be gunning for me, trying to do every event in the UK in the hope he'll finally get me and knock me six feet under. I clicked the announcement thread, hoping it was a mistake. Nope.

"Attending all 4 days" What the f**k....this is a bloody joke, I'm there all 4 days myself and this schmuck is going to be there. How am I going to avoid him. The event is held in a concourse, I walk around all day and see nearly every actor at least once wandering by me. This guy will be checking every face in the hope he catches glimpse of me. He clearly knows I attend events in the UK.

I figured that since all my photos are usually without glasses and I wear them when walking about, maybe my Clark Kent disguise would distract him enough to make my escape. But then, this man has probably burned my image into his brain and he'd be able to spot me in a monkey suit from a thousand feet away. Ok, without glasses was a long-shot.

What about hair dye? Going blonde might throw him off. What about letting my beard grow, then chopping it into a handlebar mustache. Always fancied donning one of those, maybe adding a leather jacket and cap. Nobody would guess it was me. Jenny scoffed at the idea. She said don't worry, I'll be your bodyguard. Me, need a bodyguard? Maybe...this guy after all was my number 1 enemy and he would be the last thing that I see. What if I cos-played all weekend. My friend jokes that I am the spitting image of Gordon Freeman from the Half Life game. The thought of a costume all weekend wasn't that appealing. Sod it. I'll just evade him all weekend. I don't have eyes on the back of my head, but Jenny, my bodyguard would happily leap to my defense should the situation turn ugly.

Shortly before the event I was reading the forum again hoping that I'd catch a glimpse of 'Guest cancellation: Angry Actor', but with every passing day, the chances became remote. He was already in the country for another event, and the convention I was attending was being held a couple of weeks later. It was a faint hope. I did read, however, the photo-shoot schedule. With the amount of photos I do at these events, sometimes managing to squeeze them all in is a military task in itself. With 2 photo-shoot areas, there's rarely an event where clashes don't occur.

This time though, I was less worried about clashes, but more worried about when the times of Angry Actor's photo-shoots were going to be. I scanned the listings and saw his was scheduled directly after a couple I was going to get. That was not good, I would need to ensure I was near the front of the queue to avoid the off-chance he might appear. Luckily there's usually 5 minutes between shoots, so I wasn't that worried.

I had managed to go the first day without spotting him, but the next day I saw him at a hundred yards, briskly heading my way � I wondered, maybe I had the wrong guy and it was simply a joke comment. Better not take the chance I thought, quickly turning in the opposite direction before his eye could catch my gaze. Later that day the time of the photo-shoot (before his) had approached and I was about midway through the queue, a relatively safe position I thought.

Going up to the actress I was queuing for I greeted her, smiled and the photo was taken. At that very moment I saw a blue-shirted crew member behind the photographer open the photo-shoot door and there behind him, my heart sank � the Angry Actor appeared...f**k, he's arrived 10 minutes early, he must have gotten wind that I was in the room. My heart rate suddenly tripled and I figured that this was it, my time was up. Death by tripod. He was only about 5 feet away and I quickly tried to figure how the heck was I going to not be seen by him. Luckily, a friend was after me in the queue and I managed to perform a kind of moonwalk so he didn't really see my face...I grabbed my bag and made it to the door, but foolishly glanced around slowly as I was exiting...I caught his gaze and for a brief moment his smile seemed to vanish. Before I knew if he recognised me I was out the door and moving at a rapid pace, heart pounding, but still ticking.

The rest of the weekend I never saw him again, apart from when he was at his desk and I was a safe distance. Did he really look 5ft 9.5? Nope, he was a little taller than myself but not one and a half inches taller. From 2010-2014 I never received another comment by this person. Was it really an Angry actor pissed off at Celebheights estimating him smaller than he claimed, or just just a jokester? I guess we'll never know...

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Hunch said on 25/Sep/17
There are enough possibilities we probably will never get it exactly. My guess though is Casey Biggs.
MJKoP said on 27/Jul/17
Johan said on 10/Jul/17
Its not really that hard to work out, just follow the trail of crumbs that Rob has given you.

He has a pic on the site with the guy, he is somewhere 5'8-5'9" range...Jenny also met him, he has a fraction more footwear, american, older than Rob...there are other things as well but cmon he doesn't need to say it.

I was going to post almost exactly what you said at least two months ago, but I didn't want to come off as too boastful or sound like a whistle blower. Rob is smart enough to know that anyone who can do some very amateurish detective work and factor in a simple process of elimination already knows the dude's if Rob is saying it without "saying it". I'm sure he would've remained completely silent had he not wanted us to put the pieces together. Your "secret" is safe with me, Rob. ;) Or should I say, it WAS! :P
Johan said on 18/Jul/17
his wife

So now if you didn't have a shortlist and if not why not? Just look for actors who were married around 2010 :)
Shredder said on 17/Jul/17
Rob is the a$$holes claim on his page and does Jenny have a pic up with him?
[Editor Rob: Jenny has met the A$$hole with me before, we talked to him actually together, with his wife!]
Johan said on 10/Jul/17
Its not really that hard to work out, just follow the trail of crumbs that Rob has given you.

He has a pic on the site with the guy, he is somewhere 5'8-5'9" range...Jenny also met him, he has a fraction more footwear, american, older than Rob...there are other things as well but cmon he doesn't need to say it.
ReallyShortRussianDude said on 27/Jun/17
If I had to have a punt on this I would go with Mark Christopher Lawrence, but I guess, like bigfoot it shall forever remain a mystery.
MJKoP said on 11/Jun/17
Funny how our classy thespian tries to insult Rob by claiming he "sucks them all", yet if that were really the case Rob'd list the dude at his claimed height of 5'10". :D
[Editor Rob: there's definitely nicer ways of saying 'Rob, I think you have listed my height wrong' 🙂]
Turtle said on 4/Jun/17
Great article! Cock size website haha. This actor should be a comedian.
Turtle said on 29/May/17
You should have fronted him up Rob! Then you'd know for sure.
Guessing you really believe it was the actor who made the comment, and that's why you didn't.
[Editor Rob: it seemed too coincidental for it not to be the actor...]
MJKoP said on 27/May/17 win on this one, Rob. I was being overly idealistic. If life were even remotely fair, you'd be able to freely out a guy you described as "The Ultimate A$$hole" who not only berated you, but made you feel as though your very life could be in danger. Quite fitting that you put two dollar signs in the word. I know they are frequently used to "censor" profanity as substitutes for a similar looking letter of the alphabet, but in this case it's about a guy who apparently thinks that because of his wealth and stature(no pun intended) he can cr@p all over the little guys who made his career possible.

It's unfortunate that the higher ups wouldn't put their feet down, but I suppose they also want as profitable a venue as can be, so if means having to kiss some actors' and actresses' ultimate a$$es, then so be it.
MJKoP said on 25/May/17
[Editor Rob: sometimes we do say things in haste, or even when drunk that we later feel regret...I'm sure you and I have been in that position.]

True enough, Rob, but if that were the case, he would seek reparations with you...that fact coupled with his demeanor being consistent when you next encountered him shows it's likely not just a one time slip-up that could be chalked up to booze or a moment of heated passion.

Besides, most people DO understand that we all make mistakes. So if you were to reveal his name and nothing extra, everyone could draw their own conclusions using both your testimony and what they already know about this said actor as helpful factors in guiding them towards reaching their own verdicts. You've provided what I can only assume to be the full context, so you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.
[Editor Rob: I do understand your point Adam.

For me, I do rely on going to events, so I've always tried to limit criticism or reasons to get banned...I know some folk who were just a bit critical of one organiser and ended up barred from their events.

It's something I don't want to jeopardise.]
MJKoP said on 23/May/17
This guy needs to be exposed ASAP. And I'm not saying this just to satiate my own morbid curiosity, but instead because I honestly believe that this self-entitled prick needs to be put in his place. No matter how rich, influential, or famous you are, you simply *cannot* go around threatening the lives of others.

You were a fan of his. You paid good money to have your picture taken with him. People like you are the reason for his fortune and success. The adjective "ungrateful" would be a gross understatement.

Revealing his identity would do absolutely no harm to you or website, but instead would bring this jerk down a few much-needed notches. He'll deserve any flak he receives from the general public or from any of his associates within the show business by them knowing what he's capable of.

Your continued protection of him only inflates his head even further and allows him to maintain his inexcusable holier-than-thou attitude without any challenge.

The fact that you shelled out your hard-earned cash to attend a convention for the sake of making a living and enjoying yourself, and that this loser caused you to have an entirely unpleasant and downright terrifying experience(ultimately leaving prematurely) is 100% grounds for depriving him of any privilege of anonymity.

I'm sure many people, including myself are even starting to question the authenticity of YOUR written accounts, wondering whether or not you just concocted the whole story for attention and increased site traffic. As CH has abundantly seen in the past, everybody loves good drama. Perhaps one might conclude that you just wanted another juicy controversy article after the immense popularity of "The Big Grapple", but you were fully exhausted of any buzz-generating tales that had truth.

Assert yourself, Rob...stand up to this pest and expose him for the vile menace that he is!
[Editor Rob: sometimes we do say things in haste, or even when drunk that we later feel regret...I'm sure you and I have been in that position.]
Blake said on 16/May/17
Depending on how well known the actor is you website would get a lot more clicks if it had that commotion surrounding it!
[Editor Rob: I understand what you mean, but I think it's probably best not calling out a name could make it worse from my end, I am still meeting actors after all!]
Blake said on 8/May/17
Rob, do you think you will ever reveal who it is? If you ever think about doing it you should setup a vote like you did before you met Glenn but instead of having it in the comments list all the possible candidates and vote with a style like you do for celebrities heights now. I know its a very far fetched idea btw!
[Editor Rob: I better not name directly!]
Arch Stanton said on 9/Apr/17
Robert Knepper has my vote too :-)
Paleman said on 3/Apr/17
Two suspects come to mind; James Marsters and Robert Knepper. Marsters fits all the criteria; is American, has a photo here in which he isn't frowning, claims 5'10" yet is listed as shorter and has an obvious height complex as indicated by his comment. Plus, he has (apparently?) said that he has a bad temper. Knepper fits many criteria too, but I don't know if he has a height complex. His outburst would make sense if he had half-jokingly slipped into his "T-Bag" role when posting the comment though...
RisingForce said on 27/Mar/17
So is Marsters ruled out? Is it someone who has a 5'10" claimed quoted at the top of their page?
[Editor Rob: I would say Marsters was a decent guy, I am certain somebody mentioned the name once on this page, or twice...maybe!]
Mofo said on 11/Mar/17
The ultimate A$$hole is Will Yun Lee....
Who else would be part of the ENS Elite Ninja Squad......
Blake said on 1/Feb/17
Certain it was Robert Knepper, but I know you won't say! Do you think there are any more articles like this one and the big grapple that you could write up about? If you can extract it from your height infested mind!
[Editor Rob: Blake, I would like to, if I have the time and right topics.]
Kourosh 5'9.5 (176cm-177cm) said on 28/Jan/17
just say it already rob.
berta said on 1/Dec/16
it was probably someone who wanted him to be listed taller than he was. i dont really think an actor would do that and escpeciellly write its real name
Matt said on 26/Feb/16
The Ultimate a$$hole is Robert Knepper. He fits every category perfectly.
[Editor Rob: I did see knepper jaywalking and getting the horn one time as he rushed across a road to catch a tube at earl's court in london one time!]
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 14/Feb/16
My guess is David Berman as the only comment on his page is someone at least purporting to be him insisting they're 5'10". There's a handful of other suspects too.
Patrick 5foot9 said on 16/Jan/16
What is, if someone would call the right name? I think we should have a change to regonized it, when the time has come ^^
Patrick 5foot9 said on 1/Dec/15
You rule out many names, but often tell people, that the called name is "probably" right. I can't believe you didnt rule out james marsters. I can't believe, you let him a candidate. Rob, can you please give me the information, if he is more based at series or movies, the american acotr? Thank you verry much Another question: Have he any roots in outland, the american actor? I mean, is it a guy like Ching Chang Chong, born, working and living in the USA?
[Editor Rob: he's American born and bred and older than me.]
CD said on 7/Sep/15
Rob does the UA have bigger footwear than you in your pic?
[Editor Rob: he might have a bit more...]
JT said on 2/Aug/15
Jeez, be a man and face him. Your running away further reinforced his perceived superiority over you.SMH
NBAer said on 30/Jul/15
Rob,what about Mark Sheppard?He's towered by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles definitely has 3 inches on him in Supernatural,he's even said in an interview that he's intimidated by Jared's presence...Could this be The Ultimate A$$hole??
[Editor Rob: Mark does claim 5ft 10 on twitter...a bit of a stretch, but I wouldn't call him the A$$hole.]
MJKoP said on 4/Jul/15
And in regards to Rob as Gordon Freeman: Yes, you look just like him. But I might say you're a tad more verbose than the crowbar-wielding hero!! ;-)
MJKoP said on 4/Jul/15
You really think that a celebrity in the public spotlight is going to try something funny in a room full of witnesses and security?? If I were Rob, I would've gone out of my way to make sure that this "Angry Actor" DID see my face, just so I could rub my freedom of speech right in his bitter nose. I'd also downgrade his height to 5'3" or something like that...and find a picture of him with a six foot three-ish fan and list the fan as 5'9" to substantiate the claim.

In fact, I would report his rubbish ass and IP address to the authorities for making terroristic threats and let the police intervene and see how his 5'8.5ish sphincter fairs in prison. I'm willing to bet that it would make a pretty big news story and cause a great deal of much-deserved humiliation for this said asshole.

Just my opinion Rob, but I certainly wouldn't have handled it the way you did!!!
Bill said on 29/Jun/15
Haha great read Rob!
CD said on 24/Jun/15
Rob when you said " but believe me James Marsters is further from the mark than those names above..." did you mean he is further from the 5ft 9 mark or what, I didn't quite catch your meaning?
[Editor Rob: up close I think Marsters actually looked 5ft 9]
TJE said on 22/Jun/15
Ok, let's take a step back. Rob, does the Ulitmate A$$hole have a picture on Celebheights?
[Editor Rob: he does, he's certainly not frowning in the photo ! ]
Matthew said on 12/Jun/15
Anyways, this was a funny read! And yes, personally I'd guess it's someone who didn't get the full 5'9" listing. I could see someone who claims 5'10" and is height sensitive really getting ticked off about seeing 5ft 8.75 in or 5ft 8.5 in next to their name. So my top suspects are Sam Trammell, Casey Biggs, Robert Knepper, or Mark Christopher Lawrence. Obviously I'm only guessing but I just see someone being especially more mad about being called 5'8" and change than getting called 5'9".
Matthew said on 5/Jun/15
TJE says on 9/Apr/15 Rob, based on the criteria you've given us and who you've said wasn't the Ultimate A$$hole, I've narrowed down the identity to five people: Will Yun Lee Casey Biggs Mark Christopher Lawrence David Berman Fredric Lehne So, Rob, have I listed the Ultimate A$$hole or not? --- I don't think it's Will Yun Lee, because he only claims 5'9". Ultimate A$$hole claims 5'10" (or 5'9.5" at least). Any of the others are reasonable suspects.
[Editor Rob: he's definitely been mentioned on this thread!]
Loop said on 28/Apr/15
who is this man?
as a visitor of your site I think I should know
stefen said on 19/Apr/15
Rob, is there big difference between a 5'8 and 5'10 tall men?
[Editor Rob: well it's not that much, but visually it is noticeable. I will be looking typically at the very tip of a 5ft 10 man's nose.]
TJE said on 9/Apr/15
Rob, based on the criteria you've given us and who you've said wasn't the Ultimate A$$hole, I've narrowed down the identity to five people: Will Yun Lee Casey Biggs Mark Christopher Lawrence David Berman Fredric Lehne So, Rob, have I listed the Ultimate A$$hole or not?
[Editor Rob: good to see you going through all the 5ft 8.5-9 range guys :) There are quite a few around that range who could be one of them, but believe me James Marsters is further from the mark than those names above...]
Boxin said on 4/Apr/15
You're such a wuss rob. Hes only 5'9, youre practically 5'9 too. I'd fight him and I think you should of included this nut case and exposed him. Who was he ? If youre not scared still....We would appreciate this loonatics name. He probably was joking.
Connor6'0 said on 30/Mar/15
@Brad yes The Ultimate A$$hole is defo Justin Bieber! I 100% agree with you
Rotary said on 12/Mar/15
Is it Charlie Sheen, Rob?
He is between 30-50 age range as well as between 5 8-9.
blue said on 12/Mar/15
@Rob So he's an american actor.... do you have a clock in your house where there's a photo of the actor who plays his enemy in an awesome serie?
[Editor Rob: I've not seen James Marsters for a while, but he wouldn't be a problem seeing again :)]
Brad said on 3/Mar/15
Justin Bieber.
Sam said on 9/Feb/15
Damn, you make it sound like he's 6ft5. Must have been angry.
CD said on 6/Feb/15
Rob hasn't met Jason Statham in person though :)
Mathew said on 5/Feb/15
RisingForce says on 30/Jul/14
My guess is also Marsters. Remember, Marsters claimed 5'10". If it's not Marsters, then Rob did a great job fooling us and letting us believe it's him because that's the guess I'm sticking with.


He certainly fits the description in every way. We know it's gotta be an American actor who Rob has a pic with listed 5'8.5" - 5'9" range who claims 5'10" in his 30s 40s or 50s. We know he's not bald either, and that he does conventions in the UK. I'd imagine that only a handful of guys really fit all of those categories.
Kourosh said on 1/Feb/15
Jason statham.

the way rob is afraid of revealing the true identity of this ultimate asshole because how badly he would get hurt , jason statham was the only one name that pop in my mind. Hes 5'9 and hes a tough guy.

but well written article rob just like Big Apple. good job!
Dago Red said on 18/Nov/14
I dunno, but on Marsters I-m-d-b he does say his temper is his weakness. I couldn't find anything about him being a tough guy or doing any kind of training, or even getting in to a fight. Whoever wrote that email needs a therapist.
Denisov said on 8/Nov/14
Rob Robert Picardo?
[Editor Rob: he's in that range, not seen him for a few years though.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Oct/14
Rob, what's the risk of revealing the mystery man?
[Editor Rob: word might get back to him! Maybe it is best being left a could be anyone in 5ft 8-9 range I've met, so the field is narrow.]
Kenny said on 14/Oct/14
Seriously now rob, are you afraid of that guy?
You are supposed to be have been doing karate or something for a lot of years yet you are still that much afraid of him? If it is even him to begin with! And even if he is, he probably wrote that just for fun. Act like a man...
184.3cm said on 11/Oct/14
Ah forget Milo you met him again in 2014 i doubt you are in a hurry to meet this guy again !
[Editor Rob: I only got Milo again as I wanted to see what he was doing in photos, and definitely has taken tips from Sly for an extra bit of height.]
184.3cm said on 11/Oct/14
Milo Ventimiglia, Christian Kane, James Marsters maybe one of these is a possibility. I picked out these three as they seem height sensitive all look similar to you on photo and all claim a greater height.
184.3cm said on 9/Oct/14
Sounds like he had a tantrum and then afterwards realised what an idiot he was. I would also like to know who it is send him a message of my own.
[Editor Rob: it's better for me not to say his name, although there's a limited amount of 5ft 8-9 ranged actors I've seen in my time here!]
lelman said on 18/Sep/14
Heh, when I was reading it I pictured it as Ian Somerhalder for some reason, made the story that much more entertaining. Yeah I think Marsters sounds like a good possibility. Although there is a long list of people it could be. I think that it would have to be somebody listed at 5ft 8.5ish - would somebody really care this much about half an inch? Someone like Pegg (but obviously not him.) In all seriousness, I'm sure you value your face but I would've have just stuck around when he was walking towards you. What's he really going to do? Beat you up at a convention? Great career move. He would have been pulled off of you immediately anyway, if that was his intention, so you wouldn't have gotten hurt. I think Rob's obvious fear that something might happen indicates this man doesn't have much to lose (I.E. not a big name). If it was Mark Walberg or Simon Pegg, then I doubt he'd be too worried that they'd actually assault him otherwise their careers would take a massive hit. Also, I can't see someone that big caring about a height website like that.
[Editor Rob: Ian is a reasonably cool dude and he gets a fraction over 5ft 9 listing, so he's off the radar :)]
Emil 182.5 cm said on 13/Sep/14
@Rob Just to make sure, do YOU know who it is? Not asking you to reveal it, though
[Editor Rob: yes of course I do :)]
Gonzalo said on 1/Sep/14
I'm pretty sure that the Ultimate A$$hole is James Marsters. I mean, he fits the role in every single category: age range, he's about 5'9" and quite sensitive about it, he's American, claims to be taller than what he actually is AND if you look at his page you can see that Rob's even covered his own face in the pic, almost as if he didn't want him to be able to recognize him at events and stuff.
[Editor Rob: would you believe Jenny has a SPIKE tattoo... whether that is relevant or not I'm not sure :)]
TJE said on 30/Aug/14
Has he met Jenny too?
[Editor Rob: she has seen him a few times.]
shaunfiveten said on 29/Aug/14
Rob could the Ultimate A$$hole be Chuck Campbell?
[Editor Rob: strike chuck from that, he's a good guy!]
Joshuatree87 said on 21/Aug/14
Rob does the Ultimate A$$hole have brown hair, blonde hair or dark hair?
[Editor Rob: he does have hair, definitely not green, red or yellow]
Connor 183cm said on 5/Aug/14
Rob maybe the Ultimate A$$hole is Justin Bieber? : )
[Editor Rob: he might fit the description with his behaviour, but the real UA I believe is planning a trip to the UK in 2015, he's out for blood.]
RisingForce said on 30/Jul/14
My guess is also Marsters. Remember, Marsters claimed 5'10". If it's not Marsters, then Rob did a great job fooling us and letting us believe it's him because that's the guess I'm sticking with.
TJE said on 27/Jul/14
I have a feeling the UA never made it to 5'9. It would especially make someone mad to learn that they are only 5'8.75, more so than 5'9.
Lo sgozzatore said on 24/Jul/14
Naa, that's not Knepper! Rob is trying to confuse us because it became too obvious that the UA is Marsters :)
[Editor Rob: James is among the possible list of suspects.]
TJE said on 23/Jul/14
Could it be Casey Biggs?
[Editor Rob: one of about 50 possibilities probably!]
TJE said on 21/Jul/14
What age range would you put him in, Rob?
[Editor Rob: not over 60 and not under 30]
SaveUsY2J said on 16/Jul/14
Actually hadn't considered the possibility of it being Robert Knepper...
[Editor Rob: Knepper has been at 3 events since I got him years back, but never felt the need to get another photo...hmm...]
issa said on 5/Jul/14
I think the ultimate asshole is James Kyson Lee.
SaveUsY2J said on 17/Jun/14
@Sean73- Rob's never met Kiefer so that rules him out...
Sean73 said on 5/Jun/14
My guess is kiefer sutherland.he's quoted 5'9 to 5'10 and adamant about it too.Plus not the nicest guy when he's been drinking.Having a tall father might make him a little insecure i would think.
Halb said on 23/May/14
I reckon you should have chatted with him. What's the worst that could happen? :D
[Editor Rob: I may not be here typing this ;) ]
lawrence said on 14/May/14
5'9" is the best(perfect-can't complain kinda height that blends in well with other heights, you don't look short and not too tall. At it's the baseline for confidence, anything lower like 5'8 is considered short and psycologically makes you feel inadequate. And 5'10" or taller looks too much and monsterous kinda ugly. 5'9 -5'9,5" is sweet , charming, mysterious and most babe guys are no less than this height and not much more
Connor 183.9cm said on 9/May/14
Rob who is this "Ultimate A$$hole guy" is he a user from the site? doesnt sound like a nice guy, very angry too from the sound of it.
[Editor Rob: it's an actor]
Balrog said on 5/May/14
Gotta be Marsters, wow I'm really surprised! Be careful, Rob!
[Editor Rob: Marsters is one of about 25 possible names!]
Shawn said on 3/May/14
All signs point to it being James Marsters. He's photographed with Rob, claimed 5'10" and looks 5'9", is American, and not on 24. Can't see it being anyone else. And the quote by him at the top of his page shows an obvious height complex.
The milkman said on 22/Apr/14
Haha na I defo wouldn't! Or anyone from a squad either. This dude sounds unhinged!
5'9 5'10 said on 22/Apr/14
I think it's the guy from the walking dead the guy who play merel and voiced harper in black ops 2 I keep forgetting his name michael rooker he's listed as 5'9 and is mention that he could look 5'8 1/2 and he claims he's is 5'10. Plus why complain about being listed at 5'9 it's around average height people would kill to be 5'9 even tall people say average height is the best they hate being tall but again tall can be confident and love their height and accept it. Whoever this guy is who is mad about a listing he might of been measured at 5'9 1/2 and was like a early morning measurement or was at a doctors and got measured that high and could be only 5'8 1/2 or 5'9. I've been measured at 5'10 1/2 at the doctors office before but I've been measured always between 5'9 and 5'10 and I know I didn't grow. So... My conclusion is he might he might of gotten measured an inch higher then his real height or he is really that height and doesn't look it. Not doubting you rob. It's just my opinion. Hope this helps a little. Or the guy could really be 5'3 and wear magical lifts joking
Tape Measure said on 19/Apr/14
I reckon it's James Marsters. Rob's even covered his own face in the photos with him - a cryptic clue? Plus, he claims 5' 10", is American and is 5' 9" max...
[Editor Rob: Marsters is a possibility]
The milkman said on 18/Apr/14
Great story Rob! You do sound like a wuss tho, I thought Scottish blokes were supposed to be tough!
[Editor Rob: I'm luring the Ultimate Asshole into a false sense of security ;) I mean would you want to fight someone who used to be part of a gang called THE ENS (Elite Ninja Squad)!!?]
SaveUsY2J said on 17/Apr/14
Rob, I'm going to the LFCC this July- if I see you there do I have permission to ask the identity of the Ultimate A$$hole? Promise it'll remain confidential :P
[Editor Rob: you can ask Jenny, she will tell you...then it is on her head, he'll be after her if it got out ;)]
french guy( 184-182 cm) said on 11/Apr/14
Click Here

someone listed there...
Maio said on 8/Apr/14
In italian language, someone like Ultimate As$hole is called "stronzo".
You can surf on web and see what is its traduction...
the shredder said on 28/Mar/14
Yep we figured it out Rob , James Marsters.
Lo sgozzatore said on 27/Mar/14
Is he really James Marsters, Rob? He seems a nice guy in interviews... I saw a video where he joked about being a dwarf next to Tom Welling, he said something like "He's tall, i'm not". Doesnt seem a guy who cares too much about height. I'd be surprised if it was him!
[Editor Rob: I am not going to say his name, it could be anybody near 5ft 9 ;)]
Lo sgozzatore said on 26/Mar/14
Is he a tough guy, Rob? You seem quite scared of him. You could ask the last challenger to be your bodyguard when you walk around ;) I doubt he'll even try to get close to you...
[Editor Rob: not so much a tough guy, I think some roles he's been toughish or a baddie]
cole said on 26/Mar/14
@the shredder: Totally forgot about Marsters, and he did claim 5'10! Omg it's him :O

@Editor Rob: Hahahah! This really blows my mind. I can't believe he's actually raging that hard from something someone said about his height, ON THE INTERNET. Some people...
the shredder said on 25/Mar/14
The Ultimate A$$hole is James Marsters.
cole said on 25/Mar/14
My bet is on Carlos Bernard or Jude Ciccolella. Wouldn't bet on it being Milo Ventimiglia. Am I close Rob? Did the The Ultimate A$$hole appear on the TV series 24? ;)
[Editor Rob: he's appeared in a few tv series over the years. would you believe the other day I was away from home at a hotel and at 11.30 got woken from my slumber by thudding on my door, which went on for several minutes...I really thought the Ultimate A$$hole had tracked me down and was trying to bash my door in!]
James said on 20/Mar/14
What is the guy listed at?
[Editor Rob: 5ft 8.5 or 9 but not above that!]
ilromanspqr said on 19/Mar/14
Great story. Im always interested in peoples heights too. I disagree with you sometimes on heights but I think you honestly try your best to peg someone's height accurately. Why someone would threaten you in such a way is madness. I hate bullies. Also I recently visited madam tussauds london and noticed some actors were taller than I had imagined. What do you know about the accuracy of those wax figures?.
[Editor Rob: in some cases a celebrity may have agreed to be measured, other times they do the same thing as a site like this - guess :)]
Arthur said on 19/Mar/14
Carlos Bernard Milo Ventimiglia Christian Kane Chuck Campbell ooooooor Sam Trammell. Is he one of them Rob? D
[Editor Rob: it's definitely not Kane :)]
the shredder said on 14/Mar/14
The Ultimate A$$hole is Francois Chau or Paul McGillion.
[Editor Rob: McGillion is really Scots/Canadian so rule him out ;)]
Chris said on 8/Mar/14
Mel Gibson would fit this to a tee, but Rob has him listed as 5.9'5, and he insists he's not that height. Or is he just scared to downgrade him?;) Anyway, i think this must be a lesser-known actor. But maybe i'm wrong
[Editor Rob: I've never met Mel so it won't be him]
Balrog said on 7/Mar/14
Rob what a great article! Well, I'm going to start guessing: My first two choices would be Christian Kane and Carlos Bernard, wrong on both?
[Editor Rob: definitely not Kane]
Rich Hall said on 7/Mar/14
lol Rob, that's great material for a comedy. You could make a fortune on the script bra!
yeah Chris, can't be Shia, it happened too long ago. I kept picturing either Vincent Gallo (check out Buffalo '66 if you haven't, it's brilliant!) or Mel Gibson (again, loved him in the 1st two Lethal Weapons and Mad Max series but he kinda went cookoo loco afterwards)
woulda been hilarious to see Rob chased by Mel across a room full of reporters haha
It can't be Sly, the dude seems super mellow! In the action guys, if not Mel, I would guess Jason Statham and if it's him, yeah Rob, I totally get why you didn't stick around to find out, the dude looks scary even when he's smiling lol
miko said on 6/Mar/14
Rob you had me rolling around with laughter this is a hilarious story!
[Editor Rob: and true aswell, no joke, anybody is free to ask my bodyguard Jenny in person about the A$$hole!]
Chris said on 6/Mar/14
Reading this i got a Shia Labeouf vibe. He's not the most calm-headed guy and has been in a few fights. But i feel it would be an older person.
Arch Stanton said on 6/Mar/14
Well we know he's not British and uses the language typical of an asshole Yank. So American, weak 5'9" and probably actually a tough guy in real life judging by Rob's reaction to him.
Sean said on 6/Mar/14
It can't be Stallone, Rob's never had a picture with him. Have you taken down the pic of Angry Actor to further throw us off the trail, Rob? And I agree with Tommo, your articles are great!
[Editor Rob: no the picture is still up ;) but the site has come under more attacks since that article went up!]
Paul177 said on 1/Mar/14
It's Sly Stallone...
Emil said on 19/Feb/14
Rob, I will beat the f**k out of The Ultimate a$$hole.
Tommo said on 5/Feb/14
You've got a talent for writing Rob, you should definitely do more articles! Any chance of a name and shame?
[Editor Rob: and lose my life?

no chance ;) I will say it was an American actor :)]
cd said on 4/Feb/14
Rob, did you ban shredder or something? And the ultimate a$$hole isn't Simon Pegg is it?
[Editor Rob: shredder is allowed back, he was banned for a whle. Pegg isn't the ultimate A$$ though.]
The Ultimate A$$hole said on 31/Jan/14
Who the f**k is Shredder? I'll beat the **** out of his ass too.
[Editor Rob: after you've beaten yourself up, you should reply to the email I had sent a few weeks ago!]
The Ultimate A$$hole said on 28/Jan/14
You sick son of a bitch. You can't man up and face me. When I see you again I am going to close fist beat the living **** out of your ugly ****ing face.
[Editor Rob: Shredder, impersonating the Ultimate A$$hole will make him even more angry!]
Phantom said on 28/Jan/14
Unfortunately this angry actor is pretty much average in height, so it'll be impossible to guess who it is.

Not sure why he has such a height complex though, there's a lot worse things in life than being average in height.
Josh b said on 21/Jan/14
Awesome story Rob, who would have known the life of a website editor was so full of danger. I'm trying to figure out who the person is though.
[Editor Rob: it's best not mentioning it online ;)]

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