How tall is Ana Beatriz Barros

Ana Beatriz Barros Height

5ft 11 ½ (181.6 cm)

Brazilian fashion model. Elite and Uno Model agency described her as 5ft 11 with 34-24-34 dimensions.

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Average Guess (43 Votes)
5ft 11.38in (181.3cm)
Allie said on 9/Feb/21
@Maery - She's listed here as 1.82 cm, which I think seems reasonable. She's always looked taller than 1.80, especially in comparison to other models.
Maery said on 22/Jan/21
Ana looks a lit bit more tall than Karolina Kurkova

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Maery said on 22/Jan/21
She looks more tall than 1.80 if Adriana Lima really have 1.78

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Allie said on 22/Aug/20
Hi Rob! I know she's likely in the 5'11-5'11.5 range, but if you don't mind, just from these photos, could Ana look around 6 feet (or even a little over) standing next to CR7?

Neither has the best posture and Ana seems to be bending her a legs a bit. She's wearing flats, and doesn't look that much shorter than 185cm/6'1 CR7, whose wearing dress shoes.

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Editor Rob
I think she can look over 5ft 11 with Ronaldo, who most agree is a solid 6ft 1
Allie said on 9/Aug/20
6'0 is too much for Ana, but I think a flat 5'11 is too low as well. 5'11.25-5'11.5 (181-182CM) seems right for her.

In the Karlie photos, she had platform heels on. In other pictures none of the models look like they're wearing platforms and she doesn't look so drastically shorter than her.
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She's not that much shorter than Toni Garrn, who listed here as 6'0.5 (184) and claims to be 6'1. I don't think either of their posture is the best though.
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And she's taller than model Abbey Lee Kershaw, who listed as 5'11 (though I wouldn't rule out 5'10.75 for her).
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Melehat said on 17/Oct/19
I’m sorry Rob but she isn’t 181 I saw her right next to a Turkish supermodel Cagla Sikel with the high heels and still she’s shorter than Cagla and Cagla is 5”10 by the way Cagla didn’t have high heels Click Here
CarlosTdad said on 21/Jun/19
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Lara said on 15/Mar/19
I say she is 1.80 m.
LDS said on 2/Mar/19
That video posted by CarlosTdad is very interesting. You can tell she doesn't like being near the taller Karlie at all, she can barely look at her! To be fair you see Karlie's heels at 2:25 in the video and they look massive, I doubt many women could get close to her in shoes like those when she's already so tall. I think 5ft 11.5 as per the site is spot on for Ana.
Nik said on 29/Sep/18
She definitely looks to be at least 5'11.5"!
CarlosTdad said on 29/Apr/18
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Check this video of Ana and Karlie at amFar in 2013.... at around 2:35 you see Ana’s slight discomfort at being a bit close to the towering Karlie. She is usually taller than everyone else but Karlie’s height overshadows everyone. Then at around 2:45 when they were calling Ana to stand next to Karlie she basically stayed put so Joan Smalls would have to come in the middle and save Ana from standing directly next to Karlie. Karlie still towered over Ana but it would have looked even worse if they were side by side. Ana’s discomfort was obvious the whole time.

Still, Ana is sexy and gorgeous as ever.... but in the height department Karlie is one of the few who will dwarf her. I would still give her 5’11.5”
5ft10hero said on 25/Mar/18
At least 5ft11.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 14/Jan/18
@Mike 6'2

6'1" is a joke for Ana. Agencies list her ranging from 180-182cm so she can't be any taller than that.
Mike 6'2 said on 12/Jan/18
Check this Picture , no camera angle

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Mike 6'2 said on 12/Jan/18
Anna BB is 6'1 and Karlie Kloss is 6'2
Allie said on 10/Jan/18
Anyways nice discussing with you Mistical! No proof, no arguments to back up your claim thats shes adding 2 inches, etc.

There is more than enough proof that she is at least the 5'11 that her agency claims to have measured her. She is probably 6'3ish in high heels. But you don't want to discuss and tell me to back off then fine.
Allie said on 10/Jan/18
@Mistical Have you measured her? Has your friend ever measured her? Do you have proof that Ana is lying by 2 inches?

I highly doubt you do. I'm no expert either but she looks tall and even industry ppl on The Fashion Spot forums have said she is tall. I'm done now and I don't think she is as short as you seem to trying to say she is.
Mistical said on 4/Jan/18
@Ally my discussion with you ended with my previous comment.I do know much more about you that you think.
Allie said on 3/Jan/18
@Mistical - we're discussing height, these are public comments and I ahave a right to challenge your opinion.

You said she can only be 6'1 in very high heels. I showed you proof where this girl is wearing flats and not that much shorter than a guy who was measured at 185-186 cm and wearing dress shoes that would make him like 6'2/188cm.

She is very likely at least 5'11 if CR7 is around 6'1.
Mistical said on 2/Jan/18
@Alli you can do whatever you want, but you will not comment my comments any longer, because I do have right to say my opinion.Mind your bussines and do not try to change others people opinion.
Allie said on 1/Jan/18
@Mistical - You can't tell me what to do. I have eyes, have seen videos and pictures and ppl who have met Ana BB said there is no way she is under 5'11.

@MaryAnne - Aw thanks!
MaryAnne said on 30/Dec/17
Allie my dear I am interested in your comments ;) dont bother them.... we have eyes ;)some people are making comments for getting attention.... dont care about them ;) love you allie babie
Mistical said on 29/Dec/17
@Alli please do not comment my comments any longer.Your opinion does not intetest me at all, and I do not consider it relevant.
Allie said on 28/Dec/17
Whatever. I'm not even gonna argue, she's almost as tall in flats as 6'1 measured CR7 in dress shoes.

She can probably reach 6'3.5 in high heels. And taller in Lady Gaga level heels.
Mistical said on 28/Dec/17
Yes Alli.You said too low height for her.She is 8 feet tall.
Allie said on 24/Dec/17
Ana BB is probably around 5'11-6'0. I'd say 5'11.5.
Allie said on 24/Dec/17
Mistical the irony of you calling me crazy. Not every model lies at least 2 inches. You're friend sounds like hes exaggerating. Here she is with 6'1ish measured CR7 in flats and looser posture while CR7 is standing straight. She can't be as short 5'9 lol.

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Mistical said on 23/Dec/17
Like I have said in a very high heels she can be 1.85m or 6'1".
Mistical said on 23/Dec/17
@Alli you are crazy.You are here, just fot exaggerting height of every model..My friend worked with models, so he told me they all lie for at least 2" for height.
Allie said on 19/Dec/17
You're crazy there's no way she's 5'11.5 in high heels.

She dwarfs a lot of other models.
Allie said on 18/Dec/17
@Mistical - She can't be 5'11.5 in heels. She dwarfs a lot of other models.
Mistical said on 17/Dec/17
Yes she is that height, but in very high heels.
Allie said on 22/Nov/17
She looks 6'1 when standing next to Ale, Adriana and Israbeli!

But 182 cm is perfect for her.
Frank said on 18/Nov/17
She’s very tall (6-5 range in heels) and far and away the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen in person.
Allie said on 17/Nov/17
Thats because Karlie is wearing platforms and she's angled her body away from them. It can give the illuson of a great height difference.

Either way, Ana BB was clsoe in height with Toni Garrn,
Mike 6'2 said on 11/Nov/17
Very interesting one here, although extremly high heels, Karlie towers over
5'11 Joan Smalls and 6ft Ana Beatriz Barros.

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even said on 17/Jul/17
5'11.5" , 125 lbs
Bratz said on 20/Jun/17
Wow! This video with Adriana is the most faithful proof, Adriana seems small next to her, are in the same shoes now really had a perfect upgrade.

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MaryAnne said on 15/Jun/17
Nice upgrade!
Allie said on 15/Jun/17
Thanks Rob! I once asked her on twitter what she claims her height was but sadly never got a reply.

Also do you think Lais can safely edge her out?
Editor Rob
they can look quite close range.
Allie said on 12/Jun/17
Also here's a video with both of them walking. From the article shown and the video here, doesn't Ana look 6 ft near Adriana and the other models Rob?

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Allie said on 11/Jun/17
Rob what about her and Adriana and Isabeli? She looks 6 ft here:

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Editor Rob
she can pull off looking near 6ft on occasions, generally she has looked taller than 5ft 11, so may well be rounded down a bit to 5ft 11 on her agency.
James said on 17/Feb/17
Definitely 5'11 and something. I'd peg her closer to 5'11 1/2, or 181.5cm

Also, 5'11 is actually technically 180.33 CM.

180cm is (5ft 10.87 inches) which is is closer to 5'10 3/4 (which is 179.7cm) aka 5ft 10.75 inches. That is a difference of .3 of a CM,


rounding 180cm which is really 5ft 10.87 to 5'11, that is a difference of .33

The attention to detail is small since we should always round I think closer to nearest 1/4th of an inch (quarter of an inch 0.25inch) or every 1.3cm which is basically half an inch.

There is a realistic difference between saying someone who is 5ft 10.87 inches tall is 5ft 11 inches flat at peak max height, and saying that they are closer to 5ft 10.75 inches tall.

I guess what I am saying is when do you round up and down and what height would she have to be to get the 5ft 10.75 designation if she is for example say really 5ft 10.87 inches tall at peak max height?
Allie said on 19/Jan/17
Hey Rob, sorry to bug you again. But what do you think about the Ana and Cris pics? Think she deserves at least 5'11.5?
Editor Rob
Allie, her shoe is hard to tell exactly how thick it is...but I am not so sure she'd be quite as tall as 11.5.
Allie said on 10/Jan/17
Rob, do you see a 3 inch difference between Ana and Cristiano? It looks like she's wearing somewhat flattish shoes in both pictures or at least she has a slight footwear disadvantage against Cristiano and her posture may be a tad looser.

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I think she just may be the 1.82 cm (5'11.5) that Google has her listed as.
Anonymous said on 11/Dec/16
She's obviously bigger than 5'11 '' for sure, just you Rob who does not want to see it! Karlie even here is listed at 6'1.5 "being that it's 6'1". You're helping, Karlie, it's not all that time. And Ana Beatriz does seem to be bigger than 5'11 "and you do not realize.
MaryAnne said on 19/Aug/16
1.82 for her is plausible.
567 Red said on 16/Aug/16
Ana Beatriz Barros is greater than Karolina Kurkova , 1,82cm for her.
Rebelka said on 31/Jul/16
I think Ana Beatriz higher than Karolina Kurkova ! 1.82 for she sure she is very close to Toni Garrn
Allie said on 10/Jan/16
I'm thinking Ana BB is what the 182 cm that google has her at. She's not the full 6 ft because Toni Garrn edges her out but she looks barely shorter I think 5'11.5 is perfect.
John said on 27/Dec/15
2 things are clear. This proves that Alessandra is not close to 5-9 and miller is not close to 5-7.5.
Allie said on 18/Dec/15
Rob if somewhere between 5'11 and 6'0 is possible, how about upgrading to 5'11.5?
She's taller than Abbey Lee Kershaw and is around an inch shorter than Julia Stegner in this pic.

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Editor Rob
I might have another look at her soon
Allie said on 13/Dec/15
Rob, do you think it's time to upgrade her? She looks 6 ft range with Alessandra! Here in the first two picture they're wearing similar footwear. In the second picture, they're all wearing sandals and Alessandra's the one in the purple shirt and skirt with stripes.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

And here she is with Oluchi both crossing their legs and wearing similar heels (a Nigerian Model who get listed as 6'0 but her agency Storm even tries saying she's 6'1!)
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Click Here

And here, she looks more than half an inch taller than Joan Smalls whom you've listed as 5'10.5.
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And here, if you scroll through all the pictures, Ana BB doesn't look 2.5 inches shorter than Karlie Kloss here and she's like the same height as Jourdan Dunn whom you've listed as 6'0. Maybe a tad under.
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And for further proof, here she is with 5'7.5 (you've listed) Marisa Miller.
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What do you think Rob? Do you think she's a model who got downgraded to 5'11? She looks like a 6ft range here. And in two of the pictures with Alessandra, Ana BB is wearing roughly the same footwear no heels!
Editor Rob
I'm not as convinced she is a big 6 footer, although somewhere between 5ft 11 and 6ft is entirely possible
J.Lee said on 5/Dec/15
Rob, look at how much she towers Allesandra Ambrosio

Click Here
Allie said on 29/Nov/15
I do think 181 for her is perfect still imo, but looking at pics I don't think she's the 6 ft or 5'11.5 that sites seems to have her at (that's not a modeling agency). She's an inch taller than Adriana max, and although Karlie's heels were a tad bigger (I don't think she'd be getting more than an inch over Ana's heels), Ana BB did not look 6 ft beside Karlie.
Allie said on 3/Nov/15
Rob, do you have a guess on why many different sites say she's 5'11.5-6'0? Fashion people or interns in the fashion industry also say that they've met her or seen her and she looks to be close to 6 ft. Could it be because of her skinny frame?
Editor Rob
she can look a good 5ft 11, sometimes more, maybe with heels some people can give an even greater impression, I know I've stood beside some 5ft 6-7 girls in big heels and they looked 5ft 9-9.5 (imagining if they had same inch shoe as me).

I can imagine a girl 5ft 11 or 11.5 in heels coming across as 6ft 1-1.5 to people
Allie said on 21/Sep/15
Rob, do you think she could be like 182cm/5'11.5? She and Karolina Kurkova are wearing the exact same heels and Ana looks taller.. Or could it be because she's standing back?

Click Here
Editor Rob
tough to say, sometimes with models close in height you could find one taller, then in another shot they can look reversed in height.
Just said on 19/Jul/15
This listing seems right because in some pics with 5'8"5 Ale, Ana is wearing higher platform heels.
Skye said on 27/May/15
@Abby - If you're 5'8.5, those four inch shoes would only make you around 2 inches taller. That would mean that you'd be either 5'10.5. So yeah. Maybe 181 or 182 given her pictures with other models, but yeah.

Looked taller though, I agree. Thought she was near 6ft.
yoyo said on 15/Apr/15
She's easily 6'1.
MaryAnne said on 10/Mar/15
I think she's at leaast 6'0!!!
abbyv86 said on 9/Mar/15
She's taller than that.. look at this
Click Here
abbyv86 said on 9/Mar/15
She's definitely taller than 5ft 11! I saw her in Verona and she's a giant! I'm 5ft8.5 (174 cm)and I was wearing 4in heels, Ana was wearing flat shoes but still taller than me!!
barbara said on 22/Feb/15
Click Here (Ale's on the left and Ana is the second from the right)
Click Here (Ana Beatriz, Alessandra and Marisa)
I think she is more like 6'
Judd said on 12/Feb/15
John says on 11/Feb/15
super gorgeous

I agree
John said on 11/Feb/15
super gorgeous
Gonzalo said on 10/Feb/15
After my wife, one of the most beautiful women on Earth. Tall lady
Judd said on 7/Feb/15
MaryAnne says on 6/Feb/15
I thought she was around 182-83 because near other models she looks very tall but 5'11 might be true for her.

yeah, she gives that impression...but i agree with rob, 5'11" is a good estimate...she might be 5'11.25" but i don't think she reach 5'11.5" or more...
MaryAnne said on 6/Feb/15
I thought she was around 182-83 because near other models she looks very tall but 5'11 might be true for her.
Judd said on 6/Feb/15
Thank you rob! XD

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