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5ft 1.04in (155.1cm)
janelle said on 10/Apr/07
honestly i didnt know shakira was that short!! is amazing how the camara can make people taller. I am 5"7, i am tall and beautiful, there is nothing wrong with being short or being tall...women are beautiful at any height. Few people wrote that is better to be shorter or that guys prefer shorter girl, for starters a lot of guys that are short surprinsingly prefer taller women. everyone has their own taste, some guys like short girls while others like taller girls...theres nothing wrong with having a taller girl, for example take katie holmes and tom cruise (beautiful woman and handsome man),a guy that doesnt mind going out with a taller women is much more confident in himself than a guy that feels weird with a taller girl. I do have to say that tall women are much more portrayed in models, in barbies, and even heels (which main purpose is to add height ). so please dont talk bad about tall women...we are simply beautiful. For short girls that say that short girls are better than tall girl...just say "i feel good being short" bcux honestly most short girls are always on heels which contradicts their opinion, heels make u look taller not shorter!
kitiyay said on 9/Apr/07
i have got to say that im 5'5 and 15, and i dont like saying this,but im very hot and attractive!!!(had 2 get that out of my system)...anyways... short is not everything, my best friend is short so im not going to be mean about it either! but i would really appreciate it if yall would stop saying that short is better, its whats inside that matters, because looks arent always going to get you somewhere! But i do have to agree that guys like girls shorter than them..but lucky for me i've always had guys like me that were always like 6,0 and above...and some few shorties and some that were the exact height..anyways,....all this stuff that has been said has not made me feel bad about my height so anyone who is tall be proud of it and wear those tall heels with pride!!! :D
hilz said on 7/Apr/07
how come every time I leave a comment, it never shows up?

anyway, i still don't see her being 5'1.5" I think 5'0" was on the dot. When she first came out a few years ago, she was always described as five foot.
shortlover said on 29/Mar/07
I have girlfriend. She is 168cm. I'm 176cm, and I wish she'd be a little shorter actually. I prefer short women. And i dislike tall women too, or well... That's maybe a little harsh, but well, I get a little mad on them, but that's maybe because I'm a little short:P Anyway, I'm hoping to get to 180cm.
Reet Petite said on 29/Mar/07
Click Here
Well here is one article which talks about it. Of course its a matter of opinion, some like them tall some like them small but I think in general men do prefer smaller women, plus I'm a small girl and I've got good proportions (small legs and a small body lol). Well at least if I wanna be taller one particular day I can always wear heels, but there is nothing wrong with being small. I personally would rather be small than tall.
Ray said on 29/Mar/07
Hey Jo, I think 5'2" is perfect. Christina Aguilera, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Salma Hayek, Shakira and many other hotties are this height and shorter. They don't seem to have any problems with attracting guys. I'm 6'1" and I love short women as do many of my male friends. In general, I'm not attracted to tall women.
Jo said on 28/Mar/07
I'm 5'2...and not particularly thrilled about it...would always have appreciated jus 2 more inches, and at 20, i can forget that ever happening. People like Shakira and Jada Pinkett do cheer me up and in fact it was never such an issue to me...until my younger sister shot up and is now 1.5 inches taller than me, and she's still 17. I now find myself feeling rather insecure about myself to the point where if a guy tries to hit on me, I catch myself saying to myself "you haven't met my probably wouldn't have given me a second glance if you did". I really hate feelin this way especially since I love my sis so much, but I just can't help it...
Anonymous said on 27/Mar/07
Ice Here

Anonymous 24/Mar/07: Not all, or even almost all short women look the way you've described them. Look at this picture. This is Kylie Minogue. She is only 5'0". She doesn't even look close to what you said.

Click Here

I understand you wanting to defend the tall ladies, but do not insult the short ones in the process. There are beauties on both sides.

The shorties: Rachel bilson, Christina Milian, Lucy liu, Shakira

The model-types: Tyra Banks, Adrianna Lima, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie
Dan said on 26/Mar/07
Omg Glenn, you met Shakira. She is just awesome, I really wish to see her in person one day.
Anonymous said on 24/Mar/07
reet petite, show me where it says that in "studies". tall girls have better proportions. short girls tend to have really short legs and bigger upper bodies. not exactly a turn on. why do you think people were heels? to make them taller!
sarah said on 14/Mar/07
i am 5'4 1/2" and i always dreamed to become a doctor says that i'll probably stop growing next yr, but now, after reading what shakira said, i feel so much better. who wants to be 6' anyway?
valentina said on 27/Feb/07
after reading all these comments about shakiras height i feel so much better, my height used to be a major source of distress (ok im 16 so like last week) but now im not all that bothered that im 5'1 and a half. especially what anonymus said that was v sweet. anyway shouldnt it matter how well in proportion people are and not their height?
Reet Petite said on 25/Feb/07
Men prefer smaller girls anyway, its been shown in certain studies no offence to taller girls of course and its onli a matter of opinion but its been said that in terms of height small women are more likely to get married and have kids if they're between 4'9 and 5'2 than women who are taller, and men who are 6' are more likely to get married and have kids than men who are smaller. lol stupid I know but being short is certainly not a disadvantage if ur a girl.
cioco said on 22/Feb/07
imposible 4 her to be 156 and that guy 5'8. maybe he is shorter and she stays on something .
MissShy said on 22/Feb/07
Aww, thats so sweet!!! Mr anonymous. Reading what you said about short girls made me so happy. I'm a petite girl too!
hipsterdudette said on 16/Feb/07
It varies what she says, she's said she's 5'1 before now, but I know when whenever wherever came out she said she was 4'11, and she's said that in other interviews as well before, so I think she is 4'11 also because I dont see why someone would make themselves seem smaller than they actually are.
Amyfan said on 13/Feb/07
Many people that have het her said she's really tiny(about 1,55) and I had some interview in chich she told she is 4'11'
anonymous said on 6/Feb/07
look in a woman it dose not matter your heght ... as long as you pretty your fine .. if she is 4.11" dose 3 inches really make a diff .. shakira is still going to be good looking rather she is 4.11" or the tallest woman...there are all types of woman to choose from.. and to be honest i am a 6.2" man . and i love short woman they are super sexy . and when i say short i mean 4.11" as well... tall woman are good looking to , but there is something about short woman that make them sexy.. anyway like i said before height dose not matter in a girl ... as long as you have a nice body and a pretty face your ok... shakira should be in flats all the time her being short is what makes her so sexy
Anonymous said on 2/Feb/07
She seems to wear the same pair of shoes to every big event (or so it seems): on the day she went to New York (I think this is the same day she had the pic with Glenn) Click Here
At the 2005 MTV awards Click Here Click Here and the same day she stood besides Hillary. These I think are the same shoes I've seen her wear in a pic posted on here before where you can see the back of the wedge which looked around 12-13cm. I think 5'1.5 is a little over-estimated.
And happy 30th birthday Shaki!! lol (sorry I had to put that)
mia said on 28/Jan/07
Yeah anonymous, but belive me 16 cm isnt an exageration for those shoes. I am short i wear shoes wich look tall but not that tall..and even those i just, measure it, are 10 cm. shakiras shoes are big big plataform, way much bigger than mine, u all can look the pictures of her shoes.they have at least 15 cm, being the min. is very obvious
Anonymous said on 25/Jan/07
I think 16-20cm in that photo is a bit of an exageration Mia, I'd say 12-13cm, and I'd say Hillary's were more like 5cm max. However Shakira has claimed that she is also 1.55 so I think maybe she is a little smaller than that because her heels do tend to be a lot higher than Hillary's and you dont see Hillary wearing heels like Shakira does. I am also 1.55 and I dont wear heels like Shakira's, so I think the 4'11 claim probably is true. She's definately not the 5'2-3 like some say, even if you haven't met her you can see it pictures where you can see her feet.
Coffin_Fodder said on 25/Jan/07
Katie, you're definitely not short. A little over average, maybe...but not short!
Katie07 said on 19/Jan/07
I am 5'5. I am wondering if that would be considered petite or tall.
sunbeame said on 14/Jan/07
She gets described as 4 feet 11 by her choreographer in the following article -
Click Here
Teresa said on 13/Jan/07
Maybe not always, but I have seen platforms that look 4-5" before on her and I just dont see why she wood feel the need to wear them if she was 5'3. Shes never said 5'3 before.
the dwarf said on 13/Jan/07
tersa zidane is 185 cm without doubt anyone like soccer know that.
for me i see all of shakira pics indicate 5'3" assuming 4" heels, i cann't beleive that she wears 6" heels always no way!
Teresa said on 12/Jan/07
Maybe she was standing on something in the pic with zidane or maybe he isn't really 6'1 and Glenn does look like he's croching down a bit in the pictures. Maybe she is a bit bigger than 4'11 but i dnt think she is 5'3.
Teresa said on 12/Jan/07
Well I've heard that her heels can be as much as six inches platforms before, but i wouldnt no. I only go by what she says, and she has never said she is any bigger than 5'1 i think and she would no best i would presum, so i just dont believe she is but that is just me.
PC said on 11/Jan/07
Hmm so how big heels are you suggesting Teresa? That pic with Zidane she must be standing on higher ground if she's 1.50m. Heels simply wouldnt explain why she looks only a few inches shorter than glenn unless she was around 5'3" at least...or standing on a step! (which im sure Glenn could clarify)
Teresa said on 11/Jan/07
If you ask for her height in Spanish (Shakira altura) they nearly always say 1,50m so I realy think she is, but peple in other places just like to think of her as taler because they cant accept she is that height. I think she increase it to satisfy herself a litle more and so peple wont make such a big deal about her being so small. Lots of peple say shemust be at least this tall because she looks it in pictures next to other peple, but in most you cannot see her heels, and as evryone knows they are often very big!
Anonymous said on 11/Jan/07
Lol, maybe she is 5'2 afterall then! Though i still dnt think so because she has said 4'11 before and in one article I read she said she was a proud 1.55 (5'1), but I still thought she would be boasting it up (like I think most ppl probably do) so i really dnt think she's any bigger than that.
Anonymous said on 8/Jan/07
Gotta agree with Jesse here. Glenn in normal shoes would be 5'9.5", and judging by the 3rd pic I think Shakira looks 5'7"? So at least 5'3" barefoot in that case. And if she was only 5'1" then in 4" heels she would only come up to Zidane's chin (who is 6'2.5" in shoes), and as you can see she comes up a fair bit higher.
jesse said on 31/Dec/06
wow shes way too hot for him rofl, if she is wearing 4 inch heels you gotta minus his shoes so they only really add 2.5 inches so she is taller than 5-1
Megan said on 28/Dec/06
to the dwarf, 4" heels do not add 4 inches of height. and also, he looks like he is leaning down just a little bit.
Lizzy B said on 13/Dec/06
They put in an article quite recently that she said she was 1.55, which is 5'1, but I recon she's just boasting it up (its probably easy to appear slightly taller when ur constantly in heels). She's probably 5'1-2 with her shoes on, and 4'11 barefooted, and I read the other day when asked what she misses most about not being famous was 'going out in her barefeet.'
MAC13X said on 11/Dec/06
Shakira has said when questioned that she is in fact, 4 feet 11 inches tall. The very fact that sources say that she is 5.2 or even 5.3 is funny when all one would have to do is either ask her or measure her. Still she has more presence than otheres who are taller then her.
Shakira Rocks said on 1/Dec/06
Dude so what if Shakira is 4'11 or 5'2. She's beautiful and I love her. I love shorter women. Tall women are monsters (especially if they are big)
Lovely B said on 23/Nov/06
I believe she is 4'11. However, its funny how she manages to look so tall when she is in heels. Lil Kim also 4'11, wears big heels and never manages to look that tall. Its funny how heels can do a lot for some and so little for others. Shakira is practically Glenn's height in her heels and Lil Kim is still much smaller in hers. I noticed the same thing when comparing Britney Spears 5'4 and Kelly Clarkson 5'4. Kelly is still shorter than most men in her heels whereas Britney looks as tall as the men.
TNTinCA said on 20/Nov/06
Amazing that its hard to gauge her height considering she is barefoot a lot on stage for her belly dancing routines.
Dunken said on 19/Nov/06
i attended the MTV European Music Awards last year in Lisbon and, despite standing a good 6 feet away, i swear on my life this girl is below 5'. someone mentioned 4'11 and i concur. really petite but she wears those huge plataform shoes with heels, which give her 5 or 6 extra inches.

i also saw Anastacia (5'1), Fergie from BEP (close to 5'4) and Baron Cohen dressed as Borat (tall guy, 6'4 maybe?).
ice said on 19/Nov/06
Hmm... I always heard 4'11 for her too. I don't know about this 5'1. The 5'0 was fine, but I don't think she's over that. TV is supposed to make you look taller, yet she still appears to be very tiny to me.
anonymous said on 19/Nov/06
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shorty said on 18/Nov/06
heya, im short about 4'11, and people tell me awwww she cute/pretty, but if only she was taller! and im like whaaaat?! wats sooo wrong with being small? it reallt gets me down. i looooove shakira, and now even more, knowin that she embraces her height and still looks amazing no matter what. much love!
Lucy said on 17/Nov/06
I think most very short female and (especially) male stars would increase their height by a couple of inches to just go along with the crowd. I'm 5' and generally say I'm 5'1, but I love being little, I dunno why people see shortness for a woman as a bad thing!
Alex said on 15/Nov/06
I think she could be 5'0 flat though. When girls say their height not often will they inflate it by accident or on purpose but when you're like Shakira's height its possible she's boosting it up 2 inches. Because I've seen girls in the past that are 5'11-6'0 and claim to be 5'10.
Mia said on 14/Nov/06
I think you guys like to add cm to the celebrities as they get more famous and famous. Its actually funny. Shakira has been always listed as 4'11 when her career began. Even before when she was only famous in latinamerica she was listed as 1.50cm If u search on the net for her height and find old articles you see in most of them she was listed 4'11. Then she became 5 and now u list her as 5'11. So I guess if next year she wins more grammys she will be 5'2.Unless there are things wich really make adult people they REALLY work?
Chiquita said on 13/Nov/06
She must be shorter than 5'2, maybe 5'1 at the most. You can't really tell how tall someone is unless they're in their barefeet, which I'm sure she doesn't go out in her barefeet. I just don't see where this common 4'11 thing came from if she's really 5'2 like stated, and what would make J-14 decrease her height by 5 inches (4'9), which i dont believe but i recon 5' is most accurate.
Glenn said on 13/Nov/06
Normal short as in 5-2.she is taller than me anonymous.but what do you look like.
Tory said on 4/Nov/06
Yea i wondered that too at the Latin Grammys. But i couldn't see the size of her heels.
leonari said on 4/Nov/06
Man Marc Anthony looks so tiny in these pics. Looks like Ricky martin has a full head on him and even Ludacris towers over him!
Coffeecakes said on 4/Nov/06
I think she may be 5'2-5'3 because she looks to be almost the same height as Jennifer Lopez and taller than Marc Anthony at the Latin Grammys this past Thursday.
Lizzy said on 3/Nov/06
I read in a research study that men tend to prefer shorter women and women tend to prefer taller men, which makes sense to me, but its only height and im sure thats not at the top of everyones priority list.
Anonymous said on 3/Nov/06
When you say normal short is that like 5'2 or 5'0?
Jordan said on 2/Nov/06
Dam Glenn. Shakira is so hot. I would love to meet her, but I would def. have to wear baggy pants-If you know wat a mean. LOL
TNTinCA said on 2/Nov/06
Who cares if she is a little short. She is gorgeous. And very talented. I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers. ;-)
Glenn said on 1/Nov/06
I love girls all shapes and sizes.
James said on 1/Nov/06
I'm a man. I'm 5'9" and I love short women (4'8" to 5'2"). So shorter women there are men out there that will love you.............
AMAR said on 1/Nov/06
i think short can be just as beautiful as tall. plus wen ur short u can put on heels to extend a lil bit but when ur talll u cant do nuttin bout it. my friend is 5'8 and she hates it. but as long as ur happy with ur self its ok. honest answer to this question-- do guys mind having a short girl??
Glenn said on 1/Nov/06
In the first pic Im probably bending my knees.I didnt pay attention to the footwear in any of the pics.engaged,engrossed in conversation or fighting for the photo as in first trying to run her in from fans that act stupid.
Megan said on 31/Oct/06
is the first picture on the page, what kind of shoes is she wearing? i mean, what kind of shoes can add like 8" to your height?
Glenn said on 28/Oct/06
she seemed short,but normal short.not very short Mia.
milica said on 17/Oct/06
I beg you to help me , I need to download shakira’s video spot hip’s don’t lie …
Does anyone know where I can find it please answer me…please…and about her height I thin that she is write , a am 160cm and it is also to small , so I know how does she feel
Anonymous said on 15/Oct/06
I went to her SA concert and she walked right next to me I am 5-5 amd when she walked by she was more than 2 inches below my shoulder she look more like 4-10.
Donna said on 6/Oct/06
I am 5' and it kind of bothers me.. My favorite television show is America's Next Top Model, all of those girls are tall and beautiful. I just wish they would have a 5' model to show that short people can be beautiful models. I have the hardest time finding clothes that fit my petite figure. I think if the world had more petite models and petite items in store's it would boost our confidence in so many ways. I am really small everywhere except for my breast. I have a hard time finding bra's my size, because im so small around I wear a 32D. If I buy a bra from any store I have to get a 34C or 34D and it is no back support. I have seriuos back problems from my breast. I think that if they would make things such as bras to fit Petite women they wouldnt have so much trouble trying to fit in with the rest of the world! If your woundering, no I dont have breast implants.
Megan said on 5/Oct/06
i believe that she is 5' even, but my question is how did she appear to be 8" taller in that picture^^ I am barely 5'1" and the most I can ever be with heels on is like 5'5" lol what kind of shoes would she be wearing and what could I wear to make myself seem taller?
Alex said on 4/Oct/06
She looks 5'0ish. Not sure if she's under 5'0. 5'0 seems about right.
tais said on 17/Sep/06
im 4'11 too and im pertty sure shakira is because i heard she had been on a radio station and saying hot tiny she is. and then they had said she was 4'11. isometimes i wish i was taller but then again i wouldnt have the body i have if i half brasilian and when i went to brasil it didnt even matter.and my height doesnt stop me from getting checked out by guys.but do also wish there were more famous women of my height.and i aslo can dance good like shakira haha well just thought id put this out there
she really is 5ft said on 5/Sep/06
im an assistant to farah khan her choreographer for her vma performance and she is no more than 5 ft.i wonder how she appears tall on her videos and on t.v im 5.3 and get towered by all.sob.
J said on 1/Sep/06
You guys must have seen her with wycleff ... In every performance she has been TINY. I would say shes about 4'11. Look at the 2006 VMA performance!!
julie said on 31/Aug/06
I'm also 4'11 and I assure everyone that the way you carry yourself is what makes you seem even shorter. Most people, unless they're standing right up against me, think i'm 5'1. Shakira carries herself well which automatically adds a couple inches to peoples' perception of her. And I doubt she has a height complex. I may hate being short but that doesn't mean I feel inferior to those taller than me. Shakira's use of shoes/tailored pants is to keep the focus on her music and dancing and OFF of her height. When you see her dancing with a guy, she doesn't want you thinking how much taller he is. Hiding the huge heels used to put herself closer to average, is just smart or else people would spend their time looking at her feet and not her beautiful face and body. I applaud her for doing it in so tasteful a way.
6 foot 4 dude said on 30/Aug/06
i live in the netherlands and i am 6ft4 (latin) dutch men are very tall average height 1,83cm.
Megan said on 24/Aug/06
I agree Rebecca. I am just 5' and it makes me so happy to see such beautiful petite celebrities because maybe people will realize that not just tall women are beautiful and that women comes in all shapes and sizes.
Rebecca said on 23/Aug/06
I hope Shakira is really short because I think, especially when I was growing up, there was too much emphasis on 'tall is beautiful' and 'short is frumpy and childish' basically, and as a 4'9" adult, I think there should be more short people in the media!! haha
Gillian said on 15/Aug/06
didn't thought she was that tiny. I thought she was around 5'5''. If you see her only on TV she doesn't seem to bee that small. I've read she was 160cm, thought that was right...
mia said on 11/Aug/06
LINA, didnt u read well? I said lots of latins can be really sure and its common to see short girls in latinamerican.but I also said NOT ALL OF it again. MOULDY u are right, she is so pretty :/ the only female star who is always without make up and still go pretty.
pichuco said on 10/Aug/06
The 5’0” figure seems to be right on the money. I’m a short guy myself, 5’5” and live in California. Shakira made an appearance at the local K-Mart and was signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. While waiting on line there was a delay at one point as she needed a break. The couple in front of me left as they could not wait any longer and this meant I was next in line. After about 15 minutes I was allowed to go into the room with the photographers and the promoters and saw Shakira sipping a soft drink as she had just completed her lunch. What got my attention was that she had her shoes off next to the desk where she was sitting and they looked like elevator shoes. In fact, they were the same shoes that she is wearing in the pictures some have linked from this site. When I saw those pictures I thought to myself “boy those shoes sure do get around”. She was obviously barefoot and after she signed my autograph book she stood up for our picture and before standing slipped into her shoes. After the picture was taken and we were shaking hands I was able to gather that that she was about one inch taller than me. In 6 inch heels that makes her about 5’0”.
Lina said on 6/Aug/06
Hey, not all latins are short!! I'm latin and I'm 5'8..ok so that's not veeeery tall but its better than being 5 feet!
mouldy said on 3/Aug/06
I saw her in concert a week or so ago...I didn't get to talk with her, but I was pretty close to the stage so I could see her well. She was barefoot and looked really small, like a little child! Honestly,from further away you'd think it's a child hopping around on stage...SHe was a lot shorter than all of the cameramen, technicians, instrument players etc. I could buy 5'0"-5'1" but that's it! by the way, one of the prettiest women out there, honestly now. She wasn't wearing any make-up (or so little that it looked like she had no make-up on) and still looked gorgeous!
mia said on 29/Jul/06
NICOLE.Well yes latins are short, not all of course, but they usually can be.a latin girl who is 155-160 is avarage.If you are under 154 u are short.Im 149cm Im latin and yeah people call me as short all the time but lot of latin girls can be my height.She said she was called as a dwarf in colombia, and that she was the shortest in her class.Then she has to be from 149-152 MAX.when sharika became famous in latinamerica,they said in the magazines she was a short girl of 150cm
Nicole said on 28/Jul/06
Klaus Q., you've gotta be exaggerating. Geesh, latins are short.. but not THAT short.. I'm 5'3 and I'm short. Shakira is either as tall, or a bit taller, or maybe 1 inch shorter.
HeyBaby said on 12/Jul/06
Where did she reach on u then Klaus?
Klaus Q. said on 11/Jul/06
I'm 6ft 5 and when I met Shakira she was a lot shorter than me so there is no way she is over 4ft 11.
Katie said on 8/Jul/06
I'm 5'2" and I'm the tallest in my class I want to be regular at this age. But I want to be a model and i know models have to be tall.
shara16 said on 1/Jul/06
I am 5'6.But I would like to be smaller.Everbody wants to be such, what he isn't.I want to be smaller although, but i don't have inferiority complex from that.(I know i have horrible english)
Anonymous said on 30/Jun/06
we're supposed to be talking about Shakira here and every1 rabbits on about holland and average size...
Femke said on 29/Jun/06
@ Louis, above 6ft2 is tall for a male here in Netherland. Yeah, I know 5.10 is tall, but a lot of women in Holland are the same height.

@ Shara16: Yeah, well actually it depends on where you from in Holland. Ooooh I would love to be under 5.4, how tall are you?
swissgirl30 said on 28/Jun/06
Femke:Don't worry! Be happy with your height! I'm only 5'4 and I really whish I was taller! In Switzerland the average height of a woman is 5'6.
I think Shakira is about 5'2.
shara16 said on 27/Jun/06
Femke:It's strange.I thought, that average height women in netherland is 5'7.
I´m from czech republic, where average height women is 5'6, but all my friends are under 5'4.
Louis said on 25/Jun/06
Then wich height is normal among Dutch males? And at wich height they are considered tall?
I thik that at 5'10" you are regarded as tall, though i've met much more taller girls than you.
Shakira said on 23/Jun/06
Funny how every other person on this page says they met Shakira...sure you did. Go ahead, defend to the death how you ran into her or had backstage passes, etc. Whatever helps you sleep at night.
Femke said on 23/Jun/06
I live in the Netherlands, so we are the tallest people in the world. And the guys here really like shorter girls because the Dutch girls are so tall.I am 5 ft 10 and thats a normal height in the Netherlands. But most men in Holland like petite girls because they arent much short girls in Holland. I really wish I was shorter, like 5.3 or 5.4!! It would be so beautiful if I was shorter..
shara16 said on 23/Jun/06
you're right, theheightguru.Men like tall women.At least in europe.Americans make smaller everybody.
Alice said on 21/Jun/06
Theheightguru, I guess your right, thanks;)!
theheightguru said on 19/Jun/06
Alice, who says that shorter women are prettier? Would you call Elle McPherson, Cindy Crawford, Sharon Stone, Faith Hill, Sophia Loren, and Sandra Bullock, ugly? They're all over 5'7, and I don't think any guy in his right mind would kick them out of bed, lol. Be proud of your height. As far as men go, if they (or anyone else) uses your height as reason to 'dismiss' you, they're not worth your time anyway.
Alice said on 18/Jun/06
I have noticed that all short women are the most beautiful. Eva Longoria, Carmen Electra, Rachel Bilson, Nelly Furtado, Kylie Minogue, Christina Aquilera, Kelly Clarkson,Shakira, Olsen-Twins etc. I'm 5.9, and I hate it. Guys always prefer a girl to be 5foot to 5foot4.. well what can I do about it
Bongo said on 16/Jun/06
Shakira is near 5 ft 3 in (160 cm) tall. These Glenn is not 5' 8", i begg he is 5 ft 10 in (178 cm).
Viper652 said on 10/Jun/06
4-9??? Thats a little hard to beleive. I could see her at 4-11 but not 4-9.
kelly said on 9/Jun/06
i just read it in J-14 that shakira is only 4'9" and 105 pounds. she said she is very small, but it doesnt bother her. check the july 2006 edition on page 34
Lena said on 5/Jun/06
Come on 5'0?...I'm pretty sure Shakira is 5'2" ....lately she is appearing on tv performing Hips don't lie barefoot. Take a look to her concert in Lisboa (Rock in Rio) Click Here and compare her size to the man who sings Hips don't lie with Shakira (no Wycleff)and she looked like 5'2" or could be more. Or you can see the video of her performance in Saturday night live (La Tortura feat Alejandro Sanz)and she wore sport shoes and she looked tall..
Ez said on 4/Jun/06
saw her in miami. she's a munchkin 4'11 at most almost look like a little kid. my niece is the same height as she was and she's 4'11.
Anonymous said on 3/Jun/06
i dont get what Shakira meant when she said her and Britney are the same height... Brit is 5'4. are u sure she didnt mean height of fame or something else?
lizzy b said on 1/Jun/06
im a huge fan of Shakira (well i had 2 say that) and also very petite (5ft) but i cant see how she can possibly be 5'2 with so many ppl doubting. Most people ive heard that have met her have said shes TINY! but 5ft 2 isnt that TINY! i cant blame her for exaggerating her height because i probably would if i was famous in America (where size seems to matter). and yep she does manage to fool everyone with huge heels even in her barefeet. Take a look at her feet in this pic next to wycliffe jean (is it just me or does there appear to be some kind of wedge under her sole?) Click Here
Diana said on 25/May/06
Shakira is Definetely not 5"2. She's probablly 4"11/5"0 at much for Tall Supermodels, most guys consider Shakira extremely sexy and shes shorter then me!
shane said on 15/May/06
shakira is definetely under 5'. wyclef jean is 5'10 1/2". when they performed together at the latin music awards, barefoot, shakira didn't reach his shoulder! but it doesn't matter... she is still the world's only perfect woman!!!
Luis said on 15/May/06
Here´s the thing...i meet her! whem the tour de la mangosta tour! in no heels!!!!!!!! shes definily like 1.60cm. Shes pretty!
Chris said on 15/May/06
jmc-162 cm is 5'3.75. 157 cm is 5'2''.
jmc said on 15/May/06
actually, she said it herself "mido 1.62" thats 5'2 :)

problem solved?
Glenn said on 6/May/06
Your not really Podrida are you?
Conspo said on 5/May/06
she said she was 4 11 (148 cm)
Danny said on 5/May/06
I heard shes 149cm might be around there. And I like her comments about her height..
Mujer said on 5/May/06
Like the name Glenn.
Glenn said on 5/May/06
Like the name Mujer.
Glenn said on 5/May/06
Yeah,she looked tall that day miguel.
Mujer Dos Con una Vagina Podrida said on 4/May/06
Does she even have to get on her knees? Wink. Wink.
Chloe said on 27/Apr/06
she looks my height(4'11)....or could be an inch 4'10 or 4'10.5?
hombre said on 18/Apr/06
I would say she is around 152-154 cm.
Miguel said on 18/Apr/06
im 5'9 and she stood next to me that same exact day glenn met her.... she looked 5'6 , 5'7......... she did have hills on.... so i will say shakira is 5'2 .........
Brett said on 14/Apr/06
On a the E channel last night they had a show on about Shakiras career, and they quoted that she was " just shy of 5ft" .
Diana said on 14/Apr/06
i think shakira is probably around 4"11 because im 4"11 and in the hips dont lie video she looks my size. plus she wears MEGAA huge heals
Gina said on 13/Apr/06
I'm 5'8" and walked by Shakira once. She was at my shoulder level, so I don't believe she is over 5'. Ann, I'm in Miami too, which hair salon did you meet her in?
Joan said on 12/Apr/06
When Shakira appeared on American Idol she was barefoot she didn't look so small, maybe 5'2"
Adrianna said on 5/Apr/06
Im only 4'10 and when I met Shakira we were basically the same height
ice said on 3/Apr/06
Rob, is she wearing heels in that pic with Carson? I couldn't really tell.
Anonymous said on 27/Mar/06
During Regis and Kelly, she preformed bare foot and she did look pretty short! if you see her bare can believe that she really is short
Anonymous said on 19/Mar/06
My God, look at these shoes which Shakira is wearing in these pic standing next to her boyfriend. They look like they add an extra 4-5" to her height.
Click Here
cheryl said on 19/Mar/06
one article i read said she's 5.1 which is ridiculous.then another said that "the 4'11 star looked tiny in 8 inch heels".in her new music video she's barefoot so check it out!she's 5 ft at most.mi enana
CHelsi said on 16/Mar/06
Hey I met shakira she gave me a hug and kiss on cheek was really nice. I have met alot of celebs but to be honest I am about the same hieght as her and im 18. shes about 5ft 2 now
Glenn said on 4/Mar/06
Ive heard 4-11 too.
Ann said on 2/Mar/06
i met shaki in miami at a hair salon. i'm 5'1 and this woman was wearing flipflops and so was i- i went up to her and she is at least an inch smaller than me :)id say she's 4'11 or 4'11 1/2 or 5'0 at the most.
Glenn said on 19/Feb/06
she shockingly looked average.5-5 or so.didnt study footwear cause this photo was a fight to get.

Editor Rob
she is known for wearing outrageously large footwear. She certainly can appear a lot taller...
wasa said on 14/Feb/06
The heels & pants seem to give away she does seem to have a height complex, i just noticed when hearing the song "dont bother" on the radio these lyrics:

"She's almost six feet tall
She must think I'm a flea
I’m really a cat, you see
And it's not my last life at all"

hehe, clearly it affects her. and yet from the picture it seems the 6' guys seem to get the little chica's aswell..thats just depressing ;/

Anonymous said on 12/Feb/06
glenn. how tall do you think shakira is? because its hard for me to belive that she is on 10 inches heels next to you
Glenn said on 11/Feb/06
yep got take 3000 pictures and youll see yourself looking the same too.
lulu said on 10/Feb/06
I'm convinced that Shaki is no taller than 5'. ALL articles that I've read about her and all interviews/tv shows say that she's 4'11" so I'd say that she's around that height...Plus, I have the same small size CBGB T-shirt that shaki has and it hits me at my belly button and I'm 5'2"...So, by size association she's a little shorter than me...
heightfan said on 10/Feb/06
Has anyone else noticed that Glenn has the same expression on his face in nearly all his encounters. Photoshop?
Amanda said on 8/Feb/06
Never mind. Looking at pics of Glenn next to other people, it is clear now that he is 5' 8". Shakira is supposedly 5' 2", maybe even 5', so her heels must be about 8"!

Editor Rob
glenn will lean with ladies, well most who are shorter.
Amanda said on 5/Feb/06
There is no way Glenn is 5' 8". That man next to them is like 6'! He's gotta be 5' 5" or 5' 6". Shakira is 5'!
Jo said on 2/Feb/06
Yes shaki is like 150-152 cm no more.I have seen her next to my sister who is 150 cm and they both were kinda the same. she is pretty small but also pretty hot!!!
6 foot 1.5, 16, still growing said on 1/Feb/06
she must have had to "practice walking" with those shoes all over again.
Sarah said on 30/Jan/06
Shakira has been seen a lot of times in 8'' and 9'' shoes (with platforms of 3 and 3.5 inches). Also, there is an article of her when she had just started her singing career. The magazine states her height back then as 1.48 m (4'10'')in 1995/96. Given she has grown an inch or two from then on (the first, most likely), she is either 4'11'' or 5'0'
Yali said on 25/Jan/06
I dont' think Shakira is 5'0....I'm 5'0 and Shakira is taller than me...I'm pretty sure...She had a performance on tv and she appeared barefoot and she didn't look small....She at least is 5'1" or 2"...come on
Cassie said on 30/Dec/05
She is leaning over a lot in that picture!
Smolten Macabre said on 30/Dec/05
My mom had a chance to stand right next to Shakira once. My mom's about 5'1 1/2", and she told me Shakira was way smaller than she was...
love said on 22/Dec/05
in YM magazine like 3 years ago or something, she was on the cover, and in the article it said she was 4'11"
lulu said on 8/Dec/05
I watched this thing on tv where they said she was 4'11". I personally never met her but I think that the tv show Can't be that far from the truth! I think she's around 4'11" with 5'2" being the highest possible. I'm 5'2" and I can look really tall with the right shoes on...
Glenn said on 29/Nov/05
I finally met her 4 months ago and she appeared shockingly 5'6'' to 5'8''!!!! and Im 5'8'' but I didnt look at her shoes! mustve been good heels! I have a photo to proove it too!
Seth said on 28/Nov/05
Shakira is is 4' 11" not 5' 0"
My guess said on 8/Nov/05
ok ok after I SAw the heels, yeah she is 1.52
TJ said on 30/Oct/05
It shouldn't matter Lucy, but unfortunately it seems to. People do judge other people on height. However, it's not so bad being female and short. In fact a lot of guys find petite girls really cute. Being a guy and short is a different matter. Short guys (say 5'5 and below) can discount about 80% of women as romantic prospects, before other factors like looks and personality even come into play. Unless they are rich of course :-)
Lucy said on 29/Oct/05
I 4ft 11", and i'm 18 years old. I know i am small and I don't necessarily enjoy it, but what really gets on my nerves is how people seem to be so Obsessed With Height, why does it matter so much????
Wicked Kid said on 24/Oct/05
Whoa. That's like, over exaggerated nikki. If she's 5'3". We're all giants.
J. said on 6/Sep/05
Shakira happens to be of Lebanese hertiage. From my personal experience, I can say that Lebanese women tend to be really TINY. One of whom had I had 'personal experience' with was all of 4'10"! Looking at some the pics of Shakira, I can say she's no more than an even 5 feet. She's very clever with the thick heels she wears and how she conceals them. 4'11" isn't farfetched for her at all. Lebanese women just tend to be small, that's all. It's a cultural characteristic.
scotch said on 3/Sep/05
I went to the Madame Tussaud's Museam and I saw Shakira( in wax!). I'm about 5'5 and I was next to her, she was avout 2-3 inches shorter than me so i would say she's 5'2.
none of ur business said on 1/Sep/05
i hate bein tall i mean i'm a white female, 5'6.5" tall n stil growin, i hate it n i wish i was littler
Anonymous said on 31/Aug/05
here's a people magazine link that claims Shakira is five foot nuthin'
people magazine gets the heights straight from the stars publicist. in 50 most beautiful people alicia keys claimed to be 5'8", Bai Ling 5'5", and Tom Cruise 5'9"!!!!, so clearly all the heights are exaggerated. shakira has been mostly listed as 4'11", so the 5-foot height gives her the benefit of rounding up. either way, i think she's probably around 5 foot in the morning, 4'11" after a hard day of dancing. either way, she's gorgeous and talented!
tashiboshi said on 31/Aug/05
go shakira! i'm a short girl too, but now i see that with clever pants that hide mega heels, i can go from feeling five foot, to five-seven. yay!
Wicked Kid said on 31/Aug/05
Er Shakira's heels look different in the VMA but now i see the possibility of her wearing 5-6 inches heels. that would explain why she's about 3 inches taller than hilary. but then if she's 5' then Hilary would be 5' too. or they could be less.
Anonymous said on 29/Aug/05
about 5'1" like Hilary Duff, because yeah, in the picture where she was standing next to Hilary Duff, shes a little bit taller. and I assume that she wears much bigger heals dan Hilary Duff. And Hilary Duff is around 5'1" so Shakira is probably 5'1" too. But yeah, even though shes short, doesn't mean shes not hot hot hot =DDD
Head Creep said on 18/Aug/05
I`m colombian and most girls here are pretty small so I do think she may be 5 ft probably less. The fun thing is that she is from the north cost of Colombia and women there tent to look like huge ugly gorillas so that`s probably way kids in her highschool days make fun of her.
shaki fan said on 18/Jul/05
here is shakira next to 5'6" Mary J. Blige, both in heels (i saw the show). shaki
is 5' at the most.
lady t said on 31/May/05
shakira is 4'11.5". in special-made heels she is 5'5", without heels five foot. i met her backstage at one of her concerts in miami, where she lives. i am 5'1", and in flats and she was in sneakers. she was the same height of my mother, who is 4'11.5." but let me tell you, she is GORGEOUS in person and so sweet!
baldwin said on 26/May/05
i used to think shakira was 5'2", but check out her heels on here

her heels are a good 6.5 maybe even 7 inches. i think she can look 5'2" because she wears MASSIVE heels and hides it with clever pants a lot of the time. but when you do catch a glimpse at her heels, a four-incher is a small heel for her, usually five or more. i don't think she would wearr such high heels if she was 5'2". i think she's five foot at the VERY most, but hides it cleverly with special made heels and pans.
Anonymous said on 11/May/05
She is 4'11" because a few years ago, i found a pic of her with the cast of harry potter. She stood next to emma watson who in 2001 was also 4'11". Emma was in heels and Shakira was and there was a two inch difference.

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