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6ft 3.71in (192.3cm)
Hansen said on 19/Jul/11
I think adam just giving illusion to people he is 6ft4 in film/series , but his certain not that tall. he look alot like 6ft2.5-6ft2.75 here and photos. especially if you can notice rob,jenny does't really stand at best posture straight up. 189cm at lowest.
James said on 18/Jul/11
Being mesomorphic at 6'4 is rather impressive.
dicksock said on 14/Jul/11
He looks 8" taller than Rob, so he is 6'4".
Shaun said on 8/Jul/11
Actually he looks more muscular in some pics that he looks here so a muscular 6'4" 230 is fine.
Shaun said on 8/Jul/11
Considering his build 230 pounds is quite high. But I guess being a legit 6'4" then 230 is about right.
Terryman said on 4/Jul/11
1,93 meters 230lbs mesormoph.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Jul/11
James, I think 6ft3 flat is better for Levi but you've got Baldwin's height nailed. He always looks a weak 6ft4
James said on 26/Jun/11

Adam Baldwin 6'3.75 (192cm)
Levi 6'2.75 (190cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jun/11
6ft3.75 should be his exact height.

Both both Baldwin and Levi need a slight downgrade
James said on 12/Jun/11
i think he's a solid 192cm today.
Lenad said on 10/Jun/11
yep definitly 7-7.5 inches taller
James said on 8/Jun/11
Looks 6'3 in his films
Terryman said on 8/Jun/11
Rob is there any other 6'4 actor you have met who has a head that is as large as that of Adam!

Editor Rob
I'm not sure his head is that much larger than average for 6ft 4
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Jun/11
6ft3.75 would be mine. Looks 6ft2.75(190cm) with the slouch.
Lenad said on 6/Jun/11
Looks 7-7.5 inches taller than Rob. 6ft3.25 in would be my estimate
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Jun/11
Weak 6ft4 guy...192/193cm
Chameleon said on 21/May/11
James I never watched that. I do know that outside of this pic he looks 6'4, in interviews and Chuck. So, so far Im not doubting his 6'4 claim.
James said on 20/May/11
Chameleon says on 19/May/11
Looks 6'4 in everything so far Ive seen him in, interviews, Chuck....... 6'4 to me.

Wasn't Adam slightly shorter than Matthew Modine in Full Metal Jacket who Mr.R saw at being between 6'2-6'3 as opposed to 6'3-6'4?
Chameleon said on 19/May/11
Looks 6'4 in everything so far Ive seen him in, interviews, Chuck....... 6'4 to me.
Zach said on 18/May/11
I don't know why but I always thought Levi was taller than he was but looking back at those Chuck episodes, I have no idea why I would think that.
James said on 18/May/11
Looked more 6'3 in Full Metal Jacket.
Legend said on 17/May/11
He looks 6'3.25 to me.
Chameleon said on 6/May/11
I agree, 6'4.
Vegas said on 4/May/11
taller than John Larroquette on chuck and clearly taller than dave batista on same show, he is ~6'4
Lenad said on 2/May/11
Probably 6ft3-ish barefoot
James said on 30/Apr/11
He always looks taller than Levi by a noticible amount. Certainly not a big difference between Levi and Baldwin but you can detect it. to be honest i think there looks just a bit more than 1 inch between baldwin and levi.

there heights really confuse me becuase zach looked taller than chevy chase etc......
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Apr/11
Looking 189-190cm with Rob but he is tilting ever so slightly...I don't think he's a full inch taller than Zach Levi

I think Adam Baldwin's exact height is 192cm(6"3.75) and Zach Levi 191cm(6"3)
James said on 26/Apr/11
defenintly does not look over 190cm with rob
Lenad said on 25/Apr/11
i reckon hes more 192cm
Lenad said on 23/Apr/11
I think hes closer to 6'3
Larc 6 ft 1.5 in said on 23/Apr/11

It's just my impression or you seem to upgrade everyone shorter than you and downgrande the taller ones?
If so this is a really stupid thing to do.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Apr/11
6"2.75(190cm) in with Rob...

I think he's a weak 6"4
Aaron said on 31/Mar/11
His face is probably around 9 inches tall, and Rob comes up a couple inches on his chin, so I'd say 6'3.5" judging by these pictures, which honestly isn't "huge" like some people would say. Well-built guy though.
Warhorse said on 28/Mar/11
I don't know who the other two people are, they could be lying about their height and be wearing clogs in this pic for all I know. Standing next to the likes of Mathew Modine, Jeff Goldblum and Nathan Fillion, Adam definitely looks 6'4". Let me see him stand next to Kyle Secor and we'll know for sure.
TheVerve180 said on 23/Mar/11
I dunno how can you people see 6ft4 here rob is to his nose or just under it thats 6inches so 6ft2/6ft2.75 more like it. Doesnt look very tall.
Candyman said on 12/Mar/11
Ah golly, lets just knock him on down to 5'10.5" then, cause my cousins uncle's sisters son got a pic of him shorter than Will Smith and we all know hes only 5'11" right???
James said on 11/Mar/11
Well he did not look 6'4 in Full Metal Jacket more like 6'3.
Martin said on 10/Mar/11
Looks like he is 6'3-6'3.5 in those photos. I was surprised actually. He looks huge in Chuck. Maybe he has a bad posture and really is 6'4.
Chameleon said on 9/Mar/11
Every inch of 6'4 in Chuck.
James said on 25/Feb/11
No i am just saying in the photo with rob he appears 6'2.75 thats all.
James said on 22/Feb/11
Even when standing straight in the left pic with rob he really looks no taller than 190cm.
James said on 15/Feb/11
he was or still is a massive guy
F50 said on 13/Feb/11
He's really tall. 1,92-1,93m is right for him.
James said on 13/Feb/11
In photos this guy can really look under 6'4 like 6'2 range. Maybe he just does not carry himself well? Certianly he looks shorter in pics than a big 6'4 guy like tim robbins or george hertzberg.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Feb/11
192-193cm or 6"3.75
James said on 31/Jan/11
With Richard Brooks given Adam is further away from the camera he actually looks 194cm but maybe he had footware advantage?
Viper said on 28/Jan/11
PatB says on 16/May/10
I'm shocked to read that Adam baldwin wears a 2XL T-shirt. I found a new T-shirt in my closet yesterday that I had never worn. It was a 5XL. It's a little big for me. I think that's why I never wore it. I'm probably a natural 4XL.

I'm 6'4" barefoot. I've always identified with Adam Balwin. I look at him in a movie scene and picture myself having about the same size as him. I guess I'll have to revise my fantasies.

LOL, you sound like you are 350 pounds. I figured he wore just XL
James said on 26/Jan/11
6'5 in shoes
Lenad said on 25/Jan/11
I doubt he's over 6'4
Chameleon said on 24/Jan/11
@Sepeteus I really dont think zach's black CONVERSE add 2cm. I think he's 191cm for sure.
James said on 22/Jan/11
He didn't look 194cm in Full Metal Jack esspecially next to Matthew Modine.
James said on 9/Jan/11
Adams not a strong 6'4, just a flat 6'4 (193cm) peak no more.
James said on 2/Jan/11
actually jeff goldblum looks 6'3 next to will smith if you think about his hair advantage etc..........

adam baldwin is also closer to the camera but he was 6'4 even though he did not look it in full metal jacket.

here is what i think for thier heights in independance day.
Jeff Goldblum 6'4.25 (194cm)
Will Smith 6'1.5 (187cm)
Adam Baldwin 6'4 (193cm)

Remmember Will Smith was the same height as 6'1.5 listed Bill Pullman.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Jan/11
6"3.75(192cm) I think
PatB said on 26/Dec/10
He's my favorite Baldwin, probably because he not related to the much shorter Alec Balwin and his brothers. I'm sure I don't have to remind movie fans that his stature has always been a factor in his career. He was cast in "My Bodyguard" as the biggest possible teenager. Much later they had to hide his height in the mini series about the astronauts. He is much too big to actually fit inside a space capsule. In "Independence Day' he seemed to be there so as to keep Jeff Golblum from looking freakishly tall. He played a similar role in Predator 2. His role there was to physically dominate Danny Glover. As a supporting actor he supports most of the time by just standing there.
James said on 8/Dec/10
Well I think there is a very good chance today he is 192cm tall. 10 years from now will probably be not over 6'3 barefoot.
Pamco said on 21/Nov/10
Looks 6'4 in chuck
James said on 9/Nov/10
Jeff Goldblum was 6'4.5.

Adam Baldwin has always just been a flat 6'4.

Today probably 6'3.75-6'4.
paul86 said on 30/Oct/10
Probably a little over 6'4' he was slightly taller than Jeff Goldblum.
Lenad said on 7/Jul/09
2005 my height ranged from 152-155cm 2006 my height ranged from 159-165cm 2007 my height ranged from 168-172cm 2008 my height ranged 173-177cm amd 2009 currently I'm 178-179cm! Thats what I've measured myself at anyway
Austrian said on 3/Jul/09
@Ahleks: 5'5 at 12 isnt exactly huge

a friend of mine was 5'6 (ok hes 6'6 now, but at the time he wasnt the tallest in class)
Doug said on 18/Jun/09
Well I wouldn't say I see "plenty" of 6'4" and + fellows daily. A legit 6'4" is quite rare actually but not that uncommon. If you walk though the city you'll see a handful of guys 6'4" and over but really not many. A legit 6'4" is quite rare Adam the percentage of guys who are 6'4" and over is below 1%.
Lenad said on 14/Jun/09
I can buy 6ft3 at the lowest
Perfectly Petite said on 14/Jun/09
Someone asked what age you start losing height. It depends a lot on lifestyle. Military special forces guys will often lose up to 1.5 inches because of the slamming their bodies take through the years, so it can actually start in your 20's. 2 common causes of height loss are smoking and carbonated beverages: the CO and CO2 prevent absorbtion of minerals, i.e. all that wonderful calcium your body needs to keep building and repairing bones.
James said on 11/Jun/09
His son looks more 5'3
Ahleks said on 6/Jun/09
The guy is huge.

His son is like 5'5 at age 12.

Click Here
J.J. said on 1/Jun/09
His actual height is exactly 6'3.875" which is above 6'3.75" so he is 6'4". Very tall guy
Mathew said on 31/May/09
6'3", 6'4" max.
Alex V. said on 24/May/09
"Anonymous", D'Onofrio and Baldwin don't appear together in Full Metal Jacket...
Wade said on 8/May/09
He had to be at least 6'4.5" in his younger days. If you've ever seen My Bodyguard it looks like he's a whole foot taller then just about everyone lol.
Anonymous said on 6/May/09
Adam Baldwin is definitely a big tall imposing dude but there's a chance he could be a shade under 6ft4. But then again there are times when he can look 194cm like in Full Metal Jacket where he has Vincent D'Onferio by 1 inch.
ikbtops said on 28/Apr/09
Adam is one of my favorite, yet unsung actors. He's definitley a healthy 6'4". This picture is so nice and wholesome. He looks like the younger brother you never had and you hope won't turn on you and destroy you.

Editor Rob
I actually saw Baldwin again at a weekend convention. Him and Zachary Levi were in attendance.

Great guys, had a few wee chats with both and up close I think 6ft 4 is still fair, and Levi was a surprise, he wasn't much shorter really than adam, 1/2 inch maybe.
Hugh 190cm said on 17/Apr/09
I don't think Adam Baldwin has lost any height. I beleive he's 6ft4 flat nowadays and maybe in another 10 or so years he will begin to shrink. With Rob he looks around 6ft3-6ft3.5. But fully stretched out he's 6ft4. In the morning he might even be 194cm.
Yaspaa said on 27/Mar/09
James! 6'4 peak and 6'2.75 nutter! 193.5 out of bed,191.5 to bed. Nate Fillion (Happy Birthday dude) is a big guy but is clearly shorter than Adam. I think he is also closer to 215-220lbs these days.
yoyo said on 27/Mar/09
looks 6ft3 to me.
Sam said on 23/Mar/09
If Editor Rob is 5'8ish than this dude is 6'3, not 6'4. He is still bigger than me though so the hell with it.
adam said on 22/Mar/09
Anonymous Jeff says on 21/Mar/09
I'm a guy who is 6'1.5" I hate it! I feel so much taller than everyone else. Not too many tall guys like Adam.

Where in the hell do you live? You hate being 6-1 and a half? You are taller than nearly everyone? Im 6-2 and altough I am clearly taller than an average fellow, I am definitely NOT taller than "nearly all". There are lots and lots of people taller than me. 6-4 isnt a rare thing. I see plenty of 6-4+ fellows daily.
DarkOne said on 22/Mar/09
I don't understand,if in your photo he is actually 6'3,why do you list him at 6'4?
Losing an inch at 47 is ridiculous,my father is 56 and still 5'11 (his peak height).
Anonymous Jeff said on 21/Mar/09
I'm a guy who is 6'1.5" I hate it! I feel so much taller than everyone else. Not too many tall guys like Adam.
glenn said on 19/Mar/09
my father never lost any noticeable height and he was 78 and sick towards his passing.5-8.
dani said on 18/Mar/09
Rob a question for you? what age does a human being start losing height? I heard you or glenn say that there are people who never lose weight in their lives? could ya explain to me what i've got to do to not lose weight?(is it excersices, healty eating,etc)?

Editor Rob
weight or height? Height...everybody succumbs to loss, but it will differ a lot amongst people.
Ace said on 18/Mar/09
He was taller than modine in full metal jacket sam. He does seem to me to be an honest 6`4
Matt thomas said on 16/Mar/09
Rob do you think he was probably atleast 6'3.5 though?

Editor Rob
I think 6ft 4.
Halb said on 16/Mar/09
Are you saying he is 6'2
Sam said on 16/Mar/09
Honestly, he didn't look any taller than Matthew Modine in Full Metal Jacket. Modine does have a leaner frame that makes him look very lanky.
Yaspaa said on 16/Mar/09
Works for me mate.
Yaspaa said on 15/Mar/09
Rob do you think he is 6'4 stretched out surely he can't be under 6'3,that's a giant cat amongs't the pidgeons if he is.

Editor Rob
he was 6ft 4 for sure, still is?
well I'm not going to change his height.
Anonymous said on 14/Mar/09
appears more of 6-3 than 6-4
Da Man said on 14/Mar/09
I see a weak 6'4", I do not understand the arguments for 6'4"+. This is actually exactly how I expected him to look.
Derek said on 13/Mar/09
He does have a fairly big noggin. I can see 6'4".
Alex said on 13/Mar/09
6'3 to 6'4 tops. Adam looks to have a longer head because 8 inches normally is up to the bottom lip of someone. His eye level looks to be 5 inches from the top of his head too.
adam said on 13/Mar/09
rob89 says on 13/Mar/09
Looks 6'3 tops

sprint84 said on 13/Mar/09
Zachary Levi 6'2.5"
Michael Clarke Duncan 6'3"
Adam Baldwin 6'4"

This, along with the low-heeled sneakers Levi wears, would explain the relative height differences between them on Chuck.
rob89 said on 13/Mar/09
Looks 6'3 tops
adam said on 13/Mar/09
Could be 6-5 definitely. This is a big man.
Korben said on 13/Mar/09
awesome pics man hes one of my fav actors. Jayne cobb is one of the coolest characters ever (so is the series firefly lol). So cool you finally got a pic with him. Rob what do you estimate from the meeting. Looks like a strong 6'4, never doubted it.

Editor Rob
Jenny's favorite character from Firefly aswell.
Yaspaa said on 13/Mar/09
Solid 6'4,good photo's too,thanks guys.
Patrick said on 10/Mar/09
But a "normal" big guy! I mean, natural. He was born as he is and that is obvious even for those who don't ever watched a TV movie he plaid in in 1980 or so. He was very young and was at least as mcuh impressive as he is today. He embodied a natural born super strong and tall young man.
Austrian said on 6/Mar/09
yea hes a big man
Joe said on 27/Feb/09
Both 6-4 and 6-5 sound very likely for him. Wish I was as big as this guy lol
Patrick said on 23/Feb/09
OK, I just watched the Chuck episode with M. C. Duncan who supposedly is 6'5. I always so him that height. There is about one inch difference between Zach Levy and him, the same as between the latter and "him", Adam Baldwin. Either M.C. Duncan is not 6'5 or Adam is taller than 6'4, what wouldn't surprise me more than "that"!
Ange said on 3/Feb/09
Can we say 6'4.5 and all go out for milkshakes?
Patrick said on 28/Jan/09
Yes adam, in Predator, he was clearly and almost surprisingly taller than Danny Glover.
Thence thinking he
miser said on 29/Oct/08
I think he really is 6-4. Would hire as my bodyguard. :-)
Ange said on 13/Oct/08
I'm with Adam on this one. He could beat Goldblum (slouch or not!) in ID-4 if they'd been close enough to judge.
adam said on 28/Sep/08
I insist he is taller than 6-4! Again, claiming 6-4 doesn
Anonymous said on 20/Sep/08
James have you seen Glenn's photo with Modine? The guy's huge. Also Modine is taller than Vincent Dinofrio.
Anonymous said on 1/Sep/08
Korben, I believe Baldwin is actually taller than Jeff Goldblum. In Yaspaa's first photo it shows Baldwin guiding the people from Washington through Area 51. In that scene the people eventually walks pass Baldwin and when they do you see for a short moment Baldwin compared to Goldblum, and Goldblum looks shorter.
Anonymous said on 17/Jul/08
How tall is that short side kick on Chuck? Joshua Gomez.
Joe said on 18/Jun/08
Always thought he was taller. Like 6-5 at least. He looks huge every time I see him in a movie or on TV.
Yaspaa said on 21/May/08
He is well proportioned Patrick you are correct,as for the pictures, I just found them on the net ,there wasn't any freezing wizadry.. Clint Walker,one of very few guys back then who could make funnily enough, another Clint...Eastwood look weedy in comparison.
patrick said on 21/May/08
Wow! I'm impressed with those pics Yaspaa! Great ones because I had never been able to freeze the picture as you show it in
M.P. said on 7/May/08
He's definitely that tall on "Chuck."
Yaspaa said on 16/Apr/08
Balwin looking very tall Click Here
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PauLLL said on 11/Apr/08
In Independence Day, standing next to Will Smith, he could easily be 6'5".
brother_h said on 23/Dec/07
On Serenity he nearly looked an inch taller than Nathan fillion, so 6'3?.
its hard to tell because the cameras always angle so he looks taller(like one person said here)
yea, i say looks 6'3, must be 6'4.
Evelyn said on 29/Nov/07
i think adam being that tall is great he is a very goodlooking man so just for that his height is perfect.
Da Man said on 9/Oct/07
Looks about 6'3" on "Chuck".
Korben said on 8/Oct/07
Ok so i was very board and decided to do some comparsing with 2 of my favortie actors, jeff goldblum and adam baldwin. Using their side by sides with will smith, I know this isint perfect, but it pretty much pits them at excactly the same height. Goldblum MIGHT be like 0.5-1 cm taller but his hair is bigger so its harder to tell where his head is, where as baldwins army hair cut is much easier. Click Here
Fox said on 4/Jun/07
this guy at least is 6'3.5
Anonymous said on 22/Jan/07
watching Independence Day. He is 3 + inches taller than Will Smith. Easily 6'4"
Korben said on 13/Oct/06
Seems a CM or 2 taller then modine, who is maybe 0.5-1 cm shorter then Donofrio

i think youve got their 191 and 192 pretty accurate
Korben said on 2/Oct/06
definatly a big dude, looks easily 6'4 in serenity and firefly, pity theres no siede by side with goldblum in independance day

Editor Rob
not lying, looks genuinely this tall
KC said on 2/Aug/06
I grew up with Adam, he was 6'3" in HS
Ball-A-Hallic said on 31/Jul/06
he defently has 2 be 6'4 if not atleast 6'3.
Ed said on 7/Jul/06
Baldwin easily looks this tall, he does dwarf pretty much everybody in the cast except Fillion who he has a good 2 plus inches on. He's always looked tall in his movies from Next of Kin to Predator 2 where he's clearly taller than the 6ft3 Danny Glover.
TNTinCA said on 5/Jul/06
I have the Firefly and Serenity DVDs and I can honestly say that Adam looks a solid 6'4". He pretty much towers over everyone else in every episode.
Regus said on 2/Jul/06
In Trade Off he def. dwarfs Theresa Russell who has to be max 5-6 or so, so yeah this sounds about right.
J-Dog. said on 26/Mar/06
Viper, I don't understand your thought-process at all? Adam Baldwin clearly looks at least 6'4" and beside Nathan Fillion I am not sure how you can arrive at that assumption.

There's little reason for him to lie or "wear lifts" when it can obviously impede his career at his current height.
me said on 23/Mar/06
Um, maybe that picture would be reliable if they were closer together and you could be sure they were on level ground.
unknown said on 23/Nov/05
Look at this photo. I think Adam Baldwin is 6'4'' and Modine 6'3''.
Viper652 said on 5/Nov/05
Modine is 6-2.
Anonymous said on 5/Nov/05
how is baldwin shorter then modine, he was clearly taller in full metal jacket by about an inch.

I believe modine is a solid 6'3" which makes baldwin a solid 6'4"
CelebHeights Editor said on 2/Nov/05
"I'm a big 6'4" guy. It's hard for me to play other than that in a room, so my wife has this joke when I walk home from an audition. She said, 'Did they ask you how tall you are?' and if I say yes, I didn't get the job. She's like, 'Aw, you're doomed.' Because if they don't ask, it doesn't matter"
guypop said on 7/Aug/05
I've met adam baldwin at a convention and I stood next to him (I'm 6'2) and he was a lot taller than me he IS 6'4 I'm 100% sure of it.
Mr. X said on 7/Jul/05
Originally thought this guy was no more than 6 ft 2 because I had him confused with one of the Baldwin brothers (never saw Full Metal Jacket). But after I realized who he really was I was surprised he was only 6'4". He's a good 6'4", thought he might even be 6'5". In Predator 2 he was taller than 6'3.5" Danny Glover, and in Independence he looked slightly taller than 6'4" Jeff Goldblum. I wrote a comment saying Peter Coyote looks to be trying to hit 6'1", but after closer observation I might had been short changing Coyote a bit. Coyote could actually be close to 6'3". In the show the Inside though Adam is more noticably taller than Peter.
Mr. R said on 28/Jun/05
Viper, we agree again. Matthew is a little over 6-2, so we should adjust Adam accordingly. I had a dinner with Matthew a few years ago. GREAT GUY!
Viper652 said on 28/Jun/05
Modine is actually 6-2, so that would make Baldwin between 6-1 and 6-2
MHouillon said on 28/Jun/05
A definitely 6'4". Maybe 6'4.5". Almost taller tahn 6'4" Matthew Modine in "Full Metal Jacket".
Viper652 said on 21/Jun/05
I dont think hes 6-4. Hes somewhere in between 6-1 to 6-3 is my guess.

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