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5ft 0.64in (154cm)
Bob said on 15/Nov/10
Rina: For a girl 1.55cm is a perfect body! Women must be small and petite. Obviously you are one of the giraffes who are jealous of petite women.
rina said on 14/Nov/10
I dont belive it, she is so short - is not perfectbody to be only 1.55 cm !
kate said on 2/Jul/09
I never understood why people are so rude about height. Being tall doesn't mean you're automatically "elegant" and beautiful. I could say some tall people look gargantuan and clumsy.
what? said on 1/Jul/09
@dave Actually 5'4" is average for an American woman. You're wrong.
dave said on 30/Jun/09
S.R.T says on 6/Jun/09
Sarah says on 24/May/09
Markus, 5'4" is not TINY for a girl. It's average.

HAH 5'4" is NOT average. That would be short! Peple are getting taller all the time, every generation, at least where I America. Average for a girl is 5'6" or even 5'7".

absolute RUBBISH S.R.T....

i think youll find that 5'4 is a very fair global average for female height, even in the dinaric alps the average for women is 5'7 JUST, and they are some of the tallest women on earth, and i can 100% guarantee that the average girls in your area are not 5'6-5'7, do you realise what you are saying, that there are as many 5'8-5'10 women as there are 5'4-5'7.... NO WAY.

5'4 is not tiny for a girl, tiny for a girl is 5' and under.
Kit said on 24/Jun/09
Well yeah brapp that was clumsily written. What kind of neutral statement is that? Tallness is beautiful and elegant and petite is cute?? What the hell is that> Tall people can't be considered cute and short people can't be considered beautiful and elegant. What a heap of crap!
MissElizabeth said on 22/Jun/09
Petite is just as beautiful, elegant and sexy as any tall person. It is confirmed that Lady Gaga is 5'1 as well as Christina. Britney and Madonna are about 5'3, 5'4 which is average. As for the person who said petite people are squat and stumpy should look in the mirror before bashing people they haven't even met. I bet we all could make fun of you too!
brapp said on 20/Jun/09
Can I just say, tallness is beautiful and elegant, being petite is cute and average-height women have the best of both worlds. But your height is not your identity, it depends on your personality. some little women appear to fill up a room with their charisma, and likewise tall women can be shrinking violets.

What I'm trying to say is, stop with the nasty comments about "squat" people because height realllly doesn't come into the equation with how beautiful someone is, short and tallness have their positives, and anyway it's what inside that counts.

ok I know that was clumsily written...
brapp said on 20/Jun/09
the average height for english women is 5'3" something, less than 5'4". But that includes middle-aged women, who may have shrunk, and this is the measured heights - as sarah kato says, most 5'3 - 5'4" women claim 5'5" or 5'6".

Anyways theres a picture of lady gaga on the beach, she looks really petite, like 5'1"
Charley said on 14/Jun/09
SRT: 5'4 is average, unlike what your research states, which sounds like something you made up. Look it up, actually I'm lying the average is 5'4 and three quarters. 5'7 is not average, that's one huge woman, it's considered tall. Look it up, and save yourself from looking like a fool.
tom said on 12/Jun/09
i see her as being around 5'1 to 5'1.5 so yeh spot on really
Sarah Kato said on 11/Jun/09
She seems slightly shorter than me, and I'm 5'3", so I'll buy 5'1" for her.

EVERYONE seems to exaggerate their height. People are surprised when I tell them I'm only 5'3", and I never wear heels. It's like they're so used to women my size claiming 5'6". But yeah, the actual average height for women is about 5'4.5".
Sharon Kliger said on 10/Jun/09
I am really surprised that she is only 5'1. I read somewhere that she is 5'7. When she wears those high heels in her videos she looked massive so it is a shock that she is not tall. But at least she looks more like a woman being that height because females are meant to be petite.
Dom said on 9/Jun/09
S.R.T. the average height for a woman is definately nothing over 5'4.5"
Anonymous said on 9/Jun/09
I'm sorry, but 5'4'', as ridiculous as it may sound, is the average woman's height in both America and Britain.
People may be getting taller, but they're not that tall really - as a 5'9'' girl, I often realise that I'm the tallest person walking the street or in a shop, including the men!
5'1'' seems about right for her - she's quite petite.
S.R.T said on 6/Jun/09
Sarah says on 24/May/09
Markus, 5'4" is not TINY for a girl. It's average.

HAH 5'4" is NOT average. That would be short! Peple are getting taller all the time, every generation, at least where I America. Average for a girl is 5'6" or even 5'7".
RD said on 4/Jun/09
Big T,the way to describe her is very very insulting...."to me she just looks squat and stumpy and the very epitome of a short looking person"...u are soooo shallow..all of you making fun og height...ofcourse making fun and critisizing appearence in general has a very strong reason if you read psychanalysis,but making fun and discriminating ppl for their height indicates a lack of character and deep self consciousness
OutBenchThis said on 1/Jun/09
Kylie, Madonna, Aguilera and her..they're so small..I'm surprised they can pull off the height and not look like juveniles.
MD said on 31/May/09
Sad for her?! How insulting. I'm sure she's not sad for herself. You act as she was a certifiable little person. She's really only 3 or 4 inches shorter than average, which would be like a guy in the US being 5'6".

Really, you can save your tears; she doesn't need them.
grim said on 31/May/09
i thought she was 5'8 -_- im very sad for her i luv her
Big T said on 28/May/09
It's funny that several people have commented that she is taller than this. Pretty much my first thought the first time I saw her was that she seemed short- I wouldn't call her long-legged, to me she just looks squat and stumpy and the very epitome of a short looking person.

Wouldn't be at all surprised if she was shorter than this but you're unlikely to ever catch her out of mega heels.
Leung said on 26/May/09
Markus, surely you have heard worse, but I apologise. Back to height, yes I agree that Aguilera and Gaga are tiny, but not Madonna or Britney.
Joelfrom Oz said on 26/May/09
I got a pic with her last week, whilst she is here in Australia. 5"1 sounds right to me. But was 6ft in her massive boots and 8inch Conehead Wig. Really nice in person. Pleasure to meet. Best of luck to her.
Realme2008 said on 25/May/09
Wow, she's pretty much the same height as Christiana too. That's crazy they look so much alike.
Markus said on 25/May/09
Sarah, none of them even reach 5'4.
Madonna is like 5'2", Christina 5'1"...that's pretty tiny to me.

@ Leung: Whatever....
Unless you're going to contribute something useful on this site, I suggest you will just shut up instead of being rude.
Baliff said on 25/May/09
Austrian says on 25/May/09

i think the average height for women is mostly 5'5

That depends on your ethnicity and nationality.
Austrian said on 25/May/09
thats true @ Sarah

i think the average height for women is mostly 5'5
Leung said on 25/May/09
Markus it just occurred to me that you
Heights said on 24/May/09
I think she is 5'2 - 5'4
Sarah said on 24/May/09
Markus, 5'4" is not TINY for a girl. It's average.
Markus said on 23/May/09
It occured to me that so many female pop singers are just tiny...Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Madonna...none of them are over 5'4".
Dom said on 21/May/09
She looks at least 5'3", look at her in gettyimages next to Kelly Clarkson, she is much taller.
Sarah said on 21/May/09
Yeah, 5'1". She looks so small without heels.
Brad said on 21/May/09
100% true. Paula Abdul got stretched. Latin stars also.
Ian said on 20/May/09
She looks to be about 5ft. She admitted to getting stretched in her videos because she admitted she was small. She said a lot of celebs get digitally stretched in their videos. Which is why we should take music videos as guides to guessing the height of celebs.
Lina said on 19/May/09
I presume she's 5'1.5" max. Possibly 5'2", but 5'1" looks right for her.
Leung said on 18/May/09
Yeah I saw that too and I also thought she seemed weird and eccentric.
Pete, Hamish and Andy
Midget said on 18/May/09
Lady Gaga was on "Rove",(ozzy tv program), last night and looked no more than 5'6" in MASSIVE heels. She was still shorter than 5'8" ish host Rove McManus in his low dress shoes so 5'1" seems to fit She is a little weird and very eccentric.
littlesue said on 17/May/09
I would have put her at about 5ft 3 or 4 after seeing her on stage at the Brits with The Pet Shop Boys and Brandon Flowers

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