How tall is Alex Turner

Alex Turner's Height

5ft 7 ½ (171.5 cm)

British Singer from The Arctic Monkeys. In a french interview it quoted him saying "et comme je ne mesure que 1m70 et des poussieres, les gens ne me reconnaissent pas". He doesn't get recognised because he's only 170cm and a bit.

How tall is Alex Turner
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5ft 7.78in (172.2cm)
J (5'10) said on 10/Mar/23
I would give Alex 5'7.75, maybe a half inch either way? Rob got it pretty good I think.

Also for the bandmates, I'd guess:
Matt: 5'9.5
Nick: 5'8
Jamie: 5'6
dreus23 said on 28/Dec/22

I've seen 5'10 people look shorter than Turner does compared to Casablancas
Lucid said on 22/Jul/22
Alex Turner meeting a girl who claims on Twitter to be 5'0, she had converse shoes on. Alex Turner had his white trainers on that don't give him as much height as his heeled chelsea boots.

We still not considering 5'7 flat?

Click Here

5'7 next to 5'1 example.
Click Here
Lucid said on 14/Jul/22
I just read about someone who actually met him at a beach barefoot, and apparently he refused a photograph and said to ask him later. Then he went into his black jeep, put on a shirt and an interesting pair of white trainers and agreed to pictures then. One of the girls said she's 171cm, and Alex didn't seem much shorter, but was definitely a fraction shorter, and with the trainers on he was about the same height.

I've actually heard this a few times. I personally have always thought he's 170cm, especially seeing him talking to fans aged 21-25 before he started his rock persona. He seems to inflate his height then take the shoes off and look like Alex Turner from back in the day again. 170cm max. 5'7.
Maddog7781 said on 1/May/22
I think I may of solved miles kanes height so we could compare that to alex's height.

Click Here

This is miles kane modelling for his own clothing line. In the description it says "miles kane is 5'11 (180cm)". However, he is also wearing these shoes Click Here

These shoes state that the heel is 45mm. So this would add 4.5cm onto his height. Assuming that the measurement was taken with these shoes on, if we take 4.5cm off of 180cm we get 175.5cm. So thats miles is height.

Alex is a little shorter so my guess would be that alex is anywhere between 171 and 173.5cm
Maddog7781 said on 29/Dec/21
I really think he's like 5'9, 5'8 minimum. I also doubt he's the type of person put inserts into his shoes, I just cant imagine him being 5'7.
SnakePlissken said on 11/Dec/21
Did this get upgraded? I always thought this was 5 foot 7 flat, similar to Alfie Allen. I don't see him as a 5'7.5 guy, he's a definite 5'7 guy.
Yuni said on 21/Jun/20
Hello Rob! Do you happen to have a guess for Tom Ogden (the singer of Blossoms)? Here he is with Alex Turner: Click Here and here he is with Noel Gallagher: Click Here
Editor Rob
With bandmates I'd have thought over 6ft, but haven't looked at him in detail.
Yuni said on 20/Jun/20
Hi Rob, do you happen to have any clue about how tall Tom Ogden of Blossoms is? Or would you consider making a page for him? Click Here with alex Click Here with Noel Gallagher
Que lo Que said on 13/Apr/20
Seems right, he gets dwarfed by his nand mates
Jake the Snake said on 2/Apr/20
Hey Rob do you think Turner could be 172.5cm like me at a low ? Always pegged him a 5ft 8 guy maybe I'd edge him slightly
Editor Rob
He has certainly managed to look 5ft 8 range with people
Tc said on 1/Apr/20
I'm from Sheffield & was in a bar right next to him. The guys 5ft 7 on a good day. Wears huge lifts & high hair.
Sim?n Pabletti said on 31/Jan/19
Definitely something going on inside.

Click Here
Jkls said on 22/Nov/18

He said that way back during around 2007-2008 period. When he Wasn’t such a distinctive persona
Littlelee168cm said on 6/Nov/18
He doesn't get recognised because he's five seven and a bit? Tell that to Tom cruise and Justin bieber lol
Ruben Bosco said on 15/Sep/18
OMG on Google he's listed 5 ft 11.
Skonen said on 11/Aug/18
The guy might wear the lifts

Click Here (NME awards 2014)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
AM' said on 25/Jul/18
Does his thin legs and magic shoes make him look taller?
Editor Rob
it certainly helps
Fullheight said on 20/Jul/18
So what's your highest guess for him ?
Editor Rob
5ft 8 range is arguable for him.
Fullheight said on 18/Jul/18
Hey Rob, do You really think he is a 5'7.5 ?
Editor Rob
He can pull off looking taller than it.
ArcticMonkeysFan said on 14/May/18

Alex is nowhere near the 180 cm range...
Check him out next to 5'8 range Noel Gallagher Link: Click Here
Alex tends to wear some pretty suspect shoes (lifts, elevators) these days which would account for him looking taller next to Fallon.

173 cm in the day and 172 cm at night is the highest I'd go and I actually think that's a realistic upgrade for him. But any higher is a bit of a stretch.
gandalf1122 said on 11/May/18
He is seen with Jimmy Fallon who is around 180-181cm almost the same height (where they stand exactly right to each other, not later when Jimmy steps forward!) Click here (minute 4:47) Click Here
Ajay said on 2/Feb/18
Rob, do you think he could pass for 5'10 on his own by his proportions? I was just watching the Arctic Monkeys gig from the 2012 Olympics and this guy looks nowhere near 5'7 on his own in front of the band. His baritone voice certainly elavates him a little more too
Editor Rob
5ft 9 for sure...but 5ft 10? Maybe with the right photographs he can.
Ajay said on 30/Jan/18
Rob, I have a question. Turner's quote ''I am 170 cm and a bit'' was probably translated from english to french, as I doubt he speaks french. He also probably gave his height in feet and inches and the translator converted his height in the metric system. How do we know the conversion was correct? Mistakes in conversion happen all the time. It is also unclear, if they converted correctly, whether Alex originally claimed ''5'7 and a bit'' or just 5'7 and since 5'7 is converted to 170.18 cm the translator put by himself the ''and a bit'' part.
Editor Rob
It is an unknown I suppose, but the likeliest is 5ft7 and a bit/half as a claim, unless Alex was using metric. In Britain we are meant to use it for height, but feet/inches is a legacy that is still quite prevalent.
Anonymous said on 9/Jan/18
Got to remember this guy wears BIG heels in pretty much every photo he is in, cowboy style indie boots etc. He's always going to have a footwear advantage.
I also get the feeling he dabbles with lifts now that he's a bonafide rock star and in the public eye a lot more, when you look at the early photos of the band compared to now there are definitely some discrepancies in height.
Anything 5'9 and over is a reach and can safely be ruled out imo, however i think a very flat 173 or maybe 172 type range is valid when you compare him to people like Noel Gallagher.
Sandy Cowell said on 11/Dec/17
@ Jippity Jones - Now that's what I call a BOUNCY name!🐸

Young Alex can have 5ft7.75!
Jippity Jones said on 11/Dec/17
The 5'11 claim is a lot more credible than the current 5'7 1/2 estimate. Here's a pic with Josh Homme (~6'5):Click Here

My guess would be 5'10, at the very least. What's the year on that quote? It's quite likely that he grew since it was made, or what he said/meant got lost in translation. Now, unless he's known for wearing high heels I think it's high time for an update.
Craig said on 14/Oct/17
Pictured with Sheffield Wednesday manager Carlos Carvalhal (5 ft 10 inches). They look about the same height.
Brandon said on 20/Jun/17
He is pretty obviously not even close to 5'11. The pics with his 5'11 girlfriend prove this. I'd say he is somewhere between 5'8 and 5'9.
MD said on 10/Mar/17
You either don't know your own height, or you met someone else you thought was Alex Turner.
Pokerdot said on 8/Mar/17
Met Alex in Miami a few years ago. I'm 6 ft and would say he was 5 ft 11. Wasn't much difference in height. I'd say 180cm is about right.
delancey said on 27/Jan/17
Obviously a lift wearer with the constant discrepancies in height. Call me crazy but I think 171 fits well.
lilaz said on 18/Dec/16
Alex's height remains a mystery. He really does not look like he is 5ft7.5. Look at the first Last Shadow Puppets record period, he was clearly shorter than Miles Kane. Today on some photos he is taller than him.
Aleks said on 6/Dec/16
Okay why when i type his name it shows me that his height is 5'11 ........ that is just i understand 1 inch or 2inches but 3 inches over your own height that is just funny ...or not idk i am 5'10.5 i guess some people look tall and other not idk i look avarege but i am not .... i am a bitt overweight maybe that's the case .... but i really thought he was 5'11
Django said on 22/Nov/16
he looks 5'9, even taller, but probably he could be 5'8, but really 5'7.5 isn't realistic.
james said on 28/Jul/16
What are the body frame characteristics than can make one person look shorter or taller than they actually are. For example I've seen a lot of different opinions out there about the size of the shoulders. Some people say wide shoulders are a characteristic of a tall/big person, hence they can make you appear taller. Some say wide shoulders give you the stocky look, hence you'll look shorter. What about the length of the arms?
Full5'7 said on 13/Jul/16
What about 5'8.5 ?
withholdment said on 15/Apr/16
Is he really 171cm? I can't believe it. He looks at least 175cm.
Mat said on 9/Apr/16
Hey admin, how tall do you think Miles Kane is? Here with Alex: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here

He is funnily listed as 5'11, but they look similar, so 5'8 I guess?
Editor Rob
yeah, Miles looks nearer 5ft 8 range than 11 range.
Mat said on 31/Mar/16
Rob, did he really used to look 5'9 to you?
Editor Rob
he had a slim appearance which could make him look average, but he did look in the Gallagher photos more his range than taller.
MD said on 29/Mar/16

It is a bit weird since more than one photo with Noel Gallagher was posted from that event over the course of years on this page, I believe. But, just be happy it's been finally corrected.
Mat said on 26/Mar/16
I wonder why that picture was overlooked: Click Here

5'8 Noel Gallagher edging Alex Turner confirms his claim. 5'7.5 perfect listing
MD said on 18/Mar/16
Wow, nice find. I was baffled how he'd retained the 5'9" listing, here, to all other evidence, and the 5'10" listing everywhere else on the internet.
Ola said on 15/Mar/16
Alex mentions his height in the March issue of Technikart as being, "1m70 et des poussière" or "1m70 and a bit" so he's slightly over 5'7". The article for reference (the quote is at the very end of the page): Click Here
TJE said on 11/Dec/15
I saw him perform last year; I was too far to gauge his height precisely, but he came off as very average.
MD said on 10/Dec/15

If his girlfriend is really 5'11", there is no way he can be this listed height, can he? This seems like a significant overlisting.

Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob
the model could look similar range to zach braff...I'm sure in heels she was looking several inches taller than him.

but 174cm for him might be nearer.
Nate said on 8/Dec/15
I met Alex Turner a few years ago. I'm just over 5ft 8 and was wearing flat shoes, he's around 5 ft 7, possibly a little shorter. Really slight frame though so looks taller
Lilox said on 13/Sep/15
Click Here
tvs said on 27/Aug/15
5'7.5''-5'8'' tops
AK said on 21/Jun/15
After the latest pictures, I'd say 172 cm,maybe 173 cm at most.
Fullheight said on 19/Jun/15
So Rob, what do you think about Alex height ?
Editor Rob
at times he can look 5ft 8 or 9
LiamG said on 17/Jun/15
Alex Turner is 5'8 (173 cm) without shoes, the same height as me. I have a friend who is 5'11 (180 cm) and the height difference is the same as that of Taylor Bagley with Alex Turner. If you do not believe me look pictures Graham Coxon 5'11 (180 cm) with Turner and Leighton Baines 5'7 (170 cm). Turner always wears heels (it add at least 3 cm more).
MD said on 16/Jun/15
That comparison is wild. Even at her top listed height, he's in heels. It's really hard to believe, then, that he's even average height.
Arch Stanton said on 15/Jun/15
5 ft 9 is still on the optimistic end I think. Not convinced he'd be at least 5 ft 10 in shoes..
SLP said on 12/Jun/15
Pictures of AT and new girlfriend Taylor Bagley, if she's 5ft 11in and she's not wearing heels then he's definitely a lot shorter, he's also wearing heels. Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 12/Jun/15
For me it looks hard to buy anything over 5 ft 7 with her!
Arch Stanton said on 12/Jun/15
Rob how tall is he really?? See this Click Here She's model listed as 5 ft 9 and I don't think she has on big heels either!! This guy is listed at 5 ft 10!!
Editor Rob
that girl Taylor won't be as short as that. Her agency Give her 5ft 11.5.
klauds said on 8/May/15
It seems like Alex grew up since his first albums.
Tom said on 27/Mar/15
Bellamy is 5'7''
Click Here
Jonathan Hernandez said on 1/Mar/15
I got a chance to meet them after a show in Los Angeles and Alex Turner is a strong 5'7. He was wearing some boot type of foot wear that gave him at least an inch more. I am a solid 5'7 in chucks and he had an inch on me with his boot looking shoes. He is lanky which gives him the appearance of being slightly taller. 5'7 tops
Alex said on 17/Feb/15
He is a bonafide low to mid 170s I think. The more they go to award ceremonies, the more comfortable I am with that.

The thing that helps Al (and the others) is they're all short and there'd be no more than an inch between them. They're all pretty thin, keep to short haircuts, and know how to dress for their height. They never actually appear short even though... well, they are.

Alex Turner, could be 172 or could be 175. Middle point of 5'8" seems fine.

There is an Australian radio station that helps a bit with sussing heights. This guy on the right is a 5'8"
Click Here

Although I think Alex is probably standing on something here, this guy to the left is also a 5'8/5'9" kinda guy.

Click Here
Pete said on 25/Jan/15
How can Alex be 5'9" when Noel Gallagher is listed 5'8"?
Click Here
Editor Rob
noel does have a bit of camera advantage there.
Sasuke said on 25/Jan/15
Rob, please have a loot at this picture with 5'11 Miles Kane
Click Here
He does not look more than 5'7.5" tops.
Vibram said on 21/Dec/14
Looks the same as an ageing Paul McCartney (5ft10 peak in the 60's) - Paul now a weak 5ft9. Click Here Alex has a footwear advantage so could be 5ft8.5.
MM said on 30/Nov/14
This guy is 5'9" and has got the presence of a 6'4" guy. He actually makes me feel nice being 5'10"... Props to him
Cheesus said on 30/Nov/14
If you look up 'Alex Turner Height' it will come up with 177cm or 5"9 - 5"10
mlgnoscoper said on 17/Nov/14
i'm 5'7, and he looked just one 1.25 inches taller than me when i first met him
the next year, he was wearing lifts, and he looked like 5'9 or something
Alex said on 29/Oct/14
This guy is a definite 5'7-5'8 guy. Where there ever instances were Alexa chung was taller than him?
6ft5 16 y/o said on 12/Aug/14
Alex is 5ft9, with conan who is 6ft4 he looks easily taller than 5ft8 and honestly looks 5ft10 but Alex wheres boots while conan wheres dress shoes for the shoe so Alex had an inch advantage. 5ft9
Thomas said on 30/Jul/14
I think Alex and Nick are 5´9,Jamie 5,8 and Matt 5'10.Miles Kane is a tall guy like 5'11.
kakakadn said on 28/Jul/14
I found a picture that may be key to knowing the stature of Alex Turner.

Click Here

There are two important things here:
1) Alex is a step ahead.
2) If you look, though Alex is one step ahead of his peers he is smaller than them.

So what is true stature of him?
Liladr said on 27/Jul/14
Well it's strange, sometimes he looks taller and sometimes smaller. Dan Auerbach from Black Keys is 173cm and on this picture Alex looks taller. Click Here
Noel ve said on 21/Jul/14
No, Lilard, you're wrong ... Turner isn't 5'11 (180 cm), he is not even close to that height ... He is between 5'8 (173 cm) and 5'9 (175 cm) max ... most likely he wear lifts to be higher, but how do you explain the photos Graham Coxon (183 cm) and Leighton Baines (170 cm)? ... Look at these photographs:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Liladr said on 19/Jul/14
Alex Turner is taller. He is taller than his ex-girlfriend Alexa Chung (a model who is 5ft8.5). He doesn't look small at all. I would say he is 5ft11. Look at this pic with Alexa Chung Click Here
Bale said on 24/May/14
Alex Turner is 1,73
Bale said on 24/May/14
Alex is 1,73. Look this pic: Click Here
Paul Weller is 1,78 and Graham Coxo is 1,83...

Another pic with Leighton Baines, Leighton is 1,70. Alex perhaps wear lifts. I think Miles is 1,76, in this pictures he is inclined: Click Here

Sorry for my english, i'm learning...
H. said on 19/May/14
Where did Matt claim 5ft9? I think Matt is about 176 cm.
6ftSonny said on 15/May/14
Matt Helders claims 5ft9, so I don't reckon Turner is 175cm. 5ft 8 seems more plausible.
Surprisemotherf said on 15/Apr/14
he is definitely 5 ish. every male in show biz gives himself at least an inch or two.
crom said on 5/Feb/14
Saw him in orlando, he was wearing huge lifts and I would say he's about 5'8.5
Joey said on 24/Nov/13
Rob I think that 5'9.5" - 5'10" is fair. He certainly didn't need a downgrade.
RV said on 15/Nov/13
I'm pretty sure Noel was on lifts that day, he seemed taller than 5'9 Pharrell and not that much smaller than Russel Brand...
Met him said on 27/Oct/13
5'7-5'8 I'd have put him at. He was noticeably smaller than me, and I'm 5'10.
MD said on 25/Oct/13
Nice find, Ted. It seems those that have been guessing 5'8" may be much closer on the money than the current listing. If he's 5'9", this is the shortest 5'9" I've ever seen.
Ted said on 20/Oct/13
If Noel Gallagher is 5'8 how Alex Turner can be 5'9 ?
Click Here
Jag175cm said on 16/Sep/13
I think he's no more than 5'8"
al said on 31/May/13
Alex is about 5 7-8,
5,6 for Jamie and 5-9 for Matt
oregon said on 29/Jan/13
PLEASE ROB! pay attention to my previous comments!!!
Editor Rob
I'll have a look at him
oregon said on 28/Jan/13
he is 1-2 inches shorter than arctic monkeys drummer Matt Helders who is 5.8-5.9( Rob, look at his pics with p diddy!!!). so alex is probably around 5.7.
dylann said on 9/Oct/12
5'6 at the least 5'8 1/2 for most hes a small guy he just wears those platform type shoes
Dan said on 14/Aug/12
Click Here

As you can see, Alex Turner is smaller than Noel Gallagher in this picture, and seeing as Noel Gallagher is 5'7", that would make Alex Turner 5'6" at the very tallest.
111 said on 11/Jan/12
stop pretending youve met famous people, nobody cares if you have
Godred said on 4/Jan/12
doesn`t look over 5`8 to me.
Me said on 23/Dec/11
HE's 5'10! HE IS NOT 5'7! Miles Kane is like 6 foot
Me said on 17/Aug/11
Not the english, but the Dutch are the tallest people in the world ;)
Sam said on 20/May/11
well alexa is a model, so she has to be over 5"7, i would hazard a guess at 5"9 for alexa and the same for alex turner
Tedyy said on 8/May/11
Look at the elevator shoes he use :
Click Here
Godred said on 13/Apr/11
He`s like 5`8 at best and looks exactly that.
Ofiuco said on 29/Mar/11
I met alex and he's tall-Like 5'10' or 5'11'.Alexa is 5'9''.We english people are the tallest ones in the world.Not like shorty americans.
Jack said on 1/Jan/11
I met Alex and alexa in a cafe in Leeds last year, they are exactly the same height.
Regis said on 20/Dec/10
kitty, are you sure? i dont think she is shorter than 5'7".
kitty said on 18/Dec/10
Alexa Chung is 5ft 7, maybe a tiny bit shorter, ive met her numerous times.
Alex said on 6/Jul/09
i was an arctic monkeys concert, gydnia, poland, and he looks short, 170-175. no taller.
Black said on 28/May/09
and i watched a video, matt helders was smaller than p. diddy. if p. diddy is 5'11" than alex should be 174-175cm tall, because matt is taller than alex. and in this video matt looks like a 177-178cm tall guy next to yeah... thats all
Black said on 28/May/09
i think 5'9" next to Alexa.
hey. said on 27/May/09
I think he's about 5'10", maybe 5'11". What do you think?
Black said on 21/May/09
hello hey, what do you think about alex turners height?
hey. said on 19/May/09
Tomi, unless you are just awful at writing English, I conclude that you were either just visiting Australia (for 'The Big Day Out' concert) or you are just making this story up....if you have pictures, I'll change my mind, which is currently strongly considering the latter. :D!
Tomi said on 31/Mar/09
aaaa, i was wrong. make a mistake.
i could meet him, in the big day out concert,
walked on the place and drink beer, each other matt helders.
and a could walk next to him, i'm a strong 5'8", and Alex maybe 5'9" maybe,
if he was altogether that tall. i can imageine that he is 173-4 too.
but matt helders is a way taller than him. maybe 180, or taller.
i have never think that. so yeah, alex is not that tall than i imagine...
WADO! said on 28/Mar/09
Lol, 5'6.5" for Alex? Yeah, right! Tomi is correct and Lainey proves the point (though there are better "angled" shots on Getty to prove that further). He is at least 5'10", perhaps pushing 5'11".
Lainey said on 26/Mar/09
if his girlfriend is 5'8", he must be about an inch and a half taller than her
So 5'9.5 is about right

Click Here
eoin said on 8/Mar/09
lookin at the nme awards and jack whitehall was interviewing pete doherty who is 6ft 2. jack was about 2 inches smaller 6ft. then when he interviewed alex and miles, alex was alot smaller than him and miles the same but was an inch or two tops taller than alex. from this i would conclude that alex turner height is 5ft 6.5 even 7 tops.
Tomi said on 3/Mar/09
he is 180cm tall, but if he isn't, than he is minimum 177cm i think. always seems to be like a tall guy. never short. so cold be happend this thing he is 180cm. promise.:)
Wado said on 26/Feb/09
Emily, have you met him? What's going on, I only see two posts by you....? Also, Rob, did you upgrade him again?
Emily said on 6/Feb/09
Oh and Jamie is not 5"6. He's a touch shorter than Alex, but he's still taller than me. Definately around 173cm.
No less.
Emily said on 6/Feb/09
Oh and we both took of our shoes.
Anonymous said on 29/Dec/08
I don't think Miles is that much taller than Alex, if at all taller.
haha, freakbeat, did you just kind of push Turner on the curb, or how did you work that bit out? "I'm really afraid that I'm taller than you, will you just jump up on that curb while we take the photo?" haha, jk!
freakbeat. said on 24/Nov/08
miles is definitely taller than alex, cos i'm 5ft8 and have two pictures with miles, both in which he is a fair deal taller than me. when i met alex on the other hand, he was stood on a curb and i was on the road, cos i was scared of being taller than him, but i think he is around 5'9.
Vibram said on 9/Oct/08
Looks 1.5" shorter than 5'10" Paul McCartney (McCartney peak was 5'11"). On this, I think Turner is 174-175cm. Click Here
Anonymous said on 28/Sep/08
Lastshadowpuppets - how tall is Miles anyway? That would be helpful to know, but, I am quite sure that he is around Alex's height (not much taller than Alex!) because whenever they go to events together, they are always around the same height. Go to getty and search them....Click Here
There, I just made it much easier for you.
Lastshadowpuppets said on 11/Sep/08
Watching this video: Click Here
it's easy to see that miles is much taller than alex. Though in the building they seem the same height, when they are walking in the snow you can see that difference. so if alex it's 177cm, miles could perfectly be 185cm
Anonymous said on 9/Sep/08
Why was he downgraded, he is easily 5'10" in my opinion (although that is essentially what he's rounded at, basic rounding methods), but who says that Jamie is 5'6"? Woah.
lee frosdick said on 9/Sep/08
I knew his dad because he was my science teacher nice guy good musician too.
Jim said on 3/Sep/08
Alex is only 5'8 people. He seems taller because he is kinda thin and wears dress shoes which give him the added height. When i met him after a show at the Henry Fonda theater in hollywood he was wearing Keds. Those shoes are flat and he was my height which is 5'8. I was wearing flat shoes as well. Alex's girl is also 5'8. And if you see one pic of them walking together she is wearing flats and he is wearing dress shoes and he is barely taller than her. What's wrong if he's 5'8? It's not a bad thing.
Tompwgy said on 26/Aug/08
Click Here! This is the video, sorry!
Tompwgy said on 22/Aug/08
After i saw this video i changed my opinion! He looks quite short! Compare him to the people he walks by! He looks 5'8" or 5'8" and a half! And he wears dress shoes!
LM said on 9/Aug/08
yeah alex is 5'9" at the most... I can't believe Jamie's 5'6" I think I was that height when I was 12
anonymous said on 28/Jul/08
he is the same height as his girlfriend. 5'8" max.
Tom said on 28/Jul/08
3cm, if matt is 181 alex easily can be 177.
Jim said on 27/Jul/08
go to this link..... it's of matt and alex. the height difference is so obvious.

Click Here
Tom said on 25/Jul/08
jim, where are the photos?
Jim said on 22/Jul/08
Sorry folks but Alex Turner isn't 5'11. I've met Alex after one of their shows and I can tell you that he is only about 5'8 or 5'8 and a half. He does wear dress shoes that have about an inch and a half of heel. Nice shoes too by the way. So with those dress shoes on, it makes him about 5'10 or maybe even 5'11 which would explain why a lot of you on this website think he is that tall but he really isn't. and Jaime Cook is about 5'6. Matt Helders is actually taller than Alex by about an inch or so. I will post pix up soon when I get home. I'm at work haha.
Anonymous said on 21/Jul/08
Miles is not taller than Alex and that is quite easy to see. They are almost exactly the same height although when looking at new photos Turner looks slightly taller. :/. And their new music video.
Leighton said on 16/Jul/08
So, if she is 5'5", Turner is easily 5'10" - he is leaning and still has got a good 5 inches on her, probably more.
question face said on 13/Jul/08
yes, miles is taller than turner, turner is 1.75, saw him and ask him.
Tompwgy said on 8/Jul/08
Hey guys! Look at this pic Click Here !!!!! I asked the girl in the photo and she told me that her height is 1.65 cm! I think he is definately 1.80 or so!
Jack said on 4/Jul/08
Click Here There are also a few new photos of Miles and Alex at the honours list thing - Alex is taller.?
Anonymous said on 2/Jul/08
saw miles at glastonbury last weekend and he looked tiny, m8 saw alex turner and said the same thing
Tom said on 28/Jun/08
the new video, he looks around 175. and miles looks 178-80.
Anonymous said on 27/Jun/08
That's awesome 'lucie mogg', where did you meet him, after a show? And, if so, how was it? I agree with you, he looks a strong 5'10" or 5'11"; 5'9.5" is a bit sceptical. Also, for those who think he is shorter than Miles....check out the new "The Last Shadow Puppets" music video for the song "Standing Next to Me". They are in similar footwear (or so it seems) and Alex is definitely as tall, if not taller, than Kane. Here's the link to the video on youtube --> Click Here They both look around 5'11" or so. Normal dress footwear; great tune.
lucie mogg said on 20/Jun/08
alex if definatly 5'11 i met him and asked him! :)
Anonymous said on 20/Jun/08
miles kane is taller than alex by a few inches, they aint the same height at all, whoever said they were the same
Anonymous said on 19/Jun/08
no way alex is 5'8 .. i think it's right 5'9.5'' in the picture of anonymous.. he looks taller than alexa,, and if she's 5'8 seems like right.
Anonymous said on 7/Jun/08
If Alexa is 5'8", Alex is 5'8" or 5'9". Click Here
Anonymous said on 15/May/08
Lauren, I am a bit confused as well.....has your father actually met A-Turner or are you just judging? Nevertheless, I think your guess is accurate seeing as Alex looks a strong 5'10" or a little over 5'11".
andromagh said on 9/May/08
i don't understand. what happend with your dad? or what do you want with your father here? i dont know what do you want with this. alex is 5'8" - 5'9"
andromagh said on 20/Apr/08
I saw more videos when they stand each other by (youtube) and my opinion, that it 5-6-7cm shows between them. and Miles do not appear so tall for me.
Anonymous said on 18/Apr/08
Toward the beginning of the video, Miles seems taller than Alex (that's probably where you got that andromagh
Anonymous said on 11/Apr/08
Miles is just a tiny bit taller than Alex.
andromagh said on 2/Apr/08
Miles Kane seems much taller than him. is between them according to me 5-10cm. approximately 173-175 tall possibly.
bogart_heels said on 31/Mar/08
If Macca's 5'10", then Alex Turner's gotta be around 5'8"ish. Can't see footwear, but Macca nearly always wears trainers and Turner wears dress shoes with a slight heel mostly. Hope the link works . . .

Click Here
Anonymous said on 11/Mar/08
Locjk, 5'7" or 5'8"....Rob, can you upgrade Turner to 5'10" or 5'10.5"? He's also around the same height/taller than Miles Kane.
Locjk. said on 3/Mar/08
How tall is jamie cook? 5' 7'' or alex height
Anonymous said on 2/Mar/08
Ehm, I dunno, I think he looks a strong 5'10", perhaps 5'11" from these photos. First, here he is with fellow bandmate Matt Helders whose height I do not know, but he does seem like a relatively tall guy, probably around a strong 6'? Click Here Alex's heels are obviously larger, but how much I do not know. The two seem to be around the same height, so I am guessing Alex is not mucher shorter in reality. Second, here is a photo with the "6'3" and a bit" Mika and, I don't know, but Alex is not getting totally killed....look Click Here Granted, it's not the greatest photo, but it's the only one so sorry....
Girl said on 30/Jan/08
I'd put Alex at around 5'9 1/2" because his girl Alexa is 5'8" and when she wears heels she's about an inch taller than him (she doesn't wear very high heels).
Anonymous said on 28/Jan/08
Yeha, agreed to Matt and Nacks, possibly a weak 5'11", but I dunno for sure. Jamie seems about 5'7" or 5'8"? Not sure, Rob?
Matt said on 23/Jan/08
Alex a strong 5'10".How tall is jamie cook?
Nacks said on 23/Jan/08
Alex 5'10" . Does anyone know how tall Jamie is ?
Anonymous said on 4/Jan/08
Yeah, he seems taller than 5'9.5". I would go anywhere from a strong 5'10" to 5'11.5" and he is only 20 or 21 years of age, I believe (?), so there is a good chance he has grown a slight amount since the Arctic Monkeys came into the spotlight. Does anyone know how tall Jamie is? 5'7" or 5'8"? Matt (drummer) seems Alex's height or slightly taller? I suppose close to 6' for him? Their new bass player (Nick) seems about Jamie's height. Question Rob, how did you get 5'9.5" to begin with? Is it just a guess or do you have concrete evidence?

Editor Rob
one guy says 5ft 9 another 5ft 10-11.
Anonymous said on 2/Jan/08
I met him, I was standing on a bit of pavement abotut 3 inches high and I'd say he was about 1 inch below me. I'm 5'8" so I spose that'd put him at around 5'10"?
Les said on 1/Jan/08
I've met him, he's either my height or a very negligible amount shorter and I'm 5'11"
Anonymous said on 18/Dec/07
ive got foto of him frm glastobury with me,as i was local press and he looked shorter than i thought, we where standing on level wooden flooring in photo and he was dead same height as me and iam dead on 5ft8 to the mil. so 174cm at very very most.
sopaz (Sheffield) said on 16/Nov/07
I'm taller than him, and i'm about 5'8...
Matt from Sheffield said on 15/Nov/07
No way is he that tall.

I stood taller than him and I'm only about 5'7
Matt said on 14/Nov/07
he looks slightly shorter:S but i aint met him so i dno! wts matts, cookies nd nicks hight?
Anonymous said on 21/Oct/07
if alex was standing up for most of the day (as at concerts), i reckon 5ft 9.5 sounds bang on. otherwise he might be bit over that on a good day
Anna said on 16/Oct/07
Nice information Kzero, it actually helps to figure things out. If you could post the photo, it would be nice, at least in my opinion. But I just question that McCartney photo then because he looks very close in height, if not taller, and McCartney is listed as 5'10" as of now on this website - peak height being 5'11". And I'm guessing McCartney had a slight advantage, if I were to guess. And, yeah, that sounds about right for Nick and Ricky. And yes I've noticed they are a tall band. I wonder if Rob will ever get round to adding Nick and/or Ricky (?). And, just another point about ALex, if he is only 5'8"ish, that would make Jamie Cook about 5'5" or 5'6" and surely he is not that short? Did you meet him as well Kzero? Anyway, where did you meet these people (what event)? It sounds brilliant, whatever it was....just a concert or festival?
Kzero said on 16/Oct/07
I've met Alex Turner, and we were both wearing Converse or similar shoes, and there's just no way he was an inch and a half taller than me. I'm 5-8 midmorning and this was laaaate at night, and my eyes were very nearly level with his. This was a few months ago, and I know he's young but I doubt he's grown.

and Re: Anna's Kaiser Chiefs question, Nick says he's about 6'2" and he did tower over me, and Ricky is taller than everyone says, at about 5'10-11, I'd say (have met both twice). Ricky just looks short, because he's in an insanely tall band. The guitarist and bassist must each be 6'4".

So yeah, Alex Turner is pretty tiny. I've got a photo, if you must have one.
Anna said on 15/Oct/07
Well, is McCartney 5'9" or 5'10" nowadays?
bloke said on 14/Oct/07
I can see it but it's difficult to see AT as he is obscured by Shirley Bassey! He looks smaller than McCartney and appears to be casually dressed. It seems likely that he is around the same height as McCartney but unlikely to be any taller, which probably would suggest that the height listed here is correct.
Anna said on 10/Oct/07
OKay. I dunno quite what to do then....Rob, are you able to see it? It's working quite perfectly for me....
Evanna said on 10/Oct/07
Unusable = all I can see is a bunch of numbers and letters on a blank page. I've told you that Getty is a tricky one, even if you use tinyurl. It's always better (although maybe illegal) to copy a pic (or buy it! that's legal) and then link it via the image hosting websites. These links usually work.
Anna said on 10/Oct/07
How is it unusable? You mean literally you cannot get it to show up or it's a crappy shot? And, yes, I was regarding the fact that Paul's peak height was 5'11" and has now lost an inch, and is thus 5'10" now. At least that is according to this site. And his posture looks fine to me, so I don't know what is wrong with my photo....
Evanna said on 10/Oct/07
Anna, your link is unusable, as usual. In any case, Macca is 64 now, he's lost at least one inch, possibly more, and nowadays his posture isn't great either. That's why Turner might appear taller.
Anna said on 9/Oct/07
Here's the photo, I'm a dumb arse. Click Here
Anna said on 9/Oct/07
Back to Alex Turner...I searched him on Getty Images and came up with some photos of him and Paul McCartney, who is listed here as 5'10". Although footwear is not seen, I am guessing that Paul was wearing dress shoes (given his attire) and Alex was wearing tennis shoes, which would mean he may have a small disadvantage. Alex looks to be a little behind Paul, yet looks about the same height/eye to eye, so I am guessing he may be more like a 5'10" or possibly 5'10.5"....could this be possible?
Anna said on 4/Oct/07
Hey, I don't care if you don't agree, I just need Rob to upgrade asap. And as for Rupert, what is your opinion on him? 5'8"? And, that's quite cool. I play a bit of guitar, but not loads. And I actually play the violin as well, though not awfully seriously. And how tall are you? Because you always are saying 5'5" is average to short for a female (maybe it wasn't you, but someone was saying that) and it annoyed me slihgtly because 5'5" is not even that short for a girl. The average height is about 5'3" or 5'4" I believe...Anyway, what are some other bands and/or singers you are interested in?
Evanna said on 4/Oct/07
100% correct, bloke.
As for me, Anna, my mum's and dad's families came from the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, the two countries that don't exist anymore. I have Russian, German, Serbian, Montenegrian, Turkish, Bulgarian and Vlach roots - quite a mixture, innit? And I'm a proper musician, a classically trained pianist. But I listen to all sorts of music, not just Beethoven & co. Favourite band AC/DC, favourite song RHCP "Under the Bridge"... I used to play in a lot of bands, bass guitar and synth. But I gave up my r'n'r career after having a child (though I'm still active as a songwriter). Hope this satisfies your curiosity. Friends? :)
(Although I'll never say that Emma Watson is taller than 5'5"!)
bloke said on 4/Oct/07
OT: Id be surprised if as much as 50% of the population of the City of Manchester were primarily of English descent, Greater Manchester perhaps. At the last census (2001) about 80% of the population was White/European but that figure was is probably much lower in reality and most White people in Manchester are of Irish origin.
Anna said on 3/Oct/07
haha, honestly, the same as i've been saying. I'm 17 as of now, but turn 18 in a little over a month, am a female, am 5'3", but to be exact 5'2.5", and wear a size 6 in shoes. And my name is Anna! ah! okay?!?! and I'm not really into making friends on this site, however, we won't expand on that seeing as you don't really believe me my reasoning as to why I'm here, but I just could not pass up a comment like such on alex turner's page. He is amazing.
Evanna said on 2/Oct/07
Anna didn't you say you weren't here to make friends? :) I promise I'll answer all your questions, but only if you reveal your true age, sex, height and shoe size (name is optional!)
Anna said on 1/Oct/07
Evanna, what sort of musician are you? "btw I'm a musician too" I'm just curious. I'm quite interested in music. Arctic Monkeys and Oasis are probably my favourite bands, however, I listen to many...the British music scene is absolutely fantastic as of now....and, if not too invasive, what country are your family from? You said Eastern Europe, but specifically. I haven't got a terribly interesting ancestry (100% English), but nevertheless am proud to be so.
Evanna said on 30/Sep/07
I'm a mudblood :)
Evanna said on 30/Sep/07
Actually my family is from Eastern Europe, I don't have a single drop of British blood in me. But I guess that doesn't make me a minority, since 50% of people living in Manchester are of foreign descent. (In fact here in Hulme being white makes you a minority!) I just think that Manics are brilliant.

Editor Rob
ah right, I do have irish family.
Evanna said on 30/Sep/07
Oh yeah. :) I used to go to all sorts of concerts/gigs/festivals when I was younger. That's how I met a lot of musicians, not just my locals (Btw I'm a musician too). But ever since I had a child and started my PhD, my leisure time has been terribly limited, actually nonexistent. I'll be seeing Happy Mondays in December, maybe Manics too (gotta support the Welsh!), and that's it.

Editor Rob
Welsh roots eh? I thought you were Mancunian! The Manics are well worth seeing. The last welsh 'Singers' I spoke to were erm, Hyperactive + Lisa from Steps :P
Evanna said on 29/Sep/07
Boyzone?! Honestly, Rob, how could you?!...

Editor Rob
gotta support the Irish and all that ;)
Anna said on 28/Sep/07
True to you word Rob, I like that. How tall do you reckon Jamie Cook (Monkey guitarist) is? I'd say 5'7" or 5'8" seeing as he is a few inches shorter than Alex....

Editor Rob
yes the guitar guy looks a few inches shorter.
JK said on 23/Sep/07
I thought he around 5'11''

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