Tall Fathers and Short Sons

CelebHeights.com has compiled a list of famous Celebrity Father's and Sons who are several inches shorter than their Dad's.

1) WILL SMITH (6ft 1.5) and JADEN SMITH (5ft 7)

2) JAMES CAAN (5ft 9) and SCOTT CAAN (5ft 5)

James Caan and Scott
Photos by PR Photos


4) JAMES BROLIN (6ft 3) and JOSH BROLIN (5ft 9.5)

5) TIM ROBBINS (6ft 4.75) and MILES ROBBINS (6ft)

6) MARTIN SHEEN (5ft 7) and EMILIO ESTEVEZ (5ft 4)

Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez
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7) JIM HUTTON (6ft 4.5) and TIMOTHY HUTTON (6ft)

8) CLINT EASTWOOD (6ft 3.5 Peak) and SCOTT EASTWOOD (5ft 10.75)

Clint and Scott Eastwood

9) JOHN WAYNE (6ft 3.75) and PATRICK WAYNE (6ft 1)

10) OZZY OSBOURNE (5ft 9) and JACK OSBOURNE (5ft 6)

Ozzy Osbourne and Jack

11) SEAN CONNERY (6ft 2) and JASON CONNERY (5ft 11)

12) RANCE HOWARD (6ft 0.5) and RON (5ft 8.5), CLINT (5ft 6.5)

Rance Howard and Ron

Rance Howard and Clint

13) MORGAN FREEMAN (6ft 2) and ALFONSO FREEMAN (5ft 9)

Morgan Freeman and Alfonso

14) JIM BELUSHI (5ft 11) and ROBERT BELUSHI (5ft 6)

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Iamfrench said on 28/Sep/21
My dad is a strong 187cm, I am 178-179 at 16 1/2.
Morgan Kaye said on 10/Dec/20
My Dad is 5'11.5-6'0, I'm a weak 5'9 :(
I don't think I've fully grown yet at 17, as I'm a late bloomer, but I don't see myself growing more than an inch or so.
mattagg said on 29/Nov/20
my best friend and i are both 172cm. Only difference is my dad is 180cm, and his dad is 165cm! Little salty about that. Genetics are ****ing weird, man.
seyoung choi said on 1/Nov/20
My mom is 5'4.5, dad-5'6 and Im 6'0.5 and older brother 5'11.5. Moms side shortest male is 5'9 and dad side tallest male is 5'6.5 so clearly i took after maternal side.
Editor Rob
so it shows sometimes people can end up quite significantly taller than a 'height prediction' formula might determine you might end up.
Mone Kamishiraishi said on 24/Sep/20
Totally the opposite for me as well. My dad is 5 ft 5, my mom is 5 ft 2, my sisters are 5 ft 3 and 5 ft 4 respectively. I am 6 ft.
6'3 Julian said on 20/Sep/20
I’m the opposite. None of my family is over 5’10 except me, I’m 6’3 legit and 207ish pounds
Gwyndeinn said on 28/Jul/20
My father is 192 cm and I'm 172-173 cm, lmao
MLG Godzilla said on 19/Jul/20
Yup, i am in the tall dad, short son gang too, my father was 5'11", i am 5'10" and i am 20 years old, so probably i won't reach that height.
JER62 said on 4/Jul/20
A number of guys from my high school class came back for the 10 yr reunion and were a number of inches taller, I was very surprised. Unfortunately, I was not one of them I was 5'9 1/2", I am sure I am not that tall now at 75. I have to say Rob I find this website endlessly fascinating! Thanks! Jer62
Sean95 said on 17/Jun/20
I am 5'11-5'11.25 and I estimate my Dad at 6'0 (claims 6'2 but doubt he's lost anything at 54) my mum 5'3.75, older sister 5'6.75-5'7 and my younger brother maybe 5'11.25-5'11.5 (claims 6'0 but more reasonable claim) but I'm a elevator/lift wearer so I appear slightly taller. My aunties on my Dad's side are quite tall 5'10.5 and 5'11, and my uncle 6'2-6'2.5 but unfortunately he died when I was 2
Sulu2020 said on 5/Mar/20
I am 6ft 1 (185cm), my dad was 5ft 7.5 (171cm) on his peak (possibly, but not certainly at 5ft 7 or 170cm right now), my paternal grandfather was 5ft 7 (170cm) on his peak (likely now roughly at 5ft 5-5ft 5.5 or 165cm-166cm), and my maternal grandfather was 6ft (183cm) on his peak.
Rev9 said on 29/Feb/20
Wow , it didn't happen to me , I'm the same height as my dad 5'9.25 , but my little brother is taller than us (5'11.5 maybe), I think that's a more common thing.
Camitori said on 15/Jan/20
Good to know im not the only one, Im 19 and 172 cm, my dad was 182 cm on his peak. My bro with 16 years is 178 cm.
Charles Roundtree Jr. said on 10/Jan/20
I am 6'0 with 6'3 father and 5'6 mother.
Alex Schulz said on 9/Jan/20
Hello Rob, about two weeks ago I turned 16, I'm 185.5 cm (6'1) tall male, my father is 180 (5'11) and my mother is 156 (5'1.5") cm tall. Do you think I'll be able to hit the 190 cm (6'3) mark? My father stopped his growth at 20 years old and I grew about an inch in half a year. I would be glad if you could answer me...
Editor Rob
A 16 year old could still gain a few cm, so 190 isn't out of the question.
Peter175 said on 1/Jan/20
Also Donald does look around 7-8 inches on his son if you take into account how to looked in film and not posing for pictures. Kiefer might be 5'9 though
Peter175 said on 1/Jan/20
I am 5'9 with 6'1" father and 5'1 mother.
Nik Ashton said on 1/Dec/19
@ x99 - Amazing! How tall is your Mum?
Importer said on 17/Oct/19
@Chris Junior Hernandez 1990
How tall were your father’s parents if you don’t mind me asking.
x99 said on 8/Oct/19
No one here can beat the height difference between my father and me. He was 6'5 and I'm a flat 5'8.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 15/Aug/19
I think mostly a father is tall and son is short was due to the mother gene. If a dad is 6'0 and a mom is 5'0 then the son often grow up to be 5'6-5'10 range, one of my friend cases a 6'1 dad, 5'2 mom and he stopped at 5'11 not so bad. But if a dad is 6'3 and mom 5'10 and son going to be higher chance hitting 6'5 up to 6'9 jackpot. My dad is 6'0 peak and my mom 5'7 and all my 6 brothers hit over 6'0 from 6'1 up to 6'7 1/2, my tallest two brother and i were luckiest ones to hit over 6'5. Dad and mom height with a gap of 5-6" would have 50/50 to have taller sons and gap between 7-10" usually would have a son near or same height with the father but gap between 11" or over would have tragic like 6'0 Common having a 6'8 dad due to a 5'0 mom. But the rare case of taller mother and shorter dad between 1-2" gap would have super tall daughters than sons that i see it often. My aunt is 6'0 and her husband 5'11 and my cousin who just turn 16 this year shes 6'2" on the nose while her two brother were reach up barely 6'0 same like her mom. I'm thinking best height was 6'2 dad matches a 5'10 mom that would have at least a son reach 6'5. But i heard some genectic pass through from their grandparents instate of own parents. The only case i know non gigantism chinese guy reach 6'9 while both his parents were under 5'5 but his maternal grandfather were over 6'0.
15m178cm said on 12/May/19
You forgot Bill Gates and his giant dad
TheBat said on 8/May/19
You forgot about Robert Downey Jr. and his 6'3" dad.
Littlelee5ft6 said on 24/Apr/19
Pretty sure jack Osbourne is 5ft 8 though
Nik said on 24/Apr/19
When my Dad was in his 60's he was as tall as me even though I was in my 20's and 30's at the time.
Andrea said on 22/Apr/19
Interesting article! 👍 Although some photos don't quite show the difference you would expect, assuming that those celebrities really are as tall as listed, like Donald and Kiefer Sutherland's, where it is certainly hard to believe there's as much as 8 inches between them: Click Here
Editor Rob
It's arguable Donald could have been 6ft 3, but a lot of the time never seems to stand tall, and shrinking over the years doesn't help.
Terrier said on 22/Apr/19
That goes to show that sons can sometimes end up many inches shorter than their Fathers. I wound up 1 inch taller than mine.

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