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5ft 7.96in (172.6cm)
RisingForce said on 17/Nov/08
Another example of stocky 5-10 guys looking shorter from a distance is Ripper Owens. From a distance he looked 5-8 to me but up close he looked like a strong 5-10 and looks strangely 5-11 in my pictures with him.
RisingForce said on 17/Nov/08
Thanks, I've noticed that judging height from a distance isn't good either. That's hwo you get articles stating Arnold Schwarzenegger is 5'4"-5'6"!

I think Stallone's build makes people think he's shorter than he is. He has short legs for his height(you can see that Sly's legs are often shorter than men the same height as him because his torso is long. Sly's long arms(73 inch reach) also make his body look smaller as well as his muscular frame.

My father who was 6'0" or a bit over peak never looked that tall from a distance and now at 5'10"-5'11" can look my height from a distance(just under 5'8"). Up close is when you can really judge.

I believe that many men who are said to be short actually are 5'10"-5'11". For example Sly, Matt Damon, Colin Farrell, Robert Redford and prime Burt Reynolds come to mind. All of them except for Damon I believe are or were atleast 5'10.5". In Sly's case I believe he's still 5'10.75" when he wakes, Farrell could be 5'11" out of bed too. I'd guess Damon at 5'10", no more no less. It's not hard to picture Antonio Banderas or even Mel Gibson(5'9"-5'10") in that height range. I put Antonio in the 5'9"-5'10" range, same as Mel Gibson.

They're all average but they're big movie stars, mostly action stars and so people don't expect them to be "average".
glenn said on 17/Nov/08
well said post risingforce.thanks for paraphrasing my hypothesis on how 5-10 men can fool the eye.
RisingForce said on 16/Nov/08
I didn't take it that way and there's no stress at all. Thanks for your compliments too. It's just that I have to keep repeating myself to Tellem and Brad.

I'm not doing anything all that great though, just backing up your in person estimates which shouldn't be ignored in the first place. Your in person estimates are really the best evidence, pictures can be tricky. I thought Bruc Willis was 5'11" until I realized he slouches a lot and wears flat footwear then your estimate seemed to really start to make sense. Now I'm convinced he's a bit over 6 foot and can give illusions of 6-1. The problem is that with pictures you have to see dozens before you get an idea of their height. In person you can see posture, footwear, ground level ect.

Of course here we have people who out estimates without any pictures, in person sightings or claims. Of course I'm referring to Brad giving Jackie Stallone a height of 5'4" for no reason other than that he thinks it fits his 5'8.5" Sly estimate.

There's still some stuff though like the Burt Young in boots with Sly in converse pictures that I'd like to post but I'll include it in that.

Banderas has the proportions of a man taller than 5'8.5". I think he's atleast 5'9".
glenn said on 15/Nov/08
i know,you have posted alot.dont mean to stress you and your doing an incredible job! im proud of you!
Deivid said on 14/Nov/08
Austrian i dont kidding you if you dont belive me come to Spain and see it. You can see the best woman in the world too, jaja. Doomhammer is in right, the old people its short, but young people no.
RisingForce said on 14/Nov/08
Yeah, I have a lot more to post on that page too but I'll include it in my next post.
glenn said on 13/Nov/08
you should post that on the stallone page too risingforce.
Doomhammer said on 13/Nov/08
Hey, its true, spaniards height has increased in this last 40 years. Thats why old men in spain are short but young people are near to 5'10, 5'11, 6' or even taller. Its true that a recent studio says that spaniards are as tall as Italians, British, French or some other European countries, and even USA. Did you know that USA, GB, French, ITALY and many other countries height is 1'77cm 5'10 or 5'11 on average?. The tallest people are in Netherland. Spanish people has suffered a lot in last 100 years with 2 dictatorial governements, Starving everywhere, diseases. But 30 years ago Democracy richness and health came to Spain again ( there was a Republic during 30's ).
RisingForce said on 11/Nov/08
From The Dallas Morning News(2005)

"In person, Banderas, who seems even taller than his reported 5 feet 9 inches"
anonymous said on 11/Nov/08
He does look 175cm in mask of zorro. In femme fatale he was shorter than 180cm rebecca romjin in heels by about 10cm.
Eduardo said on 7/Oct/08
I'm 183cm, I'm Mexican I don't feel so tall
alex said on 18/Sep/08
I m spanish, I m 1.77 barefoot in the morning, I think you say 5ft 9 and one half inch
well, when I go in the street, oldest people often is shorter or very shorter than me (we are talking of men, I m male)
however boys with the same age of me are more or less the same age as me
In my gym 5ft 10,11,6ft young people is frecuently but 5ft 9,8,7 is usually too
I think I m the average, or maybe a little more
sorry my english I dont know if you undestand what I speaking
Freedom_Fighter said on 8/Sep/08
Montenegrians are tallest nation in the world, average male height there is 6'2
In rest of Ex Yugoslav countries male average is about 6'0
Banderas is an average Spaniard, so he is in a 5'8-5'9 range
Shikoku said on 7/Sep/08
7. Netherlands?

Clearly inches taller than 1-6
the king of Castilla said on 1/Sep/08
Austrian, I do not care if the Spaniards are not really high. We are the most cool of Europe and your girls are happy here.
Austrian said on 10/Aug/08
"In a recent studio, Spain is the third country tallest in Europe"


you gotta be kidding me

list of nations that are definately taller on average than spain:

1. Croatia
2. Serbia
3. Bosnia/Herzegovina/Montenegro/etc (probably also Albania and Slovenia)
4. Norway
5. Sweden
6. Denmark
7. Netherlands
8. Germany
9. Austria
10. Switzerland

even the italians are probably noticably taller than spaniards these days
Lillian said on 31/May/08
At the game next to cameron diaz, he looked about 2 inches taller than her (5'8). But maybe he had lifts.
Shikoku said on 19/May/08
Nope, All the scandinavian countrys (Iceland,Norway,Sweden,Denmark) and The Netherlands are 100% sure already taller and im sure that they are not the only one so the third tallest country in europe... no
Heightwatcher said on 27/Apr/08
I think 174cm sounds correct
Anonymous said on 27/Apr/08
can you guys please stop discussing evolution and I don't know what in the Banderas site?? Why not post it in the "general Height" department?? Please it's very annoying to read this stuff here. really.
Daniel said on 26/Apr/08
Ok, Shikoku, thanks for admitting my point. And getting back to Banderas, he needs to be downgraded here, don't you think?
Shikoku said on 24/Apr/08
Hah, Blond hair and blue eyes is actually more common to the Islandic people than rather to the germans (despite the fact that mister Hitler wanted to make his own natural selection) anyway it is true what you say, however im more talking about smaller country's like the netherlands than rather about germany, that's acountry with 80.000.000 citizen's that used to be over 25 little country's The Netherlands is much smaller, but we used to be one nation with the belgians, and used to be the same average height, but after we split up the dutch shot up in the 20th century, where the Belgians left behind, while we still spoke the same language,and almost had identicall culture and nutrition standarts^^
Shikoku said on 10/Apr/08
@ daniel actually they are both countrys have been alone for over 20 generations at least with their own people and 98% of those people married someone and got children with who are in their own country and speak their language that makes all countrys mainly their own race with their own habits and language so yes they are
Daniel said on 2/Apr/08
Neither Italians nor Dutch are ethnic groups, if by "ethnic" you mean "racial".
Clark said on 29/Mar/08
Matt--Italians are listed as the shortest ethnic group, while the Dutch are considered the tallest.
Daniel said on 21/Mar/08
I don't think Banderas is taller than 5'8''. In the movie Philadelphia he is 5 to 6 inches shorter than Tom Hanks,
Leung said on 20/Mar/08
Yes those are heels! I wonder how Melanie Griffith would feel if she found out that Antonio was wearing her shoes.
glenn said on 19/Mar/08
great pic.look like elevators.might have a little more on the inside too.
Filippo said on 18/Mar/08
Here's the link to teh image showing Banderas with Heels.!!!!!!!
Click Here
Filippo said on 17/Mar/08
Hi, I saw Banderas and Liam Neeson in Milano filming "The Other Man".
They needed my office to put a camera and so the production invited me for the party on friday the 7th of march. I am 178 cm and I shook bandera's hand: it was shorter than me with boots....I think he is no more than 170 cm and, honestly, kind of old from close....Liam Neeson, on the other hand, is more than 190 cm.
ShahNawaz-True Height Explorer said on 15/Mar/08
OMG, i cant believe that.

I saw "Once upon a Time in Mexico".
Banderas look abt 2-3 inch shorter than Enrique(6ft2in)

Banderas wears tall pants(to make a illusion of long legs)
His short is too short and also he has over-coat which too,
is not too long.

He has a awesome frame, i shud say.
He looks 5'11-6'0 in his first look:)
ACG said on 6/Mar/08
Matt: How do you know Banderas is so short? Have you met him? Glenn has and he says 5'9. I'm not going to argue with that.
Matt said on 5/Mar/08
Lorenzo of the Night is absolutely right, Banderas, who is great actor and a handsome man is no taller than 168-170. he always wear absolutely ridiculous high heels and he has a large skull and short strong legs like many of us mediterraneans. Height is not a problem if you are good looking and proportioned. All the Spanish guys should take no offense but Spaniards are the shortest in Europe even if 170cm height was pretty common anywhere in Southern Europe around 40-60 years ago.
Brian Antonio said on 19/Feb/08
Hi Twingo, I hope your son finds the care he needs ... it is a shame there is not a medical facility closer that can treat your son. Chemotherapy is hard, I hate to see kids go through it, it breaks my heart, seen it way too many times. God Bless You, hang in there mom!!! I did see the movie, "Original Sin", pretty good movie. I did see that scene. I cannot wait to see Bordertown also, should be a really great movie. I believe the other movie I referred to was the Code with AB & Morgan Freeman. I am so sorry to hear about your disc hernia, you have been through so much yourself at such a young age. I know what you mean when you say idiopathic, that was my DX as well. That's some Doctor's ways of saying we don't care, your insurance isn't the best, or some other lame excuse instead of getting down to the root of the problem. I am a Happy person, I try to be, anyways:) Yes, I am strong, I would not have changed anything that happened to me, it was worth it... I always enjoy hearing from you!!! Please give me updates on how you & your son is doing. My Prayers are with you my friend!!! God Bless, Brian ~A.
twingo said on 10/Feb/08
Hi Brian, you are welcome too. We spent last week at the hospital where my son has been treated, now there is only one session of chemotherapy missing, we have lived for ten months in a city about 800 kilometers from our home once there is not a specialized center for children in our town. Yes, chemotherapy and its effects are horrible especially in early aged people, and there is yet the orthopaedic troubles, but we are happy for soon can be back home. At the movie 'Original Sin', Banderas acts with Angelina Jolie and in a scene when they are barefeet can be seen a couple of inches for him, reinforcing the stimative of this site about his height, once Angelina is an average to tall actrees graded at 5'6" to 5'7" tall generally. Last year Banderas acted in 'Bordertown', a movie in which also acts S
Brian Antonio said on 29/Jan/08
Hi Twingo, you are welcome, sorry, I didn't respond back sooner. I am glad to hear your son is doing better, it sounds like he has been through a tough battle for such a young age. Thank you for your kind words:) As far as heighth is concerned no one really knows exact heighth except that person. I couls make myself taller using lifts, I never actually tried, a thought perhaps... I agree with you, there is nothing wrong with anyone wearing lifts, it's a personal decision. Heighth doesn't determine ones's character. Again, Antonio Banderas is a fine actor, I believe he has a new movie coming out this year with Morgan Freeman, it should be interesting. I am sorry to hear that you suffer from scoliosis, I hope it doesn't cause you much pain. I tend to have back pain and some numbness, it does run in my family. Did you have cases of scoliosis in your family? I found out I had cancer when I was almost ten, less that a few weeks before my B-day. My last chemo was in '91. You have a Wonderful Spirit & Attitude about Life & Living!!!! May God Bless You & Your Son... Brian ~A.

It is always a pleasure to hear from you!!!
twingo said on 18/Jan/08
Hello Brian Antonio, thanks for answering, it's good to know someone as you that won a battle against the cancer in this time of so many uncertanties related to the treatment of my son. He's only 7 years and had osteosarcoma in the right femur, has already passed through a surgery of ressection of the tumor and bone grafting and is almost ending the chemotherapy sessions, thanks to god everything is doing well. I'm happy to know that you can walk now. I agree Banderas is a great person and actor, he's not short at all and I see no problem when he wears elevators shoes to increase his height, it's common in the artistic world. There are few foreign actors that succed in Hollywood. Brazil, nowadays, has Rodrigo Santoro (from movie 300), a very tall and handsome guy, as well. I have scoliosis since I was a teenager, it's also S-shaped with 39
Brian Antonio said on 15/Jan/08
Hello twingo, I just checked on this page to see if there was anything new on here. I am surprised that I recieved a message, I hope I am helpful to you in answering your questions in any way I can:) I had Ewing's Sarcoma, a bone cancer in my left pelvis. It was the size of a grapefruit ... I had chemotherapy, radiation therapy, & surgery to help stop the tumor ... only by the grace of God am I able to walk today. Yes, I have Scoliosis also the S-shaped curvature also. I am very sorry to hear about your son, I hope he is doing well. How old is he? I own a few authentic outfits Antonio has worn in a few films, I fit into them very well. I have his body frame. I am 5'5-1/4", I do not believe he is very tall at all, respectfully. It doesn't matter he is a great person & actor, people make too much of a deal out of heighth. I am part Spanish and most Spaniards are not very tall, at least not me, those from the Mediterrannean also. I loved the older Walt Disney Zorro shows with Guy Williams, I believe he is Italian and around 6'3", I could be wrong. He made a great Zorro, and added a lot of character and morality to him. No Problem on the English:) I'm still learning myself, in this life we are always learning ... If I can help you any further, please feel free to drop me a line. God bless You, Brian ~A.
twingo said on 9/Jan/08
Brian Antonio (who posted in 14/09/07), what kind of bone cancer did you have? (osteosarcoma, Ewing tumor...?) in which part of you body? what kind of treatment did you have (chemoterapy, radioterapy, surgery...?, was it related to your scoliosis, I am interested because I have a son whith similar disease in treatment. About Banderas height, I guess he is an autentic 5'8,5" and I got disappointed seeing him and Hopkins performing Zorro. I guess that everyone that watched the Disney's version starred by Guy Williams felt the same. In this case the physical type of the actor including his height and self-confidence made difference in a movie. Sorry about my english, I am Brazilian.
jimo said on 25/Oct/07
antonio is 5-8 and wears big shoes with heels all the time. He is taller than tom cruise so that puts cruise under 5-7 and not what this sites states him! funny thing is that we will never know as both wear lifts lol
Leung said on 2/Oct/07
Yeah those pics with JT are hilarious. In an attempt to get as much height as possible he is looking ridiculous. If you look at Antonio from the waist down you would assume it’s a woman in high heels and jeans.

Antonia is better wearing suits, for some reason he looks shorter wearing jeans and casual clothes.
glenn said on 2/Oct/07
thanks selena.
selena said on 1/Oct/07
actually i'm a good friend of his and he is 5' 8''.you can also look it up in his biography. So i wanted to clear things out for you guys
leonari said on 14/Sep/07
Man the pics with Justin Timberlake make me freak...This guy wears the uliest high heel boots + major LIFTS and tries to hide him with his jean that are covering the heel. Thats fore sure! Looks way uglier than Stalone munsters if you ask me. But I still think that he is 174 and not below. With those boots he reaches 5'11" which explains why Justin doesn't tower him...
Brian Antonio said on 14/Sep/07
Hello, my name is Brian Antonio, I am 28 years old, anyways, I look exactly like Antonio Banderas, and my heighth is 5'8". I am shorter because I had bone cancer and scoliosis at a young age. I personally own a costume from one of his movies Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever. I have his personally worn and tailored long coat jacket and the pants, they fit me perfectly. The hymn line at the bottom of the legs was an inch or so longer, possibly to cover up lifting boots. I think it's a cool item to own, I am a big fan. By the way, Antonio, was my birth name:) I believe he is shorter, but so what? I am too. I am comfortable with who I am, I have nothing to prove. If he uses lifts that's ok, but he just needs to be comfortable with being him, and I believe he is:) He's one cool cat, and I Greatly admire his work. Take Care Everyone & God Bless..........

Brian ~A
raj said on 11/Aug/07
glenn, it must be real hard to know when all banderas, pitt and cruise wear lifts!! they say cruise did not permit pitt to wearing shoes but who knows...
banderas always wears high heel boots.
Franco said on 10/Aug/07
believe it or not im fairly sure Banderas is 174cm but he can appear taller because of his slender body. i dont think he is 173cm though, he looks a proper 174cm and maybe 175cm on a good day.
Original said on 8/Aug/07
He's 5'8"/5'8.5" .
Melvin said on 19/Jul/07
He's 5ft 8. Shorter than Anthony Hopkins in every photo and video of them together.
MD said on 13/Jun/07
Banderas has to be a lift wearer. Even in this photos with Justin Timberlake (given 5'11.5", here) where he is wearing boots he must have extra help. It's ridiculous as it almost appears he's on tip toes he's elevated so high. lol

Click Here

Click Here

Now, here he is a few days earlier:

Click Here

Click Here

Justin has on slightly higher sneakers than in the last pics, but is Antonio taller than listed, or is Justin shorter than listed?
Pete said on 30/May/07
met him in marbella, spain. hes a big sloucher. weird posture and talks real fast making stupid faces. he was wearing regular trainers. very short. id say around 5-6 barefoot
kevin said on 6/May/07
Banderas looking almost 6' with Al Gore Click Here
Gotxo said on 13/Apr/07
Now i'm curious on Imanol Arias height! How tall he is?
Viper said on 11/Apr/07
Sly didnt look far off from 6-5 with Hulk Hogan, seriously.
leone510ss said on 9/Apr/07
6'5 sly!!! you perhaps meant 5'6!!! :)
bam said on 1/Apr/07
banderas is wearing obvious lifts in this pic and looking only .5 inches taller than 5'7 mike meyers. Factor in an inch difference for his slouch, and he's still 5'8.5 in lifts.
Click Here
It's safe to assume that his shoes give a net height increase of 1.5 inches minimum. Banderas looks like another lift king, considering that he was eye to eye with 6'5 Sly Stallone. (note the sarcasm, btw the stallone/banderas pic needs attention)
Alireza said on 25/Mar/07
I am sure that his height is more that 5-8 and I think he is somethink link 5-9 if you cant believe you can see Original sin that he played with angelina jolie
Glenn said on 31/Jan/07
Serious raj? I thought Antonio was an inch or 2 smaller than Pitt? it was reported Cruise wore lifts in that movie.
raj said on 30/Jan/07
antonio looked shorter than cruise in that movie. we will never know cuz they all probably wore lifts LOL
Glenn said on 29/Jan/07
For starts Pitt is a minum 5-11.6ft in that movie.making Antonio 5-9 if that what you saw.I felt Antonio looked 5-10 in that movie.
P. Smith said on 29/Jan/07
In the film Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Cheech Marin describes Antonio; "He was 5-9, 5-10 tops." He always looked 5-9 to me in his films, but i've never met the man.
Gonzalo said on 29/Jan/07
As I have said beofre, I haven´t seen Banderas in the flesh. But I have met people like Imanol Arias, Fernando Trueba, Juan Diego, etc, and Banderas looked around 5`9 beside them, the same as me beside those same guys. Bandersa must be about my height, 5`8.5 or 5`9
raj said on 29/Jan/07
in "interview with the vampire" he was at least 3 inches shorter than 5-10 brad pitt
Heightcritique said on 26/Jan/07
I met him back in 1999 and he is around 5'9". With his boots he is around 5'11".
Lorenzo of the Night said on 24/Jan/07
Hi again. If I'm wrong, I'll eat my hat (height enhancing, naturally!). I still say that the ground zero for this argument is Banderas singing with Sara Brightman (5'5"), "Phantom of the Opera". Watch carefully, because as he passes directly behind her, up against her, you can see he is barely taller....and he's wearing those boots!!!
Look at the wide shots, especially those of Antonio from behind. You can't tell me that's anything less than a 2 1/2" heel....look how the pants are tailored (BTW, I date a tailor, and she agrees)to hide the boot's thickness...why are the boots that thick? Cuz they're concealing lifts inside the boots....he wears them everywhere when he's, isn't it possible Glenn, that he appears to be taller than he is, even in person? With a good tailor, and a master boot maker, not to mention the odd build the guy has, it could happen.
Manu said on 21/Jan/07
I agree with you he uses horrible footwear. He's short,but 5'6 or less? sounds pretty rare.going over your comments I begin to doubt,but I think below 5'7 it's almost impossible. If you give us more evidence we can argue. Besides, Glenn met him,and I don't need to say he is 100 percent trustworthy
Viper said on 21/Jan/07
Hes slouching big time in the photo.
Glenn said on 19/Jan/07
Thank you Gonzalo.
Gonzalo said on 19/Jan/07
You are wrong, Lorenzo. Banderas is around 1`75. His not under 1`70 or 5`7. I can tell you that.
Glenn said on 18/Jan/07
Im here to clear things up.I studied Antonio in the FLESH.he is most likely smaller than 5-8.met him many times.
Lorenzo of the Night said on 4/Dec/06
Oh...and one more "important" (like this height stuff is that important in the first place...let's face it, we all have better things to do gang) fact....Selma Hayek, who co-stars with Banderas in "Desperado" and "Once Upon a Time In Mexico" isn't that much shorter than Banderas when he's wearing the boots...ahem. cough. hack...She freely admits to being only 5' 2"/ Now if that ain't the end of that argument, I don't know what is.
Lorenzo of the Night said on 4/Dec/06
Let's put the Banderas quandry to rest: All one needs do is watch "Femme Fatale"
with Banderas and Rebecca Romijn Stamos. She is listed as 5'10" to 5' 11". In every wide shot, she is substantially taller, and I might add, BIGGER, all the way round, than Antonio. He is clearly wearing elevator boots, although, you'll have to stop the dvd to catch it.
In the hallway scene, where she is the blonde sister, she is in heels, so we'll give her, say to be genrous, three inches, which will put her somewhere around the 6'1" to 6'2" mark. Antonio, in the wide shots in that hallway, is at least three inches shorter, and he's wearing a two and a half inch heel. Add to that a 1" inch lift (just about gauranteed....look how thick the boots are!) and that means that he's got a good three and a half inches of extra height going, barefoot, he's not over 5' 7". ....and I still say he's shorter than that, just from the observations taken in regards to footage of him singing "Phantom of the Opera" with 5'5" Sarah Brightman, who is most likely wearing heels herself, yet, Banderas with VERY obvious help in the heels department in that footage, barely tops her by an inch. If Brightman is 5'5", with 3 inch stilletos, she still won't break past 5"8". Banderas has a 2 1/2 inch heel there as well, and from the look of the thickness in those boots, and the pants that are trying in vain to hide that fact, there's at least another inch of padding going on. I'm tellin' ya folks: the man is no more than five six, and I'd further bet he doesn't weigh over 140. He's my size, 5'6" and 150 tops.
Little Joe said on 4/Dec/06
See...This guy Manu agries with me that European's are getting taller and taller and the average height is around 5'11-6'1. Specially the Mediterran (Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia...) and the Scandinavia and the north (Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Danmark, Germany...)
Franco said on 16/Nov/06
wtf i thought Banderas was 1.78 at least! wow what a surprise.

well i have some dvdz of his movies and upon evaluation i have to agree he is 5'9 max.
Manu_from_madrid said on 15/Nov/06
He is 5'8.5, a little bit above spaniards (5'8 entire population) But it's amazing how tall spanish men have become. living in Spain,I'm 5'9.75 and 24,and I fell really short among new generations, specially eighteen folks. average height of them could be 5'10.5-5'11.5. I don't know what's happening in europe,but the northern europe is HUGE,and the mediterran area is more and more tall!! I think the health system is a main factor. what do you think?
Lorenzo of the Night said on 30/Oct/06
I can tell you from looking at all the evidence; films (look for yourself, and you will see!)The Mask of Zorro, the Legend of Zorro, Desperado, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, among thing, (if you have your eyeballs on) that you will notice right away...his least two, if not two and half inch heels. Also, the boots are thick and heavy, suggesting that there are lifts involved.
If you compare footage from these films with footage of Banderas in concert with Sarah Brightman, singing "The Phantom of the Opera", you will notice a couple of things that will lead you to the conclusion that Banderas is much, much shorter than has previously been reported: First, the boots; again, two to two and a half inch heels, pants tailored to hide the extreme height. Second, the thickness of the boots. Third, the tailoring of his jacket...long, to balance the extra height given his legs by those boots. Fourth, look at him standing next to, and in back of Sarah Brightman, both in medium and wide shots, and you will see immediately that he is barely taller than her, even though he is wearing elevator boots. Sarah Brightman is 5'5". What does that tell you?
If you look closely, you will see just how much these boots have in common with the boots he wears in "Desperado" and "Once Upon a Time in Mexico"...they are, in fact, the same style! Why is that interesting? Well, these productions are all very different, involving different directors, costumers, etc, yet he still retains the same style boot. You can be there's a good reason for that: Antonio found a great boot maker, who hides his work well, and knows how to keep a secret.
So, how come I know so much? Because, I'm 5' 6 " myself, and know all about those shoes.
Gigi said on 10/Oct/06
he looks 5'9 in once upon a time in mexico..considering he was wearing black boots all the time
Gigi said on 10/Oct/06
so was he wearing boots in the pic?
Gonzalo said on 20/Sep/06
I have never seen Banderas in the flesh. But I have seen him next to people that I have met and I think he looks 5`8 or 5`9. It is ridiculous to say he is 5`6.5
Glenn said on 11/Sep/06
Elevators arnt heels.
albi said on 10/Sep/06
Download from eMule the video of Sarah Brightman and Antonio Banderas singing Phantom of the Opera and you will get to see Banderas in 2 1/2 inch heels. The worst elevator shoes I have ever seen.

Editor Rob
he wears those heels a lot...
MP said on 10/Sep/06
Antonio is at most 5'6.5". It is the average height of native Spaniards to be what Americans consider short. But it has always been Hollywood's idea to make every star "larger than life". Just look at some of their footprints and handprints at Grahmans Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, but beware, even some shoes are tricked out!
Domibucks said on 29/Aug/06
He's definetely atleast 5'8.5. My sisters fiancee who his is about 6'3 met him at a sam's club meeting while advertising shrek 2. I asked him how tall he was and he said 'about 6 foot'. I didn't believe that for a second. But I did take into consideration he might have been wearing lifts which would make him about 5'10.5, so I guess he wasn't too far off with his estimate.
Rey said on 2/Jul/06
Amy, did you really work with him?
Arianna said on 16/Jun/06
I think that he is around 5'8.5 is a fairly good estimation. In pictures with Melanie Griffith, Banderas looks to be shorter by an insignificant amount [maybe .25 an inch]. (I guess Griffith likes men her height. I don't blame her though, being eye to eye with a guy can be so romantic)
Georgette C. said on 13/Jun/06
What a great picture of Antonio Banderas,he sure looks 5ft.8in. to me.There are times when he does look taller,but he never stands still long enough to get a really good view,nor does he stand straight up,he is always doing something quirvy in his photographs.But,I would take him home, no matter how tall is. thank you......(PS) If he is ever around,tell him to call (330-219-3587) I would like to learn a little SPANISH.....Thank You........Georgette
Clive said on 23/May/06
Johnny, if you take the case of Will smith, Jim Carey, Jean Reno or Clive Owen who are very famous actors, they are all around 6'2 so next to them a 174cm man rather looks short... Otherwise I know that the average height for a man is 175.5cm !
Johnny D. said on 22/May/06
on the contrary, clive. he's quite the average.. for an actor!
Clive said on 9/May/06
What eventually convinced me that Banderas wasn't over 174cm is that he was less taller than Hopkins at his PEAK on the Mask of Zorro although he wore his big boots ! He isn't very tall for an actor ;)
Amy said on 4/May/06
I've actually worked with Antonio. I'm 5' 7.5" and I was taller than him so I don't think he's over 5' 7"!!!
Glenn said on 3/May/06
Ive seen Buscemi look 5-6 and then 5-10! so Im not that nuts.Antonio is 5-8,5-9.Buscemi wears magic shoes.
Blues said on 20/Apr/06
This height is right now, he's exact average height in US, 5'8.5" .
grew 5 in. one year said on 2/Apr/06
I worked door @the 2002 Latin Awards and he had boots on and was 5'9 1/2 with boots, I'm 5'11 I'm wearing jordans at the main entrance watch the footage looser
jigga jigga said on 1/Apr/06
YO antonio is nOT 5'8'' he's like near 6'0 i swear, because in his new "dance movie" coming out, he was a lot taller than that model from america's next top model and she's at least 5'8''.
sf said on 29/Mar/06
Good picture that reveals the heels on those shoes. Notice that picture also displays another trick the stars use to hide their specially made shoes - the pants are always very long and flair out and almost completely hide the shoes, I've noticed many times. That's important, as, again, these longs pants can cover most of the shoes so you can't tell what they look like/how they're built. Chances are, without those pants, you'd see some pretty strange looking boots...
Clive said on 29/Mar/06
I don't know who is Melanie but I noticed you've used a french word (voila), good Rob GOOD !!! ;)
Clive said on 29/Mar/06
Indeed with thats boots you can easily gain 3 or 4cm !
In the mask and the legend of Zorro, he always wears boots like that!
I have the impression that it's a trend for Hollywood's stars to wear elevator shoes ! What I'm wondering now is which stars give their height with shoes and which ones give it without ? Hard question...

Editor Rob
honestly, its funny in photos of him/melanie in trainers, they are close in height, then she has heels and voila, Banderas still looks close in height...
Clive said on 29/Mar/06
I see you got something against Banderas's shoes :) Can you show me what kind of boots he wears so that I could make me an idea of what you are talking about ?

Editor Rob
it is hard to actually find good pic of the styles, you can maybe get a litte idea they might be a little bigger than normal heels he wears...
Clive said on 27/Mar/06
Look as well this photo and you'll see I'm right :
Click Here
Clive said on 27/Mar/06
Here it is ! I've got the proof Banderas is 5'9, look at this photo with Cameron Diaz you've listed as 5'8.5 too, Banderas is much taller than her and even if he wears boots there is at least 0.5 inch of difference :
Click Here

Editor Rob
Cameron can look short many times as many argue on her page, she can look under 5ft 8, heck on occasion she can Make Seacrest look tall ;-)

one thing with Banderas, he doesn't look shorter than 174cm, but can look 5ft 9,9.5, its the footwear that he wears that looks dodgy
larry said on 22/Mar/06
The mean male height in the USA is slightly over 69", about 175.5 cms. Average height range is considered to be 5'7" to 5'11". But, that's a range that sinply means that most males fall within those values.
Clive said on 9/Mar/06
Glenn, according to you, could you tell me how many "cm" Banderas gained with his boots and how many "cm" did you gain with YOUR shoes ???
I ask you this question because I'm nearly sure that he IS 175cm but if you had the same lifts on this foto, even if he is a bit leant, that would clearly mean that he is 174cm... But honestly it would surprise me because on severals sites he's listed as 175cm althought on this site there are good remarks and fotos which prove what you say !
stAs said on 3/Feb/06
I think average is between 170cm - 181cm, but it depends on body structure, a person can be 170cm and look like 175cm or more and other can be 175cm and look close to 170cm. The same thing happens with Banderas and Stallone they can look like 178cm-183cm in many films.
DudeX said on 2/Feb/06
more like 5'8 to 5'10
JR said on 1/Feb/06
Danimal, I'm afraid you have it wrong. 5'7 to 5'9 is average range. 5'9 to 5'10 is average/tall.
Danimal said on 23/Jan/06
JR, 5'7" isn't average. Average height is between 5'9" and 5'10" for males.
JR said on 17/Jan/06
He seems average ... 5'7 to 5'9, I would say.
175cm16andgrowing said on 14/Jan/06
man... banderas looks skinny on there! So skinny... if I had to guess his height I'd really say 5'10'' at least but... you know, Glenn is right. Thanks for the pic and info.
Glenn said on 14/Jan/06
yeah,I think certain people close to me where hinting he is the 5-10 he says he is cause of ths photo and one friend witnessed this pic taken.I swear he had boots on!Id be happy to answer all!
Zach said on 13/Jan/06
Banderas could well be 5'8 if he's got boots on, but like in all cases where elevator boots are involved its difficult to guesstimate.

Rob - just an idea, might be worth having a 'Glenn' page, to ask him questions, discuss all the pics of him. Glenns quite the celebrity on this website ;)

Editor Rob
man, I've not even got my own height page...maybe I'll make a glenn page
the real raw truth said on 3/Jan/06
met him in Marbella Port and is tiny as hell. He also has a weird body shape with a hunch back and cant stare at anything more that one second. very unnatural guy.
Bleemo said on 25/Nov/05
Heh very amusing picture zach, two things of note are that

A> Stallone is still taller then banderas despite them having similar sized shoes.

B> despite the dwarves attempts at height extension both women behind them are taller, follow the yellow brick road.
Steiner87 said on 14/Nov/05
Several sites say he's 5'9 and I believe them because catherine zeta john is 5'8
and in the film zorro he's a little bit taller than her.
Man of Death said on 28/Oct/05
If you look at Banderas besides Rufus Sewell in Legend of Zorro he is obviously at least 4 inches smaller, probably 5 inches and Sewell is listed everywhere (here to) as exactly 6 feet. I think Banderas is about 170cm.
J. said on 12/Jul/05
Nope, he's shorter than average, fitting in nicely and easily in the 5'7" range. A buddy of mine bumped into him a year ago out in California and said with surely he was this small. And he defintely looks it.
McFan said on 11/Jul/05
He appears taller than that. I would say 5'9.5. Melanie Griffith only looks to be at the most 5'8 but she's probably slouching on purpose to make her husband look taller. I thought Woody Harrelson and him were the same height.
Mr. R said on 26/May/05
I think that 5-9 is too high. Melanie Griffith is just about a solid 5-8, and the only way that he is taller than her is when he wears those black boots with a 2 inch plus heel. Even several magazines have caught pics of his footwear, and noticed the big heel. I don't think he is above 5-8.
Gotxo said on 24/May/05
I agree with Lmeister, he's no more than 5'9" (175,36 cm) plus he's andalusian an those are amongst the most slender spaniards wich may give the impression that he is taller.
Thought i don't belive he's smaller than that (comparing him to other actors).
Lmeister said on 24/May/05
I really don't believe that he is more than 5'9''. Like Gekko Bird said 5'8''+/-0.5'' His slim figure gives the impression of being somewhat tallish + his nice boots ; )I have a lot of spanish friends and most of them are pretty slim guys with relatively long legs. Guys with shorter legs give the impression of being shorter let's say Matt Damon who I now believe that is close to 5'10''...
Gotxo said on 23/May/05
Never met personally him, but i've seen images of in his early theather career and he was a little taller than the average spanish of that time ( about 5'8" on the 80's, 5'10 for nowadays teenagers).
I can easily belive he's 5'9", pretty common height for those who where twenty some at '80s decade on Spain.
GEKKO BIRD said on 23/May/05
Antonio is a solid 5'8. he may be a half inch either taller or shorter (5'7.5 or 5'8.5). For sure he is no shorter than 5'6 but no taller than 5'9.
Lmeister said on 15/Mar/05
Ok Antonio the truth is that U are shorter than 5 ft 9 in Woody Harrelson so there is no way that U'd be 5'9''. When U watch the movie "Play it to the Bone" Harrelson is approximately 1.5 inches taller and he is not wearing some high heeled shoes like Antonio is doing.
CelebHeights Editor (in the voice of Melanie Griffith) said on 15/Mar/05
"What will they think of next?? Antonio is NOT wearing lifts to appear taller. He is perfectly comfortable with his height, and so am I. And I would hardly say that the two-inch difference between him and Rebecca constitutes "towering!" -- a quote from Melanie's own official website.
TCPA said on 2/Mar/05
Believe me he's no more than 5'7"
Lmeister said on 1/Mar/05
Just take a look at the movie promos of Play it to the bone or the movie itself and U will see that Antonio is 5 ft 9 in when wearing boots and his real height is around 5 ft 7 in. U can easily compare Antonio to 5 ft 9 in Woody Harrelson whos height can be seen from his drivers license http://www.
Broadwayactor said on 1/Mar/05
Antonio is around 5'6"/5'7". He's about half a foot shorter than me, I felt like a giant next to him.
JUSTMATT said on 23/Feb/05
5.7 without his boots. There's a funny photo of Banderas+Stallone face to face wearing their horrible elevator shoes
TCPA said on 15/Feb/05
I saw Anthony Hopkins, he's about 2 inches shorter than me, im 5'9 1/4", you'r right about Banderas he's shorter than he is but i don't meet him, my guess 5'6" or 7".
Ben said on 13/Feb/05
You list Antonio Banderas as 5'9" and Anthony Hopkins as 5'8", but in Zorro, Hopkins appears to be 2 inches taller than Banderas. I would put Banderas at 5'8" and Hopkins at 5'10".

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