How tall is Alison Tyler

Alison Tyler's Height

5ft 11 ½ (181.6 cm)

American adult film performer. On twitter, when asked how tall she was in 2011, said "5'11". In 2012 she then said:
For those of u that don't know. I'm 5'11 1/2.
For those unaware. I am 6' tall. 5'11 3/4 in. To be exact. All through school I was very tall and lanky. I didn't fill out until senior year in HS.

How tall is Alison Tyler
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I'm 6 ft. I tell everyone I'm 5'11 bc if I tell them I'm 6 ft I'm all of a sudden a huge sasquatch.. But if I'm 5'11 I'm ok..

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Average Guess (77 Votes)
5ft 11.38in (181.3cm)
Jimmee said on 13/May/22
Rob, what time are these measurements based on? Like are you saying this is a midday measurement, meaning she wakes up at 6’ and absolute low is probably 5’11.25?
Editor Rob
Think towards mid-day.
DanDanDanDanDanDan said on 21/Mar/22
Hi Rob, what's the average head size for women in that height range?

Over 9 inches?

And how long is Tyler's?
Editor Rob
a solid 9 inches
DanDanDanDanDanDan said on 13/Jan/22
Wow, saw her height listed at 6ft, but thought this was an exaggeration. Talk about being blessed. Think she could be included in the "Tallest Women" list.

I assume the male equivalent of that height for a woman would be around the bigger 6ft5 range. Would you agree, Rob?
Editor Rob
Yeah, she could be equivalent to a 6ft 5 guy.
Badar said on 14/Mar/21
The taller women are the more honest, unlike the 5'4/5'5 range claiming they're 5'7.

181 cm.
Average Heighted Male said on 14/Jan/21
Alison Tyler absolutely dwarfed Adriana Chechik in some video I've seen. Alison had heels on and Adriana had sandals on but easily a 30 cm difference. Adriana is a petite 5ft2in so Alison is a strong 5'11.5. Both very beautiful women.
She probably would dwarf me too. I'm 180cm
stefkat said on 27/Dec/20
Rob how tall is she with those heels ?
Editor Rob
well they should give a minimum 4.5 inches of height.
Canson said on 27/Nov/20
@JDubbz: agreed! Maybe worst case 5’11.25-.5 range
Jdubbz said on 26/Nov/20

Honestly I thought she was a legit 6 footer just based on how she looks in her *cough* films. She does tend to wear big heels though, mainly to exaggerate the height difference next to shorter dudes. But I agree, she's at least a strong 5'11.
Canson said on 5/Nov/20
This is probably an afternoon measurement or at worst maybe lunchtime. The lowest I could argue is the average guess 5’11 3/8ish
Realist said on 1/Nov/20
She looks about 6 foot to me but maybe its those huge heels that make her look giant.
Pleia said on 12/Nov/19
I personally find her absolutely gorgeous. It disheartens me that she would feel even slightly insecure about her height. Sasquatch? No. Something rare, otherworldly and beautiful to behold? Yes. I'm very curious about her lineage as far as her height is concerned.
Guilherme Parodi said on 11/Oct/19
honestly one has to take into account the height totally barefoot and without heels. With the high shoe she seems to get 1.85, but the actual height for me is 1.80 without barefoot and actual height. 1.83 how she claimed is a lie the don't have to admit
Jack Jackson said on 28/Jul/19
she is 170 lbs and 5ft11 tall
Jack Jackson said on 27/Jul/19
Click Here rob.the guy next to alison is 5ft10 tall.Then how tall is alison's height?
Editor Rob
Depends on what they are wearing, but it is hard to imagine over 5ft 11 (if same shoe).
Jack Jackson said on 26/Jul/19
max 5'11" not 5ft 11 ½
Vak vak said on 5/Jul/19
1.85m 😅😅😅😅 I've never laughed so much in my life.she is max 1.80cm tall
Paul sprewell said on 4/Jul/19
Hello rob 😊😀 Have you ever seen alison tyler before?? İ think she is max 180 cm tall
Editor Rob
I don't think I've seen more than a couple of adult actresses in my life...and I doubt I'll be attending any adult expo conventions either! ☺️
harden said on 3/Jul/19
hi i'm william.i think alison height is 1.85 m
Debojit said on 11/Mar/19
Strong 5'11" not more than that
Andrea said on 10/Dec/18
Well, it would certainly be interesting if you went to some of those events... I'm sure that many visitors would appreciate the kind of photos you might take there! 😀😛
Editor Rob
I don't think Jenny would...😨
Andrea said on 7/Dec/18
I don't know if this is the picture with Lindsay Kay Hayward that someone has mentioned, but if that's the case, this is a quite useless pic (all you can say is that Lindsay is noticeably taller than Alison): Click Here
Editor Rob
If she is in flats versus alison in heels it at least shows with Lindsay dropping several inches that she can still appear a few inches taller.

I think people like Allison I may never meet, there are some type of 'Expos' or 'Conventions' I don't think I'd be allowed to attend...
MAD SAM said on 7/Jul/18
I ❤️ women of this height she’s so pleasing to the eyes 😍 she’s the perfect woman 😘 ; gonna give her 6 feet at 182 cm
MJKoP said on 7/Apr/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Almost forgot you were British....when us Yanks see talk about XXX where the letters 'sh' are followed by '**'....well, it usually means something much different. Of course it was just a split second reaction, as I saw the extra 'g' and full context, etc. - but I almost had a heart attack! :D

You're right, though; most of it is absolutely absurd and I'll watch it purely for the LOLs. Let's get back on topic though; I once saw a Christmas-themed movie(er, 'video') featuring the lovely and statuesque, Ms. ALISON Tyler, where she joined a bunch of other fine young ladies and some rather tall elves along with Santa Clause....who was actually none other than Ron Jeremy - incidentally being the shortest male talent, and obviously towering under Alison(well, only when she was standing - if you catch my drift!). :P
MJKoP said on 2/Apr/18
Nik said on 24/Mar/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Cheers!

I have since voted for 5'11.5"! I don't know what Sasquatch means but it is a jolly intriguing word!


Sandy Cowell said on 26/Mar/18
@ Nik - Neither do I know what 'Sasquatch' means! It could be a name, I suppose!

If only you guys had been here from 2005-2009. :D
Sandy Cowell said on 31/Mar/18
@ Nik - The comment I wrote earlier about the film this afternoon is all about the other famous Cromwell, Oliver! Based in Stuart England in the English City War, the events of this film take place over a century later. The King on the throne, Charles I, was a small-sized King, if I remember rightly!

Sometimes I wonder whether I'd have supported the Roundheads or the supporters of the King, the Cavaliers. Thankfully, I wasn't alive in those cruel Puritan times, but I can understand the reasons for the uprising and feel sorry for the King, because he could hardly have told them to go and shove their job, could he? 👑

Anyway, apologies for the error!
Sandy Cowell said on 31/Mar/18
@ Nik - Alison Tyler, plus you can thank your own curiosity!
Do you know, when I left school, I'd had enough of exams and learning, but without the pressure of exams being forced on you each term, learning became a far more relaxed and enjoyable process! You learn all your life, and the day I don't have it in me anymore will be one of my last! But I'm bursting with enthusiasm right now and looking forward enormously to a film on Beeb 2 this afternoon about Thomas Cromwell, who was a commoner who gained favour with tyrannical King Henry VIII! I bet you can guess how he ended up! One amazing fact about the aforementioned King, he was a reputed 6ft tall and to reach that height in the sixteenth century was quite a feat!

@ Rob - I just might Google Alison now! I'm a very contrary and annoying little person like that, and I don't care if some furry-faced critique sounds off at me for it!

But I WON'T be doing it down the library!!!!!

Nik said on 31/Mar/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Happy Easter!

My comment on the 29th Marvh was the only one I sent that day, yours from that day got put on first and then Rob put mine on underneath it and later on yesterday!

I have got to admit that learning new things is the spice of life and we have Alison Tyler to thank for that!

Many thanks!
Editor Rob
Tip of the careful when looking up somebody like ALlison on say google images, especially if you were using your Mother's Ipad!

I mean it's ok for me - I have a perfectly valid excuse if jenny walked by and seen me looking at some 'risque photos' - Height Research of course 😑🤐😳
Sandy Cowell said on 30/Mar/18
@ Nik - Hello Nik and Happy Easter!

I value every bit of knowledge I pick up myself! I bet you get the use of the term 'Sasquatch' in general knowledge quizzes as well and then if you're ignorant as to its meaning, you lose out!

That won't apply to us now or anyone else who reads the 'Latest Comments' on Celebheights!

Enjoy your Good Friday!
Send my best to your Mum!

Nik said on 29/Mar/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

Yes, I indeed did my homework and it was a pleasure! I am glad to be able to tell you, Rob, and everyone, what this fascinated word means! For both of us this was a learning experience, and for others it was too, but some people on here will have already known what a "Sasquatch" is!

I think if I saw a Sasquatch or a Yeti I would tell everyone, I don't know whether anyone would believe me or not though!

MJKoP said on 28/Mar/18
Sandy Cowell said on 23/Mar/18
but I am sure I saw her in a film once upon a time

Never really pictured you like that.....not that there's anything wrong with "that". :D
Sandy Cowell said on 28/Mar/18
@ Nik - Yes, you HAVE done your homework on the subject, haven't you? It must be our equivilant of Yeti, and very clever, because like the Yeti, the Sasquatch is elusive and only seen by a select few, whose opinions are thereafter questioned!

If I saw one of either, without photographic evidence, I'd probably keep my mouth firmly shut!

Have a great day, Nik!
Nik said on 27/Mar/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

It's probably because we are not American! I have since done my homework and a "Sasquatch", also referred to as "Big foot", is according to North American folklore a hairy ape like being noted for walking upright and leaving large footprints! They are reputed to have historically wandered around in the wilderness but whether they actually existed or not is open to debate! If Sasquatches did indeed exist then they will have been found in their native North America, their possible existence is not believed to have ever been reported anywhere else!
I really like Alison's style, I like how she altered the goal posts and refers to herself as a "Sasquatch" if and only if she measures 6 feet tall, being 5'11" dosen't qualify apparently! It's interesting how she mentioned being different heights, I don't think that she is quite tall enough to be a "Sasquatch" to be honest!

Well, I have learnt something new to be honest! I also like the word "Sasquatch" and yesterday I listened online to a digital voice pronouncing this word!

Sandy Cowell said on 26/Mar/18
...or the name for a type of animal, more likely! 🐹
Sandy Cowell said on 26/Mar/18
@ Nik - Neither do I know what 'Sasquatch' means! It could be a name, I suppose!
Nik said on 24/Mar/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Cheers!

I have since voted for 5'11.5"! I don't know what Sasquatch means but it is a jolly intriguing word!

Sandy Cowell said on 24/Mar/18
@ Nik - Excellent! 👍😁
Nik said on 23/Mar/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

I think that you may have persuaded me to offer Alison a possible 5'11.5", I am not convinced that she is 6'0" but I do believe that 5'11.5" is very realistic!
The average vote is too high though as I think she is no nearer to 6'0" than 5'11"! Also Alison has claimed 5'11.5" before, so she can have it! I will give her the benefit of the doubt!

Sandy Cowell said on 23/Mar/18
@ MJKoP - Trust you to think like that! 👏😁

@ Nik - I can't see a thing, but I am sure I saw her in a film once upon a time, so I'll go with 5ft11.5 - a tall girl! 😉
Nik said on 22/Mar/18
I can't see more than 5'11.25" to be honest!
MJKoP said on 21/Mar/18
ATorP said on 6/Mar/18
The picture of Alison Tyler and Lindsay Kay Hayward doesn’t exist any longer.

Good thing I never tried to look for it!
even said on 20/Mar/18
she is close to 6 feet tall , I think the weight is 190 pounds
ATorP said on 6/Mar/18
The picture of Alison Tyler and Lindsay Kay Hayward doesn’t exist any longer.
MJKoP said on 31/Jan/18
@Rob Give me a date range, and I'll find it for you.
Editor Rob
I'd probably say you are better just skimming through all 3200 posts in your spare time to see if this mysterious photo is in there...
MJKoP said on 30/Jan/18
Should she change her twitter handle to 5feet11andahalfinchesofsunshine? Could be more accurate, but *might* lose a certain ring to it. :D
Editor Rob
I was hoping this photo of Lyndsay and Alison Tyler would be out there. Somebody go through her instagram and see if either of them have it on there...
MJKoP said on 29/Jan/18
Yanr said on 12/Jan/18
Rob, her real name is Courtney Byers, on her yoga site

Good gawd...I can only imagine how many sorrowful, misinformed dudes have tried to become her 'clients'. Her screening process must be rigorous. Even guys with pure intents, once those tight yoga pants come on and you look at her knowing you've seen her "somewhere" before.... :O

Editor Rob
I like that quote on her site:
"After college, Courtney had to discover new ways of staying active" 😳

'....with a steady balance of protein shakes and the study of positions specifically designed for stretching'. :P
Joe said on 13/Jan/18
Eric is there a link to the photo with Lindsay?
Yanr said on 12/Jan/18
Rob, her real name is Courtney Byers, on her yoga site
Editor Rob
I like that quote on her site:
"After college, Courtney had to discover new ways of staying active" 😳
eric said on 5/Jan/18
She is tall, but i have seen a pic of her's with Lindsay hayward. Lindsay makes Alison look like a short little girl. And Alison is on heels.
AJ said on 24/Dec/17
Thanks Rob I had no idea this godess existed.
Bob said on 7/Aug/17
Nick are there any photos of her and the 6'9 girl?
Nick said on 7/Aug/17
It was such a turn on to see her being dwarfs by the 6'9" girl at the adultcon. Alison, for once looked small, weak and intimidated.
MJKoP said on 4/Jul/17
For those talking about her weight, here's a (G-Rated)picture of her posted in early January '14, chronicling a more than 50 lb weight loss, before entering her first fitness competition.

Click Here
Editor Rob
a significant difference there!
Hans Meiser said on 28/Jun/17
She's not only tall and gorgeous, but also MASSIVE. I'm male, the same height, and 145lbs. She's 170. Really an Amazon.
Andrea said on 2/Jun/17
Rob, here's an interesting quote, which could explain why she claimed 5'11 more than once in the past: Click Here
She has claimed 5'11.5 at least 2-3 times and 5'11.75 once.
I think she genuinely would measure around this mark (5'11.5), over 5'11 but not quite the full 6'.
I had a good look at her (😎) and she certainly can look pretty towering next to the other guys/girls!
Editor Rob
ok, I will add that quote to the top...
Sandy Cowell said on 16/May/17
I thought that there was an Alison Tyler in mainstream films, you know what I mean! Ones with storylines!
Maybe there are 2 of them or perhaps she does both! She's very tall for a woman at just under 6ft.
I'll give her 5ft11.5 today!
realheighttruth said on 24/Apr/17
i have seen her with other adult actors and actresses on high heels and barefoot, no way she's taller than 1,80 she's just 5'11 max.
??? said on 9/Apr/17
рост 178 см
James said on 9/Jun/16
How much do you reckon she weighs Rob?
Editor Rob
she might vary around 170 pound range, also she said her Breast size was 36DDD.
Andrea said on 24/May/16
What's pg-13? Other "adult film perfomers"??? You're still basing your guess on their claims, though...
But yeah if she mentioned 5'11, 5'11.5 and 5'11.75 she likely did measure a bit under 6', even if she generally seems to just say 6'!
I've seen some photos and videos and she really does look very tall! 5'11-6' is believable...
Editor Rob
with fans and at events that aren't risky, I have to watch searches on this PC as other people use it.

Other adult performers could be inflating their heights, some of them will be honest enough, which ones are harder to say...
Andrea said on 22/May/16
Rob, based on what are you able to say she looks more 5'11-5'11.5 than 6'? She's not a "regular actress", it's pretty much impossible to say whether these celebrities are as tall as they claim or not, unless you see them with people you know!
I have completely no idea who she is, btw...
Editor Rob
with other people I looked at (all pg-13) I thought that range was more likely than 6ft and her claims being under 6ft mostly.
Nick said on 8/May/16
Wow, she looks more 180-181 Rob don't you think?
Editor Rob
5ft 11-11.5 range is possible, rather than 6ft

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