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6ft 4.14in (193.4cm)
joe @@ said on 19/Nov/15
looks than Edi quinn
shiva said on 31/Oct/15
Could he be 6'5 and some change just out of bed
joe @@ said on 28/Oct/15
Rob, could be 194.0-1mm-2mm almost night
Editor Rob
without measuring it could be hard to say.
joe @@ said on 21/Oct/15
Michael seems to look the same height of Armie HammerClick Here
Andrea said on 18/Oct/15
Who cares about eyelevels? The only thing i see is the top of the heads! You can raise your head how much you want but that'll never change your real height! Rob, do you really think he might be 6'4 flat at night? O.O
Why does he look so tall, always? You have many 6'4 who don't look much towering at all! I could see him as short as 6'4 but in the same way the plumber was measured at a surprising 6'1.5, after a very long day, at his absolute worst! He generally doesn't look under 6'4.5 to me... I wonder if he really would looked as short as some "6'4" guys you've met in a photo with you, i'd be surprised!
Editor Rob
after a hard day he may well end up 6ft 4, but during the day a fraction over.
Keith said on 16/Oct/15
Why isn't it taken into consideration that Alexander is raising his eye level in the picture with Michael, thus appearing taller? From that position, and with his hair up, it seems as if the top of his head is higher.
spainmen191cm said on 16/Oct/15
Rob, do you think he could drop to a flat 6ft4 at night?
Editor Rob
after a hard day yes he might.
Andrea said on 15/Oct/15
In fact i traced a line from what might be Michael's top head (i say "might" because i'm actually considering a bit of his hair so i'm giving him the benefit of doubt)... The only thing i see when i do height comparisons is the top of someones head (not the eyelevel differences or hair)! I reask you: would you bet your house on Michael being the taller one? You seem so convinced he would edge Alex out (which i doubt)! Looking at the clip I wouldn't say Michael was taller too, to be fair! You could give them the same mark but it's hard to believe Michael would be taller (even if by just a quarter inch)...
Editor Rob
you would probably have to measure them to see...I wouldn't say either really stood majestically tall when side by side, there is room for either to stand taller for a measurement. I wouldn't rule out the chance of a small fraction lost for some footballers by their 40's.
joe @@ said on 14/Oct/15
Rob, I'm sorry but I think it would measure this marks the night Manganiello deserves a downgrade if alexander is 6'4'25 Joe Manganiello at most is 6'4.5
Andrea said on 14/Oct/15
Yeah, but in that case they did stand next to each other on purpose, to see who is the taller one! And everybody agreed that Alexander was the taller one! Only a blind man would say Michael is taller, at least based on this picture: Click Here
Rob, i'm curious, since you're so convinced Michael is the taller one, would you bet your house on his measuring taller? Just say yes or no! :)
It's as if you met Tom Cruise, listed only a quarter inch below you, and you had to say "I must stand on tip toes with this guy", LOL
Editor Rob
looking at the whole clip I wouldn't say alex was taller, he has at least half inch more hair thickness there.
joe @@ said on 13/Oct/15
I think
Strahan 6'4.5
Alexander 6'4.5
Andrea said on 12/Oct/15
I didn't put this video for a comparison, i know it's almost impossible to say who's taller from this clip! It was just to show you what Michael said... You say Michael doesn't look shorter? Well, he also doesn't look any taller in the famous clip where they meet for the first time, if anything it's more the opposite! Go to Michael's page and you'll find that most of the people will agree that Alexander looks taller! Hell, even Michael himself says Alexander is taller!!! Michael at 6'4.25 and Alexander at 6'4.5 makes more sense! Why are you so conservative with Alexander? It took ages for you to upgrade him to 6'4.25! He's a guy who always look very tall!
Editor Rob
from the original clip I never thought he looked shorter. When you are close and there are some little posture/position changes, I'm sure one could look taller/shorter at various moments.
Andrea said on 11/Oct/15
Here's the video, Rob: Click Here
Editor Rob
tought to tell unless posing, but could have small footwear advantage.
Andrea said on 11/Oct/15
Rob, there's a more recent video of Alexander at the Kelly and Michael show... Michael jokes that he must stand on his tip toes with him and Kelly says something like "Welcome to my world!"... Why do you think he should say that if he's actually 0.25 taller than Alexander? It just doesn't make sense!
Editor Rob
he doesn't look shorter than alexander from what I've seen and some men might be fractions off with posture/eyeline comparing themselves to someone with good posture
Grant said on 21/Sep/15
What are your thoughts on his brother Bill Skäsgard? I have not seen any pictures of them together as of recently
Editor Rob
he's got a page, I think He is roughly as to what he claims.
joe said on 21/Aug/15
Click Here 6'4.5
joe said on 18/Aug/15
he definitely look 6'4.5Click Here
Allie said on 14/Aug/15
Strong 6'4. Anyone have an idea on how talk their morher is? I know in his prime Stellan was 6'3. Also the family is really tall. Even their sister, whose said to be 5'10.5. And an article said at age 14 she was 177cm. Sad she quit modelling. I would've loved to see her work. Especially if she became a VS angel. :)
Balrog said on 3/Aug/15
Spot on, could buy even 6'4.5" for him.
joe said on 24/Jul/15
he is not close to 6'6
Sam said on 6/Jul/15
I'm just a bit taller than Skarsgard I think and in pictures with 5'11", 6'0" or 6'1" people, I look a lot taller than I'd expect in them. He looks similar but often a fraction shorter (like a quarter inch IMO) than Joe Manganiello who looks 195 cm quite often himself.
Roger said on 2/Jul/15
In every single picture I've seen with him and 6'3 Stellen Skarsgard, he looks at least 3 inches taller. Also has a good 6 inches on 5'11 listed Taylor Kitsch and Peter Berg. 6'5 minimum I'd say, closer to 6'6.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Jun/15
Out of bed:195.5cm
Before bed: 193.5cm
joe 193cm night said on 3/Jun/15
modeus, not ibra is not higher
modeus said on 2/Jun/15
zlatan is taller than him because he is a chance pour la france :hap:
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Jun/15
Jared Padalecki - 6ft4¼(194cm)
Alexander Skarsgaard - 6ft4¼(194cm)
Joe Mangeniello - 6ft4¾(195cm)
Andrea said on 29/May/15
It's quite hard to say who's taller between Ibra and Alexander from the few pictures you can find on the net... All i can say is they do look quite close in height! Ibra was measured 194.5 during the day, so that's likely his low! He could dip to 194 "flat", if you wanna go to the mm but i doubt he's anything less than 194! He's a solid 6'4.5 guy and Alexander might be the same, actually...
joe 193cm night said on 29/May/15
yes ibra is no more than alexander is the same height, but another issue of ibra be 192cm out of ibra question was measured 194cm in barcelona, barcelona is a club that rarely has billed player
Charlie said on 28/May/15
No your full of **** Richard Barkley, Zlatan is NOT taller than Alexander, Zlatan is only 192.
berta said on 13/May/15
I Think a guy like Skarsgård loose a lot of height during the day because he is so thin. I remember when i was younger and didnt hit the gym all the time. i could be 197,5 in the morning and only 195,8 on a really bad day in the evnening. Now when my back is stronger (bench over 400 Pounds for example) i am still around 197,5 out of bed or shy of it and some Days if i dont lift really hard at the gym i can still be 197 in the evening. So if you guys want to win a couple of millimeters in your evening height, then start to workout. But dont do stuff like deadlift bacause then you will loose 0,5 cm. Train in a way that dont put to mutch preassure on the spine. hihi Dont know why i wrote this now but just wanted you to know :)
1.89m said on 3/May/15
Genuine tall actor,not a arnie wants to be taller actor.
joe 193cm night said on 23/Apr/15
Rob,196.0 cm possible to get out of bed
Editor Rob
6ft 5-5.25 range would be quite probable, I think he could probably clear the mark.
joe 193cm night said on 23/Apr/15
Click Here
joe 193cm night said on 23/Mar/15
he is a little taller than conan o'brien'rob update alexander 6'4.5 (194) looks 6'5 range and Joe Manganiello 6'4.75 (195)Click Here
Richard Barkley said on 11/Mar/15
Zlatan Ibrahimovic is taller than Alexander
S.J.H said on 7/Mar/15
Rob need an upgrade for Alexander. He really can't be under 6'4.5 and even look like a 195cm guy sometimes
joe 193cm night said on 6/Mar/15
SJH, yes 6'4.75 perfect for Manganiello and 6'4.5 to Alexander despite that are 5mm difference
S.J.H said on 2/Mar/15
No lesser than a full 194.0cm for Alexander so 6'4.5 his co-star Joe Manganiello should be downgraded to 6'4.75
Arch Stanton said on 1/Mar/15
Slender build so can look taller but 194cm seems about right. I'd give him a 6'4.5 though.
joe 193cm night said on 28/Feb/15
finally to the flat compared to 6'5 his brother Sam 6'5(196) in the latest images to see Sam difference seems to be a very legitimate 6'5Click Here
joe 193cm night said on 24/Feb/15
Alexander Skarsgard 6'4.5(194)
Jared Padalecki 6´4.25(194)
S.J.H said on 23/Feb/15
Alexander Skarsgard 6'4.5
Joe Manganiello 6'4.5 (6'4.75 on a good day)
Michael Strahan 6'4.25
joe 193cm night said on 19/Feb/15
6'4.5 could be Armie Hammer looked the same until or unless it next to the Joe Manganiello
Andrea said on 18/Feb/15
Rob, have you seen him next to Zlatan? They do look very similar but of course there are many variables to consider, like footwear difference, posture or ground level! In any case i have no problem to believe he'd measure very similar to him under the stadiometer! You think he could be somewhere between 194 and 195?
Editor Rob
there's not enough to really compare those guys together. I think he is being honest saying 194, but then maybe you couldn't rule out 194.something.
joe 192cm said on 18/Jan/15
Andrea, a listing Good idea to Michael Strahan
joe 192cm said on 17/Jan/15
watching him and Manganiello'm convinced me that they are identical in height are looking shoulders are equal Manganiello has hair benefit, and is heavier
joe 192cm said on 17/Jan/15
Andrea, Strahan with this 43 year old think he lost time
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" said on 16/Jan/15
He's a little bit above 6'4" in person, even though I did think that he was 6'5" beforehand since he appeared that in True Blood.
Menace 195cm said on 15/Jan/15
I met him once at Sydney Airport at a close distance. I stand at 195cm 6'4.5" barefoot and this guy is nearly as tall as me if not the same height. I would say he is a strong 6'4" at 194cm. He looks pretty towering in True Blood, his height gives him the image of authority he needs to portray in his character.
Sam said on 7/Jan/15
I do recall there's a video when Strahan was interviewing Skarsgard (I think w/ Kelly Ripa) and looked maybe just a bit taller but in the shot where they straightened up to compare heights it looked like Skarsgard may have had a cm advantage IMO. I'm not convinced that he's actually taller than Strahan so I was suprised.
Andrea said on 7/Jan/15
Sam, i'm not so sure he'd edge out Michael Strahan. I saw the video and they do look very similar, Michael himself says he's shorter than Alex when he first comes to the studio... But when they stand side by side, it's really hard to say who's taller! I think Michael could be slightly taller (Alex has a bit more volume in his hair) but that's a really small fraction, maybe 0.25 inches? Michael says to be a bit over 6'4 but not quite 6'5, so i can buy 6'4.5 for him! Also, if you see Alexander next to a guy like Joe Manganiello, there's a small difference, maybe 0.5 inches, no more... Alexander is a solid 6'4 guy, no doubt about that (i could even buy 6'4.5 for him)! Btw, Rob, maybe is it worth to give Michael a listing on here? 6'4.5? What do you think?
Sam said on 5/Jan/15
Somehow in that shot with Michael Strahan where they are comparing heights, he seems to edge Strahan out. Possibly bigger footwear (not lifts but larger heeled shoes) for Alexander. I don't see Skarsgaard as taller than Vince Vaughn but Vaughn but Vaughn and Strahan looked pretty much the same height!
joe said on 4/Dec/14
I honestly do not think this guy would be a higher cm that Jared Padalecki
Sam said on 15/Oct/14
In that scene with that Roger Zaphe guy pretty sure they are standing on a sidewalk that's downward slanting to the street, which can make a huge difference...pretty much equivalent of someone being two or three steps higher on a staircase.
184.3cm said on 5/Oct/14
I think the listing could be spot on he seems honest with his claim. i thought 192 -193cm.
Samantha said on 1/Oct/14
I agree with Jonez, at least as far as Skarsgard is concerned, he really doesn't seem like he exaggerates his height at all, if anything he seems to round slightly down! And height could def be a hindrance for roles, except in cases where fans are so ardent *as in true blood* or the height is such an integral part of the role/character *as in Game of Thrones* But for a typical role, I think height over 6'1 could def be a hindrance, especially if the other actors/actresses are especially a short cast. I thought Jason Dohring from Veronica Mars was super tall because I didn't realize how tiny KBell is.. well I didn't realize she's so tiny, because so many of the actors in that show are quite short. It's weird, though- in spite of the fact that I'm sure height can sometimes be a hindrance, quite a few actors (who are already tall as it is) still round up. I think it's in a man's DNA to do so, or something. Can't blame em though-- tall guys are hot. =)
LAnative said on 24/Jul/14
He towers over the top of the LR4 in the pics with Taylor Swift. They are 72" high.
Charlie said on 21/Jul/14
Youre full of **** "MarcusTheSwede", unless you didnt measure Alex himself also u can be sure. Thats one thing to be sure of! People can look a range of height when walking and standing in different pos but anyone who seen Alex and thinks he is only 192 got to be a real wacko.
Jonez said on 1/May/14
Actually berta, men over 6'2" in Hollywood usually lie and say they're SHORTER because being too tall can be a hindrance. Alexander has talked about being too tall for roles, and so has Armie Hammer, off the top of my head.
Dietmar said on 21/Apr/14
Yeah, the difference between these guys is unreal in this movie.

Click Here

Zaphe is propably wearing lifts, or he is standing on higher ground.
Viking said on 4/Apr/14
Berta, remember that scene but I think they made zapfe taller because hes a bouncer.
berta said on 17/Mar/14
everyone in hollywood is shorter than they get listed in papers. One thing i now is he is absolutely not 196 because i am 196-197 depending on what time on the day it is. I have met magnus smauelson and the swedish gladiator roger zaphe both of them say they are 200 meters but they are exactly my heihgt. Have a phote to show it on the computer but dont know how to put it here. Now .. here is a photo of them together Click Here ( scroll down , the picture is in the bottom ) As you can se Samuelson and zapfe is the same height and if you belive me they are same height as my. My brother is 191 and took a back to back photo with samuelson and he was about 5 cm shorter. You now know that both of these guys are in the 197 range. If you wanna know ALexanders true height just download the swedish movie " hundtricket" in piratebay ore look at it online. There is a scene with him and roger zaphe where he is about 5 cm shorter. So how can he be 196 if i on a good day is 197 and a guy that i know is excactly my height is 5 cm taller. Lets say Roger zaphe is 198 that makes alexander 193. But its atleast 5 cm between them if not more. He looks big on screen and with other big guys like manganiello. But manganiello is not 196, no way that is just a joke. looking at that photo i would have guessed 193. But lets say 194,5 to make you happy. conclusion is that both me and marcustheswede who have real life people that we know their real height and compare to all make him about 192. marcustheswede father = 192 and the same height if not taller. Roger zaphe 197 about 5 cm taller. My friend 193 cm tall.about the same height but a little taller but could have higher heel. All this make him about 192-193. Just something to think about. Although in movies he looks in the 194 range almost 195, but guys... its Hollywood
Arch Stanton said on 15/Mar/14
I think 194 looks spot on.
Andrea said on 8/Mar/14
There are few pics of Skarsgard and Manganiello together... There are some pics where Skarsgard could even look taller than him. I think Manganiello edges him out but the difference is really small, 0.25, maybe 0.5 inches at most. Manganiello could be 6'4.5-6'4.75 and Skarsgard 6'4.25-6'4.5... They do look similar in height
MarcusTheSwede said on 7/Mar/14
Im with Berta. I am myself a Swede and have seen Alexander once in Gothenburg and serveral times in Stockholm.
HE IS NOT 196.
I am 183 my father 192 and he is NOT 196 or 194 my father was taller then him and I measured him without shoes and he is 192 and Alexander was with converse and my father who had flat shoes same level of ground shorter.
He is at best. Alexander is At best 192cm everything over that is bonkers.
I dont know what you are thinking or what movies or screens you are looking at but I met him several times and he is tall but not absolutely not 194 or 196 this is a generous listing period.
spainmen said on 5/Mar/14
rob do you think that at night he could "only" be 193 cm more than 194?
Chris said on 26/Feb/14
Alexander was taller, taking into consideration their postures&shoes (Alexander was standing with his legs apart,LOL).Michael had a bigger frame though.
Balrog said on 23/Feb/14
In that video is actually Strathan who looks a hair taller, but not by much.
Jaywha said on 22/Feb/14
Alexander is 196cm. He's a bit taller than Michael Strahan (Michael said he's not quite 6'5 but over 6'4, so he is 195cm)
wicked said on 19/Feb/14
Look how he towers over TAYLOR SWIFT !!!
Click Here
glacier said on 19/Feb/14
He deserves a slight upgrade.I can buy 6'5.
Sam said on 27/Jan/14
This guy is solid as listed. As far as I know he's the tallest of the Skarsgard brothers.
Click Here
Chris said on 25/Jan/14
Nah..He comes out looking noticeably taller than other celebrities who say they are 6'4". He usually looks taller than Joe manganiello who claims 6'5".
berta said on 24/Jan/14
yes i think he looks 194 like you guys but just wanted to say what my friends saw. On a good day my friend is 194 he is strong 193 weak 194 like Alexander is listed. And plays basketball a loot so maybe he had basket shoes on and had 1 cm advantage in shoes. That would make Skarsgård strong 193. I believe what my friend said beacuse when he for fun have guest peoples height like my brothers and people we have measured, he always is right within 1 cm. I made is sound like i thougt he is 191- 192 in my other post. But what i meant was with lower shoes than my friend he was not taller. So i go with 193. He can look 194-195 but i think 193 maybe 194 on a good day. Listing is right but not taller. Joe manganiello is probably 195
Viking said on 20/Jan/14
Haha Berta...
Len said on 19/Jan/14
berta your friend either was wearing big shoes or he was lying, cause Alex is EASILY 193 or taller.
Chris said on 17/Jan/14
Comparing height with Michael Strahan who claims 6'5. Apparently Michael was wearing thicker shoes.
Click Here
I think Alex can look shorter because he has a lower shoulder and a very long neck.
Chris said on 17/Jan/14
Ok.. If skarsgard is 191~192 how tall is Michael Stranham? They look the same height here .
Click Here
berta said on 16/Jan/14
Im with marcustheswede on this one. In films he look 194 and in photos to. He can even llok 195. BUT. My friend who is 193 have meet him. When i asked if they where the same height he said. " No we where pretty close but i was taller maybe 1 cm ore 2" I now that sounds strange because he look very big. But when a man that is about the height that he is listed stand 1 meter from him and says he was a little shorter then he is probably not taller.
Chris said on 15/Jan/14
Looks very tall comparing with Prince Harry here.

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jan/14
Nah, this guy definitely more of a 6ft4+ guy than sub-6ft4. Maybe you had bigger shoes on that day or better yet are a bit more than 183cm?

He edged out Liam Neeson (whose still around 6ft4), was close to Joe Magneillo (around 6ft5) and is a good bit taller than his dad, Stellan (max 6ft2.5-6ft3). He's got good posture for his height
MarcusTheSwede said on 30/Dec/13
Strange thing. I met Alexander in Gothenburg couple years ago. And the thing was. I am 183cm and he was tall. But not striking tall. Not as you are all describing him here. He was tall but I really dont think he was oomg he is so tall. Not at all. He was tall but..not striking tall. My father is 192 cm and he sure as hell wasnt taller then that rather below. Maybe he has grown but at his age a couple of years wouldnt have done much in his age.
I think he is around 192 but not more. This is a very generous listing. I stood next to him in a store in Gothenburg Sweden that day also and if he would have been 194 he would have dwarfed me..but he didnt. He was taller but not 194 or 193 thats a load of bull and yes we had similar footwear both Converse shoes and stood on flat ground in store and same outside.
This listing is generous.
heightfreak said on 22/Dec/13
Solid 194cm. His brothers Bill and Gustaf is about 190-192.
Len said on 17/Nov/13
His brother Gustaf is noticeably shorter, probably 6'1". His other brother Bill (on Hemlock Grove) has given his height at 194 cm, but no way, because he is also much shorter than Alex in pictures. However, he has ANOTHER brother Sam who is actually taller than him, 196 cm.
Hypado said on 14/Nov/13
Solid 194cm
Lorne said on 28/Oct/13
I wouldn't at all be surprised if he was a big 194cm guy... And I agree about Lundgren, I can certainly believe 194cm, but no more! Except Rocky he never looked a big 6'5 guy. And Today, struggles to look more than 6'2 flat! Sorry, not buying him shrinking more than 2 inches. I think him and an Alexander Skarsgard would be identical. But I think this is the best listing; to me he looks a 6ft4.5, hell Mangeniollo struggles to look 1cm taller most of the time, but he's claimed 193-194, 6ft4.25 is perfect compromise, but he just looks 6ft4.5 more than 6'4 flat.
Sam said on 28/Oct/13
Good call, Rob, thanks!
Balrog said on 24/Oct/13
Finally, this is better. Solid 194cm
Lorne said on 22/Oct/13
Hell yeah! Thanks Rob, this was driving me crazy, he looks huge, all the time! He did even look
Taller than Conan, 6ft4.25 I can live with, but he would destroy the Rock's crazy 6'4/6'5 claims!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Oct/13
Lundgren at peak was easily 194cm range, if not 195cm.
Lo sgozzatore said on 17/Oct/13
I actually wouldn't bet on a peak Dolph Lundgren being taller than Skarsgard. Maybe he got measured 194, as he claimed, and then just made confusion with the metric/imperial system and converted it to 6'4 flat, which is 193, if you know what i mean. Rob, would you be surprised if he was a big 194 guy?
Editor Rob
well I'm giving him the 1/4 inch since he's given both 193 and 4 and can look a stronger 6ft 4 than other guys.
berta said on 11/Oct/13
i would like to know how tall his brother gustaf skarsgård is. He is in the new series vikings. I read on one site that he is 191 but a couple of months ago i read in the newspaper that he was 193 cm tall. maybe he is but have very bad posture.
Lorne said on 11/Oct/13
Oh, didn't know you said that, they're both listed 193cm, so went off that. I think you should take/add a quarter inch from one of them, I mean they're is clear difference! I think, standing tall, Segal might be just a tad under 6'4, Skaarsgaard very strong 6'4, like 193.5. I agree with Rampage, that between the claims is fair.
Lorne said on 9/Oct/13
Rob, I have to ask one thing. Look at Joe Mangenillo with Jason Segal. Are you seriously telling me Segal is the same height as Skarsgaard? No way! Come on, man. Skaarsgard should get 6ft4.25. If you have time, just explain if you really think Segal is the same height, possibly a couple mm taller? Nevermind Segals posture, they're is no way!
Editor Rob
it could be as I've said Alexander falls into strong 6ft 4 and Jason weak 6ft 4
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Oct/13
Between the two above claims his fair.

"Alexander Skarsgaard's height is 6ft 4.25in (194cm)"

Stellan Skarsgaard is 190cm/6ft2.75 now. Does anyone know how tall the other Skarsgaard is?
Charlie said on 3/Oct/13
Watch this, no shorter than 194 cm.
Click Here
Nara said on 3/Oct/13
you can't really tell Joe Manganiello is taller than Skarsgard. Among those pictures Joe looking slightly taller the pictures are tilted to Joe's advantage.
CassieQ said on 28/Sep/13
Clearly taller than Liam Neeson
Lo sgozzatore said on 24/Sep/13
Emily, why are you so obsessed with head lenghts? Whats wrong with you? O_O
Emily said on 18/Sep/13
Do you agree he has a small head for his height, Rob? Take a look at that pic:Click Here His doesn't look much longer than Michelle Forbes', who has a 9,25 inches (around that) head. Do you think his is closer to 9,25 than 9,5 inches in length?
Editor Rob
yeah, probably a small bit less than 6ft 4 head average
Lo sgozzatore said on 6/Sep/13
Even Dolph Lundgren, came out with 193 but still gets listed at 194 :)
Why? Because he looked that at peak. So maybe, you should give at least 6'4.25 to Skarsgard
Editor Rob
Dolph's came out with a few different claims over the years.
berta said on 5/Sep/13
i think he looks like he is in the 194 range but some days ago he was on a fotball plan when hammarby was playing and my friend saw him. he was like 2-3 meters away. My friend says he is 194 but i am 196,5 in evening and like 3,5 cm taller so he is more like 193 and when i asked if they were the same heigh he said " no i was a little taller maybe a cm, but taller" So 193 is maybe right.
Sam said on 5/Sep/13
Rob, would anything other than Skarsgard specifically claiming 194 cm lead you to upgrading him slightly?
Editor Rob
he's came out with 193, saying 194 would have no real difference or make any difference, so if he was 194 why did he say 193?

if that makes sense, saying height in cm it's easier to say the height you get measured at, the jump from 193 to 194 isn't like the jump from 6ft 4 to 6ft 5 if talking in feet/inches.
Balrog said on 3/Sep/13
Lo sgozzatore, I'm with Rob on this one, Neeson is a sloucher everybody knows that and he could be just 192cm today, Skarsgard to me is no less than 194cm. Manganiello edge out him by only half inch.
Lo sgozzatore said on 1/Sep/13
Rob, who do you think would be taller between Skarsgard and Mcpartlin? Would you bet on Mcpartlin (since you gave him 6'4.5)? I actually wouldnt be so sure...
Lo sgozzatore said on 27/Aug/13
Rob still thinks that Skarsgard is just 6'4 and that Neeson is a legit 6'4 too.
But i still dont get this:
Click Here
Click Here
Kitsch with those two guys. Rob, i know you're going with the "bad posture" thing but Neeson must loose a lot of posture to look like that, not just 1-2 inch...
What you think?
Editor Rob
kitsch a weak 5ft 11, alexander more of a strong 6ft 4. Neeson does drop height in a lot of poses with people, at 60 he of course could be a weak 6ft 4 now and lost a fraction.

Manganiello I believe looks taller than alexander does and I wouldn't put Joe as a strong 6ft 5.
Maya said on 15/Aug/13
I love that Alexander skarsgard is 193-194 (6,4)

I am 165 and i am from Sweden to as Alexander skarsgard
Blaze said on 13/Aug/13
Rob, upgrade skarsgard and downgrade joe. 6'4.25 and 6'4.75. in the photos you have with joe he looks no more than 195cm which is my height. he looks the same exact way I look with 5'8 guys.
Jesse said on 7/Aug/13
That's what I thought but I just said 5'11 because he's listed at 5'11 on this page. No offense, just saying.
avi said on 6/Aug/13
@Jesse says on 16/Jul/13
Would bet Taylor stands 5'10 even so Alexander is 6'4.
Lo sgozzatore said on 1/Aug/13
If there's one guy who doesnt drop under 6'4, that's him! He always looks a big 194 guy to me. 6'4.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Jul/13
Rob, is 194cm maybe closer for Alexander?

He's noticeably taller than Stellan and edged out Neeson.
Editor Rob
he might be a guy who never drops shy of 6ft 4
cole said on 26/Jul/13
Probably a smidge over 6'4, he looks close in height with Joe Manganiello who might not be a full 6'5. 6'4.75 for Manganiello and 6'4.25 for Skarsgard.
RobertJ said on 24/Jul/13
jeez he towers of Kitsch, I think 6'4.5'' is right.
Lorne? said on 17/Jul/13
The condenses seems to be 194cm. And apperantly he edged Conan( I missed the walk on, unfortunately.
Jesse said on 16/Jul/13
With 5'11" Taylor Kitsch Click Here
Looks 6'4.5" here I think.
josh said on 15/Jul/13
I think he needs an upgrade to 6'4.5".
Dan said on 28/Jun/13
Click Here at the true blood season 6 premiere with joe manganiello.
Sam said on 26/Jun/13
Oi, I think it's time to go with the 194 cm measurement...that or make Manganiello 195 cm.
Lorne said on 16/Jun/13
194cm is closer, Rob. He's almost identical with Joe M, no way a full inch. Even if Mangeniello is 195cm, Skatsgaard is no less than 6ft4.25, and 6ft4.5 is just as likely, he is massive!!!
Pedro said on 6/Jun/13
@Bill Good found. I think that Alexander Skarsgard and Michael Strahan are both 6'4.5".
marrrrr said on 5/Jun/13
Just saw him on Conan and he had a solid 1 1/2 on coco. Regarding footwear I would saw a solid 6'5.25-6'5.5. 6'4.5 barefoot would be modest. In acting, tall celebrities 6'4 and over, downplay their heights so they don't have to become "huge thug #3"
Xior said on 4/Jun/13
Closer to 6ft 5in I believe. Super tall and - as said before - almost no difference (or certainly not a full inch) with Joe Manganiello. We shouldn't forget that 6ft 4in or 6ft 5in is already a tad too tall for some people, so they may start claiming something lower than their real height. I guess there's tons of girls who don't like a man to be this tall.

Click Here
Balrog said on 24/May/13
6'4.25'' might be spot on for Skarsgard. Manganiello is a bit taller than him.
Sam said on 24/May/13
I don't think he's taller than Manganiello but there's pretty much no way there's a full inch advantage for Manganiello. I would say they really are close to the same height. Rob, do really think there's an inch difference?
Click Here
Andrew said on 22/May/13
I stood next to him, i'm 6 feet 2 and Alexander towered me !!! I'm serious the Guy isn't 6 ft 4, he's at least 6 ft 5 !!! He's taller than Manganiello.
Bill said on 30/Apr/13
Click Here standing next to Michael strathan who is listed at 6 ft 5
Sam said on 15/Apr/13
I really think there's a fraction (maybe a cm) and not an inch between Skarsgard and Manganiello based on the few pictures where they stand next to each other. I think Skarsgard is 194 or so cm and Manganiello is 195ish.
Click Here
John said on 12/Apr/13
He must be around 194-195 cm
Anon said on 6/Apr/13
Seems to me some people don't like to be THAT tall, so they start downgrading their height. I genuinely think Alexander is 194 MIN.
Balrog said on 3/Apr/13
He's 6'4.5''. Claimed 194 cm and most of the time round down to 6'4''.
thinker said on 2/Apr/13
194 cm without any doubt
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Mar/13
This guy must be 194cm at least. He's easily more than an inch taller than Stellan Skarsgaard and he edged out Neeson.
Balrog said on 18/Feb/13
Ibrahimovic has never looked less than 194 cm to me. Skarsgard is holding better posture than him and we can't see footwear. Both Skarsgard and Ibra are 194 cm.
Balrog said on 14/Feb/13
Not the best pic but he's actually looking taller than 6'4.5'' Ibrahimovic.

Click Here
Lo sgozzatore said on 10/Feb/13
Agree with you, Balrog! He looks a very big 6'4 guy, for sure he never dips below the 193 mark! 6'4-6'4.5 is his range! As i said there are pics of him with Ibrahimovic and they look about the same. Ibra is all the 6'4.5 he's listed at!
Balrog said on 8/Feb/13
I think you should put him at 194 cm. There's a big chance he's a little bit over 6'4''.
Alex said on 3/Feb/13
Rob, do you believe he would edge out Jim Parrack?
Editor Rob
they'd be pretty close, I think alexander is more of a solid 6ft 4
Lo sgozzatore said on 27/Jan/13
He always looked a big 6'4 guy, no doubt about it. He looked about the same of Ibrahimovic. 193-194
Balrog said on 26/Jan/13
A strong six foot four guy.
Nick said on 4/Jan/13
@ Charlie which newspaper you're referring to? Could you please provide evidence, this might settle it for Ibrahimovic height.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Nov/12
What is it with True Blood and 6'4"-6'5" guys?
Arch Stanton said on 19/Nov/12
Looks legit. Really long endo frame typical of a lanky 6'4" guy.
Charlie said on 18/Nov/12
No Zlatan is 192, I saw it in the newspaper when he stood and got measured, the picture showed him at the 192 cm line...
Nick said on 18/Nov/12
you should check this pic again it's way better to determine the height as both of them are in same footwear and stand on the same line perspective wise Click Here Abbiati 191cm, Ibrahimovic 191/2cm that's a fact, rest is chitchat.
berta said on 17/Nov/12
Click Here zlatan 195 alexander 194. alexander is not shorter than 193 but not taller than 195, 194. the small guy in the picture is 188 according to some sites.
thinker said on 13/Nov/12
alexander skarsgard is 194
and zlatan ibrahimović is 194
guys that's a fact
Nick said on 23/Sep/12
Ibrahimovic looking same height or slightly shorter than 192cm listed Andreas Granqvist Click Here
Nick said on 4/Sep/12
here Click Here looks exactly same height as Milan ac goalie Abbiati listed at 191cm maybe a wee bit more due to the lack of hairs on Abbiati's head, still Ibrahimovic can be 192cm at best.
Nick said on 2/Sep/12
here again with Djokovic and Henry listed both at 187/188cm Ibrahimovic looks 191/2cm no more considering he is even standing closer to the camera Click Here
ANDREA[ITA] said on 30/Aug/12
I told Rob to create a page for Ibra but he Just didnt answer! Anyway, Nick, dont you see they're on a beach? And Ibra has disadvantage? I'm sure ibra would be over 3 inches taller than Novak!
Jez said on 29/Aug/12
Wait, I'm sorry, I thought this page was about Alexander Skarsgí¥rd and not Ibrahimovich....?
Nick said on 28/Aug/12
Ibrahimovic clearly looks no more than 192cm all the time, with professional tennis player former no. 1 of the world Novak Djokovic listed at 188cm everywhere Click Here
ANDREA[ITA] said on 27/Aug/12
Rob, maybe you should finally add Ibrahimovic to avoid to discuss about him on other's pages... Since he looks in the 6'4.5-6'5, you could add him as 6'4.75 or just round up to 6'5? You can quote him when he claimed 197, even it that must be a shoe or error measurement...
ANDREA[ITA] said on 23/Aug/12
In that pic he's not standing straight, Nick. Anyway, you're free to believe what you want, he clearly looks min 194 all the times!
Nick said on 22/Aug/12
just another confirmation Ibrahimovic on the left of the picture looking same height or a wee bit taller than 190cm Mathieu Bodmer Click Here he may be 191/2 tops as previously stated.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 20/Aug/12
Rob, how tall you think Magic Johson is? Just saw a pic of him with Ibra and doesnt look more than 2 inches taller! Maybe 6'7? You think he's lost height? On the net there are several pics of Magic with Samuel L Jackson and the last one gets absolutely towered by Magic, he looks a dwarf (even if you say he's 6'2!)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Aug/12
I'd give him the 194cm listing. Looks noticeably taller than Stellan who is maybe just under 6ft3 now?
Alexander Skarsgaard - 6ft4.25(194cm)
Stellan Skarsgaard - 6ft2.75(190cm)
Nick said on 14/Aug/12
here comes the facts and truth ;) this picture has way better perspective and all the players are in line, same footwear as well, number 9 Kim Källstrí¶m on Majstorovic left is listed at 181cm hence Daniel M. can't certainly be over 183/184cm also Ibrahimovic looks in the 191/2cm range as expected on Majstorovic right.Click Here Pls check this one out with your eyes open ;)
ANDREA[ITA] said on 13/Aug/12
Next to Isaksson, he looks at worst 5 cms shorter, so 194, next to Granqvist the same, he looks 2-3 cms taller! 194-195 is ok! The more i look at your photos, the more you convince me he's 195! No way he's only 192, he looks easily 6'5 on the pitch! The only time he looked "shortish", it was with a referee who's 6'8!
Nick said on 13/Aug/12
Ibrahimovic exactly same height as defender Andreas granqvist listed 192cm Click Here ...and there're several other pics around where they look same height.
Nick said on 13/Aug/12
Ibrahomovic looking no more than 192cm next to Isaksson Click Here
ANDREA[ITA] said on 13/Aug/12
Sarmiento is also listed at 198... But hes listed 195 almost everywhere. He looks very similar to Ibra, no way there are 3 cms, plus you cant see their footwear so its impossible to judge! Anyway, i think they're both in the 6'4.5-6'5 range!
Nick said on 10/Aug/12
another proof that Ibrahimovic can't be over 192cm here is looking at least 3cm shorter than 195cm listed Mauro Sarmiento from the italian taekwondo team. Pause the video at 0.27 they're standing next to each other and the height difference is clear. Click Here
Nick said on 7/Aug/12
to me Ibrahimovic is not over 192/3cm tops end of discussions. You can go on and keep adding extra cms's to everyone but the facts are facts :) Beside Toivonen is stil listed everywhere at 189cm 6'2" and somewhere you can find 191cm but never 192cm :) Ibrahimovic is always been listed at 191cm. He might have grown taller, perhaps 1 or 2 cm not 4 all the sudden, might be a tad over that height in shoes but not barefoot. This pic it's enough to show that he can't never be 195cm Click Here rest is chatter.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 6/Aug/12
Nick, i just saw the site of the team where Toivonen's playing and he's listed at 192 there... He's a bit shorter than Ibrahimovic, who looks 2-3 cms taller so i think he could really be 192 since Ibrahimovic looks everywhere in the 6'4.5-6'5 range as rob said :)
Nick said on 6/Aug/12
but Rob, sorry how can he be so close in height to 189cm Toivonen? They basically look same height in every pic :) did you check the pics Toivonen is number 20. Click Here Also Isaksson the goalkeeper has more than 5cm on Ibrahimovic :)
Editor Rob
there's a bunch of pictures out there of Ibrahimovic with his countryman daniel majstorovic who I met (he claims 191 himself) me he looks a couple of inches taller than daniel
Nick said on 6/Aug/12
:) let's ask Rob, what do you think about Ibrahimovic height? to me is no more than 192cm based on these pics. Keep in mind Isaksson on Ibrahimovic right looks 7cm taller at least. Btw @Andrea[ITA] You still haven't explained why Ibrahimovic looks same height as Toivonen Click Here listed at 189cm in all the pics I provided, maybe 1cm taller tops.
Editor Rob
I think he's not too far off 6ft 5
ANDREA[ITA] said on 5/Aug/12
You clearly are not good in judging heights, Nick... Click Here
With Isaksson, he looks 194-195 (look at the line)...
He's clearly that tall... Witchdoctor is bang on...
Nick said on 5/Aug/12
here he is again Click Here Ibrahimovic next to 189cm Toivonen same height. Btw check where Isaksson head is ;)
Nick said on 5/Aug/12
you guys are only good at criticizing and talk, just bring proofs that he is taller, here again Ibrahimovic looking way off Isaksson at least 7 to 8cm shorter Click Here and if you say that is only 5cm off you must be kidding. Also on Ibrahimovic left, Ola Toivonen listed at 189cm looks same height. Stop jabbering. This are the facts. Please.
Nick said on 5/Aug/12
ok, so you can explain why he looks shorter than 192cm Pique here :) Click Here btw he looks way off than just 1cm at least 4cm from Toldo in this pic Click Here are your serious? c,mon ;)
Witchdoctor said on 4/Aug/12
Skarsgard 1.93-4 metres
Ibrahimovic 1.94-5 metres
very very tall swedes
ANDREA[ITA] said on 4/Aug/12
Ibrahimovic at 190 is very funny, maybe when he'll be 90 years old, he'll be 190! He clearly is taller than that and no less than 194 as witchdoctor says!
ANDREA[ITA] said on 4/Aug/12
He looks 194-195 with Toldo and 2-3 cms taller than Materazzi, who is listed at 193.
Witchdoctor said on 3/Aug/12
Ibrahimovic is 1.94-5 metres no less no more!
Nick said on 3/Aug/12
sorry, the previous was the wrong link, my fault here Click Here is Ibrahimovic looking 4/5cm shorter standing next to 196cm Toldo.
Nick said on 2/Aug/12
some more about Ibrahimovic he looks at least 4/5cm shorter Click Here here is standing next to Toldo an italian goalkeeper listed at 196cm.
Nick said on 2/Aug/12
Fancy some otehr proofs? check this one out, Click Here here Pique looks actually slightly taller then Ibrahimovic. At worst they're both same height,which is once again 191/2cm no more. Btw Ibrahimovic was listed everywhere 191cm and 84kg until few months ago then magically he is 195cm, 95kg :) c,mon sounds like inflated fame height to me ;)
Nick said on 2/Aug/12
I already posted more than one image where Ibrahimovic looks closer to the 190cm mark, however he might be a little over it like 191 or 192 but 195 is out of the question.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 29/Jul/12
First, i think that one pic is not enought to judge a person's height! (btw, the page you posted doesnt work)... Second, you better fix your eyes because he's not that much shorter than Isaksson! Ibrahimovic is obviously no less than 194! I repeat that! You clearly see that when he plays! He's always the tallest and towers over almost everyone! He's clearly 2-3 cms taller than 192 Pique! He claimed 197 in an interview, which probably must be a shoe measurement or a morning height! Out of bed, he's probably near 6'6!
Nick said on 27/Jul/12
that's ridiculous there's at least 8cm between him and Isaksson and I repeat again he is SAME height as Ola Toivonen on the right which is listed at 189cm, so come on, and btw 95kg on him is hogwash too and please do not forget he is clearly closer to the camera which add height to him, just look at the feet ;)
Witchdoctor said on 27/Jul/12
Rob 4:00min "I'm 1 metre 94 centimetres" Click Here Which I beleave he could be,this guy is very very tall!
ANDREA[ITA] said on 26/Jul/12
Isaksson 10 cm taller? At best he's 5 cms taller than Ibrahimovic and he's 199! So, 195 for Ibrahimovic is very reasonable! He looks huge on the pitch! He's min 194! He makes legit 6'2 people look short... Alexander Skarsgard is no less than 193-194 for sure! He looks all of it! Anyway they look very close in height!
Nick said on 24/Jul/12
195cm is too high for Ibra, just look at the picture I've posted he stands closer to the camera and still he looks same height at the other players Ola Toivonen 189cm on the right and Andreas Granqvist 191cm on the left. He can't be over that height Isaksoon, the goalkeeper listed at 195/8cm is about 10cm taller than them, open your eyes ;)
Shaun said on 17/Jun/12
1.93. Ibrahimovic has nearly an inch in him at 1.95. Rob you should definitely have a page for Ibrahimovic as he's discussed all over this site. I believe he's 1 metre 95, just shy of a full 6'5".
Nick said on 14/Jun/12
btw about Ibrahimovic weight I don't buy anything over 90kg for him, (he's probably between 85/90kg) although I saw listings of him at 95kg way too heavy for his frame, my opinion.
Nick said on 14/Jun/12
I believe this pic just confirm once again what's been mentioned Click Here Ola Toivonen on Ibrahimovic right is listed at 189cm so he can even be 188cm and they look same height maybe he got 1cm on him on the other side of the pic the goalkeeper Andreas Isaksson who listed between 195cm and 198cm is clearly at least 7-8cm taller them Ibrahimovic.
Cranberries said on 11/Jun/12
Ibrahimovic is about 1.92 (6'3.25" probably). He wears a size 11.5 shoe and his frame is close to average, he just has a long spine.
Nick said on 9/Feb/12
btw Ibraimovic Click Here never looks two inches (5cm) taller than (in all the pic found on the www) 187cm listed Alessandro Nesta, and is barely 1cm taller than Abbiati Milan ac goalkeeper who is listed at 191cm. Hence he can be 192cm no more, therefore Skarskard is around the same at 191/192cm sure he is quite tall.
Amy said on 6/Feb/12
I don't understand how some people on this claim to know more about the celebrity's height than the celebrities do themselves! Whatever people say... Alexander is tall!
George said on 23/Jan/12
Jean: I'm really into these height debates, and since I'm obsessed with this, trust me when I say Alexander is around 194-95cm. Same goes for Ibra. Check out Ibra with 1.86-87 Ronaldo

Ronaldo has never been over 185.
Jean said on 17/Jan/12
I'm really into these height debates, and since I'm obsessed with this, trust me when I say Alexander is around 194-95cm. Same goes for Ibra. Check out Ibra with 1.86-87 Ronaldo
Click Here
berta said on 15/Dec/11
i think he is 194, i have a friend who i measured 194,2 and they look exactly the same. He also said that he was that height in an interview.. He looks in the 6`4 size. But if someone hold a knife against you and sad that only way to survive was to guess his height right. then i think the most would say 194 some would say 193 and a few 192 and mayby 195. Rob dont you think he ned a little upgrade 6`4.25 Sorry for my bad english :)
Nick said on 8/Dec/11
ANDREA[ITA] says on 14/Oct/11
Rob, look at him here near Ibrahimovic...
Click Here
they look about the same! Could Ibrahimovic be only 6'4 or is more probable Alexander is more than 6'4? You said that Ibrahimovic is about 6'5!
[Editor Rob: Ibrahimovic could be near 6ft 5.]

BTW Ibrahimovic is listed 192cm everywhere online..
LAN Jiao said on 10/Nov/11
you made it im sure i could also put on another 20-30lbs. i"ll try out your weight gaining guide. thank you Sam.
Sam said on 1/Nov/11
At the time I weighed up to 210 pounds, I was just very large meals three times a day and was gaining more fat than I wanted and then I dieted for a bit. I found a healthier weight gain was when I watched my calories more and exercised regularly, eating more than 2000 (preferably more than 2500) calories a day in 6 smaller, low-fat and protein or carb-rich meals plus protein supplements two times a day. Not everybody gains weight the same way and even if you stay a bit thinner than you'd like, remember that many people find being tall and thin quite enviable.
LAN Jiao said on 31/Oct/11
Sam , any guide to gain weight? im min 6'5.25 and 161pounds currently, i use to be 152pounds and i look superb skinny. im curious how you get to reach 210pounds heaviest? since you are so ever thin as me now.. i have been try out some supplements but did't held at all and was not healthy with long term consume. my target was 195-200pounds as i build up with a little muscular upper body but very thin frame thin limbs like peter crouch.
Sam said on 21/Oct/11
I am just over 195 cm at mid-day and I weighed around 160 pounds when I first got to my full height and looking back at photos I look grossly emaciated at that weight. At my highest, I've weighed around 210 pounds and feel I look my best at 200 pounds. I have a similar build to Skarsgard.
Balthier said on 20/Oct/11
"Henrik says on 13/Oct/11
...I'm not really considered tall in general, I am normally the tallest or among the tallest in a somewhat crowded room. I would say that it's rare to find men over 6'3" where I live and those who are 6'4" are seen as huge."

Exactly, according to official statistics, there are less than 10 % of the population that are 190 or taller...

Zlatan is somewhat of a narcissist so it is highly possible that he is exaggerating, yes.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 14/Oct/11
Yeah but again my question is another one!
Can alexander be close to 6'5? He looks the same of ibra! Can ibra be 194 or is it isnt much for him?
Editor Rob
alexander claims 193 and I think he looks that range, I think you'd need better photos to be able to tell and know their footwear aswell.
wingnut said on 14/Oct/11
if this guys 6'4" then he's 205- 210 no problem
ANDREA[ITA] said on 14/Oct/11
Rob, ibra said hes 197! I think thats a bit exagerate, in shoes he can be it off course! Is 194 for him fair or more like over it? You say ibra could be near 6ft5, so also alexander is near it? My question was clear. They look about the same!
Editor Rob
I don't think they are both at their tallest, alexander can look close in height to joe manganiello aswell who says 6ft 5.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 14/Oct/11
Rob, look at him here near Ibrahimovic...
Click Here
they look about the same! Could Ibrahimovic be only 6'4 or is more probable Alexander is more than 6'4? You said that Ibrahimovic is about 6'5!
Editor Rob
Ibrahimovic could be near 6ft 5.
Henrik said on 13/Oct/11
Fredrik Johansson:

No, the Norwegian 182cm (you wrote 1.81, though) does not apply for 17 year olds. It's for adults in the age range 20-29. The average height for Norwegian military recruits (age 18-19) is 1.795m or 5'10.5".

What many seem to not have realised here is that height studies on the Dutch are mostly self-reported, not measured.

I find this whole Scandinavian height to be quite exaggerated, but I suppose that many who speak so highly about us have never even been here. "We" are rather tall, but we're not all 6'4" and up giants. I'm 6'2" myself and while I'm not really considered tall in general, I am normally the tallest or among the tallest in a somewhat crowded room. I would say that it's rare to find men over 6'3" where I live and those who are 6'4" are seen as huge.
Sweed said on 2/Sep/11
roxanne, just because you happend to be 187 and you have a norwegian girl who is short, doesnt mean that People in the North Europe are among the tallest in the world, beacause they are! Dutch average height is now 1.84, swedes 1.82, not sure about Norwegian and Danes but they sure are somewhere around there to!
Fredrik Johansson said on 1/Sep/11
Swedes might be the 4th tallest nation in the world. The dutch are officially the tallest with 1.83, but norwegian 17 year olds are on average 1.81.. wich means they'd be taller at a more mature age. I'm sure Icelandics are taller than the swedes too, as they are the most nordic blooded of all the nordics
Cranberries (18m, 193cm) said on 30/Aug/11
Nicky, 150-160 lbs. is the perfect weight for a 6'1" woman. It's light enough so that you aren't big and masculine, but heavy enough so that you have some junk in the trunk :). I believe that's probably about Sharapova's weight, and pretty much the same as Ana Ivanovic's... If you haven't seen Ana Ivanovic, she is a very nice gal :).
Martin said on 28/Aug/11
Well, the swedes are actually the second tallest men in the world at 182 cm in general height. I'm myself almost 190 cm tall. But I were at this sailing camp this summer in a group of 17 people 2 of them were 205 cm, one of them could had been maybe 210 cm but his posture was really really bad. And the other one was 17 years old so he could maybe grow a little bit taller. But generally Swedes are tall but not so many are over 2m. And if you grow very rapidly and over 2m they get a hormone to stop growing.
Nickycox said on 26/Aug/11
I am 24 years (woman) old and have allways been tall I'm 6ft 1 in about (1.82 cm) and weigh 154 pounds and I look normal more on the thin side but I am a woman so I guess it´s not the same ...... my boyfriend is tall too hi's 6 ft 3 in but he weighs 189 pounds
issuetall said on 8/Aug/11
ibangaczech says on 31/Jul/11
My boyfriend is 200cm (6'7") and literally weighs soaking wet 150 lbs ( I dunno the weight in kgs, I just know the 200cm because he talks about it all the time) And his waist is DEFINITELY around 28". He's all bones!!! Skarsgard looks very proportionate, I'd say he's around 34-36" waist and close to 200 lbs.


SO, both you and your boyfriend are Swedish?
Sandy said on 6/Aug/11
I just met him in NYC a couple days ago, he is no less than 6'4" MAYBE a bit more. As for his weight, he has thin legs and a tiny waist but a bigger upper body.
ibangaczech said on 31/Jul/11
My boyfriend is 200cm (6'7") and literally weighs soaking wet 150 lbs ( I dunno the weight in kgs, I just know the 200cm because he talks about it all the time) And his waist is DEFINITELY around 28". He's all bones!!! Skarsgard looks very proportionate, I'd say he's around 34-36" waist and close to 200 lbs.
ryan said on 21/Jul/11
yea most scandinavians are quiet tall but who gives a **** about height... im 5'10 not short but not that tall but im italian/german nd i might not be tall but i have looks and im built and honestly id much rather be attractive and average height than be tall and not attractive sooo if your attractive, women really could care less how tall you are just look at taylor lautner at 5'8 but gets girls off the wazzoo lol
Sam said on 18/Jul/11
I think he is healthy weight range for his weight range, and couldn't describes as "so skinny" appearing. I am of similar dimensions and height as him. He looked a little bit more heavily muscled back in True Blood's 2nd season and looks skinner now but is far from emaciated or anything.
Scotch German said on 13/Jun/11
I'm 6'6". 300 pounds.
thebad7 said on 13/Jun/11
He will ALWAYS be Sheriff Northman. With only one or two exceptions, he towers everybody in TRUE BLOOD. I think 6'4" is right for him. It's his frame that makes him appear even taller than what he is--he's been looking rail thin as of late, and I doubt he's anymore than 185-190 lbs. He's an awesome performer--he's going to be in the upcoming retread of STRAW DOGS alongside Kate Bosworth.

impact0r said on 9/Jun/11
roxanne, nothing sexier than a good looking girl over 6'. As a 6'5" guy I can say that
a - hunching sucks
b - we miss out on the real feeling of equality when out and about with shorter girls, the feeling short guys take for granted and don't even notice it
Cranberries said on 8/Jun/11
Brittany, people are talking about ethnic background as much as they are nationality. "White" has nothing to do with ethnic background nor nationality.
brittany said on 14/May/11
he's heigth is fine and it really doesnt have to do with his nationality i mean look at Shaq he's american and black. I know a guy that was 6'3 at the age of 14 he's 19 and 6'5 american and white. its genes ppl not race nor nationality grow up. thats some irony for ya
Mat said on 10/May/11
@Jacob: Id reckon Skarsgard is more in the 215-220 range, he's a big man!
Cranberries said on 8/May/11
The exception doesn't break the trend, Roxanne. Also, if you are a girl, 187cm = almost 6'2", which is extraordinarily tall for a woman; you yourself are the exception.

Also, Northern Europeans have more sexual dimorphism, meaning the women are shorter and smaller and the men are bigger and taller in comparison. I've seen plenty of very short Dutch girls (from tall families).
Andrea [ITA] said on 7/May/11
He's very very tall! 193 194 for sure... No less! He could be around 195 in the morning...
roxanne said on 27/Apr/11
I disagree with the fact that the people from North Europe are very tall. I'm Greek and I am 187cm tall. The shortest girl in my class is 165 cm and the shortest boy 175 cm. We have a Norwegian girl in our school which is 162 and she is 17 years old.
Menace 195cm said on 5/Apr/11
This guy is quite tall. I am 195cm myself and I am the tallest of my friends. One of them is 192cm, two are 190cm and one is 189cm. We are all tall guys and we walk tall like rob paul
MD said on 23/Mar/11
Show a pic, then. I'm 5'11" and 140 lbs (which is skinnier than you are at your height) with the same size waist. I simply don't believe it.
Aaron said on 21/Mar/11
I am quite slight. It's more like 28.5" after a meal. I'm built like Sharapova and I have similar proportions to Klum. All my fat is in my butt/thighs.

Hopefully I fill out more... 180 lbs., btw, is quite thin for an evening 6'4". Skarsgard is built differently than me so maybe I just can't tell? I can show a pic btw....
MD said on 20/Mar/11

At your height and weight, there is no way your waist is 27.5 inches unless you'r sucking in or doing a stomach vacuum. 27.5 inches is tiny even for really short and slight guys.
Jacob said on 19/Mar/11
I have a hard time believing this guy weighs 175-185 lbs. Even if he's super skinny, the guy's 6'4". I'm 6'4" (also Swedish) and I have a 27.5" waist circumference, which is very small, and I weigh 180. I believe Skarsgard is around 190, maybe more.
issuetall said on 10/Mar/11

I agree you both. The average of the ex-yugoslavia is very tall, I think it will be taller than Northern Europe.
Martin said on 9/Mar/11
Re: D.L

I can kinda agree with you even though I think you are not being completely honest with yourself. However, I think people like to exaggerate things. I am a 190 cm guy from Sweden and I feel tall aswell. Ofc there are people taller but I rarely see people who are taller than 194-195 cm. I wonder were all those tall swedish guys buy their clothes? I might have tall legs but I always need 36 inches length on my jeans and usually need extra large in shirts (with a weight of 90 kgs give or take). I have also been on vaccation to Amsterdam and I did not notice any real difference in height btw dutch(Amsterdam) and swedish (Stockholm) people. The tallest were around my height or a little taller and in my unprofessional opinion I would not say I saw many 2 meter guys.
Jay said on 21/Feb/11
I'm 18, 6'6" 209 lbs. and I'm Dutch and Norwegian. Both my grandfathers were 6'6" as well, which is freakishly tall for their generation, so frankly I've probably hit my max (although my dad is only 6'2"). Skarsgard has probably hit his max at 6'4" too; his kids aren't going to be taller than him if he stays with Bosworth.
Hannah said on 15/Feb/11
christopher heyerdahl is also 6'4" and he is from dutch and i think spanish background
Bob said on 13/Feb/11
I am an american but i have Italian and German decendants mostly Italian and I am 6ft8in tall. I am 5 inches taller than anyone else in my family going back 3 generations.
Sam said on 7/Feb/11
Not the best height comparison picture, but he's clearly a bit taller than his dad:
Click Here
Aaron said on 22/Jan/11
I'm Finnish and German, and I'm 6'4". A good selection of Indo-European genes can be quite a fine thing. I'm a lot bigger than Skarsgard though; 215 lbs (all skin and bones). I'm willing to bet he'd max out at 195 lbs before he started looking goofy, and he's definitely 6'4" or literally just a hair under. Neither of us have the rugby-type builds.
Anonymous said on 11/Jan/11
It is very very different, I am a swedish gril and I am 5"2 :D
Mallory said on 6/Jan/11
5'2". I am half Mexican and half white. My parents are both average size. However, my little brother is ridiculously tall. He's only 6 and is already like a head taller than everyone else, and is still growing. The doctors say he is going to be really tall when he's older. Why did that happen?
Vikinghorn6 said on 3/Jan/11
I am both of Norwegian and sweedish heritage. I am 194.5 cm. I saw alexander at an airport. He is every bit of 194cm. However he is rail thin. He feels as if he is taller. I weigh 225 pounds. He may be 180 pounds. The illusion caused by his thinness is that he is taller then he appears. Also he has terrible posture, as do most tall Europeans. They tend to lower their heads when speaking to others. Watching the show from America will illustrate his neck leaning problem.
I love this guy. Very cool,very handsome. A bit brooding. 194-194.5 cm. Period.
Daniel said on 31/Dec/10
I am Canadian, with viking ancestry, and I am 6'6. :).
rach said on 30/Dec/10
i am a bit over average fo my age which is 13 i am 5'4" and the talest person in my class it 5'9" which is quite tall for a 13 year old!!!!!in the guiness world records book it says the dutch have to tallest hight on average with men at 6'2" and women at 5'8";)
Puge Henis said on 24/Dec/10
I met Alex on the set of Battleship, his new film that we just shot here in Hawaii. I am 5'10" and he TOWERED over me. He is 6'4" and he is so friggin skinny that it made him look even taller. If someone can tell me how to post pictures here, I will add the picture I took with him. Thanks.
klem said on 22/Dec/10
@Austrian: I agree. I'm from Croatia and I was one of the shortest girls in my class, standing at 5'8", which is above average for women in Australia, where I live now. Croatia is home to the tallest people in Europe.

I can confirm.. I am often tocroati and feel often under average in student's center Zagreb at 182 cm... At home Slovenia I feel average to above average,
Dinkachica said on 14/Dec/10
Tallest are the Dutch, then my tribe -the Dinka fo the sudan, then The Serbians, the Danes...
Anna said on 2/Dec/10
@Austrian: I agree. I'm from Croatia and I was one of the shortest girls in my class, standing at 5'8", which is above average for women in Australia, where I live now. Croatia is home to the tallest people in Europe.
D.L said on 30/Nov/10
I'm from sweden and 192 cm (6'3 1/2) and i tower over most people here believe me. It's completely nonsense those who claims that over 190 cm is not considered tall in our country. In my high school which had about 2000 students i was among the tallest guys, i think at least in the top 5. I can only think of 3 guys who i know were taller than me. That shows how people like to lie about both how tall they are and how tall people in general are here. You don't see a lot of people who are 2m here, it's very rare. Even people who are 195 cm really stand out. I think only 2 people were over 195 cm at our high school. Please don't take seriously those who claims to have a lot of friends who are over 2 m. Unless we are talking about professional basketball players or people from certain african tribes no one can believe in that. The average height is no more than 178 cm in Sweden. I can easily get away with being taller than i am, several people have guessed im 195 cm and some thought 198 cm. That's completely wrong and shows how difficult most people find it to judge height. You can't tell how tall a person is by meeting them. I have thought that people looked taller than me and later found at they were about 1 inch shorter than me. Many people lie about how tall they are that's why someone like me can easily get away with being taller than i am. Surprisingly few people are over 190 cm and even though i don't feel tall i often get comments about how tall i am.

My brother is 187 cm and in his class in the university which contains 80 students he said he was the second tallest guy. The tallest guy were 199 cm and he said that guy looked like a giant compared to the other guys. That's another example of how overated and exaggerated swedish height in general are being here.

I have read that Holland have the tallest people and they have an average height for men that's 182 cm.

The taller you are the taller you can get away with being. For instance a guy that's 195 cm can easily get away with being 2m because he stands out so much and towers so much over almost everyone.
SAK said on 24/Nov/10
He looks 6ft4
Mr. R said on 19/Nov/10
He is listed at 6-4 in Star Magazine.
TNTinCA said on 29/Jun/09
I had actually thought he was taller mainly because I was giving too much height to some of the other True Blood actors. But being that the Stephen Moyer is a little over 5'9" listed here, that would make Alex about 6'4".
Doug said on 28/Jun/09
Another 6'4" Swedish actor. Yawn yawn.

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