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Peak: 6ft 1.04in (185.5cm)
Current: 5ft 11.15in (180.7cm)
mike said on 24/May/06
the photo that zach posted may/may not prove arnie is taller/shorter then reg park but he has by far the longest legs of those body builders, regardless of his height now/then he doesnt have short/tiny legs like some people have suggested
Editor Rob said on 24/May/06
Chris passed me a scan of Dave Meltzer page of a newsletter. *Very good photo* of Wilt, Arnie and big Andre all standing in pretty good stances. Note that the 2 heights Meltzer described, I wonder about that 'measured' one!!!

Click Here
Gramps said on 24/May/06
The other guy who could speak very authoritatively about Arnold's peak height is Dave Draper. But again, I think they are still pals, so he might not confirm that Arnold was really only 5'10" back then. ;-D
Zach said on 24/May/06
Regardless of whether they athletes back in the day exaggerated their heights en mass, I think the three pics above pretty much confirm Arnie's past and present 6+ sightings. He's towering over Glenn, pretty much same height as Jim (slightly less) and Jonathon reckons he's same as his almost 6'1. I think his current height is 6.05, possibly with his hair and a little bit of extra heel taking him upto his old 6'2.

p.s. Another great find Rob with regards to Jonathon pic! Where d'you find this one if you dont mind me asking?

[Editor Rob: I didn't find it, it was emailed]
ER. said on 24/May/06
I think that 6-1.5 measurement of Arnold is legit. I just saw The Running Man again last night, and there is some scenes where Arnold is barefoot there. In one scene he i standing up almost fully straight, and he really looks close to 6-2 there. So, 6-1.5 at peak looks dead on to me.
D. Ray Morton said on 24/May/06
Gramps - Yeah, I suspect that Reg wouldn't dish any dirt on Arnold (were he under 6'1").
A-Bomb said on 24/May/06
I really am beginning to see him as a strong 6'0 to 6'0 1/2" now, and a 6'1 1/2" back in the day. Strange becuase I was would have bought all those 5'10, 5'11 sightings a few years back
My2Cents said on 24/May/06
Here are various early pics featuring "Dan Lurie", a former bodybuilder who trained many top bodybuilders in the 70s:
Click Here

Too bad they're not all in the same pic, but in the 1st, 3rd, 4th he's seen with 6'3"-6'5" Lou Ferrigno, in the 2nd with Arnie. To me, he looks to be up to Arnie's nose and Lou's Chin, a difference of about 2". For the sake of argument, let's say Lou was about 6'4" in his prime. Using this relative difference, then Arnold was probably 6'2" in his prime. A weak premise I know, but even a 6'3" Lou would suggest Arnold to be at least 6'1", I cannot see him any shorter than that in his prime.

Interestingly, the 3rd pic also featues Dan and Lou with Reg Park (probably in shoes and closer to camera). You can decide for yourself how to extrapolate Reg's height from that one, but to me there was no way he was only a 6-footer back then ...
Gramps said on 24/May/06
I agree with Jason. I think bodybuilders are like professional wrestlers - - they're listed at about 2" taller than they really are. I suspect the 6'2" listings for Reg Park were of this variety. I too think 6'0" to 6'1" is close to what Reg measured barefoot 50 years ago. I was thinking that we (Rob?) should contact Reg to get his opinion about Arnold's peak height, but I think Reg is still pretty close to Arnold and might just espouse the "party line."
Editor Rob said on 24/May/06
I added another pic of a guy who is a few mm shy of 6ft 1, who thought in 2002 he/arnie were same height.
Gramps said on 24/May/06
Since Reg has not been in the public eye (bodybuilding or major movies) in decades, and is nearly eighty years old now, I have to believe his listed height is from when he was active (1950-70). IMHO visitors to his web site would be much more interested in his size when he competed and acted - - not as an elderly man.
Jason said on 23/May/06
Probably his height from way back as he's listed elsewhere at having been 6'0'', too. I would figure he was in between 6'0'' and 6'1'' which would account for him being measured at the 6'1'' he said.
Zach said on 23/May/06
That's a very interesting find Gramps, just a question of whether Reg is using his current height or back 40 years ago.
Gramps said on 23/May/06
Actually, on Reg Park's own website (link below), he is listed as 6'0":
Click Here
Jason said on 23/May/06
There's a 6'0'' listing for Reg Park, as well. He's most likely about 6'0 1/2''.
My2Cents said on 23/May/06
... HOWEVER, with that said I won't deny the strong possibility that the Governator may currently be 6' or so .. according to researchers:
Click Here
30 is the age of peak height, and from ages 30 to 70, a man may lose 3 cm as he ages, while a woman may lose 5. What does this mean in Arnie's case? Well, ask yourself when most pics of Arnie were taken? When he got famous right? When did he get famous? Most would say "Conan The Barbarian" pretty much launched his movie career .. so when was CTB made? 1982 .. so looking up Arnie's bio:
Click Here
and doing a little math, Arnold's rise to Hollywood fame and fortune began at the tender age of ... 35!! That's right folks, most shall remember the shrinking middle-aged Kindergarten Cop rather than the hulking Mr. Olympia!

It's also interesting what mike brought up - the "shrinking musclemen" in Arnie and the Hulkster .. and I wonder how much of it had to do with steroid use/abuse? It's well known Arnie himself has admitted to using roids (aka "arnoids"), and it's a well known fact that those who withdraw from using them after a prolonged period of usage have their tissue not only go back to normal, but also shrink and atrophy as well .. check the difference between "The Terminator" vs. "The Governator":
Click Here

p.s. and mike, from what I've seen when Arnold appears on TV talk-shows from Leno to Letterman, he's consistently one hilarious, witty dude .. there's definitely a big brain on top of all that muscle (well, what's left of it)!
My2Cents said on 23/May/06
More barefeet pics of Arnold and Reg, again showing them to be about the same:
Click Here
Click Here

Reg Park btw, is listed in most places to be 6'2": e.g.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Arnold was definitely 6'2" or very close to it at his peak in my mind ...

[Editor Rob: time to add a Reg Park page ;-) he did act a little after all...I think, can barely remember]
Gramps said on 23/May/06
Zach, I think you missed my post below illustrating how that photo is tilted (look at the edge of the stage to see how it is out of kilter with the bottom of the photo). My 'correction' of that same photo, including a horizontal line from the top of Arnold's hair, clearly does NOT show him taller than the 6'1" Reg Park. In this corrected photo I would conclude they are equal. However, the majority of numerous other Arnold/Reg barefoot photos posted here over the past several months are in Reg's favor, not Arnold's.
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Viper652 said on 22/May/06
I thought Arnold looked shorter then 6-1 Carl weathers in Predator.
TheMan said on 22/May/06
If you look Arnold is down abit from the level wilt is standing on giving Wilt the greater height advantage over all of the three. That would make Arnold appear a few inches shorter.
D. Ray Morton said on 22/May/06
Reg Park might've been more like 6'1.5" in his prime. He used to be listed at 6'2".

This Arnold debate will apparently go on forever. The real question is, would he mind so many people referring to him as "Arnie"?
Zach said on 22/May/06
Gramps, I think the picture most people are giving credence too recently is this one: Click Here

There's obviously no dodgy footwear here.

He is the tallest of all those, including 6'1 Reg Park. You said it yourself Draper's 6'0 yet look at the height difference there.

Which are these 'barefoot pictures looking far shorter than 6'2' that you talk about?
Jason said on 22/May/06
Arnold looks much the same height next to Shaq as he does to Wilt. Wilt was also in a wide stance in that pic and not even standing fully straight. Wilt and Shaq are way out of Arnold's height league either way, but the pics are very relevant to anyone who knows how to estimate large height differences as you can see plain as day there's in excess of 12 inches in the Wilt pic and a solid 12 inches with Shaq. Speaking of Shaq, I remember reading an interview with him where they were talking about the prospects of him being the next terminator and the interviewer mentioned Shaq as being 7'0'' and Arnold 6'2'', Shaq then interrupted and said Arnold is 6'0'' and not 6'2''.
Gramps said on 22/May/06
Arnold was never 6'2" on his best day, getting out of bed, 25 years old, or whatever. MAYBE 6'1", but that's it. There are too many barefoot photos of him looking far shorter than 6'2" to give any credence to more recent photos of him wearing all sorts of unknown "footwear."
dmeyer said on 22/May/06
it means arnie was 6'2" on morning so he wasnt lyng
mike said on 22/May/06
yeah in my opinion arnie was def over 6 feet when he was younger, prolly pushing/almost 6'2, arnies only "bad/small" photo of him is the one with bush, where bush is an inch taller, but ive posted other photos of those 2 where arnies like a couple inches taller, the question i have to anyone is, has arnold really shrunk 1.5/2 inches in the past couple of years in his mid/late 50's, is that confirmed or just speculated? how has hulk hogan shrank like 2.5 inches, and hes only in his early 50's, very young for someone to shrink that much, even though i know hes had numerous back/knee surgeries, and someone like sean connery whos gotta be in his mid 70's hasnt even shrunk an inch/maybe half an inch at his age ???? somethings strange here just curious for your opinions, also glenn and frank2, was arnie real cool and funny in person ???
Glenn said on 21/May/06
Your right Zach.
Zach said on 21/May/06
Come on guys, is there really much point comparing Arnie to guys a foot taller? You have to take people with known heights very close to his. Looking at that pic from My2cents, if Reg is 6'1 then its quite possible Arnie was 6'2, for one Reg's hair is adding some height and secondly as we all know posture can play a part in perceived height...Reg's neck is fully extended, whilst Arnie is very slightly hunched relative to Reg. Draper's got the poorest posture there out of the lot with his leg bent n all.

Funny how back 30 years ago some of those guys were really big compared to some of the short mr olympia contenders we see these days.
My2Cents said on 21/May/06
Hey Jason, I agree with ya there actually, Arnold did look unusually small next to Wilt and Andre, my guess may perhaps be that like many pics including the Mr. Universe one (which I posted and Gramps doctored), could have been slightly rotated. The same exercise in counter-rotating may probably undo the gross difference between Wilt and Arnie (while greatening the difference between Arnie and Andre). Also, what I also notice about that pic, is that Wilt has his shoulders in a "shrugged" pose, which would raise them higher than usual (notice they're higher than his chin), which could mislead you if you're reading Arnie's height from the top of Wilt's shoulders ...

Arnie next to 7' Shaq (with relaxed shoulders from clear, frontal shot) didn't seem THAT extreme:
Click Here
Wobble said on 21/May/06
My2Cents: your frontal Olympia shot shows clearly and beyond any doubt that AS is the tallest of them all. Perfectly reliable. Everybody's convinced, now - or nothing can convince them.
Gramps said on 21/May/06
I just modified that great Mr. Universe picture from My2Cents. I had to rotate it 0.9 degrees and then add a horizontal line from the top of Arnold's hair. Although the line falls below the top of Reg Park's hair, perhaps the only difference is indeed "hair!"
Click Here
Height Tracker said on 21/May/06
After seeing the photos of MY2Cents, I really believe Arnold may have been close to 6-2 in his prime.
Jason said on 21/May/06
Yeah, but a 6'1''-6'2'' guy wouldn't be dwarfed THAT much next to Wilt.
D. Ray Morton said on 21/May/06
Nice pics.

I believe that's Ken Waller (also 6') in the third one.
Zach said on 21/May/06
Those pictures by My2cents are a lot more reliable to judge heights from than the others posted, taken from angles. Arnold clearly has a couple of inches over Draper and you're right 2cents, he seems to also have half an inch over Reg Park. Great pics My2Cents, they correlate perfectly with Basille's account of Arnold being measured at 6'1.5.
My2Cents said on 21/May/06
Arnold barefoot with 6'1" Reg Park:
Click Here
They're about the same height, maybe Arnold has 0.5" or so over Reg, especially at the shoulders ...

Another clear barefoot, frontal Olympia shot with Reg Park driving the point home:
Click Here
Notice the magazine article prints Arnold competing in the "tall man's division" ...

Arnold barefoot with 6' Draper in shoes:
Click Here
Arnold seems to have an inch or two over Draper.

Arnold with 6'3" Lou Ferrigno:
Click Here

Jason, ANYONE standing next to Wilt Chamberlain and 6'11" Andre The Giant shall be dwarfed!
Wobble said on 21/May/06
Yes, Zach. Exactly. Thanks Jason, for this TERRIFIC shot! Why not asking Dave directly about Arnold's height? He or his wife Laree, who's the webmaster of the site, could definitively withdraw the curtain (Click Here including some elbow-to-elbow shots with AS). This is just a suggestion.
Take a look a the bios on the excellent site, though. Almost all measurements of BB-stars of the past are shown there. It will give you an idea about the average height of the "Olympians" in 1980.
TheMan said on 21/May/06
Hey guys check this interesting pic with arnold swazzenger with Jackie Chan. Arnold towers over chan by atleast 4 inches. And chans sopposed to be 5,9 insnt he.

Click Here

Glenn said on 21/May/06
They mention he is 6-2 in Total Recall as well.
Jason said on 21/May/06
Arnold only looked in the 5'11-6'0'' at best next to 7'1 1/16'' Wilt Chamberlain.

Here's a photo of them together: Click Here

Arnold's utterly and completely dwarfed, there's about 14 inches difference between them. And that was in 1984.
Gramps said on 21/May/06
Olympia photos? Let's have a look...
Arnold with the 6'0" Draper and 6'1" Park:
Click Here
Again with Draper:
Click Here
Zach said on 20/May/06
Wobble, I agree with you, even though I referenced from it, Predator isnt the ideal film to judge heights from particularly as 90% of the film was in the jungle with an obviously uneven, fluctuating terrain. He was in an office at the start though remember with Carl Weathers and he did have an inch over him there. Weathers was a tall man back then, and still is.

With regards to Pumping Iron, remember he was in the same training room as Farrigno before one of the shows, both of them were clearly barefooted, and yet big Lou only had a couple of inches on him.

If Lou Farrigno was 6'5 and Arnold was only 6'0 (or even the absurd 5'10 some are claiming) Farrigno would completely TOWER over Arnie, not just in height but remember a guy five inches taller than you would naturally have a much bigger frame and bone structure than you, but thats not the case. Both Farrigno and Arnold look like huge men, both barefeet, with 2, perhaps at most 3 inches between them.
Anonymous said on 20/May/06
Dex is absolutely right. And D Ray Morton, too. Contest photographs and videos just can't lie - which is of course not the case of the artistic photos we can see in magazines or of Hollywood movies. They're not intended to be broadcast, but to help the referees judge a physique. Arnold apparently bought the rights of the contest video (Mr O 1980) and released it under the name of Pumping Iron 2. On this video he looks apparently like he's ca 186 cm tall... that is 6-2, as D Ray Morton writes. Serge Nubret who's 182cm and had the chance to meet him personally and to fight against him and Columbu for the Olympia title told me so, too.
TheMan said on 20/May/06
Yeah Bill Duke is tall real tall i think he must be about 6,5. You can't really tell to much in predator but you can see how much he towers over swazzenger in commando. Ventura is 6,2 though.
D. Ray Morton said on 20/May/06
"The man was 6-2 in his prime."

Agreed. Look at his old Olympia photos. It's obvious.

Any arguments to the contrary are silly.

Frank2 said on 20/May/06
Not in the various publicity photos I saw. In one the entire cast is standing next to each other and Arnold is only shorter by a couple of inches when next to Ventura and Duke. I met Bill Duke at a screening of Predator II and he's huge! I'm 5'11" and if I had to be within two inches of his height I'd need to wear Frankenstein boots!

Dex said on 20/May/06
Be careful when you use movies to judge people`s heights. Hollywood can do anything with a camera, make short people tall and tall people short. Arnold or other actors may have been standing on a small box or something in some pictures!
Wobble said on 20/May/06
Watching Predator in order to deduce Arnold's height may seem a curious choice. You'd better watch a contest video like Pumping Iron 2, where Arnold appears barefoot on stage very close to other barefoot contestants. Average height was 176cm, back then. How big does AS look next to others?
Gramps said on 19/May/06
Yeah, here's the 6'2" Arnold next to the 6'3" Superstar Billy Graham back in the '70s. I guess Superstar has a big advantage, though, with the 1/4" flats he's wearing. (Although Superstar was credited with being 6'4" in the world of pro wrestling, his height is widely listed on the web as actually being 6'3".) Despite how tall Arnold "looked" in the Predator, et al., you can plainly see he has no footwear 'engineering' at work with Graham. I think giving Arnold 6'0" here may actually be generous!
Click Here
Zach said on 19/May/06
I did notice though in predator, they never shot him next to Ventura directly. But you're right Frank, several times next to Weathers he had a good inch on him and even next to Bill Duke when they were fireblazing away at the Predator he didnt look smaller at all. In Commando however, where Arnie was clearly wearing sneakers Duke did have a solid couple of inches on Arnie.

Not that it means anything but I remember when one of the coppers in the shopping centre was radioing for help, he reports Arnie as 'white male, six two, two hundred pounds'.
MaxB said on 19/May/06
Zach - the photo you've provided is very bad for guessing height. It just doesn't look right - the angle is very bad and they are not at the same distance from the camera - if you try to put yourself into that space, you actually can see a difference of 2-3 inches. And that doesn't exclude that they might not be standing od the same level (to me it actually looks as if Arnie is standing on something).
Frank2 said on 19/May/06
Yep, he was 6'2" I just watched Predator and the cast was mostly made up with huge men. Carl Weathers was at least 6'1". Bill Duke was at least 6'4". So was Jesse Ventura. Sonny Landham was 6'3". RG Armstrong back then was at minimum about 6'1". Arnie never looked short next to any of them. And in many shots he's standing right next to these men in wide angles. If he was just 5'10" then no lifts could make him appear to be that tall without being obvious Frankenstein-styled boots!

This whole debate is such a silly waste of time.
Zach said on 19/May/06
I agree with you Glenn on this one, Arnie was 6'2 in his prime, perhaps in the 6'1 range when doing his blockbusters in the 80s but no less.
Glenn said on 19/May/06
The man was 6-2 in his prime.
Zach said on 19/May/06
Either way Bir would have to have shrunk by 6 inches to be an inch taller than Arnold if, as a lot of people are trying to claim on here, he is 5'10. Bir's probably 6'2 now, Arnie 6'0 with his hair adding an inch.
J-Dog said on 18/May/06
I believe that tall model is a fitness model, I think I heard of her and asked a guy on another website her height, he said she said she was 6'5" but wears heels, so looks 6'8" - 6'9". I am not sure if that is here I am almost certain though, gigantic. That guy looks 6'5". Frank2 is right, Arnold at 5'10" is a ridiculous claim that doesn't deserve any thought.
Zach said on 18/May/06
Scroll down to the last two pictures and comments from Roger Bir, Arnolds' primary body guard. In the pic with the tall model he says he's 6'5, and then in the next pic you seem with Arnie himself...

Click Here

[Editor Rob: maybe he's clinging to 6ft 5 of his youth?]
Frank2 said on 17/May/06
No. Arnold was always at least two inches taller, possibly even three. And at no time was he wearing what appeared to be lifts or shoes with big heels. I'm telling you, he's a big guy! All this crud about him being as short as 5'10" and making it up with lifts is ludicrous to say the least. Granted he might have lost an inch as of today, but he's still over six feet tall barefoot. Few actors who claim to be six feet can match him without using lifts or huge shoes.

Here's Arnold next to former President Nixon and Bob Hope: Click Here
By the time of this photo, Nixon was about 5'9" and Hope was 5'7". Arnold is clearly four inches taller than Nixon and at least six inches taller than Hope.
mike said on 15/May/06
me too Gotxo screw the news, hey frank2 ur a solid 5'11 and have met arnold on numerous occasions, was he ever once the same height as u???, or was he always a couple of inches taller then you every time u seen him face to face??
Gotxo said on 15/May/06
If you knew for sure that arnold was less than 6'1" you wouldn't care what news says. Anyway i'm of the same opinion.
Gramps said on 15/May/06
The evidence is clear: 6'0.5" in 1970 barefoot, and 5'11.5" today.
mike said on 15/May/06
if arnie is only 5'10 or 5'11 hed have to have on major lifts here he has jay leno by about 3 inches Click Here
images.aspx?id=51149533 and i remember the clooney pic that was up here on this site a couple of months ago where arnold was barely 2 inches taller then clooney i got a better one but hes like 4 inches taller Click Here
promotion/promotion.htm and about 3 inches taller then our president here Click Here i still dont know bout that one bush pic where bush is taller then arnold but any other pics i see between them 2 arnolds taller my opinion arnold was a legit 6'1 now 6 even i dont buy the 6'2 5'10 stuff, who knows maybe in a couple of years he might shrink an inch and be below 6, but not right now
Adam said on 14/May/06
my dad met arnold... he is less then 6"1' i would say 5 11 from what my dad says. oh and what the news says
Gotxo said on 14/May/06
I've raw deal on dvd, i enjoy bad movies :D !
And yes he struck me as shorter than Davi (not by much), i don't think Davi was shorter than Dalton, but anyway that puts Arnie under 6'2".
The problem is that our keen members Glenn and Frank2 have personally met him and say he's as tall as he claims.
Could that guys be fooled by a discrete raisers (or lifts depending the idiom)?
as i can't see this guy any less than 6' but not over 6'1".
Jason said on 14/May/06
Discounting the known heights of any other actors from Raw Deal (I wasn't familiar with any), I thought Arnold mostly looked 6'1'' in that movie.
piwo81 said on 14/May/06
In "Raw Deal" from 1986 Arnold was a bit shorter (in my opinion 1 cm to 1 inch) than Robert Davi. Both men were wearing normal shoes, as I remember. There are few good shots to compare their heights in that movie. Davi is listed 6'2 on this site but in "Licese to Kill" from 1989 he was an inch shorter than Timothy Dalton, who is 6'2". I think it would be advisable to find out the exact Davi's height. I don't believe he is, or ever was, as tall as 6'2", more probbably 6'1" in prime and 6 now.
Elio said on 13/May/06
Even in Arnold's later movies he appeared with tall(er) co-stars. Such as 6'3"+ Michael Rappaport in 'The 6th Day' ... whom Arnold only appeared an inch shorter than. A 5'10" guy could not do that ... only a 6'0" guy minimum (with lifts) could stand next to someone 6'3"-6'4" and not be dwarfed.

Also, in 'Around the World In 80 days' he stood barefoot (possibly in sandles) next to a shoe wearing 5'10.5" Steve Coogan and looked noticeably taller.

reports of 'eye to eye' contact with celebs are the bane of these message boards in my opinion.
Cobra said on 13/May/06
@ Tristan: always rather short actors in his movies?
Sven Ole Thorsen, Ben Davidson, Robert Davi, Bill Duke and Carl Weathers are way over 6ft. James Earl Jones was 6ft1, Robert Patrick is 6ft, James Belushi is nearly 6ft- I don`t know what you are talking about.
187 said on 13/May/06
schwarzie is 5'10". These pics really get you and believe me. I've seen him before at the 24 hour fitness. I'm 5'10 exactly and he stood directly eye to eye with me.
But he is not 5'6", that's a bit too short.
mike said on 13/May/06
but most of us have seen the stallone arnold working out photo with some other dude, where arnold's at least 3-4 inches taller, they both must have had sneakers on
Tristan said on 12/May/06
As for Arnold's height, if you look at him in his movies, the cast is always rather short actors. and he's always shot from below. If you look for it (as I have) you'll see it.

It seems that alot of actors (and bodybuilders) are fairly short, and they lie about it for some reason. Probably the lack of confidence that made them seek out such an exposed and looked up to career. Or turn their own bodies into freakish lumpy things...
Frank2 said on 11/May/06
Yeah, yeah, yeah, and I'm Bugs Bunny!! If you're a conservative then I'm a Nazi! You don't fool me one bit. You're a far left serial poster.

You see folks, the crowd sends these twits out there to infiltrate every blog with their inane horses***. I see it everywhere. Sooner or later politics enters and it's always brought on by the left. Then I answer these goofballs and all hell breaks loose.

Enough!! Let's get back to the topic at hand. And Rob, If he returns spewing his hate, maybe he should be sent to the cornfield.
Elio said on 10/May/06

Anyone else agree that everyone's completely drifted off topic? Howabout we talk about Schwarzenegger's height instead of imposing our political beliefs on people.

Frank2, I respect your opinion ( I even agree with you on Arnold's height) and recognise that you were right to question Gotxo comments about you, but what you said to Gramps in your previous post was a blatent insult directly at him, when all he did was give an opposite opinion to your own (wrong or right).
Frank2 said on 10/May/06
Gotxo, you sound like a very perceptive as well as caring individual. I'm sorry I called you clueless since it's obvious you have more on the ball than most people. Speaking of Hugo Chavez, I hear he's a little guy who wears huge lifts.
Gotxo said on 9/May/06
Ok sir, i see your point. It's basically the burnout sindrome caused trying to explain thick skulled people things. Try to take it easy, this forum is also plenty of worthy people.
I can understand your anger by how the media bashes your country. In Europe that kind of propaganda gets a lot of audiece by some reason, but i'm aware of what America represents to international politics & wellfare.
The thing that amazed me is that my lincolnshirer friend in the same case would make the same strong comments but concealing much more his emotions.
I thought the only ones that showed them were we the mediterraneans (Spanish,French,Italians & Greeks), that's all it takes.
As i said pretty much different from english that i expected, new to me.

One adicional comment:
Michael Moore's documentarys had a great success in Europe, being literally belived. That's quite hard to understand when that guys populism its at the same level of Hugo Chaves one (Venezuela's president).

You showed that he was even able to manipulate a man that was no longer master of his mind to support his points. That was unknow to me and most of audience i think. so its fair someone counterbalance that.
That's another hidden face of showbussiness i lie to have news of.
Frank2 said on 9/May/06
Well, Gotxo, you're not doing so bad conversing in what is basically a foreign language for you. I'm sure if I tried Basque you'd not find me so nearly as cultured. If I'm perceived as being rude it has more to do with my lack of patience when it comes to getting across what I know to be true. All my life it seems I'm been engaged in arguments with people over some of the silliest things imaginable. But many times they were so far off the chart wrong that I became slightly unhinged in trying to educate them. I cannot stand it when I read people damning my country. I suspect you'd be just as angry if your country was descibed as being worse than the worst terrorist nations such as Iran and North Korea. But bashing the US seems to be the politically correct thing to do these days. But then I find it amusing that for a country that many see as the biggest threat to world peace, we still see millions trying to come here to live and work. I mean you never saw that with the old Soviet Union, a country that wasn't bashed nearly as much as this country is by the people of the world. Now why is this? I suppose when a totalitarian state exists by fear, most won't attack it because they are truly afraid of it. I think there really isn't that much fear of the United States by most decent folks, only a misunderstanding based on propaganda generated by the few who do fear the United States and rightly so since their ass is in its gun sights. If the US ever falls, so goes the world. And there are a handful who'd like that to happen. And they work overtime making sure it will happen. To those I say go f--- yourself! In the end you'll lose and lose bigtime!
Gotxo said on 9/May/06
When i asked Rob how did run into you it wasn't a question of how you could be allowed since you're an great contributor. The N
Gotxo said on 9/May/06
Yeah, i'm uninformed & clueless that's why i post here.
I'm glad to see that Rob allows almost everyone to post here his opinions,i have a lot of fun making my guesses and posting here. In fact that's the strong point of the page, a kind of betting in some manner (basque guys love bets).
With no debate on heights this site would not exist.

I was not insulting Frank, only saying that this guy amazes me, i think he's a ok guy.
The Horse of FUNK said on 7/May/06
I gotta side with Frank2 on this one. Sure, sometimes Frank2 seems like he's talkin' out his ass, which he occasionally probably does; however, I have found he's generally more accurate than the average contributor on here.

Anyway, the idea of this guy being 5'11, 6', or even 5'10 is just ridiculous. I don't know about now; some guys, especially the big ones, tend to shrink more and earlier than others. Granted I never met Arnie, but damn he never looked average in any of his movies and his height was always consitent. He might have packed down to a strong 6'1 in the latter stages of his film career, though I maintain this guy had to easily be 6'2, or damn close to it, when he was younger. He is/was a big guy.
Viper652 said on 5/May/06
Arnold doesnt look 6-4 in his movies Steve.
Dex said on 4/May/06
D. Ray Morton, simply type in Arnold: The Early Years or 1980 Mr. Olympia on Google. If you need any more help let me know! You will see for yourself how tall Arnold truly is or was!
Steve said on 4/May/06
My opinion. I believe that Arnold was probably 6'1.6 or something and Billed as 6'2" as there's not that much in it. I myself say I'm 6'1" when I'm actually 6'0.3/4. It's just easier to round off and I clearly am when in my shoes lol.

Arnold doesn't look 6'2" in his movies he looks 6'4" that's what movies do coupled with his muscle size and big boots only adds to this. So people are surprised when this 6'1" one guy meets them.

Only time he looked small to me in a film was in Batman and Robin where he was standing by the Asylum Gaurds. This made me believe the 5'10" rumours for a little while till I realised he was next to 6'6" Ralf Moeller and and 6'4" Jesse Ventura....Barefoot.
D. Ray Morton said on 4/May/06
Dex, where did you see/get "The Early Years" and "The Comeback"? I haven't been able to find them.
sd2002 said on 3/May/06
I believe Arnold is actually 6 ft. There's a picture of him and the Red Sonja cast and I think he's next to Bridgette Nielson, who is suppose to be 6 ft. I'm not sure if this was Muscle and Fitness (talked about the worst bodybuilding movies I believe? not too long ago) but he was exactly her height. Quite possibly a smidge taller.
mike said on 3/May/06
i just read the "governators" article on espn today about how arnold wants to have 2 los angeles football teams in california, and in his picture to his left and right were the los angeles and anaheim mayors. the one to his left he towered over, and the one to his right he had by a couple of inches, anyone know how tall these guys r around??? maybe frank2 read the article and seen the picture if hes a sports fan or has met the la and anaheim mayors respectively
D. Ray Morton said on 3/May/06
Arnold with 5'9" Frank Zane: Click Here

Arnold with Frank, years later: Click Here

Arnold with 5'5" Franco Columbu (various): Click Here

Arnold with Franco: Click Here

Arnold with Lou Ferrigno (6th down, B&W): Click Here

Arnold with Big Louie (various): Click Here
Dex said on 3/May/06
Arnold MAY have been under 6 feet (5`11" and 1/2) or so in his early twenties.
He also MAY be under 6 feet today at 5`11 or so. However after reading and viewing everything that was presented here as well as the DVD`s "Arnold - the Early Years and The COMEBACK" I am convinced Arnold was at his PEAK HEIGHT 6`1 or even 6` 1 1/2". This guy is an American Icon and subconciously I think a lot of people would like to find a chink in his armour. He is still a big guy rougly 6 feet or so giving a 1/2 inch either way!
Frank2 said on 3/May/06
I should identify myself? How about all of you putting down your real names and private email addresses? I did give my true identity on another forum and after I listed it I had a bunch of nuts go after me. The world is too filled with loonies these days for me to let that happen again. Trust Rob. He knows. I've sent him enough stuff to prove who I am. And the weight I carry is all in my flabby body. Your contention that I throw proverbial weight around might be true, but put yourself in my place. I've actually seen many of these people up close, even known several of them. I sat reading nonsense so finally I decided to start posting. You'd do the same thing if you were in my lift-free shoes and I'm also certain you'd remain anonymous as well. You can hang on my words or dismiss them entirely. That's your right as an individual. But don't tell me to come forward until all of you come forward with your true names and private email addresses. Then I just might consider revealing myself. Until then it'll continue to go by Frank2. OK Gramps?
Gramps said on 3/May/06
Well Frank2, we all hear you say you've met Arnold (and a boatload of other celebrities), but someone on a board like this saying something doesn't necessarily make it so. You have chosen to keep your identity "anonymous," and out of the same breath you ask all of us to read the gospel according to Frank2, who has all this first-hand knowledge of all these celebrities. So I say, if you want your "say so" to carry weight on this board, you should identify yourself (with a confirmation from Editor Rob) so we can all take comfort in knowing what you claim is reasonably true. You've been asking a lot of people here to take your claims on faith up to now. IMHO it's time to show your cards. If you choose to remain anonymous, fine, but then don't expect people to hang on your every word.
Leung said on 2/May/06
I agree with Frank2 when it comes to Schwarzenegger's height, he is easily 6
OnCapeCod said on 2/May/06
He is 5'11".....he wears lifts. The end. Stop the hysterics.
Frank2 said on 2/May/06
Look folks, I've met Arnold, seen him right up close and can say without reservation that he's taller than me by at least two inches and some people feel I'm closer to being six feet tall than being five-eleven. And he wasn't wearing lifts or even shoes with big heels. He's just a big guy and very much like John Wayne, he's despised by many on the far left. That's why they write tripe like the garbage in US Weekly. Funny how we never read asinine crap like "Tim Robbins is 5'10" and wears huge lifts to look 6'5"." But I'm sure that if Robbins was a conservative, and especially if he ran for office he'd be targeted by small minds as well. I'm really sick to death of all this nonsense. People need to get a life.
Elio said on 2/May/06

the people who wrote the US weekly and Wikipedia articles are no more qualified to 'guess' Schwarzenegger's height than anyone else on this board.
Gramps said on 1/May/06
Zach: I wonder if both of them have full-time engineers on their staffs. :-D
rick said on 1/May/06
While Arnold Schwarzenegger's height was always believed to be 6 feet, 2 inches (1.88 m), a July 2002 article in US Weekly magazine speculated that Schwarzenegger was actually closer to 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m). During his campaign for governorship it was noted that Schwarzenegger was considerably shorter than many expected, with others putting his height at around 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m), exactly as reported in US Weekly. His spokespeople now give his height as 6 ft even (1.83 m). His competition height may have been closer to 6'2", as humans lose a small amount of height with age.
Click Here
Zach said on 1/May/06
Gramps, come over to Sly's thread if you want to see pioneer engineering in elevator footwear ;)
Last Action Hero said on 30/Apr/06
Well, I agree on that, because he wasn't so broad-shouldered guy before he started working out...
Zach said on 29/Apr/06
Regarding Arnie's shoulders being lower than Jim's, Arnie says in his bodybuilding encyclopedia that he has naturally sloping shoulders, that he falls in the meso-ectomorph category.
Gramps said on 29/Apr/06
I would LOVE to examine the footwear in Arnold's closet. I'm sure it would be an engineer's dream!
Frank2 said on 29/Apr/06
I found my reference to meeting Dick Riordan. It was over at Kevin Spacey's thread.

Frank2 says on 12/Apr/06
George Clooney, Spacey and former LA Mayor Dick Riordan: Click Here
Last week I was at an event honoring Riordan and he is about 5'8.5" maybe, just maybe 5'9" but he doesn't wear lifts.
Jake said on 29/Apr/06
If Arnold was wearing honest foot ware, he may have been as tall as 6'1" in his prime. I can't see anymore than that. If he wore lifts, he could have been as short as 5'11.5". Its all speculation. One thing is for sure, he is not even close to 6'2" now.
Elio said on 29/Apr/06

great posts of reasoning and common sense. Makes a refreshing change from the repetitive posts of people shouting out ' 5'11"! ' every five minutes.



I see you've made 6'1 3/8" Jim out to be a 'CONEHEAD' in your uploaded image. If that red line represents the top of his head then the guy has a 6 inch forehead. In contrast, you've put the red line on Schwarzenegger's head about half an inch above his hairline, stealing half an inch from the 'actual' top of his head.
Frank2 said on 29/Apr/06
I don't know who the big man is. Probably some clueless politician. Somewhere on this forum I mentioned meeting Riordan at a recent benifit. Sometimes I publish photos of stars on other threads. Sorry.

Here's Arnold with 5'10" Tim Allen: Click Here

Here's 6'2" director Jim Cameron with Arnold: Click Here

Cameron with a few big name directors including 5'10" Francis Coppola: Click Here

Look how short George Lucas is next to Cameron: Click Here

Cameron with 5'11" Bill Paxton: Click Here
Bill and I are the same height.

Cameron with DiCaprio and Winslett: Click Here
There are very few shots of Cameron and DiCaprio standing side by side floating around for obvious reasons. In fact when it comes to actors under six feet, it's really hard to find photos of them with truly tall people.

As far as the nonsense on Arnold being shorter goes, I have no idea except that for some reason there's a basic human desire to bring down the famous a few notches. This is especially true if they happen to be conservatives. Just look at John Wayne as an example. And as far as a fire from all the smoke, when the smoke is just a smokescreen for something else that's going on, there's no flames to speak of.

Jason said on 28/Apr/06
I went back now and see you said you've met Pete Wilson, however that wasn't stated with your post with the pic of Arnold with Wilson - not your fault though as I see it wasn't posted where you originally meant it to be. I've scoured the posts here back to around the 13th April a couple of times now and cannot see where it is you said you met Dick Riordan, though.


So Pete Wilson is 5'10'' and Dick Riordan is just under. If that's the case Arnold easily appears the 6'1'' you say he is in both. Do you know who the taller man in the Dick Riordan pic is? I usually find myself in agreeance with you, but have a hard time with Arnold. I respect that you've met him a couple of times, but how can you be certain he wasn't wearing lifts? I mean, it's a known fact the man has a liking for big footware so to speak, and sometimes lifts can be disguised very well and it can be hard to tell.

I'm not pretending to know Arnold's height better than you, because you have met him and I have not, it's just hard to believe when there's all this evidence out there pointing towards Arnie being shorter. Plus, where did all this 5'10''-5'11'' stuff come from? A man legitimately 6'1'' isn't going to have all this kind of talk and rumour out there. Where there's this much smoke, it's very hard to see there not being a fire...
sf said on 28/Apr/06
Yea, a lot of this IS silly, as people just see what they want to see, always. I don't disagree that Jim looks taller in that picture, but he's got his shoulder over Arnie's and he's got more hair on the top of his head MUCH MORE HAIR. I just don't think the difference is as much as people seem to want to think. I don't know what Arnie's height is, but he sure as hell aint no 5'10"! Why do people just have to have somebody shorter or taller?
Frank2 said on 28/Apr/06
Seen them? Do you read my posts? I stated that I've met them both.
Jason said on 28/Apr/06
Have you seen Pete Wilson and Dick Riordan in person to confirm their heights though, Frank?

Maverick said on 28/Apr/06
his weight of 235 to 240lb gives a good indication of his peak height! someone posted early, to be cut up like Arnie in his peak he would have to be in the range of 69 or 70 inches! (5'9 to 5'10) if he was a genuine 6'1.5 or 6'2 he would have to be heavier, probably over 275lb!! at 235 - 240lb and at 6'2 he would a very slim build/frame....He was huge at his peak!...which indicates a much shorter height!
In that picture with the 5'9 Bon Von Jovi (some have him at 5'7) Arnie is the same height!!
At his peak 5'10 to 5'10.5 around 5'9 barefoot! (6'2 is all Hollywood Hype!)
Frank2 said on 28/Apr/06
Has anyone looked at the shot of Arnold next to Pete Wilson or Dick Riordan that I posted? Come on people! Both men are above average height and just look how Arnold towers over them. This thread is starting to become arguments for the sake of arguing. I've met Arnold, stood right next to him and trust me, he's a big man! So he's not 6'2", but is now just 6'1"? So what? He's still bigger and taller than most people when he walkes into a room. This is just as silly as people claiming John Wayne was 6' and wore four inch lifts!
Viper652 said on 28/Apr/06
Plus, how do we know Jim is 5-10 to begin with? Somebody get Arnold to take off his shoes and stand next to a measured NFL guy. That would close the book big time on his height.
Jason said on 28/Apr/06
sf, Arnold still appears 6'0'' even if you raise Arnie's shoulders an inch or so, there'd still be a significant difference. Jim is also leaning towards Arnold for the pic.
piwo81 said on 28/Apr/06
Maybe Arnold has a shorter lookalike :)
Viper652 said on 28/Apr/06
There are so many 5-10, 5-11 sightings for Arnold that it does have some validity to them. Shoot, even a famous name like Roger Ebert says hes between 5-10 and 5-11.
Gotxo said on 28/Apr/06
We have Frank and Glenn meeting him and saying he's 6'2".
But compared to that 6' 1 & 3/8" (186cm) guy he's 184, (not even 6'1"), don't buy the mcKellen technique, Arnold has to raise his shoulder and is properly straight whilst the guy is leaning a bit over Arnold.

I've to say i have a friend who was an exact 6'1.5" (was measured for the basketball team) but had take at least two intervertebral discs (due to osification) and he has gradually get down to a full inch less during 6 six years period (he was not measured ever again, but now is the same height as both of my 184cm friends). He also has lost a lot of weight (better for his backbone health) thus giving the impresion of being much smaller.
So that of the shrunkment on young people due to surgery is belivable (to the 1" to 1.5" in normal conditions).

If we had only the photos i should say he ever was a shade over 6ft, but Glenn has to have a good eye, and Frank being 5'11" should be able to distinguish between 6ft & 6'1+ very well.

Rob: Any ideas to disbalance this contradictions?

[Editor Rob: I believe the 6ft 1.5 measurement in long he stayed that height, well that's the debatable part. Jim himself mentioned he'd shrunk himself since those days...was arnie 6ft 1.5 in 1988 - arnie might have had 1cm less sole on his trainers that day with Jim...this may account possibly for him looking a little shorter...I don't know...

remember Arnie himself has given 6ft 1.5 in a couple interviews...]

Elio said on 27/Apr/06
Well... i'm all for hearing the stories were people claim he appeared under 6 foot. I don't think they're all liars, there are many factors in play on this, and I personally think that most sightings of under 6 foot are down to misjudgement or misinterpretation of the 'evidence'.

The problem is that the people who claim Arnold looked 6'1"+ tend not to argue and re-state their observations as much as the people who claim he looked 'shorter'.

Over the months there have been several people on this board who say he looked notably over 6 foot in person. But these posters make one post and move on. The people who claim he looked under 6 foot in person seem to post very regularly.

While it is true that Arnold does look about 6 foot next to Jim, remember that this was some 20 years after he was measured by Vince Basile (finally spelt his name right!), so the man may have shrunk. Arnold's clothing (and presumably footwear) was incredibly casual and tasteless at those early Arnold classics, so Jim may have had a footwear advantage.
Mike said on 27/Apr/06
Nice new pictures and posts guys. Granted we cant see the footwear on either jim or arnold, but i think it's clear now that Arnold was a legit 6'1 guy in the 1980's. After seeing that Jim pic I doubt he was 6'2, and now of days hes prolly right at 6 feet even. I still can't belive this 5'10 talk though, the 2 guys who have seen Arnold mutliple times, frank2 and glenn say hes def over 6 feet, i believe them and With Arnold and everyone else he takes pictures with u gotta take into consideration that they could just have regular sneakers, loafers, boots or lifts inside their boots, that makes a good difference, even when comparing Arnold to Bush theres one pic where Bush is taller by a inch, but many where Arnold is 1 to 3 inches taller.
sf said on 27/Apr/06
Jason - I disagree. Jim is clearly hoisting his shoulders over Arnie. Even so, take away the hair (notice how much more hair Jim has on top?) and the fact that Jim has put his shoulder over Arnie's, and they are about the same size.
Jason said on 27/Apr/06
Somehow I don't believe this Vince Basile guy. Who's Jim? Arnold appears ~6'0'' with him. Look at the difference in their shoulder heights, and it isn't because Arnold has a big head - Jim's is bigger!

[Editor Rob: maybe slight McKellen technique?

as for Jim, he had posted his pic on the ironman forums that elio had linked to, and I asked him if I could put his pic on here. Jim says at that time he was doing some competing in bodybuilding and in the photo yeah 6ft - 6ft 1 he looks and himself mentioned his bone structure was larger than arnie's...
J-Dog said on 27/Apr/06
Frank2 I couldn't agree with you more and that's why you are one of the most respected guys on here. The b/s stories of the people on here who said they "met" Arnold and all towered over him are so pathetically transparent at some points it's almost laughable. Arnold looked a solid 6'2" whether you are watching Pumping Iron or his early to mid-career films. 6'1.5" is very believable and I think the e-mail sent to Rob from Vince is very, very good and far more realistic.

Anyone claiming Arnold at 5'10" is unfounded. That article labeled "Shortezenegger" is so completely ridiculous, obviously that man's wife cannot assess height if she thought he was 5'4", I mean how low can you really go with height?
Frank2 said on 27/Apr/06
I'm now positive that 95% of those claiming they've seen or met Arnold and feel he's relatively short are full of it. I've never read such BS! Look at the photo of Arnold next to 5'10" Pete Wilson. If Arnold's only 5'11" he'd have to wear three inch lifts and I've seen his shoes in person and they're normal.
Frank2 said on 27/Apr/06
Then I'm 5'8". That means Deidre Hall is 5'4", Jeff Kramer is 5'5", Tippi Hedren is 5'1", George Segal is 5'7", Sinatra was 5'4", Dean and Jerry and Bob Hope and Danny Thomas were all 5'7", Elvis was 5'8.5"........
Editor Rob said on 27/Apr/06
I have added a picture to this page of Arnold and Jim in 1988, who also met Lou in the past and thought him a solid 6ft 4, Arnie maybe near 6ft 1.

Also, here is an email from Vince regarding Arnold's Height:

"Hi Rob,

The facts are as follows. I never alter or exaggerate the truth or reality. I have this thing about height partly because I was sort of short while growing up. I am now 5' 9 1/2". Also, NABBA and other organizations had height classes and often guys would cheat and claim to be a different height so they could win a trophy in a class where they stood a better chance of winning one. I disapprove of those who claim to be taller than they really are! Well, We were in Mits Kowashima's Gym in Honolulu way back in January 1969. Arnold was there to pose at a contest for Mits and he loved being in Hawaii and getting heaps of girls and a tan for free. I had met Arnold in October 1968 at Gold's Gym and got to know him from hanging around there. He let me measure his arms one day in the locker room. Today that suggests other things but I can assure you I just wanted to know how big his arms were. It was after he had a workout and they measured 21 1/2 inches which impressed me. Well, in Honolulu the subject of height came up and guys were claiming this and that. Being the sort of guy who loves to challenge others I told Arnold he wasn't 6' 2" after he claimed being that tall. So he hopped on Mit's scale that had a height guage attached. I did the measurement myself and it read 6' 1 1/2". I told him he might be 6' 2" in the morning because one can shrink a bit during the day. Why I said this was because there was a famous case of a guy trying to get into the New York police force in the 1960's but was rejected each time because he was too short. He needed to be 5' 8" to qualify. Well, after several failures to pass the medical he came up with a novel solution. He got a couple of mates to carry him in one morning on an ironing board and surprizingly was just tall enough. Apparently we all are fractionally taller in the mornings. Who knows, maybe the doctor gave him the benefit of the doubt?

Arnold was in bare feet for the height measurement. In those days he was approachable. He didn't remember my name from before which didn't impress my girlfriend Roz who I later married. When we met Dave Draper he shook my hand and said, "Hi, Vince" and Roz liked him more than Arnold. However, most of us guys envied Arnold and were amazed at his size and how he worked any place he was in for his own advantage.

He came to my gym twice. Once in 1974 to put on a seminar and then he accompanied Franco when the latter put on a seminar after the Mr Olympia contest in 1980. Arnold came to my penthouse at Manly after he did another seminar at Tony's Gym that same night. There are some stories about that night if you read the Ironage stories I posted!

Feel free to post this email if it will help settle any discussions about Arnold's height. Arnold might be a lot of things and he did like tricking people. I found him to be quite straightforward and in that sense he lived up to that old ideal of being a he-man! Of course, I told him face to face in 1974 that he would never succeed as an actor! He told me he liked people saying stuff like that because it made him try harder!


Vince Basile"
Cartem77 said on 26/Apr/06
I was on the movie set of JINGLE ALL THE WAY with Arnold and Sinbad in high school 1994/95. The movie was filmed in Minnesota right by De La Salle High School. I am 6'2" I walked right next to Arnold and he only came up just past my shoulders. His cigar was taller than him. He is no where near 6'2". He is 5'11" at best. Where are you guys getting he was 6'2" or better. That is BS!! In the picture shown above, you can't even see what kind of shoes/boots he's wearing. Don't judge based on that picture. Trust me I know he's under 6'0".
Elio said on 26/Apr/06

Actually, Arnold was Measured at 6'1.5" in the late 60s by Vince Basil.

Vince says:

'Yes, I measured Arnold in Jan 1969 on the scale in Mit's Gym in Hawaii. He said he was 6-2, the height guage said 6-1/2. It was in the evening so he could possibly have been 6-2 in the morning. '

If you decide to join up to the IronAge Forums.... then head over to:

Click Here

to see for yourself.

Editor Rob ... why not add Vince Basile's testimony to the top of this page, given that it keeps being used ( usually by me, sometimes by others ) as an argument on this board. It's definately got more weight to it than a democratic strategist's opinion.

[Editor Rob: I'm going to add Jim's picture to the top aswell ;-)

the guy at the top of the thread...I wanted to confirm what the Aussie bodybuilder said, sure I will add this aswell...because that of course is one way of confirming a peak height so to speak...]
Jason said on 26/Apr/06
I'm not sure that is a better photo, cantstop. Arnold's head doesn't look any longer than Declan's.
OnCapeCod said on 26/Apr/06
I was on the puddle jumper with Arnold late 80's into early 90's. My cousin is Jody Poirier one of the greatest all natural women bodybuilders.....Arnold is 5'11" that's the truth.....with 3" lifts he's 6'2". Hype like this works because people WANT TO BELIEVE IN SUPERSTARS!
Viper652 said on 26/Apr/06
I think Arnold was 5-11.5 in his prime, and never even hit 6-0. He was always shorter then 6-1 Reg Park, and was never measured above 5-11.5 anyway. I mean, look how much shorter he looks in regular sneakers next to that 6-3.5 bodybuilder as well. He looks 5-11.5 there as well. He also looks 5-11 in the Andre and Wilt picture. The reason why he can look tall in some pictures is because of well-healed shoes and lifts. I think hes shruk 1 inch since his prime height of 5-11.5 to 5-10.5 now. That seems pretty plausible to me.
Gramps said on 26/Apr/06
I agree with Jason that Arnold looks a good 2" shorter than Declan Joyce. Also, in Frank2's photo "Those are not lifts on Arnold," close inspection leads me to believe those are not standard issue shoes he's wearing. The soles look unusually thick and could easily be built up inside. I happen to be a huge Arnold fan, but that's not enough to convince me he's over six feet today, nor over 6'1" in his prime.
Frank2 said on 25/Apr/06
I noticed the link for Arnold with 5'10" Pete Wilson didn't show up. Here it is: Click Here
cantstop25 said on 25/Apr/06
jason, here is a better picture with declan joyce

Click Here

and declan joyce does have a higer shoulder level but that is becasue arnold has a big head
Leung said on 25/Apr/06
Jason said on 25/Apr/06
Arnold looks 5'11''-6'0'' in that photo with Declan Joyce. Joyce has just got his head down - look at the difference in their shoulder levels.

I don't believe Arnold is as short as 5'10'', but I find 6'1'' a bit much to say the least. Normally I don't even entertain the thought of Arnold being over the 6'0'' mark today, but it's intriguing you insist he's 6'1'', Frank.
Frank2 said on 25/Apr/06
As far as Democrats go, the only fair voting is when only Democrats vote.

Arnold is no more 5'10" than I'm 6'2"! I've met him, stood right next to him and checked out his footwear. Had he worn four inch lifts I'd have spotted them immediately. One time I saw him he had on regular running-style shoes and another time he wore normal loafers. Both times he was taller than this 5'11" fellow and by at least two inches.

Here's Arnold with 6'1" Tom Arnold: Click Here
I saw Tom almost once a week when I worked at Fox since he was doing a show for the network sports division and would lunch in the new restaurant right nextdoor to the broadcast center building. And he was taller than me by two inches and he didn't wear lifts.

Here's Arnold with 5'10" Pete Wilson, former Governor of California who I've met and spoken with. In fact somewhere I have a shot of me and my wife with Wilson and a PAC event held at Disney Studios. If I find it I'll email it to Rob to post. I'm an inch taller.

Here's Arnold with former Mayor of LA Dick Riordan who's just under 5'10": Click Here

Those are not lifts on Arnold: Click Here

Arnold with 6'2" Declan Joyce: Click Here

Declan with Sidney Poitier: Click Here
Haha, clueless people... said on 25/Apr/06
This man is 5'10" at best. Trust me. Read this article NOWWW!!!! While I think some of the heights given to him (5'4-5'5) are a bit exaggerated I think it is clear that Arnie is WAYYY shorter than everyone thinks he is.
Click Here
"Shortzenegger's Tall Tales" lol
I also saw PARADE magazine, a few years ago someone wrote in saying that his wife claimed Arnold was only 5'8". PARADE wrote back saying that he was closer to 5'10 after meeting him several times.
The Horse of FUNK said on 25/Apr/06
Kinda shocked to see y'all list Arnie at 6' and not even give 'em 6'2 for his peak height. He looked like a strong 6'2 back in the 80's, like a possible 6'2.5".
Dex said on 25/Apr/06
On Cape Cod, so you have met Arnold on more than one occasion and you are positive he is under 6`0 or 5`11. Can I ask when you met him? 1970`s, 80`s or 90`s. 00`s? This guy was tall 6`1.5" or so in his prime!
OnCapeCod said on 24/Apr/06
There is never a directly discernable comparison shot in that ENTIRE movie....and as far as his height I am 5'11" @ 227lbs. Arnold has been on the same puddle jumper as me a few times going to the Vineyard.....we were/are eye to eye. He's never been close to 6'2" that's just hype s***e!!!!
Elio said on 24/Apr/06

The only reason that (for most of the film) they're not shown next to each other is because Arnold was training in LA and Ferrigno in New York.

However, they are shown together (barefoot and on a flat stage) for a large portion of the competition at the end of the movie.

Again, I ask how you can be so sure he wears lift shoes. Did you take them off his feet? Did he admit to them... was his foot almost falling out of them (like Stallone's in the basketball photo) ?
Glenn said on 23/Apr/06
You tell em Frank.Arnold is 6-1,6-2 in his prime.
OnCapeCod said on 23/Apr/06
He's 5'11" he wears lift shoes......he was exactly my height and really not a huge person. Maria Shriver looks completely whacked out with cosmetic surgery in person...her face is almost comically bizarre. They had good reason never to show Arnold and Lou next to each other in the movie "Pumping Iron"...he would have been DWARFED!
Height Tracker said on 23/Apr/06
How are you so sure about that Viper? Have you met him?
Viper652 said on 23/Apr/06
But these days Arnold is around 5-10.5 barefoot.
Elio said on 23/Apr/06
Is there any evidence to prove this man has ever worn or been linked with elevator shoes other than unfounded speculation? The guy wore flat shoes and/or went barefoot a lot of the time in his youth.... he might have not necessarily bothered wearing elevators just because he became famous. What if he's wearing one inch shoes and is comfortable with his height?
Frank2 said on 22/Apr/06
No way on Earth is Arnold 5'11". I'm 5'11" and when I met him he was a good two inches taller. And he was wearing what looked like regular shoes. I'd say he's roughly 6'1". He could have been 6'2" when he was younger.
Joe said on 22/Apr/06
I asked an old bodybuilder who had met arnold in the 70's, how tall Arnie is, he said that they were in the shower barefeet, and he stood besides another bodybuilder who is 190cm and he said that Arnold was a bit shorter, but not much, so I think he really was 6 ft 2 when younger, nowadays maybe 6 ft even?
Gotxo said on 21/Apr/06
I think he's 6ft, prolly a lil more when young. Maybe you think he's only 5'11" because his height is not as big as expected, or you're indeed big.
He has look taller than five eleven many times, wich is my height, i've a photo beside an H2 as Arnold's HYDRO one and he doesn't looks much more taller than me compared to the same car though.
6ft said on 18/Apr/06
thats a very nice pic that cobra has of the rock and arnie but there still has to be bout 3" betwwen them because look at their waistes and where there arms end the rock is lowering his head as well which he does in evry pic! hes onto us! ;)
Editor Rob said on 16/Apr/06
Couple years ago, Click Here a glimpse of arnie in say 3cm shoes beside (well in front of a little) the Mark Webber in 1cm shoes, who is a strong 184cm.
Cobra said on 16/Apr/06
The Rock is slouching very much in the first + Britneys footwear.
And in the one of the Rundown: they are in the jungle. ;)
In Running Man Arnie isn`t 3-4 inches shorter than kotto. Don`t judge of the first look in the prison, I think they exagerated Kottos height, because in the hall where the guy with the chain saw appear, they are standing next to each other and you can also see the ground, and there is not that much difference between them.
Gramps said on 16/Apr/06
Oops! The Rock looking not too tall next to the 5'4.5" Britney Spears:
Click Here
Gramps said on 16/Apr/06
Thank you, Cobra. Looks like the hunched over Rock has only a couple inches on Arnold. But wait...check out the Rock next to the 5'11.25" Sean William Scott:
Click Here
As I said, Arnie is just a tad under six feet today.
Gramps said on 16/Apr/06
Just watched "The Running Man" from 1987. Arnold looked about 3-4" shorter than the 6'3" Yaphet Kotto.

[Editor Rob: I think it is possible, as a couple mentioned Kotto could have been 6ft 4...]
Cobra said on 15/Apr/06
Click Here

in FACT ;) 6ft1, on the pic he looks more like 6ft2
Elio said on 15/Apr/06
You guys make me laugh when you use words like 'definately'. Howabout we all end our posts with 'FACT!!' instead?
Cobra said on 15/Apr/06
Someone posted that (can this person please post again) that Arnold was measured in 1967.
"Arnold who claimed to be 6ft2 was measured with 6ft1,5 that evening"
I think that this is the truth, we all know that you are shorter in the evening, so 6ft2 morning 6ft1,5 evening.
Now 6ft1 morning 6ft0,5 evening.
drake said on 15/Apr/06
Hmmm... I saw Mr. Schwarzenegger in the 70's and he looked probably 6 foot to 6 foot and 1/2 inch barefoot then. Though I never SAW him barefoot. In shoes he looked 6'1". I was 6'3 1/2" tall then & he looked 3 - 3 1/2 less than me. I always wear shoes with 1 - 1.25" heels. He didn't look 6'2" even then. Don't know HOW TALL he is now, but I lost 1/2 inch (almost). I'm only 3 years older than Arnold.
Gramps said on 15/Apr/06
Arnold was never 6'2", or even 6'1". That is clear from the numerous vintage pictures below where 6'1" Reg Park is always about one inch taller. Arnold is definitely a tad under six feet today.
blondie said on 14/Apr/06
He's definitely 6'2" (188cm)
Brett said on 14/Apr/06
Firstly Arnies wearing shoes, which are no doubt big, and Coleman is barefooted, another thing, when Coleman was here, he appeared on the footy show, next to a couple of players who are only 5'9-5'10"ish and he was no way taller then them. So if you consider Arnie would be in like 2inch plus heels, take off those, and hed barely be an inch or so taller then Coleman. This man Im telling you is not even 6'0" tall these days, as Ive said my friend who met him recently said that he was barely 5'10"-5'11" tall. It is not possible to attain his bodybuilding height, and no doubt he probably was 6'0" or so back in the day, but I think 6'2" was just a myth.
TheMan said on 13/Apr/06
I think Arnold should go back to 6,1 atleast why is it he's constantently seen as taller than those in the pictures my guess is that he's atleast 6,1. I doubt 6,2 but 6,1 would still seem right. Maybe about 185cm
mike said on 13/Apr/06
rob you should give him his half inch back, or you can put him at 6'9.5 for being one of the best action stars/body builders ever, i still don't see why some people have him at 5'10
Fasulo said on 13/Apr/06
Arnold has magic shoes on

[Editor Rob: you know, I keep wanting to give arnold back 1/2 inch for his currentish 2005-2006 height...I don't know, maybe when nobodies looking...nobody will notice 1/2 inch here will they ;-)]
Dex said on 13/Apr/06
I have met Ronnie Coleman and he is no way 5`11 but more like 5`9 1/2 to 5`10 1/2 but roughly 5`10. In the link below, Arnold is 3 or 4 inches taller, 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 is due to shoes. Either way you look at Arnold is at least 6`0 and probably over 6`1 although not 6`2.
Cobra said on 13/Apr/06
I think Arnold would be 2 or 2,5 inches taller than Ronnie without his shoes, also 6ft0,5 or 6ft1.
funkmonk said on 13/Apr/06
Arnold is much taller than 5'11" bodybuilder Ron Coleman
Click Here
Cobra said on 10/Apr/06
Guys? Why you compare Arnold to Matty and Matty to lou, when you can see Arnold and Lou next to each other barefeet on the stage??
BTW Arnold doesn`t look more than 3 inches shorter.
piwo81 said on 10/Apr/06
I also remeber a shot on TV were Arnlod appeared with polish ex president Aleksander Kwa
piwo81 said on 10/Apr/06
I've found this: "While Arnold Schwarzenegger's height was always believed to be 6 feet, 2 inches (1.88 m), a July 2002 article in US Weekly magazine speculated that Schwarzenegger was actually closer to 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m). During his campaign for governorship it was noted that Schwarzenegger was considerably shorter than many expected, with others putting his height at around 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m), exactly as reported in US Weekly. His spokespeople now give his height as 6 ft even (1.83 m). His competition height may have been closer to 6'2", as humans lose a small amount of height with age."

the rest of the article is at Click Here
Elio said on 10/Apr/06

You said:

"Arnold is clearly shorter than Ferrigno's dad by several inches...and Ferrigno's father is a good 3 inches shorter than Lou"

Several is NOT the same as saying 'a few'. As I already said, I consider several to mean 5 - 8.

In future, try reading posts (including your own), before you start making derogatory comments about people.
phil said on 9/Apr/06
Oh boy! I guess we have some low IQs on this board (Elio...). Ferrigno's father is a few inches taller (that's 2-3 inches for you low IQ guys) than Arnold and Lou is 3 inches taller than his dad. That puts Arnold in the 5'11" to 6' range.
Meathead320 said on 9/Apr/06
I think phil is right, it is hard to forget that scene. Now keep in mind that Lou is very tall himself. Anywhere from 6'3" shortest to 6'5" tops. Even on the short end Lou was still a tall man back then, and still is today. Lou was taller than his father by at least 2", and his father was taller than Arnold by the same. Still this does not help peg an exact height for Arnie.

He could be anwhere from 5'10" to 6'1", depends on how tall Lou really is. I just say Arnold is "about 6 foot".
Elio said on 9/Apr/06

most of us have seen or own that movie. Arnold is NOT 'several' inches shorter than Ferrigno's dad. Lou is not 3 inches taller than his old man either. If you conisder the definition of several to be 5 - 8, then you're basically saying that Arnold is 8 - 11 inches shorter than Ferrigno.

I'm sorry, but I'm going to have trouble accepting anything you say in future, given your blatent exaggerations.
frank p said on 7/Apr/06
I didn't think people actually shrink with age until a week ago. I used to do heavy squats for years, and in my younger days compete in powerlifting. I've had disc surgery on my lower lumbar spine and my cervical(neck). Yet last Sept. I measured 5"10 in my stocking feet. Maybe when I was younger I was taller but I didn't think so.

Now, I went to a wake last week where I saw people that I haven't seen since my early 20's. I'm 46 years old. I wear regular dress shoes, probably an inch at the most raise. Well, EVERYONE seemed shorter than I remember them! Either my same height or shorter. If there were any doubts to the shrink with age theory? That just removed them for me.
phil said on 7/Apr/06
Just watched Pumping Iron. There's a scene where he has breakfast with Lou Ferrigno and Ferrigno's father. They all get up at the end of the breakfast and Arnold is a good half a foot shorter than Lou and quite a bit shorter than Lou's father, who is at least 3 inches shorter than Lou. He can't be more than 6' tall in 1975 and must be 5'11" today. Near then end of Pumping Iron, you get a full body long shot of Arnold and Lou posing and Arnold is barely at Ferrigno's nose level.
Elio said on 7/Apr/06

I'm starting to think that your estimates of just over 6 foot are spot on. I recently saw a pic on a forum from 1988 where Arnold stood around an inch shorter next to a guy who says he's 6'1.4" . Perhaps the 41 year old arnold had lost a slight bit of height from heavy squatting at this point in his life... but even so I'm beginning to see that this man may have never been over 6'1".

5'11" is still daft though. :)
drake said on 7/Apr/06
To be clear, he looked 6'1" IN SHOES (boots, whatever he had on) then, so I GUESSED 6'0 or 0.5" barefoot. That doesn't sound unreasonable to me.
drake said on 7/Apr/06
First, body-builders are INCLINED to be short. Often that is the motivation to begin lifting weights. At 6'3.5" I almost always towered over my competition in the 60's in body-building. Generally I would say that short to medium height guys had an edge because of perception. In power-lifting there were MANY more tall guys. At 256 at contest time I was considered "stringy". I'm not sure what Mr. Schwarzenegger's competition weight was (he was after my time) but I've heard 225 quoted. He didn't look 6'2" when I saw him (in the 70's). I would have GUESSED 6'0 or 0.5" then. Let me be clear on this: I have nothing against or for Arnold. He didn't MAKE or RUIN body-building. In my opinion, steroids and growth harmones have made it an unhealthy pursuit. ARE Arnold's legs unusually long? Well, I don't recall noticing them when I saw him in clothes. My inseam is 35.5 at my height and mine seemed longer then. Only saw him briefly, but he looked a good 2.5-3 inches shorter than I was. I was wearing dress shoes from JC Penney's. :-) I have lost 1 cm in height, and Arnold is only ~ 3 years younger than I am.
Gramps said on 7/Apr/06
Sorry, Dex, but Arnold is not the huge guy you imagine him to be. The many early bodybuilding photos of the barefoot Arnold linked here demonstrate clearly that he was never 6'1", but closer to 6'0"-6'0.5". Recent photos put him just a bit under 6 feet.
Leung said on 7/Apr/06
Fasulo, you like to have your fantasy of Arnie being only 180cm, that's fine, whatever rocks your boat. Your idea's of a mini Terminator, diminutive Conan, are cute concepts, unfortunately most of us aren't interested, were quite happy to accept Arnie just the way he is, which is clearly taller than 6'
Jason said on 7/Apr/06
Dex, I think you need to use YOUR head. I said he has extremely long legs in proportion to his height, not that he has extremely long legs.
Dex said on 6/Apr/06
Jason, use your head, whats more likely that Arnold has extremely (abnormal) long legs or he is indeed tall?
Jason said on 6/Apr/06
Arnold has extremely long legs in proportion to the rest of his body which can make him appear taller.
Dex said on 6/Apr/06
Fasulo, watch "THE COMEBACK" it can be purchased over the internet and then tell me Arnold is only 5`11. He was so tall he looked awkward and lanky almost like a short basketball player. Check it out!
Fasulo said on 6/Apr/06
Dear boys you should remember that Arnold wears lift shoes in every occasions.Probably he has only magic shoes!!!infact it would be astonishing for all see Terminator,Conan,Governor of California,future president...a simple 180 cm...We though it was huge and he wants to appear HUGE!Discoman you're right
Dex said on 6/Apr/06
For all of you who think Arnold is below 6 feet view "THE COMEBACK" and your doubhts will be put to rest. Arnold towers over everybody and his legs and arms go on forever. I think when Arnold first became famous as a teenager he was probably just under 6 feet and he may now as an older man be once again under 6 feet. However, during the time of the 1980 Olympia or early thirties, Arnold was well over 6 feet. Check it out and see what I am talking about!
dmeyer said on 6/Apr/06
a friend of mine who is a weak 6 footer has a pic with arnie and arnie looks 2 to 3 inches taller than him this pics was taken in 2005
trueheight said on 6/Apr/06
there's this huge debate on his height on IMDB also. PErsonally I think he was 6'2 in his prime. He looked the same height as 6'1 James Cameron while they were doing a promo for T1 back in '86. Arnold was wearing slip-ons and Cameron was wearing moon-boots
Glenn said on 5/Apr/06
Though I havnt seen him since 1992,now that I remember he did walk like he had balloons in his shoes.
Dex said on 5/Apr/06
I strongly recommend anyone interested in the controversial 1980 Olympia to purchase "The Comeback". I have heard much talk about the judging being rigged and I believe this can happen but I do not believe it did. Arnold was ripped and defined although not nearly as massive as 1974 or 75. He also easily beat the competition. It`s possible that Mike Mentzer got short changed with his fourth or fifth place finish but he was nowhere near "The Greatest" as I did see one line up of the two men together. He is also quite "tall" in this film easily over 6 feet and probably close to 6` 2"! Arnold`s legs in this movie are really weak but his calves and upper body combined with how how he twists as he poses hides this fact from the audience and probably the judges.
Fasulo said on 5/Apr/06
So we are all right about Arnold.6'in his prime 5'11" now.Rob you should downgrade him to 180

[Editor Rob: many think I'm still being stingy with 183, 184cm currently is probably what many would think!!!]
drake said on 5/Apr/06
OK Gramps: Graham looks 3" taller to my eyes in those photos. That would make Arnold 6'0" at that time. I've NEVER heard of a guy growing until 30! Doesn't sound very likely. I've lost about one cm (am in my early 60's) from my 20 year old height. NOT DUE TO WEIGHT LIFTING. I knew Mike Mentzer. He wasn't asked for his permission to be in that movie. Don't be too surprised if pro body-building is about as legit as pro wrestling. :-) Weider decides who wins the Mr. Olympia. The person must be marketable AND pliant. Mike wasn't "pliant". By the by: many modern body-builders are not really THAT strong. There can be a difference between "show" muscles and functional muscles. I power-lifted in the 275 pound class, but lost at least 20 pounds (about 1/2 of it muscle) to body-build. AND I became much less strong. I used the Heavy Duty system that Mike championed and it worked. I still weight train with fairly heavy weights. No: I never did steroids, but I did "carbo-load" and used celery-based diuretics. Don't recommend either one. :-( I assure you that Arnold only LOOKED 6'1" in SOME kind of footware and I don't see how he could ever have been 6'2", not barefoot. So maybe Gramps is right? Arnold could be 5'11" now and would look ~ 6'1" in cowboy boots, even without "lifts" or whatever. I HATE boots period! They hurt my big 13EEE feet! So, I wear comfortable shoes. Also, high heels are bad for your back.Seems like they'd mess up your calf muscles too?
Leung said on 4/Apr/06
Arnold was considered very lucky to have won the '80 Olympia, he looked soft and lacked the definition that he had previously. On that day Mike Mentzer was easily the best of the competition. The judges have got it wrong on a few occassions over the years. In regards to Arnold's height, I have always accepted him as 6'2". Even though many will argue that he has lost height due to old age, he is still clearly at least 6'1"
MaxB said on 4/Apr/06
Yes, Arnie walks funny and in many of his movies is obvious that he is wearing lifts. Also notice in The Terminator where he was barefoot, he was not simultaniously in the same scene with those three guys (Bill Paxton was one of them) - they were relatively tall (especially that guy that was a bad guy in Stallone's Cobra) and in one short shot barefoot Arnie may have looked shorter than Paxton in Boots...

But if Columbu is really 5'5, then Arnie might have been about 6'1 in his prime time (but notice that Arnie is a bit closer to the camera that could give him an extra inch or two). See this photo: Click Here
Dex said on 4/Apr/06
I watched "The Comeback" last night which is about Arnold and the 1980 Olympia. As far as I am concerned Arnold easily won the competition fair and square. Unfortunately, Mike Mentzer was not in the movie probably because he did not grant permission so I can form no opinion on his physique unfortunately. However, I have to say that Arnold was definately "tall" in this movie and at least 6`1" probably 6`1 1/2". I think Arnold actually grew taller between 1975 and 1980, is that possible, to grow an inch or more in your late twenties and early thirties?
Gramps said on 4/Apr/06
Yes Frank, 6'0" when competing, but 5'11" or so now.
Frank P said on 3/Apr/06
I think the link photo from Disco man below should pretty much end the debate. Though I don't know how tall Draper is, Arnold is clearly NOT over 6"0. I think 6"0 is reasonable for him.
C.Barrow said on 3/Apr/06
I agree with you pals, I saw Pumping Iron 2 and Mr.Arnold is the tallest...D'you remember in the Guiness Book they said he's 6'1" during his Mr Olympia's reign.
Gramps said on 2/Apr/06
About 2/3 of the web references I've seen list Graham at 6'3" and 1/3 at 6'4".
me said on 2/Apr/06
well when arnold was bodybuilding he was in the tall class fpr mr.olympia (as stated in the education of a bodybuilder book) which would make him at a minimum 6'
drake said on 2/Apr/06
Anonymous: How tall was Superstar Billy Graham? I see a few inches between him and Arnold? I know I've seen his height listed somewhere?
drake said on 2/Apr/06
I want to apologize for going off about Joe Weider. I have NO axe to grind with Arnold, but I (obviously) do with the Weider Syndicate. But I think 6' is a decent evaluation of Arnold's height. BTW: I also did competitive power-lifting and my discs aren't compressed. Weight-lifting PROPERLY PERFORMED does not squash the skeletan for God's sake. Sorry about preaching about steroids. It can be a lifetime activity; just don't believe the magazines that are mainly trying to sell you their brand of anything. NUFF SAID. :-)
Anonymous said on 1/Apr/06
I'm not convinced he was ever 6' + for the following reasons:
Click Here
Click Here
The Judge said on 1/Apr/06
I saw some photos of Mr.Arnold on IMDB...Next to Mr.Cameron who's 6'2" and our Mr Olympia appears to be a 6'1" man, maybe 6'0,5". No doubt he's tall and he's certainly loses 1cm.
Gramps said on 1/Apr/06
Joe: when you were 23 and saw Arnold (the three-time Mr. Olympia) in 1973, I believe you were a bit star-struck. Your awe overshadowed your objectivity, since Arnold was never 6'1", let alone 6'2".
drake said on 1/Apr/06
I know I'll catch hell about the boots comment. It was a long time ago, so let me say that Mr. Schwarzenegger was NOT barefoot when I saw him and he looked 6'1" to me then. It's curious that some celebrities get down-graded by 2 + inches (like Clint Eastwood) but others (like Arnold) appear to be sacred ground. I think 6' now is probably close to correct, but perhaps the guy should be listed as 7'2" to match his impact on pro body-building? Or at least the impact Joe Weider and his empire invested in him to play. Don't believe any of the measurements for anything in the Weider magazines. And you might try Heavy Duty if you want solid muscle gain. But FOR GOD'S SAKE: stay away from the damned steroids, steroid mimics, and HGH!
drake said on 1/Apr/06
OK, Ken Waller was measured at 5'11.25" when he competed in the AAU as an ameteur. I'm 6'3 1/2" and I recall Ken being about 4 inches shorter than me. I never saw Ferrigno, but had him described as a little bit taller than me, so 6'4" sounds about right. Only saw Arnold briefly and he looked 6'1" or so in boots. Don't recall about the heels, etc. But Mr. Waller's height would have been barefoot height. I asked my brother (who met Waller at least twice) and he said Waller was about 5'11 1/2" or so, just under 6 feet. My brother is 6'1" tall. I think Ronnie Coleman was 5'10" tall. So, is their a photo of Mr. Schwarzenegger with Mr. Waller or Mr. Coleman. BTW: most natural body-builders think Joe Weider is a blight and assures body-building will never be an Olympic sport. Shame too! Used to be like Greek statues, now just look like juiced anatomy charts. :-( JMHO about "professional" bodybuilding. I think it's more like pro wrestling now. Mike Mentzer was robbed, again - JMHO.
sf said on 1/Apr/06
Okay - I have new info on our pal, Stallone, and a few other hotly contested celebs. Some of you may know that I have a friend at the gym that fought Chuck Norris 3 times in the 70's. I referenced this once, when I referred to Norris' height. (My friend is a 7th degree blackbelt) Well, again, tonight, I thought about something else when I was talking to him. This guy was not only a competitive martial artist, but also a competitive body builder in the late 60's and 70's. His name is Gil Hanson, he's 73, a retired cop, and still teaches martial arts to police academy students. Trust me, this is one 73 year old man you don't want to mess with. He can still bench 350! Tough as nails. I remembered tonight to ask him about some of the body builders he's met. Okay, this comes from a guy who met, knew and competed next to these guys, BAREFOOT. Gil is 6'0", maybe a little under now but not by much. Gil, without hesitation, said Ferrigno was 6'4". Again, he knew Ferrigno in the 70's. He also knew Arnie a little. Again, without hesitation, he said Arnie was "6'2", maybe bigger. He's a pretty big guy." Gil is a trained police officer, trained to notice things, and again, stood beside these guys at competitions BAREFOOT, or in normal shoes. They weren't wearing lifts when competing! Here's the best part! I didn't even ask him, and he said he had met Stallone. Gil finished 3rd in the Mr USA (natural, I think) in 1978, he said. Stallone personally presented him with his trophy! Now, remember, this was the 70's, before any of these guys were such big deals. Yes, Stallone was on his way, but had only just had big success with Rocky. Gil, again without hesitation, said Stallone was about 5'8". Remember, Stallone stood right next to Gil and handed him his trophy. I laughed when he told me, and told him about this web site where everybody is contesting these guys heights.

This closes the case for me. Stallone is no taller than 5'8". Arnie was 6'2". and Ferrigno was 6'4".
sf said on 1/Apr/06
Okay - here's the real question - what are Loren Franc and Seymour Koenig doing in that group photo from anonymous? My 13 year old nephew's built better!
Joe Marzano said on 31/Mar/06
Okay, let's set the record straight once and for all to end the confusion about Arnold's height. In 1974 I trained at Gold's Gym in Venice California during the summer. At the time I was 23 years old and exactly 6'2" inches tall. I still remember the first time I saw him. He was incredible. He was as wide as a doorway and he was 6'2" at that time because we were once standing near each other and we were eye to eye as far as height is concerned. One thing though, Arnold's posture wasn't the greatest at all times. Look at him pumping up before the 1975 Olympia. His back is curved which detracts from his height. When he stands up straight the difference in height is dramatic. As far as his height today, well we all shrink due to degeneration of the invertabral discs. Combine that with squatting 50 tons a day and anyone would lose some height. But let me assure everyone, In 1975 Schwarzenegger was every in 6'2" tall (Standing Straight).
Dex said on 31/Mar/06
I have never met Arnold Schwarznegger but I have met Ronnie Coleman in January 2006. Ronnie is listed at 5`11 but I stood right beside him and towered over him at 6 feet. I put Ronnie Coleman as low as 5'9 1/2 and as tall as 5'10 1/2. If anyone has any pictures of Arnold and Ronnie together then I feel I could make an informed opinion on Arnold`s height!
Gramps said on 31/Mar/06
Arnold was never 6'1". In his prime he was between 6'0" and 6'0.5". He's under 6 feet today (without his "magic shoes").
Dex said on 31/Mar/06
I have never met Arnold but I have met Ronnie Coleman in January 2006. I stood right beside him and I am 6 feet or very close (5 11 3/4). Ronnie claimed to be 5`11 but he is definatley not that tall. I would say 5 9 1/2 minimum and 5 10 1/2 maximum. If anyone has any pictures with Ronnie and Arnold together we would be able to determine how tall Arnold is today?
Parker said on 31/Mar/06
From the photograph below with Arnold lined up with fellow weightlifters, The short guy Franco Columbo is listed at 5'5 on the net - that would concur with Arnold at 6'1
drake said on 31/Mar/06
Ken Waller? I know I saw that guy pose a few times. My memory of his amateur body-building days was that he could compete in either the medium OR the tall class. That would put him a bit under 6 foot. Under 5'10" was medium height class. 6 foot and over was tall class. So 5'10" to say 5'11.5" was up to the competetor. I NEVER liked that loophole, because a guy could "duck" a tough competetor by simply choosing the other height class! UNLESS the competition had the same choice. They closed that loophole in the 80's because of that very problem. I know that doesn't help a lot. But it does mean that Ken Waller fell in the 5'10" to 5'11.5" category. Let me see what I can find.
PS: Weider exaggerates about EVERYTHING! :-) According to Joe, HE invented weight-lifting! What an ego!!! :-)
Gramps said on 31/Mar/06
A few more of Park over Arnold:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Fasulo said on 30/Mar/06
Yes,that photo is a fake
Disco Man said on 30/Mar/06
Excellent detective work there. The more I look at it I can see the group photo is doctored up. Here's a picture of Dave Draper and Arnold standing up straight talking to each other, I drew (Anonymous will like this) a red line to show that Arnold is the same height as the 6'0" Dave Draper:

Click Here

[Editor Rob: I think there's a 2 degree tilt in the pic, although it doesn't have that much effect...]

Disco Man said on 30/Mar/06
Thanks for drawing the lines, clearly Waller is shorter than Arnold so I stand corrected. Elio you bring up some good points. I have to investigate Waller's height, his height was always stated at a straight 6.0" however that may be incorrect (IFBB misinfo) he may be shorter or it may be correct and Arnold was indeed 6'1". Definitely worthy of an investigation, I'll check out the movie 'Stay Hungry' were Arnold is on stage next to Waller flexing both men are standing up straight to see if Arnold is taller. I try to get some screen captures.

Thanks for the praise. I have seen many pictures of Arnold and Reg together and Reg clearly is taller when both men are standing next to each other. Some claimed Reg was 6'2" others claim he was 6'1.5". However Reg has always claimed he was 6'1" and he said in an interview a few years ago that he was measured by Ray Beck back in 1956 at 6'1". I believe Arnold was 6'0" or 6'0.5" barefoot when he competed back in the 1960s and 1970s. And I have seen pictures of Arnold today were he looks less than 6'0" tall and to be fair there are those pictures were he looks over 6'0" (however he was wearing shoes). I wish Arnold would guest pose (be barefoot) at his Arnold Classic or the Mr. Olympia contest and stand next to the 5'11" Ronnie Coleman, this would give us a measuring stick for his current height and either prove or rule out those elevator shoes.

I agree with you Arnold had better bicep development than Oliva, as you mentioned Oliva's upper arm size came from those mamoth triceps. 2/3s of an average person's upper arm is the triceps. That's why a lot of body builders who had good biceps but even better developed triceps still had enormous arms. Arnold and Larry Scott probably had some of the best bicep development in their day.
Gramps said on 30/Mar/06
You know, in looking at that group photo more and more, I find it suspect. I think it may be a collage, not a single photo. In all other photos of Arnold and Draper, they are the same height. But here, Arnold looks 2+ inches taller, which is pure fantasy.
Anonymous said on 30/Mar/06

Hi Disco Man. I`ve posted the WB Records photo last week and now you`re wrong affirming that Arnold was the same height as Ken Waller in that photo. Well as you said Waller was an honest 6'0'' then you might start considering Arnold a strong 6'1'' also. Just check the following link:

Click Here

I just drew a straight red line through Arnold and the others following their heads and eye levels. Guess who`s taller?
See ya
Gramps said on 30/Mar/06
Disco Man - - GREAT job in presenting the pics of Arnie with Reg Park that CLEARLY show Arnold to have been at least one inch shorter in his prime than the 6'1" Park. Arnold is definitely under 6 feet today; as I have mentioned here before, my colleague had his picture taken with the future governor during his election campaign, and Arnold was definitely under 6 feet - - perhaps 5'11.5".

As for Sergio Oliva, it looks to me like most of his size was in the triceps not the biceps. I checked other Internet photos of Oliva that seemed to show the same proportions. As for pure biceps development, I think Arnold was definitely superior to Oliva. My opinion, of course.
Jason said on 29/Mar/06
That is true, Disco Man. Sergio himself also said in an interview that his arms were never bigger than 20.5'' and Weider just exaggerated their dimensions. And Sergio edged Arnold out in arm size.
Disco Man said on 28/Mar/06
Steve Rose,
The Arnold 22" upper arms is also a myth. Check out the below quote from Arthur Jones who measured the Arms (biceps) of many bodybuilders in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s:

'To begin with, most of the claimed measurements of top bodybuilders are simply untrue. The largest muscular arm that I ever measured -- or saw -- was Sergio Oliva
Disco Man said on 28/Mar/06
As I said before compare picture after picture of Arnold and Reg, Reg is taller in most by at least an inch when both men stand up straight. Using the law of the averages that puts Reg taller:

Here's some more where Reg is taller:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

As for the beach picture, look at the two man's knees they are the same as in the above picture (so Arnold's not standing in a hole both men are evenly planted on the ground and Reg is taller:
Click Here
Here's another beach shot where both men's knee caps are at the same level again, and Reg is taller again:
Click Here

Also here's one with Arnold in the pool with Reg (both men are barefoot and the pool has a flat concrete bottom), guess what? - Reg is taller:
Click Here

As for this picture which someone posted last week, notice how Arnold is the same height as Ken Waller who is on the far right, Ken Waller was an honest 6'0":
Click Here

Maverick said on 28/Mar/06
check out - Click Here
Arnold is much shorter than the 182cm Brigitte Nielsen in a scene from Red can see their feet in this shot!...
Brigitte is wearing flat sandals and it looks like Arnie is wearing some type of boots!! (not sure!) shows him to be under 5.11.75, by some margin!
To me, Arnie was no more than 5'10 in his peak now probably around 5'9 barefoot at the most!....the picture posted by heightguru on 27 March shows how short Arnie really is ...he looks no more than 5'9!!...and yes he does wear huge lifts/built up shoes, like his good friend Sly!!

[Editor Rob: hey, you're back again with the crazy theories...

if Arnie is under 6ft today, I'd be as shocked as a Dog chewing a power cord]

Jason said on 28/Mar/06
Well, it's pretty well known Arnold likes wearing ''big'' shoes...

Gotxo, that's a very good idea. There's a big yearly auto expo show here in Perth, Australia where I live this coming month and I think I'll go. They might have a hummer H2 there (I've been inside a hummer at one of them before). If not there, then I'll find one somewhere else sooner or later. :)

If anyone here lives in or goes to the Los Angeles area, I believe Arnold still tries to go to his cigar nights at the restaurant he founded - Schatzi's - on the first Monday of each month and dines there at other times.

Frank2 said on 28/Mar/06
Kevin Kline is at least 6'1" possibly 6'2".
Gotxo said on 28/Mar/06
Nothing against the king, although i'm republican lol.
But check his bio, he was measured @ amry at 186cm, he's an oldie but i'm convinced he haven't shrunk worth nothing thing. His son was measured 197cm @ the army. Nevertheless, what was wearing Arnold (Boots again?)

I find respectable your ideas, but i don't agree with this one i give him a little over 6' at most. BTW if Bill Richardson is a about 5'11.5" i only see an inch of difference between them both and we can't see the footwear, it's the one that doesn't match with boots, but hig heeled footwear is still a possibility there.
Gonzalo said on 28/Mar/06
I said it before: Arnold was as tall as the King of Spain, that would make Arnold 6`1 minimum. And in the film Dave he seems to be as tall as Kevin Kline, who is no less than 6`1. Arnold is tall, or maybe he wears lifts...
to wear lifts or not to wear lifts, that`s the question....
dmeyer said on 28/Mar/06
i agree with frank 2 ithink arnie was 6'2" and 6'1" now my father is the same age and didnt even loose 1 inch
Steve Rose said on 28/Mar/06
I was in to bodybuilding as a teenager and read lots of Schwarzenegger stuff.

If you read any of his books he always says he is 6ft 2inches.

The Guinness book of records did list him as the most successful bodybuilder of all time. Mr Universe 7 times and Mr Olympia 5 times quoting his height as 6ft 1inches (And they do tend to get their facts right).

What is not disputed though is he did have a 57 inch chest, with 22.25 inch arms in his heyday.
Frank2 said on 27/Mar/06
Here's Arnold with New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson: Click Here
Richardson is close to six feet.

Here's another of Richardson with Arnold: Click Here
Richarson looks about an inch shorter than Arnie.

Richardson with his staff: Click Here
As you can see, he's a big man.

For the last time, Arnold is well over six feet. I've met him and unless he has the best lifts in the biz he's 6'2" or very close to it. I'm 5'11" and I had to look up at him. And no, I wasn't standing in a hole.
Gotxo said on 27/Mar/06
Rob: Sorry for making my questions in a difficutl way, yours is better.
I'm 5'11" i was taken a full body pic of myself near a hummer H2, y asked you to compare it against an Arnold full body pic @ same distance of the same car & in your eyes he's 6'.
Jason: If my memmory is good you said you're 189cm (a bit over Arnold supposed height) why don't you get a photo beside a Hummer H2 and sent it here as mean of comparing a solid 6'2" to it. Then we could know to who of the 2 is Arnold in reality closer in heigt.
Alex said on 27/Mar/06
Jason, I think Arnold was probably 6'0 in his prime. Well you say he was measured at 5'11.5 but he could have easily grown 1/2 inch more. But today he is about 5'11 and nothing more than that.
theheightguru said on 27/Mar/06
Arnold says he was 6'1"?!! I don't think so. Have a look at this:
Click Here
Anonymous said on 27/Mar/06
Yeah, i was conscious that the angle of the photo is not the same, i asked to a job mate to take it in a hurry, and is a bit difficult to explain to a no-poster-here (celebheightaholic?) that you want to be portrayed as Arnold.
I coincide with your opinion 100%, the camera is at a higher point in mine giving me between 1"-4cm at most. The thing is that my heels are 3cm there, the Hydro H2 pic i sent you has so high quality that allows to make out a 2" heel on Arnie's boots. A near 6' is very possible, nohting much more for him.
Anonymous said on 27/Mar/06
How tall are you?
Get a pic of yourself in front a hummer H2 (no matter the version, all are the same height:79,2"). If you're 6' you'll see that you are even a bit taller than Arnold compared to the Hydro H2. I know because i got one and my head is in a position very similar compared to the car as Arnold's ones (the similar distance to the car, full body pic showing feet etc). The shoes i'm wearing in that pic make me 184cm and not a single cm taller.
You can get a pic as mine easily (Don't think that are more hummers in Madrid that in most american cities). You can check the height car at the official page, i invite all posters in Arnold's page to do the same and tell their experience here. I've sent that pic to Rob to hear his judgement on it, the only possible flaw could come from the angle, in fact my head lies a bit higher compared to car than Arnold's, but correcting the angle we seem to fulfill same height, and my shoe's heel are smaller.
Rob, i'm waiting for your reply!

[Editor Rob: Gotxo, yes I've now seen your Hummer pic and compared to Arnie beside Hummer he looks in fact a 1cm shorter, although I'm not sure about the angle of yours if its making it a little more.

But if you had just given me your height for instance, and asked me to give Arnie height I'd have said struggling with 6ft!]

Gonzalo said on 27/Mar/06
I saw a picture of Arnold next to Roger Moore years ago and Moore was taller. I couldn`t see the ground. I also remember a pic of Arnold next to King Juan Carlos I and they were very similar in height. King Juan Carlos was near 6`2 in his prime and now he is 70 he looks 6`1. I saw him in 1993 in Madrid and he was 1`85-86 cm. Queen Sofia was also very tall. She was my height (5`9).
Gramps said on 27/Mar/06
Reg Park states his height was 6'1" and in every photo of Reg and Arnold, Reg is the taller man. Methinks Arnold was 6'0.5" in his prime and an inch shorter today.
Jason said on 26/Mar/06
Alex, I believe Brigitte was actually measured for the record (she got the record for Red Sonja) - I don't know when, though. Even if she was measured years after the movie - she's only 41 years old even today - so it's doubtful she would have shrunk any. Check the movie out, Arnold appeared the exact same height as her. He also looked no taller than the 5'11'' range against Wilt Chamberlain in Conan the Destroyer.
Fasulo said on 26/Mar/06
I would say 183 in his prime,now only 180 with lifts every time
Anonymous said on 26/Mar/06
Disco man:
Yes, those pics shows an Arni slightly shorter by 1cm or two, i think the pic of the beach is not as good as the other as the ground might be uneven or the people's disposition in it. I think Arnold was at best 184cm and at worst a shade over 5'11.
Elio said on 24/Mar/06
Disco Man,

the first pic of Reg and Arnold is particularly unfair, as the angle is incredibly slanted. Look a the ridiculous slope of the step behind them all.

Besides, Arnold looks practically 2 inches taller than Dave Draper in the WB records photo that Anonymous posted the link to. I'd say that usually Arnold looks about 1 inch taller than Draper. Whether it's 1 or 2 inches, if you say that Reg is taller than Arnold in that first picture then you must say that Draper is the same height as Reg or even half an inch taller.

In the second picture they're in the sea... so there's no telling how random and uneven the ground is there.

I would say that there is not an inch between these two men. More than likely they both stood about 6'1".
Alex said on 24/Mar/06
I find it very hard to see Arnold under 6'0 in his prime. Today, no doubt the man is 5'11, maybe as low as 5'10.5. But I don't see Arnold over 6'0 in his prime, I'd say he was exactly 6'0 in his prime.
Alex said on 24/Mar/06
Brigitte was probably 6'0.
Jason said on 24/Mar/06
Sorry, Danimal - Brigitte Nielson was listed in the Guiness Book of Records as the tallest actress to play a principal role at 182cm (5'11 1/2''). Rob has her listed here at 5'11 1/2''. It's not just my opinion...

I'm 24 - almost 25.
Disco Man said on 24/Mar/06
As I mentioned in my previous post on Arnold vs. Reg Park (check it out, it's down a ways so you have to scroll, I have links to pics of Reg standing next to Arnold). In most pictures I have seen Reg with Arnold, Reg is at least 1" taller than Arnold. Reg was measured barefoot back in the 1950s at 6'1" (see my post for more details). Some have said Reg was 6'2" or 6'1.5" however Reg said he was 6'1"(barefoot). Reg was very honest about his dimensions and was known for years as being a honest guy in the bodybuilding community. Reg was also the same height as Steve Reeves who was a genuine 6'1".
A picture of Reg here next to Steve both are standing 6'1":
Click Here

Reg slightly taller than Reeves due to the slippers he's wearing:
Click Here

Now here's Reg and Arnold, where Reg is clearly taller:
Click Here
Click Here

Danimal said on 24/Mar/06
God Jason, give it a rest in trying lower everyone's height and then stating their height's as if it is fact. It is your opinion. Brigitte Nielson's height in 1984 was NOT 5'11.5". She was always listed at 6'0"-6'1". You just lower her as you do everyone else and then reference yourself as the leas source contributor to their NEW alleged height. Jason, how old are you and how are you able to spend your ENTIRE day on this site????
stAs said on 24/Mar/06
well Glenn looks like a midget next to arnold in that pic, i think he is 185cm for sure
Anonymous said on 23/Mar/06

Here`s a fine picture of Arnold standing side by side with others bodybuilders:

Click Here

He is tallest of them, for sure.


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