How tall was Bud Spencer

Bud Spencer's Height

6ft 2 ¾ (189.9 cm)

Italian actor best remembered for his films with Terence Hill, such as They Call Me Trinity, Crime Busters, Watch Out, We're Mad and Trinity is Still my Name. He has claimed as tall as 193cm and even once on his official site "my weight of 260 pounds and size of 1,94m".

How tall was Bud Spencer
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6ft 2.76in (189.9cm)
Pierre said on 15/May/21
Bud next to David Hasselhoff in 1989 at around 2:35(Bud closer to the camera imo)= Click Here
Alex Italy said on 15/Apr/21
Solid 6.2 as the rock near 190 cm
Rapha said on 4/Apr/21
Hi Rob

When he states 192 cm, possibly he was that height out of bed ?
Editor Rob
yeah I'm sure he might have got that
Ian C. said on 16/Mar/21
Well, the guy just didn't look that tall, and I would have given him no more than six foot one. He never stood up straight. Enormous shoulders though, and whoever dubbed him in the English language versions of his movies had a deep baritone voice, which lent the impression of a tall man.

A much underrated comic actor, in that he was the perfect straight man for Terence Hill. Those two were the Italian Abbot and Costello.
Gianpaolo Tabarroni said on 23/Feb/21
6.2ft young. In films with terence hill max 6.1ft
caio italy said on 2/Jan/21
@ Rob, in this historical photo of team waterpolo Lazio the goalkeeper Raffaele Gambino (m 2, 00) with his teammate Bud Spencer (zoom the photo).
Click Here

You can read here Gambino's height (he was a basketball player too) and his measurement:
Click Here
Editor Rob
It's not often Bud would have been towered over, but that other gentlemen (with looser posture) does look like he could be 2 metres.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Nov/20
He was looking 6ft1 range by the 90's
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Nov/20
Rob, surely those claims are just in shoes?

With a moderately heeled pair of penny loafers you can easily turn a weak 6ft3 guy into a strong 6ft4
Editor Rob
it would seem more believable in shoes than barefoot
Andrea said on 7/Nov/20
Certainly hard to imagine him being much over 6'1 with Hasselhoff there! The question is, did he really lose near 2 inches by 60? What's funny is that I think he could still have been 6'+ in his later years, so that would be a strange loss pattern, to lose such a big amount by 60 and then kinda stabilize it...
The passport MADE IN 1980 (when he was near 50) is interesting: Click Here It wouldn't surprise me if that's what he really got measured back then, despite him still claiming 192 or 193 even in his last years.
Editor Rob
If it was the passport office or Bud himself who gave the mark, I don't know.
Sterus187 said on 22/Oct/20
189+ at peak
186 at 50-60
182-183 at 70-80+

Joe Bugner was always a bit taller than him.
193 was clearly his height in shoes.
RIP Legend.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 4/Oct/20
@Kikkomaster The award in 1989 Bud already turn 60 might have losing a full 1/2 inch of height added that Hoff is all possible solid 6'4 1/4 peak. Close to 6'2 3/4 is fine for Bud.
Kikkomaster said on 14/Jul/20
Lost a lot of height once he got older and heavier. With Steven Seagal, and with David hasselhoff here Click Here he looks a lot shorter, i'd guess 188 peak height for bud :)
Georg Altvater said on 9/May/20
You can find a badge from Bud spencer with 1,86m on Pinterest. - In a german quiz show with the 1.92m Thomas Gottschalk Bud looked 2 inches smaller than this one.
tree said on 12/Mar/20
Looked the same height as 192cm Thomas Gottchalk who's sneakers where even a bit thicker then Buds dress shoes Click Here Click Here
Thomas and 193cm Dvid Hasselhoff,shoes looked similar at 0:48 Click Here maybe Hoffs spiky afro gave a bit more height, he was certainly closer to the cam some time
Diffence is 1cm Click Here Click Here

With 175cm Michael Jackson,both in boots Click Here
174 Jackie Chan Click Here
Thomas was 5-6cm taller then Ultimate Warior Click Here

Come on Rob at least give 6ft3 to Bud
Sonnecker said on 5/Mar/20
Probably he was really 6'3" 1/2 (192 cm) in youth, from his swimming career until he was about 50. 194 cm in shoes.
In his late years, he honestly looked about 6'2", still an imposing figure although the health troubles.
In the '80s/90s he could appear a 190 cm tall; I watched an interview with him and some kid fans (year 1985) and when they asked about his weight, he declared "134 kg"!
tree said on 19/Feb/20
Bud at the age of 50 with 6ft3 Wim Thoelke Click Here Click Here Click Here.
Shoes are regular 1 inch dress shoes,if it had a thick heel thee would be a visible space between the ground and where the shoe starts and heel ends Click Here

Toelke with 6ft3 Dan Blocker Click Here and Blocker had thicker shoes Click Here
Looked arguably 6ft3 with Bugner or alteast very close but definitely looked it with Wim,and that at the age of 50 when most tall people loose a fraction in height.
tree said on 1/Feb/20
Best view of shoes Click Here Click Here
tree said on 31/Jan/20
But even if it would be as much as 1 inch between them there shoes looked to give 1 inch
Click Here Click Here
Editor Rob
I would say Bud has a fraction more sneaker, how big a fraction is unknown but maybe 1/4 to 1/3rd
tree said on 29/Jan/20
How was he 190cm when he looked the same height as Joe Bugner considering Bugners thick hair.
Also the cam is a bit more on Bugner side giving him a slight advantage,and at 49 Bud probably lost a fraction of height
Click Here
Editor Rob
If they had the same posture and footwear, around an inch difference. It's been a long time since I looked at the clip to remember footwear.
tree said on 8/Jan/20
Rob he looked 191cm with 187cm Dan Fitzgerald too Click Here
Dan with 6ft1 Matt McCoy Click Here
Both with the same person Click Here Click Here
Click Here Click Here Click Here
Also Rob here with 6ft Rene Auberjonois Click Here Click Here

Buds shoes were thin Click Here
Miiiiiiighty_- said on 10/Dec/19
Always looked a strong 190 and had poor posture most of the time due to classic tallish guys hunch and his massive bodyweight.
Could have been taller when he was younger/lighter/had better posture as a swimmer ( I could see the 192 standing tall when youngish )
tree said on 16/Sep/19
So he still looked 190 there,but peak height looked 6ft3
tree said on 15/Sep/19
Rob at the age of 50 how tall did he looks with 5ft9.5 Robert Loggia taking into account that Loggias shoes are thicker 1.5inch and Buds are 1 inch? Click Here
I saw the scene on tv there the shoes were even more visible Click Here
Editor Rob
4.5 inches maybe
tree said on 11/Sep/19
Here he looked 6ft3 with 187cm James Coburn Click Here
These are the boots they had in the scene,they look similar Click Here zooming in makes Coburns shoes even more visible

If its not solid proof for 6ft3 then nothing
tree said on 2/Sep/19
The 192cm claim is possible he looked it sometimes,here even the same height as 193cm Joe Bugner
Click Here
With 179 David Huddleston Click Here
Claimed pretty convinced 192 Click Here

Rob what do you think about giving 6ft3
Editor Rob
6ft 3 on the nose is a possibility
Pierre said on 6/Aug/19
Click Here =here since 11:49 (we can see the shoes a little bit,they seems to me to have the same heel) and since 12:25 you can see the difference of height .I would say around 2.75 inches= Terence's eyes are a hair lower than Bud's top of noise that means around 2.25 inches but bud has a longer forehead imo then...
Pierre said on 20/Jun/19
Imo the movie next to Lou Ferrigno is a good proof Bud was not in 6"3' range.Lou Ferrigno was(in my opinion)max 6"3' = Click Here = here next to John Larroquette listed 6"4' he looks clearly shorter than him(around 0:44) by no less than one good inch(we can see Lou wear shoes at around 0:18).And Bud next to Lou looks imo no less than 1.5 inches shorter = Click Here (Lou slouch a little bit here).
tree said on 1/May/19
Seriously Rob how you think that 186 on the passport got there?
In 1983 with David Huddleston Click Here

He looked 187 when he was much older around 62 in Extralarge with 178 Philip Michael Thomas and 182 Michael Winslow Click Here Click Here
And with 193 Lou Ferringo Click Here

Also on the passport it's written brown eyes but he claimed green eyes in an interview.
Editor Rob
Could have shrunk to about 186cm range at some point.
tree said on 20/Mar/19
Still looked 191cm at 47,Hills shoes were thicker 5cm Click Here
Click Here
tree said on 26/Feb/19
In this newspaper he is described as 190cm and 115kg Click Here
There is still a good chance for 6ft3 maybe he decided to round down.

Rob u think that quote is from him,doesn't look like there is a dialogue in the newspaper but then from where did the journalist got those numbers?
Editor Rob
Sometimes it can come from a resume. When people are getting interviewed, they also might ask some basic 'filler' questions that they can use - not necessarily a direct quote, but things like stats (weight/height) that they can then describe the person as.
tree said on 26/Feb/19
I think this angle is fair and shows his real height.
Click Here no wonder the director in 1967 was willing to pay double just to have him play in 1967 in God forgives i don't.
Based on evidences i say 191 maybe 192 Click Here
tree said on 17/Jan/19
Rob can u add this claim on top?
194cm and 118kg when he made his first movie with Hill in 1967 God forgives i don't! Click Here

Looks 192 with Wayde Preston, i don't think he was taller than that Click Here
194cm with shoes i think.
Editor Rob
Yes, I had forgot to add it before!
Pierre said on 13/Jan/19
@Tree=Comment on 11/Oct/18 = Guliano Gemma is listed 181 cm in the web,next to Alain Delon(listed 177) he looks easily taller because he's standing very close to the camera imo .
I ask me if Terence Hill was looking 182 compared to Alain Delon? Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
tree said on 29/Dec/18
Rob just by looking at him you think he can give the impression of being 192cm?Looks very tall when they put him the van
Click Here
Editor Rob
The 192 is a figure a fair few have estimated him as...probably the 190 range is lowest I think I'd even go, highest 192.
tree said on 22/Dec/18
He looked taller than John Wayne next to Hudleston and Wayne had 1.5 inch Boots u can see around 1:37:27,and Hudleston had 1inch at 1:37:33
Click Here Click Here
Bud shoes were only normal 1 inch shoes Click Here
tree said on 17/Dec/18
With David Hudleston Click Here
Hudleston with Tom Selleck one year later Click Here
And Bud wasn't even at his peak height there at 53

Rob don't you think it would be fair to give him an upgrade?
Editor Rob
I still feel the listing is ok for him, but a fraction above hasn't of course been dismissed.
tree said on 30/Oct/18
Yes Rob but in those shots Hill is wearing his brown boots that add 2 inch Click Here
In almost every movie Hill had thicker boots to reduce the height difference.
Click Here Click Here

Rob when there shoes were similar the difference was bigger than 3 inch
tree said on 26/Oct/18
Rob when Terence Hill didn't wear his big heeled boots he had 10cm on him Click Here
And we have seen Hill looking 183 with normal boots next to Gregory Walcott Click Here
Editor Rob
In some shots there looks less than 3, but mostly I would say Hill close to 6ft is reasonable.
tree said on 11/Oct/18
His shoes gave only 1 inch Click Here
tree said on 11/Oct/18
Rob since u are expert in height and angels,u have any idea why he looks 192-193 with Gemma?
Click Here Click Here

Guliano Gemma looked 185 with 177 Alain Delon Click Here
And 191 Jack Palance Click Here
tree said on 19/Sep/18
This guy looks similar to Bud.He would measure 194cm in shoes and 192 without them. Click Here
Bud looked around the same height Click Here Click Here Click Here here with thinner shoes 1cm Click Here
Renzano Goleto said on 31/Aug/18
He was certainly a very tall man, especially for his generation (he was born in 1929). In his youth, when he was a swimming champ (national italian record for the 100-meter freestyle), he had to be about 191-192 cm tall. In the late '70s, approaching the age of 50, was already very overweight and I think it touched 187-188 cm (professional athletes often lose inches of height more than others, especially if they gain a lot of weight and lose muscle mass). In old age (80-86 years) I think it barely exceeds 6 feet, so I would say about 184 cm at the end of his life.
Pierre said on 29/Aug/18
@tree=On 27/Jul/18 you compare Bud to Brett Halsey(listed 6"2').Earlier in the movie at 22:12 they're standing very close one to the other and don't walk this time=Bud seems to me clearly a little bit shorter than Brett here.
tree said on 18/Aug/18
Terence Hill with 193cm Gregory Walcott looked 183cm,both had same 1 inch shoes
Click Here

And when Hill didn't had his 5cm thick shoes with Bud Spencer,only 1 inch like him the difference was 8-9cm
Click Here Click Here
tree said on 17/Aug/18
Well i see it didn't convince you that he had 3 inches on Benito Stefanelli.

Anyway Rob how long u think Buds head was and his eye level?
Click Here
Editor Rob
His head is probably closer to 10 and almost 5 inch eyeline.
tree said on 15/Aug/18
With small screengrab, I think an inch won't really look much.

One inch still makes him 6ft3
Here is a guy who is a little taller than 6ft Hill Click Here Click Here
With Hill Click Here

Hill looked 6ft tall with 6ft4 Walcott Click Here
tree said on 11/Aug/18
A sharper image Click Here
tree said on 11/Aug/18
Wayde Preston would look like this without hat Click Here
Judging by there eyes is not good cuz Bud is looking down

Rob wouldn't that make him 192cm?
190cm is too low for peak.
Editor Rob
With small screengrab, I think an inch won't really look much.
tree said on 2/Aug/18
6ft3 possible, but over it I'm just not as sure.

So he will get it Rob?
With legs wide apart dropping 2cm compared to Halsey and still looks taller Click Here
Even at 50 he looked 190cm with Johan Naude who looked 189 with 193 Joe Bugner Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob
It could be a 50/50 on 6ft 2.75 or 3
tree said on 27/Jul/18
Rob could u add his claim on the top Click Here
193cm,132kg and shoe size 47EU
There is a chance that he was 192cm when he was young?The guy with the black hat is 188 Brett Halsey Click Here
Brett looked 188cm with 177 Nicholson Click Here
And with 193cm Vincent Price Click Here

Both with a guy who looks 177cm Click Here Click Here
Could he get at least 191cm here?
Editor Rob
6ft 3 possible, but over it I'm just not as sure.
Sandy Cowell said on 16/Jul/18
Scrolling down to look at Bud Spencer's comments, I found one from 11th July 2014 - from a guy called BURP! 😂😂😂

Bud Spencer deserves 6ft2 and three quarters!
Pierre said on 11/Jul/18
Look at the movie "L'embrouille"(or other title"Charleston")(1977).At around 1:13:00 there is a scene with a cigar in a office,between Bud and Renzo Marignano(listed 6"2.75' in web).For me Renzo is clearly taller than Bud.
JJAK said on 29/May/18
Huge guy 6 3 and very wide must be 35 plus on bmi!
Very funny him and terry silly and great forget the first serious movie.
tree said on 8/May/18
Looked 191cm with Wayde Preston Click Here
And with 6ft Terence Hill who always had thicker shoes 5cm Click Here
Buds shoes were normal 2,5cm Click Here

Even with less shoe he had 5-6cm on Hill Click Here

Rob it really seems you have him too low
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Apr/18
6ft4 range in shoes
tree said on 20/Apr/18
He was taller than 190,with 193cm Wayde Preston,the guy in the brown coat Click Here
tree said on 16/Apr/18
Rob you still wouldn't consider 6ft3 listing,he is walking and hunched and still looks the same as Peter Graves,standing straight like him he would be the same no doupt Click Here Click Here
There shoes gave the same amount 1 inch Click Here Click Here
tree said on 10/Apr/18
Bud at 50 looked around 190 with Joe Bugner who Rob met and he was a legit 193 in his prime
Here he had same shoes as Bugenr Click Here Click Here

The passport says he had brown eyes but Bud sad he has green eyes Click Here
Probably someone else filled in his passport and guessed him at 186,maybe from the movies in which he saw him.
Carl B. said on 8/Apr/18
How do you explain this picture of the real Passport of Bud Spencer posted by his own son on his Facebook page? In 1980 Bud was 50yo and was 1,86. Like many celebrities, Bud Spencer height was cleary exagerated. In my own opinion his peak height was 1,88 or 1.89 nothing more! Don't forget that he was wearing cowboy boots in most of his movies.

Click Here
Editor Rob
He was certainly happy to sign that around 50, maybe an admittance that around that age he was 186...
tree said on 22/Mar/18
Rob he did look 191cm with David Huddleston who was 178-179 Click Here
Huddleston with 192 John Wayne Click Here
and 165 Clyde Kusatsu Click Here

When he was alive i did ask him on fb that what was his height without shoes and he sad he it was 192.His nephew sad he liked to answere personally to people.He could have been 192 early in the day and drop to 191 afternoon.
Lkk said on 15/Mar/18
Looks 6ft 2.75 in Terence Hill.
Vi said on 12/Mar/18
Sorry, 193, not 192
Vi said on 12/Mar/18
He was an officially F.I.N. (Federazione Italiana Nuoto) 192 cm when he was a competitive swimmer
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Mar/18
Could pull off 6ft3 a lot of the time. This is really the lowest I'd give him prime. Later on he did look shorter
tree said on 2/Mar/18
He was 191cm,here next to 193cm Joe Bugner Click Here
His shoulder was wider than Bugners
leo napoli said on 26/Feb/18
When he was young he was taller. He lost many inches.

In this interview Spencer said:"I was 1,92".

Click Here

In this interview his costume designer says:"he was 1,95, 125-130 kg"

Click Here
Gonzalo said on 22/Feb/18
Never thought he was that tall. I saw him more in the 1`85 area
tree said on 30/Jan/18
Rob he looked 6ft3 with Lee Van Cleef too Click Here
Didn't he looked it often enough when he was young?
Editor Rob
6ft 3 I would say is the top of the range I'd have went for, 6ft 2.75 I think is still an ok guess from all I've seen.
tree said on 15/Jan/18
Did not look shorter than 191cm Jack Palance Click Here Click Here
Rob you still think 6ft3 wouldn't be fairer?Those 192-193cm claims could had been early in the day measurements.
tree said on 10/Jan/18
Also next to 177cm Peter Ustinov i can't see how he could look under 6ft3,he had a long walk with him and looked atleast 6ft3 all the time Click Here
tree said on 8/Jan/18
Rob you are right that he looked sometimes under 6ft3 but it was mostly when he was a bit older.
Around 40 he looked 6ft3 with 191cm Jack Palance Click Here
187cm James Coburn Click Here
181cm Franco Nero Click Here
Harry1 said on 8/Jan/18
Look here! Click Here
He height 192, and weight 92-158. 158!!!
tree said on 6/Jan/18
But Rob he looks 6ft3 with some other people too
With 184cm Lionel Stander Click Here
And 193cm Woody Strode Click Here
With Peter Graves Click Here actually sometimes Bud looked taller when Peter didn't have the better posture Click Here
I think Peter had thicker hair so the top of his head was lower than it seems,Bud i think had a longer forehead Click Here

And Guliano Gemma Click Here
Gemma looked close to Lee Van Cleef's height Click Here
Editor Rob
at times he could pull off seeming like a flat 6ft 3 guy, other times I thought he was 6ft 2.5 range...hence almost 6ft 3 was what I gave him.
tree said on 4/Jan/18
Also Rob at 26:20 he looks close to Wayde Prestons height Click Here
tree said on 4/Jan/18
Rob a full 6ft3 listing isn't possible?He looks it next to Wayde Preston at 32:20 Click Here he was only 39 years old there and at 47:17 you can see that his shoes gave only 1 inch.
Bud sad that when he made his first movie at the age of 38 he was 194cm,that could have been measured with a shoe on.
Editor Rob
he could seem not far off 6ft 3, close to it, although in another part of the scene he seemed over an inch shorter.
Sorin176 said on 14/Dec/17
I think Rob is spot on with 1.90 m for young Bud. In the picture below from 1972, when he was still at peak height, he looks same height as Jack Palance, who at 53 probably shrunk 1-2 cm. Click here Click Here and here Click Here
Pierre said on 18/Nov/17
@Tree= Click Here =since 20:40 sometimes the difference of height between them seem not obvious.Particulary at around 20:56.Maybe the shoes make the difference sometimes and the postures too.I don't know.
Pierre said on 18/Nov/17
@ Tree =Mickaêl Winslow /Bud is a good comparison imo.But i think in the picture Mickaêl Winslow /Rob,Mickael is a little closer to the camera and can have a little advantage(maybe a little advantage of shoes too?).I see him more as a weak 5"11' but...
tree said on 22/Oct/17
Bud at the age of 63 looked 186-187cm with 182cm Miachael Winslow,Rob has a pic with Michael Click Here
At 63 people loose 2-3cm in height,it is ridicules to say that Bud was 185cm in when he was 50,he looked taller than that when he was 63 years old.

Bud looked 189cm at the age of 49 in the same type of shoes that Joe Bugner had,Bugner was 193cm Click Here
A 42 years old Bud was 3cm taller than 187cm James Coburn,at 13:20 Click Here
He was also only 2cm shorter than Peter Graves at 17:10, 38:05 and 1:31:50 Click Here
tree said on 22/Oct/17
Well Bud could be leaning down on that thing,here he looked 188-189cm with him Click Here and I am not sure that Jerry Calia was only 170cm when he filmed that movie,i checked his height last year and he was not listed at any height so maybe it is his current height or a guessed one.
Bud with 172cm Herbert Lom who is listed on this site looked 189cm
Click Here
Fred84 said on 21/Oct/17
If it is possible to lose about 2-4 cm at the age around 50 years, I think Bud could be 1,85-1,87 m max at that age... Here is the picture with Jerry Calla who is listed as 1,70m ... You can clearly see there is no bigger difference than about 15-17cm? Click Here
tree said on 16/Oct/17
Bud lookded 189cm with 193cm Joe Bugner Click Here Click Here
In Buddy Goes West Bud is looking down and when he gets really close to Bugner he is a bit further from the camera making him look a bit shorter
Here is a good capture when he is from the same distance from the cam like Bugner,but still has bad posture Click Here
with good posture he would be 4-5cm shorter than Bugner
mrbobh5344 said on 15/Oct/17
In 'Buddy Goes West"... he is easily 2 to 3 inches shorter than Joe Bugner (6'4")... they stand side by side. He always looked big... but never really tall. Could have been near 6'2" when he was young....
giovanni said on 30/Sep/17
no, official site said 1,94. He said 1,92 when he was a boy. Peak height was more than 1,90.
tree said on 7/Sep/17
Rob what is the height difference here? Click Here
Bud was 53 years old there so he could have lost 1cm.
Editor Rob
maybe 5cm, though I'm not sure if big Bud has the same heel size as Terrence...he may well have lost 1cm in height by then.
Fred84 said on 31/Aug/17
I know I will answer the almost one year old comment, but I think I can help you, @Cuttingthecrap: I have seen the link you posted, and I think that Seagal has higher shoes there - I would say almost 5 cm higher and more (see 3:06 in your link). I have found an other link - I am sure that that is not the same you posted - there are Bud and Steven once more, at 0:57-1:01 you can see that Seagal has an amount of height, but not HUGE, maybe about 4 cm +- I would say. Click Here (It could be I think like this: BUD = 186cm +- in old ages there, STEVEN = 190cm +-)
Mario rome said on 27/Aug/17
His tailor said 195 but bud said 192.
Fred84 said on 5/Aug/17
If Bud Spencer was 190 cm tall, how was it about Terence Hill? What do you think, Rob? Could it agree that he is about 1.82m? (I read on internet pages) Compared to Bud: (In this picture is Bud about 50 years old and Terence 40, so I think they did not lose height that time very much)
Click Here
lucio rome said on 6/Jul/17
In italian television Bud often said 1,92 (when he was young), sometimes 1,93. I read 1,94 one time.
hunt said on 21/Jun/17
He had to be very strong,even at old age he squashed an apple with one hand like it was nothing Click Here
In the movie Flying through the air he crushed a coconut with one hand Click Here
Fred84 said on 20/Jun/17
I've found the clip with Steven Seagal (1.92m) ... He seems to have a little bit amount of height (if he stays uprightly, you can see that he would be maybe about 2 inches taller? Minimally, I think. Stop the video at 1:01. So, I think he was max 1.90 m tall when he was young ... in his old ages maybe 1.85 max.
Click Here
hunt said on 19/Jun/17
Editor Rob: height can determine the type of roles you many 6ft 7-10 leading me have there really been who sell movies?
Exactly Rob,but given the big confident type of characters he played maybe it would not have been a problem for him?
hunt said on 18/Jun/17
Rob what if he was much taller like 7 feet tall, would he be TOO BIG for his big guy roles?
At 7ft with his large bone structure he would look like the Big Show and Andre the Giant maybe even bigger.

He sad his succes was do to his size being 192cm and 150kg,i wonder being 7 foot tall would have hurt his film career.
Editor Rob
height can determine the type of roles you many 6ft 7-10 leading me have there really been who sell movies?
Fred84 said on 15/Jun/17
I don't know how many inches can people lose during their lifes and I don't know, too if this is true - "the bigger people become more small than the smaller people", but I think he was smaller then 190 cm (the young age I am not sure, but in his old, he was 182-185 max, in my opinion - if Philipp M. Thomas is 178 cm only, Spencer must be around 185 cm max here ... What do you think, Rob? Is it possible to lose so big amount of height? (196-190 -> 185-182?)
Click Here
Luigi said on 10/Jun/17
He always claimed to be 6ft 4 height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/May/17
I think near 6ft3 for his peak is fair. His girth made him look shorter. He did lose a bit of height later on though
Fred84 said on 29/May/17
Hi, Rob, can I have a question? When you write heights of the celebrities, do you write their young heights or the heights at this time? I found a picture where is Bud (here claimed 190 cm) with Paolo Galletti, who was 176 cm tall. What do you think? Is this the difference about 14 cm (6 inches)?
Click Here
Fred84 said on 22/May/17
I think he was 190 cm tall (maximally). I found some scenes in movies, where he stand with Fernando Bilbao (190-193 cm, too). I found too, that Sal Borgese is 175 cm tall. What do you think Rob, can this agree? The difference about 15-18 centimetres? (I took the picture from movie "Blackie the Pirate")
Click Here
Editor Rob
the link didn't seem to work.
RichardSpain said on 9/May/17
He looked 190cm but I think with footwear or maybe elevator boots. I think he was a solid 188cm no more barefoot. With the age he lost height sure maybe he was 185cm before death

Friendly actor with his friend Terence Hill. Nice guys!
lemur said on 28/Mar/17
Editor Rob: lemur, in that photo, it is tough to tell the real difference.
Yeah,but anyway in the photo with Joe Bugner he looks 189cm and he was 49 years old when it was taken,so a 1cm lose is possible,and as showed in the clips down he also looked 190 cm with Peter Graves and James Coburn,so i think this listing is spot on.
lemur said on 26/Mar/17
Rob how tall did he looked next to 6ft3 Johny Weissmuller? Click Here Johny is closer to the camera and maybe has an angle tilt advantage too.
Editor Rob
lemur, in that photo, it is tough to tell the real difference.
lemur said on 16/Mar/17
Rob how tall did he looked next to 6ft3 Johny Weissmuller? Click Here Johny is closer to the camera and maybe has an angle tilt advantage too.
lemur said on 15/Mar/17
He looked 190 cm with James Coburn who was 187cm at 15:20 Click Here
And with Peter Graves who was 192cm at 17:10,38:05,and 1:31:50 Click Here
And here he looks 189cm with Joe Bugner who was 193cm and Raimund Harmstrof who was 187cm Click Here
Josh Jeffords said on 13/Mar/17
Huge and hilarious guy weak 6 3 barefoot seems right.
His girth makes him look shorter but his big hair makes certainty dificult.
Rip nobody like him
marko said on 12/Feb/17
Before Seagal,Norris,Schwarzenegger and even Lee,, there was Bud Spencer. Original fist badass!
firecracker said on 6/Feb/17
bud&terence two legends. But they were not so tall. bud was max 6'1"(185cm) and terence was max 5'10" (178cm), peak height.

here a young bud, when he was a professional swimmer: Click Here

bud is the one with sunglasses.
first on the left there is paolo galletti who was in the 5'9"(175cm)range. Close to bud on his left there is angelo romani who claimed to be 5'11"(180cm). you can see bud was not a 6'3"(191cm) tall man.

again with 5'11"(180cm) angelo romani:Click Here
this pic is from 1957, bud was 28 y.o.
you can clearly see, bud is max a couple of inches (5cm) taller than angelo romani.

So, bud spencer was in the 6'1"(185cm) range when he was young, and terence hill in the 5'10"(178cm) range. Bud spencer became a famous movie star at the age of 40, he was the same height than he was at 20, he was just a lot heavier and with beard.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 23/Oct/16
Cuttingthecrap said on 6/Oct/16
Hi Rob. Found this rare clip: Click Here
Steven Seagal looks to have a huge amount on Bud from circa 2:20 onwards...

Your opinion on Buds height in this clip?


It did look quite significant, looked at minimum to be 2.5 inches to me. Hard to say, with posture, footwear, camera angles, etc. But looked like at least that much.
Rick said on 22/Oct/16
He said in the past that he was 193cm tall
Cuttingthecrap said on 6/Oct/16
Hi Rob. Found this rare clip: Click Here
Steven Seagal looks to have a huge amount on Bud from circa 2:20 onwards...

Your opinion on Buds height in this clip?
Editor Rob
wouldn't say a huge amount, because it is hard to be precise from the video.
Fra (ita) said on 15/Jul/16
in movies Bud Spencer seemed only 5 cm taller than
Terence but in reality the difference was greater ( 10cm ? )
Click Here
In recent years however I think the difference was much lower ( 4cm ? )
Andrea said on 14/Jul/16
Look at recent photo with Terrence and this guy: Click Here
The other guy is listed at 185 on his agency (which is believable since he looked a couple inches taller than Raoul Bova in a movie)!
Or with this guy, who is 5'6 max (likely in the weak 5'6 zone): Click Here (Incidentally, you can see the same guy with Johnny Depp: Click Here)
Or this guy, who generally looks 5'8 range: Click Here
As i said, he looks somewhere in 5'9-5'10 range today, in his 70s... 1 inch loss is believable, maybe 1.5 but more??? I'm not sure about that, he seems quite a fit guy for his age!
Editor Rob
he could be 5ft 10 range today, losing 1.5 inches or so isn't unbelievable.
Andrea said on 13/Jul/16
I'm actually saying the opposite... Do you think a 6' guy would generally look shorter than most of the guys???
Editor Rob
unless they employed predominantly large casts and extras, a six footer should look decent sized in films.
kevin mask said on 11/Jul/16
In his later days he was no more than 1,84, and even 1,80 in bad days, 1,88 in the 80s, and possibly a little over 1,90 in his youth as he claimed
Andrea said on 11/Jul/16
Rob, i've just seen They Call Me Trinity (for the first time) and the difference between Bud and Terence can really vary, depending on the scenes!
In some scenes, Bud looks just a bit taller, in other scenes maybe 2-2.5 inches taller! I mean, if Bud really was 6'2.75 by the time of the movie, Terence can look 6'-6'1 range!
The same Terence doesn't give me a tall impression, though! If you watch the movie, he's similar or shorter than most of the guys!!!
Editor Rob
6ft for terrence is always a possibility.
Fra (ita) said on 10/Jul/16
Bud Spencer seemed lower than that declared for these reasons: 1) a man of his weight lost over an inch between the morning and evening (3cm) 2) had a horrible posture that made him look lower 3) with old age some men may lose almost 10 cm. For me as a young man was 192,189 (morning-evening) while in recent years was 184,181 (morning-evening) but it seemed even lower for posture. say it was 185 or less when he was young is ridiculous. just look at the photos of when he was a swimmer to understand that it was about as high as declared
R.I.P. legend
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jul/16
RIP to another legend
Tommy said on 5/Jul/16
Bud Spencer was not even close to 190cm (6-2.75), I think he was around 6-1.5 max in his peak barefoot. In 1994 he was in a German TV Show Wetten Dass, as ring referee between World Champion Henry Maske & Terence Hill, who is a legit 6ft 2.75in (190cm), just look on YouTube Click Here around 3:22, Maske towers Bud by 3-4 inches, OK Bud was 65, but IMO he never was that tall, 186-187 max.
What you think Rob?
LEONARI said on 5/Jul/16
STOP THE BS! Benny please. Carlo was a real 190 guy in his prime.
Andrea said on 4/Jul/16
Rob, how tall do you think Terence Hill was/is? You can't have Bud and not Terence!!!
I've had a look at recent (last years) photos and i'd say he can look anywhere between 5'9 and 5'10 today??? I'm still not sure on him but he looks quite average in his 70s!
Do you think he has lost about 2 inches by now? He seems a fit guy to me, not sure he has lost that much! My grandfather is turning 80 this year and he has lost an inch at most from his peak!
Editor Rob
in the past I would have thought 5ft 11.5 might be possible
Andrea said on 4/Jul/16
I doubt his son looks that tall with him... Remember Bud was probably 6'-6'1 by that time and he probably isn't even standing at his tallest there! He still looks over 4 inches taller than him in the picture! Maybe his son is somewhere in 5'7 range...
gian92 said on 1/Jul/16
Hey Rob his son Giuseppe is max 5'9.5 , are you agree ??

Click Here
Editor Rob
probably less than that.
kevin mask said on 1/Jul/16
RIP big man
Benny said on 30/Jun/16
I think Bud Spencer was smaller. Here is a pic with the german comedian Simon Gosejohahn, he is 185 cm.
Click Here
gian92 said on 28/Jun/16
Goodbye Carlo ! Thanks for every films !
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 28/Jun/16
R.I.P. Bud
Thank You
Andrea said on 27/Jun/16
Rip Bud :(
CuttingtheCrap said on 25/May/16
Hi, Rob. In this trailer they say Bud Spencer is 6-2. The trailer is from his own official YouTube channel. Your opinion?

Click Here
Editor Rob
it's not the metric claim he himself seemed to give.
bug said on 2/May/16
Rob here is the pic again what do you say,188-189cm Click Here
Editor Rob
although grass can swing things a little, in the photo bud certainly looks in that 189 max range.
bug said on 29/Apr/16
Rob that picture is proof that we can exclude 190cm for him,188-189cm is the right listing,don't you think?
bug said on 28/Apr/16
Rob he looks 188 cm with 193 cm Joe Bugner,and 187 cm Raimund Harmstroff Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 24/Mar/16
I swear him and Seagal were separated at birth haha. They look identical around the eyes! Though Bud looks more a cross between Seagal and Pavarotti!
bug said on 17/Mar/16
Also Rob, Ali looks to have shoe disadvantage,those don't look to give more than 1 cm Click Here
bug said on 17/Mar/16
With Terence Hill who u sad is 6ft tall Click Here
bug said on 17/Mar/16
Rob do you have any idea how was Rudi Carell,he can look between 5ft11 and 6ft2,never saw something like that.
With 5ft8 karl kinski Click Here
5ft11 Telly Savallas Click Here
6ft1.5 Roger Moore Click Here Click Here
6ft3 Thomas Gottchalk Click Here
6ft2.5 Muhamed Ali Click Here
6ft1.5 raymun harmstroff Click Here
6ft2.75 Bud Spencer Click Here
7ft1.5 Richard Kiel Click Here

This is what Kiel looks with Moore Click Here Click Here
Editor Rob
could have been over 6ft a bit
bugs said on 26/Feb/16
Rob how tall he looked with 2 meter tall Raffaelo Gambino Click Here
Editor Rob
it might look more with his eyes raised up, but you'd be hard pushed to think over 190cm there.
bugs said on 25/Feb/16
Rob how tall he looked with 2 meter tall Raffaelo Gambino Click Here
alessio roma said on 18/Feb/16
bud spencer in this interview at the italian magazine (Click Here) asks the height of the journalist (1,96) and says:"When i was young I was 1,92".
LoganNoll1996 said on 4/Dec/15
This proves that Jack Palance was a possible 6'4" with 6'3.75" being his lowest as he seems slightly taller than Bud by at least an inch in "It Can Be Done Amigo".
bugs said on 15/Oct/15
[Editor Rob: he can look only a couple of inches smaller]
So u mean he looks 183 cm?
Editor Rob
yes he could look about 6ft there.
bugs said on 13/Oct/15
Rob if he was 190 cm how tall was Terence Hill, at 12:33 Click Here
Hill is listed at 182 cm.
Editor Rob
he can look only a couple of inches smaller
Turo said on 17/Sep/15
Sorry guys there is no way that Bud Spencer is under 190 cm.
Sometimes he looks taller sometimes he looks smaller, but everything is due to his bad posture.
I found this pic where he seems to have a straight pose with Terence hill.
They have the same boots.
Terence is a legit 182, look at the difference between the two of them.
Click Here
bugs said on 14/Sep/15
Rob is this enough evidence then?
With 191 cm Jack Palance at 1:08:08 Click Here
Bugs said on 4/Sep/15
ROB is this enough proof to downgrade him to 188cm?
Next to Joe Bugener at 1:58 Click Here
and at 1:27:58 Click Here
Editor Rob
it's evidence that at times he could look 6ft 2 range
bugs said on 27/Aug/15
bugs said on 25/Aug/15
[Editor Rob: roughly that range, close to 6ft 2 in the clip is possible, unless loggia was 5ft 9.5...]

Then it is time for u downgrade Rob?Loggia looked only 175 cm in 1973 with Peter Falk Click Here
Focalor said on 21/Aug/15
Sure, it's possible that Bud Spencer wasn't taller than 6'2'', bugs, but I find it quite unlikely. I think you're being fooled by his posture, because he rarely stands tall. To me 190 cm was indeed his peak height and the sites that claim him to be 192 aren't exactly wrong either - that could have been his morning height.

Now, proof (and let's see if I do this right, 'cause my last comment got lost thanks to the link thingy):
A previous comment in here shows us a picture of him standing next to James Coburn, who's a legit 6'2''. Even in a relaxed stance, Bud looks taller;

In another comment, it's noted that Lou Ferrigno didn't look more than 2 inches taller than Bud Spencer in the Extralarge episode "Yo-Yo". There's no reason to believe Lou Ferrigno was shorter than 6'4'', he was just 40 years old or so when they filmed it. Bud, however, was 62.

And speaking of the Extralarge series, in this picture here we see Philip Michael Thomas next to Mr. Spencer, who's in one of those rare moments where he stands straight.

Click Here

Now, Philip Michael Thomas is a legit 5'10'' / 178 cm, so how come there's more than a 10 cm difference between both men? Around 12/13 cm I'd say. It's possible that Bud's shoes are giving him an extra inch or so of advantage, but let's not forget that at that point he was in his 60's. And when you're that old and that fat, you've lost at least an inch to your peak height.

So yeah, I don't think he was a hair shorter than 190 cm until the mid 70's. In the early 90's he was somewhere between 6'1'' to 6'2''. And after that he lost a lot of height. That's what a bad posture and being overweight does to you, I guess.
bugs said on 18/Aug/15
Focalor, u sad right that he has his best stance at 1:01:03 BUT lifting his head even more than that WOULD NOT MAKE HIM TALLER.

The difference between Robert Loggia and him is not looking more than 12 cm.Look at 1:32:20 if Loggia would stand straight and would stand closer to the camera like BUD the difference would not be more than 12-13 cm.AND BUD is only 6 cm taller than Zacar who is 6 cm taller than Loggia at 42:22

And these are the shoes he wore with Raimund Harmstroff at 22:10 Click Here
Those shoes give 4-5cm.Raimunds military boots most likely gave 2,5cm
Focalor said on 17/Aug/15
"Rob how do you explain that he looks only 10 cm taller than Robert Loggia who is 173cm from 1:01:00-1:01:20 Click Here "

I'm not Rob, but I'll try to answer you. Pull back the video a bit, at around 1:00:56. That seems to be Bud's best stance in that whole scene, and I bet he could still gain one more inch if he lifted his head a bit more. Now Robert Loggia has his best stance at around 1:01:03, I'd say. I'm using my fingers to compare them in those two distinct scenes. I might be really wrong, nonetheless it seems to me that Loggia's tip of the head doesn't reach Bud's eyes. Wich could mean that the difference between both men is closer to 12 cm. Adding that to the hypothetical extra inch that Bud could gain if standed tall just for freakin' once, it would leave it at 14 or 15 cm.

Also, Robert Loggia apparently was 5'9'' at his peak (1.75 m). He was just 49 years old in that Flatfoot movie, so he couldn't have lost a lot of height. Maybe 1 cm? So assuming he was 1.74 there: 174 + 14 (or 15) = 188 (or 189).
If he didn't lose any height, however, and still was 1.75 m, then: 175 + 14 (or 15) = 189 (or 190).

Another good clue of how tall Bud Spencer really was, is comparing him with Raimund Harmstorf, who was 1.87 m (6'1.5'') in the movies that they shared. In most scenes they look about the same height, except when Bud is making more of an effort than usual to stand tall, then it's noticeable that there is at the very least an inch of difference between them. Check out the arm wrestling scene in Bulldozer, for example. It's on Youtube.
bugs said on 17/Aug/15
ROB why he only looks 10 cm taller than Robert Loggia????
bugs said on 15/Aug/15
Rob how do you explain that he looks only 10 cm taller than Robert Loggia who is 173cm from 1:01:00-1:01:20 Click Here
luca said on 22/Jul/15
bud spencer in more interviews said to be 192 when he was young(one time he said 193 and hes was described 194).He was taller than 190.
Appe 6ft 0.5 said on 4/Mar/15
@judd bud spencer 188 Terence hill 182
Judd said on 18/Jan/15
Rob what about Terence hill? You will create a page for him, too?
Bud said on 12/Jan/15
Rob i found this rare picture,how tall he looks with 6'2 James Coburn Click Here
Pierre said on 27/Dec/14
hello,at 1h08mns10sec(quand faut y aller faut y aller) we can see a little better Bud Spencer's shoes.they seem to have a small heel.
Pierre said on 21/Dec/14
Hello,excuse me my english is not very good(i'm french).Look at the film "quand faut y aller faut y aller"on youtube (by eternel defiant) .At~1h38mn 05sec,we can see their shoes,probably ~similar,and at 1h44mn20sec there is probably 5/6 cms max between Terence and Bud(sorry i don't know how to make'click here').
Editor Rob
here is Link
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 1/Nov/14
Happy Birthday Carlo!

Rob what do you think is his current height?
Ben said on 8/Oct/14
Looks 192cm with Woody Strode Click Here
Judd said on 29/Sep/14
turo, to lose near 0,75" at 60 is a bit more than the average...i'm not surprised he was 6'2" at 60, but i'm surprised he's not taller than 6'0-0.5 today...
he lost a big amount since he was young...
BigViking said on 26/Sep/14
Bud was according to himself 340 lbs around the time he did Extralarge.
Turo said on 23/Sep/14
Yeah, after all maybe they're nearly 2 inches ... anyway is interesting to see that even at 60 something he was really close to 190 cm (standing straight)
In this case standing in front of the "Hulk" even if an inch or two shorter he looks bigger and with larger shoulders, I think he was around 330 lbs here...indeed a Huge man!
Judd said on 23/Sep/14
Turo, it's difficult evaluate from that scene, but personally i would say there're 2" more than 1"...
From that scene i would say Lou 6'4" and Bud 6'2", which make perfectly believable 6'2.75" peak height for buddy...
Turo said on 22/Sep/14
Hi guys, I found this interesting link, where Bud stands in front of Lou Ferrigno during the tv series Extralarge. Considering the fact that he was 62 years old at that time he was no more than and inch shorter than Lou who is a legitimate 6'4''tall (193 cm)...if you pause at sec 37:28 Bud looks really close to Lou (at least 191 cm)...really I think he could be even 192 cm in his Youth...Click Here
Bud said on 16/Sep/14
Rob,i found a rare clip,he is 27 years old here.
How tall he looks with 196cm Rock Hudson at 0:6, 0:42 and 1:44, Bud has small mustache and napoleon hat Click Here
Bud said on 14/Sep/14
Rob,he is walking by the side of 6'2 James Coburn and looks an inch taller Click Here ?

With Joe Bugner he could look 6'2.5 cuz he was 49 years old and could have lost some height.
Bud said on 14/Sep/14
At the age of 80 with Stephen Dorff Click Here Click Here
Bud said on 6/Sep/14
If those shoes give 1.5 inch and Joe Bugners 1inch i would put Buds height at 6'2.5(189cm)
Editor Rob
yeah they certainly don't look under 1.5 range, a typical 'cuban heel' size.
Bud said on 6/Sep/14
Rob thanks,and i am right when i say Buds shoes gave a good inch(3cm) Click Here
Editor Rob
considerably more than an inch, no less than 1.5 inches those shoes.
Bud said on 5/Sep/14
Rob any idea how much height Joe Bugners shoe gave Click Here
Buds shoes gave a good inch,and he looked almost an inch shorter than Bugner Click Here
Editor Rob
possibly almost an inch, I don't know what type they are, but the heel certainly isn't thin, but not too thick either.
colombian_cannon said on 4/Sep/14
I read he was 6ft 4 inches. Terence Hill is probably 6 feeT 1 inch.
Bud said on 31/Aug/14
But Rob,why he looks only around 186-187 with Franco Nero,the ground is flat at 37:49 and 39:00 Click Here

Looks that height with Robert Loggia too.
Budy said on 27/Aug/14
Rob how come he looks only 186 cm with 180 Franco Nero Click Here

And with 173 cm Robert Loggia Click Here
francesco said on 27/Aug/14
Turo you're right. Also I have often said that bud looks like 3/4 cm lower because of his terrible posture. In the rare cases where it is straight it is understood that as a young man was definitely about 192 cm in the morning.
Now at 85 years for me is about 183 cm in the morning and 180 cm in the evening.
Bud said on 26/Aug/14
Rob,Robert Webber was 182 cm,with 186 cm Henry Fonda Click Here
Rob could he look 191 cm with Webber? Click Here
Editor Rob
he can look close to 6ft 3, Webber looks a bit older there, maybe shrunk a fraction or so himself.
Ron said on 19/Aug/14
After seeing all the evidances i think 190 cm is spot on.
dietmar said on 13/Aug/14
I made a comparision between a legit 193cm Gregory Walcott and Bud Spencer, both standing face to face with Terence Hill. All wearing similar shoes. Click Here Click Here

As you can see Hill's eyelevel reaches Walcott's lower lip, and Spencers upper lip. That's one inch, my friends. Case closed.
dietmar said on 12/Aug/14
@MarcoH, yeah, that pic has been posted here before, and the difference is exactly the same as here. Terence Hill's eyelevel reaches Bud's mouthlevel. That's 3 inches. It would make Bud around 189cm. Click Here

Raimund Harmstroff was indeed 187cm. He was a big and muscular guy. Bud was about an inch taller than him.

P.S: Im 187cm, i dont consider myself as a tall guy. Im positive young Bud Spencer would have edged me out.
MarcoH said on 12/Aug/14
Click Here

I hope this will work now.
MarcoH said on 12/Aug/14
Click Here
wilbur walsh said on 10/Aug/14
do you realize how many lies are you saying? it is incredible all the actors were supermen, harmstroff 187cm, now this knoetze 185cm, bud spencer 192cm....and all the pictures we post you say they are not good...ahahahah. fanboy. I just said marcoh is quiet close to the reality, 188cm is more serious than 192-193cm, loser. i repeat bud spencer was 186-187cm at 20, then when he became famous and very fat he was 185cm. This is the reality, the rest is pure fantasy dietmar kramer fanboy.
dietmar said on 9/Aug/14
Here's Bud with South African heavy weight boxer Kallie Knoetze (185cm)

Click Here

Click Here

Until some new evidence appears, there's no need to downgrade Rob's current listing. 190cm is spot on.
dietmar said on 8/Aug/14
@MarcoH, you are damn close to estimate Bud at 187-188cm back in -79. He was 50 years old and weighting about 145kg. He was certainly lost an inch by then. That means he was minimum 190cm peak. If you scroll down, my estimation for Bud in the -70,s was 189cm. So its just a matter of 1-2cm. Not a big deal.
dietmar said on 8/Aug/14
Sorry wilbur but you are the biggest loser here. First you say Bud was peak 185-186cm. Then you say he might have been 187cm. Then you say maybe he was 188cm. Lol, maybe after your vacation you realise he was a full 190cm. Ha haa! Have a nice vacation. Dont hurry back! :D

P.S. MarcoH, your pictures dont show up..
wilbur walsh said on 8/Aug/14
MarcoH says on 6/Aug/14

Terence: 180-181cm,
Bud: 187-188cm

now i am in vacacion and i don't waste my time with bud and dietmar kramer, losers. you don't know anything about human height proportions. Losers
MarcoH said on 6/Aug/14
Click Here
MarcoH said on 6/Aug/14
I think this pic from 1979 says it all. Both wear similar footwear (maybe Bud has also decent lifts inside). But their upper legs are still longer than the lower legs, so not that much magic done.

Terence: 180-181cm,
Bud: 187-188cm

Click Here
Bud said on 5/Aug/14
Here when he is standind straight he looks 11cm taller than Hill Click Here
Bud said on 5/Aug/14
A young Bud with Terence Hill,both in same type of cowboy boots Click Here Bud looks 192cm there.
dietmar said on 5/Aug/14
@wilbur, terrible picture. Insinna is leaning forward there. Pippo Baudo is not standing tall either. You cant tell the real difference between these two guys from that pic.

Btw i found a clip where Bud is standing tall, which is unusual. This is the real difference between Bud and Terence, 3 inches. Screenshot Click Here

Like said, its impossible to shrink only few centimeters till the age of 84, when you weight 125- 145kg. Closer to 10cm is far moore likely. If Spencer claims he was peak 192cm, so most likely he was. I have no reason to doubt that. Terence Hill was also peak 182cm, theres loads of evidence of that. I rest my case.
wilbur walsh said on 3/Aug/14
dietmar says on 31/Jul/14
Terence Hill is taller than 180cm listed Flavio Insinna.

after this i understand who you are. A dude who is completely out of real. Insinna 180cm? ahhhhhhhh. Here a younger insinna with 185cm tv anchorman pippo baudo:Click Here
baudo has a bad posture with crossed legs but he looks at least 10cm taller than insinna!!! dietmar kramer, you can win an "oscar". For the "Body of Lies"

you don't have any idea how a legit 180cm really is, a legit 190cm really is....

francesco, it is a nonsense that bud was 3-4cm shorter in the 70ies!!!he was just 39-40 when he did "trinity", he was just fatter than he was at 20!!! maybe you start to shrink after 50, please be way bud spencer was 192cm, he can say what he wants but it is not true, he was 186-187cm at 20, and maybe 185cm when he became famous...
francesco said on 31/Jul/14
in some photos terence hill appears 3-4cm taller than fabio fazio. Difficult to understand the real difference from the pictures available.
Bud Spencer in an interview a few years ago said 192 cm (no 193)
At this point I think:
Peak bud :192-189 (morning-evening)
Bud in the 70: 191-188 (morning-evening)
Bud in the 90: 188-185 (morning-evening)
Bud today: 184-181 (morning-evening)
Normal loss of 8 cm

Peak terrence hill :182-180 .5 (morning-evening)
Terrence Hill today: 177 - 175.5 (morning-evening)
Normal loss of 5 cm

Because of the terrible posture bud has always seemed to 3-4 cm less than its real height. For this reason it sometimes seems only 3cm taller than terence hill

Obviously it's a game and no one is sure, but one thing is certain: it is impossible to have lost only 3 cm with age
dietmar said on 31/Jul/14
Nonsense again. Even at the age of 70, Terence Hill is taller than 180cm listed Flavio Insinna.

Click Here

Click Here

And dont even try to downgrade Flavio Insinna to 175cm, like you have done with several actors. Biggest joke was downgrading Lee Van Cleef to 183-185cm. Crying out loud, man, you really think someone takes you seriously?
wilbur walsh said on 30/Jul/14
harmstroff 187cm? ahahhaah in that pic his top head (without hat) is at the same level of joe bugner's eyes. (bugner has his face down). harmstroff also wears military boots with at least 3cm heels. joe bugner 190cm, Raimund Harmstroff was 180-183cm max. here terence hill last year was the special guest in a famous tv show:Click Here

ok he was 74 at the time but he didn't shrink so much, always slim and in a good shape. The man close to him with glasses is fabio fazio who repeated many times to be 175cm(5'9"). Hill looks very similar to fazio. TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE HE SHRUNK 7CM!!!!Terence was max 178cm at 20 barefoot.
conclusion: your height parameters are out of real

final conclusion:
bud spencer peak: 185-187cm
terence hill peak 177-178cm
Bud said on 27/Jul/14
Raimund Harmstroff was 187cm Click Here
Terence Hill with Raimund Click Here Hill was 182cm
Bud Spencer was 3cm taller than Raimund
dietmar said on 27/Jul/14
Nonsense. Gregory Walcott did several movies with Clint Eastwood in the -60,s, -70,s and -80,s, and was allways taller than Clint, by an inch. Walcott was a legit 193cm

Bud Spencer:

Peak +190cm.
In the 1960-70;s - 189-190cm
In the 80,s - 187-188cm
In the -90,s 186-187
In the 2000 - 185cm
Nowadays - 183-184cm

Bud has shrunk 6-7cm. It would be very naive to think he has shrunk only 2-3cm, which wilbur claims. Lol.
wilbur walsh said on 26/Jul/14
dietmar kramer bla bla, comment the difference between bud spencer and 180cm angelo romani, or go back to orban's home,
instead of speaking about old men like walcott or palance who lied about their heights.

This pic is from 1956, bud spencer was only 27 years old. Close to him there is always 180cm angelo romani: Click Here

HE WAS CLEARLY UNDER 190CM. He was max 186-187CM barefoot with the right posture. Nothing more. losers.
Sam said on 24/Jul/14
It's pretty clear to me that Spencer's listing is legit.
Bud said on 24/Jul/14
He looks 6ft2.75 with 6ft4 Woody Strode at59:58 and 1:00:58 Click Here

Here u can see they wear the same type of shoes Click Here
dietmar said on 23/Jul/14
Sorry wilbur, you lose again. You have seen the difference between Terence Hill and a legit 193cm Gregory Walcott, its 4 inches. The difference between Terence Hill and Bud Spencer is 3 inches. Its very easy math, Bud Spencer in an inc shorter than Gregory Walcott. Go away, and stop trolling.
wilbur walsh said on 22/Jul/14
For the last time:Click Here

Here a young bud spencer(28) wears sunglasses. On bud's left, there is 180cm angelo romani. Bud looks approx. 5cm taller than romani. Perfect camera angle, stop joking. This is NOT a legit 191-193cm man, no way. I showed you a legit 192-193cm, manuel neuer, the german goalkeeper. A legit 192-193cm would have been much much taller than 180cm angelo romani. It IS VERY CLEAR FROM THIS PIC THAT BUD SPENCER IS SHORTER THAN A LEGIT 190CM.

So dietmar and chris, i don't care what you say, i have proven with pics that bud spencer was max 186-187cm barefoot when he was young. 191-193cm for bud spencer is pure fantasy and out of real. it is not my fault. Losers.

yes red183, you are very close to the reality, just 1-2cm overestimated for both. But it is ok.
Sam said on 21/Jul/14
Nothing to do with Spencer, but Jack Palance does look close to his 6'4" claim in Chris's photo.
diavolo said on 20/Jul/14
Bud Spencer always claimed to be 193 cm (6'4") sometimes I even read him being described as 195 cm (6'5"). I believe that his image of being a bulky 'giant' made people over-estimate his height.

The images posted below with legit 6'4" Joe Bugner show that Spencer was actually around 190 cm in his prime. Nowadays he is closer to 185 cm (6'1").

Terence Hill (ca. 182 cm barefoot) always wore big-heeled footwear, it's basically impossible to find a movie in which he's not in cowboy boots or similarly tall shoes.
dietmar said on 19/Jul/14
wilbur, please stop trolling. What's the point posting a pic where Bud is at least one meter behind Peter Graves? Of course he looks several inches shorter there. Dont you know anything about camera angles?

You have seen Bud and Michael Winslow (182cm) face to face, and Bud was ~5cm taller. That was in the -90,s. Even then, Bud was 186-187cm.

P.S. Clint Eastwood has shrunken 9cm. Im surprised Bud has shrunken only about 6-7cm, considering his weight. He was 190cm peak, and today 183-184cm. End off.
Chris said on 19/Jul/14
Wilbur u must be a short guy who don't likes to accept that in the world there are some big tall guys.Bud Spencer 187 in the morning??LOL
Gulianno Gemma with 180cm Nino Benevunti Click Here

180 Benevunti,191 Jack Palance,and 187cm Gemma Click Here

Bud Spencer and Gemma Click Here
wilbur walsh said on 18/Jul/14
dietmar, don't joke
bud spencer with peter graves:Click Here - Click Here
yes graves was 190cm approx, once again bud spencer looks 185cm with graves, nothing more.

here bud spencer with italian retired player alessandro nesta:Click Here
nesta has been listed from ss lazio to ac milan at 185-187cm. It seemed correct compared him with other players.
unfortunately the pic is little, anyway bud spencer was 79-80, but he looks 182-183cm with nesta. He is at least 5cm shorter than 186-187cm nesta. So yes we can the young bud spencer was as tall as nesta. In this pic you can see the young bud spencer (nesta) and the old bud spencer.

A MAN WITHOUT A SERIOUS HUMP CAN NOT SHRINK 10cm from 20 to 80!!! if you are 180cm at 20, you can NOT be 170cm at 80!!!!!!at worse you will be 175cm!!!(this means that di stefano was 168-170cm at 20, then 163-165cm at 80, very similar to maradona)
I suggest you to study because you have not the slightest idea about human height

bud spencer was max 186-187cm at 20. IN THE MORNING.
francesco said on 17/Jul/14
Wilbur Walsh For you bud max is 187 cm in the morning or in the evening?
There is a big difference. Few people know this but I think it is important to specify.

Then 185 cm Balotelli is ridiculous. The difference with Neur (193 real) is accentuated by the greater proximity to the camera and to the posture of Balotelli. I think balotelli is 187/188.
Di Stefano was obviously not 178 cm, but it was an example to understand that people lose up to 10/12 cm with old age.
dietmar said on 17/Jul/14
Peter Graves was a strong 6'3, most likely closer to 6'4, and Bud was only about an inch shorter.

Click Here
Chris said on 15/Jul/14
Hill was 182 cm.With 193cm Gregory Walcott Click Here Click Here Click Here

With Bud Spencer Click Here Spencer has a good posture there(something rare)
Bud was 55 so 1cm height loss is possible.Looked 189-190 cm with Hill there
dietmar said on 15/Jul/14
Joe Bugner was noticeable taller than Muhammad Ali, so 193cm is ok for Joe. Bud Spencer was only about an inch shorter than Joe, that makes 190cm for Spencer. Come on, Wilbur, 185-186cm for a young Spencer? Thats ridiculous. Same goes with 177-178cm for Terence Hill? He was a legit 182cm guy at his peak.
wilbur walsh said on 14/Jul/14
bud spencer also worn big cowboy boots (5cm heels)! if he was 190cm barefoot, imagine him with cowboy boots on, he would have been near to 195cm! did he look 195cm? ahahah, NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!DO NOT JOKE

here you can see a very young bud spencer (he was 28 more or less):
Click Here

and here the legit 192-193cm manuel neuer:Click Here

neuer with italian player balotelli:Click Here
balotelli is often listed at 189cm!!! of course it is NOT true, he is more like 185cm, so you can see the difference between neuer and balotelli would be the same between neuer and bud spencer(young)

It is more than clear that bud spencer is at least 6-7-8cm shorter than neuer.
i can accept 187cm as max peak height for a young bud spencer. Anything over 187cm is out of real. 190-191-192cm, totally out of real.

bud spencer was 185-187cm barefoot at 20, nothing more.

i repeat many of you don't have idea how tall is a legit 180cm, a legit 190cm, a legit 195cm, ecc...(a young di stefano at 178cm is a pure fantasy, big fake!!!!!!!)
Burp said on 11/Jul/14

By the way.
That still comes from a film called "Y si no, nos enfadamos"
One of my Madrid friends knew a guy of the cast . A (very) minor celebrity.

In that film Terence is wearing a high heeled shoes, which the camerawok doesnt tryto conceal (Back in the seventies was acceptable).
The difference between both is three inches in that pic.
With the aforementioned shoes on, Terence was up to his advertised height:

So yeah, back then Spencer was every bit of his 190cms if not more.
Burp said on 11/Jul/14
Terence hill used to wear lifts a lot. Up to 2".
Bear that in mind.
francesco said on 11/Jul/14
Wilber The photos that you have put all angles fake.
The difference between bud spencer and terrence hill is at least 8 cm when he has a good posture.

Bud for me now is about 183/184 cm in the morning and 180/181 in the evening.
People lose a lot of height with age.
In some cases it is also lower than 10/12 cm.
If you do not believe me look at:
Click Here

The old man (Di Stefano) is listed 178 cm and seems lower than Maradona (163 cm?)

So it is possible (not sure) that Bud spencer was 192/193 in the morning.
186 cm I think is impossible. A loss of only 3 cm seems unreal to me.
Chris said on 11/Jul/14
Rob how tall Terence Hill looks with 6'4 Gregory Walcott Click Here Click Here Click Here

And Rob Hills boots in the video seems to give 1inch like Walcotts?So he doesn't have any height advantage on him?
Editor Rob
he can look 4 inches smaller I think
wilbur walsh said on 10/Jul/14
i don't want waste my time with you, but i have to. I give you now a free lesson about human height. He is manuel neuer, bayern munchen and germany national team goalkeeper:Click Here - Click Here

1)HE IS A LEGIT 192-193cm (6'3.5"-6'4")

2) Here Neuer is with bastian schweinsteiger:Click Here
schweinsteiger plays also for bayern munchen, various sourches give him 180-183cm (5'11"-6ft)

So schweinsteiger can be similar to a young terence hill or even taller. I repeat terence hill was 177-178cm. CAN YOU SEE HOW 193cm MANUEL NEUER TOWERS OVER 180-183CM schweinsteiger?!!! bud spencer was approx. 5 cm taller than terence hill, but he didn't tower over terence hill:Click Here


I hope you have learnt something about human height.

bud spencer was max 185-186cm when he was 20.
Sam said on 7/Jul/14
Yeah, Bud Spencer looks still close to 6'2" if Winslow's 5'11.5" and Landham looks more than 6'3"-6'4", like nearly 3 inches taller than he looked with you, Rob.
Chris said on 7/Jul/14
Wilbur how many times u have been dropped on your head?How can u say his peak was 186cm?He was 187cm at the age of 63 he had 5cm on Michael Winslow Click Here His peak was 189-190cm.
Editor Rob
he actually looks pretty big there (that looks more than 5cm with Winslow), that other guy is sonny landham I think??
wilbur walsh said on 6/Jul/14
listen, if you want keep bud spencer 192-193cm, do it, i don't care, i know he was max 185-186cm when he was 20. you fans asked to rob how tall bud spencer looked in various pics, rob replied: [Editor Rob: he can look maybe just over 6ft in the clip at that age.], it was with steven seagal at 65 y.o. Then comparising a very young bud spencer with 180cm angelo romani and with 176 cm Paolo Galletti: [Editor Rob: if those heights were true you could argue about 6ft 2].

So a very young bud spencer looked in the 188cm range. at 65 183cm.
It is not possible he shrunk 5cm from 20 to 65, so 185-186cm at 20, and 183-184cm at 65 is realistic.

joe bugner 193cm at his peak? he said this of course, but no proof! on joe bugner's page many say he looks 188-189cm with rob at 64, so 190-191cm max when he was young is realistic. Once again get a look at the movies with bud spencer, bugner worn always sneakers, no heels, instead bud spencer worn always cowboy boots with 5cm of heels! despite this, bugner looked 2-3 cm taller than spencer.

joe bugner peak 190-191cm
bud spencer peak 185-186cm

About dwayne johnson, he has been listed 195cm at the beginning of his career, 195cm!!!he is max max max 187-188cm. 90%of these celebs claim overestimated heights. i don't know this viper, i know myself, and i know how tall a legit 188cm really is, a legit 192cm really is, a legit 195cm really is...losers
Chris said on 4/Jul/14
Rob what u think his eye level was,177cm?He seems to have a longer forehead then average.
Editor Rob
there's a chance it was in 177 range
AlexMahone said on 4/Jul/14
OK Wilbur enough from this nonsense! Please look at the photo on this board where you will find Rob and Joe Bugner together. Joe at age 64 is clearly 6'3 (191cm) and was his peak 6'4 (193). If I said before, Joe was in Bud's movies 2-3cm taller than Bud, so Rob's choice is right. Bud in his prime was 190-191cm.

(Wilbur, are you not the famous Viper guy? The greatest downgrader, who I know on this board? By the way, what doy you think, Dwayne Johnson is taller than 5'11?)
Chris said on 3/Jul/14
Ok Wilbur its OVER.He was 5cm taller than 182cm Michael Winslow,who Rob met and has a picture with him.Bud was 63 years old here so in his 40s he was 2-3cm taller Click Here

Besides he was measured at the age of 63 and he was 187-188cm.Lets not forget he weighed 150kg at that age,that kind of weight pulls you down thats why he can look sometimes a little shorter.Before he stretched himself he looked 185cm but after he stretched himself he was 187-188cm when he got measured. Click Here

One of the many solid proofs that in his 40s he was 190cm,I was right,u were wrong.
wilbur walsh said on 2/Jul/14
you guys don't have the right proportions about human height. it is not my fault. Bud asked to rob, and rob replied. Bud spencer looked 6ft(183cm) at the age of 65. He didn't lose 7-8cm simply because he was max max 186cm at 20!!!

marcoH, of course i agree with you for bud spencer, but i think terence hill was shorter. terence was 177-178cm when he was young. 182cm is overestimated for him.

a young gemma with 157-160cm gina lollobrigida:Click Here

a legit 188cm would have towered over little lollo!!!!with or without heels!
gemma in front of the camera with terence hill behind:Click Here

gemma was a little bit taller than terence hill.

realistic heights(peak):
bud spencer 185-186cm
terence hill 177-178cm
giuliano gemma 180-182cm
lee van cleef 183-185cm
Chris said on 2/Jul/14
Well, here they wear same shoes and Hill looks 7- 8cm shorter Click Here Click Here
MarcoH said on 2/Jul/14
Terence Hill : 182.5 then, nowadays 181cm.

Bud Spencer: 186cm then (stretching), then added big heels on screen, nowadays: 182cm
Chris said on 28/Jun/14
He was definitly around the height of Jack Palance,both in cowboy boots Click Here
Chris said on 26/Jun/14
Wilbur u are nonsense!what makes u think Lee Van Cliff was 188cm?any evidence?Rob and many others think he was at least 188,and Rob saw the video with Seagal and Bud and still has him at 190cm.Who cares what u think?We come up with evidences that show he was 190 in his 40s.What u come up with?U say that guy was short,he was shorter,u say Robs listings are wrong by 2inches any evidence?Cuz it is easy to say x,y is shorter with 2 inches than Rob says.If u think so than come up with evidence a pic or something,otherwise be quit already!
wilbur walsh said on 25/Jun/14
Bud says on 16/Jun/14
Rob,how tall he looks with Steven Seagal at 1:35 they look to be the same height,but after that Seagal looks taller. Bud was 65 years old so his peak height should been 2-3 cm more.
[Editor Rob: he can look maybe just over 6ft in the clip at that age.]

HAVE YOU READ BUD?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he looked 6ft(183cm) or a shadow taller at 65. imagine at 20.....
like i said many times, bud spencer was max 6'1.25"-6'1.5"(186-187cm) when he was 20. This is the reality. You do not have idea how a legit 6'3"-6'4" (192-193 cm) really is. this is the problem.

chris is another one, he doesn't have idea about real heights. Gemma 188cm? ahahahah! he was 5'10"-5'11" (178-179cm) !!!!!(lee van cleef was in the 6ft(183cm)range. Or a weak 6'1"(185cm)
Chris said on 22/Jun/14
Guliano Gemma was around the height of 188cm Lee Van Cliff Click Here Click Here

He was 3cm shorter than Bud Click Here Both in dress shoes so nobody can say bud had shoe advantage on him. I think Bud in his 40s was 190-191,after that he started to loose height.
Bud said on 20/Jun/14
Rob, he is taller than 6'2 Lee Van Cliff Click Here ?He was 38 years old.With Seagal he looked 6ft,but he was 65 years old,but here he was at his peak height so if he isn't taller than Cliff maybe he needs a downgrade?How could he lose 7cm at the age of 65?
Bud said on 16/Jun/14
Rob,how tall he looks with Steven Seagal at 1:35 they look to be the same height,but after that Seagal looks taller Click Here Bud was 65 years old so his peak height should been 2-3 cm more.U still think 190cm is fair for him?
Editor Rob
he can look maybe just over 6ft in the clip at that age.
Bud said on 10/Jun/14
Joe Bugner was 193cm Click Here Click Here Bud didin't wear 5cm cowboy boots with him,and in that pic with Hill who was taller than 177cm he was older.HE was around the height of Jack Palance,why u didn't say anything about that?!

These are the shoes he wear in the movie with Joe Bugner,,it is HD,u can see those don't give more than 2-3cm,how about that?! Click Here AND also look at 12:51 u can see Joe bugners adidas gives 2,5cm. Click Here These are solid proofs that he was 190cm
wilbur walsh said on 10/Jun/14
ahaha, i repeat bud spencer worn always cowboys boots, 2 inches heels (5cm) while joe bugner worn sneakers, no heels.
and who said harmsdorf was a legit 6'1.5"??? like riccardo pizzuti at 6'4"?? ahahahahahahahahah

here joe bugner with alì:Click Here - Click Here
alì was max 6'1.5"(187cm), bugner was 6'2.75"-6'3"(190cm)

bud with terence:Click Here
terence max 5'10"(177cm), bud here looks max 6'1"(185cm), when he was younger 6'1.25"-6'1.5"(186-187cm)
Bud said on 7/Jun/14
Yeah,here he was 37 and with 178cm Remo Capitani Click Here
AlexMahone said on 7/Jun/14
Bud, are you hungarian? Me too...I think Rob's choice is right. In "They called Bulldozer" Bud played with the german actor Raimund Harmsdorf who was a legit 6.1/5 (187cm) guy. Bud 3-4cm taller if he stand straight. Bud the photo what you linked is a good one. Bugner cheats a little bit with his in his prime was a legit 191cm man.
Bud said on 5/Jun/14
Joe Bugner with Muhamed Ali,and with Spencer Click Here Click Here
wilbur walsh said on 4/Jun/14
Red183 says on 30/May/14
Seeing all the evidence Bud & Co brought up here since march I think Bud measured closer to 6´2" than 6´3" at his peak.
I think 188cm for peak Bud---

so you agree with me, (188cm-6'2") is not 6'3"-6'4"(192-193cm) as claimed.
i say he was max 6'1.5"(187cm), you say (188cm 6'2"), it is ok, but for sure he wasn't a legit 6'3", imagine 6'4"(193cm)...totally unreal
Bud said on 3/Jun/14
I think he was 190cm.With 192cm Jack Palance Click Here Click Here look at the top of there head,there neck, they are almost the same height.And the thickness of there boots was the same.
wilbur walsh said on 20/May/14
never said bud spencer was 5'11"-6ft, do not joke, i always said he was max 6'1.25"-6'1.5"(186-187cm) when he was a young swimmer. I have my opinion, you have your opinion, but pics take over words. The comparison with 5'11"(180cm) angelo romani is more than clear:Click Here
Here bud spencer is the second from the left, then to the left of bud, there is 5'11"(180cm) angelo romani. Bud is a couple of inches (5cm) taller than romani. Nothing more. A legit 6'3"-6'4"(192-193cm) would have towered over 5'11" angelo romani. I comment what i see.
Bud said on 15/May/14
Rob,how tall this guy looks with Van Dam,and David Hasselhoff,Robin Williams and with Bud Spencer? Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here

And can u tell how tall Bud looks with him?Thank you
wilbur walsh said on 15/May/14
alex mahone and company, if you think we are stupid, you are wrong. Riccardo pizzuti 6'4"(193cm)? !!!! ahahahaahah ridicuolous!!! pizzuti was the best stuntman in bud-terence movies. Yes he played "the bad guy". But pizzuti was 5'11"-6ft(180-183cm). pizzuti was a little bit taller than terence hill, terence was 5'10"(177-178cm). And bud spencer was just a little bit taller than pizzuti.
Click Here
here pizzuti with white hair and glasses is behind bud-terence.

Click Here here pizzuti is close to bud, bud is just a little bit taller than pizzuti. pic from 1980

the photos of bud spencer with 5'11" angelo romani are very clear. bud was young and he looked max 6'1"-6'1.25"(185-186cm) with romani. The rest are just words.
it is clear you don't have any idea how a legit 6'3"-6'4" really is.
Bud said on 15/May/14
Ricardo Pizzuti toward over Terence Hill Click Here But Bud was only 2cm shorter Click Here
Bud said on 15/May/14
Bud looked 6'2 with Lou Ferringo,but he was 61 years old Click Here and seems to have 4 inches on Philip Michael Thomas at 20:04 ,32:40 and 38:50
AlexMahone said on 14/May/14
With legit 6'4 (193cm) Riccardo Pizzuti who played always the bad guy in Bud movies, Bud 1-2cm shorter, so the 6'2.75-6'3 range in his prime is ok.

Wilbur if you have a mission to downgrade Bud, make it, but your opinion is nonsense.
Bud said on 13/May/14
Also Rob, Piroch with Vic Armstrong who is listed at 183 and looks it Click Here Click Here Click Here
and with a young Harrison Ford Click Here

And now Piroch with Vic Click Here Click Here
So Rob,if Piroch was 188 (witch i am not sure,u are the expert u can tell better than me)than how tall looked Bud with him at the age of 58?
wilbur walsh said on 13/May/14
with angelo romani you have the master evidence he was max max 6'1"-6'1.25"(185-186cm). He was just a couple of inches(5cm) taller than romani. A legit 6'3"-6'4"(192-193cm) would have towered over 5'11"(180cm) angelo romani. Bud, you have proven bud spencer was under 6'2.75"(190cm), like i always said. When he was very young as a swimmer, he was max 6'1.5"(187cm) for sure. 6'3"-6'4"(192-193cm) is a joke.
Bud said on 13/May/14
Rob,i found another rare picture.How tall you think he was with stuntman Piroch Gabor who i think looks 190 with 180cm tall Kristina Loken cuz i think she wears here 5cm heels Click Here Click Here

Here Bud was 58 years old so 1cm lost in height is possible.The slim guy in grey suit who Bud is talking to is Piroch Click Here Click Here
Editor Rob
he can look maybe 2cm smaller than the stuntman
francesco said on 12/May/14
in some sites Cammarelle is listed as 192 cm.
For me 191.5 in the morning and 188.5 in the evening.
In that picture I see only 5-6 cm difference but maybe bud had higher shoes.

I think bud is now 184 in the morning and 181 at night but sometimes it seems 179-180 because of his horrible posture
As a young man I think 192-193 in the morning are correct.
wilbur walsh said on 10/May/14
Look at here:Click Here - Click Here
bud is with amateur heavyweight boxer roberto cammarelle. Pics of about 3 years ago, bud was 80, but still in good shape. Cammarelle is always listed at 6'2.75"(190cm), bud looks 6ft-6'0.75"(183-185cm) with cammarelle. Impossible he was 6'3"-6'4"(192-193cm) at his peak. Bud peak was 6'1.25"-6'1.5"(186-187cm), when he was a young swimmer. Anyway, i do NOT see him over 6'2"(188cm)at his peak. Absolutely.
Bud said on 10/May/14
Rob,how tall he looks with 176 cm Paolo Galletti? Click Here

and with 180 cm Angelo Romani Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob
if those heights were true you could argue about 6ft 2
kevin said on 9/May/14
Maio there was a video on youtube and too bad i can't find it anymore, where gerry scotty and bud were around the same heigh, bud was 2 cm taller at max, that pretty much proves that scotty is at least 1,83 (he claims 1,84) and bud is no more than 1,85 nowdays

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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