How tall is Becca Dudley

Becca Dudley's Height

5ft 8 (172.7 cm)

English TV presenter, who has worked on MTV UK. On twitter she mentioned a few times "I’m 5’8".

How tall is Becca Dudley
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5ft 7.86in (172.4cm)
Renato97 said on 29/Dec/17
Solid 5ft8
Sandy Cowell said on 28/Nov/17
@ Nik - The second part is about the less serious parts that we were commenting on - all things television!

We aren't that far away really from having a doctors surgery available to us via the television! Things like that are going on, as you know, phone ins for those among us who are simply too embarrassed to go to the doctor. One day, perhaps, we will be able to fill in forms and disclose our details to a TV service, but I feel that many doctors prefer to physically examine the patient, but for less important matters, I for one think it is a great idea!

There's another rather difficult-to-tackle subject and that is that a TV doctor would be better than nothing for a person who finds it extremely painful to go there! Last time I went, when I arrived I was in too much pain to remember anywhere near to, say, half of what I needed to talk about! The doctors service is supposed to cover home visits, but round where I live, it's like getting blood out of a stone and I feel that is really bad.

As far as seeing space on the television, that is bound to become a reality soon. It won't be very colourful but the sights from all over the world available to us in our living rooms are so arresting already, it really is like being on a big, comfortable tour with the technology we have at present! Now here's a little secret: I plan to save up enough money to buy a new supersized TV next year! I had a 32" but it doesn't work anymore, so this time I am planning on an even BIGGER one! I really look forward to that! I think the cats will love it too!

My film is just starting, so I will say goodnight now!

Nik said on 27/Nov/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi'

Don't worry about it, I don't consider it much of a delay at all! I will be interested in reading part 2 but for now I must say thanks for this reply, I appreciate your kind thoughts and you have given me plenty to say when I respond properly to part 1! I can relate to what you said about not giving up hope when a family member or a friend is seriously ill, that is exactly how I was with my Dad.
We have all got to retain faith that when we die there is more life waiting for us, we just need this to be proven by modern science and I await the day when this is the case. I do believe that departed people watch over their loved ones too, but how it works is probably complex.
Again thanks for this reply, which will give me plenty to respond to in full! My Wishlist has also landed in East Kilbride, dated the 23rd November!

Many thanks.
Sandy Cowell said on 27/Nov/17
@ Nik - Sorry about the delay in replying to this extremely heart-felt piece of writing, which I found profoundly moving.
To reach 70 in this day and age is of course, still a milestone but it is no way old enough to die. I think you'll be able to relate to me when I say that seeing your parents reaching milestone ages is quite frightening. It brings home to us that they are getting older and nearer to dying, and that is one of the things we fear most from early childhood. I was dreading my Mum turning 40 when I was 11, and then on the evening of her birthday, she confessed that she was really 50! I cried myself raw; it was like losing 10 years of her in one birthday, because she didn't want me to tell my friends and their parents how old she was! I wouldn't have told them if she had explained herself properly, but I suppose those days having a kid at 38, which is when she had me, was fairly late! Even so, it upset me terribly and taught me that honesty is always the best policy and that I would never do that to my kids! So lying about height is rather comical to me because you can't truly expect to be believed when anyone with an eye for height can tell anyway!!!!
So just as you were coping with your Dad turning 70, you lost him. That must have been one of the biggest blows of your life. I know he was very ill, but if you're anything like me, you will have been living in hope and NEVER going to give up.
I'll tell you something now: someone who means the world to me has a brain tumour but I will no way ever give up hope and praying for a complete recovery. I think I know what you went through, though no two people are ever the same, but even then, I think if I had lost my Mum to cancer, which she had and was cured from 7 years before she died, I think I would have felt cheated and angry for losing years of my parent's life. You can never replace a parent like you can a partner or best friend perhaps, and even that is a strange thing to come out with because each and every one of us is unique and special - and 100% irreplaceable!
I feel saddened that your father so feared passing on. I am lucky that my Mum gave me my faith, so I, too, believe that I will go on, meet the loved ones I have lost and hopefully animal too, and that faith also helps me when somebody else dies, because I can pray for that person. I have said a prayer that your Dad is now happy and in a good place with his loved ones who died, and that he is watching over his 3 sons, his wife and his little granddaughters. Indeed, it does help greatly to have faith and it is the best gift my Mum could have ever given me. There is no way I could ever have held against her that she lied about her age because we are all human, complete with bits of human silliness, and if she worried about her age that much... well let's just say I understand!
Part 2 follows shortly. πŸ˜‰xxx
Nik said on 23/Nov/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi again!

My Dad passed away 3 days after his 70th birthday in August 2013. He was sadly in hospital on his birthday, August 18th, and he sadly passed away on arrival at a local hospice, where he was going for palliative care. My Dad was terrified of dying but that is a thing that can affect someone when they are alive but not when they are dead. Obviously death is a terrible thing but it does not bring fears or suffering for the dead person once they are dead, and it was the knowledge that my Dad was not suffering any more that helped my family and myself during these terrible times.
Your Mum's belief that she was going to a better place must have helped you and all your family, so must the fact that she did not fear dying. It is not always easy for people to think like your Mum did but I admire her mindset, just like I admired my Dad's mindset too In different ways.

Like we have said, televisions are a marvellous commodity to have! There are now vast numbers of channels catering for every interest and hopefully in the future the number of channels will grow and grow, plus it would be good if more and more services become available via the TV in the future. I would like to see people be able to take part in different types of quizzes with other people without leaving their sitting room, and I would hope that it would be easier for people to do things like this than it is to use the Internet! Also it would be great to be able have tours of other parts of the world through the television and for astronauts to go into space and explore other planets, and not just in our solar system, and for us to be able to see all of it on TV!
Furthermore, what about booking holidays, and doing it the easy way, through your television? Also it would be great to be able to be part of a major doctors surgery via our televisions, where we could fill in forms via our TV, and get great advice, with the option of being able to speak to a doctor if necessary at any time of the day or night!

In terms of health, I like to stand up every so often when I am watching TV, even if it is not for very long each time! The most important thing in life is to have our health, which means having a good diet and exercise, if possible, and so I wish you a happy and healthy week ahead!

Nik said on 23/Nov/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

It is nice to hear that you enjoyed reading my last comment on this page and it means a lot to me that it added such a positive vibe to your day.
I think that I have had similar problems to you with my mobile phone but as you know that doesn't affect me on celebheights because I use an ipad while I am on the internet. My mobile phone blacking out has caused me to lose text messages before now, and it is so frustrating! I did once browse celebheights on a phone and that was the day after my birthday this year, I went to a Rugby League match with my Mum and my eldest brother Steve, and at half time Steve kindly let me use his mobile phone to browse this website. It was a Sunday afternoon and before I set off I had seen that Rob had just started moderating, so I was keen to see what he had put on, and I saw the comments page for the 16th July on Steve's phone and I have to admit that the comments appeared much bigger on the screen and filled up the screen more than they do on my iPad, hence more scrolling with the phone! Part 2 is now coming shortly!

Junior said on 23/Nov/17
Her arms were very very long for a 5'8 women. She must have a armspan measure over 6'3 maybe 6'4, Becca is sure had a arms of a 6 foot plus women proportion while she may not be a real 5'8 and that was a huge armspan for a women. Toni Garrn is 6'0 but look to have much shorter arms compare with Becca.

Click Here: Those arm length look damn massive..

Click Here:

Click Here: Toni Garrn arms look ordinary in length fit a 5'11-6'0 women
Editor Rob: she has longs legs and long arms, I don't know if they would be 6ft 3 though, but over 6ft armpsan is quite likely (her shoulder width isn't that big)
Sandy Cowell said on 20/Nov/17
@ Nik - and finally:

I have every intention of still doing a reply on Connor McIntyre's page for you! It will doubtless be a bit different to the last two, but as he's back from his holiday now with Irene, it won't be difficult to think of something!
Television is really a terrific invention and I am very soon going to pick out what to watch this evening. Whether it be entertainment as in a film, something educational and interesting or, something I omitted to mention, good old comedy, everything TV has to offer has the capability to lift our mood and in so doing, have a positive effect on our wellbeing long term! That, coupled with a good diet and exercise goes a long way to health and happiness! 🍻

I wish you a healthy, happy week Nik! 😁

Cheers and see you later! πŸ™‹
Sandy Cowell said on 20/Nov/17
@ Nik - Hi! This is the second section!
I never knew your Dad died near to his Birthday. He died of a terrible illness and at far too young an age, like my Step Mum, who was 58, and had infinitely more life in her. Just before she died, she got up from her wheelchair and made herself walk, and she had a broken hip. She was desperate to live on. She still had a son in his 20's, and two in their 30's, and a husband who doted on her - so, so sad.

My own Mum lived to 85 and was living in a home and apart from our visits, she had no quality of life. She had recovered from cancer 8 years previous but it had left her with permanent health problems. She could still laugh though! She had great faith as well, as wasn't afraid of dying at the time she actually passed on. It was still terribly sad for us, but she was convinced she would be in a better place. I truly believe she is. That is how I think of my brave and beautiful Mum! At the time of her Birthday, and when the anniversary of the day she passed (Easter Sunday 2008) comes round, I try to think happy thoughts!
This is the end of section two!
Sandy Cowell said on 20/Nov/17
@ Nik - Hey, that was a really lovely comment and it has filled my eyes with tears of happiness that someone can add such a positive vibe to my day just through a comment. It's more a letter though, but whatever it is, I enjoyed reading it and now I shall try to do my best to do it justice in answering it!
First of all, I would like to say that rarely do my cats cause me to lose comments, though it has happened and it will happen again! It is my phone that keeps blacking out after a while or changing to a video game, usually one called 'Chubby Birds'! Amusing it might be but it also incredibly annoying!
I have decided instead to submit any elongated comments in 'sections', so that I can 'bank' what I have written and move on to another part! This is the end of section one!
Nik said on 19/Nov/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

It's a difficult time of the year when it comes round to the birthdays of departed loved ones, for me August is the worst time because my Dad passed away in August 2013 and his birthday was in August too. Yourself and Christopher will provide a lot of support to each other, which will be invaluable to both of you.
It's a shame that you didn't send me a comment to Connor Mcintyre's page as I would have loved to have seen your response, but it can't be helped. It mustn't be easy when you have difficulties with your phone and then there is always the chance that one of your cats will jump on you just before you are about to submit your comment.
You have the right attitude in just being happy to be alive, we should all take a step back from our responsibilities and our hobbies to tell ourselves this and do everything we can to preserve this status for as long as possible. That's why it's always important to have a permanent eye on being as safe as possible in everything that we do and as health conscious as possible to live as long as possible and in the best possible health.
If you think about it televisions really are incredible, like you said, to be able to watch entertaining and/or educational programs in our homes is incredible. It is also incredible that you can watch live sport from the other end of the country or the world without leaving your house! There are so many channels catering for every interest and it speaks volumes for the power of the television that you have learnt more history through watching TV than you have through reading books!
Now that Christopher Biggins has been granted your page request you will be a happy bunny, no doubt Jim will be too after a certain football match yesterday!

Cheers, my friend!
Sandy Cowell said on 17/Nov/17
@ Nik - Oh, and so do I wish for many, many people to live good, long and enjoyable lives!

As for age, I was only larking about! I'm grateful to be alive and getting older is just part of it! I think it's fun to joke about myself - I can take it!

At the moment, I have my white cat, Erramius, sitting on my lap! First of all she sat on my phone, so I had to take her off, so then she curled up on me instead! My phone hasn't been behaving lately! A couple of days a go, I couldn't get any online service or even make calls! Well, I sorted it out, but it hasn't been the same since! I had two grand attempts to reply to your message on Connor McIntyre's page but both disappeared just before I finished them. I was not very happy, I can tell you! I know I have a long way to go before I am properly efficient with the internet, if ever I get there, but I shall try to persevere. As with life, as long as we are alive and at whatever age we are, we are always capable of learning and the day I don't have the yearning to pick up new things is a long, long way away! Even if I end up in a wheelchair, I'll still be able to learn, to write - and to WATCH TV! That was a truly marvellous invention, and it offers ways of learning as well as entertainment. The things I've found out from historical programmes! I'd say it must be on par with what I've read, or certainly heading that way!

Okay then, it's Friday afternoon and the weekend is nearly here again! I bet you have some good matches to look forward to; for me, it will be the TV, though I haven't even planned what to watch because I still need to get hold of next week's telly guide!

I'll check this comment for mistakes then and send it before it disappears!

Have a great weekend, my good friend! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜„
Send my best to your Mum!

(Today would have been my Mum's Birthday!)
Nik said on 16/Nov/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

And she's taller than me! I don't agree that you are getting old though, in any case age is a number and it's what you put into your body and do with your body that determines your real age! People are getting taller so in years to come I will be known as a small guy whereas now I am on the low side of very normal, but I don't care because height variation is to be celebrated and having your health and living as long as possible is the best thing to strive for. I want to live to be way last 100 and I want as many people as possible to do the same thing.

Sandy Cowell said on 16/Nov/17
I love the outfit - very exotic!
Again, I am faced with a baby-faced gorgeous young thing who, to me, doesn't look old enough to have reached the grand height of 5ft8! Is it me? Probably! Am I getting old? Definitely! πŸ˜› But I can still sit back and marvel at the fact that these 'kiddies' are reaching taller and taller heights, and looking seemingly younger with it! 😊 People are getting taller - fact! Wouldn't it be nice if they could look younger for longer, (and in turn live longer), as a result of this boon because that's what appears to be happening in front of my eyes, anyway!
The lovely lassie can have 5ft8!

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